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Tumblr media
Waltzing with the three, cut off guard huh?
Zoom in cuts
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
This was a long project but I'm so happy with it!!
*drops dead*
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Y/n incorrect quotes #4 (but its shipping)
Jake: That was so hot, Y/n. Y/n: I literally called the person who just flirted with you a degenterate dog and told them I hope they get dragged through the streets. Jake: I'm so in love with you.
Matt: Y/n, you do remember when we agreed we were better off as friends, right? Y/n, naked in Jake's bed: No, I absolutely do not. Matt, already taking off their clothes: Fuck... Me neither.
Jake, about Y/n and Matt: I love them both, but how do I propose to two people? Marc: Two different restaurants, one person at each restaurant. Twice the dessert, twice the applause. Jake: Won’t people think it’s weird if there is a third person just sitting there, though? Marc: I saw someone feed their pet peacock crème brûlée from their mouth at the French place on the corner last week: I think faux third-wheeling at an engagement is the least of your worries.
Steven: Know why I called you in here? Y/n: Because I accidentally sent you a dick pic. Steven: *Stops pouring two glasses of wine.* Accidentally?
Matt: Look, last night was a mistake. Wade: A sexy mistake. Matt: No, just a regular mistake.
Marc: What are you in the mood for? Y/n: World domination. Marc: That's a bit ambitious. Y/n: You are my world. Marc: Aww... Y/n: Marc: Y/n: Marc: OH.
Y/n: My future partner must be brave, strong, intelligent, successful and organized. Peter: *steps on a caterpillar and proceeds to drop to their knees and sob while apologizing profusely* Y/n: That one. I want that one.
Steven, sweating: Y/n, there’s something I need to ask you- Y/n: Finally! You’re proposing! Steven: How’d you know? Y/n: Steven, you’ve dropped the ring five times during dinner. Y/n: I even picked it up once.
Y/n: As top in this relationship, I think we should- Peter: I can't believe you're pulling rank on me.
Jake: I fell— Wade: From heaven? Jake: No, I literally fell— Wade: In love with me the moment you saw me? Jake: MY ARM IS BROKEN! Wade: Okay, but do you think I'm pretty? Be honest.
Wade: Let’s watch Sharkboy and Lavagirl. Y/n: Okay. Wade: And make out during the scary parts. Y/n: Th- Y/n: The scary parts. Y/n: Of Sharkboy and Lavagirl.
Y/n: Sorry I’m late... I was doing things. Wade: Hi, I’m ‘things’.
Y/n: I love you. Marc, not paying attention: What was that? Y/n: I said I’m selling you to the zOo-
Y/n: Wait, what's going on? Are we all talking about how hot Wade is? Because Wade is a straight up sexual fox riding a red-hot nuclear bombshell right toward the yowza plaza in the heart of Babe City, Assachusetts, U S A. The last A just stands for more ass.
Wade: *sobbing* I knew it!
Everyone else: ...
Y/n: Being gay is a constant battle between "I wish to sit on a window bench with my lover, our legs tangling as we listen to the birds" and "Hey, let's go throw rocks at fascists" and I think that's very sexy of us. Peter: If the window's open and you time it right, you can do both.
*Jake and Wade are in Paris.* Jake: I'm...moved. I...I don't know what it is I'm feeling right now. I feel...destiny? Wade: But... Jake: I don't know what it is. I feel like... I just never thought I'd see it with my own two eyes. And here it is. It's just there. It's right in front of me, and... Wade: This is what you wanted to see? The bridge from Inception? Jake: Yeah. Wade: But the Eiffel Tower is behind us. Jake: Yeah, but this is the bridge FROM INCEPTION. Wade: Okay, alright.
Wade: Can you cut me some slack, Marc? I’m sort of in love. Marc: I’m sorry, but that’s really not my problem. Wade: I’m in love with you. Marc: Oh. That brings me in the loop a little.
Y/n: I think I just figured something out. I got to go. Marc: Aren't you forgetting something? Y/n: Uh...*hesitantly kisses Marc's forehead before running out.* Marc: No, pay your bill! Damn, who raised you?
Y/n: *seductively takes off glasses* Y/n: Wow... Wade: *blushes* Haha... what? Y/n: You're really fucking blurry.
Peter: We’re getting married, bitches! Wade: And we're about to make it everybody else's problem.
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yae miko smut with m!reader? but this time yae is the submissive one 😳
Tricky, Tricky (Yae Miko x Male! Reader)
𝗪𝗔𝗥𝗡𝗜𝗡𝗚 !!! 𝘃𝗮𝗴𝗶𝗻𝗮𝗹 𝘀𝗲𝘅
𝙒𝙖𝙣𝙩 𝙩𝙤 𝙧𝙚𝙖𝙙 𝙢𝙤𝙧𝙚? ⇒ 𝙈𝙖𝙨𝙩𝙚𝙧𝙡𝙞𝙨𝙩
𝙟𝙤𝙞𝙣 𝙢𝙮 𝙙𝙞𝙨𝙘𝙤𝙧𝙙 𝙨𝙚𝙧𝙫𝙚𝙧?
Tumblr media
Miko is a tricky one. And no one needs to tell you that. 
  You’re sure the shrine maidens of the Grand Narukami Shrine know this fact better than anyone else. But you would have to be a close second, to this fact. Just behind their newest girl- one who is just barely privy to the information she lives out with each and every day. But alas, not many would expect the mortal the Guuji favors most besides her girls would be a lowly, common man. At least, no one would expect it, if it weren’t for your status as the best bestselling author to come out of the Yae Publishing House. 
  She ruled over the place you worked. The place you ate at when the editors wanted to get a jump on production under your watchful eyes. The place you slept at when you were behind on chapters with a deadline quickly approaching. She was your boss, and your livelihood centered around producing work that pleased her above all else. It was only a matter of time before you had caught her attention. Before she had finally set her sights on you. 
  And one day, she finally did. A long, long time ago. At this point, months and months have gone by. You had seen a few flower beds bloom and new critters grow since that day. A few summer festivals with skies covered in fireworks and laughter wrapping around the air. A few harvests accompanied by chilly winds and the burrowing of fuzzy little creatures. A few years of the world blanketed in white as well. And while you can recall your first meeting face to face with the Guuji vividly, it seems so pale in comparison to your interactions now. 
  By day, you can’t escape her torment. When she’s here, she’s always hovering over your shoulder. Maybe she’ll let you work. Maybe the only sign of her presence is the quiet hum and the silent scribble of her pen as she approves and disapproves of the creations of others. Or maybe, she just won’t. Maybe the entirety of her visit will be accompanied by her talking with you. Or more often than not, her talking at you. Of course, that leaves her hands open to do whatever she wants with them. 
  To run and to tangle her fingers in your hair is a common pastime of her. You swear you can’t remember a time when you didn’t know the feeling of her nails lightly grazing your scalp for hours at a time. But the way her finger would tease up and down your back was another infamous hobby. Long and slender- dancing across your spine like a spider. Like a temptress. Forcing your mind elsewhere over and over again. Until you have to put away the pen. Until you have to put away the paper. Until you have to close your eyes and squeeze your first. Until you have to count to ten over and over and over again lest you lash out. Do something you shouldn’t do. 
  Do the very thing she wants you to do. 
  But even when she’s not there, the punishment doesn’t end. The whispers about the two of you grow and grow. The vine of the sweetest fruits stretches throughout the Publishing House. It lengthens with every word of drama spewed from your coworkers' lips. And so many of them speak of your relationship with her. So many speak of how she antagonizes you. How you ignore her. That you’re married. That she’s the wife. That you love each other. Hate each other. That you fear for your life as an employee. That you only have the status and respect you have because you're forcing it out of her. The truth is, that even a broken clock is right twice a day. So with a steeled will and face as cold as stone, you go push through. Because by day, you know you will not be able to escape her torment. Never.
  But by night, you know she has never been able to escape yours ever. 
  “Arch your back for me more. Better…better…” You keep your commands to a minimum in the bedroom. Even if you were one for talking, you know your silent authority speaks volumes. Almost as much the way your hand wrapped around the base of her tail as your other hand presses harder and harder on her back. You don’t miss the way her ears flicker backward. A visible symbol of the inner conflict of letting go versus holding back. But there’s little more she can do as she follows your commands with a soft sigh. Disobedience was nowhere to be seen in your foresight. Having your cock already stuffed inside of her made sure of that fact. “Perfect.”
  “Please…” Her voice is little more than a pitiful utterance as she turns her head back to look at you. No amount of noise could ever keep you from hearing such a delicious cadence. Nothing can keep you from witnessing the fall of a giant. “Please.”
  Desperation and lust fill her eyes. You know it’s not like, unlike the frustrated glances you have thrown in her direction as she teased you. But you’re not ashamed to say the sight of such a powerful, beautiful being at your mercy, begging for you to give in to your whims, is a turn-on like no other. And it's hard to keep yourself this composed. Hard to keep yourself from looking like a freak. An animal. A man without class and decorum. And maybe she would like that from you. To watch you let your walls down. To let yourself be as vulnerable as the two of you are naked right now. But you won’t give into her.
  “You’ll have to give me more than that.” You whisper back. In accompanied by you learning over her back more and more until you’re molded over her form. The position causes you to go deeper- something she wasn’t expecting judging by the gasp that falls so delicately from her lips. Your reward to her is a kiss to the shoulder. And another and another as you slowly roll your hips into her. “You have to tell exactly what it is that you need from me.”
  There are moments when you wanted little more than the silence the innuendos that dripped from her mouth and straight into your awaiting ears. There are times you needed nothing more than to bend her over the nearest surface. To see her coy smile. To feel her tail wrapping your ankle when no one was watching. To be in her presence, for longer than a second. It’s a test of willpower. A test of your strength. A test you haven’t failed yet but oh, how she has tried to see you fail. At the publishing house. At the shrine. Even here. Even now. To remind you of your humanity and of your place in the grand scheme of things.
  But while your life might be finite. And your worth may be infinitely less than the beloved Guuji. At the very least, you’ll make it out of your life with one claim and one claim alone. 
“You….I need you, please….I just need you…”
  Miko is a tricky one. But you were strongest enough to bring her to her knees. 
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Soul Mates
Word Count: 0.6k
Pairing: Edward Nashton x gn! reader
Fandom: Batman (2022)
Warnings: toxic mindset, obsession, idk...riddler things
Master List
Tumblr media
Edward Nashton. He was nothing special. A name that could blend in with thousands of others. His looks were no better. Just someone who blended in with the crowd. He hated that fact. He seethed it. Always being looked over. Someone else always in the limelight. But he’d let it happen. He didn’t try to stand out, so who was he to complain.
That was until he met someone. Someone he couldn’t let slip through his fingers. Someone he wanted to stand out to. Someone who didn’t simply look over him. Someone who praised him. Someone who gave him attention. And he’d be damned if he’d let this slip away. 
He couldn’t help but sigh dreamily as he thought about previous encounters and ones he’d wish would happen in the future. He was like a lovesick puppy, except that love was slightly twisted...
To him it wasn’t twisted. But to the outside eye, anyone could realize the way his mind warped reality. Hearing a simple “That’s a cool cipher!” and he could only think about the hidden intentions behind those words. Though they didn’t mean it like that, Edward knew deep down they did. 
“Hey Eddie!” I greeted as I stopped by his work station. “Hows the work going?”
He looked up at me with wide eyes. A smile slowly creeping onto his face as he saw me. 
“It’s going alright,” He nodded. His voice meek, slightly wavering, but still made me smile nonetheless. 
“I was wondering if you wanted to hang out sometime,” I suggested. You see Eddie and I work together. Different departments, but we’ve had breaks together and meetings. Over time we’ve become closer and closer. So I didn’t feel too awkward asking this. 
“R-really?” He stuttered out. “Me?” His voice held obvious confusion and I couldn’t help but feel pain strike my heart at the way he doubted himself.
“Who else silly?” I teased. I went to ruffle his hair, but as my hand touched his head I stopped myself. “Sorry, I should’ve asked for permission first.”
I felt my heart speed up at his flustered reaction. That wasn’t my intention, I just felt so comfortable with him I didn’t think about my actions. Though I didn’t mind the outcome. Seeing him so vulnerable looking felt so intimate for some reason. I looked around and saw that everyone else was minding their own business. 
“It’s alright,” He responded breathlessly. It seemed like he was looking at me like I had strung up the stars. I felt goosebumps at the thought.
“So you want to go somewhere or meet up at one of our places?” I asked. “Actually should we just discuss this over text?”
“Whatever you want,” He replied without hesitation.
So with that I gave him my number and waved as I walked away. 
I thought I knew him. He was sweet. He loved riddles and was reserved as a person. He was a nerd, a dork, someone who wouldn’t hurt a fly.
That’s what I thought. But I was wrong. I was dead wrong. I entered the cell, a giant window blocking the man I loved from me. I felt my heart drop. He stared at me, a hint of insanity behind those green eyes I grew to familiarize. 
All I could feel was betrayal, hurt, and fear. What happened to him? Or was he always like this and I was just blinded? I sat down, not sure if my legs could keep me upright. 
“Isn’t it beautiful?” He breathed out. Edward. This was him. No denying it.
“Isn’t what beautiful?” I asked out with a shaky breath. “So many innocent people died, are injured, or are traumatized.”
“In Gotham no one is truly innocent,” Edward replied, his eyes holding a darkness that unsettled me. “Besides, I did this all for you. You are the only true angel this scum city has.”
I felt myself become sick at the implication. For me? I never wanted this. 
“Don’t fool yourself Edward,” I said in a harsh tone. I couldn’t help but notice how his breath hitched when I said his name. “I could never wish the death of innocent children, or people. Besides, violence isn’t the answer. In fact this was an act of terrorism. What if I got caught in the blast? Or swept up in the flood?”
He let out a high pitched laugh, the sound of a truly deranged man, “I made sure you were safe. I had it all planned out!”
“We’re meant for each other (y/n),” he called out. “We’re made in heaven, separated on Earth. Once found are inseparable. What are we?”
My stomach kept twisting and I knew I had to get out. So I got up and knocked on the door to be let out.
I couldn’t stand this, I didn’t take a second thought and left as soon as I was let out. Yet I couldn’t stop thinking about the encounter. The way the normal adoration seen in his eyes for me was laced with a hint of insanity.
“We’re made in heaven, separated on Earth. Once found are inseparable. What are we?”
Those words kept running through my head. I didn’t want to figure it out. Because I knew if I did it wouldn’t be good for my mental health. But I couldn’t help myself. I racked my brain for possibilities.
In the end I looked it up. I couldn’t take the nagging at the back of my brain. What I found scared me.
That’s what he saw us as. I felt scared. Not even safe in my own home. After all…who knows what else he’d do for me.
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Wait omg going based on the ‘family of three’ fic you did: Would you be willing to write something similar to that but how Ed and Stede would react if reader was caught in the middle of a ship attack if that makes sense lol.
Ahhhh!! I’m so happy to write for this certain scenario again! It is just so sweet! Thank you so much for requesting this!
Fandom: Our Flag Means Death
(kind of?) HURT TO COMFORT
pronouns: Gender neutral
Tw: kidnapping, blood, mentions of killing, almost kidnapping, cursing, gore
Also, This story is apart of another work i wrote called, ‘A Family Of Three’, So if you enjoy this then maybe think about checking that one out aswell :)
                                   I’ll always be right here
The sea life never truly was peaceful, raids, storms, and many more issues constantly would plague pirates, pirates just like Y/n.
It had been a little over a year since Y/n had sneaked onto The infamous Revenge, and became the adopted child of the one and only Gentleman Pirate and Blackbeard.
“Ay! Captain…We are coming up on a naval ship!” Button yelled down to the deck below. 
“Hmm, What do you wanna do Ed?” Stede looked over to the other man.
“Well, it’s too late to dodge 'em’ So gather the crew and let’s put up a good fight!”
The men ran around, gathering Guns, ammo, cannons, knives, and other weapons as they prepared for battle.
Stede stepped forward towards Y/n, “Darling, you know the drill now, down into the lower deck you go!” 
Y/n nodded and set for downstairs.
The water seemed to still as The Revenge neared the Spanish Naval ship, as the Spanish entered the other ship, all hell broke loose.
Y/n heard the screams of death above them, that was nothing new, but froze as the stairs leading to the lower deck seemed to creak.
Their breath caught as  they heard the sound of two Spanish soldiers talking amongst themselves.
“ay, el capitán dijo que saqueáramos todos los objetos de valor y que nos fuéramos lo más rápido que pudiéramos.” One of them said,
Hiding behind a barrel full of rum, Y/n clasped their mouth shut and tried not to make a sound as the men got louder and louder.
“¿Vaya? bueno, ¿qué tenemos aquí? Parece un niño pequeño, ¿crees que podríamos ganar algo de dinero con ellos?” The other man smirked as they came across Y/n.
Before Y/n knew what was going on the men had grabbed them by the wrists and started dragging them towards the stairs.
“No! Let me go you bastards!” Y/n started to scream, thrashing their body.
Being dragged up the stairs onto the upper deck, Y/n saw a massacre of a battle in front of them.Just then, both of the men let them go as their hands were cut off by Edward.
“What the fuck do you think your doing with my kid?!” 
Now Edward was fighting against the two soldiers, giving Y/n enough time to get away from the three.
Y/n crawled away quickly, Looking around they only saw fighting, “Y/n! What are you doing!” Jim cried as a bullet narrowly missed the kid.
Standing up, Y/n ran for any ounce of safety around, yes, The Revenge was winning but that didn’t mean every enemy had been defeated.
As the last of the Spanish soldiers were killed both Stede and Edward ran towards Y/n and wrapped them in a hug.
“Oh my love! Are you hurt? Are you okay? What did they do to you?-” Stede rambled before Ed interrupted him,
“Mate, let them breathe.”
“I’m okay, just shaken up.” Y/n looked at them tearfully.
“Oh thank the heavens!” Stede cried.
