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babe why
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Oof not me draining too much of my energy cleansing and warding, no sir, not me
Give me a cuppa tea (or three), a biscuit maybe, and a little sit-down and I’ll be right as rain again.
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Starring Nanami, Gojo, Geto, Toji and Sukuna Ryomen in When You get Disrespected ✰ The Headcanons
Rated R
Contains Foul Language, Violence and Suggestive themes
Trigger Warning ⚠️Catcalling and street harassment under the cut
Dictionary❤️‍🔥S/C is for Skin colour
No pronouns in this bih
Coming in Piping Hot❤️‍🔥I hope y’all enjoy this❤️‍🔥 I’m very thankful for all the likes, Follows, Reblogs and comments ❤️‍🔥Y’all make me feel special and I am very grateful ❤️‍🔥I love y’all a lot and I hope y’all enjoying spring❤️‍🔥Ask box open 24/7 like 7-Eleven
Gojo Satoru
✰ It’s not unusual for Your man and you to walk to the cafe near y’all place for sweets or a small meal
✰ Gojo likes to spend as much time he can with you when he’s has time off
✰ So practically he’s glued to your hip when’s not in charge of his students or helping his dear boy Megumi
✰ The Day was quite pleasant and windy
✰ Gojo had his hand gingerly holding yours and his soul was pleased
✰ Y’all was nearing the cafe when You heard the obnoxious noise of a poor attempt of wolf whistling From Drunken Bastard
✰ Drunken Bastard: Damn Baby! How you fit all that in them jeans!
✰ He act like Gojo wasn’t even there and Gojo was ready to make himself KNOWN
✰ Gojo: Sit your bitch ass down and stop talking like that to my baby.
✰ Drunken Bastard was appalled, Who the fuck do this white haired Boy think he is ruining his game?
✰ Gojo had you safely behind him in case this Drunk fucker wanted to be a bigger issue
✰ for some reason Drunken Bastard took offence to that and decided bitch slapping Gojo would be the cure to all his problems
✰ As soon as his hand pushed against the air, forming into a slap it was caught by Gojo who Then proceeded to beat the brakes and Drunkeness off The bastard
✰ Gojo composed himself, grabbed your hand and when y’all was away from the Bastard he checked in on you
✰ Gojo will be very attentive to you even more than usual if that’s possible
Nanami Kento
✰ Nanami finally got a day off after working overtime for two works
✰ Only perk of Overtime? That check gonna be fat (They Tax overtime harder than they do your regular hours so beware babes)
✰ He wants to treat you to a day of shopping because you deserve it
✰ Gucci, Coach and Vuitton about to be your new fashion
✰ Nanami also brought you rolled ice cream too
✰ Your day was amazing up until Disrespectful Scum walked past you in the parking lot and spanked your ass hard as he could
✰ Nanami heard the smack and saw your reaction
✰ He quickly turned around and approached Disrespectful Scum who was smirking hard
✰ Nanami: Oh so you think it’s funny to put your filthy hands on someone without their permission??
✰ Disrespectful Scum: Hell yeah I do, especially when they got a ass that begging to be slapped! Ya got a problem four eyes?? You need take it up with your Babe.
✰ Alright Nanami just had the permission to beat Disrespectful Scum ass if he was that kind of man
✰ See Nanami already knows it’s a very unfair fight, He could spin this dumb fool jaw before he knows it
✰ So Nanami let the environment Beat Disrespectful Scum ass for him
✰ You watch as Nanami step towards Disrespectful Scum who’s now backing up in fear not noticing his own skateboard behind his feet, He slips on the skateboard mid step and falls to the ground with a sickening thud
✰ Nanami then proceeded to call the ambulance for Disrespectful Scum because he’s still a merciful man even to those who don’t deserve it
✰ Nanami will 100% Spoil you more and shower you with love & affection
Geto Suguru
✰ It’s Friday and that means pay day for your mans
✰ Like Every Pay day he’s taking you out on the town
✰ Texts you to wear that little black ensemble he likes so much and be ready by 6:30 PM
✰ Geto pulls up at 6:25 PM In his Black mustang GT with the purple stripe just waiting for you to get in
✰ Once you’re in his car, he’s going to get y’all snacks and drinks for y’all late night Drive at the Gas station
✰ Geto always go in and it get the stuff you want
✰ So while he’s in the store you’re in his car just messing with his stereo
✰ making sure your phone connected and Getting the playlist you made for y’all time together
✰ When you was startled by someone knocking on the passenger window
✰ You saw a group of Gas station Dwelling Bums looking at you through the glass
✰ The Leader of the Bums: Gah damn baby you in this nice car all alone?? Come on and let daddy take it for a spin, I swear I won’t hurt ya
✰ But when the group saw you wasn’t going to let the window down and respond, They got rowdy
✰ Words like bitch and ugly was being Thown around repeatedly and they was scaring the hell outta of you
✰ But it all suddenly stop when the ringleader was tossed across the pavement by your man
✰ Geto was paying for y’all items when he heard the commotion and the rage he felt when he saw the scene was uncontrollable
✰ These fucking stench ridden Losers have the nerve to harass you??? Oh it’s on
✰ After Seeing their leader effortlessly tossed Harder than Mankind off the top of Hell in the cell, The Gas station dwellers was Skeptical to even try to beat Geto ass
✰ Geto could easily paint the parking lot red with their blood and you knew this
✰ Sorry’s soon fell outta of the same mouths that just called you a bitch mere seconds ago
✰ Geto still wasn’t satisfied with their apology but they scattered off before he could beat them senseless
✰ Another time and place he would’ve chased them down but he’s not going to leave you alone after what you just been through
✰ After disinfectanting himself, he gets in the car and make sure you’re okay
✰ He’s understands if you want to pick some food up and go home
✰ It’s all up to you and how you’re feeling Babe
Fushiguro Toji
✰ The Sun was Shining and The weather was quite warm
✰ Toji was pleased and in a great mood
✰ See He won a *Big* sum of money gambling
✰ So your man decided to take you out on the town to enjoy the weather and the day
✰ The way the sun danced on your S/C skin made Toji hungry for what the night might hold too
✰ Toji had a small smile on his face and had deemed this one of the greatest days to exist
✰ But shit always has to go sideways
✰ The moment occurred when Y’all was walking in the park
✰ You wanted some bubble tea and Toji was more than happy to get it for you
✰ Toji wasn’t that far from you and could still make sure you was safe
✰ You was looking at the scenery when your day was disturbed by Stank Breath McGee.
✰ Stank Breath McGee: Ayo Baby won’t you bounce that ass over here!
✰ As he reached out to smack your ass and his lips forming his next dumbass line, he was suddenly stopped
✰ Toji was holding Stank Breath by the fucking Neck
✰ Toji: Alright bitch. I think you made your move too soon.
✰ Stank Breath was begging for his life while you watch the spectacle
✰ Toji usually would end a fool’s existence for just having the fucking Audacity
✰ But He was feeling Generous Today!
✰ Before you knew it Toji had crushed Stank Breath Voice box and hand
✰ Toji: Now try to do that shit Again.
✰ Your man just crushed a man voice box with the same hands he choke you in bed with……. Put shit into perspective huh?????
Ryomen Sukuna
✰ Yuuji and Sukuna had came to a agreement that if Sukuna watched his mouth and attitude around people He can have full control of the “vessel” (as Sukuna calls it) to take you out on a date
✰ You had Sukuna uncut and untamed all to yourself because he behaved Well
✰ Dinner was great and the movie was WACK but hell you got your king beside you the whole damn time
✰ Shit was going good until Yuuji car decided to put y’all asses down in the middle of the road
✰ Sukuna was able to push the car EASILY to a empty shopping center parking lot but man was he Bitchin
✰ Sukuna: Lousy brat and his fucking unreliable rust eaten Hooptie
✰ He was pissed but didn’t want to ruin your night so rein in his anger
✰ Sukuna: Fuck it. We’ll just go to brat’s place since it’s closer.
✰ Y’all had to take the metro and imma be honest if you didn’t have Sukuna with you would be Scared baby Scared
✰ The Subway weirdos at 12:30 am?? They act like Freddy Kruger on speed
✰ Sukuna is holding you tight while you wait for the train to take it sweet time
✰ His guard is UP and the only moment he let you go is when y’all are entering the train
✰ Little did he know Nefarious Jackass was leaving the train as y’all was boarding in
✰ Now Nefarious Jackass was about to make a fatal mistake one which he will NEVER get the chance to live down
✰ Nefarious Jackass decided that Spanking your ass while commenting on the softness was a great idea, Boy did he fuck up
✰ Before Nefarious Jackass knew it Sukuna was Waving at him with his Own fucking Arm as the train door closed and sped away
✰ Nefarious Jackass: Man that was a soft ass…..wait that man waving have three ar- THATS MY FUCKING ARM
✰ As Nefarious Jackass passed out, you where surprised to notice that nobody was freaking out over what Sukuna did they was in a trance like state
✰ No cops where called, All the cameras in the area stopped working and No witnesses…. Is this a new ability of Sukuna ??? Who knows
✰ Also it’s a mystery of what Sukuna did with the arm of Nefarious Jackass
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guess-my-next-obsession · a month ago
I LOVE UR WRITING SM!! Specially your Pedro x age gap reader fics ♥️♥️♥️
I was thinking maybe if you have a chance you could do one where the reader and Pedro are in a long term relationship and reader decides to have a break from their relationship cause maybe they were fighting a lot or they were both busy.
Then reader starts ignoring Pedro because she sees photos of him and some girl and rumors saying it’s his new girlfriend, he keeps calling and texting reader but she doesn’t answer him for like a week and it’s driving him crazy. Then they see each other at a mutual friends birthday dinner and he confronts her and asks her why has she been ignoring him and she sees him all upset and angry, then they start fighting and the girl reader saw Pedro with ends up being a friend of his that’s married. At the end of the night Pedro punishes reader for ignoring him and they end up having angry make up sex!!!
pairing: pedro pascal x fem!reader
warnings: NSFW 18+ (MINORS DNI), angst, breakups (sorta?), rough sex, belt play, throat forkin’ (🫢), face sitting, daddy!kink, multiple o’s, unprotected p in v sex, creampie, a cute little make-up. ALL IN ALL THIS IS EXPLICIT. DON’T INTERACT IF YOURE NOT READY FOR SOME LEGIT FILTH.
words: 3.8k
a/n: i took this prompt and absolutely ran with it. this is the most sinful thing i have ever written, i am so sorry y’all 🫶🏼
Tumblr media
You’d spent all day preparing for Pedro’s arrival back home after a month away filming. You went to the grocery store and picked up his favorite cut of steak, his favorite wine, and all the sides you could think of to make him smile once he walked in. Before you left, you even remembered to grab a few candles and a bouquet of roses to set the scene. It took all afternoon and into the evening to clean, cool, and prep the table, and by the time you were done, you were exhausted. But you knew that the minute your smiley boy walked through the door and saw your hard work, it would all be worth it.
Or not.
“Hey,” He tiredly nodded at you as he walked it, glancing over at you by the romantic table-scape. He sighed and looked guilty as he stood still, watching your smile begin to falter. “I’m sorry, babe. I already ate…I wish you would’ve told me.”
“Oh…” You didn’t know what to do with your disappointment, your eyes dropping to your hands that gripped the wood of the chair in front of you. Never had you felt a more instant rush of tears come to your eyes, and you weren’t sure if it was from his disinterest or your exhaustion.
“Well, I can still sit and watch you eat?” He offered, walking over to the table reluctantly after setting his bags on the ground. You stayed frozen, trying not to let him see your silent tears. His eyes instead scanned over the scene, nodding in approval and offering a guilty half-smile. “It looks nice.”
“Yeah.” You finally pulled your seat out and sat down, wiping your tears away with the napkin beside your plate. Pedro noticed your anguish, but decided not to bring it up as he sat down across from you. You reached for your glass of wine and downed it in a few gulps, Pedro’s eyes watching as you did.
“I really am sorry.” He frowned and grabbed his own glass, taking a sip. You lifted your eyebrows dismissively and chuckled darkly as you grabbed your fork, stabbing the veggies that had already begun to grow cold. Pedro’s phone began buzzing in his pocket and you lifted your eyes from your plate to watch him pick it up, his eyes avoiding yours as he answered the call. “Hello? No, I can talk…yeah, that’s good with me. Alright, bye.”
“Sorry, huh…” You mumbled and shook your head, earning a tilted head and glare from your boyfriend of two years.
“It was my—“
“Your agent, I know.” You interrupted and sat back against the chair, folding your arms over your chest and glaring at him. He tossed his hands up as though to silently demand an explanation for your attitude. “I spent all day waiting to see you. I spent all day working on the house and this fucking dinner for you to hardly give it or me a second fucking glance.”
“I just got off a plane. Before that, I was up for 20 straight hours working, doing stunts, having to talk…I’m tired.” He sat forward and spoke sternly, a side of him you so rarely got to see. His tone only made you cry more, your hands covering your face as you sobbed. This wasn’t how the night was supposed to go, and you didn’t want to fight with him. But how could you not fight back when you felt so set-aside by the man who normally showered you with appreciation and love. “Do you want me to sit here and eat? I’ll fucking eat, Y/N.”
“I’m done,” You sighed and shook your head, removing your hands from your face and wiping your cheeks clean of any tears. Pedro’s brows furrowed as he tried to understand what you meant. “I’m done. I’m going to stay at Y/B/F’s house.”
“What?” He asked, his voice slightly raised for the first time in a very long time. You ignored him and went back to trying to eat—you’d be damned if you went hungry over this argument. “Because I’m gone? Because I’m busy?”
“It’s not because you’re gone, Pedro! It that even when you’re here, sitting right in front of me, you’re a million miles away!” You shouted as you sat across from Pedro’s dinner table, throwing your napkin down onto you half-eaten plate of food.
You stood up and walked away, tears returning to your eyes as you made your way into the bedroom and found your suitcase, carelessly tossing all your clothes from your shared dresser into it before turning to the closet. Pedro stood in the doorframe watching you with stunned eyes. He didn’t know what the fuck was happening, but he wanted it to stop now.
“I’m sorry, Y/N…I—I don’t know what to do to make it up to you.” He tried stepping towards you, but you held your hand out for him to stop, and he obeyed.
“I just need a fucking break.” You spat and closed the suitcase, not caring that half your wardrobe was still hanging up in his closet. You pushed past him to leave the room with the suitcase in tow, clumsily gathering your phone and keys with shaking hands and putting them into your purse. Pedro stopped you as you tried to open the door, pressing it closed with his hand splayed out across the wood.
“And what about what I want? You’re leaving? Just like that—no conversation, no questions asked?” You couldn’t look into his eyes, knowing that the sight of him tearing up would only make you stay and forgive him. Instead, you pulled out your phone and dialed your best friend to let them know you were coming, giving him a taste of his own medicine. He chuckled and stepped away from you, shaking his head as he became properly angry about your pettiness. “Yeah, alright. Call me when you’ve decided what’s going on with us, then.”
You didn’t say anything in response as you left your shared home, and besides, you were sure your throat was far too swollen with anguish to be able to speak anyways. With tear-filled eyes, you pulled out of the driveway and tried to ignore the sinking feeling in your gut as the distance grew between you and the house, marking the distance between you and him.
It had been three weeks of ignoring Pedro’s texts and calls—three absolutely agonizing weeks. And, though you managed to be strong most days and not google your boyfriends (well…Pedro’s) name, today wasn’t proving to be a strong day. You found yourself on your friends sofa, stuffing your face with ice cream and searching through Twitter for any sign of your estranged lover. Your phone nearly fell to the ground as your eyes took in the sight of Pedro out at brunch with another woman—a woman you didn’t know of—smiling like nothing was wrong. Could he have really moved on in three weeks? You surely hadn’t.
“Dude, the party is in an hour. You haven’t showered in a week!” Your best friend came in fully dressed in their party outfit and gasped at the sight of you. Your hair was in knots, your clothes stained with chocolate, and your eyes swollen from tears.
“Do I have to go?” You groaned and locked your phone. “I just saw a picture of him and another girl…”
“What?” They gasped and walked around the couch to sit down beside you, ignoring the odor so that they could be there for you. “Was it bad?”
“He was at brunch with some girl, I don’t know.” You groaned and rubbed your forehead, sighing as you climbed out of the pile of blankets you were under and stood up. “You know what, I’m not going to let it get to me. I’m going to go and celebrate Oscar’s birthday because I know he won’t be there. Because he’s all the way in Canada.”
“Well, that’s the spirit! I’d start with a shower…”
You cut it close on time, but you were presentable within an hour. Sure, you weren’t going to be turning any heads and breaking any hearts tonight, but it didn’t look like you’d spent three weeks sobbing and in excruciating emotional pain, so that was a win in your book. The two of you made it out of the house on time and were over at Oscar’s in thirty minutes, you practicing your smile on the way there.
“Hey, hey! Come on in,” Oscar gave the two of you tight hugs and kisses on your cheeks as he greeted you at the door, welcoming you into the decent sized party in his LA home. You were sure if there was an award for masked emotions, you would’ve taken home gold because not a single person seemed to suspect anything wrong as you mingled your way through the home.
When you turned the corner to walk into the kitchen, it seemed that all faded away when you saw a very familiar figure facing away from you, chatting with somebody. You quickly tried to bolt and turn back around but your friend caught you, giving you a confused look.
“Get me out of here.” You begged, making them chuckle. “Pedro is right fucking there. I need to go.”
“Don’t you still have to decide whether or not you’re fully breaking up with him? Consider it fate intervening.” They turned your body and urged you forward, though your feet put up good resistance. It seemed that your struggle was loud enough to earn his attention, making him whip his head around and give you shocked doe eyes. You winced at the eye contact and begged your friend to just let you go, but they weren’t having it.
“Y/N,” He approached you as you tried to turn away, his hand reaching for your forearm. You missed the warmth of his touch so badly, but your panic ruined all of the delight of having him near again. “You’ve been ignoring me.”
“Have I?” You asked innocently, eyes darting across the home for a possible exit plan. Pedro’s body tensed and you could tell even without looking him in the eye that he was upset. Your eyes reluctantly locked with his and you noticed his jaw clenching as his arms folded over his broad chest. “Where’s your new girlfriend?”
“What?” He spat, brows furrowed. You were surprised to see the very same girl from the photos walk up to you two, making your mouth open in shock. Pedro glanced at the girl as she smiled at you, and if he wasn’t so angry he may have laughed. “This is my cousin, Ana, from Chile. She’s visiting.”
“Ohhhhhh,” You felt like an absolute idiot as he glared at you, and turned to smile at the girl politely. “Mucho gusto, Ana.”
“Si, mucho gusto.” She nodded and noticed the tension between you two, excusing herself to allow you both to talk.
“Why haven’t you answered my texts? Or calls? Or fucking emails?” He demanded an answer, having been left in the dark for weeks. He didn’t look distraught, though, but you reasoned you probably didn’t either at the moment. You shrugged and lowered your eyes to the ground. “Look at me.”
His voice commanded your attention and you did as he asked, lifting your eyes to meet his dark ones. “Why have you been ignoring me? You said a break…not a break-up. Am I missing something?”
“I didn’t know what to say.” You shrugged and shook your head. “You hurt my feelings that night, and I don’t regret getting so angry, but perhaps I let my emotions overrun my logic.”
“Perhaps,” He repeated with a slight smirk.
“I don’t want to break up with you, P. I don’t. But I also won’t allow you to treat me like I’m secondary.” You we’re glad that the kitchen was empty besides the two of you, knowing how little he liked his business being made public. “You make time for everybody else even when you’re exhausted—work, family, your friends, even your fans get a better version of you than I do. You give all your energy to them and come home with nothing to give to me. Like I’m expendable or something. Like you know I won’t leave.”
“I didn’t…I didn’t mean to do that. But you’re right. I overextend myself until there’s nothing left, and I did take you for granted.” He sighed and stepped closer to you, thankful to be in the same space as you again. “I was an asshole that night, I know. I should’ve been more appreciative, and I should’ve given you all my attention that night. I was just still in work mode and forgot that you can’t just read my mind and know that you mean the world to me—I’ve got to say it and act like it.”
“That’s all I wanted, to know that seeing me after a month made you happy.” You reached up to grab the tassels on his cardigan, your hand sliding over his chest. You missed the feeling of his body, not just in a sexual sense, but in a deeply emotional one. It was healing to be near him, and he felt the same for you. “It’s been hell being away from you.”
“Why do you think I flew in my cousin? I already forced every other friend and relative to distract me with their company, now they’re all sick of me.” You chuckled at his joke and slid your hand up his neck, playing with the baby hairs. Pedro stroked your cheek with his thumb and softened his eyes at you. “I love you, and I’m so glad you’re back…but I’m still angry with you for ignoring me as if I meant nothing.”
“And I’m still mad at you for the dinner. So…how ever will we work out this anger?” You tilted your head at him suggestively, watching as a devilish grin began to grow on his face. Without a word, he was pulling you out of the home without care about the party, practically shoving you into his car and taking off.
The drive was full of silent tension as you thought about the angry sex that was to come. Your boyfriend was soft, and loved you more than you could imagine, but he was also a classic Aries, and you knew the tenderness in the kitchen wouldn’t translate to the bedroom. Your center throbbed as you thought about the last time he was properly angry with you, the way his hips snapped against yours, his hand crashing against your ass as he slammed into you. You couldn’t wait for your voice to be gone the next day from your screams of pleasure, your thighs pressing together at the thought alone.
“Get in the house.” He demanded, and you eagerly obeyed, opening your door and sprinting inside. Thank god for that shower you took before the party, because the minute he entered in behind you, he was tearing your clothes off—literally. His strong hands ripped your blouse in half as he walked you backwards into the home, his hands unbuttoning your trousers and yanking them down your hips. You kicked them off and he picked you up, surprising you with his strength. “How about I fuck you on this table that was so important to you that you went and left me, hm?”
“Fuck you,” You spat, holding onto his broad shoulders as he carried you over, setting you down onto the sturdy wooden surface and stepping back to admire your nude form. His cocky smile both aroused you and pissed you off as he undid his belt and folded it over itself. He walked back to you and stroked your face with the leather, his eyes almost looking tender for a moment before he tapped your cheek with it. “Is that all?”
“Just a test,” He pushed you back flat against the table and held your body down with one hand splayed across the valley of your breasts, the other still gripping the belt. With one hand, he guided your legs open and ran the cool leather across your inner thighs, his eyes locked on yours. In one quick motion, he snapped the belt against your thigh, making you jolt with arousal and pain, his lips curling in a satisfied grin. “Now we can start,”
“I’m still waiting to feel it.” You taunted, watching as he tilted his head and chuckled at you. “Or maybe you’re still only giving me the bare minimum.”
“Alright,” He accepted your challenge and this time spanked the opposite thigh harder than the first one. Your body jerked again and you smirked up at him, shaking your head.
“Still tired?” Pedro gritted his teeth and let go of your chest, using both hands to flip you over onto your stomach, your legs hanging off the edge of the table and your ass sticking out for him. He gave you no warning as he struck you with the belt, this time sufficiently making it sting, your body writhing with the searing pain and burning desire his roughness brought to your drenched center. Before you could commend him on his success, he struck the other cheek and made you moan out in a scream, your ass bright red as you laid bent over the wood.
“Now maybe you’ll shut up,” He mumbled as he turned you back around, his hand gripping your throat as you stood on tiptoes, looking into his eyes with mascara running down your face. He licked his lips before pulling you in for a near-painful kiss, your hands unbuttoning his jeans and tugging them off along with his underwear. “Get on your knees, baby.”
“Make me,” You teased, feeling his grip on your throat tighten, goosebumps crawling over your skin at the sensation. You lowered yourself down until you were eye to eye with his impressive girth, your hand reaching to hold his hard length at the base. Pedro slapped the back of your hand before you could grip him, and shook his head.
“No hands.” You stifled the moan in your throat and nodded, opening your mouth and laying your tongue flat for him as he tapped his heavy tip against it, his smirk still wide. “Good girl…now are you going to let me fuck your pretty little face?”
“If you fuck it properly,” You replied with a grin, making him shudder with arousal and thrust his hips into your mouth and throat, never giving you a chance to acclimate to his size.
“Look so fuckin…ohhhhh, fuck! So pretty, baby, so pretty,” He praised as he pushed all the way down your throat, stroking your tears away with his thumbs as he held your face. You snaked one of your hands down to your throbbing bundle of nerves as rubbed it quickly, Pedro groaning with approval at the sound. “Fuck yourself with your pretty fingers, baby. I want to hear how wet you get for me.”
You did as he commanded, plunging two of your fingers into your dripping heat, the audible squelch making his hips jerk into your mouth. He pulled out of you and stepped back to watch you as you were squatted on the ground, fingering yourself.
“I want you on my tongue, amorcito.” He laid onto the floor and guided you to sit on his face, and you hesitated having done this so rarely. His fingers gripped the flesh of your hips to bring you down against his flattened tongue, giving you the confidence to fully sit down. You rolled your hips against his tongue and nose, your moans filling the entire home as though to announce that you were back and here to stay. Pedro groaned underneath you, addicted to the taste of your wetness as you rode his face to the edge.
“Baby, I’m so close,” You warned and stroked your fingers through his frown-out curls, your thighs shaking as they rested on either side of his pretty face. His hands moved to your ass and gripped the flesh, helping you move as your body began to grow weak from the pleasure, the tension inside your belly snapping i na hot wave of orgasmic bliss. “Oh! My! God!”
“Mmmhm,” He moaned and nodded from underneath you, his eyes locked on you as you shook on top of him. He wasted no time in flipping you onto your back, his body planted between your legs and his thick length entering you while your walls still spasmed. You couldn’t believe the pleasure coursing through your veins as the thick head of his length swiped against your g-spot, sending you into another orgasm. “Are you coming again, hm? Fuck, your pussy missed daddy, didn’t it? Did you miss daddy, baby?”
“Yes! Fuck!” Your nails dug into the soft skin of his hips as he snapped in and out of you in perfect rhythm, making him hiss at the pain and pleasure mixing together. “I want you to cum inside me, daddy.”
“Fuck,” He panted and pulled you off the ground and onto his lap, the two of your bodies working together. You bounced against his thrusts and held his face in your hands, the hair on his jaw itchy against your palms as you whispered sinful praises.
“Feels so good, baby. So good. I’m never leaving again. Let me have it.”
Pedro was done for as he stared into your eyes, his brows laced together like he was in pain as he held your hips flush against his base, his entire length buried into you as he came hard.
“I love you,” He panted over and over as he came, making your walls flutter again as you leaned in to kiss him deeply. His hands slipped up to your waist and his arms wrapped around you and hugged you tight until he came down. When he came back to earth, he chuckled and pulled away so he could look into your eyes, his fingers drawing circles onto your back as he stared at you. “I’m sorry, I really am. It’s not going to happen again, baby.”
“Just give me a little heads up, maybe,” You smiled and stroked his face with your thumb. “I love you, Pedro. I won’t leave you like that again.”
“Or at all, preferably.” He joked and you chuckled, making him shiver and moan as his sensitive length was still inside you. “Should we go back to the party?”
“Hmm…we could,” You started before giving him a devilish grin. “Or, we could go into the bedroom and continue making up for lost time.”
“I’ll send Oscar a watch or something as an apology.” He mumbled as his lips attacked your neck, his length hardening again inside of you. “Let’s see if we can even make it to the bedroom this time.”
tag list: @kato-ptris @browneyes-issac @creativemind-creativeeyes @vickytogisa @stvenwithav @babykangaemoji @paulalikestuff
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chimerabliss · a month ago
Dating Macaque
It has nsfw below, just to warn y’all.
Tumblr media
•He’s incredibly loyal. He knows that he belongs to you and you belong to him, doesn’t check out anyone else. The others are just shitheads in his eyes.
•Due to his past, he may be clingy at times or has a lot of trust issues. Unlike Wukong, he doesn’t really have a problem with communicating.
•But the thing is, he won’t really explain to you what he’s doing out of the relationship. It can leave you stressed out and sadly he knows that. He doesn’t want you to get hurt by other demons after him.
•Date nights ! A romantic dinner at home, candles, and roses..he’s still a flirt with you after being in a relationship.
•To be more romantic; a picnic outside in the night, slow dancing under the full moon ? God is this heaven ?
•He’s an incredible dancer. He will teach you a few moves if you want to.
•Warm baths with him ? Please he needs it, his body is always tense and a warm bath with bubbles, plus you doing a massage to him is paradise.
•Brush his fur. Do it, I dare you. That fucker will purr.
