#yandere demon slayer x reader
If you want requests, here’s one for KNY if you’ll accept it:
Yandere (two moons of your choice) with an s/o who supplies Michael Jackson with troops. They’re essentially his business partner.
They do attend meetings sometimes only because Nakime didn’t bother to teleport them out xD
You didn't say "upper Moons." YEEEEEEE!!! Do you know what this means? That means I finally get an excuse to write more yandere Enmu. I've been waiting for this day for half a year. I also write this to Douma because he is my favorite character. And I write Akaza too because too may good ideas I have. Thats reason why I like Yoda sound.
Yandere Enmu
Tumblr media
At first, Enmu would not be interested in you.
He has seen you in some meetings but has not paid more attention to you.
But then he gets to know that you’re really close with Muzan.
So here is Enmu your new stalker best friend.
He wants to get on well with Muzan with your help.
Enmu only wants to take advantage of you at first.
Of course you would talk good things about your best friend to Muzan. Right?
And at the same time, Enmu is developing a really big obsession with you.
Because you’ve got Muzan’s attention, you have to be special.
And when he gets to know you, Enmu realizes that you are really special.
Now he wants to spend time with you 24/7.
Enmu worships you.
He emphasizes how dangerous other demons are and how he can protect you.
That’s why you and he need to be together all the time.
Enmu is also really eager to help you.
Whatever you do, you can't get rid of him.
Muzan is certainly glad that one of his creditors is your partner.
This will give him more power over you and strengthen your "business partnership".
"Y/N Remember when you said you would marry me if I received the blessing of Master Muzan? Well I talked about it with him and Master Muzan thought it was a really good idea. Why do you look disappointed my love? *Enmu hugs you* This means we can be together forever."
Yandere Douma
Tumblr media
Douma would have seen you in a few upper moon meetings.
He always wondered who you were and why you were staring at Nakime the way you planned her murder.
And Douma's interest only grew when it seemed that none of the other upper moons knew who you were.
( Escape to the mountains while you still have a chance.)
So he decided to ask Nakime about it.
And now he understands a lot more things.
Douma is trying to become your friend with you and he starts talking to you often.
( Now it is too late to escape to the mountains. )
And then Douma notices something really weird.
You make him feel feelings.
Really twisted and distorted emotions but of course Douma doesn’t understand it.
He wants to spend a lot more time with his “loved one”.
Douma often bribes Nakime to ignore your requests to teleport you away.
Especially during meetings when you are forced to sit on his lap.
Douma really won't let you go.
Being important to Michael Jackson would limit Douma’s tendencies a bit.
But you can be sure that a member of the Douma's cult will follow you whenever he can’t be there.
"Oh dear, didn't Nakime teleport you away again? * Douma hugs you and pulls you in his arms * Now you have to stay here for the duration of the meeting. *smile *"
Yandere Akaza
Tumblr media
Akaza would be really interested when he first saw you at the meeting.
Are you a new upper moon?
How strong are you?
Really soon he will find out that you are a Muzan's business partner.
So that means you have to be really strong.
Now Akaza really wants to fight you.
And after the fight, he is disappointed.
But Akaza is sure you have some potential.
You’ve just got yourself an over-zealous personal trainer.
Akaza won't really leave you alone.
He is also trying to isolate you really actively from humans and demons.
Except, of course, from Muzan.
He also “protects” and “tries to help” with your duties.
Once again, Muzan is the only one who can make him stop.
And once again, Muzan wants more power over you so he doesn’t care about Akaza’s actions.
Fucking Michael Jackson.
"Y/N Who is that weak demon you're talking to? Shouldn’t we practice more together. You can't waste your time weakness can be contagious."
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misslili265 · 2 months ago
Could you do some over protective (almost obsessive) Rengoku x clueless quiet reader?
Hey darling, sure I can do, I hope you like this one. I believe this can be a soft yandere...(Guys, again... My native language it's Portuguese)
Kyojuro X Clueless quiet reader
Soft Yandere
Tumblr media
Rengoku delivered the blow that saved your life.  You had your arms covering your face, waiting for certain death, until the pillar of flames appeared and cut off the oni's head, in front of your eyes. 
When you saw that you survived, you were able to catch back your lost breath, and thanked the brave warrior. 
You, after the shocking episode, even though you were very shy, thought that the least you could do is bring him to come into your residence and have a cup of tea.  Kyojuro was ok, but that was a lot of information for you.  You are silently pouring tea into both cups. 
Kyojuro observes how you're still shaking a little, and in his carefully observation he realizes even more about you, that your features are exactly something he could admire for the rest of his life, Rengoku's fiery eyes roam all over your beautiful forms, he watches your hair , arms, your way. 
In your timid deed of thanks, you like an evil witch, bewitch the gentleman before you.  Kyojuro had no way to defend himself from your charms.  And everything has a price y/n, whether you know it or not.  You sit and are sipping your tea from a distance, realizing that you are not of many words, Kyojuro doesn't mind, actually being the opposite of him, the pillar of flames is free to talk as much as he wants.  After a few important questions he widens his eyes.  Without family?  Kyojuro understood the reason for being there, his fate, he was designated to be your protector.  While for you it was a time to show being kind to someone who saved your life.  He said goodbye to you with a warm smile.  You retired to try to get a good night's sleep, at least try after the scare. 
Despite not knowing, Kyojuro spent most of the time he had to watch over your house.  And realizing that you were in no danger he withdrew.  But the disquieting thoughts of the pillar of flames did not leave his presence.  You, your delicacy, everything you were was haunting Rengoku's mind.  As the days go by, you "coincidentally" see your Savior in the surroundings.  Do you need supplies?  When you go to the market, he waves at you.  And it looks like the man who saved you is responsible for the entire area.  Your thoughts are.  "There must be several of those monsters around here, as this man has been watching everything since that day." 
Today, you went out in the early evening for a meeting with your friends, you are fragrant and well groomed.  When changing steps you are faced with a flaming gaze.  "- Hi y/n, how have you been?" 
You are intrigued and respond with a polite "hi".
With a serious expression Kyojuro said.  "- I'll escort you on your way, just yesterday I had to kill another oni that was around here. Do you think it's a good idea to go out at night?" 
You're looking into Kyojuro's determined eyes, and you don't have a right answer.  Without asking if he could or not, Kyojuro just do what he said, he escorts you.
  You are embarrassed, and not understanding whether such care is needed.  Rather, "he killed a monster yesterday, didn't he?" 
You are then still silent, offering no resistance.  You were just wondering what it would be like to arrive at an intimate meeting with your friends, with a man with a sword on his hip.  Upon arrival, your friends didn't seem to mind Kyojuro's presence.  Unlike you, your friends knew right away that he was on his knees for you.  Kyojuro was not rude to your friends, but made sure to show why he was with you.  Kyojuro's body language said he was your protector.  Always around as if forming a barrier against anyone, if necessary smoothing the sword hilt to show how far he would go for you.  You say goodbye to your friends, and Kyojuro takes you home.  Upon arriving at your door he utters a firm sentence.  "- Y/n, don't go out anymore at night, please. I might not be able to escort you at some point, and we don't want something bad to happen, do we?"
  You realize that it was crossing a line, you are silently trying to process everything, and Kyojuro, realizing your discomfort, softens the words with gestures.  He approaches, and softly tucking some of your hair with his fingers behind your ear he says.  "- You understand that I'm trying to protect you, don't you dear?"  You nod your head. 
In the days that follow, being alone begins to become a distant reality.  Your new "friend" Kyojuro is always present.  He opens the door to your home "announcing" his arrival, often bringing you gifts and pampering you in many ways.  Questions are constant.  Where have you been, with whom, where?  But you know it isn't, that it's all part of the Pillar of Flame's generosity in protecting you, such a helpless creature?  You were convincing yourself that Kyojuro's "kindness" was out of fear that something bad would happen to you, or anyone else in the area where you live.
But you understood your new reality, when you came out of your bath wrapped in your towel, and heard a voice scolding you from your room window, before you even left to put on your robes.  "- Y/n, close this window , someone may see you naked. Please be more discerning."  Kyojuro speaks, shaking his head in disapproval.
  You are shocked, your eyes can not believe it, and if before you were unaware of Kyojuro's behavior, now you understand that he's gonna be with you in all your moments, whether you like it or not.  After all... He has to fulfill his duty of being your designated protector...
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sassysaxsolo · 3 months ago
Life and Death
Tumblr media
Warning: Abuse, Neglect, suicidal thoughts, self harm, grief, depression, attempted non-con, non-con, violence, gore, bloodshed, reader needs help, ALOT of help, Kyojuro being a pure oblivious boi. Akaza being sneaky
As the waning moon stares down at me with pity. I fold myself in half. An endless river of tears streamed down from both my eyes. My throat had become dry but that did not stop me from sobbing out the name of the only man I had ever loved.
He was everything to me, the very being that kept me strong, the only person I saw a future with.
And that horrible bitch stole him from me. I knew from the very beginning that she never loved him, she only used him as a tool to hurt me. All she’s ever wanted was to see me suffer. For what reason? I don’t know.
Some people are just born evil.
There was no future for me anymore. Within my five years in this organisation, I had many friends, I had also lost many friends. People all around me drop like flies, this one though, is the ultimate betrayal. It felt like someone had ripped my heart out and kicked me in the throat.
Life is hard. Life is full of suffering. Life isn’t fair.
Death would be easier. Death would be peaceful.
I take my sword from its sheath and line it up towards my heart, hopefully a demon would pass by and gobble up my remains so I wouldn’t be found. I take in a breath of fresh air and exhale. The forest was beautiful, cherry blossoms were in full bloom and the grass smelt amazing. I couldn’t have picked a more beautiful place to die.
I grip the handle and prepare to plunge it in.
“Hello (Y/n) san!” I snapped my head to my right without a moment's notice, my sword was kicked from my hands. It flew into the air and landed 20 ft to my left. I look at the culprit once again to register who he is and I freeze.
“A-Akaza…” I stutter. That put a massive grin on his face. “Ah! So you do remember me! It has been two years after all..”
I feel myself shake within his presence but I harden myself and sit straight. “I could never forget the face of an upper moon.”
He laughs, probably feeling quite prideful of his title. “Well I could never forget a woman like you, (Y/n) san.” He paces around me, with his hands behind his back, observing me like a fine piece of art. “Last time we met, you were a Hinoto. Yet you had such a fight in you. Now? After two years, you’re Kinoe! But now you point your sword to your own heart? Why is that?”
I scoff and turn my head from him. “How do you know about my rank? And what makes you think I’m obligated to tell you anything?” He chuckled and sat right down next to me. “Well, I make it a point to check in on my favourite demon slayer whenever opportunity seeks me. And to answer your next question, you’re not by any means obligated to tell me anything.”
This was weird, I had expected him to start acting sadistic and rip my arm off already but no. He turns to look me in the eye, I gaze into his golden eyes that read ‘Upper Three’ His body was covered head to toe in strange striped tattoos and his physique had been hand molded by the kami themselves.
He was gorgeous for a demon, but then again at the end of the day, that's all he was. A demon and I am a demon slayer. It was taboo of me to describe a demon with such colourful and pretty words. “But you are killing yourself, aren’t you? I figured, I might listen to your troubles. After all, I am the last person who you’ll see and talk to before you do the deed. So why not?”
I see his point. Besides kicking my sword out of my hand, he hasn’t acted that much hostile towards me. What could be the harm in telling him? After all, I do plan on ending my life afterwards. Nothing more could hurt me.
“I guess I could.. But where do I start …?” I quietly whimpered. Akaza tapped his chin before clicking his fingers. “How about the first time you felt...wronged? The time you felt so angry and sad but couldn’t do anything about it.”
I tucked my knees into my chest and shivered a bit at the cold, The Upper moon wrapped a surprisingly warm arm around my shoulders. I thanked him for it. “I guess it really started about nine years ago, when my brother left to become a demon slayer…”
I was only a kid when he decided to leave. I lived in a nice big mansion in a very wealthy village. My parents were landowners and the proprietors of a vast mine that produced many minerals like diamonds, rubies, sapphires. You name it.
My older sister Mikako was the most beautiful girl in our village. Graceful and perfect in every way and she despised me since the day I was born. She would pour water on my futon and tell my parents I wet it and she would always steal my toys, gaslighting me by saying they were hers and that I was the one stealing the toys.
Whenever there was an argument between us, my parents would automatically defend her. My mother would scream. “Enough (Y/n)! Screaming at your older sister is bad form and improper of you!” and my father would roar. “Stop with these petty lies about your sister and grow up (Y/n)!” That's how the conversations always went.
My parents loved to dote on her, buying her beautiful kimonos and the most expensive jewellery and the best toys her heart desired. On the other hand, All I received were her hand-me-downs and plain basic kimonos. She also spread lies to all the other kids in town that I wasn’t actually her sister, that I was actually an ugly witch my parents felt sorry for, all the kids would join her to poke fun at me.
She would abuse me verbally and physically and no one believed me. Except one person though.
My big brother, Sawao. 
Sawao was a big gentle giant in my eyes. Whenever I got hurt, he would kiss my boo boo and fix me up. If I was sad, he would put me in his lap and let me cry into his chest while he patted my back. He would bring me to the local restaurant where I could eat all the yummy food I wanted and we’d go down to the beach where he would help me find rocks and seashells and we’d splash in the water.
He was the heir of my fathers wealth and properties, until.. The day our village had been invaded by a demon. It had taken many innocent people from us, even a few of his friends. When the demon slayers came and exterminated the demon, Sawao made his decision.
“YOU CAN’T JOIN THE DEMON SLAYERS!” My father screamed as he slammed his fist down onto the table, shaking the cutlery and plates. I shivered at his words, I had never heard my father speak so angrily. “I can and I will Chichiue and there’s nothing you can do to stop me.” Sawao spoke firmly. 
My father ruled this town with an iron fist but my brother was the only one who had the courage to speak back to him. “If you do this, I will cut you off!  When I’m dead, you won’t get a cent from me! I’ll make sure it all goes to Mikako!” My sister’s eyes sparkled at the thought of receiving father’s entire fortune but then again, nothing new there.
“There is more to life than living comfortably in a big house with lots of wealth. People are suffering! I’d rather leave and go make a difference in the world than sit here miserably, knowing I could have done something! I will be gone within the week.” And with that, He sat up and left.
I quickly sat up from my seat and quickly followed him! “Anuie! Please don’t leave!” I cried as I grasped his leg. He stops and looks down at me. I had tears running down my eyes and snot dripping down my nose. “ If you leave, the demons will hurt you and I’ll be all alone!”
He bent down to face me. He smiled and patted my head. “I’m sorry, (Y/n) chan. But this is something I have to do.” I sniffled, he took a handkerchief to wipe my nose clean. “But whos gonna kiss me better and- and take me down to the beach to get me rocks- or - or eat with me at-”
“Shhhh!” He whispered as he pulled me into a hug, I sobbed into his shoulder. “You need to be strong for me, (Y/n). I need you to be strong for me and keep me in your prayers. Can you do that for me?”
I nodded sadly.
A week later, before he left, I made him a parting gift.
As he walked out the gate, no one came to say goodbye to him. They thought he was on a fool's errand but I knew, even at the tender age of ten, that this was his choice and I needed to respect that.  I ran out the door, trying to keep up with him. “Wait!” I cried.
He stopped and I had to breathe for a bit. “I..I made you something...!” 
He bent down to see what I had and I unfolded it. Despite being very young, I had a gift for sewing and embroidery. I had created him a red haori with a long golden dragon and orange butterflies covering the ends.  “Here! You’ll need this to stay warm!” I handed it to him and he observed the piece of clothing with fascination.
“Make sure you eat all your meals! Drink plenty of water and don’t forget to stay clean!” I cried. “Don’t stay out in the sun too long and don’t forget to wrap up warm for the winter!” He stopped me short when he pulled me in for a hug. “Thank you, (Y/n) chan. I’ll always wear it.”
He took off his pack and put on the Hoari, it suited him well, “What do you think (Y/n) Chan?” He asked charmingly. I laughed. “You look very handsome!” I put two thumbs up.
We said our goodbyes and he left.
Three years had passed since then. My sister’s abuse and my parent’s ignorance worsened. But I had found solace at the local tailor. She taught me how to improve my craft. I knew when my brother came back, he would probably need a new hoari. 
Three years since he left, I taught myself how to dissociate myself from my sister’s words and attacks and keep out of her way. It was for the best since neither my mother nor father would raise a finger to protect me. I was by myself but that was okay. I’ll be strong. For Sawao.
Tragedy finally struck when my Sawao finally came home. I had been by the koi fish pond reading haikus from my family’s old storage. Poetry was an escape from my sister, my parents and the blissful towns folk. No one could come into my world and cause me harm.
I heard the creek of the wooden gate and I thought that the gardener had finally come to take care of the flowers. “(Y/n) Chan?”
I was started by the voice, it was so familiar, When I whipped my head around. I saw him. Sawao was standing there. He was taller, wearing my hoari. He also was equipped with a standard demon slayer uniform and a sword attached to the buckle of his belt.
He stood with a young man, a few years older than me. He had long bright yellow hair with red streaks akin to flames along with two shoulder-length bangs and two chin-length bangs on the side of his head, black forked eyebrows, and golden eyes that faded to red with white pupils. His  physique suggested that he was incredibly strong and he had an overjoyed smile on his face.
“Anuie!” I screamed. I dropped my scroll and ran over to embrace my brother in a hug. “Why!? Why didn’t you come see me sooner?!” I cried. He laughed joyfully, rubbing the back of my head. “Forgive me, (Y/n) Chan! I was just so busy I didn’t get the chance to come visit you,”
I sniffled. I looked over at his companion and he put his hand on my back. “Kyojuro, I’d like you to meet my younger sister, (Y/n).” He raised his arm toward him and looked at me. “(Y/n), I’d like you to meet my friend. Rengoku Kyojuro.”
I straightened myself and bowed respectfully. “It is an honour to meet you, Rengoku san.” He in turn stood up straight. “It is an honour to finally meet my dear friend’s family! He talks about you quite often!” Sawao waved his hands frankly. “Kyojuro san..!”
“Really!? What did he say!?” I asked giddily. To think he would talk about me to his fellow demon slayers! “He tells me you are extremely beautiful and that you are the one who made him his Hoari. He speaks so fondly of you that many of us wish to meet you! I am so fortunate to be the first!” I blush at his words.
“R-Rengoku san..”
“Anuie sama!”
We turn to the door to see Mikako, in her newest kimono, trying to look as innocent as she can. “Mikako.” Sawao replies. A blank expression covers his face as she arrives. Kyojuro however smiles wider. “Sawao! You didn’t tell me you had another sister! She is just as gorgeous as (Y/n) here!”
I swallowed. This was going so well, why did she have to show up? “Oh my? Thank you, good sir! And who might you be?” She sang gracefully. Unfortunately, Rengoku was falling for her act. “Rengoku Kyojuro!”
She giggled. “Agawa Mikako~” 
My brother turned to face me. “I’m sorry (Y/n). Please meet us at the restaurant.” And with that, Sawao dragged Kyojuro away and out of the estate. I followed them and stopped by the door. I see Rengoku wave and I wave back, smiling.
When he turns around, I feel a pull at my hair. “Stupid Sow!” MIkako grabs me by the roots of my scalp and throws me into the flower bed. “Wipe that smile off your face! He was obviously waving at me!” She then proceeded to pick up dirt and throw it at me. “Don’t think for a minute that anyone would spare you a second glance! You’re a fat ugly cow!”
Before I can bite back, mother comes out of the house. “Goodness! What’s going on here?”
 “Hahaoya! (Y/n)’s playing in the flower bed!” It didn’t take long for my mother to come and yank me from my place. “Stupid child! Why would you do something as idiotic as that!? Now we need to get the gardener-”
I blocked out the ensuing noise of my mothers screams, telling me I was the worst thing that happened to this family. All I could see was my sister snickering by the ruined flower bed as I’m dragged inside the mansion.
After that unfortunate occurrence I was able to wash up and meet the boys down at the restaurant. We sat and ate the food while I asked them about their adventures as demon slayers. My brother had been taken under the wing of Kuwajima Jigar, the former thunder Hashira and had learned the art of thunder breathing.
Rengoku on the other hand had come from a long line of flame Hashiras and intended to become the next one. It was eye opening and broadened my vision. Sawao and Kyojuro came to town because of a recent massacre that occurred at the Osaki homestead just on the outskirts of the village.
They believe it is the work of a demon and that it could still be there.
I almost choked on my ebi prawns when Rengoku let out that roar. He stuck his chopsticks into his bowl and chewed on a piece of seasoned pork before screaming “UMAI!” again. I look over at my brother who has a rather large sweat mark on the side of his head, “Why is he shouting, Anuie?” I ask quietly.
He waves his hand. “It's just what he does… He believes that shouting umai makes the food taste better..” I don’t think that’s how food works…
But as I looked over at Rengoku who seemed to be thoroughly enjoying his food, I put some more food into my mouth and yelled. “UMAI!” Rengoku looked over at me,  my cheeks were full of food and red from the embarrassment I put myself in. He ate some more food before shouting “UMAI!” I followed his lead.
