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yamiisart5 months ago
Hiii your art is so cool!! :0 uh thoughts on the yugi Twins?
thank u so much omg!!!! that means a lot T-T
as for the boys,,
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i adore them ;-;
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rai-scutum23 days ago
1. Xiao Dejun
2. Na Jaemin
3. Choi Soobin
4. Choi Seungcheol
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marichamsa year ago
i'm rewatching oblivio and i have to say that my favorite part about it is that even with zero memory of his life or past behavior adrien still immediately starts acting like a hooligan the second he gets the littlest bit of anonymity. that chaotic neutral energy is just wired in his bones
i鈥檓 not sure when i was sent this bc i鈥檝e been ascending into the afterlife but i absolutely love the way u said this LMAOO
without the chains of his past holding him back, adrien could vibe check whoever the hell he wanted.
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axecop--moved4 years ago
Torbjorn? Terbjern? Torbjarn? Terjern? That guy..
OK i NEVER play torbjorn outside of arcade mode. Like i thought I did but according to my career profile I haven鈥檛 even played 1 minute of torbjorn during quickplay. And i never usually play torb unless it鈥檚 in mystery heroes OR my entire team goes torbjorn in no limits.I like playing Torbjorn on Hollywood because like... one time I put my turret on the lift that goes up and down by the control point... and I got a potg while i was walking out of spawn it was funnyI have torbjorn in the santaclad skin.. I鈥檓 not rly interested in any other skin because I NEVER PLAY TORBJORNi dont ship Torbjorn with anyone NOT EVEN HIS WIFE. ok but like fhwbfjikw. ONE TIME I SAW A REALLY GRAPHIC PICTURE OF TORBJORN FUCKING WINSTON AND I鈥橵E NEVER BEEN THE SAME SINCE.
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bardstard-moved4 years ago
@yaxxm why isn't ur ask tag yamswers
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yamlord8 years ago
it's ok yamlord i'm not really uncomfortable, mostly just perplexed with a faint hint of flattered, you're alright man
well, hopefully you'll think the same on the morrow
i'm glad you appreciate my efforts, at the very least
until we meet again, non-tuber twin of mine
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mokutone3 months ago
listen i know you said you wouldn鈥檛 do anything w his mask down but. what if you DID draw dog teeth kakashi. as a treat
well since i DID personally, by my own hand, kill ur boy king(s), how about this, as a little treat...
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
and then
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mokutone6 days ago
hey. hey. psst. hey鈥 imagine yamato making himself a nice living breathable binder out of like鈥 birch bark鈥
IVE BEEN THINKING ABT THIS SINCE U SENT IT.....birch bark binder...birch bark binder...
Tumblr media
but also. since as we know he can just kinda. grow mokuton off himself. have u considered...
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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mokutonea month ago
@rahayn replied to a post
kakashi spends like 15 minutes a day just pointing a flashlight at tenz艒 and when naruto and sai go "???", kakashi's like "i don't know which thing is the matter but i'm pretty certain 'getting more light' helps with nearly all of them"
@rahayn continued:
naruto: that doesn't sound, does that sound right? sakura, not willing to get into the nitty gritty details of how yes, light therapy has been shown to be beneficial for a number of issues, from SAD to Not Killing Your Houseplants: well he's not making it /worse/
GHSDHGHDSGH THIS IS SO FUNNY...i love that naruto is immediately like. "sounds wrong鈥攚ait i'll double check with sakura. she knows this stuff."
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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mokutone6 days ago
@rahayn replied to a post:
gai doesn't have to hype himself up to go outside but he DOES have to hype himself up to exist in the crossfire of the miasma of maladjusted vibes yamato and kakashi give off like, the three of them together in public has incredibly chaotic energy already but gai's vibes singlehandedly yank them from Walking Biohazard, Probably to Public Nuisance by sheer force of will alone his hype-up for that is: i am going to see my delightful friends for a normal afternoon being normal. i will tell kakashi we're meeting two hours earlier than we really are so he will arrive on time, and i will stop yamato from consuming anything with a peel as a general precaution.
i wuv u this is so funny and ur brain is so big and full of stars 馃ぉ
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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mokutone6 months ago
@rahayn replied to a post: this has the energy of that one post about how hardboiled eggs are disgusting and taste like crunchy ravioli and someone replied "you're meant to peel them first"
@rahayn鈥 replied to a post: naruto spends a training break ranting about how awful hardboiled eggs are and yamato goes "you're meant to peel off the shell" and while naruto looks like he's seen the face of god, kakashi's like "don't think he's wise or anything, yamato only knows that because i physically stopped him cramming an unpeeled egg into his mouth when he was fourteen"
oh my god. im obsessed with this and ur mind
Tumblr media
and okay yes the followup flashback
Tumblr media
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mokutonea month ago
u posted a snippet of a comic where kakashi was coaxing tenzo to take off his anbu mask, i was wondering if u would ever post the full comic? it seems so sad and sweet and id love to have the full context of why tenz was keeping the mask on and why kk was afraid that he was doing so? if not its okay!
AH i'm surprised you remember that!!!! that feels like ages ago...back in may, i think?
i will post the full comic one day, but i have to ink it and muddle through a color palette first! because ive been so busy, i haven't had time to work on it so the pencils are still at 4/12 pages, but i can share with u what i have atm bc it'd be good to refresh my memory too. be warned obviously that like, these are pencils and not a finished, ready-to-consume product, so many things may be unclear! I'll add a little elaboration of my thoughts at the bottom of each one that should hopefully help!
