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lemonjoonah · a year ago
Level of Restraint (M)
Tumblr media
Pairings: Jimin x Reader, Namjoon x Reader, Taehyung x Reader Word Count: 13K  Rating: M  Genre: Thriller, smut, office AU, BDSM AU  Warnings(contains spoilers): This story contains very dark themes and may not be suited to all readers, protected sex (vag+anal), threesome, double penetration, bondage (including partial suspension), dom/sub roles (reader is a sub), praise kink, mild degration, sensory deprivation, spanking, fingering, cum feeding, mild breathplay, sex toys, exhibitionism, voyeurism, discussion of safe word, Namjoon is a professional dom/sex worker, referenced discrimination of sex workers and those who participate in BDSM, public outing of sexual practices, inappropriate workplace relationships, referenced death of minor character, yandere character, misidentified sexual partner, manipulation, bribery, blackmail, implied stalking, violence.
Summary: As a co-founder of a consulting firm you can’t afford to be caught in a scandal. So flirting with your secretary, Jimin, would be out of the question. Giving your client’s son, Taehyung, a reference for a sexual partner would be reprehensible. And having regular paid BDSM sessions with your dominant, Namjoon? That would be a career ending disgrace. It’s too bad the only restraints in life you approve of are the cuffs that bind you to the bed, because there are those hiding in the dark waiting to take advantage. 
A/N: A huge thank you to everyone who supported me while writing this story. It was hard not to question the level of darkness this tale descends to. In the end your assurances and aid are the only reason this fic made it to fruition. Upon reading you might notice several thematic references to the ‘Fall of the House of Usher,’ by Edgar Allan Poe  and the Greek myth of Tantalus. They are two of my favourite tales, and together they greatly represent the darkened desires depicted in this oneshot.
8:55 am KNJ: Good girl.
Your heart races upon receiving the response you’ve been waiting for all morning. The sender had requested proof that you were wearing his last minute gift, and you were happy to oblige with the lewd photo. Finally seeing his simple praise for your efforts makes you grin from ear to ear, as you enter the front door to your workplace’s building. The message will be enough to get you through the day, high on the thought of his praise while his present is wrapped tightly around your ribs. Though the garment may be confining, you’ll endure anything to receive those two simple words.
Reluctantly glancing up from your phone you look ahead to see the elevator closing.
“Hold the door!” You call out, making a run for it. Mercifully the gap between the doors widens allowing you to climb in before it begins the long haul up. Glancing over to your savoir, you find your secretary standing at the panel. “Thanks Jimin.”
“No problem,” he responds with a warm smile. “What floor do you need?” Joking as he pushes the button labelled 14. 
You playfully shove his arm while trying to catch your breath. Had he left you down on the first floor there's no telling how long it would be before the elevator returned. The building in which you work has been down to one lift for a couple days, with no promise of when the other will be fixed. It’s not a surprise really, ever since you moved into this complex three years ago you’ve been plagued with breakdowns and shotty utilities. Considering how opulent  the tower is, with it’s gilded elevators and halls adorned in finery you expected better, but people often overlook flaws when they have something pleasant to stare at. Allowing the management to slack on some of the failings of the structure. 
“Do you think you could send maintenance another message?” You ask your hand clutching your waist to comfort the stitch in your side, no doubt a result of the corset concealed beneath your clothes. 
“Consider it done.” Jimin replies, pulling out his phone. “Are you okay Miss?” He asks, your heavy breathing failing to go unnoticed judging from the concern in his voice.
“Fine.” You quickly change the subject, not wanting to linger on your current state. “What’s on my schedule for today?”
“You have a consultation with Mr. Kim of HOC Industries in an hour-” 
“Really?” You cut in, confused about the sudden change. “But I just saw him a few weeks ago. Why is he coming in?”
“He didn’t say, I just got a message last night from him stating he required an appointment immediately.”
“That’s not a good sign...” You groan, wondering what information had dropped to spur a need for such an urgent response. 
“Afterwards you have an early lunch with journalist Min. Followed by a one o’clock appointment with Jeon Jungkook to go over the new web layout. And the rest of office hours are slated as admin.” 
You cringe over the prospect of bookkeeping. Your accountant’s involvement in a recent accident, placed him on an extended leave of absence. Since you are the only other member of your small staff qualified to balance the books, this leaves you burdened with his duties. “Remind me later to make a posting for a temp position.”
“Noted,” Jimin remarks as he continues to scroll through his phone. “Oh and don’t forget, you also have your monthly massage appointment with Kim Namjoon tonight.”
You smile at the thought, you would never forget a booking with him, especially since he’s the reason for your current state of breathlessness. You’ve been counting down the days until you get to see him, with only a few hours left you can barely contain yourself. To everyone who asks he’s a masseur, but the services he provides are far more aggressively intimate than a standard massage. You force a small cough to cover the involuntary moan starting to escape. 
“Are you sure you’re okay?”
“Yeah, just tired. I didn’t sleep well last night.” It’s not a complete lie, with the stress from work there have been a lot of restless nights recently, your appointment tonight should help to relieve a bit of that tension. There’s a loud groan as the elevator comes to a stop at your floor. You look up to the top of the lift and over to Jimin with worry, both of you stepping off with haste once the doors open.
Your entire office space consists of only a few rooms. You and Hoseok had started this company only a few years ago, focusing on corporate consultations regarding public image and approval. All things considered you’re doing rather well. With your negotiation tactics, Hoseok's philanthropy efforts, and Yoongi on retainer as your media source, you’ve been able to take on several giant corporations.    
As you walk down the hall you find the temperature starting to rise, and upon stepping into your’s and Jimin’s shared office, you’re hit with a wave of heat. You whisper your curses as you check the thermostat which has been jacked to its highest setting and refuses to shift back down. 
Giving up on the system you turn to the windows, but even those are a struggle after being neglected for so long. You call out to Jimin for assistance, waiting no more than a second before he is by your side. But even with his help you only manage to open them to the grand extent of a sliver before you’re forced to give in. At least with your office door open there’s now a small draft pervading the space.
“I guess I’ll send maintenance another message,” Jimin chuckles.
“You don’t think he’s trying to push us out do you?” You inquire about the building owner, and one of your own clients. You don’t usually make such bold claims, but with Jimin’s ties to the dubious man, it’s hard not to ask.
“I wouldn’t put it past him. Though I think this is more likely due to his lack of regard for the workmanship going into his properties.”
You nod overlooking the now stuffy room which holds both your desks. It serves its purpose with a sufficient amount of daylight from the large windows, and a partial wall giving you each a bit of privacy. You’d rather not have to leave this building and the status that comes with it, but there seems to be no end with these faulty appliances. “So much for being the height of sophistication.”
While you settle into your workspace you’re already dying from the heat, a sweater and camisole overtop your corset was not the best choice for today, but you didn’t want to risk anyone noticing the garment beneath. As you shuffling through your newsite tabs Jimin readies the coffee maker, returning to you with the first dose of your daily caffeine needs. 
“You’re a saint.”
Jimin smiles brightly at your compliment, living for the praise as always. “Do you want some ice on the side?” He laughs as you tug on your sweater to stop it from sticking to your skin.
“Only if I can rub it all over.” You sigh jokingly as you take a sip of the hot beverage.
“I’d be happy to assist.” His smirk and piercing gaze look to be downright serious, his flirtation hitting a new high today.    
“Sorry Jimin, I already have a massage appointment later. I think Namjoon would be very upset if you took his job from him.”
“That’s too bad.” He mutters, his lip still curled into a smile before stepping away from your desk. “Let me know if you change your mind. I’d be more than willing to compensate him for his loss.” Jimin has never been shy about his attraction to you, a desire which you most certainly reciprocate, but your own company policies keep the both of you tied to flirtatious word play. With Jimin winning more often than not when it comes to provocative sentiments.
He hangs around on your side of the room, straightening the chairs and stray flies, while you continue your search for whatever prompted the need for your haste meeting. At last you find it, on the featured articles of a prominent celeb news site, with the headline reading, ‘The Dark Desires of the Kim Family Heir.’
Much to your chagrin the issue isn’t regarding your client, but his son. As much as you try to stay out of personal family matters, sometimes they are unavoidable, and this looks to be one of those cases.
‘Kim Taehyung has long been considered one of the most eligible bachelors. He has it all, money, power, and a spot on every top ten most attractive list, but those who have been with him more intimately say he craves something more...’ 
Your mouth falls open in horror as one of Taehyung's former partners exposes their most intimate moments with him. ‘The Gucci suits and custom cologne are just an expensive mask for the darkness beneath. He would ask to be tied, bound to the bed and struck. He wanted pain and pleasure...’ The further you read the more your chest tightens. You’d rather not jump to conclusions, but you wouldn’t be surprised if it’s true. A fact which must make it all the more painful for Taehyung. You can only imagine what he must be going through, to have such private details exposed and exploited. He’s currently living your worst nightmare, a societal judgement over one's deepest desires. For professional reasons it would probably be best to stay out of this private matter, but you can’t in good consciousness let him suffer alone.
“That bad?” Jimin asks.
“Yeah...” You cover your mouth to hide your shuddering breath, blinking away the tears that threaten to spill on Taehyung's behalf.
Jimin shuffles in behind your desk with you. By lowering himself to read off your screen, his face falls next to yours. His hands come to rest on your shoulders as he leans in to eye the article in question. You should shoo him away, but you can’t help but be curious of his response to those who engage in such practices. As his eyes scan the page his grip on you tightens, his breathing erratic just like yours, with a whispered “‘Fuck,” escaping his lips. 
“Are we interrupting something?” A voice calls out from your open door. 
Your head snaps over in shock to find your next appointment waiting for you, with his son in tow. You jump up pushing Jimin back so you can greet your guests properly. “Mr. Kim! No not at all,  please come in. This must be-”
“Taehyung...” The younger man mutters as he walks in, slumping down in one of the chairs in front of your desk. His sunglasses are still in place, the smell of spirits wafts over you along with the spicy scent of what must be his referenced cologne. He’s a sight to behold, a person of his caliber could make a fortune off his looks alone; he wouldn’t even need a drop of his father's fortune. But of course, that would have been before this public outing of his bedroom tendencies. Now he’s more likely to be seen as a pariah rather than an asset.
Directing the elder to the seat next to him, you take your own once again as Jimin retreats to his desk. You don’t even have the chance to exchange pleasantries before Mr. Kim launches into the purpose of their visit. “I assume you saw the article about my son?”
“I did, but-”
“And? What can we do about it? How can we spin it? Our stocks have already taken a hit.”
“Your son just had a serious breach in personal privacy...” You pause hoping that he’ll have some semblance of a realization that he is not the victim here, instead he simply waits for you to continue. Attempt to hold in your dismay, you give him the only answer you can, “Sue for defamation if you’d like, but whether they are printing fact or fiction the damage is done. The press is still focusing on your family due to your early misdealings in your company. I would argue that if you turn the view of operations around then there is a very good chance that the media will start to back off personal affairs.”
“You can’t expect me to twiddle my thumbs and wait. My shareholders are currently questioning his ability to lead, they might seek to replace him.”
“Good.” Taehyung mutters. “If those prudes have a problem with me, I’d rather not have to work with them.”
You bite your lip to conceal a snort of laughter.  Mr. Kim fails to notice but his son seems to have caught your slip, taking off his glasses, he pierces you with a strong gaze.
Kim senior starts up again looking for sympathy and a way out, “Do you know how many of his flings I’ve had to pay off in the past-”
“Maybe you should just stick to your own business.” Taehyung eyes his father darkly.
“They made it my business when they started squealing to the press about what kind of man you are.”
You try to rein the situation in, this battle between father and son having no place in your office. “Mr. Kim! I would actually like to speak to your son for a moment. We can see if there’s a possible remedy for this... exposure.” You stand up, calling over the wall for your secretary "Jimin? Would you mind taking Mr. Kim to see Hoseok?” You turn back to your elder client, practically pushing him out the door into your secretaries’s care. “Jung Hoseok has been continuing his work on your company's philanthropic efforts. I’m sure he would love to show you what he has done with your portfolio.”
“Do you need me to come right back Miss?” Jimin asks with a pleading stare, his eyes flicker over to the young man still slumped in his seat.
“No I think we’ll be okay for a bit.” You mutter to him quietly as Mr. Kim proceeds down the hall. “Just keep him away for a few minutes.”
Once they're both gone you sit back down across from Taehyung with a sigh.
“So are your going to talk some sense into me?” He drawls with disdain.
“Fuck no,” you scoff, rummaging through your drawer. “Can I get you anything coffee, water... advil?”  You finally pull out the bottle of pain relievers and offer one to him as you take one yourself, your head ready to explode in frustration over his father. 
He tilts his head looking somewhat surprised, “So why did you send him away then?”
“I thought you could use a break. I’ve worked with many people like your father, they all want things done their way, and you’ll never be able to tell them otherwise. He’ll never admit to his faults, and the fact that he’s the real reason the media is all over you. So as long as you don’t tattle on me, we both can make it through this meeting with him thinking that he’s won.”
“Deal,” Taehyung agrees while he chuckles at your ploy. 
“Are you sure you don’t want anything?” You offer once again.
“Actually I’ll take some advil.”
“I thought you might.” You poor him glass from the cooler and offer up the pill. When his sleeve pulls back to reach for the cup you can’t help but notice the glaring red evidence of a rope abrasion on his wrist. While he throws back the pain killer, you take another sip of your coffee rolling the bitterness over your tongue before breaching the difficult subject. “It can’t be easy to have the press prying into every aspect of your private life.”
“It’s not so much that they pry, but...” Taehyung hesitates, his brow furrows as his fingers run through his hair tugging on the strands between his fingers.  “People know that they can go to them with a story and make money off any relations I have with them. And the press will gladly pay top dollar for what they have to offer.”
“The story is not a complete fabrication then?” You already know it’s not judging from his father's response and the marks on his arm, you just need to hear him say it. 
“No, it’s mostly true.” He admits, watching your reaction.
“Then it would seem that your desires might be thought unconventional by many of your past partners?”
Taehyung nods, taking another sip of his water. 
“From one unconventional individual to another,” you pause waiting for your own admission to sink in. To your delight Taehyung immediately perks up listening attentively as you continue. “There are more discreet ways to fill those needs.”
“Are you offering?” He asks, raising a brown along with the corner of his lips.
“No, I doubt that I would be very good at meeting your cravings, since we both hunger the same type of... attention.” You smile back at him, rejoicing in your mutual secret. “But I do have a friend who will take very good care of you. I’m going to give you a name and phone number, it’s up to you if you want to contact them, but I can assure you any conversations or actions between you and them will be kept strictly confidential. It’s not cheap,” you explain, but doubt that’ll be a problem for him. “But I assure you it’s safe and private.”
Taehyung can barely get the information from you fast enough once you jot it down. His hands, reaching for the sheet, accidentally knock over your coffee instead, sending the drink in your direction and staining your sweater. “I’m so sorry, here let me help you.” Taehyung jumps up and runs and grabs napkins from the coffee station. 
“It’s fine really.” You assure him, making an attempt to stop him as he starts to blot the saturated material. 
Unfortunately it’s at this moment that Jimin walks in to see your precarious state. He stands there for a moment in silence before explaining the reason for his return. “Mr. Kim said he needs to leave soon, Miss. He wanted to see if you two were... finished.” There’s glare set in his eyes for Taehyung's forwardness.
“Yeah, be right there, just one second.” You turn back to Taehyung, exchanging the damp napkin in his hand for the paper you had just written on. “Think about it, I hope you’ll give him a call. I don’t give out his information unless I think it will be of help to someone.”
“Kim Namjoon,” Taehyung mutters quietly while reading the slip. “If I were to go see him, would I find you there too?” He looks back up at you, biting his lip after posing his query.
“Likely not, he keeps his sessions very private, but you can always discuss your...” You glance over to Jimin who is still waiting, and well within earshot. “Preferences with him.”
“Then I’ll consider it, thank you.”
After seeing Mr. Kim and his son off, you're left to deal with the stain on your sweater, with only fifteen minutes before you have to leave for your lunch appointment. “Jimin could you call Yoongi and let him know I’m running a little late? I need to stop by my apartment on the way.”
“No need, I’ve got an extra shirt here.” He pulls out one of his own from his desk. “ I know it’s a men’s fit, but I think we can make it work.” 
“Why do you keep that here?” You laugh. He only looks at you and the stain with a raised brow, no words needed to prove his point. “Never mind, stupid question, but I can’t take your shirt Jimin.”
“I insist, go put it on.” He forces it into your hands as you double check your watch, your time constraints leaving you with little choice. 
Stepping behind the dividing wall, you strip down to your camisole, breathing a sigh of relief that the beverage hadn’t seeped into the fabric of the corset. Quickly throwing his button up over top and tucking it in, you check to ensure your intimate garment is still hidden relatively beneath the shirt before coming back out for his opinion “Does it look okay?”
Jimin nods, but when he reaches out to touch the shirt you recoil, fearing that he will discover what you wear beneath. He chuckles and persists, “I’m just fixing your collar.” He moves in closer standing just a couple inches away. Pinching the two seams of the fabric together, he considers the change. “I think it would look better like this.” You nod, keeping silent as he follows through. Pulling the fabric tight around your throat, your breathing is forced to pause for a moment as he fastens the top button. “Better?” He asks, while his hands linger around your neck.
“Much.” You whisper, as his fingers drift up to hold your chin, with the tip of his thumb dragging along the edge of your bottom lip. You stand there confused as to why your flirtatious game has taken such a physical turn. Although his actions are prohibited and should be censured, you can’t fully condemn them, deciding instead to remove yourself, rather than reprimand him. “I-I should go. I don’t want to be late meeting Yoongi.”  
It was a productive lunch to say the least, but that was by no means thanks to you. Your focus was distinctly elsewhere. While you toyed with your bottom lip, thinking of how Jimin had touched it just moments before, Yoongi gave you everything you needed to secure several new clients. Even now as you return, disembarking the elevator on to your floor, you still can’t concentrate on the day ahead.
On the walk back to your office Hoseok catches you, quickly pulling you into his own and closing the door behind. “You need to do something about Jimin.” 
“Wh-what do you mean?” You ask, nervous that he had seen you two together before you left for your meeting.
“Your client earlier, Mr. Kim, he said that he caught you two acting rather close, making suggestions that you two are involved in a sexual relationship. Usually I would disregard a comment like his but-” 
“It’s not true, you know I wouldn’t!” As much as you might want to act on Jimin’s advances you’ve never crossed that line. You know it must have been bad for Hoseok to bring it up, for him to take this serious tone is evidence of his deep concern. 
“I know that, but this isn’t the first time someone has thought you two might be a little too intimate. Some of the staff have also considered the notion. And I can see why, the way he looks at you, talks to you...” Hoseok trails off as his eyes linger on your apparel in confusion. “You weren’t wearing that earlier were you?” 
“No, I had some coffee spill on me earlier. Jimin was nice enough to loan me his.”
Hoseok tilts his head as he raises his brow as if this validates his concerns.
“He was just being helpful!” You offer, but Hoseok doesn’t look to be swayed, and he’s right, this is a workplace not a morning after situation. “Fine, I see your point. So what do you suggest?”
“Redistribute him, send him my way if you have to, god knows that I could use the extra hand. You could even play it off as a promotion, just get him out of your office.” Your heart drops at the thought, not wanting to give him up. Hoseok seeing this takes a softer tone. “Listen I can see that you like him too. I’m sure it feels good to have his attention, but you need to get this out of your system. You have to put a stop to it. We can’t afford a scandal and you know it.” 
With the assurance that you’ll think on the issue, and giving Hoseok your solution by tomorrow, you return to your office. But the problem is far from easy, though you did not lie about your physical relationship to Hoseok, you have been keeping something from him. From all of them. Jimin will never accept a promotion if it takes him away from you. He’s never worked here for the money, he doesn’t need to when his father owns half of the city, this building included. 
-3 years ago-
“Mr. Lee, thank you so much for agreeing to meet with me.” You pull out the chair to sit across from him. The massive mahogany desk of his placing a rather large distance between the two of you. 
“Yes well, my building manager said you were very persistent.” There’s a small roll in his eyes as he looks from you down to the computer in front of him. 
“I wanted to discuss one of your properties, an office space in the Madeline Suites.”
He takes a swift glance at your modest appearance with narrowing eyes. “Forgive me, but I believe that location might be out of your price range.” 
“Monetarily yes,” You agree. “But we offer services which might be helpful to you.”
“I do not deal in favours. I can see that this meeting was a waste of time, you may go.” He waves the back of his hand to shoo you out, while his secretary grabs the door from the outside.
“I am not asking for a favour, but offering you my services. I’m the co-founder of a corporate image consulting firm. And come this time tomorrow, I believe you’ll be looking for someone within our realm of dealings.”
“And what makes you say that?” Lee asks, his words laced with cynicism. 
You lay out the first page of the article which Yoongi had sent you, stretching it across the wooden surface to place it in Mr. Lee’s view. ‘Real Estate Developer Lee Gungsang Faced Prior Allegations of Unlawful Evictions and Price Hiking.’ “This is slated for tomorrow morning’s front page.” 
Mr. Lee is quick to send his secretary off, the door shutting once again. “How do you know about this? These cases were settled before they made it anywhere near the courts.”
“I have my sources.” 
“Then stop this! I will pay whomever needs to be paid to prevent this from leaching out. You want the office space, it's yours.” He’s voice is desperate, you have him on the hook, the question now is, how long will he let you drag him for?
“That’s very generous of you, but nothing will stop this from going out tomorrow. My offer is simply to help you get ahead of it and lessen the damage.” You explain, revelling in the fact that money can’t hide everything.
“And how do you propose to do that?”
You pull out a contract for your serves. “I will need you to sign off on my services first. A small fee plus a far more reasonable price for a three year lease of the offices on the 14th floor of the Madeline Suites”
“Without knowing your plan, I think not.”
You give him a bright smile before mimicking his earlier statement. “I do not deal in favours Mr. Lee.”
He grumbles while taking the pen, eyeing you with a dark gaze as he signs on the dotted line.
With the ink still drying you hand over another small document. “Here are a few of my suggestions. Twenty percent of the commercial residences that you have just vacated will be handed over to non-profits for a drastically reduced monthly lease. I’ll even let you pick which you want to support.” 
He looks up at you mortified. “This is excessive.”
“No this is necessary. I’ve seen corporations do far more than this when they are not dealing with a scandal. Your accountants will agree with me that this is the best move, it can be seen as a donation and therefore tax deductible. For the evicted  private residences, I was thinking of partnering with a refugee resettlement program but we can discuss that more in depth later.” 
You carefully tuck away your contract in Lee’s file before dragging another concern to the forefront. “I do have one more request, before I leave today.”
“What more could you possibly want?” He scoffs.
You lean in to deliver your short but important demand. “A heads up.”
“I don’t know what you mean...”
“I mean if there are any other past dealings or actions which might impact your company I need to be aware of them.” There’s always more hidden in the dark, you have one of those secrets on hand now. You need to see if he’s willing to be upfront with you on every dealing of his past, otherwise you might be forced to dig him out from another grave a couple weeks from now. 
“There’s nothing else.” 
“Nothing?” You ask again as you pull out your phone ready to bring forward more evidence. 
“So the knowledge of you having and hiding an illegitimate son... you don’t think that’s important? The existence of the only child of the Lee empire, isn’t newsworthy?”
“How did you-” The terror in his face looks to be even greater than the prior accusation. 
“You attempted to evict all of the residents who stayed in your residential apartment for over 10 years if they refused to agree with a massive lease hike. Park Jimin was the only one who wasn’t touched. He has no record of a job, living off what must be money given to him by his parents, so I looked into them. His father wasn’t listed but his late mother, Park Haesoon, used to work for your company, and 22 years ago she signed a NDA issued by your lawyer.” 
You open to Jimin’s public instagram page turning it around for his father to see. “He may take mostly after his mother, but I can still see a few clues to your family resemblance.”
“When does this one drop?” Lee asks in dismay.
“It’s not going to, at least, not from me or my source. We try not to deal in personal life consulting, but I am going to give you some advice in this matter. Get ahead of it.”
“My wife won’t hear of it.” Mr. Lee mutters through clenched teeth, it’s easy to see that this conversation has him very much on edge.
You nod seeing the crux of his dilemma. “I looked into the approximate date of his conception, you were newly married at the time, were you not?”
“Yes. She knows, but her family does not, they have a large political presence and we cannot afford to lose all support from them. Trust me, the boy is not worth the risk.”
“He’s your child!” You berate the CEO, your anger getting the better of you as you think of the emotional toll on Jimin. Not only did he lose his mother but his father won't even publicly acknowledge him. 
“I won’t be swayed on this matter. If you have nothing else to say you may leave.” Mr. Lee rises from his desk and once again gestures towards the door. “I’ll have keys to your new office space delivered to you tomorrow along with the lease. But I should warn you, if there is even a whisper of his name in public in conjunction with mine, I can assure you, your so-called firm won’t last another week.”
Less than a month later you and Hoseok have moved your entire enterprise to the new office space. You’re holding an open house for several different staff positions, when the most unlikely of applicants walks in your door, Park Jimin. 
He hands you a piece of paper which you can only guess is his resume, because your eyes fail to leave his face, your mouth unable to form words in your state of shock. Closing the door behind him, he gives you a nervous smile. “Judging from your expression, I take it you know who I am?”
You manage a single nod, still confused as to why he’s here, now, with you. It’s lucky you’re conducting the interviews alone, otherwise it would be difficult to explain your shock to Hoseok without exposing Jimin’s lineage. 
“I’ve been wanting to meet with you,” Jimin confesses, adding sheepishly, “My father told me of your meeting. He said you took a bit of an interest in me, even found my social media accounts.” 
“Oh, oh no.” You finally manage to sputter out, far more anxious with the younger man than his father. You never intended to meet Jimin, let alone have him find out you dug into some very personal aspects of his past and present. “I’m so sorry, I didn’t intend to invade your privacy. I was only trying to figure out what was going on. And when I learned the truth, I wanted him to own up to his mistake of hiding you.”
Jimin chuckles lightly, sitting down in front of you, “I didn’t come here looking for an apology Miss, I know why you did it. I merely wanted to meet one of the few people to ever successfully scare the shit out of my father.” 
The wide beaming smile accompanying his statement spurs a laugh from you, while also allowing you to relax in his presence. “Sometimes you have to intimidate these people to get them to do the right thing. But I’m sorry I wasn’t able to convince him to go public regarding everything.”
“That’s not your fault. In the end it was just nice to hear that there's someone who thinks I deserve better.” Jimin adds, with a look of sorrow leaching into his smile.
“Of course you do, but I must ask, why come here now?” You take a moment to confirm that it is in fact his resume that he’s handed you. ”I can’t imagine that you need a job.” He’s appearance alone is enough to tell you he’s buried in wealth, though his father has not given him the family name, it looks as if Jimin has gained some of the assets.  
“Actually that’s exactly what I was looking for.”
“Your father didn’t pressure you to come here to keep an eye on me did he?” You ask with scepticism. Keeping watch over possible threats wouldn’t be a completely off brand for those of his status. And with you knowing some of his deepest secrets you could likely be considered one of the biggest risks.
“No.” Jimin chuckles, briefly raising his hands in surrender. “I promise I’m here of my own volition. Money isn’t my biggest concern, I’ve been hoping to build connections. I want to use my time wisely and work with someone who is worthy of my focus, and that just so happens to be you.” He finishes with a suggestive smirk, making you wonder if you’ve won his affection too. 
“And what does your focus get me?” You ask, trying to weigh the benefits versus the risk. You doubt that Mr. Lee will respond kindly to you hiring his son, but if he continues to deny his son’s  existence then what right does he have to disagree? 
“Anything you require. I was interested in the posting for your secretary, but any position beneath you would suit me nicely.” 
There’s no way you’ll be able to convince Jimin to willingly change roles and work for Hoseok instead. But you can’t deny that your co-founder’s points are valid. 
Jimin greets you warmly as you enter your office. “Did you have a nice lunch?” 
“Yeah, it was good.” You respond, forcing out a smile.
“Really? Because you look upset.” 
You curse Jimin’s ability to read you at a time like this. “I promise, lunch was fine. Yoongi gave me some substantial leads.” You sigh sliding back in your seat. With your values shaken and morals questioned by Hoseok, you are deeply in need of someone to brace yourself on. Wanting to step out of the realm of responsibility and control even if it’s just for a moment, you make a request to Jimin. “Would you go fetch Jungkook for our meeting?”
“I can just call him in.” He makes the case looking reluctant to leave your side.
“Please Jimin just go get him. I need a few minutes for a personal call.”
Jimin looks at you crestfallen before finally leaving. It’s not often you keep things from him, he can scope you out too well for that. But Kim Namjoon’s actual role in your life is the one secret you feel is the most imperative to hide from him.
You pull out your cell, not wanting to use his number on your work phone. After two rings he picks up. “Couldn’t wait a few more hours to hear my voice baby girl?”
You're too embarrassed to admit he’s right, settling on another excuse for your call. “N-no I just wanted to let you know that I’ve sent someone your way... sir.”
“Don’t lie to me I can hear the need in your voice.” He chuckles lightly as he taunts you. “Your reference already reached out to me. I’m excited to play with him, is he just as handsome as he sounds?”
“More so.”
Namjoon hums on the line in gratification. “My babygirl, giving me another pet to play with.” 
You blush from the praise. Taehyung makes the sixth person you’ve suggested following the charity ball you met Namjoon at a couple years ago. Where he, much like you, was secretly scoping out potential clients. Every one of those patrons you’ve given him since then has been his pet, but you, you’re his babygirl. 
“I was wondering...” Namjoon’s carries on, in a tone far more hesitant than usual. “Tonight would you be willing to try something a little unconventional? Would you like to share him?”
“W-would that be okay?” He’s never suggested adding another to your sessions before, but you can’t deny you’re intrigued by the prospect.
“He mentioned an interest in you, and after discussing his needs I feel that I require someone other than myself to pin his desires on. You’ll be the carrot while I’ll be the stick. Do you think you could do that for me?”  Namjoon proposes in a low purr dragging every heated thought and possibility to the forefront of your mind.  
“Yes sir.” Your response is instant, with little thought required. Helping Namjoon with Taehyung? You’d be a fool to turn down the opportunity. There’s a small knock on your office door with the return of Jimin and Jungkook trailing behind him. You start to panic while still on the phone with Namjoon. “I’ll see you later then?”
Namjoon can of course detect the change in your tone, but instead of letting you off the hook he pulls you further. “Did someone walk in on you babygirl? I take it they don’t know about this side of you?”
“No they don’t.”
“No sir.” He calls out your lack of decorum, an error which you know you’ll pay for later. “Such a shame they’re missing out. What do you think they would say if they knew of my plans for you tonight? How I intend to hang you like forbidden fruit above another man. Do you think they would approve?” 
Your eyes widen as Namjoon continues and Jungkook takes the seat in front of you with Jimin standing behind him. You clear your throat and hold up your finger to them, gesturing for another minute. Turning away to hide your face as you continue to try and end the call. But hanging up on one’s dom is never advisable, condemning you to listen for as long as he wishes to torment. 
“I bet you would like them watch, wouldn’t you?” Namjoon asks, egging on your sinful thoughts, transferring them from Taehyung over to your co-workers.
