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novembermoths2 months ago
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couldn鈥檛 stop thinking about these two after i finished awtwb. I can鈥檛 put into words how much I adore this series and it鈥檚 characters; Thankyou @rainbowrowell and everyone who made these books so magical <3
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tessasclockworkangel8 months ago
Sometimes I think that I could be the beautiful sword wielding girl with a dark past then I have the misfortune of remembering that I'm a fucking nerd who uses books as escapism.
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horsechestnuta year ago
Reasons The Hunger Games Works and None of the Knock-Offs Do:
I just reread The Hunger Games Trilogy, and I have some thoughts about why they work so well and so many others just don鈥檛.
Katniss Is Lucky: At every turn Katniss gets lucky. This isn鈥檛 a聽鈥渁nyone could have done this but no one鈥檚 tried before鈥 or聽鈥渕ain characters is special in some way鈥 story. If Katniss鈥檚 name had been called instead of Prim鈥檚, she probably wouldn鈥檛 have won. If anyone other then Peeta had been called she wouldn鈥檛 have won. If Cinna had picked any other year to become a stylist she wouldn鈥檛 have won. If her father hadn鈥檛 been a hunter she wouldn鈥檛 have won. If Madge didn鈥檛 give her the pin (how Rue decided to trust her) she wouldn鈥檛 have won. I can鈥檛 really explain why this is so important to me, but it is. Katniss isn鈥檛 special or super powered. She鈥檚 lucky.
Katniss Is A Symbol and 13 Has an Army:聽Katniss is not a rebel leader. There isn鈥檛 a group of ragtag teenagers who follow her and take on a corrupt government all on their own. She鈥檚 a symbol to inspire the people in the districts to fight, but no one ever puts her in charge of an army. Why should they? She鈥檚 a 17 year old, traumatized, child. The only time we do see Katniss lead is at the end of Mockingjay, and then it鈥檚 a group of about ten people, most of who end up dead and the mission doesn鈥檛 succeed. More importantly, 13 beats the capital because they have a fully functioning, highly trained, military ready to go.
These Are CHILDREN: Yes, every young adult story focuses on a teenager, but so many of these stories seem to forge they鈥檙e talking about teenagers. They act as if they are twenty somethings, or in the society set up you are considered an adult at 16. The Hunger Games hammers you over the head with the fact that these are kids. Katniss goes to school. I do not know a single hunger games rip off where the main character goes to completely normal every day school.
The Death鈥檚 Aren鈥檛 Shock Value: Yes, Prim鈥檚 death is shocking. It鈥檚 heartbreaking. I knew it was coming and still cried. That鈥檚 not why it鈥檚 there though. The point is how far Coin is willing to go to make sure Katniss is on her side. Everyone else鈥檚 deaths also have a point. Finnick and the others on Katniss鈥檚 team show the sacrifice people are willing to make for the cause and for Katniss. Cinna to show Katniss what happens when she resists. Rue is the cruelty of the game. Madge, the cruelness of the capital.
The Goal Is Clear: Mazerunner comes to mind with this one. What was the actual goal after the first book? Hell if I know. In The Hunger Games series there鈥檚 no fancy plan or convoluted thing they need to do. The plan is simple. Hunger Games and Catching Fire:聽鈥淒on鈥檛 die鈥. Mockingjay there鈥檚 a lot of background stuff happening, but for Katniss the goal is always one thing: kill Snow. Everything she does is a straightforward line to that goal for almost the entire book.
Gale and Peeta: Both Gale and Peeta are totally realistic and reasonable love interests for Katniss. Neither of them are always nice or always perfect, but it easy to see why Katniss struggles to balance the two of them. There is no clear choice between the two. More importantly, the choice is representative of a larger concept. Katniss herself makes the comparison, saying Gale is rage and Peeta is calm. It鈥檚 not just between two guys, it鈥檚 between two ways of life and what Katniss needs in her life.
