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liss-vyrt-rock2 years ago
The hug at the end!!! Can someone explain how鈥檚 possible that James fits soooo well in Michael鈥檚 arms???
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cheriktrashquotesa year ago
*Erik looking for Charles*
Erik: Now where'd he go this time?
Charles, out of nowhere: whO tHe FuCk saID tHat?!
Erik: There you are :)
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Cabin fever: Victor Creed (NSFW)
Anon: Victor Creed lives in the woods. Reader after taking a walk in the woods gets lead into Victor cabin and becomes his pet of sorts. He teaches reader his rules for living with him and the reader breaks them. Smut maybe
Anon I hope you like it I did sprinkle in some smut at the end but ended it in a more humorous way. Enjoy!
Warnings: some swearing maybe 4 times.
Tumblr media
Tuesday 12:39 am
-Victor, come in. Report your location.
Wednesday 6:55 am
-Victor, pick up.
Thursday 10:47 pm
-Victor, please pick up. We... I miss you.
Friday 8:34 am
-Fine, be then like that!
Friday 8:35 am
-Sorry for leaving my previous message but I'm angry because I miss you. Please call me back.
Clicking the delete messages button Victor leaned back against his couch looking out of his window. Seeing the vast and lonely forest with him in the center of it, far away from people, mutants, the X-men and Y/n. Looking at the wind rustling the leaves he wanted just to leave this pace all together but he couldn't not after what he did.
At the beginning, of the forest was Y/n holding her bag on her shoulder feeling the cold air breeze against her as she felt her skin tighten against the cold atmosphere. Stepping her foot in she looks at the far distance seeing nothing but kilometers of trees and the lonely atmosphere. Watching her step carefully she looks up for a moment hearing a branch break as her leading foot steps into something sluggish. Looking down she sees a deer corpse with her foot in its open degrading belly as flys and maggots ate the meat.
With the quick realization of her stance, she hops over the deer as her bodied foot is scraping against the moss of the nearby tree. As her mind focused on the wiping another branch snaps but this time behind her. Feeling an ominous presence behind her back she grabs her gun turning and pointing it at...
Y/n yelps surprised as she lowers the gun seeing his feature comply change. His hair a little longer his beard unkempt and his eyes accompanied with large dark circles.
With no word said he grabs her hand yanking her into his cabin. She didn't yell or pull away but was very much relieved seeing him alive and well. Shutting the door Victor let's Y/n stumble into the warm home seeing the opened cans that littered the place. She turns around to face Victor.
-Why didn't you respond to my messages?
-I don't have to.
-Bullshit. I will bet you everything I have that you heard my messages, all of them.
Victor tenses as her tone seeing her tired face.
He replies as he passes her plopping on the couch. The wind picks up its pace the house shaking with each blow.
-I wouldn't go out if I were you. Not in this weather.
Deeply sighing Y/n walks to Victor sitting next to him.
-Why didn't you answer?
Victor responds coldly
-Rule 1: when in my house you don't ask a question. You will only talk when spoken to.
Y/n jerks her head at the statement looking at him like he lost all sense in the world.
-Excuse me?! I'm a human being, asshole. Treat me like one.
Victor turns his head to her leaning closer in a slow and scary manner.
-No. Since you are in my house I will treat you like I want to... pet.
He said as he popped the 'p' to shock her even more.
-Pet? You must be joking...
She responded as he continued.
-Rule 2: you will sleep on the ground next to the fireplace.
He points to the fireplace in front of him seeing the big flame heating the whole cabin.
That's not that bad. She thought.
-Rule 3: you will clean up when you are told to.
Fuck. She thought again.
He stands up walking to his bed and stops as he turns to face her.
-I'm going to sleep but please do clean up the kitchen. Night, Y/n.
Y/n huffs eagerly at him as she snaps back.
-Damn you Creed.
He turns again said in a deadly whisper.
-If you break one rule from tomorrow there will be consequences.
Taking a deep inhale she stands up walking to the kitchen sniffing the pungent smell that will surely remind her for a lifetime.
The next day arises and Y/n and Victor are sitting next to each other on the couch silence laced between them in a thick sheet. She needed to know why he was hiding from her.
