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yanderemommabean 2 days ago
i honestly love love love the entire idea of a yandere prison.
The darling completely understimating the severity of the situation because all of them are so gentle with them, unaware of or willfully ignorant to just far they are willing to go for them, because sure they have seen the reports and know what those people have done to land here but it just doesn't seem real when only faced with their kindness.
The only thing between them and the prisoners are the guards but even then they don't offer the protection the Darling thinks they do. They can be taken down or brought or even be as obssessed as the prisoners.
The darling remaining completely oblivious to the danger even as the trap slowly closes around them and they are left with no option than to give in and be the sweet little lover for the yans to treat and spoil as they see fit. 馃挄馃挄馃挄
They love how trusting you are, even to vile creatures such as themselves. You've seen their records, you've witnessed the courtroom tapes, and yet you can't help but see the human in them. Giving them kindness is such a danger, but you're none the wiser to that, or you simply don't care.
To you, these criminals are simply misunderstood, just someone who had a bad day or someone who wasn't given the chance they needed. You poor innocent thing, that's exactly what makes them so deadly. They can turn on the charm, play with you like the little doll you are, make you do their biddings without even having to force their hand.
You're too easy, too sweet, too good for this prison. At first they saw you as a mere means of entertainment, getting under your skin like they do the other guards, but it seems they too were careless. They allowed you to enter their hearts, to take root in their cesspool of a mind.
More than one deadly beast has their claws in you, ready to tear at the throats at the others who try and take you for themselves. You're going to be the start of a riot, and all you're aware of is the smiles they wear and the sweet things they tell you.
-Mommabean (hhnngh I love it!!!)
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yandere-daydreams a day ago
I know you're pro monster yandere with human darling, but what are your thoughts on the inverse? Like the beloved monster hunter who defends a village but ends up obsessed with a monster and thinking well, it's alright to leave it alive as long as it's *contained* and in their care and away from anyone it could possibly hurt,,,
tw - implied kidnapping and themes of dehumanization.
well, you're not much of a monster. you're more like a thief with a few extra parts, a pest with horns and hooves and a habit of dipping into the winter reserves of the tiny, isolated village they've been called out to. you're a bit of an escape artist, prone to slipping out of snares and avoiding the jawed traps they leave littered around your den, but you're not a threat, not really, not when it only takes a few slices of bread and cuts of dried meat to lure you out of your hiding place. they've fought hunters, before, white-clad spirits and coaxing sirens more than willing to lie in wait and strike when their prey is at its most vulnerable, but you're no hunter, not patient enough to plot out your strategy or so jaded that you feel the need to keep anything from the kind stranger who visits you with fresh food and good wine every day. you're no predator, as much as your pointed fangs might suggest otherwise. you're not a monster.
what you are, though, is alone. you aren't terribly good with their language, so they're not quite sure what happened, but you're all by yourself, now, left to brave the winter all on your lonesome, and you're not doing a terribly good job of it. without a helping hand, you probably wouldn't survive the next month, but they don't mind helping you build fires, showing you where to dig up edible roots, inevitably trailing after you as you get distracted by falling snow or singing birds. as much as they know they can't just leave you to your own devices, they can't seem to put you out of your misery, either. they can't seem to want to hurt you, not beyond what it'd take to make sure nothing worse gets to you before they can.
they can't seem but help think that, if someone kind, if someone strong were to take you home - well, it'd justify the cute little collar they'd have to wrap around your neck to do it, right?
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I'm not sure if requests are open, but if they are can I get a yandere Rengoku (My flame haired chicken boy...) With a darling that has major anxiety and is afraid of leaving the house?
Yandere Flame haired chiken boy
Tumblr media
Kyojuro is secretly really happy.
He knows he shouldn't be.
Kyojuro knows it's wrong.
He knows he should be worried about you and help you overcome your fears.
But at the same time, it makes him happy.
This will help keep you safe.
And keeping you safe is really important to him.
So Kyojuro a little encourages your fears.
He doesn't think it's anything serious.
However, you are always safe at home with your husband.
Maybe he鈥檚 just telling you stories about his 鈥渨ork鈥.
Many stories of dangerous demons that would surely eat you if you left home.
Lots of stories.
You really dare not go out anymore.
This gives you a lot of freedom.
Kyojuro does not need to lock you in any room.
You can move around the house completely freely.
Of course you can also go out together for a day time.
But he has to be with you then.
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sugarfairychan 2 days ago
I like the idea of Yanderes being victim of a聽鈥渂uy one, get one free鈥 plot twist. A yandere falling for their beloved darling and obsessing over their heart, soul and mind with an insatiable desire to claim and confine鈥 only for the darling to be like,聽鈥淗old it right there, mister. I ain鈥檛 leaving my best friend for you. You want me? Then you gotta keep me in contact with my bestie.鈥澛
And the poor yandere is utterly confused. Confused, a little distorted and then swings between the line of聽鈥渨ait, do i have a love rival??鈥 and聽鈥淚鈥檓 going to kill that rival.鈥 It鈥檚 not a great thing for the best friend. The minute the yandere hears about the best friend when he tries to confine his beloved, regrettably chaining their legs and arms to a chair or to a bed, that best friend鈥檚 life is under serious threats. And the more his poor darling raves and raves about how great this friend is, how life sucks without them, how they demand to be released so they can see them or heck, just give them a phone so they can stay in contact, that鈥檚 all they want鈥攚ell, the more he wants to kill them.
And so the yandere listens, bubbling with rage but putting on a front. He listens and learns everything about this friend. What they like, their favourite shops, even the place they go to do their nails and hair. He learns everything about them and think that in another life, if he wasn鈥檛 full to the brim with this gluttonous desire to have, own and possess his darling, this friendship of theirs would be something he would seek after. It was wholesome and cute. It didn鈥檛 border on romantic even though his darling would proclaim their love about this friend. Maybe in another life.
But the minute he goes in for the kill鈥 it was like meeting you for the first time. The poor yandere is overcome with this聽voracious greed to snatch the friend up, too. But it鈥檚 different this time. Instead of love and romance, he craves company and platonic companionship. So the next thing his darling knows? The best friend is tied up with them. There鈥檚 some initial fear, like聽鈥渙h my god i got my bestie captured with me. what鈥檚 he going to do? kill them? please dont kill my best friend鈥 but that quickly dissipates in a couple of days or hours when the darling realises that the yandere actually likes their friend...but not the same way he likes them? It鈥檚 weird, but hey, at least their friend is alive and well?
See, with one darling, the yandere is in control, but with two?
This聽鈥榗ontrol鈥 is just wishful thinking.
The darling is the ring leader with a confident and bold personality when in the presence of their best friend. They take charge and ensure that the friend, who is slightly introverted and keeps to themself, is comfortable and sane. They know them inside and out, knows what they like, what they don鈥檛, what they鈥檙e comfortable with and what they鈥檙e not. With that knowledge, they dictate everything the yandere does, ensuring that their friend is content and happy. The yandere gives in, of course, how could he not? He loves his darling and is delighted with the pleasant, platonic feelings their friend brings.聽
The two best friends torment him day in and day out, demanding to be released, demanding for the things they like, demanding for this and that and this and that. It gets too much and he snaps. He relents, lets them free and lets them roam the apartment, because god knows his ears cannot handle their shrieks anymore. They know each other inside and out and don鈥檛 need to communicate to share the torture they put him through.
But when he sees them all curled up on the couch, happily snoring away while their favourite show plays in the background, he can鈥檛 help the smile on his face.
Sure, he got scammed but maybe it was fate?
@sillyness343 this would be us lmao. Hope you enjoy it!
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lazywriters-blog 2 days ago
Warning: Mentions of suicide, violence, swearing, non-consensual touching, slight nudity, and yandere behaviour, might contain triggering content.
Summary: Escaping is a risky choice but, Katsuki dislikes it, even more, when he is ignored.
Word count: 15.5k
Last instalment of the series I suppose...
He wasn't supposed to be there.
Beside her when she awakened, so intimately close to her body, watching with a mellow gleam, an eased arm on her waist, periodically, squeezing her when she tries to stir around and face away, there's an unspoken rule of not making eye contact when someone is too close, that's exactly what she did, feeling a little uneasy to supply her lungs with air.
"Aren't you going to greet me?" He suddenly inquired with an irascible voice, leaning inwards and pulling her near him. She nervously giggled, electing that saying something was better than nothing, so she answered.
"Morning." He didn't come across as pacified, and she charily sought to peel off his hold but he quickly got defensive.
"Aren't you going to call me by my first name?" He sternly implored, she drew in a shallow breath while she could, staring into his eyes, the fervent fragrance of caramel concealing the small space he had made for her. It made her a little doubtful and reminisced about his behaviour the previous day.
"If you want me to..." She wobbly replied, bending her head so she would haven't to obligate to his coveted gaze. Changing directions and observing the rosy light coated on the walls by the early day-spring, sensing his grasp get warmer.
He stridently exhaled, suddenly getting up and sitting on the side of the mattress, his face steering down while she shifted backwards, keeping her eyes on him, he stood up, shortly saying, "get up."
She didn't move.
He groaned and repeated, "get up, we are going outside. You better not try anything or else I'm leaving you here locked up."
"If you think about calling for help, looking at someone the wrong way." He turned towards her.
"You'll have to face whatever I deem correct after we come back, got it?" He said, slowly she dismantled her position and bobbed her head, glancing to the left as he opened the closet, rampaging through the hangers, and threw a set of black shirts and jeans across the room and landing on the bed.
She mended her unkempt hair, loosening her strained shoulders and shrugging them back to release the tension, frowning, he came back, glaring down at her, wordlessly instructing her to remove her clothes.
"I can do it." She pushed her luck.
"If you don't do as I say, I'll make you do it." He replied, closing in her face, not wanting to have him force her into compliance again, she unwillingly rose her shirt over her head, folding her arms around her belly, being painfully aware of his inspecting gaze.
He grabbed the shirt, draping it around her body, buttoning it, she didn't want him to look at her again when she was minimally dressed, so she quickly took the pants and wore them, no doubt, he was not happy with her choice. He glared at her, however, decided to keep his mouth shut.
"Be ready before I can come back," he ordered, walking out the room. Had he cancelled his patrol for today?
They had breakfast in the same unsettling atmosphere as before, this time, he wasn't all that moody, she can say, she finished hers a little faster than katsuki, quiescently watching him, looking away when he sensed her gaze, it made her want to run off to an isolated area again, she relented, however, right after they were done.
He decided to make his plans more apparent.
He brought duct tape, and a coal-black facemask, she wasn't certain until he neared her lips and taped it on her mouth, pressing it harder so that it couldn't come off if she tried to, putting the mask on and devilishly smiled. It hid her lower face, nobody could assume she was restrained with her kidnapper right next to her.
"There, now you are ready, you pull off your mask to ask for help, you'll get more punishment to bear, got it?" he coyly whispered, and she slightly bows her head.
She nodded. He doesn't trust her.
She was back in the same car.
Reliving her dreaded memories from the night he broke her phone, kidnapped her, yelled at her, it was still so very vivid in her agitated state, his reassuring grip on her thighs served as a hefty reminder, coddling her skin, a tender glint in his stern eyes, most delighted from the situation he has stranded her in.聽
she stared down, her legs shaking, feeling like something heavy was sitting on top of her head, she could not assimilate the signs and the blurry images of the cars, it gave her a headache, she wasn't able to breathe, her heart hammering in her ribcage, she held her face, hissing, how could he have not noticed?
"Your head hurting?" he asked, lifting a brow, she confirmed it with a tiny nod, slumping back to rest her throbbing skull, closing her eyes, trying to forget she was ever with him.
"Let's not play with kacchan anymore."聽
She had requested on a sanguine cloudless day, clenching her fists to her sides and glaring at the young boy with her chin down, her lower lip pursed, attempting to seem as strict as she could muster with her cute face.
"Why not?" izuku replied, looking at the girl with open eyes.聽聽
"because he is mean, to me, to you. We shouldn't hang with him anymore," she answered with her cheeks puffed, her expression contorting in disgust and displeasure recalling the blonde kid.聽
"We shouldn't do that to kacchan, he is our friend!" the innocent boy demured, showing his frivolity with extended palms, non-verbally telling her she is being unreasonable with her selections. She did not yield to his charms, knitting her eyebrows, narrowing her eyes
"He does that to us all the time..." she argued, upper lip rising, snarling.
"But we shouldn't be mean too, you know."聽
She huffed, still not in an agreement with his poor decision, "I don't like him, he is especially rude to you sometimes, can we not be around him all the time?" she said, putting some distance between her and the boy, tightly folding her arms, walking in the opposite direction. Not towards the playground izuku had expressed to go.聽
"Don't be mean like him too, he's so cool though... why don't you like him?"
She tossed him a nasty glare, quickly turning her head away from him and picking up her pace, "I just don't, he's always looking at me... looking so angry." she carried on.
"And you don't defend him! I don't like him, I don't wanna play with him, his group doesn't like me nor does he, I don't wanna be around him!" she firmly stated, the greenette raced after her, all while she was dismissing his presence.
"What should we do then?" he softly implored, looking up at the girl.
"I don't know, but anything is better than being with him..."
The shy boy did not respond, quietly following behind the girl, going to their homes to do something now that their original plan was butchered, just at the crossing of the road, they stumbled across his small group of friends gathered around him.
The female jumped, dragging the boy along with her to hide from their notorious friend, sadly for her, one of the kids had seen her frame, so he pointed right in the direction she had dashed into. "Was that loopy?" he said, kacchan darted his attention behind him, squinting his eyes.
"Where?" he inquired, "I saw her run into that corner over there, think it was her?" he pointed towards her location. "Let's see, Deku promised to bring her with him."
The young ones were breathing a sigh of relief when their peace was intruded.
"Oh! Guess you were right." chuckled the blonde boy, dropping his smile upon seeing them huddled together.
"What are you two losers doing?" He started, slowly covering the gap placed between them, she gulped, standing behind izuku.
"Hey kacchan, we... um were looking for you." He sheepishly replied, anxiously smiling, shouldering the girl's view.
"Why is she hiding behind you?" He snarled,
"Izuku, I wanna go home..." She gently whispered, however, her voice seemed to have reached the blonde as well, who instantly furrowed his eyebrows, appearing unhappy.
"...' Wanna go home' huh loser!" He mimicked her tone, more upset than he should be.
"We're going to play, you losers are going to come, so you both better be grateful I'm inviting you two useless nerds." He said, especially giving the feeble girl a harsh glare before assembling the group.
"Loopy!! You stand at the front!" He added.
"Or else I just know you'll run off from behind like a coward."
She heard playful giggles all the way, kacchan had been walking beside her while the three others and izuku obeyed behind them, she is certain she heard them say 'boss looks so happy' and 'look at them holding hands dude!'
He had just astounded her with it, coiling his small hand into hers, his chin held up high as he grinned, she didn't say it but his palms were sweaty, all part of his uniquely stupid fawned quirk, explosions.
"Our boss is looking nice!" One of them cheered, and the kid in question responded with a, "obviously!"
They ceased at a 'do not trespass' sign, he dragged her along after shouting misplaced words of encouragement and entering the zone, it's the worse idea he's come up with, she was not about to get into trouble cause of his foolishness and their eagerness as to follow him.
But the worse was about to come.
As they bravely walked in front of them, on a log of wood placed on top of a small river, she cautiously tightened her grasp, steadying her uneven steps to keep up the pace, however, kacchan slipped on a slimy texture and she was no brute to hold him up.
As a result, they both fell.
She didn't take much of the impact, she landed on him, their tiny bodies hurting but not injured, drenched in water from top to toe, it wasn't a long fall so thankfully, they didn't suffer any major wounds. She got up, staring at the blonde's wide eyes, flustered, she quickly stumbled away.
"You guys okay down there??"
Yelled his group from atop the lumber, gazing down at the two fallen in the creek, kacchan had somewhat cushioned her descent, taking most of the consequences of his absurd actions, which she knew she should have resisted but didn't.
The boy looked at her, flushed pink, grabbing her hand, pulling her with him, resilient not to speak with anyone during the rest of their venture.
Before she and izuku departed, she talked.
"If you want to play with him, then fine, but I'm not coming with you. See you around." She wasn't angry but something just felt so off at that moment with him at the pond, she wasn't thinking anything through. Leaving home with soaked clothes, and wet hair, not knowing what she was about to tell her mom.
"O-okay... I'm going to come about tomorrow!" He replied, shyly biding the girl goodbye. She didn't say anything.
They were far neighbours, she and kacchan, she would always see him at the playground congregated around where she would dillydally, with his friends, she ended losing her favourite niche because of him.
She was avoiding him after that incident.
One afternoon, when the place was empty and she had dearly yearned for it, she went ahead and relished in the tranquil environment, joyously moving her legs back and forth, too tardy to notice the figures behind her.
A water balloon crashed into her head.
Then boisterous laughter invaded her senses, glancing up to the proud union of his friends, the leader had taken a little longer to emerge before her sight. Ecstatic at her presence, she rubbed her damp hair, susceptible to cruel words.
"Loopy didn't see that coming!"
"Yeah, she's sure fallen hard for our boss!" His gang chortled, she strenuously inhaled, her upper lip pressed in, dyeing an irritated gloss on her face, she fiercely glared at them.
"I don't like your boss! I don't like any one of you!!" She raised her voice, twitching with rage, "you losers don't even have any manners! First, learn how to be a better human!" She gushed out her negative emotions, halting the kid's giggle. Who gawked at her sudden rude awakening.
"What did you say loopy?!" Kacchan broke the static silence, stepping toward her.
"I don't like you!!" She repeated, louder.
As soon as harm had been made evident, she rushed out of the area. Abandoning an enraged Katsuki behind.
The next day at school, something changed, everyone looked at her different, they would mumble something into each other's ears, bumping shoulders more often than usual, whatever they heard, made them want to exclude her from anything.
She wasn't talked to, she got isolated, all of a sudden, even izuku was reticent, gazing at her with betrayed eyes, without speaking, asking her why she did what she did, she was baffled, she hadn't done anything.
She doesn't know what rumours were distributed about her, but everyone seemed to hate her.
She was writing something, it was a bustling lunch break, she had not eaten her food, not feeling hungry and motivated. Minding her own business, when she felt her hair slightly move. Then she saw a piece of it drop on her shoulder from the corner of her eyes, greeting her eyes was Katsuki with a scissor in hand.
She looked down, finding her strands on the floor, unattached, still.
She screamed.
"Hey, wake up."
She groaned, shifting and unprepared to drift into reality, his deep voice reached her ears again, closer than before.
"Oi! Idiot, get up!" He exhorted, she fluttered her eyes wide, pointing her weary glance at him, observing outside the door to see where they had arrived, it had gotten dark. Katsuki grimaced, leaning back with a sharp glare. She rapidly blinked, slowly inserting her legs out.
She had fallen asleep and slept for long enough that it was nighttime, she yawned, still aloof in her dreamy thoughts and reviving herself up.
"Do you want me to carry you?" He pestered, and she softly shook her head.
Reeling but managed to stand her ground as Katsuki locked the door with his hand densely holding her wrist, sanctioning no chance of escape, she inspected the idyllic place, secluded somewhere inside a public park not frequented by any, it was just him and her again.
He brought her to a bench, making her settle down, the gap between them inadequate, his clasp claiming her down, receptive that she could not overwhelm him if she tried to run. She didn't know where she was, so she had to be smart if she was going to do it.
He gripped her hand, calling for her attention.
"Look at me, idiot." He muttered, forcing her face to him and removing the mask, warning her with his eyes tearing the tape off her lips, it hurt for a split second.
"I'm not going to beat around the bush." He started, sternly staring at her, she inconsistently made eye contact, she was anxious already, whatever he says wasn't any less reason for concern.
"We are going to make it official." He declared, her heart dropped, receding into her skin. He couldn't be that serious, certainly, this wasn't going to be a normal relationship if they even attempted, the damage was already done.
"I want to make us real, I've loved you for long enough, you love me as well, so, it's only natural for us to get married... Have a family." He calmly said, "I've thought about it... It's what you and I want."
She gulped, her body gone stiff, comprehending his words, living through her unquiet thoughts, closing shut her eyes, the cold breeze stifling now that the rationale had registered into her mind. She didn't want it.
"A brat of our own..." He mused, "I know you are going to love them." He finished, he tugged her face, glaring into her fear-stricken orbs. He sneered.
"No is not the answer here, you can't live without me I know you can't, you need me."聽
"I'm not going to let you refuse."
She was trembling, not opting to speak anything until he made it difficult not to.
"Say something damn it!!" He shouted.
She was conflicted, pretending along seemed like a hazardous choice when her disinclination was so clear, he wasn't going to fall for that, and if she did refute, what was he going to do?
What option does she have? In her troubled mind, nothing was making sense.
She didn't want to be stuck with him. For her entire life, she just didn't have the will to tolerate him longer than she already has.
