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dollmoth-productions · 2 days ago
Hi doll moth! Can I request a platonic madrigals with a reader that still has her dreams powers from the last request about it but the reader dies in their sleep to something and the family is distressed, but then they keep seeing her in dreams in her dream world form with the little clouds on their hair and they uses the clouds to help guide them into their main domain in the dream world where she controls everything and they tells them that even after death, they are still here for them.
Tumblr media
❤ Abuela  after your death they both fell into a state of disarray and sadness trying to find out anyway to bring you back whenever she would actually get sleep at this point she would see you and always try to run and get you but you would always disappear Without a Trace
💙Julieta and agustín  they probably miss you the most trying your best to help the town you overwork yourself to death sometimes they still see you in your dreams even though you're slightly different they always try to get you back they always kept your body but it was practically useless but for some strange reason you can't decay
💙 Isabela  she always decorated your room with flowers so she probably missed you the most even though you were gone for such a long time she couldn't get over it she wanted to see you again so she would always fall asleep to see if you were in her dreams you were but you were different but whenever she would try to get you you would disappear
💙lusia  she probably was one of the worst affected by your desk thinking that it was her fault that you died but of course she knew that wasn't true since you died in your sleep you would always try your best to even help her in her dreams even though your dreams form with your final form you couldn't go back to your body you are too weak
💙Maribel  when she figured out that she felt a great deal of sadness you what are one of the only people that actually respected her and treated her like family despite her not having a gift so you being gone really affected her instead of being happy and getting a she would be resentful and bitter even in her dreams she would see you as someone who left her but she missed you too much to be mad
💛Pepa and Fèlix  they missed you a lot don't get me wrong they felt so guilty when you passed away because you passed away in their room you never wanted to leave even though everything that they did was terrible even though you wish you had freedom you love them or is that Stockholm Syndrome oh you don't care your parents love you
💛 Dolores she wouldn't stop crying for hours you know she was really close to you since you would be the only person that calms her down in her dreams or from overstimulation from loud noises you had to do something but you tried to help her even in your final moments
💛 Camilo he blamed you you would always be there by him but there is nothing you could do about it you were dead and he knew it you would never come back and he felt guilty for hurting you for so long but he knew it was necessary he misses you so much but yet he still blames you
💚 Bruno  not even his Future Vision could bring you back it and he felt so building he didn't know what to do he missed you so much and you would always be there to calm him down but you are no longer there even when he was sleeping and you were in his dreams he couldn't bear to be by you
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anxiousnerdwritings · 19 days ago
What about yandad Bruno who left his child in his family hands while he's hiding in the caste walls?( Mother unknown?) And what if the village is on edge when Bruno child is in sight ?( We don't talk about Bruno child, No No~ oh oh~)
Yandere Bruno Madrigal Headcanons (Platonic)
Tumblr media
Bruno never wanted to leave you, that was the last thing he ever thought he would have to do but in his eyes it was for the best. So, he left. He left for Mirabel, for the family, but most importantly he left for you. He didn’t want you to have to grow up with the stigma of having him as your father. But that’s what would happen anyway.
He couldn’t actually bring himself to leave the family, especially not you. He loved his family after all and he loved you the most. So, he stayed in the walls; living, watching, wishing. He didn’t want to miss a second of seeing his child grow up and be their own person. He just wished he could have been right by your side all the way through. He knew your mother would be watching over you, just as he was. As much as he missed and wanted nothing more than to hold his child in his arms again, Bruno believed that this is what needed to be done. He just prayed that he was still making the right decision.
Bruno would secretly love to see some of his traits in his child. Whether it be them being overly superstitious, or having interest in acting, or maybe even a liking of rats. It would really show just how much they were like him. You were his, through and through.
It would really hurt him to know that the villagers treated you differently all because you’re his child. Even if you didn’t share a similar gift to his own, it would sadden him that the people would still throw you into the same category as him. He would blame himself entirely for everything, regretting ever leaving you all the more. But he would be so unbelievably proud of his child for baring with and not letting all the whispers and avoidance of the rest of the villagers get to them. Even if he did witness how truly affected they were when alone in the comfort of their own room. Seeing his child breakdown would shatter his entire being.
He would send his rats to comfort his child when they’re sad or upset. Or even just to check up on and keep an eye on you. They would come baring little gifts that Bruno had found or made himself. It was his own way of being able to interact with you and showing that he was still around. If anyone were to really upset you or hurt you in anyway then they would be getting a visit from some very angry rats and maybe, possibly, Hernando.
As tempted as he is to use his gift to know whether he and his child would ever finally be reunited, Bruno is too scared at what he’ll see. He doesn’t think he’d be able to handle the outcome, whether good or bad. Instead he would take to drawing little pictures of him and his child reuniting or him, his child, and the rest of the family all together. He’d rather have those then to know the truth.
It wouldn’t be all that surprising if Alma, Julieta and Pepa were very protective of you due to you being the last thing they have of Bruno. As much as they don’t like talking about him that doesn’t mean they ever lost their love for him and you just remind them so much of their Brunito. They weren’t going to lose you either. No matter what.
Julieta would be the one most likely to talk to you about Bruno, if you were ever wanting to know about your father and or your mother. She would be more inclined to take you in as her own in Bruno’s stead. She’d make sure you were well taken care of and that you felt wanted and loved. She feared you losing your way in the family too and that was the last thing she wanted. Julieta didn’t want to lose anyone else, not now, not ever.
Maybe Dolores takes up a close attachment for his child. She knows full well how affected they are by the way the other villagers act towards or around them, she can hear everything after all. Besides, she also knows that Bruno is still very much with them, staying as close as he can given his circumstances. Given her knowledge of everything going on, Dolores would want to help them as much as she can without giving anything away. They’re family and nothing would change that, not even them being Bruno’s child. When the rats aren’t there to comfort you, then Dolores will. That’s what family’s for, right?
When he is finally brought back into the family the first thing Bruno wants to do is apologize to you. He’s so sorry for abandoning you, for leaving you to deal with his stigma all by yourself. He hopes you can forgive him. He hopes you and he can start again, together, as father and child.
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totallyawr1t3r · 15 days ago
Could I request a Yandere Madrigal family but the reader is Bruno's wife and has telekinesis powers and the family is just basically obsessed with them even though Bruno tries to keep her away from them but sometimes fails?
Mans just wanna spend time with his wife but his dang family just keeps stealing you away. He loves them and all but you’re his wife, not theirs. 
He tries his best to keep you away from them but it always ends up failing and the next thing he knows, the whole family is trying to get your attention. But there are times where you two do get to have alone, mostly at night when the other are asleep but it’s still nice. 
Sometimes he starts to feel bad about himself because of it, which gets the alone time he wants with you so he starts to do it on purpose now.
Whenever you guys are alone though, he always makes the most out of it. His favorite is to show you his telenovelas he’s been working on. The characters just seem awfully similar to the two of you.
He never thought he would have to say, “Pepa, give me back my wife.” But Life is full of surprises.
One of the few good things about it though is that, if you ever tried to escape they all would try and stop you and succeed too. Just because you had somehow been born with telekinesis doesn’t really mean much when there’s about 12 people trying to stop you. Plus your husband can see the future so there isn’t much you can do.
Bruno sighed as he watched his family steal you away again. This was supposed to be a nice date between the two of you, but it was cut short soon after his family wanted some of your attention. 
He unpacked the small picnic he made, and shared it with the rats. He could always try again next time.
But the same thing happened next time as well. 
He was showing you his latest telenovela about a virgin somehow getting pregnant. Very interesting stuff, but at last, Antonio and Dolores found you and took you away for some bonding time. 
It just kept happening and Bruno just wanted to cry.
He laid down on his chair in the walls, he actually liked it a lot better then his room after it changed, and stared at the rats cleaning each other. You were stolen away again by Isabela to help with the flowers, and Bruno couldn’t stop her.
He was too caught up in his thoughts to hear someone walking over to him, and before he knew it, A little red rose was floating in front of him.
“Huh?” Bruno blinked and saw you sheepishly smile at him as he took the rose. “Mi amor? I thought you were with Isabela?”
“I was for a bit but then I managed to escape.” You told him, rubbing the back of your neck. “I wanted to see my husband.” You smiled even more once he started to smile as well. You leaned down and gave him a peck on the nose. “I’m sorry for not spending time with you, Mi vida.” 
Bruno instantly cheered up, as he placed the rose to the side. He intertwined your guy's hands, "Don't apologize! But if you're free I quickly set up another picnic since the last one…"
"That sounds lovely."
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yanpotatowriter · 20 days ago
Sorry to bother but could you possibly do something with a whole Yandere Madrigal family?
If not, Just Isabela or Dolores is fine-
I tried to do a one shot like you preferred but dialogue is not my specialty, sorry. (I also decided to make the reader underage for plot, if its not to your liking I can make another one)
Platonic Yandere Madrigal family
It started out as an innocent slumber party with Camilo and Maribel where you stayed the night in Mirabels room (the nursery) because there were multiple beds there already.
However when it came to when you had to leave they started to pull all the excuses in the book to make you stay, they even managed to convince your parents to let you stay here “Just one more night” and your parents agreed. Camilo and Isabela sometimes fight for your attention however you just tend to drift towards Camilo because he is closer to you age wise, just like Maribel. that does not mean the rest of the family does not show off their gifts near you just to have you look at them with wonder and curious eyes whenever they show something they don't tend to do often with their powers (Like Pepa making it snow without it spiraling into a hurricane or it getting out of control) They managed to convince your parents to let you live in Casita because nowhere is safer than with the madrigal family right? (At Least that is what your parents believe and not because they were threatened) Casita also makes sure you are always with a family member, and the family member won’t let you do anything alone, not even Maribel. Their logic is that if the village needs them to help them with everyday tasks then you also need their help, and Félix, Agustín and Maribel are not protesting to the fact as it keeps you closer to them. Luisa does not let you lift anything, if you need to carry something she will be there to carry it for you. Pepa makes sure you do not get wet whenever she has a cloud. Isabel makes sure you always have flowers on you, whether its is a flower crown or something else she will have something of her gift on you. even if its just a colour one of her plants can cover someone in (like orange or green) Julieta always makes sure you are full and have eaten enough, even making your favorite food for if you are not feeling too well. Antonio makes sure there is an animal near you to give you company, he might not understand completely what his family is doing, he just likes your company and sees you as an older family member/sibling. Félix and Agustín make sure you don’t feel left out because you don't have a gift, and the same goes for Maribel. Maribel made some clothing for you with embroidery that resembles the family and you are included in it. Abuela makes sure that Castia notifies them whenever there is something wrong with you and is caring towards you, but is also not afraid to mention what could happen to your family or you if you keep pushing the rules and boundaries she has placed for you Camilo just refuses to leave your side unless he has to go help the village, when that happens Mirabel is at your side for you to do activities with. Bruno is hesitant to do visions with you in them but only does so to check if you will try to escape the family or if something bad will happen to you in their care so that they can prevent it. If you are allowed to go outside of Castia you can bet that Dolores is listening to everything that you are doing, so if you are thinking of making a break for it… You're not. not to mention that if you are outside of Castia that you can’t trust anyone around you because you can bet that Camilo is shapeshifting into other people in the village to be near you, even if he can do that by just looking like himself.
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icouldntfinditsoiwroteit · a month ago
Yandere Madrigal family AU!!!!!
Sooooooooo...Yandere Madrigal family AU??
Where a pair of cousins, one of them being the reader, arrive at Encanto after an accident that has made it so that they need to go live with their aunt and uncle, their family has always been good friends with the Madrigals, this makes it so that they become close with the Madrigal kids in a short time, but there is something out there, wishing something upon the Madrigal's miracle, that will change the family and their relationships, will this change be permanent? Who knows.
In this AU the reader is gender-neutral (or in other words watch me do writing gymnastics to prevent anyone referring to them as a niece or nephew since I couldn't find any plural option like siblings, cousins, etc).