-Why didn't you respond to me?
He snarls keeping quiet.
-Don't you care about me?
-Do you know how many times I cried?
-Y/n, you are breaking the rules.
-Fuck the rules! I need to know! I deserve it.
He sharply turns his head in his face a dangerous snarl.
-You are really aggravating me.
She leans closer in her fave no fear only sorrow and despair on her lovely complexion.
-I get it, I really do but you aren't the one at fault because of the accident.
He leans back his eyes glazing with shock. She knew it. He was hiding because he couldn't save a civilian.
-Stop it!
His hands flew to her grasping them tightly above her head against the couch material. His breath was ragged as he saw her. She missed him, for real. He saw the way her lips tremble and her eyes filled with tears.
-You could have just answered back that you don't want to hear from me. I get that but do you understand how long I was searching for you. 4 days. 4! With the hope that I will bring you back. But it seems you don't want to. Just let me go and I'll go back saying I gave up and didn't find you.
Wiggling from his grasp she looks up at him seeing the anger gone being replaced by sadness and realization.
-I'm sorry.
He watches her seeing her stare that spoke a while story.
-Why? Why did you search for me?
He waits for her truest answer yet.
-Because I like you. And I feel like a better person with you.
He looks at her watching the tear slide down her face. He made a mistake. He was the jerk he thought he left to die. A mutant that was going to be better and not a mutant that will treat others badly surely especially someone he likes. With a fistful of courage, he leans down letting his lips softly press against her. A small test. Feeling her lips press against his he leans back in letting his desire power over him. His hands letting her go. As he felt her hands land on his rough cheeks.
-Are you sure?
He asked watching her expression of there are any traces of suggesting otherwise.
-If I wasn't would I let you kiss me?
She sassed back seeing a smirk on his lips. He drags one claw against her stomach tearing the shirt in 2 pieces. Her skin was warm as his cold hands dragged along with her figure. The wind picks up his pace hitting the house with each blow. Y/n lifts herself up sitting in Victor's lap. The air hits against the door a few times with full force as if mother nature is knocking on the door. Victor continues kissing Y/n completely forgetting the harsh weather outside letting himself immerse into the experience. The door falls down startling both Y/n and Victor. As the door fell Steve Rogers enters the cabin his face in as much as shocked as Y/n and Victor.
-Finally, we found you.
Y/n stands up covering her chest with the teared up shirt.
-You could have come at late 3 hours later.
She mumbled seeing Thor infiltrating the cabin.
-Oh, brother!
-Lady Y/n! You are found!
Victor stands up laying his coat across her shoulders.
-Let's get you home so you can fornicate in peace.
Thor said as he laughed at the embarrassed Y/n.
-I'll never live this down.
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ageofmarvels-adverts3 years ago
Reblog this post if you roleplay in the Marvel fandom!
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Vacation surprise: Victor Creed
Requested by: @creedslove
Summary: Y/n and Victor are on their long-overdue vacation and as they walk on the beach a group of happily married folks plants a confidence seed in Victor to ask Y/n the question of a lifetime.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Perfection. That is the only word that could describe this moment. Y/n walking along the beach letting the small waves hit her bare feet as her hand is right in Victor's. Looking down at her white summer dress she mentally thanked herself as she felt the hot sun warming her face, arms, and legs. Glancing at Victor she sees no lines on his face that we're present almost every day of the week thanks to stressful work. Him also coordinating with Y/n dressed in a white short with white pants that were rolled up at the bottom.
-Liking the vacation?
He asks as he looks at her seeing the smile on her beautiful face.
-Absolutely. Nothing can top this.
On his face is a cocky smirk and stops in his footsteps.
-What's wrong?
Y/n asks as she turns to him seeing his head tilting onto the left side. Trying to hear something. Y/n moves closer also hearing the distant sound, that was getting louder. As if it was coming towards them. Seeing a big white cloud peaking through the trees that ran down towards the beach hearing wohoos and giggling as it reaches the peak of volume as a group of people dressed in fine suits and dresses run down to the beach and the withe cloud is the bride holding her groom's hand. Y/n giggles at the childlike behavior of the happy couple watching them splash each other as their clothes get soaked into the salty water.
