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#yandere headcanons
yandere-sins · 2 days ago
Horrortober Day 25: Run “You can run, but you can’t hide from me!”
Can you believe... that I wrote this prompt for Leviathan before? How funny is that??? Please read the previous one so this one is a bit easier to understand setting-wise! This is really funny to me, but I spiced it up a little, enjoy!
Warnings: Yandere, Non-Consensual Touches, Hunting the darling, Possessiveness, Jealousy Characters: Leviathan x Reader (x Lucifer)
Tumblr media
“You can run, but you can’t hide from me!”
The words haunted you as you cowered behind Lucifer’s bed. It was a shame he wasn’t home, nowhere near actually, and you left your phone in Levi’s room. But still, his room was mostly off-limits for the brothers, and you weren’t sure if anyone would dare to come in here to look for you. At least for a few minutes, you were able to calm your racing heart and massage your feet, your body aching with anxiety and running around. Everything had been going so well between you and the brothers. Why had it suddenly turned out to be so weird?
Running around, claiming you were ‘theirs’, it was just strange. But there was also Levi behaving like someone very different. Normally, he was more of a shy, funny guy that was quite a lot of fun to hang out with, but when he started to touch you and yank at your arm, he was… scary. It reminded you of his true being, which you should have never forgotten, just because he played video games with you. You certainly did not like that Levi, much less the situation he got you in.
Satan and Belphie, too, had been behaving strangely. You still felt the handcuffs on your wrists as if Satan hadn’t removed them before. The thought alone about what they were planning and the ‘deal’ they were making over your head—it gave you the shivers. Maybe you were still napping, and this was all a bad dream. But no matter how much you wished for it to be a nightmare, it was very much real.
You jolted but quickly regained your senses and ducked low when the door opened. It creaked miserably as someone made their way inside, and they seemed hesitant, quietly calling out, “[Name]?”
He found you.
You were praying as you laid low that he’d not come further inside and maybe see you. That the thought alone of Lucifer’s punishment would make him turn on his heels and go away. Obviously, he was cautious, snooping around in the dark on quiet soles, knowing exactly he shouldn’t be here. Other than you, Levi would get a stern scolding from his brother for entering this space without permission. Maybe worse. Oh, you hoped so much that he was more scared of that than having the desire to find you. You weren’t that lucky, unfortunately.
“There you are!” he called out, and you froze, staring at him from below like a scared rabbit. Levi was overjoyed as he dropped to his knees, coming closer and closer until you could no longer back away, hitting the nightstand behind you. “I was searching everywhere for you! Why did you run away?”
His question was confusingly sincere despite his advances continuing, his hands creeping up your legs, pushing them apart for more space that he could take up. Even though you closed your knees, unknown strength seemed to surge through Levi while all you could do was use your arms to keep his torso away from you, stuttering in pure panic.
“D-Don’t come closer! Stay away!”
Despite your raised voice, Levi’s expression only changed into a half-smile, as if he didn’t quite understand what you were saying, the pressure of his hands never disappearing. “But why?” he mumbled, seemingly taken aback by your rejection. “It’s my day. I get to do what I want with you today.”
His statements were so nonchalant, unbothered by their implications. Levi didn’t own you. No one did! He couldn’t just do what he wanted, and you were about to scream that into his face when the creaking of the door returned, the light being switched on.
“Leviathan?” a deep voice asked, and you peeked up at it, hope and relief washing over you.
“Lucifer!” you called out, the word cracking from the tension releasing in you. “H-Help!”
Finally, you could breathe again. The anxiety left your body, and you managed to push Levi away, who looked at his older brother with a burning hatred like you had never seen before. Sprinting towards your savior, you were enveloped in his arms as he caught you jumping into him. You were overwhelmed with relief, knowing everything would be okay now. Lucifer would fix this. He was the only one that could get them under control. And you were a precious exchange student that needed protection at all costs—even against his own brothers.
“Levi pushed himself on me! And… and Belphie and Satan want to lock me into a magical cage just for the two of them! I was so scared! Levi kept saying things like I was some object belonging to him...”
It was pretty childish to rat them out like this, you had to admit, but you were honestly scared to death by their behavior. Maybe it was all just a big joke at your cost, but you weren’t laughing. “I was really, really scared,” you confessed, Lucifer’s hands wrapping around you, calming you as if you were one of his siblings.
“Leviathan…” he grumbled above you, and you expected him to start the scolding right away. Behind you, Levi’s clothes shuffled, and you saw him getting up to his feet as you glanced over your shoulder.
“I am trying not to care what you do on your day with [Name]. But in my room?”
Did you mishear that? Blinking a few times, you couldn’t help yourself from laughing up once and pushing away from Lucifer, ready to ask him to repeat what he just said. But the oldest brother just embraced you tighter, one hand reaching up to press your head back into his chest. “I’m afraid I’ll take them for the rest of the day as punishment.”
“Urgh, so unfair!” Levi complained behind you while you were still blindsided by Lucifer’s words. A few steps and he pushed up against your back, grabbing your upper arms to pull you back. “You can’t just change the rules as you please! They were hiding here! I had to get them!”
“Too bad. You know I don’t tolerate you rascals in here.”
“No! That’s too unfair, you can’t do that! If anyone has them other than me, I’ll get mad! They are mine today. Everyone agreed on the plan!”
The argument continued over your head while they tugged at your body as if you were a doll. This was all too surreal, absolutely unbelievable. How did you get yourself in this position? What was the deal? Why was there a plan? Too many questions and too little answers, but suddenly the attention shifted back to you, the demons looking at you, and they placed you between them. Expectant eyes stared daggers into you as they gave you too much power in this unfortunate situation you were in.
“What about you? Who do you want to spend the day with?” Levi asked, squeezing your arms to a painful extent. He seemed desperate, but he looked at you with the same big, innocent eyes which the Levi had that you liked. But under these eyes, would you find the good or the bad one?
“Choose wisely,” Lucifer reminded you, his eyes burning with a desire to be picked. His pride could not stand the rejection, and you knew it. But… he betrayed you. He didn’t help you with the Levi problem, but he too knew about whatever plan they had. He, too… wanted to claim you as his.
What would happen if you made the wrong choice? Was there even a right one?
Maybe, the best thing you could do... was to keep running.
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moiyume · 2 days ago
The idea of Thor and his hammer inspired an idea in me: So what if reader has the same ability except instead of a hammer, the reader summons a scythe? I don’t know… I have a fixation for scythes these days lol. Could I have headcanons regarding how yandere Deku would react? Thank you :)
A/N: this request came out fluff and short than I imagined, I can't see Izuku reacting badly to it, but enough said or I'll spoil the experience.... I hope you like what I wrote ♥️
Warnings ⚠️: no warning, use of handcuffs (nothing serious), just Izuku being a careful boyfriend.
Genre: fluff!
Pairing: Izuku Midoriya × GN!reader
Tumblr media
You look even more beautiful when you have this scythe in your hands. The imposing and powerful aura surrounding you, you look as elegant as Mistress Death in the comics, Izuku is in love.
However... Your scythe is a dangerous object when handled incorrectly, so please hand it over to Deku immediately or he will be quite upset.
Please don't take him wrong, he's just trying to protect you. Your scythe is big and has a powerful blade, any false move could pierce someone's stomach, and you don't want to hurt anyone. Especially your boyfriend, right?
But the moment Izuku manages to get the scythe out of your sight, you call it again just by extending your hand and he is fascinated.
The green haired boy will put anti quirk cuffs on your wrists and see if your ability still works. He will do studies and document how this power works.
Izuku will put the scythe miles away just to see you extend your arm and call it again, if before he was fascinated by you, now he is 110% more obsessed. "Please do it again, it's so cool!" he'll ask you with puppy dog eyes that have fallen off the move.
Ok, maybe it's not so bad to watch you playing with your scythe.
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Can you make this again but different
Reader accept yandere silver
Okay I really hope you like it :)
Here is Silver's reaction if you reject him.
Yandere Silver
Tumblr media
Silver would be really glad you decided to accept his proposal.
This is like a happy fairy tale.
He had been waiting for this day for so long.
Here, however, is the problem with confirming Silver’s delusion that the whole of your relationship is normal.
Poor Silver must never know the truth.
Another person who is happy with this decision is Lilia.
Every parent wants to see their child happy.
You can already see him starting to plan grandchildren.
( I mean if you can give birth to a child )
This will make your life much better.
You may not have loved Silver really but that’s how you save Lilia from anger and punishment.
Plus, you now had a good and really caring husband.
Your life could be worse.
Also, if you lie enough you will soon start believing it yourself.
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teddy-yandere · 2 days ago
Hey can you write yandere Muzan headcanons?
I hope you have a good day.
Yandere Muzan Kibutsuji Headcanons
⚠️WARNING⚠️ will contain dark themes
A/N = Feel free to request any characters you want. I write for many different fandoms , all you have to do is scroll to the bottom of this post and pick what fandom and character you want me to write for and send me a request. My inbox is always open so feel free to chat with me!! <3
Tumblr media
• Muzan is a extremely complex Yandere to have. He almost can’t believe himself when he realizes that he is actually in love with someone. He will do everything in his power to make these feeling go away … but they don’t. For this headcanon post , I am going to make you a demon slayer. ( you are a pillar and you are older than Tanjiro for reference )
• If I am being completely honest , when this man first heard about you he was very intrigued. He thought that you were very strange. Because he was so curious about you decided to follow you and see what you would be doing. Imagine his surprise when he found himself fawning over how Handsome / Beautiful you were. He could not help himself from staring at you. Because you were a demon slayer , he felt like it was his job to protect you because you were weak. You will soon find that the demons you are sent out to kill, are already dead when you arrive to the town.
