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#y'all are perfect im sorry
captainbobbiedraper · 19 days ago
so I got the chance these past weeks (grateful, as I was only 4, 5 and then 6 when the films came out) to see LOTR** in cinemas and of course I've slipped back into my obsession-hole as I do every time I rewatch!! ALEXA PLAY THE BREAKING OF THE FELLOWSHIP.MP3
**unfortunately non-extended versions but what can ya do, they were the remastered 4k versions by PJ though
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elektrosonix · 26 days ago
HEEEEEY SARAA!! I’m here to request a matchup if you don’t mind 😋 but first off I have to say that YOUR EVENT IS SO PRETTY WOW WOW 😻💗
Ok so I don’t care about my pronouns so any will do, I’m Ace Lesbian but when it comes to anime,, I am straight 🧍🏽‍♀️
At first, I am shy and quiet but once you get to know me I’m loud and weird. I’m also caring and selfless, I think about others more than I think about myself. I love to listen to music, it’s my favorite thing to do. I also enjoy sleeping, going for walks, and scrolling through social media.
In a relationship I look for someone who is trustworthy, caring and understanding. My favorite song atm is “When You Sleep” by My bloody Valentine
Thanks bestie!! 💕💕
ƚԋαɳƙ ყσυ ϝσɾ ʂҽҽƙιɳɠ ყσυɾ ϝαƚҽ. the stars are alligning...
you have been matched with...
Tumblr media
— ->  Semi appears to be calm and cool at a first impression, but he’s actually very competitive and hardworking. He’s sincere and cares deeply about the people around him, although it may not always be clear. He isn’t always the best at saying how he feels because he cares how people see him.
✧ semi is fascinated with you. you made him believe that it didn’t matter so much how others saw him as long as he was happy. this led him out of his shell - and made him see how beautiful life could be. it sounds cheesy, but you gave up something to live for >_<。
✧ semi loves your sense of humour and wants to make you always feel comfortable to express yourself honestly. he trusts you and feels like he can confide in you as you can do in him.
✧ the two of you are very comfortable together, very much best friends who are head-over-heels energy. he has a few nicknames for you.... “my love” “piece of shit” “angel” “weirdo” “jen-jen” etc. ... all of which used very lovingly.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
notes: heheheeh. hehehehhehehehehehehhehee. i couldn’t see him with anyone else honestly 🤩 ly and i hope you enjoyed! and thank u again for your tsukishima angst even though it was very much pain
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sparklingpax · 2 days ago
S O UHHH for that ask- literally the only Brave Exkaiser character I know is Kouta Hoshikawa ☠️ but I'd still love to hear about him!
Anyway AAA KOUTA!! THE CHILD!! <D uwu of course I can talk about him~
First impression: So I saw him in the intro of the show, and it was multiple times since he's like. One of The Main Characters. And my dumb ass still wondered aloud, "I wonder if he's important to the story, he's kinda smol and adorable...I wonder if he'll be annoying..." and then the beginning of the first episode had me just thinking "yo, he's kinda chill for a kid his age, I like this Character :D"
Impression now: SMOL BOI PROTECC BUT ALSO SO SWEET. Kouta does get into trouble because he ends up in the crossfire a lot, but he and Exkaiser have the sweetest father-son type of bond going on, and I love it so much ok. My heart melts when Exkaiser is Confused™ about Earth and Human Things and Kouta innocently and readily explains things,,,,y'know, Kouta is on the short list of kid characters I know who are not trying to get some kind of glory or Be The Best. Like he isn't perfect and all, and he is a bit mean or irresponsible sometimes (as he is a Literal Kid in the Third Grade, so like...8 or 9...) but for a boy his age, he's kinda responsible, very courageous, and often just wants to help. 10/10 a cinnamon roll, and his family's nice too! <3
Favorite moment: THATS A TOUGH ONE ;w; Uhhh........either when he told Exkaiser that he was a hero protecting the world without people knowing and then exclaiming how shy Exkaiser was and laughing fdfdjdfj that was so cute for so many reasons ;w; or every time he does a one-up on that Takumi kid lolol 😹😎✨
Idea for a story: Hmmmm......something simple and potentially stupid, but his parents go on some kind of trip and leave him and his sister in charge of the house for three days. So one Saturday, he persuades Exkaiser to drive around the town so he can show him officially where things are and other nice sights, seeing as how so far the mech has only seen the town as he rushes through it trying to stop missiles or fistfight metal plant monsters :'D
And then it ends with them pulling up to the edge of a cliff and watching the sunset together. The Kaiser Police Commander thanks Kouta for the tour and the enjoyable day, and Kouta just beams back at him, saying he had fun, too and it was no problem! :3
And then they remember his sister said she was gonna serve dinner at 6 and it's 5:40 so they gotta go fast--
Unpopular opinion: Uhh....none? I mean,,,unless my thinking he's a sweet kid is somehow unpopular but I really,,,really doubt that--
Favorite relationship: Like I said, he has a lovely family, and them being the wholesome family that they are is just the greatest <3 And then, also again, the way he and Exkaiser are kinda like unofficially father-son, that's just so precious and funny sometimes but mostly I'm just qwq so sweet~
Favorite headcanon: hmmm....ok again kinda random and silly and like...specific...but it's literally 3 am cut me some slack :'),
Kouta has tried to explain dancing and that sort of thing to Exkaiser and his team, so they went to a waste dump so they could try to Dance and it.......did not go well lmaoo so like,,,Kouta has since then resolved to never put the bots through that again, but he remembers often how funny it was, especially when he needs something to laugh about for a moment as he struggles with Homework :3
Hope I answered those right!! Thanks for the ask!! and sorry once again that I took so darn long to actually answer jdjsjkej ^///^''
Some Kouta pics for y'all! :)
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
He just....smol boi is all I can say--
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nightowl-luna · 2 days ago
hi so I'm coming here bc I think this falls under teacher crush? idk idk im just desperate for advice, I fell for the man who I intern for hes in his late twenties and only 10 years older than me and I think he feels the same but idk im just so unsure, he's a lawyer, and my mother is a judge he often sees in a professional setting, she introduced us, and then he offered the internship, it's been six months and I've seen him almost everyday, and he calls me darlin' and honey (we're in the south) when we're alone and I sit with him while he does paper work and sometimes he'll hold my hand when we're going somewhere and I just have no idea if I'm reading too much into this but like he puts his hand on my knee in public and on my thigh when he drives and I'm just going crazy and I need another opinion, sorry for the word vomit lmao I'm just a wreck xoxo
first off, i am not a good person to ask. second, i'm not omniscient, i can only go off the little you told me, so my opinion won't be perfect.
i personally have family from the south, and what i've noticed is that y'all are naturally very affectionate. i've heard the pet names and had the hand on my knee. however, the hand holding and hand on the thigh; those are pretty good signs. i can't say for certain that he feels the same way, but from what you've said it seems like a pretty good possibility.
good luck anon! get your man!
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pepperdee · 3 days ago
I was tagged by @magic-is-something-we-create!!!
Rules: Answer 30 (it's actually 29 LMAO) questions and tag 20-ish blogs you want to know better!
1. Name/Nickname: Pepper
2. Gender: oh boy i don't know. afab nb i guess??
3. Star Sign: gemini (im sorry)
4. Height: uuuhh frick i just went to the doctor i think I'm 5'6?
5. Time: Midnight
6. Birthday: may 29th
7. Favorite Band: uhh I love 1 album by I Prevail so them?
8. Favorite Solo Artist: Annapantsu
9. Song Stuck Stuck In My Head: Little Miss Perfect (Annapantsu) or President Perfect (Caleb Hyles)
10. Last Movie: Onward (10/10 would resent brother again)
11. Last Show: 9-1-1
12. When I Created This Blog: December 2020 but I didn't start being active until January
13. What I Post: mostly shitposts of TCoH but sometimes art of TCoH
14. Last Thing I Googled: akita lying down side (im drawing a cute pic rn of Bear)
15. Other Blogs: oh dear okay. @pepper-fandom-things (fandom blog/mobile/mainly miraculous ladybug), @pepper-writes-things (inactive writing blog), pepper-draws-things (inactive art blog), @salty-miraculouses-stuff (REALLY old fandom blog) and the salty blog might have writing or art but I lost the login lol
16. Do I get asks? From Fae the OC question fairy, I have a OC Ask game in my drafts I need to post at some point
17. Why I Chose My URL: Well my nickname is pepper and my irl last name starts with D and Pepper + Lastname doesn't flow very well so...Pepper Dee
18: Following: 85
19. Followers: 84
20. Average Hours Of Sleep: 5-9 depending on how late I stay up/how intensely I focused on something the day before.
21. Lucky Number: idk but i really like the number 7
22. Instruments: I took a guitar class in high school so like. I can pick okay but chords are impossible
23. What Am I Wearing: flannel-pattern fuzzy pajama pants, a teeturtle shirt (Eat Sleep Create w/ a cat and a rabbit doing those things) a maroon/blue/gold flannel that i got egg on, rough rose gold glasses
24. Dream Job: like a storyboard artist/character designer/voice actor on the side
HAVE ANY OF Y'ALL NOTICED THERE'S NOT A QUESTION 26??? I checked like 3 other of theses and 26 is just KERPLOOEY
27. Nationality: american
28. Favorite Song: Pray by Ryan Vasquez (he would be my favorite solo if he wasn't only planning on the one song,,)
29. Last Book I Read: Stargirl by Jerry Spinelli (i didn't like it but it was for a grade : ) )
30. Top 3 Fictional Universes I Would Like To Live In: 1. Percy Jackson 2. The Dragon Prince 3. The Curse of Hyetal
okay if y'all already did this just tag me in it and I'll read it lol also no pressure
@zmlorenz @ashen-crest @akindofmagictoo @sleepyowlwrites @writing-with-olive @writing-with-melon @cirianne @seven-days-was-all-she-wrote @sleepy-night-child @lend-your-lungs-to-me @hysteriwah @rhikasa @henrike-does-writing-sometimes
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amyrie · 10 days ago
𝗲𝘅𝗰𝗶𝘁𝗲𝗱 𝗺𝘂𝗵?| 𝘀𝗹𝗼𝘄 𝗱𝗼𝘄𝗻| 𝘁𝗿𝗶𝗽 𝘁𝗼 290
𝗦𝗹𝗼𝘄 𝗗𝗼𝘄𝗻
Tumblr media
𝗷𝘂𝗻𝗲 3𝗿𝗱, 2021
5 𝗮.𝗺, 𝗵𝗼𝗺𝗲
Your alarm woke you up at 5 a.m. It was time for track practice. sometimes you wish you never picked up the habbit of racing your cousins in the street. lord knows it's too damn early to be waking up on a monday morning. but you needed this scolarship and track was probably the only thing keeping you in shape.
