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#ya he's got a fist flaming with holy fire
heymeowmao · a year ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Park Seojoon as Yonghoo |  The Divine Fury (2017)
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fires-of-ninjago · 8 months ago
Chubby Zane Rights (Continued)
As promised last week, here's my latest continuation to Chubby Zane!
I'm just sorry this one took so long, but as I said last week, I was just bogged-down with work.
Title: Hot Ice
Word Count: 1,478
Pairing(s): Oppositeshipping
Warnings: Fat Shaming, body image, homophobic slurs, implied abuse
Kai downed the rest of his drink as Dareth droned on about one of his many, many exaggerated achievements. Zane looked down at his lemonade as he listened to the story. The more he heard, the more he thought that it sounded just too far-fetched to him. I mean; Dareth, just finding Garmadon’s Helmet of Shadows, and using it to control the stone army like that? Just how could someone get that lucky?!
“...Are you guys even listening?” Dareth asked. Kai gave him one of his signature, cocked-smiles that made everyone instantly believe that he knew exactly what was going on...At least, those who didn’t actually know him, anyway. Zane recognized it as his slightly drunk, but faking focus grins.
“Of course!” Kai said. “Hat falls out of the sky, monster army suddenly obeying your every command, horrifying visions of days yet to come, nightmares of the First Master’s childhood, I hear ya!” Zane perked up at the mention of those last two parts. He normally tuned most of their middle-aged friend’s ramblings out mid-way through, but lately, his boyfriend seemed to be paying closer attention the more he drank. Dareth took a swig of his own drink, and for the first time, Zane realized that it was the same as Kai’s.
“I think you two should slow down?” Zane asked; “Those are your third and fourth whiskey’s tonight.” Kai gave him a side grin as he winked.
“C’mon Zane! We all just got our teaching certs; we’re celebrating!” Zane nodded as he felt the frost crawling along the side of the glass.
“Yeah!” Dareth cheered; “And after all of the- *BUUUURP!*” Zane scrunched his nose as the smell hit him like a steel pipe. Had he been human, then his eyes would definitely be watering at the potent smell of garlic and alcohol. Kai however, was fanning his face.
“Aw, Dareth! How many of those garlic rolls did you eat?!” He said. Their friend gave them an embarrassed chuckle as he leaned back in his chair.
“Yeah, sorry ‘bout that guys,” he said as he gave his now plump stomach a pat. “They were just so delicious, I couldn’t help myself!” Wait, what? What did he mean by that? Zane looked down at the empty baskets sitting in front of him as he realized exactly that was.
“But Dareth, one of those was supposed to be for Kai!” The look on the Brown Ninja’s face changed to confusion as he looked down at the remains of the food.
“Huh? But Kai here told me that he wasn’t all that hungry, so he told me to take it.” So that’s what happened; Zane figured something like that was the case, but now that it was out in the open, the Nindroid wasn’t going to let this chance to dive deeper pass by.
“Kai,” he began. When was the last-” The doors to the bar burst open before he could finish the thought. The two of them turned to see a group of bikers standing there.
“Sup, Gerald,” the old man at the head of the group said to the barkeeper. Zane noticed the burn scar on his cheek as he leaned against the bar. “We saw you ‘ere havin’ a party in here and decided to invite ourselves!” They surveyed the bar, grinning as Zane and Kai kept their heads down.
“So who’s this party for anyway?” One of the other bikers; a much younger woman asked as she stepped closer to the bar. “What, is it someone’s birthday? Are one of these widdol’ kiddies finally old enough to be let out of their widdol’ strollers?” Zane could see steam building in his boyfriend’s eyes at how they were taunting the owner, but there was nothing that they could do, especially while Kai was still processing all of the alcohol that he’d drunk.
“Listen guys, I don’t want any trouble,” the bartender said. “But the group I got here tonight...I don’t think-” The lead biker reached across the bar, and grabbed the bartender’s shirt, pulling him close.
“Since when do I care what you think!” The leader asked. Zane was getting ready to jump into action, when Kai decided to slowly stand up.
“Hello Bart,” Nya said in an unusually calm voice. Every alarm in Zane’s head was going off as he recognized that name. Both Zane and Dareth turned to see the two of them standing; the Nindroid felt his power core skip a pulse in fear as he saw the same dark look reflected in the eyes of both siblings. Bart however, seemed to laugh.
“HEY!” He howled as he released the bartender from his grip; “if it isn’t my two favorite kids!” Bart held his arms open, like he was expecting them to run into them.
“Like hell!” Kai shouted; “If you know what’s good for you, then you ‘n your friends will leave.” Zane felt a chill run up his spine as he heard the venom in Kai’s voice. He didn’t know exactly what happened between them, but he knew that it was bad; especially by the way he partially closed his bad eye whenever anyone asked about it.
“Oy! Is that any way ta’ talk to yer foster daddy?” Zane’s eyes went wide as he realized what this was. Kai practically snarled as he readied himself to attack, only for Nya to beat him to the punch. She came out of nowhere; her fists making contact with jaw in the blink of an eye, sending him spinning back as he hit the floor. Nya huffed as she screamed. If it weren’t for the younger woman intercepting her next hit, she would have pummeled him into the tile. Kai however, wasn’t far behind.
“YOU SON OF A BITCH!!!” He shouted, as he jumped into spinjitsu. Flames licked the bar, setting some of the glasses aflame as he barreled towards them. With a look of fear in his eyes, Bart rolled out of the way just in time for Kai’s foot to miss him by a hair. His leather jacket smoked as he hopped to his feet.
“Holy fuck, where da’ hell did ya’ learn that shit?!” He asked. Kai looked like he was about to start foaming at the mouth, when Zane hopped in to put out the small fires from the now flaming drinks.
“Hold up, Jefe,” The woman said, as she staggered out of Nya’s grip. “They’re the fuckin’ ninja!” Zane could see the delight start twisting in Bart’s eyes, as he let out a low, manic laugh.
“HAHAHAHAHAHA!” He clutched his stomach as he ran out of breath; blood beginning to run down the side of his face from a cut caused by one of the rings that Nya was wearing. “Yer’ shittin’ me!” Zane could feel the rage building in the siblings, as the older man continued.
“Ta think, you two would grow up to be this famous! Maybe there is a place fer ya in my family after all?” He gave Zane a good once-over as well as the gears started grinding behind his eyes.
“An’ you must be that ice ninja,” he started. “Yer a lil chubby, aren’t cha? Well as long as ya’ can fight like Twig and Shit-foot here, ya can join too.” Zane froze as he heard what he said. It had been so long since he’d even thought about it, that he’d stopped trying to hide his weight a long time ago, even if he still chose to wear loose-fitting clothes whenever he could. It was almost faster than the last time, but now Zane saw Kai launch himself forward. If it weren’t for Zane managing to grab one of his arms, then he would have tackled Bart out-right.
“SHUT YOUR GODDAMN MOUTH-!” He howled at the top of his lungs. One of the other bikers laughed as they all moved to encircle the trio.
“Haha, aww, look-et how he’s jumping to tubbo’s defence; how cute.” Now Zane was starting to feel the taunts as he struggled to hold-back his boyfriend. It would be so easy to let him go; even his primary programming: Protect the unprotected, was having trouble deciding if he should keep holding Kai back. Just as Zane was about to try and defuse the situation himself, one of the bikers shouted as he was electrocuted.
“KAI, ZANE, NYA! DUCK!” The trio didn’t even think about it; in one felled motion, they all rolled to the ground as Cole came zipping above them, taking down two more of the group. Once they were on the ground, both Kai and Zane jumped up, and with a practiced ease, blew a spray of ice and fire to create a chilly mist. That was when Zane felt his programming make it’s choice: Protect Kai and Nya from the people who hurt them.
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msmarvelwrites · a year ago
The Winter Ghost - Part 4
Info: A Devastating car crash causes you to lose your memory and start over. The only thing left in the wreckage was the horrific nightmares which plagued your mind. If you knew what today would entail you would have just stayed in bed. But you didn't and because of that, everything you knew was about to change.
Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Y/n
Warning: language maybe?
W/c: 3.5K (sorry not sorry)
A/n: Shuri is probably one of my favourite characters in the MCU so please enjoy her sass ❤️ Thank you again to @cutie1365 for editing and making this readable 💕
Tumblr media
You sat in the cold steel lab, next to a pile of machines that whirled in the silent room. Small wires attached to your temples and hooked into the computers. You didn't know how you imagined Shuri, but a small 16 year old girl was definitely not it. This was who was going to be prying and prodding through your brain? I guess this is how S.H.I.E.L.D felt the first day you showed up. The thought made you stifle a laugh under your breath and wish you could only remember.
Every 10 minutes after scanning the hologram which hovered just above the desk she would stop, and ask if you were okay to continue. You would nod, unable to actually create coherent words. The process of regaining your memories was excruciating, to say the least. Shuri made it better though. She was bubbly and kind. Her voice was bright and reminded you of the wind chimes your mother used to hang on the porch.
Another blast of electricity surged through your brain, causing you to double over and yelp.
"Okay, okay, that's enough for today." She announced, crossing the room and placing a hand on your shoulder. You flinched her away desperately trying to focus away the pain.
"No. Keep going." You gasped, steadying your breath.
"Y/n, we have to take this in steps. If we dig too deep we can risk serious brain damage, or worse." She explained. You looked up at her concerned face, tears welled in your eyes but you quickly wiped them away.
"Dr. Shuri, please-”
"It's Shuri. Just Shuri. And no, I’m serious. I think we've retrieved some core memories, but there's no way to be sure." She spoke over you, turning her computer off and carefully removing the wires from your head. You winced as she pulled them out, but you were finally able to breathe right again. “We’ll just have to keep tabs on ya’.”
"How will we know what I remember?" You asked, watching her pack her equipment away.
"You won't," She stated, placing a small alcohol wipe in your hand. You blotted the small incisions the wires left behind. Gross.
"But, we'll keep doing bi-weekly checkups and monitor your behavior. There could be trigger words that Hydra has hidden in your brain. The last thing we need is you going all ‘Winter Soldier’ on our asses." Shuri giggled to herself and patted you on the back. You tried to hide the scream of pain that erupted from her contact. You suppressed a cry and smiled as best you could.
"Thank you Dr- um, Shuri. Seriously, I can't tell you what this means to me." You corrected, getting up and following him out of the room.
"Anytime. This is my new specialty I guess. I think I should consider updating my resume to super soldier fixer-upper."
You walked through the compound slowly, still unsure where everything was. Steve had assigned you a bedroom on the top level, close to Agent Romanoff, or Nat as she had asked you to call her. She and a few other former Avengers occasionally stayed in Wakanda after everything went south in Nigeria.
You hadn't really been asked if you wanted to stay here, but Nat explained that Hydra was keeping close tabs on you. It would be safer for you here while you remembered what it is they needed.
As you continued through the hallways you happened upon a large floor to ceiling mirror. You tried to not look, but your curiosity got the better of you.
Your hair was a knotted mess yesterday morning, so you decided to braid it back. Now, long strands fell from it, curling around your face and neck adding to your dishevelment. Dark circles bloomed under your y/e/c and reminded you of the sleep you so desperately needed. The faded Stark Industries tee-shirt hung loosely on your frame over the black elastic biker shorts Nat had given you to borrow. She promised she'd take you back to your Brooklyn apartment at some point to collect your own clothes. You huffed, trying and failing to tuck the few strands that fell from your loose braid back, only having two more shake loose.
As you rounded the corner you noticed two large metal doors. Loud thuds and grunts were protruding out from behind them. The closer you got, the better you could see through the small window.
Nat was sending a graceful roundhouse kick to Bucky's neck. He stumbled taking a few steps back but ultimately gained his balance again. You swallowed a gasp. Bucky was close to twice Nats size. You watched in amazement as she ducked between his legs, sending a swift elbow to the crook of his knee. He immediately dropped.
Quietly you slipped through the gym door, careful not to disturb the two while they circled each other slowly.
You watched in awe as Bucky threw a punch with his metal arm at Nat, who skillfully dodged it, grabbing his wrist and twisting. With the added momentum she swung onto his shoulders, still grasping his arm and yanked him backwards onto the mat with a loud thud.
"Holy shit!" You gasped, and quickly regretted it as the two super heros looked up. You knew they were on your side, but damn. You didn't know how anyone picked a fight with either of them. They both looked so venomous. Nats face softened when she registered your wide eyed gaze.
"She lives!" The Black Widow announced, laughing as she grabbed a towel, patting her sweat slicked face. Bucky stood then slowly, watching you intently like he was waiting for something.
You grin sheepishly and nodded. "That she does. Damn, Mr. Rogers wasn't kidding around. I still feel like I'm vibrating." You chuckled.
"Remember anything?" Bucky spoke suddenly, watching you carefully. You shook your head.
"No, not really. Shuri said it'll take time. That she recovered something, but-" you huffed, a little frustrated and body still sore. "I got this wicked headache instead." You finished. Bucky chuckled and ran his metal hand through his dark hair.
"So," You began, approaching the sparring mat, "do you think you could show me how to do that?" You ask Nat, referring to her insane fighting skills. Her eyes sparkled and she laughed softly.
"I don't know Y/n," she motioned for you to step onto the mat, "think you got what it takes?"
Her dazzling grin dropped almost as fast as her fist flew through the air. You could tell instantly that the blow would miss you entirely, but in that moment something snapped. You closed your eyes and you felt your whole body burst into flames. Images flashed through your mind and when you opened your eyes, everything moved in slow motion.
You looked to your left, watching the assassin's fist fly closer and closer. You tried to take a step back, but your body seemed to switch into auto pilot. In one smooth motion you blocked her wrist, and almost as fast jabbed her side with a harsh blow.
Natasha stumbled back, stunned. You looked down at your hands, like it was the first time you were actually seeing them. Holy shit.
“Oh God, Nat. I didn't mean to!"
Another fist flew at you, to which you ducked, dropping into a squat position you kicked your right leg out. In the same motion you twisted your body, sweeping your foot across the mat and taking Nat down as she gasped. You looked up at her, eyes wide and panting. What the-
"Fuck." Bucky finished your thought. Natasha rubbed her hip in discomfort as she reached for Bucky's hand, pulling her up.
"What the hell was that?" She challenged. You stood, stumbling back a few paces and raising your hands in surrender. What the hell had just happened?
"I- I don't know..." You stuttered, "Nat, I'm so, so sorry I-'' she waved her hand stopping you.
"I'm fine, don’t ever apologise for kicking someone's ass... Maybe you remembered something after all?" She spoke, raising a perfectly arched eyebrow sarcastically.
"My turn." Bucky rumbled. You would have frozen at the darkness in his voice, but your instincts kicked in. The soldier leaned back on his right foot, sending his left rocketing through the air and towards your face. Fire erupted through your body again, startling you awake.
Gracefully you wrapped your arm around Bucky's impending kick, absorbing the blow. His sheer strength made you stumble back a little, but you quickly slid back into the routine.
"Попался” Gotcha’, you smirked. Bucky looked at you, mouth slightly agape.
“What did you just-” He didn't have a chance to finish as you twisted your body, bringing your elbow up delivering it down onto his shoulder with a loud crack. You finished him off with a swift kick through his legs, tackling him to the floor.
"Ow," he mumbled through jagged breaths. You gawked at him in disbelief, holding his hands above his head, straddling the super soldier's waist. Bucky shifted slightly, realising the compromising position you both were in.
"Gotta hand it to ya, punk. That one actually tickled." He chuckled, as you removed your hands from his wrists. He noticed your body was still unmoving, eyes almost glassy. Carefully he tapped your thigh, knocking you back into reality. You physically shook your head, trying to center yourself.
"What happened?" You asked, still straddling Bucky. He looked at you quizzically, trying to read your face for any answers, but came up short.
"Y/n, I think we need to talk to Shuri again." He offered, picking you up by the waist and helping you off the mat.
"Yeah, I think that's probably a good idea." You said, staring wide eyed at the two former assassins.
When you entered the lab, you noticed Shuri was still there. She paced around the room, picking up sheets of paper, scanning them quickly before she looked at the hologram.
"Not possible." She breathed, still unaware of your presence. Bucky cleared his throat, alerting the engineer to the three of you.
"Holy crap!" She jolted. "Hasn't anyone ever told you not to sneak up on a girl with an endless arsonal of deadly weapons before?" Shuri clutched her heart, steadying her breath.
"No, actually." You voiced. Buck coughed trying to cover his laugh.
"Listen, babe. It's important," Nat started, entering the lab further and hoisting her petite figure onto an examining table. "Y/n just handed Bucky his tight ass without breaking a sweat, so we were just wondering... What the fuck?" She emphasized that last word with a raised brow and wide eyes. Bucky scoffed and rolled his eyes as if to say 'she hit you too.' You thought it was probably the cutest thing in the world, watching the former assassin stuff his hands into his pockets and glare at her like he was a kid.
"Y/n, how do you feel?" Shuri spoke, ignoring Natasha, which didn't bother her as she swung her legs daintily off the table.
"Um, fine I think. I'm a little tired but besides that-"
"What's happening here?" Captain America suddenly boomed, storming into the lab. You flinched, startled by his loud voice. Both Nat and Bucky look totally unfazed while Shuri only rolled her eyes. I guess Captains mood swings were a normalcy around here.
Natasha explained the situation to him while he passed the room, arms crossed and a scowl permanently glued to his face.
"How could you let this happen?" Steve finally barked, pointing an accusatory finger at Shuri. You thought if he had spoken to you like that you would melt away, but the small teen only scoffed and brushed him off.
"Hold up, Boomer. I didn't let anything happen. You brought her to me." She started, looking at you almost apologetically. "You told me to find Y/n's memories. That's what I'm doing. Unless you think you could do a better job with your zero years of education and that dinner plate you call a 'shield?'" She scoffed and went back to looking at her computer.
“You made my shield” Steve huffed under his breath.
“Uh, no. How dare you? I would never, the thing is incredibly impractical. I did make it better though.” Shuri mocked the Captain. Jeesh, the girl truly had balls, that's for sure.
"How do you feel?" Steve questioned. It took you a solid five seconds to realise he was looking at you.
"Oh, I'm fine. Yeah, I'm fine. Just really confused." You mumbled, terrified you were going to set the Super Soldier off again.
“Well I can shed some light, would that be okay with you, old man?” Shuri spoke sarcastically to Steve. He only rolled his eyes and waved his hand motioning her to carry on.
“I ran your blood through a few tests. I don't know how I didn’t see this before. I mean it's right in front of us. You failed the drug test. By like, a lot. Which I thought was weird but to each their own ya know? Anyways, I looked into it and your body is literally emanating radiation, which got me thinking. The only people I know who literally sweat steroids are-”
“She’s a Super Soldier.” Steve interrupted. You stared at him wide eyes and back to Shuri. This wasn't possible. You didn't feel super. Actually you felt pretty crappy, to say the least.
“Not exactly. At least, Y/n doesn't have the same chemical compound as you. Whatever serum she's drugged up on, it's not one I've ever seen before.” Shuri finished, holding a test tube of your blood up and analysing it. You felt like you were going to throw up. You didn't know if it was the chaos of the situation or the fun new information that past life Y/n was a steroid junky but it was enough to make you lightheaded. You stumbled back a few paces, uneasy on your feet. A strong arm wrapped itself around your waist, steading you before you could fall. You looked up at Bucky's warm smile suddenly feeling a little more at ease. Gotcha. He mouthed, and you took a deep breath. I am calm, I am okay… Just, breathe.
Ten minutes later and a bunch of arguing the room finally stilled. Shuri explained how she suspected Hydra had a weapon similar to the super-soldier serum, only more complex. The whole thing made very little sense to you.
"Why would Hydra inject me with the serum?" You argued, skeptically.
"Because, they physically couldn't make another drop. Y/n destroyed the lab with all their research. The one they gave to her was the first of its kind. It's flawed and unpredictable. Without her cooperating, recreating a serum was impossible. However, if they injected it into our friend here, they could monitor how it developed in a controlled environment." Shuri explained.
"So, you think the serum they gave me is their super secret weapon?" You asked, stunned. Shuri only nodded.
“You're the blueprint…” Bucky mumbled under his breath. You didn't know if he had meant for you to hear as no one else in the room seemed to notice he had even spoken.
"And you're sure it's in Y/n's system?" Nat asked, her eyes scanning over you.
"I mean, I guess there's only one way to know for sure. I have this…theory. I could be wrong, but I highly doubt it… Y/n, I think it's time you meet our resident teenage witch."
You followed the team into what looked they're common room. Plasma TVs hung on the walls and large floor length windows lined the room.
There sitting on the long couch was a girl. She looked to be about your age, maybe a little younger. You watched as red ribbons of electricity shot out of her hands and through the air like dangerous waves. The small tv remote hovered mid air as her red tendrils held it.
"Maximoff, front and center!" Steve announced loudly, startling the girl causing her to rocket the remote through the air. It flew past you, an inch from your face as it crumbled into the wall behind you.
"Holy shit!" You screamed, ducking as a delayed reaction and holding your hands over your head.
"Language..." Steve lectured under his breath. You mouthed a 'sorry' and stood up again.
"Didn't mean to startle you, I just have someone I'd like you to meet. He gestured towards you as her eyes followed.
"Hi." You spoke quietly. She smiled kindly and spoke apologetically, "Hi. I'm sorry, I didn't mean to throw electronics at you." She shrugged.
"Occupational hazard when you're around me. It's kinda' my thing." You chuckled at that.
"Perfect. Now that you've met... Wanda, will you please fight Y/n." Shuri spoke dryly. The girl, Wanda, looked from Shuri to you.
"Um, no?" You blurted looking at Shuri absolutely terrified. There was no way you were fighting this chick. She just fired a remote at your head with the ease and strength of a shotgun. Hell no.
"Please, you won't hurt her. It's for science." Shuri shrugged, but you weren't sold.
"Yeah, that's not happening. There's gotta be another way we can test your theory." You shook your head frantically. Wanda looked slightly intrigued, crawling across the couch and perching on the arm rest.
"What exactly would you have me do, Shuri?" She questioned, looking wickedly dangerous. The small engineer grinned, crossing her arms over each other.
"Do what we practiced." She cooed, dryly.
The team behind you took a few steps back. You hadn't realised they had deserted you until it was too late. Wanda created a small red blast of electricity in her palm. You watched as she shaped it like a snowball, carefully dropping it between her hands. You watched in awe as it sizzled and sparked between her fingers.
“I really, really don't like this idea.” You voiced, looking back at Steve and Shuri, who only watched in anticipation.
You turned back to face her as the energy surged towards your body. Before it could explode you crossed your arm over your face protecting yourself from its inevitable blow. But it never came.
Carefully you opened one eye, and then the other. More people now gathered in the common room. You looked around at their faces, landing on Bucky who, unlike his teammates looked horrified. You looked down at your hands then, and what you saw made you choke out a gasp.
Your whole body was glowing with the same red electricity Wanda has thrown at you. Your eyes darted up to her and she just stared at you in shock.
"What the hell is happening right now?" You yelled, terrified and feeling like your whole body was vibrating.
"Exactly what I thought would happen. You've absorbed Wanda's powers." Shuri spoke matter of fact, like this kind of thing happened every day. I guess with these people it did.
"Y/n, are you okay?" Bucky demanded. He felt powerless as he watched the Witch’s energy circled around you. You nodded, reassuringly. Though you didn't know if you believed it.
"Okay, what do I do. I don't want this-" you reached your arms out and with a bright flash of red, the electricity exploded from your hands, throwing Wanda off her seat and hurling her backwards. Quickly she caught herself mid air before she crashed through the window, hovering above the floor.
"Holy crap" She screamed, checking she was all in one piece "I sincerely apologise to anyone I've done that to. That really stings." She winced as she landed back on the ground.
"Shit, I didn't mean to. I'm so sorry!" You crossed the room, making sure she was okay.
Wanda laughed, "You sure do make a great first impression." She spoke sarcastically. You half smiled, not knowing how you could help.
"I guess that's kinda' my thing." You spoke, causing a dazzling smile to dance across Wanda's pink lips.
"This is so exciting! I’m going to run back to the lab and run a few more tests. Obviously you aren't able to control how you absorb your opponents powers. You're going to have to practice before we can try that again." Shuri spoke, tearing you away from your exchange with Wanda.
"I am not doing that again." You argued, horrified that you almost chucked Wanda out a plate glass window.
"Sure you are. Come now, science experiment, let's see what else you can do." You huffed and followed Shuri’s voice.
A/n: as always, feedback it welcomed!! Let me know what you think 💕💕💕
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hesther-mcg · a year ago
blue dragons, part one + chapter eight
Tumblr media
➥ pairing: eventual asami x oc 
➥ summary: the one where azula trains ursa, and gets the shock of a lifetime; or the one where a picky spirit makes himself known for the first time in ages  
➥ rating: angst i suppose
➥ warnings: mentions of past abuse 
➥ a/n: mnmxcnvxn this took forever to get out bc life is cray cray, haha srry folks but here we are!! this is quite an interesting chapter in my opinion, i really love the dynamic between ursa and azula and giving azula this opportunity means a lot. also this is an introduction to a certain blue serpentine spirit OoOoOoOoOo
also for clarification purposes, when ursa’s eyes glow, it looks like the avatar state but blue ya know
p1, chap seven  p1, chap eight  p1, chap nine  blue dragons m. list
Tumblr media
Frustration itched at every nerve in Ursa’s body, and she let out a huff. She swiped at her bangs that fell in her face as she paced back to the bench on the far side of the training yard. Her glass of watermelon juice was almost empty, and an added weight fell on her already sagging shoulders. She downed the rest of it and returned it to its spot, perhaps a little harshly, and shook her head. 
