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#yandere alfonse
wolfsjunge · 6 months ago
FEH sketch dump!!
(i usually never post art on this blog since it's for writing so UH if anyone actually wants 2 see more of my stuff plz follow my ig @maryshelleysmonster instead !!)
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
1. <33 male wife alfonse <33
2. trans takumi !! bcus i said so
3. i already posted a slightly edited/fixed version of this earlier but!! tiddy window dimitri. he >:3
4. ok this one is pretty ugly (theres a prettier líf under the read more though- hehe) but!! catboy líf. kittey líf. <33
also im praying this doesnt get posted early this time?? cus i would YELL i just had to delete n redo this whole post cus it got posted immediately instead of going to my queue.... pain </3
under the cut is some vaguely not sfw stuff !! nothing really bad but like, a bit of nudity + blood (no injuries/gore!!) but just i guess!! stuff u might not exactly wanna look at it in public!! but (apart from bride alfonse) the stuff under the read more is like. the real highlight of this post hehe
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
IM SO IN LOVE W THESE DRAWINGS OK,,,, IM SORRY I CANT THINK OF ANYTHING I HAVE EVER BEEN AS PROUD OF BSJSNNSSNNSNS also im sorry for overdoing the blush so much i just think its cute!! anywayz
1. uhh very specific scenario that i will not unpromptedly elaborate on but maybe you'll see this show up in a fic some day if im feeling brave.... <33 i love líf so much have i mentioned how much i love him yet i love him so much i love him (and also blood is rly hot<3)
2. HE,,,, so the actual premise for this was uhh vampire summoner but like REALLY its just an excuse 2 draw blushy alfonse + blood !! idk if u can see unless u zoom in but both of them have heart eyes <3 every drawing had pink heart eyes originally but i went in and gave them their actual eye colors b4 posting this bcus. i dont wanna have 2 explain myself <3
i also have this sketch-
Tumblr media
-that i drew as like, part of a fic idea a few weeks ago ! i havent written it out yet though but hopefully some day....<3 bcus its like. dark. but also was being kinda big brained when i came up with that..... (idk if u can tell since i never bothered to color this but its ts dimitri!!)
anywayz!! yeah. plz follow my ig @maryshelleysmonster im almost at 400 SJSKSSJSJSKKSJS n there likely wont be another sketch dump on here for quite a bit!! i might put more non-ig safe stuff on here again sometime though if i accumulated enough sketches to make a post of!!
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wolfsjunge · 8 months ago
[alfonse x reader]
[requested by @h0mulilly !!]
summary: you happen to meet a friend from home as the summoner from another askr. alfonse worries what he really means to you.
Alfonse could still remember the sinking dread he felt the day you told him about your friend. You had met him through the arena, you told Alfonse. He was a friend 'from home', you'd said.
What did you mean by that? You were home, weren't you? He was a friend from your world, sure, but not from home.
Home. What did it mean to you? Where did you think your home was?
He swallowed his worry.
A few days after that, you and Alfonse were supposed to have tea together. You'd planned the date weeks ago, and he had been looking forward to it for just as long. To be all alone with you... after how little he'd gotten to see you at all in the past days, he desired that more than ever.
Each time he asked around for you, you weren't there. Each time he asked, the sinking feeling in his stomach got worse, and so did his guilt. Your friend made you happy, that was painfully obvious.
He came from your world, a place Alfonse has never even seen before. He knew things Alfonse could never even hope to understand. There was no divide between your friend and you. No difference in the way you spoke, no difference in the societal standards you had been raised in, no difference in the things you dreamed of and no difference in the air you'd grown up breathing.
Within this realm, the two of you shared a kind of bond that Alfonse could never, ever achieve with you.
It hurt, and it hurt even more because he cared so much, because it made him so... miserable. How dare he be upset that you found a friend you'd believed you lost? That you finally had someone that knew what you were talking about when you spoke of your world? Who was he to deny you that little bit of comfort?
But still, rational thoughts have always been doomed to lose against a heart in love.
As such, when he saw you approach him shyly, fiddling with the hem of your sleeves and refusing to meet his eyes... It stirred something inside of him, even if she should know better.
"Alfonse! I..." Why was your voice so quiet? Was everything okay? You seemed upset.
Apologetic. A part of him knew before you even spoke a word.
"Uh, so... My friend I told you about - He kind of invited me to have dinner at his castle today, and I... I know the two of us we're going to have tea today, but... Do you think it'd be okay of we rescheduled, maybe?"
Alfonse felt his heart drop.
"Wh-what?" No! That wasn't the right reaction. He shouldn't be upset.
"Ah, I mean... of course." He wanted to leave. Run away, so you wouldn't see his chest shake with sobs he held in, leave so you wouldn't see the way his hands had started shaking, leave so you wouldn't hear his voice quiver when he spoke again.
Leave, but he couldn't.
"Oh, really? Thank you!" You wrapped your arms around him and he froze. Before he could even think to return the hug, you were already off again, leaving him to wallow in the remnants of your warmth and his own biting loneliness.
'Would it be okay if we rescheduled?' It echoed in his head. That's what you had said.
And yet... 'I care about him more than I care about you.' That must've been what you meant.
Alfonse felt his chest tighten. You were running through his hands, and there was nothing he could do. He didn't want to deny you your happiness, but it hurt him so, so much to see you slip away.
In the following days, Alfonse was barely able to fulfill any of his duties anymore. Nothing could have distracted him from the hollow emptiness in his chest when you weren't around.
You were happy. Being with your friend made you happy. And what was he? Lonely. Scared. Empty, without you.
He remembered the first time he heard you crying in your room. Back then, you had only been in Askr for a little while and the two of you had barely even gotten to know each other. That day, you didn't tell him what you had been crying about, but you allowed him to sit beside you until you felt better. The next time, you finally admitted to him that you were homesick. He hadn't even really considered it before, but ever since then, Alfonse tried harder than ever before to make sure you could feel at least somewhat at home in Askr.
He knew you were always homesick. He knew being with your friend helped with that. He knew all of that, so why did it make him feel so terrible?
Things only really got worse from then on. You... You had asked Alfonse if he wanted to meet your friend, one evening. He agreed, of course, but the thought made his stomach turn. If you brought that boy into your castle, introduced him to Alfonse, as though... as though-...
The thought made him want to cry.
It wasn't long until it actually happened, either. You'd brought your friend over through a portal, escorted by a hero from his world that left before either of you got a chance to speak to him.
Alfonse heard of your friends arrival an hour before he saw you. He knew you would want him to seek you out as soon as possible, but he didn't think he was ready to face you two yet. If he saw you and him together, he would...
Still, it didn't take you long to figure out he was in his room, gently knocking on his door. He allowed you in, fearfully expecting your friend to be there with you too.
"Alfonse!" You beamed at him.
Nothing about your behaviour had actually changed, and yet the things his anxious mind interpreted it to mean were entirely different from what he once hoped you might've thought of him.
"Good morning." His smile was strained, his voice was hoarse. Would you notice?
"Are you coming?" You reached out your hand. He couldn't find it in himself to take it.
"Of course."
You left before he did, and he took the second that granted him to collect as much of himself as he possibly could.
He was quick on your heel, and you lead him out to the garden where he saw a figure waiting. That was him, for sure.
Alfonse's heart was heavy. He swore to himself that he would get through this, swore that he would welcome the friend you seemed to treasure so much and that he'd keep his feelings contained for at least one more day.
Alfonse swore it to himself, but as he watched you run off into your friend's arms, his heart couldn't take it anymore.
His feet were quicker than his mind, and before he could consider all the implications of such an action, he had already started running. Back towards the castle, towards his room, towards the storerooms, perhaps. He couldn't say. He just wanted to leave.
When he finally came to a stop, he didn't know how long he had running or how long it might've taken you to notice that he left. His chest was heaving, both from running and the sobs he was trying so desperately to swallow down.
Alfonse leaned back against the wall, hurriedly pressing a hand over his mouth as he felt the tears starting to fall.
Pathetic. He had to leave, leave before someone saw him here, saw him like this, but he couldn't. All he could do was stand there and cry, pressing his hand against his mouth to quiet his desperate sobs.
He hadn't heard you call after him when he left, and now he didn't hear you approach him before it was already too late.
Your voice made him tense up, hiding his face behind his hands. This was the worst possible
outcome. How was he ever supposed to face you again after you saw him like this? And more, how was he supposed to explain this to you without... without telling you what you really meant to him? How-
"Alfonse... Please." You gently placed your hands on his.