•STILL, he doesn’t want to really vent which is unfair to you, you want him to be comfortable telling you of what happened and comfort him with however you can.
•So to help with that, you guys have some sort of tea date and light snacks while you speak to one and other. It really helps him a lot.
•If you have a hard time sleeping or scared of the dark, he’s a great storyteller. May use his lantern to help you sleeping while he tells his stories.
•He doesn’t really sleep. Bring him to bed and cuddle with him for a few hours, then boom he’s asleep.
•Aight guys, you better get that body of yours ready. That man wants a partner who CAN fight, if you’re inexperienced in fighting, he will teach you. He’s the monkey of strength ofc he wants a s/o who will fight by his side if needed.
•Absolutely adores your blankets. And he sometimes let his scarf at your home so you can think of him when you miss this man.
•He’s an incredible lover, despite some of his issues. He thinks highly of his lover, he will do anything for you.
•Please dont break his heart. He doesn’t need any more problems in his life.
•Alright let me tell y’all. He’s big. Around 8-9 inches and he knows it.
•Of course he’s smug about it. We all know he is.
•But he’s quite soft with you the first few times. Just so you can get used to his size.
•But oh boy, if you start to beg for him to go harder or faster ? He will grin down at you, grip your thighs so hard and pound into you.
•Absolutely love your moans and screams.
•He’s a massive switch. He’s so damn attractive as a dom, he’s so gorgeous as a sub holy shit. His blushes, and the way his eyes stares at you with such wonder..what a beautiful sight🤍
•He fucking loves it when you’re riding him. And he also love getting choked but don’t do it too hard. If you’re tired he’ll gladly thrusts into you.
•As much as he loves being praised, degrade him and overstimulate him. Do it.
•Doesn’t mind taking the strap on. He likes to get pounded at times. Or just simple love making while you comfort and praise him. Grab the base of his tail and say how much of a good boy he is !🤍
•He’s the god of aftercare. Cuddling for hours..If you are a bit hungry and thirsty ? He knows the perfect way to make tea and brings the best snack, want a bath ? He knows the best temperature for the water and the amount of bubbles needed.
•Having sex with him is special most of the time, it’s always new. And he loves you so much.
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ptergwen · 4 months ago
idk if ur requests are open rn (if not please ignore this!!). so we all know the vlog peter made in civil war, well imagine him watching that over and maybe other vlogs he made with ned, the reader and mj while he thinks back to when everyone knew who he was and remembered him? idk thought this sounded sad
the value of a moment
Tumblr media
w/c: 2,021
warnings: nwh spoilers, angst here and there
a/n: even though this tore me to pieces i loved writing it so much :,( thank you for such a wonderful idea i appreciate you sending it in <3 i hope y’all enjoy
peter collapses on his bed and breathes out a long sigh, exhausted from unpacking. he just got settled in at his new apartment. there’s a draft that lets in the chilled winter air, and the flickering lights struggle to illuminate the tiny space. it was all he could find on such short notice.
the city that never sleeps seems so quiet these days. but, it’s louder than ever in peter’s head. there’s a nagging voice that’s constantly reminding him of how royally he screwed up.
peter had made the heroic decision to sacrifice himself quite literally to save the world. in turn, he lost everything; his aunt may, his best friends. he even lost you, the absolute love of his life.
although, it isn’t you who’s gone. it’s him.
a multiversal threat was upon earth. because peter had caused it, the only way to stop it was by erasing earth’s memories of him and therefore his identity. now, he has to start fresh.
he wonders how you’ve been since it happened. what you’ve been up to, if you’re taking care of yourself. peter is hanging on by a thread. he hopes you’re doing better than he is.
as he shuffles into the kitchen for a snack, an unopened moving box catches his eye. it’s still taped up, with fragile written across it in black sharpie. he must have forgotten about this one.
peter carefully rips the cardboard where it’s taped, a smile stretching across his lips when he sees what’s inside.
there are postcards he sent may from your school’s trip to europe, drawings mj did of him, ned’s lucky hat. what especially piques peter’s interest is an old camcorder he used to make vlogs on. he’d documented some of his most special memories with that thing.
he did it for moments like this, when he’s feeling lonely and needs reminding of the times he wasn’t.
peter grabs the recorder and brings it back to his bed. he takes a seat, beginning to search through its contents.
he plays a video of you and him.
“no, no, no! that’s not how you do it!” you giggle, skipping over to stand behind peter. he’s in front of your mirror and fiddling with the collar of his suit jacket. “hands off, pete. i got it,” you assure him.
peter does as you say, his features displaying a light blush and a grin. he aims the camera at the mirror so it shows you straightening his collar.
you chew on your lip in concentration, your arms winding around peter’s neck to reach the front. he zooms in on your hands working their magic, and zooms back out once you’re finished. you rest your chin on his shoulder and press your cheek to his.
“all done,” you beam proudly. “thanks, baby. what would i do without you?” peter smiles twice as big. you hug his waist, peter flipping the camera so both your faces are in frame. “god only knows,” you mumble to the camera.
peter gasps in mock offense. you peck his cheek, then head off to touch up your makeup.
“so, here we are at y/n’s. getting ready for homecoming,” peter explains to his camcorder. “it’s gonna be awesome! it’s actually my first one… unless you count last year.”
“we don’t talk about last year,” you sternly state. peter puts the camera on you while you apply lip gloss. “good call,” he affirms.
you cap your gloss and pucker your lips at him. he slowly lowers the camera down your body, revealing your entire look.
“my date, everybody. how pretty is she?” peter closes an eye, zooming in on you. “drop dead gorgeous,” he adds. you try to cover your face, so peter seizes your hand and squeezes it in his. “say hi, y/n/n!” he chuckles out. “to who?” you question. “i dunno, future us?” peter’s tone is soft, his fingers toying with yours. “our future children? grandchildren? great-grandchildren-“
“i’m gonna stop you right there, pete,” you interject with a breathy laugh. “or else this’ll never end, and we’re already running late.” peter’s eyes widen. “we are? crap!” he squeaks.
he flips the camera around again, to which you lightheartedly roll your eyes at. you gather both your things while peter wraps up.
“ok, um, we gotta go meet ned and mj. babe, do you have the tickets?” peter calls the last part to you. you wave your homecoming tickets in the air, peter grinning. “phew. we’ll talk to you later. bye, everyone!” he looks at you expectantly. “so long, suckers,” you salute the camera.
you thread your fingers through peter’s to lead him out of your room. he sets the camcorder down and ends the video, your intertwined hands in view as it cuts off.
with a sad smile, peter begins to rewind the video. he pauses it when he gets to you kissing his cheek.
he remembers that night vividly. how tightly you held onto him as you swayed to the music, the way your breath brushed his skin every time you whispered in his ear, your eyes sparkling whenever they would lock with his.
you two were so happy, so in love. nothing could touch you then. if you only knew what was to come.
peter continues to skim through his videos, before he dwells on that thought for too long. he chooses one with a thumbnail that makes him quirk a brow.
you’re versing ned in a game of dance dance revolution at your local arcade. mj cheers you on while peter records, capturing the rather epic battle.
“look at them go,” peter narrates. the camcorder is focused in on yours and ned’s feet as you hit the moves. “right, y/n! that’s a right!” mj shouts to you and points at the arrow on the screen. “come on, pick up the pace! leeds is catching up,” she coaches you. “i’m going as fast as i can, em,” you tell mj, out of breath.
“less talking, more dancing!” ned chastises, spinning around on the platform.
the two of you follow the routine on the screen with intensity. peter films you both from your side, where mj also watches. he briefly moves the camera onto mj so he can do a mock interview with her.
“the people wanna know, who are you rooting for?” he questions. “are you team y/n or team ned?” he zooms in. mj glances side to side before staring into the camera blankly. “um, team y/n. girl power… or something like that,” she replies in her usual monotone.
you and ned can be heard giggling in the background.
“what about you?” mj asks peter. he scoffs behind the camera. “team ned for sure,” he reveals. “really? not the mrs?” she offers a smirk, you jumping around behind her. “no way. you know what they say, bros before hoes,” peter confidently answers.
he realizes his mistake as soon as the words leave his mouth. mj squints at him.
“not that y/n is a…” peter turns the camera on himself, grimacing. “i’m just gonna edit that part out. back to the game!”
him and mj tune back in right when the game is over. you groan in defeat, patting ned on the back in congratulations.
“the scores are in, folks!” peter announces. “and it looks like…” you jog up to peter and sling an arm around him. “ned won,” you pant, skin glistening with sweat. peter keeps the camcorder on you two. “aw, did he? sorry, babe. you’ll get ‘em next time,” he winks into the camera. “good job up there, though!”
mj gives ned a celebratory fist bump. you shake your head at her, muttering, “traitor.”
“we’re about to go for round two. wish me luck!” you pat peter’s hip, ready to run off. peter catches your wrist gently between his fingers. “not so fast! you should hydrate first,” he chuckles.
he hands you his water bottle from your table. you wordlessly rip off the cap and chug down what’s remaining. peter whistles at this, impressed.
“ah. the cool, refreshing taste of water,” you wipe your lips, placing the empty bottle back on the table. “what a champ,” peter remarks. he follows you over to the game, guiding you by your back. “edward leeds, i’m ready for you!” you declare as you hop onto the platform. “not the full government name,” ned puts a hand over his heart.
“you’re still at this?” mj suddenly appears in front of peter, tapping his camera lens. he jumps and nearly drops the camcorder. “oh my god, when did you-“
the video ends just like that, present day peter snickering at his past self.
god, he misses you three so damn much. he misses ned’s silly antics, his banter with mj, everything about you. you made the perfect group.
peter has considered reintroducing himself to the three of you, but that would undermine him doing what he did in the first place. you deserve your chances to live a life free of the chaos that peter parker causes. so does he.
at least he has these tapes to reminisce on.
tears fill peter’s eyes when he skips to one video in particular. he plays it, and the tears immediately fall.
“is this thing on?” may speaks to the camcorder. although she’s barely visible in the darkness, the camera picks up her bright smile. “aha! here we go,” she murmurs, focusing the device.
“hey there. peter must’ve left you in my car by accident when i drove him to the airport,” may explains. “he wanted to bring you to europe. i think it’s for the best that he didn’t, though,” she lowers her voice to a whisper. “his stuff got blown up… long story.”
she twists around to peek into the backseat. her smile widens.
“anyway, i just picked him and y/n up. we got back to the apartment a little while ago, but…”
may films the two of you, fast asleep on each other in the backseat of her minivan. you’d arrived home from your infamous europe trip earlier.
your heads are bent together, each of you laying on the other. you’re sharing peter’s sweatshirt as a blanket. you have an arm draped over his stomach, and he has both arms secured around your shoulders.
“they’re out cold,” may laughs softly. “i can’t bring myself to wake them. just look how precious,” she coos, steadying the camcorder on yours and peter’s sleeping forms. “besides, they could use the rest. europe was eventful,” she understates. “well, that’s one way to describe it.”
she’s right. you two are drained, peter especially after his battle with beck.
there are deep bags under his eyes and cuts littering his entire body. you’d helped him bandage them to the best of your abilities. you dawn a few scratches of your own, which peter kissed each of.
“my boy,” may says to herself, reaching out and ruffling peter’s hair. he leans into her touch even in his unconscious state. “that mysterio did a number on you, huh?” she observes.
she fixes peter’s sweatshirt so it’s covering the two of you better, then turns back around in her seat.
“i figured i’d show this to them once they come to. they’re gonna be humiliated,” may grins wickedly. “ugh, i can’t wait. thanks for dropping by!”
may blows a kiss to the camera before shutting it off.
peter turns off the camera after the video ends, his teardrops covering the screen.
may never did have the chance to show you two. this was the first time he saw that.
he can’t believe how good he’d had it. if he thought life was tough then, it’s impossible now. what got him through it was all of you, only everyone he’s ever loved and who’s loved him is no more. you only exist in the camcorder gripped in his shaking hands.
peter holds the recorder to his chest. this is the last of what he has left not only of his people, but of himself, too.
sometimes, you’ll never know the value of a moment until it becomes a memory.
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hertzwritings · 2 months ago
A/N: The lovely @one-sweet-gubler​ wanted something both angsty, fluffy and smutty, and who am I to deny that request? I would never deny that! I love you and thank you for requesting, my sweetheart!
You can buy me a coffee here and I’ll write you a drabble/one-shot/multi chapter-fic!
Remember, feedback feeds the soul and requests (and askbox) is always open – there is no limits, because I am me and I have none.
Love y’all!
Pairing: Sebastian Stan x female reader
Warnings: language, flangsty smut (18+ MINORS DNI), p in v, unprotected sex, fingering, hair-pulling, slight praise-kink if you squint
Wordcount: 2.378
Tumblr media
 You stepped inside of your best friend’s apartment, the silence pressing against your ears. You frowned and looked around, going from room to room, slightly concerned at the eerie quiet and the fact that he wasn’t anywhere to be found. “Seb?” You called out. No answer. You set the bags of food down and sighed. “Seeeeeb?” You called out again, your heart speeding up. He was here, because the car was, and the door was unlocked – but the quiet of the apartment kind of made you want to vomit.
It wasn’t new for you to walk into his apartment without him – it was, after all, the reason you got a key a year back – and it had oftentimes been silent, but not like this. It was a pressing silence, that reminded you of the times, he got ready for interviews and wanted to die at the same time.
You finally reached the bedroom and opened the door and walked in. In the middle of the bed, with crossed leg, and staring straight out into the room, sat Sebastian. He was frowning and his mouth was folded into a scowl.
You had never, ever seen him like this, and you had known him for almost ten years. You had seen him through the bad, but he had never looked at you like he did right now. “Uh… Hi?” You said carefully, stepping into the room. His eyes followed you as you moved closer to him, and you sat down in front of him on the edge of the bed, waiting with bated breath and folded hands. He didn’t say anything. He simply kept staring at you. You frowned deeper now, feeling an unnerving feeling settle in your stomach. Maybe he finally got tired of you after all these years, finally seeing you as you were; nothing special compared to what he was. “Sebastian, are you okay…?” You asked quietly, your eyes flitting across the room, not really ready to look him in the eyes just yet.
“You.” He finally said in an angry, tense voice. You looked at him with a raised eyebrow. “You ruined my life.” “I’m sorry, what?” He narrowed his eyes at you. “You ruined my goddamn life.” He spat at you, eyes shooting daggers at you. Your heart broke. You loved him and had loved him for maybe 9 years and 23 hours, and the thought of him thinking you ruined his life, made you want to crumble in a heap on the floor. You had had this fear since you met him, but especially since his career really took off, feeling very much on the sideline and very wrong in the company of the people, he was around most of the time. It wouldn’t come as a surprise if he decided that he finally had enough or felt like you weren’t really… Well, good enough for him.   You thought back to whatever had happened in the week, since you saw him last. You didn’t do anything special. You went on one date, which sucked ass, stayed in it for far too long – he had only been interested in whatever connection you had to Sebastian, so that was a pretty clear no on your end. “Wait, how!?” you asked, finally finding your voice. He huffed and got off the bed in a fluid motion, his hands flying around his face as he began talking. “Where do I even fucking start!?” He huffed and turned to you, pointing an accusatory finger at you. You felt your heart almost exit your asshole as he glared holes in you, anger rolling off him in waves. “You smiled at me, for starters. You fucking dared smile one night ten years ago and then roped me right the fuck in.” “Uh…” He glared and you shut your mouth. “And then you had the nerve, the sheer fucking audacity to make me feel joy in life. By a lot. Do you have any idea how goddamn infuriating that is!?” You blanched. “Uh, sorry?” You were confused. “OH! Ooooh, yeah, you’re fucking gonna be!” He snarled. He looked absolutely feral, his hair sticking out in strange places and his blue eyes a blazing fire. “Because guess fucking what, I would die for you! Hope you’re happy!” “Dude, what the fuck?” “OH, and another thing! You make me feel all these things, make me act like an idiot to the point where even Chris is questioning it, and then you go on a goddamned date!? Like, who does that?!” He flung his arms out, and you tried to bite back a laugh. Oh lord, this man was about to ruin you. “And, and… You’re being all nice and cute and shit, bringing me food and smiling that fucking smile at me, acting like nothing is wrong in the world and then you just go… BAH.” He glared at you. “And you don’t even care. You’re soooooo perfect and nice, and then you just… Go and date someone without even thinking… Not that I think you’d even think of me that way, but still… And well, you’ve ruined my life, because I’m happy and would die for you and you’re GODDAMN SMILING AT ME, STOP IT.” You stood up and gently placed your hands on his shoulders.
“Seb, look at me.” He refused. “Hey, asshole, look at me.” He finally looked at you, the burning blaze behind his eyes making your stomach do somersaults. “You’re a dick. I thought you wanted to get me out of your life.” You said in a small voice. “What? No, never! I’m just really fucking annoyed that you did all of this to me and didn’t even think about it!” “I didn’t know I did those things, you asshat!” “Well… You should’ve!” he huffed. “Dude, I would die for you to, you absolute buffoon.” His breathing stopped for a moment. “What?” He mumbled, his eyes darting from your eyes to your lips, as if he was trying to imprint the movements of them as you spoke again. “Buddy. Are you really going to make me say it?” “Yes.” He pouted a little. You rolled your eyes and grabbed his face in between your hands. “I fucking love you.” “I hate you.” He said as a knee-jerk reaction. “Ha, sure you do. I’ll just leave then…” You made to move, but he grabbed you by the waist. “No, the fuck you won’t.”
His lips were on your in an instant, and you smiled against them, pulling him closer by his shirt. You moaned against him as his tongue slid against yours and he hugged you closely, his hands traveling up the back of your shirt, unclasping your bra. You shimmied it out from your shirt, quickly removing it, before placing your hands back on his shirt, unbuttoning it as quickly as you could. He almost tore the fabric in desperation to get it off, and wen it was, you moaned at the feeling of his muscles moving under his skin. You were burning as he pushed you back into the bed, his lips only leaving yours as he shimmied your pants down your legs and removed his own – he quickly crawled over you, lips feverish on yours as he pushed your shirt out of the way and let his hands go to your breast, a low moan in his throat as he rolled your nipple between his fingers and you arched your back against him, your hands desperate against the waistband of his boxers.
It was frantic and hot, heavy with lust – you finally got a grip on it and pushed them down, a slight hiss from his lips as you pushed it past his large, throbbing cock. Your eyes almost rolled back in your head as you felt it under your fingers, hot and heavy, as you wrapped your hands around it and began pumping. His hips snapped and he moved into your hand and his right one yanked your underwear off as well and he wasted no time letting his fingers dip into your wetness, coating his fingers with it. “Fuck…” he mumbled against your lips, and you mewled at the feeling of the pads of his fingers pushed against your dripping hole. “You want this?” His voice was low and desperate, like he was waiting for rejection. “You put your fingers in me, or so help me, God…” you ended your sentence in a breathy moan as he pushed inside of you with two fingers, curling them up and began pumping hard, clearly doing his deed to get you off. You were moaning and writhing under him, your hand loosely gathered around his length, pumping it; he growled as you tightened your grip when he picked up speed, and you arched your back – his fingers moved relentlessly in you, and he chuckled a little against your lips. “Want it already, sweetheart?” he moaned against you, his hips moving on their own as he began fucking himself in your hand; you whined against him and nodded vigorously, desperate for release. “Please, Seb…” Your plea seemed to spur him on and he began pumping his fingers furiously, muttering profanities as he did, his own hips stuttering. “Fuck!” You practically screamed as you came undone around his fingers, exploding in pleasure. Your entire body was taught like a bowstring and you couldn’t think about anything else than his fingers pumping in and out of you, drawing pleasure from you like you’d suck venom from a snakebite. You saw stars as wetness gushed down your legs and your legs shook, waves of pleasure rolling over you and taking your breath away.
“You want me?” He mumbled, kissing your neck lazily. “Yes.” Your voice was clear as day despite the pleasure and lust clouding your brain. There was nothing else, you’d rather want. He slowly unwrapped your hand from his length and positioned himself to line up with your hole, stopping before going in. “Uh…” “We’re good.” You said, your hand on his shoulders, trying to claw your way to him entering you. He shot you a mischievous smile and entered you, slowly letting you adjust to his size. You were gasping as he entered inch by inch until he bottomed out – he was huge and you felt full to a point, where it almost hurt. You were panting, his name rolling from your lips as he shook with willpower to stay still as your walls throbbed around him, pulling him into you. “Fucking hell, I’ve waited years for this…” He mumbled, looking down at where your bodies joined; the look in his eyes sent you reeling, the possessiveness and pride in them was enough to almost make you tip over the edge again. “Move.” He didn’t wait a second.
He snapped his hips, pulling out until he was almost out, and then he began moving; you moaned at the feeling of him dragging against your walls, and you clawed at his naked back, a hiss flying over his lips as your nails dug into his skin, and his hips stuttered. You moaned his name again and again, almost in tandem with his thrusts.
You were both lost completely to the feeling; you were both sweating, and the sound of your skin slapping against each other as he fucked you deeply, filled the room – you were rolling your hips to meet his thrusts and there was no rhyme or reason to the movements, simply just lost in the pleasure. You felt yourself get closer to the edge again, your legs shaking and heart hammering. “I’m close…” You whispered and he growled, his speed picking up again as he tried to get you to come. “Shit, you feel fucking amazing.” He mumbled, a hand in your hair and tugging it lightly. You groaned at the feeling and your walls fluttered around him as he did. “Oh, like that, baby?” his voice was dripping honey as he fucked you deeply and tugged at your hair again. You hissed a yes, your eyes rolling back as he held your hair tightly and moved a little, the new position letting him angle his cock deeper inside of you, the tip nudging at your cervix – you mewled as you felt yourself tighten around him, pulling him deeper. “Come for me, baby…” He tugged your hair harshly this time and you came undone.
You exploded around him, a scream of pleasure letting itself rip through your throat as you came hard, your nerves alight with pleasure; it ran through you like lightning and you tensed around him, your walls pulsing as you came down. If you died right here, right now, you’d die happy.
He roared and his rhythm stuttered as he neared his climax as well, hammering your dripping hole as fast as he could. You were panting under him, your arms grabbing a tight hold to his shoulders, clinging to him as he pounded into you – you felt him swell inside of you and wrapped your legs around his waist. “Fill me.” You whispered in his ear and tugged at his earlobe with your teeth.
He came hard. He growled loudly, burying his cock deeply in you as he came, hot, white ropes of cum filling you and painting your walls white. You felt the heat of it heat your lower abdomen and smiled at the feeling. You were both panting, almost gasping for air as you slowly let go of his shoulders and sagged against his bed, exhaling a satisfied breath. He bowed his head down to your chest, resting his sweaty forehead against your collarbone. His breath fanned over your chest, your nipples pebbling under it and he chuckled lightly, flicking it with his tongue.
“Stop you, asshole, I’m sensitive.” You moaned. He slowly pulled out of you and laid down next to you and pulled you to his chest. “You ruined my life, too, you know?” you whispered, smiling happily against his chest as you felt is spend slowly drip from you. “Ha, hopefully I did.” He whispered back, kissing your hair. “What now?” You asked gently. “Wellll…. I think there’s plenty of positions to try out…” He grinned wickedly and pulled your face to his, kissing you deeply again.
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babyboibucky · 6 months ago
The Match - Part 25 (Finale)
Pairing: CEO!Bucky x Fem!Reader
Summary: You and Bucky move on with your lives.
Word Count: 3.5k
Warnings: No smut, I apologize lmfao
A/N: OHMYGOD WE MADE IT. WE’RE AT THE FINALE AND I CAN’T FUCKING BELIEVE I FINISHED THIS LONG ASS SERIES! THIS FEELS LIKE RETIREMENT LMAO anyway I will make a separate post for my thoughts and feelings about finishing this. I just hope that y’all enjoy this one (it still feels mediocre for me) and I can’t wait to read what you guys think!!!!!!!!!!
The Match Masterlist || MAIN MASTERLIST
Tumblr media
“How are you holding up?”
You groaned as you looked up from your laptop, “Not good.” you admitted before slamming it shut and then burying your face into your palms.
Tomorrow was your big pitch for a client and your presentation was already done from a week ago. However, your brain really decided to come up with a better idea just this morning and you can’t not go with that one. You just can’t.
“The creatives team was ready to send me to my grave when I asked them to revise all the materials.” you said.
“Even if they could, they can’t. You’re the Account Director and oh, my business partner too?” Kenzie said with a lilt in her voice.
After taking a break from work for a couple of months, you crossed paths with Kenzie. You were on your way to a job interview when you passed by her in the same building. Turned out that she was working on creating her own marketing agency. The two of you caught up on each other’s lives and by the end of the day, she had offered you to partner with her.
Investing in a business was no joke and you had to admit, you weren’t sure whether you were ready to do so. You still took the jump though and two and half years later here you were— owning a marketing agency alongside Kenzie.
Things did work out for you after all, career wise.
You always wondered whether the same thing happened to a certain someone.
“Hello? You still with me?” Kenzie snapped her manicured fingers right into your face.
You looked up at her, “Huh?”
She smirked, “I can see your mind flying elsewhere and as much as I want to pry, I don’t want to distract you or else you’re going to spend the night here in the office again.” she said.
You rolled your eyes, “That was one time, Kenzie!” you called out to her as she walked away, but not before turning around to remind you of tonight’s agenda.
“Dinner with Sam at 8pm. And I don’t want you working while we catch up, so finish your deck, babe.” she warned with a playful wink.
Shaking your head with amusement, you opened your laptop again and continued with your presentation. Unable to help yourself, you switched the tab to Google and started typing.
Bucky Barnes
Before you could even search him up, you had already changed your mind and closed the tab. It’s been years since Bucky left and since then, you promised yourself to focus on your career. You never searched him up, never added him on social media, nothing.
In those years that Bucky was away, you focused on bettering yourself. Not for him nor for anyone, but for you.
You were willing to wait for him, but you also didn’t stop yourself from entertaining others who showed interest in you. You chose to believe Winnifred when she said that when two people are meant together, it’ll happen eventually.
Whether you and Bucky were going to meet again, you gave it all up to fate.
“Look at the two of you!” Sam hollered as soon as you and Kenzie reached his table at the restaurant.
You hugged Sam and sat across from him with a huge smile on your face, “And look at you, dashing as ever!” You complimented.
“I mean, he was featured in GQ magazine. He’s a changed man.” Kenzie teased with a sly smile.
After Barnes Group of Companies was officially sold to Wilson Enterprises, Sam became the man of the hour. As soon as the news got out, he was the topic in the industry and yes, was given a special feature in GQ magazine. There were a lot of articles about Bucky too, with most of them on the negative side but you never really paid attention.
You only read a couple and none of which were actually true. One article assumed that Bucky was broke, that’s why he sold the company, another one said that he escaped from paying taxes. There were a lot of hearsays about him, you were actually glad he wasn’t around to deal with them.
“How’s the business going?” Sam asked.
“It’s amazing! I gotta thank her for it, she works really hard.” Kenzie said and turned to you.
“Shut up, Kenzie.” You said, rolling your eyes at her, “You’re the one bringing in clients, you work just as hard.” You told her.
Sam chuckled as he watched you two with amusement, “It’s really great seeing you two like this. I can still remember when there was a little competition going on.” He said.
You groaned, “Oh god, not that one.” You said.
Kenzie laughed, “Girl, that competition made you shine though.”
All throughout dinner, the three of you caught up on a lot of things— personal lives included but mostly about each other’s career. Sam mentioned that Beverly was now taking on a marketing role, something that she has been updating you about since you left the company. You couldn’t be even more proud of her.
In the middle of a conversation, Kenzie’s phone rang, “Ugh, it’s our fave client.” she sarcastically told you, “Probably going to follow up on the updated list of influencers, anyway, I gotta take this so excuse me.” she said and headed out of the restaurant.
“You look really happy.” Sam commented with a nod.
You laughed, “Actually, I really am.” you admitted, “I never thought I’d have my own agency yet here I am.” you said.
Sam smiled, “I’m really happy for you. I mean, I took it as a loss since I really wanted you to work for my company.” he chuckled.
“Are you pirating me?” you narrowed your eyes at him with a smirk.
Sam shrugged before taking a sip from his wine, “I’m just saying, I never closed my doors for you.” he said and wiggled his eyebrows at you.
“Well, Kenzie beat you to it. How were things when you formally bought the company?” you curiously asked.
You only saw articles about it, but never really knew what Sam had to deal with after Bucky sold him the company. Sam told you that he needed to think about it plenty of times when Bucky brought up the idea. It was such a huge step but somehow, it all worked pretty well— for him and Bucky.
