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I’m so sorry nonny :(( I get so bummed about all my cancelled/postponed plans too but I’m just trying to focus on looking forward to them when they do happen and thinking they’ll be that much better!! sending you love, I hope you have happiness soon!!

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because i’m a garbage person who has written like maybe 5 things,  i’m going to reward myself with friendship.  THIS IS A MAINS CALL!  i will have a total of  three mains for a given character.  this does NOT mean i will only write with those 3 versions.  those are just going to be my go to people.

 if you are interested in being mains,  give this post a  LIKE!


  • aang :  @ airvatar.
  • korra :  @ bendeir
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Bro, just be thankful Lewis Hamilton called out on the f1 industry’s silence. Just be thankful that after the call out a lot of drivers reacted and took the best action they considered. They could have easily kept ignoring it, at least they are talking now, and you have a lot of influential famous white people in the industry talking about it and taking a stance. Who cares if it took a call out post to do it, personally, I believe it’s better than nothing at all. Please stop being all “oh so now you’re all talking” because THEY ARE TALKING and that’s the important part. Stop looking for every little thing that could maybe be problematic, and just be glad that, even if it’s the bare minimum, these (probably uneducated on the issue) drivers got called out on their inaction, realized their mistake and the influence they could have, and took to social media to break the silence. Even if you believe that they have no genuine good intention and they are just doing it to seem “woke”, that is what you believe, but you cannot possibly know the amount of people that these messages are getting across to, and I think the important part is to at least create awareness, so that these things don’t keep happening and going unnoticed. Today, everybody is talking about the BLM and how fucked up America is, as it should be. And every single person that has at least made one post or retweet/blog/post has made an impact in one person at the minimum. I truly believe that even a small gesture of empathy and support is better than complete silence and apathy, but that’s my opinion.

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a lot of people tagged me in stuff this week that I wasn’t able to get to, but I appreciate you so much and loved what you guys shared!🥰🌈🥰🌈🥰🌈

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Talking to people I don’t speak with anymore….

So, I’m finally following your advice… I’m being persistent and pushing myself. I hope you’re still doing this for yourself. I’ve always thought we could have been a good couple. I liked everything about you, remember. When I struggled you made me smile, and when you struggled I wanted to help you. Even if all I could do was to listen. I really miss you Dylan. I hope you have found true joy and happiness. I hope you’ve found love.

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“Xerox that meme for me and bring it here.

Oh, how I yearn to learn this fresh canard!

X-ray my mind, and thou shalt find quite clear

One thing is true: to counsel is not hard.

Go forth, and ask me any thing at all,

Or else fly hence. Examples, damsel dunce?

Suppose thou hearest thirst’s incessant call.

Sip water, lady! Slake thyself at once!

I’ll riddle thee another. Hunger strikes?

Perhaps it’s time to leave the house once more.

Gloves are essential, lassie! No one likes

Infection knocking on their bedroom door.”

“Really, speak clear! What means all this, thou churl?”

“Listen, I’ll tell thee troth: acrostic, girl!”

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i want to swim in a pool under the stars, with the water illuminated electric blue, soft breeze, shining moon. preferably with someone who loves me but im not fussy, alone is okay too.

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