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Holidays with Thorin's Co. // The Fellowship (Headcanons)
Happy Thanksgiving everyone!! This post is to show how grateful I am for my now 200 followers!! <3
It's insane to think how far I've come in less than a year!!
This list of headcanons was also made in hopes to comfort those that don't have the Holidays to spend with friends or family, because I promise there are :( The Company (slightly featuring the fellowship) is proud and more than delighted to be your family this year <3
(I made these as long and as gender neutral as I could, just so you all can savor the holidays for as long as possible 😊)
Happy Holidays My Lovelies! 💜💜
⚜ Happy Holidays ⚜
Tumblr media
Your Holidays are very different and foreign to theirs, so it's up to you to introduce it to them 💜
And as Dwarves (and a hobbit) you know they have no problem throwing a great party full of food
It was decided (by Gandalf no less) to hold it in Bag End, since that where your first-ever meeting was, to begin with
And everyone was more than eager to listen to ideas and instructions to make this new holiday just perfect 🥰
Bag End smells of cinnamon and ale, wine and vanilla, and just a hint of the smoke floating from the fireplace
Bilbo, of course, you entrusted with the significant task of preparing most of the meals 🥰
with the helping hands of Ori, Bombur, and a low and behold, incredibly confused Thorin, trying his absolute hardest to be of his loves assistance 💜
*Thorin confusedly smacking the dough on its plate*
Bilbo - "oHnonoNO, Thorin, dear, that's not how you knead it! 😅"
Dori freaking the HELL out about the fancy napkins, and constantly chiding his younger brother for his blasted thievery
"Nori! Bless the Valar, get your filthy hands off of that cutlery!"
Dwarves scuttling in and out of the pantry to move food into the dining hall (and grab a few pre-meal snacks 😉)
Gandalf is wondering about Bag End, puffing his pipe and observing the merry gathering with a gentle smile
Any unlit candle that he sees, he lights with his fingers to pass the time 🕯️
And in the living room, Bofur is sitting near the hearth of Bag End's fireplace, and telling great tales of The Reclamation of Erebor to a teeny-tiny Frodo Baggins and Samwise Gamgee, eyes aglow with wonder and sitting cross-legged as they stare in wonder at his exaggerated movements and gestures 🥰
The two young halflings couldn't be more ecstatic about these great adventures, and the way their "Great Uncle Bofur" puffs on his pipe and whispers dramatically with the descriptions of Smaug the terrible
Just down the hall, Gloin and Fìli jest about his younger brothers unabashed staring at Tauriel, as she gently warms up to some of the other kind-hearted company gathered in the Hobbit Hole 🥴
Little Gimli stomping around with his wooden spear and being chased by a very energetic young Merry and Pippin
In the sitting room where Bofur continues his story, you've claimed a space with Dìs in the corner, both decorating a Fir tree that Bifur had dragged down from the mountains himself, with some makeshift ornaments contributed by the group 😊
They include...
A little wooden bear carved graciously by Bofur
Some painted leaves, crafted and garnished by Bilbo
A fine garland of precious jewels that Thorin was happy to contribute from his sacred treasure room 🥰
Some glorious stone trinkets shipped from the great city of Dale
A raven, emerald and gold, that took Dwalin months to create
A chess piece Nori had managed to snatch from Beorn's Barn years ago
Flower crowns, from Tauriel, a token of her welcoming to the family 🥺
A tiny little dagger that Fìli smithed just for the tree
And on the top, a star that Elrond gifted you with, a crystalline, glass shape that glinted acutely from the glow of a nearby fireplace
Dìs had practically taken you in as family since your first introductions, and she was more than happy to help with your tree
It was a sight to be marveled at, to say the least, earning gasps of astonishment as races all alike passes through the shared space
Pats on the back and compliments from all around the house
Balin assisting you with some of the trim, because he IS #2 GRANDPA (along with Gandalf ofc 😌)
Gandalf scolding Merry and Pippin for bumping into him as he tries to shuffle past him through a doorway
"Those two... They'll be trouble someday, im sure of it... 🙄"
After having previously explained the purpose of mistletoe, Kìli feels the need to drag Tauriel under every one that hangs in a round doorway, that sappy little dwarf 🥰
Snow in the Shire is exceptionally rare
So it was safe to say that shouts of excitement were heard from the small hobbits and little Gimli as they watched flakes flutter down from the sky
They all begged to go outside
Except for little Samwise, he asked very politely 😌
So, the dwarves and Bilbo agreed, layering up some of their massive, warm clothing so that the children were all stomping about with fluffy woolen layers
*Frodo bumping into the door, because Bofur's giant hat entirely covers his tiny head 🥰*
It's not much snow, but enough to stick to the ground and have the little ones squealing in excitement for a while
"Come on Auntie/Uncle Y/N!!"
Pippin and Merry trying to drag you out into the snow with them
You happily oblige of course, you wouldn't want to miss the hobbits first snow ☺
Kìli, Fìli, and Ori, join the four of you outside, already accustomed to the chilly weather (since they live in the mountains, this weather was hardly cold to them 💜)
And of course, what better way to teach the young ones about the wonders of snow than Kìli chucking a poor excuse of a snowball at your face
He's started a war that he won't finish
You are a GOD at throwing snowballs, Little known fact
And once you have all of the children fighting for your vengeance, there's no winning for the poor dwarrow
Small Gimli - "We'll avenge you, Lady//Sir Y/N!! Attack the filthy Orc! 😠"
Kìli - "😰"
Immediately, Kìli is pelted with hundreds of snowballs, and His elder brother reeling in the snow with Ori as he helplessly begs for assistance 😂
After a while, the halflings start to get a bit cold, and supper is ready, you all decide to head inside
Dinner was... excitable to say the least 😅
Bilbo having flashbacks of their first unexpected meeting in this very place...
Food is passed around, loud voices shouting and it all seems a bit overwhelming for Tauriel 😅
Shouts of merriment, drinking ale, singing
Food is being thrown, belching ensues
*Confused, slightly terrified Tauriel*
*Merry and Pippin having the best night of their lives-*
All the storytelling you could ever ask for 😌💜
The dwarves helping entertain the kids with their impressive cleanup and singing skills, that still makes Bilbo anxious
After supper, tired little Frodo and Sam crawling up into Auntie// Uncle Y/N's lap, full-bellied hobbits yawning and stretching with smiles on their faces ☺
Gimli and the cousins are still a bit rowdy afterward, and Gloin chases the three around to coax them from their energy high 😂
"Git back here, ya wee rascals!"
*Adorable squealing and laughing as they hide behind Auntie Dìs* 🥺
Eventually, the children settle down a bit, and everyone (who could fit) has gathered in the Living room are laughing with ale and wine and tea, sharing embarrassing stories from their childhood, and the great quest a few years prior 💜
Fìli - "I do NOT scream like a bloody woman! My voice just slipped, I swear!"
A very affluent feeling Thorin playing his harp for everyone in the living room
*Bilbo smiling like an idiot 🥴*
Eventually, you need to refill your ale, so Thorin hesitantly offers to take Frodo, and Tauriel, Sam
Little do you know, the two hobbit cousins seem to be planning something as you get up 👀
A little Pippin pulls on your sleeve asking for help with something as you stand in the kitchen and drags you down along the hallway as best as he can 🥺
And through the next doorway appears Merry, tugging a very confused Fìli right along with him
They seem to be headed towards each other...
To an empty doorway...
Where a mistletoe hangs 💜
*nervous sweating* 😳
Somehow, these what... 20 lb? Hobbit children shove the both of you into each other under this blessed greenery
"Come on then Uncle Fìli, give them a kiss!" *kissy faces* 😇
"Its only fair! They saved you from the dreaded Azog!" *attempted eyebrow wiggle* 😏
Fìli is clearly flustered, but you're sure it's not as bad as you since he's playing off his blush with a raised brow as he stares up
The cousins shove you even closer together, chests pressed together and eyes wide open...
Finally, with a shrug, Fìli lifts himself up on his toes and places a chaste kiss against your lips 💜
Kìli, from the other room -"AYE! AMAD, THEY'RE SNOGGING!" 😂
Both very flustered, the two of you join everyone back in the sitting room, a Hobbit in each pair of arms 🥰
You lean against the doorway, Pippin snuggled into your side, and Fìli takes a seat next to his brother
Thorin continues to play his harp, but not without a pointed look towards his blonde nephew
Frodo and Sam are in a deep sleep, curled up against each other on Gandalf's lap as he sits in an undersized armchair 💜
Ori sits in the corner, next to his older brothers, and nose shoved in his sketchbook, occasionally peering up at the be magnificent fir tree that you'd trimmed 😊
Bifur explains to Dìs the art of hunting rabbits in khuzdul, as she responds just as ecstatically
And a cheeky looking grin from Fìli, across the room 🥴
Looking around this space, filled with kind faces, warm laughter, and complete adoration
You just know
All you need is right here in front of you
And you couldn't ask for anything more <3
Happy Holidays
People who might enjoy :) -
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Ty :)
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guacamoleroll · 23 hours ago
𝐉𝐮𝐛𝐢𝐥𝐚𝐭𝐢𝐨𝐧 𝐢𝐧 𝐃𝐞𝐯𝐨𝐭𝐢𝐨𝐧 | 𝐕𝐞𝐧𝐭𝐢
Tumblr media
Pairing: Venti x Reader Fandom: Genshin Impact Word Count: 3,800+ Trigger Warning(s): Worship Kink, General NSFW, Dom!Venti, Not Edited (Yeehaw!)
Tumblr media
It hadn’t been the best week, feeling as if you hadn’t worked to your truest potential as you compared yourself to those around you. You wander off towards the beautiful ruins of the Decarabian’s tower, which was now empty due to the absence of Dvalin. In the midst of your thought, the Wind Archon hears the cries of internal resentment and is determined to show you that you are more than worthy as the title of the bride of an ancient God.
“When you are around, I am no God - but instead the humble servant of the heart to an enrapturing angel.”
Tumblr media
It seemed strange, wandering the vast open meadow underneath the heightened gaze of Stormterror's Tower. Fireflies scattered over the warm-hued grass, their lights flickering and buzzing like the thoughts in your mind as you maundered. It was lucky that you hadn’t come across any monsters in your fogged state, but the world seemed to believe you had enough company for the day. How you longed for the sight of another longing for your presence.
The voluminous life of a Mondstadtian citizen seemed to have finally overwhelmed you, the expectations of each of its’ residents clogging your throat. You had happily accepted their small to large requests in the past, but couldn’t help noticing a pattern as of late. The original pleas to assist them with monsters in their paths or troublesome thieves had slowly drifted into mindless fetch-quests. Some didn’t even seem to look at you, pushing their request into your hands with blind knowledge that you would take care of everything.
You should’ve been grateful that life wasn’t so harsh anymore, that your previous efforts of improving the city had taken shape beautifully. Something itched though, crossing your mind as you were stuck with yourself for the entirety of days and weeks, the quests still staking up despite the needless nature of them. Was it too much of a hassle to spare a few moments and chat, like normal human beings?
You didn’t want to admit it, but it hurt to have not conversed with anyone these pasts few weeks. Those who tried were deterred by how busy you seemed to be, although those pleasants chats were something your aching heart desperately longed for. It really hurt.
To make matters worse, you hadn’t seen your wind-borne bard within the past handful of weeks. Only small glances to make sure he was okay as he played songs and spun stories in the plaza, your eyes never meeting one another. You missed him dearly, but his time was occupied by such trivial matters that floated and changed like the direction of the wind. You missed him.
These thoughts led you to a familiar place - one of the upper levels of Decarabian’s Tower. It was resting in silence, much to your everlasting chagrin. Another presence would’ve been welcomed, but you’d never burden someone to look at you when you weren’t at your best. They didn’t deserve that. 
Despite the history behind such an architectural masterpiece, you and your lover often found yourselves spending much time here.  The area was marked with piles of makeshift blankets and cushions that had grown in quantity over the times spent lying underneath the stars. You both would sneak there, careful not to disturb those deep at rest in their houses as the light patter-falls of your shoes clicked against the aged-stone of the city. The wind would always blow heavily, a comforting pressure as it cupped your cheeks in a familiar embrace. The view from the tower was the best part, with its gaze locked upon the entire city beyond its borders. It was perfect.
Dvalin wasn’t there - which wasn’t surprising, but even his company would’ve been acceptable. Accepting defeat, you wandered toward the ledge of the uppermost levels, legs dangling dangerously over the edge as they swang in the breeze. In the discordance of ruminations, it traversed to a thought that had your chest tied into knots, something you didn’t even want to begin unpacking.
Would someone catch me if I fell?
In months past, this would’ve been an easy question to answer. You had so many friends that were delighted to have you around, not to mention your lover. They would be so distraught if anything had ever happened to you, but now you weren’t so sure. You choked back a sob as salty tears slipped into your mouth, but you wiped them away as quickly as they came. The green monster of disgust shielded your reflection from the open-night sky, shaking its head in disappointment.
No one wants to see that. 
You shuddered from the feeling of a front coming in, although the sky remained without a cloud in sight. Lips unlocked their stoic stature, curling downward into a frown as you knew that you truly were alone. It was disgusting, but you could let every selfish thought out of your mouth. You curled in on yourself, arms wrapping yourself in the only hug you deserved as the judgemental rays of setting day gazed upon the mortal below the sky. Maybe the archons were looking down with discontent at your pitiful form, and you couldn’t blame them.
“I knew I’d find you here.”
The quiet voice seemed to echo throughout the room, and it didn’t take a genius to know who it was. You didn’t even look behind, the image of eyes staring with judgment at your shaking figure too hard to bear. It was idiotic to come to one of your common hangout spots, but the comfort that the building gave you had led your feet to mindlessly sit here. You hadn’t expected him to appear; it had been weeks since either of you had talked, weeks since you had ascended the cobblestone staircase of the windy spiral.
“Hello, Venti,” you responded dully.
The soles of his shoes tapped against the hollow stone flooring, the sound being amplified by the ginormous room. His impending approach was further exaggerated as it bounced off the walls, much to your irritation and fear. Your face became buried in-between your knees, only letting a sliver of your eyes peek out at the tip of the sun peeking over the horizon.
“You know it’s dangerous to be sitting out here alone.” 
You chuckled humourlessly. “No need to scold me. I know.”
The bard pouted. Your dismissive attitude was strange, especially in comparison to your normal vivacious personality. Sassy quips and sarcastic commentary would’ve regularly fallen from your lips in a comedic fashion, but there was none of that now. Your charming characteristics had been dulled now - like a fire that was completely snuffed out. 
He placed a hand on your shoulder, taking key notice of the small flinch. “Are you okay?”
“Yeah, I’m just tired,” you mumbled.
With an unconvinced look, he attempted to peek around to have a glimpse of your expression, only to find it snuggling sitting cradled in your arms. He brushed some strands of hair away from your face but was still unable to see anything properly.
“(Name), please look at me.”
You didn’t respond, toying with your fingers as you tried to ignore him. Each thought willed him to leave you here in your sorrow for all time, even though it would break your heart. It was what you deserved - he deserved so much better.
“(Name),” he pushed.
In a desperate attempt to grab your attention after another moment of silence, he pinched some of the sensitive skin on the back of your neck. You instinctively winced, shooting your head up and almost grabbing the guilty hand as you tried to soothe the unforeseen sting. Your eyes became locked with your attacker.
“What the hell, Venti?” you spat with irritation.
A choked gasp left your lips as two soft hands suddenly pressed themselves against your cheeks with solid, nurturing care. The fingers attached to them wiped the large tears that dripped onto your clothes and the floor below. Your stomach churned nauseously, making eye contact with the last person that you ever wanted to see yourself in this state.
“You’ve been crying.”
You smiled dully. “You’re observant.”
The joke almost immediately fell through, causing the sick feeling to increase as your face flushed with embarrassment. You were tempted to turn your entire body around but opted to turn away as he kept staring and wiping away the fallen tears.
“I knew it, you haven’t been feeling well,” he whispered mournfully, his brows furrowed.
It was as if some kind of lightbulb went off, a chemical reaction as someone speaking those words caused part of the sick feeling to disappear. Someone understood what you were going through, that you weren’t some kind of emotionless robot made for serving others. With little courage, your eyes skimmed over to his once more, and what you find made your stomach roll in a good way. His teal irises glimmered with intimate sympathy. 
A muffled sob left your throat without that monster looming overhead, throwing yourself into his welcoming embrace. You could and couldn’t stand him staring at you like that, feeling small yet wanting to feel like that around him at the same time. He always had to ability to make your feel such conflicting emotions, but it was something you wouldn’t change. He held you tight without a moment’s hesitation, carding his long fingers through your hair.
Your heart spoke before your brain could catch up. “I’m sorry - I’m sorry - I’m so, so sorry.”
“Shhh, cecilia. There is nothing for you to be sorry for.” He hushed you with ease, brushing some of the tear-stained strands away from your wet face. It still managed to surprise him how you were able to look so beautiful, even in such a distraught state.
Your arms locked up, suddenly pushing him away. It was then that he finally was able to decipher the emotion behind your conflicted eyes. Unadulterated fear. You were terrified to hold him close and too scared to push him away. He wanted to know why - to crack you open and build you back up with the softest care he could provide. 
“Why did you choose me?”
Each word that left your mouth further expanded upon the complexity of your thoughts and emotions - doubt, fear, worry, self-contempt. He stared for a moment, in awe that such a wonderful person could possibly experience those emotions, but logically he knew it was undeniable. 
“Huh?” he asked dumbly.
You stood up abruptly, moving away from him as your eyes gazed towards the moon, which was starting to rise within the twilight sky. It was here, you understood, where you could share some of your darkest thoughts and insecurities. The moon would hide them away from the light of day, as you hid your hopeless expression away from your neighbors and friends while entering the city. They would never know.
“You deserve someone stronger, smarter, prettier. I don’t understand how you could possibly settle for me.”
The air became silent once more, and you hated it. The silence was overbearing, and you wanted it to stop once and for all. You hated it. You wanted to scream, shout, cry, do something to make it stop. It wouldn’t help, you’d just get the same result - hearing your own voice once again. It wasn’t a true substitute for the company of another soul.
You knew he was going to leave. The words you spoke probably struck a chord within his instrument of a heart, and he’d leave for someone else more in tune with his peculiar spirit. Someone who could remain happy in every situation. Not you.
He deserved so much better than an insecure, mortal woman.
“You are strong.”
Your head perked from its lowered position, not expecting any sort of reply from his resounding voice. It had grown even softer, like someone approaching a scared animal. It wasn’t like how he’d spoken to his adoring fans in Mondstadt hours prior, it was different. 
“You are so intelligent.”
The same footsteps that had thundered so loudly before had taken on a softer tone. Your breath hitched as strong arms wrapped themselves around your waist, burying his nose into your neck as your unwilling bent into him. He took a piece of your hair in between his fingers, twirling it before placing a light kiss on the tip as he let it go to sway in the breeze.
“And your beauty outshines that of any being I’ve ever known.”
His hand cupped yours in his own, feeling each ridge and wrinkle with adoration as they locked perfectly with his own, as if you were the matching piece to his puzzle. With each passing word that left his lips, a chaste kiss would accompany it on your knuckles.
“Those who make you inferior know not of the worth of an archon’s most beloved maiden,” his voice boomed as he moved upward, leaving a kiss on your shoulder that burned pleasantly to the touch. He released your waist, locking fingers with one hand as he bent on one knee, a warm zephyr rushing over both of you as a familiar scene played in your mind.
The day that he had proposed.
The ring on your left hand was proof of it. With stunning indentions on the band of a pattern familiar to her, that of apples and leaves. It had been custom-made by a jeweler in Liyue, and he had apparently been saving Mora for over two years to buy it. You marveled at it often. It was nothing truly extravagant, but it was all you had ever wanted. An eternal promise to love you until your mortal end.
“When you are around, I am no God - but instead the humble servant of the heart to an enrapturing angel,” he confessed as if he were truly the prophet to some beautiful goddess. Not as if he was the one who had the godly powers that frightened the world and had captivated her.
Your heart fluttered like the invisible wings that Venti had seemed to see lining your back, feeling as if you could fly with the way he looked up at you. Pure adoration. The buzzing noise of doubt was still there, but the reinstation of his promise stifled it into silence. The only silence you were thankful for.
Passionate eyes gleamed pack at you, leaving a few more pecks along and around your palm and fingers before he starts to trail up your arm. His hands smoothly slid over the skin, lifting him back up to true height-level as they were eye-to-eye.
“But, perhaps...”
The arm locked around your waist and the hot breath on your face was all that you could focus on. 
“...I must show you in the way of a true devotee.”
His eyes drifted shut as he leaned in, not missing the mark as his lips locked with yours and entangled you in a familiar, loving dance. He had memorized every single part of your body that he could, with your lips being a sinful and secret favorite of his - with their intoxicating ambrosial taste. 
“Oh~ sweet angel.”
Your chest expanded and contracted widely, gasping for air widely between the marking of your lips and the smooth touches tracing along your spine, not paying mind to how he slowly led your feet to rest your body against one of the more sturdy columns of the structure. 
“You should never feel unworthy of my affection.”
The look in his eyes was something that could only be described by the bard’s stories. That of an eternal love unknown to most of mankind. One that had taken centuries of learning and yearning to craft into a perfectly honed feeling. Something that was once in a lifetime.
“It is the least that you deserve.”
“Venti ~ Ahn-!” You moaned faintly as the pressure against your lips increased with each following peck.
He started to growl lowly with each pleasured prayer, your body shaking in his hands as you gave yourself to the passionate embrace. He moved the small hairs away from your neck with a tug, gaining access to the tempting curve that joined your neck and collarbone.
"Continue singing for me, my muse."
He nipped and sucked on your neck, attempting to find the spot that he had abused often in some of the intimate sessions you had previously. A pleasured cry escaped your throat as he found it within moments, him taking it as an indication to dive in like a ravenous animal. He painted your skin violet and blue hues of color that you would have a hard time trying to hide, if you even wanted to. There was no shame in your union.
You grasped onto the back of his cream-colored dress shirt, his long cape forgotten on the floor some ways away as your body was alight with fervent fire, pleasant sparks of warmth sparking against the skin. It truly felt as if you would float away, if not for your lover keeping you glued to the ground with his devoted grip.
Short gasps escaped your lips as his knee moved in between your legs, subtly rubbing up against your most sensitive area. He tugged against your hips, his fingers creating small, indented crescents as you jolted, arms wobbling to keep steady with the sparks of pleasure assuming control of your mind.
“Venti, please,” you begged desperately.
“Lift your hips for me, windblume,” he commanded, and at once you obeyed as you started to fuck yourself on top of his thigh. You ached for more as the sticky sensation increased, moving unconsciously against him as a mischievous smirk grew on his face. He gladly assisted, using his unforeseen strength to bounce you up and down to hit all the right nerves. Every part of him shivered as you glanced back at him, eyes completely glazed over in lust.
You both leaned in as he swallowed your wanton moans of ecstasy. He removed his shirt and other garments with ease, growing impatient as he started to feel the wet sensation against his leg. As you were about to meet the end, he stopped, his hands meeting the buttons of your blouse as you panted against him. He looked down at you, an expression of absolute worship in his eyes as he leaned in to whisper his sinful musings into your ear.
