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[Y/N being surrounded by dead guests after an interview gone wrong]

Y/N: W-we’re friends, aren’t we Wil?

Wilford: Absolutely Y/N! Now why do you ask??

Y/N: It’s just, well, uhh, friends don’t stab each other in the back… right?

Wilford: Of course they would never!

Y/N: That’s such a relief to hea–

Wilford: In the front, though, now that’s a different story!

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Actor Mark: Y/N, I have a confession to make…

Y/N: What is it, Mark?

Actor Mark: So, we’ve known each other for a long time…

Y/N: Yeah, we have.

Actor Mark: And I don’t really know how to say this…

Y/N: Are–are you saying what I think you’re saying?

Actor Mark: But I think it’s finally time I let you know that I…

Y/N: I love you too, Mark!

Actor Mark: That I think we should split u—what.

Y/N: What.

Actor Mark:


Actor Mark: Did you just–

*alarm bell rings*

Y/N: Saved by the bell! Sorry, gotta get to my next class! *runs away*

Actor Mark: We’re in a museum–

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Rating: Not NSFW but may trigger some people so read at your own risk. Images in this work contain: Guns, fire, wounds, and knives read at your own risk! They are also rather brightly colored.

Genre: Thriller and Suspense, fluff sometimes, angst pretty often, sometimes may be a bit suggestive (wInKy WoNkY)

Word Count: 20~ish (It’s mainly images)

A/n: CODE:RED is a Stray Kids x Reader Gang AU that is of my original creation. Any similarities that you see between the real Stray Kids and the Stray Kids that I present in my works are completely coincidental. This does not reflect who Stray Kids are as a group of individuals at all. Any similarities between this fix ant others is also coincidental, I would not stoop as low as to steal thank you. Do not repost without consent or plagiarize any of my work. These edits, while the images contained within them are not mine, are of my creation. Do not use them without my permission.

Taglist: @angeli-fucking-cat



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  • First off GLaDIS would take Y/n as first priority and take care of them the whole time until they feel better.
  • She’ll take you out on long, relaxing drives, play your favorite shows and songs even if she doesn’t like it. Take you to your favorite places or somewhere quiet so you could cry and talk it out.
  • If physically hurt, GLaDIS will treat your injuries and even call her cousin over to help out since she’s a medic. GLaDIS will stay by your side the whole time and never leave you. Telling you how much she cares and how important you are.
  • If the person who hurt you was a bully at your school or a college worker, God forbid if they were to bump into each other in public because GLaDIS will mess everything up for them. She not afraid to play dirty and do the same thing they did to you right back at them or even worse.
  • She’ll spread rumors about them or expose something about them into the world humiliating them. Either that or she’ll go and deal with them face to face. She once broke one of my bully’s legs once to get them back. Other times GLaDIS will just destroy something that belongs to the suspect, like their car or their job.
  • Yeah…. She’s brutal and cruel but she gets that from her mother who is a killing machine. (No offense GLaDOS)
  • If it was intentional GLaDIS will leave them alone.
  • She’ll comfort you and will let you do just about anything to her to cheer you up. Like letting you stay up late or just napping in her curled up snake tail. She doesn’t care much as long as you’re safe and happy.

GLaDIS cares for you too much and in someways likes to spoil you. In other words she’s just a protective sweetheart. ♥️

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Deliver Me… A Bounty Hunter & His Prey - #29 “I’m doing this for you.”

You could hear the sound of another blast, and vibrations shook the area yet again. No one had come down to give you an update yet and as far as you could tell it had been around an hour. You got up and paced the room. You found your gunbelt and the blaster that Lonwar had given you among the supplies he had left behind. So at least you felt you could defend yourself if you needed to, for a least a moment. Since you had no idea what you would be up against.

That is when a familiar set of boots came down the set of stairs on the opposite side of the room from where you were pacing. You ran towards him and threw your arms around his shoulders. “Oh, thank goodness!”

He set you back on the floor, “We came back when we realized that the guild had set it’s attack on the enclave. It appears that they knew I would come back here and they tried to get the upper hand. Too bad for them they are attacking the abandoned one and not this one.”

He picked up extra rifles and headed back up the stairs. “I’m doing this for you. So please, for the stars… Don’t go getting yourself killed.”


And with that he ran back up the stairs. You hear shouting and some words that sound like Mando’a but you can’t understand what they are saying. You know this isn’t good though, because the sound of blaster fire is very close. 

“Damn it Mando, I should be up there!”