"Look at me." Your voice was soft, comforting.
Hesitantly, his arms relaxed a bit and he let you remove his hands from his face. You took his hands in yours immediately.
"Do you want to tell me what's wrong?"
Alfonse nodded, almost unwillingly.
You were so close to him. He wanted to tell you - not that he had any real choice, not with the way you were looking at him, the soft, caring tone of your voice, the feeling of your thumbs slowly tracing circles on his palms in an effort to ground him... There would've been nothing in the world that you couldn't make him do.
"I'm-... I'm sorry..." He choked out.
"You have nothing to be sorry for. It's okay. What's going on? Please, I want to help you." You... were you crying too? Of course. You'd told him once, how it was near impossible for you to see others cry without needing to cry yourself. That day, he thought it was adorable. Now, it just hurt even more.
"You... You shouldn't have to see me like this, Summoner, I don't-...I-..."
He took a deep breath, fully taking your hands into his.
"W-why do you like him more than me?" It escaped him, before he even had a chance to consider what those words actually meant.
"Oh..." Your voice broke off. Why didn't you notice? Had he been carrying this around for all these weeks?
"Alfonse, I-..."
He stared into your eyes, desperately waiting for a real answer.
"Is that what you thought?"
He nodded sadly.
"God, I... I'm so sorry. Alfonse, of course- of course I don't like him more than you!"
Alfonse had already been so convinced that he lost you, he never stopped to consider that maybe you didn't see it that way at all.
"Alfonse." You swallowed, face heating up.
Both of you spoke at the same time, uttered in the way only a secret that had been hidden for far too long could be.
"I love you!" Both of you were desperate, apologetic, hopeful, honest.
For a moment, neither of you said a word. Then a smile crept onto your face.
"You do!" You threw your arms around him.
"You love me! Oh, I..." He heard you giggle against his chest.
Alfonse looked down at you clinging to him. Out of all the reactions he feared you might have, he'd never truly expected this to be it. Hoped, of course, but never genuinely thought it possible. And yet you... returned his feelings? You weren't mad? Disappointed? Disgusted?
"Did you mean it?" He whispered, heart once more faster than his mind.
You look up at him.
"Did I... Of course! Of course, I love you!" You laughed airily, voice full of nervous relief.
Alfonse's eyes light up.
"Can... Can I kiss you?"
You nodded.
Oh, how often he'd wanted to ask you that. How often he'd wondered how you would reply, how your lips would feel against his. How often he'd worried what you'd think if you knew... And it was all so simple. It had been all along.
Gently, he placed his hand on the back of your head. He felt you tense up and grab onto his free hand.
When his lips finally meet yours, it's everything he'd hoped for and more. You're soft and warm and he can feel your breath on his face and your hand tighten around his and your hair brushing against his cheek and-
When you pull away breathlessly your face is just as red as his. You giggle shyly and his heart swells once more.
You had always been so easy to love.
this actually took so much longer than it should have cus i had a whole different ending planned out but then i read the request again and realized it wasnt supposed to be yandere at all so i had to change the whole ending and now idk if its any good at all waaah
(but also.. on that note... if anyone would actually want to read the yandere ending as well.. yk i could definitely arrange that...hehe)
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wolfsjunge · 9 months ago
Ooooh girl!!! Im so in love with the gauntlet idea. I dont know anything about Fire Emblem... but all your yandere alphonse stuff has me 🥴🥴 feeling things. Can I get a drabble with yandere alphonse winning the date with the summoner? I love u and ur writing... u r my goddess 🙏🙏 thank u in advance (even if u choose not to write this lol)
yes i was gonna do alfonse for sure anyways!!! i love him <33 thank u for the request !!
[(soft) yandere! alfonse x reader]
(alfonse ending)
[ part I | part II | part III/ending: this!!]
The minute Alfonse saw his opponent fall to their knees, his eyes shot up in your direction. Your face made his heart jump.
You looked ecstatic.
Throughout the battle, everytime he'd managed to catch a glimpse of you, you looked worried, anxious, uncomfortable.
Now, you were so relieved, you'd even stood up along with the crowd to cheer for him.
He felt his face burn up.
Several hours later, after getting healed up and taking care of his weaponry, Alfonse finally got to talk to you.
Your head whipped around and the sight of him made you smile.
"Alfonse!" You ran towards him.
"I'm- I'm so glad you won! I saw you fight, you did so well!"
The praise made his face flush.
"Thank you. I, um... I'm glad I could help you." He smiled.
"Yeah, I really appreciate it! You know, I was so nervous about this whole thing, but I guess it didn't end up being all that bad after all." You took his hands in yours.
"So..." You chuckled nervously.
"I know you fought to protect me, not to win or something like that, but... I mean, if you want to, we could still- uh, go on a date, you know." You averted you eyes, a shy smile dancing around your lips.
Alfonse's heart skipped a beat.
This- This wasn't about the gauntlet - it wasn't you being forced to do this, you had just... asked, out of your own volition.
He couldn't hold back a smile, nor the red once more tainting his cheeks.
"Of course! I-... I mean, if you're okay with it..."
You nodded immediately.
"I am! Plus, it is technically your price, after all." A laugh escaped your lips.
"So, what do you wanna do for our date?" You smiled innocently.
A few days later, the two of you were heading out to a flower field near the castle.
For practicality's sake, you'd agreed to both ride on the same horse, but now, Alfonse found himself questioning his judgement.
Your back was snug against his chest, he could feel your thighs pressing against his, your hair tickling his neck if the wind blew in the right direction... He was embarrassingly aware of every part of your body that touched his. You weren't even wearing your coat, he'd noticed immediately, and with you leaning back against him, the fabric of your shirts suddenly seemed terribly thin.
Luckily for Alfonse, you had soon reached your destination. He got off before you could and extended a hand in your direction which you took gratefully.
As he helped you off the horse, you misstepped and stumbled towards Alfonse, who caught you in his arms. You were able to pull away immediately and laugh it off, but for Alfonse, the feeling of your body against his refused to leave his mind, further pushing his mind to lose the fight against his desperate heart.
After you'd set everything up, the two of you sat down on the spread-out blanket.
"Oh, by the way..."
He looked up at you.
"Yes, Summoner?"
"I just wanted to thank you again for... fighting for me, I guess. It really, really means a lot to me that you'd do something like that for my sake."
He would've crushed his opponents' skulls with his bare hands if it meant you'd be happy.
"That isn't something you'd have to thank me for! I'm sure everyone out of us would do the same."
"Oh..." You blushed.
"Well, I still really appreciate it! I hope I can repay the favour one day."
Alfonse nodded.
As the two of you sat in peaceful silence for some warm moments, Alfonse's heart wouldn't let him rest. You looked so beautiful in the sunlight, and he still remembered the feeling of your back against his chest, of your hair brushing against his collarbones, of you holding onto his arms when you stumbled...
It was rather difficult to be alone with you like this. He wanted to enjoy the moment as it was, he really did... But you were so close to him. He could lean over and...
He could lean over and kiss you.
Oh, what a dangerous thought. How exciting. Your lips must be so soft. Would you let him kiss you, if he tried? Alfonse couldn't say.
Silently, eyes never leaving your form, he moved a little bit closer to you.
You were touching again now.
This should be good enough, he told himself, it should satisfy his need to touch you... and yet he wanted more.
Looking up at you... You seemed far less on edge than he was. Your eyes were closed, face turned up towards the sun as you were leaning back on your arms. You looked serene.
Slowly, carefully, he inched closer. The grass and the blanket did well to mute the sound of his movements until he was in front of you.
By now, he should've grown used to the inner turmoil your presence caused him, but his mind was weak today, and his heart was pounding awfully hard.
Maybe this very moment would be the one to decide the battle his heart was fighting with his head - maybe if he managed to pull back right now he still had a chance of winning. He knew what the right thing to do would be, of course. Keep a friendly but distant relationship with you - him as the prince, you as the kingdom's summoner. But right now, you both were so much less - no, so much more than your positions - right now, he was was nothing but a lovesick boy, you were nothing but his darling, the object of his affections. What did it matter what he was meant to do? What would it change to hold back now?
As he pressed his lips against yours, he realized his head had been fighting a losing battle from the beginning.
sorry for being a bit less active, life has not been kind to me this past week and im not doing all that well!! sorry <33
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wolfsjunge · 9 months ago
(alfonse anon's second submission!!)
yandere! alfonse x reader [part IIII]
okie so for my new followers and stuff!! a little while ago i wrote 2 parts of a yan alfonse x reader fic!! and then alfonse anon (@luluka-night !! <3) ended up writing a third part themselves and sending it to me!! and so now theyve written a part 4 as well!! <33 hopefully that makes sense basically wrote two parts and then they also wrote two parts and let me post them on here!!
