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Cyclops: Did you have to stab him?

Wolverine: You weren’t there, you didn’t hear what he said to me.

Cyclops: What’d he say?

Wolverine: “What’re you gonna do, stab me?”


Cyclops: You know what, that’s fair.

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Chill Down Your Spine

Peter Maximoff x reader



prompt: anonymous: “hi i’m the one with the request for prompt 18 for quicksilver, i meant the x-men version, sorry for not clarifying! thanks again!


Originally posted by hermiunes

The students at Xavier’s School weren’t permitted off of the premises, but that never stopped your friends from having fun. Finding the perfect campsite was easy when you were surrounded by forest.

“Okay, we’ll set up right here.” You instructed without taking any feedback as you dropped all the equipment you were tasked to carry. A metal clunk alerted everyone, who then followed suit. And then everyone looked at Peter.

“…What? Am I eating too loud? I’m not sharing.” He shoved the Twinkie in his mouth and kept chewing, but none of you stopped staring. “Wait…really? You want me to set everything up?” His jaw dropped and revealed some Twinkie remnants in his mouth.

“For that, yes.” You snatched the two boxes of snacks from under his arms and waited for him to do as he was told, but after about a second, your whole site was perfectly crafted.

“There, are you happy now?” Peter extended his arms to showcase his handiwork, you had to reward him with a little kiss.

“So happy.” You pecked him on the lips and gifted him back his sweet treats. Now that the camp was all set up, it was time to get this show on the road. Jubilee and Jean had snatched s’mores supplies from the kitchen, but those would be saved for after dark.

“We should use Scott as our personal bug zapper.” Peter popped a marshmallow into his mouth and played keep away with the bag as Jubilee tried to snatch it away. Everyone but the victim of Peter’s mockery had laughed.

“Shut up, Maximoff.” Scott glared, not like you could see or anything. “Have you told Erik your his son yet?” The group went deathly silent with the suck of one’s teeth.

“Low blow, man.” Peter shook his head and held your hand. “Y/N, make the mean man leave me alone.”

“Low blow, Scott.” You scolded and watched Scott try to get his girlfriend onto his side, but she wouldn’t budge. Tension was building fast, you may have to save the day here. “Why don’t we take a walk, explore the grounds a little more?”

“Sounds good!” Jean piped up to finally put this situation to bed.


After about a million mosquito bites and the tough job of keeping Peter from provoking Scott while Jean kept her boyfriend from making any more personal jabs at yours.

“S’mores?” You asked, holding your hand before the wood pile. Everyone loved watching your show off your mutation, even in the simplest way. There was a dramatic round of applause that prompted you to bow, but you found yourself sitting in your boyfriend’s lap within the blink of an eye.

“Hello gorgeous.” Peter wrapped his arms around your waist and leaned his chin on your shoulder, peppering kisses along your neck and cheek. Now that the fire was ablaze, you felt the warmth against your skin.

“Hey, why don’t we tell some ghost stories?” Jean peered around the fire to hear some feedback, but Peter’s gasp said it all.

“Ghost stories? Don’t mind if I do!” He held you tighter to his body while you squealed, annoying the hell out of your friends, sometimes you and Peter showed just a little too much affection in front of the group. Suddenly, Peter’s lap was replaced by a tree stump. “Y/N, you should start us off!” Your head spun trying to find him at the seat adjacent to you.

“Oh, uh…” You cleared your throat and brainstormed the topic of your spooky story, it didn’t help that you had four pairs of eyes on you. “Oh! I’ve got it!”

“Alright, buckle up, you guys.” Jubilee backed you up. “Y/N’s stories will blow all others out of the water.”

“Thank you, Billy.” You winked and ignited a fire from your palm for effect.

Spooky.” Scott sarcastically chuckled.

“Don’t be rude, Scott. If my s/o wants to create a scary atmosphere for their amazing stories, you will let them!” Peter was just on the verge of starting a fight.

“Alright, that’s enough.” Jean rubbed her hand over Scott’s back. “Go on, y/n.”

“Okay, great.” You got back into character and began your tale. “Well, the woods is a dangerous place to be, especially when you think about how many lives have been lost…and how many you aren’t aware of.” You had already captivated your audience. “You never know who…or what is nearby.”