“The only difficulty I encountered was dealing with George Barnes.” Sam said with a chortle, “That man’s urge to meddle is just…astounding.” he laughed.
You snorted, “Tell me about it. How’d you get him off your back?” you asked.
Sam leaned back against his seat, “Oh, Bucky set him straight. George barged into my office when I was about to sign the contract. I have never seen Bucky go off at someone like that, even George was stunned. Good for him though, I think that was when he realized that Bucky has become his own person.” he said.
“Speaking of Bucky, I heard he’s back in town.” Sam said with a knowing look in his eyes.
Just the mention of his name made your chest tighten, not in a bad way though. The fact that Bucky was back made your stomach do somersaults. Questions you never really thought of for the past years suddenly filled your mind.
How was he? What was he up to now?
Has he moved on?
Has he found someone new?
“I always thought there was something between you two, when I asked Bucky about it I wasn’t surprised when he confirmed it. How did you take it, his decision to leave?” Sam curiously asked.
Letting out a relaxed sigh, you merely shrugged, “I think we both needed some time apart, you know? He needed to work on himself, I think I needed time to sort my priorities too. It was a messy time back then.” you chuckled softly.
Sam nodded, “And what about now? What are your priorities?” he asked.
“I have my own company now, I worked my ass off for the past few years and will probably continue doing so. I guess my priorities didn’t change that much.” you said with a laugh.
Sam smiled, “From someone who has the same priorities, let me tell you a piece of advice. It’s okay to take a break. You don’t have anything to worry about, you’ve proven enough.”
You returned his smile, “Thanks, Sam. We would have made a powerful couple, honestly.” you joked.
“You know what? I agree. Maybe swipe right on me when you download Tinder again.” he smirked.
“Oh my god, you knew about that too?!”
Trailing behind Kenzie, you went through your mental checklist for today’s presentation. The deck was ready, you knew your script for the pitch like the back of your hand, you yourself was ready too. As you and Kenzie walked through the hallway leading to the client’s office, you started feeling your pockets for your phone.
“Fucking hell.” you cussed out.
Kenzie turned around and looked at you worriedly, “Anything wrong?” she asked.
“I left my phone in the car.” you huffed out and searched your bag again before feeling for your pockets the second time around.
“Can you go ahead and tell the client I’ll be back?” you asked.
Kenzie nodded and took your laptop bag, “Yeah, sure. We have around five minutes anyway, just be quick.” she said.
“Yeah, I’m sorry. Be back in a jiffy.” you said and rushed back to the elevator, pressing the basement button.
You pressed on the close button multiple times in an attempt to speed up the doors from closing. However, someone felt the need to catch up and slotted a foot in between the doors, delaying you even further. A muffled curse slipped past your lips as you watched the elevator doors open once more.
The person who slipped in though, was someone you hadn’t expected to see.
It was as if the time stopped when he looked up at you, his blue eyes brighter than ever. It brought you back to the time you shared the elevator with him for the first time. He still had the same aura— confident and somewhat authoritative— he still wore the same damn perfume too, the one that made your knees weak because it made him smell like a manly man.
Unlike in the past, he was no longer clad in the usual suit and tie ensemble. Instead, he was simply sporting a dark blue long-sleeved top. His hair was shorter, cleaner, but he still had a stubble that almost gave you whiplash from the sudden influx of flashbacks.
If there was anything that changed in the way he looked it was that he appeared lighter— happier.
“Hi.” he said, blinking at you as the doors closed.
Suddenly, you found it hard to breathe with him standing beside you. You had a lot of things to say and ask, at least that’s what you thought whenever you imagined seeing him again. Now that he was here though, it’s like you had forgotten how to speak.
“How have you been?” he spoke first.
You cleared your throat, “Um, good. You?” you said and you wanted to slap yourself for being so fucking awkward like it was your first time meeting him.
“You look good by the way.” you added, unable to stop yourself.
Bucky chuckled as he rubbed the back of his neck, “Thanks. Uh, I’m great. You look amazing too.” he said.
Silence followed after the small talk and even the elevator music didn’t help. What was it with fucking elevators and Bucky?! And why do they always seem to slow down whenever the two of you are together?
Both of you cleared your throats in unison, stealing glances from each other a couple of times before you decided to just go for it and start another conversation.
“Do you work here?”
“You work in this building?”
You both answered at the same time, earning a soft laughter from each other. Bucky shook his head in amusement and responded the same time as you did.
“No, I have a meeting with a client here.”
“Yeah, we just moved offices.”
Another round of laughter echoed in the elevator. You tucked your hair behind your ear, “I’m sorry, you can go ahead and talk.” you said, feeling your neck turn warm the longer you looked at Bucky.
Bucky nodded, “Our new office is here, I just brought up some of our stuff.” he said, “Where do you work now?” he asked.
“Kenzie and I started our own marketing agency. Well, she did and then she asked me whether I was interested to join her so…yeah. New company?” you asked.
The way Bucky looked at you when you told him about your agency made your heart beat twice as fast. The fondness in those eyes, how his lips tugged into a genuine smile, you just realized how much you missed them.
“I’m proud of you.” he simply said, biting his bottom lip, “I mean you and Kenzie are quite the tandem.” he said.
Laughing, you acknowledged his statement, “Who would have thought, right?” you asked before smiling at him.
“Thank you, Bucky.” you softly said.
“And yeah, new company. My friend and I started a motorcycle business, a dealership.” he explained.
You smiled, “You never left the industry, huh?” you asked.
Bucky chuckled, “Yeah, well as much as I hated taking over the family business, I learned to love the industry.” he said.
You were about to congratulate him when the elevator stopped at the basement floor, “Were you headed to a different floor?” you asked when you noticed the look on Bucky’s face, like he made a mistake.
“Yeah, I kinda forgot to press the button. Got distracted.” he admitted with a familiar look in his eyes that left you flustered. “Guess I’ll just walk you to your car?” he asked.
“I’m just going back to get my phone, I left it and…but yeah, you can walk me there.” you stammered.
The two of you walked side by side in silence for a few seconds before Bucky spoke up again, “So you have a client meeting.” he stated.
You nodded, “Yeah, in fact, I am running late. I just had to forget my phone.” you awkwardly explained upon reaching your car.
The walk back to the elevators was just as awkward, with you or Bucky starting small talk that really didn’t get anywhere. You could feel that he too had a lot of things to say, but really, how do you even start?
While waiting for the elevator to reach the basement, you kept your gaze on the monitor displaying the floor numbers. Bucky was standing slightly behind you and yet you could feel his gaze on you. As soon as the elevators opened, you wasted no time to step inside but didn’t miss the subtle brush of Bucky’s hand on the small of your back as he ushered you in.
“What floor are you headed to?” you asked after pressing the button to your destination.
“Don’t worry, I got it.” he said, leaning towards the buttons and pressing on the tenth floor.
The waft of Bucky’s perfume invaded your nostrils and just like that, you were left intoxicated yet again. Suddenly, the atmosphere between the two of you changed; it’s like as soon as the small talk was done, the tension from the past came back.
Wanting to be able to talk to him properly, you gathered your courage and decided to be the first one to make the move.
“Are you down for dinner tonight?” you asked, clenching your fists at your sides.
Bucky looked at you, a bit surprised at your boldness before his face fell. “I can’t, I’m seeing someone tonight.” he said softly.
Oh okay.
You didn’t expect him to say that, it almost made you dizzy. Your throat turned dry all of a sudden and you felt your heart drop to your stomach. What were you expecting anyway? Two and half years was a long time, a lot of things could happen like, meet someone else? You managed to own an agency during those two years, even went on several dates so it was highly possible for Bucky to find genuine happiness in someone else.
Maybe you were meant to build him for somebody else. Looking away from Bucky, you started apologizing.
“Oh. Of course, I’m sorry I just—”
“My therapist.” Bucky hurriedly cut you off.
You blinked at him, “Your…therapist?” you asked.
Bucky looked embarrassed as he laughed, “Yeah, I really can’t ditch her.” he explained.
Okay, you did a lot of overthinking with that one but the relief that washed over your entire body was very comforting. You felt stupid for jumping to conclusions and ended up mentally slapping yourself. You didn’t even feel ashamed of the loud sigh of relief you let out.
“Whew, okay. Therapist.” you laughed, “Yeah, don’t ditch her. That’s…huh, therapist. Just a therapist. Good. I mean, it’s great. That…um, yeah. I get it.” you started rambling and almost facepalmed when you noticed the amusement in Bucky’s eyes.
“Yeah, my therapist. She’s old. Married even, with grandchildren.” Bucky reassured, humoring you.
“I’m free tomorrow night though.” Bucky suggested immediately, stuffing his hands inside the pockets of his jeans.
This time, it was you who made a face. “I’m meeting someone tomorrow, sorry.” you said, “Just a client though, old too. I’m guessing he has grandchildren as well.” you said and laughed along with Bucky.
“Um, Thursday night?” you asked.
“I have dinner with mom and Steve on Thursday.” he said.
You couldn’t stop your lips from stretching into a huge smile, “Winnifred and Steve?” you asked.
Bucky instantly understood you and he nodded, “Yeah, it took a while but uhh I…I got to fix some stuff. I promised you, didn’t I?” he said, turning serious this time.
Your breath hitched in your throat; suddenly, you were nervous but the good kind, like things were finally working out. You had the same feeling when you shared the elevator with him after matching on Tinder, like you already knew that something significant was going to happen in your life.
It felt like that, like something was about to start again.
Something good.
“I’m happy for you.” you commented.
“Can I confess something?” Bucky asked out of the blue but didn’t wait for you to answer before continuing.
“I know about the agency. Sam told me as soon as I got back. I was going to call you this weekend but I guess we’re meant to see each other earlier than I had planned.” he said.
You held in your breath as you debated on something, but you ended up admitting something as well, “I know about your business too, I googled you. Just last night.”
No matter how much you held back from searching up Bucky, you couldn’t. Especially not after Sam told you that he was back. You discovered that he has been traveling a lot, connecting with potential brands for his new business. He has been in and out of New York for quite a while now and to be frank, you wondered why he never contacted you.
But then again, you never attempted to do the same thing too. You assumed that perhaps it meant that there was truly a right time for everything.
Timing could be a bitch most of the time and the universe has its way of messing things up. Now though, it’s almost as if timing and the universe teamed up to make everything right.
Bucky opened his mouth to say something when the elevator dinged at the same time your phone started ringing. As you fumbled with your phone, Bucky seemed conflicted about stepping out on the floor he was headed to.
So many things left unsaid, so little time.
“Hey, Kenzie. I’m on my way up.” you said as soon as you answered the call while Bucky was still debating about stepping out.
“So um, Friday night?” Bucky asked hopefully as he finally walked out, leaving you inside.
“Shit, wait, I need to check my calendar first.” you said and struggled when the doors almost closed, thank goodness for your reflexes because you managed to hold down the open button while pulling up your calendar app.
Bucky looked at you with a certain glint in his eyes, “We can always reschedule if you’re not free.”
“Oh!” you exclaimed, “I’m meeting with a friend on Friday afternoon but I’m free at night.” you told him urgently.
“I’m free at night, we can go out Friday night.” you quickly repeated as your phone went off again, ringing in the background as you and Bucky laughed.
“It’s a match!” he blurted out, looking flustered at the implication of his statement.
“I mean, we’re a match…our schedules are a match. We’re both free on Friday night is what I meant.” he explained, his cheeks turning into a subtle shade of pink.
Amidst the chaos that was happening— the elevator doors beginning to close, your phone buzzing with Kenzie’s name flashing on the screen, the client meeting waiting to start and everything else in between— your heart and mind were both at peace.
Before the doors could completely close, you and Bucky locked gazes. Finally, fucking finally, everything fell into place.
“It’s a match alright.”
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angels-hugs-and-kisses · 5 days ago
A/n: Hey everyone! This is my first blog so I decided to do a replaced mc au for it, I hope y’all like it <33 all your likes, reblogs, and comments are greatly appreciated <33
WARNING: Abandonment, bullying, emotional abuse, neglect, and harassment.
CH 1: You’ve really dug yourself a grave, haven’t you?
CH 2
You now looked at the amount of apologies being thrown at you from all directions. Lucifer, himself was kneeled in front of you as he begged for your forgiveness whereas the rest of the brothers too were sputtering apologies and the prince himself too, apologised in a broken state. You only frowned at their pathetic attempts and walked on with your new found friends and partner with those pathetic beings, now following shamelessly behind you.
“Mc. Get ready, Diavolo is calling us to RAD.” “Now?” “Yes. Now.” “What’s the holdup?” “I do not know what’s the hold up but can you get up and get dressed? We can’t have you looking like trash as always.” Stated Lucifer as he sighed irritably. “What got up your ass today Lucifer? Maybe Diavolo?” You scoffed, and slammed the door in his face, leaving him shocked and infuriated with you. It’s not like you cared anyways. Not only Lucifer, but everyone was treating you like shit since the last month. “Maybe they finally got tired of me…” you sighed and changed into some acceptable clothes as you tried to push down the uncomfortable feeling that rose within your gut, you felt like something bad was going to come out of this. You suppressed it and went outside only to find that the brothers already left without you. Your DDD then rang up with a notification from Mammon himself.
[MY FIRST] : Hey human, took ya long enough so we left without ya, sorry not sorry, ya better get here fast though, Luci is getting angry with every passing minute.
You immediately slammed the phone in anger leaving him on read. It was then you ran all the way to the castle only to find the demons, angels, the royals, the sorcerer and someone new? Ah, a new girl. Maybe this was the bad news. “Oh? You finally turned up eh?” Stated Solomon. “Mmhm, I had to run all the way till here.” You stated and took your seat. It was then Diavolo smiled down at you and stated that she was Cecilia. She would be a new student at RAD. “My lord?” “Hmm? Yes Mc?” “Didn’t you say that two humans were enough? What’s the sudden plan?” Guess Cecilia didn’t like that. She narrowed her amber eyes at you. You only looked back at her and ignored her once again. “I did state that Mc, but seeing as our plans to reunite the three realms wasn’t going well with just two humans, I brought in another one, isn’t she perfect for this? She didn’t even get scared!” Clapped Diavolo. The girl was pretty indeed, she had styled black hair, peach skin with amber eyes and was dressed in modest clothing. She didn’t look any special though, she looked bland to you. “Nice to meet you Cecilia, hope we get along” you stated while shaking her hand. She merely gave a tight smile and shakes it back strictly. It was then you realised how troubling this year was going to be.
It had now been a month after her arrival and honestly? You hated her guts. She was mean, rude, prideful, and just condescending in general, she rarely even spent any time with you and anytime she talked, you only felt malice in her voice as she spoke to you. It really wasn’t just her, the others, the people you once considered your friends, were just rude to you in general. While Solomon and the demons were out rightly rude to you and treated you like a slave while they hung out with Cecilia, the angels merely gave you irritated smiles and back handed compliments. You were always either called “annoying”, “waste of space”, a “disgrace”, and at one point Lucifer even lost his cool at you in front of the entire student body of RAD, while yelling at you about how “un-couth” you were, and how much “better” Cecilia was than you. You didn’t feel sad, you stopped feeling sad when Cecilia would float in front of you about how Asmodeus dotes on her, how Mammon favoured her and how “everyone” supported her whereas she always tried to rub it in your face that you got nothing from the boys. She always left disappointed though, since all you gave her was a blank poker face. While Lucifer tried to humiliate you in front of RAD, Asmodeus, Leviathan, and Mammon spread rumours about you all over RAD and harassed you at home by throwing snarky insults at you. The others merely ignored you as they spent all their time with Cecilia. You didn’t really care though. Most of RAD always took your side and ignored Cecilia. The only ones who hung around her were the succubi of RAD, who only hung out with her because of Asmodeus. You always managed to keep your temper under control until one incident which left not only you, but the entirety of RAD, fuming at the brothers and the others.
It was a good day, really, you hadn’t seen any of the brothers since they were home fussing over Cecilia since she sneezed, whereas they sent you to RAD even though you were sick because they “couldn’t afford getting their princess sick due to some useless human”. You even planned on staying the night for a sleepover at a friend’s house after a party hosted by one of the teachers in RAD. Of course due to your arrival, none of the brothers, the angels, the royals or the sorcerer were invited. It’s not like anyone truly liked them. It was then came in a fuming Lucifer with a crying Cecilia with the rest of the brothers, and the other exchange students who looked equally fuming. “Mc. Get down here. Now.” The other students looked at you in worry. You stood up and made your way down. It was then you felt a stinging sensation on your cheek as your eyes widened in realisation. “If I hear, about you, ever talking to Cecilia again. I will not hesitate to take this to the prince.” “What-“ “don’t you dare open your mouth. Verbally abuse Cecilia again. I dare you.” You then looked up at the group behind Lucifer. No one defended you. Mammon only seemed to glare at you even harder now. You blinked back tears as they left the class. Your class only seemed to get more angrier at those who left. You silently made your way to your bench as your friends apologised for not standing up for you. You merely shook off the incident but rather than sadness, you felt a new emotion take it’s place.
They will pay, starting from now? Their worst days have already started. And the best part? You already knew how to get your revenge. You only smirked as you started working again.
Oh this will be so fun~
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softshiin · 6 months ago
hiii!! saw you opened rqs so i came as soon as i heard :p
can i request an artist!s/o asks to paint on them with draken, shinichiro, rindou, sanzu and chifuyu? :D
feel free to ignore of you dont wanna do it <3 also to remove or change any of them if you wanna do someone else :p
have a great day!! and a cat
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
summary: artist!s/o who asks the boys to pose for them
characters: ken, shinichiro, rindou, sanzu and chifuyu
warnings: fluff?
note: hello hello!! thanks for requesting hun~ sorry for being late :(
Tumblr media
; he knew that you liked drawing, that’s all
; ken always loved watching you while painting, and he must admit that you were also pretty good at it
; but you were too shy to ask him to pose for you, fearing a refusal
; at your birthday tho, he asked you if you wanted to do something in particular with him. like a date or sum
; “so uh,, actually, could you pose for me please..?”
; he was totally fine and delighted to become your model
; you ended up making him pose with his hair down ‘cause he looked so gorgeous tbh <3
; okay so- this guys right here actually asked you multiple times A DAY if he could pose for you
; and you always rejected him, saying you weren’t that good at painting
and stuff
; to tell the truth, you weren’t enough confident in your drawing skills and wanted to improve
; after some months, you felt that you were ready to try
; “shin~ c’me here for a sec babe”
; after telling him that you wanted to try, his eyes lightened up
; “omg really??? are ya sure angel?? aaaa i’m so happy really- i could actually cry wait a sec-“
; he was just so cute lmg :((
; ++ he blushed a lot while you were sketching bc he felt embarrassed <3
; tbh he was secretly interested in this hobby of yours
; never expressed more than a “you’re good at it” or “that’s pretty”
; wanted to see a sketch of him so bad on your sketchbook
; never dared to look on it tho 😟
; and then one day you finally asked him “so.. wanna try to pose for me, rin?”
; was trying to hide everything but his smile showed up as soon as he hear what you said
; “yeah uh, well sure i guess”
; your painting ended up really cute, he was blushing a lot pls<3
; was actually into drawing too
; has already asked you multiple times if y’all could paint together
; but you never painted each other
; he was secretly waiting for your anniversary to ask this kind of favor
; he thought it would be fun tbh
; so during the special day, he suddenly asked “y/n, doll, what if we draw each other? it could be fun”
; your heart suddenly started to beat faster, feeling a lot of joy in your body
; “yeah let’s do it!!”
; that <date> ended up really cute <3
; you both tried new painting styles, and all the room looked kinda messy
; but you still had fun
; he’s totally shy when you ask him to pose for you out of nowhere
; “i- uh are you sure i’m the best model?”
; so insecure about himself??? baby why??
; def took him an hour or more to choose what to wear for you :(
; “are my hair fine? how do i pose?”
; feeling a bit nervous aw
; he didn’t know what to do pls he’s so cute
; it took you a bit but you tried to make him laugh during your sketching time
; so he would feel less pressured
; he was actually happy of receiving the painting !
; def hanged it up somewhere in his room with a note like “from y/n for me<3”
Tumblr media
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ladyartemesia · a year ago
All I Want For Christmas is You
Tumblr media
Pairing: Kim Taehyung x Female Reader
Summary: When Park Jimin is unable to escort his precious sister through the gauntlet of corporate holiday galas, he blackmails his best friend Taehyung into being her chaperone. After all, who better to safeguard his headstrong sibling than a man who would never want her for himself? (She and Tae have spent the better part of a decade mutually disliking each other, and that’s putting it mildly.) Yet, even the best laid plans may go awry at Christmas and Kim Taehyung is about to discover that the girl he never wanted has become a temptation he cannot resist...
Genre: Comedy • Fluff  • Smut
Tropes: Brother’s Best Friend (Reader is Jimin’s Sister) • Enemies-to-Lovers
Collab: This work is part of the Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tropes Collab featuring original holiday themed works by @ppersonna • @xjoonchildx  • @underthejoon • @yeojaa​ • @untaemedqueen • and @snackhobi
Word Count: 17K (I know—I am shocked too honestly)
Rating: Explicit (18+)
Warnings: suggestive photographs • mention of accidentally being hit with a baseball • hints of jealousy and possessiveness • light tit slapping • explicit sexual content • m/f oral sex • consensual unprotected sex (shield it before you yield it y’all) • Viola’s mirror kink makes yet another appearance •
To @ppersonna​ (Lindy) @underthejoon​ (Fal) and @xjoonchildx​ (Ana) you guys are my heart. Your support, willingness to read (and re-read) and give honest feedback made this fic special. Your friendship is my daily dose of awesome. Truly, I love you.
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Please Picture This Taehyung:
Tumblr media Tumblr media
“No. Absolutely not.”
“Yes. Because you absolutely owe me.”
“Then send me a bill, not your unmanageable harpy of a sister.”
Jimin raised a single unimpressed brow. 
“Kim Taehyung. It was exactly five years ago today that I carried your drunken naked ass two miles in the rain after you set your clothes on fire and sprained your ankle at that Beta Phi party.” He paused dramatically. “Do you remember what you said to me that night? After I deleted several pictures off phones and paid off half the party to keep it out of the papers?”
The man in question shifted uncomfortably.
“That incident is a bit hazy in my memory. I’m not sure I recall—”
“Jiminie—you’re the best and I—I owe… you. I owe you the most, Jiminie. I do—I owe you a favor—one BIG favor—anything you ask… Even though... I actually like being naked. I don’t think we need clothes. We should all be naked. Everyone. Then there would be world peace.”
Taehyung’s jaw dropped. 
Jimin grinned, sliding his phone back into his pocket.
“Naturally. And I had it all ready to go—just in case you needed extra convincing.” He crossed his arms and fixed his best friend of nearly fifteen years with a triumphant smirk. “I’m calling in that favor today, Taehyung. Now are you a man of your word or not?”
Tumblr media
“He did WHAT?!”
Your mother winced. 
“Jimin was... uncomfortable leaving you alone for the holiday season. He normally accompanies you to the galas but this year—”
“This year I was going to go alone and finally build my reputation as an asset to this family!”
Park Soomin sighed as she watched her daughter pace fiercely around the living room of their luxury suite. 
“No one doubts that you’re an asset, but… in light of recent events...”
Rage and embarrassment flared up in your chest before you could stop them. 
“This is about Milo… isn’t it?”
The silence that greeted your statement was confirmation enough. 
“Are you ever going to trust me again?” you whispered. 
“Oh sweetheart... it isn’t you we don’t trust...”
Tears burned at the corner of your eyes, but you ruthlessly blinked them back. 
You would play along with their humiliating schemes. 
For now.
“So which one of Jimin’s Ivy League brat pack did he blackmail into babysitting me? 
For the first time in the entirety of the conversation, your mother looked truly nervous. 
“Kim Taehyung.”
You tripped over your own feet and face-planted into the sofa. 
Tumblr media
“Jungkook, I need to look into faking my own death. Nothing too over the top. Just a tasteful disappearance—”
The man in question could barely restrain his grin. 
“You don’t pay me nearly enough to deal with your mother in the event of your tragic demise and miraculous resurrection.”
“I could pay you more.”
“Or,” Jungkook replied with a heavy dose of judgment coloring his tone, “you could put on this ridiculous tie and stop trying to weasel out of it.”
“Sometimes I wonder why I pay you at all,” Taehyung growled, yanking the tie from the younger man’s grasp. “Clearly I’m not the one in charge.”
“Your words, sir, not mine. Now shall we go over the details and itinerary?”
If Jeon Jungkook wasn’t the best executive aide in the city (and one of his closest friends) Tae would have drop-kicked him right then and there.
“Could you at least try to look like you’re not enjoying this?”
“I’m sorry, sir. It was insensitive of me to ignore your suffering in this delicate time. The trauma of escorting a beautiful woman to a series of glorified buffets weighs heavily upon you.”
Taehyung tightened the tie so aggressively, he almost strangled himself.
“Beautiful woman?!” he wheezed. “We’re talking about the girl who showed up to our formal graduation party looking like she just escaped from Azkaban.”
Jungkook bit the inside of his cheek thoughtfully. 
“Tae… how long has it been since you’ve actually seen Ms. Park?” 
“Seen? Maybe three—four years.”
The heir-apparent of Kim Holdings avoided the public end of corporate culture like the plague, preferring to leave the requisite schmoozing to his personable cousin, Kim Seokjin. 
However, he had crossed paths with his adolescent nemesis in... other ways. 
Taehyung was romancing a lovely young socialite who suddenly ghosted him after someone told her that he wanted at least eight naturally-birthed children. 
Soon after, your favorite charity received an anonymous 30,000 dollar donation requesting that you be featured in the dunk tank for an upcoming benefit carnival and then the same anonymous patron paid for at least fifteen little league teams to attend. 
In retaliation, someone petitioned the National Aviary Society (chaired by a very influential senator’s wife that no one ever refused if they wanted their permits to go through) to make Taehyung the MC at their annual awards ceremony—knowing full well he was allergic to birds (not dangerously allergic—just enough to be miserable).  
Taehyung had sniffled and sneezed through approximately one hundred parrots, parakeets, and other assorted fowl until he was ready to commit murder. 
The last several years had been littered with similar incidents of the two of you taking thinly veiled potshots at one another. 
“I can’t imagine she’s changed very much,” Taehyung bit off absently. His mind was abruptly consumed by how he could get revenge for those demonic birds. 
He didn’t notice the smile creeping over Jungkook’s face. 
“No, sir. I’m sure she hasn’t changed at all.”
Tumblr media
Taehyung had only ever had the wind knocked out of him once before. 
He was Dionysia High School’s star pitcher for three seasons and during one particularly tense game against JY Prep, Lim Jaebeom whacked a line drive right into his solar plexus. 
That’s how it felt to look up and see you at the top of the stairs. 
In his head, you were still the mischievous imp from his childhood. Every prank he played was directed at the fierce little fiend with braids and braces who’d knocked him and his date into the university fountain while experimenting with her friend’s skateboard. 
But she was gone… and in her place was something far more dangerous. 
A woman. 
Silken fabric wrapped tightly over curves you definitely didn’t have four years ago. That wild hair had been tamed into shining waves and pinned elegantly at the nape of your neck. The wicked slit that traveled all the way up your thigh teased a smooth shapely leg that all but demanded the viewer fantasize about running their hand up the length of it. 
Suddenly it was very clear why Park Jimin wouldn’t let his sister venture into the corporate cesspool alone. 
Because the sight of you could make a man desperate. 
Betrayal—of all things—slowly crept over Taehyung as you descended toward him like some sort of angel floating down from the heavens. 
His mind went blank. Just watching the seductive shift of your hips as you swayed ever closer felt like a violation of his friendship with Jimin. He could feel the judgmental stares of an imaginary Bro-Code Council boring into him from on high. 
“I see you’ve recovered from your memorable tenure as the Aviary Society’s Master of Ceremonies.”
And just like that the brat was back. 
Taehyung breathed a hefty sigh of relief, secretly thrilled to be in familiar territory with you. 
“Naturally I was delighted to help Senator Mitchell’s wife. In fact, Mitchell’s office just fast tracked all my pending permit requests for the new year.” He tilted forward, coming into your space a bit. “I should really send you a thank you card.” 
“I don’t know what you’re talking about,” you scowled, breezing past him like an indignant queen. 
Tae could practically see the steam pouring out of your ears. 
“Of course not,” he chuckled.
Tumblr media
The first gala of the holiday season was an extravagant annual affair hosted by Min Corp., a Seoul based investment firm that commanded billions in assets. This year, the theme of the event was the Joseon Dynasty and the entire ballroom had been gloriously transformed into a stunning celebration of the Min family’s royal heritage. 
