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bigdreamsandwildthings · 16 hours ago
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shit-im-bi · a day ago
drunk!cardan part 2!!
Cardan: *frowning*
Cardan: *sighs*
Cardan: sigh
Cardan, turning towards Jude: SIGH
Jude: what happened, Cardan?
Cardan: I was thinking
Jude: *under her breath* oh no.
Cardan: I was tHiNKINg
Cardan: what if
Cardan: and I mean what IF
Cardan: the public, the- the- faeries, what if they think you're cooler than me
Cardan: because you always do all the assinat- assassa- all the stabby-stabby stuff
Cardan: and you have the whole "scary beautiful with a dagger strapped to glorious thighs" thing
Jude: well to be fair, I am pretty badass-
Cardan: no no you have a very good ass
Cardan: better than mine actually, so that's part of the problem
Jude: are you- are you seriously pouting right now?
Cardan, ignoring her: I think I would be the prettier snake though
Cardan: thoughts?
Jude: I think I should've stayed exiled from Elfhame.
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moonlit-sunflower-books · 7 months ago
the sexual tension between me and unread books on my bookshelf
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lyralit · 2 months ago
types of fantasy subgenres - writing help
high / epic fantasy - a genre of fantasy that holds its own world and creatures. examples of this could be J.R.R. Tolkien's LOTR, or C.S. Lewis' Chronicles of Narnia
low fantasy - a genre where there are regular magical happenings in "our" world—such as a magical school, or people with magical abilities. this could be found in J.K. Rowling's Harry Potter, or Studio Ghibli's Spirited Away
urban fantasy - essentially low fantasy, only it takes place in an urban setting such as a big city. an example of this is Cassandra Clare's City of Bones
sword and sorcery - fantasy that is centred around swords, magic, and witchcraft. it is a subgenre of high fantasy. a book is Robert E. Howard's Conan series
dark fantasy - fantasy elements mixed with horror. The Atlas Six, by Olivia Blake
fable - a story with a moral lesson
arthurian fantasy - anything derived from the tales of King Arthur (the Sword in the Stone, etc.)
crosswords fantasy - essentially where the main character crosses between their world and a fantasy world. an example of this could be Lewis Carroll's Alice in Wonderland
dragon fantasy - what it sounds like.
historical fantasy - a cross between the historical fiction and low fantasy subgeneres. it could be set in a royal court filled with goblins, for example, in a time that was once present on earth.
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waydown95 · a year ago
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couldn’t stop thinking about these two after i finished awtwb. I can’t put into words how much I adore this series and it’s characters; Thankyou @rainbowrowell and everyone who made these books so magical <3
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asexualslutsworld · 5 months ago
haha what if we hated each other and were children of world leaders (hypothetically!) and we fell in love (hypothetically!) because we fucked up a 75 thousand dollar royal wedding cake (HYPOTHETICALLY!) and then i texted you frantically about turkeys
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mostly-sarahjmaas · a year ago
When people ask me why I like reading books :
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bekalawson · 2 months ago
Hey Tumblr, are you looking for something new and fun to read by an independent author? A thrilling post-apocalyptic YA novel starring Black LGBT characters, set in a world ravaged by deadly beasts that burst out of the ground?
Tumblr media
In the year 2099, the USA is no more. The territory once known as Virginia is now dominated by three factions vying for control: the militaristic Grand Admiralty, the royalist Blue Ridge Monarchy, and the rebellious Freezoners. Cassel Fowler, a teenage trooper of the Admiralty, wants nothing more than to live up to his parents’ legacy and help reclaim the land from the hellbeasts. But when his best friend and first crush, Chance “Lucky” Grey, is killed right before his eyes, Cassel unknowingly sets off on a path that will expose a secret even deadlier than the beasts.
Read Kingside Castle and a smorgasbord of short stories at MeteoWrites.com!
(Stories by Beka Lawson; art by @noahdeaart on Twitter; post made and blazed by Beka’s gf - happy early birthday babe 😘🌈)
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books · 3 months ago
Writer Spotlight: Claire Ahn
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Claire Ahn grew up in Seoul, Korea, which she still considers home. She moved to New York to attend university and now lives in Long Island City with her husband, newborn daughter, and their dog, Dante. Claire writes about transcultural experiences and the traditions, values, and legacies that shape who we are. I GUESS I LIVE HERE NOW is her debut novel. Click through to read about mouth-watering food and homesickness remedies, and for some really good writing advice.
