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#yandere hoseok
chinkbihh · 2 years ago
do you have any yandere bts recommendations?
Sure sis, tbh I LOVE yandere content and I have read countless stories so this is just the few stories that I can come up with off the top of my head rn 👇🏻
I ADORE this author and her yandere exo series plus her ask my muse honestly inspired me to do my own. I highly recommend everyone check out the Monster Yandere Exo series but since you asked for BTS, @mint-yooxgi has two so far👇🏻
Haunted- Yandere! Ghost! Jungkook x Reader
Falling for you- Yandere! Fallen Angel! x Reader
Okay so this is unorthodox but I’m gonna recommend a WHOLE blog bc their reactions and drabbles are just god teir yandere content. @bangtans-apollo but their stories are these two here, both ongoing👇🏻
Euphonious- Siren/ Yandere Jungkook x Reader
Mesonoxian- Yandere, Hybrid and Mafia Jimin x reader. (Some slight Jk and YG too)
A Knight Of Wonder by @shitpostingftw is BRILLIANT. Yandere Yoonji(gender bend) and queen au x reader. it’s steak sauce I swear to god, the only reason it’s not the first one I listed down is bc it took me a fat minute to find but yeah💗💗💗💗
Embroidery by @bibbykins is so well written and gorgeous and It’s a soft yandere Taehyung but it’s still there and it’s PHENOMENAL.
I honestly don’t knew a lot of stories with Namjoon, Jin or Hoseok so pls plug some in the comments if u know of any💗💗
kk so here is one other one I wanna drop in here bc it’s so good but so few ppl talk about it for some reason and it’s an Exo Sehun one but it’s by far one of the best yandere stories ever so pls give it a read even tho it’s not bts👇🏻
Limerence by @heebiejbies. Obsessive/Yandere Sehun x OC. It’s one of the best series I’ve ever read. The writer is so good bc you get to see Sehun’s descent into madness and in a weird way you understand him bc the character development is marvelous. HIGHEST RECOMMENDATION!💗💗
Tumblr media
Please give all of these amazing authors the love and attention they deserve. Honestly nothing warms a writers heart than seeing the readers complimenting us in our inbox so pls show them ur appreciation so they can create more beautiful pieces. Also check out my stories bc lmao self plug 🤪
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worldwidemochiguy · a year ago
My Masterlist :)
Tumblr media
↳ click here to read
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
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(these are not hard boundaries, there will be some overlap)
“Soft” Yandere
“Hard” Yandere 
Tumblr media
Love You A Latte
➵ You have always wanted a story book romance, no matter how many times your friends tell you it’s unrealistic, and even unhealthy to have such high expectations. You can’t help but yearn for the one who will make your heart sing, who will captivate you with one word, who will treat you like you’re worth more than anything else in the world… and then Park Jimin crashes into your life, with a pretty smile and a warm cup of vanilla latte with your name on it.
pairing: jimin x reader
soft yandere, mfeeu! verse, brief smut
Toy Box
➵ You’re Taehyung’s perfect little doll, so when you aren’t so perfect, pretending you don’t like his hugs and kisses, pretending you don’t like him, Taehyung teaches you a little lesson using his other, different toys.
pairing: taehyung x reader
hard yandere, drugging, threat of body mutilation (non-graphic) 
Loving Is Easy
➵ For your first date, Jungkook wants to take you somewhere perfect. Unfortunately for you, he’s decided that for it to be ‘perfect’, it has to be a surprise…
pairing: jungkook x reader
soft yandere, fluff, first kisses
Tumblr media
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sombreboy · a year ago
sombreboy m.list⇢18+
Tumblr media
18+ | WATTPAD | AO3 | I do not use any other platforms for my fiction.
© sombreboy 2020-2021 Do not edit, re-post or translate my work.
What is the number next to every link? My xtremity scale provides the level of yandere the piece contains. 1 being very mild and 10 involving extreme themes. Please check warnings on each individual piece before reading! 
All my content is explicit unless specifically stated otherwise.
Last update ⇢July 12, 2021 
⇢ Daffodil nightmares | yandere!kth x fem!oc [9]
⇢ Expensive doll | jjk x pjm
⇢ Shared obsession | jjk x pjm x knj
⇢ Flesh | pjm & kth x fem/y/n . [10]
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
⇢ Yandere!Seokjin HC | Seokjin is jealous when he finds out you like someone, not knowing that this someone is him… Well, until you tell him [1]
⇢ Crazy beautiful | Seokjin gives you the attention that you truly deserve. [3]
⇢ Taste | ksj solo masturbation
Tumblr media
Non yandere
⇢ Shared obsession | jjk x pjm x knj
⇢ uhgood | knj x male reader | You teased your boyfriend all day, and the very moment the two of you came home, he reminds you who’s in charge.
⇢ Descend | demon!knj x Y/N | Summoning the demon lord doesn’t come without a price.
Tumblr media
Non yandere
⇢ Split | snake hybrid pjm x female reader 
⇢ The alpha | You knew that deep down you desired someone strong and powerful, someone superior to you, to take and claim you as their own—their plaything.
⇢ Misguidance | You arrange a meeting with a hired dom for the night, whom (mis)guides you through the pleasures of pain.
⇢ Two is better than one | pjm x myg x male reader | Collab with @chimoona​
⇢ Expensive doll | jjk x pjm
⇢ Shared obsession | jjk x pjm x knj
⇢ Mused obsession series | yandere!jjkx pjm [10] (xtremity is based on it’s entirety.)
⇢ Treasure | The dragon hybrid lures you into his forest to claim you as his plaything. [6]
⇢ Unsullied |(E) pjm has an extreme obsession with you, and one night he was taken away from you... But he came back, always will come back to make sure you know who you belong to. [8] ⇢ Scented |Your snake hybrid smells another hybrid on you, and punishment follows. [5]
⇢ Flesh | pjm & kth x fem/y/n . [10] ⇢ Friends | pjm & kth kidnaps you to use you as their personal plaything. [7] ⇢ Locked up, chained down | pjm locks you up and does whatever he pleases with you. [5]
Tumblr media
Non yandere
⇢ Please, noona | Switch!jjk x female reader
⇢ Love Maze Series Index | Taehyung x Jungkook
⇢ Wedding night | Taehyung x Jungkook  
⇢ Sounding | Taehyung x Jungkook
⇢ Distraction | Taehyung x Jungkook 
⇢ Tease me | Taehyung x Jungkook
⇢ Dining out | Taehyung x Jungkook
⇢ Quality time | Taehyung x Jungkook
⇢ Expensive doll | jjk x pjm
⇢ Shared obsession | jjk x pjm x knj
⇢ Mused obsession series | yandere!jjkx pjm [10]  (xtremity is based on it’s entirety.)
⇢ Clipped wings | Prince jjk x female reader [4]
⇢ Dare | jjk x fem/y/n. [1] ⇢ First love | jjk x femdom/y/n [2]
Tumblr media
Non yandere
⇢ Love Maze Series Index | Taehyung x Jungkook 
⇢ Wedding night | Taehyung x Jungkook
⇢ Sounding | Taehyung x Jungkook
⇢ Distraction | Taehyung x Jungkook
⇢ Tease me | Taehyung x Jungkook
⇢ Dining out | Taehyung x Jungkook
⇢ Quality time | Taehyung x Jungkook
⇢ Flesh | pjm & kth x fem/y/n . [10]
⇢ Friends | pjm & kth x fem/y/n .[7] ⇢ Bleeding love | kth x fem!y/n. [3] ⇢ Daffodil dreams |murder!suspect!yandere!taehyung x therapist!F [7]
⇢ Daffodil nightmares | murder!suspect!yandere!taehyung x therapist!F [9]
Tumblr media
⇢ Bad kitten |Your owner jhs finds out that you’ve been playing with the neighbor hybrid, and he decides to discipline you.[6]
⇢ Demon’s whore | demon!jhs x angel!female reader [6]
Tumblr media
Non yandere
⇢ Who’s your king? | Your king is your lover, and he loves to see how much you worship him.
⇢ Two is better than one | pjm x myg x male reader | Collab with @chimoona​
⇢ Corrupted |Your boss craves you with every fibre of his being, so he claims you. [6] ⇢ I will wait |He confesses his feelings for you, but you don’t feel the same... Right now. [1]
⇢ 00:00 | Your vampire neighbor knocks on your door as the clock strikes zero, his desires for you too strong to ignore any longer. [6]  
Tumblr media
⇢ The heist p.1 | Seven men, one dream. To be rich, without having to work a day longer in their lives. Solution? A bank heist. They were just lucky to find a new plaything in the midst of it. 
Tumblr media
© sombreboy 2020-2021. Do not edit, repost or translate.
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jungkookssistan · 2 years ago
Mafia!Yandere BTS REACTION: you’re scared  ☾
The request: Hi, Can I request a bts Mafia au reaction where you are terrified of guns and killing even though he is in the Mafia? Thank you!💜💜
Sorry I didn’t write requests nor reactions for awhile 😢 I don’t really like this either, so i’m sorry 
☾ ☾ ☾
Kim Seokjin:
Because Jin seek perfection between him and you, he never really waved his gun against your face, if we’re being honest, with the time flowing you had almost forgotten what his job really was.
But no matter the perfect image he had created for both of you, it really wasn’t that case the night when Jin appeared with blood on his white shirt and, of course, a gun in his hands.
“I’m home Jagi” he happily yelled walking towards you, the metallic pistol almost reflecting the room lights.
You felt clammy and there was the glisten of a cold sweat forming on your skin. He stood in front of you with a frown growing on his face. His fingertips softly touched your forehead, wiping away the drops.
“Are you sick?”
Instead of answering a whimper escaped your lips as you felt the gun press against your thigh. Jin followed your sight before gasping loudly throwing the gun away and pulling you into a tight hug.
“Ah jagi, my sweetheart, you have nothing to be afraid of, as long as you wait for me to come back every day, I will never hurt you”.
Tumblr media
Min Yoongi:
Yoongi truly lived a life of Hannah Montana, inside your house he would was your sweetheart boyfriend, outside the house a coldhearted murder.
His work was never a real problem, you never asked, he never talked. That was the perfect balance both of you enjoyed, until that day when for an unknown reason Yoongi had decided you were a target of someone else.
“Just hold it firmly and try not to jump too much when you fire it” he murmured, his hands pressed to yours as you held the gun in your hands.
You couldn’t help but feel shaky, the fear was rushing through your veins as if it was another form of blood.
“Hey hey, eyes on the target, you don’t want to accidentally shoot yourself” he taught gently tugging your head up.
You focused your attention towards the target, but you just couldn’t let yourself put pressure to the target. You fell down on your knees with tears running down your cheeks.
“I can’t do it, just take it away” you cried, hiding yourself in the crook of Yoongi’s neck.
“I’m sorry princess, this was a bad idea anyway, no one will land a finger on you, they will never get past me”
Tumblr media
Jung Hoseok:
It was truly conflicting to try and imagine Hoseok as a member of one of the biggest mafias.
One, he was definition of sun and happiness.
Two, he would cling to you for his dearest life whenever you would watch a horror movie.
But life isn’t a movie and Hoseok would do anything to save you.
With trembling hands you stood in the middle of a room that once were pure white, but now was covered in dark red and sticky liquid.
There laid five expressionless men who rested on a pool of mild cerise substance.
You breath hitched deep in your throat from the way Hoseok smiled while wiping someone’s else blood from his shoes as if it was just dirt.
“H-hoseok” shutting your eyes you managed to whisper.
Like waking from some kind of trance Hoseok rushed to you pulling you into a hug.
“I’m sorry you had to witness it, but they have know what happens when they dare to mess with you”
Tumblr media
Kim Namjoon:
You knew he was trained not to cry, not to feel anything when killing someone and you knew it wasn’t the real him. But the image kept coming back to you, the empty and shallow look he had in his eyes when he killed a young male with bare hands.
It haunted you.
The two of you sat eating dinner, well really he was the only one eating, you were afraid you’d puke your guts out if you tried to swallow anything. Your eyes kept following his hands, the hands of a murderer.
Suddenly he stopped eating, his full attention on you, the uncomfortable silence crept on you and you couldn’t help but cut it.
“Don’t kill me” you whispered.
For a moment he looked confused but soon he was next to you, the strong aura around him made your stomach lurch and heart to ache.
He cupped your face and lifted your chin up.
“You know I would never do that, I love you too much” he said kissing your forehead softly, deep down making plans how to keep you away from witnessing anything like that again.
Tumblr media
Park Jimin:
You’ve seen Jimin being mad before, you’ve seen a lot of people being mad before and you yourself have been mad before, it was just another form of emotions, but there was no doubt when Jimin was angry, boy was he angry.
Jimin barged into your apartment, his eyes were narrowed, rigid, cold, hard. His customary warmth was gone, his whole ‘mochi’ self was long vanished in the thin air.
You didn’t want to seem scared because that would only make him more angry or that’s what you thought, but the moment the words slipped from his lips about how he couldn’t kill a man because his children show up and he didn’t want to deal with the mess of three people, you couldn’t help but grip your book tighter to the point where your knuckles turned white, you could even feel the tears appear in the corners of your eyes.
“Princess?” Jimin asked once he noticed the state you were in.
“D-don’t come closer to me” you managed to mumble, still trying to make your breath steady.
Jimin froze, he hated when he was the reason of your anxiety.
“You saw his children and you didn’t kill him just because of the mess? Jimin that’s j-just monstrous”.
Jimin’s face softened and he kneeled down to you before letting his head rest on your lap.
“Don’t say that, princess, I’m not a monster, I just want to protect you” and as crazy as it sounds, you knew he wasn’t one.
Tumblr media
Kim Taehyung:
For the past week both of your emotions were on high alert with him being constantly anxious about leaving you and whenever you asked him why didn’t he just take you with him, he’d just casually laugh. That irritated you the most, him acting as if you were a child.
There was no surprise that by the end of the week both of you were screaming.
“Stop acting like I’m a four year old! I’m not weak” you shouted trying to prove your point.
But he just laughed, the laughter evaporating from his eyes as he walked towards you.
Your breath hitched as he took a gun out of his pocket before pushing it into your hands. You were too scared to notice the safety lock being pulled on.
“W-hat?” you almost cussed at your shaky voice, weren’t you trying to prove that you were not scared or weak?
“If you want to go with me, show me you can protect yourself” he said looking you straight in the eyes.
“I wouldn’t need to protect myself Tae, when I’m with you, I’m safe” lowering your head you mumbled.
The rage from his eyes were gone and it was filled with pure love once again.
“Oh jagi, you’re right, but it’s still too dangerous for you, the best part of my day is coming back home and seeing you safe”
Tumblr media
Jeon Jungkook:
Jungkook was a stubborn protective boyfriend, he would call you every hour to check in if you were safe and alive. So sometimes he was quite a challenge to deal with, although most of the times your arguments would end up in hot make out sessions.
Jungkook wraps his arms around from behind, His right hand drops to your thigh, pulling up the skirt that hangs so loose just above your knees. He turns you around and you tumble to the couch, his eyes searching yours.
His head moves around to your left ear and he whispers what he’s going to do next. But suddenly all the lust from you vanishes and you push him away when you feel something hard push against your thigh and it’s definitely not the bulge growing in his pants, rather a gun.
Noticing the fear growing in your eyes he kisses your nose before taking out the metallic tool and putting it on your table.
“Really?” you ask still a little shaky, but there’s slight playfulness in your voice.
Jungkook whines getting up and taking the gun away from your eyes.
“You know you don’t have to scared of me, right?” he asks turning around and grins once he sees you nodding.
You know.
Tumblr media
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mnyg1800com · 3 years ago
◾bts as yanderes
◾kim seokjin
In his fantasy, he was the prince and you were the princess. The king and the queen. And in his fantasy, it would always end in a happily ever after, always. He spoiled you to make sure you were always comfortable with the way you were living and that there was no inconvenience to be put on you, by anyway. Which is why you needed him. 
To take care of everything for, to care for you, to watch over you, and do everything for you. It was his job, in his mind, to always make sure you never lifted a finger, even once in your relationship with him. Jin was always by your side and if he wasn’t doing something for you, he was guiding it through with you, keeping you in his warm hold and touch for as long as possible. He saw it as his own way of showing his love and affection towards you
“Ah! Y/n, what did I say? I can make dinner tonight, don’t worry about it. Just sit down and wait until it’s ready, I promise it will be the best meal of your life!” 
“I told you I could pick you up from work, why did you take the bus? These areas have a  lot of bad people out here, especially in that area, you could’ve gotten hurt or worse!” 
Tumblr media
Now Jin might be the best boyfriend that loved and cared for you, but it was always a different him when he noticed someone showing you affection. He was your boyfriend so he should be the only one showing this type of feelings. That stranger that smiled your way on the way to you guys’ favorite restaurant wasn’t supposed to be looking at you like that, only him. 
At times like this, Jin got very possessive and over-protective. If a man were to walk up to the both of you, he was immediately shunned by Jin or ignored by Jin, who would tug you in a different direction. He looked down on any man that seemed to hold any interest towards you and his reasoning for it whenever he was questioned was because he was the only one allowed to look at you like that. Your beauty was astonishing, really it was, which is why he thought it should only be reserved for those worthy of seeing it. Which was him, and only him. 
“Did you see the way he was looking at you? It’s absolutely disgusting that he can’t take a hint.” 
“I told you it was a bad idea to go out today, imperfect men, unlike me, don’t know how to control themselves around you. I might just need to teach them a lesson, really.”  
Tumblr media
◾ min yoongi
Yoongi was a sweetie, really. Especially only for you. He had met you just by chance, and he has thanked whoever was watching above non-stop since that day. He was usually an emotionless man, but you brought him out of his hiding and made him see a brighter light. You brought out all of the smiles, laughs, and affection from him and he made sure only to show you that side of him. 
You were special to him, which is why he reserved those smiles for you and only for your eyes. He was rather insecure about everything about himself, but he was quick to sweep those thoughts away whenever you praised him or hugged him tightly. He was reminded that he had someone to lean on and he wasn’t alone. It was a big deal to meet such an angel like you because he has never experienced anything like this. 
New emotions were introduced to Yoongi and he was glad you were the one to deliver them to him. 
“Gah, you are so cute Y/n! What would I do without you?” 
“Thank you so much for all you have done for me, the only way I can repay you is by showing you my love, and I can only hope that is enough for someone as great as you.” 
Tumblr media
You were so precious to Yoongi, to him you were the angel shining down onto him. You were pure and innocent, which is why he had to protect you from the greedy and evil things of the outside world. Whenever he could, he would stall you from leaving his side in the comfortable bed you two shared. Whining, begging, and shameless yells of your attention usually came with this. But that was only the coating of it all. 
When you two did go out, another side of Yoongi was introduced to you. You were his to have and he wasn’t willing to share with anyone. He had to protect, which he did the best he could by throwing glares to those he deemed in need of one, those are the ones that usually glance at you for too long or look at you with a look in their eyes that Yoongi hated. 
Everyone was too evil and cynical to even lay eyes on you, which is why he had to protect you from those evil beings. That by either teaching them a lesson or keeping you cooped up inside with him, either way was fine. He was never hesitant to throw the first punch or insult, anyone who wanted to take away your innocence would not have a pinch of mercy from him. 
“I suggest you take your eyes off of her. If you don’t, I will have to force you to. Yeah, that’s right! Don’t even think about taking a second glance, you worthless piece of shit!” 
“Y/n, stay with me, please. Those classes are worthless anyway, you can just learn from home and stay with me through the whole day.” 
Tumblr media
◾kim namjoon
Namjoon was a rather closed off man, famous around campus for always being found with a book in his hand, quiet and reserved would be the only way to describe him. So it was a big shock to him when you had sought out his help for something. He was immediately drawn to you. Maybe it was because of the curious nature that got him wanting more from you, but soon it leads to you being his. 
You were a curious and adventurous person which he loved the most about you. Always willing to learn and he was always more than willing to teach you. You were his own to have and he basked in the feeling of relying on him, he loved it to death. You were completely his to have and you made it obvious to him whenever you asked him a question he was sure to have the answer to. And if he didn’t, he would mentally scold himself for being so incompetent to you. 
He was your own personal knowledge bank and he wished you would keep thinking of him as that, someone you could rely on and trust. It became his goal to become the only one in your life to provide such knowledge, and honestly so much more, and he would be willing to take care of anyone that stood in his way.
“Close, but it’s more like this, baby. No! I don’t mind teaching you, in fact always come to me when you have a question, okay?”
“See Y/n you learn something new every time we talk. So you can trust me from now on to give you everything you want.”
Tumblr media
It irked Namjoon to no end when you began relying on others. Asking questions to your fellow ‘freinds’ that he was more than willing to answer, and even trusting those around you. He loved to think he was the only one in your life that could give you what you wanted, but he was slapped back to reality when he picked you up from work one day. He had promised you the other day he would always pick you up from your workplace because walking home would be out of the question considering how dangerous it would be. 
So he watched with a clenched jaw as you laughed with one of your co-workers about a joke they had made. He slammed his car door shut, leaning against the now closed door waiting for you to come closer so he could finally take you home. It didn’t go as planned as you introduced him to your smiling co-worker, who he merely nodded to. It got worse when you acknowledge how your ‘friend’ had Bachelor’s Degree from graduating college. Namjoon gritted his teeth at the compliment, feeling a wave of emotions wash over him as you praised your friend of his intelligence. It was until he opened his mouth to bite at your co-worker that you stopped and stepped into the car wordlessly. 
“That’s rather impressive, but I think me and Y/n better head home.”
“No actually, Y/n won’t be going to work tomorrow considering how sore she will be from tonight. Since you’re so smart, I’m going to assume you know what I am talking about, right? Good. Then we will be on our way, good night.” 
Tumblr media
◾jung hoseok
He was already a happy man before meeting you, but when he did he never felt such a feeling of bliss. You were the epitome of perfection in his eyes. You were always radiating with a smile and brought along your melodic laughter with you wherever you went. He felt in heaven whenever you two were with each other, and he loved to keep it that way. Your smile was what kept going and encouraged him to work harder to make your grin grow wider. 
He was always cracking jokes for you, and always content when you laughed at his humor. He didn’t care when people stared at the two of you with looks of suspicion at the scene you two would cause in public. If he was being honest, Hoseok was a rather insecure man so seeing you warm up to him made him feel assured and safe. He could be himself around you and it made him more determined every day to be the better version of his yesterday because he knew he had to make you smile, at least once and he would be at ease. 
Your happiness was always his top priority and he was always there for you when you were sad, turning your frown upside down immediately. He pushed whatever he was doing aside to focus on you not caring about the consequences because, at those moments, you were important than anything else in his life. 
“Y/n, smile for me! *makes a funny face, and laughs along with you, knowing he did something good for you*” 
“Don’t forget to call or text me when you feel down, I’ll rush over to you in an instant to make you feel better, okay?” 
Tumblr media
The one thing that could knock that smile off of Hoseok’s face would be two things. Seeing you sad and seeing the thing or person that made you sad. from there on it would no longer be sadness engulfing him, rather anger and rage. Anyone would make you frown was no one important in his book. You were his top priority all the time, and if someone were to make you feel like you weren’t there was obviously a problem that Hoseok had to take care of. 
Hoseok was rarely caught without a smile, and when he was it was the result of someone messing with you or making you sad. He would have no patience at all for a person like that, which is why his sudden cheerful attitude was traded for a new, sly, and a rather ruthless one. No one would be left to breathe if they were to make you sad, no one has the right for you to be sad. 
“Who did this to you?! Tell me and I can make your worries go away.” 
“You treated her like shit, I’m here to return the favor. You made her shed tears, which should never happen to someone like her! She is too good for people in this world, I swear. You won’t be able to breathe when I’m done with you, worthless scum.” 
Tumblr media
◾park jimin
Jimin was the embodiment of kindness, always stopping to give someone a helping hand. He went out of his way for everyone, putting their desires before his, but when he met you he became the opposite. He realized that the world was not meant to have a taste of kindness, only you. 
He learned from you that not everyone deserves the best treatment. Which is why he stopped handing out smiles to everyone, he stopped helping the same old lady cross the street, and why he stopped giving others his attention. To him, you needed to be treated carefully or you might just break, that’s why his mass amounts of attention were always on you. The outside world was simply not ready for someone as pure and radiant as you, that’s why you needed him. He kept you safe and he loved the feeling of protecting you. 
“Wait! Y/n, let me do that for you. I don’t want you to get hurt because of something like this.” 
“No baby, I promise this is the last time I do this for you, next time I swear I’ll let you do it alone not.” 
Tumblr media
He wouldn’t stand for it. You were out for the day and, of course, Jimin was staying by your side the whole time. You decided to stop by a store and when you walked in, you two were immediately greeted by an eager employee. Jimin squinted his eyes when he saw the worker lead you in all sorts of directions, making him almost lose sight of you with how fast you two were moving along. 
It was annoying for him to watch another person lead you, whether it be physically or mentally, and influence your opinion on things. He thought he should be the only one to influence your decisions and for you to lean on him only, so he found the man smiling at you right now really had no worth of being in front of you. 
It also enraged him whenever he saw the man flash you a smile. You were far too perfect for the likes of a guy like the one in front of him. The only one that could really ever understand you was him, and it will always be him. And if anyone wanted to test him on that, they were more than invited because he was not going to lose you to someone to easily. 
“I don’t think we need any more help, we were just about to leave isn’t that right, Jagiya?” 
“I would really appreciate if you would not staring at her like that or you are really going to regret ever approaching us.” 
Tumblr media
◾kim taehyung
If someone were to describe Taehyung, it would be passionate. He always stayed to what was right and he fought for it, and everything about you was right. He was always trailing after you, worshipping the ground you walked on and praised you like you were a goddess. He never let you feel an ounce of uncomfortableness when he was with you because he would immediately take care of it. 
He wouldn’t even need to think for a second when it came to you. You were always his choice and you would always be, nothing could stop that. You were everything right for him and he accepted his fate as yours rather quickly. He always supported you and what you did and was always by your side to walk with you down the path of life. He always chose the option he thought you would choose, his own mind and opinions gone because you were all he thought about the second he met you. 
Taehyung always thought highly of you, you were someone he always thought about and how you were doing things all for the better end of the story. You were everything right in the world and everyone and thing were simply in the wrong. People didn’t see it yet, but you were the only right person and it seemed Taehung was more than willing to follow in your footsteps.  
“If Y/n were here, what would she say?” 
“Y/n makes the best point in this argument, you should just give up.” 
Tumblr media
Some people were really clueless, really stupid. Taehyung was talking about you to one of his close friends, that he hasn’t cut out from his life, and has also mentioned how you were always right about things. The ones who were closest to him holding back the eye-rolls and simply nodded along to what he said, gaining a smile from Taehyung. That is until one decided to speak out against Taehyung, which was, logically, speaking against you considering how Taehyung was merely delivering your words. 
He stopped his chatter and so did his friends as they stared at the disagreer with wide eyes. Taehyung let out an ‘excuse me’ in question making the man in front of him merely shrug. They explained how you weren’t all that great, and how some of the points Taehyung made about you were wrong and Taehyung couldn’t have shaken his head faster. He thought that this person in front of him was merely too uneducated to have just insulted you in front of him. 
Taehyung was definitely keen on how people perceived you. If it was bad, then Taehyung would be quick to change their minds. If it was good, he would continue to rant to them about how perfect you were. It was a win situation for Taehyung because he got to talk about you one way or another. And right now this person was trying to think of you as something you weren’t and Taehyung was quick to correct him, raising his voice as he continued on sentence after sentence. 
“You don’t understand Y/n, none of you would!” 
“Y/n is the only one here that matters, and if you can’t see that then you obviously don’t have your priorities straight. Now if you don’t mind I’m going to leave you losers for my perfect girlfriend!” 
Tumblr media
◾jeon jungkook
Jungkook was innocent. He was young and didn’t know much and when he met you, he wanted to follow in all the footsteps you took. He was always eager to please you with his work, whether it be art or music or just something he created on a whim, which is why he would always ask for your opinion on his works and things he did. It didn’t matter if even he himself didn’t like it, as long as you were happy with his work he could smile to himself at night knowing he pleased you during the day. 
He was always pleased when he saw your proud smile or heard one of your compliments directed to him when he finished a piece of work. He focused solely on you and what you thought, and if you weren’t there to answer his many questions he could only hope he chose the right decision in making his choice trying to think as you would. 
He was quick to beat himself up if you didn't seem as pleased with his work as you usually were. Sometimes in the quiet of his room, he would rip apart that very piece he worked on if he felt you didn’t approve or like it. He was sensitive to you and what your thoughts mattered to him more than you could know. 
“Do you like it Y/n? Really?! Thank you, that means a lot!” 
“What if she hates this? She wasn’t here to answer my questions so I can only hope I guessed correctly...I have to be right or else I will disappoint her.”
Tumblr media
With Jungkook always aiming to please, it made him a bit angry when he saw our attention off of his work and directed to another’s. It made him feel like he had to prove something to his ‘competitor’ at how he was better at something than they were. To him, you paying attention to another person’s work rather than his, it made him think that his best wasn’t good enough and the only way to win you back was to improve and get better. 
If his efforts at getting better didn’t bring your attention back to him, then he had no other choice but to get rid of the ‘competitor’. He tried his best to stray away from that ending, but he just couldn’t help himself when you smiled at the other person showing your sacred smile to them. It made him feel left out and he couldn’t have that. Not when he was being left out of the person he cared about the most. If you gave him your best, showing him your side and personality, it would only be fair for him to give his best to you, completely giving himself to you. 
“I have to get better if Y/n will take me back, she can’t have that other man in her life. There should be only me!” 
“I really didn’t want to do this...but you got in between me and Y/n! I can’t allow that, it’s only me and her, you shouldn’t even be near her!” 
Tumblr media
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worldwidemochiguy · a year ago
Ours (yandere! rapline x reader)
Tumblr media
You've always known that Namjoon, Yoongi and Hoseok are ‘dangerous’, but when one of your classmates decides to try and approach you, you learn just how dangerous they really are....
Warnings: 18+ DO NOT READ IF YOU ARE A MINOR, Yandere behaviour, possessive behaviour, graphic sex scenes, Dom/sub dynamics, name-calling, face-fucking, comeplay (this is rly nasty y’all I'm sorry)
Word Count: 3.4K
a/n: thanks to anon who requested rapline x reader when a guy tries to approach reader! tbh that part only accounts for like the beginning and the end and the rest of it is just smut y’all im sorry idk how this happened lmao
“I’m sorry, what was your name again?”
The man in front of you slumps slightly, before mumbling out a desolate “Jongin,”
“Well, listen, Jongin, uh, it’s really flattering that you… think of me like that, but I’m not single, so… sorry?”
The man shuffles off without another word, disappearing into the library stacks, head bowed in embarrassment. You cringe slightly. Jongin was your partner for a group project a while ago and ever since then you’ve been able to feel his gaze trail over you sometimes during class, but you never thought he would actually make a move on you.
