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Flower prompts: Nightshade (Yandere! Jungkook)
Tumblr media
Y/n attempts to make Jungkook jealous. It works 😬
N - Nightshade (danger, death): “Careful there. You don’t know what I’m capable of.” prompt list here
About 2k - warning that jungkook gets pretty mad about this, so very toxic behaviour, shouting, threats, etc
"I just thought I'd let you know! Don't drag me into this." Seokjin raises his hands in surrender.
You narrow your eyes, thoughtful. You honestly couldn't imagine it. "But he's so...sweet? And like, completely harmless? I'm not saying you're lying, I just...I can't imagine it, is all. So…"
"Nope!" Seokjin stands up, shuffling his books and papers into a big mess, but it's still technically a pile, and apparently pretty easy to shove inside a bag that way. "I am not helping you make Jungkook jealous just because you can't imagine it. It's a bad idea, Y/n. Real bad. I've seen it before, and he didn't even like her that much."
"Wait, you've seen him? So like, is a hot kinda jealous orr…?" You grin, nudging him, "You think the jealous sex is good?"
"Oh my god!" He covers his ears, face flushing red. "I was just trying to warn you, please don't blame me later! And please, don't bring me into this!"
You groan, making it as dramatic as possible, "Fine, I'll get someone else to do it with me...Can't be that hard to flirt with a stranger. Hey, you know the address for Nayeon's party tonight?"
"Go ask your boyfriend." Seokjin retorts, gesturing to your right. He slings his backpack on and walks, rather speedily, away.
You turn in the direction he pointed, surprised to see Jungkook searching through the bookshelves with a frown on his face. You wonder if something is wrong.
"Kookie!" You call, ignoring the few glares you receive from those earnestly studying away. Jungkook turns to you instantly, his eyes lighting up. See? He's so sweet, so harmless, ugh, you wrap your arms around him in greeting, so soft! "I missed you!"
"I missed you too, princess." He murmurs, pressing kisses all over your face. You're not one to shy away from public affection, but you are glad you're at least a little covered by the bookshelves. Not right out in the open for everyone to see, at least.
"How come you didn't tell me you were going to the library?" You pout, "We could've studied together!"
"I didn't know you were here too, actually. I just came to find Seokjin, have you seen him around?" He smiles.
"Oh, yeah, we were just talking. But he left right before I saw you, sorry."
His smile grows wider. His cheeks pushed up. But his eyes stay firmly blank. "Ah, I didn't know you two were close, that's nice."
Is this...is he jealous? You shake your head immediately, Seokjin's got into your head, that's all that happened. He said Jungkook gets jealous, yes, but not about two people just talking to each other. That's ridiculous. You were overthinking this, since it was something new and exciting. You needed to save that for the party, where you'd see him jealous for real.
"Nah, I was trying to get him to tell me the address of Nayeon's party tonight, but honestly, I don't think he knows either." You laugh, pulling the same fed up face Seokjin had, your best imitation of his voice. "He was all 'go ask your boyfriend', and then just left! Maybe I scared him away talking about parties." You giggle.
Jungkook chuckles, "You're scaring me now too, I didn't think you were interested in this party? Isn't it a themed party, too?"
"Is it?" You hum, grinning, "So...I'm assuming if you know that, you know where it is? What's the theme?"
"It's tonight, do you even have time to find a costume?" He asks, eyebrow raised.
"Well…" you grab his hand, tugging him towards the exit. Jungkook follows obediently. "That depends what the theme is, maybe I have something already? Please? Tell meee…! I really want to go!"
Jungkook sighs, muttering the answer, "It's a beach party, Y/n. But it's not like you have to wear a swimming costume or anything, so if you don't -"
"Don't be silly, of course I own bikinis. Oh! Nayeon posted the address on her story, that beautiful bitch! Ooh, it's actually at the beach, I'm so excited!" You speed up, Jungkook matching your pace easily.
"Won't it be cold?" He mumbles.
"Not for you it won't, I'll look so good, you'll be blushing the whole night!" You laugh, his reaction to your teasing exactly what you were hoping for. "Fine, fine, if you're that worried, bring a blanket or something. You can play the fusspot boyfriend, and I'll be a little wild, yeah?"
"Can't I help you pick something that's not going to give you hypothermia instead?" He sighs.
"Nope! I've got the perfect costume planned...if you have anything red, we can match." You squeeze his hand in reassurance. "Don't worry, I'll wear a coat and everything. No matter how much alcohol I have, if it's late and by the sea, I know it'll get pretty cold. I was just teasing you about fussing over me….Ah! I do need to go get ready, though."
"You want me to pick you up before? I'll be your driver for the night, if you want." He offers.
You brush him off, "Nooo, you deserve to get drunk and have fun too, Kookie! I'm meeting with the girls to do makeup and stuff, so I'll see you there instead. Okay? Love you, bye!"
You dash off, tapping away on your phone. Ugh, this is gonna be so good.
You're drunk. You'd arrived fashionably late, after speaking a few drinks in before arriving, when you were already getting tipsy. But now that you'd been here a little while, you could tell that you, and basically everyone there, were very drunk.
Now all you needed to do was spot Jungkook, and make him jealous before he came over to you. You needed to make sure you were in his line of sight, but not so much that you end up having to greet him properly. Because. Then it might not work! You might instead end up spending the whole night with him, which wouldn't be a bad thing, just, not what you planned.
You'd arrived separately from him for a reason! Time to see the wild side of your boyfriend, ugh, yeah, that sounded good.
"Y/nnn, where's your hot ass man gone? Ugh, you have no idea how badly I wanna see him in a swimsuit…" Nayeon groans, throwing herself on you, "He's all yours, though!! Just lemme know if he has any friends that damn fineee…!"
"Oooh, I know just the guy!! He's not a partier, but you'd love him. You know Seokjin?" You whisper- or, as close as you can get with the booming music. Which is not very close.
"The dreamy guy who's always studying?! You can introduce me to husband material number fucking one?? Fuck, I love youu. Oh! Oh, there's your guy, Y/nnn! I'll distract him if you go dance!!" Nayeon scuttles towards Jungkook, who hasn't quite seen you, but it surely won't be long.
You waltz over to the nearest dancing fuckboy, swaying to the beat beside him before he quickly catches on, turning to face you with a lazy smile.
"Hii," You greet, leaning close, "I'm on a secret mission!"
He doesn't seem to really register your words, hands landing on your hips, clad in the tiniest shorts you could find. But they're keeping your outfit from being just a bikini, so they were necessary. "Oh yeah? What's that, hmm?"
You laugh, swaying with him. "It's a secret! Duh!"
He laughs too, pulling your body closer, "I won't tell."
You give in, honestly, he deserves to know, right? Is this mean of you? "Sorry...I'm just trying to make my boyfriend jealous, but don't tell!!" Actually, now that you think about it, you know this guy. He has a...reputation, for sure. Especially for parties. Damn, you'd really picked the perfect guy to make Jungkook jealous.
"Don't suppose that'd be the guy who looks like he's about to rip my head off over there, hm?" He shuffles the two of you around so you can look over too. It's Jungkook alright, and he looks absolutely furious. Murderous. From that face, you'd think Seokjin was telling the truth, jeez. "Oh shit, he's coming over. I'm gonna dash, you can deal with your mess, babe. Hit me up if it doesn't go well though, you know?"
And he's gone, disappearing into the crowd of drunken bodies. Ohh, Jungkook’s even scared the biggest fuckboy on campus away. You turn to try and find him, but can't see him.
A hand tears your body around, until you're face to face with your boyfriend. He looks so angry. It's kind of hot, but honestly, it's making you nervous. He hasn't said anything!
"Kookie?" You gulp, smiling nervously.
Jungkook narrows his eyes, grip on your wrist tightening.
"Ow! It hurts, Jungkook!" You yelp.
He doesn't reply, if anything, his grip encases you even more, even tighter, as he drags you away from the crowd. You stumble a few times due to the fast pace he's keeping, his grip on your wrist pulling you forwards even then, keeping you upright, too. It hurts so bad.
"What the fuck are you doing?" He snaps, finally stopping. "What the fuck happened to the coat you promised you were bringing?! What happened to you getting cold?? Or was your new friend helping you stay warm?! Huh?!"
Honestly, you'd never expected him to yell at you. "The coat's in the storeroom, I swear! But it's a beach party, Kookie, only you could pull off this fully covered outfit and still look hot as hell!"
He hisses, "This is exactly why I didn't want you going to this party, but no, you told me it'd all be fine. And you fucking lied to me about it!"
"I didn't lie! And I thought you didn't want me going because it was that night…?" You frown.
He barks a short, fake laugh. "Well I lied. I didn't want my girlfriend to parade around in a bikini in front of everyone, I didn't want anyone but me to see that. But you did the exact opposite of that! I hope you had your fun now. You're going to wait in the car while I beat that piece of shit up for putting his filthy hands on your."
"What?! No!" You raise your voice for the first time ever at Jungkook. "What the fuck?!"
"What? Are you close with him now too?" The way he hisses those words reminds you of something.
"Oh my god." You breathe.
Jungkook ignores you, talking to himself, "I'm going to have to talk with Nayeon too, what a stupid idea for a party. That bastard might not make it out alive, but he deserves it. And every other guy who dared look at what's mine, yeah, they'll get the message when I tear his fucking eyes out. You think if I cut his hands off he'll die from the blood loss?"
"Fuck." You stumble back, eyes wide, fearful. "Seokjin was right. Oh my god, I'm such an idiot. Why did I think this was a good idea?!"
"The party, that pathetic excuse for an outfit, or talking to Seokjin? Because they were all poor choices. I knew he was up to something 'studying' with you. Tell me what he did to you. Did he try to steal you away? Ask you to date him? Kiss him? Y/n! Tell me right now or I swear, I will kill him! And if I'm prepared to kill my best friend, I'm sure you can guess what'll happen to all those other fuckers."
"No! No, stop it!" You're rushing the words out, unclear, rambling desperately. "Seokjin just said that you get jealous easily, that's all he said! It was all me! I…I wanted to see what you'd be like jealous, but Seokjin told me not to. He refused to help me at all, Jungkook, I swear, it's not his fault. That's why I wanted to go to this party, that's why I didn't bother with the coat, that's why I danced with that guy, please, it's all my fault. I swear. I'm telling the truth, please, believe me. Don't hurt anyone."
"Sweetheart. You're telling me all of this bullshit, is because you wanted to know what I'd be like when I'm jealous?" His eyes are dark, scarily empty, but a chuckle twists on his lips. "Careful there. You don't know what I'm capable of. I could've hurt- killed- all those people because you, my princess, decided you wanted to mess with me? Is that what you're saying?"
"No! No, I didn't do it to mess with you, I- I...thought maybe it'd be hot…." You feel your cheeks burning with embarrassment, the humiliation of what you've said, to the man you've said it to. You feel awful. "I'm sorry!"
"Oh, don't worry, sweetie, I get it." He pulls you close, wrapping you in a quick embrace. It feels so off, everything feels wrong. You don't want to be with him anymore, not like this. Fuck, you're scared. Jungkook pulls away, taking his coat off and draping it over your shoulders. "Much better. We'll burn this whole little outfit when we get home...and, maybe clean out your closet a little while we're at it. Wouldn't want a misunderstanding like this to happen again, would we?"
"You….you were really going to hurt them, weren't you…? Just for-"
"Just?" His hands grab your shoulders, his eyes boring into you. How had you never noticed your boyfriend was this unstable, a fucking psycho?? "It wasn't a small crime, princess, they were trying to taint you! Touching what doesn't belong to them, encouraging this!! If you don't start behaving, I really might go through with it."
You're sobbing, voice low, quiet, "It wasn't a crime at all, Jungkook. But what you're suggesting is and...I can't be with a criminal, someone who'd hurt other people like that, I-"
"Don't you dare." He seethes. "You aren't allowed to break up with me, you're mine. You belong to me, you always have!"
Jungkook swings you over his shoulder, suddenly. You scream, crying, fighting him. "It's okay, princess, you're going to get that punishment you were so clearly craving. And they will too. Leave it all to me."
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Can I please request a jungkook x f!reader where jungkook is an assassin and reader hires him to kill a man she has an arranged marriage to?
ofc! thanks so much for requesting bby <33
• • •
•New Plan•
• yandere!assassin!jungkook x f!reader
• tw? blood, violence, hair pulling, blackmail, manipulation, arranged marriage, forced kissing, kidnapping, emotionally unavailable parents
• summery? your closest friend finds a way to help you get out of your arranged marriage, but he changes the plans last minute…
Tumblr media
You couldn’t comprehend your parents audacity. You were angry, upset, and overwhelmed. You always knew they wanted you married when you were still young, but you hadn’t expected them to go out of their way and arrange something. When you tried to tell them you didn’t want this, you weren’t ready, they brushed you off— as expected.
You laid your head on head on Jungkook‘s shoulder as you ranted aloud. You fisted your hands tightly.
Jungkook loved moments like these. The times when you told him things that would wouldn’t dare spill to another. He loved how you were so emotionally dependent on him. Jungkook listened to you unlike your parents… he had been your go to since you were both kids. Both of your parents worked closely together. That meant you guys got to hang out tons. Jungkook couldn’t quite remember when his crush on you first developed, but it had started innocently enough. Although through the years, it became more unhealthy. He knew his feelings for you were fucked up, but he found little to no remorse— in fact he rarely felt much for others at all. Well except for you.
”I could solve your problem, (Name).” He turned so he could face you better. “You just have to ask.”
“I couldn’t!” You stammered out.
“You wouldn‘t.” He tapped your nose making you scrunch your face. “I would.” You knew about Jungkook’s job as an assassin, and you knew about how easily he could eliminate someone if he had the need… or was bribed with the right amount of cash. You bit your lip. An argument within yourself began to bubble up. “No one would know.” Jungkook’s words ran through your head on repeat.
You stood up. “I’ll think about it.” You had never asked something of this before— you certainly hadn’t planned on it either.
Truth was you had texted him that night. You couldn’t get married— you weren’t ready, but you still couldnt think about what you had done. Maybe you weren’t the one killing your fiancé, but you still felt the guilt. You couldn’t even stand to look at his reply therefore as soon as you sent the dreadful message you forced yourself into a, quite awful, sleep.
You read his answer this morning— it was only a thumbs up emoji. He made it seem so casual, although maybe for him it was. You let out a deep sigh you had been holding in since you found out about the arrangement. How would anyone find out? Yet you had to keep reminding yourself of it.
Suddenly your phone rang out, Jungkook. You let out a fake yawn as you pick up.
”Hey!” He paused. “Oh, did i wake you?”
“Yeah.” You lied.
”Jeez, i’m sorry, but i kinda need to talk to you about something.”
“Is it about our conversation from yesterday?”
“Well, yes.”
“I don’t wanna talk about it any more.”
”I don’t care what you do.” You cut him off again. “Just do what you want.”
Jungkook sighed over the phone. “Well normally…” He thought for a while, leaving you a bit confused. “Yeah, yeah. I know what i’ll do, nevermind. Don’t worry about anything dear.” He hung up abruptly. You licked your lips then gave a slight shrug. You trusted him... you always had.
A few days, maybe even a week, had passed since you had talked to Jungkook. You could only hope he had “taken care” of your problem. Although you didn’t even want to think about it, you were quite curious of why he had hung up so abruptly. Then again you had told him you didn’t want to talk about it anymore than necessary. You figured he was only respecting your wish.
You slipped on a pair of sweatpants over your undergarments and threw on a oversize grey t-shirt. It hung around your collarbones loosely.
A fairly loud thud come from your window. You quickly turned around to check your surroundings. You could clearly see Jungkook waiting outside your window impatiently. With widened eyes you rushed over. “Oh my god, Kook! How long have your been here?” You said as you opened your unlocked window. Jungkook knew it had been unlocked— it always was— but he didn’t believe you needed to know that piece of his knowledge.
He shot you a cocky smirk, “Long enough.” Heat rose to your face as you went to shut your window back in embarrassment. He caught it with a push— allowing himself inside.
With one glance of his appearance, all black, you knew the crime he had just gotten back from committing. It wasn’t the first time he had arrived at your house uninvited this way, except this was the first time it was because of your request. It gave you a small sick feeling in your stomach.
”Are you hiding?” You asked. That was normally his excuse for coming so late at night.
He leaned himself on your bed casually. “Nope, I thought we should talk about your payment.”
Shit, was the only word that came to mind. “Huh? We didn’t talk about a payment.” You probably shouldn’t have expected it to be free, you knew how these things worked. “I don’t have cash on me right now.” You didn’t think he would care for the wait— you were his best friend after all.
”Oh, no no, you don’t need money.” You looked at him indifferently. What else would you pay with? “It was part of the plan you said you didn’t want anything to do with, and I figured if i was to help you then you are to help me. That makes sense right, doll?”
You plopped yourself down on your bed with your legs crossed under you. You nodded, confusion lacing your features.
“Then you‘ll marry me.”
You coughed up nothing. You were in disbelief. Did he really just say that. “Pardon?”
”Then you’ll marry me.” It didn’t sound like a question. Maybe he’s kidding. You laughed, but Jungkook kept a straight face. You laugh slowed and smile flattened.
”You‘re joking?”
”Does it sound like im joking?”
You swallowed. You didn’t know how to put your thoughts into words. “Jungkook, I well, no! No, the whole point of asking you to get rid him was so i wouldn’t have to be married off young.” You pushed yourself up with your hands.
”But this would fix all of your problems.” He gripped your hands tightly, yet it wasn’t uncomfortable. “Your parents would be happy, I would get to be with my only love, we can spend all of our time together, I can take care of you, you won’t have to be married to a stranger you don’t love, your debt will be fully payed.”
You had to stop him. “No! I won’t be married! I dont want it!“ You jerked your hands back and took a few steps farther from him.
Jungkook crossed his arms across his chest, “Did you really think you wouldn't have any sort of debt to pay off?” You stilled. In all honesty, Jungkook was going to do it without any pay at first— hell he would have done it even if you never agreed, but since you were so consistent on wanting nothing to do with the plan, he thought this would be the best conclusion, for both of you. “I thought you knew how these things worked, love?” His voice felt very condescending.
You stuttered. “But, but.” While shuffling back, you picked at your sleeve cuff. You were at a lose of words.
Jungkook took a large step forward. He jerked your arm causing you to fall into his chest. You yelped sharply.
“Now, your going to marry me, or i won’t mind letting everything about this week slip out.” His rough hands gripped your jaw, you gulped.
• • •
i hope this was something like you wanted :) (sorry it’s short i’m still getting used to tumblr)
also i’m kinda on the fence but should i make a part two?
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This is a yandere work warnings for death, forced relationships, mourning, yandere behaviour. This writing or any others do not reflect the members of bts.
Till death do us part
Vampire Taehyung / Female reader
It was a small funeral, it was last minute so only those who were close to your dad were there.
Hearing another choked sob from beside you your hand tightened around your mums a silent comfort to the sobbing woman. You wished you had the strength to cry but days of sobbing had left you feeling empty, a pool of water run dry.
Looking up at your name being mentioned you gave a nod to the vicar, getting up from your chair you went to the podium.
You looked out on the small crowed gathered clearing your throat before talking.
'My dad, he wasn't the most social man. He had a small group of people that he loved, but god did he love them fiercely. Nothing was too much to ask of him and the door was always open to those he knew, a cup of coffee and a shoulder to cry on at the ready. I think I can say for all of us that he's going to be missed, there's one less good person in the world and its worse off for this loss....'
You continued thanking the funeral directors and those who had to travel far for the funeral. As you took one more sweep of those congregated your eye caught on someone, a handsome man, so handsome you weren't sure how you missed him until now.
Only thing was you didn't know him, you thought you knew everyone like you said your father had a small knit group and this person definitely wasn't one of them.
Quickly you left the podium having picked up your fathers unease for attention being on you. Taking a seat next to your mum you gave a weak smile to her murmured 'that was lovely sweetie'.
You peaked over your shoulder spotting the man in the back row, only this time dark intense eyes were looking back, you weren't normally one for staring but his gaze...it was just so captivating. Feeling your hand being shook you looked back to your mum being greeted with a questioning stare.
All you could do was shrug.
The small Irish pub was busy, it wasn't a wonder on a Saturday night. You and your mum sitting shoulder to shoulder at the counter as you reminisced on the man you had both lost.
'And I remember you came through the door covered in mud, a stray kitten in your arms and your dad just looked at me and shrugged!'
You and your mum were in tears at the memory, you had been quite the rambunctious child at 6 years old and your father had indulged every whim.
Including aparently trapsing through the mud for a stray kitten which of course both your parents had let you keep.
Old tricky you had called it, it was still alive and kicking at twenty years old most likely grouchy about being left at home all day.
It had outlived your dad. You tried not to let the smile on your face faulter at the thought. No your mum was miserable enough right now having her laughing was a treat you wanted to savour.
'Well I don't know about you but I'm thoroughly pissed and ready for bed.' You shook your head, you know you should head home with your mum but the house was only ten minutes away and you needed some time alone.
'You go ahead, I think I'll stay for one last drink.' She kissed your cheek pulling you into a fierce hug, as if she was scared to let you go.
'You be safe, one more and nothing else okay?' You both tried to ignore the wateriness of her voice.
'One more mum i swear.' With a small smile and a gentle pat on the back she left the building.
Draining the last of your rum and coke you held a hand up to the bartender.
'Just a cider please.'
The frosty pint was placed in front of you of which you took a grateful sip. Sitting there your ears perked up at the song the live band began to play.
'Of all the money that e'er I had
I have spent it in good company
Oh and all the harm I've ever done
Alas, it was to none but me'
You ran a hand down your face, feeling the tears prick at your eyes. Slowly you let the tears fall down your face, no one approaching what they thought just to be an overemotional drunk.
Fifty four, why did your dad have to die so young. The prostate cancer hadn't been caught in time and when you had heard how much longer he had left to live you had packed up and gotten to your old house immediately.
He was already in a hospital bed in the living room by then. Still he smiled at you as if all was right in world just because you were there.
The song was coming to an end now, with shaky hands you toasted silently to your dad.
'Good night and joy be to you all'
'Good night dad' You whispered, wiping away the tears from your face.
'I'm sorry is this seat taken?' You looked over to the voice, taken aback by the familiar handsome face you were met with.
Sniffling you motioned to the seat.
'By all means be my guest.' He smiled, a boxy grin that brought his handsome looks down to earth, still beautiful but you felt you could actually approach him.
'I'm Taehyung by the way.' Taking his outstretched hand you gave him your name.
'You were there at the funeral. How did you know him if you don't mind me asking?' You posed the question casually but something inside you really wanted to know what such a man in a clearly high end suit and a Saint Laurent back pack was doing at your dads funeral.
'Ah.' He chuckled nervously scratching the back of his neck.
'I'm the son of one of his old friends, before he met your...lovely mother.' There was seemingly some bitterness in his voice but you shook it off.
'I hope I wasn't out of turn by showing up its just...my father died not too long ago either and its just he had many fond stories of your dad.'
You felt slightly bad for prying, it was clearly a sore subject if the sad look in his eyes was anything to go by. You put a hand on his shoulder, you thumb trailing back and forth in comfort.
'I'm sorry I guess I know how that feels now.' Smiling he put his hand on top of the one on his shoulder.
'I'm sorry too.' You gave a small smile, his apology wasn't some formality you could hear real pain in his voice.
'So...could you tell me some of those stories?'
And so he did, you laughed at how wild your father used to be, you couldn't put together the same man who had to have toast with porridge every morning with someone who used to jet off to exotic places with friends.
'And then of course there was...them.' You looked questioningly at the young man, he must have been around your age.
'Them?' Nodding his head then taking a drink from his whiskey he continued.
'There was someone before your mother, someone I thought he was going to spend the rest of his life with but...things change and people change.' Again that bitterness in his voice.
You were about to ask more questions when you felt your pocket vibrate, taking it out you checked the ID. It was your mum, it was also aparently one in the morning. Ansewring the call you said panicked.
'I'm so sorry mum I didn't realise the time...no no I've only been nursing one cider I just got chatting to someone...alright I'll be home soon I love you. Bye ...yeah bye.' Putting your phone back in your pocket you turned to Taehyung.
'I'm so sorry I need to leave but here give me your number, I'd like to know more about this wild side of my dad.' He seemed ecstatic at your request handing his phone over so you could punch in the digits.
'I'll see you later Taehyung and ...thank you I really needed cheering up.'
'Where are you off to?' You hopped on one foot as you tried to get your final boot on.
'Coffee with a friend.' You answered distractedly, silently cheering when the boot slipped on.
'Friend what friends do you have in this town. They're all out in the city now with you.' For some reason you didn't want to tell her about Taehyung, he had stories of your dad before he knew your mum and you felt it was better to keep the dad his old friend knew and the one mum loved separate.
'Okay you got me i bumped into an old school acquaintance the other night at the pub.' At the sound of her 'oooo' you groaned knowing she'd gotten the wrong idea.
'Have fun.'
'Mum its not like-'
'Uh huh sure.' You gave up on the conversation stomping over like a moody teenager to give your mum a hug, just as you were about to pull away she gripped you by the shoulders whispering to you.
'If they're a good egg you hold onto them and love them with all your heart.'
You didn't bother to correct her, just giving her a pat on the back knowing this more had to do with her grief than your actual love life.
Sitting in the cafe you took a sip from your latte looking at the door for that now familiar form to come in. After five minutes Taehyung did arrive, waving to you as you motioned to the cappuccino you had gotten him.
Smiling that adorable smile he thanked you.
'You really didn't have to I'm the one who invited you out after all.' You gave a 'not at all'. Looking at him he looked almost out of place in this run down cafe, he was in a more casual knit sweater and jeans but they still looked like it would cost three months salary for you.
'So...how are you?'
The conversation flowed from there, stories of your dad were exchanged seemingly Taehyung drinking your stories up like a man who hadn't had water in days.
But things moved on from there you talked about your work, your passions and the man in front of you seemed to be just as enthralled by them as the stories of your dad.
'What about you? What do you do?' He waves away the question with a 'this and that' which you found hard to believe as you glanced at the Saint Laurent bag. You were sure he was just being modest.
However he did seem to have a passion for old literature and jazz. As soon as you got him on the topic he was like a professor teaching a class, so much enthusiasm and knowledge behind every sentence.
Unfortunately the catch up had to come to an end but it had been nice, a nice distraction from what felt like part of you being ripped away.
Getting up you went to shake his hand again it hanging awkwardly between you before the man asked.
'Can I hug you?' Nodding you were pulled into a tight hug, one that lasted a little bit too long and that had some people glancing your way.
You didn't mind it though, the hug held comfort in it and what almost felt like a silent question that you didn't know how to answer.
You met up with Taehyung almost everyday, something that got a pleased smile out of your mum, clearly word travels fast as she'd mentioned about how her daughter was leaving her for a handsome man.
You never corrected her just happy to see her happy, even if it was what was in reality your none existent love life.
Tomorrow you would be heading home though only being able to take so long off work.
Getting a text you checked smiling at it.
'Want to meet up today?'
Your smile turned into a slight frown when you realised you couldn't.
'I'm sorry I'm heading back home tomorrow and I really should spend the time with my mum.'
'Who's that, mystery boy?' Looking up you let out a huff, rolling your eyes.
'Its not like that mum, just leave it be.' She sighed herself about to say something when another ping filled up the space.
'Only an hour or two then you can spend the rest of your day with your mum, i want to show you something.' Looking up at the woman seated in front of you at the table then back down at your phone you replied.
'Okay but only an hour or two.' You looked up at the childish squeal of your mother, groaning when she sing songed.
'My little girls getting married!'
You had met Teahyung at the end of the street, his sleek black car just as designer as the rest of him. You got in cringing at the thought of your shoes getting the carpet dirty.
'So where we headed?' His murmured 'you'll see' wasn't his usual chirpy self, if anything it had that bitterness to it you heard almost a week ago in the pub.
It took about an hour to get where you were going, a secluded forest that had you feeling rather nervous with how dim the sky was getting. Still you followed the silent man out of the car.
'Taehyung this is getting ridiculous you said an hour or two at most!' You panted out the words, the trail in the forest seemingly never ending.
At his hissed 'shhhhh' you shut up, the silence between you heavy as you slowly came upon a lake.
It was gorgeous, the sun set reflecting off the still water creating an image that you just itched to get your phone out and photograph.
Still one thing was on your mind.
'Why are we here?' The silence that followed once again was heavy.
As you were about to speak again he finally spoke.
'This was where I told him I loved him. This was where we shared our first kiss.' You looked at him puzzled.
'Who?...Taehyung why are you telling me this?' He turned around from where he was staring out to the water, rushing at you he grabbed your face in one strong hand. Painfully strong.
'But he left me, just like you were going to do. He told me he loved me and he left me.' He sobbed out the next words.
'I can't take it anymore, I had to watch the man I loved die from afar and now his daughter is going to leave me as well.' You were just about ready to scream when his face dove in, almost smashing his lips to yours with a mournful groan. Pulling away he placed his forehead against yours.
'I won't let it happen again, I will not let a mere human break my heart for a second time.' With that the hand that was holding your jaw went to your hair in a tight grip, dragging you near to the lake.
You were forced to kneel seeing your terrified reflection as this mad man whispered in your ear.
'I love you.' With that your head was under water, thrashing your cries were but mere bubbles swallowed up by the lake. You don't know how long it went on but your movements turned sluggish until finally you breathed in. The water like fire going down your lungs.
You're last thought was how your mum lost the two people she loved the most within a week.
A loud gasp and you were awake, coughing a spluttering you stared wide eyed up at the sky.
You were alive. How were you alive?
You let out a sob, the memory of dying so fresh in your mind and the terrifying man who had done it to you.
'Its okay love, just breathe deep...or don't it doesn't really matter anymore.' You looked in terror and confusion at the figure kneeling over you.
You were about to try and scream once again but all that came out was another wrenching cough causing you to wince as a sting spread through your neck.
Your fingers went to the source of the stinging feeling two puncture holes there and slickness of blood.
'W-what?' The crazed man shushed you lifting you into his arms, you too weak to struggle.
'Come on now sweetheart, you have people to meet and an eternity to live.'
The second part was left unsaid.
With me
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throne of a sinner
Tumblr media
pairing : yandere king! jungkook x servant! reader
summary : The people of the palace have been waiting for the king to choose his ideal queen. However, the fact that you approved of this as much as the others perplexed and angered him. So he proved how much he desired you to be his queen; no one would refuse you the throne, right? with your stomach growing with his child.
warnings : yandere themes, explicit smut, non con/dub con, infidelity?, innocent! reader, reader can't speak due to child trauma, loss of virginity, unprotected sex, impregnation, slight age gap, manipulation, mention of murder and blood, somnophilia, drugging, pregnancy symptoms.
word count : 8k
Tumblr media
The sun lowering, heralding the advent of darkness. stealing the light from you, your shaky arms almost giving up from the constant hard work of doing the laundry.  When the sun had softly slipped away, you'd always fasten your work. The night isn't for you. 
You aren't terrified of the darkness nor the creepy aura it exudes. When you were a kid, it was always enthralling and comforting to you. The birds noisily chirping, the stars dancing in the sky—it was all beautiful, until it was tarnished. 
Feet dangling from the edge of a thin roof that was once your home. When you were a kid, you'd be constantly humming on the edge with your pet bird. The arrival of night always excited you; it was the only way to escape the harsh world. You were born impoverished, your parents barely had enough money to get by. Your father was an illegal merchant who sold various illegal plants and medicines. 
However, you were unaware of this type of career, and you continue to believe that he had respectable work even today. Your father never mentioned his job, though your mother frequently inquired as to why he only earns twice a week. Despite the fact that it was a quiet night, you were suddenly sprayed with blood. You screamed silently as you saw with your own two eyes, your bird, which had soared away to find warmth in the darkness of towering trees, was shot—staining the sky with bloody accident. 
You had silently cried, oblivious to the silence, as your own loud hammering of your heart devoured you. You heard footsteps, the same way your father walks. You were still shocked as you looked down to see your father holding your now-dead pet in his hands. It was the only way to fill an empty stomach after days of hunger. You recall his eyes filled with remorse as he stared at you, muttering an apology, the same look and apology as he lets you walk away with the guards after selling you to serve in the palace at the age of five. 
Tears escaped your eyes at the recollection of your childhood memories, wiping them away with your sleeves while quickly slipping the enormous silks inside the basket. You walked away, oblivious to the troubled glare hidden behind the shadows. He had caught your tears falling, and it makes him want to keep you in his embrace. Though it hurts him to see you cry, it also makes him feel something. He enjoys watching you cry. 
You awoke to the warmth of someone behind you, the sun hadn't yet come out, and you figured the time hadn't yet passed five o'clock in the morning. Small strokes of soft and calloused fingertips danced on top of your tummy, where he'd constantly play with the knot of your dress, holding himself back from cutting them open with his keen sword. You smiled, knowing it was someone you trusted the most, the king.
Even though he has a lot to do as king, he'd always come to see you at night. He'll always make time for you, even if it means jeopardizing the lives of others. He doesn't give a damn. He'll give anything just to touch your warm skin, which he'll litter with kisses every night when you're dreaming. He understands how the night makes your skin crawl, and he knows why you cry when you're out of it. He had seen both the insides and outsides of your body. There is nothing about you that he is unaware of. He takes pride in being able to read you like an open book. 
When you first entered the palace, the only person who paid attention to you was the king; as a child, you were terrified and bewildered in such a large and unfamiliar environment. You were instantly clothed into a servant outfit the moment the guards left you to meet the other ladies who was also near your age that is trained to be a palace servant. Some chastised you for being sold to the palace by your own parents, while they freely came to servitude merely to be near the gorgeous prince who is about to inherit the throne, hoping for some favors in the future. 
You cried quietly behind the thick wood  where no one is around. You were completely unaware of the pair of shoes standing tall in front of your small frame. When he appeared to offer the fine material he wore to wipe your dried tears, you whispered a thank you only to realize it didn't make a sound. You figured you'd lost your voice. 
Upon the discovery that you had lost your voice didn't bother you much because you aren't a vocal person, but you always wanted to praise and offer great words to the king because he is the only one who has been by your side since you were a child. The king was much older than you; he was twelve when he discovered you under the tree. You reasoned that having someone much more mature to guide you would only make things better. 
Although there is a way to tell the king excellent words, you were never gifted with knowledge of writing and reading. Only people in the middle and upper classes can afford to learn. Everyone believes that there is no point in learning for the lower classes; your father has a few knowledges, but they are insufficient for you to learn to read and write. 
You demonstrate them physically instead, inquiring how the king would like to be complimented using random hand movements that you two have become accustomed to. He'd tell you to sit on his lap only for him to satisfy his own desire, and you'd be so joyful bouncing and clapping unconscious of the heat rippling through the king, he'd thank the Heavens that you never questioned the bulge forming within his pants.
Of course, you'd have no idea. After all, you grew up in the palace with no one to talk to but him. He'll teach you things that are forbidden in his people's eyes, but he doesn't care. Heaven is well aware that they brought you here to see how much of a sinner he would be, and he failed to be the most flawless king.
However, in the eyes of his people, he is perfect. 
They'd have no idea what they're missing, what's lurking behind him, what kind of strings of shadows govern him whenever you're alone with him. 
Jungkook pressed his forefinger a little harder on your lower abdomen, causing you to flinch in response. You shifted your gaze over your shoulder to catch a glimpse of the king, who smiled modestly with his eyes closed. Your lips were adorned with a slight pout, as if he was taunting you early in the morning.
Speaking of mornings, you almost immediately sit up, knowing that something extraordinary is going to happen today and that you must prepare immediately. You hum while shaking the king's arm out of you, oblivious to the fact that he's been fully awake for about an hour. You delicately tap his cheek to get his attention; you couldn't talk, so this was all you could do. 
 "hmm... let's sleep more." he mumbled, eyes still closed. 
You shrug your shoulders and step up, allowing him to sleep for a moment because he's a king and you imagine he's still quite fatiqued because of his obligations. Nonetheless, it did not prevent you from reflecting on the occasion today.
"Disobeying the king now aren't we?" The king raised an eyebrow as he rested an arm on the cushion, his head on his palm for support, as he smiled upon your morning face that he adored a lot. In his mind, you're always so beautiful when you wake up; it's like waking up to a flower that blossoms in his garden. his flower. 
You smiled back as you urged him to stand up and made some hand gestures to indicate that he needed to eat and dress up. Obtaining a grip of whatever you wanted to deliver he rose up.
 "Is it because of the selections of the queen?" 
 You nodded cheerfully in relief knowing that he comprehend what you meant. But he doesn't understand how you can be so happy about him choosing another woman who isn't you? Won't you feel upset that someone will take half of the king's attention? But, of course, the king's full attention is yours! Regardless of how many women are lining up to marry him, he is already in your hands, his body, heart, and belongings. You've got the king on hold. 
 Would you despise him for it? This thing has been bothering him for a week; he desperately wants to change the rules so that he can marry you and make you his queen. However, the government severely protested, claiming that the monarchy will no longer maintain its relevance, that it would harm the bloodline. It frustrated him to the point where he needed to finish the meeting quickly or else the court would be filled with flesh and blood. How could they say such a thing about someone he genuinely adores? You are more valuable than anything in the world! 
 Later, as the young noble ladies arrived one by one, you and the other court ladies assisted them in arranging their attire. You could hear the other servants muttering in displeasure, how they rolled their eyes in envy, claiming that the candidates weren't all that lovely, that they only had a high position, a complete privilege of having the possibility to marry the king. 
 For you, they all appear to be well-suited to the role of queen, with natural beauty and demeanor. You couldn't be happier knowing that your closest friend is getting married to a stunning lady. You don't exactly have a notion of what the king prefers, he never revealed anything linked to his taste in ladies. You couldn't even ask him. 
 Following behind the high ranking royal maid, you entered the hall where the majesty sat on his throne appearing disinterested as normal. He was anticipating for your arrival and the instant he saw a sight of you, it was that all that mattered.
With the mother queen in command, she directed the officials to begin with a nod, signaling the start of the examination. There are approximately twenty females in line; they must meet all of the requirements to be qualified or they will be removed from the king's selections. You look around, wondering if the king has already set his sights on someone. If his majesty could read your mind, he wouldn't hesitate to drag you on his lap and devour you in front of his people. He couldn't stand the thought of you thinking he'd be willing to be with another woman.
As the time passed by, only five hopefuls remained, and one of them might be the lucky one—or not. His Majesty would almost certainly do anything to make their lives a living hell. They're causing problems for him. When the event came to a close, people began to leave. He was compelled to choose one, so he chose a lady without giving it a full glance; after all, why would he care? It’s only you who he desired.
The day ended with you falling asleep in his majesty's arms. While you slept peacefully, his mind was filled with various images of tormenting anyone who got in his way.
As the wedding day approaches, you stand in front of a full-length mirror, which the king has given you as a present. You were very much grateful because the mirror was considered to be prohibitively expensive for you to obtain. But it'll all be worth it when the king gets to see you undress in front of of the mirror. Your back facing him, oblivious to the darkening eyes as he touches himself at the prospect of fucking you in front of the mirror for you to see how well you take him.
"Lady ___," your focus was drawn to the door, where you heard a voice that beckoned you. Using gentle feet, you walked to open it and in front of you is one of the maid you're pretty familiar with.
"His majesty requested to give you this, please drink it promptly before the flavor fades" her lips curved slightly in a friendly manner, your gaze trailed over the bowl of drink, you can tell it's a chilly drink suitable for the summer's weather just by looking at it. Gulping, you accepted with the same smile. nodding, she went away.
You wrinkled your brows in confusion, wondering why his majesty would hand you a drink out of nowhere. Without much thought, you gobbled it up, completely emptying the bowl in response to his courtesy. It had a sweet flavor with a bitter aftertaste. You were still able to gently place it back on top of the table, but the darkness unexpectedly filled your eyes, and a loud thump was heard after you'd lost your equilibrium to unconsciousness.
This was the only sign the king needed in order to enter your chamber. He smiled at the sight of you sleeping peacefully, but his smile faded when he remembered how you were directly laying on the hardwood floor. Of course, he wouldn't let you get sick! He prepared your beddings and carefully lifted you to place you on it, like the kind person he is.
"There you are, looking as stunning as ever."
He grinned weakly as he smeared open mouth kisses on your brow and down to your chin. He caresses your face tenderly, as if you'd shatter if he made the wrong move.
"I'm sorry my lady but i'll be quick" he felt a tiny remorse knowing what he's about to do.
This was not his intention, but he couldn't deny the pleasure he feels knowing he'll be able to have you in whatever ways he wants, with you like this. So vulnerable in his hands. Not for so long he'll be married to someone, reason why he placed you into sleep for a awhile. He couldn't allow you to see him with some other women, let alone marry one.
Isn't it going to hurt you? He's smiling at another woman, but it's clearly a disguise. He'd never be able to do it. However, you will accept it as genuine thing. He pondered.
As much as he wanted to take his time feasting on your body, he needs to be quick before the officials discover he's been gone for too long. In a hurry, he pushed the hem of your dress up, nestling it on top of your stomach, which he’ll fill it up not too soon. He grunted at the sight of your exposed pussy. "Very lovely," he muttered as he approached the bundle of nerves to peck it. Oh, how he yearned for this taste.
You never worn undergarment since you reached eighteen, his majesty told you they're unneeded because it merely takes time for you to dress up, so you stopped without questioning further. That was an advantage for both of you—where he could easily put his hand beneath your dress and feel your warm cunt, to which you'd stare at him in confusion, the two of you hidden somewhere in the palace garden.
Then he’d say "You're my favorite flower among all of this, my love, so sweet so pure. Nobody can compare."
He'd stopped lapping at your pussy when he felt you stir for a second, his eyes quickly darting to see if you'd woken up. He exhaled with relief, when you're still asleep as the moon in the morning. He pulled away to loosen the knot of his pants. With all the faint noises of foot steps rushing around, it's no surprise that his guards were starting to look for him.
"Goodness, I've been waiting for this." He dragged your thighs closer to where he really needed you the most.
Firm cock, oozing with pre cum. He pressed the tip against your dripping wet pussy. Groaning, even with you asleep, your body never denied him of this delectable nectar. He gently pressed the tip into you, raising an eyebrow as he felt your walls contract in response. His breath stuttering, he complimented you for being good as always.
"Fuck. Too tight, I couldn't even fit my full tip." He groans in both agony and delight.
He wanted to badly pound in you, but your body didn't seem to accept his offer. There's no way you're going to refuse him this; he's been longing for this day his entire life. The longer he waits for you to open up, the stronger the pain and urge to purposefully shove in you. When the noises outside began to double with each step, he panicked  "You leave me with no choice, my love."
He completely pulled his cock, leaving only the tip in contact with your entrance. He spit a globe of saliva, which should at least help alleviate the pain you'll feel when you wake up. Placing your legs in each side of his waist, he stopped for a moment to peck your cheek gently as he tried to push suddenly to which he succeed entering half of his cock. Whisper of curses left his mouth, you're squeezing him so tight, he felt like exploding.
He drew away, his eyes widening at the sight of blood coating his cock. “Shit.” He's supposed to feel terrible and worried that he might've caused you discomfort and pain. So why is he loving it instead? He's already used to seeing blood and relishing the thrill of being able to draw it from someone else's flesh. Nonetheless, this is a different approach. The pleasure of staining the pristine bloom he tenderly cared for is a whole new experience of pleasure and satisfaction.
This thought has him thrusting his hips in almost a cruel manner, and even though you were unconscious, he still has the heart to remember it's your first time. But can you blame him for picking up the pace just a little? He's in a hurry. and he can't get enough of how heavenly you feel. It's driving him insane.
his dexterous and skilled yet gruff hand from the constant sword fights, gently fondles your breast; he can see it swelling and growing bigger in a few months. Loaded with milk, which he will undoubtedly consume every night like a famished beast. Jaw clenching, you had abruptly seized his pulsing cock. Almighty, the amazing grip, you were actually wonderfully carved to be his queen.
Jungkook couldn't think clearly any longer; all it took was your walls squeezing his cock so delightfully for him to come undone. He can feel the pressure in his abdomen beginning to rise. He desired to hear and drink in your delicious moan, as well as gaze into those wonderful bewildered and innocent eyes. He's acting as if everything he's doing isn't a sin.
His gaze swept over your body before returning to your face, licking his lips. How could you be so pure while also being so alluring? He gently cupped your cheek so he could see your face. Cherry sweet lips parted slightly in the same pout that kissed the tip of his cock, your lashes gently kissing the apple of your cheek. He drew a breath.
"With this face, you could've easily won, my love. you're so beautiful, do you know that?" he whispered sweetly, in stark contrast to his harsh thrust.
"How I wish you could see how nicely you're sucking me in like a good whore you are," his lips curved.
With admiration, his fingers trailed over your covered stomach. This is where his child will grow, and he can't wait for the day when the news will spread throughout the palace like a disease. But for the time being, his attention is solely on your spread legs, entirely for him.
His erratic breathing indicates that his high is approaching; he couldn't wait to fill you up, for you to receive his gift. He knows you'll love it. Everyone would die for this gift, but only you will be able to have it.
Jungkook's head has turned abruptly due to the startling banging noises coming from your door. The guards must have found him in every nook and cranny of the palace. He gripped your waist tightly, pinning you down as he pistoned his hips hurriedly, ignoring the blood that began to drip over the white silk.
"Fuck," he hissed, "I'll make sure they pay after this."
It wasn't his intention to ruthlessly pound in you, so if you felt any pain or anguish upon waking up, it was entirely their fault. This was supposed to be a gentle and lovely moment for the both of you. But does he have a choice? no. They are forcing him to marry someone, and he has promised himself that he will make love with you whilst he is out of wed lock. Thus whatever he's doing right now is just to purely fulfill his promises.
"Your Majesty, are you inside?"
A guard yelled from the outside. Jungkook didn't give it a second thought as he continued to fuck your bleeding cunt.  He moaned softly as a gush of warm liquid coated your velvety walls. He pressed his cock deep inside, making sure that you are receiving his seeds so you could grow a perfect heir.
A guard forcibly opened the door, and as he rushed inside, he was greeted by the sight of a woman sleeping peacefully. He hurriedly walked out as soon as he confirmed that the king was nowhere inside. or so he believed.
A piercing glare is hidden behind the ornamental panel. Jungkook watched the guard leave, making sure they'd left enough space for him to escape the room unnoticed.
Tumblr media
You were awakened by the sunset blossoms upon the horizon, the ceremony concluded before the sun even began to set. You didn't even realize you'd missed it until you noticed how dark it was in your surroundings. You fell asleep.
Your face was flushed with worry at the prospect of missing the most important event in the palace. Will the king punish you? or worse, throw you out of the palace. You know how much he trusted you and treated you like you weren't any kind of a servant. You didn't even notice the tears streaming down your cheeks for you to even realize the much greater pain that lies between your legs.
You were terrified for your life.
While you were about to rise up, a severe headache hit you and you were compelled to lie your back on the silks. What exactly is going on? You doubt yourself. You don't often experience illness out of the blue, missing the event was enough to cause tightening in your chest. Let alone be sick, you don't want the king to believe you're being lazy. he dislikes it and you're doomed.
You whimpered at the mere movement of your legs, and you felt a burning ache in your pussy. You cried out instantly after noticing the pain, you tried to lift your body but failed otherwise. Putting a hand over your abdoment—palm pressing down to perhaps minimize the discomfort.
You've never felt this type of pain before, and it hurts so much that you can't stop the sob that continuesly fall under your breath. It stings in a really uncomfortable way. You bent your legs for you to clutch onto your shin, squeezing tightly as you yelped, hoping the pain would go away on its own.
You wished the king was by your side because you know he's the only one who can help you. like what he does whenever you get those dreadful cramps. He'd let you straddle his lap, grinding you down until the delicious friction caused you to whimper, the evidence of the pain fading away.  But, this pain is far worse than the average cramps, and you don't think you'll be able to even touch your own cunt without needing to scream.
While you sob silently in the dimmed room, the king walked in distress thinking of what you might've been doing right now. Have you awakened from your slumber? Are you in pain? He had no idea, and it irritated him to no end.
"your majesty, it's time for you to visit her majesty Jiho's chamber. I'm sure she's been waiting for your arrival," uttered by a servant followed with a bow.
Jungkook almost wanted to flip the table where all of his ornaments were delicately set. Yet it's none of his concern, and it's you who he wanted to check on to see if you're alright; they're making it impossible for him to depart when half of the newly crowned queen's servants are waiting outside his chamber. It's only the first day, and she's already making him want to kill her.
"All right. let's go," he said briefly as he walked straight to the queen's chamber.
Upon entering, he scoffed at the details adorning every nook of the chamber; the design was undoubtedly decided by the queen, which was so unappealing in his opinion. He would never consider fucking anyone here. This room should have been yours, and it would have been even better.
"Your Majesty, you have arrived"
His eyes were coldly fixed on the queen, who sat on her bed, dressed in night clothes similar to his. She was all nice and smiling, not realizing she had been chosen without much thought. Jungkook couldn't even consider of her as a queen, because a king should only have his beloved as a queen, right? That is you, not her.
"pretty obvious," he said as he motioned the servants to leave the room. The king, on the other hand, did not fail to hear the quiet whispers of their gossips.
How loathsome.
Jiho lowered her head shyly as she heard the door firmly close. She was expecting the king to approach, but the silence was deafening as Jungkook stood there unwilling to go any further to the queen. Certainly she could feel the cold shoulder the king was giving her, Jungkook wasn't even trying to conceal. Which then embarrassed her; doesn't she look decent enough for their first night together?
Jungkook unexpectedly stepped over, and to her surprise, she was ruthlessly yanked up from her sitting position, only for him to push her in the middle of the bed.
"Get some rest. I'll deal with you some other day."
"But we have to spend the rest of the night after our wedding!" Jiho reasoned for him to stop leaving. She's not going to let this special night pass her by.
Jungkook did halted in his tracks. But his face was plastered with distaste as he turned back to once again be faced with the queen. She's not going to let him go, is she? He traced his eyes over her physique, thinking that if fucking her once would silence her, then he'd do it. However, nobody expected this little hesitation would turn into addiction. Well at least he had fun fucking other women while imagining you, rather than just using his hands to please himself. Isn't it perfectly legal for him to use his regal power anyway?
A month passed with the king's constant fucking with the queen and his growing harem. Even though they warm his bed, he still seeks for your warmth. Nothing had changed between you and the king; he still requested your company in order for you to help him unwind in some activities that he deemed too stressful.
You'd awoken to another day with a rush of sickness. feeling the need to puke despite the fact that all you ate yesterday was a piece of rice forced into your mouth by the king, given how little you've been eating in recent days. It upset you, you can't eat at all while feeling all wretched. Then you'd feel bloated and overwhelmed by a newfound weight. Even so, you have responsibilities to do. You walked out from your small room, dressed in your standard uniform as you went to begin the day with your usual task.
Like the other day, her majesty's chamber was filled with complaints about how her dishes were not what she expected, and how it was supposed to arrive a little sooner. Because of the constant morning sickness you were experiencing these days, you almost felt like you were to blame for everything. It is causing you to be late for your tasks, and the fact that your duties are mostly related to the royal kitchen, the various ingredients only addens up to your sensitivity to smell. You were so engrossed in your thoughts that you didn't notice the occasional arrival of the king until the royal guard made a point of announcing it.
"Your Majesty! What brings you here?" said her majesty with enthusiasm.
"Why? can't I visit my queen?" the king retorted ironically.
"What's up with all the noises coming from here? I can hear them from a long way away."  Jungkook's eyes had found you as readily like his eyes were designed to find its victim. You were oblivious to the king's searing gaze, with your head tilted in a bow, there you can catch a peek of his silky robe.
"These reckless servants provided the same dishes I had yesterday! And these days, I've been quite particular about the foods I eat."
with a followed gasp, "..could it be? im with a hei-"
"You thought so?" Jiho was cut off by the king right away; Jungkook wasn't having it. There's no way one of his toys could be pregnant right now. He took great precautions to ensure that they were drinking the herbal leaves that he claimed to be beneficial for conceiving a child. when it is, in fact, a contraception medication, to prevent them from getting pregnant.
"We've tried multiple times, and I'm confident it's there."
Jungkook lightly visibly rolled his eyes in annoyance. Afterward the small talks in between them ended with him fucking the queen right infront of the other servants including you, in order for her to shut her mouth. Despite the fact that he was fucking her, his gaze was drawn to your little figure, as if he wished to be with you, the one who’s under him. When you tilted your head slightly upward, almost meeting eyes with the king, his heart pounded violently.
He sat back with a faltering breath, instructing her majesty to ride him while he drank in the beauty of your delicate features. You were the source of the lust that ran through his veins. The overwhelming need was almost terribly terrible for him to conceal.
It was strange for you to hear such erotic noises inside the room; whatever was going on between them, it sure does had an effect on you. Not only does it feel uncomfortable, but the room was almost completely filled with sweat that you find very unpleasant to smell. A sudden sharp pain intensified in your stomach, an uncontrolled impulse of wanting to throw up. You tightly clutched the flimsy fabric of your clothes, almost feeling the need to pass out. Jungkook noticed how your knuckles whitened at how you're gripping the fabric so tightly. He observes you with wrinkled brow, watching how you slightly curled over, hugging your own waist, hoping to alleviate the discomfort. It wasn't your intention to generate a minor commotion when you accidentally made a sound akin to vomiting. Drawing everyone's attention. The king was concerned.
You had bowed several times to excuse yourself and rushed away to somewhere you could breathe freely in some fresh air. The atmosphere in her majesty's chamber is suffocating you. You’ve been attempting to conceal this little illness, from the king, or at the very least to minimize the visible signs you’ve been displaying. Knowing the king too well, you don’t want to cause him more problems. And now you just hoped he won’t come after you.
Jungkook shoved the queen aside so he could catch up with you, a worried expression on his face as he slipped his robe in a rush, hoping you hadn't run away that far. He wanted to know as to what was wrong with you, and he may have already had an idea.
You dashed to the nearest tree at the back of the garden, where you knew few people went. You can properly spend some time here to quiet your racing heart and chase your breath without being bothered by others.  You sighed with relief after taking a deep breath and no longer feeling the need to vomit, but the ache in your abdomen remained. You hunched over the tree, gently leaned your forehead, and began to wonder what type of sickness was infiltrating your body.  Perhaps you've been carrying a terrible sickness and weren't even aware of it. Or maybe  you have recently consumed a poison that is slowly killing you. You don't know.
You were oblivious to the silent steps from behind until you were startled by a soft tap on your shoulder. You turn around to be greeted with a worried countenance you kindly recognize.
"lady, are you ok? you don't look fine," says Gihyun, the young assistant chef you've gotten accustomed to seeing in the royal kitchen. You noticed the baskets of edible flowers in his arms, which he undoubtedly came here for.  He's one of the friends you met here within the palace besides the king, and even though he's busy learning the cook book, he still helped you with things you struggled with, like arranging the pots and bowls into the tray. You were at least grateful to have someone with you when the king wasn't present, so you didn't feel alone all the time. The king, in particular, has his harem that he needs to pay more attention to, right now.
The king never considered you having another accompany around the palace, not until he witnessed with his own two eyes how Gihyun was touching you in places he owns. Were you hiding this interaction from him? And for how long?  His thoughts, caused rage, flowing through his body like a burning hot flames. He never felt betrayed in his entire life. His fingers curling into a tight fists. He couldn't believe what he was seeing. Why are you acting so lovingly and smiling up at that man as if you were his lover?
He noticed how your eyes fluttered in response to every word the man said, lidded eyes peering through the man's gaze. Jungkook would mumble under his breath how "those eyes should only meet mine." He couldn't interpret what the guy was saying and chose not to decipher it either. Jungkook felt the detestation in his veins, the shared giggles between you and the other guy, resents him.
How could you whore yourself around when it's the law that every lady in this palace belongs solely to the king? It's completely unacceptable for a woman to look another male in the eyes, let alone interact with them. Basically, you're his, whether you're breaking the law or not.  The concern he felt for you has faded, replaced by rage that has nearly fully consumed him.  There's a good chance you've been carrying his child by now, yet here you are whoring yourself around like a low prostitute. He should have taken you to fuck at his throne for everyone to see you're his.
Tumblr media
You happily munched over the delicious food prepared by Gihyun, he kindly offered to make you whatever you desired to eat after you explained in actions how the sickness was holding you back from eating. Afraid that it will only turn into a waste. You didn't realize that you were indeed hungry and were just simply craving something specific to eat. Blinded by the thought of not having an appetite, that anything you'll eat will ended up upsetting your stomach.
You were hesitant at first because not every court lady had the opportunity to devour such highly gratifying ingredients. But he offered to pay it no mind, saying that he can handle it as long as you're satiated. Truthfully, you would have been punished by now if it weren't for this young man with a good heart.
Out of curiosity, he'd inquire, "why do you think you're feeling this sickness?" Then he'd want to smack himself for forgetting you can't talk. Nonetheless, you shrugged your shoulders, indicating that you, too, had no idea; all you suspected was that the drink the other court lady had given you had caused your sickness. You wouldn't be able to tell, of course.
The blistering heat of the afternoon sun burnt on your skin, but you still had a few steps to take to get to the king’s chamber where the king had requested your presence.
Upon arriving, you were welcomed with a silent atmosphere that was almost uncomfortably quiet for you to continue your steps. Despite the fact that it was hot outdoors, here inside, you were trembling for no apparent reason. An uneasy feels settled at the pit of your stomach. You look around to find the king sat in the middle of his bed, dark hair done into a neat bun, ears and fingers adorned with shiny jewelries only royals could afford. Legs spread as his gaze shoot deadly daggers through your form.
Not knowing what to do, you stood awkwardly, both hands wrapped around the fabric of your cloth, fumbling while you waited for the king to speak. Jungkook holds your gaze for a moment. From afar he can sense your apprehension,  although you may have no idea for what reason.  You can clearly hear his footsteps approaching your body until he is behind you, towering over your small frame like a tree where you used to hide from everyone when you were a kid.
Jungkook could smell the extra sweet scent on your body, which was definitely evidence of your brief visit to the garden. He could feel your body tensing against him, snaking his tall fingers around your waist tapping ever so gently. He nestled his face in the crook of your neck, where he could smell the fragrance as an unfathomable rose, expanding leaf on leaf across the palace garden. Then he'd whisper, "Why are you nervous, my love?"
You weren't exactly sure why, but you must've felt it to brace yourself since you were anticipating the king to lash out at you. You couldn't blame him for being enraged; during the next few days, he must've realized how poorly you were performing your duties. At least, that's what you assumed.
His fingers fluttering gently to approach your breast, you'd whimper at the lightest touch of his finger against your nipple due to your breast's heightened sensitivity. It didn't go unnoticed by Jungkook to which he purposely pinched the bud with curled lips, pleased by how you responded with a light moan. There's no doubt you've been experiencing early pregnancy symptoms. The confirmation comes from touching a couple of fingers on your wrist to feel the slippery heartbeat that speeds alongside your own—you're with a child.
"Are you feeling well, my love?" he asked as he slowly unties the knot of your robe. You nodded in response to his question, unsure what he was going to do. But you just allowed him because it wasn't something new between you and him. His hand pushes the material that covers your breast, higher, allowing him to feel the warmth of your soft flesh. You concluded that the king was stressed the instant his palm came into contact with your sensitive nipples.
This only occurred when he was trying to relieve his tensions by playing with your breast. You recall, when he told you about how one of the ministers disagreed to his opinions, the king was so furious that his hands were itching to grip a sword. But, because he's a great king, he'll find a less violent way to express his frustrations; he's told you it helps him a lot, since then you let him squeeze your breast anytime you sense he's not in the good mood. You'd always feel happy to help the king in whatever way you could.
You wrap your delicate fingers around his wrist, gently pushing it away from your breast but enough to keep his hand in touch with your warmth. It's simply that you couldn't take the sensitivity you were feeling if his fingers were a little too playful for your liking; it felt amazing but was painfully unbearable at the same time. Of course, Jungkook would notice how you pushed his hand away from him; it was an offensive gesture to him. Putting his palm back to completely cover your mound. This time he warned.
"Don't dare to move my hands." you tilted your head to the side to see him glaring straight through your eyes.
You nodded in a little hesitant, not knowing whether you could withstand the stimulation. There was a small pout adorning your lips which Jungkook did not fail to notice. He's well aware how he's causing sensitivity pain, but how can he stop when your tiny whimpers have already triggered a building desire inside his pants?
He could sense your legs trembling as if you were about to fall, so he urged in hushed tones whisper for you to walk until you both reached the middle edge of the bed. The king was the first to sit, then patting his lap an invitation for you to sit. "Come sit, your legs must have gotten tired"
The king was right; the aching in your calves is unmistakable tiring. When all you did for the first half of the day was run and stroll endlessly, adding the feelings the king was making you weak. Jungkook instructed you to remove all of your lower garments, leaving your disheveled robe on display. Then you straddled him, shivering at the cool feel of air on your legs and your exposed pussy, which was shortly warmed at the contact of the king's robe.
"hmm, I could feel your pussy soaking my robe. tell me, what aroused you my love?" he said daringly in a deep voice as he teasingly peered at your heated face. There was nothing to be ashamed about, but the king addressing the fact that you had stained his robe was embarrassing for you. However, you stared at him puzzled when you didn't comprehend what he meant. Jungkook lifted an eyebrow, then he chuckled as he traced your braided hair while lovingly speaking.
"Was it for the guy who was talking to you earlier? I saw you with him, and i hate to tell you this, but he's not as wonderful as you believe he is."
He untied the ribbon that held your hair together, allowing it to fall freely while he smoothed his fingers over the slightly curled hair left by the braid. He stares back into your eyes, noting how the perplexity in your expression has doubled. Why would he question if Gihyun had aroused you?
He exhaled a sigh. "Did you not hear? I was almost killed because that guy put a poison on my meal. If it hadn't been for the taster, I wouldn't have known." He put on a distressed expression, as if he wasn't telling you lies.
"I could've been killed and you would've lost me, you wouldn't have someone to protect and take care of you, and you know what's worse? that guy might actually hate you." the tears uncontrollably ran down your cheeks as you listened to every word the king was saying, Jungkook would then coo at how he was sorry for telling you the truth but for you, you wouldn't be able to blame the king for merely exposing the friend you trusted.  It was infuriating to think that someone like him would attempt to assassinate the king; it was wrong and cruel! Why would they take someone's soul as beautiful as the king?
You wrapped your arms around his neck, you buried your tearful face on his shoulder, sobbing at how sorry you felt for befriending a wicked guy. Jungkook tenderly caresses your back to make you feel better while whispering how it was fine with him that he'd forgiven you despite the fact that you were not really at fault. Jungkook could feel your legs locking against his thighs as you tightened unconsciously in response to how tense you are. He gently pushes your head away to face him, cupping both of your cheeks while he holds your messy face full of stains and new dropped tears.
"Do you still feel bad?"
You abruptly nodded your head, and he grinned as he shush you to stop crying, promising you that he'll make you feel better in exchange for acknowledging your mistake. He leaned in to peck your quivering lips before moving his mouth down to your exposed clavicle, leaving light markings that he'll later make prominent as the shade of purple red rose crushed into dyes of the royal fabric. Completely unwrapping the cloth that protects your breast he then gently let it fall somewhere to the cold floor.
There, he could see the view of your chest perfectly. He softly strokes your nipples with both thumbs, seemingly enjoying the pained expressions you were making. It was uncommon for him to see you react so visibly to his touches, given that most of the time he was behind your back, touching you in your sleep, or the times you'd just stare at him as if you had a thousand questions in your head. Even though the stimulation pains you, it's clearly turning you on. The amount of times you unintentionally rolled your hips was sufficient evidence for him. He released your breast.
"While I lift you for a bit, you will help me untie my robe ok?"
He hoisted you by your waist till you were up on your knees, untying the knot of his robe was an easy task for you because the king wasn't wearing the belt, yet he praised you for working hard, which you appreciated.
While working on his inner cloth, The king's grasp on your other waist loosened as he untied his own pants. You triumphantly smile after you totally undid the knots of his clothes, revealing the tiniest inch of skin on his front torso. You weren't used to seeing his majesty's body, which made you heavily blush in embarrassment. The king has an incredibly fit physique, you could easily tell by his stance whenever he wears his hunting robe, which suits him handsomely.
Your eyes filled with astonishment once you had gotten to see the cock of his majesty, his own hands wrapped around a bit tightly. Jungkook watches the way you stared in delight, knowing that it was the first time you've seen it, but how ironic that it's the same cock that traverses the inside of your mouth when you're asleep, leaving you with the taste of his cum around your tongue in the morning.  
His eyes wandered over your stomach, his mind once more occupied by the thoughts of his child growing inside of you. He drew you in closer so he could gently brush the tip of his cock across your abdomen, leaving a mess of his own leaks on your flesh. He sighed, he couldn't wait to enter you once again.
He planned to announce your pregnancy after this, thinking that this would be the ideal time to completely bind you to him. He made sure that you would make the loudest noises possible while he fuck you to the fullest.
It would help to mask the cries, knowing-well, he assigned all of his trusty guards to gather his harem, whom he no longer desired to play with—outside the throne hall. Where all of their heads would be sliced off with the help of your dear friend Gihyun, of course. He wanted to be chief so badly? then it's just right that the king gave him the opportunity to chop off some heads for the last time. Jungkook left him alive on purpose, because the best slices are always reserved for the king, right?
Tumblr media
a/n: thank you for reading! i hope u guys like it🥺i love royalty themes sm, i guess i would frequently write the same genre over and over again.