“Oh, god!” Scott swatted the back of his neck, then jumped back to investigate what was just behinf him.

“What is it, Scott? You’re interrupting.” Jubilee scolded as he settled down.

“As I was saying,” you looked over at your boyfriend’s maniacal smirk and went on, “it was within these very woods that Wendy Thorne had passed. Who might that be, you ask? Wendy was just a young mutant like the rest of us, but she wasn’t as fortunate as us. She tried so very hard to make it to the Professor, to safety, but now she haunts the forest that surrounds our home. She could be here right now for all we know…”

Peter was currently assisting your storytelling abilities with his speed, running past audience members to give them a fright like a good boyfriend would.

“God!” Scott shivered as Jean and Jubilee exchanged exhausted glances, they weren’t quite as gullible. “Y/N, what the hell?”

“What?” You innocently asked as Peter walked up behind you, wrapping his arms around your shoulders.

“You two? The worst. The absolute worst.” Scott shook his head and reached for a marshmallow and any random stick. “Stalling me with your crazy stories when I could have been eating s’mores. You know your stories are weak, right?”

“Then why are you shaking?”

taglist: @locke-writes // @randomawesomeperson102 // @captainshazamerica // @ravenmoore14 // @thisetaernallove //

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X-men Evolution

Logan, a tired dad: Help me carry these.

Rogue: I can barely carry the weight of my depression…

Logan: Just pick up the grocery bags!

Bobby: Good news and bad news!

Logan, already dreading the answer: Good news first.

Bobby: It is highly unlikely that I will EVER do it again!

Kurt: Rather muggy outside today, don’t you think?

Kurt: *sips milk from a bowl*

Logan: *looks outside to see all the mugs on the lawn*

Logan: It is…

Logan: *sips coffee from a bigger bowl*

Logan, trying: How was school today, half-pint?

Kitty: School was a 10 year old junior league baseball star who’s parents just announced their divorce and I am the festive birthday pinata.

Logan: *genuinely concerned*

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Mutant One Seat Over

Peter Maximoff x reader


a/n: ahhhh anon you are so super sweet!!! thank you so much! to do this awesome request, reader is gn and has natural spider powers! (as opposed to engineering tech to accommodate powers, but i know you said “like peter parker” so i hope this is okay!) mwah!

prompt: anonymous: “Hi Could you do a Xmen- Peter X Spider!Reader one shot where the reader is a new student in the school for gifted youngsters and they have spider powers (like peter Parker). They don’t really attend classes or have any friends and Charles are trying to get them more comfortable in the school So he literally drags her to class. she has to sit next to Peter maximoff and he is totally mesmerized by her and and they become really close and starts dating.

Ps: hope your having a great day and staying safe. Your such a talented writer and also don’t feel pressed to do this I totally understand if you decide not to, just do what you feel like🥰❤️❤️


Originally posted by elektras

Ever since puberty, you just haven’t been the same. I might have to mention that you’re a mutant, let’s just say that you had a different idea in mind when warned that “your body will go through all sorts of changes.” The surfacing of your mutation was startling, uncomfortable, and confusing.

Some lovely abilities you had acquired were: sticking to almost anything that came into contact with your skin (you’re working on it), being able to spin your own webs (which you were getting pretty good at, fantastic vision, super strength, and much more to be explored.

After a little mishap at school when you got stuck in a bathroom stall for three and a half hours, your parents thought it best to send you to a boarding school that was “much more your speed.”

“No. No, I don’t want to leave!” You pleaded with your parents once they broke the news to you. They were heartbroken that it had to go this far, but this is what needed to be done.

“It’s only until you get control of your powers, y/n. You need to be around other people who share your experiences.” You mom explained, grabbing your gloved hands. At this point, you couldn’t do anything without being covered from near head-to-toe in clothing, it stuck to you and only you.

“Yeah, I heard you the first time.” You snapped, jerking away and stomping up the stairs, but there was a certain sound that stopped you. A car horn. “You didn’t…” You glared at your parents and watched them avert eye contact from you, your heart broke into a million pieces. “A cab? Really? You won’t even take me there yourself?”