“Everyone please! We’re in a restaurant…!” Sawao begged nervously.
As night approached, we exited the restaurant. “Well, it's time for me and Kyojuro to head on over!” I grabbed him by his hoari and leaned in close to him.  It had been torn from time to time but looked like he had someone fix and mend it. It smelt clean and not like dirt or blood. “Do you wear it in battle?” I ask.
He nods. “Yep, because you made it, it gives me great luck!” I look up at my dear sweet older brother, anxiety fills my heart as I notice a scar on his nose. “Please be careful Anuie.” I look over at the flame breathing user. “And you two Rengoku san!”
He folds his arms and continues smiling. “Thank you for the concern (Y/n) san! You have no need to worry though! We will come back safely!” I smile in response to Rengoku’s positivity. Sawao makes a surprised face and begins to root through his pockets. “Oh yeah! I almost forgot to give you something (Y/n) Chan!” He pulls out a gorgeous spider lily hairpin. 
It looked like the real thing but it was shaped with wire and made with a crimson resin. Three separate lines of rubies dangled down from the hairpin itself, Giving it a sophisticated look. “Oh Anuie! It's so beautiful!” I gasp. This is the first piece of jewellery I had ever received and I couldn’t have been happier.
My brother smiles and pats my head. “We must be leaving now, Go home (Y/n), I will contact you as soon as I’m back.” He stepped away. He and Rengoku nod at each other as they both start to sprint towards their destination.
I turned on my feet and began to walk home. I twirled the hairpin in my hand and smiled. I like to imagine what I’d look like with my hair up and the pin in. Would I be gorgeous? Would I look pretty? Would I-
“Who gave you that hairpin!? Did you steal one of mine again!? Give it to me!”
I stopped in my tracks. As soon as I get home, Mikako will probably see it and try to take it from me! She will tell mom and dad that I stole another one of her hairpins and force me to give it to her. They buy her so many accessories like hairpins as such, they don’t remember half of them and think I did steal it
No way.
There's absolutely no way that she's getting her hands on this! I won’t let her, I gaze over at the higher class housing district, yes, Life is easy. I eat everyday, I have a nice futon to return to and I get to go to school. But my house doesn’t feel like a home. It feels more like a prison.
I don’t want to go home.
I turn around and head in the opposite direction where all the shops and services areas are. There's only one way into this town and that's by the gate. I go by the townsfolk blowing out the lights and closing down the stalls.
The lights by the gates remain lit thankfully. I pass the gate and walk halfway down the stone step. I sit down and gaze at the sky. A myriad of stars decorate the night sky and the moon shines brightly. I smile to myself and whisper “Kon'ya wa tsuki ga sutekidesu” to no one in particular.
I feel groggy and my body is cold. My eyes are heavy when I open them but I resist the urge to close them. I fell asleep on the stone steps, no wonder I was so cold! I shivered and felt something in my hand, I had clung on to the hair pin Sawao gave me.
I rub my eyes with my free hand and stand up, stretching my arms and legs. I let out a yawn as my bones crack uncomfortably. My neck felt extremely sore from sleeping on it lopsided. I really needed to get home. I’m positive everyone will be asleep  by now. I could find a place to hide my hair pin within that time-
I snapped my head towards a figure stumbling out of the woods. I couldn’t see them at first since they were mascaraed by the shadows of the tall trees. Once they were within the moon's light, I could see what looked to be a young man, the same age as Sawao. He was gripping the side of his neck and his clothes had been dyed red. He was injured.
“Sir! Are you okay?!” I ran down the steps and sprinted over to him, his hair was matted and covered his face. He had terrible cuts and bruises all over his body. “Sir! You don’t look well! You need to see a doctor!” I take his muscled arm and try to pull him along.
But he would move, he was like a buddha statue, heavy and unmoving. No matter how hard I pulled, he wouldn’t walk. “Please sir! You need to see a physician-”
“Shut up.”
I was startled by how deep his voice was. Then My eyes lingered on his body. His cuts and bruises were healing at a rapid rate and when I saw his hands, I was petrified.  On each finger, there was a sharp claw. The type of flesh shredding claw you only hear about in stories.
I let go of him and back away slowly. “I-I’m sorry..” He lifted his head and his hair moved from his face. His teeth were oh so sharp and his eyes were like that of a snake. A silted pupil. “What's wrong?” He asked, tilting his head, cracking his neck.
“You’re not scared of lil’ ol me? Are you?” He stalked closer to me and I continuously backed away. “P-Please! Please don’t! Please I beg of you!” He grabbed me by the neck and hoisted me into the neck. All the blood left my face and I struggled for air.
“Those damn demon slayers drove me out and now I’m starving! Nothing personal, kid! Although I must say, you might’ve grown into quite the beauty. It's unfortunate I need to eat!” He opened his big ugly maw and there I saw all his sharpened teeth. This was it! This is where I die. Sawao! Rengoku! Please help!
“Thunder Breathing! Fifth Form: Heat Lighting!”
Not even a second later, My brother came dashing forward, sword in hand and slashed the demon’s arm off, releasing me from his grip. “(Y/n)! RUN!”  But I couldn’t move. I was frozen in my place.
“YOU’RE MINE” The demon screamed as he reached out to me with his other arm.
I was pushed out of the way and I landed in the dirt.
I heard a squish sound, like minced meat being pulverized. I turned around and there it all unfolded.
“Gah! Urgh!” My brother stood there, His sword half way through the demon’s neck and the demon's arm in the gut of my older brother's abdomen. “Stupid sword’s man! This is the end of the line for you!” He cackled, removing his appendage from my brother’s gut and pushing him to the ground.
“SAWAO!!! NOOOOO!!!!!!” I screamed, racing over to him and shielding him from his attacker. “PLEASE! Don’t kill my big brother! Leave us alone!” I cried.
 The demon started laughing at us though, as if it were some funny joke to him. “Aww but your precious ‘Oni-chan’ is already dying. Tell you what, ‘Sawao’ kun, Instead of killing you right here and now, I’ll give you pleasure watching your cute little Imoto become a woman.”
The demon then proceeded to grab me again. “NO! Get away from her!” It only giggled at his response.
“Please Stop-!”
“Flame Breathing! First Form: Unknowing Fire!”
Rengoku came through the forest at rapid speed and took the demon’s hair clean off. “NOOO!!!” It roared. The demon released me from its grasp and fell to the ground, not moving.  I scoot away from it as its body slowly starts to disintegrate.
“(Y/n)! Are you hurt!?” Rengoku bent down next to me to check for any wounds. “Hm, you had a close call.” I sniffled and pointed over at Sawao. “My-my Anuie!..H-he-”
We scuffle over to my brother and watch as he lay dying. “B-brother! Anuie! I’m so sorry!” I sobbed into his chest, he raises his hand and caresses my cheek. “It's ok. Please don’t...cry…” He said with a gentle smile. I continued to cry, no matter how many times I wiped away the tears, more came to replace them.
“Saving you.... Was always something I was gonna put first… that what it means.... To be a demon slayer…” He coughed out blood and his face was turning paler and paler. “Hold on Sawao! Kakushi are on their way! You will be saved!” Rengoku stated. Sawao shook his head.
“Please Kyojuro, don’t give her false hope…” He took his hand off his wound, it was painted crimson scarlet. “Thank you..for being my friend..” He said soundly. He then turned to me and pulled me down to meet him. He kissed my forehead and sighed.
“You were always my favourite sister… Please, know your worth...and be good to yourself.... I love you…. (Y/n)…” He uttered. Then his hand fell from my cheek...and his soul passed on.
His funeral was a quiet one. He was buried with our grandfather at the old cemetery. My parents nor my sister said anything at all. Maybe it was the fact that Rengoku was there too. We were the last ones to see him alive after all. And I know my family wouldn’t want to cause drama with guests around.
He was buried in his uniform and with his sword. I clung onto his Hoari, folded in my hands as he was lowered into the ground and buried. My family didn’t stay long. Me and Rengoku just stayed there, unmoving. “I sent a crow to headquarters. They’ll make him a tombstone there so that we may remember him.” Rengoku stated. I turn around and stare at him in his uniform.
All I can see is Sawao.  Three years ago, he left home to train as a demon slayer and kill demons. They took many of his friends, friends he wouldn’t see again. I wore the red spider lily hairpin today, praying silently that one day I would meet my brother again in the next life. That black uniform that all the demon slayers wore.
With the kanji ‘destroy’
Only now after three years do I realise why my brother wanted to don that uniform. Not for the sake of endless revenge. But to ensure that what happened to him doesn’t happen to anyone else. He died saving me, yet that smile on his face and the look in his eyes.
Given the choice, he would probably do it all over again. Not just for me but for anyone else that was at the end of a demon’s teeth. “Rengoku san…” I uttered quietly …
He sat down beside me on the path, I clung to Sawao haori and held back my tears. “Could...Could I ever be as strong as Sawao..? Could I ever live up to his name …?” I voice through my shakiness. Rengoku puts his hand on my shoulder and I peep over him.
“Sawao did what he did because he was a demon slayer. He would want you to live your life as you saw fit. Sawao was as strong and great as his fellow demon slayers. He would want you to take pride in your own strength and what you do with it is up to you..”
With that, I dried my eyes and stood up with Rengoku.
I had made my decision.
I got an old bag and began to pack my things. Nothing much, just spare clothes, Sawao’s old clothes. Where I’m going, I won’t need kimonos. I folded up the map that I had memorized and put it in my pocket. I sit by the mirror and comb my dark hair and put it in a low bun. I slid Sawao’s hairpin in and put on his mended Haori. I had on his old clothes, hakama and all.
I looked myself up and down in the mirror and I knew it was time. I picked up my sack and left my bedroom, not looking back. I exited the mansion I unfortunately ran into Mikako. She was playing with a Temari ball with her friends. She took one look at me and snorted. 
“Where do you think you’re going? Dressed like that? The circus?” Her friends giggled at her ‘joke’. I just ignored her and walked past. She aimed the ball at my head but I quickly caught it. The rage I felt of being tormented by her for all these years finally exploded and I threw the ball right at her!
I hit her square in the face and all her friends gasped dramatically. Her crocodile tears activate as she screams for our parents. “CHICHIUE! HAHAOYA! (Y/n) HURT me!” Of course, they came out in an instant to come to their baby's aid.
“(Y/n)! How could you act so unladylike! Such improper behavior! And what are you wearing!?” My mother shouted. My father butted in and realised what I was doing. “Where do you think you're going!?” He said dangerously, grinding his teeth together.
“I’m going to join the demon slayer corp.” I said sternly and proudly. My father pointed his finger at me. “Don’t you think about it! Or I’ll-” 
“Or you’ll what? Lock me up? You never cared about me then, why care for me now?” I demanded. He was taken aback by my outburst. “(Y/n)! Apologise to your Father and your sister and come back inside!” My mother demanded. I look her in the eyes. “No, Goodbye Hahaoya, Chichiue, Ane san. The next time you see me. I will be a demon slayer.”
I left the estate with my parents screaming at me to come back. I had a long way to travel in order to get to Kuwajima Jigoro’s residence. I will learn Thunder Breathing and I shall honour my brother.
I will do this.
Not just for myself and Sawao,
But for Rengoku san,
Next time he sees me, I will be a respected member he can depend on.
“明宏....” I groaned, biting my lip as I dragged the small blade across my skin, carving the kanji of my recently deceased friend. Akihiro was a good man. He had a mom and a little brother waiting for him to return home. Home he would return, in a body bag that is.
“松子...”  I carved her name to the best of my ability. Matsuko was a sweet girl. One of the first girls I met when I became part of the organisation. We used to go on a lot of missions together and then we would get together for food. I heard that her body was so mangled they couldn’t open an open casket for her.
“安央..!”Yasuhiro was reckless and bold. He and I met in the final selection. When he came out, he acted cocky like the whole process meant nothing to him. He confessed to me three months ago but I turned him down. I only had one man in my heart. I was told that his body had been split down the middle.
 It had been three years since I left home to join the demon slayer corps and three years since the death of my beloved Anuie, Sawao. My hand goes to my collar bone where I carved his name. My top half is naked. I look at myself in the mirror and all the names I’ve carved into my skin. So far I had twenty two names carved in.
When I first joined, I didn’t think I would make any friends. Mikako would always tell lies and people would laugh at me just as she wanted them to. I also spent a year and a half with Kuwajima sensei. Hardening myself and learning the art of thunder breathing. The minute he saw my Haori, he knew who I was.
He wasn’t gentle by any means. He’d pummel his fist into my head day in and day out until I learned what he taught me. He would train and fight with me until my bones ached, til my lungs were set on fire and till my heart burst out of my chest.
After I passed final selection, I was solely focused on bettering myself and killing as many demons as I could. I didn’t expect to make any friends. But when they started dying like flies, I thought I was going crazy.
Maybe this was the kami’s way of telling me that I wasn’t supposed to have friends. That I wasn’t meant to be loved. It drove me insane. So much so, All their faces became one and that one became none. I became so deathly afraid of forgetting them so one night, I took the smallest and sharpest blade I could find and began to carve their names into my skin.
I do this so I can always remember them, I do this so I will never forget them.
I hear the flapping of wings and I look over to see my crow enter my room through the room.. “Agawa sama! New mission! New mission! You are to head to a town south west of here! Young adults have been going missing!” He squawks annoyingly.
 I sigh and begin to bandage the fresh carvings on my side. I’ve been a demon slayer for a year and a half and through all my grueling training and work, I’ve secured my rank as a Hinoto. Although I’m halfway on my journey to being a Kinoe, I am an accomplished demon slayer with about nineteen kills under my belt.
One of the many things I learn as a Demon Slayer is that the minute you hesitate, someone dies.  Maybe that's the reason I was able to live so long.
After I buttoned up the top half of my uniform, I put my hair in a low bun with the same spider lily hairpin my brother gave me all those years ago. I slide on the Haori I made all those years ago and dip my finger into some rouge. I wipe it across my lips, painting them red.
I had recently grown accustomed to putting on makeup. It made me feel like a different person. Not the silly little girl who got her brother killed. Once I look at my completed look, I feel like the woman who's on her way to becoming a Hashira.
I remember a year ago, I heard of the newest flame Hashira coming to power. He came from the oldest bloodline that produced all the flame Hashira and that he always had a big smile on his face. I knew who he was. As soon as I heard that news, I worked as quickly as possible to better myself. After my brother’s funeral, he was off again. A demon slayer’s duty is never done of course.
Rengoku must have been working so hard. The thought of seeing him again makes my heart beat quickly. I want him to see me and be proud of me. It’s because of him that I am where I’m at today. If he hadn’t inspired me to use my strength, I’d still probably be living at that house.
Speaking of my family. After I left, the villagers were left to gossip. I was made out to be a hero of sorts. The girl whose brother was tragically killed by a man eating demon and left home to honour him and fight the demons in his stead. I was the proud and honourable daughter of the Agawa Clan. When I came home two years later, my parents' attitude immediately changed.
All the villagers would usually gossip about the beautiful Mikako (that hasn’t changed.) But when word got out about me, They flocked to my parents, praising them for raising such a strong and noble daughter. Only then did they acknowledge me. Asking me if I wanted a new kimono or if I was interested in getting a new piece of jewellery.
Unfortunately, they have yet to realise that money can’t buy love. So of course I rejected their offers. Mikako on the other hand had become more and more bitter. Of course she grew more and more beautiful with suitors coming and going. But if the townsfolk had to pick who they respected more, then I was the obvious choice.
She would come at me with petty insults and harsh jabs. But at the end of the day, they were just words. A broken arm is much worse than having your feelings hurt. With that being said. She once tried to hit me while my back was turned, I stopped her assault and threatened to break her arm if she ever tried to put her hands on me again.
Now of course, it's against the rules to hurt innocent humans, but she doesn’t need to know that, nor does anyone else. Needless to say, she didn’t try anything like that ever again. I don’t stay for long anyways. Duty always calls.
I get up and strap my nichirin blade to my belt. It's time to hunt some demons.
I finally reached the town. It was quite busy, lots of people were scrambling about, doing work. I heard a squawk from above. I look up to see my crow circling me in the air. “Hidetsugu! What is it now?” I yell. He soars towards me and I lift my arm for him to rest on. “Squawk! Squawk! I forgot to mention! On this mission, you’ll be assisting a Hashira assigned to this case! Squawk!”
“A Hashira? Why would a Hashira need my assistance?”  I ask. But the damn bird starts pecking. “Squawk! Squawk! It is not your job to ask questions! It is your job to follow orders! Squawk! Squawk!” I smack him away in one fell swoop. “Peck me again and I’ll tear out all your feathers! One at a time!” I scold, fixing my hair. “Anyways, where do I find this Hashira? Is he somewhere in town?”
“Squawk! Squawk! Follow me!” He flies further into the town and I run to keep up with him. Sometimes I wish for a quieter bird. One that wouldn’t do my head in every five minutes. I also wonder, who is this Hashira I’ll be working with? I’d be getting my hopes too high if it were him. But to be truthful, I have never met a Hashira before, well excluding Kuwajima sensei.
Hidetsugu finally leads me to a restaurant. He perches himself on the slander roof. “Squawk! Squawk! He awaits inside!” I nod and make my way inside. It's crowded and full of people. A woman shuffles over holding a tray. “Welcomes dearest customer! Will you be eating alone or are you here with friends?”
I fix my haori and look around the establishment. “You could say that, I’m looking for someone with a uniform similar to mine.” She puts her tray under her arm and points her arm over to the private room. “Oh why yes, One of the guests is expecting company. Please follow me.”
She leads me to the back rooms, this was probably the v.i.p. Area. I wouldn’t expect less of a Hashira. They’re the most well paid within the organisation. I could smell the food from every direction and it made my stomach tighten in response. It made me realize just how hungry I was.
The ground shook. The poor woman almost fell over but I quickly caught her. “Umai! Umai! Umai!” The voice from down the hall continued to bark. “I do apologize! He’s been like this ever since his food arrived.” She bowed. That voice though, I remember it so well. Though it sounds deeper and more manlier.
“Please miss, let us hurry then.” I request. We walk with haste down to the room and the doors are opened by the woman.
There he was. The same man that inspired and encouraged me to become a Demon slayer. He looks a lot older now. Much taller. His body is more defined and muscled. His fiery hair is much longer and he has grown much more handsome with age.
“I’ll bring you some supper to miss.” I step inside and she closes the doors behind me. Finally, the man in question stops eating and looks at me. “Hm?” He puts his plate and chopsticks down and puts his hands on his lap. “So, You must be the Hinoto assigned to assist me.”
“Y-yes! Rengoku sama!” I drop to my knees and bow to him, my forehead touching the tatami floor. My heart is thumping in my chest and my legs feel weak. This is truly a most special and glorious day, to be reunited with him made my heart swell and my cheeks flush. I felt like I could die right here and still be the happiest and luckiest girl on the planet.
“Hahahaha! Come now! No need to bow like that! Although I must admit, what has got you so flustered young one?” I look up and I see his smile. His smile hadn’t changed. It was still big and filled with joy and wonder. How can a man who's so powerful and dangerous look so happy and gleeful all the time?
“I wouldn't expect you to remember me Rengoku sama, after all you are a Hashira and always busy. But we met three years ago. You were friends with my brother Sa-” He holds his hands up. “Hold on a minute, young one! Please sit up so I can see you properly!” I did as he commanded.
I feel his eyes caress my being, observing me from top to bottom. Did he ask me to sit still so he could admire me? “Your face, that hairpin and Haori.. Agawa (Y/n)! Sawao’s sister, am I correct?” I feel my face redden even more. “Y-Yes! I am!”
He laughs as he points to the other end of the table. “Hahaha! As I suspected! Come sit!” I scuttle over to the other end and remove my katana, placing it beside the table. “I’m so honoured that you remember me, Rengoku sama.” I bow my head to show him the respect he deserved.
“Enough! Enough! I’m flattered you would grace me in such a manner. So tell me. What have you been up to for the past three years?” I placed both my hands in my lap and looked off to the side, both my cheeks were painfully red as I still couldn’t believe I was right next to my idol and saviour. “I spent the first year and a half training under the former thunder Hashira. I’ve slayed many demons and I’ve been training everyday so I can be stronger…” 
He seemed happy with my development. “That's fantastic! It’s always refreshing to see such people like yourself aspire to newer heights! Tell me, how is your family? Are they well?” Well that put a damper on my cheerful mood. I roll my eyes, “They’re fine I guess.”
The shoji doors open and the woman comes in with a tray with my food. “Here you are Miss, please enjoy the food.” I reach into my pockets to get my pouch. “Here, let me pay you now.”  But Rengoku holds up his hand again. “You needn’t worry. Put her order on my tab! I’ll happily pay!” Before I can protest, the woman nods and leaves the room.
“Rengoku sama! You didn’t need to do that. I would have happily paid for it myself!” I argue flustered. But he laughs. “Nonsense! This is the least I could do! Your presence alone gives me joy. Let us eat and discuss our plan of attack!” My presence gives him joy? My presence? Gives him joy? I felt like squealing in delight!
“Y-yes Rengoku sama!”