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lovesick (I)
Tumblr media
— pairing: yandere ot7 x (f) reader — word count: 5.9k — warnings: yandere, stalking, obsessive behaviour, harrassment, mention of violence/bodily harm, 18+ — summary: You dreamed of the day you would get your very own soulmark. Though, you didn’t expect to wake up to a searing hurt in your arm, the phantom pain of your shoulder being dislocated and your forearm fractured. As if dealing with the worst possible soulmark ever wasn’t bad enough, you also have to come to terms with the fact that you’re being stalked. When the letters and gifts you receive begin to escalate and the police offers no help, you have no other option than to figure out who’s behind it yourself – and hopefully before it’s too late. — amazing cover by @leithold​!
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Your foot is throbbing – again.
You fall back into bed, lifting your leg up to rest it over your knee. You wince as you examine the damage, purple and yellow bruising covering your swollen ankle. Lightly pressing around the area, you're relieved to find that it only seems to be slightly sprained.
You glance over at your bedside table as your alarm goes off again, the framed picture next to your phone catching your attention as you silence the shrill sound. It’s a photo of you and Heejun, your next-door neighbour turned best friend. This particular one was taken on the night before he turned eighteen, your grinning faces showing off the pure excitement you both felt at the time.
Ever since you were little, even before you met Heejun, you’ve always dreamed about meeting your soulmate. You’ve lost count of the endless nights you stayed up imagining what kind of mark you would find once you woke up on your 18th birthday. Your favourite was always discovering a note written on your arm – the same as your parents. A close runner-up was the countdown mark Heejun had, you always made sure to check in with him every day to watch as the time suddenly decreased or increased. You’ll never forget the day he called you, voice choked up with tears and joy as he told you he had finally bumped into his soulmate.
With thousands of different variants of soulmarks and new ones being reported every day, you always thought you would end up with something sweet, something fitting to the fairy tale you always wanted. You certainly weren’t expecting to wake up to a searing hurt in your arm, the phantom pain of a dislocated shoulder and forearm fracture sticking with you for weeks afterwards.
It took some time to come to terms with the fact that your mark didn’t come with any way to contact your soulmate, and that their injuries would affect you and vice versa. Your first year was spent fretting over every paper cut and accidental stubbed toe, but that worry slowly dissipated as your soulmate kept leaving random bruises all over your body, new aches and pains showing up more often than you would like to admit.
Your theory that your soulmate was just very clumsy didn’t hold up for long, not when you suddenly felt the ghost of a blade slicing into your cheek, and another one being driven into your thigh while you were watching a movie. There’s no job out there that would warrant the amount of injuries you’ve experienced over the last five years, not when one of them were so bad you even had to postpone your college enrolment for a year. You suppose you’re lucky your mark has only left you with pain and bruises, and not a copy of the actual injuries. You don’t even want to imagine how living with that would be, especially when certain injuries have taken you months to recover from.
Truly, the only logical conclusion you could come up with was that your soulmate must be involved with something illegal; something bad enough that getting stabbed is just an occupational hazard. It’s only natural that your dream of meeting them has long since faded away. If anything, you hope you never do. At this rate you’re terrified your soulmate might manage to hurt themselves so bad that it’ll defy the rules of your mark, and you’ll be helpless to stop it.
You grit your teeth as you place both feet on the floor, pushing through the throbbing pain in your ankle as you hobble your way over to your closet. Seasoned hands find the nylon material easily – you don’t even have to look to locate the brace you’ve stashed at the top shelf. This isn’t the first time you’ve woken up to a sprained ankle, and you’re sure it won’t be the last. You learned years ago that days like these aren’t worth acknowledging, that the best thing to do is just to move forward and ignore the bitterness festering in your chest. Today is a bad day, so washing your face and brushing your hair is all the effort you’re willing to put into your appearance.
You dig through your drawers to find the fluffiest sweater you own, the soft fleece bringing you some comfort and looking fairly decent paired with loose pants that aren’t too painful to pull over your injured foot. You take a moment to brace yourself, inhaling a deep breath before you rest your hand against the wall, using it for support as you limp your way over to the front door. You spare a glance at the tiny kitchen nestled in the corner of your living room, your stomach rolling at the thought of eating anything. You’re meeting up with Heejun for an early lunch right after your classes end, so skipping out on breakfast isn’t too big of a deal. Pain has always made you nauseous, and combining that with a healthy dose of soulmate resentment doesn’t leave much room for hunger anyway.
Reaching your shoes, you sink down on the floor with a huff. You find the pair that’s a size too large, the extra room making it easier to get your braced foot in without moving it too much. You lace them up with gritted teeth, your ankle protesting the added pressure. You grab your bag from where you left it slumped against the door yesterday as you get back up on your feet, a flash of hot pink catching your eye as you lift it up.
You blink, your stomach plummeting to the floor as you stare at the brightly coloured paper. There, shoved halfway beneath your door, is another envelope. You lean down with effort, your fingers trembling as you snatch it up from the ground. Your breath sounds harsh, loud, in your quiet apartment as you tear the envelope open - the familiar crinkle of paper making your skin crawl. You unfold the letter slowly, choking back a gag as the sugary scent imbedded in it hits your nose. Your name is written neatly at the top, embellished with a flurry of drawn hearts around it. Your chest feels tight as you begin to read, disgust clawing it’s way up your throat as you skim over the words.
‘Baby, did you wear that black dress for me? You knew I would be watching, didn’t you? Thank you for giving me such a pretty show, you’re such a good girl. … those perfect curves just begging for me to touch them … I know you were aching for me to bend you over the bar, to show everyone that your sweet little pussy belongs to me–'
You hastily fold the letter shut, stuffing it back into the pink envelope. You stumble over to the small entry table near your shoes, zeroing in on the black box resting on top of it. The kaleidoscope of bright colours that tauntingly greets you as you open the lid only serves to make your heart pound faster, your hands shaking so hard you almost miss the box as you dump the letter in among the others.
You snap it shut, gulping down a deep breath of air as you step back. You hold it in until your lungs begin to burn, the growing pain forcing the panic to quiet down. You release it when you begin to feel faint, white spots dancing around your vision as you slowly breathe out.
A low buzz against your thigh snaps you out of your daze, your last alarm alerting you that you’re going to be late if you don’t leave right now. You grab your keys, hiking your bag up over your shoulder as you ignore the desperate voices in the back of your mind that tells you to stay home, to lock the doors and never leave. It’s fine, you tell yourself as you undo the three separate locks on your door, the metal chains rattling as they hit the wood.
You slowly open the door, making sure to peak both ways before you hurry out, keys quickly locking everything back into place. It’s fine, you echo as you hurry down the corridor, your knuckles white from gripping on to your bag too hard. This is just a normal day after all; it’s nothing you’re not already used to.
Tumblr media
“Y/n, over here!” The knots in your stomach slowly unravel as you look up to find Heejun waving at you, his freshly dyed red hair standing out like a sore thumb in the mellow café. The bright smile on his face gradually slips into a frown as he takes in the slight limp to your gait, your pace slower than usual as you make your way across the room.
“Again?” Heejun sighs, pulling out the chair next to him.
You slip into the seat with a shrug, a pinched smile on your face, ”What can I say? Maybe my soulmate has a pain kink.”
“Please don't remind me of that possibility ever again.”
You bring a hand up to stifle your snort as Heejun’s body shakes with an exaggerated shudder.
There’s something sad in his expression as he settles, his voice soft as he says, ”Even if that was the case, you know it doesn’t make it okay, right? Their body is not just their body anymore, and doing something knowing it’s unwillingly affecting their soulmate is shitty as fuck. I’m sure there has to be a rule or a law somewhere that states it’s illegal.”  
“I know,” You murmur, accepting the plate of food Heejun nudges in your direction. “But even if it is, there’s not much I can do about it when I don’t even know who they are.”  
Heejun winces as you stab into a piece of egg with a little more force than necessary, metal scraping against the porcelain plate. ”I’m sorry, Y/n. If I could trade places with you, I would’ve done so in a heartbeat.”
You hide your smile behind a slice of toast, your chest warming with the knowledge that even if everything else goes to shit, you’ll always have your best friend. If it’s one thing you’re sure off, it’s that no one – not even your soulmate – will ever be able to take up as much space in your heart as Heejun does.
“You would give up on Jaemin that easily? Damn, what a cold-hearted soulmate you are,” You sniff. ”I promise I’ll take really good care of him, you know he already loves me.”
You nearly choke on a piece of bread as an affronted Heejun shoves your shoulder, "I meant switch our marks, not our soulmates!”
“Sure,” You tease.
Shaking your head at the half-hearted glare you get in response, you let your eyes drift beyond Heejun. You can’t help the automatic need to scan your surroundings, to watch the people walking outside in hopes of catching something, anything, that might validate the uneasy feeling in your stomach. You truly have no idea who’s behind all the letters you’ve been receiving for the past year, and it terrifies you to no end that it can literally be anyone. Maybe it’s the man glancing inside the café as he walks past, maybe it’s the woman behind the counter, maybe it’s another student in your class, maybe maybe maybe –
You jerk back as Heejun snaps his fingers in front of your face. You can tell he already knows by the time your focus shifts back to him, his expression tight as he murmurs, ”There’s more, isn’t it?”
There’s a split second you consider denying it, just to spare him from worrying about you even more. There’s nothing you’d like to do more than just to pretend that everything is fine, that your biggest problem is your upcoming midterms and a soulmate that leaves you with bruises, but you can’t. You’re scared, and you can’t go through this alone. You can’t make yourself more vulnerable than you already are.
“I got another one,” You clench the fork tightly in your fist, feeling the metal dig into your palm. ”Pink.”
Heejun curses under his breath, voice muffled behind his hands as he rubs his face, ”What did it say? Did you bring it?”
“No–” You shake your head, feeling ill at the thought of carrying that sickly sweet smelling letter around with you, to have those words so close to you the entire day. ”It’s worse than normal, more desperate. He .. he saw us last weekend, at Blue Hour. He commented on the dress I was wearing, what I was doing – he described everything, every little detail. He was there.”  
You release a shaky breath, dropping in fork in favour of grabbing Heejun’s outstretched hand. The weight of his fingers curling around yours is grounding, enough for you to anchor yourself in reality and not the despair slowly filling up your lungs. Heejun looks pale, the red in his hair burning against his skin as he squeezes your hand.
“Y/n, you have to go to the police. Please.”
"You know what happened last time–”
Heejun cuts you off with a sharp shake of his head.
"If the letters are escalating then there’s no telling what’s he’s going to do next. He knows where you live, it’s not safe. I can’t force you to stay with Jaemin and me, but I can’t let you be a sitting duck for this psycho either. I know the police didn’t take you seriously last time, but you have more evidence now, more letters. You have to try; maybe you’ll get another officer that actually cares about the people they’re supposed to protect this time. I’ll go with you if you want, you don’t have to deal with this alone, Y/n.”
You know he’s right. Even if nothing came of it last time, even if the officer you spoke to back then had the nerve to suggest that maybe it was just an admirer that was a little shy, that you should be flattered – it’s truly the only option you have left besides uprooting your entire life and running away. And even then there’s no guarantee that he won’t follow you, that he won't find you again.  
“I’ll go,” You say, guilt curling around your heart as you see the way Heejun sags with relief.
“Thank you. We can go after my shift? Or I can call in sick and we can go right now?”
You give his hand a squeeze of your own before you untangle your fingers, mustering up a faint smile you don’t really believe yourself. “No, you should go to work. I think this is something I should do on my own.”
Tumblr media
You clear your throat, leaning heavily on your good leg as you wait in front of the welcome desk at the station. The officer behind the desk holds up a finger, eyes glued to the screen as he continues to tap away at the keyboard. You swallow thickly, gripping the strap of your bag tighter. The police station is oddly quiet. You were expecting more people and more noise, but all you can hear is soft voices behind closed doors, a fan whirring overhead despite the autumn chill already having set in. Your town isn’t the biggest, but it’s not like it’s small either. It’s definitely not sleepy enough for the police station to be so empty.  
You bite down on the inside of your lip, chewing absentmindedly as you look at the board taking up most of the wall behind the reception. It’s littered with safety posters and tips, a lost pet or two, and the faces of a few missing people you don’t recognize. Your mouth feels dry as you take in the candid smiles on their faces, the joy in their eyes. You doubt they had any idea they would eventually end up here, and you can’t help but feel like it’s just time that’s standing between the empty spot next to them, and a picture of your own face.
You force your eyes to move away, zeroing in on the newspaper clippings collected in one corner of the board. The smiling faces of different officers greet you as you look over the articles, but there’s one in particular that catches your eye. It’s a young man, probably around your age, grinning over a large bouquet of flowers. The force of his smile makes his eyes turn into crescent moons, his cheek puffing up adorably. The clipping seems to be dated a few years back, but you’re too far away to make out the text beyond the headline, something about him heroically saving a civilian off-duty.
“What can I help you with?” You startle as the officer finally acknowledges you. He doesn’t bother to hide his annoyance as you step closer to the counter, clearly irritated that you interrupted whatever he was working on.
“I need to speak with an officer. I’ve been receiving these letters– I, uhm, I think I’m being stalked.”
The passive expression on the man’s face is broken by a slight rise of his eyebrows, the faintest spark of interest in his eyes as he turns back to his computer. ”What’s your name?”
You quickly list off all the details he asks for, the room once again growing eerily silent as he looks through the database, pulling up different files. The muffled voices you heard earlier have grown quiet, and you can’t fight the dread that sets in as the officer spares you a quick glance before turning back to his screen, the corner of his lips tugged down into a frown. ”Ms Y/n, did you file a similar report last year?”
You swallow thickly. ”Yes.”
“It says here that your report was resolved and that no further investigation was needed.”
“What?” It was obvious as the letters continued that the police hadn’t done much to stop them, that the officer clearly believed that it was just some harmless admirer, but you had at least thought they had looked into it – that they had tried to figure out who it was. "No, it wasn’t–”
The officer cuts you off with a sigh as he pushes the intercom button on his desk, voice bored as he calls out for an available officer to assist you. ”Please wait here, someone will be with you to take your statement shortly.”
The easy dismissal stings. You step back, gaze flitting back to the entrance as you begin to wonder if maybe this was a mistake. Maybe you should've taken Heejun up on his offer. But before you can make up your mind to leave, the officer that was called for walks through the door near the reception desk, his head buried in a case file as he steps up to the counter.
The man you talked to visibly brightens at his entrance.
”Officer Park! I didn’t know you were still in. Didn’t your shift end an hour ago?”
You watch officer Park’s back as he shakes his head, his blonde hair bouncing with the movement. “Ah, you know how it is. I have plans for the weekend so I’m trying to finish up what I can.”
“Hard working as ever I see,” The man laughs.
Officer Park places his file down on the counter with a shrug, his voice teasing as he says, ”I assume you didn’t just call for me because you missed my company?”
The officer you talked to seems to suddenly remember that you’re still there, his gaze moving back to you before he turns to his computer with a huff. ”Someone’s here a file a report, a–” The man squints at his screen, like he’s trying hard to decipher the name he heard just a few minutes ago, ”Ms. Y/n.”
Officer Park’s back straightens suddenly, and you can practically see how his muscles tense beneath his uniform. ”Thank you, officer Lee. Do you mind taking this down to evidence for me?”
The other man nearly jumps out of his seat in his eagerness to help, a proud smile on his face as he hurries out of the room, file pressed to his chest.
You suck in a surprised breath as officer Park slowly turns around, your stomach lurching as his eyes find yours. You almost don’t register the shock on his face before he schools it into something more neutral, a pleasant smile settling on his lips as he walks closer. He feels … familiar. It takes you a moment to place his face, but a quick glance over his shoulder confirms it easily. He’s the one who saved that civilian off duty – the hero. But even then, you have a feeling you know him from somewhere else – you just can’t quite place where.
“Y/n?” Goosebumps break out over your arms as he softly utters your name. You offer a weak nod in response, the odd reaction to his voice making your throat close up.
“Let's talk at my desk.”
Officer Park seems reluctant to look away as he leads you back through the door he came through, his gaze jumping back to you with every other step. You fully ignore the ache in your foot as you match his pace, a tiny voice in the back of your mind urging you to act normal. You can’t quite figure out why he looks so worried, like you’re going to run off the moment he takes his eyes off you, but you suppose it might just be protocol regardless of what the person is there to do. He's probably just cautious.
You let your gaze wander around the open room as you follow a step behind officer Park. The large office space feels as empty as the reception. You spot three officers in total, with two working away at their desks and another one slipping into what you assume to be a break room. If you include the two officers you’ve spoken with so far, it’s only five in total. For the whole station. Most of the desks around room are completely empty, not even a pen or paper in sight.
“We had a lot of cut-backs this year, the chief was forced to let a lot of us go.” Officer Park says, voice hushed as he leads you past another desk. Heat creeps up the back of your neck as you nod, embarrassed that the confusion must be so easy to read on your face. You didn’t even know that he police could cut-back on officers.
“Here, take a seat,” You breathe out a small sigh of relief as you reach his desk, quickly sitting down on the offered chair. You wince as you move your foot, accidentally banging your swollen ankle straight into the leg of the chair.
Officer Park pauses at the sound, his hands poised over the keyboard in front of his computer. Something flits across his expression as he glances down at your leg, but the emotion is gone before you have the chance to recognize it.
“So, Ms. Y/n, what can I help you with?” You shrink back in your seat as he turns to the screen, his face unreadable as he pulls up a new file. There’s a tension in his jaw that wasn’t there before, and even though you can’t figure out why – it feels like you just did something wrong.
You reach into your bag, grabbing a few of the pink envelopes you had shoved in there earlier. All of the letters are creepy and invasive in their own way, but the pink are by far the worst. It seems like the different colours correspond to whatever mood he’s in, and the hot fuchsia always means fervently graphic descriptions.  
You place them on officer Park’s desk, twisting your fingers nervously as you say, ”I– I think I’m being stalked. I’ve been receiving these letters for about a year now, and they’ve been getting progressively more intense and uhm, descriptive. I filed a report last year, but it seems like it wasn’t looked into.”
“I see.”
You watch as officer Park unfolds the most recent letter, his body half-turned in your direction as he looks it over. His face stays blank, but mortification runs hot through your body as his eyebrows suddenly jump at one of the more extreme parts, your hands growing clammy at the slow speed he works his way through the letter.
Officer Park cocks his head as he reaches the bottom, bringing the paper closer to his face. He breathes in the heavy scent, seemingly unaffected by the sickly sweetness of the perfume that normally makes you want to gag. He raises the letter up towards the overhead lighting, but the slight shake to his head tells you that there’s nothing there, no mark or clue you might have missed yourself.
“There’s more than just the letters,” You blurt, your toes curling in your shoes at the thought of having to bring it up. But you can tell officer Park doesn’t seem overly concerned, that he’ll probably just brush it off like the first one did, and you can’t have that. ”There has been gifts too.”
It must just be a trick of the light as he shifts around, but you swear you see his mouth twitch as he folds up the letter, a hint of a smile brushing over his lips before leans forward in his seat. ”Gifts? What kind?” Officer Park asks, the calm tone of his voice not quite matching up with the intrigued spark in his eyes.
You scratch your wrist, giving yourself another second to muster up the courage. You normally don’t have a problem taking about sex or intimate details, but this–
“The gifts don't come with every letter, but sometimes they’re left in front of my door. They’re usually … sex toys,” You trail off, voice growing weaker by the end as you force out the last two words. The gifts belonging to the pink envelopes are always sexual in nature, and you’ve lost count of how many toys you’ve stored away in a box under your bed. You would never use them and it feels disgusting to keep them, but on the odd chance that it might be used as evidence, you figured it would be a bad idea to throw them away.
Officer Park hums, his dark eyes holding yours for another second before he leans back in his seat, hands folded in his lap. ”Do you mind describing what kind of toys, Ms. Y/n?”
“I’m sorry?” You squeak.
“It’s for the report,” Officer Park adds, pointing to the file on his screen. It makes sense, of course it does, but god, you would rather have the ground swallow you whole than to list off everything that has showed up at your door. You take a deep breath, clutching on the faint sliver of hope that it’ll be worth it if he might find a lead somewhere.
Stuttering your way through all the items you can think off, you try your best not to squirm in your seat as Officer Park’s intense gaze never leaves your face. You can practically feel the path his eyes take as they trail down over your features, your skin burning from the undivided attention. The heated look in his gaze twists into something half amused as you mention some of the more creative toys – the corner of his lip quirking up into a faint smirk. The sight makes your stomach turn, not quite sure whether he actually finds it funny or he’s just trying to not look too uncomfortable.
It’s only as you describe the last gift you received that you realize that Officer Park hasn’t written anything down – the document still blank on the computer beside him.  
The eggs you had for lunch roll dangerously around in your stomach, the weird feeling you had since entering the station only intensifying the longer you stay. Why hasn’t he written anything down? Isn’t that basic protocol?
Officer Park’s voice startles you out of your thoughts before you can spiral further.  ”Well, Ms. Y/n, I believe you’re correct to think that there has been an escalation in both the content and frequency of the letters and gifts you’ve been receiving.”
You grip your bag tighter as you register his words, your heart skipping a beat with hopeful excitement. The confirmation makes you a little light-headed. Finally. Finally, there’s someone who actually believes you and is going to help.
But your relief is short lived, barely even having time to settle down before it’s torn away again. Officer Park rests his hand on his desk, fingertip grazing the edge of one of the letters as he lets out a small sigh. Words of gratitude die on the tip of your tongue as he continues, ”However, even though they are a bit forward, the person behind them doesn’t seem to have any ill intentions. There are no threats being made, and nothing to suggest that they want to hurt you – quite the opposite, really.”
You blink.
“I understand that this wasn’t what you wanted to hear, but there’s nothing in the letters or on the envelopes that could help us to track him down even if we wanted to. I can keep one of them and try to do a fingerprint analysis, but I doubt it’ll yield any results. The letters were likely dropped off in a post box, and I’m assuming all the packages you received were from different companies?”
You can only nod, disappointment burying itself deep into your bones as you slump down in your seat.
Officer Park’s face softens. ”It’s a classic tactic that makes it nearly impossible for us to track them down because it’s touched by so many different people. You really don’t have any inkling as to who might have sent you these?”
“No.” You bite down on the inside of your cheek, not enough to really hurt, but just enough to keep the moisture forming in your eyes at bay.
“I’m very sorry Ms. Y/n, but my hands are tied here, there’s nothing I can really investigate when your safety hasn’t been explicitly threatened.” Officer Park says, apologetic.
“I-I understand,” You mumble.
“Is there anything else you can think of that might help?”
“No, there’s nothing else ..” You pause, suddenly very aware of the weight in your lap. After all, you didn’t just bring the pink envelopes, you brought a few of each colour. Even if the letters don’t outright threaten you, maybe the rest of them could be enough to convince officer Park that the person behind them isn’t mentally stable? That he seems to have seven very different personalities, and that he needs help?
“Park!” A booming voice calls out for Officer Park just as you reach into your bag to grab them, the echo bouncing around the half-empty floor.
“We have a suspected two-seventeen. Take Lee with you to investigate!”
“Yes, sir!” Officer Park yells back, hands already reaching for the badge and empty holster resting on this desk.
You hurriedly rise from your seat as he gets to his feet, forcing down a wince as you step back to give him more space, letters forgotten. Officer Park glances at you from the corner of his eye as he shrugs his jacket on, looking reluctant as he pats down his pockets to make sure he has everything.
“I’m very sorry to cut this short Ms. Y/n, but I have to go. I’ll make sure to file your report later and crosscheck it with the one you filed last year. I have a good memory for details, so there’s nothing to worry about.” Officer Park flashes you a quick smile, his eyes scrunching up prettily just as they did in the picture out front.
He grabs a small card from his desk; making sure to underline a number before he extends it in your direction. Puzzled, you reach out to take it, stifling a small gasp as his fingers wrap securely around yours, trapping your hand in his. The contact makes your skin crawl, the warmth of his touch making you even more uncomfortable than you were before. The feeling leaves you a little dumbfounded, because you can’t really understand why. Heejun has never made you feel this way when he touched you.
A faint whiff of something sweet hits your nose as he steps closer, Officer Park sounding urgent as he says, ”If you remember something later, or if anything, anything at all happens, please don’t hesitate to call me.”
You look down at the card in your hand, the name barely visible between your fingers. Officer Park Jimin.  
“Thank you, officer,” You plaster on a weak smile, tugging your hand away from Jimin’s grasp. The prickling in your neck immediately subsides as you take another step back, the distance calming your racing heart.
“Jimin,” Officer Park curls his outstretched hand into a loose fist as it drops back down by his side, ”Just Jimin is fine.”
Even though someone is urgently yelling for him to hurry up from a nearby hallway, Jimin’s gaze stays locked on to you, his body rooted in place. Waiting.
“Thank you, Jimin,” You repeat, your tongue heavy and uncooperative as it curls around his name.
A shiver seems to suddenly travel through his body despite the layers he’s wearing, something heated flashing in his eyes. He clears his throat, voice sounding a little strained as he says, ”Another officer will show you out. Remember to call if anything happens, Ms. Y/n.”
He spares you another hesitant gaze before he’s forced to run off, only slowing down enough to point another officer in your direction. You watch his back until he rounds the corner, some of the pressure in your chest lessening the moment he’s out of sight. You try to shake the weird feeling off, turning back to Jimin’s desk to pick up the letters he left there. Even though it makes your stomach curl to bring them back home, you would much rather do that and keep them as evidence in case something else happens, over the station just discarding them.
You get them securely back in your bag just as the officer Jimin talked to reaches you. You follow him silently back the way you came, allowing the resentment to grow for each step you get closer to the exit.
You release a shuddering breath the moment you step outside the station, letting the crisp autumn air fill your lungs as you inhale. A humourless snort slips past your lips as you begin to walk away. You’re honestly not even that surprised that nothing came of your visit, you’re just disappointed. Tired.
What good does it do for Jimin to file another report when he’s not going to follow up with it? When he couldn’t even spare you enough time to get all the evidence? It’s not like having his number is going to help you if he can’t investigate until after you get hurt.  
You hoist your bag higher on your shoulder, scowling at the biting wind that sweeps down the street. You’re sick of always looking over your shoulder and being harassed. You're not willing to just sit around in your apartment and wait for someone to come along and hurt you. If the police aren't going to help, then you’ll just have to solve this yourself.
It’s not like you have much left to lose.
Tumblr media
a/n: welcome to lovesick! this is the story that was born out of my 5k follower event, where you guys chose all the major details of the story! i’m thinking this might be a five parter, but we’ll see. the other boys will be introduced in the next chapters! 
ps. i’m not doing taglists anymore, sorry :(
please like/reblog/comment if you enjoyed, it helps me out a lot!
see you all soon, stay safe! <3 if you’d like to support me, you can buy me a ko-fi! 💖
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chummywchimmy · 26 days ago
Tumblr media
PAIRING : Yandere!Jungkook x Prostitute!Reader
SUMMARY : Being in the business of selling pleasure, you're no stranger to customers getting a little too attached. But when the head of the syndicate that has painted your town red arrives to stake his claim on the club you work in, all you can think about is making you paycheck fatter. You'd never been shy about your love for material possessions and if there was anyone who could give you things beyond your wildest dreams, it was the Boss, Jeon Jungkook. It took some convincing but he fell in your lap. What you didn't expect was his attachment. It only proves to be...too much.
GENRE : Yandere AU, Mafia AU
WC : 8K+
WARNINGS: Inappropriate language, explicit smut (18+), violence, guns, descriptions and mentions of dead bodies, threats and implications of sexual assault, yandere themes etc.
I do not own BTS. This in, no way, reflects their real personalities. The only reason they have been mentioned is to indicate the physical appearance of a FICTIONAL character.
My intention is not to glorify toxic behavior nor do I believe BTS member would ever act like this. It’s just a figment of my imagination. Know the difference. Please.
AN : Merry Christmas! I really enjoyed writing this one-shot. If you guys like it, I could be persuaded to write the aftermath of the ending considering the fact that JK will only get crazier :)And if not, I'll be more than happy to answer any questions you might have or just anything you wanna say through the asks. Love you! <3
Tumblr media
"Hey, it's time." A brunette head popped in through the unlocked door, causing a squeak to fall out from the mouth of the man moving above you, his heavy frame surprised by the intrusion.
The intruder went away as quick as she had come, unfazed by what she had seen. The same couldn't be said for the man who had frozen still above you. What had he been expecting?
A whorehouse didn't exactly bring a lot of privacy with it.
As soon as the double gated doors to the entrance of the VIP section opened, everyone stilled in their places. A group of men stepped into the dimly lit area, in the middle of which stood the guest of the evening. Jeon Jungkook.
White shirt, starched to perfection, buttons gleaming. You wondered if they were made of silver, the reflection they created gleaming in your eyes. Aside from the silver chain dangling from his thick, corded neck and the buttons of his shirt, your eyes were caught on his exposed chest. Tan, smooth skin shone under the golden lights, three unopened buttons on his shirt exposing the muscled chest for the world to see. Money always looked sexy to you, tonight especially so.
Standing at the back, partially hidden area as you were, you stole a flute of champagne from one of the servers moving past you to serve to the guests.
Jimin had rushed towards the new owner of this club, bowing and ushering him inside. The professional smile upon his face never faltered, although you could notice the visible shake in his hand as he motioned the waiters to come forward.
The stoic man, not a single shred of acknowledgement upon his face raised his hand up without giving the waiter a glance and muttered what you presumed was an order for hard whiskey because that was what he was presented with.
As soon as the man had sat down on the black couch, the men around him relaxed, a few taking drinks of their own. Except the ones who still stood around him, rigid as if made of granite.
The girls on the poles began their show as the lights lowered further and music began playing.
Now was your time.
As you strutted to where the boss was sitting, silk robe fluttering around your thighs and hair bouncing as you swayed your hips from side to side, you knew what you wanted to do was dangerous.
But you knew men like him. They noticed daring.
And that watch on his thick wrist, adorning golden skin that was exposed due to the pushed back sleeves, looked way too good.
You knew every single man in the area was looking at you, salivating. You dwelled in it, bathed in their desire. It fuelled your confidence.
Except the man you wanted to notice you wouldn't look in your direction. Jungkook was talking to a man who stood at the end of the couch he was sitting on, a glass held in his large palm, the golden liquid shining under lighting of the same hue.
As you neared the back of his couch, the men standing around it glared at you, one of them getting in your way.
You smiled at him, putting a hand in the middle of his chest. The silver cross hanging from his neck made you want to snatch it but you curbed the urge. It was their group's symbol. You'd be shot on sight.
For a second, your heart thumped. What you touched felt too hard, too weirdly shaped to be a wallet or handkerchief.
It broke your composure for a moment, the realisation that these men were dangerous and the one you were aiming for was the most dangerous of all.
But it's better to be on the devil's side than on his way.
So you widened your smile, speaking through your glossy lips, "calm down, big boy. I'm just here to help your boss relax."
As your robe slipped down your shoulder, his stance loosened and you pushed him aside, throwing a smile over your bare shoulder before you lowered your head down to the ebony head sitting on the couch.
Spreading your palm upon his shoulder that felt tense, you began moving it downward towards his chest slowly. But before you could make much progess, your wrist got caught in a grip of iron. The hand clutched your wrist so tight, you felt your blood circulation get cut off.
"Whoa. If that's how you lik-"
The humor in your tone got cut off instantly as he pushed you to stand in front of him.
Despite the height difference caused by him sitting and you standing, in your heels no less, you felt like he was looking down upon you. A sneer upon his chiseled face and fire in his eyes burned you.
But you were a professional.
So pasting a sweet smile upon your face, you began whispering, sweet as sugar, "Let m-"
"Who gave you the permission to touch me, girl?" The sneer upon his face hardened.
Your subconscious giggled, 'You fucked up this time, YN.'
But you didn't wanna die, so you leant down, your cleavage on display, and splayed out your hand,
"I noticed your glass was emptying, sir. So I-"
Your words were cut off as the same hand that had imprisoned your wrist wrapped around your throat, squeezing at the sides. His eyes dug into yours before pushing you away from him.
You gained your balance before you landed upon your ass and lost your seductress front.
By that time, he had disappeared into the darkness of the girl's booths with one of the girls.
The astrology predictions was right when it said that your zodiac would face losses in business today.
Tumblr media
Before you'd clocked out for the night, you went to Jimin's desk to collect your cheque. As you rounded the corner, you were met with the sight of Shanice standing in front of Jimin. She had her head down, staring at the ground as Jimin ranted.
"-really unprofessional. He was raising questions about the performance of my girls. You know I don't tolerate that Shanice. I've built this place from the ground up. What would we do if he de-"
"Hey I'm leaving." You stopped him in between.
He looked over from staring at Shanice in disappointment to looking in your direction, face red from shouting.
"Yeah, here." He went behind his desk to write the cheque after checking your appointments from his computer. As he was writing, Shanice took her leave, nodding an acknowledgement to you before leaving. You patted her back. Everyone had a bad day in this business every once in a while and you sympathized with her.
"Why were you pissed at her?" You asked Jimin, putting a cheque in your Louis Vitton vintage handbag.
"Jeon wasn't satisfied. Taunted me saying my girls aren't worth the hype."
Your eyes widened. Shanice had some of the highest paying clients so it couldn't be that she was bad.
"Maybe.....he's into men?" You questioned meekly.
Jimin gave you an exasperated look. It had been a long night for everybody.
Tumblr media
The next week, exactly seven days later, Jungkook showed up again. When you'd heard the news, you rushed out, determined to get him to notice you this time.
Dressed in a babydoll gown, you sauntered over to him, deciding to play up the shy act this time since he hadn't seemed to like the bold face of you.
He looked angry tonight, fire brewing in his eyes.
As you walked in his direction, his eyes dragged over your figure. Before you could bat your eyelashes at him, he clutched the arms of the two girls nearest to him, dragging them away.
You pouted. Were you losing your charm?
Seeing Shanice walk out of her booth, you sidled up to her.
"Hey Shan. What'd you do with the Jeon's paycheck?" You asked, wanting to secretly figure out how much a night with the boss could pay.
"Haven't been able to touch it. Its been sitting in my drawer like a rock." She said, a conflicted look upon her face.
"Was he that bad? Too sma-" You began sniggering as she shushed you, glancing around you two frantically.
"Do you wanna die?" She whisper-yelled.
You pulled a sad face. "Damn, it was that bad, huh?"
She finally let out a laugh that sobered up as soon as the sound reached your ears.
The booth that Jungkook and the two girls had disappeared into emanated sounds of cries and loud, strung out moans.
"So....clearly it wasn't bad in that sense." You spoke.
"Well, the sex itself was great. Just the fact that he put a gun to my head as he began climaxing froze me up." She spoke, glancing towards the door.
You froze. Gun? Was he into necrophilia?
"Dying for the dick took a literal meaning." You whispered, eyes bulging out.
Tumblr media
The two girls didn't have the same near death experience as Shanice but the boss clearly wasn't satisfied. Jimin shouted at the girls again, who seemed bewildered to say the least. According to them, he'd climaxed and they had too.
By the time Jeon arrived next week, you had connected the dots. And this time you had a plan. Gun or no gun, you wanted that cheque. The next day when one of the girls showed up with an emerald pendant she'd splurged the cheque upon, your insides were as green as the rock dangling from her pale neck.
Your amazon subscription was ending this week!
So when the man arrived next week, you were prepared. Smoky eyeshadow bringing out your eyes and clad in black lingerie, you looked every bit the seductress you wanted to look like.
Seeing him, however, brought a hesitation in your step. He looked angry.
raging, even.
You'd heard the news. The two gangs were fighting again. The area was becoming more dangerous to operate in and bloodshed was only on the rise.
Veins straining against the golden skin of his throat, jaw clenched shut and a storm brewing behind his eyes. The droplets of ruby red upon his white shirt didn't help either.
This time, however, he kept his eyes upon you until you reached his side.
You opened your mouth to speak but he beat you to the punch.
"Want it that bad, huh? Better make it worth my while, girl." He sneered, thin pink lips twisting as he clamped his hand around your wrist.
By the time, you reached the room and he peeled back the red curtain, you'd regained your bearings.
He walked inside the small room, awash with red light, his walk as tense as the rest of his body.
Spotting the red chaise lounge, he sprawled in top of the red velvet. Eyes burning a hole in your body, he beckoned you forward with a crooked finger, face giving no indication of anything he might be feeling.
You took your sweet time walking towards him, heels clicking against the floor.
You kneeled down in between his sprawled legs, running your hands up his muscled thighs. Reaching the zipper, you bent your head down, putting the metal between your teeth and pulling it down. The sharp intake of breath from above you made you want to look up, ruffle your hair and smirk at him.
And so you did.
His eyes narrowed at your audacity. Grabbing your wrist, he pressed your palm over his crotch. Just for a moment, his hips raised up into your palm, large eyes drooping as if they wanted to close.
But as soon as you felt that he had fallen under your spell, his eyes snapped open,
"I pay you to suck my cock. Not to fucking ogle at me."
With these venomous words, his hands made a makeshift ponytail by gathering your hair in his large fist. Raising at eyebrows at his words, while taking monster out of its boxers made cage, you wanted to mutter touché.
But his fist pressing down upon your head made you bow your head before you could speak and the mouth you'd opened to tease him was now filled with a cock that made you look back on your comments to Shanice.
Oh how wrong you'd been.
Trying to wrap your hand around the entire girth, you suckled on the tip, gradually taking more inches down your throat. As you suckled, you raised your eyes up. Knowing how wanton you looked. How alluring. Numerous men had told you so.
As soon as he saw your eyes trying to catch his gaze, he glared into your eyes. Immediately, you softened the look in your eyes, making yourself tear up as you choked. The eyeliner falling down your cheeks in streaks, you stared at him with tears swimming in your eyes.
Spittle left from the corners of your mouth, coating your neck and chin. As another line of water went past the rim of your eyes, your tongue began caressing his frenulum, hand working up and down his hard shaft.
As you felt the salty precum fill your mouth, you raised up his white shirt that covered his abdomen, caressing the abs before running your nails down his skin. As the ribbons of red broke out on the honey skin, his cock pulsed on your tongue and you were sure he was gonna erupt.
But with a curse, he jerked you off, breathing hard with his eyes closed.
You gave him a pouty smile as you stood up. Seeing his hands reaching towards the thin straps of your gown, you stepped back quickly, giggling.
"Patience is a virtue, sir." Although in his line of work, you wouldn't exactly expect him to have come across any virtues.
Looking straight into his eyes as they stuck onto you like a leech, you caressed the black straps. Hooking a finger underneath each, you pushed the gown off your shoulders, shimmying out of it till it fell on the floor.
Bare breasts, flushed with perspiration was exposed to his greedy eyes. The look that overcame his face was feral, almost scary. Teeth hooking onto his pink bottom lip, he let out a breath, nostrils flaring.
You turned around, the look was arousing you way too much when you had a show to put on.
Holding the sides of your underwear, you pushed it down your legs, bending the whole way down. You knew your mission was achieved when you heard a broken growl-like sound come out of his chest, goosepimples erupting across the flesh of your cheeks that were in his direct sight.
Taking your sweet time before turning around to face him, you smiled at him sweetly, ignoring his starved look.
"Do you regret making me wait so long, sir?"
The only answer you got was his clenched hands shooting out to clamp around your wrists and jerk you forwards.
You laughed, the teasing sounds echoing from the red velvet covered walls. Climbing up the chaise lounge, you placed your knees on either side of his spread thighs, your bare heat just a few inches from his shaft that lay, pulsing and red on his abdomen that had your nail marks.
His tattooed hands had clamped around your hips, digging his fingers deep enough to leave clear indents. He tried to push you down but you stopped him, placing hands on his broad shoulders. Jungkook looked up, a confused and impatient look marring his handsome face.
You cupped your hand under his chin, making sure he was looking into your eyes as you lowered down onto his cock. A breath whistled out of his open mouth, a moan leaving yours as your slick core sucked him in easily. Clamping around the hot rod, you moved slowly. Making sure his eyes were open and looking into yours, you kissed his lips. The curtain that had been hiding the soul behind his irises fell away. He stared into your orbs, unblinking as your tongue traced the seam of his mouth, ending at his lip ring to suckle at it gently, lapping at the piercing. His head bowed back, exposing the thick neck that you chose to run your tongue up against, collecting the sweat and kissing a mole that was on the side of his neck. Within a moment, his head snapped back up, palms clutching your waist and pushing you towards the surface of the chaise lounge. One knee on the surface and a strong leg on the floor, he hovered above you.
His half undressed state, pants around his thighs and unbuttoned shirt made your cunt quiver.
His face hardened. Putting a hand on your chest, in the middle of your breasts, he began thrusting. It was your time to be breathless. From leaving your slit so that only the thick tip was breaching it to going deep till not an inch was left, he did it again and again. His cock curved perfectly, hitting the spot inside you that made the toes of your raised legs curl in pleasure. His pace brutal, he slammed in you so that the sound of skin slapping against the skin was deafening.
His hand that was on your chest, moved up to wrap around your throat, pressing on the sides of your neck to cut of the supply of air to your brain.
You let out a long moan, pleading with your eyes and your words as a string of 'please, please more' left your drooling mouth.
As your eyes rolled back into your skull, the veins in his dick imprinting themselves on your walls made you a bumbling mess. His pace never slackened. Opening your eyes, the look on his face made you whine. Dark eyebrows slashed down, a look of concentration marred his features. The chain swinging from his neck as he fucked dangled in front of your eyes.
A small black cross. The cross that only the Jeon syndicate wore.
And the black signifying his status as the supreme leader of the group. The realisation that you were fucking the Jeon Jungkook almost made you climax.
The man that had terrorised this country since he was a teenager.
You were a sick fuck.
His hand that had been choking you cracked your jaw open, fingers sliding into your mouth as he slammed into you.
"Got a real mouth on you, huh? Can't find anything sassy to say now, YN?"
Hearing him say your name for the first time that you had never told him made you screech out your orgasm. Your chest rose up, tears leaking out of your eyes, breasts heaving as you sucked his fingers, laving wetly between the fingers.
By now, his irises had been overtaken by black. The black looked wild contrasted by the red light of the room, creating dark shadows on his sharp cheekbones.
Reaching up, you clutched at his hair, pulling at them as his pace quickened, close to his climax. His cock began pulsing as he breathed heavily, grunting. Suddenly, a gleam entered his eyes as his hand moved towards his pants and pulled out a shiny, metal object.
A gun.
Putting it in front of your face, he put the finger on the trigger.
As much as you had expected this, your insides clamped with fear. He groaned, your tight walls milking him.
Looking in his eyes, you moved your head forward towards the mouth of the gun.
His eyes widened, the nasty smirk that had been on his lips wiped out as you wrapped your mouth around the muzzle of the metal, sucking lightly.
Batting your eyes at him, you sucked at the end of the gun.
It was ripped out from your lips and a weight fell upon you as his chest met yours, his cock piercing your hole so roughly, the oversensitivity made you scream.
His pace stuttered as a mouth clamped around your neck, teeth digging into the skin.
You caress his ear, rubbing at the shell.
All was quiet for a long moment as you stared at the ceiling, making sense of the fact that you had survived Jungkook.
The weight that had just begun to feel comfortable was off you all of a sudden.
Seeing his back, muscles dancing under the skin as he buttoned up his shirt and pulled his pants up, you smiled. The paycheck was about to be good tonight, you could tell.
A flash of silver caught your eyes as his watch landed near your head, the silver glowing in the light.
"Saw you eyeing it the first time we met."
With these words, he was gone.
You smiled, you knew exactly the shop you could sell this chunk of metal at for an absurd amount of money.
Tumblr media
Jungkook was back the very next day.
Seeing Jimin's mouth gape like that of a fish made you laugh.
The club had just opened, the crowd was yet to come in the floors below and so your VIP area was absolutely barren. In fact, you had just come in as well.
You were ecstatic. Last night's paycheck had been beyond your dreams. Another paycheck like this and you would be all set for your Paris trip the following month. You had planned to spend a week in Paris, a vacation you had talked to Jimin about.
Jungkook had walked in and demanded you, refusing any drinks offered to him. That night, sober and sharp, he was even more intense than the night before, making you climax a total of three times, even going down on you before he fucked you brutally. You were in heaven.
Money and orgasms. Your two favorite things in the world.
This repeated each night throughout the week. He would arrive at the earliest possible hour and occupy you till it was time to close the club down and Jimin was timidly knocking on the door. He wouldn't dare say anything, he valued his life too much for that (the intimidating guards standing outside the room didn't help) but he would knock once to signify that it was the early hours of dawn. Not that it was always heard, the lewd sounds emanating from the room drowning out the sound of a timid knock.
You began noticing changes in Jungkook's demeanor. Changes you didn't exactly like. His emotionless mask would only stay on until you reached the room, the mask slipping away to reveal a look of hunger and almost.... desperation that seemed to increase each day.
Not to mention, one night after he'd left, you found your panties missing. You were pissed.
They were so expensive!
When he came over on Tuesday, the end of the weekdays for you, Wednesday being a holiday, his energy seemed weird.
Instead of leaving after he was done as he always did, Jungkook lingered around.
You raised an eyebrow at him, wondering why he wouldn't leave.
Then he opened his mouth,
"I want you to come with me to a party tomorrow. I don't have anyone else to ask."
His stoic face betrayed nothing, except his orbs. Expectant and anxious, as if scared you would refuse.
And you would. It was an off day for you tomorrow!
"You don't have anyone else to ask, sir? Are you sure about that?" You smirked at him, without fear. In the past week, you'd realised he wouldn't punish you for running your mouth.
He sighed, tongue poking his cheek as he looked at the walls.
"Why can't you come?"
"Wednesday is my only off day."
He stared at you for a moment before opening the door.
You thought he'd walk out.
But he shut the door as he came back into the room.
A chequebook in hand, he sat down on the chair on the far end of the room.
You began laughing, unsure if he was doing what you thought he was doing.
But you were curious too. How much money would convince you to give up the only off day you had in the entire week?
Putting the cheque face down on the space next to your thighs, he exited the room, saying
"Be ready at 7."
Holding up the cheque, signed with your name on the recipients column, the space next to Amount Payable was empty.
A blank cheque.
You sighed. Turns out, your off day could be brought with money.
Tumblr media
Sitting in the most expensive car you'd ever seen in your life, you felt as if you were bathing in luxury. Cream leather seats, woodsy scent wafting in the air-conditioned surroundings and the driver's section partitioned off with a black panel, you truly knew what it meant to travel in style.
Leaning back against the seats, you sighed and sipped from a flute of bubbe champagne that the chauffeur had handed to you as you stepped in to sit beside the man who had requested your presence for tonight.
Looking outside, you were basking in the lights that reflected off the blackened windows. This part of the city was always amazing to travel through. High-end brands, most talked about shopping complexes and the most expensive restaurants littered the streets.
From the corner of your eye, you spied a tattooed hand creeping towards yours. Whipping your head around to face him, you quipped,
"Do you wanna hold my hand, sir? Here you can." Slipping your hand into his, you pulled the enjoined palms to rest upon your thigh.
Unable to resist the opportunity to tease him, you spoke up
"Don't worry, I don't charge for that. Not yet anyway."
His orbs twinkled with amusement yet his lips did not turn up to smile.
The car stopped under a two-storeyed building. The first floor being the ballroom, where you imagined you were heading to and upon the second floor- the most opulent restaurant in the town. A few of your friends had talked about - how it was almost impossible to get a reservation here. Anyone who was anyone wanted to post a picture dining at one of the tables, overlooking the river that flowed through its neighbourhood.
You wondered if you could sneak upstairs while Jungkook was busy at the party to click a picture at the doors of this place. your Instagram had been too barren lately.
Walking through the lobby of the building, you were reminded of who you were with. Everyone around you seemed to shrink away from the space that the man beside you walked through. As you looked around the marble and glass beauty, every other person in the place refused to meet your eyes.
You were whisked away to the elevator, two bodyguards stepping inside while four men stood watch throughout the lobby area.
As the lift descended the first floor, you grew confused. The hand that was still held in Jungkook's warm palm tugged you outside the lift to the short hallway. You looked at him confused.
The door to the restaurant was wide open, a short balding man standing at the gate. As the two of you neared, he bent at the waist, not moving back up before Jungkook let out a small hum.
"Sir, your table is r-"
"Lead the way." His deep voice commanded. You look at his face, but he refuses to look back at you, staring ahead as you move into the opulent place.
Freeing your hand from his clutch, you place it upon the bend at his elbow, tugging at it to make him look at you.
"Why are we here? Is this the party? Pretty lame. I mean, we're the first ones here." You spoke. You'd always believed in being fashionably late.
"The party's cancelled so I thought that we could come eat something." He spoke, stopping at the large, round table placed near the floor-to-ceiling glass window that overlooked the flowing river. Twinkling city lights and serene music playing softly in the background, you felt like the main character in a movie. But this wasn't Pretty Woman and you weren't Julia Roberts.
"We didn't have to come here. Its pre-" You began as Jungkook pushed in your chair with you on it before moving to sit down. He stopped however as you spoke the words.
"You don't like it?" He spoke slowly, gaze tracing your features as if to discern the truth.
You loved it honestly. You'd never been to any place that smelled more of money than the very air in this restaurant. But you knew how expensive some places could be and while you weren't opposed to splurging every once in a while, much less when it was coming from other's pocket, you felt as if you'd already taken a lot. You could be a bit money hungry but you weren't a bad person.
But with Jungkook's statement it felt like you'd be doing harm to every person in the vicinity. With his words, the old man's nervousness became much more noticeable. The head shining down upon his bald head reflected off the droplets of sweat that became pronounced as Jungkook stared at him sternly, as if this was his fault. Honestly, the poor man looked like he was going to cry.
"No! It's beautiful here, I love it." You intervened.
Jungkook finally sat down, unbottoning his suit jacket and sending the man away.
With no other company, you looked out the window as you felt the gaze of the man sitting across from you. It was unnerving. You were good in sexual situations, not ones that were filled with awkward silence.
Suddenly a thought came to your head and you fished out your phone, handing it to Jungkook.
He looked at you with a blank look on his face.
"Could you please click a picture of me? I've always wanted to come here."
Without hesitation, he began clicking away as you posed. Some smiling prettily and a few with goofy faces to send to your friends. The fact that the head of a crime syndicate was your photographer made you giggle. What an absurd turn of events.
"Do you like posting pictures?" He asked, eyes still stuck to the screen as he snapped away.
"I guess so. I like taking pictures whenever I go to some nice place or while I'm travelling. I'm hoping to take a lot of pictures when I travel next month." You babbled, sedated by the low conversation and soothing lights.
Before you could ask if you should call for the menu, multiple waiters with several platters appeared before your table. Without even breathing in your direction, they put the plates upon the table and left.
The fact that the table was already set and the menu pre-decided made you suspicious. Absence of any other diners apart from you didn't help either.
But that could wait.
You loved food. It was the one reason you loved having a full bank account. You could splurge on food anytime, without thinking twice. As you dug in, you lost yourself in the aroma and complexity of flavors.
By the time you stopped to take a break, half the dishes were cleared which was a testament to the fact that a large quantity of food had been put on the table.
But between the two of you, it seemed the table may be cleared sooner than you'd thought.
Jungkook ate with gusto. Honestly watching him eat whetted your appetite even more. He would stare at you for a while before you'd give him a questioning look and then he'd go back to eating again. This pattern repeated for a while until the man in front of you picked up a napkin and after dabbing at the corners of his mouth, began speaking in a cautious, practiced tone,
"Do you like your job?"
You looked at him with a bewildered expression on your face.
"I don't mind it." You spoke cautiously.
After staring at you for a moment, he spoke again
Your mouth popped open. Was he being serious? Was he looking down at your job? At least you weren't killing people and filling your banks with blood money, you sneered.
“Uh to pay rent? Buy groceries? Travel?” You spoke, tone patronizing as if explaining it to a young kid.
Probably sensing your tone and disengagement, he steered the conversation towards another topic.
“You like traveling? Is that why you're going to Paris?” He asked, twirling the whiskey that was in glass in his hand.
Watching the amber liquid swirl, you jolted out of your carbohydrate-induced bliss.
“How’d you know I’m going to Paris?”
Without a stutter, he replied, “You just told me.”
“No I didn't.” You didn't recall telling him that.
But the confidence in his tone and the unflinching way in which he returned your gaze made you question yourself. You could’ve mentioned it. You did mention vacation at the beginning of the evening, would it be too far-fetched to assume you’d mention the trip you were most looking forward to?
You looked up from the tablecloth you’d been digging holes into, trying to scour your memories. His voice broke you out of your reverie.
“I have a...proposition for you.”
“Hm?” Did he want you to suck his dick under the table? It would explain why he brought you here.
“Quit your job at the club. Come work for me.” His voice deepened, hand reaching across the table, trying to find your hand but you had already put it in your lap.
“You want me to be your exclusive whore?” You bit out.
He winced. His hand came to rub at his nape. He was such a dichotomy. You felt that if you were to call over the bald man from before, he would take a picture of this Jungkook just to be sure that it was what he was seeing through his eyes.
“It doesn't have to be like th-”
“No Jungkook. I don't wanna be bound to one man like that.” You interrupted him.
“Why? Is it about the money? You know I can give you all the money you want. You'd never want for anything. I'll even take you on vacations often. Wherever you want to go. We cou-” He spoke, breathing picking up.
“No. I can earn all the-” You tried to stop him.
But the sound of his hand slamming down upon the table so hard that all the plates trembled was enough to silence you.
His face was tense, breathing fast and hand clenched into a tight fist, he unbuttoned the topmost button on his shirt before speaking, looking much calmer and collected.
“It's for your own good, YN. The dispute between us and the other group is at its peak and you know that damned club’s caught in the middle of it. It's also no secret that I fuck you regularly. To them, there’s nothing quite as delicious as spoils of war.
If something happens, don't say I didn't warn you.”
With a long look into your eyes, his hand raised up to motion something. a waiter came over with a few desserts.
Sweet delicacies that tasted bitter with fear.
Tumblr media
This was the third time it was happening.
Ever since your meeting with Jungkook, he’d decided that not letting you earn at all was your punishment. Otherwise, what other reason could he have to do this?
Ever since that night, he’d book your earliest slot in advance. However, he’d not show up until later that night to take you, effectively not letting you take on other customers by blocking the time. The club wasn't like a doctor’s office that if you missed your appointment, the doctor could move on to another patient. Nuh-uh, the girl would have to wait for that customer to show up while sitting idle the entire night.
Besides, this was the boss’ appointment you were talking about. Jimin would hang you from the ceiling if you dared defy his orders.
Sighing, you looked towards the bodyguards stationed outside your door, moving to ask them the same question you’d ask them every other night.
“Why hasn't sir arrived yet?”
And like every other night, you received the same answer,
“We do not know. He must be busy, miss Y/L/N should wait for him.”
To hell with waiting!
You stormed out, eyes searching for Jimin to complain to him about the unfairness of it all. This must a business loss for him too.
Spotting him near the bar, instructing one of the bartenders, you call out his name as you reach him.
“Jimin! Hey I need to ta-”
“YN, I was just going to look for you. Please be a dear and go into my office. There's a package for you.”
“Just go.” He pushed you away, in the direction of the small cabin.
Opening the glass door, you saw a large, blue velvet covered box lying on one side of the mahogany table. You pick it up, seeing the paper pasted on the top signed as ‘Jungkook’ in a scratchy scrawl.
Opening it, you come face to face with a gorgeous necklace studded with diamonds the size of your smallest toe. Putting it on your neck, the diamonds drip onto your chest, making you feel all bubbly inside.
and when that night Jungkook shows up, you smack a kiss onto his lips as he asks,
“Like it?”
“Love it.”
Tumblr media
Putting the hoop through your ear piercing, you picked up the new tube of lipstick, dabbing it onto your moist lips. Your makeup routine was done for the night. You smiled at your reflection.
A knock on the door of your booth persuaded you to walk away from the mirror and open the thin door.
Hana stood outside, a soft smile on her face. You'd always liked her. She was nice and minded her own business most of the time.
"Hey YN. You wanna grab a drink? Business is really slow tonight so Jimin said we could chill for a while." She spoke, glancing at the bodyguards standing at both sides of the door, staring stoically ahead.
"Sure, let's go." You could really do with a drink right now.
Walking to the bar area, you perched upon the stool and rested your elbows on the island.
As the Shawn placed a fruity looking drink in front of both of you, you shifted to face Hana. Seeing her look weirdly nervous, you nudged her.
"Hey, what's wrong?"
"Feels like I'm sitting with the Queen of England. All the girls are way too scared to approach you, you know?" She giggled anxiously.
You snorted, a bit of the drink trickling out of your nose.
"Would the Queen do this? But seriously, did I kill someone in my sleep?" You questioned.
She gave you an incredulous look.
"You're with the boss now. You could very well get someone killed."
You were stumped. What kind of rumours were going around this place?
"We? With Jungkook? No chance and you know that better than anyone else Hana. I don't like being attached to one man."
Hana tilted her head before shaking it and smiling.
"You might not like it but it seems like he's already pretty attached." She whispered, motioning towards the two burly guards who were now standing near one end of the island, watching you two.
"Well sometimes you know that guys can and do get attached but its fleeting. And those guys are there waiting for their boss to arrive and look out for him, not me."
You did feel that Jungkook was getting attached, more than he should be. But it didn't faze you. You'd experienced this a few times in this line of work and come to know that this attachment stays only till they find something real, substantive out there.
Hana looked at you for a long moment before sighing.
"Whatever you say."
From the corner of your eye, you saw the guards disappear, probably to take a bathroom break.
Throwing back the contents of the glass, the two of you began talking about your upcoming trip to Paris and the shops you were planning to visit before leaving.
Suddenly, the main door slammed open as your back straightened, a weird feeling overcoming you.
Dozens of men marched in. Men who were armed to the teeth. sniper guns and knives strapped to their bodies and scary expressions upon their scarred, leathery faces.
One of them put a gun to Jimin's head as you heard multiple cries echo throughout the room, scared by the same treatment.
You tried to curl in on yourself, tried to make yourself small and unnoticeable.
You turned your head discreetly, trying to locate the guards. Surely, they'd help you, right? They had to. They would at least protect you against their rivals.
But they were nowhere to be found.
A voice boomed across the area,
"where's Jeon's bitch?!" The yell came out of the mouth of the man who held Jimin at gunpoint. You could see him tremble, although he tried to maintain his composure for the sake of the girls who already looked scared to death. They knew what these people could do and oftentimes, it was a fate worse than death.
When no one replied, the crowd grew angrier. A few nocked their victims by the butt end of their guns and cries echoed off the walls.
Your head was spinning. Jungkook's words reverbated in your mind. This was about to become your doomsday.
Hana's fingers that had been holding onto your arm, dug into your skin. Her face was flushed, eyes wide with fear.
"I'll ask again. Where is she?!" You knew it was only a matter of time before someone caved.
And so they did.
One of the newer bartenders, a newcomer into the city pointed a shaky finger at you.
Nasty grins that were thrown your way made you want to puke. Your heart thundered inside your chest, stories of their leader's sadism making your head light.
As a group of men began progressing towards you, you decided to try the only option left.
You tore through the corridor, running towards the men's washrooms. the bodyguards must be there. Or you were screwed.
The sound of multiple pairs of heavy, angry steps behind you made you accelerate. Your hyperventilating breaths made it hard to hear but a few of their nauseating threats made your stomach churn violently.
Seeing the door in sight, you began screaming for help, crying and yelling for them to come out. Bursting through the door, you immediately turned to lock it behind you but your inebriated state of mind spent a second too long.
You slipped upon the floor, the smell of urine and smoke filling your nostrils. Your vision was crowded by the horde of men pushing through the door, circling around you.
Your vision went hazy with tears. It felt like your heart would burst out of your chest as one of them took out a knife, walking towards you.
He crouched down, the armed hand reaching towards you oh so slowly.
You closed your eyes in resignation, a bone-deep exhaustion overcoming your senses.
Something went splat against the side of your face. Reaching a hand up to your cheek, you opened your eyes to look at your palm and screamed. Blood.
But not your own.
And then the screams began.
Sounds of guns firing and men hitting the floor. Finding an opportunity where you weren't noticed, you slipped behind one of the stalls, locking it and putting your feet up so they couldn't be seen through the gap at the bottom and for ten minutes you sat that way.
With your hands clapped over your ears to tune out the guns, screams and violence and your bottom lip caught between your teeth to silence the sobs that threatened to break out.
And suddenly, it was silent.
The sounds of shoes standing outside your door made you hyperventilate.
As the lock began to jiggle, you sobbed,
You never thought you'd be happier to hear his voice than now
"Its me YN."
Throwing open the door, you fell into his arms, chest hurting due to the strength of your sobs.
The two of you fell on the floor, with you in his strong, capable arms, piss staining both your knees.
"Please don't let them take me." You cried, clutching at his collar in a tight grip.
"Never. They would never hurt you again." He spoke, his tone reassuring.
With fingers running through your hair, he picked you up, walking out.
He kept whispering in your ear about how no one would ever hurt you again, how he could always keep you safe and protected in his house, his domain, how you should just listen to him.
Hugging his shoulders, you sobbed.
And before the door of the washroom closed, the vision of it was seared into your brain.
Bodies lying in pools of blood, jaws shot off, brains splattered across the tiles. Still, lifeless bodies.
Each wearing a cross dangling from their necks.
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sombreboy · 25 days ago
Hellbound⇢demon!jjk [E]
Tumblr media
⇢Explicit (18+) ⇢Pairing: Demon JJK x female y/n ⇢Genre: yandere, smut, supernatural ⇢Word count: 14.5k ⇢Warnings: profanity, heavy dubcon, virgin y/n, descriptions of painful sex, crying, oral, dirty talk, biting, licking, fingering, abundance of cum, jealousy, ok jk gets kinda soft for her cuz he luvs her, kinda ends on a cockblock enjoy
A/N: An rp with apple anon, turned into a 14k beast despite not being finished. It’s the same lovely anon that wrote Unsullied with me, and I love how unrestricted our stories are. This is unfinished because I had a rough time, but I wanted to still post this and keep it documented. Enjoy, don’t read this if you’re sensitive to dubcon and rough themes. xo
Tumblr media
[22 years ago.]
"I'll do it." Your mother said to the smirking demon in front of her.
"I swear to give you my first-born daughter on her 21st birthday."
And thus, sealed your fate before you were even born.
Tumblr media
Your birthdays were never special. It had troubled you as a kid, the fact that your mother never celebrated you, or even congratulated you, like your friends parents would on their birthdays. But as you became older, the less you cared. You treated the day as any other, to try and forget about your mother's constant absence. She'd always chose her work, friends, boyfriend or something else over you, and that was that - you'd learned to live with it. The only meaning your 18th birthday had held was that you finally could move out and live on your own, in your own apartment.
You looked at your phone, the numbers 23.47 shining towards you, as you walked out of the bus, heading home. You hadn't planned to work so late, but you really needed the money.
Looking forward to the slice of pizza waiting in your fridge, you opened your front door, and headed for the kitchen. Cold pizza slice in hand, you looked at the clock again, watching the seconds pass, until finally. 00.00. You sighed. Happy 21st birthday to me.
You switched on the lights to your living room, and almost choked on the pizza as you laid eyes on the stranger standing in front of you.
He was anything but ordinary, standing tall in the middle of your room. He was dressed in all black, contrasting the silver earrings that dangled between long strands of raven hair. It was almost comical, how such a visually pleasing being suddenly appeared in a small, simple apartment. It was of no matter, however, as he had decided that you no longer will have to worry about whether or not you will be able to afford rent from now on. Because, now.. After 21 long years, you became his.
“Hello, Y/N.” He dug his ring-adorned hands into the pockets of his jacket, flashing a pearly, pleased grin your way, “Finally, we get to meet.”
Your first thought was to scream for help, a stupid thought really since no one would care. It wasn't like screams were abnormal in the area you lived.
Your second thought was that the man in front of you was a burglar, but there was two very obvious things talking against this conclusion;
First, the man had greeted you, with your name. Why would a burglar care to learn your name? And why would he stay around to greet you?
Second, well.. he didn't look like a burglar. The more you took in his features, the way he stood, the way he spoke, how he smiled at you, the clothes and accessories he wore.. this man reeked of expensiveness, so why should he need to steal?
Against all odds you managed to swallow the slice of pizza in your mouth, and with eyes bigger than the moon, and with as much courage you could uphold, you asked,
"Who are you?"
He didn’t answer right away and allowed the tension to linger in the air for just a bit longer. As he did so, silent footsteps echoed as he took a step forward, approaching you slowly. He’d been patient, waited years for this very moment where he could come to you.
“I’m Jeon Jungkook.” He said lowly, fiery gaze zeroed in on your form. Another step closer, he wished to eliminate the distance between the two of you. With a swift motion, his hand withdraws from his pocket to reach out, offering it to you. His long, slender fingers are calloused, prettily dressed in jewelry, “Your new master.”
A feeling you cannot pinpoint spreads throughout your body. It was as if a natural primitive instinct kicked in. As he came closer, with eyes so intense it felt as if they burned your skin, the instinct told you to recoil, to hide, to flee. Despite this, you stood completely still, with eyes even bigger, looking at the hand nearing you as your brain processed his words.
Jeon Jungkook, your.. master?
A crease appeared on your forehead, and out of habit you tilted your head slightly. Is this a joke?
You look up from his hand, meeting the man's red eyes, that you could have sworn were onyx just a second ago. When you open your mouth to speak you realize that you've unintentionally held your breath, so with a meek voice you say out loud, "I don't understand. What do you mean?"
“Your mother.” He said it was obvious, “she gave you to me.”
Jungkook could tell from your confused look that you still didn’t understand. His amused grin grew wider, completely in awe at the fact that your own mother didn’t say a single thing to you about her deal with a demon throughout your entire life.
