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#xmen gold

Controversial take but Ororo was part of some white bread bland bs during Xmen Gold like honorary whiteymcwhite and that is exclusively down to the shitty writing and lame themes of that bs hell book. They’ll never get the quiet goddess of Utopia Storm, or the powerhouse headmistress of Jean Grey Academy Storm, or even the supportive best friend/justice warrior of Xmen Red Storm.

Marc Guggenheim I hope you choke. You stole a year and a half of Xmen with Kitty as the leader from us. It should’ve been the best year of our lives.

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Thinking about ideas for a future sketchbook I think about doing one focused on processes of pages, including mostly layouts. Another idea is doing one based on my life model sketches, so mostly naked ladies. What would you be more interested in? Meanwhile, here you have X-Men Gold 31 layouts.

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Did anyone read X-Men Gold #30?

I really enjoyed it. Honestly I haven’t been reading X-Men Gold at all. I started and got until issue 5 before I got too bored. But I feel like #30 was so well written, the characters were all so genuinely themselves in the situation at hand.

First, can we talk about that ONE PANEL. You guys know which one I mean.


When Kitty Pryde phases so the ring can’t go on her finger. I audibly gasped.

Also, the whole Rogue and Gambit thing. It’s about time 💜💚


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I’m so tired of Marvel constantly bringing Kitty and Piotr together only to restate how they’re fundamentally incompatible, I’m so tired of Kitty being thrown around in ridiculous romantic plots on the whims of what’s happening with movies, this is unacceptable treatment for such a good, important character. It’s just ridiculous at this point. Let her be with Illyana, let her be with Rachel, let her be with a character that is actually on the same page as her, let her have a relationship that will allow her to grow instead of dwell on the past and detour around her role. 

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