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#yamaguchi tadashi

tsukiyama brainrot

- i have many thoughts (actually i dont know if i actually do but we’ll see)

- tsukiyama are the funniest fucking couple simply because people don’t know if they’re dating or just really good friends. there’s no point in asking them either because NEITHER OF THEM KNOW

- they’re literally in love with each other but they’re both too scared to admit it so they’re literally just mutually pining for each other and IT’S SO FRUSTRATING PLEASE JUST KISS

- ok but they actually have kissed 

- they definitely had their first kiss with each other as a way to “practice” for the future. that first kiss is the only kiss they ever have for a WHILE


- one time when yamaguchi was leaving, he just like instinctually kissed tsukishima on the cheek as he was saying goodbye and it wasn’t until they were both alone that they got really embarrased 

- yamaguchi is like “WHY DID I DO THAT” and tsukishima is just going “WHAT DOES THIS MEAN”

- but the next time they see each other they just pretend nothing happened. UNTIL they part ways on their walk home, and tsukishima kisses yamaguchi on the cheek this time

- kissing each other on the cheek just becomes a normal thing for them like that’s just how they say goodbye now

- in the future after they’re married, yachi asks who confessed first and tsukiyama just look at each other confused because neither of them confessed, it all just felt natural :)

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Karasuno players rated on how much I would get along with them in school

TSUKISHIMA - No. Not happening. Because when you put two snarky, overly sarcastic and just generally bitchy people together, they’ll either become best friends or rivals

HINATA - Please shut up I just want to read in peace

KAGEYAMA - Pipe down before I hit you with a book

TANAKA - You’re really cool and I like you as a person but please shut up for once


YAMAGUCHI - get this man some help all I’m doing is worsening his anxiety with my bullshit

ENNOSHITA - get along pretty well but my 4am texts scare him every time without fail

ASAHI - Once saw me slam my head against a wall before a science exam because I forgot what friction was and none of my friends knew and worries for my mental stability

DAICHI - We have dumbass friends who need to calm the fuck down

YACHI - Bond over crippling social anxiety

KIYOKO - finally a friend that isn’t far too headstrong for their own good

SUGA - proud mom friends that just want to keep their kids out of danger and watch them succeed


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That’s my line, Tsukki 😅

Can’t stop thinking of 3rd year Yamaguchi tying his hair up into a half ponytail 😌😌😌

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based off of @wushibaby post that made me almost die from secondhand embarrassment

does it unintentionally and almost cries afterwards

aran, KINDAICHI, KOGANEGAWA, GOSHIKI, yamaguchi, riseki

does it unintentionally and immediately takes you on a date after the game

meian, thomas, suwa, hirugami, IIZUNA, matsukawa (remember this boy is a PISCES), semi, iwaizumi, oikawa

does it intentionally when they’re winning

HIRUGAMI, osamu, sugawara, MAKKI, SUNA, gao, hoshiumi

does it intentionally and ends up causing their team to lose

ATSUMU, kindaichi (makki convinced him to do it), bessho (feels horrible about it), ginjima (twins convinced him)

does it at a progame

gao, ATSUMU, bokuto (does it like once bc atsumu convinced him and immediately feels bad about it), hinata (it was a one time accident omg), OIKAWA

does it at the OLYMPICS

OIKAWA, ATSUMU, gao, kiryu (omg it was going to be a big thing where he proposes to you afterwards and he was so embarrassed)

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Random Tsukkiyama HC

Tsukki has a target. Tsukki has been training to take this target down his entire life. Tsukki is supposed to kill the heir to the throne. It’s a basic story, he knows, and he nearly gags when he finds himself falling for a certain green haired prince. A prince he is supposed to kill. He laughs for the first time in his miserable life with Tadashi. He protects him from other predators, forgetting that he himself is a predator. He braids Tadashi’s hair and kisses his freckles in secret. He loves Tadashi even as he stabs him, even as Tadashi bleeds out in his arms, bewildered and heartbroken. Tsukishima dries Tadashi’s tears just before he lets the guards take him, eager to join Tadashi now that his purpose had been fullfilled. Now if only he and Tadashi were going to the same afterlife. Maybe Tadashi would understand, sometimes love isn’t enough to undo a lifetime of training and teaching. Probably not though.

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Each of these oneshots below, which will be linked when I complete them, are based off of a line from Raon Lee’s “Promise”. These lines will be the prompt for each of these oneshots. As it is a song and it has a chorus, there will be repeat prompts for different characters. 

I will be adding a cut here, as there are quite a few lines and I would not like to clog up anyone’s dash. There is also additional info below.

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Holy hell guys, so I’m reading this manga named Seinen Dreamy and look who I find.


It’s Tsukishima and Yamaguchi 🤣😭🤣 !!!

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I might take a while to post every once in a while since I have traditional school now 🥲 but anyways, have some YamaKage :D!

