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sugarfairychan · 2 days ago
Caretaker yanderes who don’t like you getting hurt and keeping you away from everything that could hurt you— kitchen equipment, for example. There’s no way in hell you’re going anywhere near a knife or a kettle. Leave the cooking to them, darling. If you want tea, all you have to do is ask.
Caretaker yanderes who love the idea of taking care of you, but adore the idea of you begging for them even more. Nothing comes for free with them. You want a cup of tea? Well, you’re going to have to ask really nicely or else you might just not get it. And this can extend to basic human necessities like food or water. god forbid you ever try to ignore them. you might just find yourself starving to death.
Caretaker yanderes who never let you be autonomous or independent, who prefer you docile and dependent on them. 
Caretaker yanderes who do like you having some form of autonomy, because as long as they can provide for you financially and emotionally, well, they’re okay with it. Caretaker yanderes who are smart and wise and know that stripping away your autonomy isn’t really the best choice of action and that it’s better for you to have some control, which makes it easier for them to steer you in whichever direction they want because you’re not constantly fighting for it. 
Caretaker yanderes who aren’t necessarily delusional, who know that what they’re doing is bad and you probably 100% don’t like it— but it’s what they want, so who cares what you think? They’ll be taking care of you, anyway. It’s a win-win. 
Caretaker yanderes who are delusional, who think that your denial and reluctance to take anything from them is a sign that they’re a bad guardian/carer. Who then up the anty and do their very best to attend to your every need, without ever knowing that they’re doing the opposite of what you want. 
Caretaker yanderes whose idea of “taking care of their darling” extends to sexual desires, too. Who enjoy the idea (and follows through) of waking you up with them between your legs, eating/blowing you out viciously, swallowing your juices and your liquids like it’s their lifeline. Who thinks that an orgasm a day keeps the doctor away. 
Caretaker yanderes who drug you in order to get you sleepy and unconscious so that they can take care of you more easily. 
Caretaker yanderes who drug you out of necessity because you’re a danger to yourself when you’re conscious, always trying to escape and rebel and really hurting their feelings—the last thing you need is to make them upset and when they get angry, they get angry.
Caretaker yanderes who purposefully pump you with drugs to make you sick ‘cause they get off on taking care of you. There’s just something about you needing them for every single minuscule action, like getting out of bed and into a wheelchair, being steered around the house, the directions and location under their complete control.
Caretaker yanderes who tie you up when you’re a danger to yourself, who cuff your arms to the bed and delight in the fact that they have to feed you in order for you to eat. 
Caretaker yanderes who’ve had enough of your struggling and rejection that they revoke all your “privileges” - like being alone, entertainment, any autonomy you might have, heck even using actual plates and metal cutlery. You want to be naughty? Fine. Do it with a flimsy paper plate that may or may not drop hot food onto your body if held incorrectly— “Oh, look what you’ve done now, my dear. I told you to be careful, didn’t I? Maybe some discipline might be in order now?”
Caretaker yanderes who don’t hesitate to threaten or actually follow through with shoving a tube down your throat or up your nose to feed you the nutrients you need once you continuously reject their food. “I never wanted to do this, my love, but you left me with no choice.”
Caretaker yanderes who treat you like a prisoner, forcing you to wear blindfolds to prevent you from running away or escaping. Who lock you in cold dark corners, where you can barely see anything, but they still expect you to listen and obey them and keep quiet while they get what they need done and dusted. Who don't treat you like the princess you are but make sure you're still alive because well, they need someone to take care of and who better than you?
Caretaker yanderes who don't give a shit whether or not you get what you want, who just want you to stop making noise and get along with it or at least act as though you are happy to see them. Who make you feel dirty, disgusting, unappealing and unloved, but then still takes care of you anyway because who else could love you and care for you but them?
Caretaker yanderes who are wise and intelligent and know that you’re trying to manipulate them, but hey, you’re the one being active right now, the one initiating cuddles or physical touch— and if it means that you’re willingly, uncoaxedly talking to them, they’d just about let you get away with anything. Besides, you’re not leaving anyway. What’s the problem with you having a little autonomy anyway?  
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May I request a yandere Lucifer with an oblivious reader?
Yandere Lucifer
Tumblr media
Oh hell.
Imagine a Darling who really isn't awake to the fact that they're in hell.
Lucifer does not understand how you have not understood this matter.
You've seen their demon forms.
Lots of gray hair for him.
But at the same time, it also makes you interesting.
How can you not understand such a thing?
Are you that innocent?
Or did you just not listen to what Diavolo said?
Lots of questions.
His obsession has begun.
Lucifer wouldn't tell you directly where you are.
He lets you think you're in the human world.
Somewhere in a place where the little thing called "laws of nature" have stopped working.
U know... In some places they just don't work. A normal Monday.
* sarcasm *
Lucfer begins to slowly increase his yandere tendencies.
It's really easy.
You probably won't even notice it.
And that's a good thing for him.
Soon it will be too late.
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yandere-kokeshi · 2 days ago
Yandere Katsuki and Izuku with a female darling who has big breasts
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Warnings: Yandere tendencies (possessiveness, kidnapping, forced affection, etc.), and smut content.
Request(ed?): Yes! ‐ hello!! Me again. How would katsuki and deku have a darling who's breasts are big. Can be sfw or nsfw, don't care! Stay well love. — requested by🧋anon.
Author Note: I do not own this character! Nor do I don't approve of yandere's behavior in real life. Thank you so much for the request!!! This was super duper fun to write as someone who has big cups. Thank you!!
