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i-cant-sing · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
oh? any pic you say?
It's baby reader telling her Dad Dabi that Step Dad Hawks needs to L E A V E.
She hates him, she hates him so much and there isn't even a good enough reason, she just hates Keigo's guts and is tired of him always grooming her and calling her "my little Tweety" and "my sweet dove". All her life (which is 5 years), she's only been called "sneaky brat" and "little menace" or "spawn if Satan" by Dabi, in a loving manner, but she knows that.
With Hawks, it all feels all too unfamiliar and fake and forced. He's trying too hard with her and kids really are brutally honest. She's yanked his feathers when he tried to cuddle her, punched his nose when he tried to pull her away from Dabi to kiss her too, and plain out told him to pack his bags and leave.
If Hawks didn't know any better, he wouldve thought that Dabi was making you say all that.
And he doesn't know better, because Dabi is making you say all of that. My man Dabi only wanted a one night stand with Hawks, but now it's turned into the bird man wanting to marry him and start a family with him. And sure, Dabi loves seggsy times, but even Hawks ruts are a bit too much and too frequent for him.
Not to mention how Dabi uses you to put away Hawks rut and replace it with his mama-bird instincts.
It's weird, really.
Tumblr media
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mango-bango-bby · a day ago
Hello, this is my first time requesting anything so I'm sorry if it's not good. I was wondering if you could write Dabi getting back from a mission with the LOV and he's really injured so reader has to take care of him. Can you also make it really fluffy? Please and thank you.
♡ So Lucky ♡
(A/N: I know that I’ve been putting out a lotta fics about Dabi, but almost all of my BNHA requests are for Dabi and I love writing for him so here’s a fluffy Dabi fic!! I hope that you like this, I think it’s really cute 💖💘)
Content Warning ⚠️: Yandere, injuries, blood, lots of mentions of injuries, Dabi is a softie 🥺🥺
Summary: You take care of Dabi after he gets really injured (Yan!Dabi x GN!reader)
Masterlist ➸ ♡
Tumblr media
You were used to waiting for Dabi when he went out on missions with the League. You waiting until he came home, and when he did he usually had a couple of injuries. However they were nothing to serious, he seemed to be pretty good at avoiding getting hurt to much.
So like usual, you waited for him to come home. He’d been out on this particular mission for about two days, you think. Every once and a while you check the clock until the door finally opens and in comes Dabi. Although he’s a lot more beaten up than he usually was.
“Oh god, what happened?!” You say, rushing over to him to check over his injuries. He just shrugs at you as if he isn’t bleeding in multiple places. The injury that stands out to you the most is that half of the staples on his right cheek seemed to have been ripped out, blood coming out of all of the empty staple spots.
“Don’t worry, doll, I can’t even feel it. I’ll just patch it up” He says as if it’s nothing. But you can tell that he lying to you. It hurts him, you can see it in his eyes. “I don’t care if you can’t feel it, and I’m taking care of it” you say, grabbing his hand to drag him to the kitchen where the first aid kit was.
Dabi doesn’t complain whenever you do so, he’d rather you patch up his injuries than himself. Luckily for you, he always had extra staples in the apartment. You clean up all the blood first before disinfecting his wounds. You can help but softly apologize at the sharp inhale he does when the alcohol meets them.
“This is gonna hurt” you mumble after a moment before putting a new staple into his skin. He barely even has a reaction when you do so, although considering how often he had to put them in and with how many he had you can understand how to didn’t really hurt anymore.
Dabi can’t help but stare at you as you patch up his wounds. He can’t believe that he actually has someone who cares about him enough to do this for him. Through out his entire life, he’s never really had anyone who really cared about him and he never really cared about anyone.
Then you came along. And you were absolutely perfect. And someone as perfect and amazing as you was willing to love someone like him. He stalked you, obsessively loved you, cut you off from everyone you knew; yet you forgave him and we’re still willing to love him. You were willing love a villain like him, and he absolutely adored you.
“Why are you staring at me?” You ask, noticing him just looking at you as you patch him up. “Hmm, just thinking of how beautiful you are” Dabi says, smirking at you.
He could share his love for you or he could just flirt with you. And he’d never pass up an opportunity to flirt. You smile a bit, although you roll your eyes to cover the fact that you’rve flustered. He was so lucky to have you.
︵‿︵‿୨♡୧‿︵‿︵︵‿︵‿୨♡୧‿︵‿︵︵‿︵‿୨♡୧‿︵‿︵ Thank you for reading, darling!!
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kiok0-k · a day ago
Thinking about mean yan!Dabi but it's just a facade
Sweet baby is always joking about you but he truly wants to bend you over and please your body until you can't think while he praises you. He slaps your ass but he truly wants to hold your hand and kiss your knuckles... He says he kidnapped you for fun but the truth is he wants to protect you from the corrupt heroes. He's a Tsundere who won't admit he wants to see you smile and love him back. 💙
Poor lil meow meow...
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stupid-sloot-headcanons · 8 hours ago
`` D-dabi... Could we get a cat.. I really want a friend for when you're at work. ``
I dunno, babe...I'd have to steal you one or catch a stray, get the little guy a litterbox, food, toys. That's a lotta shit to get, y'know.
Aw, don't look at me like that! Tell ya what, I'll think about it. You have been good to me and I just know you miss me so much when I'm gone, huh...Just make sure you make it worth all this effort, alright? If you start acting like a brat and piss me off, then I'll have to punish you and the cat for making you spoiled. But you wouldn't do that to me and your kitty, would ya.
Guess until I bring one back home, you've only got me to curl up with. C'mere. I've still got some time before "work" tonight~
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yanderenightmare · a month ago
this isn’t a request i just was wondering what you think about this 🤞 who do you think would be the scariest yandere? i feel like it would be hawks. something about him is just so eery, even down to his yellow eyes. him staring at me would be enough to send me to tears dude
yandere ! BNHA
goodiebag WARNINGS: yandere, abuse, nsfw, noncon/dubcon, mental disorders and complexes, not me treating this like a request, some depraved thirsty stuff ahead
I whole-heartedly agree.
The scariest yanderes are the ones you don't really know too much about.
The ones that take time and effort to really understand.
Dabi is a bit too lazy to be scary.
He lacks the energy to ever put any bite into his barks. Where even his barks lack any true threat.
That is, most of the time.
He's a bit cruel in bed though. Hurting you just for the hell of it with playful bites to your nipples and light slaps to soft flesh and making you choke on his fingers and cock as he pinches your clit. Pouting at you and teasing you when you whimper for him like a little crybaby.
But, none of that is what should worry you.
The thing for caution is that he's someone with too many potent sources of compartmented emotions. That, if you trigger just one of them, you're in for a bitch and a half of unstable cold rage.
It's as though he's got landmines.
Mention his parents, mention his scars, mention anything that reminds him of his failures and weaknesses and he'll flip out and hurt you for real.
It doesn't matter if you're being mean or sweet. He doesn't want your snippy little comments any less than your pity. And that look on your face as you cry for him as though he's lost something, making his heart twist in his chest is the worst of all.
Give him that look and he'll give you a real reason to cry.
Burns or a snapped wrist to make sure you learn your lesson and shut up. Even when he finds broken bones such a pain to deal with.
But, you'd be kidding yourself if you think he feels sorry afterwards.
With Deku it's not too much about the fear of him harming you. It's more that he enjoys freaking you out a bit too much at times.
He's eerie and creepy and it all puts you on edge like that spider you never found again.
It's a respective fear, because he makes you feel as though he knows you better than you know yourself. Whispering what you're thinking into your ear. Touching you in those exact places that have you weak.
Where at the same time you haven't even the single slightest clue what's going on inside his head. And something about that just makes you feel as though you've lost already.
It's a type of hopelessness he puts you in.
You just feel so crushingly at a disadvantage with him.
But, if you're the type that needs proof to support your fear, then you'll learn to be wary of him as well as respect him once he shows you that putting you in your place is not something he's shy of doing.
He'll have your ass a pretty galactic purple and blue. Taunting you for how wet your little cunt is as he makes you cry out for cock.
You won't ever forget the amused and disturbingly happy look on his face once he saw you begging.
That's when you learned that the word scary had a smile.
Hawks is much like Dabi and Deku combined.
He's the lazy and laidback type where at the same time observing you with a hunter's grace.
But, where Dabi's troubled past has given him a Phaeton-complex and Izuku overcame his past only to develop a God-complex, Hawks has got an extra something that makes living with him similar to walking on broken glass.
Perhaps the most dangerous of all where it triggers such strong and painful and incontrollable feelings of betrayal.
He's never relied on anyone ever so he's prone to feeling that betrayal is imminent. That's why, if he so much as senses you're up to something, every single one of your words, requests and gestures will be analysed thoroughly.
Which is when he'll read too much into things and his paranoia gets the best of him. Where if he gets a single slightest thought of ulterior motives behind your actions, you're paying the price.
The good thing about Keigo is that once he's taken the edge off and the smoke has cleared from fogging up his thoughts. Once he's left back at square one with blood on his hands and you sniffling and huddled into the farthest corner of the room. Completely terrified of him. He at least has the heart to regret it.
He'll clean you up and rinse your wounds. Putting you back in bed. Whispering to you how sorry he is as he fucks you once again.
Though, this time softly with a pair of his thick fingers rubbing over you clit.
And the still stinging cuts on your skin is enough to make you act like you enjoy it.
Shoto too, is unstable. Where he doesn't always recognise his own feelings.
Having been isolated and detached as a child he's not quite learned what some feelings even mean. Which in turn means he doesn't know how to cope with them and will do the first thing that feels as though it might soothe the ache.
Whether that be crying into you for hours or bending you over his lap for some sense of control. He doesn't really question it.
Sometimes his face will hug your tits for hours. His tears soaking your chest and his arms wrapped tightly around your waist. Your hand carefully petting his hair while you whisper smooth soothing nothings into his ear.
Where other times he'll have spread wide beneath him on the bed. One of his hands between your thighs. Quirk softly activated as he slips his finger in and out of you.
Watching you blush with fever before shivering from the cold as he switches fingers. Liking how the steam begins trickling down your skin and fascinated by how you get all light-headed and clumsy.
You look really adorable under his mercy like that.
You come to learn that Shoto's like a thermostat.
Not just his quirk. But he himself as well.
And quite like a thermostat, you yourself is the one who has to adjust the temperature.
If you feel it's getting too cold, it's your responsibility to turn up the heat. Lest you want to feel yourself frostbitten.
And if things are becoming too scolding, you have to take it upon yourself to cool him down. Lest you want to get burned.
In other words, he's manageable with some effort.
But temperature is a dangerous thing if you're not paying attention.
Mirio never stops smiling.
Even when you're growling and yelling and throwing things at him.
He'll just smile as the objects phase through his face and hit the floor behind him in a splintering crash.
Even when you're crying and backing up away from him. Desperately fumbling around to keep the distance.
He just smiles at you. Approaching you calmly until you've backed yourself up into a corner with nowhere left to go.
Even when he bends you over a pillow and splits you apart form the back. Your hands pulled behind you and your face smushed against the mattress.
He'll just smile as his thick cock bottoms-out inside you deep enough to have you panting. Smiling wider when your wetness starts to trickle down his thighs and even wider when you begin drooling.
Smiling when he has his hand in your hair in a tight merciless grip and his balls on your face as you kiss and suck on them like such a good obedient girl for him.
Smiling when you take his cock-head in your mouth and smiler wider when you gag as he stuffs your mouth full with his entire length, and even wider again when he spills his hot cum onto your tongue.
Petting your hair with the same sick smile as you swallow for him.
Smiling when he has your throat in a deadlock as he sinks you down on his lap and has you riding for life.
Smiling when you place your hands on his shoulders to steady yourself as he picks up the speed.
Smiling as you start resting against his chest when you just can't take how your stomach bubbles and toes curl and thighs flutter anymore.
Fighting is simply impossible with Mirio because you won't ever lay an abusive hand on him unless he allows it. All your punching and kicking and biting all simply help tucker you out as you flail around like an idiot, striking nothing but air as he activates his quirk.
And it's strange. Because, where you've grown to despise that sick smile on his face as he bests you time and time again...
The last thing you want is to know what he's like if that smile of his should ever drop.
There are, of course, other yanderes that are scary as well...
Like those that don't tolerate uproars.
Kirishima. The man. The muscle.
The control.
You wear what he tells or you walk around naked with a collar on your throat. It suits you well since only animals fight authority.
You better kiss him good-bye and hand him his bento-box as he leaves for work in the morning. And greet him at the door and help him out of his jacket when he comes home.
You better make sure you look pretty for him too. And never frown. Unless, of course, it's to express worry when he gets back with nasty looking cuts you should be jumping to help him take care of.
And you better have cleaned the dishes and tidied the house and picked up after him and done the laundry and made the bed too as you won't have the time when he's with you.
And you better make your self useful in the kitchen. Oh, and deal with the fact the Eijirou likes his desert first. Where he'll sit on the floor inside the tent of your skirt and lick at your clit and drink down your juices while you cut the vegetables and marinate the meat for dinner like the good little housewife he kidnapped you to be.
Unless you want to be bent over the table and whipped with a spatula or a balloon-whisk and made to choke on and swallow the only dinner you're getting that night.
The choice is yours.
Please don't stress this man.
Don't fight, don't yell, don't ignore.
It isn't worth it. If this man isn't satiated with smiles and sweet nothings, he'll indulge like a glutton until you're a moaning whimpering sorry mess too exhausted to move sept for twitch.
Screaming will earn you a ball-gag. Refusing him will only result in all your limbs tightly secured. Rendering you completely immobilised.
Tits up and thighs spread and hands bound behind your back. With that sweet little thing you where so desperately trying to keep from him hopelessly displayed for him to do as he pleases. Though now not as sweetly as he'd intended before you decided to make things difficult.
Same goes for if you dare ignore him, be prepared to be used to the point where all you can think feel and mumble is Tamaki as you lay shuddering in a wet pool of your own undoing.
You have ten fingers to worry about. Ten fingers he'll so often transform to long thick ribbons of calamari. Snaking around you as you whine out in disgust, trying so desperately at winding your thighs shut and your mouth closed.
But he's stronger.
Prying you open.
First one strapping your arms to your sides as it slinks around your waist. Reducing all your troublesome flailing to mere adorable struggling as you kick around in the air.
Second and third winding around your ankles. Spreading you wide. Zigzagging between your toes in a ticklish fashion even as you try your hardest at wiggling them free.
Fourth and fifth wrapping each their tit. Snaking around them like a boa squeezing prey. Flicking and sucking at your nipples. And you're already feeling the treacherous warmth starting to brew in your belly. Even when you feel so shamefully disgusted.
The sixth one circles your throat. Leaving odd love bites in its wake as the tentacle slips your lips to choke out all those filthy little comments and protests you bite out at him.
Only adorable little whines and whimpers coming from you now as the seventh and eighth and ninth wiggle up your legs and thighs to reach your scared little sex.
One running over your clit making you curl into yourself as your whole body does a jump. The others licking through your slit, parting your lips and prodding at your opening until you're slick enough to allow them both entry.
And as though you didn't already feel full enough already... The tenth comes slithering down your back, through your cheeks. Paying no mind to your sudden new spur of jerking. Kissing at your butt and gathering the wetness that's begun dripping from your stuffed cunt to slip inside your ass.
Now so overly stuffed that you don't know where you body ends and Tamaki's begins.
And he'll just sit on the couch and watch.
Like a puppet-master.
Plain look on his face as you struggle to compensate. Liking how the fight slowly leaves you as you grow more and more exhausted until you eventually just take it.
He'll decide you've had enough after some time. Placing your wet hot body down on the cool soft carpet.
Admiring how soft and passive you are after he's tuckered you out. Allowing you to rest for a little while as you lay there twitching though unable to move.
Until he thinks it's time you return the favour and satisfy him.
He doesn't mind if you still just lie there.
He actually quite enjoys it that way.
When you're too exhausted to even think of fighting back.
Do your chores, hon. That's the least of your worries.
Be pliant when he fucks you too harshly on his fingers unless you want ugly yellow-green-purple marks decorating your wrists as he crushes them in a cross behind your back.
After all, he does that for you. Prepping you, so that your frail little body doesn't tear in two on his cock.
You should be grateful and take him happily. And deep. And try to not think of how hot the cum filling you is. Or how much of it there is as it leaks from you and spills down your thighs.
It would be better for you to just let him do as he pleases.
Not that you have much choice either way. But, at least by being obedient you come out partially unscathed.
Just slump against his chest and try comforting yourself as as he sinks his warm fat rod into you.
Do that and he won't have you on your knees with your ass up and your face pushed down into the mattress. Or your arms forced harshly behind your back as he fucks into you with no regard to your pain or pleasure.
You should mind your manners before he doesn't simply stop at removing his belt, but decides using it on your bratty tush as well.
You'll be happy to receive his soft touches then.
You'd become an apologetic little sniffling crybaby, grateful for his warm hand petting over the rising welts on your ass and happy it's the only thing he's doing.
Denki might seem childish. And he is in many ways. Just not in the harmless way you initially believed.
He's creative and alike a child seeks to live through his every fantasy. And you, his little barbie-doll, are going to be starring in every single one of them.
Maid-outfits with frilly aprons and dainty mobcaps. Garner-belt and thigh highs intricately latched to each other beneath. No underwear for easy access as he bends you over the table he first watched you dust clean.
Bunny-ears and cottontail-butt-plugs. He'll paint the tip of your nose bright pink and put a little golden bell on your collar. Listening to it jingle as he jack-rabbits into you from behind. Your little mock tail tickling his pelvis as he gnaws on one of the flops to your fake ears. Your leash tugged tight in his fist.
His merch. Chargebolt socks and tops and underwear all adorably bought just a size too small so that they squeeze into all your chunky areas. You'll look like an irresistible little fangirl and he'll fuck you like the good idol he is.
And, much like a child he'll throw a fit if you don't listen and indulge him in all his sick little fantasies.