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redraw 2021 vs 2016

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Hinata: pssttt…psstttt yamaguchi!

Tsukishima: Quit distracting Tadashi, you human tangerine

Hinata, glaring: pstt Yamaguchi-

Yamaguchi: yes?

Hinata: Do you ever,,, uh,, wanna kiss your friends?

Yamaguchi: Hinata, I love you, but I have a boyfriend-

Hinata: Not you! I mean, no offense, Stingyshima, but I meant Kageyama.

Tsukishima: Just ask him out and stop bothering Tadashi.

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Pairing: Kozume Kenma x reader, Suna Rintarou x reader, Tsukishima Kei x reader, Yamaguchi Tadashi x reader

Rating: pg


Warnings: a slightly jealous Tsukishima and just lots of fluff. 

Word Count: 1.1k

Summary/ Request: First date with the Haikyuu boys.

A/n: Hello, as mentioned on a post before, part of these headcanons are from my writing page on tiktok.(@/coffeeandhcs) Also thanks to @plutointhestars​ & @meowstea​ for beta reading uwu. Requests are open, just please read my rules before sending in an ask. Also, if there’s any other warnings that need to be added, please let me know. I’ll be happy to add them for y’all. Hope y’all enjoy, any feedback would be greatly appreciated :)


Kozume Kenma

  • He asks you out thanks to Kuroo’s “encouragement”.
  • Every time you’d walk by him, his eyes would sparkle as they followed your every step.
  • Kuroo being himself, would elbow him and tease him until he finally managed to ask you out.
  • Kenma isn’t shy but when he asked you out, all of his words disappeared. He had practiced what he was going to say but you had made him speechless.
  • Not only was he speechless but when you held his hands in yours, encouraging him to continue, he was breathless. 
  • Once he muttered out the words, you agreed to go out with him.
  • Carefully plans out a picnic date at one of the prettiest parks you’ve ever seen.
  • Shyly holds your hand and carries the picnic basket in the other hand while he guides you to the perfect spot.
  • Sets up a blanket for you to rest on and waits for you to sit down first.
  • Your eyes admired the breathtaking scenery while his eyes admired you.
  • When you turn around to face him, Kenma looks away and starts taking out the snacks he prepared for you.
  • Waits for you to take the first bite and visibly relaxes when you smile at him. 
  • After you both eat, he lays back down on the blanket and you join him.
  • You point out the clouds in the sky above you and he listens to you attentively. 
  • Instead of looking at where you’re pointing, his eyes are looking at you. It’s right there and then when he promises that he wants to spend every day of his life by your side.
  • BONUS: Kuroo and Lev are hiding in the bushes across from them getting ready to snap pictures to show Kenma how lovestruck he is but Kenma was a few steps ahead and sent them a text that had their blood run cold.

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strawberry shortcake | k. tsukishima

A/N: yay, tsukki, i love him, really. this is so sweet, i hope you like this, feel free to leave a request!

tsukishima wants to think that you are just like everybody else and nothing really excites him in you but that’d be a lie, wouldn’t it?

he knows there is something in you that attracts him besides ‘starter pack’ with usual characteristics like appearence, how you act and all that.

and maybe he understands that, when he comes home from a volleyball practice one day, really tired, not in the mood to do anything, and sees you in his kitchen with your hair up and an apron closed tightly around your waist.

you look so beautiful like that, he almost doesn’t notice his mother and brother sitting by the table and sharing knowing glances because tsukishima is mesmerized by you.

kitchen smells sweet, vanilla and strawberries, he recognizes and breathes in a little deeper before greeting his family and coming closer to you.

you look so wonderful, a little bit of pink cream on your jaw, some flour on forehead and he can’t help the little smile that appears on his lips, when he understands what you’ve been doing.

you made his favourite, a strawberry shortcake that he likes more than any other sweet treat. he never accented about how much he really does love it around you but one day you saw him eating it and immeadiately made a note.

he likes that about you, you are observant of him and his habits.

he kisses the corner of your mouth and his eyes shine at the way you smile wider before leaving a kiss in the same spot on him. you give him a plate with the treat and push him to the table so you can finish the cleaning.

his mother seems really pleased by your actions.

tsukishima savours the taste, so good, just the way he likes it, sweet, soft and so delicious. he knows you are watching him, waiting for his reaction, and decides to nod silently because you will understand what he means.

he can show you his appreciation later, when you both are alone.

and when that happens, he doesn’t hesitate to tell you exactly what he thinks, enjoying your beautiful smile and gleaming eyes as he thanks you.

he helps you with the remaining tasks, when you are left alone in the kitchen, smile never leaving both of your faces. you bump into him(he blocks you on purpose, i’m sure) and everytime you give him that sweet smile.

and once you bump into him again, tsukishima doesn’t let go, leaning down to give you a kiss, enjoying the faint taste of strawberry flavour.


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