"I... I don't know." She replied.
His reaction didn't feel encouraging to proceed with her diatribe against his inkling, suddenly their small space becoming all the more suffocating, now that he's let go of his invisible restraints.
"What?" He bitterly taunted, "what do you mean you don't know?!" The only thing remaining was for him was to lift his hand at her, the unpleasant aura emitting from him rendering her apprehensive, he paused.
The sound of her heartbeat ringing inside her ears, peeking at the male, who abruptly gleamed an eerie smile.
"Oh, I get it." He resumed.
"You want me to take the responsibility, of course, a stupid woman like you, needs someone who can take the charge."
"Don't worry, I can do just that, you won't have to concern yourself with any decisions." He gently caressed her cheek, leaning near, just a few inches apart.
She didn't do anything.
Persisting still, the brief glimpse she had taken of his stare, flashed before her eyes. He didn't appear the same, a sense of homesickness overwhelmed her, she just could not stay strong for long.
"I'll take all the responsibility."
"For you."
She was enduring it.
Katsuki charged toward the scene of a crime.
A petty criminal but a villain no less that needed to be taken care of if he wanted to be at the top.
A loud ear-piercing explosion quelled the perturbed standers who had the fortune to witness and gap, a low rumble shaking the streets as some quickly covered their ears, meekly protecting themselves from any unpredictable accidents.
"Ah! If it isn't ground zero, here to arrest me?" The thief taunted, beholding a smug exterior while the blonde glared, oddly not quick to yell and get offensive, the lone survivor of the criminal team with the bag of stolen gems made a hasty step back, heart beating when no clever ideas were introduced.
"How about we chat some? I heard there was a-"
The pro-hero did not have the patience to listen, engaging his combat gadgets and shooting a concentrated beam at the shaken man, sadly, who didn't have the time to dodge or run, taking the hit and laid on the ground, defeated, the blonde approached the lanky figure, plonking his boot on the man's back in case he tried anything, pressing him down.
He tapped one of the buttons on his waist, crouching down with a reinforced handcuff, apprehending the looter, and then took off, a cloud of black smoke left in his trail.
"Hey man! Bakubro, It's almost time for lunch wanna grab a bite?" a cheery friendly voice rang inside the blonde's earbuds, he groaned, stopping atop a building before speaking with a rough tone.
"No shitty hair, I'm not gonna eat right now."
"You saying no to meat dude?"
Not bothered to answer, he cut off their conversation and stood for a while, shifting his hand back and stuffing them into his pocket, taking out his phone, he stared at it.
Switching it on as he sat down on the edge of the rooftop, he immediately opened his gallery, selecting one of the most recent pictures.
Then, he swiped.
Ceasing at an image of his crush sleeping, peacefully at ease, his lips slightly curled down.
Another one of her staring bewildered into space, some of her changing in the girl's locker room he had someone sent it to him, another of him and her, he was holding her hand whilst she slept, it fit perfectly.
"You are so fixated on her man! Get another girl I'm sure they will appreciate you much more than she ever did." His friends suggested.
The dark alleyway served as a safe spot for a person who would harm for good. He had cuffed down the last bit of soda, gripping the can tighter, strongly against the advice but didn't say otherwise.
"Take Aoi for example, she's pretty hot."
He glared with disgust, snarling at the two teens and pacing his steps, they knew what to take from his mannerisms so they didn't have to confirm it twice.
"He did like loopy even when we were in kindergarten..." one of the two whispered, taking notice, and then asked, "you really like her that much?"
That aggravated the blonde teen.
"Next time I see her! I'm going to drag her away and make sure she doesn't leave me ever again!!" he shouted, fiercely tossing the can and kicking it. The two boys alarmed, stared at each other, wordlessly communicating their troubled thoughts.
"Let's get our mind off of things, you know, go to the arcade..."
"Or, we could match you up with one of the ladies.!"
Katsuki did not like it when his ideals were questioned.
There was a time when he had gotten desperate for any contact with the girl, after she changed homes asking the neighbours would be too striking, and finding her at any nearby schools was near to impossible, he even made a child cry one time, who he found out was some of her close friends he never saw her interact with.
That lead him to another dead end.
The only thing he had of her, was her notebook.
Now, though.
He has her.
Locked up, in his house, all docile, fragile, someone he needed to protect, giving her up after all these years of wanting her wouldn't sit right, even if guilt is in lead, he feels no remorse for doing it, he would rather live with the guilt than have her throw him out of her life again.
He kept his phone back inside his pocket.
Standing up from his short break and readied to patrol the area one last time, having something in mind he wanted to do later.
He stopped in front of her house, it was quiet.
Walking towards the entrance with steady footsteps, welcoming himself inside with the key he ransacked from her, nothing seemed to be moved, other than what he recollects being knocked down during her struggle, he locked the door, eyeing the living room then paced towards the stairs.
He opened her bedroom door, invited by the sweet smell of her perfume, lingering about the area, it felt lifeless. To him, at least. She's only been gone for three days.
He slowly slithered towards her wardrobe, unhooking it and peeking inside one of the drawers he opened first, how lucky for him to have guessed the precise nook where she keeps her panties and bras, he lifted a red bra, strong in hue, rough to the touch, he would like it on her. She doesn't own anything inappropriate, that just means he's going to be her first.
Fishing out one of her baby blue underwear, he eyed it for a long while. This one had a smooth texture, and it smelled floral, newly washed, he dragged a steady breath inside, examining the room for something, in the end, he chose to safe keep it in his pockets, in his middle school days, he would have died to possess her panties, merely because she teased him by falling and exposing her unmentionables. Those skirts were short.
His heart sped up.
Slowly pulling out her black lingerie, he swiftly held his breath, he could almost visualize her donning it and feigning in the mirror, striking a pose and grinning, her hair let loose, showing off her skin, dancing about. He quickly tossed it to the bed, hastily drawing out a shallow intake and locking the cavity.
To take his mind off things, he stepped ahead, halting at her assortment of make-up, and her laptop, but other than that, there wasn't anything as exciting as finding her hidden secrets. Like a moth to a flame, he opened her wardrobe again, eyes darting to an alcove he hasn't seen yet, instantly an all might plushie greeted his gaze, small and smiling, soft and clean, he stopped for a moment.
The telephone rang from below, he quickly pivoted his attention to the sound, caught off-guard but he had a hunch he didn't need to confirm, it had to be her parents reaching out to her, after all, he broke her phone and took her to their home, he's their unofficial son-in-law.
He's pushing their daughter out of her shell, wanting to be with her for the rest of his life and more than willing to die with her, their childhood years were just a plain misunderstanding, he was just so in love, he didn't realize what wrong he was committing.
But, not like he's going to let them talk to her so easily, they took her away, they made him wait, and they did not consider him.
He'll do the same. He needs to protect her.
There's nothing wrong is exacting the same.
He slammed the door to his house.
Heeding his loud footsteps walking toward her fixed location, clasped in his left hand one of the bags he borrowed from her, to bring home some of her clothes, at least some of which he liked, he wore a grim scowl, he had forgotten to take the keys with him, instead, he found it right where he last left them, he was getting forgetful.
He sauntered to his room, lazily hauling his shirt and throwing it to the side, he didn't feel like cleaning anything, he just wanted to change into his clothes and see her in the room unable to escape, pulling on a white tank top, dark blue sweatpants, leaving his room in a hurry.
He ceased before the door, pushing the key inside and unfastening the entrance to her room, he kicked it ajar, welcoming himself inside, locking the door behind him.
She was still in bed. Wrapped in blankets.
Awake, lethargic to get up and have her breakfast, still unfinished and untouched, he grimaced, nearing her, towering over her form as he grumbled, "why are you still in bed, do you need me to feed you from now on?"
She didn't say anything.
He let it slide, for now, sternly saying, "get up."
She slowly rose, her hairs uncombed, messy, the nightgown he forced her into removed and discarded from her figure, wearing a simple attire. She kept her mouth shut, rarely blinking as she watched him, he glared once and seized the cold food, sneering, "come closer, I can't feed you if you are being a little baby, did I not tell you to eat or else I would force it down your throat, huh?!"
His scolding didn't seem to phase her, she dully looked down, slightly pressing her lips together when he shoved the spoon into her mouth, hesitantly allowing him to provide her nourishment she was denying herself, the rice and the curry had gone cold, but it remained tasty to a certain degree. Plus, she was hungry.
They both sat close, their thighs touching, his ruby eyes observing her chew and swallow, his brows were furrowed, lips tightened, she had to blink away from the sight, he noticed, the subtle shine in her eyes, unspoken tears at bay.
She wasn't good at hiding herself. From him. She only knew how to avoid him.
Suddenly, she decided to speak.
"... I miss mom and dad, can I talk with them, please?" She asked, worried gaze settled on her lap, he stared at her, firmly beginning, "so you could get away from me again?" She looked at him, eyebrows pinched up and lips curled down, "no I'm not going to let you talk with them."
She goes still.
Resisting the spoon near her mouth, moving her face away, he sharpened his glare, "oh, so you don't wanna eat anymore, just because I said no." He mocked.
"You are so childish."
She sulked, not wanting to have anything to do with him, she had determined to play docile to trap him, now, however, she wanted nothing but to claw his eyes out. She was being irrational but, the day's worth of loneliness had its cost.
Inevitably when her memories flashed before her eyes, she couldn't help but cry, she was very much dependent upon them after her years of middle school, and her sister was out of the picture. When left to ponder alone, all sorts of things occur in the mind, by now, she thought she would have gotten adjusted to it, but she proved herself wrong, this was just like the time she spend staring at the walls.
No one around to snap her out of it.
She was going to go insane.
"Why are you crying? You haven't changed so far, have you? You are still the weak little loopy I know, always bound to cry by just one insult." He taunted, keeping the plate aside, drinking in her disgruntled features, he adorned that expression on her face.
"Stop crying." He firmly demanded.
She shoots him a glance, scooting away from him and laying down, covering her face and coiling into herself. Dismissing his presence.
He stifles his strong urge to rip her away.
And put her into her place.
He leaves her alone for the time being, and lets her weep miserably, he doesn't care. He is unhappy.
Hearing his phone ring in his room, he goes to pick it up, to check if it was important, groaning when It was shitty hair's voice. "Dude! You left without saying anything, your agency was worried man!" Kirishima shouted into the speaker, there was a disturbance in the background, he assumed he was still on patrol.
"It's their fault for worrying, I had other things to do." He replied, turning around.
"Other things like?" The caller inquired.
"That's none of your business."
"Geez sorry for prying, I thought maybe you and your pretty assistant had disappeared off to somewhere." Kirishima cheerily disclosed, Katsuki could see him grinning from here. Annoyed, he responded with a sour tone.
"Shut up shitty hair, I don't like that bitch." He continued.
"If you like her that much why don't you ask her out I hate that bitch, don't even try to pair me up with her."
"Sorry man, I was just attempting to tease you. But hey, it sounds to me that you've found someone already." Kirishima answered within a second. The male stiffened, narrowing his eyes whilst he jumped to the worse conclusion.
"Do I know her?" Kirishima implored.
"Yeah what if I've found someone already, it's got nothing to do with you shitty hair."
"Oh, man! So you've really got somebody already?!"
"Shut up!! If you go around telling anyone about this, I'm burying you alive." Katsuki weakly concealed the threat in his voice, and the male on the call went quiet for a moment.
"Hehe... That's quite a... Threat bakubro. I promise I won't tell anyone." Kirishima reassured, nervously muttering something else to diffuse the abrupt tension.
"Okay man gotta go now, see you tomorrow." Without saying anything, he cut the call and threw the device onto the mattress.
Briefly sneaking a peek at the clock, he realised only a few minutes had flown, even though, it felt longer to him. Unwinding his muscles, he bends forward, resisting the impulse to rest.
Kacchan's birthday was a memory.
The young girl came with no one but herself, a dejected expression on her face, wearing her usual outfit and a greenette she used to wander out with not inhabiting the space next to her, she was alone, seeing the other kids play, the bakugo household used to be her favourite for its spacious expanse, it was big and just had an allure to it she preferred, now, it felt desolated even with people throughout.
She wasn't feeling like herself that day.
The main cause of the party was squabbling with his group of supporters, adorned with an artificial crown, bright red shirt, and brown pants, she witnessed some of the girls fawn over him with twinkling eyes and an enthusiastic smile, no older than her, it was his 11th birthday, no matter the years, he stayed the same.
"Loopy's here!"
Someone rats her out, pushing her into a huge bowl of boiling water, that's how her untrained mind perceived it, of course, his eyes were immediately on her, waiting for her, he perked up and made his way towards her with a smug exterior.
"Aren't you going to give me a gift?" He solicited, she doesn't give a proper reaction, sitting perfectly stiff, she answered, "I did."
"That doesn't count." He uttered. Seeing her unbothered expression, he figured she didn't understand the implications.
"A kiss will do the trick." He grinned.
She made a disgusted facade, quickly getting up from her comfortable seat and running off to the exit. He shouted, "Hey!! Get back here!"
Shortly after breaking into a sprint, everyone noticed their frenzy commotion, Even the adults, who chuckle at the display, the girl carried on her dash, exhaling air out of her mouth and squeezing past the mob.
"Get her!!" Yelled the birthday boy from behind her, knowing she was about to be chased by four others, making her task tougher. She knew she shouldn't have come.
"Kacchan I got her!!" A young boy exclaimed as he stepped in front of her path, she quickly headbutted him and continued, feeling remorseful by the second, she could see the entrance in a distance and hope instantly replenished her will, shaking like a leaf when the tall figure of a lady entered her eyesight. She ceased.
It was his mother.
She was in trouble, wasn't she? She gulped.
"Oh!! Hello there, where are you going?" She inquired peering down at her, now that she has the chance to closely discern her, Katsuki did look similar to his mother. She anxiously admitted, catching her breath, "um... I was going home."
"So soon? We haven't cut the cake yet."
What was she going to say? Should she lie?
"I- I- my mom told me to get back soon." She replied, earning a smile from the woman. "Such an obedient daughter!!"
"There she is!" Called out a familiar voice from behind, she flickered her gaze behind just to see him catching up with her, scared, she bolted, racing out the gate and going home as fast as she could.
"Katsuki! Where do you think you're going?!" Mitsuki shouted at the boy, yanking him back before he could rush after the girl. It seemed like the child had fallen and ruined his clean getup, his skin glazed with mud.
"Come here!! Go wash your face! What did I tell you about not getting dirty! You ruined your clothes!" The mother screamed, heaving the struggling kid inside.
The four boys witnessed their leader's departure, hiding their emotions behind a veil. Until one of them giggled, "man that chase was intense."
"Yeah... I'm exhausted, dude."
Katsuki jolted awake, frantically gaping at his surroundings, he rapidly blinked, scrambling to make sense of it, he had woken up from a bad nightmare, a dream where she had hung herself, in their room, he exhaled and inhaled. His heart was pounding. He needed to see her.
Vacating his room and hurrying towards her space, not bothered to turn on the lights as he unsealed the entrance and stared at the bed, where she was sound asleep. Quietly he closed the door, approaching her peaceful frame, there was a dim glow of light emitting from the window outlining her figure.
He sat down beside her, watching her easily breathe in and out, lost and deep into her slumber, a faint line of dried tears embedded into her cheek, he looked away for a split second.
Gently curling his fingers around hers.
Hesitantly placing his hand on her abdomen, for a fleeting moment, he imagined their child.
She unexpectedly stirred, getting her eyes adjusted to the dark, wondering if she was still asleep or awake when she comprehended his silhouette, she squinted, involuntarily stretching her muscles upon peeling off the blanket away from her upper half and sitting up.
"Were you... watching me sleep?" She cautiously raised a question. Katsuki did not respond.
The unresolved tension renewed, handing her a second chance of overthinking each notion, she furthered herself from him, not eased by the fact that his silence meant something unpleasant.
She would know.
She has tolerated his tactics for long enough to be aware of it. Every day was a test of will. Patience.
"No." He finally acknowledged.
"Then, what were you doing here?" She asked, as politely as she could in case he took it as a rude awakening.
"I had a bad dream."
She did not question him about it.
Silence resides in the room. Until...
"What are you going to offer if I let you talk with your parents?" He abruptly said, stunning her with his consideration of her request.
"I won't ask you again." She replied with a downcasted gaze. Fidgeting with the sheet. It was a painful lie. But for now, it would do.
Katsuki listened.
"If you speak a word about our situation, I'll make sure they'll have a hard time living."聽
"I won't." She immediately consoled. The first step to earning his trust. "I promise."
He glared into her eyes, she made an effort to maintain eye contact. She couldn't bet if he believed her or not. It was a tricky gamble.
"Fine. Get up before I drag you out of the room." He commanded standing up to his feet and pacing out of the bedroom.
She gradually made her way to the kitchen, nestling down on one of the chairs, holding in her breath whilst she waited, discreetly looking around to view anything usable, something to aid in her coming venture. Like a knife, unfortunately, it was a risky choice.
She needed to escape before her flight.
That is if he hadn't rescinded it already which she reckons he did. She grew fearful at the thought of it, if he's gotten ahold of her account, then she's going to be financially troubled.
Every strategy has come to seem like a dead end.
She directed her focus to the male, vigorous in preparing dinner, briskly stealing a glimpse of her, keeping a trained eye on her. If she does anything, he would know. She lowered her eyes. Hearkening to the sounds.
Ultimately, he returns.聽
Presented with a plate of fried noodles, coated in red seasonings that appeared spicy just by the look of it. She began to eat once Katsuki had, it was peppery but tasty, it had a little bit of spiciness to it. She could handle it just right. She finished it just in time for him to have completed it as well.
He smirked at her, "so you were hungry."
She sniffed, plopping her arrogance to the side and nodding, her tongue was oddly burning.
She silently dwelled, she had a suspicion her voice would sound a little different. Would getting up for some water be considered an escape attempt? She thinks to herself.
Thankfully, when Katsuki came back, he brought a bottle of water, and she took it.
For some reason, he seemed impressed.
"So..." He proceeds.
"You had one lingerie in your closet." She ceases to gobble down the cool liquid, she wasn't sure how he knew but it wasn't hard to speculate.
"You've never had anyone special In your life. I'm your first and your last." He grinned, "on our honeymoon, I聽 should buy you new ones."
He leaned forward, "have you ever fu*ked anyone?" He said, she stared at his fierce expression, his tone sounding a little forced. She shook her head.
He smiled. She could assume why. He wanted to be the first and the best in everything after all.
"Of course, I'm your first." He spoke.
"And you deny ever having feelings for me, everyone used to say that you had a crush on me, well, it doesn't matter now." He uttered with a wide smile.
She persists in her cessation.
Hauling himself up, he picks her up, turning off the lights and striding towards her prison.
Positioning her down on the bed and going back to the door, she heard the lock click into place, trapping her with him, she moved backwards, creating some distance, draping her legs and her torso with the blanket. Laying her head on the pillow, mandating sleep to arrive soon.
He settled close to her body, gripping her waist and forcing her to face him, wrapping his arms around her midsection and back, tugging her closer.
Her mild struggles didn't make him lose his hold, instead, he buried his face into her hair, inhaling deeply, she wasn't comfortable.
Their bodies were touching.
She could hear him breathe, her chest against his, could he feel her heartbeat?
"I'm thinking this month. We can get married." He muttered near her ear, "I don't want to wait any longer."
"It will be just you and me. It's safer that way." He carried on. "I don't want anyone to interfere with our life. It's just you and me."
She doesn't like the idea.
He's going to isolate her.
His childhood dreams about marrying her are coming to fruition, he doesn't need to be paranoid now, he's got her back, they are together and nobody is separating them, even her parents.
"Tomorrow, you'll make sure that your parents get the idea, or else. It's going to get so much worse, for you, and them."
She can't endure him much longer.
He kissed her neck, moving her closer, she couldn't breathe, she couldn't take it.
She tore herself away from his grasp and scurried into the bathroom, shutting it and nippily crouched down into the bathtub, she could stay here, anywhere was fine as long as she could keep him away from her, it didn't matter.
Dropping her head onto her knee, she stared into the darkness, the light turned on, and as his shadow at the door indicated he had done so, she toughened.
"Come out." He coldly insisted.
She does not give him a reaction.
"You gonna be a brat and not listen to me? Is this the thanks you give to me?" He curtly mumbled. She promptly defied him, knowing full well it was going to be hurtful.
"Guess I've spoiled you too much." He scowled, "want me to force my way in?" He taunted her once she does not take the chance to make herself clear.
"You better come out while you can. I'm not giving you any way opportunities, I've let you run loose for long."
Her heart skipped a beat.
"Loopy, this is your last chance. Come out."
She shakily made herself move towards the door, undoing it and surrendering.
Like she always does.
The morning came.
She had pretended to have been asleep when in reality she couldn't afford to let her defences down, strangely the sensation of his warm arms had clung to her skin, she had been on edge the entire time, hustling away when she could, but who knew someone's clutch could hurt so much?