He'll give you a little zap and watch your drool on the account of your fried brain as he continues to take what he wants.
He'll pop the cap off a marker and write down scores on your skin.
How many times he makes you cum is written on the inside of your thigh. How many times he cums inside you written just beneath your belly. How many times he fucks your face written on your cheek. How many times you swallow his load written on your forehead.
And so on and so forth until there isn't a single place on your skin without his scrawling.
He'll place you in front of the mirror once you come back to your senses. And tell you that you have a choice to make.
Either, his little slut score-board is all you'll ever be.
Or, you're his girlfriend that's allowed to go take a shower and get dressed for some aftercare.
Don't fuck with him. He's a complete psycho.
Then, there's the yanderes that freak you out enough to piss yourself.
Only for you to learn are harmless after a while.
Yeah. He's big. He's built like a monster-truck weaponised with missiles. Sure.
He's menacing looking and all his words are like dropped bombs.
But, you realise quite early that he's not at all any interested in fighting you. Least of all, hurt you.
But he does enjoy mocking you.
He finds it funny when you try to uproar against him. He'll have this amused smile on his face as he pins you. Warm eyes looking down at you almost like he's admiring something.
And then he'll say something that just makes you feel all in all ridiculous.
Something alike how you're cute when you're angry. Before dismissing your little fight altogether by asking you what you would like for dinner.
Katsuki doesn't see any of your attempts at rebelling as threatening.
But you sure are annoying at times with your unrelenting snippy attitude and your constant reluctance. Almost like you're begging to be put in your place.
Sometimes, when his patience is paper-thin after a long day at work, he'll give you a little reminder of how small you are compared to him.
At that point all he wants is to make you squirm as he proves to you just how well he knows all the little things that have you melt into a good little grateful puddle beneath him.
He'll call you a liar when you shake your head and whine out how you don't like it, even when you're so obviously riding his fingers and bucking against like a desperate little freak.
He just grins at you and kisses your forehead as he curls his fingers, once more proving who's in charge while making you cum.
Shigaraki fucks you with a smile. Thrilled to have his dick wet and gleeful to see you cum for him.
And other than that, he doesn't really mind what you do.
He leaves you to your own devices while he preoccupies himself with his own things. Turning in his gaming-chair every once in a while to check on you.
Often tempted to cum on pretty face or fuck your cute cunt.
Sometimes wanting you cock-warming him like an adorable little flesh-light as he continues his online battles. Liking the smell of your hair and how your pussy starts squeezing on him for attention after some time.
Other times wanting your warm wet mouth on him. Shooting rope after rope deep into your throat as he takes another win on the screen in front of him. Eating you out for a post-win prize.
Throwing insults at him and fighting back and plotting escapes only results in making him laugh into your little face before grabbing you and fucking you a little harder than usual.
He'll make you cum a few too many times more than what you can handle for good measure until you're just a passed-out mess in sticky sheets.
And then he goes back to gaming.
Oh, but if you dare annoy him with your bitching and whining when he's mid-game...
You should prepare yourself to be strapped down on the bed like a starfish. Underwear gagging you with a vibrator mercilessly set to max on your clit.
He'll come remove the gag a few of times an hour to hear what you have to say for yourself.
Forgiving you with a smirk and a kiss once you promise to never act out again.
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sukunababy · 3 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Day 13. Yandere
Tumblr media
Pairing: Yandere!Dabi x f!reader
Synopsis: In order for you to be safe, he had no choice but to subject you to his will, making you a real doll 
Warning: Yandere!Dabi, stockholm syndrome, manipulation, dubcon, deepthroating, blowjob, hair pulling, f. masturbation, cum eating
wc: 0.9 k
Tumblr media
Reblogs and interactions are appreciated
Tumblr media
Kinktober m.list
Tumblr media
"Good morning, doll" he smiles as you blink a few times to adjust your eyes to the light in the room.
Your head aches as you sit up, "where ..." you try to say but he shushes you, "it's okay" he murmurs laying a finger on your lips, "you're safe here".
The chain around your neck jingles as you try to move, "what ..." it feels like days you've been standing still in that cage.
"Dabi..." big tears start to flow down your cheeks, "I want to go back home" you pray that the man in front of you will listen to your pleas but he gives a sadistic smile before opening the cage door and undoing the chain, "come out baby" he says in a soft voice.
You are forced to crawl to get out of your little pink cage, and when you are outside he sits on the floor spreading his arms wide to let you sit down, "you know I can't, doll" he whispers in your ear, "it's for your own good, I am the only one who can protect you".
You still remember how sweet he was the first time you dated, candlelight dinners, walks in the woods, moonlight sex on the beach. But soon that slight obsession with you had turned into something bigger.
Dabi had gotten into the habit of checking your mail, your phone, following you when you went to work and when you went out with your friends. When you decided it was time to put an end to it he set your entire apartment building on fire, "to make it up to you, I'm going to let you stay with me" he had told you, "I'm so sorry" he whispered as he dressed the wounds his flames had given you.
"Drink," he said when, once at his house, he handed you a glass of juice.
You remember how after one sip your head had started to spin, and then darkness.
When you opened your eyes again then you were inside a cage, pillows, blankets and stuffed animals kept you warm. You don't even know how long it was, every time you opened your eyes and started to cry, Dabi would cuddle you and then give you a drink, after that you would always collapse into a deep sleep.
"Dabi please" you cry as he keeps stroking your hair with his thumb, "it's okay" he hums kissing your forehead, "here drink this" he says handing you a glass filled with juice.
"Nooo" you yell hitting his hand and causing him to drop the glass which shatters on the ground. He is calm when he looks at you, "did you see what you did?" he asks pouting.
His pout soon becomes a smirk as he stands up and pulls down his jeans, "you know what you get when you disobey" he says starting to pump his cock into his fist.
"I want to go home" you whimper wiping your tears with the back of your hand, Dabi clicks his tongue before answering, "but honey, you don't have a home anymore" he murmurs with a smirk, "you only have me".
He taps his cock on your lips when the tears stop running down your cheeks, "open" he orders pushing himself inside your mouth.
His piercings are cold as they stroke your tongue, and his big head scratches at the back of your throat as soon as he pushes his hips against you, "be a good girl, come on" he says pressing his hand behind your head and shoving his swollen cock down your tight throat.
Drool runs down your chin as you pull your tongue out for more room for his cock, "so good" he moans as you start to bob your head back and forth, suppressing sobs and gags taking him deeper and deeper.
The words die in your throat as you remain breathless, "slow baby" he chuckles pulling out of your moist lips slightly, "you're my pretty little toy aren't you?" he murmurs moving back and forth, your hair in his fist as he fucks your throat mercilessly.
As he continues to use you as if you were his own personal fleshlight his words keep buzzing in your head, "I don't have a home anymore" the tears begin to flow down your face again, your throat begins to burn after the several strokes Dabi inflicts on it, - "I only have him," you grab his shaft with one hand as you slide the other into your shorts, - "he's the only one who can protect me."
"Mhp ..." you moan with your mouth full, you rub your nub quickly as you run your hand over his cock, "good you finally got it" he smirks throwing his head back, "don't stop" he urges you as you run the tip of your tongue along his thick vein, "shit, doll" he moans.
Your juices wet your thighs as you cum on your fingers, "you came, good girl" he praises you - "that's what I want" his big cock twitches as you suck the tip, you make him cum slowly in your mouth, swallowing sip after sip of his seed.
"You're my good girl," he murmurs as you quickly swallow his cock one last time and sit back on your heels.
Satisfied with your new attitude Dabi leans over you, his blue eyes in yours are bright, "do you still want to leave?" he asks with a smirk. - "no Dabi" you murmur batting your eyelashes, "why not?" he asks rubbing his calloused thumb over your lips, "because Dabi is the only one who can keep me safe" you suck his thumb into your mouth when he leans over his knees, "that's my good girl" he murmurs pushing you into your little pink cage.
Tumblr media
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little-muses · 2 months ago
You’re ours, and you’ll stay ours.
Tumblr media
synopsis: Shigaraki and Dabi are in love with each other. They wouldn’t trade one another for the world, but they also miss pussy. Miss having a soft, smaller body between their large frames. You’re the only soft girl that gets to be that for them. Their pretty girlfriend.
warnings: degradation, mentions of past trauma, taking two cocks at once, crying, mocking, dacryphilia, cream pie, manipulation, false sympathy, shitty aftercare.
wc: 1.7k
Tumblr media
Tenko Shimura and Touya Todoroki are vehemently in love with each other. They both suffered from dire and fucked up pasts. Carrying traumas that have followed them into adolescence; lingering ptsd.
Thus their transition from being friends, shoulders for each other to lean on, to being boyfriends was essentially seamless, save for the occasional sniping they do at each other. Their relationship is incredibly grounded, And they’d never let anything hurt that either, so they make it a point to show that. Especially erotically.
Making out and groping each other in the middle of the hallway, leaning against the locker as Dabi palms Shiggy’s clothed cock, Shiggy mewling into his boyfriend's mouth; tugging on his spiky hair.
Some might call it extreme. But they needed a sure fire way of getting the message through for the girls who wanted to suck off Shiggy, and cream around the reserved loner’s pale cock. Or the boys who wanted to dominate Dabi. Wanted the arrogant, cocky punk guy to drop to his scuffed knees for them.
But their eroticism wasn’t all for show, they simply just couldn’t get enough of each other. Shiggy loved sitting on Dabis' lap in public settings. And Dabi kept his mouth open to lazily cockwarm his boyfriend as he played valorant while barking rage hate into the mic in between moans. They both loved grinding and moaning against each other’s bodies, simply basking in the glow of being next to someone who gets them. Someone who's always going to be there.
So Shiggy brings it up slyly, in the middle of him tutoring you. Biting his pale lip before he tentatively blurts “my boyfriend thinks you’re hot.” He neglects to add the ‘I think you are too.’ Your brain is short circuiting trying to figure out how to respond because you know, and everyone else in school does too, they’re both hot but very exclusive. But he still managed to convince you to go on a date with them, lots of sweet little words and reassuring phrases.
“Don’t worry Dabi isn’t that scary. No him lighting that kid's hair on fire was just a rumour”
and “no I don’t steal girls panties from the locker room, I wouldn’t even need to. The lost and found always ha—, never mind..”
He still managed to convince you to go on a date with them. A nice little mid range restaurant with a delightful menu. Shiggy at least tried to look formal, his long blue-white hair touched the shoulders of his crisp white button up, with the collar bone left unbuttoned. Wearing long black slacks that ran past his heels.
But Dabi was the more relaxed of the two. Whom just strolled in a black cotton tee and similar coloured rough jeans.
Despite the contrast, they both looked gorgeous, And yet you still felt so overdressed compared to them. Wearing a sparkly, bodycon dress that showed just the sweetest amount of cleavage. You tried not to let your insecurity slip through the date, you didn’t want them to find you awkward, or even worse boring.
But your worries were in vain because the date had gone well, save for the fact that you kept pulling the front of your dress up when Dabi’s gaze lingered a little too long, and Shiggy kept knocking his long bony knee with yours while staring at you.
Dabi tried impressing you, who is naturally the more outgoing of the two. But Shiggy merely watched his boyfriend out of the corner of his eye, occasionally rolling them too. Muttering sentences here and there into the conversation when he felt like contributing. He preferred to sit back and let his hair obstruct his eyes.
But his boyfriend—Dabi—was manspreading and smirking shyly as he was speaking to you. Noting your fascination with the bullshit stories he told you, or half the rumours he denied but actually were true. Rubbing his thigh along Shiggy’s, and Slyly letting his boyfriend know, as their knees bumped, that he got you in the palm of his hand.
The date went extremely well. Because by the end of it your tits were in Shiggy’s mouth, letting him run his long pink tongue along the nub of your nipple before sucking it into his mouth like it’s been years since he’s had tits in his face. Letting him palm the fat of your tit, pinch your nipples so hard they felt sore, and kissed on your chest so much you had hickey in the shape of his mouth littered under your tits. Dabi was spreading the fat of your lips and looking for the tiny space you called your hole. Staring at it in contemplation to see if you even had enough space for him to fit. If forcing the weight of his cock in you would make for a bad first impression. They’re both trying to figure out who gets to fuck into your gushy cunt first, while you’re on trembling legs gripped onto shiggy’s shirt, whining and mewling into his shoulder.
Dabi doesn’t want head, he’s used to all the times his boyfriend zipped down his pants, squatted, and blowed him. Head was amazing, but he missed the gushy walls of a cunt, beating up a fucking cervix. Your sopping pussy is the first practice he’s had in a while.
They decided that Dabi gets to cream inside you. and Shiggy takes your mouth. And if you’re still conscious and coherent after that then Shiggy’s fucking into your tight ass.
Don’t worry, they came prepared, there's lube in the back pocket of Dabi’s jeans. And they’re both boys, they know how to stretch a tight ring. Know how to make it loose and puffy just right for a cock.
By the end of it you’re fucked dumb, There’s trails of tears in your eyes and cum dripping from your hole. Your cheeks are salty with tears and you came so much your pussy’s puffy and numb. Which made you start wondering if they spiked your drink because it’s not supposed to feel that good.
They carry you back to the car, caressing and reassuring you before taking you home to fuck you some more.
And it feels so good each time. Even though your sex drive isn’t nearly as high compared to theirs. Those two adolescent boys with raging testosterone. But it’s alright. Cause they mold you. It feels good when you’re forced to cockwarm Dabi as Shiggy jerks off on your face and laughs. It feels good when they’re making out with each other, lips hungrily sucking and biting, and they look at you out of the corner of their eye, refusing to break away, just pressing the button on the vibrator and making your hole spurt out more cum and flutter. It feels good when they grope you in the hallway as you’re walking, hand grabbing your tit, and hot kisses stamped on your neck as they walk you from class to class. Letting everyone know you’re theirs now. They’ve expanded their definition of ‘exclusive’. The other girls who who wanted to fuck them are eyeing you enviously. What they would’ve done to suck at least one of them off and gotten their validation.
It feels good as they take turns using your body, one person hiking your leg up to fuck into that sopping pussy, the other spreading the top of your clitoral hood to run their tongue flat against that neglected little clit. It feels good when they’re telling you sweet nothings, praising you and kissing your cheek. How you’re their girl.
It feels good after sex, when one comes to clean the cum dribbled on your cunt and stomach, and the other kisses you softly, wraps you up in the teddy blanket they bought you at the fair, and carries you.
It feels good when they stretch you really well, prepping you to take both their heavy cocks. And they’re there giggling into your ear, laughing about how much of a stupid slut you must’ve been to agree to do this. While kissing away your tears, and promising it’s gonna feel s’good. How they love you so much. You’re their sweet bunny for putting up with this. Such a big girl to hold both of them.
Feels good when they’re clingy for you, for each other, sitting you on Dabi’s lap so Shigaraki can spread your lips and worship that cunt. Their cunt. So Dabi can mark you up with his mouth, with his hands, so they can possessively leave crescent shaped indents all over you. Keeping you as their perfect little doll to fuck and spoil. Theirs.
It even feels good when you’re crying into both of their shoulders, the stress of your day taking over and you’re whining for comfort. Their bodies flank you on the shared bed, rubbing your belly, back and kissing your neck sweetly. But humorously mouthing across from each other in silence.
‘How do you comfort a girl again?’
‘I don’t know I haven’t had a girlfriend since we started dating’
‘Do you think she wants dick?’
‘No. what the fuck? she’s sad.’ And Dabi rolls his eyes at Shigaraki’s cluelessness before peppering sweet kisses on your cheek.
And it feels good on your anniversary, 6 months after you’ve started dating and they both bring you flowers.
Looking sheepish, Dabi hands you hydrangeas and gives you a deep romantic kiss, his lips tugging on yours. The erotic sound of the soft pop when he pulls away leaves a wet spot against your panties. But Shiggy hands you lillies, stuffing his face into the crook of your neck to give you a warm hug, making his cottony soft hair tickle you, before peppering kisses all over your eyes, cheeks, nose and finally lips. Softly pecking his lips on yours.
They’re both Innocently caressing you the entire date.
Your sweet little boyfriends.
They were too dim to realize they handed you funeral flowers though. But it really doesn’t matter though, because by the end of it, they’re tickling your puffy clit with the bouquets. Shoving your dress up and rubbing the petals against their baby’s wet flower. Palming their cocks through their dress pants and panting while watching you squirm. Minutes away from sliding their veiny cocks out to rub out to the site of you, with your quivering legs open trying to close them as they teased you.
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httpdabi · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
The Game
Genre: Smut
Summary: Playing a game made for couples with your best friend wasn’t such a bright idea. Or was it ?
Word count: 2.5k
Warnings: 18+ (Minors, leave me and my blog alone), spanking, mention of daddy kink, cream pie, rough, dom!Dabi, praising
,, Can you hurry up already ? ‘’ Touya yelled from the living room as you were getting ready. ,, We are only going to buy groceries, we ain’t going to Met Gala for fucks sake’’ he hissed, once he realised that you ain’t answering him.
,, Give me a second’’ you screamed, as you were putting on your mascara carefully.
,, I gave you a whole fucking hour, woman’’ Touya snapped back, rolling his eyes playfully. He had to stress around a bit. Thinking about it, the two of you looked like married couple, yet you were nothing more than two best friends and roommates.
Once you were done, you made your way toward the shopping center that wasn’t that far away from your apartment. There wasn’t any specific reason the two of you were going there, you only needed some groceries to get, and you could literally get that in the store near your apartment. But the two of you decided to go out a bit, since both of you were pretty much focused on the studies last few days.
You and Touya know each other since you were little kids. Your mother and Rei were childhood best friends, so you and Touya grew up together. It was one of those forced friendships, that would have some huge development later on. As you were getting older, you started realising that you actually liked spending your time with him.
,, I hate this.. When I have money, there is nothing nice to buy, but when I’m broke as fuck, every dress is looking beautiful’’ you rolled your eyes disappointedly. Every time you don’t have much money, the stores around are having such a beautiful collections.