“Please allow me to gaze upon your seraphic form, my divine angel.”
You couldn’t think straight as your face grew even hotter, but subconsciously relented to his plea, fingers moving to slowly unbutton the blouse as more and more skin was uncovered. He gazed with the look of an hungered animal, leering eyes adoringly looking at the soft skin. They crinkled in adoration, mouth moving to suckle bite marks and more colorful bruises against your stomach. 
He left a painting only an artist could decipher in his wake, his teeth and lips turned into the brush as he left no spot untouched. He was in a moment of true worship, and there was no doubt in either of their minds that he meant every touch and every word that had escaped his lips. 
He traced your back, lifting you from under your bum as your legs encased his hips. He moved as swiftly as the winds he commanded, settling you down as carefully as he could against the familiar burrow of pillows. 
His calloused hands rubbed against your legs, thighs, and hips - circling sweet sensations and unspoken words into your skin that only you would understand as his eyes gently gawked at the glowing figure underneath him. He could request hundreds of paintings, thousands of sculptures; they would never capture your true beauty as perfectly as this moment did.
Your hand reached up hesitantly cupping his cheek, and he melted to the warm touch on his cool skin. Your fingers traced each crinkle and beauty mark that adorned his pale skin, like small splatters of paint on a canvas. No matter if they were an accident or not, they added to the piece. Your eyes met with his for a moment, and though there was no need to say it, you did.
“Take me.”
He willingly submitted underneath his goddess’ calm command, undressing your body with tender care - no longer the desperate passion of the prior moments. The only thing that lingered between the two of you were silent promises of love. You liked this silence. It was so inviting, like the blankets lining your bed at home. They filled your heart with this strange tingling sensation that you had felt before. You liked it.
The bard rolled his hips experimentally, a small groan leaving his lips as he felt the true measure of your arousal. His nimble fingers stroked the conjoining point between you both, your legs almost locking his hand inside as you were still sensitive from the lost bliss from earlier.
“Seems you’re excited, huh?” he teased.
You both chuckled, light and unassuming smiles on your faces before you decided to speak with much more softness than you had normally found yourself able to muster. That all changed whenever he was around.
“With you? Always.”
His eyes twinkled with longing veneration, leaning in so that just your noses made contact. The gaze you both held lasted for what felt like a collection of beautiful years, almost as if you were seeing the future come inside his ocean-like eyes. He was seeing the same in yours.
“I love you,” he spoke like a revelation.
The familiar heat returned to your cheeks once again, but it was not out of lust anymore - maybe a bit, but that wasn’t the defining factor. Your heart thundered deep inside of your chest, and you welcomed the beat as it went in sync with his own.
“I love you, too.”
With that, he pushed his full length in you, sinking in as he lowly laughed, nuzzling his face into your shoulder. You both took a moment to breathe, drunk off of the high of connection once more.
“Why do you always feel so good?”
You laughed between low groans of pleasure as he started to circle his hips.
“That’s what you always say.”
He scoffed with a knowing look on his face, before burying himself deeper in, allowing himself to drown in the familiar scent of her natural smell and the aroma of flowers that lingered around them both. Cecilias, which made you fitting for your infamous nickname. He thrust his hips, rolling them just as he had before to hit that perfect spot, to which you quietly cried out.
“Oh~ Venti.”
“Shh, goddess. Just let the feeling wash over you,” he whispered, shushing your racing mind.
Your stomach slowly started to turn into knots - no longer ones of nausea. Your back arched up as he hit the perfect angle, breasts pushing against his chest much to his perverted delight. You chanted his name out, praying to your most devoted follower.
“Venti- Ahn~ I-I gonna cum-!”
“Cum for me, my pretty muse.”
The stars that followed were much prettier than the ones leaking in from the cracks on the ceiling above, glowing brightly as your arms went to tightly wrap around his back. They shined until they incased your vision, overwhelmed by the white sensation of bliss.
His thrusts stuttered a bit as he spilled inside of your sensitive heat, the vibration of his loud moans against the column of your neck causing you to shudder. As he slowly stilled, he turned you over, resting your head on his chest as he covered both of you with one of the small blankets lying around. 
Your eyelashes fluttered for a moment as the soft waves of sleep started to overcome you, tired from such an emotional and physical union. Two delicate kisses were placed on each eyelid as they fully shut.
“Sleep well, Angel.”
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The Baby Factor
Summary: You want a baby, but there are multiple things that can get in the way of a decision like that. The lack of a sperm donor, men, friends, secrets. (This is Part One of a new series so there will be more parts, no need to enquire about it).
Fandom: Marvel (MCU/AU)
Pairings: Bucky Barnes x Female Reader, Eros x Female Reader, mentions of Peggy x Steve x Sharon (and possibly more pairings later in the series!)
Warnings: mentions of sex, talk of having a baby, the word sperm (since sperm donors and stuff duh), blackmail, fake dating, real dating, mentions of secrets, alcohol consumption, brief talk of violence, talk of breakups and long distance relationships, fluff, awkward and cute Bucky (he is a warning!), lady killer Eros, flirting, lying
Word Count: 3316 (I haven’t wrote anything this long in ages)
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
You were in your thirties, and every minute that was gong past meant less time you were able to conceive a child. Sure it was a healthy age, but after this decade of your life was over, the less chance there would be. The entire circumstance was ravenously driving you mad, Tony had offered to give you the money to get inseminated in the sperm bank, however if that was the route that you wanted to go down, then you'd rather have summed up the money yourself, rather than feel indebted for getting pregnant. Only two people knew of your plan - Tony and Nat, and it would stay that way until you finally asked someone the question that you were dying to ask someone. The one thing through your journey so far that you had realised was that you wanted to know the father of your child, see his mindset, his appearance, know about his own history so you could we how each detail of him conjoined into the child's form and made them who they were. It wasn't an easy favour to ask someone however, you still had to dictate your choice which would be unfathomably hard; not everyone wanted a child, or to know they had one, and then there was the endurance of actually getting pregnant which when you were trying was known to be more difficult than some drunken one night stand where you'd end up knocked up nevertheless.
You were in your thirties, and every minute that was gong past meant less time you were able to conceive a child. Sure it was a healthy age, but after this decade of your life was over, the less chance there would be. The entire circumstance was ravenously driving you mad, Tony had offered to give you the money to get inseminated in the sperm bank, however if that was the route that you wanted to go down, then you'd rather have summed up the money yourself, rather than feel indebted for getting pregnant. Only two people knew of your plan - Tony and Nat, and it would stay that way until you finally asked someone the question that you were dying to ask someone. The one thing through your journey so far that you had realised was that you wanted to know the father of your child, see his mindset, his appearance, know about his own history so you could we how each detail of him conjoined into the child's form and made them who they were. It wasn't an easy favour to ask someone however, you still had to dictate your choice which would be unfathomably hard; not everyone wanted a child, or to know they had one, and then there was the endurance of actually getting pregnant which when you were trying was known to be more difficult than some drunken one night stand where you'd end up knocked up nevertheless.
Steve came to accompany you at your side, there was a glass of water in his hand, and he reached out to put it in your own grasp. "You look deep in thought over here kid, thought I'd just check in." He always called you kid, you weren't sure why when you were only a couple years younger than him but you never paid it much attention. After all this time knowing him, it was normal. In college it had just been you, Nat, Steve, Tony, Bruce and Thor, and now the lot of you were all grown up, getting your lives together and starting your futures that would stick with you for the rest of your lives. Some people made no attentive differences in their lifestyles, surviving on minimum wage and cheap beer was how most got by, except for Tony of course, but you had made a significant decision. You knew what you wanted, and though you weren't keen on waiting any longer it was the easiest and most sensible thing that you could do. Taking a sip out of the glass, you were joyous to discover that it was really only water than vodka, both were clear and see through, as was your posture in the corner to your blond friend. Nodding when you finished you gulp, your nails tapped on the glass, creating back ground noise to your overly loud thoughts.
"If Sharon was here she'd scratch your eyes out for so much as talking to me." Ah yes Sharon Carter, his crazy and possessive girlfriend. You'd always preferred Steve with her cousins Peggy, he had met her on a college transfer to England, she had even stayed in Brooklyn for a while but the distance split them apart, and missing each other every second of every day just wasn't fair for them. And then in the midst of their breakup he had spent much time alone until Sharon came into the picture, he could do so much better, but he had fallen under her cynical spell and there was no saving him nor avenging his freedom. Steve laughed lightly and rolled his eyes at your naivety, putting a large and warm hand atop of your shoulder; it was always a lovely sound to hear, it was better than serious Steve that gave lectures i the gymnasium of schools when he filled in for Fury the teacher. "Y/n..." he had you on a hook as you awaited for him to finish speaking, raising your brow. A smile was on his face, one that you hadn't seen in a long time, and it all made sense as he finished speaking. "We broke up. Albeit she was cheating on me with Brock, she's living with him now, that said Sam and Buck are beyond pleased, I'd say they're happier than me. They hated her."
"I think we all did." You laughed simultaneously with him, until the sound of footsteps captured your attention. They were heavy and paced, and as you looked up you had to stop your jaw from dropping, it was the man of the hour, James Buchanan Barnes himself. He smiled shyly at you, there was a glass bottle in his hand, the metal one, and Steve could only pull his friend closer. "What're we talking about?" Bucky asked, and you found confidence in yourself to answer in place of Steve. "Sharon." You stated simply, and instantly a grimace covered his features causing you and Steven Grant Rogers to burst out in laughter again. It wasn't so hard to speak to him, but this was normal conversation, which you could have with any guy. Why was asking someone, whoever your choice may be, to have impregnate you without having to be tied down with a parental role, so hard? Bucky shook his head at you, clicking his tongue lightly before downing the rest of his beer. "Steve do you, um-" Steve surrendered his hands high as he patted his comrade on the shoulder before walking away, leaving the two of you alone.
"Hi." It was now just you and Bucky, he was the first to speak, his teeth gnawing at his bottom lip a little as he adjusted his weight from foot to foot a few times. "Hey." You responded softly in return, a smile stretched along your face as the pair of you openly gazed into the others eyes. There was definitely mutual attraction, you thought. Bucky didn't just stare at any women, in fact he often avoided women due to them having hurt him a lot in the past, sometimes he'd peruse through the bars but he'd never stick to his desire to take anyone home, he was stuck in his old ways of distancing himself by avoiding anything that could so much as scathe his feelings. "I've, um, wanted to speak to you one on one for a while, we haven't really had much chance to get to know each other." At that you could feel your heart racing phonemically in your chest, rattling inside of the cage of your chest, the sound reverberating in your ears like thunder coursing through each individual blood vessel. "Steve said to me that you've been single for a while, and I have too, and so, I was uh wondering if you'd maybe, I don't know, want to go on a date with me?" His fingers scratched at his scruff, exhibiting that he was feeling slightly nervous as he awaited for your answer. You'd have loved to have said yes but given your circumstances it'd have been rather strange, however you couldn't turn him down, his baby blue eyes were practically begging you to agree to go out with him.
"I'd love to." There was so much you wanted to know about him, more than what Steve had told you, or the snarky remarks that Sam would pry him with now and again. A goofy smile wandered onto his lips as he breathed out a large breath, he surrendered to the notion of his nerves fading away. "You can get my number off the group chat, right? I mean so long as you don't put our plans on there otherwise Stark may pay our bill and have a secret army following us. And trust me he would, he's crashed plenty of my dates in the past, and Thor always accompanies him which doesn't exactly make their dream team inconspicuous." He laughed as he scratched the back of his neck; he knew exactly where he was going to take you, Coney Island, he and Steve always went as kids, he loved it there and whilst the option may have not been some perfect dinner date, he was aware that you always liked to occupy yourself with something, he was certain you had a self project in the works right in the moment, and he wouldn't ask what it was in order to respect your privacy, but he could not help but be intrigued by the mystery of your thoughts.
The rest of the night went by without an issue, smoothly. Nat went home with you and you both sat in your room, changed out of your casual dresses into pyjamas that brought a sleepiness to your state of which the alcohol probably didn't help with that. She now thought you were mad, but had made a prime suggestion to which you weren't completely opposed to. "If you want a sperm donor why don't you just ask Barnes?" You weren't overly certain if the redhead was being overly serious or not, but it made you think a lot about that scenario. He was possibly an option, though as you sat in your room mulling over the idea, your roommate Eros without disdain wandered into your private space, causing you to roll your eyes. Your mind swapped from Bucky and the date that the two of you would be going on soon to the red headed narcissist who had no respect for privacy, he was a gentleman like Bucky was, however their perspectives were far different, as were their personalities. The two of you got along most of the time, sometimes things such as his current intrusion was one thing that diverted that however. "Hey pretty girl, I was hoping I could pick your brain with a favour..." Nat raised his brow, she had never met him before, he shot her a wink before returning his attention back to you, taking a couple of steps closer. "I mean if this is a bad time I could always ask you later, but I'm kind of running out of time, so could I pinch you for a second?"
"Anything you want to say you can say in front of my friend, whatever crap it is I'll probably tell her afterwards anyway." Curtly he nodded. You were spouting the truth anyways, she already knew of the unison of time that you'd be spending with Bucky alone, which in foresight was why she had mentioned him being your donor. Though you wouldn't rush into anything, if any man didn't want to, then they didn't have to stick around as a father, that was not their duty. To be a mother would be a lifelong miracle that you wanted now! If any suitor of yours had a problem with you wanting a child, it firstly did not have to be with them, and secondly, they could always find someone else that did not have intentions to get pregnant. Eros took it upon himself via your instructions to continue speaking, after living with him for a few months you'd found him to be quite chatty, he was one that liked conversation. You liked that, it made you feel less lonely within the walls that you lived. "My brother Thanos is coming into town, and I may or may not have said that I have a girlfriend. And I need you to pretend to be said person, please." He was desperate for you to agree to his terms and conditions, though from what he had already spoke Natasha could not hold it in to remark her pure mindset. He took a couple of courageous steps forward, getting a better perspective of the frown that framed your features; you were already reacting better than he had expected though he knew that soon there was the possibility of that changing with the more that he talked.
"Does your entire family have weird names or are you guys aliens or something?" Natasha snorted out of the opposer of courteously, Eros rolled his eyes at your friend, you had enquired about a similar question when the pair of you had first met. He remembered the event in the timeline like yesterday, he was surprised to see such a beautiful specimen in the place that he would be paying to stay in each month as rent was a demand, and he'd be lying if he said he didn't try his luck with you, but you denied all of his trials and errors since you claimed that you wanted to live under normal circumstances with your flatmate rather than sexual ones. And with that said tension between the pair of you remained, though his favourite evenings were spent whilst the pair of you watched television, rom coms on Netflix specifically, where the duet of you and him would be sat on the small couch. Sometimes you fell asleep, with your head resting comfortably one his shoulder, and Eros dared not move a muscle, scared that if he did the solace that he was experiencing for a limited amount of time would end shortly. "And why should I do this roomie? I'm sure you have no problem getting girls, you practically get room service for them each night, so why not use one of them? I'm sure you could settle on rather acceptable payment that you'd enjoy also for them, however I'm not like them, we have very large difference, I'm not interested in you like that." You enquired suitably, crossing your arms to eventuate how unimpressed you really were with the damage that he had already done.
"Because... I may or may not have said that I'm already dating you; the descriptions were rather on point, and I said that we're living together which is not a lie. And I also sent him that video of you being high in our bathroom, so I guess I could say that I won't release that to anyone else?" Was he really blackmailing you right now? It was in a very Eros fashion, it wasn't anything particularly serious at least you wouldn't say so, however you didn't want that video getting out to anyone, your reputation would crumble to decimal pieces - it was private, and caused you to dramatically sigh, again when Natasha decided to pipe up and remind you that she was there also. "Now that I would pay to see." Nat said in reference in the video, her emerald eyes were flickering back and forth between you and your roommate, the chemistry between the pair of you was undeniable. It made her smile to herself, you were so oblivious to the connection, all the redhead wanted was for you to be happy. Though the way to be was for you to have a child rather than take up a lover, and that was okay, she just hoped that you found your solace soon without any more distractions ruining your private schemes.
"Well nobody is going to see it, because I guess I'm going to have to accept your offer Eros, and you better stay true to your word, otherwise we're going to have a rather huge problem here." Your brow quirked up at him, a dimple pronounced smile playing on his cheeks as he nodded at you, staring at you with his green eyes a moment longer, before evacuating your room, allowing you to regain your privacy. He even shut the door, his manners were already uplifting since he had done the reverse to gain your attention. Gulping you ogled at the ground for a second, Nat found a strangeness obliterating your gaze and thus the woman snapped her fingers. "What's really on that video y/n?" She didn't know Eros, in fact it was the first time that she had even seen him in person, occasionally his face would pop up on suggested friends on Facebook, but she'd never in person interacted with the man, and she wasn't sure if she liked him or not. The blackmail was something that she couldn't quite make up an opinion on, she would have to stick around a bit longer if she intended to do that. "There is a video of me getting high in the bathroom, but I know he's not referencing that one... There's another, and I know he wouldn't actually send it to anyone, not even Thanos who doesn't know me, but that's a risk that I can't take." Your chin dropped as you brushed the hair out of your face, your fists clenching tightly by your sides; there were things that Eros knew that others didn't have the privilege to, and if a single soul uncovered your secret, especially Bucky, everything would be ruined. You weren't sure anybody would trust you again.
Even if you divulged the truth to Nat, she would never look at you the same - everything would be a grand mess, you may as well burn the world down and start over, because you'd lose everything. "Then I'll help you, and make this lie believable. I may not know what this thing that you want to hide is, but I'm your best friend, and I will do anything that means that you are protected." All that you could do was pull your old friend into a sensual hug, this was why you appreciated her, she was one of the most loyal people that you'd ever had the chance of knowing. So now you were to go on a date with the Bucky Barnes that was weaving his way around your social circle, and allegedly dating Eros your roommate. Everything was occurring at once, simultaneously making your life more complex than it already was, hence why you wanted a child rather than a partner. It was someone to protect instead of be protected by, because every man or woman that had tried to keep you safe always got hurt, your legacy wasn't to live on through memories, instead it'd have been through a creation of your own, someone that you'd love forever no matter the mistakes that they made in the journey of survival. The world was vastly cruel, yet it was within your every intention to bring some reason to continue living in it to your life. Even the thought of having a child made your heart flutter as though a thousand leaves had been raised off the ground but the autumnal wind, and that was how you knew that was the right path for you to take, all you needed was for someone to help you paint that picture, and you had yet to discover who that person was to be.
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Hug me?
A short imagine for each!
Pairings: Percy, Piper, Leo and Annabeth x reader Request: Hi! Can I request headcanons about Percy, Piper, Leo and Annabeth reacting to reader who instead of asking for hugs spreads their arms and smiles as if asking to be hugged? Gn reader. Fluff. Thank you! Warnings: none!
Tumblr media
Percy had just returned from the showers after climbing the lava wall, and he was ready to collapse. He had just laid down on his bed as a knock disturbed him. He tiredly lifted his head, only to be greeted by the sight of you having opened arms.
Gods he really wanted to just cuddle with you and not lift a finger for the rest of the day.
He waved you over, and when you were just within reach he quickly grabbed your hand and pulled you onto the bed. He laid on his side to look at you and send you a soft, tired smile.
“Love you.” He mumbled and he put his arms around you, pulling you closer.
You approached Piper as she was talking to Leo. Leo had seen you approach from behind Piper, and for some reason he shot her a quick wink before walking away just as you would reach the pair. You quickly tapped Piper on her shoulder and she turned around a bit startled.
“Oh, hey (Y/n), what do you need?” Instead of answering her, you just spread out your arms and smiled at her, your eyes begging her to hug you.
“Oh,” she said quietly as she quickly looked around, before moving into the hug. She pressed a quick kiss on you and broke the hug. You send her a pout, wanting more cuddles from her.
“Let’s go somewhere more private alright?” and she took your hand.
As soon as you even approached Leo in his bunker he looked up with big eyes. “(Y/n)! I’ve missed you so much!’ He said as he put down the invention he was working on. You decided to just stand there with your arms opened, and a smile on your face, hoping Leo would get the hint.
“Aww, do you want cuddles?” he asked slightly laughing at your adorable antics. You nodded silently and he laughed louder. You pouted and put your arms back to your sides, decided it was better to walk away now.
“Oh no you don’t!” Leo quickly caught up to you and hugged your back.
“I love you, (Y/n)” he mumbled as you turned around to hug him properly.
You cleared your throat, trying to catch your girlfriend's attention from her computer screen. “One second, I just need to finish this.” Annabeth said, seemingly reading a document. How dare she think that a document is more important than you. You cleared your throat again, and she turned around, an annoyed expression on her face.
“I said one sec-” then her face softened, “Oh, so that’s what you want?” You stood there with your arms wide and a smile on your face as you nodded.
“C’mon.” she opened her arms too, standing up to hug you softly, “I needed a break anyways.”
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How would yandere Peter Parker react to reader dating someone else and the dude treats reader really well and both of them are in love? Would yandere Peter still try sabotaging the relationship?
content: yandere tendencies/actions, manipulation, sabotage, isolation, manipulation
If he is still feigning being merely a friend, he'll hate it but he will keep himself calm. Despite him wanting your all for him and his eyes alone, he still sees that the guy you're with brings you happiness that he isn't able to give you yet...
That doesn't mean that he won't still try to sabotage things on his end - and a very easy task at that. More and more incidents will happen with the guy you're dating, women showing up to flirt with him and ruining your dates, big thugs trying to rob you both and making nasty jokes at - unfortunately- you to the point that it had you waking up in terror in the middle of the night. You were always so sure that you could feel a pair of eyes watching you and that it was one of those men that had just previously tormented you and that they were waiting to strike at any moment.
The situation had gotten so dire and dangerous that they had even broken your boyfriend's arm when he finally confronted the group to stop with the threat of calling the police. After being discharged from the hospital he had told you that he couldn't put up with the constant fear and danger that followed being with you. He was breaking up for his safety and yours - of course that asshole was talking out of his ass because how is leaving you ALONE while getting stalked and harassed being an action "for your safety"?
You never told any of this to Peter, you didn't want to bother him, after all. But it seems that he is just too good at reading your feelings than your own significant other as he knew right away what was bothering you.
Poor Peter though, not only can he not protect you, but you also refuse to let him try in fear that he will get hurt in your stead and possibly even die at the hands of those sick men who keep coming back to harass you. But worry not, for you were saved today by none other than your friendly neighborhood Spiderman.
He was so kind and caring for your safety that he had even taken a risk at getting stabbed to take you away from the thugs - one of them slicing his arm as he webbed the two of you to safety. You felt so guilty... if it weren't for you deciding to walk alone, Spiderman might not have even had to have gotten hurt in the first place. So the least you can do is treat his injury. Spiderman was so kind and gentle... he reminded you of someone else...
Maybe you should take Peter up on his offer tomorrow? After all, he was your best friend, he only meant well and you treated him so harshly. Even Spiderman had said something similar when asking why you decided to walk alone when someone offered to accompany you. You had to rethink a couple things about yourself - especially how you treat a friend.