“Your suitcase is already packed, y/n.” Your dad’s ashamed tone gave you chills, you never thought you’d have to be sent off like this. You hesitantly stepped back down the steps while your dad walked into the mud room to grab the bag he’d stashed. “We’re sorry, but this is for your own good.” You snatched the bag from him and swung the front door open.

“We love you!” Your mom called as you slammed the front door hard enough to knock down a few dozen pictures and wall decorations throughout the house. “They’re never going to forgive us for this.”


Truth be told, you didn’t enjoy this school at all. Xavier’s School for Gifted Youngsters. The place was teeming with outcasts just like yourself, it made you sick.

At least you were in charge of yourself here. You came and went from your room when you pleased, but you pleased to stay in your room as much as you possibly could. Yes, you had classes, but you just so happen to miss…all of them.

“Well, we don’t know what they’re going through.” A voice mumbled outside of your dorm door. “It took me a while to acclimate to all this change, I imagine they feel the same.” You wouldn’t have let it bother you, but whoever was out there had just disturbed you from a fascinating dream that had taken you far from here. You threw off the covers and swung your legs over the edge of the bed, taking a moment to recover from the headrush.

“I’m so sick of this shit, some peoppe are trying to sleep!” You yanked the door hard enough for it to make a dent in the wall, but that wasn’t nearly as bad as opening the door to Professor Xavier, the headmaster of this boarding school, and another resident from the building, Hank. “Oh. Hi.”

“Mx. l/n, your teachers informed me that you have not been attending your classes, is this true?” The Professor interrogated, but you knew that lying couldn’t save you from a telepath.

“Yep, it’s true. The change of scenery’s just a little overwhelming, you know how it is.” You carelessly shrugged and even tried to close to door on them, but Dr. McCoy caught it and looked to the Professor in shock.

“Yes, well, maybe we could work on that. Why don’t you follow me to your next class? It really would be best for you to keep up with your studies. Maybe you’ll even make some new friends?” Professor Xavier wouldn’t give up on you, which was both comforting and exhausting. With a roll of your eyes, you peeled off one of your gloves and slapped yout hand against the wooden wall.

“Oh, no.” You deadpanned. “I’m stuck.” The two adults exchanged exhausted glances and stared at you in silence, you doing the same. You obviously were a stubborn kid, the Professor had seen this a hundred times before. But it gave him an idea, he knew the perfect candidate for a long lasting friendship, now he just needed you to quit all these games.

“Hank? Would you..?” Xavier politely suggested his friend’s assistance without outright saying it, so you were just a little puzzled when Hank stepped inside your room.

“Brace yourself, y/n.” He pushed his glasses up before planting his feet and grabbing you by each shoulder. Your eyebrows conjoined out of pure confusion, but just like that you were unstuck from the wall. He…okay, he was strong? That would have been good to know. Maybe they should have started with that before yanking you off of a hard surface. There were a few chunks of wood still connected to your hand, you’d have to pick them off later. “I suggest you put the glove back on, y/n. Wouldn’t want to get stuck again now, would you?” Hank gave you a forced smile and waited for you to do the right thing.

“Fine.” You pulled the glove over your hazardous skin and picked up your backpack. “If you insist, I’ll try out a class.” You huffed and dragged your feet across the hardwood floor, bringing joy to the Professor’s face. Maybe he enjoyed the suffering of mutant children.

“Splendid, this way.” He wheeled himself beside you, giving you a pep talk the whole way through the halls. “I do think you’ll like it here, you just have to give it a chance. Everyone here has something in common, that’s what makes it so great. I know it’s not easy having to leave the comfort of a familiar lifestyle, but life has a funny way of coming together, you’ll see.” You observed the decor that you’d ignored time and time again as you kept your head down and shuttled yourself from one place to another.

“Yeah, right.” You scoffed and stood in front of your classroom. It was already embarrassing showing up for class late in normal school, all eyes on you and everything. Was it any different in mutant school? Well, you were on your way to find out. The room went silent as the door crept open, you and the Professor entered with, you figured, all eyes on you.

