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dollmoth-productions · 2 days ago
Hi doll moth! Can I request a platonic madrigals with a reader that still has her dreams powers from the last request about it but the reader dies in their sleep to something and the family is distressed, but then they keep seeing her in dreams in her dream world form with the little clouds on their hair and they uses the clouds to help guide them into their main domain in the dream world where she controls everything and they tells them that even after death, they are still here for them.
Tumblr media
❤ Abuela  after your death they both fell into a state of disarray and sadness trying to find out anyway to bring you back whenever she would actually get sleep at this point she would see you and always try to run and get you but you would always disappear Without a Trace
💙Julieta and agustín  they probably miss you the most trying your best to help the town you overwork yourself to death sometimes they still see you in your dreams even though you're slightly different they always try to get you back they always kept your body but it was practically useless but for some strange reason you can't decay
💙 Isabela  she always decorated your room with flowers so she probably missed you the most even though you were gone for such a long time she couldn't get over it she wanted to see you again so she would always fall asleep to see if you were in her dreams you were but you were different but whenever she would try to get you you would disappear
💙lusia  she probably was one of the worst affected by your desk thinking that it was her fault that you died but of course she knew that wasn't true since you died in your sleep you would always try your best to even help her in her dreams even though your dreams form with your final form you couldn't go back to your body you are too weak
💙Maribel  when she figured out that she felt a great deal of sadness you what are one of the only people that actually respected her and treated her like family despite her not having a gift so you being gone really affected her instead of being happy and getting a she would be resentful and bitter even in her dreams she would see you as someone who left her but she missed you too much to be mad
💛Pepa and Fèlix  they missed you a lot don't get me wrong they felt so guilty when you passed away because you passed away in their room you never wanted to leave even though everything that they did was terrible even though you wish you had freedom you love them or is that Stockholm Syndrome oh you don't care your parents love you
💛 Dolores she wouldn't stop crying for hours you know she was really close to you since you would be the only person that calms her down in her dreams or from overstimulation from loud noises you had to do something but you tried to help her even in your final moments
💛 Camilo he blamed you you would always be there by him but there is nothing you could do about it you were dead and he knew it you would never come back and he felt guilty for hurting you for so long but he knew it was necessary he misses you so much but yet he still blames you
💚 Bruno  not even his Future Vision could bring you back it and he felt so building he didn't know what to do he missed you so much and you would always be there to calm him down but you are no longer there even when he was sleeping and you were in his dreams he couldn't bear to be by you
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captain-krunchy · 2 months ago
This was a request that I had screenshotted before my inbox was deleted, thank you for requesting! 🦇🖤😊
Yandere Batfamily (platonic) with a homeless reader (oneshot):
Tumblr media
You had been thrown from your family and shunned. You never got a clear answer why they abandoned you to be homeless, but you figured it involved money problems. Your family had never been well off financially, especially living in Gotham. You never expected to be homeless, but what came after shocked you even more. Bruce Wayne was taking you in. You wondered why he was so willing to take you in and why your “brothers” seemed to be so proud of you. Every time you took a breath one of them was around to dote on you.
Each one had their own little things they did that drastically made them different from the other. Bruce was constantly trying to buy you expensive gifts, Alfred took on a role close to a caretaker, Dick took you to do all kinds of fun things, Tim liked to teach you things, Jason would be “mean” to you especially if you put yourself in a dangerous situation, and Damien seemed to constantly crave your approval for just about anything he did.
The question plagued your mind, why did they seem to care about you so much? You were not exactly complaining, but you were not used to all the love. You began to care about them though, especially with how much time you all spent together. They asked about your life before and even about your biological family, but anytime the subject would get brought up they would all end up angry and at least one if not all would end up being extra clingy while someone would end up storming off.
Tonight, you ended up falling asleep on the couch while you were watching a movie with Damien and Dick. You woke to all of them besides Alfred whispering about “taking care of” some people. You pretended to be asleep to hopefully hear more and you do. They are talking about killing your family, how they “finished the job”. You try to stay relaxed, but you tense up involuntarily.
“You’re awake?” Tim asked, he was the only one to notice your movement. You sat up with wide eyes.
“How much did you hear?” Jason asked. He had blood on his clothes.
“What’s that blood from? Is it yours?” You asked. He looked down inspecting his shirt as if he had forgotten it was there.
“Don’t worry about that. What all did you hear?” Bruce asked. You could get out of this, you could make them feel guilty.
“Why are you all looking at me?” You asked. “Did I do something wrong?” You faked a sniffle.
“You did nothing wrong! We love you, we just need to make sure you did not hear anything too bad for such innocent ears.” Dick said while he rubbed your back gently trying to comfort you.
“I just woke up. I did not hear much, I cannot even remember.” You hoped they believed that, and they acted as they did. However, Tim knew you were lying he figured you heard all of it.
“I’m not feeling well.” You mumbled.
“Can I sleep with you tonight?” Damien asked.
“No.” This shocked your ‘family’ you never told Damien no, especially when he asked to sleep with you.
“I just don’t want to make you sick.” You tried to cover your tracks.
“I wouldn’t get sick.” Damien pouted.
“I’m sorry Damien. I’m just not feeling well, I want to sleep alone.” You said before leaving to your room. They were murders, all of them and you had to escape.
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lolita-lollipop · 5 months ago
coraline au but with bts? except no eye buttons cause those are super scary >< maybe they treat the reader like a fragile little thing :>
Tumblr media
It was honestly just an honest discovery, no real intent behind it, you’d been exploring the new house, your mother had moved recently, dragging you along with her, and this house in nowhere town was excessively cheap, like the owners were trying to get rid of it. You could tell it was old just by the first glance of the pink exterior, the paint was aged and chipping, yet held such a pristine and perfect appearance, two things that tottaly contradict eachother, yet work so perfectly in unison. Then you stepped in the house, and yet again, we’re bashed in the face by the vintage look.
Apparently the old owner died, and her sister wanted to sell it immediately, you’d never met her in person though, she’d set a very low price, and said your mom could keep all the furniture, so your mom did, and took it with no hesitation, you both probably should’ve taken into account that this was an old mans house, so the furniture would be… more than vintage, practically artifacts at this point. The room you’d chosen was a soft purple color, aged and dusty, but probably the newest one you could find, all the others would have to be repainted, and god knows you didn’t want to struggle doing that, so this would have to do.
The room was decorated, obviously for a young child, everything decked out in colors, and cute cartoon shapes from who knows when, it was kind of endearing actually, to see how the previous owners decorated, you jsut wondered where the little kid who stayed in here was now, probably off working off in one office, living the same life every single day, bored out of there minds. That’s depressing.
You had seen the small door in the room, but hadn’t cared all that much, as it was probably a trend form the 70s or something to have connecting rooms, you’d read about that somewhere. That was, until later that night, your mom hadn’t come home yet, and you were tucking yourself into the bed, after you’d washed the sheets and checked the mattress of course. Little tears managed to escape your eyes as you linge the touch of someone, anyone, wether it was your long gone father, or your too deep in mother. You just wnated someone to hold you. It felt just like a stupid wish, then the bells started ringing in your room, little whimsical chimes, and alongn fluttered little pink butterflies, each having a tiny bell attached to their wings, you had no idea how they were being held up.they fazed straight through the door like it was nothing, you knew you couldn’t do that, and all doors have keys, so you decided to find this one. Looking around for a moment, just to gladly find the butterfly shaped key ontop of the dusty dresser.