Powerless to move or do anything else, closing her eyes and qualifying slumber to arrive if it came had been her suggestion.
Dread is the first thing she makes sense of.
How could she not when it's been most of her young years, stressing for the worse. The phone is right before her eyes, she could call for help if Katsuki hadn't been her bodyguard intensely inspecting for any tell-tale signs of dishonesty.
She bows her head, allowing for whatever to happen to transpire so some ounce of peace will ease her.
Because, how can she calm herself when her heart is beating so fast, she feels light-headed from all the thoughts traversing her mind.
She had given him her sister's number. She can't let her parents worry, she's done enough damage as is.
"[Y/n]! Oh my God, we've been trying to reach you for four days, where have you been?" Her sister's anxious voice caught her attention, and she initiated the speech she's been intending to say the whole night.
"My phone broke." She replied.
"You could have gotten a new phone or at least let us know through texts! Are you going back into that same bad habit of avoiding?"
"No sis." Her words sounded harsh.
"No? Just say you don't like my husband already, like mom and dad!" The sister loudly stated.
"Mom and dad don't dislike your husband sis, what are you talking about, what happened?"
"Just shut up." She bit her tongue. Was her family falling apart? Without her mild interference, would there be a chance for a major misunderstanding?
"I swear I wasn't trying to ignore any of you." She placidly pacified, after all, their bond had rusted and that love had been... Wiped out.
"Yeah sure, I know, you've been ignoring me for two days straight and then, you went ahead and broke your device and now, you've decided not to come at all."
Her heart stopped.
So he had succeeded in cancelling her flight.
"It's like you have no concern for me." She said it reminded her of what her mom used to shout, what she endured when her sister left.
For a second, it all hurt.
"It's like you have no concern for me, you just up and leave me alone when I needed you most! Your lover was more important than me or dad or mom, you left us first!! You left me first!"
She resumed despite realizing she should quit, not let her emotions run wild and take charge, however, something had broken inside of her.
"And now..." I'm stuck
She couldn't complete her sentence.
"... Go be happy with your husband, it's okay I don't matter, you've left me a long time ago."
She ended the call. Remembering her kidnapper was right behind her throughout the heated interaction.
She did not let out a single word, staring at the table and sliding the gadget to the side, disheartened by the sad certainties, no matter, she was not going to show it on her face. Give him reasons to surmise he had saved her from a harmful household.
He's familiar with her family situation. Bits of a bigger picture but the point stands, she should have kept her mouth shut.
Oddly enough, she feels shameful.
"Does your sister hate you or something?" Katsuki rudely interrogated, wielding his phone up to his face and tapping on the screen, clearing his call history.
"No. She just has someone else who Is more special I guess." She countered. Upset. She knew everyone was bound to leave one day.
Abruptly a phone call interrupts the two.
The male furrowed his eyebrows, bringing the device down back onto the table, and swiping the received button.
"Honey!! Why haven't you been picking up?? I was so worried something might have happened to you!" It was her mother. Her parents.
"My phone broke..."
"Why have you decided not to come? I thought you had agreed to once you completed your work!"
"I know but I can't right now." She lied.
"Okay... I miss you, honey, don't leave us with your sister. Right- before I forget, we found the perfect guy for you, he's handsome, you both would match very well when you come, we will all meet him."
The truth was, she wasn't ever going to come.
"He's the son of one of your father's friends, I heard he is a good guy, maybe you can get married a little sooner, I don't want you to be alone."
"I'm sure you'll like him." Her mother's voice softened. Sadly for her, more fuel was added to the flame.
"I gotta go, mom. I'll try to call you." She lied again.
She quickly declined the call and snatched a quick glance at the male. Standing eerily still.
Something was festering inside.
Katsuki stared at the wall in his office, the papers slogging his table half-done, the bland office aromatised with the keen smell of burnt caramel, windows wide and sterile, everything made to his preference.
The blonde himself appears to be in an unpleasant mood, his thoughts shrinking back to her, what her mother said, what it meant.
What it meant for him.
She wasn't only going to leave him but marry someone else, someone better.
Inadvertently his grip on the pen increased, breathing in and out a little faster, furiously scrawling on the white sheets when the notion of her being with some other man came into his mind.
Unknowingly he had also begun to tremble. His knuckle had gone white, lips tightly sealed, glaring at the objects as if they had done him wrong as if they contained a horrible memory he couldn't condone.
He had to know she wasn't trying to escape. If she does, he's going to do something regrettable.
Starting the program on his device, he selected the CCTV footage and soon enough, it showed her room, clean, with no conspicuous thing shattered or tapered, his precious victim in bed, peacefully asleep. Thinking he couldn't see her.
She stirred and her face was now within view, he silently watched, content with the knowledge that he has her, and they were going to marry, he's her life-long partner, not anybody else, he's the one who'd see her every day, someone who loves her, someone who's going to protect her.
She belongs to him now and he's not going to let her parents or any third-class lover get in his way.
He's her best choice.
"Good morning sir, Mr Red riot has requested to see you. May I let him in?" Solicited the female assistant who entered his office shyly, Katsuki side-eyes her, evaluating her words and shortly after, he grunted with furrowed eyebrows.
Sometime later, kirishima joined him. Smiling bright and cloaked in his hero costume, he seemed gladder than usual. He cheered, "Hey man! How's it going?"
Katsuki remained still. He did not answer.
Kirishima's grin slightly wavered, anxiously looking at the tall windows, he put forward a curious question, "so... Are you okay? You look out of it today."
The blonde male glared at him, soundlessly deeming the query unworthy of a response.
"Okay... You wanna grab a bite? Chill for a bit and maybe talk." Kirishima suggested after a tense moment of waiting, whilst the blonde without a word strode out of the room, resigning the redhead to follow behind him.
"Is something wrong dude? You can trust me, man, we're friends! We can share some stuff right?" Kirishima attempted to ameliorate the male but it seemed like he wasn't in the mood to talk or look at him.
The friend decided to keep quiet after that.
The sector was bustling with heroes and sidekicks, and the atmosphere was like the market area where there's no rule to keep the peace, bargaining and talking as one would want, the two friends sauntered past many people on their way to the restaurant. Both keep up a steady pace, the usual smile on the redhead somewhat dimmed.
Kirishima observed his friend walk, standing tall and stomping with heavy footsteps, his composure tautened, while he knew this was the normal way he acted, just something felt eerie.
"So you told me you may or may not have gotten a girlfriend." The redhead nervously began, absolving the weird sensation within himself.
"Good for you man, you got one before me, what's she like? I seriously thought you were hooking up with your assistant for a second." He strived to joke but it served no purpose as the comment fell on deaf ears and unanswered.
He sighed, thinking it was time to cease his questioning and silently go along with his friend.
They reached the diner, stepping in and moving towards the stairs where mostly only notable people were allowed, just to avoid running into hard-die fans, it was their regular spot. The blonde first welcomed himself inside, about to book his seat when his other friend thoughtfully called out to someone.
"Hey, guys! Are you having lunch as well?" He asked, Katsuki frowned, it was izuku and his nerd gang.
"Oh kirishima! Yeah, we are just waiting for our orders." The greenette replied, politely returning the kind smile.
"How about we join you?" He suggested, Katsuki mentally groaned, he wanted to complain but found himself settling down and leaning backwards whilst folding his arms. It was him, kirishima, pink cheeks, four eyes, and izuku.
"How's it going, guys? Patrols can be exhausting at times, how are you holding up?" The redhead initiated a conversation, and the blonde wordlessly listened, unbothered to include himself.
"Yeah so far so good." The three nodded.
"Oh, deku! I remembered the friend we met here, how is she? It's been quite some time." The brunette queried, perking up when the topic to discuss came into mind.
Izuku anxiously grinned, recalling he forgot to tell them anything about her and their history with the blonde watching them in front of him, he couldn't guess right? He carefully spoke up.
"She's good, we haven't talked." He responded, the redhead slightly widened his eyes, saying, "Woah dude, you got a girlfriend too?"
"H-huh no- we are just friends."
"Too? Who else got a girlfriend?" Uraraka inquired, furrowing her eyebrows, the male hesitated, as if he recollected something, with a shy grin he said.
"Um... Sero."
"Wait really?!"
Katsuki looked at them, thinking about her.
What could she be doing right now?
Time quickly transpired, and they both finished their meals and were about to resume work.
"Hey, kirishima." Katsuki suddenly called out as they left the inn. Staring with stern eyes and a grimace.
"What's up?" The redhead retorted, putting on a tiny smile, the blonde then asked. "You are going to help me with something."
The friend blinked, uncertain but didn't say otherwise.
It was past 9 when she woke up from her nap
The room was dark and didn't seem like anyone had come into her space, drowsily she picked herself up and squinted, slowly inching to the switch across her bed.
She sat up straight. Looking around as she contemplated her situation, the dream she just had was disturbing, and it put her on edge.
She was back in her middle school days.
Sitting in the dull classroom with everyone paying attention to the teacher, she sat in the middle with her open book and a pen so tightly clenched in her fist, her lips small as she glanced over at the blonde, watching her from the corner.
She sinks into her seat, apprehensive and impatient to leave, but suddenly, the intense urge to cry washed over her, it persisted and suddenly, she was weeping.
Nobody seemed to mind and continued.
She was sobbing, the droplets soaking into the black lines and white paper, discolouring the ink, her vision blurry as everything faded from sight and now, it truly felt like she was alone and even if everyone were surrounding her, she was lonely.
She hastily shook off her thoughts. Continuing her breathing as more unquiet thoughts occurred.
Even in her dreams, her sister was out of the picture. It reopened an old wound every time she thinks back to the time when she and her sister played off their misery.
It was her fault. She should have stopped her sister when she had the chance. But now, even familial bonds are forgettable. Does knowing someone for far less than someone who knew you half your life outweigh their importance?
Was love so strong? Was her love not good enough then? Was she that irrelevant?
She just wanted those good old times back.
Where she would be naive enough to ignore the signs and gleefully cope and smile.
"Sis, can you help me with colouring my hair? That colour you put on didn't develop at all." She mused with a pout, troubling the young adult having her dinner.
She appeared stressed and upset. Eventually, she glared, irritated and said.
"No, some other time, I have to talk with Joel this weekend, it's his day off and I won't get to talk to him otherwise."
Visibly, she was pained. But didn't say anything.
Perhaps it is easy to replace her, she isn't that good anyway so she can't blame anyone, but she can't lie and say, it doesn't hurt her.
A month later after that exchange, her parents and her sister got into a big fight. It was a rough period in her life but she prevailed. It ended with a confirmation for marriage, and that was that her sister's promise to stay together even after she settled In with her life-long partner, was neglected.
Being alone and remaining to think, causes a lot of bad thoughts and memories to resurface, she concluded.
It didn't help that her current predicament aided in that. But what could she do? She's trapped.
She laid down once again, letting a few tears slip down her cheeks and disappear into the pillow, she pulled the blanket over her head and curled within herself, hoping with sleep she could forget. Sadly...
He came home.
Without thinking, she wiped the surviving treads of tears and further leaned forward and pulled her legs inwards, the sounds grew apart, and her muscles tensed up. She was unskilled to foretell his actions as it is, if he attacks her out of nowhere, what's she going to do?
She remained still, drawing in a deep breath while she had the chance, seeking to placate her thumping heart but how could she? She was scared.
She hadn't touched her food either if he sees it, there's no doubt there will chastising revolts about it, she only didn't eat because she was sleeping half the day and felt like she could live by without a little food here and there.
That thought added more strain to her worries.
The door opened before she could do something to quash her minor trouble, she could hear him approach her, this had become a natural routine, even if by now, she would have adjusted, she just couldn't. It was unnerving.
"Hey. How long are you going to sleep?" He pensively muttered near her ear, she jolted even when she was expecting his gruff voice.
She blinked, got up and soberly stared at him. She didn't use her words, she tried to smile instead, to her dismay, it didn't make much of a difference.
"Did you eat?" He asked. She looked around, her already wavering grin diminishing.
"No..." She responded.
He drew out a loud groan, saying, "why are you so ungrateful, loopy." He closed the distance between them, continuing, "just when I thought you learned your lesson, do I need to remind you every day?"
"No Katsuki." She spoke, his name slipped out by pure accident, she wasn't succumbing to his will, right? No, she isn't. She isn't.
The blonde seemed slightly surprised himself.
"I meant no. I'm sorry, I wasn't hungry." She restated, despite being aware it wouldn't make a difference when the deed's done and heard.
He didn't say anything.
For a while, there was silence until he shifted towards her. She did the opposite and backed away. He was angry at her, wasn't he?
"I said I'm sorry! Please stop." She pleaded. He instantly grimaced, grabbing her waist when she didn't stop to think and realize, now that they were closer, he grinned wide, nearing her face till their lips were an inch apart.
"Are you teasing me? Loopy, didn't think you could have the guts to say my name. Are you trying to get out of trouble?" He smirked and lightly chuckled, "it's working, you ought to use that more."
She slowly aims to turn her face to the right, wanting to deny him any closure to her lips, he had already stolen her first kiss, and she's not going to give him any chances to achieve anything more out of it. He promptly noticed her struggles.
"Heh, so you are teasing me." He mumbled and then gripped her neck with his other hand, forcing her to veer her face back to him.
"Why don't we take a bath together?" He suddenly suggested, needing to get back at her to get a sensible reaction to amuse himself.
Even if her disagreement was clear as day, he picked her up, walking out of her room and to his.
His room was modern and intact, everything stored in the room was neat, and his bed felt more comfortable, she anxiously surveyed the space as Katsuki locked the entrance, her legs pressed against each other, her hands near her stomach, pondering her decision.
She looked up at him, his form hovering over her, they used to be the same height in their school days, however, currently, he was taller than her.
"Do I need to undress you or are you going to do it yourself." He chastised, hands at the hem of her shirt upon deciding whether or not he should test her. She quickly shook her head, ignoring his touch, soundlessly doffing off her attire till her bra and panties were visible.
She wasn't going to take those off.
He grew irritated, harshly mouthing, "do you need me to take them off?"
"I'm not comfortable with that." She replied. "I can bathe by myself, can we stop?"
"Too bad, your husband just wants to help you and you are being a brat." He returned her gesture, and without any word, he hastily snaked his hand around her abdomen and attached his finger to the fabric, moving it down while keeping her bound.
"What happened with calling me 'Katsuki'? Already started to hate me again, huh?"
"No this isn't right! Stop!" She strongly resisted his tugs, "we aren't even married yet! Stop it!" She cried out, desperately wishing to drag herself back when he put his body weight on hers, effortlessly halting her capacity to breathe.
Without any second thoughts, she shoved her knee straight into his private part and freed an opportunity for herself.
He grumbled, his figure lowered as she pulled up her underwear and imposed some much-needed distance between them. Breathing heavily, shuddering upon meeting his irate gaze, what should she do?
Even if she ran off to any other rooms and locked herself in, how long till even that is inefficient, she doesn't know the passcode, the windows are sealed, and she barely knows anything. He will catch up to her, no matter the cost.
Katsuki grimly snickered.
Looking straight into her soul.
Her stomach hurts. The mild bruise on her wrist stung from time to time, she gently concealed her face with the black blanket, nobody else in the room with her, it was just her, the curtains were parted, and there was no meal like it usually was beside her bed.
She slowly rolled to the left, discerning the pale walls she sees every day in her captivity, the same old wall her mind associated with her room at home. Some days, she'd spend her precious time staring at it, for hours even.
Recalling the most mundane thing to keep herself sane. Repeating it over and over again once the topic gets too colonized.
Nowadays, it felt like her thoughts were eating her alive. Each one was somehow more livid and unbearable than the other.
She sat up, feeling uncomfortable, and she reflected on her past. Happy ones to keep her safe.
For how long, she wonders.
It was unfair how he got to roam and be hailed a hero, while she gets to stay indoors, locked up and trapped, would someone even deem her missing? She doubts it.
Her parents were the only ones who'd defend her, and now after she reassured them, they would have no reason to suspect her motivation, she's done this before, this is how she's been.
Pushing everyone away.
Perhaps a part of her does fear being abandoned, who's to say even her most dearest ones, who say they would never leave her, end up leaving her for good reasons, it doesn't matter, she tells herself.
She's been alone for most of her time.
"Loopy doesn't have any friends! Nobody likes her!" A group of young children rave at the petite girl on the concrete floor, in the playground they were no one else, the girl had her head down, and tears were present, just on the verge of slipping out of her eyes.
A few minor cuts on her knees and her hands suffered from the impact of her prior fall. Her clothes had gotten a speck of mud on them, a little on her limbs as well. She stared at the blonde's faction.
"Because she's crazy!" One of the kids shouted. It truly maimed her. This was the cost of letting her anger take control, she has no other choice but to take it. Bare it.
"Right, boss?" Swiftly the boy turned to the blonde, the youngster smirking with his arms folded across his chest, holding his chin high. He replied, "yeah, that's what she gets for rejecting me."
"Yeah!!" They all approved.
It was at that time, tears finally flowed down her cheeks. Sobs ranked up her body, her lips firmly curled down, at once, the boys silenced themselves after seeing their victim break down.
Suddenly the girl got up and ran. Not looking back even once.
She had come home, sad, she was six or seven years old, she could barely remember, she had been in a fight.
Her mother was in the kitchen, washing the dishes and singing a lullaby as she cleansed the plate with water, it was just her mother at the moment, her father at work, and her sister at school.
It was silent until the entrance opened and closed. The mother turned around for a second, certain it was her husband who came early. She went on ahead with soaked hands, ceasing at the door to find it vacant, figuring he had gone to their room she swiftly made her way towards it.
But then, someone made a sound on the upper floor. She recognized that voice instantly, her youngest daughter.
She was supposed to be in her kindergarten.
She quickly neared the child's room, oddly enough, it was empty. Confused, she peeked further into the space and paused by the table, as far as she could tell, her daughter wasn't there.
So, who made that sound?
Ousting it for her peace of mind, she returned downstairs, searching the other rooms for her husband but there was no sign of him.
Did she imagine hearing the door open and close or was she just about to go insane? Maybe she should get her ears checked once more.
Then clearly, almost unmistakenly, she heard crying. Distant and soft, she could heed it.
Walking back to the room, she spotted the corner where no one was present however, someone was sobbing, her blood runs cold, it sounded just like her daughter's voice. She shouldn't be home by now.
Steadily she shuffled forward, one slow step at a time, scared but for the sake of her daughters, as a mother, she could not bear to hear them cry.
"Sweetie is that you honey?" She calmly whispered. In front of the voice, eyes trained on the unoccupied nook, she leaned closer.
The young girl sniffed, looking up at her mother.
"I'm sorry..."
Reminiscing brought back dreadful memories.
Katsuki was in his office, putting off the smaller crimes to the sidekicks as a necessary mission. He had a lower chance of focusing when his mind is set on something else. More so what happened the last night.
He had taken a step in the wrong direction.
He knew that, he was aware of it, luckily he barely managed to stop himself. It had to be special, for both of them. It had to.
Inadequate to restrict his paranoia, he turned on his device and found himself obsessively watching her movements, she was in her room, shifting her leg back and forth. Her hands pressed down on the mattress, head bowed.
She was still in the attire he forced her to wear.
That had to be a good sign, no? It had to. He smiled, he had to prepare everything for the both of them. It shouldn't take long if he pulled the strings right.
He already had quite a few things organized.
"Sir? Mr red riot had been requesting you to call him this morning. Should I connect the line to yours?"
It was that annoying woman again. He groaned.
"No, I'm busy, I will call him myself. Do not disturb me." He sternly answered, adding one final message, "and put in a week's worth of leave, I have other things to do."
The lady quickly left his line of view, he pivoted his attention back to the footage. Thinking about what sort of dress was suitable for her.
He came home late evening.
Still, in his hero costume, he felt at ease now that he was home and if she ever tried to escape, he'd be able to stop her.
Hurrying towards her room, he lets his eyes land on her form, delicately settled on top of the bed, she immediately glanced at him, stiffening up in his presence. She attempted to smile.
"Um... You are back early." She softly muttered, slowly leaning backwards, losing her will to keep her smile believable. He wordlessly observed her for a while, dropping his equipment, and allowing her a moment to scoot back.
"Bet you had fun without me around." He replied, his hands exposed by his side, the female nervously giggled, saying, "No, you usually come home at 9 or around that time. I just asked."
He eventually ceased before her, looming over her figure, and she stared up, fear evident in her gaze, how could she forget the way he manhandled her the last night.
"I'm sorry." He abruptly lamented, subconsciously, she lightly concealed her bruise with her palm.
"I hurt you, didn't I? I always did. Even back then, you were so fragile, that you got hurt all the time. See." He touched her wrist, "That's why I have to protect you." He lowered himself, gently nearing her eyes, he continued.
"You need me."