“Class, some of you may know y/n, some of you may not. Please make them feel welcome here, I trust that you will.” Xavier took a quick look around the room and, just as he suspected, there was a vacant seat next to a mutant he had in mind. “Peter, raise your hand, please. Y/N, take the seat next to Peter. Enjoy the rest of your class, students!” The Professor exited as the rest of the class said their goodbyes in unison, it nearly gave you a headache, but you made it to your seat next to Peter and dropped all of your stuff with a thud.

“Peter Maximoff, nice to meet you. What’s with the gloves?” The silver-haired boy asked with a hand out to shake, with you reluctantly accepted. He didn’t seem so bad.

“I stick to things.” You answered in simplest form. “Aren’t you a little young to have gone gray?” You cocked an eyebrow while admiring Peter’s dime-silver locks that were almost distracting.

“Yeah, that’s what happens when you rush growing up.” Peter chuckled, running his fingers through the knots. “I’m a super-speeder. It just sort of happened. I don’t mind it, though, I think it’s sexy.” He shamelessly admitted, getting a genuine laugh out of you. Maybe he was one of the better people here, who knows?

“Whatever you say, Maximoff.” You leaned back in your seat, facing front to at least appear to be focusing, but you snuck a few glaces at the mutant one seat over. He, on the other hand, made his looks overt. The entire class period, his eyes were on you.

After that class period, you actually ended up enjoying your classes. The Professor checked up on your personal attendance often, chuckling to himself abour how simple his plan was.

“Do you really think it was a good idea to introduce y/n to Peter? Of all the people here?” Hank’s concern showed that he cared. Everyone here wanted the best for you, it was easier to see now more than ever.

“I had to start somewhere.” Xavier justified, which was actually pretty reasonable. There was no right way to deal with all these unique kids who had been through so much already. All he knew for sure was that they needed to feel supported, something he had absolutely no issue with.

Meanwhile, as your final bell rang…

You gasped when a gust of wind blew right past you. It wasn’t the wind that stared you, it was the obnoxious teen mutant that followed.

“Hi,” Peter awkwardly waved, then backed up to stand beside you, placing his hand on your middle back to lead you around the mansion going…well, who knows where you’re going? Not you, that’s for sure, “so hear me out. I think that we are like, the perfect pair. Wouldn’t you agree? Don’t answer that, I already know you’ll say ‘yes.’”

“Is there a point to this, ‘Quickie?’” An evil smile formed from your lips as Peter pushed a bit harder on your back, getting you to speedwalk with him.

“Hey!” I told you that story in confidence!” You stifled laughter and waited for him to continue. “Anyways, I’m gonna get straight to the point before you pull another fast one on me, my point? Well, yeah, my point…” He used his free hand you tap at his chin, then completely halted.

“Did you forget why you came here to talk to me?” You gave a disappointed shake of your head, but still seemed quite amused. The buzzing of kids around you didn’t even faze you, you’d just realized you were too focused on peter to even care.

“Can you maybe go over what I’ve said so far? It’ll jog my memory.” His request made you groan, but you did as he asked nevertheless.

“You said, ‘Hi. Hear me out. We’re the perfect pair. You agree. I told you that in confidence.’” At least your paraphrasing skills were on point.

“Right! Okay, okay. Back on track.” He continued on course, easing up on speed by just a pinch. “So me and you, right? Does that sound crazy? ‘Cause to me, that sounds pretty awesome. I mean, we are the hottest people at this school, we’d be unstoppable.” You’d finally started to piece together his ramblings.

“Are you asking me out or…something?” You tilted your head to analyze his lipless grin and raised eyebrows, was he clamming up?

“…Yyyyyes?” Peter finally admitted, finally showing his teeth through a smile.

“Alright, well…yeah, okay. We’re dating now.” You didn’t accept in the most conventional way, but you did accept, which counted for something.

“Really?!” Peter gasped. “Can I…can I kiss you?” Asking was everything, especially when you risk getting stuck to the other person. I mean, he wouldn’t mind being stuck to you, but he was a little hungry.

“I’m not gonna lie, Pete, we’re gonna need a lot of baby oil. It’s not gonna be pretty.” You made him burst into laughter upon the thought. “It’s not funny!” You playfully slapped his arm. “Where were you leading me, anyways?”