Attendees were gifted their own traditional fan, each uniquely crafted by artisans from Damyang. Taehyung’s was all black with bold silver calligraphy while yours was a beautiful bamboo and silk piece decorated with pomegranate trees. 
You had already whacked three people with it by the time dinner was served. 
“It really is a pity these fell out of fashion,” you lamented. “They’re quite useful.”
“You are deranged,” Taehyung mumbled, massaging his temples in exasperation. 
“Nonsense. I only fanned those who deserved it.”
“He was staring at my rack for a solid minute.”
Taehyung could hardly blame the man, it was a battle he himself was losing after all, but Harkins was twice your age and married—therefore his ogling was in especially poor taste. 
“Okay... What about Kang?” 
“He was verbally abusing one of the waitstaff.” 
“Alright, fair enough, but why on earth would you go after sweet old Mrs. O’Malley?”
“She was about to grab your ass.”
Taehyung’s mouth dropped open.
“She’s eighty-five!”
“And still kickin’ apparently.” You shook your head in disgust. “As if I’d whack an eighty-five year-old woman for anything less than non-consensual touching.”
“I- I- mean—surely you must be mistaken,” he coughed. 
“Oh, there’s no mistake. That nasty old crone is a serial offender. She likes to play it off as dementia, but she’s as sharp as a tack. Last year she got a whole handful of Jimin. Honestly, I’d call the police on her, but the commissioner is her grandson so I doubt I’d get very far.”
Taehyung turned to the woman in question just in time to see her totter lecherously toward Jung Hoseok, fingers already twitching in anticipation. 
“Is nothing sacred?” he mused hollowly. 
You shrugged. 
“Many people who accumulate as much as our families have start believing that they are entitled to whatever strikes their fancy.” Your eyes met his with a hint of bemusement. “Surely you should be used to this sort of thing by now?”
“Yes, but I was hardly expecting it from little old ladies!”
The remainder of dinner was a terse affair where you pretended he didn’t exist for the entire meal and he in turn pretended that the spunky young heiress seated to his right was the most darling creature to ever walk the earth. By dessert she was ready to get married and you were ready to vomit. 
Afterward, Taehyung found himself quickly converted to your views on fan usefulness as you began strolling through the crowd intent on strengthening your family’s corporate ties. 
“Kim Taehyung,” you ground out through clenched teeth, “how am I supposed to do business if you keep stabbing everyone I speak to!”
“I don’t know what you’re implying. I’m simply not used to carrying one of these. I may have accidentally grazed a few overzealous individuals—”
“My last three conversations have been rudely disrupted by the blunt end of that accused fan.”
Taehyung crossed his arms smugly. 
“And what of it? Jimin sent me along to keep an eye on you and the gentlemen in question were hardly behaving themselves. No one has to put their hand in my back or lean that close to me when they’re talking business.” 
“That’s because no one wants to get that close to you,” you replied sweetly. “You’re gross.” 
A devastating grin slid slowly over his features as he leaned forward to whisper in your ear. 
“I can think of several women who might disagree.”
He just barely caught the hitch in your breath before- 
“Like who? Miss Blushes-and-Giggles from dinner?”
“Jealous?” Taehyung drawled cockily. 
“Only in your dreams, Kim.” Then, with a deliberate flick of your fan, you turned your back to him. “I’m headed for the ladies room. Do yourself a favor and don’t follow me in.”
Tumblr media
It was twenty minutes before Taehyung realized that you slipped out the back entrance of the restroom. 
It took another ten for him to locate you on the balcony flirting outrageously with Min Yoongi. 
The young heir of Min Corp. was just leaning closer to whisper sweet nothings in your ear when a black fan slid right in between the two of you. 
“Lovely weather we’re having,” Taehyung observed cheerfully. His eyes bounced between you and Yoongi with barely concealed fury and you let out a miserable groan. 
“Mr. Kim,” Yoongi cleared his throat significantly. “What an… unexpected surprise.”
Frustration clawed at your chest as your overbearing guardian nodded smugly in response. 
It was time to teach him—and Jimin—a lesson. 
“Yoongi,” you sighed, sliding your hand pointedly through the crook of his arm, “I’m not feeling at all well. Would you perhaps… escort me home?”
Taehyung suddenly looked as if he’d swallowed a live octopus. 
Yoongi grinned, clearly thrilled with the prospect of simultaneously spending more time with you and irritating Taehyung. 
“It would be my pleasure.”
Tumblr media
“Jimin is gonna kill me,” Taehyung grumbled as he watched Min Yoongi help you into the passenger seat of his Aston Martin. 
An ugly green feeling he refused to identify twisted sharply in his gut when you smiled coyly at the other man. 
“This is ridiculous,” he snarled to no one in particular before yanking his phone out of his pocket. 
Jungkook picked up on the second ring. 
“I need you to drive to Ms. Park’s apartment and tell me if she goes in alone or if Min Yoongi goes in with her.”
“You want me to what?!” 
“Just do it!” he snapped, downing an entire glass of champagne before signaling his own driver. 
Fifteen minutes later his phone vibrated from the car seat next to him. 
1 New Message from: Jungkook
Her building has four separate entrances. Which one do I watch? 
Taehyung could practically feel the vein pulsing in his forehead as he scrolled through his contacts. 
You picked up on the fourth ring. 
“Where are you?”
“Oh it’s you… Wait—how did you get this number?”
“Jimin. Obviously. Now please answer the question.”
“Oh a ‘please.’ Who knew you had manners?”
“Answer the question, Park. I’m tired.”
The distinct sound of a zipper unzipping carried through the speaker. 
“I’m at home, of course. Where else would I be? I just got here like a minute ago.”
He had a sudden vision of Min Yoongi helping you out of your dress. His grip on the phone tightened. 
“Are you alone?”
You snorted. 
“I don’t see how that is any of your business.”
Taehyung saw red. 
“I’m coming over.”
There was a loud crash and several colorful words in at least three different languages. 
“Wha- No! I’m trying to go to bed!”
“With who?!”
“With myself, you idiot!”
“Prove it!”
“Fine! I will!”
The line disconnected and Taehyung swore loudly. He was just about to direct the driver to your building when his phone went off again. 
1 New Message from: Park Gremlin 
He almost choked on his tongue. 
You were clearly in the middle of undressing and—in your irritation—probably hadn’t looked too carefully at the picture you sent.  
At first glance it was simply a shot of your empty room (presumably “proof” that you were alone) but you neglected to consider the floor-length mirror hanging in the far corner…
A mirror that showed you angrily holding up your phone with your gown pooled deliciously around your waist and the soft round swells of your breasts strapped into lacy red lingerie. 
You were exquisite. 
A fierce, hot sensation gripped him ruthlessly, and this time there was no mistaking it. 
Tumblr media
Your phone lit up on the bed where you tossed it after snapping a photo for your tightly-wound man nanny. 
1 New Message from: Kim Grinch 
I didn’t know you liked Van Gogh. 
Your head tilted in confusion. 
There was a Van Gogh print in your room, but he couldn’t have seen it because it was behind you when-
Oh NO.
You gasped, scrolling back up to confirm what deep down you already knew to be true. 
… You just sent Kim Taehyung a topless mirror selfie. 
Several miles away, smiling smugly in the backseat of his town car, Taehyung was sure he could almost hear you screaming. 
Tumblr media
“Good morning, sir. Which would you like first; the bad news or the worse news?”
Taehyung groaned from underneath his covers. 
“Don’t you ever knock? I could have a woman up here.”
“You’ve never brought a woman up here.”
“Is that the bad news?” Taehyung yawned. 
“No,” Jungkook tossed a small stack of newspapers and printed digital articles into his lap, “this is the bad news.”
Pictures of you, Min Yoongi, and even himself were splashed over the front pages of all of them. 
“The Park Angel?” 
“That’s what the media calls her... The public is rather fascinated with her actually.”
“Can’t imagine why,” Taehyung mumbled. 
“Of course not, sir. It’s a great mystery.”
As usual, Taehyung chose to ignore his aide’s lethal snark and pressed on to the matter at hand. 
“This is a flaming disaster.”
“Oh I don’t know. I really appreciated the picture of you staring on forlornly while she and Yoongi climbed into the Aston Martin. Takes a real gift to capture all that drama in a single frame.”
“Which one was that?!” 
Tae ran his hand down over his face in exasperation. 
“I’m surprised my mother hasn’t called.”
“She has. Twice.”
“I don’t suppose that’s the ‘worse news’ is it?”
“Of course it isn’t. I’m never that lucky.” He collapsed backwards into his pillows with a beleaguered huff. “Go ahead then. Tell me.”
“Park Jimin is on the line for you right now.”
Tumblr media
After a small eternity on the phone with Jimin (assuring him that NO Min Yoongi had not despoiled his precious sister and YES he would definitely do better next time), Taehyung was forced to attend an impromptu brunch with his mother. It took considerable effort, but he was eventually able to convince her that you were neither breaking his heart nor expecting his child. 
By the time he arrived to collect you for this evening’s event, Taehyung was already sick of hearing your name (he’d spoken it no less than three hundred times since Jungkook woke him this morning).
You were in much the same boat as Taehyung, having spent most of the afternoon pacifying Jimin and clearing up your own mother’s romantic delusions regarding the Min and Kim heirs respectively. 
Tonight’s gala was a Victorian Christmas Ball thrown by the National Literary Fund and the entire venue had been transformed into a Charles Dickens fever dream. 
Unlike the Min Gala (whose theme was guarded like a state secret every year) the Literary Fund’s tribute to A Christmas Carol was tradition and you were dressed accordingly in a custom corset gown with gorgeous detailing. 
Every second of effort it took to lace yourself into the monstrosity was worth the look on Taehyung’s face the moment you slipped off your cape. 
“Something wrong, Mr. Kim?”
Taehyung was desperately trying to look literally anywhere but your chest, where said corset was serving up your breasts like a debauched buffet. 
Jimin. Think of Jimin. Think of what Jimin will do to you. Think of how much trouble she’s caused-
He peeked again.
I would pay a million dollars to suck those tits. 
“Nothing at all,” his voice cracked. 
The itinerary for the evening included performances by a local children’s choir, a traditional waltz, and—of course—dinner.
You both managed to get along without snapping at each other during the choral performance, but as two of the largest donors to the Children’s Literacy Initiative, neither of you could escape being drawn into the waltz. 
The energetic socialite who Taehyung flirted with over dinner the previous night eventually lured him onto the floor while you graciously accepted an invitation from a lovely older gentleman who chaired the Fund’s event committee. 
For the first few movements, you were thoroughly enjoying yourself. Mr. Lee was charming, respectful, and still an excellent dancer despite his advanced age. It wasn’t until a familiar sound caught your attention that the lightness in your chest suddenly felt heavy...
Taehyung was laughing. 
You heard him do so many times over the years, and in each instance, the carefree magic of it never failed to make your heart flutter. 
But now he was smiling down at the pretty little heiress and laughing for her… and the flutter in your chest was accompanied by something else. 
Something that felt an awful lot like longing. 
“Does he know you look at him like that?” Mr. Lee asked quietly. 
Your eyes flew guiltily to his, but it was too late. The old man had caught a glimpse of the secret you buried deeply for more than a decade; so deeply, in fact, there were times you almost forgot it yourself...
“No,” you whispered, “he has no idea.” 
Tumblr media
Disaster struck at dinner. 
Taehyung quite liked dancing with the lovely Miss Something-or-Other. She was sweet and funny and (unlike with you) he wasn’t constantly torn between agitation and raging inappropriate lust in her presence. 
The cold shoulder you offered him when he took his seat seemed even more frigid than usual and he spent half the meal wondering what he’d done to earn your amplified disdain when suddenly—
Your hand smacked down on his wrist, seizing it in a vise-like grip. 
Taehyung nearly choked on his steak and was about to give you a searing set-down over your spontaneous grabby-ness when he noticed your expression. 
“What’s wrong?” he whispered, leaning forward in concern. 
“I-I need—” 
It looked as if you were in some sort of physical pain and Taehyung was rapidly becoming worried. 
“I need your help,” you finally managed to whimper and the next thing he knew, you were dragging him away from the table and into one of the secluded alcoves near the main entrance hall. 
“Is there anyone around? Can anyone see us?” The look on your face bordered on unhinged. 
“No. There’s no one. Park, are you okay? What’s going on I—”
“I need you to unlace my dress,” you hissed frantically. 
At that moment, a bomb could have gone off and Taehyung wouldn’t have blinked. 
You, however, were completely preoccupied with your own distress and therefore oblivious to his. 
“My earring broke during dinner and fell down there and now it’s stabbing me—”
Your eyes were beginning to tear. Taehyung remained frozen, still trying to figure out whether or not this was a lucid dream. 
“—it’s definitely pierced the skin and there’s a possibility I’m gonna start bleeding through the fabric—”
The mention of blood snapped him out of his daze somewhat. 
“A-Alright. Just turn around—brace yourself on that wall.”
You quickly did as you were told and Taehyung began to tug fruitlessly at the ties cross-crossing your back.
“Why won’t this—”
His fingers fumbled over the knots, desperately trying to loosen them, but they simply wouldn’t budge. 
“I can’t—I can’t get it. Whoever helped you into this thing made sure you weren’t getting out of it.” 
You whined in frustration and the earring shifted a bit in response. 
There was only one other way to fix this (and you would almost rather be in pain). 
“Taehyung I—” you turned to face him again, forcing your eyes shut before reluctantly doing what had to be done “... I need you to reach down the front of my dress and get it.”
He blinked. Twice. 
“I’m sorry—What did you just—”
“Please, Tae,” you whispered desperately, letting your lip tremble in a way he had never been able to resist, “it hurts…”
He gulped. 
His eyes dropped to the matter at hand.
This is fine. Everything’s fine. She’s in pain, right? You’re basically a doctor right now. You’re just going slide your hand in between the most mouthwatering pair of breasts you’ve ever seen and then—
Taehyung’s manic inner monologue was interrupted by the sound of his own moan. He immediately faked a coughing fit to cover it and prayed you hadn’t noticed. 
(You hadn’t. You were actively being stabbed.) 
“I can’t believe I’m actually doing this,” he muttered, curling his fingers over the scalloped edge of the bodice. 
You bit your lip, desperately trying to hold back any reaction, but when his knuckle brushed the pebbled tip of your nipple, you gasped. 
His hand stuttered, lingering a moment too long over the tight little peak as his gaze suddenly shot up to meet yours. Both of you had been studiously avoiding eye contact, yet now it was as if neither of you could look away. 
Taehyung wet his lips reflexively. 
“It’s too tight,” he whispered, “I need more leverage.” 
Then his arm wrapped over the curve of your lower back and he drew you tightly against him, anchoring your hips just enough to fully slip his hand between your body and the corset. 
You were so warm.
So soft...
“I can feel it,” he grunted, “but I can’t get a good grip on it.” 
His mouth pressed into a tight line as he leaned forward, bringing your back up against the wall. You let out a little squeak and his eyes darted briefly down to your mouth before he spoke again. 
“Hold on to me.”  
You nodded and wordlessly slid your arms around his waist.
If you concentrated hard enough, you could almost pretend that this wasn’t one of the most erotic moments of your life. 
You could almost pretend that it meant nothing. 
Your mind was spinning wildly, wondering what he was thinking, wondering if he noticed how strangely you were breathing or how hard your heart was beating...
“I’ve got it,” he murmured. Shivers shot down your spine at the dark timbre of his voice. 
He was so close. You could feel every word he spoke brushing softly against your skin. 
“On ‘three’ I’m going to pull it out… Are you ready?”
You drew in a final steadying breath. 
“Do it.”
He nodded. 
“One… Two… Three—”
Taehyung yanked his hand back and several things happened at once. 
Your breasts bounced almost entirely out of the corset. 
The decorative clasps on the front of your gown tangled with the buttons on his shirt and when he pulled back, three of them went flying off like stray bullets. 
And finally, the corset didn’t relinquish Taehyung’s hand quite quickly enough and, as a result, you toppled forward and crashed down on top of him, smashing your newly bare breasts to his newly bare chest. 
It could have been ten seconds or ten hours that passed by while the two of you lay there, breathing heavily in a pile of confused arousal when—
“... Is… everything alright here?”
You both looked up to find a thoroughly scandalized member of the waitstaff standing over you. 
Taehyung saw his life flash before his eyes—ending (of course) with Jimin murdering him for this. 
He gulped again. 
“I can explain.” 
Tumblr media
It was decided—for the sake of appearances—that you would both leave the venue (immediately) in separate vehicles. 
Taehyung dropped a cool three hundred in crisp bills on the unfortunate waiter in order to help him ‘forget’ whatever he may or may not have seen. 
Neither of you spoke another word to each other in the ten minutes it took to bribe all the appropriate parties, gather your coats, and call for two separate town cars. 
Something had happened when he touched you; a subtle shift in the precarious balance of your relationship that you both felt keenly, but could not possibly begin to define. 
Taehyung barely even remembered climbing into the back of a vehicle. His body was firing on auto-pilot after the sensory overload of the last half hour. It wasn’t until he was nearly home that he realized he was still holding onto your earring. 
His mind began to wander as he examined the troublesome bauble in his palm. It was a striking piece; deceptively complex and unexpectedly beautiful. 
Just like you.
He told himself that the heat pooling low in his belly was anger—that the strange anxiousness to be near you was simply a desire for retribution—that it was merely platonic curiosity that left his hands aching to explore the rest of your curves. 
… and pitifully transparent ones at that. 
Still, he clung to them desperately out of self-preservation. 
The gentle hum of his phone suddenly disturbed Taehyung’s silent contemplation. 
1 New Message from: Park Gremlin 
I made it home safely. 
Taehyung’s fingers were typing a reply before he could properly consider the consequence of his actions. 
To: Park Gremlin
I require proof… like last time. 
He nearly threw the phone the moment he sent it, running his hands down over his face in disbelief. 
You’re playing with fire, Kim Taehyung. 
And he was burning up already. He had no business sending you texts like that. Maybe you wouldn’t catch it. Maybe he could just-
The phone went off again and it was embarrassing how quickly he scrambled to open your response. 
His heart stuttered in his chest. His breathing ceased entirely-
And he knew—he knew—there was no coming back from this.
At first glance the photo was nearly identical to the shot you sent him last night. Same room, same angle… 
same mirror.
Yet this time, the reflection was quite different. 
The temptress in the glass wore nothing but that sinfully delicious corset and a pair of silky lace thigh highs, each accented with a green satin bow. 
He wanted to rip them off with his teeth. 
 “Oh Taehyung,” he whispered, as a dark wave primitive longing tore through him, “you are in so much trouble.”
Across town (buried beneath a pile of blankets) you were still struggling to process the boldness of your own actions when his response lit up your screen. 
1 New Message from: Kim Grinch
Green is my favorite color. 
Tumblr media
Taehyung awoke to a series of crashes and shouts echoing from the floor below him. 
Jungkook was already seated in the corner of the room reading a newspaper. 
“Good morning, sir,” he said without looking up. “Would you like the bad news or the worse news?”
Suddenly the french doors of his bedroom slammed open and one very irate Park Jimin stormed through. 
“I swear I should have seen this coming. The two of you have always been obsessed with each other, but I never imagined—”
Taehyung’s eyes widened guiltily. He quickly schooled his features into a confused glare. 
“Jimin, I’ve only been awake for fifteen seconds. What the hell are you talking about?!”
Another stack of newspapers hit his lap and this time the pictures were mostly of him with his shirt ripped halfway down his chest. 
He winced a bit at that last one. 
“You have ten seconds to explain before I start throwing things.”
Taehyung opened his mouth to do just that, but he was interrupted when his mother marched into the room waving the same articles that Jimin had just thrown at him. 
“KIM TAEHYUNG I raised you better than this! How could you!? That poor girl!”
“Mother!” he squeaked, yanking his blanket up over his chest like a frightened debutante. 
Jungkook began surreptitiously filming the whole debacle from the corner. 
“Indeed,” Jimin added darkly, crossing his arms over his chest, “how could you?”
Taehyung sighed heavily. 
“Is anyone else going to come charging into my bedroom?”
“Just answer me once and for all, is she pregnant?” 
“NO! Mother! Oh my—”
“Why does your mom think my little sister is pregnant?!”
Taehyung waved his arms wildly in exasperation. 
“My mom thinks everyone is pregnant! You know this!”
Jungkook could no longer contain his hysterical cackling. He very nearly fell off the chair trying to hold it all in. 
“Mr. Jeon,” Taehyung ground out irritably, “if it’s not too much trouble, could you please escort everyone out of my bedroom so I can get dressed!” 
Tumblr media
“So you see—I was basically like a doctor,” Taehyung finished emphatically. 
He spent the past twenty minutes explaining to the entire table (which now included both you and your mother) why it was necessary to shove his hand down the front of your dress. 
Park Soomin had shown up at his door looking for answers (and dragging you behind her like a sacrificial lamb) about three minutes after Jimin. 
You had taken one look at Jimin’s murderous expression and insisted that the situation be evaluated over breakfast at the cafe down the street (where there were lots of witnesses). 
Which was how you, Taehyung, Jimin, and both your mothers ended up discussing your cleavage over coffee in a public restaurant. 
Jimin was the first to break. It was a few snorts at first, but he was basically in tears by the end of it, wheezing about how he never doubted Taehyung for a second and holding on to his sides from laughing too hard. 
Taehyung’s gaze met yours for a brief, heated exchange. He conveniently forgot to mention your slightly-less-than-explainable ‘check-in’ texts, but their existence was palpable in the air between you. 
“I think I’ll take a walk,” you muttered, excusing yourself from the complicated atmosphere at the table. 
Taehyung’s eyes lingered on you a tad too long as you wandered away, a fact that wasn’t missed by either of your mothers.
“Just a few more events and you can go back to not seeing her at all,” Jimin chuckled, patting him on the back. 
“Yeah,” Taehyung answered with a tight smile. “That’s… great.”
Tumblr media
The cafe had a lovely little balcony area decorated with all sorts of comforting Christmas foliage. It was far more inviting than the awkward conversation and confusing stares you and Taehyung had been trading all morning. 
For the first time in the nearly fifteen years of your relationship (such as it was) you didn’t know where you stood with him… and it bothered you more than you cared to admit. 
Taehyung had always been important to you, whether you wanted him to be or not. He mattered—effortlessly—from the first moment you met him and continued to do so without regard for your sanity. 
Whatever was building between you now would almost certainly bring change… though what kind of change was anyone’s guess. 
It was hard to imagine the years ahead without the strange excitement he always brought to your life, but some things were simply out of your control…
“I never thought I’d see you here.”
A profoundly unpleasant feeling (something similar to falling through the ice on a frozen pond) overtook you. 
“Milo.” Even saying his name felt gross. You sighed. “What is so strange about seeing me here?”
The man in question blushed in a way you once found irresistible. 
“I looked for you everywhere. All your usual places—”
“I avoided them.”
I avoided you. 
Milo nodded. 
“I—I figured.” 
He took a step closer and you instinctively moved back. The hurt in his eyes was unmistakable, but you had long since become immune. 
“What are you doing?” you hissed angrily. “I thought I made myself clear the last time we spoke.”
“Yes, but—” his hand reached out to curl over your forearm and you recoiled, “you didn’t give me a chance to explain—”
“Excuse me.” 
You both turned to see Kim Taehyung with his arms crossed over his chest, glaring at Milo like he was a roach that crawled across his dinner plate. 
“Your mother sent me to come find you. She wants to leave.” 
You nodded and moved to pull away, but Milo’s grip tightened on your arm. 
“No—please if you just give me a minute—”
“That is enough,” Taehyung snarled, seizing the other man’s hand and forcibly removing it from your person. He angled his body between the two of you protectively. “I think it’s time for you to go.”
Milo’s eyes narrowed. 
“You’re Kim Taehyung. I read all about you in the papers this morning.” His lips twisted into an ugly sneer as he addressed you. “You really think you’re better off with him if that’s the way he treats you?”
Taehyung tensed menacingly beside you, but you laid a gentle hand on his arm to calm him. 
“None of that is any of your concern.” Your gaze rose to meet his defiantly. “Nothing about me is your concern anymore.”
Milo’s eyes fell to where your palm rested on the other man’s sleeve, noticing the way you both unconsciously leaned toward one another. 
“This isn’t over,” he muttered, storming off. 
After he was gone, you let out a breath you hadn’t known you were holding. 
“Thank you,” you whispered (though you couldn’t resist adding), “I could have handled it myself of course…”
Taehyung laughed. 
“Oh I know. I was at that party where you knocked out Tyler Jung for grabbing your ass.” 
You grinned. 
“I’d forgotten about that.”
“Well I’m sure Tyler hasn’t.” 
(He neglected to mention that he split Tyler’s lip behind the library the next day, just to make sure it was extra memorable for him.) 
“I wish I could forget about Milo.”
“... Are you still in love with him?” 
The words tasted like ash in his mouth. 
“No.” You smiled softly. “I’m not sure I was ever in love with him actually. It’s more—” you sighed, “—embarrassment… wounded pride.”
Taehyung tilted his head curiously and you found yourself continuing. 
“In the beginning, he was very playful and charming—and obviously handsome. He reminded me so much of—”
You cleared your throat. 
“Anyway… I was quite taken with him at first. I didn’t suspect any ulterior motives.” You shrugged, trying to hold back the unpleasant emotions that always threatened to overrun you in moments like this. “I just thought he liked me.”
Taehyung’s eyes filled with sympathy and understanding as you spoke. It felt oddly natural to open up to him this way. 
“Jimin is very protective of me—with good reason it turns out. He was suspicious of Milo and hired people to do some discreet digging.”
Your hands wrapped around your body for both warmth and comfort. 
“Milo’s family owns several companies, just like ours, but they’re all struggling. His father sent him to me hoping that he would eventually get compromising information… a sex tape or photographs—something of that nature. They intended to blackmail Jimin into doing business with them.”
Taehyung felt his jaw clench painfully. Fury, hot and profound, rolled through him. 
“I should kill him.”
You shook your head, amused in spite of yourself. 
“That’s exactly what Jimin said.”
“He has good instincts.”
“Scum like Milo aren’t worth it,” you chuckled. “He never got what he wanted… but I was still mortified. I felt like such a fool for believing him.”
“No,” Taehyung’s hands slid up to cup your shoulders, “it’s not foolish to believe that someone cared for you.”
It would be so easy to care for you. 
“Besides…” his eyes fell briefly to your lips as he searched for the right words, “I saw the way he looked at you and—even though he’s clearly a terrible person—I believe his feelings may have been genuine.”
You nodded. 
“That’s what he keeps trying to tell me—that he did have bad intentions, but ended up falling for me anyway.” You shook your head. “As If I could believe a word he says.”
The silence between you stretched comfortably. Taehyung sensed you had more to say, so he waited until you were ready to voice it. 
“I think that’s why I’m so sensitive about handling things on my own lately… and just now even. I want to prove to everyone—to myself—that I’m not a liability.”
“Hey,” he whispered, tipping your chin up till your gazes met, “no one thinks you’re a liability. And even if you are capable, no one should have to fight their own battles all the time—especially when they’re emotionally compromised…” His thumb gently brushed away the small tear that escaped down the curve of your cheek. “That’s the benefit of having people who care about you.”
“... Like you?” 
The words left you so softly, you could almost imagine they were still in your head where they likely should have stayed. 
Taehyung’s eyes widened in surprise. His gaze became even more intent and you ceased breathing altogether. After a moment his lips parted as if he was about to speak- 
“What’s going on, guys?”
You both jerked back at the sound of your brother’s voice. He was standing in the entrance to the balcony, gaze darting suspiciously between the two of you. 
Taehyung was a bit dazed, but you were always quicker on your feet. 
“I ran into Milo… Tae was calming me down.”
Jimin’s eyes hardened immediately. 
“Where is he?”
“Long gone,” you mumbled, ambling over to the familiar warmth of his arms. “I just want to go home.” 
Tumblr media
The Black and White Ball was one of the most coveted invitations of the holiday season. 
The dress code was quite strict (all black or all white—no exceptions) and it was one of the few events where people actually arrived in limousines. 
Taehyung loathed limousines. He felt absurdly pretentious pulling up to your building in such a gauche ride, but traditions and appearances meant too much in his world to simply disregard them. 
His ensemble for the evening was a beautifully tailored black suit with hand-stitched baroque detailing. Oddly, he found himself wondering what you would think of it... 
“You look like a vampire.”