She quickly twisted her face away from him, inhaling a bit faster than usual, something just didn't feel in place, her eyes were tearful, biting her lips to make certain not a drop of water left her eyes.
"I don't need you, I really don't, I only want to go home, be far away from you because I don't think... I can handle the nightmares anymore." Her voice inevitably cracked at the finish. He heard it.
"Please I'm begging you, let's go our separate ways, we can keep this between us."
"How many times do I have to tell you? I can't!!" He raised his voice, vigorously shaking her shoulder as if to knock some sense into her brain. It succeeds in loosening her hold on her sporadic psyche.
"Is It so bad to be protected by someone who loves you? It must be if you want to just up and leave! Like always." He carried on, and so did her tears.
"I love you so much! Even back when we were kids, even back when I used to fuck with you, bully you! You never gave me your full attention! You were always ignoring me- avoiding me!!" He yelled.
"I searched for you everywhere after you left school, left your old home, and after I've won you, you still don't want me? Guess me trying so hard isn't good enough for you huh?! No matter what I did, you'll just leave me! Like the coward you are."
His potent glare intensified, permitting his grasp on her to waver, he slumped his head forward. A drop of water fell from his ruddy eyes and then another, absorbing into her dress, she had a hard time guessing what to do.
"Why do you hate me... So much? I fucking love you and you just... Never want to love me. Am I so fucking bad? I know I can be an asshole, but I'm trying so hard, for you."
He closed the gap between them.
"I love you. So much, but I guess you will never love me, and it doesn't matter." He kept going.
"You are stuck with me now. Too bad, right?" He laughed, both of them were so intimately close, that she could almost hear his breath.
"I was your first kiss, and nobody else will take my place." That sealed his oath.
A phone call interrupted the two. Katsuki ignored it, not about to grab it out of his pocket or receive it, she slowly attempted to pry him away, not so afraid of his expected reaction. She wasn't going to abide by him.
Does this mean she's never going to see her parents if she can't escape? She hopes not.
It would kill her.
"Please give me some space." She coldly whispered, trying to push his weight off her body, he growled, barking out a, "shut up."
"I won't shut up. Get off..." She struggled, somehow still affected by his words and actions.
"I said shut up loopy. Do you want me to hurt you so that I can be the bad guy in your eyes?" Katsuki argued, staring deep into her gaze.聽聽
"There's nothing between us! You were my bully and I used to let you paddle the way but now, I'm not going to! I'll leave you one or another way, you'll see." She challenged, she shouldn't have but she did, being discreet was not the first thing on her mind.
He visibly grimaced, taunting back, "as if I'll let you." She stared back.
Katsuki's paranoia heightened.
"Good morning Mister dyamight." A student suddenly greeted him upon his sudden arrival at U.A, he had been called for an emergency backup for a small villain attack near the school. So, heroes had assembled.
He nodded, rushing straight towards the entrance he used to walk endorsed with the thoughts of her, at times, visualizing how different it would have been if she attended the hero course with him.
However, he had realised It would have been a dangerous endeavour for her.
He welcomed himself into the meeting room, to see others' familiar faces. The principal, and his late teacher, Mr Aizawa.
"Just in time. Let's begin."
The tiny white mouse commenced cautiously, "we had a group of villains who attacked our school this week. They called themselves 'fanatics' they had our students do their jobs, they were mind-controlled by a particular individual who we have not yet identified."
The heroes in the room slightly stiffened. Listening along soundly, "of course it could be nothing big, but I am concerned it might have to do with something bigger. While this has become public information, we will have to keep it under wraps."
"It may sound foolish, however, if he is still alive then he could very well be controlling these villains." He carried on.
"Take it with a grain of salt. We have informed you so that we all can vigilant." Aizawa finished.
"We hope you can patrol the area for today, you are free to leave. Remain careful."
The conference was evicted, and everyone departed with the knowledge they had just attained, "hey bakubro, where are you going?"
Katsuki stopped to glare at the redhead, fed up with his inference, he said, "home. Stop questioning me around." He rudely uttered, stomping away, he might have to remain for a bit but he could not leave her all alone now.
He needed to be home.
Kirishima halted, deciding it was futile following him when he was grumpy and moody. "Who Is going to patrol with bakugo today?" Asked uraraka from behind.
"I will. It's been a while since I and kacchan did a patrol." Izuku answered with a kind smile, the redhead shot him a sad grin, "good luck pal, he's extra moody today haha."
"Yeah, I noticed."
Kirishima smiled, mentally estimating if he should let them in on something. However, he wanted to respect his friend's wishes and secretly initiated the question.
"So, hey midoriya, did bakugo have a crush on someone in the past? I'm curious to know."
The greenette anxiously grinned, scratching his cheek, uraraka seemed interested as well.
"Oh yeah, he sorta did? I'm not so sure though."
Kirishima widened his eyes and jumped to a conclusion, "Woah really? I never pictured him as a guy to have crushes, do you know who she is?"
Uraraka suddenly perked up, as if she had come to a reckless verdict but wanted to voice them nonetheless.
"Could it be that girl we met in the restaurant? I know I saw you looking at bakugo when I mentioned her!"
"Um... Guys. Slow down." Izuku muttered.
"You gotta tell us, dude!" Kirishima butted in, followed by an agreement from the girl beside him.
"Okay! Yes, uraraka is right, he had a crush on [Y/N] but it was not a good friendship. They both were enemies I guess? But kacchan was really into her. I mean they did kiss but- it wasn't genuine! Plus I haven't met her in a few weeks or so, I didn't receive her call once and we haven't talked and I kinda wanna see her? But kacchan and her did not like each other that much, at least I don't think so? I really hope she's okay she's been avoiding me lately I hope I did not do anything wrong-"
"Oh my God, could that be his soon-to-be wife then?!" Kirishima promptly cried out, and the two of them stopped to look at him, flabbergasted.
He then realized his mistake.
Katsuki had reached the exit to patrol for an hour or two when he stumbled across his old classmates, Kaminari and sero, who wouldn't dare ignore him when they noticed him.
"Hey man! What's up? You gonna patrol the area?" Kaminari asked, sero shortly added, "we can do it together then!"
Katsuki did not appear pleased but went along without a word, it was going to be a long bore with them. But it would be tolerable.
"It's been so long since we hang out like this, maybe we should grab a bite or something before we leave."
"Yeah good idea, what about you?" Sero asked Katsuki, but he answered with a scowl. "Hell no, I'm going home right after this patrol, don't even think about bothering me."
"Geez... Bakubro hasn't lost his touch I see." Kaminari commented behind the blonde.
"Yeah," Sero replied.
The blonde did not pay them any attention, moving along, leaving them both to follow if they wanted.
He was still worried though, so putting up some distance he took out his phone and typed in the password, revealing the live video he had been watching on his way to the campus.
Fortunately enough, she was still there.
"Hey, bakugo!! You want some snacks?" Shouted the two from behind, he turned back to them, glaring, "no!!"
The two of them stared at each other. Not expecting that sort of response, "okay...?"
He resumed his watch. Blinking twice as he readjusted the footage, finding the room empty all of a sudden. He refreshed it again and came up with the same riposte.
She wasn't there.
His heart started pounding. She hadn't managed to escape, had she? No, that isn't right.
She couldn't have. But he didn't trust her.
"Hey!! Where are you going??!" Kaminari screeched upon seeing his friend take off.
He used his quirk to boost himself in the air and make a quick beeline home as soon as possible, the two males left to gawk as they eyed the blonde frenzy off.
He slammed the door wide open.
Plodding inside, the entrance rang a sound to indicate it was sealed, taking the keys out in a hurry he unbolted the passage and intensely peered at the unoccupied space, she wasn't there, she couldn't have gone anywhere!
He checked under the bed, and in the closet, unfortunately, there was no one else besides him.
He prepared everything accordingly, there was no way she had gotten out, she's feigning it, he knows It, she's hiding away from him. Somewhere.
Upon that consummation, the wooden floor beneath his foot, a little further away from him. It creaked.
Even though, there was no one other than him who was supposed to be there. That just means it was her. She's out of the room, but not out of the house.
Her quirk... That stupid quirk of hers was in play. The same she used to punch him in kindergarten and gave him a bloody nose to nurture and heal.
He was going to make her mourn it. So bad.
"Loopy! I know you are still here. Almost tricked me, hun, but too bad you don't know shit." He loudly called out, his voice reverberating through the entire house.
He made haste, stepping out of the room to a deserted hallway, he hates to admit, till now, he was under the effects of her previous statement, he let himself slip once, but not twice. He's going to make sure she's never trying this again.
He stalled his footfalls, sharply scrutinizing anything out of the blue, any slight movement of objects she would be clumsy enough to bump Into.
"You can't get out of here loopy, I'm not going to let you. By now, you fucking know that, don't you?" He sneered, fully on alert for the subtlest noise.
"So you'll be smart enough to know it's safe to surrender while you still can."
No reaction, as anticipated, and then one of the wooden boards creaked.
He instantly sprinted towards it, finding himself in the familiar halls of his lounge, he couldn't see her of course, but just one mistake from her is enough to get her caught.
But she knows that better than him.
"So? Not gonna come out? Okay, fine then!!!" He exclaimed, angrily fishing out his device, softly snickering as he uttered.
"Guess I've gotta use the tracking device I put on you. Poor loopy, I can see where exactly she's hiding." He teased, clear enough for her to give attention to.
"Are you in my room?" He clamoured.
Gradually stalking towards the mentioned place with a wide grin, just feeling he'd win this. He's going to make her understand the hard way.
He eyed the screen and sure enough, she was still there. "You know this is why I like to call you 'loopy' because you do stupid shit and don't know how to fucking give up!" He mocked once more, with time she'll come out, with a weakened ego and pride.
Just then, she threw an object toward him, and he dodged it, easily, the glass vase now shattered into diminutive pieces, Katsuki's eyes brightened, spotting the corner from where she threw It.
"Oh? That was a weak attempt loopy, what are you trying to achieve? Trying to kill me now huh?"
It was silent, she could have fled but he wouldn't know. He didn't hear her run past him.
Almost as a response to his unspoken words, the television in the living room turned on. His eyes narrowed, was she trying to toy with him?
"Loopy, turn that off!!" He demanded with a tough voice, "you think you're so smart, aren't you? Turn that damn thing off you bitch!!" His temper had reached a boiling point with all the shenanigans she's smothering him with, right now, she's walking on thin ice.
He stormed to the common room, his footsteps provoking her to take action way before he crossed the threshold to her space. He heard her running.
"You think you are so sneaky? Don't you?" Disregarding the disturbing voices of the news reporters, he pursued her trail, which had gone calm. She's clever to know how to remain still and unmoving.
"I know you don't like hide and seek, not after Halloween, I gave you a scare, you even hurt yourself like an idiot that day."
He carries on his teases despite the fresh scare she gave him mere minutes ago, at this point, he was making an effort to stifle his rage so that once he found her, he wouldn't actually break her soft frail leg.
Examining the application and locating her at the same time was evolving into a tedious task, how many more stunts does she have under her sleeves? Not many he wagers, she didn't attend U.A or attracted in any heroics.
On cue, he turned around just in time for the pot to crash into the floor and break. She was playing it very safe. He suddenly sensed her breathing behind him, taking him by surprise but nothing he hasn't dealt with prior to this dilemma.
He quickly recouped from that.
Perhaps he imagined her whispering, however, he couldn't make out where it was coming from, he couldn't use his quirk on her, yet.
All of a sudden, without any indication.
She broke the glass window.
In the only room, he couldn't get the fucking owner to put up a steel boundary. He immediately galloped. The alarm rang in his eardrums, head-splitting and strident.
It was dulling his perception to hear her, everything was a mess and nothing was going his way.
He had no time to think, he had to catch up with her, or else she'll get away from him, ruin her life, and then his. He can't lose.
Utilising his quirk, he gauged where she'd have taken off, creating an explosion to propel himself in the air and swiftly chase after her.
All was working in her favour.
She was running.
As fast as she could, when hope starts to settle in, it will all fade away. Her invisibility will cease to operate, and from then, she's a susceptible prey, if she lets these favourable notions consume her, let the distress wither then she's doomed.
He may have her location or assume where she's heading, regardless, as long as he can't see her, he can't hurt her.
Her heavy breathing accompanied her throughout her sprint, it was all she could listen to and make perfect sense of, everything else was a blur, insignificant, if she needed to prosper, she had to concentrate. Maintain the despair within her bottled up.
It was easier said than done. The deafening rumble of his explosions was within earshot, he was getting closer. If she lies low someplace in this vast rural area with lots of greenery and trees, leading up to a highway, he will have problems finding her. That is if he doesn't use the tracking device.
When did he even? He must have done it while she was asleep, there's no other explanation. But where was it?
If only she had the time to speculate.
Without a second thought, she halts. Choosing to wait it out till he flies by. She held her breath, not helping herself to calm down, she shouldn't allow herself to be carefree yet. He landed a few distances away from her. Fuming with rage, just lingering to get his hands on her, he had let her get so far, not anymore.
"Loopy!! You better come out right now or else I will make your parents pay for your doing!" He threatened, his control over her was lessening, he can't have that.
He refuses that with an undying bitterness.
"Loopy!! You bitch! Come out I will not repeat myself another time, come out!!!" He seethed.
She had to get away before it was too late, slowly, with leaden steps, she inched out of her hiding spot and without a sound, she braced herself, watching where she was going and glancing back and forth.
When she was out of his reach, she arose from her position and took off.
She heard him shout, it made her heart jump and race, she rapidly paced through the locale.
He couldn't see her, he couldn't see her, she was safe, she had to be safe.
Her legs were trembling, she couldn't breathe, adrenaline was still flowing through her blood, dread remained unblemished, her chest was pounding, and her feet were bare and dirty, she didn't any food in her system, all of it didn't matter to her.
She could only see the path in front of her and hope for the best. She was desperate.
She then saw her limbs reappearing, she wasn't exhausted or optimistic, she couldn't be! She can't be thinking about her family, she's yearning for it. She's not going to escape.
No- she could escape, no- don't get hopeful! She'll be trapped in that room again!
Suddenly, she heard a car coming her way.
She's... She has no choice, nothing sounds rational in her head, it's all wrong, it's not what she wants. But she's unhappy.
Closing her eyes, she ran for the road, moving her legs, mentally preparing herself for a lethal collision, by the time she was near it, she could already hear him coming.
"Honey, are we lost? I thought you said you knew where we were going?" A woman with her husband sadly mused inside their car, the man driving the vehicle anxiously grinned, saying, "yes I do! Don't doubt me now, I'll doubt myself."
The couple looked at each other, the female with brown hair and red eyes made a hateful face, narrowing her eyes at the man.
"I asked! I did not doubt you." She defended.
The husband stared back, disliking the tone of her voice, about to argue back when his car hit something. He immediately slammed the brakes, puzzled and shocked after realizing he had seen no one on the road.
Then, what had he just crashed into?聽
"What was that?!" Fretted the lady with wide-open eyes, her stomach churning from the sound of whatever hit their vehicle.
"I don't know there was nobody on the street!"
Frightened, the man replied breathlessly, opening the door and stepping out, behind him, was a young lady. He clutched his head, terrified of the outcome he had earned.
"What happened?!" The woman quickly exited the car when the man didn't answer her pleas.
She gasped upon discovering the limp body laying on the ground, she was bleeding.
"Honey call the ambulance!" She shouted, collapsing beside the girl as she searched for her injuries, they couldn't have hit her too hard, she's got to be alive!
The man had begun to sweat, inputting the numbers with quivering hands, but, someone caught up to them.
The hero looked at the girl.
"Please Mr dyamight! We didn't do it on purpose!" Begged the man, putting his hands up and showing his palms. The woman fearfully nodded, still holding the girl in her arms.
He stood still for a moment, then uttered.
"I'll take her to the hospital."
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I had the craziest idea for Toji
he wouldn't want you to get pregnant but he wants to keep fucking you so he'll crush up anti-pregnancy pills and mix it in your food
why's my head like this 馃拃馃拃 馃槶
tw: mention of pregnancy and he deceives reader and gives you birth control pills without your knowledge
Imagine you want kids and he's cool with it so every night you make love together so you can get pregnant. And everything's good...
Except you never seem to get pregnant. It's been weeks and it's turning into months yet you still can't see the two red lines on the pregnancy test. And at this point you're almost giving up except he still encourages you to keep trying because surely you'll soon get knocked up. So you keept trying.
BUT what you don't know is he's the reason why you never get pregnant! He crushes up anti-pregnancy pills and mixes them with your food every morning without you knowing so you'll never get pregnant. He doesn't want a child but he does like fucking you so that's the crazy plan he developed to be able to keep doing so.
As you sob in his arms at another failed attempt he kisses your head whispering that it's ok because he's there so you can just keep trying!
And trying and trying and trying....
Tumblr media
My drabbles aren鈥檛 prompts and they are not to be used as such
I'll write a full fic about this soon.
Tumblr media
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high-on-marvel 2 days ago
two graves.
bucky barnes.
鈥淚鈥檓 fed up of waiting for you, Doll,鈥 Bucky said, picking his knife up off the dresser, twirling it as he usually did when he was anxious, 鈥淵ou鈥檝e had your fun, fucking around with whoever you can find, but, you鈥檙e done.鈥
Watching his actions and listening to his voice was an odd juxtaposition; he spoke in a low tone, calm, dangerously calm, but he held his weapon with a dangerously tight grip, the veins on his hand threatening to break through his skin, his arm muscles flexing under his pressure. He stalked towards you. Instinctively, you tried to back away, but you were already pressed up against the exposed-brick wall, the jagged concrete leaving scratches on your back as you desperately attempted to move further into it, wishing it would swallow you up, placing a barrier between you and this maniac.
He stopped in front of you and dropped to a crouch with a sigh. He gulped lightly and fixed his gaze on a spot on the floor, a little off to your right, 鈥淚 know I got angry,鈥 he pressed his lips into a thin line and turned his head to the side away from you, squeezing his eyes tightly and tensing his body, before letting out a deep breath, 鈥淚 know I got violent,,鈥 he met your gaze, 鈥淎nd I鈥檓 sorry,鈥 he almost immediately averted his gaze, back to the floor, but you managed to catch a flash of pain in his eyes, seeming like he wanted to look you in the eye, but quickly realised he lacked the strength to do so. Your suspicion was confirmed when he continued, 鈥淪orry, just鈥 the bruise under your eye鈥︹ he stood up and tossed the knife onto the bed as he stumbled back, 鈥淪orry, sorry, I- I never wanted to hurt you.鈥
He looked up to the ceiling, holding back tears, 鈥淏ut, I,鈥 he sighed, 鈥淚 didn鈥檛 just bring you here to, you know, apologise. I, actually, have something to tell you.鈥
You let out a deep breath through your nose (seeing as you couldn鈥檛 through your taped mouth) and let your head fall to the side and against the wall. It was beginning to look like he brought you here to talk, but didn鈥檛 seem to understand the concept of conversations.
Two-way street, Buck.
鈥淚鈥檝e鈥︹ he wrung his hands together and rapidly tapped his foot up and down, 鈥淚鈥檝e dug us two graves.鈥
Your eyes widened. Your body screamed at you to get away, but with your hands and feet tied and you sat on the floor, the best you would be able to do was roll, so instead, you just sat, paralysed.
Bucky had been through a lot, a lot, and when you had started dating, you knew you would have to be up for the challenge of comforting him after a drastic nightmare or watching him to make sure a scene in a movie didn鈥檛 trigger him. But that, that was the easy part. Bucky was extremely clingy, and you could understand why, what with Steve leaving him and his life being taken away from him, but he wasn鈥檛 clingy in the sense he wanted to go everywhere with you, but rather wanted to take you everywhere with him. He would hate when you went out with your friends, but he鈥檇 practically force you to tag along when he went out with his. He鈥檇 hate when you鈥檇 go to the grocery store alone, but he鈥檇 never offer to go with you, rather telling you to stay home for the day, that you could do it some other time in the week, but on the day he wanted to go, so he could take you. And then he started preferring staying home more; he went out less, often had groceries and take out delivered instead of leaving, and he鈥檇 always want you beside him, so you stayed home with him. Eventually, you didn鈥檛 go out anymore.
鈥淏uck, I know you鈥檙e not technically telling me I can鈥檛 leave, but you make me feel bad when I do!鈥
鈥淎nd you make me feel bad by telling me my love for you isn鈥檛 what you want! I give my all here, and what do you do?!鈥
You knew you had to get out of there, before you wouldn鈥檛 have the strength to.
A deep chuckle from Bucky snapped you back to reality, 鈥淎h! We won鈥檛 get to use them. I mean, I hope we do,鈥 he walked over to the small window in the cabin, 鈥淚 mean, that鈥檚 why I brought us out here, I鈥檓 hoping no one will stumble across us鈥攁t least not anytime soon.鈥
Though the trees in these woods were thin, they were many, and they swayed with the rhythmic wind, as if doing some religious dance-ritual at the death of a loved one, of you.