Of course, being your best friend, Touya always bought you clothes you had your eyes on, as a small surprise after you had a long and hard day at uni. You really loved him. Not only because of that, but simply for being him. Everyone knew how damn grateful you were for having him and your life and you really never tried to hide that.
,, Let’s go see if they have some board games, maybe we can buy something and play tonight’’ Touya suggested, grabbing your hand as he took the lead. Every time Touya would hold your hand, your heart would skip a beat. Probably because of the fact that you had one big and fat crush on your best friend.
You were not sure when did it start. Maybe when he pierced his nose, or when people started thinking that the two of you are couple, or maybe the feeling was always there, but you kept it somewhere buried in your mind. Hiding it from everyone and especially from him.
,, Oh, I always wanted to play thing game’’ Touya said, holding a small, black package in his hands. You tried to grab it away from him, but unsuccessfully.
,, What is it ? Show me’’ You squeaked excitedly, hoping it’s something fun.
,, It’s Drunk in love’’ He said, waving the small package in the air. Confusion and jealousy washed over you as you looked at the back of the package. You’ve heard about that game, it’s one for couples.
,, Should we buy it ? I really want to play it’’ He asked. Only confusion was left in your body once he asked you that.
,, Isn’t that a game for couples ?’’ You asked him back.
,, Yeah, but it really isn’t something special, after all everyone is mistaking us for couple, so i don’t see a problem here’’ Touya said, winking at you. ,, Unless you are scared’’ he added fast. You knew that he was just trying to tease you a bit, it was how he always got things his way.
,, You know very well that I ain’t scared. But Touya, that’s not something we should play’’ you said honestly. Sure you would love to play that with him, but you didn’t know what kind of game that really is, so it gave you mixed feelings.
,, Trust me, the game is not a big deal. It’s just fun.’’ He said, looking down at you, hoping you’ll agree with his suggestion. ,, Trust me doll’’ he repeated, and the moment you let a deep breath out and rolled your eyes, Touya knew that he won, making his way to the cashier immediately.
,, Let’s buy something to drink at least’’ you said, hoping that the game won’t be so bad at the end.
,, We have to, it’s a drinking game anyway’’ Touya laughed, placing one arm around you, as the two of you walked to the store with alcohol.
The two of you bought a bottle of vodka, before you made your way home. Not wasting any time, Touya helped you put the groceries in the fridge, before he opened the small package. He took two small glasses for shots, and placed them beside the deck of cards that were already on the table in the living room.
You took two normal glasses and orange juice, in case the vodka might be too much. Touya was already waiting for you, searching for some music on YouTube, as he sat on the floor.
,,Here’’ Touya offered you a cigarette, once you sat on the other side, placing one pillow under your ass. You gladly accepted the cigarette, as you enjoyed the music he found.
The two of you drank few shots of vodka, before you started to play. You weren’t sure what to expect of that game, but if you were being honest, the alcohol was helping you, even tho it was just a little bit.
,, Imma go first’’ Touya said, taking one card. ,, Describe your worst hookup ever or drink’’ he read it out lout. Okay, that wasn’t something so bad, after all, you’ve already talked about it with him.
,, Ehh, that one time I slept with Kai.’’ You said rolling your eyes as you thought about it.
,,Ah, that time when you though he’s still fingering you ?’’ Touya asked, laughing a bit.
,, Yes Touya, his dick was that small’’ You laughed, feeling a little bit more comfy about the stupid game. ,, My turn’’ you added, taking one card.
,, Reveal your biggest sexual fantasy or drink’’ You read it excitedly, wiggling your eyebrows at him.
,, Yeah, no’’ Touya laughed, taking a shot without thinking twice, leaving you all disappointed. ,, Pull another one’’ Touya said, closing his eyes because of the strong taste of the alcohol.
,, Give your parter a piggy back ride around the room or drink’’ a big smile formed on your face as you read the sentence.
,, Easy peasy’’ Touya commented, standing up. The moment he turned around, giving you a sign to hop on his back, you did it. The two of you looked like children, running around the apartment like crazy.
,, Drink if you’ve ever faked an orgasm’’ Touya said, placing the card on the table. Of course you had to drink, thanking God you didn’t have to take a shot for every orgasm you faked.
Card after card, and shot after shot, the two of you were getting tipsier and the cards were getting spicier.
,, Blindfold your partner and make them guess which body part they’re touching or drink’’ Touya read the sentence, glad he was the one who found it first. ,, Yeah, you gonna chicken out ‘’ he teased.
,, Shut up and close your eyes’’ You said thinking about what part you should let him touch. Everything was way too easy to guess. At one point you were almost sure that there was a typo on the card, and that you should touch yourself and he should guess which part, but Touya was 100% sure that he was supposed to touch you.
Taking his hands, you decided that it would be the best if he would touch your collar and breast bones. At your surprise, he was tracing his fingers lightly over your skin, furrowing his eyebrows confusingly as he tried to understand what part of your body he’s touching.
,, Collarbones’’ He said opening his eyes immediately. ,, Ok, you’ve lost, drink’’ he commanded with a smirk on his face, as he took another card.
,, Take one article of clothing or drink’’ Touya placed the card on the table, leaning back onto the lower part of your couch. When he took of his shirt, showing of his perfectly toned body covered with various different tattoos, you realised that the card was referring to both of you. Since your shirt was a bit oversized, you decided to take of your pants.
Trying to ignore the small situation you found yourself in, you took another card fast.
,, Let your partner spank you or drink’’ you read it confusedly, trying to understand what the fuck is happening. Once you understood, you started shaking your head in disbelief, following with one loud laugh. What the fuck did you get yourself into ?
,, Come on doll, come to daddy ‘’ Touya joked, spreading his arms over the couch, as you took the shot of vodka anyway, before you made your way toward him.
Not giving you much time, Touya pulled you down, bending you over his lap. ,, You have no idea how much I wanted to do this’’ He confessed, as he pulled your shirt just enough to show your ass. You couldn’t even focus on his small confession, since you were trying to prepare yourself on the upcoming spanks.
Instead of spanking you, Touya decided to take his time with you, tracing his fingers over your hips and playing with the ends of your panties, pulling them up, forming a thong with them. You were glad that some alcohol was in your system, because you were pretty sure that sober you would never survive that.
,, Now doll, be a good girl and take every single spank for daddy’’ Touya whispered, before he connected his palm with your ass cheek, making you yelp in pain. With every spank he gave you, the pain was getting intenser. But you didn’t mind, after all, isn’t that what you wished for ?
,, Such a good Girl’’ He prised, caressing the red marks he left over your ass. Once you got back on the other side of the table, both you and him started laughing hysterically.
,, Lick your partner below the waist or finish your drink’’ Touya said, smirking widely once again. ,, There’s no way I’m finishing this drink’’ He added, grabbing your arm and pushing you toward him.Touya pushed up on the couch, as he started licking your legs slowly.
You couldn’t believe what the fuck was happening. Both of you half naked, playing some overly sexual game, which led him to licking your legs. You weren’t sure what was driving you more crazy, him licking your legs or his erection that was showing under his grey sweatpants.
Touya placed his hand on your tight, giving in one strong squeeze as he was placing wet kisses on your right inner tight. You could feel his lips getting closer and closer to your private parts, but you didn’t dare to say anything.
,, Wanna know what my fantasy is ?’’ Touya asked, kissing and biting onto the skin around your panties. All you could do is nod your head quietly, lost under his touch and soft kisses.
,, You, you are my biggest fantasy. I want to have you all for myself’’ Touya said hovering over you. ,, I want you to be mine’’ he added, looking you directly in the eyes, before he started leaving soft kisses all over your face.
,, Wanna be mine ? Just you and me doll’’ He asked, biting your lip.
,, Yes’’ You answered him so fast. Fuck yes you want to be his, He didn’t even have to ask you that, you were always his.
Once he heard you say that, Touya pulled his sweatpants and boxers down, letting his hard dick jump straight up. Not breaking the kiss, he started rubbing the tip of his dick around your entrance.
,, Doll, tell me if I’m too rought’’ He said, entering you slowly while he sucked onto your neck, leaving wet love bites. You couldn’t manage to give him a proper answer, hoping that simply nodding your head was understandable enough.
Once he was fully inside of you, he gave you some time to adjust to his size before he started rocking his hips into you. He wasn’t doing it slow, and the position you were in wasn’t the most comfortable one, but you didn’t care about that. All you could think of was the pleasure he was giving you at the moment, mixed with pain.
You wrapped your legs around his waist as he rammed into you recklessly, breathing into your neck as his moves were getting stronger and stronger.
,, So tight for me’’ Touya groaned, enjoying the warm feeling your walls were giving him. It felt like you were made just for him. Placing one hand on your hip, and other one on the edge of the couch, he increased his speed, fucking you stronger and deeper than before. With every move he made, he was hitting your g spot, making you moan louder and louder. You were pretty sure that your neighbours were able to hear the two of you, but none of you gave a single fuck.
Both of you were about to cum. His groans were getting louder, and he was fucking you ever harder, while your walls were getting tighter and tighter around him, making it even more enjoyable for him.
,, You can cum inside’’ You managed to say somehow, moaning his name and squeezing your eyes shut once you reached your high.
,, I was planning to ’’ He groaned, fucking you through your orgasm, making it even better for you. After few thrusts, he spilled his seed deep into you. Moving few more times as he made sure to fill you nice and good, not wasting a single drop of his sperm. Once he was done, he collapsed on top of you, fighting for his breath.
,, I love you so much Doll’’ he said, connecting his lips with your own.
,, I love you too’’ You answered him, smiling widely into the kiss.
That night he took care of you, cleaning you, and taking you to his room, making sure that you are alright and that he didn’t hurt you. That night he made sure to clear some things out, he made sure that you wouldn’t think this was some sort of misunderstanding. Telling you how he actually always wanted to ask you out, and how that game was just a chance for him to get him where he is now. With you in his bed, locked between his arms.
That night you understood that your crush was never one sided, and that you were the reason why your best friend never dated anyone else.
Who would have thought that such a dirty game could bring people together ? Would lead them to confessing to each other. You sure didn’t think so, yet there you are, instead of daydreaming about it, you are enjoying the warmth of your best friend, roommate and lover.
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sunnyfunerals · 3 months ago
Player!Dabi x Player!reader during red light green light and someone tries to get her killed ✌️😩 plsss he'd be sooo mad
Tumblr media
Squid Game AU - Player!Dabi x Player!Reader
TW: Dabi is definitely one of the scary players, Yandere Tendencies, Super Protective and Possessive Dabi, Mentions of Torture and Murder.
Squid Game AU Masterlist.
Part 1, Part 2, Part 4.
It all goes so fast.
Someone whispers something filthy about you, a word that has you blushing followed by a less than subtle "Die," and then you're tripped and fall right as the robot girl turns around to shoot at the moving players.
There are tears in your eyes when you look at the doll's, deadly cameras in the form of merciless irises looking for any weaknesses to kill, kill and kill. And yet, right before she starts, right before she sees you and pronounces your death sentence, there is the strong back of another player hiding her from view, protecting you in the process.
The bullet doesn't come.
She didn't see you move.
It takes ten long, excruciating seconds of her looking around the field before it's over and Dabi (as you've learned he likes to be called), turns to you, worry in his gaze for the first time since you've met him.
"You okay, princess?"
His hands are soft when he helps you up, movements slow as if he were scared to hurt you, worried that you'd break into pieces under his touch if he dared use just a bit of his usual strength. And maybe his fingers are trembling with fury when they wrap around yours, but still, there is kindness in the gesture, so uncharacteristic of him it all feels unreal.
"Walk," he orders, firm, as he gives a slight push right between your shoulder blades so that you'd cross the line guaranteeing your victory at this deadly game.
You turn to him right when you step on the white paint covering the dirt ground, the soles of your trainers squeaking as you do so.
He's there. Dabi. Blood on his fingers, pure, raw hatred in his gaze, murderous in the way he catches the other player by the collar to pull him closer until their faces are but a mere inches away from each other, until that guy who tripped you can't see anything but the fire burning in your protector's cerulean irises.
The doll turns towards them and they get stuck that way, like a frozen picture taken right before a disaster, the last second of calm before an all-destroying storm.
"Dabi," you call, but your voice is weak and you're not sure he'd pay attention even if he could hear you, not when he's blinded by his rage, not when fury is running through his veins and filling his whole mind faster than any other thought.
And then the robot girl turns back, and he sends the other guy flying over the white line right before he crosses it himself, nonchalant and deadly as he catches him again, by the throat this time.
"No need to thank me, I had to make sure you survived this one," Dabi tells him, the words spilling from his lips poisonous like snake venom.
And when the guy asks why, Dabi simply smiles, a terrifying, violent smirk, and says:
"Because I'll be the one to end you."
No matter how much you plead, no matter how many times you try to soothe him, to drown his fury with sweet words and teary eyes, it happens at night, right after the lights go out.
This time, everything is silent but for the screams, the yelps of pain, the cries and begging of the man who dared lay a hand on you during the game, the horrifying sounds echoing in the otherwise silent dormitory as he breaks again, and again, and again under Dabi's touch.
He knows how to make pain last, you notice. He knows how to make someone wish they'd never been born. He knows how to tear all humanity from a person using only his hands or the dull blade of a rusty knife.
But somehow, rather than his actions, it's his words that send icy, deadly shivers running down your spine as they echo throughout the room for everyone to hear, his voice low, deep and menacing when they slip through his blood-coated lips.
"Never touch what's mine."
YES I will write smut for them soon. Idk whether to make it consensual or noncon/dubcon yet, would love to hear your opinion on it, and also if there are any kinks you'd like to see!
Tell me if you liked it ❤️
Join the taglist?
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cybersvoid · 3 months ago
❥ Big Brother ii [First Cold]
Tumblr media Tumblr media
♡ Pairings: BigBrother!Dabi x Reader [Platonic]
✉ Request: Hello! How to you think young Platonic yandere older brother dabi would react to his baby sister getting her first cold? Knowing how concering it can be for babys to get them sometimes [Anon]
‼Warnings‼: Murder (over medicine, don’t ask me homeboy is ~dramatic~), Violence, Obssessive, Protective, Cursing, Endeavor (yea thats a warning), etc.
≺  Part One ≻ 
Tumblr media
“It’s just a cold.”
“It’s perfectly normal for babies to get them.”
“Y/N will be better before you know it.”
At least that’s what everyone kept saying. But he couldn’t help but be concerned when your usual lively and playful aura. had been turned into a crying mess that tore his heart apart to hear. You weren’t eating, your skin was abnormally warm to the touch, and you just seemed to be so miserable. And the worst part was that he seemed to be the only one that actually gave a damn. No one even bothered to tell him you were sick until he came home! All-day. All-day, you were suffering by yourself, and he wasn’t there to help you. The second the news left his mother’s mouth, he ran to your room without a second thought.
“Have they had medicine? They feel so hot.” The boy questioned, adjusting your blanket around your body and lifting you out of your crib. You were a bit fussy, but he rocked you gently, and that seemed to soothe you just a little.
“No, we ran out after Shoto got sick last week. When I went to buy more they were out, and I didn’t think anyone else would be getting ill so soon, so I put it off.” Touya clenched his jaw at the mention of his younger brother. It was probably his fault you were even sick in the first place.
“I can run and get it.” He offered. He didn’t like watching you suffer, so he was going to do whatever he could to make your illness just a bit more bearable.
“It’s late, Touya.” His mother countered, kissing the top of his head as she took you out of his arms and placed you back in your crib. “You have class tomorrow, and their symptoms are under control. If it was that bad, trust me, I would’ve gotten the medicine.”
“Medicine? It’s only a cold.” A deep voice interrupted, the atmosphere in the room quickly shifting into something more intense as Enji walked in. Making his presence known. “It won’t kill them, and little suffering never hurt. If anything it’ll toughen them up.”
Touya’s fists tightened at his father’s words. Feeling his anger grow. He wasn’t supposed to be home, and by his outfit, Touya doubted he would be here much longer, which made him feel a bit more relieved. He didn’t want you around him when you aren’t feeling well. He’d only make you worse. 
Subconsciously he moved in front of your crib, shielding you from his view, but all it seemed to do was focus the man’s attention onto him.
“Shouldn’t you be training?” That was all he said before turning to leave, the tense atmosphere following him, and a deep silence taking its place. He always seemed to suck the energy and joy out of the family whenever he was close, and the last thing Touya wanted was for him to take the life from your eyes as he did to yours, and his, mother. He wanted you to stay happy for as long as possible, which meant keeping you away from that man.
“Please, mom? I can go get some,” Touya repeated, breaking the silence that settled after Enji had left, “Medicine, I mean. There’s a store up the road. I’ve seen some there before. It’ll be quick.”
“Yeah… alright. Just don’t be too long,” she whispered, her voice sounding a bit duller than before. Still, he gave her a peck on the cheek, you on your forehead, before running to the store as fast as he could.
He seemed to have picked up too much speed, accidentally bumping into someone right outside the store. Touya mumbled a quick apology before going in and searching for the medicine. When he found it, there was only one bottle left. He was so overwhelmed with joy, finally feeling worthy of the title big brother, he reached out, only to have it swiped from in front of him.
“You’re really gonna bump into me and not even give a proper apology?” The guy from earlier scolded, holding the medicine in his hand. His eyes scanning the label “You almost knocked me over for some stupid fucking cold medicine?”
“I need that. My sibling is sick. Again, I’m sorry for crashing into you, but it was an accident. I was just in a rush.” Touya tried to explain in desperation, “Can you please just give me that?”
The guy glanced at Touya, then to the medicine, then back and forth a few more times, as if contemplating if he should. “Hmm, I don’t think so. I don’t think you’re sorry, so I’ll be taking this. Think twice before you get in my way again.” He walked out of the store, not even bothering to pay or respond as the cashier called out to him. Their salary most likely wasn’t enough to risk their well-being by getting involved so they just let him walk away as they groaned in annoyance.
Frustrated, Touya made his way to the front of the store. “Do you have any more medicine?” 