The accident caused fiscal damage to the reader and the cousin, leaving the reader with a transfemoral prosthesis (which is a leg prosthesis that replaces the limb above the knee) and their cousin with hearing problems, they both have small burn scars, (F/N) on their legs and the cousin on their arms (by this you can guess how bad the accident was) and it, of course, left them with psychological trauma but I will not reveal it here, that is what the fic is for.
The reader will be 17, their cousin will be 19 and the story will be situated one year after the movie's events, and there WILL be shipping, the ships will be, Luisa x reader, Mirabel x reader, Camilo x reader, OC x Dolores and OC x Isabella (the OC will be the cousin), not only this but I will make the older kids one year younger, so their age during the story would be:
Camilo: 16
Mirabel: 16
Luisa: 19
Isabella: 21
Dolores: 21
Reader: 17
Alicia(cousin): 19
It was a calm silent night in Encanto, one like many others, easily overlooked by the village's people who all slept comfortably in their beds, all unaware of the darkness that lurked around the village, with the Madrigal's home as its target, it would try and fail to enter the house for the magic would protect the family at all times, but it would wait and find a way to enter it, patience was all it could be after all.
(F/N) felt the rumble to the carriage as it passed over small rocks on the path, making (F/N) rumble alongside as they let their left leg swing over the edge of the carriage.
"Are we there yet?" (F/N)'s cousin asked as they tried to recover their breath from the seemingly endless walk.
"Patience Alicia," Their aunt admonished lightheartedly beside her.
"The trip isn't that tiring, is it?" (F/N) teased from where they sat.
"Easy for you to say, your the one sitting on the carriage," Alicia glared.
"I mean, if you want to trade place with me, then I'll gladly do so if you can fix my leg," (F/N) smiled innocently as they dangled their leg.
"I'll keep walking," Alicia rolled her eyes as (F/N) had used this same argument to turn her own down.
"Don't worry about it too much Alicia, we will arrive soon," Their uncle assured as he kept the donkey on track.
"Besides, it's good that you walk again, after being bound to bed for so long," Their aunt said.
"How about you tell us what you are reading," (F/N)'s uncle asked as (F/N) decided to just put the red ribbon they had been using as a bookmarker on the page they had been reading and close the book since they knew that once Uncle made conversation it would be impossible to go back to reading.
"I've just been re-reading the chronicles of Narnia," (F/N) answered.
"Which book is it?"
"The Silver Chair,"
"That one is the worst," Alicia said.
"It's not that bad,"
"It's just so predictable and I honestly hate Jill so much,"
"It is a bit predictable, but I like its simplicity,"
"Which one do you like best, Alicia?" Their aunt asked.
"My favorite is easily The Voyage of the Dawn Treader,"
"Pretty good one, but I actually like The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe better," Their aunt said.
"It's a classic, no way to go wrong with it," Their uncle said amused.
"And a good thing is that we've arrived," He continued and (F/N) alongside their cousin looked over and saw how they had finally arrived to the village.
"Finally," Alicia said happily.
"Yay," (F/N) stretched as they were already tired from having to be on the carriage for the whole trip.
They entered the village and saw how lively and warm it was, almost dreamlike, Alicia and (F/N) looked around curious about the place they would be living in from now on, everyone was walking with different things to do, others simply walked around, it was quite calm, even though it was the middle of the day.
"Quite the change from the capital?" Their aunt asked as she saw their observing and she was right, even if everyone had somewhere to be, they still seemed to still have all the time in the world.
"It's a lot..." Alicia tried to describe it.
"Slow?" (F/N) aided.
"Yes, here in Encanto life has a different pace than in the city,"
"Weird," (F/N) and Alicia whispered in unison.
"Just different dears,"
"I remember when you came to visit on holiday five years ago, you asked us to show you around,"
"By the end of the day, you could barely walk," Alicia finished snickering.
"You two just walk as if you were being chased," Their aunt huffed.
"And you move slower than a snail," Alicia retorted.
"Alicia, leave aunty alone, you know it's not her fault, age takes a toll on everyone," (F/N) faked to be defending her aunt.
"You two rascals," Their aunt glared as the two snickered.
"We've arrived," Their uncle interrupted them as the carriage stopped.
"And just in time," He added seemingly relieved.
"In time for what?" (F/N) asked.
"To escape your imminent fight," He said.
"Your exaggerating uncle, it was just a joke," (F/N) assured but the look their uncle gave them, had (F/N) turning back to their cousin and aunt already having a small fight.
"Point taken," (F/N) admitted.
"Alright, Adella, please help me with the front door," He called out.
"Can I help with anything?" (F/N) asked as their uncle got down from the driver's seat.
"Let's first get you out of this carriage,"
"Then I'll give you your leg, maybe you can find what is wrong with it," (F/N) was picked up by their uncle bridal style and later sat on the table of the kitchen of the house and left to go back for their stuff in the carriage.
As (F/N)'s uncle had said, he quickly returned with the leg and (F/N)'s crutches, (F/N) quickly got to work and started examining what had caused the problem from the start.
*It's probably just a screw or maybe some sand,* They thought as they looked the ankle part over.
(F/N) had been so absorbed by their task that they didn't notice when all of their stuff had been unloaded and didn't notice either when Alicia stood beside them.
"You found what was messing with your leg?" She asked.
"I think I do, but I really hope it is not the case," (F/N) mumbled.
"Because I think it is sand and if that is the case then I'll have to take it apart to clean it," (F/N) groaned.
"Pitty to be you," Alicia then moved away in order to dodge (F/N) swatting hand.
"(F/N), Alicia, come up here for a moment, I want to show you your rooms," Their aunt called from the second floor.
(F/N) reached her crutches and walked over to the stairs, letting Alicia go first, when they arrived on the second floor their aunt was waiting at the door of a room to their left.
"(F/N) sweetie, I had planned for you to use one of the rooms on the second floor like Alicia but if you want we you can use the one on the first floor," Their aunt explained.
"I can use the one on the second floor, I just need to finish cleaning my leg, and then it'll be like nothing happened," (F/N) assured.
"Alright then," Their aunt went inside the room and Alicia and (F/N) followed.
"This will be Alicia's room, and the one on the left will be yours," Their aunt explained as she went through another door that connected both rooms to the surprise of the cousins.
"This door connects both of your rooms, don't ask why, my grandpa never told any of us,"
"Thanks, auntie," Alicia said as she tested her bed.
"I'm glad you like it, what do you think (F/N)?" (F/N) heard their aunt ask as they looked over their own room.
"It's nice, thanks,"
"Alright then, will you two want to unpack or...?"
"I'm gonna finish cleaning my leg first," (F/N) answered.
"I'll start unpacking," Alicia said as (F/N) began the way down the stairs.
"Oh, almost forgot, don't touch my books!" (F/N) yelled and only heard Alicia snicker as they walked to the table and took a seat once more.
"Can I get you anything?" Their aunt asked.
"Could I have a glass of water, please?"
"Of course sweety," Their aunt left to the kitchen.
(F/N) sighed as they began to take the leg apart and just like they had thought, some sand had somehow gotten into some crook that had caused the leg to get stuck, this was one of the few times (F/N) hated having been right about something, they began to clean the sand off into a bowl to later dispose of it.
After a few minutes of doing so, (F/N)'s eyes began to sting so they moved their cleaning to the backyard's table where they had more light,(F/N)'s aunt had brought the glass of water when a knock on the door called her attention, she went to answer and saw someone she had always considered as a second mother.
"Alma, what a surprise!"
"I heard that you had arrived and I couldn't not come to say hello,"
"I also wished to invite you and the rest of your family to dinner, but don't feel any obligation, I heard about what happened," Alma explained.
"We will happily go, when has a Cardenal missed a party?"
"And how have you been, I also heard about what happened with your home,"
"Casita is back and stronger than ever, and my family, I believe we have been able to heal,"
"How have you been?" Alma asked.
"We've been getting better, (F/N) and Alicia both act fine but I know they are still hurting deeply,"
"I'm sure of it, after all, the Cardenals going from being such a numerous family to just..."
"The four of us,"
"Oh Luz, I am deeply sorry," Alma hugged Luz tightly.
"Thank you for worrying Alma, we will be there," Luz assured.
(F/N) sighed in relief as they finally got every speck of sand out of every crook and began to reassemble their leg, wanting to put it back on already, but their attention was pulled towards the sounds from the tree behind them that was from outside of the house but was still big enough for it to give shade in the garden and that (F/N) was using for the shade, they looked up as some leaves began to fall from something but saw nothing.
*Probably just a cat or something,* They thought as they went back to reassembling their leg, but when they heard an almost mute sigh, they knew that it was someone, so they acted as if they didn't know until they had finished cleaning the leg, without warning they turned around their head and saw someone with a yellow ruana and someone else with a blue skirt back away from view but as the figures did, they fell from the tree on the other side of the wall, hearing a loud thud from it and someone gasping in shock.
*THE HELL!!!?!??* (F/N) took a hold of their crutches and walked towards the wall to try and see who it had been but they were unable to see anything when they stood over a small box to see over the wall, they only got a small glimpse of the culprit's blueish skirt.
*Great, nosy neighbors,* (F/N) thought sarcastically.
*I'll tell aunty after I put my leg back on,* (F/N) concluded as they took their leg and went back inside the house to let their uncle help them put it back on.
"I'm telling you, they had this weird leg thing on their hands,"
"And I'm telling you we almost got caught!" Mirabel hissed.
"They didn't even see me," Camilo assured.
"Who didn't see you?" They both jumped as they turned around to see Abuela looking at them.
"Abuela, how nice to see you," Mirabel smiled awkwardly.
"Mhh," Was the only answer she gave them.
"What brings you here?" Camilo asked.
Abuela only gave them an unimpressed look before she looked behind them and they remembered they were at casita's entrance.
"I hope you will behave at dinner," Abuela said before she walked to enter, her two grandchildren behind and in a slight shock.
"Wait, Abuela, who is coming for dinner?" Mirabel ran up to her.
"The Cardenals, and I expect you two to apologize for snooping," With this they both left Abuela alone, not knowing how she had known they had been spying.
"I told you we shouldn't have done that!" Mirabel hissed.
"How was I supposed to know Abuela would notice?" Camilo defended.
"Maybe if you didn't climb a tree in the loudest way I have ever heard we wouldn't have been spotted,"
"You shouldn't spy on a grieving family," They both jumped as Dolores appeared behind them.
"What do you mean?" Mirabel asked.
"I remember the Cardenals being a big family,"
"But there were only four in that house," Camilo said.
"Well, it must be because of the accident I heard happened,"
"But how does abuela know them?" Camilo asked.
"The Cardenals have been friends with the Madrigals for generations, you actually met some of them,"
"What?" Both Camilo and Mirabel asked in unison.
"Well, it was when you two were 8, the town got together for a ceremony and later a party, it was one of the few times when all the Cardenals assisted, you two actually followed around one of the Cardenal kids the whole night and they did the same with Luisa," Dolores seemed amused at the memory of her little brother and cousin following another kid like ducklings and that kid following Luisa in the same way.
"But what accident happened?" Mirabel asked.
"I don't know, I only heard that there was an accident," Dolores said before she walked away leaving the wondering cousins,
"Wait..." Mirabel said.
"When you fell off the tree, they didn't see you, right?"
(F/N) fumbled with the edge of their poncho(ignore the model and heel boots please), nervous about the dinner they would have with the Madrigals, it had been a long time since they had been in any kind of dinner and since they had decided to use their black shirt and worried that it would stick out too much.
"(F/N), you ready?" They heard Alicia ask from their room and (F/N) took a deep breath to control their nerves.
"Yeah," They said as they walked inside Alicia's room.