You got up from your room and walked over to the bathroom to take your shower. you got out of the shower and did your skincare routine and with your towel wrapped around you, you walked back to your room.
You walked into your room and there was Ivy laying on your bed playing Bow Wow and Ciara from her phone. "Now Ivy..." she jumped and looked over to you and started cracking up laughing.
"what's funny?" You sincerely asked.
"I can see your titties, put the girls away." She started laughing again. Her laugh made you laugh. you went over to your freshly assembled dresser and went into your underwear drawer and put on some comfortable panties for track practice.
You and Ivy had been living together for a good week now. The apartment was almost fully furnished and decorated. It only needed a couple of small things to make it feel more like home.
You threw on a sports bra and some shorts and hoped you wouldn't have to do anything too hardcore at practice today. If you had to do anymore than five two hundreds' your whole day would be ruined.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
"Vy come on. Before we late and have to run extra. I'm really not in the mood for it today." You complained.
"Girl don't rush me, you should've went to bed last night." She laughed grabbing her water from the counter.
When y'all got to the track there was a group of people standing near the start of the hundred and they looked like they were about to start stretching. You hurried and walked to the group of people and quickly introduced yourself to everyone. Everybody was pretty cool and nobody really caught your attention until you got up from stretching and started to run. Only to be stopped by something hard, no someone.
He had on a black Nike tank top, and some black shorts, he wasn't very buff but he had a little muscle on him. His nose piercing really stood out to you. That was until you looked at his arms that were covered in tattoos. Now this man here, was gods work.
'Who let him out the house looking like this...' you thought to yourself. you were still sitting on the ground staring at him and didn't notice he reached his hand out to help you up. you grabbed it and his hands were soft but still had a little roughness to them. You couldn't let go of his hand. You finally looked into his eyes and that's when you knew you were pregnant. 🤰🏽(LMAO IM JUST FUCKING WITH YALL.) his eyes were the prettiest. this boy was perfect. his voice drew you out of the trance he had you in.
"sorry," he paused waiting for you to say your name.
"y/n" you responded taking a step back from him, dusting yourself off.
"y/n" he said out loud more to himself than to you. he usually said people's name when he firsts meets then to help him remember better, but he would never forget you.
"It's ok," you did the same thing. Pausing waiting for him to say his name."
"C murda." He responded with a smirk.
"government please." you laughed.
"oh, right right. Connie." He responded more seriously.
"You good, Connie." You smiled softly and began walking off to start running your warm up laps.
You looked like an angel to Connie, he wanted to talk to you more, but you were already gone. He was determined to catch you though, even if he didn't catch you in the warmup laps, there was always after practice and during the breaks.
He took off trying to catch you. He saw how you were running, and your form was really good, his eyes trailed down your body until they got to your ass. He didn't want you to turn around now. But he definitely wanted to hear your laugh and see you smile again.
He started to think about what happened before you started running. When you ran into him and fell, his eyes trailed down your body. He was in a trance.
A butterfly tattoo on your right wrist, your belly was pierced. He loved when girls had tats and piercings.
He caught up to you and started talking to you.
“y/n..” he called out of breath.
“yes, c murray.” you answered jokingly knowing he wanted to be called “c murda”. he did the ‘😐’ face while you continued running your laps laughing.
“it’s c murda! but for real, what you doing after practice?”
“probably gonna go shopping for some decorations and clothes for my apartment.” you honestly replied, still not all sure if you had enough money for all that. being in college and living off campus is a lot of money.
“shit, I need some shit for mines too. mind if I tag along?”
“nah I don’t. meet me at 290 2 hours after practice. don’t have me waiting boy.” you sped off and started your third lap. (They do 3 warmup laps because that’s what I do at track.😭)
he smiled to himself while you caught up to Ivy, who had just finished her laps and was now drinking some water.
“you fucking with pretty boy?” she nodded her head in the direction of connie.
“how I’m gonna be fucking with him if I just met the boy? girl, stop.” you replied after sipping some water. Ivy always jumps to conclusions. but most of the time, she’s right.
“He coming shopping with us later, you cool with that?” you asked before walking away to stretch.
“shit, he got a friend or something?” she followed behind you laughing. at least you weren’t the only one who thought he was fine. too fine to be walking round with a haircut in summer.
“I’ll ask.” if his friends were as fine as he was, you and Ivy would be in deep trouble. maybe waking up a little early to meet some of your teammates wasn’t such a bad idea.
while you were lost in thought glad you came a little early, connie was lost in thought glad he got you to slow down.
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stvrs13 · 13 days ago
Ellie x Reader
Tumblr media
summary: Y/N has enough with Ellie her bestfriend, talking and thinking about Dina cuz she secretly sees Ellie more than a bestfriend.
warnings: you being jealous with Dina, maybe angst, swearing
The small speaker plays a song around Ellie's house, you were trying to draw her eyes as she enjoyed reading her comic, she looks so peaceful and gorgeous. You felt something for Ellie more than a friend and hopefully she feels the same way but Dina seem to caught the red head's attention " what ya doin? " she asked. " nothing " you sighed. She then look at your paper and smiled. gosh that smile. "nice, and who's eye is that? are you finally inlove? " she teases and smirked. dumbass you thought.
she then puts her comic down the table and said, " do you think Dina likes me back? " she randomly questions. " i mean yeah, your perfect y'know? any girl can like ellie williams " you said looking at the paper. she furrowed her brows. " who? " she questions. " i thought we're talkin about Dina. " you said, still looking at the paper. " i mean how can you tell any girl likes me? " she ask curiously. realizing to what you said earlier, you scratched your head and blush, " uhm " you never really know if there are girls who like ellie, you just said that to give her a little clue that you like her. " i dont know maybe someone out there. " you laughed awkwardly. she just smirked and look at her drawing.
" what are you thinking now? " you looked at her, only to see her blushing while looking at her drawing of dina. you rolled your eyes and just continue to draw some butterflies. " yo, should i give this to her? " she asked. " whatever you want, ellie. " now getting a little annoyed. am i jealous? you thought to yourself. she didn't seem to catch that. better not be.
She keeps talking about Dina... how pretty she is, the way her eyes shine when she look at the sun, her smile, her body, her voice, the way she talks, ellie thinks she's perfect.... fuck,you had enough
You slammed your hand against the table and she look at you, confused. " are you really that obsessed with her? are you ellie, huh? are you?! " you slightly yell. she furrows her brows, " what are you talking about? " she asked. " dont play stupid ellie! " you stand up from your chair. " what's your problem? " her voice getting serious. " what's my problem? dina! dina is the problem! you literally hangout with her all the damn time! and when we hangout all you do is talk about her! gosh ellie, can you just give yourself a minute to stop talking about dina?! "
you walk back and forth on her home. anger taking over you. jealous. " if you wanna be with her then go! be with her! dont bring me into this bullshit! " you yell. she looks at you, anger filled in her gorgeous eyes. " we're not even dating why are you saying that? " she said sternly. " i didn't said we're dating! " you practically yell right infront of her face. She furrowed her brows, " well it sound like- " " forget ellie, forget it. " " y/n- " " i said forget it ellie! im going home. " you yell and grab your stuffs, she look at your actions and was about to speak but you slammed the door shut. leaving her hanging.
when you arrived at home, all you do is cry, wishing that the girl would love you back and regretting that you said those stuffs to her. you shouldn't have said that, it literally ruin your friendship with her. and that, you both never talk again...
a/n: my apologies. sorry its short lol, i kinda lost motivation and idk this is probably cliche, anyway how are y'all? hope u guys stay safe and dont stop simping for ellie 😉 maybe stop it cuz she's mine 🤣 nah jk jk ok bye 🙌
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kei-dee · 24 days ago
Hawks And Dabi Soft Moments
Pairing: Keigo Takami X Reader, Dabi X Reader.
Word count: There's... a lot.
A/n: Just something I came up with while these songs played and their names popped in my head. And because the weather was nice, I felt like being nice. I'M SORRY I LOVE THEM OKAY. INSPIRATION HITS ME LIKE A TRUCK WITH THEM. Y'all it is 12 AM, I wrote this in a single sitting, typing with tears in my eyes. I'm at my peak, no one can fuck with me and my emotions.
//Requests open!// Should I do an NSFW song thing next?
Type: SFW Drabble
Warnings: None?//Just heart clenching moments ig//Swearing//Suggestive lines in dabi's if you squint//
Tumblr media
Okay so ugh. My love for this man is too much. MY SAVIOUR COMPLEX DOESN"T HELP THE FA- okay.
So, it was Sunday and the weather was nice. The air filled with the sweet smell of soil, air cool, no sun in sight, the whole weather screamed 'perfect for a comfortable fluffy blanket wrapped around you' vibes. You get the drift-
In your case, the fluffy blanket was your dear boyfriend, Keigo or Pro Hero Hawks, as he is known to many and his wings.
And since it was a holiday for both of you luckily, you wanted to spend the day in bed with him.
While Keigo was sleeping in, you wanted to finish cleaning the house and make breakfast for him, deciding to surprise him.
You put your earphones on and were just vibing to them, whistling and started to clean.
It had roughly been 5 songs before you felt a presence behind you and a pair of arms wrapped around you.
Keigo nuzzled his nose in your neck, tightening his grip around your waist and pressed your back against his chest.
You let out a content sigh at the warmth his body was emitting and put your hands atop his own, melting into his body.
"Babybird, why'd you leave the nest so early? And left me alone." He mumbled against you, his breath tickling your neck.
Being half conscious his behaviour was always more primitive, indulging in his hidden off side. So whenever he talked to you while he was purely running on his primal mindset, it made you tingly; happy that he trusted you so much to let you see that part of himself— not be Hawks if you will.
You smiled and shook your body to prevent yourself from falling asleep right then and there.
"gOODMORNING BIRDBRAIN~" You flipped around enthusiastically, trying to fend off the sleepy atmosphere.
He just winced at the sudden exploitation of his sensitive hearing and just pulled you closer, "mmm how ❤"
You just chuckled and pushed against his chest, "Hey hey hey, c'mon, aren't birds supposed to chirping early in the morning?"
"Only the ones who don't have to fly all over the city for 12 hours."
Tch, dramatic bitch. You hugged his waist back and started swaying a little, "Okay, well then my overworked dramatic bird, let's dance. You won't say no, would you?"
You took advantage of the mindset he was in, his bird brain would never say no to you trying to court him.
Your music was on shuffle, so you went through it till you settled on a soft song but with enough tempo that would wake him up.