“Oh, nowhere in particular.” He explained through his wheezing. “I just really do not like standing still.”

taglist: @locke-writes // @randomawesomeperson102 // @captainshazamerica // @ravenmoore14 // @thisetaernallove //

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Imagine both Charles and Erik waiting outside the emergency room while you’re in surgery

Charles blamed himself, he should have been there to protect you. But he was gone, enjoying the freedom that the serum had given him. Enjoying the renewed use of his legs. Perhaps if he hadn’t taken the serum, if he had had his powers, if he had been at the mansion, maybe then you wouldn’t have gotten hurt. And you wouldn’t be fighting for your life.


Erik didn’t think twice before rushing to the hospital after he heard the news. He didn’t let the fact that Charles would be there stop him. Or the fact that Charles still hated him for the accident that crippled him. He only thought about you, and how much he wanted to be there for you. He knew you would get through the surgery, you simply had to. He couldn’t lose you.

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Cyclops: Will you stop killing all the bad guys! It’s not the X-men way!

Wolverine: That guy died of natural causes!

Cyclops: Logan, you threw him off the roof…

Wolverine: Gravity is natural

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Logan: *huffs*

Scott: What?

Logan, glaring: I’m jealous of you, Slim.

Scott, smiling: Why?

Logan: Because your boyfriend is way smarter than mine.


Scott: wait…but I’m your–

Scott: LOGAN!

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Reluctantly Here

Logan Howlett x reader



prompt: @locke-writes: “And then for the dialogue prompts maybe number 10 “We are definitely the coolest people here.” with Logan Howlett?


Originally posted by myfrustrationissexual

“This is the last time you talk me into going anywhere ‘fun’ with you.” Logan grumbled as you dragged him through another huddle of partygoers. There was some resistance as you pulled him along, but you knew he’d be with you wherever you went.

“No, it’s not.” You smugly smiled and came to a halt, grabbing Logan’s other arm and observing his stiff expression as he glared around the room and looked ahead as you leaned near. “Besides, we are definitely the coolest people here. Let’s prove it.” You whispered into his ear, noticing his lips curve upwards.

“Yeah?” He cocked an eyebrow and gave the room another glace. “You might be right.”

“‘Might?’ Give me a break.” You rolled your eyes and kissed him hard enough for him to forget the room he was standing in, all the bystanders getting too close for comfort, and the music that would keep him complaining for the rest of the night. “Feel cool yet, babe?” You asked with the bat of your eyelashes.

“Yep.” Logan nodded with his lips tightened straight. “Why don’t we just do that one more time?”

“Why not?” You leaned in once more and at that very moment someone knocked straight into Logan’s back, it was only instinct that you grabbed your boyfriend’s wrists before he could raise his fists…or his claws.

“Oh, sorry, man. My bad, that was my bad.” The guy’s slurred words were ignored by Logan, but you peeked over his shoulder to put and end to anything that could potentially transpire.

“It’s fine, just get lost, okay?” You instructed while the idiot eyed your boyfriend up and down. “Now.” You spit and watched the guy scramble away. “Maybe this was a bad idea.” You frowned and noticed Logan’s claws detract.

“No kidding.” Logan’s jaw clenched, but he noticed your disappointed expression once he answered you. After a moment’s silence, he proposed new plans for the night. “We’re going home,” he began to walk off, escorting you through obnoxious partygoers, “I’ll let you choose where we pick up dinner, sound fair? Good.” He didn’t give you a chance to respond, but you didn’t need to.

You hung your head to hide your smile, you just couldn’t help it when he tried to be tough and thoughtful at the same time. Truth be told, spending one night alone with him was worth one hundred nights out and about, but you just thought a change of scenery wouldn’t hurt. You were wrong, but at least it all worked out for the best, huh?

taglist: @locke-writes // @randomawesomeperson102 // @captainshazamerica // @ravenmoore14 // @thisetaernallove //

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Scott: I didn’t know you had a Facebook page?

Logan: A what?

Scott: a Facebook page. Why didn’t you tell me, I could have sent you a friend request before now.

Logan: The hell are you talking about? I don’t have a page for anything?

