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#yamada hizashi

He remembers a little. Enough on each timeloop to want to grab young Shouta. He’s lonely and Shouta makes him feel not lonely.

Kurogiri/Oboro/The Shadow Man just…waits out each timeloop trying his damn best to break it. But he can never stop Hizashi and Shouta from reaching the Radio Station and can never buy them enough time for both of them to escape through the door.

Needless to say he’s bitter and a bit jaded. He just…keeps failing. He’s also very lonely. He’s tried talking with the Broadcaster but he’s just…not Hizashi anymore. He’s fully a pawn of the signal and the Shadow Man isn’t. Thus they are enemies.

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That’s A Whole Mood, Izuku
by FloralGinger

Izuku runs out of the door, away from the bullying from Kacchan, and away from the worrying looks his way that turn into glares at his childhood friend turned bully. His boyfriend, being worried as well, goes to follow him, and Present Mic and his classmates haven’t the heart to stop him, since he’s probably the best to help him.

Words: 982, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

Read Here:

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“Reminds you of old times, doesn’t it?”
“Shut up and keep shooting.”

(they’re married your honor)

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So like….does anyone wanna talk about mic sometime? I have stuff I wanna share 👉👈 I’m nice I swear 😂

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Read fics about Mic being captured- I have no explanation GJJAFHJFJJAHCA ENJOY?

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A new person.
by Ihvnfckngnsprtn

He isn’t who they think he is.
He isn’t that bubly shy boy they think he is.
He didn’t get into the school the same way as his clasmates.
What if the purpose of his stay at U.A. isn’t to become a
Izuku Midoriya is a ‘nice’ person.
Many would say he is the 'kindest’ in the class.
But, is that true?
Is the person they know Izuku Midoriya?
'Everyone is equel.’
Yes and no.
Everyone you think about, everyone you want to think about, the people who you wan’t to be equel.
Those people are equel.
Sadly people do not hink about the quirkless.

Words: 2086, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

Read Here:

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Thank you! Was gonna cover his face more but they single red eye showing just made him creepier so I had to do it ya know!

Glad you like the scary radio man!

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Some more doodles. Figured out what the Broadcaster looks like. Hope I captured how unsettling the man is. 

Also, Oboro breaking dolls and toys, Shouta wrecking a Bully and Hizashi giving Shouta a piggy back ride. 

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Rated explicit because A) kinda killed Inko, kind of. B) suicide attempt in the first couple chapters. 


What if All Might never saved Izuku from the sludge villain?

Izuku walks away from the encounter with a dangerous quirk. When he loses his mother to it, he takes Bakugou’s suggestion to heart. Can Eraserhead save Izuku and help him to control his new quirk or will he lose his problem child to it?

Relationships: Midoriya/Shinsou, Aizawa/Yamada

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AllMic Headcanons

I thought I did this already, but as I surfed my fanblog I realized that I didn’t! I forgot my boys!

*All Might and Present Mic actually knew each other before All Might came to UA. Not well. They went to the same coffee shop everyday and would talk while they were in line and waiting for their orders.

*Needless to say Mic was shocked to discover the truth. All Might was as well when Mic pushed his hair down.

*They didn’t get a chance to really hang out though. Mic was friendly enough. Hell, he was basically the entire welcoming party to UA (with Aizawa reluctantly dragged along). However All Might was always busy saving people.

*That changed slightly after Mic, in a rare moment of loneliness after being rejected by Aizawa for lunch, became depressed. All Might was worried about the usually bright man and so invited him to lunch.

*At the get together they started talking and discovered they had a lot in common.

*They started to hang out a bit more after that (though All Might did spend a lot of time rushing back and forth to save people). For Hizashi it was like having Oboro back, but not exactly. As much as he cared for Aizawa it was nice having a buddy who wasn’t Tsundere all the time.

*Speaking of Aizawa he was suspicious of the two getting so close. He didn’t show it often, but Aizawa was protective of Hizashi.

**Nemuri would tease that he was jealous.

*After All Might lost his powers all the teachers went drinking. Hizashi was the only one sober enough to help All Might load everyone into a cab and get them home.

*When they were alone Hizashi inquired about All Might’s emotional well being. He understood that losing his powers and his ability to be a hero must have been heart breaking.

*All Might surrenders to a moment of weakness and shares his regrets.

*Hizashi listens and assures the man the with or without a quirk he was still a hero to them all. Hizashi was glad to get a chance to know Toshinori.

*They share a few more words before exchanging a kiss. Which is then interrupted by a drunk Aizawa.

*Hizashi says goodbye to All Might and takes Aizawa back to his place.

*The next morning Hizashi pours Aizawa a river of coffee strong enough to awake the dead. After two sips Hizashi starts chatting about the kiss like school girl.

*Aizawa crashes the fantasy however. He shares his concerns about the two being an item—mainly that All Might was a target more than ever now that he was vulnerable. If Hizashi got involved with him, he risks becoming a target as well.

*Hizashi is grateful for the concern, but decides he wants to go for it anyway.

*Hizashi and All Might meet up the next day. They talk things out, but decide to give it a go.

*As a couple these two are adorkable as hell. Hizashi tries to play it cool, but usually ends up falling flat on his face. At first All Might is nervous, but becomes more confident over time.

*He likes Hizashi’s flustered face and will often tease him. This causes Hizashi to pout.

*They remain professional at work and in front of the kids, but in their off hours they’re all over one another. They’re always holding hands, arms around each other, etc.

*As time goes by they start to act more flamboyant with each other. All Might swinging Hizashi in the air, dipping him, etc.

*Aizawa is on guard about the two. Not because he disapproves, but because he worries about them.

*That being said he makes it clear to All Might that if he hurts Hizashi or breaks his heart, his ass is grass.

*Their antics annoy him as together the two have WAY too much energy for the grumpy boi.

*Nemuri thinks they’re adorable.

*All Might frets like a nervous house spouse whenever Hizashi goes out to do hero work, but is super happy when he returns.

*When they watch movies they like to cuddle with Hizashi always laying on All Might’s chest. They never admit it, but they like watching romcoms

*They don’t get to eat out much due to All Might’s popularity

*They technically never marry, but develop a common law marriage.

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