“C'mon you two, let's get cleaned up.” Edward smiled.
ay, el capitán dijo que saqueáramos todos los objetos de valor y que nos fuéramos lo más rápido que pudiéramos
Oh captain said to loot all the valuables, and get out as fast as we can
¿Vaya? bueno, ¿qué tenemos aquí? Parece un niño pequeño, ¿crees que podríamos ganar algo de dinero con ellos
Oh? Well what do we have here? Looks like a kid, do you think we could make some money off of them?
These translations are from google translate and I myself don’t speak Spanish so I am so sorry if something looks wrong!!
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𝑯𝒆𝒂𝒓 𝒚𝒐𝒖𝒓 𝑽𝒐𝒊𝒄𝒆.
𝐈𝐍 𝐖𝐇𝐈𝐂𝐇 ; (𝘠/𝘕) was born deaf, one day, she wished that she could listen to a story. Well, Momma 𝐽𝑢𝑙𝑖𝑒𝑡𝑎 is there to help her baby.
ꗰ 𝐧𝐨𝐭𝐞 ; Happy (very late!!!) Mother's day, everyone -!
Tumblr media Tumblr media
(Y/N) was born deaf, though her actions are not silent as her hearing. She's an energetic child, even though the other children are making sure to distance themselves from her.
She didn't mind it at first, but whenever she's having a story-telling class or story time. She'd run away from school then go back to casita as fast as she can, now she's too scared to be left out all alone in cold.
And now, she's busy watching her dearest Mama giving her meals to people as usual, until the town's healer notices her presence.
“(Y/N), Amor, aren't you're suppose to be in school?” she asks in her motherly tone signs or that's what (Y/N) always know, Julieta is making sure not to make her daughter nervous.
“I don't want to...” (Y/N) signs back with dissapointment, enough for Julieta to understand her. The healer soften her gaze then pick her up, “It's okay, i'll tell Camilo to send you your permission letter.” she signs as she give her daughter a delicious arepa.
(Y/N) felt bad for skipping her class almost everyday, but the loneliness keep overwhelming her tiny soul as if it's want to pull her apart slowly and painfully.
“Wait here, i'll be finish in no time.”
With that, Julieta put her daughter down then let (Y/N) sit on a chair while watching her mother helping people who got injured.
She can see all people's lips are moving, though, there is no single sound can be heard by her. And that almost make her crazy. Thanks to Julieta, who's always there for her. Every single time.
Even without signs, she can read from people's lips. So, she knew that if some people are talking some bad things about her. But again, she didn't mind about it. Atleast she can't hear what they say.
The next graceful day, (Y/N) is busy watering some flowers that Isabela just grow. She loved to see the flowers bloom, so she kept them fresh and beautiful even though her eldest sister could grow them again.
She's going to surprise her mother since it's mother's day, so she decided to give Julieta something precious.
“Psst, hey guys - look! It's the deaf girl.” one of the kids whispers to their friends, “should we give her some hearing to help her?” their cackles rang to their ears.
“Definitely, let's give her some real hearing!” the leader of the group stands as he began to walked towards (Y/N) who's still busy watering her sister's flowers.
“Hey, deaf girl!” the leader shouts while throwing her some tiny rocks, the young Madrigal turned around then met one of her classmates. She smiles at first then wave shyly.
Though her smiles falter when she sees their devil smirks, she knew that this is not a good greeting or positive talks. But— just bullying.
Before she can run away, the boys grab her arms then bring her to somewhere else, somewhere far from the casita. She kept struggling to free herself from their grasp as best as she can, but it's no use since they're stronger than her.
“no one can hear you if you scream, stupid. Now let us help you to get your hearing back.” the leader pulls her hair as the kids playfully kick her stomach making her body fall to the ground.
She's hiding her screams as best as she can since they're forgot that Dolores can literally hear anything, even from miles away. She felt so hopeless when they kept bullying her.
Though, her mouth is kept shut - her hearings are none but silence, then her soul are broken to pieces. For god's sake, she couldn't move a muscle. Her feet were stuck to the ground in fear.
One of the kids grabbed her by the shirt and punched her in the face. “Hey! I told you just to beat her somewhere else but not her face!” “Oops! Sorry, but her face is making me irritated more and more!”
The deaf Madrigal just stood there, letting the kids take all their selfish feelings out on her as her began nose bleed. (Y/N)'s head started pounding insanely, her legs are shaking.
Before she could stand up again, she felt something hard hit her stomach then everything began to turn black.
(Y/N) felt a pair of hands are holding her cut ones warmly, slowly, she opened her eyes as she took the bright of the light for her sight again. She turned her head amd found her dearest mother was sitting next to her as her tears keep falling.
The little Madrigal hold her mother's hand with the other one to make sure that she's now safe, Julieta gasps when her daughter is awake, she carefully cupped her face to see all the bruises and cuts her daughter received from — that's bad, she doesn't know who did this horrible things to her daughter.
Julieta's hands keep trembling as she signs, “I was so worried when Dolores found you and bring you home, what happened to you? Who hurt you, Amor?”
(Y/N) swears she feels like she could her hear sobbing quitely, so she signs back, “Just my classmates, they hated me because i'm deaf. But don't worry, because (Y/N) is now with Mama!” The young Madrigal hissed when her fresh cuts began to open more.
Panic started to crept all over her body, Julieta take her bunuelos and shoves it to her daughter's mouth immediately. Watching her munching it to taste to wonderful flavor then swallow it with full satisfaction.
(Y/N)'s wounds began to close, her bruises started to fade, leaving some dirts all over her clothes and some on her face. The town's healer sighs in relief when her daughter is now healed.
“I'm sorry i wasn't there for you, it must be so hurt for you to take those ... Hurtful hits from your classmates. I'll tell your tia Pepa to take care of them, let's go wash you up.”
Before she could help (Y/N) to stand, her daughter stops her immediately. “Mama, thank you for everything - thank you for loving me, taking care of me and ... I'm so lucky to be your daughter.”
A smile started to form on their own face, as Julieta let her daughter continue, “You are my saint in this world, i may couldn't hear you, but i can feel you. I— i...”
Julieta soften her gaze when (Y/N) is struggling to continue, but then, “I— I lo.. Love you, Mama!” she speaks for the first time.
The three precious word that Julieta had been waiting to hear from her baby.
She never thought that (Y/N) would speak since she's very insecure about it. But now, this is quite surprising.
Julieta thought she's done crying, but the tears started to form again as she pulled her daughter close to her embrace. Not caring if (Y/N)'s dirty clothes will leave some dirts on hers too, all she cares is her daughter, and that's enough.
“Happy— ... M-mother's day, M.. Maa!”
Julieta kiss her forehead, as she spoke in her motherly tone, and keep kissing her daughter's face. (Y/N) isn't complaining though, she loves the kisses from her dearest mother.
(Y/N) swear that she could hear an angelic voice, as she stare at Julieta in those gleaming eyes. “I love you too, mi preciosa - Thank you for the lovely surprise.”
Maybe pulling a little prank to the other Madrigals wouldn't be heard that (Y/N) magically can hear everything now.
Julieta is going to have so much fun with (Y/N), She's not going to waste the mother's day.
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h0unds-of-h3ll · 2 days ago
One day he orders pizza, the next sushi. The delivery girl is much more interesting than the last guy. Doing what any person would; he invites her in.
Basil Stitt x reader smut.
Word count: 5k
Viewers beware you’re in for a scare with the: angst, fluff, smut, cute smut, hint of suicidal ideation, making out, talk of insecurities, language & explicit themes, shower smut, jerking off, unprotected sex, biting, groping, manhandling. I think that’s it, it’s the fluffiest thing I’ve written.
A/n: I’ve dug in the trenches for something about Basil and came up dry. So, I have taken the drought and came up with this. Enjoy!
Tumblr media
His leg bounces up and down on the hardwood floor. Anxiety courses through his veins. Food is a necessary thing to survive, but getting said thing was worse than being naked in front of a stranger. He doesn’t know a lot of things. He knows that he’s been an abomination of nature since the accident. The one that’s made him cower in his cave. Gave him a legitimate excuse to bail out of every event. Gave him a lifelong, blatant insecurity. He doesn’t know how long he’s going to be locked in this self-made cage.
For the rest of his life, maybe. The purple hue of his tv illuminates his face. It showed each crevice and divot to the world. The stretch of skin which was dark and blistered was held brightly on a high podium. His gray eye glossed over with a hazy hue. He can see partially out of his vision wavering. The leg bounces and his heart thrums. He stares without a thought at the calm video playing before him. His brain was put on autopilot. The colors morph and shape and then burst into something much greater. He thinks about arranging his place into looking more presentable, but why? He doesn’t have guests.
It looks homier than it ever has to him. The mattress slanted in the wall is a pleasant touch. Soft rapping on his door makes him freeze. Shit. Visitors. His heart hurts, and his throat closes up. The door dash has arrived. You didn’t have a profile picture, just an icon. He remembers seeing she/her in a section. He’s curious beyond it actually what you look like. In his manic mind, he thinks of your arrival as a blind date. What your hair color is, what you smell like. Fuck. He’s deranged that was already stated, but he’s dropped off into falling for a stranger? He wheezes. His stomach churns and burns with excitement. He just knows he’ll like you, whoever you are. The issue was he couldn’t get up from his spot in the middle of the couch. Just do it, get it over with. He tries, but he can’t. The hitting of knuckles on his door sends him into a frenzy. He jumps from the most heavenly spot on the cushions. He’s practically running to find the brown mask.
Your fisted hand is in mid-knock before the door swings open. A huffing bagged man displayed before you. You didn’t think of anything at first but as the picture sinks in. You smile. The most beautiful thing he’s ever seen. You push your hands out, handing him the white plastic that had red ‘thank you.’ In a line out. He doesn’t take it, not at all, he just stares. He can only barely see through the poor eye holes. What he can make out of you has him floored. His mouth dropped open and heavy breathing echoed in his helmet. Your head tilts and your eyes squint. You’re inquisitive of his current presence. Such an interesting constraint to the mundane things of the world. You like it, encourage the strangeness of him. The bag moves on the strangers broad shoulders. He looks behind you and to the sides. As if he’s expecting to find someone- something else behind you. He doesn’t speak when he goes to look back at you. His large stature resembles a mountain resisting entrance. The only thing blocking you from seeing his hysteria is himself. 
“Here’s your food, sir.”
It comes out more than a hushed question, one that he doesn’t answer. He just makes a mental note of every feature of yours, to the tip of the strands of your hair, to your shoes. You look adorable in every sense of the world. Not the cute puppy adorable, but in a way that a flower blooms. The way the pollen settles in its petals for something else to live off of. To survive. It crosses his mind to open up to you. Lay all his cards on the table for you to see. All spectrums of his brain lights up at once. The first hit of coffee in the morning, the drag of a cigarette entering his lungs. He’s experiencing love at first sight. It can’t be that, can it? You couldn’t like the true him, the naked version of his face. He digs his hand into his pocket and draws up the wad of cash. He doesn’t bother counting it. He needs to escape, to run away. The unfamiliarity of the situation triggered his fight or flight. His brain resets and he throws the wad at you. He wrapped his large hands around the handles of the bags. His fingers momentarily brush against yours and a deep breath is caught in his throat. He holds it before stepping back with wide eyes. He moves back and his foot kicks the door close.
The locks click and you’re staring at the wood. Maybe it's burgundy. You blink dumbly at the hump of green by your shoe. You don’t entirely understand what has happened. Your brain can’t compute the oddity. Instead, you crouch down, taking the money and counting out the correct amount. Your job wasn’t the most rewarding, but you couldn’t live with the guilt of robbing the poor guy. Just from the looks of it, he was going through the thick of it. His back slams into the center of the door. The plastic sat aside. He slides down the base until he’s sat. He can’t breathe, the bag suffocating him. What did he just do? How rude of him to just slam the door and throw money at you. His skin crawls with nervousness.
The social interaction is too much. He had touched you, a glimpse into what could be. He watched your eyes trail over him. Were you taking him in too? God, what is he going to do? His eyes fall to the discarded takeout. He orders way more than he thought. About a week's worth of sushi. Most of it he bought. He felt the urge and acted on it without a second thought. There were similarities between the one he was going through now and the one he was going through before. He clasps his eyes shut and grits his teeth. Why can’t he be bold and courageous? Just ask her out. The worst you can say is no. He slowly lifts himself off the ground. His hand wrapped around the knob. He was hopeful to find you still there. He turns and steps aside. Your tiny fist hung in the air. Your other hand clutching his spare money he gave you. He doesn’t think before he speaks. 
One interrogative statement turned into one word. However, you fall on the stranger’s deep voice. Your mind runs over every syllable, dipping into the specific deep ones. The ones where his voice dropped into a sweet husk. You wonder if he’s asthmatic with the way he heaves. It’s cute, the puppy dog way. He’s eager and excited. It’s nice. Your head pivots with a soft smile. Accepting his invitation. 
“That’s the best thing I’ve heard all day.”
His heart explodes, and a rush of blood runs to his head. A sharp stinging bite on his thighs licks up to his stomach. It’s progress, and he’s over the moon to know you want to get to know him. He’s blushing a deep crimson under the bag. 
“I’d love to.”
He wished he would’ve cleaned. You admire the place. It’s an absolute mess, sure, but somehow it’s a work of art. Each thing has its place in the chaos. As you ponder curiously further into the madness. He’s swiping a few things and nick knacks behind you. Hiding them some place more suitable. His nerves were shot, and he was on high alert. He felt exposed, naked even. With the bag over his head, he can hide. With you carelessly waltzing into his home like you would in a museum, have him sweating bullets. Your hands tied behind your back and your head in the air.
You soak everything in, the art on his walls, the books. All of it, you can read a person like a book from their environment. You were sure that the man with the bag over his head was holding some baggage. You were a hound trying to sniff the red flags out, so far you’re only met with haphazard green ones. As you round the corner, you find the aura of the calm colors on the screen. You sit on the plush sofa. The plastic bags were hanging tightly in the palms of his hands. In front of you, he sits them down on a coffee table. He’s so rigid, he can’t be comfortable in his skin. He feels his skin prickling. He’s nauseous with the rapid breathing, you’re breathing the same he is. It’s driving him insane. 
“Do you need anything, water or juice?”
He gestures around himself, almost forgetting his manners. He scratches the back of his neck. A nervous tendency he’s picked up over the years. You kicked your shoes off at the door, along with his money on the table. 
“Actually..I don’t think I have any juice.”
He bites his lip, chewing the soft skin there. 
“I’m sorry.”
It’s all he says before clamping his mouth shut. He must be such a poor excuse of a host. You shake your head with a smile. 
“It’s okay, no worries.”
You pat the cushion beside you, signaling him to sit. He feels like a stranger in his own apartment. The way you imposed on his couch like you’re old friends. His head hurts. He takes your offer and his thighs stretch out as he sits the farthest away from you. He’s afraid that if he touches you, you’ll break. The sack on his head looks straight at the television set. You don’t mention the way you can hear him hyperventilate under the bag. You just admire him from afar. His tawny skin, enormous arms with thick thighs. He’s attractive, you can tell just from his form. You ponder if his face matches the rest of him. He’s invited you to share his dinner with you. But how is he going exactly? Your brows furrow as the questions pop into your skull. 
“How do you see?”
You ask innocently, not an ounce of judgment on your words. You’re intrigued by him, and it makes him not be able to think. 
“I don’t.”
He says bluntly, without a hint of amusement. His voice is monotone and quick. 
“Well, I do. I’m not blind or anything.” 
He laughs unnaturally. It's so painfully forced. You chuckle with him at the fascinating sound. It’s melodic even if it’s meticulously false. You’re interested to hear the natural version. You think of how detached he is from the world. The place and himself entirely. When was the last time he talked to someone outside of his circle? The orange hues of the meditation video casts across the bag. You should feel scared, fear him because he’s masked and different. But you don’t, you feel the opposite. You want to know his story, the lore of the bag. He shuffles uncomfortably under your gaze. His palms flat on his thighs, running over the length of them to ease the sweat. He’s leaking through his pores and his ears. It’s only a matter of time before he spills everything about himself to you. 
He stops, pursing his lips together during his brief interval. He thinks of his words before continuing. 
“How long have you been working at the sushi place?”
It’s small talk, short and sweet, but you welcome it. A gentle smile, happy to indulge. 
“I just moved here. I’ve only delivered a couple of weeks ago.”
Your eyebrows knit together on your face. The corners of your lips turn downwards, your eyes glossed over with a dull yellow. 
“I’m sorry that I was late.”
You were late? He didn’t even know. It didn’t even cross his mind that you were. He didn’t care that you were. You were perfect to him in every way. He moves and adjusts the position he’s in. He’s trying to feel okay in his skin, but it feels impossible. 
“It’s okay. I didn’t even notice.”
Every time he speaks, he goes through his words quickly. He doesn’t want to speak more than he has to. He wants to persevere with the mysteries of him. You beam up at him, your head quirks to the side. 
“How ‘bout you? How long have you been here?”
You’ve actually stunned him. He doesn’t know the answer. He can’t remember. Was it in the fall or the summer? He can’t pin it. 
“Long enough.”
You nod, taking his answer with a smile. You don’t want to pry on something he doesn’t want to tell. 
“You asked for fugu. And if I recall correctly for the poisoned bit. It’s against regulation.”
You pause, chewing on your bottom lip. He notices that you’re like him. You understand him in your own way. You know the answer, yet you still ask it. 
“All of this is technically against regulation, but I’ll never live with it unless I know.”
You quiet down again, thinking over the right words, your nose scrunching up. You finally will yourself to do it and blurt it out. 
“Are you okay?”
He’s chosen to plead the fifth. He’s not okay from the look of the bag and the state of his apartment. But you’re questioning the sanity of his food choice. He falls for you hard. You’re worried about him. A total complete stranger that you’ve never met before. Yet you care, he feels like you authentically want the answer, so he does. 
