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gOES ABSOLUTELY BESERK AKSJSHBGVFCDXRDTJGHS NO MORE ONE DIMENSIONAL SOFT BOY YAMAGUCHI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SHUT THE FUCK UP UR ANNOYING GIVE HIM DEPTH RN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

also no more yachi slander stfu. i lov her and also shes a lesbian ty.

i have issues with this fandom but cba with discourse, here u go

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Haikyuu characters when they see a dead body

(I regret nothing)

Daichi - And this is why we don’t leave our children alone


Kiyoko - *pulls out machete*

Sugawara - *confronts murderer* You were supposed to kill me, not mY KIDS

Noya - *checks the body* Oh thank god it’s not Kiyoko

Suna - Finally I get to sleep

Ushijima - He should’ve come to Shiratorizawa.

Kenma - Is the murderer still here? Come get me too bitch.

Yamamoto & Tanaka - *nods in satisfaction* Shouldn’t have messed with our manager.

Yamaguchi - *just screaming*

Kageyama - Ha. Sucker.

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* back from the dead *

Y-yoo … Sorry for going MIA but this week was very stressfull and I didn’t have much free time. Think, I had Yamaguchi already done but during the day I was too full with work and in the evening I was too much tired to do anything … I barely drew two sketches to relax.
Anyway, I’m more free now so I’m catching up with some drawings I had to put behind ;)

Oh! And this is the last drawing for the Karasuno’s team. I’m still deciding if follow with Seijou or Nekoma 🤔

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Eye- are we the same person?!

Jkjk, thank you for the request @tinatales01, short and simple!

(P.S. I am on my phone today, so format will be different, sorry I dont know how to do “read more"s like this)

Rion’s Flower Shop: Tulips

For your matchup, I give you

Yamaguchi Tadashi

Relationship Dynamic

- you guys have pretty similar personalities and that allows you two to vibe easily 😌

- its a silent, peaceful relationship. Comfort in presence and support

- he finds you absolutely adorable, getting excited for sugar and wearing giant clothes

- he started buying sweatshirts slightly big for himself, so if you ever wanted to borrow them, they would be extra baggy for you

- he seems like a warm weather person, so he totally understands you wanting to be warm

- you guys both enjoy literature and reading, he enjoys listening to your voice and you feel less intimidated by him, so its easier to speak

- he doesn’t like to be selfish in a relationship (even if he’s not, he doesn’t like to receive without giving) so expect a lot of rainchecks or random i-owe-you’s from him that you completely forgot about

What do you guys do together/What’s it like with them?

- keeping warm = fluff that’s so sweet its teeth rotting

- this means indoor dates with warm drinks and blankets, holding hands in pockets, wearing eachothers warm jackets, etc

- honestly its a win win, no need to face crowds, you get to be with someone you love, and you get to keep cozy

- however that also doesn’t stop you from hyping up yamaguchi, and its always nice to go to his games! It really boosts his self confidence even if he only serves once

- and he’ll make it up to you afterwards by doing something you enjoy, like writing silly poems or doing puzzles

What they like about you

- he likes how it’s easy to be around you

- it’s not drop dead silent, but also not overwhelming and loud

- he doesn’t really get drained around you, so he loves that he can be around you for a long time

- he also appreciates how helpful you can be!

- he could always use the extra support and helping hand, and you’re always there to offer it

- while friends like tsukki are nice, he really likes having someone he can have a deep emotional attachment to and can understand


Originally posted by mouikaii

I love this man SO much it is unhealthy-

Thank you for your request, its helping me get back into the swing of things!

For those of you who are new here, hi! Welcome! This is a part of my flowershop event, so if you enjoyed this go check it out! I’ve been doing a lot of haikyuu lately, but I also write for MHA!