You put one of the earphones in his ear (I aINt SaYiNg AirPods, Im a BRokE BITcH OkAY. And besides earphones pull you closer, so benefits benefits😌🤌) and arms went back to where they were, as you moved his body with you.
I see the crystal raindrops fall
And the beauty of it all
Is when the sun comes shining through
To make those rainbows in my mind
When I think of you sometime
And I wanna spend some time with you
Just the two of us
We can make it if we try
Just the two of us
(Just the two of us)
Just the two of us
Building castles in the sky
Just the two of us
You and I
Keigo basked in the feeling of being in your arms, dancing on a Sunday morning, with the sweet smell of your shampoo filling his nose as he burried his nose in your nape.
It all seemed so surreal, so unreal. Something so normal. He never wanted it to end.
He instictively tigthened his grip on your waist, not wanting to let go of the moment; afraid the moment he loosens his grip, you'd fade away.
Tears brimming his eyes, he smiled and looked up from your nape, his wings fluffed up from the comfort the whole situation was oozing.
He just let out a weak laugh when you got flustered, cupping his cheeks asking what was wrong.
He couldn't be more happier, "God baby, I love you so much.."
You were swiping at his cheeks with your thumbs and nodded, "ME too, me too, I love you too, birdbrain, but what happened?-"
He just pulled you in a tight hug, pressing your face into his chest, wings enveloping around both of you, his chin on top of your head, he couldn't believe he got all this, all of you.
"I'll make a castle in the sky, away from this world. Just the two of us, baby."
(Did I nearly cry at the end? Yes. Yes I did)
Tumblr media
Okay, I need to mentally prepare myself for this mf because his childhood=ouch. I don't wanna cry.
Dabi was coming home tonight, you couldn't be more giddier.
He was rarely home, but when he was,, it was always a long night.
So you were excited, ready to hug him . Don't worry, mans smelled less like ashes and fire because everytime he stopped by your house, he'd use one of the good manly smelling shower gel that didn't irritate his skin. He would still smell a little like ashes and fire.
(I'm tryna make it light okAY, I DON'T WANNA CRY MORE)
You knew he would come by late so you started preparing everything around 9 pm, you plugged your phone in the speaker and blasted the radio, moving around the apartment.
You were done with everything by 10:30 PM. Giddy with excitement, your feet were moving and you started dancing a little to calm yourself.
Until you heard your phone buzz.
You almost yeeted your own life, with the speed you turned around.
[Be there in 5 minutes, doll <3]
'He even threw a heart in there, aww. Someone is feeling soft today.' You thought to yourself, smiling at the rare occurance.
I hope you're not dissapointed at the fact that you probably won't be getting railed 🤧.
You quickly change stations to some soft songs instead of the songs you usually played for both of you, when dabi blows your back out. (pls don't tell me you expect your back to surive after he's done with you 🙄✋).
As you were setting up plates for your dinner, you heard two knocks on the door.
You rushed to the door, flinging it open and pulling in the man standing in front of you.
You closed the door with your foot and pushed him against the door, flinging your arms arond his body with a huge smile.
You could feel his laughter rumble from where your cheek was pressed against his chest. You smiled and relaxed as his arms wrapped around your torso, nuzzling the side of your face with his own.
He brought his hands towards your face and bent down to press a kiss against your lips, his chest blooming with love.
You smiled against his lips and pulled away, smiling teasingly, "You smell good. Did you use the stuff I left at your place?"
Dabi nodded, pulled his hood back and took off the hoodie he used to cover himself, being a villain and all.
While he was hanging his hoodie up, you went to the kitchen to finish setting up the plates for both of you.
You heard footsteps trudging behind you, he came upto you and hugged you from behind and moved with you with his chin just resting on your shoulder.
"You actually smell like flowe-" You gasped,"- no fucking way, did you soak in a bathtub with a bathbomb?"
"You're talking like I don't even bat- actually you know what?" He cut himself off as he felt your body vibrate from the laugh you were desperately trying to keep in, "My bad, that I wanted to smell good for my baby." He mumbled in your shoulder.
"Don't worry, you big baby. The smell of ashes and Axe is still there a little, the manliness didn't leave you." You teased and he just groaned.
You turned around and put your arms around his neck, his own shifting to your waist and hovering over your ass before he let them rest there.
"Would you be kind enough to give me a dance?" You smiled.
"Aren't you hungry?" He questioned you as you started sway a little.
"Hmm, one song wouldn't hurt, c'monnn" You drawled out the last syllable, moving his body with your own.
Heal the scars from off my back
I don't need them anymore
You can throw them out or keep them in your mason jars
I've come home (ho-o-ome, ho-o-ome, ho-o-ome...)
All my nightmares escaped my head
Bar the door, please don't let them in
You were never supposed to leave
The words of the resonated in his ears as you hummed along.
"You wanna dance to this sad song?" You could feel the smirk on his stupidly handsome face that was on resting on top of your head.
"Who says I'm listening to the song, matchstick? It's you that I wanted to enjoy."
Dabi couldn't help but feel the same tightening in his chest he's felt many times with you.
When it initially happened to him, he had thought his time was near and he was having a heartattack.
But now he knows better. If this is how he goes, he'll be a happy man.
He just couldn't help but think how much you do for him. How he's absent most of the time, but you still haven't given up on him.
How you don't ask for anything in return except love from him. And the days he's stuck in that dark cloud, you come up like sunlight and help him.
He felt so grateful for how you try to bring an element of normalcy into his 'wreak havoc' life.
He doesn't need to worry about anything else other than, if you're feeling good, comfortable with him, whenever he's with you.
He finally has all the love he didn't have in his life. He never knew what love was until he met you.
When he was young, the last place he received love from was his ho- no. That was never his home.
He was finally home. A home he was always supposed to be at; you.
"Please never leave me, y/n. You are my home and my everything. God, I love you too much. I keep getting heartattacks, doll."
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halfgclden · 28 days ago
The sound of spooky intro music plays and fades out. As the microphone clicks on, faint sounds of water and traffic can be heard in the background.
JADE: Hello cryptwizzlers, cryptrackers, but never cryptormentors because we’re all friends here. Welcome to a very special episode of Cryptwins in which we are not actually researching a cryptid. But! Before you shut this off and call us hacks, we are instead researching the recent disappearance of social media fitness guru; Edison Major.
More spooky music plays. There is also the sound of fingers tapping a rhythm. It's typical Joel, unable to contain his energy as he taps the dashboard in time with their intro music.
JOEL: Weeeeeeeell...Maybe we are hacks. —a pause as he laughs— Nah, just kidding. This is the real deal. I'm not sure you're ready for this. This is some spooky, and excuse my French, spooky shit. Tell us more about this Major disappearance? —another laugh— Get it?
JADE: [A short laugh-sigh is let out at Joel’s joke.] Okay, before we begin, two things. One, get ready for the barrage of major and minor jokes, courtesy of Joel here.
JOEL: Got a whole list, be ready! He lets Jade finish, but listeners can still hear the tapping sound while she speaks.
JADE: Secondly, we’re still on the road here, so if the audio is bad or choppy... deal with it? —another small laugh— Anyyyyway. Spooky is right. This all began in September of last year, when @majored posted a picture of himself in a dark basement wearing a weird costume and then immediately went off the grid. And, you know, I’m all for a social media cleanse, people do it all the time. Buuut, what really brought this to our attention was a month later, on Halloween Eve of all nights, when a video popped up of him getting his ass kicked by someone in a Kakashi Hatake costume.
JOEL: Now, I know y'all are asking yourselves "Isn't he a fitness guru? Why was some weeb kickin' his ass?" And to that I say hey! Some weebs are strong, some are Super Saiyan, and others are Kakashi Hatake, the most talented ninja in Konohagukure.
JADE: lets out a laughing wheeze.
JOEL: We don't endorse fighting here. But I digress —a laugh— back on topic. So this guy just up and disappears out of nowhere? And there's not a peep of him until we see Kakashi givin’ him the business. What does this all mean?
JADE: Okay, so, let’s get the full story. @majored goes off the grid, comes back to get his ass kicked by a Naruto character, disappears again, comes back to spit on someone and call them a see you next Tuesday, and then disappears again. And he hasn’t come back online. So what’s up with that? Well... we did a little digging.
Another spooky noise plays over the sound of Jade organizing a stack of papers.
JOEL: Daaaaaaang. I’d say those are some fightin' words, especially from someone who keeps pulling a vanishing act, don’t ya think?
JADE: They really are! I mean, he is from New Zealand, but even so, I think you don’t use that word unless you want to attract some attention. -She clicks her tongue as she gets back on topic- The video was originally posted the night before Halloween of last year, by @ime.are on Twitter. Obviously they got a lot of hate and questions after posting this, but all of them were left unanswered. The only person in the video that was tagged was Major, but upon further examination, this Ime seems to follow and have pictures with someone who happened to be dressed as Kakashi that same night, which has led many to speculate that these ninjas are the same person.
JOEL: So we all know Halloween's a spooooky season. Perfect for parties and all that jazz. But all those costumes make it a perfect time for disguises. Was that even the real Major? Was the person who spit the real Major? Who is this Ime and how do they fit into the story? And who— a pause for dramatic effect and muffled laughter as he tries to stay serious— is this mystery ninja? Tell us more!
JADE: Alright, alright. So this mystery ninja goes by Abel, or @_kllledbycain on the Gram. At first glance, they look pretty much like every other TikTok e-boy; black and white photos, pet snake, the insinuation that they’re dead, whole nine yards.
JOEL: snorts when Jade announces their handle, and again at her eboy comment, wheezing. It's true, it's true!
JADE: And this stuff is so common right now, so nothing really raises any eyebrows, right? Right? Well, tell me, why would a Tik Tok goth go around beating the crap out of a random influencer? Stay tuned for the theory. First, we’re gonna take a step back and look at the whole situation, because, of course, it doesn’t end there.
JOEL: Ohhhh snap! I'm on the edge of my seat, and I bet our listeners are too.
JADE: [clears her throat] So if we go back to the original poster of the video, @ime.are, and we take a look at their Insta, who is on it but... @devinitely? Okay, so @devinitely is in the same place as @majored, clearly, and, for anyone that doesn’t know, she’s been doing a bunch of collabs with @loganvance. This places not one, not two, but three influencers all together in this place where weebs are running around assaulting people.
JOEL: Okay. Okay, I need to know! Where are they? What's bringing all these influencers together? Are @devinitely and @loganvance part of something much more sinister than it seems? [He makes a funny face at Jade and wiggles his fingers, before dropping his voice to a stage-whisper.] Is it some kind of twisted influencer cult?
JADE: Shhhh, Joel, spoilers.
JOEL: [He laughs.] Sorry, sorry!