-That looks fun.
Victor says as he looks at the group of adults.
-Do you mean the wedding or the water splashing?
He replied as he turns to her seeing her eyes were into him taken back by the answer. He dwells in silence as he kneels down holding a ring in his pocket.
-You said that nothing can top this vacation. Well, how about this? What do you say Y/n? Will you marry me?
Y/n gasps at him trying to keep her tears in. She never thought that he would do this. He never talked about it. He wasn't the guy to settle down. But with Y/n was different. This was beyond his comfort zone.
She replies as Victor puts the small silver band with the diamond on her finger. Looking at Victor she hears the group screaming in happiness. They turn to them seeing them cheer at the intimate moment.
-Congrats. When will you get married?
The bride screamed as she held her groom close to keep her in place. Victor looks at Y/n seeing a small nod and screams back.
This is wild. One second on the beach and now in front of a priest in a small wooden church filled with 3 other people doubling as witnesses. The priest happily obliged as he saw the newly wedded couple kiss as they vowed each other to be together until the end of time.
-Ready to spend eternity?
-Hell yeah and then some.
Victor smiles as he kissed Y/n again. And again, again, again...
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Secret admirer: Victor Creed
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
@creedslove I hope you like it鉂わ笍
Pairing: Victor Creed x teacher!reader
Summary: For a while, Y/n has a secret admirer but she can't put a finger who could it be.
-Are you sure these flowers are not from you, David? Like the rest of them?
Y/n asks teasingly as she takes the bouquet of white roses (my favorite flowers but if you don't like them imagine something else) from her nervous student. The small bean of a mutant shakes his head, his glasses almost falling on the floor.
-No, Teacher. An anonymous person told me to give them to you.
-Thank you for passing them to me but this is the fourth time.
Y/n said out loud as a group of female students giggled at her desk that displayed the past 3 bouquets.
-Who knows Teacher, maybe the fifth will be delivered personally?
They giggle in unions covering their mouth seeing the smirk that played on their lovely teacher. Y/n playfully rolls her eyes as her students leave the classroom. She turns to face the 4 beautiful bouquets.
-From who are you from?
As the next day enrolls Y/n enters the classroom again seeing Wade Wilson sitting in one of the chairs for students.
-Hey, princess.
-Hey, Y/n. How you doin?
Y/n doesn't answer his question knowing very well that he would appear in the classroom just because he wants to.
-What's wrong?
-What, I can't visit my friend?
-No, since you duck taped my whole classroom. I spent 3 whole days unsticking them.
Wade huffs at her 'complain' rolling his eyes visibly as he leans into the kids sized chair and crosses his arms.
-I know who is your admirer.
Y/n arches a brow intrigued at his statement.
-Well, talk Pool.
-Ah, Y/n you know I don't talk if I don't get something in return.
-What's your price?
-I get to teach your classroom, I want to feel a part of society.
Y/n thinks for a minute weighing the mental well being of her student or her dying thirst to know who the admirer is. But then again Wade is good with kids.
-Deal. But no sex talk, they are too young.
Just as Wade wanted to spill the beans the door of the classroom open and enters Victor Creed, the fearsome Sabertooth. Y/n steps back a little gripping the edge of her desk for dear life. He steps inside walking directly to Wade grabbing him by the color of his shirt. Lifting him up easily.
-What's wrong Vic?
Wade asks teasingly a grin plastered on his scarred face. Victor snarls as he sees Wade's eyes shifting between Y/n and Victor. Getting the hint Victor puts him down on the ground but his grip on him firm. Pulling him out of the classroom for second Victor stands in front of the scared woman her eyes filling with fear and anticipation.
Victor says shyly waiting for her to greet back.
She replied slowly not knowing how much temper he has left in his body as she witnessed his harsh action. Her delicate personally shrunk down beside his harsh and ominous one. Victor stays silent as he pulls Wade with him out of the classroom.
-Bye, Y/n.
Wade screamed as the door closes.
-What just happened?
Y/n asks herself as she sits on the edge of the desk trying to piece it together.
-Alright, everyone, tomorrow's essay will be written here in the classroom so, please study.