It’s pretty well-known at your college that you’re not available. Your boyfriends take pains to make it as clear as possible. They even have a rota, taking turns to pick you up each day after class, each time in a ridiculously ostentatious car. This morning you had been dropped off in Hoseok’s red Aston Martin, and you’re pretty sure it is Namjoon’s turn to pick you up in the Lamborghini once you’re finished studying. 
Even though your boyfriends always want to hear everything about your day with no detail omitted, you decide to not disclose the fact that one of your classmates had approached you. Jongin was a nice guy, after all, and you didn’t want to see him come in one day covered in bruises, or worse, not come in at all.
Your phone buzzes, and you start putting away your books without even having to check who it is. Only your boyfriends have your number now — they bought you a new phone because the old one mysteriously went missing. You take a quick glance anyway. 
[groupchat: You, Yoongi, Hoseok, Namjoon]
I’m outside waiting for you, Princess. 
I’ll be out in a sec! 
Can’t wait to see you! <33333 
You tap out a few brief responses — they hate to be left on read — before swinging your bag over your shoulder and leaving the library. As you expected, Namjoon is leaning against the Lamborghini illegally parked in front of the main entrance, subject to more than a few admiring glances tossed his way, though you can’t tell whether they’re checking out the car or him. 
As soon as he sees you, his full lips tug into a smile, exposing his dimples as he reaches out to take your bag for you. You go up on tiptoes to kiss his cheek in thanks, and pretend that you don’t feel a curl of smug possessiveness flare up when you see the girl who was checking him out scowl and turn back to her friends.
He opens the door for you and helps you into the car, before walking around to place your bag in the trunk and getting in the drivers seat. Soon enough, the rolling purr of the engine starts up and the college library starts disappearing in the rear view mirror. 
The two of you sit in companionable silence, Namjoon’s hand resting comfortably on your thigh.
“I didn’t know you were so possessive, Princess.” Namjoon breaks the silence with a seemingly casual remark, though it is easy to detect the self-satisfied undercurrent in his voice. 
“Oh, so you’re playing innocent? Cute.” He smirks, beginning to smooth his hand along your thigh. You try not to squirm under his attention. “That girl who was watching me, you didn’t like her, did you? You smiled when she turned away after you kissed me. Don’t you realise I notice everything you do?” 
Your cheeks burn as Namjoon deftly unravels your thoughts, embarrassed that he finds you so easy to read. You mumble something quietly under your breath, and within the blink of an eye Namjoon pulls over, takes his hand off your thigh and uses it to grip your chin, tilting your head up firmly so you are forced to meet his eye.
“What was that, Princess?” He smirks, and you know he won’t let you get away with not replying. 
Your cheeks flush deeply, and Namjoon briefly trails his thumb over the inflamed skin, before catching it on your bottom lip and tugging, a cue for you to speak before he gets impatient. 
“I said, wouldn’t you be possessive if you saw a guy checking me out?” You ask meekly, and Namjoon’s gaze darkens. 
“I’d destroy anyone who dared to even touch you. You’re mine. Ours.” His fervent response does not shock you, but just solidifies your resolution in your mind.
You hate lying to Namjoon, and Yoongi and Hoseok as well, but you know that if you tell them Jongin asked you out, it would only end in needless bloodshed. Anyway, it’s not like he was persistent or anything, it was a one off and you don’t think it’s necessary for him to be punished so harshly. 
By the time you make it back home, Namjoon’s sucked three fresh bruises into your neck to join the already-present necklace of love-bites. Having three deeply possessive boyfriends simply means having three times the hickeys a normal person might receive — not that you are complaining. You like to feel like you belong to them. 
Before Namjoon can even type in the code to unlock the door, Hoseok has swung it open and gathers you into his arms eagerly, tugging you backwards into the house.
“Princess!” He exclaims in between the kisses he peppers over your face, your hair, anything that he can reach. Behind you, Namjoon chuckles quietly. “Oh, you were gone so long! I missed you.”
“I missed you too, Hobi.” You giggle, and his eyes widen with joy.
“I wish you didn’t have to go at all. Do you really have to get a degree?” 
“She should get an education.” Namjoon asserts, and you nod at Hoseok, agreeing with your other boyfriend. Hoseok grumbles, before leading you towards the couch, tugging you on top of his lap as he sits down. 
“It’s not like you’re gonna need to get a job or anything. We’ll support you, won’t we, Namjoon?” Hoseok raises his voice so Namjoon, who’s gone to the kitchen to arrange a small meal for you, can hear. Yoongi, the resident cook, won’t be back for a while, but Hoseok and Namjoon would rather let themselves starve than let you go hungry, which could be possibility since Namjoon really is an atrocious cook. 
“Of course she won’t get a job.” Says Namjoon as he brushes into the room with a bowl of microwaved popcorn for you. Hoseok’s already started the film, some kind of horror flick, and he settles you comfortably in between himself and Namjoon, who’s just sat down. They love to make you watch horror films because you always get scared and hold onto them tightly, it makes them laugh so loud it almost drowns out the monstrous noises coming from the TV.
“Is it over yet?” You mumble, voice muffled in Namjoon’s sweater. You feel his chest rumble as he laughs, Hoseok’s high-pitched giggle joining even as he runs a comforting hand down your back.
“We’re only forty minutes in, Princess.” 
“How much is there left?”
“About an hour.”
You release a whine which induces their laughter again, until they are interrupted by the opening and shutting of the front door.
“You guys are watching Saw again?” You hear Yoongi’s dry voice ask and you point your arms in the direction from which you think it came from, fingers splayed, needy. He immediately joins you on the couch and wraps you in his arms, displacing Hoseok who lets out a dismayed noise. 
Yoongi hates horror films just as much as you do, no matter how tough he is in real life. You survive through the next hour with your face pressed into Yoongi’s chest and his hand gently stroking your hair. After the ordeal concludes, you join Yoongi in the kitchen to make dinner, sat on a stool by the kitchen island and watching, since Yoongi doesn’t want you close to any of the hot surfaces or cooking knives in case you get hurt. 
Namjoon sits and does his paperwork on the dining table, and you occasionally drift over to sit on his lap and mouth along his collarbones, trying to help with the stress that his job brings. Every so often, you go and check on Hoseok, who is practising in the studio. Seeing him so focused and sweaty from the exercise causes something to surface within you, and when you stumble back to the kitchen with mussed hair and swollen lips, Namjoon takes one glance at you and drops his pen.
“That’s not fair.” He breathes.
“Hoseok can’t keep you all to himself like that. Especially when you look like that.” 
“Like what?” You ask with faux innocence, and he rises from the table and begins to stalk towards you slowly, a predator cornering its prey.
“Like you’ve just been ruined. Like you’ve just had a cock in you and can barely stand. Like you’re still hungry for more.” 
“And what if I am?” You whisper as he comes closer, so close your back hits the wall and his chest touches yours. 
At your question, Namjoon groans and he wastes no time before crashing his lips against yours, all tongue and teeth and fire. His hand reaches down beneath your skirt and wrenches your panties aside, shoving his fingers inside you to play with Hoseok’s cum, still warm inside you.
“Fuck,” he bites out against your lip, “Already had one cock in you and yet you’re still so fucking tight.” 
You moan breathlessly as he plunges two fingers into you, already scissoring them and twisting them mercilessly in a way that has your legs weakening so much that he has to support your weight. 
“You need my cock, don’t you Princess? You need me to fuck you loose and sloppy, huh? I can’t believe you want two cocks within the space of a minute, you little fucking slut.”
His words cause the heat building in your gut to ratchet upwards, already on edge and over-sensitive thanks to the two orgasms Hoseok strung out of you. You’re almost delirious, panting and whining and begging as Namjoon fingerfucks you. 
“Well, Princess? Do you want my cock or not?” He growls impatiently, and you moan loud enough that Hoseok can probably hear you in his studio, even over the music.
“Yes, I want- I need your cock. ‘m want you to fuck me sloppy, please, c’mon-” You whined against Namjoon, your head slumping down onto his shoulder, and he curses harshly to himself. 
Somehow, he removes your skirt and panties — though he is still fully clothed with the exception of his open fly — and thrusts into you in one long, smooth motion. There is something so degrading about being basically naked while Namjoon is completely covered, but it just turns you on even more. 
You’re so sensitive, having just been taken Hoseok up against the mirrors in the studio, his dancer’s hips fucking into you unrelentingly, and it doesn’t take much to bring you to the edge. Namjoon pounds into you, so hard that your head knocks back against the wall, and you know you’ll have bruises on your back where you’re being pressed against the wall too hard.
The pain only makes everything more overwhelming, makes it better, and you come on his cock with a wailing scream. His thrusts do not falter, and he only pushes you further up the wall, lifting your legs to wrap around his waist and taking you in his arms so that he is bouncing your body up and down on his cock like a fucktoy. 
“Yes, Princess. You take it so well, you were made for my cock, weren’t you? Made to be used like my own little fuckdoll. My precious slut.” The new angle is hitting that perfect spot within you, the spot that makes your vision swim, and you are barely coherent, babbling nonsense and encouragement as he just keeps going. 
You lose count of the amount of times you come before he eventually slows down, spilling into you and then pumping it through you slowly, mixing in with Hoseok’s from earlier. As he pulls out, his seed trickles down your thigh and dries there. You go to wipe it off with your discarded skirt — it would ruin the skirt, but they would always just buy you a new one — but Namjoon stops you with a tight grip on your wrist.
“Leave it there.” He commands, and you nod, wide-eyed. “You look so pretty with my seed marking you. You look like you’re mine.” 
“She’s mine too, you know.” A low voice utters, and you startle when you remember that Yoongi was still in the kitchen, and could have been watching the whole time. Must have been, considering the impressive erection he’s stroking with one hand, eyes hooded as they watch you. Despite yourself, you lick your lips, and Yoongi coos. 
“Baby still wants more, huh? Even after two cocks inside her?” You nod, just like you know he wants you to, and he gives you a satisfied smile. Yoongi takes his time, moving towards you in slow, measured steps. Behind you, Namjoon forces you to your knees, holding your hands behind your back.
“Does the little slut want her dinner now?” You try to nod, and Namjoon tightens a hand into your hair, making you whimper. 
“Take her shirt off.” Yoongi says and Namjoon rips it off your body without a warning. You gasp as your skin is exposed to the cold air, a gasp which tapers into a whine and Yoongi reaches down and pinches one of your nipples hard.
“So sensitive.” He chuckles, before cupping your jaw. He moves his shoe forwards so it presses in between your legs, right up against your too-sensitive core. You mewl and wriggle away from it, but Namjoon holds you firm.
“Listen, baby.” Yoongi starts, his hand at your eye level stroking up and down his cock leisurely, “I’m going to fuck your mouth, and while I do that, you’re going to get yourself off on my shoe.” You start to whimper, shaking your head but Yoongi hushes you. “That wasn’t a question. If you don’t come before I do, you’ll be punished.” 
You shiver, but still try to protest meekly.
“Yoongi, it’s too much, please, I can’t-” But Namjoon forces your jaw open and Yoongi shoves himself into your mouth before you can finish.
You moan around his cock, the feeling of being full always mindlessly satisfying you and, after a moments hesitation, you start grinding against his shoe. The sensitivity makes it almost painful, and you sob around his cock, eyes already leaking tears as Yoongi thrusts deep into you over and over again, at one point holding your nose against his hip until you thought you were about to pass out, before pulling out and slamming back in. 
“Fuck, look at you.” Yoongi grunts, fucking your face like there’s no tomorrow. “Such a fucking slut. Look Namjoon, she’s panting on my cock, getting the come of all the men she’s fucked all over my shoe. I hope you know you’re going to be licking it clean, Princess.” 
At his last statement, all the pain and arousal and humiliation forges itself into one white-hot surge of pleasure and the orgasm rips through you almost violently. Your throat tightens against Yoongi’s cock and a few seconds later he’s yanking himself out roughly and coming all over your face and chest. 
“So beautiful.” He murmurs as you slump backwards against Namjoon’s thighs. “Covered in our essence. You’re ours, and you always will be.” 
Since Yoongi practically abandoned dinner and let it burn, the three of you order take out, and they take turns feeding you as you perch — still entirely naked and covered in their dried come — on Hoseok’s lap. After dinner, the four of you have a warm bath where Hoseok uses his magic fingers to massage all the aches and groans out of your body, all the while praising you for how well you took them, how beautiful you are, how proud you should be. It ends up with him taking you slowly against the side of the bath, water rushing around you while you stretch yourself enough to take Yoongi as well, leaning over to take Namjoon in your mouth. 
By the time you stumble into bed, you are well and truly exhausted, and you fall asleep right away, wrapped in Hoseok and Namjoon’s arms, with Yoongi sprawled on top of you, feeling safer than you’ve ever felt in your life. 
Next week, you are getting a coffee during a break between classes — normally your boyfriends would come and visit you in this time but Yoongi was being held up at work, as was Namjoon, and Hoseok was trying to nail down a new routine — when Jongin approaches you again. 
He looks nervous, and you surprise a sigh.
“Look, Jongin, I’m flattered, but-”
“I know you’re dating those men, but honestly, Y/n, they are not who you think they are.”
“Excuse me?” You ask incredulously, anger flaring within you at the criticism of your boyfriends.
“Listen, I’ve looked into their backgrounds a little and they’re dangerous, Y/n, you don’t want to associate with them.” 
“I think I can decide what I want for myself, thanks.” You reply frostily. “I know you have a crush on me, and I was willing to let that slide, but this really is pathetic. Maybe you should think for a second; if they’re so dangerous, then what do you think is going to happen when you try to take what’s theirs?” 
His eyes widen in fear, and for a second you feel smug that you managed to cow him into such a level of fear, and then you feel an arm wrap securely around your shoulders.
“I couldn’t have said it better myself, Princess.” Namjoon says, giving a now-trembling Jongin a death glare. 
“Telling lies to our girlfriend is certainly a dangerous thing to do.” Hoseok purrs, flanking Namjoon’s shoulder. 
“And telling her you have feelings for her is even worse.” Yoongi smirks, moving in between you and Jongin. 
“Honestly, if I were you, I would start running.”
Jongin turns tail and flees out of the coffee shop, followed by many curious glances. Namjoon, Hoseok and Yoongi exchange a smug smile before they start leading you to the car — a modest Rolls Royce today.
“I- I thought you couldn’t come today?” You ask, confused, and Namjoon huffs a laugh.
“We wanted to surprise you.”
“Of course, we should have realised we’d have to scare off one of your admirers.” Hoseok laughs, though his eyes are tight. 
“I didn’t realise he would go that far. I just felt kind of bad for him, but if you hadn’t arrived today I would definitely have told you the second I got home.”
“You should always tell us everything, Princess.” Yoongi growls, before pushing you into the back of the car. 
Hoseok slips into the drivers seat whilst Namjoon and Yoongi flank your sides in the back seats. 
“From now on, you tell us everything, ok? No secrets.” Namjoon says sternly, and you nod. 
“What about Jongin? Are you going to catch him?”
“Don’t think about that filth.” Hoseok instructs from the front, “We’ll take care of him. You don’t have to worry about any of it. We’ll call the college and say you’re sick for the rest of the week so you can have time to recover.” 
“Ok.” You reply quietly, burrowing into the car leather.
“You really don’t have to worry, Princess.” Yoongi reassures you, taking your quiet behaviour for fear. 
“We won’t let anyone take you from us. Ever. You’re ours. We’ll kill anyone who tries to lay a single finger on you, sweetheart. And if anyone tries to take you away? I’ll make sure they suffer so much they’ll be begging for death. That’s how much I love you, baby. We love you, so much.” 
Tumblr media
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an-ambivalent · 2 years ago
Yandere! BTS [Fairytale AU]
AU where BTS play the roles of the classic princesses, and are yandere. These are loosely based on the fairy tales, but somethings will be different because that's how I want it to be lol
Warning: As this post contains yandere themes, the characters display behaviors that can be uncomfortable to read. Read at your own risk. This work is purely fiction. I do not believe any of the mentioned members would display any sort of this behaviour irl.
Beauty & the Beast
Jin is succumbed to become the hostage of the beast in exchange for his parent’s safety. Initially, he was very cold to [Name] the beast because she had confined him, and she was the reason why he had become separated from his family. However, although he was ‘imprisoned,’ he was not treated as a prisoner. In fact, he was given a lavish life that was even better than the one he lived with his family.
It happened slowly, but it happened for surely. Jin began to warm up to the new life he lived. Also, he became intrigued about what [Name] the beast was really like, when he heard stories about her kindness, and selfness from the tea pots and other talking furniture. He started to see how sweet she was in the little ways that made his heart skip a beat. Her benevolent nature  was evident in the way she would tenderly cater to the plants in her garden, or how softly she would read to him.
Without becoming too aware of it, Jin was beginning to become fixated on [Name]. He did not realize the full potential of his fixation on [Name] until she was attacked by his villagers. The moment [Name] fainted, and was no longer able to stand, much less fight for herself, rage blinded him enough to go on a killing rampage. Once his rampage ceased, and the blood of his enemies covered him, he stumbled back to [Name], who was lying motionlessly.
He cradled her in his arms, and tears of silent mourning rolled down his cheeks. The moment one landed on [Name], there was a bright glow as she turned back into the human she was.
Jin was in awe of her beauty. Meanwhile, [Name] woke up terrified due to all the blood that covered him.
“J-Jin what h-hap—“ She tried to ask, however Jin cut her off.
“Shh,” He began, as he brought her closer to himself, and hugged her tightly. “I killed them because they hurt you and tried to take you away from me. But you don’t have to worry because I will never let that happen again. You are mine forever.”
Tumblr media
Sleeping Beauty
Before his slumber until awaken by a true kiss had begun, Prince Yoongi was a collector and admirer of all things beautiful. He loved to marvel at anything which fit his standards. If there was ever an antique which there was only one of, and Yoongi had set his sight on it, every competitor during his era knew to let him have it for their own sake.
In the new era he now lived in, he was the lost prince who had returned. He was given the right to rule the current throne in his kingdom almost immediately.  After his power reigned, the new competitors learned to stay out of Yoongi’s way the hard way.
See, [Name] was his destined princess who was the one who had broken his curse. Out of everyone else, and all other possibilities,it had been her. So surely, it was fateful for her to belong to Yoongi and no one else.
Yoongi had become infatuated with [Name] the moment he had seen her. Now, that infatuation had become so extreme that he was going to stop at nothing until she was completely his. Anyone who tried to prevent that from happening, were certainly going to face consequences which would be worse than death.
Tumblr media
For his entire, Hoseok had been isolated from the outside world. He had his freedom restricted within his home.  He never got to experience life for its raw experiences, create meaningful relationships with others, or explore the ways excitement and adrenaline felt until he met [Name]. Granted that she had peaked his interest unfairly through the wishes the genie gave her, and she portrayed herself to be the status she was not. However, what she had shown Hoseok, what she had made him feel was all on her own terms. The parts of life she showed him took his breath away.
Hoseok experienced what it was like to live in a situation for what it was; in which limitations existed, and no one catered to him like a baby. He got to taste true freedom and build the courage to make his own decisions, all because of [Name]. In his dull life that once only consisted of materialistics and statuses, she had become his light, and  shown on the colours he yearned to see.
Eventually, he became addicted to her light to the point he planned to shroud her entire life with the darkness he had to live in. This was so he could return the favour, and become her light in her darkness, the way she had for him.
Tumblr media
Snow White
It was no new news to anyone in the kingdom that the current Queen [Name] [Surname], hated one of the local aristocrats Kim Namjoon with a burning passion. To the public, their relationship seemed like a small rivalry which caused them to always banter, or attempt to hurt each other out of innocent jealousy or spite. However, in reality, their relationship went a lot deeper than that. It was a lot more dangerous and toxic than what others could see it as.
Firstly, [Name] wanted to hunt and get rid off Namjoon because she was envious of his attractive appearance. He was everything that she wanted to be, and held all the titles that she wanted to have. [Name] wished to be known as the most divine and beautiful person in her Kingdom. She was incredibly pretty, but Namjoon was the perfection she could not beat. Hence, she wanted his existence to cease.
However, despite her attempts to send assassins to kill him, none ever succeeded. Her predicament actually led the situation in a direction she had not anticipated. It was in the direction where Namjoon had come to love her for her hatred and glory, and he loved the excitement of the chase and action he experienced due to her hunting him. For him, this had all turned into a game, and this game was nearing its end when he was the one who had captured [Name] instead.
“You can’t— you can’t get rid off me,” [Name] stammered in fear, while Namjoon backed her into a corner. His lips were spread across his face in a sinister grin, and there was madness glinting in his eyes.
“Oh baby, I’m not going to get rid off you. You are too much fun at the moment for that to happen. Instead, I’m going to hunt and chase you now until you break and submit to me.”
Tumblr media
(makane line under the cut!)
For the majority part of his life, Jimin had lived in cruel circumstances where he was treated like an abomination. He was forced to cook, clean, and serve the people that was ‘supposed’ to be his family, but never treated him as such. Despite everything that he did for them, they never repaid him with even the smallest act of kindness. It was not farfetched to say that Jimin had not been genuinely happy for years. But this, and everything else in his life changed from the night he sneaked into the ball which was hosted by the princess.
He only went to the ball because he simply wanted to enjoy himself for one night by dancing through its entirety. However, fate had better plans written for him because he attracted the attention of the princess. She was the first one in years to smile so fondly at him, and treat him with kindness, and as the person he was.
His time with the princess in that night was absolutely magical; he loved every moment of it. For this reason, after being wedded to the princess and through starting their new life together, he came to cherish her kind personality a bit too much.
He turned into a possessive tyrant who wanted to be the only one to receive her kindness, and relentlessly punished others who dared to avert her sweet attention away from him.
Tumblr media
Swan Lake
In this tale of magic and romance, Taehyung was a cursed prince who spent his days as a swan, and nights as a human in loneliness. There was no one for him to converse with, spend his time with, or to love. Until one day, a princess came along. She visited his abode in the evenings to escape her royal life, and for a “breath of fresh air.” She caressed his soft feathers lovingly, and told him the tales of her world. She become the sole light in Taehyung’s darkness, and he was enamored.
One night, he promised to himself that the next evening when the princess visited, he would reveal his identity to her. He believed that by doing this, she will fall in love with him too, and as a result, his curse would end.
However, when the princess never visited again, and Taehyung found out about her marriage to another, he was enraged.
Finally, he decided to set out on a journey to find his princess. He swore to end the person who dared to try and steal her away from him, in the cruelest way he could.  
Tumblr media
The Little Mermaid (lol how original. It's not like I already have a whole story with this au for JK and just reusing it for this thread because I was out of ideas)
Jungkook is the new crowned King for the merfolk. Under the sea, unlike humans, merfolk only consisted of males. Jungkook was already obsessed with humans to the point he spent his entire time and resources to gather intel on them and neglected his duties for his people. However, his obsession went to new extreme levels when he saved a drowning woman, and became besotted by her beauty.
The softness of her skin, to the memorizing sight of her drowning face -- Jungkook was immersed and was willing to go beyond any limits to have her his. Compared to his need to find [Name] on the shore and own her as a possession, everything else fell short and became insignificant. His responsibility as the new ruler for his people, or consideration for the life [Name] lived as a human was disregarded. All that mattered to Jungkook was [Name], and that she should belong to him.
Tumblr media
(you can find the link to the whole story on my masterpost ^^)
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yandere!BTS Masterlist
Tumblr media
‧R E A C T I O N S‧
Mafia!Yandere BTS REACTION: you’re scared  ☾
BTS as Yanderes based on their zodiac natal chart ☽
Yandere!BTS reaction: you’re arguing and you snap ☾
Yandere! BTS reaction to you giving silent treatment ☾
Yandere! BTS reaction of their s/o being innocent/pure  ☾
Yandere! BTS reaction to their s/o getting arrested ☾
Yandere! BTS reaction: you’re sick ☾
Yandere!BTS reactionL to Falling for You while Being in a Relationship
Yandere!BTS reaction: you have a stalker
yandere!BTS reaction: they’ve broken you ☾
Nothing yet
Tumblr media
M I N  Y O O N G I
A box made out of glass
So we meet | tattoo!artist yoongi
Moon // a place for us to stay |yandere!royal yoongi //prob my fav
Ghost Love | Yoongi x reader x Jimin//kind of yandere
Tumblr media
J U N G  H O S E O K
Soft!Yandere Hoseok: he’s jealous of your friends.
Soft!Yandere Hoseok: he’s jealous of you and Taehyung
tell me when it’s over
Tumblr media
K I M  N A M J O O N
Nothing yet
Tumblr media
P A R K  J I M I N
Soft!Yandere Jimin: he thinks you’re going to leave him
“Look me in the eyes, tell me you love me. Even if it’s fucking fake.” 
Ghost Love | Yoongi x reader x Jimin//kind of yandere
Tumblr media
K I M  T A E H Y U N G
Yandere!Taehyung: You’ll never walk away
Yandere!Taehyung: Red is the perfect color on your skin
Tumblr media
J E O N  J E O N G G U K
Perfect yet so Cruel  (Yandere!Jungkook!Demon October Series)
Soft!Yandere Jungkook: Broken
Secret Admirer masterlist
sure you get lonely  (sometimes) | soft!mafia!yandere Jungkook
soft!yandere!Jungkook: he’s not obsessed with you // LITERALLY MY FAV FIGHT ME
yandere!Jungkook: you hit him during an argument
O T 7 S E R I E S
i’ll be running until the sun comes out | ot7!yandere x reader
Taste of Menace MASTERLIST
Tumblr media
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Beastly Gods (M)
Tumblr media
Pairings:  Hybrid!Taehyung x Reader x ??? Word Count: 8K Rating: M Genre: Hybrid AU, Thriller, Drama Warnings:  Smut scene (Unprotected Sex, Exhibitionism, Voyeurism, Fingering, Cum Play), Blood, Captivity, Themes of Obsession and Ownership.
Summary: ‘Don’t leave the forest,’ a rule that you've been forced to follow since birth, but you are tired of living in this wooden cage. Out of desperation you cut a deal with Taehyung, who claims to be the only one who can get you out safely, even though he might be just as dangerous as the god you’re trying to escape.
AN: Not your typical Hybrid AU. At first I was going to release secondary love interest information, but then I thought, fuck it, you’ll guys will just have to wait until the end to see who watches over the forest *Cackles*. Story is dedicated to @lovelesscherry​ who reblogged a cabin room photo that started this whole mess of an idea. 
A large oak stands in front of you as your best method to reach the sky, the only tool you have for your small calculated rebellion.
You’ve been taught since birth, ‘Don’t leave the forest. As long as you remain within the woods you are safe, but  anything which goes out beyond the line of trees is his to take. ’ The lessons refer to the so called protector of your forest, a self proclaimed god, and the one you live to hate. Some have made attempts to leave over the years, to go past the tree line but none of them have returned. The people of your village believe them to be dead but you hold out hope that maybe they found something better.
You grab the first branch and haul yourself up. The first step is always the most difficult, with such a large distance between it and the forest floor. Going from there is only too easy, stepping from limb to limb as you make your rise to the top.    
Three generations of your people have resided in this place. Some call it home but to you it is nothing more than a cage. The branches creating the bars which entrap you in this life. You wish to see the open sky unobscured by the reach of the trees, so everyday you make the climb to the highest tree top you can.
Those that had made previous attempts to escape left the forest perimeter on the ground, but you take your brief moment of freedom from up high. You delight in having found a weakness in his pen, one god surely would have difficulty watching all sides of the forest, why would he even bother to check the treetops? Up here you are safe, you are free. It may seem like a pointless rebellion but to you it’s everything, reaching beyond the branches has become your way of showing that you are not complacent.
On this climb you barely rise above the majority of the treeline. You yearn to go even higher but the next set of branches are too weak to support your weight. Settling in with your against the trunk you watch the birds soaring off in the distance, envying their wings and their freedom.
You’re only able to remain in your tree top few minutes each day, concerned that someone might find you up here. Those in the village believe you will bring the gods wrath upon them if you act out in any way. They have no wish to anger your keeper, fearing that your bloody history would play out once again...  
In their effort to reach new scientific heights, your ancestors had brought on the downfall of their own human race. They thought to create a new species, one that was half human, half animal, with an intent to be used and to fill a variety of purposes. Little did your people know that they would revolt, a hybrid’s power could not be tamed, and they had no wish to be formed into a mould of a domesticated pet. The hybrids were so deeply ingrained in the lives of humans that it was only too easy for them to take control. They used all of the knowledge they had gathered and strength they had been breed to wield against their owners in a revolution.
The hybrids rose above their masters to take their place as gods. They took everything away that could be used against them, and divided your surviving race among their own. Your ancestors were sent to hide in the forest to live under the hybrids rule, their protection, while paying homage and give offerings to the new lords, and that is where your people have resided ever since.
When the divide first happened there were stories of these gods fighting each other for territory, trying to take humans from under another’s rule, or lay claim to land that was not their own.  People say that they know each other’s weakness, that only gods can find a way to end the reign of another. But from what you know there has been no such question of your past gods’ or their descendants’ authority.
Once a week your village is expected to leave an offering at the edge of the forest. In exchange for the ‘protection’ given to your village you supply the beastly god with food. There’s no extravagant ceremony you simply leave the sack in the designated spot and leave. In the past you’ve been tempted to stay and see if you could witness the so-called-god, but he has never shown himself while you’re there.  
Your walk to the edge is quiet, raising the hairs on the back of your neck. The usual sounds of the forest fail to reach this far with the only noise coming from the cracking of twigs beneath your feet. You are steps away from your intended location when your path becomes blocked, a massive feathered creature falling to the ground in in front of you.
In a panic you hide behind the nearest tree to observe the fallen beast. Your curiosity begs you to watch, outweighing the fear which orders you to flee.
Glossy black wings that could easily be twenty feet in span, sprout from a back of a male who currently lays face down in the dirt. The hybrid lets out a groan and a swear punching the ground on which he rests with a gloved fist. As he lifts his head you slide back to conceal yourself.
“Human?” He calls out to you. “I know your there, I can hear you breathing.”
You tremble and your back presses into the bark of the trunk. Your hand covering your mouth in a last ditch attempt to conceal yourself.
“I can still hear you.... I need your assistance.”
“I am to leave food nothing else, that’s the agreement.” You call out.
“Yes, you’re right, but I rather get out of here before the one who injured me comes to finish me off. I’ll make a deal with you if you assist me”
“Who injured you?” You asked with a quaking voice.
“A god who keeps you here, one who watches this forest.” His reply encourages you to poke out from behind the tree to view the beast. Could it be? Someone has finally come to challenge your gods rule?
His face is dirty and bruised but even that can not hide the sharpness to his facial features. His shirt is an unusual fashion, flowing down from over top of his shoulders and lacing just under the bottom of his wing. It appears to be intact with no wounds showing, but on his gloves you notice a dark stain, that of blood.