“Do you know the expression ‘To make a deal with the devil?’, Y/N?” He asks, this time taking another step, now so close he could breathe in your scent. He keeps his hand in the air, so close to your cheek that you could feel the warmth radiating off of him, but he doesn’t touch you. “Your selfish mother got everything she could ever wish for, and in return, she promised me her first born.” He sighs adoringly, “and that’s you. Technically, you were never hers to begin with. ”
The fight-or-flight response is on high alert, alarm echoing inside your brain. But it's as if your body doesn't understand, for some reason you still can't move away. You can't even turn your head away from his hand. The man, Jungkook, is so close that if you'd just tip forward a bit, your nose would touch his chest. And as you unwillingly take in his perfume you realize the feeling you couldn't pinpoint earlier.
There is something about Jungkook's demeanor that feels.. predatory.
You don't know whether to cry or laugh at the words that fall out of his mouth. The logical part of your brain tells you to call a mental hospital, seen as they've clearly lost a patient. But there's also a tiny, tiny, part of you telling you to read all the signals, the way he makes you feel, and believe, how crazy it may seem, that he's telling the truth.
You ignore that part.
"Okay, mister, I don't know you. I don't know how you got here, where you're from, or how you know my name, but you have to go, yeah? I promise I'll not call the police if you just go. I've had a long night and I'd really just like to sleep."
Jungkook’s smile faded as quickly as it appeared, replaced by a look in his eye that could burn you from the inside out if he so chose to. His irises swirl in a dark red, like the fires of the underworld itself resided in him. People say one’s eyes are the mirror to your soul, and if so, the demon’s shall reflect that he is merely a piece of your own personalized hell.
“You have no say in this.” He says without a stutter, becoming less courteous of you as he takes the liberty to cup your jaw in a claw-like grasp, cold rings pressing into your skin. He tilts your face upwards to look at him, and there’s a hint of amusement in his eyes. Like a sparkle of mischief. “You need to understand this as soon as possible, angel..” He pauses to lean forward, closing the short distance between your lips in a kiss. It’s possessive, quick. Within the span of a few seconds, he withdraws to meet your eyes again.
It happens too fast for you to fully grasp it. His eyes meeting yours, feeling as if they could rip your soul from you in a heartbeat, his hands on you, holding you so hard it's difficult to breathe, and then.. His lips feel warm against yours. In the matter of seconds that your lips touch, it feels as if he molds you to fit perfectly to his own.
Shock. And then, realization. This man took your first kiss. He stole it.
The very few boyfriends you've had in your life flashing before your eyes. The boyfriends that had all mysteriously disappeared before you'd had the chance to give them even a peck on the cheek..
Some of the fear you've felt turns into anger, enough to make your body move. Finally free from the paralyzation and with adrenaline pumping in your veins you scream.
"No!" and put your hands on his chest to try and push him away from you, "Why?! You can't do that! Stay away from me!". Realizing you wouldn't be able to move him even an inch, you instead raise your hand to slap him across the face.
However, before you’re even able to attempt to hit him, your wrist is squeezed tight in his large grasp. His patience is running low, not used to the rejecting behavior. On the other hand, he would be lying if he said he didn’t find it interesting– maybe even exciting that you’re not immediately compliant with him. Part of him found thrill in the mere thought of the possibilities, and slowly corrupted you to become his perfect pet.
“Cute. I suppose it doesn’t matter what I say.” Jungkook sighs, his expression softening slightly. It contrasts the iron-hold he’s got on your wrist, and the way he uses his larger frame to step forward, forcing you to walk backwards towards the living room couch. “I came here to claim what’s mine, not to chit chat, after all.”
You gasp from the pain of his hand crushing your wrist, and the small wave of strength that had temporarily hit you disappears in a heartbeat. Left is only fear for the man, the...demon?, in front of you.
He's too strong for you and you have no one to call to for help. This can't be happening. It's a dream, this must be a dream.
But you don't wake up.
Instead you feel the armrest of your sofa against the back of your legs.
He came here to.. claim?
Full-blown panic and tears are now visible in your eyes, "Please. Please don't. I'll give you anything you want, just leave me alone, please." With your free hand you again try your hardest to push the smirking red-eyed demon away.
The demon says nothing in response to your pleading attempts for mercy– to tempt him with the promise of anything he wants to just stop. But there’s nothing that you could ever offer him that he doesn’t have. There’s nothing else that he truly desires more than what he’s got in front of him at this very moment already.
Tears glaze over your wide, panicked eyes– and he couldn’t resist the urge to stare right into them with awe. It’s an expression he’s seen countless times, but when it is you… it stirs the demon’s excitement like nothing else, an urge and curiosity for just how long it will take for you to give up your sobbing pleas.
“Are you scared of me, Y/N?” Jungkook asks with a wolfish smirk on his lips, knowing the answer too well. His grasp around your wrist remains strong, already seeing possessive marks blooming on your skin in the form of his fingers, with small indents from his rings. His free hand itches to touch you more, so he wastes no more time in indulging– starting to smooth his warm palm up your thigh, “You don’t think I’m pretty?”
You're not scared. You're fucking terrified.
"Wh-what?" you stutter. Not sure if you've heard him correctly. In this situation.. He wonders if you think he's attractive? Ignoring the question, your legs begin to tremble as his palm burns your thigh.
His eyes on you are too intense, the red in them like fire. Your tears are still falling, like big rain drops, and you lower your gaze.
"Please, Jungkook." you beg again, unaware of the fact that the sound of his name from your lips just stir up the demon even more.
“Say it again,” Jungkook’s tongue snakes past his lips to dampen them with saliva, sincerely enamored by your state. Frightened, yet he can tell you resist less– hoping your words would be enough to reason with a demon. Pure, and foolish of you.
He leans in close, face hovering above yours. With a stare so intense he’s sure you could feel it, he searches for your averting gaze. He looks down for a split second, seeing that you’re looking at where his hand slowly touches up your thigh. With a raised brow, he keeps roaming his palm up your body, underneath the hem of your shirt to directly feel the soft skin of your stomach. His nails graze against your ribs, searching for a reaction. “Keep saying my name like that… I might reconsider.” He lies. How could you possibly think a creature from hell would ever have something to even resemble a conscience.
The panic makes it difficult for you to breathe, only small sips of air pass your lips at a time, and it only gets worse as his hand wanders across your body, the trail so hot that you wonder if it'll leave a burn mark.
And it really is foolish of you to believe him, but what else can you do? And you're just a naïve human after all, so despite everything, a flicker of hope appears inside you. Maybe.. maybe he'll stop.
So trying to control the shakiness in your voice as best as you can, with pure and innocent eyes, you meet his burning eyes once again, "Jungkook. Whatever you want, just let me go. Please. Please, Jungkook." With your free hand, although everything in you screams not to, you carefully reach to lightly touch his cheek. Stupidly hoping that the gentle act will make the demon change his mind.
For the first time, you touched him. Albeit unwillingly, for the purpose of mercy, it didn’t matter to him– it stirred him just the same to feel your trembling hand against his cheek.
“Hmm…” Jungkook leans into your touch, closing his eyes as he pretends to reconsider. However, it doesn’t take long before he slowly opens his eyes again, the amber glow in his irises burning with mischief. It’s barely noticeable, but a smile twitches on his lips when he looks you dead in the eye and whispers, “No.”
Without another word said, he repositions his hands on your waist, spinning you around so that his chest presses against your back, holding you close. His warm breath fans your cheek when he leans forward, instead moving down to play with the hem of your pants.
The small glimpse of hope gets crushed down in an instant.
His breath against your cheek and the closeness of his body gives you goosebumps. The trembling of your body is uncontrollable. If you doubted his intentions before, they were clear as day to you now. You had never been near a man like this before. Never touched the way he touched you. Actually, never touched at all.
How did you even end up here?
With a weak voice and glossy eyes, you whisper, "Did you tell the truth?.. Are you a demon?" a shaky inhale, "Did.. did my mother sell me to you?"
“Mmhm.. It was an easy decision for her, too.” He confirms, and you could definitely hear the amused tone in his voice. He swiftly peels your pants down while speaking, thrilled by your trembling thighs beneath his touch.
“She didn’t blink twice before saving herself over you. And she got everything she could ever wish for. But, then again, so did I..” Jungkook looks down, using a stern palm to press against your back, forcing you to bend forward and jut your ass out for his viewing pleasures, “My own little pet. It’s hard to get deals like these, not many will sacrifice their own offspring for vanity.” He mutters, eyebrows drawn together as if he couldn’t believe it himself. Humans are greedy, yes, but never has he met a person that was as selfish as your own mother. However, he’s sure he would take better care of you than she’s ever done— he’s confident that you’ll learn where you really belonged all this time, and that it’ll make you realize that nothing will be as fulfilling as being his.
Surprisingly, it wasn't that hard for you to believe. You'd never felt like her daughter, other than in theory. You knew her fame was the only thing that meant anything to her. But still.. that she'd sold you off like that.. to a demon. It made your heart sink like a stone.
Though those thoughts were quickly replaced by others.
The embarrassment from the position he'd put you in, and the fact that you were almost half naked in front of a man, made your cheeks glow red. You just wanted to sink through the ground and disappear.
How could you get away from a demon? A demon that had bought you, no less.
You can't, is the answer.
As if the minutes you'd spent in the demon's company had taught you nothing (really, how could you ever be so naïve?), with head held low over the armrest and with a trembling voice, you whispered, "If I..." it was as if you had to force the next words out of your mouth, "...if I do this for you... will you then leave me alone?"
While you spoke, Jungkook had already been playing with the fabrics of your panties, tugging them down to make a point when you’ve finished your question.
You still didn’t get it. You were still in denial. However, you slowly accept small facts, such as wrapping your head around the fact that you were created to become a demon’s possession, and nothing else. So he knew, with time, you’d accept him as well.
“What do you think?” The demonic undertones of his vocal cords kick in, becoming a mixture of his own soothing, alluring voice, laced with the deep baritone that boomed in his chest. She’s trying to negotiate with a demon, he muses with a smile. You’re still so innocent and holding on to hope, even as you’re bent over the couch’s arm rest. He uses one hand to squeeze the flesh of your ass between his lithe fingers to earn a reaction.
Humiliated didn't even begin to cover how you were feeling. That combined with your still growing fear, made you feel sick and dizzy.
His deep voice made your heart beat even more erratically, and you wondered for a split second if he could hear it.
You flinched away from his hot touch, and dropped down on your knees. Your trembling form makes it impossible to stand. As quickly as you could on shaky legs, you turned around and pushed your shirt over your knees to try and cover yourself up.
Looking up at the demon's powerful frame hovering above you, with his ruby eyes watching you even more glowing than before, made you feel smaller than ever.
With panic truly sipping into your voice now, you nearly screamed, "I just don't understand. What more could you possibly want?!" eyes still begging, "If I promise to do as you say this once, won't that be enough?"
Tilting his head down to look at you, his raven curls fall forward to frame his face. His eyes glow with amusement, slightly squinted as he gives you a toothy grin.
“You will understand with time.. Which we’ve got plenty of.” Jungkook steps forward, caging your sitting form with his spread legs, your back cornered by the couch. He doesn’t rip his gaze from you for even a split second, maintaining eye contact. Slowly, his hand reaches down, softly dragging the pad of his fingers down your cheek, “It is not just your body that I claim,” he clarifies, running his fingers through your hair, “But your soul. It belongs to me,” he tightly closes his fist around a strand of your hair, but he doesn’t pull, “You’re bound to me for eternity, Y/N.”
"An eternity?" You mumble.
You were bound to this demon.. for an eternity? The vastness of the word is incomprehensible for a 21-year old that had barely started living.
You breathed more slowly as you observed him observing you. The look in his eyes shifted between how a lion looks at lamb, how a man looks at a prized possession, but mostly his eyes were dark with lust. His lust.. for you? You had never been wanted before. By anyone.
Your face burned bright red with embarrassment as you realized how close you were to his crotch. And although you tried to look anywhere but there, the tightness of his pants, how it hugged certain parts, was difficult to miss.
His grip on your hair tightened.
“Precisely.” The demon blinks slowly, his gaze following yours to where his hardened length strains the fabrics of his pants. With a smirk on his face, he breathes out a chuckle through his nostrils.
“But now is not a time for discussion, little angel,” Jungkook tugs at your hair, using his free hand to tap at the metal buckle of his belt, “If you’re going to look, do it properly,” He speaks with a commanding tone, “Undo my belt.”
You were weak and helpless under his muscular body. Your try to negotiate and beg hadn't worked, and there was no way for you to escape him.
Despite this, there was something in you that refused to just surrender. Although fear still made your body tremble, you looked the demon in the eyes, and with a raised brow asked, "And what if I won't?". Clearly never heard the expression: don't poke the bear.
“Hm…” Jungkook seems displeased with your answer, and it’s clearly displayed in the way his jaw clenched tightly, brows tightly knit together. His stare is intense, and if he could devour you with a single look, you’d be dead meat already.
“I’d like to think I’ve been quite patient with you,” He no longer smiles, instead his words come out as stern as his jaw is tense. Bringing your face close, he keeps you in a tight hold by your hair, while using his other hand to undo the belt on his own. Rustling is heard, the teeth of his zipper almost deafening in the quiet apartment when he slowly pulls it down. He slips the belt through every loop, taking it off completely to throw it on the couch, the metal part hitting the floor as it hangs loosely off the edge, “I’ll admit, I admire your resilience.”
The demon looks at you when he wiggles his hips slowly, pulling down his pants to his upper thighs, just enough to display more of himself. His length strains against his underwear, leaving much less to the imagination through the thin fabrics. He palms it, giving you a nice display of the outline as he lets a sigh push past his lips when he gives it a squeeze, “But in the end, the only choice you’ve got is whether you want this to be a punishment or a reward.”
A small scream escapes your lips as the demon tugs on your hair harshly. You instinctively raise your hands to hold the chunk of hair, to ease the pain on your scalp. As a consequence, your shirt, earlier held down by your hands, slides over your knees, making your thighs visible to the demon again.
Your defiance crumbles a bit at the sternness of his words. Your, usually, submissive nature crying out for you to just obey, to not make it worse for yourself. But still you don't just want to give up. You have hopes and dreams, things you want to do and see. Should you just give that up because a demon shows up and demands that you're bound to be with him for eternity?
Albeit foolishly, you think that if you just do as he wants for now, there might be a chance for you to escape him later.
If looks could kill huh? Well two can play that game. You meet his stare (also to try and ignore observing the actions of the hand that's not holding your hair and what that little sigh of his unwillingly does to your body) equally intense, and through gritted teeth hiss, "Fine... master."
“Better.” The demon praises. Although you’re still giving him an attitude, he’s more so pleased with the fact that you’re complying– whether it’s fake or not.
“Since you like using that bratty mouth of yours so much, how about we make it useful.” He says, tongue swiping across his upper lip at the mere anticipation. He slips his hand beneath the hem of his underwear, tugging the fabrics down to expose himself to you. He wraps his lithe fingers around his rigid length, feeling it twitch in his hold.
“Look how hard you made me, and you haven’t even touched it yet..” He sighs, searching for your averting eyes. When he notices that you don’t immediately look, he brings your face closer, giving you no other option than to look or to shut your eyes, “I said look at me.”
And you do. You do watch him, unwillingly or willingly, you're not even sure anymore. He's dragged you so close that you're bended forward in between his legs, literally face-to-face with his crotch. With cheeks still tinted, you observe his long and slim fingers, how the veins in his arm bulge as he moves his hand. And you feel his pleased smirk on you from above, as your eyes finally focus on his length. You have nothing to compare to, but you're sure that he has to be big. So painfully hard. And you.. made him like that?
You don't understand the effect the demon has on you. You shouldn't feel like this, don't want to.
Even though you still fear the demon, you know that it's not only that that's making your heart race now, making you feel so incredibly warm. Without intending to do so you let out a soft whimper. The sound having an immediate reaction on the demon.
The hand intertwined with your hair trembles the second you make such a sound. That’s when he knew that his patience was all worth it. Years and years of waiting for this moment, and it’s all about to pay off.
“Such pretty sounds.” The demon praises you again. He finally lets go of your hair, trailing the pads of his fingers down your face until he reaches your lips. He grabs your jaw, digging his nails into your cheeks to force your mouth open, “Bet you’d sound even prettier with me inside.”
Jungkook smooths the dripping head of his cock against your lips, not putting it any deeper yet, “Stick your tongue out for me.”
You'd never admit it, but hearing just that small amount of praise is enough to make you crumble. It spurs you on. You want to be praised. You want him to praise you.
As if your body isn't yours anymore, like your mind has finally surrendered to him and left him in complete control, you instantly do as he commands. The smell of him is musky, the weight of him heavy on your tongue. The precum continues to smear your upper lip.
Although you'd forgotten it for a moment, this is all completely new to you, and so you have no idea of what it is you should do.
You raise your head to meet Jungkook's eyes again. The intensity almost makes you want to take cover. If they burned before, they are deep molten lava now.
Jungkook’s pupils expand when he sees your growing submission, the black almost covering the entirety of his eyes, the thin irises of red burning with intrigue.
“See? Isn’t it much more pleasant when you comply..” He playfully coats your upper lip with his precum, then proceeds to rub it against your tongue. He exhales a soft sigh. He’d longed for this.
“Relax now.” He lets your jaw go, stroking the back of his hand down your cheek softly. It’s affectionate, a contrast to what he’s about to do. Without much of a warning, he snakes his large palm behind your head, pushing you forward to take his cock into your mouth. He doesn’t stop when your throat constricts, instead, he just chuckles breathily, and pushes you deeper until he can feel the back of your throat press against his tip.
You're not prepared. Suddenly all you see, hear and feel is him. He is inside you. You can feel every bulge, every vein. And it hurts.
To relax does not feel possible. Without much thought you grab his thighs to try and push your head away, to escape the pain, but the demon's hand is firm, keeping you in place.
You gag and try to swallow, but he's so big, taking up every bit of space in your mouth, that even that feels impossible.
Tears and spit are streaming down your face, muffled cries leave your lips. But he doesn't bulge.
You can't breathe. Your nails sink deeper into his thighs. Your eyes begging him to stop.
“Tsk,” The demon shakes his head, and holds your head firmly in place for a solid few more seconds– but what felt like much longer for you, until he finally withdrew to let you breathe. Thick strings of saliva still connected your lips to his cock. The cool air on his wet skin had him immediately missing the warmth of your throat, “Crying already? Are you overwhelmed?”
Jungkook waits for an answer this time, wanting to hear the strain in your voice as you speak. But in the meantime, he takes a step back to get a good look at you. His eyes rake down your body like he can see through your flesh and straight to your soul. A smirk appears on his face, crooking a brow.
“Well? You promised to do this for me. Shall we move on?” He motions with his hand for you to stand up.
You drink down air as soon as his cock leaves your mouth. The taste of him is still very much evident. It feels as if you have bruises down your throat.
You can sense his pleased eyes on you and with a hoarse voice you hiss "Overwhelmed? It hurts! You're enjoying this? You enjoy hurting me?", the effort of talking makes you cough.
Despite your harsh words, his satisfaction in you clearly has a big impact on your body, arousal growing, dripping down your legs. But why do you feel like this? Could the immediate control he has over your mind and body be.. because you're bound to him? That you quite literally, were born to be his?
You shake your head at his command, but as if on your own accord, you feel your legs stand anyway.
“Good girl.” The demon watches you get up on unsteady legs, unsubtle in the way his gaze immediately searches for the glistening trail dripping down your exposed thigh, “You’re right, I do enjoy this… And it looks like you do as well.”
Jungkook slowly circles around you as he seems to observe you yet again, the sound of the heel of his shoe loud with every step that oozes with power. He owns this room, his mere presence dominating the surface he walks on– the air the two of you shared.
“Look at you,” He finds your eyes again, stepping closer until his breath is all you could taste. His hand snakes down your hip, to the front of your stomach, brushing his thumb over your gut, “I can taste your arousal on my tongue, and I’ve only used your mouth so far…” His smooth tongue pokes out, dragging it slowly up your cheek in a possessive manner until he reaches your ear, whispering into the shell of it, “Do you want me to taste it? I’ll allow you to choose this once.”
You make a sharp intake and almost fall on your knees again as his wet muscle meets your cheek, goosebumps covering your arms. The primal way of marking you stirs you up even more.
You can see in his eyes how much he wants you, craves you. It's not something you're used to, rather the opposite, but oh, you do enjoy to feel wanted.
His hand on your stomach is teasing you.  You need more, further down. You rub your plump thighs against each other as you feel your core pulsating. Desperately needing some sort of release. But you can't do it on your own. You need him.
With a quickening breath, tasting him in every intake, you mewl, "Please.", not even entirely sure of what you're begging for, but unable to form any other words.
Seeing you in such a subservient state, so quickly, made the handsome demon smile approvingly. He expected more resistance, but he was happy that you seemed to accept him gradually. May it be the heat of the moment, but he’s convinced that after he’s claimed you fully, you won’t be able to fathom being separated from each other.
“You know.. I couldn’t possibly deny you when begging so sweetly.” Jungkook says as he guides your body to take a seat on the couch, then drops to his knees on the floor with a thud, “Show me..” he coaxes you to spread your legs, practically already doing it for you by grabbing your knees and parting them, “Look at you, how badly you must desire relief already..”
Since your underwear is long gone the demon has a free view of your glistening pussy.
The reddish hue on your cheeks intensifies when you feel his eyes focus on your intimate parts. You want to hide, embarrassed of the way your wetness stains the sofa, of how he is the one that makes you feel this way. But at the same time you get impatient.
The image of the demon on his knees in front of you just makes you even more desperate. The emotions overtaking you are completely new to you. All you know is that you need him to do something.
"Yes. Please." You answer him with a groan, squirming under his strong hold. "It's so sticky. So hot. I can't.. I need... please, master."
The corner of Jungkook’s lip twitches into a faint grin. Your choice of words stirred his gut pleasantly, fanning the fire of his own arousal.
“You’re becoming unbelievably sweet.” He inches closer until his lips barely graze your clit. He inhales deeply, humming happily while his eyes look up through raven lashes, doe and almost innocent– playful, as if he wasn’t between your legs, “Think you taste just as sweet as your words.”
Without wasting more time, his long, flattened tongue snakes out past his parted lips. He drags it upwards, from your hole to your clit. Instead of waiting for your reactions– or to ask if you liked it, he continued to repeat the action, allowing himself to indulge without holding back.
You adapt to the feeling of Jungkook's tongue against your cunt quickly, losing yourself to the pleasure provided by the skillful demon.
Your hands find his raven locks, tugging them harshly, to push him away or get him closer you don't even know.
Your long and sharp nails dig into his scalp, but it looks like the demon barely notices it. Rather, it seems to spur him on further. His tongue assaulting your clit harsher, the sounds of him sucking and slurping ringing in your ears. The coil in your stomach intensifies, and you squish him in between your thighs, a loud scream leaving your lips at the desperation for relief, no thoughts in your head but that, to cum. And you are so, so close.
"Please please please." You repeatedly whimper.
And your prayers get answered (or maybe not since it is a demon you have in between your legs). You watch him, the powerful, beautiful, demon on his knees before you, worshipping your cunt, and ecstasy fills you. Making you cum hard on the demon's sinful tongue.
“Mmf…” The demon hums, lapping up your sticky arousal, not giving you the chance to come down from your orgasm until he stops. He enjoyed the way your body began to twitch and squirm from oversensitivity, holding on to your thighs to not let you move away from him until he gave his say so.
“If I was mortal I would’ve been suffocated with the way you squeezed me between your legs,” Jungkook smirks as he places one last kiss on your swollen clit, just to earn another whine. He looks up at you through dark lashes, eyes filled with nothing but a black void that wants to swallow you whole, “My, where are your manners?”
The way the demon says it is mocking, with a smile on his lips– lips that are glossed over with a layer of your orgasm, drooling down his chin. His dexterous tongue snakes out to swipe it away and savor the taste, then wipes off his excess saliva with the back of his hand.
“We shall continue, angel.” His toothy grin grows as he reaches for your waist, dragging your body down into his embrace. He swiftly turns to rest his back against the front of the couch, your legs spread apart to straddle his thighs. He looks up at you again, lips pressing together in a coy pout, “Do you know what I want you to do now?” His question works simultaneously with the way his gaze lowers to where his cock lays, lazily tucked into his underwear and opened pants. There’s a dark, sticky stain where the outline of his tip is, impatient and dripping with his own need. He looks back up at you, and it’s as if his normally razor sharp gaze seemed doe in comparison, pleading with you to take it out. However, the way his fingers dug into your waist in a claw-like manner reminds you that there are no other options than the ones he provides.
Your face is flushed, heart beating erratically, still very much affected by the orgasm provided by the demon. Where are your manners? You, still only a naïve human, play the teasing demon right into his hands, mewling “I’m sorry.”, as the realization that you’d just used a demon to get off hits you.
But yes, you know precisely what he wants from you, and you also know that you have no choice but to comply. Meeting his gaze with doe eyes of your own, you whisper shyly “I… I have never, uhm, done this, before…” Unaware that the demon already knows, having personally taken care of the occasional suitors that have looked your way…
Still, you move your hand to timidly touch the wet patch on his underwear, then lifting your fingers to your lips, tasting his need on your tongue. The action immediately earns you a groan from the demon, making you feel more confident. You trace the outline of his cock gently from the base to the tip before you carefully drag down his underwear and release him. The demon’s painfully hard cock standing tall against his stomach.
"…Will you be gentle?" you ask quietly. Although you most certainly already know the answer to that.
“Gentle…” The demon snickers at your question, shaking his head. He grasps your chin, drawing you in to kiss you deep and quick. His long tongue swirls around yours, then withdraws as a messy string of saliva follows his lips.
“I have been awfully gentle with you already, you know?” He continues to speak while using the saliva he’d stolen from your mouth with his tongue, spitting it into his hand, then brings the slickness of his palm down to coat the dripping head of his length, mixing it with his precum.
“You must know how meaningful that is,” Jungkook grasps his length tight in his fist, stroking it a few times while looking at you— through you, motioning with his free hand for you to scoot closer, “Sit on me, then. Show me your pace, use my cock.”
The demon's actions were lewd, but to your own surprise you found yourself liking it. How he moved with such certainty, such power. How he held, and kissed you -like he owned you.
Buttons of the shirt Jungkook was wearing had gradually opened up more and more. His muscular and broad chest was visible to you. You saw black ink cover his body. The art, and himself, is beautiful. His whole self was really the embodiment of sin, and you found yourself lusting for him more and more. Your core is stirring once again.
"Will you give up your power to me then?" You say, timidly innocent -albeit teasingly, head slightly tilted. Putting your hands on his thighs to help move you forward a bit, but not enough. Maybe forgetting the fear you felt for the demon earlier a tad bit too fast. So affected by the lustful haze the demon has put you in.
Or maybe, you realize slowly, you've just never wanted it gentle. You so desperately want to be desired, craved, loved. Maybe as a demon's pet you will be.
The demon grins, but it doesn’t quite reach his eyes. The closer the two of you become, the stronger the bond grows. He can tell that your desires grow stronger than your logic– giving in to allow him to claim you.
“You’re asking too many questions,” He says as he grabs your hip, displaying only an ounce of his strength by the way he easily lifts you closer in his lap. He doesn’t let his stare waver from your face while he guides the bulbous head of his cock where it belongs, “You had your chance to do it your way, but you chose to be a brat. Perhaps.. you like it better this way?”
Jungkook isn’t blind. He can feel the heat inside of you just from letting his tip tastefully graze your slick entrance.
“Once we’re truly one, you’ll never be the same.” His voice is raspy with desire. He has little patience left, and so his hand on your hip begins to drag you down, slowly having you take his rigid length inch by inch. He gasps quietly, feeling just how tight and warm it is makes him smile through his heavy breaths. You’re pure-- now to be claimed and corrupted by a filthy demon’s cock, parting your flesh to make space for him and him only.
A weak whimper escapes your lips. You move your hand to his, trying to halt his actions, but to no avail. Jungkook continues, filling you up, nudging your cervix. Never have you felt full like this. Even though you're so aroused that you're dripping on the demon's thighs, you're also untouched. Your walls are stretching for the very first time, and it hurts. Tears threatening to fall once again.
You take short intakes of air, your chest moving up and down rapidly, as you try to adjust to the feeling of him inside you. Of how he molds your insides to fit only him.
His dark orbs meet yours and you can see your own lust-overtaken eyes reflect in them. And you realize that the pain can bring pleasure too.
"M-more." You plead with a strained groan.
The demon's words are true. You are changing. He is changing you.
“More.” Jungkook repeats with a grin, as if teasing you for your contradictions. Your expression distorted into pain, your body trembled in discomfort– and yet, you pleaded for more of him. A demon.
“Do you feel it?” He asks, hot breath gently fanning your face as he speaks. He lifts your hips again, dragging his teeth against his bottom lip from the friction of your snug insides being taken from him, only to plunge you back down on his cock. He doesn’t wait for much of a response from you before picking up a rhythm, repeating the action of bouncing your, to him, weightless body, “How hard I am because of you?”
Fucking a demon must be the highest of sin, but right at this moment, you don't even care. You cannot think straight. Only feel his burning body against yours. And the strangest thing of all is how much you like it. How you feel such belonging in his arms, like it's where you should be.
The pain is still there, but you embrace it, welcome it. You put your hands around his neck and cross your legs behind him. Your thighs are squishing his sides, grabbing on tightly, as he continues to hold up your body and thrust into you faster. Surely leaving marks from how hard his grip on you is.
You groan again at his words. "Yes. Feel it. Hurts, ugh, so good." Incoherent words and whimpers continue to leave your lips.
The demon currently has you wrapped around his finger, but maybe you have a hold of him as well. Like he says, he's clearly also very much affected by you. And you can't help but wonder if it's something more than just a deal made with your mother.
It's a struggle, but between heavy breaths you manage to voice your thoughts, "Why, ahh.. why me?"
“Why? It’s always been you, Y/N..” Jungkook answers mindlessly, too caught up in the heat that embraces his cock every time he lets your body descend on top of him. His eyes flutter shut, a deep sigh slipping past his parted lips. It’s as if he’s in heaven— or at least, as close as he could get to what he thinks resembles it.
“We’re made for each other– you were made to be mine.” He opens his eyes to look up at you, with his wide, amber gaze. They seem to soften at the sight, finally, as he realizes that you’ve accepted him fully… almost.
It's always been you? You don’t quite grasp the deeper meaning behind the words, as the lust clouds your thoughts. You only feel a pleasant stir in your stomach at his possessive claims. “Mmh, yes, Jungkook, made just for you.” You moan, agreeing without a second thought. Your confirmation has immediate effect. Jungkook shifts his angle, making him press your spot harder. Eyes looking down, you watch fascinatingly at how the demon's cock disappears inside of you, at how you both become one. You're soaking his length, dripping down on both his and your legs. The sounds emanating every time he moves inside you are obscene and filthy. You feel as though the very thin line between pain and pleasure is completely dissolving. Leaving instead a oh so addicting mixture of them both, making you crave more, and more. Your walls clamp down on him even harder. A loud moan sounding from you at the intoxicating pleasure he provides, as you near your second orgasm of the night. "I need it. Need you. Fill me up, master, please." You whimper as your eyes travel upwards again, observing the way his muscles flex, of how he's holding you so tight. You meet his gaze, his eyes solely and utterly focused on you, as if no one else exists.
For the first time, Jungkook is the one who follows a command. One that slipped past your lips so sweetly he’s unable to reject the power you hold over him as well. “T-then make me cum…” he huffs between labored breaths and low moans. He snaps his hips upwards, harder, fucking his thick cock into you without restriction. It’s impossibly hard, swollen and ready to burst at any given moment. “Give me some more noise,” The demon pleads and commands at once, his strong hands squeezing the flesh of your ass between his fingers, easily moving your body like a rag doll to fuck down on his length. The wet sounds drive him mad— a clear proof that you’re enjoying it just as much as he does, if not more. “I’ll c-cum, fill you up so well… claim you fully, finally— uff..”
Every thrust of his gets you closer. Eyes rolling back at the sheer power the demon presents as he handles your body as he pleases. You listen to his demands, letting your sobs of pure bliss echo even louder. “A-aah, so so close, please, ugh, give me everything. M-master, please cum” The utter desperation in your voice would’ve made you embarrassed, if you weren’t so gone in painful pleasure. Truly losing yourself on a demon’s cock. One more hard push against your spot is all it takes for you to crash down around him. Head thrown back, toes curling, walls convulsing, trying to milk him dry, as white euphoria spreads throughout your body.
One last punishing thrust is all it takes before he stills your body on top of his own, cock buried as deep as physically possible. The moment he felt his length he tightly squeezed by the soft warmth of your insides, he loses his composure.
 “Fuckin’ hell…” he spits curses as he comes, wrapping his arms around your waist to hold you tight. He buries his face in your soft chest, muffling his deep moans, body trembling with every constricting pulse of your cunt. The demon doesn’t move the entire time, stuck in his frozen state of letting it all out— thick, hot gushes of cum filling you up with every throb that stirs inside of you. It isn’t until now that he truly feels that you belong to him once again, this time it is absolute. He sighs, pleased with what he’s accomplished. He places gentle kisses on your chest as a reward, still holding you in his arms to offer leverage when he feels your body relax more and more as you come back down from your orgasm.
“Y/N..” He looks up at you, craning his neck to hover closer to your lips with his own, “kiss me.” A kiss with a demon to seal your promise. It’s merely a courtesy, an old tradition— not to mention, he’s claimed you fully with his own seed. But Jungkook is old fashioned at heart, and craves to feel the dedication through such a simple act that could feel more intimate than anything he’s done to her tonight.
The way Jungkook holds you, with an unexpected preciousness, and the tenderness of his kisses, leaves you feeling content and warm. You can’t quite understand it, but it’s as if something has finally fallen into place. The odd sense of belonging and familiarity you've felt during the night growing. Though you’re currently too tired to dwell on it further. Even in the claws of a demon, and despite how you succumbed to pleasure and thereby truly gave up your mind and body to him, there is still a softness, holiness, inside you, buried in your soul. So, you release your strong grip around his neck and slowly, carefully, raise your hands to trace the features of his face. You travel from his nose, to his cheeks and chin, before finally letting your fingers follow the form of his red lips. You wish so deeply for him to praise you, so with lips nearly touching his, you mumble, “Did.. did I do good?”, before you finally move forward. Gently letting your lips meet the demon’s.
“Mmm.” He hums into the kiss, letting his lips linger on yours for a moment before pulling back. He moves a loose strand of your hair behind your ear. “Beyond my expectations.” He lets his fingers comb through your hair slowly, then looks sighs pleasantly. “Are you in any pain?” He asks, suddenly a bit worried about your well being, “it was your first time.”
You look at where you both are still connected. His length acting like a plug, keeping his semen deep inside you, your lower belly slightly swollen at the amount. The feeling is unfamiliar, but not unpleasant. You'd most certainly feel the effects of your rough first time tomorrow, but right now you're just in a dazed bliss. Fulfilled, at Jungkook's approval of you. So you shake your head slightly. Burying your face in his neck, you mumble "No.. but.." A yawn. "Sleepy..". Eyes closing as the fatigue takes over.
The demon freezes for a moment, feeling your body relax against his. It’s different than subduing you to simply fuck— he wasn’t prepared for the… incredibly gentle and timid way you seemed to trust him. He’d lie if he said he didn’t feel something stir in his chest. The urge to protect grew even more, you seemed so small and fragile.
“I’ll…” he looks around your apartment. It seemed too tedious to move you to his home, and dragging you down to hell is in no rush as of yet.. believe it or not, he might be a demon, but he’s not about to strip you from, what he’s heard, is the best years of a young humans life. Besides, he doesn’t mind the human world. He’s been around for your entire life, so what’s some more. “I’ll put you in bed..” he mutters as he stands up slowly, easily carrying you in his arms. His cock slips out, a quiet sigh once again leaving his lips. He feels his cum seep out of you and against his legs, and he grimaced slightly at the feeling. It’s scorching hot. “Maybe a wash first.”
You nuzzle further into his arms as he carries you to your bathroom. His strong and large frame taking up almost all the room in the cramped space. You knew it was strange, how you gave up yourself to him so easily, and how you now so desperately craved his touch and attention. But you can’t help it. You’ve been lonely for so long. He slowly releases you to stand, still a tight grip on your arms to keep you from falling on your wobbly legs. You fear he’s going to leave you there, and instantly you look up a bit more awake, “Don’t.. don’t go.” You quietly whimper.
Jungkook’s amber eyes widen as he looks back down at you. His heart— or whatever is in there replicating it, seems to malfunction and skip a beat for a short second. Then it tightens in his chest—painfully.
“I won’t go. Never again.” He says back, just as quiet. He hugs you close, using a free hand to turn on the shower head to wash you down. Now he’s got you, he will definitely never let you slip away again.
You nod a bit absentmindedly, feeling comforted by his words, but still too tired to question exactly what he means - Never again. With struggle, you try your best to stay awake as he cleans you. His hands now so gently touching your body. Eyes looking at you with something close to devotion. The thought would have seemed impossible only hours ago, but.. you feel… safe. When he turns off the water, deeming you clean enough, you lift your hands to lay around his neck again, wanting to stay as close as possible. You timidly place a small kiss on his chest, before you softly murmur “Mm’ so tired.. Is it okay if I, hmm, sleep now?”
“Yes, angel… sleep.” Jungkook wraps you in a towel before he carries you again, guiding himself to find your bedroom. It’s not much, compared to his own house— but it’s sweet. He gently puts you down on the bed, taking the towel off again before he places the blanket over your body to keep you from catching a cold. The demon takes a seat at the edge of the bed, looking at you. He says nothing, but he somehow ends up admiring the soft features of your tired form. When he thinks you’re asleep, he carefully stands up to curiously roam your bedroom, looking at simple things such as the little books on your shelf.
Bright sunlight is coaxing you awake. You slowly open your eyes, lifting your hands to try and rub the sleep from them before you can focus on the sight in front of you. On the edge of your bed there is a man. The man. The demon. Jungkook. Your breath hitches as memories return to you. Blood rising to your cheeks as you remember exactly what happened last night. How you pleaded for pleasure, how he touched you and how you touched him. How you begged him not to go. For a second you're overcome with the urge to hide underneath your blanket, though you realize that won't help much. But you still pull it closer, trying to cover your naked body as much as possible, although he's already seen it. He's seen more of you than anyone. That the memories are indeed real is obvious in the soreness throughout your body. You feel tender bruises cover your body, your limbs weak, but most apparent, is the pain in your lower abdomen. It really happened. Now that your mind isn't clouded by lust, you feel shy and uncertain again. You don't know what to say or do. And his intense eyes on you doesn't make it easier. With a meek voice you say the first thing that comes to mind, "Uhm, good morning.."
"Good morning, angel." The demon sat idly next to you, as if he hadn't moved for hours. And he hadn't, since he doesn't need to sleep, he merely observed you for the entirety of the night. "Don't be shy with me," he smiles, reaching out to brush away stray hairs that covered your face, "I've seen it all. Besides, you're mine now. He blinks slowly when he hears your stomach grumble, tilting his head slightly as his eyes glance at the clock on your wall. "It's still early... Let me get you something to eat."
The casual possessiveness stir your emotions once again. His actions felt so certain, so confident. You feel yourself lean into his touch, a pleasant shiver down your spine at the warmness of his skin. This feeling. Yesterday you’d ignored it, but you knew you couldn’t any longer. There is more to it than that deal with your mother, you’re sure of it. Because how could a person you’ve never met before, feel so familiar? So... right? You needed to know. But as your stomach growls again you nod at his suggestion. And despite what he said, you can’t help but reach for your nightgown, thrown on a stool beside the bed, and put it on quickly. You let your feet touch the floor to stand, but you’re too swift, too weak still, which makes you quickly lose your balance.
Jungkook quickly gets up on his feet to catch you in his arms, and tsk's quietly. "Suppose I did not put enough consideration into your fragile body last night. Not as sturdy as my own." he sounds amused though, yet he doesn't let you go as he ensures your balance with the strength of his own body. "Are there any nearby food places? Or do you have anything I could cook up." He might be a demon, but he's not clueless. Having endless amounts of time on his hands, learning about simple pleasures such as human food was one of his odd interests. Only this time, it would be his first time offering it to somebody.
You blink a few times in surprise. Was this really the same man as yesterday? The sin incarnate? So soft now, in his actions and words. You don't flinch away from his touch but let him hold you up. Fearing your legs might not hold you on your own. "You.. want to cook? ...for me?" You can't help the small giggle that escapes you at the thought of the mighty demon cooking by your cheap, slightly broken, stove. "Hm.. well I guess I have some eggs? And there should be some bread and maybe fruit too somewhere." You continue as you look up at him again.
Jungkook scrunches his nose in response, but he’s unable to hide a small close-lipped smile. “What’s so funny about that?” He holds you tight by the waist and guides you towards the kitchen to keep him company, setting you down by the kitchen table. He then looks at you for a moment, then shakes his head. “Humans are so weak.” He sighs and runs his fingers through his hair, and looks inside the fridge for what he’s got to work with. Without much else to say, he grabs everything he finds fit and begins to cook, swiftly and confidently that it will be of taste for her. After all, he has a bunch of what flavors would suit her best.
"What's not funny about the big bad demon cooking for a "weak" human?" A chuckle. "Don't you have a reputation to uphold?" You ask teasingly. Although he was completely out of place in your run-down kitchen, the demon moved around with ease and confidence. The image weirdly domestic. You couldn’t even remember the last time somebody had cooked for you. You lift your legs, sitting criss crossed on the chair, as you continue to watch him work on your breakfast. He'd left his shirt off, leaving you free to roam your gaze over his muscular back and arms. Yesterday he'd asked you if you found him pretty. You bite your lip. Just “pretty” wasn’t enough. The man, demon - you remind yourself-, was simply.. “..perfect.” You sigh. A stark blush spreads across your cheeks as you realise that you unintentionally said it aloud.
“Mm? You think so?” Jungkook smirks as he looks over his shoulder at you. He definitely heard you, and it made him crook a coy brow, cocky and knowing that he is attractive— especially for you. “Here’s your ‘human fuel’, angel.” He scoffs with a smile as he brings you a large plate, stacked with various goods like omelet, some sliced fruits, and triangle cut grilled cheese sandwiches. He might’ve gone a bit overboard—- but he wouldn’t settle to give you any less. “Taste it.” He commands as he takes the seat in front of you, crossing his arms over his broad chest. He watches with curiosity.
With cheeks still tinted red, even more so by his continuous use of that pet name, you move your gaze from Jungkook to the plate in front of you. “Wow!” You gasp joyfully, your eyes wide looking at the chef-like food he’d prepared for you. “It looks amazing!”. You say as you grab a fork to taste the omelet, more than happy to oblige his wishes. A pleasant moan leaves you as you savor the dish. It was safe to say, the best eggs you’d ever had. “A demon chef.” You note, chuckling, as you continue on to taste the fruits -deciding on trying a piece of pineapple. The sweet juiciness makes you hum gleefully. Spilling a bit down your chin. You consider his words, “‘Human fuel’, does that mean you don’t eat?” You had no idea of how demon anatomy worked and you didn’t want to impolitely eat without sharing.
“I can…” Jungkook reaches out and grabs a piece of the pineapple and pops it into his mouth to prove his point. “But I don’t need to. It does nothing for me.” He does watch you with intrigue though. Although he has no need for food, just like he has no need for sleep— he can still enjoy the flavors on his tongue. “I can still taste perfectly fine, though. I like this..” he steals another piece of the fruit with a smirk, letting it rest on his tongue before chewing it. “Sweet. Like you.”
The demon was determined to never let the blush leave your face, it seemed. You smile shyly nonetheless. But the subtle reminder of last night makes you remember all the questions you have for him once again. Your eyes flicker between him and your plate, trying to find the courage to ask him.
“Uhm.. Jungkook?” You start timidly, chewing your lip. “Last night you said that my mother sold me to you but.. there’s something more right? Something you’re not telling me..? I mean, yesterday, it somehow felt like… I knew you… and now, after all that happened, I should be scared of you, shouldn’t I? But I’m not.. at least I don’t think I am.. I just don’t understand…” You sigh. “And then.. what did you mean when you said you’ll never leave me again?”
Jungkook’s eyes seem to study you for a moment, silently swiping his tongue over his lower lip to get rid of the sweet pineapple juices.
“That’s a lot of questions at once, angel..” he says, leaning back into his seat again and crossing his arms. He sighs, but he seems to give in when he notices your curiosity— subtly laced with pain of the unknown feelings between the two of you, “I made sure she made the deal with me because I wanted you specifically for a reason.” He pauses to ensure that you’re keeping up, then continues. “You and I used to be angels.” It’s a big bomb to drop at once, and he’s not sure how you’d take it. Either way, he leans forward and places his elbows on the table, leaving his hands open for you as an offer, “Father… god didn’t like that at all…” a displeased expression forms on his face from the memory, “and banished us… separated us.. and I was sent to hell. Hence why I am now a demon.. and you..”
Jungkook takes a breath as if he’s the one who has to keep his composure. “You were sent back to be reborn as a human, thinking I would never find you again.” He looks down at the table, and a small smirk tugs on his lips. “Foolish of him to underestimate me. I would go through every inch of this earth to find you. And I did. And here we are.” He looks back up at you and smiles. “I’d never leave you by my own free will. I was forced to. But now we can be together again.”
You blink a few times, trying to find your voice, to find words to say. “An.. angel?” You mumble. Well, it made sense in a way. If there are demons -and you were sure of that, you had no doubt that Jungkook was in fact a demon- there should also be angels. But that you had been one? That you had been banished, that Jungkook had been too… There was so much, too much, to take in, to grasp, but it was one detail that stuck with you. That made everything else fade in comparison. “You… waited for me? Looked for me?” You whisper. You lift your hands carefully, only hesitating for a second before you put them in his waiting ones. Your smaller hands fit so perfectly with his. As if they belonged there.
“Yes,” Jungkook nods, smiling softly when he realizes that you seem to begin to understand. He squeezes your hands gently in his, “everything I’ve done and will do is for you.” He means it. There isn’t a single stutter or sign of hesitation in his voice as he speaks directly to you, even seemingly relieved that you now know his truth, and took it awfully well in comparison to what could’ve been. No screaming, no running… things seemed to go his way. “I’ve gone through heaven and hell to reunite us.” He gets up on his feet, circling the table until he kneels on the floor next to you, still holding your hands. He looks up at you through fluttering, raven lashes, and kisses your knuckles, “I took fathers punishment for you. There is no one that would do this for you— except myself. Do you know, just how deep my desire for you goes..”
And you crave that affection and desire so deeply. It’s everything you've wanted, and never had anyone given it to you. Always alone. But maybe.. maybe not anymore. Maybe you’d just waited for him, just as he had been waiting for you. His soft warm lips against you gives you pleasant goose bumps. You release one of his hands to gently caress his cheek before moving down to trace his reddish lips, wanting to feel them against yours again. To taste him. But you need to hear him say it first. The words you’ve so desperately searched for. Even though his actions may have proven it already, you want to hear the words leave his lips. With your thumb still stroking his bottom lip, you meet his eyes. "You.. you love me then?" Perhaps your own desire for love runs just as deep as his desire for you.
“Love…” Jungkook repeats the word softly, the slight movement of his lips almost like a kiss against your thumb. His doe eyes look up at you, and for once, they weren’t that of a powerful, intimidating demon. Now, he could easily be mistaken for a regular man, with nothing but sweet affection in the way he looked at you. “I love you more than I loved god.” He says it quietly, because he’s never said it before. Not like this. He defied his own father for love. He went against god's will to have you— and that is just how deeply he knew that you were his very reason for existence. “I’ve always loved you, since your soul was created. In every form you’ve had— I loved you.” He doesn’t hesitate, but he seems to be getting carried away with what must be his feelings. He hadn’t felt this strongly— until he really started talking about it out loud to your face. His eyes widen, staring up at you with a look that becomes more and more possessive. “I have you now. So I will love you forever.”
Your heart clenches. It feels as if you're drowning and can breathe clearly for the first time, all at once. You don’t care that he's a demon. You don’t care that his words are just as much a declaration of obsession as it is of love. You ignore every bright shining red sign. He loves you. He did everything to get to you. And for you, that's everything that matters. You can't find the right words to say, don't know how to express what you're feeling. So you show it instead. With eyes glittering like stars you bend forward to let your lips meet his. Softly, as you share a breath between each other, you whisper "I'm yours."
Jungkook smiles into the kiss, cupping your small face in his hands to keep you lingering. He withdraws after a moment, looking up at you with his dark, infinitely deep eyes. “I have a question…” he says then, standing up straight. His hands settle on his hips, tilting his head like a curious puppy, “do you like it here? On earth, I mean. This life.”
You blink in surprise at the sudden question, and the sudden cuteness (in which you can’t help but inwardly coo at). “Well.. I-.. I haven’t really thought about it.. But, yes and no, I guess?” You say, a small frown appearing as you try to gather your thoughts. “My mom and I, as you might understand, didn’t have the best relationship. She.. she was never there as my classmates' parents were. Never cared about me at all. And I couldn’t figure out why. What I had done to make her feel that way. And so I spent most of my childhood sad. Sad over.. not belonging anywhere.” You sigh. “And then in my teens, I was mostly angry. Angry that she’d treated me this way. Angry that I wasn’t pretty or interesting enough for anyone to notice me. That.. nobody wanted me.”
“But-” You continue as you look up at him, a small smile on your lips. “ - during all that, I also felt hope. Hope for a better life. I waited, longed, to grow up, to move out and finally create the life I wanted. And that’s beautiful, isn’t it? That one can decide one’s own purpose? I haven’t really gotten where I want to be yet though. I’ve been working all my adult life to save up money to--…” A thought suddenly crosses your mind, and you turn your eyes from Jungkook to the clock on the wall. Your eyes widen and you quickly stand up, slightly panicked. “Oh no!” You scream. “Work! Jungkook, I’m late!”
Jungkook glances over at the clock as well, and his eyebrows raise when he looks back at you and smiles. "Want me to take you there?" he asks as he grabs your hand to help you out of the chair, "I want to go too."
A few months later.
“Oh, Jungkook, you’re too funny!” Your new, pretty, co-worker Hana laughs as she playfully puts her hand on his shoulder. You can’t hear Jungkook’s answer, other than that it makes Hana giggle even more. With a huff of annoyance you drop the dirty dishes in the sink with a crash. For the last couple of months Jungkook had stayed with you, following you everywhere you went, including the bar you worked at. Not a surprise, the deadly handsome demon always made quite the commotion. Females and males, customers and colleagues, often fought over his attention, though got disappointed every time at his lack of interest. His attention was solely on you. And you’d gotten used to it, the feel of his eyes on you at every time -especially when you talked with male customers-. Every time someone got rejected, it gave you a small wave of satisfaction, although you would never admit it aloud. But now. Now, Jungkook wasn’t only talking to Hana, who was so obviously flirting with him, he let her touch him, practically encouraging her to continue, and he’d turned away from you. He hadn’t looked at you the whole evening. You bite your lip, staring at them both as you tap your foot angrily.
“Hey, Y/N, everything alright?” Seokjin, the bartender asks. You look up at the male standing beside you. Eyes suddenly sparkling as you get an idea.
Jungkook's toothy smile quickly vanishes the second he actually glances back at you, noting just how close you're standing to your coworker, Seokjin. He's surely handsome, without a doubt. He doesn't immediately say or do anything, but continues to idly listen to Hana ramble. It turns into a blur the longer he feels your presence mix with another man's. He nods mindlessly at Hana's words, finally unable to look away from you, crooking an eyebrow in your direction.
You feel Jungkook’s eyes turn to you. Finally, you have his attention. But you don't stop there. Seokjin had, for as long as you'd known each other, shown an interest in you but you'd been too shy and insecure from the previous few, short-lived, relationships you'd had to dare indulge him. Now, though, maybe you could use that.
"Yeah, everything's fine Jinnie!" You say cheerfully, giving him a big smile. Seokjin shows a look of surprise at the sudden nickname and interest, but he gathers himself quickly. "You look great today Jinnie, did you do something to your hair?"
You'd never really flirted before so your skills were pretty much non-existent but Seokjin didn't seem to mind. Smiling confidently at your comment, he smugly answers, "I tried a new gel actually, fun that you noticed."
"Mm, yeah, it looks great on you Jinnie! There's just a hair strand there sticking out of place, here let me." You say, trying to sound enticing, as you lift your hand to smooth down a lock of his hair. Coming real close to him in the meantime. "There! Now you look perfect." Seokjin almost drools, his eyes as saucers at your closeness. You feel Jungkook shooting daggers at you and you know that you've probably gone too far already, still you perform the last part of your plan. Using every bit of acting skill you've got, you reach for a glass on the shelf next to Seokjin, but you "lose balance", and with a small whelp you stumble right into him. He grabs a hold of your waist and pulls you closer into his embrace to stop you from falling. You only stay in his arms for a moment though.
Jungkook can tell what you’re trying to do— and even more so, he can sense the way Seokjin reeks with desire for you. It made his lip twitch, and he hid it with an annoyed sneer.
“Jungkook? Are you listening?” Hana lays a deliberate hand on his strong bicep to get a feel, but she gasps when his rejection comes in the form of suddenly stalking towards you instead.
“I’m parched …” Jungkook took a stance by the bar counter, his voice cutting through the tension between you and Seokjin, snapping him back to reality. His eyes flicker between the two of you, and his gritting smile tenses, “How about serving me a drink instead of playing lovebirds?”
Seokjin turns his eyes to Jungkook, flicking nervously at the demon’s intimidating gaze but, surprisingly, doesn't move away from you. Feeling confident at the sultry smile you give him, before you turn your attention to Jungkook. With a voice laced with venom you say, “Oh, I bet your throat is dry after all that talking. Why don’t you ask Hana for a drink? I’m sure she’d be happy to serve you.”
Jungkook’s cheek protrudes as his tongue rolls against the inside of the flesh, a telltale sign that he is not amused by your attitude. A small smirk plays on his lips, though.
“Y/N.” He says your name sternly, laying his palms flat on the counter surface. His tattooed, vascular hands move delicately as his fingers tap against the material, and he stares right at you. “Come with me. Now.” He doesn’t look back when he turns around to head towards the back door of the bar building, knowing there’s not many people around at this hour. He knows you’ll follow. Or at least, if you knew what is best, you would, or he would ensure this is the last time you’d play with his possessive nature.
You consider ignoring him for a moment, but decide against it. You hadn’t really wanted to make him angry.. you just.. wanted his attention.
“Y/N?” Seokjin mumbles hesitantly as you move to follow Jungkook.
You feel slightly guilty for using him and try to give him an apologizing smile, “It’s alright Jinnie, I’ll talk to you later, okay?” Jungkook waits for you in the back alley shadows. His own dark form almost blending into the background. Although it’d probably be better to just apologize for deliberately pushing his buttons, seeing him instantly makes you think of Hana again. Of her hand on him, him smiling at her. He had started it, you’d just given him a taste of what it felt like. “What do you want?” you snarl, eyes harsh. “Shouldn’t you go back inside? I’m sure Hana is looking for you.”
Jungkook steps out of the shadows, illuminated by the faint light attached to the building. His arms are crossed over his chest, jaw clenched tight in a frown. "Hana?" he repeats the name, staring you down harsher with each word you spit. He steps closer, the crimson swirling in his irises glowing in the dark to remind you of what he is. It might've been easy to forget as of late, as he'd spent months living with you, more.. human. But tonight, it seemed like jealousy had gotten the better of them both. "Oh, the girl..." He hums, tapping his fingers over his bicep, "Is that why you began to cling onto another man? So easily?" Another step closer, and his frown forms into a sneer, "Jealousy."
Jealousy? You hadn’t put a name to the emotions you felt, but he was correct you realized. You were jealous. He stands so close to you now, the smell of his cologne distinct. Your instincts tell you to back away, recognizing the danger the demon exudes, but you don’t. Instead you mimic his hold, crossing your own arms over your chest.
“Didn’t feel so good did it?” You counter, looking up at him. “Seeing me in Seokjin’s arms? His comfortable strong hold around me... Mm, you know what? I actually think he's rather fond of me, don’t you?” Grinning smugly as you taunt him. You’ve taken it too far, you know it. But you can’t stop. You’ve never felt like this before -entirely, and utterly, consumed by jealousy.
“Don’t say that..” Jungkook didn’t like it one bit. He knew— of course he knew. He could sense how badly Seokjin wanted you, just as he could sense the caution the man had around the demon, without surely knowing why. “Don’t taunt me, angel. You might think this is funny, don’t you…” he stands right in front of you now, reaching out to caress your cheek, moving your hair away from your face. He’s gentle, and yet there is a tension in his fingers. He held back urges to tug at your hair— to grab you by your neck. Jungkook looks down at you and growls quietly. “Tell me why I shouldn’t kill him right now.”
“You wouldn’t!” you growl back. “Don’t you dare touch him, Jungkook.” You roughly turn away from his touch, unknowingly pushing him even further into finally snapping. Maybe that is what you wanted all along. For him to show that you’re his. And to show that he’s yours.
"Why? Do you care about him?!" Jungkook cages your body with his, slamming his fists into the wall of the building behind you, back still facing him. His heavy, heated breaths fan against the back of your head, and it's impossible to not notice that he's angered. "I could kill him for simply touching you-- you have no say in it. I've done it before for less, I..." He grits his teeth, his nails clawing the walls until they crumble in his fingers, pebbles rolling by your feet. Within a split second, one hand moves up to brush away your hair from your neck, leaning in close to press his lips against it, "You're driving me crazy when you act like this.."
Your heartbeat quickens and your eyes widen. He’d done it before? It should terrify you, the sheer strength and power he presents, the lengths he’d go for you... but it doesn't. Instead you feel the insecurity and jealousy you’ve felt dampen. He had done it for you. Not Hana, or anyone else. It was proof- was it not? Of his devotion and love. Only for you. You face him again. Only a few centimeters apart. His eyes are fire, his breathing heavy in anger. The tension between you is palpable-- burning. You lift your heels to reach his height, a hand on his chest to keep your balance. You look into those deep red eyes and move closer, your lips grazing his as you speak, “Show me then. Show me how crazy I make you.” Moving your lips to whisper in his ear, “Hm? Master~~.” Before giving his cheek a possessive lick, as he’d done to you all those months ago.
Whatever you were doing to trigger a reaction from the demon, it seemed to work. In fact, it might've worked too well, as he didn't hesitate to shove your back against the building with a thud. If he weren't aware that you're merely a human, he would've used much more of his strength. And even then, he used more than he should've. But it was what you asked for-- for him to be rough and careless. You just brought it out of him too easily.
"That's more like it," Jungkook approved, though he knows you're playing with him. Part of him enjoyed it, the way only you could stir his emotions and put his desires in a hormonal twist, "Maybe I've been too soft with you lately, huh? Do you miss this?" The demon's strong hands tug at your clothes, ripping the seams to expose your chest for him. He didn't care-- he could buy you a new one. Hungry eyes glance down at the plump of your breasts, hidden beneath a bra that he's quick to rip apart with a swift snip of his strong fingers between the cups. He smiles happily, shamelessly indulging in the way your chest subtly jiggles as they're freed. "You just needed to be reminded of how much I love this," he grabs one breast in his large palm, licking his lips at how the supple flesh warms his skin. It is claiming, as if it belongs to him to take, "This body, isn't that it?"
You barely acknowledge the pain in your back from his roughness. Welcoming the bruises and marks made by him. The proof of his desire for you. It's true, you have missed this side of him. When he’s so blinded by lust for you, acting by raw unfiltered hunger. Providing you with equal parts pleasure and pain. It’s when you feel the most wanted. And you crave that. More than anything, you so perilously crave feeling truly claimed by the demon. Your nipples perk quickly in the chilly night air. The thought of someone seeing you in such a wrecked manner, only in a thrashed top and short skirt, combined with the demon’s, as always, skilled hands on you makes your arousal grow quickly. But as always, you want more.
“Yes, mm please master, show that I’m yours” You moan, gasping as his grips on your breast hardens, “Show who owns me.” Your hand finds his raven hair, nails grazing his scalp, urgently tugging his roots as you try to pull him to your chest. Wanting his mouth on you-- needing it. “Please.” You beg, eyes desperate.
A low, demonic growl rumbles in his chest-- a clear approval of the way you plead and whine for him. He obliges, letting his tongue taste the skin of your chest before sucking it into his mouth. He hums quietly, his other hand lifting your skirt. A swift knee digs between your thighs, rubbing against your panties as his teeth graze your nipple in a playful bite. "Yeah? Right here? So that the entire block can hear you-- So that damn coworker of yours can hear just what kind of a demon-slut you are." Jungkook switches and gives your other breast the same treatment, sucking and biting at the skin until it's blemished with his possessive markings.
A/N: Yeah we didn’t get further than that sorry for cockblocking you. I could’ve removed the entire scene and just ended it earlier, but I didn’t want to. Thank you for reading it, and imagine the rest of the smut on your own. xoxo
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The Conqueror (|)
Tumblr media
Synopsis: He had conquered everything, anything but your heart.
Pairings: Yandere!King Jungkook x Commoner!servant Reader.
Warnings: yandere, DARK, DARK CONTENT, slavery, reader has depression, suicidal thoughts, anxiety, paranoia, obsession, mature themes and topics ahead.
Disclaimer: proceed with caution, this can be triggering. This is purely fictional and this does not represent bts or jungkook irl. Do not romanticise this.
note. I just want to say that I’ve worked so hard on this…and just don’t break my heart alright? This is my first work that has a 4k+ word count… this is my baby please, show some love and support! Ahhh I’m so tired. And I feel so nervous too, idk what is up with my tagging problem… i can’t tag people… I’ll try again soon and…. The conqueror is now a series. wanna be tagged? Reply under this post, feedback is very much needed. Share your thoughts! Enjoy! This is loosely edited. TYSM TO @taetaecherub, @rosiekook and @cinnamonspicedreader for beta-ing this for me… they helped me ALOT, tysm guys! 🖤🖤
wc: 4.3k+
taglist: @mageprincess7 @starsggukk @sprinkleoftee @koremis @minshookie29 @cravingforhotchocolate @kookxin @99liners @sana-b @bangtannoonalvg @oonaaurora @jeonsweetpea @sugaslittlekookies @outro-kook @btxteezdotexe @dunixxd @raynom @hersatanicmajestysshit @3greasy-shirt3 @atricksterwithwings @mwitsmejk @earth2koo @kthyg @lunaashes @debicaptain-saturn @laurynne5 @captainsjoongs @myblackconfessions @seokjinkismet @lanalanexpjm @namjooncrabs @shadowmoon21 @kookunot @natalie-rdr @angelicasdre @iwasfuckinginnocentonce @mermaidtea @jeonthighss @foulnightharmony
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Header credits: @eerieedits (tysm for making this!!! Check them out please!)
Chapter 2,
Lee Dongmin is cha eunwoo’s irl name, he’s the one.
Tumblr media
All of the girls along with you, stood with firm postures. You could feel the girl next to you tremble. Her body was shaking like it was standing naked in the harsh breezes of cold weather in the winter. You couldn’t bring yourself to blame her though, your heart was shaking inside your chest, The atmosphere of the big hall was anything but calming, anxiety and fear ran through your veins, God. You wanted nothing more than to escape this large castle, but it seemed like it was impossible. It wasn’t like you hadn’t already tried to, you couldn’t. You failed every single time.
Now all you felt was helplessness.
You did not want to be here. You were taken forcibly against your will, You couldn’t help but look down, at your feet, the view of the pale marble floor blurring as your gaze focused on your feet. Your mind went through the events that changed your life forever in a span of seven days.
The events that brought you here, in the castle of the “great” king.
It was horrifying.
You then, had not known yet that in a few moments you would be experiencing your worst nightmare.
That, your parents and siblings would be killed right in front of your teary eyes. That, you would become a slave of the Jeon Empire. That, you would be standing here, waiting for the head servant to guide you.
“Just like that, girls. Wait. The girl with blonde hair. Stop trembling so much. You shouldn’t tremble like that when serving the emperor. You all need to be very careful and at your best behaviour for the ceremony, it has to be perfect, the emperor will be coming back from the war with victory, the whole empire will celebrate our great king and our victory!”Her tone went from chirpy to scolding in the blink of an eye. You heard the poor girl whimper softly. You couldn’t help but feel angry, you were helpless. You’d wished he’d die in the war.
But nothing ever went your way. You closed your eyes, frustration and hatred was boiling inside your body. Why did it have to be you? Why did you have to survive, why didn’t you just die?
“Hey, you, H/C girl. Look up.” Now, it was your call. “You’ll be the one who’ll be attending to the emperor.”
Your heart stopped as her words registered in your ears. Your eyes quickly looked up to her face, wide like an owls. “Me?” You couldn’t believe this. Just when you thought all of this couldn’t get worse. You watched the head roll her eyes at your question, Oh no you couldn’t.
“Yes, you. What’s your name, girl?” Her tone was dismissive. “Y-Y/N.” You didn’t want to do this. Your fists clenched together at the thought of being in the same room as the cruel merciless monster.
You hated the King. He was the cause of your misery. He was the reason your family was dead, he was the reason you were stuck here, and the funny thing was you didn’t even know what he looked like but you already hated him so much. If only you could kill him. “Y/N, now listen. You will be doing the evening work, you better start training.” She was instructing you, “you’re all dismissed! She hurried. “Go to your duties, you, H/C hair, come with me.”
You wanted to cry. “Hurry, girl. I don’t have all day! There is so much work still left to do!” Her harsh tone made you snap out of your thoughts, as you quickly followed behind her.
There was nothing you could do now, your destiny was sealed, forever.
Tumblr media
“Oh lord! There’s still so much left to finish, I have been working non stop for the past five days and there’s still a mountain of work left!” Having trouble concentrating on the dusting, you heard your fellow whine. Her name was Na-Yeon.