“What seems to be the matter (Y/n)? Your face is extremely red? Are you perhaps sick with a fever?”
“N-Not at all!”
As night fell, we left the restaurant and discussed what we needed to do. Many young adults had been taken over night. Male and female. They are reports of people being dragged into the forest by other young adults. When confronted, those adults would have a rather dull expression. A tired expression as if they had been kept up for hours on end and would become violent if you interfered.
Those same adults who were captured and brought in for questioning would not answer. They would become hostile and attack you next. One officer interrogated a male under the same type of hypnosis. The only thing he said was. “Back, I need to go back.” They couldn’t get anything else out of him.
They sent a search party for the missing one morning, they climbed to the top of a mountain, there they found a cave. There were noises of moans and groans of young lovers and then the growl and roar of a fearsome creature. No one was brave enough to enter the cave.
And that’s why we were called in.
Tonight, we would head up the mountain, go into the cave, kill the demon and rescue the survivors. We get to the forest and Rengoku stands before me. “Are you ready, (Y/n)? We have a long trail to embark on!” His Haori flutters in the wind, no other article of clothing could have suited this man better, it was fit for a king and the man in front of me exuded dominance and power. “After you Rengoku sama!” I bow.
He folded his arms and hmphed. “I see! Off to battle with us then!” We both broke into a sprint. Three years ago, I would never have imagined being able to keep up with someone like Rengoku. But I kept a steady pace. We ran through tall grass and ducked under tree branches. Jumping over puddles, builders and logs. 
The more we ran uphill, the air got thinner but thanks to my training and the months I used to learn total concentration breathing, I’m able to keep my breath. “Rengoku sama! What shall we do when we locate the survivors?”  We jump onto a small rift and proceed to make haste towards our destination. “There’s a great possibility that the demon we’re dealing with is one of the twelve Kizuki! I will face the demon head on! You will escort the survivors to safety!”
Soon enough, we locate the cave, I run for it but I feel a strong hand grab the back. “(Y/n)! Wait!” He pulls me beside him, behind a bus. I feel his chest against my back and my face flushes red! I can feel his abs and his firm hard chest. “Rengoku sama..!” I squeak.
“Look.” I peek over the bush and there I see a humongous demon! He was about eight feet tall, muscled and hideous. The only thing on his face was a big wide mouth. And two horns protruded where the eyes should be. “You go now. And don’t come back until you bring fresh meat.” A group of young men and women, older than Rengoku and I, walk out from the cave. Three of them were men while the other two were girls.
There are marks all over their bodies. Bruises and something else I recognise. Hickies. I know from all the times I go visit home. Mikako always had a new boy toy over to play the ‘innocent virgin’ with. She loved it when they kissed her neck because it was ‘Oh so sensitive’. What was funny was that mom and dad still thought she was still a virgin.
They all had tired looks on their expressions, lazy even. But the way their bodies moved quickly down a nearby trail was baffling. What was even more baffling was that their eyes glowed purple. “Interesting. It seems like whoever this demon is, he has them under some kind of compulsion spell.” Rengoku commented. I spy the demon as he turns around with his back to the outside world. “Rengoku sama, This demon at the cave, with the way he’s facing. I think he’s trying to keep whatever’s inside from coming out.”
“He scratched his chin while observing the demon. “You may be correct. There are many types of demons. I don't think he's the one compelling all those people. The caster must be deeper inside the cave.” We stand up and come out from the bush. “This demon is quite large. I should be able to deal with it myself but…”
“But?” I questioned.
He turns around to focus on me. “I am curious to see you in action (Y/n). So this is what we’ll do.
Rengoku struts over to the large demon and yells. “Good evening foul creature!” It spins around and sees the flame Hashira standing before him. “What!? A demon slayer!?” It yells. Rengoku stands bravely with his arms folded and his grin present. “You seem to be holding some innocent people captive! I will be taking them all home now if you don’t mind!”
The demon burst into a print and charged at him. “FOOL! We will never let you leave alive!” The massive creature rushed forward and reached out a massive arm towards him. Rengoku with reflexes quicker than the eye unsheathed his sword and slashed at the demon. “Flame breathing. Second Form: Rising Scorching Sun!”
Half of the demon’s arm was sliced off instantly. He reeled back in shock. “What!? How-!?”
“Thunder breathing: First form: Thunderclap and Flash!”
I zoom forward with incredible speed from my hiding place and slice the demon's head off in a single slice. It screams in horror and surprise. Its head rolls off its shoulders and body falls to the ground, slowly disintegrating. I huff in relief and put my sword back in its sheath. 
“Amazing work (Y/n)! I must say I am thoroughly impressed!” he barks. He comes over to me and lays his hand on my shoulder, I shiver with joy at the contact. “I see you’ve mastered total concentration breathing. A sound feat.” I turn around and bow to him. “T-thank you Rengoku sama! Y-your words of-kindness are wasted on m-me!” I stutter.
He laughs at my nervousness and turns back around to the cave. “Come now! We needn’t waste time here. There are still many people who we must rescue!” I stand up straight and nod my head. “Yes! Of course!”
We then make a break for the cave. We run inside and are confronted with lower rank demons. “We heard Chobyo scream. So your his killers! Mistress Madoka told us to stop anyone who gets past Chobyo!” They all rush forward.
Me and Rengoku took out our nichirin blades and began our slaughter. A dance of Thunder and Flames. We slashed and sliced. Chopped and diced our way through. I fell in love with the dance as we spilled more and more blood. The demon's screams were like a twisted melody as me and Rengoku continued fighting like it was a choreographed dance and this cave was our stage.
We kept running and fighting, sprinting and killing demons till we came to a fork in our path. “Damn! Which way do we go!?” I voiced. Before Rengoku could answer, we saw another herd of demons barreling our way from the left. “(Y/n)! Go down the right! I take on these demons! I will catch up!”
I nod and race down the right path. Surprisingly, there were no demons. I thought it was quite odd that there seemed to be a hundred demons on the left and none on the right. The circumstances seemed fishy to me but I had no time to question it.
I keep running till I see a light at the end of the tunnel, I slow down and hide behind a large boulder. “That’s right.... Everyone..! Enjoy yourselves.... It’ll be your last night on earth..” I heard an array of sounds. The moans and groans of people entangled in intimacy… the cries and sobs of hopeless souls and... the growls and grumbles of a demon.
I peer over from my hiding spot and I see something dastardly. There were cages over at the very back of the room. It was filled with people a few years older than myself. girls were cuddled up to each other, crying their eyes out, their expressions were ones of pure terror. The men were by themselves, hugging their knees or shaking on the bars. They had been utterly traumatised by something. They were all covered in blood, not their own but rather others that had been splashed onto them.
In the center of the room, was something I thought I’d never see.
One big orgy.
It was too late to cover my eyes, I have already seen it all! In all my life, I had never witnessed anything so scandalous! Men and women alike were disrobed and engaging in all sorts of acts of intimacy. One girl casually rode a man, her kimono bundled around her waist while her breasts bounced and the man’s ‘manhood’ could be seen through her stomach as he rearranged her guts.
I tore my eyes away from them and gazed upon my target sitting on a large chair, gazing down upon these people like it was all one big show. The woman had long hair with flowers growing from her scalp. She had strange markings all over her skin like veins. She dressed like an Oiran and her nails were extremely long and pointy. But what stood out to me the most was she had only a singular eye on one side of her face, the other empty socket had a flower growing out of it.
The eye she had left read- ‘lower three’
Rengoku was right! We’re dealing with one of the twelve Kizuki!
The female demon’s eye was opened, she gazed down at all the young lovers as they continued their sexual intercourse. “Some of you better pick up the tempo or your necks are gonna go Snap! Snap!” She cackled. They immediately started going faster and harder with each other.
Their eyes glowed purple and their expressions were ones of bliss and pleasure. Wait, hold on.. Lower three’s eye was also a shade of purple.. Of course! She was behind the compulsion! She hypnotised all these people to engage in sex. These guys have no idea what's actually happening!
I wrap my calloused fingers around the handle of my blade and slowly pulled it from its sheath-
“Hey there stranger.. What are you doing back here..? I slowly turned around to see a girl standing behind me. Her hair was disheveled. Her glowing purple eyes held dark bags underneath like she hadn’t slept in weeks. Her kimono was covered in creases and hung around her shoulders. Her skin was littered in hickies and bruises. 
“Shit…” I curse as she gets down on her knees and crawls over to me. “Mistress Madoka says we must have enjoyed ourselves…” She gets closer and tries to mount me but I aim my foot for the center of her chest and kick. “Get off me!” I say in a hush voice but she cries out at my attack. I said her hurling 5 feet back and her scream echoes off the wall of the caves.
“Well, what do you have here..?” I turn around and hold my sword in place. The demon rises from her seat and makes her way over. People stop what they’re doing and make way for her. “A demon slayer! Tell me little one, have you come to join the adults..?” Her voice is sultry and seductive as if she were a siren trying to lure me to my death.
“These people aren’t in they’re right mind, are they? They’re only doing...this! is because you're compelling them! Aren't you!?” I scream. The demon chuckles and pets a young man’s head, he shivers in joy as if believing that he enjoys it. “I do so enjoy watching young lovers make ‘love’. At such an age where they’re so full of vigor and passion! The young ones really do give all they can to satisfy each other, so full of love and compassion. It will be the last thing they feel before I swallow them whole..”
The crying youths sob and cry harder when they heard they’re fates come from the demon’s mouth
“I don’t wanna die! Please help us!”
“Kami sama! Please forgive me! I can’t die like this!”
“Otou-san! Oka-san! Please come get me!”
“I’m gonna wake up tomorrow… and this is all just gonna be one bad dream…”
“We’re doomed! Finished! We’re all gonna die! ALL OF US!”
 “Fantastic. Now you’ve just got them all riled up now.” She groaned as if I had just woken up a baby. I was visibly shaking, not in fear but in anger. My teeth clenched before I gripped my sword harder. “You are disgusting! No- You’re a parasite! A DISEASE! Forcing these people to fulfill your sick voyeuristic fantasy is appalling! You are one of the most unpleasant demons I had the displeasure of meeting! I’ll kill you and free these people from your wicked spell!!” I proclaim.
 “Very well, COME AT ME!” Veins popped out of skin and grew in size. They zoomed over towards me and I changed my breathing. ”Thunder Breathing: Fifth Form: Heat Lighting!” I slash at the oncoming veins. “Impressive, demon slayer! Show me more!” She used her long purple veins like whips and began to swing them at me.
I used my nichirin to deflect and cut them down with each strike. She aimed them at my feet and I backflipped away from them, landing on my feet just in time to cut down the next set of veins flying for my face. “A young and invigorating girl like yourself would’ve had so much fun here with me and my friends! Most unfortunate that I must kill you now!”
 Her eye glowed and  I was instantly captivated. “What are you doing!?” I yelled. she grinned and spoke. “I just had a thought! Why should I kill you? You’re in my grasp now, killing you would be a waste. Instead, I think I’ll turn you into one of my marionettes, then you can have as much fun as you desire. Now, Drop the sword..”
I could feel myself being compelled by her foul sorcery. My mind was telling me to drop the sword but my heart was telling me to not let go. My fingers were in a constant war. Trying to decide whether to listen to my brain or my heart. “Hmm. You are a tough one, aren’t you? I guess I’ll just tell you one more time. Drop. The. Sword.” Her forehead was against mine and my heart was beating faster and faster. 
My fingers were getting looser and looser. I couldn’t drop the sword. I can’t drop the sword! “When you drop it, I’ll be sure to-” She was cut off by a sudden flash of fire. “Flame breathing: Third Form: Blazing Universe!” Rengoku came zooming down the cave and toward us. I was pushed out of the way as he slashed at the lower three’s eye. “AAAARRRRGGGGHHHH!!!” She screamed. She stumbled back, holding her now destroyed eye.
I look around to see all the sexually active survivors snap out of their spell. At first, they were confused as to what was happening, then they all screamed out at the realization of what they had done or rather, what the demon had compelled them to do. They cried and screamed. Waking up to find that you were sexually assaulted and raped. I couldn’t imagine what that was like. “(Y/n)! Hurry! I will distract the demon, take the survivors and escape!” I got up and ran over to the cages.
I broke all the locks and opened the cages. “EVERYONE! Follow me!” Everyone got up and followed me. I kept my sword out to kill any demons I came across. As we ran, we just stumbled upon the decaying and disintegrating corpses of demons. Rengoku must have taken care of them. I saw many people fall over but there was always someone ready to help them up and they kept running.
As we exit the cave, I look behind me to check if everyone is still there. “Is everyone present and accounted for!? Were there any survivors that the demon trapped elsewhere?” I questioned. One man, thin from hunger and incredibly shaken from the experience, raised his voice.
“U-um ..no. She kept us all together. We were ….” He stopped short on what he was trying to say. Everyone was staring. No at me though, it seems whatever caught their attention had then shaken.
“What..?” I looked behind me and I heard a snap.
I froze.
It was one of the men who had descended the mountain earlier. He was held up in the air by a strong arm. His neck was snapped and bent in an unnatural way, his face was white as all the life had been drained from him.
His jaw was flimsy, the cheeks had been ripped and his jaw was hanging loosely. His fingers were snapped. And his insides had been hanging out of his stomach.
The demon finally cranked his head in our direction and smirked. “Well, What do we have here?” He voiced. 
Everyone started screaming in panic. “ANOTHER DEMON!” One man screamed. “WE’RE ALL DEAD!” a girl screamed.
I grabbed the handle of my sword as he dropped the man’s body and arched his body towards me, there I got a proper look at him. The demon took the form of a tall and muscular young man with fair skin decorated by a pattern of thick blue lines, which resembled criminal tattoos from the Edo period.
had short, bright pink hair that fluffed out around his head, and inward-tilting yellow eyes with pink eyelashes and blue sclera that looked somewhat like cracked glass. But what caught my attention the most was the kanji for "Upper Rank Three" etched into their irises.
He walks forward on his bare feet, an evil grin on his face. “So. which one of you weaklings would like to die first?”
This demon was not only a member of the twelve Kizuki.. But he was part of the upper rank. The demons responsible for the deaths of the Hashira. Oh god. This is it. This is where I die. There's no way I can depend on Rengoku to come to my rescue again.
I can feel the fear radiate from the survivors, they’re as scared as I am, but. When I think of this fear in the depths of my stomach, telling me to run away, I think of Sawao. Would he run away?
Absolutely not.
He would stay and fight to his very last breath. And this is how I will honour him.
I will see my duty fulfilled!
“EVERYONE! MAKE A RUN FOR IT! GET TO THE BOTTOM OF THE MOUNTAIN!” I scream in my loudest and clearest voice so they can all hear me. I couldn’t let them mishear my instructions. Everyone ran to the left where the path down the mountain is, I could hear the terrorized and panicked screams as they escaped. I unsheathed my sword and direct it in the demon’s direction. “Your fight is with me!”
He had stopped in his tracks. “What’s this? A female swordsman? Can’t say I’ve had a woman challenge me before, they usually start running when I eat their sons and husbands.” I growl. I change my stance and my breathing. There’s no way I will be able to beat him in a fight. So, I will try to inflict as much damage as I can. I need to hold out until either Rengoku comes or the sun rises. I can’t let him reach the survivors.
So I breathe.
“Thunder Breathing! First Form: Thunder clap and Flash!” I zoom over and aim for his neck, he sidesteps and I am only able to slice off his ear. He spins around with a massive smirk. “What a magnificent attack! Your speed is incredible!” He praised as he rushed forward and aimed his fist at me. I blocked him with my blade but his punch had such force behind it that I’m sent flying back!
I land on my feet and he comes at me with another attack, I dodged by a hair and got into my next stance. “Thunder Breathing! Fourth Form: Distant Thunder!” Lightning struck down where the demon stood but he flipped away and spun in the air. “Destructive Death: Air Type!” 
He sent a fury of compressed air attacks my way, I ran and dodged the compressed air attack he sent my way. “Come now! Don’t you have any more attacks to use?” He laughed, mocking me. I spun on my feet and continued my advance. “Thunder Breathing! Sixth Form: Rumble and Flash!”
Flashes of lighting storm down in front of me, halting the compressed air attacks., I set them on the pink hair demon but he dodges them with ease. Only having a few fingers slashed off, but he was able to regrow them in a matter of seconds. “What an amazing form!”
I was about to commence my third form but the demon zoomed past my attacks and landed his fist on my lower ribs. I hear a crack and I let out a shriek of pain and shock. He was so fast, I didn’t even see him! I feel pain whirl up on my left side, and I fall forward.
I feel blood well up at the back of my throat before I cough it out. I felt a warm arm catch me in its grip. I look up to see the demon smiling down at me. “Heh.. You put up a good fight miss, But your power wasn’t enough-”
“AAAHHH!” I roar, swinging my sword toward him, He caught it with his bare hand, before smashing it to pieces. “No..” I choke, dropping the sword. He lays me down on the ground and strokes my head. “As I was saying. Your power isn’t enough. Your human body would’ve never been able to keep up with me. You never had a chance to win.”
I grimace at his gentle touches and cough. “ That wasn't the point, I wasn’t trying to kill you ….. I was trying to buy time for the survivors.... Living through this battle would’ve been… a mere luxury…”  I tried to move my arm so I could reach up and wipe the blood from my mouth. The demon himself, took his thumb and swiped it away,
“Even so, You did put up an incredible fight. You were indeed skilled, but you are still in your prime youth, you haven’t even reached your peak yet.” I was confused by what he said, why is he praising me? “Are you going to kill me..?” I uttered. He smirked and pressed his index finger against my forehead, keeping my head pinned to the ground, I groaned.
“Kill you? Such a thing has never crossed my mind. I’ll let you in on a little secret, I don’t eat women, not that I don’t think they taste good, women are very nutritious. But they are of the fairer sex. they’re far more delicate and I wouldn’t dare desecrate a woman's body.”
This stunned me. He didn’t eat women? How was he able to become an upper rank moon without eating women? But that’s not what puzzled me the most. “Then why did you bother to fight with me?! What was the point of it?!” I spurt. I keep a hand against my fractured ribs.
The upper three demons smile down at me with excitement. “Because you excite me!”
“There’s nothing I enjoy more in this long life of mine than a good battle. I was planning on knocking you out and going after the flame hashira in the cave, but you came forward with that amazing attack of yours. If I were a lesser demon, you might’ve taken my head off. You are an incredible woman and an even more amazing fighter.”
He removes my hairpin and places it beside my head. He unravels my hair and I feel his fingers caress my scalp. I knew I should fear for my life, he could crush my skull at any moment but as he massaged the roots of my hair, I couldn’t help but feel relaxed.
“Tell me, Young lady. What’s your name?” He looks into my eyes.
“(Y/n)…” I moan, Looking into his golden eyes.
“I am Akaza..” He replies.
He picks up my  broken sword and puts it on my chest, grabbing my hand to have me grip it. “You will not die here, (Y/n). I see in you strength and ambition. Passion and power. I believe you have what it takes to become a Hashira. When you do, come find me. I wish to fight you again.”
He stands up and begins to walk away, I watch him retreat. He stops and looks back at me. “When we meet again, When you’ve overcome your limit...I’ll decide if you're worthy.”
Before I could query him for answers, He disappeared. I sigh in relief that he had left, although I can’t stop the black dots forming around my vision. I’m tired and I’m in so much pain. I change my breathing so I can try to ease the pain and stop the bleeding. My vision becomes darker and darker, and I’m starting to black out.
I hear a wonderful voice call out to me. He's okay.. I’m so grateful…
I can rest easy, knowing he is safe.....
The morning rays peek through the curtains of the room I’m in. My eyes feel heavy but I pry them open with force. I’m in an unfamiliar room, a row of beds in order, all empty. I feel something heavy at the end of my bed. I look down to see Rengoku sitting on a stool, with his arms folded on the bed. He had his cape on which made me believe he had not left my side since the fight.
“R-Rengoku sama..?” I whimper. He opens his eyes at the sound of my voice and springs up. “(Y/n)!” He yells! I’m taken aback. He has his big smile back on his face with his arms folded with his chest broad. “I’m glad to see you awake! You made me pretty worried!”
I tried to sit up but he placed his hands on my shoulders to keep me down. What is with men trying to keep me pinned lately? “I wouldn’t move if I were you. Your ribs have been fractured, let me get Lady Kocho.”
After a few minutes, I had the pleasure of meeting Lady Kocho Shinobu, the insect Hashira. She ran a few tests on my condition and came back with the results. “Well, the good news is. Your ribs haven’t punctured any fatal organs, sadly you will need a few weeks worth of bed rest.” I nod my head. “I understand. Thank you, lady Shinobu…” She smiles. “(Y/n), I was wondering. What was it that attacked you? Was it another demon?” Rengoku asked.
I pout and look down at my bedsheets. Should I tell him? Will he believe me? No Hashira has survived an upper moon but here I am, still breathing. “I… well…. It was a demon.” I answer. I twiddle my thumbs as he observes me, waiting for my answer. “He said his name was...Akaza…”  My mind was brought back to the very demon himself. I couldn’t help but feel insulted. He was an upper moon and had every opportunity to take me out.