Wings splay out behind him, one fully extended but the other is curled and dragging on the ground slightly hidden from you.  “I’m glad to see that I have your attention now.” A smirk crosses his face as he looks upon you with the same curiosity that you have for him.
“W-why are you here?”
“Property dispute.” He laughs as if it’s a joke, but it seems that immediately regrets his decision when a pained look crosses his face. His damaged wing shifts closer, allowing you to see several broken feathers at it’s crest along with the deep read stain of blood. “I need your help.”
“Why should I?” He might not be the god who has entrapped you here, but that doesn’t mean he is innocent either.
“You want to get out of this forest don’t you? I’m too injured to fly, I need you to hide me in the forest while I heal. Do this and I’ll take you out of here.”
He needs permission to set foot on the grounds of your forest, that was the deal struck when your race was confined, they have their space and you have yours. “How long before you can fly again?”
He looks at the damage to his wing carefully, “It’s difficult to say maybe a couple weeks, maybe month?”
“A month! You want me to hide you for a month?”
“I’ll need food and a place to rest as well. What’s one month when it will give you a life outside of this forest?”
You ponder his offer with a bite to your lip, the wings you have longed for have finally come to you, but unfortunately they are attached to... conditions. “When you’re healed, you promise to get me out of here?”
“When I can fly I promise you’ll never have to come back to these woods again.” He struggles to stand his wing weighing him down with him unable to lift it properly.
Emboldened by the guarantee of freedom you approach him carefully, ready to flee if he makes even the slightest aggressive move.
“Such a skittish little dove,” He remarks on your stance.
“That’s not my name,” You respond flatly.
“Oh then what is?” He pries, but you consider that information might be best to keep to yourself. He smiles, clearly seeing the conflict rise up in you, “No matter, you can call me Taehyung if you wish. We should get moving before he comes back. I may have injured him too but I don’t think it was as bad as my own state.”
“What do you need me to do?”
“Come here,” he prompts you to move closer with an outreached hand.
Taking your arm he places you at his side, “I can’t hold it up very easily myself.” His injured wing nudges at your back, “May I?” You nod looking hesitant with the weight of the wing unsure if you’ll be able to support it either.
With a groan he stretches it out, the bridge of the wing comes to rest on your shoulders, the soft feathers tickling at your neck. It’s not as heavy as you expect, but there’s a warmth to it as if you’re wrapped in a down blanket. Relief breaks across his face, “Thank you,” he whispers with a deep sigh.
“I live a far bit outside of the village, you should be fine in my cabin as long as you don’t take any excursions.”
“Yes Little Dove,” He gives you a wide boxy smile, an indication that he might not be taking you as seriously as you hoped.
“I mean it, if someone even catches a glimpse of your face let alone your wings they’ll know something’s not right.” Your people would be furious if they found out you invited one of them in. They may obey the hybrid’s laws but it’s out of fear, not respect.
Your progress is slow, but that allows you to ease back to your door under the cover of darkness. As soon as you step inside you draw the curtains closed and light a couple of lamps in the small living room. “Sit down, I’ll fetch something for your wound.” You press him onto the couch while you find your supplies
Your kit looks grim. Alcohol and bandages will have to suffice, your stock has run low and the salve has reached the bottom of the tin.
As you return to him you can see that he is having difficulty reaching the wound with its location on the crest of his wing just behind his shoulder. “I think I’ll need your assistance again.”
“I-I don’t, I’ve never looked after...” You know the wings of birds to be fragile and the thought of damaging it more worries you.
“I can direct you.”
The cut for the most part has clotted and it doesn’t appear too deep, but this spot must incur a lot of strain during flight, making it impossible for him to fly in such a state.
Taehyung takes your hand hovers it over the affected area. He looks back to direct your touch as you stand in front of where he sits. “You see the broken and crooked feathers?” You nod touching the very tip of one. “Those are going going to have to come out.”
“They’ll grow back and it’s just a couple.” There are maybe five or six at most that look to be in terrible shape, but that doesn’t make the thought of what you are about to do any less daunting. You grab the first by it’s base and look back to him to make sure. Taehyung gives you a nod to proceed. As the stem dislodges he grabs your waist, his head leans into you while he gasps.
“Sorry,” You mutter unsure of what else to say.
“No it’s fine keep going.”
With the next feather his other wing unfurls and beats angrily knocking a chair over in the process. A slight whimper escapes him drawing pity from you. You had expected his kind to be strong and without pain but here he is exhibiting a weakness.
“Almost done,” You whisper as his long fingers continue to hold you.
After pulling out the last, you step back from him, with a  half dozen quills in your hand. You examine the black plumage carefully, admiring their beauty and the way they shine in the candle light.
You can feel Taehyung’s eyes on you, watching you as your fingers glide over the feathers. You blush offering them back to the winged man.
“You can keep them Little Dove,” he chuckles, “I have plenty.”
You smile, embarrassed by the fact that he had caught your interest in them. Soaking a cloth in the clear alcohol you move forward again, with the broken feathers out of the way you have a better view of the cut. You perch yourself carefully not hovering this time but kneeling next to him on the couch with one leg between his to get a closer look. There a bit of dirt from his fall, you can only hope that the alcohol will be enough to prevent it from getting infected. “This is going to hurt too,” you warn him.
“I doubt it will be worse than... fu-fuck!” His good wing curls round closing in as he pulls you to his chest in reaction to the pain. You are the one to gasp this time as his mouth nips down on your shoulder.
“Taehyung?” You make an attempt to pull his hands off but his grip digs in like a pair of talons latching to its prey. “Taehyung, that hurts! You have to let go, you have to let me finish.” He releases you slowly but you can still feel him winch with every touch of the cloth. Finding a fresh linen you question how you should secure it. It’s not like you can wrap it in place that would have to encompass the entire width of his wing and might damage some of his other feathers.
You take a look through your cupboards looking for anything that might function as an adhesive. Your eyes settle on a golden jar of honey, it’s a decent antiseptic and hopefully it should make the cloth stick too. With the flat of a spoon you spread it over the bandage and place it carefully on, you smile in success when it appears to be secure.
“Thank you Little Dove, I guess you humans have a few more uses than I thought,” He laughs.
Your face falls at his comment, remembering what he truly is. What his kind have done to your people. “Get some sleep, you’ll need it to heal.” You growl standing to make a swift exit to your room.  
“Wait, how am I supposed to sleep with my wings on a couch?” He whines back looking confused by the change in your tone.
“Figure it out yourself, I’ve just reached the limit of my usefulness.” You throw back at him in anger, slamming your bedroom door shut behind you. He’s your ticket out of here, one month and your free, one month and you can escape this enclosed life and try to find something even greater. You look down to the feathers in your hand and set them on your side table, wishing that you could have your own and not have to rely on his.
Sleep does not come easy that night, every sound from the other room has you wondering what the beast might be up to, and whether you can actually trust him to keep his side of the bargain.
You rise with the sun peering in the large window of your bedroom. Carefully stepping out to your living room you find Taehyung sprawled out on the couch, cuddling one of the cushions while his injured wing lays flat, propped up by one of your chairs. On the stove fire you bring a pot of water to boil, using it to fill two bowls of oatmeal and a basin.
You try to wake him, but after calling his name and shaking his shoulder you find this task to be pointless. The bandage has to be changed before you leave, if he refuses to wake up beforehand he will within a minute or two after you start. You dip the rag into the basin of warm water and place it over the gauze patch melting the honey to allow for an easier removal.
You can see a sleepy smile creep onto Taehyung’s face, he abandons the pillow and allows his arms to trail over you instead. This all comes to a halt as you remove the bandage. His eyes fly open as a hiss greets you. “What the hell?”
“What? I tired to wake you, but I guess I can’t help you with that either.”
“Fuck,” He groans in pain, “I’m sorry okay? It was a stupid comment.”
“If you are going to stay here you either respect me as an equal, or I’ll throw you out of the cabin. I have to leave soon, so let me finish. I made you food, not sure if you’re able to eat it though.”
“I’m not picky, my kind can eat anything.”
You reapply the honey to a new linen square and dress the wound once again, as he takes the bowl of porridge.
After finishing you gather your cloak and boots that you discarded haphazardly the day before.
“Where are you going?” He looks up to you before taking another bite of his meal.
“I’m one of the foragers, I look for additional food that’s not grown on the smaller farms, mushrooms berries, nuts, whatever we can get our hands on.” You explain while tying a boot.
His eyes grow wide, “You shouldn't go out there it’s not safe for you.”
“Yeah well, your kind should have thought of that before you drove us into the second dark age.”
“That was for your safety too. It wasn’t just about our freedom, you humans have a way of destroying yourselves and everything around you, my ancestors were trying to protect what was left.”
“Then it should be perfectly fine now...” you goad him.
“Stay away from the edge of the forest,” He instructs. “And don’t climb any trees.”
“How did you...” You stop for a second stunned by his knowledge of your little secret.
“Please, just trust me.” Taehyung gives not further explanation, he only stares back at you with a distinct look of sincerity.
You wish you could question him more but you have to leave, or some of the other foragers might come to your cabin to find you.
You return that evening to find Taehyung wide eyed with worry. He smiles brightly at you but the stress and confinement has clearly left him agitated.
“Okay talk, you clearly know more than you let on.”
“I’m not sure what...”
“Don’t climb any trees?” You throw your cloak down on the chair beside you in frustration. You thought all day about the possibilities and the questions you need to ask of him, wasting no time before grilling him with your inquiries, “How do you know that I do that when no one else in this village does. Why are you really here?”
“I’ve seen you before,” Taehyung looks down at his feet while he exposes his truth. “When you were climbing. I had never seen a human do that before, you peaked my interest.”
“Really? That was why you came?”
“What can I say? My kind have a weakness for pretty things... and you’re little rebellion drew me in.” He looks back to you again with a side smile. “I wanted to come find you, maybe even take you from this place. Your god does not have your best interest at heart, or at least the type of freedom you desire.”
“What is he?”  
“A winged creature the same as myself, a crow hybrid.”
“But today you said I wasn’t safe, what’s changed from all the days before?”
Taehyung takes a deep breath looking hesitant to share the next bit of information with you, “Rumour is that he’s looking for a mate, and has you in mind. I’m not the only one who saw you climbing. You look so very much at home in the trees, I can see why he chose you.”
You are beyond revolted by the thought, bile begins to rise in your throat, a panic sets in as you consider the imposing threat of a god’s affection. You sit down next to Taehyung cowering with you hands on your face, “But he can’t, he can’t take me. He made a pact with my people, he can’t even set foot in the forest unless we give permission.”
“No he can’t,” Taehyung removes your grip from yourself, and takes your chin in his own hands to ensure that you are focused on him, that you take in every word as cautionary advice. “Not unless you leave the forest with him, for your sake don’t leave my side. No matter what happens, no matter what tricks he plays or what he might do to persuade you, don’t leave with anyone else but me. If you step outside with him willingly you become his property. If that happens I can’t save you.”
“You were hurt before, do you really think we can leave if he is determined?”
“I do, I was caught off guard when he attacked. Let’s just say I have friends in high places who will prevent that from happening again.”
The weeks that follow are by no means unpleasant. Although the hybrid was arrogant at first he soon comes down to your level. While you tell him of your life here and your true name, he returns the favour of your honestly with tales of flight and what it feels like to soar through the sky.
You had no idea what to expect living with him, there some habits that of his you enjoy, and others that can be a little... frustrating. You once spent half an hour looking for your cloak only to find that Taehyung had stolen it to add to his bed. He apologized saying that it is a trait of his kind. Little things of yours still go missing though, most are found in the same place, wrapped within the nest of blankets that he has created on the couch, but there must be a half dozen objects which you’ve never managed to track down again. As an apology for taking your belongings he leaves feathers on your pillow. A smile crosses your face each time as you add them to the collection on your bedside table. This soft ink-black bouquet has become the focal point of your room, one from which you cannot draw your eyes away, a lure that leads your thoughts back to Taehyung even after you leave him for the night.
To your delight his wing is healing rapidly, everyday you feel one step closer to freedom. He couldn’t have come at a better time with the pressures from your village. They have been telling you that it’s time to settle down, to stop living with your head in the clouds, and start thinking about the future of this little town and how you can contribute. But every time they bring up the possibility of a match your mind drifts to Taehyung.
You haven’t even escaped with him yet but when you’re with him you feel unrestrained. How he rather observe your actions and listen to your thoughts rather than criticize them like those in your village. He is the only one to have ever give you a choice in what you wanted, and now because of that you find yourself longing for him.          
“You shouldn’t go out there today Little Dove,”
“I won’t go near the edge of the forest.”
“No it’s not just that. There’s a storm coming.” You notice the slight shiver to his skin as he says those words. The feathers of his wings ruffle and puff out, he looks as if his instinct is telling him to flee.
You begin to worry but not for the same reasons, a winter storm this early could be devastating to the food collection.
“I have to, if there’s is a storm on the way we need to gather everything we can before it’s covered in snow. I’ll keep an eye out and come back before it hits.”
You know that Taehyung would want you to stay close but in all good conscience you can’t. Instead you push yourself even further into the depths of the forest, separating from the rest of the party. You reach areas to forage that you usually don’t use until later in the season. With winter on it’s the way sooner than expected you can’t afford to miss this opportunity to gather all you can.
It was a stupid thing to do you realize on your trek back, you’re not even a quarter of the way home when the freezing rain begins to pelt your cloak. Your hands grow painfully numb from the cold lashing against your skin. An hour later and you are still haven’t returned, your clothes are thoroughly soaked with parts of the cloth freezing in the frigid air.
The day goes from bad to worse when the snow starts, obscuring your vision as it falls from the sky. You can only pray that you are heading in the right direction, as your feet move forward. The world completely awash by the flurry around you.
Your progress slows as you step into the drifts. The icy chill penetrates deep into your legs, leaving you barely able to move, and your mind unwilling to focus on anything other than the warmth you crave. Your sight grows fuzzy, leaving you to question it as you catch glimpses of what you desire, black feathers, littering the ground and the path in front of you. You look to the sky but are only meet with the blanket of white that continues to fall. You can’t be sure if you are just seeing things, that maybe your mind has created a delusion of hope to lead you on. But you follow the trail of feathers regardless, wanting so badly to be embraced by the warm wings you know so well.
Between the gusts of wind you can almost here whispers of the name he has given you, ‘Little Dove.’ You follow the soft voice in a trance desperate to leave this frozen place by any means necessary.
It’s not until you hear shouting behind you that you are shaken from your daze.
“No Little Dove, that’s the wrong way!” Taehyung's voice and arm close in around you blocking out everything else. He shrouds you with a cloak which he too hides beneath. His wings forming a large mound of a back but still hidden from view.
He picks you up and turns back in the direction from which he came. Trudging through the snow drifts that had made you stumble.
Once you reach the cabin he pulls off your cloak and sets you in front of the glowing fire in your bedroom. Proceeding to layer it with log after log until it’s as tall as the stove will allow. Every candle and lamp in the room is lit by his hand. The warmth is slow to hit while your clothes are still frozen. Pulling a blanket from your bed you strip beneath leaving your undergarments on wrapped beneath the heavy fibres.
Taehyung to begins to undress too although modesty does not seem to be a concern of his. Exposing everything to the air except what lies beneath his underwear. He takes a seat next to you on the floor in front of the fire. “You promised you would be back in time. What were you thinking? He almost had you.”
“I lost track of time, when the storm set in I couldn’t see.” Your teeth chatter as you try to absorb the heat.
“You’re lucky I came to find you.”
Taehyung stretches out his wings behind you shaking them slightly to dislodge the moisture that seeped in through his cloak.    
You turn to face one of the wings letting your arm reach up from beneath the blanket. Your fingers brush through his damp feathers, grooming them back into place. There’s a low vibration at the back of his throat as his eyes close.
“Why did you? You’re almost healed you could probably manage flight on your own. It would be easier for you to escape that way.” You pause with your fingers buried deep in down coat of his wing as you look up to his content face.
“Please don’t stop,” he begs looking down to place his hand on yours, urging you to keep going. “I told you I came to find you, I gave you my word. Do you think that I wish to lose you to someone else? Or that I would leave you to escape out there alone?”          
Taehyung takes a deep breath causing his wings to shudder beneath your touch, “Little Dove, I’m sorry I should have told you sooner but the freedom which you were looking for, it does not exist for humans. Not outside of these confined spaces. Those who are found unaccompanied are either killed or taken to maintain control. I question taking you out there without you knowing that it truly is safer in here. I would rather rip these wings off than expose you to those who reside out there. I wish I could live with you in this cage forever, with you and you alone.”
It’s as the village has always told you, but even now knowing the definite truth you still find yourself wishing to leave, “Please keep your promise, I don’t care about the consequences anymore I just need to leave this forest.”
“I won’t break it. I just need to make you aware of what you might see out there. It’s a life of basic instinct, one that you won’t be able to survive alone. If you want to exist in safety you’ll be forced to stay by my side. Do you really think you can handle that Little Dove?” His deep voice echoes through you as his hands trail your back. “What would your people say if they saw you with a beast like me?”
“I don’t care. They are set in their ways with their feet rooted to the ground, they are part of this cage. I’ve never wanted to leave as much as I do now, I want to leave here with you, I want to stay with you.”
Your hand moves from his wing to touch his cheek, when you hesitate an inch from his face he leans in to meet your grasp. His lips graze the skin of your palm as he looks at you through narrowed eyes. It’s as if your touch has woken a demon inside of him, one who demands your surrender, which you are only too glad to give. He rips the blanket from your shoulders and crashes into your chest. His mouth finds yours and wastes no time before claiming the warmth behind your lips.  
Taehyung rises up tugging you off the floor and into his arms, completely encasing you with the walls his wings as you stand against him. Feeling his feathers caress the bareness of your back as you are pressed to his chest sends shivers through you. His mouth nips at your neck with sharp bites. Your feel like the pain should bother you but you find yourself wanting more, more of him, more of this.
You are tired of this enclosure that you live in. How everyone considers the fact that they are being watched, causing them to act too good, too pure, and never giving into what they truly desire. Is it so bad to want feel everything at the hands of the man currently holding you?
“I long for the day where I can leave with you, and tell everyone that you’re mine. I want to show them how I can make you feel.” His hand trails to your chest, reaching behind to unlatch you bra, “The blush rising to your skin,” His hands continue downwards falling next under the band of your underwear pushing them down until they fall to the floor, “the dampness between your legs,” You fold into him as his fingers touch the arousal to which he was just referring, “The look on your face as I take you. Would you like that? To show your god that you belong to me?”
You smile at the thought, your little rebellion becoming far more than climbing trees, “More than anything.”
Taehyung growls with pleasure. “Little Dove.” He turns you around and guides his shaft inside you from behind as your legs wobble on the floor. His hand reaches down to rub the swollen numb at your crest. He stays like that for a moment, no movement no thrusting, just letting you get used to the girth between your legs. Your body begins to overheat, desperate with a wish for him to continue.
“Do you truly want to show him how I fuck you, how you enjoy taking my cock?”
“Yes.” You whisper back only able to answer with a single word while the rest of you voice is lost in a moan.
“As you wish.” Taehyung unfurls his wings and pins you against the large window of your room. A loud cry leaves you from the shock of the cool glass pressing against you. “If he’s watching, let’s give him a show,” He growls in your ear.
The exposure is overwhelming, the window pane is freezing against your sensitive chest, the thought that someone might see you is terrifying, but at the same time you can feel the arousal drip down your thighs as he shoves you against the glass with each thrust. His hands come to find yours against the window and cling to them. While your breath leaves a wave of condensation against the pane.
“Is this okay Little Dove? Do you like how I have you splayed out for all to see?” You nod giving him a whimper as he thrusts once again. “It’s such a pretty sight.” Taehyung whispers into your ear and proceeds to nip at your lobe.
He pulls out and flips you around forcing your back against the glass. Taehyung wraps your arms around his neck before taking one your thighs in each hand. He lifts you up and glides back in. “Fuck Little Dove, if I had known you would be this soft and warm I would have come to you sooner.”  
His pace is relentless as he continues to swell inside you. Pressing even further against you, he helps you to lock your legs around his back. After the coolness of the glass, feeling the warmth of his chest against yours is so soothing that the tightness inside you starts to unravel. You clench down causing him to gasp and swear as you come on his cock. You quake in his arms unable to hang on as the pleasure runs through you.  
“Tae-Taehyung...” You shudder in his hands your head drooping to your arm on the crook of his neck.
“That’s it, sing for me Little Dove.” He forces your head back and snaps down on your neck with his teeth. As you unleash another moan for him, you can feel his warmth spill inside you. He remains within while his lips begin to stroke across your skin, giving a soft caress to the area he just assaulted with his teeth. The rise and fall of his chest slows and matches yours as you both catch your breath.
He lowers you both down to the floor on the discarded blanket in front of the window with you resting on top of him. You make an attempt to reach for a cloth to clean up the cum seeping from you, when Taehyung stops you by folding over his wings to entrap you against him.
“No you don’t, you’re staying right here.”
You blush as you try to explain the reasoning behind your actions, “I’m going to drip all over you...”
“Good,” He reaches around your back, arching himself forward to lay his fingers against your swollen folds. “Why would I want to waste this?” You twitch as the tips run along you slit. “You are mine Little Dove and this proves it.” His index slides inside, drawing a whine from the sensation and twitch at his touch. His other arm wraps around your waist keeping you locked against him as he adds another finger to the first. You continue to writhe against him but he does not relent.
Your hands grip his chest as you find yourself chasing that release once again. Taehyung smiles down at you as you give into him for a second time. His wings draw even closer teasing your back with light touches as his fingers become more ruthless. Your walls close in and throb around his digits as the orgasm tears through you.   
When his fingers pull out you are left with a breathless sigh. He draws his damp tips across your ass and lower back, as his mutters down to you with a smirk. “If you try to clean up again, I promise to paint you with even more of your cum and my own, is that understood?”
You relax against him nodding with a grin, you look to the cloth and consider rebelling for a third time before you fall asleep.
The next morning you wake still cocooned in Taehyung’s wings. The warmth of the sun absorbed in his feather is makes it a cozy spot. You poke your head out to look through the window, finding the forest bright with the light reflecting off the fresh snow and ice layered on the bark.
But as you look further up in the trees you still, unable to believe the sight. Resting on a branch you find a creature with an enormous black wings, a reach even farther than Taehyung’s mounted behind a pair of broad shoulders. The face peering down could easily be that of god, even if it is not truly divine.  
In a panic you shake Taehyung while keeping your eyes on the beast, “Taehyung wake up.”
“Mmm, but you’re so warm Little Dove.”
“H-he’s out there...”
Taehyung shoots up to glance out the window, a look of disdain rooting into his expression as glares up. “Time’s up, we have to go,” He mutters pressing the blanket on to you for cover as you both get up.
“How is he even in the forest? He has no right.”
“You’re laws have holes, he has not set foot on the forest grounds, he has broken no rules by being there. This is why I asked you not to climb the trees.”
You closed the curtains and throw on your nearest outfit, before asking the most important question. “Are you healed enough to fly?”
“I can get you out of here, I can get you to safety, I promise. We have to get to the edge of the forest though, I need more room though can’t take off and fly with you through the trees they’re too narrow.”
You quickly pack small satchel with a few essentials. Your eyes linger on the stray feathers on your table before packing those too. They’ve become so valuable to you, you can’t bear the the thought of leaving them behind.
You both rush out the back door running through the trees heading south to the nearest break in the woods. A shadow looming overhead as you run.
Taehyung stops and looks up as your pursuer does the same, “Keep going I’ll take care of him, wait for me near the edge.”
“Taehyung...” You begin argue back.
“I’ll be fine, just remember what I said.”
Before you can give him another word he runs back towards the god, taking to the trees with one swift leap.
The snow is still deep and uneven in parts slowing your exit, so when the break in the forest appears in front of you, you feel a deep relief. Your freedom is almost here you are so close to touching it. You thought that your wait might be over as a set of black wings lower in front of you, but they are not Taehyung's, nor do they belong to the god who peered down at you from the trees.
The winged man offers you a hand, he puts on a friendly face with a bright smile. “You need to come with me.”
You back away knowing what will happen if you do.
Sensing your fear he urges your hand to come to his once again, “I know Taehyung, I’ll bring him to you once your safe.”
He may know Taehyung’s name but you still can’t trust him, “I’m not leaving with you, I know how your games work.”
“Oh Little Dove, you have no idea...” A wicked smile appears on his face, as he witnesses the rise in confusion with the use of your nickname.
Taehyung comes up from behind pulling you into his arms. “Nice try Hoseok, did you make a deal with Seokjin to distract me?”
“It was worth a shot.” Hoseok’s face falls to bitterness as he looks to the man holding you.
Taehyung looks ready to pounce upon this hybrid too, but Just as Taehyung fell on the day that you meet him another pair of wings darts down from this sky. Although this decent appears to be more calculated, taking down the beast called Hoseok.
“Yoongi...” Taehyung calls out stepping forward to help him.
“Go! I’ve got him.” The hybrid shouts pinning the other beneath him.
Taehyung turns to you, “If you want to leave with me, we have to go now.”    
He holds out his long slender fingers, to take yours. You hesitate but follow through, knowing that you would give anything to escape the wooden cage behind you.
The second your hand touches his and you step over the line he swoops you up into his arms. Seeing the full span of his wings takes your breath away. He holds you close as he lifts from the ground, the smile on your face grows as you reach the unobstructed blue sky, leaving the forest behind. But your joy is short lived for you don’t even travel out of view of the forest before his pace slows.
“Your wing, is it okay?”
“Of course Little Dove,” you turn your head away from the sky to the direction in which you are heading, finding a house built high on the branches of a tree. He sets you down on the balcony of the wooden house and presses you inside with a soft kiss to you check. “Welcome home...”
You look around you surroundings and notice a few of your missing belongings scattered about, from clothes, to jewellery that had been passed down to you, as well as one of your favourite books. You take one of your shirts in hand as you question him, “What do you mean home? Why are we still so close...” Your heart stops as his smile grows. “No, you said you’d keep me safe...”
“My nest is safe, where it always has been, and always will be watching over the forest.”
The god you’ve always hated... the one you’ve always tried to rebel against... the one who was looking for a mate. Stands in front of you with a look of victory etched into his face.
“You didn’t belong in there, your more like my kind than human. I could see it in your eyes, how you craved the open sky. I knew from the first time I saw you in that tree you would make the perfect addition to our nest, how pretty you would look woven into our midst.”
“Our midst?”
The three hybrids you had just seen in the woods descend upon the house... accompanied by three more. As they enter you back yourself into a corner, trying to keep your eyes on every face, every winged enemy that stands in front of you. Not just one god, but seven.
Taehyung follows you making sure not leaving your side, “My brothers and I, just like the crows we descend from we stay together. When we found you we made a deal, whoever took you from the forest by their hand, whoever could convince you to leave would take control of the flock..and you. I was given the first attempt.”
“Your injury, the fighting between you, it was all fake. You tricked me?”
“Oh the injury was real, Jungkook was not happy that he would have to wait. As I said we are beasts, he tried to stop me from meeting you. Just as my other brothers fought me to take their chance and leave with you.
“Last night, in the storm?”
“Jimin,” Taehyung glares over to the shortest male who looks to you with a smirk, “Wanted to see if he could tempt you before I could.”
“You should have continued to follow my voice Little Dove, you were so close. I would have kept you warm.” Jimin coos.  
You stunned to silence you look down to the shirt in your hands, gripping in until your knuckles turn white, fear and anger coursing through you. Taehyung follows you sight, “Forgive me, I traded those things to keep my brothers complacent, to buy more time with you. They were so happy when you accepted their feathers in return, they’ll be even happier to know that you kept them with you.”
You immediately drop the bag that they are contained in, overwhelmed with the feeling that you might be sick.The tallest brother reaches out to you with concern on his face, but the thought of him touching leads you to pull back and him to fall away.
“Don’t worry Little Dove, Namjoon won’t hurt you, none of them will. They’ve dreamt of you just as much as I. They were so thankful for the display you gave last night they could wait no longer to have you too.” Taehyung takes your upper arm and tugs you towards him placing his lips on your neck in a soft kiss.
“Taehyung please, stop. I can’t... I don’t want this.” You beg in tears, trying to pull away.
He holds firm and brushing the dampness from your face, “Nothing has changed between us, I can still give you the sky. I didn’t want to frighten you, can you honestly say that you would have given me a chance if you had known the truth?”
“No, and I still wouldn’t!” You curse your stupidity, letting your desire for freedom blind you from the truth. You leapt from your cage, and landed straight into their nest. A nest high in a tree with no low branches for escape.
“You left off your own accord, you took my hand willingly. Resist if you wish, if it will make you content.” Taehyung smiles in no way dissuaded but your tone, he turns to hold you from behind allowing his brothers to look upon you while he traps you with an arm around you waist. A low whisper from him reaches your ear and seize your soul, “But you should know by now, you can’t climb away Little Dove, every rebellion only brings you closer to me.”
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yoonglegurt · 2 years ago
Yandere BTS Sugar Daddy AU - Our Kitten~
Anon asked - Hello can you do a bts yandere sugar daddy au??
2.2. If it's an imagine, can I do all of them in one plot, as in they're all your sugar daddies but they've decided to share you? Or would you prefer it to be sort of like an reaction template with the members separate, or something else?
Where they all decide to share
The gender can be female and the scenario type can be up to you. Thank you again. Your blog is a goldmine and I just love you soo much.
I hope you enjoy, my sweet anonnie~ I love you way more~
You, were a lucky woman.
It's great luck to get a sugar daddy, even better luck to get a hot sugar daddy, but you had reached the peak with seven hot sugar daddies, plus ones that seemed to like you for who you are, not just your body.
Seven rich billionaires, CEO's, apparently held large enough interest in what you thought was your measly body, ready to fight with all they had to have it as theirs. You had grown to be interested in them as well, and honestly, which broke college student would say no to one, or several, sugar daddies, so you just begged them to get along and share, which they weren't used to but were ready to try to have you at least partly as theirs.
After eight, long and detailed contracts, you officially belonged to the seven as their baby girl, kitten, doll and any pet name they wished to use and were sure you'd like (an actual point in the contracts). The seven men had decided to purchase a fucking castle, feeling like a measly mansion wouldn't be extravagant enough, and all eight of you fit comfortably in it.
The only two problems you all had in your relationship were you and them.
The problem (well, you didn't see it as a problem, *insert huffing emoticon*) with you, and partially with the boys was that they refused to actually use you for what the contract stated you'd mostly be used for, sex. You had sex, yes, but it was extremely rare and they preferred to just spoil you, and you were not okay with that. You did your best to repay them, and that meant cleaning and cooking, and they weren't on board, stating your precious body was only meant to be worshipped, not to work, and the only people who could introduce it to possible harm were the boys themselves when punishing you. Eventually, everything that could be used to clean or cook was hidden away, and only the maids who came over had access to them.