JADE: [muffled laughter over the sound of more papers rustling.] So, any skeptics out there might say, oh, well, this Ime Are is just a lucky person who happens to be in the presence of more than one social media personality. However, Devin follows the weeb that may or may not have kicked Major's ass. And, according to a cast photo of Rocky Horror, on her boyfriend's Instagram, both the weeb in question and the hot man that tore the two apart were part of the cast. This would be a great time to mention that a link to the video is in the description, as are all the pictures from social media that I'm referencing.
JOEL: [to Jade but loud enough for the mic to pick it up at regular volume] Oh snap, you got everything together in a link? Like, I could click the link to check it out right now? — A pause as he does just that.— Woah, cryptwizzlers, she's not kidding. Click the link in bio, you won't be disappointed. Okay, Jade...hear me out. Given that it was Halloween, the night of nights. Do you think that...maybe it was all an elaborate event? Was it staged? Is any of this real?
JADE: Oh, my dear brother, always the skeptic. Don’t you think that it’s a bit much for him to stop posting entirely in order to get publicity? And we mustn’t forget the spitting on someone in South Dakota, that’s not exactly his brand. Unless he’s trying out something like Taylor Swift and Reputation but... I digress. No, I don’t think any of this is staged, and I’ll tell you why. Let’s go back to the weird cow print basement post. You know who also happened to post something about some cowboy party? Oh, um, Devin’s boyfriend? A picture of him, Devin, and Logan? Which... puts them and Major in the same place on the night that he disappeared.
JOEL: Not a skeptic! Just trying to get all these questions answered. —A laugh— You're right, that's 180 from the online presence he used to have. All theories aside, —a pause— I'd love to go to a cowboy party. Get me a glow-in-the-dark cowboy hat. You know they make 'em. —He laughs again, mouthing 'what?' to Jade.—
JADE: Oh, def. We're getting matching hats. Check out our merch in a few weeks —she laughs— Glow in the dark mothman themed cowboy hats, talk about a niche.
JOEL: Snap, we have to do that now, 'cause I want one real bad. But okay, back on track. This cowboy party. The origin of this theory, yeah? Oh snap...what were those three doing in the same place as Major? And all in cow print too? That's....majorly suspicious! [He trails off into laughter, his voice doing that wheezy thing when someone's trying to finish their sentence before cracking up. Recovering, he adds the following.] Wait, wait, wait. What about—
JADE: Yes, yes, yes. —she cuts Joel off as though he's finished his sentence, chuckling at his joke— Patience, my dear twin, we will get there. —the smile is evident in her voice—
JOEL: I feel like somehow, I ended up as your Padawan for this episode. — he laughs—
JADE: You heard it here, I'm absolutely schooling Joel this episode. — she laughs— First, we're going to backtrack all the way to the original poster again. You know we snooped their whole page, and they're pretty regularly posting pictures with this person, @rengaaay, who isn't an influencer but she makes some of those sick ass roller skating videos... this isn't sus, just cool, link in the description. —a slight pause as she tries to get back to her train of thought— Anyway, what is sus is that she tags two people in her photos all the time... But no joke guys check out their Insta profiles they look different in like every other picture. Which, uh, could just be editing but also could be something.... more sinister? Hold onto that thought.
JOEL: That's such a good handle, dang! Better than @lumberjoel, honestly. I have to say I'm jelly. We should get branded rollerskates, maybe @rengaaay can advertise for us if we ship them. JK...unless? —more laughter as he waits for Jade to get back on the train and pulls up the profiles in question to take a look for himself— it editing? Are they masters of disguise? Makeup professionals? —He starts to say something else but is pretty sure he's figured out where Jade's going with this.— What could be more sinister than human chameleons?
JADE: [The sound of papers shuffling can be heard] Oh, yeah, so, it's weird but I think every time the siblings are in a pic together they look more like each other? I dunno if this really makes sense but seriously dudes check the post with this episode because it has a bunch of photos side by side and... yeah. You pull a photo of them by themself and it's like okay, I know what this dude looks like and then you put them side by side and... I dunno, makeup? Contacts? Cloning, mayhaps? And, just so that I'm not just holding on to one thing too much... check their post from August 12th, linked below. Their brother... doesn't have a shadow. Why would you edit that out of a photo? No way are they going that hard to be memelords.
JOEL: Okay, let me look at this. Wha— That's weird as hell. How much hair dye do these two use? Hm. Could be clones? —snaps his fingers—Definitely clones. —he snorts loudly, laughing before clearing his throat— Ahem, uh. No shadow? That's dedication! I dunno, maybe it's some new challenge for the 'gram. Oh...but wait. I found a video. Look, Jade. No shadow. In a video. What the—
JADE: A video, guys. —A moment of muffled laughter before her mic cuts out, but the sound of it clicking on again is followed almost immediately— This is a big family, guys, and a big weird one because their other brother @sleepyfinch... Okay, wait, he himself is pretty normal, super cute, shout out, but guys, ghouls, you know who he has tagged in a recent post? Yet another influencer. Except this one is from Italy? @gaborealis; essentially, he’s a medium, so if you didn’t believe that the supernatural were at play beforehand... buckle up.
JOEL: Wait, wait, I'm still on the video thing. Who has time to edit a video? —his voice cracks when he says video and he covers his laughter as he focuses—
JADE: [wheezing] Shut up —there is no malice in her voice, and she’s laughing too.—
JOEL: So weird, I love it. Oh snap— the @gaborealis? It's time to get ghosty! —echoes "ghosty" and hums the Cha Cha Slide tune for a couple seconds— Okay, so wait. Does this mean everyone's favorite medium is also in the same place as...three? Three other influencers and this weird family of....maybe shapeshifters? No? Too crazy a theory?
JADE: You know what they say, cryptoddlers; no theory is too crazy. Everything Einstein came up with? Theory.
JOEL: Bringing Einstein into it, huh?
JADE: Oh you know it. —a snort— Anyway, according to Devin’s boyfriend’s Instagram, it doesn’t end there. @spencerkeahi, a youtuber and disability rights advocate who comes from Hawaii is also there with that gaggle. Shout out to @elidrising for tagging people and location. So what are these influencers from all corners of the globe gathering together for? Well, let’s take a look at the original poster again. You go on their Twitter, and a few months back it’s all just videos of people... fighting? In some sort of underground place. Mayhaps... the same creepy basement that Major posted his last photo? —a small gasp, as though she’s surprised by this— No, that must be a coincidence... or is it?
Another spooky sound plays
JOEL: @elidrising is the man, dang! Are you tellin' me there's a...—he lowers his voice to a whisper— secret influencers-only Fight Club? I wouldn't put it past @devinitely TBH. Honestly, I'd join one...even though I guess I've broken the first rule but talking about it, huh? Actually— Jay, do you think we'd even be allowed to join? Are podcasters influencers? Poll in my story right now, let us know what y'all think.
JADE: Right now? Joel, this isn’t going up for another week, at least. —She’s obviously trying to sound less amused than she’s coming off— Once we get the blue check we’re influencers, so we’ve got a few million followers to go, I think.
JOEL: Yeah, right now! They'll hear that when the episode goes up and respond in real ti— Oh, no. You're right. Oops. No poll in my story, y'all. False alarm. Blue check, huh? You heard it here, cryptwizzlers, we're gonna get that blue check. Tell your friends, tell your family. Heck, tell that cute barista at your coffee shop to listen to our podcast! We might just do a giveaway when we get that lil' blue swoosh.
JADE: [clears her throat.] You know what’s a great way to get us that blue check, though?
A different, light sort of spooky music begins playing in the background, meaning that it’s time for the ad break
JOEL: Take it away!
JADE: Checking out a little app called Creature Comforts. Alright guys, not that this show isn’t one hundred percent real as it is, but for real, I love this app. A dating sim that features everyone’s favorite... for lack of a better term, monsters. Did you watch the Shape of Water and go, “Damn, I’d tap that”? Do you want to snuggle with a Sasquatch? Do you just wish you could find yourself a GF with more eyes? Well, have we got the app for you. Creature Comforts lets you do all this and more. A choose-your-own-adventure game where you can smooch beasts, marry Mothman, and ignore the outside world. It’s seriously all I want. And, if you enter the code cryptwins— that’s the name of the podcast you’re listening to, no capital letters, when you download the app, then it’s only 99 cents to play without ads. Which, trust me ghouls, is worth it. I don’t want anything interrupting my cut scene with the most stunning eyes in West Virginia.
JOEL: Don't forget that scuba diving date with Nessie! Or, or...that half-day hike with Bigfoot. —he's laughing again smh— There's a reason Jade does the ad reads and not me. But, I can tell you that Mothman is sure to sweep you off your feet. And it's not just because he can fly.
JADE: It’s the —a pause for finger snapping— alliteration for me. But that’s Creature Comforts, exactly how you think you’d spell it, don’t ask us ‘cause we’re dyslexic, and cryptwins, like the name of this podcast. Tweet us @cryptwins to let us know how far along you are, who you’re pursuing, and what mysteries you unlock about their backstories. Now... I think it’s time for a timeline, just to get us sorted out, what do you think, Joel?
JOEL: Personally, I'm still tryin' to land a date with the Creature from the Black Lagoon. I guess we'll see what happens. Aw heck yeah! Give us a timeline, give us the dirt. — a laugh — Give the people what they want!
JADE: Okay — the shuffling of paper is heard once more — We start in September: @majored goes off the grid after posting a creepy picture of himself in a weird outfit in a spooky basement. This is around the same time that the Scarlet Surfer was in NYC for fashion week, which @majored accompanied him to, meaning that it isn’t entirely out of the question for him to still be in New York. Also on social media at this time is @devinitely and @loganvance also both is cowboy outfits, though the creepy basement is absent from both of them.
JOEL: I guess September isn't too early for weird Halloween stuff to start? What with the spooky basement and everything. Right? And everyone loves a cowboy moment— or have cowboys become the new clown? I heard there was a clown renaissance and people like them now? I don't really know where we stand on the whole clown— what?
JADE: I see our next hot debate. Cowboys: Hot or not? Personally, I liked cow print, but I can see cowboys going out soon. Once they reach killer clown status is when it’ll be ideal for me.
JOEL: Personally, I vote hot. And uhhh, not to kinkshame you Jay, but killer clowns are a no from me.
JADE: [tsks] Kinkshamed, by my own brother no less.
JOEL: [a loud laugh] You know I'm just kidding. No kinkshaking, ya heard? I'd literally let the Jersey Devil step on me so. To each their own.
JADE: [snorting] Um, gross.