You shift your thighs trying to dispel the building need as you consider the notation of them watching. Imagining Jungkook’s wide eyes taking in the sight, likely with a hand on his cock, he’s an innocent man with strong desires. You’ve known others like him before, they act with naivete but when confronted with an opportunity for more, they don’t hesitate to gorge on what is presented to them.
And Jimin, would he accept your darker needs? You wish he would, desperately wanting him to play along, to help mould you into submission. Your head now filled with thoughts of kneeling before him taking him in your mouth while he christens you a good girl. If only you could be sure that he wouldn’t react like most people, like those who condemned Taehyung. Your eyes flutter back over to your secretary who is looking at you with deep suspicion. You desperately need to end the call or risk giving yourself away. “I should probably-”
“Am I embarrassing you baby girl?” Namjoon teases with an amused laugh. “Does that mean I’m right?”
“Yes sir.” Namjoon reminds you once again. “I’ll release you for now, but I better see you here at seven o’clock sharp. Is that understood?”
You breathe a sigh of relief at the release.  “Yes sir.” After finally hanging up, you offer up an apology. “Sorry about that.”
“Who was it?” Jimin inquires with a soft tone, but  a quick lick to his lips shows his intentions to be far from innocent. His clenched fists and hovering nature further pointing towards jealousy.
“No one important.” You smile through the lie, careful in your attempt to comfort him. It’s pointless to keep acting in this way, but you still can’t bear the thought of disheartening his feelings or pushing him away. 
After your meeting with Jungkook, you're left with a stack of paperwork and your ever persistent lack of concentration as you try to figure out what can be done with Jimin. Should you just tell him the issue, would it help or would it make the situation worse? If he knows how he is perceived then will the affection stop, and if it does, will you struggle with that loss?
“Can I walk you to your car Miss?” Jimin asks with his jacket in hand. You check the time, reading just after five. So lost in thought you had accomplished almost nothing in the last few hours of the day.
“I think I might just stay here until I have to leave for my appointment, I still have a bit more work to do.” You explain rubbing your hands over your face as you pull yourself from your daze.
“Do you want me to stay too then?” 
“No, I couldn’t ask that of you. But before you go I’d like to discuss something” You gesture to the seat across from you which he takes with hesitation. You’re usually not so formal and he can clearly spot the difference. You open your mouth and pause trying to find the right words as his eyes shine in your direction. The evening sun pouring into the room bathing his skin in with golden light makes it so much harder to stick to the issue at hand. You eventually resort to staring at the irrelevant papers on your desk as you open with your concern. 
“I’m worried that our actions towards each other imply that our relationship is not strictly professional.” You blurt it out quickly, hating every word that crosses your lips.
“Have I been making you uncomfortable Miss?” Jimin’s expression falls along with his question, the heartbreak ringing out clear in his voice. 
“No, no. It’s just, I’m concerned about how others see our interactions.”
“Oh, so someone said something to you then?” 
“Hoseok mentioned that a few people think we appear to be a bit more than boss and secretary.” You know it cowardly to bring Hoseok into this, but the information is second hand. You can’t be sure what others have said exactly.
“Well you do know more about me than most.” Jimin laughs lightly. 
“That’s not what they are implying. They think we are engaged in a sexual relationship.”
“And...” He draws the word out as if the implication is nothing, implying there should be a better reason for your concerns. 
“We aren’t Jimin!”
“Well, there's only one way to fix that.” He stands up leaning towards you over your desk. “You can’t say you haven’t thought about it. We could keep it a secret if you’d like, no one has to know.”
You doubt Jimin could keep a relationship between the two of you hidden, with the way he dotes on you already, you’re one passionate night away from finding three dozen roses on your desk. “Someone would find out, and the fall out-”
“Fuck the fall out,” Jimin states with resolve, reaching out his fingers tucking back a strand of your hair before curling beneath your chin. “I’m tired of this charade. Hoseok only said something because he’s jealous. He’s jealous that you want me as much as I want you.”
“Jimin,” You whisper. “Even if that was the case, that still doesn’t make it right.” You pull back from his touch. “You should go. Think about what I said, because if we can’t maintain at least some level of restraint and professionalism... then you might be better off working for someone else in the office.”
“So you’d rather keep your social image than be happy with me?” Jimin accuses, the usual warmth having completely vanished from his face.
“It’s not like that. My standing is my life, it’s my career, any blemish would destroy everything I have.” You attempt to express the fear inside you, the weight that bears on you every day. You already have so many secrets and liabilities, but one as close and extensive as a relationship with him might finally crush you and everything you’ve built. “I like you, I really do, but I can’t take the risk. You have to understand, I’m not like you. I don’t have a secret trust fund to fall back on.”  
Jimin looks as though you’ve stabbed him, pulling away he heads to the exit. “I’m sorry I’m not worth the risk. You know, I thought you were better than that, but it would seem you’re just like everyone else.” 
The door slamming between you echoes through the office as you sag in your chair. Never in all your years have you ever sunk so low. By taking him on you wanted to ensure Jimin’s happiness, to show him his value despite the lack of acknowledgement  from his father, but now it seems you’ve fallen into the same role as those who have hurt him before.
You type your code into Namjoon’s door, stepping into his hall quickly and shutting the door behind you. It’s just before seven and usually you find him in his living room already waiting, but today it’s empty. Not wanting to disturb him, you take a seat on the couch and wait patiently for him to join you. 
You feel ready to fold in on yourself as you continue to dwell on your argument with Jimin. If you laid out boundaries earlier you likely wouldn’t be where you are now. Hating yourself over his confession, and your inability to accept it. 
There’s movement from the bedroom door as Namjoon’s partner Seokjin comes out to greet you. You look up in bewilderment as he takes your hand, pulling you off the couch. “Namjoon has already started with the other client, so he sent me to fetch you.” 
You nod understanding Namjoon’s divergence from the norm, it wouldn’t be safe practice for him to leave Taehyung alone in a precarious position. Now looking to the door with curiosity, you’re excited by what lustful visions will greet you on the other side. But when Seokjin presents something to you it’s clear that you won’t get to see those sights.
“You’ve been asked to wear this.” He holds out a wide silken strip, one that Namjoon has used as a blindfold in the past. You allow Seokjin to cover your eyes, with a touch far more gentle than you know Namjoon’s to be. You don’t want kindness, craving instead to be broken in by the man in the other room, especially after the damage you’ve done today. The loss of your vision will have to be punishment enough for the time being. 
“Does he want me to undress too?” You ask, touching the silk over your eyes, you're completely blind and already longing for the next step. 
“No he wishes to save that pleasure for himself.”
You smirk thinking he might, you’ve been wearing his gift all day it’s only right that he gets to see it first.  
There’s a knock and a click of the door before Seokjin takes you in hand again, leading you in. The air is warmer and heavier than that of the living room, making it impossible to draw a fresh breath. 
Seokjin pushes down on your shoulder, a wordless order to kneel. The plush carpet meeting your knees as you lower yourself, if only you could reach out to get a better sense of what’s in front of you, but form dictates that you keep your hands on your lap. 
The bedroom door closes, signalling Seokjin's departure. Sending one last wave of clean air before you're smothered once again. Locked away for the night with your master and his new pet. There’s a small creek from the mattress and the familiar rattle of restraints against the bedpost. You can just barely make out the tone of Namjoon’s low whisper as he speaks to the current tenant of the bed. 
Footsteps land to your left, muffled by the wall to wall but still sending vibrations through the floor.  As Namjoon approaches, your heart pounds wondering what his first move against you will be. He takes his sweet time letting the anticipation build as your chest continues to heave in its attempts to take in the thick air. You keep your posture, maintaining your stance with the knowledge that he will inspect you. Head lowered, hands on thighs, perched on your toes as your knees dig into the ground. Your legs soon start to tremble as your feet strain to bear the weight.
Namjoon settles right in front of you, the slow draw of his breath reaches your ears, while the heat of his exhale hits your face. A hand trails up the outside of your thigh stilling the tremor in your legs with a forceful grip. You freeze wondering if your jitters will cost you, you can’t let him find fault not if you want him to reward you with his presence. 
But as he takes your chin tightly between his index and his thumb, you know you're in the clear. He tilts your head up as you breathe a sigh of relief. “Such a good girl, setting the perfect example.” His fingers slide down petting the column of your throat with a firm touch. “I was so happy to receive your picture this morning, did you wear the gift all day as ordered?”
“Yes sir.” You pant back, eager for him to see for himself. 
“It wasn’t too hard for you then, to go so long in such a confined state?”
“No sir.”
“Good girl,” He purrs in your ear as he starts unfastening your shirt. He hesitates on the buttons for a moment. “Babygirl, would you care to tell me why you're wearing a men’s shirt?”
You swallow not wanting to admit that it’s the fault of the man currently lying in his bed. You plan to take the fall, wanting Namjoon’s undivided attention even if it’s in the form of a punishment. “I spilled something on mine sir.”  
“So clumsy.” He has the shirt completely off now revealing the corset for him and likely Taehyung to see. Namjoon helps you to stand, unzipping your skirt he pushes it to the floor. You feel so helpless without your sight but Namjoon doesn’t seem to mind assisting. He uses the soft fabric of the shirt to dab at the sweat beading on your skin. “Who, may I ask, clothed you in theirs? Such an expensive label, he must think highly of you.”
You shift in place, made uncomfortable by your inability to answer. Knowing if you say his name thoughts of him will be summoned to your mind. You don’t deserve to think of him at such a time, not after you led him on and left him dry.
“You don’t wish to tell me?” The feel of Namjoon’s breath leaves you, the sounds of his feet  indicating he’s moved to the right of you. Heading to a space you know to be occupied by a table and closet full of his tools. There’s a scrap of metal and what sounds like the jingle of buckles. 
“No sir.”
“And why is that?” Fingers trail up your arm as Namjoon signals his return to your side. 
“Because I’m not allowed to have him sir.”
“A noble response.” Namjoon reasons while he wraps the leather strap of a familiar collar around your neck. “But I still plan to get that name from you before we’re done.” He buckles it swiftly checking the tightness with two fingers. You thought him finished but he progresses to cuff your wrists in leather too, tethering them together in front of you. 
He leans in again with a hushed request, “Still know your safe word?” You nod repeating is back to him before he leads you on towards the bed. 
Namjoon stands behind you as he presents you to his new pet. When you gave Taehyung Namjoon’s number you hadn’t been expecting this but you can’t deny enjoying the prospect. But you find the silence and lack of reaction from him unnerving. “I asked him not to make a sound,” Namjoon explains, “And he’s abiding by my rules so well it’s he?” 
Namjoon takes your hands helping you to feel the current state in which Taehyung is interned. A Leather cuff just like yours binds one of his wrists with a short chain leading to bedpost. You imagine that his other limbs are restricted to the other corners of the bed, for Namjoon has bound you in the same state before. 
“Can he see?” You ask Namjoon wondering if he has been left blind too, or if he’s eyes are watching you now.
“Can he see you? He can babygirl, in fact, he hasn’t looked away once, and why would he?” Namjoon sits you down on the large bed to join Taehyung before pulling down the matching underwear to your corset. “They’re so wet, have you been soaking these all day?” 
You nod in response. A delighted Namjoon makes an offer to Taehyung. “Would you like a taste pet? A reward for being so good.” Namjoon revels in his situation with a chuckle, the man beneath you must have nodded. “Then open up.” You know what a taste means for Namjoon, those panties of yours are most certainly shoved into Taehyung's mouth. He lets out a groan of satisfaction at the welcome intrusion.
Namjoon’s hands find your waist dragging you up further on to the bed with your knees now resting on the mattress. “You’re going to straddle him for me babygirl.” He shifts you over pulling up one of your legs to settle them on either side of the man beneath you. Your knees bent with your calves coming to rest against his bare hips. Without his billowy clothes he is far more slight than you expected, but his skin feels firm and toned. 
You slowly move to lower yourself knowing what you will come down on top of as you sit, but Namjoon seems to have other plans in mind. He takes your bound wrist, lifting them above your head and latching the cuffs to a chain in the rafters of the canopy bed. Once fixed in place he tests your limitations, a quick tug to show you even with your arms fully extended you are only able to lower yourself to half a kneel. You groan in frustration with the realization you can’t move any closer to the cock that rests below you. It’s just as he promised, hung like forbidden fruit above another man. Your dominant’s flare for the poetic never failing to surprise you.
“Problem babygirl?” Namjoon cooes in your ear. “Do you have something you want to say?”
“No sir.”
“Good, because if I recall you still need to be punished for your lack of formality on the phone earlier today.” 
Your stomach drops as you realize he’s going to discipline you right now, in full view of Taehyung. The heat rises to your face at the thought of being demeaned in front of another. Namjoon’s hand cups your bare ass, readying it for the assault. “You failed to call me sir twice, three for each lapse should do it.”
While the first strike eases you in, those that follow are not so gentle. The ring of his index biting your flesh with each impact. The third strike is so strong you pivot forward on your knees, your back arching as you bare forward still confined to the corset and chains. The weight of your body pulls painfully on your shoulders for a brief second, but Namjoon is there to catch you. Stopping you before you can slip and more, and propping you back in place before continuing. 
One hand lays firmly on your stomach to prevent the shift from happening again, while the other rubs the curve of your ass mapping where he should strike next. You can feel the warmth in your skin as the blood rises to the surface in reaction to his beating. Your nerves are caught in the struggle between pain and pleasure, even as the sixth and final blow lands. 
“Good girl.” Namjoon whispers his touch disappearing, as you ease down against your restraints. You hang completely by your wrists while your legs quake from the shock. Every nerve in your body feels as though it’s been left on fire with nothing to quench the flames. Leaving you to hang there for what seems like eternity.
“Sir?” You whisper in the dark as the heat continues to build inside you. Wondering where he has gone your body reacts, begging for the return of his attention with a dripping cunt. And with Taehyung below that can only mean the steady drip of your arousal is left to fall on him.
“Babygirl you’re making such a mess.” Namjoon confirms along with a groan from the man beneath you. “But he appears to be leaking too. Do you want some?” You nod eager for a taste. 
Namjoon obliges, grabbing your throat in one hand, he presses a damp finger to your lips for you to take. Your mouth latches over the offered digit, allowing the bitter fluid to sweep over your tongue. You're forced to let it sit there unable to swallow as the grip on your throat tightens, with the strap of the collar digging into your skin. Your mouth fills with saliva prompting you to close it despite your desperate need for air. 
“Does he taste good?” Namjoon wickedly possesses knowing you can barely even nod. It’s when you start to tremble that he finally releases your airway. 
You swallow quickly before letting your mouth hang open in a pant. With your lungs still restricted by the corset your breathing comes in short shuddering waves. “Yes sir, so good.”
“I think he likes having you drench him, shall we give him more?”
“Please.” You beg but Namjoon suddenly delivers a staggering blow to your backside, indicating your misstep. You’re left gasping from the sudden impact, swinging in the restraints as you try to recoil. “Please sir.” Your plea comes again this time with the proper decorum.  
There’s a crinkle of what sounds like a condom wrapper as Namjoon readies himself behind you. His fingers damp with lubrication find your back entrance, your tight hole giving way to a single finger. “You’ve been training for me like I asked?”
“Yes sir.” You almost come at the thought of it along with pleasure with the swirling digit. You’ve dabbled in anal before testing out a few toys, but a few weeks ago he sent you a plug with a tapered t-shaped end, giving you strict orders to wear it to work the following day. Unfortunately that was the date you had scheduled a meeting with your whole team. You were a flustered mess as you fought through your presentation, Jimin’s presence by your side making it so much more difficult to maintain control of your arousal . But the full day of public and torturous stimulation was worth it, for the reward that night was a call from Namjoon. His orders led you through every action of self pleasure.  Telling you when and where to touch before finally directing you to come. You’ve used the item several times on your own since, knowing your practice would help you in this moment. You wanted to make Namjoon proud and take him with little resistance. That desire now intensified with having Taehyung as an audience.
“Then you're ready to take me in front of him?” 
You nod gripping chains of the restraints as Namjoon eases into you. “Just relax.” His hands glide down your shoulders and back, coming to rest splayed across your hips, the tips of his finger root under the corset and dig into your stomach. Your grip eases as you lean back into him. “That’s it.” He mutters quietly as you stretch to accommodate him. “Good girl.”
After taking a few inches Namjoon pushes down on the front of your corset bowing the metal latches back to so they release, with a few clicks and swift presses the garment is off allowing you to breathe deeper than you have all day. 
“God you should see him babygirl, he’s so ruined by the sight of you. You have him panting for you.” You wish you could curse Namjoon for his choice to blindfold you and silence Taehyung, you would take any punishment that came of it, but all you can muster is a gasp while he continues to fill you more. “I wonder how he’ll react,” One of Namjoon’s hands leaves your hips coming to rest with something soft against your aching clit. “When he sees you come.” With a click the object vibrates, throwing you back completely onto Namjoons cock from the shock.
You catch Namjoon’s lustful groan between your cries. He starts to thrust inside of you one hand gripping your chest while the other holds the vibrate down in place despite your bucking hips. It doesn’t take long for you to completely fold. As the heat inside you finally reaches its peak you shatter, your head falling back on Namjoon’s shoulder as you convulse and moan. With nothing for your cunt to clench your legs grip the trussed man between them. He too lets out a sinful groan as the fluids from your fold continue to drip down your legs meet his adjoining skin. 
Namjoon turns the device off and slips out, the bed shifts as he moves in front of you. When his hand cups your face you lean into his touch. “You okay?”
You nod hoping he’ll be lenient with your lack of speech. You hear him whisper as he checks in with Taehyung too. “I’m going to take these now.” Namjoon must finally be freeing him from the waded underwear of yours.
Namjoon’s hands find you again, playing with the arousal dripping down your legs as he drags his fingers up to the source. A finger grazes your folds slipping between without penetrating. You pull desperately against your restraints hoping that it might find its way inside.  
“So are you going to tell me who you’re not allowed to have?” Namjoon asks again. “Or do I have to let you hang here all night?” 
“My secretary...” You give in with a  whisper, hoping that Taehyung won’t hear.
“And what’s his name? Say it and I’ll give you what you want.” 
The deal is too good for you to resist, you last only a couple more seconds before finally giving in. Crying out, “Jimin,” as two of Namjoon’s fingers breach you. Your sopping slit squelching as he curls his fingers. 
“There it is.” Namjoon sighs, his other hand brushing your cheek. “Is he the reason you’re so worked up tonight babygirl?”
“Y-yes sir.” You stutter as his fingers continue. He gives you another minute of bliss before removing his digits. 
“You’re going to do something for me, okay?” Namjoon asks. You nod as he continues to hold your face. “That man between your legs, you are going to fuck him and imagine Jimin as you do so, is that clear?” 
“Yes sir.”
“Is that okay with you pet?” He asks the other occupant, who still remains silent with his answers. The sound of another condom wrapper, comes as your confirmation.  Taehyung lets out an unexpected high pitched whine, likely due to the pressure that comes with the latex being rubbed down his shaft. You’re already so invested in the lie that he’s even starting to sound like Jimin. 
Namjoon is once again behind you. You can hear the rattle of the length of chain that holds you up and as he sinks back into you, his cock slipping in far easier this time, your body gladly welcomes the fullness of his intrusion.  He then lowers you inch by inch, with little strength left in your legs you are relying only on the restraints and Namjoon to hold you up. After gaining a bit more freedom you can feel the tip of a cock brushing up against you. Namjoon’s arm comes to rest on your thigh as he lines the erection up for you to take it inside. It’s a slow descent, as you stretch to accommodate both of them. Your thankful Namjoon’s mercy for easing you down gradually. 
When you bottom out Namjoon pulls the chain down from the rafters he releases the length from your cuffs, but rather than discarding it he attaches it to your collar, tugging on it as if it’s a leash. Though your hands are still bound together you have the freedom to rest them on the man laying down in front of you. You take pleasure in dragging the tips of your fingers across his skin, feeling his abs flex and his cock twitch inside you as you do so. 
Namjoon starts to thrust, keeping a close hold on your collar. While he pushes you are sent up and down on what you desperately want to be Jimin’s thick cock. After a few thrusts you are shoved forward entirely by Namjoon, colliding with the man beneath you. Your chest is pushed into his, as your bound hands are pinned between the two of you. While your head is left to rest on his shoulder, the tip of your nose is able to graze his neck. As you breathe in your mind continues to play tricks, the smell coming off him mimics that of the cologne your secretary wears, rather than the scent of Taehyung. 
Namjoon must have unbound his legs as they bend up to cradle your own from behind his hips bucking into yours, with both men taking you at a steady pace.
You move in closer to his neck, with a lick you taste the salt of his skin showing  your intentions. Biting down on the spot, you suck in deeply as your teeth dig in even harder. The carnal groans you receive from him sending shivers to your spine. There’s the sound of a soft slap, Namjoon didn’t hit you, but the man beneath you returns to his ordered silence.
Namjoon thrusts even harder, pushing you into his chest repeatedly. The thought of being fucked into Jimin’s embrace is too much to bear. Your cunt clenches as you continue envisioning your secretary, and how you're grinding your clit against his pelvis. 
You cry out over the swelling girths inside you, knowing their both likely to come soon. Clenching down one last time you dissolve in the pleasure and contentment. Namjoon finishes first remaining inside while his pet comes too. He leaves you there laying upon your imagined Jimin, in your daze  you can barely move let alone focus on reality. With a wave of exhaustion you start to slip from consciousness, but not before one last praise reaches your ears. Your delirium grants you the satisfaction of hearing the voice of Jimin whisper, “Good girl.”
You can’t remember the last time you slept so well. You woke early to find Namjoon had taken care of you in the night, he released your wrist cuffs, and removed your blindfold, after you had passed out from the physical exertion. The only restraint to remain was your collar which he asked you to wear today. Taehyung was sadly already gone, but you can’t deny it was nice to have Namjoon to yourself before you left. 
Now as you head off to work, showered and freshly dressed, with a turtleneck hiding your gift, you check your phone for the first time. Finding a string of apologetic messages sent from Jimin in the early hours of the morning. You reply apologizing too and asking to revisit the subject as soon as you get into work. Thankfully he agrees, the smiling emoji he ends his text on sends a wave of relief through you.
You step in the front entrance of your building ready to handle and objectively listen to Jimin’s thoughts and concerns. While you wait for the elevator your phone vibrates listing a call from an unknown number. “Hello?”
“Hey it’s Taehyung. Hope you don’t mind, I stole your personal number from my father.”
“Taehyung...” Heat starts to rise in your face at the thought of last night. The elevator arrives and you quickly step in. “No, not at all, to what do I owe the honour of this call.”
“No need to be so formal,” He giggles at you.
“Sorry, habit,” You respond. “What can I do for you?” 
“I wanted to thank you for yesterday...” Taehyung starts off. 
But his words are soon interrupted by someone shouting, “Hold the door.” You comply, pushing the button to keep them open, while trying to keep your focus on your conversation with Taehyung.
“...It’s not often that I meet someone who I can be so open with. I called the man you recommended and I’ve scheduled my first session with him tomorrow.”  
You freeze, unable to fully comprehend what he’s saying, surely he misspoke. It can’t be his first session. “W-what do you mean your first session is tomorrow? You were there-” The collar hidden beneath your turtleneck feels as though it’s tightening around your throat. “Last night, I saw you-” The line goes dead as the elevator closes and starts to ascend. It was Taehyung in the bed with you and Namjoon last night. You saw... nothing you saw nothing because of the blindfolded that you were asked to wear.
“Everything okay?” You jump at the sound of the other voice, forgetting that some else had gotten into the elevator. Looking up you find Jimin there beaming at you, his head tilted from his query.
“Namjoon,” You flutter with your phone, too panicked to even greet your secretary properly. “I need to call Namjoon.” But the line won’t connect, not with you in the elevator. “Fuck...” You try again your patience not willing to wait the minute it’ll take to disembark on your floor.  
You are almost there when the elevator shudders and stops. The sudden halt sends you off balance, but Jimin’s there to grab hold of you before you can fall. You thank him before stepping back and putting a bit of distance between the two of you again.
Jimin turns his attention to the panel, pushing the call button, he waits for someone to answer, but the call remains silent. 
While he continues in his attempt to make contact, every scene of the night before floods back to your memory as you try to piece everything together. It was Taehyung, it had to be. He must just be playing a stupid joke. He was surely going to shout ‘gotcha’ before the phone disconnected, but you won’t know for certain until someone can get you off this blasted lift. You sink to the floor and Jimin follows, unable to reach anyone on the outside. 
Despite your best efforts to rationalize what happened, your panicked breaths fail to slow, Spots start appearing in your vision as the elevator sways around you. Your breakfast threatens to make another appearance on the polished marble floor. 
“It’ll be fine. Someone will notice soon.” Jimin attempts to comfort you but even that won’t quash the fear raging inside you.
“It’s not just that...” You whisper. “Something happened last night. I need to call Namjoon, I need to figure out...” Who was actually in that bed with you. Your confusion and panic break free sending you into a fit of tears as you hug your knees to your chest.
“Hush, it’s okay.” Jimin readjusts, moving in front of you and taking your hands in his. He leans towards you as he whispers in your ear. “Don’t cry babygirl.”
Your eyes snap to look at Jimin in alarm. Your prior worries are nothing compared to the terror which takes hold now. “H-how do you know that name?” Your stuttered words barely make their way past your lips.
“I think you know the answer to that question.” He pulls at the collar of his shirt allowing you to spot a large red mark on his neck, right where you had bitten the man you once thought to be Taehyung. “I wanted to wait a bit longer, I wanted more moments like we had last night but it would seem that someone had to go and ruin it.” You pull back but Jimin’s hands shift to take hold of your wrists, mimicking the manacles that embraced you the night before. “Are you not happy babygirl? You got your wish. And I... I got what I’ve always wanted.”
“This is so wrong Jimin! You knew I thought you were someone else! You knew that I wouldn’t have done that last night if I knew the truth.” 
“Even though I was the one you really wanted babygirl?”
“Stop calling me that! Just because of what happened last night does not make me yours. You lied to Namjoon. You said that I sent you. You told him you were Taehyung!”
Jimin gives a wicked laugh in response to your accusations. “Oh, but you are mine. Namjoon is the one who’s been keeping things from you. He’s been in my employ far longer than yours.” He coos as his fingers tighten their grip on you. “I was the reason you were introduced to him, and I was the one who bestowed you with that name shortly after.”
“No, that’s not possible, Namjoon and I, we met at a charity event.”
“Hosted by my father. Where I told him to make himself known to you, to entice you to become one of his pets. I may have acted the sub last night but I am the one who holds Namjoon’s reins, I always have.”
“No he would never do that! He’s considerate and-”
“Had so much to gain by dominating you on my behalf. Money, power, and an assurance of safety, he would’ve been a fool to turn my offer down. Especially since you were so willing to play along with him. I dare say he enjoyed his time with you, but I was the one who permitted him to touch you. I was there to listen, to read, and to direct every conversation. Those gifts he told you to wear to the office, they were all from me.” He lets go of one of your wrists to pull down the neck of your shirt. Revealing the leather band strapped around your neck. “Today it’s the collar, yesterday it was the corset, and a few weeks ago...” Jimin smirks as he recalls the memory to your mind. “You barely made it through that meeting thanks to my gift.”
  It’s impossible to swallow the admissions coming from him, but regardless of what may be true or false, you won’t stand for any of it. “You’ve had your fun, but this ends now.” You reach up attempting to remove the collar but Jimin pushes you to the floor pinning your arms above you as he straddles you. The elevator wavers from the struggle, teetering as you lay captive beneath him. 
“I don’t think you understand the situation you’ve placed yourself in. I hold in my possession your darkest secrets. One’s that will ruin you if they make their way out. Your illegal activity with a sex worker, your inappropriate sexual conduct with your secretary. Not to mention the names and dubious activities of every client you’ve recommended to Namjoon’s services.”  
“Why... why are you doing this?” 
“Because you found me. I worked so hard to exploit my father from the outside, getting everything I wanted without the threat of public exposure. I couldn’t let you ruin it all. When we first met I considered you a threat, but then I saw how easy and enjoyable it was to mould to my will. The more intimate you become with someone the more power you give them over you. Simply being your secretary isn’t enough, not if I want you in a more pliable state.” Jimin hushed whisper mixes with a haunting giggle as his lips come to your ear. “I plan to bend you to fit every one of my needs.”
“You’re psychotic!” You lash out trying to throw him off but he stems your revolt by planting himself further down on to you, sitting on your chest as the elevator sways.
“Psychotic? No, I am simply a man who found his passion amidst his revenge. I know what I desire, and vengeance has taught me how best to take it. So if you want to keep yourself and everything else around you from falling, I suggest you play along like a good girl. Or I promise you, my punishments won’t be as kind as what you’ve experienced before.”
“What is it that you want?” You ask, already fearing his answer. He has you trapped in a gilded cage with him, where one misstep will send you plummeting to meet your end. Nothing that comes accompanied by such threats can be palatable.
“At work? To keep the status quo, I’ll remain your secretary, only so I can keep a better hold on you.” 
“Hoseok won’t agree to that. He already thinks I should ditch you. I should have listened to him.” 
“Then you will make him agree or he might have an accident, much like your accountant did. He too thought we were too close, even threatened to say something. Don’t worry I saved us from him, just as I’ll save us from Hoseok if you can’t convince him to back off. Do you think you can get him to agree now?”
You give a solemn nod, with Hoseok on the line you have no choice.
“After hours, we’ll drop the middleman.” Jimin lowers himself further on to you, laying down on top, his weight flattening you to the floor. With his head coming to rest on your restrained arm as he whispers further plans. “Every night you’ll come to me instead, and every morning you’ll have a new gift to wear. When we step off this elevator you’ll act as if nothing is wrong. You will go about business as usual, is that clear babygirl?”
You stifle a sob staring directly up and away from his eyes, not daring to give him the satisfaction of your fear. With little else to cling to, all you can do is agree for the time being, as much as it pains you, you choke out your compliance. “Yes...” 
“Yes what?” Jimin purrs, his lips faintly touching your ear. “Address me properly, or I will find ways to discipline you right here on this lift.” His fingers tighten and nails bite into your skin.
“Yes sir,” you whine as a plea for him to stop. 
Jimin mercifully lessens his hold on your wrists, hitting you instead with a smirk and befouled praise. “Good girl. I knew you’d finally see that I’m worth the risk.”
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chinkbihh · 2 years ago
do you have any yandere bts recommendations?
Sure sis, tbh I LOVE yandere content and I have read countless stories so this is just the few stories that I can come up with off the top of my head rn 👇🏻
I ADORE this author and her yandere exo series plus her ask my muse honestly inspired me to do my own. I highly recommend everyone check out the Monster Yandere Exo series but since you asked for BTS, @mint-yooxgi has two so far👇🏻
Haunted- Yandere! Ghost! Jungkook x Reader
Falling for you- Yandere! Fallen Angel! x Reader
Okay so this is unorthodox but I’m gonna recommend a WHOLE blog bc their reactions and drabbles are just god teir yandere content. @bangtans-apollo but their stories are these two here, both ongoing👇🏻
Euphonious- Siren/ Yandere Jungkook x Reader
Mesonoxian- Yandere, Hybrid and Mafia Jimin x reader. (Some slight Jk and YG too)
A Knight Of Wonder by @shitpostingftw is BRILLIANT. Yandere Yoonji(gender bend) and queen au x reader. it’s steak sauce I swear to god, the only reason it’s not the first one I listed down is bc it took me a fat minute to find but yeah💗💗💗💗
Embroidery by @bibbykins is so well written and gorgeous and It’s a soft yandere Taehyung but it’s still there and it’s PHENOMENAL.