A growl escaped her mouth and she screamed as she shot a large stream of fire at nothing in particular. Unbeknownst to her, Azula lurked in the shadows behind her. She had watched the Crown Princess -only thirteen years of age- train for a short while, her determination admirable and patience thinning. The older woman could see the mistakes that were made, minor in severity and easy to fix with a little guidance. 
It had taken a long while for her to acknowledge the likeness between her and her young niece; she hadn’t wanted to and had adamantly denied it. But one day things just clicked, and she realized that Ursa looking like her, and thinking like her, and being as powerful as her wasn’t as bad as she thought. 
Because her father was long gone.  
What had happened to Zuko would never, in a million years, happen again, and what had happened to Azula surely wouldn’t either. Her older brother had proved himself to be an amazing father, and Izumi never once lived a day thinking she hadn’t made him proud. He never spoke down to her for being a girl, he never got angry because she couldn’t make up for it with bending, and he never used her for his own personal gain. 
All of which were things Azula had been subjected to in her childhood, and had ultimately feared her niece would be as well, but was relieved to see otherwise. Their father, and his legacy, was long gone; and only when she accepted that fact could she truly accept her own growth and healing. And only when she accepted those could she accept that Ursa had all of her best qualities, and some of her not so best qualities, and if they were nurtured and guided correctly she could be like no one else. 
“My, my, Princess; have you been out here all day?” Azula inquired as she emerged from the shadows and took slow steps to the aforementioned Princess, hands clasped behind her back and head held high just like always. 
“Hey, Auntie Zula,” Ursa sighed as she bowed before rising again. “Almost; I’m going over some of the advanced moves I learned, and I’ve almost mastered them all but I can’t seem to get this last one.” She shook her head. “I’m doing exactly what my Master did, and it’s still not right. I know I’m better than this.” 
“You are,” the older woman responded without missing a beat. She paced in front of her young niece. “You are better than this, this is but a mere moment in your path to mastering the element. You’re incredibly skilled, Ursa, never forget that. Before too much longer you’ll surpass your Master and they will no longer be able to do you any good. I was going to step in after that, but I can see that now is as good a time as ever.” 
“Really?” One would have to be deaf to miss the eagerness laced in her question. 
“Of course,” Azula turned sharply in place. “I know exactly what mistakes you’re making; though, it’s not your fault. I hate to tell you this, Princess, but your Master is a doofus.” The younger girl giggled from behind her hand. “Are you a dragon?” 
The question caught Ursa off guard. “Huh?” 
“Are you a dragon?” She repeated slowly. The look in her eyes was familiar, she had seen it in her father’s, grandmother’s, and great grandfather’s eyes many times before. She’d seen it in the mirror only once or twice; it was a look of true seriousness, one you could only get when, you might not know what you’re doing, but, you know that whatever it is you can do it. She tried her best to mimic it in her own matching eyes. 
“Yes. I am a dragon.” 
“That’s what I thought.” Azula stated smugly. “Only dragons can teach dragons, Ursa, and since The Great Dragon of the West is no longer with us, I only see it fitting that I take over as your Master. After all,” she raised one hand in front of her, and blue fire floated in her palm. “We do have twin flames.”  
The pair shared a smile before Azula extinguished the flame and returned her hand to its rightful place, clasped in the other behind her back. Ursa placed one hand, fingers straight and palm pointed to the side, above the other, which was closed in a fist. She bowed deeply, “thank you for teaching me, Sifu Azula.” She rose back up and turned away from her Master. She faced straight ahead, ready for anything. “What should I do first?” 
Lady Azula smiled to herself. “Your punches and kicks were good, but everything has room for improvement. You’re not putting enough power into your jump, and then not putting enough power in the flames. Let’s break it down. Take your stance.” 
Ursa positioned herself in the stance she normally chose. Her grandfather had shown it to her, and she figured out that it was the one that worked easiest with her dynamic. Her left foot forward, right foot behind her. Knees slightly bent. Arms out before her, elbows slightly bent as well. Palms open, fingers relaxed. Ready to strike. 
“Remember, firebending comes from the breath. Focus on the fire inside of you, and breathe in deeply; allow the air to reach the flames. Let your chi flow freely, the reason our fire burns blue is because it is pure. Your river is unblocked, your chi’s are synced and your power flows through you. Pure, clean, untethered fire. You have the power, be the thing that controls it.” 
Deep breaths. Unlocked chi’s. Flowing river. The Princesses eyes had long since closed, and she envisioned all the things her aunt spoke about. 
“Reposition,” Azula coaxed quieter, seeing the concentration on Ursa’s face. 
The girl’s hands formed fists, clenched tightly, and her left arm straightened itself out. Her right fist drew back and rested right beside her eyes. 
“Now, punch.” 
It was like time moved in slow motion Her eyes snapped open before narrowing into a squint. Her brows drew together and her face scrunched up. She lunged her right fist forward, stepping into the punch with her right foot; bringing as much power as she could for the opening attack. Her fists lit ablaze, encircled with blue, and she punched a rather large fireball straight ahead. Her grunts were barely audible over the loud swoosh of the flames. 
Ursa dealt one strike after the other, slowly making her way forward, sometimes ducking to avoid a blow from an imaginary opponent. “Kick,” Azula commanded loudly. 
One last punch before she kicked her right leg in a half circle, flames following closely.  They lingered in the air and Ursa spun around and shielded herself from view with more blue fire. “Now jump!” 
A moment passed, a moment where the older woman’s breath caught in her lungs. Then, before any particular emotion could truly settle in her bones, Ursa leapt out from the wall of blue flames, a look of ferocity painting her features. She landed on her feet and sprung forward not a moment later; she took one step, two steps, three...
And on her final step she jumped high in the air, and Azula’s voice cut through the noise, “Roar!” 
Flames from her feet propelled her upwards, a gust of blue, and the same shot out of her hands. Her face scrunched up as her cry echoed around the training yard, a stream of fire shooting out of her open mouth. Everything was blue, all Azula could see was blue. And all she could feel was heat. 
But what really shocked her, what really made her brows scrunch together and her jaw drop, was the Princesses eyes, once a piercing golden brown, were now completely blue. The fire around her swirled and moved until it started to take form. The form of a dragon.
Of course. Of course. It made sense, everything about her fit the role. 
“The Spirit of the Dragon…” She whispered in awe. It was a phenomenon that she never thought she would be alive to witness, and she would never tell a soul about the tears that filled her eyes as she watched her great niece display her sheer power. 
When the roar died down, and Ursa’s flames shrunk, and she dropped to the ground, her eyes fell shut and her knees gave out. She caught herself with her hands and shook her head. With a couple groans, and a few deep breaths she was back on her feet. 
“Holy shit.” A voice broke the silence. Azula turned around only to see her older brother; Zuko’s mouth hung open and his arms were limp at his side. 
“That-” the Princess cut herself off to catch her breath. “That wasn’t supposed to happen,” she chuckled lowly. Her eyes flickered from her great aunt and great grandfather. She didn’t know how to feel about what had just occurred. On one hand, she knew that her family would never think any different of her for anything, they had always told her that nothing could ever make them not love her; but on the other, insecurity and fear seemed like the obvious answer. 
What if they thought she was too powerful? What if they feared she would be the demise of the Fire Nation? She didn’t even know what took over her, what if it was something evil? What if, what if, what if- 
“Ursa,” Azula broke her train of thought. She snapped back to reality, heart in her stomach, and looked at the older woman. “Do you know what just happened?” Dread pricked at every nerve in her body and she shook her head. Her fingers began to tremble and she clenched her hands into fists to hide it. 
“That was the Spirit of the Dragon, my dear. A powerful spirit of the very first dragon; it has possessed only few people throughout history, not nearly as much as the Avatar, but hasn’t made itself known in centuries. My, Ursa,” Zuko marveled. “It chose you, how incredible.” 
“I’m not-I’m not in trouble?” She stuttered. 
“Of course not,” Azula shook her head and made her way to the girl, hands reaching out. They rested on her shoulders and she leaned down so their eyes met. “I know what you’re thinking, and you don’t have to worry. What happened to me will never happen to you, I promise you that. Do you know what the Spirit of the Dragon means exactly?” The girl shook her head before her aunt continued. 
“The Spirit of the Dragon, like Zuzu explained before, is a very powerful spirit. It has joined with numerous people over the course of time, merging with them and bestowing knowledge and strength upon them like no other. It can’t just be anybody, however,” she paused and looked over at the bench. She motioned to it with her hand and the three of them traveled to it together, and they made sure that Ursa sat in between them. “The kind of people that the Dragon Spirit chooses are powerful, people who are destined to do great things in this world. The power to stand up to people, for people, and with people is incredible. It might sound simple, but most people can’t say they passed the test. You did.” 
“We’ve known since the day you were born that you held incredible powers and an even more important destiny,” the older man took over. “But we never could have imagined this for you.” He chuckled lightly and shook his head. 
Azula took that as her cue to continue. “But we’ve never, ever, feared that you would do something wrong, or that you would be too powerful for your own good. And no matter what happens, to you or to us, and no matter what you have to go through, we’ll always be with you.” 
Ursa nodded her head and wiped her cheeks of any tears. Her eyes were red and swollen, but her hands no longer trembled and her shoulders only slightly shook as she calmed down. 
“Now,” Lady Azula stated, her tone back to the normal smooth and sharp drawl. “Are you a dragon?” 
“Yes.” Ursa looked at her and tried with everything she had to convey just how much she meant it. 
“Who are you?” The question cut through the air sharply, and a moment later the younger girl's eyes changed colors again, both glowing a bright blue. 
“I am Crown Princess Ursa of the Fire Nation, Heir to the Throne; I am the Dragon Princess and I have the power of the first dragon’s spirit!” 
Tumblr media
➥ tag list: @talas-starlight  @ewanssdjarins  @appa-gaangnam-style  @strawberisapphic  @avatarsnips​  @graciefullygracie​
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HopeTale, Chapter 26: A New Enemy
Later that day, everyone was up and ready. Marie was in a room, one on one with Darien. She was sitting on a chair, on the one side of the table, while Darien was sitting too, on the other side. He looked nervous and afraid, and yet hopeful at the same time. "You know as well as I do why we're here." Marie said, her expression serious. "Now Darien, I know that you're no longer controlled by that substance. I know that you're free from any control, other than your own. And I know for a fact that you want to get this over with. So, please. Tell me everything you can." Marie finished, her eyes glowing a bit for emphasis. Darien nodded, and took a shaky breath. "I..." His voice cracked a little, and he cleared his throat. He was sweating a little. He took another deep breath, and began to speak. "I never knew that much. But I do know enough. When I was under that substances influence, I...I remember feeling mostly empty, if I wasn't angry. But my mind was clear enough to know what I was doing, and...I couldn't stop myself. I couldn't break through." Darien was shaking. "But...our...'leader'...his name was Yami. He was the one who infected myself and Indigo. A-and...I remember Lola being brought...and...I knew immediately that she wasn't herself. She wasn't...normal. She had this horrible look in her eyes, like at any moment, she would snap and kill everyone in the room." Marie remembered with a shiver the stare that the possessed Lola would have, filled with bloodthirsty intent and genocidal tendencies. "But we put up with it. He said that we had to stay in this area, as he wanted anyone we came across dead. He put emphasis on the village near this house. And...I remember overhearing something." Darien now looked worried and serious, sweating a small bit. "He said something about...genocide? A child named Frisk. And something about RESETTING the world. He said something about trying to reactivate whatever a RESET function is."
Marie's eyes flashed with magic, alarm showing in her expression, her entire body tensing up. Then, Marie was thrown out of the room and into a vision. She saw Sans and Frisk, in a long hallway. Marie remembered the name of this place. It was the Final Corridor. Where the Judge comes and performs judgement upon the 8th fallen human. Marie felt her heart race as she stared on, watching Frisk step forward. "Heya." Sans' voice cut through the eerie silence, echoing across the hall. "You've been busy, huh?" Sans asked, his eye sockets narrowed. Marie felt a shiver rush through her body as she noticed the dust all over Frisk, coated on their knife and on their clothes. They had the usual neutral expression on their face, but Marie could see something. She looked at Frisk's narrowed eyes, and saw a murderous intent. The look of a killer. It baffled Marie that she could read their expression, but then, she remembered that she now had possession over Sans' powers. As well as many other Judges. "So, I've got a question for ya." Sans said, closing his eyes. "Do you think even the worst person can change? That everyone can be a good person, if they just try?" Marie's eyes were alight with magic now. She knew that Sans wouldn't make it out alive. She knew of Frisk's DETERMINATION. And that scared her. A single tear fell down her cheek. Sans let out a quiet chuckle, before continuing his speech. "Alright, well, here's a better question." His eye sockets went dark and empty. "Do you wanna have a bad time?" Marie felt her entire body shiver, a chill running down her spine. "'Cause, if you take another step forward..." Sans' left eye socket flashed with blue and yellow briefly, before his eye lights returned. "You are REALLY not gonna like what happens next." Frisk took a step forward. Their expression glitched for a split second, to a horribly familiar smile. Their expression returned to that neutral face. "Welp." Sans shrugged, as if to say, 'oh well'. "Sorry, old lady." With a flash of memory, Marie remembered Toriel. She remembered that she had asked Sans to promise to protect the next human, as well as everyone in the Caretaker role to the Judge had, in every AU she could remember. "This is why I never make promises." The sound of birds chirping filled the room. "It's a beautiful day outside. Birds are singing, flowers are blooming..." Sans trailed off, his eyes now closed. "On days like these, kids like you..." Sans' eyes went dark as he opened them. "Should be burning in hell." Marie felt pure terror flow through her, her entire body freezing instead of trembling. She knew what was going to happen next. Then, Frisk was slammed against the wall, bones jutting up at them. They were impaled by them all, letting out a blood-curdling cry of pain. They were pulled off of them in an instant, thrown into a barrage of bones before being blasted to nothing. Their SOUL cracked and shattered. Then, the world went black, and Frisk was again in front of Sans.
In an instant, Marie was back in the room, in front of Darien. Darien looked afraid and worried. Marie realized that her eyes were shimmering with magic, and her entire body was tensed and shaking, her fists balled up to where the skin began to turn white. She forced her body to relax, as well as her eyes to stop glowing. " know what that is, don't you?" Marie nodded, worry beginning to show. "It's something that should never happen." Marie replied, her bright blue eyes wide. "Something that will create an endless cycle, of which no one will be able to escape. And the one who controls it controls this world. The most DETERMINED being will. And no one will be able to stop or truly kill them. They'll come back." Marie was shaking. She could sense Sans near her, and he was doing the same. Everyone bound to her was. All of them knew what would eventually come about if this world was able to be RESET. Now, Darien too, was shaking. He looked afraid and worried. "Should the RESET function be restored, our world will fall. We will fall to a murderous SOUL, and I'm pretty sure even I won't be able to stop it." Marie explained, her blue eyes filled with urgency. "I knew it couldn't have been good, but holy hell..." Darien mumbled, his golden eyes shimmering with fear.
But then, Darien straightened his posture, sitting up. Marie sat up as well, looking at him directly. Darien's eyes flashed with something new. JUSTICE. His own trait was shining in his eyes. He took a deep breath. "Well...we won't let them, right?" He asked, looking into Marie's eyes. "We won't let those...I don't wanna be offensive towards Misty, Aaron, and Pebbles..." Darien briefly looked away, looking a little nervous. Marie nodded, a small smile making it's way on her features. She knew what he meant. "Damn right, we won't let them." Marie replied, her eyes glowing a small bit. Darien looked back at her, and his confident smile returned.
Marie had dismissed Darien, and now, she was with Indigo. "I suppose Darien told you already of the RESET nonsense and such?" Indigo asked, cocking their head. "Because that's what I was planning to tell you first." Marie nodded in response. She had a small smile on her face. "I thank you for that, Indigo." Indigo smiled in response, their midnight blue eyes glimmering in the light of the room. "Well, I have more info of use. As the ringleader of our little group, I was given a good amount of info, more so than Darien...or even Lola." Indigo shivered at that last part. "I never did understand why she was so bloodthirsty. But I remember watching that battle. A child that can possess others...?" Indigo trailed off, their eyes glimmering with curiosity. Marie nodded. "But that child will never hurt anyone again." "They're dead, I know." Indigo replied. "Now, is there anything else you know?" Indigo nodded, their expression shifting to a serious one. "One thing that I know for a fact is this. Yami most likely sent another person after everyone, specifically you. I don't know why, but he put severe emphasis on killing you. He wants you dead, darling. And he's not going to stop until he gets what he wants, I don't think. For you, and for us, it's victory or death. And I, along with Darien, are not going to run like cowards. We will stand with you and fight. It's the least we can do, for what you did for us." Indigo's voice was serious, filled with courage and truth. They were being serious and true, their INTEGRITY shining through. "Thank you, Indigo." Marie had a grateful smile on her face, her blue eyes shining with joy and gratitude. "Is there anything else?" "Not anything I can recall in particular, darling." Indigo answered. "I wish there was, as this information isn't much at all." "It's enough. More than enough. Thank you, Indigo."
Suddenly, the room began to shake. Marie and Indigo both shot up, both of their eyes glowing with magic. Marie's eyes were flashing back and forth with yellow and blue. A spear formed in her hand. The wall was beginning to crack, specifically the wall adjacent from outside. "GUYS! GET IN HERE, NOW!" Marie screamed, taking a battle stance. Indigo did as well, magic beginning to pulse around their hands. A whip formed in their hand. Right away, the rest of the squad poured into the room, all ready for battle. "WHERE'S THE DANGER?!" Aaron shouted, fire flaming in his hands. Marie pointed at the wall, which was beginning to break. Then, with a loud crash, someone broke a hole in the wall. It was a girl, around 14 years old. She had long, dark green hair that was mixed with a sickly dark aqua, her eyes showing off both colors, one for each. She wore a sleeveless and strapless black and gray dress, starting gray and ending with black at the skirt, with a symbol on her chest, outlined in white. It was the Delta Rune, but it was different. The circle in the center was a broken heart, and the triangles were also broken hearts, both upside down and right side up. The wings looked demonic. She wore black tights, black flats, and black lipstick on her lips. Her skin was extremely pale. She was holding a glaive in her hand, standing strong. She had an empty expression of her face, of which shifted to a look of malice. Her dark blue eyes and green eyes glimmered with hatred. "So this is what I am going to face. Pathetic."
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Frank Castle x Reader
Warnings- Violence against others, blood, gore? SMUT
Word count-1464
 While Kicking ass and almost getting her ass kicked, the reader is surprised by the one and only punisher.
 For the awesome @official-and-unstable-satan fic-off. I was challenged by the lovely @sweater-daddiesdumbdork
Tumblr media
Leaning into the building you prepped yourself, psyching yourself up. Inside, men were loading weapons out of cargo pods. Assholes killed your brother, made everyone think you were crazy. Well, you’ll show them what crazy is. The first few shots were easy and well thought out, but after everything became sporadic. They out gunned you and had the advantage. Pinned down you throw your knife into the man sneaking behind crates. “Fuck!” Roaring sounded and you steal a look. A man dressed in black, white skull proudly on his chest. The fucking punisher? A man snuck up on him and you put a few into him. Your eyes met his and he made his way to you.
 “Listen girl, I need that one kept alive. I don’t give a fuck what else you do.” Nodding you return fire and watched the man work. The way he moved with his weapons was mesmerizing. Blood was caked onto your face and you sigh brushing your hair away. “Mother fuc- ““Watch it girl,” Frank growled and stalked over to you. “I thought I told you to leave this asshole alive. The fuck you thinkin?” He slapped the slumped over body and threw it to the floor. “Not my fault, he just did.” You shrug and holster your weapon.
 Strong hands grab and pull you to the wall, pinning you flat. “I needed him! You know what you fuckin did? Huh?!” Inches away from your face you breathed him in. Lead, blood, sweat and cologne filled your nostrils. “Look man I’m sorry. I was tryin to get info, he told me he sold to some shitty bike gang but that’s all I could get.” He paced grabbing at his face, steaming. “Let’s go, now.” Calloused fingers dug into your skin and drug you to a blacked-out van. “Sit tight!” He peeled out and flames burst from the building. “Holy Fuck!”
 A smirk flew across Frank’s face. The light started rising over the hills and he made his way back to base camp as he called it. He warned you about some weird tech man in a bathrobe. Told you to ignore him. Well, that was easy at first, but the smell and bulging eyes made it difficult. “Fuck off Lieberman.” You smiled and asked where you could clean up. “Come on, I’ll patch you up.” He helped with your shirt first, slowly checking over your skin. Blood made it hard to see anything, so he wiped you down. Your ribs were bruised but nothing substantial. You push off your pants and hiss at the pain.
“Fuck girl, bend over.” You raise your eyebrow at him and roll your eyes. A small cut on your thigh needed stitching. You bit your belt as he worked the stitches in. You bite harder to stifle a moan. The top of his hand rested near your core. So close. It had been so long that even the smell of him made you wet. “There, can shower off now.”
 The hot water eased your muscles and aches. Facing away from the shower head you sigh and peak over at Frank. Bruised and bloody. The way his muscles rippled and flinched made you bite your lip. You worked the soap into a lather and kept washing. “What you lookin at huh?” The scratchy deep voice did things to you. Made you want to do things too. “Checkin your ass out.” You smiled and turned away hiding your blush. Warm hands made their way around you and slid down your stomach. “Felt how fuckin hot you were.” Breath hot against your ear. His fingers found your folds and dipped deep. Soaked and sticky, he sucked in a breath. “Hold still now.”
Broad shoulders found their way between your legs and you looked down. Hot tongue pressed in and found your bud. “Fuck!” You jerk at the sudden sensation and hard hands pin you. A leg over his shoulder and you were exposed to him. His thick fingers pumped into you and your moans echoed off the concrete. “Come for me darlin, need to taste ya.” Violently shaking, you let out a cry, grabbing onto his shoulders for support. Red nail marks dug into him. “Good girl,” he moaned.
 He grabbed a towel for you and himself and quickly dried himself off. You followed being careful to not rip your stitches. “Come on!” A hard smack shook your ass and you bit your lip. Bending you over the sink, he spit into his hand and worked it around himself. “Fuck me already!” You smile and look back. Black eyes and a crooked smile. “Hold on brat.” Pushing slowly, his tip slipped into you and you knew you were in some trouble. “Fuck you’re tight. Open up baby.” Shoving harder, he stretches you tight. The burn feeling so fucking good. “Harder,” you whimper. His hands grab at your thighs and he pushes himself completely, bottoming out.
Obscene moans and screaming left your lips. His bloody hand covered your mouth and in the mirror you stared into him. Pumping into you skin against skin slapped and echoed. “Tell me where to come brat.” He let go of your mouth just to take hold of your throat. Air barely passing your lips. “Tell me where you want it!” So close to coming, your brain was not connecting. “Me, please. Fuckin come in me!” With a brutal thrust, he came coating your insides with himself. Your walls milked his cock, coming down from your high.
 He let you catch your breath, kissing your shoulders and rubbing small circles into your skin. Pulling out he wiped himself off and helped you clean up. He did have to re-stitch your thigh but the high you were on blocked out the pain. “That was amazing,’ you sigh into him. “Come on, need to get some food in ya before we pass out.” He leads the way to the kitchen where the creep in the robe was hangin out. “So, you two had some fun.” Frank stopped and glared the man down.
“That’s my cue, sorry man.” Tuna and pasta were Frank’s staples. You found some veggies and added it in, the exhaustion of the day setting in. Leaning into frank you see a book on his pillow. “didn’t know jarheads could read.” He laughed and leaned into you. “Yeah yeah, I eat crayons too.” You smile missing the way you used to be. “What branch were you in?” Shaking your head you laugh, “Why I’m a devil dog you grunt.” He irked an eyebrow and thought to himself for a moment.
“What’s going on in there?” He sighed and moved his hands together, twitching his thumbs. “Why were you there tonight? Why aren’t you on base somewhere or havin babies?” “Well, firstly My brother was the reason why I was there tonight. The guy you wanted alive put a hit on him. He got into drugs and got into trouble. Had to find my own kind of justice you know?”
He nodded and kept quiet. “And I’m not on base somewhere because I broke my back during deployment. Had to move a fuckin server down into a stupid boat, over 200 lbs. It slipped and herniated my disk. So now running is fucking impossible.” He laughed and pulled you closer to him. “Well princess, I want you to crash here for a while. Just to be safe.” You rolled your eyes and pushed into him. “Well how gentlemanly of you.” The two of you broke into a fit of laughter before crashing onto the cot together. “Ah fuck, this is nice.” You roll onto your side and place your head on his chest falling asleep to his heartbeat.
 The morning passed quickly, and you woke uneasy. A small weight set, punching bag and chains lay off to the side. You wrap up your fists and brace yourself. Swift fists strike and move the bag. Shifting you change your stance and strike with your knee. “You’re favoriting your left.” Frank positioned himself behind the bag and nodded for you to continue. You threw a right hook, then a left. Threw another right. Frank swung the bag towards you and you barely dodged. “You know, if you want, I could use a hand around here.”
