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Originally posted by goddamnwill

Warnings: bit of talk about scars thats it really.

Word Count: 1430, (bit longer than I usually write but I got carried away)

A/n: Warren needs just a little more recognition in the MCU. :)


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Omg I do that too and thank you so much!! 💖


•Since Warren was a kid his love for music saved him too many times. He would play his favorites songs on the piano after his father scold him for doing a minority or after seeing the face of disgust from other people when his wings started to show.

•He used to spend hours there, letting the sad tunes mix with his sadness, hoping it would ease the pain.

•In his fight years Warren whistled every single time before a fight, he said it was a ritual to good luck. Eye of the Tiger is his favorite one by far.

•By the end of the day he would blast some hard rock/ metal in the almost broken etereo he owned while taking care of any wound he may have, that way he could scream in pain and the others would think he’s just singing along.

•When Warren is sad he prefers to listened to slow songs, the type that just crunch you heart and make you feel wasted.

• He adores to cry with them, especially if they’re from the 60’s, because it reminds him when his mom used to hum time as she took him to sleep.

•It has become an habit of him to play this songs late at night when everyone in the mansion is asleep. He just lay in his bed and cry his heart out as tender memories from the past run around in his mind.

•La Vie en Rose always make him cry like a baby, because that was his mother favorite song

•I need to get this out of my chest: Warren loves ABBA, he knows every single lyric and likes to listen to them when he is in a good mood. Dancing Queen always cherish him up.

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Peter Maximoff with glasses


•Imagine the mess that Peter would be if he needed to wear glasses

•First of all he would forget about them and speed to somewhere and then when his brain alerts him it’s too late, his glasses are pretty much destroyed

•That happened before wearing his goggles, his mom was glad when he came up home one evening and didn’t rushed the front door

•Sometimes his mom and even Wanda remind him about them when Peter is going out.

“Those stupid glasses take out the coolness of my outfit, mom! C'mon!”

•Peter likes the ones that have a band so he doesn’t have to fix them all the time, they’re cool when he’s reading comics or doing homework

•Peter would clean them with any clean fabric he can find, sometimes Hank needs to slap his hands off him when Peter uses him as a napkin

•He sometimes wander in the mall looking for a way cooler pair of glasses, because the ones that his mom got him looks too old way fashioned.

•It’s v tired of cleaning them every time he drinks hot chocolate, sometimes you have to say fuck it and drink the thing while don’t seeing anything…

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Dude me too tf


•Peter might seem like a bubbly boy who dosen’t really cares about nothing, but boo he does.

•He is an overthinker at heart, every little inconvenience he had is running in his head reminding him how stupid he is.

•Therefore he is sad when no ones is around or everything has gotten to bored to keep him distracted.

•He knows how you’re feeling but it’s not so sure about approaching you. However, he wouldn’t forgive himself if he let you alone in a moment like that.

•He will ask if you’re ok, although he obviously knows you’re not, it’s like a form to break the ice. Then he will wrap an arm around you and let you cry or talk about what’s bothering you if you feel like it.

•He will caress your head and just be there for you; Peter is almost silent when he’s comforting you, he can make the words left his mouth even if he wants to.

•Maybe he will crack a lame ass joke to make you smile.

•Peter dosen’t mind staying with you as long as you want. He’s your boyfriend, it’s the least he can do after all the patience you has had with him.

•Peter would bring you your favorite food/snack after your lowtime and put your favorite show or movie or song if you don’t feel like watching anything

•He just wants to help you feel better…

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Warren, Ororo, Jubilee and Kurt are in a book club host by Hank. It’s pretty cool because Hank let them truly be themselves there and just express their feelings towards the book they’re reading.

He will just sit there listing to Warren going ape shit about an scene he didn’t like or how Ororo would passionately talk about the description her book gave of a landscape ; and hum when Jubilee talks shit about the dumb protagonist and their inability to keep their lives togheter and let’s not forget Kurt who made an little eassy detailing the things he liked and how he talks like a shy valley girl about the characters.

Charles is very impressed to see that Hank hasn’t lose it in the book club reunions.

