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Furby, that creepy 1990's doll, has a tumblr page.

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Dust: Do werewolves have toe beans?

Killer: Of course they have toes beans, what else do you suck on?

Cross: …If there is a god, mine is surely a trickster, giving me the miracle of sight and of comprehension only for me to be cursed to use it on what you just said

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Hi all! Yesterday finally came my package. And this time I ordered stickers! Today I came to the post office and took the package.

Here they are the best stickers in the world! I’m so happy to get them. To be honest I was worried about where they were, how they. But they got to me and I got them.

Are there undertale, deltarun, xtale and more.


Among them @jakei95 Your cross suns comrade. You don’t worry he’ll be safe. If you let you leave it for a while)

Thank you very much @jakei95 for your very stunning and high-quality animations! You’re the best! And I wish you the best of luck to draw and work on animation and with history Underverse.

Creator of the event X-tale By @jakei95 .

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I have risen from the depths of hell once again to bring not one, but TWO doodle sheets


Alright soooo, I don’t really feel like going into detail what the first sheet is about, but it’s just basically a set of doodles from a story I’m working on that involves XTale muffet, and the second sheet of doodles was from July when dark cream ship kids was at its peak (lol hope @zu-is-here likes). Anyways back into my drawing pit I gooooo-

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Skeleton simps avdhsv interesting terminology for yandere–

Also, for your list of simping yanderes, do you just mean other yandere characters? ‘cause I’ll write anyone in my character lists for that. I feel like any character has some capacity to do even the most OOC of things given the right situation, especially given the UTMV. But if you meant something else do let me know! ^^/


post in reference *again, note my yan headcanons differ from normal ones.

Cross doesn’t get good things that happen to him very often. Because of that, well, he tries to make them last as long as possible – maybe even longer than they’re meant to. He’s lost too many friends, too many things, too many memories, too many of everything that makes him happy. Cross would be determined to gain some sort of control over the situation to keep the source of his happiness down to its final drop. His ways of keeping someone by his side will start out subtlely, such as passive, secretly manipulative or guilt-trippy comments that will keep his object of affection by his side; but if they figure this out or don’t fall for said comments, Cross is definitely more likely to control the situation more drastically by eliminating other options for them.

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