R3blogging and followings are very much appreciated and welcomed. Hope you are well!
Tumblr media
Katsuki Bakugo / Dynamite
Katsuki doesn't care about boobs (even though he loves them), he doesn't care about the size; boobs are boobs. However, he loves to bite, lick, suck, pull, and grab them as much as he can.
No matter how many times he's seen them, he gets flustered when you cuddle/or hug him, especially from behind when he can feel the curves.
Super possessive over you, including your chest. In this case, if you decide to wear a dress or an outfit that shows too much cleavage, he will force you to wear a hoodie, covering your body build. If you decide not to? Guess who's gonna stay inside and learn their lesson.
It's one of his favorite places to lay when he's had a hard day at work. Just hearing your breath, the softness of your mounds, and your fingers going through his hair makes him realize how lucky he is to have you.
Offering to massage them/or your back for you, wearing a smug-like smirk on his face as he licks his lips.
Katsuki loves to leave bite marks on them, especially when he sees them bounce up and down as he fucks you stupid while groaning loudly. You are the most gorgeous person he's ever met.
His favorite thing to do is cover them with his cum, seeing you marked by his seed as he pulls out last second, never fails to make him hard again and ready for another round and about.
Tumblr media
Izuku Midoriya / Deku
Like the headcanon above; he doesn't care about the size. But, that doesn't stop his lewd thoughts.
Izuku never fails to try to lay on them 24/7, squishing and pressing his face into them like a cat. He loves how soft they are, especially how they bounce once he comes into contact with them.
For sure will play with them, sometimes doing it randomly; especially at night. Not only will he face plant into them, but he will have no hesitation rolling your shirt up to play with them; flicking your nipples while mumbling how pretty you are.
Izuku loves to see you in thin clothes and outfits that tend to show more cleavage, not only does he get a good view but he gets to make you wear his clothes.
He gets so embarrassed when you press against him, whether it's a hug or cuddle session; feeling them makes his day better.
He will try his best to find lingerie your size. Not only will it be customized, but he will make sure you wear it all the time; waiting for the moment to rip it off.
Something about tit-fucking you does it for him; seeing them pressed together as he slips his cock between them, feeling his length between your boobs makes him harder. It makes him groan loudly whenever you lick the tip when he thrusts up.
Masterlist | Requests closed (8/12/2022)
ALL RIGHTS RESERVED ©yandere-kokeshi
Do not plagiarize, repost, modify, translate or copy my work.
Tumblr media
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heartfullofleeches · 23 hours ago
what would be the reaction to supernatural harem when the reader wants to paint they'r nails ?
"Okay, who's first?"
You sit on the floor in the living room, bottles of nail polish and tissue paper spread around you. On your way home, you stopped at a convenient store and saw a sale on the set, and thought it might be an activity your band of misfits might enjoy. And as it turns out - you were right.
"Me!" Baron drives to the floor in front of you, extending his large hands over your lap. The hulking demon did his chest to lower himself to the ground so there would be no discomfort on your end; rumbles of excitement in his throat. He points at a bright pink bottle.
"I want that one."
You pick up the bottle, taking his pinky finger into your hold. It was hard to figure out where his nail began and his finger started, and even harder to keep him still. Every time he got to make contact with you was like falling in love all over again, and with how gently you held his talons it was one of the deepest he'd ever felt. Overcoming the difficulties, you paint each nail with minimal mistakes and leave the beast happy from a job well done and being able to have a personal moment with you.
Alasdair kneels beside Baron. He told himself and everyone it was only to humor you, but there was a ping of interest behind his words; especially as you took him by the wrist.
"What color do you want?"
"Surprise me."
After some thought, you pick up a new bottle of polish and get to work. He watches you; staying completely still, focusing on how trained to the practice you were; your eyes focused on him alone. It felt silly, but his chest was filled with warmth. Once you finish, he inspects your craft.
"Black... Not what I would've gone with, but I like it."
You look at the couch. "Maddox?"
Of all of them, they were the only one that hesitated; and with reason you were able to pick out easily. Since the beginning of his time here, Maddox had worn a pair of gloves he never took off. You never pressed him for answers, but did have wonders about it
"You don't have to if you don't want to, but I don’t bite." You hold out your hand to him in offer. They clenches their hands together; looking at the others, then back at you. He takes a breath, and then a leap.
Maddox slips off the couch to join you, holding his hand out to you. "Can.. you take them off?"
You comply, pulling the fingers of his gloves and sliding the garments off his palms. Their fingers were thin, and blueish around the nail. You take his hand in yours. He tenses, before finally relaxing under your warmth. Being a grim reaper, he always feared his touch towards the living; especially you. But you're still here; holding them without a single worry. Where you'd always be. His lips curled into a small smile.
"What color do you want?"
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rie-092 · a day ago
Okay, so I don't know if you currently have your request tray open, and if that's the case, I'd like a platonic or romantic Yandere from our lazy, cale henituse. And if you're uncomfortable, I'll settle for another character, regis elen floyen. Thanks and good day/afternoon/evening [I hope you don't ignore me like others, but I understand if you choose that].