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Big and Bad (Arataki Itto)
Kinktober 2021 Day Thirteen: Size
𝙒𝙖𝙣𝙩 𝙩𝙤 𝙧𝙚𝙖𝙙 𝙢𝙤𝙧𝙚? ⇒ 𝙈𝙖𝙨𝙩𝙚𝙧𝙡𝙞𝙨𝙩
𝙟𝙤𝙞𝙣 𝙢𝙮 𝙙𝙞𝙨𝙘𝙤𝙧𝙙 𝙨𝙚𝙧𝙫𝙚𝙧?
Tumblr media
At this point, you’re used to the side eyes people would give you two whenever you were with him.
 To put it simply, he’s big. You’re not. 
He towers over everyone, but it’s especially noticeable when it comes to you. His broad frame swallows you whole, and his large hands surround your own when he holds them. He’s bigger than everyone, but he’s just massive when it comes to you. And you can tell by the look on people’s faces. Everyone’s got questions. 
 Everyone wonders who made the first move. Everyone wonders if he leans down to kiss you or if you stand on your toes. Everyone wonders how the two of you even caught each other’s eyes despite being vastly different. And the few curious minds with led their heads wander with the dirty question that nearly everyone wants to know: what’s sex between the two of you like? How does the big and bad Arataki Itto have sex with someone as tiny and as fragile as you?
 Well, the short is this: it’s good. The long answer? Well, that looks a little more like-
 “Itto!” You’re practically sobbing as he slides his dick inside of you. Even after all this time, you still can’t get used to the stretch. “Itto…”
 He has you on your back, folded in half with your ankles touching your ears as he hovers over top of you. His hands are on both sides of your head, and you hold your thighs up with one hand each. It’s one of his favorite positions to have you- the angle allowing him to reach deep inside of you with ease while he’s face to face with you. It’s hot, it’s intimate, it’s sexy. He just can’t get enough of it. Though it doesn’t change the fact that he’s so big and you’re just so little compared to him. 
 Plus, the thought of you not being able to walk tomorrow is simply golden to him.
 Sex with him requires a lot of foreplay- not that he’s ever complaining. It takes a lot of effort to stretch you out in preparation to take him. Though he mostly sees it as a challenge. Just how much of a mess can he make you before giving actually getting started. He has you cumming on his fingers and tongue at least twice before he even considers giving you his cock. No matter how sweetly you plead for it, it’s always a firm no unless you’re wetter than a river down there. But don’t worry- he’ll get you there. 
 He always gets you there. 
 “I-Itto…” You whimper out his name again. Your chest is heaving, tears pricking at your eyes as the head is finally fully sheathed inside of you. It doesn’t matter how many times you do it, it’s like he gets thicker and thicker each time. It’s a tight fit, and you can’t do anything but lay on your back and look up at him as he takes control. “Big…”
 “Shhh, shhh, Itto’s got ya’” He’s quick to hush you, taking it slow just so he won’t hurt you. His hips move at a snail’s pace, barely sinking into you just so you can get used to his dick, little by little, just like every time. He’s just so long and so thick. He’s way bigger than average, but that doesn’t stop either of you from wanting each other. If he wasn’t this gentle with you at the beginning of every session, he swears he’ll end up breaking you. And as much as he wants that, he wants you to be safe too. “I got ya’. Don’t worry ‘bout a thing. Itto gonna take care of it, okay?”
 “Okay, okay” You slur out as you nod your head. You’re breathing in shallowly at the discomfort you’re facing, trying to focus on his voice, his warmth, and trying not to tense. Sure enough, he’s right. He’s always been good at taking care of you. That’s why he just likes having you lay back on your back. All you have to do is stay still, stay pretty, and be a hole for him fuck. It’s easier that way. You like it that way.
 When your breathing is quiet, and your hips start to shift needily, he takes the chance to slide more of himself inside of you. Just a little faster than what he was doing originally. He knows his size. He knows he’s big. That’s why he watches you intently, looking for any visual and vocal cues of your discomfort. Too violent of a wince or too pained of a whimper, he stops. He lets you catch your breath and adjust to the current amount inside of you. And when you give him the go-ahead, then he goes back to helping himself. 
 Your mind is mostly stuck on the sight in front of you. At your angle, the allowing thing allowed in your vision is Itto and your stomach. Though there’s something fascinating about watching an outline of your boyfriend’s cock become more and more prominent on your stomach as he fills you up even more. 
 It’s a slow, agonizing process, but eventually, he finally settles as deep as he can go. The two of you breathe a sigh of relief at the same time, though you’re more noticeably more messed up than he is. You’re still too small to take every single last inch of him, but the loving and adoring face he gives you as you blink up at him makes you forget all your worries. One hand is placed on your stomach- fingers spread and his palm right where the head of his cock is. 
 “There we go,” Itto murmurs, messy white hair framing his face. A frown is on his face- his self-control being tested. It’s getting increasingly hard not to snap his hips and pound into you. You’re far too fragile at this point- too much could overwhelm you. But that dumb look on your cute face as your wet, warm cut grips onto his pulsating cock in all the right ways. You’re dick drunk, and the two of you just got started. You’re dick drunk, and you probably don’t even know it yet. “There we go.”
 Heh, cute. 
 “Itto?” You mewl out, a tiny pout of your lips. You jerk your hips- just a little. It’s the tiniest movement, but he can just tell you tried to fuck yourself on his dick. The thought makes him draw in a sharp breath and count to ten in his head, just trying to keep his composure before he messes you up for real. “You can move now, okay?”
 At your words, he has to fight to keep a triumph smirk from flashing across his lips. He fails miserably, but that’s okay with him. Because he can hear your cute giggle at his struggle devolve into a loud moan as he experimentally rolls his hips to shut up you. It’s a win-win for everyone. 
 “That good, baby?” He asks, his half-lidded eyes staring in your barely open ones. He gives another roll of his hips, nice and slow just for you to enjoy. Your eyebrows furrow as your mouth falls open in a permanent ‘O’. The look on your face is so innocent and so confused- it’s as if you just can’t understand what you’re feeling and why it feels so good. “...or do you want some more?”
  “Umm,” You began, eyes flickering to your tummy bulge before falling back onto him. If only you knew what you did to him. “More, please.”
 This time, his smile was shameless as he shifted his weight and snapped his hips into yours. You were too distracted by the growing view of his sharp, bright white canines that it actually caught you off guard as he really began to fuck you. You gasp at every stroke, voice light and breathless as his thick cock presses up against your insides in all the right ways.
 When he fucks, it never starts off fast. It’s slow, and it’s deep. It’s romantic and passionate. It’s well-timed strokes that have him pulling almost all of the way out before slamming back inside of you. And it’s all to stretch you on his cock. Just to shape your insides to best take him so he can best take you. And the ability to hear your voice before you lose because he made you scream too much isn’t half bad too. 
 Things always start to heat up when you feel the beginning of an orgasm. Your hips start moving around again, and your body starts to chase after him after he pulls out. You’re needy. You’re whiny, you’re desperate, and you’re needy. You’ve always been needy, but now that you got a taste of him and his thick, hard cock, you just can’t seem to be satisfied. Unless he gives it all to you. And you know he will. Because he wants you just as much as you want him. But sometimes, it helps to give him a little push. 
 After all, you know what you’re doing when your hands reach up and bury themselves in his hair because you just “need something to hold.” And you really know what you’re doing when your hands start to hold on to his horns “for stability.” And he does too. But it’s okay. Someone as small and as delicate as you can get a little punishment from him. You want him to be big, bad Itto? You’ll get big, bad Itto. 
 You’ll get big, bad Itto all night long.
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squidgameheadcanons · 2 months ago
omg can you please write about that one triangle guard who caught the girls in the stall and got all shy. You don’t have to write any smut but what if the reader was in the scene with them too but was more flirty. Like it’s obvious they wanna fuck but they obviously can’t, the sexual tension is palpable. You don’t have to write it obviously if you’re uncomfy, i just know u do light smut and not anything heavy so i think it fits.
I know he is packin also the guy who played him his insta is @keonbong2 also sorry if it’s too short if I do end up doing full smut I’ll tell ya’ll cus I’m fuckin terrible at it 😭
Includes: light(?) smut, mask kink, fem!reader and my shitty writing 😗✌️
Tumblr media
As the crazy toilet lady kept moaning in ‘pain’ to keep a distraction you were getting changed to clean blood off you body because you refuse to be filthy meanwhile 067 was inside the vents looking for clue on the next game as you were cleaning yourself in the toilet the Crazy lady quickly ran in as 067 came down from the vents quickly screwing the bolts on as the guard outside barged in through the bathroom door You then realised.
Your still in your bra and panties as the two girls are still yelling at each other you listen to the guards footsteps time seems to got into slow motion as the guard yanks the door open the two girls look at you and then to the guard, he seems to do a double take, you could tell he’s blushing madly at the sight of all three of you mostly at you due to your lack of clothes you look down at what seem to be a LARGE bulge as the crazy toilet lady seems to start to yell at the guy saying that it’s sexual harassment as the girls go out back to the sleeping quarters you and the guard seem to be the only ones there ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°).
The triangular faced guard turns back to you, who is in the middle of putting her pants up, they grab you and pin you against the wall putting his gun on the floor and undoing the top of his jumpsuit(?) Although keeping the mask on the guy has great abs (insert CupcakKe moan) he turns around to take his mask off keeping it above his mouth but below his eyes he nods his head and you do the same consenting (consent is key bitches) As he cups your face slowly going for the kiss a couple minutes pass as you and the guard have a steamy make out session.
The crazy toilet lady must have noticed you and the guard missing as you both hear her yelling your name. This seems to break the kiss as you both get dressed as you run out of the stall the guard catches your wrist and places another kiss on your lips you run to the woman who was shouting your name as you both return to the sleeping quarters.
Tumblr media
Probably the most detailed writing that involves kissing I’ve ever written any way if you have any request you wish to send you can either message me or request it through the blog. I’m gonna go knock myself out anyways stay tuned for more!
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s1mpcity · 2 months ago
being blunt [dreamteam x reader NSFW]
Tumblr media
summary; being blunt about sex with the dream team
pronouns; you/your/yours
warnings; heavy nsfw, implied sexual content
notes; haven’t done nsfw in a while, enjoy! ;)
mentioned: dream, georgenotfound, sapnap 
dream; “wanna fuck?”
he had just ended a stream, and you were horny out of your MIND
so, ofc, the second he was finished you walked to his room
he opened it as you went to grab the handle, almost coming to smack his dick
he moved quickly, letting out a loud wheeze
you also giggled a bit before remembering what you came here for
“wanna fuck?”
his eyebrows quirked, and he licked his lips a bit
“when is the answer no?”
have fun sleeping! oh wait, you won’t
georgenotfound; “fuck me, please.”
he had been out all weekend with tommy and will, filming various things for tommy’s vlog channel
so, having slight attachment issues to him (and his dick), you needed him
he came back after a weekend of fun, only to see you on your knees behind the door
his dick was already alert, having missed you too
he sent you a small smirk, putting his backpack down on the couch before coming to stand in front of you, stroking the side of your face
“georgie, fuck me, please”
he let out a laugh, tipping his head back
“of course, darling.”
sapnap: “then fuck it out of me!”
you and sap had been arguing about your “attitude” on stream
“y/n, enough. you’re being a brat.”
your face went white, and you slapped a hand over your mouth
it had been a while since sapnap had gone rough on you (with consent ofc)
so you were kinda craving to be slapped around a little bit
the second those words came out of your mouth, he was smirking
walking towards you quickly, you were thrown over his shoulder as he speed-walked to the bedroom
just a fyi.....get ready for a limp
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travellingarmy · 8 months ago
║Childe║ Love Me (R)
Warning: NSFW: Unprotected s*x, r*pe, overstimulation (that's all, I think). Yandere Childe. Foul language.
A/N: There was this really good edit of Childe on Instagram and I couldn't resist the urge to write. Their Instagram is @/Toshikei and the edit I am referring to is dated 03/05.
Female reader.
Word count: 3.3k
"Haha, you're so cute, ojou-chan."
You didn't like this. You didn't like how you found yourself trapped between him and the mattress as his hands made its way to your lower back, slowly removing the red ribbon made of silk that held your dress together.
"Don't worry.." he hushes, feeling your tears as he buries his face in the crook of your neck, leaving soft kisses that would usually make one's heart flutter. "I'll make you feel amazing." 
You felt stupid for not noticing sooner of how his behaviour progressively became more aggressive and possessive of you. Now, you were trapped under him, squirming and pushing him off of you and wishing how you could turn back in time to the moment where you saw him bloodied up in the middle of Guili Plains. O how you wished you never helped him. 
He was a foreigner and by the looks of his attire, you knew he had some relations to Snezhnaya. That should have been the biggest alarm set off that you had ignored. But even without noticing that, you also missed the little ones like the time when he returned to you one night with blood on his blade and a missing friend.
His kisses trailed down just above your chest before he pulled back to admire your beauty from above and thinking how much beautiful you would be when you're covered with marks made by yours truly. 
Swiftly, he pulls down the white, strapless dress he had prepared for you for the little date just moments before your capture, exposing just your chest to the cold air and the hungry look from him. He was going to take his time taking it off but he was impatient and wanted to just pound into you until you were fucked dumb and could only chant his name as if he was a god. "Oh, you don't know how good you look, ojou-chan," he comments, showing his true, sadistic smile.
Instinctively, you reached to cover your bear chest. "P, please, Childe.. Please stop this," you said shakily, seeing as he was returning to leave more hotter kisses on your skin. "We can talk about this--" "Talk about what?" he asks. "I think there's no need for any more chatter, don't you think?" 
"I've been an extremely good boy, ojou-chan," he said, a rough hand tracing your smooth frame while the other was used to support his body. "Other than that one person, I haven't bloodied my blade further." What? Was he talking about your friend that went missing? You felt a pang of shock and fear. The Childe that hovers above you was like an entirely different person that you know nothing of-- not even the dangers that lurk with him being around. 
"N, no!" You used whatever strength you had to try and at least budge him but to your fear, he chuckled at your weak attempt. "Oh, ojou-chan, there's no need to put up a front with me~" he coos, and smirks when he feels you shiver under his touch. "I know you want this too." 
This couldn't be real. No way--
"You're crazy!" You kneed his stomach as you spat. It was something Childe did not expect and he groans as he presses his head on your shoulder, gripping your hip hard that makes you cry out in pain. 
"Urgh..! I didn't think that you would still try to act so high and mighty," he said as he moved away from you, voice cold. Now looking at his eyes, your body stiffened and all colour was lost from you. That was a mistake. "You're really good at tempting people, you know that, (Y/N)?" His eyes narrow as he smiles. Now you really know you've messed up from the moment he called you by your name and not by the nickname he has given you. "Sometimes, I wonder if you're as pure as you say you are or you're just putting up an act to get others in bed with you."
"N, no.. That's not it.." you weakly defended. "Oh? It isn't?" He laughs. "Then, please, enlighten me as to what your real reason is, hm?" You didn't have one. You genuinely don't understand what you said or did that would make him think that way.
"Not going to speak? So, you really are a slut who's out for cock," he said. You felt furious but you were too scared to speak up. He went on to return to undress you, finding it irritating that you were doing this. However, before he could do any of that, he was received a slap in the face.
Another mistake and you realized it. Childe just hovers above you, head turned to the side as he comprehends what the stinging feeling he was receiving on his face. "C, Childe, I--" Words failed to form and you gulped back a lump in your throat. 
He returns his focus to you, eyes crazed. "You really want to rush this, huh, (Y/N)?" Grabbing both of your delicate hands, he locks them above your head with one single hand. He watches you struggle and he's not even using half of his strength. 
He clicks his tongue and wonders why you're still trying to escape. I mean, you want him too, right? Isn't that why you were acting all so kind to him whilst trying to make him jealous by talking to other people in the same alluring voice? 
"Tch. Stop acting as if you don't want this," he snaps. "What? You don't think I can do it better than the ones you've messed around with?" Looking at his eyes, you know that you have completely lost him.
"I'll have you know that my cock is much bigger than the ones you've fucked," he said. And having finally snapped, he rips your dress, leaving you in your underwear.
He went and kissed you, forcing his tongue inside your mouth. The air was growing thin as you were struggling to breathe, trying to fight with your own while trying to free your hands. 
Luckily, he left your mouth, allowing you to breathe. It seems that he needed some air too. "Hah.. Just relax, I promise I'll fuck you better than the others." He smirks, seeing how red you were in the face as you were breathing hard. 
He moves to your neck and hungrily attacks it, making you breathless once more. You fought back a moan, biting the insides of your cheek. You shouldn't moan. You shouldn't cave into the touches of this man-- this stranger. But Childe knew better and you felt him smirk into your neck. Having his ego boosted knowing how hard you were trying to resist his touches, his free hand caresses your body until they latched onto one of your breasts, feeling that you were once again trying to bite down a gasp. 
"Childe, please.. Let go..!" You begged, more tears staining your face. There was really no more hope. I mean, you couldn't even move him off of you in the slightest. 
Childe dismisses your pleas as he leaves wet trails of kisses down from your neck to your other breast, latching his mouth onto your other perked nipple. His pretty slut, there was no need for you to fight anymore. He can and will give you everything you ever wanted and more.
Switching to the other nipple, he gives the same treatment as the other, wetting them nicely and earning another breathy moan that you failed to conceal. 
A hand of his made its way much lower and forced open your legs for him. Adrenaline rushed through you and jolted you to close your legs but he already had one of his legs between yours and had his hand hold one of your legs still. 
He moves back to stare at your bare skin while you stare at him still fully clothed. "You're awfully quiet, ojou-chan," he says. "Let me hear your slutty moans, hm?" He tilts his head and smiles, reaching to caress your face, wiping your tears before going back to suffocate you with his tongue. He was a crazed sadist. 
He started to press and rub his knee on your clothed cunt and such action made you gasp on his tongue. He grins and continues to rile you up and get you wet just enough for his large fingers to slip in. 
You hated how your body was reacting to this, feeling heat build up inside you. When he stopped paying attention to your cunt and went to leave more marks on your upper body-- preferably where it was harder to hide-- your body instinctively moved to hump his leg, wanting to feel that heat burn hotter. Were you really going to give up just like this?
"I.. I don't want this..!" You protested, not sure if you were trying to convince yourself or to tell him off.
Childe chuckles and continues to leave marks on your chest. You may say that you don't like this but your body is telling a different story and your body will never lie especially when it is lost to desirable release. 
Seeing as how cute you looked trying to fight the building lust in you, he couldn't help but ruin that. His hand- that did more of the exploring- was placed on your underwear, stroking your clit through it. Another airy gasp left you and tears began to flow once more out of frustration. Why couldn't your body listen to you?
"I told you that you'll enjoy this," he said. "Look, you haven't gotten a chance at my cock yet you're squirming for my touch~" You bit your bottom lip, feeling humiliated that you couldn't even keep up to your own words and was now teased by the person you've learned to fear.
"Let me help you prepare~" Moving your underwear to the side he slips his middle finger in without warning. You moaned, not knowing what to expect. "Haha, there we go~" He smiles and adds another finger, earning another escaped moan which just boosted his ego. "That's my good girl~"
He starts to pump his fingers while his smile grows bigger and more sadistic upon hearing the series of never ending moans and airy gasps. Adding one more, he starts to curl his fingers inside which just pushed you closer to the edge, closing your eyes and feeling pure bliss.
"Are you close, ojou-chan~?" he asks, receiving louder moans and nods from you. Smiling, he stops thrusting his fingers, pulling out. You whined, eyes shooting wide open. "Haha, you're so cute!" Childe says in the way you would treat a child whose ice cream just slipped off of its cone. "Do you want to cum?" You nod, though a bit embarrassed.
"Use your words like the slutty girl you are," he demanded. You gulped. Your body may have given up but will you fully give yourself up? 
"P, please.." you quietly begged. You wanted release. The knot inside you was begging to be snapped and cum all over his fingers. "Hm? What was that~?" You shouldn't have time to feel humiliated. "Please.. I want your fingers.." You felt tears on the corner of your eyes. You were giving up. ".. In me, please. I want to cum..!" 
Childe smirks, feeling satisfied. "See, it wasn't that hard to say it now, was it?" Complying to your wishes, he inserts all three fingers back. You moaned and arched your back at the feeling of his cold fingers inside you. 
"Aw, look at you-- your pretty little cunt is squeezing my fingers~" he says. "Why don't you come for me?" As if it was on command, you came all over his fingers. "Awh, you dirtied my hands, ojou-chan. Why don't you prove that you're a good girl and clean them up, hm?"
He moves his fingers to your mouth, wiping a bit of it on your lips. You open your mouth and he puts his fingers inside, remaining eye contact with you as you suck them dry. It felt weird to taste your own cum but you didn't care at this point and Childe notices that. "Haha, did it feel that good?
He removes his fingers from your mouth, hand going down to his belt and unbuckling it. "I wonder what kind of faces you'll make once this cock enters you?" he questions out loud. This is when your heart drops, hearing that it was not the end of this humiliation. 
"C, Childe, please, let's not--" "Oh but, ojou-chan, you wanted proof that I could fuck you better than any person in Teyvat, right? I can't stop now." He smirks freeing his cock from his boxer, revealing a hardened dick covered with precum. Horror washes your face upon seeing it. There was no way it was going to fit-- not even with the preparation. 
As tired as you were, you still used what remaining energy you had and wormed your way out. But unfortunately for you, his hand on your wrist only allowed you to do so much as move under him. It didn't take much strength as you were tired the hell out. 
He removes your underwear and aligns himself at your entrance. "Please, Childe, please. Don't do this!" You began crying again but Childe paid no mind to your pathetic tears. "Relax~ My cock can make you feel more amazing than my fingers," he said, pumping his dick to set himself hard. And at that moment, he thrusts himself into you.
He groans, both hands flying down to your hips. The grip on your hips was sure to leave bruises tomorrow as he forces all of him inside. "A, ah.. I, I didn't think your cunt could be this.. Tight," he said. "And here I thought others have already opened you up nicely for me."
The pain was too much for you to bear and you tried to move away, all the while screaming, gripping his shirt. "Be a good girl and-- a, ah-- stay still," he said. Once his cock was set inside nicely, he gave a moment for himself.
He leaves you- the tip just barely touching your entrance- before shortly pounding himself back into you. You screamed, back arched. The grip on his arms along with the hot feeling of your walls slowly opening making him hiss. "Fuck.. A slut shouldn't have such_ a, ah,_ tight pussy," Childe said, not sure whether it was something meant for you to hear or not.
He leaves and enters in the same beat until he got himself at a good pace, dismissing your cries. "C, Childe, ah--!" You closed your eyes as tears of discomfort sting your face. "Fuck, don't lie to me-- a, ah-- you've definitely messed around.." He puts his forehead on yours, still making you adjust to his size. 
You couldn't defend yourself, busy at screaming at the burning sensation at your lower abdomen. Hands made their way around Childe, gripping onto his shirt from behind. He spreads you further, hoping that it would help stretch you. 
You screams died out and was replaced with moans soon after and Childe moves his head towards your neck, sucking places where he had already marked you hard that it drew blood. He licked them as his thrust became faster. 
At some point, your breath hitches as he had hit your g-spot. Childe smiles proudly and in knowing that, he thrusts at the same spot hard. Your breath was caught up inside you and you started to see stars. "Haha, see.. I-- ah-- told you I could fuck you better," he still manages to comment. At this point, you could no longer hear to his words as you focused on the knot that tightened inside you. "Look, you're making embarrassing noises~" He says, looking down at where you two were connected.