鈥淚 would let you talk,鈥 you watched his boots move from the window back to the foot of the bed. He was moving about a lot, restless, 鈥淏ut,鈥 he walked back to you and crouched the way he did earlier, 鈥淵ou鈥檙e not talking me out of this one, sweetheart.鈥
He pat the crown of your head with his (human) hand and placed his metal arm on your exposed thigh, causing you to wince at his cold touch. You ducked, trying to move your head out of his reach, but, impossibly fast, he switched to having his hand under your jaw, squeezing your cheeks together, 鈥淪top. Moving,鈥 he growled, sending a shiver down your spine, 鈥淛ust鈥 stop, and let me explain.鈥
Though he held your face close to his, he didn鈥檛 meet your heated, hatred-filled stare, rather browsing your face, all your features, looking at your lips, your nose, your cheeks, your eyebrows, everywhere except your eyes, 鈥淚 don鈥檛 wanna be here anymore,鈥 he breathed, barely a whisper, wiping away a tear you hadn鈥檛 realised had stained your cheek, matched by one of his own, 鈥淎nd I don鈥檛 want you to be anywhere without me,鈥 he said more steadily.
Your heart was hammering louder than he was speaking, causing his words to sound distant, almost inaudible, your breathing becoming rushed, trying to keep up with your racing pulse. You tried to shake your head violently, but his death grip wouldn鈥檛 allow it.
鈥淚 don鈥檛 wanna say 鈥業f I can鈥檛 have you, no one can鈥, because that鈥檚 not true鈥擨鈥檓 not losing you, I鈥檒l never lose you,鈥 he smiled, and his grin only grew wider with each tear he shed, 鈥淚 know the idea of what comes next is daunting鈥攍ife after death, or none, this could be the end of us鈥 but that鈥檚 beautiful!鈥 His looked you in the eye.
You slouched. You had lost.
鈥淚t鈥檒l be the end of me and you. Of us.鈥
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yandereaffections a month ago
Ooo can you write about Loid Forger from Spy x Family? :0
Tumblr media
Honestly he probably wouldn't have noticed you at all, too sucked up in figuring out where he'd find his supposed 'partner' to marry in time of the deadline, if it wasn't for Anya slipping out of his hold and running up to you in public, politely asking for some of the candy you were just thinking about having
As embarrassing as it was in the moment to have to apologize for her behavior Loid couldn't forget how kind and sweet you were, much like the candy you happily gave his kid. Not to mention Anya has certainly taken a liking to you, enough to find you again in a crowd the last time he went searching for someone to play the role of the one he'll marry
He may have thought it dangerous for her to take suspicious candy from you, the fact he can't get you off his mind is that much worse. Loids natural ability to focus on nothing but the mission at hand is being tested by nothing but a stranger, he'll go out of his way just to see if this feeling is a new way of spotting a perfect partner for his marriage cause he refuses to believe he's been this unbearably infatuated with someone who isn't related to his work
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yandere-romanticaa a month ago
Tumblr media
I'm just imagining darling running away from Liyue because Childe would not stop pursuing them. It was actually really nice having him around in the beginning, he was incredibly attentive, sweet and just downright caring! He was like a little jealous puppy, he always craved your attention and archons forbid you give it to someone else... But you didn't mind it one bit. He was needy, beyond so, he always valued your criticism and your compliments even more than that. He took everything you said to heart and while a lot of people would complain to have such an intense person by their side you somehow couldn't be helped but to be smitten by the strange ginger man. Days turned into weeks, weeks into months and before you knew it it was time to travel and you just wanted to see Inazuma.
Wait, where were you going? Childe was so confused what do you mean you're traveling? Aren't you cute! He lays thick pressure on you these next few days, his gaze much less loving and a lot more stabby as he ponders whether or not he should just lock you away for good. One evening before bed, you pepper his face with sweet kisses and even more addicting promises, promises of your happy lives that you would have together in the future. It would be just the two of you, you said.
He was smitten, he believed you.
Big mistake on his part.
Come day break, the other side of the bed was cold and empty, the window was left wide open.
He spilt a lot of tears, blood and liquor that night.
Thanks to the borders opening up, coming to Inazuma thankfully wasn't too big of an issue. You fell in love with the mysterious nation the moment you stepped foot into it, it's pretty pink sakura petals almost beckoning you to venture further and find a new home for yourself. Due to your excitement however mora started to become a rarity in your life, forcing you to find a job. Thanks to some good luck you managed to land a job as a maid in the Kamisato estate, a decently paying job which you were satisfied with. You heard a lot of things of the Kamisato pair, even saw them on a few occasions and made sure to be on your best possible behavior.
You didn't even notice the ripple effect you caused by accident.
He kept an eye on you, the head of the Kamisato clan found you oddly endearing. He noticed how nervous you got once night would fall and on one occasion he remembers quite vividly handling you a good quality drink of fire-water and he spotted just how shaky that delicate hand of yours really was. There was a petrified look in your eye, as if you had just suddenly recalled a horrible memory that was still fresh in your mind.
He chose not to dwell on it. He was cruel, but not that cruel.
He was going to be the only one who would occupy your mind soon anyway.
Tea time with Ayato became a daily occurrence, but even that wasn't enough for the young lord. In a similar fashion like your old captor, he monopolized your time and attention, forcing you to stay in one place, never allowing you to leave his sight. His cold, gloved fingers would delicately caress your soft cheeks, promising you an eternity of loyalty and happiness if you just remained by his side. In a perfect world you would love him as much as he loved you but he knew that was impossible. Simply being there was enough for him.
You were done.
You could not take this anymore.
You had to run away once more.
Vanishing into the night, you made your way to Ritou, praying for a ship to pick you up. You had the mora, who would ever turn down such a ludicrous amount?
Officers of the Yashiro commission would.
You were banned from leaving, they said.
The head of the Kamisato clan requests your presence, another guard told you.
No matter where you went, it always felt like you were doomed to drown in the deep end.
Tumblr media
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beandaifuku 2 months ago
yandere gojo-sensei 鈾 [hcs]
饾惌饾悶饾悮饾悳饾悺饾悶饾惈!饾悹饾惃饾悾饾惃 饾惉饾悮饾惌饾惃饾惈饾惍 饾惐 饾惉饾惌饾惍饾悵饾悶饾惂饾惌 饾悷饾悶饾惁!饾惈饾悶饾悮饾悵饾悶饾惈
Tumblr media
TW/content : yandere themes, nsfw mentions, manipulation, dark content, reader is 18~19, overprotective, possessive gojo, masturbation, stealing, invasion of privacy, quite oblivious!reader, somnophilic themes, dry humping, stalking, dubcon/noncon, violence, mild humiliation, power imbalance, etc
i need everyone to see this photo because it makes me feel things
漏beandaifuku 2022
岽嵣瘁磸蕗隃 岽呩磸 纱岽忈礇 瑟纱岽涐磭蕗岽岽勧礇! 18+ 岽徤词熓
Tumblr media
yandere gojo-sensei would train you a little harder than the other students so he has the excuse to touch you and treat your injury
yandere gojo-sensei would order you to wear thin clothing when training because it's easier to move but he just wants to have a glimpse of your sweaty body. oh my, imagining you 鈥 so sweaty and breathing heavily 鈥 under him but not because of his training馃槉
he will purposely let you hit him once or twice to prove that thin clothing is indeed suitable for training and easier to move in
yandere gojo-sensei will ask you to call his name with 'sensei' no matter what
he just has that sensei kink with you
specifically designed your uniform to have your skirt shorter, your shirt tighter
when you complained to him about your uniform,
yandere gojo-sensei will personally check which part makes you uncomfortable
鈥渙h, it's tighter around here? hm? oh no worries, i'm just checking your shirt so you won't feel uncomfortable around your torso.鈥
yandere gojo-sensei will always praise you after your mission or work 鈥 sometimes even gifts you present
one gift, in particular, is a necklace with a blue locket. guess, the blue is similar to his eyes' colour ^^
he never lets you take it off
will sneak into your room while you're sleeping to see whether you're still wearing it even in the land of dreams
ofc he will put it back around your neck
will give you soft kisses while you're sleeping
yandere gojo-sensei will locate your dorm to the same floor as his
because well, you're the only senior :)
he won't tell you that his room is basically beside you though. he told you the room is vacant
will stroke himself while sneaking glances at you getting a shower at the bathroom
yandere gojo-sensei will get braver to actually stand in front of your toilet stall while you're showering, listening to your hums and the water dropping on the floor
yandere gojo-sensei will sit by your side when you're in the classroom. since you're the only student, he could provide you with more detailed teaching
oh, he will teach you a lot
yandere gojo-sensei will take every chance to touch you even so subtle and small it is. even a light brush of his knuckle behind your neck is enough to make him lose his control
yandere gojo-sensei will accompany you to your mission every time and will treat you to luxury as your good girl gift鈾
yandere gojo-sensei is very touchy with you that it makes people think you two are actually dating. no one will question his age though 鈥 he is so youth-looking
yandere gojo-sensei will enter your room while you're away, checking every item in your possession
he will take your perfume and spray it on his blindfold
he will take your panties and jerk off with them. he would put your panties on his palm and thrust his cock into his fist, moaning your name 鈥 imagining every sinful thing he could have done with you
you will be surprised how ruined your panties will be with a weird sticky white substance
yandere gojo-sensei don't allow people to disrespect you. he will kill the curses for you if he saw it harms you.
he will personally scold any students that wrong you. not that it happens often though
if he sees you're stressed with your juniors, he will take over and be a good teacher once in a while
will totally warn boys from other Jujutsu schools that even tries to look at your way
he even hates it more when some lowlife boys outside of school try to hit on you. fuck off, can't they see your man beside you?
yandere gojo-sensei will immediately investigate everything when he suspects you had a crush or you had a new friend
he will go to the person you're interested in to warn them. oh no, he won't infinite void them as they're still just innocent civilians
but he won't hesitate tho
you don't want him to follow you around as he has other students too
he will listen to you but...
yandere gojo-sensei is a man of chances. on his day off, he will follow you around instead, just taking notes of your routine and hobbies
back to his name-calling, he dislikes it so much if you don't address him without 'sensei'
he prefers you to call him Satoru-sensei though
he will call you every petnames he could think of but his favourite is 'shortcake' because you're shorter than him (let's be real, everyone is shorter than that mf)
because of his stealing behaviour, you feel dangers around
but you went to him to have some advices 鈥 poor girl made the wrong choice
yandere gojo-sensei will pretend to investigate for you 鈥 knowing full well that is his doing
pretend to have nothing useful to his 'investigation' and offers you to stay with him in his room instead until you feel safe
yandere gojo-sensei is a master of convincing people. he will create stories about how he felt massive cursed energy residual from your room, saying how there might be bad people around trying to get you or you might have attracted cursed spirits from the person you've been befriended with
don't worry, he will sleep separately
but don't be surprised if you felt weight behind you, hugging you close
resistance is futile, he will assure you that you're safe while having you so close with him
yandere gojo-sensei had observed your sleeping pattern a little too much that he knows when and what time you're in a very deep sleep
after a very big mission
yandere gojo-sensei will offer you to go out drinking with him. oh, weird... doesn't he hates alcohol?
but regardless, he uses the excuse 鈥渙h, come on. what's wrong with drinking out with your former teacher, hm? you're 18 now. don't worry, i won't get mad.鈥
will totally take advantage on your drunken state
but he won't do more though. he wants to save the best for last
furthest he did to your drunken state was humping you 鈥 fully clothed and all
he just loves the way your cunt looks even while you're still wearing your panties
yandere gojo-sensei secretly loves to edge himself
he loves to tie your hands together with his blindfold. he just wants to have your oil skin on his precious blindfold.
he doesn't want to gag you because he wants to hear you panting 鈥渟atoru-sensei~ sensei... sensei, feels s'good..!鈥
if you're too drunk to even stay conscious, he will bring you to his room instead and sleep with you. when you woke up, he will feign guilt, saying how you forced him to sleep together until you're crying because he refused to
ah, he really loves it when you apologized to him for any wrong you did
because he can punish you鉂わ笍
鈥渞aise your hands. no, no, don't roll your fingers. lay them flat, yes, like that, naughty girl. now count to ten.鈥
every time he raises his cane, he is more than pleased to see your frightened face. gosh, he just wants to use it on your ass, even your clit until it swells and spurts wetness
he really loves the whimpers you make when he hits your palms with the thin cane
he likes to use caning as your punishment, sometimes even having your arms raised while you're kneeling
sexual punishment is for the future馃槈馃檹
yandere gojo-sensei will have you confess your wrongs and will make sure you admit that you are a bad girl
you couldn't deny the sexual tension during these times ofc but since your teacher didn't say anything, you guessed it's right..?
don't worry he will praise you after that, saying how good you are and how you won't do the same mistakes. if you're crying, my, he wants to lick your tears but for now, he will just wipe them off
if there's a higher-up in Jujutsu society that talked shit about you,
yandere gojo-sensei will take that insult to the heart 鈥 if you don't mind about it, oh he will get offended on your behalf
for the first time, he might let the higher-up free with a warning but the second time is instant death. he doesn't care about his reputation or he might be called a threat or murderer, nobody can insult you. when it comes to you, his reputation is second to be concerned with.
overall, yandere gojo-sensei will always be by your side, as you're the only senior, he could drag you almost everywhere with him. he is a certified creep. but remember, he is just your teacher. he will certainly make more moves once you graduated
鈥淥h, Y/N. Did you have a great sleep last night? You felt like you were being touched? Hm~ that's a worry indeed. Where did you feel them? Here? Oh, right here? Or... here..? No, I'm just helping you, precious. Who knows if the cursed spirit left its residue on you? Hmm, if you're letting out such noises, you're gonna have in a lot of trouble, princess...鈥
Tumblr media
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yanderemommabean a day ago
Alien courting human pt.3
鈥淗ey can we talk?鈥 you ask with a bit of unease, setting down the latest 鈥榞ift鈥 the alien has decided to leave at your bedroom door. It was eerily similar to owning a cat with the way random meat was left on the floor, with no real note or explanation as to why. At first you didn鈥檛 mind, as most of it seemed to at least be livestock based, but this morning there was no denying that the meat in question was from 鈥淟ong Pig鈥 so to speak.聽
鈥淗mm? Is something troubling you?鈥 the being asked while pausing the exploration of your cabinets, seemingly trying to figure out why humans placed food in metal cylinders.聽 Then, place the ingredients inside heated cubes for consumption, which would then be placed in a cooling rectangular cube if not finished in one sitting. It was very puzzling but they supposed most of the human world was.聽
鈥淭he meat outside my door鈥hy? Are you hurting people? Is this a threat?鈥 you asked with a bit of hostility, feeling a bit irked that the possible murderer was judging how you ate food on a daily basis when their species barely refrigerated anything like savages. Letting food go to waste because they didn鈥檛 finish it in one sitting was mind boggling, but not as bad as the unwanted heaps of flesh.聽
鈥淗mm?鈥 they peer over to the gift they gave you last, and cock their head in confusion. 鈥淒o you not like it? I thought you of all people would be thrilled!鈥 they crawl over to the flesh, plucking it up with a smile, handing it back to you -thankfully still in a container. 鈥淚t鈥檚 for you to consume and enjoy! I made sure each portion was able to be enjoyed in one sitting so you wouldn鈥檛 have to worry about wasting space in that odd rectangle in the kitchen鈥.聽
You find yourself annoyed and out of breath as you sit down at the kitchen table, shoving the box away with an exasperated huff. 鈥淲here did you get the meat? Why are you giving it to ME of all humans鈥. Honestly, you weren鈥檛 sure which answer would be more disturbing to hear, but regardless you needed to know. It was probably going to make this horrific migraine even larger.聽
They give a bit of a pout, and take the box containing flesh to examine as they try and explain. 鈥淚 got it from those massive buildings that hold dead bodies. I believe they are for burning the dead so I figured they wouldn鈥檛 miss this one little piece! Roasting humans and then not eating them is so wasteful-鈥澛
You put your hand up to pause them, and rub your temple as you soak in everything thus far. 鈥淲e don鈥檛 like to eat other humans, first of all鈥econdly that is extremely disrespectful of their final wishes! Being cremated is usually someone's way to be remembered after death鈥. You weren鈥檛 entirely sure if the alien understood the significance of that, seeing as they looked at you as if you had two heads.聽
鈥淏ut you DO eat one another. I鈥檝e seen many videos on the matter! Those murder documentaries, the survival tales, and even those adult videos have certain titles about eating-鈥澛
鈥淭HAT鈥橲 DIFFERENT!鈥 you intervene with a blush, covering your face at the ridiculousness you鈥檙e having to listen too. 鈥淛ust- ok why are you handing it to me? Do you think I'm hungry or what?鈥.聽
鈥淲ell, not just that鈥 they begin as they sit beside you, trailing their touch over your heated cheeks to place your attention on their eyes as they speak. 鈥淚t's a courting gift. It shows I know how to provide for you, make you feel secure and full! The next stage is usually acts of showing how I attack those I see as threats, but we鈥檒l get to that point soon鈥.聽
You swallow down a retort, your face heating up even more as your eyes locked with theirs, seeing how serious they were. 鈥淵ou...gave me this to...try and date me?鈥 you ask. They nod, and look at the box holding the meat and flesh of your own kind, humming in thought. 鈥淚 suppose I could try other methods, but whatever it takes, I promise I'll get you to accept me"
(This was a little silly, but I had fun! Tell me what you think!-Mommabean)
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yandere-daydreams 2 days ago
arranged royal marriage where darling fools around with maids and butlers since they think their spouse aka next in line to the throne doesn't have any feelings for them but they couldn't be more wrong ... yandere finding darling and one of the servants doing the nasty in their shared king sized bed when darling literally refuses to touch them and goes oh i see how it is ...
tw - arranged marriages, cheating, emotional neglect, and implied noncon.
to be fair, they've had every opportunity to express an interest in you. you might not be of royal blood, but you grew up in their parents' court, shared their tutors and their lessons, and aside from a few brief niceties at balls and banquets, they've never made any attempt to speak to you, the oh-so-fortunate commoner they've been betrothed to since the time they could walk. an extravagant affair with enough pageantry to disguise their disinterest and your discomfort, they remained distant, apathetic despite your fumbling attempts to bridge the obvious gap between the two of you. it's only natural that, after you settle into wedded life, after court gossip finds another topic to focus on, you'd seek out comfort in hearts and bodies more open than that of your stoic spouse. it's only natural that you'd start to look for affection elsewhere, since you're so clearly not going to find it in your partner.
and you get away with it, for a while - that is, until your spouse returns from a meeting with their advisors you were told would take up their entire afternoon hours early, until they find you straddling a flustered stablehand in your marital bed. the servent is dragged away, thrown in the castle's dungeon, and when you argue, when you tell them they're overreacting and demand that they release your temporary lover, they snap at you, instead, bare their teeth and raise their voice, show more emotion than you've ever seen from them as they call you a whore, a harlot, a traitor. they're delusional, seemingly convinced that some great, untouchable love exists between the two of you and that your adultary is less a symptom of being trapped in a marriage of convinence to an inattentive partner and moreso a childish overreaction to how busy they've been, lately, how little time they've had to spend with you. it's alright, they reassure you, even as you attempt to shove their hands away, even as you scream for them to let you go - not that their knights would ever put you above their crowned-heir. they're not going to neglect you, anymore. they'll make you feel so loved, you'll never have to go to anyone else again.
not that you'll ever want to, by the time they're finished.
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Maven whats happening Why is Nouel Sobbing??
Tumblr media
Maven: Oh he just... * Realizes he's in trouble because Nouel is a cat and no one likes animal teaser's* bumped into one of my shrines and cries for forgiveness for accidentally breaking your hair ring that I "borrowed" from you three years ago.
Nouel: *Realizes he gets attention from you and throws himself dramatically on the floor* AAAAAAAAAAH! Maven step on my tail after I accidentally broke one of his hair circle's. I think it's broken. Do you know a kiss could improve it.
Maven: *mumble* I swear if that cat didn't make Y/N happy it would have died so many times that its 9 lives would be of no help. Nouel tail fracture doesn't heal with a kiss either! Learn medicine!
Nouel: *glare Maven* Animal torturer.
Maven: Nouel, I'm a surgeon. Be quiet if you don't want me to do a vasectomy for you while you sleep.
Nouel: Y/N Maven is threatening me with medi-thibg again!!
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anxiousnerdwritings 4 months ago
What about yandad Bruno who left his child in his family hands while he's hiding in the caste walls?( Mother unknown?) And what if the village is on edge when Bruno child is in sight ?( We don't talk about Bruno child, No No~ oh oh~)
Yandere Bruno Madrigal Headcanons (Platonic)
Tumblr media
Bruno never wanted to leave you, that was the last thing he ever thought he would have to do but in his eyes it was for the best. So, he left. He left for Mirabel, for the family, but most importantly he left for you. He didn鈥檛 want you to have to grow up with the stigma of having him as your father. But that鈥檚 what would happen anyway.