. Usually a reaodnable person would go call the police and explain that someone was probably in your house, but currently you were drowning in self pity.and you needed a distraction, so why not right? Your eyes trailed after the butterflies, into the glowing blue light inside that little door. You contemplated it for a moment, before getting on your knees and starting the long crawl it took to get to the other side, the inside as actually purple, a frizzy pastel colors that enveloped your senses, it also smelled nice in here, like a soft vanilla.
Your arm reached out to push the door open, but before you could manage to, it dwung out, a man with oil ahir stood on the other side, holding it open for you, a warm smile covering his face, he almost looked… fake. You know, he was what one would Call “perfection”, his face perfectly simmetrical, he was so warm. It almost distracted you from the fact that there was a stranger in your house, but not all the way. You fell back in your knees, suprised, and scared.
“We’ll look who finally came inside, we’ve been waiting honey! Dinners almost ready!” He spoke, continuing to startle you, he cocked his head like a puppy, the smile still on his face, and an “awe” left his lips, pressing a hand to his chest like a doting mother. You took a few seconds to glitch and feeeze, but eventually you registers the situation, and screamed. Why the duck was a man in your house? And how did he even get there in the first place? How did he know you? And why was he-
“Hold on. Don’t touch me! WhO are you? And- and why are you in my house?” You screeched at him, pushing his hand away from your suiulder as he tried to grab you, tried to pick you up to be more specific. You flung yourself back, pure confusion fueling your sudden burst of energy, you were tired, obviously as it was almost 12:00, you’d waited all night for your mom to come home, she’d called later saying she was staying at some guy she’d met that nights house. It hurt you, a little bit. But it’s safe to say, you were sleep deprived and bound to collapse, which is not good for this situation.
He hadn’t been expecting… you, they’d sent the butterflies to fetch them the older woman who had moved into the building, he had heard the crying of a young girl, and felt bad, somewhat, as losing a parent wa showing to be hurtful. The soft cry’s were almost enchanting to him, and a few of his comrades, it was just so interesting. Usually they felt no sympathy for an uncaring, selfish human, but those cries, it started something in each and every one of the sevens hearts, liek a cry for help. It was so odd that humans could act so strong, yet be so weak, so fragile. Yet this human, this one, this one made something new come up.
He grinned, his eyes crinkling up at the corners, he hushed uou once more, and muttered a little “I’ll explain later”, and pulled you up again, grasping hold of your hand, as he knew that picking you up right now would make you uncomfortable, you dragged your feet as he pulled you off, your eyes met the ceiling. And widened, up there, it was completely glass, butterfly’s with papery wings flew across the beautiful display of the nights stars, it kept you mesmerized.
“Well, you like the sky huh? Well I’ll have kook take you out some time, you can play in our garden! How do you feel about that? Oh- I’m jimin by the way, you can call me chim-chim if you want.” He questioned, looking down at you, you hadn’t realized how tall this stranger was until you literally had to crane your kneck tomlook up at him, he was 6’5 at least, no doubt about it. You’d given up pulling at your hadn, as clearly, he overpowers you completely. You nodded your head, acting liek you understood anything right now.your rubbed your eye with your free hand, forcing yourself to stay conscious.
“Oh? Tired? I know you probably ate already hm? We just have to meet the rest before you go, so you’ll be tucked in bed soon, i swear!”
It took only a few mwinutes to finally make it across to the “dining room” in question, he pulled you through a large double door set, heads snapped in your direction like dolls, a silence waved over the room, and took over any lingering noise. You awkwardly stood there, struck like a frozen bee, rigid and tense, the man who’s name was “jimin” patted you on the back twice, glaring at some of the others to tell them to quit it.
“She’s feeling a little shy right now- uh huh! Yes you are aren’t you? so we have to be careful today- alright guys? Isn’t that right? “ the man cooed at you, at this point you were delirious, rethinking thsi over, and realize if that this was al some big ass Dream, there was no logic to this situation, this was just something you’d made up, of course you’d dream of someone trying to take care of you, that’s everything you’ve ever wanted. Of course this is just a stupid… might as well enjoy it then.
It came as quite the suprise when you stopped the struggle, instead just holding his hand tightly, maybe this would be easier than he thought, then he saw the small smile on your face, and how you squeezed his hand, almost as if this was enjoyable. You liked being talked to sweetly, how adorable is that?
“So… I’m jungkoook, these idiots call me kook, you’d can call em whatever you wnat! It’ll be nice not being the baby of the family anymore-“ he spoke, giving you a charming smile, jealousy flaring at the interlocking hands with his friend/ “spouse”, he kept up the facade for you though, he knew you were in the house the second you took a single step in, he could smell you, usually when a human comes in, his first instinct is food, but not this time, you smelled… like a child, so sweet, naivety laced throughout, it was sickeningly intoxicating, made something in his want to snatch you up and keep you here forever
The others went on to explain what each and every one of their names was, or what they wanted you to call them, it was more of a suggestion, and heavily suggested suggestion. You’d been lead off to a higher chair, mainly so they could pick you up and place you in it, which suga had done, you happily complied, still believing that this was nothing but a dream.
“So, I’m in a bunch of strangers house, and you guys “love” me… why.”
“No-no, we aren’t strangers. We know you y/n, we know what you like to eat, who you like, what you’re scared of, how sad your mother makes you. We know everything, we aren’t strangers, we’re your other fathers- your real fathers from the other side. I bet it’s a little confusing- we’ll explain a little more in the morning sweetheart. But you look like your about to collapse- so it’s time for bed!” The one with blue hare capped, his name was something along the lines of “tae” you couldn’t remember the full of it.
You tensed when the man swooped you up out of the chair, not resting for even a moment to let you register, his hand cradled your head into the crook of his neck, holding you so gently, yet so tightly at the same time, he admired you as he walked up the stairs with loud thumps, your little eyelids slowly threatening to droop closed, how you were so tense, so fragile, so breakable. It was pretty hard to contain his urges of a true father right now, but he would have to. After all, you are just like a butterfly, so fragile, wings liek apper that could be crumpled in seconds, a little thing that he had to protect, a little butterfly.
Their beautiful little butterfly.
The next morning, you were proved wrong, as instead of your own bed which you had thought you’d passed out in; you woke up… in that bed, just different. If it makes any sense, gone was the dusty look to the room, instead replaced with vibrant pastels of purple, little butterfly’s were painted everywhere, and the dusty yellow color that you knew ten furniture was, was instead a bright white. Something was wrong here, very wrong. Or right, you couldn’t tell
You’d checks dup in the little white door that stood in there, remembering last night when the man had tucked you in, it wasn’t there. Opening it, you found nothing but a purple wall, and a sticky note that read.
“It needed a little redecorating, but it’s all better now! We hope you love it, here and there, see you tonight baby!”
In perfectly written handwriting.
You truly thought it was a dream, a wonderful one at taht, maybe it was a dumb idea, but you went back the next day, and there they were, the little butterflies with jingle bells, the butterfly’s, them. It was totally a dumb idea to get attached to them. But clearly… you were dumb, it was something about how they acted, how they made you feel. Not once would they criticize, critique, or down put. It was just, nice, for a change.