"I'm so glad aunt lent us some of her old clothes, it would be such a waste for these clothes to just be accumulating dust in a box," Alicia said as she finished fixing her colorful ruana on top of a white shirt that reminded (F/N) of their dad's old work guayabera and some jeans that helped ease (F/N)'s nerves a bit.
"Besides the clothes are in perfect state, perfectly usable," (F/N) added.
"Alicia, (F/N), come down, we are ready to leave," Their uncle called out from downstairs.
"Pass me my cane," (F/N) told Alicia before they went down the stairs.
"You two ready?" Their uncle asked.
"Yep, but how far is the Madrigals house?" Alicia asked.
"It is on top of the hill, if you want we can take the carriage," Their uncle said as he looked at (F/N).
"No, don't worry,"
"It's no problem, we wouldn't want you to get hurt or tired on the way, it hasn't been that long since you got your new leg," Their uncle assured.
"Don't worry uncle, besides, it'll help me get more practice," Their uncle still didn't seem convinced but he let it go and they left the house, outside their aunt was already waiting for them with another woman.
"Julieta, I believe you'll remember little Alicia and (F/N)?" Their aunt introduced them to the kind-looking, woman.
"I'm so happy to meet you again," The woman greeted.
"This is Julieta," The two cousins looked at the woman with no recognition.
"They probably don't remember me, I only saw them two times, and the last time was 7 years ago, they were so little then," Julieta still hugged them and they won't admit it but it felt like one of the warmest hugs they have received in their lives.
They both smiled awkwardly before they began the journey towards the Madrigal's house.
"I'm sure the family will love meeting you, I still remember how good friends you were with my daughter," Julieta said as they reached the house.
"It was so cute how little Mirabel and Camilo followed (F/N) like little ducklings," Their uncle added and the adults chuckled as (F/N) blushed in embarrassment as Alicia gave them a teasing smile.
"Mama duck," She whispered before they entered the house and (F/N) tried to rib her in retaliation, this caused them to not really notice how the doors opened by themselves.
"Mamá, we've arrived," Julieta called out and an old lady came out of a room on the side.
(F/N) and Alicia had been awestruck by the beautiful house and had not noticed they had gaped until their uncle nudged them to compose themselves, they quickly did so blushing madly.
"I'm so glad you both arrived well, come, dinner is ready," The old lady walked to a room where the table was set and there stood the rest of the family.
(F/N) had been looking at the floor mostly until a blue skirt caught their attention, and as they studied the embroidery on it, they squinted their eyes in suspicion, but it only clicked when they noticed the yellow ruana of the guy beside her, (F/N)'s eyebrows raised.
*It was them??* They thought as they noticed their stiff postures but the girl's eyes were darting anywhere but towards them.
The darkness that lurked around the house moved as it noticed an opportunity to enter the house, many approached the house but this was an almost perfect opportunity, it would just need to make sure that there would not be too many flaws on it.
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camilosluvr · 16 days ago
The Madrigal Triplets x GN Reader
Julieta, Pepa and Bruno Madrigal as yandere's (Separate scenarios and They/them pronouns for reader)
«────────────« ⋅ʚ♡ɞ⋅ »───────────»
Julieta Madrigal
Julieta isn't mean, she would never hurt you and she would never punish you...well..unless you deserved it, if you pissed her off in any way, she would punish you but don't worry!
She doesn't get angry easily so the punishments wouldn't be often as long as you don't try to escape often.
Her love for you goes beyond anything, she loves you so much and she'll do anything for you and anything to keep you safe..even if somebody has to die but don't get the wrong idea!
She'll never hurt her family bad enough to kill them for you but instead she'll just hurt you if you ever make her hurt her family because of one of your attempts at escaping
She keeps you inside her giant room, you have freedom to walk around but only to a certain distance because she has you tied to the wall but the rope is long though it's not long enough for you to be at least 6 feet near the door
The rest of the madrigals wouldn't help you, some have tried like camilo, mirabel and dolores but it never worked and all four of you ended up hurt
Julieta sometimes lets you out the room but the windows are always locked shut and nobody is allowed in or out the house and you have to be in her sight at all times and by her side
The grandchildren of the family always tells you that they'll help you get out one day but you don't believe them because whenever you try, julieta always catches you and you'll be bruised until julieta decides to heal you
She did a great job hiding you but the only reason that everyone found out about you was because you managed to escape long enough to talk to antonio who was inside the house because he didn't have any chores but unfortunately julieta caught you before anything else could happen but she didn't know about you talking to antonio
Antonio, of course told his older siblings and dolores just told everyone else but when julieta found out that they knew, she didn't care because if they even thought about telling anyone in the town, she could easily poison your food.
At first, she didn't want to kidnap you but then you were going to move away from encanto and she just couldn't have that, so here you are.
You were slowly losing your sanity, you wanted to get out of here. you NEEDED to get out of here.
You wanted to get out so bad that you barely thought about what to do or where you would go after but you didn't care, you just wanted to leave, leave her.
You started biting the ropes around your legs trying to tear them off your limbs, you didn't stop when your mouth started bleeding but you did stop when the ropes were finally off, you stood up and ran towards the door and tried to open it but it was locked.
You started pulling at the handle, you were full on banging on the door and screaming, you didn't care anymore.
You didn't care what would happen.
You didn't care about yourself.
You didn't care about anything.
You only cared about escaping even if you would die on your own because julieta pretty much does everything for you, she doesn't let you brush your teeth by yourself, she doesn't let you eat by yourself, she treats you like a baby because in her eyes, you're just a helpless little mouse that needed her to live. If she wasn't around to help you then you would die.
The door then slammed open making you land on your back on the floor "Ah!" You yelled in pain as you shut your eyes from the pain you felt in your back but then you looked up and saw julieta stood in front of you with her fist balled up "Amor, I told you many times...I thought you would've learned by now.." She said as she shut the door and locked it back then knelt down to face you "Mhm, I guess I have to teach you better.." She said referring to the punishment she was about to give you.
You had realized that exact moment that, you had no chance of leaving. You had no chance of living without her. You were basically insane and needed her.
She had broke you already but you would never, ever stop fighting back.
Pepa Madrigal
Pepa wouldn't kidnap you at all because she has kids and nieces, she doesn't want to have to hurt them because they tried to help you
But instead, she keeps you with her at all times, if you have to use the bathroom, she's right outside the door, if you have to change your clothes, she's right there with you, you have no privacy but pepa swears that it's for the best and for your safety.
You're pretty obedient because the first time you tried to leave her, she gave you a punishment that you'll never forget. You've learned since then to never anger her again.
You honestly don't even care anymore, pepa can and will find you if you run anywhere so why even try, all you could do anymore was help her with chores and do what she says
The rest of the madrigals do know about you because, you literally live at their house and they know about pepa being a yandere and they won't help you. Pepa is scary when she's mad and they heard you scream from one of the punishments she gave you and they don't want any of that.
They'll try to help you the best they can non-escaping wise, they give you food if pepa's too angry at you to feed you and you're very grateful everytime
If pepa can't have you by her side for any reason, you'll be with camilo or dolores because she knows they won't try anything because they simply won't, that's their mother but she's not afraid to hurt them if they try something and because they know if they do try something, you'll get a worse punishment from their actions.
Pepa wasn't exactly good at hiding you because well, it's not like she was gonna let you stay in her room all day without her, so they found out about you staying within the first day you started being held captive by her but it took about a week for most of them to realize that you're being held captive
Pepa doesn't care that they know but at first, she was furious until they made it absolutely clear that they're not going to try anything
You were in bed with pepa and she was holding onto you tightly as she quietly slept, you couldn't sleep but you knew that if she found out that you weren't sleeping, she'd give you melatonin to make you sleep so you kept your eyes closed because if she ever looked at you maybe she would think you were sleep.
You didn't want to sleep.
You didn't want to sleep with her.
You were scared to sleep, you scared of her, you didn't know what she could do while you were sleep, one time you woke up to her staring at you and this would happen everytime you would happen to fall asleep.
Pepa then rolled over to the other side of the large bed making her arms around your waist come undone making you free to move around, your eyes widened as your eyes shifted over to the ginger woman who was fast asleep 'I can..go..' You thought, you weren't exactly thinking right because you only cared about leaving, you didn't care what might happen to you.
You slowly got up from the bed as to not wake her up, you started walking to the door as you didn't hear any voice or sign that pepa had woken up, you grabbed the door knob and you didn't think this was real, this wasn't happening at all but then when you went to open the door.
It didn't budge, it was locked.
"(Y/n)..." Pepa mumbled as she stood up from her bed with a thundering cloud over her head, you were shaking, you were on the verge of tears.
You quickly turned around to see pepa in front of you, she was glaring at you and that was enough to make you drop to your knees and start crying "Pepa please! I promise I wasn't going to go anywhere!" You yelled as you clutched onto her leg but that didn't work one bit because she just picked you up and look you in the eye "Lets have some fun, shall we?" She asked smiling like a maniac.
Camilo laid in dolores's bed along with her and antonio, they all clung onto each other as they were scared, they heard your screams and pleads through the walls, they couldn't believe their mother was a monster but they had to.
Because, the proof was on the other side of the hall and you didn't need to see it to believe it but they couldn't do anything about it. They were too afraid.
Afraid of the very person that sworn to protect them.
Bruno Madrigal
Bruno would never hurt you under any sort of circumstances as he has his own ways to keep you obedient and stay with him
He doesn't kidnap you but he does take you with him everywhere he goes but he does give you your privacy but don't even think about escaping because he'll know before you even find a way to escape
There was this one point where you lost all privacy options because of your many attempts to escape but after you proved to him that you won't ever try to escape again
If he's ever mad at you, you'll just lose everything he ever gave you like if he gave you outside time, you won't see the light of day for about five weeks until you convince him that you'll never do it again
The madrigals know about you and they won't help you because bruno's been in that wall for years, touch-starved and wanting to be loved and he's finally found someone that could help all of that and they would feel bad if they took you away from him
But, in reality it's just him guilt tripping them
Bruno guilt trips you too, all he has to do is develop tears on his lash line and you're already on your knees apologizing for whatever you had done to make him cry or angry
Bruno didn't care if anyone knew about you because they couldn't do anything anyways because you two looked like just a normal clingy couple on the outside but on the inside it was a maniac with a little helpless lamb.
Bruno held a basket with both of his hands as you walked beside him fiddling with your fingers, you could run anytime you wanted but you were too nervous because bruno always knew what you were going to do and what you thought of, you thought it was because of his gift but he couldn't read minds so as time went on, you realized that you were just really easy to read, well not really but bruno could read you easily just by your stance or the way you're walking.
You looked over at the clear pathway beside you but then you felt a hand on your shoulder "Don't you dare even think about it." Bruno said sternly making a chill run down your spine and you nodded obediently, bruno scared you so you didn't even dare to fight back.
He'd broken you and he couldn't be happier.
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yandere--stuck · 13 days ago
Do you do platonic yanderes? If so, can I request a platonic yandere Bruno with a darling that doesn't have any strong parental figures and just hangs around castia because they're friends with camilo?
Yessss I love platonic/familial yanderes let's gooooooooo
💚 Bruno was never blessed with children, unlike his sisters. They were lucky ones. Happily married, with their own little - well, not-so little, anymore - bundles of joy. Bruno couldn't help but feel a bit jealous. He'd always thought himself pretty good with kids. He could forget about all of his worries for a while as he told them stories, played pretend, partook in games. And despite his age, he prided himself on still being limber enough and quick on his feet to play tag with the younger residents of the village. Though, perhaps it had been for the best. Before his return, (could he even say he returned if he never really left?) he was a ball of neuroses and paranoia and anxiety. He wouldn't - couldn't - allow himself to raise a child while his mental state was in such disarray. It wouldn't be fair to them.
