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toosicktoocare · 10 days ago
randomly can’t stop thinking about an AU where Eddie is a new news reporter and keeps coincidentally ending up on all the scenes the 118 are responding to
Imagine? Eddie accidentally losing his train of thought bc Buck whips by and the cameraman follows Eddie’s gaze and is all 👀👀 at Eddie, who is oblivious af
Imagine? It’s so frequent that it starts to lightly trend online: Firefighter and Reporter Duo Back Together Again
Imagine? Eddie covering a house fire that turns out to be worse than expected and his professionalism falters when he hears Captain Nash radioing for a status update, and Buck has yet to respond
Imagine? Eddie’s field medic training kicking in the second he sees Buck get hurt on a call and his cameraman sneakily follows along when Eddie excuses himself to tend to Buck instead of report even though there are multiple paramedics around
Imagine? Eddie being too close to a house fire to report and Buck has to tackle him to the ground to protect him from a minor explosion erupting from the house?
Imagine? Eddie being too smiTTEN after Buck successfully performs a water rescue and he’s not paying attention and fucking walks off the bank and falls into the water
Imagine? people pointing out the very clear disappointment on Eddie’s face when the 118 shows up on a call and Buck’s not with them so Eddie finds a sneaky way to figure out why Buck’s not there when interviewing a Probie
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ange-lica-3 · 6 months ago
Ok so I saw this ask game meme that looked really fun.
But instead make it miraculous ladybug version hehe.
What relationship does your oc have? || Miraculous Ladybug Ver.
(if there is one already please send it my way I beg).
Miraculous users:
🧵what relationship does your oc have with marinette?
🐞 what relationship does your oc have with ladybug?
🎹 what relationship does your oc have with adrien?
🐱 what relationship does your oc have with chat noir?
📱 what relationship does your oc have with alya?
🦊what relationship does your oc have with rena rouge?
🎧 what relationship does your oc have with nino?
🐢 what relationship does your oc have with carapace?
💎 what relationship does your oc have with Chloe?
🐝 what relationship does your oc have with queen bee?
🎸 what relationship does your oc have with Luka?
🐍 what relationship does your oc have with viperion?
⚔️ what relationship does your oc have with kagami?
🐲 what relationship does your oc have with ryuko?
🛼 what relationship does your oc have with alix?
🐰 what relationship does your oc have with bunnyx?
💪🏻 what relationship does your oc have with Kim?
🐒 what relationship does your oc have with roi singe(king monkey)?
👓 what relationship does your oc have with max?
🐴 what relationship does your oc have with pegase?
🤡what relationship does your oc have with gabriel agreste?
🦋what relationship does your oc have with hawkmoth?
🖥 what relationship does your oc have with natalie sancoeur?
🦚what relationship does your oc have with mayura?
🪨 what relationship does your oc have with Ivan?
✍️ what relationship does your oc have with nathaniel?
📚 what relationship does your oc have with sabrina?
🧸what relationship does your oc have with mylene?
🌹 what relationship does your oc have with rose?
🖤 what relationship does your oc have with Juleka?
📓 what relationship does your oc have with mark?
🌂 what relationship does your oc have with aurore?
☮️ what relationship does your oc have with mirelle?
Children (lol):
🎀 what relationship does your oc have with manon?
🎮 what relationship does your oc have with Chris?
🗣 what relationship does your oc have with Lila?
🃏 what relationship does your oc have with Felix?
Adults/side characters:
🍵 what relationship does your oc have with master fu?
🥖what relationship does your oc have with tom dupain?
🌸 what relationship does your oc have with Sabine cheng?
💰 what relationship does your oc have with Andre bourgeois?
👠 what relationship does your oc have with Audrey bourgeois?
🎤 what relationship does your oc have with jagged stone?
🖊 what relationship does your oc have with penny rolling?
🎥 what relationship does your oc have with nadja chamack?
🥊what relationship does your oc have with Nora Cesaire?
🚔 what relationship does your oc have with roger raincomplix?
👝 what relationship does your oc have with Marianne lenoir?
🥋what relationship does your oc have with su han?
🍪 what relationship does your oc have with tikki?
🧀what relationship does your oc have with plagg?
🔥 what relationship does your oc have with trixx?
🌱 what relationship does your oc have with wayzz?
🍯what relationship does your oc have with pollen?
🟣 what relationship does your oc have with nooroo?
🌀 what relationship does your oc have with duusu?
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cowardlybean · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
extra au stuff below the cut :D
after doodling Akechi in his space outfit for this au far too many times to be healthy I said screw it, the world needs to know
SO! essentially, Shido is capitalist scum. If you thought he was bad in cannon, he’s even worse here. He’s screwed over each and every one of the thieves lives and many more. If you’ve ever head the song “The Fine Print”, that’s the au in a nutshell.
Shido and his associates, like Okumura (sorry Haru :( ), exploit the hell out of the working class. And where does this happen? The Dyson Sphere. I’ll spare you the nerdy details, but to put it simply, its a grid around the sun thats basically harvesting its power. (If you’re also a nerd yes, I’m aware it should be a dyson swarm but this is for the sake of the au >:( ). Why is this relevant? Because it’s what brings the thieves together! :)
Ryuji’s mom, Akechi’s mom, and Ann’s parents all work(ed) there. The conditions sucked, and the poor employees were almost worked to death (in the case of Akechi’s mom, not almost :( ). Meanwhile, researchers like Wakaba and Maruki are sold off to the government for illegal experiments. In this case: cloning. Wakaba is killed before Maruki officially completes the research. But! Before she dies, she gives her daughter a lesson or two (or twenty) about making AI. Thus personas are born! Once all of the thieves (sans Akechi, who was given his after befriending Wakaba) meet Futaba, its game over for the government.
This is getting too long to explain the little rest so uh. TL;DR: Shido sucks, workers exploited, thieves take down capitalist scum.
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iliveinprocrasti-nationn · 7 months ago
thinkin a lot about generational trauma tonight. it is such a present part of life?? i dunno if people realise that sometimes. not even the emotional parts, but just the actions that come from it. every time jews or nazis are brought up i completely freeze so i can listen because there is always a chance that someone is going to say something and then i have to accept that they and possibly that whole space could be a danger to me. and that’s just the bare minimum of habits i have to be able to keep myself safe if needed. i was brought up with the family passed down truth of “some people hate you. your ancestors had to flee because of that. you might have to flee one day”, so i began hiding my spare change and dollars in case of emergencies, not even realising why i felt the need to do that. the thing is, i recently discovered my dad did the exact same thing, despite neither knowing the other did it. generational trauma is so present and yet so misunderstood by people who don’t experience it.
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bloomvalyria · 21 days ago
alright bitches im officially back in action
the migraine has subsided
and it’s time to answer the shit ton of very interesting and sometimes confusing messages i received this week
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notable-bumblr · 10 months ago
hey do you guys have any thoughts on io? it’s jupiter’s moon and i’d like to know if anyone has opinions on it. thanks :)
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archaeopologist · a year ago
The absolute best part about archaeology-either in conferences, on a dig, in a classroom, in a bar, or just generally when more than 2 archaeologists converge-is when somebody’s phone goes off and it’s either the Indiana Jones theme or something incredibly niche like, oh say, a 17th Century English Foxhunting Horn Call
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paintingwithdarkness · a year ago
I meant ADHD
What’s it like living with ADHD?
Constant movement. I physically CANNOT sit still. I’m constantly tapping on things, which drives everyone around me NUTS. Sitting still in the same position for more than ten minutes for me is painful. I like having plenty of space around me so that I can move. Being in small spaces or being surrounded by lots of people is very anxiety-inducing for me.
As for my brain, it either runs a thousand miles a minute, or you know, I stare off into space for about five hours at a time 😂. I constantly have a list of half finished projects that I can never bring myself to finish, because Oh! my brain just thought of something new and I must write this idea down before it’s forgotten like all of the others I’ve abandoned 😂. I’ll be in the middle of watching a show, or doing a homework assignment and something else will catch my attention, or I’ll have a completely unrelated thought and guess what? I never finish the show or the assignment because I literally cannot stay focused on one particular task for more than an hour at a time.
It’s pretty much a vasculating state between panic! because I have an assignment that has to get done right now, but can’t complete because I get bored too easily, and manic! I must do everything all at once because it’s exciting and can’t possibly wait until later 😂.
Mah Life iz a Mess
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iskierka · 2 years ago
Yo I was scrolling through your good omens tag bc I Love And Would Die For One (1) Chubby Angel and I noticed you said some artists were 'doing suspicious things to Crowley's nose - I haven't noticed anything but I wanna be aware in case I reblog anything sketchy (ha) so...what ARE people doing to Crowley's nose?
ok yea so! disclaimer I am not Jewish so I am not the best person to explain this but basically what I have seen from people who are is that there’s a lot of Crowley fan art that exaggerates his nose in a way that’s really similar to caricatures of Jewish people. and especially because there’s a really long and awful history of associating Jewish people with evil/the demonic & even claiming Jewish people have physical traits associated with demons &tc, it’s kind of.. insidious? and I’d hope people who aren’t Jewish aren’t literally going in and trying to draw Crowley this way, but the thing with stuff like this is we can have subconscious associations and it’s still our responsibility to examine why we’re making the choices to portray a character—like Crowley especially—in the ways we do
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tina-snow · 8 months ago
(I will continue to update this post, check back here for additional info)
★ while the weather’s beginning to warm up in some places, many people were detrimentally affected by the winter storm and are still in need of help/resources. the orgs below are still working to help those in need!! please continue to share these resources and/or donate if you are able to ★
y’all things are actually serious here in Texas, tons of people are without power and temperatures are at record lows. it’s supposed to snow again tonight and a lot of people are stuck where they are with limited, if any, resources, food, and water. (2/16)
I’m linking a few mutual aids below, please consider donating if you’re able and/or share this!! if there are other orgs y’all know feel free to add them or send them to me
follow these orgs on instagram/twitter for updates!!