You paused a moment and the bag swung into you. “Oh yeah? Need a maid or some shit?” His laugh echoed all around you. “Tell you what, I’ll stay if we get some better food.” Leaning off to the side he licked his lips and nodded. “Yeah alright.” Walking over to him you hand him the hand wraps and pull at his sweatshirt. “Now, come fuck me in the shower again.” He shook his head and followed close behind.
Tumblr media
@sweater-daddiesdumbdork @omega-nicole @official-and-unstable-satan @theliveshipparagon 
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that-bajan-kid · a year ago
Boku No Hero Academia Chapter 267 SPOILERS
(Horikoshi I SWEAR TO GOD)
Tumblr media
Bow before your Queen, peasants. Ignoring her badass looking arm for a sec, is that right leg a prosthetic? It isn't drawn the same as the left one. It looks more robotic too. Horikoshi would be the type of guy to have her loose her leg too, huh?
Tumblr media
Why is Tokoyami remembering this now of all times? Is this another death flag for Hawks? After what happened last chapter most definitely yes.
Fataxi lol. He's embraced his true calling. And he's got all the kids now! Now that Mudman and Chargebolt had a taste of blood they want more. I'm glad the kids are heading back to the rear tho.
Fat explains to the kids what Midnight said to them before the raid started, that they only needed the kids for a little bit and then it's off to the rear with them, and they meant that shit. Now it's the adults turn to wreak havoc on the villains and as Fat says this we can see Dabi's fire exploding out of the top floor of the mansion. This catches Tokoyami's attention and he looks back just in time to see not really see him but the line of fire that follows him as he flies at moc 2 around the mansion Hawks fly out and away from it. Tokoyami better not do what I think he's gonna do.
Tumblr media
In case you were, for whatever reason, in denial about Twice dying.
Holy shit Hawks' wings are practically non existent at this point. Like, all that's left is the outline of their bones and that's it. He looks terrible and is still very much on fire. Dabi's fire is getting hotter. Is that because he's pissed?
Dabi congratulates Hawks on his heroic deed of committing a murder and stomp down on Hawks so he won't go anywhere not like he can, he got no wings.
Tumblr media
There he is! I was starting to get worried since Horikoshi hasn't shown us anything gory for a while.
Anyway. Dabi's got this unhinged looking grin on his face and Hawks is like "Yo what the fuck? I just killed your friend and you don't look to broken up about it." Dabi responds by saying his tear ducts are burnt so he's physically incapable of crying and that Twice was the key to achieving what he wanted so of course he's sad, heartbroken even. What a great friend you had Twice.
Hawks says he researched everyone in the league and the only people who came up empty was one crusty boi and one burnt boi.
We get a flashback from Hawks to when the commission first brought him in and they tell him he's part of a special program to make super powerful heroes and that training is gonna be incredibly difficult. They ask if he can handle it and Hawks says yeah not like he has much choice.
Tumblr media
OH MY GOD HE WANTED TO SHINE LIKE ENDEAVOUR CAUSE HE SAVED HIM. Ya did a little more than beat up bad guys but that's not what we're talking about here. Is it finally gonna happen? Are we FINALLY gonna have a Dabi reveal???
Tumblr media
HORIKOSHI YOU BITCH! I fucking knew he was gonna pull some shit like this! God fucking damnit! You know, I'm more upset with myself for hoping. Shit. If that speech bubble isn't blacked out in the viz translations I'll be very happy.
I don't really understand what Dabi is saying here. I think it might be how it's worded.
Dabi goes on to say Hawks shouldn't have focused on the league, that one man's philosophy can change the world and that he is the "ultimate manifestation of Stain's will".
Dabi says goodbye to Hawks and that doesn't give a shit about Hawks' life and death and we see the start of his fire on Hawks' face only to immediately cut to Giganto. He's staring at the radio in his hands, probably waiting on Shigaraki to wake the fuck up and give him something to do. I swear if Hawks ends up dying too I-
We cut again back to Jakku where Her royal Highness, Queen of ignoring personal health and the long term effects it has on your body, Miruko who is not having a fun time with the Noumu.
The Noumu are adapting to her moves and, as a result, are causing them to be ineffective. Despite this, Miruko said fuck it and is now charging towards where Ujiko and Shiggy are.
The Noumu are not pleased with this latest development and the one with the weird spine hat thing attacks her, successfully injuring one of her ears and grazing her side. Another Noumu manages to rip off a fist full of her hair too. Horikoshi is entering dangerous waters now.
Miruko is thinking "If I'm dying today I'm taking Shigaraki and the doctor with me" while bleeding like she has an unlimited amount of it in her body. I would very much like it if Miruko didn't die too. We can't have two potential character deaths in one chapter. I refuse it.
Miruko is in the room with Ujiko and Shigaraki and it looks like she might actually win.
Tumblr media
NOPE NEVER MIND! Horikoshi's just killing off everyone this arc, huh? No one is safe from him.
At least the Noumu went for the legs this time (;_;).
OMG Ujiko's face is, once again, hilarious. He completely shattered his goggles with his tears.
Tumblr media
(Edit: just realised that you can see Enji's flames behind the Noumu)
Back to the mansion. You alright there Dabi? Was the idea of killing Hawks to much for you?
Tumblr media
Oh shit. WHAT THE FUCK IS HE DOING HERE FATGUM YOU HAD ONE JOB. How did that conversation go? "Fat Gum Hawks is in danger and as his protege I must fulfil my shonan manga destiny and save him" "Aight fam just don't die, yeah? Aizawa would kill me" ?????? How could you let this happen. Dark Shadow is weak to light and what does fire make a lot of? OH YEAH LIGHT! Dabi's gonna roast him alive without a second thought. Or crush his spirit with the news of what Hawks did. Shit.
Tumblr media
AND HERE COMES MOTHERFUCKING ENDEAVOUR. TOOK YOU LONG ENOUGH. FUCK. I feel like breaking that glass tank is the last thing she should do but go off girl.
This chapter was emotionally exhausting. Like shit Horikoshi give me a break. I knew he was gonna pull some bullshit cop out with the Dabi reveal. I'm gonna do some investigating with that panel just in case Hori tries to hide something. This man really is like a succubus. Or I guess he would be an incubus.
I think Shiggy is gonna wake up because Miruko broke the tank. Giganto is gonna start throwing punches. TOKOYAMI BETTER HAS STAY ALIVE. And yeah. That's it.
Until next time.
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houseisekai · a year ago
Based off the House Isekai AU
House Isekai Shadowbringers AU Masterlist Here
FE3H House Isekai AU - Shadowbringers Preview
For whom weeps the storm
Her tears on our skin
The days of our years gone,
Our souls soaked in sin
(Byleth) “Everyone, look out!”
The demonic beasts tackled Rhea to the wall, shaking the ground beneath them violently.
“How many years have come and gone since that day?”
(Kazuma) “Shit there’s so many of them!”
(Sara) “Byleth, grab this and cover us!”
Sara threw her pistol at Byleth and he caught it as he spun around and shot incoming demonic beasts running towards them.
(Akira) “There’s no end to them!”
“How many years have I waited for this moment,-”
These memories ache with the weight of tomorrow
(Rean) “Valimar’s running low on Mana, if we’re leaving, it has to be now!”
(Yu) “There, we got the last civilians up! Everyone, let’s g-”
(Minato) “SHIT, INCOMING!”
“For the house that stood alone against the storm?”  
A demonic beast was flung towards them and slid across the ground, with a loud snapping noise coming out from beneath them.
“For the ones they called...-”
Who fights?
Who flies?
Who falls?
Byleth looked back and saw his house falling into the canyon as the the civilians they were saving was thrown into the air and landed into safety.
The last of his family were plummeting towards the earth.
(Byleth) “NO!”
Running towards the cliff, he reached his hand out in a vain attempt to catch any of them.
He caught his breath as he saw everyone disappear into the black void...
“-The Warriors of the Goddess.”
Five Years Later...
One brings shadow, one brings light
Two-toned echoes tumbling through time
Threescore wasted, ten cast aside
Four-fold knowing, no end in sight
Byleth walked alone sluggishly through the ruins of Garreg Mach, clutching his head. 
The memories of the past flashed to him rapidly, causing himself pain the more he remembered.
The memories of what happened during the fire when Jeralt escaped with him.
The memories of his past.
The memories of Zanado.
The memories of Sothis.
One brings shadow, one brings light
One dark future no one survives
On their shadows, away we fly
Byleth clutched the Sword of the Creator in his hands tightly. His eyes glazed over to his holster, seeing Sara’s pistol. 
He should have been the one to fall in the hole during that fight, not them...
The road that we walk
Is lost in the flood
Five years had passed since the Battle of Garreg Mach, and today was the day they all would have had their reunion.
But then the war broke out between the Adrestian Empire and...-
Here proud angels bathe in
Their wages of blood
As Byleth looked up, he noticed a beam of light descending from the skies with a figure floating in front of him.
At first it resembled something not unlike Sothis, an angelic being with wings and signature green hair. But as he looked closer, its face was covered by a mask.
At this, the world's end, do we cast off tomorrow
And it started unsheathing a swor-
Byleth barely had any time to react as a beam of light shot out from the angel’s sword, blocking the attack but being sent flying into the air.
He managed to catch himself by stabbing the sword into the ground, and pulled it out, running towards the angel with both hands in sword, ready to swing.
Byleth roared into the air as he was racing towards the angel as it readied its weapon.
Enbarr, Capital of the Adrestian Empire...
Akira used his grapple hook and flew onto the platform where Edelgard and Hubert stood.
(Akira) “It’s bad. Everytime we kill one, ten more take their place.”
One brings shadow, one brings light
To this riddle all souls are tied 
Edelgard nodded in response as she looked into the city herself, seeing the beams of light descend onto the flame-enveloped streets.
(Hubert) “Lady Edelgard, what are our orders?”
Brief our moments, brazen and bright
Forged in fury, tempered in ice
(Edelgard) “The way I see it, we only have two options. We die fighting, or we die running.”
She looked down at her relic weapon and turned around to face the two.
Hindmost devils, early to rise
Sing come twilight, sleep when they die
(Hubert) “Then I see no reason to deny this fate, Lady Edelgard...”
(Edelgard) “Indeed. We have never been ones to run away.”
Heaven's banquet leavened with lies
Sating honor, envy, and pride
(Akira) “So, your resolve is to die here then?”
(Edelgard) “If it comes to that, yes.”
One brings shadow, one brings light
(Edelgard) “Though, I figured right now I take something out of your book...”
Run from the light
Byleth slammed the Sword of the Creator into the angel’s sword, which resulted in his shattering upon impact.
Authors of our fates
Orchestrate our fall from grace
The parry sent Byleth flying back once again, but as he landed, he put his hand out, firing several dark spells at the angel.
The angel dodged the spells gracefully and flew full speed at Byleth.
Poorest players on the stage
Our defiance drives us straight to the edge
The sword crashed into the boulder behind him, sending debris shooting out in all directions.
Byleth reached for his spare weapons and had an axe perfectly block the angel’s next swing.
A reflection in the glass
Recollections of our past
The axe broke upon another swing, forcing Byleth to hop over the angel equipping gauntlets.
Byleth screamed with pure rage as he dropped to the ground, the angel turning around to meet his next blow, his fist and its sword colliding.
Swift as darkness, cold as ash
Far beyond this dream of paradise lost
Edelgard saw the Black Eagles and Phantom Thieves retreating to the capital building as holy light disintegrated parts of the city in front of them.
(Edelgard) “Just like all of you taught us-”
Her clothing became enveloped in blue flames, changing to a complete different form as a mask formed on her face, her grin growing into a smile.
(Edelgard) “We shall defy our fate.”
Depths of Garreg Mach...
(Yuri) “Hurry it up!”
Yuri rushed up the flight of stairs as he held a hooded woman’s hands.
Constance, Balthus, Hapi, and Megumi ran up with them as they reached the exit.
Ainz and the rest of Nazarick was heard rushing up the stairs behind them fighting off unknown enemies.
(Ainz) “Keep going, our MP is starting to run low!”
(Albedo) “NOTHING WILL GET TO YOU MY LOVE...O-Oh, and I guess the others too-”
Yuri cracked a smile but that was short lived.
When they reached the exit, Yuri was blocked by a shovel raising up to his chest.
(Kurumi) “Get her behind some cover!”
Megumi and Yuki guided the hooded woman behind pillars as Yuuri and Miki readied their weapons.
A four legged monster burst forth from the walls with Darkness laughing maniacally, Aqua, Megumin, and Kazuma running to the group.
Yuri and his group winced in pain, knowing who the monster used to be. 
(Yuuri) “Zip it, Satou!”
(Miki) “Not the time, guys!”
(Yuri) “Your move!”
Darkness tanked another hit from the monster that would have cleaved her in half, but as it rose its hand, Constance and Hapi fired dark magic spells at it, making it stagger back.
One brings shadow, one brings light
One more chapter we've yet to write
Balthus grabbed a piece of debris and swung it at the beast, smashing it over the head.
The combination of their spells made it roar in pain as it crashed through more walls.
Want for nothing, nothing denied
Wand'ring ended, futures aligned
(Kazuma) “Tch, different place, but always the same shit!”
The hooded woman looked in horror as she saw what was after her, which prompted Yuki to look at her teacher.
(Yuki) “Megunee?”
Megumi nodded as Yuki ran out to help with the fight, pulling out a bow.
(Megumi) “Don’t worry. We won’t let anything happen to you, or us! Do you understand, Sitri?”
One brings shadow, one brings light
One brings shadow, one brings light
Megumi took off the hood, and the green haired woman nodded.
(Sitri) “Y-Yes, I understand!”
You are the light
Outside Derdriu...
Sara stared blankly into the field thinking to herself, but was interrupted when she felt a hand on her shoulder.
(Rean) “Instructor?”
(Sara) “S-Sorry. Guess I was spacing out.”
She looked past Rean and saw Doomguy motioning to S.E.E.S, Class VII and the Blue Lions towards Derdriu.
The Leicester Alliance was also being attacked by the angels showing up all over Fodlan.
(Minako) “Do you think they’re alright?”
(Minato) “Heh, it’ll take a lot more than just some monsters to kill Yu or Claude’s team.”
(Dimitri) “I’m inclined to agree, if anything they’re giving the monsters a run for their money.”
(Dedue) “Then it is better safe than sorry.”
(Rean) “Right, come on everyone!”
Everyone nodded and started to run towards the city.
Sara caught up with the others and Sharon stopped her.
(Sharon) “Lady Sara, a word if I can.”
(Sara) “Make it quick.”
(Sharon) “We’ll meet with Byleth again, so do not lose heart.”
Sara’s eyes widened before nodding.
(Sara) “...Right.”
As they ran toward the city, she instinctively reached for her pistol but found the holster empty.
(Sara) “Hah, right. That’s something you owe me...”
Doomguy was the first to approach the city and saw the Angels descending, and thats when they took notice of him, reloading his shotgun and activating his wristblade.
Rean ran in behind him and raised his hand to the skies.
(Rean) “Heed my call, VALIMAR, THE ASHEN KNIGHT!”
“If I had known the chaos that would have ensued with our meeting...I would have done everything I could to prevent it.”
Sothis reached her hand out to the portal, it showing what was happening to Byleth.
She closed her eyes as she turned away.
Byleth was breathing heavily as the Angel slowly hovered towards him, all his options been exhausted.
There was one last thing he could do...
As the angel’s moved right above him, Byleth spun quickly around and aimed the pistol straight for its head, pulling the trigger.
The gun recoiled back as smoke came out the barrel, but the impact was next to nothing as the angel didn’t even flinch, and put its boot on Byleth, almost crushing him and exposing his head.
“If my legacy must be unwritten to save everyone...Let it be unwritten...”
As the angel’s sword thrusted to Byleth, he noticed that his broken hilt of the Sword of the Creator started to emit a black aura.
And when the sword struck, a black fog exploded around the angel.
Where Byleth was, an intense light burst out, and thats when it looked to its arm and saw it was disintegrating.
We fall
“You all must become what we set out to destroy...’
We fall
When the angel looked back to Byleth’s position, the Sword of the Creator was raised upwards, another explosion of dark energy blasting the angel back onto its body.
The Crest of Flames appeared in front of Byleth’s face, glowing bright red as Byleth’s sword exploded energy once again, completely enveloping the angel and making it melt away into darkness.
We fall
Byleth looked at his body, knowing the transformation could never be undone.
We fall
Unto the end 
His crest was now on his hand, still glowing red. He noticed a fragment of his broken axe and saw his reflection.
Byleth’s green hair was replaced with a bright white and his clothes now clad in black.  
Looking up at Garreg Mach Monastery, he held his sword tightly while sheathing Sara’s pistol onto his belt.
Byleth walked alone towards the Monastery, sword in hand.
WE (Our world)
WON’T END (We won’t end)
“Become, The Warriors of Darkness.”
Tumblr media
I am shadow, I am the light...
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heartwoodventures · a year ago
If You Go Down to the Woods Today Pt. 2
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Part 1 here!
In the utter silence of the forest glen Zorah's whisper seemed unnaturally loud. Several of their number craned their necks up to peer high above them. Nazyl slowly released his blade from its holster. Bird, demon, or whatever it was, he was ready for it. Aislinn slid a hand up to the grip of her gun and tensely waited, all the while stepping back to the relative shelter of the trees.
The group didn’t have to wait long. The sound of beating wings grew loud, and louder -- the closer it got, the easier it was to pick out a sort of ungainly, awkward gait to the flapping as though the creature was struggling -- the silence around them was abruptly shattered as something massive crashed through the canopy, and came in straight for the forest floor!
The three on the front-lines managed to scramble out of the way *just* in time; though no one could escape the smell. The overpowering, sweetly rancid scent of rot rolled through the clearing as the creature righted itself. Nazyl kicked away from the creature, putting distance between him and it to get a good look at it while Zorah managed to have the grace to step back when the creature fell into their view, her hands at her sides forming the aetheric discs she relied on in combat. Though both were able to miss being hit, that putrid smell was unbearable, causing the miqo’te to silently gag and cover her nose and mouth with the back of her hand.
"Seven Hells." Aislinn coughed as both she and Vanriri scrambled backward, but there was no reprieve from the choking smell. It was almost a certainty that scent was going to find its way into the hyur’s nightmares.
A sharply beaked head lowered to screech indignantly at the party that had dodged it -- or perhaps it was lamenting its own clumsiness. Empty sockets stare balefully at the gathered adventurers as it reared back, unfurling a massive pair of leathery wings.
Aiswyda answered the creature’s eyeless gaze with a mixed look of disgust, shock, and confusion. “Is this the guy? Ugh, this chicken is far too large.” she took a moment to shake out her fists and then, “Care-to-enlighten-us-on-what-this-oversized-bird-is?” she managed to get those words out with lightning speed -- to the point where it could be misinterpreted as a very strange and drawn out battle cry. Without a moment to lose, she dashed ahead and aimed a punch right at the creature’s beak.
With its head extended from its screech, Aiswyda’s fist connected easily with the creature, crunching bone and softened cartilage. It squawked in protest and reared its eyeless head back, shaking it as though to recover from the impact.
"I've not fought maneh o' these....livin' or dead." Nazyl wrinkled his nose at the scent. Undead beast. Great. Necromancy at work. While it wasn't the worst thing he'd ever smelled, it wasn't exactly pleasant either. 
N'yami turned her head to the side and a small crack was heard from her neck, her carbuncle made a noise that sounded as if to argue with the Seeker, clearly she was about to do something stupid. "Someone has to make sure it doesn't fly away." 
Bolting towards the weird bird-like creature, N'yami jumped up to grab it around the neck then held on for dear life. She was attempting to grapple the massive pteranodon's neck, but as she leapt up to grab it, its partially rotted flesh sloughed away under her grasp, sending her tumbling back to the ground nearby. With a very nasty prize. She slopped down to the ground with some very unpleasant.....flesh on her. 
"Well....I've had worse on me I suppose." She shook her hands to try and rid herself of the gore.
Nazyl wretched at N’yami’s failed attempt to keep the ptero held down, "Try its wings first, it's a scalekin. Or was." He took his holy blade in both hands and leapt up at the unfurled wings, cutting down at the arm in an attempt to sever, or at least break it. What was this creature even doing way out here?
His blade sliced straight through the undead pteranodon's joint like butter, the severed edges turning to ash where the sword had struck. The limb itself collapsed to the forest floor nearly on top of N'yami as the undead abomination reeled backwards, dragging its bloated carcass with rather surprising agility. Nevertheless, one faulty flap of its remaining wing reveals it was almost certainly grounded.
N'yami watched as the wing almost fell on top of her. "That would've been unpleasant." She said while rolling and pushing herself up into a standing position again. She was met with a whack to the back of her head from her carbuncle, trying to get her friend’s head back in the game. "I know I know."
Aiswyda gagged as flesh and wing rained down right in front of her. She was just, so upset. The smell. The everything about this.
While the others got in their attacks, Aislinn spared a moment to pull a bandana from her hip pouch and hastily wrapped it over the lower half of her face. The smell of death and decay was making her stomach churn and she had no desire to spill her dinner all over the forest floor. Too embarrassing. That done, now it was down to business. She yanked the handgonne from the holster at her back and leveled it at the creature. With a head full of calculations, she aimed for one of the empty eye sockets and fired off a round, her back heel digging into the dirt from the kickback.
The pteranodon swung its long neck about to screech with seeming indignation at its missing limb just as Aislinn fired off her shot; though it doesn't catch the eye socket directly as she'd intended, it does glance across its already charred and softened beak where Aiswyda had struck it earlier, taking out a chunk of what charred flesh remained and shattering bone.
Meanwhile, Vanriri remained almost plastered back against the tree; she had the sense to pull the quarterstaff from her back, but her hands were shaking where she held it. Swallowing, she tightened her grip on the staff and charged recklessly into the melee, swinging her staff at the other wing's vulnerable joint. It was a good hit. Her staff cracked against the elbow with considerable force, but the impact was mitigated somewhat by the layers of leathery, undead flesh that squelched uncomfortably beneath the blow.
With sudden and surprising agility, missing limb or no, the pteranodon swung its bulbous bulk around, jabbing its sharply beaked head down at the two lalafell while its lengthy tail snaked out to trip up the miqo’tes.
With a dancer’s agility, Zorah flexed her fingers, the aetheric discs sparking as the aether rose in the air around her.  It trailed along her feet and hands as she stepped back, out of the pteranodon’s reach, turning and moving with graceful, deliberate steps that lead into her hurling both discs toward the creature. The brief glow of aether lights up the area as they criss-crossed into the creature both into him from front and back, returning to her hands.
For her own part, N’yami wasn't quite as quick enough to dodge the tail that came slamming down, with an 'oof' she was sent back to the ground where she was before. "This bastard." With a groan she pushed herself back up to dust her coat off of any fleshy slime.
The pteranodon's maw closed on Vanriri like a bird plucking up a particularly juicy morsel, its teeth slicing easily through her leather armour as it proceeded to fling her back and into a nearby tree. She hit the trunk and slid down, unconscious or stunned, her staff falling from her hands halfway between her and the hulking undead creature. Losing no time, it swung its head around to Nazyl to do much the same -- though thankfully his armour largely prevented it from getting a good grip on him, and instead it settled for the satisfying crunch.
No one had bargained on the thing being so fast with so much of its flesh missing, but they should have, considering how fast some skeletons can move. Aiswyda watched in alarm as Vanriri soared through the air on impact while Aislinn could only curse under her breath as the lalafell hit the tree with an unnerving ‘thunk’. Nazyl moved quickly to stand between Vanriri and the beast, settling into a protective stance. He didn't need to watch someone die today. There was little more they could do in the moment. It did, however, give them a sense of urgency. The faster they could down the beast, the better.
Aiswyda continued to focus her punches at the creature’s head. One, because she thought it would do more damage, and two, because she didn’t really want to have her fist sink into the bird’s mushy torso. Her flaming fists succeeded in collapsing part of the pteranodon's skull, its motion began to seem a little more sluggish as the fire charred its flesh and blackened bone.
Back on her feet now, N’yami turned to her summon. "Whackara, ya wanna go for a little ride?" 
The carbuncle flicked her tails and already knew what was coming, with an excited squeak the summon prepared herself as N'yami held Whack like a ball in her hand. "And....go!" And with that the carbuncle went flying right through the pteranodon's body. The carbuncle made a whistling noise as she flew and like a boomerang came back to the Seeker to smack into her face....while covered in rotting flesh. 
"I hate you." the miqo’te muttered. 
As the carbuncle returned to N'yami there didn't really seem to be any effect at first, save that the pteranodon shifted slightly and began winding up for another tail swipe at the group. Then its midsection began to expand slightly, a flicker of aetherial light glowing from the slices Zorah had carved in the bulk of its middle earlier. It screeched once more -- a sound that is abruptly cut off as an impact ripples through the clearing from inside the beast -- and promptly splattered everything and everyone within a 10 fulm radius with gore as the aetherial bomb Whackara had left behind exploded.
Nazyl prepared himself for the inevitable attack, digging his boots into the dirt and raising his shield....only to me showered in a mess of rotting flesh and viscera. Gross. He exhaled slowly, staring at the ground some in quiet contemplation, before beginning to wipe the gore from his person, "Twelve, could ye a have killed it without...explodin' it?"