“Was that meant just for Lonwar, or all of us?” A female voice said and came out of the shadows. It belonged to the female who seemed all too familiar with Lonwar. You knew there had to be a history there. The way that Buir had spoken about him making a choice and it not being her.

“You are nothing but an aruetii!” She said and then pulled a vibro blade from her boot. “An outsider.”

You swallowed hard and pulled the blade from the back of your belt, you were prepared for a fight, just not against someone wearing Beskar. Mandalorians were raised as fighters, you were going to have to fight for your life, fully recovered or not.

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I can never read y/n as “your name”, I always read it like someone saying “Ryan” in OwO speak

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For Better or For Worse

Anime: Haikyuu

Character: Kageyama Tobio

Warnings: Cursing

*Art is not mine*


“Can you be any more stupid? If you don’t take care of yourself, how are you supposed to come to our practices, you moron?” You frowned at the cold words coming from your boyfriend. “Excuse me for actually wanting to get good grades unlike you Bakageyama.” You stuck your tongue out at him immaturely and crossed your arms, turning away from him. “At least I don’t study so much I get sick, unlike you.” He fired back, his eyes focused on the volleyball in his hands. “At least I can actually focus on school for more than five minutes at a time.” You stomped away from him, your face red with anger. 

Finals were coming up and you had stayed up too late a few nights in a row, causing you to sleep straight through Karasuno’s practice, missing it for the first time since you and Kageyama started dating. Ignoring all of the curious eyes following you, your frustration only grew as Kageyama went back to his practice, not bothering to talk to you again. You sat down on the sidelines with a huff, not noticing when Yamaguchi moved to sit beside you. “Are you two okay?” He asked, his eyes full of worry. 

“Why wouldn’t we be?” You instantly regretting how snappy your words came out at the slight hurt expression that crossed the freckled boy’s features. “You two have been fighting a lot lately. I just wanted to make sure you’re both okay.” His voice was just above a whisper when he spoke, making your heart sink. “I’m sorry. I mean, I guess we are fighting more than usual lately.” You sighed and looked down at your shoes. “I still love him though. And I know he still loves me. He never actually says it, but sometimes he shows it, you know? Even though his words hurt me sometimes, I’m with him. For better or for worse.” 

“It’ll probably be for worse a lot with him though.” Yamaguchi softly moved his hand to rest it reassuringly on your shoulder, a reassuring smile tugging at his lips. You let out a small laugh, your previous frustration melting away little by little. “I knew that from the first time I met him.” Yamaguchi laughed as well, but a low voice from the side caused him to tense up and slowly drop his hand from your shoulder. 

“(Y/N), what are you doing?” Kageyama glared at you and the poor boy beside you who seemed to shrink under his harsh look. “Getting some advice on how to deal with your stubborn ass, you dummy.” You scoffed, standing up and patting Yamaguchi’s shoulder gently before making your way to your moody boyfriend. “Why do you need advice? You don’t have to deal with me.” Just like that, all of your previous anger that had melted away flared back up. “Is that what you want, Bakageyama? For me not to deal with you anymore?” You were close to shouting at this point, drawing the attention of the rest of the team who was still in the gym. “No, you dumbass! I meant that it shouldn’t be hard and we could actually be a damn couple!” He yelled back, stopping you cold. 

You felt your face heat up at the confession and suddenly a wave of shyness washed over you as you suddenly became aware of all of the eyes on you two. “Then why didn’t you just say that in the first place, stupid. I want to act like a damn couple with you too.” He blushed as well as you leaned up to place a gentle kiss on his cheek. “Look, how about this. I’ll start taking better care of myself when studying and you stop being so mean all of the time, deal?” You smiled at him and he looked to the side, nodding his head. “You still can be stupid, but I guess we can work something like that out.” Your smile grew on your face as you looked at him, anger swimming in your eyes. You had your hands clenched into fists by your side and Kageyama’s eyes widened in shock.

 “Care to try that again, dear?” You spat the word of endearment like a curse, causing your boyfriend to back away. “I said I think we can work something out.” He corrected himself. You sighed, the smile dropping from your face as you moved to lean against him. ‘We have a long way to go.’ 

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[Yandere and Y/N playing 21 questions]

Yandere: So, what’s your favorite food?

Y/N: Tacos probably

Yandere: What a coincidence! Me too!

Y/N: Cool, what’s your favorite hobby?

Yandere: Stalk–I mean kil—I mean…. photography

Y/N: Oh yeah? I’m taking a class on that actually

Yandere: I kno—I mean, you don’t say!