The way that jimin would spend extra careful time to show you every single flower int he guarded, while jungkook carefully figured out the ones you liked most. The way that suga would read you stories every night before you fell asleep and went back home, how Jin would rock you slowly when you couldn’t fall asleep, how they were always right there to cry to when your nightmares got the best of uiu. They were jsut so amazing.
There were some… knicks in their perfection though, sometimes, they would lock you out of your room during the day, saying that the little door was causing problems, you never got any alone time when you went in here, which you loved the attention, but you can barely get ten seconds of alone time, along with this wierd thing all of them did. It was like you were a child to them, a stupid child, they never let you really do anything, outside of what they think you “can” do, at least. Whenever you tried to leave it was liek you were holding a gun to their throats, liek you’d given them the shock of their lives.
You’d even missed a day once, too sleepy to move out of your bed and get through the door, the next day, you’d just thought you would be fine, then, the next, when you’d gone through the door, look literally tackled you in a hug, jimin was crying, namjoon was breaking things, suga was cursing out half of the world, Jin was trying to keep the situation under control, while tae, tae was just in a ball in the corner. You’d gotton a fine lecture that night about how you should never, EVER, do that again.
“Oh my god, baby I thought you left us! You wouldn’t leave us, right? Right?” Junkgkook squeezed you almost suffocatingly close, Jin had to pull him off after a few seconds, as you were becoming short of breath.
Form then on, you stopped waking up in your original room.
Instead, in the room they had in your other house, instead of waking up to a peaceful silence, or your mother talking over the phone, you would wake up to one of the men gently shaking you awake, to the butterflies outside your window, yo something you weren’t sure you’d anted anymore. It was a little scary at first, but you gradually got used to it, your mother never questioned a thing, that’s what they’d told you. And guess what? You believed them.
Of course your confidence in their honesty slowly Dow turned, as over the span of the next month, not once did you get to see your mother, or the real world, they held you here, of course it was a nice prison, all the cuddles, care, and comfort you could ask for, but a prison all the same. It was like trapping an insect in a jar, only poking a few holes int he top, eventually, they would suffocate. And you were starting to suffocate.
Eventually, you had a fit, of sadness, of anger, of emotion, you just broke a little bit, tired of it. You should’ve known they were bad, that they wanted to keep you caged with them, wanted to “protect” you, for lack of better word. You’d creamed and cried at them, babbling out al your feelings without a care in the world. Eventually, the anger had passed, and you jsut timidly cried, Jin had held you close the rest of the way, rocking you back and forth on the white rocking chair, patting your back ever so slowly. Telling you that “it’s alright”, and that “you weren’t in trouble”.
You had calmed down, and all those emotions, just turned into common sense. You had to get out of this place, they aren’t real, they probably want to eat you or something.
So, later that night, you did it. You chose to leave.
You’d wrapped up the stuff that you’d come here with, that key that you’d hidden under your pillow, the scarf your mom had gifted you for your fourteenth birthday, and the pair of clothes taht you’d first walked here in. You didn’t want to bring anything else back, not if it meant they could one and snatch you back. You went as quietly as you could, tiptoeing as quickly as you could, this is simple, turn the door, get out, lock it on the other side. But no, it was locked on this side too.
A moment of panic overcame you, so you took a breather, stressing out over a door, who would’ve thought. grabbing the key out of your bag and placing it gently in the keyhole, you took a steady inhale before you started to turn it. . In the small moment, a little purple butterfly came fluttering it’s way through your open window, landing on your hand, gripping the key. You smiled bitterly,
“I’m sorry, I just can’t stay any longer”
You talked to the paper winged insect, waving it off a sit fluttered back out, you thought that would be the end of it, but the , a flock came in, alarmi no uou to a huge extent. There had to be at least a million of them flicking into your room, you just fumbled with the key to hurry yourself up. But you were too late, they swarmed you like bees over honey.
Everywhere you looked, you saw them, everywhere, they were crawling, fluttering, flying, everywhere, swatting them away as hard as you could, you tried to turn the key further, hey word, tried . It only jammed it into the door, you couldn’t focus hard enough to notice taht a man you knew as namjoon had entered the room, and swiftly, tore the key from the door, breaking it clean in half, and leaving it jammed, now at anyone was ever going to open taht agin.
With a snap, the butterflies flew away. You stared up at him, guilt and shame written all over your face.
“So- I guess you’re gonna have to move into a new room huh? Don’t worry hon, you’ll be so happy here, with us. Forever”
THank you for the request! It took em a while to write but it was tottaly fun.
Please tell me if it was good! I’m feeling a little bit insecure about this one.
Anywho, have a wonderful day today @t31etubby ! Goodbye!
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Yandere platonic squid game
Will only upload the first chapter here and the rest will be on ao3, link is here: https://archiveofourown.org/works/34450882/chapters/85737661
Summary: 9 year old Hyun Joo unfortunately found out about the squid game and what’s worse is that everyone loves the little kid, wanting to protect her and make her their daughter.
Maybe she shouldn’t have picked up the phone card from the floor and let her curiosity get the best of her.
What is she supposed to do now?
Chapter one:
You would think a little kid like me wouldn’t be in this situation right now. I was currently in this office staring at the big screen, watching.
One by one, people were dropping down like flies and what I thought was innocent turned out to be deadly. These people were not unconscious but dead, blood oozing out.
I shouldn’t be here, I needed to escape before that man in the black mask would come and get me. I will need to start from the beginning on how I got into this situation.
I was currently at the train station waiting for my train to come. I needed to get home because the others was waiting for me. Let me introduce myself, I’m Hyun Joo and I am 9 years old and I live in a children’s home.
I was in there when I was 4 because both my parents sadly died in a car crash and some miracle I survived it.
Now I’m not complaining that the children’s home is a bad place, I actually get along with everyone. The downside is that no one wants to adopt me because, well I don’t have a reason. I don’t actually know.
I have friends here and this new boy called Kang Cheol is one of them and he’s from North Korea. He’s only been here for a couple of days and I learnt that he has an older sister.
I really didn’t ask for more because when he mentions about her, he gets sad.
I got up from my seat and checked time as I had 20 minutes yet so I decided to get a snack.
When I came back I saw two men playing some sort of game and all of a sudden the guy in the suit slapped the man.
I got scared and hid behind the snack machine watching.
After a few slaps, the man finally won and when the man in the suit opened the briefcase, there was money.
He gave a few notes out and this card to the man and when the man in the suit went, I noticed he dropped some money off the floor.
I could have stole that but I thought not, this could be shady stuff. I may be nearly 10 and still a kid but I wasn’t going to get my butt kicked.
I ran past the other man, picked up the money and rushed towards the man in the suit.
“Excuse me, you dropped this” I shouted.
The man stopped and turned around and gave me a smile.
“Thank you child, if I lost that my boss would have been very angry at me”.
He got his briefcase out and put the money back inside but what the stupid man didn’t realise that a little card went on the floor.
“Until next time” and with that the man in the suit walked away and I didn’t really get why he said that because I don’t think I’ll ever see him again.
I picked the card from the floor and looked at it, it had shape symbols and a number at the back.
What did this mean?
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Telling the good news TodoWifeAU
Yandere Todoroki x Pregnant Wife Reader
⚠[Warning: Yandere behavior and mindsets, obssessive parents, family issues, mentions of murder, sexual harassment, assault, and molestation]⚠
The ride in the bulletproof van was more than tense. The air between the lovely couple was anxious as they dwelled on the impending doom of their hosts: The Todoroki Clan.