He pulls his head from you neck, feeling hot as he sweats. He removes his shirt, all the while continuing his pace and hard thrust into you. 
Looking at his chest, you could see the many scars that decorated his skin. He was well fit with toned abs and would have been better if it weren't for the scars. "Hah, you see these scars, ojou-chan? They are all for you," he said. "You don't know the things I do for you, and all I ask is for you to love me."
He leans his face close to you and instead of receiving a suffocating kiss with his tongue, he places his lips on yours and gives you an innocent-like kiss; a kiss meant to be shared between lovers who held mutual affection.
It was then that you found yourself conflicted. You loved the kiss but you knew that all of this was wrong-- that you being captured and forced in bed with him was wrong. Not listening to your mind, your body moved in sync with his and pressed your lips against his. This made him grin against the kiss, happy that you have completely given up your body to him. 
His hands move from your hips and cups your face, deepening the kiss and soon, slipping his tongue inside. 
You felt yourself close to your next release and Childe knows of it as he felt you squeeze around his cock. He thrusts at an inhumanely speed and force, pulling away from the kiss and look at your expressions as you were fucked dumb-- back arched, eyes rolled back, drool coming from the side of your mouth, and words unable to form and only hitches of breath. 
Soon, you were seeing white and felt so good once you cummed all over his cock. He pulls out and allowed you to breathe, eyes on your frame as your chest heaves up and down. 
"Oh, but don't think we're done yet, ojou-chan~" You look at him confusedly. "What? It's not fair that you cummed twice and I haven't at all." He pouts. "Be a good girl one more time and let me cum." With that said, he turns you onto your stomach-- ass up and at him while your face was buried into the pillow. "
"Now that you've completely opened up your body to me, I wouldn't dare miss a chance to pound you stupid," he say and swiftly enters himself. "I want to fill you up with me." You arched once again and moaned into the soft pillow, hands gripping onto the sheets. "Childe.." you moaned his name. "Ooh, yeah. Say my name like that, princess."
"C, Childe.. Childe!" His name escaped your lips like a chant. You couldn't bear the overstimulation at your numbing cunt and your next release was quickly on its way. "Childe!" 
He grips your hips tighter and you felt his thrust becoming more sloppier and sloppier, hinting his release. "A, ahn.. (Y/N), you're close too, aren't you?" he asks, not really caring whether you could answer him or not as he focuses on his release. He moves one hand over your cunt and applies pressure onto it to throw you over the edge.
"Childe! Childe, I--" "Fuck, (Y/N).. Hold it a bit more," he orders. It was too much and tears trickled down your face, the stimulation was too much and you could no longer think of anything but Childe and his cock.
"Childe, please.. Childe!" You felt his dick twitch inside you. "Now!" And at that, you cummed once more on him as he comes inside you. 
Your body collapse on the bed. You could no longer feel your legs that were lost to the numbing sensation. It would be a while until you were able to walk again. Sloppily, he thrusts a couple more times, wanting to make sure all of him was well inside you, and your breath hitched and hoped that he wouldn't go for another round. You couldn't take another round. Luckily for you, after tucking his cum inside you, he collapsed on top of you. Neither of you moved as you focused on breathing, his cock still inside you. 
"I love you, ojou-chan."
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Tumblr media
Summary: After attending a party full of intellectuals with Spencer, you start to worry that you’re not smart enough to be with him. Filled with determination, you decide to try and do something about it.
A/N: Sorry it’s a bit later this week! Recently I hit 100 followers so thank you so much for that; made me very happy :) Let me know what you think!
Masterlist I Requests
The party was more an intellectual soirée than an all out rager. Whilst your college days were far behind you, you would have rathered the latter. You were a successful professional, a career in the FBI spanning years at this point, but somehow all these dusty professors surrounding you made you feel small. You knew you weren’t stupid, there were plenty of things you particularly excelled at, but you certainly weren’t a genius.
A few of the attendees had struck up conversation with you, seeming nice enough until it became clear you were not an academic; most of them left fairly quickly, finding more stimulating conversation elsewhere. Some, however, stuck around.
Somehow, they managed to annoy you even more. They were fascinated by your relationship with Spencer, entirely confounded that the pair of you ever managed to find anything to talk about considering the grand difference between your respective IQs and asking probing questions into how you had even met. Of course, they all punctuated these personal questions with assurances that it was “all in good fun” and attempted to placate you with the knowledge that they were “sure you must be very happy together”.
It all felt entirely passive aggressive but you doubted these intellectuals even realised it was offensive.
Eventually, you took to hiding in a darkened corner and nursing your second glass of red. As you swirled the velvety liquid around the glass, watching the legs cling to the surface, you wondered whether all these strangers really had a point. Spencer wasn’t just smart, he was a bonafide genius. Why was he with you?
You couldn’t add any information to his life that he didn’t already know. You couldn’t provide a fresh take on classic Russian literature. You couldn’t even understand most of his jokes well enough to laugh. You knew Spencer loved you, his actions and words both speaking loud enough, but surely that wouldn’t stop him from getting bored eventually.
You watched him across the room, chatting animatedly with someone you hadn’t had the pleasure of being spoken down to by, and felt an anxiety coil in your chest. Surely it was only a matter of time.
Quickly finishing off your wine, nabbing another glass from a passing waiter, you tried to think of some solution. How could you connect with him intellectually?
As half-baked plans tumbled through your mind your gaze unfocused into the middle distance, leaving you entirely vulnerable to an unnoticed visitor. “Do you like the wine?”
The unidentified warm hand lightly gripping your arm caused you to jerk suddenly. The wine sloshing dangerously around the glass, the contents somehow remaining contained. Hand over your chest, heartbeat trilling rapidly beneath it, you looked to Spencer with wide eyes. “Don’t sneak up on me,” you breathed out as your heart rate slowly resettled.
Amusement danced in his eyes and the sight softened your previous anxiety somewhat. Palms raised in surrender, he relented. He gestured vaguely to a generally disapproving older gentleman conversing quite animatedly with a younger colleague. “Riemann told me that he tried to convince the organisers not to allow alcohol tonight,” you screwed up your face in response and earned a husky chuckle as you took a rebellious sip of wine. “He gave me an entire speech about the ‘stimulation of conversation being inebriation enough’.”
You giggled in response, leaning closer to Spencer even as you hid your face behind the wine. “He sounds like fun,” you commented, around another sip of wine. Eyes darting to the man you were busy gossiping about you found his attention flickering to the pair of you. “Spencer,” you exclaimed pointlessly, his attention was already upon you, “he’s looking this way!” Holding the glass out to him, you asked with a wicked smirk; “You want some?”
A full grin pulled your features as he took the offered glass and, with a last little laugh, took a large gulp. Eyes quickly darting back to Riemann, giggling at the disapproval now being glared at the pair of you, you murmured lowly to Spencer. “We’re such trouble makers.”
Handing you back the now half emptied glass he smiled down at you - seemingly not daring to look at your disgruntled audience. Instead he was focusing on you in that intense way he sometimes did; his warm eyes somehow lit up, his lips twitching upwards as though he simply couldn’t help himself, and his focus fell entirely upon you. You never felt more loved than you did when he looked at you like this.
Your previous worries were forgotten, for now at least, as you matched his gaze with wide eyes. “Are you having fun?” You asked, almost shyly diverting his intensity.
He nodded quickly, stepping closer to you as a waiter struggled to get past him, and proceeded to give you an in depth run down of some of the evenings more interesting conversations.
As the evening itself drew to a close, Spencer spent most of his time by your side. Hovering close, a hand splayed over your back, even as people ambled over to speak to him.
His presence made you feel much better, the quiet support he always offered you soothing you immensely. In fact, your anxious feelings did not return until he was snoring beside you.
In the quiet of the night you found ample time to worry over the longevity of your relationship. At around three thirty am you came to the groggy conclusion that you really had to do something about it; starting tomorrow of course.
Over the next few weeks you carefully carved out time for yourself wherever you could, whenever you thought Spencer might not notice. An extra hour or so at the gym, staying a little later at work with a promise to meet Spencer at home after you had finished your paperwork, and even purposefully sitting away from him on the jet home.
To begin with you had tried to read one of his favourite books but quickly gave up when you spent more time staring blankly at the pages than actually reading. You had found an English translation but the archaic sentence structure meant that the words still seemed foreign. Eventually you found a niche that made you feel as though you were getting somewhere; a pithy podcast so helpfully titled ‘physics for dummies’. It was surprisingly easy to follow and whilst you still couldn’t hope to follow Spencer’s long-winded science ramblings you could at least pick out a few words that you actually understood.
Spencer wasn’t aware of your extra curricular activity and you were hoping to keep it that way, at least for now.
This particular plan of yours was scuppered, however, during a challenging case involving an erotomaniac with an obsession for a high school physics teacher. After hitting several roadblocks in the investigation you and the rest of the team were crowded around a table working through the mountainous pile of letters your unsub had sent the object of his desire.
So far this had yielded little, but when Luke read out an excerpt your ears immediately picked out a familiar word. “‘And in that moment where our world-lines collide, you’ll know without doubt that we were meant to be….’” Luke huffed, slapping the paper back on the desk beside his empty coffee cup, and leaned back with a curse and a groan. “What does that even mean?”
Spencer went to reply but you got there first, your own focus still upon the letter in your hand. “World-lines describe the paths that particles take in space, encapsulating every event they have and will experience. It kinda sounds like he’s trying to say that their paths are fated to cross?”
A beat of quiet met your almost flippant response and your gaze flickered up to find surprise pointed at you. “Alright, Dr Reid,” JJ commented with a well humoured sarcasm. Spencer himself, said nothing.
Peeking at Spencer, you were expecting surprise certainly but you were entirely unprepared for how upset he suddenly looked. His eyes were fixed unseeingly upon his left hand, idly scratching at the grooves of the table, and he didn’t even look up at you.
Your shoulders bunched around you as you felt embarrassment heat your cheeks. “Sorry,” you squeaked out, hoping he would look at you; he didn’t.
The others made no mention of Spencer’s strange lack of response, sensing his strange agitation and attempting to move on quickly with a discussion about the case itself.
You didn’t get your answers until the case had been successfully closed. Despite your impatience to work out what was picking at him, you knew it was likely more professional to wait until the pair of you were off the clock. Whilst you knew that, it didn’t make his avoidance of you any easier to handle.
With the unsub in custody, the rest of the team were busily making evening plans - a night at a local bar seemed to be winning the vote at the moment - but Spencer had other plans. Sidling up to you whilst the others were busy with their excitement, he murmured a question to you in a strangely husky tone; his voice rough as though he were greatly upset. “Can we talk?”
Nodding softly, you followed him silently as he led the pair of you into an unoccupied interview room. His eyes couldn’t meet yours, falling instead just below your searching gaze, and you squirmed under this sudden strangeness. His hands were pushed into his pockets, a sign of forced casualness that was more telling of how uncertain he was.
Taking a step forwards, you broached the heavy silence with a soft question. “Spencer, what’s wrong?”
Swallowing thickly, he cleared his throat. When he finally met your gaze you were forced to stop yourself from reaching out to him. The shine in his eyes curled a concern into you that was hard to tamp down, but you knew he needed space to articulate whatever was eating at him.
Finally, he formed the words he seemed to have been thinking very hard about. “Are you seeing someone else?”
The question floored you entirely. Surely you had misheard. “Wait, what?” Sniffing, he dropped his head but didn’t repeat himself. After a silence that stretched for far too long, your brain finally caught up with his question and you rushed to reassure him. “No! God no, Spencer!” Raising his head, his eyes worked slowly over your features in a search for deception. “How could you even ask me that?!”
Lips twisting, he looked away and carded a hand through his hair. “You’ve been spending so much time away; last month you spent an average of four hours a week at the gym. This month it’s increased to eight.”
You tried to shrug this point off, stomach twisting as you realised he had clearly misread your admittedly odd behaviour this past month. “I’ve been working out more.” Even you could hear the lie in your words.
Your poor response seemed to upset him even more, face crumbling as he struggled to keep a hold of his emotions in the face of an obvious lie. “No, you’re not.” You had no answer for that, he seemed so certain and you didn’t want to lie again. “You… you’re staying later at work but I know you haven’t gotten any outstanding paperwork to do.” Considering the emotion welled in his words you realised how much he must have thought about all of this. “And now you know what world-lines are, something I know we haven’t spoken about!” He heaved a last sigh, face falling as he noted your answering silence. “If - if there’s someone else,” he swallowed thickly then, struggling against the tears still within his eyes, “can you just tell me what’s going on? Please.”
“There isn’t anyone else,” you reassured imploringly. A step forward brought you before him and you pressed a hand to his cheek. “I- I’ll tell you what’s going on but… promise not to laugh at me?”
That seemed to settle him a little and he allowed himself to lean into your affection. At his answering nod, you took a centring breath before explaining.
“So, that party thing we went to a few weeks ago…”
Eyebrows pulling together, he nodded slowly. “I remember.” He confirmed.
“Yeah, of course you do.” You tried to laugh, to encourage him to, but the noise became caught in your throat. Shaking your head, realising he wasn’t quite in the mood to laugh with you just yet, you continued. “Anyway, erm, a bunch of people came to talk to me. I guess they kinda assumed that since you’re with me that I must be super smart too. But obviously… I’m not.”
You felt some relief when he brought his hands to your arms, the warmth of them reassuring you that he was here and he was open to listen. “But why have you been avoiding me?”
Dropping your hand to his chest, you averted your gaze. “Well, they were all just so surprised that you would be with someone who was… I don’t know, average.” You tried to look back at him, your own awkwardness making this confession difficult. “And it kinda got me thinking that I don’t really know why you’re with me.” Immediately, he went to cut you off but you barrelled past his attempted reassurance. “And I started to panic that yknow you’d get bored of me one day so I started listening to this stupid podcast every chance I got to try and learn something that would make me more interesting.”
He said nothing to begin with. Eyes downcast but you felt immediately disgruntled when a quiet laughter peeled from him. It was certainly better than the sight of his emotional distress but it still irked you. Lightly slapping his chest, you pulled away but he quickly tightened his grip upon you. “No, I’m sorry - I’m sorry…” he calmed you, but a strange little smile was still pulling at his lips, “it’s just that, you tried to learn about physics just to be closer to me.”
“Well, yeah.” You told him, as though it were the the most obvious thing in the world. “I love you.”
His tears had entirely disappeared, replaced with an obvious wave of relief. “When we first started dating, do you remember we went to an art gallery?” You nodded, remembering the shyness of Spencer back then and smiling into the memory. “I talked way too much,” you chuckled and shook your head wryly, “I told you the year that everything had been painted, the medium used, the artistic style… I told you everything i could think of.”
Quirking a brow, you made a lightly teasing joke. “I remember thinking you were gonna give me a pop quiz at the end of the night.”
Ducking his head, he gave a laugh as he squeezed your arms. Some of his past shyness returning briefly before he looked back at you. “The point is, you eventually interrupted me to ask me what I thought of the painting I was talking about.” He paused, a reminiscence shining in his eyes. “And I didn’t have an answer, I had to stop and think about it.” He told you this like it was some great revelation, but you couldn’t work out what he was trying to tell you. Sensing that you hadn’t quite captured his meaning, he explained further. “I will never get bored of you,” he told you with so much certainty it was impossible not to believe him, “you make me see the world in ways I didn’t think possible.”
Wrapping your arms around his neck, you teetered on your tiptoes to peck his lips. “Especially now,” you teased, “now with my newfound expertise in all things space physics.”
Eyes narrowing slightly, he hummed in an affectionate kind of humour hands slipping to the small of your back. “You mean astrophysics.”
With a dramatic roll of your eyes, you teetered forwards once more to kiss him, murmuring “whatever” in the space between you.
A languid kiss later and his gaze shifted past you and to the door. “Should we try to catch up with the others?”
Twisting your fingers in the hair at the nape of his neck, you pouted and shook your head. “Why don’t we go back to the hotel?”
He laughed lightly as he fell forwards to rest his forehead against yours. “Let’s go.”
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nezuscribe · 5 months ago
Okay okay OKAY so I’m obsessed with this kinda of tropes: Bakugo or Todorki cheat on Y/n and they end up being comforted by Shinsou and the pair become super close and eventually fall in love for, like, real. AND BAKUGO/TODO HAS TO WATCH Y/N BE WITH SHINSOU BECAUSE THEY FUCKED UP AHH.
If you choose to do this that would be wonderful, but I’m going to binge your blog regardless.
A/N: Bruh this literally made me smile so much thank you! I feel like this trope is like one of my personal favorites too :) I kinda touched base on this with my last headcanons but I can definitely do it with Shinsou instead (I am a personal Shinsou sucker so who am I to say no?)
I also chose to write for Bakugo because I feel like I can write a bit deeper emotion for him? Idk, if you want me to do one with Shoto I definitely can!
Warnings: Cheating, mentions of sex
MHA Masterlist
Requests are open
Ever The Fool
Tumblr media
You thought he was the one you were going to grow old with.
Given, you already knew that your relationship was getting rocky with your work schedules always overlapping, but, it's Bakugo, right?
You two were meant for each other,
So why,
Why is it starting to feel like he was made for someone else?
Why does it feel like the love he reserved only for you is starting to be shared until there is no more left for you, why does it seem like he longer holds you as caringly as he did, now only doing it out of obligation.
Though you could just be reading too much into it and it's just Bakugo being tiring but,
You'd be a fool if you said you didn't miss the way his damn smile grew whenever Uraraka walked through the door.
Wasn't she working at Deku's agency?
But you might have been even a bigger fool to miss how he held her tight to his chest after a rogue mission, instead of holding you when it had been your neck on the line.
But every action has an equal opposite reaction and it was only a limited time until you found the two of them tangled up with one another, her leg hooked around his waist as he pushed deeper into her.
She ran away but it was a shouting fest between the two of you which ended in your hastily packing whatever you could, Bakugo's eyes wide as he watched you take away everything from the room. "Where are you going? It's twelve, Y/n, I'll sleep on the couch let's just," You cut him off, throwing his sweatshirt his way.
"What? Talk this out? Talk about how you were balls deep in her?" You stuck your finger into his chest, your voice dripping with malice, the shakiness of each exhale ringing in his ears.
"I, please just stay, don't go out alone." He pleaded as you turned your back, going back to packing seeing from the corner of your eye how he crouched down next to you, gently holding your wrist to stop you but you flinched, pulling it away, his touch disgusting after it being on her just minutes ago.
"I'll do whatever the fuck I want, Katsuki, that never seemed to stop you." You mocked as you stood up, yanking your phone from its charger as you went into the kitchen, trying to make a call.
But he followed right behind you, hot on your trail.
"Y/n, please, stay the night." You turned away from him, pulling up his contact and the blurriness from your eyes made it hard for you to see.
You pressed the call button, pulling it up to your ear as you let out a quiet whimper and Bakug would be damned if he didn't say the sound utterly broke his heart.
"Dude," His tired voice rang out and the blare of sirens in the background told you he was out on patrol, "It's twelve, go to sleep you insomniac." Under different circumstances, you would have called him a hypocrite.
You sniffed, a small whine leaving your trembling lips and Shinosu stood up straighter, his eyes scrunching up.
"Y/n? Are you okay? Are you crying? What happened? Do you want me to come? I can grab some takeout if you want, works almost done." Bakugo could hear broken words but hearing the care in the other person's voice, the worry, made him realize just how fucking badly he'd been treating you these past few months.
Him fucking Uraraka had been the cherry on top.
"If it's not too much of a bother," You whispered, wiping your eyes with your sleeves, "Can you please pick me up? I can't," You couldn't finish the sentence, squeezing your palms into your eyes to stop the tears.
"I'll be there, don't worry, but," You heard some shuffling in the background, "Is Bakugo there? I don't want to," You cut him off.
"Please just come," You said and he didn't need to be told twice, rushing to your apartment as fast as he could.
You muttered a small thanks then ended the call, rubbing your forehead as you looked around, not wanting to look at his face for the rest of the evening.
"You can come later to pick the rest of your things," You heard him say quietly. You heard defeat in his voice, something you've barely heard before, "I won't be here when you come, I promise."
You nodded shakily, looking at the door.
A couple minutes later you heard the quick nocks and you jumped up from your seat, running to the doorway.
Opening it up you saw him, his crazed hair, the worried look in his eyes, the sense of calm he got when he realized you weren't hurt.
Looking over your shoulder he saw Bakugo's crumpled frame and then back to you, he started getting a small idea of what was going on.
Quietly leading you out of the room he told you to stay in the hallway while he spoke a little to the man in the room.
"You cheated?" It wasn't a question.
"Yes." Bakugo was always a loud one, not timid.
"Go fuck yourself." That was the last thing he said before shutting the door loudly, rattling the picture frames that hung up on the wall.
That night you didn't say much as Shinshou lead you to his apartment, saying he'd sleep in the guest room to give you some space and you didn't argue.
He bought some fast food but you didn't feel like eating much.
You stayed with him for a week before you offered to move out and trying to find a place.
He agreed but you never felt like packing our things after a while, and he never told you to get out.
So you two became roommates, enjoying each other's presence more with each passing day.
The hurt and betrayal you felt from that night were starting to fade and after some time, you felt like smiling again.
A year later
"Did you know they made a brand for ball care named The All-Mighty Ones?"He said one night out of nowhere.
"What?" You said but the ends of your lips were turning up already and you felt a laugh bubbling out.
"I'm serious! Look it up!" He said, chuckling as he showed you the proof on his phone, causing you to laugh louder.
"God, that's so fucking stupid." You said in between gasps of air and he pulled you deeper into his chest, placing kisses all over your face.
"Well they made a fuck ton of money off of it so they're not that stupid," He said and you giggled softly into his neck.
"You're stupid," You muttered and he looked down at you, raising an eyebrow.
"Really? Takes one to know one." He snorted as you elbowed him lightly in the ribs.
"Well, I am quite stupidly in love with you, so you got me there." He was so glad you weren't looking at him to see his deep blush.
"You flatter me." That was the only thing he could say, but you snuggled in closer to him so you didn't seem to mind.
"Only speaking the truth babe." You said before shutting your eyes temporarily, enjoying this feeling of safety.
"I love you too, Y/n, so much that you wouldn't know." He thought you were asleep but you gripped onto his hand tighter.
"Yeah?" Your voice was groggy and muffled by his shirt.
"Well, that's good." And he chuckled, wrapping his arm tighter around you as you two dozed off.
"Is it true about the engagement?"
The T.V. played on in the background.
"Yeah," He would recognize the voice anywhere.
"Oh, that's just beautiful! What wonderful news! We can say that on behalf of Japan that you two are everyone's favorite hero couple!" The news reporter said and you giggled quietly, not looking at her as you glanced to the man behind you, your smile growing wider as he kissed your forehead.
Bakugo almost ran into the living room, his face centimeters away from the screen as he watched it all unfold.
"Do you have anything else to say to those watching?" The reporter egged on and you shook your head, but Shinsou steeped a bit closer, pulling you into his waist.
"Can't say much else, you basically covered it all," But Bakugo caught the small glance Shnsou threw at you, the blush on your cheeks, the small nod you gave him as you stepped forward.