⏳ Now that he reintegrated back into his family and the village, Bruno had… Well, remained pretty much the same. But, he was getting better! He and Luisa had been helping each other learn to relax, Pepa had taught him some of her anti-anxiety techniques, he and Antonio collaborated with the rats to make new telenovela ideas - which helped take his mind off his worries for the future, and his other sobrinos (well, mostly Mirabel and Camilo) would drag him around the village, introducing him to the residents if the village and their friends. As it turned out, before she saved Casita and it's magic, Mirabel didn't really have many friends. Her lack of a gift left her overshadowed by her cousins and other family members. Upon saving the miracle, becoming her own miracle, she was revered and much of Camilo's friends became her own. It made Bruno well with pride. Mirabel deserved friends. She deserved it without having to save their family's magic and home, but at least now they could all see it. Surprisingly, Mirabel and Camilo didn't mind having their uncle hang around them and their friends. Bruno supposed it made sense. He still felt himself very much a kid at heart, never really "growing up" in the same way Pepa and Julieta did. And it was easy for him to relax and have fun, playing with and hanging around his sobrinos and their friends - acting as a older, responsible figure while also being someone easy to talk to and relate to. He knew very well what lots of kids go through. Feeling different, feeling cast out, not knowing your place in the world… And all at once, it hit Bruno. He did it. Somehow, he managed to fumble his way into being The Cool Tío.
💚 As he became more and more like the younger villagers' surrogate tío, Bruno promised himself to never have any favorites. Well, no favorites outside of his family… Well, okay, maybe one. You were one of Camilo's closer friends, almost always at his side, like you were his shadow. And for some reason, you began to really look up to Bruno, vying for his approval. You'd volunteer to listen to his ideas for his telenovelas and were there for every show. You'd try extra hard to be funny around him, trying to make both him and Camilo laugh. You came to him for advice, or to just talk… And you and Camilo liked messing with him, too. You had gotten him a few times, he'd admit. Camilo pretending to be you, the two of you running around him, laughing, pulling on his ruana as the two of you told him to guess who was who. The first couple times, he'd gotten it wrong - making Camilo rather smug and you burst into laughter, the two of you ribbing Bruno and poking fun. But, over time, Bruno knew you better. Your quirks and intricacies. The things you did when you were happy, sad, lonely. The shape of your smile, the way your eyes shone with emotion, the way you clasped or fidgeted with your hands. The small things that make you you. The small things that Camilo, no matter how good of a mimic he was, couldn't replicate. And he felt so happy, so full of pride as he looked  between you and his sobrino pretending to be you, and was easily able to tell the difference. Which made Camilo switch back and stomp his feet, swearing that his tío had to have cheated somehow! But, it was your reaction Bruno focused on - the smile that erupted on your face and how you launched forward, pulling him into a hug.
⏳ And it was then that everything shifted. Clicked into place, like the fragments of his visions. You weren't just Camilo's best friend. You were like a member of the family. Like one of his sobrinos... But, that wasn't quite right. He had to share his sobrinos' attention with their parents and his mother. He had you all on his own, like you were his own- wait. Your parents. Where were your parents? Bruno hadn't recalled meeting them, seeing them, and he couldn't recall you ever mentioning them. Maybe they kept to themselves? It'd make sense, considering you never accepted Camilo or Mirabel's invitation for a sleepover… Butttt, just in case, Bruno figured he should ask Camilo himself. And the boy's answer was simple, "They don't have parents. They don't like to talk about it." And it broke Bruno's heart, knowing you had no one to look after you, living only and having to rely on the village as a whole to help you… But, it also made Bruno buzz with excitement, with happiness, with relief - you didn't have anyone to claim you! You… You really could be like his own child. His kid, and nobody else's. And despite it being late in the evening, darkness surrounding the Encanto, he set out to find you, in the small house (if you could call it that), that you lived in. Alone. He knew what it was like to be alone.
💚 In times like these, it was easy for Bruno to forget that not everyone had a family as big as his own. Not everyone had a family. The idea seemed impossible in a place like Encanto, but he was wrong. His whole body tensed with nervousness as he walked in the darkness. His fingers twitched with the need to cross for good luck. His hands itched, wanting to knock on the nearest wooden object, or to toss salt, or sugar, or sand over his shoulder. Or, maybe… Maybe he could get a quick vision. It'd be real fast, and he had everything he needed outside. Just to check. Just to be sure. That you'd agree and be his kid and you'd you'd happy and a part of his family, officially … But, no. He didn't need to. He didn't need to check. Clear skies. Clear skies. He doesn't cross his fingers. And when he knocks on wood, it's on the door to your house (so small, so tiny, so lonely, like his living space in the walls) to get your attention. Confusion filled your eyes when you opened the door, but he can see the smaller flecks of emotions. Tiredness. Loneliness. He pulled you into a hug, asking why you didn't tell him, that you were all alone. Well, you didn't want to be a bother. Why didn't you come over some time, they had plenty of room. Well, you didn't deserve to. And that made Bruno pull back, eyes wide and almost hurt. You explained that you weren't magic like him or his family. You didn't deserve to step foot in Casita, the home of the Magical Madrigals. Didn't deserve to take up space there, to eat their food, to sleep in their rooms. For a moment, all Bruno could do is stare. And then, he pulled you into an even tighter embrace. That you did deserve it. Mirabel didn't have a gift, but she was magic all on her own. Just like you. You deserved it. You deserved the world and more, he promised.
⏳ Bruno coaxed you to his home, gentle and reassuring when you hesitated to step onto the property. Until you do, waiting for… Something bad to happen. But, it never did. And Bruno was all smiles as he guided you inside, greeted warmly by the rest of his family. You have a full meal, and Bruno adores the way you lit up with joy at the company, the feeling of love and family from the entirety of the Madrigals. And, of course, Camilo is at your side the entire night, practically attached to your hip, overjoyed that his best friend had finally come over. Still, you couldn't believe it was true. You asked if Bruno was going to walk you home - but Bruno sternly insisted that this was your home now. In fact, he had the perfect place for you to stay. He guided you, hand in hand, up to his tower. You couldn't believe it, shaking a bit as you stepped inside the room of a Madrigal. Past the curtain of sand, Bruno's room had been changed since the morning. It was brighter, somehow more homey. And, not to far off, was a side room with knickknacks, and a 'welcome home' sign hung above a bed that was perfect for you. Casita had been busy. You let out a gasp as Bruno hugged you tight, cradling the back of your head. Tears escaped his eyes as he let out a shuddering breath, "Welcome home, mi tesoro."
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mostholy · 13 days ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
A silly short ass comic Inspired by @anxiousnerdwritings yandere platonic papa bruno who is catching up with his beloved child eating arepas until then camilo comes in with his wise words to tell to y/n, a very fun & sweet happy moment 💗🥳🎉
Homeboy camilo have been watchin too much twitch streams of 39Daph that goddamn witch😟😟
Encanto characters bruno and camilo belongs to Byron Howard and Jared Bush
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yandereforme · 15 days ago
Listen, I am a simple person
I just want the whole Madrigal family becoming yandere over Mirabel (either after the events of the movie or after her door not opening,you decide) I want Mirabel to be loved and protected, especially if it’s after the movie, because I think she would have a hard time realizing that their yandereness is not normal affection in her family.
I just want Maribel to have a Yandere family that sees how amazing she is
79 notes · View notes
I've fallen in love with Encanto now, and I'm unsure whether to pollute the beautiful wholesome story with my need to make everything yandere or not, but let it be known that I am sizing up all of those Madrigals with yandere thoughts. Some significantly more than others.
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dollmoth-productions · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
🧡 Platonic yandere Carlos 🧡
🧡 if you thought Camilo was bad this guy's way worse Carlos is mean and no hesitation to be mean he will put you down no matter what if you try to actually need someone to be your partner she will definitely put them down to the point where they don't want to go by you anymore especially with his shape-shifting involving animals he person likes turning into your favorite animal to cuddle with you otherwise he's a complete dick
🧡 this guy may be a little bit more violent than Camilo he personally likes killing them in front of you especially when he's jealous then he'll comfort you later"Mi preciosa I'm sorry you forced my hand you will thank me later you'll only need me" and then he'll leave you with the bloody body in front of you as extra punishment
🧡 he puts you down so much that you believe the things that he tells you now you're in the palm of his hand and he loves it. He loves control when I mean he loves control he wants to take control of everything how you dress how you talk or even how you look at things this man is jealous if you even stare at someone that's not him for too long she will grab your hand and squeeze it until he hears a crack and then you look up at him trying not to cry from pain he only smiles 
🧡 you to start matching outfits because he likes the idea of people knowing that you're a part of his family and it doesn't really matter your mother just things you two are cute and matching little do you know he's just marking you as his little sibling and people won't mess with you especially with him because they know how ruthless is pranks will be
🧡 you just try to be happy in the moments that you have time alone whenever you're in your room you normally just have some peace and Casita doesn't gives you that piece unless it's night time even then whenever you go to sleep you can still feel Carlos's eyes watching you like a hawk
🧡 unlike Camilio where he would never punish you Carlos does painfully whether you like it or not you're staying in the family his family he sees you as his only connection to his family whether you be is cousin or sibling you will forever be a part of this family no matter what and you will never try to escape
"Mi preciosa I'll always be here for you"
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ynfromencanto2430 · 18 days ago
Could you write something with the Yandere [Antonio is Platonic ofc] Madrigal Grandkids fighting for your attention?
Dolores and Antonio, Camilo would team up while Luisa, Mirabel, And Isabella Team Up. So, they would fight do pranks on each other
Antonio likes playing with you with his animals
Dolores Just Loves to Gossip With you and say stuff about Camilo.
Camilo Loves Doing Pranks with you and making Jokes or even play with the kids!
And with
Isabella Would make Flower Crowns and show you Very Cool plants that you love!
Luisa Loves picking you up with her Strong arms but also feels comforting if you listen to her problems.
Mirabel Would Love to do creative things with you and walk with you around Encanto She loves it when you sing!
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totallyawr1t3r · 18 days ago
You Can't Leave [Yandere Madrigal Family]
You wanted to leave Encanto and explore the outside world. Sure, Encanto was nice with lovely people, but you wanted something more.
But as a certain magical family would have it, you weren't going anywhere.
You wiped the sweat off your forehead as you finished getting everything ready.
"[Y/n]! Whatcha doing?" The local shapeshifter asked, looking back at your horse then at you.
You smiled at him, "It was supposed to be a surprise but." You gently patted Horse [I can't think of a name, so Horse is named Horse]. "I'm leaving Encanto."
Camilo's face faltered for a brief moment before he sent you a confused smile. "What?"
You rubbed the back of your head. "I'm going to leave Encanto and explore the outside world."
"Don't get me wrong, it's filled with amazing people, but I need a bit of adventure in my life." You shrugged, turning your back towards him as you looked through your bag again.
Camilo frowned, "When are you leaving?"
You let out a small 'hum' as you thought about it. "I was thinking maybe tonight. That way I can say goodbye to everyone."
"If that's the case then, how about one last Familia dinner?" He brought up, as you glanced back at him.
"Sure, if it isn't a problem."
"Great!" He jumped in the air, before running off. "Don't be late!"
You really shouldn't have came to that dinner invite.
When it was finally time, you didn't even need to knock on Casita's door. It already threw its doors wide open for you.
"Thank you, Casita." You sent it a nod as you walked inside, already getting tackled by Camilo a few seconds after.
You stumbled back a bit; Casita even helped you regain your balance. "Someone is happy to see me." You teased as Camilo got off of you. Though you couldn't put it past him, you were going to leave. Or that was your plan.
He didn’t get time to respond as the Golden Perfect Child; Isabela pushed him aside. But instead of being happy to see you, she looked upset. Camilo or Dolores most likely told them your plan.
You were gonna greet her, but she quickly interrupted you. “You’re leaving?!”
You sweatdropped, “Why Hello to you too…” You joked but that just worsened her mood somehow but luckily before she could go off, a savoir came to help.
“[Y/n]!” Mirabel ran over to your aid, as Isabela rolled her eyes.