But he didn’t, simply because I was a woman. “He…was a very strong demon. But he knew a Hashira was around so he escaped before you arrived, Rengoku-sama.” He shook his head. “Very good!” He smiled. He looked over at lady Kocho with the same smile. “Lady Kocho, Would you mind allowing us to have a minute alone please?”
She had a similar smile, more gentle and graceful. “Certainly, Just don’t get up to anything too crazy.” She left the room and shut the door behind her. ‘Anything too crazy’? What was that supposed to mean? “(Y/n)!” Rengoku boomed! I was startled by his sudden voice. “Y-yes? Rengoku sama?” I stuttered.
“Last night, you showed me what a capable and strong swordswoman you are! When we reached the bottom of the mountain, all of the survivors had been there, waiting for our return. They told me that you had gone to take on the demon while they escaped. You put your life on the line to protect the innocent, your brother would have been proud of you.” Rengoku's warm light aura invoked mine.
I could feel my eyes water and my throat go dry. I couldn’t stop myself from crying. Neither could Rengoku. He instead of trying to console me, wrapped his arms gently around me and caressed my head that was now in the juncture between his neck and shoulder.  I held him and let the tears flow. I was happy. I'm so happy. I had waited years for someone to speak those words to me.
“Thank you… Thank you, Rengoku sama!” I sobbed, getting his uniform wet. He slowly pulled away and stared into my eyes. “You are strong (Y/n), and I know with the right guidance, you’ll get stronger. Which is why, I want you to become my Tsugoku.”
 I had to stop. I looked into his red eyes and thought. ‘Tsugoku? Me? Rengoku wants me to be his Tsugoku?’ “Are you serious..?” I ask. Maybe this is a dream and I haven't woken up yet. “Absolutely, I want you to be my Tsugoku more than anything. You have great potential, Training you would be an honour. Tell me what it is that you want?” He asked. I already knew what I wanted. From the moment we spoke at Sawao’s funeral, I knew what I wanted. I wanted him and… “I want to become a Hashira…”
He nodded. “Then Become my Tsugoku, I’ll be sure to help you on your path to becoming a fine Hashira, It’ll take lots of hard work and most importantly, You need to have the will to push through. Will you be ready for that and accept my proposition?” He asked.
I took his hand and bowed my head before looking back up to gaze into his wonderfully bright eyes. “Yes, Rengoku sama”
“Are you ready (Y/n) chan?”
I stood ready with a wooden sword facing the lover pillar. She too held a sword and we stood facing each other in the dojo within the Demon Slayer Headquarters. We both were dressed in traditional juban’s tucked into our hakamas. “Yes! Kanroji sama!” I obey.
We race towards each other and class our wooden swords together.
It has been two years since Rengoku offered me the position as his Tsugoku. Within that time I grew stronger. Rengoku was an amazing teacher and through him I met Kanroji Mitsuri. She two had been an excellent mentor to me. Also a very good friend.
My hair had grown so long it's impossible to put it in a singular bun any more. So I keep it in a top knot. Always with my red spider lily hair pin. “You’re doing so well (Y/n) chan!” She strikes her sword at my side but I block it.
Within those two years of being Rengoku’s Tsugoku, I was able to reach the rank of Kinoe. A hard to reach goal had it not been for his help. As I grew more attached to him, my feelings for him had skyrocketed. There were so many places we’ve seen and so many battles we overcame.
“Thank you! Kanroji sama!” I continue to collide my sword with her, her indomitable strength overwhelms me, but I see an opening. “Take this-”
“Oops! Fooled you!” She giggles before swiping my feet from underneath me and holds the sword under my chin. “You’re distracted, aren't you?” She giggled before offering me her hand. “I’m not distracted. You’re just too good.” I gasp, taking her hand and pulling me up.
“Wanna get some food?” She asked. I shook my head. We sat on the engawa in the shade of the sun while eating seasoned rice balls. “Oishi!” She moaned into her food. I took a bite of my rice ball and muttered a single. “Umai.” 
When you spend most of your time with a man like Rengoku. You pick up his habits. “(Y/n) chan, what made you so distracted?” She said with her mouth stuff. I swallowed my rice ball. “I have no idea what you’re talking about.” I picked up another rice ball and shoved it in my mouth.
“Come on! I know you were thinking of your favourite Flame Hashira!”
“There's only one Flame Hashira Kanroji sama.”
“Ah! So you were thinking of him!” She burst out. I continued eating. “I didn’t admit to thinking of him.” I munched hard as she scooted closer to me. “Well, you didn’t deny it either.” That made me blush. Kanroji was the only person that could see right through me. She had a scary intuition.
“So! How was your trip to see your family..?” She asked carefully. I just swallowed my rice. “It was ok… Rengoku wasn’t bothered…” I couldn’t help myself when I shoved the ball of rice into my move to stop myself from talking.
One thing I learned about Rengoku was he and I weren’t all that different. He had a complicated home life too. He and I would take turns visiting our families together. Once a month, we’d go visit either his or mine.
His brother Senjuro was an absolute sweetheart. He was shy and timid like a bunny. He and his brother were total opposites. Senjuro was easy to talk to. He is well mannered, kind and easy to tease. I remember one time how I pinched the poor boy’s cheek and squealed. ‘Any girl would be lucky to have you, Senjuro kun!’
I was drunk at the time and I still ridicule myself to this day.
His father on the other hand was not at all what I expected. He was the former Flame Hashira and not at all what the stories described him to be. He was a cruel, alcoholic dead beat. When I first arrived, he didn’t bother with any hospitality. He just shouted at me in my face.
He said and I quote. ‘You’re nothing but a bloody fool if you think being a demon slayer will make you special, Follow my son and you’ll surely end up in an early grave. Just like your brother.’ I wanted to cry, but I held my tears back. He met Sawao a long time ago and undoubtedly gave him the same treatment.
I looked at Rengoku but he didn’t do anything. Simply tolerated his behaviour. I remember asking him why he allowed his father to treat him and Senjuro like that. With cruel words and negligence. He told me. ‘My father still grieves for the death of our mother. She was his whole world , still is even after illness took her. I know deep down that he still cares about us. Senjuro and I know that we must be patient.”
He was trying to recover his relationship with his family. Just like I was. To be honest, I didn’t exactly have the patience like my mentor. The only reason I still visit my parents is because I hold out the hope that they will admit to their mistakes and try to repair our relationship. They still smile at me and attempt to give me gifts to be doting parents.
But all I want is an apology and to heal.  Sawao would want this too.
That’s why I visit them. Rengoku comes with me and I show him some of the places me and Sawao used to go before he became a demon slayer. He interacts with my family and my parents adore him, asking him ‘Have you found someone to settle down with?’ Like that's appropriate to ask my mentor.
Speaking of inappropriate things, whenever we visit, my sister makes it a point to get clingy and flirty with him. Staring at him through her long eyelashes and giving him lidded glances. It makes me sick. It's why I always keep it a point to separate them whenever they’re together. She probably makes him terribly uncomfortable whenever she’s around.
Rengoku isn’t a person you can simply flirt with, he’s….’pure’... in a sense.
And no, I haven’t told Rengoku of my parent’s negligence or my sister’s abuse. He himself has enough problems at home with his father. He doesn’t need me to lay all my problems on to him. We’re demon slayers after all. Our only concern should be killing demons.
“How is your relationship with Rengoku san going anyways?” She swallowed her rice ball before picking up another. “What’s it to discuss? He is my master and I am his Tsugoku.” I sigh, looking out into the garden and over at the koi fish pond, where they all swam around casually and carefree, with not a single worry about them.
“I know how you feel about him, (Y/n) Chan, ever since we first met, I knew just by looking at him, that you were in love-” I quickly pounced on her and covered her mouth. “Kanroji sama! Please, not so loudly!” I hush before taking my hand off her mouth. I sigh in frustration before taking another rice ball and taking a bite out of it.
“But you do!  It's so clear that you do! You should tell him!” She squealed. I swallowed and gave her a hard look. “I can’t, Kanroji sama! I’m his Tsugoku. I am his trainee. Do you have any idea how that would look if he were to suddenly start dating? It's inappropriate and taboo…”
“But...not really, you’re only two years younger than him and you’re a Kinoe!” she analyzed and I scoffed. “That’s not the point of Kanroji sama. I’m still weaker than the both of you. I don’t want to be like this if we’re to be together, I want to be the best version of myself before I say anything. I want to be Hashira, his equal before I tell him how I feel…”
She made a noise of acknowledgement before nodding. “I see! So you want to be strong like your future husband before you commit! I can understand! Like me! I’m also looking for a strong husband! Let's do our best!”
“Kanroji sama!”
I finish drying my hair and look at my reflection in the mirror. I turn my face from side to side, up and down. My skin is clear and void of any markings. I can’t say the same with my body though..
I unravel my towel and observe my naked body. My arms are covered in the carved kanji of my deceased friends and faint scars from previous battles. But they were still visible. I look in the mirror and can't help but feel… ugly. It had been a year and a half since I carved a name into my flesh.
Many comrades  I had met met their unfortunate ends and I still grieve for them. But whenever I look at myself, naked… I can only picture Rengoku’s disgust. Within the six months of being his Tsugoku, I started having dreams and nightmares. Dreams of me and him on the very beach me and Sawao used to play on. We would sit together on the sand and he would hold me close as we enjoyed the sunrise and the sounds of the water crashing onto the shore and seagulls squawking in the early morning.
Nightmares would come in the form of me naked in a dark room with thousands of eyes on me. Although the only eyes that mattered to me were Rengoku’s and he would always hold expressions of visible disgust and walk away from me.
I always had my body covered whenever I was out. The only person who knows about my scars is Lady Kocho. The day Rengoku asked me to be his Tsugoku, she asked me about the carvings and I begged her not to say anything. She kept her promise and has even supplied me with a special ointment that would help heal the scars so that they will eventually fade away.
The names are faded but they are visible. I shiver in shame before tugging my juban over my shoulders and wrapping my hoari over myself. It’s times like this where I can’t stand to look at myself and I feel miserable.
“Lady Agawa. Lord Rengoku has returned and requests your presence.” I hear from behind the shoji door. A servant boy who works for Rengoku’s estate. I throw a piece of cloth at the mirror before answering. “Tell Rengoku sama I will be with him in a moment. I have just finished bathing.”
“Yes, my lady.” He replies.
“Hello (Y/n)! How are you today?” Smiles his usually bright smile as the shoji doors are opened for me by the servants. I step inside and I hear them close behind me. “I'm feeling wonderful today, master, Me and Kanroji sama had just trained this morning.” I beam. I kneel down and bow my head in respect. The respect my beloved deserves.
“Fantastic! The servant will bring us food soon, in the meantime, let's talk.” I sat across from him as he poured us tea. I had offered to do it instead but he shook his head and politely refused. That’s my master, always so kind and polite.
“How was your mission, Rengoku sama? I heard you and Iguro sama had a joint mission.” I sip on my tea and he does the same. “Yes, We finished that three days ago. I had some other business to attend to.” I nod my head. “How lovely” I smile.
It wasn’t unusual for Rengoku to disappear after a mission. He always said it was some form of business of his so I just left it at that. After all, I am in no position to question my master about his whereabouts. Besides, it's not like my master could do no wrong. He is good and kind and has always done right by everyone he meets.
“Things will be different around here soon (Y/n). Lots of things are about to change.” He currently had his cape discarded and folded on the floor beside him. “Oh really? How so?” I asked. Are we getting the estate refurbished? Is he going to take in another trainee?
“I’m happy to tell you that I’m getting engaged, (Y/n).” He grinned while blushing lightly. He radiated with pure sunshine.
I dropped my cup onto the floor and the hot tea soaked into the tatami and splashed onto my clothes. I gasped in shock before I grabbed a handkerchief and frantically tried to clean the tea from the floor. “Gods! (Y/n)! What's the matter?!” he burst out.
I kept rubbing the tatami, hoping to get the tea out. “I-It's nothing!” I whimpered. When in reality I was collapsing on the inside. I was too late! Rengoku! My Rengoku! He’s getting married! Since when did he plan on getting married?! Who is it that he’s marrying?! “C-Congratulations R-Rengoku s-sama! I’m extremely overjoyed for you!” I say through closed lips. 
I try to hold everything in while my heart shatters to millions of pieces while the thought of him being with another woman made me sick. “(Y/n), You have hot tea on yourself.” Rengoku said concerned but I waved him off as my lip wobbled. “It’s fine! It’s nothing! Just a light burn! The pain will go away eventually!” I say carelessly. 
To be honest I couldn’t even feel the burn, All I could feel was the crushing pain as I realised that I could no longer pursue Rengoku as I envisioned. This wasn’t supposed to happen! I was so close! I had only had forty three demon’s slayed! I only needed seven more demons! Seven more and I could have become a Hashira!
I could have then confessed to him, told him how I felt! He might have accepted it! We could have been beautiful! I would have made him happy!
The stain wasn’t coming out, so I stood up and went over to the shoji door. “I’ll get a servant to come and clean the stain!”  I opened the door but Rengoku held his arm out in confusion. “But! We haven’t had dinner yet!”  I turn around and bow my head. “Forgive me! Rengoku sama! It would be unseemly to dine with you in the state that I am in! I ask you to enjoy supper without me! I'll have the servants bring something to my private quarter!” 
I rush out of the room and slam the door behind me. I ran to my room and locked the door behind me. I slid down before bursting out into tears. I sobbed ugly wails and crawled over to my futon to bury my face into my pillow where they would be muffled.
This couldn’t be happening! This was all just a bad dream! Rengoku! Rengoku! Kyojuro! Oh how I so desperately wanted to utter his name but even saying it to myself in private is disrespectful to his being! I grip my hair by its roots and pull them from my scalp. I toss and turn but the pain will not go away.
It dawned on me that whoever marries Rengoku will also be called Rengoku..! Oh gods! Another girl will get the honor of receiving his last name! She will have the pleasure of calling him Goshujin sama! Someone who's not me will get to wake up next to him every morning and gaze upon his kind and gentle smile.
It was too much! I could breathe! I had to do something before I had a complete panic attack! The wooden pillar! The will do-
Without a moment's hesitation, I smacked my head against it and I black out.
I woke up later to the feeling of something cold pressed against my throbbing head. “My My (Y/n) san! You’re finally awake, you had us all worried there.” Lady Kocho cheered as she sat next to me. I was laying on my futon in my room. “What’s going on..?” I asked cautiously.
“Well, we were hoping you could tell us that. Rengoku san had to knock your door down when you would answer. He found you out cold on the floor.” She answered. I sigh when I remember the events of earlier, when Rengoku had revealed his intentions to marry. I had to knock myself out before I did something irrational.
Well, what I did was irrational but I had no idea what else to do. “I must have banged my head when I was changing my clothes.” I responded. Lady Kocho removed the wet cloth from my head and dipped it into a bowl of water, rinsing it of water and reapplying it to my head. “You didn’t sustain any serious damage, just a bump!” 
The Shoji door opens to reveal Rengoku. “Kocho! How is my Tsugoku?” He boasted, which made my heart pound a thousand times faster.  “She’s all better!” Kocho replied. She stood up and left the room and Rengoku took her place by my side.
“You certainly gave us all a fright!” Rengoku voiced. “I’m sorry Rengoku sama…” My voice was small and I couldn’t help but feel ashamed of my actions. “Don’t be! It was an accident!”
We sat in silence for a while… It was killing me, so I had to ask him something that has been on my mind for the past few hours. “Who’s the lucky woman?” I ask weakly. I see a blush forming on his cheek as he responds. “She is a most beautiful and graceful woman. She comes from a good family and whenever we’re together, I’m the happiest man alive.”
Ow… That hurt.
“I’m happy for you… Rengoku sama. When’s the wedding?” I ask. He scratches his cheek before answering. “ Next week, It’s a family event so I will only be inviting My father and brother.” That was fine with me. I didn’t think I could bear watching the love of my life marrying someone else. “That’s ok. Will she be living here?” I ask. He nods. “Of course, She’ll move in a month after the wedding.”
I sigh, closing my eyes and relax. “I’m happy for you master, I really am.”
But that couldn’t be further from the truth.
“Kanroji sama!” I sobbed into her lap. Rengoku had left for his wedding and me and Kanroji were to continue our training but I broke down half way through. She had only learned of Rengoku’s wedding the other day so she was as shocked as I was to say the least. “Oh gods! Kanroji sama! I have no idea what I’m going to do! What will I do!?”
I felt her pat my head in an effort to calm me down. “I still can’t believe he’s getting engaged in a week and we’re only hearing about it now! I didn’t even know he was seeing anyone.” She rubbed my head and I sobbed. “Neither did I..!”
I look up with her with a blurry vision. “He’s going to bring her home! A month after the wedding! I can’t be there when she arrives!”  She pulls me up into a hug. “There, There! It's alright! It’s not the end of the world, I promise you!” She whispers into my ear, but I pull away.
“But it is! If I become a Hashira, I’ll have to be in the same room with him during meetings and I’ll have to work alongside him! As his Tsugoku… I’ll have to live in the same house as him and...her!” She pulled me back into a hug.
“Rengoku Kyojuro is the silliest man alive! He had a good thing with you, it could have been better once you were a Hashira! That’s his loss, there are plenty more fish in the sea! I promise!”
I pull away and sniffle. “There is no one like Rengoku..! Once I become a Hashira, no one will want a woman stronger than them..!”
Kanroji deflated at my comment and I covered my mouth. “Oh my gods! I’m so sorry, Kanroji sama!” She gets up and recovers from my analysis. “Its ok... You're not wrong though, it's the very reason I became a Hashira too, to find a stronger husband ....” All of sudden a lightbulb appeared above her head.
“I have an idea! Why don’t you seek out the other Hashira for courtship!” She suggested but I just deflated. “Kanroji sama… that's probably not a good idea…” I say, void of any emotion. “Why not? They’re all very handsome! How about Tomioka san! He’s very strong!” She boasts, but I sigh.
“Yeah, but he’s very crude. He once told me I smelt very bad after a day of training. I don’t like the way he looks at me…” I answer. “Okay? What about Shinazugawa san?” She asked again.
“He’s very brutal and cruel to everyone. Besides, gods forgive for saying this but I don’t think he’s one hundred percent over the death of Lady Kocho Kanae, Gods, rest her soul.” I replied.
“Himejima san?”
“Too old.”
“Tokito kun?”
“Too young!”
“Uzui san!”
“Too many wives!”
“What about Lady Shinobu?”
“She’s a bit condescending sometimes. She’s a raging demon behind her innocent mask.”
“Well....what about...Oban..”
I sit up and press my finger against her mouth. “I’m gonna stop you there. Obanai loves you, he wouldn’t go for me even if you paid him a million yen!” I mumbled frustrated and flopped onto the group. She blushes widely, from her rosy cheeks to the tips of her ears. “You think..?”
“Squawk! Squawk!” A familiar voice rattles my ear drums. Hidetsugu flies in through the window carrying a letter. “Miss Agawa! You got a letter from home! A letter from home!” He squawks continuously, dropping the letter into my hands. I sit up and open it.
“If you don’t mind, (Y/n) chan, but what’s it say?” She asked. I scan the letter and recognise it as my mother’s hand writing.my heart grows heavier with disapproval. “My sister is getting married. Apparently she's been seeing a guy for a few months and now she wants to tie the knot with him.” I fold the paper up in my hands and rip it up.
“(Y/n) chan, why did you do that?” She asked. “You know me and my sister aren’t on good terms. She’s rotten and the most horrid person on the planet. I hate to see who this guy is, only a man with an equally rotten heart could love her.” I say bitterly.
This week could not get any worse. Not only is the man of my dreams being taken away from me but my spoiled and evil older sister is getting married. Life couldn’t get any worse. “Well, will you go to your sister’s wedding?” Kanroji asked, picking up the scraps of my mother’s letter.
“I suppose I’ll go. I don’t want to dawdle around here and wait for my master to come back. Besides, I want to see what kind of man my sister is marrying. With any luck, he’ll be an old fart with rotting breath and a face only a mother could love.”
Kanroji laughed at my remark, I giggled back.
After a day and a half of travelling, I finally made it back to my hometown. The lights were on and the whole town looked to be celebrating. I was dressed in my uniform, with my hair in a top knot bun, accompanied by my spider lily hair pin and my red hoari. I walk inside the gates and I automatically get a few waves and greetings.
“Hello Lady Agawa!”
“How are you Lady Agawa!”
“You look well, Lady Agawa!”
I nod and smile at their kind words and gestures. I walk through the town and I can hear the town buzzing with gossip. I can hear them talk about a ‘Wedding’ and a ‘lucky man.’ They’re obviously referring to my sister and her mystery man.
I arrived back home, to the biggest house in the village. There are lights everywhere and servants bustling about to get everything ready. “Welcome back, Lady Agawa!” They greeted me, I nodded and continued to walk by them. I step inside and immediately spot my mother. 
She spots me in turn and jogs over to me. “(Y/n)!” She envelops me in a hug but I feel no warmth. “We’re so glad you could make it! Your sister will be so thrilled to know you’ve come!” I nod. “Thank you, Hahaoya.”  She holds my hand and pulls me along the halls. “Come now! I’d like for you to greet our soon to be in-laws! Life can’t get any better than this!”
