#yandere kny x reader
Uuhhh, yan tengen with a darling that likes to crawl into his lap and fall asleep whenever he’s home. Stock syndrome already set in for darling to be this cuddly. Plz and Thxs
You can call this Fluffy or Human Experiment. I want to know how much a fluffy Uzui Simp can take up with without having a heart attack.
I hope you like this.
Yandere Uzui Tengen
Tumblr media
At first, Uzui would be really skeptical.
He would think at first that this would just be the way you try to escape.
But Uzui doesn’t mind when you run to hug him as soon as he gets back home.
Uzui just strokes your hair and hugs you.
It’s a really safe feeling when his muscular arms are wrapped around you.
It can last for about a moment or many hours.
Uzui is also pleasantly surprised when you want to sleep in his arms.
He will stroke your hair and give you kisses on your forehead until you fall asleep.
He thinks you are invaluable.
Uzui is not going to sleep with you at the same time.
He wants to watch you for a moment so he can remember that moment forever.
The mornings are also really relaxing.
Uzui wakes you up with long and passionate kisses.
He usually wakes you up early so you can hug together for many hours.
And when this behavior starts to recur often, Uzui is really happy.
You finally understand what you really feel.
Uzui wants to spend more time at home with you.
He wants to make up for every second lost.
This man is really soft if you are soft to him.
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jackrrabbit · 4 days ago
frostbites /// Douma x f!Reader (18+)
Tumblr media
Summary: [Mermaid AU] An ecologist studying a deserted island stumbles across a creature straight out of a fairytale…or a nightmare.
✧ open season thirsts but this one turned into a full fic so fuck my life [7–8/?] ✧
Request 1: Ooh can you write yandere mermaid AU’s?
Request 2: Oh my gosh. Okay, this is so exciting. Since I realized you write for Demon Slayer I've been itching for the opportunity to see anything from you about Doma. He's just. So awful and terrible. I'm trash, I love him. He's an actual monster with a saccharine smile. I'd love to see ANYTHING from you about him. Headcanons. A scenario of him with a demon slayer, or a demon, or just some pathetic human. Even just your thoughts on him would be a blessing, your choice. I’d just love to hear anything you have to say about him. Your writing is so beautifully unsettling, (your Oikawa piece Fanatic. That left me thinking about him for weeks.) So anything about Doma would be fantastic. But no pressure, if Doma isn't your cup of tea please don't force yourself. Honestly I'm just excited to see what you write from any of your requests. Thank you for being so lovely!
A/N: Combined these requests bc I feel like Douma was honestly perfect for this, and I’ve been holding off writing him until he gets animated but who knows how long that’ll take. Thank you so much, btw—I’m also Douma trash and I’ll absolutely be writing more for him in the future!
Is this yandere? It’s more like an origin story of Douma going yandere for cute ecology RA!reader. I haven’t written a scene like this in ages and it was really fun! I know I’m cursing myself by saying this, but maybe one day I’ll write more in this AU…no promises though ♡
Tags/warnings: yandere, mermaid AU but more on the spooky side (shoutout to @yandere-daydreams, the og yan mermaid fucker & a huge inspiration—thanks!!), fear, action, blood kink (?), mild violence, horror/beauty paradigm, size difference, animalistic, HEAVY predator/prey dynamic, one-sided sexual implications (reader is oblivious), ‘it’/‘the creature’ , hand kink, OSHA violations, there are many benefits to being a marine biologist, unfinished business…
You’ve never slept well in the cold.
Maybe you should’ve kept that in mind when you applied for a research assistant position on a tiny, uninhabited island off the Russian coast, but you thought you’d get used to it. You were sure—you were so sure, cocky little past-you—that you’d adapt to the below-freezing temperatures, that the worst part about the 2-month long field study would be the boredom of spending your days taking water samples and tagging birds with no cell service. But it’s not. The worst part is the cold.
So technically, one could argue that there’s a decent reason for you to be out of your bed tonight, yes? You couldn’t sleep from the stiff pain lancing through your sore muscles and the cold, so you made the (undeniably stupid, you’re now realizing) decision to leave camp and wander through the forest looking for…something. But by now you’re starting to regret it. You don’t think you’re far from camp, but everything feels sharper and stranger when you’re alone like this—the collar of your heavy jacket chafing against your throat, the crunch of hoarfrost under your boots, the thin beam of your flashlight catching the steam of your breath here and there before glancing over the surface of the water. God, you should have stayed in bed.
Even so many hours past sunset, the river that cuts through the center of the island is darker than the night and twice as cold. You haven’t forgotten the cautionary words the team leader imparted on your group before you came to the island: how easy it would be to get caught under the current, how quickly the icy water would seep into your limbs and your blood and your heart. You’ve been following the river because there are no paths and no markers, but you keep a safe distance—that is, until you see it.
