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#yandere imagine
chocolatte-and-despair · 27 minutes ago
so uh--
this kinda came to me in a dream (quite literally), but how would Funtime Freddy deal with a darling who had constant paranoid delusions/vivid hallucinations? specifically, they're terrified that whenever they go through the vents, someone will bar the entrance/exit and fill it with acid, and often hallucinates burning sensations? I just thought it was an interesting thing.
Funtime Freddy
* Freddy would look at you, with a pitful expression, before saying that would never happen. He understood where these thoughts came from. The others didn't exactly like you that much and it was getting harder and harder to keep everyone from hurting you. * Freddy would tell you that things will be okay, as long as you stick around with him. He wouldn't let anyone hurt you. But he would also suggest you going to a.. therapist? He believes that is the doctor that helps human minds. Or was it a psychiatrist? Well, either one of those, because those hallucinations were not normal and you most likely had some illness you needed meds for.
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chocolatte-and-despair · 30 minutes ago
Are the headcannons for Streamer Dream different than his SMP character’s headcannons? If they are, headcannons for him please?
* Clay is a friendly yandere. He is honestly a pretty nice guy, be it very possessive. He adores having you around and he hates whenever other people try to take your attention away from him. I mean, of course, he understands you have other friends, but hey! He wants to have your attention too.. * If you would reject Clay, he would be pretty sad, and blame everyone around him for it. He would keep pursuing you, just more aggressively, and more possessively.
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chocolatte-and-despair · 34 minutes ago
~spoiler for season 3 episode 7 (the funhouse episode) in this request~
so you know episode 7 and for the elimination challenge how it played out with safiya dying instead of nikita or manny? could i get some headcannons of how yandere matpat would act in that situation, like first thinking either him or his darling is going to have to die and then the relief that they both get to live?
take your time and thank you my dear <3
* In this moment, Mat's life didn't matter to him. He knew that only one person could survive, and he would give up everything in his life to allow you to be the person that survived.. He didn't care about anything else, but you. He only needed you to be safe. * You can imagine how relieved Mat was after he found out that you two survived. Sure, he was a little bit sad that someone else died, but that sadness didn't last longer than a few seconds, seeing as he could spend one more day with his darling like this. * Mat was more than happy to be with you. If he was protective before, he became even more protective now. Trust me, when I tell you that Mat will fight with all he has to keep you from being in any of the other games.
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chocolatte-and-despair · 37 minutes ago
May you do fluff for pran taylor
(xoxo blood droplets)
Pran Taylor
* Pran is very possessive, that's why he is usually near you all the time. He doesn't say it, but he adores having you around, that's for sure. * You and Pran usually spend your days resting somewhere, or being around his only friend. Pran doesn't like to share, but he allows you to meet with his friend.
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chocolatte-and-despair · 43 minutes ago
(# anon) We've seen what happens when the yanderes are already in love, but what about the things that made them fall in love with you? Can we see it with Ranboo (platonic) and Foolish?
* What would make Ranboo so infatuated with being near you is the fact that you seem to always know everything. You never judge him and always seem caring towards him. You also never take what he does as an offense. * You're so patient and gentle with him that he simply couldn't believe that he was so lucky to get someone like you as his god. He couldn't be more thankful.
Foolish Gamers
* I believe the fact that you are so helpful yet cunning too. Foolish admired how you would always stand by your morals, and you never feared to get involved in things that you believed in, even if you might get in trouble for that, or even hurt because of it. * Foolish always admired you and that admiration soon would become romantic. He can not believe how lucky he was to have someone so wonderful by his side.
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chocolatte-and-despair · 50 minutes ago
F through J NSFW alphabet for Himiko Toga (MHA/BNHA)?
F = Favourite Position
(This goes without saying. Will probably include a visual)
* Cowgirl, that's for sure. Himiko wants to feel more powerful and in control, and how better to do that than to be on top of you, riding you like there is no tomorrow?
G = Goofy
(Are they more serious in the moment, or are they humorous, etc)
* Himiko is probably more creepy in this moment than anything else. She doesn't shy away from telling you how good you smell, and how she has always dreamed of doing this with you, before going into more personal details of how she hated watching you fuck other people.
H = Hair
(How well-groomed are they, does the carpet match the drapes, etc.)
* Himiko is shaved up everywhere. Now, don't misunderstand, this isn't exactly for you, but for her own comfort. She doesn't enjoy the feeling of small hairs poking her, so she shaves herself a lot.
I = Intimacy
(How are they during the moment, romantic aspect…)
* Himiko is very personal with you, always wanting to keep an eye contact or kiss you. She wants you to understand that the one on top of you is her and not someone else.
J = Jack Off
(Masturbation headcanon)
* Himiko usually enjoys riding a dildo, imagining that she is doing that to you (be it if you have male genitals, or wearing a strap on), and she is pretty loud while moaning your name and saying all the things she wants to do to you.
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Carla had decided to punish you again.
He thought you were trying to escape even if you were just lost in his mansion.
( How would you know where the bathroom is located when you have spent most of your time either in his room or in the basement? )
( And you really refused to use Carla's room bathroom after you had seen Shin's wolf drinking water from the toilet )
And of course Carla didn't believe you.
( Would you have believed yourself? )
The punishment was very severe in terms of punishments.
When the punishment finally ends, Carla will leave you alone for a moment.
Later, however, Carla begins to think about things.
He saw no reason why you would have tried to escape now that you had behaved flawlessly for a long time.
So he decided to look into things.
And he came to the conclusion that you hadn’t tried to escape.
Even though Carla is a sadist he doesn't want to punish you for no reason... or he wants to but he doesn't.
In the following days, you will receive gentle treatment.
He will hug you and buy you lots of expensive gifts.
Carla makes it clear that as long as you don’t try to escape and obey him, he will treat you well.
Carla also buys more peanut butter for his brother before he finds out you threw some of his peanut butter jars out the window.
This was your revenge on Shin
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chocolatte-and-despair · 59 minutes ago
Aph Poland and Nyo Poland fighting over a darling?