Can you tell us a little bit about how you came to write I GUESS I LIVE HERE NOW?
I think most debut authors would probably divulge this, but the first novel is always a bit of a circuitous path. You can never really pinpoint the beginning of the first because it’s just this blurry idea you had years ago that somehow—through repetitive classes and workshopping and rejections—becomes a novel. I suppose this idea was conceived back in 2016, but it’s gone through many transitions, from a children’s book to a middle-grade book, then a young adult novel, and within it, about four to five full revisions. 
I started writing to release stress from a grueling job in public relations, where writing felt so formulaic and not at all creative. I’ve always loved storytelling, and was told PR is the world of storytelling as a profession, but it wasn’t enough to fill the creative well in me. So I took up course writing at Gotham Writers Workshop, which is how this all began for me. Plus, I got free wine every week. How could I have stopped attending? 
You’ve written your own experience in reverse, going from New York to Seoul, and made it YA. What were some challenges you faced in doing so? 
From a craft perspective, it was hard to write Seoul as if it was the first time. Everything there feels second nature to me, from the street foods to the lavish grocery stores and intensely beautiful cafe culture. It’s never a shock when I go back home, so having to write it fresh was hard. Hopefully, I somewhat successfully captured the newness of it from Melody’s eyes. From a personal experience perspective, my constant fear is that someone in my life will be convinced a flawed character was inspired by them! Woof. If you’re reading this, close friend or family member, this is not the case! 
Melody and her friends are all navigating parental expectations while trying to make their way in the world. What do you hope readers take away from seeing these character dynamics represented?
 Am I the only one feeling like I sometimes live my life intensely trying to please my parents? Oh God, I hope not. I hope readers feel seen and less alone in having dreams that may defy the wishes of parents or guardians or even of peers and the capitalistic society in which we live. I hope readers feel reminded that they can simply be. They can have lofty dreams like Melody, or they can want to dream of being comfortable and accepted in their skin, like Kimbeom, or they can just want to live in their present, and that is all okay and good. Let’s change the narrative of having to stamp influential footprints in this world. 
Seoul is your home, but you live in Long Island City. How do you approach writing about being in between two cultures, and what’s your favored remedy for homesickness?
I think I operate on a default state of longing and clinging. I’m always longing to visit Seoul any chance I get, and I live in a state of clinging onto my culture tighter than my high school banquet dress. I release myself from those states of being by writing stories where I get to pretend like I’m in Seoul again or where I imagine my life as a teen in New York, fresh from Korea. My favored remedy for homesickness is buying a plane ticket to Seoul and immediately texting my friends back home that I’ll be there soon. Then, every day until I’m on that plane, I dream of being surrounded by faces like mine, speaking in my native tongue, and stuffing my face with high-quality rice cakes (dduk). Does that sound sad? I swear I love my life in New York, too. 
The descriptions of food in IGILHN are incredible. What’s your favorite Korean dish, and can you make our mouths water describing it?
Thank you! You know, I didn’t know food was a theme in the book until people pointed it out. Food is such a deeply ingrained part of Korean culture that it wasn’t an intentional ploy, but as it turns out, it is impossible to write a book set in Seoul without a proper description of the bounty of food on offer. My favorite dish has got to be my mom’s homemade galbi jjim, braised short ribs. I can’t even eat ones from a restaurant because it tastes horrible compared to her concoction. It’s a common holiday dish for New Year’s or Chuseok, but for me, it was the dish my mom made every time I landed in Seoul from New York. An expression of love poured into a dish that takes hours to make. I always imagined her making it in the kitchen the night before I arrived, eagerly waiting for her younger daughter to come back home. It’s a thoughtful dish because it’s not something you can whip up at a moment’s notice, and if you try to, you will never mimic a galbi jjim that has been simmering for hours. It’s both a deliciously sweet and intensely aromatic and savory dish. When done right, the meat falls off the bones at the softest pull with chopsticks, and it’s generously coated with a sauce made from Korean radishes, jujubes, pears, chestnuts, and garlic. As my husband says, it’s a ‘flavor explosion.’ 