The problem with the boys was that, even if the contract strictly stated when which man would have you all to themselves, they still wanted you when their time had ended. This often resulted in fights and arguments that you'd have to split apart, usually by a kiss to both of the arguing members, which then ended in the others being jealous of not getting kisses and the day would end with a long cuddle session.
This was one of those days.
You sat in the humongous living room, lounging around on the couch lazily. Well, you didn't have anything to do. You didn't feel like shopping, it seemed like everything you could do on any of your many electronics was already done, you weren't allowed to cook or clean. It was boring as hell.
Yoongi walked downstairs. Today was technically Jungkook's day, but he had several meetings and a lot of work in general, so it meant it was a first come, first served type of day, the catch being that all of the other boys were swallowed in work as well. Yoongi was often the one to be most often stressed about work, his obsession with you not lightening no matter how many hours he worked, meaning he got more restless and restless the more he had to be away from you, resulting in anger and a ton of breaks. This, was obviously, one of his breaks, no matter how possessive Kook was with his days.
"Kitten, come cuddle daddy, will you?" Yoongi smirked. They had actually trained you very well. You were all obedient now, the result of a lot of punishments you had received, as evidenced by your form immediately shooting up from the couch and speeding to Yoongi, the man's smirk widening when he was enveloped in your warm hug. "Hi Yoon. Tired?"
"Always, when I'm not with you." Yoongi smiled at you, pecking your nose. Usually, a sugar daddy - baby relationship was more business like, money in exchange sex and company, but you were basically in a poly relationship with the seven, just getting way more gifts and care than normal relationships.
"Awh, d'you love me that much?" The eight had already established the seven harboured romantic feelings for you, and even if you still weren't sure you wanted an actual relationship with them, or returned the feelings completely, you were up to letting them shower you with love and affection.
"Of course. Now come on, I want cuddles." Yoongi picked you up with no trouble at all, walking back upstairs, but passing his office, instead choosing to enter his large and spacious bedroom, throwing you down on the bed, then closing the door, pulling off his shirt and jumping in next to you, immediately collecting you back in his strong arms.
You had learnt about how spontaneous the boys were, liking to cuddle literally wherever, so you had just turned to wearing night dresses and pyjamas everywhere around the house. The boys never allowed anyone over either way, and you weren't allowed outside the premises of the castle anyway, only being allowed to enter the yard and garden with the supervision of a staff or preferably one of the boys themselves, so there was no point in dressing up all nice and fancy, except on the days where you wanted to spoil yourself a little or give the boys a treat.
You just smiled, wrapping around the short, but still taller than you boy tightly. "Missed you. Was all bored without you all." Your small voice echoed in the quiet room, the only other sounds being Yoongi suckling on your neck lightly. "Our lil baby missed her daddies, huh? Must've missed me especially, right?" Yoongi smirked again, teasing.
"Yoon, you know I'm not allowed to say I have a favourite, even if I have one. You'd end up teaming up and killing my favourite, just like how you did with Bobby. " You pouted.
"Don't mention that scummy butlers name. He was idiotic for trying to flirt with our baby. Plus, he might not be dead." Yoongi shrugged, but his voice was much more cold now.
"Sorry for mentioning him, Yoon. I know you didn't like him, but I had fun talking with him when all of you were busy like today." Your voice had turned much more quiet and soft now that you had heard the decrease of warmth in Yoongi's voice.
Yoongi sighed, but before he could calm you, the door burst open, a seething Jungkook appearing. "Mine." He growled lowly, storming over and ripping you out of Yoongi's arms, a cold glare being sent at Yoongi. The rest of the boys, gasping for air, stopped at the door to Yoongi's bedroom.
"We'd protect you so Jungkook doesn't accidentally pummel you to death, but you broke the rules, again, so can't save you now. This is a third payback to when you stole princess when it was my turn." Namjoon shrugged.
"Don't worry, pumpkin," Seokjin warmly smiled at you. "Gukkie won't harm Yoon, at least not today and with you present. He's got you in his arms now, he's currently not sane enough to comprehend anything else but you." He calmed you when he saw the panic you were in at Namjoon's words, still in Jungkook's muscular arms, the overgrown muscle pig sniffing and nipping at your neck, trying to get Yoongi's scent off and his on.
You calmed down slowly, Jungkook letting out a content sigh when he noted the fact, the boy still being a little bit out of it. "G-gukkie?" Your soft voice calmed Jungkook even more. "Mh? Want cuddles? Kissies? Gifts? You must want gifts, right? Taehyung, get baby everything on the future gift list this instant." Jungkook brightened at the attention you gave him, even if it was tiny.
"Baby girl, Kookie had a hard day at work today, he will be a little crazed all day. We'll lock you both up in Gukkies room, okay? Just in case you make a lil mistake and he goes psycho." Hoseok smiled, wanting to pet your hair, but refraining himself at the murderous glare Jungkook sent him.
"O-okay..." You mumbled quietly. "Gukkie, can we go to your room? I want comfy cuddles."
Needless to say, you got very comfy cuddles that day.
And this happened on the daily, really. Wether it be Jimin stealing you on Namjoons turn or Taehyung taking you out when it was Seokjins day, the boys couldn't control themselves when thirsting for you and your sweet attention all on them. It wasn't often all seven shared you at the same day, it usually only happened on the Most Special Day Of The Year Number One or Number Two, your birthday or the day where you signed all eight of the contracts.
On your birthday, they accompanied you outside of the premises of the castle to let you meet your friends and family for a whole day. You were allowed to hug your brother and kiss your mother and father. Everyone thought you were just a very lucky girl who was in a lovely relationship with seven, rich men, and although you were, the relationship was also abusive, but the boys didn't let anyone know that. For all they had to know, you were their obedient, small girlfriend, and they could wander for eternity why you immediately jumped to sit in their lap when one of them leaned back and gave the lightest tap to your thigh, or why you shivered and had a look of fear when they whispered words similar to 'room, whip, blood, never meet' in your ear when you hugged your brother just a little bit too hard.
On the Most Special Day Of The Year Number Two, you were pulled inside the Bed Room, a room in the castle which had nothing but a huge bed which covered almost the entire room, and a wardrobe which contained pyjamas, water, and three boxes full of sex toys. All seven of them took turns absolutely wrecking  your tiny body, usually ganging up in teams of three or four and taking you at the same time. All eight of you loved the event, but the boys had too much trouble containing their jealousy on other days to comprehend the idea of sharing your body.
There were, of course, also days where they decided to share. It usually consisted of all seven teaming up to spoil you with expensive clothing and made you model it for them, taking pictures and posting them to the instagram account they made just to make everyone jealous of the woman they worshipped, or ordering food from the most luxurious restaurants, feeding you with 79$ worth dekopon and 1.4 million dollars worth Strawberries Arnaud. Of course, you never knew the cost of the food you were fed, even if the pizza cost a thousand dollars, but you could guess from the gold leaves covering it. You just sighed and allowed yourself to be coddled and fed. If that was what they wanted, you weren't going to refuse.
And that was how you spent your days. When you finished college and had literally no reason at all to stay in the contract, the boys proceeded to put the castle into lock down and refused to terminate the contract which stated it would exist as long as a ending contract wasn't signed by your contract. If you had decided to give yourself to them at your worst, they would deserve to have you for themselves forever, no matter if you wish to stay or not.
Maybe, just maybe, you weren't so lucky to have seven sugar daddies who seemed to have real feelings for you. Maybe.
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mnyg1800com · 3 years ago
◾yandere!bts yandere scale
◾yandere!bts yandere scale
|anon. ques.|
kim seokjin:
yandere scale: 5/10
Jin is not too possessive, but if his s/o wanted to go out he would tag along, but try not to disrupt his/her fun unless he thought it was necessary. However, before they started dating, Jin had stalked him/her, for quite a while actually. He would never tell them this, as it's now in the past and you two are happily living in the present, together. So he is very protective of his s/o, but if they really needed space he would give it to them, but not for long. 
Tumblr media
min yoongi:
yandere scale: 4/10
Yoongi wouldn't waste time in implanting trackers into your phone because you were to always be with him, and you wouldn't go out without him knowing where you were. Yoongi is mainly over-protective of you, which is why he is always with you, but he wouldn't go as far as stalking or following you everywhere unless he thought you were going somewhere dangerous for your safety(as long as you tell him where you're going he is pleased).
Tumblr media
kim namjoon:
yandere scale: 7/10
Namjoon is naturally jealous, but as a yandere, he has much more over-bearing and protective personality. He tries his best not to be, but he can't help it when everyone is looking at what is his. He won't be willing to, but if he has to he will eliminate the people he thought would be threats to the two of you. Namjoon always tries to keep away from that side of him away from you, but he can't help it sometimes and blood does have to be shed.
Tumblr media
jung hoseok:
yandere scale: 9/10
Although Hoseok is nothing but sweet to you, he is more than willing to spill blood for you, no hesitation. One wrong word from someone talking to you and he would have them dead by that night, no remorse or pity for them. He has a great disguise as being a loving and sweet man, but that's only for you. People who have faced him have rarely been left with a warning, as they are usually found dead the next morning.
Tumblr media
park jimin:
yandere scale: 3/10
Jimin is a big ball of fluff. He wouldn't dare hurt anyone else, he couldn't risk you finding out about that. If he does feel threatened or enraged at another person trying to pursue you, the least he would do is send a very descriptive warning. But he wouldn't dare hurt another person or else who knows what you might think of him. He didn't want to risk tainting the image of him in your mind so he wouldn't dare do it.
Tumblr media
kim taehyung:
yandere scale: 8/10
Much like Hoseok, he is willing to do anything for you, whether it be kill someone for your safety or spoil you to death, he’d do it all for you. But unlike Hoseok, he was more patient with whoever decided to piss him off or bother you. If he saw that the same man decided to annoy you, he would take care of them. He had more self-control to mindlessly kill, after all, he had to plot the whole thing correctly or it might get worse from that point on. Under any circumstances would you find him with blood on his hands, he has planned everything out carefully. 
Tumblr media
jeon jungkook:
yandere scale: 10/10
Jungkook was very possessive over you, he would do anything for you two to stay together. Whether it be to tie you down, manipulate you, or eliminate everyone in your circle of friends, he would do it. You were his one and only precious and he wouldn’t hesitate to kill for you, just to keep you as his own. He is a very clingy boyfriend, always being attached to your side wherever you went. He catered to your every need, whether you asked for it or not he was there beside you. 
Tumblr media
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chinkbihh · 2 years ago
Pen Pal Final (Part One of Two)
Trigger warnings; gore, death, yandere, unhealthy behavior, shitty writing
Words; 5.7k
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
“I don’t want your hand.  Part of me wants to set you on fire and hold you while the flame consumes both of us, to eat your heart so I know that only I possess it entirely.”
Living with a killer was never on your bucket list.  
Given most people never quite lived to tell the tale.  
And as you watched Jungkook trail alongside your bookshelf, glossy eyes analyzing every book title printed on the aged spines, you couldn’t help but conclude that you shouldn’t be any different.  
You were going to die at the hands of this man in your own home.  This wasn’t up for discussion. It was only a matter of time.
Optimism was a trait your sister held, meanwhile it was not ever your forte.  If this was a perfect story, the survival instincts mixed with the adrenaline of having a murderer in your home would kickstart a reaction.  A reaction to live. A reaction to fight back. A reaction to escape.
Yet self awareness was also a blessing and a curse at times like this.  
You were all too aware of your major disadvantage.  
You were a freak.  
Crippled by your own mental disorder.
Trapped by your own paranoia.  
How does one flee when you are perhaps even more terrified of what is outside rather than inside?  Inside your apartment, you only had to deal with one sociopath. Outside of your apartment, countless others roamed free.  Either way, you were fucked.
You caught yourself releasing a dry sob as you flopped your lifeless body onto the sofa, bleary eyes already looking up at the ceiling in mock prayer.  
Have you ever felt so doomed that you were beyond any plan of action?  That you just knew from within the deepest parts of you that all means of recovering were utterly futile?  So you just sit there, and let the fear and sadness rock you into a paralyzed state. Not even bothering to fight back...
In this moment, if Jungkook were to waltz over and slit your throat to paint your living room ruby’d have no objections.  It was your fate.
“Plum, I see you have a cookbook here.  Should we try a recipe tonight?”
His voice shook you to your core.  Not because it was ultra deep, husky or growl-like.  But because it was pleasant to the ear, which was the most terrifying part.  How can such a wicked person have such a delightful tone? Did god like being a trickster by giving the most fucked up people such good looks and voices, the perfect weaponry to reel in future victims?  
A tear trialed down your cheek, your orbs refusing to leave the heavens (or ceiling that was blocking your life line to a high power) as more wollowsome self-pity rang in your mind.  
You heard an incoming of footsteps, the rythameric sound thundering in your ears.  They were heavy, and the brief memory of his weight being 150 pounds found itself popping up once more.  He was big…
And all that weight was suddenly thrust down next to you, another and smaller mass being placed onto your lap.  
“You never did tell me what your favorite meal was.”  He rumbled, the vibration next to you being almost surreal.  At a major risk of breaking into another pattern of sobs, you peeked down to see what was placed upon you.  It was the opened cookbook, the killers’ hand flipping through the pages and revealing pictures of gourmet meals along with instructions.  The book was halfway on your lap and halfway on his.
“I like Italian food.  How about chicken parmesan?  Or maybe some tacos?” He trailed off, the casualty being reminiscent of someone discussing the weather or last night’s game.  
If you were bold enough, you would have slapped him then and there.  The audacity to just act as if you two were going to seriously make a meal together.  It was like a hell-version of I Love Lucy, if Lucy was stuck in a loveless marriage and Ricky was an abuser ready to strike if she were to ever slip up.  
“Plum?”  He asked, sounding confused on your silence.  Totally unaware of the inner pandemonium occupying your attention.
Faintly, you heard him.  But still remained unresponsive, not ready for another dialogue of any sort.  
You wondered why he kept calling you that.  Would it even be worth asking? Did he purposefully enjoy the sweet, overly sugary nickname and the shivers it sent down your spine?  Did he know how childish and degrading it was to be called that? Maybe that’s why he used it…
More silence passed.
“Y/n.  You’re starting to worry me.”  This was said in a more firm dialect, a tad deeper and authoritative than his signature breathy sound.  
You decided to heed the warning.  
‘Don’t poke the bear~.’  A voice in your head sing-songed.  Whether it was the work of a higher-power or your stronger alter ego finally making an appearance, you didn’t know.   
You cleared your throat, hoping your voice wasn’t shot to hell.  “Yes?”
“We need to figure out what we’re doing for dinner baby.”  
What was next?  Kiddo? Honey-munchkins?  Sweetie pie?
Anything that put you on a babyish level was apparently the criteria for Jungkook to call you by something other than your name.  Perhaps he liked the idea of you being young and dumb….Unaware and innocent like a child?
But innocence was almost laughable now.  
“I’m not hungry.”  You mumbled.
A sigh was heard, one of disappointment.  “Honey, you need to eat.”
You bit your lip.  
Did you want to argue?  No. You didn’t know his triggers and habits.  For all you know, it could just take one wise comment before he’s strangling you and adding another victim to his figurative trophy case.  Six became a scary number for you. Mental flashes of news anchors covering a story and labelling you the “sixth victim of the easter bunny” sparked a phobia of the number.  
“Whatever you want to eat, I’m fine with.”  You relented despite the stomach hurl that hit you after the words left your mouth.  
Would you even be able to keep the food down?
“Okay then!  How does a fancy mac n’ cheese sound?”
The weak must give into the strong.
You just nodded your head, the weight of it being almost too much to bear.  
He snapped up and happily hummed, swaggering to your kitchen and declaring he needs to do an ingredients check.  
Your fogged up orbs watched from your place on the couch as Jungkook whistled and opened your cupboards, swiftly inspecting everything that resided within them.  
Black spots appeared in your vision.  
The last thing you recall is Jungkook prying open your fridge before darkness stole your comprehension completely.  
Your nostrils tingled.  
Your tummy rumbled.  
All that you were able to understand was the fact that you were very warm and something smelled very nice.  
A heated cocoon surrounded your previously clammy frame, soothing the overworked nervous system into a pile of goo.  You nuzzle your face closer into the fluffy cloud that your brain fails to identify what is most likely a pillow. Out of instinct,  you lick your lips as more of that tantalizing aruma is wafted over to you. Nose and stomach working together to force your eyelids open, hoping to spot the object of your sudden hunger.
You were still on the couch.  However you were now laid down with a blanket (which you recognized as having been from your room) tucking you in as a throw pillow was used to cushion your head.   
As comfy as you were, the knowing that you had not fallen asleep like that caused you to jolt up in fear.  
He had positioned you like that.  
How could you have forgotten the killer roommate you have landed yourself with?  
Were you really that idiotic to rest in the presence of him?  
Or did you even fall asleep?  
…..It felt more like you fainted while sitting down.  Which could explain why Jungkook could’ve figured you fell asleep and decided to grace you with a blanket and pillow.  There was no way you managed to lull off with all that dread and anxiety in your system.
“Sleeping beauty finally decided to wake up?”  
His voice called out from the kitchen, where you suspected the smell to be stemming from.  
You didn’t respond.  Not knowing how to but also being too groggy to think strategically on how to foot the eggshells you had to walk on.  
He emerged with two plates in hand, smiling in a way that showed off his rounded teeth and crinkled his puppy-like eyes.  Whilst waltzing over, he said “I was really looking forward to cooking with you. But, you needed your rest so I understand.  We always have tomorrow. You’re really adorable when you sleep you know? Even the drool…” His speech came to a halt when he plopped himself onto the floor below you, placing the duo of plates onto the coffee table.  
“It was nice cooking after so long.  I hope you like it. I put lots of thought into it.”  A fork was handed to you.
You positioned your body closer to inspect the meal.  
It appeared to be normal….smelled normal….
But could this be poisoned?  
It would be foolish to consume something a killer prepared just for you.  What is keeping him from plopping a lethal ingredient in there just waiting for you to slurp up?
Beside you, Jungkook was already wolfing his portion down.  It was slightly revolting until you remembered that he had been locked up for some time now, factory-made cafeteria meals being the food he was costumed to.  
So his meal was safe….but what about yours?  
How could you guarantee that your meal hadn’t been tampered with?
He wouldn’t digest something deadly, so all you had to do was get him to eat something from your plate.  Only after that, would you eat from it.
But how do you do that?  
A disgusting idea popped in your head.  An idea you had no choice but to act out.  
He snapped his head back at you, eager that you initiated a line of communication for the very first time in person.  
“Can we feed each other?  Just once….” You trailed off.  God, the proposition sounded shady and awkward even to yourself.  Yet you pleaded that he took the bait. If he was indeed as smitten with you as you had suspected, he would gladly take any affection he could get.  
His jaw dropped, not enough for it to be comical but enough for it to be left slightly ajar.  
Then he nodded, really fast like a bobble head.  
You gathered some pasta on your fork from the plate belonging to you and hung it in the air, only for him to capture it with his mouth like a phraha a second later.  Next he did the same to you.
After this, you concluded that if your food was deadly, then at least you took Jungkook down with you.  You reluctantly ate the rest at a slow pace, surprised at the above average quality.
“Wanna watch a movie?”  Jungkook excitedly suggested next.  
You sighed and shrugged your shoulders.  You lived to serve at this moment.
You had offered to clean up, trying to stroke his ego by stating that he was kind enough to cook and you should at least do your part.  He blushed madly as you stood up on shaky legs and gathered the plates to take to the kitchen.
From your station at the sink, you heard the television start up which could only mean he was beginning the search for a film.  You set the water at a lukewarm temperature with low pressure, wanting to take your time with the task and prolong your next interaction with him.  As you slowly scrubbed circles over and over again on the same plate, your ears perked to any sound coming from the neighbouring living room.
The suspected ‘ba doom’ sound of the Netflix being turned on echoed in your tiny apartment.  Being a homebody, you were a tad annoyed that he could just barge right in and make himself right at home.  But you bit your tongue and let the iron liquid coat your tastebuds, a death wish only an utterance away.
You took about three minutes on each plate, forty seconds for the forks.  You contemplated taking longer but didn’t want to push it anymore than you already have.  With shaky hands, you dried off with a dish rag and slowly crept back into the living room (which was now illuminated by the pixelated screen of your humming television).  
Jungkook was now innocently plopped where your laid body was prior, relaxed with one arm thrown back and the other holding the remote.  His lengthy legs were spread out in a classic man spread, not obnoxiously so but enough to hint at his comfortability. He perked up at the sound of your incoming presence and like an eager pup motioned pathetically for you to take your place beside him.  You did so without complaint.
The millisecond you took your seat, the muscular arm from behind jolted forwards to curl around your shoulders.  The weight of the limb served as a warning and a blockade.
His cherub like face neared yours to the point of being able to feel the degree of warmth of his breath on your face.  You refused to break eye contact with the list of shows and movies that painted the screen.
“What kind of movie do you want to watch?”  The breathiness of his voice was even more intimate sounding with him so in your face like this.  
‘Don’t poke the bear.’
“Whatever you want.”  You responded, still not bringing yourself to make eye contact with his bottomless, glass-like orbs.  
He turned his head away from you and tilted it, releasing a ‘tsk’ and scrolling through more options on the home page.  
You watched with interest somewhat spiked as he sifted through the films.  Just exactly what would an inmate wish to watch on his first day free from prison?  Would he want to laugh and release the tension? Would he want to watch a romance to feed his undying hunger for affection? Or would he-
No way.  
You watched as Jungkook’s search paused once he hit a certain movie.  
It was a horror movie.  
You turned to face him, eyes without a doubt blown out in shock.  
He faced you, eyebrow quirked up.  “You in?”
You didn’t say anything.  You couldn’t say anything.  You turned back to face the screen.  Jungkook clicked the play button and thus you began to watch a film about a killer beside a real one.  
It wasn’t until a scene of a girl getting her head bashed in, that Jungkook made a noise.  
A laugh, actually.  
He leaned over to your ear, as if you two were in a crowded movie theatre instead of your private home, and said; “Real killing isn’t like that….take it from me.”  
You watched the ending credits begin to roll onto the tv.  
Your emotions being an odd cocktail of half despair, half relief and a pinch of exhaustion.  
Despair for it meant that you couldn’t just distract yourself with a movie now, you’d have to face your new guest.  Relief because everytime the killer would murder someone, it would trigger you to cringe and stiffen due to the person whom was sitting right beside you.  And exhaustion because...well, that one was rather self-explanatory. It was getting late and this had been the most human interaction you’ve had in a long time.  You forgot how draining social interaction could be.
Jungkook wasted no time with turning the tv off.  For a moment, with the tv dead and no more screams playing, it was just you two.  Sitting in silence and darkness.
“Are you tired?” He asked, the lack of light enhancing his voice.
You risked a glance at him.  The moonlight from the window illuminated the details of the sculpture that was his face.  He was such an odd hybrid between a fresh boyish charm and the harsh brutality of manhood. For every sharp angle on his face, there was a rounded and plump aspect to even out the scale.  It was like the very creator of him had bipolar tendencies at play, not being able to decide whether he should be a harmless neighbor boy or an arrogant stud. He was the product of a transitional period every woman goes through...from wanting a boy to a man.  A harsh sting battered against your vertebrae as you couldn’t help but think, ‘which side where his victims fooled by? The raw sex appeal of a greek god or the clumsy, harmless child?’
“You look tired.”  He inspected, without a doubt noting your lidded eyes.  Jungkook had the ability to not be offended by lack of communication.  He would happily carry on an exchange all by himself, filling in the blanks with ease.  “Well, why don’t I wash up and we can head to bed?”
There was only one bed.  
And Jungkook was very intent on sharing that bed with you.  
Your eyes widened with fear at the context that he delivered between unsaid lines.
You were a woman with a much stronger and certified killer in your home, demanding that you ought to sleep together.  Would it be smart to object?
No, not in the slightest.  
But did you want to give in so easily?  Maybe against all odds there was some sort of respect for you that he had, hidden deep behind the layers of insanity?  A boundary even he wouldn’t push? Wouldn’t it be worth a shot if it meant that you could at least rest peacefully...without a butcher breathing down your neck?  
‘Don’t poke the bear, don’t poke th-’ fuck it.  
“You can take my bed.”  Your meek voice offered.  At this, Jungkook’s attention snapped to you at neck-breaking speed.  Your blood ran cold at how rapid his previously doe eyes transformed into that furious gaze...a silent war-cry smothered within those inky irises….
“What?”  He asked, voice dropping.  
It was obvious he wasn’t pleased with your suggestion.  But it was too late, if you could swallow your words back you would.  
You wanted to cry.  
That heinous stare was the farthest thing from the last sight you’d want to see before you die.  
“I-I mean, I’m happy with the couch.”  This was blurted out from your lips, surprising even you as instinctual damage control took over.  “I’m sure you’d want your space and everyth-”
A gleeful giggle interrupted and you viewed with wonder as his face melted back into a lax expression of pleasure.  
“Plum, you’re so funny.”  he cackled delightfully. The arm around your shoulders made itself known once more by clasping harder at your docile frame.  “The first thing I want to do after getting out of that hell hole is cuddle you in our little home.”
You froze.  
He stood up, but the feeling of suffocation didn’t release it’s smothering hold on you.  
“When I get out of the shower, I expect you in bed….waiting for me.”  
And as if he knew this place like the back of his hand, he navigated quite easily to your restroom.  
Like a victim of medusa herself, you remained sat still and shocked.  Only movement being seen from you was the slight watering of your eyes in the form of a tear drop trailing down your cheek.  
Faintly, you heard the familiar start up sound of your shower.  
You snapped up and began pacing wildly as more and more tears joined the first.  
The room began to close in on you with the vengeance of the devil himself.  You weren’t sure if your heart was beating too fast...or not at all. It seemed to have a mind of its’ own at the moment.   Your teeth decided to feast wildly on your bottom lip, viscous enough to draw blood and barely suppress your incoming cries.  Panic was now bursting at the seams, a belated reaction that took this long to kick in.
“Fuck!  What do I do?  What do I do?” You stormed up and down the dimly lit room, feet patting almost as fast as your thoughts.  “Think! Y/n think!” You whisper-yelled to yourself. As if your deductive reasoning skills needed some harsh belittling to finally start the job.  
You at least had a couple minutes to yourself before you would have to face him once more.  Surely you could come up what a strategy until then, right? You just had to think. Think. Think.  Think!
You froze and faced the door.  
The door that was the only entrance and exit to this lion’s den.  
How you wished you could just blast through that damned gateway and flee like a bat out of hell. But you couldn’t…
Your jaw dropped.
An epiphany struck…  
You couldn’t leave the home.  
But you could bring someone here.  
Why didn’t you think of this before?!  
You nearly jumped up in joy, like a child who got what they wanted for Christmas.  
You would just have to find your phone…
‘Okay okay calm down.  Think. What were you doing before Jungkook came?’  You tried desperately to retrace your steps to relocate what possibly could be your last hope.  You recollected life before his barging in, although that was only a few hours ago it already felt like a millennia had passed.  
As the foggy puzzle pieces began to form, your eyes darted to the couch.  
‘That’s right….you were reading before he came.’
With a new sense of urgency, you leapt to the sofa and feverishly dug through the cushions.  It took a minute, for a second you weren’t sure if you were going to find it, but alas your search ended with a proud yelp as your hand managed to grasp at the missing phone.  
Like an olympian whom just won his country a metal, you thrusted the phone in the air with a smile on your face and tears in your eyes, blown away at your own luck.  With a renewed vigour, you unlocked your phone and hastily typed in your password (this was somewhat hard to do with shaky hands).
Your familiar homescreen glowed like a safe haven as it opened, sight so beautiful you could cry.  You pressed the phone icon and waited for the keypad to appear. When it did, your fingers danced across the numbers.
“Just what do you think you are doing?”  a growl pierced the air.
As if the device burned you, you dropped it.  Heart sinking and face on fire, you turn and see Jungkook, leaning smugly against the arch leading from the living room to the hallway.  
His face was stony and unreadable, eyes fixed on you as well as the phone.  Pupils darting between you and the object every other second.
Your teeth chattered as you struggled to even get an excuse out.  
Gracefully, Jungkook closed the space between you two and proceeded to pluck the electronic away from your pathetic claws.  
He made eye contact.  Searing and soul-baring eye contact.  
Right before he thrust the phone onto the floor...stomping on it with all his weight, over and over again.  
It wasn’t until your only way of communicating with the outside world was left in feeble metal smitherings that Jungkook was satisfied enough to stop the barbaric pounding.  
He huffed and pouted his lips, “Sugar, I thought you were different.”  
You cowered and kept your head low, not wanting to see his wrath up close.  
“I expect you in bed darling.  For real this time. No more silly games.”  
Like an actor being told ‘cut’,  he suddenly retreated back to the hallway, whistling a low tune as if his murderous persona was a second skin he can shred off with ease.  
When you were left alone once again, you let your weak pile of bone crumble within themselves.  You collapsed to the floor as a string of silent and dry sobs escaped your burned esophagus.
The sound to company your symphony of cries?  
The water from the shower, that still had yet to pause despite no one being in it.  
He had tested you.  
And you failed.  
Each person had their own version of heaven on earth.  
Jungkook was certain he found his nirvana within you.  
Your home was even more welcoming than what he had fantasized it to be whilst reading your letters.  
Every trinket and photo you had was marveled at with great perplexity on his part.  
He memorized every brand you used.  From the types of garbage bags you got to the toothpaste you prefered (winter green over frosty mint).  He wanted to be sure to get the right kinds when it comes time for him to venture out for you.
Although that will take a while, the press having to die down with his prison escape before he can comfortably go out.  But when he can, he will. He wouldn’t want another Renjun incident on his hands, now would he?
For now, he was very much elated with the day-to-day he shared with you.  
It usually began with him waking up beside you, an experience that he would never wish to have with someone else now that he’s had it with you.  And could one blame him? What was the appeal of an average villager when compared to the refinement of an ethereal goddess? Even at the brink of dawn, Jungkook was a mere worshiper of your temple.  When the sun decided to play with the smooth textures of your bedroom and eventually dance upon your form...he was breathless. Your skin shimmered like gold under its’ light, you sometimes shifting and groaning at the intrusion.  Your strands a mess and your face slightly puffy and cherub -like. Weakened by the vital rem cycle, having no choice but to let Jungkook cradle you like the babe you were. If the angels decided to smile upon him that particular morning, you’d even nuzzle unknowingly into his chest.  
After you awoke, is when the social behavior came into play.  