“In all honesty dear summoner, I feel you shouldn’t return to the battlefield.” The bluenette finished darkly. You sat beside him stunned at what he said.
“W-what do you mean Alfonse!?” You dramatically asked. He couldn’t of said what you thought he said, right? Attempting to gauge his body language, you looked over to see your most trusted general staring into your eyes with a dark look in them. A cold shiver went down your spine forcing you to look away.
“I meant what I said.” He put bluntly, “I do not want to risk your life, such as my father had for the sake of the other, unworthy, heroes that seek to plague you for advice when you have such a busy life.” Alfonse finished with a smile on his face. After listening to those words you felt your heart skip a beat,
You awkwardly laughed, but you were obviously put off by what Alfonse said.
“Y-you truly don’t mean that- right Alfonse…?” You nervously finished and looked over to see the bluenette expressionless as he takes in the information that you had given him.
In your mind, you were panicking because of what he said. The Alfonse you looked up to- when times got hard- truly wasn’t gone, right? Sure he was a little overbearing, cleaning and patching up your wound as it healed into a scar. Even then, before the wound scarred, Alfonse was vigilant in not letting you get sick from infections that threatened your weak and defenseless body. But you had assumed he was just helping you for the sake of all the heroes you had summoned, of course he had been like a mother hen but he was just looking out for all of the heroes no? You had seen first hand, during the meaningful battles against Hel and her forces, that an Alfonse-like hero that had gone by the name Líf, was actually Alfonse from another world that had lost their summoner. Of course you had sympathized with the lost king- even more so when you learnt of his past- but you hadn’t really given it much thought until now.
a/n: got a spark of writing passion to continue this when I read the newest request lol. Sorry it’s so short, I feel like I have poured my soul into this thus creating burn out (in the middle of the story nonetheless…) anyway I really hope you guys like this <3
(While I wrote this I listened to su-su-su-su suki daisuki by Sukone Tei Lol really good song I’d recommend you check it out)
aaaa thank u so so much for writing another part !!! im so happy to hear my writing inspired u again!!! <33 also the reference 2 líf at the end... enormous brain!! this makes me so happy aaa <333
also I'll probably finally have smth done by tmrw!! it's an ending for the feh gauntlet that im super super proud of so far!! sorry that i dont have anythimg i wrote myself 2day but im still not feeling all that gr8 so alfonse anon really did me a favor <333
but yeah i will be back tomorrow!! i do feel better now but school was hard today and my sister turned 18 today and im just too tired to edit rn!! so it'll be dome by tmrw <333 pls send alfonse anon some love theyre so so nice and lowkey rly saved me today with this hehe
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wolfsjunge · 9 months ago
Idk if this is a request would work but just imagine Commander Anna noticing some yandere tendencies from some heroes around the summoner, so she monetize this by making a gauntlet winning prize be a date with the summoner. How would like some of your fav yan characters react to her scheme? And the fights are now dramatically intense and tickets to see are just selling like insane lol
this is such a fun idea!!! i just wrote a lil prologue thingy for it so pls pls pls read the notes at the end of this, i had an idea for how to get more out of this idea!! thank u so much for the request!!
[fire emblem heroes x reader] (prologue)
part II
"And you're sure it's a good idea, Anna?"
You nervously looked over at the commander.
"Of course! Plus, we've already* made a QQ of profit." Anna winked at you.
You sighed.
"I just kinda wish you'd told me beforehand, is all."
"I agree", Sharena chimed in. "It's a little mean to plan out something like this and not even warn them."
"Well, we all know they would've refused. But it's worth it, it really is!"
You sighed, quietly thanking Sharena for being on your side.
"But... I'm sure it won't be half as bad as you're fearing it to be!" Sharena smiled, trying to cheer you up. "Most of the heroes here are really nice, and for the ones that aren't, you always have us watching out for you!"
You nodded.
"I guess you're right. And now's too late to refuse, anyways."
That, and it was for the Order of Heroes. You needed the money. It would be horribly selfish to call it off, and you wouldn't dare to, despite your complaints. Everyone was always giving their all, how could you not?
Lost in thought, you felt Alfonse, who had been quietly sitting beside you until now, taking your hand.
"Summoner... I promise you have nothing to worry about. I... plan to participate myself, for you sake."
He seemed nervous.
"Oh", you laughed. "Really? That's very nice of you. I don't doubt that you can win! That'd be a blessing."
Alfonse blushed.
Realizing how you'd sounded, you quickly spoke up again.
"Well, I mean, of course I appreciate everyone here... But some of the heroes can be a little bit... you know. At least you're someone I trust."
Alfonse's grip on your hand tightened. Could the others see him holding your hand under the table? He was only trying to comfort you, of course.
When you'd all finished eating your breakfast, your friends got up and excused themselves to their duties, leaving you to do your morning patrol.
As you were walking through the halls, you couldn't help but feel like everyone was staring at you.
Oh god, did they know you weren't the one who had had the idea for the gauntlet? What if they thought you were some kind of weird narcissist? Hopefully the future would grant some opportunity to clear that up.
If only Anna hadn't...
Honestly, a part of you did feel somewhat betrayed, if you'd dare allow yourself to feel that way.
But, like they'd said, it was just for show. Just another means to pay for the Order of Heroes' expenses. Just another part of your duties as the summoner.
Just another sacrifice for Askr, you told yourself.
so!! i was thinking since a bunch of ppl probably have different favorite heroes, (if anyone wants to!!) you can send in a request asking for which hero you would want to win and then i'll write a part for them if i can!! if anyone does send in a request for this, please clarify whether you want it to be yandere or not!! so yeah im not proud of this writing wise but i couldn't get it 2 b good so matter what since nothing really happens so this part was just 2 set the scene a little bit!! also sorry for posting so much later than i usually do i feel asleep and then woke up at 4 am!! so this is going up at 6 am (for me) instead of 1:45 ajhdhdns
ooh also u can request as many charas as you'd like !! and theres some charas i wanna do of my own accord if they don't get requested as well tbh <33
requests are open!! <33
(will be linked as soon as the post is up!! this is just who i got in my inbox already!!)
(Fallen) Ike
Grima (M)
(Summer) Sylvain
ending requests are closed now!!
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wolfsjunge · 9 months ago
[yandere! alfonse x reader]
summary: reader gets homesick. alfonse has conflicting feelings about it.
You looked up from your book.
"Uh, yeah?"
"Are you alright? You look upset."
You were upset. Yesterday, you saw yet another hero reunited with a parent that was deceased in their world - such sights always made you happy, but lately, you were starting to miss your own home. You'd only been in Askr for a few months, and while most everyone her had been kind to you... You couldn't help but wonder about your own world. How were your parents doing? What about your siblings? Did they wonder where you went? How did they try to explain your going missing without a trace?
"Yeah, I... I don't know, I've just been thinking about some stuff." You shrugged.
You didn't want to think too much about it, lest you'd start crying in front of a new friend you had - in your mind - yet to fully convince of your character.
"What kind of 'stuff'?" Alfonse gave you a questioning look.
"Oh, y'know. My family. My home. Things like that."
Alfonse tensed up. You were home, he suddenly thought.
"Do you... miss them?"
You nodded.
"I mean- Everyone here has been very nice to me. It's not like I have anything to complain about... I just can't help but wonder how they're doing and stuff."
Alfonse felt uneasy, and he didn't know why, which only served to make the feeling worse.
You shouldn't be worrying about stuff like that- He pushed the thought away. Obviously you'd be upset. He would be as well, were he in your position.
"Of course. It's only natural that you would worry."
He tried his best to sound reassuring, but something about the thought of you missing your home - perhaps even wishing to go back - somehow seemed to shake him to his core.
"I guess... But it feels terrible. You know, when you're on a class trip or something - or on some kind of visit to another kingdom in your case, I guess - it's not that bad because you know you can go home in a few days, or you can call your parents or talk to a teacher or something. But now..." You sighed.
"There's no one here like me. I-... God, sorry, I don't want to bother you with that. I'm sure you have more important stuff to do."
"N-No! I mean, you needn't worry about me."
Tell me more about how you want to leave, he thought, and shook again. That wasn't it! He wanted to help you. That was why he was listening to you. It was his duty as the prince... and as your friend.
"Ah... Thank you." You smiled slightly. "It means a lot."