She Picks Peeta: I can not stress enough how important this is. In any of the knock offs I guarantee you that she would have picked Gale. Or, more accurately what would have happened is they would have switched Gale and Peeta鈥檚 personalities. Peeta would have been the angry, tortured, mysterious guy, and Gale would have been the kind, artistic, best friend. In this case, she would have still picked Peeta, but the whole point would have been lost. For all intents and purposes it would have been picking Gale. But no. Katniss picks Peeta. She picks calm and peace rather then giving in to Gale鈥檚 anger.
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headspace-hotel10 months ago
Words that would make good YA character names, entirely based on their spelling
I did a lot of research for this. these are my conclusions
Protagonist Names
Love Interest Names
Surnames/Family Names/Royal Lineages
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finnlongman3 months ago
There have been a lot of conversations happening on Twitter and Instagram recently about how harmful social media has become for authors, and YA authors in particular, and it's interesting that I haven't seen those same conversations happening on Tumblr. Maybe because I don't follow so many authors here, as this is largely my place to escape from publishing and all its drama -- it's easier to miss things here, if the specific people you follow aren't sharing it. Or maybe it's because Tumblr chased a lot of its authors away a few years ago, so isn't as directly implicated in the current wave of terribleness. 馃し馃徎鈥嶁檪锔
But it IS terrible. Callouts without context, pile-ons targeting anyone who has ever been associated with an author who is perceived as having done something bad, one-star troll reviews for books that aren't even out yet targeting marginalised authors, continual pressure to Perform Social Justice in a way that's suitable for external consumption (according to standards that are impossible to meet since they change daily), entitled fans harassing and targeting authors for months and then claiming powerlessness when they're called out for it despite the authors repeatedly explaining that it's triggering their PTSD...
(For that last one, see Tess Sharpe's experiences. Those readers claimed to be fans, and yet were so awful to her that she's now said she'll never talk about that book publicly again because it invited too much harassment. She repeatedly explained the impact they were having on her and yet they continued to use the "we're just joking" defence, even when it was extremely clear it wasn't funny to anyone.)
I see this as a big picture thing but I also see this firsthand from those in communities I'm in. I know authors who've decided never to return to certain worlds/series, even though they love it, because people online are so awful about it. I know people who got absolutely reamed out by social media for things they weren't even involved in, just because of their perceived connection to a target, and felt completely unable to defend themselves. Author friends have told me it's okay if I need to publicly disavow them to keep myself safe, which is mad. Every day there are more authors going 'updates only' or leaving Twitter entirely. People are afraid even to talk about how bad the harassment is for fear of making themselves targets -- and literally every newbie YA author that I know is afraid of putting a foot out of line because social media will wreck their career for it.
It sounds dramatic, and for people on the outside, maybe it seems like it's no big deal. But this is targeted, relentless harassment over the course of months or years, and this is affecting people's livelihood and income and opportunities as well as their mental health. Even those of my friends who are least bothered by what others think of them are afraid of making a mistake (or being perceived as making a mistake) that will result in their agent being forced to drop them or risk tainting their own reputation. I've heard people saying they're genuinely afraid to succeed because it'll make them a bigger target. After all, authors are generally alone in dealing with this -- they don't have PR teams or social media managers. If you harass an author online, 99 times out of 100, it's the author who will read it. And it's the author who will respond, and have their statement torn to shreds because nothing is ever good enough, so more and more people just stay silent and submit to whatever the internet wants to inflict on them.
It's messed up. So many of us joined Twitter to find writing communities and now they've become unbearable. My writing chat constantly talks about what we'll do when/if this happens to one of us. And it hits marginalised authors hardest, especially those who don't have supportive offline communities and who rely heavily on social media for friends and connections. It terrifies me, as someone hoping to make a career in writing, to think of putting myself in the line of fire like this, just by virtue of writing YA. I'm very isolated in real life, and rely heavily on social media for community and interaction. If I leave, or all my friends have to leave ... where do I go? What's left for us?
I hope this is just a temporary phase and that the internet becomes kinder again, because the alternative is that writers lose their communities and connections, and all the nice, kind readers lose their interactions with authors entirely. Or else everybody's mental health continues to deteriorate and good people quit writing altogether.