• You first met Muzan when you were with Tanjiro in town. He bumped into him by accident . He could see the terror in your eyes. You gave Tanjiro a look before apologizing a thousand times for disturbing him. The only thing that he did was look at you kindly . You were very disturbed and tried to drag Tanjiro out of there. He found it almost amusing how you attempted to drag Tanjiro out of there. Normally he would kill Tanjiro and you in a instant , but the truth was is that he did not want to give a bad first impression. Instead he looked at you before smiling and telling you to enjoy your night.
• Over the course of a couple of weeks he would send out his upper moons to keep a eye on you. Any demon or human that would try to lay a finger in you would be dead. In his free time he would like to watch you himself. He found you adorable. At the same time he was worried for you. He hoped that you weren’t to stressed out about being in a completely different universe. When he was stalking you , he would watch you as you cried to Zenitsu about wanting to find a way back home .
• That was when he snapped. That very night when you were in town looking for fresh food you felt yourself being gagged and knocked out. Don’t worry Muzan won’t really hurt you physically but he will gaslight and manipulate you. Very rarely will punishments ever get physical. He will do anything in his power to convince you that this universe is where you belong. He will also try to get you to forget all about your old life and family members. As I have said before , this man will manipulate the fuck out of you. He will whisper kind little things in your ear before you fall asleep such as : “ only I can protect you “ and “ you are safe with me “.
• He will turn you into a demon because he never wants to be away from you. He can feel himself getting sick whenever he thinks about you disappearing or worse…. Dying.
Thanks for reading Darling !! <3
Feel free to request any character you want. I write for all genders. If you don’t tell me what gender you want then I will just make it gender nuetural. I write for many different fandoms such as:
• Demon Slayer
• Haikyuu
• Attack on Titan
• My Hero Academia
• Death Note
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kikyan · a day ago
Yandere Kento Nanami Headcanons 
These are my interpretations of his persona and none of these are 100% accurate. I don't condone any of these actions in real life and all of this is purely fictional and should be taken as such. 
Tumblr media
I wanted to start writing for JJk so I decided, why not start with my favorite man? I swear to Jesus this man is so MF FINE. Something about blonde men in suits yall...I will turn this man into a DILF. I will give him the child he wants I swear to Christ anyways enough thirsting, let’s get to it!
This will be based off the anime only because I have a lot of stuff I am reading at the moment so it may be a while before I read the manga. Starting off, we don’t get much from Nanami aside from the fact that he is a working man. Basically he wakes up in the morning and just works until he has to go home. You could see when he was working in his office  he was very tired and sleep deprived, overworked, and barely hanging on. He had the mentality that he would work hard now and when he was older he would retire and live decently well. I really think that having a S/O would do him well. Speaking of S/O, I see Nanami as overprotective, manipulative, possessive, and slightly obsessive. 
Let’s start with a small one, obsessive. He probably won’t be like stalking you from beyond a pole type obsessive, but he would be very observant. Observant and obsessive in the sense that he can pick up your little personal habits/behaviors. Like if you’re lying maybe you avert your eyes, if you get nervous you bite your lip, etc. He’d be obsessed/observant with your routine as well. You go for this particular food type on Tuesday, you wake up at this time for work, you wear this clothing style for this event, etc. He’d probably be the type to wait at the train station at a specific time so that he could watch you and if you show up a bit late, he’d be on the lookout. Probably late, maybe something happened? Should he go check? Well, this is what brings on his overprotective behavior. 
Granted, I feel like knowing about the curses and cursed energy may not be so strange for his S/O. If he has involved them into his personal life then they might already be a sorcerer themselves or probably someone who knows about them. I feel like if his S/O didn’t know about them then he wouldn’t push them to know because he’d want to preserve that innocence. Regardless, he’d want you to be safe. With a bitch like Mahito running around, Geto and his little mf curse squad, and Gojo. . .yeah Nanami would rather you stay at home. If you are a sorcerer he’d do all he can to accompany you on your missions to ensure you are safe. If he couldn’t, he’d call frequently to make sure you’re okay. If you weren’t a sorcerer but knew of them, he’d probably ask you to report anything you see that is strange, but NEVER go investigate. If you weren’t one, he’d do all he can to ensure his life as a sorcerer and having you at the same time isn’t exposed to those who wish to harm him. With Nanami’s intellect and skill, you shouldn't worry too much! Speaking of his intellect, someone who doesn’t know any better would listen to this man and his every whim. 
Manipulative. While he may not outright do it so straightforwardly, he does have his moments and methods. He would use his knowledge and your lack of, to his advantage. To a S/O who doesn’t know about curses, you can’t be too trusting of people because you can never guess who has bad intentions towards you. You live in a completely different world and you rather not know about it, he’d do all he can to prevent you from learning of it. Whether it be keeping you at the house, making up false rumors and stories to the point you don’t want to leave, that kind of thing. To a S/O that does see them, he’d mention how seeing them is just as bad. If they even suspect that you can see them, they might mistake you for sorcerer so it’s best to stay your ass at home, never talk to someone who you aren’t familiar with and never look at anything for too long. To a S/O that is a sorcerer, boy would he make you doubt your skills. To the point you’re requesting he joins you for these missions. He’d probably make it so that you opt for less difficult rated missions as opposed to your usual ones. He’d also keep your ‘sorcerer friends’ in check. He probably wouldn’t even let you around Gojo, quite possessive there huh Nanami? 
Possessive. Regardless of your status/sitatution, he’d make it quite known that you should always be on the lookout. He’d explain that in a world, particularly from his past and his office job, people don’t hold your best interests to heart. He was taught to sell, not protect, earn and not give at his previous office job (if I remember correctly, if not feel free to correct me!). That man working that gas station? What if he was an ex-convict that murdered his family? That lovely family down the street? What if that child they have isn’t really theirs and they abducted them at a nearby hospital? People aren’t kind, so expect Nanami to be there all the time to watch over you when he can. Even at work, expect frequent calls from him and reminders to eat, sleep, take care of yourself!! 
He isn’t a dangerous yandere, would he be overbearing? Yeah, a bit but never dangerous. Nanami has your best interests at heart, he just doesn’t want to take any risks and if that includes keeping you glued to his side, asking Yuji to watch over you/protect you when he can’t, keeping you locked up, spamming your cell phone, or spreading rumors to scare you, then so be it.
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the-broken-truth · a day ago
Yandere Headcanon: Yandere Platonic Vixen w/ Teenage Lion Shifter Reader
Tumblr media
Broken: Hey, Everyone - I'm planning to create a Genetic OC for Vixen. What do ya'll think the gender should be: Male or Female?
Vixen was the embodiment of the entire Animal Kingdom - from the tallest giraffe to the smallest shrew; all the souls rested with her and lent their power when she called upon it. She respected the Animal Kingdom and they appreciated her, but for some reason, she felt as if something was missing but she could never place her finger on it. She wanted to find that thing she felt would complete her.
It was a normal day when she felt an imbalance within herself, or rather - the Spirit of the Lion was uneasy. This was unexpected - never before have any of the animal spirits felt this way. She called upon the Lion's Spirit and asked it to show her the source of its sadness. The spirit filled her and she ran in a random direction before climbing a building to see two individuals fighting.
The first was easy to make it - it was the Supervillian Cheetah; the woman who betrayed Diana for power and was cursed by an ancient god to be the humanoid version of a cheetah, but she saw it as a blessing.
It was the other figure that made her eyes widen: A human teenager but at the same time, not completely human. They had a muscular body for their age - on top of their head rested two lion ears, one of them was bleeding with a fresh cut mark - a long tan lion's tail waved wildly behind them as they dodged Cheetah's Attacks - their claws were ready for battle as their golden eyes narrowed and their teeth were locked in a snarl.
Vixen understood that very moment why the Lion was in such dismay - This teen - this cub - was being hunted and it wanted to protect that cub: Its Cub!
'My Cub!' Vixen's mind roared as she charged at Cheetah, knocking the spotted woman to the roof. The teen looked at Vixen with a confused look on their face but the amber-eyed woman smiled, "Don't worry, Cub. I'm here to help you." She said.
"Cub?" The teen said in an offended voice but their attention turned back to Cheetah when their instincts called them back to reality when Cheetah moved to attack them.
Vixen fought alongside her cub - they moved in perfect unison with their strikes and counters; she was amazed at their fighting style. It wasn't long for Cheetah to be knocked unconscious, after all - a cheetah has nothing on the strength of 2 Lions. Vixen began to cuff Cheetah when the Lion Spirit roared at her, she turned to see the teen walking away.
"Cub, where are you going?" Vixen questioned as she rose to her feet.
"Stop calling me that. My name is [Name], not Cub...and I'm going home." The Cub - [Name] - said as they continued to walk away. Before Vixen could stop them, they jumped off the roof and were gone by the time Vixen ran over to the side to look for them.