I hold in a groan of annoyance and proceed to follow her, she brings me to the dining room where the doors are currently shut. “You’re father is there with the groom’s father and brother. Make sure you greet them properly!” She commanded. I had to keep myself from rolling my eyes as she opened the doors.
“Sorry to keep you gentleman waiting! I would like you to meet my youngest!” She boasted. I turn to my left where my father was at one end of the table. He had a light drink in his hand. “Welcome back (Y/n)!” He greeted me.
“Hmm.” I heard from the other end of the table. It was a familiar grunt I recognised. I felt my heart drop as I turned my head to the opposite side of the table. Sitting there was none other than Shinjuro, decently dressed but still clinging to his sake bottle and a shy, quiet Senjuro with his hands in his lap.
“(Y/n) san!” Senjuro chirped.
I could only stand there as my throat went dry and I stumbled to find my words. “Senjuro...kun?”
If they were here….. That could only mean….
The shoji door on the opposite side of the room open and there walking inside the dining room was none other than my precious master, Rengoku Kyojuro with my cruel and vile sister, Agawa Mikako…
They noticed me on the other side and proceeded to greet me. “(Y/n) chan! I’m so glad you could make it!” The witch greeted. “(Y/n)! I’m glad you arrived!” Rengoku smiled.
We all sat around as our food was served. The witch sat closely to Rengoku, her arm around him constantly. I felt sick watching this. This is by far the worst thing that has ever happened to me. I hated this. I hated watching them being so close together, I wanted to storm over and tear her away from him.
While Rengoku was happy and joyful, Mikako  smiled at me with malicious intent. That fucking bitch! “So… Rengoku sama… Ane san... why didn’t you tell me you two were seeing each other..?” I said through gritted teeth. Rengoku was the one to answer me. “We wanted to surprise you! Ever since we started visiting your family, Mikako has always treated me with kindness. I’ve always felt happy seeing Mikako…”
“Ever since I first laid eyes on Kyojuro kun, I knew I had to be with him! Kyojuro always makes my world brighter.” She teased, cuddling up with him. I wanted to pounce on that stupid cunt and pull her hair from her roots.
“This will be good… Now (Y/n)-san will be part of our family… By the way (Y/n) san… How many demons have you killed?” Senjuro asked me shyly. All eyes were on me. “I don’t think that would be an appropriate conversation for dinner..” I mutter.
“No! By all means (Y/n)! Please tell us! I haven’t been able to keep up with your record, so please divulge.” Rengoku insisted. One part of me felt insulted that he hadn’t noticed how many demon’s I’ve killed. The other feels proud that he would want my acknowledgments recognised in front of my family.
“Forty...Forty one-”
I felt cold. A jug of water splashed over my form as a servant from the other side of the room tripped over. My eyes were quick enough to recognise Mikako’s foot by the servant. But was quick enough to pull it away and put on an act. “Oh my goodness! (Y/n)! Are you okay!”
My father was quick to scold the servant for his ‘clumsiness’ as he begged for forgiveness. “(Y/n), you're soaked!” Rengoku said concerned. I quickly stood up from my seat and waved it off. “It’s fine! I’ll just take a bath! It’s not a big deal!” I turned around to exit the room, before I fully left, I heard Shinjuro whisper “weakling” under his breath. I had to choke back a sob before rushing off.
After bathing in the onsen and letting out a few bitter tears, I make my way to my room. I fasten my yukata around my body and begin combing out my wet hair. Mikako is a sly and horrible bitch, she always has been. But I never thought she would stoop this low to hurt me. 
I don’t know how Mikako managed to worm into Rengoku's heart but warm her way in, she did. Now she's got my master wrapped around her finger..! I don’t know if there’s anything I could do at this point to change Rengoku’s mind. GARGH! It still infuriates me that the venomous bitch spoke his first name without a care. I don’t think I’ll be able to attend this wedding.
I just can’t. I’ll say I’m sick and get out of town as soon as I can-
Can….. where the fuck is my hair pin?
I scan the small table where I had placed it. My red spider lily hairpin was nowhere to be seen. I don’t understand. It was right here! I remember putting it here, I never misplace it! Someone must have taken it. There was only one person who could have taken it …!
I threw my Haori over my shoulders and slammed my shoji door open. I stormed down the hall, passing by servants terrified by my façade. I made it to the end of the hall where Sawao’s room used to be. After he died, Mikako took up residence there since it was the second largest bedroom in the mansion.
“Oh Mikako! That hairpin looks wonderful on you! You truly are the most beautiful girl!” I could hear my mother praise. I could hear my sister reply to her. “Thank you Hahaoya! I’m sure Kyojuro will love this outfit! Oh! Mother, would you mind bringing some tea? I’m very parched.”
“Oh course dear.” I hear footsteps and my mother exits the room. “Oh! (Y/n)! Go look at your sister! Kyojuro san is going to bring her on a stroll through the garden!” She cheered like a school girl as she skipped down the hall to get the tea. I stepped over to the doors to see my sister.
She was dressed in a red kimono with the ends dyed black. It had a pattern of pink roses. She had a gold obi wrapped around her waist with a yellow translucent rose attached to her obijime. Her make-up was done finely, painted red lips, her face powdered white and red lining her eyes. Her hair was done up in a traditional bun with one extra touch.
My fucking hairpin.
She turns around in her seat and looks at me with a malicious smile. “Good evening, My dear Imoto, what do you think of my outfit?” I growled. “Why do you have my hairpin?” She stands up and saunters in my direction. “Why, It was just lying there! I thought it would look so much better on me so I just ‘borrowed’ it.” She giggled.
“You had no right! That hairpin belongs to me!” I snapped. Clenching my fist as veins visibly showed on my face. She frowned and looked at me with the same venomous glare. “Is that any way to talk to me? Your Ane san?”  I could feel my nails dig into my palms and my blood boiled.
“You bitch! Tell me the truth! You don’t love Rengoku! You’ve been seeing other men, I know that for a fact! You may have fooled our parents but you don’t fool me! Tell me, why are you doing this?” I demanded. She broke into a grin and started giggling mischievously.
“Because, You love him.” She answered.
I broke into a cold sweat as she caught me in shock. My jaw loosened, my eyes went wide and my flesh went white from horror at the realisation of her motives.
She squints her eyes at me dangerously before taking out a fan and hiding her lower face behind it. “Little sister, You’re more obvious than you’d like to be. From the moment we first met Rengoku, you had your little eyes sparking and your cheeks went all rosy. Granted, at the time I thought it was just a little crush that would eventually die but after the years went by, you proved me wrong.”
She sauntered over to the large mirror on the right side of the room when she could fully admire herself, she put her fan down and began fixing her hair for any stray hairs. “Ever since you brought him home, I could see the love filled gaze you would bestow upon him every time he wasn’t looking, like the little creep you are.”
My jaw tightened again and my fists clenched once more. “So.. you're doing this ….. All this? Just to hurt me..?” I seethe. She turns around to put her hand on her waist and smiles at me. “Why not at all. I don’t want to hurt you. I want to destroy you.” She chuckled.”
If I didn’t know any better, I’d think she wasn’t my sister. That she was a demon wearing my sister’s skin and impersonating her. But that's not how it is. My sister is a demon, she doesn’t eat people but she’s no better than them. Like a demon, she likes to torment those below her and use the weak for her own gain.
“Ever since the death of our brother, You’ve clung to Kyojuro, haven’t you? In your mind, he’s your saviour and you’d be nothing without him, right? Well, that’s what you’re about to be, nothing! I’m going to marry the only man you’ve ever loved and watch you crumble. I’ll have his last name, his wealth, his house and eventually..*giggle* his children..! I mean, I already had a proper demonstration of what his manhood can do.”
No! They didn’t! They couldn’t have! Rengoku would never- could he? When?!
“You’ll watch from the sidelines as I take everything you’ve ever wanted with him and more! All the men you’ll move on to in your life will be nothing but hollow shadows who don’t compare to him. You’re going to be miserable for the rest of your life and I’m going to sit back and smile!”
I was speechless. Absolutely speechless. My heart was hammering with anger. My blood had reached its tipping point and my breathing got faster. “Why? are. you. doing. This?” I growled. She paused for a minute before smiling again. “Now, if I told you? That would spoil all the fun. Now if you could please excuse yourself, Hahaoya and Kyojuro will be here any moment.”
I couldn’t think.
I could see.
Everything was white.
“Give me back my Hairpin.” I growled.
“No, It suits me better-”
At that, I lost it. I sprinted over, knocked over the dark wooden table that separated us and pounced on top of her. I wrapped my hands around her neck and began to choke her. “I HATE YOU!” I screamed. I saw the fear in her eyes at the realisation at what she had gotten herself into. I squeezed harder and harder by the second as saliva pooled up in her mouth went past her lips.
Her bun had come undone after colliding with the ground and the hairpin slipped out. But I didn’t care, I just wanted to strangle this bitch to death.
Everything happened so fast. I was thrown against the wall and I felt the wind get knocked out of me. I fell to the ground. I hold my lower back in pain and look over to see who threw me. It was Rengoku. He kneeled beside Mikako who was crying into his chest. “ K- Kyojuro! S-she!” She stuttered but Rengoku shushed her, “It's ok my love, It’s alright.”
Why…? Why was he holding on to her like that..? He stood up and looked straight at me. He had a face of contempt and disgust. A face I feared I would get from one day and it broke me.
“(Y/n)! You know as well as I do that harming innocent people is against corps rules! The way you treated your sister was absolutely appalling! Apologise to her at once!” I was visibly shaking, this could be happening. It couldn’t. “I-I-I-I c-can’t..!”  I was hyperventilating, this couldn’t be happening! This had to be a bad dream, a nightmare! It’s not real!
“(Y/n), words can’t describe how disappointed I am in you! Until you apologize to your sister, I hereby effectively resign you from the position of Tsugoku! You can not go around putting your hands on innocent people!” He scolded. 
My world broke...  My master… My precious Rengoku is lost to me. Mikako has won… Rengoku loves her and there was nothing I could do. The pure and bright vision of my perfect master was dirtied and had become wrong in so many ways I couldn’t even describe.
He was no longer my master and I was no longer his Tsugoku. He wants nothing to do with me. Rengoku doesn’t love me….
Rengoku ….. hates me!
I huff, and I scream.
Rengoku flinched and covered his ears, Mikako retreated to the far corner and covered her ears too. My eyes welled with tears and they fell from my face like fast raindrops from the sky. My face was red and my heart felt like it was being torn from my chest. Everything felt wrong and disgusting! I felt revolved and polluted by the world’s cruelty and I just wanted it to end!
“(Y/n)! Calm down!” Rengoku reached over to put a hand on my shoulder but I quickly smacked him away. “DON’T TOUCH ME WITH YOUR FILTHY HANDS! YOU DISGUST ME!” I screamed. He was taken aback by my insult, I had never insulted him ever, not once. I was even surprised by it myself but my anger disguised any shock on my face.
I got up, grabbed my hairpin and ran from the room. I couldn’t stay here anymore, I couldn't. I won’t. Everyone I had ever known in life has always worked against me! My parents, Mikako, Shinjuro and Rengoku! The only one who ever really cared was Sawao, and he’s dead. 
As I entered my room, I finally realised that I only clung to Rengoku because after Sawao died, I felt absolutely hopeless, like nothing would be better ever again. Rengoku gave me hope and today, that hope has been effectively crushed.
I have no future. Not a happy one at least.
I would rather join my brother in heaven.
I grabbed my nichirin sword and ran out of the house. I could hear the calls and yells of multiple people, calling my name, telling me to come back. But I ignore their pleas. I sprint out of the estate and through the dark streets of the village. A few stragglers wondering what I’m doing out with my hair still soaking wet.
I hop through the village gate, the same place where my dear brother Sawao died and into the forest where I could no longer hear the call of my name.
I ran.
I ran and ran and ran some more. I ran until I stopped for breathe. I I held my sword in both hands before I collapsed to the ground and broke down into a fit of sobs. I don’t remember where my hairpin was, I assumed I had dropped it somewhere along the forest path.
As the waning moon stares down at me with pity. I fold myself in half. An endless river of tears streamed down from both my eyes. My throat had become dry but that did not stop me from sobbing out the name of the only man I had ever loved.
He was everything to me, the very being that kept me strong, the only person I saw a future with.
And that horrible bitch stole him from me. I knew from the very beginning that she never loved him, she only used him as a tool to hurt me. All she’s ever wanted was to see me suffer. For what reason? I don’t know.
Some people are just born evil.
There was no future for me anymore. Within my five years in this organisation, I had many friends, I had also lost many friends. People all around me drop like flies, this one though, is the ultimate betrayal. It felt like someone had ripped my heart out and kicked me in the throat.
Life is hard. Life is full of suffering. Life isn’t fair.
Death would be easier. Death would be peaceful.
I take my sword from its sheath and line it up towards my heart, hopefully a demon would pass by and gobble up my remains so I wouldn’t be found. I take in a breath of fresh air and exhale. The forest was beautiful, cherry blossoms were in full bloom and the grass smelt amazing. I couldn’t have picked a more beautiful place to die.
I grip the handle and prepare to plunge it in.
“Hello (Y/n) san!” I snapped my head to my right without a moment's notice, my sword was kicked from my hands. It flew into the air and landed 20 ft to my left. I look at the culprit once again to register who he is and I freeze.
“A-Akaza…” I stutter. That put a massive grin on his face. “Ah! So you do remember me! It has been two years after all..”
I feel myself shake within his presence but I harden myself and sit straight. “I could never forget the face of an upper moon.”
He laughs, probably feeling quite prideful of his title. “Well I could never forget a woman like you, (Y/n) san.” He paces around me, with his hands behind his back, observing me like a fine piece of art. “Last time we met, you were a Hinoto. Yet you had such a fight in you. Now? After two years, you’re Kinoe! But now you point your sword to your own heart? Why is that?”
I scoff and turn my head from him. “How do you know about my rank? And what makes you think I’m obligated to tell you anything?” He chuckled and sat right down next to me. “Well, I make it a point to check in on my favourite demon slayer whenever opportunity seeks me. And to answer your next question, you’re not by any means obligated to tell me anything.”
This was weird, I had expected him to start acting sadistic and rip my arm off already but no. He turns to look me in the eye, I gaze into his golden eyes that read ‘Upper Three’ His body was covered head to toe in strange striped tattoos and his physique had been hand molded by the kami themselves.
He was gorgeous for a demon, but then again at the end of the day, that's all he was. A demon and I am a demon slayer. It was taboo of me to describe a demon with such colourful and pretty words. “But you are killing yourself, aren’t you? I figured, I might listen to your troubles. After all, I am the last person who you’ll see and talk to before you do the deed. So why not?”
I see his point. Besides kicking my sword out of my hand, he hasn’t acted that much hostile towards me. What could be the harm in telling him? After all, I do plan on ending my life afterwards. Nothing more could hurt me.
“I guess I could. But where do I start …?” I quietly whimpered. Akaza tapped his chin before clicking his fingers. “How about the first time you felt...wronged? The time you felt so angry and sad but couldn’t do anything about it.”
I tucked my knees into my chest and shivered a bit at the cold, The Upper moon wrapped a surprisingly warm arm around my shoulders. I thanked him for it. “I guess it really started about nine years ago, when my brother left to become a demon slayer…”
I don’t know how long we were there for. I’m sure a few hours had passed but it felt like an eternity as we sat together on the grass. At some point, I don’t really remember but I had ended up between his legs. I felt his muscled and sculpted chest press against my back as he kept his two strong men- killing arms wrapped securely around my chest, keeping me warm against the cold air. 
I spoke to him about my life. From the time Sawao joined the demon slayer corps, to coming home with Rengoku. Sawao’s death and me falling for Rengoku. Becoming his Tsugoku and our bond growing stronger every minute we spend with each other. My sister’s deviance and her marriage to Rengoku. Rengoku denounces me as his Tsugoku and realising who he picked.
At the end of this, I was crying again. The pain was just too much, I hated it. I hated feeling this miserable and angry. “I came here… to join my brother… no one else cares about me the way he did... I think I’m better off disappearing…” I sobbed into my fists, trying to hold in my ugly wails.
“Wow.. That is truly pathetic.” The upper moon commented. I spin my head around, shocked by his cruel words. “What..? What do you mean..?” I’m the one who gets backstabbed by everyone who was ever supposed to care for me and that's all he has to say?!
“Well, what I mean is, you're an accomplished swordswoman, aren’t you? You're strong, you’re talented, you’re beautiful…” He lifted my chin so I could gaze into his strange golden eyes that read his rank number. “Akaza…” I mumbled.
“You’re a Kinoe, you only needed to kill seven more demons and you would have earned yourself the title of Hashira. You would’ve been the next Thunder Hashira, wouldn’t you?” He said all knowingly. I gulped as I developed a cold sweat. “H- How did you know that..?” I stutter.
“Didn’t you hear what I said before? I’ve been keeping an eye on you and your development. I’ve witnessed all your accomplishments, all the demons you’ve killed under the span of two years. I like you, (Y/n). You amaze me.” He grinned, pushing a hair out of my face before kissing my cheek.”
“A-Akaza! What do you think you’re doing!?” I blushed furiously, trying to break out of his grip. But my strength was nothing compared to his, my efforts were futile. “Showing you my affection, The flame Hashira who you’re so ‘in love’ is none more than a pathetic fool who lost a good woman. Any man would be lucky to have you.”
He turned me around so I was sitting on his lap, so I was facing him. My face went red as I gaze into his beautiful golden eyes. I couldn’t think, I couldn’t move. I just stayed still as the tattooed demon caressed my face with one hand while using the other one to hold my waist.
“You shouldn’t die for a man who never deserved you affection… for a man who you fear will hate all your scars…” He reached his hands on both my shoulders and pulled my clothes down! My haori and yukata came down and my naked breasts were exposed to the cold air. “NO!” I flinched and covered them as quickly. But it wasn’t my breasts he was focused on. It was my arms covered in the carvings of all my deceased friends' names. He traced the kanji and huffed. “You shouldn’t have done that to your beautiful skin, all for a bunch of weaklings who weren’t strong enough to defend themselves.”
I growled. “Those weaklings were my friends! They-”
“Where a waste of tears and suffering.” He cut me off. He grabbed my face so I couldn’t take my eyes off him. “Even now, you still suffer. You shed tears for weaklings and fools who don’t value you for the great warrior you are. It holds you back from reaching your true potential, all this emotional baggage that just drags you down. Stop caring!”
His smile became more and more devious. He was up to something. Something terrible, but I didn’t know what. His lips moved and he spoke the next few words that would forever change my life.
“Become a demon, (Y/n).”
I gulped. It took a few moments for me to mentally register what this man had said before replying to him. “W-what..? Become a demon..?” I didn’t know what else to say. He just nodded his head before speaking again. “That’s right. You will become much stronger than you are right now. All those scars on your body will heal and your emotions can be flipped off!” He snapped his fingers. “Like a switch!”
This was truly surprising. Here I was minutes away from death’s door and now a member of the twelve Kizuki wants me to become a demon. I didn’t know what I wanted to do. Here was giving me a chance at a new life as a demon. I didn’t know what to say. “B-but wouldn’t I have to eat people..?” I say quietly. He waves it off like it didn’t matter.
“Yes, and? When you’re a demon, all humans are just your meat. I mean, would you consider the same for livestock you eat everyday? Do you ask the pigs and cows if they have families they’d like to see again?” I grunt, he did have a point, as messed up as it is.
“You would have me become a demon. What would I do for the rest of my immortal life..?” He chuckled before reaching for my clothes and tugging them back over my shoulders. “Sweet girl, As far as anyone is concerned, you can do whatever you want. You can better yourself for the next one hundred years and not break a sweat.”
A life to be forever young where I refine myself to be better and better. But I’d still be a demon. A demon who must feed on the flesh of innocent humans to survive. I heard many demons forget who they once were and become ugly mutated monsters. I would never be able to enjoy the sunlight or the fragrant scent of the wisteria trees. Eat my favourite foods or enjoy the comfort of another’s company again.
“I would be all alone… wouldn’t I?” I ask. He doesn’t answer at first. He just wraps his arms around me and into an affectionate hug. “You would have me.” He whispered.
“If you become a demon, we could train together, hunt together and enjoy each other’s company, now until forever. I will help you become the best version of yourself and that starts with becoming a demon.”
I pull away from his hug and look down into his chest. This was a lot. This was an awful lot to take in. Would I give up this weaker version of myself and become the demon Akaza wants me to be? Or would I stay a human and let myself be miserable for the rest of my life?
“I… I need to think about this..” I say after a while. I put my hand on my heart to calm it down but nothing works. Akaza on the other hand just shrugs. “That’s okay with me, I understand. It is a daunting offer.” He points to the moon, gazing upon the lunar goddess, the demon’s sun. He speaks again.
“I’ll have to leave soon. But I will come back tomorrow night, until then. I expect you to have made a decision. Whether you become a demon or remain a human, I suggest enjoying the sun while you still can. You will come back here at this exact spot, you will either be reborn as a demon or I can help you fulfill your wish to die.” He smirked. I was taken aback by his response.