You hadn’t seen them since the fiasco at the afterparty of your wedding. It wasn’t an experience you wanted to relive and yet you still dressed yourself up to visit your in-laws. Granted it wasn’t your idea, but his therapist’s, saying that he needs to confront his family about all the pain and stress they were inflicting on him and his wife. Plus they thought updating them about such a milestone. I'll have Shoto fire them. What the stupid therapist didn’t understand is that every time they got together it was always a constant reminder as to why they are a problem.
If it weren’t for your unborn baby you would have downed a bottle of anything beforehand. Unlike the stories of entitled parents and problematic family where one person in the relationship is under fire and the other can only support from the side this was worse. Unfortunately for you two his family itself was an attack that had you countered on both fronts.
You weren’t showing yet but you pulled back from your hero activities to focus on preparing for this baby; as well as maybe mapping out a couple different safe-houses should something go wrong. Your husband insisted that there be multiple safe-houses because his paranoia can be like that and so can his instinct about his family. You could only hope that the news will sober everyone up into acting like adults.
“Rei lives with him again.”
Staring at the distant look on your husband’s face, he looked even more stressed than usual. That must’ve been why. As Shoto matured and understood his parents' mindsets he found that he didn’t revere his mother as much as he did in U.A. He got to know about his mother's possessive personality which put his siblings in danger, hurt him, and what led her to draw in her art class about killing you in the mental hospital. Apparently she blames you for 'taking away' her son even though it wasn't until recently that she was allowed to have a extended visits. He wanted to kill her and he ran the thought by you. You could’ve said ‘yes’ setting your domestic powerhouse on some mentally ill woman with the idea to kill you but you didn’t and instead insisted he go back to seeing his therapist and work out that it wasn’t worth killing her. He still pouted about how you wouldn’t let him do it and you just huffed and remembered how dangerous he’d be without you.
He was truly always like this; it just began to show later in his relationship. During the days of U.A he’d mention how "it’d be so easy to stop Mineta if we just melted his hands together.” Thankfully the majority of the group couldn’t tell in his monotone expression that he was not joking, you and Deku could. Needless to say both of you were concerned.
You both agreed someone had to hold the reins on this crazy horse. And you would do it. At first it was only following him around and being his walking consciousness then it was full on cuddling, living with him, and marrying him. Midoriya was actually really angry when you agreed to his proposal only because he was worried about your own happiness but you reasoned that this was the best way to watch him. Saying that as if, you couldn’t deny his sincerity when he stopped his work randomly to hold your face and say, “I love you (Y/n) just wanted to let you know.” How could you turn away when his loyalty withstood the test of time and even your own unreasonable moments. You love him. The good parts and the bad. You don’t love his family though but neither does he so it's okay.
“Right this way Mister and Missus (L/n).” The maid led you through the Western styled manor stopping at the doorway of a lavish dining hall. A round table sat in the center with its occupants already seated and turning their heads to look at the estranged couple of the evening.
“You’re late.”
“I know.”
The greeting of a father and his youngest son, lovely right? You and Shoto sit next to one another leaving your right side exposed to Fuyumi (who was beaming at you) and exposing his left to his house-arrested brother. You remember Fuyumi and hoped that since she brought her own date she would have stopped her divine mission to make you uncomfortable. Alas the man sat there digging in paying no mind to the revolting behavior. She started drooling and you only hoped your husband would deter her. Absolutely disgusting.
“So Shoto, how are you?” His mother broke the silence with her smile as if you weren't there. He responded in curt answers until his mother starts a rant about how to keep happy, distracting your partner from his convict brother who had crawled under the table resting his head on your lap. You went to stand up but his grip on your thighs kept you planted in your seat as he shoved his face between your legs and sniffed. “Hi there Princess, it's been a while.” Muffled and making you uncomfortable you lifted your arms up because you knew if you pushed at his head he’d only moan. You learned your lesson from last dinner. His advancement on your bits left you exposed to the twitchy hands of Fuyumi who saw your held up arms and hands as an invitation to squeeze your breast. Whether it's a handful or nothing at all she is pressing hard as if she doesn’t have some of her own. You hold in any sounds you wish to make out and focus on silently unlatching the woman from yourself without tearing your top.
“Oh Enji you have rats on the floor. You should get that checked out.” Your husband snarks as he puts an ice coat over Dabi’s eyes who immediately untwines himself with you to relieve the freeze. For Fuyumi he grabs her hands and squeezes until she lets go of you and her fingers curl haphazardly close to the palm. I'm pretty sure that's broken or at least strained.
“(Y/n) why don’t you eat? I heard you really like this dish. (F/f), was it?” Enji proposed with an unnaturally soft look in his eyes.
You politely smile but don’t move to eat it even though you really want to. The first night of your engagement you found that they weren’t past drugging you. Shoto better treat me to some (f/s/f).You didn’t drink the wine for obvious reasons and that seems to set Rei off.
“Ugh you're such a rude #$#&^%! You’re so ungrateful!”
Shoto’s previous idea to kill her didn’t sound as bad to either of you. As if telepathically sensing the need for comfort you locked hands with one another under the table. “Mom please,” Natsuo guides, “Remember they called us here to discuss something important? So what was it you wanted to say (Y/n), Shoto?”
You're nervous pupils met.
You do it.
No, you say it. It’s your family.
It's your body.
You glare at him and he knows he’s lost. “We’re pregnant.”
Next Chapter➡
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daniyanii · 7 months ago
this story was inspired by @i-cant-sing i absolutely LOVE how they write the Todoroki family
“Leave? Oh no, you stay here now.” PART I
You had known Shoto Todoroki since middle school. You both seemed to always seemed to understand each other since you both had dysfunctional families.
So you can imagine the fear in your heart when he invited (borderline forced) you to meet his family.
That meant meeting the now #1 pro hero, Endeavor.
The man you heard terrible things about. How he trained Shoto to be a cold, unloving, unstoppable force. How he made his wife go crazy. How all of his children despise him in some way for stealing their childhood and innocence…
Truth be told Shoto would be much like his father had he not met you. You taught him that true hero’s need more than physical strength, and that even they deserve to be able to cry. Many times when you and Shoto would meet outside of school he would cling to you while laying his head in your lap while profusely thanking you with tears in his eyes for never hurting him.
After one day Shoto let it slip how amazing you were to his parents they told him to invite you over. Even after he insisted he didn’t see you as a romantic lover they still wanted to see who this ‘magical’ friend was. At least that’s all Shoto told you, but you would later learn there was a lot more to the story.
Since you didn’t wanna be a hero you didn’t apply to UA. No matter how much Shoto tried to encourage you, you always said the same things
“no way! UA is for smart rich kids which I am neither.”
“ UA isn’t really for me. I just wanna go to a normal school.”
You wanted to be someone like Recovery Girl. Since your quirk had the insane power of completely being able to heal someone within seconds. You could even regenerate their clothing!
But no matter how good of a healer you were there was no way to heal the impending stress you felt about meeting the infamous Todoroki’s. You even considered canceling but knowing Shoto, he wouldn’t let you unless you had a good enough reason.
So there you sat in your nicest white dress, that you had bought specifically for this occasion. You were in the middle of applying your jewelry and other finishing touches when you heard familiar screaming.