Y/N: Man, I can’t believe we have so much in common

Yandere: Yeah haha that’s like so totally random right

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[Illinois flirting with a playing hard to get Y/N]

Illinois: So, where you from cutie?

Y/N: Hell

Illinois, winking: Well, with how hot you are, I don’t doubt it

Y/N, unimpressed: ….That was weak

Illinois: Makes sense, considering the state of my knees

Y/N, rolling their eyes: Go to hell

Illinois: Inviting me back to your place already I see

Y/N, totally not blushing: Just–what’s your problem?

Illinois: I don’t know but…*tips fedora* I think I’ve just found the answer to all of them

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[ this story is a bit shorter. ]

warnings: d—th and heartbreak

word count: 655 words [ including the beginning and quote. ]

tanaka x kiyoko

and y/n is there somewhere imputed

this fanfiction is based off of: Rearview, Promises, and 6 Weeks by Beach Bunny. (it is a trio of songs, not an actual reading/story.) (there are many songs that this is based on, but that would be too long-)

❝ I remember every word you told me. I can’t stop thinking about it. ❞

You and Tanaka were good friends from the beginning of preschool. The bond grew and grew causing the two of you to be inseparable.

But good things never last. For the past 3 months, you two have been growing apart. Becoming more weary and distant of each other, keeping that Friday wedged between you two.

What happened that Friday? Good question, you didn’t know what happened either.

Tanaka fell in love with you. You felt the same way. The only problem being, he already had a girlfriend and loved her too. “I hate to do this but, it’s me or Kiyoko.” You hoped that he would choose you, since he’s known you for 17 years. “I’m sorry.” You felt your heart drop as he walked away. In that moment, you knew that he didn’t love you anymore.

Over spring break, the wedge grew. From awkward conversations, to no contact at all. You cried to yourself wondering where you went wrong. If this man had ever loved you, why would he leave you? For 2-3 months, you questioned yourself. Over and over. But you remembered to be happy for him. Through heartbreak and doubt, you knew. You had to let go of him. Your phone buzzed.

Bald Shark:

| You up?

| No. You?

| How are you texting me then?

| Half asleep?

| Yeah I guess.

| It’s 6:54PM. Pretty early.

| Cool.

| Listen, you wanna hang out at the usual spot?

| Uhm, is Kiyoko okay with that?

| Yeah she’s cool with it.

| So yes or no?

| Sure.

| Cool, see you in 10 minutes.

Your hands shake with fear and excitement as you dig through your closet for clothes to wear. Pajamas were acceptable, right? Tanaka rang the doorbell. The stairs creaked under your footsteps. Your mother had already opened the door for Tanaka. “I thought we were meeting up.” He shrugged. “Didn’t want you to be swept up in the middle of the night.” You chuckled. “Let’s go Suke.” The two of you walked around the neighbourhood chatting without being awkward around each other. Tanaka coughed more than normal, worrying you. “Are you smoking or are you just sick?” He waved your concerns off. “I’m alright, just rusty lungs.” You smiled at him and he smiled weakly back. The night became heavier as words were replaced with more coughing. “Tanaka. Don’t be hard on yourself. Go home.” You hugged Tanaka. “Okay, I’ll go home.” The two of you met back at your house and Tanaka waved goodbye. “I love you y/n.” You looked at Tanaka letting the words linger. “You love Kiyoko. You deserve a girl like her.” Tanaka sighed. “I can’t keep running from the feeling.” You approached Tanaka. “Then tell me you don’t love her.” He twitched. “Had a feeling. Goodnight Suke.” You turned away letting tears burn your eyes.

The worry only grew when your mother didn’t answer your question either. “Go to bed y/n.” She kissed your forehead, and you went upstairs to sleep. While in bed, your phone buzzed.

Bald Shark:

| Sleep well. I’ll miss you.

| Wdym? We can hang out tomorrow if you want.

| I can’t.

| Oh, that’s alright.

| Goodnight Suke.

| Sleep well y/n, I’ll miss you.

You waved off your worries and went to bed.


Bald Shark:

| I can feel it. It hurts, to leave you, to leave Kiyoko.

| I never told anyone besides those who persisted an answer.

| Goodbye y/n.

And like that,

He was gone.

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Enjoy! :) @lanatheawesome

Sick Days

Pairing: Reader x Tsukishima Kei

He shows his love in different ways, such as making sure his exhausted partner doesn't pass out on the street and gets home safely. 


Y/N knew for a fact that she was going to ace this test, she knew it. Hard work always paid off, and she would make sure that her weeks of preparation wouldn’t go to waste. The only thing stopping Y/N, however, was the fact that the paper was blurry and out of focus. She could barely read the words, and by the time she flipped over to the last page, glancing up at the clock to check the time, the world was spinning.