“Is anyone okay, like really? When you pass someone on the street and ask ‘are you okay?’ And they say I’m alright are they truly?”
He’s talked too much, revealing how pessimistic he is. When you don’t respond, he sinks into the cushions. You shared a beautiful connection with him and he has ruined it. He wants to shrivel up in a ball and perish. He’s dodged your question. He’s trying desperately to hide how far up shit’s creek he is and it fails. You have his throbbing heart in your small hand, all you have to do is squeeze, and he’s over. You turn your head while you think of your reply. 
“I suppose not. I guess it’s more gratifying to yourself to lie and say that you care about a person's mental health than telling the truth.” 
You sigh at the end of your melancholy answer. Leaning over to scoop up a cup of noodles and a pair of sticks. Setting the cup on your lap and opening it. 
“So, my conclusive answer is no. I don’t think anyone is truly okay.”
It’s quiet, the tension is so abundant. It’s suffocating. He muses your words carefully. He watches you slurp the noodles between your lips. The wet smack sounding through the silent room. He wonders if you can hear his beating heart. You’re so well thought out and independent from everyone else he’s ever met. He’s floored with intrigue. 
“You didn’t answer my question, though.”
You frown up at the big bag. A socked foot prods at his thigh. Slurping a final noodle before dropping the sticks into the opening and putting the white box on the table. 
“I asked if you were okay, not that anyone else was.”
He groans, looking up at the ceiling. He pulls your legs over his broad thighs. His large hands spread along your calves. 
“No. I don’t think I am.”
Your frown deepens, and your eyes fill with sorrow. An idea blossoms into your mind. You swing a leg over his lap. The hidden man freezes entirely. He doesn’t breathe; he doesn’t move. He’s a statue. 
“Now, if anything feels uncomfortable, tell me and I’ll stop entirely.”
You don’t move and hold your hips above him. The brown bag moves as he nods. Your knees spread wide with the meaty limbs. 
“It’s a social experiment. I’ve been thinking about it for a while now.”
You look into the dark circles where his eyes should be. Blinking blankly at the holes. 
“That’s a lie. I cooked up this idea three seconds ago, but that’s besides the point.”
The tops of your thighs are where his hands fall. His thumbs are smoothing over the fabric of your jeans. His fingers wrapping around the crevice of them. He’s warm, and all too hot. You look down at his evidence of affection. You blush at the realization that he’s encouraging you, coaxing you to continue your nervous rambling. The stretch of your thighs licks at your pussy. His hands on your body spurs you onward. Your hands go underneath the bag. Cupping the sides of his neck. He’s damp with sweat, but your soft hands on him make his breathing quicken. You want to know what his breath feels like on your skin. 
“Scary isn’t it?”
Your voice is sultry, and he’s seduced entirely by it. He’s eaten up by you, body and soul. You can feel the rumble of his voice box when he speaks. 
He tries to hide his losing composure, but it’s sand in a cipher. You move your hands higher to his jaw, the bag moves and he panics. His large hands bounce off your legs to wrap around your wrists. 
You tilt your head curiously, wondering if you’ve overstepped a boundary. You wait for him to continue, but he never does. He tries to think of an out and he can’t. His hands drop back to where they were originally. The hold on your thighs tighter. You hand the duck and go to trace the sharpness of his jaw. You feel him grit his teeth together. You continue to unveil him. When the bag falls behind the couch. You sigh, sitting down fully on his lap. His head jolts to the side to hide his accident. He can’t bear it to you. It’s too barbaric. Your hands never leave his face. 
“Damn. I was kinda expecting you to be ugly.”
He huffed a laugh of disbelief. His head is looking at you fully. You see his scar. The bright skin stretching and pulling. It’s discolored, deep browns and reds. It adorns his skin proudly. It matches him perfectly. His eye is glazed over gray. Suddenly everything about him makes sense and you swoon. 
“Excuse me?”
You smile at him, his eyes crinkling when his lips turn up. Your fingers trace over the abused skin delicately. Burning it into memory. 
“Thought you were going to be ugly ‘cuz of the bag.”
In an instant, he rebuttals your statement. His thumb digging slightly into you. 
“Am I?”
You shake your head no, smiling brightly at him. You lift slightly, pressing a kiss to his injury. He shutters and let out a breath he didn’t know he was holding. His cock stirring at your lips on his sensitive skin. 
“Not at all.”
You kiss his nose, and of course he has to scrunch it. You go back to sit fully on his lap. Your hands cupping the base of his neck. Your thumbs are coming to run over the stubble on his jaw. He smirks down at you. 
“Can’t say the same about you.”
His voice rumbles, and his hands rise to your sides. The pads of his fingers dig in and you scoff playfully. Rolling your eyes dramatically. 
“You’re a menace.”
He nods, he pulls you to his chest before pulling you to lay on your back. He slots himself between your open legs. Your thighs wrapped around his waist. You can feel the bulge in his jeans weigh heavy in your core. Warmth spreads over your stomach and your head feels light, full of air. He leans on his forearms on the sides of your head. His weight on top of you is crushing, but you love the ambience. He feels like one of those expensive weighted blankets. His nose was a few inches away from touching yours. His dark and light eyes flick across your face and fall to stare at your lips. The peck you’ve given him makes him think of how'd they feel on him. 
“I am, but if I’m too much of one, then tell me.”
His voice was husky and mixed with sincerity. Your pussy flutters and you rack your brain for fleeting intelligence. You grin and bite his shoulder. His white shirt dampens with your saliva. He winces and falls slightly onto you. 
“Doubt it, with the way you’re blushing.”
He hides his face deep into your neck. You’ve called him out on his bluff. The blush burns up his neck to the tops of his ears. His stubble scratches against the sensitive part of your neck. He grows meek and shy. However sweet he tries to be, you can feel him throb inside his pants. Your fingers thread through his hair, your nails scrape along his scalp. His hips buck and you slide up onto the couch.  
Groaned softly into the side of your neck. He turns to press his lips there. 
“I think I like you.”
He breathes warmly into you. The declaration is more of a promise to you. He knows he’s only met you, but he can envision his whole life with you. You nod your head, agreeing with him. Your fingers tug at a few strands that are tangled together. 
“I think I’d like you a lot more if I gave you a shower.” 
He’s not entirely sure how he’s achieved this level of heaven. How’d exactly he swoon you into getting in the shower with him? His cock is heavy on your hip. The steam clogging up the mirror, droplets spewing over the two of you. His mop of dark curls slicked back. Precipitation clouded on both of your skin. He almost passed out when he undressed you. He tried to stay innocent minded, but god he couldn’t. His gigantic hands roaming your body, groping and pulling what he can. Handfuls of plush skin pushed into his palms. He’s in his mind palace and anointed the fuck out. 
“I think you’re feeling me more than bathing.” 
His hands fall and you smile. Turning to face him. Water drops off the bridge of his nose and patters to the ground. Your hands go to his chest. The burning skin is pleasing to feel. 
“Didn’t say that I hated it.”
He groans when your small hands run down his long arms and drag them up to your chest. He’s amazed and mesmerized by the feel of you. Your breasts fill his hands perfectly. Your nipples poking at his palms, begging to be touched. When his fingers go to pluck the bud, you moan high in your throat. He sighs, his eyes never leaving your chest. 
“You’re so pretty.”
His wet curls shake on his head and his hands fall to his sides again, his head bowed. His eyes staring at your feet. 
“What the hell are you doing with a guy like me?”
You’re confused about what he means, but you understand when he turns to hide. His back to you. The curls around his neck and ears coated with water. The water hits his shoulders harshly as he stands straight underneath the faucet. He wants to sulk about his insecurities. He’s limiting himself, ridding himself of the pleasure of having you. Maybe that’s why he’s so attractive. He’s more worried about your pleasure than anything else. You rise on your tiptoes, placing your chin on his shoulder. He feels your jaw move when you talk. 
“I dunno. Thought I was having a steamy encounter with an attractive stranger.”
He squints his eyes at the tile. Huffing a dark laugh. He can feel your chest rise on his back. Your pubic hair on his ass. 
“Seductive word play.”
He doesn’t turn his head to address you. You kiss up to his face, pressing a quick peck to the crimson skin. 
“Can think of a few other things that are enticing.”
Your hand flattens to the side of his waist. He pulls away slightly, then settles back onto you. You move your hand snaking around his hip bone. His breathing stutters. The feeling of you burns him from the inside out. He forgets his insecurities when your hand wraps around the base of his rock hard cock. You lazily fist his growing length. 
He growls deep in his chest. He says it like a forbidden word. His hand comes to push on the tile in front of him. He thrusts into your hand. His ass coming to hit back into you, then push up into your hand rapidly. The musky scent of him is potent. His other hand comes to push back his fallen hair. He nearly drowns in the water that rains on him. You fall flat on your feet, your mouth coming to nip at his back. You kiss, then your teeth come out to play, leaving deep red marks on his dark skin. 
“Think we’re more than that at this point.”
Your tongue lays flat on the defined muscle of his shoulder, lapping at the damp skin. After a stern tug, you hold him at the base. His hips buck up into your stilled hand. You tilt your head, looking up at the side of his face. You give him your best puppy dog eyes. 
“Don’t you agree?”
His breath quickens, a pained expression paints across his face. Your other hand comes around to scratch at the coarse hair at his pubic bone. 
He whimpers, his head thrown back when you continue to pull at him. You stroke him ferociously, grabbing filthy moans from him. The hand at his mound dips to cup his balls. The pawing makes him almost topple over that big hill of a climax. His balls draw up and he feels himself pour from his tip. Before he can fully lose himself, he quickly tears your hands from him. He pivots and slams your body into the side of the wall. His large hand is going to capture your tiny wrists. He holds them high above your head. His cock jutting against your naval. He didn’t know how he didn’t slip and crack his head open, but he looked suave as hell manhandling you like this. His eye is swirling with deep lust, his other glossy. Everything is fiery. He shoves his face into your neck. Your chest rising and plummeting. His warm tongue is flat on the side of your neck. His lips ghost over the shell of your ear. 
“Not gon’ last with your hands on me like that.”
His hand that was holding your wrists releases. Your hands fall on his broad shoulders, feeling the tendons shift and grind. trails down to your thigh and he hitches it over his hip. You smirk, you’ve broken him. Twisted him into a demented pervert. You quirk an eyebrow at him. 
“How long do you think you’re going to last?”
Your attempt to rile him up works. His hand leaves your thigh to come down to his cock. He doesn’t look away from you as he drags his length along your folds. You're slick coating him. He runs from top to bottom, his ruddy head tracing over your clit. He threatens to dip inside your entrance, but then he traces back to your clit. Your chest juts out, and he smiles. His eyes crinkled with mischief. 
“Let’s find out.”
He tightens his grip around himself before pushing into the resistance of your tight cunt. With one quick thrust, he bottoms out. A high whine boils out of your open mouth. He buried himself inside you far quicker than he expected. You fit him perfectly. The silky stretch pools in your stomach. Your cunt flutters around him, he moans. Your collarbone has his lips on it. His hand wraps around your thigh with a death grip. His fingers digging into your skin, surely to leave deep bruises. He moves and all hell breaks loose. He pistons his hips in and out of your spongy core.
The pace is irregular and sloppy. You wonder when was the last time he’s had sex. He’s knowledgeable about how to please a woman, but his restraint is unhinged. With each thrust, the resistance of your heat grows minimal. He punches high pitched whines out of your pretty throat. The grip on your thigh tugs at the connection of his hips. It’s messy and bad, but you love it. With every push, he nearly leaves your aching cunt. He pulls back till the thick head of his cock is left and then slams his length back into your slicked hole. The wet smack is music to him. He nearly slips out from his erratic thrusts. His lips leave you for the first time in a while. 
“C-can I pick you up?”
He’s hesitant and the way he says it is more rhetorical than anything. He moves his face from you staring at your blissed out state. You nod quickly and bite your lip harshly. 
“If you can.”
He smiles, and the skin stretches beautifully. His other hand coming to the underneath of your other thigh. Before you know it, he’s lifting you up off the ground. He wraps your legs around his waist. His cock barely inside of you, he positions you on the tile with a huff. He shoves you higher than needed on the slick wall. His hands grope your ass. He plummets his cock deep in you. You cry out, clawing at his back. He hisses, his fingers nearly sliding into your asshole. His cock hits deeper and that part in you that makes you sob. Your thighs shake and he pounds into you.
You can’t speak and your thighs wrap tight around his strong waist. Your heels push into his ass, guiding him to leave no space between the two of you. His lips are on yours in an instant. It’s wet and sloppy like everything else. His tongue delves into your mouth greedily. His teeth tugging at your bottom lip. The pain mixes with the delightful tug of the pleasure. His fingers tugging you harshly into the sharp snap of his hips. You weigh nothing when he pounds into you. He captures all the pretty noises you give him. He can feel your pussy weep for him and clench. His dick pumping through you makes him lose control. He leans back, leaving your lips kiss, swollen and bitten raw. His neck was drawn back on his shoulders. He moans deep and heavy in his chest. 
“So fucking pretty.”
You smile dumbly, nipping at his clavicle. His hips stutter. 
“Wish I could say the same about you.”
You bite. His eyes cut at you sharply. His hips slow their pace. Your nails dig into his back. It’s too slow and you’re too close for him to tease you like this. 
One of his hands leaves your ass to come to your clit. He moves you so you’re balanced on his hips and held up by his forearm. You nod at him, strands of wet hair falling. Your eyes glint deviously. 
He thinks about your response momentarily. Running over all the evil ideas he can do to you. He lingers his length in a painful drag. Your hand comes to trace over his scar. He nuzzles his face into your palm. Looking doe eyed at you, full of love and bliss. 
“Think you’re prettier than me.”
Your voice gets caught in your throat. And that’s it, he fucking loses it. He rolls his hips into yours. The hand that was once on his face goes to the back of his head. Tying in the messy curls. You pull his head to your face, kissing him deeply. His thumb rubbing quick circles onto your bud. You jump from him, your thighs tightening their hold. Your cunt milks him. Your body spasms and convulses, he just continues to fuck you through it. He has your cum on his stomach and thighs. You squirted. 
“Did you?”
You nod against his warm forehead. With big dumb eyes staring up at him, that does it for him. He ruts deep into you, pulls all the way back, and pushes all the way back in. Long spurts if cum hitting deep inside your channel. The warmth fills you to the brim. He thrusts lazily into you. His cum spilling over his thighs. He’s drawing out his prolonged high. He presses his soft lips to the side of your burning head. 
“N-never made someone do that before.”
He blushes bashfully, feeling pride bloom in his chest. You smile at him. His cock slips from you with ease, more of his cum spills out of your hole. He helps you stand on unsteady legs. You beam brightly at him. Your hands on his chest. 
“Never had that good of sex before.”
He bows his head, smiling to himself. He scratches the back of his head. 
“Glad to be of service.”
You nod, dipping your fingers over the ridges of his chest. You peck him on the lips before resting your chin on his chest. He grips you to him, afraid that you’ll accidentally hurt yourself if he lets go. 
“By the way, now that I think of it. I don’t know your name.”
He grows eerily quiet. How could he not have told you such a basic thing? He just fucked your brains out and you don’t know who did it to you. He removes a hand from you; he sticks it out to you. You take his hand, shaking it as a formal introduction. 
He mutters. You say your name in return and he smiles. The tarnished skin of the side of his face lifts, wrinkles on top of wrinkles move. His eyes light up and you think you can see that he has a dimple. He thinks that you’ve given him the most angelic title for him to call you by. You smile, the rain hitting his back, shielding you from it. 
“Nice to meet you, stranger.”
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theonepieceweeb · a day ago
The Straw hats x tomboy reader Headcannons (no Chopper )
Gender : neutral
Tumblr media
she met you at thriller bark
When you were captured by Gecko moria
She was suprised by your tomboyish attitude
But she was astounished by your beauty and your bravery
You were interested in fighting
You were master in martial arts and swordsmanship
You worked along with Zoro
You loved her intelligence and that she cared a lot
You were polar opposites but you loved each other deeply
Roronoa Zoro
Tumblr media
you two got along pretty well in East Blue
Because you both were swordsman
But you barely got lost 😅
you were also not afraid about each other getting hurt
Because you two were badass
He was very awkward in giving you hugs
And was very awkward when he had to confess to you
Tumblr media
*this relationship was hard
*because he was flirty to every woman
He was okay with you being a tomboy
Cause let's face it
He loves every beautiful woman
You were tsundere about it because you didn't know if he loved you
he tried to save you from attacks from guys because he didn't want you to get hurt
You knew that he knew that you were strong enough
He never had bad intentions
But you wished that he didn't rescue
Nico Robin
Tumblr media
you were interested in her when she talked about various of fighting sports arts around Alabasta
You were working with her as Miss All Sunday
And you two joined together to Luffy's crew
You promised to her that you will save her from all anger
And she was the one who confessed to you
Monkey D . Luffy
Tumblr media
You met him around Alabasta
When you were in a restaurant with Ace
He introduced you to his brother
You fell in love with Luffy when you just saw him
He had a huge grin and you smiled back at him
He loved you and you both saved each other from any danger and had fun together
He loved your badassness
Tumblr media
He found you SUPER
You helped him build things and you loved doing that
You found him cool and he found you cool
It was fun
He didn't have to save you from anything
You were strong enough
He confessed to you in a weird way
Tumblr media
*you loved his music and sense of humor
his 'skull jokes ' always made you laugh
You sometimes gave him some lyrics he could use for his song
He was always amazed by your badassness and tomboyness
He felt like you didn't love him because he was a skeleton
You were kinda offended by it but you understood why he felt that way
So you confessed to him
And he was so happy
He sang you a song after that
Tumblr media
You met him in the Marineford when you were trying to save Ace
He was important to you because he was your childhood friend
He was glad that you didn't get killed by any marines
And you helped Luffy getting killed
Because you knew that Luffy was important to Jinbei
You confessed to him
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flaysthings · a day ago
Random Gotham Thoughts #2
Y/n being everyone's mother
Y/n being everyone's mother.