Aph Poland & Nyotalia Poland
* Felix and Florentyna are very different. While Felix is a very spoiled guy, Florentyna is very teritorial and she doesn't shy away from getting what she wants, when she wants. * Felix would most likely come to you, demanding that you become his because he wants you, and that it's unfair that you aren't already his. * Florentyna on the other hand, would actually put in effort to try and get your heart. She would get your favorite things, and would take to fun places, feeding you the most delicious of foods. * It's pretty clear that florentyna will win, but when she does, chances are that Felix will come and try to kidnap you for himself. And if he does, you will be in grave danger.
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manckpomaranck · 2 hours ago
Mafia! BTS - They Are Angry with You for Putting Yourself in Danger
The boys don't get upset with trivial things because it's a part of their everyday life to witness truly horrendous things. Yet whenever you put yourself in danger, be it as insignificant as possible, they got truly angry with you.
On the way home, you noticed a cat stuck up on a tree and its owner trying to get it down. The woman was truly the definition of a cat lady because there was another pet already in her arms when you noticed what was going on. The kitten on the tree must have been the older one's baby and did not have the courage to leave the height being small as it was. You decided to help, unable to respond to the soft meows of the little kitten. You climbed up the tree as best as you could and reached towards the kitten but you were just a palm short. You took another step and leaned against a dry branch that broke just when you grabbed the kitten. You crashed to the ground and whimpered in pain but the kitten was safe on top of your chest. They told you that you sprained your ankle once the ambulance had taken you to the hospital for an X-ray. You nodded understandingly. As you looked up, your boyfriend was standing at the doorway, his eyebrows furrowed in a terrible frown. "I'll leave you to it," said the nurse and left her own office.
Tumblr media
Jin stared at you exasperated, his arms crossed over his broad chest. You knew you were in trouble.
"What the fuck were you thinking, Y/N?" he asked you once you remained quiet. Your heart jumped and beat faster.
"I... It was nothing, Jin," you tried to calm him down but you were in for a long speech.
"Nothing? This is nothing to you?" he pointed at your ankle as he towered over you. "What if you fell the other way? What if this were your spine? Your neck?" he snapped each individual word. You looked down, understanding his concern, although you couldn't help but think he was exaggerating a bit.
"But it's not..." you whispered, "It's just a sprained ankle, Jin..."
"Oh, it's just a sprained ankle," he nodded sarcastically, glaring down into your eyes once you dared to look up.
Jin took you home and sat you down at the table while he prepared you something to eat. He placed the plate down in front of you but not with his usually enthusiasm. He did not even look you in the eye or smile. Instead, Jin was sighing with frustration every once in a while and shaking with his head to himself.
Still, he sat down at the table with you but busied himself with a cup of coffee instead. You played with your food, not being able to have a spoonful because you knew he was really upset with you.
"I'm sorry," you apologized out of nowhere. Jin looked at you at last. "I'll be more careful next time, I promise," you murmured, fixing your eyes on your hands. Jin sighed and ran a hand through his soft hair. He pulled your chair to his and scooped you in his lap. You wrapped your arms around his neck and kissed his skin.
"I know, it's okay, I'm not angry," said Jin despite himself, but the sad look in your eyes broke his heart. "I was just worried about you, princess," he spoke against your hair. You nodded and he kissed you.
Tumblr media
You bit your lip at the sight of Namjoon glaring at you. He was not profoundly furious with you, you could tell that much, but he was surely disappointed you'd put yourself in danger over such a silly thing, and that seemed even worse than if he'd just be angry with you.
"I'm sorry Joon," you whispered and looked down as he made his way to you. Namjoon propped up your chin and made you look at him. His lips were parted.
"You better not do anything like this ever again, do you hear me, Y/N?" he towered over you and glared deep into your eyes. Your heart jumped to your throat as you nodded softly.
"Good," said Namjoon but it was far from good and you knew it. He was still upset with you, because he spoke even less than normal and he barely even looked at you.
When the driver took the two of you home, Namjoon did not speak a single word the entire ride. Yet when the car stopped, your boyfriend still picked you up into his arms and carried you to your apartment. He sat you down on the sofa. You hesitated to take your hands from behind his neck, but he moved away and you had no other choice. Namjoon took of his suit jacket and poured himself a small drink. He sat down beside you but not close enough that you'd be touching, although he always had his arms around you no matter what he was doing.
Your ankle barely hurt and they gave you some light painkillers as well. You bit your lip as you stared at him, needing to make him forgive you. You scooted into his lap, took his drink and placed it on the end table. Namjoon avoided your eyes and his hands did not meet your hips as they usually would.
"Please don't be angry with me anymore," you begged him but he still did not look at you. Your eyes watered yet you did not let the tears fall. You were about to move off his lap, but Namjoon caught your waist. His arms locked around the small of your back and pulled you to him.
"Where do you think you're going?" he spoke lowly. Your eyes found his and you saw the anger disappearing from his honey-brown orbs.
"I'm sorry," you apologized again, your voice barely a whisper.
"I know," nodded Namjoon rationally, "I was worried about you," he admitted the cause of his anger. You nodded remorsefully as your boyfriend caressed your cheek.
"Don't do this to me again, Y/N," demanded Namjoon before he could truly forgive you. You nodded again, this time much more confidently.
"Good," said Namjoon and left soft, wet kisses down your neck.
Tumblr media
Yoongi made his way towards you immediately, his arms wrapping around your waist as he hugged you tightly. His nose buried in the nook of your neck, you locked your own hands around his torso.
"Fuck... you're okay..." breathed Yoongi against your skin. He pulled back and caressed your cheek. There were a few scratches on your cheek from the branches but nothing major.
"What happened?" he demanded to know, the expression on his face hardening. You gulped and told him everything that had happened. He listened to every single word you told him, yet the more you spoke the less he could believe what you were saying.
As you finished, his lips parted and the tip of his tongue protruded against the inside of his cheek. He looked away, returning his glare to you soon enough.
"I'm sorry," you apologized quietly and looked down at the buttons of his black shirt. A part of him wanted to shout at you for being so reckless but deep down he knew it was just who you were. Only you'd risk your health to save a cat - an animal that always lands on its feet.