Either way, Both of those options are better than the third. Live and watch Rengoku be with my bitch of a sister and waste away until I’m nothing but a sad and pathetic old cat lady. I nod my head. “Okay, I will.”
I woke up to the sounds of the cicadas the next day. I sat up from where I was to look at my unfamiliar surroundings, I was at the top of some kind of hayloft, sitting on a pile of hay. I rub my eyes and look out the window to see the early morning sun beginning to rise.
I wondered if what had happened last night hadn’t been more than a strange dream. But I see something sparkle red on the wall, like you would see in the water. I scan my surroundings and my eyes land on something akin to red jewels. It was my hair pin! I scurried over to pick it up, My sword was there too, along with a note of sorts.
I pick it up and unfold it.
‘You dropped this while running. - Your friend.’
So last night wasn’t a dream. I had really met the upper three demon moon again. I don’t remember coming to this place. I must have fallen asleep in his arms and he must’ve carried me to this...barn? I don’t know exactly where I am. I  descend the hayloft and exit the barn. Once I make it outside, I immediately recognise where I was. The Osaki homestead!
It was abandoned of course and had been for years. After the brutal massacre the demons had caused years ago, the owners didn’t want to live in a place where their employees were tragically killed so they packed up and moved up north.
There was no breeze as the sun began to rise and I could feel its heat on my skin. This would be my last day on earth, my last day alive. I was given the choice to either become a demon or let myself die to go join Sawao in heaven.
Which choice do I choose?
Will I live as a Demon?
Or will I die as a Human?
What should I do?
This story will have two different endings! One where you will end up with either one of the boys. It may take a while since I am in University but I will do my best with updates! Anyways, I do hope you lads enjoyed it!
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thefieryphoenix · 2 months ago
Hey guys, sorry I haven't been able to post anything these past few days, I really needed a break from writing for a while but I'm back now :) And I'll try posting as regularly as I can, forgive me if I don't post too frequently though since I have exams coming up too TvT
Tumblr media
Gif from: Tenor
Boy, oh boy, you wouldn't want this Michael Jackson ripoff as your yandere, trust me. He doesn't and will not view you as an equal, let me make that real clear for you. So if you have any hopes that he'll treat you well if you're kidnapped by him, depends on your behavior
He views you more as a pet to be honest. As a yandere this man here is completely controlling, possessive, obsessive, manipulative, dominant and really strict. He doesn't tolerate misbehavior from anyone, not even you. He has really little patience for that kind of nonsense
When he sets his eyes on you, you can kiss your freedom goodbye because whatever he wants, he WILL get it, either by hook or crook
He'll first send his demon minions to gather information about you and report to him on your day to day activities. When they tell him there's someone in your life that's getting too close to you and wants to pursue a romantic relationship with you, Muzan is kind of pissed and mad but also amused. Does some random puny little human think they can just get away with stealing what's his? Looks like Muzan will have to teach him and his family a lesson, a lesson for the world to remember what happens if they mess with what belongs to the Demon Lord
Don't be too surprised when you have to attend a funeral the next week for the same person. And after that he'll directly kidnap you, no further questions asked and sorry to burst your bubble sweetie, you most certainly do not have a say in this matter
Muzan also feels like it's his right to take you under his protection since you look so fragile and weak and small. How did someone as dainty like you ever last for so long in this world god only knows. And for that reason, he's also really protective over you. If at all someone needs to hurt you, it'll be only him, not someone else (He's a sadist) and be it Demon Slayer or a fellow Uppermoon or Lowermoon or a regular Demon, whatever, they lay so much as a finger on your head they will die
Will not hesitate to use your family and friends as leverage to make you behave for him. If he feels like you're stepping out of line and your boundaries, he'll return back with the heads of someone you know. You should know better than to misbehave with the Demon Lord. You won't even be able to escape from him, there are highly trained and powerful Demons keeping a watch on you for their master and they won't let you escape. And even if you do (How in the HECK did you manage to do that?!) he'll find you real quick in a matter of minutes rather and he'll start killing people and things will just get messy. You're in for a HUGE and BIG TIME punishment after you return home with him, you do NOT want to get punished by him, it's just painful and tiresome
A MASTER manipulator like I've stated before, he'll sometimes sneak up from the back and whisper things in your ear like "Only I can protect you my little pet~" and things like that. He feels rather amused at your outbursts sometimes and when you challenge him, when he's had a long tiring day, he likes to have a little laugh and he's glad you're there to provide it for him. You'll know when you overstep your boundaries though with him. But despite all this, he actually might grow to love you but it's a... different kind of love, painful and filled with pleasure at the same time if that makes sense
He will turn you into a demon soon but he'll make you depend on him for everything, he likes it when his little pet depends and needs him for something. So, the sooner you get used to your eternal form and life with him, the better
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bluemoondust · 2 months ago
Hello! Could you do an Akaza interaction for me from the Demon Slayer movie? Female reader here!
“S-stop! No! Please, don’t kill him! Take me instead!”
Tumblr media
"Oh? Is that what you want?"
Akaza couldn't hold back the smile that was growing as he heard those words. Now tonight just held so many surprises and wondrous results! Even if he couldn't convince the Flame Hashira to become a demon and bask in the glory of immortality... He could still have you.
It was upsetting he couldn't have both a lover and a worthy opponent to fight for many years to come, but beggars can't be choosers. This is still as grand. And the fact that you offered yourself willingly! Akaza turns to you to present how much your words impacted him.
"Oh my precious darling. To offer yourself like this. If you insist then, yes, I won't kill him. I didn't even want that to be so I'm not against it."
"Y/N! Don't do this!"
"I'm sorry Rengoku, but she's made up her mind. It was fun, but it seems time is running out. We'll surely meet again and maybe you can think over my proposition a little more."
As fast as you could blink, Akaza was by your side. He gently picked you up in his arms. "Now, let's get you home. With me."
There was yelling as he ran into the forest. You knew it was those two; Tanjiro and Inosuke. It was saddening to hear their voices demanding to bring you back. You just hoped they'll be okay getting back to safety and the passengers are dealt with.
"Pay no mind to them, darling. All you'll be focusing on is the new life you will have. You and I will spend eternity together." Akaza gleamed as he spoke to you and deep down, you knew what he meant by what he said.
It honestly terrified you.
Tumblr media
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just-some-yandere-writer · 3 months ago
Hi! Could you do something for Kyōjurō? Maybe with a reader who is his Tsugoku? Of course the reader is over 18. If not, that’s perfectly fine! Thank you. Btw, I love your account. :)
➡️ NOTES : READER IS NOT RENGOKU ’ S STUDENT , AS I AM UNCOMFORTABLE WITH TEACHER X STUDENT SHIPS [ mod moss ] . ending is kind of messy , but i really love how this turned out !!
Tumblr media
 Rengoku ’ s smile is a smile that makes everyone trust him immediately . it ’ s a smile that could put anyone ’ s walls down . it ’ s a smile that everyone describes as warm . it ’ s a smile that Rengoku could use to get what he wants . it ’ s a smile to get you . it ’ s a smile to have you trust him . it ’ s a smile to have you trust him , to fall in love with him , to have you kept far away from those awful demons that could hurt you -
 . . . it hasn ’ t been working .
 you aren ’ t someone that doesn ’ t trust people , no . you are far from that . you trust people to hold you drink , to hold your belongings , to keep secrets , and many other things .
 however , for some reason , you never trust him . Rengoku thinks you don ’ t even like him . not from the beginning , and not now .
 Rengoku has tried asking the other Hashira , but they don ’ t have an answer .
 so , Rengoku has come up with a new plan .
 instead of being discreet , Rengoku will use force . he ’ ll take you away instead of having you fall in love with him .
 it ’ s a good , simple plan , but there ’ s one problem : you are not weak . there is a reason why you have the Hashira title . so Rengoku will just wait for an opportunity when you are weak , when you are vulnerable .
 his patience has rewarded him .
 it was a simple mission . annihilate the demon and save anyone who ’ s in trouble . the only problem was that a huge storm had taken place when you were assigned the mission . lightning struck a tree near you , and it landed on you . luckily , you lived , but you ’ re no longer to do your job because of the wounds you suffered from the tree . right now , you ’ re recovering in the Butterfly Estate .
` ` good morning , Kocho - san ! ` `
 Rengoku greets the owner of the estate with a bright smile .
` ` good morning , Rengoku - san . lovely day , isn ’ t it ? ` `
 Shinobu replies , having a smile of her own .
` ` indeed ! i was wondering if you could tell me where [ Y / n ] ’ s room is ? ` `
` ` i can walk you there . ` `
` ` no need ! i just need you to tell me their room ! ` `
` ` actually , [ Y / n ] requested that if someone visits them , they have me or other people who are in this estate in the room . ` `
` ` oh ! that ’ s fine ! ` `
 Rengoku grits his teeth .
 the two Hashira walk over to [ Y / n ] ’ s room .
 opening the door , Rengoku sees the former Hashira sitting at the edge of a room , staring out the window . he takes a moment to dedicate the image to memory .
` ` [ Y / n ] ! it ’ s good to see you again ! ` `
 he announces , making it clear he ’ s in the room .
 the bedridden pillar looks at Rengoku , staring at him for a few seconds before responding .
` ` . . . Rengoku . i see you ’ re healthy as always . ` `
 it ’ s the same thing they tell him every time they see each other .
` ` how are your injuries ? ` `
` ` . . . they ’ re good . i got paralyzed from the waist down . ` `
` ` ah , that ’ s sad news . will you be retiring ? ` `
` ` yeah , i guess . it ’ s not bad , though . i have a family to return to and take care of me . ` `
` ` that ’ s good ! i ’ m glad you have one . ` `
` ` . . . yeah . . . hey , Shinobu ? could you step out for a second ? i want to talk to Rengoku about some . . . private things . ` `
` ` of course . i ’ ll be right outside of the room if you need anything . ` `
 after saying that , the Insect Hashira leaves .
 it’  s just you and Rengoku .
 Rengoku and you .
` ` you want me to live with you , am i correct ? ` `
 you ask . your stare hardens .
 Rengoku laughs .
` ` correct ! now i get why people call your intuition scary ! ` `
` ` yeah , i get that a lot . ` `
 you roll your eyes.
 Rengoku clears his throat .
` ` i was hoping if maybe you wanted to live in my estate after you recover . ` `
` ` nope ! hard no . wouldn’t even dream of it ! ` `
you piped .
Rengoku grits his teeth again.
` ` i see . may i know why ? ` `
` ` i know who you truly are , Rengoku . i know those sick thoughts inside of your head . and if you think you can get me , you ’ re dead wrong . i ’ d rather die in the most painful ways one hundred times . ` `
 Rengoku laughs; it’s a quiet one.
` ` then i guess you ’ ll have to die a hundred times ! ` `
 you stare at the Hashira . he laughs again .
` ` just kidding , just kidding ! but for your information , ` `
 he leans in close to you , eyes piercing yours .
` ` i ’ ll make sure you ’ ll live with me , sooner or later . ` `
 you push him away from your face , saying :
` ` try me . ` `
 you smirk .
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teddy-yandere · 3 months ago
Hi, your writing is absolutely wonderful 💖 Could I please request/ask for some headcanons with a reader who doesn't want to sit on yanderes Tanjiro, Rengoku and Inosuke (Separate) lap since she's a bit chubby and is kinda insecure of how she looks like me (Believe me, people are just brutal when it comes to those sort of things 😭😒) Hope I didn't make you sad and if I did, I'm really sorry TvT
- Sit on my Lap Darling -
Characters = Tanjiro, Rengoku , Inosuke
⚠️WARNING⚠️ will contain dark themes
A/N = Ahh I am so sorry this took so long I hope you guys like this. Feel free to request any characters you want. I write for many different fandoms , all you have to do is scroll to the bottom of this post and pick what fandom and character you want me to write for and send me a request. My inbox is always open so feel free to chat with me!! <3
• It was a nice summer day , and Tanjiro had just gotten back from his duties as a demon slayer. Sadly he had to write a bunch of letter to the swordsman who made his sword.
• Turns out that Tanjiro had broken a sword during today’s battle and desperately needed a new one.
• Because of this Tanjiro was really sad on the way back to your shared home. He was looking forward to cuddling and loving you.
• Once he got home he immediately went to go check on you and ask how your day was. He ask you if you could maybe keep him company in his office. Once y’all were there he asked you very sweetly if you could sit on his lap. He was very confused when you refused quickly.
• He asked why you wouldn’t sit on his lap , he was shocked to see your reasoning. He immediately went over to comfort you while telling you how perfect you are and that you have no reason to be insecure because you are the most perfect person he had ever met.
• Rengoku was practically skipping and humming on his way home. You were the reason that he kept on living. Rengoku treats you like a god / goddess and thinks that someone like you should never have to lift a finger.
• Honestly if Rengoku really sat down and thought about it , he couldn’t name one flaw on you. You were simply to perfect.
• Little did Rengoku know that , on that particular day, you were feeling very insecure about your body and just wanted to curl up in a ball and cry.
• He ran to you and pulled you into his lap to kiss and comfort you. But he was shocked when you suddenly pulled away.
• A confused look washed over his face when he heard your reasoning for crying and why you didn’t want to sit in his lap.
• he kisses your face and told you that he will always love y no matter what and that you are perfect.
• Thsi boy is so clingy so he probably noticed your insecurities pretty early on.
• He would always try his best to make you feel better about yourself. Sometime he didn’t understand why you felt so insecure. You were just so perfect.
• if you were feeling really sad than Inosuke can get. Little grumpy
• When you refused to sit in his lap he kinda forced you to while praising you and making you blush 🥺
* .:。✧*゚ ゚・ ✧.。. * * .:。✧*゚ ゚・ ✧.。. * . *.:。✧ *゚ ゚・ ✧.。. *.
Thanks for reading Darling !! <3
Feel free to request any character you want. I write for all genders. If you don’t tell me what gender you want then I will just make it gender nuetural. I write for many different fandoms such as:
• Demon Slayer
• Attack on Titan
• Haikyuu
• My Hero Acedemia
• Death Note
Have a nice Day / Night ~
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darlingyanderes · 5 months ago
Can you do one with Muzan and Kokushibo (bad at spelling 😂) With y/n. You can choose the content
Hi thank you for your request!! I might have gone a little ham on this one, I recently watched a movie called “Forgotten” on Netflix, and it inspired me to write this! I hope you like it (and that it’s not a straight up rip-off of the movie ooop)
Warnings: (fake) illness, drugs, explicit gore, murder, demons eating humans, manipulation/gaslighting, badly written amnesia
Word count: 1731
Take your pills - Yandere!Muzan Kibutsuju x Fem!Reader x Yandere!Kokushibo
Muzan and Kokushibo were always right. Or at least, Y/N had to trust they were always right, since her memory is so fuzzy. When the three first met, they told Y/N that she was ill and needed treatment. They claimed it was still in the first stages, so Y/N of course didn’t notice anything yet. But as they took her to the doctor and got her these pills, her whole head has just become so fuzzy. It was hard to stay in the real world and she could barely remember what she had been doing 5 minutes ago. Y/N wrote it off as the effects of the disease and that it was progressing despite all the medication.
But some things were so odd. That doctor they took her to, was that her usual doctor? Who was that person? When did she start living at Muzan and Kokushibo’s house, and since when did they call her ‘bunny and ‘darling’? The more she thought about her situation, the more questions popped up, and the harder it became to find answers. How could she, when her conscious felt like it was floating in an endless sea?
In the end, thinking became too tiresome. She decided to save herself the useless trouble of looking for answers she wasn’t going to get, and just trust Muzan and Kokushibo. She must be ill, that’s why they’re giving her these drugs. She can’t think straight, that’s why they’re taking care of her. That’s all she knew, and all she had to know.
Y/N stood at the sink in the bathroom, with a pill and a glass of water in her hand. She was about to pop the pill in her mouth, when Muzan suddenly opened the door, startling her and causing the pill to fell out of her hand and beneath the sink.
“You scared me half to death!”
Muzan shot her an apologetic look. “Sorry, I didn’t mean to scare you, bunny. I just wanted to tell you breakfast is ready. Did you take your pill today?”
Y/N looked at her empty hand. She thought that she hadn’t taken it yet, but it wasn’t in her hand. She tried digging through her memory, but it was no use: she didn’t remember even that. Judging from the glass of water in her hand and the absence of a pill, she probably took one. Right?
She grinned at him and said: “Of course! What’s for breakfast?”
Y/N awoke in the middle of the night, her eyes drowsily looking around the room. Despite having just woken up, she felt her mind was a bit clearer than it usually was. Rolling over in bed, she realised she was more aware of the softness of the sheets, the faint smell of Muzan and Kokushibo clinging to the fabric, and the warmth radiating from the empty spots where they usually slept.
Wait, empty spots?
Y/N sat up, patting the rest of the bed to see if Muzan and Kokushibo had somehow been lying at the very edges of the matrass, but it was all empty. Why were they both gone?
A scream suddenly ruptured the house. Though it was dampened by the walls, Y/N could tell it was a guttural scream of pure fear. It made the very hairs on her neck stand up. She was frozen in her bed, horrified at the silence that followed. She could only hear her own heart beat frantically in her chest.
Only when the scream came for a second time, did Y/N quickly move from the bed. The scream must have been coming from inside the house. There must be an intruder. Was someone hurting Muzan or Kokushibo? Or even worse, both of them?
She had to help them. Even if her presence would just be a distraction to stop whatever attacker was in their house for only a split second, that would be good enough.
She inched her way through the darkness of their house, following the noise, until she was right around the corner of the bathroom. The light inside was on and the screams of agony kept ringing in her ears. She grabbed her slipper as a make-shift weapon and braced herself, before jumping in the opening of the door and yelling at the top of her lungs: “Stop!”
But what she saw made her drop the slipper in her hand.
The screams weren’t coming from either Muzan or Kokushibo, but rather a deadly pale looking man in the bathtub. His eyes were red and his face was dripping with tears, snot, and blood. He was partially submerged in his own blood and was most likely the cause for all the red smears and hand prints on the bathroom tiles behind him. Even if Y/N was able to perform surgery on him, she could never save him; half of his abdomen had been hollowed out, his intestines draped out for all to see. He was littered with claw marks, and an occasional bite was missing from his limbs.
Right as Y/N had entered the bathroom, a bloodied hand had dug its way into him, tearing his flesh out. The hand belonged to Muzan, the usually neat and tidy man who now had wild eyes and a face smeared red. Kokushibo was crouching next to him, licking the blood off his fingers with that same feral look in his eyes.
With a hopeless dread in her stomach, Y/N fell to her knees. They were demons. She had been living with demons this entire time. Monsters, vicious killers, who posed as loving humans so they could have a cover and continue eating humans in peace. With shallow breaths, Y/N couldn’t stop staring at the man in the bathtub, whose horrifying final moments she was witnessing.
“Y/N? Y/N, it’s not what it looks like.”
Y/N gaze shifted to Muzan, who now turned his whole body towards her. He looked like a tiger about to pounce its prey.
“Go back to bed, Y/N,” added Kokushibo, who tried to show her a calming smile. All Y/N could see were his bloodied fangs.
Y/N shook her head fervently and crawled backwards away from them, tears stinging in her eyes. “You are monsters. You- You killed that man!”
Muzan frowned, before looking at Kokushibo. “The pills should’ve prevented this, right?”
Kokushibo stalked towards Y/N, who couldn’t move away fast enough. “I suppose there’s something we could still do to make this right.”
When Y/N opened her eyes, she was back in the bed. Light was shining through the curtains, announcing the start of a new day. For a moment she was lost in the warm comfort of the bed and the two bodies surrounding hers, but then she suddenly remembered the events of last night.
Her eyes shot wide open and she gasped when she saw Muzan’s face right in front of hers. With his usual gentle smile, he whispered: “Good morning, darling.”
When he attempted to brush her hair out of her face, she flinched backwards, suddenly scared of the long claws on his hands. However, she didn’t get far: Kokushibo pressed himself against her back and wrapped his arms around her stomach. After he pressed a lazy kiss on her neck, he said: “What’s wrong, bunny?”
“You killed him.”
“You killedhim. How could you do such a thing?”
Muzan once again moved his hand to caress her face, this time succeeding since Y/N didn’t have enough room to dodge him. With a carefully crafted worried look on his face, he said: “Sounds like you had an awful nightmare.”
Y/N frowned. “What? A nightmare?”
It was quiet for a while. Kokushibo propped himself up on his arm so he could look Y/N in the face. He looked grave as he asked: “Y/N, did you take your pill yesterday?”
Y/N opened her mouth to say yes, but stopped. She didn’t remember if she took one. Did she take one? No matter how much she dug in her memory, she just didn’t know.
Seeing the confusion on her face, Muzan sighed and shook his head. As he stroked her cheek with his thumb, he spoke: “You always had terrible nightmares before we took you to the doctor. You’d wake up and be so, so scared, just like you are now. The nightmares seemed so real to you, but they aren’t. They’re just nightmares.”
Kokushibo backed him up as he rubbed Y/N’s shoulder. “We were by your side the whole night, bunny. Right here in this bed.”