Houseless Organizing Coalition Feed the People Dallas Mutual Aid Kick The Cold - Austin Mutual Aid Mutual Aid Houston Mutual Aid Houston (IG: @mutualaidhou) has reopened their donations, you can still donate to @cs_rescue and @hochtx (both on twitter) Southern Solidarity
DFW AREA: CLICK HERE for a doc with info on warming shelters, hotels, grocery stores, etc. that are open!! if you need help finding a warming shelter, need food and water, etc. call 211 or visit you can also follow @feedtheppldfw on twitter, their venmo: @feedthepeopledallas and cashapp: $feedtheppldtx
DENTON: the city has issued a boil water notice (as of 2/17) the boil water notice has been lifted. IF YOU NEED WATER Denton County Brewing Co. has a tank of pre-filtered water and will be open between 10am to 5pm tomorrow (2/18). bring a container to the brewery and they will fill it!! Denton County Brewing Co. still has water available- follow @dentoncbc for updates
RESOURCE FORM for those in DALLAS OR HOUSTON who need shelter, food, etc.
AUSTIN: CLICK HERE for a doc with info on warming centers, stores, and restaurants etc. that are open!! the city has issued a boil water notice (as of 2/17) due to power loss at Austin’s largest water treatment facility. the boil water notice has been lifted (as of 2/22) AUSTIN MUTUAL AID now has 2 venmos: @austinmutualaidhotels and @austinmutualaid (via their ig: @austinmutualaid) follow them on instagram for updated resources and information. @whenwherewhataustin on instagram is also posting resources and updated info
SAN ANTONIO: Para Mi Gente mutual aid org – @para.mi_gente on IG for updates. cashapp: $pmgmutualaid and venmo: @pmgmutualaid PMG has reopened their donations due to a high volume of aid requests!! (2/23)
Trinity Mutual Aid – venmo: @trinitymutualaid
*if you have additional resources or questions you can message me*
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vodka-and-some-sass · 7 months ago
Bad Jotun| Loki x Reader
Tumblr media
Summary: You accidentally walk into Loki while he’s showering after a winter pool party. What you see threatens to haunt you forever, unless you can do something about it. Author’s Note: Firstly, I want to thank @emeraldrosequartz and @latent-thoughts for beta reading this, as well as every one of you lovely people who got this prompt up and running in the first place! Y’all know who you are!
Warnings: So. Much. Smut, masturbation, fingering, sex toys, mega dildo, blue Loki, vaginal sex, a hint of BDSM (if you look closely), language.
The Permanent Party: @sllooney @brekkingthebedwithbuckybarnes @arch-venus25 @hopelessromanticspoonie @lotus-eyedindiangoddess​ @dangertoozmanykids101​ @villainousshakespeare​ @otakumultimuse-hiddleswhore @is-it-madness @caffiend-queen​ @listen-brother​ @myraiswack​ @green-valkyrie​ @just-the-hiddles​ @lovesmesomehiddles​ @sallymagnoliaposts​ @wine-and-whines​ @sherala007​ @nonsensicalobsessions​ @delightfulheartdream​ @brokenthelovely​ @twhiddlestonsstuff​ @ladyacrasia​ @chezagnes​ @amazonian-bae​ @petitefirecracker10​ @latent-thoughts​
Loki Love: @lots-of-loki​ @just-a-donut-who-reads​ @emilymarie0422​
You could not get it out of your head. No matter how much you tried, the image was burned into your brain and had been tormenting you for over a week. Oh how you wished you had not attended that stupid winter pool party. That was Tony’s idea. Tony’s ideas sucked.
Last week, Thor had unceremoniously picked you up and tossed you into the pool, the freezing water knocking the breath straight out of your body. You awkwardly paddled to the edge, desperate to get out of the cold when Loki dived in, splashing you with even more of the frigid liquid. His head popped up, breaking the surface of the water as he grinned, his skin turning blue and crimson bleeding into his eyes. 
“You are right! It is cold!” He chortled, before sending another freezing splash in your direction. Squealing, you scampered up the pool ladder and grabbed the closest towel you found and wrapped it around your shivering frame. 
It was a few hours later that the incident happened. The incident that was still haunting you.
You had been picked up and dropped into the pool quite a few times. Loki had stayed in the water. It didn’t really affect him, what with his Jotun genes and all. And you were glad that he was finally comfortable in his own skin but did he really have to make the water colder?! But it was late, and the party was finally beginning to wrap up. You stepped into the shower that was meant for the pool, only to freeze. 
In front of you stood Loki, stark naked, under the spray of the shower.
“Oops. I must have forgotten to lock the door. I’ll be done in a few minutes.”
You stood there, jaw hanging. And then you made the biggest mistake of your life. You looked down. 
You groaned for the hundredth time as you tossed your vibrator to the side. Every time you thought of Loki’s cock, you became turned on, and your stupid brain thought about it a lot. But that wasn’t the problem. The problem was that nothing seemed to satisfy you anymore. Not your trusted vibrator, not the random man you brought back from the club, no amount of PornHub. You were ruined. And it was all Loki’s fault, you groused.
You were about to close the tab of the porn you had been watching when an advertisement on the corner of the page caught your eye. 
Bad Dragon Fantasy Sex Toys.
You scrolled through their page a little, choking at some of the things you were seeing. Right at the bottom of the page was a little button that could possibly solve all your problems. 
Custom Orders.
The next hour went with you debating with yourself about how ethically wrong this was. You could not do this, right? It was a violation of him, in some way!
But was it?
At the end, it was your desperate need between your legs that won out over your logic, and you clicked the button.
Loki knocked on your door, wondering what you were doing. Downstairs, the rest of the group was having a bit of a dance party, and you had been in your room the whole evening. He smiled as you opened the door, and ignored the way his cock twitched at the sight of the thin house robe that covered you from his eyes. He had always found you delectable, and he had been craving a taste ever since he had laid eyes on you.
“We were wondering if you’d join the little soiree happening downstairs?” He smiled, his face open and honest. “And maybe bring some of your records? Tony and Clint have terrible taste in music.”
Your laugh was open, unhesitant. “Of course! Come on in, I’ll just hand you the records and then join you guys after I dress.” You opened the door for him to enter before disappearing into one of the rooms.
Loki looked around your living room, done up in simple but elegant tones of grey and light wood. There was a blanket thrown on the sofa, and your laptop lay open on a cushion. Just as Loki was about to look away, there was a quiet blip, and the screen lit up. And as Loki’s eyes took in what was on the screen, his pants tightened uncomfortably. 
He smirked. You were expecting delivery in one week.
Loki knew when your shipment had arrived. Mainly because you had to actually go down to the reception and sign for it, but also because he had taken to going for a walk before the post arrived and then checking for packages, pretending like he was expecting something.
He waited.
You were so eager to try out your new toy that you practically inhaled your dinner that evening. 
“By the Norns, you might want to breathe while you eat.” Loki jested, as you swallowed another mouthful. 
“I have a new book just waiting to be read.” You mumbled, your mouth full again. Loki simply rolled his eyes, an amused smirk playing on his lips.
You finally made it to your apartment, after doing the bare minimum socialising with the team. You were practically vibrating with excitement as you kicked off your shoes and rushed to your bedroom, only to let out a small shriek.
In the middle of your bed was Loki, completely naked, completely blue… and holding your new dildo in his hands. 
“Lo- Loki! What..?” You stammered, suddenly terrified. 
Loki gave you a lazy smile, but there was no malice or anger in it. He held the dildo in one hand, brought it to the side of his hip before grasping his semi hard cock.
“You have a very good memory, to remember something well enough to have it replicated after seeing it once. A good memory, yes. But not perfect.” His voice was a low drawl, and it sent frissions of pleasure up your spine. 
But you remained frozen where you were standing. After a long moment, Loki put the dildo down and sat up.
“If you ask me to leave, I will, without a word. I promise you that. But I also promise you that this-” he gestured to the dildo, “-will not be able to give you the pleasure that I can.”
Loki displayed immense patience as he waited for you to answer. Meanwhile, your brain went through a million thoughts. Pros, cons, ethics, but at the end, lust and desire won.
“Don’t… Don’t leave,” you whispered. 
Loki’s smile was radiant as he leaned back into the headboard. “I’ll be happy to stay. Now, I think you have far too many clothes on. Strip, please.”
So stunned you were, so unbelieving at what was happening that you didn’t retort with a sassy comment or roll your eyes. Instead, you kept watching Loki, who had gone back to holding the dildo and comparing it with his dick as you undressed.
“As I was saying, good memory, but not perfect.” He said, his hand stroking himself, his long fingers gently tugging his cock to attention. “Of course, you would need to know me much more intimately to get the markings right, the ridges of my cock. But your toy is a little smaller as well, and definitely much more… lifeless.” 
You were undressed, a deep blush rising to your chest and neck, making your face red. 
“Come here, little darling.”
As you moved to him, Loki shifted, now sitting at the foot of the bed. Settling the dildo beside him, he reached a hand for you to take. When you put your palm in his, you realised how much bigger he was in his Jotun form, for not only did his fingers close over yours, they overlapped each other. His skin was cool, but not unbearably cold as he helped you onto the bed, making you sit facing him. 
Strong but tender fingers brushed your hair behind your ears, his thumb stroking your jaw. “I promise I won’t hurt you. Not unless you ask me to.”
Your breath hitched at the promise, and wide eyes looked into his as he leaned in. His lips were surprisingly soft, and you felt yourself relax into the kiss as his lips gently coaxed yours open, his tongue exploring your mouth.
“You taste divine.” He whispered, pulling you till you were sitting in his lap. Slow touches slowly began to burn into more frantic movements and his hands were in your hair, your hips grinding against his thigh as he nipped your lips. 
He was right. No amount of modifying any silicon would make any dildo feel as good as his hot, hard length that was against your stomach. The hand that wasn’t supporting you reached between you and cupped a breast, teasing your nipple till it was aching for more. And just then, he pulled away, lifted you and settled you back on the bed. You could not help the displeased whine that left your lips.
“Hush, little love. In time.” He twitched his fingers and your pillows gathered against the headboard, green seidr lifting and arranging them even as he lifted you and settled you in the nest he had made. You gazed up into his eyes, your hands reaching up and carding through his hair as he maneuvered you how he wanted. 
“You’re beautiful,” you mumbled, and his resulting smile made your heart beat faster.
“Not as beautiful as you, sweetling.” He kissed your fingers before pulling away. Gone was the tender smile and in its place was the cocky, self assured smirk. He picked up the forgotten dildo and placed it on the bed between your legs and grinned, his teeth flashing. “Show me what you were going to do.”