I honestly don’t knew a lot of stories with Namjoon, Jin or Hoseok so pls plug some in the comments if u know of any💗💗
kk so here is one other one I wanna drop in here bc it’s so good but so few ppl talk about it for some reason and it’s an Exo Sehun one but it’s by far one of the best yandere stories ever so pls give it a read even tho it’s not bts👇🏻
Limerence by @heebiejbies. Obsessive/Yandere Sehun x OC. It’s one of the best series I’ve ever read. The writer is so good bc you get to see Sehun’s descent into madness and in a weird way you understand him bc the character development is marvelous. HIGHEST RECOMMENDATION!💗💗
Tumblr media
Please give all of these amazing authors the love and attention they deserve. Honestly nothing warms a writers heart than seeing the readers complimenting us in our inbox so pls show them ur appreciation so they can create more beautiful pieces. Also check out my stories bc lmao self plug 🤪
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worldwidemochiguy · a year ago
My Masterlist :)
Tumblr media
↳ click here to read
Tumblr media
↳ click here to read
Tumblr media
↳ click here to read
Tumblr media
↳ click here to read
Tumblr media
↳ click here to read
Tumblr media
↳ click here to read
Tumblr media
↳ click here to read
Tumblr media
↳ click here to read
(these are not hard boundaries, there will be some overlap)
“Soft” Yandere
“Hard” Yandere 
Tumblr media
Love You A Latte
➵ You have always wanted a story book romance, no matter how many times your friends tell you it’s unrealistic, and even unhealthy to have such high expectations. You can’t help but yearn for the one who will make your heart sing, who will captivate you with one word, who will treat you like you’re worth more than anything else in the world… and then Park Jimin crashes into your life, with a pretty smile and a warm cup of vanilla latte with your name on it.
pairing: jimin x reader
soft yandere, mfeeu! verse, brief smut
Toy Box
➵ You’re Taehyung’s perfect little doll, so when you aren’t so perfect, pretending you don’t like his hugs and kisses, pretending you don’t like him, Taehyung teaches you a little lesson using his other, different toys.
pairing: taehyung x reader
hard yandere, drugging, threat of body mutilation (non-graphic) 
Loving Is Easy
➵ For your first date, Jungkook wants to take you somewhere perfect. Unfortunately for you, he’s decided that for it to be ‘perfect’, it has to be a surprise…
pairing: jungkook x reader
soft yandere, fluff, first kisses
Tumblr media
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jungkookssistan · 2 years ago
Mafia!Yandere BTS REACTION: you’re scared  ☾
The request: Hi, Can I request a bts Mafia au reaction where you are terrified of guns and killing even though he is in the Mafia? Thank you!💜💜
Sorry I didn’t write requests nor reactions for awhile 😢 I don’t really like this either, so i’m sorry 
☾ ☾ ☾
Kim Seokjin:
Because Jin seek perfection between him and you, he never really waved his gun against your face, if we’re being honest, with the time flowing you had almost forgotten what his job really was.
But no matter the perfect image he had created for both of you, it really wasn’t that case the night when Jin appeared with blood on his white shirt and, of course, a gun in his hands.
“I’m home Jagi” he happily yelled walking towards you, the metallic pistol almost reflecting the room lights.
You felt clammy and there was the glisten of a cold sweat forming on your skin. He stood in front of you with a frown growing on his face. His fingertips softly touched your forehead, wiping away the drops.
“Are you sick?”
Instead of answering a whimper escaped your lips as you felt the gun press against your thigh. Jin followed your sight before gasping loudly throwing the gun away and pulling you into a tight hug.
“Ah jagi, my sweetheart, you have nothing to be afraid of, as long as you wait for me to come back every day, I will never hurt you”.
Tumblr media
Min Yoongi:
Yoongi truly lived a life of Hannah Montana, inside your house he would was your sweetheart boyfriend, outside the house a coldhearted murder.
His work was never a real problem, you never asked, he never talked. That was the perfect balance both of you enjoyed, until that day when for an unknown reason Yoongi had decided you were a target of someone else.
“Just hold it firmly and try not to jump too much when you fire it” he murmured, his hands pressed to yours as you held the gun in your hands.
You couldn’t help but feel shaky, the fear was rushing through your veins as if it was another form of blood.
“Hey hey, eyes on the target, you don’t want to accidentally shoot yourself” he taught gently tugging your head up.
You focused your attention towards the target, but you just couldn’t let yourself put pressure to the target. You fell down on your knees with tears running down your cheeks.
“I can’t do it, just take it away” you cried, hiding yourself in the crook of Yoongi’s neck.
“I’m sorry princess, this was a bad idea anyway, no one will land a finger on you, they will never get past me”
Tumblr media
Jung Hoseok:
It was truly conflicting to try and imagine Hoseok as a member of one of the biggest mafias.
One, he was definition of sun and happiness.
Two, he would cling to you for his dearest life whenever you would watch a horror movie.
But life isn’t a movie and Hoseok would do anything to save you.
With trembling hands you stood in the middle of a room that once were pure white, but now was covered in dark red and sticky liquid.
There laid five expressionless men who rested on a pool of mild cerise substance.
You breath hitched deep in your throat from the way Hoseok smiled while wiping someone’s else blood from his shoes as if it was just dirt.
“H-hoseok” shutting your eyes you managed to whisper.
Like waking from some kind of trance Hoseok rushed to you pulling you into a hug.
“I’m sorry you had to witness it, but they have know what happens when they dare to mess with you”
Tumblr media
Kim Namjoon:
You knew he was trained not to cry, not to feel anything when killing someone and you knew it wasn’t the real him. But the image kept coming back to you, the empty and shallow look he had in his eyes when he killed a young male with bare hands.
It haunted you.
The two of you sat eating dinner, well really he was the only one eating, you were afraid you’d puke your guts out if you tried to swallow anything. Your eyes kept following his hands, the hands of a murderer.
Suddenly he stopped eating, his full attention on you, the uncomfortable silence crept on you and you couldn’t help but cut it.
“Don’t kill me” you whispered.
For a moment he looked confused but soon he was next to you, the strong aura around him made your stomach lurch and heart to ache.
He cupped your face and lifted your chin up.
“You know I would never do that, I love you too much” he said kissing your forehead softly, deep down making plans how to keep you away from witnessing anything like that again.
Tumblr media
Park Jimin:
You’ve seen Jimin being mad before, you’ve seen a lot of people being mad before and you yourself have been mad before, it was just another form of emotions, but there was no doubt when Jimin was angry, boy was he angry.
Jimin barged into your apartment, his eyes were narrowed, rigid, cold, hard. His customary warmth was gone, his whole ‘mochi’ self was long vanished in the thin air.
You didn’t want to seem scared because that would only make him more angry or that’s what you thought, but the moment the words slipped from his lips about how he couldn’t kill a man because his children show up and he didn’t want to deal with the mess of three people, you couldn’t help but grip your book tighter to the point where your knuckles turned white, you could even feel the tears appear in the corners of your eyes.
“Princess?” Jimin asked once he noticed the state you were in.
“D-don’t come closer to me” you managed to mumble, still trying to make your breath steady.
Jimin froze, he hated when he was the reason of your anxiety.
“You saw his children and you didn’t kill him just because of the mess? Jimin that’s j-just monstrous”.
Jimin’s face softened and he kneeled down to you before letting his head rest on your lap.
“Don’t say that, princess, I’m not a monster, I just want to protect you” and as crazy as it sounds, you knew he wasn’t one.
Tumblr media
Kim Taehyung:
For the past week both of your emotions were on high alert with him being constantly anxious about leaving you and whenever you asked him why didn’t he just take you with him, he’d just casually laugh. That irritated you the most, him acting as if you were a child.
There was no surprise that by the end of the week both of you were screaming.
“Stop acting like I’m a four year old! I’m not weak” you shouted trying to prove your point.
But he just laughed, the laughter evaporating from his eyes as he walked towards you.
Your breath hitched as he took a gun out of his pocket before pushing it into your hands. You were too scared to notice the safety lock being pulled on.
“W-hat?” you almost cussed at your shaky voice, weren’t you trying to prove that you were not scared or weak?
“If you want to go with me, show me you can protect yourself” he said looking you straight in the eyes.
“I wouldn’t need to protect myself Tae, when I’m with you, I’m safe” lowering your head you mumbled.
The rage from his eyes were gone and it was filled with pure love once again.
“Oh jagi, you’re right, but it’s still too dangerous for you, the best part of my day is coming back home and seeing you safe”
Tumblr media
Jeon Jungkook:
Jungkook was a stubborn protective boyfriend, he would call you every hour to check in if you were safe and alive. So sometimes he was quite a challenge to deal with, although most of the times your arguments would end up in hot make out sessions.
Jungkook wraps his arms around from behind, His right hand drops to your thigh, pulling up the skirt that hangs so loose just above your knees. He turns you around and you tumble to the couch, his eyes searching yours.
His head moves around to your left ear and he whispers what he’s going to do next. But suddenly all the lust from you vanishes and you push him away when you feel something hard push against your thigh and it’s definitely not the bulge growing in his pants, rather a gun.
Noticing the fear growing in your eyes he kisses your nose before taking out the metallic tool and putting it on your table.
“Really?” you ask still a little shaky, but there’s slight playfulness in your voice.
Jungkook whines getting up and taking the gun away from your eyes.
“You know you don’t have to scared of me, right?” he asks turning around and grins once he sees you nodding.
You know.
Tumblr media
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sombreboy · a year ago
sombreboy m.list⇢18+
Tumblr media
18+ | WATTPAD | AO3 | I do not use any other platforms for my fiction.
© sombreboy 2020-2021 Do not edit, re-post or translate my work.
What is the number next to every link? My xtremity scale provides the level of yandere the piece contains. 1 being very mild and 10 involving extreme themes. Please check warnings on each individual piece before reading! 
All my content is explicit unless specifically stated otherwise.
Last update ⇢July 12, 2021 
⇢ Daffodil nightmares | yandere!kth x fem!oc [9]
⇢ Expensive doll | jjk x pjm
⇢ Shared obsession | jjk x pjm x knj
⇢ Flesh | pjm & kth x fem/y/n . [10]
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
⇢ Yandere!Seokjin HC | Seokjin is jealous when he finds out you like someone, not knowing that this someone is him… Well, until you tell him [1]
⇢ Crazy beautiful | Seokjin gives you the attention that you truly deserve. [3]
⇢ Taste | ksj solo masturbation
Tumblr media
Non yandere
⇢ Shared obsession | jjk x pjm x knj
⇢ uhgood | knj x male reader | You teased your boyfriend all day, and the very moment the two of you came home, he reminds you who’s in charge.
⇢ Descend | demon!knj x Y/N | Summoning the demon lord doesn’t come without a price.
Tumblr media
Non yandere
⇢ Split | snake hybrid pjm x female reader 
⇢ The alpha | You knew that deep down you desired someone strong and powerful, someone superior to you, to take and claim you as their own—their plaything.
⇢ Misguidance | You arrange a meeting with a hired dom for the night, whom (mis)guides you through the pleasures of pain.
⇢ Two is better than one | pjm x myg x male reader | Collab with @chimoona​
⇢ Expensive doll | jjk x pjm
⇢ Shared obsession | jjk x pjm x knj
⇢ Mused obsession series | yandere!jjkx pjm [10] (xtremity is based on it’s entirety.)
⇢ Treasure | The dragon hybrid lures you into his forest to claim you as his plaything. [6]
⇢ Unsullied |(E) pjm has an extreme obsession with you, and one night he was taken away from you... But he came back, always will come back to make sure you know who you belong to. [8] ⇢ Scented |Your snake hybrid smells another hybrid on you, and punishment follows. [5]
⇢ Flesh | pjm & kth x fem/y/n . [10] ⇢ Friends | pjm & kth kidnaps you to use you as their personal plaything. [7] ⇢ Locked up, chained down | pjm locks you up and does whatever he pleases with you. [5]
Tumblr media
Non yandere
⇢ Please, noona | Switch!jjk x female reader
⇢ Love Maze Series Index | Taehyung x Jungkook
⇢ Wedding night | Taehyung x Jungkook  
⇢ Sounding | Taehyung x Jungkook
⇢ Distraction | Taehyung x Jungkook 
⇢ Tease me | Taehyung x Jungkook
⇢ Dining out | Taehyung x Jungkook
⇢ Quality time | Taehyung x Jungkook
⇢ Expensive doll | jjk x pjm
⇢ Shared obsession | jjk x pjm x knj
⇢ Mused obsession series | yandere!jjkx pjm [10]  (xtremity is based on it’s entirety.)
⇢ Clipped wings | Prince jjk x female reader [4]
⇢ Dare | jjk x fem/y/n. [1] ⇢ First love | jjk x femdom/y/n [2]
Tumblr media
Non yandere
⇢ Love Maze Series Index | Taehyung x Jungkook 
⇢ Wedding night | Taehyung x Jungkook
⇢ Sounding | Taehyung x Jungkook
⇢ Distraction | Taehyung x Jungkook
⇢ Tease me | Taehyung x Jungkook
⇢ Dining out | Taehyung x Jungkook
⇢ Quality time | Taehyung x Jungkook
⇢ Flesh | pjm & kth x fem/y/n . [10]
⇢ Friends | pjm & kth x fem/y/n .[7] ⇢ Bleeding love | kth x fem!y/n. [3] ⇢ Daffodil dreams |murder!suspect!yandere!taehyung x therapist!F [7]
⇢ Daffodil nightmares | murder!suspect!yandere!taehyung x therapist!F [9]
Tumblr media
⇢ Bad kitten |Your owner jhs finds out that you’ve been playing with the neighbor hybrid, and he decides to discipline you.[6]
⇢ Demon’s whore | demon!jhs x angel!female reader [6]
Tumblr media
Non yandere
⇢ Who’s your king? | Your king is your lover, and he loves to see how much you worship him.
⇢ Two is better than one | pjm x myg x male reader | Collab with @chimoona​
⇢ Corrupted |Your boss craves you with every fibre of his being, so he claims you. [6] ⇢ I will wait |He confesses his feelings for you, but you don’t feel the same... Right now. [1]
⇢ 00:00 | Your vampire neighbor knocks on your door as the clock strikes zero, his desires for you too strong to ignore any longer. [6]  
Tumblr media
⇢ The heist p.1 | Seven men, one dream. To be rich, without having to work a day longer in their lives. Solution? A bank heist. They were just lucky to find a new plaything in the midst of it. 
Tumblr media
© sombreboy 2020-2021. Do not edit, repost or translate.
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mnyg1800com · 3 years ago
◾bts as yanderes
◾kim seokjin
In his fantasy, he was the prince and you were the princess. The king and the queen. And in his fantasy, it would always end in a happily ever after, always. He spoiled you to make sure you were always comfortable with the way you were living and that there was no inconvenience to be put on you, by anyway. Which is why you needed him. 
To take care of everything for, to care for you, to watch over you, and do everything for you. It was his job, in his mind, to always make sure you never lifted a finger, even once in your relationship with him. Jin was always by your side and if he wasn’t doing something for you, he was guiding it through with you, keeping you in his warm hold and touch for as long as possible. He saw it as his own way of showing his love and affection towards you
“Ah! Y/n, what did I say? I can make dinner tonight, don’t worry about it. Just sit down and wait until it’s ready, I promise it will be the best meal of your life!” 
“I told you I could pick you up from work, why did you take the bus? These areas have a  lot of bad people out here, especially in that area, you could’ve gotten hurt or worse!” 
Tumblr media
Now Jin might be the best boyfriend that loved and cared for you, but it was always a different him when he noticed someone showing you affection. He was your boyfriend so he should be the only one showing this type of feelings. That stranger that smiled your way on the way to you guys’ favorite restaurant wasn’t supposed to be looking at you like that, only him. 
At times like this, Jin got very possessive and over-protective. If a man were to walk up to the both of you, he was immediately shunned by Jin or ignored by Jin, who would tug you in a different direction. He looked down on any man that seemed to hold any interest towards you and his reasoning for it whenever he was questioned was because he was the only one allowed to look at you like that. Your beauty was astonishing, really it was, which is why he thought it should only be reserved for those worthy of seeing it. Which was him, and only him. 
“Did you see the way he was looking at you? It’s absolutely disgusting that he can’t take a hint.” 
“I told you it was a bad idea to go out today, imperfect men, unlike me, don’t know how to control themselves around you. I might just need to teach them a lesson, really.”  
Tumblr media
◾ min yoongi
Yoongi was a sweetie, really. Especially only for you. He had met you just by chance, and he has thanked whoever was watching above non-stop since that day. He was usually an emotionless man, but you brought him out of his hiding and made him see a brighter light. You brought out all of the smiles, laughs, and affection from him and he made sure only to show you that side of him. 
You were special to him, which is why he reserved those smiles for you and only for your eyes. He was rather insecure about everything about himself, but he was quick to sweep those thoughts away whenever you praised him or hugged him tightly. He was reminded that he had someone to lean on and he wasn’t alone. It was a big deal to meet such an angel like you because he has never experienced anything like this. 
New emotions were introduced to Yoongi and he was glad you were the one to deliver them to him. 
“Gah, you are so cute Y/n! What would I do without you?” 
“Thank you so much for all you have done for me, the only way I can repay you is by showing you my love, and I can only hope that is enough for someone as great as you.” 
Tumblr media
You were so precious to Yoongi, to him you were the angel shining down onto him. You were pure and innocent, which is why he had to protect you from the greedy and evil things of the outside world. Whenever he could, he would stall you from leaving his side in the comfortable bed you two shared. Whining, begging, and shameless yells of your attention usually came with this. But that was only the coating of it all. 
When you two did go out, another side of Yoongi was introduced to you. You were his to have and he wasn’t willing to share with anyone. He had to protect, which he did the best he could by throwing glares to those he deemed in need of one, those are the ones that usually glance at you for too long or look at you with a look in their eyes that Yoongi hated. 
Everyone was too evil and cynical to even lay eyes on you, which is why he had to protect you from those evil beings. That by either teaching them a lesson or keeping you cooped up inside with him, either way was fine. He was never hesitant to throw the first punch or insult, anyone who wanted to take away your innocence would not have a pinch of mercy from him. 
“I suggest you take your eyes off of her. If you don’t, I will have to force you to. Yeah, that’s right! Don’t even think about taking a second glance, you worthless piece of shit!” 
“Y/n, stay with me, please. Those classes are worthless anyway, you can just learn from home and stay with me through the whole day.” 
Tumblr media
◾kim namjoon
Namjoon was a rather closed off man, famous around campus for always being found with a book in his hand, quiet and reserved would be the only way to describe him. So it was a big shock to him when you had sought out his help for something. He was immediately drawn to you. Maybe it was because of the curious nature that got him wanting more from you, but soon it leads to you being his. 
You were a curious and adventurous person which he loved the most about you. Always willing to learn and he was always more than willing to teach you. You were his own to have and he basked in the feeling of relying on him, he loved it to death. You were completely his to have and you made it obvious to him whenever you asked him a question he was sure to have the answer to. And if he didn’t, he would mentally scold himself for being so incompetent to you. 
He was your own personal knowledge bank and he wished you would keep thinking of him as that, someone you could rely on and trust. It became his goal to become the only one in your life to provide such knowledge, and honestly so much more, and he would be willing to take care of anyone that stood in his way.
“Close, but it’s more like this, baby. No! I don’t mind teaching you, in fact always come to me when you have a question, okay?”
“See Y/n you learn something new every time we talk. So you can trust me from now on to give you everything you want.”
Tumblr media
It irked Namjoon to no end when you began relying on others. Asking questions to your fellow ‘freinds’ that he was more than willing to answer, and even trusting those around you. He loved to think he was the only one in your life that could give you what you wanted, but he was slapped back to reality when he picked you up from work one day. He had promised you the other day he would always pick you up from your workplace because walking home would be out of the question considering how dangerous it would be. 
So he watched with a clenched jaw as you laughed with one of your co-workers about a joke they had made. He slammed his car door shut, leaning against the now closed door waiting for you to come closer so he could finally take you home. It didn’t go as planned as you introduced him to your smiling co-worker, who he merely nodded to. It got worse when you acknowledge how your ‘friend’ had Bachelor’s Degree from graduating college. Namjoon gritted his teeth at the compliment, feeling a wave of emotions wash over him as you praised your friend of his intelligence. It was until he opened his mouth to bite at your co-worker that you stopped and stepped into the car wordlessly. 
“That’s rather impressive, but I think me and Y/n better head home.”
“No actually, Y/n won’t be going to work tomorrow considering how sore she will be from tonight. Since you’re so smart, I’m going to assume you know what I am talking about, right? Good. Then we will be on our way, good night.” 
Tumblr media
◾jung hoseok
He was already a happy man before meeting you, but when he did he never felt such a feeling of bliss. You were the epitome of perfection in his eyes. You were always radiating with a smile and brought along your melodic laughter with you wherever you went. He felt in heaven whenever you two were with each other, and he loved to keep it that way. Your smile was what kept going and encouraged him to work harder to make your grin grow wider. 
He was always cracking jokes for you, and always content when you laughed at his humor. He didn’t care when people stared at the two of you with looks of suspicion at the scene you two would cause in public. If he was being honest, Hoseok was a rather insecure man so seeing you warm up to him made him feel assured and safe. He could be himself around you and it made him more determined every day to be the better version of his yesterday because he knew he had to make you smile, at least once and he would be at ease. 
Your happiness was always his top priority and he was always there for you when you were sad, turning your frown upside down immediately. He pushed whatever he was doing aside to focus on you not caring about the consequences because, at those moments, you were important than anything else in his life. 
“Y/n, smile for me! *makes a funny face, and laughs along with you, knowing he did something good for you*” 
“Don’t forget to call or text me when you feel down, I’ll rush over to you in an instant to make you feel better, okay?” 
Tumblr media
The one thing that could knock that smile off of Hoseok’s face would be two things. Seeing you sad and seeing the thing or person that made you sad. from there on it would no longer be sadness engulfing him, rather anger and rage. Anyone would make you frown was no one important in his book. You were his top priority all the time, and if someone were to make you feel like you weren’t there was obviously a problem that Hoseok had to take care of. 
Hoseok was rarely caught without a smile, and when he was it was the result of someone messing with you or making you sad. He would have no patience at all for a person like that, which is why his sudden cheerful attitude was traded for a new, sly, and a rather ruthless one. No one would be left to breathe if they were to make you sad, no one has the right for you to be sad. 
“Who did this to you?! Tell me and I can make your worries go away.” 
“You treated her like shit, I’m here to return the favor. You made her shed tears, which should never happen to someone like her! She is too good for people in this world, I swear. You won’t be able to breathe when I’m done with you, worthless scum.” 
Tumblr media
◾park jimin
Jimin was the embodiment of kindness, always stopping to give someone a helping hand. He went out of his way for everyone, putting their desires before his, but when he met you he became the opposite. He realized that the world was not meant to have a taste of kindness, only you. 
He learned from you that not everyone deserves the best treatment. Which is why he stopped handing out smiles to everyone, he stopped helping the same old lady cross the street, and why he stopped giving others his attention. To him, you needed to be treated carefully or you might just break, that’s why his mass amounts of attention were always on you. The outside world was simply not ready for someone as pure and radiant as you, that’s why you needed him. He kept you safe and he loved the feeling of protecting you. 
“Wait! Y/n, let me do that for you. I don’t want you to get hurt because of something like this.” 
“No baby, I promise this is the last time I do this for you, next time I swear I’ll let you do it alone not.” 
Tumblr media
He wouldn’t stand for it. You were out for the day and, of course, Jimin was staying by your side the whole time. You decided to stop by a store and when you walked in, you two were immediately greeted by an eager employee. Jimin squinted his eyes when he saw the worker lead you in all sorts of directions, making him almost lose sight of you with how fast you two were moving along. 
It was annoying for him to watch another person lead you, whether it be physically or mentally, and influence your opinion on things. He thought he should be the only one to influence your decisions and for you to lean on him only, so he found the man smiling at you right now really had no worth of being in front of you. 
It also enraged him whenever he saw the man flash you a smile. You were far too perfect for the likes of a guy like the one in front of him. The only one that could really ever understand you was him, and it will always be him. And if anyone wanted to test him on that, they were more than invited because he was not going to lose you to someone to easily. 
“I don’t think we need any more help, we were just about to leave isn’t that right, Jagiya?” 
“I would really appreciate if you would not staring at her like that or you are really going to regret ever approaching us.” 
Tumblr media
◾kim taehyung
If someone were to describe Taehyung, it would be passionate. He always stayed to what was right and he fought for it, and everything about you was right. He was always trailing after you, worshipping the ground you walked on and praised you like you were a goddess. He never let you feel an ounce of uncomfortableness when he was with you because he would immediately take care of it. 
He wouldn’t even need to think for a second when it came to you. You were always his choice and you would always be, nothing could stop that. You were everything right for him and he accepted his fate as yours rather quickly. He always supported you and what you did and was always by your side to walk with you down the path of life. He always chose the option he thought you would choose, his own mind and opinions gone because you were all he thought about the second he met you. 
Taehyung always thought highly of you, you were someone he always thought about and how you were doing things all for the better end of the story. You were everything right in the world and everyone and thing were simply in the wrong. People didn’t see it yet, but you were the only right person and it seemed Taehung was more than willing to follow in your footsteps.  
“If Y/n were here, what would she say?” 
“Y/n makes the best point in this argument, you should just give up.” 
Tumblr media
Some people were really clueless, really stupid. Taehyung was talking about you to one of his close friends, that he hasn’t cut out from his life, and has also mentioned how you were always right about things. The ones who were closest to him holding back the eye-rolls and simply nodded along to what he said, gaining a smile from Taehyung. That is until one decided to speak out against Taehyung, which was, logically, speaking against you considering how Taehyung was merely delivering your words. 
He stopped his chatter and so did his friends as they stared at the disagreer with wide eyes. Taehyung let out an ‘excuse me’ in question making the man in front of him merely shrug. They explained how you weren’t all that great, and how some of the points Taehyung made about you were wrong and Taehyung couldn’t have shaken his head faster. He thought that this person in front of him was merely too uneducated to have just insulted you in front of him. 
Taehyung was definitely keen on how people perceived you. If it was bad, then Taehyung would be quick to change their minds. If it was good, he would continue to rant to them about how perfect you were. It was a win situation for Taehyung because he got to talk about you one way or another. And right now this person was trying to think of you as something you weren’t and Taehyung was quick to correct him, raising his voice as he continued on sentence after sentence. 
“You don’t understand Y/n, none of you would!” 
“Y/n is the only one here that matters, and if you can’t see that then you obviously don’t have your priorities straight. Now if you don’t mind I’m going to leave you losers for my perfect girlfriend!” 
Tumblr media
◾jeon jungkook
Jungkook was innocent. He was young and didn’t know much and when he met you, he wanted to follow in all the footsteps you took. He was always eager to please you with his work, whether it be art or music or just something he created on a whim, which is why he would always ask for your opinion on his works and things he did. It didn’t matter if even he himself didn’t like it, as long as you were happy with his work he could smile to himself at night knowing he pleased you during the day. 
He was always pleased when he saw your proud smile or heard one of your compliments directed to him when he finished a piece of work. He focused solely on you and what you thought, and if you weren’t there to answer his many questions he could only hope he chose the right decision in making his choice trying to think as you would. 
He was quick to beat himself up if you didn't seem as pleased with his work as you usually were. Sometimes in the quiet of his room, he would rip apart that very piece he worked on if he felt you didn’t approve or like it. He was sensitive to you and what your thoughts mattered to him more than you could know. 
“Do you like it Y/n? Really?! Thank you, that means a lot!” 
“What if she hates this? She wasn’t here to answer my questions so I can only hope I guessed correctly...I have to be right or else I will disappoint her.”
Tumblr media
With Jungkook always aiming to please, it made him a bit angry when he saw our attention off of his work and directed to another’s. It made him feel like he had to prove something to his ‘competitor’ at how he was better at something than they were. To him, you paying attention to another person’s work rather than his, it made him think that his best wasn’t good enough and the only way to win you back was to improve and get better. 
If his efforts at getting better didn’t bring your attention back to him, then he had no other choice but to get rid of the ‘competitor’. He tried his best to stray away from that ending, but he just couldn’t help himself when you smiled at the other person showing your sacred smile to them. It made him feel left out and he couldn’t have that. Not when he was being left out of the person he cared about the most. If you gave him your best, showing him your side and personality, it would only be fair for him to give his best to you, completely giving himself to you. 
“I have to get better if Y/n will take me back, she can’t have that other man in her life. There should be only me!” 
“I really didn’t want to do this...but you got in between me and Y/n! I can’t allow that, it’s only me and her, you shouldn’t even be near her!” 
Tumblr media
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jungkookssistan · 2 years ago
Yandere! BTS reaction to their s/o being innocent ☾
The request:  Hello sweetie can you do a yandere bts reaction of their s/o being innocent/pure.
I don’t care that it;s midnight and I haven’t prepared for my tests, I had so much fun with this!
☾ ☾ ☾
Kim Seokjin:
His fingers traced down the curves of your body as the sunlight tried getting into your room through the curtains. The world is as silence as if it ended in the night, only the soft breathing of yours is heard. He stops for a second as you start stirring. “Morning, jagi” he whispers. You wiggled your arms out from the bed sheets and used your fingers to rub your eyes before finally lifting your eyelids.  “It’s so early” you complained, though a small smile pulled at the corners of your lips. You shiver when Jin’s fingers strokes your bare chest, only then you remember what happened only few hours before. You gasp completely tugging the bed sheets over your body. Jin’s laughter echoes through the room. “Jagi, I’ve seen you naked” you groan burying your red face into the crook of his neck. “No no. Go back to sleep Seokjin. We’ll talk when we fully dressed”
Tumblr media
Min Yoongi: “Yoongs, come here!” you yelled from the kitchen. You heard the bedroom’s door open knowing he was probably taking a nap before. “What is it?” he asked groggily, not noticing what clothes you were wearing. “Come, taste this” you said happily motioning to the frosting you were making for the Jimin’s birthday cake. He crunched his nose, since he wasn’t the biggest fan of sweets. You frowned at his face before putting your own finger in it, then licking it.  “it’s not too sweet! Why are you frowning?” you asked. After not hearing the answer you look up confused. Yoongi is frozen, his eyes running up and down your body, his mouth shaped into an “o”. “Is there something wrong?” you ask innocently wanting to move past him, so you could see yourself in the mirror. “You have no idea what you’re doing to me” he whispers tugging you closer to him. You feel Yoongi’s hot breath on your neck then tender brush of lips. You take a step back confused “Did I just turn you on by tasting frosting?”. He licks his lips before answering “You know, they say your juice tastes like whatever you ate that day. Can’t wait to taste you, jagi”.  “Juice?” you frown. The heck is he talking about. In seconds your eyes get bigger making him laugh and fall in love with you even more “You pervert!”
