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#xo- gg

so, as probably all of you know (if not you’re literally living under a rock), the coronavirus is a pandemic. meaning it is global. i live here in the states and so many things have been either cancelled or shut down. i won’t be going to school, as of now, until april 6th when we get back from spring break. however, we will have edays (e-learning!) throughout the week. with all this time i’m going to have on my hands (and you too) i’m going to go insane. however, i’ve decided to compile a list of things that *hopefully* won’t make me go too insane because i’ll be home 24/7. i hope these will help you :)

1. get up. for the past two days, i’ve done literally nothing. i’ve laid in bed reading and watching too many youtube videos to count on my phone. i felt like a potato and it wasn’t great. i didn’t get dressed and it was just rough. today, i feel much better because i actually got up and got dressed. even though i’m homebound, i still put on some clothes (that aren’t my pajamas) and even put my contacts in and put makeup on. i feel so much better and feel like i can actually do something productive with my day and all the time i have on my hands now

2. clean your room. my room was a mess because i just didn’t get up. clean your room and your space. it helps to clear your mind and then you can get to doing what you really need to do. plus, it’s another checkbox you can cross off because you did something!

3. make a to-do list. start a running to-do list of everything, yes everything, you need or should to do in the next week or two (or three gosh). it’ll be hella long but once you have everything written down, i promise you’ll feel much better. it might look overwhelming at first but then start separating those tasks into what you should/want to do today!

4. start a routine. don’t let your daily routine go haywire because you’re in this quarantine. i know it’s tempting to go to bed at like midnight every night and sleep in but try to form a new routine or get back into your old one. it’ll make life so much better and easier

5. get some sleep!!! this is a perfect opportunity to catch up on your sleep. if you do end up sleeping in, don’t sweat it too much, it’s what your body needs. 

6. set deadlines for yourself. if you know that you can put something off for a while, you most likely will. however, try to set a couple deadlines for yourself so you’re on track and won’t have to rush to do everything at the last minute. if you don’t make your personal deadline, it’s not the end of the world, but try to get it done nonetheless

7. for the love of god, please don’t spend your entire day on social media. this put me in such a crappy mood. don’t do it. it’s not good for your mental health. i also found that i started to get a headache. 

8. pick up a book! go reread your favorite childhood book, pick up a new one you’ve been dying to read, or anything else!!

9. start a game. i started back up again the hogwarts mystery game (yes i’m lame but it’s fun ok) and it’s just something for me to do. it’s a little break in the day! but don’t get sucked into it! use it as a break or a reward.

10. try to eat healthily. orrrrrrrrr raid the back of your pantry to see what goodies you have! try to eat more balanced! you have all this time so you may as well try! or you can try and see what mixes you have such as cake, muffins, or pancakes. my dad and i found a crepe mix this morning so you KNOW we had crepes for breakfast.

i’m going to stop there! if there are more you want to see, don’t hesitate to reach out because i’m sure i could come up with some more! also, my asks are open if any of you want to chat!! i’ll try to be more active on here since i’ll have more time :)

xo- gg

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