Alfonse's heart jumped. Your smile was so beautiful.
"I guess it's just... I know you're all trying your best to make me feel welcome, and I really appreciate it, but..." You looked away. This was hard to talk about, and you could feel tears welling up in your eyes already.
"I feel really isolated. No one here could really get it, you know? Cause my world is so different from yours. It's not even just that I miss my family, it's also... Everything is so new and unfamiliar here. I always have to ask everyone about everything, and- and the castle is so big, and I..." You felt tears rolling down your cheeks and immediately started rubbing them away.
"Sorry, this is really pathetic. I know you- we have bigger issues. I'm sorry."
Alfonse stared at you for a second, mesmerized. He felt bad, knowing he could never understand you either. But hopefully you would feel better after talking about it. You looked so pretty when you cried-
Maybe it was a good sign that you were able to open up to him like this. It meant that you trusted him now. Maybe it meant that despite everything, you were still slowly starting to get used to Askr. Then you wouldn't want to leave.
He shook his head slightly. What was going on with him?
A quiet sob brought his attention back to you.
"Oh, I... You really don't have to worry about it. I'm very glad to listen to you, if it helps. I know I also can't fully understand you, but I.. I'd really like to try."
His hands were resting in his lap. He didn't know what to do with them. Should he pat your back? Wipe your tears? Take your hand?
You sniffed. "Thank you. That really means a lot to me. I... It helps to have someone like you here. You're very kind." You averted your gaze. Was this too much to say? You knew - thought - he wanted to keep you at a distance, but now that you'd started bawling in front of him, the least you could do was offer a thank you.
Alfonse blushed.
"I'm very happy to help, Summoner. If-... If you need to - if you're comfortable - You can talk to me at any time."
You smiled to yourself. At least he was starting to warm up to you as well.
"Thank you. Sorry again. I know it's silly, but I'm really happy that you listened to me anyways."
"It's not silly at all!" And yet it bothered him. "It's normal to get homesick. I only hope it passes soon, for your sake."
"I'm sure it will! Don't worry too much about it. And, uh..." You leaned over and awkwardly wrapped your arms around him.
Alfonse froze. You were warm. So warm. He felt like his heart might stop that very second. He wanted to hug you back, feel as much of your warmth as he somehow could-
Slowly, with arms perhaps even more shaky than his breath, he wrapped his arms around you. It would be rude - wasteful - not to, after all.
He was glad your coat was wrapped around your waist and not your shoulders - it let him feel how soft your skin was - otherwise he feared the heat might smother you.
When you pulled away, he felt inclined to pull you back again.
"Uh, thank you for hearing me out." You smiled. Your smile was as warm as your breath on his neck had been before.
"Of course, Summoner. It's the least I can do."
With yet another smile, you left him alone to ponder all these thoughts that kept arising in his head.
Why did you make him feel like this? Why was he thinking these things? He had to be pure, to be strong and kind and serious and yet all he wanted to be right now was yours-
Alfonse shook his head. Surely he was just tired. Maybe he'd been cursed. Maybe it was just a normal thing. Maybe it had something to do with you being from another world? Maybe-
He shivered when he realized how present your warmth still was on his skin, and he shivered again when he had to endure all the things it made him think- dream - about you.
the "i" in intelligent systems is for "it is loving alfonse hours".. <33
anyways!!! im super proud of this hehe
also!! 60 followers!!! i might need 2 cry!! <333
requests are open! <3
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wolfsjunge · 9 months ago
(alfonse anon's submission!!)
yandere alfonse x reader [part III]
It had nearly been two weeks since you had been mortally wounded, but somehow nursed back to life with the help of healers, since then, Alfonse has been (or has had someone) keeping an eye on you like you were some kind of kid. It was even more frustrating because you knew Alfonse meant well, after you had that near-death experience he did all he could to keep you by his side. But you decided enough was enough. It was humiliating to have the heroes (you summoned of course) have to treat you like a baby. 
  One sunny afternoon, after inviting Alfonse into the garden to have tea, you ambushed him, and demanded that he treat you like the adult you were. The setting was perfect. There weren’t many heroes who weren’t off-duty to bombard you with strategic planning, and you told General Anna to take care of those who had nothing else to do but lounge around the castle. The garden smelt of morning dew drying and turning into a some-what humid setting. There were many lovely smelling flowers, as well as lovely looking flowers. Sitting down, after pouring tea and serving some of Alfonse’s favourite sweets, you inhaled fearing he would be crushed that his baby bird wanted to fly out of the nest. 
  “Alfonse.... There’s something I’ve been meaning to say to you after all these weeks…” You finally spoke up and looked over to the bluenette seeing him perk up to the mention of his name.
“Oh? And what might that be, dear summoner? Has someone been bothering you? Do you not like where we are sitting? I don’t mind moving u-” 
“Ah no, nothing like that. Don’t worry about it.” You chuckled a bit nervously and reassured the noticeably tired, anxious, and worriable man.
“I have been thinking for sometime now while I’ve been healing over the past few days. And I need to draw a boundary line between us… if you know what I mean…?” You asked meekly, nervous to how he would react.
“A-ah I, uh, see…” Alfonse replied hesitantly, “erm, may I ask what you possibly mean by that?”
“I mean, I am fully healed. I appreciate you doting over me while I was severely injured but I am all better now.” You said confidently, “I think it would be best for me to return to the battlefield, where I am needed, but of course take extra cautionary steps to ensure my safety.”
  While you spoke to him, Alfonse was mentally panicking. I mean he knew this day would come sometime. He just wasn’t ready to let you out of his sight and he knew he couldn’t bullshit around it either. He couldn’t keep making excuses on why it was super dangerous for you to go outdoors with other heroes onto the battlefield. He couldn’t keep you in the nest without some pushback. That’d be unrealistic. He knew you. You were called the “Champion of the Battlefield” for a reason. Your strategies even rivaled that of the twin Robins. When everyone thought it was lost, you turned the tides around with a smile, Alfonse admires that about you. He admires how devoted you were to keeping everyone safe and completing the task at hand. Hell, you even almost sacrificed yourself protecting a badly wounded healer. With the realisation of him almost losing you at the time, he became aware of his obsessive thoughts for you. He wanted to do anything to keep you safe, happy, and healthy. He didn’t care if he had to shed some blood to do that. Even maybe “accidently” severely injuring one of the friendly heroes who, so generously, came to you when you called upon them. The only few things that mattered to him in this life were you and his sister Sharena. He became utterly devastated when he lost his father to the clutches of the Goddess of death herself, Hel. He knew he couldn’t lose you too-
  “Hello…? Earth to Alfonse… are you alright?” Alfonse snapped out of his mental monologue to see you staring him in the face with a curious look in your eyes.
“Ah- yeah I am fine.” He blushed and looked away. Embarrassed by all those dark thoughts.
“That’s good. I almost thought I lost you.” You again nervously chuckled. “So what do you think…?” 
“Ah- erm, about what again? I apologize, this nice weather is making me tired.” Alfonse quickly lied through his teeth.
“I wanted to know what you think about me joining the battlefield once again.”
You took a small bite out of a nearby cookie and cocked your head. 
“Well? What do you think?” You innocently finished. 
He took a deep breath, trying not to think of you almost dying on the battlefield.