❲ yandere! cale henituse x female! reader ❳
summary : everyone in the whole continent knows how much cale henituse treasures his precious lady.
tw : yandere behavior, unhealthy obsession, manipulation, violence (?) , possessiveness
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
let's be honest here. cale henituse is a smart yet kinda dense guy. and to be honest, he took a while before he realized his kinda unhealthy obsession and love for you.
as a yandere, cale henituse was pretty chill. he trusts you. and besides, you won't be able to leave him since his family/friends won't allow you.
there were some times that cale can be pretty clingy. like those times that he would hug you out of nowhere. and you, being a sweetheart you are. you would just laugh it off and pat his head.
cale henituse can also be manipulative. this guy was a great scammer manipulator. manipulating you into thinking that you are the wrong one here is so easy for him.
he also had some odd habits of buying your dress, jewelry, and hair accessories that had the same color as his hair.
he might be calm and stoic all the time. cale henituse could also be jealous of other people. that's why buying you those kinds of things is his own unique way to show other people that you are his.
since you are the young master silver shield's precious lady, many people will try to get close to you just to get close to cale.
of course, cale and his group won't allow that. you don't have to worry since those people who keep pestering you will disappear tomorrow without any traces left.
if you stay still and keep listening to cale. he will never take your freedom away from you. but if you try to run away from him? ehem, cale won't hesitate to kidnap you.
he is the hero who saved both the eastern and western continents. he is known as a just and kind hero. that's why it was easy for him to deceive everyone that he isn't the person behind your disappearance.
cale had a simple dream. and that is to be slacker with you and his family. that's why he will do everything to keep you with him.
oh, and remember cale's children? on, hong and raon?
they are also platonic yanderes for you. if their father is obsessive, possessive, manipulative, and clingy type. the three of them are overprotective and clingy.
they really love you so much! so they have no complaints about you being their father's lover!
the three of them always follow you around and you have no complaints about it. since you are completely unaware they are following you to make sure that you won't leave their father just for some unknown guy.
and if there is some unknown guy who tried to flirt with you. they will surely tell it to cale. and oh, are you wondering what'll gonna happen to that guy? let's just say that the kids + cale and co. already take care of him.
being young master silver shield's lover is kinda fun, right?
“ i can't help, but be selfish when it comes to you. ”
Tumblr media
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redsaurrce · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
YandereJungkook x fem!reader
Warnings: Suggestive, Profanity, kissing
Synopsis: A best girl like you deserves nothing but the best
Word count: 849 !
Author's note: My first work in yandere category, enjoy my deep shit writing *cries and runs away*
Tumblr media
"You know I like you right?" You asked the question while Jungkook fiddled with the table cloth as he looked at you.
Your eyes eager for an answer.. several seconds felt like eternity. Were you already getting rejected? Jungkook's eyes flickered, a lump seemed to form in his throat, he didn't like the pain in your eyes.
"I'm sorry Y/N. I knew you like me but I'm afraid I can't say the same." Your heart broke at his words and Jungkook's heart broke at the site. But he knows well, he knows that he's the only one left you can turn to for comfort after getting turned down by your crush Jeong-hwan sitting next to Jungkook.
Earlier you've asked Jeong-hwan to meet up but didn't expect his best friend, Jungkook, who have become your close friend as well in the past few days to show up along with him.
The hot drinks that was for the three of you kept on the same table was getting cooler as it remained untouched.
"Um.. I understand." You said while shifting your focus to the drink.
"I'm grateful Y/N. I'll take my leave then." He said as he took his jacket off the chair and walked away.
Jungkook was still sitting there, waiting for you to say something.
This isn't right, you shouldn’t be so sad, it's not like you were turned down by him. "Y/N you wanna grab a drink?" You looked at him after hearing his offer, about to breakdown any moment.
You lightly and lazily nodded at the idea, it was already getting dark but you didn't mind going all blank tonight.
He drove you to a bar, an expensive bar. From now on he must treat you to the best things, best bar, best car, best house, best gifts and become the best boyfriend.
You both walked to the counter and he ordered you the best wine, strong enough. He looked at your face as you took a sip, "He shouldn't have led me on like this if he knew I liked him." Your tears threatening to spill.
Jungkook quickly held your nape and shifted himself closer for a hug, he felt his chest getting wet, you were crying he figured.
Ugh he hated it so much. "What an asshole." He murmured with anger. You sobbed, he was right.
You squeezed his shirt as your cries got louder which was muffled as you he squeezed you a bit more in his hug.
You finally broke the hug and looked at him, "Why are you here? You are his best friend. " You asked as you finally managed to gather your thoughts. He blinked.
Best friend? Never! It was a facade to get close to you, he likes to be the best, even if it meant to become the best friend of your crush and then threaten him in the best way possible to never lurk around you ever again.
He shook his head, "Not anymore after I saw his true colors."
You gulped, true colors he says? Then what were your colors? Why did it look like that his face was getting closer.. that too..for a.. kiss? And you were equally tempted to crash your lips in those.
What the fuck. You internally shook yourself, snap out of it Y/N!
"Y/N would you like to take a revenge on him?" He asked you, his eyes suddenly turning darker, he looked intimidating.
"Revenge?" You raised your eyebrows, you swear you hadn't had enough shots of that expensive wine still you found yourself getting high.
"Yes, baby." And it didn't take a second for him to lean and attach his lips to yours. You were drunk, it was a drunk move, your drunken tendencies kept wanting to get drunker, it kept wanting to keep kissing him because he made sure to give you the best kiss.
You both detached yourselves while panting for air, he leaned further down to kiss your exposed collarbone. A sensation of electricity ran down your spine. Lord he loved your reflexes so much, it turns him on like a maniac.
He lightly bit on your neck and you threw your head back, everything happening in public, in the bar but nobody really paid attention.