Yoongi licked his lips and nodded. His palm slid past your cheek and his fingers tangled into your hair as he pulled you into another protective hug.
"Don't do this to me again, Y/N. I'd fucking kill myself if anything happened to you."
"Please don't say that," you begged him, clutching onto his shirt.
"Then don't give me a reason to," said Yoongi darkly and kissed the inside of your warm neck.
Tumblr media
"What happened?" asked Hoseok as he slowly made his way towards you. You glanced down and told him about the kitten and how it could not get down on its own.
"A cat? You got injured because of a fucking cat?" snapped Hoseok as his lips parted and he glared at you so badly you wanted to run away. You looked down again, hating to see him upset with you. Hoseok noticed it too, but he was too angry with you to control himself.
"What if you broke your leg?! Or hurt your spine or hit your head?! What were you thinking? And for a stupid fucking cat!" Hoseok yelled at you. You squirmed down in your seat, your shoulders tense as you stared down at your hands.
"Did you even think about me while you were acting this stupid?! What the fuck would I do if something happened to you, Y/N?! I'd die without you, Y/N!" shouted your boyfriend, his words making your gaze snap up to him in shock. "And you chose a cat over me!" he huffed. You had rarely had the opportunity to see him this angry.
"I... I didn't H-Hoseok, I-I just..." you stuttered, taken back by his words. Your eyes watered as you stared up at him, your heart beating like crazy. "I... I-I wanted t-to help," you tried to explain but the glare piercing through you made you lose all focus. Hoseok was still frowning but this time because he noticed how distressed you were.
"I-I'm sorry," you whispered and looked down again.
"Oh, baby," said Hoseok softly and stepped between your legs. He cupped your cheeks and made your eyes meet. "I was just worried, that's all. I'm sorry I shouted, okay?"
You nodded and he brushed the few tears from your cheeks. Hoseok pulled you into a warm hug, rubbing circles into your back.
Tumblr media
Jimin's lips were parted as he made his way towards you. He saw your scratched knee and your bandaged ankle. His thumb brushed gently across the scratch of a branch on your cheek.
"What the fuck happened, Y/N?" whispered Jimin as he caressed your soft skin. You were certain he was going to yell at you, but when his voice turned so quiet and calm, it made you feel a thousand times worse. His anger was overpowered by his worry for you.
You frowned sadly and placed your hand on top of his. You explained your situation and that you only wanted to help the old lady and the kitten who couldn't come down on its own. You told him how the dry branch broke off but you managed to save the cat.
Jimin frowned and looked away as anger emerged from a deep part of his core. His jaw clenched and his eyes slowly closed.
"I'm sorry I worried you," you whispered apologetically. Jimin glared at you, sending shivers down your spine as you looked down.
He took you home and helped you change. You were sitting in the walk-in closet, Jimin pulling on a pair of cotton shorts over your legs, although you said you could get dressed on your own. He glared at you in response. You were getting on his nerves with everything you did, not because he'd normally be annoyed by them but because it felt like you were pouring gasoline on already wild fire.
Jimin was staring at your legs absent-mindedly as he was kneeling down in front of you. You took his hand and squeezed it.
"I really am sorry, Jimin," you whispered so that your voice would not crack. Jimin looked up at you slowly, his eyes softening at the sight of your tears.
He nodded and kissed your scraped knee, squeezing your hand reassuringly. He wasn't upset with you anymore but you knew how terribly you had worried him with your own senselessness. Whenever you had the chance you showered him in even more affections just to make it up to him.
Tumblr media
The moment the nurse left the office, Taehyung went to you immediately. He cupped your cheeks and inspected you for injuries. There was a scratch or two on your neck from the branches but other than your lightly sprained ankle you were alright. It did not seem so to Taehyung though.
"What the fuck were you thinking, Y/N?" he growled you out of nowhere. "Do you have any idea how concerned I was when they called me from the hospital? And they said you asked not to tell me too!" Taehyung rose his voice. You looked down, feeling your heart in your throat.
"I didn't want to worry you, Tae..." you whispered apologetically.
"Ya!" he cut you off and made you look him in the eye. "If you ever do something stupid like this again, I swear..." he stopped himself soon enough and clenched his jaw. Taehyung looked away as he paced his anger.
"I'm sorry," you whispered, your eyes watering seeing how much you've upset your boyfriend. He rarely showed negative emotion towards you because you hardly ever argued really, but when you did, especially if it was your fault, you felt absolutely awful.
Taehyung nodded absent-mindedly, but you could tell he did not forgive you - not really. He took you home and helped you to bed so that you could rest your ankle.
"The doctor said I'll be as good as new in a couple of days," you said, trying to reassure Taehyung but the effect was just the opposite.
"That's not the point, Y/N," he said darkly as he turned towards you. He was holding a t-shirt in his hand, his bare chest tense out of frustration. He did not even look like he was breathing. "The point is that you got hurt out of sheer stupidity. What if something worse happened to you?" said Taehyung upset to the point where his voice wanted to crack. He pulled on his t-shirt and climbed into the bed beside you. He cupped your cheeks after he placed your legs into his lap.
"I'd fucking die if something happened to you," he confessed and caressed your cheeks with his thumbs.
"I'll be more careful from now on," you promised, ashamed of worrying him with such a stupid thing. Taehyung nodded and kissed your forehead. He caressed your cheek again before he kissed your lips as well.
Tumblr media
"What the fuck happened?" asked Jungkook before the nurse could even close the door behind her. He was already holding your cheeks, staring deeply into your eyes. Breath hitched in the back of your throat as you realized how worried he was. The doctors had not yet told him why you got hurt.
You let out a small sigh and looked down whilst you told him everything that had happened from the colour of the kitten's fur to the old woman that seemed like the definition of a crazy cat lady, yet also how the branch broke but you managed to save the kitty.
Jungkook glared at you speechless, his lips parted, although his chest was tense. He looked away and paced his anger.
"Fuck, Y/N," he spoke under his breath and shook his head. The fact that he did not yell at you only made things worse for your guilty consciousness.
Jungkook took care of the hospital papers and drove you home. You wanted to go to the apartment on your own, but he did not let you. He picked you up into his arms and carried you upstairs.