Y/n shouted to her students as the ringing bell mixed with her voice. The students quickly gathered out of the class waving goodbye to her. As soon as the classroom was empty Victor walks in his hand in his pocket. Y/n turns to him her eyes wide open at the sudden appearance.
-I was just passing by... And wanted to say sorry about Wade, he can be... Tough to deal with.
Y/n shakes her head as she tries to calm herself down.
-It's okay, after all, he is my friend.
Victor sighs at her response.
-I need to apologize to you for the way I acted early today. It's just that it is my first time seeing you in person and from the stories I heard...
With a single sentence, Victor leaves the room feeling hurt and already rejected by the beauty.
-Great, Y/n, just great.
She said to herself feeling defeated.
The day ends and a new begins and Y/n enters her classroom putting her 'teacher stuff' on the desk as she shifts her gaze to the windows small letters scribbled on the window. Completely intrigued Y/n steps closer to the window seeing the words
For Y/n:
Fountaine, tonight at 8 pm.
Carved on the glass. Y/n gasps at the message finally got to close this chapter. Tonight is the end of this sweet torture.
-Good luck teacher tonight.
Said the group of girls as they took photos of the message that was on the window. Y/n laughs subtly at their behavior wishing that the rest of her class won't follow her. Grabbing her phone quickly Y/n hurriedly walks out of the mansion passing Wade waving happily. He waves back as he continued to talk on the phone. Exiting the mansion Y/n steps slowly towards the fountain watching where the 'admirer' is. On one side there is no one but at the other someone is waiting back turned to her.
-I'm here.
Y/n showed grabbing the attention of none other than... Victor holding a single white rose.
Y/n stops dead in her tracks for a second puzzling the lives together. The only mutant she knew that could etch something on a glass window without breaking it was the Sabertooth.
-You? I... Should have known.
Y/n said out loud as she stood in front of Victor. Victor looks at her his claws out of his pockets on his face a wonky smile.
-Yes, it's just. I feel that you are my... Soulmate, in a weird way. And I knew what kind of stories surround me so I thought it would be best for me to watch you from a distance. But it's not enough.
Y/n's eyes widen at his bold statement she responds quietly.
-That's a bold move, Victor. You could have asked me on a date, I would gladly say yes.
It's Victor's time to widen his eyes at the bold statement.
-Sure, but I just need time to be used to the idea that the fearsome Sabertooth is a secret softy.
Victor laughs and extends his hand to softly grab her.
-Sure, you can say that.
He responds happily as he felt her fingers brush a giant his rough hand. Y/n takes one step closer on her face a permanent smile mirroring his. Victor drops his smile in a second as he turns his head to the side towards the bushes.
-What's wrong?
Y/n asks as she turns her head as well. The bushes rumble and from it, exit Y/n's students holding giggling at the amount of affection they witnessed form their favorite professor. Step by step they exit the bush lining up next to each other, shoulder to shoulder, and yet the bush still was alive. And the final person exiting was Wade holding up a small camera recording Y/n and Victor, but mostly Victor, zooming in and posting a flashlight to get the best quality. Victor abruptly lets her hand go turning to Wade ready to jump on him. Wade raises a hand in front of him shouting.
-Hold there, pal between us are children, you are in my mercy. Now kids form a circle around me.
Y/n watches her student surround Wade shielding him from Victor knowing that the next few weeks she'll be the victim of jokes. And the video won't help either.
-Let him be, Victor.
Y/n said seeing Victor calm down. He turns back to her forcing an awkward smile.
-So, a date on Friday at 9pm?
Y/n chuckles nodding her head.
-Everything is documented!!!
Wade shouted again as he ran back into the mansion holding the camera for dear life.
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visiblurred3 years ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
I DON鈥橳 KNOW WHAT I LOOK LIKE - AND I鈥橫 TRYING NOT TO CARE.聽 ind. mcu / xmcu original character, written by remi.聽
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The truth about the Titanic: Victor Creed
A/n: So, I once watched Mysteries of the Museums it's on the History channel. And there was an episode of the Titanic and it was long ago since I watched it but the gist of the episode was that the whole Titanic crash could have been avoided if the ship received the massage to change course. And that one thing would change the whole History. And the amazingly sweet @creedslove requested a story with Victor in it with the Titanic and I couldn't say no. So enjoy.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Saying that you loved Titanic would be an understatement, you respected it. Everyone around you knew it, hell even the neighbors. Since sometimes they got the package of the Heart of the Ocean replica that you order for yourself. But no one knew how much you loved the movie other than Victor.
