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wow wick u came straight for the throat

I’m realizing now that this bingo card doesn’t really describe the way I ship things like at all lmfao. I like xuexiao but I’m picky about it, so it’s usually a “I’m intrigued but I wanna know more” vibe. I don’t like a toothless take on it, but I have a few limits on what I don’t like to see so like. u know. I’ve read dead dove on it which was like borderline Bad for personal reasons and dead dove on it which was excellent. I don’t usually like modern aus of it. Basically, canon verse fucked up dynamic? yes I think it’s a really interesting one to read/write and I like it a lot, but I wouldn’t say I think it’s uhhhhhh cute. or an otp lol so half this bingo board is out

ship bingo

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here’s another snippet from the big hug farewell party fanfic, this time from the XueXiao hug:

Xue Yang’s nose brushed against his neck and he heard Xue Yang take a long sniff.

“Fuck, you smell so nice,” murmured Xue Yang.

Xiao Xingchen felt himself blush, taken aback by Xue Yang’s sudden confession. It was such a strange thing to say so out of the blue that he wasn’t certain if it was supposed to be a compliment… But most probably it was, considering what an eccentric kind of person Xue Yang was. 

“Um… thank you?” Xiao Xingchen whispered tentatively.

Xiao Xingchen had to admit that Xue Yang also didn’t smell… quite so bad. The Chang manor reeked of blood and dead bodies, but the stench didn’t seem to linger on Xue Yang’s body. He smelled nice and fresh, as if he bathed right before Xiao Xingchen’s arrival, only a faint trace of sweat lingering on Xue Yang’s skin, probably after their fierce sword fight, which, Xiao Xingchen realized with not a small embarrassment, only added to the experience.

The only thing that really destroyed the effect was the resentful energy settled deep in Xue Yang’s flesh, reeking of suffering and decay, itching Xiao Xingchen’s spiritual senses like a burning smoke. It coiled and twisted like a pit of vicious snakes, hissing with anger and misery that rotted low and heavy in Xue Yang’s guts.

Xiao Xingchen had never been so close to something so filled with resentful energy outside of a fight, without it attacking him actively. It was like holding a little resentful spirit trapped in a pouch close to his heart and it sent a strange kind of thrill down his spine.

“You… you smell like death,” whispered Xiao Xingchen.

It earned him a quiet giggle from Xue Yang. “Thank you, Xiao Xingchen.”

“It wasn’t a compliment.”

“Ah, I’ll take it as one anyway.”

xiao xingchen has an awakening but he has no idea what kind of awakening it is (like, I’m pretty sure he was aware that he’s gay af, but he probably had no idea about his shameful gremlinsexuality xD)

also I wanted to destroy xue yang with tenderness and I was almost successful, but then all three of us (me, xue yang and xiao xingchen) suddenly realized… something. ok, ain’t gonna spoil my own fic lol

anyway, xue yang was like “xiao xingchen, you wanna give me Problematique Feelings™ in front of all these people? no, I will give you Problematique Feelings™ instead” and ooooops I legit didn’t plan to throw xiao xingchen into the sin bin but well………. I don’t control the gremlin, sorry. (as a writer, I renounce any kind of responsibility for anything that happens in this fic)

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Xue Yang, “What if, from now on, we don’t take turns anymore? Let’s change it up.”
Xiao XingChen, “You only spoke up because it’s your turn today, didn’t you? How do you want to change it?”

They SWITCH. It’s totally canon! 

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Ohh honestly I’ll ship almost anything but you’ve found my squick, I can’t handle certain types of villains even tho I know intellectually that in an AU or canon divergent setting there’s no reason they’ll be evil or horrible…but my brain just nopes.



Wangxian + Xue Yang:

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Once upon a time a child. The boy loved sweets too much, but as he was poor and an orphan, he had no money to buy them; Her greatest wish was to have lots of sweets and that they would never run out, until … He met him. He knew immediately that he no longer wanted sweets, now he wanted the love of the person he met. 🍬🖤


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A canon divergent wangxian and songxuexiao mdzs au I probably will never write

A canon divergent mdzs au where wwx and xue yang grew up on the same streets. WWX was never saved by the Jiangs, and XXC is of the Lan sect. So one day, while passing through whatever town they’re in, XXC and LWJ come across wwx and xy (who have essentially become brothers by choice), and LWJ gives WWX a toy and fends of wild dogs around him (and a little food maybe) while XXC finds a way to get XY some sweets (and he probably does something else tender like rinse his face or clean some wounds). And so soon, LWJ and XXC have to leave. Years later, WWX and XY fall down similarly dark yet different paths. Demonic cultivator XY does the same getting revenge and all that jazz and takes advantage of the world so he’ll never be taken advantage of again, and WWX takes over the yiling burial mounds and kills oppressors without mercy, but saves all the orphan children and the prostitutes who are treated inhuman and taken advantage of because he doesn’t want others to go what he went through.