"You're not doing anything else every again without my permission first," said Jungkook absent-mindedly as his nostrils flared. You looked up at him, taken back. "I leave you alone for one hour and you already get yourself hurt out of pure fucking stupidity," spoke your boyfriend before he glared down into your eyes. Goosebumps rose on your arms as he sat you down on the counter. He was about to turn away but you caught his hand. Jungkook looked down at your small palm holding his large one, his eyes jumping to your own.
"I'm sorry, Jungkook," you whispered, "I'm really sorry."
Jungkook stared at you a moment longer before he finally sighed and calmed down. He leaned his arms on each side of you, his lips but inches away from yours. Breath caught in the back of your throat as you stared into his eyes.
"You better be, Y/N," said Jungkook, "Because next time, I won't be so forgiving." He kissed you passionately, making sure you knew he meant it.
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nyctophilla-nightmares · 3 hours ago
❦"Happy suck dick day"❦
Tumblr media
Warnings- blowjobs, sukin cock and deep throat, and nsfw, 18+ duh, heaavy degradation, slight humiliation kink, verr godlet being embarrassed once more as she hears poor y/n get railed
Characters- childe,zhongli,diluc,kaeya, scaramouche, xiao x GN! reader
@rinnieren why thank you very much for reminding me about this😌💅
Tumblr media
OK SO like i know- like we all know that this man gonna be rough a hell
Like just imagine that you're on you're dame knees and being forced to suck him off in the fauti tent
Basically him abusing your mouth with his dick
And imma betting that he so will also spit in your mouth after spilling his white load in to degrade you further
"Oh look at you~"
Childe Coos mockingly, as he stares down at your crying eyes, while also relentlessly thursts inside your mouth making sure that his dick hits the back of your throat with every thurst.
"You look so cute~ with my dick down your throat, oh I could get used to this~"
Musing once more as he harshly thursts into your mouth,abusing it to no end.
Taking utmost pleasure at the sight of your fucked out face with saliva, tears and his white load dripping down your mouth.
"Oh what a whore you are~! I wonder what more kind of expressions that little face could make~♡"
Ok listen up simps-!
If ya know my blog you know that imma a whore for ninngguang.
Like that women could hit me with her rocks.
*coughs* sorry-
So yes no thoughts just you giving the overworked man a long deserved blowjob.
On his geo throne
Strained husky moans, echo throught the realm of the God of war.
As his supposed lover takes care of his centuries weight of stress.
There you were, on your knees, as you desperately try to fit his huge length fully inside your throat, while also wrapping your sluttry tongue around his glow stick dick
"Oh~! My love it feels amazing"
Musing between heavy breathes, he lets you relieve him off his stress.
*moans* Oh yes the dark knight hero~♡
But seriously yall like I know that this man is really mother fukin gentle ok
But my guy got some limits too.
Iike yeah sure diluc is a master of pocker face but would he be able to keep his cool
When you suck of his dick under the bar while many customers are still inside~?
Hushed moans escape the poor boy as he still tries to bite them back
Oh the poor man was just trying to get on with his day when suddenly his lover came up with a silly idea, which he was stupid enough to to agree to.
Now look at him completely trembling as he stand behind the bar his face matching the shade of his hair, while he bites down on his tongue to suppress more lewd sounds escaping him.
The man was thanking all the 7 archons over and over again in his brain that the only 2 customers in the bar were on the second floor,so no one could Catch him in such a forbidden act.
And there you were smirking like a mixicn under the bar as you bob your head up and down his dick, enjoying deep throating him as he counties to bite down his tongue to once again choke on the moan that was about to leave him for orgasming for the 3rd time, from your hot mouth alone.
""J-just you wait-!"
Ah yes ofc th man who's horny 24/7
Like for real I've said this before I'll say it again this man would fawk you ANYWHERE
Like literly anywhere even if it's public it don't matter to him he just gotta feel his dick inside you
And if can't pound into you he'll use your mouth all to his liking
Just imagine your getting forced to suck him off, and then a knight enters his office while you're under his table.
And kaeya just unbrotherly talks to the knight like nothing is wrong while stuffing your mouth up
"Ah yes and what happend afterwords if I may ask?"
There kaeya was nonchalantly musing and gossiping with the knight before him as the knight continues to tell him about there mission report.
Oh how utterly composed he looked as he talked away with the knight like everything was oh so normal.
While he also harshly grabbed into your hair forcefully making you bob your head up and down his cock as he stuffs your fucked up mouth with his huge cock.
Oh how utterly small you felt as he kept on abusing your mouth amd throat all to his liking, making sure that all your whimpers get choked down so the knight doesn't get suspicious.
Meanwhile kaeya on the other hand, being the utter sadist that he was, clearly was enjoying the power he held in you as he continues with his foul act.
Finally after 24 minutes of endless chatting the knight finally leaves.
Making kaeya brusts out in laughter as he still uses your mouth.
Glancing down at you mockingly. He once again muses.
"Oh you whore~! You should be thankful that I hid you away on time next time I'll make sure that you're sprawled out across this table and getting stuffed with my cum and that silly knight gets to enjoy the show"
Oh yes zaddy!, ok but for real we got another one of them psycho sadist on this list.
Similar to kaeya and childe.
Imma so sure he gonna abuse that pretty little mouth in a public setting
Like just imagine you're his secretary and you both have fucked many times work very well together
So you're prolly on a mission or smt so for the night yall set up a camp together.
And you being a honry fuck start touching him all over.
And completely amused and unamsued by this that you're being oh so touchy but that you're on top.
He deadass shoves you down on your knees and destroys that pretty mouth.
"Oh you fucking slut-!"
Exclaiming through his strained moan as he once again harshly pounds into your mouth and orgasming for the 2nd time.
Oh how utterly joyful this was having your face being a utter mess of tears drool and his cum, scaramouche was completely disregarding all your whimpers and pleads for him to slow down as he now once more make sure you swallow down all his white load.
Smirking down at your fucked up face with his hazy lustful eyes as he calms down his high.