Her head throbs painfully and everything suddenly seemed too much. The steady ticks of the clock went sharply through her skull and the scratching pencils around her grated her nerves. 

Tsukishima, who had finished early as usual, was occasionally sneaking lazy glances at his significant other. Observant as ever, he sits up straighter and frowns when he notices Y/N wince and grip her pencil a little too tightly. He gets more confused when he sees her lean forwards onto the desk.

It takes him a good few seconds to realise that she had passed out.

His chair scrapes backwards, harshly breaking the silence in the room as he goes over and kneels by Y/N’s desk. Ignoring the whispers around him and the spluttering teacher, he gently shakes her. When she doesn’t react, he scowls and turns to the invigilator. 

“Call the nurse. She passed out.” he says simply. The adult isn’t too happy about being ordered around, but he complies by sending the nearest student to fetch her.

Y/N wakes up in the nurse’s office an hour later, her head pounding and throat dry. Coughing, she tries to sit up, only to jump at the hand supporting her back, helping her up. Blinking the haziness out of her eyes, she finds none other than her blonde boyfriend, staring at her with an unimpressed look. 

“Kei?” she says, still a little disorientated. 

Shaking his head with a sigh, he pushes a glass of water in her hand, which Y/N gratefully accepts and gulps down.

“You’re an idiot,” is the first thing she hears from him. 

“Excuse me?”

“You have a fever. Lay back down.” he says pushing at her shoulders, until her back hits the uncomfy mattress underneath her. Y/N doesn’t bother protesting.

“What happened? Don’t you have class?” she frowns.

“I would be at class right now, if some dumbass didn’t decide to pass out during the calculus test.” he has his usual annoyed expression plastered on his features, but his eyes show his worry. 

Y/N blinks, before slowly grinning. “You were worried about me? Aw, I knew you cared” she reaches up to poke his cheek, laughing when he swats her hand away, rolling his eyes. 

“Obviously.” he mutters, glancing back to see if the nurse was in the room. 


“I tend to worry when one of my friends faceplants into their desk.”

“Just a friend? You wound me, Kei.” she sighs dramatically, wincing when her head gives another painful throb. 

“Why didn’t you stay home, if you knew you were sick?” he scoffs, keeping a careful eye on her, despite his relaxed posture on the chair next to her bed. He brushes back some of Y/N hair away from her face, and she freezes at the gesture. Affectionate gestures like this are rare in public with Tsukishima. It just showed how much her fall freaked him out. 

“We had a test. I thought you were supposed to be smart.” She leans into the touch and smiles, practically hearing him roll his eyes. She grabs his hand and brings it to her forehead, sighing at the cool sensation on her warm forehead. 

There’s a small pause. “You pulled an all-nighter again didn’t you?” he asks in disapproval. Her silence is answer enough.

“Not everyone’s naturally smart like you, Kei.” she reasons, closing her eyes.

“Ask for help next time, idiot.” he frowns.

“Stop insulting the sick person.”

“Your fault, not mine.”

They hear the door open and the cool touch disappears as Tsukishima stands to talk to the nurse. After concluding that Y/N was fine, and just needed to rest, she was told to go home for the rest of the day. 

“I’m perfectly capable of carrying my own bag, Kei!” Y/N huffs tugging on the strap across Tsukishima’s shoulder. He ignores her whining and keeps walking next to her, sneaking glances every now and then. As annoying as she was, he didn’t want her passing out on the street. He recalls the moment of panic he felt he saw her slump over. How she didn’t react when he shook her. He shakes his head to get rid of the image.

Y/N eventually gives up and the two fall into a comfortable silence. 

When they reach her house, Tsukishima follows her inside, making sure she actually did take it easy and rest. Once she was safely tucked into her bed, with no fear of her falling and injuring herself, he feels some of the tightness in his chest loosen. 

“You can go home, you know?” Y/N says in a voice laced with sleep. “You don’t have to stay with me.” She reaches over across the bed where he sat cross legged, reading lazily, and grasps his hand. 

“Well, someone has to babysit you.” he turns his attention back to his book. 

“Maybe.” she yawns, her eyes already closing. Right before she’s about to fall asleep, she feels him brushing back her hair and pecking her forehead gently. Y/N’s lips curl into a small smile.

“Thank you, Kei. Love you.” Her words slur together and are barely audible. She falls asleep a second later, missing the slight, fond, smile on her boyfriend’s mouth. 

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