She was your companion, the only person that understood you in this big wide castle or at least tried to. “Y/N! Please help me out!!” You looked at her with an amused look in your eyes. “You’re so much faster than me! God… help your friend out! I swear I’ll return your favour!” She pouted, her tone was full of desperation.
You could almost giggle but didn’t. She reminded you of your little sister. Who was now dead.
Fate was cruel. You missed Gaegyeong.
“Okay, na-yeon, just let me finish the dusting then I’ll help you!” Her eyes sparkled with relief.
You wished you could feel it too. “You’re the best! Dear Y/N!” The sound of her giggles filled your ears.
Someone was happy, at least. “Na-Yeon! Stop giggling and get back to work, what if Ms Lee saw you?” You whispered hushly. She only nodded in response as the sound of the laughter died down. You picked up the duster and started once again. “Y/N?” You hummed back. “The ceremony will take place in two days… that means the emperor will be back in two days too… I wonder what he looks like? What do you think? Do you think he’ll be manly looking like a beautiful young man or… old and grumpy with a huge belly?” She laughed, you weren’t finding any of it funny, Her question was harmless but you felt a bubble of irritation erupt inside of your stomach at the mention of the damned emperor.
“I mean… the tales of his cruelty are so infamous around Busan… I wonder if they’re actually true… I wonder if he’s actually a monster? Like the people say?” You only gripped on the duster tighter, trying your best to calm down. Her words were pissing you off.
What did she mean by that? He was a monster. There was no doubt, his own people hated him,
They were terrified of him. “I don’t think that it’s true… I don't know… how can one be so hated by his own people?” She continued. “I think that it’s all gossip! To be honest with you. What do you say?” She nudged you on your shoulder. You closed your eyes and inhaled a deep breath in, you didn’t want to snap at your innocent friend. “Y/N? Are you listening to me?”
“Na-Yeon! I don’t care. Can we please concentrate on our work?” That came out to be harsher than you had intended it to but you couldn’t tolerate listening about him any longer.
He ruined your life. He was a killer, his men were killers, he had your family’s blood on his hands.
You hated him.
“O-Okay..” immediately the feeling of guilt took over you, washing away your burning irritation. “Sorry, Na-Yeon… please forgive me… I just… miss my family, that's all.” You were avoiding eye contact… Salty tears glossing over your eyes as you quickly blinked them away.
They were innocent. You were innocent. “I-I’m sorry. I-I need some fresh air.” You hated to be seen vulnerable, Not bothering to wait for her reply, you walked away with one hand hovering over your mouth.
Crying was the only thing written in your fate.
Tumblr media
The palace was gigantic. Despite being here for almost more than a week, you still were unable to navigate your way through it. Many halls and rooms passed by as you walked down the narrow large hallway, until you finally spotted the Garden. Your feet walked you inside of it and the different variety of colours almost made your eyes sting.
It was magnificent.
Your feet were starting to move on their own, taking you closer to it, the sane part of your brain was telling- no it was screaming at you to go back, Were you even allowed to be here? But the pretty flowers were telling your brain to shut up, you could feel your heart thump as you saw your favourite one, You loved flowers, back when you used to be home- you stopped yourself.
You didn’t want to remember all of the happy moments, because now, they were only memories.
You carefully touched the Snowdrop, your most favourite one. Your family used to associate you with it, it symbolises purity, innocence and sympathy.
Just like you.
“Excuse me, miss?” A voice pulled you out of your thoughts, Your hands quickly freed the flower from your grip as you turned your head around, the voice belonged to a man. “What are you doing here, in the royal garden?”
You saw the man with wide eyes, who was he and what was he going to do to you? “W-Who are you?!?”You sounded horrified. You never saw him here before. He stared at you with equally confused eyes, Letting out a deep breath, You stutter.
Your heart was feeling restless already. Was he one of the royal guards? were you going to be punished?
What was going to happen to you now?
“I’m the royal gardener! Lee Dongmin! Who are you? Miss?” He looked up and down at you.
Relief washed over you. He looked harmless, and friendly. His eyes held a gentle light in them.
“I-I’m Y/N.. a new servant in the palace.” You looked down at your feet.
“Oh yes, I almost guessed it from your attire!” Your cheeks filled with heat at his words. “Well, what were you doing here, miss Y/N?” Your eyes looked up at him, You saw him smile softly, almost in a teasing manner. “Were you planning on stealing some of the flowers?” You almost yelped in response, you were not a thief! “N-No of c-course n-not! I-I swear! I-I was just out to get some fresh air into my system.. I am not feeling very well today..” why were you stuttering, you didn’t know. You looked into his eyes.
Your heart fluttered unexpectedly.
He was really beautiful, his eyes were brown and round like the moon of the night, his complexion was almost as pale as milk, his nose was straight like it was sculpted by God himself, his lips were pink and plump.
He looked like a royal prince. The only difference was that he wasn’t. He was like you.
You were glad that he did not turn out to be a royal. You hated them. “Take a deep breath, my lady. I was just being funny. You don’t look like a thief to me. You look as innocent as a lamb, actually.” He laughed. If it was possible, you felt the skin of your cheeks tighten more. “So, what is your favourite flower? Do you like flowers?” Dongmin, the handsome gardener smiled once more, showing off his pearly whites.
“Yes. I adore flowers, my favourite is the snowdrop, for many reasons..” your voice came out soft and small, you weren’t sure if he heard you. “Hmm, the snowdrop is pretty… like you…” he passed you a quick smile, although you couldn’t catch on what he muttered so quietly.
“Sorry? I couldn’t hear you? What did you say? Sir?” You asked him, his eyes crinkled as he gave you a bright smile. “Oh no, I said nothing, miss. It’s getting dark you should go back inside”
Oh, right. It was almost dawn. “Oh yes…. Goodbye mr lee,”
You needed to go back, before anyone noticed your disappearance. “Until we meet again, miss Y/N.”
You turned around to see him, a soft smile played on your lips, as you blinked your eyes at him.
He smiled knowingly.
Tumblr media
Today was the dreaded day.
The day the king returns back to his throne. The day he comes back to busan, to his empire. The thought of it had kept you up all night.
You dreaded this day and it has come.
Now, countless days full of agony start for you, especially tonight. “Come on time to wake up, girls! Hurry! Don’t be lazy, todays the day!” The sound of loud clapping along with a high pitched voice awakened your sleepy senses. “You, Y/N? Come on! Get dressed quickly, you’ll be going into the culinary.”
Your heart sank inside your chest, you wished she’d forget and assign someone else! but doom was written in your fate. “I don’t have all day, girl!”
Did she only know one sentence? You looked up at her as you got up from your hard cold mattress, your legs were giving out already. But you didn’t regret helping Na-Yeon out.
This is what you get for not getting a wink of sleep last night. Poor you, you pitied yourself so much. “I-I’m coming.” You replied, your throat wasn’t cooperating with you. Maybe it was hoarse from all of the silent crying you did last night. “Good, be as quick as a horse.” She rolled her eyes at you, while she walked away.
What an arrogant woman.
Your hair was open, you sighed as you combed it back with your fingers. Today was going to be a long day.
“Oh my god… the king comes back after four winters…. No one knows what he looks like. I can’t help but think about how he looks… my heart’s saying that he’ll be a handsome man… and young.” The other one nodded.
“He was crowned king under mysterious circumstances so no one but the officials know his age and face… I can’t wait for tonight,” one girl gossiped with her friend, you rolled your eyes at their meaningless excitement. “I hope he will choose his concubines tonight too…” The other girl blushed furiously, you mentally scoffed at them. What kind of dreams were they seeing in their sleep?
Delusions were never good for anyone.
“You don’t know that yet? What if he has a wife, a queen already?” The first girl had a point, sort of, honestly you felt pity for his queen. She was even more doomed than you. “So? It’s a tradition that a king must have concubines? The more children he’ll have, the stronger he’ll become.”
God, what were you doing here wasting your time? “I heard that he'll choose the ones himself. It’s the special custom of the empire.” You really needed to leave.
After putting your hair in a ponytail, you composed yourself, as you left your quarters.
Today was going to be hard to get through.
But for now, you needed to go and start your duty, survival was now what you needed.
Your choice was survival, at any cost.
Tumblr media
Now, it was time. Dawn had arrived.
The sound of panicked chatter was all you could hear, your body was aching with pain, your eyes were droopy, your mind was half conscious.
Wake up Y/N wake up!
You chanted to yourself as the Naemyeongbu fell into a wave of silence once the senior lady spoke. “Shut it girls! the eunuch just reported our king's arrival in the castle, keep your heads low the whole time when the king comes, do not dare to spare a glance at him. Don’t look him in the eyes, keep your eyes on the ground, got that?”
They always had to say the same thing over and over again. It was now buried deep inside of your brain, you wouldn’t even want to look into his eyes. No one would want to look in the devil’s seductive eyes.
And the king was no less than a devil for you.
“Be attentive and bow to him when His majesty makes his entrance here in the Naemyeongbu!” The older court lady kept on talking. “Now, let’s stand straight.” All of the girl’s nodded as they formed a horizontal line. Your hands were on your sides, as you looked down on the ground.
Waiting for the announcement for the king’s arrival, waiting for all of this to get over as soon as it could.
You felt fast footsteps approaching, The large wooden door of the hall opened, silence filled the whole room as the of head guard entered the Naemyeongbu.
Oh no… you know what this indicated, The king had finally arrived.
“Stand attentive, His majesty the 64th great king of Jeon Dynasty is entering the Naemyeongbu!”
Time was moving slowly, as soon as those words left the eunuch’s mouth, you were unable to hear anything else. Every noise in the room halted. The pounding of your racing heart echoed within your own ear drums.
The sound of his footsteps were like of the Grim Reapers, Like he was here to take away your soul. The sound of his steps has stopped.
He stood right in front you. His silhouette illuminated in the marble floors. His shadow was dark and tall.
It was like a shift in the universe. As soon as you felt his presence in the large spacious room, you felt unknowingly suffocated.
You could only feel his powerful intimidating presence. His presence reeked of power and dominance. “W-Welcome back, Your majesty!” Her old figure bent down to bow at the unknown King.
She was welcoming her own death with happiness. Her stuttering didn’t go unnoticed by you though. She was just as scared as you,
He was worth fearing.
It was cue for all of you to bow down, you, along with the girls, followed the head servant’s lead. Bowing down to the king.
Your legs were helpless against your fear of him, They shook like you were witnessing a gruesome death of an innocent person.
Your body was shaking unlike before, Then, you felt it.
His gaze felt heavy. He must’ve noticed your trembling form. His eyes were on you.
You could feel his burning gaze. It was like time had gone still. Your heart was praying that it wasn’t you who had his eyes on them, it couldn’t be you.
It shouldn’t be you.
“Who’s that?” You felt a cold shiver run down your spine, your body almost jolted with surprise at his cold rough voice. His voice was deep, like it was used to speaking angrily.
He wasn’t asking about you? Was he? Anxiety along with fear was clouding your mind.
Surpassing the urge to run out of this suffocating place was hard. But somehow, your brain stopped you. Reasoning that it wouldn’t be the smartest move to run off in front of his guards, they would catch you in a heartbeat at his command.
You didn’t dare to look up at him.
“I asked you, who is that H/C lady with the silver badge..” your heart stopped, The size of your eyes widened.
Oh no no no!
He was asking about you.
his tone was directed at you, that made the hairs on your body stand. “O-Oh! t-that’s a new servant? Your majesty…” the woman had her head kept low. You felt his penetrating gaze stop on you. “Raise your head, lady.”
Everyone felt shocked at his sudden unexpected command. But no one could even think about looking up.
Oh you were definitely going to die, either from his sharp sword or from suffering a heart attack,
You were going to die. “Raise your head up, lady.”
Was he already getting angry at you? His rough tone was laced with irritation, your stomach was churning with anxiety, you had to obey him.
Gathering the little ounces of courage that you weren’t even sure were left in you, you slowly looked up. And as soon as you did, your breath got knocked out of your body.
His gaze were intense on you, locked on your figure. His eyes were almost as dark as charcoal, his expression was almost angry, his eyebrows were sharp, completely complimenting his fierce gaze.
His hair was as dark as the ravens.
“What’s your name?” His lips were perfect on his face, thin but absolutely pretty, like a carefully sculpted doll’s. His nose was unique, only adding to his beauty more. His features were charming, he was handsome, scarily so, Even the Greek God’s would envy his well sculpted build.
His beauty was mesmerizing. The fancy outfit he wore only made him stand out, Golden cloak which was adorned with cultural patterns,
His crown almost made your eyes blind, it was shiner than anything in this world, it was filled with numerous precious gems. The big crown was the most beautiful thing in the world, you were sure.
It captured your attention.
It was majestic and glorious. It made him look powerful and untouchable.
“Speak, girl!” Your eyes blinked at his tone. “Y-Y/N, my lord.”
What was wrong with you now?
It didn’t matter, his looks didn’t matter, even if he was no less than an Adonis. You hated him, his looks were only a mask for his terrifying personality and deeds.
Your mind was starting to spin, why was he looking at you so intensely, did you do anything wrong? The speed of your heart was increasing every second,
this man will be the reason you die.
look away, please look away from me, you devil!
You broke the eye contact, after what felt like eternity. His stare could be alone enough to kill his enemies, maybe that’s why he has so many victories to his name.
His eyes were magnetic. Dark eyelashes made them look even more beautiful. Why was he looking at you so sternly, it was like he was observing you.
He must’ve been thinking about something because no way anyone was capable of staring so intensely at someone without blinking once.
It was hard to breathe even if his attention was focused on you. What on earth was he even looking at you for? To you, you were the most average looking one in this grand palace, his servant’s were so pretty.
What would his large harem look like? Not that you cared anyways.
It was like a huge wave of air washed over you as you felt the burning gaze gone. A sigh full of relief left you, you looked up to see the King gone. And the senior servants were gone too.
Thank goodness!
You cried internally. Noises of chatter were heard again, but this time. You were the topic of meaningless gossip. “Oh my lord… did you witness what just happened!!? The great king stared at the girl like she was a wonder!”
You wanted earth to swallow you. “Yes! Oh my goodness… what I wouldn't do to have him stare at me like that!” “I can’t believe that someone can be that handsome… he was absolutely ethereal! I couldn’t help but steal little glances at him… Y/N is so lucky to be able to look at his imperial majesty directly in the eyes!”
Lucky? They were calling you lucky? “She had his whole attention on her!” One girl scoffed in jealousy. “Wow… she is favored by the stars above…”
Oh if only they knew…
“I can hear all of you? Please stop talking about me..” You walked over to the group of girls. All of their cheeks burned at your voice. One girl only snarled at you. “Wow… look at the star of the night… Are you already acting so ignorant, Y/N?” Your eyebrows furrowed in confusion, “what do you mean, Marie?” You spoke in a calm tone, ignoring her rude remarks. “Oh… you know exactly what I mean, dear Y/N..” She passed you a faux smile. “Did you plan on this?” Her smile was long gone, it was replaced with a clenched jaw. It took you a second to get what her words meant. “What are your intentions? Do you plan on becoming his favorite? I know girls like you. Are you eager to warm his bed? I bet you’re already so eager for him to fuck you… Aren’t you?” Her blue eyes glared at you, her accent was thick but you could understand what she was exactly talking about.
Loud gasps filled your ears. Your eyes widened at her accusations, you never wanted the incident to happen, you hated the emperor! You were not a lowly whore, you were a modest soul… how could she say that. Your fists clenched at her words. “You should be ashamed of yourself, Marie! How dare you accuse me of something so absurd!” You don’t know what took over you at that moment. All you felt was ashamed. Your tone was filled with anger and disbelief.
She only rolled her icy eyes back at you, the other girls in the room did not bother to speak, they seemed to be enjoying the drama. “Oh… are you offended now? Gonna go to the king and cry to him about me?” Her laugh made your head spin,
mockery and hatred hidden in the loud sound. “You are so cunning Y/N… such a whore you are…” before she could insult you again, your hand made a loud noise connecting to her pale cheeks. Your gaze hardened at her shocked face, loud gasp erupted from her and the whole crowd of the girls, at your action.
You did not care, she had it coming. You leaned closer to her face, her eyes were as wide as the moon, you could still feel her cheek vibrating from your slap, the redness was visible. “Listen to me… Marie… watch. your. mouth with me alright? I don’t care about anything… especially the king… you want him, have him.” You whispered in her ears, loudly enough to prove your point. “Now… you better not bother me.. I have a duty that needs me…”
You turned around to exit the room, You did not bother to look back at the stunned girls, that was not important right now…
What was important right now was that… in a few hours, you’ll be in the presence of the imperial king. Nothing was making sense to you, the lack of sleep only made your mind lazy.
You needed to sleep, but at this moment, the culinary was the place you needed to be in.
The walk to it was uneventful, you were searching for your friend, Na-Yeon.
Where was she? It was so hectic that you’d completely forgotten about her, maybe she was in the other wing. You were assigned to different types of tasks after all, “are you ms Y/N? Ms lee asked me to bring you to her?” You almost tripped at the voice. It startled you. You looked back to see a girl with almond shaped hazel eyes, “oh yes! I’m coming in a moment..” you replied in a soft tone. The girl opened her mouth “ms, she ordered me to inform you that it is urgent, your assistance is needed.” She continued in a stern tone.
Oh lord. She didn’t forget after all,
the old lady had a sharp memory for her age, You wished she didn’t,
You closed your eyes. “Okay… let’s go.” Exhaling a breath, you followed her.
You couldn’t avoid the King. No matter how much you try to. It was inevitable.
You’ll have to face him.
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worldwidemochiguy · 3 months ago
Still With You (Yandere Prince! Jungkook)
Tumblr media
➵ It’s simple. You’re a servant, he’s a prince. So when you become pregnant, you know you have to leave in order to protect his reputation. But he doesn’t seem to be able to let you go...
➵ Warnings: Obsessive behaviour, brief mention of possible abortion, 18+
➵ Word Count: 6.7k
➵ Masterlist
Tumblr media
We laugh together, we cry together
These simple feelings were everything I had
When will it be? 
If I see you again 
I will look into your eyes and say “I missed you” 
Tumblr media
You had always wanted what was best for Jungkook. 
The first time you saw him, he was training outside in the gardens. Princes weren’t meant to be outside for too long, but there he was, laughing as he dodged his sparring partner, sunlight bouncing off his sweat-gilded skin. You had been sent to gather flowers. Kneeling beside the flower beds, you did not pick a single one, watching as the prince danced past trimmed hedges and statues and the occasional stunned groundskeeper. He was so light on his feet, always moving, teasing. He looked like he was flying.
And then, somehow, you caught his eye. The two of you looked at each other. He tripped. 
You are ashamed to admit you ran away. Too scared of the consequences of causing a prince (the prince!) injury, you yanked a fistful of flowers from the bed beside you, flung them into your basked, and fled. Later, as you were being scolded by the girl who sent you for them, asking you how she could use such disheveled flowers for icing decorations, you didn’t even bother to listen. You could only think about him. 
Was he badly hurt? Was he angry at you? Was he, at this very minute, hunting through the palace to find and punish you? Or had he forgotten your face right away?
You hoped he forgot you. Even thinking about him made your stomach clench in fear and guilt. You hoped you never saw him again. 
A week later, a cupbearer got sick. You had been staying as much in the servant’s quarters as possible, dedicating yourself to menial tasks. It wasn’t hard to stay out of the way, only certain servants were permitted to be in the presence of the royal family, like chambermaids and stewards, and tutors. And cupbearers.
Taehyung, the tall, handsome boy a few years older than you, had apparently recommended you to replace him for the night. Because of that, you slightly regretted not telling him of your brief interaction with the prince — he was far too kind to have recommended you for the position if he thought you would face punishment. But you had been so embarrassed about it all. You didn’t know how you would explain why you crouched by the flowers and watched the prince for so long, as he joked with his sparring partner and grinned until his dimples showed and ran across the fountain wall, getting his hair wet with the spray.
Maybe Taehyung would have just told you that the prince wouldn’t care. That he had already forgotten, just one slight in a lifetime of pleasant experiences one after the other, having anything he wants. Having anyone he wants. One forgettable face wouldn’t stay in his mind for long at all. 
You chanted this to yourself as you entered the banquet hall, following beside the other cupbearers as they all situated themselves against with their backs against the walls, facing the table. Smelling all the delicious food in front of you was a benefit, the hunger in your stomach distracted you from the pit burrowed by your anxiety.
You were there long before any members of royalty arrived, early in order to be prepared and waiting to serve. Because Taehyung was the prince’s cupbearer — of course he was — you were stuck looking at the back of the ornate chair a few steps away from you. It didn’t look very comfortable, and you felt a pang of sympathy for the prince who must sit there every day and eat in front of the king and queen. 
Having an audience like that must be nerve-racking. You were lucky that you got to always take your meals alone (sitting in your box-room on your sleeping mat, eating the leftovers from the kitchen. Or the leftover leftovers. More senior servants took what they wanted first, and sometimes there wasn’t even anything left for you)
Then the big doors opened and you held your breath, keeping your head down like you were told to do as members of the royal family filed in. You did not look up as you heard the chair legs in front of you scrape against the floor, did not look as you heard the prince sat down, and did not look as the royal family started to talk amongst themselves. 
You did not even look up when you heard the voice of the prince call out “Wine.” 
You scurried to the table, raising your gaze only slightly to find the jug of wine. After that, you picked it up and stepped back, poised to pour it into the cup Taehyung told you would be raised and expectant. But the prince had not even picked it up. 
You couldn’t help it anymore. For the second time in your life, you locked eyes with the prince.
His stare was punishing, anger burning in his eyes with all the passion that you hoped would have melted away after the whole week you spent hidden away. You waited for him to call out to the king, to have you flogged or dismissed or… killed. 
But he did none of those things. After staring at you for a little longer, he slowly reached out, not taking his eyes off you once, and picked up his glass. You hastily looked away from him to focus on pouring the wine — you didn’t want to make him even angrier by spilling it! — and let out an exhale once it was done, ready to step away from the table and fade blissfully into the background. But when you tried, the prince grabbed your wrist. 
You flinched, expecting the worst. He seemed to be intrigued by this, those dark eyes twinkling as he cocked his head and pressed the glass into your hand. 
“Drink,” he ordered.
You hesitated for a moment, before realising. Taehyung had specifically told you the first cup poured for the prince would have to be drunk by you first to check for poison but in your tangled emotions of apprehension and anxiety you had forgotten. How stupid of you. Now the prince had another reason to be displeased with you. 
You gave a jerky bow in apology and raised the cup to your lips. You took a mouthful of bitterness and heady flavour, letting it slide down your throat; you had just swallowed something worth more than anything you had ever owned in your life. You tried not to wince. 
You handed the cup back to the prince, noticing your lips had left a slight mark on the rim. His hand closed over yours briefly as he took the cup and, eyes still burning into you, he placed his lips directly where yours had been as he took a deep mouthful of wine. You desperately retreated to the shadows but even though he did not turn around you could somehow still feel his eyes burning into you. 
The prince drunk four cups of wine that night, eyes on you has he drank every single one. He instructed you to stand by his side instead of darting back and forth so you stood there, ears burning even as as the rest of the royal family thankfully paid you no mind, practised at disregarding servants. Taehyung must have been mistaken when he told you that the prince normally took one cup, and quietly thanked Taehyung every time he served him. Or perhaps the prince hated you enough to alter his behaviour so drastically. 
You were only half surprised when the prince grabbed you soon after you left the banquet hall. He had retired earlier than the rest of his family, and you stood in the hall in silence with the rest of the servants until the whole family had left and it was time to clean up. By the time you were carrying the plates and leftovers out of the hall, it had been almost two hours since the prince had left.
You were surrounded by servants when the prince darted out of a corridor and yanked you away by the wrist, but they all looked the other way, ignoring the indiscretion as any misdeeds done by the royal family towards servants were ignored. There would be no one to help you. 
The wall that the prince pushed you onto was painful and cold through the thin layers of your smock. You couldn’t help but cringe as he leaned closer, enough to feel his wine-tinged breath warm against your cheeks. 
“You tried to run away again,” he said, the alcohol hot on his breath. 
“Your highness-” you began, hushed, unaware of what you were even going to say, but he placed his hand over your mouth. The other was braced beside your head as he leaned in. 
“My name is Jungkook.”
He took his hand away from your mouth and nodded at you, almost expectingly. What he expected from you… you had no idea.
“Your highness-” you tried again, but he interrupted you with a frustrated groan, pushing away from the wall and rubbing his face. You knew people acted strange when they drank too much, but you couldn’t predict the prince’s behaviour at all. The punishment you were dreading had not yet arrived and it was hard to predict what it would be. 
“Your highness, I apologise for making you trip in the gardens. I should not have distracted you,” you whisper into the corridor. It was not a main corridor, and the evening had deepened into darkness so there were no torches to illuminate the shadows playing across the prince’s face when he turned to you again. 
He came closer, and you pressed yourself flat against the wall in trepidation.
“You think I am angry because I tripped?” 
His tone suggested you had gotten something wrong, but you knew that you mustn’t lie to the prince so you nodded hesitantly.
Instead of getting angry, he huffed a laugh, blowing another waft of that alcohol-scent towards you. He must’ve drunk more in the hours after he left the hall. 
“No, I am angry because you left before I could get to you. And then-” he leaned even closer, enough that you could see the eyelashes brushing his cheekbone as his lids lowered, “you hid yourself away so I could not find you again.” 
“Your- your highness,” you stuttered, but yet again he interrupted you, indicative of the entitlement a prince expects to receive in all things. 
“If you are truly sorry then you must take responsibility for your actions,” he told you imperiously. You did not know what this meant. Your cluelessness must have shown itself on your face, because he laughed at you again and placed his hand on your cheek. 
“Don’t worry,” he said. “I promise I’m not truly angry. You delivered yourself to me tonight, and for that I am thankful. You did not make me wait long.”
The prince was inscrutable. He laughed again when you did not understand, and insisted on walking you back to your room, and was upset with you when you insisted that he could not enter the servant quarters, only relenting when you told him that you would be punished if you led him to your room. 
The next morning you were told by an equally confused servant that you were to receive tutoring lessons alongside the prince. You were given several dresses to wear — a uniform, you presumed — and brought to a quarter of the palace you weren’t even good enough to clean, let alone sit in beside the prince. 
Still, you tried to fulfil your duties. It was clear that the prince had requested some sort of lesson servant, presumably to clean up after him, dispose of his notes and brush away charcoal dust, that kind of thing. It is understandable that he wished for someone the same age as him to do this, after all, wouldn’t it be a little uncomfortable to have to sit besides an adult doing all of this for him during lessons, instead of a companion his own age?
However, the prince seemed to want to make your duties as difficult as possible. He stopped you from tidying up after him, making you sit down in your chair again each time and telling you to listen carefully to the instructor. Perhaps he wanted a study partner to aid his learning. But then every time you attempted to explain concepts to him, he seemed fully cognisant, and even asked you if there was anything additional you wanted him to explain! 
Perhaps this was the prince’s way of tormenting you for tripping him. But a year followed, the prince’s sixteenth name-day passing with you in his presence for the entire day, and you started to think he may not be punishing you. After all, despite the nervousness you felt in his presence at all times, it had been… rather pleasant, getting to receive tutoring like a noble-born girl, and sitting in the prince’s wing of the palace, and even talking to the prince. 
He insisted on you calling him Jungkook, and after a while, it felt less stilted and horrifically impolite and more natural. You had even called him Jungkook once in front of the other servants. Taehyung laughed and teased you for it with a strangely knowing glint in his eye, but the other servants regarded you coldly for a while. 
Some of them called you names you didn’t understand, or that simply weren’t applicable, but once it seemed to sink in, for them and you, that this was not a temporary arrangement, people started acting more kindly towards you. They would pat your head, smile at you benevolently, or give you food “to share with your prince!”. Those comments always made you blush, and Jungkook would laugh when you relayed them to him. Yes, of course. It was a rather ridiculous notion. Your prince.
After spending two years with Jungkook, you began to understand why he chose to spend time with you. Jungkook did not have many peers his own age, and even those that he was allowed to consort with were either awkward, unfamiliar, or sycophantic. The boys were eager to foster connections for a possible future alliance and the girls had clearly been instructed by their parents to ensure a marriage to Jungkook by any means possible. 
When you quizzed Jungkook on his marriage prospects after such meetings, attempting to help him sort out who he might want to choose, he would always smile at you happily and say “no one”. No one! It is not a surprise that your prince spent this much time with you if he was this happy to turn away any possible love interests. 
Jungkook was lonely. You could feel it in the way he held your hand when you walked through the gardens; he didn’t want you to go too far away from him, even for a moment. He guarded your time, angry if others took up any part of it, especially those of a similar age such as Taehyung. You tried to get Jungkook to bond with Taehyung too, so that he could have another friend but Jungkook wasn’t very receptive. 
You theorised that he was probably quite shy and intimidated, meeting an older and, at that time, much taller boy. Jungkook did not like that theory very much at all and threatened to banish Taehyung from the palace if you talked about him again. Indeed, you thought pityingly, Jungkook must’ve been very intimidated by Taehyung if you weren’t even allowed to mention him. You hoped that he would overcome his shyness in due time.
He wasn’t at all shy with you, and as the years passed, Jungkook grew more and more confident, often embracing you and keeping you in his room until you insisted that you had to go back to your own quarters and sleep. For convenience, he had your room moved into his wing of the palace. 
Coincidentally, this room was an immense improvement from your former room. It was much bigger and well appointed, with a window that allowed you to see into the very garden where you first met Jungkook. After you told Jungkook all of this, he seemed very smug, and from then on you often found little trinkets or pieces of furniture that Jungkook bought for you in your room. 
You realised that, though Jungkook heard many words of false flattery, he did not often hear genuine words of kindness from those he cared about — his own family. So you tried your best to make up for it, telling him every positive thought about him that came into your head, and there were quite a few of those. It seemed to work well, Jungkook would always smile and often repaid you with jokes or teases that would make you flush entirely red. 
The worst was when he would pretend as if he were saying something sincere, something horribly embarrassing like I only need you or you make me happier than I’ve ever been or all I ask is that you never leave my side. On those occasions you would try to run away from him, but he would always catch you, dragging you back in with a smug grin.
It was on his eighteenth name-day that Jungkook kissed you for the first time. 
He was drunk after his birthday feast, during which you had sat by his side the entire time as requested, ready to obey his commands or help to serve him in any way. (but he never asked you to do anything. he just looked at you, all night). Back in his chambers, he crowded you against the wall and kissed you once, twice, then buried his face in your neck as he gripped both your arms, stiff at your sides.
“Jungkook,” you whispered and he hummed into your skin, which was slightly tacky with his spit from where he had been dragging his mouth along your skin, trying to kiss it. “you should go to sleep.”
“Alright, my love,” he said, and you almost tripped as he pulled away from you, tugging you towards the bed. “Let’s go to sleep.” 
And then he pushed you onto the bed and landed atop you, barely having the bearings to tug the covers over the two of you before losing consciousness. Try as you might, you could not rouse him, and it was difficult to push him off on account of the muscles he had packed on from training. The weight on top of you, however, was not uncomfortable. 
It was bearable, you decided, apart from the smell of alcohol on Jungkook’s clothes, but after you tugged off most of his outer garments which had the strongest smell, as well as your own which, though not particularly odorous were not comfortable to sleep in, it was agreeable enough that you fell asleep there in Jungkook’s bed. 
After that night, Jungkook seemed even more comfortable around you. He must have decided that since you had slept in his bed the two of you were as close as could be, and was content to practice all manner of things with you. 
The first was kissing, which you two practised a lot. It was also remarkably pleasant, an activity you would be happy to do with any friend! Except most of them were not blessed with a prince’s oral hygiene, and you guessed Jungkook was embarrassed that he was practising these things with you. He certainly did not want you to practice with anyone else.
It was a strange sort of contradiction. Jungkook was very eager to practice things in order to prepare for his future marriage, but was reluctant to secure any actual marriage. Many times, you would suggest the name of an eligible young lady that Jungkook could marry, and ask him if he was interested. And each time, he would look at you, kiss you deeply, and then say with an indulgent smile: “No.”
Next was… well. Marriage bed activities. When he first proposed it, you were quite nervous and asked him if it was really alright to do this before marriage. He then kissed you many times, demonstrating that practice yields very effective results, and with that evidence before you, you eventually acquiesced. 
This was the right decision because it was clear that Jungkook needed exceeding amounts of practice with this. 
You were also uncertain. After a lot of kissing, both on your mouth and… other places — perhaps Jungkook wanted the reassurance of doing something he was familiar with before diving right in? — he started to initiate the next phase. When he told you that he had to put his… thing… in there… you seriously started to question whether he was correct. 
He told you, blushing out of embarrassment — though there was no need for it, you were a beginner too — that he had studied many illustrations of the action, and he was sure that this was the correct way. Even so, it was painful, and he didn’t even put it in all the way before the two of you gave up, slumping back on the bed. 
You watched with a morbid fascination as his manhood slowly started to deflate. After a few minutes he told you to look away. Jungkook seemed very put out by the whole affair, and was not cheered when you told him that nobody is good on their first try at anything. In fact, this seemed to upset him more, and he told you to get out and go back to your chambers. However, he quickly relented when he saw you were having trouble walking and pushed you back into bed, pulling the covers back over you with a guilty expression. 
It took a week after that before you tried again. This time was markedly better — Jungkook confided in you that he had asked the physician for advice and had learned a great number of things. This was true, and after a few more tries you began to understand why men would pay for this kind of experience. Jungkook seemed just as keen as you and would instigate practice sessions practically every day. 
Jungkook never truly changed, and was still lonely enough that he would make you stay in his room even after practice, holding you in his arms all night and whispering meaningless things. You thought that whoever Jungkook married would be quite lucky — it was nice to fall asleep like that, and it must be even nicer for Jungkook’s eventual wife, because when he said those lovely things to her they would be true. 
And then you ruined it all. 
After waking up every week to the sensation of overwhelming nausea, you complained to Taehyung. Your normal recipient of complaints was, of course, Jungkook, but he was easily worried when it came to illnesses, and you did want to unnecessarily upset him. On the other hand, Taehyung now had his own family and lived out of the palace, so you thought he simply did not have the capacity to be too overbearing. 
But when he heard your description of your mysterious illness, he went pale. He then suddenly told you that you should go and visit his wife. You knew her and were indeed quite friendly with her, but the change of subject was strange. But he was insistent so you left that morning to go and visit her. 
She also did strange things, pressing a hand to your stomach and asking, mortifyingly, about your private time with the prince. When you confirmed that you had been practising marital duties with him, her face took on the same expression Taehyung’s had. And then she told you that you were pregnant. 
For some reason, you simply had not predicted this as a problem. Children came from marriage, everyone knew that, and bastards came from prostitutes. There was no category for servant-companions who were just helping for practice. You had thought that it wouldn’t count. Yet, it apparently did. 
You knew what you had to do. 
Stealing away quietly was the best thing you could do. You knew that Jungkook was a good man, and if you told him you were pregnant he would not hesitate to marry you. Would insist on it, even. But, though you did not do the work of a servant, or live the life of a servant, you were still unavoidably… a servant. As the people of the court loved to remind you. Jungkook could not marry a servant for his queen.
The other option was… you could not consider it. Though you had even helped other servant girls do that exact thing, helping to procure the necessary herbs and staying with them the whole time to try and help with the pain, you could not imagine doing it yourself. Inside of you, it was… the baby was a part of Jungkook. You couldn’t bear to hurt it.
If you left without a word, Jungkook would try to find you. He often had nightmares about you being taken from him or kidnapped, which you knew because you were the one to pull him from those nightmares, to kiss him and tell him that it was all a dream. You hoped he found someone else to fulfil this role for him once you left — you didn’t want him to spend too much time alone. 
So you told him that it was a short journey, an absence of two weeks while you visited your ailing grandmother. He was incredibly reluctant to let you go, but you stood firm. Perhaps your insistence, when you have always before bent to his will with little resistance, that persuaded him to let you go, even providing you with a horse and enough supplies to last four weeks. 
So you rode away on that horse and did not look back.
You travelled until you couldn’t anymore and found an abandoned farm house to give birth in. Your son came screaming into the world, screaming alongside you as you cried and bled in the cold barn. That was the only time you regretted leaving Jungkook. You were so tired, but so scared that if you fell asleep you would not wake again and that you would leave your son all alone, so you remained awake the whole night, cradling him in your arms and crying quietly enough to not disturb him. 
You named him Sungho. Once you were recovered enough to ride your horse again, you continued travelling. You had to, for it seemed that your disappearance had not escaped the notice of Jungkook, and there were stories about how the prince was “searching for his lost love”. The gossip you heard exchanged in taverns had been passed from mouth to mouth far too many times to be credible, but you had no choice to listen, and kept going until you no longer heard any discussion of Jungkook, or of the capital city in general. 
You found a small village to settle down in, a community to join with grandmas to spoil Sungho and children for him to play with and aunties to commiserate with you as you told them about your dead husband. This far from the capital, people did not even know the prince’s name, so you felt free enough to tell them it. After all, a lie is far more convincing if parts of it are true. It certainly worked — the village community was convinced that you were heartbroken.
Even now, three years since you arrived here, and four years since Sungho was born, village elders still visit you with food or invite you to their homes because “a widow shouldn’t spend all her time alone”. You pay their worries no mind. Why should you? You have exactly what you wanted. You’ve saved Jungkook from having to marry a servant girl, you’ve saved Sungho from having to face the contempt of the royal court, and you’ve saved yourself from… well, you’ve saved yourself from having to worry about the difficulties of Jungkook and Sungho!
You finally got what was best for Jungkook and what was best for Sungho. And you’re truly happy.
A happiness which is disrupted when you walk into your house to see a man sat at the table. 
An achingly familiar man. A man you barely recognise.
“Hello Y/n.” 
Jungkook greets you with a coldness you’ve never felt directed towards yourself. His tone is sweet, but his eyes are burning, the same way they burned all those years ago after you made him trip and he hated you. Across the table sits one of the ahjummas who always gave you extra side dishes to take home. You’ve never resented her more.
“You’re finally home, dear,” she says, oblivious to the tension rising in the room as you studiously avoid Jungkook’s gaze. “I was just telling this lovely young man that you would be here soon! How could you not tell this old woman that you had a brother!” 
Ah, so Jungkook told her you were his sister. You need to assess the situation, figure out whether he knows yet. Somehow, you don’t think he does, so if you can just get Jungkook away then  everything might be alright. Sungho is most likely playing with his friends so he should be out of the way. 
But things never have worked out for you, have they?
“The familial resemblance is uncanny,” the ahjumma says, and thankfully Jungkook does not seem to be listening to her at all, so if you could just get her to be quiet-
“He looks exactly like his nephew- oh! Sungho-yah! I was just talking about you!”
Your son runs through the door and is immediately trapped in Jungkook’s gaze. 
They turn to you as one, and it makes your heart hurt. In his absence, you convinced yourself that Sungho does not look too much like his father, but faced with both of them looking at you it is impossible to deny. Jungkook, at least, certainly seems to understand without having to say a word.
“I saw a man coming into our home,” Sungho tells you, “so I came back.” 
“Ah,” you crouch down and take your sons’ hands in yours, unable to resist the well-worn instinct to reassure your son even at this moment. “you don’t need to trouble yourself with this, Sungho-yah, just go back to your friends.”
Sungho risks another glance at Jungkook, whose facial expression seems to be frozen on you. “He looks scary, Eomma.” 
At this, Jungkook regains some awareness and, after a moment, cracks a convincing smile. Well, convincing to anyone who doesn’t know him as well as you do. You’re surprised that you can still read his feelings easily after all these years. It gives you a strange feeling in your heart.
“Don’t worry… Sungho-yah,” Jungkook says awkwardly, visibly taking a moment to speak the name of his son for the first time. He softens slightly. “You don’t have to be scared of me at all. I would never hurt you.” 
Sungho simply regards him with his little squint, and- oh, it’s the same face Jungkook always used to look at Taehyung with. You don’t even know why you remember that. 
“Ah, Sunho-yah, don’t be rude to your uncle,” the ahjumma — presumably the only reason why Jungkook is keeping a tight lid on his anger right now — says, “you should tell him about your name-day celebrations!”
“His name-day?” Jungkook flicks his gaze to you carefully. “His fourth one?”
“Yes, of course!” The ahjumma replies, “Don’t you know the age of your own nephew?”
“I know, how reprehensible of me,” Jungkook tells her with an easy smile, which sharpens when directed at you. “Family should always know things like this, right?” 
The ahjumma falters a little, finally beginning to sense the tension in the room. Sungho reaches for your hand and you take it, squeezing it reassuringly. Jungkook follows the motion with his eyes.
“Sorry, ahjumma, but I’d like to have some time alone with-” he smiles at you mockingly, “my sister.” 
She mumbles her agreement and a moment later her and Sungho are bustling out of your house, leaving only you and Jungkook. Alone. Together. 
Jungkook barely waits for them to be out of hearing range before slamming you against the wall. You open your mouth to explain but then Jungkook is kissing you and it’s too late.
You forgot what it was like to be kissed by him. Rainy days spent in libraries, picnics in the gardens of the palace, studying done under candlelight, all were made better with kisses traded between you and Jungkook. He grips you like you’re liable to run away again, and you can almost feel the bruises curving under the shape of his fingertips. That comforts you a little. Once he’s gone at least you’ll have a reminder for a few days of what it felt like to be touched.
He pulls away and you chase after his lips even though you really should focus on breathing. You feel all faint and fuzzy. Jungkook braces you firmly against the wall and looks you right in the eye, and his fury almost burns you. 
“The one thing I asked of you,” Jungkook growls, “was to not run away. Not where I can’t find you. Not for five fucking years.”
“Your highness-”
He kisses you again. His kisses are nothing like what they once were. The desperation was always there, yes, but the fear, the insistence, the anger… 
There are other changes too. The boy of eighteen who you abandoned has grown into a man. He towers over you even more than he did, and his arms can hold you much firmer with what seems like a lot less effort. Keeping you still almost seems like an afterthought as he ravages your mouth, like he’s trying to drag your heart out with its teeth.
He finally pulls away again and both of you are gasping for air. Old instincts make you rest your forehead on his shoulder. He tenses, and you almost apologise but then he’s wrapping both arms around you and squeezing like he’s never going to let go again. Like he’s never going to leave. 
He presses a kiss against your head.
“Call me your highness again I will drag you back home by your hair.”
“Your highness-”
“I’m going to chain you to the bed so you can’t even try to run away.”
“Your highness-”
“All this time I thought you could be dead but no, you were just hiding-”
“Jungkook!” you yell, and he falls silent. 
The two of you stand, intertwined in silence for a moment, before he reluctantly draws back. He still keeps his hands on you, afraid to let go even for a second, but he gives you enough distance to bend down and look you in the eye. 
“I wasn’t…” you falter. He watches you silently. He’s so different now. He has a scar on his neck, like someone tried to slit his throat and they only just failed. He has lost the chubbiness that makes Sungho’s cheeks so perfect to pinch and kiss. But he’s still… your prince. 
“I wasn’t abandoning you.” 
Jungkook recoils like you’ve slapped him, turning to pace around the room. The absence of his touch is startling. “You were. You did.”
“I didn’t!” you insist, feeling almost petulant. “I helped you.”
“Helped me?” Jungkook gives an empty laugh. “You left me alone with no one to trust, in a situation where my father died and I had no allies to rely on.”
“You think a peasant queen would have won you allies?” you counter, and the look he gives you is full of contempt. “Jungkook, if you knew I was pregnant you would have married me.”
“Yes!” he declares earnestly, “I would have married you.” His expression flickers. “Would you have hated it so much?”
The anger in his voice does not hide the sorrow, or the self-deprecation. 
And, even after all this time and everything that lies in between the two of you, you cross it all in that moment and embrace him. He lets you. You can feel his chest shudder as he takes in a deep breath and holds it.
“I wasn’t abandoning you,” you repeat, face pressed against his shoulder. “All I wanted was what was best for you.”
He pulls back to look you in the eye. “All I wanted was you.”
“Yes, but did you want Sungho?” you asked, but you regret it when you see the hurt that bleeds through his expression.
“You think I would have tried to harm him?”
“I… Jungkook, no-”
“You think I didn’t want a child with you?” He does it again, that empty laugh that is nothing like the old Jungkook. That’s what you did to him. “All I wanted was a family with you, to take care of you and our children, to provide for you and keep you safe.”
“But you couldn’t, Jungkook,” you persist, “the king would not have let you take me as your bride, nor would he have my son as the heir.”
“Well,” a resolute glint comes into Jungkook’s eye. “That king is dead. And now I can do whatever I want.”
He takes a step towards you. You take a step back.
“Your advisors won’t accept me as the queen,” you threaten. He shrugs.
“I’ll get new advisors.”
Another step.
“I don’t know how to be a queen.”
“You can learn.”
Another step.
“I’m not good enough.”
Your back hits the wall. 
He leans in until you feel his breath hitting your cheek. 
“You haven’t once said that you don’t love me.”
Your throat dries up. 
“One would think,” he continues, “that love is the most important aspect in a marriage.” His nose brushes yours. “So?”
The way he phrases the question is almost casual, but one look in his eyes and you can see all the fear and pain and anger that’s working beneath the surface. Jungkook’s eyes have always been so expressive. You don’t know how you never truly understood him until now.
“I…” you start, about to lie, and you see his expression shutter. Just like back then, when the two of you were curled up on Jungkook’s window seat, looking out at the gardens. And Jungkook asked you if you had ever thought about what you were going to name your children. 
Of course I haven’t, you laughed. Who thinks about something like that at our age?
Ah. Jungkook had said, and his expression shuttered a little, so you pushed yourself onto his lap and kissed his cheek, taking his face in your hands and squishing it a little. 
Sorry, sorry, Jungkook-ah, I didn’t mean it like that. Tell me then, go on.
And he told you he would name his daughter Jiho and his son Sungho. Ji for justice and Sung for victory, with Ho as the generational name for both. Ho for protect, because he would always protect them. And he looked at you like he had just given you his heart and you kissed him and didn’t understand. 
But now you do. 
“I love you, Jungkook.” 
The pure relief that washes over his face is too much to bear. You kiss him and he cradles you in his arms like something precious. You are something precious to him, you realise that now. 
Later on, you’ll fetch Suho and introduce him to his father properly. Jungkook will know his son, and they’ll start to build the bond that you broke all those years ago. The three of you will journey back to the palace and live in comfort and security, rising every morning with the sun and watching the stars together at night. 
For now, though, you let yourself be held. You finally accept the love Jungkook has been trying to give you this whole time, and realise that, despite the sacrifices and servitude and companionship you’ve dedicated to him in the name of his best interests… the best thing you could ever give him is yourself. 
Tumblr media
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darkestcorners · 3 months ago
darknets | yandere!jungkook au
Tumblr media
pairings: yandere!jungkook x reader (f)
genre: yandere
warnings: 18+, obsessive & unhealthy behavior, spying, stalking, doxxing, non-consensual videotaping, tormenting, manipulation, kidnapping,
word count: 11.6k
Parts: 01 / 02
A/N; Hi guys so bad news left the final draft of my second halloween fic on a writing app on my ipad at home like an idiot and im out of town right now so i won’t be able to post the second installment of my halloween series until monday ( i will try to have it up sooner but please bare with me!) im posting this fic that has been in my drafs for months, the events happen during halloween times so its good enough for some spooky vibes. im so sorry but i hope you enjoy this fic in the meantime!:)
summary: You should of known better than to chat with strangers online….
The raindrops were loud against the small bedroom window .The wet pavement outside created a glare against the night sky and you watched as the intersection lights changed from green to yellow, to red and back again. The slight fog made it difficult to fully make out the cars from where you sat but instead you observed the strangers that made their way back home, likely from their night shift, a somber expression on their faces as they tugged their jackets and coats tighter around their bodies. You eyed the way they stepped on the muddy puddles on the sidewalk ever so often.
It was safe to say you were beyond bored. Enough to stare at pedestrians out your window instead of finishing what you were supposed to be doing which was writing your essay for your sociology class.
You pulled your gaze from the window and stared at your laptop screen, watching as the little blue icon lit up. It was taking forever to load which wasn’t a surprise, you were in need of a new computer for years now but you were not getting one anytime soon. Much less now with your father’s plummeting health.
Your fingers tapped against your flimsy wooden desk impatiently, sighing in relief as your screen finally loaded and you logged into your Microsoft account.
Your eyes glossed over your assignment instructions again and read over the Professor’s notes.
“Make sure it’s in MLA format blah blah blah..” You muttered as you clicked out of your college website and pressed on the saved Word document you had started yesterday.
Much to your disappointment, you still had a lot to work on. You barely had a two paragraphs written and you ran your hands over your face in exhaustion.
Your shift at the grocery store had kicked your ass today and you really wondered why so many people had woken up today and practically swarmed the store.
Granted, you were only a cashier and it wasn’t like you were doing the actual hard labor but it was just as stressful, you didn’t do well under pressure and customers yelling at you was the last thing you had needed to start your morning off.
The knock on your door did little to waver your attention from your screen as your fingers worked to type and rename your essay.
“Y/n!” You heard your little brother call from behind you, it was followed by a click and the door squeaking open.
“What have I told you about opening my door without permission?” You whipped your head at him, clear annoyance in your tone.
“I knocked!”
“And? I didn’t say ‘come in’.” You turned back and faced your screen again, continuing to type.
You heard him sigh, clearly fed up with your reaction and bad mood.
“Mom said dinner is ready.” He stressed in a whining tone, you wondered when he would grow out of that habit of his. It bothered you to no end.
“Since when does mom cook?” Your snorted.
You felt bad for the comment but it was true, the last time your mother had cooked for either of you was when you yourself were a little girl. A part of you wondered when you would see that side of her again, the doting and affectionate mother because what was left of her was anything but. You were sure you could blame your father for that but you wouldn’t dare bring that up while he was sick.
“It’s takeout.”
You hoped it was Chinese.
“I’m not that hungry right now, I’ll get some later. “ You dismissed him.
That was a lie, you were kinda of hungry but you didn’t feel like sitting at dinner with your parents tonight. It was the same ordeal everyday, it has been ever since your father had been diagnosed. Dinner was always painfully uncomfortable, consisting of your mother’s passive aggressive comments in an attempt to not lash out at her neglectful husband while still somehow trying to keep the peace and savior her failed marriage. All while your father sat idly in his seat, barely uttering a few words in response. It was clear he was over it and had been for a while.
But you weren’t sure if he was over your mother or all of you in general.
You could practically feel your brother still lingering at the door.
“What are you doing?” Ji-hwan questioned and you sighed, not wanting to entertain your brother’s nosey questions.
“An essay, now leave. Go play some video games or something,” You mumbled the last words mainly to yourself and finally hear him shut the door behind you.
You clicked on the backspace on your keyboard relentlessly as the screen seemed to freeze up and you groaned. You couldn’t lose the little work you had written, you were already on a time crunch.
“Come on,” You clicked on your mouse, moving it around in an attempt to get the laptop to start working again. You were starting to get fed up as nothing seemed to be working but you refused to shut it off like you usually did, the thing would have to start working eventually.
A black window suddenly appeared on your screen and you squinted. It looked like some type of web browser but you didn’t recognize the name, you were sure you had never used it before, let alone installed it.
“I swear to god if I got a virus..” You cursed as you tried to exit the window but when you tried , it only duplicated and a website popped up. It didn’t look like a regular website, there was random codes all over the dark screen in a green text. It was a bunch of different letters and numbers being repeated over and over.
You were sure you had virus now.
You thought back to what you could of possibly downloaded to get it but nothing came to mind. You rarely downloaded anything, the few times you had were only school related. The only other people who had been on your laptop recently was your brother and your friend, Mina for a project you were doing together a couple of weeks ago.
Your bets were for sure on your little brother.
Suddenly, the codes disappeared and your screen went black again, it had a username in and password requirement in the middle with a red log in button beneath the letters.
You tried to click out of it but when your fingers tapped against your mouse, the screen loaded and displayed what seem to be some type of video playing.
You furrowed your eyebrows, watching as the video showed nothing but an empty bedroom. Your eyes traveled across the screen, a bright red text read ‘LIVE’ on the top left corner.
What the hell?
Your eyes met the chat box down below it that was moving a bit too fast for your liking.
[ Live Chat ]
0kj12: come on show us already!
tae-h23fk: he didn’t do it lmfao
jk_97: the fucker totally pussied out of it
jm138p: why the hell is he stalling so much for
What they were saying only left you more confused and your curious gaze met the video again , you saw someone shifting from the corner of the room, the side of his body slightly coming into frame and he seemed to be pulling on something.
What was going on?
jk_97: i told him he should’ve planned ahead , he acts too impulsively
jm138p: i sent him the [encrypted message ] last week and he didn’t listen to me
0kj12: those are a bitch to get a hold of, i ran them through last month and it took me a good 5 hours to decode it
jk_97: 5 hours?? are you serious haha
tae-h23fk: hey not everyone is a pro like you man
Your curiosity got the best of you and before you could think twice, your fingers met the keyboard.
[ user na21_ has entered the chat ]
na21_: what is this??
You didn’t even know why you could chat in the box or where that username had come from, you figured it was just due to not being signed up on whatever the hell this website was that it randomly generated you a user.
tae-h23fk: nice of you to join us
0kj12: hey did you get the email i sent you ? and the file?
Email? File? What were they talking about?
na21_: what file?? and what is this video ?
jk_97: why are you playing dumb you know what it is
0kj12: the [encrypted message ] i need it , payment is due this week
na21_: i have no idea what you’re talking about
jm138p: typing….
jm138p: you’re stoned aren’t you
You frowned as you continued to type.
na21_: idk how i got here it just popped up on my screen
tae-h23fk: cut the bullshit when are you going to have it ready
jk_97: typing…..
jk_97: hold up i need to check something
You sighed in frustration.
na21_: i’m not playing with you now will you tell me how to exit this fucking thing
tae-h23fk: the hell are you on about
You scoffed, these definitely had to be some preteens acting all tough behind a screen.
When you went to type again your message wouldn’t send. You re-tried to send it again but the same thing happened, your message wouldn’t show up in the chat box.
Then one username in the chat box was highlighted, the texts a bright red.
jk_97: how did you log into this account? this is a private chat
You knitted your eyebrows. You went to type again and this time it let you but your messages were in gray now instead of black, you figured this must of meant they were only visible to the one user that was highlighted because you watched the rest of the chat continue to have a conversation that was completely unrelated to you.
na21_: im telling you idk , it literally popped up on my screen
jk_97: there’s no way you could of accessed this without downloading the software required so stop playing stupid
jk_97: tell me how you logged into this specific account
na21_: idk! i just clicked the screen and it automatically logged me in?? can you just tell me how to exit out this thing
jk_97: i don’t recognize your IP address so you definitely haven’t been on here before , who are you?
You bit your lip as you contemplated how to respond. You were getting a bit sketched out by how seriously he was taking this whole thing.
jk_97: forget it, i’ll found out myself
Your eyes widened as you read over the message. What did they mean by that?
Your mouse tapped against the screen, trying to click on anything else to somehow close this window but your attempts were no use. The website didn’t even have an exit button. You tried pressing the ‘esc’ key as well which usually would of worked but it didn’t this time. Of fucking course .
Your attention traveled back to the video above that was playing. The camera was moving angles and a person finally appeared behind the screen, it looked like a man but what really threw you off was the Vendetta mask he wore. The image was already disturbing but your eyes nearly bulged out of your sockets when you took notice in what was behind him.
There was a woman chained to his bed, what looked like duct tape was covered around her mouth and her muffled screams hit your ears. She shook vigorously around the bed as the man positioned the camera upwards, fitting both of them into the frame as he held it up with one hand. It was as if he was vlogging the entire experience and the casual attitude in the midst of her frantic behavior was incredibly unsettling.
You watched as he flipped over the camera, no longer showcasing himself but only her instead. She wore a simple tank top and some gym shorts, one sock still on her foot. The man behind the camera came to grasp her face gently, caressing her tear stained cheeks as she flinched back from his touch, another high pitched muffle leaving her.
This couldn’t be real right? This had to be some type weird roleplay. You knew some people were into that stuff but you couldn’t shake the heavy feeling in your chest. If this was simply a roleplay, the girl could act her ass off.
But what if it wasn’t?
Your gaze fell back on the chat box underneath that you had forgotten for a moment.
0kj12: ah fuck you actually did it..
jk_97: it was about time
jm139p: fuck shes hot you’re a lucky bastard
There was no way you were reading all of this correctly. Your eyes darted back and forth to the video and the chat box, trying to figure out what was happening and how real it all actually was. You knew there was certain websites that indulged in certain strange activities but nothing about this screamed pornography, at least not yet.
That one user was back to a highlighted red.
jk_97: you’re a little college student, aren’t you baby girl? and a pretty one at that
jk_97: you shouldn’t be on here but i think you already figured that out
You felt your heart sink at the message. The irritation you had been feeling quickly replaced with fear as you read over the message again and again.
Okay, maybe you were wrong.
This was definitely not just some random sketchy website. No, you were starting to suspect it was a bit more than that and you could only hope you were wrong and these people were just fucking with you.
You took a deep breath and decided on the one smart thing to do for once since you had acted so impulsively up until now.
na21_: first of all im a dude and i’m in high school so idk what you’re talking about
A clear lie and you knew it was unlikely for them to fall for it but you didn’t no what else to respond. It’s not like you were about to confirm what they just said.
jk_97: you’re scared, did the video frighten you?
jk_97: don’t worry, the girl is in good hands. in fact, it was long overdue.
Was he implying that it wasn’t a roleplay? Or was this part of the act?
na21_: is this one of those extreme roleplay sites?
jk_97: you’re too cute
jk_97: you should get out of this web browser before you come across the wrong people
You had a feeling that you already did.
jk_97: and one more thing….
jk_97: you look extra pretty when you’re scared
How could they have possibly-
Before you even finish your thought, your eyes darted over to your webcam, the green dot glaring back at you.
You slammed your laptop shut and let out a gasp.
The desk shook as you pushed yourself off your chair and took a step back, as if the distance you were creating with your computer would help ease the anxiety.
You were being dramatic, right?
The chances of this stranger knowing your personal information that fast wasn’t likely. Plus, you had not even shared anything at all or downloaded the website? Granted, you were not the most tech-savvy person but you were sure you needed to actively look for and download certain browsers to access those parts of the internet.
But how had they accessed your webcam? Or had you turned it on beforehand unknowingly? You knew you had used it a while ago for your speech class video assignment but you were sure you hadn’t used it again since. Had you? Even if you had it on, you didn’t understand how they could see you, you didn’t see yourself being displayed on the website at all.
It couldn’t have been what you were thinking, the web browser had popped up like some kind of ad, there was no way it would have given away all your information like that. Especially not things so specific.
Still, you were a bit shaken up. The added stress of the school work that awaited you didn’t help at all. You sighed and took out your phone, deciding to get some of your essay done on it instead. You didn’t feel like opening up your computer again yet.
You paced for a while before you made your way over to your bed and let yourself fall on the comforter.
Chill out, you thought to yourself.
It was most likely some fucked up people trying to get a laugh.
But no matter how much you tried to rid yourself of the intrusive thoughts, your mind kept going back to that video you saw. The man, that creepy mask and most importantly the girl. Was she okay? That was dumb to even wonder, she didn’t look okay at all, she had been completely frantic and you couldn’t help but wonder if she really did need help.
What if you had actually witnessed a person being held hostage?
Stop it, no you didn’t.
There was no way someone would post something like that online, exposing themselves completely.
Unless it was what you thought it was. You had heard of the dark web before, I mean who hadn’t? But there was no way that was what you had accessed. Plus, you had heard how hard it was to access in the first place, the stories usually involved you needing to download certain softwares and search engines. You needed to know your way around it to some degree and you were positive you never came close to accessing or ever wanted to. It certainly wasn’t a simple click away on some random pop up.
“Y/n!” Your mother’s sudden voice made you flinch and you sighed as you pressed your hand over your chest.
“Dinner!” She yelled, her voice easily traveling through the thin walls of the confined apartment.
“I’ll be there in a second!” You shouted back, letting your phone drop beside you on the mattress as you got up to walk towards your door.
Chinese takeout could maybe help your illogical nerves.
The last thing you wanted to be doing right now was attempt to put a colored eye contact in your little brother’s eyes without completely blinding him in the process. Your pointer finger grasped the top of his eyebrows while your thumb stretched the skin beneath his eye to widen them further.
“Stay still.” You muttered in deep concentration as you brought the contact closer to his eye , but just as the tips touched his orb he blinked harshly causing the contact to slip from your unsteady fingers .
“Jih-wan!” You yelled in frustration.
“Ow,” He groaned as he blinked rapidly and a few teardrops slipped down his cheeks.
“You know , I don’t think Jason needs red eyes.” You concluded as you took a look at his poorly done costume, the plastic white mask far too big for his face hung loosely around his neck and he wore a simple ripped t-shirt underneath his jacket.
But you really were in no position to critique , you had a far less inappropriate outfit on and it wasn’t much more creative either. The tight black mini skirt you wore was just a slight breeze away from showing your entire backside. It was a good thing you decided to wear black tights underneath.
Obviously you had your own concerns regarding your costume considering it wasn’t even a costume, just some skimpy outfit with a pair of cat ears.
Then again, that was what the majority of college student Halloween costumes consisted of.
“Besides, didn’t you get these at a dollar store? You will surely get pinkeye by the end of the night.” You frowned as you stared down at the carpet floor, there was no way you would be finding that tiny contact now.
“Whatever .” Ji-hwan replied as as he fixed the smeared blood over his face. “It was meant to make it look cooler.”
“You’re dressed as the most basic horror movie villain, some contacts aren’t going to make it more impressive.” You state dryly and watched him scowl at you.
“At least I have an excuse, I’m twelve.” He scoffed, pointing towards your outfit. “ You’re twenty something with some cat ears.”
“I’m nearly twenty, you brat.” You defended, pretending his words didn’t offend you just a tiny bit. “ and I had little work with, we’re on a budget.”
The night was already not going as planned. For one, your parents had burdened you with the responsibility of babysitting your brother and taking him trick or treating tonight. It wasn’t as if you weren’t used to babysitting your brother your whole life but tonight was different, you had been invited to a Halloween party by your crush, the same guy you had been infatuated with since the beginning of high school.
Of course your parents had to get in the way of your plans but what bothered you the most is that it wasn’t because of something important or work related, well technically they were attending a Halloween party at your father’s office but it wasn’t directly related to his job.
Besides, who actually throws office Halloween parties? You thought they only threw Christmas ones and spent most of the time gossiping about how much they hated their coworkers rather than actually getting along.
A bunch of middle aged adults gathered up in a small office with cheap wine and some undercooked microwaved pizza didn’t exactly sound appealing but then again maybe that would change when you turned forty and had kids.
Your friend Mina had texted you saying you should stop by the party but you were having doubts. Plus, Mina had sent you a picture of her costume and she had looked amazing as always, you were a little bitter she had not told you to dress up with her considering she was dressed as Bubbles, a power puff girl that you could of easily matched with but you knew she hadn’t expected you to come in the first place. You had mentioned how you were planning on staying home with your brother and watching movies instead.
From Mina: Girl you better come, you look hot asf.
You smiled as you read over her reply to the quick mirror selfie of your outfit you had sent her.
But the smile quickly was wiped off your face when you noticed another notification pop up.
From Unknown Number: Cat ears?Come on you could do better than that baby. Just because your friend is dressed like a whore doesn’t mean you have to.
You knitted your eyebrows at the crude message. Who the hell was this?
Your phone buzzed again.
From Unknown Number: But I must say, you do look sexy in that little skirt.
“What the fuck..” You muttered as you tapped on the number.
To Unknown Number: Who the hell is this ??
You couldn’t begin to explain how freaked out you were , had you accidentally sent the selfie to this random number as well? But as you scrolled up, there was in indeed no picture that was sent. This only left you feeling more confused, how the hell did they know what you had sent?
You looked down at the new message.
From Unknown Number: Did you forget me already ?
You stared blankly at the message, thinking over what they were saying.
No way.
There was no way it was one of those people you had chatted with, right?
The shady incident had happened over a week ago, it had long left your mind and you had completely forgotten about it up until this moment.
Now everything was coming back to you and that same paranoia greeted you once again.
Your fingers grazed over the keyboard and you saw the little blue dots forming, they were typing again.
Before they could even send another message you quickly tapped the block button.
Your fingers trembled slightly as you brought your phone down and took a quick glance around the room, was someone possibly watching you? Is that how they know what you were wearing?
Or was it maybe some sick Halloween prank? Maybe your friend had given out your number to a weirdo you went to class with or had shared your selfie with someone else? You were thinking of every possible reasonable explanation but even those seemed to far fetched. You knew Mina wasn’t the type to give out your number randomly.
Not to mention they had messaged you nearly right after you had sent her the selfie, how could she have had time to send it that fast to someone else? No, there was no way.
Calm down, calm down.
It could of just been a simple glitch in your phone.
“Are we going now?” Your little brother whined beside you and you blinked at him, as if barely realizing what you had been doing before the weird texts.
“Um,” You nodded, clearing your thoughts. “Y-yeah, yeah let’s go.”
You shoved the plastic orange pumpkin bucket towards him and grabbed your keys off your dresser. You followed behind him as he made his was over to your bedroom door but you couldn’t let yourself feel completely at peace as you took another look behind you.
“What are you doing?” Ji-hwan’s tone was just as judgmental as you expected it to be but you ignored him as you turned back and crossed the room, coming to make sure your curtains were closed completely. You wished the material wasn’t so thin but you supposed it was better than nothing.
After making sure there was in fact no possible way someone was spying on you, you made your way back over to to your brother and practically pushed him out the door.
