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All right, I have too many text posts on my phone. I need direction. Any votes for any people would prefer to see after my Yunmeng Family one?

  • Ace Jiang Cheng #2
  • NMJ - mostly done
  • NHS #2
  • Xue Yang/Yi City #2
  • Jiang Cheng (have enough for multiple)
  • WWX (have enough for multiple)
  • Cloud Recesses school
  • LXC (mostly)
  • Mianmian
  • Sect Leader Yao (might be combo w Mianmian) (don’t make that face)
  • Wen Qing/Wen Ning - probably gonna wait on this as I’m not up to them much yet on my rewatch
  • JGY
  • Burial Mounds (maybe combo w Wen Sibs or a Wen edition) (prob gonna wait)
  • Jin Zixuan (maybe Jin edition)
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I binged the Hadestown soundtrack today and my immediate thought was “oh no that was sad” and then my immediate second thought was “DO YOU KNOW WHAT ELSE IS SAD” and then i blacked out and came to seven hours later with a complete animatic in my hands. so uh. enjoy!

I’ve always loved the fics/headcanons where xiao xingchen descends the mountain in all his pure innocence and good will in the face of a world he knows nothing of, and instantly falls in love with song lan. so this is kinda running with that.

also the woman in the role of hermes is baoshan sanren because she fit even tho i know she never leaves the mountain. au i guess? idk lol

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Well it’s 2 am and I’m researching what hollow eye sockets look like because of course fanfiction about a fantasy drama with slaughter tortoises and lightning whips has to be 100% accurate in this respect

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xiao xingchen: baoshan sanren please you have to save my platonic best friend by removing my own eyes and giving them to him, i know i broke my vow to never return to this mountain but he is my platonic best friend and i am nothing without him and even though he never wants to see me again the fact remains that he is my platonic best friend and i have to give everything i have to him

baoshan sanren, known tragic lesbian: 

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i know wwx and xxc’s interactions are different in cql because xxc and wwx had already met before yi city but i wonder what xxc thought of wwx’s death? i wonder what he thought of this boy he’d met, happy and excited to be on a night hunt with lwj and so, so excited to meet xxc and song lan, dying the greatest villain the cultivation world had ever seen? his shijie’s son, who’d been eager to hear anything about his mother and about baoshan sanren, dying in such a horrible way?

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