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“Okay, but no, really, do you think that Charles grew up with a butler, and that’s where the trace of an accent comes from?” You asked with a laugh, staring out into the beautiful nature of the woods that surrounded the school. You put on your best British accent for the next bit, “More tea, Master Charles? More biscuits, master Charles? Need to be wiped, Mister Charles?”

Alex burst out laughing and you joined him, your giggles filling up the silence. Well, it wasn’t entirely silent, there were the birds and the insects, but none of the chatter and traffic that you were adjusted to, being in the heart of the city.

“Definitely,” Alex agreed with you. “Maybe that’s what he’s really teaching us. I’m learning to be a butler, and you - you’re definitely going to be the maid.”

“You just want to see me in the outfit,” You accused, making Alex smirk and put his arm around your shoulders.

“Is that so bad?”

“Better me than Sean.”

“Agreed.” Alex said, nodding with a shudder. “You know, Halloween isn’t far, a French maid would be sexy as hell.”

“Okay, Jeeves, I’ll consider it.”

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  • 57. Breaking The Kiss To Say Something, Staying So Close That You’re Murmuring Into Each Other’s Mouths

Character: Peter Maximoff x Fem!Reader

Fandom: X-Men

Word Count: 1.4 k of (hopefully) tooth rotting fluff….like maybe you’ll need a dentist after reading???

A/n: Anon, you’re way too sweet! And honestly, writing about him makes me soft, so I really hope you enjoy! (I know I did writing this)….Anyway, I also want to note that this (the beginning), does not perfectly (or even close to perfectly) follow the plot or script of days of future past. I just somewhat mimicked it….It doesn’t have a ton to do with the movie, but just in case anyone is confused, that is what it’s based on. I also had to check the timelines, so I think they’re right. It says that Peter is born in 1955 and DOFP takes place in 1973, so that’d make him approximately 18. I’m sorry if that’s wrong, but I hope you enjoy anyway!


Originally posted by softtroublemaker

You distinctly remember the first time you met Peter Maximoff. And thinking back on it now, you’re not sure there’s a world in which it’s possible that you could ever forget it. You’d both been so young, barely 18, and yet, as conflicted as you’d felt when you’d first laid your eyes on him, there was an instant connection between you. It was unbelievably undeniable…something not even Charles could explain when he’d met the pair of you.

You’d both met Charles, Hank, and Logan on the same day. You’d only known the three mysterious men for a few more hours than Peter had, them picking you up from your home because your mutation was integral in breaking Erik out of the Pentagon. (Personally, at the time, you didn’t see why your mutation of invisibility would be so helpful….but Charles more than insisted. So you just said, ‘sure, what the hell. I’ve got nothing to lose,’ and went along with them…for the adventure of course). Unfortunately (or fortunately, you’re not quite sure), your next stop was to convince some teenage speedster to join you….hence, you meeting Peter.

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Peter Maximoff is the sweetest boy, change my mind


J ealousy - Do they get jealous easily? How do they deal with it?

Peter is insecure so if he see someone better looking/cooler than him those insecurities will kick in.

He doesn’t act or try to stop it, Peter would be hurt and his way of coping with that would be isolate himself a little and be more detached, he dosen’t want to create an scene and therefore a fight so he thinks this is the best way to avoid it.

K iss - Are they a good kisser? What was the first kiss like?

This can be a little shocking, but the little experience that Peter had has worked wonders, what am I trying to say? Well I’m saying that my boy Peter is a good kisser.

Your first kiss was unexpected, you were playing some video games in his room and when Peter won he kissed you out of his high.

P DA - Are they upfront about their relationship? Do they brag with their s/o in front of others? Or are they rather shy to kiss etc. when others are watching?

Peter is a big fan of it, but dosen’t really have the patience so he goes around and kiss you as a stop by, also likes to cling to you like a darn koala.

He brags about you to others, telling them how cool and beautiful you are and how you’re totally the best.

X OXO - Are they very affectionate? Do they love to kiss and cuddle?

Peter craves attention and affection so he loves it. He loves giving you attention.

He is always saying a flirty thing to you or winking when you’re crossing by, and it’s like a puppy when you cuddle with him.

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Thanks, Warren is one of my fav characters so I think that help lol


A ctivities - What do they like to do with their s/o? How do they spend their free time with them?