So what if nobody did? What was he doing? What were you doing?
You opened your eyes and looked across his shoulder, you spotted Jeong-hwan sitting at a corner looking at you both while a girl was sitting on top of his lap.
You looked at otherside and whispered to Jungkook, "Revenge you say? Alright I'm in."
Jungkook smirked, his devious plan worked so smoothly, for the best ofcourse.
For a long time he'd have rejected so many girls but the moment he saw you talk so confidently in front of your parents' company boss- his parents, he was so mesmerized by your aura that he knew you were his best girl and you both would be the best couple- the power couple!
"Sure enough baby!" And he knew that from today onwards you will never leave him because he's the best for you. He will prove it to you.
Tumblr media
Tysm for reading, feedback is HIGHLY appreciated mwah 💖
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lovelyyandereaddictionpoint · 14 hours ago
Vil is the first to yandere all because he meet her in his childhood because there was a photoshoot at a park and Vil snuck out because he sees a dalmatian puppy looking around and follow the pup as he worry that the pup ran from its owner and wanted to help
As he picked up the pup he meet Crewel daughter, he thinks she pretty with her black and white hair in a braid and she kinda looks like a doll
She doesn't know who he is and is happy to see her lost puppy and thanked him and calling him a hero because he found her puppy
He knows how she got in the princess school, is because as much as she is full of sass and act kinda like how she is her heart is like gold, she is honest and willing to help, and most of all she treats everyone equally and will try to understand as in her word " A good trainer must know a pup charaters, buts bad pup would need more backing if they bite "
Oooo origin story
That's so cute though
Like he is just surprised to find the puppy while he’s taking a break from shooting his scenes
“Rolly you aren’t allowed to pass puppyschool, If you can’t stay in one place after the leash is off!” 
I can see little you just being so into your puppy that you almost completely ignore him
But as he jumps to you you see the person he’s struggled from
“Ohhh thank you for getting my Rolly he can be such a handful!” 
Holding your puppy up to wave at him you’re eyes light up in recognition
“Aren’t you that one character in that one show?”
He fights the tightness in his chest as he recites a line
“I know you’re not supposed to be but you’ve been a real hero for me! Now in two ways!” 
He’s totally caught off guard
He’s glad his makeup is thick enough you can’t see his blush
Fighting tears he’ll ask you how and you just so casually smile at him
“Well you went for your dreams even when the other guys tried to stop you; that-” 
You moved closer to him wrapping him in a hug
“-and you saved my puppy! So thank you, hero boy!”
“M-my name’s Vil. Vil Schoenheit.”
“My name is-”
From the brush you came from was a tall dalmatian sniffing around before huffing in your direction
“Oh that’s me! Gotta go! Bye Vil!” 
But by then your already latched onto the dog and leaving your puppy in tow
Since then he had exhausted every connection to have you be inserted in his social circle
So when he hears you got into the prestigious school he can’t help but silently cheer you on 
While also pumping himself up
He’s the best candidate for your hand but just in case he best become worthy of a princess
It's practically been decided that you and him should be together
…but just in case he’s going to be the first to congratulate you
“Was it even a question, your obviously the best thing that's happened to those potatoes.”
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tangfoxdraws · 2 days ago
Platonic yandere jaegers
This is a continuance of platonic yandere esdeath btw your more of a pacifist
As esdeath younger sister you are guaranteed a place amongst the jaegers and they fallow in esdeaths footsteps.
Tumblr media
You remind him of his daughter Logue
He is very sweet to you and treats you like logue
He isn't all that protective to you because you are strong (and the fact that your esdeath's sister)
He will try to most of the work so you don't have to kill anyone
Tumblr media
She is OBSESSED with you
She tries to be like a younger sister to you
It would be a grantee that she will teach you how to sword fight
Will talk about akame and tell her backstory
If you weren't esdeath's sister she would turn her into a puppet
Tumblr media
Because he is loyal to esdeath he would be just as or more protective.
He is the type to stalk you then talk to you
He is a second pair of eyes and protector for esdeath
Tumblr media
(I hate this bi-)
She is the living definition of dilution
Believes you could do no wrong and is a hero
You two play with goro and go out to "help" the public and getting sweets
If you go into a town she will always be with you like a gard
Tumblr media
Dr stylish
I honestly don't see him as a yandere per se
But I see him wanting to do some experiments on you
Yeah I don't have much for him
Tumblr media
I see him as a overprotective older brother yandere
Understands that the jaegers can be a bit much
He is very chill
He just needs to screen friends, boyfriend/girlfriend
And if he thinks thare not good influence. They are gone.
Tumblr media
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another-yandere-writer · 2 days ago
Yandere Chrollo with a darling getting injured
TW: Yandere themes
Tumblr media
As much as a dangerous yandere he is, he can be really soft too.
And for your information do not take test of that. Which some idiots did take turn of his patience.
So, they decided to hurt you. Thinking that your so called 'partner' won't do anything about it. After all it is just minor injury, right?
Well whatever their intention was it was a stupid one, it meant death.
So when he saw you injured on your beautiful skin littered with small little bruises. The sight was enough to make him angry but for your sake he stayed calm and mellow.
He made sure that you got the best treatment and would heal properly. The second thing which he does is to sit beside and kiss your knuckles while brushing his hand on yours.
He does drug you so you don't remember or see him in rage. After all he has to maintain his calm persona.
Chrollo has his own set of collections from whom he gets to know who has done what and what has occurred when he had been away for some mission.