"Ohh~! Is the poor whore gonna cry again? Say slut weren't you the one acting like a whore to your superior and even went as far to try and be the one at the bottom? See all of this is your fault you were the one that thought that being an obedient bitch isn't fun anymore, now look at yourself stripped off all your dignity once more~♡ but don't worry I'll make sure that I destroy your poor little cunt just as I did to you throat~"
Okay yall I think we all know bout this one
"Come on fuck meh emo boii"
Ahh yes on another episode of yn being horny and thinking that they could take the lead only to get dicked down either get their mouth stuffed with dick or get their guys rearranged.
So yes another normal day of xiao abusing your hot little mouth on the roof of wangshuu inn as he degrades you like the whore you are.
"Oh you slut of a mortal-!"
Harshly exclaiming as he once again slams into your mouth making more tears drip down your face including drool as his dick hits the back of your face.
The sheer humiliation of getting your mouth used on the cold roof of Wang shuu in where almost many could probably hear you and anyone could walk in at any moment
Was both exciting and embarassing but poor you was probably way to lost away by tears and by the intense rough treatment by xiao, didn't even care if you were to get caught as you let him use your mouth all to his liking as you always let him use your body all to his liking.
"Oh you pathetic whore~! I'll make sure you never try to talk over me again and think that you're on top!"
Another tired sign leaves verr godlet as she holds her head in between her hands.
"This is the 4th time this week"
Tumblr media
Note- fawk tumblr for not saving my 1,000 words draft and showing error bez of that shit shot I lost so many fics which I now gotta rewrite.
Also @rinnieren hoe come get yo fuckin food.
Tumblr media
And 💞yes💞
This was supposed to be posted yesterday since in asia it was 24th yesterday but since tumblr was a bitch and i lost many of my drafts and fics I had to rewrite this again .
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bimbocafe · 3 hours ago
just read ur step dad shiggy fic.. let me indulge you so more 🙏🙏
tw implied noncon
step dad tomura would be a panty theif, no doubt about it. hed steal them right from your dresser when you’re in the shower, and put them back in your hamper after he blew strings on them.
he’d also would do anything for his cute step daughter, buying her everything she ever laid her eyes on; absolutely spoiling her. when are you going to give him something in return? he’s gonna get somethin’ from you whether you like it or not <333
oh god oh fuck he so would !
dark content
i just know this man would buy you pretty lace sets so he can steal them and ruin them.
you're still going to wear them for your old pops though aren't you, baby?
don't think he didn't notice how you threw away the ones you deemed soiled.
now that he thinks about it, eying your cereal, maybe there's other ways he can give you a a taste of him <3
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hoonreal · 6 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
p: sunghoon x fem! reader tw: reader is sick:( wc: 0.2k a/n: sorry for the long no-updates from this blog, my exams are still going on :( requested by @fylithia
Tumblr media
[12:19 pm] “you're worrying me day by day, you know that?” 
sunghoon sighed as he sat down on the white bed beside you, looking over to your burrito-formed figure out of the thick bed sheets. 
you tried to gather all of the warmth you could from the grey duvets by wrapping it around yourself, as you felt chills along your body because of the cold.
“hoon!” you exclaim when you saw sunghoon creeping closer to you, “i'm sick hoonie, I don't want you to get sick too!” 
sunghoon crawled more towards you, seeming to ignore your words as he put his hand on your forehead. it was pretty warm for sunghoon to realise that you had a pretty bad fever. slowly unwrapping the duvet, he forced himself in it. 
“hey don't get—!” 
“let me care for you ok? I will be alright” he reassured as his soft hands brush over your forehead, making your eyelids heavy magically. it was midnight when sunghoon last checked the time. 
he planted a small kiss on your warm forehead, laying down beside you as his arms engulfed your body. smiling at your sleeping figure, h let out a small whisper,
“i love you” 
Tumblr media
do not plagiarise my work on any platform! ©hoonreal
main: @jaemotel
Tumblr media
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manckpomaranck · 6 hours ago
The End of the School Year & Requests
Hi, how are you guys? :)
I finally had my last exam at the uni and now I'm freeeeee!!! I'm so proud of myself (and that does not usually happen but just while I'm still in the mood I want to say this to myself: 'You handled this years like a fu**ing boss.') because my courses are one of the more difficult ones at my uni, so I couldn't be happier that I finished my 1st year successfully, especially after stressing out so much!
Tumblr media
Anyways, some of you were wondering if requests are open, and they generally are. But I already have a ton of them waiting, 41 to be precise, so please, please, please be patient with me :) I'll do my best to write as much of them as I can and sorry if I skip one or two but they are maybe a bit of my comfort zone (not in a way that I don't understand, appreciate or relate to them, I just think I'd write them poorly).
You can still send requests because I don't do them chronologically in the order that I received them. I usually pick those that I want to write first or feel inspired to do - and some of your guys' ideas are pure gold, I swear. Thank you so much for infires me... oh wait, inspiring me!
Also, thanks so so so so much for all the nice comments and compliments, you guys totally make my day <3 <3 <3 I hope you're all doing well, eating well and feeling well.
(p.s. I'll probably update today :))
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clanonadventures · 6 hours ago
Fuck it Im bored
Basil yandere alphabet
Affection: How do they show their love and affection? How intense would it get?
He loves giving you cuddles and words of affirmation. Telling you how good you are for staying with him
Blood: How messy are they willing to get when it comes to their darling?
Funnily enough he isnt a violent yandere. He doesnt like getting bloody or hurting others. If he truly needed to though, he'd have someone else do it for him.
Cruelty: How would they treat their darling once abducted? Would they mock them?
He would never hurt or make fun of you. He'd much rather make you feel safe. To the point where you feel safer and more understood with him then not.
Darling: Aside from abduction, would they do anything against their darling’s will?
He'd want to know every little secret you have. Wether you want him to know or not. Wether you even know that he knows or not. Otherwise he doesnt normally do anything against your will.
Exposed: How much of their heart do they bare to their darling? How vulnerable are they when it comes to their darling?
You will know little about him. At least, the true him. But he does try to be honest about his feelings with you, even the not so good feelings.
Fight: How would they feel if their darling fought back?
He'd be so confused. "Why are you fighting back? Your safer here. Happier with me. So why are you acting this way?"