“Sorry kid, it’s cold and flu season, all we had out, was all we had. We’ll get another shipment next week.”
Next week? That was too long of a wait. You could be getting worse at this very moment. The boy just grumbled something, before darting out the door, chasing after the guy from earlier. When he finally caught up with him, he was in the park with a few other people around his age. Cigarettes and alcohol bottles littering the entire area.
“Hey! I need that medicine.” Touya called out, the group’s attention being grabbed by the young boy yelling at them.
“Huh? Ohh it’s you.” The leader sighed, throwing his cigarette off to the side, “I already told you it’s mine, so get lost.”
“You don’t even need it. You just wanted it because I bumped into you and I needed it.”
“So? What of it? Take a hike already.” Touya felt his anger growing by the second, as the man in front of him just kept finding more and more ways to piss him off. He stood there seething, trying his best to control himself before the man opened his mouth again. “Didn’t you hear me? Scram! I’m not giving it to you. So go home to your little brother, or sister, or whatever the hell it is, and tell them that they’re going to have to suffer. If anything you should be thanking me. It’ll toughen them up.”
His friends and him began laughing, finding the whole situation amusing, but Touya was far from entertained. His blood started to boil at the very same words his father used earlier. Suffer? Toughen up? You were a child for chrissake. One that he promised to take care of. One that he promised to keep safe and protect at all costs. Steadily, his quirk began taking over his body. Just like in the past, he felt his anger starting to consume him. A frightened expression replacing the once joyous ones of the men in front of him.
“H-Hey… we were just fucking around. Come on, kid. Chill out and take it.” The man panicked, throwing the bottle of medicine, causing it to hit the ground and roll over to Touya, but it was too late now. He was too heated, and the only thing that could satisfy his anger now is blood. He couldn’t take his rage out on his father, he wasn’t strong enough. Not yet. But he could take it out on these punks who sure as hell came close enough to his father in his eyes.
The last thing he heard was their screams. Their screams of agony eventually dying out in their throats as they were burned alive, and eerie silence following. The only sound remaining after was the crackling of his flames, burning what was left of their bodies, and leaving him feeling… satisfied.
“I’m back,” Touya grinned, a bit sweaty and out of breath, “I ran home as fast as I could, but I got the medicine.” He victoriously held the bottle up as if it were some first-place prize.
“I’m glad. Sorry, you had to go through all that trouble but I-” she stopped mid-sentence, smelling the air a bit before looking down at him. “You smell... smokey.”
Caught off guard, he hesitated a bit before regaining his composure. “There was a guy smoking outside the store. It was a bit strong, so I guess the smell must still be lingering.” He lied, turning his attention back onto the bottle of medicine as he began to remove the plastic.
“Ahh, you should try to avoid smokers, your lungs are too young, even if it’s only second-hand. Now hurry up and get some rest, and thank you for being such a caring big brother,” She praised, giving him a kiss on the top of his head before heading to her own room. He thought it was a bit ironic, her telling him to avoid smokers considering his quirk, but he supposes it was just her way of mothering him.
He poured the medicine into the tiny cup before bringing it to your lips. “Say, ahh, Y/N.” You turned your head, tiny hand swatting it away as tears started to build up in your eyes. “I know you’re not feeling well, but this will make you feel better, I promise,” he cooed. “Look! Big brother will even have some see?”
He brought the tiny bottle up to his lips and pretended to take a sip, humming in mock satisfaction. This seemed to pique your interest, head-turning to face him in curiosity. He brought to tiny cup over to you once again, but this time you drank it. Immediately bursting into tears as the liquid settled in your stomach. He lifted you up to soothe you and that seemed to help a bit.
“It’s going to make you a little tired, but I’ll be here for you if you need me. Just cry, and I’ll be there.” The rocking motion mixed with the medicine lulled you into a comforting sleep. 
Touya placed you back in your crib and threw a pillow and a blanket on the floor next to it, so he could be here if you needed him. You only ended up crying out once, immediately settling down once your brother held you. He loved that you calmed down around him so easily. It made him feel like you trusted him and he was doing something right. He didn’t want to let you go. Enjoying the feeling of you grasping onto him as if he was your protector. So instead, he carried you into his room. 
He slept on the edge while you slept sandwiched between him and the wall, just so he could make sure you wouldn’t fall off. He always loved when you slept in here. It saved him some time, since every night he would periodically walk over to your room every hour or so, just to make sure you were okay, and nothing had happened to you.
As you slept so soundly next to him, your breathing already starting to sound clearer and your fever already diminishing, he couldn’t help but feel relieved. Everything he had done was worth it. The screams of those men echoing in his mind, not in a frightening way, but as a reminder that he kept his promise. He did what he deemed necessary for you, and he would do it again if he needed. No questions asked. as long as you were safe, happy, and healthy. It was his job as your big brother after all.
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yanderemommabean · 2 months ago
The only time Dabi makes you cry is when he’s eating you out or fucking you senseless. Loves when tears are rolling down your cheeks and your begging him to stop. “No can do baby, I’m milking you of everything you got”
Definitely likes to pretend he’s going to slow down and give you a breather before abruptly losing all finesse and rhythm to stun you into another mind melting orgasm.
The only tears he ever wants to see are tears of joy, laughter, and overstimulation. All of which he burns in his memory every time.
“Sweetie if you hate it so much, why are you cumming so hard? Tsk tsk tsk you know I don’t like liars”
“I can feel you gripping my dick. Your hole is so needy, you’re lucky I know exactly how to stuff it”
Of course when all is said and done an hour and a half later, he’s letting his fingers brush your sticky, sweat caked hair out of your face and giving you a soft forehead kiss. All this extreme sex will wear you and himself out, although he doesn’t exactly mind. He has the stamina for pretty much anything when horny enough!
Which is almost all the time. He’s a bit of a proud pervert honestly.
You’ll probably have an ice pack or two to use on your nether region depending on how hard he actually went, or how absolutely ruined you feel after a shower.
Again, no real complaints from either side! (Hopefully)
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i-cant-sing · 8 hours ago
Tomura when he walked in on First Lady Yn and Kai cuddling
Tumblr media
Like the triplets walk in on them, and Himiko immediately goes "Brothers! Formation B!" And that's followed by the triplets running over to you, Dabi giving Himiko his hands to step on and hauls her to Kai before joining her, while Tomura climbs onto your lap.
So now you're being attacked in kisses by Tomura, who's going "my Mama! My Mama!" while Kai is being mauled by his kids.
"How- how- *smacks Kai with tiny fist* how could you keep Mama away from us?!" Himiko asks, her fists not really hurting Kai. Meanwhile, Dabi is busy pulling out a lighter he stole from one of the guards.
Kai was able to snatch it away in time before Dabi lit his crotch up.
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mango-bango-bby · 2 months ago
Omg ok imagine mafia Dabi and Hawks have to leave their darling with some guards because they are urgently needed elsewhere and when they return reader was locked in her like “time out” space and had bruises from the guards handling her too roughly. When they go get her out they have to like comfort her and stuff?? Idk im terrible at ideas
♡ So Mean ♡
(A/N: I hope you like this, I ended up not being to much of a fan of the way I wrote this but I hope you still like it!!! Sometimes I write and I don’t like the way it turns out but I just really hope that y’all will like it 🥺🥺!)
Content Warning ⚠️: Yandere, MAFIA AU, angst, abuse by Dabi and Keigos  workers :(
Summary: Dabi and Keigo find out their underlings don’t treat you the best when they leave (Yan!Dabi x Gn!reader x Yan!Hawks)
Masterlist ➸ ♡
Series Masterlist ➸ ♡
Tumblr media Tumblr media
You hated when Dabi and Keigo would leave. You begged them to stay with you, but they still left telling you it would only be a few days. And it was a few days, but that was still to long to be under the care of their underlings in the Mafia. You were under the care of three certain men while they were gone but they never treated you with the care that their bosses would want them too.
You wiped the tears running down your face, wondering how long you’ve been locked in the closet. You tried to get out of your room for some food, as Dabi and Keigo’s underlings had forgotten to feed you today leaving you starving and locked in your room.
Apparently they got fed up with you trying to get out of the room, so they threw you into the dark closet and locked the door behind you. So now you sat alone, in the dark, hungry, and bruises on you from how harshly they grabbed you and threw you on the closet ground. You just hoped Dabi and Keigo got home soon, you know that their underlings will probably forget that they locked you in the closet.
It hurts, all of the places that they grabbed onto you from. You can’t see in the dark but you can practically feel the bruises forming. You honestly just wish that Keigo and Dabi would return home. Then you’d feel safe. You’d feel safe wrapped in Keigos wings while Dabi kisses over your bruises to make you feel better. God, now you’re just making yourself sadder and miss them more.
“Babybird, where are you?” You hear Keigo happily calls in a sing-song voice after opening the door to your bedroom, you hear Dabi enter too! You bang on the closet door, hopefully alerting both of them. You don’t call out for them, but your loud sobs and cries surely alerted them.
You can hear them both scurry towards the door. Not even bothering to unlock it, Dabi just rips the door open. They can always just repair it. Neither of them expected to come home to find you crying, bruised, hurt, and locked in a closet.
Keigo stands there shocked for a moment while Dabi drops to the floor to comfort you. “Holy shit, doll, what happened?” Dabi asks taking you into his arms, you crying into his shoulder as he pets your hair.
“They’re so mean” you hiccup, clearly talking about the people that they put in charge of taking care of you. Both of them go rigid at this. How dare they!? Their bosses put them in charge of caring for the most important thing ever, you, yet they mistreat you!?
Oh, the torture they know that they’re going to those men. Dabi and Keigo both share a look, after comforting you to sleep tonight, they’re definitely going to track down heir underlings who did this to you.
“It’s ok, birdy, we’ve got you” Keigo soothes, dropping to the floor next to you, rubbing circles on your back while you still are in Dabi’s arms. “We’re not gonna let them hurt you ever again.”
︵‿︵‿୨♡୧‿︵‿︵︵‿︵‿୨♡୧‿︵‿︵︵‿︵‿୨♡୧‿︵‿︵ Thank you for reading, darling!!
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takes1 · 23 days ago
dabi becoming obsessed with inexperienced!reader p.2
oooh this one was fun to write i literally have so many ideas for the rest of this series aahhh!! looking like it'll be a 4 or 5-part thing. also thanks for the support ya'll it really helps my motivation :,)
Tumblr media
warnings. nsfw, dabi being scared of rats
details. fem!reader / lov recruit!reader / inexperienced!reader / corruption!kink dabi / mutual masturbation / lots of d. piercings / lusty pining or lo-cal!yandere? / 1.2k words
🤍 scenario series. dabi p.1 + 3 and full list here.
more links. my ao3 / dabi headcanons / requests open!!
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
A tiny sound stirred Dabi from his light rest. His eyes flew open, and after he sat up on his elbows, it was silent again.
Just his luck. Mice in the damn walls.
This apartment was supposed to be one of the newer complexes in the area-- there was no way an infestation could be justified and, after spending nearly a year in filth, he would not stand for even the smallest of rodential threats. He had more respect for himself than to deal with that again.
He was sent spiraling into an existential state. No hope for sleep now, as his heart began to pick up and his temperature rose. Covers shoved to the side, he sat up and rubbed his face with a deep sigh. It was possible that rats and bugs were his biggest fear, now. A reminder of some of his worst years.
There it was again. Squeezing away a flinch, he pressed his ear to the wall to try and locate where it was coming from, and in the morning, he'd be able to deal with it.
Except, that sound was no animal.
He parted from the wall momentarily to catch his stalled breath and chuckle, "Alrighty then, little mouse."
With Toga out on an assignment, it shouldn't have been a surprise that you took this opportunity to indulge.
How exhilarating. You weren't as above some animalistic impulses as he previously thought. Now equipped with this exceptional piece of information, he chose to believe that meant coercing you into letting him fuck you wasn't so ridiculous anymore.
He remembered the incredulous feeling of hearing Toga tell you to lock the door while she was gone. Of course, she kept her ridiculous reasoning to herself, but he gathered that she didn't trust him to 'keep a professional atmosphere' without her third-party presence.
He wasn't that bad, he would never just barge right in, he remembered thinking just five hours earlier. Now? That tiny clicked lock was for the best.
A newfound appreciation for your little apartment helped widen the crooked smirk on his face as he went back to listen again. Closed-mouth moans and the occasional squeak at your own fingers filled his head, fueled his overactive imagination, and stirred his cock.
Unable to restrain himself any longer, he whipped himself out from his sweats and shamelessly kept the side of his head glued to the wall. It took a moment to get comfortable, but he settled for lying down, easy since you sounded the clearest from that spot anyway.
Dabi had planned on stroking himself to sleep anyway, but this turn of events was far less sad of a thing to inspire self-gratification.
He started nice and slow to encourage himself to harden faster and to further incorporate your melody into his ever-inspired fantasies.
The glittering metal that rose with the tip of his dick brought about the surefire chance that you'd be terrified of this heavily pierced, thick monster. It wasn't much to him anymore, but even the experienced women he slept with all had a reaction to his long Jacob's Ladder and proud Prince Albert stud.
Like most of his burns, they looked more painful than they felt. By now, all the decorations didn't hurt, but helped to make the underside and head of his cock more sensitive. Those that gave it a chance found that the receiving end also made for a unique, fun time.
Lazy eyes flicked from his tall, throbbing hard-on in his palm to the blank wall, then to his eyelids.
With those cute sounds, that addictive body you covered up too much, and a good gimmick, he could see you making bank as a camgirl, maybe getting the LOV a few thousand in a week.
That idea didn't get much traction with his libido, though. No way he'd let the whole world in on what was rightfully his.
Another high-pitched, muffled hum from the other room wracked his nerves. The dull relief of his own hand was nothing compared to what your pussy could do for him.
"Fuuck, baby girl," He mumbled, low and grumbly enough he was convinced you couldn't hear.
All he wanted was to teach you how to feel better than this, in ways you couldn't do on your own, couldn't reach with your own hands. He could make you dumb with pleasure, draw out much louder sounds than those pitiful whines, turn you into his own little slut, if only you'd just let him.
For now, it was closer to the other way around, with him desperate for some sign of receptiveness. Dabi even went as far, on a few separate occasions, to replicate that precious reaction to his nudity.
It was becoming a habit of his to 'forget' his clothes when he went to shower, then have to make a deliberate, leisurely trek to his room in just a towel when he knew you were either leaving for the evening or getting back from work.
He only stopped after he bumped into Twice instead and was pressured into a torturous conversation, his new hyperfixation, on the socio-political climate of the country. But he didn't regret it, he almost sent you into cardiac arrest with this tactic, and you were perfectly jumpy later when he sat next to you at a meeting.
His mind clouded with your doe-eyed expression as you became distracted by his scars and piercings, the image of his devilish smile burned in your mind, the image of your flustered face burned in his. You had the best dick-sucking eyes; not to mention the prettiest, puffy lips. That strawberry chapstick you favored so much was one lucky piece of plastic.
The things he'd do to that innocent face-- his hand stalled and he sucked in a breath of cold air. How were you not done yet?
"Shit-- Ugh, just cum already, damn," He chuckled under his breath with a big sigh, forced to edge himself on your weak moans.
It occurred to him that you probably didn't know your body well enough to cum any faster. But if you were under him, you'd have already finished so many times you'd be begging him to stop.
A drop of precum slid across cool metal, the vision of his cock bottoming out into your poor little cunt just one too many times a tempting one to cum to. He didn't just crave you. He was starved. Malnourished and destitute for something, some signal, the green light to reward this chase he couldn't bring himself to stop.
Your moans took on a more rushed, melty, sound, as you choked out a small whine of his name.
Dabi came hard to the realization that you had been getting off to him this entire time. Messy, hot white glazed his knuckles and flexed stomach while his other hand muffled the stuttery groans through it all.
Eyes wide, chest heaving, his orgasm, for once, did not make him tired. He wanted another. He wanted you. Damn that lock.
@ptv-hades @croomdoom
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bakuhoes-dumbass · 5 months ago
Aberration - Chapter 8
MHA!Various x Fem!Reader
Words: 3.2k
Warnings: Yandere Themes, Mentions of murder, torture, abuse, blood, felonies, bullying, swearing. More to come.
Disclaimer: I do not own the characters of MHA, just this story. In no way does this reflect the characters, writers or VAs of the show/manga. MINORS DNI.
Aberration Masterlist
Sitting at your desk, your notes lay open, as if mocking you. Your chin is resting in your hand, mind wandering back to yesterday's events.
"Now Kitten, Kiss me."
You let out a tiny whimper, unable to move or resist. As you inch closer to the psycho, your mind wanders back to what Aizawa said. Since his quirk is currently suppressed, you should be able to get out of it on your own.
Trying to push past the fogginess in your mind, you focus on the feeling of your fingers. Breaking through that fog was hard but you were finally able to grab hold control of a single finger. That's when you pointed it at your side and flicked it towards you. It activated your quirk, causing your pen to fly at you and stab you in the leg, breaking hold of Shinso's quirk.
You stumble backward as you snap out of your chance, whimpering at the pain in your leg. Your gaze shoots up, a mixture of hatred and fear adorning your features. That's when the door to Shino's cell bursts open and three guards come barging in. Two grab hold of Shinso as the third carefully escorts you out. But not before you hear a few final words from the psychopath.
"Oh my, kitten. You are as strong as I hope you'd be. I can't wait to make you mine!"
~end of flashback~
You hiss quietly as you move your leg, still feeling the after effects of the pen piercing your thigh. A shiver runs up your spine when you remember Shinso's last words spoken to you before you left his cell. You knew there was no way he could get to you as long as he was locked up. So why does your anxiety spike every time he crosses your mind.
A knock at your office door snaps you out of your thoughts. Straightening yourself up, you clear your throat. "Come in."
The door opens to reveal Aizawa once again looking beyond tired. He gives you a lazy smile and nods to your leg. "How are you feeling today, Ms. Y/N?"
"I'm fine, Sir." You give him a tight smile. "Is there something you need?"