Something was wrong. She knew what she saw that night. But then again, why would they have any reason to lie? If they really were demons, they’d just eat her up if she witnessed them doing something like that, right? Demons wouldn’t care if they had to kill one more human, it’d just mean an extra meal for them. And they surely wouldn’t take care of someone like her like this. They must be right. They just have to be. Otherwise it just doesn’t make sense.
This illness really was messing with her head and her sense of reality. She felt like a fool. How could she possibly think that they’d do something like that, when they were always so kind and patient with her? She really was an idiot. In a small voice, Y/N said: “You’re right. I’m sorry.”
“It’s alright, darling, we know it’s hard.”
Kokushibo reached over to the nightstand on his side of the bed and grabbed a pill and the glass of water on top of it. Meanwhile, Muzan sits Y/N up straight, keeping his arm around her shoulders and his hand resting in hers.
“Open wide,” Kokushibo said as he held the pill in front of her mouth. When Y/N opened it, she received a pat on her head. “Good girl.”
She couldn’t help but feel this nagging in the back of her head. Something wasn’t right here. The gentle smiles on their faces, and the way Muzan patiently held out the glass of water for her. There was something hidden behind her eyes, but she just couldn’t put her finger on it. Was it really just the illness that was making her feel this way?
Finally, Muzan pressed the glass to her lips, forcing Y/N to take a sip and swallow the pill.
“From now on, we’ll make sure you take your pills, okay?”
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wemaryyyy · 5 months ago
Yandere Zenitsu Agatsuma Headcanon.
Tumblr media
Zenitsu is a clinging stalker yandere.
At first he is too shy to talk to you but at the same time he threatens everyone who flirts with you.
Zenitsu would really love how gentle you are.
( Actually, you hugged him once when you thought he was someone else )
Zenitsu really doesn’t want to let you go.
He is easily jealous and when he is jealous he is even more clingy.
(Although it's hard to believe it's true)
Zenitsu is really afraid that you will leave him because of another man.
And this leads to him eventually isolating you and wanting to be with you 24/7.
Needless to say, Zenitsu is easily a jealous case.
Usually he becomes a martyr and barks himself to get your attention and you comfort him.
If this doesn’t work the person who stole your attention will disappear under mystical circumstances.
Zenitsu hates your punishment very much.
This boy cries almost every time he has to break your leg and shackle you to bed.
After that, you get a lot of hugs and expressions of love
( That is, the things every prisoner hopes from their kidnapper... notice the sarcasm )
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cherrykamado · 5 months ago
So, how would yandere Gyomei react to a reader who's cold and barely talks to him after he kidnaps her since she's angry at him for taking her away from her life? But after a while, when she sees how genuine he is with his love for her, she eventually warms up to him and says 'I love you' with a red flustered face
( btw idk if this is what you were expecting, but it turned into a drabble hahaha, anyways enjoy!)
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
pairing: yandere! gyomei himejima x reader.
warnings: yandere behavior, stockholm syndrome(this is not love!), obsessive behavior, toxic relationships, religious metaphors (is that even a warning? nvm, better safe than sorry), idolization, captivity, delusional thinking.
I do not condone this behavior at all, and this piece does not intend to romanticize yandere relationships at all; on the contrary, its aim is to depict gyomei's way of thinking.
notice: MINORS / AGELESS BLOGS DNR DNI. age in bio or blocked.
tags: @awilddreamerwrites ; @fuwushiguro ; @katonshoko (if you wanna join the tag list, click here ♥ )
Tumblr media
No eyes are needed to witness the beauty of a heart. And your heart had him amazed.
Gyomei Himejima had been quickly enamoured by you. You were a saint in human's clothes, and he didn't lie when he swore to deities that day that he had the luck to witness your pure soul, that he would show nothing but complete, selfless devotion to you, the goddess of his heart, the fire of his loins.
But his heart broke the moment he realized that you just would not understand the way you made his heart ignite.
Well, devotion is also about what you can't understand, too. But fear not, my dear, you just didn't understand it now. You needed the proper guidance —guidance that he was more than willing to provide you with.
Maybe living with him would just make you understand and, eventually, reciprocate that unconditional love that he only tries to show you.
Kidnapping? Captivity? Those are terms that only fools that haven't taken God into their souls would argue — but God forgive them, for they don't know what they are saying.
You're living with him, and he's doing this for the sake of your wellbeing, to offer you protection from the threats of impure souls —threats that should they come near you, would imply a sin that not even seppuku would spare him from.
He's no fool that you'd been trying to set a wall in between you and him, your distance and monosyllabic responses being irrefutable proof of it. He tried to bring those walls down by being attentive with you, buy you gifts, sit by your side.
"You can keep your presents, I don't need them. I don't need your words either, I don't need anything from you; you took everything from me." You once spat at him, words filled with venom that, undeniably, tugged at his heart, making it suffer.
Oh, honey, but wouldn't you know that good things require sacrifices sometimes? He just wants you to be happy, and happiness doesn't escape that principle. Himejima understands how you're feeling, he really does! And he hopes that, someday, you'll be in his shoes too.
Yes, he was hurt. But he understood you. And he forgave you.
Because you'll take him into your heart and accept him. That you'll no longer be blind to his love.
True love waits, and Gyomei would patiently await for your heart's redemption.
Redemption that comes one day, after some time. He felt it in your soul, how you slowly warmed up to him, back to your usual self. How you would talk to him more. How he'd feel your gaze on his while he was praying.
Your heart was closer and closer to acceptance, and he wondered when that sweet miraculous moment would arrive.
"Gyomei..." Your soft voice called him, and it was music to his ears, music played by the very same angels, "I need to t-tell you something..."
And those three words, the ones he had longed all his life to hear you say, finally dance off your lips.
"I l-love you." He feels you clutching onto his haori, but it felt as if it was his heart that was in between your fingers instead.
Is this a miracle? That his goddess loves him back? His heart thanks the deities, once, twice, a million times. The truth is that it will never be enough.
Still not snapping out of it, the giant Gyomei Himejima just falls on his knees. His prayers had been heard. He brought his hands together, with the collar in between them, and he closed his eyes as he allowed his head to gently rest on your chest.
Before you, neither his power nor his status matter; Gyomei Himejima is just a simple human, full of weaknesses and imperfections, unworthy of you but still devoted. And that devotion has finally been noticed by his lovely angel.
Good things come to those who wait, and he swore to heaven and against your bosom, with tears in his eyes, that he would do anything to protect this sacred love you share.
Tumblr media
2021 © cherryackerman. | all rights reserved. | do not repost or recommend on any platform. | under no circumstances is this kind of behavior is not condoned by the writer.
Tumblr media
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jackrrabbit · a year ago
Bloodlust /// Sanemi x f!Reader (18+)
Tumblr media
Summary: A naive demon is waylaid by the Wind Hashira.
A/N: Might fuck around and get back into KNY…Sanemi is one mean bastard, and I’m here for it. Be warned—this is pretty brutal (not by canon standards, but still). ngl I’ve missed writing stuff like this 🥺
Tags/warnings: sadomasochism, noncon, hatefucking!!!! is def the best way to describe what happens in this fic, threats, violence, demon reader & demon things, primal, degradation, outdoor sex, bloodplay & marechi kink stuff, yandere? obsessive fixation ig, some creative liberties have been taken with canon
You’d almost forgotten what it feels like to be weak.
Strength came with the territory when you were turned into a demon, along with the hunger: all-encompassing, oppressive, like you’re starving every second you’re not eating. Apparently you’re better able to control your hunger than other demons, not that you’ve met many—none, actually, other than the one who turned you. He was the one who told you to exercise control, who told you that you’ve done well to stealthily pick off prey that wouldn’t be missed instead of attracting attention. He was the one who told you about demon slayers.
You almost laughed at the idea at the time. A group of humans who tried to resist demons? Tried to kill them? How? Every human you’ve encountered since you were turned—hunters, mostly, men who’d wandered into the woods looking for something to eat—has been pathetically weak against you. Life as a demon is simple. As long as you stay in the shadows and avoid the sun, you have nothing to fear.
Sometimes you daydream about making your way to a village and gorging yourself, but you don’t mind the hunger so much. You can get by on scraps. And besides, the demon who turned you warned you not to go overboard. He said to stay away from the humans’ notice—not that the threat of some human calling themselves a “demon slayer” bothered you. You know how strong you are; you can feel it in your blood, your muscles, your bones. You don’t understand how a flesh-and-blood human could threaten that.
You don’t understand…until you meet him. The Wind Hashira. You should’ve listened to the warnings about demon slayers.
It tastes bitter, and you try to ground yourself on that taste, the sharp, bitter-wet flavor of the grass and dew and earth because the slayer is shoving your face into the dirt and the copper from where you’re biting into your lip and holding back the sound of your voice. Not that he cares, probably. But you don’t think you could take hearing yourself moan for a human while he carves the shape of his cock into your pussy.
How did you…get here? Facedown, barely holding yourself up on your elbows, chest and stomach shoved into the grass with your back arched up and your kimono ridden above your hips… Fuck, you can barely remember the fight, his ability, him wrestling you into the earth and shoving his weight down on you and bringing his blade to his own arm and—
—his blood, so rich and thick and sweet that even recalling the smell of it sends a wave of heat through you and you whine under your breath. The hunger overtakes everything else you’re feeling, but only for a second before with a twitch of his hand the Hashira brings the edge of his sword to the tender skin of your throat. “Ah-ah,” he rasps out a laugh even though his voice is heavy and strained. “What was that? Are you starting to like it?”
“K-Kill you, I’ll—kill you,” you snarl, but you and him both know the threat is empty. You tried. And you failed.
“Fucking demon whore,” he spits, and the blade slips just enough to draw a hair-thin line of red across your neck, earning a yelp from you even though you don’t dare move any more for fear of letting it cut you deeper. When you go still, he grunts and you can hear him shifting position in the grass, angling your hips up so his cock can sink in again. “Asking for it…fuck…”
“I wasn’t—nngh—ah, ahhh, s-stop—you can’t—” Your words are coming out in babbles, barely intelligible but it’s his fault. He’s pushing up at your womb, pulling out in short, quick thrusts and slamming his cock back into your cunt so hard and rough it’s like he’s knocking the breath out of your lungs. It hurts, ithurtsithurtsithurts, an ache deep in your core and accompanied with a heat and tension that you hate even more than you hate the pain, because it means he’s right. You—no, your body, your traitorous pathetic weak body that submitted to his so easily—it’s starting to like this.
“How’s it feel?” He’s mocking you, fisting his fingers in your hair and wrenching your head back so he can look you in the eye. “Does it hurt?…it hurts, right? Good.”
“—i-it doesn’t—“ You don’t even believe it yourself.
“Yes…it does. Guess even a demon bitch like you can’t take me that easily.” Somehow the slayer’s hips keep pumping deeper, pushing his fat cock through your walls and against the entrance to your womb until you’re certain your unnatural healing can’t keep up with the bruising in your cunt. Your fingers are scrabbling in the grass, digging clawed nails into the earth—the little nick on your throat has already knitted itself back up, but the tension in your pussy is a dozen—a hundred—times worse.
“—stop, let me go—“ Debased. Lower than an animal. You’d be begging if you thought he would listen.
“‘Stop’? How are you going to...ungh, make me stop? Want to try to fight me off again?” He pulls out (you hate the way your cunt feels when he does, hot and slick and empty) and his grip on the sword slackens, easing up enough to give you a scanty inch of movement. “Go ahead, give it a try.”
The slayer’s taunting you—just like you taunted him at the start of this, when you first challenged him, when you thought he was a human—and, and somehow he is, still human and yet just as much a monster as you are. More. You’ve been cruel, you’ve done evil things, but you did them to survive. Fuck, you shouldn’t—shouldn’t have taunted him, shouldn’t have boasted, should’ve stayed hidden in the dark. You didn’t know. He wasn’t supposed to be this strong.
Your muscles are shaking from exertion as you brace your hands against the ground, trying to push up against the weight of his body so you can right yourself, but it’s futile. Within a second (less than a second) of your attempt to move, one of his scarred hands slaps over your wrist and crushes it back into the dirt, grip so tight you swear you can almost feel your bones grinding underneath. You snarl, try to twist yourself away from him but the hilt of his sword slams down flat against your other hand so hard you feel a dull pang of surprise that nothing actually breaks.
“So weak…try that again and I’ll use the sharp end.” His chest is moving back on top of yours, and you recognize the silent rhythm of the movement.
He’s laughing at you.
Weak. You know it’s true. You thought you were so strong, but compared to this Hashira you’re nothing. Pure unadulterated defeat is written in every cell of your body, and whatever animal instinct you have left from your human life is telling you to roll over and accept that he’s the predator, and you’re nothing more than prey. But the mockery, the ease with which he holds you down, the goddamn fucking laughter sparks a fresh wave of hatred and you thrash and squirm underneath his body. “You’re dead, you—I’ll kill you, I’ll tear you apart, they’ll be picking bits of you out of this forest for weeks—“
The red haze over your vision is so heavy that you barely notice the blade tilting into position—not over your skin, but against his. You only register what he’s doing when the glint of sunlight on the blade reflects brilliant white, and you catch a scarlet line of blood beading against it. You pull back, eyes going wide, trying not to inhale but your lungs betray you and,
oh ohhh fuck it smells good smells so good you want it you want it so fucking bad you’re going to die if you can’t taste it you need it you need it you NEED IT.
Your muscles go slack. You’re salivating already, dizzy from hunger, so intensely focused on the smell of his blood that you can’t help your compliance as he pulls your hips up into place and slips his cock back into your pussy. Only when it starts to hurt again—a dull soreness now, because he’s slowed his pace to push his thick shaft into you inch by inch—do you feel that same prickle of hatred and disgust, but who cares who cares that you’re getting fucked because the smell of his blood is driving you out of your mind with need.
You no longer have the self-control to hold back your voice, and when the slayer hears the pathetic little mewl dripping out of your mouth from the sensation of him filling you up, he laughs again. But this time you don’t care, you just want him, want his body, his blood. Your jaw snaps open and shut on instinct and you whine, pleading, because you’re past the point of believing that you can beat him.
“You like that? Want to taste?” His voice is softer now, but the vein of mockery still runs clear through every syllable.
Your head jerks up and down desperately and then he draws his hips back and slaps his cock between your aching walls, pushing a huffed “uhhn!” out of your lips—but you don’t pull away. You can tolerate this, if it means getting to taste that blood dripping down his fingers, over the sword grip still held in his palm, just to be wasted on the grass. Out of your reach.
“So docile now…think I could get used to this,” the slayer sighs, adjusting the position of his thighs so he can thrust into you lazily and deeply. “F-Fuck, you’re—tight, you know that? All hot and sticky inside…”
“—let me have it, need it I need it, why—“ Your head is spinning, feels like you’re…what? The intoxication is hitting some note deep in the recesses of your memory, a past life you aren’t supposed to be able to recall. Bitter taste on your tongue, liquid pouring, fuzzy edges bordering your vision. Drunkenness.
“Little demon bitch,” he growls, tapping the blade lightly against your neck when you snap your teeth at him again. “Said you were going to kill me, yeah? But now you’re moaning like a whore…”
You try to muster a denial, but you can’t.
The slayer’s other hand twists underneath the two of you to press up on your lower belly, pushing into the place where his cock is nudging up against your womb. You keen at the pressure, the slow friction against that little patch in your cunt that makes you slicker every time his cockhead passes over it. “Feel how deep I am in your cunt…? I can—feel your pulse on my cock, fuck.”
You can feel it too, your heartbeat echoed in the twitches of your pussy around his skin, quick and fluttering from the drunken stupor his blood has forced you into. Every sense is heightened, and the weight of his hand pushing up on your belly just makes it worse…or better. You’re not sure.
He swallows, and with his body on top of yours you can feel his heavy breathing puffing out over the bared skin of your neck. “Can demons even cum? If you can get wet, then you can cum too, right? I bet I can…bet I can make you cum, you fucking whore. Wouldn’t that be nice…get you creaming on my cock, make you my little fuckpet…”
His hand slips down from your belly to rub roughly at your cunt, pushing into your skin to seek out the little button at the top—and the feeling of his hands on you like this, the sharp jolt of pleasure somehow sends a splinter of clarity through your delirium. “No,” you wail, hearing how wanton you sound and hating it. “I can’t I can’t, please, please don’t make me—“
“Quiet.” His thick forearm wraps around your neck, tightening against your windpipe and cutting off your voice. “Learn your place, demon—the only reason you’re alive is because you’re a nice wet hole for me to use. So when I tell you to cum—“
His pace picks up, hips knocking yours deeper, splitting you apart while he swirls his fingers around that sweet spot—and then the smell of copper gets thicker and he’s pushing his bloody hand against your mouth—
“—you cum.”
You’re not sure whether it’s your cunt or the taste of his blood smearing over your lips that does it, but as soon as he says the word you shatter like glass. The heat is brutal horrible delicious and so overwhelming you’re surprised you’re conscious through it—every hair is standing up on end and your body pulls tight like a bowstring, arching your backside into his hips so you can feel every inch of your cunt sucking around him.
It’s bliss—sickeningly sweet, burning like fire through you—without thinking, you eagerly lick the scarlet liquid off his hand and fuck somehow, somehow, it tastes even better than it smelled—feels like you could live off just the blood in your mouth but you want more, you’d die for it, you’d do anything, and your teeth are bared ready to puncture his skin deeper when—
Cold steel slides up under your jaw, almost nicking one of the veins pumping blood up to your hazy brain. “Keep—ahh, yesss…d-damn it—keep still,” the slayer rasps. “No teeth.”
He’s not finished.
Every muscle in your body aches for you to ignore him, but the knowledge of how easily he could separate your head from your body makes you obey, dragging your tongue over his still-bleeding cut instead of biting down. You can hear the noises of damp skin against skin issuing out from where your bodies meet, but you’re not sure whether it’s from you lapping at his fingers or his cock pressing in and out of your sopping-wet cunt. Probably both. Not that it matters.
The slayer’s head lowers—you know it by the angle of his cock inside your twitching pussy and the faint tickle of his hair brushing against the skin of your neck—and then you feel his teeth sinking into the side of your throat. They’re blunt, of course, as harmless as any human’s, but the primal dominance of the action sends a shudder through you.
“Not bad…looks like demons are good for something after all. I think I might just keep you,” the slayer laughs. His voice is too close—you want to flinch back, spit at him, bite—but you can’t. You’re helpless.
You’re weak.
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Uuhhh, yan tengen with a darling that likes to crawl into his lap and fall asleep whenever he’s home. Stock syndrome already set in for darling to be this cuddly. Plz and Thxs
You can call this Fluffy or Human Experiment. I want to know how much a fluffy Uzui Simp can take up with without having a heart attack.
I hope you like this.
Yandere Uzui Tengen
Tumblr media
At first, Uzui would be really skeptical.
He would think at first that this would just be the way you try to escape.
But Uzui doesn’t mind when you run to hug him as soon as he gets back home.
Uzui just strokes your hair and hugs you.
It’s a really safe feeling when his muscular arms are wrapped around you.
It can last for about a moment or many hours.
Uzui is also pleasantly surprised when you want to sleep in his arms.
He will stroke your hair and give you kisses on your forehead until you fall asleep.
He thinks you are invaluable.
Uzui is not going to sleep with you at the same time.
He wants to watch you for a moment so he can remember that moment forever.
The mornings are also really relaxing.
Uzui wakes you up with long and passionate kisses.
He usually wakes you up early so you can hug together for many hours.
And when this behavior starts to recur often, Uzui is really happy.
You finally understand what you really feel.
Uzui wants to spend more time at home with you.
He wants to make up for every second lost.
This man is really soft if you are soft to him.
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misslili265 · 3 months ago
Pillars X Reader
( Pillars reaction to having a stolen kiss for the first time )
( My native language it's Portuguese)
Tumblr media
  Between one mission and another you are waiting for a meal at the table, which Kyojuro kindly offered you.  He's talking passionately about the place's Ramen, about the taste and the texture of it, while you have a smile on your lips, holding your face as you admire the angelic face of the pillar of flames talking excitedly about the long-awaited food.  You lean across the table, and peck Rengoku's lips.  And retreat back to your place.  Kyojuro is speechless, and his eyes go wide as he gives you a look of flame as he is.  You smiling shyly for having noticed your boldness says.  "- Forgive me."  Kyojuro smiles at you saying. "- I'm just surprised that I could get the dessert before the meal."
Tumblr media
  You are training together, Sanemi is in a complete state of concentration.  You can't help but admire all that wild charm and beauty right before your eyes.  He approaches with the sword which you hold with your own,  and Sanemi has a serious expression but you are dangerously close to his face.  You look away from Sanemi's eyes and goes down looking at the wind pillar's lips, you steal a soft kiss.  He walks away quickly.  "- What the hell are you doing?"  "- I'm making you back off your attack."  You say in a mischievous tone.  He looks away with red cheeks. And turning his gaze back at you he says.  "- Tch- I forbid you to use this."  You nod your head silently, embarrassed by his words.  Sanemi approaches and whispers in your ear. "- I forbid you to use this technique with anyone, but me." 