He does hunt those abusers down or rather he should say people down and then give them a death which they never seemed to imagine.
Moral of the story? Do not mess with his darling and you will be alive hopefully.
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yanderegrizzsworld · 12 hours ago
( I hope you don’t mind me dropping a request) may i request a romantic shadow,rouge and Amy with a( fem) s/o Who as adhd and just has random mood swings
-🎩 anon
Imagine: Romantic Yandere Shadow the Hedgehog, Rouge the Bat & Amy Rose with a reader with ADHD
TW: Mentions of bruises/violence/blood & implied blackmail/murder
Shadow the Hedgehog:
Before joining Sonic & the others to aid & protect Earth/Mobius from Eggman's assaults, Shadow displayed little to no tolerance to those whom he believes can't focus or act accordingly & presumes that they'll meet an early end because of it. While he's learned more tolerance since meeting up more with Sonic & the resistance, a part of him from the past still sticks with him & shows itself when his patience is tested.
While he's patience stills runs quick when strained, his tolerance towards you seems close to unbreakable, to the point where you could even joke of how you're teaching him to be more patient & he'd jokingly agree with you. Where he generally sees hyperactive, impulsive or inattentive behavior as a vexation, he regards yours as endearing though you would give him heart attacks when on missions with your same attitude.
Any comment of your demeanor is met with the ultimate life form throwing threat after threat & left with a dark eye &/or broken nose at best. Just because he promised his Maria to defend Earth doesn't mean he necessarily like those living on the planet & throwing incivility at you is a quick way to end up missing.
Rouge the Bat:
Rouge's history with treasure hunting & working for the government proves anything but dilettante & constantly utilizes them for her own benefit. Her attention to details & silver tongue are nothing but terrifying as she's fooled & played many enemies to do her work without them realizing it until it's too late.
While initially finding your struggle with focus or careless mistakes as an oddity, she presumes & takes it upon herself to aid you, without you having to pay her back in any way besides your devotion back. Saying your little habits are cute to observe is something you'll hear from her whenever you meet up, she overlooks any complaint you bring up & treats it more like a child throwing a temper tantrum.
Anyone who crosses the jewel thief's path never lives merry for long, either falling into impetuous & seemingly irreversible debt or having their social life &/or status completely demolished, alongside the stolen fortunes. Rouge regards many as a tool for her own benefit & is no stranger to keeping someone quiet without resulting to blood on her boots or gloves, just say a name & description & she's off on a personal "errand" with the promise of pampering you in snatched gifts & her undivided attention.
Amy Rose:
The pink hedgehog strives to be as considerate as she possibly can trusting that it's the core of any hero who vows to help those around her. Every & any impulsive act remind her of her younger days which then evokes her admiration for Sonic & her desire to lend other a hand while fighting for good alongside her friends.
While Amy certainly regards your habits as charming & comical, to some extent, she worries that you might struggle with boundaries & her frets escalates when such is true. Amy will persist on helping you with your problem without hearing a complaint from you, while she understands where your irritation comes from, she nonetheless claims that she yearns to assist you from those she knows don't have the greater tolerance nor patience.
The pink hedgehog is quick to jump at your defense if a remark is made that she deems as unnecessary at best & foul at worst which leads to a visit with her hammer. She expects others to treat each other with basic respect & dignity & when she witnesses that respect not being met with you, she's brisk with her scolding for such behavior & reckons them to apologize, else they wish to something worse from her.
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sugarfairychan · 9 hours ago
Delusional yanderes who take any act of violence that leaves them bloodied as your way of marking them up. Some might even feel inclined to respond in the same way, believing you enjoy these sorts of things, too!
Delusional yanderes who think the reason their darling flinches from their touches and fights to keep their clothes on is just ‘cause they’re shy. They’re so pure and cute, so inexperienced! All they need is a little push and guidance to be taught what to do.
Delusional yanderes who hear their darling trying to call someone and just assumes the person on the other end tricked them into answering— the darling just so happened to find the only phone in the house that was nailed under the yandere’s bed. Darling would be great at playing hide and seek!
Delusional yanderes who absolutely melt on spot when you so much as talk to them, who think that you walking over to them in the middle of a crowded street means you choose them over everyone else.
Delusional yanderes who think you 100% reciprocate their affections and believe they have your approval and consent to touch, grope and kiss you— and then are absolutely bewildered and confused when you burst into tears. You’re crying because of them?! They’ve been hurting you, haven’t they? Oh no, how could they?! You must think they’re horrible for it! They should stop...but what if they can help you change the way you think about it? It must've been a big misunderstanding, anyway. Maybe they just caught you off-guard today. Are you on your period? Maybe tomorrow, then?
Delusional yanderes who don’t understand why you refuse to look at them directly, instead opting to focus on whatever’s in front of them rather than meet them eye to eye. They want you to know they’re listening, but if you keep looking away from them, how would you know? They're here to take care of you! So just. look. their. way. Who grab your face a little too tightly and guilt pierces their heart when you flinch away from them— "oh no! Do you have a toothache?"
Delusional yanderes who treat you like glass, which is actually a really nice thing to do, but they also don’t mind you shattering if it means getting what they want. Even though some people may say they’re selfish— and yes, they kind of are being selfish, but they do a great job taking care of you, don't they? And it's okay, anyway, they can just patch you up again. They see your helplessness, see how thin your walls are, how easy it would be to shatter you and mould you back into place, using their devotion and love as the glue.