There was no room for inhibition now. Not anymore, and definitely not with the throbbing ache between your thighs. Biting your lip, you picked up the dildo. It was too big for you to hold by its base, and so you held it by the base of the phallus. You locked your eyes with Loki as you spread your legs wide, feeling a thrill when you saw his breath catch visibly when he looked down. You brought the head of the dildo to your clit and began teasing yourself with light circles around it, barely there touches. Your other hand reached up and gripped your breast as your hips arched just the slightest bit. 
Loki’s breathing picked up speed, and his hand wrapped around his own cock. There was something exhilarating about watching you tease yourself with a toy that was modeled off his own body, and he had to be very careful with his movements, for you were so enticing, so wanton and so fucking beautiful that it would be very easy for him to lose control.
You began to pant, letting your head fall back into the pillows, closing your eyes as you changed it up. You pressed the length of the dildo against your slit, letting your arousal coat it as you rubbed yourself against it, your hips lifting off the bed only to fall back in a rhythm that was slowly picking up pace. And then you stopped.
Loki’s resulting growl made you shudder, and as you sat up, you winked at him before you placed the dildo upright on the bed. You turned, so your back was to Loki, and steadying the dildo by placing your hands around it’s base, you lifted your hips and slowly slid the tip of it into you.
Loki almost went feral at the sight before him. You had moved yourself into such a position that he could see every bit of what you were doing, and as he watched the tip of the dildo slide into you, all he could think of was how much better it would look if he was seeing it from above you, feeling you clench around him exactly the same way your cunt was clenching around the dildo, trying to draw more of it into you.
The dildo was stretching you to the point where you were teetering between pleasure and pain. You gasped and moaned as you sank lower onto the thick, ridged cock, till you had taken it all. Tossing your head so you could see Loki, you groaned, your voice low and raspy, “If you are bigger than this… you’ll split me into two…”
That was the straw that broke the camel’s back; or in this case, the Jotun’s composure. That one declaration, uttered low and in the throes of a building passion undid Loki. He growled as he crawled to you. Large hands grabbed your hips and you whimpered as he lifted you till just the tip of the dildo remained in you. His nose rubbed against the back of your neck, tongue flicking out to lick the skin behind your ear as he rasped, “Does this feel good?” He didn’t wait for your response, dropping you back on the dildo. You screamed at the feeling and collapsed onto the mattress, the dildo still within you. Blue fingers stroked hair away from your face, cool skin pressed against you. “Imagine how good the real deal will feel?”
Loki lifted you again, and you almost began to cry with the anticipation of falling back on that beast of a toy. But Loki lifted you off it completely, and nudged the dildo off the bed. He lay your trembling form on the pillows before crawling over you, caging you in with his body. He supported himself with one arm, and the other snaked between your bodies, coming to rest against your clit. That slightest touch had you gasping, hips rising as much as they could into his hand, eager for more.
“Needy, my sweetling?” Loki’s lips were against your neck, his voice reverberating through your body as you whimpered. Two fingers slid into your hot channel, and relief washed over you as you ground against him. But just as soon as they filled you, they were gone again. 
Loki didn’t give you time to complain about the loss, and you let out a soundless scream as your neck arched, body contorting around Loki as he slid into you with one smooth thrust. 
“Too much! Too much!” You cried out and Loki stilled within you, worried crimson eyes gently grasped your thrashing head as he forced you to look at him.
“Do you need me to stop?” He asked, his voice quiet.
“NO!” Your hips bucked up and you moaned loudly again. “Please!”
“What do you need, sweetling? Use your words.” His words were whispered in your ear, but the command was clear.
“Need more!” 
He simply chuckled, pulling out just a little before thrusting back in. “This much?”
Your head thrashed against the pillow as you cried out. “More… more! Please! Fuck me, Loki!”
“Ah, that is what I wanted to hear.” Loki’s chuckle was almost devious as he lifted you so you both were sitting. “Hold on tight, darling.” And then, without further warning, he began to pound into you.
Your fingers dug into his shoulders as your head fell back, low screams leaving your lips as teeth dug into the tendon in your neck. You wouldn’t last long, not with the way his cock was throbbing within you, stretching you, ridges rubbing against soft muscles that clenched around him like a vice. 
Your orgasm crept up on you without any warning or notice, and suddenly you felt like you were imploding and exploding at the same time. Your head buried itself in Loki’s neck as you clung to him with your arms, legs and core. No sound left your lips, and the only evidence of your pleasure was the way your body went stiff in his arms, your hips stuttering against his.
Loki let you ride out your pleasure, now groaning harshly into your skin. His hips continued to thrust after your orgasm had ebbed and you simply held on to him in a limp embrace as he found his finish soon after. He released inside you with a roar, slamming your hips down against his and holding you there as he jerked within you. You mewled into his neck as his hips finally slowed, and he inhaled deeply, breathing the scent of sex and you in. Loki moved so that you both were lying on your sides, and as his hands caressed your back, he pulled out of you slowly, only to draw you back into his arms as he held you. Sated and happy, he kissed the top of your head as you snuggled into him. As sleep began to wrap you in a peaceful embrace, you mumbled into his chest, “Nothing is ever going to feel good again.”
You weren’t awake to hear the responding chuckle.
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honeydulcewrites · 4 months ago
Big Mean Daddy Chris fisting your pussy. He’s got four fingers inside your slick pussy. “Look at you babygirl, almost got my fist in there.” Chris would coo as he slowly slipped in is thumb. “Oh good girl, daddy’s got his whole fist inside ya,” that alone almost made you cum. Chris would start thrusting his fist, feeling you come close to cumming only to stop. He’d do this only 2 more times because your so worked up & sensitive you can’t handle anymore & he lets you come. “Good girl babydoll,”
Tumblr media
Bc truly let’s think about those fingers pushing into your swollen and wet hole until he’s got his entire fist in you
You didn’t think there was any way he could fit, his hands were so big and you gasped at the thought when he suggested it
But that didn’t stop you from wantonly begging him to do it, to get you nice and slick and ready
And because you were his slutty little angel, he was gonna indulge you as far as you wanted to go
He was gentle with you at the beginning, cooing at you when you started to breathe hard and fast as his thumb prodded your entrance to add to the rest of his fingers
“There it is, I know baby, you probably feel so full don’t you?”
“Y-yes, daddy, oh-please!”
Chris didn’t need to ask what you were saying please for, he could feel it in the way you were clenching down around his knuckles
“Look at that, sweetheart. Want you to look at that. Daddy’s almost got his whole fist in there, huh, princess want you to feel it in your tummy.”
His sultry words made you wanna hide your face as you panted and cried out, feeling the stretch and pressure as he pushed in just a little further and further
It was intense and insane and you couldn’t stop wanting more despite how crazy it was to think his entire fist was in you now
When Chris started to see you getting into it, your hips pushing back against his hand for more friction, that’s when he got a touch rougher with you
“That’s it, there’s my little slut. You want me to let you cum so bad I know, but daddy wants to play with you a bit longer so be good and be patient.”
Sweat covered your forehead as you squirmed and clawed at his arm, hardly able to stand how he teased you and brought you so damn close to the edge before stopping
He was a meanie and you loved it
It didn’t help any when he leaned down to lick at your clit, sucking and moaning and savoring your taste
He couldn’t get enough himself but there would be plenty of time to wet his beard with your juices later
Right now he was in the process of bringing you to the edge for the third time only this time he held your throat lightly with his free hand, prompting you to look at him
“Good girl, you can cum now. Show daddy how much you like his fist fucking into you.”
And you surely did not need to be told twice as you cried out his name for the millionth time that night 🥵
Anyways he can ruin these holes thank you for coming to my TED Talk y’all djsksksks
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outoftheframework · 6 months ago
my proposal for tropes we as a fandom should adopt in all fanworks going forward: Duke Thomas edition
So every fandom has tropes and characterization quirks that have been generally accepted into fanon and, like, maybe? they were originally based on some obscure comic panel from the 80s or something but it doesn’t really matter because we’re all just,,, cool with it? Like for example- in the dc comics fandom, an art piece could show 3 of the bats that look virtually identical except one of them is holding a box of cereal so that one is obviously Dick Grayson. . . Y’know?
Anyway, these things usually come up naturally I guess but I’ve been here a while and it’s finally time to put my foot down. It’s high time for Duke Thomas to be more in fanon than “the sane one.” Because he might be the relatively new guy but he is certainly fears no gods or laws of the land just as much as the other bats, lemme tell ya. 
TL;DR here are character quirks (”canon-based” or otherwise) that we should all really latch onto seriously I’m begging y’all to make at least one of these happen-
Duke “Habitually Jumping Out of Moving Vehicles” Thomas
This one’s actually based in canon y’all; Duke did indeed yeet himself out of the back of a cop car and off of a bridge (in We Are... Robin). Normalize Duke’s wearing knee and elbow pads as Signal because jumping out of a car turns out relatively fine once and then suddenly Batman’s rooftop disappearing act seems mellow compared to the amount of times Gordon has whipped his head around to see a now Signal-less backseat. 
Like, he’s going 60 mph?? And he didn’t even hear the door open?? and tHE DOORS ARE STILL LOCKED??
Imagine this leaking into civilian life and Bruce waking up to a blurry photo of Duke mid-escape from a limousine on the front page of the Gotham Gazette.
(more under cut)
Duke “Puzzles are my Passion” Thomas
Duke is ~canonically~ very skilled at both solving and concocting riddles (as a child during that time where The Riddler just,,, controlled Gotham, he worked non-stop on riddles, trying to make the perfect one). Please y’all- let Duke solve puzzles. Have the other bats ask him for help after 36 hours straight of brooding over some brainteaser that Duke works out within the half-hour. He texts a picture of the solution scribbled out on loose leaf in the margins of his pre-calc homework because this boy shows his work. 
My guy is a word-cross FIEND. A mind-sweeper speed-runner. That guy who mails into the Gazette to correct a solution in the “fun & games” section and also ps that photo is not of me I am simply a polite young man who is much too busy writing into the paper in the year 2021 to jump out of limos-
I also would love to see this integrated into the type of cases he investigates / runs into on his daytime patrol. Like, obviously the criminal activity is going to dramatically differ before and after sundown, but that doesn’t make Duke’s work any easier or less important. It’s a different skillset; he has to work differently. Instead of jumping into fights, halting mob meetings, saving civilians in dark allies, etc. Duke has to sort through all of the moving pieces before they all converge into something catastrophic. 