Tumblr media
Kim Namjoon:
You and Namjoon were both laying in the bed lazily as the rain fell in crazy chaotic drops.  Your eyes were running through the lines of words as you kept turning page after the page of the book you had started reading that day. You giggled as Namjoon’s hands started to roam around your sides making you move in his embrace. “Namjoon, stop! It tickles!” you laugh, poking his arm with your free hand. He groaned as you accidentally shifted on his lap, making him get a boner. A loud gasp left your mouth, the second you felt something poking you. “Is that..Did I just..OH MY GOD” you squealed standing up, throwing him a pillow to cover it up. Namjoon started to laugh as you covered your eyes. “Is it over yet?” you asked slowly, glimpsing through your fingers. “Oh baby, it won’t disappear until I take care of it” before he could say anything else you ran out of the room. “Ah you and your innocent soul” he whispered under his breath.
Tumblr media
Jung Hoseok:
You had always complained about how bored you get alone especially on those late evenings when missing Hobi made things even more complicated. That’s why you had decided to tag along to his late dance session. The actual plan was to only observe Hobi, but after few hours you stood up and jokingly shouted “You suck!”. He chuckled knowing you were probably getting bored. But the moment you yelled that you could do better, his dominant side revealed itself “Oh really?” he raised his eyebrow “Prove it”. Knowing how shy  actually were, it surprised him once you pushed him out of the center and starting moving your hips, then your whole body. He stood completely still, already getting a boner. On the other hand, you couldn’t help but start laughing. “I can’t believe I still remember this routine…You alright?” you asked walking to him, completely unaware of the emotions you made run through his body. Blush rushed to your cheeks once you noticed his boner. “Baby, cover up!” you giggled like a little kid. Hoseok chuckled wrapping his arms around you as you tried looking anywhere but him. He loved this innocent side of you.
Tumblr media
Park Jimin:
You were walking through the empty streets of Seoul, hand in hand drowning in the comfortable silence. Jimin would turn his head to you once every moment. And those moments would be secured in his heart forever because whenever you would feel his gaze on you, with reddish cheeks you would look down, kicking a rock or two. His stomach would turn around every single time. The innocence you had made him fall in love with you, it made him cherish you. You squealed as the rain drops started to fall, hitting the dirty pavement breaking the silence. He frowned as you let go of his hand, turning around, holding your arms in the air. “What are you doing?” he asked confused. You laughed before looking at him “Dance with me under the falling rain, Jimin” he shrugged his shoulders before joining you. Both of you start running, Jimin is a little bit concerned that you were going to hurt yourself, but he forgets it all as your cold lips touches his. The innocent you held was his treasure making him love you an easy task. You didn’t need much, just Jimin and the love you see in movies.
Tumblr media
Kim Taehyung: Taehyung dragged you to your bedroom before pushing you softly onto your bed. You looked at him puzzled as you saw him walking to your closet and pulling out a huge box. “What do you have in that box?” you ask as he plops down next to you. “Close your eyes!” his cheeky smile is the last thing you see before closing your eyes. You hear him take out something before it lands in your hands. You start to touch it bravely as you hear him say it’s not anything alive. You frown and ask confused. “Tae, is this a freaking banana? Don’t tell me you have a box of fruits in our closet because I swear to God..” he giggles before telling you to open your eyes. You shriek as you see it’s definitely not a banana you were holding but a dildo. “KIM TAEHYU..” you don’t finish your sentence as you gawk at the box filled with sex toys. You fall onto your bed, pulling the sheets over your head. “You’re evil! Why would you do this to me!” Taehyung laughs as he gets under the sheets facing you. You think it’s over before he shoves another dildo into your face. “Look, this one is your favorite color!”. A loud squeal escapes you mouth before you throw it out of his hands. “Stop!” you whine before Taehyung wraps his arms around you. “Ah, so innocent”
Tumblr media
Jeon Jeongguk:
It was your weekly movie marathon, nestled on your comfy sofa, cozy with a blanket, eyes glued to the TV in front of you. You were always happy with the choice of movie, no matter who picked it, you or Jungkook. Tonight it was your picked movie, but it had far too many intimate scenes. You quietly groaned at yet another scene, where the sound of clapping bodies filled your room, it didn’t help that the volume was so loud that it seemed like the windows were vibrating also. Jungkook noticed the way your body didn’t feel as relaxed under his touch as it was before. “Is there something wrong?” he asked, his bambi eyes staring into yours. You shook your head before smiling. He shrugged his shoulders before getting back his attention to the movie. Only seconds later, your head was buried deep into his neck, making him feel ticklish as your hot breath hit his neck. You felt his chest vibrate as he laughed. “You were the one who picked this movie, love” you poked his chest groaning “I know! I would’ve picked something else! Maybe the little mermaid or something” he grinned at your innocence before kissing your nose, then your lips. Your innocence made him feel proud to call you his. “Let’s change the movie. I didn’t like the male actor anyway”
Tumblr media
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sinning-on-a-sunday · 2 years ago
dark, darker, darkest
Tumblr media
- summary: he’s been watching you for weeks, waiting, plotting. he let the tension build until he literally felt like he was regressing into animal form, too ravenous to deny himself his prey any longer. paying you a visit in the middle of the night, jimin finally fulfills his and yours darkest fantasy.
❗️WARNING❗️yandere, non-con smut, restraints, profanity, criminal activity. VERY DARK/INTENSE. this is literally filth that seeped from the deepest crevice of my fucked-up brain. IF YOU ARE UNCOMFORTABLE WITH NON-CON DO NOT READ!!
He’d prepared for it a week in advance. First, he’d made a copy of your key so he could slip seamlessly into your apartment whenever he wanted. Second, he’d broken in one night and stole your vibrator. Jimin knew how much you needed it to relieve stress, and he wanted you to be nice and needy for him. Then, he’d replaced your nighttime meds with something stronger, something that would leave you sleepy and weak as a kitten.
That night, Jimin snuck into your bedroom without a sound. He slipped into bed with you, sitting you up with your back flush against his chest.
He carefully tied your hands behind you and slipped a blindfold over your eyes. Then his hands started to roam.
Jimin nuzzled into the crook of your neck, lips attaching to the vulnerable skin of your throat, peppering kisses and nipping gently. He started to suckle and mark you up as his hands slipped under your loose pajamas. One hand groped and kneaded your breast as the other massaged your hip, slowly, slowly inching lower.
Even through the haze of sleeping pills, you started to stir.
His hand dove down beneath the waistband of your pants, ghosting over your clothed core. Teasing at your entrance over your underwear, he started to rub your cunt until a wet spot began to form.
A whimper left you as you squirmed in his hold.
Jimin’s plush, pillowy lips felt like heaven against your neck. He was planting firm, open-mouthed kisses all along the juncture of your shoulder, laving his tongue over the reddened skin. Your state of blindness only enhanced your other senses, and the wet sounds of his mouth filled your ears and made you melt further into him.
Just as things were starting to register in your muddled brain, his fingers delved under your panties and started to rub your clit.
You started to struggle, wriggling on the bed, but Jimin’s hand fell from your breast to wrap a strong arm around your torso and keep your legs open with his palm on your thigh.
He chuckled to himself.
“Confused?” He said in your ear, continuing the circular motion of his fingers.
“Don’t worry, baby. I’ll make you feel good.”
He nibbled at your earlobe, hot breath making you shiver. The tip of his nose traced the fluid lines of your neck and shoulder, his lips brushing against your skin teasingly.
You were starting to struggle more, now, but the drug he’d given you had left you completely weak and at his mercy. You were helpless to all his whims.
Jimin hummed against your skin, amused at your feeble attempts at escape. It was no use, he wasn’t leaving until you were covered in hickies and your panties were soaking with your release.
He started to grind his hips against yours from behind, groaning as his bulge dug into your ass.
This caused you to try and wriggle out of his grasp once again.
Jimin just chuckled and yanked you closer, tightening his hold around your torso.
“You’re so cute when you struggle, Y/N.” He said in amusement.
The pace of his fingers increased, making pleasure shoot up your spine straight to your fogged brain. A cascade of pathetic whimpers spilled from your lips. You didn’t know if it was because you wanted him to stop or if you wanted him to go faster.
“You look so pretty falling apart under my touch, begging so nicely for me.”
One hand came up to roll your pebbled nipple between his fingers, making you squeak. He continued to toy with your breasts, massaging you in slow motions.
“Come on, beg me baby. Say, “Jimin, please eat my pussy. Eat my pussy, pretty please.” Come on, you can do it.” He urged you, still rubbing your clit.
You didn’t say anything, writhing in torturous bliss as the tension started to build in your abdomen.
Jimin clicked his tongue in disappointment.
“So shy.” He muttered, placing a soft kiss on your neck. “Don’t hide from me, sweetheart. You know you need it. Be a good baby and say, “Daddy, please eat me out.” Come on, your pussy is begging for attention.”
The pressure continued to build, cording up in the pit of your stomach, threatening to snap. You couldn’t help the long, drawn-out moan that escaped you.
“You about to cum, sweetheart?” Jimin whispered in your ear. He ground his center against your back, groaning as he neared his own end.
“I’ll let you cum if you just do as I say.” He said. “Behave and you’ll be rewarded.”
You pressed your lips together to suppress any more sounds of pleasure.
Jimin sighed deeply, making the hairs on the back of your neck shift and a shiver to run down your spine.
He increased the pace of his fingers, rapidly sending you towards your orgasm.
“Ah! Ahh...” Your voice was choked as you tipped over the edge, cumming so hard you felt like it was ripping you apart. Jimin’s grunts filled your ears as he helped you ride it out.
The circling motion of his fingers didn’t stop.
Overstimulation quickly began to set in. You started to twitch and squirm in his hold, body weak from your high.
Jimin chuckled. It was a sadistic, dark sound.
“You should’ve listened to me, baby. Now I have to punish you.”
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yandere-society · a year ago
(ex)fuckboy maknae line hcs trying to convince the reader they're willing to settle down for her but the reader keeps refusing, not believing them.
admin / author: @an-ambivalent
Warning: This post contains yandere themes, abusive relationships, and the characters display other behaviours that can be triggering or uncomfortable to read. This is not for the light-hearted so read at your own risk. I do not believe any of the mentioned members would display any sort of this behaviour in real life and I do not condone this behaviour either. This work is purely fictional. 
A/N: hello, I sort of used your prompt as a loose guideline. I tried to stick to what you asked for but some scenarios differ slightly from specific details of the request just because I think its good to have this scenario lead to various endings through different choices. Nonetheless, I hope you like it! 
It began with pleas. 
“[Name] please, just listen to me,” Jimin begged, and he forcefully cornered you to the quieter side of the bar. He calculatedly situated you in between his body, and the wall to make sure you would not be able to get away. 
He hovered over you threateningly, and it was a position you had long forgotten. However, just like unclean wounds that heal on the surface but deteriorate once they get exposed to the right stimulus once more, Jimin had returned in your life as the infection that would worsen the damage. The scars he left behind had not healed and now, would never heal because he was ready to inject the sick in you once again. 
His touch lacked warmth and felt utterly icy – it was like sleeping with someone with hypothermia – he was going to steal your warmth for himself and then leave you shivering with his own coldness. 
The long forgotten memory of his hurt had remained ingrained in your muscle memory. This was because you instinctively flinched as he grabbed your face with both of his hands firmly, and made you look up into his eyes. 
Pathetic and utter desperation clinging onto the last remains of his sanity was strangely lustrous in his eyes. 
“Baby, you haven’t been replying to my messages… That’s… You know I don’t like that,” He started, and as he spoke, his voice gradually lowered and his eyes narrowed into a glare. Momentarily, he ended up applying a bit more pressure on your face, and you visibly winced. Immediately,  Jimin eased the amount of force he was applying on your face that could have potentially injured you. 
“I, I’m a better person now so I’ll look over that this once. But I-I’m here because I’m ready to settle down with you now. I’m a changed man now I-I swear! I won’t exploit your trust ever again and I’m ready to commit myself. So, you’ll give me another chance won’t you [Name]?” He stammered, and although he was not gripping your face like a tyrant anymore, there was a dangerous glint of the devil etched in his eyes. 
You shook your head. 
“Doesn’t matter what promises you make now Jimin, it doesn’t change the toxicity and hurt you left me with. I– I can’t trust you, not after you cheated on me–” 
“I only did that because I loved you too much! Because I was scared that you were so good for me 
and that I was going to lose you!” He proclaimed, and in response, you scoffed. Fear forgotten, and with a new burning fire in your heart, you shoved Jimin off you. 
“Go take that bullshit to someone else who’s stupid enough to believe you!” You snapped, and turned to walk away. However, Jimin grabbed you by the arm, and roughly pulled you back to him. With his warm breath fanning your ear – it was the warmth that he had started to seep off you without your realisation until this very moment when the cold shivers prickled your skin – his whispered threats killed the newfound determination you thought you had discovered within. 
“I warned you I would only overlook you ignoring me that once. Do it again, or disobey me again, and I’ll upload your private little recorded videos from when we used to be together online.”
Tumblr media
(Taehyung and Jungkook under the cut!)
The air in the atmosphere was tense, and the fact that Taehyung’ was close to reaching his breaking point, was evident in the way his irises were empty of emotions. 
What was supposed to be a night of fun, something that would help you destress from all of the other ongoing stress in your life, had turned out to be the opposite; the situation was dire, and its’ twisted plot had just manifested the distress you wanted to get rid off in the first place. 
“You thought I was just a fling?” He asked, and the way he spoke it was posed like a usual question, but you knew better. Beneath his seemingly calm state, there was a volcanic fury on the edge of bursting. The lack of emotion in his voice – a rare phenomena for Taehyung, made you gulp in nervousness. And this nervousness only manifested when you abruptly became aware of the fact that you were having this conversation while you were bare. 
Feeling conscious about the physical aspect of your nakedness was never a problem with Taehyung. With his guaranteed experience that came hand-in-hand with his reputation of being a playboy, it never left any room for dissatisfaction. But much more than that, unlike with anyone else you had ever been with, he always took his time to appreciate – almost worship each aspect of your body. The concept of insecurity was nothing but a fleeting dream in the moments you were involved intimately with him. However, that was not the case right now. So, you could not help but pull the sheets around you closer to yourself, hoping they would provide you with some sort of comforting security. 
“I– You can’t blame me for that can you? With your reputation, how am I supposed to think of this as anything else other than a fling?!” You responded, and the unintentional accusatory tone in your voice, caused Taehyung’s fingers to twitch in anticipation. 
He really hoped you wouldn’t test his self-control again because he could only hold himself back for so long. 
“I told you I loved you, and you said it back.” 
“I– I thought it was an on the spur of the moment kind of thing,” You admitted sheepishly, and then all Taehyung started to see in that moment was red. 
However, before he did something that would have worsened the situation for you or even himself, it was fortunate presently that you were willingly and had decided to speak just in the nick of time. 
“I’m not opposed to becoming serious but I– honestly, I still have my doubts so if you’re willing to prove your loyalty and give me the time I need then we can try,” You offered honestly. Although, your suggestion was not his optimum response, it was better than what you said to Jimin in another alternative universe. 
So, knowing that the situation could be better, but also could be worse, Taehyung decided this was okay… For now. In due time, once he proved himself to you, you were going to give him all of you, and nothing less. 
He gave a smile that was strained ever so slightly. 
“Sure, I’ll wait for you and do whatever it takes to gain your trust. I hope you willingly put the same effort that I do too.”
Tumblr media
“You don’t really think you can leave without my permission, do you? Tell me you aren’t that stupid [Name],” Jungkook said, sighing. Then, he rubbed his temples as if to say that dealing with your shenanigans again was a headaching chore to deal with. 
You bit your lip and shifted your gaze to the ground. The small packed bag you held in your hands that consisted of your necessities, was close to slipping out of your grip because your arms were trembling. Whether this was due to sorrow, fear, or both – you did not know. 
“I, I don’t want to be with you anymore Jungkook. I can’t be with you! No matter how much I try to move on from what happened, I just, I can’t deal with it, it’s not healthy for me. You’re not healthy for me. P-Please just let me leave,” You pleaded, and the amount of unease you felt while pleading this, made you feel queasy. 
Jungkook raised an eyebrow and scrutinized you with a  judgemental stare, before he scoffed at you. 
“How many times have we done this now? This is the third time you’ve brought it up. I told you I’m sorry for sleeping with others behind your back, and I promise I won’t do it again. What else do you want me to do?! I can’t go back in time and change the past. Get over it already,” He snapped, and you winced at the harsh loudness of his voice. 
“Why are you so awful–” You started, but Jungkook cut you off. 
“Why are you always nagging me about this? Did you ever stop to think that I slept with others out of my respect for your wishes?! You were the one who wanted to wait for your first time, so I respected your wishes and gave you the time until you were ready and fulfilled my own needs with someone else. And it meant nothing! Each time I slept with someone else it was always you I imagined, and after you became ready to sleep with me, I became ready to settle down with  you,” Jungkook stated, and to him, what he said made perfect sense. He could not understand why you kept on bringing this up and not understand it by now. 
And he was right in the way that you truly did not understand the logic behind his absurd reasoning. If anything, his logic left you feeling completely flabbergasted. The fact that he did not see anything wrong with his actions, and simply apologised for the sake of apologising and did not mean a word of it, repulsed you so much that you lost your touch with reality and were unable to grasp it. 
Seeing the frozen look on your face prompted a sigh out of Jungkook, as he walked towards you. He grabbed your bag out of your hands with one hand, and one of your now free hands with his other. 
He guided you back into your shared abode, reminding himself to arrange something that would prevent your attempts of escape permanently. 
“It’s late at night, let’s sleep on this and talk about it tomorrow,” He said. 
Jungkook decided he either had to lock you up so you could not  get access to your belongings or any money to escape in the first place. Or he would need to induce memory loss to make you forget about the whole sleeping thing so you would stop bringing it up and live together with him in peace. 
Tumblr media
I sort of associated fuck boy thing = cheating in this ;;
I sort of wrote and edited this (both) while being half-asleep so that may have contributed to some of the poorer writing ;_; I hope you enjoyed reading it nonetheless! 
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bibbykins · 2 years ago
Cygini (M)
My goodness, I have a problem with starting things and then starting fifty other things. This is the second installment of the Soft Yandere! BTS series and I hope you all enjoy. As usual feel free to request short drabbles of fake texts surrounding this au! Thank you!
Tumblr media
Genre: Smut/Fluff
Word count: 7.2k
Warnings: Oral, smol bits of dry humping, obsessives themes, that yandere shit, and lots of smut
Summary: Swans are graceful animals. The Cygnus bird is known for its gentle movements, but it's even lesser known for its protective nature. Swans are persistent, and they are ruthless. There is no flight in the brains, it's only fight. It's pushing enemies down so far into the water until they drown. One of the most deadly animals, and yet all we see is beauty, and all we love it for is just that. It takes a real mate to love them for both.
“God, he's stunning.”
The sentence stared back at you, a blinking cursor that mocked you for typing it on the empty document in the first place. You huffed, lying your head on the desk your laptop sat on.
It was 8pm, and you were probably the only one still in the campus newspaper room. The article was due tomorrow afternoon. The article was not done. The article consisted of three words, a comma, and a period.
You had never considered yourself a coward much. You had no trouble standing up for an electronic newspaper to save paper. You had even gone through the trouble of finding a coder and learning basic coding to help in the creation of the newspaper app. You didn't even blink when you took a hammer to a fake statue that resembled early colonists in the middle of the busy courtyard for an art project. You could do things, stand for things, and even fight for things, but talking to someone casually was a nightmare. Even when said person looked like a goddamn dream.
Park Jimin was one of the most domineering contemporary dance majors you had ever encountered. He was absolutely stunning, in both looks and dance. He was also one of seven notorious campus princes. While the majority of the seven worked or were affiliated with the same company, Jimin was the only one who opted for a lower level mail and communications position to focus on dance.
Jimin was intense, but he was still very kind. His eyes were sharp, but when he smiled they were soft crescents that brought warmth to a cold winter night, but it was a hot autumn night, so you felt like you were overheating just looking at him. You remember him catching your eyes and smiling at you once, and you could swear you melted.
He didn't smile at you once. It was a multitude of times, you just never noticed. Jimin recognized you from almost every event of his you attended, taking pictures. You were one of the few people who looked at his form instead of just his face. Jimin can't pinpoint the moment he fell in love with you, but he knows it was somewhere in between you smashing a statue you spent five hours creating for five minutes and the first article you wrote about him. He had read many blurbs, reviews, and articles about his performances. He was a prodigy of sorts from childhood, made loads of money from dancing, and in every article, his facial beauty is the focal point. Not that he minded, facial expression is a big part of dance, and he did pride himself on his skin and facial features, but he felt like he was overshadowing his actual dance. Until, you wrote an article titled, “I Saw A Dance So Beautiful, I Cried”. You were so quiet and meek, but in your writing, you were unfiltered and real. You wrote about his form, his facial expressions, and all the technicalities of his dance that was skipped over by the general public. He had saved the article printout before you created the app.
“Yes, Park Jimin could just stand there and the whole world would write about how beautiful he is, hell I wouldn't blame them, but he isn't just standing there, and he isn't just a beautiful man, he's an artist. This much should be the first thing people think when they hear his name. Anyone can be born beautiful, and that's cool, but nobody can truly copy the form of an artist such as our very own Park Jimin. He's a swan, graceful yet dutiful, his movements flow like water, each ripple telling parts of a bigger story.” Not just because of the praise, but the fearlessness in your words. He was awestruck by the passage he kept on his bedroom wall in a frame.
You wrote a few articles with him in it here and there, and he loved each one. He loved them so much that he requested you be the only one to cover his events, and the editor in chief agreed without question. Eventually, he began saving every article of yours, about him or not. He printed each one and put them in an accidental scrapbook he created and never told anyone about. He was more hesitant about saving the ones in which you praised other artists as eloquently, something inside him setting ablaze when he read you gushing over someone other than him.
You had never spoken to him, but he was ready to give you a promise ring and bring you to Busan to meet his family. He had never spoken to you, but if he had asked you to marry him, you were terribly aware of the fact you would probably do it.
You were always assigned to cover his events for unknown reasons, not that you minded having an excuse to take photos of him and gush about his performance, but you had never been asked to talk to him… until you were. Your editor was a sweet senior, and he insisted you call him Sweetie, because of one time when you slipped up and did, but he was also strict about deadlines. He gave you a deadline for a profile on Park Jimin, which had to be done via interview. It was the most requested on the newspaper twitter poll, and all the questions were sent in via Twitter. The interview was to be recorded and posted along with the written profile.
You were hard-headed when you believed in something, but you were a pushover for things like this. You didn't bother trying to fight it, but you sure as hell tried to avoid it and you made it up to a three worded document in a long shirt you bought in the men's section of a thrift store which you wore as a dress. You had never been late to a deadline, and the fear of starting overshadowed your fear of talking to most anyone of Jimin’s caliber, so you stood up from the rolling chair, and made your way to the dance studio, praying he was still there while praying he wasn't.
He almost wasn't.
He had showered and gotten dressed in plain ripped jeans and a designer shirt that could probably pay your rent, and he was about to leave and work out in his apartment until he remembered he almost forgot his speaker. Luckily, he had charmed the dance professor into giving him the key, so he went back only to see you pacing in front of the door.
“Y/n?” He spoke before he could stop, and you yelped a little, startled by his presence in the dark hallway, “Sorry.”
“J-Jimin! I-uh-can...crap.” You looked down and absolutely froze. It was then you became painfully aware of the fact you left your shoes in the newspaper room and were currently in thigh high socks and a shirt. He wanted to devour you, and you wanted to hit your head against the wall, “My… shoes.”
Somebody come and take you away. You pleaded to the Earth to just swallow you whole.
“And lack of.” He noted with a small smile, “Lost them?”
“Uh… I left them in the newspaper room, I always wear slippers when I end up sleeping there.” You sighed, I guess I was too busy hyping myself up to find you to remember.” you murmured mostly to yourself.
You snapped your head up, “Yes… I, uh, interview?” You cleared your throat and took a deep breath, “I have a deadline for a filmed interview and profile on you tomorrow morning and I barely worked up the courage to ask now, it's okay to reject me.” You said before running out of breath.
His heart soared. Why on Earth were you so nervous when he worships the ground you walk on? If only you knew how long he's waited for you to come to him, the outfit was a plus, and he was thankful he was the only one to bask in it.
He began to chuckle, “Y/n, I will do anything you want, we can stay in the studio all night even, it's no problem.”
Your eyes sparkled at the kind offer and he damn near melted, “But just because I'm gonna sleep here, doesn't mean you-”
“Better idea, let's go to my place?” He offered and you almost choked, “I got the whole floor to myself at the top of this high rise, how bout it?”
There was no thought in his offer, it slipped out of his mouth before he could conjure it mentally. Something felt right about it. It didn't feel like an overstep of boundaries. It felt natural.
You nodded, “I-If you don't mind?”
You were just as void of rational thought as Jimin was. There was something so comfortable. Maybe it was how much you wrote about him that gave you a sense of comfort at the notion of spending the night where every girl, including you, has once dreamt of in a less professional manner.
“Anything to make my favorite journalist more comfortable.” You giggled childishly at his sweet words.
“Well, fuck me.” You mused, “Let me grab my stuff.”
“Only if you want.” He smirked when you ran out of earshot. You returned less than two minutes later with cute bunny slippers and a laptop in hand, “The door was unlocked?”
You nodded, “I have to keep it unlocked to sleep in.”
“That's so dangerous.” He was suddenly thankful he was having you stay at what could very well be your new home for the night, and hopefully more to come.
“You should see my apartment,” You chuckled but the prospect of you living in a dangerous area mad the dancer's blood run cold.
“Why don't you spend the weekend with me?” He mused as you got into his expensive hybrid car, his care for the environment turning you on a little bit, “You could make it a feature if you wanted, see what I do when I'm not performing?”
Again, no thought. It was more of a dream.
He said this as he focused on the road, and when met with silence he looked at you while at a stop sign to see you wide-eyed and open-mouthed, “You genius!” You squealed, shyness depleting at your passion for journalism, “Let me call my editor.” You typed a number into your phone, “You sure I won't be in the way?”
“Never.” He smiled softly at your excitement.
“Shut up, I know it's late, but Park Jimin just offered a weekend with him so that I can report on his day to day life. Great or great?” He couldn't fight his smile at your determination, “Yes, by Mond- Tuesday? Okay, weird, Tuesday afternoon, thank you, Sweetie!” The pet name made Jimin clench the wheel.
“Sweetie, huh? You guys are…” He trailed off, his tone much more somber. He gripped the while tightly, “...involved?
“Ewie.” You quickly clarified, “No, one time when we were fighting about musicals, I accidentally said Sweetie Todd, and now he demands I call him that, but I shortened it to Sweetie.” You sighed, “He said Mamma Mia was sub-par, I could never date anyone so tasteless.” You chuckled, still too nervous to make proper eye contact.
Jimin’s knuckles regained color as you laughed, “Abba are legends! Abba plus Meryl Streep too? He's nuts.” Jimin laughed and he relished in the giggle of yours that followed, your excitement swallowing your shyness.
The car ride faded into a comfortable silence. You took this opportunity to take a step back and realize: holy shit, you were going to sleep in Park Jimin’s house. You were going to spend days with him, plural. All this while getting to know him and his mannerisms. You hoped he wouldn't find your enthusiasm creepy.
As if he didn't know your mannerisms, your clothing size, and most of your day to day schedule. He was an observant man. He watched as you fiddled with your fingers, then the hem of your shirt, then you push your hair back. You were overthinking.
“Do I need to get clothes?” You mumbled in your flurry of thoughts.
“You can borrow some of mine?” Jimin suggested as you jumped, startled he heard you, “Or we could swing by yours and grab some tomorrow? It's kinda late so I figure we might as well push it off. It is a three day weekend anyway.”
“Yeah my area isn't super great either, and it-wait, what?” You turned to look Jimin square in the eye in confusion.
“Yeah, it's some obscure holiday Monday, so we have a three day weekend,” Jimin spoke casually.
“It...gosh, this is what happens when I write deadlines on my hand. No wonder he said Tuesday!” You groaned.
“You're so cute, y/n.” He chuckled as your face heated up.
Jimin's apartment was certainly not cute. It was immaculate. Modern day and intrinsic decorations. Manga stuck out on his mahogany bookshelf and you smiled. The color scheme he stuck to was neutral tones, more on the grayscale end, but a few dashes of a rose pink and dark wooden brown adorned it in the form of couch legs and tables. His home was exquisite.
“Your place… it's…” He braced himself, hoping it wasn't too flashy, “art.” You exhaled, “Wow, it really reflects your dance style. Graceful and calculated.” You gushed and he smiled wide, eyes crinkling.
“Uh, thanks, I just like to keep it looking nice.” Jimin took a seat on his gray leather couch as he patted for you to join him, “Alright, you can ask away before I give you the tour.”
With shaky legs and a crush you were trying to ignore, you sat, one cushion between you, “So, I wanted to get the interview done from the twitter submitted questions first, is that okay?” He nodded,  “Also I have to record it if that's alright?”
“Ah, interesting, alright.” He smiled as he relaxed against the back while you stayed sat up straight and stiff as you pulled out a quaint camera with a small tripod and set it on the coffee table, making sure you both were in the shot.
“O-Okay,” You pulled out your phone, liking the questions the editor and you chose, “First, what is your ideal date- no, wait let me do something less romantic based first, okay uh, what is your ideal ty- no, no-"
“My ideal date is probably a quiet night in, like this, laying down and ordering in as we- uh, her and I watch something mindless enough to… get distracted from.” He stared at you with an unreadable expression as you gulped, “As far as my ideal type, the person that I know is right for me. Physical appearance pays no mind, it's all about heart.”
“Thank you.” You mumbled, embarrassed, “Sorry, I think the camera is amplifying how nervous I am.”
“No question is too personal, anything for you.” He smiled and you felt your lungs empty.
“Okay, what is your skincare routine?” You giggled a bit.
He mirrored your amusement, “It's pretty standard, but I put a lot of focus into hydration.”
“Do you have a specific major you find attractive?” You asked, embarrassed.
“Literature.” He didn't miss a beat as you internally gushed, “I think it takes an interesting mind to look that deep into things, you know?” He stared at you with this captivating look that made your palms sweat. You were lost in his eyes until he spoke again, “Y/n?”
“Right, sorry,” You snapped out of it, “Uh…” You read the question too carefully, hesitating to breathe it.
“Yes?” He teased.
“Do you… kiss on the first date?” You read almost robotically.
Jimin made it a point to catch your eyes before he spoke. He wouldn't be kissing anyone unless it was you, and as far as that would go, he would kiss you in a heartbeat if you so wished, “I certainly could if we both want it.” His eyebrow quirked as you became terribly aware of the sensation between your thighs as you crossed your legs under his gaze.
“C-Cool.” You nodded, “Do you prefer light pecks or a heated makeout session- Goodness gracious.” You sighed, laying your head on your phone in frustration before glancing back to Jimin, who looked amused, “Again, feel free to pass-"
“I'm a passionate man, you know that, don’t you, y/n?” Jimin slid his fingers under a piece of hair as his hand traveled down to cup your face and you gasped.
“But,” He rubbed his thumb across your cheek, “I'm also a gentleman so you can choose which you get.” He smirked as your eyes fluttered closed for a moment, his face inching closer to you, “Soft and sweet or rough and passionate?”