He couldn鈥檛 actually bring himself to leave the family, especially not you. He loved his family after all and he loved you the most. So, he stayed in the walls; living, watching, wishing. He didn鈥檛 want to miss a second of seeing his child grow up and be their own person. He just wished he could have been right by your side all the way through. He knew your mother would be watching over you, just as he was. As much as he missed and wanted nothing more than to hold his child in his arms again, Bruno believed that this is what needed to be done. He just prayed that he was still making the right decision.
Bruno would secretly love to see some of his traits in his child. Whether it be them being overly superstitious, or having interest in acting, or maybe even a liking of rats. It would really show just how much they were like him. You were his, through and through.
It would really hurt him to know that the villagers treated you differently all because you鈥檙e his child. Even if you didn鈥檛 share a similar gift to his own, it would sadden him that the people would still throw you into the same category as him. He would blame himself entirely for everything, regretting ever leaving you all the more. But he would be so unbelievably proud of his child for baring with and not letting all the whispers and avoidance of the rest of the villagers get to them. Even if he did witness how truly affected they were when alone in the comfort of their own room. Seeing his child breakdown would shatter his entire being.
He would send his rats to comfort his child when they鈥檙e sad or upset. Or even just to check up on and keep an eye on you. They would come baring little gifts that Bruno had found or made himself. It was his own way of being able to interact with you and showing that he was still around. If anyone were to really upset you or hurt you in anyway then they would be getting a visit from some very angry rats and maybe, possibly, Hernando.
As tempted as he is to use his gift to know whether he and his child would ever finally be reunited, Bruno is too scared at what he鈥檒l see. He doesn鈥檛 think he鈥檇 be able to handle the outcome, whether good or bad. Instead he would take to drawing little pictures of him and his child reuniting or him, his child, and the rest of the family all together. He鈥檇 rather have those then to know the truth.
It wouldn鈥檛 be all that surprising if Alma, Julieta and Pepa were very protective of you due to you being the last thing they have of Bruno. As much as they don鈥檛 like talking about him that doesn鈥檛 mean they ever lost their love for him and you just remind them so much of their Brunito. They weren鈥檛 going to lose you either. No matter what.
Julieta would be the one most likely to talk to you about Bruno, if you were ever wanting to know about your father and or your mother. She would be more inclined to take you in as her own in Bruno鈥檚 stead. She鈥檇 make sure you were well taken care of and that you felt wanted and loved. She feared you losing your way in the family too and that was the last thing she wanted. Julieta didn鈥檛 want to lose anyone else, not now, not ever.
Maybe Dolores takes up a close attachment for his child. She knows full well how affected they are by the way the other villagers act towards or around them, she can hear everything after all. Besides, she also knows that Bruno is still very much with them, staying as close as he can given his circumstances. Given her knowledge of everything going on, Dolores would want to help them as much as she can without giving anything away. They鈥檙e family and nothing would change that, not even them being Bruno鈥檚 child. When the rats aren鈥檛 there to comfort you, then Dolores will. That鈥檚 what family鈥檚 for, right?
When he is finally brought back into the family the first thing Bruno wants to do is apologize to you. He鈥檚 so sorry for abandoning you, for leaving you to deal with his stigma all by yourself. He hopes you can forgive him. He hopes you and he can start again, together, as father and child.
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lazywriters-blog a month ago
Summary: You are in an affair with the head of the kamisato clan, unwillingly.
Warning: May contain triggering content, implied sexual relationship, non-consensual touching, ayato being manipulative- the poor reader is stressed.
Tumblr media
The headquarters of the Yashiro commission wasn't by far the most unlikeable place on teyvat.
It held some horrible recollections for the young lady sipping her warm tea at a table, apprehensive, and nervously pressing her lips into a thin line, glancing towards the male present with her, on the other side, eyeing her with what she presumes could be inquisitiveness. She anxiously swallows the bitter beverage, comprehending her next choice of speech.
However, every time she catches a glimpse of him, it's like she doesn't recognize what she was to say. It's the way he looks at her as if he's aware of whatever is fiddling inside that small head of hers, crushing down her meek defences and examining her core nature, then shaming her with his eyes alone.
Ultimately, she decides to remain quiet for fear of saying something she shouldn't and then silently lament it in the future. Instead, pondering when they met. She's a married woman, with no child, a husband who is very much overprotective of her, for good purposes.
The man abruptly leaned forward, and she snips off her reminiscence, stiffly perceiving his upper body, momentarily peeking at his equitable expression, and then dragging it onto the floating liquid in a cup.
"Thanks for joining me for tea on such short notice, I've been thinking about you a lot lately." He confessed, she feebly drew in a soft breath, making herself appear like she was in deep thoughts, but she wouldn't know how believable she seemed.
He resumed.
"I've missed you much. How have you been? Last I saw, you appeared quite happy."
Was he mocking her? When they met, she went all out needing to avoid him, what they did, was nothing more than a grave mistake. Something she'd appreciate being left behind and forgotten, to save her skin and sanity, yes, but, what more can she do to ease the burden of guilt.
She averts her gaze, preparing to answer.
"I'm fine. Just feeling a little under the weather I suppose..." She muttered, shyly deterring her eyes when the look he formulated made her stomach churn. She felt like she was being peeled by the skin.
"I see." He responded.
Subconsciously, her hand reached out to her belly, sensitively grasping it. He noticed.
"Is something the matter? You are very incommunicative today." He said, narrowing his eyes and slightly lifting his chin, she chokes on her word, startling herself and recoiling from the chagrin. Hesitantly connecting eyes, the urge to rend it away was consistent, nervously fidgeting unbeknownst to her worked up brain.
"Yes- I'm good, um... Just thinking about my husband." She untruthfully replied he heeded, said nought in return.
"Is it related to us?" He implored after an uneasy moment of lull and cognition, her shoulders mildly tough up. He noticed that as well.
"Not quite, but yes." She lied.
"Are you worried he will find out about us?" He asked once again, intrigued and somewhat, blissful.
"I wouldn't want him to, but if he does, and he doesn't want to be associated with me anymore, then it is alright. I've been an unfaithful wife." She muttered. His eyes dimmed a little, and he loosened his rigid posture, indulging in grim thoughts.
"And say, if you had the chance to re-marry, would you?" That tricked her mind, she visibly made a nonplused presentation on her face, puzzled but knowing his true intentions behind an indifferent, humane facade.
"I'm not sure about that." She mumbled.
Immediately, she added with an urgency in her voice, "I... need to go now, thank you for having me." He nodded, looking at her then, he stifled a smile.
"You needn't." He retorted.
Stopping the woman in her tracks, wordlessly questioning his intentions, her back turned and face away from his prying vision, he confirmed, "you mustn't leave. Please rest for a while longer." He finished, oddly his face did not compliment his tone. Instantly, buzzing all red alarms in her head.
She stared, wishing to ask, decided to keep quiet.
"You forgot to tell me one crucial thing." He said as he rose to his full height, approaching and closing the distance, the gap between their bodies small and insignificant. She slowly advanced backwards, her gaze trained on him.
"You are with my child, inside of you." He whispered with a grin, she stopped, her fingers loosely clenched and shallow breaths unable to reach her lungs. "How could you keep such a thing from me?" Gently he snaked his hand around her waist, his other, resting and steadily caressing her abdomen.
"If you try anything. It won't end well." He suddenly threatened upon nearing in on her body, leaning towards her ear. She didn't say anything.
He took the time to swiftly arrange her imprisonment.
"Maids! Take her inside and see she rests well, she isn't to leave without me." He sternly instructed, his dominant hand gripping her tight. Voicelessly, demanding her to move along soundly.
"I'll be back shortly. You rest up till then." He smiled, softly stroking her cheek, and then letting his hold unfasten. She looked down, obediently allowing the maidens to drag her inside.
Ayato watched.
Slowly turning on his heels to flee, to make sure someone in her life doesn't reap the likelihood to encounter her again.
Then, her name wouldn't need to be dirted and dishonoured.
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drabbledealer a month ago
Tumblr media
They like kissing you while you're asleep, to see the way your face changes and how your nose scrunches up at their feather light kisses to it.
Or when you're asleep and they slip their hand into yours and squeeze it wondering if you're awake enough to notice and interlock it with theirs. And when you do their heart stops as they look at your sleeping face wondering if you're secretly awake or if you really did just do that. They then proceed to kiss your cheek giddy about what just happened
They like feeling you squirm under them as they kiss your neck knowing how ticklish it makes you and they keep at it until you start making noises, not fully awake yet but just enough to know that something's happening. And when you are awake, your eyes burst open and you see their cheeky face looking down at you with a smug smile like they know something you don't because they do.
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
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naviavu 4 months ago
Wind鈥檚 Destiny
PAIRINGS: yandere childhoodbestfriend!kazuha x reader
TAGS: noncon, full nelson, fingering, creampie, mirror sex, breeding, insecure reader, implied fem!chubby!reader, childhood friends to lovers, forced marriage au, brat!reader, kinda mean!reader, manipulative!kazuha, reader has self-esteem issues and is afraid to get pregnant, kaedahara 鈥榡ust the tip鈥 kazuha
WORDS: 3.5k // crossposted on ao3聽// my masterlist
NOTES: this is for @miniatureneckpandamug鈥 who won first place on my milestone raffle! thank you for giving me such a big brain prompt that i got carried away, i honestly loved writing this. this is for my big girls and kazuha fuckers out there, come get y鈥檃lls food!
Tumblr media
Kaedahara Kazuha鈥檚 return shocked everybody.
After the widespread news of successfully stopping the Musou no Hitotachi, he became a hero to Inazuma and your hometown鈥檚 pride. It鈥檚 hard not to reminisce childhood memories when he鈥檚 the talk of the town; that big cherry blossom tree in your uncle鈥檚 courtyard was where both of you would chase finches when the sun rose and rest under the shade as the sun sets. He was a mere boy when he left to train as a samurai, and now he鈥檚 grown to his features and became a formidable young man known for his swordsmanship and artistic poetry.
The future of the Kaedahara Clan is now on his palm. And with the rise of a clan, a new heir shall come.
鈥淵ou may now kiss the bride.鈥 The priest announces, and for a second, you hold your breath鈥 until Kazuha gently lifts up your veil and seals your fate with a kiss.
Tumblr media
In the reception, you were all fake smiles and thank you鈥檚 while your husband seemed to be having the time of his life mingling with the townsfolk who hadn鈥檛 seen him in years. They swarm and ask him questions about his travels, ignoring your presence. You stay still and look pretty like a porcelain doll until he finally waves them off with a smile and move on to the next guests.
Sensing your discomfort, Kazuha looks back and squeezes your hand every once in a while. You brush him off and continue to stare up ahead.
The crowd was on the peak of their joys鈥攄rinking, chattering-- when he finally takes you to meet Captain Beidou, the traveler, and his floating companion. 鈥楾hey鈥檙e the most special to me,鈥 he says and he wasn鈥檛 wrong. The captain charmed you with anecdotes of her wild adventures, and the traveler made great conversation along with his companion who never ran out of stories to tell.
You exchange pleasant goodbyes. A brooch on the captain鈥檚 collar glints and catches your attention.
You remember crafting the very same brooch in your small workstation in Inazuma City just a few weeks ago.
鈥淧retty, ain鈥檛 it?鈥 She chuckles. 鈥淚 would refer you to the store, but last time I heard of it, the owner closed off. Shame.鈥
Anger welled up on your chest. Shame indeed. A year ago, you launched your jewelry business; you were dedicated, hard-working, and quickly made a name for yourself in the industry before Kazuha came back and you were forced to leave it all behind. For his stupid desires and a stupid wedding.
Resentment flooded your veins. You excuse yourself to the balcony, and the image of your work is ingrained in your mind as if mocking your demise.
Light footsteps follow you. 鈥淢y love鈥 are you alright?鈥 You avoided looking at him all night and the stupid red and white montsuki that adorned his frame. It鈥檚 a painful reminder that he wasn鈥檛 the little boy you grew up with anymore; he was your husband.
You lean against the wooden patio, fidgeting with the shiromuku that must have been his mother鈥檚. The crest of the Kaedahara clan is embroidered on its right shoulder. 鈥淚 already told you to not call me that. I鈥檒l be fine, just鈥 trying to keep myself together and鈥撯
鈥溾業 don鈥檛 do well in big crowds, Kazuha鈥 I know, you鈥檝e told me before.鈥 A frown etches his face. 鈥淚 understand that this is a bit sudden for you, but you deserve to be happy at your own wedding. I鈥檓 sorry about the guests, we can leave early if you鈥檙e tired.鈥
A bit sudden? You face him. 鈥淚t鈥檚 only been a month since the Vision Hunt Decree ended. Everything was going well with my life, and鈥攁nd鈥攎y work, my passion, then you suddenly came home and announced your marriage. To me.鈥 It鈥檚 hard to keep your voice down as your temper flares, but attention is not what you want right now. From the corner of your eye, you see residents of the Alcor mingling with his old friends just a few meters away. 鈥淛ust because we pinky-promised to marry each other a whole decade ago doesn鈥檛 mean you can gatecrash in my life like this!鈥
Ever understanding, your husband only nods. 鈥滻t鈥檚 not just about our oath years ago. This is also for your own safety.鈥
You grit your teeth. 鈥淎nd how is this for my own safety?鈥
He sighs and speaks slowly as if talking to a child. 鈥淚鈥檝e seen the world out there, (Y/N). Both the beautiful and things that are better left hidden. As I wandered aimlessly after my friend鈥檚 passing, I couldn鈥檛 get my mind off you no matter how hard I tried.鈥 He takes your hand and presses a chaste kiss on your ring. His lips leave a tingle on your skin. 鈥淲hat if something bad happens and I鈥檓 not there to save you?鈥
You attempt to pull away, but his grasp was as firm as his word. 鈥淚 admit that this arrangement was brought by my selfish desire to鈥 keep you safe, but I swear that I only have the best intentions.鈥
鈥淎nd in our honeymoon?鈥 You finally ask the question that plagued your mind. 鈥淒o you intend to ravish me, then?鈥
His palm is calloused and warm against yours. 鈥淣othing has to happen, and I will never do anything you don鈥檛 want. Just say the word.鈥
When he wipes a stray tear with his thumb, only then you realize that you were crying. 鈥淓veryone expecting an heir soon, Kazuha. Don鈥檛 lie to me.鈥 You gulp and try to stop the fear from taking over. It was an undeniable truth; the pressure that crawled on the back of your head, hitched your breath, and left you terrified of anything and everything that could happen in the following months. 鈥淚 can鈥檛鈥 I don鈥檛 want to鈥撯
鈥淒on鈥檛 let your worries get to you, my love.鈥 He says, and you barely miss the deception in his eyes. 鈥淵ou鈥檒l be alright. We can get through this together just like how we always did.鈥
Tumblr media
The honeymoon cottage was paradise on Teyvat.
You remember this place. Its every Kaedahara鈥檚 official start to married life鈥 his parents stayed here during their honeymoon, and so did his grandparents. Just one carriage ride away from the reception and was decorated with lit scented candles with an overlooking view of the island. Kazuha left over an hour ago, and since then, the maids have been scrubbing and washing you in the bath. 聽
It鈥檚 foolish to trust the man who wedded you by force, but did you have any other choice? Even before the wedding, he already poured a waterfall of apologies for putting you in this situation. Deep down, you want to trust him.
(But if he meant his apologies, then鈥 he would鈥檝e stopped. There would be no wedding, and he would鈥檝e courted you properly.)
You look at yourself by the large mirror facing the bed, robed in sheer lingerie that barely covered anything. The maids did a great job of cleansing your skin so soft and supple, plump as you are already.
You hide under the thick blanket. Was the wind always this cold and piercing at night?
Kazuha enters, and the wind blows more laboriously that it bites pinpricks on your body.
鈥淲ell,鈥 He stares at you. 鈥淵ou look like a little burrito.鈥
You force out a chuckle. 鈥淚t was shivering out there.鈥
He undresses and hangs his kimono by the dresser. You don鈥檛 know whether you clenched your fist out of habit or unease. 鈥淭his village used to have a normal climate before, back when we were kids, remember? Until one summer, my dad received a letter that their icy winds never stopped and the residents need help moving out.鈥 He removes his ponytail and turns his back to you. You marvel at his scars and notice the oldest one from long ago where he fell from a Kanzan tree while reaching to pick flowers. 鈥淪ome believe that it was punishment for angering the winds, but my senses say that it was a natural change that was bound to happen. Interesting, no?鈥
You don鈥檛 know if he鈥檚 just buying time, but it works on calming your nerves. And getting on them. 鈥淪o what I get is that you鈥檙e saying that everyone in this town owes you?鈥
Kazuha laughs, light and airy. As if he鈥檚 not the reason why you鈥檙e on this bed. 鈥淭his used to be my sanctuary when the clan residence closed off. Memories cannot be replaced, and that includes you.鈥 He looks at you, sincere and nervous. 鈥淎fter this, I wish to take you on a journey with me, (Y/N). Just like the old times.鈥
You roll your eyes, done with his pretenses. 鈥淟ook what Mr. 鈥業鈥檝e-seen-the-world-out-there鈥 is talking about now.鈥
He sits on the bed and makes sure he鈥檚 not invading your space when he catches you grasping the blanket tighter around your body. 鈥淵ou鈥檒l be under my protection, sweetheart. Captain Beidou has already agreed to take you in when the Alcor sails again. Only if you want to, of course.鈥
The Captain knows, it dawns on you, and she鈥檚 tolerating it. The lump in your throat grows along with your discomfort, lips quivering. 鈥淚 have no choice, do I? Screw you, Kazuha. I should have never shown my face in Ritou when I heard that a fugitive was looking for me.鈥
He remains placid, used to your sharp tongue and dripping sarcasm. His fingers thrum on the maroon sheets, and you notice how big his hands are compared to yours. 鈥淚 heard that the next stop will be Liyue Harbor, so give it a chance, will you? To see distant lands is not an opportunity to pass up, and you won鈥檛 regret it. This reminds me of a poem I once wrote鈥︹ He trails off. 鈥淩ewards come in many forms, in a slash of a sword--鈥
鈥淥r in the light of her smile.鈥 You reply, and he stills, eyes wide as if contemplating what to say next. You cut him to the chase. 鈥淒on鈥檛 look so shocked. I read your poems about me.鈥
鈥淭he lock of the box we kept under the tree disappeared one day, so I opened it and imagine my surprise when dozens of papers flew out, and they were all journal entries about me,鈥 Your words almost stuck in your throat, distress seeping in. 鈥淲hy did you put that there knowing that I鈥檓 the only other person who can see it?鈥
He鈥檚 stunned to silence, and you wonder if the maids can hear you down the hall. 鈥淭his dream girl you鈥檝e been chasing on those letters鈥 that鈥檚 not me. I鈥檝e changed, and you鈥檙e just going to be disappointed.鈥
鈥淓veryone changes, (Y/N),鈥 Kazuha doesn鈥檛 move from his side of the bed. The candle lights illuminate his tense shoulders and concerned gaze. 鈥淚 was one of the most carefree kids around town because you brought me out of my shell. After losing countless people, I couldn鈥檛 bring myself to be happy again unless I was thinking of coming back home to you. You were my savior, and you still are.鈥
Frustrations bubbles on your chest, and the sheets crumple under your balled fist. 鈥淵ou don鈥檛 understand; you鈥檝e been away for so long! It鈥檚 hard being friends with me, being a relationship with me, and I don鈥檛 think I鈥檓 worth all this!鈥 You heave a breath. 鈥淎 few years down the road you鈥檙e going to wish you made a better choice. I鈥檓 rotten work, goddammit.鈥
The bed dips beside you, and his warmth makes your shiver fade. 鈥淚s this what this is about?鈥
鈥淵es! Yes, Kazuha, this is what this is about,鈥 You grit your teeth and look away. Why is it so easy for him to probe you? 鈥淵ou wrote haikus, poems about me, describing this hometown beauty that you never forgot because she was so kind, so selfless, and you were sooo lucky that you made a vow to marry each other someday.鈥 Tears escaped your eyes as you sob and he takes this chance to wrap his arms around you.
鈥淟et鈥檚 not forget that you wrote about how you鈥檙e not going to hesitate to use your sword to eliminate those that stand in the way of our 鈥榣ove鈥 and you plan to plant your seed inside me once you get back鈥- I mean, what the fuck was that?鈥
The revelation startles him. Or at least he acts like it. 鈥淒arling, you need to understand that I was miles away from you for so many years. There were times that I was driven to the brink of madness thinking of you.鈥 He whispers in your ear, his hot breath sending chills down your body and your mound. He kisses the red tip of your ears. 鈥淧ay no mind, those words are only half-meant. I would never do anything so brash.鈥 Except when it comes between us.