Warren likes to calm down and try to have a moment of peace, so laying down in a bench or a tree with the head of his S/o in his lap and maybe pointing out the clouds or reading or even talking about anything sound great to him, but of course sometimes he would try to convince you to fly with him.

B eauty - What do they admire about their s/o? What do they think is beautiful about them?

Warren admires you kindness and compassion, it makes him happy to see that you’re not like the people in his past life.

It’s hard for Warren to find something he truly likes about himself; self-loathing and the hatred words of his parents and the viewers of mutant fights made him dislike almost everything he is. However, if he has to pick one would be his hair, because you have said how much you loved how curly and soft was.

C omfort - How would they help their s/o when they feel down/have a panic attack etc.?

Warren is not the most sensible person in the world, in fact he hates it, but seeing you in that state would totally break him.

He would approach you slowly, almost fearing if he does it it might scare you; then he would take your hands and try to talk a little to make you calm down, also a few kisses in your temple and his wing will protectively surround you.

F ight - Would they be easy to forgive their s/o? How are they fighting?

Warren has a short temper and although he doesn’t want his most hatred side come out in fights a glimpse of it can show.

He would talk back in the most harsh way, roll his eyes and even ignore you if he feels that the fight is pointless. After it he would go for a drink, not caring if it can trigger his alcoholism.

After this can go two ways:

  1. He gets so drunk that his emotions kick in and is a crying mess while his apologising, saying how stupid and useless he is.
  2. He comes back after a while, you can clearly see that his eyes are red for crying and that he has stain tears in his cheeks; he will apologize by rambling about how sorry he is about everything and that he would try to be better, this also contains some self loathed words, but with less slurs and also he is sober.

And Warren forgive pretty fast

J ealousy - Do they get jealous easily? How do they deal with it?

Warren may be a short tempered guy, but I don’t see him being a jealousy person. He trust you with all his being, so he knows you wouldn’t do that so he dosen’t act if he doesn’t see a red flag.

But when he does he will be harsh, prepare yourself for hear a wave of insults and slurs, also if the other person starts to fight too he may throw hands.

K iss - Are they a good kisser? What was the first kiss like?

He isn’t inexperienced, in fact Warren has been in a few hook ups in the past both with others mutants fighters and some normies who wanted to feel how it was to be with a mutant, so bird boy knows how to kiss.

The first kiss between you two was magical in Warren’s words, he was nervous, almost trembling; but he calmed down when you took the first step and just kissed him.

L ove Confession - How would they confess to their s/o?

Warren knows he would runaway if he tries to tell you his feelings in person so he wrote you a poem and waited patiently beside you.

The poem was full of love and fluffiness that it make him so embarrassed when you read it, he was red.

N icknames - What do they call their s/o?

As cheesy at it sounds he sometimes calls you angel, but most of the time is baby, babygirl/boy, love, sexy, etc

P DA - Are they upfront about their relationship? Do they brag with their s/o in front of others? Or are they rather shy to kiss etc. when others are watching?

He brags about you with the others, sometimes Scott and him have discussions about which s/o is better, Ororo always interrupts them and tells them to grow up. However, Jubilee and Kurt finds cute how much Warren talks about you, while Peter annoys bird boy for being a softie.

PDA is a no, he feels uncomfortable doing it, but he likes to hold your hand in public. In privacy Warren is a cuddle monster, always down for a hug.

V alue - How important is the relationship to them? What is it’s worth in comparison to other things in their life?

This relationship has made him appreciate the lovely side of life, therefore is important to him, and is one of the big things he wouldn’t change. However, it’s not his hobby.

Warren loves the freedom that flight provides him and also his loves for poems and music are a big thing too.

X OXO - Are they very affectionate? Do they love to kiss and cuddle?

The lack of love he has had made him crave attention, he adores it; it doesn’t matter if it’s just a quick peck on the lips, a bear hug or a whole make up season. Affection makes him feel wanted and he likes feeling that way.

Y earning - How will they cope when they’re missing their partner?

Warren will try to keep himself away from alcohol, so he would full that time by writing you some letters.

It may sound stupid and cliché, but expressing his thoughts via words makes him feel closer to you, also he will reply any beautiful moment he can remember in his head and smile like an idiot.