Scott: *hands over the phone*

Logan: *sees over 2000 posts, 319 photos, 410 friends, an icon of a wolverine wearing sunglasses, a backdrop of the Canadian flag, likes, dislikes, relationship status: it’s complicated, emojis, quotes, and over 1000 friend requests from Deadpool*

Logan: *crushes phone*


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Drawing Hearts Chapter 1

So this is my first fanfic ever. English is not my first language but I am trying, I do have a second part to this so I’ll eventually post it. Hope it’s well liked? Non of the gifs or pics belong to me btw.


(Y/N) was a Goner. In only been here for a short amount of time and yet she where already swooning. That pretty cute guy with a adorable fanged smile, Bright golden eyes and the most beautiful complexion of blue. Kurt Wagner. Aka Nightcrawler, the adorable X-Men that had stolen her heart in days with his shy smile and adorable ways. (Y/N) could just imagine herself in his arms all day and just staring at his smile.

“Ugh…I sound like a creep”

She grumbled as she stared down at the most recent sketch of the Mutant. It was a simple sketch, One she had done rather quickly of Kurt when he was in her perch like position and tail swaying behind him. (Y/N) always thought he looked bad ass like this.

(Y/N) stared at the small picture and sighed softly. ‘Why would he, A X-Men of all people even glance your way? You don’t have a cool mutation. You aren’t some model… You’re… Just you’ She thought softly before sighing in utter defeat. Just picking up her pencil to continue her art.

Once finished with her sketch and some light shading she scribbled down a fast and small little 'Love letter’ next to the sketch. Pouring her little heart out through the words before smiling proudly, she had done this with all the little pictures of Kurt she drew… yes there where quite a few in this sketchbook alone. Making a small little poem, Note, Letter or whatever else next to the sketch. Almost like she was able to speak to him through these words.

Satisfied she set the book to her left to grab her bag. In a matter of seconds there was a small gust of wind and when she turned to grab her book…. It was Gone…

“What. The. Fuck!?”


Kurt POV

Kurt was in Love.

He tried so much to hide his feelings and try to psych himself out of it, But it was far too late for that.

In the short few weeks that (Y/N) had arrived she had already stolen his heart, Without even having to say a single word. Her simple smiles and pleasant waves was all that was needed for his knees to feel week, That kind look in her (Y/C) eyes was all it took in that moment for him to fall under her spell and his heart skip.

“Wow, You got it bad don’t ya?” Peter said with a snicker as he watched his blue friend pout from the lunchroom table as he stared out the nearest window where (Y/N) was sitting sketching in her book. Kurt groaned softly as he placed his face down on the table, Ignoring the snickers of his friends next to him, Jubilee rubbing his back as a small act of comfort.

“You should just go talk to her. She seems really nice” Jean said softly as she leaned against Scott who was smirking as his miserable Friend. “Yeah. I haven’t seen anyone talk to her yet so I imagine it will be welcomed”

Kurt just shook his head softly from his position “Nein…I don’t know her, I vill chust scare her avay”

Kurt said softly. His spade tipped tail droping as he sulked and didn’t look up from his face full of table. The small group sighed at this as they wanted to cheer up their friend. Peter stood up however rather Quietly which was unusual from him. He grabbed a hand full of chips shoving them in his mouth and slid down his goggles

“My Time, Has Come”

The Silver haired speedster said with a grin before zipping away. Kurt instantly Pulling his head up as he heard this and having a bad feeling. In a matter of a few seconds Peter had returned holding up a well used sketchbook with a grin on his face, Kurt’s golden eyes went wide as he instantly recognized what that was.

“Is Zat…”

Peter smiled as he pulled up his goggles with a grin.

“Yes it is Devil Dude. Now, Let’s see what she really likes!”

Peter said as he opened the book. The rest of the group now fully catching on to what Peter was holding in his hand.

“That’s so Uncool!” Jubilee protest as she shot up to grab the Sketchbook. Knowing that with any girl there was some things that were written that was never ment to be read! Jean also got up to take the book as Well “Peter stop it!” Scott staying oddly silent in all this as he saw the reactions of the girls (He looked through Jeans journal before-)

This seemed to only to strengthen the Speedsters resolve as he started to flick through the book at lightning speed. Kurt also now on edge as this felt wrong.