Tumblr media
page one. the top of the page and the box right below it are going to be flat black鈥攖he implication that Kakashi is speaking into a room which has no source of light. In the second one, Tenz艒's pose is unclear, but he's curled up defensively into as tiny of a ball as he can manage, like a pill bug, even his speech bubbles fall along the outside of him, like he's trying to use them as another defense. In the third, we have Kakashi from Tenz艒's POV. He's just opened the door, is standing tall and somewhat rigid like he's expecting an attack, taking in the situation. In the fourth and fifth panels, Tenz艒 sees this, and turns away, becoming deeply embarrassed that he's come to Kakashi for help at all, and that somebody he respects so much is seeing him in such a "pathetic" moment.
Tumblr media
This is the panel you referenced鈥攜ou can see by Kakashi's posture (low to the ground, loose limbs and no longer stiff or anticipating conflict, keeping a distance between he and tenz艒) that he's not actually scared, per se. He's approaching Tenz艒 with the same gentleness that somebody might use in approaching an injured animal. If he's frightened at all, he's frightened for Tenz艒's sake, but mostly he says it because he's having a trouble getting a read on the situation when Tenz艒 is wearing his mask.
It's true that like, as a former root agent, Tenz艒 is one of the least expressive people in Konoha, but even still, any movement of his face gives Kakashi more context than the cold porcelain of the cat mask, and walking into an unknown situation with a clearly unwell teammate, Kakashi wants as much context as possible so that he doesn't make the situation worse by accident.
Whether Tenz艒 complies because he doesn't want Kakashi to feel "scared" or simply because he was given a command is unclear at first, but Immediately after, he starts talking about how he's going to have to be re-evaluated for duty, and how hopsital dodging is a serious problem for a shinobi, etc, indicating that he's not really in a space where he can process emotional consequences very well.
I also make a point of not showing his full face during this page, because a full face will generally ask us to relate to the feelings expressed on the face, and I want those feelings to be as hard to read and unsure as they are for Kakashi in that moment, but I couldn't help but show his eyes when he removes the mask.
Tumblr media
Top panel is Tenzo responding to Kakashi's command "let me see it," and him stretching his injured arm out for Kakashi to examine. The second panel should have Kakashi's hands gently grasping Tenz艒's. Kakashi doesn't go into his space, and instead asks Tenz艒 to come into his, so that Tenz艒 can take his time if he needs it.
Idk, with a shinobi that's Going Through It, pushing their boundaries before they're ready is a good way to make their situation worse, or end up with a kunai in ur gut, so it's not something kakashi's gonna do. It's also, not coincidentally, the first panel we see Tenz艒's whole face in (though it's still tilted away), and are therefore asked to try and imagine his feelings.
The next panel where he's observing his shaking hands is almost normal, but then the second he goes right back to covering his face with one of those hands and apologizing, stumbling in his attempt to be open. The two blank panels after that should have Kakashi looking directly at Tenz艒, and then looking back down at the wound he's inspecting, and giving Tenz艒 the verdict "You'll be okay." (i know the speech bubble is low there and looks like it's part of the lower Kakashi panel, but I'll fix that in inks).
Then, like a record caught in a scratch, Tenz艒 just keeps apologizing, like he's forgotten he can do anything else. Kakashi mistakenly assumes it's because Tenz艒 thinks Kakashi's mad at him (Tenz艒 does not think this, both because Kakashi is rarely mad at all, and certainly not at him, and because he doesn't have the emotional space or skills in this moment to consider that Kakashi does feel any particular way about this situation)
Tumblr media
Kakashi, who is trying his best but sucks at this kind of thing, is getting frustrated with the apologies, and uncomfortable because it feels like they're directed at him, even though they aren't. It's an unbearably uncomfortable position for him to have somebody apologize so profusely, especially somebody he sees as a trusted teammate and friend, and especially for something that's so clearly out of their control. He doesn't want it.
So, frustrated, he redirects. "What happened on this mission to fuck you up this bad?" the only real indicator of his frustration is that in this sentence his language is more coarse, where before he'd been very placatingly careful, and the expression he makes at Tenz艒's arm.
He's thinking "well, this sucks and we're not getting anywhere with it, so I'm just going to ask what happened and get it over with."
Then we see Tenz艒's full face again as he takes in the question. Around here, when I add color, the page will begin to shift green, and lighter green near the bottom.
Then, as his hair begins to lift, as though it's floating in water, with a blank face Tenz艒 will say that he doesn't know what happened.
Then, turning to fully face Kakashi (or us, the viewer) for the first time in these four pages he will correct himself, and say "nothing. nothing happened." But he will be green, and much like within the test tube he was raised in, he will be unclothed and his hair will be floating. The first time we're fully asked (by his direct eye contact) to understand and relate to his feelings, he will make it very clear to us the viewer (and Kakashi who is with us, listening to Tenz艒 say nothing happened when Clearly Something Happened) that the world he's experiencing for the moment is at odds with the body he's sitting in and the room he's sitting in it with, and that's why he's having such an incredibly difficult time processing anything.
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mokutone23 days ago
i love your art!! a whole lot!! i may not know who some of the characters you're drawing are, (i havent seen much of naruto) but i still very much enjoy reading your comics :)
Tumblr media
thank you so much...welcome to yamato shippuden, where the substitute teacher is the most important character.
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mokutone7 months ago
@rahayn replied to a post: inner sakura is taking a vacation at wherever the fuck sasuke's common sense and sai's impulse control to not turn every shirt he owns into a crop top have gone
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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