Taehyung turned at the sound of your voice and was struck, yet again, by how incredibly beautiful you were. 
You had chosen to wear white, donning an exquisite gown with delicate pearl beading and a daring sweetheart neckline that molded perfectly to your frame. 
If he looked like a vampire, you were surely an angel. 
Angel or not, he couldn’t let that comment pass. 
“I think I’m offended.”
“I can’t imagine why. After all, loads of women are attracted to Nosferatu.”
Taehyung’s eyes narrowed. 
“There are so many sexy vampires in popular culture, but you just had to lump me in with the creepy bald one...”
You shrugged playfully. 
“I wouldn’t want you to think I was going soft.”
A wicked grin danced over your lips as you strolled past him regally—just as you had many times before... 
This time, however, he let his eyes linger a little longer on the view. 
Lord have mercy. 
“Of course not,” he coughed. 
Tumblr media
“You’re what?!”
You rolled your eyes.
Tonight had been going rather well. 
The two of you formed a mutual unspoken agreement to pretend that your last encounter on the balcony (and on the phone) had never happened and (despite the heated glances you occasionally traded) the bickering and playful banter characteristic of your relationship had all but returned to normal...
Until Taehyung learned of your participation in the evening’s main event. 
“I told you, I’m part of the date auction this year.”
“Does your brother know about this?!”
“I didn’t see any reason to bother him with it.” You were suddenly preoccupied with your nails. 
“Woman,” Taehyung sighed, pinching the bridge of his nose, “are you trying to make my life difficult?”
“No, I’m just naturally gifted in that respect.”
You turned and began making your way to the front, but Taehyung was hot on your heels and clearly not ready to let the matter rest. 
“I cannot believe you’re actually going through with this! It’s not 1810, you know. We shouldn’t just auction off women for dates—”
“You’re absolutely right, Tae Tae.” You brushed a condescending pat over his cheek. “Nowadays we auction off the men too.”
Then you sauntered off to join the rest of the participating women—and men—backstage, leaving Taehyung to stew about the entire situation from the crowd. 
Tumblr media
“As you know, all proceeds from tonight’s auction go to fight childhood hunger right here in our city. For legal purposes, I must advise all bidders that you are only bidding on the company of the individual in question.”
Taehyung shook his head. “Jimin is probably going to kill me for this.”
“If you place the winning bid, then you and your date will receive two VIP tickets to the Governor's Winter Wonderland Gala which comes with a variety of amenities including; a luxury limousine service, one of the private and famously romantic Winter Wonderland dinner experiences—”
His eyes fluttered shut. “Jimin is definitely gonna kill me for this.” 
“—unlimited free drinks, ten complimentary tickets for each of the grand prize raffles, photos with the Governor and his family, along with many more surprises!”
Taehyung grabbed a champagne flute from a nearby waiter and downed it in one go. 
“And now for our first date of the evening! Mr. Jackson Wang!” 
Jackson went for a cool six grand because no one was brave enough to outbid his girlfriend. 
After him, the beautiful Manoban heiress and her handsome cousin Kim Namjoon went for twelve grand each.
Jung Hoseok started a frenzied bidding war between two young socialites and Mrs. O’Malley. He ended up going to the lovely Ms. Ana Fallon for a staggering twenty thousand dollars. 
Taehyung’s own cousin, Kim Seokjin, paid a jaw-dropping twenty-one thousand dollars for Lin Yuna, the young CEO of Lin Cosmetics. (Taehyung made a mental note to ask him about that later.) 
Then it was your turn. 
“The next lady on our list needs no introduction. The lovely Park Angel has graciously agreed to a date with one lucky bidder tonight! Who will it be? Do I hear ten thousand?”
“Ten thousand.”
Taehyung swung his head toward the first bidder and breathed a sigh of relief. 
Tam Martin, one of your best friends and very gay. 
“Eleven thousand.”
“Twelve thousand.”
“Sixteen thousand dollars.”
“Seventeen thousand.”
Taehyung was having trouble keeping up with all the bidders. His ears were starting to ring again and a strange unpleasant nausea was building in his stomach. 
“Twenty thousand.”
“Twenty-five thousand.”
“Thirty thousand!”
At the sound of the last bidder’s voice, you noticeably paled. Your eyes flew to Taehyung’s and immediately he knew exactly who it was. 
Before he could even react to the new information, another voice joined the fray. 
“Forty thousand.”
Min Yoongi smiled smugly from the other side of the room and even had the audacity to throw you a wink. 
You smiled shyly at the young heir’s boldness and Taehyung felt something downright unholy rise up in his chest. 
Milo was still bidding. 
“Fifty thousand dollars.”
Not her. 
“Sixty,” Yoongi countered.
She’s mine. 
Suddenly Taehyung was on his feet. 
“One hundred thousand dollars!” 
Tumblr media
The silence in the backseat of your limousine was deafening. 
Tension charged the air like an electric current as the significance of the last hour weighed heavily between you. 
The spacious luxury vehicle allowed you to sit facing one another. Taehyung’s eyes were focused on his hands, but you were looking at him—letting your mind run wild with speculation. 
And hope. 
Part of you was still there, on the stage, watching him stand up and bid a fortune for the pleasure of your company. 
His gaze was so fierce when he spoke, like an ancient emperor calling out his decree for the people to obey. 
You dreamed about him bidding on you when you signed up for the auction (even before Jimin bullied him into accompanying you). You let yourself imagine him speaking out again and again till the others stepped back—
Yet you never dared hope for it. 
However, the last several days marked an unexpected turning point in your relationship. 
For years, you and he were like magnets with a too-similar charge, but something had shifted irrevocably between you, and somehow your stubborn similarities became opposites that could not resist their attraction. 
Kim Taehyung was one of the wealthiest men in the city…
But he didn’t need to buy your heart. 
It had always been his, even if you didn’t want to admit it. 
He had claimed you tonight—and every single soul in that ballroom knew it. 
The next move was yours and you intended to make it. 
“Mmm,” you hissed a bit, bringing your hand to rest just below your breasts. 
Taehyung’s gaze flew up in concern. 
“Is everything alright?”
“Yes, it’s just that scratch from the earring,” your fingers rubbed gingerly at the spot, drawing his focus to it, “it still stings.”
“Oh… I—” he shook his head, “I didn’t realize it was that bad.”
“Do you want to see?” 
Taehyung’s eyes rose slowly to yours. 
You watched the subtle rise and fall of his chest as he considered your words. Anticipation vibrated through your blood like notes struck on a piano—
Then he nodded...
And you both were lost. 
Trembling fingers slid the zipper down the side of your gown. The dress itself was a marvel of physics designed to support you without the need for a bra. 
Taehyung drew in an impossibly deep breath as the fabric drifted to your waist, baring the perfect mounds of your breasts to him entirely. 
“Here,” you whispered, pointing to a small red mark just under the curve of your left one. 
He bit back a moan. 
“I—I see. That looks… painful.” His fingers dug into the seat beside him. “Is there anything I can do to help?” 
You nodded. 
“Kiss it better.”
Taehyung felt the air knock out of his lungs like a sucker punch. 
This must have been how Adam felt when Eve offered him the forbidden fruit all those millennia ago. 
He knew he shouldn’t—
but he could never deny you. 
“Of course.”
You watched as his tongue darted out to wet his lips. He looked like a man possessed and you reveled in the power of it. 
It was for you. 
He wanted you. 
Your back arched up the slightest bit, beckoning to him—offering him a taste of what he was so desperately craving. 
Touch me… please. 
Large palms landed on either side of your thighs, bracing him on the seat beneath you. The tip of his nose teased the delicate line of your collar bone and he swore violently under his breath. 
Then his lips were on your skin and your mind went blank. 
“Taehyung—“ you moaned. 
Hot open-mouthed kisses spread over the soft swell of your breast and you gasped— shuddering helplessly as a fierce wave of pleasure tore through you.
Sweet merciful heavens. 
Over the years you imagined a moment like this thousands of times in your head—only to discover now that you had pitifully underestimated both his passion and his skill. 
You had dreamed of a quiet fire—but he had unleashed an inferno. 
The lewd sounds of his mouth nipping and sucking at your tender flesh filled the small space around you as he poured himself into each obscene contact—stopping briefly to flick his tongue over the taunt peak of your nipple. You trembled breathlessly at the sharp snap of sensation, letting your head fall back against the seat as you buried your fingers in his soft curls. 
Finally his mouth fastened over the tiny scratch, and the kiss deepened. You knew what he was doing, what the result of his efforts would be—
He was marking you. 
And you wanted it. 
Oh how you wanted it. 
Suddenly the car took a sharp turn, causing Taehyung to lose his grip on the seat. His arms wrapped around your torso for balance, dragging you fully against him.
“Does it feel better, Angel?” he growled. 
You nodded frantically and he nipped at the underside of your breast. 
“Speak up.”  
“Yes, Taehyung,” you whimpered, “it feels so much better.” 
“Mmmm,” he hummed, brushing his mouth along the sensitive column of your neck. “Who knew you could be such a good girl?”
Then his hand came up to grip your chin, turning it so your lips were almost against his—
“Madame. We’ve arrived.”
The driver’s voice cut over your senses like a shard of ice. 
Taehyung jerked backward and immediately buried his face in his hands. 
Your fingers hastily yanked your dress up and you stumbled out of the car in a daze, letting your feet carry you forward until you collapsed on top of your bed. 
Did we just...
You hadn’t even begun to collect your thoughts when your phone buzzed from inside your purse. 
1 New Message from: Taehyung 🙄🥴🙈
I need to know you made it safely to your room. 
You grinned. 
Greedy boy. 
Back in the limousine, the boy in question was nervously tapping the corner of his phone against his chin as he waited for your reply. 
1 New Message from: Angel 🤬🥵😅
Oh? But you saw me walk in… and I’m already in bed.
Taehyung growled in frustration. 
She would be a tease. 
To: Angel 🤬🥵😅
I tend to worry. Put my mind at ease. 
He shook his head. 
I have officially gone insane. 
The phone buzzed again. 
1 New Message from: Angel 🤬🥵😅
Well… We can’t have that can we… 
Taehyung literally felt the whine tear out of him as he opened the picture. 
Your gorgeous body (the body he’d had his hands and mouth on for one glorious minute) was nestled decadently atop a pile of fluffy blue blankets and wrapped in nothing but a tiny silk robe. 
The neck gaped open just enough to show off the pretty red marks he left on the delectable curve of your breast. 
He groaned, biting down hard on his bottom lip.
To: Angel 🤬🥵😅
That's all I get after I made the pain go away? Good girls send real proof, Angel
The screen lit up again almost immediately. 
1 New Message from: Angel 🤬🥵😅
Guess I’m not such a good girl after all...
Tumblr media
Jimin came tearing through the Kim Manor front gate at precisely 7 AM—only to find Jungkook camped out at the entrance with several outdoor space heaters and a giant mug of hot chocolate.
“He told you not to let me in, didn’t he?”
Jungkook took a long satisfying sip of his cocoa. 
“I hope you don’t feel singled out, sir. I’m not allowed to let his mother in either.”
“I need to talk to him.”
“Of course, Mr. Park, let me just pull up his schedule—”
“I need to talk to him now.”
“I’m afraid Mr. Kim is booked solid for the morning.”
Jimin stomped his foot like a petulant child. 
“I know he’s up there.”
Jungkook grinned. 
“You’re welcome to climb the trellis and check. I promise not to stop you if you make it all the way up.”
“COME DOWN HERE AND FACE ME YOU COWARD!” Jimin shouted at the top of his lungs. 
Jungkook took another long pull of his drink. 
“Might I inquire as to the reason for your visit today, sir?”
“The reason for my visit,” Jimin yanked out his phone and angrily began typing into the search bar, “is that your boss paid ONE HUNDRED THOUSAND DOLLARS for my sister at a date auction last night and I want to know what the hell is going on between them!”
The article Jimin pulled up (DEVILISH KIM TAEHYUNG BUYS HIMSELF A $100,000 ANGEL) featured an image of the two of you entering the Black and White Ball. Your head was thrown back in laughter and Taehyung was grinning down at you as if you’d personally hung all the stars in the sky for him. 
A genuine smile crept over Jungkook’s face as he studied the photograph. 
“That’s quite a headline.” He handed Jimin’s phone back. “Have you asked your sister about it?”
“No, I swung by earlier, but she wasn’t home so—” His eyes widened. “Oh my—is she—”
Jimin suddenly took off running for the trellis, and Jungkook scrambled out of his chair to chase him. 
He was already three feet off the ground when Jungkook yanked him back. 
“I thought you said I could climb the trellis!”
“Yes,” Jungkook wheezed, “but I didn’t think you’d actually do it!” That trellis is a hundred years old! A few more feet and I’d be scraping you off the antique brickwork!”
Jimin scowled and crossed his arms. 
“Are you by any chance open to bribes?”
“Normally yes, but Tae promised to double my Christmas bonus if I didn’t accept them today.”
Jimin continued to eye the trellis speculatively, clearly willing to take his chances. Jungkook sighed and rubbed his forehead. 
“Mr. Park, I promise you… He came home alone last night. In fact, they both returned earlier than usual because your sister had a 7 AM finance meeting.” He paused significantly to glance at his watch. “Which is probably where she is right now.”
“Oh… Well.”
Jungkook bit his lip to hold back a snort and Jimin’s eyes narrowed. 
“He has to come down eventually.”
“One would think.”
The young Park heir glanced toward Taehyung’s window again just in time to see the man in question dart back behind the curtains. 
Jimin made another jump for the trellis and this time Jungkook caught him in mid-air. 
“Sir, I’m sure it was just the maid!”
“It’s not the maid! I’d know that raggedy mop of his anywhere!”
Jungkook was out of breath at this point. Park Jimin might be small, but he was fierce. 
“Perhaps it’s best if you took a moment to collect yourself,” he grunted. “There’s a lovely new spa down the street and they sent Taehyung two free deluxe packages.”
Jimin stopped struggling. 
Five minutes later, Jungkook sighed deeply and fished his phone out of his back pocket. 
“He’s gone, sir.”
“Excellent work, Jungkook. I never doubted you for a second.”
“... However?”
“I had to give him your spa passes.”
Tumblr media
“Are you headed for a gala or the guillotine?”
Taehyung rolled his eyes. 
“I don’t pay extra for commentary.”
“It’s complimentary, sir.”
The Kim heir tugged absently at the material of his absurdly expensive evening wear. 
Why do these events always have to be so uncomfortable? 
“Seriously, Tae… you seem,” the young aide searched for the right words, “unusually tense.”
Taehyung’s mind flashed back to three nights ago when he had his mouth wrapped around your breast. 
“Not at all,” he coughed, loosening the collar of his shirt. 
Jungkook bit his lip.
“Is this about Ms. Park, sir?”
The cufflinks Taehyung was attempting to fasten suddenly went flying across the room and hit a lamp. 
Both men winced. 
“I think that was your grandmother’s.”
Taehyung sighed. 
“I admit there have been… some developments.”
Jungkook nodded nonchalantly, trying to disguise the fact that he was internally frothing at the mouth for details. 
“... Such as?”
Taehyung gulped. 
“It started out rather innocently I suppose…” he cleared his throat, “but there may have been some suggestive photographs.”
“There may have been? Are you not sure?”
Taehyung colored guiltily. 
“Do you need me to check for you, sir? I have an art history degree.”
“Absolutely not.”
Jungkook grinned. 
“That’s what I thought.”
Taehyung yanked his tie out of the younger man’s hand. 
“Things have… escalated a bit.”
“Escalated how?”
I licked her tit in the back of a limo.
It was everything Jungkook could do to maintain a straight face. 
“That’s… shocking.”
“Then why don’t you seem shocked?” Taehyung grumbled. 
A small smile played across Jungkook’s lips as he pointedly ignored the elder man’s observation.
“So what are you going to do, sir?”
Taehyung was silent for a long moment. 
“I honestly have no idea.”
Tumblr media
Watching you walk toward him was an experience.  
Taehyung wondered absently if this was how it would be from now on; if for the rest of his life just the sight of you would be enough to scatter his mind and his pulse and even the way he breathed. 
Your dress tonight was deadly. 
It was a decadent red satin halter that clung to every curve. The truly wicked detail, however, was a daring slit that ran the entire length of your leg. 
Taehyung was certain he was going to trip over his own tongue at some point if he looked directly at you for too long. 
Oh help. 
Memories of your previous encounter flooded his senses. Every second you were getting closer and he didn’t know what to do—what to say. 
So he didn’t say anything at all. 
Not a word when you reached the bottom of the stairs. Nothing but silence as he opened the door of the limo for you. More silence and no eye contact as he settled into the seat across from yours—
And you tolerated that for about three minutes. 
“I never thought I’d see the day when Kim Taehyung didn’t have a comment about something. Perhaps I should mark this down on my calendar.”
The words were lightly spoken, but you were shaking on the inside. The last time the two of you were alone together he had your dress around your waist and you were moaning his name. Now he wasn’t talking and you were torn between panic and irritation. 
Taehyung, however, latched onto your passive barb like a lifeline. 
“Is that a hint of sarcasm I hear from the benevolent Park Angel?” He grinned. “Surely not.”
“Red is not a particularly angelic color. Perhaps I’m feeling feisty today.”
Taehyung leaned back in his seat and indulged himself in a thorough examination of your outfit. The urge to run his hands over the satin-covered lines of your body was nearly unbearable. He curled his fingers into fists to keep them from doing just that. 
She is definitely trying to kill me. 
“Should I be worried?”
Now it was your turn to grin. 
“I guess we’ll find out.”
Tumblr media
The Governor’s Winter Wonderland Gala was by far the most extravagant event of the holiday season. Tickets cost a small fortune and sold out almost immediately. 
But it was well worth the price of admission.
Thousands of lights sparkled overhead as you made your way through the great hall of Governor Kim’s mansion. 
It was like stepping into a fairytale. 
Taehyung couldn’t take his eyes off you. The sheer wonder in your expression was breathtaking. 
You were breathtaking.  
“Governor Kim, it is such an honor to finally meet you.”
The Governor was a handsome man in his early fifties with a smile that was every bit as lethal as it had been twenty-five years ago. 
“The honor is all mine, Ms. Park. I trust my nephew is treating you well.”
Your eyes widened. 
Taehyung shrugged. 
“I don’t really talk about it much.” 
The Governor chuckled and you cleared your throat to cover your nervousness. 
“Yes, he’s been a very capable escort.”
“Is that so?” Governor Kim smiled charmingly. “Well if it doesn’t work out, my son Seokjin is still single—”
“Thank you, Uncle. It was lovely to see you as always.”
You squeaked as Taehyung placed his hand firmly on the curve of your back and practically dragged you away. 
The Governor just shook his head and laughed. 
“Oh kid, you’ve got it bad.”
Tumblr media
Everywhere you looked there was beauty. 
Whoever planned the gala this year had truly gone above and beyond. Surrounded on all sides by glittering trees and snowy vignettes, it was easy to be swept away in the festive magic of the evening. 
All in all (despite some initial awkwardness), you were having a fantastic time...
Until she showed up. 
“Kim Taehyung! Is that you?”
Every single hair on your body stood on end, but before you could determine the source of the shrill squealing, you found yourself being nudged aside by a blinding golden gown and some very high heels. 
“Aubrey,” Taehyung grunted as five-and-half feet of gorgeous wrapped herself around him like a clinging vine. “Long time no see.”
“Not since that vacation in Aspen,” she giggled. “We had quite a time, didn’t we Tae Tae!”
Suddenly you had the most unholy urge to slap the spray tan right off this woman. 
Instead, you plastered on a vibrant smile and placed your hand on Taehyung’s sleeve.
“Um. Excuse me, Tae Tae, perhaps you could introduce us?”
Taehyung looked as if he’d just been served raw fire ants for dinner. 
“Yes. Of course. This is—”
“Aubrey Alicia St. Valentine,” she interrupted with a smug little smirk. “Taehyung and I go way back.” Her expression grew just the slightest bit tighter. “And you are?”
“His date,” you deadpanned. 
“Aubrey,” Taehyung cleared his throat, “I’d like you to meet Ms. Park she’s—”
“Oh my goodness! You’re Jimin’s little sister aren't you!” Aubrey slapped her hand over his chest and he winced. “That is so precious of you to take her around like this!”
Your eyebrows raised right up into your hairline and Taehyung groaned. 
“Yes, he was kind enough to sign me out of the nursery for the evening.” You offered them both a painfully vacant nod. “If you’ll excuse me, I think I see one of my play-dates near the buffet.”
Then you turned on your heel and sauntered off without another word. 
Taehyung moved to follow you, but Aubrey curled her fingers into the crook of his arm and pulled him back. 
“Oh let her go, Tae. You and I have so much catching up to do.”
Taehyung pointedly removed her hand from his elbow. 
“Some other time perhaps.” 
Aubrey pouted prettily. 
“You’re not running off after her are you? She’s a big girl, she can take care of herself.”
Taehyung crossed his arms and fixed her with a knowing look. 
“Funny... that’s not what you were implying a moment ago.”
“A moment ago I didn’t have you all to myself. Now I do.” She had the decency to blush. “Perhaps I got a bit jealous.”
“You don’t say.” His eyes continued to search the crowd for any sign of you. 
“It seems I had good reason to be,” she murmured quietly. 
“Aubrey... Listen I—”
She cut him off with a finger to his lips.
“Don’t bother Tae Tae. I’m petty, but I’ve never been pathetic.”
He grinned. 
The lady sighed and gave him a heated once over.
“What a shame.”
Then she strolled off with a rueful smile. 
Tumblr media
“You know what I don’t understand?”
You turn to find Min Yoongi leaning casually against a nearby column. He looked absurdly handsome as always, but his grin was just the slightest bit mischievous. 
“What don’t you understand, Mr. Min?”
The question was clearly a bait, but you were still fuming from your earlier encounter with Ms. St. Valentine and therefore desperately in need of a distraction. 
Yoongi pushed off the column and lazily made his way toward you.
“I don’t understand how a man pays a hundred thousand dollars for an evening with the most beautiful woman in the city, and then leaves her all by herself.” He leaned forward with a playful grin. “Perhaps you could enlighten me?”
Oh he’s good. 
You made a show of tapping your chin thoughtfully. 
“I’m afraid I don’t have an answer for that one.”
Yoongi sighed and shook his head. 
“Couldn’t be me.”
You laughed then. He really was a delightful man. In fact, if you still had your heart, you might have considered letting him take a shot at it. 
You tilted your head speculatively. 
Surely there was no need to brush away good company...
After all, no one else is interested in spending time with me. 
“Since my escort is otherwise occupied, perhaps you could join me for dinner?”
Yoongi held out his hand. 
“I’d be delighted.”
Tumblr media
Taehyung wandered around the mansion for nearly forty-five minutes looking for his date.  
Panic was just starting to build in his chest when he finally spotted you
—at his private dining table with Min Yoongi. 
It was everything he could do not to storm over and yank the other man out of his seat by the lapels. 
Alright, Angel. If this is the game you want to play… then let’s play. 
Taehyung felt his anger rise with every step, but he ruthlessly suppressed any sign of it and instead adopted a charming smile. 
“Min, I didn’t expect to find you here. What a… delightful surprise.”
Yoongi’s expression was just a shade too satisfied. Taehyung could already feel his blood pressure beginning to skyrocket. 
“Yes, Ms. Park believed that you were otherwise occupied and invited me to share the meal with her.”
“I see,” Taehyung practically snarled. “However,” his gaze landed heavily on you, “since I paid for this table, I hope you won’t mind if I join you as well?”
You avoided looking at him up to this point, but now you were choking on your wine
“Easy there, Angel,” Taehyung murmured as he pulled up a seat extremely close to yours—so close that your thighs were nearly touching. 
Oh boy. 
Over the next several minutes Yoongi continued to flirt openly and you continued to smile prettily and pretend Taehyung wasn’t there (which naturally infuriated him). 
You should have known he wouldn’t let you get away with such behavior so easily. 
This was Kim Taehyung, after all, and if there was anything that could be counted on when it came to your shared history, it was that one (or both) of you was always ready to escalate. 
You had just offered the young Min heir yet another flowery compliment when you felt Taehyung make his move. 
Two warm fingers slid under the silken slit of your dress, coming to rest possessively over the soft flesh of your inner thigh. 
You squeaked and nearly spat up your drink. 
Taehyung leaned forward in fake concern, wrapping his arm around you as if to offer aid. 
“Are you alright?”
His hand continued to move significantly beneath your gown, but his face was the picture of innocence. 
You glared. 
“Just fine, thank you.”
A slow grin crept across his features as he began to trace soft intimate patterns over your skin.  
On the other side of the table, Yoongi tilted his head in genuine solicitude. “Are you sure?”
You nodded sharply. 
Satisfied, he resumed speaking about whatever it was he’d been saying—though you couldn’t understand a word of it at this point because the torturous strokes Taehyung was leisurely drawing over your thighs were moving closer to your center with each passing second. 
Yet you made no move to stop him. 
You should have. 
You should have slapped his touch away—rebuked him for his boldness—
But you didn’t. 
So he just kept nodding and smiling while Yoongi spoke, even as his fingers teased you with the maddening persistence of a man who knew very well what he was doing. 
You gasped aloud when he finally brushed the pad of his thumb over the thin cotton of your panties. 
“Hmm?” he turned to you, seemingly surprised by your attention (it was—after all—the first time you’d addressed him since the beginning of the meal).
“Could you pass me the salt,” you sputtered (hoping to cover the fact that you moaned his name involuntarily). Unfortunately, Taehyung seemed wholly aware of your ruse, offering you the salt shaker with a superior smirk.
You seriously considered stabbing him with a fork. 
However, before you could carry out any bloodthirsty plans, he pressed his fingers directly over your clit and your eyes rolled back in your head
“Oh my g—” you bit your lip stubbornly, “this lamb is just so good.” 
Sweet mother of macaroons, he is too skilled at this. 
You shoveled another bite into your mouth to cover your whine as Taehyung began to rub tight little circles over your sweet spot. 
Across the table, Yoongi nodded in blissful unawareness. 
“Yes, I agree, the lamb is excellent—very tender.”
Taehyung took advantage of the momentary distraction to slip beneath the fabric of your undergarment. 
Your fork clattered to your plate and your hand came up to cover your mouth as he began running his fingers up and down your soaked slit.
It was everything you could do to hold back your depraved whimpering. 
“I can’t wait to taste it,” Taehyung replied, flicking your clit in a way that guaranteed he wasn’t referring to the lamb. 
At this point Yoongi seemed to notice you were in some sort of distress. He wiped his mouth with his napkin and leaned forward. 
“Ms. Park, are you well?”
Taehyung chose that moment to sink his finger into the welcoming heat of your pussy. 
“Yes,” you almost sobbed, “I’m-I’m very well—thank you.”
“Excellent,” Yoongi smiled as he rose to his feet. “If you’re feeling up to it, perhaps you could favor me with a dance?”
Several attendees were already making their way to the center of the floor and the orchestra was beginning to play.
Your entire body, however, was vibrating like a plucked harp string and Taehyung was still brushing back and forth against your clit, driving you toward a release that promised to be explosive. 
There was no way—simply no way—that you would be capable of hiding it. 
“Yes! I would love to dance with you,” you squeaked, grabbing hold of Taehyung’s wrist frantically. The feel of him pulling out of your sopping core was nearly enough to have you coming right there. 
Thankfully, Yoongi remained utterly oblivious to the debauchery unfolding beneath the table. He took your hand and helped you to your feet with an eager smile (and it was a good thing too because your legs were still shaking). 
When the two of you reached the dance floor, you turned back for the briefest instant—
just long enough to meet Taehyung’s heated gaze as his lips closed over the finger he buried in your cunt. 
Tumblr media
Emotions were a funny thing. 
They impacted your judgement, affected your body, altered your behavior… 
And occasionally eroded your common sense. 
Sitting alone in the corner of the Governor’s ballroom, Kim Taehyung found himself experiencing a full spectrum of emotional side-effects. 
His hands clenched as he watched Min Yoongi spin you around the floor. 
His heart pounded every time he caught a flash of your shapely leg peeking through the slit in your gown. 
His blood boiled when you threw your head back and laughed at something the other man said. 
It was difficult to pinpoint which emotion was to blame for each of these reactions. There were certainly a number of them boiling over in his subconscious. 
I didn’t even want to talk to Aubrey! How are you acting like anything she said was my fault?!
Why is challenging people to duels illegal? I would fight Min Yoongi at dawn. I would fight Min Yoongi now. 
You asked her to dance while my fingers were in her pussy. We are not the same. 
But perhaps the most persistent—the most overwhelming— emotion twisting through him was longing. 