Game: Is this a game to them? How much would they enjoy watching their darling try to escape?
He does find it funny. As he knows everything about you. So in a way, yes. If your trying to escape, and fight back, he will find it (while confusing) funny.
Hell: What would be their darling’s worst experience with them?
You had threatened his pet, fluffy. His chicken. He loves fluffy, second to you. It was the only time he was violent. He needed to make sure you knew better, that you learned.
Ideals: What kind of future do they have in mind for/with their darling?
You and him, happily together. Maybe with a few kids, that is if you wanted any. If not, hes completely fine with not having any. He just wants what you want.
Jealousy: Do they get jealous? Do they lash out or find a way to cope?
Oh yeah. He gets extremely jealous. But he isnt violent about it. Hes more manipulative about it. If you are spending too much time with someone else, then he will find a way to get them to stop talking to you.
Kisses: How do they act around or with their darling?
He is well, everything you want him to be. What makes you the happiest and safest, that is what he'll be. He will be everything you've ever wanted and more.
Love letters: How would they go about courting or approaching their darling?
He is very flexible. He will approach however he sees will win you over. That is his goal after all. Win you over, no matter how.
Mask: Are their true colors drastically different from the way they act around everyone else?
Yes. While hes always naturally manipulative, hes much more cold and borderline nonverbal to others. He for the most part sees no need to have other connections, unless he needs a rather messy job to be done.
Naughty: How would they punish their darling?
He doesnt like punishments. Hes only ever actually punished you once. And it was violent and painful. Torture at best.
Oppression: How many rights would they take away from their darling?
He wouldn't normally take rights from you. He'd take the right to gain your attention from others. They dont deserve you anyway.
Patience: How patient are they with their darling?
Extremely. He will wait as long as he needs to win you over. He has time.
Quit: If their darling dies, leaves, or successfully escapes, would they ever be able to move on?
Never. The only way to escape him is through death. And if/when that happens, he will become colder and more distant.
Regret: Would they ever feel guilty about abducting their darling? Would they ever let their darling go?
He never truly abducts you. He just makes you fall for him. The same way he feel in love with you. But once he has you, he will never let you leave. Even if you dont realize it.
Stigma: What brought about this side of them (childhood, curiosity, etc)?
He isnt human. He may look mostly human, but he isnt. Due to this, he doesnt hold the same human emotions as we do. The way he feels love is different.
Tears: How do they feel about seeing their darling scream, cry, and/or isolate themselves?
He would do what he must to calm you. Make you feel safe and happy again. If that means giving you space to cool off, then so be it.
Unique: Would they do anything different from the classic yandere?
He doesnt kill. He isnt a killer. He is more of a stalker. He will learn everything about you. And I mean everything. He isnt violent. He doesnt like hurting anyone. And even if it is nessecery, then he will get someone else to do it for him.
Vice: What weakness can their darling exploit in order to escape?
His patience. The fact that he will wait and do whatever he needs to do to make you love him. Though there will be no true way to escape him, as he will always find you, if you play your cards right, you can get him to stay at a distance.
Wit’s end: Would they ever hurt their darling?
It was only one time. Only once. And he swore he would never ever do it again. He promised you. And he has kept that promise.
Xoanon: How much would they revere or worship their darling? To what length would they go to win their darling over?
He is completely head over heels for you. He worships you like you are the only god to have ever been. He would do anything for you. Any and everything.
Yearn: How long do they pine after their darling before they snap?
He would never snap. He will wait years if he has to. Just for your love.
Zenith: Would they ever break their darling?
No. He wouldn't be able to stand himself if he did. He loves how you are anyway, if he breaks you then he wont have that.
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Tumblr media
I write this now for Mammon and Lucifer. And yes I am a freelance writer and I am writing a Christmas related request in the middle of summer because I can do that. This is part 2/3 @teachillvibes
This is before you start a "relationship" with them
Tumblr media
You can be sure that Lucifer’s gift to you is something wonderful.
Something that will make you instantly forget all the other gifts you have received.
( His brothers often hear about it )
A gift is something expensive and the kind of thing you’ve wanted for a long time
But it’s certainly not the only gift.
Once you get what you want Lucifer will give you the kind of things he wants you to use.
That is, compatible clothes with his clothes, expensive jewelry and underwear.
He requires you to use the gifts he gives often.
Every time you do so, Lucifer feels very proud.
This is a wordless hint to other demons that you belong to him.
The only gift Lucifer wants is to "sleep" with him wearing the underwear he gave you.
( Since this is not an Nsfw blog I will leave the rest to your imagination )
Tumblr media
Mammon has bought you many small gifts.
He thinks that the more gifts the happier you are.
(So ​​we're talking about 35 gift packages)
You spend a great deal of time opening gifts.
And of course Mammon sits next to you and wants to know right away if you liked your gift.
Whenever you say yes Mammon is happy and hugs you.
No one knows where he got the money for the gifts but you may find that quickly all the gifts that are not from Mammon disappear.
You will never find them...
Mammon would like a Christmas present for you to spend the rest of your life with just him.
It's not too much of a demand is it?
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johnsamericano · 8 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
『 ‎ Ꭰօվօմղց / ϚҽӀƒ-հąɾʍ 』
warnings: mental abuse, manipulation, self harm, implied suicide.
taglist: @nakamotocore @jisooapproved @la-ra-rumi @winwiniee @yijiujiujiu
loveholic masterlist.
Kindness. Considered a virtue by most, but not Doyoung. Kindness was nothing but weakness in his eyes, but then again, it wasn't always something bad. Not when he could use it in his favor.
“Darling, I'm home.”
You'd spent the whole day trying to find the right words, trying to find a way to leave without hurting him, because even though the flame that kept your heart beating for him was long gone, you still appreciated him.
From the moment he got down on his knee, a ring box laying on the palm of his hand, you knew things weren't going to work out, yet, you didn't have the guts to turn him down. You thought eventually, things would get better, that the pit at the bottom of your stomach would fade. But it didn't. It only grew as a year went by. Two years into your marriage, you couldn’t take it anymore. You’d tried your best to make it work, but it wasn't enough.
