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delusioned-love · 59 minutes ago
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rodentia-lovecore · an hour ago
Where are you going, darling?
I thought we made an agreement.
Forever means forever, you know~
And you know what happens to darlings who break their promises.
You promised to be mine, mine alone~
I won't let you be anyone else's.
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delusioned-love · 3 hours ago
my love you can’t even comprehend how far i’d go for you. i belong to you now, remember? i’m all yours in every way imaginable
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yandererat · 4 hours ago
I'm so delusionally happy because I'm with you! Thank you for the gift that is your presence.
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mycrazydarling · 8 hours ago
Please tell me you love me? Please?
All I wanna hear is that you love me. Need me like I need you! Please.
Just give me your all. You know I'd do it for you, right? You know I'd do everything for you if that's what it took to be loved?
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yandere-bunnie · 15 hours ago
why didn’t you send a heart back puppy? did i do something wrong? are you getting tired of me? please i’ll do whatever it takes for you to send that heart again
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yandere-bunnie · 15 hours ago
you’re the reason why i bother to wake up in the morning
you’re the first notification i answer when i turn on my phone
i do nothing but sit by my phone and get excited over your messages
don’t you see that i love you??
why won’t you love me back????
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delusioned-love · 16 hours ago
i don't know how to ask for help when you're angry because your upset scares me, not because i'm scared of you but because i'm scared of losing you or scared that you were never mine
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yearning-yandere · 17 hours ago
I'm searching for more blogs to follow, so would you please reblog/like if you post or reblog a lot of:
yanderecore/yancore (I'd love to have others to talk to!)
menhera stuff
witchy aesthetics/spells/etc.
real vampire stuff
elvenkind/elfkin stuff
gothic lolita things/fashion
or if you're an active ed blog
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