"There is one thing," You added and the microphone swiveled over to you, Bakugo's heart beating rapidly.
"That news would have to wait though." You said sneakily and as the reporter tried to get the news out of you, you wouldn't budge, Shinosu chuckling as he watched the banter.
But Bakugo was trained to look out for details.
And he didn't miss the way your hands rested gently on your stomach as you said that, the small look of admiration as you looked down at the small swell.
Bakugo wasn't a fool.
But he was a broken man.
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strawberryinserts · 2 months ago
A Different Type of Cure
Summary: Finally, he's finally figured out the cure to your horrid little curse!
Surely his plan will all go just the way he pictured, with no tricks from you, right? ....right?
Pairing: Licorice Cookie x Reader
Warnings: None needed, some swearing, there's kissing and maybe some suggestive lines, the smallest bit of angst
Notes: Licorice thinks he finally figured out the cure to your curse, maybe you can help him with it. Gender neutral reader!
Sequel fic to A Different Type of Curse
All the positivity from the first chapter made me really happy.. I've never gotten responses like that before, I'm really glad you all liked it, and I hope you like this part too!! 💙
Finally, finally! After months and months of suffering from your damn curse, Licorice is positive he's figured out the cure! It may have taken awhile to think of a cure, he may have had to...ugh, ask for help, only because it was hard to focus due to the curse, if it wasn't for that he would have been done with you the moment you tried cursing him! It doesn't matter that he's been thinking about you for months, it doesn't matter he stays up far too late thinking about how soft your hands are, what it'd feel like to kiss you, it doesn't matter that he- Ahem! He isn't cured yet, he can't keep getting distracted like this..! He's so close to finally being free of these damn thoughts, he just needs to find you-  Licorice likes to think he's rather tall, but even if he is, it's not easy trying to find someone in a crowd, even if that someone is as beautiful as yo- this curse really is getting out of control.. Licorice ignored how the people he passed looked at him concerned, he was grumbling, obviously annoyed, he hated how he could tell he had gotten flustered from the warmth he felt from his cheeks on his hands. After he's cured he's going to make you pay for what you did to him, how? He doesn't know yet, but he doesn't care. Distracted by his thoughts he didn't hear the small gasp from behind him, he didn't hear the footsteps walking towards him despite how fast they were, what he did notice? He felt arms around him. A hug. Licorice stiffened and was about to curse out the fool that thought they could just run up and touch him, when he looked behind him and felt his blood run cold (or did he feel his heartbeat quicken? He doesn't know.) You. You. You were certainly brave, even if it was idiotic of you. Licorice opened his mouth to speak, his mouth felt incredibly dry all of a sudden, you seemed too- too excited, too happy to let him speak first. How truly disgusting, he thought. Though he was more disgusted at himself for thinking it was cute. "Licorice! I've been looking everywhere for you! It's been a few weeks since we last talked, I missed you!" The way you smiled at him, eyes shut while you giggled and told Licorice that you missed him.. It felt like he was dying. This was it, you knew he was trying to cure himself, you're trying to finish him off. His face was hot, his hands were sweaty, his heart- god his heart was beating so fast and loud he swore you could hear it. You were killing him. Licorice finally snapped out of his daze and realized you had spun him around so you were both facing each other, if his face got any hotter he felt like he'd catch on fire. "Y-you damn- you devil! you absolute witch! You think you- you think you can kill me? You think you can kill Licorice cookie?! Since we last talked I've been- I've been working hard on a cure to your damn curse, and you won't stop me now! I just need a few more things and I'll-"
he hated how the curse was making him weaker, the stutter in his voice, the way he couldn't keep eye contact with you, if he lived past this he was going to kill you. Licorice was about to start ranting again when he noticed something at the corner of your eyes, his breath hitched- There was no way, was this supposed to be the finishing move? The final act that killed him? Him making you cry? "D-don't you try that, y-you demon-" you cut him off, startling Licorice with your unusual tone. "Licorice I- thi-this whole curse joke was funny at first but..but I don't like it, did I do something to make you dislike me..? If I did-" you looked down, not wanting to look him in the eyes while you talked, That had to be what was supposed to end him. "Please just tell me..I'll leave you alone, I just wanna apologize for whatever I did."
Licorice felt a...a different ache in his chest, not the usual pains from thinking about you, this time the pain felt worse. "Y-you..I.." Licorice kept looking down at you, you glanced him and he turned his head, looking to the side, "If you..if you truly didn't curse me then who..who did? Who would try to kill me by making all my thoughts be about you...?" He mumbled the last part, apparently not quiet enough as it turns out, when he saw your head snap up. "Huh- what?? That's not.. Licorice can you tell me more about this uh..this curse?"
Licorice looked back down at you, your tears have stopped, it looks like you're blushing, what, were you cursed too? "...for.. months, months since we first met all of my thoughts..they've been plagued by you, it doesn't matter the time of day, what I'm doing, I can't get you out of my head, I start to feel sick, my face gets hot and sweaty, I feel like I'm about to have a heart attack the way my chest gets.. it's a curse, is it not? No normal person acts like this..!"
Licorice had shut his eyes when he began his explanation, fearing the face you'd make at him admitting weakness. And for good reason, you truly were a demon, you had started to giggle upon hearing his symptoms of the curse, it had to be because you- "I like you too, Licorice." He snapped his eyes open, mouth open in confusion as he looked down at you, You- you liked- what? He..what? Huh?  "W-witch, I have no idea what you m-mean..!" Licorice's face had started to heat up again, much to his dismay. "Nerd, I haven't been able to stop thinking about you either, and it's cause I like you, I have a crush on you, why do you think I've been looking for you? I was gonna finally confess when we talked but.. apparently you thought wanting to kiss me was a curse?"
You smiled up at him, obviously taunting him with your curse. "Y-you- HEY! I said no such thing about- about kissing you! I wouldn't dream of it! Even if I actually have dreamt abou- THAT'S- that doesn't matter! You won't be able to convince me you didn't curse me..!"
Licorice tried to stop from looking at your lips, he truly tried not too, but he couldn't help himself because of the curse, the curse he was slowly starting to believe he didn't actually have. Did he..was this really all because of a....a crush? "Mhm? You've never thought about it? Because I have, a lot. If you still think you have a curse, maybe a kiss would break the spell, that's how it always goes, right?"
You giggled again as you stepped closer, making Licorice back into a wall until it was right behind him. Maybe he..maybe he really wasn't cursed, and if he was...a kiss does usually break a spell, what would be the harm..? "F..fine, just one kiss, you witch.."
Licorice tried to hold in a laugh when he saw your surprised face, did you expect him to just yell and try and curse you? Cute. He admitted it, you were cute. It made his chest feel the same as before, his heart beating so fast he felt like he'd die, his face warm with a blush, hands sweaty, But it was nice. You made him feel nice. Licorice let out a laugh as he looked down at you,  "Come now, you're going to break this curse, yes? So hurry up and kiss me."
Perhaps it would take a few times to break the curse, the way your skin felt so soft when he placed his hand on your cheek, the way your lips felt even better than he imagined, the way he felt utter bliss when you two kissed.. Surely you'd have to do this again, and again, and again, and who knows how many more times. Breaking a curse was hard work, after all.
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guacamoleroll · 2 days ago
𝐖𝐢𝐧𝐝𝐛𝐥𝐮𝐦𝐞 𝐅𝐞𝐬𝐭𝐢𝐯𝐚𝐥 | 𝐕𝐞𝐧𝐭𝐢
Tumblr media
Pairing: Venti x Reader  Fandom: Genshin Impact Word Count: 2,400+ Trigger Warning(s): Kissing, Allusion to NSFW, Spoiler to For A Tomorrow Without Tears
Tumblr media
The light of dusk descended down upon the town of Mondstadt as it started to wrap up its beloved Windblume Festival. Your heart leaped in your chest as you were chosen as the Windblume Star - offering windblumes to the archon of freedom. Who is the god truly, underneath the facade of music and sonnets.
Tumblr media
The footsteps of a figure lightly tapped against the stones as she climbed the enormous staircase leading towards the plaza. You had been bestowed the honor of serving as this year’s Windblume Star, due to your kind nature and the willingness you had to help your fellow citizens in the town.
You had grown up celebrating the Windblume Festival in Mondstadt from an early age. Some of your fondest memories were of those who were chosen to offer a special flower to the Anemo Archon, the god that had allowed your nation to remain free and peaceful for hundreds of years. It was an incredible thing to be picked, often meaning your worth was being recognized.
You remembered how you beamed up each time you watched someone ascend the stairs, their grace something that could only be compared to a reflection of the gods as they ascended to Celestia. That’s at least what the younger you liked to imagine.
Now it was you who was ascending the stairs, a floaty feeling bouncing through your chest as you hold your arrangement of windblumes, cecilias, in your hands. They were a shared favorite amongst you and your best friend, despite not being the most popular choice for a windblume. They were truly something special, even though many overlooked the flower as simple.
The courtyard appeared to be empty as you finally managed to get to the top, although that didn’t surprise you that much. The Grand Master had informed you that there was a situation going on by the gate, but it wasn’t serious enough to postpone the offering. You would just have to do it alone.
It didn’t sadden you that no one would watch you offer these flowers to the god, instead, it made the ceremony feel much more intimate as you were the only two parties involved. Despite that he wasn’t physically there, spiritually it was as if the winds of freedom calling to you.
You set the flowers down at the center of the statue, kneeling as to offer a prayer to the god that you had dedicated your life to. “Thank you, Lord Barbatos. For keeping our home safe from destructions path. Please guide us towards the brightest future possible, and keep us out of harm’s way.”
“How thoughtful!” a voice interrupted your prayer.
You yelped, falling onto your bum as you looked at the imposing figure standing behind you. Aqua-eyes shined with pure mischief as you gazed upon the form of your best friend. The bard was known for his streak of pranks, and you were no exception. He offered you a hand, which you took before playfully smacking him in the shoulder.
“You little-! Where did you even come from?”
He was about to open his mouth to reply before you promptly stopped him with a wave of your hand to interrupt. “No, no. Let me guess. You came from Angel’s Share.”
He pouted as you started to laugh, wiping a tear from your eye at his disheartened expression. “I’m not always at the tavern.”
“Fair, fair,” he chuckled.
His eyes roamed over your body for a second, a questioning look striking his features. “What’s with the pretty dress?”
You had been wearing a short dress that was embellished with different splashes of colors, meant to resemble the shapes of flowers. There were some roses, orchids, tulips, and even the occasional carnation. Each was hand sewn on there to create a beautiful, disharmonious pattern.
“I thought it was fitting, given the theme of the festival,” you twirled around for a moment. “It’s also a pretty warm day, so I didn’t really get cold.”
He pointed upward. “And the flower crown?”
You hadn’t even remembered that it was there. “Oh! Barbara was making some with the children in the plaza earlier today, and happened to make me one.”
You smiled thoughtfully, looking at the different types in your peripheral vision. Each flower interlaced with the one next to it, some small and some large. It was a beautiful adornment, and you’d be crestfallen when the flowers would inevitably start to wilt.
“She even happened to include some of my favorites.”
“So you’re our little Windblume Star, huh?”, he said, before a pout started to grow upon his lips. “It’s about time you got recognized for your hard work.”
You sighed. “I don’t do things so that I get recognized, I do them because they’re the right thing to do.”
“And that’s why you’re so special!” he beamed as a sincere smile grew upon your lips.
“Thanks, Venti.”
You looked up at the statue, which was lit up angelically with the glow of the setting rays of sunlight. The face carved in the stone almost seemed lonely, if it could be described as such. Your eyes grew somber, sympathy panging inside your chest in tune with that of the immortal god’s heart.
“I wonder if he’s here somehow.”
“Hmm. Here?” Venti hummed, his eyes turned upward to face the statue along with you, gazing upon it with severe indifference.
“Yeah. The Windblume Festival is such a fun time. It’s a shame he misses out on it.”
The bard stared for a moment, becoming slackjawed before releasing a bellowing laugh, hunching over as his chest heaved with each outburst. You frowned, embarrassed as he continued to make fun of one of your thoughts that you had so welcomely shared.
“Hah! I’m for certain he doesn’t miss anything.”
You looked upon him now, curious as to how this musician had some kind of insight into the thoughts and feelings of an immortal archon. He calmed himself moments later, his expression growing into that of a serious nature which you had rarely seen, especially not with the atmosphere of the Windblume Festival.
“What if I told you that he was here, right now.”
Your face contorted in confusion. “What do you mean?”
“He’s here. Right now,” he spoke bluntly.
You stared at him for a few moments, pursing your lips as you thought through his words carefully. This didn’t seem to be some type of prank, knowing he wouldn’t be able to retain such a serious face for so long before shouting something goofy or random into the ether.
His form, to which your eyes had to adjust and take a double-take, started to glow a light blue around the edges. It wasn't the moon, which was starting to rise along to horizon, or everything else behind him would’ve been painted in the familiar color. No - this was coming from himself.
Your brain started to spark as a connection formed, going back to something you had joked about a very long time ago. It took a moment as you looked between the bard and the statue that he had always seemed to resemble perfectly. You had even talked with Master Diluc that Venti was the knock-off version of the anemo archon, but you had never considered the possibility.
“You’re Barbatos!” you yelled, not meaning to truly be that loud.
His eyes widened as he moved forward to cup your mouth, your mind moving a mile a moment as you started to question the bard in front of you. You grumbled, irritated as he now muffled each noise that you made, shushing your blabbering.
“Not so loud, windblume.”
He looked around, slightly worried, before looking straight into your eyes. “We wouldn’t want anyone to find out.”
He uncovered your mouth, chuckling nervously at the shocked expression on your face. “Are you going to behave now?”
“That’s why you look so much like the statue!”
He found himself unable to move, before melting into somewhat of a relieving posture as his eyes crinkled upward in delight. He was happy that you hadn’t thought that his true identity was truly frightening, with your voice holding the same comedy and charm as it always had.
“That’s what you have to say finding out that I’m a god?”
You paused. “I-I mean, what do I even say. I-”
You looked down at the arrangement of flowers laying at the edge of the statue, before looking up at him bashfully. “Do you like the flowers?”
“Hehe. The flowers that you picked are obviously the best, but-”, he looked down for a moment before one of the most sincere expressions crossed across his face as he stared into your eyes, “-you’re a greater offering than any flower, my cecilia.”
Your faces flushed as he finally comprehended what had slipped from his mouth, causing him to sputter uncontrollably. “I-I mean-!”
It took you a moment as you stared at him with dilated eyes before small murmurs of a giggle started to crawl out as your nerve-tightened lips loosened. The faint blush on his face, the bashful way that he looked away. How hadn't you noticed it before?
You had always considered the flirtatious remarks of the bard to be something akin to his art form, blowing it off as him practicing for a romantic sonnet or the heartfelt story of two lovers. That was never what it had truly been, it hit too close to home and was too personal for it to possibly have just been practice. It was a miracle that you had been so blind in the past to not have seen it sooner.
You sauntered forward, the romantic atmosphere of the night finally wafting its way into your head as your love-stricken heart caused you to exude an aura of confidence. His face burned an even more saturated red, akin to that of his favorite fruit, as you leaned inches away.
“So, do you prefer Venti-”, you leaned even closer now, blowing into his ear, “-or Barbatos.”
The bard found himself, for the first time in his long life, unable to form any proper words. His mouth was gaped open, almost impressively as the sentences that he tried to conjure up turned into stutters. You cupped his cheeks, entranced by the glow of his pale skin in the scenic shine of the moon.
The winds of Mondstadt, somehow sensing the mood of the situation, lifted your form ever so slightly so that you were now hovering off the ground, looking down at the awe-struck bard. It was as if you were the true master of the winds, and in a way, you were. Despite his emphasis on freedom, he knew one thing - that his heart had been held solely within your grasp, and he didn’t want you to ever let go.
His eyes were blown wide as you closed the distance between the both of you, every nerve in his body overwhelmed by the soft sensation of your lips locked onto his. The pressure was demure, yet blistering passion was held not so far beneath it. This was intensified as he allowed himself to lean in, to become vulnerable to the feeling as one arm went to pull you closer, the other cradling your head to move you into his rhythm.
The master of the winds took control with ease, turning you around so that your back was laid every-so gently on the stone carving of himself. You moaned as static buzzed through your skin with each caress, face flushed as your body tingled and shook. He closed the space in on your both even more, your bodies fully pressed up against one other as his hand traced up your spine, causing you to arch into him.
You felt as if you were drowning, and you’d delightful sink to the bottom of the sea if you could feel this way every day. His songs, while beautiful in their own right, couldn’t compare to the way his embrace made your heart tremble. The slightest brush of skin, the lightest groan from his mouth caused you to melt deeper.
“Sweet windblume-”, he mumbled between each individual fervent kiss, “-you’re so cute.”
Each tempting word caused the world to fade around you even more, not caring whether one of the knights or citizens of the town watched this god unravel every aspect of yourself. You’d let him if he so desired it. He’d only have to command it because you were that weak for him. Little did you know, that your love made him to feel the same.
“Hnng… Venti,” you moaned with shallow breathes.
The small whimpers of pleasure that left your lips were close to making his most primordial aspects to slip from their heavily guarded confines. The instinct to claim you right there in the plaza, leaned against the statue of himself standing in the square was almost too much to bear. The intense desire to gaze upon every secret part of your body as he made you cry to the heavens for more. He held back, not wanting to startle you. Perhaps later.
In what felt like hours, you finally parted from the kiss, unwillingly needing air. You leaned against one another, trying to catch your breaths as the night started to unwind around you. The stars were now shining brightly in the sky, watching down on the pair of lovers carefully.
“You were so pretty back there,” Venti spoke, chuckling as you tilted your head down in a fluster.
“Those little noises, all for me. Who knew you had it in you.” “S-Shut up,” you mumbled.
He laughed obnoxiously at the contrasting behavior to a few moments prior, taking one of the cecilias into his hand. He twirled it for a moment, walking forward and placing it behind your ear, covering it with some hair before stepping backward for the best view. His eyes shifted into that of unadulterated love, and he almost stumbled over his own two feet at the ethereal beauty that was in front of him.
“There. That’s what the flower was missing.”
You gazed at him, brows furrowed in confusion. “Missing what?”
“Well-”, he smiled cheekily, “-it was missing the most beautiful of muses wearing it in their hair.”
You relaxed for a moment, letting yourself laugh quietly as you rushed forward, nuzzling your face into his chest with a blissful sigh, your voice coming out muffled. “Shush with your gushy phrases. My heart can’t take it.
He laughed alongside you. “You’re gonna have to get used to it, my gorgeous flower.”
It was told that the two beaming lovers - one mortal, one immortal, both equally in love - kissed and chatted as they ran through the night, gazing sanguinely at the brightened, star-filled sky. Awaiting the future moments that they would spend together.
. . . 
“I’ve been meaning to ask...did you have something to do with what was happening at the gate?”
“Oh, that! Simply a few pesky spirits, nothing I was involved in, certainly.”
Tumblr media
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starshipsofstarlord · 7 months ago
Close, Suspiciously So
Pairing | Bucky Barnes x reader
Summary | Falcon gains an interest in to as to why the reader and Bucky are spending so much time together after missions.
Warnings | the reader enjoying annoying Zemo and vice versa, swearing, hints at previous smut, threats
Requested ✖️
Quick link to my masterlist, if you’re interested in reading more of my crap 😬
Tumblr media
Without much care for the expense, you dived upon Zemo’s couch, that was within his secret hideout, closing your eyes, and laying upon the comfortable furniture. The Baron simply scoffed at your behaviour, whereas, Bucky concealed his amusement, to Sam’s dismay.
Since the Falcon had called for your help, along with Bucky’s, the two of you had gotten close, always tailing each other on missions to ensure that the other did not get hurt, and there being no snide remarks emitting from the once winter soldier in your presence.
He was an utmost gentleman, and that was when Sam Wilson realised, the old man was trying to court you, as was done with more respect and less bluntness back in his war zone days. The man could see the adoration resonating in the eyes of the other, and he went to open his mouth, until Bucky turned abruptly towards the kitchen, Zemo trailing back over to Sam and you.
At his presence, you groaned, feeling his judgemental and high ranking eyes glaring predominantly at you, clearly wishing to sit on the space that you were occupying. Though, you made no movement to move, and instead, kicked your shoes off.
Sighing, Zemo rolled his irises around in the pools of his white, finally giving in to sharing thus another luxury with you and your darned companions. “There are bedrooms upstairs, you may take one y/n.”
At that, you smirked, moving upright to stand, making it clear that it had been your plan all along. “Thank you so much Helmet, is it to the left?” He nodded, wishing to get his hands rid of your presence, that was keen to trail away.
“She used to be a con artist before she joined the team, it’s clear she still carries some of the attributes.” Sam mumbled out into the air, watching as Zemo squinted honourably towards him.
“You tell me that as though I did not do my research before I became invested in stopping all superheroes, her included.” He simply sipped his tea, twiddling with the foil of a Turkish delight as he sat down, pleased that he now could.
“Was that an threat towards her to me?” It was no surprise, they all knew not to trust this man, he had done enough damage when he was free the last time, and now, it would be strange to suspect any different from him.
“No, simply a statement for now. I’d not have included her if your Labrador of a super soldier was in this room, but to my luck, James is not.” Another sip of his drink became audible in the air, as Sam turned around.
He was right, Bucky was no longer within the walls of the room, and his eyes began to flicker. They’d have seen him exit if he decided to leave, perhaps but he had been an assassins for a long time, so who knew, and there was no sign that the front door had been opened, no cold air was blowing inside.
But, he could have went upstairs, and gone to another bedroom. Who was he kidding, he’d be in the same room, it all made sense! And all along, he had been right, there had been something to suspect.
Though, the investigative part needed to know that he was right, and so, he, with the shadow of Zemo that he was defiant with not leaving behind, for he could run, the pair walked quietly up the steps.
Zemo pointed to the door whence they had reached the landing, and Sam, with a strained face, opened the door quickly, only for you and Bucky to jump away from each other.
Your hands fell reluctantly from Bucky’s shoulders, and he himself licked his lips, trying to rid the evidence of your lipstick from his mouth. But it was to no avail working, the pair of you had been caught out, and surely, the two of you would never hear the end of this.
“I knew it!” Sam bellowed, pleased that he had been right to have his suspicions all along. Bucky rolled his eyes at Sam, zipping up his fly that no one else but you, had realised had been undone. But the action drew attention to the feature, and it soon dawned on Sam that the pair of you must have just finished something before Sam had barged in. “Y’all are gross!”
“And you seem to be rather oblivious Samuel. It was clear that these two came up here to fuck, and I am surprised that you are only just discovering this now. Some would think you were asleep on jet, when the pair suddenly decided that they both needed to use the bathroom, or when I was beating up the dance floor in Madripoor, that you were incidentally left all by your lonesome as the two of them disappeared into the crowd.”
He took another sip of his tea that he had carried up here, and you crossed your arms, whilst Bucky scowled murderously towards the two men that had intervened where they shouldn’t have.
“The fact that you pay that close detail to us is weird.” You stated, your nostrils flaring as you stared at the Sokovian. “Do you not have anything better to do?” You retorted, causing Zemo to put his cup down on its adjoining plate that was held in his spare hand before he responded.
