bulkhummus · a month ago
on a similar note, i am like, constantly looking disrespectfully at your carlos. yes im a lesbian yes i’d let him hit it yes we exist. its the hair but its ALSO the tummy.
Tumblr media
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theinternetisfulloftrash · a month ago
Collision Course Coachella
Pairing: Dylan O'Brien x Reader (Female) Synopsis: The last person you expect to see dancing his way around the Coachella venue right in front of you is Dylan O'Brien, but sometimes the universe just puts you in the right place at the right time. Tags: Coachella, Dancing, Semi-Public Sex, Slow-Burn, Protected and Unprotected sex (this is fantasy...be safe) Rating: Explicit (obviously) Author's Note: You wanted it, I stayed up all night to give it to ya ;) It's juicy, and I've decided to turn it into a limited series due to popular demand! A three-part saga of the weekend the reader and Dylan spend together at Coachella 2022. Index: Day 1 / Day 2 / Day 3
Tumblr media
Day 1: Colliding (Reader POV)
There’s no fucking shot that’s Dylan O’Brien? Not a chance. There’s no way? Holy shit. Holy shit, wait. It is . It fucking is! You couldn’t help the blush that immediately flooded your cheeks when the realization set in entirely. 
He was walking with friends through a concession area when he started dancing to Run the Jewels that was blasting from the Mojave stage nearby, as his friends laughed and recorded him. His shirt was entirely unbuttoned and somehow the fact that it was lazily hanging from his body was more sinful looking than if he’d actually been shirtless. 
You were honestly trying not to stare, but to be fair? He was making a bit of a spectacle of himself, so you felt you were well within your rights as a human to be ogling. You weren’t the only one watching him, but you might have been the only one to recognize him. 
He spun around a final time and laughed, clapping his friend on the back as they headed off toward the cantina and beer barn. 
You smiled to yourself. A celebrity sighting while you were on a bathroom run. What a fun story to tell your friends when you made it back to the Gobi stage. You were checking out TOKiMONSTA before heading to the main stage for the rest of the evening. You looked over your shoulder one last time at Dylan and his group of friends before you headed back to meet up with your own. 
“Where the hell have you been?” your friend yelled at you as she bobbed along to the music when you finally make it back to her. “I thought you just had to pee? Did you get lost?” 
“Relax!” you yelled back, unamused. “I got…distracted,” you said, waving your arms dismissively before you tucked yourself in next to your friend. 
“I’ll text you!” you said, gesturing to your phone. You looked down at the screen and opened your message history with her and typed out a brief synopsis of the events of the last fifteen minutes. You watched her eyes bug out of her head before she looked up at you. 
You pressed your lips together and raised your brows before you nodded. 
“No way! No! Where!?” 
You pointed to your phone and sent another message. It was easier than burning through your voice and yelling over the music.
You: He was just vibing with friends? Over by beer barn. 
Her: We’re going. Now. 
“No!” you yelled at her and then looked back down at your phone.
You: Absolutely fucking not. I’m not gonna be one of those weirdos. He did look fucking hot though. 
Her: I bet. I’m fucking mad. I’ve never been more disappointed in my bladder. 
You: Next time don’t tell me to find it myself. 
She looked up at you and rolled her eyes before she flipped you off. 
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Much love everyone! I hope I don't let anyone down. I know this shit was in high demand. It's 10 AM and I haven't slept, but the Coachella smut now exists in the world. Be a dear and let me know if you liked it (or didn't, honestly). Feedback, that's all I'm askin' for. This thing was a labour of insanity, and your feedback always makes it worth it :) -Trashy xoxox
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imposterogers · 4 months ago
have as many hyperfixations as you want. your daredevil posts are great but i honestly just like your general sense of humor and if i'm here now i might as well ride it out.
now that’s the can do attitude I like to see
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mueritos · 6 months ago
PLSSSS you’re so funny holy SHIT thank you for making me laugh as i scroll through ur blog and don’t pay attention to my boring zoom lecture <3 hope I can climb and conquer the trans mountain one day
LMAOOO im so glad hahaha have a great day friend!! <3
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grasslandgirl · 3 months ago
savcore to hoard the ao3 comment notification emails in ur inbox for six months at a time and then go in and respond to nearly a year’s worth of comments on ur fics all at once 🤪
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pommepommepomme · a month ago
Deniss Vasiljevs gets quized about himself - Fanmeeting in Bellinzona, April 2022
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newyorkgf · 3 months ago
Can we talk about the recent ep. having been anchored on Lexi quoting Rilke which you also had her do in your fic????? I screamed. Obsessed w your fic pls write more fexi im begging - clearly it’s in your veins. Much love
RIGHT it was kinda trippy. i loved it. also im actually writing something rn!! but its this super long overarching au and idk if ill even finish all of it but its so so fun and i might post chap 1 of it this weekend :))
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reidsacademia · 5 months ago
iris ;)
i have only known one (1) iris in my lifetime and they happen to be the sweetest ever and i appreciate every single time i get to talk to them ;D
send me names anonymously and I’ll share my personal experience with the person with that name
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uponthebeechencliff · 5 months ago
Black Friday - do you like going Black Friday shopping?