A flash of light reflecting back from something under the surface. A rippling tongue of silver cutting through the black water. You start, shiver. You look again for the fish (how could it be a fish, though? nothing that big lives in the water here) but the churning waters are dark again. Just to prove to yourself that you’re being silly, you take a few slow steps closer to the bank—crouching low to keep your balance, shining your flashlight into the river, straining your vision to stare into the depths.
And someone—something—looks back.
You know about the fight or flight instinct, how the nervous system kicks into gear with the right stimulus; that reminder that humans are prey animals too. But you don’t run, and you don’t fight. Every muscle in your body stills, locks into place. You freeze. The thing in the river places its hands on the bank to rise half out of the water and tilts its head to the side; stares into your face. And you stare back at it. Behind it, in the river, you see hints of what caught your eye earlier: a silvery tail, like a fishtail but impossibly long, winding effortlessly through the water and keeping the creature’s torso afloat.
Your knees and the heels of your palms press into the ground. The ice underneath stings through each layer of clothing that was supposed to protect you from the elements, biting a little deeper with every second you spend sitting rigid and looking at the creature in front of you. Run. Run. Run, you think.
It blinks slowly, pale lashes shuttering down over kaleidoscopic eyes that your mind can’t seem to categorize into human or inhuman. You’re so focused on its face that you don’t see its hand move, don’t even know it’s reaching for you until you feel the icy weight of it against your cheek. Its lips part—those teeth, oh god, oh god—and it speaks something in a low, eerie voice that you know by instinct wasn’t built for human language.
(You don’t understand then—the version of Japanese he learned so many decades ago was too archaic and too heavily inflected by his unnatural manner of speaking for you to comprehend. Later, when you’re able to understand him, he’ll repeat what he said that first time he saw you kneel down by the edge of the water like a frightened doe: he’ll tell you he laid his hand on your bare skin and felt the beat of your heart and did his best to remember the human word for warm.)
But you hear different.
You hear the whispered, slithering curse of a monster from a nightmare—a beautiful one, but still. Your prey instinct thrills into pure terror, and finally a thought rips its way to the surface. You know—your brain knows, the logical part of you that you’re supposed to rely on—you know what you need to do. You have to get away. Heave your shivering body off of the muddy snow and force it into motion. You know this, you should know this, and yet the fear radiating through your body is concentrated not on your legs, but on the point where the—
—the what? the mermaid? the monster?—
—this thing is touching you, its fingertips resting delicately on your cheek. The body below the human torso resembles something between a shining fish and an eel, but the skin touching yours would almost feel human if it weren’t so cold. (Like a dead man. Like a dead thing, your mind tells you, and if every hair on your body wasn’t already pricked up in goosebumps, it would be now.)
The nails, too—not like a person’s nails you’ve ever seen—thick and long, tapering into points that could tear your flesh open like paper if the thing in the water decides to move them just a fraction of an inch down into the delicate tissue of your cheek—and because you can’t stop yourself, you don’t do the sensible thing. You don’t run. You release something that sounds like a choked scream (you can see the steam of it staining the frigid air white more than you actually hear it) and you force your stiff muscles to take hold of the creature’s wrist and try to drag his hand somewhere, anywhere it isn’t touching your face.
Stupid. Stupid. Stupid. You’re going to die here, aren’t you?
The terrible, beautiful form before you flexes, rippling like a current’s passing down from where your covered fingers are feebly trying to pull at the cold, thick mass of its arm; in an instant, it’s lifting itself out of the black water to tower over you, and it—
Not it. Him.
The thing, the monster in front of you isn’t human, but from the waist up you can’t help categorizing it—him—as male in your head. Even without considering the dozen feet of his tail, it’s a body with power threaded into every centimeter of flesh: muscular, serpentine almost, and larger than a human man’s but unmistakably male, even if the slick contours of his abdomen, his pectorals, the V-shaped muscles framing his hips and disappearing into scales below would be better suited to a stone carving of a pagan god than any man you’ve ever seen in real life.
The wrist you naively thought you could move is so large that despite the added bulk of the mitten you’re wearing, your fingers aren’t even close to meeting around it; when he bows his head toward yours, forcing you to arch your own neck back to avoid another unwelcome touch, the pristine architecture of his face fills your field of vision. In the periphery, you see a few wet strands of silver-gold hair slip over his shoulder and onto the surface of your puffer jacket, dripping frigid river water into the nylon and the fill until it soaks through to your collarbone.
More important than that, though, is the way he’s looking at you. He’s surprised, or you’d think so if this were a human and you could trust your interpretation of his wide eyes and his head cocked to the side, the slight part of his mouth and the way it curls up at the corners—some mixture of shock and delight, like a child who’s managed to catch a bird in his hands and can’t really believe his good luck.