“Not really, no. Whilst you have taken me hostage, it is either watch the drama that is ongoing in your little group, or think about the mission ahead. And as much as I would like to kill Karli-“
“No.” Sam scolded him, frowning at the man, who only rolled his shoulders back before continuing, being strictly against taking a girls life, he allowed him to speak more, no matter how irritating the rest would be.”
“However, it has been clear to me from the very beginning what the two of you have been doing, and whilst this oaf has not accepted it, it was far too easy to put the pieces together. It’s like you never told him about that time that you used your con skills to make Sam get food whilst you were going against the accords, and Steve was occupied with bringing the team together, and you had some of your own fun in the front seat, where he had been sat.”
Sam’s eyes widened, and so did Bucky’s. “I’m going to kill you!” They both said simultaneously, Sam’s aimed at Bucky whilst Bucky’s words were prompted towards zemo.
“Seriously, you’re creepy dude!” You whisper shouted as you held Bucky back, Zemo smirking in reply.
“I hear things, and I’d say for a con woman, you speak far too much to your lover, and the walls here are only thin.” And with that, he picked his mug up once more, after having already spilt the tea.
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nott-draws · 3 months ago
The window (Yb x reader)
You were so perfect.
He was obsessed. He couldn't get enough of you. Following you everywhere. He knew the scent of your hair, which shampoo and conditioner you used. He knew your work schedule. When you went to bed. When you went for groceries.
The way you heaved a sigh every time you got off work. The way you would tip the coffee workers after giving them a smile. Oh, how he hated that bug of a person who got your attention and not him. HE should be the only one you smile at. The only one you even looked at. The only one you talked to, payed attention to, spoke t-
Peter doesn't know when the obsession started. One day, he was walking past the restaurant you worked at for approximately 6 months, with just a simple glance, his whole world changed. Immediately, he got to work. Figuring out your name, your age, your favorite color, your favorite food, where you live.
This was all pretty easy since he got a look at your nametag one day as you rushed out of your shift, memorized it all the way home, y/n, y/n. y/n, and searched you up on Facebook. Scrolling through your memories and photos turned into an addiction. He would do it at least once a day, and do some things he would think were pretty releasing looking at them.
Today was like any other day. He would wait for you to get off work, and then safely walk you home. From a distance. Where you couldn't see, or even know he's there. He wouldn't call it stalking, he's just keeping you safe?? Even if he does peek through the windows, every so often.. For your safety, of course.
I mean, what if someone broke in? How would he stop them if he didn't peek? How would you stop them if he didn't know?? The thought of you getting hurt terrified him. That's why he does what he does. To watch over you and keep you safe.
Leaning against the brick wall, his head snapped towards the bell ringing. There you were, right on time. He smiled to himself, watching as you sighed before walking towards your home. He followed along, of course, like every other day. He watched as your hair blew in the wind softly as you looked down, scrolling on your phone.
He wondered what you were looking at. It better not be other men. Or women. He didn't care, he just wanted you for himself... Shaking his head, he exhaled before clearing his mind. No, he can't think of this, unless he wants to do something he'd regret. Thinking about you getting close to anyone else.. He shivered and bore a disgusted look.
Soon enough, you arrived at your complex. Opening the keyed door, you bent down as you placed the metal into the lock. Peter watched as your knees bent, your ass being presented out towards anyone who walked past. He clenched his fists, trying to contain himself like he does every day. It's not like your doing it on purpose.. It's just to put that goddamn key in that stupid lock.
He grumbled, moving towards the side of the complex after making sure no one was looking. Lucky for him, there were no cameras outside the building, so no one would know it was him if anyone reports a 'peeping tom' he thinks they put it. He's not one, of course?
Getting outside of your window, he smiles. And now, we wait. On days like these, a Sunday, you would usually get off late. So as per usual, you got off around 9:45 and went to bed at 10:30. Right now it was 10 PM, so Peter would just have to wait 30 more minutes until he could peek in. Sure, he could do it right now, but there's a risk he would be caught by you or your roommate.
9:45 was already dark out, but 10:30 made sure you wouldn't be able to see his eyes even in the dark. He hummed to himself, imagining you in his head. Only you. Imagining how soft your skin would be against his, how you would look at him with fond eyes, how your touch would send shocks down his spine.
He looked down and groaned. He had gotten hard. Usually, he would be able to hold off until he got home, but tonight he had been pent up for so long. He checked his phone, 10:17. Muttering curses, he held off on touching himself. He would when you went to bed, and then he would see your beautiful, sleeping face as he released.
He smiled at that thought, going off a few more vivid fantasies before checking his phone once more. 10:34. He hadn't even realized your lights had been turned off, turning around before excitedly looking in through the glass.
His cock twitched in his pants as he saw that you were on your side facing him. Never breaking his staring, he unbuckled his pants and unzipped his fly. Pulling his pants down a bit, he pulled out his cock and slowly started stroking.
"Hah.." He whispered, his left hand pressing hard against the glass as his other started picking up the pace on his hard dick. His stroking soon began pumping, opening his mouth as he panted, staring at your sleeping face.
Your eyelashes were so cute, the way your mouth parted as you slept got him even more aroused. Thinking of how he would softly tap on your lips until were you awake, then roughly shove his cock down your throat. Breakfast bitch.
He groaned as he felt his climax soon, closing his eyes as his weight leaned against the glass. Pumping faster, his moans overrode the sounds of a creaky bed, a low whisper, and the sounds of feet on wood.
He was so close, he could feel it. Oh god, "Y/n!" He cried as he came, shooting upon the brick wall, defecating the hard work of its builders.
"What the fuck!" You screamed.
You didn't know what to say. Or do. Well obviously you did, call the goddamn COPS. You had gotten off work, late as always on a Sunday, and went home. Showering, washing your face, getting into your pj's before hitting the hay was your usual routine. Waking up a couple of minutes later to an unknown sound, whispered pants outside your window, walking up towards it to see a strange man jerking himself off while watching you, was not your normal routine.
"What the fuck!" You screamed as the man came onto the bricks. Your face morphed into such disgust, you probably looked like your old math teacher as she handed you back a graded test. The man froze, his hand stilled on his hanging cock, wet and cold in the night's breeze.
His panted smile turned into a thinned lip mouth. His smile faltering as you stared at him in horror. "Who the fuck are you?!" You yelled, slowly inching towards your nightstand that held your phone. The man doesn't answer, instead watching as you moved.
He saw as your body moved closer to your phone. Your phone. His eyes went wide, his actions next were lightning fast. Bringing his hands up, he desperately rushes to unlatch the window. You scream, forgetting your phone and rushing to lock the latch. He grumbles with haste trying to unlock it, your screams being a bit of a distraction for him, but he could manage. You just needed to not leave the room.
You try to pull the window down as he pushes it up, your heartbeat racing as you look into his crazed, blue eyes. He opens it just enough to put his hand in, giving a push onto your stomach, knocking you back away from the window.
"Omph!" You clutch your stomach, still standing as you watch in horror to see the pervert crawling in through the window. You felt your blood rung cold as he stands to his feet, taller inside than what he seemed outside. He was about 6'5, taller than your statue, no doubt could tower over you if he was closer. Let's keep it that way.
You screamed and ran to your door, your fingertips almost grazing the knob before getting roughly thrown to the ground. You yelp as your head hits the ground, feeling a heavy weight on your back, holding you down. Your vision fades as the large body holds you to the ground, long arms wrapping around your waist as a voice whispers in your ear.
"Shh.. My darling.."
You wake up groggily, with a pounding headache. You don't remember what happened until you try to get up, but being unable to. Noticing the weight surrounding your wrists, you look up at the bedpost and see that your arms had been tied together with rope. You whine in terror and try to break free, tugging at the resistant string, your skin creating painful friction marks in the process.
"That ain't gonna work, princess." A low voice calls out. You scan the room, searching for the voice before the man emerges from the shadows. Wearing a smug grin as he watches you tug and wrath with his wide, blue eyes.
"Who are you! What do you want with me?" You're terrified. Cursing at Lily for wanting to do a night trip with one of her loverboys, leaving you to the apartment alone. You tremble as he walks closer to you, tears forming around your eyes as you imagine what he'll do with you.
"Well," He moves to sit on the bed, his head turning to face yours, "I'm your boyfriend." He says with a smile. Your boyfriend? This guy must be insane, you just met him! And in the creepiest way possible too.
"My boyfriend? You must have got me confused with another girl because I have never met you in my life!" You scream into his face. He laughs. HE LAUGHS?? Forced to listen to this insane guys chuckling, you try and tug at the ropes once more. He stops and watches what you're doing before sighing.
"You shouldn't hurt those delicate wrists darling. Here, this is something that'll make you relaxed.." He reached into his pocket and pulled out a bottle of pills. Taking one from the bottle, he leans closer and rubs it against your lip. "Open up doll, it won't even hurt. Just make you feel real gooood.." He tries to push it into your mouth, but your teeth are clamped shut. He doesn't react but moves his other hand towards you, prying your mouth open before shoving the pill down your throat.
You cough and struggle against his hold, but he closes your mouth and leans in close. "Swallow." He commands. A tear seeps from your eyelid as you swallow the pill down. "Good girl." He purrs, releasing your mouth. The effects of the pill seem to work instantly as your body is suddenly covered in heat. Your body feels so hot and you're not even under any blankets.
"Feeling it already? Your face is red." He states, smirking as he stares at you. He's right, your face is flushed and heated. He reaches up and unties the rope, your hands falling loosely to your sides. You think this is your chance to escape, but as you try to lift your hands you realize you can't even raise them above your head. They feel so heavy and you feel so weak.
"Don't worry, I'll take care of you." He closes his eyes, trying to control himself. Looking towards you, seeing your red and panting self made him wanna pounce. But he'll go slow, just for you. Bending down in front of your legs, he slowly pulls down the shorts you had been wearing. You're much too weak to struggle, so you just let it happen.
"Good girl, letting me undress you like this. You're so naughty, aren't you?" Your mind is hazed and foggy, not entirely processing what he said due to the pill. What even was it anyways? You say nothing as he removes your underwear too, before tearing away your T-shirt. "Wow.. You're so- Perfect." He whispers, watching as your chest rises and falls, your legs twitching slightly.
He smirks and focuses on your legs, moving down as he spreads them with his hands. With your legs spread, he now had a full view of your glistening pussy. Sopping with your fluids, it was obvious your body was turned on. He licked his lips and placed a finger on your entrance, before sliding his finger in.
You let out a soft moan at the feeling, only focused on pleasure. He shivered at the sounds you made, be it your low panting or a soft whine. He wanted more of those sounds. He pumped his finger in slowly, before inserting another one. Your chest heaved as he slid his fingers in and out of you.
Inside his pants, his cock slowly sprung to life. Twitching against his underwear, it ached to be touched. Just like you. He removed his fingers from you, wrapping them around his long tongue as he gave them a suck before sighing. "You taste delicious, dear." He moans out before unzipping his pants.
Shimmying his pants down to his knees, he grabbed his cock and scooted closer towards you. "I want you so bad darling. So, so, so bad!" He growled, placing his tip just before your entrance. "Your gonna be a good girl and take me all, yes?" He purred, rubbing the tip along you.
You whined, wanting him inside you. Anything. ANYTHING for stimulation right now. 2 petty fingers weren't even close to being enough at how horny you are right now. You can't even think straight, so you whine. That seemed to be enough for him though, as he picked up his hard cock and slid it slowly into you.
He exhaled as he slid into you, your walls encasing him so right and so tight... It was like you were made just for him. Him. His pretty little Y/n. His darling, sucking him up. You moaned as you felt him around you, his thick cock filling up your hole.
He doesn't wait, he doesn't have to, feeling how wet you are, as he throws his hips back. Pounding into you, you gasp as he groans, both at the feeling of how good this is. One of his hands grips your waist, gripping into the skin as the other settles on your boob.
Even as he's fucking you, he still softly caresses your tit, twisting the nipple as you moan. "You- ah- feel so good darling.." He thrusts harder into you, biting his lip as he shuts his eyes in pleasure. "You're gonna make me cum, so soon!" He grunts as his thrusting speeds up.
You gasp as you feel him pump inside your walls, the sound of skin slapping and moans were the only sounds filling the room. He groans loudly as he cums inside you, hot liquid spewing from him as it fills you up. He bucks into you loosely before pulling out. He pants as he lays on top of you, stroking your stomach.
You don't remember much from that night. Waking up in clean sheets, with your Pj's back on. All you remember was being tied up to your bed, 'him' forcing a pill down your throat, and then it all goes blank. You couldn't see him all too well in the dark, only remembering his large, blue eyes.
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softshirabu · 3 months ago
zhongli x fem! reader (angst)
Tumblr media
Character/s : Zhongli Fandom : Genshin Impact Genre : angst + hanahaki disease Warnings : gore, death
love kills. 'Oh, what a cruel world this was. A cruel and corrupted world indeed.'
Y/N had always suffered from the disease known as Hanahaki. For as long as she could remember, she had been dealing with unrequited love. And, as a result, she coughed up red roses. It was anything but pleasant, as the petals affected her air intake and the thorns scratched her throat. She had tried getting medication from Baizhu, but it was no use. They never worked.
So, here she was, kneeled in front of the toilet and spewing out red roses. Tears rolled down her throat, the pain being unbearable. She coughed and spluttered, pounding her fist against her chest in hopes that it would lessen some of the agony.
It never did.
Y/N thicky swallowed, the taste of metal filling her mouth. She gagged and spat out another petal or two.
As the blood dripped down her chin, Y/N couldn't help but wonder how it had come to this.
Most would say that Zhongli was the main cause. When he had asked her to be his fiance, Y/N immediately accepted. She wanted nothing more than to spend the rest of her life with him. Unfortunely, Y/N was quick to realize that Zhongli had no intentions of loving her. This was purely a business engagement and nothing more.
"Y/N," Keqing's soft voice startled the young female god. She turned around, E/C eyes clashing with bright lavender orbs.
"Keqing," Y/N mumbled quietly.
The purple-haired girl crouched down beside Y/N, placing a hand on her back.
"Zhongli again?" She questioned. Y/N nodded.
"Keqing, will he ever like me back?" Y/N looked up, eyes brimming with hope. Keqing looked away, not wanting to break her friend's heart.
"... Y/N, his heart belongs to someone else," Keqing uttered, her chest aching slightly as she watched the light die from Y/N's eyes.
"Ah... I see." Y/N mumbled. Keqing assisted Y/N in standing up, holding the god steady.
"Y/N, I think you should break up with him." Said Keqing, only wanting the best for the H/C-haired female.
"Keqing... I can't. That'll hurt me even more." Y/N sniffed, "All that matters is he's happy. I'm fine with seeing him smile, even if it's not because of me."
Again, Keqing felt a pang in her chest. She was jealous of Zhongli. Y/N loved him with all her heart and he didn't even bat an eyelash at her.
As the two girls exited the bathroom, Keqing couldn't help but wonder what it would be like if Y/N loved her back instead. Everything would've been different. Y/N would be happy, Keqing would be happy, Zhongli would be... still sad.
Keqing had been crushing on Y/N for years now, but nobody knew of her feelings for the H/C-haired lass. And, Keqing intended to keep it that way.
Nobody needed to know. They didn't need to know how much pain this unrequited love was putting Keqing through.
"Hang on, I'll go get you some water," Keqing said as Y/N sat down on her and Zhongli's bed. Y/N nodded, thankful.
As the purple-haired female hurried off into the kitchen, Y/N heard a voice she was all too familiar with.
Zhongli wasn't supposed to be back until after midnight, so why did she hear his voice outside the room?
"And, this is my fiance and I's bedroo- Oh, your here." Judging by the tone of his voice, Zhongli was anything but pleased to see Y/N, sitting on the foot of the bed. His eyes flickered over to the bloodstains on Y/N's clothing, but didn't comment on them.
"Y/N? Your the one engaged to Zhongli? Congratulations!" Guizhong clapped her hands, happy for Y/N. The H/C-haired god, on the other hand, was devasted to see Guizhong. With her here, Y/N knew that Zhongli would give all his attention to her.
"Y/N, Hu Tao found a way to revive people from the dead. It took a while, but the experiment was finally successful." Zhongli gazed at Guizhong, a tender and loving look in his eyes. And, that was enough to break Y/N's poor, fragile heart.
"Y/N, I got you some wa- Oh, it's you." Keqing looked Zhongli up and down, unimpressed.
"What happened to her?" Zhongli questioned, referring to Y/N. Keqing just sent Zhongli a sickly sweet smile.
"Nothing that should concern you. After all, you wouldn't care." Replied Keqing, sassily. Zhongli blinked in shock, but didn't press further on the matter.
"If you say so." He mumbled. His statement made Keqing let out a small 'tsk'.
"Oh, Guizhong, let me show you the kitchen." Zhongli gently took her wrist, leading her down the stairs. Keqing continued to glare holes into his back, yearning to draw her blade and stab him.
"Bitch." She grumbled under her breath before slowly focusing her attention back on Y/N. "Here, drink up." Y/N gulped down the whole glass in five seconds, practically inhaling the water. The ice-cold liquid felt good and soothed her sore and scratched throat.
"Keqing," Her voice was hoarse and barely above a whisper. Keqing leaned in so that she could hear Y/N properly. "Can I stay at your's tonight?"
"Of course, you don't even have to ask. Do you... want to pack now?" Y/N nodded.
"Yes. Can you get me that bag over there please?" Y/N pointed at the bag that was tucked away in a corner, collecting dust. Keqing grabbed it, opened it, and begun to shake all the dust particles off. "Thank you," Y/N mumbled as Keqing handed her the bag.
She took everything she needed and stuffed them into the bag, making sure that they would all fit before zipping it up. Keqing watched, arms folded over her chest.
"Let's go," Y/N announced. She was in a hurry to get out of the house before Zhongli caught her and caused her glass heart to shatter even more.
Fortunately, luck was on her side and she and Keqing managed to sneak out of the house without alerting her fiance and Guizhong.
Keqing smiled at Y/N, giddy and full of joy. Her crush was finally staying over at her house. It was lucky that she cleaned this morning.
With Zhongli out of the picture, it would be easier for Keqing to make Y/N fall for her. Keqing was determined to steal Y/N away from Zhongli and she was willing to do anything to achieve that goal. ↶*ೃ✧˚. ❃ ↷ ˊ-
It had been 4 days since Y/N had temporarily moved out of the house she shared with Zhongli. The brunette man seemed as if he didn't care, not even glancing her way. Everywhere Y/N went, she would see her fiance with Guizhong. They were never apart, attached to the hip.
There was even a rumor going around that Y/N and Zhongli's engagement had been broken off. Y/N didn't bother to tell anybody the truth, too caught up in trying to stop her heart from aching.
During her life, Y/N had faced many challenges. She saw her family, her friends, her comrades die in battle. She had witnessed many deaths and seen horrible things. Yet, nothing could compare to the hole she felt inside her heart.
It was almost too painful to bear. It hurt to see her lover with another woman, a woman better than her. Her poor heart was dying and withering, but she did nothing to soothe the ache. Nothing could save her now from the angst she was experiencing.
Y/N let out a small sigh before lifting the jade cup she held in her hands. She took a sip from her tea, the liquid warming her mouth and making her feel slightly better. However, her mood immediately dropped when she realized that she had, due to a habit, ordered Zhongli's favorite tea.
Y/N, not wanting to drink it anymore, placed the cup down. She was about to leave the teashop when two very familiar people entered. Guizhong instantly spotted her and walked over, smiling brightly.
"Y/N! I haven't seen you in a while. How have you been?" The long-haired beauty asked. Y/N stared up at her in silence, not knowing what to say.
"... Good." She muttered.
"Wonderful! Hey, Zhongli and I were thinking of going for a walk. Would you like to join us?" Pushing her chair back, Y/N stood up.
"I'm fine, thanks for asking," Y/N replied monotonously. Guizhong tilted her head to the side.
"But, I've noticed that you and Zhongli haven't been spending a lot of time together. Wouldn't it be nice for you to bond again?" Guizhong questioned. Y/N clenched her jaw. She knew it wasn't Guizhong's fault that Zhongli wasn't paying her any attention, but it still hurt.
"Did you not hear what I said?" Y/N uttered in a rather harsh tone, which caused Guizhong to flinch and Zhongli to narrow his eyes, "I said no."
Y/N tried to walk off, but Guizhong grabbed her wrist, being persistent.
"You guys are lovers though! You should be spending ti"- Y/N cut her off.
"We're not in this relationship because we love each other! We're in this relationship because of a contract!" Y/N shouted. By now, the whole shop was looking at the commotion. Y/N huffed. "I'll be going now, enjoy the rest of your day."
The H/C-haired female left. She didn't feel guilty for yelling at Guizhong. In fact, it felt quite nice.
Feeling bile rise up in her throat, Y/N's eyes widened slightly. She hurried into a secluded area and crouched down, throwing up both blood and roses.
It took about five minutes for her to finally stop. The pavement below her was covered in red liquid and blood-stained rose petals. Such a sight could make somebody faint.
"Y-Y/N?" Guizhong was standing behind the said female, a horrified look on her face. ↶*ೃ✧˚. ❃ ↷ ˊ-
"Keqing... I don't have much time left." Y/N weakly smiled at her purple-haired friend who was kneeling beside her bed. "I want Zhongli to marry the true love of his life, not some person he was assigned to because of an agreement. But, please, just do this one favor for me. Tell him... Tell him that I love him." Keqing nodded, a spear going through her heart. However, she showed no signs of it. She showed no signs that she was in pain.
"Under... Understood." She choked out, her voice cracking and trembling.
"Please, don't cry." Uttered Y/N, "If you cry, I'll cry."
Keqing sniffed and nodded. Silently, she grabbed Y/N's hand, lifted it up to her lips, and planted a light kiss on Y/N's knuckles. Her actions caused the H/C-haired girl to smile.
"Keqing... don't forget me, please."
"I could never forget you."
Y/N let out a small, airy chuckle.
"One day, you are going to make somebody very, very happy." At Y/N's statement, Keqing froze. She bowed her head.
'Yeah, I know. But, how can I when you're the one I want?' ↶*ೃ✧˚. ❃ ↷ ˊ-
As the clock struck midnight and everybody was either asleep or speedrunning their tasks and work, Y/N was lying in a field full of white roses. They were red now, due to the fact that Y/N had bled through most of them.
She was clad in a thin white gown, the fabric stained crimson.
Closing losing her eyes, Y/N thought about her memories with Zhongli. Although he never truly loved her, she was still thankful to have him in her life.
The moon glowed brightly and it started to lightly rain. The stars twinkled and the wind blew a soft breeze, comforting Y/N.
Slowly, her body started to dissolve into nothing, leaving no traces behind.
And, that was how Y/N, the goddess betrothed to Rex Lapis/Morax, died. ↶*ೃ✧˚. ❃ ↷ ˊ-
"Y/N... is dead." The news that Keqing suddenly delivered to Zhongli shocked him. He stood up, the chair he was sitting on being pushed back.
"She's what?" He asked, panicked.
"Are you deaf?" Keqing clicked her tongue, "I said she's dead." It hurt the Qixing member to say that.
"Where is she?!" Zhongli demanded.
"The rose fields." Uttered Keqing, refusing to make eye contact with him. "She... did have a message for you though. She told me to tell you... that she loves you." In under five seconds, Zhongli was out the door. Keqing decided to follow him, choosing that it would be the best option.