Your eyes trailed over the rattling tree branches, the strong wind was relentless tonight. Your eyes squinted slightly as you stared up at the dark sky, the full moon out completely. You had been to five houses already and only two of them had been worth it. You wondered when people had started to be so stingy with candy but then again your own family wasn’t so generous with treats. You didn’t feel like being a hypocrite tonight so you decided not to comment on it. Halloween was quite strange in general, kids taking candies from complete strangers was accepted on this night only despite the obvious red flags that were presented.
You watched as your little brother held out his pumpkin bucket to the old lady as well as the rest of kids next to him. The house was covered in the usual ‘scary’ decor, filled with spiderwebs on the front porch and a fake skeleton that greeted you at the entrance. It glowed a dark green color when it opened his mouth and your eyes trailed over the giant blow up pumpkins that stood behind the fence.
“Nice,” You muttered at the sight, you shifted your weight to your other leg and you stood awkwardly beside a group of parents next to you. One lady gave you a long side-eye you chose to ignore while the middle-aged man behind you seemed to be taking a good look down your ass, which only made you tug on your jacket around you tighter.
“They had the good kind of chocolates.” Jih-wan exclaimed as he walked back over to you and you didn’t waste any time before you sped off in front of him, itching to get away from the judgmental parents behind you
“Great, can we leave now?” You asked him, eyeing his bucket of candy. It seemed fairly full and you only hoped he had enough so you could tuck him inside his room with some Halloween movies to watch for the restof the night .
“What?! We barely started!” You inwardly cursed, you didn’t feel like stopping at any more houses , the platforms you were wearing were already killing you.
As you continued to walk down the sidewalk, your eyes took in a tall figure walking in the opposite direction. You swallowed as you neared him, he wore a dark mask over his face that only revealed his compelling dark eyes. His sharp eyebrows only added to his intense gaze and your stomach dipped a bit at the sight. The earrings decorating his ears shined , one shaped as cross dangled from his left ear.
When you passed him, he glanced over your way. His stare made shivers run down your spine. You felt his shoulder slightly brushed yours and you were unable to break your gaze from him even after he walked past you. You turned your neck, eyeing the way he made his way down the sidewalk.
Could it be?
You watched as he stopped by the house you had just left, seemingly waiting for someone, a kid you assumed.
A sigh of relief left your lips.
You were really starting to lose it.
Were you really going to start suspecting of every stranger around you? You didn’t even have the slightest idea of what those people in that chat looked like, for all you knew you could of had been chatting with greasy old men.
“Let’s go there!” Your little brother announced, causing you to turn your attention back to him. He was pointing towards a large house at the end of the street and you could already tell this one was giving out some good stuff judging by the extravagant decorations.
“Fine but this is the last house.” You stated sternly, watching as he skipped ahead of you.
You felt your phone go off inside your bag and you went to take it out, pressing on Mina’s notification.
From Mina: Bad news. Just saw Jaehyun making out with the girl from our chemistry course.
You felt your heart sink a little as you read her message. The girl from chem? You thought back trying to remember her name, you knew she was often seen hanging around your crush but you never thought it was anything serious. Well, it wasn’t like them making out at a party entailed there was something serious either but you didn’t want to admit it was probably clear they liked each other.
You had been hopeful but you had seen the way Jaehyun had stolen glances at her in class, not to mention they had always partnered up for projects. From the little you had seen of it, the clues were there.
To Mina: Guess I’m skipping out on the party lol
From Mina: You can still come? Don’t let a guy ruin it for you.
From Mina: but you might want to hurry, I think someone called the cops because some idiots broke out into a fight by the pool
You frowned . That didn’t sound like it was about to be a good time, not to mention you didn’t feel like being stuck in the same space as your crush who was probably planning on getting laid with another girl tonight.
To Mina: Think I’ll pass, have fun though!
“Honestly, I think I should of gone for a deep red shade instead.“
You stared at Mina’s bright blue highlights, inspecting them further. Her hair was in fact vibrant but you didn’t think it looked bad.
You were sitting outside of the college building on of the outdoor benches, your attention span had been worse than usual in your lecture today and to make things worse you had gotten a bad grade on that essay for your sociology class.
“I think it suits you, you can always dye it back when you get sick of it.” You stated as you stared back at the notebook besides you, tapping your pencil against it.
She frowned at your words and let out a sigh.
“That means you hate it.”
“I don’t!” You denied , mouth agape in shock.
She laughs as she runs her fingers through the semi dry strands again.
“It’s okay, I hate it too.” She assures you and you sighed as you shook your head.
“You look hot either way.” You reply as you write down more of your notes, trying your best to keep your usual routine but you had been a bit on edge. The messages had stopped, you hadn’t received any new ones after blocking the number, that relaxed you at least.
“I know,” She smiled and her eyes settled on your face, taking in your expression.
“What’s up? You look kinda worried.”
You didn’t know if you should burden her with your issues, was it even smart to involve her in it? If this was truly a more serious situation involving a possible stalker, you didn’t want to involve anyone else. You had heard horror stories about the dark web, after all that’s all you had been researching for the past week. Alright, maybe Reddit wasn’t the most reliable source but still, all those people couldn’t have been lying, right?
“Ugh,” You whined, “I don’t even know if I should tell you.”
She tilted her head, now seeming more concentrated in what you were about to say.
“What?” She urged, and her eyes widened. “ Are you pregnant?”
Of course Mina’s mind would immediately go that scenario first.
“What? No!” You chuckled at her ridiculous thought. She knew you had broken up with your ex nearly a year ago now , there’s no way you could have been pregnant.
Well, technically there was but you weren’t really the type to hook up casually.
Except if it was Jaehyun that is. But he didn’t seem to pay you any mind these last few days.
“Then what is it? You look scared as hell,” She stressed , leaning forward.
You really did need to confine in somebody already.
“Okay, this is going to sound crazy but I think I may be getting stalked..” You say lowly . Mina’s eyebrows knit together at your words and you elaborate.
“I- I think I may have accessed the dark web somehow.” You add and watch as a stoic expression takes over face before her lips tilt upwards.
“Wait what? What do you mean?” She snorts, shaking her head.
You didn’t even know how to explain this without sounding like an idiot and a lunatic.
“I don’t know, about two weeks ago this really sketchy browser popped up on my screen, I clicked it and it sent me to this weird website, “ You explained.
“There was this super strange video of a girl tied up to a bed by this guy with a mask and I messaged with the people in the chat box.”
Mina’s face went from being skeptical to concerned in a matter of seconds.
“You talked to the people on there ? What did they say?”
You tried to remember their messages to you and how much none of it had made sense, it was as if they were speaking about some type of business deal involving payments.
“I don’t know, it didn’t make much sense. Some of the messages were encrypted.” You shrugged but held your hand up as you brought up the particular message you were concerned about.
“But, there was this one user who talked to me directly and he made a creepy comment about knowing I was in college and said he was looking at me through my webcam.” You confessed, that sounded even worse out load and you felt a shiver run down your spine.
Mina seemed to be processing your words, leaning back a bit before she finally shook her head.
“You probably have a virus, it must of been one of those really kinky role-play websites. “ She dismissed , smirking a bit.
“ I doubt it’s anything serious, there’s no way you could of accessed those nets, you’re pretty bad with technology. “
You grinned at her joke but you couldn’t shake off the feeling of paranoia. She was right, that’s what you had been assuming this whole time but what about that text message that was sent to you? Had it even been related at all? Most likely not.
“Why don’t you let me borrow your laptop?” Mina asked , nodding towards your backpack beside you . “My cousin is a tech nerd and all that shit. He could get rid of the viruses and install some privacy protection stuff.”
“Really?” You asked, staring down at your backpack, you reached over and slowly took out your laptop. “ How much would he charge me?”
Mina scoffed and waved her hand.
“Nothing, he loves doing this type of shit. I’ll just tell him you’re my friend.” She says as she takes the old laptop from your hands.
“Thank you,” You sigh in relief, feeling a weight lift off your shoulders already. “It’s been stressing me out so much.”
Mina rolled her eyes as she gave you a grin from ear to ear, her bangs lifting up from the strong breeze that was starting to pick up around you.
“You worry too much, it’s all good.”
You chewed on your granola bar as you depressingly scrolled through your feed on Instagram. A comedy sitcom was playing in the background and you could hear your brother obnoxiously playing some video game down the hall. The usual Sunday night.
Your fingers tapped against your screen, debating whether or not to search the profile you had in mind.
It wouldn’t end well, you knew it. You were almost positive you would find something on Jaehyun’s page that would crush you. You had a feeling that girl would be on there and it was petty but you couldn’t hide the burning jealousy inside you.
It was a simple crush, you knew that but one of your many flaws was how much you spent idolizing your crushes and thinking they were a lot more special than they actually were.
Despite that you still went against your better judgement and started searching his username.
You frowned as his profile didn’t come up on the search bar.
You bit your lip and as you went back to your profile and searched through your following list but you didn’t see his profile there either.
Did he..?
Why would he do that? You two were fairly friendly with each other, there wouldn’t be a reason why he would block you.
You felt embarrassment creep up, had you done something unknowingly?
You groaned, trying to think about every possible reason he could of just randomly blocked you for but Jaehyun didn’t seem like the type to do that. I mean, you didn’t know him that well but he always seemed too chill for any sort of mindless drama.
The sound of a notification buzzed through your phone and it pulled you out of your deep pondering.
You clicked on the text message.
From Unknown Number: You should start going for people who actually like you baby girl
From Unknown Number: And a History major? What a bore and a pretentious douche
Your mouth hung open at the messages.
Was this the same person from last time? Who was this?
It had to be someone you went to college with, how else would they have known Jaehyun was a history major?
You were about to reply to the message but your phone buzzed again in the midst of typing your text .
From Unknown Number: Btw, you might want to lock your bedroom window. It’s quite rickety.
From Unknown Number: I do like your curtains though, floral right? Suits you
You felt your heart sinking further with every text.
No way this was happening to you.
You tossed your phone aside and bolted towards your bedroom, making your way down the small hallway . The door of your bedroom slammed the wall by how hard you had swung it open. You ran towards your window , hands shaking as you tightened the old lock. You pressed down on it more with your thumb and hissed as you finally heard the ‘click’.
You stared out the window, eyes inspecting every single detail outside your building. There didn’t seem to be anyone , and you watched the traffic driving on the intersection a few feet away. Your gaze fell on a few people walking down the sidewalk but they quickly passed by, disappearing into the darkness of the night.
Nothing seemed out of the ordinary.
That was until you caught sight of what was beneath the street light ahead of you. There was a hooded figure, you couldn’t make them out completely but judging from their build and height, everything pointed towards a male.
At first you suspected it was just a random person out for a smoke or waiting for the bus but then you realized the bus stop wasn’t until a few more blocks down.
It was unlikely.
But it wasn’t, none of it was unlikely after what you had just read.
You watched as the man lifted up his hand, sending a slow wave your way.
This was no coincidence anymore.
You stared at his almost calculated movements, you couldn’t see anything. Couldn’t make out his face at all. It was just a dark shadow, only slightly illuminated by the orange dim light of the street lamp he stood underneath.
It made it all more terrifying.
You shut your curtains harshly and stepped back.
What had you gotten yourself into?
Someone was following you.
You were sure of it.
Yet you couldn’t let yourself look behind you.
They had began following you since you had left work, once you were out of the parking lot and had made your way to the sidewalk. You had noticed someone, a tall someone with all dark attire lingering behind you as you crossed the busy street.
When you had turned , they had also turned. You had started picking up your pace, testing to see if they would also but they didn’t. They followed slowly , distractingly almost.
You had been walking for a good 10 minutes and they still had not got in another direction, no matter how many corners you had turned. You decided to take another route to your house, a longer one.
You weren’t sure if you should even head home to begin with, you always heard you weren’t meant to walk straight to your house if you were being followed.
But what if this was the same person who had been standing outside your window the other day? The one who had been practically harassing you with vague and disturbing text messages of your private life.
You had told Mina about them, calling her immediately after the incident but she had told you to relax and that it must’ve of been some douchebag from one of your classes messing with you. She had stressed that it had to be someone that you knew, even in passing and had gone to school with.
However, this wasn’t middle school and whoever was messing with you had a disturbing way of showing interest. You didn’t buy it for a second. The intentions were malicious, what sane person would play those types of games ? You knew college guys were immature but this was too severe. It was downright creepy and invasive.
You insisted that it couldn’t be just be an innocent joke to Mina but she had told you she would help you resolve it when she got back from her trip next week and even accompany you to the police station.
You had debated contacting the authorities right away but you were scared, you didn’t want to burden your family with more stress than they already had. It almost seemed pathetic to you, your father battling cancer and your worn out mother trying her best to take care of him while struggling with the financial situation you all were in. Her daughter being stalked would just be the cherry on top.
Now you were regretting that decision.
You decided to take your chances and take a quick glance behind you, the person was still a good distance from you but they had gotten closer.
The sun was going down, and you knew that was a clear warning sign you needed to hurry up and get home.
You quickened your pace again, staring down at your shoes in determination. Your apartment was only a few blocks away now.
You took another look behind you.
The person was walking faster.
You felt your heart begin to race, you turned a corner , walking down the familiar street you always took home.
Of course the person also turned and they were right on your tracks.
You could hear them behind you now, their footsteps getting louder. This only encouraged you to pick up your pace even more, you were jogging now.
It was clear you were trying to put as much distance as possible between the person and any other normal pedestrian would of taken notice of this and slowed down or stopped completely. Even turning another way.
But no, the person behind you kept that same steady pace. They were speed walking towards you.
You cursed as you heard them almost right behind you.
They were coming to get you.
You were going to die.
You turned down the last street, finally seeing your apartment building a few feet away .
That’s when it stopped.
The footsteps stopped abruptly.
You turned, slowing down as you saw the person continue to walk straight ahead. In completely different direction from you, quickly disappearing ahead behind the tall fences of the surrounding houses.
You breathed heavily, looking around you.
Had you really been that paranoid?
You still felt shaken up and you wondered if this was just a set up, what if they rounded the corner and came back to run up on you ?
With that you took off, practically full on running towards your apartment now. Your legs flew up the metal staircase , hurriedly putting your key in the lock and shutting the door behind you.
You closed your eyes briefly as you leaned back against your front door.
The apartment was quiet, signaling your parents and your brother weren’t home.
The sudden knocking that followed made you jump forward.
You turned around, eyeing the door as the knocking continued then stopped. You swallowed as you took a cautious step forward, taking out your phone in the process.
You had 911 ready on speed dial as you leaned forward and took a look through the peep hole of the door.
It was a guy, he wore a black cap that covered his messy dark locks. He lifted up his head, displaying his face. Handsome features stared back at you, and your eyes trailed downwards, noticing he was holding a familiar looking laptop in his hands.
“Shit,” You mumbled as you put your phone back in your pocket and unlocked your door, swinging it open.
He looked a little startled by the action, taking a step back before he gave you a small nod in acknowledgment.
“Hey, are you Y/n?” He questions uncertainly , raising an eyebrow at you. He holds up the laptop in his hands. “ I’m Mina’s cousin, she told me to drop this off .”
“Uh yeah, sorry I wasn’t expecting anyone.” You admitted, your heart rate slowly normalizing now.
“It’s alright,” His lips tilt up, as if finding your skittish state amusing before he hands the laptop over to you.
“ You had a couple of viruses, I got rid of them and I installed some ad blockers along with some privacy protection.”
You took your laptop and nodded, your gaze studying him. He was undeniably attractive. You noticed he had an eyebrow piercing along with a lip one, the ring shining against the side of his mouth.
He also had a few earrings on both of his ears, one in particular stood out. It was a cross, dangling from his left lobe.
That earring, where had you seen it before?
“Thank you so much,” You gave him a grateful smile, tapping your fingers against the laptop.
“I honestly don’t even know how I got those viruses.” You wondered with a frown.
“Well, it’s easy to get them, downloading unknown stuff, clicking on ads..” He informed you with a tilt of his head.
“Porn even…” He finished with a sheepish smile and your cheeks warmed at his implication.
You were going to kill your brother.
“I-I don’t, I mean I don’t usuall-“ You stumbled over your words.
“ I have a little brother.” You blurted out finally and watch an understanding look cross his face. “ Preteens, you know?”
“Definitely, been there.” He nods with a tight lipped smile.
This was far more awkward than you had intended it to be.
“I also downloaded a few updates, hope you don’t mind. It should make it work better since it is an old model.” He added, biting his lip.
“I appreciate it. “ You stepped back, holding the side of the door. “ Mina told me you wouldn’t charge me but I feel bad.”
“I only cleaned your laptop, it’s really nothing at all. Took a few minutes.” He assures you with a shrug.
“I’m really clueless when it comes to technology, sorry.” You felt pretty dumb for not knowing the basic ins and outs of your own laptop but to be fair, the outdated device always worked so slow that you didn’t bother much with it besides to do schoolwork.
He smirks at that.
“It’s alright, we all have our specialties I guess.” He turns his head before he takes a step back. “ I better get going.”
You nod as he turns to leave and you’re about to close the door before you remember something. You pop your head back out.
“Wait!” He turns his head slowly at the sound of your voice, his hands gripping the top of the metal staircase.
“Sorry, I forgot to ask for your name?”
His eyes bore into you, licking his bottom lip before he drawls out.
“Thanks again, Jungkook.” You smile before shutting the door and taking out your phone quickly.
To Mina: Why didn’t you tell me you had a hot piece of ass for a cousin
Thankfully your laptop had been working better now, faster even and you assumed it had to do with some of the updates Mina’s cousin had mentioned.
You had to admit it was more stress relieving to work on it now that you were sure nobody was spying on you through the webcam and didn’t need to place a sticky note over the camera.
That software had not popped up again, no ads at all even. You couldn’t thank Jungkook enough.
The smell of something burning hit your nostrils and your gaze fell on the pot on the stove, you could see the bubbling soup was spilling out from the sides and spreading all over from your seat on the couch.
You hissed as you ran to shut it off and moved the pot to the side, the towel you had gotten to grab it wasn’t enough to not burn you in the process.
Your mother emerged from the hallway with a startled look on her face.
“Oh god,” She sighed as she came to grab the towel from your hands to wipe off the mess on the stove.
“I must’ve fell asleep, your dad wanted me to make him some soup..” She said and you could see the eye bags on her wrinkled face.
You knew your mom had fallen into a negative state ever since you’re father was diagnosed with the terminal illness but it was hard to see her actually worried for him. They had spent nearly your entire childhood fighting and insulting each other, you couldn’t remember the last time they had even been neutral with each other.
But now, she had even tried to cook for him? You almost wanted to tell her he didn’t deserve that but you kept your mouth shut. He was still your dad after all, no amount of bad mouthing was gonna change that.
“Mom its fine but don’t leave stuff cooking while you nap, you’re gonna burn down this apartment.” You sighed.
“Where even is dad?” You question, noticing you had not seen him all day.
“The pharmacy, he’s picking up some prescriptions .” She replied as she waved the towel around the smoke that still lingered in the air . You were wondering why the fire alarm hadn’t went off but most things in the apartment didn’t work accordingly.
“Oh by the way, that package came for you earlier while you were out.” Your mom pointed to the side and you followed her gaze, a square package was placed on the kitchen table.
A package?
You didn’t remember ordering anything.
“Y/n , you better not be wasting money online. You know we are in a tough situation right now.” Your mother scolded behind you.
The fact that she needed to remind you of the amount of medical bills we still had to pay was insulting. You were well aware of the situation, your entire paycheck was always handed to your parents.
“I’m not.” You snapped, unable to keep your attitude from slipping out.
Your fingers tugged on the seal, ripping open the package and you held in a gasp at what was inside.
It was a necklace, you took the delicate material into your fingers, eyeing it.
The necklace looked familiar and it took a few seconds for it to register in your brain.
It had been the same necklace you had been looking at online the other day, it was from a small business and you had visited their site a couple of times before but this necklace had caught your attention.
The price had been way out of your budget and you had not planned on actually buying it, if anything you had been checking to see if they would be some miracle lower the price or have a discount available.
You eyed the sapphire jewel, it was as beautiful and dainty as it had appeared on the website.
But you had not purchased it, so who did?
Your mind automatically went to Mina but you wondered how your friend would of even known you had been looking at this specific necklace. Not to mention your birthday was still a few months away.
The package was still in your hand so your eyes searched through it, looking for some type of note.
There was indeed something inside but it was not a note, instead a red long envelope was placed inside.
You picked it up and noticed there was no writing on the outside so you immediately tore it open and reached inside.
What the fuck.
You let out a shaky breath and swore your heart stopped completely at the sight of what was in your hands.
They were pictures.
Pictures of you.
It was you sleeping in your bed s and the angle of the picture suggested it was taken from someone hovering over you. They had zoomed in on your neckline.
Your fingers trembled as you looked through more of the pictures, there all practically the same. Just you sleeping, blissfully unaware that someone had taken a picture of you. You were wearing a different shirt in each picture, meaning they had been taking on different days.
“What’s in the package?” The curious tone coming from your mother hit your ears and it took everything not to turn to face her.
“N-nothing, just a book.”
You practically stormed Mina’s house, shoving right past her when she opened the door, not bothering to even ask if you could come in. You were in far too much of a panicked state.
She must of been so caught off guard, you hadn’t even bothered calling her before you came.
“This is bad, this is so bad.” Your hands trembled as you paced back and forth in her living room. You heard her shut the door and rush over to you, gripping your shoulders.
“Y/n! Wait what’s going on?” She demanded, staring at you frantically as she tried to get you to focus on her.
You handed her the pictures in your hands, your breaths had not steadied at all. Your entire body was quivering uncontrollably and your eyes were bloodshot and burning from all the crying.
You watched as she studied the pictures carefully, going through them.
“Someone has been in my room.”
They had been standing there. Taking pictures of you while you slept unknowingly. You shuddered at the image, you didn’t even want to think about it. The thought of a stranger watching you like that, it filled you with complete disgust, you felt so incredibly exposed.
“Oh my god..” Mina whispered, looking back up at you with wide eyes.
You tugged on your hair in exasperation.
“We need to go to the authorities, whoever is doing this is insane!” More tears fell down your face and you hiccuped between sobs.
“They could be planning something! What if they want to murder me?” You cried out, the idea wasn’t too far fetched at all.
This person was clearly disturbed. Who was to say their next step didn’t involve slicing your body up? Choking you in your sleep?
“Okay, okay calm down.” Mina nodded as she gripped the pictures and tugged on your arm, leading you through the hallway that connected to her kitchen.
“You need get yourself together first, it’s gonna be okay.” She comforted you as you took a seat down at the table.
You couldn’t even focus on what she was saying but you watched as she took a mug from the pantry and started putting water into a kettle on the stove.
“I can’t! This person has been watching me for weeks, Mina.”
You recalled back to that instance in the window, those texts and the pictures.
It was all connected. It had to be.
“They’ve been in my room, in my house.” You rambled on as you let another cry of distress.
“Oh my god, my family is in danger too.”
The thought of them possibly being in any sort of danger right in this moment made you feel sick to your stomach. You needed to tell them, it had been so idiotic of you to try and keep it from them, this wasn’t only about you now.
Mina takes a deep breath before she walks behind you. You hear her shuffling, looking for something you assume. Tea bags, maybe.
“Do your parents know you’re here?”
You shook your head wordlessly, your hands rubbing over your face.
“No,” You reply back and furrow your eyebrows as you thought over her question, had you heard her correctly?
“Why would that matt-“
“I’m sorry, Y/n.”
You hear Mina say behind you before you feel an excruciating pain in your head. You stumble out of the chair and hit the floor, your vision immediately going blurry.
You feel the cold tiles against your cheeks, your head felt numb, like it was buzzing.
You groan, blinking rapidly in an attempt to recover your vision but the blow to your head was too severe. You could feel your body giving out, and soon your surroundings disappear completely.
“Why the fuck did you knock her out?”
“Relax, she will be fine.”
“I gave you the damn tea for a reason.”
“I panicked, okay! I thought she might’ve run off before I had the chance to give it to her.”
“If she’s seriously hurt, you’re fucking dead”
“This is all your faul-“
“Shut up! She’s waking up..”
The voices sounded so muffled to your ears, you could barely make out what they were saying.
It felt like you were spinning and your head was throbbing. Your eyelids slowly blinked, trying to adjust but it took you a while to clearly see anything.
You lifted yourself up, letting out a pained cry when another shot of pain hit your head.
“Shit, I’m sorry baby.” You heard a voice say beside you as you felt something being pressed behind your head. “ I know it hurts.”
Your eyes slowly met the figure, you squinted as you made out his features.
“J-Jungkook?” You croaked, trying to put the pieces together.
What the hell was Mina’s cousin doing here?
“Where’s Mina? What happened?” You try to lift yourself up more, noticing you were laying on a bed but that’s when you felt the restraints. Your eyes fell on your wrists, taking note of the right ropes tied around them.
Both your hands were confined to the bed frame.
“W-what is this,” You swallowed, you were still so incredibly disoriented and it was so hard for you to take in what was happening. Your brain seemed to be working in slow motion.
“Stay still,” Jungkook ordered, and that’s when you see he’s holding up an ice pack to your head. Blood was coating it.
“What the fuck happened?” Your lips trembled, your stomach sinking as you tugged on your wrists more.
“Why am I tied up?”
He ignored you.
You stare at him, he was wearing a simple dark hoodie, exactly like the one he had on that day he stopped by your apartment. Your eyes fell on that damn dangly cross earring of his.
That earring.
It finally clicked. The memory of the guy you had scene walking past you on Halloween night.
“You…” You began but something else caught your attention.
You turned your head, taking in your surroundings. You were in a large dark room, there was a bunch of PC’s in front of you. The monitors were widely spread against a long table. The lights of the keyboards blinked against the dimly lit area, there was headsets everywhere, tripods, cameras, tablets. It was filled with all types of devices.
You flinch as Jungkook’s presses the ice pack harder against your skull.
One monitor in the middle was displaying some footage that made you freeze. Your eyes watched as the camera zoomed in on a girl, she was undressing herself. She walked towards her closet, looking through more of her clothes before she stood in front of a mirror to try them on.
The girl was you.
“What the fuck!” You yelled as you pulled yourself away from the man beside you. You had to be dreaming right now.
“What is that!?” You point towards the monitors, your arm only going up so far due to the ropes holding you back.
Jungkook sighed , dark eyes staring into you.
“You.” He replied with a casual tone.
This couldn’t be real. Where the hell was Mina?
“You sick fuck!” You shouted at him, a look of pure disgust on your face. “ Where the fuck is Mina!?”
“Did you do something to her?”
He scoffed.
“You really are too innocent,” He states, narrowing his eyes. “ Mina was the one that smashed your skull with a vase, baby.”
Your body chills at his words.
“What?” You whisper, backing away further into bed. The walls around you were made out of bricks, there was no windows in sight and your eyes searched for the door but you didn’t see one around you.
You jolted as you heard the sound of metal screeching above you. Looking up, you saw a part of the ceiling that was outlined in the shape of a square. It opened, and a staircase unwrapped itself from the top, hitting the ground roughly.
You saw as someone started to climb down and you caught sight of the familiar white sneakers and blue highlights as they fully descended from the steps.
“Mina!” You called out, leaning forward but you hissed at the thick material around your wrists tugging you back once again.
“You’re hurting yourself.” Jungkook reprimanded , pushing you back against the bed frame again.
Mina slowly walked towards you, an unreadable expression on her face.
“Mina! Help me! What the fuck is going on!?” You screamed, widening your eyes at her but she stood there, watching you.
Not moving an inch towards you.
“Why are you just standing there!?” You sobbed, the ugly realization settling in but you were in denial.
This didn’t make any sense, this room or whatever it was. All these computers, these devices, it was all mortifying. The more you observed them, the more you saw every possible detail about your life on them.
Diagrams and blueprints of your entire apartment complex, a map the entire city with pinpoints leading to your address, your workplace, even the local coffee shop you always stopped by.
It even showed your little brother’s school, your parents workplace, their pictures stared back at you.
Everything. They had every aspect of your life on those screens.
Had Mina known about all of this? About what her cousin had been doing?
“I’m sorry.” She said, her eyes were blank and this wasn’t your friend. This wasn’t the Mina you had known for years .
“How long?” You demanded, not even sure you wanted to know the answer. The pain on the back of your head felt worse with every movement you made, making your entire head feel heavy.
“You shouldn’t have responded to that chat, Y/n” Mina shook her head, disappointingly at you. “ How could you be so stupid?”
“This wouldn’t have happened if you had not talked to the chat!” She snapped , clearly fed up with you and the entire situation. She seemed so fidgety and her eyes watered as she stared at you.
Jungkook watched his cousin with an almost thoughtful expression on his face as his lips twitched.
“Wow,” He drawled out, voice dropping a few octaves. “You’re an even better actor than me.”
Mina’s eyes slowly met his, glaring at him.
“Why do you even bother with it anymore, little cousin?” Jungkook shook his head, turning to face you now and his thumb smoothed over your cheek, wiping away some of the tears.
“She’s never leaving.”
His words cut through you and you felt the rising panic return to you, you let out a breathless laugh .
“You’re crazy,” You told them, your eyes darting between him and your friend, or used to be friend. “Both of you! Why are you doing this? Why me!?”
“Jungkook always get what he wants.” Mina shrugged, taking a step towards the monitors . There was resentment in her tone, at least that’s what you wanted to believe.
“And he wanted you.”
“Don’t act like you didn’t help,” Jungkook replied to her , not bother to even glance her way as his eyes took in your face , observing you too closely.
They were demented.
These people were criminals.
You watched as she handed Jungkook a phone and he lifted himself off the bed.
“Why are you letting him do this!” You tugged on your restraints again, fighting against the ropes that just wouldn’t budge.
“He’s family.” Mina replied , as if it was the most obvious justification to exist . She took a step back, facing the monitors completely as she typed something on the keyboard.
“I’m sorry you for the blow to your head baby girl, my cousin is quite reckless.” Jungkook sighed, still eyeing the side of your head before a smile met his lips.
“But you look so pretty regardless, I can’t believe you’re finally all mine.” He stated, eyes trailing slowly over your figure and you felt a wave of disgust wash over you at his action.
“ You know the cops will come looking for me right? You guys are fucking insane!”
“Shh, don’t struggle so much unless you want to pass out again .” Jungkook almost cooed , clicking his tongue disapprovingly.
“They aren’t going to find you, Y/n.” Mina broke the news to you with a straight face.
“They aren’t many traces of you, your laptop has been completely wiped out, we have your phone. The most they will do is create a search party for you, looking for your body in the nearby woods, “ Jungkook interjected , rolling his eyes. “ Like the idiots they are..”
“Then they will investigate my cousin here, your family and maybe the couple of people you knew at college. But they won’t find anything, you’ll just be another cold case. After all, how many other young women don’t go missing on the daily, baby girl?” Jungkook said , you could hear the slight condescending tone.
You had started to sob again in the midst of his cynical explanation.
“Jungkook.” Mina warned, urging him to stop.
You couldn’t bare the thought of never seeing your family again. Your mother, your little brother and even your father who you had thought you didn’t care much about anymore but at this moment all you wanted to do was see him.
He was ill, he would pass before you ever got out of here.
If you ever managed to.
“It’s better for her to start getting used to the idea,” Jungkook gave his cousin another biting glare. “ and don’t involve yourself in this anymore, I don’t need your input.”
Mina cowered at the look he was giving her, immediately going silent and backing away.
You watched as Jungkook slowly brought the camera up to your face, then angled it towards your entire frame, recording your entire body.
Then, he reached to pull out something behind him.
“We’re live.”
Mina’s voice made you bring your attention back to her but she refused to meet your gaze, staring towards the monitors instead.
You looked back at Jungkook, finally realizing what was in his hands.
A white mask.
A Vendetta mask.
You shook as he placed it over his face, stepping closer towards you as you stared directly at the lenses of the phone camera.
The scene was all too familiar.
All you could do was scream.
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bangtans-apollo · 2 days ago
Flower prompts: Bluebell, Azalea (Yandere! Taehyung)
Tumblr media
A - Azalea (prudence, temperance): “Another cut? It seems I need to take better care of you, darling.”
B - Bluebell (humility, gratitude): “I’ll be your humble servant, if only you’d let me.” taehyung
I added in A since I thought the two requests fit well together 😁💕 1k ish below
Prompt list here (one prompt per ask please, max 2 members per ask)
"Y-your majesty!!" You bowed your head deeply, already ashamed to have been so slow. You're sure you almost made eye contact- those burning eyes of his, haunting you forever. You knew well that the King didn't take kindly to acts of insubordination, and he had just caught you (with his very own eyes!) breaking a rule.
You were doomed.
His gaze finally leaves your form, sweeping around the store. Something seems to catch his eye, for he strides across the room, examining the bouquet.
He peers at the flowers, scrutinising, before he faces you again. You've done well to keep your head bowed so long, barely even taking a peek to see what he was doing in your store. It was always the best way; you shudder with thoughts of the time when you truly believed that you and Taehyung were equal, that you had no reason to follow those rules.
The King continues to stare at you, expectantly. You're not sure what it is he wants at all. You cannot raise your head, not in public, never again, so surely that can't be what he's expecting from you.
A guard makes his way over, behind the counter. You feel him elbow you, his breath stuffy on your skin. He hisses, "Do you greet all your esteemed customers like this? Don't you know?! This is the King, show some respect, you little-!"
"I-I'm sorry!" You plead, bowing even lower, "Your majesty, h-how may I help y-you today?"
The King sighs, eyes blazing once more. "All of you get out." You flinch, the sudden noise of the armoured guards leaving, heavy clanking along the way. "Not you, Y/n."
The guards have all left the store, though you can still see them stood outside, imposing forms casting a shadow on the window.
"I'd like to see how the bluebells I gifted you are growing, if that's alright." He waits. Of course, there's no refusing the King. No matter how soft his voice has become, no matter how much he longs to lock eyes with you once more.
You gulp. Truthfully, you hadn't cared for the small garden much at all- not just because of the Bluebells, or Taehyung, but you couldn't deny they had a lot do with it. This was bad. If he saw they were neglected, how would he react? Would he be mad?
You simply nod, not trusting that your voice won't betray your nerves. He looks pleased, you catch the quirk of his lips, see the glint in his eye as you lift your head. Perhaps he's amused. Perhaps he does this to many, thoroughly enjoying tormenting the commoners.
You lead Taehyung through to where your store connects to your cottage. It feels strange to show such nobility your living space, even if only briefly. You know that your entire cottage barely compares to his bathroom.
You have to put a little extra effort into pushing the door open. Hopefully Taehyung isn't aware that this only goes to show that you rarely visit.
A hand grips around your wrist suddenly. Your eyes widen, terrified. Is he angry? Had he noticed?
You turn your head, eyes flickering away the second they meet his. Another haunting gaze, full of fury. So he was angry after all. You were screwed. All he had to do was call the guards in, and you'd be dragged away to the dungeon forever. You'd never even get the chance to tend to your flowers, the little garden you'd neglected. It all seemed a waste, so silly now.
"Another cut?" He hisses, voice loud, right beside your ear. You flinch away, only to worsen your shaking. You shouldn't have done that, you can't offend him. You can't. Taehyung sighs, pressing his fingers around your palm, gently sealing them. Oh. He was looking at the bandage you'd wrapped around your hand? Why? What?? "It seems I need to take better care of you, angel."
Your whole body stills. It had been a long time since you'd heard that name, since you'd heard anyone calling you that. The last time he did...you shudder.
"Does it hurt?" Taehyung's voice grows strained, "Y/n?"
He's expecting an answer. You're almost whimpering, "No! No, it's fine!"
He hums in response, letting nothing show of his reaction. His fingers are still wrapped around your hand. "How did it happen?"
"I-uh...I was cutting the flowers and I...I was careless. It was my mistake." You wince at the face he makes. Of course, you're sure not to make eye contact with him again, a third time and you wouldn't be so lucky. But the dark look on Taehyung's face is frightening enough.
He doesn't say anything else on the matter. You're desperate to change the topic, move away from your incompetence. Hopefully the bluebells are doing well.
"W-would you like to see the bluebells? I'll admit I've been a little busy, so I haven't been able to care for them quite as much as I'd have liked, but I'm very grateful, your majesty."
Taehyung drops your hand, expression looking more and more unpleasant.
You really hope those flowers are doing well, and that his mood improves with it. You manage to heave the door open, finally, and dart over to inspect the flowers before Taehyung sees them. Assess how badly you're doing and all.
Not too bad! A few at the back are looking a little miserable, beginning to droop. But the weather hasn't been great these last few days, and your little garden is hardly sheltered. You have excuses, you have reasons. It's not purely because of your neglect, and Taehyung should believe that too. You hope.
"Ah! Here they are. Once again, your majesty-"
"Taehyung." He interrupts. You blank, surely looking bewildered. "Call me Taehyung. Please, Y/n."
You couldn't dare. You shouldn't. But this is a direct order from the King! You must agree, "Right. I'm sorry…" His gaze hardens, clearly waiting. You hope no one will hear this. "...Taehyung."
He nods, as though appreciative. "I've missed you, angel. So much."
"W-what…?" You squeak out, looking around desperately for an escape route. There is none. Taehyung stands before you, blocking any escape.
"Have you not felt the same?" He continues. "You haven't responded to a single one of my letters, the only gifts I know for sure you've received are these flowers. My angel, what's wrong? Why have you suddenly become so...withdrawn? What happened to the you who would-"
Youre panicking, saying things you shouldn't. You know that, you know it well, but it doesn't help you stop. You can't. "I can't do that anymore, Taehyung. I should've never done that. I could've been killed. Executed, for how impertinently I behaved with you. Me!" You laugh, bitter. "A mere commoner, lesser than any Palace maid, had the audacity to order you around! To act as if I was entitled to your aid? It was wrong of me, and for that, I sincerely apologise, your majesty."
Taehyung heaves a shaky breath, reaching a hand out. He grasps your chin, forcing eye contact. His eyes are watering, desperately searching your face for something. His lips quiver, nervous. You're scared of his reaction. One could even say he looks pitiful right now, and they'd be right, but he's still somehow terrifying. For this quivering, pitiful man in front of you, is the King.
"A Palace maid is far beneath you. You're far superior to them, to all of them. Y/n, I'll be your humble servant, if only you'd let me. And still, you would be within your right. You deserve the world, everything, my angel, my queen. And I am willing to provide it, to give you anything you may ever desire. All I ask is that you disregard the opinions of those beneath us, of those trying to separate us with their meagre jealousy. They can go to Hell, should they dare try to disrespect their Queen ever again."
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chinkbihh · 7 months ago
The Unsaid Vow (Prologue)
Synopsis- You always knew when you weren't wanted. And the way things are going in your marriage with Jungkook, a divorce is looking more and more likely. While he's getting closer to a woman at work that you're certain he's having an affair with, you're planning your escape with your four-year-old son. However, five years of marriage did not expose you to a certain side of your husband. A side of Jungkook that only gets triggered when you try to leave and break apart your perfect 'family'.
Warnings- Yandere behavior, graphic language, violence/murder, women bashing on other women, heavily implied infidelity, bad parenting, absent father, broken family vibes, very slow buildup bc Jungkook doesn't really snap until you leave him so just give him a min lol, inexperienced author writing for a four-year-old (I never wrote for a kid before pls gimme a break), also I chose my future son's name for this fic but pls feel free to name him whatever you want :)
Slow burn Yandere Husband Jungkook
Tumblr media
Word Count; 5.4k
Unlike the vast majority of married couples, neither you nor Jungkook donned wedding rings.
Never in your five years of marriage did you regret this decision, given it was brought upon by you and your husband’s lack of funds for fancy wedding bands at the time of your rushed marriage.
Well, you were never annoyed....until tonight, that is.
The scene before you was exceptionally intimate, so much so that you felt the instinctual need to look away in respect of the two before you.
The woman was gorgeous, effortlessly attracting all the attention the small conference room had to offer. In addition to this natural charisma spurred on by her borderline enchanting looks, her short and skin-tight red dress showed off her pleasantly curvy body. Her long, silky, and jet-black hair was pulled back into an elegant ponytail that provided a simple background for her darling features. Utterly doll-like was her face; petite, creamy in complexion with bright doe eyes and berry-pink lips.
Such a beautiful woman was currently in the arms of an equally, if not more so, attractive man.
He was tall and slender, yet not at all lanky given his sturdy build that was a testament to his strict workout regime. His olive skin was complimented with occasional tattoos, a mix of faded and fresh ink that you knew like the back of your hand despite only the tats on his hand currently showing in his crisp Valentino suit. His mid-length inky black hair was down to frame his sharp face, and indeed it was a very handsome one consisting of full eyebrows, bow-like lips, a fleshy yet impish nose, and two large, yet seemingly bottomless, raven orbs.
This man had his arms encircling the middle of the mysterious woman, her expression lifting into a light-hearted giggle as she leaned forward to whisper something in his ear.
Whatever she said must’ve been amusing to the man, given his usual stoic facade briefly melted away as he allowed a small smile at her words, his pearly round teeth peeking out for a split-second appearance.
If you didn’t know any better, you would have thought that these two were lovers.
But there was only one problem with this scene.
That was your husband, Jungkook.
And that woman in his arms was not you.
As if sensing your distress and wanting to soothe your well-founded suspicion, Jungkook pulled away from the woman and ran his gaze across the room- only stopping when he spotted you. Your spouse then gestured at you, the girl following his line of sight and landing on you and your pitiful spot by the snack table. Her joyful expression briefly dropped for a blink-and-you'll-miss-it second, but she quickly plastered on another grin and nodded. The two then strode their way over to you, barely giving you enough time to steel your nerves and muster a polite purse of the lips.
Before you knew it, the woman was right in front of you with your partner at her side instead of yours. Much to your dismay, she was only more attractive up close, and you narrowly held back a grimace as she held out a hand in introduction. You took it and shook it lifelessly.
“Hello, you must be Mrs. Jeon. I’m Sana, Jungkook’s colleague.” Even her voice was pretty, musical and light to the ears.
“H-Hi, nice to meet you but please call me Y/n.” A brief and awkward pause as Sana briefly sized you up and down. “Um, Jungkook has never mentioned you….” you trailed off, side-eyeing your husband in hopes he would intervene and add context to this random goddess he’s thrust upon you.
Jungkook gracefully took his cue and explained, “Sana transferred from another branch out of the city and has only been with us for five months. I’m her case supervisor and have been taking care of her, showing her the ropes and whatnot.”
Sana didn’t even spare you a glance as she fondly looked up at your husband, coyly biting her lip and saying in a much softer tone that could've been just for his ears only, “And he’s been really good at taking care of me.”
You didn’t consider yourself a jealous stay-at-home wife who obsessed over the tiniest details between her husband and other women, but the double meaning behind her badly-whispered comment was enough to make you splutter in disbelief. However before you could even gather up the courage to ask just what the hell ‘taking care of me’ consisted of, two new faces waltzed up and joined the conversation.
“Are you all enjoying this fabulous Christmas party?” A tall, broad-shouldered but nice-looking man asked in a tone of familiar amicability.
You thankfully smiled up at him, having met him many times before.
His name was Jin, and he was the one who got Jungkook this job.
It occurred about five years ago when you first told Jungkook that you were pregnant. Being the romantic but overall good guy that Jungkook was, he insisted that you two get married so that your child could have parents who were at least husband and wife. In addition it would also lessen the judgment in your two families, which at the time was extremely appealing to you. You had agreed to marry on one condition: after running to the courthouse you two would need to move in together in a decent apartment with a room for the nursery. But getting an apartment would mean month-to-month rent, and Jungkook’s tattooing gigs weren’t stable enough to ensure that.
Jin was originally a friend of Jungkook’s older brother, but when he heard through the grapevine about the issue, he bought Jungkook a couple of suits and offered him a job at the corporation he worked at.
Now Jungkook made more than enough money to support your little family, and it was all because Jin took a chance on a college drop-out and his knocked-up girlfriend.
You opened your mouth to respond but were cut off by the unknown lady beside Jin.
“I’d say a little too much fun if anything. Sana and Jungkook, we get that you're the infamous office couple but maybe tone it down a bit, huh?” She joked while raising her brows at the close proximity between the two.
A long and tortuous silence swept the scene.
Jin glanced at you, pity swimming in his usually carefree eyes.
Not trusting your voice to say anything and desperately wanting to hide your face from the piercing eyes, you distracted yourself by taking calculated sips of watered-down eggnog.
“Daehyun...this is actually Y/n, Jungkook’s wife,” Jin told the lady in an uncomfortable voice.
You didn’t know what stung more, the fact that this stranger thought that there was more chemistry between Sana and your husband than with you, or that it was Jin who corrected this mistake and not Jungkook himself.
“O-Oh, well it’s nice to meet you.” Daehyun awkwardly said to you while avoiding direct eye contact.
You offered a tight smile, “Pleasure.”
Whatever gratitude you could’ve had for Daehyun’s clear embarrassment quickly vanished when the woman went on to continue, “I’m sorry. Jungkook never mentioned being married and he doesn’t wear a ring so I didn’t even know. I bet it must be interesting for his housewife to meet his office wife though, right?”
She laughed, not realizing that she only succeeded in putting a foot in her mouth right before stomping it all over your pesky little heart. The group didn’t seem to share your uneasiness, all three of them politely chuckling along to the lukewarm joke at your expense. Once again, you focused on your dwindling beverage to avoid the burden of speaking or even facing them directly, too scared that your miserable expression would be unanimously inspected.
“Well, we just came over to recruit you all for some karaoke!” Jin cheerfully announced, clearly trying to change the subject, “There’s a machine in the break-out room and it’s more fun to sing with a group.”
“More like you want an audience.” Jungkook wittingly teased, a handsome smirk on his face as Sana playfully scolded him with a push to the chest.
“I’ll take your jabs now Kookie because I know they stem from your insecurity that I can actually upstage you in the vocals department.” Jin rebutted in good nature, even letting your husband’s old nickname slip.
Daehyun and Sana both guffawed at this declaration, exaggerated disbelief present on their faces.
“Jungkook is the best singer in the office. He’ll upstage you without even trying.” Daehyun said in a tenor of utter confidence.
“Only one way to find out!” Jin brushed the comment off, pointing to the direction of the assumed breakout room, “Karaoke anyone?”
The so-called office wife nodded enthusiastically, taking your husband’s arm and looking up at him to plead, “Can we do a duet of that one song we like?”
Jungkook, for the first time in seemingly hours, shot you with a questioning gaze.
Be married to someone for a while and you’ll learn how to decipher what they’re trying to say with just mere looks. Your husband was wordlessly inquiring if you were going to join, if he should go along with the group or if you two should break away and do something else.
The ball was finally in your court.
Not wanting to be rude but needing to get away from these people before you lost your cool, you decided on a subtle excuse.
“I need a refill, but maybe we can meet you all later?” You said, shaking your empty paper cup as if to prove your case.
“Oh, well the drinks are right behind you.” Sana condescendingly pointed out, tightening her hold on your husband and began steering him towards the exit, “We’ll save a seat for you.”
Bewildered, you watched as Jungkook obediently followed her lead with the Daehyun girl trailing behind.
He didn’t even spare you a glance.
You wanted to be angry.
You wanted to storm up to your husband, yank him out of the clutches of his colleagues and practically drag him back home under the premise that he would never speak to Sana ever again.
But instead of a righteous rage fueled by the marital vows you two took, utter exhaustion bestowed upon you and prevented any instigation on your part.
Maybe earlier in your marriage you would’ve fought for his attention, but now you simply just wanted to go home and lick your wounds with the help of a Ben and Jerry’s ice cream while self-obsessing over Sana’s outrageous attractiveness. After all, who could blame any hot-blooded man for choosing that goddess over you? What could you possibly do but lean back and accept that she was the obvious choice?
Other than her being a knockout beauty while you were merely average on your best day, she had other qualities that made her a more appealing catch. She was most likely younger than you, obviously fit, more ambitious and professionally driven than you, and presumably has no kids.
Meanwhile, you were just an old stay-at-home mom who lived off of her husband’s paychecks while he fucked his coworkers behind her oblivious back.
Before you could draw more detailed comparisons between Sana and yourself, you felt a large hand place itself on the middle of your back, successfully guiding your attention to the only person who bothered staying by your side.
Jin smiled sadly at you, sympathy shadowing his expression as he gestured with his other hand to the empty cup still in your hold. “Let’s get you some more eggnog.”
You nodded wordlessly, still speechless from the interaction, and allowed the taller man to guide you towards the snack table. Jin then took your cup and refilled it himself, providing you the opportunity to pick at the catered food in some cheap attempt at stress eating. By the time Jin came back with a full cup, you were halfway done with a sugar cookie and eyeing the meatballs next.
“Here ya go,” Jin said as he handed over the drink to you. You took it and nodded in thanks but kept your eyes glued to the food, not wanting him to see just how defeated and tired your face probably was. But, Jin wasn’t going to let the whole thing go. “Y/n….I know what you saw and heard looks really bad but trust me….nothing is going on between Sana and Jungkook.”
You snorted. “It doesn’t just look bad, Jin. It was like they were practically rubbing it in my face. Him having an affair isn’t the problem, it’s the way they’re not even bothering to keep it down. The least they could do is be discreet.”
Jin’s jaw slightly dropped, “‘Him having an affair isn’t the problem’? Y/n, do you even hear yourself? Of course that would be a problem! Do you not care about your own marriage anymore?”
And there it was.
The big question.
Did you truly even care about this marriage?
Well, let’s look at the facts.
One: The disrespect of his alleged mistress was more offensive to you than the fact that she was a mistress.
Two: Jungkook dragging you along to this office Christmas party was the first time in over a year that he bothered to take you out.
Three: You two had humble beginnings and could barely afford food, much less wedding bands when you first got married, but now he was a very wealthy man and had no excuse for not buying you or himself a ring. Unless, of course, he enjoyed acting single around other women.
Four: And on top of all this, it had to be factored in how distant he has been with overwhelming work hours that prevented any alone time with your husband. Sex with Jungkook has been off the table for almost a year now.
But did any of this really bother you until tonight? The answer was a resounding no. You were willing to take all those burdens in stride but tonight it wasn’t just about the fact that you were the unwanted wife Jungkook got sacked with, it was the fact that you were humiliated and forced to face the type of girl Jungkook should’ve been married to all along. That was all you were truly upset about.
The conclusion that you indeed didn’t care about your marriage and haven’t in some time now hit you in a sudden wave, but in no way were you shocked.
Voice shaky and brittle, you allowed yourself to be vulnerable with Jin and say the one thing you always secretly thought but never dared utter out loud. “I-I guess I always expected it to end like this. When we were younger, he was always the popular one and all the girls wanted him. We were only dating for three months when I got pregnant, and if it weren’t for our son he probably would’ve dumped me eventually and left for another girl. But, he stuck around for his kid because he’s a good father. And I’ve been nothing but a burden to him for a while now.”
Tears began to blur your vision, forcing you to quickly duck down and quietly sip at your drink so as to not embarrass yourself even more.
You heard a shuffle and suddenly Jin was holding you, using both of his lengthy arms to cage you in and rest you against his broad chest. It had been a long time since a man had held you like that, and you practically went boneless at the contact. You closed your eyes and tried to will away the incoming tears, even going so far as to solely focus on the scent of Jin’s cologne as he soothingly said, “Y/n, listen closely to what I’m about to say. You and Hugo were never a burden to Jungkook, and you two never will be. Your marriage was sudden, but it doesn’t make it less valid than any other marriage out there. Jungkook has been with you for so long, he just doesn’t realize when other women are interested in him because he’s been off the market forever. But I promise you, if I knew for even a second that he cheated, I would tell you right away.”
You didn’t say anything.
Although Jin’s words were comforting, they weren’t necessarily true. A marriage that started from a healthy courtship and true love instead of inconvenient circumstances was of course more valid than yours. And even though you were sure of Jin’s honesty and loyalty to you, Jungkook could’ve easily kept his affair secret from Jin as well.
However, you didn’t wish to concern Jin anymore. You already put him through too much awkwardness tonight and didn’t want to keep him by your side as some sort of emotional sponsor any longer than you already have. Jin always loved parties and was the life of any one he was invited to, even if it was just a lame annual office gathering. You then felt guilty for putting Jin in a situation where he would even have to console you when he should be out enjoying karaoke with the rest of his coworkers.
You promptly pulled away from Jin and wiped at your face. He released you and also took a step back, carefully studying you for any signs of further turmoil. Once sure that your face was acceptably dry, you gazed back up at him and offered a thankful smile. “Thanks Jin, I’m sorry I just dumped all of that on you. I really have to use the ladies' room though, can you point me to it?”
“It’s right by the conference room,” Jin informed, pointing out the general direction for you. You nodded and took a few steps toward it before he grasped your wrist to stop you and ask, “Do you want me to wait for you?”
“No, it’s okay. I’ll just find you and Jungkook when I’m out. Go and join the others for karaoke.”
Jin nodded but seemed unsure.
You didn’t look back to see if he actually went to follow the others, instead just advancing to the restrooms, secretly looking forward to some alone time even if it had to come from a public bathroom.
Once you entered the restroom you were relieved to find it completely empty, you weren’t sure if you could handle another run-in with Jungkook’s female colleagues. They all seemed to have a personal vendetta against you.
Instantly, you dashed to the mirror to inspect your makeup, assuming at least the mascara was ruined from your little cry. Thankfully, the damage was minimal and you were able to clean the smudges up with a damp napkin. You focused all your attention on the dreadfully small task, trying not to study your reflection too much given it would just conjure up more mental comparisons to all the other prettier women you encountered that night.
Yet the small task couldn’t last a lifetime, and you had to resort to looking at your phone in search of things to do. You weren’t emotionally ready to go out and search for your husband, so you wanted to prolong your time in the bathroom. Although it hasn’t been that long since you left the house, you decided to text the babysitter for any updates about your son.
To Emily: Hey, is everything okay with Hugo?
It only took about 40 seconds for the teenage neighbor girl to text back an answer, clearly on top of things and overly eager to provide any updates.
Emily: Yes! He ate his dinner, took his bath and we’re about to get ready for bed.
Your motherly instincts were satisfied with that response, but it didn’t do anything to subdue your desire to return back home. Your thumbs briefly hovered over the keypad, somewhat hesitant with the next text you were about to send.
To Emily: Great, thanks again for doing this. Listen, I think we might head back home sooner than we thought. Don’t worry tho, I’ll still give you the pay for the full four hours.
Before you could wait for a response from her, the sound of multiple incoming footsteps interrupted the steady silence in the restroom. Muffled female conversation could also be heard, the slight laughter and bickering amongst a group of women approaching the bathroom. Your fight or flight instinct was triggered, and to avoid any more awkward encounters you rushed to the nearest stall and shut the door- fully prepared to wait out the faceless group of female colleagues.
You heard the restroom door swish open before the women burst in, chatting and giggling with their heels clicking against the tile floor. One of the unknown females made way to the stall beside you, the others presumably hovering by the mirror if the sudden comments about their appearances were anything to go by. You quietly sighed and pulled out your phone again, ready to drown out their office politics talk.
Only for the conversation to somehow steer towards you.
“Did you see her?”
“Of course, I was very confused, to be honest.” One of them replied. “I mean….look at Jungkook and you just assume that whoever he’s with is drop-dead gorgeous, and she was just eh.”
“Yeah, she was pretty plain. What was her name again?”
“Y/n.” A third voice cut in, this one eerily familiar to you.
You glued a hand over your mouth to silence your gasp.
It was Sana.
“Did he ever mention her around you? You are the closest to him in the office Sana, and we didn’t even know he had a wife until tonight.”
“No, I didn’t know until tonight either.”
“What?! That’s insane. Literally all the time he spends with you: getting coffee, buying you lunch, driving you home after late nights, and he conveniently never mentions that he has a wife at home?”
“That’s suspicious. But I guess if I had a dog like that at home, I’d never mention her either.”
Cruel laughter from all of them.
The toilet from the stall next to you flushed, then opened as a new voice entered the discussion while she approached the sinks.
“It’s more than suspicious. He doesn’t even wear a wedding ring. And he’s so close to Sana but never mentioned that he’s married?” A pause as she washed her hands. “It’s obvious what he’s trying to do. Jungkook is trying to have an affair with Sana.”
Although this exchange was extremely hurtful to you, you felt somewhat relieved that you weren’t the only one to see what your husband was doing.
A pause hung in the air as none of the women spoke for a minute, they were willing to gossip but apparently outright declaring the obvious was a step too far for them.
Eventually, one of them chimed in with their own observation.
“Can you blame him? Sana you’re the most beautiful person in the office and you look so good next to him anyway. Much better than that cow Y/n.”
Another round of obnoxious laughter that broke your heart.
“C’mon guys. We gotta head back. Jungkook is gonna get anxious if Sana is away for too long.” Someone teased.
They all murmured in agreement, heading towards the exit as a group before one stopped them with a final question.
“Wait, Sana. If Jungkook does want to have an affair with you, what are you going to do?”
Although you couldn’t physically see Sana, you practically heard the smirk on her face as she said, “Who says we already aren’t having one?”
Needless to say, you ditched the Christmas party almost immediately after the bathroom incident.
You texted Jungkook a white lie about Emily struggling with Hugo, although a good father would’ve known something was up because your son had never given babysitters any trouble before. But luckily, your husband also wasn’t doing so hot in the dad department either.
You would’ve felt bad for not telling the truth if the truth wasn’t so fucking embarrassing.
“Hey, I’m gonna go home to cry like a little girl because I caught your coworkers talking shit about me. Oh, and also your little girlfriend accidentally let it slip that you’ve been fucking her this whole time. K talk to ya later!”
You grimaced at the thought of actually sending that text.
Sure it’s what that cheating bastard deserves, but you just weren’t emotionally ready for that fight yet. Especially after the night you endured, you needed some time to pick yourself up and figure out what to do next.
Divorce was the next logical step, but you were financially dependent on Jungkook. If you moved out and took Hugo with you, where would you two stay? How could you afford to be a single parent? And if Jungkook were to try to fight you for custody or the divorce in general, you would need a damn good lawyer. Unfortunately, lawyers weren’t cheap, especially one that stood a chance against Jungkook and all his wealth.
Your shoulders sagged with the imaginary weight of all these burdens.
When you entered the high-rise penthouse that you called home, you were surprised to see Emily anxiously pacing the foyer in waiting for your arrival.
“Hey, how was Hugo?” You greeted politely, already opening your clutch to pull out the agreed-upon salary.
“M-Mrs. Jeon, I swear I tried to have him in bed by eight like you said but he’s being stubborn and said he won’t go to sleep until you come back and read to him-” The teenager rushed out all at once, clearly nervous that you would scold her.
You held a hand out to stop her rambles, using your other hand to give her the money, and offered her what you hoped was a comforting smile, “It’s okay, Em. Thanks for doing this on such short notice. Why don’t you run home now and try to enjoy your Christmas Eve?”
Emily looked relieved that you weren’t mad, gratefully taking the cash before grabbing her jacket and shoes to make her exit. “Thanks so much for this Mrs. Jeon. Merry Christmas!”
“Merry Christmas.” You farewelled while walking the young girl out, locking the door behind her.
You turned around and proceeded down a long hallway that led to the bedrooms, stopping at the door beside the master room which belonged to your four-year-old son. You opened it to peer inside, the familiar deep blue walls with painted-on sea creatures greeting you back, swiftly reminding you once more of Hugo’s obsession with the ocean.
Your son was bundled up in a twin bed so big that it practically drowned him, his small frame barely being recognizable in the large fish-printed duvet wrapped around his tiny frame, only his small and adorable face peeking out to stare right back at you.
Hugo was essentially a carbon copy of Jungkook. At first you were somewhat resentful about this, how was it possible that you carried a baby for nine months and he came out with absolutely none of your features? But after a while of watching Hugo grow up and come into his own slowly but surely, you were pacified by the conclusion that while he may look exactly like his father, his personality and heart took after you.
“Dumpling, why did Emily say you were giving her a hard time and wouldn’t go to bed?” You asked gently, sitting by his side and petting his black hair.
‘Dumpling’ was a nickname you chose for Hugo since you first found out you were pregnant with him. It stemmed from your sudden pregnancy craving to eat dumplings and nothing else, you once even going two straight weeks surviving off the food. There were many times where Jungkook had to bribe you into eating other things, playing on your guilt for not providing your baby all the nutrition he needed. But even now ‘Dumpling’ still stuck, if Hugo’s chubby cheeks were anything to go by.
“Mommy, I-I’m sorry but-” His big doe eyes looked up at you in teary guilt, “I really needed you here. It was a nece-necess-”
“Necessity, bub.” You finished for him, grinning at his attempt at a big word.
Part of you wanted to scold the boy for being difficult, but you didn’t have the heart to. Lately, Hugo has been more clingy to you than ever before. Yet it was practically impossible to punish him because Hugo has always been a good kid and you knew deep down that he didn’t act out unless there was something else going on. You suspected that it had something to do with the lack of his father’s presence that forced him to hold onto you like his life depended on it.
“Well try not to do it again, okay? Emily is a nice girl and she’s just following my orders when she tells you to go to bed.” You said, ducking down to peck the crown of his head and continue running your fingers through his hair.
Hugo nodded in understanding but ultimately stayed silent, basking in your cuddles.
All was silent for a passing moment, and while Hugo enjoyed his mother’s touch, your mind gradually returned to the turmoil that was your marriage.
A sudden epiphany struck you and bit your lip as you debated an idea.
Should you expose your son to your future plan?
The victim of any divorce has always been the children who were left behind. And the last thing you wanted to do was blindside Hugo. Perhaps you should play the hypothetical game just to see where your son’s head was at? It went without saying that Hugo was closer to you than Jungkook and you were more of a parent than your husband. But still, every kid deserved to have a say in their parents’ divorce.
“Bub, how would you feel if….it was just me and you?” You hesitantly inquired.
“What do you mean mommy?” Hugo titled his head in bewilderment and craned his neck to look back up at you.
“What if me and you went away to live together?” You clarified.
“Like a va-vayca-”
“Vacation? And no. But forever. Just me, you and no one else.” You whispered, as if Jungkook himself would storm in and catch you planning your escape with the toddler.
“Oh.” A pause as you could practically hear the mechanisms in his four-year-old brain trying to work out the logistics of what you just proposed. “Okay.”
The nonchalance in his youthful voice had you taken aback.
“It’s a really big decision, Hugo. You wouldn’t mind...not living with daddy anymore, right? You would hardly ever see him, dumpling.”
The boy shifted to lean more of his body against you, essentially resting against you with his head on your chest as he said, “But it’s like that already, mommy.”
Your heart broke.
You wrapped your arms around him and pulled him closer to you, feeling a maternal instinct to comfort and protect.
“Okay Dumpling. I need you to promise me not to tell daddy what we talked about.”
“”Kay.” Hugo yawned and closed his eyes, inhaling deep breaths of your scent and beginning the process of falling asleep. “When do we leave?”
“It’ll take some time, bub. You start school in a few months, so mommy will try to find a job while you’re there.” You told him, not bothering to try to explain the concept of a lawyer or apartment deposits on top of that. “But we can do this. It has to be a secret but you're my partner in crime.”
“Like spies?”
You chuckled, “Yeah, like spies. Promise to work with mommy in utter secrecy?”
You held up a pinky, one that Hugo grasped with his own.
Tumblr media
Author’s Note:  So....A while ago before I took my long ass hiatus, I did a poll for which yandere story I should write next.  The Unsaid Vow won but that was around the same time that shit hit the fan in my life.  Recently was scrolling through my notes on my phone and found some of the plot points for this story and I needed a lil break from QQ.  Plus I know so many ppl were hyped for this concept so....Here ya go lol.  This is kinda short but it’s just a set up, Chapter one’s plot line will start a few months after this when Hugo will start kindergarten and Y/n will actually start looking in to jobs, lawyers and apartments.  Also I’m sorry but I’m really bad at writing for kids lol, and I absolutely refuse to write that gross ass baby talk so just pretend your son is a lil genius okay? Also srry Once but I needed really pretty girls to be villians in my story so yeah, Twice girls in here aren’t likable but aren’t reflective of how i actually feel about them lol.
Big thanks to @sushireads​ once again for creating the cover art for this fic.  They literally are becoming my go-to for fic art.
And my beta readers @bigbuffjoonie and @mustardpop​! They beta’d for QQ and I came to them really early about this fic.  They were with me since the beginning and have given me advice with creative choices to just simple grammar.  They easily could’ve leaked the first draft of this too but they didn’t and kept it secret for a while.  I was really insecure about getting out of my comfort zone with this plot but they really guided me.  
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angellgguk · a month ago
Classic powerful ceo seokjin×unwilling student reader!He goes to a university to deliever an inspiring speech,reader caughts his eyes,he stalks and gets obessed with her,promises her to get a job in his company but makes her a trophy wife.10-11 year age gap?
If you can plz make it non-con.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
[ genre : smut ]
[ content warning : dubcon/noncon age gap (reader is 24 and seokjin is 34/35 he has a few strands of grey lmao), trophy wife (ig idk), slight dumbification, breeding, virginity loss, size difference, cervix fucking THIS IS A MESS]
[ note : I'm so sorry for being ia for so long I wasn't intending to but due to unavoidable reasons I had to stay away from here for awhile, sorry! ]
Tumblr media
You saw Kim Seokjin on the front page of the daily newspaper when you were fourteen, peeking over your father’s shoulder and merely giving attention to your father’s constant praise over the young man who had managed to achieve what men his age couldn’t.
You were a blushing, gasping sixteen year old when your friends were gushing about the luxuries Kim Seokjin would give his alleged partners, brands you would never be able to purchase were name dropped making you wonder what dating a man as rich and influential comes with.
Kim Seokjin held back from letting his jaw drop when you served his coffee as a sophomore in SNU during the part time that gave you the money to work with your scholarship with a smile that promised him that you were a once in a lifetime chance but he didn’t quite understand why you had rejected his proposal two years later.