"Ah, yes." Aizawa shuffles his way to the front of your desk and sits in the chair across from you. "Today we are going to do things a little... differently." He tilts his head slightly. "We're going to hold a group therapy type session with all 11 inmates." You almost fail to notice his lips twitching into a subtle smirk. "And you and I, sweetcheeks, will be the officiates."
If you had been drinking water, you would have spit it out in shock. "Excuse me? You want to do what now?" You practically choke on your own saliva. Aizawa chuckles at your reaction, knowing you heard him. Your mouth opens and closes like a fish out of water. Quickly you flip through your inmate profiles, shaking your head. "That doesn't make any sense! The notes clearly state that Dabi and Shoto are to be kept away from each other! Kai needs to stay six feet from others. Not to mention Tamaki is to be completely isolated from any other people due to his quirk. T-This is completely irrational thinking!"
"Ms. Y/N!" Aizawa snaps you out of your tirade with a hardened look. "I understand your concern and it is completely rational. But to be able to further our research on the matter, we sometimes need to see the inmates interact in a controlled environment." He rolls his head, cracking his neck. "Now, we have done one in the past but since you are new here, we need to see how you fair in such an environment."
You give the doctor an uncertain look. He sighs. "There are always guards present in and outside of the room. The inmates are also cuffed to bolted-down metal chairs with quirk-nullifying cuffs. Tamaki and Shinso will both be wearing muzzles, Keigo's wings will be pinned, Dabi and Shoto will be put on opposite ends of the room and Bakugo and Kai will both be wearing full arm bindings. The remaining inmates will be perfectly fine with the normal wrist and ankle cuffs."
You stare at Aizawa for a moment before sighing. "Alright, if you believe it will turn out okay, then I'm trusting you." Turning around to gather your stuff, you fail to see his tongue jut out to lick his lips, a smirk twitching. "When will it take place?" Turning back to face a stoic Aizawa.
"It will begin in an hour. Make sure you have all your notes and preparations for the session." Aizawa turns to leave. "I will be back for you 10 minutes before it is to start."
For the next 50 minutes, you sit at your desk, preparing your notes and trying to calm your nerves. You knew this was a bad idea. A terrible idea, actually. But going against the boss is something you never planned on doing. Unfortunately, you'll just have to suck it up.
A knock at your door jolts you out of your thoughts. "C-" You clear your throat. "Come in."
Momo peeks through the door, a small smile on her face. "Aizawa sent me to collect you. Are you ready to go?"
You nod, gathering your papers and stumbling over your feet a little too much. Momo bows her head and gestures for you to follow her. The more you wind down the hallways of the facility, the higher your anxiety spikes. Once you round the last corner, you see Aizawa standing outside the door of the group therapy room.
"Ah, Ms. Y/N, nice of you to join us." You give him a glare, making him snicker. "Are you ready to make your entrance?"
Your brows furrow. "Are we not walking in together?"
"I will be hanging back for a moment, I need to speak with my apprentice briefly." Seeing the panic behind your eyes at the mere thought of going in alone, he gives you a reassuring smile. "There are guards posted inside and I'll be in there in a moment, so there is no need to worry."
You swallow the lump in your throat before turning to the door. Inside, you can hear loud bickering of the inmates, causing a grim look to spread across your face. With a deep, shaky breath, you pull the door handle down and open the door.
As soon as you make your entrance, it goes dead quiet, all 11 pairs of eyes on you. Your eyes roam over the room, noticing two guards posted against the back wall, both adorning stoic expressions. You notice all 11 inmates sat in a circle, all of them chained to their bolted-down metal chairs.
Shinso and Tamaki are the first two to catch your eye. Both boy's ankles are shackled to the legs of the chairs and wrists bound to the arms. The inmates both adorn masks that cover the bottom half of their face, both because of their quirks. However, while Shinso was staring at you with greed and possession, Tamaki was staring with pure adoration and slight hunger in his eyes.
Next your eyes land on Bakugo and Kai, who were seated on either side of Tamaki and Shinso. Both were adorned with Bakugo's full arm restraints as well as legs being shackled to the legs of the chairs. You knew both high-level inmates had dangerous quirks that needed to be nullified as much as possible. Bakugo stares at you with such intensity, it almost makes you back away while Kai stares with indifference.
Izuku, Denki, Keigo, Dabi, Tokoyami, Kirishima and Shoto are all restrained with the standard ankle and wrist cuffs. Keigo's wings were still pinned to his back, looking uncomfortable while Dabi and Shoto were sitting as far away from one another as possible in this circle. They all stare at you with mixtures of cockiness, obsession and glee, respectively.
Before you can get a word in to ease the growing tension, someone else speaks up instead. "Well well, what a pleasant surprise. My little mouse has come to visit me once again." Dabi's eyes light up in meager excitement at your entrance while his lips turn up into a smirk.
Shoto's taken aback at Dabi's words, his brows furrow. "Wha- You- and him-" he glances between you and Dabi a few times before he deadpans. "Absolutely not."
Dabi's excitement dies down into a deadpan glare, matching his brother's, as he locks eyes with him. "Little brother, and I say this with the absolute most disrespect, shut the fuck up."
Completely ignoring the two bickering brothers, Kirishima's eyes glaze over in yearning. "Pebble, you've come back to me! I knew you would!"
"Huh?! She's here for me, shitty hair! Back the hell off!"
"B-bunny! You're here again! I'm so happy to see you!"
The inmates all start to yell at one another, causing you to back towards the door. You glanced nervously at the guards who too seemed on edge, hands on their batons, ready to jump in without hesitation if the situation arises. But before anything drastic can happen, you hear the door behind you practically slam open.
"Alright, brats let's settle down!"
Part of you breathes a sigh of relief hearing Aizawa finally joining you in the room, but you fail to keep the taken-aback look on your face at his choice of words. The yelling dies down almost instantly, each boy with a different look on their face. You furrow your brows in confusion but refrain from commenting.
"Alright, we know this isn't a normal situation you are all put into so please bare with us," Aizawa continues. "As you already are aware, Sweetcheeks here is our newest employee. For her research, it's best to see you all in different types of situations to fully be able to form her final thoughts."
You don't register the nickname he gave you, but the inmates stiffen at the name. Tokoyami narrows his eyes. "What did you just call her?"
Aizawa ignores the brooding boy and continues. "She is spearheading this group session so please be on your best behavior." He turns to face you and places a hand on your shoulder. He gives you a nod of encouragement. "I'll be right here if you so need it." His hand gives you a squeeze before trailing down your arm and taking a step back.
Bakugo narrows his eyes as he watches this interaction. "What the fu-"
"Alright everyone, as you know, I'm Y/N." The boy's attention is quickly on you, a mixture of different emotions on everyone's faces, making you nervous. "We are going to start with some basic questions, if that is alright with everyone."
"Anything for you, darling." Shoto stares at you with cold intensity. Dabi rolls his eyes while everyone else sends him a glare.
Giving Shoto a tight smile, you move on to the first question. "We are just going to jump right into it. First of all, how is everyone today?"
"I am fine, babybird. Minus the pinned wings." Keigo shifts in his seat uncomfortably.
You frown. "I'm sorry to hear that, Keigo. But you know we do that as a safety precaution."
A smirk spreads over his face. "I understand, babybird. It isn't your fault. But, uh, it would be so kind of you to massage the joint in my back to relieve some of the pain, hm?" He cocks his head innocently.
"I'm sorry but no, we need to keep a measure of professionalism in this work environment."
"Oh, is that so? Does that level of professionalism include petting Tokoyami's feathers at first meeting?" Bakugo's eye twitches in irritation at the thought.
Tamaki's head snaps towards you, eyes wide, full of hurt and anger . "Bunny?! Y-You touched h-him?!"
Tokoyami rolls his eyes. "It wasn't that big of a deal. She merely was trying to conduct scientific research." But the puff of his feathers gave away his pride in this memory.
You sigh and flip a page in your notes. "Okay, we're just going to change the subject." The inmates shut up once again to watch you closely. Tamaki immediately feels bad for upsetting you with his outburst. But he couldn't help it! You liked HIM, didn't you?! Not that bird-brain!
"Okay, moving on. Usually when an individual has a quirk, they can get hit with repercussions. Do your quirks have any drawbacks?" You look around the room at each inmate, anticipating some kind of response.
Bakugo raises a brow, a smirk drawing over his features. "Why? So you can know our weaknesses, Angel? If you ever need to use them against us?" He teases. Bakugo leans forward, his face morphing into a darker expression and sending chills up your spine. "If you ever get caught by us and need to… escape?"
Your mouth drops open at his accusation. "That is not at all where my intentions with that question were going, Katsuki-"
"My body takes on recoil damage from using my quirk at full intensity!"
You whip your head to look at Izuku, who just blurted out the answer to your question. He looks directly at you with a mixture of embarrassment and awe. Your body relaxes in relief for a moment, thankful that someone answered your question.
You write down this piece of information. "Thank you, Izuku. I appreciate your participation. Do you mind explaining a bit more on how the recoil of your quirk damages your body?"
Izuku smiles with excitement over your attention on him. "O-of course! Basically my bones and skin are super fragile! I've broken way more bones than I can count and my skin is super scarred on my hands and down my arms-"
"Oh my god, shut the hell up!" Bakugo snaps at Izuku, scaring the boy into silence. "You're such a fuckin teacher's pet."
You clear your throat. "Um, okay that's enough-"
"Yeah, what the hell Midoriya? Trying to get in her good graces. That's not fair to the rest of us!" Denki whines, shifting in his seat too much.
"I was just answering her question! Calm down, damn." Izuku mumbles under his breath.
"Alright, let's calm down-"
"You all are a bunch of disgusting beings. Stop tainting her even more than you already have. I'm tired of hearing you all." Kai speaks up for the first time since you entered the room.
"Oh look, the fuckin freak decides to finally talk." Dabi snarls at the masked man.
"Um, okay this isn't-"
"Who are you calling a freak, you burnt piece of toast?" This was the first time you heard Shinso's voice since the incident in his cell.
The inmates all start bickering with each other once again and you huff, feeling defeated. It was much easier dealing with them one-on-one. A part of you is wondering if you were way in over your head taking this job. You were hardly a psychologist, you mainly dealt with biology and the scientific study of mutations. What the hell were you even thinking?!
"Shut up!"
A new voice chimes in from behind you. You sigh with relief to hear Aizawa finally step in, wondering what took him so long. That was, until you felt a hand tug at a piece of your hair.
"Why can't you all behave yourselves for once? Y/N here is doing her best to put up with you all to help with their research. It's time you thought of someone other than yourselves."
As soon as you felt his breath practically on the back of your neck, you knew he was standing way too close. And that made you increasingly uncomfortable. You shuffle away and subtly as you can but it didn't go unnoticed.
"Hey, old man! Get your filthy hands off her!" Kirishima practically snarls. It takes you aback to hear the nice, although very forward, man sound so feral.
A smirk plays on Aizawa's lips. He twirls a strand of your hair around his finger. "I'm not the one chained up, now am I. Jealousy is a deadly sin, Eijiro. I'd advise you to remember that."
The inmates were staring at Aizawa with such hatred, it sent a chill through you. You jerk your head away, a glare turned onto your boss. "Sir, this is extremely inappropriate. Please don't touch me."
Aizawa chuckles and leans next to your ear, eyes fixated on the maddening felons. "My dear, this is all just for fun. Do you not see how each one of these filthy criminals looks at you? How they react to my advances? It's quite captivating, really. Perfect for experimentation."
You fail to notice a soft electrical current noise coming from behind you. But you did, however, hear the sound of an alarm blaring from out in the hallway, cutting you off from responding to the doctor.
Aizawa pulls away quickly. "What in the-" he dashes out of the room. You noticed the look of confusion and concern written all over his face. You want to follow him, to make sure everything is okay, but the clank of metal hitting the floor stops you in your tracks.
'No no no, please tell me that isn't what I think it is.'
You slowly turn around to see Denki standing up, no longer chained to his chair. The look on his face is mad, a wide grin sitting in place. You take a step back, fear growing with each passing second.
"D-Denki, what are you doing?" You try to speak to him in a calm manner so as to not trigger an attack.
"My my, baby. You sure are beautiful." He holds up his hand and gestures with a finger for you to come closer. "Come here, gorgeous." He chuckles lowly, dangerously.
Your head whips around to the guards who are frozen in place. Clearly they never thought an inmate would break out of their bonds. These idiots haven't trained for this properly.
"Guards! Do something!"
"Ah ah! I don't think so."
Denki raises his arms and his hands start to crackle with electricity. You take a few more steps back as he releases his quirk, lighting up the entire room. With a whur, the lights flicker and the power shuts down. The room is shrouded in complete darkness, unable to see in front of you. Panic rises in your body, your breath quickening. You thought this was the worst it could get.
You were so, so wrong.
That's when you heard multiple clatters of metal onto tile. Your heart stops. Your body is completely frozen. You tell yourself you're hearing things, that this can't be true.
But when the lights flicker back on, you think to yourself how you've never felt true fear until this moment in your life. Because what you see in front of you, is every single dangerous criminal out of their restraints.
You will your feet to move, to do something! Anything! It takes you a moment but you are finally able to shuffle backwards towards the door. But you had caught the attention of the last person you wish had seen you.
"Oh, kitten," with his hands free, Shinso unhooked his mask and sent you a crazed grin. "I'm going to give you some advice for your current predicament."
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[Taglist is now sorta open?? Let me know if you want to be part of it. I only have a few spots left, everyone else will be put on a waiting list. First come, first serve.]
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asce-of-hearts · 6 months ago
Hcs for how shiggy, Dabi, tamaki, kirishima, and bakugou react to them breaking the bed lol
Of course!
Bed breaking 🍒 🎂
Contents: Yandere!Shigaraki, Yandere!Dabi, Yandere!Tamaki, yandere!Kirishima and Yandere!Bakugou reacting to breaking the bed during the act
Tumblr media
Dabi isn’t the roughest one of the bunch while fucking (that goes to Katsuki) but god does he thrust HARD. Even if he doesn’t mean it you’ll end up a little bruised and sore by the end of the night.
So lets set the scene, you’re going at it. Moaning his name, him grunting and his dick thrusting in and out of you. And just as you’re about to cum you hear a small ‘crack’ and suddenly you’re falling.
He catches your head before you can hit it and the bed is now creaky and unsteady. And as much as he wants to continue fucking you he can’t with that bed.
So he sighs heavily, before mumbling curses under his breath as he crawls off you. He gets off the bed “you alright, doll?” he asks before checking what the fuck happened.
And when he sees that the bed is broken his face reflects the most smug smirk you have ever seen. 
“Seems like I was fucking you so good the bed decided to break” he says as he presses a kiss to your forehead and helps you get up.
Now after you’re both dressed he gets the mattress out of the bed support thingy and leaves you sitting there. You’ll be sleeping there for a while until he can get another one.
It was his fault the bed broke tbh.
He’s just so brutal while fucking you??? Your hole will ache after a steamy session whether you want it or not. He thrusts so fast and so fucking hard you’re pretty sure he’s testing how much he can ravage your cervix before it gets bruised.
So don’t be surprised when the bed breaks by the amount of force he is putting in there. He catches your head before it hits the wall or the mattress and this piece of shit continues fucking you.
“Piece of shit broke, guess it couldn’t handle me. But I know you can, right baby?” He says with a steady grip on your body, you cum so hard you see stars and then you have to face reality.
“This was expensive, Katsuki”
“I fucking know that, let me handle this” he says with a blush while he wonders if he should go himself buy a new bed support thingy or just order it online.
He’s to prideful, so online it is.
At least the mattress is soft enough you’ll sleep nicely :)
My precious boy tries so hard to be gentle with you, but he’s rough by nature so please don’t be hard on him when he breaks the bed.
He blushes so hard while he’s thrusting in and out of you with force. He groans and grunts under his breath how good you are for him. And when the bed breaks and you both loose balance he accidentally goes unbreakable and falls to the ground :(((
“Ah shit! You alright, y/n? Didn’t get hurt right?” he asks with a little smirk on his face, this just proved how strong he is and that honestly made you a little aroused.
Such a softie, will get the mattress off without even moving you and then finish his business without a worry in the world <3
Shiggy boy probably did it by accident, sometimes his quirk just becomes a bother.
He dusts one of the bed posts by accident, he couldn’t help it when you were squeezing his big fat cock like that with your insides, so this is absolutely your fault >:(
But that won’t stop him of milking his cock with your insides, he grunts curses under his breath and that anger and frustration just becomes fuel for him to fuck you harder and faster.
In the end, you’ll just end up sleeping on the ground with a single white bedsheet while he orders his underlings to get him a new bed
“This is your fault, y/n”
“W-what?! How?!”
“It just is, so shut up and sleep”
Blushes hard, but fucks you harder hehe
He is honestly surprised when the bed breaks, is he thrusting that hard? Is he that strong?
Just stops fucking you because he is almost fainting, you have to reassure him that its fine, this things happen.
He just keeps apologizing while he helps you get dressed and is so flustered about the whole situation.
He will go himself to buy a new bed support, just because he can’t have his partner sleeping on a mattress :(
Tumblr media
I hope you enjoy this, hehe
Have a great day/Night
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yanderenightmare · 2 months ago
hello!! idk if your requests are open (if they're not, please just ignore this ask)
i wanted to ask you if you could do another part of the imagine where the reader starts rebelling and fighting against them when they try to sexually force themselves on them with keigo, dabi, shigs and shinso? thank you!! <3
yandere ! BNHA imagines
goodiebag WARNINGS: nsfw, noncon/dubcon, threats, coercion, degradation
I’ll do Shinso, Deku and Shoto in an upcoming one <3
“Fiesty today." He remarked.
Wrapping his slender and leathery fingers around the wrists of her balled-up fists to stop them from pouncing on him.
His grip tight enough to make her wince.
His features stale and bored as he beheld her pained expression with cold cyan eyes.
“Why do you bother, huh?” He drawled.