“I-I-uh-um-heh….hmm,” You could only gasp out words as Jimin broke the trance by retracting his hand with a chuckle.
“Sorry, y/n, I'm getting us off track,” Jimin smiled almost coyly, “Anyway, next question, baby.”
You nearly choked at the name, but decided to ignore it, deeming it a slip-up, deeming the last two minutes a slip up on Jimin's part, “Y-Yeah, okay...boobs or ass?” You widen your eyes as your mind registered what you mouth uttered, “WHAT THE HELL?! WHERE ARE THE QUESTIONS I CHOSE?!” You whined as Jimin placed his hand on your thigh and you squeaked.
“It's okay, it is a twitter question interview, but don't worry, I'm not that shy about how I feel,” He mused, hand sliding on your bare thigh, “What I like,” He began massaging the middle of your thigh with his thumb as your eyes closed in bliss at the slight relief, “But as far as body preference, I like facial expression best.” His eyes ensnared you  as his other hand found home on your cheek as his thumb ran over your lips and you shuddered, “The face is the most honest part of a person's body, it’s precious.”
Jimin was usually better at controlling himself, but when he caught glimpse of your thighs tightening, he couldn't hold back. He wanted to touch you, watch you writhe under him while he marked you as his. Tonight was the night, he knew it. Before he could spoil you, though, he needed to make sure you wanted to be spoiled or if you needed more time to realize you both were meant to be. However, judging by the way you were breathing, the temperature of your cheek, and the way your thigh clenched upon making first contact, there was a good chance you would be ready for him.
“Y/n?” Jimin mused, hand trailing down your neck, “Next question?”
You jumped, hand shaking as you began to read the first question you saw, trying to ignore the fact you were being almost touched by Jimin where you needed most, “Uh, what are your kinks- OH MY GOD!” You threw your phone down as it hit the plush carpet softly, “ Ignore that, Ignore that!” You pulled away from him, covering your face in horror.
Jimin quickly grabbed your wrists, pinning them on either side of your head as your eyes squeezed shut, too embarrassed to look at him. You were breathing heavier, eyes locked shut, and this made Jimin nearly snap at the sight, “Y/n, baby, look at me.” You opened your eyes slowly as Jimin’s stern face melted into a warm smile, “What a good girl.”
You were so terribly aroused by this point all you wanted was to relieve yourself from the pressure in your core.
“My kinks, huh?” He chuckled darkly as he leaned down, nose brushing the side of your face as he traveled down to your neck slowly, “Marking,” He placed a soft kiss on your neck as you gasped sinfully, “Collaring,” He ceased the kisses and began sucking at your neck and you moaned out, eliciting a growl from his throat, “I like to let everyone know what's mine,” He licked at the harsh purple spot only to suck on it again, “Some say I'm possessive,” He mused before moving to another spot and sucking, “Even domineering,” Jimin was on top of you now as he laid you horizontally, “But for the full list, I think I need to show you what it means to be mine, hm?” You nodded desperately and with minimal thought, “Words, my dear.”
“Yes,” You breathed as he growled in approval, “Show me.”
“This isn't a one-time thing, baby,” He mumbled on your neck, “I need you to be mine.” He pecked your neck and you shuddered at the light contact in such a heavy atmosphere.
“Why me? I-I don't understand-"
“Later, I promise.” He cut you off with a light suck to your neck before going to meet your eyes, “Now tell me, are you mine?”
You contemplated your choices.
On one hand, this could very well be a cruel teen movie joke. He could push himself off of you, wipe his lips, and cackle at the fact you believed him. He could make a fool of you and ruin you in a minute. A journalist fucking the interviewee is not mighty professional.
On the other hand, you are not a professional.
Humans learn from mistakes, and it has been a while since a good, long, and maybe even a little rough, lesson. It would be illogical to deny such a quality instructor as Jimin.
“I'm yours, Jimin.” You spoke desperately as he dove back into your neck, “Take me, wreck me, keep me, please show me.” You begged as he chuckled darkly against your skin.
“So sweet, so generous.” Jimin groaned, “I'll take all you have for me, darling.” His hand traveled down the side of your body, squeezing your hip as you gasped.
“Please.” You begged, your hands going to his hair while he ravaged your neck.
“Your wish,” He licked a stripe up your neck, “My command.” He nibbled on your ear as his thigh moved to press on your core as you moaned out, “So pretty, princess.” He breathed in your ear as his muscular thigh rubbed at your sensitive spot, making you and him painfully aware of the fact you weren't wearing shorts, “God, I can feel you on my thigh.”
“Jimin.” You called the man above you as you felt his femur stimulate your most private area.
“What is it, love?” He mused as he laid kisses on the other side of your neck, “An explanation for why you aren't wearing anything under this flimsy shirt?” He questioned as his hand took a firm grasp of your ass, “Hm?”
You shook your head, lip firmly between your teeth, “Please,” You moaned out and he felt himself bend at the knee ever so slightly, ready to do what it takes to fulfill your desires, “...kiss me.” The world stopped when you said just three words.
Jimin paused midway through his marking of your neck. He slowly lifted his head. You were visibly worried. Had you said something wrong? Did you ruin the mood?
Your mouth was ajar and your breath was labored. You stared at him like he was the only man in the world who could satisfy you. He planned to prove this very theory.
The beautiful man stared at you, eyes as hungry as ever. Your breathing was heavy and bottom lip swollen from you biting on it to contain your noises, “Oh, my love,” He groaned before capturing your lips in his.
The kiss was an electrifying clash of passion that encased you in more warmth than you were used to. You moaned into Jimin’s mouth and his hand grabbed your hip, pulling you flush against him. You felt his tongue guide yours to coil with the pink muscle.
Your hands ran through his hair as your legs wrapped around his waist. You felt Jimin smirk into this death-defying kiss you were getting high off of. His hips ground into you and you swore you saw stars. This tension was too much and you just wanted release.
“Touch me, please.” You moaned as Jimin nibbled on your ear. He growled as he made his way down your body with his hands and mouth until your realized, “Wait!” You spoke and he stopped immediately, fearful he had done something wrong.
He swallowed as he took in your appearance. He could see your cute blue underwear and the lower portion of your stomach. Your thighs looked so soft, he just wanted to mark them. However, he would only do so if you were comfortable.
“Are you alright?”
You nodded, “No, no I'm fine I just…” You bit your lip, “I don’t want to get your pretty couch dirty.” Jimin breathed a sigh of relief as he laughed, head falling on your chest.
“My couch would not be dirtied, you be nice to yourself.” He gave your bum a sharp slap and you moaned out, “Holy fuck, princess, you're so good to me.”
His hands began exploring, rubbing at your hip bones as he got closer and closer to your core. He could see how wet you were through the flimsy cotton, but he kept that to himself. Your chest was noticeably rising and falling in anticipation, another detail Jimin committed to memory.
Jimin finally reached the promised land and he brushed his finger against your slit as you shuddered. His four fingers began rubbing over your panties as you moaned at the greatly anticipated touch. His other handmade way as he pulled up your shirt to find a bra that clipped in the front.
He recognized the fasten and smiled warmly, “Look at my pretty little gift.” With one hand, he expertly released the bra from your skin. He leaned down and delivered soft kisses on your chest while stimulating your core.
When he took one of your nipples in his mouth and under his tongue, he also slipped his hand beneath your panties which caused you to scream out, “Jimin!”
Jimin smirked as he licked a stripe up the middle of your breast, “Good girl, say my name.” He smirked as he got to work on your other breast. His hand on your pussy did not stop once. He was skillful, to say the least. He rubbed up and down, gathering your wetness to stimulate the rest of your core further then he slipped one finger into you, “Holy fuck!” He growled as he bit your nipple causing you to jerk as you moaned, “So fucking tight, I could fuck you right now.”
All you could do was moan. He fucked you with one finger as his thumb was circling your clit. He slowly slipped another finger in as you moaned out even louder, “Oh fuck, I can't anymore.”
This was all Jimin said before he used both of his hands to take off your panties and plant his mouth firmly on your pussy as he gave a lick to stop your heart. He found home with his tongue inside you as you squirmed in pleasure, but his strong hands on your hips kept you in place as well as his nose brushing your clit as he ate you like you were his last meal.
It was a very short amount of time that got you close, “Jimin, I-I'm gonna-" You paused your mantra of his name to try and let him know as he flexed his tongue to add more pressure to the sensations, but this sent you over the edge as you quite literally screamed out as you came, “Fuck me.” You begged as you shook from the sensations. You wanted more. You wanted to feel him inside of you.
Jimin looked down at the wreck you were. Suddenly, he didn't feel bad about checking your health records after the university had people do free STD testing in exchange for a gift card. He felt thankful.
“I want to feel you cum inside me.”
Very, very thankful.
“My baby girl wants me to fill her up, hm?” He began unbuckling his belt as you whined, nodding at him, “She wants me to fuck all of my cum into her, huh?” You nodded as he took off his shirt before his pants came down with his briefs, “I said,” His erect dick slapped against your soaked pussy, “Is that what you want?” He rubbed his dick all over your core, coating it in hour juices.
“Yes, daddy.” He knew it. He just knew it. You didn't even realize your slip of the word, but to reward you, Jimin began sliding in, “Oh shit.” You groaned as you sunk your nails in the pillow behind you. You bit your lip hard as he sunk in fully, propping his body above yours and letting you get adjusted to his size, but you needed him and now, “Move, please.”
“How polite.” He snickered as he pulled out slightly only to go back in deeper, “You sound so pretty when you beg.”
Jimin began fucking you and you saw stars as soon as he started. His hips were nothing short of expert level. He snapped into you all well rolling himself on your body so you could feel him hit every spot you needed him to and every spot you didn't know you needed him to. You grabbed onto his shoulders as he fucked himself into you at first but then pulled him down so that you could feel him above you while he grinded inside of you. You wanted to be encased within his hold, both physically and emotionally. You scratched at his back every time he stimulated a spot that made your chest heave and your nerves explode. He was sure that his back would have pretty red marks as he pulled up to encase your lips in a sloppy kiss.
Jimin established a rhythm you hadn't felt before and are still unable to fully understand, but it was blinding. It was death-defying as he fucked himself deeper and deeper inside of you, “You're daddy's good girl, aren't you?” He cooed as he looked at your face get even redder at the usage of the name you gave him on instinct alone. He grabbed your hips as he slammed into you harder making you scream out, “Answer me, princess.”
“Yes!” You moaned out, “Yes I'm daddy's good girl!” You screamed as he fucked into you.
“God you're still so tight, all for daddy.” You moaned in agreement as you could feel him shaking ever so slightly, letting you know he was close, “Holy shit, I'm gonna cum, you want that?”
“Yes, yes, I want it!” You gripped his wrists as you moved your body to meet his thrusts, “Jimin, daddy, please give it to me.”
“Fuck, fuck!” He growled as he began reaching his peak while you were nearly there.
“I love you!” You moaned out as you clenched around him, reaching your high. Your words did not go unnoticed and further him to his peak. The tightening pushed him over the edge as he thrust into you, his cum going deep inside you as he fucked himself dry of every last drop within you. You moaned softly as he released his grip and slowly slid out of you.
You and your body were tired. Jimin also found himself exhausted as he laid on top of you, breathing heavily, “I love you too, y/n.” He said shortly after your eyes closed and your consciousness slipped out.
Sunlight was the first thing to hit your eyes as you slowly woke up. Your bare skin was laying on satin sheets and laying under a nice fleece blanket. You opened your eyes to see a white curtain not fully closed, letting sunlight and a stunning view of the city from a giant’s perspective though. Your arms were sore as you felt a muscular one encasing our body while warm puffs of air were felt on your scalp. This was when you realized last night was real.
These were not your curtains, that was certainly not you view, and that arm was absolutely not the boyfriend pillow your friend got you as a joke.
You turned slowly to find Jimin sleeping soundly next to you. His hair was disheveled, his neck was marked, and his lips were still a little swollen. You fucked Park Jimin. You began running through the night with a mind not shrouded in lust. You called him daddy, he liked it. You scratched his back, he liked that. told him you loved him.
Oh shit.
You confessed your love to a person you had just spoken with properly for the first time. Thinking about it now, you don't think you were lying either, which made you even more anxious.
You looked at the muscular chest before you and breathed a sigh. He was more than likely going to ask you about it. What the fuck would you say?
Yes, Jimin I am in love with you and I realized it when you were balls deep inside of me. Wanna take a bath?
You closed your eyes, wanting to sleep a bit longer before he kicked you out for being creepy. You snuggled into his chest and you drifted back to a blissful sleep.
Jimin woke up no more than ten minutes after you slipped back to sleep. He found you had burrowed into his chest and slept soundly. You looked so beautiful and he wondered how you couldn't know it. He had a strong grip on your body, keeping you close. He would keep you close for the years to come. You had confessed to him. You told him you loved him, something you never even told your previous boyfriends, which he knew from a casual investigation. Your relationships ended from you not feeling secure or fulfilled. You had a large appetite that Jimin wanted to spoil.
He wanted to wake you up so that he could tell you he loves you too, but he figured you could use a bath when you wake up also. Jimin slowly got out of bed, careful not to wake you. It was barely 8:00 a.m., so you could use some more sleep.
The bath he had was an immaculate porcelain with a marble detail. His tub could confidently fit at least four people and drown your enemies easily. He began running the warm water with a lavender bubble bath as he put on briefs to make himself semi-decent to wake you.
You had just turned over to Jimin, who blocked the sunlight from your face. The dancer walked over to you as he stroked your face, “Y/n, let's get up. Come on.” He kissed your face softly as you stirred. Once you felt something soft and plush on your lips, you opened your eyes. Jimin pulled away slowly, “Good morning.” He smiled brightly as you.
You smiled back blissfully, “Morning.” You croaked, sleep still present in your voice as you giggled, embarrassed.
“Wanna take a bath, beautiful?” He asked as you stretched, smiling at his offer.
“Sounds like heaven.” You spoke softly as you began to sit up. You began to stand until an hour-long pounding caught up with you and you stumbled. Jimin was quick to catch you and lift you in his arms with ease.
“Look at my princess, like a baby deer.” He chuckled as he carried you into his beautifully detailed bathroom. The smell of lavender hit your nose as he placed you in the warm water filled the tub. Your muscles breathed a sigh of relief with you as you leaned against a corner while he got in next to you after shedding his briefs.
He reached out and held your hand as he placed a soft kiss on the back of your hand, “Thank you for last night.” Jimin mused, “You have no idea how long I've waited to do that.”
“ have?” You asked, taken aback, “With me?”
Jimin chuckled, “Yes with you.” He smiled softly, “I've been pining after you since you wrote your first article about me.” He sighed, “Maybe even as far back as the great statue murder in the courtyard.”
“Not to sound cliche, but you're… you know, Park Jimin and I'm… me.” You sighed, “I just think I should be the one thanking you for last night and treating me so well after I…” You sighed, ready to swallow his bullet of rejection in a bathtub, “I told you I love you.”
Jimin was unfazed, “Did you mean it?”
You sighed, “You have to understand. I have been writing about you for a long time now. I have enough material to be your biographer. I feel like I know you. I go to every performance and rehearsal. I study your moves and I seem to have become emotionally invested in your success and fulfillment as a dancer, so yes. I mean it.” You heaved a sigh, “I'm not a crazy stalker, even if all that sounded stalkerish, I just-" You were quickly cut off with a kiss from the very object if your affection.
“I love you too.” He mused against your mouth, “I know your writing style, your passion, and I try to stay as late as you at the university to make sure you're safe. I don't want you to live across town in a shady apartment. I want you here, with me, for good. I want you to live a life of luxury at my expense because I need you. I love you.” He kissed you again, “Last night, I meant it when I said that it wouldn't be a one-night thing. I do need you to be mine, and now you are.”
You wanted it too. You wanted to be by his side. You were so ready to move in with him and just be his. You were an independent girl, and you could make it on your own, but you wanted him. You wanted to be owned. You had been so isolated in your life, it just wasn't worth it anymore. You could be bought, but you were made for him, and he knew it.
Jimin pulled you into his lap and kissed you deeply. You laid your head on his shoulder as he held you in his jacuzzi-sized bathtub.
“Hey, Jimin?” He hummed in question as he stroked your back, hand going up and down your spine, “How do you have this much money?”
“Are you asking as a journalist or my girlfriend?” He smiled at your excited reaction to the word of commitment.
You hummed in thought, “A little bit of both.” You giggled, “I still have to finish my interviews.”
“Well, I started investing when I was 17, and then I bought this building when I turned 20. Beyond that, I make good money doing dance and I also make good money at the company I work at.” He spoke so casually but you damn near choked.
“You own this building?!” You lifted your head to look at Jimin.
“Apartment buildings really run themselves, it was pretty easy.” He shrugged, “Can I ask a question?”
“Go ahead.”
“Daddy, huh?” You fell back, letting your hair hit the water.
“Drown me.” Jimin laughed and pulled you back up to him, planting a firm kiss on your lips.
“Never, you're staying with me.”
“Jimin!” You screamed while Jimin was in his room getting ready to redo the video interview. Your scream triggered his fight or flight reaction as he sped to you in the living room, not even bothering to put a shirt on.
He sped in to find you holding your camera with your hand over your mouth. You didn't seem wounded. You were not crying, “Holy shit, y/n, you cannot scare me like that.” Jimin went behind you and kissed your neck softly as you held your mouth in horror, “What's the matter, baby?”
“We made a sex tape!” Jimin looked up from his kissing to see his face between your thighs and you squirming.
“Will you send me a copy?” Jimin spun you around as you rolled your eyes.
“What if I upload it to the newspaper drive by accident?” You pointed out.
“Are you trying to get me to end every person who sees you?” You smirked at the notion. Jimin's jealousy was certainly something you could get used to, and maybe even play with, “I got enough money to ruin lives without even having to look their way, don't make me have to.”
You placed a slow kiss on his lips, “God, why is that so hot.” You groaned, “You know I watched the interview back, and I wanna know when I get my collar.”
“You want us to go public already? After a day?” Jimin asked and you pouted.
“What? Am I not yours? Do I have to find someone else to play with me? To go public with me?” You danced your fingers on his collarbone, “I don’t have time to date, I need my wings clipped before I become someone else's angel, but if I have to fly away, oh well-"
Jimin pushed you against the pillar behind you, pinning you, “You little succubus.” You smirked at him, “You would just love to see me end a someone's life at the snap of a finger, huh?” You smiled again, guilty, “Or do you just want everyone to see Park Jimin is head over heels, wrapped around your fucking finger?” Guilty again.
“So what if I do?” You challenged as you set the camera down on the counter.
“It means you really are my girl.” Jimin captured your lips in a rough kiss, “Who do you love?” He growled as he dove at your neck.
“Who owns you?”
“You do, daddy.” You moaned as his hand squeezed your hip. Your hand traveled down his stomach to reach his pelvis, “Who does daddy love?”
Jimin through his head back, chuckling darkly, “You, baby.” His tongue licked up the side of your neck, “Only you, always you.”
You came from a poor family. It was a dog eat dog neighborhood and you were chewed at like a little lamb. Your family were pitbulls who nipped at you even worse. You got back up after each fall, but now you have a swan to lure them into the water and drown them, all for you. You loved being under Jimin's control, you thrived best under direction.
Jimin was no ordinary prince charming, but at the end of the day, you were the princess that was made to be his.
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yandere!BTS Masterlist
Tumblr media
‧R E A C T I O N S‧
Mafia!Yandere BTS REACTION: you’re scared  ☾
BTS as Yanderes based on their zodiac natal chart ☽
Yandere!BTS reaction: you’re arguing and you snap ☾
Yandere! BTS reaction to you giving silent treatment ☾
Yandere! BTS reaction of their s/o being innocent/pure  ☾
Yandere! BTS reaction to their s/o getting arrested ☾
Yandere! BTS reaction: you’re sick ☾
Yandere!BTS reactionL to Falling for You while Being in a Relationship
Yandere!BTS reaction: you have a stalker
yandere!BTS reaction: they’ve broken you ☾
Nothing yet
Tumblr media
M I N  Y O O N G I
A box made out of glass
So we meet | tattoo!artist yoongi
Moon // a place for us to stay |yandere!royal yoongi //prob my fav
Ghost Love | Yoongi x reader x Jimin//kind of yandere
Tumblr media
J U N G  H O S E O K
Soft!Yandere Hoseok: he’s jealous of your friends.
Soft!Yandere Hoseok: he’s jealous of you and Taehyung
tell me when it’s over
Tumblr media
K I M  N A M J O O N
Nothing yet
Tumblr media
P A R K  J I M I N
Soft!Yandere Jimin: he thinks you’re going to leave him
“Look me in the eyes, tell me you love me. Even if it’s fucking fake.” 
Ghost Love | Yoongi x reader x Jimin//kind of yandere
Tumblr media
K I M  T A E H Y U N G
Yandere!Taehyung: You’ll never walk away
Yandere!Taehyung: Red is the perfect color on your skin
Tumblr media
J E O N  J E O N G G U K
Perfect yet so Cruel  (Yandere!Jungkook!Demon October Series)
Soft!Yandere Jungkook: Broken
Secret Admirer masterlist
sure you get lonely  (sometimes) | soft!mafia!yandere Jungkook
soft!yandere!Jungkook: he’s not obsessed with you // LITERALLY MY FAV FIGHT ME
yandere!Jungkook: you hit him during an argument
O T 7 S E R I E S
i’ll be running until the sun comes out | ot7!yandere x reader
Taste of Menace MASTERLIST
Tumblr media
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Eavesdropping - (m)
Tumblr media
Word Count: 2.1K
Pairing: Idol!Jimin x Idol!Reader
A/N: To @chinkbihh bc she was being a hoe for Jimin. 
Trigger warning: DOM!JIMIN, Smut, profanity, possessiveness, yandere-themes, humiliation, protection is used. Please do not read if you are sensitive to these topics. [EDITED]
The endless sea of chants and screams roared, filling the whole venue. A bright smile was ingrained in the idol’s face which hid all of his fatigue and annoyance. The end of the year award shows wrapped up all the music that had come out in a pretty little bow; the most influential and popular ones being rewarded in the form of a glamorous award.
Each time his group was called for an award, Jimin hid his smirk behind a polite smile and his constant bows to other idols. He was finally being rewarded for all the struggle his group had to go through and those bastard idols who constantly looked down on them. The rewards were finally and rightfully his. Jimin had to remind himself not to get too carried away with his smug. But, how could you blame him when his group was snatching all the important awards of the night?
To top off his pleasant mood, your group had also attended the award show. Not only did you look gorgeous like usual, but the dress hugged your body that it was difficult for him to not stare at your ass. For once, he was actually thanking those ridiculous Korean beauty standards. He couldn’t stop staring at your thighs and legs, completely infatuated with your confidence and aura. You already killed the red carpet, articles popping up left and right minutes after your appearance. You were the gem of the group and you knew it. Your attitude completely hooked him in. He just had to have you.
Jimin was waiting for this award show because for once in his life, you were MC’ing with him. He was going to stand right next to you, converse with you, and maybe later in the backstage, seduce you. Jimin sat with a straight poker face, his legs crossed over each other and his hands shoved in his pockets. Excitement built up in his body as scandalous thoughts popped in his head.
How he just wanted to shove you into the bathroom and have his way with you. He wanted you to cry out his name, bend to his will, and lose all of your innocence at his hand. Jimin stared blankly at the performance on stage, completely lost in his racy thoughts that he didn’t feel the touch on his shoulder. With a harder shake, Jimin was forced to turn around, looking up at his manager who pointed to the backstage entrance. Jimin brushed himself off as he ducked and made his way through the black curtain.
The hair and makeup stylists retouched their work as he sat in the changing room. He wore his black suit with the low cut black shirt underneath that exposed his the top of his chest. His rose gold locks fell over his eyes as he let out a frustrated sigh. He couldn’t focus at all.
“Whatever.” He muttered, trusting himself to just go with the flow. With a push, he stood up, the stylists desperately trying to get their finishing touches as if it actually mattered. His manager guided him through the hallway as the staff hooked him up with his mic pack that was pushed in his back pocket. He kept his cool as he was finally introduced to you, your outfit also changed.
You wore a black lace knee-length dress with a cascading waterfall opening chiffon jacket. The ends of your dress were delicately accompanied with a scalloped lace hem trim. Jimin almost felt his jaw fall in amazement as he stared. As he looked down, the gleam of your heels caught his eye. Your feet were comfortably strapped in a pointed cross-strap heel decorated with a crystal on the back. The heel was maybe almost four inches and yet you stood straight, clearly not bothered by it at all. Although you had the chiffon jacket overtop of your dress, he could see just how tight the wrapped around the curves of your body.
His eye twitched in irritation as the male staff attached the mic pack onto the back of your dress. He watched as the staffer pushed your chiffon jacket to the side, revealing your bare arms and helping you hook the pack with a bundle of cloth. Jimin glared at the male staff behind you back, earning an apologetic bow from him. The corners of his lips curled up as he had complete control over the people in the room.
Of course, they won’t want to mess with one of the most influential artists here. You better step back, that’s right.
As you looked over to Jimin, he bent his elbow, microphone in hand. You wrapped your arm around him, the staff giving you a countdown before your entrance. To Jimin, this was a pre-debut to the world of his relationship with you. The most beautiful woman of the night, arm wrapped around his as the two of you took powerful strides onto the stage. The pleasant sound of your heels clacking on the crisp floor further increased his smugness. It was a small thing, but so satisfying and sexy to him. The two of your charismatic looks earned the squeal of thousands, the loud screams bouncing off the large walls.
On the other hand, you were oblivious to his intentions, your sole goal of not messing up on live television. Jimin was handsome, his bright smile directed towards all the cameras catching his every angle. It made you flustered inside that you stood next to one of the most sought out man by so many. Like the professional he was, Jimin noticed your slight nervousness and hesitation. He picked up his mic, bringing it up to his mouth as he read the first cue card. Jimin’s voice broke you out of your hesitancy, as you brought your own mic to your lips, smiling up as if nothing had happened.
There she is.
Jimin smiled proudly, his eyes always looking straight ahead. The rest of the night had gone smoothly, you and Jimin sharing some funny moments live. Normally, the aegyo the show would force the MC’s to do would make him cringe. But he found it quite endearing and interesting that you were willing to humiliate yourself like that. Maybe you were into that. He’ll find out later anyway.
The next shift of MC’s were up as Jimin waited for you to wrap your arm around him again. The two of you gave waves to the crowd as you both stepped off the stage. The backstage crew immediately huddled around you, taking the earpiece off and the cue cards. As soon as you had handed your batch of cue cards, Jimin had dragged you by the wrist. You sputtered, unsure why this famous man was touching you at all. His touch made you feel dirty as he led you down the hall. He was too high above you that your face heated up in embarrassment.
Jimin pushed the door to the men’s room open, dragging you to the last stall and pulling you in. The back of his hand caressed the smooth surface of your cheek as you stared at him with fear in your eyes.
“Uh, Mr. Park… W-what are-... I mean what’s going on…” You looked around in the small stall as Jimin stood a bit taller over you.
“Do you know how annoying it is to watch you flaunt around in this outfit, completely blind to all the hungry stares directed at you?” He seethed, tilting your head up to meet his eyes.
“Mr. Park, I knew that though… There’s not much I can do about it though…” You murmured, a sudden wash of submissiveness overcoming your body. It was a peculiar sensation that you never really felt before. But you wanted to please him through your obedience.
A smirk graced the corner of his lips as he let out a chuckle. “Oh, so you’re one of those girls, huh?”
“Mr. Park, I would greatly appreciate it if you could let me out. I’m very tired.” You ignored his comment, remembering that this meeting could change both of your careers forever.
“Turn around.”
“E-excuse me?” You squeaked.
“I said, turn around.”
You turned your body around until you were no longer facing him anymore. Not only was his voice threatening, but the desire to make him happy sent a thrill up your body. Jimin’s hand landed on your ass, rubbing his hand through the fabric of your dress. With a loud slap, his hand sent a shock through your body as you felt your legs on the verge of giving in and falling.
Jimin grabbed both of your hands, pulling them behind your back. He pulled your arms and forced your back to his chest as he whispered into your ear.
“I’m going to fuck you here and now. How does that sound, baby?”
“U-um, Mr. Park…” You gulped, embarrassment flushing your face. “Make it quick.”
“What happened to that confident woman from before?” Jimin sneered, unbuckling his belt and letting his pants fall a bit. He brought his hand into the inside pocket, pulling out a very familiar wrapper and ripping the top with his teeth.
“Why the fuck do you have that with you?!” You blurted out, your face searing in embarrassment.
“Because I know I get what I want in the end.”
He pulled your dress up to your stomach, his fingers brushing over the wetness of your undergarments. Without a sound, Jimin pushed your panties to the side, stroking his covered length a few times before slipping in.
You squeezed your eyes at the pain. Damn you for being stupid enough to not tell him to prep you at least. On the other hand, Jimin was in heaven, enjoying the rare tightness that he hadn’t felt in a while. With a rather large grunt, Jimin thrusted at a fast pace from the start, watching as you struggled to support yourself on the stall wall. Jimin held onto your hips, groaning at the intense pleasure that turned his mind blank.
You cried out as Jimin slammed back into you, sending a sharp shock of pleasure each time. Jimin took one of his hands off your hips, preferring to take a bunch of your hair as he pulled it back.
“You’re s-so fucking k-kinky, Mr. Park.” You stammered as Jimin harshly tugged your hair back. Jimin let out a huff, grinning.
“And you’re a proper bitch, calling me Mr. Park.” You let out a groan, feeling Jimin’s balanced pace become more erratic. “Call me that o-one more time and I swear I’m going to make sure that this whole facility hears you.”
You whined as he tugged onto your hair, pulling your body back to meet every thrust he sent into your body. You bit your lip to prevent slipping out his name, focusing on the pleasure that began to buildup in your core.
“S-shit… Fuck… I’m-” Jimin lowered his head, his pace slowing down as he emptied his contents into latex. His teeth found its way to your shoulder, biting and sucking on your skin.
The aftermath was uncomfortable as you pulled your dress down and cleaned yourself of the wet juices. Jimin stood in front of the bathroom mirror, checking his appearance once more before nodding. He looked as if nothing had happened. You, on the other hand, had to go to painstaking lengths to fix your hair and wrinkled clothes.
Jimin patiently waited for you before leading you out the bathroom door together. He found it charming that you could barely keep your head up. A bunch of staff looked at the two of you, their faces obvious that they knew what had transpired. Jimin hummed, not really caring. You were the only thing that mattered. Before the two of you split ways, a male staffer came up to the both of you, awkwardly scratching the back of his head. Jimin recognized him as the same guy who had helped you put your microphone pack on.
“Uh… We need you to return your microphone packs… please…”
Jimin chuckled. “Well sweetheart, I guess you didn’t need to stop calling me ‘Mr. Park’. They heard anyways.”
“I hate you, Park Jimin.”
Dispatch had a field day with that content, taunting it in front of both of your agencies. You were absolutely mortified when you were told that it had gotten into the hands of Dispatch, but you sighed. Of course, it got into their hands. The vast contrast between your reaction and Jimin’s made it even more unbearable.
Jimin sat in the office of his manager, on Wednesday morning, as he was explained what had happened.