What made you want to be a writer? What advice can you give to budding writers working on transcultural narratives?
I’ve always wanted to be a writer, but growing up in an Asian household, I wasn’t made aware that writing was a chosen profession. I was sort of led to believe it was something you did on the side of your ‘real’ job, which just meant making a stable income with the goal of homeownership. As a daughter of immigrants, stability was highly valued in our household, so writing wasn’t really a ‘serious’ option. But I wrote my first play when I was in the second grade, a whopping eleven pages of some friends living on Mars, spying on Earth people.
My advice would be to find a writing community and celebrate small milestones. I couldn’t have gotten here without my group of writers that I met through Gotham Writers; equally, I might have given up if I wasn’t so damn good at celebrating even the stupidest things: Submitted a manuscript? Buy myself a typewriter! Read a book during a desolate book lull? Eat my favorite ice cream! The journey to finding an agent, revising, then selling your book, then revising again (and again and again and again), then finally seeing it hit shelves (which I haven’t yet) is LONG! So, unless you’re a total Grinch and happy to be one, celebrate; because you can’t go years without that celebratory joy to keep you motivated. 
What does Melody’s Tumblr look like? Obviously, she’s got some interior design in there, but what else does she post? What’s the vibe like?
The vibe is definitely a modern cafe look with a splash of pop, which is also her fashion style. Isn’t our Tumblr vibe just a digital reflection of our fashion? Mine definitely was. Mel’s Tumblr is probably like Comme des Garcons meets Alexander Wang. 
IGILHN is your debut novel—what’s next for you?
I’m working on my second book now, and it’s not set in Seoul! It’s set right here, in my second favorite city, New York. Everyone says book two is the worst. Surprisingly, I don’t want to rip my eyes out, and I’m thoroughly enjoying exploring my new fictional friends and their immigrant families and New York’s Asian food culture. Soup dumplings have already made their way into my pages multiple times. I can’t share too much yet, but I hope it stays as fun as it’s been so far and that it finds its people. 
Thanks so much for answering our questions, Claire! I GUESS I LIVE HERE NOW will be hitting shelves on May 24. That’s today in a week! 
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fandomrantsandtwittertakes · 10 months ago
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thefugitivesaint · 9 months ago
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Diane Dillon (1933-) & Leo Dillon (1933-2012), ''Realms of Fantasy'', Vol. 6, #5, 2000 Source
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tessasclockworkangel · 11 months ago
I don’t have casual obsessions, I have all consuming fixations that send me into a downward spiral to hell
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shit-im-bi · a month ago
still makes me giggle that Madoc explicitly assures Jude that she's not a killer like two seconds after she buried Valerian's body... how did he feel when she went on her lil girlboss killing spree.
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the-diseased-one · 20 days ago
I cannot, do not, and will not ever understand people's hatred of the hunger games' epilogue.
Katniss choosing to have children is not out of character. Full stop. Peeta does not force Katniss to have children. Full stop.
Katniss repeats throughout the books that she never wants to have kids because she does not want to bring them into the horrible reality that she has experienced. She takes 15 years to heal from this trauma before she finally feels that the world is safe for her kids.
Katniss's choice to have children isn't out of character because she is not the same character as when we left her just after the war. She is not a scarred 17-year-old anymore.
And while Peeta is a driving force in the decision, she doesn't just have them for him. In the epilogue, Katniss literally talks about the joy of holding her daughter!!!! You can see that she has grown and changed opinions in the last 15 years (because of course she could over that period of time).
I will absolutely concede that the movie gutted it of so much depth, but in the book? It is hopeful and it is beautiful.
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ekbelsher · 28 days ago
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I’m so excited about this book! It’s called The Second Death of Edie and Violet Bond (by debut author Amanda Glaze) and I was honoured to do some promotional art for it 😄 (This print is part of her preorder campaign. Book comes out October 2022)
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abigail-abridged-summaries · 6 months ago
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Nothing better than an excellent book map ✨ 
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