Nog - what’s your opinion on egg nog?
Scarf - you like wearing scarves, if so do you have a favorite?
Dance - what’s your favorite winter or Christmas song?
Loved - no question, just remember that you’re loved!💛💛💕
Black Friday - do you like going Black Friday shopping? Never been! If it's as crowded as they say, I wouldn't like it one bit! Even pre-pandemic, I couldn't tell you the last time I went shopping. I need to go shopping again soon, tho, because I need to get new shorts, particularly shorter lounge shorts; all the ones I have are too long, hitting the knee, and, I've lately realized, keep me much warmer than I need to be made in summer.
Nog - what’s your opinion on egg nog? I adore eggnog with all my hort. It used to be /the/ food that signaled the start especially of the holiday season for me. My tolerance for sweet things has plummeted this year, so I have to be careful about when and how and how much I drink of the ambrosial nectar now, and that sense of caution (and sometimes poorliness afterwards) takes some of the fun out :( I always add nutmeg and allspice and cloves and ginger and cinnamon on top of my mug when I drink it - oh, the aroma, the taste! Nothing quite like it.
Scarf - you like wearing scarves, if so do you have a favorite? I don't like it anymore than dislike it, they're just something I wear when I feel the cold. They’re nice in that they're quite cosy and warming! have a houndstooth one that I like (because I like houndstooth) and a knitted one a friend made/finished for me that is a special fave.
Dance - what’s your favorite winter or Christmas song? See my other answers for the list of top songs! I gave quite a collection, with links! I would add to that list, of course the givens, O Come O Come Emmanuel and Once in Royal David's City.
Loved - no question, just remember that you’re loved! And to you, too, mon Whirli
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toocabaret · a year ago
I love sonia and gundham but idk about dr fics can someone pls recommend some of this ship thank u xxx
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clare-with-no-i · 6 months ago
hi! my ask is related to your challenge.
i won't be able to fill the prompts for the challenge (even though i really want to) because of rl problems and busy schedules so i want to ask two things:
a. is it ok to send the fic after november and b. are you going to do another challenge?
thanks and sending all the love to you <3
it is of COURSE ok to send them later! the november part is really only to do with when I send the prompts out - not at all a deadline!
and I haven’t thought about doing another challenge, but I certainly would be open to it in the future!
I’m sending you relaxing and healing vibes, hoping real life problems calm down and your busy schedule abates a bit! thank you so much for wanting to do the prompts - can’t wait to read what you write!
sending love right back xxxx
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bulkhummus · 4 months ago
im begging you pls elaborate on huntokaur//cecil connection 👁👁
i approach the mic, i tap it twice, and i clear my throat. i take a big breath and whisper: i think huntokar is cecils mother, and lee marvin is cecils dad
i pic the mic up and drop it to the floor and exit
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golduck-animorph · 6 months ago
Me: I swear at God, this is too much...
Some random person: Isn't it "I swear *to* God?
--- 8 HOURS LATER ---
It is midnight. I stand on top of a hill. Looking to the sky, I scream:
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prehistoricmancunt · a year ago
Tumblr media
POV you’re the inside of my car I’m trying to avoid being in bc I don’t want to die of heat stroke quite yet
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kampflesben · 10 months ago
"Stop being gay for one second, I'm trying to talk about Star Wars"
- Joan" @music-for-18-catgirls ", 2021
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grasslandgirl · 3 months ago
emily!!!! literally ur fics are ALWAYS an utter delight to read and i love seeing you on my dash 💛 you're such a talented author and there is something so rich and compelling about every story of yours i've ever read that makes me immediately want to turn around and reread it!! also, it's crazy how it took me so long to realize how many friends and mutuals we have in common dkjndkbjdg i hope you had a great valentines and a wonderful day today <3 mwahhh
mutuals send me a 💌 and i'll share something i love about you <3
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protectporsche · 11 months ago
Hi Alexa! Sam here. I agree with you 100% lmao. But it was a request for teh oh aew + that specific song title aigshdjkskah so I had to 🤭💖💖💖
RJKFDHGDH SAM MY LOVE pls i wasnt trying to roast u or whoever requested that hahahdfjhkjd 😭😂💖💖💖
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thewizardofrp · a year ago
Tumblr media
“It’d be an awfully empty galaxy, without you.” - Mass Effect
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britneyshakespeare · a year ago
Tumblr media
Me coming to get my May 19th kisses
( o ) ( o )
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flustersluts · a year ago
just came back from a run & i am sweaty and sleepy & it's a shame i don't have anyone to drag into the shower with me n kiss:///
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