“Fuck you!”
“Well I want you to but I can’t because my wife is a neighborhood whore!”
“Oh here we go again with the lonely bullshit excuse! If your so fucking lonely you could’ve called or better yet TOOK CARE OF OUR FUCKING KID INSTEAD OF PARTING YOUR LEGS LIKE THE RED SEA!”
You had officially heard enough. You didn’t even wanna walk near that battlefield so like usual you opened your window and climbed out, waiting for Shoto to come get you
Within minutes Shoto was pulling up in an all black, sleek car, hopping out before you could even walk towards it.
You did a brisk jog over to you engulfing your face in his hands to check for bruising. He did this everyday just to be sure. You don’t even know how he would react if he ever actually found one.
Next he brought you into a deep hug, burrowing his head into your neck and breathing your perfume and conditioner in deeply.
“Are you ready, Y/N?” He questioned softly
It was almost humorous how everytime someone talked about Shoto to you they talked as if he was a demon or robot, never imagining there was a soft side just for you, only for you.
“Yeah, I guess so.” You let a nervous laugh making him pull back to face you but knowing Shoto you knew he wanted you to keep your arms wrapped tight around his touch-starved frame
“Are you alright? You know I would 𝗻𝗲𝘃𝗲𝗿 let him hurt you right?” Shoto was looking directly in your eyes to let you know he was serious
“Of course Sho, I’m not too worried about that. It’s just…you know what never mind we should go before we’re la-”
“𝗡𝗼, tell me now.”
“It’s just that my parents are going at it again and I don’t wanna leave my dad alone in there with her.” You spoke lowly since talking about your abusive mom was always hard to do, it was much easier to listen to Shoto’s problems then address your own.
“He’ll be okay, I’ll make sure of it. Now let’s go.”
He took my hand in his and walked me to the car before opening my door, allowing me to step in and shutting it.
For some reason I couldn’t help but think…
𝘁𝗵𝗶𝘀 𝗶𝘀 𝗮 𝘁𝗲𝗿𝗿𝗶𝗯𝗹𝗲 𝗶𝗱𝗲𝗮
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animefan3223 · 29 days ago
Game 3 over Bruce is the one who heard this.
Look how lost she looks~ so pure so young~ you must do everything in your power to keep her safe!!!
Tumblr media
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dustylavatentacles · 6 months ago
Tumblr media
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miraclekiwibean · a year ago
Funny platonic yandere thought
Relaxed yandere guardian taking child darling to a very, very close friend’s party
CHILD: * noticing a dangerous object in guardian’s pocket* Your not going to hurt anyone are you?
GUARDIAN: * psudo surprise* What nooo... unless you want me too * slightly excited *
CHILD: *nervous/worried* Nn-no no. I is good thank u tho 
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mirkomilk · a year ago
heya,^^ can I request yandere todoroki family react youngest having water element quirk? they ain't interested become a hero they more want be a nurse or doctor. and they hell determined to be one. apologize if you find any error my Engish isn't the best.
Enji would find this almost relieving. Since they’re the youngest, Enji isn’t expecting them to go down the path of a hero, especially not after having him as a father, he realizes that he’s been pretty terrible so he completely understands. Basically, he’ll pay for literally everything. He’s making sure that his youngest is getting through school because it’s what they want. Obviously him and Natsuo have it out from time to time because Natsuo thinks that Enji is just sucking up, but that’s between the two of them.
Rei and Fuyumi are the most supportive, emotionally anyway. Rei especially because she thinks very highly of doctors and people who help others in general. Fuyumi strayed from the path of being a hero to be a teacher so she’s the most understanding, she’ll help out her sibling as much as she can all while making sure that they’re taking care of themselves. It basically runs in their blood, but I feel like all Todoroki’s are rather possessive. Rei will often ask about how her child’s day went, she wants to know that they’re not too stressed out with their classes.
Shoto and Touya are confused. Shoto is aware that his sibling has a very powerful quirk, so it makes sense to him that they’d become a hero. When they decide to go into the medical field, he’s a little peeved. It sounds surprising, but he was looking forward to his sibling joining him in being a hero, when they’re not, he’s getting more and more irritated. The same goes for Touya, only in the sense that he was trying to talk them into becoming a villain alongside him. They’re both peeved about it, but also realize they won’t have to work as hard to keep their sibling safe and out of harms way.
Tumblr media
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dollmoth-productions · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
🧡 Platonic yandere Carlos 🧡
🧡 if you thought Camilo was bad this guy's way worse Carlos is mean and no hesitation to be mean he will put you down no matter what if you try to actually need someone to be your partner she will definitely put them down to the point where they don't want to go by you anymore especially with his shape-shifting involving animals he person likes turning into your favorite animal to cuddle with you otherwise he's a complete dick
🧡 this guy may be a little bit more violent than Camilo he personally likes killing them in front of you especially when he's jealous then he'll comfort you later"Mi preciosa I'm sorry you forced my hand you will thank me later you'll only need me" and then he'll leave you with the bloody body in front of you as extra punishment
🧡 he puts you down so much that you believe the things that he tells you now you're in the palm of his hand and he loves it. He loves control when I mean he loves control he wants to take control of everything how you dress how you talk or even how you look at things this man is jealous if you even stare at someone that's not him for too long she will grab your hand and squeeze it until he hears a crack and then you look up at him trying not to cry from pain he only smiles 
🧡 you to start matching outfits because he likes the idea of people knowing that you're a part of his family and it doesn't really matter your mother just things you two are cute and matching little do you know he's just marking you as his little sibling and people won't mess with you especially with him because they know how ruthless is pranks will be
🧡 you just try to be happy in the moments that you have time alone whenever you're in your room you normally just have some peace and Casita doesn't gives you that piece unless it's night time even then whenever you go to sleep you can still feel Carlos's eyes watching you like a hawk
🧡 unlike Camilio where he would never punish you Carlos does painfully whether you like it or not you're staying in the family his family he sees you as his only connection to his family whether you be is cousin or sibling you will forever be a part of this family no matter what and you will never try to escape
"Mi preciosa I'll always be here for you"
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captain-krunchy · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
I hope you like it! Thank you for requesting😄💛
Yandere Malfoy Family:
Tumblr media
- Narcissa is the first the become obsessed with you, she is immensely grateful for Draco, but she always wanted more than one child. She sees you at Diagon Alley shopping for your first year at Hogwarts
-Narcissa is immediately infatuated
- She approaches you. Narcissa gets very grabby. She is trying to hug you and touching your face or just you in general. 
-You tell her to stop which does the trick, as soon as her hands are off you run off hoping to never see her again.
- After your first meeting she will come back to Diagon Alley as much as possible to try and see if you are there, Narcissa had seen you a few times, but she never approached.
- Narcissa goes home acting abnormally fluttery, which causes Lucius to ask what's going on with her. She talks softly about you, trying her best to emphasize how perfect you are. 
- Lucius, of course, brushes his wife off.
- Draco, however, heard his mother talk about you. He tries to imagine what you look like so he can see you either on the train ride or in the Great Hall at Hogwarts. He ends up asking his mother what you looked like and. Narcissa tells him in great detail.
- Draco finally gets to see you in the great hall. He doesn't know your name, but he can feel that you are the child his mother went on about so frequently
- “Please be Slytherin.” he whispers to himself over and over again. If you are not put in Slytherin, his feelings get hurt and he sulks around for a few hours.