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Aw thanks, I’m still in denial of his dead :(

This hc are kinda short


°Alex is pretty flirty, he does it all the time with you. Winks, light touches and showing off, yeah he wants your attention

° Scott and you often laugh at him when he does something stupid and don’t let it go until it’s been a long time.

° When Scott was younger he had a huge crush on you, so much so that he fought with his brother for a week because of you. + He said that you loved him more since Alex was old and stupid.

° Alex doesn’t stop bothering him with that.

° Both of you advise him on how to not embarrass himself in front of Jean

° His smile melts you and he usually uses that to his advantage.

° Have PTSD due to war, so he tends to wake up from nightmare very often

° He prefers you to be away from him when he uses his powers.

° Very protective of you

° Hates the sound of fireworks exploding.

° He usually falls asleep when you play with his hair.   

° He likes to hug you from behind and kiss you on the neck.

° Sean is already sick of hearing about the cheesy things about your relationship.

“Dude, I get it, your relationship is great, I’m happy for you, but you have to calm down.”

“Oh… sorry Sean, but you really should have seen (y/ n) ’s face when …”

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My name is Carla, I’m a french girl aspiring to be a librarian. I’m of gypsy origins so I do tarot and palm reading sometimes. I’m into poetry, tragedy, smut, dark love stories and dark characters, check my masterlist for your requests. I also do Flowers meaning, with your favorites flowers or your name. Just ask. I do Imagines, Headcanons, Alphabets, Quotes, Playlists, Outfits. Try me :)

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Charles, though he had a bit of a schoolboy-type crush on you, had the utmost respect for you. A big part of that was because you commanded it from the people that you worked with, always demonstrating that you were more than capable of every task, and taking the initiative to do even more. Some of the other staff had called you ‘The Dominatrix’ behind your back, which you found funny when you heard about it. If only they knew.

You were marking tests one evening, alone in your office, writing notes on each and every one to the students. You gave guidance when necessary, and a bit of a scolding too when you knew that students could do much better than they were. You were singing to yourself as you went paper by paper, a song that you heard, but you didn’t know where from.

“T - o - p - m - a - n, he’s naughty by nature,” You giggled. “T - o - p - m - a - n, on doubles and chasers. T - o - p - m - a - n, be a little boy racer, T - o - p - m - a - n, shooting guns on the high streets of love.”

Charles was taking a stroll through the school, being restless that evening after dinner. With his hands behind his back, he stopped when he heard singing. He paused by the door, and as he listened to the words, his face turned very red. Well - that was only going to make him all the more restless. A topman? Well, for you, in his daydreams at least, he’d certainly try to be.

Requested by: @detroitbecomebitches
Song: Top Man by Blur

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Cable Taking You On a First Date Would Include:

For F/O February Day 4- First Date, a Cable Imagine

-Cable would be the one to ask you out. He may be from the future but he’s an old fashioned romantic at heart. The only thing that would give it away as a request to take you out for a drive- but romantically- would be his distinct inability to make eye contact and a faint flush across his weathered cheeks.

-(You two had previously been known to eat meals and have coffee breaks together- Cable likes black coffee with none of that extra shit- little excerpts of domestic peace where you fell in love with the grizzled older man, listening intently as he opened up about his past life and relishing in developing a comfortable rapport as you became an affectionate target of his acrid sense of humour. )

-His idea of a first date outfit is just having freshly laundered clothes, but you don’t mind at all. He smells clean but heady, like soap and a uniquely masculine scent. However you choose to dress, he greets you with a low murmured “You look beautiful darlin’” and wonders how he got a pretty little thing like you all to himself.

-Your first date takes place at a local lookout, in the bed of his pick up truck. Simple and sweet. It’s more about being alone with you, and being able to take each other in somewhere quiet. The two of you go about constructing a nest of blankets and throw pillows borrowed from the X-Mansion and it tickles you to observe Cable doing something so domestic. He carefully considers how to set the cushions against each other so that you’re as comfortable as possible. Cable’s a natural at creating homes, you muse.