“Well…” He started…
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>A/N: Hiya!! Last night I went on a writing spree after finishing your initial p2 of Alfonse x reader and I really hope you like this. I honestly didn't know what to end this with so I honestly just left a cliffhanger lol. I might make another part to conclude what you/I wrote but Idk what to do for the ending lmao. Also yes this is my main shhhhhhhhhhhhhh
OMG I!!!! AAAAAAAAAA <333 i rly dunno what to say this is the coolest thing in the world 😭😭 it means so so much to me that u would like my stuff so much that u wanted to write a continuation urself!!! i!!! <3333!!!!!! i might actually need 2 cry.. <33 !!! also!! if i can come up w something i might also actually write part 4 for this then but if u do wanna write more as well i'll hold off on that bcus i would love to see what u write even more!!! tbh its rly admirable that u can write like.. full confrontation bcus im always really scared of that, pretty much the first time i actually wrote smth like that was my líf fic and that didn't do very well sadly sjdjdj so!! anyways!! thank u so so so so SO much for this this making me rly happy right now gsgsh it has been alfonse hours anyways for me lately and now this... <333...
im literally gonna read this five times a day now probably it makes me SO happy.. 🥺🥺🥺🥺
also taking this opportunity 2 say that yesterday i had another idea for another different alfonse fic so !! if i get it done in time i might post that today as well !! and also hopefully at least one of the requests i have dghsg <33
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wolfsjunge · 9 months ago
yandere alfonse headcanons
alfonse falls in love with the summoner, almost completely regardless of what you're like as long as you have a kind heart.
partially because he's bound to be close to you by design, but also because he entirely idealizes you
he's ridiculously clingy. it's smothering.
he's neither manipulative nor violent, really. all the power he holds over you lies within the compassion you have for him
he watches you sleep as often as he can afford to and then some
you're the only one around whom he can let his guard down
if any heroes make inappropriate advances towards you - something that's suprisingly common - he hunts them down and threatens them. the more... unconventional ones usually realise what's going on, and it amuses them to see alfonse of all people indulge in behaviours like this
he's very nervous and shaky and overwhelmed by all his feelings. you don't really have a choice but to comfort him about his feelings, even if they make you suffer even more than him
he's suprisingly touchy, especially when you two are alone. his grip is always far too tight, but you don't dare tell him that.
sharena enables him. he doesn't realize what he's doing to you is wrong, and while she does, she manages to rationalize it for both of them as well - she wants alfonse to be happy, and surely it cost you less than it gives him, right? he's usually good to you, you both know he means well, don't you? it's not worth arguing over
despite his... tendencies, you do love him back, and sharena is right - it's better to just put up with it than cause him any unessecary worry.
you get a lot of anxious, whispered compliments and declarations of love from him
after a while, when he can't help but trust you despite his fears, you're the one he goes to for everything - and he expects you to do the same, but you can't trust him with your thoughts, not if he's the one causing most of your worries
somehow, he manages to be ashamed of even the most innocent romantic desires, but none of his terribly obsessive thoughts seem to make him pause in the slightest
maybe you realize something is wrong. maybe you do hear his footsteps lingering behind you after he's already said goodbye, maybe you do see how intense his eyes get when he looks at you, maybe it even scares you... but none of that seems to matter. you wouldn't dare speak of it around him, and everyone else seems fully convinced you two are meant to be - and maybe you are, but do you really have to be like this?
all my last posts seem to be flopping terribly which is kinda upsetting. i mean!! dunno its not like i write 2 get likes, i just cant help but find it kinda disheartening.. i just want 2 improve so much faster than i am rn!!
anyways!! here are alfonse hcs i wrote in the middle of class hehe <33
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wolfsjunge · 9 months ago
yandere alfonse x reader [part II]
In the following weeks, the castle walls seemed to tighten around you.
Alfonse was by your side at all times, and whenever there was something you had to do, someone else seemed to already have done it for you. Had you not known about Alfonse's already prevalent anxieties about losing you, maybe you would have been annoyed with him, but as things stood, all you did was feel guilty. If you'd been more careful, surely Alfonse wouldn't have had to relive his trauma through you like that.
Still, despite your understanding for his... condition, you had tried getting Sharena to talk sense into her brother in hopes of at least getting to tend to your duties again, but her responses only ever seemed to worsen your guilt. You didn't know he'd spent thee nights beside your bed before you woke up. You didn't know how he'd clung to Sharena while the healers were tending to you. You had never seen him lose his composure before.
Setting down your teacup, you looked up at Alfonse sitting next to you in the library. This was the first time in days you'd managed to look at him without him already having been staring at you, and it was the first time ever you saw how... disheveled he looked. His hair was messier than usual, he had dark shadows underneath his eyes, his shirt wasnt sitting properly... You had assumed that letting him follow you around would ease his anxieties, but as things stood right now, he looked to be worse than ever.
"Summoner?" Alfonse's voice tore you out of your thoughts.
"Uh-... Yeah?"
"I couldn't help but notice that you're staring at me. Is something wrong?"
You flinched. He was right, of course, but you didn't think he would notice.
"Yeah... Sorry."
"Have you been getting enough sleep, Summoner?"
It was pretty hard to fall asleep with him staring at you all night, you thought, but you didn't want him to feel bad, so you just nodded.
"When was the last time your bandages were changed?"
You sighed. "Lissa changed them yesterday morning."
Alfonse looked alarmed. "Nothing since then? I told you, they need to be changed every six hours."
You sighed once more.
"It's not even that dangerous anymore. Lissa said it's enough to change them once a day."
He shook his head. "Please, Summoner, I don't want you getting sick. Would you follow me to my room?"
You didn't want to. You could just have someone else change your bandages in the evening.
But Alfonse looked so worried, and you didn't want him to be unessecarily upset. It was a smaller sacrifice for you than the worry would be a burden on him, and so you followed.
Sitting down on his bed next to him, you hestitantly lifted your shirt. You weren't comfortable, but your time in Askr had made it clear that war didn't leave any space for comfort, and so you decided once more to grit your teeth and bear it.
Alfonse thanked you before starting to unwrap the old bandages. They were barely even stained at all.
Alfonse gently touched your waist, and you had to resist flinching. The wound had been closed for a while now and it posed no threat anymore, but you knew Alfonse worried still.
"It's healing well." He smiled.
"Told you. I'm gonna be fine." You mustered up a smile.
It did still hurt, more than any kind of wound you would have had usually, but it was more important that Alfonse didn't have to worry any more than he did already.
Slowly, he started wrapping new bandages around your waist. Your arms were growing tired from holding up your shirt.
When Alfonse was done, you tried to get up, but he grabbed your hand.
"You need to rest. I'm sure you're exhausted."
You hadn't even been up for that long, but when you saw how he was looking at you...
"If you insist." You smiled weakly. Could you get tired of someone's company even if you loved them?
Alfonse gently pushed you down on the bed before laying his blanket on top of you.
"Sleep well. I'll wait here for you, okay?"
"I will. Thank you. Please try to get some sleep as well, okay?"
Quietly, you could hear Alfonse sitting down on the ground beside his bed again. Just before you drifted off, you felt him take your hand.
Even in your restless sleep, you felt his eyes on you all night.
just wanted 2 mention that even though i stopped doing requests in the order they were sent, if u did send me a request, its 100% getting done!! sorry if youve been waiting a while, but now that writers block has subsided i plan to power thru the remaining 4 asks i have asap!!
in the meantime, feel free to send in new requests as well!! seeing stuff in my ask box makes me rly happy <33
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wolfsjunge · 9 months ago
Heyo I saw that your requests are open and I wanted to ask if you could do some hc of Alfonse almost losing his summoner in battle and now doesn’t let them out of his sight (yandere of course pls)
hell yeah!! thank u SO much for this giant brain request this was so much fun to write!! i actually didnt end up doing headcanons, i wrote a lil two-part fic thingy bcus this rly inspired me hehe i hope thats ok!! otherwise lmk cus i'll happily do some hcs as well ofc, especially since there's also more ideas i had that didnt fit in anywhere !!
yandere alfonse x reader
When you woke up, your room was pitch black. You would have thought you were alone, were it not for the faint breathing coming from beside your bed.
"Who..." You trailed off upon hearing how hoarse your voice is. What exactly had happened? You were on the battlefield, and then... Were you dead?
When you tried to sit up, you felt a sharp pain in your side and winced. Immediately, whoever was sleeping beside your bed lifted their head up.
"Summoner! Are you okay?" He sounded anxious.
You heard the quiet hiss of a flame being lit, and then a candle illuminated your room.
"Wh-What happened?"
You looked over at Alfonse. He looked sick with worry. His cheeks were red and somewhat puffy - had he been crying?
"You-... You got hurt."
His voice tore you out of your thoughts. Speaking those words, he sounded pained as well.
"Ah..." Your hand travelled to your waist.
"How bad is it?" You looked down at your shirt. It was stained with dried blood.
"Our healers managed to stop the bleeding enough to save you, but you almost-...You almost-" He choked on his words, and your heart ached with sympathy for him.
For a few moments, you both sat in silence, but as the thick air got unbearable, you spoke up again.
"I'm sorry... I should have been more careful, I-..."
"I almost lost you." Alfonse said.
"I know," You whispered. "I'm so sorry."
Maybe you should've told him that he didn't lose you, that you were safe and by his side and that he didn't have to worry anymore, but at the moment you couldn't muster up anything but choked apologies. You knew how terrified he was of losing people, and now...
Finally, you forced yourself to try and comfort him.
"...I'm here. You didn't lose me."
Alfonse looked up at you. His eyes were glossy, and right now, without his armor, sitting on the carpet beside your bed, almost breaking into tears again at the thought of losing you... He seemed a million miles away from the serious, distanced prince he was in front of you when you first came to Askr.