Do you know how parents give reward their children with star stickers? Well, y/n does that with information. Jim just so happen to bring down an organization she was after? Good job! She'll provide him with information, and protection. Now, all she needs to do is just go down at the GCPD to kill them. Easy peasy.
She's definitely his getaway driver.
She acts like that one aunt that would sneak you out of school to play with Harvey. She causes a distraction, giving Harvey the opportunity to sneak away so they could get donuts and gossip. Harvey would be strutting around Gotham when he's with her knowing not a strand of hair would be touched in his head. He's with as he calls her, 'GCPD's one-woman army'.
Would scold Harvey and Jim if they were rude to Ed, intentionally or not. She would fill her crimes with riddles so that Jim would see the need for Ed more.
She would definitely buy their favorite takeouts and put them in lunch boxes and leave them at their desks.
She's an overprotective mama bird when it comes to Oswald, even if she doesn't always show it. Definitely makes him tea in the morning cause she can't cook for shit, and tucks him in bed at night, whether he likes it or not.
She lets Jim or Riddler rough him up once in a while, I mean, siblings fight do they not?
She lets them do as they please, except for Sundays. Sundays are family day, which means, out of Gotham beach in the mornings, then they eat breakfast, followed by a day practicing with their guns (at Jim's request, at a shooting range).
At lunch, she takes them to a McDonald's, and she insists that her 'children' are to get the happy meals.
In the afternoon they would try to create an edible meal, failing every time. They couldn't even make pancakes that doesn't taste like flour. After that Oswald would throw a tantrum to get them to clean. And by them, I mean y/n and Harvey. Lazy fuckers.
At night, Victor brings pizza and milkshakes. They would go to the roof where they lay out blankets and pillows. Vic somehow managed to bring a tv up there. They would sit there, Oswald unknowingly cuddling between Vic and y/n.
On Sundays, they're like every domestic family. Which is odd seeing two of the children work with the law, the other went rouge, and the other is a mob boss that has his parents work for him.
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thelovelydiviner · 2 days ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
albedo kreideprinz
Falling in love with one of the main leads [Euphonious Symphony]
ayato kamisato
Falling in love with one of the main leads [Euphonious Symphony]
childe, tartaglia, ajax
Falling in love with one of the main leads [Euphonious Symphony]
diluc ragnvindr
Falling in love with one of the main leads [Euphonious Symphony]
arataki itto
kaeya alberich
Falling in love with one of the main leads [Euphonious Symphony]
Falling in love with one of the main leads [Euphonious Symphony]
Falling in love with one of the main leads [Euphonious Symphony]
Falling in love with one of the main leads [Euphonious Symphony]
Tumblr media
© lovelydiviner 2022. reposting, plagiarizing, translating or claiming my works are strictly forbiddened.
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nezuscribe · 2 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
𝖙𝖍𝖊 𝖕𝖔𝖎𝖓𝖙 𝖔𝖋 𝖓𝖔 𝖗𝖊𝖙𝖚𝖗𝖓
(part one)
(part two)
pairing: king!bakugo x fem!reader
genre: slowburn, royalty au, strangers to lovers to haters, angst, smut
summary: bakugo doesn't know what to do now that his fiance, or better yet, ex-fiance left him to go to his rival kingdom. he's told to go calm himself down, take a few days off to release his stress. it's unfortunate, really, that he had to go get himself lost. a true shame until he stumbles into you.
warnings: mentions of past trauma, throwing up, angst, smut (all characters are aged up to their twenties), fingering (fem. receiving), blowjobs, heavy making out, mdni 18+
note: reblogs and comments are always appreciated!
word count: 10k
mha masterlist
Tumblr media
"All these fuckin' trees and not a single bit of fuckin' water..."
The hair on your neck stood up, heart stopping at the voice. You carefully put the bowl in your hands down as you looked around, grateful for the wall of rocks that hid you from anybody walking underneath.
It wasn't one you had heard before, laced with obvious frustration, gruffing as the male trudged along the muddy road of the mossy forest.
Despite all the alarms going off in your head to run, your curiosity peaked as you caught a glimpse of him through the slice of boulders, a glittering of blonde hair that shined whenever it was hit was a streak of light.
The man swung his sword as he got deeper and deeper into the heart of your home, the fur coat on his back surely offering him only heat as he moved slower and slower with each swing.
Had he come to kill you?
You popped your head around the rocks, matching his footsteps with yours as you followed him, careful to make sure there were no twigs as you took a step.
You heard him mumble some things under his breath, grunting as he stopped, his hands on his knees as he heaved, chest heavy as he rested.
You waited for him to start his journey again, curious to see where he was going, only for him to stumble to his feet, the weapon in his hand clattering to the side as he fell.
After a couple of minutes you realized that he wasn't getting up, and even when you crunched some leaves under your fingers to get a reaction out of him, he lay silently.
Looking around, you saw that there was nobody else near him, and counted all your blessings as you made your way down from your little alcove, stopping a couple of feet away from him as you saw him more closely.
He was well built, hair as blonde as the woven silk your mother used to make, and could easily couple over you if needed.
With that in mind, you nudged his shoulder with your shoes, once, twice, and then for a final time to see that he didn't move.
You crouched down to his face, prodding it over to see it flushing a deep red, forehead lined with sweat as his skin grew hotter underneath your fingers.
You could leave him here, ensure your safety as you went back to your little house,
But looking back and forth to the lake you knew wasn't far from here, you stuttered, quickly gnawing on your lips as you decided.
After some seconds of internal debating, you stomped your feet on the ground, praying to any god up there that you were doing the right thing as you put one of his arms around your shoulder, almost falling over as you tried to lift him, slowly doing your best to get him to water.
Bakugo woke up with his eyes snapping open, looking widely around as he felt himself up to his chest submerged in water.
He jumped to his feet, stumbling a bit as he saw his clothing neatly folded to his side, all his different pieces of jewelry and weaponry laid next to it as if somebody had put it there.
He sure as hell knew he didn't fold any of his things, nor take his necklaces off when he bathed.
He noted that he was in a small lake, nothing big enough nor deep that he would notice it beforehand, but cool enough that it saved him from the exhaustion he was feeling earlier.
His hands clenched, eyes narrowing as he looked around for somebody, anybody to guess who had done this, yet he didn't need to think long on it as the person in question thudded to a stop seeing that he was awake.
The two of you stared at each other in silence, and you couldn't do anything as you saw a flash of color whizzing towards you, your back instantly hitting the ground as your head thudded off the rough dirt path, a groan of pain emitting from your lips, and your eyes widened in fear as a sturdy hand wrapped around your neck like viscous python.
"Who are you?" He snarled, eyes a deep red as his teeth bared themselves to you, furry taking over his features as he looked deep into your eyes, the fingers around your throat growing tighter as you struggled for an answer.
"Y-y/n," You choked out, "I mean no h-harm," Your tongue felt heavy in your mouth, hands struggling to scratch at his, his weight doing more damage as it weighed you down.
You felt his hand loosen, but his grip was still there, finger threatening to dig deeper into your skin if you didn't answer his questions.
"Were you the one that stripped me fuckin' naked?" He gritted out, cocking his chin to his clothes, and you feebly nodded.
You knew this was a bad idea. You should have left him for the crows.
"You passed out," You whispered heavily, "I tried to help."
The man paused, lips pressed into a thin line as he looked at you longer, hand still at the back of your throat as he thought about what to do with you.
After some time he removed himself from you, paying no attention to you as you heaved, gasping for air as you coughed dryly, shooting him a glare, muttering curses under your breath as he placed his hands on his waist, looking around.
You massaged your neck, wincing as you gently pressed down, your eyes watering as you cursed yourself for your stupidity.
The man grunted, looking at you from the side of his eyes as he began to duck down, picking up his clothing as he shrugged them on one by one.
You threw the water sack you had brought to his back, not saying anything as you shakily stood up, getting ready to walk back to your place when you felt a slight tug on your tunic, pulling you back as you were face to face with the man.
"Do you live in that village nearby?" His eyes were so red, you cited wearily, such a crimson shade that you wondered if compared to the blood under your skin you could tell which was which.
"No." You glanced at the array of knives he had, choosing your words carefully as you addressed him.
He noted your gruffed-up appearance, the dirt, and mud that littered your tattered clothing, and the little pieces of twigs that were in your hair.
"Do you live anywhere near here?" He towered over you, chest lined with droplets of water, and you took a step back, suddenly aware of just how close the two of you were standing.
"Yes." You said, his brows creasing as he tried to piece you together.
He sighed, raking a hand through his hair as he went back to work, pocketing all his knives and other tiny weapons as he left you wondering if you should leave or stay.
"My horse is dead, and I don't know where I am," He told you, looking over his shoulder as your lips scrunched up, "I need to stay with you until my men come."
His men?
"You need not stay with me" You snapped, "You almost killed me and you expect me to openly invite you to my house?" You had to control your voice from shouting, fists curled as they shook with anger.
He scoffed, lips curling upwards in distaste as he stood back up again, reminding you just how much power he had, just how easy it was for him to break you with his hands.
"Do you want the royal militia to know that you refused their king his request?" He wrapped the necklace around his neck, brow perched as he waited for your response.
You snorted, clicking your tongue as you looked over to the glistening lake, realizing what, or perhaps, who, you were dealing with.
"Alright," You nodded, deciding to play along with his little game as you shrugged, "You can just wait for the royal militia to come and pick you up, well now?"
The man shook his head, following you as you began walking, hoping he would give up after he realized he forgot one of his knives.
"You'll be heavily rewarded." He said, bargaining with you as you walked up a narrow dirt path, shaking your head to his outlandish offer.
"I need no rewards." You said, looking to the side as he walked closer and closer to you.
"Do you intend on living like a fuckin' dog your entire life? If you help me I'll give you more than you've had." He said again, though this time his voice was lined with a hint of desperation.
"You offend me yet still want my help?" You shot back and he winced slightly, eyeing your neck as he bit his lip.
"'M sorry about that," He started, "Can't be too cautious with everythin' nowadays."
You stopped walking, your hand massaging your forehead as you thought deeply.
"Can you give me asylum?" Your hands fidgeted, hoping he wouldn't question too deep into it.
"Asylum?" He parroted back, eyes taking you in, really taking you in this time.
"Can you or can you not?"
"Yes," He responded almost instantly, comically, "I can."
"No questions asked?"
He contemplated, weighing the chances of having a complete psychopath on his hands.
"No questions asked."
You gnawed on your nails, looking back and forth as you sighed, motioning for him to follow you.
You didn't even care if he was who he said he was, and you severely doubted he was anything more of a countryman who simply got lost on one of his hunts.
But at the end of the day, you were a gentle person in nature, and couldn't leave someone stranded just as you had been many years ago.
Bakugo almost wished he hadn't asked to come with you.
The walk wasn't long, but it sure didn't help that the heat was overbearing and he only had a satchel to accommodate him on the short journey.
And if that wasn't the worst thing he'd have to experience until now, he didn't realize that your home wasn't so much a home, more so a cave you have furnished with leaves and clay pots.
He watched as you sheepishly rubbed the back of your neck, looking at the opening of the cave and then back to him, almost looking away from him the instant you saw the slight repugnance on his face.
"If you're going to complain you can leave. I'm not wasting anything on you if you're going to be ungrateful."
Bakugo swallowed thickly, shaking his head as he followed you inside, ducked as the roof of the cave was a bit too short for his height.
There was a small pot in the middle, and you glanced inside it, muttering to yourself as you sprinkled something in from a nearby clay can, tasting it on your finger as you nodded bitterly.
"Make yourself comfortable," You said, motioning for him to lie anywhere he'd like as you stirred the soup around a bit more, adding some spices in as you tasted it again.
Katsuki Bakugo, you had come to learn his name, groaned as he situated himself down in the further corner there was, taking his large boots off as he flexed his toes, cracking his joints as he rolled his head around.
The soup, if it could even be called that, was thankfully not too warm, and would therefore be something that wouldn't heat him any more than he already was, and you began pouring some into the singular bowl you had.
The fish head floated to the top, its eyes looking back at you as you garnished it with some of the grass-like plants you had found a couple of weeks ago, balancing it carefully in your hands as you brought it to him.
"I don't have any spoons, so you'll have to bring the bowl up to your lips." You said placing it down next to him as you nodded to the soup.
Bakugo looked at the fish head and then back to you, giving a single nod of his head in thanks as you went back to your respective corner, waiting for him to finish his food so that you could use the bowl.
You watched as he gingerly brought it up to his mouth, tasting it as he winced, coughing at the foul taste as he struggled to keep it down, glancing at you and then back to the bowl of soup as he did his best to finish it without throwing up.
"It's not the worst," You snapped and he shuddered as he finished it, his eyes squeezing shut as it went slowly down his throat.
"It's not the best, either." He barked back, and you stood from your seat, picking up his bowl as you pour yourself your serving, eating it in silence as he looked around.
"You live here or is this a stop?" He played with his little necklace, his finger tracing its little bead as he glanced at you, red eyes the same color as the hearth in front of you.
"You always ask this many questions?" You wiped your top lip, smacking them together as you finished the soup, your stomach finally stopping its rumbling as you unflasked your satchel, letting the water run in the bowl as you cleaned it of the substance.
He scoffed, his legs drawing out as he laid down, his arm slung over his eyes, the other over his chest as he groaned once again, and then, finally, silence, as he decided to go to sleep.
You, however, knew that sleep was far from what you were going to do.
Despite this man, Bakugo, stating that he meant no harm, you had just met him a couple of hours ago, in such a way he had tried to kill you once already, and you doubted he wouldn't try again.
As the night rolled in and the moon traded roles with the sun, you sat at the opening of the cave, one hand tightly gripping your makeshift knife, the other gripping onto a rock, jumping at every slight move he made.
But even you were no match for the inevitable slouch, for the way your full belly sang you deeper into sleep, and you slumped over in the position you were sitting in, head hung low as you weakly gripped onto your weapons.
You awoke when you felt a sudden nudge on your shoulder, your eyes snapped wide open, wildly whipping your hands around as you heard a loud shout.
"The fuck is your problem?" Bakugo yelled, jumping back at the knife in your hand, brows scrunched up as he gazed over your sunken expression.
You noticed that he had come empty-handed, and perhaps seemed to be more scared of you than you were of him. Despite that, you still gripped onto the hilt of the knife, shifting over in your seat as he waited for a response.
"Can't be too cautious nowadays," You mimicked his words from earlier, yawning as you changed positions, crawling into yourself as your eyes fluttered shut, "If you need anything the creek is a bit up north from here and there should be some food leftover from last night." You groggily said.
Bakugo didn't say anything for a couple of seconds, and you cracked an eye open to see him standing above you, examining like he was debating on saying something.
"If you need'a take a piss just do it outside," You muttered and he shook his head, sighing as he gave up, going back to his corner as he tried to make himself comfortable.
"Can you stop makin' so many fuckin' noises then?" Bakugo said, his tone laced with annoyance as he situated himself into a comfortable position, "Makes it real fuckin' difficult to sleep."
Your eyes opened at this, sitting up as you narrowed them, lips drawn into a thin line as you glared at him.
"'M not making any noises," You replied and he scoffed, peeking at you from the side as he shrugged, using his coat as a cushion for his head, leaving nothing to cover his chest, and you felt your cheeks warm as each movement caused his muscles to flex most deliciously.
"Then don't make any noises." He mumbled, voice lined with sleep as he nodded off, not caring that you conscientiously touched your throat, the burns on your chest, as you wondered if you were making noises, and you just weren't aware of it.
It had been so long since you had seen somebody, let alone talked to them to this extent, that you felt as though you were going crazy, and decided to sleep at the opening perch of the cave, far enough from him so that if you did make any noise he wouldn't be bothered enough to come and wake you up for it.
Waking up with a start, Bakugo rubbed tiredly at his eyes, mouth open in a silent yawn as he remembered where he was; that instead of the comfort of his bed in the palace he was stuck here, in a cave with a woman who dare not make good soup and talked in her sleep.
He looked over to where you were the night before and instantly stood up, stumbling as he gripped onto the cave wall for support, skimming wildly around as he couldn't see you anywhere.
Had you left him? Put him here to mock him for his lack of training?
His feet padded thickly on the ground as he ran outside, almost tripping over a pair of legs as he steadied himself back up, his heart stopping its rapid movement as he saw your familiar face again, lined with a sense of serenity as you continued to sleep.
He halted, not knowing if he should wake you up or let you sleep, already feeling a sense of guilt for choking you and then forcing you to do something you weren't on board.
He went to go back into the cave when his boot landed on a dried twig, the sound echoing around the forest, and watched in surprise as you cracked wide awake, hands already ready to attack with your pesky knife and rock, your chest heaving as you were face to face with him, again.
Your face twisted from one of fear and anticipation to annoyance as you realized it was only him, grumbling some curses under your breath as you groggily rubbed at your eyes, not noticing the way Bakugo watched you intently, waiting for you to do something as you stood up, receding into the cave as you went straight to check up on your pot of soup.
He followed you inside, like a lost puppy, and stood behind you, watching as you stirred the pot with great focus.
"You didn't eat any more of it last night," You remarked, and he sneered, walking around you so that he'd be facing you, pointing to the contents inside the pot as his face lined with disgust once more.
"It tasted like shit, ya' know. Can't say I was fuckin' eager to go back for seconds." You stopped your movements, glimpsing at him from above your eyelashes, fingers gripping the hilt of stick you used to stir as you poured yourself your serving, not saying anything as you went back to your corner, quietly slurping away as he was left at the pot of watery fish soup.
"Is this all there is?" He almost shouted, irritated, glimpsing around the room as if there were others next to him, ready to defend his every word.
But it was just the two of you, and you seemed quite intent on devouring whatever abomination it was you had created.
"There's this and there's also some berries outside," You said, and almost laughed at how quickly he almost ran to the opening of the cave, stopping only when you opened your mouth again to say, "I wouldn't try those, though, it gives you a nasty rash."