It’s a known fact that criminal organizations in Gotham make and execute a lot of behind-the-scenes plans during the day specifically not to run into the bats. And Duke knows and monitors this shit all by himself; his work is crucial to logistics and information gathering for the bats as a whole. Now criminals have like, a 2 hour gap between bat-shifts to try and get stuff done. But Duke would 100% set traps on timers or lead them on this pre-set convoluted goose chase  to distract them until the night bats come out and to let himself enjoy the whole thing playing out on the news while he finishes homework that’s due at midnight.
Duke “I Know a Guy” Thomas
So in going off of the basic concept for the “We Are. . . Robin” run in combination to his general likability, Duke has a lot of friends all around Gotham. Okay, sure, he doesn’t have a Super best friend or a Speedster on speed dial, but he does know this guy who details cars up on West 35th and will tell them all about the new mods on Black Mask’s transport vans if they come through the third floor window and bring takeout. 
Bruce and Tim will be waiting for the facial recognition software to identify at least a partial match off of security cam footage when Duke pulls into the cave, takes one look at the screen, and says “Oh, that’s <insert name, address, abridged life story, and known associates here>.” This also brings in the opportunity for Duke to have some sort of perfect recall for faces, voices, names, etc. which I think could be a really cool element for his position as the batfamily member who has a lot more personal interaction with the people of Gotham.
I’m also into the idea of a lot of people knowing/telling stories about Duke. Not to reference the Chuck Norris meme but almost like the Chuck Norris meme lmao. Think about Jason mentioning his brother to someone and she replies, “Duke Thomas? Like that Duke Thomas? The one who swam across the harbor because he said it’d be faster than the subway and it actually was?” These stories have varying levels of truth to them but Duke will never confirm nor deny when he gets random calls from family members yelling “you dID WHAT”
So those are my top three, and the following is a little speed-round of headcanons :)
Duke has a super expressive face. Like when he’s relaxed around family, you can tell exactly what he’s thinking and how he’s feeling by his visual reactions to things
Duke rotates through picking up new and revisiting old hobbies at a pretty rapid pace. Some hobbies include: bullet journaling, origami, viola, cello, synth, conversational basics in multiple languages, up-cycling and embroidering clothes
Duke has a really fucking adorable smile. He can’t help it. He’ll try to grin sarcastically or smug to be annoying but his smile just cannot be anything other than endearing. He also has a very specific booming laugh that’s an absolute treasure to hear, because it’s the most genuinely happy thing ever. 
Duke unironically enjoys Signal by Twice even though the first time he heard it was after Steph had set it as his morning alarm.
Come and get your food, I guess.
Feel free to add on if you’d like! I’d love to see anything you guys write/draw/etc. based on anything from here if you feel compelled to do so!
Stay safe and be well :) 
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mt-words · 6 months ago
Can we get some dream smp fandom positivity posts? As someone who posts mostly analysis and has never once had someone say anything rude in response, I think we perceive the fanbase as more toxic than it is because of a few outspoken individuals. Y'all are pretty chill and I like you.
In no particular order-
I love that Eret’s fans come up with such cool theories, I swear she could give you two sentences of lore and I could see three five page essays on what it could mean about their character within an hour and each of them is unique, intricate, and makes logical sense.
I love the compilations Foolish fans make of him doing ridiculous things on stream, he’s a fun guy that never fails to make me laugh and everything I see from them embodies that energy to me.
I love how creative Hannah’s fans are, you take the awesome ideas she has and turn them into the most amazing designs and concepts.
I love that Techno’s fans might write a ten page essay about his character or just say they enjoy watching him do crime, and you never know which it will be because both come from the same people.
I love how Philza’s fans embrace everything he does with so much enthusiasm. His chat is a flock of crows? Excellent, they can work with that, you will see fifty incredible pieces of art and a hundred theories in the first hour and they’re just getting started.
I love that Niki’s fans are so careful to pay attention and not miss any details. It has been ages and I still see occasional mentions and theories about the “Dear Friend” letter.
I love that Fundy’s fans are very empathetic, they love to find and elaborate on the connections between characters and that’s pretty cool!
I love Tommy’s fans for their energy. They seem passionate about making things right and hopeful that no matter what your situation is things can get better. I’ve seen so many breathtakingly emotional art pieces from this side of the fandom.
I love that George’s fans unapologetically simp for him but then catch me off guard by making deep insights about his character.
I love how Bad’s fans are as genuinely sweet as he is, they’re willing to really look at everything that makes up a character and see the tragedy of it and have compassion about things. And some just want to see an egg rule the server, c'mon, it would be funny.
I love the running gag with Skeppy fans of making Skeppy critical posts, y’all are hilarious.
I love how Purpled fans play up his lack of lore as him being an incredibly powerful cryptid, and they’re right. He totally carried the wither fight on Nov 16th.
I love the balance Quackity fans have between a love of humor, justice, and darker topics. I think like Quackity they are often underestimated and thought of as the jokester side of the fandom to an extent, and then I start reading things they write and it’s well thought out and insightful.
I love that Tubbo’s fans love chaos, cute things, or both to an unhealthy extent. Seeing anything from them reminds me of princess unikitty in all the best ways, and then they turn around and throw a super in depth meaningful analysis at me in the next breath.
I love everything about Sapnap’s fans. Y'all are perfect. The writing and art from the born in fire line? Gold.
I love how Jschlatt fans are generally chill and just enjoy whatever they want to. Their favorite Manburg president was the one who publicly executed his right hand man and gave Dream a resurrection book for firepower, and he looked good doing it.
I love that Callahan has fans. You people are dedicated and I respect it. The fact that Callahan was one of the first names to pop up when everyone was trying to figure out who Harpocrates was even though he rarely involves himself with plot? Your influence knows no bounds.
I love that Alyssa’s fans are simply too powerful. She hasn’t played on the smp since way before I started watching and there are still people defending her barn and drawing pictures of her.
I love that Antfrost’s fans have taken so many ideas and just ran with them and made them awesome. Like him practicing magic? Perfect, he now carries potions and gets a wizard hat.
I love that Dream fans look at a character who has been portrayed as pure evil from many points of view and understand that Everyone has motives based on their situation, even if it isn’t handed to us in an easily understood way.
I love how Jack’s fans are so ready to support any action he takes. Crawling out of hell? Incredible. Killing a child? Good for him! Go team Rocket. Grieving the same child? Learning healthy coping, he’s the coolest.
I love that Connor eats Pants fans are the most reasonable people in this fandom. This is terrifying. Thank you for your service, you always make me smile.
I love that Punz fans unapologetically just love their capitalist mercenary. As they should, his presence always tips the scales and everything he does brings more depth to the characters and plots he interacts with.
I love how much Ranboo fans love complexity. Most of them aren’t afraid to admit that their favorite characters are flawed, because aren’t those flaws what make them interesting and relatable?
I love the variety of Hbomb fans. Half of them may be embracing the cat maid bit while the other half goes on about how impactful and cool L’cast is, but they’re all super chill.
I appreciate that Puffy fans take the time to understand so many perspectives. So many posts I see involving her tie in lore from other characters and find interesting ways to connect them and build them together, kind of like Puffy herself.
I love that Wilbur fans seem to approach the story like they’re solving a puzzle, carefully piecing together details from months apart to figure out how and why everything goes down.
I love how hard Ponk fans work to spread awareness of how awesome he is. Ponk says and does wonderful things and is very fun to watch. I never would have tried his content without them.
I love that Karl fans saw him wanting to be involved and started coming up with such cool ideas around his character that they actually made them canon. Correct me if I’m wrong, wasn’t the time traveler thing a fan theory at first?
I love the creativity Sam fans have with his design and their willingness to discuss complex moral issues. Sam is involved in some heavy lore stuff but he and his fans keep things entertaining and calm.
I’m sure I missed some things, please feel free to add on!
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gubler-me-up · 11 months ago
Attention Seeker
Tumblr media
Request: okay but like imagine this JDSHSHD  so like you’ve been flirting with a guy at the bar to make spencer jealous, and he gets mad and makes y’all leave the bar and the FUCKS YOU HARD when y’all get home and y’all have some rough angry sex and you can’t walk the next day. IM SORRY IM REALLY HORNY
A/N: Thanks for the request, anon! Not day light savings time coming in clutch and helping me write faster omg i LOVE it here! This is also now officially my longest fic like that’s crazy to me. Smut week pt.2 is going strong 💪🏾 I hope you enjoy it and I hope it does justice to your request 💓 I hope it’s rough enough for you 😈
Couple: Spencer Reid/Fem!reader
Category: SMUT (NSFW 18+)
Content warning: Jealousy, light flirting outside of relationship, unprotected sex, degradation, slapping, oral (male receiving), masturbation (female), rough sex, hair pulling, cum dump, vaginal penetration, dom/brat dynamic, swearing
Word count: 4.9k
Spencer had invited you out for drinks with the team to celebrate a Friday night free of weekend serial killers. It was a beautiful night to go out for drinks considering it was perfect June summer weather which meant a comfortable stay on the patio. You had on your favourite cropped tank top with your favourite pair of jean shorts. You had your hair out with your favourite pair of shades covering your eyes, soaking up the last few rays of the sun into your skin.
You couldn’t wait to spend the night with Spencer and his coworkers, drinking and enjoying the night. You hadn’t been out for a while yourself due to being busy with work. You were eager to let yourself go and have fun. You were hopeful Spencer and his coworkers were also in the party mood because you were ready to stay out for several hours.
As you walked up to the restaurant you could hear the music blasting from the back where the patio was. A smile instantly appeared on your face as you felt the beat from the song run through you. You walked through the restaurant to the back. When you reached the back, you could see Spencer and the rest of his team hanging near the bar. You let the host know you were meeting a group of people by the bar. As he gave you the good to go, you nearly rushed over to the group.
You wrapped your arms around Spencer from behind. You couldn’t see his face, but from everyone’s giggles around him, you could tell he was beaming. He grabbed your arms and held them tight to his body. You giggled as you rested your head on his back.
“Hi, baby,” you said.
“Hey, Y/N. Glad you could make it,” he said.