'[Name], huh?' Vixen wondered..."I'll find you again, Cub. Just wait for me." Vixen promised.
She finally found the thing that completed her, but it ran away - she was going to find them and take them as her own and no one was going to stand in her way - not without meeting her claws.
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If I sent this before ignore it please
Yandere Technoblade with a s/o who has a romantic partner? (Like when he was developing feelings for them)
* First of all, Technoblade would feel disgusted with himself. I mean, you are already taken. He should respect that. He should try.. He should try his best to forget about you. * And you can bet your ass that he tried his best. He even told you that he hated you and would try his best to scare you. That is.. Until he would be unable to do that. * He needed to be around you all the time. Kiss you, hold you and... Just have you to himself. * He would even imagine himself in the position of your partner. * He understood this was wrong but it didn't stop him from developing his feelings further. * He was.. He was going to have you. Even if he needed to kill your partner and take you away by force. * Even if he had to fake your death to have you.
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yanderegameguys · 2 days ago
Coul you do yandere leon
I’m going to assume it’s for Mr. Kennedy so if it’s not please let me know
Tumblr media
No one is going to ever believe that the guy who’s helped saved the world is obsessed with you
If anything he’s got that weird thing going with Ada (I’ve thought about it and their relationship is not really great. Sorry Ada X Leon shippers but I have valid ideas as to why it’s a terrible relationship)
So why would he want you?
Well why wouldn’t anyone want you?
It’s after China that he met you
He went out to a bar one night to drink away everything that was on his mind
The nearest empty barstool was next to you who he didn’t notice at first
He was about 3 glasses in when you moved and accidentally knocked his drink over onto his clothing
Yes he wasn’t happy but your reaction kind of calmed him down because you seemed genuinely sorry for what you did
After wiping himself down with your help you offered to buy him another round as an apology to which he accepted
Sadly you both became drunk and you both ended up at his place
You both passed out on his bed fully clothed except for your shoes
Waking up and realizing nothing happened between you both was a relief
At least to you
When Leon woke up he was able to see how you really looked and found himself just a little disappointed that there wasn’t a drunken fling between you two
With you both having killer hangovers Leon thought it would be safe if you stayed in until they went away and he ordered breakfast
While eating you both had talked and he found himself listening to EVERY word you said
You guys had basically hung out until you felt that your head wasn’t going to explode when you stepped outside
Leon even paid for your ride home since you had originally gone out with some friends the night before
Leon thought that it was it and he was never going to see you again so he tried to put you out of mind
Because for some reason he kept thinking about you and he could not stop
He didn’t ever really use social media but after you told him who you were he looked you up (he might have also looked you up in the government database as well, you know to make sure you weren’t a criminal)
He found himself saving pictures of you to his phone and looking at them when he was bored
He knew he had to be careful not just because of his status but that because of who he was could put you in danger so he never really interacted with you
He just watched you from afar
(Working for the government let him know your address and other confidential information)
He’s had bad luck with any type of romantic relationship as well
He really does want you but he also wants to protect you and if you get with him or he’s around you that could cause you potential harm in the future
He’s the distant protective yandere
A/N: More will be added I promise
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yandere-toons · 2 days ago
yay 🎉 then I’d like to request platonic headcanons for jack pumpkinhead from oz please 😊
Yandere Jack Pumpkinhead (Platonic Headcanons)
TW: Emotional Manipulation, Toxic Mindsets.
A.N. - My favourite Return to Oz character.
Tumblr media
Jack sees his friend as a mentor and someone deserving of reverence after whom he should model his life and behaviour. He thinks of them like a child regards their parent, but Jack is fearful of scorn and only expresses this attachment via accidental terms of endearment and the instinct to find them when he is injured or frightened. This hesitancy to assert himself prevents Jack from employing more than a hit-or-miss approach to keeping them around, relying on the frailty of his body to garner sympathy and convince them that he needs supervision.
In moments of excitement, such as after his friend helps him repair himself or narrowly escapes from a dangerous encounter with Mombi or the Deadly Desert, Jack rambles about the personal importance of their friendship. He confesses to never having felt more connected to someone in hopes that his friend will reciprocate the affection and permit him to address them as a parental figure.
Jack has a feeble sense of independence and is far more comfortable with enabling his friend to, metaphorically or physically, hold his hand through life. He grows timid and indecisive whenever they leave his sight, fearing that some terrible accident will befall them and they will never return. Every journey, even a short walk from the Emerald City or a trip to the marketplace, is met with his request to accompany them.
For the innocent mind of Jack, the worst thing he could be is useless, and the worst crime he could be guilty of is appearing ungrateful for their companionship. Along with wanting his friend to always be in arm's reach so he can feel assured of their presence, Jack spares no opportunity to assist them in whatever task they may undertake. He gives his best efforts and is reluctant to admit any difficulties even if he has no idea how to do something, for his greatest worry is that his friend will decide to handle it themselves and deem him unworthy of their time.
Every word spoken to his friend is reconsidered and doubted for fear that an unknown complication will ambush him and ruin the exchange, potentially damaging the relationship by extension. Jack seeks not to inconvenience them and freely abandons his wellbeing and opinions if preserving them means endangering or contradicting his friend.
Tumblr media
yandere-toons, all rights reserved.
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dangandreams · 2 days ago
Hello there :D may I request yandere kokichi headcannons when y/n escapes from him?
Most definitely! Good thing I’m prepared for this one.
I’ll have two separate au’s for this one, the killing game au and non-despair au (normal Hope’s peak au) since I have separate ideas for both.
Yandere Kokichi with an escaped darling
Tumblr media
TW ⚠️ Yelling and scolding, guilt tripping, mentions of suicide.
Despair AU
❥: Kokichi was about to spiral into madness when he saw your bounds broken. Where were you?! How could you?
❥:Then, he realized you were trapped in this place. You couldn’t have gone too far, right?
❥: It took him a few minutes to try and actually calm down. But it didn’t work. He had to find you!
❥: Kokichi started dashing around the school, asking people if they saw you. Some refused to say others just didn’t know. It frustrated him even more.
❥: He was frantically searching for you, then. He found you, he grabbed you and dragged you back to his room while covering your mouth.
❥: He pushed you onto the bed and sat on you. “WHY DID YOU LEAVE? WHY DID YOU TELL THE OTHERS NOT TO TELL ME? OH I KNOW WHY! HOW SILLY IF ME TO ASK!” He would then laugh and squeeze your arm tightly till it hurt. Till you begged him to stop.
❥: He’d then become happy again and tie you to the bed. “Don’t make me actually hurt you next time, Y/N.”
Non-Despair AU
❥: Kokichi wouldn’t be the first to figure out, instead. His dice members would.
❥: They’d be panicking? Who would tell Kokichi? They all then told him together.
❥:Kokichi stared at them for a good few seconds. “Is this a joke? It’s not exactly funny, haha!”
❥: When they said no, Kokichi freaked out and started breaking things “JESUS FUCKING CHRIST! HOW COULD YOU LET THEM ESCAPE YOU BABOONS? IDIOTS! GRR..ARGH!” They had to wait for him to stop throwing his 4 year old tantrum and then he could speak normally.
❥:”Idiots..Come on, let’s go search for them!” They’d try their best to find you, and when they do, Kokichi isn’t really happy.
❥: He took you back inside, with a big grin on his face. Masking the anger he had.
❥:Once you two were alone, he started to guilt trip you “WHY WOULD YOU LEAVE ME LIKE THAT! I ALMOST KILLED MYSELF!” You could obviously see through it though.
❥: If you apologized, all you would get is some insults thrown at you, Good luck calming him down.
❥:If you wouldn’t and fought back? He’d have to resort to harsher alternatives.
There you go! :)
~Mod Shuichi
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yandere-sins · a day ago
A Taste to Remember
Horrortober Day 26: Stalk “I am always with you.”
It’s kind of funny how the randomizer mostly changed fandoms from day to day, but here we are, two times Obey Me! and two times Genshin coming up lol It be like that, oh well. In this scenario, I tried to ruin every possible way to imagine food, have fun! :D
Warnings: Yandere, Jealousy, Stalking, Too many (bad) food references, Slight sexual innuendos, PDA, Forced Kiss Characters: Beelzebub x Reader
Tumblr media
If you were a food, you’d be the most desirable meal out there.
Not just yummy, not just pretty. Not a memory one had about a dish they tasted a long time ago. You weren’t just fit for making a picture and putting them out into the world wide web, not ‘too sweet’ or ‘too spicy’. If anything, you were the kind of food everyone longed for and couldn’t wait to eat. At least, to Beel, that’s what you were.
He briefly pulled down his mask to take a sip of his extra-large drink, his shades sliding down his nose, and he could finally look at you again in all your desirable beauty. His brothers would tell him to leave and go home, but he didn’t come all the way out here without having a taste now. You were here, after all. What else could he want other than to be in your presence?
However, the demon at your side - your study partner - was the lucky one today. Not Beel and not anyone he could tolerate. He was having his chance at taking a bite out of you, taste you on his tongue, and maybe dip into the delicious ice cream you were holding in your hand. Beel tensed, watching that other demon lick his spoon, taking the place that should be rightfully his. There was a boiling passion inside of him to tear out the tongue of this guy.