His chest deflated, and went back to his standing position as the pot, looking inside as if the fish pieces would stop floating up now and then, and the questionable black chunks didn't fill every sense in him up with dread.
"It's fish 'n toasted acorns," You commented, "Nothin' that's gonna' kill ya'."
Bakugo paused, glancing at the empty bowl in your hand, the soup, and the rumbling in his stomach couldn't be ignored as he stomped his way towards you, snatching the bowl as he filled it up, going back to his corner as he begrudgingly sipped on it.
There was an award silence as he finished the food, throwing the bowl aside as he looked at you, brows drawn as he tried to make sense of who you were.
"Do you willingly live here?" You felt your eyes roll back into your skull at his many questions, fingers clenching at the worn fabric on your thigh.
"If I did, would I ask you for asylum?" You watched as he blushed a pink, ears twinging red as he looked away, embarrassed that you called him out for his misjudgment.
"Do you always come unprepared on a trip to the eastern forest?" You asked for the first time and he tutted, aggravation written all over his posture.
"I always go with at least one of my men, guess I just miscalculated this time." You wanted to almost laugh at that, at the way he seemed embarrassed to admit he'd ever make a mistake.
You gazed at his profile, at the way his blonde hair seemed to shine gold under the flickering embers of the fire, or the way his jaw seemed to tick whenever he got annoyed.
"Are you a king?"
There was a quietness after that, one you hadn't expected.
If it weren't for his stupidity, you almost would have believed him. He seemed so sure in his answer that he didn't even need to stutter, no from hesitation as he looked you directly in the eye.
"Do you realize how many men have said that?" This peaked his attention, as the corners of his lips tugged upwards in amusement, his head cocking to the side as he took in the information.
"I doubt many men could offer you whatever you wanted," He jeered, and you doubted even he could offer you what you truly wanted.
"Oh no," You said with a taunting smile, "They had nothing to offer me. They were, however, quite interested in what lay beneath my knickers." Bakugo bit back a laugh, averting his eyes to something that lay behind you, as if not to keep himself from looking down in curiosity.
Your cheeks warmed up, and you glanced sideways, thinking of what you wanted to say.
"I can't say I've seen much of your face. If you're to be a king, how come I've never heard your name?" Your chin lifted, looking down at him as he shrugged, playing with the delicate beads on his necklace.
"I'm the king of the south, not the east," He explained as if that would make any difference.
"Well, surely I must have heard your name in conversation before. If I recall correctly, the king of the south arranged to marry our princess. Why are you here, instead of hunting with your wife?" You cocked up an eyebrow, feeling victorious that you at least remembered some things from your early years.
What you weren't expecting, however, was for a shadow to form on his face, his red eyes to turn a deep shade of burgundy as his lips curled up, a deep scowl forming on his face as he glanced at you, his nose up, now the one looking down on you.
"Then you must be real fuckin' stupid for not rememberin' me, then," He barked back with a scathing tone, and you felt the little bit of lively energy you two had created in the past couple of minutes dissipate, your blood running cold as you deflated in on yourself.
You felt something lodge itself in your throat, his words mimicking the ones you had heard so many years ago, quickly standing up as you snatched the water satchel as you left the cave.
"I'll be back in an hour." You announced, voice shaking as you left him alone, his eyes narrowed as he heard your quivering exhale, wondering what he had said to get you so riled up.
The following days were spent with minimal conversation, and it seemed the more the sun would set and the moon would rise, Bakugo became more and more restless.
"They should be here..." He'd whisper to himself, "What's taking them so fuckin' long?" He'd peek his head outside the cave, walk around a bit until he felt like he had strayed too far, trudged back, heavy boot clanking on the ground as he ducked his head down, a dejected look on his face.
He’d stay silent about your food after he conceded he could barely hunt anything other than fish in this dense area, and the acorns didn’t taste the most inadequate if he just scrunched up his nose and pretended they were the lightly toasted walnuts he enjoyed back at the palace instead.
You didn’t speak much, and he felt rather bad for snapping at you the other day, but he was the king of the south, the supposed man who felt no sympathy nor regret, who cheated his fiance out of a loving marriage, and felt as though he should uphold his reputation to at least one person.
At night, you still laid next to your knife and rock, though you opted to sleep near them instead of gripping them tightly in your hands, seeing that the man hadn’t attacked so far and didn’t seem intent on doing it again.
He’d still wake you up sometimes, a nudge of his boot or a pesky slap across your face when you wouldn’t stop shaking, his eyes holding something close to worry as you groggily woke up, looking around as you realized you had just woken him up again.
“Sorry,” You muttered, rolling to the other side so that your back was to him, hiding the stray tears that always made their way to your waterline after the dreams, feeling his looming presence as he didn’t go back to his corner like he usually would.
“Bad dream?” He tried, voice a bit quieter than his usual gruff one, his one tiredness taking over, but he still tried for conversation at the dead of night.
“Would barely call it a dream,” You muttered and he studied the scars that peeked out from the sliver of your tunic that rode up, how they wrapped themselves around your waist and the entirety of your back from what it seemed.
“Stop uh, stop makin’ noises. Makes it real fuck-”
“Fuckin’ difficult to sleep, I know,” You recited his words, “I’ll try my best.” He felt like total shit, winching when you took in a shuddering breath, feeling worse for what he was saying. He barges into your life, eats your food, depends on you for the meekest of things yet still dares to order you around? It was no wonder Kō left him for that Todoroki.
Your hands were drawn into your chest as you curled in on yourself, the cool breeze that wafted in biting at your uncovered skin, little goosebumps forming as you shuddered yourself to sleep.
You tried to shut your eyes as tightly as you could, pretend the frightening images of the whippings and the blood didn’t make their way to your imagination when all of a sudden you felt something heavy fall on your shoulders.
Opening your lids you saw the thick coat he had used as a pillow draped over your side, and as you turned your neck you saw him walking back, giving you no attention as if he hadn’t done anything.
“Thank you,” You said, your voice lined with genuine gratitude, and for the first time in his life, Bakugo didn’t know what to say or what to do to tell you that this was the bare minimum of what he should be giving you.
But he pressed his lips into a thin line, nodding to himself as he muttered back,
“No problem.”
After that night, you kept your knife and rock safely tucked away.
You had to guess it had to be at least three weeks without any word from the outside world, and you doubted anybody would be coming for him, royal militia or not.
Your days were spent with less tense talk, and sometimes you could see the wisps of a smile on his face, his forehead free on any stress as you laughed loudly at him stumbling to debone a fish, taking over as you showed him how to properly do it, the minimal space between the two of you almost nonexistent as you watched intently from over your shoulder, his hands almost atop your waist as you looked behind to make sure he was following along.
He stopped talking about how he was a king after the first two weeks, and once he probably figured that nobody was coming for him, he seemed to be more relaxed than apprehensive, his words more carefree and joyful as you two poked fun at each other.
“You know,” You said one sunny afternoon, your knife in one hand, the fish in front of you as Katsuki sifted through the berries you had picked earlier that day, seeing which ones were ripe enough to eat, “You should start doin’ the hunting. I’ve been doing all the work around here and it’s time you start doin’ your share.” He looked up, brows furrowed as he crossed his arms across his chest, muscles taunting you from across the room as you felt a part of you shiver from just how beautiful he truly was.
“Don't ya’ know it’s uncivilized to command your guest?” He bit back and a small grin grew on your face, shaking your head as you shrugged.
“I’m just sayin’, if you don’t want me to kick ya’ out then ya’ gotta’ do something to make this load easier. I’m doin’ the work of two people with only a singular person, it’s getting kinda’ difficult.” You said and he grunted, going back to the berries as he squished one underneath his fingers, watching as the deep purple shade ran down his skin, tainting it a violet. He took a couple in his mouth, curious to see their taste, screwing his eyes shut as he began tasting its sour pulp.
He winced, throwing the berry to the ground as he went back to pick them out, the taste sitting uncomfortably on his tongue as he glanced at you.
“‘Are ya’ sure any of these berries are ripe? Really fuckin’ nasty if ya’ ask me,” You looked up, giggling at his purple-stained lips as he glared at you, “Tastes like tomatoes, and I fuckin’ hate tomatoes.”
The knife in your hand dropped as you looked up.
You quickly walked over to him, picking the berry he had thrown on the ground, assessing it as you looked into the basket, feeling every nerve in your body freeze, your heart seizing its thumping as you picked up a handful of them, their shape different from the one you swore you had seen in the forest.
“Oh,” You whispered, dropping the berries on the ground, “Oh my fuckin’ god, shit, shit!” You snapped over to Katsuki a wild look in your eyes as your lips trembled in fear.
“Throw that up, Katsuki, throw it up right now!” You slapped yourself across the face, dragging your fingers down your eyes as your feet tapped your foot quickly on the ground, millions of thoughts running through your head as your brain seemed to stop working.
“Wh-what?” He stuttered, whipping his stained hands on his pants as he ran to you, worry taking over as you jammed your palms into your eye sockets, “The fuck is wrong with you? They’re just blueberries, right?”
You looked up at him, shaking your head slowly as you pulled away, a wave of nausea settling in as you thought of anything that could potentially save him.
“Y/n, come on, those were blueberries, right? Right?” You let out a muted shout, dropping to your knees as you breathed heavily.
“They’re nightshade. They, they um,” You stuttered, not finding the right words.
“They what?” He snapped, a hint of fury in his eyes as his hands shook in rage.
“Belladonna,” And you knew he knew this name, much more common in the south than in the east, you looked up at him, “They’re,” You took in a shuddering breath “They’re deadly, in um, most cases.” Your voice dropped in octaves to a whisper, almost wincing behind your covered face as you peeked out.
He stopped, his chest heaving as he gazed down at you, oddly calm for the information you just gave him, and he took in a deep breath before lunging for you, tackling you roughly to the ground as he snared, his eyes a different shade of red, one you had never seen before as elbow jabbed roughly into your chest, his other arm pressing your throat down.
“Have you been tryin’ to kill me this entire fuckin’ time, huh? Is that what this is? Are ya’ a little eastern spy?” He gritted out, and you shook your head, sniveling as he pressed his arm tighter against your throat.
“No! No, Katsuki, I swear,” Your whimpers turned into cries as he let out an empty laugh, his expression twisting to one of pain momentarily and then back to one of pure wrath as he pressed his knee in between your thighs to keep you from squirming.
“You swear what, shit, - fuck - that you didn’t…” His grip on you loosened as he fell over, clutching his stomach as groaned out in pain, letting you scramble away as you held your hand to your mouth to stop from throwing up when you saw the dribble of blood that escaped his lips, staining his teeth a dark red.
“Katsuki, I’m so sorry, come, let me,” You reached out, trying to hold his hand, but he weakly swatted it aside in a feeble attempt to get rid of you, “Please, I’m only trying to help.” He showed his teeth at that, a cruel grin on his face as his nose wrinkled in disgust.
“You’re a fuckin’ bitch, ya’ know that, right? All your pity, fuck, p-pity shit and still can’t tell the difference between a blueberry and something that’s gonna’ fuckin’ kill me, can’t ya’?” Your lips wobbled, knowing that he was right, knowing that everything he was saying was the truth, that no matter how much good you tried to do all you’ll ever be known for is destruction, but it didn’t stop you from bending down, slinging his arm as you ignored his protests, dragging him somewhere shadier as you ran to get his coat, clumping it up as you placed it under his feet, doing your best to elevate it as his moans became louder.
You brought the water satchel over, propping his mouth open as you poured some in, seeing that he was barely conscious, whispering your apologies as you closed his mouth, seeing his throat barely function as he tried to swallow.
You opened his mouth again, this time shutting your eyes as you stuck your fingers down his throat, wincing as you heard the sounds, the dark berries he had eaten earlier now staining his chin and chest as he heaved, eyes barely open as he settled back down, hands covering his stomach as he rolled to the side in pain.
You could barely hear him breathing, placing your ears above his heart as you heard its slow thumping, grateful for something as you quickly ripped a part of your scraggly shirt apart, wetting it with more water as you began cleaning his face and chest, your hands trembling as he groaned loudly, whispering apologies as he shuddered.
You watched in horror as his skin grew a red shade, body shaking as he lay on the stone ground, but as you placed a quivering hand to steady him, you reeled back, finger unused to the cold, stumbling as you ran to the creek to get more water.
As you ran, you paid no mind to the branches that cut your skin or the way your ankle caught on a root, a sharp gasp of pain leaving your lips as you struggled back up, ignoring ever as you ran to the wide opening, looking behind you as you filled it up with water, hands shaking terribly as you clasped the cap back on, running back to the cave where he lay convulsing silently, not knowing if by the time you got there he’d be dead.
That night was spent with you bending over him constantly, checking his open mouth for any breath, thankful when you felt little puffs hit your cheek, biting your nails to a stump as you prayed that the poison would just leave his system.
He’d muttered some things now and then, and you knew he must have been hallucinating some things when he’d sickly reach his hand up, almost as if he was trying to grasp something until they fell back down at his sides.
“K-Kō,” You’d hear him whisper from time to time, “Kō.” He’d say, and you’d grip his hand, letting him know that you were there, watching as he gradually turned his head to look at you, his eyelids opening slowly as he showed you his dilated pupils, a rash forming on his forehead as he stared for a while, the hand in yours weakening as he reached up to grip your cheek in his large palm.
“Kō?” He sounded so lost, so lifeless that if you weren't listening with every ounce of yourself, you’d never have heard it.
You shook your head slowly, your fingers pressing into his arm as you tried to snap him to reality.
“No, no,” Your voice wavered, “It’s me, Y/n, not Kō.” You knew who she was, and even without your past knowledge about your royalty, the way he’d sometimes speak about her, in bursts of conversation, a solemn look on his face as gazed somewhere far away, as if he was imagining her instead of being stuck with you, somewhere he could imagine he was in his darkest moments, with his true love instead of a woman he stumbled into on a spontaneous day.
His eyes opened a little bit more, as if he didn’t believe your words, his lips forming into a small pout that would have put a smile on your face if not for the situation you were in, your heart squeezing painfully as you noted the rashed that formed on his arms and chest.
“Y-” He struggled to talk, “Y/n?” He said it as if he had never heard the name before, the letters foreign on his tongue, his memories swishing together into a messy blur until he couldn’t remember anything aside from the girl with long dark hair, always pulled into a tight regal bun he adored so much, the girl he didn’t remember left him for the boy with a burn across his left side, your face melding with Kō’s as if she was here instead of you.
“That’s me,” You said quietly, not wanting to disturb him any more than you already had, shifting so that the setting sun wouldn’t bother his eyes, blocking it from his view as you gave his hand a gentle squeeze, smiling kindly at him through your blurred tears.
He reminded you so much of that day, the way he gripped onto you as if you were his savior although you put him in this position, your brother’s pained eyes etching into his, the dying light in them something you dreaded to see in the man in front of you.
His hand on your cheek slipped as if he now realized that you weren’t his lover, but it hovered over your skin, his fingers moving downward to braze over your lips, gentle as they traced over the cuts that littered your skin, tracing your face for the first time, careful to take it all in even in his nauseated state. You felt his thumb slowly swiping at the tears that threatened to fall from your chin, slight confusion overtaking his features when he discovered you were crying.
“What,” He hesitated, his hands clenching as a wave of discomfort rolled through him, but he looked back up as if you were the one in his position, “What’s the matter, Kō? Are you,” He whimpered slightly in pain, “Are you hurt?”
You shook your head, quick to wipe the tears in your eyes as you gave a watery laugh, looking up as you cursed yourself for your thoughtlessness, at the sheer naivety you held, thinking you could truly do anything well in your wretched life.
“I’m sorry,” You whispered, body shaking in quiet sobs, “I’m sorry Katsuki,” You could speak well, words muted with silent weeps as your chest shook, “I,” You heaved, not able to breathe properly as sights of your brother flash before your eyes, his dying face mirroring the man in front of you.
“It’s okay,” He gave you a lopsided grin, one that looked almost boyish and unconcerned, one you had never seen before, “I know ya’ try your best,” You didn't know if he thought he was speaking to you or the girl that plagued his dreams, but it still made you fall over, crumpling in on yourself as your tears wet the stone beneath you.
You watched in genuine astonishment as he struggled up to his elbows, and you were quick to usher him down, but he didn’t mind, his strong arms circling your trembling frame as he weakly brought you into his chest, a sturdy hand rubbing your back as your wet cheeks stained his skin, your heart hammering as he gripped your thighs, letting you curl into him as if the two of you had done this before.
“I’m sorry Katsuki,” You whispered, your breath hitting his naked skin as it made him shudder, “I’m so fuckin’ sorry.” A part of you almost didn’t notice that his skin was no longer freezing, this time burning alive as if he was the sun himself, the rash that littered little spots on his body disappearing as the seconds ticked by, making it seem as if they were never there.
“It’s okay,” He repeated, his fingers leaving hot trails on your skin, his voice hushed as you held onto him as tightly as you could.
And a part of you longed to stay awake, you knew you had to look over him, but another part of you felt exhausted, so aching and tired that the moment you shut your eyes a bit to relax you felt sleep overtake you, your body melding with his as the two of you let your dreams take you away into the night.
You woke up to little puffs of air hitting your skin, and you stirred awake, aware of the fact that there was a heavy weight over your waist, a soft yet firm cushion under your head, and once reality settled in you snapped wide awake, causing Katsuki to stir awake in return.
It felt alarming, just how much your cheeks heated up, but that didn’t matter when you saw those familiar eyes, the vermillion you had become so familiar with staring back at you incredulously.
You blundered, your hand grazing over his forehead, a loud cry of astonishment at the fact that it felt normal, a hand over your chest to steady your heart, checking the places where the rash was only to find little red marks, and you broke into the biggest smile ever, throwing yourself over him, not giving any care in the world that he wore no shirt and you had just woken up, hugging him as tightly as you could, your cheek squished against his shoulders as you squeezed him with all the strength you could muster.
