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bank42na month ago
Tumblr media
BTTB 6 Collection 2 XXL
More preview click on download.
Public Access 7 Nov 2021
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why-i-love-comics3 days ago
Tumblr media
Robin Annual #1 - "Robin's Strike File" (2021)
written by Joshua Williamson art by Roger Cruz, Victor Olazaba, & Luis Guerrero
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coraltyphooncoffee4 months ago
I hope I'm not to late to do this but I saw some people sharing their theories about Robin and here is mine.
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So I've read about the theorie that mother soul is damian's grandmother Melissandre and supporte it because it would add drama and also because it implies that Melissandre just said "fuck you Ra's" and left.
Now onto the theorie one panel that caught my Attention was this one:
Tumblr media
Especially the part about the sacrifices, after reading this panel I remembered about the panel where damian and flatline find the lazurs pit and the someone says something about "feeding it", so my theory is that the tournament is a ruse for the league to sacrifice its contestants in the pit and personally I think the "you can leave after your second death" it's bullshit what I think is gonna happen is damian finds out about the sacrifices and if turns out mother soul is Melissandre she offers him to rule with her and immortality and damian tells her to fuck off and after he warns the other contestants he teams up with Flatline, Respawn, XXL, Black swan, Conner and rose in a battle against the league of Lazarus witch hopefully Will end up in a big explosion and after everything he says fuck you to Bruce and the bat's and they end up living together and proceed to annoy the crap out of Rose.
Hope it makes sense.
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why-i-love-comics6 months ago
Tumblr media
Robin #2 - "Wake Up!" (2021)
written by Joshua Williamson art by Gleb Melnikov & Luis Guerrero
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ravagersimp3 months ago
damian: who ate my fries, rose?
rose: i don鈥檛 like fries
damian: connor?
connor: i don鈥檛 like food
damian: XXL?
XXL: it was flatline
flatline: it was!
damian: UGH
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chrischarambadiaries6 months ago
Name Any Level Hulio Draws Can't Reach!
Name Any Level Hulio Draws Can鈥檛聽Reach!
Hip hop, as we have come to hold it in high regard, was built on that all-important survival tool: fantasy. The ability to sit in your box-sized ghetto backyard and indulge in imaginings of sharing tables with kings. The ability to see no impossibilities even as your situation looks iffy. Hip hop itself has always been about self-fulfilling prophecies. When Zimbabwean digital artist Nyasha 鈥楬ulio鈥
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