He later realized that even though you found him attractive and ached for a chance to work under him you didn’t have any thoughts on dating a man, who was old enough with visible grey streaks in his hair and you definitely were not interested to tie a knot with him at such a young age.
But he disregarded it all two more years later and had you on all fours, hand wrapped around your waist to pull you closer to his crotch and another holding your jaw closed around three of his long digits.
He fucks into you, making sure that you feel every inch of him in your inexperienced pussy. His hand travels down to your clit to rub circles around it, “pretty little cunt taking me so well” he praises and pulls his fingers out of your mouth, your drool dripping down your chin as soon as he does so.
Seokjin doesn’t give you a chance to become a babbling mess as he turns you to the side by your jaw to kiss the corners of your lips,”o-oh” you found yourself pleading and he found himself snickering as he let your jaw go to use the hand to cup one of your tits in palm, rolling the puffy nipple between his fingers.
When you realized that you were too intimidated to ask him to permit you to cum after he had ruined your very first release twice for the night you gripped onto the sheets below before falling down on the comfort of his bed. He chuckles and pulls your ass up to himself as he keeps ramming into you, your perspiring ass jiggling against his thigh.
“You wanna cum baby?” you refuse to answer and only claw onto the sheets beside as you sob into it, the pain of your virginity being taken by a man you never wanted was more agonizing than the pain of your pussy being stretched for the very first time.
His groans come out strangled, indicating that he too was close. With one hand still on your waist he sneaks the other under to rub your clit around sideways harshly getting watery hiccups from you. “I’m gonna fill you up baby” he promised with a chuckle under his breath.
He grabbed onto the globe of your ass to land a sharp spank on the supple skin, earning a loud cry from you. You clenched more around him at the stinging feeling and that only triggered the beast in him as his animalistic thrusts grew along with the squelches, skin slapping and your cries.
You felt his heavy chest against your back when he leaned down to nibble on your earlobe and to roughly grope your breast in his calloused palm once again, “fuck baby if you don’t start begging i’ll have to fuck you all night” he heaved and fondled with the flesh of your breast, smirking at your growing cries.
“Please” you pleaded under your breath and he hummed into your ear as he slid the hand below to your tummy, pressing down on your navel, he disregarded the whimper and pressed down on the bulge poking from your tummy “you feel me here baby?”
With your eyes rolled to the back of your head and your mouth hanging open with drool dripping down your chin to land on the sheets you could only manage to groan, the feeling of his cock nudging your cervix was all too new for you, you screwed your eyes shut “too m-much” he snakes his hand below to draw circles on your clit and hood, the pads of his fingers grazing your labia during the process.
Your toes curled and you let a gasp out before trying to flail away from his hold but he was quick to grasp the situation as he grabbed onto your arm and pinned you down, eliminating all the hopes for your escape. “Don’t even fucking think about running away now” he growled and pinched on the bundle of your nerves as a warning before resuming the motions of his finger, harsher than previously.
Seokjin elicits a throaty moan as he continues to thrust into you without giving your sensitive clit a break, “i want you to cum all over my cock baby” you only squealed as you felt the unfamiliar coil in your abdomen, the urge to let it out rises as you let your senses lose to fuck yourself against him, earning a proud smack on your ass from your husband for it.
Your body trembles and your toes curl and you let out a loud cry as you let your orgasm wash over you, with irregular breaths he watches you cream his cock, never once ceasing himself from pumping his thick shaft in you, chasing after his own orgasm. You were not able to calm down from your very first orgasm as you shook below him from his continuous rams.
Bending down he buries his face into your tousled hair, groaning into it and you were only able to grip onto the ruined sheets to cry into it at the over stimulation. His hand gripped onto the back of your trembling thighs to spread it further, he pressed down on your clit, attempting to calm you down with soft hums.
You stuttered for pleas through your sobs as he twitched inside you, “I’m going to see you full with my babies soon, yeah?” his grip on your waist tightened as he filled your ears with one final growl before he let his own spurts of cum fill you up to the brim. The load was too much as strings of his release trickled down your thighs.
He refused to pull out from you, opting to rock all of his semen into you. Turning your head to the side by gripping onto your jaw he wiped away the tears that were cascading down your cheeks before leaning down to leave pecks around the side of your face.
He tucked sweaty strands of your hair behind your ear as he moved his lips down to your own to pull you into a breathless kiss, “you did so well” he breathlessly praised when he pulled out and hovered his lips over yours. His thumb rubbed over your cheek when he left another peck on your nether lip, “my dumb little baby, all mine”
Tumblr media Tumblr media
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mydarkestboy · 16 hours ago
Warning for extreme yandere, elements of non con/dub con, mentions of someone getting beat up, abuse of power, forced relationship, blackmail, mentions of blood in the morning after scene and pain, alpha/beta/omega dynamics. Please read at your own discretion. These stories do not reflect bts in real life in any way.
Yandere alpha Yoongi / beta reader. Beta reader / beta OC
Life was...simple for you. You had college, a shared apartment and a boyfriend you loved.
You were going to move on to work in a publishing office never rising too high as was expected of a beta, even a managerial position was out of the question all of those went to alpha's. It should have annoyed you, been seen as an injustice but you had it better than an omega.
All they could hope to go on to do was work in the child caring sector until they got mated, then it was straight into house work and raising their own young ones.
Yes sometimes you were annoyed by the limitations put on you but it was nothing compared to what an omega has to go through.
And so you went on with life and enjoyed the small moments, such as now cuddled up with the man you wanted to spend the rest of your life with watching Netflix on your laptop.
'I don't even know why we're watching this, you've said you hate it plenty of times before.' Said man grumbled, you just chuckled snuggling further into him.
God his pudge made it so much more pleasurable to cuddle.
'And I've also said Jason  I love to hate watch stuff.' Booping his nose you went back to watching for a few minutes before you felt kisses being peppered on your cheeks.
Giggling you turned your head, nuzzling you face into his neck and taking in his scent, caramel it reminded you of, sweet but just a little bit more complex.
'Oh?' You murmured into his neck. 'Got another idea for what we can do?' You felt the chuckle vibrate in his chest where you hand lay but he said nothing simply leaned forward and closed the laptop.
Oh yeah, you could think of a few things you could do.
Yawning you got up from the bed throwing on an oversized v neck shirt and a pair of shorts not bothering with underwear, your roommate Hannah wouldn't be back tonight you think.
Her newest sugar daddy seemed to be keeping her busy.
Looking back fondly at your boyfriends sleeping form for a moment you let yourself imagine the future you had together, you could see a nice house not too big but cosy enough for the one or two children you would adopt, the family trips and then both of you old and wrinkled watching stupid game shows and complaining about losing your glasses.
Yeah life wasn't too bad and there was so much more to come.
Quietly you closed the bedroom door, making your way to the kitchen you pick up your phone from the coffee table on the way.
It read about eight at night so coffee was out of the question no matter how much you craved the caffeine, instead you went about making a cup of peppermint tea. As you stood there waiting for the kettle to boil you basked in the ache between your legs.
You could almost see how in the past betas were looked on as sex crazed heathens, being able to have sex and feel pleasure but never being able to procreate.
Thank god times had changed, a good beta used to be expected to be celibate. There's no way you could have been a respected beta in the past.
At the sound of the door opening followed by a giggle you poked your head out of the kitchen door spotting your flatmate followed by two men, alpha's if their overbearing scent was anything to go by.
Hearing your name being called you winced. Great she was drunk.
Making your way out of the kitchen you sighed looking over to the man holding her up with a glare. He gave a sheepish smile in return.
'Sorry she snuck a few shots while I went to the bathroom.' This must be the infamous Namjoon who Hannah seemingly was madly in love with, not that he knew that.
'Oooo you naughty girl someone's been getting busy.' You felt the heat rise in your cheeks at that, of course having an omega and two alphas in your apartment when it must have stunk of sex to them was something you hadn't worried about before, normally you and Jason did all that stuff at his place for fear of triggering an early heat in Hannah.
'Oh my god bed Hannah.' At her sarcastic 'woof' you rolled your eyes about to reach for her to get her to said bed when Namjoon interrupted.
'No no its okay I'll get her to bed.' You nodded, it wasn't your place to say no to an alpha.
'Oh! Oh! This is Namjoon!' She held out her arms like she was a presenting a prize of a game show and not to be crude but damn was he some prize. Tall, strong build with a handsome defined face and kind smiling eyes.
The man behind him was slightly shorter, softer features with cat like eyes and an aura of 'God why am I here.' Seeing your gaze she seemingly remembered the other man.
'And Min Yoongi!' Leaning close to you she whispered in what she thought was a quiet voice.
'Dont worry I'm only seeing Namjoon.' Yup everyone definitely heard that. Rubbing your forehead feeling a headache come on you nodded.
'Bed. Now.' With that Namjoon made his way to her bedroom, how he knew which one it was you didn't know or rather pretended like you didn't know.
Standing in the middle of the living room was Min Yoongi, a man who clearly thought quite lowly of your living space arrangements if his scrunched nose as he looked around was anything to go by.
'Well...that was interesting.' You said more to fill the rather awkward silence. At his hum of agreement you coughed looking around the place like you didn't live here.
After a few beats you motioned to the couch if the hushed voices in Hannahs bedroom were anything to go by they might be a while talking.
Again that scrunched up nose as he sat down on the couch. Feeling annoyance fill you, snapping at him.
'Its not infested you know.' That seemed to take him off guard, he looked at you with wide eyes that made you feel slightly proud that you'd managed to take such a haughty alpha off guard. That was before those wide eyes narrowed and a sour scent filled the room.
The scent of an angered alpha.
'Dont take that tone with me.' The growled words were almost enough for you to back off, but damn if it didn't annoy you how up himself this guy was, not just as an alpha but also just as a seemingly rich brat.
'Well don't silently judge my apartment.' He was about to say more but closed his mouth when your bedroom door opened, an arm snaking its way around your waist.
'Everything okay babe?' Those sharp eyes went to your boyfriend, again seemingly finding something lacking.
Was there anything this guy was pleased with?
'Everythings fine just keep your girlfriend under control.' You felt your jaw go slack, the cheek of this guy! Waiting for your boyfriend to give him a peice of his mind all you got was a murmured. 'Yes sir.' From him.
You tensed in his arms and sent him a glare over your shoulder, a glance that said 'you're in so much shit'. He cringed whether it was the pissed alpha on your couch or your glare you weren't sure.
'Everything okay here?' That friendly voice of Namjoon came in, clearly no everything wasn't alright if the sour stench that filled the room and the glares being exchanged.
Clipped you said to him still glaring and Yoongi.
'Yeah just keep your friend under control.' With that you untangled yourself from your boyfriends arms and stomped off to your bedroom.
The fuckin' cheek.
Plopping down onto the couch with your very hung over friend and flatmate you handed her the black coffee. She took it with a grateful groan, taking a sip.
'That guy you brought around yesterday was an asshole.' She looked up in alarm.
'What Namjoon? Nooo he's such a sweetheart.' You shook your head.
'No he was great, and you have my blessing to have his countless babies, I'm talking about Min Yoongi.' She gave a silent 'oh' taking another sip of her coffee before continuing.
'But he was so...nice with me. Perfectly gentlemanly like.' You snorted at that, that definitely not what you saw.
'Yeah but you're an omega.' Omegas tended to be treated gently like they were made of glass, beta's on the other hand were barely acknowledged by alpha's only when they wanted to bark an order or wanted something done would an alpha generally speak to a beta.
She hummed in acknowledgement not even arguing. 'Thats a shame.' It didn't really matter it wasn't like you were going to see him again.
'Where's Jason?' You shrugged giving a short. 'He left last night.' It hadn't been pleasant he'd ended up storming out after you gave him a peice of your mind after the two alphas had left for not sticking up for you.
Looking back you felt guilty, it was a lot to ask a beta or omega to stand up to an alpha nevermind one that seemingly had more than a little power if he was friends with Namjoon.
You had to remember to call him and apologies for blowing up on him.
You're life was falling apart, that's all you could think as you stared at your phone.
'I'm sorry but I think we should break up.' It was proceeded by multiple long paragraphs telling you how wonderful you were and how you deserved so much more than what he had to offer.
But still its that last text was all you could stare at.
Oh my god all you had planned, the life you had envisioned for your three year relationship was just gone with a few simple typed words.
You don't know what to do.
'Hey c'mon you need to get up.' You groaned in protest as the duvet was peeled away from your curled up form.
'Just let me be.' You grumbled, blindly reaching out for the comforting cocoon.
Sighing when you couldn't find it you sat up, glaring half heartedly at Hannah.
'This is getting ridiculous, its been a week.'
Scoffing you pulled in frustration at your greasy hair.
'Yeah? Well three years so I should at least get three weeks to mourn.' The omega clicked her tongue at your pathetic form, your eyes were blood shot your shirt was stained and god knows when the last time you'd changed or gotten a shower.
Sitting down on your bed Hannah grabbed your hand speaking gently.
'Theres a party tonight at a new club, Namjoon invited me and he said you could come.' You groaned once again, flopping down on the bed dragging Hannah with you leaving her laying beside you, she started to play with your hair trying to make you feel better.
'I'm not ready to go out, going to classes is hard enough.' Sighing the other woman spoke.
'Just one night, you can drink and have fun and forget him. And if its not fun you just tell me and we'll come straight home okay?' You looked at her with watery eyes.
'I don't think I can ever forget him...but okay I'll try for one night.' At her beautiful smile you rolled into her embrace, her running her hand up and down  your back.
'You'll have a good time.' Pausing she sniffed your hair scrunching her nose.
'You might also want to get a shower.'
This was...intimidating. Self consciously you pulled at the short body con shein dress you were wearing as another beautiful omega passed you by.
You were the only beta here besides the staff and it made you stick out like a sore thumb.
'Hey relax, let's get a drink and you'll feel better.' Of course Hannah could smell your distress you were sure the whole club could. Still all you did was nod and follow her to the bar, ordering a vodka red bull which got you a raised eyebrow from the bartender, you realised your mistake when you saw others holding fancy looking cocktails in delicate stemmed glasses.
You tried not to cringe at yourself.
Getting your purse out you went to pay when a familiar kind voice interrupted you as cash was placed on the bar top.
'Hey don't worry about it girls drinks are on me tonight.' Hannah squealed turning around to press a kiss to Namjoons cheek. You looked on in pain at how lovingly Namjoon looked at her.
Jason used to look at you like that.
Clearing your throat you thanked the bartender taking a gulp of the drink just placed in front of you.
Hearing your name you looked up, a sympathetic look on Namjoons face.
Great Hannah had told him.
'How are you?' Nodding you pretended like your heart hadn't been ripped out of your chest a week ago.
'Not bad you?'
You had surprisingly been at the club for hours now, you were sure before an hour was out you'd be asking to go home. Hannah was right though it was a great way to get your mind off of things and Namjoon was such pleasant company.
You were currently laughing about the night you first met him, both of you ignoring how it had ended, when the tall man held up his hand in a wave.
'Ah the man of the hour!' Looking over you felt your blood freeze over at who you saw.
Min fucking Yoongi.
Seemingly with an elegant lady on his arm. Introducing the woman they both sat down at the table. Right next to you.
Sipping your drink silently no one seemed to notice your change in behaviour too busy chatting amongst themselves. It took about five minutes before it became too much for you. Excusing yourself to the bathroom you refused Hannahs offer to come with you.
Staring at yourself in the mirror you thought you could really do with splashing your face with some cold water. Too bad you'd used your good foundation for tonight and didn't want to waste it.
God you felt so shit. All these beautiful omegas and strong alphas surrounded you and it just made you feel like you could have kept Jason if you'd been like any of those in the club.
He'd said how he wasn't good enough for you but you knew it was just fluff to let you down easy.
The presence of Yoongi also reminded you of the last time you'd seen him, that if that alpha hadn't been there you never would have fought and he never would have stormed out.
No that wasn't fair Yoongi was an asshole but he wasn't the downfall of your relationship.
You were.
Taking a shaky breath you picked up your purse leaving the bathroom. Making your way down the quiet hall you stopped at the sight of the very man you were thinking of standing at the entrance between the bathroom hall and the club.
Going to move past him you felt your wrist enveloped in a large hand, looking back in confusion you saw the soft look in his eyes.
'Hey you okay?' You blinked at him, the last time you'd seen this man he was about ready to tear your head off.
'I-I'm fine.' You didn't want to start a fight tonight. You were too exhausted to.
'I heard what happened.' Laughing bitterly you let yourself lean against the wall.
'Seems like the whole damn town knows about it.' He let go of your wrist a small block of silence following before he said.
'He wasn't good enough for you anyway.' Raising an eyebrow you wanted to ask him what the fuck he knew about the man you loved, what gave him a the right to make that judgement. Instead all you asked was.
'And what is good enough for me then?' He said nothing, just wrapping his hand around your wrist again.
'Lets get another drink.'
Standing at the bar you watched as an alpha walked by you, scrunching their nose as they passed by. You weren't sure if it was your cheap dress or your weak scent that made them do it.
'Oh god I'm so out of place here.' You whined, drunk enough to let your insercutirites out to this man who surprisingly made really good company.
He gave you a gummy smile, the first time he'd graced you with it after making a cynical joke had left you kind of struck.
It had been utterly adorable.
Now they left you feeling all warm inside.
'I think you're beautiful.' You snorted at that, taking a gulp of the-the...you had no idea what it was but it tasted sweet and strong.
'Lying is a sin Mr Min.' You giggled at the accidental rhyme you made. Looking up you caught him staring at you, dark eyes such dark eyes.
Were they normally that dark? You don't know you never really bothered to look before.
Slowly he lifted his hand, his thumb swiping across your lower lip. It really shouldn't have but your heart skipped at the action.
Leaning forward he whispered in your ear.
'Had some drink on your lip.' Clearing your throat you looked away.
'We should probably get back to the table your girlfriends probably waiting.' He looked at you like you had two heads, then he realised.
'Oh she left i told her she could go.' It was your turn to look at him like he was mad, until it hit you leaving you saying a silent 'oh'.
Seems like Yoongi was in the business of sugar daddying as well.
'Well I'm sure Hannah and Namjoon are wondering where we are we should-' you were half way turned around when your wrist was grabbed, twisting you round and then lips were on you.
Soft, plush gentle oh so gentle lips were kissing you and god help you you kissed back. Pulling away the dark haired man whispered in your ear.
'Come home with me.' Nothing mattered, Jason, college, rent any of it. All that mattered was you wanted those lips on you again.
Fucking fuckity fuck.
Thats all you could think as you stared up at the ceiling, it was a nice ceiling not a popcorn ceiling like yours completely smooth and cream not an ugly pink like back home.
Jason and yourself were gonna get a ceiling like that.
Okay that was dumb, that was almost desperate. Did you really want to feel like shit and be reminded of your ex every moment of your life?
You heard a groan beside you, looking over you felt your breath hitch in panic.
You'd actually done that, you actually had. You didn't think any further you simply rolled out if the bed letting out a pained cry as your feet landed on the floor.
Holy fuck that hurts, no that was agony.
'Holy crap no Yoongi stop its not going to fit.'
A groan and then 'God I can't stop now sweetheart you did this to me.'
It had hurt, a lot. But then it had felt good, really good.
Only thing was beta bodies weren't designed to take alphas. You really didn't want to see just how red the sheets were under the blankets.
'Sweetheart are you okay?' Soft hands were on your shoulders, a worried voice filling your ears.
You really had meant to get out of here quietly without a fuss but that plan was out of the window. Mainly because you could barely walk.
You don't mean to sound so pathetic but all that came out of your mouth was a whimpered 'hurts'. At his small cooed apology he lifted you up.
'Lets get you a bath then breakfast okay.' How was this man the same one who was growling at you not too long ago. You didn't complain, frankly a bath sounds amazing right now everything ached.
You limped to the kitchen after your bath, refusing to be carried again you'd reasoned with the stubborn alpha that he wouldn't be there to carry you around once you got home.
He almost looked both surprised and disappointed at the fact that you weren't going to stay with him. A ridiculous thought on your part.
Sitting here at the counter now you got a chance to look around the place, it was open plan and wow it was huge.
'Fan of the finer things in life huh?' He smiled, proud of his home and what he owned.
'I only accept the best.' He smiled at you, a secret smile that you couldn't decipher.
'Mm I can tell, a grand piano as well can you even play?' He looked almost offended at the question.
'Of course I can.' Nodding you continued to gaze around, you can kind of see why he thought your place was a dump now, this might as well be the palace in cinderella compared to your apartment.
'You want your eggs runny?'
You'd managed to convince Yoongi you needed to go after multiple offers to 'make you feel better'. He was kind enough to give you a lift back to your home, one hand on the wheel and the other on your thigh.
'You sure you can make it up? I'm happy enough to help you.' You shook your head from where you were leaned over looking into his open window.
'I'm fine it'll be slow going but we have an elevator.' At his resigned nod you went to get up very aware of the people glancing at the fancy car in this rundown part of town but before you could he spoke once more.
'Give me your phone.' There was that edge of his previous haughty exterior, one that was used to getting what he wanted. Not wanting to argue you did just what he asked.
Giving you back your phone he smiled that sweet gummy smile.
'I had a great time, I'll see you later sweetheart.' As he drove away you didn't have the heart to tell him he definitely wouldn't.
At the surprised shout of your name you flinched as you entered the apartment. You knew you looked a state bruises littered your neck and the prominent limp.
'Oh my god what happened?!' You were tempted to tell Hannah you'd been jumped.
'I slept with him.' Your voice was small, almost lost as it truly hit you that you'd slept with another man, not just that an alpha, barely a week after you broke up with your boyfriend of three years.
You ignored her fluttering hands, slowly and painfully making your way over to the couch, gently easing yourself onto it with a grimace.
'Christ it looks more like you went a round with the rock or something.' Awkwardly you scratched the back of your neck explaining stiltedly.
'Beta's aren't...built for alphas.' You felt the tears pooling in your eyes at this point, the pain of everything hitting you at once.
You let out a sob, you hand flying to your mouth.
'Oh honey he didn't?...' You shook your head, even though you weren't sure yourself, having asked him to stop at one point. But it had felt good, the best you'd ever felt if you were being honest. God this was a mess.
'No I just-' Another wrack of sobs has Hannah coming to your side, hugging you.
'Everything hurts Hannah, my body my-my' You just rubbed your chest, thats where it hurt the most.
'Oh my poor girl. I'm sorry I'm so sorry.'
It had been two weeks since that night with Yoongi you hadn't even thought of texting him. It had been a one time thing that was all, an alpha and a beta just weren't compatible if the pain it had taken you five days to recover from was anything to go by.
Plus you just, you were still in love with Jason and you weren't going to string someone on when your heart belonged to someone else.
Needing out you decided to visit the local cafe. You were finally able to walk without the embarrassing limp and it felt freeing. Like you could finally forget that mistake of a night.
Sitting down with you chai latte you sipped it deciding to do a bit of people watching, people came and went each face starting to blur until one face stood out.
A very bruised and cut up face. Getting up from your seat you approached the hunched over figure, putting your hand on their shoulder getting a flinch out of them.
'Oh my god Jason what happened?' The bruising was healing like it had happened a while ago but it was extensive, there was a cut on his cheek that seemed to have had stitches in it recently.
It hurt to see the man you loved so hurt himself. He stuttered out your name looking around like someone was going to jump him. Finally his eyes landed on you, taking you by the shoulders he whispered so no else could hear.
'Min Yoongi, stay away from him.' With that he left not even ordering a coffee, like he was scared to even be seen in the same building as you.
You left the cafe yourself after gathering yourself. Walking down the street trying think over what you had just seen, a ping from your phone takes you out of your thoughts.
Unknown number:
I don't like being ignored
You never answered the text, instead going about your life if a bit more paranoid. If you hadn't decided the night after sleeping with the alpha of not seeing him again the text and the warning you got from your ex was enough.
You never got another text but Yoongis influence could be felt in your life, mainly that Hannah had become more distant. You just knew that Yoongi had said something to Namjoon and it hurt but Hannah was more willing to believe the man she was in love with than her slightly elevated roommate.
She was barely around nowadays and it got lonely by yourself, still she paid her half of the rent and that was all you could ask.
You had gotten into a Friday routine, one where you'd become very well acquainted with a bottle of rosé, some Netflix and in the wee hours of the morning if you were drunk enough your vibrator.
It was seeming to be one of those nights the bottle of wine done and a small itch at the back of your head telling you to head to your bedside drawer when you heard a knock at the door. Looking over then at your phone it was most definitely two in the morning like you had thought.
Maybe Hannah had decided to come home and forgot her keys. Getting up after two tries you stumbled over to the front door, unlocking it and swinging it open.
You nearly swung right back closed again when you were not faced with Hannah but a absolutely furious Yoongi, the smell of his rage filling the whole damn hallway.
You weren't given a chance to close the door though because the alpha shouldered his way into your apartment.
'Close the door.' You really shouldn't, an enraged alpha was a deadly dangerous one and you didn't like not having somewhere to run.
Turning around he spoke again, growling this time.
'Do it.' You closed the door.
The other really looked like he wanted to do something to you, something very not good but you couldn't decipher what.
'Why are you ignoring me?' Sighing you spoke softly, hoping to calm Yoongi down.
'Look I'm sorry I should have told you this the morning after right away but-listen I just don't think we should continue what we did.' He raised an eyebrow at you, amused at how you couldn't even name what you both did.
'And what did we do? Fuck? Make love? Claim?'
You stopped yourself from rolling your eyes, knowing the action would do you no good.
'Yoongi you can't claim a beta. Look we wouldn't work out.'
'Why? Why wouldn't we work out that night even before we got home we laughed together, we got lost in each others company. We're perfect.' Staring at him in frustration you countered.
'Yoongi I'm a beta you're and alpha, we're not made for each other.' He scoffed at that clearly thinking what you said was bullshit but the pain you had felt the morning after was a very real reason you considered that this relationship was not going to work.
But that wasn't the main reason was it? No it wasn't. Taking a breath you spoke more quietly.
'Plus I-I still love Jason.' There it was, the truth of the situation. Yoongi didn't like it one bit.
'I knew I should have gotten them to kill him.' You stared, not comprehending his words. Then it hit you, the bruises, the deep scars.
'What did you do?' You said it like you didn't know what had happened. You didn't let him get a word in.
'Did you do this just to get to me?' He shrugged, a smirk spreading on his lips.
'Partly, you also pissed me off that night and I thought you needed punished.' He said it like it wasn't something only a complete phycopath would do.
'Get out.' You went go open the door when a painful grip on your elbow reached you. Whipping around you plucked up all your courage before pointing your finger in this mad man's face.
'You listen to me-' you didn't get a chance to finish, his free hand gripped the finger pointed at him, bending it backwards causing you to cry out.
'No you listen to me I could ruin your life, this shit hole of an apartment? Gone, Hannah only a few persuading words from Namjoon and she'll be completely gone as well. You're future in publishing fucking gone.' As he spoke he applied pressure to your finger, you were so sure it was going to snap any minute.
He moved his face a breath away from yours, whispering. 'You don't seem to understand I am a very powerful man. I could ruin you.' He let go of your finger, making you gasp in relief. Slowly the hand caressed your face, causing you to shiver at how easily this man went from violence to loving gestures.
'Or I could make all your dreams come true, beautiful clothes, fine food and love so much love. All you have to do is love me back.' He paused, staring at you like your fear was the most beautiful thing he'd ever seen.
'I could also not just ruin you but what was his name again? Jason?' You nodded, a stupid thing to do you knew he was just trying to show how little he cared about his rival. 'Well he could disappear, that would be such a shame wouldn't it? Such a bright young man ruined because a beta thought she was too good to be looked after.' He let go taking a step back letting you decide.
Like it was any sort of decision. You paused then you nodded your agreement.
He smiled that damn sweet smile as he placed a kiss on your cheek.
'Good choice sweetheart.'
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jkooby · a month ago
hidden tales
Tumblr media
pairing: yandere prince! jungkook x princess! reader
summary: You've been hidden from the people outside the castle since your mother married the king. The day you turn eighteen is the day your presence will be known, and your stepbrother is not pleased about it.
warnings: yandere themes, pseudo-incest, locking up, manipulation, possessive behavior, loss of virginity, explicit smut, rough sex, coercion, impregnation, dacryphilia, manhandling, violence, unprotected sex, overstimulation, non con/dub con, mention of murder.
word count: 13k
Tumblr media
The chirps rippled through the vast walls as if it was calling for you, you followed the enchanting melody of the birds singing with as light steps as possible. Each chirp was visible and beautiful in your ears, a sound you longed after the dreadful storm that had frightened them into hiding in their caverns.
When you arrived to the courtyard, your eyes gleamed in admiration of the birds flying freely across the immense canvas of oceanic blue skies. They danced enthusiastically, as if they were lost souls who had been freed from their cages for years. Closing your eyes—listening to their sings, then all of a sudden, the melodious sweet tone of their chirps had slowed into something resembling an alarming tone of impending danger. The delicate flock of their wings turned into a rush, as if they were fleeing away from a threat.
The joy on your face had faded as you realized the beautiful rhythm they'd established in the sky had been destroyed as each of them drifted hurriedly on their individual paths. Your gaze was drawn to the huddled group of knights after hearing them shout in unison, then your eyes fell to the crown prince, standing tall as he pointed the tip of his arrow up in the sky.
You frantically ducked behind the walls, watching him silently, as if it were prohibited for you to stare. Even from a distance, you could sense his menacing aura and bold demeanor; your terror was comparable to what the people felt when it comes to hearing the name of the crown prince. Despite the fact that he was your stepbrother, you'd never have the courage to be near him and show your presence, unless strictly necessary.
When you were a child and your mother told you that she was going to marry the king, you envisioned him as a very lovely and caring brother. You were ecstatic at the prospect of finally having a father and a brother to play with. You were thirteen when you arrived at the castle, and you recall how amazed you were to realize you'd be living in such a massive area for the rest of your life.
What you didn't expect was to have a very matured man as a brother; you had imagined him to be almost the same age as you, who'd be willing to play and run around with you. However, you were greeted with a grim unwelcoming countenance from him, the complete opposite of the friendly smile his father wore as a greeting piece.
You tried to approach him several times but you always ended up being ignored like the one where he walked past you—bearing a plate of freshly baked sweets you thought he'd enjoy. You had spent weeks agonizing about the possibility that he never approved the idea of his father marrying your mother. You had voiced your concern to your mother, who merely laughed and said that the life of a crown prince is almost as stressful as your stepfather's, since he's about to take over the throne and he would be so busy maintaining the peace of his kingdom.
You believed your mother and thought it made sense, and she was right, but you never actually know why he would only give you cold shoulders and never thought of actually interacting to you, even a mere smile from him was impossible. You know you shouldn't worry about him that much but his furrowed brows and sharp dark eyes bothered you, until to the point where you started growing a huge fear and anxiety upon only hearing his name. It's not that he'll do something to harm you, but it's something he would certainly do.
Your body had flinched instinctively in response to the loud snap of an arrow shooting the defenseless bird into the last flock of its wings. Jungkook's eyes gradually shifted toward your direction to which your heart pounded in horror. It's the same cold stare he'd always give in your way, seemingly filled with hatred and disgust. But this time it nearly felt like it was hinting at something akin to a warn.
Your way back inside the castle was frightening rather than sorrowful, though witnessing the things you adored have their life ripped away by the hands of a ruthless person was depressing—however, it was terrifying too. As the sun had settled it's way down to have it's rest, the moon, who had taken its position, was once again accompanied by an uneasy atmosphere that had formed inside the dining space. The clattering of plates and cutlery was overbearing the deafening silence until the king cleared its throat, drawing everyone's attention.
"so ___, you'll turn in your eighteenth next week. have you decided which theme you're pushing for?" your father arched an eyebrow, looking at your direction as he waited for your response.
You hesitantly shake your head, implying that you haven't decided on a theme for your birthday party yet. They've given you a list of possibilities to choose from, but you couldn't find anything that piqued your interest. You already had one in mind; you wanted a theme with birds as the major feature that everyone would recognize.
You were so enthusiastic about it, visioning how it would look so magnificent outside the spacious courtyard, how you'd tie heartwarming letters to their feet for everyone to receive. You'd still be as excited as you were the previous days if it weren't for your brother committing something horrible right in front of your eyes.
"Are we permitted to invite anyone, honey?" your mother inquired.
"Yes sure, the party is open to everyone inside and outside of this kingdom, especially since it's the first time we'll proclaim the existence of our only beautiful princess," he said with a warm smile, as if they were discussing his own daughter.
Your ears perked up at the mention of the people finally meeting you, causing shivers to course through your body, filling your senses with another excitement. You would finally be known! It took you almost five years of being a secret, hidden away from the people outside the castle. All the past few years, they didn't have a single idea that there was a princess lurking around the kingdom, an unfamiliar name they've never uttered before.
You've never shown up to any of the events that have taken place inside the castle. One of the reasons why your mother would always get different questions from everyone—if she had a child before marrying the king. She simply disregard them all by merely smiling. Your mother made a deal with your stepfather not to reveal your status as a princess to the public until you turned eighteen. Any servant who mentions your name in public will be killed. She had always thought you were too young to be subjected to such hatred, knowing that some people thinks that children who were not related to the monarchy were never considered royal.
Your mother has always taken special care of you, even before you were a princess; after all, you are her only companion since your biological father died and went to live with the Lord. Although she may be strict at times, she never barred you from making friends, which you were glad. But that was before she was married to the king and now that you're living here, you haven't had any genuine fun with anyone in years, the reason you've been anticipating for your legality is to finally meet some acquaintance.
You've always been understanding of your mother's decisions, knowing that whatever she does is for your benefit. But you couldn't deny that you've been missing the life outside when you're free, and you doubt your old friends would still recognize you, now that you're a grownup lady.
However, that is something Jungkook is unlikely to be favored on—giving you freedom. Hearing the entire conversation irritates him for a huge reason. He dislikes the notion of anyone being aware of your existence outside the castle. He regards you as nothing but a stranger who has effortlessly gained access to the gates of royalty. But was it all of that, though?
"Father, truly, I wanted birds to fill up the courtyard for my birthday, I wanted to celebrate it there," you continued, hoping both of them would agree.
Your mother, whose face was twisted in apparent agreement, glanced into your father, who grinned back, indicating that he, too, agreed with whatever decisions you made.
"I don't believe it's a good idea to just let anyone come inside the castle." Calmly sipping on his cup, Jungkook had chimed into the discussion.
"and with birds?" he scoffed, "it would be too crowded and noisy."
"The courtyard is hectares wide, there shouldn't be a problem," your father said, raising an eyebrow.
"Then I wouldn't come," Jungkook says instantly, simply placing his cup down— adjusting his seat, he rises to his feet.
"It's your sister's birthday, why aren't you coming? be nice to her, Jungkook, you've always been bad to her."
Jungkook merely stared at his father, disregarding whatever he said. His gaze rested on your slumped form, you—not appearing as enthused as earlier. He could tell your uneasiness as you played with your fork on the crockery.
Your head tilted slightly to catch a glimpse of him, and when you noticed how he was looking directly into your face, you lowered your head back instantly in shame. It was very unusual to get your brother's attention on you for an extended period of time, given that he isn't really fond of you. Ah, how you were mistaken for the thoughts that filled inside your little head.
The wonderful sight of the sunset has come to an end, as if a torch's light had been blown to reveal the darkness. It's already late at night, and you're still sitting near the window, a long way from your bed. You've been thinking about your birthday the entire day; it's happening tomorrow, and it feels like it just came out of nowhere. You couldn't tell if you were excited or not, knowing your brother wouldn't be there.
You sighed, he's always been mean to you, and there's nothing new. What were you expecting, anyway? A loud knock happened to break all of your thoughts, and you shouted back in response that they may come in—they immediately rushed into you with unexpected news that made your chest tighten.
Despite the fact that the floors were chilly on your bare feet, you ran inside the king's chamber until you were practically out of breath.
"Mother!" you scurried towards your father's bed to sit, "what happened to him?" you asked as your hand came to touch your father's forehead to feel his temperature, confirming he doesn't have a very much high fever you withdraw your hand away.
"He just fainted in the middle of his walk around the ward, and the physician said h-he won't be waking up for a while," your mother cried beside you as she clutched the king's hands. You looked down at your unconscious father, seeing him lying down on the mattress, appearing as weak as he had ever been, worries you. He's always been a very strong and healthy man. You've never seen him in such a vulnerable state like this before.
The door was opened equally harsh as it closed into a loud slam. You glanced around to see Jungkook approaching with hastened steps. You had immediately rose up into your feet as Jungkook neared to look closely to the king.
"What happened?"
Upon the arrival of your brother, you were left outside the king's chamber to wait while your mother and Jungkook discussed about your father's condition with the physician. You were told by your brother to stay outside while they talked; at first, you refused, thinking he was being selfish, but you were terrified by the glare he directed to scare you off, so you had no choice but to accept without further argument.
You'd leaned the side of your face against the rough walls of the hallway, in deep thoughts, hoping the king wasn't suffering from a very serious illness. You couldn't even imagine all the bad things that could possibly happen if the king past away, it isn't just because he gives you almost everything most of the time. It's simply because you don't think you'll be able to let go of the attachment you've developed to him as a father.
When the doors opened, you straightened your posture to see your brother walk out looking as normal as ever with his strict appearance, as if he hadn't just seen his father in a weak state inside of the room. Or maybe he was simply very good at concealing his emotions that you could never decipher. Noticing that he was alone, you concluded that your mother was still speaking with the physician inside of the room.
Sensing that he’s about to walk away, you called out for him immediately. "Brother, please wait,"
Fiddling with your fingers, "w-what did the physician said?" though you felt nervous, the curiosity in you still compelled to ask him. Despite the uneasiness in your gut, you'd be very much want to know what's going on, whether it's good or terrible.
He turned around to face you, Jungkook's eyes were drawn to the trembling in your hands while you subconsciously played with it. You were hardly making an eye contact, and he can very much sense the nervousness in the air. Thinking this wouldn't be a great idea to ignore you, he had responded calmly instead.
"The physician is doubtful, but father has a very poor health, which caused his fainting; he would be commended to my uncle's kingdom with greater caution."
Honestly you weren't expecting him to actually respond, so you stared at him for a few good seconds, taken aback. You were so accustomed to being ignored by the prince that you had low expectations of receiving an answer from him. You were still processing what he had said, and when you understood what he meant, you covered your mouth in a bit of surprise. You didn't mean to appear like you were overreacting, but at the thought of the king leaving to another place was out of what you’ve imagined.
"When are we leaving?”
Jungkook, who was about to depart, came to a halt in his tracks once again, but this time he didn't bother to fully turn, instead he merely glanced over his shoulder and answered.
"Not we, them.”
Fat tears flowed down your cheeks as you watched the carriage slowly fade away from your sight; you waved your hands in the hope that your mother would see and feel a little more at ease as they depart. Your sobs only grew louder as you realized your parents wouldn't be here to enjoy your special day with you tomorrow. Everything had been unexpected, and it had all unluckily happened at the wrong time. It felt like the worst night before your birthday ever. The gatehouse had been locked and they were already out, as shown by the thunderous bang of the wood slamming into a shut.
As you made your way back inside, you had never felt more devastated in your entire life. Every step resonating around the vast corridor seemed too quiet for you, as anguish filled your entire being and soul. It was followed shortly by another set of hefty steps that echoed along with yours. You were so absorbed with your own emotions that you didn't even notice the much larger shadow that followed yours,
Jungkook watches you in interest from behind, he was not too close, not too far, but close enough to smell your delightful fragrance, which has been complemented by hints of blue. He takes care not to walk over the excess of your dress as you drag it along with you from behind with deliberate feet. If he didn't know any better, he may mistake you for a bride-to-be walking down the aisle. You've always been drawn to wear lovely light-colored dresses,  and he adores the way it brings out your entire personality, so pretty and bright.
He came to a standstill as he watches you walk directly into your chamber, your face adorned with a frown as you enter. He had entered not long ago to follow you inside, taking care not to make any disturbance that might draw your attention. He was welcomed by darkness, since only a single candle beside your bed had been lit to serve as the light.
The windows are draped with thick curtains, which is unusual considering he knows you as someone who enjoys gazing up at the sky, whether it's birds or the stars. It didn't take him long to figure out your silhouette, though the dim lighting makes it difficult for him to notice, he can still properly determine the delicate shapes you embraced.
Minutes later, it had felt like hours for him as he waited for the loss of consciousness to consume you. You were now fast asleep, you had flopped down onto your bed without undressing your gown into your nightwear; exhaustion was draining your entire body, hence you didn't bother calling up the servants to assist you with your night routine.
Jungkook slowly emerged out of the shadows he had been hiding in the corner of your room, his eyes trailing over the clock on the wall. It was already past midnight, and he couldn't be more happier to be the first to witness you blossom into your eighteenth birthday.
The light taps of his boots had come to a halt exactly near your bed, where your face was facing the candle light that illuminated your lovely face, the flickering golden flames doing no justice to your pretty lips. He prefers them better in the daylight, where it accentuates the cherry pout of yours, which he yearn to kiss with his own.
You've always been an incredibly bright person gifted with grace and beauty. You may never know, but you're the prettiest he's ever seen; your smiles seemed to compete with the sunrays to see who was the brightest whenever you went outside to play with your maids. You'd never notice, but he's always been watching behind those thick walls, whenever he came from his practice, he finds you quite interesting to watch upon while he saves up some energy.
He admits that he despised you during your first few years in the castle; you were in your early adolescence, and he had visioned you as nothing more than another bothersome youngster who dared to seek his attention. He didn't dislike your mother. In fact, he's in good term with her as long as his father is happy and she is taking care good of him. He didn't spend much time with your mother, but he could tell she was a good parent to you. There was too little resemblance between you two, he concluded you might've inherited most of your features from your father. Nonetheless, your beauty was out of this world.
You were such a bubbly person, and that was his first impression of you when he met you for the first time. He remembered all the stunts you'd pulled to get close to him. Some were foolish, some were sweets, he liked it but didn't want to get involved as it would be seen ridiculous to act immature at his age of nineteen. He had wished for you to leave him alone, and even anticipated that you'll eventually get tired of his continued ignorance toward you. And it indeed happened.
He initially believed it was a sigh of relief, yet there were many instances when he hoped you'd still try. He'd always be on the lookout for your presence and little tricks to appear. No longer you leave freshly baked delicacies at the entrance to his chamber, no longer he receive your handwritten letters asking him to play with you, no longer he could see you around whenever he went to his archery lessons. He couldn't put into words how he felt, but he was somehow disappointed.
That's when he realized you don't really deserve his attention at all. If you were truly desperate for your brother's attention, you would strive better to impress him. But you gave up so easily, and he resents your lack of determination. He harbored a grudge against you and decided that it would be best to ignore your presence entirely.
Unfortunately, after a few years, he found it difficult to ignore you. Only when you were nearly in your seventeenth year did he realize what a beauty you are. He had considered how many princes from other kingdoms would die to be with you, but as the month of your eighteenth birthday approached, he also realized that his admiration for you was no longer a brother's affection. He no longer associates you with someone else in his mind, and he'd kill if someone dared to fancy you. He refused to acknowledge it so vehemently, but the conversation with your parents about the upcoming birthday celebration a week ago triggered something within him.
He couldn't let you go, and he dislikes your enthusiasm to make your presence be known. He went to his father's office the night following that dinner to explain how he wanted to revise the decisions that had been made for your birthday. However, because he made an agreement with your mother, the king couldn't proceed without speaking with her. Jungkook had nodded in understanding, though he isn't quite convinced. He flashed his father a courtly smile as they clinked their glasses before drinking the night away.
The number of restless evenings spent overthinking that followed that night is no longer important. Especially now that his father has delegated him responsibility over the kingdom while they are gone. It was all predetermined perfectly since he didn't intend to open the gates in the first place for people to come in and for you to leave anyway. He canceled all of your plans for the big day you still anticipated to happen, and now you're asleep, dreaming of the freedom you're looking forward to. You don't need those frivolous things; all you need is a gift from him, way more special than anything.
The candle light had disappeared as the flames slowly faded and died into the darkness, leaving Jungkook staring into nothing. He muttered a low curse under his breath as he walked away to find another source of light. He swiftly replaced the used candle glass with one of the lamps set on the wall beside your chamber's door.
He sat on the soft linens of your mattress, causing the bed to sink under his weight. He can't help but to let the blanket slip in between his fingers, where it tickles his skin. Even though he enjoys the sensations of it, his fingers still aches for your soft and delicate ones. It felt much better against his trailing fingers across the breadth of your exposed clavicle. The ludicrous tight bodice, which merely punctuates the flesh of your breast pushed up for his eyes to stare—does not help to quiet his ardent impulses. It appears tempting for him to carve his name into your chest with the sharp tip of his arrows—the same arrows he'd use to slaughter the lovely birds you adore.
It’s the first time he'd gotten this close to your presence, the first time he had touched your flame-illuminated skin, and he couldn't help but lean his face against your neck and take a sniff of your fragrance. God, have you ever been this fragrant up close? feels heavenly, enough to envelop his consciousness in a haze. And here he thought the aroma he used to smell every time you passed by him was strong enough, but there's more to it, and it's driving him utterly insane.
He thought this would be the perfect time to give you your birthday present.
Unbuttoning his trousers, which had been uncomfortably snug around his thighs, he emit a heavy sigh as his cock swiftly slipped off the expanse of his pants, giving it a nice glide. His eyes returned to your sleeping figure, his cock twitched in response to the little twitches of your pouty lips, as if it was yearning for something to kiss. Carefully kneeling beside your face, his gaze traced over your parted lips as if it was an invitation for him to slip in his cock and for you to press against it so sweetly. His breath hitches, his heart hammering against his chest as he delicately taps the tip of his cock on your lips.
He presses it a little further until he could feel the heated tip of your tongue, then he pushes even more as he can't get enough of the pleasure it provides. He tried to be as careful as possible, and he certainly did not plan to be caught by you—mouth filled with the evidence of his lustful desires.
Jungkook bites his tongue hard; he had a strong desire to snap his hips until you were gagging around him, but he couldn't. As much as he wants to, but this is not the right timing for it. Darkly enough, someday he could just fuck your throat till it so sore for days that you wouldn't be able to swallow anything other than his cum. Oh, he'd love that to happen.
Your jaw slightly expands at the process of his girth kissing the insides of your heavenly warm cheeks. He realized how there's too little space for his cock to fit in your mouth, and it upsets him. He'd leaned back, still on his knees, stroking himself, his lidded eyes trailing over your lovely face.
"Stubborn are you?" he scoffed. "God, I only want to give you your present, and here you are declining it? ungrateful bitch," he hissed, his palm tightly gripping his cock, as he tugs on it rapidly already dripping with precum. He's on the verge of coming and couldn't wait for you to receive the first touch of sins that would taint you entirely.
"Ah, I shouldn't worry right? this is just the first time, and definitely not the last. you'd let me fill that goddamn mouth of yours soon whether you like it or not, hm?" he darkly chuckles as he approaches your face once more, giving your lips a single peck before letting his cum fill your parted lips, almost overflowing with the amount of it.
"God, look at that, not even a single spill so perfect for me." he smiled like he was proud of it.
He leaned in to whisper, "Happy birthday."
The sun's rays pierced through the heavy curtains, smacking your face and stinging your eyes with sensitivity due to the startling light. You sat up, back against your bed's headboard, rubbing your bleary eyes, feeling a slight restriction, you realized how heavy the tight bodice felt against your chest as you tried to let out a yawn. You forgot to change into your nightgown, which must have been unpleasant in your sleep, but didn't pay any mind since you were so tired last night.
Looking through the covered windows, your gaze immediately drawn to the clock, which reads around ten in the morning, noon almost approaching—you gasp. Wasn't it supposed to be the servants' responsibility to wake you up early on your special day?
You grumbled as you pushed yourself out of bed and onto your feet. Turning your head around, you felt a sudden tightness on your skin somewhere on the side of your cheeks and neck. Bewildered, you traced it with your fingertips, to feel a dried sensation sticking to your skin, which you presumed was your drool that dripped while you were asleep.
You didn't think much of it and decided to dashed out of your room without changing, only to be greeted with the typical silence, as if it were just another ordinary day in the castle. You wandered through the corridor, confused, until you reached the way toward the courtyard. Your gaze roamed around, expecting to see at least some few changes, but there were nothing at all.
There were no hints of extra tables and chairs for people to dine at, nor were there any banners that you anticipated to see hung on each walls and trees. There were no birds that you requested to be found also. Didn't your father agreed to celebrate it here? There were a lot of questions filling up your mind, your eyes wandered around and headed over to the nearest servant you could see to ask.
Walking back inside, you just discovered that your brother had ordered the event to be canceled, yesterday. A touch of rage raced though your veins upon knowing this. Was he trying to sabotage you? you know well how he wasn't favored of this celebration, but he couldn't just do that! That was very mean of him and probably the worst thing he's ever done to you. You were almost in the verge of crying when you had entered the dining area.
You came to a halt at the entrance, spotting the prince, who was eating his lunch in peace with his back facing you. Contemplating the decision of confronting him. Yes you're mad and there's no doubt, yet the fear in your gut was residing too. The possible scenarios of his dark eyes shooting toward you was already terrifying in your vision, but it wouldn't hurt to try.
The light tap of your steps made it's way to his presence, it was swift but hopefully silent.
"Brother, why did you do that?"
Your face twisted into another frown as you took a seat beside the prince. Nervously tapping on the table, you decided to swivel the chair around into facing the side of his body, where you could perfectly see his prominent sharp jaw and wonderfully sculpted side profile. He looks exactly the same as he did when you first met him, seems like he doesn't age at all. You wondered if he is to be wed soon, he looks fairly handsome in your opinion.
Sensing your anxiety, he eyed you from the corner of his eyes before responding.
"Did what?"
"They told me you cancelled my party," you pouted, apparently disappointed rather than outraged. You wanted to sound upset for him to feel passion of your frustrations, but the gentleness of your voice didn't do any justice, only coming out in a seemingly whines of dissatisfaction. Jungkook noticed it as well, in fact he found it adorable that you were trying to act all fierce.
"It's not me, it's father." a lie. "He told me to cancel it since they won't be here to see it anyway," he set the cutlery he was holding, down, creating a light clatter noises. He turned his head to face you.
The first thing his eyes caught was the trace of his dried prominent cum sticking onto your skin. Sucking on his breath, have you not noticed it? It must've have slipped out of your mouth while you shifted in your sleep, just the images of it slowly trickling down from your sweetly parted lips caused his cock to stir.
Gulping the last piece of food he'd been chewing, he went on. "He wanted us to have a simple celebration, actually i have something prepared for you."
Your eyes brighten up at his words, your brows no longer wrinkled into a frown. Were you hearing it correctly? The prince prepared something just for you? Your fury vanished in a snap like that so easily, instantly replaced by exhilaration that swells in the inside of your chest. Jungkook could sense the excitement growing in the air, to which he chuckles underneath his breath, you're so lovely when you smile, especially when it's for him.
He didn't expect it to come—to have your arms wrapped so tightly around him in an instant that he could feel your breast pressing up against his chest. You embraced him out of delight, thinking that this could be the beginning of a good long-term friendship with your brother. But he abruptly pulled you away, an eyebrow arched while he stares into your widening ones. Goosebumps pricked on your skin as his large palm touches the each side of your shoulder joints, practically covering the majority of them. It feels frigid beneath your slight exposed warmth.
Jungkook was taken aback, consequently he can see the perplexity in your innocent eyes while you stared back at him. Did you just believed his lies like that so easily? shifting your mood so fast at the mention of a gift.
He couldn't believe how you were the one who's encouranging the skinship as if you weren't just fearing over the mention of his name whenever you hear it around—acting like a vulnerable prey would do whenever the danger approaches, where the predators are nearby.
You were more naive than he thought you'd be, he could actually use this advantage to coaxed you into things he selfishly wanted. You were so easy to persuade that he just wanted to mess with your thoughts all day.
will it last though?
The last few days have been kind to you, and you've been doing well, though you're still sad whenever you think of your parents, who's away from this land. You were curious about both of their conditions, as well as whether your father had recovered to his normal health. While staring out the window, you think of any reassuring words to include in the letter you're writing to deliver to them.
You've sent a couple of messages to them. However, you never received any feedback, which concerns you even more. You weren't even sure if they were receiving the letters; all you knew was that the carrier handling it had been delivering it to them.
Your brother was aware of this; you had first requested permission, which he granted because he wanted to know his father's current condition as well. There was a time when he asked you to write a letter in his name after telling you that he doesn't have time to do so, so you agreed and felt easily obligated in return for the kindness he's shown you over the past few days.
You smiled as you finished the envelop with a final touch of sticking tiny flowers over it. You decided to give it to the carrier yourself and go for a short walk outside the castle. You almost forgot how you're allowed to go out now that you're old enough to make your own decisions. You couldn't stop the excitement from coursing through your veins; you desperately wanted to see your old friends in the hopes that they would still recognise you.
You packed a good amount of freshly baked sweets, you made yourself because you wanted to at least give them something after years of not seeing each other. You still feel bad for not saying goodbye properly; after all, you couldn't tell them where you were going at the time. Your mother had made it clear to you that you were not to tell anyone that you were going to live in the castle.
You hummed a beautiful tune as you walked toward the gatehouse, similar to what you'd think if birds could sing like instruments. The weather is in beautiful state, with no clouds adorning in the sky. The wind blew softly against your body, causing the hem of your dress to flutter freely. When the cold breeze hits your face with powerful smacks, it feels light and pleasant, causing your hair to flaunt back in similar ruffles of the ocean.
Savouring the little happy moments, oblivious to the footsteps following you from behind
The gatehouse appears to be much larger than it was previously, possibly due to the fact that you haven't been near it in a long time. It's a long way from the castle, so you didn't bother going when you couldn't go out anyway. Now you're only a few steps away from the outside, and you can't help but giggle as you think about all the memories you'll make. But Jungkook, on the other hand, is determined not to let you go even for a second.
"Where do you think you're going?"
To your surprise, the prince appeared in front of you in a flash, your heart pounding rapidly as a result of his unexpected appearance. It still astounds you that you had no inkling that he was following you behind your back the entire time. You were completely unaware of his deliberate heavy steps. He was so close that he could smell the joy wafting through the air—but he's not happy about it.
From his chamber's window earlier, he could see your figure walking away. He was about to ignore you thinking it's just another day of your visit the courtyard garden. But what caught his eye was the basket you were holding, which appeared to be filled with delicacies you love to make. He's not stupid if he doesn't know what those are for; he didn't even hesitate before striding out of his room to follow you. He knew you were planning to leave the moment he saw which direction you were heading.
It already irritated him that you were still looking forward to that little adventure you'd been planning. But what enraged him the most was that you didn't bother asking for his permission; it's not like he'll accept it anyway. But the point is you didn't even think about telling him.
Stepping back a bit, you responded, "Going out?"
"You're not allowed to go out," he says calmly.
Eyebrows furrowed in confusion, "Why? I was told that once I reached my consent age, I could go out."
"I've also been told not to let you out."
"That's not fair! Father already gave me permission. But it doesn't matter now, I'm already eighteen and I can do whatever I want," you argued, trying to pass by him—only to be pushed back by his arm, until you stumbled back.
"So you've lost your manners just because you're eighteen?" he scoffed. "I don't care about your age, get back inside. I already told you, you couldn't leave." his voice stern, he doesn't like the way you're talking back to him.
"But i told you too that i can!" you exclaimed, quickly covering your mouth with your palm as your voice unexpectedly rose.
"I-I didn't mean-" your eyes fluttered in fear as you watched his face form into a scowl.
The next thing you knew, you were being dragged by your brother forcefully, who had a bruising grip on your arm. The basket you were carrying had been abandoned on the grass, along with the withering flowers that had fallen from it. You attempted to break his grip on your arm, but it was futile for he is much stronger than you.
"Brother, let me go, it hurts," tears well up in your eyes at how tightly he was gripping your arm like it was nothing more than an object he'd grip into when he's mad.
Jungkook didn't care; in fact, the moment you raised your voice at him, you pissed him off even more. He doesn't care if it wasn't intentional; what matters is that you disrespected him, not just as an elder, but also as a prince and brother. He was not going to let that kind of attitude get away from him. He never accepts apologies in the absence of punishment. He thought you deserved the pain because, after all, you had hurt him, so it was only fair.
Jungkook had enough of you trying to escape from his grasp, your squirms and whimpers only triggering within him. Stopping in his tracks, he pulled you against his chest with such force that it caused a slight pain on your skin at the impact, harsh enough it could leave bruises. You let out a startled scream as he lifted you from the ground with no ease, drapping you over his right shoulder with a firm grip.
He carried you like you were nothing more than a bag of carrots on his shoulder. With each squirm, you could feel his shoulder muscles flex against your abdomen. It's tight and uncomfortable, and it makes you want to throw up. Your upper body being bent over his back isn't helping at all, the blood rushing through your head was making you feel light headed.
You thought you'd lose your consciousness before you could even reach the castle, but in the blink of an eye, you were hurled into the soft sheets that you assumed were his bed. You didn't even have time to react when he appeared in front of you in an instant, gripping the front of your dress with such a tight grip that it was almost suffocating.
As soon as you looked up at him, your face was harshly blown to the side as he slapped you across the face, shocked, you whimpered at the sudden discomfort against your cheek.
"b..brother-" cut off, he slapped you on the opposite side of your face once more. You screamed as the cold metal rings touched your cheek. Your hand reached out to caress the burning sting on your delicate skin, your fingertips catching the slight bump caused by his rings.
"Who do you think you are?" he snatched your jaw as he yanked your head up to meet his piercing gaze. Just like that, all of your fear for him has returned, and you feel as if you have no control over your body at the moment. Your small figure uncontrollably shaking in his intimidating presence.
"You have no right to refuse me or even raise your voice against me; remember your limits; you'd be nothing if your mother hadn't married my father," he scowled, his voice lacing with rage.
In a bruising grip, his fingers pressed roughly against the flesh of your cheek. Your tear-stained eyes looked up to him, as if you were pleading for his forgiveness through your tears. But he's cruel and without mercy, you wailed as he smacked you in the face again and again until your body was thrown onto the ruffled sheets.
Jungkook immediately knelt down on the bed as he loosen the buttons of his coat, disregarding it on the floor. Your body had moved away from him instinctively, attempting to crawl with your trembling body. But he was quick to grab your knees and pull you closer as he pried your legs open with minimal effort. When the dress had riden up to your thighs and he had placed it on each side of his hips, you felt exposed to him.
"Stop moving," he warned.
He leaned back, as if he was finally letting you go, but your screams were amplified when you saw him pull a pocket knife from behind his pocket. Your body had frozen on its own, no longer fighting back, fearful that he would stab you in the chest right away. But the trembling in your body remained, terrified at the intrusion of the thought that he'll kill you brutally like what you'd envisioned a lot of times before.
He grabbed again the front of your dress roughly, your eyes shutting tight awaiting for what's coming. The silver metal of its blade indeed touched with your skin, it feels cold and goose bumps ran through your skin. But it was brief as he only slashed the middle of your dress, tearing it into two. Revealing your upper torso to him exposed.
The rushed of air came hitting on your bare chest, you shivered at the cold. You had tried to cover it with your arms only for him to pull it away with a threat of the tip of his knife pressed against your throat. Your eyes lacing with fear, one wrong move and you're done.
"Didn't i told you not to move? you really like testing my temper don't you, sister?" he cocked an eyebrow, emphasising the last word.
"Brother, this is w-wrong" you said, grabbing onto his wrist to slightly push the knife away from your skin.
"Oh? Why's that?"
You stammered, "Mother told me n-not to show my body to a-anyone.. because it's not a-appropriate"
Jungkook only chuckled followed with a light roll of his eyes as he finally withdrew the knife to toss it somewhere on the floor.
"Not appropriate?" he raised an eyebrow, grabbing onto your breast with a tight grip. "Look at what you're wearing! only whores dress like this, showing off their breast so they could attract men." then he slaps it right after, causing you to whimper in pain.
"and you even thought you could go out with this? tell me sister, did you want to leave because you want some filthy men to look at you? had you always been like this huh? seeking pleasure from attentions?" you frantically shake your head, sobbing as he continues to harass your breast.
Jungkook's eyes darkened at the bothering thoughts of some obnoxious men staring at your body. He blames it to your revealing clothes, but at the same time he was no different to those hungry eyes wanting to take a bite of your flesh. He couldn't help but get mad, to which he pinched your nipples to take in pleasure of your cries, as if it wasn't him who was conjuring up the negative images in his head. But that's the point: if he had let you out of the castle, somebody out there could've been undressing you in their eyes right now. They would have seen your lovely face glowing under the sun, which he should only be able to see. Who are they to be blessed with such beauty?
His lustful eyes greedily take what your body has to offer him right now, your heaving chest—buds perked up as if asking him to take it in his mouth. As the tip of his fingers trailed down the teared edge of your dress, he completely ripped it apart with his own hands until it was ripped into two, allowing him to see your entire naked body for the first time. He can see the shame and fear in your eyes, but the dampness between your clothed cunt much more intrigued him.
Curses escaped his lips as he pressed his index finger against your cunt to see how well prepared you are—even if you aren't, it doesn't matter in his sick mind. His eyes caught how you unconsciously bit your lip for the pleasure it brings. Smirking, he gave it a smack hard enough to make you hiss, but the pressure was so intense in a good way that you couldn't help but not complain.
Jungkook noticed how your body had reacted differently, and his mind immediately told him that's how a slut normally reacts to pain, which only kept him on edge, wanting to keep you in your place that you're only his to claim. His pointed gaze had returned to yours, and with a light tug on your underwear, he ripped it off your body, chuckling at your futile cries attempting to close your legs.
"n-no! don't touch me there!" you squealed, reaching out with both hands to cover your exposed mound. But it was too late; the arousal dripping from your cunt was all Jungkook needed to keep going with what he was planning in his head—and you'd be completely helpless to do anything but accept your cruel faith.
"Shut up," he snarled as he slapped your hands away, a death glare on his countenance.
With a firm press on your abdomen, keeping your body secure down the mattress—his other hand went to unzip his pants, finally releasing what had been bothering him. his cock, leaking at the tip from the amount of satisfied sick pleasures he gained from seeing you terrified over him. His eyes filled with warped pleasure, watches your teary eyes trail over his monstrous cock, your mouth hung agape as you shake your head with a chant of no's.
"W-what are you doing, brother?" your wide glistened eyes flitting between him and his dick.
"Something a step brother shouldn't do." his emotionless face only addens up to your fear.
He ignored your cries of pleas as he only neared the tip of his cock to your wet slick, your thighs trembling against his hips—helpless attempts of closing it.
"t-too big! brother that w-wont fit" he could see the panic in your eyes at the sudden intrusion of him at your entrance. The stretch was nothing but a pain sting to you, Jungkook is well aware that you're a virgin—hell it only made him want to torture you more for being disrespectful and have your tears on your face emerge in.
His piercing gaze is drawn to the way your pussy was attempting to force him out; it enrages him to acknowledge that even your cunt was refusing him. But he'll force it in—he didn't listen to your cries and implores, only pushing it further, whimpers emanating from your pretty lips. He brought you up, a firm grip on each side of your waist, until your hips lifted from the sheets to meet his. He didn't gave you a time to adjust as his harsh thrust startled you into a crying mess.
"No! h-hurts, it hurts, please go away"
Despite your cries being louder, his thrust did not falter or even give you time to comprehend the situation you were in. Ensuring that it would be painful with each obtrusive thrust past your walls. If you thought he was cruel before, this fear was nothing compared to your previous ones—because he's much crueller now, resembling the devil with the devious smirk while he satiates his own desire with the loud cries of your pitiful help—his hip slamming into you with same vigor merciless, bruising your skin with each burning rub.
Leaning down to your face, he whispered gruffly, "It's supposed to hurt, sister."
You had imagined living in a castle as a princess was some fairy tale with a prince charming, but it was the polar opposite of that. It was a nightmare, keeping you awake all night with his cock deep in your cunt until you were spent, lying pliant in your own bed.
You tried to run away where you thought he wouldn't acknowledge, but he's not foolish to think you won't be trying to escape his grip once again. So he ordered the gatehouse guards not to let you out, threatening their lives if they succumbed to your pitiful cries. He also demanded that you be dragged back into his room, locking it—where he would later come to punish you again.
His cock pushing inside of you forcefully, he'd let you see the bump on your abdoment of his protruding tip against it, bulging with each deep thrust. You'll cry, thinking it was abnormal and too much for your body. But he'd only give you a dark airy laugh, pressing it tauntingly with his thumb where he could feel the way you'd clench around his cock at the unsettling twist in your tummy.
He loves filling you with his cum; the pleasure he derives from gripping you tightly around his clutches, just so you can't squirm away from him whenever he pumps you full of his cum drives him insane. Despite the fact that it was overflowing and starting to dribble down your thighs, he couldn't bring himself to stop until you were a sobbing mess. He was just making sure you were gratefully receiving it, because he intends to fill you up and make you round with his baby.
But you made a mistake that you'll later regret, making you wish you'd never messed with the prince.
The scent of paints surrounding the air, fresh opened tubes—splattered on the palette. They said human smell is intimately connected with memory, so as you stride delicate stroke of brushes against the canvas, you remember your old memories. You love painting, it was your leisure whenever you were bored inside the castle—awaiting for the freedom that had been snatched away from you so easily. It used to be motivating whenever you paint, thinking you'd be able to showcase all of your artworks to everyone. Now it was nothing but emptiness, because no longer you could anticipate for your future for it has been sealed already in the hands of your stepbrother.
The upcoming scent of something horrid piqued your attention, as though it was connected with your memory—it smelt danger, memories of your fear flashed in your eyes. You could feel his nearing presence behind your back, the slow flick of your wrist had shaken as a result of you withdrawing it to hide, but he had already seen it.