Zhongli and Keqing arrived at the rose fields in no time. They spotted Ningguang, Hu Tao, and Guizhong already there. Zhongli rushed up to the three females, looking like a mess.
"Where's her body?!" Zhongli exclaimed, in tears. Hu Tao glanced over her shoulder.
"It... disappeared. We can't find her body. It was as if she had faded into thin air." The young lady with brunette hair muttered.
Zhongli fell to his knees.
"Why..." He mumbled under his breath "What... What did I do? What have I done?" He inhaled the air sharply as he stared at his shaking hands, his eyesight blurring.
He felt at fault for your death.
Guizhong also felt guilty. She had stolen Zhongli away from Y/N. She was mentally beating herself up. She had witnessed you suffer from hanahaki, why did she not say anything? She was foolish to believe Y/N when she said that she was fine.
Keqing stared at Zhongli's back, her face emotionless. She wanted to cry, but she refused to show weakness in front of Ningguang.
"Zhongli," Hu Tao lightly tapped her employee's shoulder. She held a letter in her hands. "We found this note. It's from Y/N."
Zhongli hesitantly took it. He carefully opened the envelope and grabbed the paper inside. Slowly, he unfolded the thick parchment and almost burst into tears just by looking at your neat handwriting.
"Zhongli. By the time you receive this letter, I'm probably dead. But, do not worry. As you weep, or not, my soul is next to you, patting ur head and comforting you. Zhongli, I really love you. I love you so much that I would do anything for you, even if it means letting you go. I would never block you from marrying the true love of your life. That's not what I want. Marry Guizhong. Marry her, and start a family, and build it. I'll be supporting you all the way from the sky. Bu,t please promise me this. Every night, go out and gaze at the stars. I will be there, looking down at you from above. As I am all the way up here, I will guard your children and keep them away from danger. Zhongli, please remember me. Listen to the song in that record. It's my words to you."
- Kind Regards, Y/N
Baby, you don't gotta fight, I'll be here 'til the end of time Wishin' that you were mine, pull you in, it's alright.
As as Zhongli weeped for Y/N, Ningguang, Hu Tao, and Guizhong silently left. Keqing was the only one who stayed behind.
"You know," She sat down next to Zhongli, "She suffered from Hanahaki disease. I wanted her to tell you, because you had a right to know, but she didn't want to. She was scared that she would be a burden."
"She really was selfless." Zhongli mumbled. Keqing let out a loud and raspy cough, causing Zhongli to look at her.
Blood trailed down her chin, surprising the male. She smiled, eyes full of pain and anguish.
"Yes, she really was selfless. She cared about many people, even if they didn't care about her." Keqing coughed again, "Well, I guess this is how I die too. At least I'll get to see Y/N." She let a bittersweet smile pull at the corners of her lips.
Zhongli could only watch as the purple-haired female spluttered out blood.
Y/N had died from Hanahaki, and it seemed that Keqing too would suffer the same fate.
Oh, what a cruel world this was. A cruel and corrupted world indeed.
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manias-wordcount · a month ago
Cat and Mouse (Childe)
Kinktober 2021 Day Ninteen: Brat Taming
𝙒𝙖𝙣𝙩 𝙩𝙤 𝙧𝙚𝙖𝙙 𝙢𝙤𝙧𝙚? ⇒ 𝙈𝙖𝙨𝙩𝙚𝙧𝙡𝙞𝙨𝙩
𝙟𝙤𝙞𝙣 𝙢𝙮 𝙙𝙞𝙨𝙘𝙤𝙧𝙙 𝙨𝙚𝙧𝙫𝙚𝙧?
Tumblr media
It was always cat and mouse between the two of you. You were the mouse. And he, the cat. Time and time again, that would be the game you two would play. But this time, it was all too real. A real chase, a real fear, a real risk, a real reward. And it was all happening so fast. Too fast for a little mouse like you to keep up.
 You hadn’t even left the Sea of Clouds before he caught you. You couldn’t even make it past the Golden House. And boy do you hate it.
“F-fuck!” You curse, tears pricking in at the corner of your eyes as he snaps his hips against yours again. “Fuck you...ah!”
 He’s got you pinned against a stone wall, just out of sight from the main path. The spot is barely hidden, and if it weren’t for the fact that it’s completely pitch-black dark outside, you’d almost say you’re completely and utterly exposed. But if anyone were to come too close right now, they could see how easily he’s has you cornered. How his pants are down by his ankles, and yours are tossed somewhere in a pile. How your arms are around his neck and how his large hands grip onto your hips. How his lips rarely leave your neck and how you just can’t seem to close yours. 
 How your leg is hooked itself around his waist, and his cock slips in you like it was meant to be.
 “I thought you would realize by now,” He murmurs into your heated skin. He places another few kisses up and down your neck, nipping at your most sensitive parts. His hands roll your body against yours, manipulating the pleasure you do and don’t feel. When he finally reaches up and places a kiss just below your ear, you hear him whisper out harshly- “I am fucking you. Did you go too stupid from getting some dick stuffed in your needy hole, or were you always this dumb?”
 You curse at him again, squeezing your eyes shut and shaking your head. But that doesn’t change the loud moan he pulls from your lips. Nor does it change the way your arms wrap themselves tighter around his next, practically allowing yourself to be carried by him. He’s an expert at this. Only minutes in, and he practically knows your body as if he owns it. All the right angles, all the right spots. You don’t know how much experience he has, and frankly, you don’t care. All you know is that it’s unfair. It’s unbelievably, completely unfair.
 You and the 11th Harbinger had always had a weird relationship. It started with him flirting with you once he made his way his way to Liyue harbor. And even when you made it crystal clear that you never wanted to be seen with the likes of him, he persisted with that stupid, easy-going smile on his face. To him, your rolled eyes and sharp jabs were a just challenge. Just a tease.
 And in truth, they were.
 He’s more than easy on the eyes. Your first glance at him told you that he was cute. Your double-take told you that he was handsome. Pretty hair with an even prettier set of eyes. His height is more than impressive and you found his slim build to be extremely attractive. His confidence was alluring, and the soft gazes he gave to you whenever the two of you were alone always left you feeling flushed. Not to mention the fact that he was very clearly a family man with deeper than deeper pockets and you were just as hooked to the chase as he was. He liked being the cat. You liked being the mouse. It was a win-win for both of you.
 And then you saw it. 
 You watched what happened at Yanshang Teahouse. 
 At your family’s teahouse.
 “When we get back to the Harbor, we’re going to talk about this, okay?” He growls into your ear. His words are direct and hold no room for argument. It’s like the Harbinger- the persona of a man in a position of high power took over. And he can be mean. He can be so mean when he wants to be. “You’re gonna cream yourself on my cock, then we’re going to go back to the harbor, sit down, and talk this like sensible adults, got it?
 “No!” You can’t help but defy him- to turn away from him the best you could and shake your head “no.” His reaction is immediate. He quickens his pace, his intensity, and lets out a low sound that sends shivers down your spine. You know it’s stupid but you can’t help but be mad. You don’t even know what you’re saying “no” to! But all you can focus on is how much you hate him. You hate him, you hate him, you hate him. 
 When you ran, you didn’t know where to go. You know he knew that your family owned that teashop. He would always be around there, staying for hours just to watch you work. But now you know. You know that is probably just an excuse to intimidate your family. All so he could swoop in one day and hurt them. And hurt you.
 “Y-you used me, didn’t you!” You ground out, swallowing down moan after moan. At your words, he brought his head away from your neck and stared down at you, hips slowing to a stop. For a second, you feel like there’s no sound. Nothing but your roaring heartbeat and your blood rushing past your ears. The silence is deafening, and you want nothing more than to scream. “You used me to get to my family you sick bastard-”
 “Make no mistake, everything I feel for you is real. Everything.” He grabs your chin as he cuts you off, voice quiet, quick, and harsh. He doesn’t break a sweat as he forces you to look him straight in the eye as he breathes out heavily. The look in his eyes is both feral and enraged. You could just see the way his jaw clenched and unclenched with every unspoken threat directed towards you. You didn’t know what to think. “Falling for you wasn’t a part of the plan. But if I have to put you in your place just to get you to listen to me, then so be it. Are we clear?”
 You’re blinking back tears in shock, clearly thrown off by his reaction. You honestly thought he was pursuing you because of your family- because of the debt and whatever that item he was after. But hearing him speak to you so seriously- was a surprise to you. This was nothing like the gentle Childe you used to know. This was nothing like the debt-collecter Child you thought you hated. This was the Childe who had no problem fucking you out in the open like this just because you ran. Just to teach you a lesson. 
 The snarl on his face deeps once you take too long to answer. A hand lets go of your hips and smacks your bottom hard. You cry out immediately, the feeling of being treated so roughly by him was such a foreign idea to you. But you can’t deny the way it made you feel. The way he makes you feel- even after all that happened. 
 So fucking needy.
 “I said: Are we clear?” He hissed out again, and you swore you could see a crackle of electricity- purple electricity spark behind his blue eyes. “Don’t make me repeat myself, baby. You’re not going to like what happens when I repeat myself, baby.”
 Sometimes, you miss your soft ginger cat who could never keep up with you. But now that he’s finally got his hands on you- the mouse- you can’t help but have your breath taken away. Who would have ever thought something like this could happen with you a soft ginger cat who always seems to have more than enough mora on him? And when you miss him, you think about how he’s from somewhere far away with a handsome smile and sweet laugh. You think about all the times he came to the shop just to browse- which is code for “bother you until you kick him out.” You miss those moments. You used to think about them a lot. 
But more than anything, you can’t help but wonder. 
 And wonder and wonder and wonder and wonder about how you did it. 
 How you stood in front of the cat every single day and managed to convince yourself that he doesn’t have claws. 
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delicrieux · 9 months ago
☆ミ 𝚖𝚊𝚔𝚎 𝚢𝚘𝚞 𝚜𝚊𝚢 “𝚘𝚑”
PART 24: OH...HI
after months and too much longing, you finally meet corpse in person.
─── corpse husband x reader ─── soc. media + written fiction! ─── word count: 3.8k
author’s note: we did it joe.
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Tumblr media
✼  ҉  ✼  ҉  ✼  ҉  ✼  ҉  ✼  ҉  ✼
You woke up. That’s a lie, you didn’t sleep. Too much to plan, too much can go wrong and you’re...Not nervous, no, that’s not quite accurate. Excited. Yes, excited, so excited that two Redbulls and three coffees (so far!) make you jitter around the apartment like a butterfly that can’t find a flower bed to rest on. 
Rae has almost had enough of your...random spurts of energy. So what if you ran a few laps, climbed a few tables, sang karaoke a bit too loud and yet another noise complaint had been issued? It arrived exactly an hour after your concert via your displeased landlord. Rae was, of course, the one to apologize because you were too busy trying on miniskirts. After that ordeal was taken care of, no sooner than Rae shut the front door with an exhausted sigh, you emerged from your room clad in your prettiest outfit. You present it to her with a bright smile and flourish. 
She is not impressed.
“Will you quit it?” She questions, arms crossed over her chest. Your grin does not damper -- you’re used to such harsh treatment, having accepted her backhanded way of showing love long ago. Instead, you flick your wrists, showing off an ungodly amount of rings. You’re not certain of the exact number because you can’t count, “Y/n.” Her voice gains an edge, but you persist. Show off your shoes that have cute lil’ charms that jingle jangle not unlike the spurs on a hot cowgirl’s boots, “Y/n.” Her eyes narrow in displeasure, her stern tone making you falter in your dramatic stride down the imaginary catwalk, “Just stop.”
Okay! So maybe you’re not as used to her coldness as you thought you were. Your expression sours, and you quit the act, even if a part of you - one you barely fight off, goodness, you almost perish in that battle - wants to continue but even more annoying. As if you could somehow block her rationality with manic energy. 
“What?” You ask, trying to keep the mood lighthearted despite her squared shoulders and tight frown, “I’m just having a bit of fun!” You say with a joyous little laugh, reaching for a glass of much needed water.
“No, you’re panicking.” Her words make the glass still, hoovering by your painted lips, but it’s short lived. You take a greedy gulp and it tastes fresh with a pinch of lipstick, “Look, I get it...” She shakes her head softly, “You’re meeting the guy you like for the first time, you jumped the gun straight to dating and now you’re...Anxious. It’s normal, you know.”
“But I’m not anxious.” You persist, and you really do mean it. You don’t like how she looks at you as if you’re the one that’s misunderstanding your own feelings. You set the glass down with a soft clink, heaving your own sigh, “I’m not, I’m really happy actually.” You explain softly, “It’s way of dealing with it. I’m more... Worried about Corpse, to be honest.” You add, a tad quieter, “But, like, it’s all good!” You exclaim, strolling up to her and landing your hands on her shoulders, “I prepared.”
And it’s true! You had spent the night scouring the depths of the internet. Read every WikiHow article on how to deal with someone with extreme anxiety, how to not make things painfully awkward, and how to talk to boys (just in case. The last time you stumbled upon that particular article was way back in middle school when you had a crush on that one guy you saw in your school’s cafeteria every now and then. Naturally, that led you down the rabbit hole, and according to WikiHow’s How To Tell If A Boy Likes You guidebook, you found out that he was absolutely enamored with you because he glanced in your direction, like, two times. Safe to say that love story went nowhere. The point still stands). 
So you forward all of this information to Rae, nestled in her bed whilst she lazily folds her clothes; clarify that you know that nothing much can happen, and that this whole situation is delicate, and that you must tread carefully because you don’t want to overwhelm him. She pauses her actions, glancing behind her to watch you staring idly at the ceiling, so peaceful, so thoughtful. And it’s not the eerie calmness you had displayed during your murderous spree in the last Among Us game, no, it’s just...quiet understanding. 
“I’m actually impressed.” She says. You merely hum, counting the dust slowly descending in the cascading light, “You’re not as clueless as I thought.” Your lips quirk into a shy smile at the compliment- “Or as tactless.” - and turn downward just as quick.
“That implies that I’m always tactless.”
“You are.” She states and you sit up, a soft frown pinching your brows, “Not like, in a terrible way. You just...don’t think about your actions. Or the repercussions. You just know that you can get away with everything.”
“And I can!”
“That doesn’t actually mean you should do something just because you can. You know I’ll always support you. Literally everyone will always support you. But I’m not gonna coddle you. You’re just...a lot. Online and especially in person. But the fact that you’re actually taking this seriously and taking his feelings into consideration is...well, the bare minimum, but still, good job.”
...Much to think about. You don’t like thinking, it makes your head hurt. Though, that could just be the lack of sleep. You cross your legs and plop your head in your hand, tired eyes blinking owlishly, “Do you...think I should change what I’m wearing?”
Prompted by your question, she gives you a careful once over, “I mean, it’s signature you.”
“Signature me is a hoodie and some sweatpants.”
She smiles, “Then go change. Your outfit is a bit distracting for just...Hanging out indoors, no? I’m sure he wouldn’t mind either way, though.”
“I just...” You bite the inside of your cheek, mulling your words over. Truly, the last time you were so attentive was when you went Psycho Mode in Among Us, which, to be fair, wasn’t that long ago. Perhaps there wasn’t a chance to let your mind dull - it’s almost as sharp as your butterfly knife, “I figured that if, like,” You vaguely motion with your hands, “if I be, like, all over the place, and wearing something cute, he’d be, like, distracted? And less anxious? No...awkward silence?”
“First meetings are always awkward, it’s natural.” She chimes, “I mean, if you’re so nervous-”
“I’m not nervous!”
“-then just don’t overthink it. I know it’s easier said than done, but you’re you, and Corpse is Corpse, and he likes you for who you are, and even if it is a bit awkward, I’m sure it’ll, like, blow over in a second. It really doesn’t matter how you look, Y/n.” She grins, “Plus, it’s not like you’re greeting him in your underwear or something.”
You will not admit that that was your plan B, not when you just landed in her good graces. You nod, “...I’ll go change.” 
And so you do. Pick out your cutest hoodie and some sweatpants. Put away your jingle jangle shoes with a broken heart, instead of them donning your fluffiest socks; slip off some rings because they keep falling off of your fingers. It’s almost like all of those transformation scenes in rom-coms that are still popular for some reason, except you’re hot before and after, so there’s really no transformation at all. 
Now you wait. Just wait, all other activities are excluded from this. Rae comes back to find you sitting on the edge of your bed, back straight, hands neatly folded on your lap. She compares you to a Sim’s character and you allow her. After mercilessly mocking you and snapping a few pictures - for blackmail, you assume - she helpfully informs that she is leaving because she doesn’t want to get in the way, but your psychic abilities which you acquired just now tell you that she simply doesn’t want to witness this train wreck. Not that it’ll be a train wreck, it would be if you were nervous, but you aren’t. 
You just aren’t. You fidget with the rings adoring your hand; toy with the hem of your hoodie; bounce your leg up and down. It’s just caffeine, okay?! Fuck this, Twitter time.
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Tumblr media
✼  ҉  ✼  ҉  ✼  ҉  ✼  ҉  ✼  ҉  ✼
The waiting commences, only now it somehow feels more intense. The sun is setting, and you really want to be one of those cute girls that fill their camera roll with pictures of the sunset and the roseate sky, but your hands are trembling and holding up your phone feels like too much of a hassle. You’d rather just sit there, alone in the apartment, in the pin-drop silence, extremely uncomfy and tense, as if waiting for the end of the world. 
A notification sounds off and your life flashes before your eyes. Hastily, you check it, a sticky mixture of delight and something else, something unpleasant constricting, making your stomach churn. He’s here. Holy shit, it’s happening. You order your anime plushies to stop fucking panicking, they’re like, totally embarrassing you at the moment! You wonder if they have their own little group chat, but instead of Totally Spies it’s called Total Embarrassment. Yikes, okay, that was harsh. After a good scolding, and a heartfelt apology for getting so heated, you smooth down the non-existent wrinkles on your modest outfit, and quickly waddle over to the electronic apartment thingie something something... you unlock the main door, okay!? This is for some reason feeling very not cash money, so you break out in a little dance number.
The doorbell does not sing that shrill, unpleasant tune; rather, there’s a soft knock on the apartment’s door, and you pause your shuffling, your renegade, and perk up at the imposing future hidden behind a slab of wood. Your heart beats a melody all on it’s own, and it’s loud, uncoordinated, like a musician that’s still familiarizing themselves with their instrument. And there’s that knock again, as uncertain as you’re feeling, and your clammy fingers latch onto the lock and turn it and now there is no more hiding - such a possibility is no longer an option; no more sporadic dances or sitting in disheartening silence and letting your thoughts weight you down.
You’re not quite sure what you were thinking about before you saw him in the threshold, head tilted slightly, fluffy dark hair obscuring the bags under his eyes, hunched, one ringed hand clutching onto the strap of his duffel bag, the other frozen mid-air, ready to knock one more time lest you didn’t hear him the first two. No, truly, you can’t, for the life of you, remember what all the fuss was about. 
“...Oh.” It’s a soft sound, so quiet, but not surprised, rather...relieved. Faint shimmers of a smile reach you, hidden behind a black face mask - the panini chic! You must stan a respectful king - but there’s something about the way he looks at you that makes you question it’s sincerity. He fails to return your gaze, rather choosing to stare somewhere over your shoulder. His eyes seem unfocused. Apprehensive. A wild thought occurs to you that he expected you to trick him somehow, and wild thoughts invade the land of your mind often, but never in such a way. You clutch the handle just a bit tighter.
His hand retreats to his side, up to his mask and you think he’s about to unhook it but he stills, and there’s panic there, as if he had been moving unconsciously, as if he hadn’t realized what he’s doing. He plays it off by idly scratching his cheek, muttering an equally quiet, “Hi.” to fill the silence.
Finally, your WikiHow knowledge can come in handy, along with your common sense, “Hey, pretty boy.” You mutter, pulling away from the door, “Make yourself at home!” You slide to the kitchen, your socks acting not unlike ice-skates cutting through the Arctic frost covered ground. You hope that with you occupied and not watching him as closely he’ll feel slightly more at ease. 
You’d like to hug him. Kiss him, definitely. But if he’s so uncomfortable that he can’t bring himself to shed his mask in your presence, then there’s really nothing you can do. 
You hear the door shut and lock behind you as you pull out two glasses from the cupboard, humming a song you can’t quite recall the name of. You ask him if he’d like something to drink - it was a short flight, yet a flight still, and planes always make you thirsty, and there you go talking his ear off. You end abruptly, but smoothly, like a true diplomat; if he notices, you have no way of knowing - he doesn’t provide even a hint. He’s hard to read, and literature was never your best subject. But you’re trying.
He sets his duffel bag down on a nearby chair, “I, uhhh,” His voice is raspy and low, another indication of a pathetic lack of sleep, “ you something, uhh, I dunno-dunno if I should...give it now, or?” He sends you a questioning glance, but it doesn’t linger. Your offer of drinks is momentarily forgotten, though you hardly mind. 
You grin, “Sure! I love gifts, gimmie gimmie.” You make grabby hands, and he snorts, and it would’ve sounded endearing if he didn’t sound so fucking tired. He unzips the bag, and you pad your way to him, mindful of personal space (something you, in most social situations, chose to pretend does not exist). You note his hands quivering lightly, just like yours had in the agonizing wait, but he hides it well. You wish you could hold them. You’re afraid to try.
He pulls out a black hoodie and you recognize the custom art on it instantly - it’s his merch. He presents it in awkward flourish, murmuring a “Tadaaaa” under his breath; your heart skips a pleasant beat, and you have to bite down on your lower lip lest you smile appears too big. The fabric is soft under your fingers, and you accept his gift with a dramatic bow, and he turns his head away with another little laugh. You’re chipping away at the ice around him; it’s a slow process, but it’s worth the effort.
Truly, your own hoodie is shabby in comparison - icky, how could you have ever worn such a thing in the first place?! You’ll have to do extensive research in fashion magazines and Printerest so such a slip-up may never happen again. You discard it hastily and put his on instead; it smells like washing detergent with hints of cologne, one you instantly pin point belonging to him, “It’s, uhhh, it’s mine? I hope you, uhh, I didn’t have any spare ones, so-I hope you don’t...mind.”
He’s finally looking at you, but he’s still tense, still hesitant, and you shake your head softly, “No,” You admit, “I like it even more now.” You pull on the hood, toy with the strings and yank them quickly; your face is concealed, save for your nose, “Comfy.” Your commentary is unmatched, best of it’s kind - eloquent and effortless, much like yourself.
Another small laugh reaches your ears, and it sounds a bit livelier than the others had been. Success!
“Stop that.” He says gently, and you see moving shadows; his hands loosen the strings and your face is revealed to him once again. He’s close now, and he doesn’t move away; his hands come to rest on your shoulders, warm even through layers of fabric, “I came all this way to see you, don’t hide your face from me.” 
Your eyes narrow playfully, your finger rapidly tapping away on his clothed cheek, “What’s all this then? Hm? Hm?” Instead of swatting your hand away, which you figured he’d do, he complies and finally tugs that fucking mask off. Your breath catches in the back of your throat and you halt your ministrations - truly, seeing him smiling on screen is nothing compared to him smiling in person. You can’t quite contain yourself any longer - your excitement might burst out in another dance number otherwise - as you throw your arms over his shoulders and pull him flush against you. He’s quick to return the embrace. Maybe it was all the encouragement he needed.