As the creature wavered, Aislinn saw her chance and rushed to the fallen lalafell to make a hurried assessment of her condition. Just as she had knelt at Vanriri’s side, however, the undead exploded and Aislinn simply hung her head in resignation as she was splattered in gore and rotten flesh. Yet another coat, ruined.
"To be fair that wasn't my plan." The carbuncle moved to the top of N’yami's head, each little foot squished through the flesh stuck to her. "I blame, Whackara, that was all her."
Aiswyda had been knocked over by the meaty impact, hidden under piles of miscellaneous viscera. From where she lay silent prayers leaked from her lips.
"Uh huh, blame the construct." Nazyl dryly replied. 
Vanriri was roused by the sound of the explosion; and as Aislinn approached it was clear she had some wounds that would need tending, but she seemed to be shaking off the worst of her trip. At least until she was suddenly and unceremoniously splattered with viscera which left her gaping in speechlessness. 
Surprisingly unfazed by the shower of gore, the highlander’s hands began to move as though writing in the air just above the lalafell's torso. As the arcane equation takes shape, Aislinn can feel the gemstone bracelets under her gloves heat as they release their aether, dulling the pain and redirecting blood from the injury site. It was a patch, at best. All she could do. 
She took in Vanriri's speechless face. "Surprisingly not the first time we've left a job like this." she says by way of explanation. 
“WHACKARAAAaa!” Aiswyda called out. A fist rose from the meat pile, followed by the rest of the Sea Wolf. She was covered head to toe in things that thankfully remain undescribed.
Vanriri relaxed just slightly as Aislinn's healing aether stemmed the worst of the bleeding, though she couldn’t immediately tell what was her blood, and what was the pteranodon's.
"Hey lass, ye alright? Ye took quite a hit there." Nazyl asked as he turned to Vanriri with a grimace, still wiping himself down.
"Mhm!" she squeaked immediately. She did not look alright.
"Right. Yer gettin' medical attention eithah way, in case that thing had some nasteh disease. I'll likeleh need a look too..."
Her expression said everything she didn’t as she looked at Nazyl, horrified at the idea he had just put in her head.
"It doesn't feel great either." N’yami pulled on the front of her coat as if to try and keep the flesh off her skin that had slid down with Whackara. "Someone throw me in the river."
“Nymeia's Blood, that's a good idea.” Aislinn murmured. 
Aiswyda lifted a hand and observed it. The limb is covered completely, stained red. The Roegadyn let out a sigh so long that it seemed to physically deflate her. “A river, right. We’re all going to need a good hosing off. Again!” She shook her head. “Again!”
Vanriri scrambled unsteadily to her feet, doing her best to ...not look traumatized. She looked traumatized. This was her first rodeo, guys.
Nazyl smirked in amusement, "Ye new ta this? Careful, wait too long n' ye might become a zombeh yerself!" He laughed, shaking his head, "I jest. Though, ye could get some nasteh infections if we don't get those wounds cleaned."
Vanriri did not look mollified by Nazyl humour. ".....Oh dear."
Aislinn nodded in agreement with Nazyl. She gave Vanriri a gentle look. "Could be worse. Let's get you back to the Company house."
"I'm gonna go home and shower, someone let Ma know injured are headin' to the clinic." N’yami said, still shaking out her coat. 
"Y-you have a qualified chirurgeon?" the petite lalafell asked plaintively.
Aislinn did her best not to show her amusement at the question. "With a group like ours? Indeed we do."
"Welcome ta me world." Nazyl snorted. "I deal with this daileh."
“And you never get used to it, unless your name starts with Naz and ends with ‘yl.’” Aiswyda gave Vanriri a tired, but amused look.
"I was...perhaps unprepared for this eventuality." Vanriri said, trying not to sound as anxious as she felt.
Nazyl smiled, more warmly than before, "I don't think anehone expected a bloodeh scalekin zombeh out here in the woods. I'm curious as ta why it was here in the first place..." He glanced back at the fleshless corpse, "Mayhaps we can research that latah. Fer now though, we've succeeded, n' the Shroud can sleep easiah."
Aislinn nodded and gestured to Nazyl. "As he said." she looked around at the others. "I'm going to head back and let G'lewra know you're coming."
Vanriri cleared her throat, nodding. "I--indeed. I will report the, ...success of the hunt to the Wailers on our way through Buscarrons that they might clean ...this... up before someone stumbles..." She trailed off, spying bits and pieces of what was perhaps the pteranodon's last meal in amongst a nearby pile of gore. "..."
She quickly averted her gaze up to Aislinn. "Thank you."
Aislinn gave a single nod in reply.
“Shh. Don’t think about it too much.” Aiswyda groaned, and began to make her way out of the clearing. Presumably back to Heartwood. Their job was done. The beast slain. More gil for the Company coffers. The Shroud a measure safer for those who lived within its boundaries. And, most important of all, every one of them had managed to walk away at the end of the fight. There wasn’t any better proof of success than that.
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darkjanet2 · 11 months ago
Drusilla's Soul Chapter 11 Part 2
Davis walked over to get a little drink but hundreds of green slimy Digimon called Numemon swarmed out. TK and Kari turned around when they heard screaming and they saw Davis on the ground in horror. TK and Kari burst out laughing.
“Ha ha, very funny.” said Davis, sarcastically as he got up and continued following them.
Davis asked, “So were those things Digimon?”
Kari nodded, “Yep, there are tons of other ones, a lot cuter than those.”
“And a lot scarier ones, too.” added TK.
“Do they all come out of vending machines?” Davis asked.
There were two creatures that appeared to see their partners and they were happy to see them. The winged-ears creature had blue eyes, orange fur and cream underbelly fur, and stubby legs with black claws. And the white feline had purple tuft tips of her ears and tail, her long tail striped purple and white without a Holy Ring. She must have been attacked by Unimon.
“TK!” Patamon cried, flew into TK’s arms and TK was ecstatic.
“Patamon! Boy, am I glad to see you!” said TK, it had been so long that he and Patamon were partners ever since he was 8. Davis freaked out a bit.
And there was a young man who appeared in the forest. He had big, brown bushy hair attached to his blue headband and black circular goggles, and wearing a green high school uniform.
“Tai! I told those guys you'd be alright!” said Davis.
Tai looked surprised, “Davis! What're you doing here!?”
“ Kari!” Gatomon jumped into Kari's arm and the both of them hugged, causing Kari to laugh with joy.
“Gatomon!” Kari gasped when she saw Gatomon wasn't wearing her favourite accessory. “Your tail ring! Tell me what happened.”
Horn Blaster!
Unimon blasted a ball of energy that engulfed Gatomon. She screamed in pain and slammed into a tree. Gatomon dropped to the ground in pain from the attack. Gatomon opened her eyes to see Unimon preparing to stomp her out of existence. Despite her exhaustion and the damage she had taken, the small cat Digimon managed to roll away but Unimon stomped on her tail ring and was stuck to the ground. Gatomon noticed her tail ring is stuck but her survival instincts kick in when Unimon attacked again.
Horn Blaster!
She went on the prowl on all fours.
*End Flashback*
“A few weeks ago, this bossy human appeared and began making Digimon into his slaves. He said "I'm the Digimon Emperor!" I heard we're all gonna have to punch a time clock, too.” said Gatomon.
“Another human? You mean that someone else comes here besides us? There goes the neighbourhood.” said TK.
Gatomon nodded, “Yeah, and he's got this strange new Dark Digivice that makes us unable to Digivolve.”
Davis took his Digivice out of his pocket and showed it to Gatomon. “Like this one?”
Gatomon pointed a paw at his Digivice. “That's it! The Dark Digivice looked exactly like that. You work for the Digimon Emperor”!
“What!? I don't work for anybody, besides mine's not dark! I just got this thing when it came out of the computer!” Davis was outraged by the accusation.
‘So that's what came out of the egg when I picked it up, 3 new Digivices but why did Davis get one? What's his purpose in the Digital World and more importantly…who got the other 2 Digivices?’ Tai thought.
“The Dark Digivice is draining out power and making us all weak as newborn kittens.
Everything makes sense now as to why Agumon couldn't Digivolve before.” said Gatomon
“That's why you couldn't Digivolve!” said Tai, putting his hands on his waist.
Agumon crossed his arms furiously, “Yeah, if I could Digivolve , he wouldn't stand a chance!”
“What's worse, is now that I've lost my Tail Ring my powers have been cut in half, so I'm just about as useful as Rookie Digimon.” Gatomon turned to Agumon and Patamon. “No offense, you guys.”
“None taken.” said Agumon & Patamon in unison.
A Dark ring which the Digimon Emperor was using to eavesdrop on the Digi-destined flies was undetected.
“The Digimon Emperor uses these powerful Dark Rings to control the Digimon.” said Gatomon.
“Yeah, and once the ring captures you, you're a slave for life.” said Patamon.
“Those collars do everything but get rid of fleas.” said Gatomon.
Kari looked pretty pissed. “Digimon Emperor! I'm gonna slap a Dark Ring on him!”
The Digi-destined were now standing in front of the Digi-egg with Crest of Courage on it.
“Looks like a deflated beach ball, no wonder it's got a spike through it.”
“Yeah, plus it's heavier than my mom's meatloaf.” said Tai.
TK walked over and attempted to lift it up with effort but it wouldn’t move.
“It won't budge!” said TK.
“Move aside, this is a woman's job.” Kari tried to lift it with effort too but failed.
“Too bad we don't have a woman here to help.” said TK
“Guys I pump iron all the time, let me do it!” said Davis.
Davis walked over to the egg and bent down. He grabbed on the egg and expected it to be hard to pick up but it required so little effort he picked it up and landed on his back, shocking Tai and the others.
“ What did I tell ya? Light as a feather, you guys need to work out a little more.” said Davis.
“There's a problem.” said Tai.
Suddenly, an orange pillar of light burst out from the hold that was beneath the egg. A black shape was formed inside the light. It's revealed to be a small blue dragon like creature with a v-shaped mark in between his eyes. He was curled into a fetal position and opened his eyes. He exited the light in excitement.
He hops around a gobsmacked Davis. “Free at last! Free at last! You moved the Digi-egg. He stops. My name's Veemon, but you can just call me Veemon.”
“Hi, I'm Davis.” said Davis, who was in awestruck.
Digimon Analyser (Agumon): I've heard of Veemon. Supposedly he's a fun loving, adventure seeking little Digimon that brings you good luck but I thought he was just a legend.
“Nope, I'm real alright and I've been waiting a very long time to meet ya Davis.” said Veemon.
“Uh…I think you got the wrong guy.” said Davis.
“Nope, you're the one alright because you're the only one who was able to move the Digi-egg of Courage.” said Veemon.
‘That's right, even though I had the Crest of Courage I couldn't move the Digi-egg but Davis could…’ Tai thought.
Tai was taken out of his thoughts when the entire cave began to rumble and rock fell from the ceiling.
The Monochromon the Digimon Emperor sent bashes through the ceiling and roars.
“It's a monster!” screamed Davis.
“No! That's a Digimon!” cried Kari.
“Monochromon!” TK cried.
Monochromon went through the big hole he made and slid down the wall.
Digimon Analyser (TK): Monochromon! His shell is harder than diamonds! His attack, a volcanic strike sends out millions of fireballs.
Boom Bubble!
Pepper Breath!
Agumon and Patamon blast out their respective attacks but they barely faze Monochromon.
Lightning Paw!
Gatomon leapt with her fist clenched and slammed it against his face but as expected, she was pretty much useless without her tail ring. Monochromon wasn’t hurt at all and smacked the diminutive champion level Digimon with his tail. Gatomon screamed in pain and slams against the wall.
Kari ran to her partner. “Gatomon! Gatomon, are you okay?!
Gatomon opened her eyes a bit.
“I'm sorry, Kari, but without my Tail Ring, I'm useless.” said Gatomon.
Volcanic Strike!
A ball of fire flares up within his mouth, prompting everyone to make a run for it.
“Come on, let's go!” TK yelled.
“Davis!” Tai cried.
Davis yelped and followed after them right before Monochromon blasted out a powerful ball of fire. They all screamed as they ran along the cave.d
“Davis, hurry up and open the Digi-egg!” cried Veemon.
“I don't know what you're talking about!” cried Davis.
Davis and Veemon were far behind and Monochromon began to catch up with them. They finally manage to exit the cave and stop by a small Cliffside. Davis turned and couldn't see Monochromon anymore.
“That was close.” said Davis, sighed in relief.
“Davis! Get down here!” cried Tai.
Streams of flames blast out from the cave so Veemon tackled Davis off the cliff in time. Kari on the other hand fell on the ground with Gatomon.
“Davis, tell me what hurts?!” cried Veemon.
“Everything but my ear lobes.” Davis groaned in pain.
“You control the Digi-egg of Courage, you've got to use your courage to open it up.”
Tai ran over to Davis.
“Davis, get up! It's not safe!” said Tai.
Davis lifted himself up and his goggles were badly damaged.
“I can Digivolve if you open the egg but you've got to have the courage to do it!” said Veemon.
Tai nodded, “It's worth a try!”
Everyone but Kari and Gatomon ran over.
Gatomon looked at Kari on the ground holding her ankle in pain.
Gatomon cried, “Kari!”
“I can't move my ankle!” cried Kari.
Monochromon leapt off the cliff and everyone watched in shock as he proceeded to rip Kari to pieces. She gasped in horror.
“Davis!” cried Veemon.
“Have Courage!” cried Tai.
Davis was shocked as his crush was about to get killed. “Kari's in trouble!”
Monochromon got closer and Davis clenched the egg. He stood up and took off his broken goggles. “You want courage! I'll show you courage!”
Veemon cried, “Davis! The magic words are Digi-Armour Energize!”
Davis cried out, “DIGI-ARMOUR ENERGIZE!” He held out the Digi-egg of Courage and it released an orange glow.
Veemon Armour Digivolve to…!
Veemon fused with the Digi-egg and was engulfed by rings of fire that take shape as images of Agumon and all of his digivolutions appear. Out of the fire, claws extend from his fists and then a spike from his helmet.
Flamedramon, the Fire of Courage!
Monochromon ran to Kari but the new fighter rammed into his side and caused him to fall over. Flamedramon lands on the ground.
Veemon has Digivolved into a remarkable Digimon slightly taller than Tai. All parts of his body were flaming pieces of armour, the Crest of Courage is emblazoned on his back, his hand and feet were tipped with sharp claws and a sharp blade sticks out from his head.
The Digi-destined are in complete awe.
Tai couldn’t believe his eyes.
“Armor...Digivolve!” said Tai.
“It was the Digi-egg!” said TK.
“Wow! What's that!?” Davis was amazed that Veemon had changed.
Digimon Analyser (Flamedramon): I'm Flamedramon! As Veemon I use the Digi-egg of Courage to Armour Digivolve. My Fire Rocket attack will charbroil the enemy like a well done steak.
Monochromon charged in but Flamedramon gets into a battle stance. Monochromon rammed into the Fire of Courage who merely held him down and stopped him in place. With incredible strength he lifted Monochromon up and flipped him backwards. A loud crash could be heard throughout the forest and the smoke cleared to reveal Monochromon was on the ground a bit weakened. He opened his eyes and roared. Flamedramon gave a battle cry and went on the offensive.
Volcanic Strike!
He blasted out 3 fireballs but Flamedramon ploughed through and cut them to pieces as if they were paper due to being a fire attribute Digimon. Monochromon growls and charges in again. He lands a hit and sends Flamedramon flying in the air. The others gasped but there was no need because Flamedramon recovers and prepares his special attack.
He engulfed himself in a fiery aura and blasted off like a rocket, intent on destroying the dark ring strapped around Monochromon.
“Barbecue that Dark Ring, Flamedramon!” shouted Gatomon.
Flamedramon made a direct hit on the Dark Ring. He flipped up and the Dark Ring was broken off. Flamedramon landed on the ground and was engulfed in a yellow glow. An orange light was released and sent into Davis's Digivice. The light also went into his pocket. Davis checked it and took it out. It's a D-terminal.
“What's this?” He opened it up and the egg was now in his D-terminal.
Flamedramon had de-digivolved to Veemon and Kari had gently rubbed Monochromon who was on the ground in exhaustion.
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trashcatsnark · a year ago
FC5 GFH: Deputy Dahlia Hale
I was tagged by the awesome @shallow-gravy, to do this uhhhhhh a while ago, but this took a lot of time. I will be tagging @enchantedbythebidders and @kizucute and @madsismad if any of you want to, and anyone who wants to do it please do!
Tumblr media
TW: A dark humor jokey mention of suicide, cause my baby is a depressed dumbass
Selected as GFH:
               “Coming your way, mon cher.”
               “You got it.”
               “Won’t let you down.”
           Seeing Threat:
                               “Peggies, up ahead.”
                               “Careful, enemy spotted.”
                               “Watch out, cultists.”
               Stealth/being told to go stealth:
                               “Good thinkin’”
                               “Stay low.”
                               “We got this.”
               In Combat with Peggies:
                               “Fuck oFF!”
                               “Is that all you got?”
                               “C’mon, you can do better than that.”
               Pushing an Enemy Down:
                               “Stay down.”
                               “Eat shit.”  
               Killing an Enemy:
                               “Where’s your god, now?”
                               “I told you not to fuck with me.”
                               “Lights out, motherfucker!”
               Post Combat:
                               “Just what I needed, more blood on my hands.”
                               “Well, that was exciting.”
                               “I need a smoke...”
               When she’s hurt/dying:
                               “Fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck.”
                               “I’m fine, I’m fine, I’m okay,shit,fuck.”
                               “No pressure, but I’m kinda dying here!”
Thanking Player:
               “Fuck, I owe you one.”
               “Seriously, thanks.”
               “Anything I can do to thank ya?”
Reviving Player:
               “No dying on me, mon cher.”
               “Stay strong, we can do this.”
               “C’mon, we can’t do this without you.”
Player Points Weapon at her;
               “You got a fuckin’ problem with me?”
               “Put that down, before I make you.”
               “If you’re looking for a fight, I’ll give you one.”
Player Attacks her:
               “We’re on the same side, asswipe.”
               “Fine, you know what, let’s go, asshole!”
               “You really think you can take me?”
Has to Kill Player:
               “I thought we were friends…”
               “I didn’t want to do this.”
               “Everyone looks at me weird when I call them mon cher, but I swear it’s just a thing we say in Louisiana, at least where I’m from.”
               “People keep talking about when things are back to normal. But, that’s not how it works. Trauma lingers, trust me, none of us are gonna be the same after this.”
               “Quite frankly, I don’t give a damn if the world is ending. If the world dies, I’ll die with it. Better than living in some freak’s bunker.”
               “Guns are cool and all, but nothing beats a proper fist fight, knife fights are a close second though.”
               “I wanna smoke so bad, but everywhere smell like gasoline and I don’t wanna go up in flames, at least not right now.”
 Holland Valley:
               “John’s real fucked in the head, but when he loses his cool is when he starts making mistakes, he’ll get sloppy and we can take the valley back.”
               “Something about John never sat right with me, he’s so fake, feels more like a mannequin than a real person. Pissing him off is pretty fun though.”
               “John’s capture parties are annoying, but they aren’t as well trained as Jacob’s hunters, I managed to dodge the fuckers for days. Actually? Are they still after me?”
 Henbane River:
               “God I fucking hate this place, the way it fucks with your head is just ugh. Damn that Church Mouse.”
               “Like, how does this shit even make sense? I know Bliss fucks up your head, but how can they control what we see? Like, not everyone on an LSD trip sees the same thing. Is it the power of suggestion or, I mean Faith can’t be an actual siren, can she?”
               “You know, I use to not get why everyone was so fixated on how pretty Faith was, too delicate for my taste I guess. But now that I know she can kick ass, not gonna lie, little more into it. Uh, don’t tell anyone I said that though, please.”
 Whitetail Mountains:
               “You think Jacob quotes that alpha omega wolf bullshit? I bet he does, shit ain’t even true, scientist who said it took it back.”
               “Jakey Boy’s gonna pay for what he’s doing to Pratt and I’m gonna make damn sure of it.”
               “Big Red out here is obsessed with creating soldiers, the ultimate tools, he uses people like it’s nothing. If you’re not careful, he’ll get in your head and use you like a puppet.”  
 Joseph’s Compound:
               “Where it all began, blegh, I wish I could have kicked Joe’s ass right then.”
               “You know I came here for church once, just to check it out, I puked behind the church. Hope that fucker stepped in it.”
               “Joseph preaches this bullshit about welcoming misfits, outcasts, pariahs of society. Every peggie is someone who didn’t feel like they belonged anywhere else, they think he saved them. But, you wanna know the truth? Joseph Seed preyed on them. He saw they were vulnerable and he swooped in like a fucking vulture to eat ‘em alive. And they thank him for it.”
 Dutch’s Island:
               “Dutch is ornery old man, makes me wonder why he ain’t out here fighting with us.”
               “Bunker man Dutch knows everything about everyone, also got camera all around, it’d be creepy if he wasn’t such a cool guy.”
 Falls End:
               “Mary May is a grade-A badass, don’t let the baby face fool ya.”
               “Hudson, Pratt, and I use to hang out at The Spread Eagle after work, almost every day, it’s weird going there without them now.”
               “Jerome is officially the only holy man I trust, everyone else can get fucked.”
 Wolfs Den:
               “Eli is incredible, seriously, I don’t know what we’d do without him. He’s just, so fuckin’ awesome, I-uh, that sounds weirdly gushy doesn’t it. It’s not like, I just- He’s a cool dude, shut up!”
               “Every time Eli compliments me, I could scream, like in a good way.”
               “You think we could hook up the beacons to blast Wheaty’s music? Be better than those weird animal moans for sure.”
 Hope County Jail:
               “May sound weird coming from a deputy, but, uh, I kinda figured I’d be in jail someday.”
               “Whitehorse has always been like the station’s dad, having him here means a lot.”
               “Virgil means well, but I’m pretty sure he’s on Tracey’s last nerve.”
  With Boomer;
               *in cutesy voice* “Who’s the cutest boy in the whole wide world, that’s right, you are!~”
               “Any peggies hurt Boomer and they’re gonna get my boot up their ass.”
               “Sorry, bud, I ain’t got any treats on me.”
 With Peaches:
               “You wanna see me carry a cougar?”
               “Ahhh, she’s so fuckin’ cute, she could claw my face off and I’d thank her.”
               *Meows back at Peaches*
 With Cheeseburger:
               “Awwwwwwwww, you’re so cute, so beautiful, what a precious boy!~”
               “Do you think I could pick him up?”
               “What’s new, Paddington?” *Cheeseburger growsl* “Oh, I’m sorry bro, that’s rough.”
 When paired with Sharky:
               “He is the fire boy; he is the one ignites. That was a dumb joke, please ignore me.”
               “Set me on fire and we’re gonna have problems, Boshaw.”
               “Wait, you had a job, Sharky?! Uh, that sounded mean, didn’t it? Sorry…”
 When paired with Adelaide: (anytime Addie says anything sexual) “Please stop, please stop, please stop, please stop.”
               “Any hole? What the hell does that mea-I don’t wanna know, do I?”
               “I still don’t get what you saw in Hurk Sr, but I’m damn glad you got out of that mess.”
 When paired with Hurk Jr.:
               “So, not a stealth mission, got ya.”
               “I’m gonna kill you, Hurk, seriously.”
               “Why do you smell like beer? Are you drinking right now? Seriously!?”
 When paired with Jess:                “Arrows are cool and all, but being able to beat the fuck out of a peggie is way more satisfying, you can fight me on that, mon cher.”
               “Hey, Jess, you think any of these stores have working slushie machines?”
               “You got any idea what you’re gonna do after all this? Pff, me neither.”
 When paired with Grace:
               “I never got to meet your dad, but he sounds like an incredible man.”
               “You know a lot about PTSD, right? We’re all gonna be fucked up after this, aren’t we?”
               “Could I theoretically pay you to blow my brains out? Yeah, yeah, not funny, I know.”
 When paired with Nick:
               “Don’t do anything dumb, man. Kim and that baby need you.”
               “One more pun and I’m climbing in that plane to kick your ass.”
               “You and Kim are adorable, seriously.”
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rizlowwritessortof · a year ago
Part 3: The Hit and Then Run Like Your Ass Is On Fire
Here comes the angsty part...
Pairing: Dean x Toby Matheson (female OC) 
Word Count: 1789
Warnings: Nothing but pining and angst
Final part coming next week!
Tumblr media
God, what a mess.
The whole place reeked of death, used-up bodies of prior kills tossed like so many empty bottles against the wall, left to rot. The need to survive the battle tended to outweigh the urge to gag, since the three of them had their hands full. It was a nasty bunch, nastier than most, all big, ugly and reckless.
Toby let out a scream of frustration as she kicked at the bastard she was currently fighting and buried her machete in his cranium. She yanked it free, then swung again, taking his head off and glaring in the direction of the corpse. “How many more of you can there possibly be?” She scanned the room, spotting Sam and Dean in their own scuffles, then whirled to face a raging female behind her.
When the noise and chaos finally quieted, she moved to the middle of the room, panting for air as she stepped over pieces and parts of bodies. “Did we get them all? Finally?”
Dean swiped a forearm over his face, wiping away sweat and blood as he nodded. “I think so. I fucking hope so. Shit, Sam, I thought there were only five or six?”