Admittedly, Beel was at fault too. His life was very much structured, as in, when he was finally free of his RAD duties, training, he’d get his daily fill of delicacies. But missing out on the chance to have his fill of you was bothering him more than he wanted to admit. You were at this delicacy hotspot, and yet, if it wasn’t your food, then Beel didn’t want it. If it wasn’t dripping from your lips, he did not want to lick it up, and what was the point of eating if you didn’t feed him?
Beel needed you more than you knew. He needed you to be able to chew down all the nutritions a strong demon like him needed. You were the bond between him and food because nothing truly tasted good anymore since you came to live with the brothers. And yet, your hand was preoccupied being played with by some demon undeserving of your attention. You were too kind to refuse this date when he offered it, but he was not worth sharing ice cream with you and bask in your presence. Hear your laugh and enjoy your tenderness. God, you were too good for everyone in this room, including Beel.
And yet, if there had to be an equal, it had to be Beel, right? Only he could appreciate your true self, the taste of your soul. Only Beel knew how you feel against his mouth, the ecstatic touch to his body and heart. He shouldn’t have come uninvited, watching you from the corner of the room. Beel should have been out there, living his life like he always did before meeting you. But without you, it all seemed pointless.
It wasn’t made better by having to watch some filthy demon sullying this delicious, full-course meal you were. Beel doubted that the other guy knew even one of your many tastes, and though Beel wouldn’t be able to hold back from gobbling you up either if he ever had the chance, he knew at least he could appreciate the varieties dripping from you like the chocolate sauce from your ice cream. Your kindness, your strength. The boldness yet tactfulness you displayed, mixed with how amazing you were from head to your toes. Your smell alone was enough to turn heads in the streets.
But no, he was out of line for being here, watching over you like a demon of envy. The other guy looked at his wristwatch briefly, apologetically excusing himself to go to the bathroom, and you were sweet enough to see him off with a smile. Tapping his fingers against the table, it was so hard to resist walking up to you and leave something with you that would deter any other demon from coming too close. Beel wished that taking a bite out of your shoulder wouldn’t mean pain for you, so he’d never have to stop creating new wounds and licking them at the same time.
Beel did realize, however, that he couldn’t stay and watch on. Staying would mean he might lose his nerves after all. Maybe he’d smash that other guy’s head, or perhaps he’d just eat you up so no one could lay a hand on you. There was no one more worthy of having a taste than Beel was. He just knew that given the chance, this other demon would ravage you. Eat you up with skin and bones. And in that case, Beel couldn’t just sit idly as someone else tried to take what was his.
Standing up abruptly, the tables around him stared at him in confusion, but he ignored them completely—all of his thoughts were fixated on you. Finally, you noticed the towering figure marching towards you, unusually covered with his cap, shades, and mask. And yet, your eyes lit up at Beel’s appearance as they should, a smile curling on these scrumptious lips of yours as if to lure him towards you more.
“Beel! I didn’t know you are here too--”
You called out to him, but he cut you off with an unexpected kiss. Beel had to. He couldn’t leave without this. There was no way he could leave without making sure you were still mouth-watering delicious, his tongue licking at your lips until you let it in to suck at your essence. Your face was heating up like a gas grill on the highest setting, hands helplessly sinking into his shirt after giving up on pushing him away. But Beelzebub merely continued, wanting to leave the same burning desire he felt inside of you. Because if anyone tried to kiss you after him, you’d always compare them to Beel’s addicting kiss, and you’d shy away, not wanting to sully the taste he left on you.
“I am always with you,” he muttered against your lips as you two parted to breathe. Hot, messy air exchanged between you, and he could still taste you in it. Beel, too, would be a memory you kept remembering with this kiss. Until you could no longer wait for it to happen again and come to him. Brushing through your hair, he took a deep breath, smelling your unique scent that added to your flavor.
“Don’t keep me waiting,” he breathed out, finding it almost too hard to hold back. He wanted you now, eat you up right there on the table. But he wouldn’t. Whatever was needed to resist, he’d do it. So he walked off, leaving you behind bothered by the lingering kiss and his ominous message, so he could wait it out at home. Maybe he’d need to punch a wall, fill his stomach with meals out of desperation, or spend some time alone behind a locked door.
But food always tasted best when he was hungry.
And Beel was starving for you.
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oworiio · 3 months ago
yandere headcannons
characters: mikey/manjiro sano, draken/ken ryuguji, baji keisuke
rating: sfw and nsfw (under le cut) minor violence warnings
gender neutral sfw — female nsfw
Tumblr media
Calls you Baby and Darling
Monitors you on everything. Literally has all of your passwords to all of your social media accounts, your devices and emails, if there’s one he doesn’t know he legit ignores you until you give it to him because what do you have to hide huh? Other guys? He always has to have your location on because if not how can he know his baby is safe? He feels like if he doesn’t know you’re safe he’ll lose his mind.
Calls. Calls. Calls. He loves calling you 24/7. He spam calls you 5-10 times until you’ve picked up and if you haven’t picked up after those times, he comes to your location and finds out why you’re ignoring him.
Your grades and his have gone to shit (not like he cares about school) ever since Mikey’s obsession with you has increased since he’s been taking you out of your classes to go on little adventures and dates.
Lowkey doesn’t even feel guilty about the trouble he causes because he’s so caught up and infatuated with you. 
You’re always at the Toman meetings, you’re basically the second vice president.
He sometimes doesn’t even see what he does half of the time
Hates when guys interact with you. Legit blocks any guy in your follows and contacts, he only lets you follow him and likewise. 
You always have to have something of him on you. Whether it be his jacket, shirt, hoodie, something. Even a pin he gave you he doesn’t care. 
Extremely clingy and needy. Hands all over you always. Headpats, holding your head to look at him, always holding your hands, loves pda, kissing and basically making out in front of Toman is a daily thing, he doesn’t give a fuck if his gang hates it. He loves it.
One time a guy mustered up the courage to confess and ask you out, you swore after that day you never saw him again. 
“When did you ever think you could have ever had a chance with [Name]?”
You’re all over his phone, you’re his wallpaper, his lockscreen, he has a photo of you on his phone case, you’re his profile picture and his bio is either the date you guys started dating or ‘[Name] is mine.’ Probably has matching bio’s/profile picture’s if not.
You’re the only person other than his family and Draken who can call him by his first name. Hearing his name come from your soft voice melts his heart.
Praises you a ton. The whole time is basically just him moaning and groaning and telling you how good you are and how beautiful you are.
“[Name]— It’s- it’s so good, Fuck!— You’re so pretty, you’re so pretty, you know that, baby? So beautiful... for me.”
Breeding kink goes brrr. The idea of you being bred by him and having his seed inside of your womb turns him on to the max. Never ever pulls out. Why waste perfectly good sperm? lowkey pisses you off because plan b is expensive
Loves cock warming, he’s kinda a exhibitionist. You can’t even count how many times he had his dick throbbing inside of you while he’s with Toman. What can I say? He loves being inside of you. 
“What’s wrong darling?” he grins beside you, a soft chuckle leaves his mouth as he whispers, “Shh, be a good girl for me darling, we wouldn’t want them knowing how naughty you are.” 
Marks. All over you. Red and purple bruises all over your neck, chest and inner thighs. He knows what he’s doing, he wants everyone around him to know how owns you. 
Keeps your panties in his pocket just in case, just to smell it. He isn’t one to jerk off because your pussy is 101% better, but when he does it’s a 10/10 no doubt your underwear is wrapped around his cock.
His favorite position is missionary/mating press. Seeing your cute face getting filled and fucked by his dick is a beautiful sight to see and he wouldn’t trade the world for it. He isn’t lying when he says you’re the most beautiful girl he’s ever met. 
Tumblr media
Calls you Angel and Sweetheart
He doesn’t even realize he’s become so possessive and obsessed over you. I mean the infamous Draken isn’t known to have a woman. 
Your relationship came out of a blue, Draken believes you put him under a spell considering A) he legitimately had no attraction to Emma and B) how he’s not only taken but completely undoubtedly obsessed with you. I mean seriously, the way you make him feel when other guys look at you, you must've done something. 
He started taking a part time job aside from Toman to buy you all of your desired gifts. Call him a sugar daddy because if your watching something at a store for more than 10 seconds, he’s buying the whole stock for you.
Piggy back rides. Why should he ever let a god(dess) like you tire yourself walking? 
Physically blocks you from any man's gazes, He’s tall enough to. You’re always in front of him, just so he’s sure no one’s staring at where they shouldn’t be.
Lowkey toxic, doesn’t let you wear your good outfits around other people, stuff like that is for him and him only.
“Why are you wearin’ shit like that [Name]? Change. Now.”
Draken isn’t one to have social media, it just isn’t for him, but suddenly he has every social media you have just to ‘make sure’. Definitely not stalking you or saving every picture you post.
You’re a professional lap warmer, swear Draken is like a chair to you at this point. You think nothing of it but he feels a huge ego boost knowing such a cutie is sitting on his lap for everyone to see.
Hand holding. It’s like a reflex to hold your hand. 
So many pictures of you. He even records your voice to hear it whenever he can.
He does feel guilty for wanting to murder every guy that talks to you but he can’t help it what the fuck business does he have with you? 