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i need m a n y dom yamaguchi recs PLEASE oh dear god i am h word for hims

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tsukiyama brainrot

- i have many thoughts (actually i dont know if i actually do but we’ll see)

- tsukiyama are the funniest fucking couple simply because people don’t know if they’re dating or just really good friends. there’s no point in asking them either because NEITHER OF THEM KNOW

- they’re literally in love with each other but they’re both too scared to admit it so they’re literally just mutually pining for each other and IT’S SO FRUSTRATING PLEASE JUST KISS

- ok but they actually have kissed 

- they definitely had their first kiss with each other as a way to “practice” for the future. that first kiss is the only kiss they ever have for a WHILE


- one time when yamaguchi was leaving, he just like instinctually kissed tsukishima on the cheek as he was saying goodbye and it wasn’t until they were both alone that they got really embarrased 

- yamaguchi is like “WHY DID I DO THAT” and tsukishima is just going “WHAT DOES THIS MEAN”

- but the next time they see each other they just pretend nothing happened. UNTIL they part ways on their walk home, and tsukishima kisses yamaguchi on the cheek this time

- kissing each other on the cheek just becomes a normal thing for them like that’s just how they say goodbye now

- in the future after they’re married, yachi asks who confessed first and tsukiyama just look at each other confused because neither of them confessed, it all just felt natural :)

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Karasuno players rated on how much I would get along with them in school

TSUKISHIMA - No. Not happening. Because when you put two snarky, overly sarcastic and just generally bitchy people together, they’ll either become best friends or rivals

HINATA - Please shut up I just want to read in peace

KAGEYAMA - Pipe down before I hit you with a book

TANAKA - You’re really cool and I like you as a person but please shut up for once


YAMAGUCHI - get this man some help all I’m doing is worsening his anxiety with my bullshit

ENNOSHITA - get along pretty well but my 4am texts scare him every time without fail

ASAHI - Once saw me slam my head against a wall before a science exam because I forgot what friction was and none of my friends knew and worries for my mental stability

DAICHI - We have dumbass friends who need to calm the fuck down

YACHI - Bond over crippling social anxiety

KIYOKO - finally a friend that isn’t far too headstrong for their own good

SUGA - proud mom friends that just want to keep their kids out of danger and watch them succeed


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Karasuno Masterlist


Request here!

Daichi Sawamura

Sugawara daddy Koshi

Asahi Azumane

Shimizu Kiyoko

Nishinoya Yu

Fluff headcanons (+ birthday)

Tanaka Ryunoske

Hinata Shoyo

Kageyama Tobio

Yamaguchi Tadashi

Hitoka Yachi

Ukai Keishin

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“Ice cream”

You and yamaguchi were playing something you called tell-me-something-sweet where you two would say a lot of sweet stuffs and whoever can’t say something loses.


“Sweet corn”

It’s lunch break and you two just finished eating so there were few spare minutes to play.

“Sugar cane”



“I love you”

You got caught off guard, are you deaf perhaps? Did you hear it wrong? Did he say something?

“What did you say?”

“I love you”

“Ha! You lose!”


“Um duh weren’t we playing tell me something sweet?”

“Yeah we are and i just did how come i lost?”

You stared at him and he was dead serious about it what he just said.

“Wait wait wait did you? Are you?—“

“Is that not sweet?”


Yamaguchi sighed, you’re brain is not functioning well today so he took your hand and placed a gentle kiss, looking at you dead in the eyes with your hands besides his lips, he smiled.

“I love you”

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Incorrect quotes.

Warnings: none.

Pairings: various x reader.

A/n: at this point I am just obsessed.

Part one, part two


Airline employee: I’m sorry, your flight have been canceled.

Y/n: oh my my tea! What did it do, sis? Spill.

Akaashi: *visibly done with his life*


Yamaguchi: are you a cuddler?


Y/n: *stuffing Dino chicken nuggets in his mouth* yes. Yes, he is a cuddler.


Sugawara: [attempting to play Für Elise on the piano]

Y/n, singing: get a bucket and a mOp that’s a waaAAaap~ 😩


Y/n: [counting on their fingers]


Kita: all I asked for was your name..

Y/n: can you like shut the fuck up for a minute? I am cOncentrating.


Kuroo: are you drinking enough water?

Y/n: sometimes when I cry my tears get in my mouth.

Kuroo: what?!

Y/n: what?


Osamu: I want to see us grow old together.


Y/n: are you assuming I want to live?

Osamu: … are you okay?


Kageyama: what’s a period?

Y/n: … uterus wants a baby.

Y/n: person doesn’t have a baby.

Y/n: uterus wants a revenge.

Sugawara: one- I beg for one normal day with you, y/n!


Y/n: hey, I want to hear some advice.

Bokuto: you’re asking me for advice?!

Y/n: I am not going to take it! I just want to hear it!


Kuroo: [loosing his shit]

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