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@colpapabear​  asked:   "If I can still breathe I’m fine.“ (i scavanged to your memes)


her  small  hands  firmly  press  against  his  shoulders,  expression  screwing  up  slightly  in  determination.            no.     no,  you’re  not.            the  tone  offers  no  chance  of  argument,  not  one  which  he  would  win.      if  he  chose,  he  could  likely  topple  her  in  a  moment.     she  would  stand  her  ground  regardless.           you  need  to  let  yourself  heal.             his  legs  were  riddled  with  shrapnel…  it’d  be  hard  to  move  with  the  bandages,  let  alone  painful  once  the  morphine  wore  off.      leaning  over  him  still,  she  kept  her  hands  on  his  shoulders.            please,  colonel.  

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Yeet “You did it Gir; the feeding frenzy is underway. Everything looks delicious!”

Gir “Between me, the rest of the frylords and their staffs, it took half an army of labor, but it was worth it! There’s enough food in circulation for the buffet to be served until the end of the jubilee or until everyone is too stuffed to celebrate.” *sniffs* “It’s so beautiful, what a glorious empire we’re in.”

Yeet “Yeah…*sighs*There was so much tension in the Massive for SOOO long I thought the ship was going to explode! Now look at him, eating and schmoozing and enjoying himself…”

Gir “Maybe we didn’t cook enough. The PieLord has restocked the Tallest’s private dessert table twice already. I’m impressed; I thought I could eat.”

Yeet “He’s emotional-gorging right now. It’s best just to stand back. He’s trying to eat for four. Both him and late Red individually could eat for two on a normal, good day. I’m so happy his appetite is back. I better get over there to monitor his pace so he won’t throw up.”

Gir “Have you eaten anything yet?”

Yeet “I snagged a cookie.”

Gir “Tallest Purple is an adult drone. He’ll survive 20 minutes without you.”

Yeet “But I promised him I–”

Gir “Everyone gets a double snack break on the Tallest’s jubilee. Try one of my burritos and then come meet the Shloogor’s staff! I told everyone about you.”

Yeet “Really? Aw!! Ok, real quick.”

Purple “Yeet!! I have to adress the empire soon. Be a sweetie and put my contacts in while the rest of wardrobe holds my arms back. You know how I react to anything touching my eyes.”

Yeet “Coming, my tallest! I’m sorry, Gir. I’ll catch up with you in a few hours.”

Purple “Thank you, Yeet. You’re my lifeline.”

Yeet “No problem, my tallest.”

Purple “Fry-student, you might want to check on the heating lamps. The pizza bites were a little cold……and you respond, "Yes, my tallest! Right away!”

Gir “…Yes, my tallest…right…away…”

Purple “Good, good! Perfect donuts, by the way. Powdered and glazed exactly the way Red liked them. Yeet, am I camera-ready? Do I look bloated? I’m SO full.”

Yeet “You still look beautiful, my tallest.”

Gir “…Rrrrrrrrr!! I want to bash the pretty off his STUPID pretty face!!”

Gashloog “Bash whose face? You ok, Gir?”

Gir “No one! I’m fine! Just…processing some…stuff…”

Gashloog “Ok…um…we’re uh— we’re gonna load up our plates and head to the mess hall, if you want to come.”

Gir “Sounds good! RrrrrgggRRRRHH!! Be right there…”

(Gir isn’t experiencing new emotions necessarily, just many at once at an intensity he’s never felt before. It’s going to be a fun jubilee…)

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hi helloooo thank you for the suggestions!!! ill probably finish it by tomorrow

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The squads reaction to the announcement

What if the squad reacted like that because the obviously knew after signs at work and not because they weren’t happy for them

  • Amy could have been having alot of mood swings due to hormones (eg. Snapping at her squad, crying, being weirdly happy)
  • Jake and Amy could have been extra PDA in the office
  • One of them could have accidentally left baby names on their screen like Gina did
  • One of them could have accidentally left baby products open on their computer
  • Charles obviously knew with his Peraltiago senses, so he could have babbled
  • Captain Holt, being the ace detective and captain he is, probably peiced alot of things together (like how he did with Charles and Gina)
  • Terry knows pregnancy symptoms as he has 3 kids, he’s kind of an expert at this point
  • Rosa has a history at medical school so she knows symptoms as well
  • Amy could have had weird cravings for food and sends Jake out to get them and bring them back to the precinct, setting off Hitchcock and Scully’s suspicions but they don’t really know whats happening
  • Hiding her growing belly behind a binder isn’t really covering it up
  • Jake and Amy could have been extra careful on the job
  • They’ve been leaving work early for mysterious appointments and for hours at a time
  • Someone over-heard them tell their parents and told everyone about it (which is a silly move to tell them at the precinct honestly?)
  • They could have taken alot of cases together to try and protect eachother
  • After Charles woke up, overly excited, he told EVERYONE
  • Everyone goes out to Shaw’s for drinks except for Amy (and sometimes Jake because she doesn’t want his social life to die)
  • When the squad go out for lunch or coffee, Amy doesn’t get anything

Just some of my theories as to why the squad reacted like that..

If they reacted that way just because they weren’t excited (which I doubt) I’m suing every single on of them for upsetting Jake and Amy

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Thanks for tagging me wifey @sakurairin-otome 💕🥰😘😘

Rules: Put your entire music library on shuffle and list the first 10 songs that come up. Then tag others and do the same

1. Kiss with a fist - Florence & the machine

2. Stereo Hearts - Gym Class Heroes ft. Adam Levine

3. Shrike - Hozier

4. Overture - Andrew Lloyd Webber; POTO

5. Don’t Lose Ur Head - Six the Musical

6. Trøllabundin - Eivør

7. Piano Man - Billy Joel

8. Somebody Told Me - The Killers

9. Back in Time - Lyn, Jeon Hayeoung

10. The River - Bruce Springsteen

This is a callout for my taste in music isn’t it

Tagging uuuhh @dear-mrs-otome @yamamotokansuke @otohoe @nyktoon-in-otomeland

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Me: and what do we say when we have the urge to thrash and scream while bashing our heads on various surfaces and violently throwing ourselves against walls?


Brain: YEET

Me: NO

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This year’s Trans Day of Visibility is brought to you by the horrible surety that just outside your window, something is peering in, watching you as you go about your business, studying your room intently as you peruse the Internet, never stirring but to turn its head.

You very nearly spot it once or twice through the half-closed curtains, clinging to the outside of your window, eyes wide as plates. Through it all, you feel so very, very seen, but so very validated. “- .-. .- -. … / .-. .. –. …. - …,” it taps against the glass with one long nail, “Trans rights.”

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