Kinky as a mf
Has a degradation kink with undertones of praise kink, is a bit mean.
Calls you whore, slut, bitch, all the while calls you pretty, baby, angel
“You like that don’t you? You’re just a dumb bitch for me. Say it, Say you love it when I fuck your tight pretty cunt.” He growls, his voice full of carnality, as he takes  another hit on your ass, spanking it awarding another yelp from you. “I- I love it when master fucks my tight pretty cunt-!”
Loves spanking you, he can’t help let out a little stress afterall you’re the reason why, making him worry, and making him so goddamn horny. You’re the reason why his libido is so high these days.
Loves marking you. A little bit more than the others. He goes more than just hickies, he loves writing on you with sharpie. ‘MASTER’S WHORE’ on your ass, ‘Property of Draken’ on your tummy, ‘SLUT’ on your forehead, 
Has considered buying a collar for you to wear and have his name as your tag.
Extremely hard and passionate during sex, He knows he’s extremely big in the dick department so he doesn’t try to go to fast, But when he’s cumming he can’t help but pistol himself frantically into your warm pussy.
SIZE KINK !! Loves picking you up and folding you and fucking you until you’re begging, no matter how much you mf weigh you’re as light as a feather to him.
He hates jerking off because his hands could never compete with your pussy.
He loves cumming on you, he isn’t a big fan of cumming inside because he doesn’t wanna be irresponsible, but seeing his load on your cute face or ass—automatically hard again.
Favorite position is definitely in between doggy style and standing up or the full nelson. Seeing your ass bouncing on his cock, or seeing your face as he picks you up and thrusts inside of you, or folding you and during you into a real life sex toy, he can’t seem to choose which is his favorite.
Tumblr media
Calls you babe, and baby, honey if he’s being sweet.
Has no idea legit, no idea he’s become a yandere
Can’t even count how many guys he’s beaten down to a pulp for just looking at you. He has no guilt about it either, how fucking dare they look at you.
PDA!!! No shame about it either full on making out sessions in public and Baji isn’t one to be quiet either. 
You’re basically Baji’s property.
“You’re mine [Name]. Mine. No one else's.” You nod in return.
Extremely fucking toxic to the max. 
Does not let you go to any parties or gatherings without him, especially with any other guy, if he founds out you better wish your ass he doesn’t find out his name because he’s gonna be in the hospital. 
Does not let you wear any clothes that could expose your figure or be even a bit revealing.
Always on your phone to make sure you’re not texting other guys, legit deleted some of your socials because he was done dealing with it.
Legit punched more than half of Toman for staring at your direction, not even directly looking at you. Mitsuya and him didn’t get along for a week after Baji thought he was checking you out.
Commits petty thievery to get you clothes, things and any snacks you want, if you it want Baji is a full on kleptomaniac for you.
You’re always on his bike, and you’re always wearing his Jacket. Baji’s jacket. God being seen with you in his bike while you’re holding him tight + you’re wearing his jacket? Is this heaven?
Baji would be lying if he said he didn’t steal your hair ties and lip balm, small little things you probably wouldn’t have noticed were gone, but they meant the world to him because it smelled like you. 
Becomes borderline animalistic when he’s angry throws shit and throws a fit when he doesn’t know where you are or when you’re giving another guy attention. Baji can’t handle not being the centre of your attention. 
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renaissansse · 7 days ago
“I might hate you, but if you think I am letting anyone EVER touching your cunt other than me, I think you’ll need to think about it one more time, doll,” he smiles, saying so. “Don’t you even try it, I’ll kill him with my bare hands,” he is not smiling anymore, staring in your eyes dead serious, and you gulp down some air, because that is not something you should be into.
GOJŌ, S A N E M I, Daishou, Akutagawa, Fyodor, TSUKISHIMA, Shigaraki, Overhaul, Kageyama, Eren, Suna, ATSUMU, Kyoutani.
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sugarfairychan · 3 months ago
Yandere! BNHA as Househusbands
- Denki as a househusband...isn’t much of a househusband. He’s quirky and spontaneous, lazy and not very good at it anyway. You give him a list of chores and he’ll try his best! He’ll start one chore and actually manage to complete it, but then the show he put on in the background to keep him entertained changes episodes and — oh! I haven’t watched this episode yet, and he’s gone. He’s distracted. He tries to concentrate honestly. He really does, but he can’t. And you don’t seem to mind that. He’s grateful. No one else wants him but you. You see past his flaws and you accept him. 
- He’s living the good life with you. He doesn’t work, he doesn’t clean (much), he doesn’t have to do anything. He basically gets whatever he wants for free and you even make him bento boxes in the morning before you go to work! How neat is that! He’s spoilt, and he loves it! Though, there are moments where negative thoughts start budding at the back of his brain. Distorted voices telling him how bad of a person he is, how bad of a househusband he is for not even being able to do something as simple as cleaning (when really, it’s not as simple. All those buttons on the washing machine throw him off). But when you come home and all the stress just melts off of your body when you see him and he opens his arms and you all but slump into it, he starts to think. Maybe he is useful after all.
- Even if he’s shit at many things a househusband is expected to do, if there’s a sale, you won’t catch him lacking. It’s a war zone and he’s prepared to seize all the bounty. No mums, dads, other househusbands can beat him. Like lightning, he’s in and out, snatching all the good shit off the shelves before anyone can even take a look at them. He’ll come back with everything half off and a proud smile. 
- And because of his inability to clean and dust and do anything remotely even househusband-y, you have roombas. Everywhere. And I mean everywhere. One for each room. He didn’t mean to buy all of them when he saw an ad for it on YouTube. He just thought it’d be a nice change. It didn’t sit well that you had to clean, work and cook. So roombas. Roombas for everyone. At first, he was going to buy just one, only one. But then he saw one in action and then he saw a tiktok about a roomba and a cat and it going around the sleeping cat as it kept bumping into it and then he got interested in how to code a roomba to clean a house and avoid furniture and then, yeah. Roombas galore. You have to be careful not to step on one every time you enter a room. 
- That, and well, Denki doesn’t want some random stranger waltzing into their home and cleaning up. What if the guy/gal gets ideas? What if they think they could have you? Absolutely not. You’re Denki’s and no one else’s. 
- He is absolutely terrified of cockroaches. He will scream and destroy the entire house trying to get away from it if it so much as scatters towards him. You will come home to furniture on the floor, desks and roombas toppled over, a couple of vases smashed and Denki crying in the middle of it all. You’re going to have to do what you do best and a) kill it, b) comfort Denki and c) clean up.
- And it’s moments like these, when you grab your shoe like it’s nothing and kill the cockroaches, toss it out and wash your hands, that Denki is reminded of how much he loves you.
- And how much he’s prepared to ensure that you stay loving him. You can’t leave him. He doesn’t want to leave you.
- Midoriya as a househusband absolutely worships you. He is devoted and his religion is you. You work so hard to make money for the both of you. He knows how tiring it is for you and he tries his best to be the best househusband ever. He knows your schedule by heart. He’s memorised the silent schedule you have, your routine. From the moment you get up to the moment you shed your clothes and go to bed. He’s memorised it all. 
- You wake up every morning at around 6 o’clock. You like to wake up to natural light and Midoriya (after getting permission from you— he’d never do anything without your permission, of course...except a few things that should not be told) rearranged the room to suit this need, angling the bed in a way that always had the sun peek through the gap of the curtains and hit you dead on. It’s a beautiful way to wake up and you adore it. 
- Of course, this means that Midoriya is up two hours earlier. It doesn’t bother him at all. Waking up early is nothing compared to the work you do and besides, he can always take a nap later (hopefully with you when you surprise him and come home early). He’s up bright and early to prepare your lunch bento and prep the food for dinner so that when you come home, he doesn’t have to bother with any proper prepping and wasting precious minutes with you. Then when he’s done and he looks at the clock and the hand has struck 6, he’ll go and wake you up. If you’re sleepy, he’ll give you another 5 minutes, if you’re not, he’ll open the curtains and help you climb out of bed. It’s always a blessing to see you so dishevelled and everything opposite your usual well-kept one. If you’re in a particularly spicy mood, he’ll crawl over you, prep your face with kisses, murmur sweet words and praises and get you hot and bothered and then force you out of bed, into the shower for a quickie (though just as passionate as every other time) and dressed for work.
- Then once you’re handed your bento box and your briefcase and all the papers you need. He always knows what you need. It’s almost like he’s listening to your every move— oh wait, he is. If the listening device in your phone says anything, you’ll understand what I mean. 
- Once you’re gone and he’s got the whole house to himself, he’s off to work. He’s cleaning, dusting and doing everything so that when you come home, the house is perfect and there’s not a thing out of place. Of course, while he does all of this, he’s got his headphones in and he’s listening to your every conversation. It’s a lovely thing that your phone is always on you. And when you’re in the bathroom...he can hear everything. And like I said, there are some things where he just won’t tell you. Hearing you piss and the fact that he does have a piss kink is one. 
- But anyway, moving on. Midoriya likes it when you stick to this unspoken schedule but if you do end up coming home early to surprise him from work, who the fuck is he to say no? He’s always happy to have you by his side and spoil you lots with affection!