- If you are put in Slytherin, he makes sure the seat next to him is empty and hopes you sit by him. Which you do (the seat was convenient)
- You are as perfect as his mother said.
- Draco is quick to herd you into a friendship, a clingy and suffocating friendship.
- Lucius finally meets you one day while visiting Hogwarts. Draco drags you over to speak to the man you view as very intimidating, despite your protests. 
- Lucius finally realized why Narcissa had not stopped talking about you since she first saw you. You look so sweet and like such an innocent creature, it drives him insane thinking that you are rubbing elbows with riffraff like the Weasleys, or abominations like the mud-bloods and half-bloods.
- They all get delusional. to a point where they completely will not recognize that you are not their blood child. They know you do not know you are their child, that you still think all of those other people are your family.
- A few weeks before summer starts, your biological family disappears and suddenly the Malfoys have custody of you despite your family not interacting with the Malfoys. 
- You of course find this very strange, but in the event of your family's disappearance you do not say much about it
- At the end of school, you cry on the train ride. You cry a lot. This upsets Draco, in his mind, you should be happy to be away from the people that stole you, and happy to go to your real family.
- You are very distressed at the Malfoy’s big scary dark mansion, crying for the people you care about, and crying even more when Lucius, Narcissa, or Draco comes in to tell they are your father, mother, or brother.
- You end up “believing” you are their biological child that was just taken from them.
- Once you “believe” them, Draco rubs it in that you are his sibling he calls you by your sibling orientation, but with little or baby in front of it (i.e. baby sister, little brother)
- Draco will be trying to sleep in your bed. He was clingy as a friend, but it amps up when he is your “brother”
- Narcissa is the most possessive. She hates the idea of someone else talking to you and taking your love and attention that should be saved for family time. 
- She has Draco and Lucius make sure you do not get too chummy with anyone. Draco is not afraid to bully or hex anyone that he thinks talks to you for too long. Everyone avoids you at Hogwarts your only friend is Draco.
- Narcissa is not afraid to use guilt as a punishment, she knows it hurts you to see her tears, especially if you think you caused them. Narcissa has used guilt trips on you many times to get what she wants, and she’s not going to stop any time soon.
- Lucius controls your entire life. He wants to know where you are every few hours. “Are you following your weekly schedule?” Narcissa asks “you know how hard your father works on those.” She scolds
- Lucius tells you a lot of people hate him, so you need constant safety and supervision and that's why you have to have a schedule. 
- they tell you Draco doesn't have one because he is strong, and can protect himself. 
- If you skip something on the schedule or even complain about t Draco goes back and tells your mother and father. Which gets you a letter from Narcissa that makes you feel really bad.
- You are kept far from the Death Eaters and Voldemort. They all know about you, but they respect that the Malfoys do not want you involved (for now).
- Which if you are not careful because the Dark Lord might become a fatherly yandere for you too.
- Even though Bellatrix is not a Malfoy she is still crazy protective of you, she would be more than happy to torture anyone who dares get too close to you, or even looks at you. 
- They all put you on this pedestal and they view you as perfect and innocent even if you are not perfect and innocent.
(GIF found on Pinterest) 
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lolita-lollipop · 7 months ago
Can you do a yandere older brother shinsou in the yandere erasermic family (before eri) where he catches reader trying to sneak out but he lets her go for 20 minutes b/c he did the same thing his first week? You can change it if you want tho🙃
You snapped the lcoks of yo ur window open, it was only a day ago that they had given you the freedom of locking and unlocking them to see the sunlight in the morning, you were totally going to use this to your advantage and get yourself out of here for the night, you didn’t really ah e anything planned, like seriously, no plans at all, probably just going to wander about the streets of Tokyo at night. Without your parents, or sister, or brother around to tell you to keep away from things they deem “dangerouse”, which was the outside itself, meaning you wouldn’t even be able to edit the premises.
“Yes” you congraduated yourself as the window opened without making much noise, you swung your feet out and landed on the roof, where a certain purple haired, baggy eyed teenager stood, his arms crossed, startling you to a whole new extent.
“Where you goin?” He spoke, eyebrow raised in amusement as he watched your face drain of color. He was almost suprised you were able to find something in your closet that wasn’t a baby shade of pink, even more so that you had gotten anywhere near your window without alerting any others in the family. The atmosphere was completely awkward as you stared at eachother.
“I’m.... going out. Please don’t tell them! You must have done the same thing at some point right? Well both get in trouble if you tell.!” You whisper yelled at him, waving your arms about, trying to prove your point that he should jsut let you go, you both knew that even if you did succesfully escape, they would just find you in minutes wandering aimlessly through the city you knew nothing about, you weren’t even aiming for escape right now, just a breath of fresh air. A small smile of sympathy formed in his face.
“That’s true, Im Doing this because I love you. Okay? Know that. I did the exact same thing my first week here. I saw nothing, you better be back in thirty though, Follow the rules, be careful, goodbye.” He warned, then disappeared, you stared in shock that he even let you go.. any other member would’ve dragged him back in your room and forced you to read some children’s book with them. Yeah, shinso is Totally your favorite now.
Jumping off the roof entirely, you made your way past the gates, staring back I. Suspicion, wondering if he really hadn’t snitched on you.
Your thirty minutes were almost up, and you were on your way back, when you reached the gates, you only had like 2 minutes to get back in to us bed or shinso would tell, oh good you were gonna be in SO much trouble if he told.
Climbing up the gutter on the side of the house, and unla Ching your window with such haste that you almost cracked a finger, you heard voices in the hallway. Shinso and probably one of your dads. You panicked immediately, flinging “grownup” clothes off your body and tugging on the silky pink pajamas that you had previously been wearing that night. The footsepts got gradually closer as you buttoned up the shirt (incorrectly).
“I told you dad, she’s Probably sleeping and we’re just gonna wake her up when we barge in there.” You could hear shinso speaking just out of your door, shoving the clothing back in your closet, you jumped in your bed, pulling the covers Iover your shoulders and tugging th giraffe plush close to your chest, closing your eyes and turning the other way with a small groan, trying to imitate the sound of a moving sleeper.
“If i don’t see her in that bed, you both are going to have a lot of explaining to do.” Another voice, clearly aizawas due to the gravely tone to it, spoke. The doorknob started to make clicking noises, signaling you that it was opening when two of the figures barged in the room, quite loudly if you did sya so yourself. You you sat up slowly, rubbing your eyes like a child would.
“Daddy? Is something wrong?” You questioned, meeting eyes with Shinso,then bringing your gaze back to the previously fuming “father of yours. His eyes softened at your adorable sleepy-looking state, all suspicion was thrown right out the window when he saw how comfortable you seemed to be, he made his way to your bed and tugged you back down onto the pillow, pulling the blanket back over your shoulders. He planted a firm kiss on your forehead.
“No darling, I was just worried about you. Go back to sleep now”
Thank you for requesting! It was pretty fun to write.
(This is unedited so sorry for any grammar or spelling mistakes)
Have a great day Anon!