Both you and Jungkook were not extroverted creatures.  So in a way, you both could share a roomful of silence and still have no complaints to speak of.  But gosh did Jungkook like seeing you flustered. Every morning he’d tease you about what you did the night prior; talking in your sleep, drooling, cuddling or even kicking and punching.  The truth of these accusations mattered not, if it made you blush then Jungkook took it as a win in his book. Sadly, you weren’t the type to enjoy wasting time in bed. You’d jump up every morning and dash to the bathroom, not sharing Jungkook’s love of pillow talk.  (At least this is what he thought this meant).
Next was breakfast.  Most days Jungkook would make it.  Other times he would plead (more like demand) you make it.  The days in which he did so, the morning meal was rather elaborate and hearty.  Waffles, pancakes, crepes, omelettes ect. He wanted you to be fed well, enjoying the melting of your features when you try his food and you couldn’t even deny the heightened quality.  Other days, Jungkook wanted to eat something you made. You were very reluctant on this chore, resorting to a bowl of cereal or buttering some toast. Jungkook still felt so gooey and domestic nonetheless, complimenting your cheerios to milk ratio and taking over-dramatically big bites.  You usually chose to do the dishes, Jungkook occasionally helping to fulfill a clingy desire.
After the meal was the morning to afternoon bit.  
Jungkook liked watching shows in this time period.  You would join him if you had no other needs to attend to.  If you could, you would do laundry, cleaning, book organizing or anything really to avoid Jungkook.  But sometimes it couldn’t be helped and you’d be forced by his side to watch a show or movie. You learned quick that he held a fondness for violence and romance.  An odd mix that meant you would spend the first half of the day watching Kill Bill and the later half watching The Notebook. For either genre, he would have disturbing comments to add.  
“He’s not even stabbing him right.”
“Ahh, Y/n we’re just like them, aren’t we?  Except we have the better love story.”
Lunch followed.  
Light and simple was the theme.  Jungkook noticed that one of your favorites was grilled cheese, so this was a recurring meal on the menu.  After that was afternoon lounging. You enjoyed reading while Jungkook rather draw. Often times, Jungkook would draw you reading.  
He found you fascinating to study whilst you submerged yourself into other worlds.  How your pupils would dilate ever so slightly when something shocking happened. How your lips would downturn when a character becomes distasteful.  How your eyes would water when a tragic moment would unfold. How your nose would scrunch up with every cringey line.
It was every artists’ dream to have such a muse.  
Jungkook would scramble to capture any expression you unknowingly released.    Erase, erase and erase, over and over again until he did your face justice. Because there was no other enigma as brilliant as you.  
Jungkook had himself convinced that the beauties of Aphrodite, Cleopatra and Marilyn Monroe were frauds with overzealous reputations about their magnetism and so called grace. Mere weeds compared to an exquisite rose such as you.  Sometimes he felt too unworthy to be in your presence. Like you belonged in a masterpiece oil painting, another world that should be out of reach for scummy mortals. Yet at the same time, Jungkook refused to be starved of such a token.  
He wanted to keep you safe in this little haven, away from the evil greed of the world that wished to taint you.  May mankind only know of your pulchritude through drawings made by Jungkook. And even then they would have to rip it from his cold, dead hands.  The last documentation of higher powers at work, occasionally sending one of their best seraphs down to blessed the cursed earth.
Supper was a joint effort.  
Jungkook made sure that you would help make dinners with him, making it a mission to go through that old cookbook with you.  
He liked making you do the majority of the work, if it were any other way then how exactly would he be able to back hug you while you cook?  The only exception to this rule was when chopping or slicing was involved. Jungkook refused to let risk beseech you.
After dinner, you’d each tip toe around how to spend your evening.  
Jungkook would push for talking and spending intimate time together.  
While you would act extra lethargic, ‘yawning’ and slowing your movements.  Half the time, Jungkook bought the act and let you rest. Other times, he would demand you talk to him over a cup of coffee or tea.  
This was the general template for yours and Jungkook’s twenty four hour schedule.  
It had been going for a week.  
Heaven for him.  
Purgatory for you.  
Luckily, this wouldn’t last another week.
One of you couldn’t survive while the other did as well.
You two were living on borrowed time.  
She was a woman of pride.
But pride was apparently the last thing one this woman’s mind as she staggered through the hallway, eyes carefully looking at each passing apartment number.
Eyeliner smudged, floral dress wrinkled and face pitiful; she was the personification of the infamous ‘walk of shame’.  
If said shame was the lack of motherly love and maternal instincts.  
Her nerves were high-strung (borderline neurotic) as seen through her paranoid eye shifts and watery hiccups.  
She halted her rush when she spotted the familiar three digit numbers on a particular door.  Skipping the etiquette of knocking, the lady whipped out a key and proceeded to open the door for herself.  
When she entered the home, she slammed the front door closed before wildly dashing into the main area of the living space.  Heading swinging from side to side, she observed every corner for any hint of life.
The lady turned around at this and let out a cry of relief at the sight of you.  She leapt towards you with arms outreached and pulled you into her chest like a mother hen.  “Why haven’t you been answering my calls, Y/n?! I know I said some awful things and I’m so sorry but I can’t lose you too baby.  Not after your sister. Please forgive me.” she sobbed.
Due to her nervous breakdown, the older was not able to recognize her daughter’s pale face and petrified gaze.  Either that or she assumed it was do to their recent spat and the unexpected visit/wellness check.
“M-mom, get out now.”  You looked seriously at her, trying to break through any realm of emotion and get her out.  Your safety not being a concern so much as you wanted to spare the only family you had left.  Jungkook was in the bathroom, but there was no telling how long that can last. Given he loves testing you.  
“What?!  What do you mean?!”  Your mother shrieked.  
“Listen, it’s not safe just g-”
“Is this my mother in law?”  
Jungkook stalked forward from behind your mother.  He carried a soft smile that did not reach his eyes, traces of a boyish charm long gone.  
Your mother’s jaw dropped and a horrified screech came next, “Mother in law?!”  
She looked at you for explanation.  But you couldn’t say anything. You looked away with shame.  Not shame due to the innuendo but shame due to what you know Jungkook might do to you later….
Your face must have told your mother a different story however.  
Her features lifted up to make a face of anger, her status of sobriety under question as a few alcoholic drinks or so could very likely be to blame for a short fuse.  
“What kind of girl are you Y/n?!  Have you no shame?! Your sister would have never-”  
It happened so quick.  
Like whiplash.  
You didn’t even know what happened until you felt warm spurts of liquid splash across your face.  
Out of instinct you closed your eyes.  And when you opened them, you saw a knife plunged into your mother’s neck.  Jungkook was holding her body up as if to proudly display his new victim, refusing to just let her slump over to the ground.
Her neck splurged and goozed, the sounds echoing in your eardrums.
Whoever said that you can watch the light leave someone’s eyes as they die was lying.  
No light left your mother’s eyes.  
The spike of anger, confusion and terror stayed in those orbs until the very end.  
Tumblr media
(gif literally has nothing to do with anything lmao but it’s sasha fierce so sue me)
Omg this is so bad, might delete later bc honestly im not too hyped for this one.  Srry for any mistakes, I’m super tired rn and I had a project to do, so I had to stay up a lil late than usual.  ALSO my birthday is next Monday (@my mom  for giving birth to me on a very inconvenient week day like wtf) and im gonna be chilling with some friends this weekend, so I figured its best to try to update now.  THERES GONNA BE A PART TWO FOR THIS, trust me we still got like a handful of plot points to get through.
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taequois · a year ago
Teddy Bear | Yandere! Hoseok
Tumblr media
Pairing: Jung Hoseok x Fem! Reader
Childhood Friends to Lovers! AU
Summary: Hoseok is your beloved childhood friend but knowing someone for your entire life doesn’t mean you know who they truly are. 
Warnings: smut, bullying, minimal gore, murder, voyeurism, manipulation, hobi’s been sexually attracted to y/n ever since she was a child (they are the same age)
Word Count: 8K
A/N: This was inspired by the teddy bear emoji 🧸! Cute, right? 🥺
Tumblr media
The laughter of children rang through the air as they raced past you like roller coasters at the amusement park. Your cheeks were pink like the cotton candy in your hand as your fingers brushed with his. With roller coasters on your mind, a giggle burst from your lips like the pop of a bubblegum and Hoseok looked at you quizzically. 
“What’s so funny?” he asked. 
He looked amused but also immensely fond as he looked at you. You had an impish look on your face that piqued his interest in more ways than one. 
“Do you remember the time you vomited on a roller coaster?”
Hoseok groaned, “God, you still remember that, baby? We were, what, eight?” 
His ears were strawberry-red and you pressed a light kiss on the shell of his ear with a chuckle. You ignored the shiver of his body against yours but he only pulled you even closer. 
You lovingly traced the slope of his nose and tapped your finger on the slight pout of his lips. He was golden under the summery rays and absolutely warm to the touch. He was your sun and you were the planet that orbited him. If only you knew that was the only way he ever saw you since the two of you were children. From the beginning of time, his parents had always been friends with yours but being your friend wasn’t all he wanted to be. 
It would never be enough. 
“Of course! You even cried because you ruined your favourite Buzz Lightyear shirt!” 
Hoseok feigned a glare, “Do you think it’s funny to tease me? You’re so going to regret this, babe.”
His hands reached out to attack you. The very same hands that loved to caress your cheek with a hot whisper against your ear before melding your body against his. 
His fingers tickled you at the crook of your neck and along your sides. You squealed immediately and tried to escape his playful punishment but you were only able to take a few steps away from him before he was yanking you back. Hard. You couldn’t catch your breath before he was gripping your chin and looking down at you with a devilish smirk. 
“Think twice before running away, angel. We wouldn’t want you to get lost, hm?”
“You bullied me first! You know I hate it when you tickle me!” you huffed.
Hoseok smirked. “Really?” His lips moved closer to your ear as he whispered, “You don’t like my hands on you?”
You locked eyes with him through heated cheeks and bated breath. “Hobi…”
You didn’t miss the way his eyes darkened and your stomach clenched at the deepening of his voice. It was husky and tantalising, making you want to breathe your answer against his lips except he kept his mouth out of your reach. You’d have to get on your tippy toes and perhaps that was what he wanted as his tongue darted out to wet his lips.
He looked like he was ready to whisk you away to some hidden place where his hands could feel you in other places that could never deny his touch. 
But before you were his girlfriend, you had always been, first and foremost, his annoying childhood friend.
He parted his lips, ready to tempt you even further to seal the deal. But spluttered when you shoved the cotton candy right into his face. 
You slipped right out of his hold and ran away. Laughter bubbled out of your throat and he chased after you like he had done for his whole life. 
You never slowed down before he could catch up to you. He was always that lovesick boy, red like a tomato whenever you wandered into his house like a butterfly with one of your pretty dresses on. You two were the same age and naturally became playmates even before he was able to properly say your name. 
His mother would praise you for how you resembled a lovely little rose and you’d twirl like a princess to showcase your outfit. But in his mind, you were like a fairy casting your pixie dust on him.  Your giggle would ring in his ears like little bells and his cheeks would flare from the flare of your dress revealing a glimpse of your bare thighs. 
It made him wonder just how soft you were, everywhere. But he knew that touching you there was forbidden. He’d seen it in the adult movies that’d play on the telly late at night.  
Although he should cover his eyes like his parents would want him to, it was no use when he could see you in the beautiful actress’ place. She looked like he was enjoying what the man was doing to her. Deep down, he felt like you would like it as much as he would. Still, he would never dare to touch you because you were like a butterfly perched on a flower and he didn’t want to scare you away whenever you graced him with your presence. 
He’d much rather stop and stare at you to which you never let him catch a breath, growing more and more beautiful each year like the blossoms in your backyard. You grew taller and aimed higher. You became a flower with a scent that pricked him with your thorns. 
In your backyard was where you two would play catch with the tangerines that grew on the trees and eat them afterwards with sticky palms. When he missed your throw, you never knew he was distracted by the baby pink panties on the washing line that could belong to no one else but you. 
He thought the twist of your braids were adorable but he loved it even more when you started wearing your hair down. Your cherubic cheek would rest on his knee as you dozed off during movie nights with his family. He would gently comb his fingers through your locks and the smell of your vanilla shampoo would linger on his fingertips. 
He missed those days. The days when his childhood bed would dip with your weight and you’d play games with him. Two shadows on the wall, huddling close together.  Your parents were stricter than his and didn’t let you own any gaming consoles but he loved to share with you. They’d only spoil him because they were rarely there to play with him but with you by his side, he no longer had to play by himself. 
You would pull him into a hug and he’d shut his eyes, desperately try to ignore the shape of your body against his while you’d happily exclaim, “You’re the best, Hobi! I wish you were my brother so we could play everyday!” 
His chin would ghost over your shoulder and his lips would lightly brush your cheek as he watched you play on his Game Boy. You’d be so invested in the game that you wouldn’t notice him thrumming with pleasure from being so close to you. So close that you’d be able to feel the flutter of his lashes on your skin. Afterwards, his heart would swell when he could still feel the warmth of your hands on his Game Boy. 
Sometimes, your warmth and the outline of your body would remain on his wrinkled bed sheets. The two of you were like two peas in a pod, shoulders knocking against each other under the blankets to watch your favourite cartoons. Bright colours flicker across your lovely face in the darkness that’d always remain as a ghost in his mind, haunting him even when you’ve left his side. 
But he loved that his pillow would always smell like you.
On your birthday, he’d tremble with excitement as he’d place each candle on your cake. He would look at all the other friends you’d invited to your birthday party with a haughty jut of his chin. He was there in your life before they were and will still be long after they all leave you. 
All eyes were on you, of course they were. You were a ray of sunshine that descended upon earth and at night, you were the cold moon that was out of reach from his bedroom window. All he cared about was having your eyes on him and him only. He would lovingly watch you make a wish before blowing the candles out and wonder if you wanted the same thing that he did. 
He wanted you in so many ways but most of all, he didn’t want to share you. He wanted to be selfless and bring you happiness. But at the same time, he couldn’t help but be selfish as you were the only one that could make him happy. You made him happier than the empty promises his parents made and all the toys they bought that lacked real warmth. His parents didn’t love each other hence it was hard to feel their love for him. 
His heart would pound in his chest when you started unwrapping his present. It was as though he was the one that laid underneath and enshrouded in darkness, waiting for you to bring it into your world. The gift became a tradition, one that reminded him of you and reminded you of him. 
It was always a teddy bear. You’d always bring it up to your face and nuzzle against it with a smile. There was only so much a little boy could afford with his pocket money but he loved the thought of you hugging the bear to sleep every night. If the teddy bear sat on your bed then you would always think of him when you looked into those beady eyes, right? 
He wanted to be your teddy bear. Someone who you could hold, made you feel safe and listened to all your worries. He yearned to take all your worries away like a dreamcatcher would. 
But alas, you were slipping through his fingers like sand. It got harder as you grew up - not only did you appear in his dreams more often but his parents no longer allowed you to be in his room. You could only play with him in the living room and it only made the forbidden fruit taste even sweeter. You no longer warmed his bed but he woke up with a sticky mess in his pants every morning. It was so much harder to touch you but maybe it was for the better. He was a moth to the flame you lit up inside him. 
You started smelling even sweeter. Hoseok believed he would always remember your natural scent. It comforted him when you used to hug him with his nose buried in the crook of your neck. He thought you smelled like sunshine. It made him warm from head to toe. You’ve masked that scent with perfume as you grew older but he will always be able to find it. 
Similarly, you began to wear makeup. You only wore enough to enhance your natural beauty which he appreciated. The lip gloss you wore never failed to bring his attention to your lips. The rosy blush on your cheeks only fuelled the fantasy of you underneath him looking like an absolute mess. Your eyes looked softer with the pink eyeshadow you loved to dust on your lids. In his eyes, nothing could take away from your beauty. 
Your beauty was shining brighter each day but your world became duller.  Deep down, you still felt like a kid inside and indeed you were, just trying to adjust to middle school. You always thought Hoseok was the nicest boy and it broke your heart when he started avoiding you. Even when his family came over to yours for dinner, his parents would tell you that he was at his friend’s house. 
You grew up with him and you considered him to be a part of you. A part of you that you will always love. Yet people could only grow together or apart. 
You knew you weren’t as cool as Yoongi or as smart as Namjoon. It hurt to think that he probably saw you as a silly little girl even though you two were the same age. It just felt like he was racing ahead of you in life and leaving you behind. You were struggling with your body developing into a woman and you’d be embarrassed if he found out that you’ve started getting your period. Growing up was scary but you had your friends at school and boys who acted nice just to get your attention. 
When you missed Hoseok terribly, you would take out all the teddy bears he’d given you. You’d ask them, “Why doesn’t Hobi want to be my friend anymore?” and feel pathetic afterwards. You’d hold them against your empty chest and wished Hoseok was as easy to hold onto. 
You had no idea that Hoseok was struggling like you were. He didn’t want you to see the acne on his cheeks or for you to hear the squeakiness of his voice. This was the reason why his mother no longer loved his father with his sagging jowls and dull eyes. He was changing and he feared this change. He kept loving you in the shadows while he became a ghost in your life. He would always watch you from afar during gym class and luckily for him, you never caught him staring at your bare legs. His desire for you will always be a constant in his life. 
He was always looking at you from the corner of his eye. Your friends were loudmouthed and didn’t deserve to be in your presence. He’d seen the way they snatched items out of your bag when you weren’t looking. They would use your pens until they ran dry and never replaced them for you. Hoseok was delusional and had no idea that you’d already given them your permission. 
The girls’ change room was always locked but the bag room in the dance studio wasn’t. Your friends were dancers like he was and it was so easy to snatch their bags and throw them into the river by the school. Nothing could be salvaged, especially their laptops. It was a stroke of luck that your friend had a boyfriend and the immediate suspect was the girl he was cheating on her with. It turned into a massive cat fight and teachers had to deal with the whole thing being recorded and uploaded on the internet. They didn’t pay any mind if it really was the girl who did it in the first place. 
Hoseok was the one who lied to Seojun that your friend was cheating on him first but nobody ever found out. Seojun stopped talking to both girls entirely after the incident and Hoseok successfully got away with it. 
Unfortunately for him, it wasn’t long after that you got a boyfriend of your own. Sungjae was one of the most popular boys in your grade. Hoseok boiled with anger whenever he saw you smile at Sungjae like he was the centre of your universe in the school’s hallways. 
He had to release his anger somehow. He dropped pins into Sungjae’s shoes after gym class and although it was satisfying to see blood seep through his socks, it wasn’t something Hoseok could do repeatedly. Hoseok could only do so much - slash bike tyres, steal and smash his phone, rip up his assignments - without getting caught. 
The anger turned into defeat. Sungjae was strong and it’s not like Hoseok could follow him  to beat him up when the former’s friends always followed him to an internet cafe to play games after school. If he did, what would come out of it? You’d only be worried and care for your boyfriend even more. Hoseok could sabotage him but what’s it worth when he was too much of a coward to even be your friend?
Hoseok battled with his inferiority complex while you continued dating Sungjae throughout high school. He only found the confidence to approach you when he saw you attend his dance showcases in college. Of course, he’d intentionally go to the same college as you. He knew that you were there to support your friends but that doesn’t mean he couldn’t see the glint in your eye as you watched him dance. Dancing was his passion and it was all he could do to push you with Sungjae to the back of his mind. On that night when he felt your eyes on him, he put his all into making you feel his every movement. 
When he thrusted his hips into the air and the girls screamed for him, his eyes were only on you. He wanted to see you react to him and he wasn’t disappointed with what he saw. Your eyes were wide and your mouth was open in awe. You couldn’t take his eyes off him and he was the same. It was the first time you ever saw him like this, under the dim lights with his sultry gaze that made it hard to breathe. 
The coolness quickly disappeared though when you were standing in front of him though with the cold night air on your skin. Thankfully, Sungjae was studying at home and he was able to get you all alone. He itched to wrap you up in his leather jacket, pull you close and never let you go.  For the first time in a very long time, Hoseok was able to take in your beauty in all its glory. You looked surprised that he was talking to you and your heart ached with all the childhood memories that rushed through your mind. 
“Did you...enjoy the performance?” Hoseok asked. He was still sweaty and slightly out of breath but he doubted that it was because of the performance.
No. It definitely had to be because of you.
You answered without hesitation, “Yes! You’re talented, Hobi. I mean, Hose-”
He hushed you with a finger against your lips. The way you called him Hobi like you used to always do when the two of you were young made his heart skip a beat. He could hear you say those two syllables forever. He knew he would always have a place in your heart and that was his home. 
“Thank you, I really appreciate it... I know that you didn’t come to watch me but-”
“No,” you shook your head, “I...I’m here for my friends but I’m here for you too, Hobi. I know it’s been a long time.” When you said that, your eyes looked sad. “But you will always be my friend. I’ve missed you so much, Hobi.”
It was like heaven to his ears and tortured mind. You thought about him all this time as well? He knew that you were meant for him. He was less insecure now. After all, he could confidently say he was a man. When you hugged him again after all these years, he had to do his very best to not get hard against you. It was no different to when he was a young boy. He rested his lips on the spaghetti strap of your dress and buried his nose into your hair. 
He breathed in quietly with clenched fists by his sides. They shook with the desire to grab onto you. You pulled away before he could and sincerely looked into his eyes with a smile as though you’ve finally found the missing puzzle piece in your life. He wanted you to always have your eyes on him so that you’d witness the starry night sky in his gaze.  
When you asked him why he avoided you, he told you that he wanted to be an idol throughout high school. A half-truth. 
It caused a rift between him and his parents so he was rarely at home. He told you he was always in the dance studio or hanging out with street performers to master his craft. He lied that he auditioned countless times and each rejection made him sink deeper into his shell. 
He had to satisfy his parents’ expectations and at least get into college. It was the hardest period of his life, trying to get the grades he can while practicing everyday. Although he might not get the chance to be an idol, he would always pursue dance. He was still happy to perform on a stage and his street performances captured the attention of a fairly popular studio. If he couldn’t be an idol then he could be a choreographer and even a dance teacher, it made him happy all the same.  
He told you that he was afraid you’d laugh at him and belittle his dream like his parents did but when you heard his story, you bursted into tears. He hid his smile in your hair as you told him you would always support him, no matter what. 
He officially returned to your life. He’d come over to help your mother set up the dinner table and afterwards, sit with you in front of the TV to study. You didn’t like to party much but you always felt safe when Hoseok went with you. Usually, you’d meet up with him half-way through because your boyfriend would always ditch you for his friends. You didn’t like it when Sungjae got drunk. His putrid breath as he spewed filthy things in your ear made you shrivel inside. 
Hoseok, however, was always at parties to dance. You loved to cheer him on and got even more excited when Hoseok seemed to get even more hyped up. He was always the one to bring you home and walked you right to your front door.
As your friendship with Hoseok improved, your relationship with Sungjae worsened.
“Why did you go home with him? Are you cheating on me?”
“No, what the fuck? I couldn’t find you anywhere and you didn’t even bother to pick up my calls. He was kind enough to drive me back. If there’s someone cheating in this relationship, it’s definitely not me,” you said.
Sungjae laughed. “Oh, so you expect me to believe that he took you home and not back to his place?”
“You could ask my parents,” you rolled your eyes, “Not like you ever gave a shit about them.”
Sungjae kept on accusing you of cheating. Hoseok told you that it was wrong for your boyfriend to not trust you especially after all these years. You looked back on your relationship and wondered where everything went wrong. You knew he was jealous of Hoseok but he was your friend since diapers. Hoseok hadn’t changed after all this time, he was still the nicest boy you knew. But you couldn’t say you knew who your boyfriend was anymore and the person you loved probably only existed in the past.
It was like high school all ever again. You listened to Hoseok’s advice that you should end your relationship with Sungjae. You couldn’t look at the past but at the present and how it will affect your future. Sungjae was making you miserable. The two of you no longer clicked and it was best that you moved on because something better was waiting for you. Those were Hoseok’s words and he sounded very certain. 
With his encouragement and a little bit of liquid courage, you decided to confront Sungjae at a party. You set out to find him and you did but it was the last place you ever wanted to find him in. 
In someone’s bedroom, your boyfriend was on top of a naked girl. He heard you open the door and the girl underneath him cursed at him for not locking it. He cursed under his breath and you couldn’t hear your heart break. When he turned his head back, he didn’t expect to see you standing there. His eyes widened and the girl underneath him chuckled. You couldn’t scream or cry. You simply walked away and into Hoseok’s arms who waited for you outside. 
You didn’t want to go home, all alone. Hoseok treated you to ice cream. You didn’t say a single word but Hoseok’s presence was comforting. You stared at the melted puddle in your cup while he watched you intently. 
He drove you home and played the songs you loved for the entire ride. It was only when you climbed into bed that you felt the tears coming. But unexpectedly, your phone rang. You thought it was Sungjae but it turned out to be Hoseok. The only person you could let inside your heart. 
You looked out your bedroom window and you couldn’t see his car. You accepted the call and asked him what’s the matter.
“No matter what, I’m here for you, okay? I love you.” 
You cried and no one heard except for Hoseok. You wept until you couldn’t keep your eyes open anymore and he didn’t hang up even when he heard the soft hum of your snores. You woke up to a good morning text from him and Hoseok waiting outside of your door. You were exhausted from your night but you couldn’t find it in yourself to say no to him when he dragged you to his car. 
He brought you to a breakfast diner. With the sweetness of maple syrup on your lips and whipped cream on waffles, you’d never regret coming along with him.  
You made it impossible for Sungjae to contact you. You blocked him everywhere and your parents didn’t let him take a single step into the house. They always thought Sungjae was bad news. Unlike Hoseok, your parents were absolutely fond of him and day by day, you were feeling the same way.  
You celebrated your birthday that year with Hoseok and he once again gifted you a teddy bear like he used to always do. It warmed your heart that some things will never change like the shape of your friend’s smile. 
“I love the teddy bears you give me. Whenever I see them, I always think of you,” you said.
Hoseok conveniently left out the fact that he will always think of you when you look at it as well. 
He placed mini spy cameras behind the teddy bear’s eyes and whenever you were in your room, he’d always get the perfect sight of you changing your clothes. They were wirelessly connected to his laptop. He’d slide his hand into his pants even when you were just lying there in bed, bewitched by the rise and fall of your chest. 
It made him euphoric to hear that you still kept all those teddy bears he gave you when you were younger. He could tell that the way you’ve looked at him has changed. The roles have reversed. You were the one who was shyer around him now and catching onto every little detail like the rips in his jeans and his shirt slipping off his shoulder. The dip of his collarbone and the sheen of his neck made you want to stop and stare. 
Hoseok wanted everything to be perfect just like you were. He drove you to a grassy hill and set up a picnic there. You wore a dress, as white as the clouds above that fluttered gently with the spring breeze. He couldn’t keep his eyes off you but your eyes were on the beautiful skyline of the city. 
He prepared home-made sandwiches that were tastier than expected. You teased him and he lightly flicked your forehead. When your stomach was full, you relaxed against him with your head on his shoulder. With the chirping of the birds and the rustling of the trees, the two of you quietly absorbed the tranquillity of the moment. It was when the sun kissed the horizon  that it suddenly hit you. 
You could happily spend the rest of your life with this man. 
When he asked you to get the paper towels from his car, you jumped up immediately. You scurried away, trying to get a hold on your feelings. But when you opened up the trunk, balloons came floating out in colours of the rainbow.  Inside, a gigantic teddy bear was waiting for you. A bouquet of roses matched the blooming blush on your cheeks.  You laughed softly despite your eyes becoming teary. 
“I wasn’t aware it was Valentine’s Day,” you joked but your voice was trembling. Your heart was lodged in your throat when Hoseok turned you around to gaze deeply into your eyes. 
“It’s not. But if you want, I can always be your Valentine,” Hoseok cracked a smile. “Baby, will you be my girlfriend?”
You hoped a kiss on his lips was enough of an answer. It was and you never felt more complete. 
He was your boyfriend but first and foremost, he was your best friend and you felt like the luckiest girl in the world to have someone like him in your life every step of the way. Of course, your relationship with him changed. You now wanted him in ways that you had no knowledge about as a little girl.
He’d never deny you and you never needed to ask. In the blink of an eye, he’d be on top of you and smiling down at you like the angel he was. The angel who caught you during your fall from grace. He’d press your forehead against yours and you could count every individual eyelash before he’d whisper, “Close your eyes,” and in the darkness, all you felt was the warmth of his lips as they moved lower and lower down your body. 
You’ve never thought about marriage. You knew that you wanted to get married and you would want to start a family someday but you had no idea when. You only had a vague idea that perhaps you’d get married in your late twenties. But you graduated at twenty-three and you had a stable job with nothing to complain about in your life. You took care of your parents after all these years of them raising you into the person you were today. You had them to thank for having Hoseok in your life since day one. 
Everything worked out well for Hoseok and you. He worked as a choreographer at Bighit Entertainment while his long-time friends, Yoongi and Namjoon worked as producers at the idol company. He was paid well and had more freedom than the idols he trained. You travelled with him often and he spoiled you every chance he got. He told you that if you were to quit your job then he would be more than capable of taking care of you and your family.
At the time, you weren’t aware he was also thinking about the family you would have with him one day. But it was always on his mind. On your 24th birthday, you celebrated with him at a restaurant that had to be booked months prior. There was a breathtaking view of the ocean and Hoseok promised you that he’d walk with you along the seashore afterwards. 
But there was more up his sleeves. He suddenly stood up and moved behind you, making your heart beat in anticipation. Something cold rested on your skin and when you looked down, you were surprised by the sight of a diamond necklace that shined brighter than all the stars in the sky. 
Although it was beautiful, he was always able to read you like a book. 
“I know what you’re thinking,” his lips quirked.
He pulled out a teddy bear. It had been sitting behind his back all along.  It wasn’t big, about the size of your palms put together. It was adorable, as always, with a lovely red bow and he could tell how such a simple gift made you happy. But most of all, what made it special was because it was from him.
“Darling, do you really think I would just give you a teddy bear like this?” 
You knew what he was getting at. The bear wasn’t as extravagant as the one you had received on the day he asked you out or the one on your last birthday. 
“But you gave me this necklace as well,” you said.
Hoseok simply shook his head with a smile. He picked up the clean knife by his plate and handed it over to you. Your eyes flickered between the silver blade and his amused expression in confusion. 
“What do you want me to do with this?” you questioned. 
“Cut open its chest.” 
Your jaw dropped. “What?” 
Hoseok calmly sipped on his red wine and winked at you with a smirk. “There’s something inside it, baby.” 
You were bewildered. You looked at the teddy bear, its brown fur reminding you of Yoongi’s pet dog. You couldn’t possibly cut it open but Hoseok was growing impatient with you. 
“It’s my gift for you, baby. Do you not want it?”
You shook your head. “I do.”
“Then cut it open.”
“ will ruin it.”
Hoseok frowned. “I can buy you a million more. Just do what I say, baby.”
You didn’t know why it made you so uncomfortable. Truthfully, it made you upset. You always appreciated each and every one of his gifts for the thought of it. Although the teddy bear was simple, it wasn’t replaceable in your heart. 