- And the days where you do follow this schedule, he’ll wait for you by the door at 7pm in that cute mint green apron you absolutely love seeing him in. Sometimes you’ll come home angry and aggravated at the stupid shit your coworkers did (which he knew all about) and he’ll have your comfort foods all laid out and ready for you. Other times you’ll be fed up and tired that all you want to do is slip into his arms and hug the night away.
- And then there are times where you get a little frisky and seeing that loveable dork in that apron does things to you. You will shut the door, drop your things and grab him by the ribbons on the side, tugging him forward. He’ll tumble with a massive pink blush that compliments his freckles and green curls so well and all rationality is lost. The only thing on your mind is to kiss, tug and fuck. 
- All the other housewives in the area you guys live in love him. He invites them over for tea and drinks once a week, and you’re always surprised when you come home early on a Friday to see them all chilling in the living room. They all absolutely adore the way Midoriya’s eyes light up with pure joy at the sight of you (and they may or may not admit that they’re jealous of how lucky you are, but they wouldn’t trade their husbands for the world actually some might).
- I honestly wouldn’t be surprised if he goes to the same fitness centre those housewives go to. 
- Bakugo Katsuki as a househusband is the best! Most of the time. He is the ultimate househusband. No one can compete with him. No one is able to compete with him. He’s just too perfect. 
- Bakugo is strict as fuck. He takes nutrition and health very seriously and will force it upon you. You have got to have a healthy lifestyle, eat the proper amounts of protein and vegetables, and if you don’t do something he tells you to, he will show and lecture you. He’s more of a intense trainer than a househusband, but he gets the job done and he gets it done well.
- Bakugo’s day consists of waking up before the sun rises and getting a good workout in. Just because he’s dedicating his life to you, doesn’t mean he’s not going to stay fit and healthy. Even if you don’t like exercising, he does. He typically goes by himself but that new househusband down the block (Shitty Hair, was it?) is decent enough company. Plus, though he won’t admit it, he’s a good workout buddy. The idiot can actually keep up with his intense training. 
- He’s back before you wake up and is quick to shower, change and make breakfast. Before he starts though, he’ll wake you up for the first time that day by shaking you gently roughly and then going back to finish said breakfast. Halfway through breakfast, he’ll storm in and toss the covers off of your sleeping form, yank the curtains open and relish in the loud groans of pain and the grumbles you give. Then he’ll waltz right over, kiss you awake and tell you to get up. The kisses are feverish and passionate and he wants to devour everything about you. There’s also a promise of a few hickeys on your neck if you don’t get up and that gets you shooting up and out of bed.
- It pisses him off sometimes most of the time when you get all angsty about hickeys on your neck. Why the fuck should you care what others would think if he left a couple of marks on you? So what? Let them see! Then they’ll know who you belong to.
- By the time breakfast is done, you’ve changed and are ready to eat. He’ll toss you your bento box so casually as if he didn’t spend a good hour or so preparing it to your liking with a perfect balance of protein, rice and vegetables and kick you out of the house. Then the door will shut and he’ll turn back around with his hands on his hips and recount all the things he had planned to do today.
- There’s a sale? Ha! Don’t make him laugh. As if he’d get cheap goods. After all the hard work you put in to provide for the both of you, there’s no way he’d stoop so low to get cheap goods. 
- But that doesn’t mean he doesn’t have loyalty cards though. He has so many for all the stores he visits and he’s punctual all the time. He has the card with him even when he doesn’t even expect to go to the store that day, and that’s because he has what would typically be a credit card wallet dedicated to loyalty cards only. People would think he’s rich with all the goods and then take a look at the card he pulls out and it’s one to the convenience store down the road. 
- You won’t ever see him using a roomba. No one can clean as good as him anyway. There’s no need for that shitty machine you bought, and if you do bring a roomba home because a friend recommended that it’d be nice, he will get offended (because getting a roomba implies that you don’t think he does a good enough job as a househusband, and he takes househusband-ing very seriously) and he will give you the silent treatment. There’s not much he can do to take his anger out on you (because he’d never hurt you— other people, yes. You? No), but he will give you the silent treatment. That means he won’t say a word. He’ll do his husbandly duties, wake you up for work, make you breakfast and your bento, but that’s it. There’s no typical arrogant and brash words, not insults or anything. Not even proper eye contact. 
- You’ll cave in, and boy, does he love it when you cave in. Caving in means you’ll be the one begging for attention and not him. You’ll take a day off from work to shower him with love and kisses and everything he always wanted and then he just might break out into a smirk and push you onto the bed and say, “Since you’re begging so nicely, I guess I will give you attention” and then he gets to put those hickeys on you. You don’t have a say in it. You’d be too caught up in finally having your normal Katsuki back to notice all the hickeys he gives you in places that would be so hard to cover.
- Being a househusband is no joke, and Bakugo is a pro. Be it blood, footprints or fingertips, any traces will be wiped out. Seriously, he’s the perfect person to call when you need to get rid of evidence at a crime scene.
- Bakugo does do yoga to calm the inner rage he has, and he takes it very seriously. Most of the other housewives in the area were terrified and disgusted by his brash and aggravated nature, but after a couple sessions of yoga and fitness, they started to like him. Most of the elderly ones give him tips, too, and there are times where he does give some fitness courses to the ladies. He doesn’t mind, really. The only woman he’d ever look at is you. They can try to seduce him all they want with those wrinkly flat asses and their disgusted haughty looks (the middle aged ones, not the elderly ones. God knows I did not want the image in my mind), but it won’t work.
- And yes, he takes cooking classes, too. That’s because like hell would he take you out to a restaurant if you can eat the godly delicious food he makes, and if there is something you want to try from a restaurant, he will begrudgingly come with and eat it with you, but he’d also try to replicate it as soon as you got home. Eating it once and trying it out is fine. It’s good to try new things, but don’t even think about going there again, lest Bakugo starts thinking that the chef who cooked it is a rival he has to exterminate. 
- And like I said, he’s very good at exterminated pests. 
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yandereaffections · a month ago
This is ridiculous but Hawks with a s/o who has a pet bird? it sits on their shoulders, kisses their cheeks, talks, and is a little shit towards him
Idk I'm imagining them like puffing up their wings at each other and someone walking in to see hawks insulting a tiny ass bird
Tumblr media
The moment your bird meets Keigo for the first time they'll tweet out some nonsense you don't understand but on the other hand your boyfriends standing there with the most offended expression you've ever seen from him in response to your bird
It's become clear to you by now that these two are sworn enemies, while Hawks isn't allowed to make a move against your pet without risking harm to his relationship with his lover, that little bird gets to bite and harass him all day long. You could swear you've walked in on Hawks bent over, face to face with the bird muttering out some threat about how you're his before getting pecked.
Keigo takes you out to eat both as a way to spoil you and shove his relationship with you in your pets face, taking you away from them. Of course he has to remember that bird lives with you and he doesn't, they've always had the upper hand.
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captain-krunchy · 3 months ago
Yandere Tom Riddle/Lord Voldemort Headcanons
Tumblr media
- You first meet Tom on the train to Hogwarts, both of you in your first year
- He finds it odd that you are speaking to him in the first place, other children always seemed to avoid him
- Tom sees you as bothersome at first, but you grow on him
- You become somewhat of a rival to him, both of you are incredibly smart. But to avoid Tom’s wrath you make sure to be just ‘dumb’ enough to not be smarter than Tom.
- He flirts with you.
- Any chance he gets to make you flustered or embarrassed in a crowd, he takes. He likes to see you squirm while you visibly show just how dumb he made you feel
- Once his obsession begins to take root you will be royally screwed.
- Suddenly you’re no longer a person to him, but a possession that he never wants to give up.
- You never have a moment alone (unless you are a Gryffindor or Hufflepuff) he has people to watch you in the Ravenclaw rooms, and the girls Slytherin room and he can watch you himself if you are in the boys Slytherin.
- He will go with you to Hogsmeade to confess his ‘love' to you. If you accept and begin a romantic relationship with him, congrats you do not have to deal with an angry Tom.
-If you decline (rudely or politely) he has his minions find dirt on you or your family and then he uses it to make you pledge your loyalty to him. This also means you two will soon be the cutest couple in Hogwarts.
- This relationship is also kind of a scheme. Dumbledore and all the other faculty love you. They mostly adore him too, but both of you together couldn’t look better.
- Once the romantic relationship has started he gives you a set of rules.
- PDA is off-limits besides hand holding unless he initiates it.
- Your grades must be good.
- Your appearance must be clean.
- You cannot be rowdy or anything like that in public. Definitely no jokes or pranks.
- You must seem serious but also remain polite.
- No talking to certain people.
- If you are a fun-loving and bubbly person, your sudden behavior change will raise red flags for Dumbledore.
- If you are a quidditch player he insists you practice religiously (to keep up good impressions) 
- He is not gentle with you in intimate moments. The only time he is gentle with you is when he’s kissing you on the cheek in front of people, but those are only given to remind you and those around you who you belong to.
- But when you are alone he is always rough, nibbling your lips until he tastes your blood in his mouth, tugging on your hair, or grabbing your arms or you in general with a tight uncomfortable grip
- Tom’s possessiveness is also displayed through the hugs he gives you. His grip is smothering and tight.
- But having Tom being utterly infatuated and obsessed with you isn’t all bad.