Slowly, painfully, you got up and sat down next to him. Alfonse took your hand almost absentmindedly.
"I hate seeing you out on the battlefield with us." He whispered.
"It makes me sick with worry." His grip on your hand tightened.
"I wish you didn't have to fight with us... I-... I wish i could have you by my side at all times."
Your hand was starting to hurt, but you tried to ignore it for his sake. He needed you right now.
"Oh... you know that's not possible." You spoke gently.
Alfonse didn't reply.
i cut it into two parts for like pacing purposes and stuff - this is part one, but im posting part two immediately after so as soon as u see this u can check my blog for part 2!! i really love alfonse i was super happy to write for him, tysm anon <33
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sickly-sweet-imagines · 2 months ago
A comprehensive list of the fics I’ve written! It’s organized alphabetically for everything! Fics with a specified reader gender in parentheses will have that gender, otherwise they will not have a specific gender.
Corpse Party
Yoshiki Kishinuma
Soft Reader (Headcanons) (Male Reader)
Yuuya Kizami
Letter to Reader
Yandere Reader (Headcanons) (Fem Reader)
Trigger Happy Havoc
Byakuya Togami
S/o Comes Out as Bi (Headcanons) (Fem Reader)
Super Danganronpa 2
Nagito Komaeda
Trans Guy S/o (Headcanons)
Twogami/Ultimate Imposter
S/o Comes Out as Bi (Headcanons) (Fem Reader)
Gonta Gokuhara
S/o Comes Out as Bi (Headcanons) (Fem Reader)
Korekiyo Shinguji
Genderfluid S/o (Headcanons)
S/o Comes Out as Bi (Headcanons) (Fem Reader)
Fire Emblem
Valentine’s Day Baking - Part 2 (NSFW)
Letter to Long-Distance Lover
Valentine’s Day Date (Male Reader)
Binding Blade
Manakete S/o (Headcanons)
With Fearful Adopted Child (Headcanons)
With Fearful Adopted Child (Headcanons)
Relationship Headcanons
With Fearful Adopted Child (Headcanons)
With Fearful Adopted Child (Headcanons)
With Fearful Adopted Child (Headcanons)
No Reader
Nina and Niles Familial Headcanons
Sakura and Azura Ice Skating
Bunny Day Outfit Teasing (Male Reader)
Nightmare Hurt/Comfort [Book Four Spoilers]
Teaching Summoner to Ride a Horse (Platonic) (Male Reader)
Bonding Under the Stars (Platonic) (Male Reader)
No Reader
Lissa, Elise, Sharena Pranking Their Brothers
Three Houses
Claude von Riegan
Falling for a Foot Soldier (Headcanons)
Dimitri Alexandre Blaiddyd
Falling for a Foot Soldier (Headcanons)
Overworked Healer Crush (Headcanons)
Valentine’s Day Confession (Headcanons)
Edelgard von Hresvelg
Depressed S/o (Headcanons)
Falling for a Foot Soldier (Headcanons)
Felix Hugo Fraldarius
Infirmary Hurt/Comfort
Threesome with Sylvain (NSFW) (Headcanons)
Hilda Valentine Goneril
Shy Reader Confession
Hubert von Vestra
Love Confession
Valentine’s Confession
Lady Rhea
Falling for a Foot Soldier (Headcanons)
Valentine’s Day Gift (Headcanons) (Male Reader)
Sylvain Jose Gautier
Threesome with Felix (NSFW) (Headcanons)
Marble Hornets
Jam (+ Bralex) High School AU
Monster Prom
Damien LaVey
Cosplayer S/o (Headcanons)
Valentine’s Day (Headcanons) (Fem Reader)
Writer S/o (Headcanons)
Yandere Valentine (Male Reader)
Miranda Vanderbilt
Writer S/o (Headcanons)
Scott Howl
Coming Home to a Cosplayer S/o in Costume
Wolf Pack
Valentine’s Day (Headcanons)
My Hero Academia
Denki Kaminari
Valentine’s Day (Headcanons)
Eijiro Kirishima
Valentine’s Day (Headcanons)
Izuku Midoriya
Pro Deku x Civilian Wife
Katsuki Bakugo
USJ Attack Confession (Hearing Aid AU)
Valentine Confession (Headcanons) (Fem Reader)
Valentine’s Day (Headcanons)
Momo Yaoyorozu
Valentine’s Day (Headcanons)
Shouto Todoroki
Valentine’s Day (Headcanons)
Octopath Traveler
Alfyn Greengrass
Party Members Together (Platonic)
Cyrus Albright
Party Members Together (Platonic)
Party Members Together (Platonic)
Tressa Colzione
Party Members Together (Platonic)
Soul Eater
Valentine’s Day (Headcanons)
Soul Eater Evans
Valentine’s Day (Headcanons) (Fem Reader)
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fire-emblem-drabbles · 2 months ago
Hello!!!! Could you please tag the yandere Alfonse prompt (the one with the words somewhat akin to "I wish you would just let me have you") as noncon?? It was a little bit triggering as someone who's had distasteful encounters ;_; thank you!!!!
Ahh sorry anon, that's an old piece-- I apologize for any discomfort it may have caused you. Since there's no real not sfw in it, I'll at a warning for "non consensual touching" and "dubious consent" okay? Again, I'm so sorry for any discomfort I may have caused you!
0 notes
fire-emblem-drabbles · 4 months ago
Can we have a yandere summoner x alfonse? It would be an interesting change that the summoner would be the yandere one.
Hiya anon, I’ve actually been asked for something similar before (also with Alfonse, which is kinda funny). Really, I’m just not interested in writing that sort of thing, you know? Like... I write yandere fics because I want someone to be helplessly in love with me ^^; Not to say that it wouldn’t be interesting-- just not my cup of tea!
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fortune-maiden · 6 months ago
*catches up on FE Heroes story*
...Is it me or did Book IV just really kinda drop the ball?
“Alfonse died in the real world as a result of Book 3! ...yeah no jk, he’s fine and we’ll never speak of this again.”
“If you end the dream all the fairies will die! Nah, it’s cool Lady Freyja decided not to be a yandere anymore for no real reason”
“So anyway, here’s Book IV’s cliffhanger ending and Book V!” :D
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fire-emblem-drabbles · 6 months ago
Blog Statistics
Based off the masterlist I made on the last post, I made a pie chart! It’s kinda ugly considering I’ve written for 75 different characters on this blog (as of 12/10/20 lol) but yeah!
Tumblr media
So based on this chart, my top 5 characters I’ve written for, in order, are:
1. Alfonse: 11 fics (or 6.4%), including multi pieces
2. Lif: 10 fics (or 5.8%)  including multi pieces
3. Zelgius: 8 fics
4. Lukas: 7 fics
5. Takumi: 6 fics
For obvious reasons, I skipped multi on this but included it on the chart for fun!
In total, I’ve written 172 different fanfics for this blog! Of the 75 characters I’ve written for (2 characters, Bruno and Rinea, are included in multi fics but none of their own) 59 (or 78%) are male, leaving only 16 (or 22%) as women! However, men make up 143 (or 83%) of all total fics on this blog, leaving women with only 29 (or 17%) of all total fics.
Speaking of all the characters I’ve written for, only 3 of them aren’t in Heroes! That would be Linhardt, Caspar, and Sain!
And of the 172 different fics only 38 (or 22%) of them are yandere, leaving the remaining 134 (or 78%) to be normal fics. I’ve also only written 6 not sfw pieces on this blog. That’s less than 1%!
That’s about all the interesting stuff I have to say about this blog! I just did this for fun, even if it took me a bit of time... I hope you guys like it lol! Maybe it will give you an idea of who to request next?