His tone tired. Visibly viewing having to deal with her little spats as extremely tedious.
“Just to piss me off?”
She wasn't planning on answering. At least not with anything more than a snarl, as she continued trying to pry her wrists free from his grip.
Small girly whines and growls escaping the sour pout she had on her face at how easily he was holding her down.
Lazily entertained eyes took only a moment to admire her dedicated struggle.
Where, although he thought it was kind of cute how she narrowed her glare at him and furrowed her brows so angrily. He was just too tired from his last league business to amuse her little fighting spirit tonight.
He sighed. Laying his weight down on her fully. His head resting between her plush tits atop the shirt she’d swiped from him. The fabric tainted with the bitter smell of his smoke.
“Honestly, doll… you can't be stupid enough to think your cute little uproar will have any other effect other than annoy me. Do you?” He muttered while sinking his drowsy head even further between her soft breasts.
Eyes closed as he found an ease in the pleasant warmth.
Moaning with a croak before speaking again.
“I hate to break it to you, buttercup-”
His voice a drowsy murmur.
“But the only thing fighting me will get you is a punishment.”
His grip tightened a pinch and her whines of fight turned to whines of pain.
“And nah... I ain't taking about the fun kind.” He added. Slightly more emotion in his voice now.
Twisting her wrists in his hold until her pitiful struggles dissipated completely and she let out a defeated little whimper.
“Mmh- tha's right. Good girl.” He purred with a drowsy buzz.
Still resting peacefully atop her chest while listening to her sniffle little cries.
His grip lessening in strength again as he dragged himself up to look down at her. Still with an unreadable expression on his face while he examined the tear-droplets hanging on her lashes.
“Do what I tell you and I'll take you gently.” He promised.
His strong hands unwrapped themselves from her wrists and she pulled them to her chest to rub the sore joints. Gasping once his stitched fingers reached for her again.
His long pointer catching a tear of her cheek.
“I ain’t got the fucking energy to discipline you correctly.” He said and her brows crinkled as he didn’t usually spare her any more words than what was necessary. “But if you force my hand-” He began threatening and she understood his motives while his other hand traveled down her stomach. “I might just do something we'll both regret.”
His hand slipped the thin lace of the silly string panties he’d given her. A present he’d left her with no other option but wearing.
“I don’t want that.” He confessed and offered a soft kiss to her neck before chuckling darkly. “And you definitely don’t want that.”
With one hand between her thighs, the other made to run down her chest to lift the shirt she was wearing up.
“So just be good for me.” He trailed with another kiss to her collar as a tit was squeezed in his hand. “And we won’t have the smell of burning flesh tainting the air.”
“Get off me, creep!” She screeched.
Cringing under his touch as he had her beneath him on the bed. His hands always so cautious with how they touched but greedy with what they touched.
“Stop touching me-” She whined. Pushing at his looming form. Feeling his skinny yet toned abs through the thin fabric of his shirt as a hard and immovable weight above her.
“Ah-ah.” He warned. Not wasting a moment before grabbing her throat.
One pinky raised above her delicate skin as he leered down at her.
“Don’t make things difficult for me now.” He rasped.
The other hand touching down on the hoodie she’d taken from him in an effort to hide herself from his hungry stares. The fabric turning to dust around her skin, making her quake. His hand now touching her skin with four fingers. Crazed eyes playing with her, daring her to give him a reason to put down the fifth.
“Wouldn't want my fingers to slip and accidentally turn you into a little pitiful pile of ash.” He threatened. “Right?”
The amused sarcastic mockery lacing his voice along with his bloodshot beady little eyes and the gleaming grin stretched across his face had her body cowering and decked with goosebumps in the same moment he begged the question.
“It would be a shame if you left me here all alone with my dick still wet and nothing to fuck.” He taunted with a bite in his words.
Intently watching her round eyes yield. He felt her throat bob beneath his fingers as she swallowed thickly. Scared into place.
“Now be a good slut and lie still for me.”
His hand tightened just a pinch along with her nickname and her hands dropped back onto the bed.
“That’s good. Calm down.” He cooed.
His other hand spidering up her chest to reach her face.
“Open your mouth.” He ordered with a rust. Voice lusty and low.
Two of his fingers pushed themselves into her mouth with little warning. Her tongue instantly recoiling as she gagged on the taste of metal and salt. Water pooling rapidly beneath them at the sting of the flavor.
“Suck on them and they won’t hurt you.”
She twisted at first, but his other hand was strict in reminding her of its presence on her neck and she was once again forced to submission and made to do what he wanted.
“That’s it- That’s a good girl…” He purred.
Jaded eyes watching as she obediently licked the digits wet with her drool where he pumped them in and out through her lips. Tickling her tongue with the coarseness of his worn fingertips.
“It’s about time you learn to worship these hands.” He teased with a cruel snicker before pulling his fingers out again.
Wet with salvia, he admired the sliver strings snap and cling to his skin for a moment with a sick smile before moving them downwards.
Always naked as her clothes always ended up as dust. His fingers slid with ease against her slit. Tickling her clit, she gasped out a cute little whine into his face where he watched her keenly.
“You treat me nicely and I’ll treat you nicely.” He proposed. “That’s how easy this is.”
His hand loosening the grip he had on her throat to pinch the adorable chub of cheek as she moaned and squeezed around the digits he had stuffed inside her tight cunt.
“You say creep, I say slut. You throw hands, you’ll catch hands.” He warned while pumping and curling his boney fingers into her gummy walls. “Understand, sweetie?”
He pulled on her cheek just a bit while keeping his face close to hers. Feeling the warm puffs and pants of her small whines and moans on his skin on rhythm with the movement of his hand against her pussy.
“Mh- Y- yes.” She agreed pathetically and he thumbed her clit, making her clench around him. Pussy dripping in gratitude.
“Yes, what?” He demanded. Resting his forehead against hers while waiting for her answer.
His hand letting go of her cheek in order to squish both of them in a snug grip on her face, making her pout as she spoke.
“T- tomura- Yes, Tomura.”
He smiled in return and swiped his tongue up her face. And she squished her eyes closed with a squeal under the stench of his breath now coating her face in spit. And upon how she completely flooded the hand buried between her thighs as she came for him.
He gave the velvety feel of her silken and wet pussy a few more playful touches, before offering another salacious chuckle.
“Much better.”
He had her placed in the middle of the living-room floor.
Her top ripped. Now mere rags hanging off her one shoulder, barely held together around her waist.
Her lip tucked between her teeth. Chewing it red and bloated while her brows trembled. Tears drying on her cheeks.
“I make you happy, don’t I?” His voice sliced through the silence.
Her throat tight as she fought hard to keep all her pathetic noises to herself. Needing to steady her trembling breaths and remain strong.
Though… only managing to force her hyperventilating into a sporadic hiccupping instead.
Swallowing her cries and sniffling with her runny-nose. She bowed her head and hugged her chest tighter. Wanting to make herself as small as possible and shrink out of existence instead.
Anything to save her from facing the man before her.
“I keep you safe, comfortable, spoiled even.” He trailed.
His fingertips touching their designated twin on the other hand as he braided them together in front of him. Circling her for the third time in his pacing. Wings dragging across the floors. The feathers still left on them visibly bristled in their tense state asthey fluttered with static every now and again.
“So, I’m having a hard time…” He continued.
His head bowing to kiss his knuckles.
“Wrapping my head around the fact…”
His tone casual as always, though with a note of rigidness. A tension like a warning lacing the otherwise charming and suave pleasantness.
And she recognized it like a rubber-band being stretched.
Just moments away from snapping.
“That you feel it’s okay-”
The red ring of sharpened feathers he’d put up around her like a barrier hovered peacefully in their place. Keeping her exactly where he’d made her stop before she’d managed to run away from him entirely.
“To act like a fucking bitch.”
Her knees shook beneath her. Hers fingers numb as they dug into her arms where she squeezed herself for comfort. Wanting to redo the buttons Keigo had managed popping, before she’d kicked him in the growing bulge in his pants and clawed herself away before running.
“I don’t ask much of you.” He stated. “I just want you to be happy.”
His tone so scolding. Berating her like she was a spoiled child. As though she was cruel for giving him such a hard time.
“Why can't you be happy?” He asked. His voice softer now. But she couldn’t make the fatal mistake of thinking it was any less threatening.
Halting in his circling of her. He stopped right in front of her where she flinched, and let his feathers fall away from their promise to slice her up.
His hand reaching out towards her. And she knew better than to test his temper once again.
Her lip trembling so pitifully as he thumbed her chin and lifted her teary face to look up at him. Looking at her for a moment where silent streams of tears fell from the corner of eyes to wetten his hand.
“Why can't you smile for me, hm?” He murmured. Letting his hand drop to her neck.
Dancing his fingertips along her collarbone, close to her throat. Tracing a line around her neck as he stroked her hair behind her ear.
Snaking behind her while stroking down her arm.
“And laugh at my jokes?” He added.
His lips ghosting her jawline as his hot breath fanned her chest along with his words.
“Hm? Say please, say thank you…”
His keen yellow eyes sharpened to focus. Recording her every move as his hands placed themselves back on her hips to slip her shorts all the way off like he’d originally planned minutes ago, before she’d so rebelliously interrupted him.
“And I love you?”
His wings, heavy with a swoop and a flop, wrapped themselves around her front. Cocooning her. While his hands pulled on her, swaying her body back flat against his warm chest.
His tented crotch nudging hungrily against her ass.
He placed a kiss at the corner of her mouth and she let out that pathetic little whimper she’d been trying so hard to keep down.
Along with the words he wanted to hear. Broken in her bleating, voice wet with tears.
“I love you, Kei.”
Bakugou, Kirishima, Kaminari, Enji
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hunajan · 2 months ago
Dom!Dabi x F!Reader
Warnings: HEAVY Noncon, bullying, manhandling, penetration, binding, threatening, creampie, breeding kink degradation, humiliation, abuse, violence, anxiety
Summary: After joining the League of Villains, you started facing bullying from the certain arsonist. Little by little the harassment grew to the point of physical violence that culminated to you being his personal fucktoy.
Disclaimer: Characters mentioned belong to Kohei Horikoshi
Tumblr media
The weak light flickered restlessly on the brick walls that echoed your heavy footsteps dragging towards your room. With head hung and hands in the pockets of your black jeans, the failure of the mission was still clenching in your chest.
Even though Shigaraki had been oddly serene about it to you and Toga, you couldn't help but feel glum for letting the League down. 
After the debriefing, you decided to walk off the frustration in the dark city and try to internalise the fact that it was unreasonable to expect you and Toga to take out 7 heroes that had ambushed you.
Though there was some other reason you had decided to take off for hours and sneak back to the base so late. By now the reason should be asleep, or so you hoped through the bottom of your weary heart.
But as your sad eyes stared at the stained floor, you couldn't deny the goosebumps caused by the unmistakable presence of the blue flame user who leaned against the wall in the hallway.
A hollow pit appeared in your stomach that grew with each step you took forward, knowing that he had been waiting for you. 
After joining the infamous League of Villains, it didn't take long for Dabi to target you to his nasty mockery since he viewed you as an unfit member for the Leagues cause, believing you were nothing more than a nuisance with a weak mindset.
His mean comments, belittling and name-calling would later evolve into physical violence in the forms of grabbing you, twisting your arms and shoving you. 
Perhaps it was your mousy nature that pushed his buttons so much as you never responded to his vicious behaviour but submitted instead. You didn't have what it takes to go against the man who was far more superior to you in every way.
Eventually things had culminated to that one night when the rest of the League were out completing their missions. Dabi had decided to pay a visit to your room and entertain himself by roughing you up. 
Didn't take much to have your battered figure lying on the floor with countless tears spilling out of your sad eyes. But as Dabi stood above you, an uneasy feeling of still not being satisfied bothered him. 
That's when he noted how little you had to cover yourself. Only a small tank top and a pair of panties hiding your most intimate parts. 
Hmm.. Why not? After all, his tense body happened to be in need of some relief.
A wicked smile appeared on Dabi's face as the foul idea consumed his mind and encouraged him to take the last step in order to complete his dominance over you.
That was the first time he forced himself on you. 
Despite having experienced his brutality, you wished that even Dabi would have some humanity left in him to understand that you were already worn out. Not only from the failed mission but also from the rough treatment you received from him a couple of days ago.
The sudden slam of his hand on the opposite wall to block your way suggested otherwise, making you cringe and shift your frightened eyes up at his blue ones that stared down at you mockingly.
"Not gonna say hi to me, huh?" He asked with a tiny smirk on his face.
"O-oh, I didn't notice-.." The lie almost slipped past your lips when Dabi tilted his head as if to warn you not to fuck with him. You swallowed and looked back down.
"I'm sorry." 
Dabi sneered before draping his hand over your waist and shoving you back against the wall. A pitiful wince was the only reaction to his sudden act before you lifted your gaze up at him. He placed his left hand on the wall and right hand in his pocket while giving you a degrading grin.
"So what happened? I thought even your useless ass could've at least been able to take out some lousy sidekicks."
You lowered your gaze in defeat, an unpleasant feeling pressing your lungs and threatening to break you.
"..They had quite impressive quirks so I thought retreating would be wisest.." Your quiet voice explained while trying to avoid his piercing gaze. 
In reality you had made the right decision considering the disadvantage you and Toga had. Even so you knew Dabi wouldn't care, since he would've easily succeeded in the same situation due to his destructive fire quirk. 
Your lowered gaze was lifted by a finger under your chin that forced your eyes back at Dabi. 
The faint yellow light showed his features harshly, the metal from his staples shining ominously as he stared at your doe-eyes for a while.
"Why does Shigaraki even bother with a piece of trash like you." He wondered out loud. His mean words always hit you on your most sensitive spots, no matter how many times you have heard him demean you.
"Are you fucking him?" His calm yet serious voice questioned, which you immediately responded by shaking your head.
"No..! I'd never do that..I guess he was just in a good mood.." You tried to explain but Dabi kept that same eerie expression while studying your features. An ill hunch appeared in the pit of your stomach that he was gonna lose his temper with you. 
Unbeknownst to you, Dabi was more than aware that you'd never sleep with the silver-haired leader. Tormenting you was mere foreplay as he had already decided to stuff his dick in the warmth of your cunt. 
He gave you a lazy grin before leaning down to capture your lips, not wasting any time to force his tongue into your mouth, while his hands grabbed your hips to bring you closer to himself.
You brought your trembling hands on your chest in discomfort, yet you tried to answer the kiss as best as you could in order to keep your bully satisfied. 
His left hand grabbed a handful of your ass, devouring your scared winces while abusing your mouth with his and pressing you against his body. 
Dabi gave your lower lip a soft bite before pulling away, his hands holding you firmly against himself while he nailed his gaze onto yours.
You stared up at the predator meekly, not even a hint of defiance hiding in your subdued mind in hopes of Dabi realizing that you'd never do anything to defy his power over you.
Your submissive gaze got him harder by the second as your fearful figure was under the mercy of his decision whether to believe you or not.
"You're lying." 
His words hit you like a ton of bricks, birthing a deep panic inside you for understanding the inevitable violence that you were about to face.
"No I'm not, please Dabi no..! I would never lie to you-..!" Your weepy voice tried desperately to assure him while you placed your hands on his chest and tugged his shirt in a pleading manner. Dabi gave you a widened smirk before grabbing your wrist and pulling you towards his room.
"Please Dabi..! I'm still sore from the other day..!" You sobbed.
"Shut the fuck up."
He opened the door and dragged you in before violently shoving you onto his bed. 
"Don’t struggle or I’ll have to use the ropes." His malevolent voice spoke, swift on his movements as he slammed the door shut before getting in bed and climbing on top of you. 
Dabi pinned your helpless body under him, his warning making hopeless tears flow down the silkiness of your cheeks.
"Please Dabi no, I'll be good.. Don't tie me up..." Your cry went straight to his throbbing cock as your pathetic sniffling was only agitating his twisted desires.
"I'll consider that. Now, let's get you out of these clothes.." 
Slowly, Dabi pulled down the zipper of your hoodie to sneak his hand under your top and ignited the horrifying blue flame on his fingertips that burned the fabric while prickling your skin.
The sound of your top being ripped had you cry out, every cell of your body trying to resist your survival instincts that screamed for you to fight off your abuser, but you knew better. 
Not only was Dabi physically so much stronger than you, there was no way you could ever challenge his raging blue flames.
As he tore off the clothing from your upper body, the bruises of your last encounter with Dabi were on clear display.
He brushed the darkened skin on your waist in a rather gentle manner, moving his hands upwards to fondle your breasts, his thumbs flicking your sensitive nipples and making them peak under his touch.
Dabi made no effort to care for any of your whimpering or the way your tensed body shuddered since he was only interested in satisfying his sadistic desires to torment you in every way he could.
"Let's see if you're ready to take some cock.." His aroused voice spoke, before slowly unbuttoning your jeans and pulling them down along with your panties. 
His blue stare gained a lustful glint at the sight of the hole he was excited to ruin. Sitting up on his knees, he pulled you closer to have your thighs rest on his as he blatantly thrusted a digit inside you.
"Should've known a useless cunt like yours isn't even wet yet." He grinned, curling his finger to rub on the spongy spot inside you, sending unwelcomed, faint pleasure through you. 
Dabi wasn't interested to please you in any way but even he couldn't deny the heavenly feeling of the wet friction being better than dragging his cock along your dry walls.
He added a second finger, thrusting them in and out to feel your juices starting to emerge and coat your walls, making them deliciously silky.
"Fucking pathetic whore.." He growled, pulling his slick-coated fingers out to take off his shirt and unbutton his jeans to lower them down his thighs.
You gasped, your eyes wide and teary as his shadow overpowered you, his hot body taking over your innocent figure and giving you the most devilish grin.
"Now, unless you wanna get burned, put that pussy to good use..." He grinned before forcing his tongue in your mouth while grabbing his huge erection and guiding it inside your warmth, plunging deep without hesitation. 
Your screams and cries were hopelessly muffled by his rough kisses before he pulled away for air.