"Exquisite painting" he complimented as he neared down to rest his chin ontop of your shoulder, your body inching away from him in fear.
"Thank you.. "
"You really like birds, huh?" your body shivered as you felt the vibration from his throat on your shoulder, his deep voice lingering in your ear.
"I'd like to have this one displayed in my room," he said as he clicked his tongue and drew away from you, hands in his pockets.
"It looks like you, so pretty," a faint smile on his face.
"No, you c-can't display this on your room, I made this because I w-want to put it on the hallway," you protested, abruptly turning your head to face him.
He tilted his head down to look at you—his face displayed with unpleasant expression as his eyes met with your fearful ones. The way he was staring through your soul gives you the impression that he was not impressed with your words. He doesn't like the prospect of your paintings being visible in the eye of others. It's your painting—and everything about you is his. So whether you like it or not, you won't be able to do anything about it.
His temper has flared once more as a result of your stubbornness; he was going to be considerate with you today, but the pack of leaves in his pocket reminds him of your betrayal. He drew it out and tossed it in front of you, landing on your lap. He could see how your body shuddered, how tense you were as the pocket of herbal leaves sat on your lap. It's light in weight, but it feels as heavy as your heart. Nervousness is infiltrating your senses. You obviously knew what it was.
"What is the meaning of this?" he inquired solemnly.
"i-i don't know what you're talking about, why are you g-giving it to me?" your body twitched in fear after he slammed his hands against the furniture beside your body.
"Don't fucking lie to me," he spat out, grabbing both of your arms, forcing you to stand on your feet as he turned your body to face him.
"How dare you hide this from me, huh? you think I wouldn't notice?" his eyes dart toward yours like daggers. Your legs are weakening as a result of his furious stare, but he's determined to keep you still with the tight grip he has on your arms.
"Taking herbal leaves to prevent pregnancy?" he gritted his teeth, "I'd been filling you up with my cum for over a month in order to get you pregnant, only for you to take those shits?"
Jungkook's voice was cold, lacing with usual anger tone, his fingers tightening even more around your arms as he stared into your dreadful eyes. The more he thought about it, the more he realized how much heartache it had caused him. He thought you were finally giving yourself completely to him, since your protests had never been more frequent than the first week of him using your body. But, unfortunately, it was only him who had thought of it.
He could smell the offensive scent mingling with yours every time he lay beside you at night, embracing you close to his warmth. He enjoys sniffing throughout your neck since he found your aroma too comforting for his senses. But instead of the usual welcoming loamy scent of yours, he was greeted with the remainder of the drink you had secretly consumed.
It lasted for weeks and he couldn't help but feel upset about it; it's been bothering him everytime he comes near you, clearly there was something wrong with it. He doesn't like the way his stomach would twist just by thinking about the possible grim reality. It was minty mixed with strong scent of aromatic leaves, so he assumed you'd been drinking something without him knowing. So, later that night, he asked one of your servants to bring him all of the cups you had used that day without washing it.
There were four of it, but one caught of his attention the most—the smell was too familiar when he neared it under his nose. Gliding a fingertip to take a small remnants of it, it tastes bitter when his tongue licked it off his fingertip. The moment he found out what it was, he threw all of the cups against the wall where it shattered into pieces—so his heart. When he sneaked into your room that night, the leaves were hidden beneath the pile of your clothes. He couldn't contain his anger, rage pulsed through his veins as he watched you sleep peacefully while slowly crushing the leaves in his tight fist.
"Answer me."
He shakes your body aggressively, as though he is rousing you from a deep sleep. Your body accidentally colliding with the canvas, causing it to fall to the ground with a loud thud. You gasp, eyes widening in shock, it was ruined. Your painting is now ruined. You could feel the sticky pigments of the paint against your elbow, and the rest are sticking to the back of your dress.
Your gaze was drawn to the packet of herbal leaves on the ground beside it; it was the medicine you had been taking with your drinks every day. You only started it two weeks ago, when he mentioned he'd impregnate you in the middle of him pounding into your cunt. You didn't know what it meant, and you surely didn't want to ask him. So you inquired the kitchen maid instead, and she told you that it only happens between married couples. Pregnancy wasn't easy, telling you how much pain it caused, especially during labor. Of course, it frightened you. So you asked if it could be avoided, and that's when she gave you the herbal, concealing it from the prince. You thought you were being cautious enough, but Jungkook can determine it mixing with your scent and he didn't like how it smelled.
He dragged you across the room, pressing your front body against the window that overlooked the yard and the setting sun. The thumping in your chest became more violent as it sensed what was about to happen.
"p-please...no, I don't want to get pregnant, they said it hurts so much... I don't want to feel pain."
You pleaded, followed by a chant of apologies, in hopes he would forgive you for your mistakes you did. But Jungkook didn't give it a second thought as he pressed his erection against your ass, a firm bruising grip on your waist.
"Who told you?" he raised an eyebrow, low grunts could be heard as he slowly grinded his hips into your ass.
He relishes in the sight of your arching back, completely helpless in his hands. You'd always tell him how much you didn't want it, but your body couldn't deceive him. and he loves you more for it. He could feel your legs sluggish against his, so he let his wandering hand slip in between your thighs, his fingers roughly pressed on your covered cunt. Where he could feel it dampening, fabric clinging to your arousal to which he responded with a scoff—you are indeed a slut.
"I just heard it from the m-maids," you replied, subtly rolling your hips against his palm.
Jungkook smirked lightly as he pinched your clit in between his fingers, causing you to jump in surprise. He knew you were lying to him. No maid would casually discuss about pregnancy so openly for the royals to hear, let alone recommend herbal remedies to prevent it. There's no doubt you asked for it; but he can't be really that mad at you to the point he could just break your skin until the blood comes out. So, he chose to kill the maid who gave you the leaves instead—to calm his raging heart. A bruise can heal, but a wound will leave a scar.
Your hands flatten against the window, you feel his hand pull away from your thighs, and you can't help but push your ass more into his erection eager to feel the blissful pressure it provides, receiving a hiss from him.
"You sure don't want to get pregnant?" he whispered against your ear, shivering at the hot breath blown at the back of your neck.
Pulling his cock out of his pants, Jungkook watches the way you nodded your head hastily in response to him. How could you agree so quickly when your body was telling him otherwise? Lifting your dress, he pressed his hard cock against the thin fabric that hides the evidence of your lies.
"Too bad, I don't listen to pathetic people like you," he rasped with a click of his tongue.
He abruptly ripped off your underwear, briefly lifting up your right leg while he encircled his other arm around your waist. He has you standing on one leg with a tight grip on your thigh, making sure you wouldn't be able to run away. You let out a shriek as he pushed his cock inside of you without warning, causing it to sting as he stretched your walls without little preparation. Even with the number of times he'd fuck you in a day, it was still never easy for you to receive his girth, but Jungkook isn't a patient man. He'd always find his way deep inside of you, because he's always seen you as someone who's meant for him—your pussy was made to receive him.
"Why did you do that? do you know how much it hurts me to know how you didn't want my baby?" he leaned on your cheek, gently kissing it as if his cock wasn't forcing its way inside of you.
"Does it disgust you, huh? to get pregnant by your stepbrother?" you let out a startled gasp as he abruptly pulled out of your cunt—only to push it back again, this time with one swift move, much easier with the help of his own leaks, your walls clenching tightly around him at the sudden intrusion pass your walls.
"I'm s-sorry, I was just scared," you trailed off softly, tears streaming down your cheeks.
"But I still don't want it— ah!" you choked out a sob as he began with a hurried pace, not giving you even a moment to adjust. He didn't want to hear all of your pathetic reasonings, so his jaw clenched as he pistoned into you with ragged breath from behind.
Jungkook didn't pause for a second, gliding his rough hands across your chest, groping it harshly until you felt pain on your nipples,felt it sore. He leaned in, his teeth grazing against your soft flesh as he gritted his teeth and whispered.
"We know it's a lie, right? don't make me get mad at you more, if you don't want to witness your unborn child get killed while still inside your body."
He grunted as he felt your walls convulse rapidly around his cock, your body twitching at the unexpected orgasm that washed over your senses. Tears flowed uncontrollably down your cheeks as you considered how evil the prince is; just the thought of him killing his own child terrifies you—for the most part, because it is still inside of you.
However, Jungkook isn't done; he didn't stopped his thrust. Only deepening it further, to which you couldn't help but scream due to the slight stimulation you were experiencing. His free hand made it's way to your clit, causing your legs to tremble as he rubbed it furiously. You shake your head to get him to stop, opting to let your body fall away from his arms, but his grip on your other leg was too strong, forcing you to stay still on your weakening single foot.
"Is my little sister's leg tired?" he chuckled at your failed attempt to speak, his cock stilling deep inside you as a gush of warm liquid filled your tummy. Sighing against your nape, he leaned in to your cheek once more, his tongue protruding to lick off your tears—tasting the sweet salty remnants of your cries. Your body shuddered at the warm contact of his tongue, leaving trails of wetness against the flesh of your supple cheek. He murmured something.
"Then lie on the fucking ground, we're not done yet."
You didn't had time to complain, a loud yelp came from your quivering lips. He roughly pulled on your hair, shoving your entire body to the ground. Putting the heavy weight of his boot on your stomach, you writhe beneath his foot—only for him to press it hard, pinning you down the floor as you cried in agony.
"This," he punctuates with a light tap on your abdomen, "isn't it such a waste not to fill up?" he raises an eyebrow, as if he was still waiting for you to respond despite the situation you were in. utterly powerless.
"If you're not going to let me use this, then I should just...," he pressed his sole further into into your flesh, to which you wince in pain. You wrapped both of your hands around his ankle in an attempt to push it away, but it was useless.
"It hurts, brother, please stop! i..i"
"hm?" he hummed, tilting his head, a taunting smirk on his lips.
"I-I'll carry your child," you mumbled quietly, your hesitation almost audible in your voice. Your pleading eyes, glistening with building up tears, met his wicked pairs, filled with contentment from your response. Jungkook wasted no time in hovering over your small frame, forcing you on all fours akin to a bitch waiting to be filled up in their heat.
The scent of your mixed sweat permeated the air, Jungkook used your cunt until the darkness enveloped the room. The sunlight no longer illuminating the stain of tears on your face, replaced with the moonlight that glimmers your teary eyes. Cries of both pain and pleasure resonating through the room, despite of it—lewd squelching noises and grunts was all you could hear. You were pleading for him to stop after you'd already came countless of times, but it was unheard. His relentless thrust never slowed down, overstimulating you until the last drip of his cum.
Jungkook couldn't help himself, your desperate whimpers only urged him more further to dwell into your sinfulness. Desire wouldn't stop rushing through his cock, it astirs him to hear your continues cries of apologies and pleading. Vigorous thrust continued to kiss your cervix, where he knows it must hurt with the intent of bruising your walls until it bleeds. His maniacal laugh only frighten you more, letting the tiny droplets of blood drip on the floor alongside with the mess of your own.
Your pussy, so swollen and sensitive, even a light touch would already caused pain to it. The sliding in and out of his cock was too much, feeding him the twisted reveries of his. Jungkook would pressed his palm against the bulge of your abdomen telling you how deep he is inside of you. You could only whine in response as his unforgiving thrust keep forcing the orgasm out of you.
Jungkook could've stop hours ago, but he couldn't find the impulse to do so. Your blisteringly cunt gripped him so tightly that it felt too good to stop. So heavenly, like his cock was meant to be buried deep wihin your warm cavern. He enjoys forcing out your orgasms despite of you realising countless of times. Your walls would violently pulse around him, mirroring the violent twitches of your body beneath him. He thought it was adorable. Every time he could sense you try to squirm away, he'd always startle you with a sudden thrust then he'd taunt you with words like "one more" only for him to end up doing it more than once.
While pounding into you, he noticed the painting lying on the ground in the same condition as you. He glanced at your painting with fondness in his eyes; it reminds him of you, fascinating and filled with innocence. The bird you painted resembled your reflection, while its feathers are white—you wear the facade of an angel, but it attracts the devil within him.
You were like a bird who enjoys the freedom to fly across the world, humming with enthusiasm. Birds have wings, so do you. He doesn't mind if birds would scatter in the yard, but if they fly into the sky, he won't hesitate to shoot them with his pointed arrows because it pleases him to be able to take their freedom. Just like you, he couldn't help but torn your wings apart so you wouldn't be able to leave him and depart.
The painting, on the other hand, appears to be ruined now though—it had stained your white dress, resembling him tainting you, while the painting embodies your ruined state. But he'd still like to pin you against the wall like a piece of art, and lither beautiful marks into your neck as if he were an artist and you were his canvas.
"c-cant.. no more pl..ease" your broken words woke jungkook up from the depth of his thoughts. Your entire front lay limp on the cold floor, your face resting on it as well. Your voice had become sore from the constant begging and cries, Jungkook felt a pang of sympathy as he finally drew away from your body.
When he flipped you onto your back, he was met with your exhausted face, your eyes threatening to close due to how swollen and tired you were from crying. Drool and tear stains remained on your face, and hairs stuck everywhere—you're a complete mess.
"are we d-done?" your voice weak, as your fingers reached out for his hand.
Jungkook didn't understand what you were trying to do, nevertheless, he took your hand in his, enveloping it with his large ones. After what he's done to you, holding your hand feels almost intimate, your delicate fingers wrapping around his gently, almost as if it was trying to lure the regret within him. But Jungkook could never blame himself for simply punishing you; all he knew was that it was all your fault, you brought yourself into this trouble.
You tenderly placed his palm against your stomach, allowing him to feel how bloated it was from his cum.
"am.. a-am i pregnant n..ow?" you questioned, a tiny smile slipping in your tired face.
"probably" he replied shortly, giving your stomach a light pat before approaching to peck it with a faint smile on his lips.
The wind blew through your face, your hair floating with the same calm waves of the fabric laundries hanging outside the yard. Your fingers subtly brushing against the delicate thin piece of paper that sits in between your fingers. Your eyes gleaming with glee as you recall the beautiful words from your mother while you gaze up in the sky, sitting on one of the benches while you caress your growing stomach.
You were holding the envelope your mother had sent to you for the day, filled with comforting words of hers. You were so enthusiastic telling her how much you look forward to their return. It had been six months since they left, you dearly missed their presence in the castle. It had been so quiet and peaceful that it's almost too boring for you to stay. They still have no idea about your pregnancy, which you were trying your best to avoid telling over the letter. Jungkook had told you to keep it a secret until they arrived, saying it should be a welcoming present for them.
You lean back against the bench and swing your legs freely, allowing the frilly hem of your dress to flow with the wind. Being pregnant wasn't as difficult as you thought it would be, with Jungkook by your side, he would always give you everything you needed. He was surprisingly considerate with your hormonal imbalance, letting you cry and whine over trivial matters.
Everything about your pregnancy fascinates him, you'd become more beautiful in his eyes, glowing with your flushed skin and radiant appearance. But, ofcourse, the most part that he likes is whenever you'd crave for his touch, it would be so arbitrarily but he gives into you every single time. How could he refuse when your appearance itself was making him insane and hard?
Whenever you distracted him from his work, he'd bend you over his work table, giving your pussy a stretch it deserves while whispering filthy things into your ear. If you're tired but want to feel the pleasure, he'll make you lie on your back on the sheets while he dives into your divine slicks. You'd grown accustomed to Jungkook's touches without missing a day, and there's no doubt you'd begin to crave it more as well.
Jungkook watches you from the distance, his eyes narrowing as he noticed the letter you were holding, re-reading it for the nth time with a smile on your face. His lips twitched into a beam, you were so genuine and pure with your love toward your mother, it's a shame he couldn't do the same with his own father.
Holding the piece of delicate envelope in his hand, he brought it up to his face where he could see the delicate writing of yours. Each words are carved into beautiful font, soothing and full of reassurance. It was the letter your mother was supposed to receive yesterday, jungkook lightly grin to himself as he brushes his fingertips over the tiny flowers you engraved into the paper. He almost felt sorry for your mother as she wouldn't be able to see all of your letters, which were all hidden in the little sanctuary of his room. A place where all of your letters are kept as part of his collection. Everything about you is his, as he stated.
None of it have been outside of the gatehouse. He always wait from behind the walls, watching you run your way toward the box where you'd put the letter that he'll later steal. He didn't want you to become suspicios over it, so he came up with an idea of writing the letters himself and pretend they were from your mother. He had ensured it was similar enough with her handwriting based on the writings he could find inside the room of his father.
He couldn't wait to approach you with an unexpected news, he knew it would make you sad for days, but there's nothing much he can do when both his father and your mother have already been dead three months ago.
He'd lie to you about how they were attacked by some bad people on their way back inside the castle. He wanted you to be terrified by the thought of how dangerous the world outside was. So you'd prefer not to be associated from the outside, no longer imagining it as paradise. He'll describe in detail how they were stabbed with the bad people's sharp swords until they were out of breath. When in fact, it was the poisonous herbal leaves that killed them.
He already knew his father was weak and sick, so he used it as an advantage—adding to the plans he made, the night a week before your birthday. He replaced the medicine that his father consumes to heal, to a poisonous one that would worsen his sickness and kill him slowly. He knew your mother was the one who prepares all of medicine of the king. Of course, as a caring wife she is, she'd always taste it herself first, allowing the smallest drop of poison to spread throughout her body as well.
Luckily, his father had already sealed the contract with his signature before he left, and he would be declared as a new king in a matter of months. You'd still be the princess hidden from the outside world. He could never risk showing you to everyone, no matter how much he wanted you to hold the title that is supposed to accompany his. You're the only treasure he owns that he could never flaunt to others, just like how other royalties keep their golds and diamonds hidden from their own people.
You will live peacefully inside the castle, give birth to a child, and no one will know that a heir has already been born. You'll grow old alongside him and die within the safe haven of the vast walls and gate. In the eyes of the heaven, they've witnessed a beautiful yet terrifying tale of a princess, which only the prince could tell the entire story. But he'll choose to keep the nonexistent book close to his heart, carrying it all the way to his grave.
Tumblr media
a/n: thank you for reading! 🕊 hope you have a good rest this upcoming holiday:)
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Tumblr media
— pairing: yandere ot7 x (f) reader — word count: 4.5k — warnings: yandere, stalking, obsessive behaviour, harrassment, mention of violence/bodily harm, mild blood, 18+ — summary: You dreamed of the day you would get your very own soulmark. Though, you didn’t expect to wake up to a searing hurt in your arm, the phantom pain of your shoulder being dislocated and your forearm fractured. As if dealing with the worst possible soulmark ever wasn’t bad enough, you also have to come to terms with the fact that you’re being stalked. When the letters and gifts you receive begin to escalate and the police offers no help, you have no other option than to figure out who’s behind it yourself – and hopefully before it’s too late. — amazing cover by @leithold​!
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
“Delivery for Y/n!”
The harsh knocks at your door make you flinch. You eye the rattling handle warily, feet rooted to the cold floor as you debate whether or not you should open it. You know you’re being paranoid, that there’s no way it’s him waiting on the other side of your door, but you can never be too careful. While your stalker has only been hiding behind letters and gifts so far, there’s no telling what he’ll do when that isn’t enough anymore. Truly, what scares you the most is that while he seems to know so much about you, you don’t know anything about him. You have no clue what lengths he's willing to go to get you, and you’re not about to start taking risks now.
Yeah, you’re not opening that door.
You listen intently as someone shuffles around outside, their heavy footsteps moving back and fourth for a few seconds before they pause. There’s a loud thud, something being placed on the ground before you hear a muffled voice grumble out, "I don’t have time for this.”
You stay still as their steps recede down the hall, biting your tongue until you hear the familiar groan of the janky elevator doors sliding shut. You count to ten, giving the elevator enough time to go down two floors before you can find it in yourself to move. Wrapping your hand around the door handle, you slowly begin to open the additional locks you got after your visit to the police station a few days ago. He knows where you live, and if Officer Park can’t help you, then you just have to do your best to make it as difficult as possible for your stalker to get to you.
You exhale, gathering your focus as you draw the last bolt back. You’re on high alert as you fling the door open, poking your head out to frantically scan the hallway for any movement. It’s quiet, empty, the long corridor having no dark corners for anyone to hide in. Deeming it safe enough – you let your eyes drift to the floor, gaze locking on to the item that was left behind.
So many flowers.
You stare down at the bucket of red roses at your feet, disbelief colouring your features as you realize there has to be close to a hundred of them crammed into the large container. For a split second you consider leaving them out in your hallway to wilt away, to die on their own, but you know better than to do that.
There will be consequences if you reject a gift, and it only had to happen one time for you to never repeat that mistake again. You’ll never forget the sight of the pure white roses stained red, the rhythmic drip of the blood as it pooled around the clear vase in front of your door. Everything was red. It was a threat – and a reminder – one you swore to yourself to never forget as you scrubbed the crimson stains out of old wooden floors. You never quite managed to remove everything, and the doormat you ended up placing on top of the lingering marks is now barely visible underneath the sea of flowers in front of you.
The memory sends a chill down your spine as you do your best to drag the bucket inside your apartment. You just have to accept the gift; he doesn’t need to know that the flowers usually go right in the trash. You close your door with a bang, making sure every lock is back in place before you lean in to study the roses. You trail your fingers over the soft petals, the flowers yielding under the gentle weight until you find what you were looking for. Paper. The purple envelope is nearly hidden in-between the dark red roses, only the sharp edge of a corner poking out.  
A few petals scatter to the floor as you pull it out. Swallowing dryly you flip the envelope around, carefully prying open the sealed flap. The glossy cardstock slides out easily, the postcard just small enough that it doesn’t snag on the paper. Turning it over, you’re met with a stylized image of Mt. Fuji in cherry blossom season, the small “hope to see you soon!” printed at the bottom of the card sending a stab of anxiety to your stomach.
You talked about Japan last week. It was after your last Thursday class that you had called Heejun on the way home, talking about mindless things to distract yourself from how empty the park had been. The only reason you hadn’t been flat out sprinting home was the two girls walking on the path in front of you, and the man playing fetch with his dog a little further out on the grass. Neither had been close enough to hear what you were talking about, and it’s not like you had been particularly loud either as you power walked home in the dark. And yet, somehow, he had heard you. He always does. It doesn’t matter if it’s a comment made in passing or a place you’ve talked about for a long time, it always shows up in a purple envelope eventually.  
You quickly stuff the card back into the envelope as you take a long stride over to the entry table. You close the black box firmly after dumping the postcard in with the other letters, desperate to have it out of your sight. Unease settles in your stomach as you turn back to the abundance of roses in front of you, the heavy bucket a clear reminder that it won’t be so easy to get rid of your stalker’s gift this time. You might have enough large garbage bags to dispose of the flowers, but to do that you’ll have to move them first. You can barely shimmy past them in the doorway and it’s not like your hallway is any bigger, so there’s no way you can leave it where it is.
You bend down with a huff, jaw tense as you find the edges of the bucket. You’re not particularly weak, but the combined weight of the flowers and the gallons of water sloshing around are way too heavy for you to lift without risking breaking your back. You’ll just have to try to push it to the kitchen and hope for the best.
“C’mon,” You bite, arms straining under the pressure as your feet can’t seem to gain enough grip on the waxed floors. You’re almost halfway across the room when your hand slips, the condensation on the side of the bucket making you lose your hold. You curse as you fall to your knees, thorns slicing into your skin on the way down.
“Are you fucking kidding me?” You hiss as you cradle your injured fingers, watching as the blood rises to the surface of the shallow cuts. You clamber to your feet as it begins to drip down into your palm, a strange mixture of annoyance and fear clawing its way up your throat as you hurry over to the kitchen sink. As you run your fingers under lukewarm water, staring at how the foam turns pink as you gently wash your cuts, you can’t help but wonder if the first police officer you talked to a year ago was right – if your stalker really is just a shy soulmate.
You let out an ugly snort, hatred winding itself tight around your heart. If it’s true, then you hope it fucking hurts. You hope he feels every bit of pain that you do, that his fingers sting just as much as yours as you cover the torn skin with band-aids.  
You turn around, gripping the edge of the sink tightly with your good hand to hold yourself back from marching over and flipping the bucket on its head. At the end of the day, all of the hurt and anger you feel doesn’t even make a difference. It’ll just make a mess that you’ll have to clean up later. You stalker, soulmate, whatever he is, will just continue like he always has.
Seething, you mutter every curse you think off under your breath – hoping for the first time in your life that your thoughts will reach him, that he’ll feel even just a smidge of the pure disgust you feel for him.
Slumping against the counter, you’re about to throw the roses another affronted glance when something catches you eye. There’s a small logo on the other side of the bucket that you didn’t notice earlier, an image of two identical flowers curling around the flower shop’s name – Déjà Bloom. You nearly drop your phone to the ground in your haste to get it out of your pocket, fingers trembling as you search it up. It’s only a 30-minute walk from your apartment, ten if you take the bus. You find the opening hours, a spark of excitement coursing through you as you remember that you have no classes tomorrow.
You finally have a lead.
You save the location into your phone, flexing your aching hand as you stare at the roses. You don’t care what you’ll have to do, you’re won’t be leaving that flower shop until you know who sent you those flowers.
Tumblr media
There’s a soft chime above your head as you enter Déjà Bloom. The interior of the shop is elegant yet cozy, wooden accents complimented by bursts of colour from the various flowers placed around the room. A pleasant scent hits you the moment you step inside, the faint hints of lavender you breathe in working wonders to soothe some of the jittery energy running rampant through your body. Glancing around the shop you feel yourself slowly begin to relax as you soak up the beautiful flower displays and greenery hanging around the room. You’re early, only ten minutes after opening, and everything is painted in a lovely warm hue – the sun just having risen enough to filter though the large windows. The soft tunes droning from the speakers makes everything feel mellow and calm, and you can’t remember the last time you felt so comfortable outside of your own apartment.
“I’ll be right there!”
You startle at the voice that calls out to you, turning just in time to find the most beautiful man you’ve ever seen walking through the door in the back. The sunlight spilling into the shop caresses his caramel hair in a way that makes your breath hitch, his locks pushed away from his forehead in a soft wave that frames his face perfectly. There's a pinch between his brows as he tries to dust off the dirt clinging to his apron, the black cloth accentuating the contrast between his broad shoulders and small waist. He makes an affronted sound when some of the dirt refuses to be brushed off, the soil staining his fingers as it smears into the fabric.
Your lips quirk at the noise, finding the petulant expression on his face rather cute. The realization that you’re just standing there awkwardly in the middle of the shop hits you as he reaches the counter, his bright eyes looking up to meet yours across the room. Not wanting to look like an idiot, you move closer, gaze locked on the floor to make sure you move the right foot in front of the other as you rehearse your planned speech in your head. You have to make sure you ease him into the concept of tracking down his customer; you can’t just throw it in his face and expect him to cooperate.
Distracted, you miss how the man’s pursed lips part in surprise as he takes you in, how his neck turns pink as you step up to the table.
“How can I help you?”
Your mind goes blank as you look up. The man is smiling at you. You catch a hint of perfect white teeth behind his rosy lips, the corner of his eyes crinkling in a way that makes your heart tumble in your chest. The convincing speech you spent all of yesterday evening on is wiped clean from your thoughts, only static remaining between your ears as you scramble to remember the reason you’re here.
Flowers? Yeah, it was something about flowers.
Something red. Roses?
Wait– shit, what’s your name again?
“O-oh, flower delivery?” You stutter, heat steady working it’s way up the back of your neck. God, you’re not going to make it out of here alive.
The man nods as he pulls out a notebook from beneath the desk, opening it to a page filled with numbers, ”We have a wide variety of options! What kind of price point were you thinking of?”  
“Actually–” You swallow thickly, forcing your eyes away from his face for a few seconds in order to form a coherent thought, ”I have received flowers from here a few times, and uh, I was wondering if you if could tell me who sent them?”
Something alarmed flashes across his face just as the book in his hands snaps shut, the loud sound making the both of you jump. “That’s– uh, we don’t really do that here? Give out personal information, I mean.”
He reaches up to tug at his ear, clearly flustered judging by how red it turns under your gaze, ”Can I ask why you want to know who the sender is?”
You have to come up with something fast. It’s obvious that he doesn’t want to give out client information, and if you tell him that his client has been using the store to harass someone then he might just flat out refuse to help you. It’s not like you want to ruin the shop’s reputation, so it’s probably better if you try a different approach to get him to spill the beans.  
You glance down, relieved to find a silver nametag attached to his apron. Seokjin. Mustering up a smile you step closer to the counter, resting your hands delicately on the smooth surface. Seokjin’s throat bobs as you lean in, his brown eyes widening as you let out a shy giggle.
Tucking a piece of hair behind your ear, you make your voice as soft as possible, “I just really want to thank them, Seokjin. They’ve been getting me such lovely flowers and I feel bad for not knowing who it’s from.”  
The thought of ever thanking your stalker makes you want to throw up, but Seokjin seems to eat it right up. He brightens, and there’s a delighted twinkle in his eye as he pushes the notebook away.
“What kind of flowers did you receive?”
A black mark on his wrist catches you attention as his crisp white sleeve rides up, the unmistakable form of a timer soulmark pressed into his skin. It doesn’t seem to have hit zero yet. You’re surprised when a wave of disappointment crashes into your chest, something bitter coating your tongue as you watch Seokjin move around. Of course he has a soulmate out there waiting for him; he’s not going to want to settle for someone else when the person he’s destined to be with is out there somewhere. You’re sure the one he’s waiting for is as perfect as he is.
You really don't understand why you feel so affected when you only laid eyes on him for the first time today, but you suppose it was nice having attention on you that was welcomed – that actually belonged to a handsome face and not some creep hiding behind a piece of paper.  
Seokjin seems to notice your wandering eyes, a small frown dancing across his lips as he tugs down his sleeve. You shake yourself out of your spiralling thoughts, knowing it won’t do you any good to continue down that path. You have to pull yourself together. You can worry about trivial things like your soulmate and dating once your stalker is taken care of.
Your clear your throat, the smile on your face feeling significantly more forced than before as you say, ”Red roses. They were very … uh, pretty."
Seokjin chokes on his next breath, a spluttering noise leaving his lips as his body goes taut with tension. His expression shifts from incredulous to blank in a second, all emotion wiped from his face. A shiver races down your spine as he looks you dead in the eye and slowly repeats, ”Roses?”
You can only nod, not trusting your voice not to shake under Seokjin’s intense gaze. Fighting to not take a step back from the sudden sour mood, you dig your heels into the floor, staying put. You shove your trembling hands into your pockets, releasing the tightness in your shoulders as you ignore the alarm bells chiming faintly in the back of your mind.
Seokjin turns, stalking over to the computer at the end of the counter. The keyboard clacks loudly as he pulls up a form on his screen, the sound pausing just long enough for Seokjin to say, ”When did you receive them?”
“Yesterday. And the last time before that was on the 13th,” You offer. You have a feeling this might not be the best time to tell him about the twenty other times you have gotten flowers as well. You can’t be sure that every delivery has come from this shop, but you know the roses have. The massive display and large buckets on your left that’s filled with them makes that pretty certain.
You stand there in silence as Seokjin searches his files for a trace of your stalker. You want to feel excited, relieved even, that you’re finally so close, but–
”There’s nothing here,” Seokjin somehow manages to sound even more frustrated than you feel.
But – that would just be too easy, wouldn’t it?  
“I always make sure to document every delivery, but it seems that my help has been doing his work properly. It’s obviously been paid for, but there’s no information left behind on the sender,” Seokjin grumbles. Ah, so he’s the owner then. You suppose it makes sense that things not being properly done would be annoying to him, but you’re not sure why the roses in particular seemed to make him so upset.  
Seokjin’s sharp jaw is tense as he faces you once again, the prominent vein in his neck jumping as he clenches his teeth. ”I’ll ask my employee if he remembers anything about who sent you the flowers. They need to be tracked down so that I can–” He fumbles, a flicker of panic shining in his eyes before he quells it, ”so that you can thank them properly. It’s the least I can do.”
Seokjin tears a piece of a nearby paper, scribbling down a number on it. "If I don’t manage to find them or you get sent more flowers without me knowing, you can use this to contact me. Your address is already in our system, so I can probably send you a letter with the person’s information once we figure out who they are.”
You hesitate.
You don’t really think your mail is safe. There’s no telling if you stalker goes through it before it gets to you, and you can’t risk letting them know you’re on to them.
“No!” You shake your head, “I mean, uhm, I can just text you?”
“You’ll text me?” Seokjin blinks.
You bite down on the tip of your tongue, cheeks growing warm as you realize how that might be interpreted. Seokjin is trying to keep things removed and professional by offering to send you a letter, and here you are, asking for his number. God, he must think you’re desperate.
You wince, softly clearing your throat before you say, “Yeah, that way you’ll have my number and you can send it to me quicker. It’ll be less hassle than a letter, right?”
You steel yourself for a quick rejection, maybe even a pitying look if he’s feeling kind. You’re wholly unprepared for the brilliant smile that blooms on Seokjin’s lips, his eyes sparkling as he says, ”You’re right, that does sound easier.”
Seokjin picks up the scrap of paper with his number on, carefully folding it in half. An unexpected feeling of anxiety spreads through your body as you notice Seokjin’s weird gait, one leg bearing more weight than the other as he rounds the counter. You must’ve been too distracted by his face earlier to see it, but Seokjin is limping, his left foot barely touching the ground as he uses the counter for support to shuffle closer.
Sucking in a soft breath, you swear your ankle throbs in sympathy. Your phantom pain from your soulmark only lasted a few days, as it usually does when your soulmate suffers smaller injuries, but just because you’re fine doesn’t mean that they are. Watching Seokjin hobble closer, you can’t quite shake the feeling that this is all a little too coincidental.
Seokjin must mistake the conflicted expression on your face for concern. He leans against the counter a few steps away from you, scratching his flushed neck, “It turns out that climbing up a ladder to hang arrangements inside a bustling wedding venue wasn’t the best idea. Next thing I know I’m waking up in hospital with a broken foot and an upset bride blowing up my phone because the flowers 'didn’t look right' after the groomsmen had to swoop in to finish the job."
He lets out a breath of airy laughter as he glances down at his foot, ”I only got the cast removed a few weeks ago. The doctor told me to start walking on it gradually without crutches, but it’ll take a while before I’m back to normal. Right now it looks worse than it is though.”
If only the ground could swallow you whole.
Stupid, stupid, stupid.
It should go without saying that there’s no way that your soulmate is the only one with a leg injury in town. Hell, you don’t even know if they even are in the same place as you are – your soulmate could be half across the world for all that you know. You can’t believe your stalker has managed to worm himself into your head so much that everyone you meet feel suspicious.
Mortified by your own thoughts, you can only stammer out a weak, ”O-oh, that’s terrible. I’m so sorry.”
“It’s alright,” Seokjin shrugs, a playful smile on his lips, ”At least it always makes for a funny story at parties! Well, it was a hit at the one party I’ve been too since it happened, crutches aren’t exactly made for socializing.”
You let out a choked chuckle in return, hoping it doesn’t show on your face just how desperate you are to get out of here to deal with your embarrassment alone.
“Oh right! Here you go,” Seokjin seems to suddenly remember the paper in his hand, extending it to you.
Goosebumps rise across your arms as your fingers touch, the warmth from Seokjin’s skin making you feel cold. You suppress the urge to shiver as you look up and find Seokjin’s eyes lingering on your hand, his gaze dark as he stares at the points where your fingers met. You’re sure it’s just a trick of the light – it must be – even though the sun hasn’t moved, and there are no clouds in sight. Your stalker has just messed with your brain too much. Everything is fine.
“Thank you, I really appreciate it, “ You muster up a smile as you place the number securely into your pocket.
“Don’t mention it, I didn’t do much,” Seokjin waves you off with a soft pout.
“And, since I couldn’t be of much help ..” His voice trails off as he casts a quick glance out in the shop, face lighting up as he pauses on a particular flower. He makes his way over to a nearby display, picking up something pink before he hobbles back, “–Please accept this flower as a formal apology.”
Your legs feel weak as you stare at the small lily, the soft pink gradient and yellow centre all too familiar. You’ve seen this flower before. You’ve been gifted it multiple times already. They show up at your door when the roses don’t.
Swallowing down the bile rising your throat, you reach out with shaking fingers to grab the stem from Seokjin, “W-what’s it called?”
“Lily of the Incas,” Seokjin supplies, something thrilled in his voice as he asks, ”Do you like it?”
No. There’s nothing you would like more than to drop it to the ground and crush it under your foot. Ideally, you would love to burn every single miniature lily and rose inside this shop to ashes, but you don’t think Seokjin would take too kindly to that.
“It’s pretty,” You lie, echoing your earlier words as you plaster on a timid smile. Seokjin seems to accept it, the skin around his eyes creasing as he gives you a pleased grin. The weird feeling from earlier slithers its way back into your chest, winding around your heart with an iron grip as you look at Seokjin. There’s no way he could know, right?  
”I um, I should go,” You take a step back, ”Thank you for your time and for the .. flower.”
You think you see a flash of disappointment in Seokjin’s expression as he bids you goodbye, but the easy smile he sports makes it hard to tell. He follows you to the door despite your weak protests about his foot, holding it open for you as you walk out.  
“Stop by the shop if you ever need something, and don’t forget to text me!” Seokjin calls after you with a grin.  
You swallow thickly, giving him a small wave of your own before you turn on your heel. You try to keep your pace controlled as you walk down the street away from Déjà Bloom, shoving your free hand into your pocket to protect it from the brisk air. You wait until it doesn’t feel like a pair of eyes is burning into your back before you turn into a nearby alleyway.
You hold your breath to fend of the terrible smell as you hurry over to a dumpster, ridding yourself of the lily Seokjin gave you. You do feel a little guilty as the pink petals are mixed in with the trash, but you can’t bring yourself to take it home with you. While Seokjin seems sweet, there’s just something about him that feels a little off, something you can’t quite put your finger on. You know that the injury and flower is just a coincidence, because it has to be.
But as you exit the alleyway, filling your lungs with fresh air as you fall into step with the rest of the crowd walking through the streets – you know that deep down, you don’t quite believe that.
Tumblr media
a/n: say hi to seokjin! what do we think about him so far?? and who do we think are behind the purple letters? 👀 jungkook and namjoon are up next in chapter three! i’ve decided to keep these chapters a little shorter in hopes that i might be able to update the story more frequently, so i’m thinking around 5k is a good limit for each chapter! i would love to hear your thoughts on the chapter and the story so far :)
if you’d like to support me, you can buy me a ko-fi! 💖
ps. i’m not doing taglists! see you all soon, stay safe! <3
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yoongsisbae · a month ago
Naughty Girl Christmas
BTS X-MAS Masterlist
A collection of steamy ONE-SHOTS to keep you warm this winter!
Tumblr media
I Appreciate Your Apology | KNJ
A Christmas party has you on thin ice with your favorite dom. Daddy Joon appreciates your apology, but does he accept it? daddydom!Joon smut, PWP, filth, Joon edging you until you see sleighbells. Read Here.
Tumblr media
Not a Creature was Stirring | JJK
You wake up Christmas Eve night not to find Santa, but to find a man cold and shivering on your front porch. Clothes tattered, cuts on his body, out in the snow. You find out he’s not as helpless as he appears. Kind of cute, kind of scary, very buff Jungkook Fantasy AU. Read Here.
Tumblr media
Seokjin’s Ho Ho Ho | KSJ
Your boyfriend surprises you with a Christmas dinner on the beach, things get a little steamy, candy canes get sucked, peppermint liquor might be involved, there is definitely some questionable Santa Costume attire, and lots of jolly lovin'! HOAL couple holiday special. Read Here.
Tumblr media
Disco Winter Ball | JHS
You and your friend Hoseok are best friend buddies going on a date to the annual disco winter ball. But it's not a date date, okay? You and Hoseok just love music and you love dancing and Hoseok loves watching you dance. Wait not love, not in that way! A friendly love. Just friends. Just two friends who drink a little too much eggnog. HOAL couple holiday special. Read Here.
Tumblr media
Christmas Lights Out! Agust D vs RM Super Hero Christmas Special! | MYG
You visit your hometown during the holidays. You and your childhood friend Joon reminisce and you learn more about your smooth tech talker business partner Yoongi. Can he win you over once and for all? Set in Super Clumsy Super Hero RM universe. cuming...
Tumblr media
XxXmas Stream with V | KTH
Stuck in Quarantine for the Holidays you decide to use this opportunity to hold a special x-rated x-mas cam show. You wanted to treat your friends and family to really nice Christmas presents this year, and Santa’s not paying your bills! So you’re going to have to be a little naughty. V has been a good boy, so you think, so you give him extra attention this holiday. Set in C!HOC universe. Yandere!Taehyung cuming...
Tumblr media
Christmas Mass | PJM
Every Sunday, like clockwork, as designed and ordained, you sit quietly. Pray. Christmas mass comes, tonight your congregation dresses beautifully, like ornaments placed in a row right in front of God. Your priest, stands at the head like an angel atop the tree, commanding and pious and hauntingly handsome. Red. You're a good faithful girl. You were taught to be, punished to be. You pray for respite, for something more than the condemnation this cold and icy town bestows upon you. Sinners. The coldness permeates your bones, you're always scared. Tainted. Terrified of sin, terrified by your thoughts for your priest. Sacrilegious. This Christmas prayers are answered by no God. Demon AU. Dark smut. Read Here.
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deepdarkdelights · 8 days ago
Pygmalion | Taehyung x Reader
Tumblr media
Pairing: Vampire Taehyung x  Reader 
Word Count: 11.7k
Series: (4/7) Predator Universe
Warnings: 18+, Yandere, Kidnapping, Obsession, Fear, Non-Consensual Kissing, Non-Consensual Touching, Symptoms of Panic/Anxiety, Stalking, Mentions of Murder, Depictions of Gore, Blood, Lot’s of Blood, Like Intense Amounts of it, Mentions of Painting with Blood, Tae Basically Draws Lude Fanart of the MC, Insecure MC, Mentions of Childhood Bullying, MC Deals with Symptoms of Body Dysmorphia, MC Has Incredibly Low Self Esteem
I do not condone the acts displayed in this story nor do I believe any members of BTS would actually engage in this type of behavior. This is simply written for entertainment purposes and should not be taken as a reflection of my own values, opinions, or morals. 
Preview: “Then let me show you how persuasive I can be,” He breathed, resting his hands on the desk on either side of you.
He leaned in a bit closer to you, his eyelashes fluttering subtly as his gaze traveled over every inch of your face. It was almost as if he was just as mesmerized by you as you were of him. The only difference was the fact that your knees were trembling beneath your weight on the verge of collapsing, you were about to go boneless. 
And he hadn’t even said a word. 
A/N: It’s almost 2 in the morning and I am delirious from lack of sleep, that midnight motivation really had me in a chokehold. I’ll edit this tomorrow I just need to get it out so I can sleep tonight lol. As always, I hope you enjoy and I hope to see you in the comments and in my inbox 💜💜💜
Tumblr media
Your lips were pressed together firmly as you exhaled from your nose. 
Your fingers fiddled anxiously with the shiny pearlescent buttons of your coat, you were in one of those moods again. You didn’t like to put a name to the feeling, for as long as you could remember it was better leaving it as one of those things that were to be left unsaid. The only way you could describe it was a strange sense of claustrophobia in your own skin. 
You thought that you had been doing better, it had been weeks since you last felt like this and you were so certain that you were on the road to recovery. But the feeling liked to creep up on you when you least expected it as well as at the worst times possible. 
You wanted to be better, you really did, but that was part of the problem. Years of feeling like you could be better, like you were nothing, had dragged you down into this cyclone of wretched feelings. There were days in between where you felt “normal” but those days had so often been overpowered and thrown into the shadows by those horrible thoughts that never totally went away. 
It was on days like these, cloudy, foggy, and wet with mist, that their words would echo in the back of your mind. 
They reminded you, that despite the popular saying, their words had indeed hurt you. A broken bone will mend itself, a cut will clot and stop bleeding, and bruises will mellow and fade away. But words when hurled at someone like stones have the same pain as a physical wound. The only discrepancy? Their impacts make craters that last a lifetime and sometimes never go away. 
You were living proof that this was something you don’t just “get over.” Despite your years worth of attempts, you were still the same. You still cried yourself to sleep far too often, pulled at the skin of your stomach and thighs, and begged for a metaphysical force to fix you because some days you didn’t have the strength to pull together your fractured pieces. 
Even now, you could feel your arms subconsciously wrapping around yourself, your forearms pressing tightly against the flesh of your lower abdomen in an attempt to hide something that no one was looking at. That didn’t matter though, when you got to feeling like this, you could feel thousands of invisible eyes digging into every part of you that you despised. 
But, according to everyone else, you needed to “just get over it.” 
Oh. If only you could. 
“Beautiful,” A voice mused beside you, it was deep and rich and startled you. 
With a jolt, you stepped to the side and took a look at the man beside you. Almost immediately upon seeing him you felt your heart thud and your mouth go dry. If you didn’t know any better, you would have assumed one of the marble sculptures in the room had come alive and spoken to you, he was that gorgeous. 
“What?” You breathed, your brows pinching together in a show of confusion. 
“Beautiful,” He repeated, a soft smile on his lips as he looked at you. 
You had heard what he said, but once more you had become distracted by him. His eyes were a rich, burgundy color. A blend of dark brown and hues of russet. They weren’t totally dark, but they weren’t a true red. But what they were, was stunning. What you would give to find a color match for those intense irises of his. 
He was looking at you now with an amused smile, one that had you coming to the realization that he must have been talking about the art piece that was hanging on the wall in front of the two of you because how could he be talking about you? 
“Oh, oh!” You chuckled with a shake of your head, “It is beautiful, isn’t it?” 
You gestured towards the piece in front of you, your teacher persona sliding into place seamlessly. “Are you familiar with Vante?” 
His lips pressed together in amusement like he was stifling a laugh. His fingers grazed his mouth in an attempt to hide a smile that was struggling to free itself. But you, you didn’t notice, you were far too enraptured with his hands. Your own fingers twitched, the sudden need for your sketchbook overtaking you. You weren’t so sure if you were a great artist, you tended to have problems coming up with ideas and relaying them on paper or whatever medium you desired. The analogy that you liked to use was that of a printer, you were good at seeing an image and copying it down by eye. But originality? That was hard to come by and that drew another tally under your column of self-contempt. But, in spite of all of those feelings, you had an even stronger urge to immortalize him in your own binds of paper. You were certain you would never see a more attractive man for the rest of your life. 
“I can’t say that I am.” He finally managed to say, the corners of his eyes crinkling with his smile that was even more unique than the rest of him. 
And before you could stop yourself your mouth began moving and words poured out of your lips like it was your last chance to speak. 
“Oh! You should see his entire gallery, it really is impressive how many works he has! I swear, he has to be one of the rare artists that has somehow mastered all mediums, but he really thrives in photography and painting. Well, I am a little biased considering those are all of my favorite pieces, but I also know I’m right.”
“Really? You think he’s that good?” He said with a slight tilt of his head. 
“Of course! I’ve never seen anyone else be able to capture emotion in a piece like he can. The use of color, techniques, and brush strokes! It all seems so deliberate even in his most relaxed works!”
“Hm, what do you think of this one then?” He mused, gesturing to the painting on the wall. 
“Oh, this one is my favorite.” You smiled, “It’s not one of his most popular works but I just love it so much. I think it may be the model, perhaps. She’s so lovely, so perfect from this view. You can just tell how much he admired this woman but there’s also a degree of mourning from the use of color. It’s a very complicated piece, emotion-wise, of course.”
“She looks pretty average to me.” The man said with a wrinkle of his nose. “Maybe he did like her, but this seems more of like a ‘good riddance’ than a ‘please don’t go’.”
“What? No way, there were obviously some strong emotions here. For instance, the use of red on the pillows for passion and the cool blues of the curtains for mourning, they contrast perfectly while also blending seamlessly at the edges. That would suggest the dying flames of passion for sure.” 
The man shoved his hands into the pockets of his coat before turning to look at you fully, a soft smirk on his face. “Did you ever consider that maybe he had blue curtains for no other reason except that he really liked the color blue? Or maybe that the pillows were already there when he decided to paint?” 
You stopped for a moment, your mouth hanging open as if you were getting ready to fight the very notion but you had nothing. “I...you know what? I think I spent a lot of money at a really expensive school to just stand here and analyze pillows.” 
That one made him laugh and God was it contagious, so contagious that you found yourself laughing alongside him. And that was when the embarrassment finally kicked in, heat flooding your face as you realized that you had incessantly talked his ear off about something he may not even be interested in. 
“Hm...I think you’re right. The painting is beautiful too.”
Too? Surely...he couldn’t have been talking about you before? Right? You couldn’t fathom the idea that there was even a slim chance he was talking about you of all people. Not when he himself walked around like a Grecian statue come to life. 
So you did what you did best when you were nervous, you kept talking. 
“He’s rather interesting, you know, beyond his work.” 
The man’s face perked up once more in interest, his body shifting closer to you sending more floods of heat to your face. “Really how so?”
“Uh, well,” You swallowed, attempting to gather yourself, “He’s been active since the 1920s, but somehow works are still being produced under his moniker.”
“Hm...and how do you think that’s possible?”
“Well, the only conclusion I could come to is that he has an artist guild of some kind, a devoted group that studied his techniques close enough to produce works similar to his. But, if that’s true, then they have been doing a great job of keeping their existence a secret. The pieces keep getting produced but no one has ever come forward and said anything. Logically there would be at least one person who couldn’t keep it to themselves, you know? I mean, that’s why his works are only considered ‘genuine’ from his first piece in the late 20s to about the 80s and...I’m talking too much aren’t I?” 
“No, not at all, I want to hear what you have to say.” He smiled, his gaze trailing over your parted lips. 
“Oh.” You dumbly choked. 
“What about his recent work? How do you feel about that?” 
He was good at pushing and pulling you like the gentle low tides of the ocean. He knew how to surprise and soothe you like he had known you all your life. With those two simple sentences, your bashfulness was forgotten. 
“Should I be honest?”
“Brutally.” He encouraged. 
“I hate it.”
“You hate it?”
“I loathe it. Not many people would agree with me but you can admire someone without expressing complete devotion. I think, in part, the question of the genuineness of the works affects my opinion. But more so I find myself not being able to connect with it. It feels tired, repetitive. It lacks that spark and eagerness that his earlier works possess. These just feel like copies of the originals.” 
Your companion had fallen silent beside you. A focused and somewhat bitter look appeared on his strong features. Oh, there was no doubt in your mind that you had managed to insult him with your opinion. After a few moments of silence, he finally spoke, raising his head so that his intense irises could connect with your own. 
“There are quite a few people that would disagree with you.” 
“Hm? Oh, I’m certain there are. But at the end of the day, it’s my opinion and I don’t really want to change it. Besides, he is just another dead artist isn’t he?” 
“Teacher?” A little voice asked in time with a sudden pull on the hem of your coat. 
Upon looking down you were met with one of your students, a little girl in a school uniform with adorable little plaits in her hair. 
“What is it, Eunseo?” You asked gently, bending slightly at your knees to get a better look at her, your gaze flickering between her and your companion who was observing the interaction with keen interest. 
“Yejun went under the rope and won’t come back.” She said, urgency in her voice as she pulled at her skirt. 
“Under the rope…” You uttered before you finally put two and two together. 
Your eyes flew open wide as you looked all around the room, and sure enough, there was Yejun who had managed to crawl under the velvet rope that blocked off guests from the art exhibits. He was incredibly close to a rather large marble sculpture and, to your absolute horror, was trailing his fingers all over it. 
Today you and their regular teacher had taken your kindergarten art class on a school field trip to the museum that was about an hour and a half outside of your small town: Briar Hills. At first, you had been rather excited to show the adorable kids something you were so passionate about. But that morning had proven to be trifling. You and one other person were in charge of a class of twenty students. You had barely managed to get them all on the bus and keep them occupied for the long (long for them) trip. 
Yejun was a sweet little boy, he was rather quiet and tended to keep to himself but other than that he was a fantastic student when it came to six-year-old art, of course. 
Your heart was pounding in your chest from a mixture of embarrassment and fear. You could already hear the museum director banning you from the establishment. What would everyone think of you? What about Yejun’s parents?! Oh god, his parents. But more importantly, what about Yejun? That piece was so old. What if there was a fault in the marble? What if one wrong touch made it crack and fracture and fall on top of him?! 
You quickly took hold of Eunseo’s hand and rushed over to the exhibit where your class as well as their teacher had already gathered, your companion left behind, forgotten. 
“Yejun, come back here right now!” Their teacher was whisper yelling in an attempt to get the young boy’s attention without attracting the other guests. 
Yejun paid her no mind, his wide brown eyes trained on the sculpture in front of him, his little fingers grazing the base of it and whatever was within his reach. 
“Yejun! If you don’t come back here right this instant you are going to be in so much trouble!” She cried, attempting to scare him into returning. 
Yejun did not care. 
Your hands grasped the velvet rope tightly, the plush material collapsing slightly under your grip. You could feel Eunseo still tugging at your skirt, a panicked look on her face that you were certain matched your own. 
You whipped your head from left to right and all around, trying to see if anyone was approaching. Your heartbeat quickened in stress as you realized that more and more of the guests were beginning to realize what was going on. It wouldn’t be long before the curator or the director came by and then you would really be in for it. 
Your gaze settled on the man once more, and to your surprise he didn’t seem as concerned as everyone else was. His expression was unreadable but his face was intense, he was watching your every move with laser focus. Those dark, burgundy eyes were digging into every part of your body, from head to toe. 
You let out a shaky breath, allowing yourself to close your eyes for a moment before you decided what you were going to do. 
“Fuck it.” You mumbled before sliding under the rope exactly like Yejun had done. 
You approached him slowly so that you wouldn’t startle him. You couldn’t describe the feeling that was swarming you. You had seen that particular sculpture many times before, but looking at it now closer than you had ever been before from angles that you had never seen in person, it was uncanny. Like a school at night-time, or an empty playground, or a grocery store at two in the morning, it felt uncanny. 
“Yejun,” You kindly called, attempting to mask your anxiety with a soft smile. 
The little boy wobbled unsteadily as he suddenly turned from the sound of your voice so close. He smiled after a moment when he realized it was you. 
“It’s very pretty isn’t it?” You said, inching closer to him with your smile still in place. 
“Very, teacher,” he grinned, “I couldn’t see from over there.” 
“Yeah, it’s not very fair that they make us stand so far away, huh?” You fake sighed before squatting down a few feet behind him, he was almost in grabbing distance. 
“You know, if you let me, I could pick you up and then you could see it even better. Wouldn’t that be cool?” 
The little boy’s eyes lit up in pure excitement at the idea, a wide grin spreading over his chubby cheeks, “Really?”
“For real,” You said, your smile tight and uncomfortable on your face. The quicker you convinced him the faster you could get out of there and hide yourself away in the back of the school bus in embarrassment. 
“Okay!” He agreed enthusiastically before rushing into your arms. 
Your hand cupped the back of his head, your other arm winding around his back before you lifted him up securely in your arms. You rushed back to the velvet rope, carrying Yejun back to his classmates as he whined out protests when he realized you had lied to him. One day, he would realize that you needed to lie to him for his own good. 
You set him down in front of his regular teacher, her hand quickly wrapping itself around his wrist and keeping him by her side. 
“We should take them back to the bus before anyone else notices what happened.” You said to your coworker, her cheeks flushed in embarrassment. 
You did a quick head count, making sure everyone was where they should be before lingering at the back of the group to make sure there were no stragglers. You were just relieved that you were finally leaving. 
“Miss? May we have a word with you?” An authoritative voice sounded behind you bringing your group to a stop. 
Fuck, you had been so close to making it out of there. 
Your co-worker looked back at you nervously, her eyes darting between you and the man that was definitely the curator behind you. 
“Get the kids back to the bus and take them to the school,” You sighed, “I’ll take the public bus home.” 
You had been right when you thought that today was going to be a bad day, that feeling you had had warned you and you tried to ignore it. 
Now look where that got you. 
The fog was even thicker when you had finally left the museum. 
It was a miracle that you, and the school by association, hadn’t been banned from ever returning. It had taken almost an hour of explanations and watery tears on the brink of running over for them to finally agree to not keep you and your class from ever coming back. 
It was lucky that you were a regular there and that at least showed that you had some degree of respect for the museum. You weren’t so sure that the results would have been the same had you not been.
You wrapped your arms around yourself tighter, another attempt to give yourself a self soothing gesture. It was safe to say that you had just had your worst day ever, an actual nightmare come true. And now you were going to have to struggle with public transportation when you should be back in your classroom packing up for the day. 
A quick glance at your phone showed you that it was already two o’clock, the school would be dismissing the students in half an hour and the bus ride back to the school would take at least an hour and a half. You could feel the familiar swirl of anxiety flutter in your stomach at the idea that your schedule had been so greatly disrupted. This was surely going to affect your lesson plans. 
You let out a disgruntled sigh before pocketing your phone and beginning the walk towards the bus stop. But, with each step you took you became painfully aware of the second set of footsteps that were matching your pace perfectly, so perfectly in fact that it sounded like yours were echoing. 
Given any other circumstance, this would not have alarmed you. But now here you were alone, separated from your students, and traveling through a thick fog and the eerie silence. It felt all too quiet despite where the museum was, no cars were passing by and even if they were you wouldn’t be able to see them, the fog so dense and menacing that not even a headlight would be able to permeate it if a driver were foolish enough to have them on. 
All you could hear were the soft puffs of breath that parted your lips, the tap of your footsteps and the other’s, and all you could feel was the gentle touch of the breeze over your cheek. You were once again struck with that sickening feeling of the uncanny.  
You hastened your footsteps and your heart jolted as the other set quickened their pace as well. You knew you weren’t thinking irrationally this time, there was intent in those footsteps. In a normal situation, the other person wouldn’t have rushed to match your pace, they would have continued on with their own business. Someone was vying for your attention.
You were feeling a mixture of emotions, but most prominent was confusion. How was this person even able to follow you? The fog was so thick that even you were struggling to make out the outline of the bus stop. 
A sudden grip on your wrist forced a frightened shriek past your lips. The long fingers covering your skin were ice cold and firm as if a corpse had emerged from the fog and held you tight in its clutches.  
“Hey, it’s just me.” A familiar voice said as you rested your hand over your heart that was violently pumping beneath your hand. 
“It’s only me,” He smiled with a soft laugh, his burgundy eyes vivid in spite of the fog. 
“You scared me,” You breathed, allowing your tense shoulders to relax. 
“I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to.” 
Your hands softly dragged down your face tiredly before you spoke, “It’s alright, I’m just a little on edge after today.” 
“Oh, you mean after you trespassed?” 
“I - I didn’t trespass!” You choked. 
“That’s not what it looked like to me,” He said with a teasing smile. “And that’s definitely not what it looked like to the curator.” 
“Oh really? Then how come I’m still allowed to come back?”
“Maybe because I put in a good word for you.” 
“What? Why would your word matter?” Well, that came out harsher than you intended it to. 
“You could say I’m an investor of sorts.” 
“Well, why would you bother to help me then?” You asked, unused to favor free kindness. You could feel your eyes narrow and your brows pinch together, your body was set in defense, waiting.
“Oh!” His eyes lit up in excitement as his hands slipped down your wrist to cup your hand, pulling you closer to him and setting your cheeks aflame. “I want you to be my muse.” 
As soon as those words left his mouth your blood chilled, an uncomfortable tightness wrapped itself around your throat and those thoughts returned, whispering your lack of worth in the back of your mind. He had to be lying, perhaps even playing a cruel joke on you, it wouldn’t be the first time. 
“No.” You immediately spat out, attempting to tug your hands out of his hold only for his grip to tighten. 
“What? Why not?” He asked, a look of pure shock evident in his stunning features, almost as if no one had ever denied him of anything. 
“Look, we had a nice conversation and all but I don’t even know your name and-”
“Taehyung.” He immediately interrupted as if that knowledge would be enough to change your mind.
“Taehyung,” You repeated, causing a smile to curl his lips, “and I’m not interested in being portrayed as some oddity that’s so ugly that it’s beautiful. I’ve had enough of that in my life and I don’t need it with a perfect stranger.” 
“Ugly?” He repeated, a look of intense disgust taking over his features, “How could you even think that?”
You remained silent as he continued to stare at you, waiting for you to form some kind of response. As you were thinking, you noticed the faint rumble of the incoming bus. 
“The bottom line is that I’m not interested, find someone else to turn into a fun little project.” You firmly stated before successfully freeing yourself from his bruising hold and walking in the direction of the bus. 
As the doors swung open and you began to take your first step inside you heard him call out to you.
“You know you’re beautiful, don’t you?” 
You pursed your lips so tightly that it hurt, your body ramrod straight. And then you shook your head and fully entered the bus, the doors sliding shut behind you. 
You refused to be a joke to anyone but yourself because, in the grand scheme of things, you believed you were a Picasso in a gallery of Rembrandt’s. 
The rest of the week passed by without a hitch. You held your classes as usual, within the building thankfully, and your lesson plans had worked seamlessly which was already raising red flags in your mind. Due to your background, you tended to expect the worst when things were going considerably well. You wouldn’t say that you were a pessimist, maybe superstitious would be a better title. 
And what was even more frustrating was that you couldn’t get him out of your head no matter how hard you tried. 
Your mind was at war with itself. A part of you genuinely wanted to believe that someone like him could find you beautiful, but the other half was too emotionally battered to believe that, not even a little. 
Your hand had been moving in endless circles and swoops almost mindlessly at this point with a pencil held tightly between your fingers. Your students’ work laid upon the drying rack, organic watercolor blobs stained the surface of the paper. You should be checking on them, you should be going over your plans for the next week, but instead, you were held fast in a bout of motivation. 
You groaned in frustration, throwing your pencil aside as you slumped down into your chair. Multiple sets of charcoal eyes were staring back at you from the page. His stupid, perfect face had been burned into your mind and no matter how hard you tried to ignore it, it bled out of you and into your work. 
Your fingers wearily rubbed circles into your temples in a soothing manner, why couldn’t you just forget? Why did you always have to dwell? 
“Is that me?” A deep voice asked, the sound coming from behind your right shoulder. 
A loud scream shot through the room, the wheels of your chair practically spinning out from underneath you as you quickly rose to your feet. 
And, to your horror, you had not imagined his voice. Taehyung was there, in the flesh, standing in front of your chalkboard in your elementary art classroom. It would have been comical to see someone who looked so serious surrounded by finger paintings had he not scared the shit out of you and for the very fact that he was not supposed to be there in the first place. 
“Why is it that every time I see you you’re always screaming?” He asked with a pout. 
“How are you even here?!” You shrieked, slightly embarrassed by the fact that he was right while also wondering if you had the ability to summon people and you were just discovering it. 
But, most importantly, you were worried. You had met this man one time and you hadn’t even told him your name yet he had somehow managed to figure out what school you taught at and even managed to find your exact classroom in the building. To be honest, you were frightened, and rightfully so. 
“Hm? Oh, I spoke with the curator. He told me the name of the visiting school from that day and here I am.” He explained, pressing closer to you so he could see past your body to the sketches that littered your desk. 
You frantically spun around, scooping the pages up and hiding them in a stray folder before putting them in your desk drawer and slamming it shut. 
“You won’t let me see my own face?” 
“You can look in a mirror, you have a reflection don’t you?” You shot back, your tone uncharacteristically hostile as he stifled a chuckle with wide eyes. 
But who wouldn’t be in your situation? A man you had spoken to once had tracked you down like some stalker after asking you to be his muse. He had all the makings of a serial killer at this rate and if you had any sense of self-preservation you would be calling the authorities. The most dangerous people had the prettiest faces, didn’t they? 
“You really should leave, as far as I’m concerned you're trespassing.”
“Well, how the tables have turned,” He laughed, “Don’t you even want to know what I’m doing here?” 
“Oh, I know very well what you’re doing here and the answer is still no.” 
“Well, I’m afraid to inform you that I’m rather persistent.”
“I can tell.” You said, your lower back digging into the desk behind you as you had nowhere else to go. 
“Then let me show you how persuasive I can be,” He breathed, resting his hands on the desk on either side of you.
You were hit with a few sensations all at once. The first was his scent, it was almost indescribable but it was just so inviting. It made you want to lean into him and be drowned by it. The second was his eyes, they were even darker than before, bordering an onyx shade instead of the deep burgundy you had remembered. And thirdly, you were once more bombarded by his beautiful face. It was unfairly perfect, so perfect it would make the most talented sculptors cry. There was not a blemish in sight, just smooth, perfect skin. He had the longest eyelashes, the straightest nose, and not to mention the most perfectly proportioned and supple lips you had ever laid your eyes on. 
He leaned in a bit closer to you, his eyelashes fluttering subtly as his gaze traveled over every inch of your face. It was almost as if he was just as mesmerized by you as you were of him. The only difference was the fact that your knees were trembling beneath your weight on the verge of collapsing, you were about to go boneless. 
And he hadn’t even said a word. 
Just like an innocent little rabbit, you had been cornered by the fiercest predator. 
“I have so many plans for you,” he sighed, his cool breath ghosting over your neck. You hadn’t even realized just how close he had gotten to such a vulnerable place. 
“Won’t you hear me out, honey?” He begged.
And there go your knees. 
Before you could hit the floor he caught you beneath your arms and pulled you into his chest which shook with delighted laughter, “Well, I didn’t think it would go over that well!” 
Your face had never felt so hot before. Not only were you incredibly attracted to him but you were also embarrassed, maybe even more embarrassed than you had been at the museum. You were going to blame it on your lack of male interaction. You had never received attention like this from anyone before, especially not from someone as beautiful as Taehyung. 
And, maybe if you weren’t so distracted by him, you would have noticed quite a few things. The biggest thing was that despite the fact that your cheek was pressed up against his chest you neither felt nor heard a heartbeat. It was completely and utterly silent. 