You let him go and made your rounds around the group, greeting everyone with hugs. You loved how everyone treated you as if you were apart of the team from the first time Spencer had introduced them to you a year ago. Emily had even bought you a drink for your arrival. You gladly took it from her and raised your glass.
“Cheers to a work-free weekend,” you said.
“I’ll drink to that,” JJ said.
Everyone raised their glasses and cheered to what you said. You took a long sip of your drink as you looked at Spencer. He looked at you with a smile before looking away. You sighed as you were expecting him to look at you the way he did whenever he thought you looked extra good. His eyes would slowly undress you before he would actually undress you whenever he could get you in private.
“What’s the plan after here for you guys?” You asked.
“Sleep, sleep and more sleep hopefully,” JJ said.
“I wouldn’t mind going out for another drink tomorrow morning,” Emily said.
“Ugh, I could totally do day drinking. There’s a restaurant by me that does endless mimosas during brunch,” Penelope said.
“Sounds like a recipe for disaster. I’m in,” Luke said.
“Are you two in?” Penelope asked.
“Maybe, we’ll see,” Spencer said.
You sighed again to yourself as you put on a smile. You were hoping he would say you two would be busy doing something together. It had been a while since you two had spent a weekend together and he didn’t seem eager to see you.
As they continued to chat, you steadily drank your drink. You kept looking at Spencer to see if he was paying you any mind. He would glance at you sometimes to see if you had anything to add to the conversation, but other than that he didn’t pay attention to you. You knew he wasn’t a big PDA person, especially with so many people around, but the least he could do was wrap his arm around your shoulder.  As you finished the last few sips of your drink you decided you would go over to the bar to grab another one. Maybe even make it a double.
“Anyone want another round?” You asked.
“Yes, please. A gin and tonic would be amazing,” Emily said.
“You got it. Anyone else?” You asked.
They all said ‘no.’ You gave Spencer one last look up and down to see if he would look at you the same way. He gave you a questionable look as if he didn’t catch your drift. You sighed and rolled your eyes as you made your way to the bar. Good thing you were wearing your sunglasses, so he couldn’t see how annoyed you truly were.
You walked up to the bar and waited for the bartender to come to you. As you waited, out of the corner of your eyes you could see someone looking at you. A good looking guy was eyeing you up and down from beside you. You turned your head to look at him, thinking he’d lose his gaze once he noticed you looking at him. He didn’t. He broke into a smirk as he straightened himself up.
“Sorry for staring. I haven’t seen anyone as beautiful as you in a long while,” he said.
“That’s your opening line? Very mild in my opinion,” you scoffed.
“Well, I would be more specific of what caught my eye on you, but it seems as if you’re shutting me out already,” he said.
“Okay, I’ll bite. What caught your eye? My ass? My tits?” You asked.
“I’m not shallow, I’m more of a deep end swimmer if you will. I actually like the way you carry yourself. A woman with confidence is quite admirable,” he said.
You couldn’t help but smile at what he said. The way he carried himself was amusing to you. You looked over at Spencer. To your surprise, he was looking at you from the corner of his eyes, making sure not to stare for too long. His eyes couldn’t help but go back to you frequently though. You turned your gaze away from him and back to the guy in front of you. You thought it was time to put on a bit of a show.
You pulled down your shirt to make it seem as if you were adjusting it, but you wanted your breasts to be more prominent. You tucked a piece of your hair behind your ear before leaning against the bar table with a huge smile on your face. You glanced at Spencer, who had now locked his eyes on where you were standing. You flipped your hair before looking away from him.
“Really? What’s your name?” You asked.
“Justin. Yours?” He asked.
“Y/N,” you said.
“Nice to meet you, Y/N,” he said.
He put his hand on yours which was resting on the bar. He stroked your hand gently as he looked at you longingly. You smiled at him as you bit your lip. You glanced over at Spencer again. His eyes were still on you. His face was poker, but the way he clenched his jaw was undeniable. You looked away from him again before taking off your glasses to reveal your eyes to Justin.
“You’re truly stunning,” he said.
“Thank you. You’re pretty handsome yourself,” you said.
“Pretty or handsome?” He laughed.
“All of the above,” you giggled.
“How about I buy you a drink?” He suggested.
“I’d love that. I’d love a gin and tonic,” you said.
“Ah, a classy lady. I like that,” he said.
You giggled as you slipped your hand away from his to readjust your bra. You knew you had caught Justin’s attention since he couldn’t stop gazing at them. You smirked as you glanced over to Spencer again. You could tell by the way he was staring at you he was becoming upset. He always tried to hide his mouth to cover his lower facial expressions, but his glare could cut a knife.
For him to pay you any attention now when you were out of his reach was such classic male behaviour. They never know what they want until another man comes along. He would just have to learn his lesson the hard way this time. You turned your attention back to Justin. He held out your gin and tonic to you with a smile.
“Here’s your gin and tonic, beautiful,” Justin said while handing you the glass.
“Thank you, Justin. I really do appreciate it and you,” you said as you took it from his hand.
“So, what are your plans for the rest of tonight?” He asked.
You giggled as you tucked a piece of your hair back behind your ears. You thought it was about time to let up on the flirting before you dug yourself a serious hole. You looked up at Justin about to respond until you felt someone grab your hand and it wasn’t Justin. You looked to your side and saw Spencer beside you. His face was calm, but the way he gripped your hand told you he was angry. You smirked as you squeezed his hand back to tell him the feeling was mutual.
“My girlfriend is actually coming home with me right now,” Spencer said as he glared at you.
You scoffed. “Whatever. It was really nice talking to you, Justin. Thanks for the drink.”
Spencer swiftly dragged you away before Justin could irritate him any further. He brought you back to the group. Everyone looked at the both of you with questionable stared. They hadn’t noticed the little stare offs Spencer and you had been having from across the patio. You decided not to bring any further attention to yourself and handed Emily her drink. She grabbed it from you, but not without giving you a raised eyebrow, You smiled and shook your head. She nodded as she understood she had nothing to question.
“I think we’re gonna go,” Spencer said.
“Already?” Penelope asked.
“Yeah, already?” You questioned.
“Yeah, I think all this sun is giving me a migraine,” he said.
“And why do I have to go if you’re the one with the migraine?” You asked.
He gave you a side glance before looking back at his team. You knew just by his look he had enough of your silly games. You couldn’t help to bite your lip in response to his side-eye. You knew you had gotten to him bad, but you wanted him to show you how bad he could do you.
“See you guys on Monday,” he said.
“Hope you feel better,” Luke said.
“Yeah, take it easy and keep hydrated,” JJ said.
“I’ll take good care of him. I’ll make sure his so-called migraine goes away in no time,” you assured them.
They laughed as they all said their goodbyes to you before Spencer pulled you away from the group. As soon as you two exited the restaurant, you let out a chuckle. He looked at you unamused by the humour you found in your actions.
“Funny it takes another man to give me attention for you to even notice me,” you said.
“What are you even talking about? I acknowledged you as soon as you arrived,” he said.
“You barely even looked at me,” you said.
“Just because I wasn’t undressing you with my eyes like that guy at the bar was doing doesn’t mean I didn’t look at you,” he said.
“He wasn’t undressing me with his eyes,” you protested.
“Y/N, let’s get real. He was basically eye fucking you and you just stood there letting him do it,” he said.
“How do you even know he was doing that? Profiler instincts?” You asked.
“No, because sometimes I do the same thing when I’m around you. You don’t have to seek attention from someone else just because I didn’t look at you that way around my friends,” he said.
He hailed down a taxi for the two of you to go in. You stayed silent as you waited for the taxi to pull up. You guess he had a point. His friends were FBI profilers and would pick up on the sexual tension if he was more open about his sexual desires. You retracted your hand from his and crossed your arms. You weren’t as upset anymore, but you still wanted to play it up to make it seem as if you were. You wanted to see how much further you could push him before he made you pay.
He didn’t look amused at all by the way you were acting standoffish with your arms closed. The taxi pulled up and he seemed to let it go as he opened the door for you. You hopped in and he followed behind you. As he told the taxi driver his address, you felt his large hands grip your thigh hard. He looked at you with such an intense stare you thought he was going to fuck you right then and there.
He leaned into you, so he could whisper in your ear. The words he said to you made your breathing increase rapidly and in-between your legs were beginning to become wet. You knew your actions had pushed him to his limits as he squeezed your thigh harder.
“I don’t like brats,” he said.
By the time you two had reached his apartment door, you were prepared for anything he had planned for you as soon as you entered his apartment. When he opened the door, you stepped inside and he followed behind you. You heard the door shut and knew it was time. You took a deep breath before you turned around to see a living room without Spencer in it. You looked around confused until you saw him in his room undoing his tie. You groaned in frustration as you threw your glasses off of your head onto his couch and stormed into his room.
He saw everything you did and rolled his eyes at you. You went right up to him, so he could see every inch of anger on your face. He didn’t seem phased by it though as he proceeded to undo his trousers. You grabbed his wrist to stop him from ignoring you any further. He sighed out of frustration at you.
“What now, Y/N?” He hissed.
“You wanted to talk all that shit about how Justin was eye-fucking me and how you do that regularly, but now you don’t wanna fuck me?” You said.
“I told you I don’t like brats and that’s how you’ve been acting. Flirting with a random guy at the bar, getting mad I’m not looking at you a certain way, pouting. I’m just trying to teach you a lesson about not getting everything you want,” he said.
“I just want you to fuck me because I think I look fucking hot today and you’re turning this into some psychology lesson? God, Justin would have-”
Before you could even think about finishing your sentence, Spencer picked you up and slammed you on the bed. You gasped in shock before he stuck two of his long fingers in your mouth, preventing you from talking any further. He hovered over you with the same intense glare from when you two were in the taxi.
“I think it’s wise if you don’t finish your sentence,” he said.
You rolled your eyes, but it didn’t go without being noticed. Spencer gripped your jaw tightly as he forced your face to stay still, eyes on him. Now you had officially unlocked his sexual rage which had been burning since the patio.
“See this is the brat behaviour I don’t like. You think you can just go over to another guy and flirt with him and I wouldn’t get mad,” he said.
He removed his fingers from your mouth to allow you to speak. You just gave him a smirk as you pulled down your tank top to reveal your breasts.
“What would you have done if my breasts fell out while I was talking to Justin? Would you have cared earlier?” You teased.