You and Taehyung spent nearly four years apart, and he was so desperate to be near you—even then—that he resorted to childish pranks in order to remain a part of your life. 
He hadn’t recognized his actions or desires for what they were. He hadn’t realized what you meant to him...
But now, after spending the last several days with your hand on his arm and your laughter in his ear, he could no longer imagine spending another moment without you. 
Everything seemed to crystallize as he watched you laughing and dancing in the arms of another man. 
Uncertainty became clear. Complications became simple. 
And when he saw Min Yoongi’s hand slide dangerously close to the perfect swell of your backside—
Emotion became action.
“Mind if I cut in?”
It wasn’t a question really. Taehyung was already shouldering his rival out of the way and pulling you into his arms. 
“Taehyung,” you hissed, shooting the bewildered Yoongi an apologetic look over his shoulder, “what are you doing? This is so rude—”
“You’re absolutely right,” he agreed, sweeping you through the couples on the floor with practiced ease. “It is unpardonably rude to steal someone else’s date. He’s lucky all I did was steal you back.”
Your mouth dropped open. 
“Oh? So you finally remembered that I was your date?”
Taehyung’s grip on the curve of your waist became a shade rougher as he pulled you through the next turn. 
“What the hell is that supposed to mean?”
“It means—” you stepped forward vigorously, nearly smashing your body into his, “—that you spent forty-five minutes with Aubrey Alicia St. Valentine when you were supposed to be having dinner with me!”
Taehyung growled and yanked you flush against him. 
“I spent forty-five minutes looking for you while you were giving away my table to Min Yoongi!”
The two of you sailed through the next several movements glaring at one another before you snapped again. 
“None of this would have happened if you had just told Aubrey St. Spray Tan that you were with me—”
“I did!”
“Instead, you let her call me a baby!”
“What let? Aubrey is a grown woman!”
“And—you stormed off before I could say anything, so how would you know what I let?”
“You didn’t come after me!”
“Yes actually I did—but she grabbed my arm!”
“Really? Well what else did she grab?”
Taehyung abruptly realized how silent everything around you had become. 
People were staring—and not even discreetly— just full on staring with their mouths hanging open. 
Well that’s great. 
Taehyung’s hand closed around yours and you suddenly found yourself being marched across the dance floor at a breakneck pace.
“What are you doing?”
“Continuing this discussion in private.”
“We can’t just go somewhere private in the Governor’s mansion!” you sputtered, struggling to keep up with his larger strides. 
“You mean in my uncle’s house? Yes—actually we can—and we will.”
Taehyung proved to be a man of his word, dragging you past two security guards and into the roped off section of the manor with nothing more than a nod. 
The residential wing of the Governor’s home was beautifully decorated with traditional Korean artistic touches—all of which you were unable to appreciate while Taehyung was speed walking you through the halls. 
After a surprising amount of turns and archways, he yanked open an ornate wooden door with the words Reflection Suite written on a plaque above it in beautiful calligraphy. 
You almost giggled when you got a look inside. 
On the surface it was a tastefully furnished guest room with a simple cherry wood desk and a cozy double bed set in an elegant matching frame.
The ceiling and one full wall were nothing but massive mirrors. 
Reflection suite indeed. 
The door slammed shut and Taehyung rounded on you with a stormy expression—though you weren’t waiting on him to fire the first volley.
“This is definitely going to get us in trouble.”
“I told you, I can go wherever I want in this house. It’s fine.”
“Then why did you take us here?”
“Because you were shouting—”
“I was shouting?! You were shouting I just—”
Suddenly your back was against the wall and Taehyung’s mouth was on yours. 
He hadn’t brought you here for this. When he grabbed your hand, he was only trying to get away from the crowds. He told himself that he needed privacy so you could talk—so he could clarify things. 
But the minute the door closed and you flared up again in all your magnificent rage, he was lost. 
He had to kiss you then. 
You were so lovely. So fierce. So wildly irresistible and he was too utterly smitten to fight the need to be near you—to be with you in every way that he could—for a single second more. 
The shock of Kim Taehyung pressing his lips to yours lasted about two full seconds—and then there was nothing but ravenous insatiable need. 
Everything was him. 
Everything was this—this sweet indescribable ignition of a desire that spanned years. You moaned eagerly against his mouth in wanton delight. After a decade of sparks, you were more than ready to burn. 
His name poured out of you like a prayer. You needed him everywhere and miraculously he seemed to understand—
Not that he was prepared to be polite about it. 
“Where’s that smart mouth now, Angel?” he growled, tangling his hands in your hair to expose the tender column of your throat. “Nothing to say?”
Your only answer was a desperate whine as he spread hot-open mouthed kisses down the soft skin of your neck all the way to your collarbone.
Now was not the time for patience. He would be tender with you later. You absolutely deserved soft sweet caresses and slow leisurely love making and he was absolutely going to give them to you—every day if you’d let him. 
But not today. 
The minute his mouth encountered the barrier of your dress, he gripped onto the sides and yanked it down to your waist.
“You knew just what you were doing in the back of that limo, you little brat,” he hissed, taking one swollen nipple into his mouth and tormenting it with his tongue.
“Tae-ahhh!” Your back arched involuntarily in ruthless pleasure. 
“I spent hours—days even—wanting to get my hands on these perfect tits.” He licked the other nipple obscenely, squeezing the soft mound till it bulged through his fingers. “And you offered me the barest taste with that coy little grin, knowing it wouldn’t be enough—” 
He reared back and landed a firm slap on both breasts and you screamed.
It was so so good. 
“Look at them now,” he murmured, “so swollen and needy and mine.”
If any other man had said those words, you would have cut his heart out with a butter knife. 
But you had always belonged to this man body and soul, and to hear him acknowledge it so primitively felt like the sweetest vindication. 
“Yes!” you sobbed.
The affirmation only inflamed him further. He teased and fondled the tender flesh till you were shaking.
Your fingers curled into the soft waves of his hair as he indulged himself. He looked so ridiculously good sucking your nipple, moaning lewdly with his eyes pressed shut in cathartic bliss. 
“This is all your fault, Angel,” he groaned. “You just don’t know how to behave.”
His hands gripped the curve of your backside, lifting you right off the floor and into his arms. Your mouths fused together heatedly as he carried you to the bed, and you giggled against him when his words finally processed. 
“You’ve been saying that for years.” 
“It’s been true for years,” he muttered, pulling one of your legs up around him so he could grind against your cunt while you kissed. 
Your fingers tugged at the buttons of his shirt, tearing them off when they didn’t unhook fast enough. You waited too long to be with him like this to care about anything other than the feel of his skin against your own.
“Impatient, are we?” he chuckled, bringing his lips around to nip at your ear. 
“You’re one to talk,” you shot back, yanking the ruined garment right off his shoulder just so you could sink your teeth into it. 
Taehyung moaned loudly, snapping his hips against yours with an involuntary jerk.
“You really are such a brat,” he hissed, fisting his hands in the satin length of your skirt. “Let’s see how fierce you are with my tongue in your pussy—”
His words were so filthy and raw, yet they stoked a frenzied need in your belly like nothing you had ever encountered. 
“This dress is evil,” he snarled, fumbling with the zipper for a moment before switching to a more destructive tactic. “It has tormented me all night and now it’s in my way.”
The stitching proved no match for his resolve, and—after a few vigorous tugs—he ripped it apart from the slit on up, leaving you covered in nothing but the thin cotton underwear he had breached earlier that evening. 
After disposing of your shredded gown, Taehyung paused for a moment just to take in the sight of you. 
“What a perfect little angel,” he taunted playfully, snapping the band of your lingerie against your hips with a cocky grin. 
Then he brushed his nose right up against the sopping fabric and inhaled deeply. “You smell just like heaven,” he growled before licking you right through the cloth, “and you taste even better.”
The sensations twisting through your body were merciless. You needed more or you were going to shake apart. 
“Taehyung please,” you whined, pressing against him shamelessly.
“Oh a please?” he chuckled, throwing your own words from the first night back at you. “Who knew you had manners?”
You would have screamed in frustration, but he cut you off with an open mouthed kiss right over the wettest part of your panties.
“Perhaps I can make a good girl of you yet,” he chuckled, as you opened yourself wider to encourage him. 
You nodded frantically, letting out another moan when he yanked the flimsy little scrap of lace down your legs—smearing a line of arousal over your thighs.
“So messy,” he tsked, tapping his finger right above your knee where the naughty little streak ended. “What am I going to do with you?” 
Then he pressed his tongue over the shiny trail of slick and licked it right off. 
You gasped loudly and his lascivious smirk was almost beautiful enough to make up for all of the shameless teasing. 
"You want my mouth, pretty Angel?” he whispered, letting the words brush maddeningly against your folds. “You want me to feed on this sweet little cunt?”
Every cell in your body cried out for release. He already edged you under the table at dinner and now he was determined to unravel you entirely. You would say anything—do anything. 
"Please—" you whispered.
"Please who?" 
Normally you met his arrogance with a cutting riposte, but an entire evening of methodical torment had left you beyond desperate. 
"Please Taehyung,” you begged needily. 
He grinned. 
“That’s right, Angel. Kim Taehyung. Not Min Yoongi or any other pathetic trust fund prick that’s panting for a taste of this pussy.” His eyes fastened on yours significantly. “You belong to me.”
Then his tongue licked a flat stripe over your glistening slit and you sagged onto the bed in relief—only to be thrown back into oblivion when his lips closed over your clit. 
Your body arched involuntarily as a ruthless wave of pleasure tore through you. Your eyes and mouth flew open in a silent scream and it was in that moment you remembered exactly where you were. 
Underneath a giant mirror. 
The passionate woman staring down at you was nearly unrecognizable. Her body was littered with her lover’s marks. Her hands gripped feverishly into the sheets beneath her—-
And Kim Taehyung was kneeling between her thighs, suckling on her weeping cunt with obscene satisfaction. 
It was the sexiest thing you had ever seen in your life. 
Your hands reached down to tangle in his hair, using it for leverage as you ground against his face. 
Then suddenly his grip on your legs tightened and his tongue plunged roughly into your trembling core. 
“Tae—ahh oh my—I can’t—”
The sensation was so intense that your hips bucked violently. You could not keep still. You were charging towards an explosion and your body was shaking itself apart. 
The noises tearing from you were incoherent. Everything around you focused in on the juncture of your thighs where Taehyung was licking inside of you again and again until—
You shattered. 
And the force of it nearly bent your back in half. 
Delirious sobs poured from your lips as he worked you through it, letting the obscene flood of your cum soak his face. 
The sight of him slowly lapping at the release between your folds, was unspeakably erotic. He ran his hands in soothing circles over your skin while you twitched and fluttered back down from your high. 
Then he was kissing you again. 
It was softer this time, but you felt truly depraved—and instantly obsessed—with the taste of yourself in his mouth—on his skin.
You could barely understand this ravenous hunger. You’d just found relief, yet you were already reaching for more. 
Your hands snaked down and wrapped around his still covered cock and he hissed in ragged pleasure. 
“So eager,” he gasped, as you pushed him back against the headboard—but you didn’t have time to bother with his teasing.
You were gonna blow Kim Taehyung into space. 
He bit his lip when you yanked down his pants and boxers together, freeing his arousal with stunning efficiency. 
It was almost unfair to discover that his cock was every bit as beautiful as he was.
“Of course,” you muttered. 
The sultry smirk he shot you in return had your cunt flooding all over again.
“You think Min Yoongi has a cock like mine?”
“I don’t think about Min Yoongi’s cock,” you retorted, wrapping your hand around his length, “you’ve always been the biggest dick I’ve ever met.” 
“I knew you thought about my dick,” he groaned as you began to work up and down the swollen shaft. 
After a moment, his hand slid over your chin to grip your hair, drawing you forward till your lips were almost touching. 
“I wonder what this pretty mouth can do,” he whispered. 
You gasped against him and he smiled. 
“Do you know how often I pictured your lips around my cock, Angel?”
You mewled shamelessly and he growled, cupping your cheek as your hands continued to service him. 
“Do you know how often I imagined this perfect throat stuffed full of my cum?” 
His palm slid down to lightly grip the soft flesh of your neck and you shuddered against him with a needy whimper. 
“I know you could suck me so good, Angel. I’ve wanted it for so so long...”
Your mouth actually watered with anticipation. 
The desire to be good for him—to give him whatever he asked for—consumed you. 
Taehyung let his head fall back against the headboard with a groan at the first brush of your lips along his shaft. His hips rutted involuntarily as your tongue wrapped around the tip and you hummed with pleasure at his enthusiastic response. 
After a moment you slid him into the welcoming heat of your mouth, taking him in as far as you could in one stroke. His jaw dropped open and his entire body jerked forward. 
“Yes, that’s it, Angel—feels so good.”
His praise was addictive. 
You loved that you could bring him to this. You loved to see the haughty Kim Taehyung coming apart as you sucked him. 
It made you feel beautiful—powerful even—and you reveled in every second of it. 
Your eyes were starting to tear. His length began to throb and pulse against your tongue and you knew he was close—so close you could almost taste him—
Yet suddenly he was pulling you back and you whined pitifully at the loss. 
Taehyung chuckled, dragging you toward him till your dripping core slid across his cock.
“I’m not coming before I get inside that pretty little pussy,” he swore, working your hips over his sex till it was drenched in arousal. 
The crass words filled you with the fiercest, most incredible want and you clenched reflexively against him in response. 
“Is that what you want?” Taehyung whispered as he bore you back into the mattress, pinning both your wrists above your head. “You want me to fill your empty little cunt?”
You did. 
You wanted it so so bad. 
Taehyung gently lowered himself closer to you, resting his forehead intimately against yours as he lined up his cock at your entrance. 
“Are you sure, Angel? Because there’s no going back after this... If you give yourself to me, then you’re mine—and I’ll fight tooth and nail to keep you.”
“Taehyung, you idiot,”—a tender smile spread over your face as you wrapped your arms around his neck—“... I’ve always been yours.”
He swore violently—letting the slight tremble in his voice betray just how deeply your words affected him. 
Then his fingers tightened on the soft flesh of your hip and he filled you to the hilt with one delicious thrust. 
There was a moment—the smallest space in time—where your eyes locked together and everything seemed to suspend; a strange perfect calm before a monumental storm. 
Then your world caught fire. 
Taehyung drove himself into you with passionate fury, letting years of denial fuel the insatiable rhythm of his strokes. 
Every time he told himself no. Every time he held himself back—
Every bit of it burned away as you screamed his name. 
The feel of him was indescribable. 
You imagined it too many times to count, yet your dreams fell pitifully short of the visceral reality. 
He was bloomin’ magnificent. 
Your fingers clawed up and down his back, desperate to hold on to something while he pounded into your g-spot like an animal. 
“This tiny cunt is the tightest thing I’ve ever had around my cock,” he gasped and you whined needily at his praise. “Like it was made for me—” his hand came up to grip your breast, “like you were made for me.”
Taehyung’s need seemed to amplify with every whimper and moan that fell from your lips. The feelings you sparked in him were fierce and unapologetically primitive.
He would go to war for you—build a fortress for you—fight a dragon if one dared come close. 
You were his. 
And he felt like a savage every time you cried out for more. 
Suddenly an unexpected movement in his periphery caught his attention.
He’d been so consumed with the extraordinary rush of claiming you that he’d forgotten—
This guest room was thirty-five percent mirrors. 
And now… he couldn’t look away. 
The sight of your bodies tangling together in headless bliss played out before him like a scene from his most debauched and forbidden fantasies. His reflection grinned back at him in fascinated ecstasy while his beloved nemesis lost herself in the pleasure of his cock.
Something dark and wild began to burn in his chest as he studied the lovers in the glass. 
“Look at you, Angel,” he whispered softly, “you really are perfect.”
Then he pulled out of your core and you whined bitterly in protest, chasing his body to rid yourself of the sudden unacceptable emptiness. 
“Still so needy,” he taunted, gripping your hips and flipping you on your stomach before you could even think to protest.
“I want you to watch that pretty angel in the mirror come on my cock,” he groaned, plunging back into you from behind. 
The new angle was somehow impossibly deeper and your body shook as another wave of pleasure overtook it. 
Your fingers clawed into the mattress for purchase as he pistoned into your trembling mound. 
Only Kim Taehyung could rail you like a whore while he worshiped you like a queen. 
He gave you a moment to adjust before drawing your body back against his chest. His arm wrapped over your stomach as he slowly eased your legs apart, unfolding the lewd tableau of your bodies joined together for the voyeuristic gaze of the glass.   
“Look at yourself, Angel,” he growled, mesmerized by the way your breasts bounced with every thrust. “Look at how well you're taking me.” 
Then his fingers slid down to rub your clit and you screamed. 
“Tae! Ah-ahh!”
The pleasure building within you now was violent. You were coiling too tightly, too fast—
“That’s right Angel. Take it all.”
Your eyes locked with his in the mirror for the briefest instant.
And then you flew apart. 
Taehyung threw his head back with a carnal moan as you clamped down around him. His body was hurtling toward its own release with reckless speed. 
“I’m close,” he panted, “where can I come?”
“Come inside me please,” you begged, and Taehyung’s eyes widened in frenzied lust. 
“That’s what you want? Huh?” his thrusts became rougher as he chased his relief, “You want me to fill this puffy little pussy with my cum?”
“Yes, I want it so bad—“ you sobbed. 
“Sweet Angel,” he groaned, gripping at your breasts as he pulled you tighter against him. 
Then he met your gaze in the mirror again. 
“I want everything with you; a home—a family—your body in my arms every morning when I wake up—” his voice trembled, “I want it all.” 
The raw vulnerability in his eyes nearly broke you.
“Tae,” you gasped softly, too overcome with joy to manage anything else. 
His mouth pressed hungrily against the curve of your shoulder. You could feel his cock throbbing in your core as he bent you forward, pounding into your sex with exquisite precision. 
"Stay with me, Angel,” he whispered. His thrusts became erratic as he neared his high. “I don’t want to live without you anymore.”
The glorious thrill of his words tore over your senses with euphoric brutality. Your walls tightened greedily around his cock and the taunt cord of pleasure finally snapped. 
He came with a broken groan, flooding the welcoming heat of your womb with his release. 
Tumblr media
The sound of his name being shouted by the absolute last person in the world whose voice he wanted to hear woke Taehyung from a dead sleep.  
His eyes widened in panic as he began yanking pillows and covers from all over the bed in a frenzied attempt to hide—
The doors to his bedroom flew open with a resounding crash. 
“Jimin,” he squeaked, trying to look as casual as possible next to a giant pile of bedding. “What uh—what brings you here at—” his eyes darted to the clock on the wall, “—7:30 in the morning?”
Then he frowned. 
“And how the hell did you get past Jungkook?”
Jimin’s murderous expression broke momentarily to allow for a smug grin. 
Kendra Jackson was Jimin’s executive aide. She was fierce, capable, intelligent—
And insanely gorgeous. 
Taehyung groaned. 
Poor Jungkookie never stood a chance. 
To the surprise of absolutely no one, yet another newspaper landed on Taehyung’s lap.
Underneath the headline was a picture of you and Taehyung (dressed in clothes you stole from Jin’s childhood bedroom) kissing passionately against the side entrance of the Governor’s mansion. 
One of your legs was wrapped around his waist and he was clearly grabbing your ass. 
“Ah… well you see the camera distorts everything from this angle—and-and the lighting is bad so it’s not really what it looks like—”
“Is that so? Cause it looks like you’ve got your tongue down my baby sister’s throat!”
“Okay—okay,” Taehyung massaged his forehead nervously, “so maybe it’s sort of what it looks like but—”
“I’ll kill you.”
“No wait—” he held up his hands to delay an already advancing Jimin. 
“Why should I wait?!”
“—I trusted you with the most important person in the world to me—”
“The situation is just not that simple.” 
“—and you grabbed her ass in public!”
“Admittedly not my finest hour.”
“So you tell me right now—”
“But you don’t understand it’s—”
“—Why the hell would I wait?!”
For a moment there was absolute silence. 
Then your head popped out from the massive pile of bedding. 
Jimin’s mouth fell open. 
Taehyung groaned again. 
“As usual, your timing is impeccable.”
You rolled your eyes, ignoring his comment.
“Are you really in love with me?”
“Of course I’m in love with you! What part of I want you to have my children did you not understand?!” 
“I think I’m gonna be sick,” Jimin choked. 
“That’s not the same thing!”
“It is for me!”
A radiant smile lit up your face. 
“I’m in love with you too.”
Taehyung’s expression softened. 
“Angel I—”
Then you were kissing and Jimin swung around with a horrified shout.
“Oh! No no no—Come on!”
He stumbled out of the room, hands firmly clamped over his eyes. 
“This is not over, Kim Taehyung!” the scandalized young Park heir howled in exasperation… but there was a small smile tugging at the corner of his lips. 
Back in the bedroom, Taehyung shook his head at Jimin’s ridiculous caterwauling. 
“No, it’s not over,” he laughed, pulling you deeper into the comfort of his arms. “It’s only just begun.”
Tumblr media
Thank you so much for taking the time to read my story. 
This baby took FOR-EVER to write. I started it in November and literally worked on it a little every day. 
If you enjoyed it— even just a tiny bit—please consider taking a moment to leave me some feedback. It is so incredibly uplifting and rewarding to hear reader thoughts and reactions to my work.
I promise to treasure every word like gold. It took a lot to bring this story to life. Your kind words would mean the world to me.
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laissez-fire-oh · 4 months ago
Hello y’all and welcome to my latest pick a card!
I wasn’t really sure if to make this about a romantic partner or ourselves, despite I felt a little more called by the latter: glad also some of you agreed and.. well, here we are!
You know how it works, but for those who don’t, here’s a short explanation.
Take a deep breath and relax. Take your time to ground yourself and connect with your insight. Once you feel ready, choose the picture or number that calls you the most and check the description. If you feel called by more than one, there might be more messages for you. Being a general reading, take what resonates and leave what doesn’t. This is only made for fun and entertainment.
Every pile is written mixing intuition and tarots (got myself a home made deck, so it might not resonate well with everyone or at all - I felt like giving it a try though). Any kind of feedback is highly appreciated, especially to help me understand if that deck works for others’ as well.
Also sorry for any typo or grammar mistake!
All the photos belong to me and you have no permission to use them.
Tumblr media
Piles go from left to right: 1->2->3
Hello sweets!
Pile 1
So first thing I see is someone sitting at a desk, writing in a diary (but it could also be simple paper or something).
I think this means you need to meditate and write down all the beautiful characteristics (mental/soul/heart and physical) you have. Please be fair, don’t be harsh: we all can see you are beautiful inside out, so no negativity allowed thanks ;).
List your strengths, but also your weaknesses, so you can love them and yourself even more (we all have them, we all have something we don’t like about ourselves, just try your best to appreciate them too or work on them to make them change as you want. You are powerful, never forget!).
I think you should also start writing love letters to yourself (maybe on big occasions, like on your birthday or after every accomplishment you reached, but even the smallest one like cleaning your room - I mean, I really should do that). 
Find ways to make yourself happy everyday, stop arguing with yourself. Find your peace within yourself, one little compliment at time. Find a structure in this, be consistant, even on those days when you feel particularly down: it’ll get easier, I promise.
Oh, okay this just popped up in my mind: you can make notes with different compliments, maybe like 30 different ones or something (you can add as many as you want, maybe even one for each day of the year!), and put them in a box. Every day of the month, after waking up or before going to sleep (or maybe both), you have to take one out of the box and read it. Remember, it’s all true and we all know. :D
I hope this could cheer you up, pile 1!
Pile 2
Hello huns!
First image I get is of someone with a bright smile going shopping.
Yup, this person is really enjoying that: they wear new sunglasses, a furry coat and carry a few bags. This totally means you should get something "material" for yourself. Gift yourself that dress you want, that piece of forniture, or those books... anything material you have been thinking about recently.
I heard “spoil yourself” (a little: this doesn’t mean you need to spend all your money ofc, but I think your guides want to tell you that you can indulge a bit, and buy yourself a moment of happiness, especially if you’ve been avoiding random and "unnecessary" expenses for a while.
I also heard “you deserve it”: it may mean, at least for some of you, that you’ve been through a rough moment, and you need to “cuddle” yourself now: you can totally do that also by buying something for yourself). For some this could mean also an afternoon in a cafè, or a new haircut (the one you always wanted to try - I heard “hairdresser”, take as resonates) or a day in a spa.
Maybe also with a friend or a loved one (same goes for the shopping bit: the person I saw wasn’t alone). Sharing some good time with someone you care can be really healing.
I feel like you need to turn a page, leave something in the past, maybe a belief -you may be trying to avoid indulging in this kind of activities for yourself and save money because you’re planning something (maybe you need those money to start a business or move or study...), but guides want you to know that you’re gonna do good, and things will be even better than you expect if you start attracting positivity into your life by treating yourself with positivity and love. “Don’t always be that harsh/strict on yourself”.
Love yourself, pile 2! You deserve that!
Pile 3
Hi beauties!
I see someone happy, with a backpack on their shoulders, ready to travel the world. But mostly I see nature and mountains.
I really think you may need (either or both) to reconnect with nature (I see a lot of green in this image) and to disconnect from something in your life that is taking a hold onto you (I was writing something else, this just came out of nowhere) - maybe disconnect from your daily life, take some time for yourself, to reallineate with your inner self, to meditate, to do something just for yourself that could help you unplug and free your mind (I see painting).
I sense you need to do something pretty relaxing and calming (this pile energy is like a huge “stop” signal to everyday life - me likey). I see yoga as well. 
I feel like some of you are being taken advantage of (family, work, friendship, school...), or are feeling stuck and lacking energy/enthusiasm... I think you may feel scared of your future, and feel the need to plan, to focus on what’s ahead of you but don’t really know what to do. Maybe someone is asking you why you still have no plan (or if you’re sure about your plan), while for others, you may not feel happy with whatever you are doing (I’m feeling different options for this energy).
I heard “What do you really want to do?”. I think you need to stop a little and think on a good answer for this question, but also a plan that could help you reach the result you wish. This will bring happiness and love for yourself back into your life, expand your heart, and share all this also with those you love.
Back to the image, I think some of you may need to travel to find your answer: changing your sight/location for a while might help you and your creativity to blossom again (I feel there might be a blockage in your thinking - ? that’s what I heard). Maybe some of you are artists/creatives and are going through a blockage in their art/work - ikyk but change is generally good in this case: at least, you can say you’ve seen a very beautiful place ;). For a few, I’m seeing/hearing even a change of culture: this means your trip might take place in another country / ”different/far from what you are used to”.
For others, a walk in the park or somewhere close to nature/water or growing a few plants could be enough to adjust your mind and soul and see your purpose/goal better.
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softlysteven · a year ago
𝙘𝙤𝙣𝙣𝙚𝙘𝙩𝙚𝙙 — 𝙜𝙤𝙞𝙣𝙜 𝙡𝙞𝙫𝙚
Tumblr media
series masterlist | next
concept: your new neighbour looks so familiar, where had you seen him before?
pairing: camboy!bucky x fem!reader
warnings: smut, dirty talk, masturbation (f & m). dom!bucky but also shy!bucky.
word count: 2.7k
writer’s note: not me posting twice in twenty four hours lol.. but um, this is genuinely one of my most favourite things i’ve ever written. it’s just pure sin, with a lil meet cute at the end lol hope y’all enjoy it as much as i do xo
eighteen plus only — by choosing to ‘keep reading’, you are agreeing that you are eighteen years old and over. do not interact with this story if you are a minor.
Tumblr media
Anticipation builds in your stomach as you take a final sip of your moscato. This week had been one from hell, and the only thing you were looking forward to, was a little self care.
Freshly exfoliated and smelling of your favourite fragrance, you’d put on your newest set of lingerie. It made you feel desirable, even if it was only for your eyes to see.
Settling back on your bed, body relaxed on top of the covers, you wait patiently as the screen loads. Fingers tapping over your soft stomach as you wait for him to appear.
You never thought of yourself as someone who could be into cybersex. The very thought used to fill you with embarrassment, the stigma of it too fixated in your mind. It wasn’t until one of your best friends mentioned it to you, that you actually considered it. You hadn’t had the time to go out, and hook up with someone, and they had had enough of your complaining.
Lucky for you, the first night you delved into the realm of cam models, you’d happen to have found him. He never showed his face, not completely anyways, but the body he possessed made up for it. Not to mention the way he always managed to pull out orgasms from you, without even physically being there to touch you.
However, you weren’t naive, you knew it was a transaction, he got you off with his voice, and you hopefully contributed to paying his rent. It was exactly the sort of ‘relationship’ you needed.