-He would duck into the inside of the truck and emerge with cans of beer for the both of you, before plunking himself next to you and stretching out his legs. You’re both still a little hesitant to be any more physically intimate yet, but are happy to be in each other’s company and able to focus purely on each other. You honestly can’t tell if it’s the alcohol or seeing him so at peace, faint smile quirking his lips as he listens to you babble that’s making you warm and glowy.

-During the few hours you spend there, you would chat quietly with Cable, even coaxing a few chuckles and wide, dimpled smiles out of him. You love the way his eyes crinkle, sincere contentment folding his features. You mentally save the image, vowing to keep it safe in your memories. You already knew him pretty well already, so it’s these new, little, mundane moments shared between you, as a couple that you really treasure. Knowing he feels at ease enough in your presence to let some of his gruff façade dissolve and just be makes your chest swell.

-On the drive back, you listen to the radio through the old stereo speakers- the sound crackling and warm. You hold your breath unknowingly as you reach for his free hand with one of your own. His hand is hot and rough, palm thick with muscle but they encase your own with a careful tenderness, despite their strength. He glances at you in the passenger seat, deep brown eyes shining softly. And he squeezes your hand, a silent thank you and a promise to build a life with you filled with many more memories just like this one.

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I’m gonna do this with Warren

Warning: mature lenguague


“So you’re telling me you almost got a boner because you saw her fight?”

The look on Scott’s face was enough to make Warren drown in his own shame; the poor boy had a red face and wings encrispated due to the grief he felt of having such a conversation with Scott.

Warren ran his hands over his face and rolled back down on the floor. Scott laughed slightly being careful that his friend didn’t realize that. However, it was.

Quickly Scott’s laugh was replaced for a false cough and an awkward readjustment of his glasses. “Hey, calm down, it’s normal for you to find it hot to see (y/ n) kick some asses”

“I mean,  It has happened to me with Jean, but what can I tell you, my girlfriend is amazing and I think that the looks Hank gives Raven during the missions are something similar to what happened to you … ” Scott looked down at  Warren to his how he was, he didn’t take his hands off his face.

Warren let out a little scream of frustration and dropped his arms. “But you don’t understand, Scott, it was so weird …”

The memory of seeing you put an end to an enemy group on your own made the blood run hard through Warren’s veins.

“You’re going to die if I let you do it, go away” Warren had ordered you, the terror of seeing you die in front of him invaded him.

He was about to load you up to the jet and leave you there when you suddenly pushed Warren and ran away and without any effort you threw a bolt of energy at the enemy group.

“Why do you have to be so fucking reckless?” Warren yelled at you, he was frustrated but not surprised by what you did. He crossed his arms above his chest and watched waiting for the right time to enter to the fight and save your ass.

But that time never came.

Warren froze where he was, the way you defeated them one by one without anyone’s help was admirable and incredibly sexy in his eyes.

Once the fight was over you approached Warren with a smirk on his face. You had some scratches and several cuts, but beyond that you were in perfect condition to keep fighting.

“It was not that difficult.” You told him smiling.

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Written when I was about 15 with Wolverine and the X-Men Kurt in mind (boy deserves more love btw, the curtain bangs?!! aaaa)- because of the whole X-Men reuniting thing it had going in the beginning. How reader and Kurt broke up is left up to your imagination. 

Finally, she thought it was over.

Everybody, when they decide to have a good cry in bed (especially upon having particular exes show up) knows when they’ve no more tears left to cry. Even if you want to bask in your self-pity a little while longer.

She pondered if she should just go to sleep.

But she couldn’t, not in this house. So full of old memories, lovers’ tiffs and first kisses.

And Kurt.

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Originally posted by demonlady

It had been a few months since Charles lost the ability to walk. You both tried to make the best of it, with him being wheelchair-bound and you being a caretaker in a way while helping out Hank. You loved your husband dearly but after this incident he’s changed. Charles became meaner and more selfish due to the accident, you knew it was all due to the depression and such. It’s hard losing a vital part of your body. He barely paid attention to you as he was wallowing in pity and ignoring everyone else. something had to happen, you had to please yourself some way or another since Charles had ignored you. You laid in bed horny as ever due to not having touch in the last few months. Without thought you began to masturbate, slowly touching the folds of your vagina. You started to get wet as you massaging your breasts,playing with the nipple. A low moan escaped your mouth. Wetting your fingers with your mouth you went down to finger yourself. It felt good to have something in you. You pulled it in and out of yourself , feeling the walls tighten and loosen. The wetter you got the more you moaned. The pleasure began to take over you as you closed your eyes. You didn’t hear Charles enter your room until he cleared his throat. You pushed yourself up covering you body. Blushing you stuttered.