You smiled warmly at her, “Hola, Pequeña Flor.” You greeted her, patting her head as Isabela sent a quick glare at her younger sister.
“Don’t know why you call her that, I’m the one with the gift to grow them.” Isabela grumbled, as you chuckled with a shrug.
“It just fits her.”
She left it as that as more people came to greet you.
You had to admit, you were going to miss them but still. You needed that adventure in your life. You promise to come back one day, just after you’ve been satisfied.
You talked a bit with Pepa, and Felix. They nor you brought up you were leaving, just small talk about random happy things.
Or that was until Alma finally showed up.
You glanced over to her and gave her a small wave. “Señora Alma, it’s good to see you.”
She sent you a gentle smile as Pepa and Felix moved out of the way. “You’re like family, [Y/n]. Please call me Abuela.” To which you just smiled at, even though no one would really say it, she favored you for reasons you’ll never know.
But her smile faltered as she looked at you straight in the eyes, for some reason feeling dangerous. “I’ve heard from two little birds that you plan on leaving. Is that true?” She asked, like she was hoping you were just joking.
But you sadly nodded your head, causing her breath to hitch. “It’s true. I wanna see more of the outside world.” You admitted, smiling a bit thinking of all the cool things you could find or see.
Breaking you out of thought, Alma held concern in her eyes. “Are you sure? It’s a dangerous world outside of Encanto.”
“I’m sure, and I’m completely aware of the dangers. I’m fine with it.”
But it seems like she wasn’t taking that answer, as your little talk started to become more like an argument between you two. Your guy's voices rising a little higher as both of you made new points on why you should leave and why you shouldn’t.
The other family members just watched the little fight, seemingly taking Alma’s side then yours. Even joining in sometimes to add more points on why you should stay. Why didn’t they think you could make it out there?
“I’M NOT A CHILD! I CAN TAKE CARE OF MYSELF!” You shouted, balling up your fists as you let out an angry huff.
The room became silent as everyone stared at you, Alma looked taken back while you couldn’t tell what the others were thinking. Maybe this dinner was a bad idea, it was supposed to be a sweet way to say goodbye but not anymore.
The silence became tense as you awkwardly rubbed the back of your neck. "I should go...I got a long night ahead of me..." You murmured as you quietly started to backup.
Or that was until Julieta spoke up with a soft smile. "Let me get you something to eat before you go." She offered, "As you said, you got a long night."
You thought about it for a minute, then hesitantly nodded. "Alright."
Her smile grew as she glanced at Isabela, "Isabela, could you help me?" The Golden Perfect child nodded and followed her mother to the kitchen. Leaving a weird feeling in your gut, but you ignored it. It would make you even more of a dick if you just suddenly left. You weren’t sure when you were gonna come back, and Julieta’s cooking was pretty good.
You bit your lip as you glanced at Alma and sighed. “I’m sorry, Señora Alma but I just need something more than this.” You sent her a meek smile. “I understand your concern though, but I promise I’ll be fine.”
She didn’t respond though, making your smile falter as Julieta came back holding her famous arepas. You noticed the slight smug expression on Isabela’s face, causing that weird feeling in your gut to come back.
But noneless, you gave Julieta a kind smile as she handed you the arepas. “Ah, Thank you, Señora Julieta.” You awkwardly shifted your weight, as everyone stared at you, waiting for you to take a bite.
You did so hesitantly, feeling too much anxiety to really enjoy it. “Great like always.” You complimented, but she didn’t say anything back. Just staring at you like she was waiting for something to happen.
And something did end up happening.
You suddenly felt calmer, and for some reason sleepier. Black dots filled your vision as you lost your footing and swayed a bit, Isabela’s vines helping you a bit with your balance.
The last thing you saw were the Madrigals staring at you, all with their own little smugness besides Antonio, who looked confused more than anything else.
They all thought you would be safer with them.
They all knew you were safer with them.
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yanderestories · 9 hours ago
Tumblr media
Summary: Héctor and Beatriz Candella were twins that travels all around the world to spread their love for music and dance, but when they arrive in Encanto, their lives turn to upside down.
Warnings: Héctor and Beatriz are my OCs! Also, trigger warnings- Kidnapping, abusive behavior and drugging.
🤎 Héctor and Beatriz Candella are 16-year-old identical twins, they had dark brown skin, dark brown mid-wavy hair and green eyes.
🤎 Their parents, just like their ancestors, were travelers and with simple lifestyle. But unfortunately, they died when the twins were 13. Gladly, they twins knew how to do many things on their own so they didn’t get much struggles.
🤎 They accidentally discovered Encanto, but they decided to make a stop and even stay for a few days, who knows that if they make some shows the people will like them and give them some money. Or they would leave their wagon in a nice place for their stallion Napoleon.
🤎 When they arrived, the villagers couldn’t believe that after so many years, they gained some unexpected visitors. At night, the Candella siblings gave the Encanto’s villagers a nice show with Héctor playing the acoustic guitar and Beatriz dancing with her noisy dance shoes while they sang some story.
💜 The Madrigal family, when they started to watch them, got instantly intrigued. They were unknown, so young and yet so full of life and colors.
💜 When they approached the twins, they discovered that they had no place to stay so they invited them to stay in their Casita.
💜 And ‘why not?’. I mean, they would have free food and a place to stay! So of course Héctor and his little sister agreed at Alma’s proposal.
❤️ Alma is glad that the twins are the ones to make their lair so full of life. Their songs, their dances, their stories kept the air so light and peaceful.
💙 Agustín and Julieta were pretty protective over them and also the ones to spoil the twins rotten with delicious foods, their love was a bit suffocating but Julieta quite of remembered Beatriz of their mother so she didn’t mind so much but Héctor was a bit… suspicious.
💙 Luísa and Mirabel loves to be helpful to them, Luísa if Héctor needs to carry something around and Mirabel if Beatriz needs some new clothing.
💙 Isabela adores them very much, she personally likes to give them nicknames that makes references to flowers. To Beatriz she calls her Orquídea and Héctor her Girasol.
💛 Pepa and Felíx adores their music, it specially calms down Pepa when she’s in a bad mood. Felíx likes to sing along with Héctor and sometimes dances along with Beatriz.
💛 Dolores loves their singing, she can hear it from distance and it always makes her day even better! Hearing their heartbeats beating along with their music is delightful to her.
💛 Camilo likes to prank them by shapeshifting into one of them and talk shit to the other, so in the end of the day the twins are fighting and Camilo is just laughing his ass of. But if someone tries to insult any of the twins, Camilo would instantly make them regret it.
💛 Antonio being the baby of the family adores them too, loves to hear their stories and loves their beautiful black and white stallion Napoleon and can even talk to him!
💚 Bruno doesn’t interact with them, even if he wants too, but he has a deep affection for them since they arrived in Casita. He even sees them as his own children and he calls them mijo and mija only to himself (and maybe Dolores) to hear. So he sends his rats to spy them and sometimes to make them company, even if Héctor is very scared of them and Beatriz likes to pet them in their heads. After being reunited with the family, he interacts more with them and kind of takes the role as being their father, sometimes the twins likes to call him ‘Papá’ just to mess with him.
🤍 The Casita knows of how much Héctor and Beatriz gave so much color and united the Madrigal Family. Casita also likes them very much and helps them frequently in their daily routine. If they try to escape, the Madrigal family won’t be the only one to stop them.
💔 When the time to Héctor and Beatriz to go, the Madrigals weren’t in the mood to let them go! No no, they were part of the family now! They are now Madrigals just like them.
💔 Héctor had enough and secretly plotted with his sister that they must escape when everybody is asleep and she agrees.
💔 But everything got wrong because not only Dolores heard and told the rest of the family, but the Casita didn’t allowed them to go when they were ready to jump out of the window to get their horse and wagon.
💔 When the family got them, they got into a heated argument with everybody, telling them that they appreciated their affection and care but they needed to go, they don’t want to stay permanently in some place, it was against their will.
💔 After being ‘grounded’, Héctor was angry while Beatriz was sad. They were put in different rooms where they wouldn’t contact each other. Even if some of the family members didn’t like seeing the twins miserable, they needed to do it.
💔 But somehow, Beatriz got a way to escape and even released her brother from the room. When the family was away, they got a way to run and even rescued their stallion and wagon. Casita was too late to stop them.
💔 They were finally free and they could get out of Encanto as soon as they could. But the fates were against them because they were immediately spotted by Isabela (that was aware of this because Tio Bruno told her after seeing a vision that they would escape) and she used her vines to get the twins out of the wagon. With the help of Luisa she dragged them back to the house.
💔 When all the Madrigals were reunited again, Héctor was screaming bloody curses (That Felix needed to cover Antonio’s ears) and Beatriz was crying loudly begging to the family to let them go.
💔 Julieta then got some drugged food and shoved inside of the twins’ mouths. They were fighting so hard but they weren’t able to do anything. While doing so, some of the Madrigals were destroying the wagon while Antonio brought Napoleon to his room.
💔 Since them, Héctor and Beatriz’s life became miserable while being surrounded by such a toxic love coming from the Madrigals. And now they were Madrigals too! Bruno even tried to convince them, acting so fatherly in a way that smothered them down, that they only cared about them and didn’t want to lose them.
That’s it! My story about Yandere Madrigal Family reached its end! And yeah, I gave Bruno some adopted kids because why not, he would such a good father 🥺💞. Hope you like it!
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icouldntfinditsoiwroteit · a month ago
Yandere Madrigal Family AU Part 2
"Luz, Bruno, how nice to see you both," Pepa greeted warmly.
"You've gotten brighter since I last saw you," (F/N)'s uncle hugged her tightly.
"Oh, hush you," Pepa rolled her eyes as she went to hug Luz.
"Glad to see you again Felix," Luz then greeted the man who also hugged her.
"Agustin, you haven't gotten yourself more hurt than usual, I hope," Bruno greeted a smiling Agustin like the old friends they were.
"Much less than you,"
"Alma, thank you for inviting us, it's been so long since we last saw each other," Luz gently hugged Alma.
"Bruno, my favorite tocayo, how have you been," (F/N)'s uncle hugged Bruno tightly which was reciprocated with the same energy.
"And who are the little ones you brought today?" Felix asked as Alicia stood beside (F/N) awkwardly while (F/N) still stared at the two Madrigals who also kept looking everywhere but towards them.
"These are Alicia and (F/N), our siblings' children," Luz introduced and Alicia had to nudge (F/N) in order for them to pay attention to the adults and smile.
"Not so little anymore tough," Luz added.
"Pleased to meet you," Alicia extended her hand not really knowing what to do.
"Alicia, (F/N), you two were so little when I last saw you," Pepa ignored the hand and gave her a cheek kiss, and then went to do the same with (F/N).
"You barely reached my waist back then, you've grown so much," She said to (F/N) who only said a small thanks.
After some hugs that were mostly from the adults and some awkward hand waves between the younger Madrigals and Cardenals except for Antonio who greeted them happily, they all sat together to eat, but (F/N) slightly touched their food and answered any question as they kept scrutinizing the two Madrigals.
"I still remember the last time little (F/N) was here, on a party, they followed Luisa everywhere, it was so cute," Julieta said, and (F/N) would have blushed embarrassed if they had actually been paying attention, but the adults were all enjoying each other's company enough as to not notice.
"Luisa seemed so happy," Agustin added.
"Just like a proud mama bear." Julieta took a sip of her drink.
"Not to forget Mira and Milo following (F/N) in the same way." Luz smiled at the memory.
Mirabel and Camilo sat in front of each other as they kept their eyes locked on the food they had barely touched as they felt the stares that (F/N) sent them, they couldn't guess if they had recognized them or not.
*It has to be them....but what if I'm just confusing them, I just got a glimpse of their clothes from quite the distance,* (F/N) thought as they kept staring.