Your body turns feverish in his embrace, and you don鈥檛 pull away when he begins to press kisses on your neck, trailing for your shoulder. He treats you so tender, like the most delicate piece of treasure owned by a royal. 鈥淐alm now, love. You鈥檙e safe with me. Always have been.鈥
He lays you down on the bed and takes your lips with his. Your fists move to his shoulder, gripping, anchoring yourself for what was to come. 鈥淜azuha, wait!鈥
鈥淭his is just customary, darling. Can I not admire my wife on our first day together?鈥 You shake your head, trying to push him away.
鈥淛ust relax and let me do this for you, alright? I won鈥檛 go too far.鈥 He lifts your wrist and kisses it from the back of it up to your arm, your shoulders, capturing your lips in the end. His hands travel and roam upon the unexplored breadth and expanse of your aching body until his fingers find your folds and dips inside.
It makes your head dizzy, his digits going in and out so slow. 鈥淜a-Kazuha,鈥 He adores how sinful you look: tresses all tangled on the pillows, breast spilling out from your lingerie, pussy leaking a syrupy mess, and your head thrown back on his shoulder like a panting goddess sent in his arms to pleasure. His cock swells and twitch, swears in the back of his mind that he could devour you right now. 鈥淵our fingers鈥︹
鈥淔eels good? Told you it would.鈥 You moan, and he smiles a depraved smile, and adds another one. 鈥淵ou鈥檙e so good for me.鈥
In your dazed head, all you hear is the rhythmic squelch from his fingers stretching you out before you were lifted and plopped on his lap. 鈥淲hat are you鈥 I鈥檓 too heavy, wait!鈥
He only sucks on your tits and flicks your nipples in response. 鈥淒o you think so lowly of me, (Y/N)?鈥 He pins your thighs further with his to settle yourself properly, and you squeal. You cling to his shoulders for support, fully conscious of your weight against him. 鈥淚鈥檝e fought countless enemies, stood against the sword of an archon, and you think I can鈥檛 carry your body against mine, sweet girl?鈥
A strangled moan came out of your mouth as he softly bit and groped your breasts. 鈥淭his body was made to be held, loved, cherished鈥 you are what poems are made of, my muse.鈥 You鈥檙e all up in your head, dizzy and dumb, that you don鈥檛 notice his thick, throbbing cock nudging against your entrance until it touches your clit, and you tremble.
You look down and see the engorged tip of his cock, glistening with precum. He grabs your hips and lowers you down. You jolt against him. 鈥淣o, no no, wait, I said we can鈥檛鈥 I don鈥檛 want to put it in yet, Kazuha, please,鈥
He presses a kiss on your arm. 鈥淥kay, okay sweetheart, I won鈥檛.鈥 The shadows overcast his cunning smirk. 鈥淲e can do this, alright鈥撯
鈥淛ust the tip, darling. Just the tip,鈥 He flips you over again, this time laying your head on his chest as he lets both of you face the mirror. It鈥檚 both debauched and borderline romantic seeing yourself tangled up with a man whose only goal is to make ruins of your body and songs of your broken moans in the air. 鈥淪pread those legs for me, love. I want to see that dripping hole of yours.鈥
You reluctantly part your legs, and he spreads them wider once he takes hold of your ankles. 鈥淟ook at that honeypot just begging to be licked鈥 for someone so worried you seem to be enjoying our time a lot, (Y/N).鈥
You want to smack his stupid face. 鈥淚 don鈥檛鈥 I don鈥檛 want you getting me pregnant this first night, Kazuha. You better just put the tip in.鈥
鈥淎s you wish,鈥 He whispers, and his cock drags to your folds, tapping your clit, until it finally enters your hot core. A mere inch in, and Kazuha looks like he鈥檚 about to explode when your perfect cunt is so snug against his aching cock. 鈥淵ou feel that, baby?鈥
鈥淵es, yes, just stay like that, you鈥檙e so big鈥 don鈥檛 move too much,鈥 You let out a gasp, a shudder, and your nails dig to his arms.
Kazuha isn鈥檛 contented, though; now that he鈥檚 finally inside you, all he can think about is warmth, give you my seed, mine, breed, fill you up like his brain is fried. There鈥檚 nothing left but his primal desire. He loves you, he really does, but why would you make him suffer like this? Stopping him from entering you when you鈥檙e finally at his reach for the first time in years.
鈥淚鈥檓 sorry, baby, you know that I love you, right?鈥 He whispers in his stupor and you lean your head to look at him properly. His gaze burns with yearning, guilt, and desire. 鈥淲hat鈥擪azuha, why?鈥
He starts to push further, and you panic, reality hitting you at once. 鈥淣onono, stop!鈥
He drags his cock, stretches you inch by inch, and your weak tiny fists hit his chest. 鈥淧lease, it鈥檚 too big, no鈥︹ You beg weakly and try to find reason why he鈥檚 not stopping. At this rate, you鈥檙e afraid he might split you apart.
Kazuha can only mutter apologies, hands softly prying yours from pushing him away. He knows he can overpower you by strength, but he doesn鈥檛 want to scare you more than he鈥檚 doing right now. 鈥淚 know, I know baby, I鈥檓 sorry, I鈥檝e wanted you for so long, and you鈥檙e so tight and irresistible around me,鈥 His words melt to incoherence, praises left in the air as both of you are overwhelmed in the sensation of your bodies connecting together.
It was just you, his greedy hands, and your breaths mingling together under the ocean blue sky of your hometown, and Kazuha couldn鈥檛 care about anything else. His hips stutter and jackhammer into your womb. You remain locked in place, watching yourself in the mirror as he fucks you full nelson, soaking the sheets with your juices. He grabs the plush of your thighs, travels to the round of your stomach squeezing the ample flesh, and you mewl.
鈥(Y/N), I鈥檒l make it up to you, alright? You鈥檙e giving me everything I鈥檝e ever dreamed of. I wanted you for so long now, ah!鈥 The room spins as he manhandles you to your back again, trailing kisses from your stomach to your neck as he climbs on top of you. He slides his cock inside again and continues his rigorous pace. His balls tighten, and his cock is about to spill his cum inside while you whimper and cling to him like he鈥檚 your last lifeline.
Kazuha takes a moment, breathes, and kisses you passionately because his heart knows that it鈥檚 not just entangling of tongues and slapping of flesh that鈥檚 happening on this ravaged honeymoon bed, but the worshipping of the person who saved him in his past, present, and future. The highest offer he can give you is his seed, so take it, will you? 鈥淚鈥檓 gonna cum, sweetheart, I鈥檓 gonna cum,鈥
鈥淣o, not inside Kazuha, please!鈥 You cry out a confusing mix of moan and desperation as your hot core is all ready to snap if he keeps fucking you this way, almost touching your cervix. 鈥淎nything but that鈥 you鈥檒l get me pregnant.鈥
鈥淭hen so be it.鈥 He thrust forward, hips jerking, convulsing, with globs of thick cum threatening shoot out from his cock onto your womb. 鈥淩eady?鈥
鈥淜azuha, no! Fuckfuckfuck鈥撯 You cry out, and he grips your hips on one hand and takes yours in the other. 鈥淗ere, hold my hand, we鈥檙e gonna cum together, alright? I love you so much,鈥 Were his last words before both of you exploded in ecstasy, fluids mixing with each other inside your womb and he鈥檚 thrusting it all inside to prevent it from spilling. Your pussy clenches, feeling the juices still inside you.
Kazuha lays still, his cock resting inside your warmth. As you doze off, he lays you on your back. The moonlight glittered your skin and he hopes that your cries of pleasure are heard by the wind and makes it clear that you were finally his and no one else鈥檚. 鈥淭hank you, my muse. I鈥檓 finally home.鈥
Tumblr media
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yandere-sins 4 months ago
Can I request a smut of Diavolo fucking a shy MC because she looked so cute in her plaid skirt and thigh highs? She鈥檚 always been attractive but god does that skirt frame her waist nicely and those thigh highs frame her squishy thighs quite nicely. I can just see him making an excuse for her to go to his office alone but then he fucks her on his desk to the point of her mind going dumb and not minding him practically breeding her.
I did a tiny change to the request, but I hope you鈥檒l still like it! Thanks for requesting this 鈾
Warning Lemon
禄禄鈥斺斺斺-鈥斺斺斺 鈾 聽 鈥斺斺斺斺斺斺斺-芦芦 聽 聽
Diavolo had no chance of keeping his desire at bay when it came to you.
Looking at you, undressing you with his hungry eyes, he only heard your voice in the back of his mind, telling him about the project he ordered for you to take over. Diavolo much rather counted the folds on your skirt, admired the way it hugged your hips before robbing him of the image of your body underneath. It was a shame that it wasn鈥檛 even more form-fitting, touching you like greedy hands all over, but it sure made up for that with its length.
He should have been the bigger person in this situation, asked you to not wear something so sexy again鈥攆or him and every other soul that had to see your curvaceous ass teasing them whenever you moved. But where was the fun in that? You weren鈥檛 the first human he saw in sexy clothes; just, the ones that he met wearing skimpy outfits did it out of聽provocation. You, on the other hand, innocent and probably not having thought twice when Asmo asked you to buy and wear this, were provocating his patience more than anything.
Licking his lips as he played with his pencil, you suddenly tore him out of his thoughts with a concerned, 鈥淒iavolo? Are you okay?鈥
Having stopped your presentation, you looked worried at him not following up with his thoughts on your work. It was incredibly hard to ignore the pressing matter in his pants in favor of appearing normal, but he pulled himself together, inching closer to his desk to hide, and cleared his throat, putting on his usual, friendly smile. 鈥淎ll good, I just got so invested in the project, I was lost in thoughts. Please continue!鈥
Relieved, you smiled, nodding lightly before handing him a print-out. As you began to explain, Diavolo鈥檚 eyes rose from the paper as he heard the soft rubbing of fabric, his gaze immediately getting stuck on your new thigh-high stockings. Groaning internally, Diavolo lifted his eyes briefly towards Heaven, asking God what he had done wrong to deserve such temptation from his exchange student. You were such a pleasant, hard-working student, but shopping with Asmodeus made you - and he thought that in absolute respect and understanding for his fellow devil - into such a聽slut.
Not like Diavolo hadn鈥檛 been eyeing you for weeks now, observed your interactions with other demons, angels, and the like. He thought it his duty to make sure you felt welcome and engaged since this student exchange was his project. Diavolo couldn鈥檛 have known that Lucifer would choose the human that was most dangerous for the prince for the exchange, and now Diavolo was stuck eyeing you constantly. Hell, no one could have known that you were like a poisonous rose, one that Diavolo felt was all his.
He knew everything about you already, having Barbatos make him a complex, 386-page long report on everything in your life. Diavolo knew your friends, family, your favorite dish. And now that he finally had a chance to make you come to him more often, visit his office under the disguise of work and projects, he studied your gestures, the movements of your body鈥攜es, even your聽walk. It all had to be burned into his mind so he could satisfy his thirst for you in his dreams at least.
And yet, despite one of the most primal of urges of all demons he felt for you, he held back, his presence often causing tension for you. With his social standing, you probably didn鈥檛 feel like you could relax around him, even though Diavolo wanted nothing more than to befriend you, hang out with you, help you get situated. He caught himself yearning to be with you a few times too often, especially when you were around the brothers with who you seemed to get along splendidly. Their bodies always hid you from sight, and Diavolo dreaded his inability to keep you in his view at all times. Sometimes he just wanted to lock you up for his own viewing pleasures and not allow anyone to see you.
It鈥檚 been a long time since someone stirred him so much, interested him passionately. His life was long, at times uncomfortable, and filled with work of all sorts most of the time. But聽you. You were like a star in the night sky. One that he wished he could keep next to him in his bed, Diavolo always thinking about you anyway. You were robbing him of everything he had, his sleep, his normal life, his heart, and now his sanity as he imagined your thighs wrapped around his head so that you two could give wetness a new meaning.
鈥淒ia?鈥 you called for him carefully, your expression showing pure concern, and Diavolo could feel why. His whole expression had darkened, his jaws clenched together, and his brows furrowed. He must have looked displeased to you, and now you were unsure if you made a mistake. You did, wearing that skirt that day, but how could he tell you that when you looked at him with so much worry for his well-being?
Alone the thought of ogling demons as you passed them by on your way to class made Diavolo angry. They鈥檇 be in the same position as the prince, imagining your body in all kinds of positions on their lap and bent over. All of them wished a bit of wind would flip your skirt up so they could see the undoubted string you were wearing underneath. You鈥檙e a fucking temptress, that鈥檚 what you were.
Did you like them gaffing and turning their heads for you? Did it make you more confident to know you could play everyone like this? Giving them a taste but never a treat? Maybe you were doing it for the prince after all; you wanted to make him absolutely furious over the thought that you could get attention from anyone else but him.聽Want聽that attention even. And you wanted to show him that you didn鈥檛 need him as much as he needed you.
If that had been your plan, you could have just asked him. Diavolo would have gladly told you that the answer to all your questions was 鈥榊es! Yes! Yes!鈥 You wanted to make him jealous? Well, you fucking did. Want him to lose all his grace and good manners and become a drooling mess for you? You didn鈥檛 even need to buy a new skirt; he did that seeing any of your outfits. Wanted to seduce him, make you fill your little hole with a new heir for the throne? You just. Needed. To Ask.
鈥淲hat鈥檚 your plan here?鈥 Diavolo finally asked, reaching the limits of his patience. He wanted you ever since the first day you came here. Pressing himself up from his chair, you flinched, looking fearful about the sudden change of mood he displayed. No matter if it was money, prestige, the world, he鈥檇 give it to you as long as you asked for it. You were the only one that could make him work just to receive a tiny bit of your attention and love like you did for the brothers.
Diavolo wanted to be taken care of by you, held in your arms, and comforted just as much. He wanted you to come to him cheerfully when he called and not just to go over work he entrusted to you. You should be thankful and happy to be in his presence, especially when he was so good to you and making all your wishes for this year come true, no matter the effort. Others already noticed how much he favored your ideas over everyone else鈥檚, but they let it slide for the exchange student. Why couldn鈥檛 you see the lengths he went for you?
鈥淧-Plan?鈥 you stuttered as you slowly backed away from Diavolo鈥檚 work desk. 鈥淒o you mean for the event? It鈥檚 well... it鈥檚 the one on your desk, and...鈥
鈥淣o, not that one,鈥 he chuckled, a little disappointed that you still wouldn鈥檛 come out with the truth. You had to have underlying intentions coming into his office, looking like a needy whore. Without much resistance, he picked the project folder from your hands, throwing it carelessly to the side, and opened his coat. You didn鈥檛 have much space to escape as he pressured you back into the direction of his desk, sliding off his coat and throwing it to the side as well.
鈥淭ell me what you really want. What you planned to do with... that.鈥
Sliding his hand up your thigh, Diavolo grabbed the hem of your skirt, soft, new material gliding through the gaps in his fingers. It reminded him of lace you鈥檇 wear in his dirty dreams. 鈥淪-Sir!鈥 you exclaimed, a little firmer than he thought you would, your hand brushing his away with resolve. Humans were funny, always acting strong when they really weren鈥檛. You wouldn鈥檛 have worn this if you didn鈥檛 want him to react to it.
鈥淚nteresting,鈥 he noted with a smile. 鈥淒on鈥檛 tell me this wasn鈥檛 a plan of yours, you minx.鈥
鈥淓xcuse me?鈥 you breathed, appalled, but the angry glare you were giving him disappeared as you felt the edge of the table press into your back.
鈥淣o,鈥 was all he replied to that, not wanting to excuse you and instead pressing his body forward until there was no space left between you two. 鈥淚 know what you鈥檙e trying. You planned for me to lose my composure and put me into an awkward situation so you can ask me for anything you want. Tell me what it is.鈥
Speechless, your mouth gaped open before closing again, an increasing uncomfortableness spreading over your face as you looked left and right for an exit. 鈥淚 didn鈥檛 want that at all! I鈥檓 just here for the project...鈥
鈥淲earing barely anything? Seems intentional to me, Human.鈥
鈥淏ut it isn鈥檛, I swear!鈥 This time when you looked up at him, your gaze was filled with honesty. Diavolo had seen enough and dealt with enough humans in his lifetime to be able to recognize it, but to his surprise, your confession only made him more upset. How come he鈥檇 think about you this way? Question your pure intentions as if you鈥檇 ever shown him behavior that indicated you were just here to fulfill your greedy goals?
Ah,聽he thought in a moment of clarity.聽Because I wish you did.
Diavolo had never met a truly sincere person, someone he could trust and rely on. And when you kept your distance from him as well in the first few weeks, he must have imagined that you were the same once you did come to him. He really wished you would have given him a reason to be used by you. At least then, you鈥檇 have kept him by your side, pretended to feel the same need and longing he had for you. And eventually... ripped his heart out as you left him once you had what you wanted. Just like everyone, and yet, it would still be less suffering than never having you at all.
Leaning forward, Diavolo hung onto the last straw of his sanity, knowing that there was no peaceful way out. He already went too far to make it right again. And honestly, he didn鈥檛聽want聽to make it right. If anything, Diavolo wanted to make it聽worse. 鈥淵ou can have it. Everything,鈥 he whispered into your ear to sweeten the deal, and you shuddered from his deep voice. Adorable.聽Completely maddening. His body was screaming to take you, make you his. Give you everything he possibly could just for a drop of affection from you. There was no turning back now, or he might have destroyed the world if you were to slip out of his grasp now that he had you pinned between him and the table.
鈥淏ut I don鈥檛 want any--鈥
Before you could finish, you already broke his heart into millions of tiny pieces. Putting his lips on yours, Diavolo cut you off to save what was left of himself, abusing your lips with his just to have a taste of the beauty that was love. You were his forbidden fruit, tempting, ruining, but聽so delicious. The moment you gasped, trying to pull your head away, Diavolo slammed you back onto the table, towering over you as he plunged his tongue deep inside your throat.
Somewhere in the heat, Diavolo lost control, his horns protruding from his head, his wings bending and flapping in both excitement and the need to overpower you. Opening his eyes, you appeared overwhelmed, tears dripping from your cheeks and your body contorting awkwardly over everything sitting on his table. Placing both his hands on either side of you, Diavolo swiped the space clear of anything that could hurt you or make you uncomfortable. No lamp, no keepsake, no pen worth millions of grim was more important than you.
But he still couldn鈥檛 let go of you, even with the taste he had now. It was all or nothing for the prince, and there was more to explore than just your lavish lips. Sliding one hand down your body, he halted at your chest, fumbling your breasts through shirt and bra. What kind of bra you鈥檇 be wearing? Black as the night, white as a cloud? It was as exciting as unpacking a present, popping the buttons of your green dress shirt one by one to reveal what laid beneath.
It was black and red.聽His colors.
You were already wearing him, even without his doings.
Pulling his tongue out of your mouth, your mixed spit dripped on your lips and dragged down your body as Diavolo moved lower. Freeing your right nipple from its prison, he immediately breathed it in, suckling the little knob till hardened. You were gasping for air and groaning as you shoved your hands into his hair, trying to pry him off, Diavolo鈥檚 teeth only coming around your nipple to pull it with him. Punishment for daring to push him away. Your strength left you instantly as you instead whimpered from the pleasurable pain. You were a menu to taste, but feeling his ever so aching, pained, pressured manhood caught in his pants, Diavolo was ready for the main course.
鈥淓verything,鈥 he huffed as he freed his member from its restraints. Slipping his hand lower, the skirt had become but a nuisance, his hand wandering straight towards your pussy once he pushed it out of the way. Feeling the flimsy string of your panties, Diavolo felt confirmed in his suspicion of you wearing barely anything to cover up your privates for this skirt to work, a knowing smile crossing his lips. You were just making it easy for him now on purpose.
鈥淚鈥檒l give you everything,鈥 he offered.聽Everything聽if it meant having you.
鈥淵ou can be queen, buy whatever you want! Ask me, and it鈥檚 all yours!鈥 Diavolo announced, placing his tip to your entrance, your eyes widening. You were so wet for him, showing him you wanted him just as much, even though you screamed, 鈥淣o! No, no, no--!鈥 from the top of your lungs. But your body was a much worse liar than you were, your back arching as he pushed into you, feeling your walls clench around him, absorb him. Diavolo groaned, for the first time in his life, ascending to the heavens and falling right back and deeper inside you.
Your pussy was teasing and tempting him deeper inside, briefly relaxing as you took a deep breath, preparing yourself for what was to come. You鈥檝e been right to prepare as Diavolo鈥檚 hip snapped forward, straight through any restraints you might have had. Thick and veiny did his cock sit inside you, like a king on his throne, you walls worshipping his presence. That鈥檚 how it was supposed to be, the exact closeness he always wanted with you.