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storybookstalker · 2 years ago
Mother’s Day Imagine:
Finishing up lesson plans in the morning before your class started was either a little stressful or extremely stressful, it was never without stress. You’d just finished them up when one of your favorite students came bouncing into the room carrying a large basket with a big smile on their smile. You just had to smile back at the kid. Before you could ask, the young thing plopped down the large basket with lots of goods in it, letting out a loud and excited, HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY MS. (L/N)!!!!!!. It was the Friday before mother’s day, and your heart just melted at the sweetness this child radiated. When they had first joined your class, they were so shy and withdrawn from everything. Not that you blamed them, after losing a parent any child would be devastated but look at them now! Almost a full school year later and they had the biggest smile on their face and as much warm, happiness that any child would have. As if their own mother had never left, their father had said to you when thanking you during a meeting. It was mainly for their grades and to make sure things like homework were still going well, but also their behavior. The small thing had started calling you ‘mom’ at one point, and you wanted to make sure ther were being told at home how that wasn’t appropriate. It was a small issue, it went away quickly.
The child was so sweet, you almost thought of them as your own sometimes, they were always a pleasure to have in class now-a-days. You were having a mother’s day party for the class, a small one, so the kids could have time to make cards and all that for their moms. Looking back you blamed yourself for not paying more attention to that one kid’s card. It had a mom that looked more like you, hell it barely looked like their biological mother at all. The background should have been a red flag as well, but they’re only a kid. How were you supposed to guess you’d be waking up on mother’s day in the kid’s basement, them and their dad serving you “breakfast in chains bed” with happy smiles and sing-song grins painting their faces?
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Yandere Shigaraki Headcannons: Confrontation #1
Tumblr media
⚠[Warning: Yandere and their behavior, stalking, mention of hentai, obsessive mindset, and harassment]⚠ 🖐🏻💀Shigaraki is livid 🖐🏻💀The newest game has people bustling in the unorganized Game store 🖐🏻💀Everybody's digging through the piles of games they have and everyone is so annoying 🖐🏻💀Constantly pushing, skin of sweaty strangers rubbing against him, and the difficulty of keeping his hands in the clear 🖐🏻💀Now usually he wouldn't be afraid to dust a person or two 🖐🏻💀But he figures he might be seen and be trampled by the panicked stampeding sheep like these shoppers do 🖐🏻💀He almost abandons his logic before eying the cover of the famous game being completely untouched in the otome section 🖐🏻💀'This is it!' 🖐🏻💀But the moment he grabs a hold of it so does someone else 🖐🏻💀He was about to throw his prior logic out the window but he recognized that (s/t) hand anywhere 🖐🏻💀"Hehe it seems we've found the same last copy." 🖐🏻💀He could tell you were exhausted college and the part -time job you were sporting probably were to blame 🖐🏻💀"Y-yeah." 🖐🏻💀"Well how about this, I'll stay and help you find another so we don't have to fight over this one ok?" 🖐🏻💀He was too flustered to talk so he nodded 🖐🏻💀You were so sweet to him 🖐🏻💀You were so dangerous 🖐🏻💀You looked behind otome games and even the hentai section 🖐🏻💀Both of you were nervous but for different reasons 🖐🏻💀You were avoiding eye contact while you navigated through the pile 🖐🏻💀'That was so cute you were so embarrassed' 🖐🏻💀'That hentai game with the tentacles isn't here' 🖐🏻💀You tsked as you didn't find the game your roommate so graciously asked (with a shuriken in hand) 🖐🏻💀You'd have to arm yourself with the trashcan lid when you went home 🖐🏻💀You eventually were able to find a copy for the nervous guy 🖐🏻💀'Gosh he needs chapstick' 🖐🏻💀You silently hand him the copy putting your finger to lips 🖐🏻💀You guys sneak to the cash register to buy your finds before any of the walk jobs notice 🖐🏻💀You make your purchase and in friendly spirit you block his purchase from the onlookers 🖐🏻💀As you both try to casually walk out your interrupt by a nosy Ken and his wife 🖐🏻💀"Hello sir" 🖐🏻💀The overly sweet tone reveals the entitlement bubbling to the surface 🖐🏻💀"Im so grateful that you were willing to buy this for our son." 🖐🏻💀"Uh he didn't buy this for you or your kid." 🖐🏻💀You dealt with these kinds of people all the time 🖐🏻💀You lightly push your hand on his shoulder as you guide him out but the Ken had other plans 🖐🏻💀Reaching out his hand to tightly grasp on to Shigaraki's arm 🖐🏻💀"Don't you date leave with my boys game!" 🖐🏻💀At this point everyone is in shock or looking on in anger 🖐🏻💀You take the initiative to slap their hand away taking Shigaraki's in yours 🖐🏻💀"Don't you touch him, you fiend." 🖐🏻💀Hand in hand with Tomura you walked out the store, crossed the street, and went around a corner 🖐🏻💀"Hey, sorry I grabbed you like that I just didn't want it to escalate" 🖐🏻💀"It's fine" 🖐🏻💀"Oh well I've gotta go seeya around, chapstick." 🖐🏻💀You ran away before he could even register the slightly offensive nickname you gave him 🖐🏻💀He felt as though he could explode 🖐🏻💀YOU TOUCHED HIM!!! 🖐🏻💀YOU SPOKE TO HIM!!! 🖐🏻💀YOU EVEN DEFENDED HIM!!! 🖐🏻💀He was so happy he couldn't help his laughter from spilling out 🖐🏻💀Attracting bystanders to stare at him oddly 🖐🏻💀He clutched the game careful to keep his pinkies up 🖐🏻💀You had touched this game❤ 🖐🏻💀He clutched it to his chest as he replayed the entire interaction in his mind 🖐🏻💀He'd have to remember to dust that freak when he got the chance 🖐🏻💀He was on cloud 9 and Kurogiri could tell 🖐🏻💀'At least he'll be in high spirits for tomorrow's attack on UA'
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salty-ironstrange-shipper · 2 years ago
No | rather not | I dunno | I guess | Sure | Yes | FUCK yes | Oh god you don’t even know |
I like it
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animefan3223 · a month ago
A little game and hints for my part of the story of
The bat, birds,and baby lizard
One of these lines is being whisper in the boys head and one mystery person. The line for the mystery person is the last one
Can you guys Gus's who's being told what from this line's!
Shee needs you~ do not fail her she your baby sister!
Keep her safe. Guide her! She needs you!
You must not let evil hurt her! She is a rose but with week thorns~ she needs her knight to keep her safe!
Look how lost she looks~ so pure so young~ you must do everything in your power to keep her safe!!!
Kill! Kill! You must kill! To keep her safe! With the other's you must not let anyone hurt this Rose~ she is the last true rose of Gotham! And she must be keept safe! You must do everything even kill and die for her!
You must help them. Keep her safe! You are one of the few I trust to keep this little rose bud safe~ You never fail me before~ but I want to make sure you know. This is a gift! Do not let anything happen to them!
I can't wait to see who get this right enjoy
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yanderemommabean · 3 years ago
I know we've done platonic yanderes, but what about one yandere over their family? "This is my wedding, play nice." "Make me."
“Mom please, let me have this one date without you following”
“Wait you know I follow you?”
“Kinda hard not to notice the family car being driven by a woman in sunglasses”
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dustylavatentacles · a year ago
Tumblr media
I can't... It's stronger than me.