“Yeah, well – they must have been having a party. Or they recruited,” he responded breathlessly. “I don’t know. I’ll go see if we have some gas in the trunk. This whole place needs to go up in flames.”
Dean nodded, and Sam headed for the front door of the barn. “Stinks so bad in here. Toby, are you good?”
She blew out a breath. “Yeah. You?” She glanced up to see his answering nod, and her eyes widened. “Dean, DOWN!” she screamed, and he dropped, rolling to the side and then leaping to his feet, the majority of a vamp’s severed head landing with a sickening squelch nearby.
“Holy fuck. Thanks.” He watched as she let her machete drop from her shaking hand, her eyes on the hatchet still in the clutches of the dead vampire. She looked up at Dean, her face almost white, and then turned to rush out the back door. “Shit. Toby...”
He followed her outside, letting his eyes adjust to the dark, searching. He rounded the corner of the building to find her, arms and forehead braced against the barn wall. “Toby, it’s okay. It’s over. We’re okay.”
Her voice was muffled, panic still coming through loud and clear. “That was too close, Dean. I almost missed it. If I wouldn’t have looked up right then, he would’ve buried that axe…”
He stepped up closer, taking her shoulder and turning her to face him. “Hey. You just saved my ass in there. Stop beating yourself up. We should have checked the building again, that’s on all of us.”
She looked up at him, clearly shaken. “I just almost watched you die! That’s not okay, Dean, I’m not okay!” She suddenly stepped forward, shoving at his shoulders, knocking him back a step as he stared back in surprise. “You cannot fucking die in front of me, you fucker!” she almost sobbed, drawing her fist back to swing at him, but this time he was prepared, grabbing her wrist and shoving her back against the building.
“Toby, stop!” he shouted, staring into her eyes for a few endless seconds before crashing his lips into hers, emotion and desire winning over his resistance. She whimpered and struggled against him, trying to yank her wrist free until he finally let go, and her arms clamped around his neck, pulling him closer. He stopped for one moment, looking down at her before swearing softly and kissing her again, his body crushing hers between him and the rough wood siding of the barn.
Sam’s voice calling their names brought things to an abrupt halt, and Dean stepped back, dragging his thumb roughly over his lips. “Yeah, we’re out here!” He looked at the ground as he spoke to her, his voice subdued. “If you want to wait in the car, I’ll help Sam get the fire going. Then we can get the hell out of here.”
Toby pulled herself away from the barn, giving him one last glance as she turned and walked towards the Impala. She climbed into the back seat and wrapped her arms around herself as a few of the tears she was valiantly fighting spilled over. She swiped a hand over her face and laid her head back against the seat, eyes closed and teeth clenched. By the time Sam and Dean came to the car, she had forced an emotionless mask in place and sat staring out the window. She responded to Sam’s query with an “I’m fine,” pointedly avoiding meeting Dean’s eyes in the rear view mirror.
It was almost morning when they pulled into the bunker garage. Dean opened his door, then paused before getting out. “I say we deserve a break. Let’s get cleaned up, get some rest and head to KC for the weekend. Whatcha think?” After the non-enthusiastic mumbled replies, he piped up again. “Okay, fine. We’re doin’ it. We all need some fun around here. We leave this afternoon, let’s say 4-4:30. No arguments.”
Toby smiled at Sam as he clinked their beers together, joining him in taking a few swallows of the cold brew. It was a decent hotel, Dean had booked them each their own room, and after some Kansas City barbecue, they were downing a few in the hotel bar.  
She turned her head at an exaggerated giggle, her stomach churning at the sight of the willowy brunette hanging on Dean’s arm and his every word. She rolled her eyes at another ridiculous laugh and turned to face Sam again, nodding towards the pool table. “Play me a game? Then I’m gonna call it a night. I’m feeling a little ill.”
Sam smiled sympathetically. “You know it doesn’t mean anything. I know that doesn’t help, but...”
“Nope, you’re right. It doesn’t. Come on, or are you scared to play me?” They headed for the billiards area and grabbed the unoccupied table. She took another swig of her beer and then shot to break, stiffening as a clumsy, warm body bumped into her from behind.
“Need any help there, honey?” The words were slurred, and she sent an elbow back, not too violently, but enough to make the guy back off a little.
“Pretty sure I’ve got it, Sparky. You can find somebody else to play with.”
“Wow. Just try’na be frenly, don’t hafta be such a bitch.” She rolled her eyes at the sound of Dean’s voice, turning to see him taking a fistful of the drunk’s shirt in his hand.
“I think you owe this lady an apology,” he growled, and Toby glared at him.
“Dean, if I did need any help with this douchebag, which I don’t - Sam’s right here. Why don’t you go back to your play date. I don’t need you to rescue me.”
“See, told ya she’s a bitch,” the idiot mushed out, and Dean shoved him, hard.
“Get the fuck outta here before I kick your ass.” Drunk guy sneered and turned, stumbling his way out.
Toby stared at Dean, her eyes spitting fire, and he drew breath to speak, but Sam’s quiet voice stopped him. “Dean, just let it go.” He looked at Sam, then at the floor, chewing and swallowing his words as he turned and walked away.
“Thanks,” she said, and Sam nodded. “That was about to get ugly.”
“Yeah, I could tell.” He drained the last of his beer. “You want another? It’s still your shot.”
“Yeah, thanks.” She looked up to see Dean back at the bar, the bimbo firmly attached to him again, and turned back to the table, firing off a frustrated shot aimed at nothing in particular, ending in a scratch. She thanked Sam for the beer and downed half of it as he took his turn at the table.
They finished their game and Toby said goodnight, heading to the elevator as Sam went to the bar for one last drink. Her head was pounding, and not from the drinks. All she wanted was bed and unconsciousness.
She stepped off the elevator and cringed as she cursed her timing. Dean and the woman from the bar were in front of his room, and she was practically molesting him as he tried to disentangle himself enough to unlock the door. She swore softly, pulling her key card from her pocket and hoping like hell that she could get inside her room before she was seen. No such luck, though. Dean looked up as she opened her door, startled to see her at first, but then the look in his eyes made her heart lurch. He looked miserable, guilty and ashamed, and it took her several seconds to pull her gaze away and enter her room, slamming the door behind her. She stood there, numb, finally blowing out a breath and lifting a shaking hand to brush back her hair, vaguely surprised to find her face wet with tears.
Things were quiet when they got back to the bunker, wordlessly moving around each other and speaking only when necessary. Toby spent most of her time in her room, avoiding Dean as much as humanly possible. Just until she could get her feelings under control, she told herself, get back to normal. Because how she was feeling now couldn’t be a permanent thing. She couldn’t take it.
A couple of nights later, she was heading for the kitchen for a late-night snack when she heard Sam’s voice raise and stopped in her tracks. “Why don’t you just talk to her, Dean? Just admit it, you’re scared. Scared shitless.”
“You’re out of line, Sammy. Don’t fucking try to tell me how I feel.” She heard angry footsteps, then a door slamming, and she retreated back to her room.
She was as bad as Dean, just as afraid. They were going to have to talk about it, someday. But not today. She crawled back into bed, wrapped herself in her blankets and squeezed her eyes shut, determined to stop the thoughts that ran rampant every night. She finally fell asleep, losing the battle once again, and dreamed of his green eyes staring back at her, his lips on hers, his hands gripping her arms, his body pressed close.  And she woke with a start, aching for him, wondering if he had even come home, or if he was hiding from himself again, in bed with some anonymous stranger. 
God, what a mess.
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tropicalfreckles · a year ago
Friends Again CH 2
Summary:   Lydia wasn’t sure what to expect, but prepared herself best she could as that familiar figure filled her bedroom with smoke and fire.
WARNINGS: They talk about trauma briefly and Lydia impaling Beej
Lydia raised her voiced the third time, feeling the air around her becoming heavy. Books and knickknacks flew off her bookshelf, clothes flew out of her dresser. A gust of wind flowed through the room out of thin air whipping her hair around. The lights in her room flickered as a fog crept from under her dresser and bed. It swirled with a vibrant green glow that crackled from the floorboards, becoming more intense as the force of the wind joined it. An eerie cackle bounced off the walls of her room. Lydia was glad she raised the volume on her music earlier. Just as a thunderous boom rattled the windowpane of her bedroom, the fog exploded in a light show and floating before her eyes was the demon.
   Just as she remembered him. Though right now he was floating above her floor looking a little bewildered, yet elated with a malevolent grin plastered across his face. He scoped the room out as his body vibrated a little. Jagged, yellow teeth. His dirty disheveled striped suit. That electric, messy green hair bleeding into the brown roots that met his forehead. The moss still growing on the side of his face. Those sunken in eyes, wild as ever. He hadn’t even noticed that she was in the room with him.
    “Hooollllyyyy shiit! Someone actually summoned me! I’m out of that piles of paperwork, bureaucratic hellhole! FREEDOM! FREEE-EEEEDDOOOMMM!” That raspy voice rang out as his fingers rung through that grimy, soft hair of his. He was so ecstatic that he jumped right into being destructive when his eyes darted to the curtains. With a swipe of his hand it lit ablaze and he turned to do more mischief next. Lydia panicked, jumping off her bed as she grabbed at her pillow and threw it at his head to get his attention.
        “Put that fire out, you dumbass!” She hissed pointing the water gun at him. The joy that was once displayed across the demon’s features now was replaced with a more complex one after he looked down. Shock hit him fast. The flames that began to engulf her curtains died out. He let gravity plant his ass right on the floor. Lydia followed his body with her gun never letting up her stance.
    “You? You.. You.” His voice cracked at first. Then became more gravelly and hoarse on the last ‘you’ he managed to croak out. Realization hit like a trucker ramming into fresh roadkill when he noticed which house he was in. Staring up at the girl he once called his friend, his hands balled up into fists as he furrowed his brow. Streaks of blue, purple, and red shot out from his hair a vibrant mix of colors betraying him with it’s display of his emotions. He inhaled deeply as he went to stand up. Lydia stomped her foot down, causing him to flinch for a moment. Beetlejuice stayed where he was instead.
        “No! St.. stay there.” She frowned. His gaze traveled down to stare at the water gun. A guttural laugh ripped from him as he gave her a snort, shaking his head.
    “What’re you gonna do? Get my suit wet? Please. A little bit of water ain’t gonna hurt me. Even if I rather stay dry.” He mumbled, crossing his arms as he eyed her up and down. Clicking her tongue, Lydia rolled her shoulders.
        “It’s holy water! Look, I..” A flash of guilt hit her causing her expression to soften for a moment. “…I just want to talk.” She awkwardly shuffled her feet around a little. Beetlejuice’s shoulders slumped  as he rolled his eyes, giving a heavy sigh.
    “…alright, I’ll give ya ten minutes, kid. Then I’m outta here; now that I’m summoned I rather be any place than here.” He mumbled. Lydia took a step closer to him. In response he shuffled away from her. She opted to sit down then where she was, so she could look at him at eye level. He was curious why she would even want him near her after everything that happened. He’d never admit it but he did feel the tiniest, smallest bit of guilt for what he did to her. Alright he did actually feel guilty. Even though he felt she was a little selfish which he usually valued in a person. I mean really who chooses a mother over their own friend? Most people, probably. However he still had a  smidgen of a grudge about it. She was still fun to hang out with though and treated him nice in her own way. Nicer than anyone ever had been to him, in fact, as pathetic as that was. She even gave him a hug. The colors in his hair slowly faded back to his usual green though small streaks of blue were still branched out from his roots. Lydia seemed to be struggling with starting with whatever she had to say to him. BJ knitted his brows feeling a little anxious himself, though opted to be patient once in his life and let her speak when ready. Still had the gun pointed at him; that was fair with their track record.
        “So.. I just.” She groaned, rubbing a hand over her face. This was hard. This was harder than she thought it would be.
        “..I. I wanted to start off by saying, that. I’m not sorry about doing what I did. I couldn’t let you hurt everyone. I was mad that you almost made me get rid of Barbara. I was hurt that you betrayed me, I told you I just wanted to get my mom back. We could’ve gone back to scaring people after I figured it out. I was hurting, I missed her. I know.. it’s a sore subject for you. I get why parents are something that make you upset after meeting Juno.  But, my mom was nice.. I love her.” Her arm begins to tremble a little.
         "I am sorry for being the reason you had to see Juno again. I’m sorry she tried getting rid of you for good. You’re not a screw up, or a fool.. I just.“ She teared up a little, feeling everything she has been holding back for months begin to creep up on her.
He could just use this opportunity to split. It was uncomfortable dealing with an emotional teen. Plus she was talking about his mother the person he hated the most in any existence. A nagging feeling was keeping him there however. Something about watching this girl. That enjoyed scaring almost as much as he did, crying. It hurt a little for some reason. He rubbed the bridge of his nose when he heard her crying pick up, becoming harder. She hiccuped a little and it was annoying.
    "Okay, okay; no water works kid, please. Also it’s kinda hard to hear you over that music.” He snapped his fingers and the music turned down just a little. He sighed, glad that her attention came back to him when he spoke.
    “Take your time if you gotta. I suck at reading people outside of scaring them. It looks like this had been bothering you for a while. Don’t rush through it.” He mumbled not really knowing how to comfort her. “This the reason you summoned me?” He asked while leaning back as his hands moved behind him to hold his weight. Lydia nodded, wiping some tears away.
    “It’s. It’s more complicated than that… ever since you left. I’ve been having nightmares..” Lydia’s voice gave out near the end of her sentence.
    Nightmares usually were fun so he didn’t understand what the problem was. Although he knew breathers some times had nightmares about things that were really shitty. Maybe it was that. He motioned for her to continue.
    “I don’t know if. If it’s guilt, or my trauma, but.. I never killed someone before. I don’t really want to do it again either. It was.. it was scarier than anything I’ve ever experienced before.” Her voice trailed off barely an audible whisper. She set the water gun down now that she was sure he wasn’t going to do anything.
Even though he wasn’t usually around ankle biters. He had some understanding that while murder was fun for him, that would take a toll on a kid. It was different than him killing for her. She actually killed for herself. He grimaced a little, unconsciously grabbing at his chest where she had impaled him. Lydia had noticed this however and balled her hands into fists while she gripped her dress.
        “If this is too hard for you, you can leave.” Lydia spoke up again staring up into his eyes.
Beetlejuice wrinkled his nose. He wasn’t scared of this kid. He didn’t need any pity. Although maybe she did just want him to feel comfortable. Why was she being so considerate? They never really were friends, right? Even if he thought so. He snorted, waving her off.
            “Kid, I’m fine. So, what’s this nightmare.” He fixed his composure, tightening his tie.
Lydia shrugged as she looked for anything else to focus her gaze on. This next part was going to be hard. She didn’t want to open up to him but she no longer wished to feel dread whenever she slept. The nightmares had to come to an end. She wanted to move on with her life.
     "The nightmares are all the same one, actually. It’s the day I killed you. It starts of as it actually did. You talking about how life was too much to handle. Getting ready to murder someone because you couldn’t process it. Then, me stabbing you. After that though, everyone starts to turn into weird blobs. You and I are the only ones that still have a shape. Everything fades into a dark abyss. Mouths appear out of no where, laughing in a creepy way at us. Blood pours from their mouths..“ She starts listing the things off on her fingers. She was having trouble keeping up with what she was saying unable to make eye contact with him. Beetlejuice tensed a little when she mentioned murdering him, thinking of course she has to talk more about it.
     "Then your mom is there. She’s holding you up, like you’re her captive or something. Then a sandworm eats us. That part got kind of weird. Even compared to the rest of the nightmare.” She mumbled. Finally she manages to look back up at him. Beetlejuice was leaning forward now, his elbows resting on his thighs, hands in his lap. He was staring right at her.
        “Well fuck, Lyds; that is a lot to unpack.” He moved a hand up to stroke his chin. Not really sure what to say in the moment. He needed to collect his thoughts. When he noticed her fidgeting in place, tears brimming her eyes again, he didn’t want her to cry. Beetlejuice crossed his arms as he sat up straight.
       "Alright.. so. Dreaming about killing me, which, I gotta admit; now that I’ve had time to mull it over the past couple of months I’m impressed. You successfully manipulated me by agreeing to help me be alive. Then killed me so you could send me back to the Netherworld. Haven’t been tricked by a breather like you before.“ He gave a small smirk almost proud that the first person that agreed to help him scare in a long, long time could have a conniving side.
       "We should probably get to the bare bones of the matter.” He clapped his hands together and a bunch of bones came into existence. Clattering onto the floor around them. Lydia jumped a little then stared at them, trying not to let out a small snicker. Good, laughs, that was something he could work with to try and cheer her up.
      “Fiiiirrssst, even though I am impressed you killed me and fair enough since I was being kind of an ass…” Before he could finish his sentence Lydia had chimed in with a quip.
    “I’d say more than kind of. You did threaten me and my family to get me to do a green card marriage.” She quirked a brow, her fingers tapping on the ground as she gave him an unamused look.
        “Alright. That was shitty of me.” He conjured a white flag waving it in peace as he heaved a dramatic sigh.
     "For real I’m sorry I did that. It wasn’t cool and came off pretty sketchy. If you hadn’t noticed I don’t like being alone. So I panicked because I thought you were going to ditch me.“ The purple in his hair began to creep back and Lydia just gave him an understanding look to let him know he could continue.
        "Unfortunately the only way to bring a ghost alive again is to marry them. I should’ve weighed my options better. I’m.. uh..” He gagged a little as he tried to form the words, having a hard time. Saying sorry was one thing, yet doing a heart-felt apology made it feel like he was going to combust.
      “Gimme a sec..” He slapped his face, his head spinning around on his neck comically in a 360 spin as he came to his senses. When he was done being a ham he looked back to her.
        “I’m deeply apologetic about what I did. Normally I take being creepy as a compliment, however out of context of what I was trying to do it’s super…” He wrinkled his nose. “Yeah. Fucking creepy and not in the good way. Even in context it’s still shitty.” He mumbled. “Having a talk with Miss Argentina made me realize that. When I heard it outloud for the first time after the fact. I swear I didn’t meant to come off that way, though.” Beetlejuice raised his hand as if doing a mock boy scouts honor salute.
        “Oh, that nice ghost lady I met in the Netherworld..” Lydia leaned back against her bed, feeling like she could relax a little finally.
     "Well. You actually sound sincere, which is weird since your voice always drips with sarcasm or something like that.“ She looked away for a moment as if contemplating something. ”..I know you said that you were impressed. However.. did killing you hurt you? Like, besides the obvious.“ Her gaze drifted back to him.
    "Hurt me? I mean, yeah, it would fuckin’ hurt getting bad art impaled through a meatsack body.” He thought more on what she said then it dawned on him. She meant if it hurt his feelings. He ran a hand through his ever-shifting array of colorful hair trying to figure out how he should respond. Sure it did kind of did hurt his feelings. Yet it’s like he said, the situation he forced her in was pretty shitty. She also mentioned she wasn’t sorry for what she did to him. She was still being nice at least. Maybe those dweeby Maitlands rubbed off on her a bit. Even though he only knew her a brief time the Lydia he knew before probably wouldn’t have given too much a shit about this. While she was fun and sort of nice to him when they scared people. She still easily jumped to kill him.
   "Eh. Maybe just a bit. However I already said I probably deserved it. It’s better that I’m dead anyways. Being human was hard. Even if it was just for like four minutes, or less.“ He counted off on his hand.
    "Okay..” She looked him over, unsure if she should continue. Wanting to get back to the topic on hand she cleared her throat. “So, about the dream..” Beeltejuice took his hand, pounding a fist into the other one.
        “Right, right. The thing you summoned me here for in the first place. Yeah.. so, blood, my shit mom, sandworm. I ain’t really a shrink, Lyds. So what I’m gonna say next is probably gonna be some bullshit. Like.. I don’t know, is it a guilt dream? Why’d you tell me about it?” He was still unsure about some things that were going on her. Though he tried to give his best bet. Lydia shook her head as she grabbed onto her feet, tilting forward.
    “I already kind of understand what the dream means now thanks to my therapist. What I called you here for is I wanted you to hear it. I wanted you to know how I feel. What we all went through together and I wanted to hear your thoughts on it. Also how you felt about how we ended things. I did the apology I felt like you needed and I told you what I wasn’t sorry for. I kind of feel a little better. Although I still feel like crying a lot, too.” She moved her hands away to wipe as her face again.
   "It’s… so overwhelming. I’m.. I’m scared, Beej.“ Lydia softly spoke, admitting finally what she was afraid to say. Beetlejuice was stumped. She actually admitted for the first time to him ever she was afraid. Not of him, he was sure of that at least. Of what he wasn’t sure. The nightmare itself? It’s meaning? He really did suck at this. He grumbled a little then began to drift off the ground, floating into the air to move closer to her. He plopped himself down next to her. Startling her a little as she jumped from him. He raised his hands up in defense quick to respond.
    "Hey, hey, wait; don’t be.. uh. Scared. Just…” He began to hesitantly wrap an arm around her before realizing he probably should ask.
    “Uh.. this okay?” He asked, staring at her as he kept his arm in mid air. Lydia stared at his arm then at him. She wrinkled her nose from the smell of his unwashed suit along with the earthly-dirt scent that lingered off his body. The sentiment he was offering had to have been tough for him to do and it showed he actually cared about how she felt. She gave just a small nod and he wrapped an arm around her shoulder. He moved his other around around her front and gave her a small hug then patted her back.
     "I don’t actually know what you’re scared of kid. Although I’ve gotta say I’m hurt I’m not scary enough for you.“ Beetlejuice gave a mock-hurt tone to the end of his sentence as to try and lighten the mood. Lydia surprisingly clung to him as she let out a soft whimper. His shoulders dropped as he started to let go of her, only to be stopped when he felt her tighten the hug. She began crying again. He lost count how many times this made now. She buried her face into his chest, sniffling as she curled up in his arms. He wanted to just phase out of the room yet opted to stay since it seemed like she needed this. He rested his chin on top of her head as he just let her continue to sob.
    "I hate this. I hate feeling… this scared. It’s-it’s so suffocating. Why does this hurt? Why do I feel horrible.” She managed to choke out. Beetlejuice tensed while she spoke.
        “Wish I knew, kid; my specialty is scaring, not helping people stop feeling scared. But ya got a good support system Lydia. Those sexy, nerdy Maitlands actually nutted up to try and protect you. Your dad chased after you into the Netherworld when you ran off. That Delilah chick probably cares about you too.” He tried thinking up everyone that she actually had in her life that cared. He wish he had that. Wish he had someone who loved and cared about him. It was a hard concept to wrap his head around, he always felt like he never deserved it. Lydia shook her head, looking up at him finally.
    “Her name is Delia, not Delilah. You know, it’s weird. She actually does.” She sniffled, smiling softly.
  “You weren’t there for that part. Since your mom kind of tossed you out. Delia threw herself in front of me, saying that she wanted to protect me when Juno was threatening to drag me back to the Netherworld. Ever since then she’s been trying her best to understand me. Even if I’m not the warmest to her sometimes. I appreciate the effort at least. I know she’s isn’t faking it.” Lydia patted his side, indicating he could let her go as she sat back again. Beetlejuice moved his hand to rub the back of his neck.
  “You know for someone who says he sucks at comforting, you didn’t do that bad of a job.” She gave him a tired smile, then picked up the water gun again. He eyed it bit warily. She tossed it away then gently nudged him. “Can you believe I was gonna blast your face with that?” That made him crack a grin then gave her a snicker.
    “Yeah that probably wouldn’t have done much, anyways. Other than make me slightly clean.” He stuck his tongue out.
    “Well, it might’ve stung a little. I don’t know. I haven’t had holy water thrown on me before, if you would believe that. It’s rare I scare priests. It’s a hoot when I do even if it’s never in a church. Those places are waaaay too stuffy.” He rolled his eyes. He snapped his head back to her. “So, I actually helped ya..?” His tone shifted to a more softer one. She nodded giving his shoulder a pat.
    “You did; I never thought I would actually hug you again. Oh.. that reminds me.” She got up, walking over to her nightstand. He floated off the ground once more so he could peer over the bed to see. She pulled out from the small cubby under the drawer of her nightstand, a cowboy hat. She held it up as she turned around to show him.
    “I still have this. I don’t know why I kept it, honestly. Guess deep down I couldn’t let a piece of you go. I did hate you for a while. I’m not sure if I can forgive you for everything. Although.. it means a lot that you apologized. Maybe one day.” She walked over, motioning for him to float up a little higher as she set the cowboy hat on his head.
  “Maybe we could be friends again, some day. I’m not sure. I thought this exchange was going to go a lot differently.” He gawked a little. A warm feeling hit him, as he moved his hand up and felt his hat.
        'Be friends again? Is she serious? Why doesn’t she hate me. It’s okay if she hates me, I’m used to people hating me. She kept my hat, though. I just gave it to her as a sign of peace. Even if I was still a little mad. Did she really care about me, then?’  What she told him seemed impossible. He felt like life was just fucking with him again. There’s no way she would ever forgive him he just didn’t deserve anything good. As if sensing sort of what he was thinking, she poked his nose.
    “Listen, I’m not a shrink either. However I think you have a problem with self esteem. I can’t fix that right now. I meant what I said to you. I do appreciate what you said to me, how you tried comforting me. I would’ve liked if you didn’t toss all my shit everywhere when you got here though.” She looked around the room, putting her hands on her hips as she sighed.