So, with a happy sigh, you watch as the screen becomes unpixalated, an image of freckled, tanned skin making its appearance.
“Hi, darlin’,” his voice is rich like chocolate, and as sweet as honey. “It’s been a while, and that’s my fault. I’ve just recently moved, and still trynna set everything up.”
There’s a chat available, and you watch as it fills with thirsty messages. Giggling, you type, Welcome back, wolfie. We’ve missed you, before pressing send.
Normally he wasn’t one to reply back to the chat, but you can’t help but feel special anytime he did. “I’ve missed you too, blossom.” He smirks as he reads out the familiar username. “It’s always a treat for me to see my regulars coming back. Makes me think I’m doing somethin’ right.”
The dulcet tone of his chuckle has your thighs clenching, already feeling the beginnings of arousal take over your body just from the sight of his bare torso. You also noticed, that his usually clean-shaven jaw was now adorned with salt-n-pepper stubble, a feature you hadn’t even realised would affect you as much as it does. God, what you’d give to feel it between your thighs.
“I thought maybe tonight, we could take things a little slower?” He says. “I want to make sure that you’re all comfortable, and ready for what I have planned for us tonight.”
Your fingers trail down, landing on your thighs as you play with the edge of your underwear. He made you feel so calm, soothing you into a relaxed state as you listen to his instructions.
“Now, I want for you to take off all of your clothes. If I was with you, you know I wouldn’t of even let you put on any in the first place.” His hands grip at his thighs, and you can see his hips roll slightly as he leans back into his chair. “You don’t need them for what we’re about to do.”
You do as he says, slowly slipping out of your lingerie, enjoying the way the cool air of your room, feels against your heated skin.
“Run your hands over your body, imagine that they’re mine,” he breathes out deeply. “God, I wish it were my hands touching you. I’d give anything to feel your curves underneath me.”
Your hands caress over your skin. “Take your fingers into your mouth, get them nice, and wet.” You do as he says, licking your digits and sucking before taking them away. “Now, drag them down your neck, as if you can feel my lips there instead.”
Goosebumps rise in the wake of your fingers, as they make their way down to your breasts. You inhale sharply as you feel the hardness of your nipples.
“Play with them. Touch your nipples, twist them, pull at them. Make the desire plunge down into your pussy”.
Doing as he says, you feel warmth flood your body as you do, playing with your nipples the way you know you like. “I want you to be soaking wet, before you even touch that pretty little cunt of yours.”
“Fuck,” you moan. His dirty talk always made you wet, you didn’t know how a man could be so good with his words.
“I bet you look so pretty,” he compliments, and you see the ghost of a smirk on his face. “But I’d bet you’d look even prettier on my cock.”
You wish you could beg him, your clit was crying out for attention, and maybe he was just so good at what he does because the next moment, your prayers are answered.
“Spread your legs for me, baby,” his voice has a teasing lilt to it. “Feel yourself, feel how wet you get for me.”
Your fingers find their way to your slit, and you moan once you feel your arousal, you knew it was soaking the sheets underneath you. Slowly, you began to circle your sensitive nub, sighing at the pleasure that thrums through you.
“Good girl,” he groans. “Fuck, I’m so hard just thinkin’ ‘bout it. Turns me on to know that I’m the only one who can get you this wet.”
Eyes focusing back to him, you notice how he’s palming the bulge in his grey sweatpants. “Think I should let you see just how hard you make me? Would that make you happy, little one?”
Biting your lip, your eyes shine as they reflect back the messages of other eager watches. His hearty laugh makes you smile. “I see that you all are eager today, ‘m sorry that it’s been a while since I’ve last done this with you.”
Ugh, why did he have to be so charming.
“Fuuuuuuuck,” the word drags out on his tongue as he pulls his cock out of sweatpants, pushing them down around his thighs before he wraps a hand around it.
Your mouth waters at the sight, what you wouldn’t give to have it in your mouth. It’s average in length, maybe around seven inches hard, but it’s thick, uncut, with a vein pulsing as the precum oozes at the tip.
Not being able to help yourself, one hand reaches out to your keyboard. I think you’re the pretty one, wolfie.
“Blossom,” his voice is husky as your name rolls from his lips, and you wish you could swallow it down onto your tongue. “You’re gonna make me blush, honey.”
Your fingers are still teasing your clit, dragging the wetness around your folds as you wait for him to continue.
“Fuck, if you were here honey, the things I’d do to you.”
That catches your attention, maybe he’s talking generally, but you can’t help but feel that maybe he’s talking to you? After all, you think you’re the only one he’s ever called honey.
And what would you do to me? you respond in the chat, waiting.
His hand collects the precum, using it to stroke his cock as he replies, “Maybe I should’ve said, what I wouldn’t do to you. I think that list might be shorter.”
“Honey, I’d fuckin’ ruin you. Every hole that you have would be mine.” His pace becomes harsher as he fucks up into his hand. “I’d destroy every single one of ‘em. I’d make you take it, like the obedient little girl I know you are for me.”
Shit, you can feel your stomach beginning to tighten, your fingers rubbing more erratically as you chase your release.
“Fuck, I can just imagine the dumb, little look on your face,” he chuckles darkly. “I know you want to come, honey. But you can’t until I let you, and I know you don’t want to, until I tell you that you can.”
“Pleeeease,” you whine out as though he can hear you, as though he’ll take mercy on you.
He doesn’t.
“Stop,” the teasing from his voice is gone, instead a hard edged blade seems to have cut through it. “You’re not coming. Not yet.”
You wished you didn’t care enough to stop, pretend like you aren’t invested in this man that you don’t even know. But you can’t.
The sound of more chuckling fills your ears, “I’ve got a real treat for tonight”, he says and you watch hazily as he brings something into sight. “Thought I’d bring something extra special to help me out.”
Your eyes widen as you notice the fleshlight, god this man would be the death of you.
The sound of a bottle pops open, and you can only watch as he strokes himself with lube, the noises making you jealous, as you thought of how much better it’d be if it was you he was fucking instead.
His moans stutter as he pushes his dick into the toy, growls erupting as he fucks up into it a couple of times. “Fuck, honey,” he moans out as he fucks the fleshlight. “Wish it was you wrapped around my cock instead of this toy.”
“Be good for me, baby.” He groans out, jaw clenching as his head tilts back. “Play with that hole of mine.”
You comply, hand moving again as you circle your entrance. “I want you, to fuck yourself, honey.” He rasps out. “Fuck yourself on your fingers, need to get you ready for my cock.”
The feeling of a finger finally entering you has your back arching, your walls grip down on it, and you want more.
“Add another for me, I know you’re aching to be filled up.” His hips are thrusting up faster, less controlled as he does. “Does it feel good? D’you want even more?”
“Yes!” you cry out, hips gyrating as the impending orgasm begins to make itself known to your body.
“So fucking greedy,” he growls. “Bet you’re fuckin’ close aren’t ya?”
Your cries of pleasure are getting louder with each pump of your fingers in and out of your cunt, your other hand coming to rub at your clit, spiking your arousal even more.
“You’re gonna come when I tell you too, arent ya?” You can tell he’s smirking from the tone of his voice.
All you can muster is the word yes, falling from your mouth over, and over again as you almost reach the edge.
“‘M gonna count down, honey, and I expect you to come, when I fucking tell you too.”
You’re more than happy to comply.
“Keep fucking my pussy with your little fingers, you can try and pretend that it’s my cock, baby. But we both know, that those fingers could never fill you up the way I could.”
Your fingers draw circles at your clit, while your other hand continues to thrust your fingers in and out of your soaping hole.
“Five, you better keep fucking yourself like the good girl I know you are,” he groans.
You feel the pressure building, trying to hold off as it slowly begins to take over your entire body.
The wet sounds of him fucking his fleshlight have you panting even harder. “Four, c’mon honey, I know you’re close.”
“Three! Fuuuuck, keep goin’, clench down on your fingers like you would my cock.”
“Two! Get ready to soak my fuckin’ cock, gonna make you take my fuckin’ cum, let it fill you up.”
Your legs are shaking, body convulsing as you finally hear him growl out, “One! You better fucking cum for me, honey. Right. Fucking. Now!”
There’s a ringing in your ears as your orgasm hits you, washing over your body in waves, sheets drowning in your arousal as you release all over your hands, and thighs.
“Fuck!” You hear his howl, watching as he pulls the fleshlight off of his cock, using his hand to milk himself through the orgasm.
His cum shoots onto his chest, painting it like the most beautiful art you’d ever seen. Your harsh breaths are in sync with his, as the two of you come down from your highs.
As he catches his breath, you lay in your blissful state, waiting for him to say his goodbyes. His famous laugh is heard as he comes back to himself, teeth showing as his lips pull into a cheeky smile. “Well, I hope you all enjoyed yourselves tonight,” he begins, a hand scratching at his stubble, “I’ll see you all again next week.”
Before he finishes the session, he says, “Make sure that you all take care of yourselves and I’ll be here when I can.”
You smile softly at his caring nature before the screen goes black as he logs off. Once you finally have some energy, you reach over so that you can tip him for the session. Before you turn off, you see a little notification appear, thanks blossom x
And that night, you sleep the best you have in weeks.
At least until you wake up late. You were supposed to be meeting your best friend for coffee in about, five minutes. Shit.
Rushing around your apartment, you quickly pull yourself together as quickly as you can before running out the front door. Unfortunately for you, this has you bumping m straight into what you think, is a brick wall.
“Ouch!” You squeak as you tumble backwards, bracing for the feeling of the hardwood floors to hit your backside. Only, you feel two strong, warm arms wrap around you, and slowly open your eyes to be greeted with the most piercing blue eyes you’d ever seen.
“Sorry!” He stutters, quickly letting you go once you find your footing. “I should’ve watched where I was going.”
You can’t help it as your heart races as you take in the adorable flush on his feathers. “It’s okay,” you say with a soft smile. “I wasn’t watching either.”
It’s quiet for a moment between the two of you as you fully take him in. He’s beautiful. Fluffy brown hair falls in waves over his forehead, and you can make out the soft wrinkles near his eyes. He offers you a kind smile, “I’m new.”
You giggle, “Nice to meet you, new.”
And you think you could drown in the sound of his gentle laughter as it fills your lungs. “I’m Bucky, ‘m new to the building”.
You give him your name before saying, “Welcome to our humble apartment complex. If there’s anything you need, feel free to come on me.” And then your eyes widen as his cheeks tint pink. “Oh my god, I meant come on over.”
But he just waves you off with a chuckle, “It’s okay, honey. I knew what you meant.”
Honey, the way his voice sounds as he says the endearment reminds you of someone, and you feel annoyed that you can’t think of who.
“Well, I’ve got to go,” you tell him kindly. “Meeting up with a friend.”
“Oh! I’m so sorry, I didn’t mean to keep you.” He mumbles, trying to step around you so that he can move out of your way.
Your hand reaches out to his forearm, gently gripping it as you say, “You weren’t keeping me. Pretty sure I’m the one that fell into you.”
“I think it was a mutual falling,” Bucky jokes, and you like the way his eyes light up.
“I think so too,” you reply, a shy smile of your own. “I should really go, but I’ll see you around, Bucky?”
He smiles at you, and you can’t help but adore the way the blush still hasn’t disappeared from his skin. “Yeah, I’ll see you ‘round, honey.”
The two of you wave a final goodbye, before you’re left alone with a gnawing feeling that you swear you know him. His voice sounded so familiar, and the way he called you honey had touched a memory in your mind. You just couldn’t place it.
And it’s not until later that week when you’re back laying in bed, ready for another session with ‘The White Wolf’, that you realise why your new neighbour seems so familiar.
Because as the deep timbre of his voice sounds through your headphones, there’s no denying who it is.
“Hi, darlin’.”
Oh, fuck.
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strangerthingsfanfics · a day ago
Tumblr media
Famous Couple
Pair: Joseph Quinn X reader
Warning: none
Summary: You’ve been filming for a new up coming Marvel movie, and your boyfriend Joseph visit you while on set.
A/N: this was requested by @reader-fangirl and not my photo.
You’re two months into filming the newest Marvel movie, and you were homesick and really missed Joseph. Y’all call each other almost every night, but since season four of Stranger Things, it’s now every other night. Which is fine to you and him since y’all have crazy schedules and have been away from each other months on end. Joseph had an amazing idea to visit you while you were shooting. He had everything planned and was on his way to California.
Once he got to California, he met up with one your costars and they got everything they needed to make this surprise special.
“You think they’ll love it?”.
“Oh, I know they will. I got everything they like from their favorite flowers and an outfit I know they’ll look amazing in for tonight.”. Joseph said while smiling.
When Joseph and your costar got to your hotel room, they set everything up. Joseph took of the flowers and left a trail of them from the door to where he would be standing. He place’s everything in a perfect spot.
“I’m gonna go get Y/N, I’ll text you when we’re heading over here.”
“Okay thank you!”
Joseph was happy to see you again but nervous at the same time. He gets butterflies every time he sees you after some time apart. It makes him fall in love with you all over again. While getting lost in his thoughts your costar texted him, telling him they’re on the back to the hotel.
(Your pov)
“Why are you rushing back to the hotel?”
“I’m not! I’m just tired and wanna go to sleep.”. Your costar said while laughing.
“Uhuh sure you do. Your wife waiting for you at your hotel?”
“No, but I wish she was.”
Once you and your costar got to your hotel, you noticed your costar had the biggest smile ever and couldn’t stop moving.
“You okay?”
“Yes, I’m just tired”
“Uhuh, sure you are.”
“We are here! Hey do you have any pimple patches? I’m starting to get one and I ran out yesterday.”
“I do, let’s get it from my room!”
Once you got to your room, you noticed that your costar was recording and kept smiling really big. You thought they probably did some type of prank on you. When you opened the door you were surprised to see the flowers in the ground. Your heart started to beat fast as you walked further into the room. Once you got to the middle of the room, you saw Joseph standing there with your favorite flowers in his hands.
“Hello love, I missed you so much. I couldn’t wait longer to see you!”. Joseph said while pulling you for a hug.
Your costar said “I’m gonna go and give you guys some time.”. You said goodbye and pulled Joseph into another hug.
“I missed you and this so much!”
“I missed you too! I have dinner reservations at this amazing restaurant, so go get cleaned up and I brought you an outfit that would look amazing on you.”. Joseph said while staring into your eyes and give you kiss.
Once you and Joseph got ready y’all headed to the restaurant and you realized it was on the beach and he booked the whole roof out for both of you. It was pretty with the sunset in the background with the lights hanging from the ceiling and your favorite song playing the background.
Tumblr media
“Joe, this is so pretty, thank you!”.
“You’re welcome love! Let’s go sit down.”
While at the table both you talked about everything and anything. It was perfect and an amazing way to spend the rest of the day with the love of your life.
Joseph got up and said “may I have this dance?”.
You got up and smiled and gave him your hand. Joseph pulled you into a slow dance to your favorite love song. He kept whispering sweet things into your ear and giving your many kisses either on your lips or forehead.
“I can picture us doing this on our wedding day with our family and friends just watching us. It would be an amazing day.”. Joseph said while looking into your eyes and giving you soft smile and a kiss on the lips. You were surprised when he said that and you couldn’t stop smiling when he said that.
“I can’t wait to get married to the love my life.”. You said while smiling and looking into his eyes. He smiled back at you and gave you the sweetest kiss ever.
Once y’all were done eating, Joseph drove back to the hotel and when y’all got to the hotel Joseph helped you get ready for bed. Once ready Joseph carried you to bed and put your head in his chest. “Goodnight my love.” He said while pulling you for one last kiss of the day. “Goodnight Joseph.” You said.
A/N: I wanted to add smut but I didn’t want to ruin the cute part. If y’all want smut comment down and I’ll write the smut part.
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darkskys-x · 5 months ago
JJ maybank x Female Reader
JJ wants something private, kept away from the pogues and after almost a year he introduces them.
Warnings: Smoking but other than that just fluff
“Are you sure?” Y/n had asked for the 100th time since JJ had announced he was adamant on finally introducing her to his friends. Her boyfriend always kept her apart from the pogues, private and something he didn’t have to share. Pope and Kiara were together and as were Sarah and John B and all four were rather public about it but JJ wanted to keep his special person just for him. The thing was it was probably most specifically away from his Dad, with island gossip travelling fast he was terrified Luke would find out in no time but with him gone, JJ felt ready.
“Yeah, I mean my Dad isn’t a problem anymore. My crew will love you, trust me.” JJ said while rolling a blunt.
“JJ, I mean I’m a Kook I don’t know how they’d react to that.” On the inside , Y/n was freaking out. The pogues seemed like such nice people but they were a very tight clique. You are either in or out and that sure is intimidating to the girlfriend of one of the members.
“I love you. That’s probably more than enough for them.”
“Yo! Guys I have somebody I want y’all to meet.” JJ shielded his girlfriend’s shorter frame out of sight.
“Is this gonna be like one of your creepy cousins again ‘cause not gonna lie to you bro, your other cousin is creepy.” John B chuckled.
“Hey! Bobby was nice to yall, pipe down. Anyway, this is my girlfriend…Y/n” JJ’s voices softened towards the end and stepped out of the way to allow all of them to see her.
“Holy shit. Wasn’t expecting that… how the hell did you pull her?” Kiara laughed at Sarah’s comment. The two girls walked up to Y/n and pulled her into a hug, “ I knew there was something up when he didn’t talk about any chicks for a year and a half.”
“We’ve been dating for almost a year, 11 months and 8 days. But you know who’s counting?” JJ said sheepishly rubbing the back of his neck and blushing like a tomato.
“Damn you made him go soft.” John B chuckled from the hammock. “John B.” He said tipping his cap to his best friend’s girlfriend.
“I’m Pope.” Pope nodded at her and shot her a smile.
“I told you they’d like you.” JJ whispered in her ear.
“Shut it Blondie.” She said shoving his cap over his eyes so he couldn’t see and stealing his blunt to take a drag
“JJ, we want to steal your girlfriend to be our new bestfriend.” Sarah grabbed your arm As the three of you ran inside.
“I feel like we are third wheeling our own relationships all of a sudden…” Pope trailed off while JJ just pouted.
“I want my girlfriend back.” He whined running into the Chateau and trying to steal her from Kie and Sarah, “It’s not fair, you have boyfriends go spend time with them. Y/n is mineeee.”
“JJ you’re whipped as fuck man.”
“I know, but I want my girlfriend back.”
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thejolteonmastertj · 6 months ago
Ya’ll, Sky: Children Of The Light Has An Autistic-Coded Spirit
After reliving their memories you even unlock a new idle animation setting for your character that’s imo subtle enough to NOT feel offensive but distinct enough to feel seen.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
The Bellmaker can be found in the Season Of Flight’s sky islands. They seem to have a special intrest in bells, have a tendency to sleep on the floor and/or require periods of decompression. Most importantly though, particularly noticeable towards the end of the memory, is the tendency for generally awkward postures, most notably bending one’s wrists downward.
that’s my feelings after a roller-coaster ride of introspection.
This idle animation setting helped me work through some internalized ableism I didn't know I still had.
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
My first impression upon seeing the standing state of the idle animation was first of all, like, “oh my god they didn’t!?! Did they???? That’s AWESOME” 🤣
I, & most of y’all I’m sure, are used to seeing Autism referenced only in contexts of tragedy, if made clear at all. To The Moon (an indie Steam Game) for example caught me extremely off-guard when the term ‘nuerotypical’ was dropped. I stayed up all night to finish that game, of/c it turned out to be a bittersweet tragedy. Sure, it’s a nice bittersweet tragedy story, but bittersweet all the same. I’m tired of bittersweet.
My first instinct upon seeing an obviously autism-modeled idle setting for for one of my favorite online games was to think “I AM GOING TO USE THIS ALL THE TIME NOW”
Except, it didn’t work out at first.
Tumblr media
This sitting posture is too accurate lmaoo. Who designed this whole idle setting? What’s your story? No way they’re nuerotypical. 🤣 /lh
Now, as an adult on the spectrum, I consider myself to be very open and unapologetic. At work I don’t even try to hide my arm swinging & shoulder cracking stims. Once I even did a few little spins to shut up a customer who was trying to use my grin to shame her ten-ish-year-old for spinning around in public by saying “look even that lady thinks your crazy” bitch I’ll show you crazy.
Even I, EVEN I though, when initially using this idle animation among other players, felt little (metaphorical) alarm bells going off in my head. I wasn’t ready to feel this seen.
Think about how messed up that is, Sky: Children Of Light, probably the most anonymous online game ever, an extremely low-risk social space, where there are no usernames, you can’t even see player skins unless you light each other’s candles, and there’s extremely little opportunities to directly chat with other players... that was a space where I felt too unsafe to express nuerodiversity.
Tumblr media
Now, the fact that the idle setting didn’t exactly match the way I act in real life probably contributed a bit. I spent the first 20 years of my life trying to pass myself as nuerotypical, and it still shows in my body language.
I only ever bend my wrists as the main charcteristic of Sky’s idle setting does when I’m hooking grocery bags into my elbow and walking home like that (I didn’t even realize I did this until I saw Sky’s idle animation & ruminated on it a bit ahah).
But the fact that, even when I consciously want to express a behavior I’ve mostly trained myself out of in the past, I simply couldn’t do it at first, even in the low-risk, very anonymous space of Sky Children Of Light... That left me in shock. Clearly I’m still carrying more internalized ableism than I thought.
Tumblr media
But after reliving the spirit’s memories again, I had a bit of a revelation.
Part of what I love about the bell maker is how subtle their utilization of the setting is. Unless you’re actively looking for it, you won’t notice the bent wrists until the very end of the memory, when they’re standing still, simply enjoying the bells.
For the rest of the memory they’re running around, putting bells up, driving their boat, etc, but they don’t stand still and absentmindedly bend wrists till the very end.
I was so preoccupied with the idle animation I forgot what it was supposed to be. An idle animation. I’m supposed to be doing stuff, not just standing around looking at my avatar’s wrists.
Tumblr media
Solution: do more spins
This realization helped me let go, just a little bit at first, but enough. I began incorporating my usual habits back in, the ones I always did while playing Sky to begin with. Like doing a little spin when I’m happy or excited. This made me feel much more comfortable & whole, and the metaphorical bells in my head have been getting quieter.
I love it, I feel especially empowered when I’m guiding new players, being the helpful, independent autistic I wish I could’ve met more of when I was young, inside or outside a video game.
I now use this idle setting the most while playing sky, along with the dainty meditative one still from time to time, especially if I want to make myself look less impatient while waiting at a multiplayer puzzle door with other players, or sitting among some flowers. It’s just part of my tools for expression now after all.
Tumblr media
The lying down animation is by far the best detail in the idle setting. I legit actually sleep like this in real-life... it’s probably why my shoulder hurts all the time lmaoo. IRL I’ve had to train myself to sleep on my back and/or stomach and I hate it, ahah.
Did a google search for some forum posts and found this is indeed a common (Stomach & side/fetal seem to both be common according to the WrongPlanet forums) autism thing? Sleeping like this? Even I didn’t know that.
I’ll ask again, who in That Game Company designed this??? Whoever you are, what the hell, in a good way.
Some atm unnamed designer just casually snuck their experience into a popular video game like this? King/Queen shiz. Whoever you are, god bless.
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bozowrites · a year ago
hiii! do you think you could write headcanons on how mcyts told fans that the reader is pregnant?
↳ Telling the viewers.
Members: [CC] Dream, Georgenotfound, Sapnap, Wilbur Soot, Quackity, Karl Jacobs and Fundy.
TW: reader has a uterus
Tumblr media
He would wait till about the last three months, not wanting you to be the spotlight of every conversation and so.
People were already sus of him since he was absent of a lot of streams, being so busy with you. So, when he knew he wouldn’t be doing anything online for a long period of time, he took a cute picture with you of your swelled baby belly, hands on your stomach (faces out of shot, stand on a stool if you must like I would have to lolol) and sends a Tweet on his main.
And underneath that with a thread is him explaining how he won’t be online as much, but has videos planned ahead for the next few months.
Tumblr media
He’d wait even longer than Clay had, since he doesn’t talk much about his personal life, I assume he wouldn’t want people to know much about you and your unborn baby.
But as the last few weeks came rolling in, he knew he’d have to explain, so he made a YouTube video explaining the situation.
“Wow this is weird. Okay, I got this. I’m pregnant—no! Y/n’s pregnant,” he laughs to himself, trying to ease the anxiety. “Y/n and I are having a baby. They’re already eight, almost nine months in, that’s why I’ve been absent a lot lately. So, I made a few videos to last the next few months. We will be busy with the baby, so I won’t be there for streams, or even online a lot.”
Tumblr media
He didn’t know how to tell people at the start, so he actually looked up cute ways to tell people you’re pregnant.
One said with the pregnancy test and he kinda loved it.
You two already had a picture of the pregnancy test from when you two sent it to George and Clay (you guys had to prove it to them because they didn’t believe you) so he dug up that image and got ready to put it on Twitter.
You were on your fifth month by now, wanting some time before the world knew.
“im gonna be a dad lol”
Tumblr media
He isn’t much to tell people about his personal life and what he does from day to day as we know, so he, like George, would wait till the last few weeks.
He didn’t plan much ahead, but he had one last stream with Tubbo. Which is when he explained he will be absent.
“Actually, this will be my last stream for the next few months. I’ll be quite busy with the baby after all.”
And the mothertrucker would end stream right then and there.
But don’t worry, he sent a tweet a few hours later with a picture of your baby bump and a piece of baby clothing in your hands which had the words; I ❤ daddy.
Tumblr media
He was excited and nervous to tell his viewers that he was gonna be a father.
He didn’t know how they would react and all.
But about five months into the pregnancy he started a stream, kept it normal with his loud and funny antics, but at the end he sat down all serious faced and said,
“Y’all, I have something serious to anncounce…I’M PREGNANT.”
Which he follows up with the actual explaination that you’re pregnant and how he won’t be streaming as much. And if you’re comfortable with it, he’ll have you guest star with your baby belly :]
Tumblr media
Baby is so excited to tell his viewers he was gonna be a dad.
But he knew at the start of the pregnancy complications could happen, like miscarriages which usually happen in the first three months.
So he waited till the end of your first trimester to tell everyone, even friends. Make it more special and so they didn’t spill the news.
But that doesn’t mean he didn’t hint at it during streams. No one ever really caught on though.
He painted a heart on your stomach and took a picture of it, posting it on all his socials.
Tumblr media
He forced himself to wait a few months in, but boy was he excited to tell his viewers.
He was going to be a dad! Of course, he was excited!
He was very excited to show off his beautiful child to the world, if that was okay with you of course.
Posted on his socials with a picture of a cute fox onesie on your stomach showcasing the little bump.
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fineanddandy · 6 months ago
Little Monsters’ Birthday Surprise
Summary: Due to a hellish month of adjusting to a new job, new schedule, new life, you damn near forget your birthday…but that’s okay because your boys are taking care of it.
Relationship: Bucky Barnes x black!reader x Destroyer!Chris
Warnings: graphic language, graphic language, threesome, sharing bodily fluids, alcohol use, drug use, oral sex (fem receiving), smut, MFM/throuple relationship, double penetration, public sex (kinda), smut driven foolery
A/N: HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU DARLING ASH!! 🎉🥳 My sis wife @sunshinexsin is turning a year older so I had to write a little something…sinful…just for her. Hope it obliterates her. Hell I hope it obliterates anyone who reads this foolishness. Good times to be had all around. Ash, I hope this day treats you the way you deserve and you get all sorts of love and kind words and whatever else you desire. I feel this is how these two would take care of you on your special day. Love you sis wife 😘😘
Tumblr media
Sometimes, you don’t know how people do it. This regular 8-5, repetitive, monotonous ass bullshit. It’s only been a month of this new routine and your body’s tired like you’d been doing it for years and years. Ready to fuckin go into retirement…or at least sleep for a week. Worn, that’s all you felt. Coming home from work and immediately undressing and hitting the bed. Your boys blowing you up to come see you but you were even too tired for them. And that’s a fuckin problem. You missed the shit out them, really needing them to come hold you and baby you but time had been against y’all for too long now. All you could do was pout, and yawn, and whine when you realize your birthday’s tomorrow and you have absolutely nothing planned. What the actual fuck. How did you let that happen?! Slapping yourself in the face you groan into the mattress, shaking your head into the bedding. Yay for getting older. It’s whatever, you gripe to yourself as you pull back the covers, putting your phone on Do Not Disturb. That’ll be future you’s problem. As of right now, all you needed was sleep.
