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#ya know what time it is bois
ivory-insanity-a · 3 years ago
Tumblr media
it’s that time of year again where i put this blog on a semi-hiatus! this will last until 2019.
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uncanny-fellow · a month ago
Is there an explanation I missed/forgot or should I just assume that the reason Neku returned in Gatto Nero clothes without even knowing the name is because Coco went "you are not going back to Shibuya unless you do it in style" and brought him a new outfit knowing it was his friend's brand and Neku was just like "okie dokie, whatever gets me home faster" and rolled with it lmao
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olitheharpy · 5 months ago
Fandoms have a problem with immortal teenage deities in a relationship. Like... what do you think exactly? That age gaps between YA heroes and immortals trapped in a teenage form/emotional state will...give a bad example and normalize...normalize what exactly?? I'm honestly laughing when I read posts that criticize this kind of relationship like it's the new sin of the century. you believe that the depiction of these relationships will make teenagers go: "if my hero can date a centuries old person trapped in a sixteen years old body and mind then me too!" like🤣 I can get that it makes you uncomfortable like anything else could (I mean I accept it...a courtesy that not all of you have) but blaming people who ship them?? Saying they're p*dophiles?? You know...sometimes it's good to just...not overthink things and stop taking kids for idiots and authors for perverts.
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swordsxandxshadows · a month ago
"make me" (scaramouche <3)
☯ &. 𝐬𝐮𝐛𝐭𝐥𝐞 𝐬𝐦𝐮𝐭 𝐬𝐞𝐧𝐭𝐞𝐧𝐜𝐞 𝐬𝐭𝐚𝐫𝐭𝐞𝐫𝐬. ☯
Tumblr media
"Oh ho ho, someone wants to play it that way, huh? Who am I to deny a good time~"
There was a playful and flirty grin spread across the robotic man's features, optics hooded and giving their partner a very sultry look. His tone matching the look being given to the other. Clear as crystal that he was enjoying this intimate moment they were sharing, having always embraced the more sexual and permiscious side of himself. Being loud and proud of his sultry, flirty, and erotic nature, never shying away from it or trying to hide. Always down for some fun and having a good time in the bedroom.
Servos braced against the other's chest as he straddled their waist, running them along and up their being. Only stopping at the wrists before grabbing and pinning them down against the bed, cooeing seductively before nuzzling into their neck. Pressing close to their ears and speaking again, tone lower and more seductive.
"Let's see how long before you BEG, babe~"
Letting the words sink in, feeling the other shiver beneath them. Earning a chuckle and only encouraging what the mechanical man had planned. This was going to be a fun night.
"I'll try not to break you...too much, beebee~"
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wanderingpages · 6 months ago
The first time i was pregnant i lost my shit... and kept losing my shit every day for a week... i packed a bowl and smoked till i was numb... i wasn't in a good place, i wasn't ready and i just knew i couldnt be pregnant. I terminated my pregnancy the day after i told my husband (bf at the time). Its been 7 year and i wonder what could have been, but i have never regreted my choice and my husband never once made me feel any anguish... i was 9 weeks pregnant when i found out
The second time i was pregnant was very soon after that and the birth control failed, we were so careful and still... i was 5 weeks pregnant when i terminated and I've never told anyone because i was so frustrated...
The third time i was pregnant i found out like 2 weeks after hurricane María destroyed all semblance of normalcy my life had. There was no power, no food, no water, no gas in Puerto Rico... people were so desperate and sad and it was so utterly bizarre, like suddenly we woke up in the middle of a fucking really bad disaster movie.
I owned a little café at the time and we were able to keep operating during the worst of it. I found out when after a really bad day i went to have a cigarette and it made me so nauseous ( I'd smoked for like 10 yrs, so that was not normal), the next day i woke up and lit up with my coffee and almost fainted. 3 tests later and yep...
I gave myself a week to think about it, even with the work load, the bad things happening, (after maria i didnt have power in my house for 6 months!!!) I was looking forward to being a mom... i told my husband and my friends and my family and never regreted it. I have an( almost) 3yr old...
Sorry to make this so long, i dont know you, i read your work but usually dont interact much on Tumblr... but i wanted you to know that in my opinion, its ok to freak out but if you cant stop freaking out... its ok to say you're not ready and don't want it. Kids are fucking hard core and they should be had willingly and happily. Its OK to not be ready.
I have no idea if where you're from abortions are legal or not, but you have complete control over your body and it should be your CHOICE to have a baby.
I wish you much clarity and all the best.
Xoxo N
Oh my god thank you for sharing your story with me, I’m fucking in tears, this meant the world to me right now. I’m sorry you had to go through that but I’m so happy you’re in a better place now. I don’t know what my plans are, I don’t know if I’m ready or if I can or ever will be able to handle this, half the time I don’t even know what to feel or if what I do feel is alright to feel.