Tumblr media
He was finally opening up about his past and talked about the scars that hurt from time to time.  And after that, there was silence, which was Gyuu's usual behavior.  You held him to your face and kissed him.  Gyuu were in shock.  And he's quiet afterward, and so are you, and you keep looking at the horizon from where you're sitting.  And suddenly you feel your hand being squeezed by Gyuu's hand. You smile.
Tumblr media
You're on a mission together, it's already dusk, Obanai is pointing his finger at where you're likely to find the next Oni.  While he's talking, you approach him and gently lower his mask with your fingers, and give it a careful peck.  And then you puts his mask in place as if nothing had happened.  "- Ok, let's go."  You said already heading towards your destination.  Obanai grabs your wrist pulling you back and looking at you he says.  "- I won't let anything bad happen to you." 
Tumblr media
You are seated, and Uzui, playful as ever, comes up behind you, standing. He bends his head over your face. "- Looking at nothing again y/n?" When you notice that bright fuchsia look upside down, and those lips close to yours, you kiss him, ending with a light bite on the lower lips of the pillar of sound. Uzui doesn't move, and has a surprised look on his face and with a deep sigh he says. "- You were too flamboyant y/n... And I'm not complaining."
Tumblr media
(Credit of img to REBE @rebe_921 on Twitter, posted with authorization)
You are standing in front of a bonfire in the middle of the forest after executing a mission.  You are on the opposite side.  Gyomei's face is illuminated by the variation of firelight, and you observe the beautiful silhouette of the stone pillar, which draws your breath.  You get up and go to him, and bending over, you steal a kiss.  Gyomei is startled a little, and you smile, not saying anything and sit down next to him.  After some moments Gyomei smiles.  "- I was taught never to steal anything, but in this case I need to get my revenge."  He says taking you in his arms, lying on top of you, and with a suffocating kiss, he mercilessly takes his sweet retribution.
Gyomei it's just yummy
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zasaka-studio · a month ago
This story is brought to you by @misslili265 this is for you 💕
Title: Je veux ton amour~
Hehehe first title in my native language :')
I want you're love~
TW: Teasing, prior mentions of kidnapping, blood, reader almost gets her freedom :(, soft yandere Gyomei this time ;)
Rating: SFW
Tumblr media
あなたをとても愛して… ベビー,.
You're legs were burning, it was either the scrapes of twigs and rocks that you had grazed. Or you're adrenaline running out, but you pushed on. Not wanting to be trapped in the soft embrace of you're blind captor any longer. You had to get out so it was now or never, but a sinking feeling since you composed this plan had reached newer heights now. There's no way he knows, it would be impossible. But the towering pillar he was, he'd already knew.
You panted as you came along a clearing, sliding down to rest a bit before taking off once more. It was a miracle that you'd made it this far so you dont have a lot of time before he realizes that you were missing.
But you hadn't noticed that you're time was up from the start.
All you heard was a rustle of bushes being moved, then you were tossed over someone's shoulder running back the way you came. Though you already knew who it was. You started to cry out in anguish, you're hope for ever seeing your loved ones again, even if the were alive. “Why! I-i was so close! How?” you pounded on the Hashira back for any sort of release, but to no avail. He was built like a brick wall.
As he came to a stop near his estate, he had shifted you where now he was holding you to his chest, you continued to pound you're fists onto his chest as he had entered his home. Not being effected by them but also staying silent. As he had entered a room you didn't recognize.
“Why! Why can't you let me go! How did you even know where I was? Why...” You sobbed as Gyomei just shushed you as he rubbed you're scalp in an ineffective way to calm you down. Not like he could.
“It was obvious that you wanted to leave. But what you don't know is how well i can read you're emotions. So it was useless to try, though it was cute.” Gyomei had stopped running his fingers through you're hair a he tilted up you're head with his thumb. Making you stair into his milky white eyes as he softly smiled at you.
Mocking you, that even if you had made it to the nearest village he would still get to you. Even if you went into hiding, he'd find you. With this revelation you had went slack in his hold, you're resistance fading as he gave a soft peck to you're cheek, then you're lips.
“I love you, my sweet.”
I'm sorry this was short but I hope you like it :)
Edit: i might make a part 2 :0
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thefieryphoenix · a month ago
Tumblr media
My Dear Y/N,
Whenever I see you, my heart starts to flutter
I can't help but lose control of my words and start to stutter
You brought me sunshine when I only saw rain
You brought me laughter when I felt nothing but pain....
I know behind there is a mystery behind your mesmerizing eyes
Truth be told, you smell as lovely and wonderful as cinnamon and nutmeg spice
Your smile warms my heart and brightens my day
Since it's your smile, I'll bask in it always if I have my way
Whenever I look at you, it's like you're doing a pose
But you my dear, will always be MY ONE and ONLY rose~
(This is kinda cringe, and I got the idea since someone sent me a love letter before lol TvT)
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kimetsu-no-yaiba-writings · 4 months ago
How would yanderes Tanjiro and Rengoku (Separate) react to the reader getting gifts from another unknown secret admirer of hers? Lol, I have a feeling this might not end well
Oh ho♥~
Oh man, what an interesting ask Anon! What a can of worms to open today, especially with these yandere boys~
Your feelings would be very accurate by the way (-m-)
Thank you for requesting! I hope I've written your request well! Please don't hesitate to request something from me again ^--^
Tumblr media
Tanjiro Kamado:
Tanjiro had expected you to get the odd compliment here and there because you were stunning - both inside and out
But this?
To get sent gifts and in such a frequent nature really pushed and prodded at Tanjiro's buttons
They arrived every week at varying times, delivered by the nice hands of a postman - who Tanjiro had known since he was a small child and trusted
Each gift arriving with a letter of admiration
But what the admirer hadn't accounted for, was Tanjiro's excellent and practically super-natural sense of smell
Tanjiro had been looking, smelling for the scent that stunk his house and darling S/O with such an awful unwanted smell of lust
Surprisingly it really didn't take long to match the smell
And for a brief moment of time, Tanjiro finds himself rather disappointed with the man who stands in front of him
Nothing but an anxious-looking married man standing at a hairpin stall with his wife - who spoke in such a harsh tone at him that Tanjiro became amused rather quickly - and Tanjiro found himself knowing why the man had come to admire you
Of course, He couldn't have the admire sending anymore letters of proclaimed love and gifts anymore..
So what if he ruined the man's reputation by finding his wife and telling her?
Tears pricking his waterline, honest hands trembling falsely as he held one of the admirer's letter's out to his wife spinning lies of stalking and harassment - throwing in a sob and more lies that the wife lapped up, because he was sweet honest Tanjiro and it was very rare for nobody to believe him..
It was all for you anyway
Besides a married man shouldn't be sending a married woman gifts and letters of such a love + lust filled quality..
Although it was very tempting to break the admirer's bones but thinking about how sad you'd be stops him from doing it
Tumblr media
Rengoku Kyojuro:
Kyojuro expected nothing-less for such a wonderful and beautiful person
In fact, Kyojuro was quite lenient and let the gifts and letters keep coming to the house - he wouldn't admit it but he did find them amusing
They were only small things and nothing too grand or obnoxious
You were so kind and didn't know how to put it to a stop - "I want to let them down nicely Kyo" You'd murmured sweetly one day to him - but you did enjoy the sweet words of your admirer
Of course when things still kept coming, only then did Kyojuro start becoming annoyed
With each letter there was more gifts - trinkets and replica's of thing's Kyojuro had already bought you - and it started tugging Kyojuro's nerves in a rather unpleasant way
As more weeks went by the tugging of his nerves became harder until there was a fire roaring in his ears...
Until Kyojuro can't take it anymore
And with a kiss to your forehead and a promise to come back soon, Kyojuro Rengoku leaves under the guise of something coming up with Senjuro when he was actually waiting for your admirer
Hiding, concealed in the darkness of a starless and cloudy night offered many opportunities
Such as an admirer placing letters and gifts in a letterbox
Kyojuro moves on instinct, hitting with strength and knocking them out quicker then wanted
It's a wonder what the shady part of an alleyway + town can do....
Its not his fault that they needed so much persuasion to leave alone, wasn't his fault that he came back with some bruises and some blood on his trousers
But you'll forgive him for messing up his trousers, right? With a smile and a kiss mixed with a giggle at his soft movements, you'll forgive him right?
Weeks later, you retrieve the mail with a happier and unbothered hop in your step
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just-some-yandere-writer · 3 months ago
Do you think you could do some Yandere Giyu hcs? Gender neutral’s ok.
 ▶ ʟᴏᴀᴅɪɴɢ ꜰɪʟᴇ . . .
▶ ꜰɪʟᴇ ʟᴏᴀᴅᴇᴅ .
▶ ɴᴀᴍᴇ : ɢɪʏᴜ ᴛᴏᴍɪᴏᴋᴀ .
▶ ᴀɢᴇ : 21
▶ ᴡᴀʀɴɪɴɢꜱ : ᴍᴀɴɢᴀ ꜱᴘᴏɪʟᴇʀꜱ , ᴋɪᴅɴᴀᴘᴘɪɴɢ , ꜱᴜɪᴄɪᴅᴇ .
▶ ɴᴏᴛᴇꜱ : ʟᴏɴɢ ʜᴄꜱ , ʜᴀʜᴀʜᴀ . ɪ ʜᴀᴅ ꜱᴏ ᴍᴜᴄʜ ꜰᴜɴ ᴡʀɪᴛɪɴɢ ᴛʜɪꜱ ᴡʜɪʟᴇ ᴍᴀᴋɪɴɢ ᴛʜᴇ ᴡᴏʀꜱᴛ ᴊᴏᴋᴇꜱ ᴀɴᴅ ᴛᴀʟᴋɪɴɢ ᴀʙᴏᴜᴛ ᴛʜᴇ ᴡᴇɪʀᴅᴇꜱᴛ ᴛʜɪɴɢꜱ ᴡɪᴛʜ ᴍʏ ʙᴏʏꜰʀɪᴇɴᴅ . ɪᴛ ɪꜱ ᴀʟꜱᴏ 11:15ᴘᴍ ᴀꜱ ɪ ᴀᴍ ᴛʏᴘɪɴɢ ᴛʜɪꜱ .[ ᴍᴏᴅ ᴍᴏꜱꜱ ]
Tumblr media
  -> Giyu ’ s obsession doesn ’ t start out right away .
 -> it gradually happens over time while the two of you are friends .
 -> Giyu has a need to protect you and make sure you ’ re safe , so he starts stalking you .
-> first time he did he didn ’ t know what to say . you were just so perfect in his eyes .
 -> yes , you may be someone who can take care of themself but Giyu cannot take chances anymore .
 -> after a while , Giyu ’ s obsession intensifies .
 -> Giyu wants - no , needs to be your s/o .
 -> Giyu shoves those feelings aside, focusing on protecting you .
 -> basically , his need of protecting you is actually a disguise of him being possessive .
 -> he ’ s not too keen on kidnapping you- unless, there ’ s an unforeseen disaster where you ’ re on the verge of death .
 -> Giyu decides to keep you close to him at all times , but sometimes , he keeps you at his estate .
 -> he ’ s a finicky man .
 -> if he leaves you at his estate , then he won ’ t be able to protect you from a demon attack , but if he keeps you with him , he might not be able to protect you like Sabito and Tsutako .
 -> he could give Wisteria to you, but what if there are some strong demons that are immune to it ?
 -> what if what if what if what if -
 -> he is a very paranoid man .
 -> Giyu could honestly care less if you love him . yes , it does hurt , but more than anything , your safety matters .
 -> if you ’ re someone that escapes from him a lot , expect him to yell at you a lot .
 -> threatens to tie a rope around you and Giyu ’ s wrist when he ’ s not fighting so you can stick close to him .
 -> if you run away , he ’ ll be searching to the ends of the earth to find you .
 -> he ’ ll never give up on you .
 -> if you die , he ’ ll immediately grab his sword and kill himself .
 -> a life without you isn’t worth living .
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teddy-yandere · a month ago
Hi... Yes as you said your blog seems erase requests, I've sent it before. Please tell me if it's ok keep sending to you.
I'm gonna make this one. As you ask for Sabito request. I love him...
Sabito X Fem Reader
In AU where he doesn't die, and the darling is training with him and Makomo. At first he seems ignore her being hard on about her performance with harsh words, showing his indifference towards her to the point to make her cry. And this keeping going until she feels that's enough and shout at him showing a new side of her personality. And Sabito it's shocked, but with slowly he feels something growing inside of him. And he found himself falling on his knees... If possible I would like some romance in the end. You can added whatever you feel like, Yandere, dark themes or else...
If this ask it's not what you are looking for you can delete.
Thanks writer, take care of yourself and stay healthy.
- Harsh Words -
⚠️WARNING⚠️ will contain dark themes
A/N = I am sorry if this wasn’t exactly what you wanted , I kinda went in my own trail , and wasn’t paying attention to anything I was writing. I did not proof read this so sorry for any grammar mistakes . Enjoy !
* .:。✧*゚ ゚・ ✧.。. * * .:。✧*゚ ゚・ ✧.。. * . *.:。✧ *゚ ゚・ ✧.。. *.
★ You had recently become a official me ever if the Demon Slayer corps , and you were very excited about it. In fact , as soon as you passed the final selection , you ran home to your master Sakonji to tell him the amazing news.
★ Sakonji was very proud of you. As soon as you went to bed that night , he got in contact with Sabito , and asked him if he would let you train under him for a little while. That way you can safely gain the experience of a good swordsman. Sabito was very hesitant , but eventually agreed. You had heard Sakonji mention Sabito , and Makomo a couple of times before , but never worried to much about them.
★ Oh how you wished you would have said no to working under Sabito.
★ Turns out that Sabito can be very demanding over you. Sabito never meant for his behavior to come off as rude , but he could help but worry for you ever time you went on a mission by yourself. He knew that his feeling for you could never be exposed to anyone , not even his closest friend , Makomo.
★ Makomo always tried to defend you whenever Sabito would go off on you. Sabito would only insult you if he felt like you might be in danger. He would say stuff like = “ Let me come with you in this mission , you are far to weak to defeat this demon alone”.
★ One time however, Sabito crossed the line , he accidentally said some really mean stuff about your appearance. He originally said it because he was upset that you were going on a date with Giyuu. You blew up on him , and started cussing him out ( like a badass )
★ He doesn’t know why , but he like that you were expressing yourself to him. Most people don’t know , but Sabito can sometimes be a little worshipper. From then on , he started to do everything in his power to get a little reaction out of you!
★ He also found himself thinking about you every time he was about to fall asleep.
★ This was when he started becoming more , and more obsessed with you
★ Be aide he was starting to get more obsessed with you , he started to fantasize about you. He would start to randomly daydream about kidnapping you , and having you all to himself. He knew it was selfish , but he just could not help it.
★ So he snapped
★ One day , you started to act very snarky towards him during training. He took that opportunity, and walked up to you , and knocked you out. You never saw that coming. He then took your body , and walked home , humming a sweet tune. He couldn’t wait for you to wake up. Hopefully, his little God / Goddess will be just has happy with him , as he is with them.
* .:。✧*゚ ゚・ ✧.。. * * .:。✧*゚ ゚・ ✧.。. * . *.:。✧ *゚ ゚・ ✧.。. *.
Thanks for reading Darling !! <3
Feel free to request any character you want. I write for all genders. If you don’t tell me what gender you want then I will just make it gender nuetural. I write for many different fandoms such as:
• Demon Slayer
• Haikyuu
• Attack on Titan
• My Hero Academia
• Death Note
• Jujutsu Kaisan
• * Toilet - Bound Hanako - Kun
Thanks for reading Darling !! <3
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darlingyanderes · 8 months ago
I fEeL like inosuke would have an mommy kink but he doesnt know what it is until his s/o tells him what a mommy kink is👉👈
Sorry for the long wait!! Honestly you’re absolutely right, Inosuke would really love himself some mommy milkies?? I hope you like what I wrote for you!!
Warnings: mommy kink (it could very well be that I misunderstood the meaning of mommy kink, I sincerely apologise if this is the case and will rewrite it!), big mommy milkers, tiddie groping and sucking, slight fluff, lemon/nsfw
Word count: 760
Mommy - Yandere!Inosuke Hashibira  x Fem!reader (NSFW)
Inosuke absolutely loves it when (Y/N) does motherly stuff for him.
Of course he loves it when (Y/N) cooks him food, which is basically all the time. If she even hears the slightest growl from his stomach, she immediately gets up to give him something to eat. When Inosuke tells her that he can feed himself just fine and that he doesn’t need her to go that far for him, she just tells him: “When you’re hungry, you should eat. So I’ll feed you.”
He sometimes finds her mending holes in his clothes or he sees her cleaning around the house without him needing to ask for it. Not only is it amazing because she takes care of the chores, but it just shows that she really cares for him. Just realising that she went out of her way to do things for him means a lot to him.
But it’s not just doing things around the house. When (Y/N) gives him a kiss on his forehead and pulls him into her embrace with his head leaning against her chest, it makes him feel so protected and loved. Her soft fingertips brushing against his scalp as she combs through his hair is soothing and enough to almost make him fall asleep, especially if she uses that beautiful voice of hers to hum him a song.
Often when he finds himself in positions like that, snuggled up against (Y/N) with her safely cradling him in her arms, he tends to feel so safe and relaxed that he talks in an almost child like voice. He babbles things like ‘I love you’ and ‘I want to stay like this forever’ as she gives him loving kisses on his forehead.
One day, as Inosuke was babbling things as usual, (Y/N) chuckled: “Oh sweetie, I think you might have a mommy kink.”
Inosuke craned his head up to look at her. “What’s that?”
“That’s when you love women who take care of you and protect you, like a mother would. You always love it when I baby you, don’t you?”
“That doesn’t make sense. Then I’d love a maid or a guard, too, but I don’t. I like you.”
“I guess there’s more to a mommy kink than just that. It’s also sexual.”
“Sexual? In what way?”
“For example… You’d like to be dominated in bed, or you’d like to suck on breasts.”
Upon hearing the last words, Inosuke turned bright red. The pit of his stomach was filled with butterflies when he thought of doing something like that himself.  He was becoming shockingly aware of how close (Y/N)’s breasts were to his face now.
A bit more excited than he meant to sound, he asked: “Really? Can I try?”
With a smile, (Y/N) said: “Of course, everything for my little baby.”
She pinched his cheek and gave him a kiss on his forehead, before taking off her shirt. Her big tiddies sprung into view, with beautiful curves and erect nipples. They looked so smooth and soft that Inosuke simply couldn’t take his eyes off them.
With his mouth agape in amazement, Inosuke slowly raised his hands and let his hands cup (Y/N)’s tits. They were so large they spilled out of his hands. When he squeezed, Inosuke discovered that her mounds were as soft as they looked, if not softer. It was almost comforting to hold them in his hands. When he let his thumbs trail over her nipples, (Y/N)’s breath hitched in her throat. She quickly composed herself.
Her hands cupped both sides of Inosuke’s face and gently guided him closer to one of her breasts. Arching her back is such a way that her chest is presented directly to him, she said in a soothing voice: “Inosuke, baby, why don’t you try sucking on them? I’m sure you’ll like it.”
Inosuke gulped, before opening his mouth and resting it on one of her mounds. He let his tongue trail around her nipple and sucked on it. His hand trailed up and grasped her other breast to play around with her nipple. He felt his ears turning red hot as his pants grew tighter and tighter. Just when he thought this couldn’t get any better, (Y/N) stroked his head with those soft hands of hers and encouraged him: “You look just like a hungry baby. My little baby boy.”
Her words involuntary made his hips buckle as a moan escaped his mouth. This was about the best thing that ever happened to him.
(Y/N) was right: he totally had a mommy kink
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hugehuggywhore · 2 months ago
Welcome To The Blog
Tumblr media
Hi! Call me H.H or Ban, I am a co-admin on a Poppy Playtime fan server (linked here). This blog is the first (I think) mostly platonic yandere Poppy Playtime Fanfiction blog. I will write a lot of other things, but this is the main focus and will be seen the most often.
Fandoms I currently will write for:
Poppy Playtime (Mostly Huggy)
The MCU (mostly Venom and Eddie Brock) and DC (Mostly Harley Quinn)
Black Butler (mostly Sebastian)
The Alien and Predator franchise
The Monsterverse (Kong, Godzilla, MUTO, etc)
Slashers and other similar characters
Jurassic Park/World series
Demon Slayer
I will add more later on
DNI with my blog if you:
Are or support pedophiles/MAPs Racist, sexist, homophobic, transphobic, are a TERF, or are under the age of 15. Seriously. If you lie about your age you will be blocked. I'm not comfortable with younger teens reading my work or interacting with me on here.
I am on the ace spectrum. I may write suggestive content, but never anything fully NSFW. Do not request NSFW because most of the time, fun time is revolting to me. All my readers will be gender neutral with they/them pronouns, unless the fic is for trans men/woman hurt comfort, in that case I will use the appropriate pronouns. I do take requests, but I may not write them. It's nothing personal, I just don't want to force myself to write something. DO NOT SEND ME NSFW ART AND/OR FANFICTION. I DO NOT WANT TO SEE IT OR HAVE IT THANKS.
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