They both shared a look before they tried to sneak a peek at the kid but when they made eye contact they immediately went back to staring holes into their plates.
"Mirabel!" Abuela's voice made her lookup.
"Yes, Abuela?"
"I was asking, what did you do today?"
"Ah...um.. nothing," Mirabel answered as her eyes darted around the room.
"Just the usual," Camilo added but then regretted it as all eyes were on him now.
Both cousins began to stammer as they tried to come up with an answer that wouldn't tie them to the crime but Abuela was making it pretty clear that she would not let that happen.
"I believe you two have something to explain?" Abuela said.
Both of their mothers asked questioningly.
"I-we-um," Mirabel tried to say something.
"Mirabel and Camilo went to pay a secret visit to the Cardenals," Abuela said after she sighed.
*I KNEW IT!* (F/N) though in victory and let out a proud smile, that fortunately, no one noticed and began to eat feeling quite satisfied with themself not paying any attention to the situation.
"We were just curious!" Camilo defended.
"So you went to spy on them?!" Pepa admonished.
"Luz, I am so sorry for my daughter's behavior," Julieta said as she glared at Mirabel.
"Don't worry about it Julieta, I'm sure they didn't mean any ill,"
"We must find a way to apologize," Pepa said as a small cloud began to form with small sounds of thunder coming from it.
"We would never-" Luz went to assure that they had no need to apologize but her brother seemed to have something in mind.
"Let them help us,"
"Bruno?" Luz asked surprised at her brother.
"If they are so curious then let them help us get the house back on track," Bruno explained.
"My back isn't the same so I would appreciate the help, and it would be a good way to keep everyone happy,"
"But-" Camilo seemed to want to protest but a glare from his mother had him closing his mouth.
"I think that is a great idea," Alma said.
"They will help you around the house until you settle back into Encanto,"
Bruno smiled as he ignored the small jab that Luz gave him.
"Tío Bruno?" Alicia called for his attention but both Bruno's turned to her and answered with a simple "Yes?"
"Um, my tío Bruno," Alicia clarified as she blushed slightly.
"There really is no need for anything, I'm sure (F/N) and I can help, besides we aren't angry at them," She whispered and looked at (F/N) for support but (F/N) wasn't really paying any attention as they ate happily the delicious food, quite pleased that they had recognized the two who had been spying on them with only having seen a piece of their clothes, that is until they sensed the gazes of everyone on them.
"Right (F/N)?" Alicia looked at them with intent as (F/N) tried to guess what had been said.
"I-um, I agree with..Tío?" (F/N) asked more than anything as they guessed that their Tío Bruno and Alicia were on the same side of the argument as usual.
"Oh, dear," (F/N) said as Alicia facepalmed and their tío smiled in victory.
"Then it is decided, Camilo and Mirabel will help in the Cardenal's house after they finish their daily chores," Alma concluded.
"We still have to do our chores?" Camilo asked.
"It is called a punishment for a reason," Alma answered as she began to eat again, alongside the rest of the family except for Camilo and Mirabel who sat there grumbling, and Alicia who kept glaring at an apologetic (F/N) who was trying to make themself smaller under their cousin's glare and the stares of the two other Madrigal kids.
"Why did you tell Alma to punish Camilo and Mirabel?" Luz asked lowly as she moved around the kitchen in their home.
"Well, they were spying on their neighbors, we shouldn't let that go-"
"The real, reason Bruno," Luz clarified.
"The kids need to interact with other kids, maybe not their exact ages but it's a start," Bruno explained as he helped put the dishes in place.
"And forcing them to interact is the best option?"
"After how they reacted I think it is a good way to start, besides, it's not like it didn't work on you," Bruno teased.
"They were bound to hospital beds for months and only had each other and some older patients as a company, what does that have to do with children not getting along?" Luz began to clean the counter.
"Dad was very fond of the idea of you two together, and I think you were cute,"
"That was decades ago and you just wanted me to marry someone with your same name," Luz shook her head.
"It almost worked," Bruno added as he finished arranging the dishes that he had cleaned from the dust they had accumulated after he left.
"And it came to nothing, so just let it go," Luz said with melancholy in her voice.
"I know you are still hurting from him disappearing, but you should at least talk to him, to put this behind you,"
"I don't want you to be swallowed by this," Bruno laid his hand on Luz's shoulder gently.
"I know,"
"Besides, how are the kids and I going to be able to have relationship drama, when the only responsible adult in this house is brooding all the time," Bruno said with a shit-eating grin that had Luz rolling her eyes.
"Oh, you annoying little," Luz pushed him away.
"I'm going to bed," Luz said as she went to her bedroom, leaving Bruno to finish cleaning the kitchen.
"Alicia, please, I'm sorry," (F/N) whined at the locked door but no answer came from it.
"Just talk to me," (F/N) let all their weight onto the door that suddenly opened, which made (F/N) fall onto the floor.
"Shut up, I'm trying to sleep,"
"It was an accident, I didn't know I had to side with you specifically," (F/N) tried to defend.
"How didn't you know that?"
"You always side with Tío Bruno, so I thought-"
"You are impossible!" Alicia whisper shouted as she went back to her bed, leaving (F/N) on the floor.
"Please forgive me,"
"Pretty pleeeeaaaase,"
"Let me sleep or I swear to god,"
"..." (F/N) remained silent this time but stayed on the floor, and even if Alicia wished to fake ignorance she couldn't fight the urge to get her cousin out of the floor.
"You're going to catch a cold," Alicia grumbled.
"But I haven't gotten your forgiveness yet,"
"Go to bed (F/N),"
"No, I won't be able to sleep with you mad at me," (F/N) crossed their arms as they fell into silence for a few more minutes until Alicia groaned and got out of her bed.
"C'mon, of to bed you go," Alicia said as she helped (F/N) to their feet and almost threw them to bed.
"Please forgive me," (F/N) moved to get out of bed again when Alicia went back to hers, leaving the door that connected both rooms open.
"If you get out of bed again I won't even think about it," Alicia warned and (F/N) remained in bed.
"I may forgive you if you deal with the Madrigal kids,"
"I don't want to go through that awkwardness, so if you deal with it, then you're forgiven,"
"Isn't there anything else?" (F/N) asked, dreading the awkwardness.
"Nope," Alicia's smugness could even be heard by a deaf person.
"Fiiiiine," (F/N) accepted after a few seconds of silence.
The darkness circled around the house of the opportunity it had seen to get inside the house, saw its opportunity lay in bed comfortably, this would need a bit of work and tinkering, but it would be the perfect way to get into that house.
While it prepared for the perfect moment, it would make sure that there would be a safeguard, just in case, but that safeguard would be harder to secure, but there was potential, it would just take a few nudges here and there, and it would finally accomplish its purpose.
The next day
(F/N) laid in bed, comfortably, as they finished their book after cleaning their stump and putting their prosthesis back on and changing.
"(F/N), are you finished?" (F/N)'s aunt called from downstairs.
"Then come down already, we've got lots of things to do," (F/N) sighed as they closed their book and got up, taking their cane and going down the stairs to find their aunt at the door with the two Madrigal kid's waiting already.
*I thought they would come after they finished their own chores, it is way too early for that,* (F/N) thought in disdain as they walked to the door to greet them.
"Your cousin is already out with your uncle dealing with the lambs, so you will help me with getting what we need from the market," Luz said, referring to the three kids.
"Is there anything else I need to fetch for you?" (F/N) asked.
"No, I already got the bags ready, we were just waiting for you," At this (F/N) blushed and looked at the floor as they simply nodded, blushing even harder at their aunt's chuckle who began to lead the way.
(F/N) walked as fast as they could to keep up with the pace that their aunt had set, not wanting to slow anyone down since the streets of the town were a lot less smooth than back in the city and to their luck, they arrived at the market faster than (F/N) had expected.
"It's quite close to the house," (F/N) mentioned as they walked into the congregation of stalls with the vendors trying to call their attention showing their products, and so on.
(F/N) did all they could to be on the far back to try and avoid any actual interaction with the two Madrigal kids who they had gotten into this kind of a mess.
*Well...they did spy on us...but even so, this is too awkward,* (F/N) thought as they arrived at the first stall that contained fruits and veggies.
"Luz, I was wondering when you would show up," An older-looking man was managing the stall alongside a few other boys who were helping other clients.
"Emmanuel, it's been quite a while," Luz greeted.
"I see you brought your little helpers," He waved at the kids.
"Helping the Cardenals to get back on track Camilo, Mirabel?" Emmanuel asked.
"Oh no, they are here to make up for something," Luz said as she lowered her voice.
"And what did this pelaos do?" Emmanuel closed the distance as he lowered his voice as if they were being secretive, thought the three kids could still listen perfectly to their conversation, and were looking away in embarrassment but (F/N) noticed that the two Madrigals seemed to be dreading what Luz would say.
"As if I would tell you, the rest of the town would know in less than an hour," Luz pulled away with Cheshire's grin on her face and the collective sigh that the tree kids let out in relief.
"Always the tease Luz, have some mercy on this old man," Emmanuel faked to be hurt in his chest.
"I already made that mistake in my youth, never happening again,"
"This old man, not able to have any juicy news anymore," The old man lamented.
"Anyways, what can I get you?" After this question it seemed that more and more things found their way into the bags they all carried the market almost going in a blur until they finally reached the last stall they would need something from, Luz ordered quickly after greeting the owners of the stall.
*Everyone really knows each other here,* (F/N) thought as they began to add the things onto the bags that were then taken by the Madrigal girl.
*I really need to remember their names,* (F/N) admonished themselves as they finished filling the other Madrigal's kid bag, but this time instead of the boy a grown man took a hold of it as (F/N) handed it over.
"Ah, sorry, I confused you, I was..." (F/N) apologized as they took the bag back and look around for the boy who was nowhere in sight.
*Did he sneak out?* (F/N) thought before the man smiled at their amused.
"It's me, Camilo," He said before he morphed in the blink of an eye into the Madrigal b-Camilo.
(F/N) inhaled sharply in surprise as they took a step back and bumped into their aunt.
"Tía?" (F/N) asked for assistance as they kept their eyes glued unto the chuckling boy and the Madrigal girl who was only rolling her eyes as if it was something normal.
"Yes, (F/N)?" Luz finally turned and (F/N) simply pointed at Camilo.
"What is the matter?"
"He-he just changed?!" (F/N) said in a mix of confusion and alarm.
"And?" Their aunt asked puzzled but then it seemed like a bulb went off in her head.
"Don't tell me I forgot to tell you and Alicia!" They all remained in silence as (F/N) processed their aunt's statement.
"You clearly did!" At this, the two Madrigals and Luz began to laugh softly.
"My mistake," Luz smiled apologetically at (F/N)'s suffering tone.
Time skip
"I think it took the kids by surprise the Madrigal's abilities," Luz said as she drank her coffee on the table alongside her brother.
"I had no idea they didn't know, I thought you had told them," Bruno shook his head.
"I completely forgot,"
"But you should have seen (F/N)'s face when Camilo used his gift, it was priceless," Luz chuckled.
"Same with Alicia, she was completely frozen in shock when Luisa helped get the donkeys back in place and was carrying them all around," Bruno said.
"How long until they realize?" Luz asked as she sent a glance to the stair that lead upstairs where (F/N) and Alicia had retreated to, almost immediately.
"Give it a minute," Bruno said.
"So you saw Luisa carry more than five donkeys as if they weighted little less than feathers?" (F/N) asked from their bed.
"And you saw Camilo shapeshift?" Alicia answered with another question and they both remained in silence for a second.
"Yup," They answered in unison and went back to silence, this time longer, long enough for one to think that they would go to sleep while pondering these discoveries, until (F/N) shot back on their bed.
"DOES THE REST OF THE MADRIGALS HAVE POWERS TOO???????!!!!?" They screamed in shock and Alicia could only widen her eyes as their aunt and uncle just smiled amused downstairs.