JADE: Now to October: There is a production of Rocky Horror, a cast photo is uploaded to @elidrising, the account of @devinitely’s boyfriend. This places not only @devinitely and @loganvance in Montauk, but it also places @crispyboiz and @_kllledbycain in Montauk too. These are two of the people that are suspected to belong in the video by @ime.are, in which (suspected) @_kllledbycain, dressed as Kakashi Hatake attacked @majored, only to be torn apart by good citizen @crispyboiz. This video is the first that we’ve seen of @majored since his last post, and he offers nothing in response to it.
JOEL: Okay. Okay. Now, you know I love a good shadow-cast of Rocky Horror. I've always wanted to play Frank. I would rock that part. Am I wrong? —he laughs— But okay, that's - count 'em - three influencers in one place? If @elidrising is there, we can assume @devinitely is too because she was in the same location as, uh, whatshername? Logan? And that's the same location as @ime.are. Who took the video of  Kakashi kicking @majored's ass. @_kllledbycain— more like killedbyKakashi, eh? Seriously why are all these people together?
JOEL: [as an afterthought] It's gotta be a cult.
JADE: November to December: Nothing happens with @majored, @ime.are also offers nothing except for quote unquote “#teamkakashi”, which is funny because they never tagged Kakashi, but anyways. Upon deeper inspection, there are videos on their Twitter from last May, of people in a fighting ring. And then people fighting on a lake? But the fighting ring looks super dangerous and I dunno, like you said, cult-y? Fight-club-y? Call it what you will. In any case, we are led to believe that this fighting has been going on for some time in the background.
JOEL: Okay, come on. That’s definitely a cult. I’ve seen the movie, can confirm. — he groans— Literally what is an Italian astrologer doing there? Wait, wait, wait. Montauk? You said Montauk. Montauk, as in on Long Island. As in like —he drops his voice to a stage-whisper— the part of Long Island that peeps believe to be the site of a government cover-up involving kidnapping, mind control, and time travel? The part that inspired Stranger Things? That Montauk? Snap. I can’t believe I didn’t put two and two together sooner. Jade, Jade. What if this is, I don’t know, like, MKUltra 2.0?
JADE: Yes, yes that Montauk, I’m glad you picked up on that. Look, I’m not saying that it’s an influencer’s-only thing, but I am saying that some might be in the area, and maybe involved. At the same time throughout all of this, we have a culmination of more influencers seeming to know this network of people. @gaborealis, an Italian astrologer, is seen in pictures of @sleepyfinch, who was also in the production of Rocky Horror, and has pictures with @crispyboiz and, god, this name is a freaking nightmare, @_kllledbycain. Not to mention this guy has many pictures of weird… family members? Who sometimes look alike? Okay, but seriously, @kodakola and @sonofpeter, how is your hair not straw at this point? Is it wigs? I think my hair would simply fall out. And y’all using Insta filters or what, cause… I’m not gonna get into it, let’s keep going.
JOEL: Maybe they're makeup vloggers or something. Gotta change up the look for views, right? Don't forget to like, comment, subscribe and uhhhh, smash that follow button— or whatever YouTubers say. —he laughs— Okay but seriously, yeah. @sonofpeter, @kodakola, whatever you two are doing to your hair, let me know because I'm trying to bleach my hair and dye it bright purple without it falling out. And since we're doing it at our next stop, well, your advice will probably be too late. But still, what are your secrets? Is it...clones?
JADE: Joel! —she’s laughing again.— Timeline and then theories. —she clears her throat— After that long silence, a Tweet emerges. January 8th. "Can’t believe @majored SPAT on me and called me a C-Blank-Blank-T when he checked into @SDFamilyMotel last night”. This places Major across the country from where we believed him to be, but acting so strangely that one must wonder… was that really him? Or was it someone that just looked like him? Or was it a cry for help? Nothing’s been heard since from @majored, which I guess… leads us to our theories. —a pause— You were saying… clones, Joel?
JOEL: Sheeeeesh, this is not @majored's year. I gotta say, this sounds totally different from the vibe that this guy used to put out on his social media. Obviously Instagram is fake blah blah blah, you know the spiel, but like. Damn. He spit on them? —a pause as he considers what his sibling has said— You know....I think that's a really good point. Was that even the real him? Will the real Ed Major please stand up?
JADE: I know. It just seems out of character, and terrible for a reputation, but it also would make sense if... One, this is a fake @majored, meant to stir up controversy before he goes underground again. And with an action like spitting on someone and calling them a name like that? Who cares what the dude does after that? Unfollowed, cancelled, whatever. And why would this guy want to go underground, well, I'm glad you're so interested. Well, the official Cryptwins theory is that maybe... just maybe, the crazy, government cover-up Montauk that we all know and love isn't that far from truth. We see that they have means of covering up shadows —she lets out a laugh— and people whose faces just change? And who else is there, @spencerkeahi, someone who explains rehabilitation, maybe someone who has experience helping people get used to being a clone? @ime.are, a nurse who enjoys taking videos of people fighting? It all adds up, people!
JOEL: Yeah, seriously. With the real @majored MIA, there would be no one to combat the backlash from this supposed...clone? Imposter? And maybe that’s what they want. Looks like Montauk isn’t the ideal vacation spot anymore, huh? Even if their seaside cabins are super chill and homey. But I digress. Something sinister is going on. Something bigger than we can even imagine. A secret underground facility that’s...cloning influencers? Training them? Your guess is as good as mine. And that’s why we’re on this road trip, isn’t that right Jade? To get some answers?
JADE: Exactly. —it sounds as though she is holding back a laugh or a cough.— Cross country roadtrip in which we explore different topics like this one, and on the way, we'll document our progress and any spooky encounters. Check out our insta, @cryptwins to get all the updates, and consider hitting us up on Patreon if you want us to be able to afford the gas to get all the way to the east coast.
JOEL: I’ll be posting behind the scenes content in the “ROADTRIP” highlight on my Insta throughout the trip so be sure to check my stories. You might get lucky and find some special codes for Creature Comforts but, hey. You didn’t hear it from me. -he laughs and there’s the distinct sound of a bag of chips being opened- What Jade meant to say is gas and snack money. So yeah, go go go! Check out the Patreon! We might even do a giveaway at the end of our trip, get you guys some cool souvenirs we pick up on our travels. Not a bad idea, eh?
JADE: Joel, my ears are literally bleeding right now. Thanks. Anyway, our second theory will also be exclusive to our Patrons, so be sure to get the full video there. Cryptwins... out...
Her voice fades out and the music from the beginning fades in, takes over, and plays until the end of the track.
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homestuck-confession · a month ago
despite all the trials and tribulations, discourse and stupidity, and the general hyperactivity of homestuck and its fandom as a concept over the years, to this day. I still love karkat.
is he the most plot relevant character? no. is he the most morally correct? nope. is he even hot? well. tbh that depends on who ur asking. but you know what he is? he's an ornery motherfucker who just wants to be the sensibly best of what he thinks people want. he wants to be the threshecutioner that HIC herself will look away from his mutant status because he's proven himself. he wants to be the guy everyone looks up too. he wants to have his quadrants perfect. and a majority of these things are childish dreams that suppress what he really is.
he's a sensitive bookworm who would attempt to talk down and soothe a murderer fully intent on caving his head in. he wants to be the guy everyone can just trust to talk to. he wants to be loved in full. and absolutely none of that can even be called selfish, despite that being what he thinks of himself.
its that unnecessary suppression of his own common sense due to alternias influence that really brings out the worst in him. he's a hothead who feels the need to be on the defense at all times. he'd greet anyone with an insult, no matter who they are and what they mean to him. he often expects everyone else to just understand him without explanation. he will push so hard for a goal that he loses sight of what other people go through. and the worst bit of all? he knows he's like this. he knows he sucks. the Ordeal of Being Karkat Vantas is his literal self-made curse. he's trying to figure himself out at all times and he's sorry.
that last bit is the silver lining though. despite all of his bluster and bravado and flailing, he genuinely means well. he's among one of the few homestuck characters who actually apologizes for being mean and taking things too far. he often feels responsible for anything bad happening to his friends even if he literally had nothing to do with it and no way of knowing how or with what to fix it. he learns when to let go. he learns to take time to know what people feel. he's more of an empath than probably any character ever. he's the type of guy to remember someone's attempt to dunk on him as a fond memory of friendship. this man really just... likes people? for even the barest amount of good he finds in them despite his outer wall of sheer crabiness. which is then knocked down to reveal another thinner wall made of genuine shyness and anxiety. just to hide a kid who wants to be somebody everyone likes within a reasonable manner.
so yeah. karkats kind of just a guy Going Through It. but you know what? thats really endearing considering the fact that he's a homestuck character. specifically a troll.
strider manpain? ok. Lalonde mommy issues? yeah. vriska and her quest to be the most relevant girl in the world as a coping mechanism? yeah! Jade Harley and the crippling emotion toil of loneliness? im swishing my wine glass in camaraderie towards your good taste!
The Entire Deal With Karkat Vantas? ✨ 𝐸𝓍𝒸𝑒𝓁𝓁𝑒𝓃𝓉 ✨
This guy is a fucking riot and I will hear nothing else about it. He just doesn't get old for me. Legit could talk about him for atleast 5 hours even just to repeat myself because.. god. He's just raising his middle fingers to all of the extreme traumas in his life and decides what he's gonna do with himself no matter what. And he's always tryna walk to the path of peace for himself even in all of his internal drama.
Good for him. Im getting him some fruit. He's growing y'all. Thats a future leader you've read me talk about. Be considerate.
(ok to be completely honest with you I do think he's hot. I would like to smoke a blunt with this bitch while he info dumps at me about why Happy Feet is among one of the best romcoms and social commentaries and also throw in a rant about ham sandwiches for good measure :) )
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a-slut-for-smut · a month ago
Tumblr media
Rivamika Sicario Spy AU prompt
Hey y'all- im seeing all these awesome sounding RM prompts that I had to share my own! So i recently rewatched Sicario (Spanish for assassin) by Denis Villeneuve and it is honestly its a movie i will slut for until my end of days. Masterpiece in cinematography (see above my fav shot- soldiers disappearing into the horizon at dusk, God bless Roger Deakins), acting, SOUNDTRACK (RIP Jóhann Jóhannsson) and visual storytelling- relying a lot on the subtext of the scenes to convey the story/emotional beats rather than actual dialogue.
If you haven't seen it yet, I IMPLORE you to do so. To say it was an unforgettable experience is to say the least although fair warning, it explores VERY dark and violent themes.