“I’m in the living room!” Your hands clutched the newly printed papers, still a little warm from the machine.
“Hey, honey. I brought Thai food for dinner, I know how much you like it.” Doyoung was more than aware of the problems in your relationship, and just like you, he tried to make it work. But you cannot fix something that was broken from the very beginning. “What’s that you got there?”
“I’m sorry, Doie.” You handed him the papers, avoiding looking at him while he read the contents.
“Divorce?” He asked himself in disbelief. “Haven’t I treated you right?”
“It’s not that, Doyoung. You were more than perfect, but we’re not meant to be together, we never were.” He dropped the bags of freshly made food, walking hurriedly to the kitchen.
You heard the sound of cutlery clanking. What was he even doing?
The last thing you expected to see as you walked through the fancy wooden door frame was to see him shirtless, dragging a knife along his abdomen, hard enough to leave small, red lines scattered over the soft skin.
“Stop!” You rushed towards him, only to be stopped by his palm extending your way.
“You’re free to leave, but don't ask me to pretend like my reason to live isn't being stolen away from me.” He pushed the tip of the knife slightly harder, piercing through his skin and letting small beads of opaque liquid fall from the injury. “Are you enjoying it? Watching me fall apart all because of you?”
“No, please, stop.” More blood started oozing out as he stabbed himself harder, a quarter of the blade inside him. “Please!”
You were on your knees, just like he had been two years ago when you weren't brave enough to reject him. That cowardy had caused all of this. It was your fault.
“I’ll stay, just stop hurting yourself.”
‘How cute.’ He thought, but it wasn't enough, not quite yet.
He kept pushing the blade in, blood staining his jeans as you watched everything with teary eyes, afraid you wouldn't be able to save him.
“I’ll try harder, I swear!” You joined your palms together as if you were praying, lowering your head in resignation. “I can't bear to see you hurt, please.” Finally, your husband removed the blade from his skin, wincing as pain shot through his entire body. But it was a small price to pay for a lifetime with you.
You got on your feet, running to press your hand against the wound to stop it from bleeding.
“It’s okay, we’ll go to a doctor and you'll be alright. We'll be alright.” Your delicate hands cupped his cheeks, taking away any hint of pain he was feeling. “I’m staying with you.”
Simply like that, Doyoung had you in the palm of his hand. Of course, you were aware of how abusive your relationship with him was. Nonetheless, you didn't want to be responsible for his death. And so you stayed with him, trying your best to numb the pain that never left, until one day, you were the one to hold the knife against your stomach, except no one was there to stop you.
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anxiousnerdwritings · 8 hours ago
Yandere The Mountain/Gregor Clegane Headcanons (general)
Tumblr media
Gregor Clegane is a monster of a man both in height and actions, even before Qyburn gets a hold of him. He has no care for anyone or anything, particularly the weak and poor, and his terrifying temper knows no bounds. He’ll lash out at anyone and or anything in his wake, it doesn’t matter who’s around to witness it.
It doesn’t help that he suffers with migraines, causing him to be even more temperamental and violent. Especially when he wants nothing more than some quiet. He is never not without these migraines of his, the severity of them being the only thing that changes. Resulting in Gregor consuming massive amounts of milk of the poppy, so much so he’s built an immunity to its side affects. Well, a majority of them at the very least. Not to mention it takes away from him feeling any pain. Not that much wouldn’t effect him anyway.
Gregor is not gentle, nor caring of his obsession. If anything he’s only tolerable of them but that’s enough to keep you safe from his wrath. For now. I can see his obsession stemming from his darling’s voice. Maybe it’s light and airy. Or smooth and soothing. Either way it’s the first thing that catches his attention. It’s the only sound that doesn’t hurt to hear or make him want to bash your skull in a blind rage. That one thing is enough to have Gregor Clegane keeping an eye on you.
As long as you don’t do anything to garner Gregor’s anger, which is asking a lot, you won’t be harmed. Given that he has a liking for your voice, you maybe let off the hook in terms of small and insignificant mishaps. It’s only the fact that you’re beneficial to him that Gregor can be more conscious of his actions and behavior towards you. But that doesn’t mean you’re excluded from punishment. No, he can and he will still punish you.
The only way you could be safe from punishments is if you were not in Gregor’s possession. And that can be possible. Gregor’s only real interest in you is that your voice means something to him. He doesn’t know what or why but he likes it. He has no intentions of taking you or even interacting with you at all. Not in the beginning. But eventually it gets to a point where your voice is the only voice he hears clearly. He can pick it out of a crowd like nothing. Soon enough he’s finding himself at the same places you are or frequent. It’s hard not to notice him. Thankfully you can see him coming and take your leave if need be but you better be quick about it.
Honestly, you probably aren’t aware of Gregor’s interest and who could blame you? It’s not like he shows it or makes it known in any way. He isn’t quite sure what he feels or what he’s doing. If you did catch onto him being around you more or something of the sort, you should run as fast as possible. Especially if you want to protect the people you care about. Get the hell out of Westeros. Get the hell away from him. I mean, the most Gregor would do for you is killing anyone who is/gets too close or is in the way. But that’s not really anything new. The only difference is that said people had interactions or connections with you. And he found their existence to be a nuisance.
It would take Gregor not hearing your voice for awhile before it effects him. He’s grown so use to the sound and hearing it every so often that it seems foreign not to have it. It’s almost as if he starts to go through withdrawls. Once he starts feeling like this he gets more aggressive and even more violent. He has no tolerance for anything, let alone anyone. It doesn’t help that he doesn’t understand what he’s feeling, all he knows is that he needs to find you.
If you’ve fled the city already and are far enough away from him, Gregor will try to find someone who can replace you. But it’s not the same. They’re not the same. If that’s the case then he has no need for them anymore. And we all know what he does to worthless things, right?
It would probably be by complete coincidence that he happened upon you again. Your voice was a dead give away, him following the sound the second he heard it. It doesn’t matter what he’s in the middle of doing, he’ll toss it aside to go in search of you. And once he does find you, having you in his sights, he knows he’s not leaving without you. Not like anyone could stop him anyway. And who’s to know what you’re fate will be like now that he finally has you.