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miraclekiwibean · 10 months ago
Angst: Rainy Night
CW: mentions of child abuse, Mentions of killing, wounds, stalking, unhealthy yandere tendencies 
Tumblr media
  “AND DON”T YOU DARE COME BACK UNTIL YOU DO SOMETHING USEFUL!!!.” The older man yelled at the smaller child as he threw her out into the cold damp open hallway. Once Scout heard the screech of the withered apartment door shut, the small girl slowly stood up. Her battered and bruised body ached with every inch of movement she took. 
The tiny girl looked at the door with a mixture of irritation, fear and exhaustion. “ * Sigh* Got kicked out again, how annoying. *ugh*and he really got me good this time.” The young child said to herself as her hand reached up to touch her bruised and bloodied face.” Well I can’t stay here. I need to find a place to sleep.” With that thought Scout walked in some random direction in search for a safe spot to rest. But as time went on the white haired girl's body started to slow down and her eyelids were getting heavy but still she couldn't find a suitable place to sleep. 
Either there were too many people around, police were patrolling or, some crack addict claimed that area. “ Maybe I should go to the police? Get some help?” The small child thought. But, remembering the last time she went to the police she thought against it. They took her back home and her adoptive parents and they skillfully lied to the officers fooling them into thinking that they were decent people, just low on their luck with a rebellious kid. Then once the officers left ,they gave the girl a beating she would never forget. 
So throwing that idea away the small girl continued her search, after a few more moments of walking around in the cold city, Scout felt a water droplet hit her head then another, then as she knew it started to pour.” Just my fucking luck.” The exhausted child said. Running in some nearby alleyway hoping that there would be some old box or something to hide in. But, like the other places there was nothing suitable to sleep in. The dumpsters were too full and she heard snoring deeper in that alleyway indicating someone was there and she didn't have the energy to test if they were friendly or not. 
Looking around the white haired girl noticed a pretty low fire escape ladder just above a closed dirty dumpster. Thinking no one would really look on the roof for someone at this time she started to climb. It took a lot of energy and it didn’t help that her body was still in pain from her “punishment” but it wasn’t the girl's first time being in a situation like this and she felt that it won’t be her last. After a few agonizing moments of forcefully moving her bruised body the tiny child made it to the top of the three story building. She looked around to see if there was something to protect her from the rain. An old plastic coving, some wood, cheap cardboard, anything! Then she saw two large pieces of wood leaning on one another with the wider piece on top of an old milk crate, creating a makeshift shelter. 
Without hesitation Scout quickly went under the pile of trash. It did a decent job getting the small kid out of the rain but it was still cold and her body was still in pain from not just the beating but also from all the walking and climbing she did. At that point the young girl was at her limit she was tired, hungry and in lots of pain so she started to quietly cry to herself. Normally Scout would never really cry in these situations, especially in front of people since it would be a sign of weakness and could hurt her more plus, she thought it was a waste of time and water crying over these situations when she could be planning a way to get out of it or using her imagination go play with Diamonds and Joker, her creativity. 
But, she is alone and all her bottled emotions were starting to become too much to bear. So she let the tears flow and pulled her knees to her chest to get some sort of warmth as the young girl watched the rain fall. In the distance two heroes were flying home from a night of patrolling when the light gray cladded hero noticed the shivering small child under the pile trash on one of the roof tops. “ Jackie, look. It’s her!” He lightly exclaimed with worry lacinging his voice as he pointed at the tiny girl. Jackie quickly looked in the direction his partner was pointed at and quickly felt a burst of excitement of the mention of her. But, his face quickly morphed into concern as he saw the sad sight. 
He and his partner and the rest of the septics, ipliers, sanders and gameplays have been practically obsessing worrying about this little girl that they saw around town. She was mainly seen doing errands, things that an adult should do like going grocery shopping or working odd jobs. Heck even A few of them saw the kid doing little performances on the street. Don’t get them wrong seeing this cute tiny child singing Daisy Bell on a cheap ukulele while doing a little dance is adorable. But it makes them really concerned about her and raising questions about Scout’s situation. Are her parents taking good care of her? Where are her parents anyway? Why does she look so roughed up? Is that a bruise? Is she eating enough? Should she be playing somewhere with her friends then singing in front of strangers for money? 
God how they want to go up to her to see if she’s ok and even take her home and drown her with love and affection. But, every time one of them tries to start up a conversation with the young girl, she would either get defensive or runaway. Especially with some of the more “unstable” or intimidating egos. There was this one time Silver was with Dark helping him with a job and they saw the small grey cladded child rummaging in a dumpster at 2:00 A.M. But, when Dark tried to talk to her to see if she needed any help or to find a police officer to help her ,she aggressively said “ No thanks sir, I don’t need you or your friend’s help.” as Scout cautiously walked back giving the most distrusting and fearful look behind her pseudo anger.
 It was like seeing a tiny kitten hissing and puffing up trying to intimidate a much larger creature to leave them alone but, it was clear she was scared. Seeing that made silver’s heart ache and he could tell Dark was feeling the same. So it was clear that something wasn’t right and this kid was not in a good home. So they all agree to stalk watch over the girl until Dark, Logan, Janus and Marvin come up with a plan to bring her home so we can properly take care of her. 
Until then everyone was given strict order to keep interactions with the child to a minimum. Logan said “It is to help them gain more information about her in her most relaxed state. Since it is obvious the young girl has some difficulties trusting others indicating she is living in an unhealthy environment. But there would be plenty of time to bond and gain her trust once she’s under their care.”SIlver and Jackie hoped that day would come soon. But, for now they have to be patient and keep their distance. 
“ We should help her.” The orange cladded hero said as he started to move towards the shivering girl. But, before he could move any closer Silver grabbed his hand” Hold on, Dark said we have to make interactions to a minimum, remember. And we already interacted with her twice this week.” Silver started referring to the times when they caught her from falling from a window, she slipped while watering some hard to reach hanging flowers, and the other time when someone stole her bag with money for rent that month, they caught the guy and “taught him a lesson” needless to say he won’t be seeing his next birthday ever. Both times she quickly thanked them and ranaway making it clear that she was still pretty scared of them.
” If we go to her right now she’ll get suspicious and will try to avoid us more. Do you really want that?” Silver finished and Jackie looked at him and responded “ But, we can’t leave her like that. Look at her Silver, she's shivering and she’s probably scared outta her mind.” The black caped hero looked at the small girl since she was facing away from them, they couldn't get to see her face. But, by the kid’s body language and occasional soft sob it was clear to them  that she was freezing and scared. 
God how he wanted to just pick up the girl, hold her close and comfort her while taking her home to be safe, happy and healthy. Just the thought of her sweet smile was melting the grey cladded hero’s heart and he could tell by Jackie's yearning expression that he feels the same. But, they can’t if they go off the plan, if they do then Logan, Dark, Marvin and Janus would be pissed and he wasn't in the mood to hear their lecture about the importance of the plan and how everyone needs to do their part and get his stalking watching privileges revoked. Silver looked back at his partner and said “ We won’t, we’ll just wait till she’s asleep. Leave her a blanket and some food then come back to check up on her later ok?” 
Jackie looked back at the girl and reluctantly said ”Fine.”  With that they watched the small child in the rain with concern and yearning filled their eyes hoping to bring her home very very soon.
Sorry it’s been a while still trying to figure this digital drawing thing out and wanted to get this outta my head. This is kind a apart of a bigger story I have but most likely I’ll give bits and pieces unless you guys want more.
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