Hoseok sighed in exasperation which made your hand jerk. Reluctantly, you listened to his words and pierced the knife through the teddy bear’s chest until its white stuffing began to spill out. Suddenly, something caught your eye which knocked the air out of your lungs. 
“Hobi...Oh my goodness.”
You were absolutely speechless. With a trembling hand, you pulled out the diamond ring that was hidden inside the teddy bear. You covered your mouth in shock and watched with watery eyes as Hoseok smoothly took the ring out of your hand and got onto one knee. He proposed with all eyes on you but your eyes were only him.  
You didn’t need to think before you said yes. He spun you around in glorious circles and you couldn’t see anything else but him. He was the centre of your universe. 
There couldn’t have been any other answer.  You already knew that you would spend the rest of your life with Hoseok regardless of the title he carried and he was on the same page. You were the only woman for him just like you had been the only girl for him so many years ago. The only person he’d ever share his life with.  At this point, you were the only one that could make him hard. 
“Do you like this dress, sweetheart?” Hoseok asked. His finger traced circles on your bare thigh with his other hand on the steering wheel. You still felt like you were on cloud nine and your cheeks hurt from all the smiling you’ve done that night. 
But all you could see was red. The red-hot lust in Hoseok’s eyes as his grip tightened on you. Your feet were still wet from walking on the sand while Hoseok carried your heels. He had piggy-backed you to the car to drive you home as he told you it was getting late. But you knew he had no plans of letting you sleep. 
You could still smell the sea on him. 
The champagne gold silk dress was soft on your skin. You nodded and he smiled gently. 
“I hope you won’t get mad at me when I rip it off you.” 
Hoseok always treated you delicately like a doll. He loved to dress you up, put makeup on you and even paint your nails.The only exception was when he fucked you. He knew you were a good girl who could take his cock and his loins always stirred with the ache to fuck you so hard that you’d become his dumb cockslut. It was his favourite sight. The sight of you drooling while you were creaming around his cock. His name would repeatedly spill out of your lips in a moan or a scream like you were his god.  
He’d waited his entire life for you and now that you wanted him too, enough to be bound to him, he wasn’t shy about how much he desired you. He was no longer a pathetic teenage boy who jerked off to the thought of you underneath his blankets.
At a red traffic light, he lifted your dress up and bit his lip at the sight of your sheer lace panties. His fingers brushed against your crotch, right where he could feel your warm pussy. Your thighs instantly closed around his hand but he simply forced them apart. He would never let you hide from him. Your pussy belonged to him and him only. 
“Are you not wet?”
“I will be.”
You were still distracted by the diamond ring on your finger. It fit you perfectly like it was always meant to be there. It was iridescent like seashells were. 
“Touch yourself for me,” Hoseok ordered.
The traffic light turned green and Hoseok continued driving. He kept his eyes on the road but said, “I want you to be wet for me before we get home. But don’t cum.”
His words turned you on instantly. Your hand slithered down to hook your panties to the side, knowing that Hoseok would want a perfect view of your pussy. Although you were on the right track with what he wanted, there was one thing amiss.
“Use your other hand.”
Your right hand stilled before you could touch yourself. 
“I want to see that ring I gave you, baby.”
Your breath hitched at his words. You nodded wordlessly and switched to your left hand. The diamond ring glittered in the darkness as your fingertips slid up and down your soft folds. Your breathing grew louder and your thighs parted even more as you played with your clit. You moaned softly as you rubbed yourself with four fingers, imagining that they were Hoseok’s instead. When you finally slipped a finger inside, Hoseok could hear just how wet you were. 
Hoseok didn’t look at you but your noises were more than enough to drive him wild. You pushed one, two and then three fingers inside your tight heat. You knew you had to use four to really be stretched out enough for Hoseok’s cock. But he was more than pleased with you. The unabashed pleasure on your face as you obeyed his order already made the front of his pants wet with pre-cum. He couldn’t care less if other drivers could see you. You were acting like a slut for him and he fucking loved it.
“Let me taste you, baby.”
You whimpered and pulled your hand out of you. The smell of you was divine as you moved your fingers that glistened with your wetness to his lips. His tongue licked and his hot mouth sucked on your twitching fingers. He glanced at you for a split second while he did it and his dark eyes looked like they wanted to swallow you up. Fortunately, he was at a red stop light but even if he wasn’t, you didn’t know if you had it in you to stop him. 
His eyes stared directly into yours as his mouth wrapped around your ring finger. His mouth slid down until his lips kissed the metal band and you melted right then and there. He pulled off you with a smirk. 
“Good girl.” 
You tried to catch your breath. You were even wetter than before and Hoseok wouldn’t let you get away with it.
“Don’t touch yourself. You’ve already made such a mess,” Hoseok chuckled. “But you’re the birthday girl today, hm? I won’t make you lick it up.” 
You flushed at his words. It wasn’t rare for Hoseok to make you do the filthiest things for him. The worst was the time he went on an overseas schedule with an idol group. You would video-call him everyday and he made sure you did. During one of those calls, you were curled up in bed with your arms around a huge teddy bear he gave you. He was in a hotel room and in bed as well. 
“I miss you so much, Hobi. He helps me feel less lonely, I imagine that he’s you,” you whined as you hugged the bear tight.
“Is that so?” he chuckled. “How much do you miss me?”
“A lot,” you pouted.
“A lot? I can’t tell how much a lot is, baby. Maybe you should show me.” 
“Hm, how should I show you then?”
“Do you miss my cock?”
You shifted on the bed. Although you were all alone, you whispered, “Y-Yes.”
Hoseok smirked. “I can’t hear you, baby.” 
You blushed.“Yes, I miss your cock, Hobi.” 
“I want to see how much your pussy misses my cock, baby. Show me. Your friend there could help you too.”
“My friend?” you echoed. You couldn’t help but get nervous. Did Hoseok think somebody else was with you?
“Mr Teddy Bear,” Hoseok smiled. “Why don’t you have some fun with him? I want to watch.” 
“You said that you imagine he’s me, right? Prove it. Grind on him like you would against my cock, baby.”
Hoseok loved making you do those things for him. It made him feel less filthy about all the years he’s lusted after you ever since he was a little boy. But underneath all the lust, his heart beated and his blood sang for you. 
Loving you was all he’d ever known. So when he’d make you cum so many times until you were crying, he would kiss each and every single one of your tears away. With every spank and bruise he left, he would worship every inch of your body with his mouth and gently rub lotion into your skin. When you’d pass out on his cock, he would carry you to the bathtub and fill it up so you’d soak in it while he massaged shampoo into your hair. He loved you but he also wasn’t afraid to show that he owned you. 
Hoseok announced his engagement on all of his social media. Out of all his friends, he was the most interactive online. Hoseok had an infectious personality and contagious energy. People loved to watch him dance whether in real life or through the screen and idols adored him as well. He became a mentor in a survival K-pop show and with his handsome looks, it was no surprise that his fanbase exploded. But the spotlight on him brought you unneccessary attention. 
You should’ve been more careful when you walked home. You were carrying bags of groceries and in your glee from becoming a perfect wife for Hoseok, you failed to realise that someone was following you. It was only when you set everything down on the counter and your mother had left you that there was a knock on the door.
You wondered if Hoseok came home a little earlier today. Although if it was him, he wouldn’t have knocked in the first place. You thought it might’ve been a deliveryman, your neighbour or perhaps your mother. Anyone but Sungjae when you opened the door. 
In your shock, Sungjae pushed his way in and shut the door. It was only the two of you in your shared apartment with Hoseok. It had been years since you saw your ex-boyfriend. His flower boy looks had withered and you could only see a shadow of who he once was. It only took you once glance to know that he was doing much worse than you were.
The dark bags under his eyes made him look decades older. It was hard to believe that he was the same age as you and that he was the man you once loved. His cheeks were sunken in and his eyes were empty but he looked at you with a sick smile on his face. It revealed rows of his yellow-stained teeth and you could tell that he never stopped smoking even when he promised you countless times he would stop while he dated you. 
“It’s been a long time, hasn’t it?” 
“What the fuck are you doing here? Get out before I call the police on you.”
He feigned heartbreak, hand placed against his chest. “Oh, would you really have the heart to do that?”
“Yes, actually,” you glared. “It’s your fault for coming here in the first place. You are not welcome here, Sungjae.”
“Oh, are you still mad at me? Look at you, acting like a saint in your filthy rich house,” he chuckled. “You know what you did and you should be grateful that I let you get away with that bastard. He gave you a pretty big rock, huh?” 
His blood-shot eyes were on the diamond on your ring finger. You shook with anger, “Don’t you even dare.” 
Sungjae laughed. He whipped a cardboard cutter out of his pocket and pointed the sharp blade right at you. “The pleasure would be all mine, honey.”
You screamed and lurched for the door but Sungjae pulled you back and threw you onto the couch. He got on top of you, pressing you down with his body weight and you cried for help until your throat felt like it was bleeding. 
He wasn’t here to violate you. He was much more interested in pulling the precious ring off your finger. It was more than enough to pay off all his debts. But you didn’t let him. You thrashed against him and cuts were left all over your hands and fingers but you couldn’t let him get away with this. It was only when he placed the cutter against your throat and glared menacingly at you that you froze up.
You knew that as much as you wanted to put up a fight, you couldn’t risk your life. It wasn’t only your life that you were protecting but the baby inside your belly as well. You couldn’t die before Hoseok finally found out that he was to be a father. Tears sliding down your cheeks, you pulled the ring off your finger yourself and tossed it onto the ground. You wouldn’t let Sungjae have the pleasure of taking it off himself and he couldn’t care less as he immediately jumped down to get it.
It was at that very moment that Hoseok came home. You were filled with relief and fear, all at once. Hoseok saw you shivering in cold sweat on the couch and the last man he ever wanted to see again in his life right inside his home. His home with you.
Hoseok stomped his way to Sungjae and punched the man right in the face. Sungjae fell back onto the ground with a dull thud and Hoseok quickly noticed the glittering diamond ring in his palm.
“I’m going to fucking kill you,” Hoseok declared before he reached out to snatch the ring back. 
But Sungjae was quicker. He popped the diamond ring into his mouth and swallowed it down. You watched in horror as Sungjae cackled and looked at Hoseok with a smirk, as though asking, What are you going to do now?
He was convinced that there was nothing else Hoseok could do as he laughed away like a maniac. In his crazed state, Sungjae didn’t hear Hoseok walking away. But you heard the fall of his footsteps and saw the determinedness in his eye as he got hold of a knife from the kitchen.
Hoseok didn’t spare you a glance before he carried out his decision. A decision that he made in the blink of an eye.  He towered over Sungjae’s crouched form and Hoseok was the last thing he saw when your lover flipped him over and stabbed the knife right into his beating heart. 
It was like time had stopped. You couldn’t move a single muscle. You couldn’t believe what was happening right before your eyes. It was like a nightmare that you couldn’t wake up from.  Even when you closed your eyes, you couldn’t shut out the squelching noises. Hoseok’s knife slicing through Sungjae’s flesh and digging through his digestive tract before he finally pulled out the bloody, diamond ring. 
You screamed when you felt his warm hands on your cheeks. The blood was hot and wet on your skin. 
“Don’t worry, baby. I got it back.”
When you opened your eyes, you didn’t see your childhood friend who you’ve loved for your entire life. It was as though when he had cut Sungjae open, his true self had crawled out of the bloody depths. 
All you saw was a monster. 
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jungkookssistan · 2 years ago
Taste of Menace |1| ot7!mafia au
— Masterlist in my bio
— Pairings | this chapter | Jimin x reader
— Through the story | reader x others as the story progresses
— Warning | this story contain smoking, swearing, tattoos, drinking,  blood and drugs. This is a mafia!au!yandere
— Summary | Your first time watching the underground fight took a completely wrong turn, why were you the only one laying lifeless on the cold ground when you weren’t even fighting?
Tumblr media
From the street it looks like nothing, there’s just closed doors with scrapped paint, that exposed ugly green hiding under a thick layer of brown. The bullet holes embedded in the walls sent shivers down your spine, making you squirm uncomfortably under a tight grip of your friend, who seemed to not receive the message that it was the last place you wanted to spend your Tuesday evening.
You friend chattered about the underground fighting, giving you tips for who you should bet your money, not aware of the disgust painted on your face. There was no way you would spend your money on a complete stranger who clearly wasn’t in his right mind, only being satisfied when his opponent laid between life and death.
The air inside is different and you can’t put your finger why for a moment, until it occurs. In a subconscious gesture of disgust your nose wrinkled and you drew your head backwards as the smell of sweat and blood almost knocked you out.
Your stomach twisted in knots as the loud and encouraging screams became louder with each step you took. The stairs to the underground ‘world’ seemed to shrink, almost becoming too tight to put your foot down.
The sudden light appeared to be too bright after the long walk through dark tunnels and dozens of stairs. You pressed your hand to your warm forehead, shielding your eyes from burning out. Your created shadow finally gave you the opportunity to look around the place.
The inside didn’t look much better than the outside, the mice was emerging the walls, clearly visible to a naked eye, large scratch marks creating cross hatched patterns. Shivers travelled down your spine only just from thinking about the stories they hid.
If moments before you wanted to get away from Eve’s grip, this time you held into her for you dearest life, not really keen on the idea of being left alone. As you both plopped down to the wooden seats, you gave a second look to your surroundings, this time noticing the way everyone looked so excited and full of life, as if they were kids on a Christmas morning, yet they weren’t children. All of them looked quite aggressive, tank tops with stains of their own sweat, every part of skin covered by the dark ink.
Your attention was brought back to the middle of the arena, when a loud voice erupted from the speakers. In a middle stood a large man, obviously not the fighter, perhaps someone who organized this fiasco, seeing that the suit he had put on was more expensive than your whole apartment.
You frowned in the process as the screams became even heavier, fighting the itching desire to cover your ears with both of your hands, yet you didn’t want to seem even a bigger baby and you were sure that even earplugs wouldn’t cancel the noise.
The presence of yours, probably radiated an obvious aura that you didn’t belong here as you felt an intense stare from the front. The urge to disappear became more intense as you took a good look at the male in front of you.
The man is blindingly handsome, almost ethereal-beautiful beyond compare- and completely unlike anyone else in here.
You feel so small and helpless under his strong stare, a bash of insecurities creeps behind your back, making you diminish and for the first time today, you are thankful for the roaring screams.
In the middle stood two guys, one clearly with more muscle mass than the other. Your heart ached as you caught a glimpse of the smaller male, his eyes filled with worry and fear. Your head turned to the side, glancing around noticing that no one seemed care about the poor guy’s state, actually it was working as a match for their fire, which made you question the humanity.
As soon as the fight started and first fist was thrown, everyone lost their minds. The audience roared louder with each passing second of the fight, you weren’t a fighter, yet you knew that the poor guy won’t stand for long.
His stomach ached, his arms lost tension and his legs began to weaken as the muscle mass kept throwing punches one after another, not giving a brief of moment for him to take breath.
Your eyes widened, breaths ragged and harsh, as everything happened almost in a slow motion. The metallic blade in the bigger guy’s hands reflecting the light before coming in a contact with a stomach of his opponent. Your hands trembled at your sides.
The scream tore through you like a great shard of glass. You felt your eyes widen and pulse quicken. The scream came again, desperate, terrified... human. The blood drained from your face, before you were even aware of making a conscious decision your legs were running furiously, hands pushing others. Jumping over a small edge you rushed to the laying male, blood gushing from his deep wounds.
The audience broke into complains, trying to yell louder than the person next to them.
The tears kept rolling down your cheeks as your hands pressed to his wound, the metallic scent and thickness of it, instantly making your stomach sick.
“No no no, stay awake, please stay awake” you whispered shaking your head, softly slapping his cheeks with the palms of your hands. Leaving blood print on his small face.
The loud scream of your best friend made you lift your head up, before a sharp pain appeared in your spine. Your  jaw dropped in a silent scream of horror. You struck the ground, hard, and lay there convulsing and twitching.
You can feel the sweat drench your skin, the ringing screams vibrating in your ears, and the thumping of your heart against your chest.
The next thing you feel is soft fingertips of someone caressing your cheek, wiping away the transparent droplets from your cheek. The audience seemed to die down. Hesitantly, you lift up your heavy eyelids, gazing into the familiar pair of eyes. His presence was strong, but the softness of his touch calmed you down.
“Don’t let him die” you choked out, grimacing at your tongue, that was soaked in the taste of blood.
Everything became fuzzy, your breaths shallow, feeling as if the oxygen was pumped out of the building.
Before you knew, you laid there on the cold ground as still as a corpse, barely breathing at all.
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flowesona · a year ago
 The Tarot Series: Masterlist
A series of yandere oneshots, each inspired by one of the Major Arcana tarot cards.
0: The Fool - Yandere! Jungkook x reader
“The first card, numbered 0, is The Fool. It represents the beginning and suggests infinite possibilities.”
I: The Magician - Yandere! Jimin x reader
“The next card, The Magician, represents action and initiative... but also immaturity.”
II: The High Priestess - Yandere! Namjoon x reader
“The Priestess represents contemplation and inner knowledge.”
III: The Empress - Yandere! Yoongi x reader
“The Empress represents motherhood and the life it brings forth.”
IV: The Emperor - Yandere! Jungkook x reader
“The Emperor is an opposing card. It represents fathering and relates to leadership and decision-making skills.”
V: The Hierophant - Yandere! Namjoon x reader
“The Hierophant represents formality and knowledge, and stands for religion.”
VI: The Lovers - Yandere! Jimin x reader
“The Lovers card represents choice. Here, the individual's consciousness has finally surfaced.”
VII: The Chariot - Yandere! Yoongi x reader
“The Chariot represents victory for the individual, but only a momentary one.”
VIII: Justice - Yandere! Taehyung x reader
“Justice represents knowledge of what is right, and what is wrong.”
IX: The Hermit - Yandere! Seokjin x reader 
“The Hermit represents the individual's search for answers by looking inward, deep inside his heart.”
X: The Wheel of Fortune - Yandere! Namjoon x reader
“Fortune represents fate, and the opportunities that come with it.”
XI: Strength - Yandere! Yoongi x reader
“Strength represents both passion and self-control. It is depicted as power with reason.”
XII: The Hanged Man - Yandere! Jimin x reader
“The Hanged Man reflects the individual's inability to take action.”
XIII: Death - Yandere! Hoseok x reader
“Spiritual death awaits the individual with the 13th card, which is aptly named Death. Death is considered a transitional card... The old ends, and the new begins.”
XIV: Temperance - Yandere! Seokjin x reader
“Temperance is the balancing of opposites. Opening his eyes to the world allows the individual to grow...”
XV: The Devil - Yandere! Taehyung x reader
“And as The Devil represents, he then faces temptation...”
XVI: The Tower - Yandere! Seokjin x reader
“At The Tower, his values collapse on him. It seems as if he no longer has anything to believe in...”
XVII: The Star - Yandere! Hoseok x reader
“... but he then finds a glimmer of hope, represented by The Star, and he is suffused with a serene calm.”
XVIII: The Moon - Yandere! Jungkook x reader
“This bliss makes him vulnerable to the illusions of The Moon. Fears arise, and he follows the dim path in his heart with trepidation...”
XIX - The Sun - Yandere! Hoseok x reader
“But he is rewarded with a bright future, represented by The Sun, which signifies true achievement.”
XX: Judgement - Yandere! Taehyung x reader
“Judgement awaits the individual at the end of his journey, as he looks back on the path he has traveled.”
XXI: The World - Yandere! OT7 x reader [collaboration with @worldwidemochiguy]
“The final card is The World, which represents the individual's full awareness of his place in the world."
[coming soon]
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chinkbihh · 2 years ago
Pandemonium VI
Words; 5.1k
Tumblr media
“And where would I be?  Feeling lonely...separated from my one and only.  So please, don’t take my love away.  Let my baby stay.” - Mac Demarco
“I is rather nice of him to do that.”
You shrugged at Kat, still on the fence on whether or not to have a positive or negative reaction to the anecdote.  
You had just informed her on the call you had received just a couple of hours ago, the one concerning a certain artist paying off your mom’s medical bills.  
Even you (a very stubborn person) had to admit that having that expense paid was a giant weight off you and your families’ shoulders.
But at what cost?  
You recalled his cunning and sly smiles, further proof that his intentions may not be all that innocent.  All you needed to find out was his motive for doing this. That would connect this puzzle and ease your mind of the enigma that was Taehyung.  But the more you thought about it, the more puzzled you became. He was flirtatious but just you thought someone was cute, doesn’t mean it will justify paying off their injured mothers’ medical bill (that was at least a couple grand).  
But, this was a rich kid you were talking about.  
Money was as familiar to him as water was to fish.  
He spent thousands like you spent monopoly money.  Little to no care of real life consequences.
“I just wish for some context.  Like what the fuck?” You asked your friend.  Kat just nodded as she walked beside you, half listening to you but half paying close attention to the shops you guys passed.  
“Yeah, it is very odd.  You did say this was Jimin’s younger brother, right?  Perhaps he heard about Jimin snapping and coming to our dorm so he figured he should apologise on Jimin’s behalf.”  At the mention of Jimin’s name, your face went stony and expressionless.
You didn’t want to tell Kat about your day, about how Jimin went so far as to show up outside your class, clearly looking for you.  You didn’t want to bring up his name ever again, especially in front of Kat. The last thing you wanted was for her to be reminded of your crazed sugar daddy and how he dared assault her.  Hell, you didn’t want to think about your craptastic day.
You just sighed and agreed to let the topic drop, for now at least.
“I guess that makes sense.  You’re very smart, Kat.”
She just laughed, used to you complimenting her IQ when you were just being over-dramatic and lacked the use of yours.  Suddenly, she stopped in her tracks which caused you to do so as well. Her elfish face looked up and grinned up at the sign of a certain small shop.  
“We’re here.”  
The overwhelming floral scent hit your nostrils, causing you to scrunch up your nose in slight disgust.  You never got why people hyped up the smell of flowers...the citrus and perfumey smell gave you a slight headache when given to you in heavy doses.
“Kat, I really don’t think this is needed.”  You murmured to you friend. She waved you off and guided you to the short line.  
“This place is the most well-known florist shop in our city, (Y/n).  Trust me, your aunt and mom will love this. And it’s always proper etiquette to send something when a family member is in the hospital.”
You rolled your eyes, “Sis, I literally spent days with her at the hospital.  I’m pretty sure I’m in the clear as far as etiquette goes.”
Kat wasn’t hearing it.  “Maybe after seeing our nice ass flowers, your aunt will get off your dick.”  She laughed while rubbing her hands together.
“Okay I’m gonna act like you’re not just using my mom’s accident as an excuse to look at some flowers.”  
If Kat heard you, she ignored it as she began to list off the different kinds of flowers that would be good in this situation.  She really was a tumblr bitch whom was addicted to these types of things. You fondly smiled, you rather her be like this than the way you saw her yesterday.  Shaken and afraid.
The line moved as one more customer was served.  At this moment, Kat’s phone rung and her cheerful face slid into a more somber expression.  
“I need to take this, it’s Cynthia.”  You let her go, knowing just how thin and frail the foundation of their relationship currently was.  Now you stood alone in the line, waiting for your turn.
With nothing to do, you couldn’t help but overhear the guy who was in front of you and talking to the worker.
“I don’t know much about flowers but I just need something to send to my friend, he just got married last week and I couldn’t make the wedding..” His voice was velvet smooth and neither high-pitched nor low.  
All you could see was the backside of this man.  He was tall and rather lean. Shoulders were wide, but they had a delicate droop downwards, giving his posture a relaxed but consecutive posture.  His neck was long (at least the back of it was) and sat on top of his head was a perfectly brushed mop of black hair.
The worker just nodded and began to work on getting an order together for him.  You supposed that they got that all the time, people just coming in and asking for flowers without knowing what is called for.  
“I can take the next person in line!”  
You moved up to the area beside the other worker and that mystery guy as an older lady waved you over to her work station.  “What can I do for you, sweets?”
Words were caught in your throat.  Fuck, it was Kat who was supposed to be doing all of this.  You decided to follow that other guys’ lead and just tell her the situation so she can come up with the appropriate set up.  
“Yeah, I need flowers delivered to my mother’s house.  She got into a car accident and I can’t be with her as much as I’d like.”  the older lady gave you a sympathetic look as she began to lay down some paper to wrap the the flowers in.  
“Do you have a particular color in mind?”  She asked, sensing your lack of knowledge. You shrugged.  
“I don’t know..  My friend mentioned doing something multi-colored?”  You trailed off, trying to recall bits of Kat’s rambling.  
“Well, we just got some lilies in.  They come in white, pink, red, orange and yellow.”  
“Can we do white and pink?”  She nodded and smiled.
“Did you mention this will be getting delivered? “  You nodded and she handed you a paper that needed to be filled out before heading towards the back to get the flowers.  
While putting down the address and zip code of your moms’ house, you couldn’t help but feel as though you were being watched.  
You looked over and it was the guy who was in front of you just moments before, instead this time he was facing you head on.
His face was long and slender, just like his body.   Chin was in a perfect V-shape, lips were wide and pink while currently being pulled back in a chesire grin. His teeth were tall and pure white. His nose was high rised, but had a smooth and perfect arch.  It was long without being too big and was weirdly the best nose you’ve ever seen. Although his face was slim, his cheeks held a good amount of flesh on them, and they caused his eyes to crinkled while smiling.  His eyes were ink-black, but deep set and held a glossy look over them that made them appear slightly watery. They were slightly swollen as well, giving them the appearance of cuteness and surrounded by dense eyelashes.  Sort of like an anime character. The man was currently wearing a denim jacket, white shirt and black jeans.
You made eye contact and he just continued to stare at you.
You huffed.
Why the fuck were men addicted to staring?  
“Can I help you?”  You called out.
He nodded, smiling even wider if possible.  
“What’s your name?”  
You rolled your eyes.  “What’s it to you?”
“I’ll pay for your order if you just give me your name.”  
Instinctively, before you can process it, you had said, “(Y/n).”
He took a step towards you, now peering down at you.  “Hello (Y/n), I’m Hoseok.”
You nodded but ignored his words and pushed the clipboard to him.  “So like right here is where the card information comes in. Don’t forget to tip the delivery person too!”  You shoved the paper in his face, making sure he won’t go back on his promise.
He laughed cheerfully, the sound like bells chiming as his eyes scrunched up to the point where you doubt he even could see through them, mouth widely ajar as more laughter escaped it.  
“Your very funny, (Y/n).”  He commented, looking at you up and down while still chuckling,  
You nodded but couldn’t help but notice that he had yet to fulfill his side of the deal.  You fake laughed but grabbed his hand and forcefully shoved him to the table along with the clipboard.  
“HAhahA, yeah so the order should come out to like 30 or something and I don’t know about shipping costs but like here’s the pen and if you can just sign here and there, that’d be great.”
He laughed but did it nonetheless, signing off on paying for the order.  Apparently, your pushiness was very humorous to him.
You gave hit back a pat on the back and said, “Thanks dude, but I gotta blast.”
He called out from behind you but you sprinted out of the shop, not wanting to give him the chance to regret paying for your flowers.  Kat was outside still on the phone, you just dragged her along with you down the street, promising to explain later.
As a wise woman once said; men ain’t shit but walking dick with wallets.  
“Is that really what you thought of me?”  He laughed hard, bunny smile evident and and rounded teeth poking out.
“Listen sis, I just know a fuckboy when I see one and all my alarms were going off when I spotted your steroids headass.”
“For the last time, I’m not on steroids.”
“Yeah, you prob just snort protein powder like it’s crack. “
Jungkook laughed harder at that, hunching over in his seat.  
At the moment, both of you were at the campus library.  You had agreed to meet up for the project, not willing to risk your grade being compromised just because your partner was someone less than ideal.  Also, he proved himself to be somewhat decent when he helped you sneak out when Jimin showed up. Quickly, you started to feel bad for assuming that he was trash.  Throughout the study date, it became apparent that he was stuck in a fuckboy body, what laid under that was actually an easily flustered dork.
“(Y/n), you’re hilarious.” He giggled. You shrugged at this.  You honestly weren’t that funny, people just didn’t expect girls to be able to crack decent jokes.
You two were sat at a table, side by side with papers and books spread out between you two.  The library had large bookshelves that surrounded you, so tall that they almost reached the high ceilings and successfully blocked anyone from being able to see you and Jungkook unless they were at one of the other tables in the section.  However, the place was very empty with the core inhabitants being the librarians themselves, plus Jungkook and you.
“Yeah, yeah.  Listen, we got to find a way not to fail this class.”  You told him, trying to turn the attention back to the work.  
You had been there for roughly 20 minutes, but still nothing had been accomplished yet.  Jungkook had wanted to know why you were at first so cold to him, and you honestly told him that he just had that stupid frat boy vibe and you were already in a grouchy mood in the mornings.  He spent the next few minutes trying to convince you that he was actually a lame nerd. He listed off the things he did in hopes that your previous assumption of him would melt away. You had to admit, it worked rather well.  The iron man obsession, the video game marathons, the IU posters and the hobby of photography and videography weren’t what you first pictured when you saw him. You thought of axe body spray, “nudes?”, stupid gym pictures of him flexing and party going along with all those other things that came along with being a fuckboy.  You guess you were wrong.
“Basically, he just wants us to answer those questions onto a google presentation that we have to share with him.”  Jungkook explained, also looking at the work now. You groaned.
“How am I supposed to be able to answer those questions when I wasn’t even here for that lesson?”  You thunked your head against the table. “Jungkook you should consider curb stopping this professor.  Like, your so big for no reason? You should take one for the team…”
“Is that all I am to you?  A fucking right-hand man to send to handle your enemies?”  Jungkook fake pouted, placing a hand onto his chest.
“Shit, kook.  If I have a body builder for a friend, am I expected not to use him?”  Jungkook sighed, bunny face relaxing into a lazy grin. He took out a few more things from his folder and handed it over to you.
“Here, I have the answers and notes from that lesson.  Just copy it down so you can look it over whenever you need.”  You nodded in thanks and began to copy his work over to your own blank sheets.  It was quiet for a moment as Jungkook just fondly watched you do this, taking in your
side profile and adorable face expressions of concentration.  He wanted to drink you in blissfully, not with a care in the world for anything but this moment.  But something was preventing him from doing that. Something that bothered him.
“(Y/n)?”  he asked gingerly.  
“What?”  You responded, not looking up from the scribblings of fast note-taking.  
“Do I know that guy who you had to sneak past?”  
This question caught you off guard.  You looked up. “No. He doesn’t go here and he’s a bit older.”  
“If he ever gives you any problems, you know you can call on me right?”  This made you snort.
“Kook, you wouldn’t even hurt a fly.”  
He stared into you, eyes so dark and voice so bleak when he stated, “I can under the right circumstances.”