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fire-emblem-drabbles · 6 months ago
Master list (fics only)
Alfonse: “Would it be okay if I held your hand?”, “I didn’t know what to get you, so I brought flowers, chocolate and a huge stuffed bear!”, Ephemeral, “It’s okay to love me. Please, I want you to love me.”, I love you “muffled on the other side of the door”, “I’ve memorized absolutely every part of your day so we can always be together.”, “I wish you would just let me have you.”,
Arvis: Demon; trapped in a candle, the summoner and Arvis are pinning for one another so hard it hurts, I want something I’m not sure I deserve to have,
Ayra: Ayra teaches her disaster summoner s/o how to wield a sword,
Azura: Pluviophile, “It’s okay to love me. Please, love me.”,
Berkut: Demon Berkut with angel reader, “If I don’t protect you, who will? You can only rely on me!”,
Caspar: I love you “On a sunny Tuesday afternoon, the late sunlight glowing in your hair”,
Camilla: Hot spring confession,
Camus: Sempiternal,
Chrom: not sfw; All Tied Up, “Is it so wrong to want you to only smile at me? It feels weong but I can’t help but feel that way.”, the summoner is a single mother to a 3 yr old girl and Chrom cannot help but have huge dad energy,
Claude: I love you “muffled through the other side of the door”,
Cordelia: trans Cordelia, not sfw; first time together,
Corrin: Tea time Confession,
Dimitri: Vampire Dimi/Friday the 13th,
Dorothea: “Sorry for calling so late-- I couldn’t stop thinking about you”,
Duma: Strength Comes in Many Forms,
Edelgard: “Let me hold you for a while”,
Eirika: “You will do what I ask.”, “I hate when other heroes look at you...”,
Eldigan: “I’ll make you crave me as much as I do you.”,
Eliwood: not sfw; Loved and Cherished, Taking care of a kitten together, Reincarnation; like someone I once knew...,
Ephraim: helping the summoner open up, “Your happiness comes before mine.”,
Faye: “You will listen to me.”, “I just want to show you how much I love you.”, “I know you liked them sweetie but they were keeping you away from me.”,
Ferdinand: Centuar Ferdi!,
Fjorm: the summoner is an idiot and as it turns out Fjorm is moronsexual,
Forrest: mtf trans reader; real gender reaffirmation hours,
Gangrel: first fic I ever posted on this blog!, sometimes Sydney can write things for herself. as a treat, Vengeance; a 10k oneshot about how much I love Gangrel,
Grima: sometimes a dragon can be soft, “You’ve got me wrapped around your finger.”, your love is enough for me, Chimerical, “Next time they touch what’s mine I’ll rip their fucking arms off.”, Teaching Traditions,
Hector: The meaning behind it,
Hrid: Soulmates; their first words to you are written on your body, “You’re ignoring me. Why? Don’t you love me?”, Incubus Hrid time,
Hubert: “The truth is I love you“,
Ike: Day of Devotion Confession, Secret Spring: New Beginnings, “You’re actually kind of cute when you struggle like that.”, Ike helps the summoner deal with their depression,
Innes: how dense can one summoner be?, the answer is quite a lot,
Jeorge: “I said you couldn’t fall in love with me but I didn’t say I couldn’t fall in love with you.”,
Julius: Slyph Julius; reader is an idiot who just steps into fairy circles and gives their name out,
Joshua: acting as the summoners wingman only to realize they like him too,
Kliff: “Why are you pushing me away?”,
Leanne: Confessing to a dense summoner,
Leo: I have no future if it’s not with you,
Lif: Dead Man’s Deal, To Love Like This, “I will protect you from everything“, What We Could Be, Soft Like the Snowfall,
Linus: male reader; Linus reminds you while you’re amazing and worthy of love!, “I’m madly in love with you.”,
Linhardt: “Lay your head in my lap and try to get some rest” & “Do I get a goodnight kiss?”,
Loki: Sydney tries to write away her bad habits and fails (part 2),
Lorenz: I love you “as we huddle together, the storm raging outside”, Tea Left Untouched, “This is stupid but... could you sing for me?”,
Lukas: Blessed be the Father, I love you “while baking cookies making sandwiches”, “As long as I’m here, you’ll be safe.”, “Are bubble baths romantic?”, “Only I can protect you; please, let me be your shield.”, Modern AU; taking care of a sick reader, “I never stopped thinking about you, not even for a minute.”,
Lyon: fallen Lyon “Unfortunately for you, once I had decided your were mine there was nothing you could have done to change your fate”, taking care of the summoner after they overwork themself,
Lysithea: Whenever we’re together I feel at home,
Marth: not sfw; First time for Everything, “How can I get you to like me?”, “Your happiness comes before mine”, “Your heart is safe with me,”, treating Marth likes he deserves,
Micaiah: “I’ll do whatever if takes if it means we get to be together.”, “Are you threatening me?”, yandere micaiah x reader @the fair, when I saw you last night, you looked beautiful...,
Michalis: “This world doesn’t deserve an angel like you.”
Multi: Lif & Alfonse “One and the Same”, Lif & Alfonse “Aspetabund”, Lif & Ike not sfw “Loki plays a very bad trick on the summoner and Ike gets cucked”, Alfonse & Lif “Shrouded in Shadows”, Berkut & Rinea “Aubade”, Alfonse & Bruno “Spring Time Surprise!”, Ephraim & Innes; being competitive over the summoner, yandere Tibarn and Reyson “I won’t let you escape,
Naesala: “Now now, my dear, don’t make me take your love by force.”,
Niles: Bloodied and Beautiful, Season’s Delight,
Odin: Uncanny, “God, you really have no idea how amazing you are.”,
Quan: Centuar; the reader is scared of horses, “If you could be with me, would you?”,
Python: “I don’t think I know how to love...”,
Reina: “Is it okay to want you all to myself?”, “I just want to show you how much I love you.”, “I’ll kiss away the pain, doll.”,
Reinhardt: the summoner talks in their sleep... but Reinhardt thinks its cute, the summoner asks Reinhardt to teach them how to ride a horse in order to get close to him, I had a dream where Reinhardt gave me headpats so I wrote about it,
Reyson: Made Just for You, “It’s you, you’re the one I want.”,
Robin: “You told me you love me you can’t take that back“,
Ryoma: self insert vent piece, Hoshido’s new queen, Ryoma kidnaps the summoner Because He Can,
Sain: “I just don’t want to be alone right now”,
Seliph: Pretty Little Words, “I love you so much, you’re all I ever think about.”, “Your heart is safe with me.”, Billet-Deux, “The world doesn’t deserve an angel like you.”,
Seteth: “I want to be more than just friends with you”, Drawn to You,
Sharena: Sharena takes a hit meant for you, “You’re too good for this world.”,
Shigure: Soulmates; red string of fate, Euphonious,
Shiro: “When do you want these back?”,
Soren: “U-um... will you be my valentine?”, not sfw; Late Night Texts, “I need to know you love me. Say it for me.”,
Takumi: Fallen Takumi “If you leave me, I’ll die!”, I love you “said not to me.”, “I don’t mind sharing, as long as I’m with you.”, remember to remind Takumi how much you love him!, Sydney tries to write away her bad habits (and fails) part 1, Comforting him after a particularly bad nightmare,
Tibarn: Soulmates; matching marks/tattoos,
Tharja: Stay a little while longer,
Tobin: “Is it so hard to love me?”,
Valter: Unlikely Savior, Susuruss, For some reason you trust Valter,
Walhart: “You think I’m watching you? Don’t flatter yourself.”
Xander: “I want to touch you so much I can hardly hold myself back,” “If I don’t protect you, who will? You can only rely on me!”, Xander comforting his commoner s/o,
Zelgius: Earning Love, Sometimes you’re just depressed bro, Not Quite Obsession, “Get behind me, I’ll deal with this.”, not sfw; when training takes a turn, A song from me to you, The summoner gets kidnapped and Zelgius is only capable of worry, “Promise me you’ll stay.”,
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nova-arcania · 6 months ago
Tumblr media
Book V Begins - Mythic Reginn Sacred Stones Banner
Oh boy
First of all, yay, mecha!
✨ World of MechCraft!! ✨
Woo! ( ´ ▽ ` )b Yas!
The sprites look AMAZING.
Tumblr media
And THIS is just all kinds of gorgeous.
Tumblr media
Anyway, from the top to the waist, Reginn’s character design looks great. Cute pony tail. Kudos the flower detail. Kinda bard-like, though with a slight steampunk vibe, what with the gear-shaped badge attached with that braided rope, which adds a hint of some military background. And I’m guessing it’s a royal crest thing, so nice matching earrings. Edna Mode might take issue with that half cape, but how many royal heroes in Fire Emblem... then I look down to the belt.
I thought Reginn was wearing a chastity belt at first, but no, it’s just the most uncomfortable underwear armor in the world; it has a horse tail. How does one sit with that in their mechanical horse.
Because Reginn... is a pony cavalry. With hooves for shoes. I mean... 🤔 Cavalry. Mecha cavalry!
Because Book V takes the Order to Niðavellir, the realm of the dvergar, or dwarves.
And apparently, Alfonse, despite being named after the álfar or elves, has a face that reminds Reginn of Fáfnir, current king of the dwarves.
Who looks like a possessed little shit.