"Ahh.. So nice and tight as always.." He grunted before adjusting his position and starting a ruthless pace, slamming into your depths hard and fast.
Your hands were desperately trying to find some comfort from his forearms and shoulders while your squirming body was trying to endure the pain the arsonist was causing. 
Dabi was drunk on your fluttering cunt that clenched once in a while around his cock and increased his pleasure, obedient soft walls pleasing his cock ever so sweetly. 
He relished in the way you stayed nice and compliant due to the fear of getting singed. All you could do was to try to ease the pain of his cruel act by spreading your legs, which didn't go unnoticed by the assailant as he chuckled lightly.
"That'a girl...How does it feel to be nothing but a hole for my dick..?"
The misery of your sniffling went straight to his cock, as he couldn't help but lift himself up a bit to note your insecure, broken gaze that seemed to plead for him to be more gentle, but unfortunately it only spurred him on.
You shut your eyes tightly and gritted your teeth at his impossible pace, hoping that if you'd just stay still and let him have his fun, he'd cum soon.
But suddenly he pulled out, causing your confused eyes to open and note the heat of his body leaving yours as Dabi got off of you.
"Get up." 
You obeyed and sat up, trying to ignore the ache in your exhausted body. Dabi laid down on his back beside you and grabbed his erection.
"Have a seat." He grinned, his order clenching the knot in your throat which you tried to swallow before doing as he told.
Your trembling hands met the scarred skin of his chest as you straddled him and carefully sat on his cock, taking the length of it all inside you. Dabi placed his hands on your hips and pressed you harder down on his cock. 
A painful whine escaped your throat, your body trembling in agony once you were set on top of him. He chuckled breathlessly, noting the difficulty you had in taking him, tears forming along your lashline and falling down your face. 
As your lowered gaze and whiny panting implied the hurt you were in, he lifted himself up to sit and wiped away your tears in a deceitful form of affection.
"My patience is starting to run low with you." He warned calmly while listening to your sobs. He grabbed your chin in between his thumb and index finger, forcing you to look at the glow in his blue, mischievous eyes.
"Be sure to please my cock and make me cum or I'll tie you up." His calm yet threatening voice spoke, making your eyes widen a bit at the horrible promise.
"Mmm..I-I will.." You nodded.
"Good girl.." He smirked and gave you a soft peck on the lips before laying down on his back.
"Move your hips." 
You leaned on your hands and started moving your hips up and down on his dick. 
Dabi folded his arms behind his head and watched as you struggled finding the pace that pleased him. 
"Faster." Dabi commanded, a displeased look on his face and irritation toning his words. 
Your body was at its limit and unable to go any faster, yet the fear of getting tied up forced you to keep going and try to ride him as fast and hard as he wanted.
"I said faster, you cunt." 
Again you tried to obey, pain starting to make its presence known as the tip of his cock was hitting your cervix and making you whimper.
"Oh, for fuck's sake." Dabi growled and grabbed your waist with his right hand, forcing you off of him and down on your belly.
"No..! Please Dabi no..! I can do it..!" You cried as he climbed on top of you and pinned your wrists down with his left hand while the other one reached for the ropes that were attached to the bed legs.
"You can't even fuck right." His harsh voice snarled before he started tying your hands together.
"Please Dabi stop.. It hurts..!" You cried out as he violently tightened the rope around your wrists to make sure you were unable to move.
"I'll show you how to fuck.." His husky voice panted in your ear as he spread your legs and positioned himself on top of you before penetrating you again.
You screamed at his ruthless pace while he slammed into you as there was no chance to adjust your position, the ropes squeezing and chafing painfully your skin. 
"Don't..Dabi no..!" 
"Ahh..That's right..Beg for me to stop.." He grunted in your ear, enjoying the pathetic pleas escaping your sore throat, totally unaware how utterly meaningless they were for Dabi. 
Your messy and obedient cunt felt way too good even though he'd never admit that to you. The soft and wet walls rubbing his throbbing cock just the right way had him craving for more and more.
The sickening sound of the ropes tightening and skin slapping against skin had your eyes shut tight, tears squeezing out and dropping on the bed sheets as you could only hope that he'd cum soon.
"Scream for me, you worthless piece of shit.." Dabi growled, his hot panting brushing against the back of your head as his left hand grasped a chunk of your hair.
After each violent shove you whimpered louder, your voice all dry and choked from not being able to handle the abuse any longer.
"Louder, I want the whole fucking League to hear your pathetic crying." His grip on your hair tightened as he picked up the pace, burying his cock so deep inside you that you had no choice but to scream.
"That's it..You filthy whore.." He grunted, letting go of your hair and moved his hand on your throat, squeezing your windpipe, making it even harder to breath under his heavy weight.
Not being able to catch air, you started to squirm desperately for oxygen which only made Dabi press his body firmly against yours to add your despair, all the while choking you.
Once he felt your cunt clenching nicely around his cock, he let go and allowed you to catch your breath, yet still holding his hand on your neck to press your face down on the mattress.
"Please Dabi..I can't take it.." You cried out, feeling the rope rub the tender skin of your wrists open. 
"Oh yeah? What do you want me to do..? 
"..Please.. cum already.." You cried. 
"You want me to cum..?" He purred in your ear.
"..Yes.." You whimpered, feeling humiliated to have to say it out loud as Dabi's response was a mere sinister chuckle.
"Very well..Nghh..I'll be sure to breed your slutty cunt good.." He grunted before adjusting his position and starting a rough, relentless pace, forcing more screams out of you. The headboard was rattling against the wall, making sure to inform the other members of the despicable act Dabi was practising on you.
"Aahh fuck.. Close your fucking legs now..!" He grunted, leaving you no other choice but to submit to the pain and pull your legs together as his hips gave a few sloppy thrusts before cuming inside you.
Sheets wrinkled into his tightened fists as he shoved his cock deep in you to release his seeds, hot white cum coating your walls steadily, your pulsing cunt milking every last drop from him.
Dabi collapsed on top of you and panted rather loudly as the euphoria freed every bit of tension he had. He swiped some of your hair from your neck, giving it rough kisses and soft nibbles.
As he descended from his high, he gave a heavy and pleased sigh before pulling out, leaving you sob in misery.
The blue flame user laid down on his back to catch his breath, not giving a damn of your shuddering body whining in distress of the ropes strangling your wrists. 
He took his sweet time to free you and once doing so, he pulled your wounded body towards him and pressed your face against his chest.
You sobbed for a while in his arms, fully aware that it was just a twisted form of torment from him, yet you were too exhausted to care.
"There there...Wasn't it fun?" He cooed in your ear while starting to give open mouthed kisses on the side of your neck.
You remained silent, letting tears run down your cheeks and secretly wishing the same wish as always after getting fucked by your bully; maybe this was the last time.
Your naive thoughts were interrupted by Dabi cupping your chin and lifting your gaze up at his satisfied smirk.
"A pathetic girl like you shouldn't be going out on missions, since you barely qualify as fucktoy. " His calm voice commented, his heavily lidded eyes staring at you.
You avoided his gaze as if accepting the cruel words, your heart already numb after being aggressively punished for something you didn't do.
"Regardless, you belong to me. Your cunt is mine to breed whenever I feel like it." He mumbled before giving a soft kiss on your forehead. You gulped anxiously as he started giving light kisses on your cheeks and jaw.
"I'll keep stuffing your pussy and throat with my cum and that’s all you’ll ever be good for...You worthless piece of filth.." Though you didn't look at Dabi, you knew he was smirking wickedly when those eerily calm words left his lips. 
He grasped your chin again and forced you to look at him.
"You got that?" His voice was now more serious as his burning gaze bore into your empty eyes, you gave him an obedient nod. His grin widened as he graced his thumb over your lower lip.
"Good. I'm expecting you to wrap these pouty lips around my cock tomorrow morning."
"Mmm.." You mumbled in agreement, knowing the consequences if you refused.
"Fuck off then." 
Though the permission to leave was a certain kind of relief, you couldn't help but feel yourself as everything he told you were; a worthless trash, collecting your torn up clothes like an exposable piece of meat.
Dabi's sharp voice called out immediately when you were about to dress yourself.
"No clothes. I want you to walk out naked." He grinned, his hands folded behind his head. You stared at him in disbelief and tried to hold at least some tears in for his lewd and shameless order. 
But Dabi humiliated you for fun, battered you for entertainment and ravished you whenever he was horny. 
He was your bully who now wanted you to be nude so you granted his wish and staggered out of his room naked, with his sperm dripping down your legs.
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sunnyfunerals · 3 months ago
squid game dabi is just gonna straight up finger you during lights out. the other players are gonna die, he'll make sure of it, so why would he care if they know what he's doing to you? you'd already be dead if it wasn't for him, it's only fair for you to pay him back. after all, getting into too much debt is exactly why you're here, isn't it princess?
I have passed away. You can't just send me something this hot and expect me to survive the brainrot.
Tumblr media
Squid Game AU - Player!Dabi x Player!Reader
Squid Game AU Masterlist.
Part 1, Part 2, Part 3.
TW: Dubcon/Noncon, Dabi is one of the scary players, Mentions of Violence and Death (in the context of the games), Mentions of Blackmail.
The second the lights are out, his fingers slip inside your sweats.
They're slow, not in a gentle way but in a threatening, menacing way, like a feline would wait as it gets ready to hunt, to attack, its gaze focused on its prey until the perfect moment comes. Rough digits brush against the shivering skin of your hips, play with the hem of your pants, the lace of your underwear, cruel and mean in the way Dabi seems to make the moment lasts, the taste of your fear surely so intoxicating on his tongue that he'll savour it at will before devouring you whole.
"Why so scared, Princess?" he whispers in your ear, pulling you closer and closer against him, surely to delight in the shivers that are running down your spine. "Worried I'm going to ruin you?"
You can't say that he's wrong. You can't say that it doesn't feel like you're going to break under the touch of the terrifying man cradling you against his chest in that tiny little bed. You can't say that you're not scared that he'll destroy you like he destroys others, that he'll feast on you whole and leave nothing behind in his raging frenzy.
"P-please, Dabi, we can't," you murmur, unshed tears pooling in your ears and unspoken pleas dying on your tongue. He scoffs, leaving a mocking little kiss on the back of your neck as his fingers slip inside your panties, brushing against your clit and tearing a surprised yelp from your lips.
"Oh? And why can't we?" His voice is deep, low, his tone as amused as it's threatening. He's toying with you, you know, a predator eyeing a tiny, defenseless little mouse.
There are a thousand answers to his question. We barely know each other, I'm terrified of you, we could die tomorrow and should focus on the games instead, I'm too tired and I just want to sleep, please, please, please. Instead, you choose the more logical one.
"People might hear," you whisper, and it's stupid because you know they can hear you say it already, just like they can hear the little noises escaping your lips whenever his digits carress your clit, just like they can hear it when his fingers slip inside you and your breath gets stuck in your throat.
Dabi barks a laugh, a loud, deep sound that echoes in the otherwise silent dormitory. It's as if the whole room is holding his breath, waiting for him to be done playing, waiting for the storm of his desires and needs to pass before they can let themselves drift off to sleep. He's too much of a menace for anyone to rest peacefully, too much of a criminal, monster, murderer for anyone to close their eyes while he's still awake.
He chose you, but it's as if you're bait, a sacrifice, something to satiate him while the others look away, hoping they won't attract his attention as long as the game is not over, not like you have.
"Who cares about them? I could fuck you stupid in the middle of this room while the lights are on and it still wouldn't matter, because they'll all be dead soon. Can't let any of them live if we want to hit the jackpot, right?"
He slips another finger inside you. A tear rolls down your cheek.
"Be as loud as you want, Princess. I want to hear you scream."
You can feel his erection as he cradles you against him, can feel the uncharacteristically gentle strokes of his fingers inside you, torturing your most sensitive parts in the most excruciating show of pleasure. Shameful moans threaten to fall from your lips for all to hear, so, since you can't stop him, you do the next best thing.
You raise both hands to place them over your lips, hoping to muffle the sounds as much as you can.
"Hey, Princess. Want me to punish you? We'll be having none of that, I told you I want to hear your sweet little voice."
With his free hand, he grabs both of your wrists, keeping them in a firm, inescapable hold. You can't help the moan that escapes from your lips then, his touch getting crueler and crueler the more defenseless you become in his embrace.
He leaves a trail of soft little kisses on the skin of your throat, and you feel him smile as he does so, a mean, wolfish smirk that slightly pulls at the staples in his cheeks.
No matter how much you struggle, no matter how hard you try to free yourself from his hands, there is no use.
If he wanted, he could break you in a flick of his wrist.
And yet, he'd rather have you like this. Teary and pleading underneath him.
"What? Don't be shy, I know you're enjoying this. Wouldn't be so wet if you didn't."
Of course, he's right. You're melting under his ministrations, leaning against him for more contact just as much as you're struggling to get away. It's as if you're torn in two, heart and body wanting two different things, never to agree on how they see the monster of a man keeping your fate in the palm of his hand.
"Besides, you're mine to play with, Princess. You didn't forget your debt, did you? I think it's about time you start paying up."
Join my taglist?
Aaaaand there goes some smut, finally, for Player Dabi! You might have noticed I'm still making this last and it's just a foretaste before a real smut scene but the request was just too amazing for me not to write it, thank you so much for this ndjsknd
Please tell me if you liked it!! ❤
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cybersvoid · 5 months ago
❥ Big Bad Wolf
Tumblr media Tumblr media
♡ Pairings: Dabi x Reader 
✏ Summary: Little Red Riding Hood AU. You just wanted to deliver a basket of goodies to your grandma’s house, but you end up getting mixed up with a wolf who want’s more than just your basket...
!!Warnings!!: [18+ NSFW] Manipulation, Cursing, Virginity Loss, Dubcon, Breeding, Threats, Stalking, etc.
Tumblr media
“Are you sure you can do this?” Your mom repeated cautiously.
“Yes, mother.”
“Let’s go over everything once more. Just to be safe.”
You let out a deep sigh before straightening your posture and starting over again. “I am to deliver this basket of goodies straight to grandmas house. Once I’m there, I will stay for a few days, and the-”
“Six days! Max.” Your mother corrected.
“Once I’m there, I will stay for a few days. Six days max.” You repeated, “and then I’m supposed to come straight home. No exceptions! Along the way, I will stick to the trail, and I’ll watch out for wolves!”
“Yes! Stay away from those beasts! They’re nothing but trouble.”
“Yes, mother.”
“Okay, okay... and here. Put this in your basket too.” Your mother added, placing a jar of some weird-looking goo off to the side “and some extra cookies, bandages, and… ooo this bottle of wine! Do you think she needs a book as well?”
“Mother, if you keep adding more stuff, I won’t be able to carry this basket all the way there! What is all of this stuff anyway?” You questioned frustratedly. 
Ever since your mother had gotten word that your dear old grandmother was bedridden, she hasn’t been taking it well. Sick with worry, but unable to visit because of how busy she was, you offered to go in her stead, and maybe help your grandma for a few days until she could get back on her feet. She normally doesn’t like you making the journey alone, in fact, this would be your first time ever being away by yourself, but she didn’t have much room for protest. 
She was swamped with work, ever since some rabbits got into her garden, she’s been having a hard time keeping up with the supply and demand of the townspeople. She just didn’t have enough veggies leftover to make enough of a profit on, so she really didn’t have any extra time to spare to help Grandma. But it’s not like your grandmother was terribly ill, just a small cold, but your mother said that at her age, even a small cold could be dangerous for the old woman. So here you are. Volunteering to deliver some goodies, and house sit until she’s well again.
“Just some aloe vera from the garden, last time we visited she seemed a little low, and you know an injury at her age could be dan-”
“Dangerous, yes mother, I know.”
“Oh good! And the wine and cookies are a nice treat for her since she can’t get out of bed. Same for the book. It’ll be something for her to enjoy while laying around. Don’t you think so?”
“Yes, mother. But if I’m supposed to make it before sunset today. I need to start heading out.”
“You’re right. I suppose I’m just a little nervous is all.” She sighed. “Okay… don’t forget your water bottle for the trip. Then give me one great big hug and hurry out the door before I change my mind!” You giggled at your mothers’ silliness, giving her the biggest hug you could manage before walking out the door. “Stick to the trail! And stay away fro-”
“From wolves!” You called back at her. Giving her one last wave and a smile before running off towards the woods.
You were so excited to see your grandma and finally being allowed out on your own, that you didn’t stop running until you were almost out of breath. Your mother was a tad overprotective, so you weren’t really allowed to do much of anything on your own growing up, and even after you turned eighteen, you still had a very short leash, so being allowed out like this was a real treat. You could hardly contain your excitement, tightening your red hood ever so slightly, while humming in anticipation as you came closer to the usual fork in the road. 
“Well, aren’t we in a good mood.” A voice called out. You followed the voice to a man making his way out of the forest. Bundle of branches in one arm, and an ax in the other. He was older looking, but not as old as grandma, and not as young as your mother, with a big bushy beard and a bright smile. “Where are we off to on such a nice day?”
“Oh, I’m just visiting my grandma!” You replied, returning his smile with one of your own. “Are you a woodcutter?”
“I am indeed, little miss, and aren’t you the observant one.” He gave you a small bow before he released a deep laugh bellowing through the woods. You giggled slightly at the man’s childish behavior. 
“If you don’t mind me asking, where exactly does your grandma live? Over by Mossy Creek? Or Blue Lake?”
“She lives by Blue Lake… why do you ask?” You questioned curiously. Did he maybe know your grandma?
“Well, since your granny lives up by Blue Lake, that means you’ll be taking the path on the left side, correct?” He asked, motioning up ahead to the fork in the road.
“Actually, my mother and me always take the one on the right… is that… not-”
“Tsk tsk tsk. Common mistake! If you take the path on the left, it’ll actually get you up towards Blue Lake faster.”