He grabbed one of your breasts with his free hand and squeezed it tight. You let out a yelp. He pinched your nipple to get an even louder scream out of you. You arched your body up as he continued to roughly play with your breast.
“You keep mentioning him as if he’s any sort of competition to me,” he said.
“Well, you’re acting as if it’s a competition to see who can fuck me first,” you said.
“It’s not a competition if I always win,” he said.
He moved from hovering over you to yanking off your shorts and throwing them across the room. He rubbed his hand up your went underwear before yanking them off as well. He looked at you with irritation with an underlying desire. He licked his lips as he swung your wet underwear around on his right index finger.
“A brat I can live with. A bratty whore is something I can’t,” he said.
“What the fuck do-”
You gasped as he shoved two of his fingers inside of you and stroked your g spot with a rapid stroke. He continued to twirl your underwear around his finger as his eyes watched you squirm, trying your best to form a sentence. Nothing but moans seemed to exit your mouth.
“Is the bratty whore going to squirt?” He asked.
You violently shook your head to convince him you weren’t going to squirt even though you probably were going to. His fingers inside of you didn’t let up on your g spot by any means which made it harder to stay grounded. What made it even harder was his cool exterior, but harsh verbal behaviour which made you want to give into him.
“Let me pick up the pace for you,” he said.
As soon as he started to rub your g spot quicker, you screamed and squirted on his forearm. He retracted his fingers from inside of you. He stopped twirling your underwear and finally tossed it to the side. You panted heavily as you watched him make his next move. He took off his pants and underwear before slipping off his button-up.
You smirked. “You’re ready to have sex with a brat like me?”
“A brat like you doesn’t receive sex, they receive punishment,” he said.
He grabbed you by your hair to drag you off the bed. He brought you over to the full-length mirror in his room. He forced you to kneel in front of it. You could see his hard dick to the right side of you and bit your lip before trying to make a move for it with your mouth. He instantly pulled you back by your hair.
“You’re not getting dick in your mouth until I want my dick in your mouth. Understood?” He asked.
“Just let me suck-”
“Rub your clit now or you get nothing. Do it,” he said.
You did what he said and started rubbing your clit. You looked up at him while you did it. His hand moved from your hair and roughly grabbed your face to jerk it towards the mirror. He held it there so you couldn’t turn your head away.
“Look at yourself and say how much of a whore you are,” he demanded.
“I’m a whore,” you said.
He slapped you on your cheek before roughly grabbing your face again. You groaned at how he wasn’t letting you off the hook no matter what. You bit your lip as you watched yourself rubbing your clit. You glanced up to your right to see how intensely he was watching your every move. You couldn’t keep your eyes off of him as he watched you.
“I’m a fucking dirty whore,” you moaned.
“And why are you a fucking dirty whore?” He asked.
“Because I seek attention from men when I have a man,” you said.
He slapped you again on your opposite cheek before grabbing your hair to pull you closer to him. You tumbled towards him a bit but regained your balance quickly. You looked up at him with wide eyes as he looked down at you with narrow ones. His stare set a fire in you you couldn’t contain. You wanted him to treat you rougher and fuck you hard for being the bratty whore you were.
“I don’t need any other man. I’m your bratty cum dump and I need you. I need you to treat me like the fucking whore I am to learn my lesson,” you said.
Without another word being exchanged he shoved your mouth onto his dick. You gagged on it but he didn’t give you time to get used to him in your mouth. He pulled your head back and forth as he listened to you gargle and choke on it. You felt your spit fall onto your thighs as you continued to let him fuck your mouth. You looked up at him to see him thoroughly enjoying seeing you take his dick repeatedly in your mouth. He bit his bottom lip as he tried to hold back any expression of pleasure.
You continued to rub your clit as in-between your folds became wetter. You stuck two fingers inside of yourself to continue rubbing your g spot since he had left you high and dry. As you did you could feel your legs become weaker and they started to spread apart further. Spencer noticed your slight shift in position and knew what you were doing.
“Are you trying to cum?” He asked.
You could hear a bit of anger in his voice but you were so close you couldn’t care less. Too bad for you you weren’t the one in charge. He pulled your mouth off of his dick and then lifted you off the ground by your hair before throwing you front first onto the edge of the bed. You groaned out of frustration as you were close to having your orgasm. You propped yourself up on your elbows, ready to turn around to give him a piece of your mind.
Spencer obviously had other plans in mind than having you argue with him any further. You let out a sharp gasp as you felt him shove his dick inside of you. You let out continuous moans as he kept up a rapid, hard pace as he fucked you from behind.
“You thought I’d let you cum after all you’ve done?” He asked.
You just moaned as you couldn’t find the right words at the moment. He slapped your right butt cheek which caused you to let out a shriek. He did it again to get the same reaction and you gave it to him.
“Well?” He said.
“Yes, I did,” you screamed.
“Stupid fucking brat,” he said as he landed another slap on your butt cheek.
You let out another scream as he continued to ram his dick in you mercilessly. You stretched your hand back to a try and slow his pace. He grabbed both of your wrists and held them tightly together in his hand as he proceeded to fuck you harder. You let continuous shrieks as he had his way with you.
He eventually stopped fucking you and you thought he had grown tired. You pouted a bit. You didn’t want him to stop altogether. Before you could say anything, you felt him shove his dick all the way inside you and kept it in there. You moaned heavily as you let his dick sit inside of you. When it just laid still inside of you it was a reminder of just how big he was and you loved it.
“I hope you know no one’s going to ever fill you as much as I do,” he aggressively said before restarting his pace.
“I know, I know,” you pathetically moaned as he fucked you.
“What did you say you were to me before?” He asked.
“Your bratty cum dump,” you said.
He removed his dick from inside you and let go of your arms. He swiftly turned you over on to your back. He saw how heavily you were panting and it enticed him. He pushed your legs back.
“Hold them,” he demanded.
You immediately held your legs back and without warning, he shoved his dick back in you. You moaned aloud and tilted your head back as he fucked the sense out of you. You couldn’t even moan properly after a while because all that would come out were laboured gasps as he didn’t lighten up his pace. He wrapped his right hand around your neck as he looked down at your disheveled face.
“You look like a pathetic brat now,” he said.
“I’m your pathetic brat,” you moaned.
He smirked. “I like to hear that. What else do I like to hear?”
“Please cum on me,” you said.
He moved his hand from around your neck and slapped you on your right cheek. He grabbed your chin to focus your head back on him.
“That sounded pathetic. Try again.”
“I need you to cum on me. I need your cum all over me, please,” you begged.
He pulled out his dick from inside of you and instantly came on your torso. You bit your lip at the feeling of his cum dripping off of your torso. You let your legs go and allowed them to flop on the bed. He removed his hand from your neck. He slid it down your torso before bringing his cum covered fingers to your mouth. You gladly opened your mouth and sucked off the cum on his fingers.
When you were done, he hovered over you before planting a long-awaited kiss on your lips. He grabbed the back of your head to push you further into the kiss. He leaned up and looked down at you with a smirk.
“Don’t do that shit again,” he said.
You smiled. “Or else what? You’re going to fuck me harder?”
“Maybe,” he said.
“Sounds like a risk I’m willing to take,” you said.
He grabbed your neck again, forcing you down on the bed. You smirked up at him as he looked at you unamused. He ended up kissing you again anyway because even though he was mad, he still loved the feeling of your lips. You forced him off and tucked a piece of his hair behind his ears.
“I’m joking, babe. I’m not that much of a brat. Just a whore,” you joked.
He smiled. “A cum whore, if you will. I’ll get a wet cloth.”
In the morning you woke up to an alarm clock which read 11 a.m. You groaned as you stretched out your sore muscles. You looked to your side and didn’t see Spencer there. The door to his room was open, so you moved your head to peek to see if he was in the living room. He wasn’t.
“Spencer?” You called out.
No response. You furrowed your eyebrows in confusion trying to think of where he could be. You reached for your phone on the nightstand. When you opened it you saw a text message from Spencer.
Went out for brunch with Penelope, Emily and Luke. I’ll be home in about an hour and a half.
You looked at the time when he sent it. 10:50 a.m. You rapidly tried to call him. You put the phone to your ear as you waited for him to answer. You couldn’t believe he went to a bottomless mimosa brunch without you. He didn’t even care to try and wake you up.
“Hello?” He answered.
“Spencer Reid, you went out to brunch without me?” You asked.
“I thought it was best for you to stay in for the morning and rest,” he said.
“Rest? Rest from what? I’m not even tired,” you said.
“Not rest because you’re tired,” he said.
You gasped as you realized what he was trying to say. You couldn’t believe he thought you were sore from sex last night. You had to admit it was rough and your upper body was sore, but you were more than capable of walking around.
“You want me to rest because of last night? I’d like to let you know, Spencer, I’m fine enough to walk to get brunch,” you protested.
“Oh?” He said.
“Uh-huh, I’m even going to get out of bed right now, get dressed and-”
You became silent as you hopped out of bed. The first few steps you took were unbalanced and the stinging from your right butt cheek was a lot. You walked as if you could till feel his dick inside of you. You slowly moved toward the full body mirror in his room. You looked at the mark he left on your ass. It was still red and tender to the touch.
“Y/N?” He called out.
“Um, you know what, this is why you have Ph.D.’s and I don’t. I think I’ll stay in bed for a while longer,” you said.
He chuckled. “I’ll bring you back something to eat.”
“Can it be french toast, please?” You asked.
“Anything for my favourite brat,” he said.
You smiled. “Thanks, babe. I love you.”
“I love you too. Don’t forget to ice your butt.”
“Trust me, I won’t.”
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ptersmj · 9 months ago
no sleep
Tumblr media
pairing: singer!reader x tom holland || w/c: 1.6k
warnings: swearing and many many many suggestive jokes
summary: you’re on jimmy kimmel to talk about your music, but he has other plans
a/n: y’all i’ve literally always wanted to write singer!reader and this idea just came to me and i had to get it out because it’s so cute :,) i really hope ya like it
jimmy kimmel invited you onto his show to promote a single from your upcoming album. you stepped out of the spotlight for a while, so this is your first official appearance of the year.
“my first guest tonight...” there’s a cheer from the audience. you grin to yourself, waiting for jimmy to finish announcing you.
“you wanna say it for me?” he chuckles and stands your picture up on his desk. “my first guest tonight surprised fans this morning with her new single ‘no sleep.’ it’s currently number one in over seventy countries.” jimmy holds for applause, which you get a ton of. you cover your hot face with your hands.