- He gets you the finest gifts (but don’t ask how he got the money)
- Tom makes sure your every need is met. You want a glass of water he will send someone to go get it for you, even if you try to decline and insist you want to do it (which will make Tom mad). You should not have to waste your time doing something so meaningless when your time could be better spent with him.
- Seriously, do not try to argue with him.
- After Hogwarts when he starts the wizarding war you are locked away in the Malfoy Manor under the imperious curse (if you resist)
- You change a lot of things for Lord Voldemort.
- Because of you he watches the whole prophecy and does not go to kill Harry. He ends up fully surviving and winning the war.
- After he has won the war if you did not resist him after Hogwarts and did not require to be put under the Imperious Curse you will be treated like a queen. Truly anything you want, Lord Voldemort will get it for you.
- But if you resisted and had to be put under the imperious curse, he will let the curse go, but your next days will be spent fawning over him. Telling him how great he is and how much you love him and belong to him. If you refuse and continue to misbehave Lord Voldemort will make your life miserable.
- Either way, he still drapes you in fine robes, because the Dark Lord’s lover cannot look ragged.
- The only human interaction you get besides Voldemort is Narcissa and Bellatrix.
- Bellatrix does not like you at all
- But Narcissa is your bestie, you two love having tea (or your preferred drink) together. While you gossip about the wizarding world.
- Narcissa keeps you updated on everything that happens in the world and in exchange you keep the Malfoy’s in Voldemort’s favor.
- Absolutely no hanging around other men! If you are reported to speak to a man then the man and his family are dead as soon as Voldemort finds out.
-Voldemort’s obsession and possessiveness of you never goes away. You’re only his forever until the end of time.
(Gif found on We Heart It)
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animemenapologist · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
Manjiro “Mikey” Sano x GN!Reader, Hanma Shuji x GN!Reader, Taiju Shiba x GN!Reader, Kisaki Tetta x GN!Reader
TW/CW: 18+, MINORS DNI, MINORS DNI, yandere characters, manipulation, gaslighting, mentions of suicide, threatening suicide, isolation [if I missed any tags please let me know and I will fix it!]
Tag List: @suyasgf
Manjiro “Mikey” Sano
For starters you have to do something to catch this guy's attention, even if it’s something small, the second his eyes land on you he automatically thinks you two belong together. Maybe it’s when you're all younger and you tell off middle schoolers for trying to bully a friend of yours. He’s instantly interested and enamored. You’re so pretty and brave, he approaches you with a bright grin and states that you two will be friends, there’s no really denying him, you’ll be his friend whether you like it or not. He doesn’t take no for an answer.
Jokingly said “mikeyssignificantothersayswhat” one day and felt his heart beat faster than usual when you responded with “what?”
As the years go by Mikey will slowly become more possessive, with everything that’s happened, all the death and violence he had to witness he felt the need to protect you. If he wasn’t with you then someone from Toman was tailing you. Only someone he trusted like the founders or Chifuyu or Takemichi.
He doesn’t realize the strain it puts on you when you go to hang out with friends. When you do bring it to his attention, he doesn’t care, if they were really your friends then they would understand your circumstances. He would convince you to cut them off (or do it for you if you disobeyed him), you don’t need them! You only need him and Toman. The years continue to go by and he refuses to let you go. He feels as though if he lets you live on your own you’ll be hurt, he loves you too much for that. He’s seen too many people get hurt because he loved them and he refuses to let that happen to you.
If he’s not with you then you’re in your room, if you’re not in your room then you’re in his office, if not the office then the kitchen. If he’s not around then there are always guards with you, they barely speak to you, on Mikey’s orders, he doesn’t want any of them getting the wrong idea and flirting with a pretty little thing like you.
Mikey is the isolating, obsessive and dependent type. If you try to tell him what he’s doing is wrong, flood gates will arrive. He never wants to hurt you but he needs you. He felt like he would die, break at the seams if you ever left him or died. The pain is too much for him and he knows he wouldn’t be able to handle it.
“I can’t live without you, you’re the only thing keeping me alive baby. The only thing I’ve got left.”
His face was red, office a mess and everything flipped or broken, you standing in the center of it. You flinched and held back tears as he begged for you to stay with him, holding a gun to his head and squeezing his eyes shut. His finger was hovering over the “I can’t..I can’t fucking do this. Can’t do this without you (Name) please. Please don’t leave me.”
There was a part of you that wanted to let him do it. Let him kill himself in this moment and walk out like he meant nothing to you but you couldn’t, even if you didn’t love Mikey the way he wanted you to love him, you still cared. You couldn’t break away from him no matter how hard you tried or wanted to. Instead you walked over to him, one warm hand on his face while the other shakily pulled the gun out of his grasp, tossing it aside as he clung onto you. Mikey let out sobs against your chest, on his knees, clinging onto you and thanking you as you hugged him back.
“Mikey, I’ll never leave, I’m sorry. We’ll be okay. It’s okay, I don’t need anyone but you.”
Shuji Hanma
Like Mikey you have to do something to get him interested, even if you don’t think it’s something that great, to him it is. If you can’t pique his interest then he won't put time into following you home, figuring out your schedule, where you work, your college classes and things you don’t like. When you do catch his attention, he introduces himself, makes himself seem like a nice business man. He pulls a few strings and asks for Kisaki to buy out the company you work for, that’s the day he realizes how much he loves seeing you cry, without the job you had you wouldn’t be able to pay tuition.
He sat with you in the cafe, listening to you cry about how you were fired, you didn’t understand. He simply nodded along as he feigned concern and bought you coffee with a pastry. Hanma was glad that he had a Kisaki as a friend when you mentioned that your rent had suddenly been raised as well and you weren’t sure if you would be able to afford it anymore. This was perfect, he could be your savior in this moment and that’s exactly what he was
You moved into him, it was so easy, you were so easy! He had you turn from a part time student with a stable job to a full time, online student who was completely dependent on him. You were so pretty and such a good significant other! Even though you had no solid income except for the money that he gave you for breakfast or clothes and you didn’t save it, he told you not to and you mindlessly listened. He loved you, he really did in his own cruel and twisted way! He never let the facade break, sometimes there were days where he would lose his patience with you and rub his tattooed hand over his face. He had done so much. You weren’t gonna leave him. You were never going to leave him.
He could go from sickeningly sweet to cold and demanding. He passed it off as he was stressed from work. What he was really stressed from was your annoying family and friends. Why couldn’t they take the hint and leave you two alone? Your friends were the most annoying. It was easy to have them removed just as it was easy to pay off your family so they would stop asking so many questions.
If you ever do try to leave him, he’ll throw you into the basement of his house. You two had something good going on and you’re the one who decided to ruin it by taking advantage of his generosity. Maybe you were too good to be true but he put so much time and effort into getting you to stay with him. He didn’t care about the money he blew through but he would make it seem like that since you had nothing and he had everything. You weren’t leaving the basement until you were good for him.
“Stop crying. You earned this baby. I gave you everything and you had the nerve to call me a dick? Just cause you were mad about something that wasn’t even my fucking fault. Darling. You have another thing coming to you.” He crooned out leaning down to where you were chained against the cold bed, deft fingers brushing hair out of your face and running over your bottom lip, dragging it down as he stared at you through the top of his glasses.
You finally stopped crying, he was a bit disappointed, he expected more waterworks when he came down here. Maybe that would have put him in a better mood, you were so pretty when you cried: eyes glassy, lips parted and nose flushed as you tried to choke back tears. So sensitive so you were never able to but there seemed to be a shift. It seemed as if you finally learned your lesson but he couldn’t be too sure.
“You gonna be good now? Gonna be grateful that I took you in, I just want what’s best for you baby so you have to tell me if you’re gonna be good or not. I don’t want you coming back to bed with me if you’re not gonna be good.”
There was a long pause. He wanted you to respond, he wanted to hear your broken voice say that you’ll be good and that you’ll listen to him. After a few minutes he got up and began to walk towards the door. His hand that had ‘PUNISHMENT’ tattooed on the back reached out for the job, pausing when he heard your breath hitch.
“Wait. Shuji..” you croaked out, a sinister grin forming on his face as he looked back at you “M’ sorry. Please, I miss sleeping next to you. I'll be better, I promise just please bring me back up there with you.”
Taiju Shiba
Unlike Hanma and Mikey, Taiju doesn’t care if you do something big or small. If he believes that you have a pure heart or he sees you during service he wants to get to know you. He had no wife, no kids, no family. All he had was his work and religion, he wanted something more. Usually no one sat next to him during church, they were in the same row but never too close, he understood. He had a large body and a mean resting face. He didn’t expect for people to be jumping to sit with him. So imagine his surprise when you walk past him and sit right next to him, closing the gap that was usually there.
He doesn’t mean to become so obsessive. He really doesn’t. It’s just hard because you have such an amazing personality. You’re so understanding of his flaws and willing to stay with him— marry him despite knowing! The second he properly gets a taste of you on your wedding night, he’s hooked, for life.
He won't ever get physical with you whenever you get angry at him for being so possessive or obsessive over the things you do without him. He has other ways of keeping you in control, even though you work, he pays a majority of the bills. You pay for groceries only because you convinced him that you had to pay for something. He also shuts you up whenever you run your mouth too much with a kiss, everything leads to bed and the arguments are left un-talked about. If you try to bring it up again then it’ll lead to silence or angry sex, no in between.