鈥淢ine,鈥 he grunted, leaning forward to bury his face between your breasts. Finally, writhing and convulsing beneath him, gasping when he so much as rolled his hips against you, you were truly his. Finally, after waiting for so long, you belonged to him, even if he had to speed up the wait for you to come around. But Diavolo planned to make it up to you. He鈥檇 keep his promise of giving you whatever you want, now that you gave him all that he wanted too. 鈥淔inally,聽mine.鈥
Your sincerity surprisingly came in handy, despite him not having expected it. Pressing into you, you moaned loudly, clasping your arm over your mouth in shame and biting it hard to suppress what was following. Even though the tears never stopped streaming from your eyes, you tried so hard to not give in and appreciate what Diavolo was doing. Unsettled by this fact, he longed to hear more from you, prying your arms away that hid you, letting him see everything.
Assuming an even rhythm of pumps, Diavolo reveled in the sounds escaping from your throat. Noise that he created sounded all the sweeter in his ears, and you were so honest with how good you felt, singing for him as he fucked his cock into your wet cunt. There you were, soaking wet, hot, and spreading for his penis, a dream he had for so many nights coming true.
鈥淪-Slower!鈥 you pleaded as his speed only increased, his lips cracking into more and more of a grin of madness, the pleasure completely consuming him. You were pinned to the desk, your body manhandled as Diavolo used you like a toy for his pleasure, pressing in and out rapidly.
Making you squeal, he suddenly turned you over, your head slammed into the hard wood and your ass pressing into his stomach as he leaned over you. You were a keeper, that much Diavolo knew already. He had always known that you鈥檇 bring him luck and happiness as long as you were by his side, just like you were giving him the height of his life right there on his office table. If material goods weren鈥檛 enough, he鈥檇 give you unbreakable bonds, like the ones of a mother and child. And as long as necessary, he鈥檇 turn you into this beautiful, blubbering, gasping mess you were, a symphony of your mouth declaring your devotion to his cock, and your pussy playing the tune to it.
Demons like him never met sincere humans because the need to聽ruin聽them completely was just too strong.
You could only accommodate the space for his cum as he filled you up to the brim, pulling you back by your hair so not a single drop could be spilled between you, all going directly into you and turning your insides white. Gurgling and sighing, you were a sight for the gods as you came undone, standing on your tiptoes and arching your back like a good little slut. You would not walk even one step without his seed dripping from your pounded pussy, so that everyone would know who you belonged to from now on. No demon, no angel, none of the brothers could take away what was marked as the prince鈥檚. He brought you here to Devildom, and you were Diavolo鈥檚 responsibility to keep.
No matter how good your intentions might have been, you could have never won against him. Now, with his sperm dripping everywhere, you were too soiled to go back to the life you once had, and he had achieved the one thing he wanted more than anything: you聽needed聽him now. Even if it was just because you couldn鈥檛 find a dick as good as his or because of the baby, he planned to put inside you. Nothing else was acceptable, and he would ruin the rest of your life as well if you refused him even more than you had before.
Dealing with demons was always a tricky thing. You鈥檇 never know when they鈥檇 snap because they can鈥檛 wait any longer, or you showed them something they cannot stand to miss in their life. Pulling out of you, you were no longer the sweet exchange student. Not with the excess cum spilling out of you and ruining your stockings, and not with the dazed gaze on your eyes after you had the best orgasm in your short, little life.
But even if you were done, Diavolo was already licking his lips as he pushed the strings of sperm back into your pussy with the tip of his cock, relishing in the warmth of your insides like a freezing wolf in the warmth of his pack. Without warning and no sign beforehand, he slowly spread you wide open again, causing you to whimper and briefly regain your conscience, thrashing a little as he shoved his entire length up to your cervix.
Eyeing his chair across the table, Diavolo smirked, thinking off all the way he could pump you on his cock and let you finish the rest once you were too gone to think about anything else any more than pleasure. But before that, he leaned down again, calming you with the weight of his body.
鈥淵ou鈥檒l lack nothing with me, I promise.鈥 Speaking these words like a vow at the altar, Diavolo purred in satisfaction, wrapping you in his arms so he could lift you easily. You owned his heart, soul, and body now, but it came at it鈥檚 own price.
The price of聽everything.
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yandere-toons 5 months ago
If you鈥檙e fine with going to see the movie, then yeah, because honestly Pepa and her family would be a interesting set of platonic yanderes imo lol
Yandere Madrigals (Platonic Headcanons)
TW: Emotional Manipulation, Toxic Mindsets.
A.N. - I wasn't sure how much of the family you wanted, so I did all of them at once.
Tumblr media
A silent war is waged in Casa Madrigal, and the entire town of Encanto has a stake in it. When the skies darken and pouring rain arrives in gusts of howling winds courtesy of Pepa, every citizen reaps the consequences of the family having an argument with or a disagreement over their friend. Each member has a unique idea of how best to treat their friend, which breeds an endless amount of petty conflict but also a powerful sense of unity.
As the perceived golden child, Isabela expects to be the centre of their attention. She attempts to dazzle them by blooming rows of the flowers she has been told are beautiful and praised for growing, and if this fails to win their everlasting admiration, Isabela is at a loss for what to do. For much of her life, her chlorokinesis was hailed as her best quality, leaving seeds of envy to sprout when their friend is impressed by another member of the family.
In addition to her own insecurities, Isabela encounters great competition in the form of her cousins. None of these threats are greater than Camilo, who is rich with a need for attention and is determined to steal the title of their friend's favourite Madrigal. Camilo shapeshifts into random civilians on the street, important people in their friend's life and their preferred member of the family if not himself 鈥 all to interact with them a little longer and, in his mind, build a rapport with them.
Luisa is not as hungry for attention as her cousins and older sister, but she does have a robust want to be seen as useful to their friend. She refrains from intruding on their engagements with other members of the family and instead waits for them to seek out her, asking for any tasks and chores that she can do for them every time they meet. Luisa measures her worth by how much stress she lifts off their friend and encourages them to transfer the smallest and most insignificant duties to her if she has not helped them for a while.
Before Bruno is accepted back into the family, he goes unnoticed by their friend until Dolores enlightens them or they catch him raiding the kitchen in the dead of night during a sleepover. Bruno fears the wrath of Alma and resigns himself to speaking with them through tunnels in the walls, sometimes trying to persuade them to visit his hideout. Antonio is informed of this via his nocturnal animals and Bruno's rats, but the kid is happy to keep it secret as long as he can come with their friend and receive extra time with them later.
As a magic-less individual in a household full of supernatural abilities, Mirabel struggles to retain a presence in their friend's day. Among her family's nonstop ventures to enthrall them with superhuman feats, she feels that anything she can offer is doomed to be inferior to the gardens, rainbows and heavy lifting. This does not deter her from trying, however, and Mirabel seeks to claim her piece of their attention by rushing to talk to them and bring them to the privacy of the nursery when a family member steps away.
Regardless of how much their friend tries to keep their private life to themselves, Dolores hears each thought mumbled in secrecy and every twinge of fear and discomfort that sneaks into a laugh or step. She is quite loose-lipped when it pertains to secrets and wastes no time recounting everything she learned to the eager ears of her family. As a means of vengeance whenever someone interrupts her time with their friend, Dolores withholds information and tells her other relatives not to keep the offending member updated with the latest news until either she forgives them or they apologize to her.
Mirabel and Antonio shed doubt on the fairness of this process, and while she does not approve of its underhanded nature, Alma deems it a necessary invasion to ensure their safety. As far as Agust铆n and F茅lix are concerned, eavesdropping is a silly byproduct of joining the Madrigals because their friend might as well be a member of the family. Julieta and her motherly instincts support Alma when she encourages their friend to move into Casa Madrigal, citing it as a way to provide them with the happiest life possible.
After he is accepted back into the family, Bruno lives in constant fear of giving their friend one too many negative prophecies and losing their companionship forever. He wishes to only share the good news, but the thought of them facing a hardship unprepared when he could have warned them drives him to track down their whereabouts and deliver the brutal truth. Whether Bruno slips up or Dolores overhears him, knowledge of the adverse prophecy flows back to the rest of the family and causes an uproar at dinner.
Alma leads the discussion, with Julieta and Pepa throwing in the odd comment here and there. Agust铆n and F茅lix are the jokesters of the group and fail to understand why the situation has to be so tense, aiming to keep the room stable with humour. Isabela casts hidden glares and the occasional snide remark at whoever she thinks their friend prefers to her. Dolores exposes her, and Isabela's denial leads to Pepa succumbing to the emotional chaos and summoning a storm.
Camilo seizes the opportunity to mock and impersonate whichever family member he views as his biggest competitor. Luisa is crying about how she has supposedly disappointed their friend, while Mirabel comforts her and tries to keep a foothold in the conversation at the same time. Antonio is an anxious observer for most of the event and excuses himself to play with his animals far from the dining room.
Just as it seems like the discussion cannot be salvaged, Bruno stumbles out of a hole in the wall 鈥 sand in his mouth and a rat in his hand. He lies and announces a second prophecy that negates the first. It is a desperate ploy to ease the tempers and fears of his family, and if the real prophecy comes to pass, Bruno suggests a way to fight it but paints the suggestion as a forgotten detail of his vision to preserve his innocence.
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yandere--stuck 2 months ago
Return to Arkham - Yandere!Joker x Doctor!Reader
"Catch me if you can," The Joker's voice echoed over the intercom. "First one to find me gets a prize!~"
Your heart thudded loudly in your chest, every hair standing on end and every nerve shot as you forced yourself to creep through the hall of the asylum. The adrenaline that flooded your veins practically screamed at you to run, but running meant almost certain death. You'd make too much noise, you'd take a wrong turn in your panic, you'd run straight into the clutches of the blackgate inmates or corrupt guards. Despite every instinct screaming at you to flee as fast as you could, you had to take it slow.
So, you crept through the asylum's dirty, ancient halls. And now, in this moment, your brain taking in everything with increased clarity out of panic, is when it really hit you how awful the set of circumstances were for everyone here. Not just now, during the Joker's mass takeover, but throughout all of Gotham's history.聽
The demonization of mental health issues and those afflicted, preventing those who need help from actually getting it because they might be villainized and ostracized. Throwing people - adults, children, criminal or otherwise, into a rundown building built on the conflation of mental illness and crimes and letting them be abused by guards and doctors and even the warden, himself.
Not that that was an excuse for crime, of course. But, isn't that why you were hired in the first place? To replace the older generation of doctors and psychiatrists and breathe new life into the asylum, to treat the inmates better? You had tried. You wanted to make things better.
You had heard of the tales that psychiatrists faced at the hands of The Joker. Murder, stalking, assassinations鈥 And, of course, the case of former Dr. Harleen Quinzel. Still, you tried to reach him.
You looked over his case, looked over his files, listened and re-listened to interview tapes over and over again. Maybe, you could learn from the mistakes others had made. Not so angry as to draw his ire, not so understanding as to allow him to manipulate you, not so neutral that you failed to reach him. A monumental feat, to be sure.
He lied. A lot. But, of course, he did - you expected, as much. You could understand why Ms. Quinzel began to trust him. The Joker didn't look as intimidating as he did on Television or in photos when he was in the required inmate jumpsuit, the bright orange clashing with his stark white skin and dark green locks.
He told you conflicting stories - of a drunken father who beat him and his mother, who took him to the circus- or the ice rink- or the amusement park. A sister who got cut up by the mob, but wasn't he an only child? Or didn't he have a little brother? His wife got pregnant and lost the child- but, he never had a wife鈥 Or he did, and he lost both his wife and their unborn child.
But, no matter the story and no matter the contradictions, you did your best to take him at his word while attempting to tackle the problem - or, at least, tried your hardest to seem like you were taking him at his word. Not enough to allow him to take advantage of you, but just enough to suggest ways to help him improve. Had he tried Cognitive Behavioral Therapy? Perhaps he could try breathing techniques in order to cope with the flashbacks to that night in the Ace Chemicals factory? If he needed reassurance, it would be good to turn to Ms. Quinzel and鈥 His fellow (Friends? Allies?) inmates.
You knew it was unlikely that Joker was taking your advice seriously - or that it would even help, at all. Numerous psychologists before you had already studied Joker's psychological profile and had come to the conclusion that whatever was ailing Joker wasn't found in the DSM, or anyone else struggling with mental health issues. He was a complete anomaly, but that didn't mean you could give up on him. Maybe鈥 Maybe just knowing that someone else cared enough to come in and try to help communicate with him in a way that wasn't violent or demeaning could get through to him, at least a little bit.
You could tell when he had stopped trying to lie in order to trick or anger you. A majority of your sessions had become him goofing around and attempting small talk. He would fiddle around in his chair, switching his sitting positions and even flipping upside down in his seat while the guards tried to keep their trigger fingers in check.
You remembered the last session between you and him before his break out.
"Having fun down there?" You asked, watching the Clown Prince of Crime as he sat upside down.聽
His hair brushed against the floor, bubbly giggles leaving his painted lips. His long, lanky body outstretched over the bow back, legs kicking in the air. His arms hooked around two of the legs, his surprising upper body strength holding him down and keeping himself from toppling over.
"Oh, you know I am," Then, quick as a flash, Joker righted himself, spooking the two guards that remained positioned at the door. The clown's hair remained unchanged in his righted position, still smoothed back, save for a stray curl that fell to his forehead. "You should try it some time! There's nothing like blood rushin' directly to your head!"
"I'll consider it," You replied, before adding a faux-whisper. "I'll have to do it off the clock, though, I think the Warden'll get mad if he walks in on me doing it during a session."
"Ugh, Sharpie is such a killjoy. You deserve a raise just for putting up with him," The Joker thought for a moment. "Want me to put in a good word for you?"
You snickered. "I appreciate it, Joker, but there's no need. I get paid enough as it is, and coming in to help my favorite patient is a good bonus."
Another bellow of laughs escaped the clown, Joker hunching forward to rest an elbow on his leg, holding his chin up with a fist. There was a soft look in his eyes, filled with light and adoration. "You know, Doc, you're a real charmer!"
"Am I?"
"Indeedy-doo-da-day!" The Clown beamed, eyes crinkling. "And quite the looker, too! Careful, Doc, you might just steal me鈥"
"I'm sure Ms. Quinzel would have something to say about that."
Joker waved the thought off. "Oh, you and half of Gotham already know about her and Pammy. We both know how good it is to share!"
You hadn't expected the conversation to turn so鈥 Personal? Intimate? It was most likely all jokes and ribbings, but the thought of Joker actually flirting with you - attempting to court you, even - made you uncomfortable. It was dangerous, not to mention incredibly wrong and unprofessional. Keeping your relationship as caring doctor and patient with the Joker was incredibly important and you couldn't risk losing the raport you had built.
A nervous laugh escaped you, brows furrowing. Your gaze flicked over to the guards. You swallowed.
"Well, I'm extremely flattered, but," You paused, taking in a shaking breath as you chose your next words. "I'm afraid I'm already taken."
It was a lie, but he didn't need to know that. It would nip that little problem in the bud, and he'd move on.
But, your heart sunk as a scowl stretched over The Joker's lips, all glee fleeing his expression and his eyes going dark.
A tension filled the room, so thick you thought you might choke on it, only to be dispersed by the beeping of a timer. The session was over.
The two guards approached Joker, one holding him stoll as the other cuffed him and lifted him to his feet.聽
"Well, Doc, I'll see ya next time!" The Joker looked over his shoulder, meeting your eyes.
"See you鈥"
"Oh! One more thing-" The Joker stilled only to be shoved forward by one of the guards.
"Keep it movin', Clown!" One of the men barked.
The Joker bared his teeth, glaring down at the man. "Hold your horses, Pig." Joker turned back to you, his expression softening. "I have a secret for you鈥"
Hesitantly, you stepped forward. "Oh?"
"I'm gettin' outta here real soon," He grinned. "It's gonna be a real party!"
"Not on your life, Clown!" The other guard spat, shoving Joker out the door and into the hall.
You followed them into the hall, watching as your patient was roughly escorted away. You called after him. "Please, don't break out, Joker! You're here so we can help you!"
Before he was taken around the corner and disappeared from your view, the Joker called back. "Sweetheart, I think you and I both know that this place can't help anyone!"
He had kept his promise. He had broken out.
The moment you got word of his escape, you had spent most of the day cowering in your room, sure he'd break in at any moment. It was actually a relief when you were called back into work, just so you could be far, far away from the city while he was free.
You were so sure he was angry at you. So sure he'd come after you.
He didn't. It wasn't until you checked messages from your friends in the city that you realized what he had done. They all went dark. No replies. No nothing. Pictures of victims on the news that were both familiar and yet鈥 Destroyed beyond recognition. The weight of your words fell heavily on you.
He hadn't come after you. He had gone after whoever he thought might have "taken" You from him.
And what was worse was鈥
How did he know who you talked to?
Creeping through the dark halls of the Asylum, now, you could really see - he was right. You always knew that, in a way, but you were blinded by the thought of fixing this place. The thought that you and people like you could rebuild what was broken and bring Arkham Asylum into the 21st Century. No more torture of patients, no more abuse, no more lobotomies. But, with every crack sealed, more and more reappeared or were discovered to take its place. This wasn't something you could put a band-aid on and call it a day.
Arkham Asylum was built on hatred and fear and prejudice, and it would stay that way. The best thing anyone could do for this place and the people in it was to tear it down. No amount of doctors replaced or modernized treatments or Wayne family funding could undo that, could undo the damage it had done to the people in this city. Generations upon generations who had heard horror stories from the Asylum and decided to fear the inmates instead of the abusive staff. Is it any wonder why mental illnesses went undiagnosed, that so many people went without help, out of fear of people thinking them the next supercriminal?
Maybe鈥 Maybe you could speak out, if you got out of this alive. Convince the mayor or Bruce Wayne or Warden Sharp or whoever the hell was in control of stuff like this to tear the whole place down and reopen a new mental health facility in the city, without the baggage and horrific past of this Asylum. Maybe then, there would be some change.
The halls and floors were so dirty. Water leaking from the pipes and ceilings, damaged floorboards or ceiling panels. Blood gone uncleaned for who knows how long, smeared upon the walls. You always knew there were cracks in the seams, but it only hit you now how many there were.
How could anyone here get better if they were living in a waking nightmare? How many people had this Asylum, this city, failed?
You crept slowly through the halls, walking slow and silent, barely breathing in fear of making a sound. You spotted a side room out of your periphery, one that could be closed with an electronic security gate. You strained your ears and heard鈥 Nothing.
Okay. Okay, okay, okay. You'd hide there. You'd hide there until it all blew over and you were safe and Batman took care of everything.
You made a break for it, hustling into the room and-
The hum of electricity sounded as the barrier was activated, making you jump. Your heart pounded in your ribcage. You- you hadn't pressed the switch, hadn't even *seen* it, so how did-
"I knew you'd find me, Doc! You could always see right through me."
No. No, no, no, no-!
Slowly, you turned to face him. Joker. Out of his uniform, in his usual Clown get-up. He looked so much taller without it. So much more dangerous and unpredictable out of the controlled environment of your therapy sessions.
"Joker," You breathed out, surprised you could even find it in you to talk at all, "Please, don't鈥"
The Clown shushed you, raising his arms up as he slowly approached you. "I know you're scared, dear, but you're safe now, alright?"
You couldn't bring yourself to speak. Too focused on watching him, focusing on every moment. Too scared to fight, too scared to run. All you could do was stand still as a statue.
Your whole body shook as The Clown Prince of Crime rested his hands on your shoulders. Somehow, you found the strength to look up at him, meeting his eyes. They were dilated, bright green eyes drinking you in completely.
"Now, my boys didn't hurt you, did they?" He asked, voice soft.聽
You shook your head.
"Good," Then, he pulled you forward against his chest, arms curling around you in a tight embrace. Your body seized up as you were captured in his hold. "If they had hurt a single hair on your head, I would've flayed them alive and used their intestines as streamers."
If he had said something more, you couldn't hear it over the sound of blood pulsing in your ears. He was holding you. The Joker was holding you in his arms, your body pressed up against him. You could feel how surprisingly solid he was, in spite of his lanky figure. Could feel how gentle his touch was, in spite of how brutal and bloodthirsty he could be. Could hear the steady thumping of his heart. You could probably only name two other people who've been in your position before and came out alive, and one of them was Joker's girlfriend.
You were brought back to reality as Joker mumbled to you. "I've wanted to hold you like this for so long, Doc. And now, I finally can. This really is the best night ever."
The Joker rocked you to and fro in a lazy dance, making you step backwards. He leaned down slightly, softly brushing his forehead against your own, distracting you until your legs hit something solid - the Joker guiding you to sit down on a chair placed against the wall. You swallowed thickly as you looked up at him - he looked even taller now, looming over you.
"Well, a deal's a deal, ain't it? Ya caught me!" A mischievous look crossed over Joker's face. "Or was it me that caught you?"
"Either way," He purred, leaning down to get closer to you. He raised a hand to cup your face, before a gloved thumb ran over your bottom lip. "I think it's time for you to get your prize鈥"
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