“You’re alive,” You murmured, almost as if you couldn’t believe it. No, you truly, wholly, could not believe the fact that he was here, that he wasn’t a cold stump lying next to you.
You felt his body rumbling, and you reeled back to see a cocky grin on his face, and you felt the apprehension from the night before melt away when you felt his gentle fingers drawing small shapes on the skin of your wrist.
“Did ya’ think any less of me?” He ridiculed back, but you knew there was no real menace in his words, his arms slowly finding purchase on your back as he hugged you, the first time the two of you had even been so close, save for last night, yet you felt as though you had been here before, felt his touch on your skin as if it was meant to be there.
You felt so weak that the tears were back, that they rolled down his shoulders and at your feeble attempts to hide them. But you felt him move away from your grasp, eyes searching yours, trying to find an answer to something you didn’t even know the explanation for.
His hands moved carefully upwards, to the round curve of your cheek, just as they had been there last night, but this time, there was no hazy glaze in his eyes, only concern at the way yours watered up under his touch.
“What’s wrong?” He cooed, his fingers trailing through your hair to pick off the leaves you had gotten from tumbling down the woods, thumb carefully looming over your little cuts as you sniffled, using the back of your hand to wipe away at your nose.
“I almost killed you,” You say, the words barely coming out as you choked on them, “Y-you,” He pulled your head gently into his chest, the other hand straddling the back of your head as you wept.
“I’m fine now, aren’t I?” You nodded weakly, even though you could barely grasp that fact.
He paused, biting his tongue as he remembered what he had done, his fingers hovering over the skin of your neck as his heart plummeted.
“Are you okay? Does your neck hurt? I,” He stammered, pulling away instantly as he assessed the skin of your neck, thanking his blessings that there were no visible bruises, but god, he could still hear the way you pleaded, the way you lay so defenseless at that moment.
You shook your head, giving him a waverly smile as your hands went up, gripping his jaw, not sure if you had gone too far, but feeling a part of you kindle at the way he leaned into your welcoming touch.
“It doesn't hurt, don’t worry ‘bout me,” You said, your body moving on its own as hands went down to grip your thighs, this time with a bit more force as he lifted you effortlessly up, situating your body on his lap as your breathing hitched in your throat.
It felt as though time had momentarily stopped when you felt his eyes looking down from yours to your lips, tracing every feature on your face as he mapped the curves of your body, touch almost scorching as your head consciously felt into the crook of his neck, not knowing what his next move was, but eager for any touch he’d give you.
His nose nudged at your jaw, lips drifting over yours as you finally looked up, moving your lips slowly towards his, feeling a fire ignite in the pits of your stomach at the way he hungrily kissed you back, his tongue clashing with yours as you move away, panting for some air you were so eagerly lacking.
He gave you no time as his lips quickly moved down, burning hot as they licked at your throat, sucking eagerly at the skin as you craned your neck to give him better access, your eyes screwing shut as his hands went to untying your tunic, your heart hammering rapidly in your chest as the only thing securing you from his burning gaze fell away, his ravenous gaze locked on your nipples, and your self consciously went to cover your arms around yourself, only for him to latch onto one of them as quickly he could, earning a surprised moan to escape your lips at the foreign feeling.
“S-suki,” You breathed out, “Please, god, please,” You couldn’t even finish the sentence as he went to the other nipple, giving it a slight tug, your head rolling backward as his tongue circled around it.
His lips left with a pop, your chest shining with his spit, and grinned at your glazed over expression, pulling your deeper into him as he pressed another kiss on your lips, this time short but still as breathtaking, “That’s all it takes for ya’ to become a dumb bitch?” You couldn't even register what he was saying, nodding weakly as you mewed, reaching for his pants as he let you undo the buttons, his breath hitching as your hand grazed over his hardening cock, biting into his lips hard enough to draw blood.
You clumsily pulled them down with the help of Katsuki lifting his hips, salivating as you gave his trousers a gentle tug, his cock springing free, his tip red and angry as a bead of precum shined at the top, yours hands not knowing what to do as you stared at it and then back up at him, lust clouding your eyes, just as he seemed to be, but he only shook his head, giving your cheek a small peck as his hands smoothed over your naked back.
You whimpered as his fingers followed down, going south where your juices lined your thighs, growing wetter and wetter as he played with you, grinning widely as he plunged his pointer finger in, giving you no time to adjust to it as you let out another moan, your tits pushing into his chest as you whined.
“You’re so fuckin’,” He stuttered, “So fuckin’ tight, god, Y/n,” He looked up at you, red eyes searching yours as they fluttered open, “Have ya’ ever been touched before? O-or…?” He trailed off, seeing the way you looked to the side sheepishly, and it only made him groan louder, his cock straining as he realized that he was perhaps going to be your first for everything.
“Fuck, Y/n,” He brought his finger back, your juices coating his skin as he popped it in his mouth, moaning at your sweet and tangy taste, his gaze never leaving your shocked one before he brought you back into another ragging kiss, your essence flooding your mouth as you whined into him, hands on his chest to steady yourself.
He went to put another finger in, to stretch your tight hole out even more, but he almost came just from the way your delicate fingers followed across his cock, curiously rubbing your thumb across the top as his precum stained your finger, and you wanted to guess you were doing more good than damage judging by the way his eyelash fluttered against his cheek, his muscles flexing as he restrained himself from shoving your head down and choking you on his length.
You remember hearing one of the older girls talking about her late-night rendezvous with the boy she had been fanning over when you were young, not understanding the weight of her words until now. You recalled just how she told her friends what they had done together, and with her words in mind you lowered your face down, your mouth a breathe away, not giving him any time to say anything as you close your lips around the tip, slobbering as you took him deep, hitting the back of your throat as you almost choked.
“W-wait, Y/n, fuck,” Katsuki moaned loudly, and despite the fact that he wanted you to stop, to give you time to adjust, his hands guided your head up and down, whining at the way your tongue pressed down on a certain spot, tracing one of his prominent veins as he screwed his eyes shut, “Fuck, just like that,” You felt some pride as he became undone from just your tongue alone.
That however didn’t stop him from resuming his previous movements, his fingers reaching deep inside your dripping pussy, curling upwards as his palm rubbed roughly against your clit, your moans reverberating around his shaft, causing an even louder one to escape his lips.
Your sticky essence was like honey, and he was a starved man as he tugged your underwear down, manhandling you as he gripped the meat of your ass harshly, squeezing and pulling at it as you choked, your nose being pushed into the little tuft of blonde hair at the base of his dick.
“Sh-shit, keep doing that,” His words were shaky as he slowly but surely reached his release, “Kō, keep doin’ that, fuck,” His hips shuddered as his cum sprayed across your face, staining you white as you staggered back, not sure if you had heard him correctly.
The name echoed around the two of you, his eyes widen in terror as you inched away from him, wincing as he tried to grab your wrists, tugging back harshly as you fell back, thudding on your ass as you grimaced, disgust taking over as you wiped away at your face, shivering as you tried to clumsily pull your shirt back on.
“Y/n,” He couldn’t even say anything because he knew what he had said, knowing that despite seeing you right in front of him, her name prodded at his brain, ruining everything he had tried so carefully to build up the past weeks, “Please,” And even he didn’t know what he was pleading for.
Your little whimpers stabbed away at his heart, and he reached out, tried to bring you back into his chest just as you were there earlier, but you scrambled to your feet, one foot after the other as you stumble out of the opening of the cave as you left him all alone, leaving him to yell angrily into his hands, chasing after you only to realize you had all but disappeared.
You knew there were parts of this godforsaken that only you knew of, and for once you were grateful to be alone.
You felt every part of you deplete the moment you had heard her name escape his lips, so effortlessly as if he had been imagining her instead of you, and you had no doubt that he was, and it just made you wish you could rub every part of your skin off, scratch at it until his scent was gone.
It felt as though the past couple of days never happened, as if he was never poisoned, as if you hadn’t let him ravish you like a wild animal, and you curled your legs into your chest, resting your cheek on your knee as you gazed out, thankful for the flurry of trees for hiding you for any wandering eyes.
You should have left him that bloody day you found him. Should have left him when he asked for your help, and let the belladonna take over his system when you had the chance.
You hoped that in days you had refused to return to that stuffy cave a bear had found him or mauled him to death, or he had gotten poisoning from a rotten fish, or lost an arm to an unfortunate hiking incident.
A part of you said you were overreacting, that this must have been a mistake on his part. But how could you push the fact that he imagined her when it was you that tried to help him? The woman that fucked another man behind his back, yet he yearned for her instead of you. How could you pretend the way he shut his eyes and played with your hair, imagining it was his old lover instead of you or the way he’d mutter her name under his breath in his sleep, waking up only to feel dejected when it was you who woke up near him?
As the crows squealed you tuned them out, including the rustling of leaves, your head lifted slowly, and you jumped when you were met which his wretched face again, only this time he wasn’t stumbling stupidly out of the clearing, this time garnished with scarlet robes, perched atop a horse as other white mares made their way through, people dawned in armor behind him as he looked pitifully down at you.
The two of you stared at each other, as you had never met before, and both of your eyes lingered on the other lips, and you hated the way you instantly noticed that his shirt was unbuttoned so that more air would flow, but it also gave you a peek of his chest, the warm furnace that once comforted you.
Time stopped as he held his hand out, this time gloved, and it was like you had never seen this version of the man you were growing to despise as if this was your first time seeing the supposed cruel and heartless king of the south.
“Y/n,” His lips were a gentle pink, warm and welcoming, not like the ones that had managed to break your heart in a matter of seconds, “Would you want to come with us? I can give you asylum, anything you can ask for, I-I can give it.” He's pleading, you realized, and with his back turned to the rest of his men he could look as desperate as he wanted to.
His offer, the one you had been building your foundation of trust and loyalty on these past months, seemed so pathetic, so measly that you scoffed.
They had dumped you in these woods hoping that you’d die in a matter of days, maybe weeks if you truly fought your best, never expecting it to welcome you with open arms, letting you forget about the cruelty of the world and gave you a safe haven you never thought you could take for granted.
Until now, until he came, showing you the beauty, the fear, the lust the rest of the world offered, how it meant to be human, how it meant to hurt with one another, but you hated it, hated how it picks you apart until you felt just as you had when you were a kid; helpless, defenseless, alone. How could he offer you sanctuary when you felt as though he would only be like they were? The ones that ridiculed you, laughed at your every mistake, the ones that almost killed you the night of your brother's death,
You knew he'd push and prod at you until your skin cracked open and you bleed out, just another one of his whores that he threw to the side when a new one piqued his curiosity.
And as you studied his hand, you pushed it aside, your bare feet hitting the ground as you turn your back to the man you thought you could have possibly loved, the little gasps of surprise from his men as you turned down his offer, and he watched brokenly as you receded into the trees, your figure meshing with the green leaves and chocolate trunks, the sun sweltering overhead as you vanished away from sight.
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jason-todds-bitch · 16 hours ago
Y/n incorrect quotes #5
Peter: Look guys, I need help.
Wade: Love help?
Matt: Financial help?
Steven: Emotional help?
Y/n: Help moving a body?
[Everyone looks at Y/n]
Y/n: What?
*after endgame*
Wade: What's wrong kid?
Peter, crying: Mr Stark.. died
Matt: Don’t weep for the stupid. You’ll be crying all day
Y/n: Matthew!
Wade: If I see a bug, I simply leave the room elegantly and require someone else do something about it. Wade: If no one fulfills my wish, I simply never go back in there.
Y/n, slamming pots and pans together to the rhythm of "Give it to me, I'm worth it": I didn't get no sleep cause a' y'all! Y'all never gonna sleep cause a' me!
Wade: I love saying 'fuck me' because it can either be sexual or self-loathing and those are two things that describe me perfectly.
Y/n: It's three in the fucking morning, how'd you get in here
Wade: Matt, I need some advice. Matt: You need advice from ME? Wade: Yeah, frightening, isn't it?
Peter: Y/n, is that legal? Y/n: When there's no cops around, anything's legal!
Matt: Hey, did you know as a kid I accidentally ate paper? Peter: I feel like we've all done that at least once. Wade: I ate it too- Peter: See? Wade:: -On purpose... Y/n: Of course you did
Y/n: So, are you two dating now? Wade & Matt: Yes. Y/n: Why? Wade: I happen to find Matt very appealing. Y/n: Yeah, I can understand that. I'm trying to figure out what's wrong with Matt.
Wade, about Y/n: They're covered in blood again. Why is it they're always covered in blood? Matt: Well, it looks like it's their own blood this time.
Y/n, in a high voice, holding Barbie: Hey, Ken! I was thinking about going back to school and starting a career! Peter, in a deep voice, holding Ken: Nonsense, Barbie. You’re staying home and having my kids. Matt: What the fuck are you guys doing? Y/n: Playing systemic oppression.
Y/n: Thanks for not telling Matt what happened. Wade, dumbfounded: I wouldn’t even know where to begin trying to explain this.
Peter: Hey, Joe said he's coming over this afternoon. Wade: Cool. Peter: Do you know who Joe is? Wade: JOE MAMA! Y/n, not even looking up from their phone: Damn, that backfired.
Y/n: The best part of an oreo is the cookie part, not the frosting. Deal with it. Wade: Darkness without light is an abyss. Light without darkness is blinding. You cannot have a coin with one side. Matt: IT'S A FUCKING COOKIE!
Y/n: Thank you all for coming. Wade, wearing a hospital gown: When I heard you couldn't get laid, I dropped everything and came straight here. Y/n: Well, I couldn't imagine anyone else being part of the "Fuck A Task Force". Matt: Yeah, I interpreted that in a different way.
Peter: I’ve never asked someone out. How do you even do it? Y/n: Oh, what I do is, I look them up and down and I say: “Hey… how you doin’?” Wade, scoffing: Oh, please. Y/n, to Wade: Hey, how you doin’? Wade: ... Wade: *giggles and blushes*
Matt, looking through their clothes: Has anyone seen my top? Wade: Y/n's in the kitchen.
Wade: So... who's the big spoon and who's the little spoon? Matt: We're chopsticks Wade: Well... that's cute! Wade: Does that mean you two snuggle together perfectly? Y/n: No, it means that if you take the other away, the only thing the other is good for is stabbing.
Peter: I dare you to kiss the next person who walks into this room. Matt: Screw that, I’m not kissing any of you. *Y/n walks in* Matt: Fine, I’ll do it. Rules are rules you know.
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manias-wordcount · 7 months ago
Big and Bad (Arataki Itto)
Kinktober 2021 Day Thirteen: Size
𝙒𝙖𝙣𝙩 𝙩𝙤 𝙧𝙚𝙖𝙙 𝙢𝙤𝙧𝙚? ⇒ 𝙈𝙖𝙨𝙩𝙚𝙧𝙡𝙞𝙨𝙩
𝙟𝙤𝙞𝙣 𝙢𝙮 𝙙𝙞𝙨𝙘𝙤𝙧𝙙 𝙨𝙚𝙧𝙫𝙚𝙧?
Tumblr media
At this point, you’re used to the side eyes people would give you two whenever you were with him.
 To put it simply, he’s big. You’re not. 
He towers over everyone, but it’s especially noticeable when it comes to you. His broad frame swallows you whole, and his large hands surround your own when he holds them. He’s bigger than everyone, but he’s just massive when it comes to you. And you can tell by the look on people’s faces. Everyone’s got questions. 
 Everyone wonders who made the first move. Everyone wonders if he leans down to kiss you or if you stand on your toes. Everyone wonders how the two of you even caught each other’s eyes despite being vastly different. And the few curious minds with led their heads wander with the dirty question that nearly everyone wants to know: what’s sex between the two of you like? How does the big and bad Arataki Itto have sex with someone as tiny and as fragile as you?
 Well, the short is this: it’s good. The long answer? Well, that looks a little more like-
 “Itto!” You’re practically sobbing as he slides his dick inside of you. Even after all this time, you still can’t get used to the stretch. “Itto…”
 He has you on your back, folded in half with your ankles touching your ears as he hovers over top of you. His hands are on both sides of your head, and you hold your thighs up with one hand each. It’s one of his favorite positions to have you- the angle allowing him to reach deep inside of you with ease while he’s face to face with you. It’s hot, it’s intimate, it’s sexy. He just can’t get enough of it. Though it doesn’t change the fact that he’s so big and you’re just so little compared to him. 
 Plus, the thought of you not being able to walk tomorrow is simply golden to him.
 Sex with him requires a lot of foreplay- not that he’s ever complaining. It takes a lot of effort to stretch you out in preparation to take him. Though he mostly sees it as a challenge. Just how much of a mess can he make you before giving actually getting started. He has you cumming on his fingers and tongue at least twice before he even considers giving you his cock. No matter how sweetly you plead for it, it’s always a firm no unless you’re wetter than a river down there. But don’t worry- he’ll get you there. 
 He always gets you there. 
 “I-Itto…” You whimper out his name again. Your chest is heaving, tears pricking at your eyes as the head is finally fully sheathed inside of you. It doesn’t matter how many times you do it, it’s like he gets thicker and thicker each time. It’s a tight fit, and you can’t do anything but lay on your back and look up at him as he takes control. “Big…”
 “Shhh, shhh, Itto’s got ya’” He’s quick to hush you, taking it slow just so he won’t hurt you. His hips move at a snail’s pace, barely sinking into you just so you can get used to his dick, little by little, just like every time. He’s just so long and so thick. He’s way bigger than average, but that doesn’t stop either of you from wanting each other. If he wasn’t this gentle with you at the beginning of every session, he swears he’ll end up breaking you. And as much as he wants that, he wants you to be safe too. “I got ya’. Don’t worry ‘bout a thing. Itto gonna take care of it, okay?”