During the years, WWX comes across LWJ many times. He doesn’t quite remember LWJ yet, but when LWJ came to oppose him after the first time he killed a cultivator in semi-high standing, WWX was delighted to have a rival. Unbeknownst to him, he falls in love with LWJ, slowly, after every encounter. And one day, just to see what would happen, he swoons into LWJ’s arms and lets himself get caught with a “Oh no you got me…” sarcasm bit. After a moment, WWX looks up into LWJ’s face but has to hide it again because dang is lwj hot or what?? And so LWJ picks up WWX and bridal carries him, and then drops him off at a restaurant. “You’re not taking me back to Gusu?” WWX asked, confused, because at some point after their encounters LWJ kept on telling WWX to come to Gusu with him (and of course wwx refused because he wasn’t allowed to let himself get imprisoned like that cause he wasn’t stupid). And so they order food and all that and wwx gets alcohol too and LWJ answers “Only if you want to”, because he won’t make wwx go back with him. Anyways, they eat food and lwj is mostly quiet, but they have a good time and wwx just comments on lwj’s looks offhandedly and talks just because he likes seeing lwj annoyed and it’s great. From this point onward, lwj still asks wwx to come back to gusu, but wwx doesn’t see lwj so much as an enemy anymore, more like a friend (maybe crush😳) who probably has been told to take him into custody who hangs out with him from time to time, sometimes to buy groceries and othertimes who helps him take care of children in the burial mounds. Eventually wwx remembers that time in the past lwj helped him and is like😳. They confess at some point (pre or post wwx death? Who knows), but the same trail of events with the burial mound seige happens. This time, however, WWX finds a remote area in the mountains to send everyone. He tells Wen Ning to protect them, but as before, the wens in his group stay behind. They still send the rest of the oppressed off, but Wen Qing makes it so wwx can’t move his body. So the wens and the rest of the oppressed set off in different directions. (Btw wwx did participate in the sunshot campaign, but only to destroy Wen Ruohan for what he’d done). Wangxian still gets a happy ending and all that. (Also, in this timeline, WWX steals from the very rich and the oppresors he destroys for money that he uses to either hand off to people in need or use in the burial mounds for better food or house materials and all that)

On the other hand, XXC is the one opposing Xue Yang. After he massacres the Chang Clan, his first huge deed that goes noticed, XXC is there to apprehend him (along with Song Lan, a wandering cultivator he met and his now best friend). XXC and SL catch XY, but before they make it to the Jin sect, XXC gives XY a speech about what is right and what is wrong and lets him go. SL and XXC get into a fight over this and they part ways. Pretty much the same things happen, except this time XXC can count and gives one eye to SL so they’re both only half blind. They then split ways again, and the yi city thing happens. However, at the end, though XXC cannot understand XY, he doesn’t quite care. However, he is still pretty saddened over what happened to SL and XY begrudgingly lets SL go of his control. I don’t know how, but somehow the group makes up, and XXC takes SL, XY, and the group’s adopted daughter A-Qing and they build a sect together. SL and XY don’t like each other, but eventually they can stand each other, and XXC ends up with two husbands and a daughter. XY doesn’t do what’s best for the greater good, but when he thought even for a moment about losing XXC and how he would take it (in other words, how he /did/ take it in the og timeline), he realized that he didn’t want to let go of the life he had made with XXC and A-Qing. So, as the sect is built XXC and SL are the two out of the three that actually go out and help people and all that. Xue Yang doesn’t do any mass murder, though he still has a habit of threatening the lives of people who try to scam him out of fair prices and killing people who wrong him or XXC.

Anyways, there are plenty of things that would need to be worked out (because ofc this isn’t perfect), but at the end of the day, happy ending for Wangxian and songxuexiao (+adopted daughter a-qing)

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