“she’s here to talk to us about the song and her short hiatus. please welcome y/n y/l/n!”
the music plays while you walk onstage, followed by more cheers and clapping. you’re beaming as you wave to everyone. you give jimmy a quick hug and exchange hello’s over the noise.
you’ve been in the industry for a few years, but you’ll never get used to responses like this. all the love really warms your heart.
“thank you!” you giggle out, taking your seat on the couch. the audience yells some more when the music dies out. “thank you so much! oh my god,” you make a face at jimmy, who laughs and gestures to everyone. “they clearly hated the song,” he jokes to you. “i was gonna say,” you agree, smoothing your dress down.
you look out at the crowd with a pout. “no, seriously. you guys are so cute.” jimmy copies your pout, earning a playful eye roll from you.
you’ve been on the show a couple of times before, so you two are friendly. tom has also brought you to chill backstage with him when he was a guest. you would’ve brought him this time if he wasn’t away for filming.
“so, you took most of the year off from making music,” jimmy starts the actual conversation. “mhm, i did,” you hum and cross one of your legs over the other. “how was that? was it weird not being in the studio?” you scrunch your face up, then he adds another question. “what did you actually do with yourself?”
“i mean, music is obviously a big part of who i am. making it, loving it, all that stuff.” a small smile crosses your face. “so, yeah. it sort of felt like something was missing at first.” jimmy nods along, you shrugging one of your shoulders.
“at the same time, i really needed to take a minute and just breathe. come back with my shit more together. i think i have,” you let out a reflective sigh. “it didn’t have anything to do with your boyfriend? a mr. tom holland?” jimmy teases, you waving a hand at him. “no, don’t give him all the credit.”
your break genuinely was for yourself. no one needs to know that tom was also off, or that he spent all his free time with you. that was just a plus.
“are you sure? because, it seemed like you two were getting really cozy.” a picture from your instagram pops up on the screen. it’s of tom under a blanket. he’s reaching out for you with a lazy smile. you lean over on the couch so you’re off camera, another giggle escaping you.
jimmy flips to another picture. “that was exhibit A. here’s exhibit B.” the whole audience coos, jimmy raising his eyebrows at you. this one is a mirror selfie from tom’s instagram. your arms are slung around his neck from behind, and half your face is hidden. tom is doing his signature eye crinkling smile into the camera.
“aren’t they just adorable?” jimmy asks the audience, making them erupt in more cheers. you sit up again and clear your throat. seeing those is bittersweet for you. “he’s very cuddly. anyway, back to the music!” you do a small clap. little do you know, there’s much more to come.
“yes, yes. back to the music. talk to me about ‘no sleep.’” the song is one hundred percent about tom. you’re not sure you should say that, considering the... explicit content in it. you and tom did get very cozy over your break, as jimmy would say. it was the only time you weren’t relaxing.
“well,” you plaster on an overly happy smile. that earns more laughter from jimmy. “it’s about what you do in bed when you’re, um, not sleeping,” you explain. “and who do you do those things in bed with?” jimmy glances up at the screen again. “you’re choosing violence today, jimmy,” you say under your breath.
there’s a chuckle from backstage that sounds eerily similar to tom’s. it must have been a PA. all this talk about him is seriously fucking with your head.
“well, everyone in my life inspires my work in some way. they’re such angels,” you dodge the question, thinking you’re clever about it. jimmy won’t let you get off that easy. “friends? family?” he asks you. “yeah, everyone,” you exhale in relief. jimmy widens his eyes at you. “so, that means ‘no sleep’ is about your mom?”
your mouth falls open. he’s really going to make you spill the details of your sex life.
“what the fuck, no!” you squeal, looking out into the audience for help. they join in your laughter. “it’s about tom,” you finally confirm so jimmy doesn’t suggest anything else. “it’s about tom, my god. next topic.” you’re smiling despite yourself.
“why? don’t you wanna tell us more about your lover?” jimmy glances off to the side. what is going on back there? you sit up straighter in your spot. “no, this is my interview!” you’re half joking, half serious.
although you and tom aren’t private at all, you’ve never talked about him this much. it’s overwhelming. besides that, this is making you miss him a lot.
“that’s too bad. we thought... we thought you might like to share it,” jimmy is already grinning about whatever he has planned. this isn’t supposed to be part of your segment. “huh? i’m literally so lost.” you furrow your eyebrows at him, lowering your voice. “we didn’t talk about this.”
he pats the arm of your couch. “they say there’s no time like the present. ladies and gentlemen, tom holland!”
on cue, tom runs out from backstage. the audience practically roars with how loud they are. people even jump out of their seats. you clasp a hand over your mouth in pure shock. this feels like a prank, like jimmy is about to say sike. then, tom comes up to the couch. you almost fall over, jimmy proudly watching on.
tom grins so wide it takes up his whole face. “happy release day,” he murmurs as you get to your feet. you’re not able to speak just yet, only staring up at him with glossy eyes. he brings you into a tight hug. his hands rub up and down your back, your arms snaking around his middle.
“tommy,” you try to whisper the nickname. you forgot your microphone is on. everyone “aw’s” at you both, including jimmy. “my love,” tom’s lips brush your cheek briefly. “hi, baby,” he speaks into your ear. you hide your face in his button up while he rocks you side to side.
he’s been away for a couple of months working on the third spider-man. this is the first time you’ve seen him since he left.
“shouldn’t you be in atlanta?” you ask louder this time for the audience to hear. you’re still doing an interview. “today’s a big day. i had to see you,” tom gives you one last squeeze. “in person,” he adds, before you can say you already facetimed.
the fact that him and jimmy put this whole thing together is making you emotional. you’d be fully crying if you two were alone right now.
“she doesn’t want you here, though. remember?” jimmy chimes in, tom breathing out a laugh. he sadly lets go of you. you flop back onto the couch, tom pointing behind him with his thumb. “i’ll just be on my way. five hour flight, no big deal.” “no, no, no, no. stay,” you whine and make grabby hands at him.
that’s all it takes for tom to slip into the spot next to you. he bites back a smile, putting an arm around you and the couch. you don’t want to annoy everyone with too much pda, so you subtly curl into his side. the people actually love you and tom together. jimmy claps his hands.
“we’ll be right back with y/n y/l/n and tom holland!” he says into the camera, the band playing more filler music. he steps out from behind the desk to greet tom. tom stands up, the two of them giving each other pats on the back. the camera stops rolling.
“hey, man. thanks for doing this,” tom puts a hand on jimmy’s arm. “anything for the happy couple. i’m gonna get some water, see you in five.” jimmy shoots you another smile on his way to his dressing room. you return it. that leaves you and tom to yourselves.
“baby,” you say in a sing song voice, dropping your head onto tom’s shoulder. “i’m so happy you’re here. i real life almost peed when you came out.” tom snakes his arm around your waist. “that would be upsetting,” he mumbles, his index finger drawing circles on you. “it would’ve ruined your very pretty dress.”
“you like it?” you knowingly tug at the form fitting material. tom shifts in his spot. “i’ll tell you what,” he leans in closer to you with a smirk, his breath tickling your ear. “we’re getting no sleep tonight,” he sings from the chorus of your song. you burst into a giggle and squeeze your eyes shut.
he ends up being right.
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velvetcardiganbucky · 7 months ago
Tumblr media
VelvetCardiganBucky’s Recommendations 2021: Week 10 | February 28th –March 6th
Welcome to week 10 of my recommendations, if you would like to be featured on a future list, I follow the hashtag #VelvetCardiganBucky, message me, tag me in your future works, or reblog this post and link to your story, one-shot, Masterlist, writing challenge, etc.
Be aware some if not most stories and writers on this list are meant to be consumed by an audience of those 18+. My blog is also an 18+ blog.
✨Page breaks are made @firefly-graphics✨
🗓Weeks 11 & 12 or 12 & 13 may be combined into 1 list as my best friend, that I haven’t seen in over 3 years, is coming up to stay with me at my Aunts in the city.
«Last Week
Week 11»
My Masterlist
My Fic Rec List of Mafia/Mob Bucky/Sebastian & Steve/Chris/Andy
Stuff I Posted This Week:
I’ll Stand By You » Steve Rogers x Reader — Steve Rogers will never leave you, no matter how dark your past is.
VelvetCardiganBucky’s To Infinity Writing Challenge » In celebration of 500 followers.
This Is Monica Rambeau Playlist » Monica was her mama’s Angel now she’s a fierce independent woman, fighting crime and saving the world.
Tumblr media
Bucky Barnes
(Mini) Series:
*A Mutual Weirdness by @ayybtch » Bucky Barnes x Reader — I am a very weird person. I somehow managed to find an equally weird person whose weirdness matches my weirdness and we ended up in love. All of these are completely stand alone stories inspired by some strange things my partner and I have said to each other. You don’t need to read them in any particular order, nor do you need to read them all to understand what’s happening. Just enjoy the weirdness. | This series is just so fluffy and funny, each and every chapter you will find yourself laughing, I promise.
Run To You 🪙 Pt. 8 by @bestofbucky » Mob Boss!Bucky Barnes x Reader — Mob boss Bucky Barnes hires you to be his bodyguard. | The Angst is here and it is so good. This series just keeps getting better and better.
*The Pure and The Poison after → Beg For Daddy after → Some Old, Something New by @sweeterthanthis » Stepdad!Bucky Barnes x Female Reader, Peter Parker x Female Reader — It’s time to give Daddy a taste of his own medicine by bringing your boyfriend, Peter Parker, home for dinner. | If you ever wondered if you are in denial of that secret daddy kink of yours, I suggest you read this series. Because let me tell you it’s filthy in a good way but it leaves you going, I could have sworn I didn’t have a Daddy kink or maybe you go, that was just perfect! Lau just knows how to feed your soul!
*Hugs My Love by @thatfuckingweirdo » Mobster!Bucky Barnes x Reader — You just really need a hug, and Bucky is the only one you want it from. | If you are suffering from the Monday blues, this is the remedy just for that. So fluffy, it’s like being wrapped in that favorite blanket of yours.
Up, Up and Away by @thatfuckingweirdo » Bucky Barnes x Insecure!FemaleReader — Bucky turns soft in the middle of sex, and you’re left wondering if you were the cause. | This was really good and as a plus!size girl I felt a connection, but by the end all you feel is adoration from Bucky.