Delusional yanderes who think murder isn't wrong when it's for the sake of love, who delude themselves in every possible scenario that no, you're not trying to run away, it's that bastard who tricked you! They kidnapped you, and it's the yandere's duty as a good lover to make sure you're safe.
Delusional yanderes who sob, plea and pray when their idolised make-shift reality starts to crack and break, who wail as their delusions start to crumble. The thought of you running away is more painful than they can ever put into words, and their delusions can't do much to smooth over the cracks.
Delusional yanderes whose eyes glaze with unshed tears when they try to tell you they don’t deserve what you're doing to them, that it's just not fair that you're trying to run away when they're only doing this to keep you safe.
Delusional yanderes who are soft and caring but the longer you keep pushing, the more you keep prodding, trying to convince them of a certain reality that they just don't want to even think about...well, that kindness is no more. That cruelty lurking beneath finally gets the better of them, and whilst all they feel is pain and betrayal, they're going to make sure you understand just how miserable they feel.
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Yandere Claude and Yandere Sebastian (together or separate up to you) with a partner that just emotionally shuts down after they are kidnapped
Yandere Sebastian Michaelis
Tumblr media
Well, Sebastian would have expected you to react in some way.
He's not stupid.
Surprising changes may cause strong resistance in people.
It's only natural.
Sebastian believes that sd is just a phase.
One that will soon go away.
Sebastian was wrong.
It's definitely not a phase that's going away anytime soon.
You can go two weeks without talking to him.
Sebastian doesn't show it but he's really frustrated.
He loves you and wants you to be safe.
That's why you act like he doesn't exist.
Especially when it lasts longer than a week.
It's really frustrating.
Sebastian tries his best to make you comfortable.
He wants you to be able to smile again.
Your smile is really beautiful.
Sebastian tries to encourage you to show emotions.
He believes that you will "recover" yet.
However, this is for your own good.
Maybe if you behave well you can get a cat friend.
Sebastian just wants a cat in your family.
Yandere Claude Faustus
Tumblr media
Honestly, at first Claude wouldn't even notice.
He is a demon with little emotion himself.
So because of that, he doesn't immediately understand that your withdrawal is not normal.
Claude does not take the "rebellion" well.
Anything that refers to "rebellion" is not welcome.
Claude would try to cheer you up.
But he's really bad at it.
Like really really REALLY bad.
Claude kind of blames you.
If you hadn't gotten his attention you wouldn't be here.
Because people often can influence how unique their soul is.
Claude thinks the most important thing is that you are safe.
You are his "partner".
And Claude wants to make sure no one can take you away.
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yandere-kokeshi · 2 days ago
Yandere Sanemi Shinazugawa Headcanons
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Warnings: Yandere tendencies (possessiveness, kidnapping, forced affection, etc.), Semi-spoilers for his childhood!! Continue with caution!!!! , drugging mention/actions, intercourse mention, and that’s all. Lmk if I missed anything!!
Author Note: I do not own this character! Nor do I don't approve of yandere's behavior in real life. Sorry the end is a bit confusing, I didn’t know what else to add lol.
R3blogging and followings are very much appreciated and welcomed. Hope you are well!
Tumblr media
Sanemi is known for his brash and stubborn behavior; yelling at anyone who deems to disrespect the head-master or show themselves to be better, when in reality, they aren’t. However, those who are close to him are considered special; he treats them with such unknown-gentleness and royalness that he acts like a different man.
To get his attention would be a very special but yet of a wreck moment for the both of you, especially for him. Because of his background, it would take a lot for him to fall head over heels for you; especially if you were a complete opposite of him (personality-wise). Though, once you do get his trust and get to see his vulnerable-like state, he would be much calmer, almost like he’s a different person around you. He would fall for you if you were sweet and kind, especially to him. He would look at you and share the same image with his mother: kind, gentle, sweet, and willing to hold a lot of sympathy for others; never easily frightened and willing to stand up for anybody, even if in the end you would get hurt.
Sanemi is unpredictable, meaning that he lashes out randomly. He started to pay attention to you if you always welcomed him and started a conversation with him; no matter how much he pushed you away or threw harsh words towards you, you never reacted negatively. Possibly, you were a new Hashira, one that was kind and sweet like Mitsuri but stood their ground; telling people off. Or, you could’ve been a nurse who was working at the Butterfly Estate; continuing to bandage him even though he specifically said “I don’t need help” and that he “I’m fine, damn”.
Whichever one you are, he’s immediately drawn to you; a strange yet comforting feeling that made him want to protect you. From then on, he would make sure that no harm would come to you. And he was gonna keep that promise till the day he died.
If you were a nurse, he would only want help from you; no one else is allowed to touch him, no matter how deep or big the injury is. Of course, this would happen quite a lot; resulting in him almost passing out or dying from how much blood he lost because of his stubbornness. He would be sweet to you, though still brash; but in a somewhat-nicer-way. He’d say small thank you’s and try to ask questions about your day, wanting to get to know you better. Hell, he’d even visit you when on break; asking if you ate, or slept enough hours to function.
Now, if you were a Hashira; much like Uzui, he would ask Oyakata-sama to make joint missions. Everytime you go on missions, he’s with you; slaying the demon before it could even get close to hurting you. He’d try his best to make sure you never get injured, even the slightest scratch makes him uneasy, snapping at anyone who deems too close and isn’t telling him about the state of your injury(ies). It’s even worse with those who present as male. However, a way for him to try to be around you more is offering to help you train; saying “You need better techniques” And that “You can’t slay a demon without knowing how to cut them, here.”