Anyway, if you haven't been following this, check out Nicole Brinkley's essay, "Did Twitter Break YA?" which kickstarted this current conversation, and Adrienne Young's Instagram Stories about this. Because this has been building for a while and authors have been talking about it in group chats for ages but it feels like only recently has anyone really felt like they can talk about it out loud. And this conversation needs to trigger change, because this current situation is hurting people, and it isn't sustainable.
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ekbelsher3 months ago
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I wasn鈥檛 going to post this sketch but I think I have to. Every time I look at it, I鈥檓 reminded聽of that part in the animated Beauty and the Beast movie where Lumi猫re is trying to coach the Beast on giving a debonair smile, and he flashes his big ugly teeth and Lumi猫re鈥檚聽like, Yeah don鈥檛 do that.聽The beast boyfriend鈥檚 slightly terrifying smile is nearly as funny -- turns out聽there鈥檚 a reason artists rarely draw orcs/trolls looking cheerful. They are much sexier when they鈥檙e fierce 馃槀
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moonlit-sunflower-books13 days ago
books i love and why you should read them
1. instructions for dancing by nicola yoon
absolutely perfect meet-cute
made me question my existence multiple times in the best way possible
comfort book tbh
basically changed the entire way that i look like love and life
such realistic, raw emotion??? how?
the main character has a really dry sense of humour and i love it
really fast read!! i finished in two days
2. orlando by virginia woolf
it makes me feel really cool while reading because it has dark academia feminist vibes
also victoria woolf is a queen
it's based on a real life queer love story
some of the lines just made me sit back and go. oh damn,
it's surprisingly easy to read
(also full disclosure i have Not finished this yet but i love it so far)
3. six of crows duology by leigh bardugo
be gay, do crime
six teenagers who don't know what the fuck they're doing and manage to break into one of the most secure prisons on the planet and also basically take down a government
inej ghafa.
lots of rep!!
you get the awesome magic from shadow and bone without suffering through alina starkov's internal monologue
"my ghost won't associate with your ghost"
there's a massive fandom of chaotic gays so u will find a home among us <3
the character development is literally flawless
4. scythe trilogy by neal shusterman
i'm a simp for citra okay i admit it
but also the worldbuilding of this book is just. perfection
and it has limited characters but each one is so three-dimensional and you really go into depth about how each one of them thinks and feels and aaaa so good
the power dynamics that are created between characters are amazing
5. an ember in the ashes quartet by sabaa tahir
helene aquila. that's it.
ok no that's not it
but helene aquila and elias veturius are literally perfection; this book was written for the bisexuals /j
all three main characters are absolutely incredible
the number of plot twists??? im? how *sobs*
oh yeah this book will make you sob a lot
but it is worth it
the worldbuilding is so solid and i love the way that she uses magic in both the worldbuilding and the character development
also omg the character relationships? laia and elias and elias and helene and helene and laia and the way that they all develop i can't
brown rep <3
6. red white and royal blue by casey mcquinston
it's set in an alternate 2020 which was way better than ours so it's great if you're into escapism and like to avoid your problems by dissociating into fictional lands
alex claremont-diaz owns my entire heart
gay fluff
childhood rivals to enemies to reluctant allies in a time of crisis to growing trust to friends with mutual pining to friends with benefits with mutual pining to lovers
it's a hell of a rollercoaster
also lots of politics! if you're into that kind of thing
7. a court of thorns and roses by sarah j mass
don't read it <3
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afterblossom13 days ago
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Full cover spreads I did for Elizabeth Lim's Six Crimson Dawn and Spin the Dawn UK cover. I have a lot of fun and am very glad you guys like it!
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tessasclockworkangel7 months ago
The real reason we like the found family trope is because we know that these are not the people who we were chosen to be with, these are the people who will choose us over and over again.
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unavidasa month ago
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Nina ma鈥檃m, you can stop my heart any day.
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nourtarts3 months ago
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