 “Okay, okay” You slur out as you nod your head. You’re breathing in shallowly at the discomfort you’re facing, trying to focus on his voice, his warmth, and trying not to tense. Sure enough, he’s right. He’s always been good at taking care of you. That’s why he just likes having you lay back on your back. All you have to do is stay still, stay pretty, and be a hole for him fuck. It’s easier that way. You like it that way.
 When your breathing is quiet, and your hips start to shift needily, he takes the chance to slide more of himself inside of you. Just a little faster than what he was doing originally. He knows his size. He knows he’s big. That’s why he watches you intently, looking for any visual and vocal cues of your discomfort. Too violent of a wince or too pained of a whimper, he stops. He lets you catch your breath and adjust to the current amount inside of you. And when you give him the go-ahead, then he goes back to helping himself. 
 Your mind is mostly stuck on the sight in front of you. At your angle, the allowing thing allowed in your vision is Itto and your stomach. Though there’s something fascinating about watching an outline of your boyfriend’s cock become more and more prominent on your stomach as he fills you up even more. 
 It’s a slow, agonizing process, but eventually, he finally settles as deep as he can go. The two of you breathe a sigh of relief at the same time, though you’re more noticeably more messed up than he is. You’re still too small to take every single last inch of him, but the loving and adoring face he gives you as you blink up at him makes you forget all your worries. One hand is placed on your stomach- fingers spread and his palm right where the head of his cock is. 
 “There we go,” Itto murmurs, messy white hair framing his face. A frown is on his face- his self-control being tested. It’s getting increasingly hard not to snap his hips and pound into you. You’re far too fragile at this point- too much could overwhelm you. But that dumb look on your cute face as your wet, warm cut grips onto his pulsating cock in all the right ways. You’re dick drunk, and the two of you just got started. You’re dick drunk, and you probably don’t even know it yet. “There we go.”
 Heh, cute. 
 “Itto?” You mewl out, a tiny pout of your lips. You jerk your hips- just a little. It’s the tiniest movement, but he can just tell you tried to fuck yourself on his dick. The thought makes him draw in a sharp breath and count to ten in his head, just trying to keep his composure before he messes you up for real. “You can move now, okay?”
 At your words, he has to fight to keep a triumph smirk from flashing across his lips. He fails miserably, but that’s okay with him. Because he can hear your cute giggle at his struggle devolve into a loud moan as he experimentally rolls his hips to shut up you. It’s a win-win for everyone. 
 “That good, baby?” He asks, his half-lidded eyes staring in your barely open ones. He gives another roll of his hips, nice and slow just for you to enjoy. Your eyebrows furrow as your mouth falls open in a permanent ‘O’. The look on your face is so innocent and so confused- it’s as if you just can’t understand what you’re feeling and why it feels so good. “...or do you want some more?”
  “Umm,” You began, eyes flickering to your tummy bulge before falling back onto him. If only you knew what you did to him. “More, please.”
 This time, his smile was shameless as he shifted his weight and snapped his hips into yours. You were too distracted by the growing view of his sharp, bright white canines that it actually caught you off guard as he really began to fuck you. You gasp at every stroke, voice light and breathless as his thick cock presses up against your insides in all the right ways.
 When he fucks, it never starts off fast. It’s slow, and it’s deep. It’s romantic and passionate. It’s well-timed strokes that have him pulling almost all of the way out before slamming back inside of you. And it’s all to stretch you on his cock. Just to shape your insides to best take him so he can best take you. And the ability to hear your voice before you lose because he made you scream too much isn’t half bad too. 
 Things always start to heat up when you feel the beginning of an orgasm. Your hips start moving around again, and your body starts to chase after him after he pulls out. You’re needy. You’re whiny, you’re desperate, and you’re needy. You’ve always been needy, but now that you got a taste of him and his thick, hard cock, you just can’t seem to be satisfied. Unless he gives it all to you. And you know he will. Because he wants you just as much as you want him. But sometimes, it helps to give him a little push. 
 After all, you know what you’re doing when your hands reach up and bury themselves in his hair because you just “need something to hold.” And you really know what you’re doing when your hands start to hold on to his horns “for stability.” And he does too. But it’s okay. Someone as small and as delicate as you can get a little punishment from him. You want him to be big, bad Itto? You’ll get big, bad Itto. 
 You’ll get big, bad Itto all night long.
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hxney-lemcn · 2 days ago
Word Count: 1.2k
Pairing: Edward Nashton x gn! detective! reader
Fandom: Batman (2022)
Warnings: stalking, obsession, violence
Master List
Idea from: @n1kito
Tumblr media
Sitting down after a long day of work, I stretched on my couch. I felt my bones pop as I let out a sigh.
Being a detective was hard work. Not only did you need the brains, but the strength as well. Besides, working in Gotham as an uncorrupt detective was hard work. Not knowing who to trust, always looking over my shoulder in fear. Not helping the fact that I was a target to big crime syndicates.
I shuffled through my mail that I got today. Most of it being junk mail. But something stood out. It was a letter that read “To my dear (y/n)” in scratchy writing. I furrowed my eyebrows. Who could have given me this? I felt my heart drop slightly as I noticed there wasn’t any addresses written, meaning someone put this in my mailbox personally.
I thought carefully about my next actions. I could bring it to work the next day and check if it has any substances that may harm me. Or I could open it now…
The first option was the safest, so I put the letter on the coffee table and continued watching my show. Yet I couldn’t help but feel unsettled. It couldn’t have been my parents, they don’t live in Gotham. It couldn’t have been a coworker cus they would’ve just gave it to me or put it on my desk. I didn’t really know anyone outside of work…
I stared at the pink envelope. It was consuming my thoughts. What could possibly be inside? The temptation was strong to just open it know and deal with the consequences after. I could already hear Gordon scolding me as I picked up the letter. I flipped it over in my hands, staring at it intensely. Being a detective came with risks, was my justification as I started to tear at the envelope gently. Like if one wrong move could make me explode (I mean they’d have to be pretty smart to do that but I shouldn’t take my chances either).
When I took out the card I was surprised to see cartoonish bees on the front that read “we beelong together”. I nervously opened it to see a riddle?
“I can make people happy, I can make people cry. I can make people want me, and I drive people crazy. What am I?” I read out loud. I racked my brain, it already being tired from my day of piecing cases together.
“Friendship…?” I pondered. “No…it’s love.”
I tried to rack my brain on who would give this to me again. Who could possibly love me? Not saying that in like a “nobody loves me” way, just I only have friends. And we’re not that close.
I felt unsettled. Someone knows my address and loves me? Do I know them? Maybe I’ve never met them. I…have a stalker? I guess it’s one of those situations where you’re like “stalkers are a serious deal, but I’ll never deal with it” and then it happens.
I’ll talk to Gordon about it tomorrow.
I was told to keep an eye out. But the GCPD can’t do much with only one letter. Which I knew that, but I still find that fucked.
The truly scary part is that I have no idea how long someone has been watching me. I was nervous to go home alone, I mean who knows when this creep will try and take me down. It would be dumb, because I’m a trained detective who can take out some of the meanest criminals, but still. They have the element of surprise.
I stared at the mailbox, not really wanting to open it. But I knew I had to check, I needed to. So I opened it once more. There lied a blood red envelope. In that same scratchy hand writing, the words “to Gothams angel”. I felt sick.
Shaking slightly, I hurried inside and locked my doors, knowing full well if this stranger wanted to get in they would be. Or worse yet, they’re already inside. The thought sent my mind into a frenzy. Jumping at the slightest noise. Sitting down I stared heavily at the envelope. Are my hands shaking that much? Who knew someone could instill this much fear.
Carefully once more, I opened up the card from an estranged admirer. On the front was a pear and it read “we’d make a great pear”. I didn’t know whether to be amused or terrified. On the inside was a bunch of strange symbols. I quickly realized that I’d need to find a cipher. Yet it was an easy find as I flipped the card to the back.
Piecing it all together, it was another riddle, “I am a five lettered word; I start with T and end in T; without me love won’t last. What am I?”
“Starts with T,” I muttered. “T…toast? Definitely not.” I thought harder. Something that love couldn’t last with. “Truth? No doesn’t end in T…TRUST!”
So this person trusts me? I am one of the few detectives that won’t take a bribe. Is that why this person is doing this? Because I’m a trust worthy detective they love me? Hm…
I tried racking my brain for the people I’ve helped before. There are a ton, but none of them kept in contact. I think harder, is it someone at work I don’t talk to? My brain hurt just thinking about it.
The feeling of my body hitting the pavement brought me to the reality that this was truly happening. I tried to struggle but the three men were too strong. I felt tears pass down my face. If only I could try and move my hand, I just need to get my gun.
“Looking for this?” One of them laughed as they waved my gun in front of me. I couldn’t say anything as the other one held a hand over my mouth. Before I could bite down and try to fight back harder, something unexpected happened.
One of the assaulters collapsed. Another man stood behind them, I couldn’t make out his features due to the darkness of the ally way. The shock made me kick the man on top of me. I quickly punched him in the face and retrieved my gun. One last guy…or maybe two depending on what the newer one wanted.
I pointed my gun at theist guy who originally took me down and shouted, “Put your hands up! You are under arrest!” Quickly he fled and I tried to go after him, but an excruciating pain jolted through me, stopping me.
I looked over to the man who helped me. He was wasn’t too big, a more medium stature which he seemed to shrivel smaller under my stare. Taking out my phone, I noticed it was cracked, but I was still able to call the police.
After I finished that I called out to the guy, “Thank you���but how did you know I needed help?” I found it slightly suspicious. I mean we are currently standing in a dark alley way where you can barely see anything.
“I-I heard noises that sounded like a struggle,” he said slightly stuttering. I narrowed my eyes, in Gotham when you hear those noises a sane person would high tail it out of there.
“That was kind of you,” I complimented. “But it was also dangerous, next time, you should avoid confrontation. You’re lucky I’m a detective. But I’m going to need you to stay as a witness and file a report.”
“Of course,” he agreed instantly. “Anything for you.”
I felt a chill run down my spine. This random stranger, not only found me being attacked somehow, but is saying they’d do anything for me. The red flags were going off in my mind and I took a step back.
“Who are you?” I asked out, trying to hide the slight tremble in my voice.
After a few seconds of silence he responded, “Edward…Edward Nashton.” His voice sounded so gentle, but I didn’t let that try to trick me, as I’ve met criminals who seemed innocent do heinous crimes.
“Tell me why you’re truly here Edward,” I spoke out defensively. I held my gun defensively, not sure what he was capable of. He did hit someone over the head without second thought.
A high pitched laugh rang throughout the alley way, “you’re so much smarter then I imagined.”
I felt my blood run cold. He’s totally my stalker. When will these cops come. I knew it took awhile due to the amount of crime…but still.
“I didn’t want our meeting to go this way…” he sighed out. “But I couldn’t let these scum out their hands on you. You’re perfect, truly. The angel of Gotham, bringing justice to the innocent. You’re a beacon of hope. Please understand, I just want the best for you. After all, I love you!”
Then the sound of sirens were heard down the street. But the man made no move to run. He would risk jail just to do as I say?
“I could put you in jail,” I said harshly. “I will put you in jail, just what have you done? Stalk, invade private property…and whatever else.”
I noticed that he started to tremble as the sound of sirens got louder. Yet he still stood in front of me. Even when the police and ambulance came.
I sat in the back of the ambulance as the talked to my stalker. I got a better glimpse of him. He looks so docile, easily looked over. A twisted grin made its way onto his lips as we made eye contact. Or maybe it only looked twisted to me since I knew who he truly was.
I was brought out of my trance as the ambulance took me away. The only thought in my head was how I could prove that this Edward Nashton was my stalker.
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espeon-fireheart · 5 months ago
~•Bruno Madrigal x Reader Headcanons•~
(Why? Because I said so, okay?! I'm not obsessed with this man, you are! Shut Up!)
Tumblr media
(Okay, yes, I may be in love. But I cannot help it! He's such a sweetheart! But I digress, these headcanons are centred around a gender-neutral [Y/n]. HOWEVER! I will be taking requests and ideas for more content unique to you guys! But back to Bruno!)
Bruno Madrigal x Reader Headcanons
I like to think that Bruno is very paranoid and anxious of what others think of him especially considering how he feels his gift messed up his relationship with his family and the town. So when he has a good relationship with someone, he fears that he's going mess it up one way or another. So when he met you, he was very hesitant with everything.
You met Bruno through Pepa and Julieta, though he saw you playing with his sisters when you both were children. He was just to shy to go up to you.
When you got to know Bruno, at first you were really sceptical about his mannerisms, but then the more you talked to him, you just realised that he was just very quirky.
He used to create different characters to play as when you both where kids, he liked it because it made you laugh. So he'd keep acting them out to make you smile and laugh, it made him feel a lot better as well.
I have this feeling that Bruno has this love language where you make memories and he keeps little trinkets to remind him of those memories. Like for example: He'd have a music box that plays this one song you both danced to. It would just be a comforting thing.
He respectfully cherishes you... Let me explain...
To him, you were one of the only people who saw the best in him and gave him an opportunity to express himself, you even willingly helped him with his visions, helping him focus on things he couldn't see before.
You almost seemed to good to be true, like you were a dream, hence why he calls you 'Mi Sueño'.
When you both were teenagers, he came more out of his shell, wanting to discover himself. But he was still very anti social, considering you, his sisters and his Mami as his safe haven of people to be around.
You've told him plenty of times how much you love his eyes. Regardless of whether they were brown or green because of his gift, you loved how much emotion they held.
This made him melt and love you more.
One of his telenovelas was based of your relationship before he left. How it was always just a pining because he never had the courage to say anything to you. The story of childhood friends turned lovers destined to be forever apart, it was always one of his favourites.
Seeing you again after so many years was one of the scariest things he's ever faced. He thought you would hate him, he thought you would scream at him for leaving but instead, you hugged him, which was even scarier.
Once it was out in the open that Bruno was back, you both decided that you wouldn't let him do something on impulse without at least consulting you first.
And that he could keep the rats.
It wasn't hard to rekindle old flames that you both had but this time you were more affectionate. Or at least tried to be at first.
The man is very touch starved, he will melt if you hold his hand or kiss his cheek.
I cannot stress enough how much he needs love.
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disneyandsonyandpixarohmy · 4 months ago
How the Madrigals Would React to Seeing You in Encanto for the First Time - Pt. 1
The Madrigals x gn!Reader
Fluff - Romantic
Requested: No
[Word Count: 941]
The Madrigals are used to seeing most citizens of Encanto frequently, so it's always a shock when they see someone new. They just weren't expecting for that person to be so stunning.
- My first Encanto piece because I'm lowkey scared to write for this movie. It's short for that same reason, sorry! -
Pt. 2
Camilo and Mirabel involved, 18+ DON'T READ THEIR PARTS (they're last)
Luisa, Isabela, Dolores, Camilo, and Mirabel included
She was just helping out with moving carts around when she saw you out of the corner of her eye
After doing a double take, she almost dropped the cart she had in her hand
You were the most stunning person she had ever seen
Luisa instantly became mesmerized with how you moved, elegantly and with purpose as you looked about the Encanto
When you looked back at her and smiled, Luisa felt her heart stop for a moment
She wanted to go up to you and say something, anything, but her mind had drawn a blank
And so she just stared as you turned and walked down the opposite road, waving at passersby as you went
She didn’t stop thinking about you for the rest of the day, running through speeches in her head so that next time she saw you, she would have something to say
Through the haze of countless purple and pink flower petals, Isabela almost didn’t see you at first
Once the curtain fell, though, you were the first person her eyes went to
You were just a member of the crowd, watching and cheering along with everyone else, but you stood out enough to catch her eye
You seemed to glow as if you were made of the sun itself, illuminating your frame as you clapped for her show
She would never admit it, but Isabela knows that a few mismatched flowers sprouted along the length of her hair when you smiled at her
After the kids had run off to go be entertained by Camilo, Isabela rushed towards you to make her standard greeting
For some reason she couldn’t explain, she fumbled with her words for a moment, stuttering as you took her hand to shake
Dolores watched the whole thing, and needless to say, the whole Madrigal family was instantly in on the plan to get their dear Isabela to talk to this mysterious newcomer
The commotion of Encanto tends to keep Dolores away, but something compelled her to visit just this one day
As she was wandering about, picking out certain fruits for Julieta to cook with, she accidentally bumped into someone at a stand
Dolores turned to apologize, but the words got caught in her throat when she made eye contact with you
Time seemed to move slower than usual as you smiled at her, apologizing for running into her
“No, no, I’m sorry for bumping into you,” Dolores said, her quiet voice even softer than usual
You and her actually struck up a conversation, and Dolores realized just how easy it was for her to talk to you. It felt natural, and she instantly got a sense of safety just from this one moment with you
When you parted ways, Dolores couldn’t get you off of her mind, even spilling her own secret to her family at dinner that night
She would later send Camilo out to search for you while he did his chores so he could tell you that Dolores wishes to see you again, and that she wanted to invite you to a dinner at their Casita
Camilo was supposed to be entertaining the kids when you stopped by
He shifted back into himself, watching with a slightly parted mouth as one of the children he was playing with ran into the arms of the most enchanting person he had ever seen
You stood, chuckling at your younger sibling, and thanked him for watching over them
Camilo nodded numbly before he came to his senses, literally shaking himself out of it
He caught you before you could get too far away, gently grabbing you by the shoulder and introducing himself
You two hit it off better than Camilo expected, and you even stuck around to help him handle the kids while he went off to help with some more chores he had around Encanto
When he returned, Camilo thanked you profusely, and offered to meet up with you again sometime
While on the surface it looked like a smooth way to ask for you to hang out with him more, Camilo’s face was probably hotter than a summer’s day and he was fighting the urge to shift bodies just so he wasn’t sweating as badly
When he watched you walk away with your little sibling in tow, he couldn’t help shifting into you, completely lost in thought (the kids loved this and now refuse to stop mocking him for it, much to Camilo’s dismay)
Mirabel figured that day to be just like all the others until she saw you talking to a sweet old lady that seemed to be pointing out the way to somewhere
She watched as you thanked the lady and turned to leave before she came to her senses and scrambled to follow you, insisting that it wasn’t in a creepy way or anything and she just wanted to say hi
You heard her footsteps and abruptly stopped, spinning on your heel to be met face-to-face with Mirabel Madrigal - her glasses askew and fists clenching the fabric of her skirt
Mirabel hastily introduced herself with a nervous grin, violently extending her hand for a shake
You could tell she was nervous but humored her, acting like this was any old greeting (which you had been doing lots of as of late)
You explained that you were new to Encanto and that your family had moved here only a week ago, to which Mirabel offered to show you around
When you accepted, Mirabel waited for you to turn around before holding a mini-celebration with herself, quickly fist bumping the air
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warnersister · 4 months ago
Todo mía.