   "You’re lucky you didn’t break my camera. It’s a family heirloom from my mom.“ Beetlejuice looked around the room, then gave a small laugh.
    "Hey you know me, Lyds; I gotta make an entrance! It feels nice to be out of the Netherworld. I had to stretch my legs.” He turned his head back to grin at her. There was a worm she hadn’t noticed before wiggling in-between his teeth and she stuck her tongue out. There’s that weird, gross charm of his. She flicked his forehead causing him to scowl. He rubbed where she snapped her fingers against his clam-y flesh. She motioned to her room when his attention was drawn back to her.
   "I know you can bend reality or whatever it is your demon powers do. Please clean my room, I don’t feel like doing it because I’m tired.“ Lydia politely requested. Beetlejuice groaned yet didn’t complain as with a flick of his wrists. Everything began to move back into place. The curtains were no longer fire-damaged, her clothes went back neatly into her dresser and her books were slid neatly into the shelves. Even the random bones he conjured up were gone. She gave him a pleased smile along with a thumbs up. He flipped her off which just made her laugh. He couldn’t help but join her in her laugh. He tipped his hat to her then looked towards the window a moment later.
   ”, that all you needed, kid? Guess… we part ways again?“ He looked back to her a tinge of sadness edged at the end of his words. She rubbed her arm as she looked towards the window as well. She walked around him and the bed, then opened the curtains to see it was raining now.
       "I guess so. You did say you wanted to get away from here, right?” She looked over her shoulder at him. He pursed his lips then tapped his fingers against his chin.
   "Yeah that was the deal. I hear you out, then be on my way..“ He sighed then floated over towards her and the window. He placed a hand on the glass, staring off into the distance. She still wasn’t sure how to feel about him yet she knew she wasn’t really scared of him. Even though he was acting off for how he normally was. Maybe he wanted closure as much as she did? He  couldn’t come back on his own before so she hoped this was good for him. She playfully nudged him with her elbow.
   "I mean; even though you probably shouldn’t show yourself around the house. I wouldn’t mind if you came back to my room some times. If you wanna try to build up trust again or something. If you don’t hate me. It’s kind of nice having someone I can weirdly relate to that isn’t a parental figure. Someone I can talk to about this.” He looked over to her then scratched his head.
   "I don’t know. Pretty sure everyone would hate it if they saw-wait. Did you summon me without telling anyone about it?“ He slowly became aware of the very lack of parental supervision as he peered over to her bedroom door. There was no way the Maitlands nor her parents would’ve let him near her without them being around. She inhaled sharply, staring a little bug-eyed down at the ground while pressing her lips together. Shit.
       "Uh.. maybe.” She mumbled. He looked to her. Then let out a bellowing laughter, slapping her hard on the back.
   "Well! Look at you, you little rebel! Ahhhh shit. Part of me feels like messing with the Maitlands again. Unfortunately for me they probably would try to send me back to the Netherworld.“ He grimaced then looked back to the window. "I’m not so sure if it would be safe to keep coming back here. However, other breathers are usually boring as hell. You were pretty fun. As long as the others don’t find out I guess I wouldn’t mind stopping in every so often. Maybe we could even scare together again.” His eyes flashed a mischievous glow as he gave her an malevolent smirk. She gave him an wicked smile back.
   "I probably am gonna have to tell them about you eventually. It’s kind of hard to hide all this.“ She motioned to him knowing how much of a show off he could be. He nodded.
   "Eh it’s true; we’ll just cross that bridge when we get to it.” He stretched out a little. Taking the cowboy hat off he slapped it onto her head. She stumbled a little, giving him a small scowl.
  “Well how about you hold onto this, lil scarecrow. So I have a reason to come back. Now if you’ll excuse me. I wanna go stretch my legs and scare the shit out of some Karen in her forties while she’s kicking back, sipping on her wine box.” He grinned while ringing his dirty hands together.
 "I’ll be back later, Lyds!“ He cackled, then dashed off, phasing through her wall and disappearing into the stormy night. She placed her hand on the window, staring off at nothing now as she fixed the hat on her head.
   "See you soon, Dorothy.” She decided it was finally time for that nap.
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moiralovestowrite · 12 months ago
A Titan’s Gamble Chapter 5
The curiosity from Ryan had not ceased as the group flew to the Tower. The anger had dissolved into something else entirely.  A thought rang through the Titan’s head as he began to connect the dots. Ages ago, at least a solid hundred years, a warning was issued. A monster born from the Darkness had come, it was hiding somewhere and the Vanguard had sent out every Guardian they could to find it. Ryan had been one of them, searching every planet he could hoping to find this dark creature. But it wasn’t some animal, no. It was a human. It was HER! After months of searching, sleepless nights and anger being taken out on his fellow guardian’s, Ryan had given up. How had he not realized it was a person, not a creature? Drifter glared at Ryan, watching as the Titan figured everything out. The man was more than ready to take the Young Wolf out if he had to. Sure, the fate of the universe and hell, his own life rested on the Titan’s shoulders but nothing was going to hurt his second in command, not on his watch. Moira was completely unbothered however. She had proven that she wasn’t a threat. She helped Ryan out and risked her own life for him, would he really turn on her now after what they had been through with the Rider? She didn’t think the man would, not with his kind of ethics. The Drifter’s hand was firmly on his hand cannon tucked into his belt. His protective form stood between the Titan and Moira as they finally arrived at the Tower. “What the-” Drifter’s voice was soft as his eyes gazed upon the gruesome view. Flame’s spewed from the top of the Tower, growing higher and higher as ships burst forth, attempting to get away, escape. People were pushing each other out of the way, attempting to reach some sort of safe haven from whatever was chasing them. Exo parts laid scattered upon the ground while blood splattered next to them. The group couldn’t believe what they were seeing. No. This couldn’t be real. “Holy Shit.” Moira breathed out. Her mind was scrambling for answers as she turned to look at her boss, the man who she thought knew everything. Drifter was speechless for the first time in his life. Ryan had already made his way for the airlock. This was his City, his damn home and if anyone thought they could destroy it, they would have to answer to him. Drifter looked at Moira, worry in his eyes. The two needed to get down there and fast. If something got his machines, who knew what kind of trouble it could cause? Moira returned his look and gently placed a hand upon his chest. “Let’s go.” She whispered before the two turned and ran for the airlock after Ryan.
The Tower’s heat was almost unbearable from the roaring fire. Blood had been splattered all over the walls and screaming echoed through the rooms. It was almost as bad as when the Cabal attacked. Specs of Darkness were floating through the air as the Tower’s flags burnt to a crisp. Ghosts were flying all over the place, trying to help their guardians and protect the people. Hunter’s and Warlock’s corpses littered the ground while Titan’s were nowhere to be seen. Ryan’s feet could barely keep him up as he gazed upon the horrid scene in front of him. What had happened?! Dammit, why did he leave the tower?! “RYAN!” Shaxx cried out, running towards the City’s hero. “Thank the Traveler you’re here! We need to evacuate the citizens!” Without even bothering to think, the Titan nodded, following Shaxx’s lead. The two ran through the buildings and the Last City grabbing every lightless civilian they could. Tess, one of the Awoken who ran the Eververse stand, was shaking as she carefully helped the two bring children to the evacuation point at the lower part of the Tower. “What happened?!” Ryan yelled out as he reached the hanger, helping people one by one onto the evacuation ship. “Zavala. He’s gone-gone mad.” Shaxx’s heart hurt as he spoke, getting the last child upon the ship before turning to meet the Titan’s gaze. “We need every Guardian out of here now, he has this device. A weapon! He shot the Titan’s with it, It’s almost like they’ve been Taken! He attempted to use it on Ikora but it only cut through her body, He claims she has to use hers on the Warlock’s so that no one else will be lost, it doesn’t make sense! The man is spewing nonsense!” Ryan’s eyes widened as he took in Shaxx’s words, this was all a bad dream, it had to be! A weapon that could take Guardian’s? Drifter was the only man who would know about this kind of thing, he had to find him. Holliday quickly climbed onto the ship and looked at the two Titan’s. The blonde prayed that they had a plan, any kind of plan. Zavala meant the world to Holliday, if she lost, they would figure it out. She just had to believe. “Ya’ll need to hurry! I’m taking them to the farm! Ya better be there or I’ll be pissed!” The woman stated before the ships dock closed and it took off towards salvation.
Moira was shoving everything into large black garbage bags, chucking them onto the transporter in the middle of Drifter’s room. The Tower was filled with screams and blood, she needed to get everything out NOW! The Drifter had told her he needed to search Zavala’s office, he had an idea of what happened but he had to be completely sure. As she practically threw everything onto the transport pad, beaming it upon the Derelict, she heard the sounds of stomping feet making it her way. The woman’s body tensed as she held her breath and placed herself in the dark corner of the room. She just needed to get the bank out of there and they would be home free. Her eye’s widened as she saw what was making the noise. It was Titan’s! Their eyes were all pitch black and their movement’s were almost Taken like. She could practically taste the Darkness leeching off of their bodies. Her hands slapped over her mouth as she attempted to not make a noise, praying that the zombie like creature’s hadn’t seen her. But it was too late for that. They were like blood hounds. Two large male Titan’s stepped into the room, their eyes locking on Moira’s form. Their mouths didn’t move and their eyes remained unblinking. She quickly began to raise her fist in hopes that she could freeze them in place and run but the Titan’s were strangely faster than ever before. One of the men grabbed her by the wrist’s shoving her form into the metal bookshelf causing her to cry out in pain. Her eyes watered before she began kicking her feet and screaming. “LET GO OF ME YOU BASTARD!” She cried out, attempting to wiggle out of her captures hands. Suddenly the Titan let go of one of her wrist’s and slammed it upon her neck, beginning to choke the woman. Moira’s eyes widened as she attempted to break away, gasping for air as the Titan squeezed her neck like a squeaky toy. Suddenly a loud gun blast echoed through the room and both Titan’s fell to the ground in a matter of seconds. Blood dripped from between their eyes but strangely no Ghost’s came to their rescue. Moira’s form dropped as she covered her neck, coughing and gasping as she took in as much air as she could. Drifter’s blue eyes were hard and cold as he glared down at the dead creatures on the floor. “B-Boss!” Moira cried out as Drifter placed his hands on the woman’s waist, helping her to her feet. “The bank...” She breathed, attempting to gesture to the machine. Drifter nodded, checking the woman over before he rushed over to the bank, beginning to unscrew it from the floor. “They’re like zombies, what are they?” The woman asked, beginning to dismantled the top of the machine. “It ain’t looking good kid, I got no sweet clue how big blue got his damn hands on it but we gotta hurry! Go get that Titan, Ryan!” Moira’s brown eyes looked at her boss with fear. “I can’t leave you!” She cried out, dropping to Drifter’s side as she gazed upon her hero. “You gotta, this all rides on you kid, if ya can’t help him, we can kiss all of this goodbye.” The brunette swallowed hard and nodded. She had to do it didn’t she. With a deep breath, Moira grabbed onto Drifter’s face and turned the man’s head to face hers. “Please! Be safe.” The woman begged before she smashed her lips against her bosses. Drifter’s eyes filled with joy, panic, confusion, happiness. So many emotion’s hit him all at once but it vanished quickly. Moira ripped her form away from the man and ran out of the room, searching for the Titan. Drifter could only watch as the only thing he loved left. If he couldn’t pull this off they were all as good as dead. Still, Drifter had been waiting for this moment for over a hundred years. The two had always seemed to play chicken, unable to tell the other how they felt. If one attempted, something would always get in the way. This was the best kiss he had ever had. A smile grew on the rouge’s lips as a new kind of determination filled his body. It was go time.
“SHAXX!” Ryan’s pained voice screamed through the air as the master of the Crucible fell to the ground, shaking and twitching. “There you are Ryan.” Zavala had cornered the two. In the Vanguard’s hand was a weapon bleeding with Darkness, you could hear it whispering your deepest darkest thoughts and secrets to you. Suddenly Shaxx’s body halted movement. It was clear the man was fighting whatever was trying to take over his form but he couldn’t stop it. It was like every little bit of who Shaxx was had leaked out and vanished. The awoken’s lips curled into a smile as he watched Shaxx slowly begin to stand up like a monster, his movements were not his own. “S-Shaxx?” Ryan called out to his friend once more, praying for a response but the man was silent for the first time in his life. “Will you join me Ryan? Or do I have to shoot you as well.” The Vanguard’s voice was twisted and grey, completely corrupted with Darkness. Suddenly a giant ice staff rammed it’s way through the Vanguard’s stomach causing Zavala to throw up blood all over Ryan’s form. Shaking, the Vanguard dropped to the floor. Shaxx turned, ready to attack whatever had hurt Zavala but was quickly encased in ice. “RYAN!” Moira cried out, grabbing the hurt Titan by the hand. She pulled Ryan to his feet and began to drag him back to the Drifter’s room in the tower. “We Have To Go!” She cried, as Ryan’s eyes stared blankly ahead. He couldn’t wrap his brain around what was happening, it was all going so fast. What was that gun, why did it have the word “Titan” carved into it and why did Zavala have another one on his belt with the word “Warlock”? “Come ON!” Moira screamed, causing Ryan to snap out of it and run. “Ryan!” Zavala called out, struggling to his feet.
The two reached the Drifter just in time, the man had just finished dismantling the machine and had propped it on the transporter. “Get on!” Drifter shouted, grabbing the two by the arms and pulling them along side him on the pad. “We gotta get out of here, where were the people being taken?!” Drifter looked Ryan in the eye, demanding locations faster than Ryan could think. “The EDZ, The farm!” With a nod Drifter hit a button on the pad. Zavala’s form appeared in the doorway, his weapon pointed straight at Ryan’s stomach. “NO!” The Vanguard cried out as he fired a bullet. The black darkness shot through Ryan’s form. “RYAN!” Moira screamed, grabbing onto the Titan as Drifter gripped onto Ryan’s arm. “SHIT!” The older man snarled as The transport fired and the group vanished.
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claricekai · a year ago
Awkward Best Date (Secret Santa fic)
Pairings: Alana Jordan (weasleyismyking540’s MC) x Andre Egwu, Tonks x Tulip
POV: First person (Alana’s)
Genre/Rating: Comedy. Drama. PG-13.
Word Count: 2,423
A/N: This is for @weasleyismyking540 for the 2019 HPHM Secret Santa event (@hphm-secretsanta). Hope you enjoy!
Alana gets free tickets from her besties to go on a circus date with Andre. Hilarity, crazy stunts and awkward fluff ensue.
Well, this was it. I was in my finest red jacket and black dress and waiting for the… boy I’m dating.
Wow, I thought, it’s gonna take some time getting used to. Andre Egwu, as in the Andre Egwu, is my boyfriend. I should be so cool about this but I’m not.
Oh, man, why must he get me so flustered? It’s not my fault his smoldering smirk gives me goosebumps and butterflies all at the same time! The smoldering intensity of his gaze… Oh, man. I fanned myself as I waited by the entrance. People were already entering by the dozens. Like, chicken egg dozens. In cartons. Like sardines. Oh, man, now I’m getting all sweaty.
“You weren’t gonna start without me now, were ya?”
That familiar honey-sweet voice. There he was, with his smoldering look and dark blue sweater and long black pants, his trademark Pride of Portree scarf accentuating his jawline perfectly.
“Andre, why you gotta drive me nuts?” I asked. That came outta nowhere! Andre just chuckled and wrapped his arm around my waist.
“Because it’s my job… aside of making you my muse when it comes to making dresses, my Aphrodite.”
“You’re too much, you know that,” I playfully slapped his arm and we went inside.
Man, the tent was packed. We got a couple of snacks before we found our seats right in front. I never thought I’d be wowed by seeing the arena up close. There were tightropes, trapezes, a huge space and a platform right in the middle.
How did we get front seats, you might ask? Well, believe it or not, Tonks and Tulip. Those two clowns went that extra mile and bought tickets for us. Any wonder why they’re my best friends alongside Charlie?
Now, here’s the zinger: They didn’t just buy the tickets; they were gonna be performing!
Tonks is a born clown! She was over the moon when she graduated from Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Clown College and got a contract. Even during our early years at Hogwarts, Tonks had always had a fierce passion for stunts. Used to drive the professors crazy, especially McGonagall and Sprout. Snape obviously didn’t like her “pointless cacophony of idiotic shenanigans”, but then again, what does he like? Anyway, a few Christmases ago, Tonks’s mom got her a video camera and Tonks wasted no time in filming her stunts, with Tulip and Charlie manning the camera and directing to see which shots were better.
In fact, one time, Tonks caught Snape napping and woke him up by conjuring three pairs of massive cymbals and setting them off at the same time. And one of the cymbals felt flat on his ugly face, literally a moment after he’d opened his eyes. And that was in the Great Hall so the sound bounced off every wall and the ceiling. Tonks told me later that the cymbal had made a great improvement on his nose. Man, if only I hadn’t had a Quidditch Friendly on that day.
Tulip, though she may not look like she takes anything seriously, is disciplined in being a gymnastic contortionist and does yoga. Yeah, I was surprised at the last one because she can’t sit still when it comes to any shenanigans with Tonks. I was even more surprised when she told me she needed to keep her center when it came to balancing her Lawful Good parents and Chaotic Neutral girlfriend. With those three from two different worlds, I didn’t blame her; at least she found a way to cope peacefully.
The lights dimmed and everyone cheered. A single spotlight shone on the podium in the center and a man with a top hat and glittery suit stepped up to it.
“Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the greatest show on earth!”
Just then, a group of ballerinas came out and led a parade of motorcyclists, ponies, dogs and even a llama! I clapped along to the song that played – I just couldn’t help myself!
“Definitely theme-appropriate, their clothes,” Andre said matter-of-factly while rubbing his chin.
“Darling, can’t we just enjoy the show?” I gently nudged him.
“I can’t help it, my muse. I eat, sleep and breathe fashion,” Andre said. I shook my head and smiled, knowing he was right.
“Well, at least I’m not dating Murphy. He eats, sleeps and breathes yammering ears off.”
“Good thing you have divine taste in men then,” Andre said and showed off his smoldering smirk again. I swear, if he were an animal, he’d be a peacock. And I’d be a blushing peahen.
Oh, there were baton-twirlers and even horses and elephants! Suspended in midair were giant transparent orbs with contortionists inside. Not one of them had red hair though.
“Introducing… Miss Toodles!” the ringmaster shouted. Several performers entered with a pink teacup poodle sitting on a purple satin pillow with yellow tassels. Two large screens projected her up close, allowing the audience to coo over her.
“I love you, Miss Toodles!” I heard someone in the audience shout.
“Introducing… Tulip Karasu!” the ringmaster shouted once more.
I screamed and cheered as Tulip, resplendent in a dazzling dark blue leotard, tied herself into a knot midair as she descended from a wire. After a stagehand unclipped her from the wire, Tulip somersaulted and back-flipped. Then as she did a handstand, Miss Toodles ran up and jumped over her, an amazing feat for a tiny poodle! Tulip then stood on one foot and raised the other backwards and held it to form a hoop, which Miss Toodles leapt through with ease! Tulip then did another set of cartwheels and Miss Toodles weaved through her arms and legs like an obstacle course! Then they ran up beside the nearest elephant – Tulip got helped up with Miss Toodles in one arm.
I pumped my fists in the air! I was so excited for what other tricks they’d perform next!
“Introducing… Dora Tonksville!”
BOOM! A loud explosion sounded, smoke appeared and out from the curtains flew a woman with a helmet and clown suit, boots and all. After her somersault, she took her helmet off, revealing a lovely mess of rainbow-colored hair.
Yup, that was Tonks!
I clapped wildly and cheered as Tonks pumped her fist in the air and whooped before climbing up the same elephant that carried Tulip and Miss Toodles. Once on its back, Tonks gave Tulip a quick peck on the cheek. Awww! And then Miss Toodles licked Tonks’s cheek as if saying, “Hey, I want some kisses, too! Gimme some sugar!” Andre and I couldn’t help but laugh.
“Why don’t you give me some sugar then?” Andre asked before puckering his lips.
“Andre! Not in front of a whole crowd!” I teased back.
“What, I can’t get a kiss from my own girlfriend?” Andre ribbed. I chuckled.
For the first act, a group of clowns rode on tiny tricycles and kept falling over each other. Then, a group of motorcyclists circled them and showed that one of the clowns had turned over to their side. That was Tonks! The clowns were shocked at Clown Tonks’s betrayal and she challenged them to a stunt contest. One of the clowns asked the audience if they should accept the challenge. It was a resounding “YES!”, Andre’s and mine included.
Two ramps and a series of hoops were propped up; the biggest one in the beginning and the smallest one at the end. Tonks spat on her hands and gave the wildest grin while slicking her hair back. She got on one of the motorbikes—the one that said ‘BIG JOE’ in flaming letters—and started revving it up, causing a cheer from the crowd. I leaned on the edge of my seat as Tonks brought the motorcycle around to the ramp that had the largest hoop in front of it.
With a loud roar, Tonks sped up the ramp and darted through the first hoop, then the second and then the smallest at the end! Then the other motorcyclists followed, and then the clowns, all in perfect unison! Andre and I clapped and cheered – we even had one arm around the other’s waist.
Then, when all the clowns and motorcyclists were on the ground again, stagehands came in and lit the hoops on fire! Several audience members screamed out of excitement and fright.
“Do you think they’ll make it?” I asked.
“If I know Tonks, she can make it through anything,” Andre replied.
No sooner did he say that did Tonks race up the ramp and dart through the fiery hoops with surprising ease!
“HOLY MOLY!” I yelled.
Everyone clapped and cheered loudly.
Several stunts and an elephant conga line later, Tulip started her journey along the tightrope, using only her hands and balancing Miss Toodles on one foot. We all waited with bated breath with every step forward and every step back. Then Miss Toodles slid down Tulip and nearly fell off, her tiny paws barely holding onto the rope!
Everyone in the audience screamed. I looked at the safety net below and back up at the duo, hoping that if Miss Toodles were to fall, she wouldn’t slip through the holes of the net. I hoped and prayed that the two would make it safely.
Then, as if on cue, Miss Toodles managed to balance her tiny frame on the tightrope and yipped, as if saying, “I’m alright!” Applause and sighs of reliefs sounded across the tent.
As Tulip and Miss Toodles descended, a group of lions, tigers and leopards bolted out, roaring and snarling and making me jump into Andre’s arms… well, more like I jumped on him while screaming for someone to do something. Andre laughed hysterically as he held me, and I playfully slapped his arm.
  Holy smoke, that was a blast! Tonks and Tulip really gave the best show, along with their little canine friend of course. Don’t get me wrong, the other performers did great as well, but really, what are the chances of other people having their best gal pals give them free tickets to see their circus show? Two tickets specifically so to ask that special someone. Subtlety has never been Tonks and Tulip’s forte – goes to show how made for each other they really are. And that brings me back to Andre.
Oh, sweet Andre. What’d I ever do to deserve him as a date? I mean, he’s so cool and I’m, well… me.
We Apparated to this lovely spot outside Hogwarts, in the forest where the stars were our only light. There was a red-and-white-checkered picnic blanket with a candelabra, a picnic basket and… a Bowtruckle rummaging through it and eating some of the cakes inside. I couldn’t help but laugh but Andre frantically tried to shoo it away. I tried to stop him but it was too late – a whole family of Bowtruckles jumped on him, and it was up to me to calm the screeching mess and the creatures.
Well, in the end, we and the Bowtruckles came to a compromise: They were allowed to stay, provided they didn’t disturb us in exchange for half our cakes. And half our sodas.
“Please don’t tell Barnaby about this; one of them could’ve been Barnaby, Jr. and he’ll never let me live it down,” Andre said bashfully.
“I won’t,” I replied. Honestly, I found him saying that adorable and only a tiny part of me wanted to tell Barnaby.
Andre shifted his eyes then went, “Oh!” and began rummaging through the picnic basket.
“Aha! Thank Merlin the Bowtruckles didn’t get to this,” he said then pulled out a ukulele. He was about to play it when he looked at my stunned face, then at the ukulele, then back to me. His face turned bright red. “I’ve been… taking some lessons from Ben.”
I looked at him, then at the ukulele, then back at him. My cheeks puffed up. I lowered my head, then threw it back as I burst out laughing.
“What? What’s so funny?” Andre asked in confusion.
“No, it’s just… you, I mean, me! I thought… I was so anxious about this date. And then you… Holy crap, how do I say it? I thought I was the only one anxious about this date, and when it turned out you were also anxious, I found it so adorable I just had to laugh!”
“Are you kidding?” Andre said, cracking a smile. “I was completely shaking like a brick the whole time!”
“You… You were?” I asked.
“…Yeah. Why do you think I was so quiet the whole time at the circus? I was with the most beautiful girl and you were having the time of your life.”
“What about you saying all those sweet things to me?”
“Even then, I was shaking like a brick. People always see me as a hunk – I… I dunno, I felt like I had to keep up the image of a suave man. With you though, I had the hardest time.”
“Well, I am Alana Jordan, Curse-Breaker Extraordinaire,” I said while miming reading out a sign.
“Mm,” Andre said then looked away, his face bright pink. We were quiet for a couple of awkward seconds.
“So, uh, your ukulele. Do you know how to play it?”
“Well, uh, yeah.”
“What kinda songs?”