“We received something from Dispatch about your…” The manager trailed off, before clearing his throat. “About your rendezvous with y/n.”
“And what about it? You know I’ve done this so many times.” Jimin spoke nonchalantly, tilting his head back to stretch. “I’m going to keep her. I claimed her and I don’t need anyone else. She’s mine.” Jimin snapped. “Is it my reputation and career at stake? Just tell Dispatch I’ll give them 2 million if they keep their mouth shut.”
The manager just nodded, turning around to send a call. He just sighed.
What a mess.
Before Jimin walked out, he quickly added with a smirk.
“Also tell them to send it to me. I want to keep it.”
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lemonjoonah · 2 years ago
Beastly Gods (M)
Tumblr media
Pairings:  Hybrid!Taehyung x Reader x ??? Word Count: 8K Rating: M Genre: Hybrid AU, Thriller, Drama Warnings:  Smut scene (Unprotected Sex, Exhibitionism, Voyeurism, Fingering, Cum Play), Blood, Captivity, Themes of Obsession and Ownership.
Summary: ‘Don’t leave the forest,’ a rule that you've been forced to follow since birth, but you are tired of living in this wooden cage. Out of desperation you cut a deal with Taehyung, who claims to be the only one who can get you out safely, even though he might be just as dangerous as the god you’re trying to escape.
AN: Not your typical Hybrid AU. At first I was going to release secondary love interest information, but then I thought, fuck it, you’ll guys will just have to wait until the end to see who watches over the forest *Cackles*. Story is dedicated to @lovelesscherry​ who reblogged a cabin room photo that started this whole mess of an idea. 
A large oak stands in front of you as your best method to reach the sky, the only tool you have for your small calculated rebellion.
You’ve been taught since birth, ‘Don’t leave the forest. As long as you remain within the woods you are safe, but  anything which goes out beyond the line of trees is his to take. ’ The lessons refer to the so called protector of your forest, a self proclaimed god, and the one you live to hate. Some have made attempts to leave over the years, to go past the tree line but none of them have returned. The people of your village believe them to be dead but you hold out hope that maybe they found something better.
You grab the first branch and haul yourself up. The first step is always the most difficult, with such a large distance between it and the forest floor. Going from there is only too easy, stepping from limb to limb as you make your rise to the top.    
Three generations of your people have resided in this place. Some call it home but to you it is nothing more than a cage. The branches creating the bars which entrap you in this life. You wish to see the open sky unobscured by the reach of the trees, so everyday you make the climb to the highest tree top you can.
Those that had made previous attempts to escape left the forest perimeter on the ground, but you take your brief moment of freedom from up high. You delight in having found a weakness in his pen, one god surely would have difficulty watching all sides of the forest, why would he even bother to check the treetops? Up here you are safe, you are free. It may seem like a pointless rebellion but to you it’s everything, reaching beyond the branches has become your way of showing that you are not complacent.
On this climb you barely rise above the majority of the treeline. You yearn to go even higher but the next set of branches are too weak to support your weight. Settling in with your against the trunk you watch the birds soaring off in the distance, envying their wings and their freedom.
You’re only able to remain in your tree top few minutes each day, concerned that someone might find you up here. Those in the village believe you will bring the gods wrath upon them if you act out in any way. They have no wish to anger your keeper, fearing that your bloody history would play out once again...  
In their effort to reach new scientific heights, your ancestors had brought on the downfall of their own human race. They thought to create a new species, one that was half human, half animal, with an intent to be used and to fill a variety of purposes. Little did your people know that they would revolt, a hybrid’s power could not be tamed, and they had no wish to be formed into a mould of a domesticated pet. The hybrids were so deeply ingrained in the lives of humans that it was only too easy for them to take control. They used all of the knowledge they had gathered and strength they had been breed to wield against their owners in a revolution.
The hybrids rose above their masters to take their place as gods. They took everything away that could be used against them, and divided your surviving race among their own. Your ancestors were sent to hide in the forest to live under the hybrids rule, their protection, while paying homage and give offerings to the new lords, and that is where your people have resided ever since.
When the divide first happened there were stories of these gods fighting each other for territory, trying to take humans from under another’s rule, or lay claim to land that was not their own.  People say that they know each other’s weakness, that only gods can find a way to end the reign of another. But from what you know there has been no such question of your past gods’ or their descendants’ authority.
Once a week your village is expected to leave an offering at the edge of the forest. In exchange for the ‘protection’ given to your village you supply the beastly god with food. There’s no extravagant ceremony you simply leave the sack in the designated spot and leave. In the past you’ve been tempted to stay and see if you could witness the so-called-god, but he has never shown himself while you’re there.  
Your walk to the edge is quiet, raising the hairs on the back of your neck. The usual sounds of the forest fail to reach this far with the only noise coming from the cracking of twigs beneath your feet. You are steps away from your intended location when your path becomes blocked, a massive feathered creature falling to the ground in in front of you.
In a panic you hide behind the nearest tree to observe the fallen beast. Your curiosity begs you to watch, outweighing the fear which orders you to flee.
Glossy black wings that could easily be twenty feet in span, sprout from a back of a male who currently lays face down in the dirt. The hybrid lets out a groan and a swear punching the ground on which he rests with a gloved fist. As he lifts his head you slide back to conceal yourself.
“Human?” He calls out to you. “I know your there, I can hear you breathing.”
You tremble and your back presses into the bark of the trunk. Your hand covering your mouth in a last ditch attempt to conceal yourself.
“I can still hear you.... I need your assistance.”
“I am to leave food nothing else, that’s the agreement.” You call out.
“Yes, you’re right, but I rather get out of here before the one who injured me comes to finish me off. I’ll make a deal with you if you assist me”
“Who injured you?” You asked with a quaking voice.
“A god who keeps you here, one who watches this forest.” His reply encourages you to poke out from behind the tree to view the beast. Could it be? Someone has finally come to challenge your gods rule?
His face is dirty and bruised but even that can not hide the sharpness to his facial features. His shirt is an unusual fashion, flowing down from over top of his shoulders and lacing just under the bottom of his wing. It appears to be intact with no wounds showing, but on his gloves you notice a dark stain, that of blood.
Wings splay out behind him, one fully extended but the other is curled and dragging on the ground slightly hidden from you.  “I’m glad to see that I have your attention now.” A smirk crosses his face as he looks upon you with the same curiosity that you have for him.
“W-why are you here?”
“Property dispute.” He laughs as if it’s a joke, but it seems that immediately regrets his decision when a pained look crosses his face. His damaged wing shifts closer, allowing you to see several broken feathers at it’s crest along with the deep read stain of blood. “I need your help.”
“Why should I?” He might not be the god who has entrapped you here, but that doesn’t mean he is innocent either.
“You want to get out of this forest don’t you? I’m too injured to fly, I need you to hide me in the forest while I heal. Do this and I’ll take you out of here.”
He needs permission to set foot on the grounds of your forest, that was the deal struck when your race was confined, they have their space and you have yours. “How long before you can fly again?”
He looks at the damage to his wing carefully, “It’s difficult to say maybe a couple weeks, maybe month?”
“A month! You want me to hide you for a month?”
“I’ll need food and a place to rest as well. What’s one month when it will give you a life outside of this forest?”
You ponder his offer with a bite to your lip, the wings you have longed for have finally come to you, but unfortunately they are attached to... conditions. “When you’re healed, you promise to get me out of here?”
“When I can fly I promise you’ll never have to come back to these woods again.” He struggles to stand his wing weighing him down with him unable to lift it properly.
Emboldened by the guarantee of freedom you approach him carefully, ready to flee if he makes even the slightest aggressive move.
“Such a skittish little dove,” He remarks on your stance.
“That’s not my name,” You respond flatly.
“Oh then what is?” He pries, but you consider that information might be best to keep to yourself. He smiles, clearly seeing the conflict rise up in you, “No matter, you can call me Taehyung if you wish. We should get moving before he comes back. I may have injured him too but I don’t think it was as bad as my own state.”
“What do you need me to do?”
“Come here,” he prompts you to move closer with an outreached hand.
Taking your arm he places you at his side, “I can’t hold it up very easily myself.” His injured wing nudges at your back, “May I?” You nod looking hesitant with the weight of the wing unsure if you’ll be able to support it either.
With a groan he stretches it out, the bridge of the wing comes to rest on your shoulders, the soft feathers tickling at your neck. It’s not as heavy as you expect, but there’s a warmth to it as if you’re wrapped in a down blanket. Relief breaks across his face, “Thank you,” he whispers with a deep sigh.
“I live a far bit outside of the village, you should be fine in my cabin as long as you don’t take any excursions.”
“Yes Little Dove,” He gives you a wide boxy smile, an indication that he might not be taking you as seriously as you hoped.
“I mean it, if someone even catches a glimpse of your face let alone your wings they’ll know something’s not right.” Your people would be furious if they found out you invited one of them in. They may obey the hybrid’s laws but it’s out of fear, not respect.
Your progress is slow, but that allows you to ease back to your door under the cover of darkness. As soon as you step inside you draw the curtains closed and light a couple of lamps in the small living room. “Sit down, I’ll fetch something for your wound.” You press him onto the couch while you find your supplies
Your kit looks grim. Alcohol and bandages will have to suffice, your stock has run low and the salve has reached the bottom of the tin.
As you return to him you can see that he is having difficulty reaching the wound with its location on the crest of his wing just behind his shoulder. “I think I’ll need your assistance again.”
“I-I don’t, I’ve never looked after...” You know the wings of birds to be fragile and the thought of damaging it more worries you.
“I can direct you.”
The cut for the most part has clotted and it doesn’t appear too deep, but this spot must incur a lot of strain during flight, making it impossible for him to fly in such a state.
Taehyung takes your hand hovers it over the affected area. He looks back to direct your touch as you stand in front of where he sits. “You see the broken and crooked feathers?” You nod touching the very tip of one. “Those are going going to have to come out.”
“They’ll grow back and it’s just a couple.” There are maybe five or six at most that look to be in terrible shape, but that doesn’t make the thought of what you are about to do any less daunting. You grab the first by it’s base and look back to him to make sure. Taehyung gives you a nod to proceed. As the stem dislodges he grabs your waist, his head leans into you while he gasps.
“Sorry,” You mutter unsure of what else to say.
“No it’s fine keep going.”
With the next feather his other wing unfurls and beats angrily knocking a chair over in the process. A slight whimper escapes him drawing pity from you. You had expected his kind to be strong and without pain but here he is exhibiting a weakness.
“Almost done,” You whisper as his long fingers continue to hold you.
After pulling out the last, you step back from him, with a  half dozen quills in your hand. You examine the black plumage carefully, admiring their beauty and the way they shine in the candle light.
You can feel Taehyung’s eyes on you, watching you as your fingers glide over the feathers. You blush offering them back to the winged man.
“You can keep them Little Dove,” he chuckles, “I have plenty.”
You smile, embarrassed by the fact that he had caught your interest in them. Soaking a cloth in the clear alcohol you move forward again, with the broken feathers out of the way you have a better view of the cut. You perch yourself carefully not hovering this time but kneeling next to him on the couch with one leg between his to get a closer look. There a bit of dirt from his fall, you can only hope that the alcohol will be enough to prevent it from getting infected. “This is going to hurt too,” you warn him.
“I doubt it will be worse than... fu-fuck!” His good wing curls round closing in as he pulls you to his chest in reaction to the pain. You are the one to gasp this time as his mouth nips down on your shoulder.
“Taehyung?” You make an attempt to pull his hands off but his grip digs in like a pair of talons latching to its prey. “Taehyung, that hurts! You have to let go, you have to let me finish.” He releases you slowly but you can still feel him winch with every touch of the cloth. Finding a fresh linen you question how you should secure it. It’s not like you can wrap it in place that would have to encompass the entire width of his wing and might damage some of his other feathers.
You take a look through your cupboards looking for anything that might function as an adhesive. Your eyes settle on a golden jar of honey, it’s a decent antiseptic and hopefully it should make the cloth stick too. With the flat of a spoon you spread it over the bandage and place it carefully on, you smile in success when it appears to be secure.
“Thank you Little Dove, I guess you humans have a few more uses than I thought,” He laughs.
Your face falls at his comment, remembering what he truly is. What his kind have done to your people. “Get some sleep, you’ll need it to heal.” You growl standing to make a swift exit to your room.  
“Wait, how am I supposed to sleep with my wings on a couch?” He whines back looking confused by the change in your tone.
“Figure it out yourself, I’ve just reached the limit of my usefulness.” You throw back at him in anger, slamming your bedroom door shut behind you. He’s your ticket out of here, one month and your free, one month and you can escape this enclosed life and try to find something even greater. You look down to the feathers in your hand and set them on your side table, wishing that you could have your own and not have to rely on his.
Sleep does not come easy that night, every sound from the other room has you wondering what the beast might be up to, and whether you can actually trust him to keep his side of the bargain.
You rise with the sun peering in the large window of your bedroom. Carefully stepping out to your living room you find Taehyung sprawled out on the couch, cuddling one of the cushions while his injured wing lays flat, propped up by one of your chairs. On the stove fire you bring a pot of water to boil, using it to fill two bowls of oatmeal and a basin.
You try to wake him, but after calling his name and shaking his shoulder you find this task to be pointless. The bandage has to be changed before you leave, if he refuses to wake up beforehand he will within a minute or two after you start. You dip the rag into the basin of warm water and place it over the gauze patch melting the honey to allow for an easier removal.
You can see a sleepy smile creep onto Taehyung’s face, he abandons the pillow and allows his arms to trail over you instead. This all comes to a halt as you remove the bandage. His eyes fly open as a hiss greets you. “What the hell?”
“What? I tired to wake you, but I guess I can’t help you with that either.”
“Fuck,” He groans in pain, “I’m sorry okay? It was a stupid comment.”
“If you are going to stay here you either respect me as an equal, or I’ll throw you out of the cabin. I have to leave soon, so let me finish. I made you food, not sure if you’re able to eat it though.”
“I’m not picky, my kind can eat anything.”
You reapply the honey to a new linen square and dress the wound once again, as he takes the bowl of porridge.
After finishing you gather your cloak and boots that you discarded haphazardly the day before.
“Where are you going?” He looks up to you before taking another bite of his meal.
“I’m one of the foragers, I look for additional food that’s not grown on the smaller farms, mushrooms berries, nuts, whatever we can get our hands on.” You explain while tying a boot.
His eyes grow wide, “You shouldn't go out there it’s not safe for you.”
“Yeah well, your kind should have thought of that before you drove us into the second dark age.”
“That was for your safety too. It wasn’t just about our freedom, you humans have a way of destroying yourselves and everything around you, my ancestors were trying to protect what was left.”
“Then it should be perfectly fine now...” you goad him.
“Stay away from the edge of the forest,” He instructs. “And don’t climb any trees.”
“How did you...” You stop for a second stunned by his knowledge of your little secret.
“Please, just trust me.” Taehyung gives not further explanation, he only stares back at you with a distinct look of sincerity.
You wish you could question him more but you have to leave, or some of the other foragers might come to your cabin to find you.
You return that evening to find Taehyung wide eyed with worry. He smiles brightly at you but the stress and confinement has clearly left him agitated.
“Okay talk, you clearly know more than you let on.”
“I’m not sure what...”
“Don’t climb any trees?” You throw your cloak down on the chair beside you in frustration. You thought all day about the possibilities and the questions you need to ask of him, wasting no time before grilling him with your inquiries, “How do you know that I do that when no one else in this village does. Why are you really here?”
“I’ve seen you before,” Taehyung looks down at his feet while he exposes his truth. “When you were climbing. I had never seen a human do that before, you peaked my interest.”
“Really? That was why you came?”
“What can I say? My kind have a weakness for pretty things... and you’re little rebellion drew me in.” He looks back to you again with a side smile. “I wanted to come find you, maybe even take you from this place. Your god does not have your best interest at heart, or at least the type of freedom you desire.”
“What is he?”  
“A winged creature the same as myself, a crow hybrid.”
“But today you said I wasn’t safe, what’s changed from all the days before?”
Taehyung takes a deep breath looking hesitant to share the next bit of information with you, “Rumour is that he’s looking for a mate, and has you in mind. I’m not the only one who saw you climbing. You look so very much at home in the trees, I can see why he chose you.”
You are beyond revolted by the thought, bile begins to rise in your throat, a panic sets in as you consider the imposing threat of a god’s affection. You sit down next to Taehyung cowering with you hands on your face, “But he can’t, he can’t take me. He made a pact with my people, he can’t even set foot in the forest unless we give permission.”
“No he can’t,” Taehyung removes your grip from yourself, and takes your chin in his own hands to ensure that you are focused on him, that you take in every word as cautionary advice. “Not unless you leave the forest with him, for your sake don’t leave my side. No matter what happens, no matter what tricks he plays or what he might do to persuade you, don’t leave with anyone else but me. If you step outside with him willingly you become his property. If that happens I can’t save you.”
“You were hurt before, do you really think we can leave if he is determined?”
“I do, I was caught off guard when he attacked. Let’s just say I have friends in high places who will prevent that from happening again.”
The weeks that follow are by no means unpleasant. Although the hybrid was arrogant at first he soon comes down to your level. While you tell him of your life here and your true name, he returns the favour of your honestly with tales of flight and what it feels like to soar through the sky.
You had no idea what to expect living with him, there some habits that of his you enjoy, and others that can be a little... frustrating. You once spent half an hour looking for your cloak only to find that Taehyung had stolen it to add to his bed. He apologized saying that it is a trait of his kind. Little things of yours still go missing though, most are found in the same place, wrapped within the nest of blankets that he has created on the couch, but there must be a half dozen objects which you’ve never managed to track down again. As an apology for taking your belongings he leaves feathers on your pillow. A smile crosses your face each time as you add them to the collection on your bedside table. This soft ink-black bouquet has become the focal point of your room, one from which you cannot draw your eyes away, a lure that leads your thoughts back to Taehyung even after you leave him for the night.
To your delight his wing is healing rapidly, everyday you feel one step closer to freedom. He couldn’t have come at a better time with the pressures from your village. They have been telling you that it’s time to settle down, to stop living with your head in the clouds, and start thinking about the future of this little town and how you can contribute. But every time they bring up the possibility of a match your mind drifts to Taehyung.
You haven’t even escaped with him yet but when you’re with him you feel unrestrained. How he rather observe your actions and listen to your thoughts rather than criticize them like those in your village. He is the only one to have ever give you a choice in what you wanted, and now because of that you find yourself longing for him.          
“You shouldn’t go out there today Little Dove,”
“I won’t go near the edge of the forest.”
“No it’s not just that. There’s a storm coming.” You notice the slight shiver to his skin as he says those words. The feathers of his wings ruffle and puff out, he looks as if his instinct is telling him to flee.
You begin to worry but not for the same reasons, a winter storm this early could be devastating to the food collection.
“I have to, if there’s is a storm on the way we need to gather everything we can before it’s covered in snow. I’ll keep an eye out and come back before it hits.”
You know that Taehyung would want you to stay close but in all good conscience you can’t. Instead you push yourself even further into the depths of the forest, separating from the rest of the party. You reach areas to forage that you usually don’t use until later in the season. With winter on it’s the way sooner than expected you can’t afford to miss this opportunity to gather all you can.
It was a stupid thing to do you realize on your trek back, you’re not even a quarter of the way home when the freezing rain begins to pelt your cloak. Your hands grow painfully numb from the cold lashing against your skin. An hour later and you are still haven’t returned, your clothes are thoroughly soaked with parts of the cloth freezing in the frigid air.
The day goes from bad to worse when the snow starts, obscuring your vision as it falls from the sky. You can only pray that you are heading in the right direction, as your feet move forward. The world completely awash by the flurry around you.
Your progress slows as you step into the drifts. The icy chill penetrates deep into your legs, leaving you barely able to move, and your mind unwilling to focus on anything other than the warmth you crave. Your sight grows fuzzy, leaving you to question it as you catch glimpses of what you desire, black feathers, littering the ground and the path in front of you. You look to the sky but are only meet with the blanket of white that continues to fall. You can’t be sure if you are just seeing things, that maybe your mind has created a delusion of hope to lead you on. But you follow the trail of feathers regardless, wanting so badly to be embraced by the warm wings you know so well.
Between the gusts of wind you can almost here whispers of the name he has given you, ‘Little Dove.’ You follow the soft voice in a trance desperate to leave this frozen place by any means necessary.
It’s not until you hear shouting behind you that you are shaken from your daze.
“No Little Dove, that’s the wrong way!” Taehyung's voice and arm close in around you blocking out everything else. He shrouds you with a cloak which he too hides beneath. His wings forming a large mound of a back but still hidden from view.
He picks you up and turns back in the direction from which he came. Trudging through the snow drifts that had made you stumble.
Once you reach the cabin he pulls off your cloak and sets you in front of the glowing fire in your bedroom. Proceeding to layer it with log after log until it’s as tall as the stove will allow. Every candle and lamp in the room is lit by his hand. The warmth is slow to hit while your clothes are still frozen. Pulling a blanket from your bed you strip beneath leaving your undergarments on wrapped beneath the heavy fibres.
Taehyung to begins to undress too although modesty does not seem to be a concern of his. Exposing everything to the air except what lies beneath his underwear. He takes a seat next to you on the floor in front of the fire. “You promised you would be back in time. What were you thinking? He almost had you.”
“I lost track of time, when the storm set in I couldn’t see.” Your teeth chatter as you try to absorb the heat.
“You’re lucky I came to find you.”
Taehyung stretches out his wings behind you shaking them slightly to dislodge the moisture that seeped in through his cloak.    
You turn to face one of the wings letting your arm reach up from beneath the blanket. Your fingers brush through his damp feathers, grooming them back into place. There’s a low vibration at the back of his throat as his eyes close.
“Why did you? You’re almost healed you could probably manage flight on your own. It would be easier for you to escape that way.” You pause with your fingers buried deep in down coat of his wing as you look up to his content face.
“Please don’t stop,” he begs looking down to place his hand on yours, urging you to keep going. “I told you I came to find you, I gave you my word. Do you think that I wish to lose you to someone else? Or that I would leave you to escape out there alone?”          
Taehyung takes a deep breath causing his wings to shudder beneath your touch, “Little Dove, I’m sorry I should have told you sooner but the freedom which you were looking for, it does not exist for humans. Not outside of these confined spaces. Those who are found unaccompanied are either killed or taken to maintain control. I question taking you out there without you knowing that it truly is safer in here. I would rather rip these wings off than expose you to those who reside out there. I wish I could live with you in this cage forever, with you and you alone.”
It’s as the village has always told you, but even now knowing the definite truth you still find yourself wishing to leave, “Please keep your promise, I don’t care about the consequences anymore I just need to leave this forest.”
“I won’t break it. I just need to make you aware of what you might see out there. It’s a life of basic instinct, one that you won’t be able to survive alone. If you want to exist in safety you’ll be forced to stay by my side. Do you really think you can handle that Little Dove?” His deep voice echoes through you as his hands trail your back. “What would your people say if they saw you with a beast like me?”
“I don’t care. They are set in their ways with their feet rooted to the ground, they are part of this cage. I’ve never wanted to leave as much as I do now, I want to leave here with you, I want to stay with you.”
Your hand moves from his wing to touch his cheek, when you hesitate an inch from his face he leans in to meet your grasp. His lips graze the skin of your palm as he looks at you through narrowed eyes. It’s as if your touch has woken a demon inside of him, one who demands your surrender, which you are only too glad to give. He rips the blanket from your shoulders and crashes into your chest. His mouth finds yours and wastes no time before claiming the warmth behind your lips.  
Taehyung rises up tugging you off the floor and into his arms, completely encasing you with the walls his wings as you stand against him. Feeling his feathers caress the bareness of your back as you are pressed to his chest sends shivers through you. His mouth nips at your neck with sharp bites. Your feel like the pain should bother you but you find yourself wanting more, more of him, more of this.
You are tired of this enclosure that you live in. How everyone considers the fact that they are being watched, causing them to act too good, too pure, and never giving into what they truly desire. Is it so bad to want feel everything at the hands of the man currently holding you?
“I long for the day where I can leave with you, and tell everyone that you’re mine. I want to show them how I can make you feel.” His hand trails to your chest, reaching behind to unlatch you bra, “The blush rising to your skin,” His hands continue downwards falling next under the band of your underwear pushing them down until they fall to the floor, “the dampness between your legs,” You fold into him as his fingers touch the arousal to which he was just referring, “The look on your face as I take you. Would you like that? To show your god that you belong to me?”
You smile at the thought, your little rebellion becoming far more than climbing trees, “More than anything.”
Taehyung growls with pleasure. “Little Dove.” He turns you around and guides his shaft inside you from behind as your legs wobble on the floor. His hand reaches down to rub the swollen numb at your crest. He stays like that for a moment, no movement no thrusting, just letting you get used to the girth between your legs. Your body begins to overheat, desperate with a wish for him to continue.
“Do you truly want to show him how I fuck you, how you enjoy taking my cock?”
“Yes.” You whisper back only able to answer with a single word while the rest of you voice is lost in a moan.
“As you wish.” Taehyung unfurls his wings and pins you against the large window of your room. A loud cry leaves you from the shock of the cool glass pressing against you. “If he’s watching, let’s give him a show,” He growls in your ear.
The exposure is overwhelming, the window pane is freezing against your sensitive chest, the thought that someone might see you is terrifying, but at the same time you can feel the arousal drip down your thighs as he shoves you against the glass with each thrust. His hands come to find yours against the window and cling to them. While your breath leaves a wave of condensation against the pane.
“Is this okay Little Dove? Do you like how I have you splayed out for all to see?” You nod giving him a whimper as he thrusts once again. “It’s such a pretty sight.” Taehyung whispers into your ear and proceeds to nip at your lobe.
He pulls out and flips you around forcing your back against the glass. Taehyung wraps your arms around his neck before taking one your thighs in each hand. He lifts you up and glides back in. “Fuck Little Dove, if I had known you would be this soft and warm I would have come to you sooner.”  
His pace is relentless as he continues to swell inside you. Pressing even further against you, he helps you to lock your legs around his back. After the coolness of the glass, feeling the warmth of his chest against yours is so soothing that the tightness inside you starts to unravel. You clench down causing him to gasp and swear as you come on his cock. You quake in his arms unable to hang on as the pleasure runs through you.  
“Tae-Taehyung...” You shudder in his hands your head drooping to your arm on the crook of his neck.
“That’s it, sing for me Little Dove.” He forces your head back and snaps down on your neck with his teeth. As you unleash another moan for him, you can feel his warmth spill inside you. He remains within while his lips begin to stroke across your skin, giving a soft caress to the area he just assaulted with his teeth. The rise and fall of his chest slows and matches yours as you both catch your breath.
He lowers you both down to the floor on the discarded blanket in front of the window with you resting on top of him. You make an attempt to reach for a cloth to clean up the cum seeping from you, when Taehyung stops you by folding over his wings to entrap you against him.
“No you don’t, you’re staying right here.”
You blush as you try to explain the reasoning behind your actions, “I’m going to drip all over you...”
“Good,” He reaches around your back, arching himself forward to lay his fingers against your swollen folds. “Why would I want to waste this?” You twitch as the tips run along you slit. “You are mine Little Dove and this proves it.” His index slides inside, drawing a whine from the sensation and twitch at his touch. His other arm wraps around your waist keeping you locked against him as he adds another finger to the first. You continue to writhe against him but he does not relent.
Your hands grip his chest as you find yourself chasing that release once again. Taehyung smiles down at you as you give into him for a second time. His wings draw even closer teasing your back with light touches as his fingers become more ruthless. Your walls close in and throb around his digits as the orgasm tears through you.   
When his fingers pull out you are left with a breathless sigh. He draws his damp tips across your ass and lower back, as his mutters down to you with a smirk. “If you try to clean up again, I promise to paint you with even more of your cum and my own, is that understood?”
You relax against him nodding with a grin, you look to the cloth and consider rebelling for a third time before you fall asleep.
The next morning you wake still cocooned in Taehyung’s wings. The warmth of the sun absorbed in his feather is makes it a cozy spot. You poke your head out to look through the window, finding the forest bright with the light reflecting off the fresh snow and ice layered on the bark.
But as you look further up in the trees you still, unable to believe the sight. Resting on a branch you find a creature with an enormous black wings, a reach even farther than Taehyung’s mounted behind a pair of broad shoulders. The face peering down could easily be that of god, even if it is not truly divine.  
In a panic you shake Taehyung while keeping your eyes on the beast, “Taehyung wake up.”
“Mmm, but you’re so warm Little Dove.”
“H-he’s out there...”
Taehyung shoots up to glance out the window, a look of disdain rooting into his expression as glares up. “Time’s up, we have to go,” He mutters pressing the blanket on to you for cover as you both get up.
“How is he even in the forest? He has no right.”
“You’re laws have holes, he has not set foot on the forest grounds, he has broken no rules by being there. This is why I asked you not to climb the trees.”
You closed the curtains and throw on your nearest outfit, before asking the most important question. “Are you healed enough to fly?”
“I can get you out of here, I can get you to safety, I promise. We have to get to the edge of the forest though, I need more room though can’t take off and fly with you through the trees they’re too narrow.”
You quickly pack small satchel with a few essentials. Your eyes linger on the stray feathers on your table before packing those too. They’ve become so valuable to you, you can’t bear the the thought of leaving them behind.
You both rush out the back door running through the trees heading south to the nearest break in the woods. A shadow looming overhead as you run.
Taehyung stops and looks up as your pursuer does the same, “Keep going I’ll take care of him, wait for me near the edge.”
“Taehyung...” You begin argue back.
“I’ll be fine, just remember what I said.”
Before you can give him another word he runs back towards the god, taking to the trees with one swift leap.
The snow is still deep and uneven in parts slowing your exit, so when the break in the forest appears in front of you, you feel a deep relief. Your freedom is almost here you are so close to touching it. You thought that your wait might be over as a set of black wings lower in front of you, but they are not Taehyung's, nor do they belong to the god who peered down at you from the trees.
The winged man offers you a hand, he puts on a friendly face with a bright smile. “You need to come with me.”
You back away knowing what will happen if you do.
Sensing your fear he urges your hand to come to his once again, “I know Taehyung, I’ll bring him to you once your safe.”
He may know Taehyung’s name but you still can’t trust him, “I’m not leaving with you, I know how your games work.”
“Oh Little Dove, you have no idea...” A wicked smile appears on his face, as he witnesses the rise in confusion with the use of your nickname.
Taehyung comes up from behind pulling you into his arms. “Nice try Hoseok, did you make a deal with Seokjin to distract me?”
“It was worth a shot.” Hoseok’s face falls to bitterness as he looks to the man holding you.
Taehyung looks ready to pounce upon this hybrid too, but Just as Taehyung fell on the day that you meet him another pair of wings darts down from this sky. Although this decent appears to be more calculated, taking down the beast called Hoseok.
“Yoongi...” Taehyung calls out stepping forward to help him.
“Go! I’ve got him.” The hybrid shouts pinning the other beneath him.
Taehyung turns to you, “If you want to leave with me, we have to go now.”    
He holds out his long slender fingers, to take yours. You hesitate but follow through, knowing that you would give anything to escape the wooden cage behind you.
The second your hand touches his and you step over the line he swoops you up into his arms. Seeing the full span of his wings takes your breath away. He holds you close as he lifts from the ground, the smile on your face grows as you reach the unobstructed blue sky, leaving the forest behind. But your joy is short lived for you don’t even travel out of view of the forest before his pace slows.