Now to the prompt- ive been about this spy-AU concept for a while (@alienheartattack got my smut coming, cant wait!!) where Levi is a hardened veteran agent of sorts and Mikasa is a idealistic rising star at a competing spy agency that have to join forces for an intense mission. I can't write for shit so its probably easier to convey it using the subtext of this scene in Sicario. Here Levi is a cold, shell of a man who understands how the game is played, with "a lot of past in his past". Mikasa is a capable, morally principled agent struggling to play by the rules (as she was taught from a young age) but to find that there are none. Here is the scene where they just finished said mission (don't mind my slutty cinematography comments i cant help it):
Tumblr media
Mikasa stands on her balcony, lighting a cigarette, relaxed with curtains swaying in gentle breeze.
*Love this shot through the curtains in the foreground, softens the frame just lovely
Tumblr media
A sudden voice disturbs her reverie, putting her at instant unease. She cautiously enters to find Levi waiting with a pensive look on his face.
*Love this zoom on the door, feels like her reflection is an added bonus to the shot
Tumblr media
Levi makes a proposal which goes against all Mikasa's principles, morals and very being. She is overcome with the gravity of the proposal, visibly crumbling. Levi understands this and reaches out for her hand but hesitates for a moment, before gently caressing and holding her hand
*Love how soft this gesture is, it really does seem to comfort her
Tumblr media
She refuses despite this, shaking her head no. This is an unacceptable answer for Levi, and deliberately demonstrates it is not a request
*I just love how he is also shrouded in darkness, while her frames are always so well lit. This is a running motif in the film
Tumblr media
Mikasa is overwhelmed and in a state of emotional shock. She cannot stop the tears from falling to which Levi gently wipes away while caressing her face. Mikasa is stunned by the gentle gesture given the violent implications of her current situation. She looks deep into Levi's eyes and his cold façade flickers ever so slightly
*the juxtaposition of hard and soft gestures...SO PERFECT
Tumblr media
She agrees to the proposal under threat, to which he leaves, telling her "this is the land of wolves, and you are no wolf". She digests all thats happened, charged with the weight of his words she grabs her gun and runs to the balcony, taking aim. Levi seems to sense this, and stops in his tracks
*in the full scene, you see a whole range of emotions splayed across Emilys face. She deserved all the awards
Tumblr media
Levi slowly turns to her, waiting, almost daring her- accepting that his fate lies in her hands
*again hes shrouded in darkness and she in the light *chefs kiss*
Tumblr media
Mikasa hesitates, the rage visibly washing away as she slowly lowers her gun. He gives her one last, long lingering look before turning and walking away from her, forever.
*you see the million thoughts/emotions running through her head without a single word before lowering her gun in the full scene
AND THEN THEY SMASH Yep, thats the prompt! Sorry for the long ass post. Here is the full scene but I would say you are robbing yourself and to just watch the film.
Edit: I cannot imagine for the life of me any other AOT ship that could fit this prompt without the characters being OOC. Its Levi & Mikasa's very character traits, the dynamics and the sheer intensity of their relationship (the potential at least) that made me fall so hard for this ship.
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nunuxkatsu · a month ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
I just miss shownu. hihi. sorry. ✌🏻😊
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thesvenqueen · a month ago
S&B Episode 7
- OHHH a Jesper title card HELL YEA I LOVE IT - ughhhhh who CARES for this backstory because it's NOT me - but also MORE BEN YEE - sheesh Ben that acting boi, I nearly feel sorry for your character...nearly.. - S H E E S H heads will roll apparently - I mean, Baghra is not wrong. you leaned on FEAR instead of just earning RESPECT - WHY DOES NO ONE EVER LISTEN TO BAGHRA OMG if everyone would have just listened to Bagrha we wouldn't fucking be here - yeah y'all fucked - well, that went super well - DAMN he really carried Baghra that far SHEEEEEESH - "I made soemthing" yeah no shit - You can see Kaz struggling so hard to help Inej but his phobia just not allowing him to and my god, Freddy fucking Carter understood the assignment - Freddy Carter, Amita Suman & Kit Young UNDERSTOOD THE ASSIGNMENT PERFECTLY - "I'd miss me too. I'm fantastic." you shit lmao - I didn't mention this last time but the way they show Mal being able to hear/detect the stag is actually super smart and will def help with future stuff too. brilliant little thing to add - oh isn't he BEAUTIFUL - I mean, as someone that used to hunt, I genuinely would not want to shoot the stag. it's too beautiful - Ivan you shit head wtf - OH FFS CAN WE STOP NEARLY KILLING MAL SO MUCH JESUS - dramatic ass entrance for such a dramatic ass piece of shit lmao - WAS THAT NECESSARY?!? - Awww, thanks for fixing the cane Jesper bb - "what else is there?" idk how about telling her HOW YOU FEEL AND HOW YOU NEED HER FFS KAZ COME ONNNNNN - daaaaaaamn Kaz admitting he was wrong for once, WILD - MY CROWS SHUT UP IMMA CRY - "No saint ever watched over me. Not like you have." TATTOO THIS ON ME NOW. I AM DYING OVER THIS SO MUCH I AM AHHHHHHHHH - "I can't go back to the Menagerie" "You won't." GIRL YOU THINK HE GONNA LET YOU GO BACK WITHOUT FIGHTING FOR YOU DO YOU KNOW WHO YOU TALKING TO????? - DAVID NOOOO. - I mean, she right. nothing has been up to her since the beginning. - M A N I P U L A T O R - that is NOT an answer homie. you avoided the one question she fucking needed an answer to ughhhhh - OHHHH this is a cool concept. in the books you hear ALina's thoughts and feelings of how she felt him controlling her powers, but that's not really possible hear so adding the little bit of the antler onto the darkling's hand to show he has control....I like it!! keeps the audience understanding whats going on - David, bb, I don't blame you at all but also DAMN IT WHY YOU SO SMART - "Jes?!" THIS WHOLE SCENE I AM DYINGGGGGG THAT SLOW TURN TO INEJ I CAN'T - "It's Suli, for friendship!" JESPER'S FUCKING FACE & THE LITTLE FEET KICKS HE KNOWS ITS BUGGING KAZ AND HE LOVES IT IM CRYINGGGG OH MY GOD - I could legit rewatch this scene over and over again for days, it's too fucking good I cannot - GENYA - .....well this blows - Oh Genya, oh sweet Genya I am SO sorry. but he def put you in that position and for SURE our are his pawn dude come ON. He placed you with Alina for a fucking REASON - well Jesper loves a bit of role play sooooooo - "I'm a man of my word" Oh PUH-LEASE - you only appreciate the POWER she brings you, stfu - "you are a child" and you're a git - TELL HIM MAL - ZAMN ZADDY, you look fly af - GASP MILO!!! HOW?!? - THAT IS YOUR MOTHER YOU RUDE ASS BITCH - telling half truths is still L Y I N G - cool motives, still shitty - "Make me your villain" Done and done sir, thanksssssss - LOOKED OLDER?!?! stfu and KAZ'S FACE IN THE BACK OMG y'all are such shit I can NOT - L I A R. again, all these fucking LIES and you don't get why she doesn't trust you - NO MOURNERS, NO FUNERALS
The dynamic between the crows UGH I can not talk about it ENOUGH. The casting is absolutely perfect for them, honest to god! Ben is absolutely killing it though, hate the character which means he's doing an amazing job. GOD I really am going to be rewatching this for a third time now aren't I?
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whataboutsteffanfics · a month ago
Chapter 2
Tumblr media
1 week later
Daya Pov
yesterday she made plans with her best friend and her cousin to have a girls day. before going to bed she picked out her clothes and prepared her bag for the next day
she was going to make sure that Chris was not in her way of her plans cause she didn't wanna cancel on the only day she could have a girls day.
but when she woke up Chris was gone, she stood up and went to check up on the kids.
she made them ready for the day and then brought them to the kitchen to get breakfast ready.
she saw a note on the island table from Chris saying that he had to run some errands and that he would be home by 12pm
"he better" she thought.
"mommy can I help make breakfast" her daughter asked
"of course you can" and picked her up so that she could sit on the table
"can we listen to some music please"
"sure what do you wanna listen to"
"mhh....daddy's music please!" she said really excited
"okay princess" she laughed at her excitement
she turned on her speaker and put undecided on and started cooking
Chris pov
he finally got out of his meeting and now he has to go to the studio and then he is going to run the rest of his errands. he was trying to be fast so that he can be back by 12 pm so that Daya could go out with her cousin and her friend.
he arrived at the studio and mad a B line to the booth so that they can start immediately
he has been in the studio a lot she that he can finish his new secret album that only the people who was and are always in the studio know about
he wants everybody including his wife the be surprised by the masterpiece he has been working on for the past months.
for weeks he has been working on 4 songs that are dedicated to his wife and his kids he wanted these 4 songs to be perfect and special
he couldn't tell Daya why he was always so late and e know he has been making her mad lately but he is going to make it up to her.
3 hours later
its now 12:15 pm and Daya is supposed to leave right now but he is not here, she called him 3 times already but its keep going to voicemail.
she can't ask nobody right now because her parents are not in town, his parents are on vacation for their anniversary and their nanny had to quit cause she had to move.
she was getting more and more irritated as the minute goes by cause this is not the first time he did this.
it was now 1 pm she already called the girls to tell them that she had to cancel her plans with them
she heard a knock on the door and went to open it
when she openend it she saw her best friend Deja and her cousin Zink
"we couldn't leave you alone with the kids so we came to help and keep you company" Zink said
"thank you girls thats really nice y'all really didn't have to"
"but we want to we knew how much you wanted some time to yourself with us" Deja said
"i don't know what I would have doen with out y'all" she sight and gave them a hug
they went to the living room to sit down and have a girl talk
"where are my babies?" zink asked
"they are taking a nap they should be awake soon"
"girl what has been going on you don't look okay" Deja asked
"to be honest with you Deja I havent been for a while" she wanted to lie and tell her she was okay but at this point she couldn't even put on a front and tell that everything has been going well when they havent
"what happend"
"I don't even know one day we were happy with each other and now all we do is fight we don't even have normale conversations anymore. I feel like I have tried everything and im tired of trying and making efforts in our marriage" she said as a tear fell
"like today I told him I was going out today and he knew that but were is he not here he didn't even call to let me know but he only left a note. he did the same thing last week and I had to cancel my job."
Deja who sat next to her gave her a big hug one she has been needing for a while
while she was hugging her she didn't realize that she was actually crying
"ooh babe" Zink and Deja said and Zink wiped away her tears
"when he comes home try to sit him down and let him understand that you need him to work with you in this marriage" Deja said
"how about this I have 2 weeks off right now, let me take the kids for a week, while you take some time off and do all the stuff that you need to do" her cousin said
"that would be amazing Zink thank you so much"
they all hear a noise from the baby monitor and see that the baby is awake.
"i will go get them" Deja said
"I will make some lunch" Zink said
she thanked them and smiled.