“KAT! WHAT THE FUCK ARE MY QUALITIES?!”  You yelled from across the dorm from your spot on the loveseat.
“FUCK IF I KNOW!”  She hollered right back from the bedroom.  You grumbled and pondered a bit more.
‘Good team player, headstrong, analytical and grand ability to laugh at oneself.’ You typed this down while chuckling at how lame it sounded.
The next question popped up on the screen.
You ignored this while typing down, ‘In desperate need of experience and said position offers such qualifications.’
The job application was complete and sent.  
Ever since you had cut off Jimin, you sworn off sugar daddies all together.  But, this didn’t mean that income wasn’t needed. You decided to do things the old fashioned way instead of chilling with older and richer men for cash, and chose to start filling out job applications.  
To be honest, you didn’t know how you were going to manage to take classes full time as well as work but you figured that you should at least try to talk to some employers about working.  You sent applications everywhere. To fast food places, to clothing stores, to even personal assistant positions.
If you didn’t at least get one call back, you were going to shoot yourself.  
Luckily, in a matter of two hours a call did come.  
You had an interview tomorrow afternoon.
A skirt, a dressy top and heels is what you were currently wearing.  You looked at yourself in the bathroom mirror and honestly couldn’t recognize yourself.
You looked like such a corprate drone…
The business building was very nice as well as the bathroom that you were currently hiding in.  You were one of the few people from the waiting room that were all interviewing for the position.  It was to be a personal assistant of some business director.
The description mentioned that it would be all very easy work.  Just managing the schedule and meetings he would have, getting coffee, and maybe picking up some dry cleaning here and there.  Apparently this guy was a big deal because one letter of recommendation from him will almost guarantee a number of jobs.
But here you were, freaking out in the bathroom.  
The other females in the waiting room all appeared to be very much determined to work for this guy.  They looked more qualified and more comfortable with the setting that you just felt like a fool for even showing up.  You would definitely be wasting the interviewer’s time. The other girls in there wore stilettos and carried fucking mini briefcases!  
You took a deep breath and tried to cool off by spraying some cold water on your face, not enough to ruin your minimalist makeup.  However, it would take a bit more to calm you down
You decided to make a quick call to Kat.  You dialed her up and right away she picked up.
“So I’m having a panic attack in the bathroom before my interview….”  You trailed off.
“Listen!  I know I’m the queen of over reactions but I can’t help but feel like something really shitty is about to happen!”  
At this moment, a woman who was way more prettier and confident than you’ll ever be in such a place, walked in to the bathroom during your little rant.  She gave you a dirty look before disappearing in a bathroom stall. Embarrassment colored your cheeks.
“(Y/n), what the fuck can happen at an interview at a well respected business?  Don’t freak yourself out and get back out there. Let’s get this bread.” Kat attempted to encourage you.
You just nodded and hung up given you were no longer alone in the bathroom and would feel more awkward to continue your meltdown.
‘Let’s get this bread indeed’ you thought with fake confidence, before leaving the bathroom.
As soon as you stepped back into the waiting room, a voice called out,
“(Y/n) (l/n)?  Mr. Kim will see you now.”  You halted in you steps before taking a deep breath and making your way up to the desk, heart pounding.
The secretary smiled at you sweetly and motioned for you to follow her.
You allowed yourself to be led to a conference room where she told you to just knock and wait for a response before going in.  
You knocked on the large black door, lightly.  Listening closely for your cue.
“Come in!”  A light voice called out.  
You opened the door and stepped inside.  
It was a big room that had glass walls and a breathtaking view of the city’s skyline.  There was a long table with about 10 seats sourrounding it smack dab center of the room.  You guessed that this is where meetings were held.
A man was seated on one side of the table and began motioning for you to sit on the one right in front of him.  
Currently, he was looking down at his laptop and typing away, glasses on and cup of coffee beside him.  He still had yet to look up at you.
You supposed he did this one too many times today.  The guilt of wasting his time hit you once again now that you had a face to put to the poor interviewer.  And what a handsome face it was...
He had really wide and buff shoulders that was covered by a suit.  His skin was extremely pale and free of any imperfections. Not so much as a single blemish tainted his face.  A walking advertisement for any skin-care product he uses. His face was oval shaped and held a very sharp jaw. Chin prominent and square-ish to balance the slenderness of his cheeks. The lips were very pouty and dark, berry pink. His nose was straight and had a cute, fleshy bulbous at the end.  At each side of his nose were one of his small and black eyes that were currently downcast. His eyes held slightly curled and coal black eyelashes, that matched his black hair that was charmingly tousled on top on his head. He looked like he was a high-class actor. It was almost hard to believe that someone could achieve such physical perfection without the help of plastic surgery.  Not one feature about him was off-putting. You supposed someone as physically blessed as him must get used to the stares of women.
“(Y/n), is it?”  His voice was high and soprano with a enchanting twinkle.  
“Yes.”  You simply answered.  
He looked up for a brief glance to look back down at your resume, only to look back up at neck-break speed.  
His eyes bulged a tad bit as they met yours once again.  
A crooked smile spread across his face after a moment of just observing you.  
“I’m Kim Seokjin.  I’m the one who is looking for the assistant.”  Your eyes widened a bit at this development.
Fuck, this whole ordeal just became a bit more intimidating.  
“Well Ms. (Y/n), I’d love to get to know a bit more about the type of person you are.”  He said while leaning forward against the table, placing his enthralling face on top of his propped hands.  
You were a bit taken aback at how focused he was, and wondered if everyone got such treatment during their interviews.  
You were interrupted when the door opened and someone stepped inside.  A husky voice asked,
“Jin, when is the meeting going to start?  We all got shit to do you know and you’re taking up the whole conference room.”  
Jin’s face dropped to a look of annoyance as he glared up at this unsaid person.  “Yoongi, I’ll be done in a bit. I’m in the middle of a interview.” he looked back a you.  “It will most likely be the last one for today. Miss. (Y/n) looks to be a very promising candidate…”  He winked at you, confusing the hell out of you. You barely said anything about yourself and you knew damn well the info he had on you wasn’t exactly groundbreaking.
“Whatever, I’ll just tell the rest th-Wait.”  The voice cut itself off. You heard footsteps get closer.  “(Y/n)?”
You turned around.  
And there stood that fucker from the bus.  
“Yoongi?”  You asked. He smiled, gummy and sweet.  
Today he was wearing an armani suit (nothing like the hoodie you first saw him in) however his tie was still loosened which made you smile.  Even in this type of environment, he still managed to be laidback and chill.
“What are you doing here, doll?  Don’t tell me you’re trying to be Jin’s new assistant.”  He droned, face bored but soft smile still present.
You nodded, nerves slowly melting away now that you saw a familiar face.  You joked, “Do you mind putting a good word in for me, man?”
Yoongi rolled his eyes.  “Sorry babe but I don’t hate you enough to try to put you onto this job.  Jin’s probably gonna have you position his hair dryer just right for him more than doing actual work.”  
“Hey!  Is that a way to talk about your older brother!”  The handsome man seated in front of you yelled, facing turning slightly red.
Your jaw dropped at ‘brother’.  
Before you can say anything, another voice added to the conversation, this time it came from right outside the now open door.  
“What’s the hold up, guys?  We promised dad to get the expense reports done today and I’m not working overtime.”  
You looked over at the voice and almost shat yourself.
God wasn’t gonna let you outrun this for too long.  
You ran from him originally but somehow you managed to run towards him without your knowing.
There stood Park Jimin.  
“(Y/n)!”  He exclaimed.  He thrusted himself into the room and onto his knees before you, taking your hands into his.  His eyes (that already were rather swollen and red) teared up as his cherub face glazed up at you.  
“B-babygirl, I’m so happy to see that your okay!  When you told me about your mom and the car accident I just felt so awful.”  His voice broke as he hiccupped some more. “W-what can I do to help, (Y/n)? Please!  Just tell me! I’ll do anything to earn a spot back into your life!”
He was full on sobbing at this point.  Chubby and small face covered with tears as he pushed himself further onto your lap and closer to your face.  
“You have the right to be upset with me, b-but you can’t just kick me out of your life!  I’ll accept any punishment but that!”
Due to the commotion, you hear murmuring sounds come from outside the room.  You couldn’t bring yourself to tear your eyes from Jimin and his usually joyful face that was now crumpled up with misery.  A proud man who had everything was currently on his knees in front of you, begging just for some sort of contact with you and reassurance of your well-being. His unique and raspy voice sounded so raw and broken when crying out for you.  
You patted his head, trying to get him to calm down to any extent.  
He leaned into the action, reminding you of a kicked puppy who just craved affection from his owner.  
You heard multiple footsteps enter the room, without a doubt here to witness the scene of businessman Jimin and his sudden breakdown.  You decided to ignore the other personas in the room and try to reason with your former sugar daddy.
“Jimin, you attacked my roomate.  I can’t forgive that.”
He jumped up at this, grasping at your waist and pulling you closer to him, apparently not caring if he wrinkled his fancy suit.  “It’s a misunderstanding, I swear! Let me explain!”
You heard a harsh gasp that pierced the room so vividly that you just had to look up and see who it was.  
There stood four men, watching the scene.
And you knew all of them.
Each and every single one.
“i have 6 brothers.”  Jimin had told you this on the night of your first outing.
And like that, it connected.  
All of it….. connected.
Like a puzzle you didn’t even knew existed until all the pieces were face to face with you, mocking your inability to solve it.  
7 men who were all young, handsome and heirs to a multi-million dollar company ran by their father.  
Like a Shakespearian drama, hell unleashed itself in the confined space of the conference room.
“You’re the crazy ex (Y/n) was talking about?!”  Jungkook yelled, glaring at Jimin with his doe eyes know filled with pent-up aggression now that he knew whom was responsible for your fear.
“How the hell do you know her?”  Hoseok demanded of Jungkook. This made the youngest of the bunch scoff.  
“What do you mean how do I know her?  We’re classmates! The question is how do you old, senile fucks know her?!”  He hollered, addressing all of the other men in the room.
Jimin ignored this and tugged your face back to him.  He just needed you to forgive him, he didn’t bother with his siblings at the moment.  He had tunnel vision whenever you were in a room. Now more than ever, as your forgiveness was top priority.  
“I didn’t attack Kat!  (Y/N), you have to believe me!  And why are you even interviewing for this job, baby?  You know that as your sugar daddy that I’ll provide for you.”  Jimin was holding you so close to him, afraid that something might just snatch you up if he wasn’t looking.  Which was somewhat true given the particular scene…
“Sugar daddy?!” Seokjin gaped, shocked at the revelation.  
“So she’s basically only with you for money…”  Yoongi smirked, monotone voice expressionless as always.  He was pleased because this meant your relationship with Jimin was very easily replaceable and not built off of true feelings on your side.  He’d just offer you more money and tada! You were going to be his.
“Was.  She was with him.”  Jungkook corrected, crossing his arms.  
Jimin snapped at this term, brain not willing to comprehend that it was over.  Couldn’t they see that this was just a bump in the road for him and (Y/n)? He wanted them to shut up before they gave you ideas of keeping him away from you.
“Shut your fucking mouths!  This is our relationship and our business.  Not you nosy motherfuckers!” He growled at them, stunning you.  
Your mind was so preoccupied at the moment.  Even amongst this chaos.
How did you manage to run into all of them at once?  In an office setting, nonetheless.
You’ve been to Jimin’s workplace before and it was a building that was on the other side of town.  So, how the fuck are they all here?
“I thought the building on the West side of town was your guys’ family business.”  You mumbled, dazed and confused. This was like a venus fly trap that you stumbled upon.  You usually had more wit than this to willingingly walk into a messy situation.
“We have 3 different locations in the city, baby.”  Namjoon said this while studying your concentrated face fondly.  It was so cute when you thought so hard.
You eyes looked up to meet the one brother who had yet to speak.  
He was the only one who looked unbothered with the whole ordeal, just watching it with aloofness and moderate entertainment at the digs they gave each other.  
“Why did you pay off my mom’s bills?”  You couldn’t help but ask him, not knowing if you’d ever get this chance again.
He smiled down at you, and even the other brothers stopped to study Taehyung, alarmed at your question.  
He shrugged and asked, “Is it wrong to want to take care of my future mother-in-law?”  
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Author’s note: ALL MEMBERS ARE HERE NOW SO ALL ASKS ARE OPEN!!  Also thank you all sooooo much for the support and esp the asks, I love doing them.  Pls let me know what you think of this chapter and also you guys should feel free to send any questions you may have for me or just to say whatever you want.  I love it.  
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yandere-society · 2 years ago
I'm hoping that the request is still open. Can I please please request a reaction from yandere rap line where the OC finally explained why she can't accept their feelings was because she believed that she doesn't deserve to be loved then the rap line found out that the reason why the OC was thinking that way was because that's what her family and friends keep on saying about her so they can use the OC for financial gain. Thank you so much
Your Love is Not Enough
Tumblr media
Word Count: 4.5K 
A/N: I wanted to try and write longer. The ending is alright I guess. I was inspired by class differences in Gatsby. 
Trigger warnings: yandere-themes, domestic abuse, manipulation, slight sexual tension, profanity, graphic language, alcoholism/alcohol abuse, slut-shaming, threats. Please do not read if you are sensitive to these topics. 
“In my younger and more vulnerable years my father gave me some advice that I’ve been turning over in my mind ever since. ‘Whenever you feel like criticizing any one,’ he told me, ‘just remember that all the people in this world haven’t had the advantages that you’ve had.’”
― F. Scott Fitzgerald, The Great Gatsby
It was typical, overhearing conversations on the city streets as you commuted. The annoying voices of kids and teens would push you to the edge. They never knew how lucky they were. It was days like these that you wished you could slap some sense into these kids. Their constant bothering and nagging of their parents for these material things. It was also inconsequential in the end.
While they complained about their clothing, you never were able to afford the trends. You never needed them, but you couldn’t help the feeling of being worth less than someone just because of what you wore. It was a repetitive pattern: you would watch as their eyes drifted up and down as if they were judging what you had on. It ticked you off as you clenched your fists. The annoying voice broke into your thoughts again.
“My phone broke! What do you mean you can’t get me a new one?”
It was as if fate was stopping you from flying that kid down the street. Your phone vibrated in your pocket, signaling a phone call. Taking out your outdated phone that you never needed to replace, you looked at the caller ID. Your eyes grew wide as you quickly accepted it and put it to your ear.
“Hi, darling,” The smooth voice of your mother reached your ears, the velvety consistency of her voice that brought a warm feeling throughout your body. “Are you busy right now?”
“Uh, I am. Going to do class today.” You mumbled in an apologetic tone, walking across the street.
“I see.” A long and awkward silence was shared before she spoke again. “Your father is in the hospital. You know why. Just… If you have time, please give us a visit.”
“I understand… Bye.” You hung up, bringing your phone down as you hung your head down at the sidewalk.
Your notorious father… A huge hatred hung in your heart towards him and everyone knew it. He was the sole reason why your life had been so difficult. Drinking and wasting his days away, he dragged you and your mother down with him. In terrible debt, you struggled to support yourself at the most crucial point in your life, watching as your father spent the last of his paycheck on another case of beer. Instead of the notebooks you were supposed to store information in, the backpack which was supposed to hang on your back, or the folders to hold all your papers, you watched the last of the money selfishly spent on himself.
It was because of him that you refused and denied everything he was. His whole existence was an embarrassment to you. You studied grueling hours, always seen at the back of the library, your nose stuck in a book. The part-time job in which you worked for more than eight hours took pity on you, observing the way you saved your money to get that extra hour of tutoring. Your notebooks, filled to the brim with information as you desperately needed to ace the college entrance exam.
It finally paid off that fateful day as you got the letter of your acceptance, accepting to pay almost ¾ths of your tuition. You won. You forgot about your father, leaving his footprints and making your own path. The light was there at the end of the tunnel. Now you ran full speed ahead, hoping to forget everything of your past.
With a push of the door, you entered the campus library, walking to the special spot in the back. The rich architecture and wood that was delicately sculpted of the shelves brought about a calm and classy atmosphere. Your feet dragged on the soft carpeting, your eyes looking for the three blobs of hair in the corner. With a turn of the corner, three heads shot up as they saw your figure approach, two of them giving waves.
“Good morning, y/n.”
“Hi y/n!”
You smiled at the three men as they all gave you a gaze, each in their different way. Hoseok sat at the far left, his smile wide and eyes glittering as he looked up at you. He held a large textbook in his hand, a frame of glasses cutely adorning his face as they were on the verge of slipping off his face. His bubbly and exciting personality made it so that he got tasks done and quickly. He took charge regardless of situations and circumstances. While everyone was awkward and didn’t know what to do, Hoseok would propose something that everyone would try to follow. He started and initiated something, which made the difference. The existence of Jung Hoseok embodied “down to Earth”. He could get along with anyone. It didn’t matter. You were bound to end up liking him.
Which is how the man who sat in the middle ended up a part of this peculiar friend group. Yoongi, his head laid on the table as his arms propped it up, was the quiet one. Preferring to show his personality through equations and math, he was the one who silently observed everyone. His more expressive personality came up as he set fires on the countertops of the lab tables in the laboratory, watching as everyone panicked. He would always laugh at their scared expressions, standing with a proud smirk on his face.
“The tabletops are fireproof, you idiots.”
His dry humor was a huge breath of fresh air. He was “actual” comedy. There was never a doubt in your mind that he was judging everyone as if he was secretly planning world domination. He never denied it when you jokingly asked.
Namjoon sat on the far right, a notebook on the table and pencil in hand as his eyes drifted up towards you. His calm demeanor always set him as the mediator of the group. His love for biology connected the sentimental literature major Hoseok and the explosive chemistry major Yoongi.
It wasn’t difficult to bond with them. As they were already connected with each other, you quickly fit in. You were all bonded together with the love of learning. Before you had interrupted them, Hoseok was reading a physics textbook aloud, Yoongi translated it and broke it down as Namjoon wrote the easy to understand ideas in the notebook. You took a seat next to their assembly line of learning, watching with curiosity as Hoseok excitedly read the textbook. His excitedness made it seem like he was reading out of a children’s book.
Yoongi muttered and translated the complicated ideas softly to Namjoon. His voice was so quiet that Namjoon had to stop and ask him to speak louder. This definitely occurred more than once.
“Huh? What did you say? Can you repeat that?”
“I SAID-!”
“SHH! You’re in a library, yoon~” Hoseok chirped.
Your soft laughter would break them away from their little quarrel, a blush adoring Yoongi and Namjoon’s cheeks as they quickly went back to work. Hoseok would look up and watch in admiration as you laughed, your hand covering your mouth. From an outsider’s perspective, it would look as if a group of friends was goofing off, but to the four of you, you all loved each other.
It had not been long when you had realized you had fallen for these three boys. As you struggled with these feelings, you went to them, somewhat embarrassed, but more scared. Love was something you rarely experienced in your life. As you tried to hold back the tears of scars you didn’t want to reopen, they all embraced you, happy that you had come to them first.
The three of them had formed a pack, discussing ways to seduce you while also preventing any foreign intervention. They didn’t need to deal with someone who was just as smitten as them. Their toleration for each other blossomed into young love, as Hoseok charmed both men. They learned how to love the little quirks and charms of each other, believing that they were irreplaceable.
When you came to them, confessing your feelings, they all cried together. Hoseok had embarrassingly taken your first kiss out of elation, awkwardly crushing his lips onto yours. Yoongi ripped him off, not being to take the clumsiness of his affection. Namjoon stood in the back, awkwardly fiddling his fingers in embarrassment as his glasses slid lower on his face. He would cringe whenever he remembered the way his face heated up as he brought his lips onto yours, before ripping himself away. The sensation and the intense beat of his heart screamed out to him, saying how this was all he wanted. Yet, he felt a rush of insecurity at the thought of you ever leaving him. Leaving them.
As Hoseok ended on the last section of the chapter, he gently closed the top of the book flat on the table, a smile never leaving his lips. There was a calm silence that graced your group, but your smile faltered. The three pair of eyes observed your every expression, watching as they saw worry flicker in your eyes. On cue, Namjoon spoke up, his arm extending as he pushed your hair behind your ear.
“What’s wrong, baby?”
“My father… He’s in the hospital right now.” You left out a sigh of annoyance which didn’t go unnoticed. “I’ll probably visit him after classes.” The boys hummed while Hoseok playfully tried to harmonize with the rest of their voices.
“Do you want us to come with you?” Namjoon asked, clasping his hands over his lap as he crossed his legs underneath the table. “We wouldn’t mind.” The two other boys nodded, agreeing with Namjoon’s statement.
“Yeah, I would appreciate that. I’ll text you the location later. Have to go now!”
You lifted yourself up from your seat as you gave each boy a small wave, off to your awaiting marketing class. As you disappeared off into the distance, their gazes grew dark.
“Do you think it’s a good idea to pay him a visit again?”
Hospitals. There was nothing great about being inside a hospital. It was sad, lonely, and filled with so many people with at least one thing in common. They were all hurt. Each patient had a story, one that you would be better off not knowing. The smell and the lighting all gave off an eerie vibe. There was nothing similar to home in a hospital. To you, it was no different from confinement. This was a place full of sad souls. And your father was no different.
The elevator ride was uncomfortable. It’s poorly dimmed lights tried its best to brighten up the small container, but there was no point. The old woman in a wheelchair was planted next to you as you subconsciously stepped away from her. You wanted to leave, but there was still a force that somewhat held onto you, telling you that it was the right thing to do. How you hated this soft part of yourself.
With a loud ding, the elevator stopped at your destination. The fourteenth floor, high above and peering over the city. Your sneakers squeezed on the smooth floor, walking over to the sign that was hung on the wall. You went left, towards room 13-4. You dragged your sweaty palm on the side of your pants, realizing just how nervous you were.
You didn’t pay your parents visits anymore. You don’t even know what compelled you to come here besides doing the right thing as their child. People would have told you that you shouldn’t go to see them. But even so, you couldn’t help but hold onto the naive belief that your father wasn’t always like that. Vague memories flooded in your mind as you stood in front of the door, unable to turn the handle. You reminisced about the memories of your early childhood and the small happiness that they gave you before everything came crashing down.
With great intensity, you pushed the door, stepping in and looking over at your mother who sat next to your father’s bed. Your mother looked up first, her lips curling up as she met your eyes.
“Hi,” you breathed out, suddenly out of breath. “How is he?”
“He’s just suffering from alcohol poisoning.” She replied, tapping his arm and shaking him awake. “Honey, y/n came to visit.”
The pet name made you internally cringe, the snap of bad memories of drunken fights that flashed instantly through your mind. Your eyes darted to your father, who lay in the hospital bed. His cheekbones were more apparent than before and his arms were skinnier, lacking the muscle that used to be there. A small smile graced the corner of your lips at the revelation that this man could no longer hit or pull you down anymore. As you stood by his bedside, you felt powerful, your eyes looking down and boring into his skull as he was forced to lay there.
A small knock broke you from your thoughts as you looked back, three men poking their heads in as they shuffled in. They all hung their heads low, ducking as if they were intruding on some secret plan. You had to stifle your laugh because they looked absolutely ridiculous.
“Oh mom, these guys are three of my friends in college.” You directed your hands towards them as they bowed politely, biting their lips from correcting you and admitting that they were dating you. Your father had awakened slowly, rubbing his eyes as he looked from your mother to the trio in the back. He held back from cursing out, “Who the fuck are these clowns?”
“Hello,” Namjoon started as he gave a polite full 90-degree bow. “I’m Kim Namjoon. It’s nice to meet you.” He nudged the rest of the two boys to go.
“Hi! I’m Jung Hoseok! Nice to meet ya~” He smiled wide, bowing, with his hair flicking up as he brought his head back.
“Hello… I’m Min Yoongi.” He murmured, bowing like the rest.
You father stared at the three men, grunting and turning onto his side. He laid expressionless as he looked straight into your eyes.
“Are you a slut now?”
Your mouth fell agape in pure disbelief. You couldn’t even find the words to describe your shock and the pure disgustingness of his comment. As you sputtered, the eyes of Namjoon and Yoongi turned dark while Hoseok no longer held a smile on his face, but instead completely blank.  
“I came to see you and this is how you treat me?” You shouted, trying to keep your composure even though you felt the urge to slam the door shut and leave.
“Well, are you?”
“No!” You yelled, getting more furious by the second. You turned to the boys, your eyes pleading for them to step out of the room. They nodded, Hoseok staring straight into your mother’s eyes before heading out.
“What are their future careers?” Your father yawned, leaning his head into the soft pillow.
“Teachers for their respective subjects.” You leaned on the white stone of the hospital walls, taking deep breaths to dissolve your anger.
“Teachers?” He repeated in disgust. “They won’t make enough money, they’re teachers.”
You just had about enough of this. Your father had crossed the line, pushing each and every one of your buttons.
“And what would you know? You barely make any money in general, sitting on your drunk ass every day.” You grit your teeth, turning your heel towards the door.
“So what? You can’t be with three people anyways.” His voice stopped you before you could grab ahold of the handle. “You’re dating them right? Anyways, we don’t think they’re good for you.”
You snickered, glaring at him from the door.
“Just watch me.”
Your feet carried you as you sped down the hallway, lost in thought.
I’ve overcome so many obstacles in my life to get where I am today. Does he really think his opinion is going to change that? If I cared so much about his opinion, I would’ve ended up just like him. Taking my anger on others for my own faults. Struggling to get my daily dose of alcohol. No better than a failure.
When you turned the corner, you ran into the three boys near the elevator. They gave you a concerned look, but you just brushed it off, giving them a reassuring smile and thumbs-up.
On the other hand, your mother just sat there in the hospital room, looking at the ground. Her eyebrows were furrowed as she dreaded what was to come. She couldn’t speak up even though she knew. Their gaze was sharp, something that made an impression the first time she had seen them. She squeezed her eyes shut. You definitely had jumped to a conclusion. You had no idea what those boys were behind those masks. She gasped at the realization of her actions. She just let her daughter run into the palm of crazed maniacs.
The dark of the night was perfect for three men looking to fulfill their deepest and darkest desires of you. The boys had you cornered in the comfort of their shared home, a space where they shared the rent together. You sat on the bed, your back hitting the headboard as Hoseok and Yoongi sat on each side. Their close proximity was excruciating close, causing your face to flush red. You remembered it was barely past the first month since you had started dating them, yet you trusted them entirely.
“Is this why you were so hesitant at first?” Hoseok whispered in your ear, his voice sending tingles down your arms, making your hands like putty.  
“Poor baby, she’s been through a lot.” Yoongi spoke from the other side of your ear, his hand brushing up your leg.
Namjoon stood in front of you, his fingers running through your lower lip as he glanced up from your mouth to your eyes. “Care to share his name?”
“Guys… It’s really fine now. You don’t need t-”
With a harsh yank, Namjoon tilted your head up as he connected a deep kiss with your lips. He dove straight into the cavern of your mouth as you pushed him out of reflex and shock.
“I won’t ask again, y/n.” His voice was low as separated from your lips with a ‘pop’. His dark gaze sent a shudder down your spine. You eventually gave in, telling them what they wanted. At first, it was difficult for you to open up to the boys about your problems, afraid it might drive them away. But over time, you realized that they were more than happy to know more about you. They loved it when you were honest with them, sharing your raw feelings were the highlight of their days. It took months for you to share about your not so glamour household. But now, they finally got the names and the address.
“That was really pressuring…” You groaned, your face still red with embarrassment.
“I’m sorry, y/n.” Hoseok cooed, bringing his hands up to cup your cheeks. He nudged your foreheads together as he laughed with you. His smile was contagious as you couldn’t help but smile with him.
It’s a shame he really wasn’t.
“Did you find it?” Namjoon’s voice reached his lover’s as he himself typed away on his keyboard.
“Yup got it right here,” Hoseok responded, his face serious and his eyes fixed on his computer.
The arrest record of your father, as well as the warrant, flashed on the screen. Yoongi looked over with such disgust, it could’ve killed.
“I’m going to kill that fucker, I swear I’m going to-”
“Yoongi, breathe.” Hoseok snapped, his gaze never leaving his screen as he scrolled through his computer. Yoongi murmured things under his breath, remembering the tricks his partners had taught him on anger management. It was a “turn-off”, they had told him, something that made people not want to befriend them. Namjoon and Hoseok would snap at him, reminding Yoongi how important their image was. It mattered even if they weren’t in public. Bad habits tended to display in times of immense pressure, something they didn’t need.
“Okay, we’re going to pay them a lovely visit. How does that sound?” Namjoon spoke up, the three boys crowding around his office desk in their small living space. With a loud slam of the top of Yoongi’s laptop, he pushed it off to the side, collecting his bag and coat.
“Let’s go,” Yoongi called from the door, slipping into his sneakers. Hoseok followed, his serious gaze never leaving his face. Namjoon threw on a trench coat, collecting his things and locking the door.
The sun was setting as the boys made it to the neighborhood where you previously resided in. Yoongi adjusted his bucket hat and the black surgical mask that hung around his ears. Namjoon slipped on his shades and beanie, preferring to shove his hands in his pockets. Hoseok opted for a white mask, his hair blowing in the open wind. The three moved quickly, splitting up as they rapidly approached your street.
On a three-way call, Namjoon delivered quick instructions as the boys roamed around. Namjoon pressed his phone closer to his ear as he heard the ruffle of a coat and deep breaths.
“Namjoon. I found one.” In a flash, Hoseok cut off the line before Namjoon could yell anything. He sighed in frustration, instructing Yoongi to meet him at Boulevard Street. Yoongi jogged to Namjoon, looking around for Hoseok.
“Where’d he go?”
Namjoon groaned. “He found one. I bet he’s playing around.”
“Why aren’t you such a doll~” Hoseok cooed sarcastically, taking excruciatingly slow steps towards his prey. “Why are you so scared of me? I haven’t even done anything yet, darling.” The woman looked behind her, nothing but a dark and closed off alley that she was only slowly backing into.
“I’m hoping you had enough fun of cat and mouse? I gave you a fair shot to escape, but you’re the one that cornered yourself here. Can’t you see? This is your fault. You deserve this.”
The fear that radiated off the poor woman sent a pleasurable shock down his spine. Hoseok licked his lips in anticipation feeling on the verge of exploding. He couldn’t contain his excitement in him anymore. He needed a release. NOW
“Oh Mrs. Y/L/N, seeing you so scared and weak is truly enjoyable. I think I can understand why you can’t do anything for your daughter. You’re too weak.” He watched as her expression changed in humiliation, her whole body shaking in fear. Hoseok grabbed onto the collar of her shirt, his eyes staring into hers.
“You’re pathetic.”
Hoseok let go of his grip, watching as her legs gave out onto the dirty ground. He turned his heel without looking back as he left the alley. His feet carried him as he called Namjoon back on his phone. Within seconds, he picked up.
“Did you have your fun?” Namjoon’s voice came in, perfectly annoyed.