“Zis isn’t right” Kurt said Quickly as he went to snatch the book.

“She likes you!” Peter announced loudly, It was suddenly like a shift Kurt was suddenly next to Peter looking over his shoulders with wide eyes. He stared back at a well done picture of himself, Sitting around with a wide smile on his face like he’d been laughing, A small poem on the side of the drawing. Kurt’s cheeks and tips of his ears started to turn lavender as Peter flicked through the many well done pictures of him and the sweet words that went with them.

Kurt was quiet as he stared at the pictures. Blushing more and more as his tail swayed side to side happily like a puppy. Jubilee stepped in and ripped the book from Peter’s hands. “Alright that’s enough Creeps! I’m gonna return this to (Y/N) before she-” “Vait! I…I can give it back to her” Kurt said, Being surprised by his own sudden boldest for a moment. There where a few raised eyebrows at this before Peter grinned, Jean also looking Hesitant but Scott just smiled. All of them agreeing to this as Jubilee handed the Blue mutant the book who quickly Bamf'ed away.

However he didn’t go to where he had last seen (Y/N) instead he appeared in his bedroom. Holding the sketchbook close to his chest before rushing over to his little desk and grabbing an empty spiral notebook and getting to work.


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Scott: Okay, let’s just agree to say ‘I’m sorry’ on the count of 3?

Logan: Fine.

Scott: One…two…three.




Scott: …well now I’m just disappointed in us both.

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that’s not dumb at all!! in fact i actually like it a whole lot since i’ve done this to some friends randomly 😂😂😂


Originally posted by mrbenhardys

- first time you do it he’s 100% going to flinch and tense up, looking for his attacker so he can promptly punch them in the face

- however, after seeing you- his cute little s/o -looking cheeky and playful as usual, he finds himself rising to the challenge with a sly grin on his face

- oh, you’re gonna regret that

- you see warren is surprisingly good at holding grudges against people, and even though you’re his s/o you’re no exception to his “you get what you asked for” rule

- he will COUNT every time you pinch him just so he can pinch you back an equal amount of times, making sure to pinch in places that he KNOWS are sensitive cause he’s a little shit and wants to make you aggravated enough to stop doing it to him

- well, that was the original plan anyway

- it eventually becomes more of a battle on who can figure out how to embarrass the other the most effectively which can either range from sneaky squeezes in proactive areas to gentle neck kisses while others are around

- it turns less into a battle and more into a habit of showing affection with the excuse that he’s trying to embarrass you when, in reality, he just wants your attention and likes sharing little intim are moments like that with you

[ -Thank You For Reading!- ]

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Cyclops: You made me cry, jackass! I hope you’re happy now!

Wolverine: Baby

Cyclops: This is no time for endearments, Logan, I’m too mad right now!


Wolverine: I’m calling you a baby, dumbass. I’m insulting you

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: When you and Peter enter a fake relationship, what does that do to your friendship? Can you keep yourself from breaking the one rule you set? Do not fall in love. Can he?

Character: Peter Maximoff x Fem!Reader

Fandom: X-Men

Word Count: 2.9k 

A/n: It’s been a hot minute since I posted, but online school has been Kicking. My, Ass. AnyWAy….I am back now! I’m really nervous to post this and I knowwww the ending is trash but it just kept getting worse so (please bear with me). Hopefully my writing will get better. Despite my shitty scribe, I hope you can enjoy this, and maybe, even possibly like it???

Comments and feedback are also very much appreciated! A girl needs inspiration to write (if ya know, ya know)…. 


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You’re minding your business (in your room mind you) when your door flies open, and in comes a flurry of grey. As quickly as the door is opened, it’s slammed shut. You know exactly who the culprit is, that part is particularly evident to you, but what puzzles you is the absence of a reason for his dramatic entrance. It’s like he thinks you can read his mind or something….(you can, but that’s besides the point). That’s not really what you’re supposed to be using your mutation for and Peter knows that.

“I really fucked up.” He eventually breathes. But it leaves you with more questions than answers.

You tilt your head towards him, squinting your eyes as if to challenge a response from him. So?” You ask.

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