“Umm, but mother sai-”
“I’m sure she thought that the path on the right was faster. In fact, most folks do. But trust in me. I’ve been going in and out of these woods since before you were in diapers. No one knows them better than me. Now, you most certainly don’t have to trust me. I just wanted to get you to your dear old grannies sooner is all.” He explains, raising both shoulders in defense.
He had a point. There was no harm in taking the shorter route and the sooner you got there the better.
“I’ll take your advice. Thank you very much, sir!” You waved goodbye before turning down the left path hearing the man call out a ‘be safe’ before you disappeared from view.
You had a weird feeling in the pit of your stomach for a bit of time now. Maybe it was the change in pattern, or maybe it was your mothers’ voice echoing in your head just making you overly paranoid, but you’ve had the strangest feeling for quite a while now that someone has been watching you.
You’ve been walking down the path, the man told you about for miles. Your water bottle was completely empty, and you were starting to get awfully thirsty. Was this really a shortcut? Or did you get turned around along the way? You definitely don’t remember the trip taking nearly this long when it was you and your mother. You sighed, starting to get a little frightened, but not entirely wanting to admit it to yourself. You picked up your pace a little more before a sound close by caught your ear. It sounded like… water?
You followed the noise and sure enough, there it was, a rapid flowing stream. Perfect for refilling your water bottle. You placed your basket down and made your way over to the river. Bending down carefully before the water started filling into your bottle quicker than you could register. The sheer force of the stream had caught you completely off guard, causing you to lose your balance and fall forward.
You closed your eyes and let out a screech, ready to be swept away by the current before you felt an arm wrap around you, pulling you into someone… or should you say something.
“My my my. That sure was careless of you.” A deep unfamiliar voice chuckled, the vibrations in their chest so deep, you felt them on your back while pressed up against them. Panic shooting through your body, you pushed off of them falling right to the ground. It hurt, but you didn’t let that stop you, scurrying away until you deemed the distance safe enough to turn around.
You frantically flipped your body over, only to be met with the bright blue eyes of a beast. His fangs were sharp, peaking through his lips ever so slightly. His ears and tail twitch with a rhythm that could only be compared to a cat ready to pounce on its prey. The only difference was that this was definitely not a house cat. He was much, much bigger. Towering over you like a true beast, just like the one your mother warned you about.
“Well, someone’s jumpy. Aren’t they? And after I went through all that trouble to save you, you go and get yourself hurt anyway.” He scolds, plastering on a fake frown and motioning towards your leg. You look down and realize he’s right. There was a gash on your knee, blood coating the area. It must’ve happened in your tumble, but with your current state of fear, you didn’t even realize it was there.
The wolf begins to kneel in front of you, and you attempt to make a run for it, but he grabs your ankle before you get the chance, pulling you back towards him in a matter of seconds. It’s no use. He’s bigger, faster, and stronger than you. You never stood a chance.
“I don’t suppose you have any bandages in that basket, do you?” 
You don’t respond. In shock from this whole situation, but the wolf isn’t a very patient man. Not wanting to wait for a response that he can’t guarantee will come, he leans over you, his chest just barely touching your face as he grabs your basket from behind you. The sudden close proximity has you trembling once again.
He watched as you shivered, with that terrified little look in your eyes, and he’d be lying if he said he wasn’t turned on. There was just something about you. A sweet innocent girl, cowering beneath him that had him wanting to rip that hood (amongst a few of your other clothing items) right off.
“Calm down. I’m not hungry at the moment, so you don’t have anything to be afraid of. Have I caused you any harm yet?”
You contemplated for a moment. He saved you from falling in the river, and even now he’s patching up your knee for you. So he had a point, the only harm that came to you was because of your own doing. And there was no doubt in your mind that if he wanted you dead. You would be. Plain and simple. So you shook your head ‘no’.
“Sorry, what was that?” He questioned.
“N-no… you haven’t hurt me.” You answered honestly.
Your voice. Ohh your voice. He smirked, fangs shining in the evening sunset, almost making you want to run away again. What he wouldn’t give to have you moaning out his name with that whiney little voice of yours.
“Mmm, what’s your name, bunny?” He questioned, emptying out the contents of your basket in search of the supplies he needed.
“Y/N. My name is, Y/N.”
“Well, Y/N. You can call me, Dabi.” He grinned, pulling out the bandaids and placing your leg on his thigh. “I’m just going to clean it before I wrap it. So stay still.”
Without warning, Dabi began dragging his long wet tongue over the wound, causing you to gasp at the unfamiliar feeling, and tug your leg away. But his grip was too strong.
“I said ‘stay still’ didn’t I?” He warned, flashing a dangerous look your way.
“I-it feels weird.” You tried to explain.
“Weird?” He grinned, repeating the phrase while cocking his head to the side. “How does it feel weird?”
How were you supposed to explain this feeling? You’ve never felt anything like it. All you know is that as soon as his tongue touched you, you started feeling tingly in the pit of your stomach along with more… intimate areas.
Truth be told, you didn’t have to explain. Dabi knew exactly what you were feeling, but he also knows just how innocent you are. After all, you didn’t even notice how you were being set up by that ‘kind’ woodcutter. You didn’t even realize how after he sent you off on the wrong path, he followed close behind probably to… well probably to do just what it was that Dabi was planning to do. But luckily for you, Dabi was there, and… well let’s just say there was a reason Dabi wasn’t hungry by the time he caught back up with you. But you wouldn’t know anything about that. You’re too naive for your own good.
“It just...tickles?” You questioned, almost as if you were unsure yourself of what you were saying.
Oh, how he could eat you up after seeing just how embarrassed you got at this question. You didn’t need to answer him. He knew exactly where it tickled. 
“M-my stomach.”
“Oh? Does it tickle anywhere else maybe?” He pushed further. Eager to get you to blurt out the answer he really wanted. “You can tell me. We’re friends after all. I did just save you a moment ago.”
Friends? Did he really think of you as a friend? And does that mean it was really okay to tell him? You suppose he seemed nice enough, and he hasn’t really given you a reason not to trust him. Maybe… it was okay. You were probably overthinking it anyway. This feeling could be perfectly normal.
“I-It tickles… down there” You mumbled, abashedly motioning to the lower part of your body.
Jesus christ you were driving him crazy!
“Oh, right here?” He stated casually, reaching under your dress and cupping your heat through your panties. The sudden invasion had you trying to scurry away, but Dabi’s grip on your ankle remained unwavering.
“You shouldn’t do that!” You screeched at him, but he was completely unphased by your reaction. Slowly starting to rub two fingers up and down the folds of your slit through your underwear.
“Hmm? Why not? You like it don’t you?”
“N-no!” You whimpered, just as he started picking up the pace slightly. You felt a strange throbbing coming from the top of your slit. Like your body was asking for something, but you weren’t sure what it was.
“No? Then why are you so wet?” He asked, pushing your panties aside and sliding his bare fingers through the folds of your pussy. He brushes against your clit ever so slightly as he rubs you down there, causing a tiny jolt to shoot through your body, making your back curve as if anticipating something that wasn’t quite there. You whine as he takes his fingers away, holding two of them in front of you and pulling them apart, revealing a clear substance stringing across them. “See?” He questions, before taking both fingers in his mouth and licking them clean.
“Stop it!” You screeched pulling at his arm so he would take his fingers out of his mouth. Why was he being so weird? Is this normal for wolves?
“But you taste good. Want me to prove it to you?” He didn’t wait for an answer before pulling you into his lap. Your legs falling on either side of him as your hands grabbed into his shoulders for support. The pressure on your injured knee hurt, but he straightened your legs out, so you were sitting in his lap, instead of supporting yourself on it. 
You felt so small in his legs. Your head barely reaching the lower part of his chest. Were all wolves this big?
Dabi began lowering himself, his face inching closer to your own before colliding his lips with yours in a deep hunger. You’ve never kissed anyone before. You desperately tried to keep rhythm with him, but he was being so rough. And just as you were finally catching up, he pushed his tongue into your mouth with no warning. It was so big and long that you almost felt yourself choking on it. For a moment there, you could’ve sworn he slid it down your throat on purpose, causing you to gag, and push against his chest in desperation for freedom. You couldn’t breathe. He was suffocating you. You thought for sure you were only moments away from passing out due to lack of air, but right before you did, he pulled away, leaving you a panting mess as you desperately tried to get oxygen flowing back into your lungs.
“See, don’t you taste sweet?” You didn’t respond. Too preoccupied with trying to catch your breath. “What’s wrong? Wolf got your tongue?” He grinned, his sharp teeth in perfect view. You’ve never seen them this close before and it was a little scary.
“You shouldn’t kiss someone without their permission! Kissing is supposed to happen between two people who love each other.” You tried to explain. Since he was a wolf, you were sure he just didn’t know what was okay, and what wasn’t, when it comes to humans.
“Then have you kissed someone before?”
“Well… no.” 
He figured as much, but it was still exciting to hear that he was your first. No one else has touched you, and if they valued their lives, they never would. “Was there something wrong with the way I kissed you?”
“You were really rough. It was scary, I thought I was going to suffocate. A-and your tongue! It’s too long and big!” You didn’t even realize that there was something hard poking into your intimate area until he started pushing it against you ever so slightly as you spoke.
“Wolves have a lot of things that are big, in comparison to cute little humans like you. Wanna see something else that’s big?” He whispered right next to your ear, sending a shiver down your spine.
“I-I think I should get going.” You stuttered, not liking the hungry look in his eyes as he talked to you. “My grandma, s-she’ll worry.”
“What’s the rush? We’re just getting started.” He quickly leaned forward so you were on the ground pinned underneath him as he held himself over you. One hand was on the ground next to your head, while the other began unbuttoning his belt removing it, and lowering his pants and boxers in one swift motion.
His cock sprung free from the restraints of his pants. Causing your eyes to lock onto it, your jaw dropping due to the shock of just how big he was. You shyly tore your eyes away, trying to look anywhere but his crotch. 
“I really should get going!” You panicked.
“I don’t think you’re going anywhere. Now shut the fuck up. You’re going to lie there and take my cock like a good little bunny. Understand?” He cooed tearing your panties off and reaching off to the side to grab something. You started weeping in fear of what was about to happen to you.
No way… there was no way this was happening. He wasn’t actually planning on putting that thing inside you? Was he??
“It can’t go in me! It won’t fit! Please?!” You cried out, desperation clear in your voice.
“Don’t worry. We can make it fit.” Seeming to find what he was looking for, he leaned back over returning to his original position with the jar of aloe vera your mom had packed. Towering over you once again, he opened it up before rubbing it around on his cock. Humming in approval as he did so.
“Hey!” You whined, “That’s for my grandma.” He quirked an eyebrow at your response, rolling his eyes as he reached his hand in for a second helping.
“Do you think I give two shits about your grandma?” He snarls. “I don’t! I’m doing this bullshit for you, so maybe, just maybe, this might hurt a little less and be a little more enjoyable. Do you want it to hurt?”
You shook your head in response, eyes tearing up, due to how fearful of making him mad you were. “Exactly. So be a good little, bunny. And let me take care of you. This is going to help you get rid of that tickly feeling in here” he states as he rubs the gooey substance all around your little cunt, a dirty squelching sound filling up the forest, “I promise.”
It was cold. Really cold. It made your nipples perk up as chills ran down your body. “Now stay still.” He lined up the head of his cock with your entrance before forcing his way in through your tight hole. He was barely able to hold himself back as you whined in pain. “It hurts! It hurts, Dabi!” You cried out. Tears streaming down your face. “Y-you said-”
“I said it might help.” He silences as he pushes further in, not even giving you any time to get adjusted before his cock is buried fully inside you. You feel it twitching deep within you against your tight walls. 
After taking a few deep breaths to collect himself, Dabi reaches over for the bottle of wine he had tossed aside while looking for the bandages, popping the cork and downing the red liquid.
“That’s for m-” A sharp glare he sent you, had you swallowing your words in your throat. But apparently, that wasn’t the only thing Dabi wanted you to swallow as he connected your lips, pushing the liquid from his mouth to yours, forcing you to take in gulp, after gulp, until you were coughing it up everywhere.
“Good, little bunny.” He praised, ever so slowly pulling his cock out from inside you, only to ram it back in without warning. You cried out, back arching at the sudden intrusion. But Dabi paid no mind. Continuously pounding into you repeatedly as you whined at this new feeling building up inside of you. 
God, he waited a long time for this. Month after month of watching you and that whore you call a mother go over to your Grandma’s house. How many times had he watched the two of you from afar? Just waiting for the day when you came through the forest alone. Sure he might’ve helped a little. Tearing up your mother’s garden in the middle of the night, or leaving your Grandmas’ window open on a particularly chilly evening while she was asleep in bed. But none of that matters now, because here you are. Cowering underneath him, while he breeds you like the good little bunny you are. He can’t wait until the day where he has you trained on just how to take his cock, but for now, this innocent version of you will work just as well.
“D-dabi? It hurts. Please. C-can’t you be more gentle?”
“Mmm, fuck! Call out my name just like that, bunny, and I might consider going easier on you.” It was a lie of course. He had no intention of slowing his pace in the slightest, you were just too good of a fuck, but your trusting nature doesn’t even seem to account for the fact that anyone could ever lie to you.
“Again.” He commanded.
“Dabi!” You cried out, as he hoisted you into the air, his dick never once pulling out from inside you as he changed positions. He wrapped an arm around your back, securing your body against his, as started fucking you mid-air. Your head was spinning, and you didn’t know if it was from the wine, or all these new sensations overwhelming your body and mind.
As your mind started fading out, you were quickly brought back into your body when you felt Dabi’s hot tongue lick from your shoulder all the way up to your neck. It tickled, distracting you from the pain and pleasure coming from your lower half, but only for a moment until his tongue was replaced by his teeth sinking into your shoulder. You wailed at the pain, feeling his teeth make their way through your flesh. Somehow this pain was much worse than the feeling of Dabi stretching out your tiny hole. At least you were somewhat prepared for that intrusion. This one had caught you completely off guard.
As he continued to pound into you with no mercy, you began losing feeling in your body, barely able to hold yourself upright. Dabi, seeming to pick up on this, moved you back to the ground. Placing you down on all fours, the pain in your knee was now the last thing on your mind as he continued to fuck you doggy style with no feelings of remorse for your currently dazed state.
“Come on now, we’re not done yet.”
His arm was under your stomach, keeping you up as he began frantically rubbing circles on your clit. The tingly feeling from earlier returning, even stronger than before. That feeling, mixed with the feeling of his dick entering you, again and again, had your body shivering. An unknown sensation was growing stronger and stronger, causing your breathing to become erratic and your muscles to start twitching.
“I’m going to fill you up until my cum is dripping out of this hole” he grunted, the force of his dick pistoning into you becoming more sloppy by the second. He was getting close.
“N-no! Please don’t” You didn’t like the sound of this. He wanted to ‘fill you up’ but you already felt as if you were stretched as far as you could go. You don’t think your body would be able to handle it anymore.
“No? But don’t you little bunnies love being bred like sluts?”
“I-I’m not a bunny!” You tried to explain.
“Oh… but you are a slut then?” He questioned.
No! That wasn’t what you meant at all. Why was he twisting your words around like this? Did he enjoy messing with you? You didn’t even have the capacity to explain further before you felt your vision going blurry, finally finding yourself being pushed to the edge as your body went limp, spasming in pure post-orgasmic ecstasy.
“Mmm, fuck, bunny! Your clenching around my dick so fucking tight. You really wanna milk me dry don’t ya? Well if you want it that bad, I guess I’ll be kind enough to help you out.”
He picked up his pace a bit more, his hands gripping your hips so tight that his nails started digging into your skin as he kept your ass in the air. The sensation was sending you into overdrive. You felt overly sensitive to every move he made. It made you start crying out with what little strength you had left. It was too much. It was all way too much. With one last shove, he unleashed his load deep inside your cunt, causing a warm feeling to erupt within you. It almost felt like your belly was going to explode with just how much leaked out of him. 
The two of you stayed like that for a bit, his dick sending pulse after pulse of hot cum into your womb, until he pulled out, leaving you feeling almost empty without the feeling of his big dick inside of you. He released you from his grip, allowing your body to slump into the ground. The cold leaves sprawled across the forest floor felt soothing against your hot skin.
You started to feel something trickling out of you, slipping past your folds and dripping down your thigh before Dabi stopped it, dragging whatever the hot liquid was back up your leg and using his finger to push it back inside of you. He pumped his fingers in and out of you a few more times for good measure, causing you to squirm slightly, but the boom of his voice snapped you right back into place.
“Hey now! Don’t go wasting any of this shit. Or I’ll fuck you all over again you hear me?” Not trusting your own voice, all you could do was nod, too weak to attempt anything more than that. “Good. I want my pups in that belly of yours, and I don’t care how many times we gotta do this to make that happen.”
You couldn’t make sense of what he was saying. Everything was becoming so foggy and all you really wanted to do right now was rest. You felt your eyes begin to flutter shut before Dabi started mumbling to himself.
“You humans sure are weak little creatures aren’t you? You really are like a bunny.” There were faint shuffling sounds, mixed with the clattering of what sounded like objects being knocked into each other before it was silent once again. Right as you had given up on keeping conscious, you felt your body being lifted off the ground before falling into a deep sleep.
“Y/N?... Y/N?” You heard someone call out, waking you from your sleep… that voice… you knew that voice…
“Grandma?” You croaked out, forcing your eyes open.
“Yes, Angel! What exactly are you doing out here? Did that mother of yours send you over?” She sighed, “That girl has always been a worrier... and why on gods green earth would you sleep on the porch swing? I’m sure the guest room is much comfier.”
Porch swing? You questioned, as you began regaining consciousness. You lifted your head to look around and saw that she was telling the truth. The pillow for the swing was tucked behind your head, while your red hood was draped over your body. Even your basket was here, pushed off beside you, but seemingly untouched.
“G-grandma, I-”
“Never mind then. I’m sure it was a long journey to make on your own” She dismissed with a wave of her hand, “Not to mention you always were absentminded. Even as a child. Now just forget it and hurry inside! Hasn’t your mother ever warned you that there are wolves about?”
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