Well, at least Alfonse is alive. And what a meeting he has with Reginn, huh?
IntSys just likes various shots of him on the ground, I guess.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Don’t ask me.
Tumblr media
Headcanon that this is how he recruits people.
Tumblr media
Ask Zacharias ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Reginn is one of the sorcerer Hreiðmarr’s sons in Norse mythology, brother of Fáfnir, Ótr, Lyngheiðr and Lofnheiðr. He becomes the royal smithy, the foster father of Sigurd, and is known as the most skillful of men - wise, dark, well-versed in magic and languages.
Wears a tail on the butt now.
Tumblr media
I mean, Knoll just gets quietly added to the rooster like a dark mage that truly believes he must stay in the, well, dark - no fanfare - but then...
We all get to see ⬆️ THIS ⬆️
And the kicker is that Reginn doesn’t even have long legs, so the emphasis is just ಠ_ಠ
See below; the overall proportions are petite. And this is IntSys approved. Like, it’s their idea. Of. Of a...
A wise, dark, dwarf. Son.
Headcanon that Reginn is trans or will transition, and is just called a princess in the game now, because Arturia Pendragon sell$ better than Arthur *snerk*
I do want to see Reginn adopt Sigurd.
... That’s it. That’s all I wanna. All I got ...
Fuckin- Moving on.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Mythic Reginn - Bearing Hope
Red Sword Cavalry
Mythic Effect: Astra
Boost: HP +5, Atk +3
So, guns are swords now (o_O !)
With a range of 1.
( o _ o )
*excited for the Sharena lookalike witch girl with the wicked lookin’ hat sitting on on a giant possibly flying revolver, and the two Mecha Valkyrie knights* Refocusing. Mecha cavalry!! Tell me Reginn the royal smithy invented the armor!!!
This is a majorly overpowered, player-phased glass canon. On the bright side, free for all players, once you complete Book V, Chapter 1. And all new players of Heroes can jump straight to Book V without going through all the other Books. So really, everyone gets a free Reginn.
Fantastic for taking on Aether Raids maps, especially during Astra season, because having Reginn on the team opens up another slot for some other Astra-blessed hero to be added to your AR-Offence team!
BTW, if I can somehow finagle Reginn’s kit to survive a couple rounds of enemy-phased combat, guess who’d land a permanent spot on my Resonance Battle maps team? Tis’ where Reginn and that yandere Ótr would shine.
If you don’t want to use Reginn for whatever reason, look at all that premium skill fodder material. Just. Yeah.
HP 38 ATK 52 SPD 43 DEF 30 RES 24
Lyngheiðr [Mt. 16, Rng. 1, Spd +3] grants stackable Atk/Spd +6 during player-phased combat, and reduces Reginn’s foe’s first strike by 30%. This exclusive weapon also has [Canto 3] activated through Turn 1-4.
[Canto 3] allows Reginn to move up to 3 spaces after taking an action to attack a foe, assist an ally, or destroy a structure. However, canto movement cannot be used to take any of the actions listed above, and cannot be used more than once per turn unless Reginn triggers Galeforce. Otherwise, even if they have more than one ally with a dance/sing-type assist, nada. It can be put to great use for the Hit and Run style of gameplay though, or positioning-specific baiting and blocking.
Seiðr Shell [3] grants a Special cooldown by -3 at the start of Turn 1. Whenever the Special activates, it boosts damage by +15, and calculates through the lower of Reginn’s foe’s Def/Res. This is somehow in the Ignis family of Specials, even though it has nothing to do with Reginn’s Def.
Swift Sparrow 3 [A] grants Reginn stackable Atk +6 and Spd +7 during player-phased combat.
Lull Spd/Def 3 [B] nullifies non-stackable Spd/Def on Reginn’s target foe, and further inflicts stackable Spd/Def -3 upon them.
Panic Smoke 3 [C] converts non-stackable bonuses into non-stackable penalties on Reginn’s target foe AFTER combat. Also applies the same effect on foes within 2 spaces of Reginn’s target at the same time.
Fodder: ABC skills.
Selena is here.*
Duessel is here.
Natasha is here.
Caellach is here.
Knoll is here.
*Selena from Sacred Stones, not Fates.
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wolfsjunge · 7 months ago
idk why but it’s just been alfonse hours all week!! i have like 7 fics i want to write but then i listen to a song and im like ITS ALFONSE WRITE THAT DOWN currently im writing an alfonse fic to myth by beach house!! (great artist i recommend them!) it’s supposed to be like about the summoner in a relationship with another hero and alfonse wishing he was with the summoner so he just kinda of creates his own fantasy in his head?? idk my brain has too much ideas going on (T_T) i just realized all my alfonse fics (except one) are all angst...alfonse i am so sorry
BSHWHAHJSSJ UR SO VALID.... naturally as a (mainly) yandere blog i uh. haven't written a lot of happy fluffy stuff. either so i get it BSKJSJSJS all the happy scenarios live in my head and remain there if only because i suck so much at writing fluff bnsbdjd
but also personally i believe in kiralfonse supremacy so every single heroes fic i write is ALSO alfonse angst because he is always. ALWAYS. in love with the summoner and i take no constructive criticism on that.
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wolfsjunge · 8 months ago
Hey is it fine if you show some of the requests that people made that you’re working on? I’m curious about who is in your inbox and who is popular. But if you don’t want to, that is completely fine! Like eventually, we’ll see them so I can certainly wait if you’re not comfortable!
ofc!! these are newest to oldest just bcus that was more practical but this is everything in my inbox rn!! i highlighted the ones im extra excited to write!!
currently im writing an ending for (fallen) ike for the gauntlet fic!! its abt halfway done!!
hcs for yandere grima (w a tall+healer s/o)!!
summer sylvain ending for the gauntlet fic!!
marisa ending for the gauntlet fic!!
yandere plumeria headcanons <33
surtr ending for the gauntlet fic!
seliph ending for the gauntlet fic!!
yandere duma hcs!!
a specific dimitri scenario!!
yandere saber (sov) hcs!
(vaguely yandere probably) alfonse scenario abt the reader meeting a friend from their world as a summoner from another askr!!
mia ending for the gauntlet fic
haar as a father figure for the summoner
robin ending for the gauntlet fic
dimitri ending for the gauntlet fic
berkut w an idol singer s/o (still have 2 figure out how to do this one aksjsj im sorrey <33)
yandere ochaco (bnha) hcs
yandere nejire (bnha) hcs
yandere líf hcs
yandere xander scenario
yandere seteth one-shot (this one has been there FOREVER im desperate+excited to write it but i have been 100% unable 2 come up w a scenario.. if anyone has any ideas pls drop em in my inbox 🥺🥺 <33)
yandere shape-shifter x reader
also if u sent me a request and it's taking a while im super super sorry life hasnt been nice 2 me lately so i havent been able 2 write a lot sadly!! but everything thats in my inbox will be done eventually for sure!! <33
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silversouls · 9 months ago
hello to this account, i’m ninten! i write for my current fixation, fire emblem! i write for fire emblem awakening, fates, three houses, echoes, genealogy of the holy war and heroes!
─── ・ 。゚☆: *.☽ .* :☆゚. ───
✰ rules to set! ✰
➩ all my x reader works are gender neutral unless specified by me or the request!
➩ i have limited slots for requests! this is my first time in forever taking/doing requests, so it might take me time to write it, so please be patient with me!
➩ please be kind when requesting!
─── ・ 。゚☆: *.☽ .* :☆゚. ───
✰ what i can write and don’t write! ✰
➩  what i write: fluff, angst, alternate universes, prompts, song fics, headcanons, ficlets
➩ what i will not write: yandere, nsfw, aging up characters, heavy topics (abuse, gaslighting, etc.), graphic depiction of violence, p*dophilia
─── ・ 。゚☆: *.☽ .* :☆゚. ───
✰ characters i will write for! ✰
fire emblem heroes:
➩ alfonse, hríd, sharena, anna, líf, gunnthrá
fire emblem three houses:
➩ felix hugo fraldarius, sylvain jose gautier, male + female byleth, pre + post timeskip dimitri alexander blaiddyd
fire emblem fates:
➩ corrin (male + female)
fire emblem awakening:
➩ chrom, grima, lucina, henry
fire emblem: shadows of valentia:
➩ rinea, berkut
─── ・ 。゚☆: *.☽ .* :☆゚. ───
✰ and most important... ✰
➩ if you ever need to vent about something or just want to talk about fire emblem, my dms are always open!
➩ have fun requesting!!
                                                     -ninten ☆♪
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