Every mission you two have, he always offers to take you out to eat afterwards, in addition to saying ‘he’s hungry too’. When in reality, he just wants to spend more time with you; scared of asking the question in case you think differently of him.
Sanemi is pretty harsh, easily irritated and isn’t afraid to hurt someone. Because of this, he uses his loud behavior to keep you by his side, watching over you like a guard dog: ‘barking’ at anyone who gets too close to you for his comfort, or even dares to touch you. He isn’t afraid to throw hands for you, including for the safety of your comfort and well-being. If he so much detects a single hair of uncomfortableness or awkardness, he’s telling the person to “Fuck off before I give you a reason to do so.”
He’d kidnap you around a month or so (7-9 weeks), slowly he starts to realize how dangerous the world is, for someone as sweet as you; you don’t deserve to be in the open where you could hurt. As he starts to stalk you: walking you home while observing your routine. He would ask (nicely) to come inside for ‘tea’ when in reality he wants to perceive your home: see the things you enjoy (hobby wise), clothing style, the food you eat, and what you like furniture-wise.
If you have any partners or close-friends, they would suddenly go ‘missing’ or be found trying to dodge you every time you come up to them; using an excuse of saying they ‘need’ to do something. If you have children, Sanemi would try his best to be around them quite frequently, showing that even with his ‘scary’ scars, he can still be a soft teddy bear and be known as a good father-figure to them. He tries his best to spoil them and make them happy, happier than he was when he was a kid.
He would start to buy gifts for you, providing ways to show you, silently, that he can take care of you and he’s more important than the others. He would buy you anything that you enjoy, whether that was clothing, makeup, or hobby-like wise things; you get it all.
When he does kidnap you, he does it gently; drugging you once you two meet up to eat dinner with each other. He’d invite you over to have lunch with you, of course; you start to feel dizzy, asking to use the bathroom before passing out on the floor, hearing Sanemi pick you up and whisper some gentle praise about you being safe now.
Once you wake up, you realize you're in a soft bed, the room filled with things you love and a cushioned chain around your ankle, tied around the bed frame that was long enough to use the restroom and stop directly at the door. Later comes in Sanemi, explaining that: ‘You're safe now, no one will and can hurt you as long as i’m here’.
At first, he understands it will be hard for you to understand but no matter how much you yell or try to hurt him, he never loses his cool, leaving the room if you decide to act out or raise his voice to make you understand that you need his help.
Sanemi’s yandere tendencies are overprotective, possessive, and obsessive. He never allows you to be near the front door, only making the chain stop in-front of the door and back door. He often hides his katana, fearing you’ll cut yourself or end up trying to hurt him. Sanemi often has conversations with you that he loves you and he’s only doing this to protect you; the more you obey, the more you’ll receive ‘freedom’ and get spoiled rotten.
The affection is often weird, as he didn’t get a lot of affection; only receiving it from his siblings and mother, he didn’t really acknowledge how touch-starved he is towards your touch. Once you feel comfortable being touched, he’s holding onto you for life, never letting go, especially after he gets back from a mission that took a lot outta him. He absolutely loves laying on your chest, thighs, or stomach; rumbling into you like a cat, demanding attention.
His rules he set out for you are pretty simple: don’t try to run away, attack him, or remove the chain unless he allows it or your life is on the line.
If you follow his rules, you are spoiled like no other day; getting whatever you want. If you love makeup, he expresses and gives you a big bag of supplies: expensive, yet pretty cosmetics along with jewelry. Love arts? He buys an entire stack full of yarn for crocheting, oil pants, and well-made canvases that are greasy enough to use. One of his goals is to make you feel loved, reminding you that he’s the only one you can rely on when it comes to the dangerous outside. At some point, he would even let you roam free with no chain; letting you do your own thing as he watches you closely for the first few days.
Sadly, if you decide to break his rules, it won’t end well for you. He would become very serious, removing any things that you received for being ‘good’, only leaving a few clothes, blankets, and one pillow in the corner for you to sleep on. He would also use intercorse as a form of punishment; overstimulating you to the point you won’t even think. However, he would still talk to you, but give you blunt answers whenever you try to have conversations with him. He’d expect an apology sooner or later, finally asking if: ‘You’ done with the damn tantrum?’. If in this case, you had your chain removed, it’s going back on, much heavier and shorter for your safety and his.
Never will he lay a hand on you, rather trying to guilt-trip you into understanding that he is the only one who will protect you, stating that the others are weak, and that your ‘family’ and ‘friends’ were fake in the beginning, planning to abandon you. If you continue acting out, he isn’t afraid to threaten or hurt your close/or loved ones. This goes along the lines of killing anyone that he deems a threat to you; jealousy and hatred rising in his veins as blood splatters over his face.
Though, behind his ‘scary’ look and personality, he’s really a gentle soul who really needs a cuddle session and soft kisses along the scars covering his body. Any day, he’s around you, holding you while leaving hickeys and bite marks on you; trying to cover you like your ‘his’.
Sanemi’s patience is high, however, a person’s patience can last so long before he tries to make you understand you are his. Whether you fall for him and go under Stockholm Syndrome or continue on with tantrum acts, the choice is yours.