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Edit: Completely forgot to tag, sorry.
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the-enchanted-archiver · 20 hours ago
"Hello everyone! Just made it easier to navigate through "A Family Affair" by adding links to each chapter below the story details! That way, one does not have to keep hunting for the next chapter! Wonder why the last archiver didn't think about doing that..."
Tumblr media
"I'll be sure to do that with each post of a story from now on. I'll be doing it to the Yandere material next!"
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nixthewolf · a month ago
Camilo simping over Reader HCs
Tumblr media
[Requests are open]
Tumblr media
- It was probably a rainy day. You maybe fell down a muddy hill, and you broke you ankle.
- You must had startled some animals, and they ran to Antonio for comfort and to inform the little boy.
- He was quick to tell his mother, who then asked the rest of the family for help.
- Pepa didn’t let Camilo go for you, instead they sent Luisa and Félix (not Augustin; poor guy would I fell down the hill just like you)
- He was curious, just like Mirabel, and they both tried to get informations from Antonio.
- You came into Casita, with Luisa supporting your weight.
- Then Camilo mind went to totally blank.
- You.were.adorable.
- His mouth was forming a tiny gap ; his breath stopping for moment, his cheeks slowly becoming red, and his eyes stuck to you.
- He was totally mesmerized by you.
- When you notice him, you were stunned too. Maybe because of his beautiful features, or just because he was staring so intensely.
- It only take few second of eye contact to make look away and blush madly.
- He even tried to cover his face, to hide his red cheeks.
- Luisa put you down on a chair, waiting for her mother to cook you a healing meal.
- Antonio approched you and told you that it was his toucan friend who sought his help.
- Camilo walked in too, but he was so much farther then little brother.
- He watched you, not daring to come closer. Like he was afraid that if he was too close, he would explode from his racing hearbeat.
- You saw him, but you didn’t say anything, you didn’t want him to feel embarassed.
 - He was moved of your sweetness toward his brother.
- When Julieta was done, he brought the food to you.
- Camilo he could die happy now that he felt your hand brushing against his.
- Since that day, he thought about you everyday. Not like his yandere version, but he was really in love.
- You just moved into Encanto, and you and your family were building your house. Obviously, it’s where Camilo was helping the most.
- He sees you to struggle with anything, he’ll rush to your side.
- The first time he hears your laugh, it’s the end for him. He was head over heels for you.
- Your little mimic, your voice when you talked to him, how lovely you looked when you dance, ah... he can’t but to fell in love.
- If they are any parties at the Madrigal’s he’ll be the first to greet you, with heartwarming hug.
- This hug might last a little longer then required, but screw that : he just want to hold (and smell your hair but shh)
- If it’s a birthday, a wedding, or any event that need you to have a got seat/spot, Camilo will keep you a very good one (next to him if possible UwU)
- God, he’s just a blushing mess around you, smiling uncontrollably, simping, and looking at you like you were the most precious person in the world.
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yandere-toons · a month ago
If you’re fine with going to see the movie, then yeah, because honestly Pepa and her family would be a interesting set of platonic yanderes imo lol
Yandere Madrigals (Platonic Headcanons)
TW: Emotional Manipulation, Toxic Mindsets.
A.N. - I wasn't sure how much of the family you wanted, so I did all of them at once.
Tumblr media
A silent war is waged in Casa Madrigal, and the entire town of Encanto has a stake in it. When the skies darken and pouring rain arrives in gusts of howling winds courtesy of Pepa, every citizen reaps the consequences of the family having an argument with or a disagreement over their friend. Each member has a unique idea of how best to treat their friend, which breeds an endless amount of petty conflict but also a powerful sense of unity.
As the perceived golden child, Isabela expects to be the centre of their attention. She attempts to dazzle them by blooming rows of the flowers she has been told are beautiful and praised for growing, and if this fails to win their everlasting admiration, Isabela is at a loss for what to do. For much of her life, her chlorokinesis was hailed as her best quality, leaving seeds of envy to sprout when their friend is impressed by another member of the family.
In addition to her own insecurities, Isabela encounters great competition in the form of her cousins. None of these threats are greater than Camilo, who is rich with a need for attention and is determined to steal the title of their friend's favourite Madrigal. Camilo shapeshifts into random civilians on the street, important people in their friend's life and their preferred member of the family if not himself – all to interact with them a little longer and, in his mind, build a rapport with them.
Luisa is not as hungry for attention as her cousins and older sister, but she does have a robust want to be seen as useful to their friend. She refrains from intruding on their engagements with other members of the family and instead waits for them to seek out her, asking for any tasks and chores that she can do for them every time they meet. Luisa measures her worth by how much stress she lifts off their friend and encourages them to transfer the smallest and most insignificant duties to her if she has not helped them for a while.
Before Bruno is accepted back into the family, he goes unnoticed by their friend until Dolores enlightens them or they catch him raiding the kitchen in the dead of night during a sleepover. Bruno fears the wrath of Alma and resigns himself to speaking with them through tunnels in the walls, sometimes trying to persuade them to visit his hideout. Antonio is informed of this via his nocturnal animals and Bruno's rats, but the kid is happy to keep it secret as long as he can come with their friend and receive extra time with them later.
As a magic-less individual in a household full of supernatural abilities, Mirabel struggles to retain a presence in their friend's day. Among her family's nonstop ventures to enthrall them with superhuman feats, she feels that anything she can offer is doomed to be inferior to the gardens, rainbows and heavy lifting. This does not deter her from trying, however, and Mirabel seeks to claim her piece of their attention by rushing to talk to them and bring them to the privacy of the nursery when a family member steps away.
Regardless of how much their friend tries to keep their private life to themselves, Dolores hears each thought mumbled in secrecy and every twinge of fear and discomfort that sneaks into a laugh or step. She is quite loose-lipped when it pertains to secrets and wastes no time recounting everything she learned to the eager ears of her family. As a means of vengeance whenever someone interrupts her time with their friend, Dolores withholds information and tells her other relatives not to keep the offending member updated with the latest news until either she forgives them or they apologize to her.
Mirabel and Antonio shed doubt on the fairness of this process, and while she does not approve of its underhanded nature, Alma deems it a necessary invasion to ensure their safety. As far as Agustín and Félix are concerned, eavesdropping is a silly byproduct of joining the Madrigals because their friend might as well be a member of the family. Julieta and her motherly instincts support Alma when she encourages their friend to move into Casa Madrigal, citing it as a way to provide them with the happiest life possible.
After he is accepted back into the family, Bruno lives in constant fear of giving their friend one too many negative prophecies and losing their companionship forever. He wishes to only share the good news, but the thought of them facing a hardship unprepared when he could have warned them drives him to track down their whereabouts and deliver the brutal truth. Whether Bruno slips up or Dolores overhears him, knowledge of the adverse prophecy flows back to the rest of the family and causes an uproar at dinner.
Alma leads the discussion, with Julieta and Pepa throwing in the odd comment here and there. Agustín and Félix are the jokesters of the group and fail to understand why the situation has to be so tense, aiming to keep the room stable with humour. Isabela casts hidden glares and the occasional snide remark at whoever she thinks their friend prefers to her. Dolores exposes her, and Isabela's denial leads to Pepa succumbing to the emotional chaos and summoning a storm.
Camilo seizes the opportunity to mock and impersonate whichever family member he views as his biggest competitor. Luisa is crying about how she has supposedly disappointed their friend, while Mirabel comforts her and tries to keep a foothold in the conversation at the same time. Antonio is an anxious observer for most of the event and excuses himself to play with his animals far from the dining room.
Just as it seems like the discussion cannot be salvaged, Bruno stumbles out of a hole in the wall – sand in his mouth and a rat in his hand. He lies and announces a second prophecy that negates the first. It is a desperate ploy to ease the tempers and fears of his family, and if the real prophecy comes to pass, Bruno suggests a way to fight it but paints the suggestion as a forgotten detail of his vision to preserve his innocence.
Tumblr media
yandere-toons, all rights reserved.
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warnersister · 27 days ago
Todo mío.
Yandere! Bruno Madrigal x Reader
(Bruno left for the wall in his teens, and returns in his mid-twenties. You are both the same age. In this he isn’t as anxious nor awkward, etc. Just for context with this story).
Warnings: kidnapping, yandere, harassment, mentions of rape / sexual harassment - please do not read if uncomfortable!
From afar, Bruno Madrigal’s obsession with you would be viewed as strange (and somewhat possessive). But to Bruno, it was anything but. Maybe, just maybe - if you delved deep into the secluded mind of Bruno Madrigal, you’d fine a reasonable explanation for this infatuation. But you had to look real close, real, real close.
Woah, woah, woah, scratch that. Let’s start from the beginning, shall we? Just to figure out how this tale came about.
You were Isabela’s friend. Best friend. At least, that’s what Bruno assumed from behind the walls. I mean, you were always there. Always. He first saw you when you were all enjoying a family (& friends) dinner. Bruno had stood while his mother made one of her little speeches, not even paying attention in the slightest and was about to sit down. But then he heard you. “And Gracias, (Y/n), for joining our family dinner.” That’s how it concluded. “My pleasure, Abuela.” Your voice. Dios mío your fucking voice. It sent shivers down his spine. He never heard something so beautiful, so enchanting.
Bruno’s eyes shot open. Were you a part of the family, no. Certainly not. You couldn’t be, not unless a twenty-something year old could grow up in the space of ten years. Impossible, even for a family such as his. His looked through the crack in his wall, mierda you were beautiful. It took a lot for Bruno to say something was beautiful. But you, oh you were something different. Your voice, the smile you gave, the politeness, the way you giggled with Isabela. Oh you were perfect. He couldn’t get enough of you.
Then he began plotting. All the ways to make you his. In his mind it wasn’t weird, no. He had been restricted from pretty much all of civilisation for a decade, so to him this was merely a school boy-crush. But deep down he knew it was something more, something much more intricate. He knew you were called (Y/n). Last name? He was unsure of. Soon-to-be Madrigal, for all he cared. He knew what time you woke up, when you had a sleep-over, and what time you went to sleep.
At first, it was just mindless fantasising. Merely knowing where your crush was currently sometimes was common knowledge and mindlessness. Known without every person. At first, the information prior was all that he knew. At first.
But then, he figured out where you were sleeping: Isabela’s room. Was there a crack in Isabela’s room? Si! A crack on the wall in her room besides her floral sofa was covered by a flowery portrait of herself. He had written it all down. The two of you both went upstairs at eleven, and he gave himself a forty-five minute gap after that, (knowing how much Isabela liked to talk). That forty-five minutes were the most agonising in his life. He bit his nails, tapped his foot, and even cursed at the smashed clock on his wall to speed up.
Then he crept, okay he ran, I mean fucking zoomed, across the walls - over to where he knew his family member slept. Bruno gently pushed the frame from its resting spot, on the girls wall - almost sneezing at the amount of pollen he was suddenly inhaling. He looked around, not seeing you, almost audibly groaning, about to wander around looking for you, when he heard a sneeze. His eyes clicked around, eventually settling on the sleeping figure, on the couch besides the wall.
You moved, sniffing as you wiped your nose across your sleeve as you slept. The sudden movements making the covers shift off of you, revealing the night-wear which had protruded up. Yet not far enough, for Bruno’s liking. The drool dribbling slightly from your lips, your hair messily strewn across the couch’s arm rest, the temptation of your risen shirt, he couldn’t handle it. Nor could he stop the tent that formed in his boxers at the thought of pushing your shirt up a little further, or that drool being for a different reason. He couldn’t take it.
He knew it was wrong, dios mío, it was almost despicable. But jesucristo you were tempting.
He ran back to his semi-permanent living quarters, banging his head against the wall, at both his crudeness, as well as his inability to do anything about the urges he got. At least until he got the spirit to come out of hiding, if that ever was to actually happen. He promised himself, promise you, even - that he’d attempt to restrain himself.