I know I have support with whatever my decision is but it’s the inner turmoil that’s really messing me up. Lmfao my self is my worst critic these days.
#asks#my therapist says I’m scared to lose it if it’s real and that’s why I have attachment issues#and just thinking about every possible outcome... I just don’t even think I’d be prepared for any of them#maybe she’s right#the first time I had a pregnancy scare#the test was positive but a few days later I got my period so I didn’t think anything of it#a few weeks later I’m suddenly bleeding out and I don’t know just whatever happened happened but that nurse who took care of me#god she made me feel so fucking guilty#and I was just a kid wtf was I supposed to know??#she told me it had a heartbeat and it made me feel so sick#maybe she didn’t know the extent of what happened just knew I was a teenager who ‘lost a baby’ but boy did she run her mouth#logically I KNEW none of it was my fault#like it would not have gone anywhere at all#and I just was so so fucking depressed for a really long time#hell every winter I get all fucking sad and angry at myself again and I KNOW ITS NOT MY FAULT#but it’s so hard I don’t know#I wanted to break up with my boyfriend at the time#hell I blamed him too#really said he had demon sperm for a while#lol I was just like ya know the first time I have sex and give myself completely over to somebody#this shit happens#and I was just an angry person for a while#it just freaks me out and scares me and horrifies me and fills me with guilt#I don’t know I guess I’ll figure it out soon#it’s emotionally exhausting#and I can’t tell if the nausea is from my anxiety or it’s a symptom lmao fuck#but I feel sick#sorry for all my word vomit#ya know in general too#tw pregnancy
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messedupessy · a year ago
Tumblr media
Look finally some art, tho it’s just a very messy warm up sketch ye xD as currently I am fighting against this weird af art funk I been in lately, like been unable to focus like at all, getting instantly tired af as soon as I try to draw etc, it’s been driving me mad, but today I succeeded in making this! And also start on a thing which I hope I will get done the 25th, because it’s a special day yes yes
I am very happy with that hand even though at the same time it is a mess xD but it’s a good mess, and I am happy with it, his face also turned out pretty good yes yes UwU ❤
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brechtian · 4 months ago
Jorgen for the ask thingy!
SHUSHH HELP i am fully about 2 expose my jorgen brainrot that IS MY YA BOY!!! THATS MY BOY!!!!! oh my god jorgen yeah wow yeah
looks: somewhat attractive | eh | not really my type | pretty | handsome | beautiful | stud | gorgeous | sexyyy
Literally one of his recurring descriptors is some variant of handsome/beautiful every time spensa calls him a pretty boy i 💞💞💞💞 also my canon jorgen is mae's art of him which is BEAUTIFUL i think abt it every day. also side note every single artist who whitewashes him should go to hell.
can you relate to this character on a personal level?: no | not really | somewhat | yes | they are me
He is me if I was rich, 5x more socially awkward and also cared more about following rules. But like... having an intense personality that can lead to bad first impressions? having 0 idea how to handle intimacy but waxing poetic about people? the bluntness & perfectionism? the holding yourself to extremely high standards? the character arc of learning to not take yourself so seriously & that compassion/adaptability are needed in forming relationships? i am obsessed with jorgen i can't explain it i am actuallg crying rn thinking about him. top 3 characters that make me feel insane for reasons i literally can not explain
would you date/be friends with this character in real life if they were real?: total bros | friends | best friends | date | we r legally married | neither | idk
I think I would be rly similar to Spensa in that at first we would not get along at all bc i have issues with authority and can conflict with other strong personalities but then i would realize he is just a silly guy with poor social skills who cares a lot and we would be friends :)
also trans jorgen real
send me a character
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lzylizzy · 5 months ago
I tried listening to next level again.
It's not as bad the second time but something is still off about it.
I like all the parts on their own but it's the way they were put together that bothers me.
The awkward beat drop line messes up the flow I think.
And then when it returns to the first beat its a little odd. Like maybe a slight pause before returning would work?
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inspirationallyinsane · 21 days ago
Lingering Desire, Unfounded
A wasp hovers uncertainly Over the body of a beetle. His striped abdomen shaking, Circling, his eyes wide eyes Watching. The beetle is dead. Its color drained, Legs stiff and folded, Wings dried and cracked. It knows not of the wasp. The wasp hovers patiently Above the beetle, waiting Eternally for a move that will Never be made. The wasp does not strike first. His wings tire and he Floats gracefully to the ground, Eyes fixated on the Deceased. His front legs pull At his antennae, desperate, Waiting. The beetle is dead. He knows not of the wasp; And still, the wasp only Lingers.
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