“I did~” Hoseok cheered, a smile returning back to his lips. “How about you?”
“Yeah, we saw him. Taught him a lesson. Yoongi surprisingly held himself back more than usual.”
Hoseok hummed into his phone, increasing the pace of his strides. “I thought I was going to have to interfere if things got too violent, but all he did was spit some nasty threats at him. Even I got chills.”
Hoseok heard Namjoon chuckle out of his receiver. Music to his ears. “See you soon, Joon.” Hoseok murmured into his phone. “I miss hyung already.”
“Aish, you always get soft after your outbursts.” Hoseok’s eyes looked over at the street sign, looking at Boulevard Street. He walked across the street, his phone still pressed next to his ear. “Well anyways, you’ll need to calm him down, he’s pretty worked up.”
When Namjoon and Yoongi appeared in the far distance, Hoseok ended the call, running up to meet them halfway. Hoseok bent down, swooping up Yoongi into his arms. Giggling, Hoseok squeezed the older, feeling his body slack in his arms.
“Did you have fun?” Yoongi mumbled into his chest, his arms coming up to push himself off. Yoongi was brought back onto the ground as Hoseok turned around and bent down again. Yoongi jumped onto his back as Hoseok hoisted him up until the older sat on his shoulders. Namjoon followed behind, watching as his two partners displayed blatant affection with each other.
“Mhm. How about you?”
A low chuckle fell from Yoongi’s lips. “He was absolutely terrified. I don’t think he’ll ever touch her again.”
The three of them let out each of their own smirks before arriving at the bus stop. Hoseok let Yoongi down as they both stared at Namjoon, making him feel awkward and out of place.
“W-what?” He asked, their stares making him feel self-conscious. It was a subconscious reflex as Namjoon folded his arms in front of his chest.
“Don’t you feel left out sometimes?” Hoseok asked, cocking his head to the side. Yoongi nodded in agreement as he stared at the younger.
“No, I’m alright, guys. I don’t really like that sort of affection…” He trailed off, refusing to meet eye contact. A thought came into his brain and before he knew it, he blurted it out.
“What do we do if we meet y/n’s parents for the ‘first time’?”
Hoseok just grinned.
“Do you think she’s going to believe us or her abusive parents?”
The boys laid with you after your exhausting meeting with your parents, your limbs intertwining with each other in the bed. Namjoon laid directly behind you as Yoongi laid in front of you with Hoseok hugging him from behind. Your breaths were even with the boys as you all experienced a tranquil bliss. It overcame all of your bodies, your stress slowly fading away for the time being.
You couldn’t imagine being somewhere without them. They were your life, precious little angels that would always support you. You dedicated yourself to them and soon or later you would have the courage to tell them for once.
It’s a shame they didn’t know of your decision yet. They already planned another visit. Very soon.
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Yandere! BTS reaction: you’re sick ☾
The request: Hi sweetie, can you write bts!yandere reaction to their s/o being sick? Thank you!
Happy reading!
☾ ☾ ☾
Kim Seokjin:
They say that the only people awake at 3 am are in love, lonely or drunk. Sure, but what about people like you, who are hunched over the toilet, puking their guts out. Full of disgust you closed your eyes at the mass of the food you ate that day.
“Jagi?” Jin’s voice is deeper due to just waking up. Great. “Are you in there?” a few knocks sound at the bathroom door. What you liked about Jin, his ability letting you have your own privacy, even though he deeply hated doing it.
“No?” you respond wiping your mouth with the back of your hand.
The doors opened revealing your very worried boyfriend. Before you can even say something, you throw up again.
You heard rushed steps before Jin kneeled down next to you, his hands softly holding your hair.
As you were done throwing up, you leaned to Jin, the sudden weight making him sit down.
“I knew that restaurant looked sketchy” Jin murmured while rubbing soothing circles on the lower part of your back. You wanted to protest, that maybe it wasn’t the restaurant, since it was the first time in months you went out, but both of you would know that it was a big lie.
“From now on, you’ll be eating only food that is made by me. I’ll take care of you”
Tumblr media
Min Yoongi:
You were perfect in Yoongi’s eyes, but this one little thing about you that he actually hated was your sleeping. You were an early bird who’d be up as soon as the sun rose and painted the sky in pretty colors.
So Yoongi was confused lil meow meow once his eyes landed on your sleeping form. Yoongi frowned as he saw the clock shoving that it was past 12 pm.
Scary thoughts rushed through his head as he took a good look at you, you were pale and not really moving. Yoongi’s soft hands poked your sides and you didn’t even shift.
“Kitten, please, please wake up” Yoongi said while shaking you awake, this boy was terrified.
When you open your eyes, you notice his face relax instantly.
“Huh. Did you say something?” he leaned closer.
“I said go away, I don’t feel good” you whispered making the male pout. As his hand reached to touch your forehead, his eyes widened. “Kitten, you’re burning!”
Without responding you tugged the sheet over your head. “No. I’m cold”
If we’re being honest, Yoongi couldn’t be more happier, what could be better than laying in bed all day with you cuddled to his side.
“Come here, kitten”
Tumblr media
Jung Hoseok:
You groan loudly as you roll onto your side, bringing your knees up to your chest and clutching your head in pan. Your groans of pain can be heard through the whole house and when Hoseok hears them, he’s immediately sent into panic.
He yelps running to the living room bombing you with several questions. You can’t help but laugh at his anxious expression.
Hoseok sighs before kneeling down so his face would be next to yours. “What’s wrong?” he asks caressing your cheek with the tip of his fingers.
“My head hurts, my throat’s dry and my tummy feels like shit” you complain rubbing your eyes. Hoseok gazes at you with adoration, yet, a sad smile appears on his face.
“Don’t move, jagi” he whispers standing up “I’ll be back in a second”
He completes his promise by already laying next to you in just few seconds, his grip tightens around your weak body.
“You need to rest” you hear him say before he starts humming one of your favorite songs, completely sending you to sleep.
“Sweet dreams”
Tumblr media
Kim Namjoon:
Namjoon passes you a cup of liquid that even the smell of it sends shivers down your back. You move your head to the side pouting. There is no way you were going to drink that.
“Babygirl, you have to drink this. I promise it will make you feel better” you shake your head making him sigh.
He puts the cup down before pulling you onto his lap before leaning closer to your ear. “Now you’re just being a brat”. You roll your eyes before you feel the tingling feeling in your throat again. You start coughing with the last bit of energy left in your body.
Namjoon pushes the cup in your hands “C’mon, drink this for me, okay? Later on we can cuddle”
“Cuddling does sound good” you say sighing before chugging down the warm liquid. Grimacing at the horrible aftertaste you turn to Namjoon, pulling him down, so both of you could lay comfortably.
“Good girl, now promised cuddles”
Tumblr media
Park Jimin:
“Go away Jimin, I’m not in the mood.” you moan as Jimin starts to kiss your neck sweetly in the morning. The needy boys sighs in annoyance but doesn’t stop. His lips travels from your tummy going up reaching your jaw. Out of habit he brings your arms up, pinning you down.
But he freezes once you flinch in pain letting out a yelp. “are you okay jagi?” he asks with worried in his voice. You nod your head pouting. “It’s okay, Jiminie, it’s just cramps” you murmur before closing your eyes, trying to relax.
He then kisses your cheek, and jumps out of bed, running downstairs. You wonder what he is doing, when you hear the water running in your bathroom. Jimin entertains you for the day, and helps you keep your mind off the pain, and always makes sure you’re okay being mindful and considerate of your mood swings.
“I wish I could take your pain away”
Tumblr media
Kim Taehyung:
You frowned trying to move out of Taehyung’s tight grip as he teased you yet once again.
The moment the doctor told you not to speak for another week or more, Taehyung took it to his advantage. Taehyung felt like cuddling and you didn’t? Doesn’t matter, since it’s not like you can actually say no.
So for the last few days you were getting more and more tired of his games. Both of you were laying across the huge bed with your favorite show playing the backround.
As soon as Taehyung opened his mouth to say something, you put your hand over it. “No” you mouthed before getting your attention back to the screen.
“Ah jagi, you’re a meanie.” He said before poking your cheek. And let me tell you, the poking didn’t stop for another minute until you surprised him by speaking.
“Taehyung, I’m begging you to stop” you whine, your voice cracking painfully at the end. Guilt rushes through his body as he hears your raspy voice.
“I’m so sorry, jagi. Come here, i’ll make you feel better”
Tumblr media
Jeon Jeongguk:
“Princess?” Jungkook asks you as he approached you from behind. It was past midnight and you were in the kitchen, making yourself a warm cup of tea. You smile at him sadly before sniffling. He immediately realizes you were sick.
“Sorry for waking you up” you whisper, trying not to damage your throat even more, as it already felt like it was set on fire.
Before you could even react Jungkook snugs to you, wrapping his arms around your waist as you keep moving around the kitchen, pulling out another cup, filling it with banana milk.
“I should be the one taking care of you!” he starts whining, taking a sip.
You start laughing before standing on your tiptoes, pecking his lips, the taste of banana still lingering on his lips. “Your presence is enough” you whisper, making the poor boy flustered.
“I’m never letting you go, princess” he looks into your eyes “Now let’s go to bed”
Tumblr media
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Yandere BTS Masterlist
Please be advised content within may contain graphic depictions of violence, use of drugs and sexual content. Fics which contain potentially triggering or explicit content are marked with an M, although this blog does not include NSFW content.
Kim Seokjin
Tumblr media
The Northern Star {oneshot, M}
Justice {oneshot, M}
Hurricane {oneshot, M}
The Sick Rose {drabble}
Renegade {drabble}
Min Yoongi
Tumblr media
Melancholy {oneshot}
Cabin Fever {oneshot}
Catnip {oneshot}
Voluntary Victim {oneshot, M}
Guardian Angel {drabble}
Opiated {drabble}
Boys Don’t cry 
After years of “happy” marriage, what could possibly separate them?
Part I | Part II | Part III
Jung Hoseok
Tumblr media
Ride or Die {oneshot}
Memento Mori {oneshot, M}
Sweet Moonlight {drabble}
Eyes on Me {drabble}
Opiated {drabble}
Kim Namjoon
Tumblr media
Barricade {oneshot}
Autocracy {oneshot}
Miasma | Machiavellian Means {oneshot, M}
Gift {drabble}
Sweet Moonlight {drabble}
Opiated {drabble}
Case Closed 
When the chief detective’s eye falls on the young journalist, it becomes clear he’ll use any form of twisted justice to win her.
Part I | Part II | Part III
Park Jimin
Tumblr media
Bluebells {oneshot}
The Veteran Admirer {oneshot, M}
Changeling {oneshot, M}
Endless Devotion {oneshot}
Foul and Fair {oneshot, M}
Never Alone {drabble}
Kim Taehyung
Tumblr media
Cold Earth {oneshot}
Call Me {oneshot, M}
Sempiternal {oneshot}
Sweets for the Sweet {oneshot, M}
Visitations of a Lover {oneshot, M}
Shotgun {drabble, M}
Deepest Desires {drabble, M}
Ultimatum {M}
With her life falling apart due to debt, she must lean on the support of a man who will reap much more than he sows.
Part I | Part II | Part III | Part IV | Part V
Jeon Jungkook
Tumblr media
No more {oneshot, M}
Crocodile Tears {oneshot, M}
Ambition {oneshot, M}
Ode to Mortality {drabble}
Sleepaway {M}
When a simple girl reaches into the heart of a the new boy, the rest of the campers find themselves in a bloody situation.
Part I | Part II | Part III | Part IV | Part V
The Midnight Channel - ???
"It is said that if one would stare at the screen of a closed television, alone, at midnight during a heavy rain, one could see their soul mate."
Part I | Part II
The Anarchy AU
The Tarot Series
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Pandemonium VII
Words; 4k
Tumblr media
“Let them all say
Hey Lolita, hey
Hey Lolita, hey
I know what the boys want, I’m not gonna play”- Lana Del Rey, Lolita
It was quiet for a moment.
The only sounds being heard in the room was Jimin’s ragged breathing as the bleak sound echoed through the walls and came back to pierce your ears.
Everyone was currently staring at Taehyung, who just grinned with that rectangular smile as he bounced on the balls of his feet.  All too giddy with the attention he was getting.
Then, it erupted.  
If you had to guess what a demon sounded like, you’d think this was it.
A furious roar ripped through the room, the sound so thunderous and ear-aching that you couldn’t help but jump in your seat from shock.
“WHAT THE FUCK YOU MEAN MOTHER-IN-LAW?!  I TRUSTED YOU WHEN I SHOWED YOU THAT TEXT!”  Jimin had shot up from your grasp and lunged at his younger brother.
As you sat there, stunned while watching Taehyung and Jimin roll on the floor as Hoseok attempted to pry them apart with the help of Mr. Kim, it dawned upon you how Taehyung must’ve found out about your mother’s condition.  
He must’ve stayed close enough to your ex sugar daddy in order to get information on you.  The shout from Jimin referencing the text just confirmed your suspicion, as within the ‘break-up’ text you sent Jimin, you mentioned your mom.  Jimin’s apparent feeling of betrayal caused you to shiver...did Taehyung really use his own brother to force himself into your life?
And although Jimin made little sense today, he did say one thing that you could agree on.
What the fuck did Taehyung mean when he called your mom his future mother-in-law?!
A wise scholar once said, “If a man does not have sauce, then he is lost.  But the same man can get lost in the sauce.”
You surveyed the scene around you.
Two brothers fighting before you, while two more brothers tried to tear them apart.  You looked to your side and saw Yoongi, Jungkook and Namjoon observing you carefully.  Yoongi focused on you while lazily rubbing the back of his neck. Namjoon just smirked and studied your expressions, way more enthralled by your reaction to said mayhem instead of the mayhem itself.  And Jungkook with a worried gaze as he nervously bit his lip. You shot a glare at them. Their lack of brotherly care made you slightly annoyed.
Shouldn’t they be more concerned with their siblings who were currently throwing hands?  Why the fuck did everyone enjoy putting you under a microscope?!
‘Yes’, you concluded to yourself.
Gucci Mane was right.  
It was all too possible for a man to get lost in the sauce.
In this particular scenario however, the sauce must’ve been male testosterone and crack cocaine.  
Only plausible explanation for the chaos that was ensuing before your eyes.  Or maybe their father’s sperm had a major defect where he was only able to father some shitheads with two functioning brain cells?
‘Shit head sperm’
Sounded very legit to you.
You released a very aggravated huff, and stood up to marched to the door.  
“Wait!  Y/n!”
“Don’t go!”  
You didn’t bother trying to decipher which three of the heirs called out to you given your back was turned to them.  You waved them off and sarcastically called out, “Mr. Kim, I’m going to have to pull my name from consideration. Thanks though.”  
And you slammed the door shut.  Almost right away you heard shuffling of feet and some more comments that were hard to make out through the mohagany door.  
You sped walked your way back to the waiting room, already hearing the sound of someone a couple yards behind you opening the conference room door to without a doubt, chase after you.  
The secretary lady became more clear in your line of vision the closer and closer you got to the front desk.  She looked confused, knowing that your interview couldn’t have been that short. You plastered a fake smile on your face and leaned over the desk when you finally got up to it.  
“Sis, I would call security to that room I was just in.  Some shit hit the fan.” You didn’t bother to stick around and witness her look of perplexion, running out of the building and hailing a taxi.  
Your search for a job continued, as did your unlucky streak.
The majority of places you applied for never called you back.  And the few that did, never asked to see you any further after the interview process.  
This bummed you out.  Since when did fast food chains and clothing stores become so picky about who to employ?  Becoming a stripper increasingly seemed more and more appealing to you.
It had been two weeks since the chaos of the conference room.  ‘The Conference Room Meltdown’ is what you nicknamed it in your head. Like some sort of legendary battle or historical tragedy.  Oddly enough, you felt rather numb after the whole ordeal. You couldn’t explain it, but for some reason, you found yourself not having any extreme reaction.  It’s almost like you were in shock. Like those soldiers who would witness some crazy shit, and then just go into a random sense of tranquility to calm down. It was as if your mind and body agreed that utter denial was the best way to cope with everything.  
Utter denial, indeed.  
You didn’t even share the crazy experience with Kat, thinking that to pretend it never happened was the best way to move on.  
You didn’t even allow yourself to think of the seven brothers, knowing that if you open that can of worms; you’ll end up with more questions than answers.
And your bruised heart, overworked brain and stressed out nervous system really did not need that.
However, there was one brother you couldn’t completely avoid.
But before you can even come up with a plan on how to dodge him, it became apparent that ignoring him wasn’t going to be necessary.
He was ignoring you.  
For the first few days back to school, Jungkook was absent.  At first, you wondered if he dropped the class all together, but this was quickly ruled out when the professor approached
you and gave you the green-light to present the project by yourself because “Mr. Jungkook is quite ill and he won’t be back for a while.”
You were sort of relieved but also intrigued.
Was he giving you space?  Is he okay? Did something happen with his brothers?  
But you pushed this to the back of your head as you just focused on class.  Once again, you’ll never get answers so what’s the point of poking around?
However, one day you came into the classroom and saw the one and only muscle bunny already there.  
But...he was different.
On his face, you saw faded purple, blue and slightly green/yellowish bruises marking his usually porcelain skin.  Particularly, on the left side of his face was a stain of brutal violence that covered his eye and went down to the high points of his cheek.  His lip was also swollen and marked.
You gasped.  
He looked like he got into a huge fight and took some brutal hits.  
Jungkook wasn’t like that though...He may be big and addicted to protein powder but he was still a massive dork.  You didn’t believe that the same guy who showed off his iron man socks to you in effort to convince you that he wasn’t a fuck boy, would start any sort of physical dispute.  
And the only people who should’ve left that room with any marks, would be Jimin or Taehyung.  
As you recall, Jungkook was just worriedly watching from the sidelines.  
At the moment, Jungkook was at the professor’s desk, gathering some work that he most likely missed.  Jungkook was wearing a white shirt under a large blue denim jacket with black pants.
He turned around, probably sensing your shocked stare.
Eye contact was made.
But what happened next, made you want to be responsible for the next bruise that will cover his face.
His doe eyes scrutinized you for a while, then his plump lips pulled back in a scoff as a look of annoyance was thrown at you
With that done, he turned his back on you and then found a seat somewhere up front.  (Which was far from your guys’ normal spot in the back).
So he was ignoring you.  
You huffed and went to your usual spot.
Fuck him.
You didn’t like him in the first place.  
He was annoying.
And you definitely were not at all bothered at the latest development of him openly blowing you off.
Hell, you welcomed it.  
Now you had your spot all to yourself.  
He was probably in a hissy fit due to your affiliation with his brother.  Which was stupid because you just hung out with Jimin, nothing sexual was done.  Even more microscopic strings attached you to the other brothers. But a man’s pride was a very fragile thing.  And Jungkook was the youngest and barely out of his boyhood.
You spent the next few days in that class just glaring at the back of Kook’s head.  
It wasn’t your fault that all of his brothers were crackheads.  
Your life was quiet.
No sugar daddy to hang out with.
No run-ins with any odd men who demand to know more of you.  
No partner in class.  
Everything was just so….still.
One late afternoon, you were cleaning your dorm.  
Kat and you didn’t have a defined place anywhere on the cleanliness spectrum.  There wasn’t a ‘clean’ roommate or a ‘messy’ one. You both were very average with the dorm.  You two would clean up after yourselves, but neither of you would get on each others backs for a wrapper on the floor or a plate in the sink.
But, the place needed some deep cleaning, things that no measly “pick up around here” would cover.   Like wiping the windows, scrubbing down the bathroom, cleaning out the fridge ect. And you decided that cleaning was going to be a productive way to keep your mind off of things.
You’ve been doing that alot.  Trying to keep yourself busy so that your mind didn’t have time to wander.  
However, trouble always found you.  Even when you were going out of your way to be unproblematic and productive, it still attached itself to you.  Like a moth to a flame.
You really didn’t have a chance.  
It happened while you were scrubbing the bathtub.  
You were sweating, vigorously scouring the bottom of the tub while on your knees, when your music (that was playing from your phone) suddenly stopped.
A ring replaced your favorite song, as an incoming call vibrated your phone.  
You got up to see who was calling you.
A series of unfamiliar numbers is what you saw on your screen.
Usually, you wouldn’t answer an unknown number.  However, you phone number was out there now on many application and as far as you know, this could be a potential employer trying to contact you.  With a sigh, you answered the call.
‘“Y/n, why I didn’t think you’d answer...”  A deep voice purred on the other line.
Your brow scrunched up in confusion.  The voice sounded vaguely familiar but no nearly enough due to your inability to pin-point its’ owner.
“I’m sorry, whose this?”  
“The one and only, Taehyung.”
“Lol bye”
“WAIT!  I have an offer for you!” He injected before you could hang up.
“ offer?” You asked, stunned.  What the fuck was this? A mafia deal?
“Yes! Just hear me out.”  A pause ensued only to be followed by, “I paid for your mother’s bills after all.”
“I DIDN’T ASK YOU TO DO THAT YOU MANIAC!  YOU JUST DID IT YOURSELF! ARE YOU GOING TO KEEP USING THIS OVER ME?!”  You yelled into the phone, furious that he use your mom to get you to abide his wishes.  
“Calm down sweet thing, I didn’t have intentions of using it as a manipulation tactic.  I just think that my charitable act should be evidence that I’m not all bad and that you should at least hear me out.”  He rumbled, seemingly bored and unimpressed with your screaming.
You sighed but you couldn’t deny that your interest was peaked.  Although you knew virtually nothing about them, you knew enough of Taehyung to know that he was a very interesting character.  Part of you just wanted to hear this fucker out for the hell of it.
“Fine, what is this ‘offer’?”
“I would very much like it if we met in person.  I just want to take you out for dinner and apologise for what happened during your interview.  That was uncalled for and I’m afraid my brothers and I look looked little boys to you instead of grown men.”  
“Thanks for apologizing, but I’m good.”  
“I’ll give you 800 to show up.”  He bluntly responded.
“WHAT!”  You choked.
“Y/n, I might seem very airheaded but I know enough to connect the dots.  Jimin was your sugar daddy whom you met on a site. You must’ve put yourself in that position because of your lack of funds that my older brother was oh so willing to provide.  Also, the reason you were in that building in the first place was do to a job interview. Which means, after you cut Jimin off, you needed to get money somehow and this is why you began to look for a job.  Chances are you’re still jobless since it’s only been two weeks and it’s rather tough out there. So do yourself a favor, and go eat a free dinner with me to walk out with 800 dollars.”
“FINE!”  You exploded.  He was like an evil genius, explaining everything to you step by step before putting a nail to your coffin.  “I’ll go! Bring it in cash. But let me make myself clear Mr. Kim, we will have no drinks, appetizers and certainly NO DESSERTS!”  You hung up before you could hear that bastard speak again.
And like that, you were pulled in.  
But who could blame you?
You were just a stressed out, jobless and broke college student.
You were just trying to get by…
Taehyung had texted you the address of a restaurants along with a time and you were currently seated in the back of a taxi, heading over there.  
You wore some basic jeans and a rather simple long sleeved shirt, your hair down and very minimalist makeup on your face.  This choice of attire was an act of rebellion on your part.
You’ll be damned if you actually dressed up for that smug asshole.
You weren’t even shocked when you pulled up to a very fancy establishment, already expecting Taehyung to be extra as hell.  You thanked the driver and paid your fare before making your way into the place.
Right away, you felt underdressed.  
People were wearing nice clothes and the atmosphere screamed ‘rich people only’.  
Live classical music played, all the waiters wore nice uniforms, the rugs on the marble floor looked foreign with its’ complex patterns and what is a stereotypical five star restaurant without a snooty hostess?  
She stood before the entrance to the actual fine dining room, taking peoples reservations and calls at a podium.  A small line was already formed before her, so you joined it.
When it was your turn, she gave you a dirty look.  
“Are you lost?”  She asked while giving you an up and down look as you stepped up to her.  She was tall, wore a red wine dress, blonde hair sculpted in a elaborate bun while her face was painted in delicate makeup.  You gave her a fake grin.
“In many ways, yes.  But location wise, no.  Someone should already be here waiting for me.”  
She arched a perfectly plucked brow, probably mentally calling your bluff.
“Oh really?  And just what is their name?”  She asked, voice falsely chipper.
“Kim Taehyung.”  
Her eyes gave you one more doubtful look before skimming down at the list before her.  
With sick satisfaction, you smirked at her widened eyes.  
“Oh!  I’m truly sorry Mrs. Kim!  Your husband did mention you!  Please, right this way.” With a panicked haze, she began to lead you to a table towards the back of the dining room.  Your jaw dropped at ‘Mrs. Kim’ and ‘your husband’, Taehyung really loved a shock value, huh? He was weirdly obsessed with being your husband.  He even called your mom his future mother in law! You snickered at that thought. Like hell was that ever going to happen…. Nonetheless, you allowed yourself to be led to him.
And there he was,
And surrounded by 6 other men at a round table.
The first thing you noticed were the bruises.
Almost each of them held some sort of mark.
Some had purple and black blemishes, while others carried angry red lines on their faces.  Apparently, Jungkook wasn’t the only one who walked away injured.
The seven brothers looked like they got out of a fucking battlefield.  
Currently, you were seated between Yoongi and Namjoon.  (Yoongi had a red line cutting diagonally across his left check while Namjoon had a somewhat healed cut on the right side of his upper forehead.)
Namjoon had pulled out the seat for you as Yoongi gave you a shy smile that came across as slightly guilty to you.
Since it was a round table, you could see everyone’s faces very clearly and each of them were staring at you intently.  You could cut the tension with a knife as if it was melting butter.
You fixed your attention at the artist.
You glared at Taehyung who was conveniently straight across from you.
“I don’t enjoy being set up, Taehyung.”
“Baby, trust me with this one.  We’re gonna give you an offer you can’t refuse.”  He grinned at you. Tae’s bottom lip was very swollen and bruised and he had a shiner under his right eye.  
“Well, you better spit it out because I’m not staying for food anymore.  Also, telling the front lady that I’m your wife isn’t cute.”
“You told them WHAT?!”  Jimin screeched, facing the grinning artist.  You noted with a frown that Jimin’s left eye was all bruised and blue.  
“Jimin, remember what we said about controlling your emotions.”  Seokjin’s calming voice erupted. His beautiful, model worthy face held a faded bruise in his v-shaped jaw.  
At this reminder, Jimin snapped his mouth shut but didn’t cease his pouting.  
“Okay, can we talk about the elephant in the room?”  At the sound of your question, seven pairs of eyes turned to you.  “Why are you all beat up?”
An awkward silence laid itself on the table as you watched the brothers share worried glances.
“Y/n, we came to a very rough and difficult conclusion.”  Hoseok answered. You turned to him and rose a brow, waiting for more.  “We all want you in our lives.”
“At first, we were selfish and thought we could have you on our own.”  Seokjin continued.
“But, after you left us that day, we all got into a really big fight on who could have you.”  Jimin’s raspy but high voice informed you.
Next was Yoongi, “After almost killing each other, we agreed that we ought to find a better way to keep you without such bloodshed.”
“And we also want to help you with anything you might ever need or want.”  Jungkook added.
“So, Y/n….”  Namjoon purred.
Tae said the last part while smirking at you with his glimmering pharaoh eyes;
“Will you be our sugar baby?”  
“Ummm….how would that even work?”  You asked after a solid six minutes of just befuddled silence.  You didn’t even believe what was happening right now. It felt like a lucid dream you couldn’t get out of.  
“Simple.  We each will have our own time with you and you get an allowance from all seven of us.”  Namjoon explained in his deep voice.
“I don’t wanna be a glorified prostitute.”  You grumbled.
Yoongi heard this and laughed, gummy smile making an infamous appearance.  “Y/n, we don’t want sex from you. Just hanging out with you and getting to know you is good enough.”  
“How would you guys determine who hangs out with me and when?”  You asked.
“Well, we all have our own jobs to do.  When some of us aren’t busy, we’ll ask you out.  But ultimately, you get to choose who you want to see on day-to-day.”  Hoseok explained.
“Allowance?”  You asked.
“All seven of us agreed that one grand per person every week is good.  So you can expect seven grand every Friday.” Seokjin explained.
You choked.  
7,000 every week?!  
You cut yourself off before finishing that thought.
This was too good to be true.  
“Are there any rules you want me to follow?”  You hoarsely asked, dreading the catch that was sure to come.  
“To be honest, we haven’t thought that far ahead.  But if you agree, we’ll draft up some and send it to a group chat that way we’re all clear.” Tae answered.
You bit your lip as you began to ponder the pros and cons to doing this.  7,000 a week would pay off your college tuition in no time. You’d be a fool to not take advantage of such a good deal.  And they just want you to hang out with them! No fucking required! But wait, in your haste to capture this bread, you forgot a major problem.
“I have a problem with two of you guys right now.”  You said, recalling your beef. All seven looked up in worry.
“Who?”   Yoongi asked.
“Well, Jimin still attacked my roommate and Jungkook has been a total ass wipe recently so I’m not so hot about them, if I’m being honest.”  
Said boys shot up in their seats to interject, but Namjoon waved them off.  
“Y/n, please forgive Jungkook for any childish behavior.  He’s had a few temper tantrums ever since we mentioned this idea.  He’s just very clingy with you and has had a lot of trouble accepting this plan.  He probably distanced himself from you in effort to control himself from snatching you up for himself.”  You looked at Jungkook for search of the truth but by the way Kook was blushing and avoiding eye-contact, you knew Namjoon’s words were true.  
“As for Jimin….”  Namjoon continued.  “We’re very sorry about your roommate.  Jimin explained it to us and we can agree that his actions were uncalled for, however no physical altercation occurred.  He was just terrified of never seeing you again and being so emotional, he showed up to your dorm. All his screaming and crying must’ve scared Kat but trust me, Jimin would never put his hands on a woman.”  
You dissected everything Namjoon had said.  Was it possible that Kat was just shaken up?  She did say he mainly did some hollering and crying.  Kat had no evidence of bruising or handprints and technically even in her own story, Jimin didn’t lay his hands on her so much as he just threatened her. She said he was frantic and anxious, and that he forcefully backed her into a corner…..but did Jimin ever lay his hands on her?
Your sweet, bubba, teddy bear who wasn’t that tall and had chubby cheeks along with a squeaky voice?  
“Baby, do I look like the type to attack anyone?”  Jimin asked, puppy eyes all teary.
“I don’t know, you did it with your brother.”  You retorted.
Jimin rolled his eyes.  “That’s different, he’s my brother and brothers fight.”  Jimin pouted at you.
“Fine, just don’t be a meth head next time.”
Jimin grinned at the term ‘next time’ but asked, “Meth head?  I thought I was crackhead?”
He recalled your nickname rather fondly.
You shook your head,  “Sorry, but you’ve upgraded your status.  At the rate your going at, it might even be bath salts next week.”  
And thus, you had 7 sugar daddies.  
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