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#yall know why im tagging it

Ok swifties y'all are getting annoying again.

It is completely understandable to say “hey! I don’t really care for these certain songs that much” and then just move on but no. Y'all act like you have to hate on a song or album like as if your life depends on it. If you literally hate something that Taylor has worked hard on so much then just leave. It’s that simple. No one needs you here giving an opinion that no one asked for. I don’t understand why y'all have to constantly hate on something Taylor wrote and if one person doesn’t agree with you you tell them that they’re the ones who are wrong??? At the end of the day you hating on something that someone you idolize and have a fan account for just doesn’t make any sense. Do you really hate a Taylor Swift song? Or are you just trying to cause unnecessary drama.

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i’m so tired and i don’t want to do shit skldghsjdkfngvlkjdnflasjdfl

#not me posting this as if it's any new or interesting information#warning for a hella fucking long tag rant :3#i have to peer edit someone's essay but i don't want to bc it's gonna be miles better than my own unfinished draft#and i'm gonna go crazy thinking about what they're gonna think about my draft and everything#and i have math group homework to do tonight fucking god i just#MATH NEEDS TO STOP#i LIKE!!! MATH!!! but this course is way too much we were complaining about it in breakout rooms today which was nice to hear#that everyone is fucking struggling#they said 'we know it's a hard time but we're gonna give you SO MUCH FUCKING WORK ANYWAY#also i'm on my period and i'm tired and my like default is just negative thoughts bc i'm just thinking why do periods have to fucking exist#mine arent' even bad i just don't want to have to deal with that ugh#might make another post asking for yall to send me good things that happend to u today or something#IF I HAVE TIME like not having the time is gonna stop me lmao#i want to drop a class but it's hard bc i dislike all my classes a similar amount lmao#*julie voice* i wanna cry#i might ask yall to send me good things that happened today i just wnna talk to ppl#ok heres another fucking thing bc im just gonna fucking overshare in these tags instead of doing anything#i love yall i love my mutuals but sometimes i feel like i'm not like#a fun or interesting person at all i feel like people don't actually want to talk to me and idk its that feeling of like everyone has#BETTER friends even if they are friends with me like i want to talk to them more than they want to talk to me or something#like they have othr people they'd prefer to interact with yknow#i'm just rambling pls dont feel like this is talking about anyone in particular bc if ur actually reading this i probably love u to death <3#it's not even like a new thing that's just how i exist lmao everyone has better friends than me or whatever i feel like i'm so BORING#and when i'm not boring i feel like i'm being annoying#it's why i don't fucking talk in group chats bc i feel like no one will care what i have to say even tho i know that's not true lskkdgjhdslj#god what is this today lmao tumblr is my therapist#how close am i to the tag limit i'm probably close does it stop u on desktop or am i gonna go to post this and then it will tell me i'm over#ughhhh i dont even feel like i deserve a small break bc i'm always taking breaks or im always on tumblr or something#and i'm not fucking productive i'm not a good student like literally in one f my classes today i was making a lockscreen for myself lmao#oh wow they don't even tell u that ur over tag limit on desktop it just chops em off lmao probably for the best
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