“ I can help you with that. I know I’ve been negligent but I can at least do this for you. I might not be the best in this condition but I love you.” He said a bit sorrowful.

“ Charles I’m sorry. I just get so frustrated and I miss you touching me .” You said walking to him naked. You sat on his lap as he checked you out. He smiled a bit pulling you down to kiss him. 

“ I think love, this is what the doctor ordered." 

Kissing him deeply you placed your hand on his chest as he caressed your torso up your back. 

” Well Charles who am I not to follow the doctors orders.“  And with that you helped him into bed. Slowly undressing him you focused more on mentality.

” Darling?“ You spout.

” Yes?“ He asked.

"Read my mind please.” You said as he instantly placed his fingers to his temple.

“ So you’re picturing that. Darling sit on my face?” He said lowly. You did as he said and straddled his face.

In an instant you vividly imagine him cupping your breasts, slowly massaging them before kissing along your chest. Straddled his hips his cock was already inside you slowly thrusting in you to get you used to it before the thrust became more ragged and messy. The image of soft love bites along your stomach that turned a light purple the next day made you moan. The imagery became so real as you felt yourself grinding on him. Forgetting that he was eating you out. His ruffled hair was laced with your fingers as you tugged at it. A new image of him bending you over spanking you as he loud against you on a table somewhere. You felt the pleasurable burn on your ass as Charles actually did reenact it then. Your moans turned quickly to orgasm as Charles tongue went deep and played with your clit. You couldn’t decide what to focus on him eating you out or the delicious memories he put in your mind and your breaths were restless. Charles began playing with your nipples as your put your hands on the headboard trying not to suffocate Charles. Your climax was nearing as your hips began to buck. Charles replaced his hands back to your thighs and hips as you became ragged with your thrusts. With one last image of him choking you. You slowly felt a hand around your neck as you were hunched over to allow him to do so really. You finally cum on him as your orgasm rushed on screaming his name. You hoped to God no one heard you but you also hoped they did as a serious ego booster for the Playboy.

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I love that Girl

Getting out of your parents black car, you took in the sight ahead of you. The majestic sized school looked better than any other schools that you’ve ever been to. The brightened sun glistened against the green leaves, making the scenery angelic as your (e/c) eyes wandered across the building. Soft gusts of wind flowed against your skin as you started walking towards the facade of the school; your locks of (h/c) swayed and bounced as you gotten closer to the entrance.

While you were distracted by your lingering thoughts and the scenery surrounding you, you did not notice that you were being watched by a pair of yellow eyes were observing every detail of you; admiring you’re angelic beauty. The thing that Kurt first noticed was how innocent you looked compared to other females that he’s met at the school. He could look at you forever; from the way your hair flowed effortlessly all the way to the gleam of happiness in your eyes.

A purple blush grew on Kurt’s violet skin as he decided to introduce himself to you. He felt the familiar waves of nervousness flow through his body as he teleported. ‘Bampf!’ He accidentally teleported in front of you, causing you to fall on your butt.

“Oo!” You groaned softly as your (e/c) eyes looked up towards the person in front of you. “I’m so sorry for knocking you down.” The blue male blushed as he held his hands out to help you off the grass.

“Accidents happen.” You continued, accepting his help. “ I’m (Y/N), by the way.” You grinned as kurt blushes an even darker purple on his cheeks. “Kurt Wagner.” The mutant responded as the both of you stared at each other. You admired how he looks so beautiful. Everything that he hated about how he looked, you loved. “You look so majestic.” You blurted out, hiding your flushed face from the male in front of you.

Kurt was speechless from your sudden outburst of kindness as his eyes looked at yours. Embarrassment flooded your body more and more the linger Kurt kept quiet. “I’m so sorry if I scared you off.” You stammered bashfully as he melted at how precious you were. “Sorry. You’re just…really adorable.”

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