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redeyesretrodragon · 12 days ago
cannot stress enough the frenzied state i went into trying to learn how to capture video Solely so i could save this second-long yugioh clip
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yoyo0109 · 14 days ago
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gallusrostromegalus · 14 days ago
Title: The Power Of Friendship (And This Gun I Found!)
Episode 1: It's Not Like Any Of Us Were Going To College Anyway
Heeeey I wrote Fic again after close to a decade, about a hyperfixation i had 20 years ago but sometimes life is like that! This is the "Mokuba Deserves A Gun" fic or "Yu-Gi-Oh, but everyone is Feral Little Gremlins like a bunch of teens would be, and I lean the hell into the absurdity of the setting".
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bobabybo · 18 days ago
I’d like to share some information I came across last night.
Men are hardwired to think their pregnant s/o is hot because of their primal breeding instincts. Not only that but men often think it’s hot when they know their baby is inside you. I saw a quote from a dad of 3 saying “Goddamn woman, I saw what a baby did to you and it makes me want to fill you with more!” When he heard his wife felt ugly during her pregnancy. Also orgasms are more intense when you’re pregnant so they want to fuck you more and make you feel good.
Yami or Bokuto impregnate me challenge
you have no idea what this information did to me!! yami and bokuto are absolutely obsessed with knocking up their s/o. also, I'm so sorry for taking so long to respond! 
this is not edited so I’m sorry if there a shit ton of mistakes
warnings: public sex, heavy heavy breeding, pregnancies, exhibitionism, creampies, marathon sex, lactation kink, size kink, vaginal penetration, female reader, nipple play, car sex, domestic relationship, established relationship, pregnancy kink
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
yami never really thought about having some brats of his own. he already had to take care of the idiots in his squad so the idea of raising his own brat with you seemed demanding and tiresome. he was astonished and honestly a little terrified when you told him that you were carrying his child but deep down he was the happiest man alive when he heard that news. to others, he might seem like he dislikes taking care of people but taking care of you is the reason why he keeps going everyday so maybe the thought of taking care of another wasn’t too bad after all. however, three months into your pregnancy, something in him changed, or maybe it didn’t change and it was just there all along. once you began showing and your baby bump started growing, yami began feeling a sense of possessiveness and primal instinct to breed you over and over again.
seeing you waddle around the Black Bulls hideout drove him absolutely crazy and he had a hard time trying to cover up his painfully hard erection he was sporting in his trousers, but a sense of pride bloomed inside of him at the thought of everyone knowing that he knocked you up and you were now carrying his child. he had no choice but to push you up against the wall and fill you with cum so that it dribbled down your thighs. he was absolutely insatiable. he would bend you over the couch in the hideout and pump his cum into you when his squad was eating in the dining hall or pull you onto his lap and fill you with more of his thick cum when everyone was partying and way too preoccupied to notice you creaming on captain yami’s cock on the couch. of course he didn’t tell you about this new feeling until later that night when he had your naked body underneath him. not until then did you fully realize just how affected he is seeing you round and full with his child. he couldn’t keep his hands off of you, squeezing your tender breasts, rubbing your round belly, and gently stroking your sensitive pussy with his thick fingers.
“didn’t know knocking you up with my kid would turn me on so much. and your body is so fucking beautiful. love your round tummy and your breasts full with milk. so sensitive too.”
he could barely hold himself back from stuffing your pussy with his heavy cock and filling you up until his thick cum flows out of you. all he wanted to do was to breed you over and over again so that you were always carrying his child, always full and round, and always showing everyone that you were carrying yami sukehiro’s children. your eyes widened when yami slid his cock into you with one slow thrust. the pregnancy has made you even more sensitive and you could easily feel the thick vein the runs along the underside of his cock in you. usually yami fucks you rough and fast but tonight he held you close to his body and fucked you deep and slow. even though he was holding you gently, his heavy body wrapping around your body made your breathing laborious and his deep thrusts kept taking your breath away.
yami held you down against the bed and kept pumping you full with his cum all night long until the two of you were wrapped in each other’s sweaty bodies as the sun began to rise and his cum flowed out of you and his big hand came to rest on your round tummy.
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bokuto was never the same after he overheard atsumu and captain meian talking about how they wanted their own little wife that could give them their own volleyball team. at first bokuto was confused as to what that meant until he put it all together and realized that he’s got his own little housewife that he can pump full with his own fertile semen. if he could fuck you over and over again maybe he could keep you pregant long enough to give him enough kids that could act as his own volleyball team. I mean how nice would it be to have a couple of kids running around? and to see you attending his games all round and full with his child, showing all of his teammates that he put his own child in you before anyone else could knock up their partner. this is all that bokuto thinks about during practice and he can’t quite help himself from chubbing up in his thin gym shorts.
as soon as he gets home he’s on you in an instant. pressing his crotch into yours and pressing sloppy kisses all over your neck and breasts. that night, bokuto pumped load after load of his cum into your pussy and propped your hips up on a pillow to ensure that his cum stayed in you.
six months later, you waddle your way into the packed stadium to watch your husband’s match. you have a hard time moving around due to the baby that bokuto put in you a couple months ago. bokuto looks up to see you sitting there in the bleachers with your hand resting on your swollen stomach and a sweet smile on your face. bokuto can hardly hold back his smile and the pride swelling in his chest from seeing you carrying his baby.
“so ya put a baby in her, huh?” bokuto turns around to see atsumu smirking at him. for the rest of the game and cool down, his teammates made comments about your pregnancy and how bokuto is trying to put as many babies into you as possible so that he can have his own team. all of this talk made bokuto even more possessive and primal. his need to breed you again was evident and his teammates talking about you looking good with a baby in you was making him frustrated and way too feral. after the game, bokuto (gently) dragged you out of the stadium to you and bokuto’s car in the parking lot. you could see in his eyes that he was extremely frustrated and needed to be in you as soon as possible.
“they were talking about how i could put my babies in you so that we can have a volleyball team and you just look so fucking good carrying our baby. please baby, please let me breed you again and again.” he whined out as he slipped his sweaty cock out of his shorts and began pushing up your dress. “gonna put another baby into you once this one is out and fuck you full of my cum until it takes.” you looked up at him to see his eyebrows furrowed and his eyes squeezed shut as he pushed his fat cock into you. he was careful not to squish you or the baby but still pistoned his cock into your overly sensitive pussy as the car began to rock. his eyes were glued to your swollen breasts jiggling from the impact of his thrusts and brought his mouth to one of them and began sucking at it. “your tits are gonna be full with milk to feed our baby, fuck.” you always feel good around him but ever since you got pregnant, sex has been mindblowing. for some reason your walls feel more velvetier around his cock and your sensitivity has made it easier for you to come which results in you squeezing and sucking him in even more. almost like you’re begging for more of his cum.
“well it looks like bokuto is already trying to knock up y/n again. doesn’t he know that it doesn’t work that way and he’s gotta wait until after she gives birth?” atsumu laughs as him, meian, hinata, and sakusa walk past the car that is rocking back and forth erratically in the parking lot.
three months later, bokuto is beyond ecstatic when you give birth to twins. now he’s even closer to having his own team with his sweet little wife.
Tumblr media
this was a lot longer than I intended it to be but I got carried away lol 😅
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crimson-chains · a year ago
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bluehairedspidey · 6 months ago
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finally recreated the best image
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robogart · a year ago
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I've started watching Yugioh again and I just wanted to do a quick doodle of the boys ; w ; This is probably Yami's first hug in like...ever ;;; w ;;; 😭💦💦💦💦💦💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖
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