You softly grin, resting well in your REM, dreaming about your boys holding you close, decorating your face with sweet kisses. Your sweet little monsters, doting on you with sly smirks and quiet moans. Their giant hands roaming all of your body, massaging your hips and ass, making you feel so fuckin good. God you can’t get enough of Bucky and Chris, driving you wild with their smoky eyes and mischievous grins. Always completely smothered by their combined sizes. Just…weight. And heat. Humming happily you sink lower into the bed, suddenly feeling warm between your thighs. Damn just thinking about them has got you so wet. A quick tingle down your shoulders has you giggling, sliding your feet over the bed as two firm hands cup over your goosebumped skin, digging his fingers into your inner thighs. Gasping in delight you fling your lids open, jumping up to your hands to find a naked man bunned Bucky holding a small slice of red velvet cake with a lit candle on a saucer with a charmed grin. You can’t help but smile so wide at your brooding tower of a man but then you passionately moan out, looking down to discover a squirming body beneath the covers. Chris yanks your slobbering slit closer to his opened mouth, dunking a pointed tongue into your hole. Moaning through your giggles, you fist the covers with a sick smile, arching your spine into Chris going to work on your pussy.
“Happy birthday Princess.” Bucky purrs, nibbling on the curve of his bottom lip, pushing the plate towards you dying for air. “Make a wish.”
Darting your slacked gaze down his ripped body, you peep his perfect cock standing at attention, then back to his burning gaze, whimpering behind thinned lips; Chris isn’t letting up in the slightest, sloppily making out with your throbbing folds with hungry grunts. You could hardly focus on the reality of the situation with the way he noisily slurps you up. With breathless chuckles, you gradually drop your lids and take a moment to relish in the reality of the best wish already coming true. In one shaky breath, eyes still shut, you blow out the candle and Bucky smiles sweetly, dipping the smooth tip of his metal finger in the pillowy frosting.
“Good morning birthday girl.” You wrap your trembling lips around his cool fingertip and suck the dissolving sugar clean off, inhaling a sharp gasp as Chris flicks the tip of his tongue all over your fat clit. The sheets wrinkle more. Bucky drags his fingers out of your puffy lips, pursing back pleased chuckles. “Surprised?”
“Yeah daddy.” You sigh euphorically, dropping your head back with a smile. “So surprised. Happy.”
Sitting on the bed, Bucky wraps his arm around your neck, gently cupping your cheek as you weakly call out Chris’s name. Thumbing the small hot hill of your awed face, Bucky lands a full kiss on the bridge of your nose, saying,
“As you should be Princess.” He kisses you there again then a shudder quakes all over your body. “We didn’t want you to be alone on your day.”
“Aww fuck!” You choke on another sharp gasp, signs of your orgasm approaching as two thick fingers slip in under a nimble tongue still wiggling around your contracting wall. Bucky huffs a hard sigh, cupping your left tit in his soothing cool hand. The sensation taking what little breath you have left away as he twists your nipple around, tugging on it just to hear you moan harder. A rumbling growl comes from under the covers; Chris loves when you start to squirt little by little down his tastebuds. He picks up the strokes of his fingers and it’s fuckin over for you.
“So we’re going to take care of everything. Just for you. Don’t worry about a thing. Your little monsters are here princess.”
Bucky takes your full lips in one gulp, securely locking his tongue around yours and Chris latches on to your clit, sucking and vigorously finger fucking your pussy until your squealing, limbs trembling as you let all your frustrations go into Chris’s rumbling throat. You can hardly breathe beneath Bucky sinisterly chuckling, beneath your nerve wrecking orgasm that you so clearly needed. Once he’s licked you all clean with a proud smile, Chris reveals himself like a magic trick, goatee soaked with your juices, announcing,
“Happy birthday beautiful,” slithering up your front to share your cum with you. Frenching you so hard as he makes the exchange then breaks away with a low hum so you can turn to kiss Bucky, who swallows you with a bitten lip. “Missed you Princess” Chris whispers leading a trail of pecks up the middle of your chest.
Tugging him away by his prickly chin, brushing your thumb over his saturated whiskers you sigh, “Missed you too,” allowing him to resume his journey as you sweetly take Bucky again. Fuck this was the best start to a birthday ever and it was barely kicking off. Adjusting himself to turn on to his front, Bucky drops a knee between your legs just as Chris begins to shuffle out, swapping places with him still tasting your lips that are stained with your scent. Chris hooks a finger in Bucky’s hair tie to release his thick locks down over his shoulder, who leaves you lightheaded and just as turned on as before with Chris between your thighs but now,
“My turn…” Bucky winks, hair curtaining his devilishly handsome face, “but I wanna feel you dripping down my cock…”
A careful hand rolls over the sticky head of his dick before it soothes over and under his veiny shaft. You and Chris watching on, hypnotized by the shiny vibranium stroking his hot taut skin. After a minute of teasing himself, he sticks his sticky mechanical hand in front Chris’s mouth that eagerly sticks out his tongue covered in spit, smearing it all over while simultaneously getting a taste of his precum, before Bucky slots it completely saturated back between your bodies. His eyes flutter close with a tiny groan, Chris’s self made lubricant just enough to get him ready to pierce his way inside your tuckered out cunt.
“Lay back Princess,” demands Chris lowly, pressing a firm hand on your shoulder, pushing you back down to the comfort of your bed, “you know how Bucky gets…”
Boy don’t you…and you can’t fuckin wait, nestling into the sheets, past ready for Bucky to tear into you. His fat head circling your opening just before he slips on in without effort. Your lower back pops off the bed the further he sinks. Chris loves to watch you two, loves the way Bucky damn near breaks you in two and you just take his animalistic behavior with such a pretty smile. It’s the sexiest shit he’s ever seen. Dick already fisted he gets after it, lounging back to get a better view.
“Mmm and it���s been so long too…” Bracing the side of your neck, he struggles to speak as he fills you up. Nostrils flaring and teeth clenched, inching all the way in until his dick is completely swallowed whole with a deep sigh. Casting his hooded gaze down on you with a twisted grin he shakes his head and warns, “I’m going to rip you apart…you need that?”
His hips roll slow but finish with a hard snap. “Yes daddy!” You yelp, holding on to his ripped muscles for dear life. You desperately needed that shit. It’s been a month of hell you need to feel anything else other than the blahness of adulthood. Thank god for your little monsters surrounding you with love and admiration. Oh yeah…and their nude statuesque bodies sweating and writhing with tortured groans and erotic sighs. Your black nails scratch Bucky’s scalp as he digs you out with dark growls, decorating your cheeks, lips, neck with wet kisses. Holding you so close to his rolling hips. Just to your right Chris is fuckin his hand twisting and squeezing around his jerking girth. Head hanging back and grunting out with each stroke. Faintly smiling and laughing to yourself, you can’t believe what’s happening when just last night, you were alone, feeling so damn low but now you’re high in the clouds, feeling so damn good. So good in fact you start to sing the birthday song in your head, giggling even more but accelerating moans intervene. Bucky’s fucking into you harder, working them super soldier hips rolling up into your convulsing folds. Gripping the headboard as an anchor, he roughly ruts into your bruising thighs with a wild smile like he’s trying to split you down the middle. A rowdy groan rips through Chris’s pouty lips. Swiftly he’s up on his knees, angling his cock towards you and Bucky edging closer and closer to eruption. Shouting and shrilling curse words amongst the three of you, headboard knocking against the wall, you struggle for air as your climax takes over every nerve. Limbs locked and cumming so hard. Clawing the fuck out of Bucky’s brawny back but he loves the burn. Chris is about to lose his shit listening to you cum like that.
“Oh-oh fuck. I’m—I’m about to—,” he stutters to warn Bucky who’s already up on his knees, spreading you wider to reach even deeper between your sputtering walls. You can’t handle all of that right now. It’s been too long. You’re too sensitive but your monsters don’t give a shit.
“Jeeeeeeus Christ! Bucky holy fuckin shit!” You scream, tapping out but it means nothing. Bucky locks his hands around your kneecaps with a shake of his hair and goes even harder. As if that’s possible. You’re losing your fuckin mind. Your pussy a creamy mess he just smiles down at the way it slides down his fat cock still pumping it out.
Chris is shaking; slamming his fingers into your open mouth, he spits down onto the head of his swollen cock and works it over his burning skin. And it’s just enough to shoot his load all over your heaving breast. Taking all the life from him, doubling over with a silent oh.
“Fuck. Holy shit.” Softly whispers a winded Bucky, hips hitching and stalling out, ready to explode seeing you coated with Chris’s hot cum. He lies down beside you and turns you by the chin to sensually kiss you for Bucky’s smolder, embracing a cum covered tit in his giant hand. Kneading and pinching your nipple to tease you and him. “Ugh fuck yes. So hot…”
Next, that soiled hand abandons your trembling chest and voyages down your middle and barely grazes over your sensitive clit. Sending a shout into Chris’s humming mouth you squirm as he keeps teasing your bundle of nerves. Bucky watches on with shaky breaths, watches the way your spine curls off the mattress, gearing up to bust again. Perfect timing. The pressure builds, and you can’t breathe under Chris, but he releases you just in time to combust with Buck.
“Ooooooh my fuck! Fuck!” You shrill clamping a hand down on Chris’s bicep.
Bucky’s spurting cock slams you full, gripping your thighs to hold you steady. “Oh my god fuck yes…fuck yes princess cum all over me…”
The comedown is euphoric, obsessed with the sensation of Bucky emptying out in your fluttering walls. Catching this breath with a big sigh, Bucky brushes his damp hair out of his face, grinning down at you still spasming with a lighthearted smile. You’re awake. And it’s your motherfuckin birthday. Your boys came through with a whole attitude adjustment.
“Breakfast,” purrs Chris gently kissing your cheek before he hops out the bed.
“Bath.” Bucky nods at you depleted on the bed, extending his sticky hand out help you up. Somehow you find the strength to lift your dead arm up to meet his and he tosses you up over his shoulder so you wouldn’t have to worry about using your noodle legs. Your boys know how you. As Chris walks out your bedroom, he pops you on the ass with a laugh.
“How about waffles.”
How could this day get any fuckin better. While Bucky prepares you a bath, Chris is getting breakfast ready for the three of you. As Bucky washes your back, you vent out every last grief you’ve had the past few weeks. It felt good to purge, especially in a shared tub with your brooding teddy bear listening to you go on and on with no complaints. Giving you advice and comfort…and loving kisses, apologizing for everything that you’d been feeling. You love it when your grumpy old man is so sweet on you. Even more when your badass babe joins in on the fun. Announcing food is ready as he climbs in and Bucky climbs out. Bath water waving as Chris pulls you into his arms.
“Don’t be long.”
Burying his nose into your neck and holding you so tight, he replies, “real quick promise,” kissing your wet nape and shoulder, murmuring softly, “Wanna wash my back?”
Your cheeks hurt so much you can’t stop smiling, and laughing, and swooning so hard at your little monsters spending quality time with you. Divulging all the mischief they’d been up to while you’d been too busy too see them. All you can do is roll your eyes and shake your head, snickering as you listen to their goof stories. Food’s devoured and plates are cleared. You’re already yawning because let’s admit it, you were already exhausted before these two showed up and showed out. A little more sleep sounds too damn good. Wedged between your boys? Even better. They’re already two steps ahead of you. Escorting you back to the bedroom, they let you in on the plans for the night: a small kickback with all your friends.
“You guys really didn’t have to.” You yawn crawling back into the bed. They really didn’t but you can’t help but admire them for thinking about you.
“No problem.” They smirk in unison, climbing in behind you snuggling in with a smile. When did one of them change the sheets? Really outdoing themselves today. It doesn’t take long, your lids falling shut once Bucky and Chris secure their positions around you. This is about to be some of the best sleep.
Metal music blasting. Your friends cackling and shouting over the noise. With the way the alcohol is flowing, the night’s going well. And you felt on top of the world with everyone around you having a good time. Bucky bringing you your drinks whenever you’re close to empty. Chris sitting across from you rolling your joints with that devilish smirk of his. You’re only allowed to stay lifted, cherish the night with your favorite people on this planet. It was like your shit month never happened you felt so relaxed.
The night rages. Bucky’s kicking everyone’s ass in quarters, arm wrestling anyone challenges him while Chris is shuffling a deck of cards, getting ready for another round of Screw Your Neighbor. A bottle of Jack sitting in the middle of the table. The room’s full of genuine joy and good times. This is the birthday you wanted and you didn’t even know it. Looking around the room you heart swells, your smile grows.
“Having a good time?”
You’re standing alone in the kitchen when Chris walks in on you grabbing a drink of water. You might be too faded, head all goofy and cheeks tingling, but you’ll be just fine with your boys around. Approaching you from behind he soothes his hands around your waist, pulling your round ass right into his hard on. You drop a hand to his arms with a snort, turning your chin to meet his pretty lips.
“Of course. And it’s all thanks to you big softies.” There’s a kiss. “You guys are the fuckin best.”
“We aim to please.”
His slithering tongue meets yours as he presses harder against your ass. His arms squeeze you tighter. The kiss deepens with thirsty groans. Brain’s already cloudy and Chris’s mouth doesn’t help you feel any less disoriented. It’s like the noise of the party has faded out and you could hear was your accelerating heartbeat. His gyrating cock burns you up. Locked against his thick hot body. Your need consumes your intoxicated mind so that without even realizing, your lifting the skirt of your little black dress to pull your panties down til they hit the ankles of your combat boots.
“You sure Princess?” Chris grins against your lips as you nod your heavy head and grind your bare ass up and down his length.
“It’s my birthday,” you mumble pecking his bottom lip with a crooked smirk, “I get what I want.”
Chuckling sinisterly Chris goes to unbuckle his belt, casting his heated sight on you looking up at with wide glossy eyes. “What if someone walks in?” One hand reaches down to caress his throbbing cock while the other lands a nice slap on your ass.
You yip then moan, dropping your head once you feel Chris’s hot skin along the crack of your ass. “Guess they get a show.”
Shaking his head with a smile, he slips a tender hand down your spine, watching you sway your hips side to side over his leaking dick. All you feel is tingly, but airy…huffing out steady breaths with small needy moans. God you have to have him inside you right now you missed the way he takes his time fucking into you. Slow but determined. His hand steadies you, the tip of his dick rests right against your slick entrance.
“Hmm…a proper view too.” Just one stroke is all it took to have you gasping for air. Chris always fills you up perfectly. Taking ahold of you by the hair he tugs you closer to his chiseled chest. “Mmmshit you’re so fuckin wet Princess.”
You hold on to the edge of the counter for dear life as he smoothly strokes against your spot settled deep inside you. Crying out his name but no one can hear you over the blaring guitar solos and screaming coming from the speakers in the other room. His lips pursed against the edge of your ear he grunts and groans directly into your skull and it only drives you even crazier.
“Oh fuckin hell!” You tremble after he slaps the shit out your ass again. “Fuck me daddy. Fuck…”
Chris fists and yanks your roots as he picks up the pace. You feel too damn good drowning his dick his thrusts get greedier. “Daddy’s gonna fuck this pussy all night.” He vows with haughty groans. “Gonna take care of his Princess god fuck.”
There’s a ruckus of sorts coming from the party but you two barely register all the shouts and laughter. Too immersed in one other to notice Bucky stumbling in holding his stomach, cracking up but then cutting it short when he finds you two really getting after it. Sighing a smile, he shakes his head and walks over, teasing,
“We have guests.”
Chris doesn’t even look his way, keeps his dark eyes tunneled into yours pooling with tears. “The birthday girl asked nicely. How could I tell her no.” Chris defends with a low growl still slamming into you defenseless and used but so fuckin happy. Buck’s ice cold fingertips brush the edge of your pouty lips with a soft smirk. His steel blue eyes beaming at the sight of you completely out of it.
“Fair. And she does look absolutely fuckable tonight does she not?” He slips one metal finger between your pouty lips then adds another for you to suck. “Wearing something a little slutty just for us.”
Nodding and moaning around his smooth fingers you remove your right hand from the counter and grab Bucky’s dick over his rough denim. His brows raise in surprise. He knows what that means. Chris and Bucky’s smoldering gazes meet.
“Buck.” The corners of his lips twitch.
“But…” They could just call it an early night, get everyone out but apparently there’s no time for that. You’re already pulling his zipper down.
“Bucky…” Slipping your fingers through the opening you weakly call out to him, begging for him not to turn you down. Maybe no one will notice that you guys are gone and if they do, maybe they’ll catch the hint and won’t come looking for you all. A shaky moan falls from his pink lips when you carefully pull him out. Slipping between you and the counter Bucky plunges in for an arousing kiss as Chris pulls out, using your essence as lube to get stroke his dick against your ass. You rest his fat shaft along your slit, coating it with your creamy goodness.
“Atta boy Buck…” Chris winks grabbing and squeezing your tits from behind. “Give our girl what she wants…”
“Fuck…so needy Princess…” sighs Bucky meeting your grinding hips rocking up and down his veiny rigid dick. His fat head dipping in and out of your dripping wet hole.
“Uh huh…” you whimper reaching up for his shaky lips to taste, “need both you daddies…”
Chris loved to hear it, spitting down on his cock with a crooked grin. “We got you.” He grips your ass cheeks apart, nudging at your puckered hole.
“We’ll do whatever you want.” Bucky hooks your leg up on his forearm giving him more access to your pussy. Your breath hitches loudly as they simultaneously sink inside, filling you up more than you can handle but fuck it…
“Fuck.” You sob, holding onto Bucky for support, clawing his chest. Fisting his shirt. The ache feels so fuckin gratifying. “Oh fuck yes.”
The party’s still going in the other room; everyone cheering when a Deftone’s song comes on and shouting about shots. Chris and Bucky crush you with their brutal pumps, shouting curse words over your head. Between their animalistic noises, the tone of the song, and how insanely stuffed you feel, you’re lightheaded. Fading in and out, nothing but tiny whimpers. Wedged between your beasts. Your pussy can’t stop squirting fluid down Bucky’s balls. Your legs like Jello thank god he was holding you up. Using your worn holes to chase their own high, they pump you faster, resting their sweaty foreheads against one another. Panting in each other’s awed faces. So wet you’ve probably came a few times already; you’re just here until they’re filling you up with their hot cum and they’re close…you can hear it in their tired groans. Feel their bodies shudder and stiffen as their strong hands grip your tits, your ass cheeks until they’re crumbling, together, cum spilling out your feeble holes. Holding each other completely exhausted.
“Thank you daddy. Thank you.” You whisper between Chris and Bucky, taking turns kissing them with gratitude. For this day. For this party. For being them. They smile all big and proud, pulling out to clean you up and put you back together as if they didn’t just fuck the shit out of you for the second time today…and there’s still more to come.
“Hey! Bucky!” One of your friends shout to the room, “Get your ass in here for flip cup!”
All three of you bust out laughing, still hugging and kissing each other in recovery mode. Just in the nick of time. Suddenly everyone from the other room is calling for you three of you to come back for more drinking games. You need another joint to really live in this come down.
“Alright already!” Bucky shouts as you guys head back to the living room, locking his beefy arm around your shoulders. A chuckling Chris lingering behind you two.
“After this round though, let’s call it.” He flips up your skirt to sneak another peak of where he just obliterated you. Giggling you swat at his hands. “I need more of the birthday girl.”
Bucky glances back at him with a sly grin as the rock music starts to envelop them. “Oh trust me…I’m already ahead of you Chris…”
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moldymacrodose · 6 months ago
COGS AND PIECES - CH 10/12 || Jinx x fem!reader / OC
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a/n: Sorry for the lack of updates the past couple of days, but I’ve been busy! I hope y’all will enjoy this chapter, even though it’s very short. Enjoy!
Tumblr media
Chapter 10 - Kaboom
Things went mostly back to normal afterwards. Cogs worked diligently and was able to reward herself with some time spent on the small explosive devices she was researching. Jinx quickly caught wind of the project and dropped everything to work on it with Cogs. She sped up the whole process by days just by knowing the right combination of chemicals from the top of her head.
Cogs treasured these moments between them. It made her feel special to be able to work side-by-side with Jinx on something. She was buzzing from excitement like a shaken can of soda. They turned out to work like a well-oiled machine, bouncing ideas off each other and making good progress. It took them the best part of the week to get first prototypes ready. Jinx happily threw them down the canyon and watched them explode.
"This is looking good", said Cogs watching another one of the bombs detonate down below.
"It's. Awesome." Jinx was enthralled by the small devices.
An imaginary lightbulb lit up in Cogs' head.
"Can I see one of your butterflies?"
"Yeah, go for it. Whatever", Jinx murmured her attention fully committed to making more things go 'kaboom'.
Cogs got up to the feet and scurried to the workbench. She gently picked up one of the mechanical butterflies and put it under the magnifying glass. Just like she thought. She grabbed the bomb prototype and used a piece of wire to tie it tightly to the bug's torso. The wings fluttered as if it was checking out how the new explosive backpack felt on it.
"C'mon, it has no consciousness", Cogs had to remind herself, when she felt a sting of guilt for what she was about to do with it.
She came back to Jinx and handed her the contraption. "Here."
The blue-haired girl inspected it for a second. She looked at Cogs and then at the butterfly and at Cogs again.
"You're a genius!", she grinned and let the butterfly fly down. It exploded sending the pieces of its tiny metal corpse out in every direction.
"I've always thought they were beautiful", said the mechanic.
Jinx shrugged. "They were okay. Now, they're perfect."
"Does everything always have to explode?", Cogs asked watching her feel dangling from the propellers edge.
"Why not?"
Cogs shook her head. "I guess, I don't mind things that just bring me joy. I think that these ones are worth protecting the most."
"Or they could just protect themselves."
Cogs looked over at Jinx who was hugging her knees. She looked soft, innocent in that moment. Cogs wondered what was going on in the girl's head.
"Blowing yourself up in pieces seems like a bit of a... final solution”, the mechanic said.
"If you have to go out, you might as well go out with a bang."
Cogs tilted her head to the side. "I'd prefer you rather not do that."
Jinx scoffed at Cogs.
"It's not always something we get to choose", she said and got up cutting the conversation short.
Cogs stayed in place mulling over what her friend has just said. When she looked over to see what Jinx was doing, she saw her silently staring at a mechanical butterfly sitting on her finger and flapping its tiny wings.
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Almost Had Me Believing It - Part 17
Tumblr media
Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader    
Word Count: 1245
Warnings: Drugs, language, idiots in love and motherforkin angst, y’all.
Summary: An undercover operation playing Bucky Barnes’ wife is a dream come true. Playing house in the suburbs while trying to take down a drug ring brings you and Bucky closer but a nosy neighbor causes trouble in paradise.
A/N: Divider by @whimsicalrogers
Almost Had Me Believing It Series Masterlist
Tumblr media
You approach the front door of Marco’s house cautiously. Your shoulder is weighed down by the bag full of product you are carrying as an offering. Despite the calm outside of the building, you are hyper aware of the security at every corner. Cameras and guards were everywhere, so you know that your arrival is scrutinized by several sets of watchful eyes. You reach the front door and ring the bell. You expect to have to do some convincing to get in, instead you are practically dragged to Marco’s study once you have been searched. 
“Melissa told me you weren’t just a pretty face.” Marco smiles at you from his chair. 
You cross your arms as you stare down at him, waiting him out. 
“What have we here?” Marco gestures to the bag his guard dropped on the desk. 
“The product that was stashed in Frank’s house.” You say. 
Marco’s eyes study you intently before asking the question, “Where is Frank?”
“Dead. He jumped in front of the bullet meant for me.” 
Marco sits up a little straighter as he stares across at you. His voice is low as he asks, “Melissa?”
“She tried to kill me. I beat her to the punch.” You tilt your head looking at Marco.
“Melissa’s dead?”
“Shot to the head. Police will rule it a murder suicide. Their affair was well known in the neighborhood and when he got a new girlfriend she just couldn’t handle it. Now the question is, you sent her to kill me, are you planning to finish the job?” 
“Melissa said you were a cop.”
You laugh scoffingly, “I’m not a cop. I’m a con. She was a jealous bitch, wasn’t she?”
“What kind of work do you do?” Marco asks with eyes narrowed. 
“I’m a grifter by trade but I have many skills.”
“Melissa underestimated you.”
“Immensely.” You smirk. 
“Why did you bring me the product back?” Marco asks. 
“My partner ditched me for a bigger score and then Melissa killed my mark. I’m, uh, adrift you could say. I thought you might be generous enough to buy back your product and I’ll steer clear of your operations from now on.”
“I see.” Marco studies you, “I have a counter offer.”
“Oh?” You say suspiciously. 
“Come work for me.”
“You know nothing of me. Why would you want me to work for you/?”
“In a matter of weeks you managed to get Frank to turn over all his business dealings to you and bring you into our world. That was no small feat knowing Frank. And Melissa was more than she let on. That you got the best of her means you not only are quick on your feet, but you managed to fool her as well. She is… was a shrewd woman. Lastly, I have an associate coming in that will require some special attention.”
“I’m not a whore.” You say coldly. 
Marco chuckles, “Don’t worry. It’s not that kind of attention. She requires finessing to convince her of expanding and changing. I think you can help me with this, yes?”
“Of course.”
“Good. We shall discuss it over dinner tonight. That should give you enough time to return home and pack your belongings.”
“You’ll be staying here with me until I can be sure I trust you. Also, we will need all the time we have to plan. She arrives tomorrow.”
As you drive back to the house, you put your comm to the team on. 
“How come every time you fall in shit you come out smelling like roses?” Sam teases as soon as you’re connected. 
“I don’t know but let’s hope we can use this.” you say. 
“Sounds like Viper will be there tomorrow.” Steve says. 
“Hopefully I’ll get more info tonight.”
“You okay, Doll?” Bucky’s voice over the comm makes your heart soar and then plummet. 
“It’ll be fine, Buck. But, um, Alpine-”
“Already taken care of, Doll.” Bucky’s voice reassures you. 
“Thanks, Bucky.” You feel like crying and find yourself second guessing yourself again. After Steve and Natasha had interrupted your confession to Bucky and told you that you would be going back undercover, this time without Bucky, you had stopped yourself from saying anything. You had warred with yourself about whether or not to tell him. Not that you’d had much time to, since the op had moved forward it had been a whirlwind of activity to get you to Marco’s doorstep. It came down to, if something happened to you on this op, would it be better for him to know or to not know? Being a firm believer in the old saying “Ignorance is bliss”, the words had stuck in your throat. And it seemed to be the same for Bucky. Every look, touch, and movement seemed rife with unspoken meaning. The tension nearly broke you before you left. 
“You’ve got company.” Sam’s voice comes through again. 
“You’re getting slow Sam. I clocked them miles ago.” You laugh, trying to relieve the ache in your chest. 
“Sure you did.” Sam’s typical cockiness coming through. 
“Not like they’re doing a good job of being inconspicuous.” You point out.
“Doll, you got any idea what Marco has up his sleeve?” Bucky interrupts.
“None. Like I said, we’ll see tonight.” You arrive at the house you and Bucky had shared and pack a bag. Unsure what you would need, you select a variety of clothes that should cover just about any situation. When you return to Marco’s, you are ushered to a bedroom and you change into a dress for dinner. You find Marco in the dining room at seven sharp and try to ignore the feeling of your skin crawling as he gives you a once-over. 
“Sit. We have much to discuss.”
“Tell me about your guest.” You smile. 
“Her name is Ophelia. Ophelia Sarkissian. She is a… proprietor of fine products and the head of our syndicate.”
“What do you want from her? And me?”
“From her, the East Coast distribution given fully to me. Her current distributor is adequate but I believe I can make improvements. From you, well, Ophelia does not like or trust anyone she comes across. She is a hard woman. I want you to find me an in. Soften her up, if you will.”
“I’ll need you to tell me everything you know about her.”
“She calls herself the Viper. She has had many associations over the years. Hydra, most notably, but is currently her own entity…” Marco gives you everything he can on the woman and by the end of dinner you believe you’ve ferreted out his plan for the most part. You are mildly surprised when Marco allows you to leave the dining room and head straight to your room. Most of the information Marco had given you was correct but, having read Viper’s SHIELD file, you were well versed in the dangerous woman’s methods and history. 
You sleep fitfully. A strange bed in a strange place adding to your anxiety of the mission’s success. You wished Bucky was there with you. You wrapped your arms around yourself imagining that they were Bucky’s and not your own. 
You were ready for the arrival of your special guest. All you had to do was confirm that the woman who arrived was Ophelia Sarkissian and then the team would do the rest. One more day. One more and then you’d be free. Free to run straight into Bucky’s arms.
Part 18
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