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ALL RIGHTS RESERVED ©yandere-kokeshi
Do not plagiarize, repost, modify, translate or copy my work.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
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heartfullofleeches · a day ago
How would the supernatural harem react to reader who is very much into moobs (aka man boobs) and just randomly cuddle up to them, maybe also kiss them or suck-
Baron: all for it. Depending on your height, you may already be at chest level, but will crouch further so you're right there when he hugs you standing up. Already excited about bring able to cuddle up to you, but if you kiss him then you'll have a problem on your hands.. or leg
Alasdair: a tad confused, but doesn't mind it either. Humans are odd with how they fixate on parts of the physical form, but he can't lie that he finds you quite breath taking. Probably let's you warm up to his side while reading a book or something. Might want to warn him before any kissing so he doesn't get spill coffee all over himself
Maddox: my Boi is barely above a walking skeleton, but if you till go up to him he won't complain. Very touch starved despite how distant he his. Like Baron, he's happy to hold you, but if you kiss his chest he wouldn't know how to react
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rie-092 · 2 days ago
Hello <3 I hope you're having a good day! May I ask romantic yandere Kwon Eun-hyung from Inso's Law? Thank you.
❲ yandere! kwon eun-hyung x girlfriend! reader ❳
summary : kwon eun-hyung was trusted by everyone. that's why everyone, even yourself was clueless about the true nature that he was hiding behind his gentle smile.
tw : yandere behavior, creepy behavior, unhealthy obsession, mention of violence and threats, infantilism
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
first of all, this adorable red-head class rep was quite good at lying. this guy was also smart and he could easily hide his yandere tendencies behind his gentle smile.
almost everyone was really envious of you since you are kwon eun-hyung, one of the four heavenly king's girlfriend. but you don't really care about those types of things.
as a yandere, eun-hyung was a harmless type. eun-hyung wouldn't do anything that will harm you or the people around you. but of course, the people who hurt or tried to hurt you physically or mentally didn't belong to that.
eun-hyung really loves to spoil you. this guy really wants you to be dependent on him. since he knows that he won't be able to live without you.
how do eun-hyung deal with the people who harm/tried to harm you? easy. if that person was a girl, he would surely threaten her with a scary smile plastered on his face. and if it's a boy/man, it will be umm... it will be quite violent.
he might be too shy to say it but eun-hyung really loves your touches. your simple hugs, head pats, or cuddles were enough to brighten up his day.
and this guy can be easily jealous. but you don't have to worry! eun-hyung will not no, he will never show his violent side to you. after all, he doesn't want you to be scared of him. that's why he will just secretly glare at the person that he was jealous of.
eun-hyung, this guy easily used his connections to know anything about you. your friends were really close with him that's why he knows what your favorite food, favorite color, anything.
you don't have to worry, even though eun-hyung's obsession and overprotectiveness towards you are kinda unhealthy. this guy will never kidnap or isolate you from other people.
eun-hyung loves to see you happy, he loves to see your smile. that's why he will tie you next to his side using the rope named matrimony.
he just needs you to stay clueless about his true nature and this man was willing to do everything for you.
“ you don't have to listen to them, (first name). you are the most perfect person in my eyes. ”
Tumblr media
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midnightlee25 · a day ago
Random Yandere Headcanons: Lin Chung
Tumblr media
He has many drawings and paintings of his darling. 
Sometimes he will ask to draw them and other times they don't even know he's drawing them 
He does try to get as much alone time as he can with his darling by either visiting them to take a walk with him or simply relaxing in his room. 
He hardly ever leaves their side in fact the only time he really leaves them is when he goes on a mission or to the bathroom. 
If his darling is on the same squad as him, he does keep an extra eye on them. 
But if they were on a different squad then he would try to find a way to either get them off the squad or at least have it changed to the same one as him. 
It's obvious to everyone that he likes his darling although just how much no one will know until it's too late. 
He is very sweet and loving to his darling almost to a smothering extant. 
Unlike many yanderes he isn't dangerous to his darling or those around them. 
He really isn't the worst yandere to have mainly due to him not being a danger but they do have to deal with his smothering ways. 
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just-mint-to-be · 2 days ago
Yandere Citra Headcannon please?
Tumblr media
Yandere! Citra Takugmai Headcanons
- Rook island is her home, her kingdom. Should you ever step foot in it? You, by default, become hers too.
- It’s apparent how easily she can convince others to do her bidding. Try to escape? Run off with someone else? She’ll know, immediately.
- She’s clever enough to realise that you’ll be less inclined to at last love her back if you’re too quickly exposed to the harsh but necessary ways of the jungle.
- Citra knows how to frame it, to guilt you; should you never have tried to run, then no one aiding you would’ve been exposed to an all too convenient unfortunate accident.
- That aside, her devotion to you is ritualistic. You’ll hear matching Tatau, a full sleeve that gets more and more detailed as your love grows.
- In her own way, she’s like every other smitten person. She wants nothing more than to share her home, her future and her goals with the person she loves.
- It’s just that her methods are rapid, ruthless and your chances of ever getting away are slim to none.
- You’re awfully uptight, sickened by a hesitance to embrace the love you have deep down. Fret not, she has a cure.
- Aphrodisiacs. The Rakyat are skilled fighters, but even greater shamans. A multitude of flora on the island are prime for concocting the perfect brew
- You’ll be slick with need, fiery hot within and cooled only by her touches.
- You’ll have sex on the alter at least once, likely on a momentous occasion like your (likely immediate) wedding.
- A softer part of her love making involves mutual body painting. She doesn’t mind how skilled you are, as long as you allow her to study your form and figure with equal focus and admiration.
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