“Oh, you know, soft melodies like…” Andre decided to demonstrate. A bouncy, upbeat melody sounded and the family of Bowtruckles who were having their own picnic nearby decided to listen. Some of them were even bobbing their heads and dancing to the song.
Somewhere over the rainbow,
Way up high,
There’s a land that I heard of,
Once in a lullaby.
I clapped along and bobbed my head. Slowly, I felt my anxieties ebb away. Good grief, I really had worried over nothing.
Andre may not be the perfect guy, but honestly, it’s way better this way. Now that I think about it, there’s absolutely no way I’d love a perfect guy. You know, no flaws, no blemishes, no anxiety over trying to impress someone… Okay, I’m rambling on a bit, but heck, I had to do this.
I quickly leaned forward and kissed Andre on the lips. That made him go offkey on the chords and stop playing, but I didn’t care. I wanted to show him I accepted him, ukulele skills and all, consequences be damned.
I heard Andre put his ukulele down and he wrapped his arms around me.
We forgot about everything else…
In that moment, it was just us…
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softlunars · 2 years ago
Tumblr media
60 things ; things you said that i wish you hadn’t & things you said with clenched fists. — bang chan ; stray kids
demon au! —fallen angel!chan x demon!reader
requested: [yes!]
(a/n): “nunc ostende te” is latin for “now show yourself.” i didnt,,, wanna look up an actual demon summon cause i’m a whole ass scaredy cat so that’s the most i did sjzknaksmz
Tumblr media
technically, chan shouldn’t be doing this. he shouldn’t be drawing a pentagram on his apartment floor. he shouldn’t be opening a summoning book. and he definitely shouldn’t be flipping to the demons section of said book.
this would’ve all applied to him if he still had wings on his back. but he didn’t — they were clipped off months ago, and chan was sent to tumble down to the earth, forced to make his own path from then on. did it bother him? well, maybe if he thought about it enough, it would. he doesn’t allow himself to drift off to the past, though; things are left in the past for a reason, and sometimes, they’re better off there — to be forgotten.
chan thumbed through the demons section, his eyes flitting across the hundreds of pages until he found what he was looking for.
how to summon a demon.
he scanned the page, looking for the ceremony that had to take place. he skipped over the descriptions of demons — different types, kinds of powers, different demon specialities. chan wasn’t interested in all that; he just wanted to summon a demon. did he have any reason? no, not really. maybe he wanted to spite God further or something, he didn’t know.
the book, which was filled with descriptions of supernatural beings and different summons, materialized in front of him in the early dawn. the ancient literature acted as if it were a magnet, reeling in chan’s interest until he finally picked it up. which is how he found himself in the middle of a pentagram.
he set the book down, outside of the pentagram’s reach. a nervous huff of air left him. why the hell was he doing this? he didn’t want to come face to face with a soul-eating creature from the depths of hell, and he certainly didn’t want to be ripped to shreds before his soul followed suit.
chan continued anyways. he’s already finished the preliminary setup — there was no legitimate reason to stop now.
he took a deep breath in a futile effort to relieve his nerves. was chan stupid? going through with this, yes, he most likely was. did he lose his mind? most definitely.
chan took a quick glance at the sentences he needed to utter. he had to get them right; if he didn’t, he might as well sell his soul to the actual devil.
he began the chant, albeit very shakily. chan was certain he was going to die tonight. his few months spent on earth were going to abruptly end as soon as he finished.
“nunc ostende te.” as he uttered the final sentence, chan snapped his eyes open. if he were going to die right now, he might as well look his killer in the eyes.
the dim flicker of the candles’ flames were the only things he could see. nothing moved, nothing changed, not even the air felt different — something chan thought to be the first aspect to dramatically shift after chanting a summon this dark.
he breathed a sigh of relief. thank the heavens that didn’t work.
the candles were extinguished. the air became bitingly cold. and suddenly, chan feared for his life.
“i don’t know who’s coming out but you don’t have to show yourself — i’d be more than happy to just go to sleep.” he spoke into the still air, trying to convince whatever spirit entered his apartment to leave him the hell alone.
“you summoned me, man. it’s your fault you asked for a demon.” a dark voice bounced off his living room walls. as it stopped speaking, a body materialized at the edge of the pentagram. well, chan thought, it was a nice couple months.
the gaze that met his eyes was apathetic, empty and almost… entertainingly bored. there were no visible horns, no bats’ wings or pointy tail chan could make out. if he didn’t know any better, he’d assume the person in front of him was just a mortal.
you spoke again, this time with an amused edge decorating your speech. “i don’t take fallen angels’ souls, if that’s why your mind’s traveling twenty trillion miles an hour. i don’t even collect souls in general, dude. i just fuck with people.”
“how did you know i’m a fallen angel?” chan’s eyes glinted with a curious apprehension; he knew demons could read minds — angels were granted that ability, as well — but he didn’t know they could differentiate immortal beings from mortal ones. this was something angels weren’t granted the gift to do. unless they made themselves known to each other, angels weren’t able to tell supernatural from human.
“you got a funny aura ‘round you. i usually only see that with fallen angels or whatever. but what’s a former God’s kiss-ass doing in the middle of a pentagram?” you raised an eyebrow conspicuously. the few times you were summoned before, you’d only been greeted by a handful of fallen angels. their reasoning for summoning such a dark creature was simple — they were bored and wanted to tell their former ruler to “fuck off.”
chan shrugged his shoulders at your question. he didn’t have a response; he didn’t even know why he did it himself. your head rolled back on your shoulders as a sharp laugh echoed throughout the room.
“your thoughts are fucking hilarious, just thought i should tell ya.” your comment made a blush furiously form on chan’s face. maybe this was a really shitty idea.
“listen, fallen angel, i gotta make other rounds, so i’m gonna strike a deal with ya.” you watched as your summoner’s eyebrows rose, prompting you to continue.
“i ain’t gonna do some typical demon shit, alright? but i wanna mark ya — it isn’t a bad thing, man, calm down!” you really were entertained by this. what a hell of a fun time this was making itself out to be!
chan’s eyes squinted as he stared you down. he had his apprehensions, of course — he didn’t know what the hell a mark was; he was never taught that! what if this was a way for you to siphon his soul from him, bit by bit, until you drained it from his body entirely?
“it’s just so i’m the only demon that’s allowed near ya. no one else can come anywhere close to you with this. so, while you’re protected from other nasty lil’ shits, you got your own lil’ shit that can annoy you until the end of the universe.” you observed the former angel’s face, gauging his reaction to your offer. you were pleasantly surprised when he nodded his head.
“fine. mark me.”
Tumblr media
after you marked the fallen angel, you found yourself constantly appearing at his side. he would almost jump out of his skin every time, which always provided you with an intense laughing session.
you learned quite a bit about chan. you were informed about the difficult schooling he was put through as a child; he’d reveal small bits and pieces about his life in the clouds, like how one time he almost made a fellow angel kick his ass past recognition.
“i was a really shitty angel, now that i think about it.” chan laughed out once, on one of the times you accompanied him at nightfall. “maybe you shoulda been born a demon.” you had joked that night, but chan took it harsher than you intended. the shift in his emotions was evident, as he turned colder toward you until you left him alone for the following week.
you chose your words more carefully after that night. sure, you were a demon — a supernatural entity born for the sole purpose of evil. but being a creature formed from pure hatred didn’t hinder the conscience you owned, regardless of how small it was.
your efforts weren’t always fruitful. tonight was one of those times.
chan had turned colder than ice just moments before, a comment you made angering him once more. the fallen angel became mute, barely even acknowledging you were still in his apartment. it hurt your feelings — pissed you off more than anything. you never intended to attack him with your choice of words. but, regardless of how cautious you were, so many things seemed to set chan off.
“chan, i dunno what your whole… issue or whatever is, but you ain’t gotta be a dick to me ‘cause of it.” you felt the boiling pit in your stomach grow as chan turned to face you. if looks could kill, both of you would have been reduced to dust.
“my problem, (y/n), is your heartless comments about how i ‘should’ve been born in hell.’ i was born an angel for a reason, just like you were born a demon for a reason.” his voice sliced through the air, making the fire in your stomach pour out. if chan wanted to see why you were a demon, oh, was he going to see why.
“okay, kid. your wings were torn off your back for a reason, and you wanna know why? ‘cause you fucking failed at being an angel! you couldn’t appease God, you couldn’t reach the standards he set. you. fucked. up.” your aura darkened as you continued spitting words at chan. flames seemed to form around your body as your fury fueled you.
“which means, angel boy, that you weren’t cut out to stay behind those damn pearly gates! you weren’t a good fit. you weren’t meant to stay at God’s ‘holy fucking side.’”
chan’s gaze filled with hatred and indignation as your jabs reached his ears. how dare you say that to him? how dare you act as if you know anything about heaven, about God?
his fists clenched and unclenched by his side as he listened to your tyraid. finally, chan snapped after your last insult hung in the air.
“you might as well have been banished to hell, ‘cause at least you woulda been surrounded by people who fucked up just as bad as you did, and people who were just as shitty as you.”
“stop acting as if you know anything about heaven. you’re a lowlife demon, for fucks sake!” his words felt hotter than the flames that licked at your skin down in hell.
“you’re the scum of the supernatural world. you hold no good in your heart, no light in your soul — nothing!” you watched as the glint in his eye grew into a ball of fire, aimed to hit you and reduce you to nothing.
“God wanted me at one point, which is the difference between you and i. someone wanted me, no one ever wanted you.”
chan’s words slammed into your brain. these thoughts — they weren’t new to you. you were well aware that no one wants a demon around. no one would ever want a demon around.
you could easily push those facts to the side if you or a fellow demon voiced them. but hearing them from chan, a former angel, someone God handpicked to serve him, lit you up.
“you’re just as terrible as us demons. you have no fucking soul, bang chan.”
“you deserve to rot in hell, just like the rest of us.”
with that, you disappeared from chan’s apartment. the fallen angel never saw you again.
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chayscribbles · 2 years ago
🎃 What would your OCs dress up as on Halloween? Bonus prompt: write Sol and co trick or treating! 🎃
omg kjhfkjdkjhdg i guess i’m answering this for the Flame squad
Sol would obviously dress up as 80′s Whitney Houston she already has the hair, Ella is Regina George, and Danny is Michael Jackson from the Thriller music video 
can you tell Sol and Danny love the 80s
bonus: here’s a little something i threw together in like an hour, hope you enjoy whatever this is gfkjgdkjgr. (for the sake of this piece let’s just pretend that Danny knows about Sol and Ella’s powers by now)
words: 1371
Convincing my parents to let me do anything is always a hassle. Especially when I’m sixteen, asking to go trick-or-treating (an activity I’m apparently “too old” for while simultaneously being “too dangerous”), and my mom is somehow still convinced that celebrating Halloween automatically makes you a Satanist.
Fortunately, although it pains me that they don’t trust their own daughter, if something is good enough for my perfect best friend Ella, my parents conclude that it must be good enough for me.
I met up with Ella and Danny at the end of Ella’s street at seven p.m. The sun had already long gone, giving way to a nearly full moon, supplying us with the perfect spooky vibe to scavenge for candy.
“What’s your costume supposed to be?” Ella asked as I approached them.
I waved my hand gestured towards my skin-tight sparkly dress, giant beaded earrings, and the giant silver bow that sat atop my hair, freed from its usual ponytail to live up to its full voluminous potential for once. “I’m Whitney Houston, duh,” I replied.
“Oh,” Ella said, nonchalantly flipping her hair over her pink cardigan. “I thought it was just your usual 80’s aesthetic.”
“You know, just because you’re dressed up as a Mean Girl, doesn’t mean you have to be mean, girl,” I scowled.
“Don’t worry, I understood the reference,” Danny declared. 
I turned to her and nearly forgot how to breathe. 
“That, um, that, good,” I managed to sputter, as all that red leather was making my brain numb. “Looks good.”
Danny laughed and executed a flimsy moonwalk before running a hand through her cropped sandy hair, now crimped. “Thanks!” she said, before yelping, “Hee-hee!”
“We should get going,” Ella stated, taking a moment to touch up her lip gloss. “Sol has a curfew.”
I nudged her hard in the ribs. She simply smirked.
And so we started on our Halloween adventure. House after house, we were greeted by vampires and mummies and superheroes with goodies to share. Occasionally, they would eye us and pass a comment on how we’re too old for this stuff, and most of the monsters we passed on the sidewalk were visibly younger than us, but we didn’t let it faze us on our quest for sweets. After all, there is no age cap for fun. 
Ella’s neighborhood was full of upper-middle class families, so by the time we had completed one block, our stash had grown quite nicely. Mine would be a lot bigger, of course, if I has enough self-control to keep from nibbling on whatever entered my bag.
After a couple of blocks, the houses grew further apart as we approached the edge of town. The sidewalk eventually disappeared. We would have to turn around soon if we wanted to get back to Ella’s at a reasonable time, but there were still many houses ahead that we hadn’t visited.
Ella pulled out her phone. “I promised my mom I’d call my little brother to see how he’s doing with his friends,” she sighed. “You guys go ahead.”
I nodded, and she lingered behind us. 
As the distance between her and us increased, Danny turned to me with a slight frown and said, “Sol, when’s your curfew?”
“Eleven,” I lied. It was nine-thirty, but she didn’t have to know that. If I decided to leave at nine-thirty, it would be of my own accord due to a “mysterious headache” that would suddenly befall me at an unfortunate moment.
“Oh.” Danny glanced around, the worried crease in her forehead deepening.
“What is it?” I asked.
“It’s close to midnight,” she said.
“What?” I also glanced around. The numbers of trick-or-treaters were dwindling, but there were still too many people out for it to be that late. “No, it’s not—”
“And, um, I don’t want you to worry, but…” She grabbed my arm. “I think there’s something evil lurking in the dark.”
I stopped short and listened. The wind rustled through the nearly naked branches overheard. A movement caught my eye, and I whirled around, only to catch a pair of video game plumbers turning the corner onto another street.
“Where?” I whispered.
“Under the moonlight,” she hissed.
Danny lowered her voice dramatically and murmured, “You see a sight that almost stops your heart.”
I burst into laughter. “Oh, I see what you’re doing,” I giggled. “You’re quoting Thriller.”
Danny grinned. “I can’t believe it took you so long to figure it out,” she teased. She leapt onto the strip of sidewalk and belted out, “‘Cause this is thrille-e-e-er, thriller night!”
“And no one’s gonna save you from the beast about to strike!” I joined in.
“Guys!” Ella whined behind us, “I’m on the phone!”
“Killjoy,” I yelled back. “Come on, let’s go farther down so we can sing without bothering Regina over there.”
Danny grabbed my hand and dragged me, running, down the street, as we continued to sing at the top of our lungs, giving the streetlights a butchered performance of the classic choreography until we were laughing too hard to properly form any words.
“Okay, but seriously, it’s quarter past nine,” I declared, “so we should start heading back.”
“I thought your curfew wasn’t until eleven?” Danny inquired.
“Oh,” I said, but before I could think up a way to fix my blunder, I realized that the street was now completely deserted.
Noticing my sudden change in demeanor, Danny asked, “What’s wrong?”
“Where’d Ella go?”
We scanned the empty road for a tense moment.
“She was just there, by that stop sign,” I said.
“She probably just went home because we were embarassing her,” Danny suggested.
“She wouldn’t,” I declared. “She may seem like a wet sock, but she would never just ditch us without telling us.”
A twig snapped. I jerked around.
Nothing was there.
“Okay, this isn’t funny anymore,” I blubbered, grabbing Danny’s arm and yanking her towards me. “Where did she go?”
“I don’t know,” Danny admitted, and for the first time, a hint of genuine fear tinted her voice.
“Sh-should I call her?”
“Yeah. Yeah, call her.”
I fumbled to pull out my phone, but a low, moaning sound stopped my movements short.
“What the hell was that?” Danny shrieked, clutching me harder.
“Oh my god,” I yelped. “Oh my god oh my god oh my—” 
“Light up,” Danny ordered.
“What?” I hissed. “I can’t just do that in the middle of the street—”
The moaning grew louder. Closer. Whatever it was, is was near.
And it was circling us.
“Jesus, Sol, we’re gonna die of you don’t do anything,” Danny squeaked.
“But if someone looks out their window—”
A scream. Mine. Danny’s. The thing’s, as it lunged at us. I shoved Danny out of the way, lit up my fists, and—
“Holy cow, Sol! You almost lit my face on fire!” Ella cried, materializing just inches from the flames.
I extinguished the blaze as quickly as I could and glared at my friend. On the ground from when I had pushed her, Danny broke into a fit of hysterical laughter.
“I hate you,” I growled.
Ella smirked. “Love you too,” she replied. “You should have seen your faces. It was priceless.”
“Sol’s face when you started wailing? I wish I had a picture,” Danny piped up, hopping to her feet. “Meme material.”
“You were scared too!” I accused. “You wouldn’t have asked me to use my powers out here if you weren’t!”
“Ya got me!” Danny admitted with a sheepish shrug. “But, hey, getting spooked is all in the spirit of Halloween, right?”
I started to snap back but held it in. “You’re right,” I said. I let out a chuckle. “That was a pretty good one, Ella.”
“Of course it was,” she shrugged. “Now that we’ve had our fun, we should be getting back. We wouldn’t want Sol to have to face any more monsters tonight.”
“Oh, don’t worry. I’ll protect you,” Danny announced. 
“No, I don’t think you’d be able to do anything against these monsters,” I shuddered. 
“What monsters are you talking about?” Danny asked.
Knowing there was no use in hiding it anymore, I sighed, “The monsters my parents turn into when I miss my nine-thirty curfew.”
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waeziverse · a year ago
Royal Punch (chapter 10)
“Ladies and gentlemen... the age of magic is OVER!”
Aura snickered at Agate the Dwarf’s statement. “What, again?” The other creatures who lived in Jadedale who had gathered to watch the presentation snickered as well.
“HA! Laugh all you like!” Agate strapped her safety goggles on as the final touch of her flight suit. “But today is the day a dwarf defies gravity! The sky won’t solely be the domain of winged creatures like you. And the superiority of science over magic will be painfully clear.”
Ivan had finished checking that the flying machine, or Agate’s baby as he liked to call it, had no loose parts. “Alright, nothing should fall off.” Ivan said. “But are you sure you wanna try this again?” The bull-man looked concerned as the dwarf climbed up to the seat of her invention.
“Ivan, she who does not dare does not win. And don’t worry; once I become world-famous as the world’s first flying dwarf, I will make sure YOUR name goes down in history as well as thanks for all your help.”
“That’s generous of you.” Ivan felt regret over assisting the dwarf with building the dang thing, but he would rather try and help her make it work than just standing idly by as she tried to blow herself up. He went to the crowd in order to stand by the side of his wife Aura as Agate activated the heat crystals that were part of the machine’s function.
Amethyst and Dimi watched as the so-called flying machine began to make noises of several types. the two fourteen-year-old girls each held a bucket filled with water, just in case.
“Remember our bet?” Dimi asked the dwarf girl with ribbons in her beautiful beard.
“Absolutely.” Amethyst grinned. “No take-backsies. Those 30 coronets are as good as mine.”
The propel was spinning like crazy. The crowd of people stopped smiling as they realized that now was the moment. Agate ’s passion stopped being amusing as the vertical began to slowly move forward.
... and then it stopped moving. Aura smelled the scent of burning hair.
“I’M ON FIRE!” Agate jumped off the machine as the bottom of her beard was burning. “I’M ON FIRE, I’M ON-” The dwarf’s daughter and the human girl threw water in her face. “... Thanks girls.”
“Man, I was so sure she would fly this time.” Dimi grumbled as she gave Amethyst a small bag with coins.
Agate looked at amethyst with a judging look. “You would bet against your own mother?”
“Mom, don’t think of it as me betting against you.” The teen dwarf weighted the bag in her hand with a grin. “Think of it as me investing in your failures.”
Agate stopped looking at her daughter with annoyance as she turned her attention toward the flying machine that now burned. Ivan and the other townspeople helped extinguish the flames.
“Mom, seriously.” Amethyst looked concerned. “This isn’t funny anymore. Maybe you should try to create something less... extravagant? Everyone loves that toasting-bread machine you made.”
“Toasting bread is not enough to impress anyone.” Agate sighed. “I want something that actually makes creatures realize that advanced machines are the future and not just a temporary fad.”
"Wouldn’t it be better to make a machine that moves on land first and then work your way up?” Dimi asked. “Ah, no pun intended.”
“No, absolutely not. That would be a horrible idea.” Agate went to her machine to study it, hoping she could fix it instead of building a new one from scratch. “I already done the math and that would require that you made more roads, meaning the destruction of landscapes and nature in general. And it would be much easier to handle compared to a flying machine, meaning that any idiot could get one and drive around like a jerk. A land vertical would do far more damage than a flying one. AND it would harm the smaller businesses if creatures could casually travel around faster and farther than they can now. I refuse to be responsible for the creation of such a thing. Ah, DARN IT!” Agatha kicked the machine. “I have to get special parts from Onyxville.”
“Onyxville... crap!” Dimi slapped her face. “I almost forgot. Ivan! Aura!” Dimi yelled at her godfather and his wife. “I have to do a thing in Onyxville! I will be back in an hour, promise!”
Ivan was about to object, but the human girl had already left.
“Eh, we can survive without her for an hour.” Aura said. Then, a coy smile appeared on her face as she rested her head on her husband and began to draw circles on his chest. “We have the house for ourselves for an hour. Any ideas?”
“Yes, I have an order to finish before tomorrow and you are about to train a new griffin.” Ivan shrugged, looking as if he very much hated to be the wet blanket. “Sorry my love. Work before pleasure.”
Aura sighed and frowned. “By everything that is holy, you are no fun.”
Dimi was very satisfied with her purchase in Onyxville.
It was a vase with flowers painted on it. Once she got home, she would pick a couple of daisies to put in it and it would make an okay wedding day gift for Ivan and Aura. It hadn’t been expensive, but it hadn’t been cheap either, so Dimi felt good about buying it for her god-father and his wife.
Dimi stopped admiring the vase as she heard something. It was the sound of two or more people arguing. She followed the sound that brought her to the entrance of a blind alley. She took a peak and saw that in said alley were a dwarf, a satyr, a harpy and some sort of female green-skinned creature wearing a big, pointy hat. Dimi saw that the creature was armed with a kitchen knife, NOT the weapon of a mugger, meaning she was just trying to defend herself with what she had at the moment had on her possession.
Also, Dimi recognized the satyr.
“I swear, I will cut you if you get any closer to me, Hector!” The green woman said while aiming her knife at her three attackers.
“See? This is what I’m talking about.” Hector waved his hand at the woman as if he was showing his friends an interesting animal. “Her kind are violent. We would do anyone a favor by teaching this THING some manners and self control before she leaves Onyxville to infect some other town.”
Hector and his turned their heads to see the human girl at the entrance to the alley as she carefully placed a vase on the ground and then proceeded to crack her knuckles.
“I don’t know what is going on here, but I can see you are ganging up on that girl. I’m a blacksmith AND a boxer, so I can kick your asses.” Dimi smiled. “Especially your ass, Hector. Or maybe you can’t remember what happened last Friday?”
Hector very much remembered last Friday where he had squared off against Dimi in the ring. Just looking at her made his ribs hurt again.
“You two, take care of the snake freak.” Hector tightened his fists as his hoof scrapped the ground. “The human is mine!”
Hector thought he had an advantage in a street fight since this wasn’t a boxing ring where he had to follow rules and wasn’t allowed to use his horns. But the goat boy had not considered that Ivan the Minotaur had taught Dimi how she should NOT fight. Like how she should NOT stick her thumbs in someone’s eyes to both partly blind them and cause them a lot of pain to disorient them. Or how she should NOT knee someone in the groin since that was more effective than trying to kick them in that area.
As Hector leaned forward in pain, Dimi placed a solid punch on his rips, mostly to hurt his pride. After watching him fall to the ground and whimper, she looked up to see if the green girl was okay. She seemed to be doing okay as she kicked the dwarf in the face and held her knife toward the harpy’s throat. Dimi noticed that the harpy’s wings were bleeding. This female creature knew to go for the wings first so the harpy would be forced to fight on the ground where she had a disadvantage. The green girl had tried fighting before, that much was clear.
The dwarf tackled the green girl from behind and made her fall to the dirt. The harpy was about to dig her talons in the back of her, but Dimi grabbed the dwarf by his arm and used his weight against him by shoving him into his winged buddy.
“Are you okay?” Dimi helped the green girl up. “Why are they... ah...”
Dimi blinked. The green girl had dropped her hat, revealing a head with snakes attached to it. the girl was also wearing a pair of sunglasses. She looked like she was a little older than Dimi, but not much older.
“Behind you.” The gorgon stabbed the dwarf in the shoulder as he had fetched a dagger. Dimi stopped staring at the snake-creature and turned her attention toward the harpy that kicked after her in the hope of scratching her. She was horribly unbalanced and Dimi knocked her over with a left hook.
Dimi and the gorgon watched as Hector and his friends limp away to lick their wounds. Once they were gone, Dimi returned her stare at the scaled girl who lifted an eyebrow at her.
“Something wrong?” The gorgon asked.
“No, I... no, I just never met a gorgon before. That’s what you are, right?”
The girl narrowed her eyes behind her shades. “Yeah. Got a problem with that?”
“No, I just never met one before, that’s all.” Dimi offered a handshake. “My name is Dimi.”