“Your wing, is it okay?”
“Of course Little Dove,” you turn your head away from the sky to the direction in which you are heading, finding a house built high on the branches of a tree. He sets you down on the balcony of the wooden house and presses you inside with a soft kiss to you check. “Welcome home...”
You look around you surroundings and notice a few of your missing belongings scattered about, from clothes, to jewellery that had been passed down to you, as well as one of your favourite books. You take one of your shirts in hand as you question him, “What do you mean home? Why are we still so close...” Your heart stops as his smile grows. “No, you said you’d keep me safe...”
“My nest is safe, where it always has been, and always will be watching over the forest.”
The god you’ve always hated... the one you’ve always tried to rebel against... the one who was looking for a mate. Stands in front of you with a look of victory etched into his face.
“You didn’t belong in there, your more like my kind than human. I could see it in your eyes, how you craved the open sky. I knew from the first time I saw you in that tree you would make the perfect addition to our nest, how pretty you would look woven into our midst.”
“Our midst?”
The three hybrids you had just seen in the woods descend upon the house... accompanied by three more. As they enter you back yourself into a corner, trying to keep your eyes on every face, every winged enemy that stands in front of you. Not just one god, but seven.
Taehyung follows you making sure not leaving your side, “My brothers and I, just like the crows we descend from we stay together. When we found you we made a deal, whoever took you from the forest by their hand, whoever could convince you to leave would take control of the flock..and you. I was given the first attempt.”
“Your injury, the fighting between you, it was all fake. You tricked me?”
“Oh the injury was real, Jungkook was not happy that he would have to wait. As I said we are beasts, he tried to stop me from meeting you. Just as my other brothers fought me to take their chance and leave with you.
“Last night, in the storm?”
“Jimin,” Taehyung glares over to the shortest male who looks to you with a smirk, “Wanted to see if he could tempt you before I could.”
“You should have continued to follow my voice Little Dove, you were so close. I would have kept you warm.” Jimin coos.  
You stunned to silence you look down to the shirt in your hands, gripping in until your knuckles turn white, fear and anger coursing through you. Taehyung follows you sight, “Forgive me, I traded those things to keep my brothers complacent, to buy more time with you. They were so happy when you accepted their feathers in return, they’ll be even happier to know that you kept them with you.”
You immediately drop the bag that they are contained in, overwhelmed with the feeling that you might be sick.The tallest brother reaches out to you with concern on his face, but the thought of him touching leads you to pull back and him to fall away.
“Don’t worry Little Dove, Namjoon won’t hurt you, none of them will. They’ve dreamt of you just as much as I. They were so thankful for the display you gave last night they could wait no longer to have you too.” Taehyung takes your upper arm and tugs you towards him placing his lips on your neck in a soft kiss.
“Taehyung please, stop. I can’t... I don’t want this.” You beg in tears, trying to pull away.
He holds firm and brushing the dampness from your face, “Nothing has changed between us, I can still give you the sky. I didn’t want to frighten you, can you honestly say that you would have given me a chance if you had known the truth?”
“No, and I still wouldn’t!” You curse your stupidity, letting your desire for freedom blind you from the truth. You leapt from your cage, and landed straight into their nest. A nest high in a tree with no low branches for escape.
“You left off your own accord, you took my hand willingly. Resist if you wish, if it will make you content.” Taehyung smiles in no way dissuaded but your tone, he turns to hold you from behind allowing his brothers to look upon you while he traps you with an arm around you waist. A low whisper from him reaches your ear and seize your soul, “But you should know by now, you can’t climb away Little Dove, every rebellion only brings you closer to me.”
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jungkookssistan · 2 years ago
Soft!Yandere Jimin: he thinks you’re going to leave him
Tumblr media
The request:  yandere jimin scenario where his girlfriend jokes about leaving Jimin and going out with another guy instead to her friends on the phone, but he thinks they're serious about it and starts panicking
I feel like I’m bad at writing requests cause I always manage to change it but hope you still liked it!
You looked outside the window as you waited for your tea to be ready. The naked winter trees line the avenue making you feel thankful that Jimin wanted a house far from all the city rush. You looked at the clock counting the hours until Jimin will be back, mentally making a ‘to do list’ before that, knowing that all he’ll want is cuddling. Not that it was problem, sitting cozy by the flame, talking about everything and nothing at the same time, when Jimin is at his realest, no jealousy, no posessiveness, only sweetheart Jimin.
You smile as you hear your phone go off, knowing exactly who is trying to facetime you. Automatically a smiled appeared on your face as you saw your friend.  It was going to be a fun talk, you though before saying hi.
You failed to notice how much time had passed, nor did you hear the loud crackling noise from downstairs as Jimin opened the doors with a sweet shout echoing through the house as he yelled your name. Seeing you laughing your ass off as your friend kept sending fat cats pictures made his heart beat faster, happiness overflew him. Other times he would get annoyed for others making you laugh but you’ve been a good girl lately, so why not let you have fun with your friend, he thought before walking back to the kitchen to prepare hot chocolate for both of you.
He stumbled the stairs now slightly annoyed for you taking so long, didn’t you miss him? He felt jealousy and aggression rush into him as he heard you mentioning an unfamiliar male’s name. He could see the perfect smile on your face as you laughed “Of course, I’ll just pack my bags and leave. Aish, can you imagine him waking you with his sexy British accent?!”
You jolted full of shock when you heard cups shattering and the loud curses that left your very angry looking boyfriend’s mouth. “Jimin!” you gasped immediately ending the call, rushing to him. “Does it hurt?” you ask while freaking out, knowing that if you won’t do anything he will end up with scars on his hands. You frown as he doesn’t respond only heavy breathing is heard.  “Shit, let’s go” you tug him rushing through the doors to the outside. Your breath rises in visible puffs to join the darkened clouded night sky. There is a freezing chill in the air making it somewhat suffocating to be outside. “Here, here” sweet whisper makes Jimin slightly less freaked out.
He frowns as he sees your worried look, he hated to cause you any other emotion than love or happiness. He hated to see you hurt or sad.
He scowled as the cold snow made contact with his soft skin. A loud sigh left your lips as you tried not to freak about it too much but your trembling lips revealed that you were on the edge of tearing up. “H-how did this happen?” he looked up as he heard your shaky voice wondering what caused it, cold weather or him?
“Do you really want to leave me?” Jimin started in a low murmur making your eyes widen. What was he talking about? You thought, drawing small fingers on his hand knowing this will make him calm, already seeing Jimin get angry. As soon as he saw a tear roll down your cheek with his free hand he wiped it away. His hands a little rougher than usual. “Why are you crying?” he asked confused, no matter how mad he was, the sight in front of him broke him, ripped his heart away.
“I don’t know” you chuckled looking up at the dark sky as more tears started to roll down your cold cheeks. “I don’t like when you’re in pain” you mumbled, embarrassed by your small confession. “And I don’t want to leave you. Where did you get that from?” you asked confused. Jimin’s body slightly relaxed as soon as he heard you say it.
“I just heard you talking about the British guy” he murmured. You giggled kissing Jimin’s cheek, that was slightly red from the cold biting it constantly. “I was just kidding Jiminie, we were talking about a book character” he wanted to hide right there as soon as you said it. “So you still love me?” he asked with bright gaze. “Of course and I will never stop” he couldn’t help but smile. You’re his.
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seajungull · 4 years ago
Teddy Bear // Jimin x Reader.
Résumé: Jimin’s blind love for you turned into obsession, and obsession turned into violence. Length: 1 372 words. Inspiration: Melanie Martinez – Teddy Bear AU: Yandere A/N: HE’S NOT VIOLENT TOWARDS YOU!! Not in this chapter. At least- Keys: word[h] means hint that would be repeated throughout the story that you should pay attention to in order to understand the plot, which is also included in the next parts of the story. Warning: slight swearing??? theres just three words but still. warning. oh and the yandere stuff
Tumblr media
You were always a fan of romance, old and modern, and you liked the plots where a man falls for the love spell of a woman and it brings them to a blissful adventure, sad or joyful, that’d always have a happy ending of a relationship, you wished for one to come true throughout your life span, but you did not expect Park Jimin to be the one to give you the complete opposite of what you wished for.
Your friendship with Park Jimin fortunately proceeded for a year[h], and you were starting to like the innocent soul of the soft boy. Jimin was full of life and care, and he treated you exactly like Romeo treated Juliette, except you were just friends, to you at least. He would always take you out on exciting, mischievous adventures at young nights, or bring you the food you crave and long for, or bid you his comfort and tenderness when things got too much and the harms you’ve been hiding beneath the stairs of your soul exploded from the pressure. He was always present, leading your way out of the obscurity and to the light and beam, or at least, that’s what you thought, while he was leading you into his trickery[h]. It was just a façade, and a little bit of professional acting skills. All the memories you made together, all the soft words he spoke to you and all the harm[h] he’d vowed to never show, were just untruths, deceits, blatant falsehoods you were somehow oblivious to, but Jimin couldn’t help it. He couldn’t help it when you were sleeping soundly on his chest at night, he couldn’t help it when the sun would shine on you and the rays would make you appear an angel sent from Eden, he couldn’t help it when you’d cry rivers on his shoulder and all he could do was pat your back to gently cure your blood-shot eyes like Visine, he couldn’t help it when you would be lying together on your bed with a pillow between you he so wished to tear away. He didn’t want that, he wanted to hold you in his arms like the other wannabe men that didn’t deserve it, he wanted to fix your bruised heart that he feared might stop pulsing from all the chronic abuse, he wanted to touch you unfriendly and so sinfully, he wanted to kiss you day and night, but the walls you built around you were so dense that he couldn’t help but force them down.
Your guard was completely low when Jimin’s onslaught hit you. It was a Saturday morning, and you were already awake when he came knocking on your door. When you opened, he seemed as normal as possible; he wore the charming smile that you loved so much on his face and entered your house like a normal being, merriment blossoming in the house at his arrival. He brought snacks with him, telling you that he missed your weekends together like the old days and he wanted to stay with you because his house was too depressing. You, of course, devotedly welcomed him and even offered to have a slumber party; how stupid were you, but it’s not like you knew, so you couldn’t blame yourself for giving him a golden opportunity to grasp[h] you. Jimin tried to hold his dark side back and tighten the confinements he had on the dark thoughts, he tried to maturate his twisted mind, to convince and persuade himself that you didn’t deserve him, you didn’t deserve what he was planning on doing to you, your pure soul, more so, to give you a bit more time for you to enjoy your impermanent liberty. However, your fate decided else wise, and so did Jimin. That exact day, your male friend, Daeseok[h], appeared at your doorstep, at night, and all alone. Jimin was the one to answer the door for you, maintaining his unsuspicious image, but the smile was swiftly wiped away at the view of another male in front of him. His mood changed and all he could see was blood, blood everywhere, and betrayal made him bite his tongue on clenched jaw until he could taste the satisfying flavor of blood.
“I think you got the wrong house, kid.”
Jimin went to swing the door closed but the boy stopped him, doubting the unfamiliar man.
“Where is Y/N?”
Daeseok stepped into the house to avoid the door from closing on his hand, and Jimin’s eyes widened whilst his mind worked on saving a portrait[h] of the boy in his mind.
“How do you know-“
“Dae!” You greeted, running towards him with a smile as he wrapped you in his arms, Jimin right behind you, watching in distraught.
“What are you doing here?” Your body detached from Daeseok’s and Jimin could finally breathe again.
“Well, I-I… came to-“
“You can come back later, Y/N cannot see anyone right now. It’s our friendship night. Goodnight to you.” Jimin interrupted as he pushed the annoying stranger out of the door, slammed it closed and locked it.
“Hey! What the fuck?!” Muffled yells and curses could be heard from the other side of the door, and just as you were about to reproach Jimin for his behavior, he charged towards you with fierce eyes, that look that made you feel small and frightened.
“Who is he, Y/N? Huh? What is he to you?” Jimin’s tone was tactfully threatening, and you just gulped as you eyed him getting closer and closer to you in small steps.
“What’s wrong with you, Jimin?”
“Answer me!” His voice raised more.
“He’s just a friend! Why do you suddenly want to make a fuss out of this?” You yelled back, who does he think he is? Screaming at you in your own house? You did not give him a second to talk back to you before you calmly continued, “Get out.”
Jimin narrowed his eyes at you, shaking his head and you could feel the lasers of fire he was shooting at you.
“I will, but I am not going alone.”
Darkness enveloped you right after you saw Jimin marching towards you before your collapse[h], and you hopelessly and lifelessly let him do what he desired with your deficient, insensible body; tying your wrists together, buckling you to the backseat of his car as he left your house’s front door wide open, he figured, why bother closing it, when you won’t be dwelling there any longer[h].
Jimin took you to your room –which he decorated– in his house, then proceeded to tie your unconscious self to your bed and sat on one of the chairs next to it, playing with a pocket knife to distract him until you wake up; seeing as you were taking too long. ‘Maybe I hit her too hard… Well, it’s that fucker’s fault, what’s his name again?’ Jimin furrowed his brows, lost in his twisted thoughts. ‘Daeseok… Daeseok… I’m coming for you, buddy’ Jimin rethought about this, if Daeseok was just a friend, he wouldn’t come to you at night, all alone and without an excuse, so; was he planning on doing something to you? The thought made Jimin’s blood boil the longer he thought about that asshole and the possibilities of what ifs. That Daeseok was too full of shit for his own good, and Jimin would be utterly honored to be present in his funeral; if they could repair his torn corpse[h].
“I’ll be right back, Y/N. Don’t worry about me, I will be all fine, you just sleep tight.” He softly whispered against your lips before brushing the flesh with his own, and then into the night he went.
Jimin’s vision turned an ice blue shade as he could feel his temperature decrease and his demeanor flip to cold-blooded -literally-, a sadistic smirk playing on his fleshy, crimson lips as his bloodied tongue smoothly rolled off a nursery tune, with the darkness and terror following him like his shadow in the dead streets, he couldn’t wait to get his hands dirty again, finally, after a year.
He, himself, was the very aspect of death, and if he wanted it to be someone’s end, it will.
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yoonglegurt · 2 years ago
Yandere BTS Sugar Daddy AU - Our Kitten~
Anon asked - Hello can you do a bts yandere sugar daddy au??
2.2. If it's an imagine, can I do all of them in one plot, as in they're all your sugar daddies but they've decided to share you? Or would you prefer it to be sort of like an reaction template with the members separate, or something else?
Where they all decide to share
The gender can be female and the scenario type can be up to you. Thank you again. Your blog is a goldmine and I just love you soo much.
I hope you enjoy, my sweet anonnie~ I love you way more~
You, were a lucky woman.
It's great luck to get a sugar daddy, even better luck to get a hot sugar daddy, but you had reached the peak with seven hot sugar daddies, plus ones that seemed to like you for who you are, not just your body.
Seven rich billionaires, CEO's, apparently held large enough interest in what you thought was your measly body, ready to fight with all they had to have it as theirs. You had grown to be interested in them as well, and honestly, which broke college student would say no to one, or several, sugar daddies, so you just begged them to get along and share, which they weren't used to but were ready to try to have you at least partly as theirs.
After eight, long and detailed contracts, you officially belonged to the seven as their baby girl, kitten, doll and any pet name they wished to use and were sure you'd like (an actual point in the contracts). The seven men had decided to purchase a fucking castle, feeling like a measly mansion wouldn't be extravagant enough, and all eight of you fit comfortably in it.
The only two problems you all had in your relationship were you and them.
The problem (well, you didn't see it as a problem, *insert huffing emoticon*) with you, and partially with the boys was that they refused to actually use you for what the contract stated you'd mostly be used for, sex. You had sex, yes, but it was extremely rare and they preferred to just spoil you, and you were not okay with that. You did your best to repay them, and that meant cleaning and cooking, and they weren't on board, stating your precious body was only meant to be worshipped, not to work, and the only people who could introduce it to possible harm were the boys themselves when punishing you. Eventually, everything that could be used to clean or cook was hidden away, and only the maids who came over had access to them.
The problem with the boys was that, even if the contract strictly stated when which man would have you all to themselves, they still wanted you when their time had ended. This often resulted in fights and arguments that you'd have to split apart, usually by a kiss to both of the arguing members, which then ended in the others being jealous of not getting kisses and the day would end with a long cuddle session.
This was one of those days.
You sat in the humongous living room, lounging around on the couch lazily. Well, you didn't have anything to do. You didn't feel like shopping, it seemed like everything you could do on any of your many electronics was already done, you weren't allowed to cook or clean. It was boring as hell.
Yoongi walked downstairs. Today was technically Jungkook's day, but he had several meetings and a lot of work in general, so it meant it was a first come, first served type of day, the catch being that all of the other boys were swallowed in work as well. Yoongi was often the one to be most often stressed about work, his obsession with you not lightening no matter how many hours he worked, meaning he got more restless and restless the more he had to be away from you, resulting in anger and a ton of breaks. This, was obviously, one of his breaks, no matter how possessive Kook was with his days.
"Kitten, come cuddle daddy, will you?" Yoongi smirked. They had actually trained you very well. You were all obedient now, the result of a lot of punishments you had received, as evidenced by your form immediately shooting up from the couch and speeding to Yoongi, the man's smirk widening when he was enveloped in your warm hug. "Hi Yoon. Tired?"
"Always, when I'm not with you." Yoongi smiled at you, pecking your nose. Usually, a sugar daddy - baby relationship was more business like, money in exchange sex and company, but you were basically in a poly relationship with the seven, just getting way more gifts and care than normal relationships.
"Awh, d'you love me that much?" The eight had already established the seven harboured romantic feelings for you, and even if you still weren't sure you wanted an actual relationship with them, or returned the feelings completely, you were up to letting them shower you with love and affection.
"Of course. Now come on, I want cuddles." Yoongi picked you up with no trouble at all, walking back upstairs, but passing his office, instead choosing to enter his large and spacious bedroom, throwing you down on the bed, then closing the door, pulling off his shirt and jumping in next to you, immediately collecting you back in his strong arms.
You had learnt about how spontaneous the boys were, liking to cuddle literally wherever, so you had just turned to wearing night dresses and pyjamas everywhere around the house. The boys never allowed anyone over either way, and you weren't allowed outside the premises of the castle anyway, only being allowed to enter the yard and garden with the supervision of a staff or preferably one of the boys themselves, so there was no point in dressing up all nice and fancy, except on the days where you wanted to spoil yourself a little or give the boys a treat.
You just smiled, wrapping around the short, but still taller than you boy tightly. "Missed you. Was all bored without you all." Your small voice echoed in the quiet room, the only other sounds being Yoongi suckling on your neck lightly. "Our lil baby missed her daddies, huh? Must've missed me especially, right?" Yoongi smirked again, teasing.
"Yoon, you know I'm not allowed to say I have a favourite, even if I have one. You'd end up teaming up and killing my favourite, just like how you did with Bobby. " You pouted.
"Don't mention that scummy butlers name. He was idiotic for trying to flirt with our baby. Plus, he might not be dead." Yoongi shrugged, but his voice was much more cold now.
"Sorry for mentioning him, Yoon. I know you didn't like him, but I had fun talking with him when all of you were busy like today." Your voice had turned much more quiet and soft now that you had heard the decrease of warmth in Yoongi's voice.
Yoongi sighed, but before he could calm you, the door burst open, a seething Jungkook appearing. "Mine." He growled lowly, storming over and ripping you out of Yoongi's arms, a cold glare being sent at Yoongi. The rest of the boys, gasping for air, stopped at the door to Yoongi's bedroom.
"We'd protect you so Jungkook doesn't accidentally pummel you to death, but you broke the rules, again, so can't save you now. This is a third payback to when you stole princess when it was my turn." Namjoon shrugged.
"Don't worry, pumpkin," Seokjin warmly smiled at you. "Gukkie won't harm Yoon, at least not today and with you present. He's got you in his arms now, he's currently not sane enough to comprehend anything else but you." He calmed you when he saw the panic you were in at Namjoon's words, still in Jungkook's muscular arms, the overgrown muscle pig sniffing and nipping at your neck, trying to get Yoongi's scent off and his on.
You calmed down slowly, Jungkook letting out a content sigh when he noted the fact, the boy still being a little bit out of it. "G-gukkie?" Your soft voice calmed Jungkook even more. "Mh? Want cuddles? Kissies? Gifts? You must want gifts, right? Taehyung, get baby everything on the future gift list this instant." Jungkook brightened at the attention you gave him, even if it was tiny.
"Baby girl, Kookie had a hard day at work today, he will be a little crazed all day. We'll lock you both up in Gukkies room, okay? Just in case you make a lil mistake and he goes psycho." Hoseok smiled, wanting to pet your hair, but refraining himself at the murderous glare Jungkook sent him.
"O-okay..." You mumbled quietly. "Gukkie, can we go to your room? I want comfy cuddles."
Needless to say, you got very comfy cuddles that day.
And this happened on the daily, really. Wether it be Jimin stealing you on Namjoons turn or Taehyung taking you out when it was Seokjins day, the boys couldn't control themselves when thirsting for you and your sweet attention all on them. It wasn't often all seven shared you at the same day, it usually only happened on the Most Special Day Of The Year Number One or Number Two, your birthday or the day where you signed all eight of the contracts.
On your birthday, they accompanied you outside of the premises of the castle to let you meet your friends and family for a whole day. You were allowed to hug your brother and kiss your mother and father. Everyone thought you were just a very lucky girl who was in a lovely relationship with seven, rich men, and although you were, the relationship was also abusive, but the boys didn't let anyone know that. For all they had to know, you were their obedient, small girlfriend, and they could wander for eternity why you immediately jumped to sit in their lap when one of them leaned back and gave the lightest tap to your thigh, or why you shivered and had a look of fear when they whispered words similar to 'room, whip, blood, never meet' in your ear when you hugged your brother just a little bit too hard.
On the Most Special Day Of The Year Number Two, you were pulled inside the Bed Room, a room in the castle which had nothing but a huge bed which covered almost the entire room, and a wardrobe which contained pyjamas, water, and three boxes full of sex toys. All seven of them took turns absolutely wrecking  your tiny body, usually ganging up in teams of three or four and taking you at the same time. All eight of you loved the event, but the boys had too much trouble containing their jealousy on other days to comprehend the idea of sharing your body.
There were, of course, also days where they decided to share. It usually consisted of all seven teaming up to spoil you with expensive clothing and made you model it for them, taking pictures and posting them to the instagram account they made just to make everyone jealous of the woman they worshipped, or ordering food from the most luxurious restaurants, feeding you with 79$ worth dekopon and 1.4 million dollars worth Strawberries Arnaud. Of course, you never knew the cost of the food you were fed, even if the pizza cost a thousand dollars, but you could guess from the gold leaves covering it. You just sighed and allowed yourself to be coddled and fed. If that was what they wanted, you weren't going to refuse.
And that was how you spent your days. When you finished college and had literally no reason at all to stay in the contract, the boys proceeded to put the castle into lock down and refused to terminate the contract which stated it would exist as long as a ending contract wasn't signed by your contract. If you had decided to give yourself to them at your worst, they would deserve to have you for themselves forever, no matter if you wish to stay or not.
Maybe, just maybe, you weren't so lucky to have seven sugar daddies who seemed to have real feelings for you. Maybe.
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sombreboy · a year ago
Scented ↬ yandere!snakehybrid!pjm
Tumblr media
⤍18+ ⤍xtremity; 5 ⤍pairing: yandere!snakehybrid!pjm x female reader ⤍genre: pwp smut, hybrid, yandere ⤍word count: 2.2k ⤍warnings: smut, cursing, possessive!pjm, dom!pjm/sub!reader, licking kink (pjm has a split snake tongue), he's got two dicks lmao, biting, unprotected sex, pjm has a praise kink too in the midst of this
Tumblr media
Jimin, your snake hybrid-- senses another male hybrid’s scent on you, and punishments follow...
Tumblr media
You were dragged out once in a while with your girlfriends to go clubbing, and tonight, they had finally managed to. They brought their boyfriends, and you- well, you brought Jimin.
He'd gladly accepted, he absolutely loved to drink, dance and simply enjoy the flashing colours of the venue.
However, he mostly came with because he wanted to keep an eye on you. Jimin was proud to see you get attention, you were like a goddess to him. However, he was less excited about the longing, dirty looks of men coming your way.
He wanted to strangle every single one of them.
At least you were in good hands of your female friends, and his own.
You were seated in a booth next to Jimin, along with two of your girlfriends and their boyfriends, Taehyung and Jungkook. They were both drop dead gorgeous, sensual men that caught the attention of both men and women as well.
So did Jimin, he turned heads wherever he went, but he didn't notice it at all, too focused to keep his eyes on you.
''We're so glad you finally decided to bring your pet-– I mean, hybrid! What's his name?'' Your friend asked, genuinely curious about him.
You crooked an eyebrow, a small smile on your lips as you sipped your drink with a straw, ''He's not my pet, and his name is Jimin.''
Jungkook scoffed, ''Not your pet? Then what is he, your lover?''
Jimin's split tongue poked out to lick his lips, his eyes flickering between the two men in front of him before looking at your friend,
You choked on your drink, putting the glass down with a clonk. Jimin laughed, his song-like voice brightening up any room he's in. Jungkook smiled too,
''I like him. He's funny.''
''He's really pretty.'' Taehyung commented bluntly, he's never been one to hide his attraction, whether it be towards males or females. And one can always appreciate somebodys beauty.
''He is.'' You agree, putting your hand on Jimin's knee as you give him a smile. Jimin smiles back, his pearly whites on display and if you looked closely, you could see his pointy fangs.
''Ah, thank you...'' Jimin's eyes gazed over at the dancefloor, packed with people. He seemed intrigued to go out there, but didn't want to leave your side.
You noticed this, always did. The little things in his eyes mattered.
''Jiminie, you wanna dance? Go on, take the guys with you. I'll be here with the girls.''
Jimin looked unsure, breathing out a sigh through his nose. But his doubts were washed down with alcohol, and both JK and Tae stood up to pull Jimin with them, ''Come on, it'll be fun!''
''Okay, okay, fine!'' Jimin laughed, letting the men pull him out on the dance floor on each of his arms.
As time passed by, the boys were sweaty, Jimin thoroughly enjoying being able to get rid of some energy on the dancefloor, his hair clinging to his face as he showcased his mesmerizing movements. And even if he loved the attention, the only eyes he cared for was yours, and as he was glancing over his shoulder towards your table, you weren't there.
Jimin squinted his eyes, his split tongue poking out to try to smell you, but it was impossible, there were too many scents around. He stopped dancing, the other men too drunk and happy to notice when he shuffled through the crowd to look for you.
You'd gone to the bar to get some drinks for you and your friends, but ended up stuck there, kind of flirting with the men up there. One of them were tightly pressed up against you, appreciating your beauty, telling you dirty things. You were drunk, a haze where everything felt good, boundaries slightly bent... It was just a little flirting, what could it hurt?
The man was another hybrid, a wolf that rubbed up closely, nuzzling his nose against your neck, ''You smell like...Hm..'' He scrunched his nose, not quite able to place the scent, but it was definitely a vague smell of another hybrid.
You laughed, ''Don't rub your scent on me, I'll get in trouble!''
''Hm, how about you just come home with me instead?''
You let him rub against you a little too long before you realize what is going on, and you quickly push him off of you, ''No, no. I'm taken.''
The wolf hybrid scoffs, ''Huh... Well, find me if you change your mind.'' He walked off, leaving you to finally order the drinks, but before you're able to say anything Jimin grabs your arm to pull you close, startling you.
''I was looking for you.'' He hissed through his teeth, a worried look on his face, ''Please don't go anywhere without me.''
Within the next second, Jimin's expression went from worried, to confused.... To angry.
''Why do you smell like that?'' He inches closer, nuzzling his nose against your neck. His forked tongue pokes out to lick your neck, drawing a small gasp from you,
''Ah, well... A wolf hybrid...'' You weakly reply.
''Hm, so you let a dirty dog rub his scent off on you? When you belong to me?''
He hissed through his teeth, tongue slipping back into his mouth as he withdraws to stare at you with his cold eyes, pupils shrinking into a thin line, truly showing the snake hybrid within him. He wasn't pleased.
''I didn't let him, I.... He just came up and..''
Jimin interrupted you with another hiss, roughly pulling you with him into the bathroom. The bathrooms had no open stalls, just simple rooms, so this was convenient as Jimin locked the door after closing it behind him, staring you down like a predator chasing his prey.
''Jimin, what ... what's wrong?''
''You don't get it? I leave you alone for one second, trusting you...''He saunters closer, unbuttoning the upper buttons of his shirt, ''And a wolf is trying to scent you.''
You shrug, ''I don't know what he was doing..''
Jimin scoffed, ''Don't act dumb! Babe, you know exactly what he was doing... Now, I suppose I have to prevent this from happening again.''
He inches even closer, until his chest is pressed against yours, pushing you backwards against the cold tile wall.
''I'm just gonna have to show you just which hybrid you belong to.''
His hands waste no time in swiftly turning you around and bending you forward, you quickly grab onto the sink for some leverage, a small yelp escaping your lips,
''Bad girls get punished.'' Jimin hissed, and before you could answer, he had peeled the skirt of your tight dress up to expose your ass, his palm landing on your skin with a harsh smack.
Another. And another. And another.
Until you were whining, your ass red and sore as he kept spanking the same spot.
''Please! ah, it hurts...''
''Should've thought about that before you let a dirty dog scent you, hm?'', Jimin sounded angry, yet his voice was slowly becoming laced with lust. He couldn't stay mad at you for long, he never could. You were just too precious to him.
But he wouldn't tell you that. Not right now.
Jimin's eyes flickered down to your bruised skin, his forked tongue slipping out to lick his plush lips. You looked absolutely gorgeous, and there was nothing more that he wanted that to fuck you full of his cum.
He used his foot to move yours further apart, spreading you for him. His hands gripped at your ass, his blunt nails digging into the skin, drawing more whines from your throat.
''Jimin, please..''
''You have no say in this, y/n, you lost that when you betrayed me.''
''I didn't–'', Your were silenced when you felt his fingers rip your panties down, exposing your little cunt to him.
''Oh, now you've got nothing to say, hm?'' He snickers, biting his lower lip as his fingers slip between your folds, teasing your hole, but not quite inserting them as of yet.
You sigh in surprise, his fingers were cold, but it wasn't unpleasant. Automtically, you feel yourself want to move your hips against him, trying to make his fingers go inside of you.
''So compliant, I only touched you for a second and you're already needy. Tsk.''
He suddenly plunged two fingers inside of you, drawing a whimper from your lips. He pumped you slowly, teasing until you were dripping down on his hand. A series of curses hissed through his teeth, continously moving the pads of his fingers past your sweet spot, while the other fumbles to unbuckle his pants.
At last, he pulled his pants down, his two members aching for your warmth, heads swollen and glistening with precum. He sighs, a shaky breath of anticipation as he grabs one of his cocks, rubbing it between your folds to gather your juices, letting the other rub between your asscheeks.
Jimin grabs your hip with one hand for leverage, advancing his hips forward to sink his fat cock deeper inside of you, his other hand stroking his neglected length, ''Ah,'' He hissed, ''Feels good...''