You wouldn’t think twice about wanting to leave him, it would be so easy for him to catch you, he's bigger and stronger than you. If you do try to leave you’ll probably find him standing outside of your car or he’s in the kitchen waiting for you. Any sharp objects are locked over, how are you gonna fight a 198 cm man with a spoon? Don’t be dumb. You’re better off going to bed and acting the way you did before, if you know what’s good for you. Something about Taiju that never changed over the years was that he hated disobedience, he would never tolerate it no matter how much he loves you.
“It’s much better like this my love, you know I hate it when we fight.” He crooned out, heavy hand resting on the small of your back as he led you back to bed, you were still shaking from when he grabbed you before you could leave the house.
You were terrified, you’d never seen him so angry before, the vein in his forehead was still bulging as he helped you change your clothes. He never put his hands on you like that, he was never so rough or so angry. You knew that he had a difficult past but he had changed, you thought he changed! Now you were realizing that he was just better at hiding his true nature.
Tears welled up in your eyes, you couldn’t hear him as he spoke, he was wiping your tears away. Probably trying to calm you down as he helped you into bed, you watched from where you laid on your side as he asked around the room, closing the door and locking the windows before getting into bed with you. A strong arm wrapped around your waist, pulling you flush against his chest and nuzzling his head into your neck, pressing a kiss against your temple.
“I love you, please don’t pull a stunt like that again, I love you too much to see you leave.”
Kisaki Tetta
ULTIMATE YANDERE! Lord this man— the second he gets his sights on you there’s no getting rid of him. No matter what you do or what connections you have. He will remove everyone from your life, making you completely dependent on him. Until you know nothing but being his pretty significant other. Keeps you around the gang, you’re always perched on his lap or sitting on the couch in his office. If you aren’t with him then you’re at the condo and Hanma was with you. Don’t bother asking Hanma for help. He thinks this is all really cute and funny to watch.
No one will help you no matter how much you beg and plead, you have nothing but Kisaki. What are you gonna do exactly if you do leave? Go to the cops? With what evidence, he never laid a hand on you, he had someone who did that for him. Get a job? With what experience, ever since he took you in you never worked. Get an apartment? With what money, he only let you use his cards, refused to let you one your own account. You didn’t need one as long as he was around. Go to your family? Baby they were either killed or paid off to forget all about you. So don’t try escaping. Without Kisaki you have nothing, you are nothing, you’re better off staying with him.
He loves to pamper you, dress you up and make you look good for him. You’re already so beautiful, he wants you to feel that way too. When he’s not being cold, cynical and manipulative he’s very affectionate, hand on your thigh or on your lower back. Always kisses your temple or cheek. Won’t force sex on you if you don’t want. Yes he wants you to be all his in all aspects but he wants you to trust him. If you don’t trust him then there would be no point in this.
He would never kill you or cause harm to you that would have physical or mental damage on you. A light smack, pinch or rough nudge from Hanma is enough to make you listen, Kisaki never likes going too far because he doesn’t want you upset.
“Yeah I know sweetheart, Hanma’s so mean. It’s okay. He won't do it again I promise, I won’t let him.” He tells you, he sounds so gentle and understanding, rubbing your arm from where Hanma had meanly pinched you,a. Sadist smirk on his handsome face.
Kisaki coaxes you into his lap, hand on your thigh and lips on your temple, he’s calming you down, you’ve been getting so overwhelmed lately. He thought about getting you a therapist, he didn’t want to believe that you needed one but your mood had been changing rapidly over the past few weeks. He walked in on your crying one day, your hands balling up the expensive fabric of his suit and begging to see your family just once. He wanted to be angry but he hated it when you cried.
Instead he comforted you before leaving to handle some business. Your teary eyes were on his mind all day and he could barely focus. When he got back to you, you were distant, Hanma complained that you didn’t eat and were ignoring him. You were moving as if you were on autopilot when he entered the move, reaching out to hug him and ask him about his day. You usually did this but not like this. Something was wrong.
He brushes those thoughts away and smiles up at you ”Why don’t we go out tonight? We haven’t been on a date in the while. How does a rooftop dinner sound, at your favorite place.”
Maybe he was delusional but he swore he could see your eyes light up slightly as you nodded and began talking about what you wanted to wear, a smile forming on his lips as he listened. Anything to make you happy.
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lazywriters-blog · a month ago
Tumblr media
I came across your blog not too long ago and every single one of your works are AMAZING!! I mustered up all the courage I had to ask if you could do poly relationship hcs/a oneshot on whats it like being with yan!childe and yan!scaramouche, if you dont do poly requests or feel uncomfortable, please ignore this request!! Anyways, more in depth; preferably headcannons on how childe, scaramouche, and s/o met, how lenient they are, what they’re willing to do for you, etc!! You can do whatever you want though, these are just suggestions!
Submitted by @kimbapsana
I'm very sorry for my lack of response! I forget to check my inbox because I think I wouldn't get any asks I'm very sorry!
I can do them separately but not at the same time-
Warning: Contains yandere content.
1. Poly childe and Scaramouche
• I imagine the two of them falling in love with a darling, only to find out purely through accident, that one of the other actually has a smooth relationship going on, needlessly to say, both of their reactions aren't... Pleasant.
• while one or the other attempt to sabotage each other relationships with the darling, you are left to think about your lack of choice, because they both are demanding and possessive creatures and will cease at nothing to earn your fondness. It's kinda heartwarming. Kinda not.
• they will not cooperate unless and until their darling is in real danger, but even then, the two of them will still be at each other's neck whilst throwing jabs right and left.
• honestly the dynamic between them is kinda humorous, childe is naturally charming and amusing while Scaramouche is serious, stern but soft inside which rarely ever blossoms, so a little someone is needed to draw that out.
• they would be keen to kill each other if not for the spoken rule of not slaughtering another fellow harbinger, but both of them are cunning and manipulative, it is mentally damaging to the darling if they don't take the hint and take a step back before they've dug up their own grave.
• if they can escape that is.
• I don't think either one of them would voluntarily share, even if they have to, one might understand that their rivalry is affecting their darling negatively and sorta make amends only to be cut short by Scaramouche because he's deemed his darling his own.
• they would like to be lenient but it's just not in their nature, childe would be, in a way, but he has his fair share of limits and he's not very forgiving when pushed to the edge, on the other hand, Scaramouche is worse than childe, you are not allowed to leave your room unless mandatory, and you are stuck inside whether you like it or not.
• they're willing to go a long way for you, but together would be a little arduous, childe might try to blend in but Scaramouche, he will not. He is prideful, arrogant and rude. There will be inconsistency and whatever plan they might concoct will all go to waste, and if one of them fails they're inclined to ruin the other.
• life with them is harsh, it's not easy being with them, it's almost too much to bear if their darling is soft and gentle.
• let's hope, you don't catch their interest.
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schwarmerisch · 23 days ago
uhh can i request xiao, red velvet and for the word "desperate"?
Tumblr media
request 2: anonymous asked "Red Velvet with Xiao? hehehehe"
this event has ended! i will not be accepting any new requests for it!
you can find the event masterlist here
i went ahead and combined both of these requests bc one didn't add a word they wanted.
notes: yandere, gn reader, not s/fw, non/dubcon, somnophilia
Tumblr media
You could never guess what was going through his head. The dead eyed stare he gave you was ever staying. Trying to get him to show you anything else was like attempting to move a mountain. It seemed his will was in becoming one of the many stones of Liyue. He was immoveable on that.
But he liked it. He couldn't explain the feeling it gave him when you fret over him, when you begged him to speak, when you asked him to smile for you just once. He could never bring himself to cave to your demands for the worry you would leave him as soon as you had your fill. He wanted you coming back, wanting something from him.
Xiao, how abominable he was socially had no clue the actual message he was sending to you. He was far from adept at the mortal art of relationships. From his cold stance, you assumed he simply wanted nothing to do with you. He barely talked when you tried to chat with him, he vehemently denied showing you any indication he felt anything toward you other than deep-seeded frustration.
In your eyes, he wanted you out of his life. You knew how to take a hint.
What an awful thing you've done to him. You lead him on so willingly only to slide through his grasp like dust.
Not once, not ever would the worlds ever leave his lips, but the facts were undeniable. He was desperate. Such mortal trifling should be of no concern to him.
Yet here he was, hovering over your peacefully unaware body, ready and waiting to enact his vengeance for the state that you've reduced him.
You really made the best faces when you were asleep.
Your legs hitched limply around his waist, his mouth occupying every bit of skin his hand could not. Your hair splayed out over your pillow, and your chest rose and fell so calmly despite every bit of energy he thrust into you. Your lips, parted so slightly, and full and soft-looking, you couldn't blame him for beginning to devour you whole.
He wondered what it'd be like to take you awake, fucking you, stretching you out like he's longed to since the moment he laid eyes on you. What would make you scream, moan, whimper his name?
Your body was quite formidable. He hadn’t woken you up…even if there was a part of him that wished you would.
Yet he doubted that'd last long with his waning self-control. This soft, pliant fucking was barely enough to please him, far from enough to sate him.
Ah, what would it look like when you woke up to him, the yaksha who held you so dearly?
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