I could also see Gregor purposely going out of his way to take his brother, Sandor’s obsession. Or rather anyone Sandor is close to/cares for. He does it more so just so Sandor won’t have them anymore. In this scenario, Gregor is much more inclined to break and ruin “his” darling, just to take them completely away from Sandor. In every way possible. Or at the very least he’ll make them into damaged goods.
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yandere-sins · 9 hours ago
Howdy! I was wondering If I could request Yandere Oleana with a very resistant fem s/o if possible? An s/o being intimidated/scared of Oleana from the moment they met that sort of thing. Someone who would try and avoid her before being kidnapped, and would fight her on everything after being taken. The only thing that gets them to stop is the threat of violence. Thank you in advance if you don't/you do this. Thank you once again.
Thanks for requesting!
»»———————— ♡ ————————««     
♡ There’s always a slight irritation on Oleana’s face whenever the trainer that Rose so cherishes avoids her eyes. She is often sent to the newcomer for tips and directions, as well as instruction from her boss, but doesn’t feel very welcome in the trainer’s presence. Oleana is constantly avoided, even if it’s essential that she lets her know about changes and her new training plan. Even her calls are cut off after she stated her business. It’s incredibly frustrating that even though she hasn’t done anything yet, Oleana is remarkably avoided. Still, she has to approach the trainer since it’s her job.
♡ After asking for someone else to take over the duty to care for Rose’s new favorite trainer and being denied the switch, Oleana can only sigh and accept defeat. She tries her best to make the trainer like her more, bringing presents and putting up the best smile she can muster, but it’s no use. All the time and effort she’s putting into being accepted doesn’t do anything for her. It only agitates her more to be faced with more and more rejection.
♡ So much so that one day, she finally snaps, grabbing the trainer’s wrist and yanking them back so Oleana can finish her sentence without her running away. And much to her surprise: It works. Even if the trainer looks incredibly uncomfortable and intimidated, she isn’t running from Oleana and listens to her to the end. Force wasn’t what Oleana wanted to use on her, especially not since Rose holds her in such high regards, but it works. At last, something that finally leaves an impression and lets her do her work.
♡ The two of them finally manage to have normal conversations once Oleana grows stricter. It’s not like the trainer would just go and behave from now on, but at least Oleana knows now how to keep them in check. She soon brushes off the duty onto her Pokémon to intimidate the trainer when needed, but if nothing helps, Oleana proves to be quick in reacting and putting the trainer back in place. Even if it appeared as a nuisance at first, Oleana can now proceed properly with her work and even finds the time to learn a bit more about the trainer.
♡ Aside from the behavioral issues, Oleana finally comes to understand what Rose is seeing in the trainer, and she is glad she can be part of her coaching, Oleana making sure everything is proper and fitted to her. She even suggests taking the trainer on a private training camp with some of the other prodigies, which will make it even harder to avoid Oleana, and she can get an even better picture of the trainer. Unnoticed by everyone, Oleana is slowly being drawn to her, giving herself orders like ‘Look through her luggage to make sure she is properly prepared for her travels’ so she can be closer to her trainer, always for the trainer’s sake even though no one wants Oleana to actually act on her self-inflicted orders.
♡ The obsession grows too quick and too deep to stop it before it’s already too late. She’d have loved to tag along on her darling trainer’s journey, but responsibilities holds her back. Instead, she’s tracking the trainer, always wanting to be one step ahead of her so Oleana can heal her Pokémon or hand her supplies she might need. But every time they meet, it makes Oleana more greedy until she can’t keep it to herself anymore. Even if it means she needs to drag the trainer to her apartment by the hair, she won’t hesitate, knowing that only the fear of more violence will keep the trainer obedient. It’s all for her sake, but also, very much Oleana’s desire. Only the future will show how the two will manage to stay with each other.
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yandere-daydreams · 9 hours ago
imagine a yandere forest spirit who hates humans, seeing them as weeds in the garden but adores their darling who is the caretaker of the forest where the spirit keeps their darling safe from the ugly humans
tw - imprisonment, gaslighting, obsessive mindsets, physic abuse/violence, generalized monster-fucking (eldritch romance?).
It's always fun when yanderes have a vendetta against human society - a sense of scorn that leads them to whisking their darling away to somewhere dark, somewhere remote, a shrine in a far away land where they can keep you at a comfortable distance from all the corrupting, rotting influences of the mortal world. You're mad at them now, sure, crying, yelling, trying to tear at the vines that cover their skin and making such a fuss about all the friends and family that couldn't be salvaged, not the way you could, but you'll get over it, you'll adjust, like fresh greenery sprouting up after a forest fire. You'll come to like it here, with a little time. With them.
And, you'll come to understand that they can be merciful. They could keep you in chains, if they wanted to, show you all the ugly things the tools of your people can be used for, but they're kinder than that, they're willing to be patient, and they allow you to wander the stone halls of their temple, share in the offerings the local fauna bring them in exchange for their protection, drag yourself home without an escort after attempting to escape their domain and discovering just how many paths lead home, into their arms, into the protection of the deity who loves you. When they do have to restrain you, they do it more gracefully than any human count - braiding cords out of the softest foliage they can find, sweetening the meals they have to force down your throat with drops of honey, sedating you only when you pose a danger to yourself, when you go against what they brought you here to do. If your captor were human, brutish and clumsy and sadistic, you'd never be treated so delicately, so gently, so tenderly. Your tears wouldn't be brushed away, your bruises wouldn't be kissed. You wouldn't be taken care of, not so well, not if you would been left in a world so distorted. You wouldn't be loved, not as gently as they're determined to love you.
But, they're not human, and they do love you, regardless of how many times you push them away, or call them a monster, or run away and leave them to retrieve you from some shadowy, desolate corner of their forest, battered and bloody and still in the claws of one of their more hostile subjects. They're not human, and they love you. They're not human, so they can love you.
They're not human, and soon, you won't be, either.
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bodyunderthefloorboards · 10 hours ago
i queued up some posts for the next few days follow me if youre a self shipper who likes guro imagines (and block me if you are someone who is put off by that kind of thing!)
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