But that sweltering day in mid-August, was the straw that broke the camel’s back. Bruno was doing his daily rounds of nothing, having just swiped some food from the previously-empty kitchen. He had just forced a second piece of bread into his mouth, when he heard it. An angelic voice singing loudly. Bruno just couldn’t help himself. He had to investigate. He just had to. He never anticipated that you would be in the shower, mierda he didn’t even know that there was a crack in the tiles.
The food fell from his hands, mouth falling open. The squeaks of rats hungrily helping themselves to the discarded waste of food. You spun around, tilting your head back beneath the rainfall of water, as to not get the soap in your eyes. The room was foggy, filled with the clouds of steam billowing from the shower-head. You hummed softly to the silent rhythm playing in your mind, not knowing if the man watching you.
You ran your fingers through your hair, allowing the water to dowse your body, standing still for a quick moment. He bit his lip to stop a moan. Looking down, he eyed your now-visible chest as you spun. Oh fuck. Now he was the on drooling. One hand over his mouth to stop any noises of arousal, the other palming himself through his clothes.
Even after you were dressed and out of the bathroom, Bruno was still stood there, gobsmacked at the performance of a show you had just unknowingly given him. He could only imagine the things he could, correction - would, do to you. The way he would ruin you. The way he would have you trembling. The way he would have you beginning. Pleading. The things he could, would imagine.
Entering his family’s living-area after dusk, he set up his fortune-reading plot. Leaves placed, sand surrounding. Bruno placed his hands on his knees, closing his eyes - before opening them, with an addition of a bright green light, beaming, creating an emerald glow in the darkened space. The sand swirled vigorously, his surroundings morphed into moving pictures.
It showed you, and him. Bruno carrying you bridal-style into his small home in the walls. He grinned. You can’t change the future. You never can. He cradled the glass in his hands, watching your peaceful figure cling onto his own. He traced your face gently, how it was always meant to be.
“B-Bruno?” The shards smashed against the floor as he dropped it.
It was you. Your heavenly voice. He didn’t even have to turn around, to know that. You had heard stories from certain members of the family, Dolores. Okay, only Dolores, she’s the only one who would speak his name. They had described him as a monster, yet the frail man sat in the floor in front of you seemed anything but.
Now was his chance. “Mi querida, awake so soon?” His eyebrow quirked up, and you took, a slight step back when he arose from his sleeping-position on the floor. You wanted the retract that unspoken statement. He towered over you, an unreadable smirk playing at his lips. The intimidation practically radiating off of him. He hadn’t lost it. You trembled, attempting to reply to the unfamiliar man before tripping on one of the house’s tiles.
His arm soon swooped down to rescue you, reeling you into his chest. You thanked him quickly, trying will all of your might to escape his grip, but only holding you closer. “Going somewhere, paloma?” You looked into his lustful eyes, and gulped. “Back to my, my room.” You confirmed, stumbling over your words mid-sentence. “Your room?” He hummer, to which you nodded - continuing to vigorously attempt your escape. “You can have my room, plenty of space to share.” He purred, stroking your cheek gently. You disagreed politely, assuming, more like hoping that he would free you from your encased prison, which was Bruno Madrigal. “No thank you.” His eyes darkened. “It wasn’t an option, princesa.” His spoke between gritted teeth. “Don’t make this harder than it needs to be, (Y/n).” Bruno pulled a cloth from his pocket, placing it over your mouth as your fight fell against deaf-ears, although concerning Dolores. Soon, you faltered - unharmed, yet peacefully sleeping in the man’s arms, who ascended the stairs, carrying you in a bridal-style fashion into his own abode. “Todo mío.” He iterated to himself. “Todo mío.”
What was he thinking? He wasn’t, was the short answer. He wasn’t thinking at all. The thought of having you all to himself had clouded his thoughts. Well you had, for the past few months. But now you were his, all his. All to himself. His property. (Y/n) Madrigal.
“Todo mío.”
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a-literal-no-name · 26 days ago
Tumblr media
"through the cracks in the walls"
Bruno Madrigal x Fem Reader
NSFW!!!! 18+!!!!! MINORS DNI!!!
a/n: AYOOO this ask actually had me writing out a whole damn fic.... kinda creepy, kinda yandere behaviour, slight dom bruno, if you will.... enjoy~
He doesn’t know when or how you became such a close friend of the Madrigal family. He doesn’t know when or how you snuck your way into all their lives and planted roots. He doesn’t know when or how your presence became constant within the comfort of his, what used to be, home. 
Well, how could he. He has no way of knowing when or how you’ve met his family. Maybe you met them in the village. Maybe you helped them with some things. Maybe you were simply a sweet, kindhearted spirit who they could’t help but love. He has no way of knowing, because he’s hidden. 
He’s a taboo. 
He became the boogyman mothers tell their children about at night. 
He heard his family talk to you about him in hushed voices. He heard Camilo make fun of him, heard Mirabel’s quiet voice, as she tried to make sense of her cousins babbling.
They have no way of knowing he’s still there. And neither do you.
You’re visiting the family. A darling girl. So vibrant, so youthful, so full of life. What a pretty little thing you are, his breathing gets so labored and so heavy whenever he glances at you from the cracks in the walls. 
Bruno doesn’t know why he’s so infatuated with you, at first. Maybe because, for the first time in forever, he sees someone besides his family. Maybe it’s because he can see how relaxed, calm and collected you are, his complete opposite. Maybe it’s because you’re becoming a part of the family he once was a part of. 
Or maybe because he wants to haul you onto his bed and have his way with you, however he likes. 
That thought scares him at first, of course. He doesn’t want to stoop that low. He doesn’t want to become the creepy uncle who stares at young girls from across the room, but he just can’t help it. He can’t help wanting to get under your dress, under your skin, convince you that he’s not the monster everyone paints him to be. 
And so he watches you as you help Julieta set the table, your hips swaying with your every step. He watches you as you embrace Dolores and high-five Camilo. He watches you as you sit down and eat with the family, as you drink from your glass, as you laugh at Felix’s jokes. 
God, how he wishes, he could be there too. 
But he’s stuck within the walls, he’s stuck watching you through the cracks as you yawn, as you laugh, as you lounge on one of the seats, as you dance with Mirabel. He watches you lick your lips when the air gets too dry. He watches your blouses and skirts get shorter when the summer heat got unbearable. 
And he palms his cock as he watches you fan yourself with your hand, sweat rolling down your skin. Pepa is out, watering the crops, so the house has become an oven. But he doesn’t mind. 
Anything to see you like this. Lazy and languid, splayed out upon the couch as you uncover your bare legs for him. He catches glimpses of your cotton panties, catches glimpses of your nipples perking up and he wants to crawl out of his own skin. 
He wants you. All of you. 
And he knows you don’t even know he’s there. He knows you’re blissfully unaware of his presence.
But if you were… He’d do anything to have you. He’d do anything to get his filthy, greedy hands all over your body, cover your body in his marks so you could never ever leave again. 
You move upon the couch and his cock jerks within his trousers. Fuck it. He slips a hand inside, rolls his wrist, thumbs at the, already leaking head, as he watches you whine at the unbearable heat. 
Yeah, he’d have you whining just like that…
Bruno gives up upon the idea of staying sane, of staying clean. He had been vehemently denying himself pleasure, release, any sort of insanity. And it’s been so, so long and you’re right there, warm and waiting… 
He allows his imagination run wild. 
If he was to have you, oh, he’d make sure his girl was nice and ready. 
He’d take his time undressing you. Running his hands up and down your body, feeling your supple flesh give in underneath his fingertips as he’d nip and kiss at your neck. Knowing you, you’d probably be so, so sensitive. You’d arch against him and you’d start trembling almost immediately. But he’d make sure to shush you with a long, lazy kiss.
Yeah, he’d lick into your mouth, slow and steady, taste the sweetness of your lips as you’d gasp into his mouth, but he’d be there to shush you. He’d plant wet, open mouthed kisses all over your lips before he’d move down to your throat. 
He’d lay you out upon his bed, catch your wrists, pin them against the mattress, as he’d have his way with your sensitive neck, biting and sucking and making sure tomorrow morning, the entire village would know, who you belong to.
You’d be whining and moaning, arching your back ever so slightly, maybe whispering soft ‘no’s’ while he’d mark you up real good. Of course he would ignore your cute little please, after all, you would be his, and his only. 
Next would come your cute tits. Fuck, he’d quite literally assault them. Bruno furrows his brows and closes his eyes for a moment, imagining what it would be like to bite and suck at your nipples, licking long stripes up and down your soft, soft tits. He’d leave bite marks all over them, he’d make sure to bite, to suck and to tug at your nipples to his hearts delight, just to hear you whine and groan and gasp.
But then he’d become selfish, he decides, twisting his wrist and sending a jolt of pleasure coursing through his body. He’d guide your head towards his cock, he’d coo and shush you as he’d tell you to open wide. And you’d obey him, you’d wait for him to place the leaking tip of his cock upon your tongue so you could suck it.
Fuck, Bruno barely is able to stifle a groan at that thought. He watches you for a moment, sees you pant from the heat, and his cock twitches within his palm… Oh, he’d wipe your tears with his thumb as he’d gently force you to take all of him, to allow him to claim your mouth. He’d fuck your pretty little throat til your lovely voice would be all gone, nothing but hoarse croaks left as you’d cough and gag upon his impressive length. 
And then he’d become really, really selfish, because he’d manhandle you, he’d push you to lie flat upon your back as he’d wrap your legs around his waist. And you’d beg him to slow down, be he wouldn’t be able to, because his cock, still shinig with your spit, would already be lined up with your trembling, wet, little entrance. 
He’d take you. Just like that. 
He’d thrust up into your willing body, he’d shush your cries of pain as he’d rock against you, unable to hold back. You’d be his first time, and he’d be yours. But he wouldn’t be able to hold back for long, no, not with your tight, sopping cunny clenching onto him like that. He’d have to be much stronger for that, but he isn’t. He’s a weak, pathetic, disgusting man, rotten to the core. 
So he’d fuck you, fast and rough, he’d fuck you til you’d scream and he’d have to press his mouth against yours to catch your cries. He’d make sure to fuck you till you’d start sobbing, but even then, he wouldn’t stop. He’d bite his lips so he wouldn’t come too fast, dragging out the feeling of claiming you from within…
And then he’d flip you over, right onto your stomach. He’d line up his cock to your entrance once again, he’d thrust inside, so deep and so hard, you’d start sobbing into the mattress. You’d try to wriggle away, to stop the gorgeous intrusion, but he’d be right there, sucking at your fluttering pulse and playing with your overly sensitive clit. 
You'd be wrecked in the bestest of ways. You'd be coming all over his cock with his name spilling from your lips like a prayer. Oh, you'd be so, so deliciously overstimulated, that he'd lose control.
He'd claim you from within in the most carnal of ways. He'd fill you with his seed to the brim, he'd plant it deep inside your body, and he'd watch you grow heavy with his children.
That's the straw that breaks the camels back. Bruno spills all over his hand and the cold wall as he barely bites back a growl of your name. His come, hot and sticky, runs down his fingers and he leans his forehead agains the wall, basking in the semi-afterglow.
What. Had. He. Done.
This is a new level of low, even for him. But still.. He doesn’t feel any shame. He feels no remorse. He feels relief. For the first time in a long while, he actually feels some sort of peace.
He lets out a shaky breath and glances out pf yhe crack again. His eyes watch you, full of longing, as you sigh and fan yourself again, as you hear your name getting called from another room, as you jump up and run away, a whirlwind he could never keep up with.
And Bruno sighs. He closes his eyes and rubs his clean hand down his face as he tries to collect the bits and pieces of his mind. As he ponders over what he just did.
He just hopes Dolores didn't hear his laboured breathing. He just hopes the shuffling of his hans wasn't too noticeable.
He just hopes you'll never, ever, find out about him or his dirty little secret.
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