No Goodbye by @badassbuchanan » Bucky Barnes x Reader — Bucky’s left to pick up the pieces of a broken heart. | Please have tissues on standby for this one. It’s so good y’all, but man do you feel the angst. I’m really hoping for a part 2, which I think after going back to read it alludes to it. We’ll see. I’m easily confused folks.
*Die Happy by @mrwinterr » Ghost!Bucky Barnes AU x Female Reader — You summon a really friendly ghost. | This is so fantastic and the smut in this list left tingles down my spine. 10/10 would recommend.
edge of the devil’s backbone by @sunmoonandbucky » knight!bucky barnes x princess!reader — Your knight has sworn to protect you always, even if that means committing a grave sin. | Don’t we all wish we had a Bucky who slayed those obstacles in our ways for us and wrote us beautiful letters when we were apart? So Good!
*Cheeseburgers Make Me Happy by @buckysdolls » Bucky Barnes x Reader — Ooh can I get one where the reader is maybe Morgan’s babysitter or something and post Tony’s funeral. And Bucky is just there, very sad and reader and Morgan just kinda cheer him up and fluff. | While this is fluffy, I still had a few tears slip, but I still loved it oh so much.
*Dawn by @msmarvelwrites » Bucky Barnes x Reader — ‘so far away… So alone. This place was once somewhere you could truly feel yourself. But if you couldn’t fight, what good were you here? | Brontë thank you for pulling on my heartstrings in such a beautiful way. This showed that sometimes you can’t and don’t need to go through depression alone and it’s okay to ask/rely on others for help.
Tumblr media
Steve Rogers
(Mini) Series:
One Step Closer by @river-soul » Dark!Steve Rogers x Plus Size!Reader — Three weeks after your training session with Steve goes horribly wrong, he brings you to his office to remind you who you belong to. [Dubcon and explicit sex, 18+] Sequel to Points of Authority | I love, love, love this mini/series so much. The smut in this is so good and dark!steve always sends chills down my spine.
Dark Commander by @jtargaryen18 » Hydra Supreme aka Commander Steve Rogers x Civilian Reader — Immediately following the Battle of New York in May 2012, the world is about to learn that Hydra is very much alive, a parasite that’s infiltrated both SHIELD and the US Govt. The world is about to meet the Hydra Supreme… Will the Avengers be able to stop Hydra before it’s too late? Will they be able to stop its Dark Commander? | I have had dreams about not only reading this series but all about being in this series, (that’s what happens when you re-read before bed) that’s how much I love this series. I can’t recommend this enough, @jtargaryen18 writes such amazing stories, this is no let down.
*did you ever hear about the girl who got frozen? » Steve Rogers x Readers — in which the reader breaks free from her perfect fantasy. | I truly loved this and I highly recommend everyone read this, when you do please have tissues by you.
Mission Birthday by @nony-bear » Steve Rogers x Reader — It’s your boyfriends birthday… the only problem is, he didn’t tell you. | It’s so fluffy and sweet it will make your teeth ache, but leave with a smile on your face.
my old man is a tough man, but he got a soul as sweet as blood red jam by @cloudystevie » Mob Boss!Steve Rogers x Fem!Reader — steve gives you what you want… kind of. | Get yourself a cold drink, because I promise you, you’re going to need a cool down.
Tumblr media
Ari Levinson
(Mini) Series:
Lead Me Home 🏠 Pt. 1 🏠 Pt. 2 🏠 Pt. 3 🏠 Pt. 4 🏠 Pt. 5 by @river-soul » Alpha!Ari Levinson x Omega!Reader — While on an aid mission to Sokovia, your colleagues are targeted and killed by Alpha soldiers. Left stranded and alone, your only hope is to trust a strange Alpha named Ari who promises to get you home safe. [Mentions of violence and A/B/O dynamics] | Love me some Ari Levinson but add in some Alpha!Ari you make me really happy! I can’t wait to see what happens next.
Distraction by @wanderinglunarnights » Ari Levinson x Reader — Working on a case together you spend a lot of time together on the road. You have to spend the night in the local motel and of course there’s only one room with one bed left. | Short and hot, just the way you needed it sometimes.
Tumblr media
Andy Barber
(Mini) Series:
*To Have & To Hold Sequel to Blackmail by @stargazingfangirl18 » Mob Boss!Andy Barber x Reader — You’re settling into married life with Andy when you see just how far he’s willing to go to protect you. | This is such a good follow up to Blackmail! There is action, angst, smut and fluff. Like it has everything I could ask for and more. Looking forward to part 3!
A Second Too Late by @angrythingstarlight » Andy Barber x Reader — You meet the man of your dreams. Too bad he’s waiting for someone else. | I honestly don’t know what is going on with my hormones but I was tearing. It’s really good but honestly anything I read by @angrythingstarlight is good.
In Between The City Walls of Dying Dreams by @darkficsyouneveraskedfor » Ex-Con/Dark!Andy Barber x Shy!Reader — One night, you’re saved by the last person you expect, but you don’t know that he’s only saving you for himself. | Can I just say that since it’s by @darkficsyouneveraskedfor you know it’s going to be good? This didn’t let me down. I also felt like I related to the shy!reader as I often don’t have a lot to say to people, unless I really know someone. Also amazing smut!
Cock Worship by @ozarkthedog » Andy Barber x Reader — It’s just what the title says of Andy Barber, reader shows her man just how much she loves Andy’s cock. | This was short and perfect.
Tumblr media
Chris Evans
Vacation Mornings by @angrythingstarlight » Chris Evans x Reader — No better way to spend your vacation than wrapped around your man. | The smut is great and it makes you feel fluffy.
A Terrible, Terrible Love by @punani » Chris Evans x Fem!Reader — You broke up seven months ago, and moving on was as easy as teaching someone how to drive stick shift. You live in his mind as much as he lives in yours, and perhaps some things are worth reconsidering. | This honestly showed that not all relationships are sunshine and roses, giving you a perhaps realistic take on love, with some really good smut!
Tumblr media
(Mini) Series:
*Twice Burned after → Twice Bitten by @cherienymphe » DarkVampireKing!Steve Rogers x SoftDarkVampireDuke!Bucky Barnes x Reader | King Steve has the reputation of the kindest king in all the land. How sad it is that such a man always seems to be burying a wife, leaving him lonely and searching for another. Seeing how Queen Margaret’s death affected you, the king hopes to raise your spirits by marrying you off to the handsome Duke, James Barnes, unbeknownst to you, sealing your fate. | I love vampires, but what I really loved is this especially dark!vampire king Steve. The smut in this was so good and I got chills while reading this. I’m so looking forward to part 3 when it comes out!
The Miracle by @heavenhatesme » Bucky Barnes x Reader x Steve Rogers, Bucky Barnes x Reader, Steve Rogers x Reader — When infertility threatens mankind with extinction and there hasn’t been a baby for almost 18 years, what happens when two certain super soldiers fall for the same woman and accidentally impregnate her? | Sometimes you just need a good apocalypse au before bed and even though it’s just the first chapter, it still leaves you craving more!
Deviation of Control by @navybrat817 » Bucky Barnes x Reader, Steve Rogers x Reader — Winter Soldier turns the tables on Captain Hydra. — If you are looking for some really good smut, look no further, this has it.
Loving You Is a Losing Game by @river-soul » Soft Dark!Steve x Reader x Winter Soldier — AU from CAWS where the Winter Soldier is recaptured by Hydra and mind wiped. As Steve searches for his best friend and former mate, he discovers the Omega Hydra bonded to him. Looking for a way to lure the Winter Soldier out of hiding and bind Bucky to him once more, Steve decides the best way to accomplish that is through a shared Omega, whether she is willing or not. [ABO dynamics, dub-con and breeding kink, 18+] | Do you ever just want to yell at Steve? Yeah I did in this.. the cliff hanger had me going please Miss. can have some more. 😂
Initials by @americancowgirl19 » Stucky x Reader — Bucky and Steve finds their third soulmate in Wanda’s sister. Only problem is that she’s supposed to be dead, not Hydra’s new prized possession. | Sometimes you just need something that hits you in the feels with some angst and some fluff, and this is one.
Tumblr media
(Mini) Series:
A Boyfriend For Hire by @happygowriting » Dayton White x Bucky Barnes — Dayton White doesn’t really have time for relationships but he’s a little tired of the constant comments on his one night stands, finding himself a high class escort willing to play the part of his boyfriend. James “Bucky” Barnes is not who he expected to be, but maybe it’s who he needed. | The smut in this is really good, I want to start off by saying that, also that I never would have thought to pair those two up. I’m not fully interested in seeing how this story plays out.
Leave Out All The Rest by @avintagekiss24 » chris beck x black!reader — Chris Beck returns to earth, and you are there to greet him after to really hard sleepless years. | This was so beautiful, had really good smut and so just fluffy. We need more Chris Beck on here and I’m so glad I read it!
Lost in the Lapse Again by @the-iceni-bitch » Robert Pronge (Mr. Freezy) x dark!fem Reader — Mr. Freezy’s domestic bliss gets jarringly interrupted. | I’ve never seen the movie, but if I had to imagine how Mr. Freezy to be this is it and the smut in this is so good!
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custom-emojis · 6 months ago
Tumblr media
At least it is out. My system picrew thats been long awaited! this was primarily done by Jordan in our system, so if you appreciate it feel free to address any thanks to him bc he stayed up for. so very long to work on this. 
Please don’t edit what you make in any way, and don’t use this as an icon if your blog has discourse/syscourse on it. we don’t want our art associated w that, and please don’t use it if you gatekeep or fakeclaim. As long as you stay in your own lane and dont harass anybody, you’re fine to use this. Further rules are on the picrew itself, but it’s pretty straight forward!
These are optimized/made to create PK icons for the most part! 
Feel free to RB this with your finished picrew. As for now we are NOT taking suggestions for what to add. We will post if that changes. Far more is intended to be added, we just wanted to show our work and that its being worked on. 
some features:
variety of human and nonhuman skintones
black / white scelera and ability to be heterochromic
pride flag backgrounds
multiple wing/horn options
other stuff idk its 11pm man
we hope y’all enjoy! We’ll rb this the next time a big update is done. 
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