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#yall should watch it

Watched the movie Hustlers… hit me right in the unreciprocated sapphic yearning

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i just can watch at her and say ok anya taylor marry me

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I wish I had a few friends who were in the DHMIS fandom so we could talk about the characters and headcanons and just have a geeky time- I only got like, one, and we only see each other 2 or 3 times a week-

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its basically countryhumans

but before contryhumans

and everyone is an actual human

and its an anime

you uncultured fucks

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after the shitshow that was yesterday im rlly glad danny made a video on my favorite disney movie

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Snowpiercer (TV series) is like Game of Thrones. 

Except scifi instead of fantasy

And good instead of shit

And the two main characters are played by a jewish woman and a moc as opposed to cishet white men

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Daily reminder: pitch is now on Hulu!!!!

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BLOOM INTO YOU || Yagate Kimi ni Naru
Yuu Koito x Nanami Touko

“The stars shine faintly in the distance. They fill their hearts with restlessness.”

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I wanna do a ‘The Worst Witch’ AU for Cath but no one here knows about it 😢

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He She It ตาย ไม่ ตาย | Chapter 1 “ HE

When it comes to performing arts, sometimes.. we can’t tell who’s acting.

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frozen 2 is really funny like its upbeat, tonally consistent, almost every joke lands and all around its genuinely hilarious

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Raw is an amazing movie Mariam is just weak

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yall zach posted his “origin story” ted talk and i love him even more damn

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