Yandere! Bruno Madrigal x Reader
(Bruno left for the wall in his teens, and returns in his mid-twenties. You are both the same age. In this he isn’t as anxious nor awkward, etc. Just for context with this story).
Warnings: kidnapping, yandere, harassment, mentions of rape / sexual harassment - please do not read if uncomfortable!
From afar, Bruno Madrigal’s obsession with you would be viewed as strange (and somewhat possessive). But to Bruno, it was anything but. Maybe, just maybe - if you delved deep into the secluded mind of Bruno Madrigal, you’d fine a reasonable explanation for this infatuation. But you had to look real close, real, real close.
Woah, woah, woah, scratch that. Let’s start from the beginning, shall we? Just to figure out how this tale came about.
You were Isabela’s friend. Best friend. At least, that’s what Bruno assumed from behind the walls. I mean, you were always there. Always. He first saw you when you were all enjoying a family (& friends) dinner. Bruno had stood while his mother made one of her little speeches, not even paying attention in the slightest and was about to sit down. But then he heard you. “And Gracias, (Y/n), for joining our family dinner.” That’s how it concluded. “My pleasure, Abuela.” Your voice. Dios mío your fucking voice. It sent shivers down his spine. He never heard something so beautiful, so enchanting.
Bruno’s eyes shot open. Were you a part of the family, no. Certainly not. You couldn’t be, not unless a twenty-something year old could grow up in the space of ten years. Impossible, even for a family such as his. His looked through the crack in his wall, mierda you were beautiful. It took a lot for Bruno to say something was beautiful. But you, oh you were something different. Your voice, the smile you gave, the politeness, the way you giggled with Isabela. Oh you were perfect. He couldn’t get enough of you.
Then he began plotting. All the ways to make you his. In his mind it wasn’t weird, no. He had been restricted from pretty much all of civilisation for a decade, so to him this was merely a school boy-crush. But deep down he knew it was something more, something much more intricate. He knew you were called (Y/n). Last name? He was unsure of. Soon-to-be Madrigal, for all he cared. He knew what time you woke up, when you had a sleep-over, and what time you went to sleep.
At first, it was just mindless fantasising. Merely knowing where your crush was currently sometimes was common knowledge and mindlessness. Known without every person. At first, the information prior was all that he knew. At first.
But then, he figured out where you were sleeping: Isabela’s room. Was there a crack in Isabela’s room? Si! A crack on the wall in her room besides her floral sofa was covered by a flowery portrait of herself. He had written it all down. The two of you both went upstairs at eleven, and he gave himself a forty-five minute gap after that, (knowing how much Isabela liked to talk). That forty-five minutes were the most agonising in his life. He bit his nails, tapped his foot, and even cursed at the smashed clock on his wall to speed up.
Then he crept, okay he ran, I mean fucking zoomed, across the walls - over to where he knew his family member slept. Bruno gently pushed the frame from its resting spot, on the girls wall - almost sneezing at the amount of pollen he was suddenly inhaling. He looked around, not seeing you, almost audibly groaning, about to wander around looking for you, when he heard a sneeze. His eyes clicked around, eventually settling on the sleeping figure, on the couch besides the wall.
You moved, sniffing as you wiped your nose across your sleeve as you slept. The sudden movements making the covers shift off of you, revealing the night-wear which had protruded up. Yet not far enough, for Bruno’s liking. The drool dribbling slightly from your lips, your hair messily strewn across the couch’s arm rest, the temptation of your risen shirt, he couldn’t handle it. Nor could he stop the tent that formed in his boxers at the thought of pushing your shirt up a little further, or that drool being for a different reason. He couldn’t take it.
He knew it was wrong, dios mío, it was almost despicable. But jesucristo you were tempting.
He ran back to his semi-permanent living quarters, banging his head against the wall, at both his crudeness, as well as his inability to do anything about the urges he got. At least until he got the spirit to come out of hiding, if that ever was to actually happen. He promised himself, promise you, even - that he’d attempt to restrain himself.
But that sweltering day in mid-August, was the straw that broke the camel’s back. Bruno was doing his daily rounds of nothing, having just swiped some food from the previously-empty kitchen. He had just forced a second piece of bread into his mouth, when he heard it. An angelic voice singing loudly. Bruno just couldn’t help himself. He had to investigate. He just had to. He never anticipated that you would be in the shower, mierda he didn’t even know that there was a crack in the tiles.
The food fell from his hands, mouth falling open. The squeaks of rats hungrily helping themselves to the discarded waste of food. You spun around, tilting your head back beneath the rainfall of water, as to not get the soap in your eyes. The room was foggy, filled with the clouds of steam billowing from the shower-head. You hummed softly to the silent rhythm playing in your mind, not knowing if the man watching you.
You ran your fingers through your hair, allowing the water to dowse your body, standing still for a quick moment. He bit his lip to stop a moan. Looking down, he eyed your now-visible chest as you spun. Oh fuck. Now he was the on drooling. One hand over his mouth to stop any noises of arousal, the other palming himself through his clothes.
Even after you were dressed and out of the bathroom, Bruno was still stood there, gobsmacked at the performance of a show you had just unknowingly given him. He could only imagine the things he could, correction - would, do to you. The way he would ruin you. The way he would have you trembling. The way he would have you beginning. Pleading. The things he could, would imagine.
Entering his family’s living-area after dusk, he set up his fortune-reading plot. Leaves placed, sand surrounding. Bruno placed his hands on his knees, closing his eyes - before opening them, with an addition of a bright green light, beaming, creating an emerald glow in the darkened space. The sand swirled vigorously, his surroundings morphed into moving pictures.
It showed you, and him. Bruno carrying you bridal-style into his small home in the walls. He grinned. You can’t change the future. You never can. He cradled the glass in his hands, watching your peaceful figure cling onto his own. He traced your face gently, how it was always meant to be.
“B-Bruno?” The shards smashed against the floor as he dropped it.
It was you. Your heavenly voice. He didn’t even have to turn around, to know that. You had heard stories from certain members of the family, Dolores. Okay, only Dolores, she’s the only one who would speak his name. They had described him as a monster, yet the frail man sat in the floor in front of you seemed anything but.
Now was his chance. “Mi querida, awake so soon?” His eyebrow quirked up, and you took, a slight step back when he arose from his sleeping-position on the floor. You wanted the retract that unspoken statement. He towered over you, an unreadable smirk playing at his lips. The intimidation practically radiating off of him. He hadn’t lost it. You trembled, attempting to reply to the unfamiliar man before tripping on one of the house’s tiles.
His arm soon swooped down to rescue you, reeling you into his chest. You thanked him quickly, trying will all of your might to escape his grip, but only holding you closer. “Going somewhere, paloma?” You looked into his lustful eyes, and gulped. “Back to my, my room.” You confirmed, stumbling over your words mid-sentence. “Your room?” He hummer, to which you nodded - continuing to vigorously attempt your escape. “You can have my room, plenty of space to share.” He purred, stroking your cheek gently. You disagreed politely, assuming, more like hoping that he would free you from your encased prison, which was Bruno Madrigal. “No thank you.” His eyes darkened. “It wasn’t an option, princesa.” His spoke between gritted teeth. “Don’t make this harder than it needs to be, (Y/n).” Bruno pulled a cloth from his pocket, placing it over your mouth as your fight fell against deaf-ears, although concerning Dolores. Soon, you faltered - unharmed, yet peacefully sleeping in the man’s arms, who ascended the stairs, carrying you in a bridal-style fashion into his own abode. “Todo mía.” He iterated to himself. “Todo mía.”
What was he thinking? He wasn’t, was the short answer. He wasn’t thinking at all. The thought of having you all to himself had clouded his thoughts. Well you had, for the past few months. But now you were his, all his. All to himself. His property. (Y/n) Madrigal.
“Todo mía.”
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lunatic-flores · 2 months ago
Doctor : Quick! You're bleeding to death, what's your type!?
(Y/N) *coughing* : The Madrigals.
Doctor : What——
(Y/N) *Dying* : The Madrigals.
Doctor :
La familia Madrigal :
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Noise Complaint
Stiles Stilinski Masterlist / Main Masterlist / Navigation
Summary: Keeping multiple hormone enraged students in a motel for a night wasn’t going to end well for anyone, except them
Fandom: Teen Wolf
Pairing: Stiles Stilinski x Female Reader, mentioned Scott McCall x Allison Argent
Warnings: 18+ minors dni if you do then I take no responsibility, smut, strip tease, protected sex, vaginal penetration, and a noise complaint
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
The motel room was exactly what you had expected, shabby rather than chic, and despite the low expectations that you had initially had, you couldn't help but pout; a part of you was more lenient to sleep on the school bus instead of these already combusted mattresses that were dressed in the most hideous sheets that you had ever laid your eyes on. But you supposed that this was the punishment that you had earned yourself by tagging along with Lydia and Allison; it hadn't quite been a fool proof plan, more so considering that it hadn't taken Stiles long to realise that you three were in the vehicle behind them. The room that you had been given the key to was a single, and it haunted and disgusted you as he said that you were to be sleeping in this horror setting alone; no Stiles he had meant.
It wasn't justified fairness, you'd even argue that it commended against your human rights. But old Bobby enjoyed to make everyone suffer, and that was the type of pain that you were undergoing as you dealt with the separation that - hold that thought, a notification sprang from the speaker of your phone, and as you read the iMessage that bombarded your lock screen, excitement coursed through your veins. Open up, it said, and giddily you hurried to the door, instantly obliging to what the message had said. On the other side stood Stiles who didn't waste a moment before he pushed the both of you back into the room, being quick to ensure that nobody saw the both of you blatantly disobeying the rules. To be honest you didn't know what Finstock had expected, bringing well over a handful of hormonal teenagers to stay at a dingy motel overnight couldn't possibly respect the restrictions of chastity; nobody was going to listen, including Stiles and yourself.
"Let me guess, you couldn't sleep?" You crawled onto the bed after your boyfriend who had gone up the length of the mattress to rest his head upon the flat pillows that had been provided, weaving yourself beneath his arm and dancing your fingers across his chest. "You're still worried about Scott, aren't you?" The scratch that the alpha had left on him was nasty, and went further than surface deep. His worry towards his best friend was understandable, you were concerned too. Stiles hummed in reply, combing his long fingers through your hair, his body shifting as he found it quire difficult to go on considering everything that was going on.
"He's gone to see Allison now." Stiles revealed, it was no doubt that if Scott had remained in their room that he'd have stayed too. They weren't just best friends, they were brothers and that bond would always be his first priority, you had never met anybody as loyal as Stiles Stilinski. "But I could use a distraction from all the sacrifices and alphas and whatever else is going to happen." He rambled, his hands tossing about a little as he spoke, and you found the action rather adorable, he was always very expressive as he spoke, in fact the two of you had met first day of freshman year by him whipping you around the face with his flying hands, and it had been rather hard to forget him since you had a black eye for the rest of the week.
"I've got the perfect thing in mind." You informed him, coercing him to grumble as you got up, searching for your phone and scrolling on it until you came across the playlist that you had created for a moment like this. 'Hands to myself' began to play, perking Stiles up as he watched you stand by the end of the bed, dragging your own hands up your body, prompting him to lick his lips that were feeling rather dry. He sat upright as you slowly peeled the shirt up to reveal your bare skin until you were dressed in nothing more than your bra and shorts and walking closer to Stiles. The music was quite loud, drowning out any sounds of Stiles' laboured breaths that he was trying to control, it made you feel strong seeing the affect that you had upon him, and only served to encourage you more to act more deviously. Your thumbs tucked into the elastic band of your shorts, toying with them, the sight alone had the poor yet lucky boy before you feel lightheaded.
The first time that you had actually performed a strip tease for Stiles, he had literally fainted; looking back on that time was quite funny, more so since you had been sworn to secrecy by the victim himself when he groggily came back to consciousness. But it had become the faintest memory in Stiles' head as your shorts piled around your feet, he couldn't help but lean forwards, his eyes delicately tracing the sultry edges of your underwear. Drool began to seep out from the corner of his mouth whence you played with the frills that decorated your panties, hips still swaying as your hand that was not dancing along the front of your left thigh was swimming in your hair as your tongue deliciously ran across your teeth.
"You're so hot." Stiles murmured, his leg began to jitter against the ground as his body endured the rush of desire. "Come here baby, need you." Sweetly you tip toed over to him and placed your hands onto his shoulders, taking a seat of placement upon his aroused lap, feeling his hard cock through the layers of material which separated each of the parts of your bodies that hungered to unite in a rouse of passion. The music faded away from your sense whilst his eyes ravenously scaled up your bare torso, his hands were starved as they refused to miss an opportunity to touch any skin on your body that they possibly could - no doubt he was struggling to keep his hands to himself.
You didn't mind in the slightest as you fiddled with the straps on your loose shoulders, reaching behind you Stiles disconnected the clasps on the back of your bra, to which obeyed his command by dropping the garment between your bodies, only serving to build misdemeanour tension within the room. Both of your hands ravelled in his dark locks that he had allowed to grow out not so long ago as he threw your bra to the floor, raising his large and desirable palms to cup both your breasts, becoming vastly more turned on by feeling the natural weight in his grip. Leaning down, you hungrily joined your lips in a sloppily paced kiss which remained elongated in time for a while, your bodies rutting in unison to build up pressure to which was called pleasure. Thank god for Scott for not being over Allison, otherwise this event would never have fitted the occasion!
Soon the rest of your and his clothes were scattered around the room like an image from a spot the difference game, though if it were a then it'd have definitely have been R-rated as the pair of you were completely in the nude, Stiles now atop of you and teasing his cock head upon your sweet clit. He ran his tip up and down your slit, collecting wetness, the notion alone causing you to drop your head back into the pillow supporting you as your eyes deliriously fluttered closed. But they fixated open no more than a minute later as a disastrous thought bombarded your mind, leading you to tightly grip your boyfriend’s forearms and dig your nails a little into his flesh, all to refrain him from going further for a moment. “Do you have a condom?” He blinked multiple times before springing into action.
Despite it resulting in you and him groaning simultaneously, he stir up so that he could rummage through his belongings until he found one. Once he did he wasted no more time and instead put the contraceptive method onto his length and resumed his previous position. Your legs twitched and coiled around him as he began to push into your walls, his right hand roughly grabbing the back of your thigh to bring some pain upon your body to mix with the exonerating pleasure that shuttled through it. The collaboration of your bodies was heaven with the bitterness of hell that raked through them via the bruising grip below your ass, the passion transcended into the clouds from aggressive and hungry flames, creating a breathless hue to burn beneath your flesh. Each breath that pardoned out from Stiles' panting lips scorned your skin, he was desperate for release and was feeling close, his quickening thrusts only made the endurance of your orgasm slacken as everything around you felt as though it was crashing down.
There was a storm within the room, the lightning struck above both of you in the form of a bulb with faulty wire as the thunder resonated in pounding, which you could not register as such, against the door to the motel room. The music that you had earlier put on acted as a soundtrack to the scene, and your sounds of ecstasy dwindled down into as you reached the climax to the intimate story that you had shared with Stiles. "Stilinski! Y/l/n! Open up but only if you're decent." The level of the music was still loud and therefore you hoped that the lyrics of Ariana Grande and other artists that had recently performed on your playlist had masked your moans of synchronised pleasure but you knew that that specific hope was far too good to be true.
And so you and Stiles scrambled to cover yourselves and answer the door as Finstock began to rampantly knock again. He was like a flu that you couldn't get rid of, and it was no surprise to when you eventually opened up the door it looked as though he had caught a fever. It was a blessing to his ears that the variety of sounds had ceased including those that had exhumed from your phone that was now somewhere on the floor. "The two of you are one of the reasons that I drink." Bobby defeatedly spoke, waving his finger like a madman to which it was already believable prior that he was one. You cocked your head waiting for him to scold the of you more however Stiles had already beaten him to it, silencing him with his natural wit in the moment. "In my defence I am only here because I felt lonely, nobody else is in my room." He practically dubbed Scott in the trouble, but you also knew that Stiles had the intention of having someone check up on his best friend and so he was using Bobby as the surrogate to do so.
Coach's face crinkled, this was more work than he was cut out for, and he wasn't enjoying a moment of it. At least he didn't have to worry about Greenberg as he strongly doubted that he had the moved to get into such a compromising position with any other example of the human species, he'd just be yelled at because he was annoying and an absolute kiss ass all whilst being terrible at lacrosse. "Wait, where is McCall?" He was slowly putting the pieces together... if there was another noise complaint then he'd be at fault since he was the adult, and so he rushed off in hopes of not having to succumb to responsibility. The opportunity arose to shut the door and so you took it, and Stiles dropped his head in relief as he hurriedly began to remove his jeans again. "Oh thank god." He sighed when he dropped them and you laughed when you realised that it was not his intent to continue what you were doing beforehand but instead the condom the condom that he had forgone and forgotten to remove in the rush of things.
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ayato being too pussy to ask u out so he asks his little sister to deliver a well written, formal letter to you, in which she immediately discards the moment she steps out the doors and just straight up tells you that her brother has a big fat crush on you and how he doesnt stfu about you every day, (she will never forgive him for waking her up at 2am just to fanboy about seeing you in the city of inazuma that one time)
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