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#yamamoto taketora

I’m re-reading the nekoma vs karasuno match and honestly it’s the best decision of my life.

the way they push each other to become better and get exited when the opponent does a strong play instead of discouraged is beautiful.

the way they are rivals but they’re so much more than that bc they are friends and they admire and want to impress each other I just ❤️😍💕🥰

like the sheer amount of strong beautiful friendships that are on display is just astonishing, I just live haikyuu, man

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Inuoka Souh the local dogsitter... How would the Cat team react to this concept?

I went waaay ahead with this, making a scenerio out of it X33

I hope you like it anyways!!

Inuoka Sou as the local dog boy


Originally posted by haikyuu-blog

  • One time he was late from practise
  • Which he isn’t used to being
  • Yaku asked Shibayama what happened, since they’re in the same class probably definietly
  • Ok they don’t, but they do hang out after school and before practise
  • It’s still the same, they’re in love close, and the team knows it
  • So, Shibayama said that Inuoka went home after school, as he had to check something
  • So they started practise without him
  • For some reason letting him handle things
  • And then he bursts in halfway through the practise panting and dirty
  • But that’s not the only thing
  • He has as many smaller and bigger dogs in his arms as he can handle, and even more bursting in after him
  • “What the fu-”
  • “Kuroo, there are babies in here” Kai stopped him just in time with an elbow in the ribs
  • “They’re coming for them” Inuoka just said, with a horrified expression
  • “Who? Is this a horror movie?” Lev jumped out of seemingly nowhere, onto the dogs to play with them
  • “I sure hope you’ll die first then” Yaku started, but was stopped by Kai again
  • Give him a break I beg you guys
  • Very stressed cat mom acting from behind the scenes
  • “The dogcatcher” Inuoka said
  • Shibayama almost fainted, and Kenma shuddered
  • Which got everyone surprised
  • “I got caught one time, okay?” he said a bit grumpily as he turned his back to the team to play alone with his game
  • Wait how did he get a console in for practise??
  • And where did the coaches go??
  • Nevermind, they just got buried under a faint amount of dogs, happily playing on them
  • Eventually they let the dogs stay for after practise
  • And cancelled practise for dog hours
  • Kuroo was enjoying himself to the fullest, playing with the dogs the best way
  • Kai was okay with them, but was mostly helping the ones stuck under dogs
  • Yaku was basically running away from them
  • Somehow he got onto the volleyball net, and he’s not coming off of it
  • Taketora was kinda cool with them
  • Actually no, he was trying to bark louder than them, while trying his hardest to convince Fukunaga to bark with him
  • Who was actually with the small dogs with Shibayama, calming them, and giving them pets
  • All the pets
  • Kenma was in his corner, minding his own business
  • Until the biggest dogs went there to lick his face clean and all
  • He could hardly escape
  • He’s hiding in the bathroom rn
  • Inuoka was trying to control the dogs
  • And playing with Kuroo
  • Until they had to close
  • When they all brought them to the shelter
  • And also Inuoka volunteered to help there
  • From that day on he smells like dog all the time
  • Hinata loves it
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I love everything about this picture

1. Kuroo and his big stupid grin holding Kenma is cute as shit

2. Kenma…I don’t need to elaborate just look at his face

3. Yaku being a jumpy boy as always

4. Yamamoto and his excited expression with the sharp teef

5. Fukunaga just vibing, kinda looking like he doesn’t know where he is but he’s still supportive 

6. Kai being a supporting father figure in the back as usual

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I would very much so like to yell about Kenma for a moment in the form of an itemized list:

1) Appearance!

  • He smol!
  • He slouch!
  • He cute!
  • He pretty!
  • He tired of this shit but he do it anywho!

2) Personality!

  • Does NOT like ambiguous words!
  • Does NOT care about seniority in teenagers!
  • Gamer!
  • Impatient!
  • Loyal!
  • Hard worker!

3) His relationships with others! (Sexual, romantic, platonic, however you interpret it 😊)

  • With Yamamoto! (Guts!)
  • With Kuroo! (Childhood best buddies!)
  • With Hinata! (His final boss!)
  • With Akaashi! (Setter buds!)
  • With Nekomata! (Coach & player!)
  • With Lev! (He so tired of his shit!)
  • With all of Nekoma! (He love his team!)
  • And so many more!

Also, side note, if you don’t read the manga, I highly recommend it if for no other reason than to look at the magnificence that is Kenma’s face. Literally every panel he’s in is so so so good. I love him. I love my son.

Well that’s all I just wanted to ramble about him for a moment or two 😊

Have a good day and please stay inside and wash your hands!

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