The feral mutant was chained by your body as you laid on him. As you focused on the movie gasping and awing at the scenes. Victor only grumbled at your soft sounds as he felt himself brimming with annoyance.
-Y/n, come on, do we have to watch THE scene?!
Victor murmured as he watched the scene, the one, and only iconic sea scene. Where Jack dies as Rose watches him drown.
-It's part... no, essential to the movie.
-I mean he didn't have to die, there was enough space on the door for him to float with her to safety.
Y/n turns to Victor her eyebrows scrunched and her mouth tightly lipped into a straight line. She hated it when someone talked during a movie.
-I'm just saying.
Victor replied softly. As he looks away from her piercing gaze. With the film ending Y/n removes her sleepy body away from Victor's warm hug as she heads to the bed flopping down on the bed spreading her limbs inhumanly possible.
-Is there room for me?
Victor inquires as he stood in front of the bed.
-Not for people who talk during my movie.
Y/n replied lifting her head looking at her man. Victor grins as he lowers himself down his face inches away from hers.
-What if I tell you a story from the REAL Titanic?
Y/n looks at Victor her gaze locked onto his playful smirk.
-Get talking Creed.
Y/n answered as he laid next to it her onsetting the tone of the historic tale.
1912, April 9, Tuesday, day before the Titanic set sail I was walking along the pier watching the ship being cleaned and painted to perfection. The day itself was sunny and many people were boarding the Titanic as they loaded the cargo and made room for tomorrow guests. Logan at that time was wandering around the northern border into the colder fronts. While I was searching for my friend Ezra, a broke local that had some powerful connections.
Yeah, some even said in the government... And I needed some help. So I approached him and we immediately started talking. I wanted information and he wanted tickets into the Titanic to escape some goons that were after him. Unfortunately, he got in debt form some casino pals and he was on the run. So I helped like I always do.
I plucked a ticket from a man and gave it to Ezra, a first-class ticket with the loftiest accommodation. In return, he gave me a paper on which was written a number or another person who worked as a typer for morse code. The best of the best every and single information was going through him. Thanking him I walked away and came back tomorrow to see the ship sail away.
-And what about the man? The one with the ticket.
Granted to also see the confused man getting kicked off the ship with no ticket. I watched the ship sail away and as I was walking back home I get a message from the postman handing me a letter in more code. So I called the man Ezra gave me the number. I called him and said the morse code.
-What does it mean?
-Hello? Tom?
-...Stop the ship!
-I can't it has already sailed. What is going on?
-By their travel, they will hit and the iceberg in a matter of hours.
When he said that a boy who carried the newspapers screamed on top of his lungs the 'Titanic crash'.
-Oh my...
Yeah. And the hardest part is that only 2 people knew about it. Tom and me. After the news surfaced Tom and I came to an agreement that we will throw the massage for everyone's sake.
So that people don't grieve all over again. I think once is already enough. But who knows maybe someone dug the note up. So sometimes it's hard for me to watch the movie since I know that one message could save them if I only knew sooner.
-That's quite a story.
Y/n mumbled as she grabbed. Victor's hand softly massaging the rough skin.
-Thank you for sharing it with me.
Victor smiles as he leans down kissing her lips softly. He wanted to tell her the first time they saw Titanic together but he didn't want to sadden the movie for her beautiful soul. She doesn't deserve that. But after all, she is the most important person in his life and she deserves as much honesty as he gets from her.
Hope you liked it.鉂
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killypool-archived3 years ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
鉂 okay, but we did use a kingsleigh psd. i tried, peter.聽鉂
聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽鉂澛 聽wade, no one is gonna know it鈥檚 a promo.聽 鉂 聽 聽
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stardians3 years ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽聽 聽聽 聽SHOWTIME聽 ,聽 A聽 -聽 HOLES聽 .聽 聽漏
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