“Wow,” He mumbles, only slightly offended, “so I finally show my face to you, in person, and you just look away?”
“I’m hugging you, dumbass.”
Things fall into place after that, like a dozen puzzle pieces fitting together. He won’t let you go - he doesn’t want to. You put on some music, something easy and indie and that doesn’t require too much effort to listen to, as the two of you contemplate what to eat. Cooking by yourselves was dismissed due to the unstable relationship between yourself and cooking utensils. The stove and you had had a falling out recently, but this feud had started long ago, back in pre-school, with only short intervals of friendship. He listened to your extensive explanation absolutely enraptured and only moderately confused. 
So you settled on ordering pizza from Domino’s. You have no trouble calling or receiving phone calls, because you have no trouble doing anything, and he admitted that he only really calls you because he gets too anxious to do more, so you’re tasked with ordering the food. You accept this mission with pride.
You stand tall, gazing out the window into the wild California domain: massive buildings and towering eucalyptus trees, bleeding skyline and the sun slowly getting swallowed up by the ocean. Corpse looms behind you, with his arms snaked around your waist and his chin resting on your shoulder, looking at you through the corner of his eye. You wait patiently for the underpaid, overworked staff member to pick up, and once they do, you have the audacity to grin brightly and chirp, “Hi! I want pizza.”
Conversations flow smoothly, and you make hot chocolate - because you are hot and you crave chocolate - and he insists he wants one too, because you want one, and you don’t hesitate to overflow his cup with whipped cream and an ungodly amount of miniature marshmallows. A premature heart attack, just for him. Whoever said romance is dead has clearly never met you. When the doorbell chimes, you’re astounded that an hour flew by so quickly.
After the delicious meal, the movie night must commence. So what if you watched 10 Things I hate About You yesterday, you insist that you have already forgotten the plot. You lead him to your room and he tries not to stare, but can’t help himself. Pretty boy in a pretty girl’s room. His eyes linger on the massive posters of Chrollo on your walls, and you sense his displeasure rolling off of him in waves. 
“What?” You huff, fluffing the pillows, “You don’t like my husband?”
He jabs his finger into his chest, into the spot of his heart, “I’m your husband.”
“Side hoe, then-”
You didn’t lie when you said you love to cuddle, or that you’re clingy. It’s a good thing he’s just as clingy as you are, because when he lays down and you latch onto his side. He doesn’t complain, rather wraps his arm around pulls you close. His thumb draws lazy circles on your side; with your head resting on his chest, you feel each rhythmical rise and drop. 
The opening credits play on the projector, the room dark enough for your pile of plushies to look like a whole fucking human just standing in the corner. A ghost! Sucks for it, you’re not scared. You feel safe. Protected. So comfortable in Corpse’s hold that you’re honestly wondering how did you manage to be so long without him. To think all of this started when Sykkuno followed you on Twitter. What a lucky accident.
“Can I ask you something?” Your voice cuts through the bopping 90s soundtrack and Julia Stiles’ voice. He hums. You take it as a yes. Tilting your head upwards, you find his eyes again, a thorn of displeasure picking you as you note that that apprehension you had seen previously is still very much there, “...You really wouldn’t date me if I was a worm?”
His chest rumbles with a laugh and his lips split into a grin, “I would.” He presses your side for emphasis, “I really would.” He repeats, reassuringly. You, however, are not convinced.
“But I’d be a worm.”
“I know. We’d... roll around in the dirt together, or something.”
“But you’d be human.”
He frowns softly, “Why couldn’t I be a worm, too?”
“Those are the rules.”
“What kind of shitty fucking rules are those?”
“I dunno, it’s like the Thanos snap or something. I just turn into a worm. I’m the only one.”
“That’s fine.” He smiles, “I’d take you out on a fishing date or something.”
Shocked, offended, and heartbroken, you hit his chest and pointedly turn away with a pout, which he finds very funny for some reason, but you fail to see the humor anywhere except the movie. Despite the fact that he’d sacrifice you for a fish, you smile shyly and close your eyes. He did say you would take a nap together, and if he really thought you’d stay awake for movie night, well, then he’s just an idiot. You had decided you would fall asleep as soon as he was next to you. It’s a miracle you managed to stay awake for so long.
“...Sleeping already?” You don’t appreciate his teasing tone.
“’m not sleeping...” You murmur, “’m resting my eyes.”
You’re not quite certain (of anything, really) how much time drifts by, but you’re nearly lost in unconsciousness, in the warm, nice feeling that comes along with him like a cloud. Perhaps he thinks you’re asleep, he has to, else he wouldn’t say anything at all, “You’re stuck with me now, you know.” It’s such a soft admission, riddled with the same notes of anxiety that always prevail in his speech; with the same hopeful sincerity he had been gazing at you the whole evening. 
Moving your lips is such a hassle, but you manage, “’m...stuck...” You mumble, “’m...stuck...what are you doing step-”
“No!” He laughs, and your lips quirk into a lazy smile, “No, no, no. Just no. Do you talk in your sleep?” You fake snore at that, loudly, “You’re like a little dragon.”
“...Fuck you.”
“Fine, a kitten, then.” That’s better. You feel something chapped, but soft, press onto your forehead, “Goodnight, Y/n.”
God, you’re so fucking happy. Does he know how happy you are? How happy he makes you? But you’re too tired for screaming and flailing around, too tired to even crack an eye open. You want him to know all the same, “ you.” You whisper, but you don’t know if he hears you over the movie, “...I like you.”
His reply is instant, breathless, “I like you too.”
Good, you want to say, and maybe you do - can’t tell anymore. Sleep takes you too quickly.
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We’ve Got You | Drukarri x Gn!Reader
Summary: Reader is hurt during battle, leading to very worried partners and cuddles afterwards
Warnings: Slight violence and angst, blood and injuries but nothing serious, cute and protective drukarri, lots of fluff <3 not proofread.
Requested: No, just something cute I thought of :) But, requests are open if you’d like to submit one!!
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
It all happened so fast. One minute you were busy helping the village folk with their gardening, using your powers to help manipulative the growth of the many different types of vegetation. Ajak had scolded you multiple times for it before, saying that humans needed to do it on their own in order to maintain their progression, but you couldn’t help it! You loved the smiles and happy giggles of the children as greenery grew right under your fingertips. You didn’t disobey often, but in moments like this you couldn’t resist.
The village and your fellow Eternals had all gathered outside today to attend the many different needs, some doing chores and others taking strolls with their lovers as they basked in the beautiful sunny day. Speaking of lovers, yours had decided to stop by and check on you as you tilled dirt with your hands “Y/n, our beautiful flower.” Druig greeted you, crouching down gently and carefully to avoid ruining any of your hardwork. “How are you,” Makkari signed with a smile on her face.
You looked happily at your lovers, brushing the dirt off your hands as Druig lent you his to help you stand up and properly embrace the two who had captured your heart. “Been busy, but it’s a beautiful day so who am I to ever complain.” You spoke softly as the three of you walked alongside each other now, making small talk and catching each other up on how the day was going for all of you. It was nice, being with your lovers on such a calm and beautiful day.
You wished it could stay like that forever, just you and your lovers immersed in each other. However, within a matter of seconds, the peaceful day turned into yet another brawl as Deviants began their vicious attack on the village people. Screams of horror soon filled the air, the once happy atmosphere now dreadful as the other Eternals launched into the intense battle.
“Y/n, Druig, stay safe.” Makkari had signed hurriedly before she ran to help. You looked at Druig, who had already been looking at you. “Be careful out there, my heart.” Druig dropped your hand, which he had been holding gently, before readying himself to defend the humans against the Deviants once more. You looked around you at the chaos, the screams and shouts of villagers as they and and your teammates as they fought hard.
You wasted no more time standing there, diving head first into the fight. Deviants prowled the village, their monstrous figures stalking around you as you helped a mother and her daughter get to safety. “Go, go!” You waved them off, frantically. They looked back at you, thankfulness in their eyes, as they took to their place of shelter. Your eyes stuck on them until they disappeared from your sight, and breathed out a big sigh of relief that they’d be safe.
Unfortunately for you, you hadn’t noticed one of the last few Deviants left as it pounced. A gasp of pain left your lips as blood soon seeped from the tear in your abdomen, but there wasn’t much time to dwell in the hurt you felt before you got into fighting mode. The creature was far more difficult to fend off in your injured state, but you held up your own well enough.
Sooner rather than later though, the blood loss had increased, and so had the count of injuries. Swipe after swipe of the Deviants claw left you well marked, sure to leave scars later on. Your body grew tired and weak as it went on, and the want for rest starting to weigh down on you as your defense slacked. Luckily for you, two certain someone’s popped in just in time
“Y/n!” Druig yelled, voice full of worry as Makarri held you. The Deviant had been finished off, thanks to him, but considering you did most of the work against it it didn’t take long for the beast to go down. “Ajak, help!” Druig shouted, his hand resting on your cheek gently. “You’re gonna be okay,” Makkari told you, tears in her eyes. “We’ve got you. We’ve got you.” Your lovers cooed to you, as Ajak worked on healing your injuries.
“There you are, y/n, all better now.” Ajak spoke softly to you, and motioned for Druig and Makarri to help you up. “Get them inside now, they to need rest.” Ordered the Prime Eternal. Your lovers wasted no time in doing so, taking you back to the living quarters you three shared together. You yawned immediately upon entering the bedroom, Druig and Makkari gently placing you on the bed as they looked at you softly.
You knew you scared them today, when they found your injured form in the midst of attack. It felt awful, knowing that the two you loved more than anything must’ve been worried out of their minds over you. Guilt at the thought almost ate you alive, but Druig and his damn mind reading was quick to reassure you. “We’re just relieved you’re okay, dear. You did give us quite the scare, but you’re okay now and that’s all that matters.” He told you gently, taking your hand in his and kissing it, knowing the gesture would help you feel better. “Just rest now, y/n.” Makkari said, “you need it after everything.”
You nodded and smiled gratefully at your loving and attentive partners. “I think some cuddles would definitely do me some good too,” you spoke cheekily, giving the two your infamous puppy eyes. “Well then, who are we to deny you something so important to your recovery,” teased Druig as he and Makkari settled in bed, you in between them as they held you gently. The three of you soon fell asleep in a tangle of limbs, warmth and love surrounding you and keeping you protected.
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Small Gestures
Tumblr media
Summary: After a reading lesson with your favourite colleague, you become entirely distracted with his hands. To begin with, it doesn't seem like he's noticed but things aren't always what they seem.
A/N: I wasn't kidding when I said multi-fandom! I've been binging Criminal Minds and couldn't resist.
It had all started so innocently.
It had been a quiet few days, strangely so for the BAU, but unfortunately for you that also meant that paperwork had become the top priority.
Weighed down by the compact text you were trying your best to skim through, you quickly gave up and slapped the heavy file onto your already cluttered desk. Groaning, you rubbed the heels of your hands over your tired eyes.
“You okay?” Came a familiar voice from your left.
Swinging your chair to face Spencer, you gave him a lazy smile – the kind you knew made his eyes dart down to your lips, as much as he always clearly tried to stop himself. Smile widening into a full grin as he did exactly as you anticipated, you decided to take pity on him with a distraction.
Pushing the discarded file further from yourself on the desk, you looked to his uncluttered workspace and felt an envy burn through you. “How come you don’t have any paperwork?” Your whined question had been paired with a childish pout of your lips, something that had pulled his eyes straight back to them. Looking down to your hands, you wryly considered the fact that you weren’t doing a particularly fantastic job of distracting his easily diverted attention.
When he recovered himself, attention finally seeming to focus on the question you had posed, he shook his head as though to clear it before answering. Tapping his pen against the desk in an almost nervous manoeuvre, he twisted his lips with the words; “well, about eighty percent of all paperwork is simply reading. So, it doesn’t take me that long and…” He trailed off at the squeaking sound of your chair’s wheels shifting – eyes darting to you as you stood and moved to his desk.
“Teach me,” you requested playfully.
As was often the case, the doctor was unsure how exactly to respond to your playfulness. This time he settled into a serious response – seemingly taken aback by your request, he looked at you with a crinkled brow. “It’s not something you can learn in ten minutes,” he tried to reason.
One hand on the back of his chair, you peered over his shoulder. “C’mon,” you murmured close to his ear, “indulge me, doc.”
As you had anticipated, he obliged you quickly.
To begin with, he had simply talked you through how it worked. You were surprised by how much verbal explanation was apparently required but you had always been happy to listen to him ramble on about anything and everything. After the stress that had bunched your shoulders due to your excessive paperwork, it was relaxing to listen to his voice.
Eventually, he moved onto a practical demonstration. And that was when disaster struck.
It had always been fairly obvious to you that you found Spencer attractive. Your eyes would often linger a little too often, albeit more subtly than his, and your heart often fluttered when you looked at him. The way that he often looked at you, unable to stop himself despite the obvious heaviness in his gaze, never bothered you. If some small town local detective ever looked at you with that same, subtle longing, you would immediately make it clear you were not interested. Those kind of looks felt uncomfortable because you didn’t want them. But with Spencer, it was entirely different. You almost revelled in how hard he clearly found it to keep his eyes off you.
You had always felt as though you held the power in your not-quite-relationship with him, able to pull his gaze to you whenever you craved it but always in control of your own reactions to him.
Until this fateful afternoon, at least.
The lithe finger that slid down the page took entirely too much of your attention, your mind wandering over all the possibilities attached to his large hands. Tongue darting out to wet suddenly dry lips, you felt the hand gripping the back of his chair tightening as your mind wandered a little too far from the very professional workplace you were currently occupying.
Of course, he noticed the change in your demeanour. “Are you okay?”
Delayed, your brain struggled over a response. “Uh…” you let out dumbly before forming a more coherent response that was still filled with stuttered pauses. “Yeah, I’m fine… J-just trying to – uh – keep up.”
Confusion crimpled his features briefly before he nodded offhandedly and continued his instruction; once again drawing your eyes to his fingers and sending your thoughts scattering in a salacious direction once again. How you were supposed to keep your composure, in this situation you had placed yourself in no less, you weren’t sure.
Luckily for you, your job very rarely allowed long periods of relaxation and the pair of you were quickly interrupted by Garcia’s clacking heels. “We’ve got a case, kids!” Her voice whizzed past the two of you, almost trailing behind her as she tottered past you.
Strangely, instead of jumping into action as you normally would, the pair of you paused. Eyes catching one another, a moment of silence stretched between the two of you. Eyes ducking shyly from yours after only a more extended gaze, he closed the book slowly and placed the heavy tome back on his desk. “We should get going,” the words were less than enthusiastic and he made no immediate attempt to move away from you.
Although, neither did you. Instead, you met his gaze once more.
You were forced to move, however, when Morgan appeared behind the two of you. “You two not hear the woman?” he asked, a grip on your shoulder grounding you into reality. “Let’s go,” he encouraged, a hand gesturing for you to move.
Spencer very quickly came to his senses and jumped up from his chair, sending it skittering backwards on its wheels in his haste to escape. He spared you a final glance before rushing away entirely.
Your thoughts threatened to spiral over his hands once more but Morgan unknowingly pulled you back. “He alright?”
Too quickly, you responded with an aggressive nod. “Think so,” you muttered before rushing to the meeting room.
As days went by, your ability to concentrate around Spencer diminished at an alarming pace.
The first time it happened again, the pair of you were discussing case details in the cramped spare office of a police station in rural Louisiana. The room was hot, to put it mildly. You had popped loose the top few buttons of your shirt, your modesty mostly covered by a black camisole you wore underneath but even that barely allowed you relief. It was almost hard to look at Reid, with all his layers of clothing still firmly in place, the mere appearance of his sweater vest almost infuriating in this heat. How could he still be wearing that?
The air conditioning unit stuttered uselessly in the corner as you fanned yourself with a crudely folded paper fan. He faltered in his words, mouth opening as if to say something else but clicking back shut when he thought better. “What?” You asked, suddenly impatient.
Clearing his throat awkwardly, he shifted in his seat, eyes darting back up to your eyes when he noticed your gaze. You felt some relief when you wondered over where exactly those eyes had darted up from. Although that thought sent an entirely new heat stifling through the room.
“Well,” he started slowly, before launching into a very in character explanation. “Fanning yourself is only going to make you warmer.” Immediately believing him, even without the imminent explanation, you tossed your poorly made fan back onto the table. “The contraction of your muscle actually creates heat in your body and therefore actually warms the air around you even more-so.”
You grumbled incoherently in response.
“Sorry,” he gave you, sheepish.
Perplexed, you leaned further over the table. “Why? You’re stopping me from overheating.” He nodded, eyes returning unseeingly to the papers before him. “Although,” you injected enough playfulness into your tone that he immediately looked back up with that perfect mix of excitement and trepidation. “You could fan me, huh? Then I wouldn’t get too hot.” You gave him an obvious wink, letting him know you weren’t really expecting him to perform such a service for you.
Still, in a pedantic show of dramatics, you slid the fan over the table towards him. You were gifted a lopsided grin as he leaned forward to take the outstretched object from you. Just briefly, the pads of his fingers brushed against yours before he pinched the folded paper from your grip.
Too obviously, you sucked in a heavy breath at the contact but he seemed too distracted by the dimensions of your fan to notice. “You know if you wanted to make this more effective you should actually fold it more like this.” Slender fingers turned the paper over, creasing it multiple times and presenting the finished product to you with a grin. “See?”
You would have replied, surely, were you not so distracted. His hands worked so quickly, effectively – every movement almost exactly calculated to complete his task. It was almost impossible not to consider other tasks he could complete with similar dexterity and efficiency.
You weren’t entirely sure what was wrong with you. It wasn't like you to get so stuck on something so simple, but it was beginning to severely impact your ability to think around the man.
The second time it happened was immediately afterwards, except there were far too many witnesses for you to come away unscathed.
The rest of the team rapidly bundled into the small room, their body heat causing you to almost melt into your chair but you kept your groan of aggravation to yourself. Prentiss almost collapsed into the chair beside you; the pair of you sharing an overheated look of similar distress.
Quickly, Hotch directed the group to summarise what details had been gathered about the case. Morgan and Prentiss quickly confirmed they had found nothing of particular interest from the victim’s home; Rossi explained that the crime scene indicated high levels of aggression; and JJ gave a rundown of her conversation with the wife.
When it was time to talk through the geographical profile, you were more than happy to let Reid jump up and explain your work to the team. It seemed far easier than peeling yourself out of the chair and sweating through an explanation that Spencer would enjoy delivering far more than you. Although your plan failed almost immediately.
Spencer had always been expressive with his hands, but you swore there was something different about how he used them in this explanation. His fingertips slid over the circles he had marked onto the map as he described… something… to the team. You reassured yourself that it didn’t really matter if you didn’t listen; you had worked up this profile with him so you could afford a little distraction.
In resistance to biting your bottom lip, you chewed on the end of your pencil in a mock show of thoughtfulness. But then, something strange happened. With his fingers still running along the lines of the map and his mouth still working to explain his train of thought, his honey eyes flickered over to yours. It was a quick little look, something strange sparkling in his eyes, but he didn’t stumble in his words as he usually would and he looked away so quickly you could forgive yourself for considering it a mere glance.
That was until he looked back at you. It was subtle enough that no one else seemed to notice, and his lips quirked up slightly before he looked away and continued with his explanation. He tapped one particular spot on the map with a pair of fingers before circling them around the spot once and moving on to do the same with two other locations. By the time his fingers had moved off the board entirely your eyes narrowed as you stared him down. He couldn’t know what he was doing to you, surely he couldn’t.
Hotch's voice quickly commanded the attention of the room. Well, all except for yours and the doctor's. Boldly, Spencer caught your gaze again and at the sight of your intensity trained on him he was forced to stifle a gleeful yet breathy laugh. Internally, you cursed him.
He knew exactly what he was doing.
Luckily, you managed to tune back into the conversation in time to hear Hotch’s orders. Thankfully, you weren’t expected to move from this room. Unfortunately neither was Spencer. The two of you tasked instead with narrowing down the location even further.
Your pencil was still caught between your teeth, eyes refusing to leave the back of Spencer's head. He had turned to look at the board again, leaving himself free from your dissecting gaze as the others quickly left the room.
"Looks like the heat's getting to you, huh?" The unexpected voice beside you pulled a yelp from you and sent the abused pencil clattering against the table.
Eyes darting to face him, narrowing in a glare this time, you scolded him. "Jeez, Morgan, you scared the shit outta me."
"Not my fault you're so distracted," he told you. The wickedly amused smirk he paired with the words made you sink several centimetres in your chair. Of course Morgan noticed your obvious distraction at the hands of Reid.
Embarrassment flooded your cheeks as you sent him a half-hearted glare. “Bite me,” you bit out, grumbling as he chuckled and left the room.
Eyes following Morgan from the room, Spencer quickly approached you as the door clicked closed. Instead of taking the chair he had previously occupied, he dropped into the one directly beside yours. Raising an eyebrow at him, you tried to follow his example and concentrate on the board in front of you. That clearly was not where he desired your attention, however, as he quickly began thrumming his fingers against the desk.
They caught your eye, as he had likely calculated they would, but you resolutely decided it was time to take control of this situation. He had enjoyed this for far too long.
You stood up quickly. With a single, huffed iteration of his name you managed to gain all of his attention. He gave a curious hum in response, eyes darting to you and immediately shining with that addictive mix of excited trepidation at your approach. You turned his chair for him, leaving him looking up at you and you revelled in the way his Adam’s apple visibly bobbed as he craned his neck.
“It’s like a thousand degrees in here, Reid.” You began, softly untucking his tie from his vest. You moved slowly, ensuring he knew he could pull away if that’s what he really wanted. If anything he shifted imperceptibly towards your hands. “Let’s loosen this tie a little, hm?”
“Uh-“ he struggled, squirming as your fingers brushed his neck, “sure.”
Loosening the already wonky tie was too quick, you wanted him to suffer a little longer. Tucking the loosened tie back into his vest you tapped his chest lightly as you wondered over what your next move should be. His top button was rarely done up and today was no exception but the button below it was tightly secured.
Slowly, you walked your fingers up his chest and towards this button. His tongue darted out to wet his lips as your fingers stopped over your target. You looked up to his eyes as though to ask permission and he tilted his head to the side, eyes trained so steadily on yours. You felt his hand close over your wrist, two fingers swiping over your hammering pulse. At the sensation, he shot you a smirk filled with pride.
Maybe he was still winning in this strange game of yours. It didn’t really matter, you were enjoying yourself too much to continue keeping score.
With one hand, you skilfully undid the button. Hooking one finger beneath the fabric, allowing your knuckle to brush against the skin you had just revealed, you pulled the fabric open by mere millimetres. It was doubtful anyone else in this situation would find such a small reveal so intensely satisfying, but the idea that he was letting you do this in only a semi-private space sent your heart pounding just a little more. Something he clearly noticed, given the widening of his grin as his fingers pressed slightly over your pulse.
Distantly recalling that the pair of you were actually at work right now, you flattened your palm against his chest and pushed him back slightly in his chair. “Much better,” you lamented, softly pulling your wrist free and turning back to your own chair.
“Shall we get back to work?” You asked, as you dropped into the chair, the playful tone never quite escaping your voice.
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