Hours later
Chris was finally done with his studio session and turned his phone on and saw that it was 15 pm
he immediately got out of the booth and and picked up his stuff
"i got to go man" he dapped him up and left
he got in his car and left to go home. while he was driving on the freeway his car started to act up so he pulled up to the side.
he tried starting up his car but It wouldn't turn on even after a couple of tries. so he called the roadside assistance.
after waiting for the 30 they finally came and helped him with his car and fixed the problem in 15 minutes. he thanked them and they left
before starting up the car he tried calling Daya but she didn't pick up the phone so he went home to see if she was still there
he arrived home and parked his car in the garage.
he got out of his car and locked it and also closed his garage door.
when he opened the door he could hear people laughing. he followed where the laughter was coming from.
he went to the living room and saw the kids, his wife, her best friend and her cousin
"hey guys"
"daddy!" Royalty ran up to him
"hey princess" he gave her a lot of kisses making her giggle and then put her down so that he greet the women in the room
"hey Chris" the girls hugged him
"hey Deja and Zink"
he went over to Daya and gave her a kiss on her head
"uhh im about to leave Royalty go get your shoes please" Zink said
"where are they going" Chris asked confused
"they are going to stay over at my house for the week to gave y'all some time for yourself"
"okay then"
deja, Zink and they kids all said their goodbyes and left
Chris and Daya sat in a awkward silence, and then Daya decided to speak
"Chris, where were you today?"
"i had a meeting, a studio session and I had to run some errands. im so sorry I was trying to make it on time cause I knew you had to go out today but the studio session took longer than what I had planned and then something as wrong with my car and I had to stop I know thats not a excuse but im sorry" he said and looked at her
she looked shocked to hear the words "im sorry"
"why do you look so shocked"
"cause I haven't heard you say the word "im sorry" in a long while"
"but Chris i need you to listen, I don't know what is going on with us but one moment we're happy and now all we do is fight this is the first time in moths since we had a normal conversation. I feel like im the only on making effort in this marriage and all you do is care about yourself" she said
"I only care about myself since when, I care about y'all every single day"
"do you, do you really Chris. all you do is work, work and work some more you are not there when I need you"
" oooh come on I have been there"
"tell me Chris when was the last time we went on a date?!"
he started to think and he didn't even know the answer to that
" yo see this is exactly what I mean, you don't even know for you information it was 5 months ago, I have been takin care of the kids and canceling all of my plans and you can't even cancel a whole day let alone 1 meeting, and you always come home withe the same damn excuse!"
"I go to work and bust my ass of for all of us and it is not a excuse its the truth!"
"okay but what about my needs and the the kids needs we need you too but whenever we need you, you aren't there and are you sure are you hiding something from me you don't want me to know or something.. is there somebody else!" she said as tears are starting to fall down
"ooh so now you think im cheating on you"
"i dont know what to believe anymore....I dont even recognize you anymore" she stood up and walked away
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itssaturdaytoday · a month ago
Haikyuu: travel✈️
Tumblr media
Me and this Goddess @goshikitsutomusmommy right here where having a convo about our whereabouts and then we just mentioned about travelling (airplanes) and now I'm inspired. based on my experience and knowledge♡ (I miss going to Qatar during summer 😭 it's been 2 years, if there was no covid my sis and I would've been there already)
Genre:fluff, crack (don't take this seriously)♡
Tumblr media
The responsible travelers.✈️
They are prepared I tell you! Probably packed their bags a week before going to the airport. Has a list of all the things that they need. Clothes✔️ pocket money ✔️ hotel ✔️ food ✔️ literally everything is listed. The "parent" of the group, they're the best kind of people to travel with, you got nothing to worry about I swear, if you're having trouble with carrying your luggage best believe they will carry it for you, they got it all covered. now sit back, relax and enjoy the flight. will wait on the long lines for you while you watch over the baggages♡
"Need help with that Y/n?"
"Yes please"
"I'll wait in line, you can go and wander around as long as you come back soon"
"You're the best♡"
•Kita(Kita assisting you with your luggage, bye) Daichi, Kai, IWAIZUMI, Komori, Asahi, Reon, Ushijima, Ennoshita, Yamaguchi.
The unprepared travelers✈️
Bought a plane ticket to Iceland or Switzerland, forgot about it the next day and just remembered it 3 hours before departure. Please be patient with them, they're trying their best to pack all the stuff they need to a 1 week trip overseas within the span of 15 minutes. Throws all their clothes on the luggage and just closes it. Also told you to pack your things after he finished because he forgot to tell you. Now you're pissed at him for not telling you sooner instead of rushing you to pack. Both of you are a mess at this point, one of you either misplaced your plane ticket or passport and forgot your essentials♡ (you guys have no idea how scary it is to misplace a plane ticket, my dad almost erased me from the face of the earth with his glare when I told him I forgot where I placed the ticket. Turns out it was in my backpack)
🛫 🛬
"Hey babe, where did you place our plane ticket? I can't find it, we need to present it to them now or else we can't board"
"I may or may not have misplaced it-"
"Now that you said it, I think I haven't yet-"
•Bokuto, Hinata(this is Hinata's energy), hoshiumi, Nishinoya, Lev, Atsumu, Goshiki, TENDOU, Kuroo, Oikawa, Koganegawa.
The" I slept before going here and now I'm going to sleep again" traveler✈️
They let you do all the work, lets you wait in line in Immigration, lets you have the bags checked, your ticket and passport checked while they find a place to nap...well I don't really blame them, airports really suck the life out of you, you're just so tired at doing everything while they are there at the waiting area having the nap of their life. Maybe bringing them isn't a good idea after all...once you board in the plane they sleep once again♡ (I remember How much I hated the waiting in line part. My dad is the one waiting while I chase my toddler sister in the airport. Y'all don't know how embarrassing it is to witness a teenager overpowered by her sibling 10 years younger than her. also don't you feel powerful when a worker approaches you from a long ass line and transfers you to a shorter one because there is a kid with you? This is literally one of the reasons i want another sibling)
"Baby where are you going? Where supposed to give our large bags to them?"
"I'm going to find a place to nap bye👋"
•SUNA, Osamu, Shirabu(tired student about to pass out), KAWANISHI, Matsukawa, Hanamaki, Kenma, Kunimi, TSUKISHIMA, Kageyama.
The fun, chaotic tavelers✈️
Yes I want to travel with them no excuse. They are the kind of people that makes time go faster. You could be waiting in line for 30 minutes but that 30 minutes could be the best 30 minutes of your life when your with them. Cracks jokes left and right. Probably got lost in the airport once or twice. So fun to travel with. If you happen to seat beside them I think it would be safe to say that you'd never want to leave the airplane again. Entertains you a lot. Copies or imitates the flight stewardess during their orientation, shares their blankets with you and food. the type to make fun of passport pictures. They are the best♡
"Hey Yn, look at this picture, he looks like he's being held against his will. DMSKDJSKAMSK HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA"
•AKAASHI(chaotic Akaashi supremacy) Sugawara, OIKAWA, Atsumu, Osamu, TENDOU, Hirugami, Tanaka, Kuroo(imagine both of you being asked to keep it down by other passengers because of your cackle), Konoha, Yamamoto, Hanamaki.
The cleaner traveler ✈️
Would never let you touch a railing or your plane seat without sanitizing it(saw this on Naomi campbells travel video) thinks that since you are at the airport it is very dirty. Everything should be cleaned before touching. Hates it if they are getting a pat down. Spends all the wipes wiping the entire seat just so it could be clean for you and him to seat. Bless him♡
"YN DONT TOUCH THAT! God knows how many hands have touched those already! Have you seen those flight attendant videos on where they rarely clean the seats?!" Yes I hc that they watch flight secrets videos.
"Babe I didn't even touch it-"
•SAKUSA, IIzuna, Kita, Ushijima, Moniwa.
The cute guy you saw and fell in love with at the airport✈️
Say it with me, 'airport boys hit different knowing you'll probably never see them again' perfect! I swear airport boys are a different type of breed. They just hit....different. you fell in love with them when they helped you carry your bag to the compartment, you're seated beside him, he let you cut in line or he lets you go first and would entertain you if needed. Every moment with them is enough to make you crumble and a stuttering mess. The only downfall of meeting them is that could be the last time you'll see them. Unless you're brave enough to ask them for their number♡ this is kinda sad...I salute everyone who had a crush on someone they saw at the airport, how are you all doing?
"Um miss are you Ok? Are you afraid of the plane taking off?"
"Well yes...maybe a little"
"If you dont mind, you can hold my hand to calm you down."
•Akaashi, SEMI, Aran, SUNA, Osamu, Oikawa, Hirugami, Matsukawa, Yamaguchi, Terushima.
Tumblr media
Can't wait till covid is finished so we can travel again. I always liked airports, seeing different people and being curious to where their destination is my favorite. Also imagining scenarios that will never happen♡
Tumblr media
If anyone can dm and brainstorm Ideas with me that would be great♡
Yes I am in need of a brainstorming buddy♡
Don't be shy sweetssss I want to interact with you all♡
Like seriously dm me so we can have a brainstorming session♡
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sortavibing · 2 months ago
losing face I suna rintarou
yes. im doing a part 3 :) i love this series so i'm probably going to do the whole album (im sorry y'all) PSA: all the characters here are in college/have a job, because we don't stan underage drinking here
part one part two
fuck my life
suna was laying on his bed, unable to sleep, making quick glances at the clock every few minutes, seeing the time pass from 3 am, to 3:10, to 3:15... he sighed, knowing that he wasn't going to get any sleep (yet again), and got up, stretching his arms, as he dragged his feet to the bathroom. he flicked on the lights and squinted, temporarily blinded by the sudden change in lighting. as his eyes adjusted, he stood there, looking at himself in the mirror.
is this really me?
he shook his head, as if to reset the reflection in the mirror, to what he was before you broke up with him. as he stared at the figure, hair a mess, face pale and almost transcluvent, and eye bags so dark they rivaled his black hoodie he was wearing, all wrinkled and creased. suna looked like a ghost. and the thing is, he was. without you, he was nothing but a shell of what he was before, nothing but a emotionless robot, intent on doing nothing but rot away, secluded and silent, with lifeless eyes and weary bones. without you, his life has lost all meaning, and after the last voicemail he sent you, he lost all sense of hope that you were coming back. he turned off the lights, not wanting to see himself anymore, and stumbled to the kitchen, opening up his mini fridge and pulling out a can of cheap beer. as he slumped in a nearby chair, he popped the tab of the can and took a long swig. this was his life. every day the same. dont sleep, wallow in sadness, refuse to speak to anyone, and repeat.
what have i become?
suna took out his phone, and immediatley opened instagram, to see if you posted anything about your new boyfriend. you did. he rolled his eyes as he looked at the post. you were beaming, as you were getting a piggy back ride from your new s/o, who was smiling just as wide. the world looked perfect in that post, even the light was a golden hue. he groaned a loud fuck as he turned off his phone, unable to see you so happy, while he is so fucked up. he finished the rest of his beer and crushed it. absentmindedly throwing it into the overflowing trash can. as he sat down once again, a sudden memory rushed into his head, giving him whiplash. it was a memory of you, back when you guys were still together. and happy. you and suna were at a local cafe, eating the specials and sharing a drink. you were laughing at some stupid thing he said, and he had a light smirk on his face. after your giggles subsided, you looked at the cafe sign, and started to speak.