Even if he wanted to punish you, he was not getting through this unaffected either, internally falling apart at how good your cunt squeezed around his girth. Another soft sigh pushed through his plushy lips, his hips slowly rocking back and forth to feel every single inch of his cock squeezed by your tight warmth.
His lips fall open in pleasure, small grunts echoing in the room. You watch him through the mirror, his predatory stare making you shrink, feeling so small underneath him.
''J-jimin...'' You whimper weakly, his thin eyes meeting yours in the mirror, a small smirk curling on his lips until his fangs are bared,
''More..'' Your hips move to meet his, and his stare grows richer, both of his hands now settling on your ass to move you on his cock like a toy,
''Like this? You like this?'' He growls, eyebrows drawn together in focus as he fucks into you harder, stretching your cunt with his fat cock.
He moans your name, it comes out like a mix between a whimper and a hiss, and when you grind harder against him, the coil in your lower abdomen was tightening, feeling your orgasm creep up on you.
''Y-yes, you're doing so well, Jiminie.'' You gasp the words out, your body now jolting forward with every thrust, gradually growing rougher and faster with his greed to chase his own high. He licks his teeth, his small fangs itching to bite into you. He wasn't venomous, so he knew he could safely do so, and that's exactly what he needed.
He snaked his hands around your torso, forcing you to stand up straighter, back still arched into his touch as his forked tongue slips out to lick your neck, the urge to sink his teeth into your skin unbearable,
''Bite me,'' You grunt between his thrusts, ''Please, bite me, Jimin!''
He obliged without a word, no hesitation in the way his lips curled up in a small smile, placing open mouthed kisses on your neck to tease until he wasn't able to hold back any longer, and sunk his teeth into your neck.
You cried out in pain and pleasure, rocking your hips against his length. Jimin kept biting, littering your neck and shoulder with small dotted bites.
That was enough for you to feel the coil in your core burst, your flesh spasming and squeezing his cock desperately, body quivering underneath him as your mouth fell open in a silent cry.
''Shit shit shit.. Y/N, I'm gonna cum.. I'm cumming too–'' He slammed his cock into you a few more times before his hips stuttered, a low guttural groan vibrating in his chest. His cocks desperately throbbed, one filling you up to the brim, relishing the velvety walls of your cunt, the other pathetically pulsating as it freely came on your back, twitching desperately. His grunts quickly turned into broken whimpers, hugging you close through his relase.
Jimin nuzzles into your neck, his split tongue gently licking your wounds clean, his breath fanning your skin.
''Mine...'' he weakly whispers into your ear, the spot where the two of you are still joined leaking with his cum, dribbling down in the form of a puddle on the tile floor.
''Yours,'' You softly chuckle, grunting lowly when he pulls out of you, his two cocks coated in his cum. He turns you around, hands wrapped around your waist to pull you close to his chest, his rich, snakelike eyes staring down at you with a smile on his swollen lips,
''You don't smell like dog anymore.'' He beamed, as if this was his mission all along.
You scrunch your nose, squeezing his cheek between your fingers, drawing a small whine from him, completely the opposite of the dominant predator you just got fucked by,
''That was never my fault!''
Jimin's eyes squint as he smiles, his split tongue teasingly licking his teeth,
''I know.. And now, no hybrids will be mistaken that you're already claimed, with my scent and markings on you,''
He smirked, helping you and himself to become more presentable before pulling you with him to leave, your eyes still shocked at his words.
He had mated you.
Tumblr media
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a-detraque-barista · a year ago
Our Haunted House
Tumblr media
Title: Our Haunted House
Rating: M
Word Count: 5.4k
Genre: yandere, horror, smut
Warnings: cursing, yandere behaviors, mention of blood, tentacle fucking, buckets of cum, biting, marking, possessiveness, unprotected sex
Summary: On your first trip back to the Halloween Fest you ran into a quiet but attractive man. Once you get separated from your friends he can’t keep himself from touching you.
A/N: HAPPY SPOOKS DAY EVERYONE!!!! A perfect rainy day (not for trick or treaters) for Halloween and to stay home and have a  Halloween Movie Marathon while eating candy and other junk food. Anyway, this is my very first smut and I hope you all like it. I also entered this in @bang-tan-bitches​ writing challenge, Monster Mash. So go check out all the other amazing stories posted in the challenge and show them some love and now on with tentacley Jimin  💜 💜 💜
    The music box played alone on the stage. It reminded you of carnival music but there was a dark undertone to it. You were only twelve and your father decided to bring you to the annual Halloween Fest. You never got scared when someone jumped out in front of you. For some reason, you have never felt fear. Nothing ever frightened you like other people. 
Your mother had voiced her concerns on more than one occasion. Calling you a freak, a monster, even going as far as a demon. She doesn’t speak to you anymore. Ignoring your existence and spending her time drinking wine and watching trash television. 
The stage you sat a few rows away from had gone completely dark before a clown was in the spotlight. His makeup was done terribly. His lips were painted black which was peeling and the white paint on his face was cracking. As he smiled widely you could clearly see black smudges on his yellow teeth.
“Hello ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls!! I am your host for this evening! And tonight I welcome you to The Clowning. I did not come up with the name by the way,” he spat as he spoke with a fake speech impediment. “And now I present to you, Stabby the Prankster.”
Your father’s eyebrow raised, just as many other parents at the name. Then a clown wearing all red and black popped out from behind the curtain. A laugh similar to Woody the Woodpecker reached your ears. And just as his name entailed, he had knives in both hands. His makeup was just as terrible as the first. Instead, his eyes had red circles and his cheeks had red spots on top of the cracking white paint. 
He jumped down from the stage and in front of the first row viewers. His bulging eyes looked from left to right before lunging straight ahead and swiftly slit the young boy’s throat.
Screaming followed as people began to rush towards the exit. Your father picked you up and began to run with you tightly in his arms. Pushing his way through, he got to just outside the door before stopping dead in his tracks. Everyone around the two of you gasped as they saw the dagger sticking out of his back. 
Your father looked down at you and smiled weakly before dropping to his knees and before he could fall forward onto you, a family friend hoisted you onto her hip. She ran with you as you looked back to your now-dead father lying on the floor. 
The clown that had thrown the knife had made his way to your dad’s body and locked gazes with you. His smile was gone and he was no longer slashing townspeople one by one. He seemed as if he was worried about something.
The clown that had claimed to be the host grabbed Stabby by the neck and threw him back into the auditorium before disappearing behind the doors himself. 
“It’s going to be okay sweetie. They can’t hurt you. There’s nothing you have to worry about,” the woman carrying you said softly as you began to cry. Your father was the only one that cared about you. And you were old enough to know that.
It’s been around a decade since then. You moved out of your mother’s house into your own. You finally had your own space. Your mother didn’t talk to you much after what happened. Only a few words every couple of weeks.
As you grew older, nobody realized your dad was one of the victims. Which led you to make friends. Your best friends were Jennie and Mark, they even wanted to be your roommates. You may not live alone but you still consider this your own space, compared to your mom’s house. 
You laid in your bed as you played on your phone. It was already four in the morning, but you couldn’t sleep. Nothing worked. Listening to classical music, drinking some of Jennie’s chamomile tea, tossing and turning. Now you stared at your white ceiling thinking of other ways to fall asleep. 
Halloween is coming up and you had to think of ways to decorate the house. No wonder why you can’t sleep, your mind always wanders off. Still, you think about all the decorations you have in storage in the attic and think of new ones you could buy. 
As you zone out you see something in the corner of your eye. Quickly looking to the side, you see nothing but your closed closet door and look back up at the ceiling to see swirling patterns begin to slither across. They were navy blue mixed with graphite grey. They were like vines twisting and curling around each other. Your eyebrows furrowed as the vine-like tendrils became bigger like they were getting closer. You feel the smooth tip of the reaching blue vine graze your nose. You attempt to sink further into the bed but as you run out of space the tendril still follows and moves to the side to comfortingly caress the side of your face. It was gentle and you could feel your eyelids becoming heavier. 
Trying to fight it, you struggle to keep your eyes open. Even attempting to hit it away with your hand but another tendril grabbed your wrist, with the utmost care. It laid your hand back down softly as if it didn’t want to cause you any pain, even a little. 
Your eyes were closed by the time the most soothing voice you’ve ever heard say, “You have all the power over me.”
Mark jumping onto your bed while Jennie made an alarm go off on her phone was what woke you up. Mark began to shake you violently as he laughed, “It’s one in the afternoon, lazy ass. Get up.”
You weren’t able to say anything until he finished shaking you. Even then you didn’t say anything and just groaned. Mark and Jennie both started to jump on the bed and stopped abruptly to hear what you had to say.
“Fuck you,” you swiped your leg into theirs to make them fall. Jennie landed on her back on the bed and Mark landed on the floor. 
“So mean,” Mark grumbled from the floor. You sat up and leaned on your elbow to give him a blank look when he popped his head up. 
“So annoying.”
Mark laid back down on the floor to sulk while Jennie turned to you, “Wanna go to the Halloween Fest with us? I know you never go but it’ll be fun.” 
You got up and walked to your bathroom connected to your room, closing the door behind you. You never told them about your father being one of the victims during what they called, Hallow’s Eve Massacre. You had always thought it was a dull name. Created by none other than the group of moms that have nothing better to do than to drink overcomplicated coffee that was too expensive for their small sizes and get into other people’s business like it’s their own.
Standing at the sink you thought about the pros and cons of going. Pros. Delicious seasonal foods, haunted houses, everything scary you love, and getting out of the house with your two best friends.
Cons. Paranoia, especially of clowns and stages, people you don’t like to even be within a ten-mile radius, and going outside.
You supposed the pros outweigh the cons. Who knows, it could be fun.
You regret your decision the moment you walked through the admission stands. Looking around you saw many clowns. Or were they your former classmates? It was hard to tell. None of these-
“Ow!” Landing on your ass you ended up dropping your coffee.
“I’m so sorry! Are you alright?” The man who bumped into you kneeled down to make sure you were okay. You felt like you've seen his face before but couldn't really pinpoint where you've seen him.
"Yeah-yeah. I'm fine," you felt him begin to pull you up by your arms to stand up directly in front of him. “Are you okay? I mean I ran into you-”
“Yeah, I’m fine.”
“Good,” you stood there awkwardly and watched as his hand soothingly rubbed your forearms. It felt comforting. His hands were warm and it seeped through your jacket and into your skin. 
“Jennie, I think we’re interrupting something,” Mark joked as he leaned into Jennie’s side like he was whispering to her but spoke in a normal, almost loud voice.
Your face gained a red hue as you stepped away from the man who tried to look into your very soul, “Sorry again. I’ll try to pay more attention.” You stared at the ground and began to quickly walk away from the man.
“Please don’t. I’d love to run into you again sometime,” he called out before turning the other way and continued his path to wherever he was going. You kept walking with Jennie and Mark until you arrived at the part of the fairgrounds where they had all the rides. 
First, you rode the Twirling Tangerines, inside the large oranges there was a wheel you could all turn. Then, you rode the Spider, where you sat in a cart-like box that spun as the arms lifted you up and down.
You were on your way to the haunted house when you turned to Mark, “I think I just saw-” Noticing he’s not with you, you look around the crowd to try and spot him. “Jennie, where’d Mark go?”
She turned to you and looked around as well, “How the hell could we lose him?” She took out her phone from her pocket and clicked on his contact to call him. He didn’t answer.
“We’ll have to split up and look for him,” you shrugged as you headed toward back the way you came and Jennie veering left from the way you were going.
It took almost half an hour before you get a call from Jennie, telling you she found him. She failed to mention the man that Mark had crossed paths with on his adventure. 
You met them at one of the tents where they had a rigged game for people to play as stuffed animals hung from the top. You may or may not have stopped at the apple cider stand on your way to the game tent.
“Woooooow. You didn’t get us any?” Mark was obviously hurt but you didn’t really care. “You shouldn’t have wandered off like you did cause then we’d both have apple cider right now,” you took a sip of your hot drink while looking at him.
Your eyes shift to the man who you had bumped into earlier. You began to cough up the warm beverage that was trying to intrude into your lungs from your sharp intake of breath. Coughing into your sleeve, you tried to breathe again before asking, “What are you doing here?”
“Mark ran into me while I was heading toward the Baker’s Street and he was looking somewhere else,” his smile was so big it made his eyes turned into crescent moons. It almost made you want to smile. He walked closer to you before reaching out his hand to you, “My name’s Jimin. What’s yours?”
You stood there wide-eyed and shocked before snapping out of it and taking his hand. Maybe a bit too eagerly, “Y/n.” You took your hand back and turned to Mark and Jennie, “Ready for the haunted house?”
Mark groaned and Jennie gave an unconvincing “yeah” as she kind of curled into herself. You lead the way and never turned to look if Jimin had ended up following you or went ventured off somewhere else. 
You didn’t really know what to do with guys. Keeping to yourself you never really talked to people. Especially guys so it was kind of new and weird for you to speak with such an attractive guy that wasn’t a close friend like Mark. 
Walking up to the house you showed the wristband you got at the admissions booth to allow you to go in. 
"I'm sorry sir. If you don't have a wristband then I can't let you in," the woman at the entrance practically spat the person she was talking to.
You turned around to see her speaking to Jimin and felt kind of annoyed by how she spoke to him. She didn’t really have any reason to be so rude, that you knew of. “He did have one, I saw it on his wrist a few minutes ago,” you don't know why you were vouching for this guy. You just felt like it, you guessed.
The lady reluctantly nodded him through with a sneer. He smiled politely towards her before joining your group into the dark foyer.
As a dressed up ghoul jumped out in front of you and Jimin, you did nothing but stare blankly at the man while Mark yelped and Jennie gasped. How Jimin ended up next to you, you didn't know. 
Jimin noticed how the jump scare didn't frighten you. He found it intriguing, in fact. You didn’t even bat an eyelid. 
“Where’s Mark?” Jimin’s head snapped to you as you looked around for your not-so-bright friend once again. Jimin began to look around with you.
“You must be fucking kidding me,” Jennie sighed before saying, “I’ll go look for him so he doesn’t make any weird friends in here.”
Leaving you and Jimin alone, you kept walking through the hallways and up the staircase. Many people attempted to scare you but none of them succeeded. And Jimin tried not to laugh at your reaction to their attempts. It’s not that he was making fun of you. He was just amused how much effort the actors put into being frightening and all they get is your eyebrow raised at most. 
You felt Jimin take your hand gently and slowly tighten his grip into a comfortable hold, “I’m scared.” 
Immediately, you could tell he wasn’t scared at all. He just wanted a reason to hold your hand like he was smooth. But you didn’t really have the heart to take your hand away. And you didn’t really want to. You felt him come closer to you bit by bit until your shoulders were rubbing against each other.
“You wouldn’t mind if I held you would you?” Jimin broke the eerie silence that sat between you two.
“Why do you want to?” you found the question odd but weren’t completely opposed to it. You weren’t a hoe but he just made you feel comfortable. 
“Cause I want to get closer to you.”
“But you’re already close to me,” you smiled. “I suppose.”
He reciprocated your smile and let go of your hand to wrap around your shoulders. He tugged you closer so you were tucked into his side. The warmth from his body kept you from shivering because of the freezing temperatures inside the building. 
Seeing a door crack open not far down the hallway, you expected someone to jump out of the room. Getting close enough to look into the bedroom, no one jumped out. Jimin noticed your interest in the room and peeked inside with you. The only thing in the room was a wardrobe, a desk, a king-sized bed, and a mirror hanging in front of the desk. All were caked with dust. 
“Must be an extra room they decided not to use,” you concluded before you took a glance at Jimin, only to meet his eyes. You quickly looked away and awkwardly scanned the room.
All you heard were his footsteps before feeling his grip your arm to turn you towards him, “Keep your eyes on me.” 
Your cheeks felt like the sun had been shining on them for hours. And as he demanded, you kept your eyes on him. The thumb on the hand that rested on the side of your face came up to slightly pull down your bottom lip.
“You wouldn’t mind, right?” he said quietly then bit his lip while looking at yours.
Shaking your head gently, Jimin kissed you without a second thought. It was rough and hungry. He didn’t hold back for a second. Licking your lips, practically begging for access. You parted your lips slightly and that’s all he needed to slip his tongue into your mouth. No inch was left untouched. He started to walk forward making you walk back until the back of your knees hit the bed. 
After falling back on the bed, Jimin practically ripped off his thick black hoodie, showing the loose white shirt beneath. It was thin and the neckline hung well below his collarbones. The hoodie landed somewhere by the door as he got down on the floor on his knees. He gently took hold of the waistband on your pants before pulling them down slowly. As they pooled around your ankles, he came back up to start peppering kisses along your inner thighs. 
“I’m sorry baby girl, I would take my time with you but I can’t wait anymore,” his voice was thick with arousal as he tore off your shoes, socks, and pants. “I need to have you.”
Jimin ripped your panties from your waist and fell to the floor in shreds, “I’ll get you new ones.” 
Trailing more kisses down your thighs he got closer and closer to your core. His fingers began to skim over your folds and dip between them to land right on your clit. Rubbing small circles around it, his soft lips were at the apex of your thigh. 
He was so gentle with you, you weren’t sure how to feel. Adored, impatient, excited. Personally, you were never the vanilla type.
    Jimin was so close to your core, so close. But he pulled away at the last second. You whined, at which Jimin laughed at, as he pulled his shirt off from over his head. Tossing his shirt away he climbed back up your body.
    “There’s something I need to show you,” Jimin’s eyes were dark with excitement as he hovered over you.
    Your puzzled look was all he needed to continue to show what he meant. He was groaning as his head hung and his expression made it seem like he was in pain. You didn’t understand what was happening until you saw the tendrils coming out from his back. They were cobalt blue. Two were thinner than the other two. They grew and grew towards the ceiling but stopped just short of it. Once they were straight, as if they were stretching, they curled back down towards you and Jimin. They floated in the air and you stared at them. You weren’t appalled. No, you were...curious. You would’ve never thought he was anything other than human. 
    It’s not like you believed in aliens and werewolves it’s just you the type of person that thought, maybe they do exist, maybe they don’t. It looks like they do.
    “Are you gonna fuck me with those or not?” you said half-joking.
    “You’re not disgusted? Horrified?” Jimin could not believe what he was hearing. You wanted him to fuck you with his tentacles. You wanted him.
    “No, why would I be? I’m surprised and I have some questions but those can wait till later. Don’t you think?” you answered honestly and looked Jimin in the eyes while you said it. And after you said it, the tendrils behind Jimin visibly relaxed. 
    Jimin’s eyes lit up for only a second before he attacks your neck with his pillowy lips. One of the smaller tentacles reaches down between your legs causing you to get surprised and you try to close them. Jimin sucks on your neck harder as he held your legs open with his right hand, “It’s okay, jagi. I’ll make you feel good.”
    As Jimin nibbles on a particularly sensitive spot, you moaned. He almost came right then and there. Your voice was already music to his ears. But your moans? Absolutely heavenly. He tried his best to keep his body from shaking from the numerous shivers. Part of him couldn’t even believe that this was happening. He was touching you, breathing in your scent, pleasuring you. It was his dreams coming true and he was intoxicated with everything you.
    The tentacle between your legs began to rub your clit faster than what Jimin did. More moans started to escape you and your head tilted back into the pillows. Jimin was still making his way all-around your neck, making sure he was marking your neck thoroughly. 
You felt the other small tendril circling your entrance. Becoming coated with your arousal. It slowly began to enter, inch by inch. It was about the same thickness as your trusty vibrator at home so you stretched to its girth with ease. Its smooth texture slipped past your walls effortlessly. 
Jimin was starting to groan the deeper the tendril went. His breath became heavy as he nuzzled his face into your neck, “Jagi~ you’re so tight around him. I can’t wait until my cock is inside your hot cunt. Can I, jagiya?”
“Yes, please. I want you to fuck me,” you said brokenly in between moans.
Jimin sat up and quickly unbuttoned his pants and took them off swiftly. The two larger tentacles reached down to you and took off your coat and shirt. You arched from the building pressure in your abdomen just in time for them to take your bra off. 
The tentacle fucking you took up a hastened pace. It was starting to go deeper and deeper with every thrust. The knot in your lower stomach grew tauter. Jimin kissed you feverishly and swallowed your moans as you got closer to the peak. The very last thrust of the tendril made you come the hardest you’ve ever came before. You felt the tendril in your stomach as it spurted. As did every other tentacle and even Jimin’s cock was spewing out cum.
Jimin’s moan was getting you excited again. It was deep and guttural. You were panting as you felt full of his cum and felt more cum on your chest and stomach. 
“I didn’t know all of them had cum,” you chuckled as you regained your breath. 
Jimin laughs with you, “Now you know how I felt the first time I jerked off.”
His statement made you laugh harder as both of you came down from your highs. The appendage slowly began to pull out of your cum-filled cunt. You whimpered from the sensitivity. Jimin’s cum flowed out of your entrance before Jimin plugged you up with the tip of his cock.
Feeling the head, you realized just how big Jimin was. Being too distracted to notice earlier. Jimin could tell your realization by your expression.
“What’s the matter, jagi? Never had anyone this big before?” Jimin knows he was being a tease. Even though he doesn’t want to even think about the others who’ve touched you. Only he can touch you like this. He’s the only one who can pleasure you.
You knew what he was doing. He was getting smug. But you didn’t really have the patience to play games with him.
“Who knows.”
Jimin’s smirk fell as yours grew. Jimin stared into your eyes as he slammed his entire length into you in one thrust.
“You know I’ve stuffed you full. I don’t think there’s even any room for one of my tentacles. I can feel how I’m stretching you,” Jimin wasn’t going to let you win this one. 
He wrapped his arms around your waist to bring you with him as he sat back on his heels. Your chest heaved from his massive girth inside you. One small tendril wrapped around your wrists and held them above your head, the other small one began to circle at your puckered hole while a larger one spread your right cheek to give it room. And lastly, the last, larger tentacle curled around one of your breasts. 
Jimin slowly pulled out his thick cock before slamming back into your hot cunt. His moans mixed with yours as his pace became faster. Soon he was slamming in and out of you at a bruising pace. The appendage at your tight hole caught some of yours and Jimin’s combined cum and lubed you up. 
At first, it only dipped in its tip. After a few thrusts, it started to go further. Still taking on a slow pace, it steadily enlarged your hole. 
Jimin’s right arm let go of your waist to support himself above you as he leaned forward. He was still pistoning in and out of you with no intention of slowing down. Hair stuck to his forehead as did yours. Moans left you uncontrollably as both of your holes were being fucked and your tit was being gripped.
You felt the pressure on your breast vanish before feeling the said tendril slither up your neck. You hear Jimin breathe out a laugh as he saw his appendage shyly touch you.
“I think he wants to know if you could suck him,” Jimin smirked, knowing that’s exactly what it wanted. 
Opening your mouth, the tendril appeared to become a light blue as it took the invitation. You felt the tentacle practically purr from the wetness and warmth from your mouth. It thrusted into you languidly. Not going very deep so it wouldn’t hurt you. 
“Look at you. Being a slut for me. All your holes are filled with parts of me.”
His thrusts were becoming sloppy. And the tendril in your mouth was going down into your throat until you were gagging with every plunge. Your ass was so stretched out you knew that there was going to be a gap now. Maybe not a large one but there will be one. And Jimin was still pounding your swollen cunt with his massive girth. 
The tendril around your wrists let go to reach down to rub your clit in quick, small circles. You’re loud, almost screaming moans were muffled by the deep throating appendage.
You could feel you were getting so close to your release. You felt the familiar knot in your stomach building. By Jimin’s groans growing louder and his sloppy pace, you tell he was close too. 
He opened his eyes to see your body being completely surrounded by him. He let his arm fall around your waist again but he laid his head between your tits and put the rest of his energy into the last few hard pumps and stilled as he felt your walls flutter around him. 
Your eyes rolled into your skull and Jimin squeezed his eyes closed tightly. Your walls milked Jimin’s cock as it pulsed and shot cum inside you. You felt all the tentacles pulse out cum into your throat, ass, and onto your clit and mound. 
Reaching up to Jimin’s hair, you carded your fingers through the strands. Both of you were trying to calm your breathing down. Jimin was still coming but the tendril down your throat pulled out so you could breathe more easily. 
Jimin began to kiss your sternum after he came down from his high. You glanced down and back up, only to glance down again to notice a visible bulge in your stomach, that's still growing. 
"How much cum do you have?!" you exclaimed as you watched it grow bit by bit. 
"Don't pretend you don't like it," Jimin's smug attitude was still there as he knew he was right by your silence.
Jimin reluctantly pulled out of you and he didn’t mind how much cum was pouring out of your cunt. He knew there were going to be many more times like this. And that’s when he’ll worry about keeping you plugged up but for now, he just wanted to fall asleep next to you.
He pulled your exhausted body back up to the pillows with using the help from his now sky blue tentacles before they slowly retracted back into the slits in his back. 
“We should probably go, Mark and Jennie might be worried about us,” trying to sit up Jimin pulled you back down.
“No need to be in a hurry, jagi. You’re too exhausted to go out looking for him-them right?” Jimin brushed the hair from your forehead so he could see your eyes more clearly.
“Yeah, you’re right. Let’s just hope none of the employees find us,” you huffed out a laugh as you snuggled further into the covers. 
Jimin wrapped his arms around you and entangled his legs with yours. He wasn’t able to even doze off until you were sound asleep. He tried not to think about what just happened so he wouldn’t become hard and wake you up. He needed the whole night to transform this place back to the original with how worn out he is.
“Goodnight jagi. Tomorrow you’ll start your new life here with me. In our own haunted house.”
You woke up to Jimin hugging you tightly beneath the warm blanket that you had dirtied just a few hours ago. Your muscles didn’t want to make any effort to move so you had to lay there until you had the energy to get up and get dressed. Stretching out your legs a bit you felt a crack somewhere in your spine. You’re puzzled about how that would affect your back but you don’t worry about it. Nuzzling back into Jimin’s neck, you finally remembered Jennie and Mark being in the house with you. They must have gone home without you given how long it’s been.
They were adults, no reason to really worry about them. You tucked the blanket over your shoulder to hide from the cold draft. Jimin felt you moving around so he got impossibly closer to you and pulled the blanket up to his neck so it covered most of your head.
You groaned and tilted your head up causing your chin to rest on his chest making your lips pout. He cracked an eye open to see what you were doing. Seeing your sleepy, pouty face made him let out a breathy chuckle.
Jimin leaned down to kiss your forehead, “Did you sleep well?” He continued his kisses all over your face, moving down to reach your nose.
“Mm-hm,” your eyes were still closed when you thought about what it was. “Do you know what time it is?”
“No,” he kept smothering your face in kisses.
“I have to go home soon.”
“No? I kinda do. I need clean clothes, I need a shower, and I need to check up on Jennie and Mark,” you began to untangle yourself from Jimin’s arms and legs only to have him roll you over to lay on you. “Jimin~ I have to get up,” laughing you tried to roll back over Jimin had you completely pinned. 
“You’re not going anywhere,” he said quietly into your ear before he kissed right below your lobe. “My marks are fading already, stay still.”
You huffed as he darkened the already almost purple hickeys on your neck, “After this, you have to get off me so I can go home.” 
“But you can’t go home. You live here now, with me,” he pushed himself up with his forearms on the mattress. His eyes were stone. But they were warm as they bore into yours. “You’re not leaving me.”
“That doesn’t make any sense,” you whispered as you maintained eye contact. “How can either of us live here when it’s just a stage for townspeople to dress up and scare people?”
“It seems, you haven’t noticed the change in the room,” Jimin smirked as his eyes left yours to scan the room, causing you to follow his actions. 
The room was no longer a dirty beige with dust-covered furniture. It’s the same exact room except, it was gray. Everything in the room was gray beside you two. The window that had light from the fair shining through was completely blacked out. And the mirror above the desk was completely shattered. Little to no pieces remained in the frame. 
“Besides, your friends tried to find us but they kind of got trapped,” He laid back down next to you and rested his head on his hand. “So there’s no need to worry about them, sweetheart.”
You pushed his arm off and swung your legs onto the floor but you felt the familiar wetness from one of Jimin’s tentacles wrap around your abdomen. It made you sit back down and pulled you back to Jimin.
“It’s true that you have all the power over me. However, that doesn’t mean I’ll let you go.”
Your heart undoubtedly fluttered.
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mnyg1800com · 3 years ago
◾yandere!bts yandere scale
◾yandere!bts yandere scale
|anon. ques.|
kim seokjin:
yandere scale: 5/10
Jin is not too possessive, but if his s/o wanted to go out he would tag along, but try not to disrupt his/her fun unless he thought it was necessary. However, before they started dating, Jin had stalked him/her, for quite a while actually. He would never tell them this, as it's now in the past and you two are happily living in the present, together. So he is very protective of his s/o, but if they really needed space he would give it to them, but not for long. 
Tumblr media
min yoongi:
yandere scale: 4/10
Yoongi wouldn't waste time in implanting trackers into your phone because you were to always be with him, and you wouldn't go out without him knowing where you were. Yoongi is mainly over-protective of you, which is why he is always with you, but he wouldn't go as far as stalking or following you everywhere unless he thought you were going somewhere dangerous for your safety(as long as you tell him where you're going he is pleased).
Tumblr media
kim namjoon:
yandere scale: 7/10
Namjoon is naturally jealous, but as a yandere, he has much more over-bearing and protective personality. He tries his best not to be, but he can't help it when everyone is looking at what is his. He won't be willing to, but if he has to he will eliminate the people he thought would be threats to the two of you. Namjoon always tries to keep away from that side of him away from you, but he can't help it sometimes and blood does have to be shed.
Tumblr media
jung hoseok:
yandere scale: 9/10
Although Hoseok is nothing but sweet to you, he is more than willing to spill blood for you, no hesitation. One wrong word from someone talking to you and he would have them dead by that night, no remorse or pity for them. He has a great disguise as being a loving and sweet man, but that's only for you. People who have faced him have rarely been left with a warning, as they are usually found dead the next morning.
Tumblr media
park jimin:
yandere scale: 3/10
Jimin is a big ball of fluff. He wouldn't dare hurt anyone else, he couldn't risk you finding out about that. If he does feel threatened or enraged at another person trying to pursue you, the least he would do is send a very descriptive warning. But he wouldn't dare hurt another person or else who knows what you might think of him. He didn't want to risk tainting the image of him in your mind so he wouldn't dare do it.
Tumblr media
kim taehyung:
yandere scale: 8/10
Much like Hoseok, he is willing to do anything for you, whether it be kill someone for your safety or spoil you to death, he’d do it all for you. But unlike Hoseok, he was more patient with whoever decided to piss him off or bother you. If he saw that the same man decided to annoy you, he would take care of them. He had more self-control to mindlessly kill, after all, he had to plot the whole thing correctly or it might get worse from that point on. Under any circumstances would you find him with blood on his hands, he has planned everything out carefully. 
Tumblr media
jeon jungkook:
yandere scale: 10/10
Jungkook was very possessive over you, he would do anything for you two to stay together. Whether it be to tie you down, manipulate you, or eliminate everyone in your circle of friends, he would do it. You were his one and only precious and he wouldn’t hesitate to kill for you, just to keep you as his own. He is a very clingy boyfriend, always being attached to your side wherever you went. He catered to your every need, whether you asked for it or not he was there beside you. 
Tumblr media
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