Taehyung chuckled to himself, picking you up from underneath your arms and spurring a squeak out of your mouth as he sat you down on your own desk. You released a few flustered breaths, pressing your hands to your cheeks in an attempt to calm yourself down. Taehyung occupied himself with his bag, popping it open and rummaging through it before removing a camera that was worth more than your own life. 
After pressing a few buttons he clicked his tongue and spoke, “This was more along the lines of how I wanted to persuade you.” 
He turned the camera towards you, showing you the screen. Once you had finally collected yourself, you lowered your hands and reluctantly looked at what he was showing you. 
It was you, more specifically, it was you from that day at the museum. The picture had been taken from the side, you could make out your own expression, a blend of panic and relief. You could faintly see Yejun’s head, but his face was obscured by your own head. Your hand was delicately cradling the young boy and your head was slightly tilted back. 
If you were being honest, it was the most flattering picture someone else had ever taken of you. And it was completely organic. 
You could feel your eyes faintly stinging as an intense emotion welled up inside your chest. The days where you found yourself even remotely average were far and few in between, the ugliness of your thoughts vastly overwhelming your perception. But in this one moment, you felt pretty. And all you wanted to do was cry. 
“I’ve been looking for someone like you for such a long time, I don’t think you understand just how much I need you.” 
“I…I don’t know if-”
“At least give me a chance, just one session, that's all I ask. And if you don’t like it then you never have to do it again, I’ll leave you be.” He cut you off, his hands cupping yours once more, effectively drawing you into his magnetic trance again. 
“Please, say yes.” 
Your fingers trembled against his, they were so long and pretty and just perfect for his craft. They steadied yours, his fingers smoothing over your shaking hands. His onyx eyes were staring into your own, so big and so pleading you were struggling to say no. 
It was just once, right? What could go wrong? 
Taehyung couldn’t deny the fact that he was a hopeless romantic. 
Ever since he could remember he always viewed love through a fairytale-like lens. Love at first sight, dramatic twists and turns, and endless longing. But he could recognize his faults, and his fault was that he was known to fall in and out of love at an extraordinary rate. 
He was nothing like Jimin though, his serial romantic friend. Jimin never sought love, only pleasure. The same couldn’t be said now of course, and Taehyung found himself marinating in a stew of jealousy. How could someone who so clearly avoids attachment be bound before himself? It simply wasn’t fair. 
Taehyung had had his fair share of lovers over the years. If there was anything that Yoongi was right about in regards to immortality, it was that it could get lonely and fairly boring. But, none of his lovers had ever fully met his expectations. They fueled his art and therefore made him money, and they kept him well fed. But these muses never stayed around for long. When the inspiration melted away and the passion died, so did they. And then, it was like they never meant anything to him. They were merely obstacles in his way to finding true companionship. 
Taehyung began to flip through the photographs that were spread over his table. These were his last works of his previous muse, his final bursts of inspiration before those flames of passion dwindled to embers and pitifully died out. 
The first few pictures she looked happy, her cheeks flushed and glowing with her hair sprawled about around her, her body lounging on his bed. But as each picture progressed it became evident that something was wrong, there was fear in her eyes and it was exhilarating to him. And then there was the final picture, his masterpiece of her series. 
Her body was still on the bed, but this time her limbs were limp with dead weight. Her eyes were glossy and empty, her lips parted from her dying breath. And his favorite part was the color. The sheets, the walls, and her clothes were white but were contrasted with the ruby pigment of her freshly spilled blood. Her throat had been ruthlessly ripped open, the red rushing down her pretty neck, over her collarbones, shoulders, and breasts, and all over the satin sheets. There were gorgeous strokes of blood over the walls from when his fangs had ripped at her major artery, geysers erupting from her writhing body. His ravenous hunger had always been a problem that he blamed on his previous life. 
Taehyung winced at the feeling of his fangs descending on reflex from his gums, their sharpened points striking his tongue and drawing out a pool of black blood into his mouth. His tongue swiped over his teeth and fangs, hunger rumbling from his stomach. 
Even though he was looking at her, he could only think about you. He could only see you in her place, curled up in his sheets, staring up at him with glistening eyes full of tears that were on the brink of spilling over. His breath was caught in his chest as he thought about licking up your tears, lapping at your lips, and drinking whatever you would give him. He was certain your blood would be the best he had ever tasted, the others bitter compared to your heavenly aroma and body. 
And he knew that he wouldn’t have to wait much longer to have you. He knew that he didn’t want to kill you, not you, his one and only perfect muse. You had so much potential and he wanted to help you actualize that. 
He could still feel the burn of anger he felt when you degraded his recent works, then again you had no way of knowing he was Vante. After all, it should be impossible. How could you even think that he was the same person? That still didn’t ebb his frustration. No, he would immortalize you in his own creations, he would prove to you he wasn’t boring and repetitive. You would make sure of that. 
Being with you, it reminded him of the time before Namjoon. That was when he was young, reckless with his money, and driven for his passion. Creating had been as natural as breathing for him, it had been his purpose. 
And then the stock market crashed and he lost everything, his fame, his money, his supposed friends. It was just him and Jimin in a cramped little shack just trying to survive. He would have gone crazy if it weren’t for his friend, Jimin kept him grounded, he had kept him sane. He was the only one that had stayed. And when Namjoon came along, offering them another chance at life, an easy way to satiate the constant hunger that gnawed away at him, he took it without another thought. He could regain his purpose, he could create forever and never die. He could be immortal. 
And he loved it. 
So, he had to kill a few people, they would die eventually anyways it wasn’t really that big of a deal. And it made him so, so, so creative. Who knew that blood could be a medium, it worked with paint. The only problem was that it never stayed its true, beautiful, crimson shade. It turned to rust, browning as the air ate away at it. That’s why he preferred photography nowadays, it captured the color perfectly and it never faded away. 
His body was thrumming with excitement, he couldn’t wait to mold you into his perfect lover, his beautiful muse. You would be the Galatea to his Pygmalion, the creator that falls in love with their creation. 
He knew you would realize just how beautiful you were when your bodies were tangled together and completely coated in blood, the perfect scene of sin. 
He would never grow tired of you, his stunning Galatea. 
Taehyung’s nose scrunched up at the sudden bouquet of aromas that flooded his nose, his eyes flicking up to look out the floor-to-ceiling windows of his studio. The studio was separate from the main house, surrounded by the thick greenery of the forest. 
There was something special about each member of their “family.” They all had a heightened sense or gift they carried over from their previous lives and Taehyung’s was his sight. All vampires had better sight than humans, but none matched his own. He could see the furthest, the clearest, and the most. In pitch-black darkness, he could make out everyone in his vicinity with almost perfect clarity. And his peripherals were unmatched, he never missed a single movement that dared to even remotely enter his field of view. It had been overwhelming when he turned and woke for the first time, but now he cherished it more than anything. 
He could make out someone running through the forest, the dirt spraying up from beneath their shoes, panicked gasps for air parting their lips as they dodged trees and branches in the dark. And slowly prowling behind them was Hoseok, his bright red eyes glowing in the shadows of the night. 
Taehyung calmly stood, gathering his photos and putting them away before he opened the large glass door, stepping out into the night. 
“Hoseok,” He greeted with a soft smile, running his hand through his own dark hair. 
“Hello, Taehyung,” He greeted, coming to a stop in front of his fellow coven member. 
“You wouldn’t happen to have anything to do with the human that just ran by would you?” He asked, knowing full well that Hoseok had everything to do with it. 
“You mean my dinner?”
“Am I interrupting? You can go on, I just haven’t seen you in a while.” 
“I’m not worried about it, it’s more fun to feed on them when they think they’ve gotten away.” 
It was true that Hoseok didn’t seem the slightest bit worried that his prey was getting away, and that’s because he didn’t have to worry. Hoseok was the fastest vampire he had ever met and vampires were already faster than the average human. But all others of his kind paled in comparison to Hoseok. When Taehyung had first seen him demonstrate his speed he had thought the man had teleported. That human was not making it out of the forest alive, that was certain. 
“I was visiting our little Jungkookie,” Hoseok said with a smirk, his head craning back as he slipped his hands into his pockets. 
“Oh? So that’s where you’ve been. How’s the fledgling doing?” 
“More like who’s he doing,” Hoseok chuckled. “He’s been hanging around this little human.”
“And they’re still breathing?” Taehyung asked in utter disbelief. 
“Oh, don’t get me wrong, he’s still playing his games, he’s slaughtered any hiker that’s strayed off the trails. But the girl, well she’s still very much alive but she’s very weak. He’s been gorging himself, now that, that is very unlike him.” 
“That….that is very strange.” 
“Oh and there’s more, he practically ripped my head off when I approached him. I asked if he was willing to let me play one of his games with him and he snapped. He said ‘his human was off limits,” 
“Are you going to tell Namjoon?” 
“There’s not really a point in doing that, you know how Namjoon is with the young ones, they can do no wrong. I’ll leave him be for now, but he’ll be coming home soon. I told him it was only a matter of time before Namjoon came to get him himself.” 
“You don’t think he’ll bring the human with him, do you?” 
“I don’t know what game he’s playing this time, but if he wants to stir up trouble then yeah, I think he would.” 
Their supposed family was already having enough problems with Yoongi’s girl and Jimin’s absence, Namjoon hadn’t found out about his little pet yet. The last thing that Taehyung needed was more problems with the introduction of another human. Not to mention, this would make it much harder for him to play with his own little project. Namjoon would be on high alert. 
“I’ve kept you waiting long enough,” Taehyung finally said, breaking the silence, “Go on, enjoy your meal.” 
“Oh, I will,” Hoseok laughed, and in the blink of an eye he vanished into thin air, or so it seemed. 
And, not long after, a blood curdling scream echoed through the forest like a gunshot. And then silence settled into the night. 
Taehyung stood still for a moment, an age-old question echoing through his mind that spurred a smile to stretch over his lips, “If a tree falls in a forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound?”
But in this scenario he couldn’t help but think, if a human is ripped to shreds in the middle of the night and no other human is around to see it, did it even happen? 
In the end, it didn’t even matter because no human would ever know about what happened that night. Not even the human that had been torn apart. 
When Taehyung had sent you an address that led you to the edge of the forest at twilight you seriously thought about turning around and heading back home. If this didn’t scream “I’m going to kill you in the woods,” you didn’t know what did. 
But you had made a promise, after all, Taehyung and yourself had agreed upon just one session, this was how you could repay him for putting a good word in with the curator. And, if you were being honest, you were chasing after that feeling he had inspired inside of you with that one picture. You wanted to feel pretty. 
And he was incredibly attractive, there was that too of course. It wasn’t often you received attention from men like him or at least attention that was so blatantly obvious and in your face about it. 
You stared at your phone in stress, your fingers twitching over the screen, they were trying to find something to do despite there being nothing there. 
“Let me guess, Taehyung?” A voice asked. 
Your head jerked up in surprise as you frantically tried to close your phone and slide it into your pocket. 
The voice belonged to a man, a man that was so handsome he rivaled Taehyung’s looks. And the look on his face, now that was purely intimidating. 
“Um, yeah, are you his roommate?” You finally managed to ask. 
The man barely managed to conceal his scoff, his eyebrows drawing together in disgust, “Oh, yes, you could call it that.”
Well, that was an odd reaction. 
“Well, would you mind pointing me in the right direction? Taehyung didn’t really give good instructions and-”
“How like him, come along,” He said with a roll of his eyes, turning on his heel to quickly disappear into the tree line. 
“Oh, thank you…” You trailed off with a pant, struggling to keep up with his long and fast strides, realizing that you had never gotten his name. 
“Thank you, Seokjin.”
Said man glanced at you from the corner of his eyes, his gaze darting up and down your figure, “You’re not his usual type.”
That felt like a punch to the gut and paired with the painful twang in your heart that insult was  made even worse. All at once a million horrible thoughts made their presence known in the back of your mind. 
“I…I know I’m nothing special to look at but-”
“That’s not what I meant.” He said, confusion contorting his face. “You’re not as gorgeous as me of course, don’t take that too hard no one is, what I meant was that you’re quiet, withdrawn, and incredibly insecure. You’re different, that’s all.” 
Well, that was kind of a backhanded compliment and a stroke to his own ego, but it was better than a lot of the things other people had said about you. You were just different, not ugly, not like Seokjin, just different. Different was a step up from what you normally thought. So, you would take it. 
“Go on, he’s in there, tell him to watch his strays for me,” Seokjin said, gesturing to the studio a few feet away. 
“You’re an acquired taste, aren’t you?” You asked with a tilt of your head. 
The look on his face was enough to have you trying to stifle a giggle. He had not expected that at all. 
“You’re not as quiet as you seem,” He scoffed before waving his hand at you in a shooing manner, “Run along, I’ve wasted enough of my day cleaning up after him.” 
“Goodbye Seokjin.” You grinned before walking up the steps to the studio. 
As soon as your feet touched down on the porch the door to the studio was ripped open, you hadn’t even had a chance to knock. 
“Hello, darling!” Taehyung excitedly called, his hand quickly grasping yours and yanking you inside, the door slamming shut behind you. “You kept me waiting.”
“Well, it wasn’t very easy to find this place, especially at this time of day.” 
“Oh, I forgot about that…” He trailed off, you could faintly hear him say words like “eyesight,” and “weaker than,” but the rest was unintelligible as he mumbled to himself. 
You, on the other hand, were completely in awe of his workspace. The exterior had been eye-catching enough, its sharp modern angles and tall windows in the middle of the greenery of the forest were beautifully juxtaposed. But the interior was so inviting. The space was still very large and modern but was filled to the brim with beautiful works of art. Some of them were paintings, others were charcoal sketches, some were photos pinned to what looked like clotheslines strung from wall to wall. You could spot some smaller clay pieces and what even appeared to be an incomplete marble sculpture. And the smell, the smell was wonderful. It was fresh paper and cardstock and canvas laced with the prominent scent of paints. It smelled like home. 
You couldn’t help but drop your bag to the side and travel through the room, looking at everything there was to be seen. If you were being honest, it was an artist’s wet dream. Everything in there was high end, some of the supplies so prestigious your meager teacher’s salary would never allow you to afford something so expensive. 
The twilight tones of the day completed the room, the lingering glow of the departed sun accompanied by strokes of purple, ochre, and ultramarine in the sky casted an impeccable filter over the studio. It looked like a fauvist had painted the scenery in front of you and you were in awe. 
But what really caught your eye was the collection of works that were all signed with the same signature: Vante. There were many works that were familiar, but there were even more you had never seen before. And being the dedicated art nerd that you were, you were struck by just how similar they were to his style. Everything about it screamed “original” and your heart was thumping so fast in your chest from the belief that you may be seeing works the world had never seen before. 
“Are these real?” You asked, turning around only to realize that Taehyung had been mere inches away the entire time. The two of you were so close that your face almost brushed up against his. 
“What do you take me for, a copycat? I can assure you every single one of those is genuine.” He said, his tone riddled in mock offense which was ruined by the amused smile on his lips. 
“How did you even get these? I’ve never even seen some of these before.” You said, taking a few steps back. 
Taehyung regained those steps, following you closely. “It wasn’t too hard, very easy if I’m being honest.” 
“Easy? These would be worth millions, Taehyung! That’s far from easy.”
“Who said I purchased them?” 
“If you didn’t buy them, how did you get them?” You continued to pry, your face set in determination. 
And then it started to click together. 
“Are you implying that you’re-”
He immediately silenced you with the soft press of his index finger to your lips which in response slightly parted in surprise from the unexpected touch. 
“Questions can wait until after the session, you’ve kept me waiting long enough.”
“But, Taehyung-”
“Questions,” He paused, his intense stare freezing you to the spot, “After the session.” 
You released a heavy breath from your nose, your silence speaking volumes as to how displeased you were. Taehyung pretended not to notice, instead he guided you by the wrist to where he wanted you to go. 
There was a lounge set up in the corner of the room and with it were the supplies for the photo shoot. You could smell a strong floral scent from one of the boxes and upon further inspection you realized it was full of crimson red flowers of all different shades. Your nose scrunched up from the smell, it was overpowering and not exactly pleasant as some of the flowers did not compliment one another's aroma. 
Beside that box was a garment bag with a label that let you know it was just as expensive as everything else in the room. But, the even bigger problem that was presenting itself was the fact that you had to change. 
“Can I just wear what I have on?” You quickly asked, your fingers wrapping around your jacket and tugging it tighter around your body. 
“Hm? No, it doesn’t match the vision I have for the shoot.” Taehyung said, looking up from the camera he was fiddling with to take in your outfit. 
“It probably won’t fit anyways, just let me stay in this.”
“Darling,” He said with an exasperated sigh, “It will fit, go through that door over there you’ll find the bathroom. And don’t come out unless you have it on.”
God you were feeling sick to your stomach and you hadn’t even seen what was inside the bag. But all you could do was panic, the thought of someone seeing you even more vulnerable than you already were was enough to have tears pricking at the corners of your eyes and your lips trembling in fright. 
“Remember, it’s just one session.” He said, gentler this time in an attempt to soothe you. 
Just one session, you had agreed and you couldn’t back down now. It would probably take what, an hour at most? You could handle it, just this once. You hadn’t even tried, at least try, do it for yourself. 
All of those positive thoughts almost immediately went down the drain when you entered the bathroom, stripped down to your undies, and uncovered what the garment bag had concealed. 
There was a storm of emotions raging through your body. For one, the mirror above the sink was mocking you. Your eyelashes fluttered helplessly as you tried to avoid your reflection but there was no use, the mirror took up the entire wall. You could see yourself so clearly despite not wanting to and every flaw was glaring back at you. And, just like you always did, you picked and prodded and pulled at every inch of your body that offended you. 
This was what you were afraid of. You were no better than an addict, relapsing back into the old behavior that you had been trying so hard to abstain from. But even your abstinence had harmed you because at the end of the day it was purely avoidance. And in that avoidance those dark thoughts festered and your anxiety grew exponentially. 
The second problem was the dress. It was horribly revealing, well revealing to you. Despite its long flowy sleeves the dress had a dramatic plunging neckline and not one, but two leg slits that ran all the way up your waist. If you were being honest, you had no idea how you were going to wear a bra or underwear in such a dress. 
But that problem had been partially solved for you. To your utter embarrassment, there were panties that were cut the correct way to be hidden from the leg slits hung inside the bag behind the dress. But there was no bra. You knew that there was no way to wear a bra with a neckline like that, but you were beyond embarrassed by the thought of going out there completely free in front of Taehyung. 
This was already hard enough. 
You leaned against the sink counter, harsh pants of air breaking your lips as you attempted to calm yourself. You were slowly losing it. So, in a panicked haze to just get everything over with, you changed as quickly as you could, your eyes trained to the floor almost the entire time. 
And when you finally built up the courage to leave the bathroom you didn’t stray far from the door, your arms wrapped around your torso in an attempt to hide everything you didn’t want to be seen. 
While you were busy panicking, trapped inside your own mind full of spiraling thoughts, Taehyung was extremely satisfied. To him, you looked absolutely perfect. And the dress had fit just the way he thought it would. So what he had cheated a little, his perfect vision allowed him to know just exactly what he was working with and he did enjoy looking at every inch of you. But it all worked out in the end, he had you here and his vision was finally coming together. 
“Can I please wear something else,” You whispered, pinned to your spot by the door. 
“You’re beautiful, why would you want to do that?” He asked, once more grabbing you by the hand and leading you towards the chaise. 
“Please stop saying that.”
“But it’s true,” He sighed, guiding you into a seated position that looked pleasing to him before he began pulling the crimson flowers from their box. 
“You remind me of women from renaissance paintings and romantic art, do you know what romanticism is darling?”
“Of course I do.” You said, pure offense blatant on your features. 
There you were, he was slowly easing you back into things. 
“Of course you do,” He chuckled before snapping the head of a rose off of it’s stem. For some reason, that made a pit settle in your stomach. 
He continued his work, beheading flowers and placing them in your hair as his ice cold fingers were just barely brushing along the skin of your cheek, your jaw, and the column of your throat. You noticed him lingering there, his fingers and his onyx eyes mesmerized by the bared, vulnerable flesh. 
“You look like all of the incarnations of beauty in sculpture and canvas, Psyche, Aphrodite, and Galatea. And yet still you’re far more beautiful.” He sighed, his fingers ceasing their work to gently caress your bottom lip. 
You felt like you were on the brink of a heart attack. 
‘You’ve done so well for me, you’ve been so good. Do you think you can hang on for a little while longer?” He gently asked, his fingers moving to trace the curve of your jaw. 
He looked absolutely stunning. How could he compare you to all of those icons of beauty when he looked like that. There was such soft lighting in the room but it still managed to cast the most beautiful shadows over his face, emphasizing each perfect feature that you had mapped out before in your own sketchbooks. 
All you could do was nod, your voice having left you along with your breath. 
And so the session commenced. 
It wasn’t as painful as you had thought it would be, not when you didn’t have to look at yourself. That made it much easier. Taehyung was good at what he did, he was great at direction and he knew exactly what he wanted. He made it easier for you, and for that you were grateful. 
After what felt like a while to you, he paused, lowering his camera. His fingers tapped rhythmically along the top of it as he thought to himself before glancing at his wristwatch. 
“I have to go and grab something else for the shoot, wait right here, I’ll be right back.” He finally said before setting the camera on top of a tripod and briskly heading outside. 
Good, you could have a moment to breathe.
Instead of staying seated you came to stand, your legs, back, and bottom had fallen asleep and were begging you to move around and shake the numbness away. So, you decided to occupy yourself in the meantime. 
You headed over to Taehyung’s desk. To your surprise it was fairly clean, there was a stray eraser and pencil here or there but no actual works. And that really didn’t make sense. 
You weren’t particularly one to snoop, but you were inquisitive and that part of you was getting the better of yourself. So, you  looked over both shoulders with a sense of paranoia before you began to open and close the drawers of his desk. 
The first drawer you opened held a few items, but the ones on top caught your attention. There was a thick sketchbook and a dense folder beneath it. You checked your surroundings once more before you finally decided to flip open the sketchbook.
On the very first page you were met with yourself. You were shocked to say the least, but you too had been guilty of immortalizing Taehyung in your very own sketchbook. And that all would have been good and fine had you not come to realize that every single page was filled with images of you. The sketchbook bound one hundred and twelve pages. 
The sketches started off fairly tame, some were of your profile, others a straight on view, and a couple were at a three quarter angle. All sketches that were intended to familiarize himself with your image. But as you turned each page, you became more and more disturbed. 
There were photo references of you next to drawings of yourself, photos that you had never taken and never seen before. Some were of you in your classroom, some of you at the coffee shop, and more frighteningly were the images of you in your home. 
But it only got worse.
There were drawings of you fast asleep, your t-shirt drifting away to expose a bare shoulder and the rest of your body from the waist down disappearing beneath the curve of your comforter. 
And then things became pornographic. 
Those too started off tame, sketches of your lips, your hands, and the shape of your body. But then it became too much, images of your body doing things that it had never done before, sketches of sexual acts that no one had been privy too. A stranger's hand holding you down and gripping you so tightly that purple and red bruises were left behind. 
And you had thought those were violating and horrible, the more you flipped the worse it would get. The drawings became violent, chunks of your throat ripped apart, blood smeared over your face, neck, and waist, and bloody handprints littering your body. Sometimes you were screaming, other times your eyes were lifeless and your body still. 
You had witnessed Taehyung’s grotesque and violent fantasies that he had kept hidden from you. 
And you wished you had stopped at the sketchbook but you were already in too deep. You threw it away from you before dumping out the contents of the folder across the tabletop. And these were even worse because they were real. 
There were so many different women in the pictures in varying states. But, from what you could tell, it always started the same. They looked alluring, stunning, and glowing with happiness. And each picture after showed them steadily fading away until it all ended the same. They all died gruesome deaths. 
Most of the pictures were in black and white, the only color being the crimson hue of the thick pools of blood in their portraits. The women were sporting horrendous injuries that looked like they had been attacked by an animal. There were claw marks and teeth marks everywhere and chunks of their flesh missing from their bodies. 
It was so horrible that it left you gagging, fighting the urge to not vomit up the contents of your stomach. 
In a panic you turned, ready to flee the studio and try and find your way back to the road. But when you did pivot, you were face to face with Taehyung. 
He didn’t exactly look upset, but he did sport disappointment on his features. He had changed his clothes, his pants and his shirt were both white, the shirt on the looser side exposing his pretty neck and some of his chest. And in his hand was a fairly large container that was filled to the brim. 
“I wish you wouldn’t have done that, you told me you would be good. But, I suppose you would have found out eventually.” 
And before you could even get a word in or try to confront him or even run, he gripped the container by the handle, braced the bottom and threw the contents of the container all over you. 
A cry of shock and disgust left you as you felt it slap against your skin, hair, and clothes. It was sticky, thick, and ice cold. And when your eyelids were clear of the substance you finally opened your eyes and let out a piercing scream. 
“Let me paint you red, darling,” He calmly said. 
You were drenched in blood. The thick copper scent assaulted your nose, the sticky mess soaking into your dress and dripping down your skin in what could only be described as a scene from a horror movie. 
You watched horrified as he poured whatever was left over himself, not even phased by the blood. He ran his soaked hands through his hair, slicking it back with the fluid as he watched you with a gaze that could only be described as hungry. 
“It took me quite a while to collect all of this, let’s not let it go to waste.” 
You stumbled backwards, panicked and distraught cries still leaving your body as you tried to make a run for it. But there was no use, you couldn’t escape a monster like him. 
He caught you in his bruising hold, roughly spinning you around to face him before he pressed your lips together in an urgent and hungry kiss, effectively swallowing your screams. Although your eyes were closed in pure fright you could still make out the intense pulsating flashes of several cameras. He had various ones set up in the room on automatic timers. He had hidden them well enough that you hadn’t even noticed them. 
You tried to pull away from him desperately but he had a grip that was firmer than steel, with his hand holding your jaw in place and the other wrapped around your back you had nowhere to go. Your head was starting to spin, not only from the screaming and the panic but from the lack of air. He wouldn’t let you go, his lips never leaving yours for long. 
When he finally stopped kissing you, you took a breath, completely overstimulated from the scent of blood and roses, his bruising touches, and the never ending flashes of the cameras. 
“Keep being a good girl for me, I’ve been so good for you. I didn’t feed from anyone since I met you and I’m so fucking hungry.” 
“Taehyung please, please let me go I swear I won’t say anything!” You cried, ugly tears rushing down your face and cutting through the blood that stained your cheeks. 
“You’re not going anywhere, you’re mine now and I intend to keep it that way,” He said, shoving you down onto the chaise and pinning you there before he lunged forward and buried his face in the juncture of your neck and shoulder.
And the next thing you knew, there was a blinding hot stabbing sensation in your neck. You screamed in pain as you realized that there were teeth cutting through your flesh, and not just teeth, but fangs. Your hands gripped his shoulders and pushed, trying your hardest to dislodge him from your throat. 
But, the harder you struggled, the more you fed him. The two of you were covered in blood and now your own blood was rushing down your neck, throat, and chest as well as flooding Taehyung’s mouth. 
And he was in pure ecstasy, his chest rumbling in what almost sounded like an animalistic purr as soft moans of pleasure bubbled up past his blood soaked mouth. And the more he drank the less you began to struggle, your body going weak with euphoria and trembling with bliss and desire. In this state, all you could focus on was the feeling of his chest pressed against yours, his soft lips pressing against your throat and his arms wrapped around you, pulling you in tight. 
Through your foggy brain you could feel his hand sliding over your exposed thigh before gripping the curve of your hip and tugging you unbearably closer to him allowing himself to rest in between your legs.
You were utterly distraught and confused, how could you be enjoying something that had been so painful and distressing moments ago? 
When he finally pulled away from your throat you could only see him through hazy vision, you felt high. 
His hair was still dripping with blood, his lips and chin stained with the red that came from you, and the serrated tips of his fangs poked at his lower lip. He licked his lips greedily before swiping his tongue over your own mouth, chasing after every drop that he could get without accidentally killing you. You were stunning, his goddess decorated in carnage. 
“My beautiful Galatea,” He sighed, “You really are my greatest masterpiece.” 
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media Tumblr media
You are irreplaceable in his life and so is he in yours.
Mayhap, it's time to change that. The moment he aimed his gun at your head, where the trigger could go off at any second, there, you immediately knew you are very much replaceable so you take matters into your own hands and walk out of his life and away from him as soon as your work contract with him ended.
It's safe to say that he hates not having your presence near him and who said you get to walk out his life just like that? You promised not to leave him,
So, why did you break the promise?
Tumblr media
PAIRING : Jungkook x Reader
GENRE : Dark Romance, Friends to Lovers, Enemies to Lovers (sort of), Drama, Action : Gang AU
RATING : Mature
DISCLAIMER : This story is a work of fiction. Description of the BTS members in this story does not reflect nor portray them in real life. Everything in this story only fits in imagination and does not apply outside of imagination.
Tumblr media
hellooo !! this series was previously titled as “Irreplaceable” under another account which was deleted, this version is rewritten and fit to my (current) type of writing.
if you’ve read Irreplaceable, then you’re already aware of what’s coming up until chapter 3 and since there’s no significant changes made to the story (or maybe there are like something about yn’s personality but you be the judge of it) so you can choose to wait until I post chapter 4 or you can reread this rewritten version :)
banner idea from the loml, lee <3 (originally, it’s supposed to be red theme and then blue and finally be suggested this type of banner, it’s lovely i’m proud of my last product ㅠㅠ)
likewise, every story of mine is proofread by Grammarly (enough to correct any grammar mistakes, if there’s still some errors, turn a blind eye ayee?) andd beta-read by @leemien
WARNINGS : This chapter deals with mild violence and inaccurate information and management about certain things. If you’re not comfortable with it then exit this page immediately.
Tumblr media
DEDICATION : To my old self as you are the reason the story exists and to my present self as you have rewritten it.
Tumblr media
    The sky was exceptionally beautiful today—or maybe it has always been beautiful but you just didn’t pay much attention.
    The gentle rays and the summer breeze were everything you need in the name of seeking calmness. Today was another day of your escapades with Jungkook. His father along with his mother was out of town for some business. Jungkook’s parents have assigned guards and tight security for us but that doesn’t stop us from having our freedom.
    The grass under you moved in steady waves accompanied by the sweet song of crickets and the chirps of birds as you sat next to Jungkook and pulled your knees to your chest, your chin resting on top of them. Jungkook turned his head as he stared at the side view of your face. Your eyes were lost in admiration of the scenery ahead of you.
    “Will you ever leave me?”
    You raised your head at your friend’s sudden question.
    “Hmm,” you playfully tap your chin as if you’re pondering seriously over his simple question. “Maybe not in this life, Kook.” You giggled. 
    It’s a promise, you told yourself. If you were given two options and one of them was leaving him then you’ll choose the other option. Leaving him would never be an option. 
    “Promise?” He asked his eyes that held an entire galaxy looking at you hopefully as he extended his pinky at you.
    “Only if you promise to not leave me.” You told him.
    You stared at him, your pinky was already extended to him, waiting for him to seal the promise with you. Jungkook didn’t ruminate about it as he intertwined his pinky with yours, a wide smile tugging on his lips. 
    “Promise.” Sweet little promise. 
    But how could you not know that promises are meant to be broken and how easy it is to break likely more than one because promises are empty words. 
    “You’ve done your part. Get out of this house, (Y/N).”
    Because now? Leaving him is a choice.
    It’s the voice you are familiar with albeit it has changed a bit over time as he matures, his voice drops a pitch lower. The owner of the voice stands confidently at the entrance to your bedroom in his black three-piece suit that is pressed to a T and his hair is styled with care. 
    It’s none other than Jeon Jungkook. 
    It’s a choice to walk out of his life because you either walk out of the door and out of his life or he’ll walk the life out of your body. 
    This man - who has always been against the idea of you leaving the house without him - is now asking, no, verbally forcing you to get out of his house. His voice can be very cold, demanding even. His calm demeanour can fool anyone but dare mess with him, there’s no mercy. You’ve been by his side for years now, you are supposed to be numb to it because growing up with him didn’t raise you to be a weak bitch. 
    But this time, just this time, you can’t help but feel a tug on your heart. It’s the painful feeling of knowing how easy it is for Jungkook to get rid of you after years simply because of your one mistake and yet you still hope that he’s bluffing, that this is just a joke - but Jungkook doesn’t do jokes - you still hold onto that promise but news flash, he breaks his promise. 
    You know it’s time. It’s the time for you to finally leave, to finally be free. Your time is up.
    Your punishment is over. 
    “With pleasure, Jungkook.” Your voice is soft as the smile you had always worn tugs on your lips. 
    The look on his face shows that he is taken aback by your tone and the smile you had on your face which you sure differ from what he had thought of.
    He shouldn’t.
    You had always been the one to never question him, never question his action and his decision, always complying with his words but little did he know, walking out of his house would be no sooner said than done if that means freedom to you, out of his confinement. 
    Let’s go back to the basics, shall we?
    First question, are you in a relationship with Jungkook? No.
    Not even in a complicated relationship? For Jungkook, no.
    For you, yes. 
    You are nothing but a punching bag for Jungkook - Not literally.
    The relationship between you and him was destroyed seven months ago. Today, seven months ago was the day your freedom got taken away, you sealed a deal with the devil but today, you manage to pay for your sins. Jungkook throws the relationship both of you had cherished since the age of nine out of the window after that one mistake you made seven months ago.
    You would say your relationship with Jungkook is strained but Jungkook would say it’s nonexistent, it doesn't exist anymore. 
    Growing up with him for almost 13 years, you both tend to care for each other despite everything but Jungkook stopped caring since 7 months ago, in contrast to you who still care until now - Which also happens to be the reason why you were stuck here -  that’s why his next sentence caught you off guard. 
    “Where are you going to stay?” He asks as if his cold mask slips for a moment. 
    Your mind must be playing with you - blame it on the lack of sleep - why does he care? You let silence be the only language in the room for a moment before you finally speak with a controlled voice, you try not to appear weak and small in this situation. Back then you always had the right of either answering or staying quiet but for the past couple of months, you’ve been answering to his order, you either answer or… answer.
    Your right to speak for yourself is taken away and trampled on so you answer with what was expected to be the answer but now you’re not tied to Jungkook in any way anymore. If Jungkook expects to have his answer from you, especially at this time, then he’s wrong. You’re not going to answer him with what he expected to hear. 
    “Rika has returned and the contract automatically ends,” you tell him. “Which means my life after is none of your concern.” 
    You didn’t spare a glance on Jungkook as your only focus right now is to walk out of this house before Jungkook changes his mind - which is unlikely to happen but one can never be sure and it’s better safe than sorry - Your movements are hasty as you shove your necessities into your luggage.
    If you are to follow your heart, you’d just walk out without bringing anything other than a phone and purse but luckily you always think and make decisions following what your brain thinks is the best. 
    The last time you followed your heart, you got yourself into chaos. 
    Jungkook is silent. He didn’t even utter a word after you but he also didn’t walk out of the room like you thought he would after completing his mission of telling you to get out of his house but instead he just watches you. His dark brown eyes follow your every movement. You don’t need to lift and turn your head to him to see that he is doing so.
    You can feel his gaze on you. You’re familiar with the feeling of his gaze on you, looking at you out of hatred, anger and vengeance. 
    Only for now.
    Soon you’ll forget the feeling of having his eyes on you. You did enjoy having his eyes on you, watching your movements literally every minute, every second for the last 7 months but now, his eyes are going to be on another woman, back to the rightful one. 
    You pull your luggage and stride towards the door. You’re grateful that Jungkook let you stay in his house instead of locking you up in his basement but you’ll leave every bad thing behind in this very house and you’ll bring only the good ones - though there are not many, almost little to nothing— and start anew. You had even considered going for rebirth but maybe no, not now. 
    It’s the end of the chapter and the beginning of a new chapter. 
Tumblr media
    Your feet betray you. You aren’t supposed to be in front of this oh so familiar door but you are here, there’s absolutely no reason for you to avoid meeting this particular person but you just can’t bring yourself to face her when you are clearly planning to leave the country without telling her. 
    The door swings open and you watch as the owner of the voice smiles gleefully upon your arrival. You mirror her excitement as she opens her arms, inviting you for a hug. After your mother, this lady has always been your safe place, the person you seek comfort and love. She treats you like a daughter she never had and you treat her like a queen. 
    “Aunt Binna,” her name comes out as a soft whisper as you melt in her arms. After the incident in Jungkook’s house, this is the only thing you need, a hug. A hug that only she can provide. 
    Aunt’s hand comes up to caress your back before she breaks the hug and invites you in. She runs back to her kitchen to turn off the stove - which she almost forgot she had it on - and returns to the living room. 
    You observe her living room, empty and quiet living room. It became a habit - that you pick up from Jungkook - for you to observe your surroundings, despite being at a certain place ever so often.
    Jeon Binna, wife of Jeon Junghoon. A renowned fashion and interior designer who’s married to the business tycoon; the CEO of Jeon enterprise, Jeon Junghoon and the marriage was blessed with a son, no other than Jeon Jungkook.  
    Aunt Binna lives alone after her husband died. Aunt lives in a penthouse, 50-story luxury apartment, the highest floor, yes there. She lives in luxury, bathes in it even but loneliness still takes over sometimes. Jungkook is busy and so are you. You could only visit her at certain times which is when Jungkook gets a call from her to come to visit her and bring you along.
    The owner of this building used to be her late husband but since her husband has died, the ownership has been passed to her as stated in his will but she doesn’t want to involve herself in the business world at her age. She offered Jungkook the ownership but at that moment, he said he already had a lot on his plate so it’s better for her to keep it first, once things get less hectic, he’ll take over. His mother agreed and last month, he finally stepped in. 
    From your peripheral vision, you notice that Aunt is scrutinising you. Surely, she must’ve noticed the pale look on your face since you didn’t have the time to put on some makeup to cover the tiredness on your face. After leaving Jungkook’s house, you were in your car when you got a call from Aunt Binna and your feet just pressed the pedal and brought you here immediately - blame it on your strong nature to comply with her wish - hence, here you are, bared and tired. 
    Aunt takes a seat next to you on the couch as she takes your hand in her warm ones. You are met with her worried eyes. “Honey, are you okay? Is everything good? You look so pale.”
    No. I just got kicked out by your son. 
    “Yes, I’m good and everything is fine, don’t worry. Just a bit tired from work is all,” you tell her.
    You didn’t lie though, it’s true that work has been exhausting you to no end but all your hard work has paid off now that you’ve done your part as per what Jungkook said. But you see, Aunt Binna is a very sceptical person. The look on her face clearly says ‘I know everything's not fine but I’m going to let this slide because you are tired and that’s exactly what she said before changing the topic. 
    “I’ve cooked dinner for us, let’s eat?” 
    Having meals at Aunt’s house, especially dinner when the sun is setting down, has a special spot within you. Aunt Binna had an open view dining room which gives people a view that is nothing short of magnificent and breathtaking. It’s a cherry on top with the interior design of her dining room. It doesn’t shock you when you get to know that Aunt designed and decorated her whole house. Aunt Binna is a famous designer - interior design and fashion design that is. 
    The maids are coming in and out of the dining room to prepare the table with mouth-watering dishes that you are sure are cooked by Aunt herself. Apart from being good at designing, Aunt is a master at cooking. You had always loved her cooking that you would literally eat anything as long as it’s cooked by her and luckily Aunt had no problem with cooking for you. She would be more than glad to prepare a whole buffet for you. 
    Once all of the maids exit the hall, the two of you take a seat opposite each other. Your face brightens up at your view - the mouthwatering dishes - and Aunt notices it as she chuckles. “I cooked your favourite, Honey.”
    A maid comes in with a bottle of wine in her hands, she pours for Aunt before coming to you. As the maid leaves, Aunt Binna starts a conversation. 
    “When are you planning on getting married to Jungkook?”
    Bless your soul, you are lucky you haven’t started eating nor drinking because you would’ve choked - though you did choke on your saliva. You clear your throat and reach for the wine glass. Sometimes you forget that Aunt Binna had made it her mission to set you and Jungkook in marriage ever since you both were 15. 
    “We’re not even dating, Aunt,” your lips immediately touch the rim of the wine glass as the fruity liquid fills your taste bud wanting nothing more than to not converse with this topic again. 
    “Mhm, keep telling me that, Hon.” Aunt teases. “You guys grew up under the same roof for years, you know him better than any other woman and I know my son had a little crush on you back then.”
    Yeah, that’s back then. It’s past tense. Present? He hates me to the core. 
    “No other woman knows how to take care of Jungkook like you do, (Y/N) and I’ve seen the way he looks at you with a passionate gaze every time the two of you come to visit me. His gaze is on you as if you would disappear the moment he took his eyes off of you.”
    You mean a passionate gaze of malice and his gaze is always on you to serve as a warning to not do anything that shouldn’t be done. 
    “You helped him so much after his father’s death and not to mention even back then when his father was alive. You did more than I could ever, (Y/N). It would be great to see the two of you get together.” She smiles warmly at you. You see the shining hope in her eyes that you didn’t have the heart to crush it but you know you have to, sooner or later. 
    “Rika is not the problem right? She ran away months ago and I’m sure he’s over her.”
    At the mention of Jungkook’s lover, you freeze. Eyes looking over to Aunt Binna only to see her staring at you intently, waiting for you to respond.
    “It’s great that my existence in his life is appreciated and made an impact on him but,” you sigh. “He only sees me as a friend and nothing more, Aunt Binna.”
    Or you could say, “as a friend” was months ago because now, your relationship with Jungkook is nothing more or less than a pure boss and employee relationship. 
Tumblr media
    A saleswoman greeted you and Jungkook with a huge smile on her face, her red lips made her pearl white teeth shine brightly. You mirrored her enthusiasm as you smiled and nodded at her, acknowledging her presence and effort.
    Jungkook walked into the boutique without minding the saleswoman and straight to what he’s here for, suits are what. You quickly trailed behind him and called the previous saleswoman to assist Jungkook. 
    “Pick something for me,” he ordered you. 
    It has become a routine for you now to pick out some suits for Jungkook. The man didn’t argue with your choice as he simply paid for everything you had picked for him. The only time Jungkook got involved in picking was when it came to you, your items. He would pick everything for you and you would, likewise, just go with it though at least he picked out items according to your taste and type.
    The nicely tailored suits were hung on metal bars in expensive wood open wardrobes, all of them were sorted out by colour codes and types of fabric. You knew what type of fabric Jungkook preferred as well as what colour suited him the most and the ones that he personally liked.
    Jungkook is the epitome of perfection and nothing short of perfect in any department. Face? Body? Talent? Skills? He’s nothing short of those and was a walking perfection. In this case, anything he wore would look good on him and honestly at this point, what’s the point of you choosing suits for him when he literally could just buy the whole store because he rocked every piece of clothing. 
    “Your girlfriend got a great taste, sir.” The saleswoman commented, making you freeze. You looked over your shoulder to see Jungkook’s reaction, you know well he doesn’t like it when people talk about his girlfriend - which is obviously not you - and you most definitely know he doesn’t like it when the “girlfriend” the saleswoman had referred to was you.
    He was frowning as he lifted his gaze from his phone. 
    The saleswoman noticed the tension so she immediately corrected herself, “Oh, I mean your friend! Your friend got a great taste, sir…”
    God, please blind your eyes because you wished you weren’t looking at Jungkook when the saleswoman corrected herself because immediately you saw the hate and malice grew in his irises when he heard the saleswoman.
    To say your heart was crushed by his reaction was a vast understatement but then again you had betrayed him, betrayed his trust so you should’ve expected this reaction from him but it didn’t stop you from feeling painful heartache. 
    “She’s my assistant.” He corrected her with a glare and returned to his phone, probably reading and sorting out his emails.
    The saleswoman gasped and looked over you sheepishly as she muttered an apology. She did the same to Jungkook but he barely acknowledged it. You waved it off with a kind smile. 
    He had thrown the term friendship out of his life. 
Tumblr media
    “… and you know how deeply in love he is with Rika, he won’t be over her in such a short period,” you add. “But maybe he won’t be thinking about love at this time, he’s been quite busy lately - with business it is.” 
    Handling the underground business and his company at the same time could be tiring and now that Rika is back and you are resigning from your position as the CEO’s personal assistant, he ought to get busier with no assistant. You just hope by now Jungkook had already selected a few candidates with the potential to fill in your place. 
    “Oh, and I’m leaving the country soon,” you apprise her with a pretty smile adorning your face. You are excited to finally fly out of the country and meet your friend which is long overdue. 
    But oh you are unaware of how the air has changed as the dear aunt’s face drops. 
    “Whatever do you mean, (Y/N)?”
    The loss of the cheerful tone in her voice as it is replaced with seriousness makes you shift in your seat.  It’s a pity that the dear mother has no knowledge of the contract you had signed with Jungkook. He has been keeping you around only for a purpose and only that which is to find and bring back Rika.
    It’s safe to say that Jungkook had to lie to his mother - to keep you around him - stating that you are staying at his house because of important work. It’s a relief that Aunt believes it and she’s more than happy to have you stay close with them or specifically, Jungkook since your apartment is a bit far away from their housing area albeit it’s still near Jeon Enterprise.
    Aunt knows that you are a close friend of Jungkook along with Taehyung and of course, she knows that you work with Jungkook even with the underground business he’s handling. You are involved in everything Jungkook is involved in, creepy much but it is what it is. The two of you are joined at the hip since kids. 
    In Aunt’s view, you are the backbone of Jungkook that the man has yet to realise its true worth. 
    You didn’t want to tell the truth to Aunt because, one, you cannot, two, what good will come out of you telling her about it. Honestly, you’ve known what the consequences of your action would be seven months ago, you didn’t commit such actions without knowing the consequences and you certainly have no intention of dragging other people into your mess. You started the chaos and you’re going to end it all by yourself. 
    “My work contract with Jeon Enterprise has come to an end and I don’t intend on renewing it.”
    “Why so?”
    “Planning to pamper myself by travelling,” you grin to yourself. 
    It’s been long overdue, your wish is. If it wasn’t for the incident seven months ago, you would’ve been travelling around the world by now. 
Tumblr media
    It’s been a week since Rika has arrived. She has been staying at Jungkook’s place. It’s also a week after she had learned that you used to stay at Jungkook’s place but later on was kicked out. 
    Aunt Binna had finally decided to pay his son a visit - something she rarely does unless it's an important and urgent matter - after she’s done accompanying you with your shopping and fulfilling your needs for the vacation you had yearned for, though it takes a lot of convincing because you are keen on declining Aunt’s inclination to spend her money on you. 
    The destination of your vacation remains unknown to Aunt Binna. She had asked you once but you didn’t want to tell her. This vacation you seek is to breathe fresh air after long being caged and now that you finally gain your freedom, it’s only natural that you don’t want people to know of your whereabouts. 
    As for Jungkook, he is rather… anxious. 
    Now that you are out of his house, it’s hard to keep an eye on your whereabouts. He tries reaching out for you from calling to as far as leaving texts and emails - it is not something usual for him to do so because he always had you right under his nose - but it’s just either it didn’t reach you or you’re ignoring him.
    The latter assumption isn’t very convincing given that you never ignore him but the stunt he pulled the other day mayhap changed your attitude towards him. He didn’t blame you for the cold shoulder you’re giving him right now but he’s really anxious. True that he kicked you out of his house but it didn’t mean for you to walk out of his life. 
    His cold personality is nothing new to you, you practically grew up with him and his many flaws - one being having an aloof personality -  so why does this time seem to affect you?
    Because his efforts aren’t really seen by you. 
    Aunt Binna had given you a new phone as a gift since you are adamant about not wanting to be bothered during your vacation albeit that’s camouflage because the truth being Aunt is making sure that Jungkook couldn’t reach you.
    Honestly, you didn’t think of not wanting to be bothered as far as changing contact numbers and phone but Aunt did manage to convince you that it’s more peaceful that way. She understands that you need to breathe fresh air at some point and clear your mind. 
    Aunt Binna stares through the car’s window as the sun washes the garden with a golden glow, insects and birds are thriving in the garden maximally. It’s the garden which she vividly remembers that it’s you who had built, sown and practically grew all on your own for Jungkook. 
    “Being around nature often brings forth calmness to you.”
    It’s your words and it shows that you care so much for Jungkook to the point it appears too much but it’s never too much to care for people that you love, right?
    The car comes to a stop in front of Jungkook’s house entrance. The exterior of his house portrays calmness and peace - in the middle of nowhere, secluded to say - His house is built around the trees, protecting them. The clean exterior of his house promises warmth and comfort which contradicts the fact that the owner of the house is rather aloof, anything but warm and comfort.
    Aunt Binna steps out of the car and makes her way to her son’s door; short stairs leading to the brown mahogany wooden door. Aunt presses the bell to alert her presence and waits for her son to show up. A few seconds later, she hears a faint female voice before the door finally opens. She is greeted by a tall, model-like woman with a brown waist-length straight and silky hair. Her face carries the look of an innocent and naive person but that if it wasn’t for the hate that Aunt carries for her because surely she’s nothing but a cunning woman. 
    Aunt immediately scowls at the sight she is greeted with. Rika is the reason for Jungkook's changes in behaviour and attitude for the past few months. He’s gotten colder and more distant than ever. If it wasn’t for you who had been supporting him, Aunt would have to watch his son drown in his own misery. If Rika hadn’t left him, they would’ve probably started a family of their own and Aunt would’ve been blessed with grandchildren. 
    But, no. 
    Aunt Binna doesn’t want grandchildren that come out of Rika, that had any blood and genetics of the young woman. She wants them from you and only from you. She only trusts Jungkook with you and no other woman. If Jungkook ends up with another woman then she wouldn’t acknowledge them. 
    It’s always you and has to be you. 
    You’ve done so much for her and Jungkook. She appreciates you so much but why is her son so blind? Can’t he see how much you care for him? - is what Aunt Binna always thinks of. You take care of him whenever he’s not well or injured due to some business, take in all of his anger whenever things didn’t work his way, help him to be more expressive - but sadly Rika had to ruin your progress -  and you always show nothing but loving and caring gestures to him, be it subtle or obvious. 
    “So, this is why (Y/N) left,” Aunt scoffs as she glares at Rika who already seems nervous.
    “Ma,” Jungkook comes out of nowhere. He looks around his mother to look for any signs of you but to no avail, he finds no one other than his mother but he still voices his question just in case his mother knows of your whereabouts.
    “Where’s (Y/N)?” 
    “Did you kick (Y/N) out because of this woman?” Aunt Binna ignores her son’s question as she deems it’s a waste of time to answer it. 
    Jungkook closes his eyes as he inhales before sighing. “We made an agreement that she will leave once the work is done, Ma. It has nothing to do with Rika.”
    “Enlighten me, why is she here?” Aunt crosses her arms. “Because the last thing I remember is that she left you, ran away a week before the wedding. Practically humiliating you and our family name.” 
    Jungkook lets silence become the only language as Rika’s eyes shift between the son and the mother. Aunt sighs as she doesn't receive an answer from her son. 
    “You really don’t deserve (Y/N), Jungkook. As a friend or as someone special, both of them. She took care of you like a precious diamond, loved you with all her heart and yet you never once appreciated her or even acknowledged her worth.” 
    Aunt takes a step closer to Jungkook. “Don’t think I don’t know what’s going on,” she hisses at him. 
    Rika’s eyes widened but Jungkook wears his mask skillfully as he didn’t show that he is taken aback by his mother. 
    “Once (Y/N) returns, it’s best if you don’t meet up with her or even try to find her because if you do, I’ll cut off any contacts you have with her.”
    “Is that a challenge?”
    “It’s a promise.” Aunt glares at him. “I’ve planned to set a date for her with someone… Someone who’s worthy of her.”
    Is it an empty threat? Or is it a real one? She doesn't know. 
    She doesn’t want you to be with someone else other than her son and only her son. Although her son is a piece of shit that doesn’t mean anyone out there is better than him. But then again she also wants you to be with someone you truly love, someone who could bring happiness to you and shower you with nothing but love and affection. 
    As if Aunt Binna has triggered a wrong switch, her son is immediately inches away from her face. Jungkook glares at his mother. 
    “If you only plan to rile me up using (Y/N), you better know it’s not a wise choice,” he whispers. “Leave. Her. Alone.”
    His words make his dear mother break into a laugh. He shouldn’t feel threatened by his mother’s words but the tinge of possessiveness that he felt says otherwise. One thing Jungkook doesn’t like is being threatened or felt threatened, it won’t end nicely. 
    “Why so? I’m merely helping her find her happiness. She’s free to date anybody in the very first place but guess what, she chose not to because of you but I’m sure now there’s nothing holding her back since you have Rika.”
    She chose not to. 
    Jungkook only manages to stare at his mother in silence. Aunt Binna has nothing more to say so she gladly turns around to leave. 
    “Have a great day, son.”
Tumblr media
    Jungkook eyes his left side of the bed. Rika is sleeping peacefully. Her little snores become the only sound in the quiet bedroom. He loves it - the little snores Rika makes while sleeping - but it was back then, hearing it now doesn’t give him the same effect as a few months ago. 
    Or does it ever give him any sort of effect?
    Everything around him is empty and emptier without you but his mind is never empty of you. You are always one of the many thoughts he had in mind.
    His morning would always be greeted with you holding a cup of coffee in hand, ready for him to down it to his throat and inviting him for breakfast which he would always avoid but you managed to make him because it’s simply you. You know how to handle him even while the relationship between the two of you is obviously strained because of that incident. 
    Missing you wouldn’t be a crime given that you and he share a deep bond. Did you really just break your promise? How could you? You’ve been by his side for years and the same goes for him but now you’ve left him without telling him whatsoever. He had asked you where you will be staying after he kicked you out the other day only for you to act so cold to him. 
    He should find you—
    No, he shouldn’t… Right? He has Rika now. She should be his main priority now. Everything is falling back into place except this time, there’s no you. 
    Where did you go?
    Why did you break the promise?
    Guilt crawls on his skin as it eats him up. The incident that takes place seven months ago flashes in front of his eyes like a fast-forwarded movie. 
    The fear in your eyes. 
    The trembling hands and quivering lips. 
    The pool of—
    Jungkook quickly pulls himself back to reality as he feels Rika shifting. He gets out of the bed and heads towards the bathroom. A nice shower would clear his head, he hopes. 
    “Good morning, sir.” 
    “Good morning, Nana.”
    Nana— or Mrs Chang is the housemaid, an old woman that Jungkook and you are close to. Mrs Chang has been taking care of you and Jungkook since you and Jungkook were kids. She’s a loving and caring woman, it reminds you of your grandma that’s why the two of you started calling her Nana.
    Mrs Chang exits the room once Jungkook has settled down on his chair. He stares at his breakfast that was prepared by Mrs Chang. It’s his favourite; soft soufflé pancakes with a cup of black coffee. 
    Rich golden honey syrup drips exquisitely from the top to the sides of the pancakes. It’s decorated with some berries and dusted with powdered sugar on top of the tower of pancakes. The pancakes are puffed, browned and heavenly sweet - even without tasting it yet. Aside from having a black coffee, pancakes are the start of his day but this is not it. 
    He picks up his utensils and cuts the pancake into preferably bite sizes as he eats it. It tastes bland even with all the sweets that had decorated his plates. The pancake is good but it didn’t spark his taste buds because he knows this isn’t the one he always had, it is not made and cooked by you. 
    Pull yourself together, Jungkook. 
    His quiet breakfast is interrupted by Rika. She slides her arms around Jungkook’s neck from behind and nuzzles her face into his neck. Jungkook breathes out her name as he puts down his utensils with a clink. 
    “Can I go out for a while, Jungkook?”
    “No.” He didn’t miss a beat as he voices sternly. 
    “Whyyy?” She whines. 
    “Because I have to go to work.”
    “I’ll take the guards with me—”
    “When I said you can’t go out, you can’t. Which part of “you can’t” did you not understand, Rika?” His voice is dripping with irritation. “For now, I don’t want you to leave the house without me.”
    “You once left me. I won’t let you do it twice.” It’s a promise. 
    Because you left me, I almost lost (Y/N).
Tumblr media
    It doesn’t take long for your life to be flipped upside down or in this case, Jungkook’s life - or preferably he called it a plan. It doesn’t take long for your plan to be interrupted and ruined.
    His life doesn’t centre on love or on this particular woman but he needed these two for a purpose. The airport was a runaway with the metal birds. It’s a starter for people that seek hope and adventure on another ground. But now, Jungkook wanted nothing more than to destroy airports. 
    Once he’s at the airport, it was packed with a swarm of people. It’s the busy hour right now and he couldn’t afford to cause a ruckus with all eyes around. His eyes scanned his surroundings to find the familiar figure. He ordered a few of his men to split up and search around. 
    “Jungkook, her flight is almost departing. Gate A-32,” your voice rang in Jungkook’s earpiece. 
    “Gate A-32,” he ordered his men with a flick of his wrist and they immediately got into action. 
    Men in black suits started to fill in the airport. People were giving weird and confused stares as they saw those men in black but they knew better than to care about others. Jungkook had ordered them to find his fiancée that had run away and that’s the only thing they would focus on. 
    Jungkook was about to head to the gate that you had mentioned but he was stopped by a hand on his shoulder. “Wait, Jungkook,” he looked over his shoulder and met eyes with Taehyung, his friend. 
    “A-32 is a domestic flight. Rika wouldn’t be so stupid to run away within this country,” Taehyung frowned. “Did (Y/N)—”
    “Fucking hell,” Jungkook cursed under his breath. He hastily tore off his earpiece. You were ruining his plan and buying time for Rika. Are you her accomplice? Why are you helping her?
    “Jungkook, it’s not (Y/N)’s fault—”
    “Shut the fuck up, Taehyung.” Jungkook glared at him, shutting him off. “She’s messing up on purpose!”
    “Why would she even do that?” Taehyung snapped at him. “Are you hearing yourself right now? She has no motive to do so!”
    Jungkook regulated his breathing. Taehyung might be right but he couldn’t handle any mistakes at this crucial moment and this mistake coming from you was unusual as you rarely made a mistake but then again you’re a human with weaknesses. Maybe he’s just being irrational right now. 
    Taehyung’s earpiece began to buzz off. He heard your voice trying to connect to his earpiece. “Taehyung? Can you hear me?” 
    “I can’t get a hold of Jungkook— Did something happen?”
    “(Y/N), it’s not gate A-32,” he said. “Relocate her.”
    “Gate A-32 is a domestic flight, (Y/N). Are you sure she’s there?”
    “Shit, hold on!” He heard you ordering your subordinate to relocate Rika and search every gate. “She was at gate A-32 just now— How…”
    “She is buying herself some time. She’s definitely not alone.”
    “She’s… Her tracker is at gate B-40 now. Be mindful this is just her tracker, have people outside of the airport as well just in case what you said is right.”
    Taehyung immediately jumped into action and pushed Jungkook to run to the gate you had just mentioned. 
    “Gate B-40, Kook. I’ll be outside just in case she escapes from this airport,” he told him. “Go!”
Tumblr media
    “Still at the waiting area of gate B-40?” you asked one of your subordinates. 
    They were all equally busy, pressured and stressed as you were. Their eyes were moving from one monitor to another, trying to find Rika in the midst of busy crowds. The sound of keyboard clickings filled the room.
This might be your speciality - to hack, in general - but surely everything would take time and now you have to get access to the airport’s security system just to find Rika through the surveillance cameras and with the help of her tracker she doesn’t know of - You hope she doesn’t know. Jungkook had installed the tracker in Rika’s phone without her knowledge - just a normal thing for Jungkook - so it’s a plus point for this situation. 
    Who would’ve thought…
    “Yes, she’s still there,” one of them answered as he was in charge of watching over the tracker’s location. The others were still trying to find Rika through the surveillance camera. 
    A frown was visible on your forehead. You pinched them as you tried to think of a reason for Rika to suddenly elude Jungkook. He treasured her like he had never before. You couldn’t think of any motive as to why Rika suddenly wanted to run away and to add to it, it’s one week before their wedding. If you were confused by this situation then Jungkook was twice confused. 
    Your eyes began to scan all over the monitors in the room. Rika’s figure has not been found yet but it was believed that she’s in this airport and hopefully, still. A surge of anxiety was starting to eat you up as the longer you scanned the monitors, the harder it was to find Rika; there were too many people at this hour. 
    You were about to move from the monitor to another one when your eyes caught a familiar figure in one of the monitors. The frown on your face grew harder at that. You squint your eyes to get a clearer vision as you close the distance between you and the monitor. 
    You’ve never felt the worst feeling of panic. 
    “Rika is not at gate B-40…” you muttered under your breath. 
    One of your co-workers caught what you just said. “But her tracker is still at B-40,” he said, his voice clear of confusion as to why you said that. 
     All of this was staged. Rika had planned all of this carefully and rather cunningly. What Taehyung said was true; she’s not alone and she’s buying time for that person. You refuse to believe your assumption might be right because if it was, Rika was one step away from escaping. 
    And you fucked up real bad. 
    “Entrance— The airport's second entrance, check that monitor!” you told them. “Fuck, where are Jungkook’s men?!”
    They were supposed to guard outside of the airport too!
    “(Y/N), that’s Rika!” your subordinate gasped. “But why is she—”
    “Rika isn’t planning to depart from this airport,” you told him as you rushed to the door. “Trace the car Rika is using, send it to me and inform Jungkook, ASAP!”
    Your subordinates quickly get into work. “Close down the road Rika is using. Do anything as long as the road is empty.”
Tumblr media
    The feeling of adrenaline rush in your body was indescribable. Your hand was placed on the gear stick while the other was on the steering wheel, your foot was pressing the accelerator pedal hard as you sped off in order to get to Rika or at least to stop her car from going any further. 
    After some time speeding off the road, you saw a familiar car, a black Mercedes-AMG GT 4-Door Coupé. You could be wrong but you were confident it’s Rika. Yes, she couldn’t be the only person that owned that car brand and model but the car was specifically Jungkook’s. The logo of his notorious gang and company was embedded on the car - it’s a must for every car that he owned to have those - and the number plate? It was specifically designed by Jungkook. 
    Not wasting time any further, you didn’t hesitate to make a drastic turn. The car you’re aiming at was in the opposite lane. You clutched the steering wheel and spun it to the maximum. You’re driving against the current in order to stop Rika’s car. 
    The mission is to stop Rika from leaving. 
    The adrenaline rush once again pumped in your body as you were speeding up towards Rika’s car. The luck was on your side because the road was already empty and it’s all thanks to your subordinates’ effort in getting it done using whatever ways. You wouldn’t want to cause damage to the public property and people around. You stared up intensely at Rika’s car that’s a few metres away from you, heading furiously towards you with no hint of slowing down as it seemed. 
    You drifted your car to make a roadblock in hopes that she wouldn't get past you. The only way to get past you is to crash your car and that alone was enough to cause damage to her car and slow her down, you hope Jungkook and his men were already on their way and not so far from your location. 
    To your surprise, Rika’s car came to an abrupt halt. The sudden press on her brake pedal left drift marks on the road. You immediately threw yourself out of your car and ran towards Rika’s car. 
    “Jungkook and his men are already on their way to you, (Y/N),” Jake, one of your subordinates, told you through the earpiece you had on. “I told him about Rika’s actual plan and he immediately got out of the airport, don’t do anything rash, just hold her off for some time.”
Tumblr media
    As soon as he got alerted by your subordinate, he wasted no time as he got out of the airport. It’s safe to say he may have bumped into some people and caused them to fall to the ground but he didn’t have the time to help. 
    He sped off the empty road to get to your location. He assumed it’s your order to get the road closed down. 
    But maybe he was too late.
    He saw your car sped off from your location but you were still there. The car Rika had used previously was abandoned. Rika took your car and left. 
    Why weren’t you stopping her?
    Rage and anger took over his body. He finally arrived at your location and immediately got out. He strode to you with big and long steps. 
   You heard cars coming in your way, you knew it’s Jungkook. You inhaled a good amount of oxygen as you closed your eyes, ready to face his wrath. The view of your car being driven further and further was what you saw once you opened your eyes again. Courage and braveness were what you needed right now but you couldn’t afford to have them. You felt an object being pushed to the back of your head, enough to command you to turn around. 
    Once you were sure your car with Rika in it was out of your sight, only then did you turn and faced Jungkook. The object you felt at the back of your head was a gun, Jungkook’s gun. The mouth of the gun was now a few inches from your forehead. You summoned leftover courage you had - you prayed you have - and spoke with a surprisingly clear voice, contrasting your trembling hands. 
    “I’m sorry, I was careless to let her escape.”
    The trigger goes off. 
Tumblr media
    Your past will always haunt you, taunt you in the evilest way. Regret will eat you alive for every second thing you do that is against your will, you have control over the matter but you chose the wrong way. Does Jungkook have control over his actions in the past? Perhaps not, but then again is his action against his will?
    Jungkook’s eyes shoot open. 
    The hideous past of you and him is still fresh in his mind. The guilt always eats him up every night, even after seven months. Jungkook rests his head on the steering wheel as he tries to regain himself, his self-composure. Sometimes, he couldn’t help but stare into space and reminisce about the past. He takes a deep breath before pulling up his body to sit up straight and start his car.
    He wished he had not acted irrationally back then.
Tumblr media
    It’s easy to describe Jeon Enterprise building, simple, really. The building is massive and clean. Most furniture in the building is either black, grey or beige. Jungkook arrives at the lobby and immediately gets into the elevator that specifically heads to his office floor. He is greeted by the receptionist which he replies with a simple nod and proceeds to the elevator. 
    The ride to his floor isn’t time consuming and he arrives at his floor after a few seconds. His floor is spacious compared to other floors. His father had designed the building himself and Jungkook didn’t make any changes ever since he took over his father’s position. He enjoys it too, working alone on the floor, no distraction whatsoever. That’s what makes th