The gorgon hesitated before taking the human’s hand. “I’m Ruby. Thanks for the help.”
“Not a problem. I... Oh NO!” Dimi ran to see if her vase was still intact. It wasn’t. “DANGIT! They must have kicked it or something!”
“Oh, that’s too bad.” Ruby watched Dimi as she looked at the broken vase as she wondered if she could somehow fix it. “Hey, look... how about I thank you by buying you a new one.”
“Oh, don’t do that, it was my fault for leaving it lying around.”
“Yeah, you left it lying around to back me up. Let me buy you a new vase! The ceramics shop is next to my home anyways. Or rather, my ex-home, I’m getting out of this lousy town and moving to Jadedale.”
“Hey, I live in Jadedale!” Dimi said excitedly.
Ruby grinned. “Well, I already have some hopes regarding that town now thanks to you. Know what? I’m opening a restaurant in Jadedale, stop by my place once I open it and I will give ya a free meal.”
“So it’s YOU who bought the closed-down bakery?”
“Yeah, I decided to keep a low profile before I actually moved to Jadedale. Was worried I would be met by a load of people who would run me out of town before I actually arrived.”
“No way, Jadedale is great! We accept each other, and cross-species marriage is not frowned upon. In Jadedale, we can’t even SPELL the word bigotry! Heck, my caretakers are a minotaur and a sphinx!”
Ruby laughed as she grabbed the bag she had to drop as she had gotten ambushed and stuck her kitchen knife in it. “Dimi, it sounds like Jadedale is my kind of town!”
Ruby and Dimi sat in the wagon that transported people from Onyxville to Jadedale. Dimi held her new vase while Ruby was wearing her hat again to hide her snakes despite only sharing the wagon with Dimi and the goblin coachman who minded his own business and had his eyes on the road.
“And that’s how my mom ended up marrying a grindylow and had me.”
“That is so sweet!” Dimi was moved by Ruby’s tale, but then realized something. “Wait, you are only part gorgon? Why don’t you have traits from your dad? And how do you live on land?”
“Eh, the gorgon genes are always the dominating ones. But I did inherit dad’s lounges, meaning that I can hold my breath for several hours under water. But I don’t have to stay wet to stay alive or anything like that.”
“Still, a gorgon and a grindylow... that’s pretty unusual, right?”
Ruby looked somewhat bitter. “Actually... not as unusual as you would think. There aren’t that many gorgons left, fewer and fewer are born after the massacre. Dad was lizard-ish like mom, meaning having a child was possible for them. There are more half-blood gorgons today than there are full-blood ones.”
Dimi blinked. “The... massacre?”
Ruby sighed. “Yeah, no wonder you haven’t heard of it since you are a human. My people were originally from an island not far from Nesredna. About one-hundred years ago, the queen of Nesredna decided we were too dangerous since the gorgons did not want to make an alliance with the humans, meaning we could side with a potential enemy, like the orcs I guess.”
Dimi felt as if she had just been punched in the guts by someone wearing a stone for a boxing glove.
Ruby’s eyes tightened as she went on. “Gorgons pride themselves as astounding hunters and illusionists, but we were not the greatest warrior nation. The gorgons were slaughtered once the humans attacked. Those who survived had to flee and we spread across the world. The gorgons never became one people again and our number has only dwindled with time.”
“Um...” Dimi was afraid to ask. “What was the name of the island where gorgons were from?”
A dark shadow came over Ruby’s face. “Ever heard about Ceto Island?”
Dimi bit her lower-lip. “Oh god, NO!”
“Yup. My ancestors’ home is now used as a holiday resort. Creatures are sunbathing on the graves of gorgons.”
Dimi was very familiar with Ceto Island. she had spent the summers there as a child while still living with her father. “Ruby... I had no idea.”
“Oh, please! I have no beef with you. It was a long time ago, and it was the royal human family who planned the slaughter of gorgons. They are the ones I’m really pissed at.”
Dimi felt as if she received a severe beating while being forced up a ring-corner. “Um... are you still mad at the human royal family? You said it yourself, it was a long time ago, right?”
“Eh, maybe I’m being unreasonable, but they never made it up for us, they didn’t even admit that what they did was genocide, not an act of war. Also, they made life harder for us by making laws to treat us unfairly, like the one about us having to wear shades all the damn time.”
“Wait, aren’t your eyes... you know... dangerous?”
“No, that’s just human propaganda. We don’t turn people into stone with simple eye-contact, we stun people for about a minute or so. And we have to want it, it’s not a handicap. But taking off my glasses, even to just nudge my eyes, is a criminal offence.” Ruby sighed. “It sounds like small potatoes, but it is just the top of the iceberg of injustice. And it is extra annoying since the human king Pater made promises he didn’t keep because he was a wuss.”
It was almost too much for Dimi. “I’m sorry, what?!”
“Dimi, no offence... but king Pater was a big wuss. He kept making speeches about equality among creatures and stuff, but he never did a damn thing to help gorgon, minotaurs, half-elves or other creatures humans has screwed over for who knows how long. Creatures who had it crummy kept having it crummy. I mean, if he was a douche-bag who hated us less-than-fortunate creatures, then I could at some degree respect it. But he never changed the laws because he didn’t want the humans he ruled over to be pissed at him. Seriously, such a little-” Ruby paused as she saw that Dimi looked uncomfortable. “Look, as I said, no offence. I mean, it is not like you are related to that wimp of an ex-king.”
Dimi felt great relief as they arrived in Jadedale. “I have to go home, work and stuff. I will see you later in your new restaurant.”
Ruby watched Dimi run for it with the vase under her arm. The gorgon felt stupid for hitting the human girl with such a truth bomb and made her feel bad about being a human since she had been nice to her. Ruby would probably feel even worse if she knew how much it hurt Dimi to hear about king Pater and why.
Aura roared at the newly-bought griffin that had been tied to the fence near her barn so it wouldn’t fly away while she proved her dominance to make it accept her as pack leader. She dropped her war-mask as she noticed that Dimi had returned home while carrying something packed in brown paper. She stopped smiling as she noticed how miserable the human girl was.
“Dimi, is something wrong?” The sphinx asked concerned.
“No...” Dimi’s face betrayed her words. “Where is Ivan? I have to talk to him.”
“In the forge.”
Aura watched the human girl go into the house first to leave the packet inside. Then she went to the shed that had been rebuilt to function as forge. Inside was Ivan who was busy with what would become a kitchen-knife.
"Girl, you've been away longer than you promised.” Ivan cooled the new knife in water and dried his face. “Were you occupied or-”
“Was my dad a bad king?”
Ivan knocked the bucket over and the not-cool-enough knife got bent out of shape. Ivan looked at Dimi as if she had turned into a talking tomato before his very eyes. “Ah... I’m sorry, what was the question again?”
Dimi looked at Ivan with annoyance all over her face. “I asked if my dad did not lift a finger to change laws that targeted different creatures even though they were unfair and only made to make their lives harder. Laws my ancestors made. Short version: Was my dad a bad king?”
Ivan just looked at Dimi. This was worse than when he tried to muster up the courage to explain the birds and bees to her. And he could see on her expression that every second he hesitated with answering her question just made it worse.
“Dimi...” Ivan began to clean up his mess on the floor so he had an excuse not to look her in the eyes. “Politics... it’s complicated. A delicate affair. Doing the right thing is... not without problems.”
Dimi scoffed. “Ivan, that’s a load of bull.”
“Dimi, the sort of language...Eh, okay, you are right, it’s a load of bull.” The minotaur sighed. “Dimi... Your father is a good man, he really is. But... he is not exactly a brave one. There were decisions he did not dare to take.”
Dimi tightened her fists. “Great. Just great. My dad is a coward.”
“Dimi, it’s not that-”
“Sorry I came home later than I promised.” Dimi left the forge. “I’m going to help out Aura.”
Ivan watched the human girl leave. She looked so angry that one would worry that getting near her would be life threatening. Ivan was unsure what to do.
So he went back to work.
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Fictober - Day 16
prompt: 16. “Listen. No, really listen.” fandom: Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters pairing: Jounouchi Katsuya/Kaiba Seto rating: PG warnings: none a/n: more post-canon MUA!Jou (part 1, part 2, part 3). have some Jounouchi POV 
Yep, Kaiba was definitely pissed. His white coat flapped behind him like a war banner as he stormed away. 
Jounouchi wondered, not for the first time if he’d miscalculated. Some of his friends would be quick to point out he’d always been shit at math. Honda, in particular, would say he’d screwed himself by messing with Kaiba in the first place.
He ran a hand through his hair, not caring if he messed up his styling. He knew he’d been playing with fire. Of course, he did. This was Kaiba fucking Seto they were talking about. Narrow-minded. Pigheaded. Enough pride and ego to steamroll God Himself on good days. 
Jounouchi never fucked his clients. Even he wasn’t stupid enough to make that mistake. But some good-humored teasing went a long way to helping them relax. It was Jounouchi’s job to bring out their best side.
So taunting Kaiba had been all fun and games. At first. Jounouchi had expected a return to old civilities, namely verbal sparring. Instead, Kaiba had asked questions. He’d listened as he flared his nostrils and licked his lips. All while a faint flush crept up his elegant swan neck. Before Jounouchi knew it, he’d descended into full-on flirting. He wanted to touch Kaiba more. To apply direct skin-to-skin contact and see how he’d react.
He blamed it on Kaiba’s stupid face. Jounouchi had always been a sucker for a pretty face. Unfortunately, that weakness only grew worse with his current line of work. God, Kaiba was easy on the eyes. He'd always been tall and lithe, but he used to clash against the backdrop of the world in the same way poisonous animals wore bright colors as a warning. Age had blunted some of the sharper lines and angles prominent in their teenage years. It made him more approachable—human even.
If Mariko hadn’t interrupted, Jounouchi definitely would have done something impulsive he couldn’t take back. Whatever fantasies he harbored after that should have gone with him to his grave. But his gigs kept intersecting with Kaiba’s media obligations. He did his best to keep his distance. He knew better than to linger too long around temptation. 
He couldn’t hide behind his usual shield of professionalism at Yuugi and Anzu’s party though. Sure, he was happy for his friends. But he was also jealous. He’d been single for two years since he and Mai split. He didn’t pine for her, and she was now married. What Jounouchi missed were the connection and intimacy. Sex also didn’t hurt. Throwing himself at Kaiba had been a stupid move. But there was something heady and delicious about being wanted, especially by someone like Kaiba. 
He had looked forward to seeing Kaiba again. Hell, he’d been looking forward to today’s gig all week. He just hadn’t expected Kaiba to react in this way. Aloof, maybe. Be his usual smirking dick self, sure. Either of which Jounouchi could have easily managed. Instead, Kaiba acted as if Jounouchi had murdered his entire family. Why the hell was Kaiba so angry? It didn’t make any sense.
“Jounouchi-kun, we need you for a touch-up,” said the PA who stuck her head through the doorway and was gone just as quickly. 
Already? That was fast.
Sighing, Jounouchi slipped a few brushes and compacts into his apron pockets before heading to the studio. As usual, the lights were blazing, hot enough to roast a yam. Kaiba cut an imposing outline out of the charcoal gray backdrop. Their eyes met as Jounouchi approached. Kaiba narrowed his eyes before turning his head away in a deliberate snub.
This was why you shouldn’t sleep with clients, he reminded himself. 
Jounouchi touched up the foundation that had run under the studio lights. It was his own fault for forgetting to set it in the first place. He kept his voice low as a whisper, knowing Kaiba would hear him. “Look, can we talk afterward?” 
Kaiba’s glacial eyes zeroed in on him. He didn’t have the same qualms about controlling his volume. “I have nothing to say to you, deadbeat.”
He winced. It was never a good sign when Kaiba reverted to old duel-ring insults. Out of the corner of his eyes, he spotted the photographer throwing them concerned looks. He finished his work and stepped back to join the rest of the crew. If Kaiba wanted to treat him like an eyesore, he’d act like one. 
Kaiba’s hackles immediately rose after noting how Jounouchi stayed. Served the asshole right.
Uenoyama, the photographer, maneuvered Kaiba into various postures that emphasized his long legs and neck. Petulance flashed across Kaiba’s face every time he shifted positions. He was as stiff as a board. His face remained as severe and as inviting as an oni’s. He held himself so unnaturally that no amount of creative camera angles or posing would flatter the man. Jounouchi only grew more frustrated the longer he watched. Kaiba may not be a model, but he had enough publicity training to perform at the amateur level. Instead, he fought the photographer’s instructions at every turn, dragging out the shoot with his diva attitude.
It was unprofessional. Childish. Stupid.
“Fifteen-minute break!” Uenoyama snapped, He held an unlit cigarette between his fingers as he stalked out of the studio.
The PA immediately stepped up to Kaiba and offered him bottled water. Kaiba glared at her until she scurried away. The rest of the crew gave him a wide breadth.
Jounouchi snuck a peek at the day’s schedule. There were three more duelists scheduled to take their promo shots after Kaiba. The asshole’s inability to cooperate would delay everyone. Fed up on behalf of his colleagues, Jounouchi took Kaiba by the elbow and dragged him out of the room. For a moment, Kaiba looked like he might throw Jounouchi off. Then he wiped his face clear of any expression and allowed himself to be drawn away.
They took several blind turns down a handful of hallways. It didn’t take long before Jounouchi got turned around. He had worked with this studio before, but not enough to familiarize himself with the building’s layout. Hopefully, they were far enough from prying ears. 
He spun on his heels to face Kaiba, who fixed his gaze on a framed photograph hanging behind Jounouchi. He snapped his fingers in Kaiba’s face. This time he was ready to take on the full brunt of Kaiba’s wrath. “Listen—“ 
Kaiba opened his mouth to say something.
Jounouchi wouldn’t let him get a word in edge-wise. “—No, really listen, you need to stop that bullshit out there.”
Kaiba bared his teeth, his eyes sharp and steely like his stupid dragons. He looked ready to eat Jounouchi, but not in a good way. “You presume a lot to think you can speak to me like that.”
“I’ll ‘presume’ whatever! You’re pissed at me! Fine! Whatever! But do not—“ He jabbed a finger at Kaiba’s sternum for emphasis. “—take it out on everyone else in the studio. Do you even realize how far back you’ve pushed the schedule with your petty ass bullshit?”
Kaiba barked a razor-edged laugh. “You’re one to lecture me on professionalism, mutt.”
Oh, that stung. That stung way more than “deadbeat.” How long had it been since Kaiba called him a dog? Fucking years. He balled his hands into fists. “Imma hella lot more professional than you. If you’re only here to waste our time, get out. We got better things to do than entertain your fucking temper tantrum.”
“Watch your damn mouth,” growled Kaiba. He stepped forward, trying to use his height to intimidate Jounouchi.
“Fuck you. You liked my mouth just fine when I was sucking your dick,” he volleyed back with a vicious smile. Jounouchi should have outgrown this juvenile bullshit years ago. How did Kaiba always bring out the worst in him?
Kaiba blanched, then turned bright red. The turnabout happened so fast that it gave Jounouchi whiplash. But in that quicksilver moment, he spotted a breach in Kaiba’s defense—that spark of hurt that fanned the flames of his anger. Kaiba didn’t do fire-spitting mad. That was more Jounouchi’s territory. It was a diversion meant to distract himself and others from seeing the real issue.
Thoughts racing, Jounouchi reviewed everything that happened since Kaiba first stepped into the dressing room. Wait, Palau. How did Kaiba know about he’d gone to Palau? It wasn’t as if they talked about it at the party.
“Holy shit, that’s why you’re mad at me. You were looking for me…” Jounouchi gaped. 
“Don’t flatter yourself,” snarled Kaiba, but he took two steps back. 
“You gotta be kidding me. Ya got all prissy over that? What the hell? You couldn’t pick up a phone? It was fucking Palau! Not Mars. You’re the CEO of a multibillion-dollar corporation. I think you can afford an international phone call or two. Unbelievable!”
Kaiba’s expression shuttered. Jounouchi could practically hear the mental gates slam close. “Why bother? It’s clear there’s nothing left to discuss.”
He turned and left, once again leaving Jounouchi to gawk after his swishing coattail.
Don’t worry, more of this tomorrow with semi-sexy results ;)
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Bond Between People & Pokemon The Finale
Upon arriving at the battlefield Ganon had ordered all his forces to attack Kirby at once no matter what the cost.
Ganondorf: You must kill Kirby!
Villains: Alright!
All the villains ran past the heroes, each just standing awaiting the carnage that would soon arrive.
Samus, waving: Good luck, idiots!
Ganondorf: It is he who will need luck for he can’t possibly take on millions of soldiers at on-
Dark Link, flew by through the air. Landing on top of him followed Nightmare.
Dark Link: Ouch! Get off me! (Pushes Nightmare away) Why are we even trying!? (Running away) See ya once this has all cooled down boss!
Ganondorf: What!? Get back here and fight cowards!
Sephiroth: Worry not Ganondorf, you shall be rid of this pest, as I don’t plan on being bested by a marshmallow. Unlike these worthless soldiers.
Chara: Yeah Uncle Sephiroth will show him what’s what.
Bonny, Dedede & Incineroar had just arrived to where the battle was taking place - an injured Incineroar atop Dedede’s back.
Doomguy: Is that? Bonny!? My sweet bonbon has come back and not a scratch on her.
Bonny Janet: But Incineroar…Not so much.
Doomguy: Oh no…Don’t worry good ol’ three fingers (Points at Mewtwo) will take him back to the mansion to Dr. Mario. We’’ll see what he can do. But in the meantime-
King Dedede: Kick their asses Kirby!
Sephiroth: Can it traitor! Your little “hero” dies here! No more shall you pests interfere with our plans!
Bonny Janet: Go ta hell! Yer half pint, wee willy, prissy haired sissy!
Sephiroth self-consciously ran his fingers through his hair, then thrust his sword towards Kirby. Kirby turned and stared Sephiroth dead in his eyes, before grabbing the sword an inch away from his face. He smiled at Sephiroth then threw him through the crowd of villains so fast he set on fire, crashing through a few boulders on the way.
Sephiroth: Argh! *cough cough* How…Is that possible. (Faints)
King Dedede: It’s called being god and tons of friendship b-
Meta Knight: BITCH!
King Dedede: …How dare you steal that from me…
The villains stood in silence for a while.
Random Enemy: … … …RETREAT!
Hades: Sorry bro, but we gotta get outta here. We can save your Ultimate Weapons or whatever for another time.
Ganondorf: You! You’re… … …No. No! NO! YOU’RE WRONG! I CAN BEAT HIM! YOU WORTHLESS PAWNS ARE JUST TOO WEAK! Sometimes you’ve just gotta do things yourself…
Ganondorf now fueled with hatred and malice transformed into his Demon King form, and stared Kirby down with his emerald, green eyes. Kirby in respondents stared back not flinching at all. Commence JoJo music.
Ganondorf: Let’s see you best the hands of a god!
Heroes & Villains: … … …Does he think being a God can save him?
King Dedede: That’s funny Ganon, we’d love to see you deal with Dark Matter every single day!
Ganon began charging towards Kirby with malicous intent.
Kirby, stepping forward: Poyo. (“Aw shit, here we go again”).
Kirby & Ganon collided in the air, sparks literally flying. Kirby then moved to Ganon’s stomach and started pelting a load of punches at him, pushing him back a little.
Ganondorf then grabbed Kirby and dragged him around violently through the air, before hitting him away with his sword. Kirby recovering quickly then rushed over to Ganon pulled on his tounge and then slammed his own teeth on it cutting it off. Making Ganon completely speechless.
Samus & Link, leaning back: Damn!
Doomguy: Now I’ve done alot of gruesome things in my day…But that!…That was nasty.
A now immobilized Ganon fell to the floor to recollect himself. Kirby, however, had other plans. He made his way to Ganon’s tail. He picked him up by it and then began to swing him round in circles. (Keep in mind he’s 8 inches tall, and Ganon is now 23 inches tall.) He spun so fast it almost seemed like he wasn’t moving. After Kirby eventually released his grip Ganon was sent flying out of sight.
He then came flying back from around the entire world and crashed hard. Pretty much causing a tremor. He then turned back to his original form.
Ridley, watching from afar: Ooh. You hate to see that happen.
Bonny Janet: Tha’s right! None o’ ya got shit, compared ta Kirby!
Chara: Dad!
Hades: Crap, Crap, Crap!
Sephiroth, crawling to Ganon: I’m sorry Ganondorf…For I have failed. I was not strong enough.
Ganondorf: … … …
Sephiroth: We must retreat…For now but we will be back. Once we have replenished ourselves.
Ganondorf: *Nods*
Ridley, flying down with a still unconscious K.Rool: That’s our que to return I guess…God your heavy.
Hades creates a portal to somewhere. And all the villains step through it.
Dark Link: See ya later losers!
Samus: Hmf…Funny…Last I checked we won. But now in related news…WE WON!
Heroes: Heck yeah!
Doomguy: And I bagged us a few goodies to.
Samus: What?
Doomguy: A plant! (Holds up Pirahna Plant)
Link: That’s kinda less bewildering.
Doomguy: Oh and a dinosaur!
Link: A wha-
Riptor, who was held in Doomguy’s shackles, attempted to lunge at Link, causing him to piss his pants scared, Samus came over to comfort him.
Link: Dinosaur’s are just big chickens… …I hate chickens.
Samus: Yeah, it’s alright sweetie, you made it (Kisses him). Alright, listen up heroes. We did well out there today. Thanks to Sakurai & Kirby we were able to rescue Bonny, Incineroar & Dedede. But they always will attempt to fight us again so we must always be aware. DK I’m looking at you. Now come on let’s head back.
After the battle everyone headed back to the mansion Dedede was welcomed back and the second he got there, gave Rosalina & Lucas a hug, but then got to get something to eat he was being starved for days. Joker got to take care of the new obtained Pirahna Plant. He seemed to be doing a pretty good job, the plant didn’t exactly do much harm. Just a lot of smiling. Doomguy began training his new stolen pet Riptor. Though at times it was pretty…Difficult. When Chara found out her pet was stolen she was definitely not very happy. And now to Bonny Janet & Incineroar. He still lay in Dr. Mario’s infirmary recovering from his injuries. At a moment like this her past self would have attempted to catch him. But now she understands that to gain a pokémon as a partner you need to have strong bonds. So now she steps into the infirmary.
Bonny Janet: Hey, Incin. Still in tha’ coma o’ yours. They all know about wha’ yer did ta save me…Even if aye was human. They all understood tha’ yer actions were derived from the selfish desires o’ hatred for the ones tha’, yer know…But yer know wha’? (Puts her hand on his paw) Aye’ve learned something from this experience. No matter pokémon or trainer…Yer should never take one another for granted…All the pain & suffering you went through was to protect me. Even if yer still hated me…Yer still cared….I’m such a coward…I can’t even say this to you properly… … …Well…See ya.
Bonny gets up to leave only to be stopped by something that was pulling her back from her hand. Her eyes lit up, at what she saw. Incineroar was opening his eyes.
Bonny Janet: In…Incineroar?
Incineroar: Huh?…Bonny? What? Did I? I lived!?
Bonny Janet began to cry heavily and ran up to Incineroar and gave him the biggest hug she could offer.
Incineroar: Woah! Umm…
Bonny Janet: I’m sorry…sorry for all the stuff tha’ happened ta yer. It was all because o’ me. If it weren’t for me. Yer wouldn’t ‘ave got hurt.
Incineroar: No. You’re wrong. Kid…If it wasn’t for you, I would still be working for those braindead knuckle draggers. With you by my side. You showed me the true light that resides within, not just humans, but all living things alike. And I thank you for that.
Bonny Janet held Incineroar tighter now knowing the stress of the belief that her actions caused harm could now be lifted off her shoulders.
-One Week Later-
Bonny Janet: A'ight I’m about ta do it but I 'ave ta ask one more tame. Are yer sure?
Incineroar: Yes! How many times kid?
Bonny Janet: Aye just don’t know if aye should.
Incineroar: Kid, you’ve been trying to do this most of your time here. Now you’ve got the chance and your turning down the offer? Make up your mind. Besides I don’t exactly gotta stay in it.
Bonny Janet: (sigh) Ok fine. (Holds up a pokéball) Ready?
Incineroar: As I’ll ever be.
Bonny taps the pokéball against Incineroar’s fist. It wobbled around a few times before clicking in place showing Incineroar had been captured.
Bonny Janet: Yes! I did it!
Everyone who was apparently watching: YAY! After so long she did it!
Incineroar: Hey this place is pretty cosy. There’s a bed, not that I’ll sleep in here. A play area. A wrestling ring!? How are they fittin’ this stuff here!? THEY HAVE A JACUZZI!?
Bonny Janet, sending him out: A'ight that’s enough, Nirvana.
Incineroar: No my Nirvana. Dude that place was incredible I should’ve got caught ages ago.
Bonny Janet: Tha’s not what matters remember Incineroar? Hold up aye’ve gotta give yer a name…How about…Jasper, the rings roaring flame!
Incineroar: Jasper 'ey? That ain’t too shabby. And yeah I know all that mumbo jumbo. It ain’t about profit, power, or Nirvana. It’s about…
The Bond Between People & Pokemon
Incineroar: HEY TITLE! You stole my line!
Bonny Janet: Come on we’ll just boot their arse later.
Incineroar: Yeah, in the mean time let’s kick everyone eles ass!
The End. :3
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