"you know, we should start a cafe together, when we are like, old and married."
"you know i can't cook for shit, how tf would i help"
"your good looks would bring in customers."
it was suna's turn to laugh, as he gave you a light kiss on the cheek.
"sure. that sounds like fun."
and as soon as the memory started, it was over, the happiness shattering like broken glass, as suna was brought back to reality by the ringing of his phone. he was about to turn it off, thinking it was just a spam caller, or osamu, trying to make him see sense, but he noticed your name. he immediatley stood up straight in his seat, lightly wincing at the sudden change in posture, and then picked up the phone, and answering.
"hey suna. um- i heard your voicemail..."
"forget it. please. i was mad, and i just ended up fucking this entire situation even more."
"i think you meant what you fucking said suna. i was just calling to give you a piece of my mi-"
"can i just have a chance to speak?"
"why the fuck would i let you do that?"
you stopped talking, and suna thanked every god that he could think of, happy that you actually agreed."
"first and foremost, oh let it be said my dear,"
"dont call me dear"
"i was going to be a good boyfriend to you, so this is not an act of spite, it's a visceral breakthrough."
"cut the poetic crap and spit out what you want to say."
"secondly i know i haven't been that great, you know the way i can be. today im fucking drunk, like i have been every single fucking day. you've lost a piece of you in me, but i've lost all my past."
"oh so am i supposed to forgive you since you are now a drunken bastard?"
"is he better than me? has he seen more to this life? can he smoke more? can he fuck more? can he break me? can he break you? oh, I don’t know what i’m to do. i don’t know what I’ll fuckin' do."
you stopped talking, hearing how serious suna was about this. his voice cracked, like he was on the verge of tears, and then continued.
"i've seen our café, i've clocked our plans. oh, what could have been. if you didn’t go and fall in love, and ruin everything. i've seen him. i've been him. i've felt the same way, so in love with everything about you, that you will just- do anything to see you smile. i've seen him going out with you. i've seen what he can do, so touch him, and break me, as i see him doing everything that i wanted to do with you."
"i ruined everything? you literally cheated on me. don't go victimizing yourself, like you always fucking do. when are you going to realize that you are the problem, not me. thanks for that sob story and everything, but i don't want to talk to you until you come to terms with your own toxicity, so call me back when that happens."
you hung up, and he sat there, frozen, for at least 30 seconds, trying to process what just happened.
am i really the problem?
am i the reason why everything is fucked up?
am i?
suna slouched once again, realizing you were right. he turned off his phone once again, and sighed.
how am i supposed to change?
i hope you enjoyed!
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scented-morker · 2 months ago
⇢˚⋆ ✎ first "I love you's" with en- hyung line
*:・゚✧ genre : fluff
*:・゚✧ description : established relationship, bf!enhypen, gn!reader, first time saying I love you headcanons :D
*:・゚✧ i had way too much fun writing this and im really proud of it!!
┈─ ꕀ ── ꕀ ── ꕀ ── ꕀ ── ꕀ ─┈
ଘ Heeseung ~ˊˎ-
It was like 3 AM, and hee had come over after practice, dude was exhausted and kinda smelly
He looked like a walking zombie, you had to check like three times that he wasn't sleepwalking
His first words were "let's cuddle" which like awww but he was gross 😷
You kept telling him to get a shower while he argued against it, eventually you just shoved him in the bathroom and slammed the door
After you heard the water running and were sure he wasn't going to run out, you went to the kitchen to make him ramen
Homeboy sensed it, he walked out as soon as the food was done
Showed that BEAUTIFUL SMILE OF HIS and waddled over to the table where you had put the bowl
You stood behind him while he ate, using a towel to dry off his hair, placing soft pecks behind his ears and in his hair every once in a while
When he was done he turned around in the chair, looking up at you with the straight up stars in his eyes
"Thank you, love"
"You're welcome" you give him a smile and he presses a soft peck to your lips
"I love you"
He still looks tired but it's the most awake you've seen him all night and he looks so sure of his statement you practically melt
"I love you too,, now let's go cuddle cause you aren't stinky anymore"
ଘ Jay ~ˊˎ-
Jay had been planning out this date for a really long time
He made reservations at a fancy restaurant, bought a new outfit + one for you, a fancy gift, literally everything you could think of, he did it
He had made it seem so grand that you couldnt help but be excited for it too
Until three hours before you were supposed to go out when you got a call from your really guilty feeling boyfriend
The company had added an extra practice day to their schedule, filling up the free day the date was supposed to be on
Sure you were disappointed, but it was obvious that he felt guilty and you didn't want to make it feel worse. You really didnt care that much
So you comforted him through the phone, reassuring him that it was okay and you didn't hate him for it
You also sneakily asked him about practice and what time they'd be getting done ;) very casually of course
You talked for a little more, but he had to go to practice, so you guys had to hang up
You spent the rest of the day forming your master plan
Actually you figured it out in 5 minutes and then took a nap, but same thing
You made sure to keep an eye on the time and text Jungwon during their break so that you knew it was okay for you to pick Jay up instead of him going home with the others
"Oh great Yang Leader, please grant me permission"
To which he responded "👍" dude does not know how to match energy
So at 10pm (22:00) when the boys finally came out of the building, there you were, parked in the very first row, smile on your face and the outfit he had bought for you on your body
Home boy got so excited he basically ran you over when he saw you, literally not even checking with his members before climbing in your car if you don't have one, pretend ig, and if you can't drive, same, I mean uh now you can!!
You tossed him his outfit, letting him change in the bathroom while you set up your master plan
He walked out into the living room, being greeted by darkness, the only light coming from candles you had set up around the coffee table in the middle of the room
You stood up and walked over to him, handing him a box of take out
"I tried to cook for you but it didn't work so we'll and I know you like this place"
Dude puts the food immediately back down, scooping you up in his arms and burying his head into your neck
"I love you, so, so much"
He feels you giggle and then your hands are on his face, pulling him up to you and kissing his lips, barely able to do it right because of the smile you can't seem to fight off
"I love you too"
ଘ Jake ~ˊˎ-
You had a particularly hard day at work/university and were close to the dorm so uh suprise visit
Jake opened the door confused at who was knocking, eyes lighting up when he saw you standing there
A loud "who is it?" echoed from inside somewhere while he wrapped his arm around your shoulders, practically dragging you with him
"It's Y/N"
You thought they must not have heard him because no one responded, but by the time he made it into the living room the maknae line was running into the room
"Where is our Y/N?" noona, hyung, ssi
"Yours??" He asked, teasing tone in his voice
Somehow they had found out you had a bad day and were fully prepared
You end up getting kidnapped by them, spending the rest of the night ranting to them as they hype you up
Pretty soon it was almost midnight and you didn't want to keep them up too long because you knew they'd have things to do tomorrow, so you sent them to bed "okay mom" and went to see your boyfriend, still on the living room couch where you'd left him
"Wow I get to see my significant other finally?"
He was joking, mostly, but you still felt bad that you had to leave before you could spend time with him
"Just stay the night"
Jays suggestion made you panic slightly, but you realized it was the perfect solution
Once you made sure Jake was okay with it, you changed into one of his outfits and y'all snuggled all night yay
Except you forgot you had work/class again the next day and ended up waking up way too late, almost throwing Jake off of his own bed when you jumped up so fast
You ran around the dorm frazzled as heck, trying to collect all of your things so you could leave while the guys all stared at you like you were crazy
You were about to run out the door when you remembered your boyfriend, running over to give him a quick peck and a "bye, I love you, see you tomorrow" before running out, leaving him staring blankly at the door
Eventually his brain worked again and he ran to the door, throwing it open and running after you
"Y/N!!!" You turned around, thinking you forgot something
"I love you too" 😚
ଘ Sunghoon ~ˊˎ-
Yall were just straight up vibing one day, hanging out on the couch, watching some anime or something yuri on ice akdjdidnxao
The boys came home earlier than they were originally, of course making gagging noises and teasing you guys "wow right on the couch"
You blushed madly, Sunghoon staying unfazed while he shot back at them
"Lol not my fault yall are single"
It ended up in a weird roast competition, all of them making random teases about each other while you just kinda sat there like ???
That is until Sunoo made a joke about Sunghoon not giving you enough attention
You wanted to feel included and hello, bullying your boyfriend lovingly was always fun
"Ya know he's right Hoon, I had to practically tackle you just to come over the other day"
The other members laughed at you taking their side, but your boyfriend just scoffed, rolling his eyes and denying
"Come one babe, you're not the most, affectionate person"
He pretended to be annoyed, getting the boys away from you before picking you up and literally throwing you over his shoulder and leaving the room
The boys were definitely laughing at him and your terrified squeal when he picked you up, your head lolling as you couldn't keep up with what had just happened
He walked into his room, flopping you down on the bed and standing there looking at you
"I'm sorry babe, you know I'm happy with our relationship and I would never push you to do something youre uncomfortable with"
He stood there, scratching his chin in dramatic contemplation
"Nope, wrong answer"
"Do i get another chance or do you just like kill me now"
"Wow you ruined the surprise"
You could barely get out a "huh?" before he had climbed on the bed next to you, tickling you exactly where he knew you were the most ticklish
You tried to form words around your laughs, still trying to get the right answer
After many mumbles of "im sorry" "stooop" along with squeals of laughter you said something that made his laughter and light hearted jokes stop
"Im sorry, I love you"
You didnt even realize you had said it, just spilling all of your thoughts in your frenzied state
"You what?" He looked down at you with doe eyes, a small smile and glint in his eye
"Im sorry?"
"No, the other part, before that"
You only then realized what you had said, immediately flushing red and trying to hide your face
"No no no, dont get shy on me now" he giggled, leaning down to kiss you before placing more pecks all over your face
"I love you too, theres no need to hide it baby girl"
Cue you basically combusting
┈─ ꕀ ── ꕀ ── ꕀ ── ꕀ ── ꕀ ─┈
The fact that Heeseungs was the shortest when he was my first bias 😭 I planned on making this for all of the members but my brain just gave out so if you want the maknae line lmk and I'll do it too :D
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