You feel the muscles in his arm contract and then the grip you had on him is inverted—it’s him squeezing long, agile fingers around your wrist, easily spanning the width of it even over the thick sleeve of your jacket, nails stroking over the fabric like he’s deciding whether or not to shred it to get at your skin.
After a moment of deliberation, where you scrunch your eyes closed and grimace away from the cold seeping off him in waves, you feel the synthetic texture of your insulated mitt slipping over your hand—he’s taking your mitten off? You chance a quick look over, and he’s already tearing through the thick wrist strap with a single swipe of his claw to pull the mitt over your hand and drop it limply to your side. It’s too cold here for bare hands—you instinctively try to draw your hand back, curl your fingers into a fist, but the creature doesn’t let you—a short hiss escapes his mouth, and then his own hand is flattening against yours, forcing your fingers straight so he can—
—it’s strange. Almost like he’s comparing the size of his hand to yours. But that wouldn’t make sense, would it?
With the damp cold of his palm aligned against the warm softness of yours, you can tell that his hand is enormous—each fingertip outstretches easily five, six centimeters past yours, even without the added length of his sharpened nails. The stillness, the strangeness of the comparison quiets the part of your mind that’s curled in on itself with sheer terror enough that the researcher in you can start making notes—skin resembles human’s but slightly…smoother? glossier? could be something covering the surface along with water—abnormally large hands but seem to correspond with body size—small amount of transparent webbing between the fingers…
The massive hand pressed into yours shifts by a few degrees, fingers finding the gaps between yours, lacing your hands together and applying pressure until, until—
You flinch, trying without success to yank your hand away from the source of the pain and you speak without thinking. “—stop—stop, that hurts!”
He stops, easing the pressure on your delicate hand, but only by a little. Curious eyes move back to you, lingering over the movement of your mouth when you speak. His own mouth opens, and you force your gaze back up to his multicolored eyes so you don’t have to look at his teeth.
You frown through the persistent ache in your wrist—did he just—? Is he trying to imitate you?
“hur—ts?” the creature says again in that low, slithering voice that still feels wrong somehow. “it—hurts?”
“Can you understand me?” you gasp, the words leaving your mouth so quickly that your breath in the cold air clouds his beautiful face for a moment.
His head dips into a fluid nod. “—can— un—under—stand.”
You’re marveling at the discovery—not only can this creature sort of…mimic human speech, it seems like there’s a chance he actually understands what you’re saying. Does that mean he’s met humans before? Is he part human—some kind of human hybrid, a species never before believed possible until you stumbled across it on a completely unrelated research project? What does this mean—for your team, for your career, for the world? Never mind that he’s still gripping your hand so hard that the bones are starting to throb with pain—for the first time since you spotted his tail moving through the water, your fear moves to the back burner. Instead, your mind is humming with the possibilities of this finding.
Which is why you don’t notice him leaning in closer until it’s too late.
“sm—ell— g—ood. smells—good,” he repeats breathily, the air exhaled from those unearthly lungs washing like a cold rain over the side of your cheek. His face—so much larger than yours—is nudging up against the place where your jaw meets your throat, breathing in your scent. You can feel the brush of his pale eyelashes against your sensitive skin.
“want to— t—taste—want to—eat—”
You’re so numb from the cold that you barely feel the razor-like edge of his claw slice through your bared skin, drawing a shallow cut from your thumb down the back of your hand to the bulge of the carpal bones in your wrist. It’s not deep—the pain isn’t even as noticeable as the strangeness of the heat you feel seeping from the injury a second later—which you realize, as the creature pulls back just enough to lick over it—is blood.
Your blood.
He’s lapping at your blood.
You try to scramble to your feet, boots scraping haphazardly against the slippery coating of snow on the ground only to pull him closer by his grip on your hand when you stumble back almost flat to the earth. You prop yourself up on your elbows and then he’s looming over you, nose almost touching yours, the bulk of his broad chest gleaming white like the snow underneath you.
He’s smiling—beaming down at you, eyes wide with joy, such an angelic kind of beauty that for a second, despite everything, your heart seizes up with longing—ribbons of metallic hair curl around his face as they dry or drip down over his chiseled shoulders like rivers of gold—his eyes shimmer in a million colors you couldn’t put names to, almost luminescent even in the scattered halo from the flashlight you discarded a few feet away without thinking—this monster, your angel of death staring you in the face, so beautiful it hurts to look at him—
Stop freezing. You have to run. You have to do something. Your adrenaline isn’t working right, it’s pinning you into the frozen earth just as surely as the creature on top of you. The weight of his body—the juncture between his human abdomen and the tail—settles between your knees, forcing your legs wider to accommodate the mass between them. His mouth moves and again you’re transfixed piecing together his fractured speech.
“you—taste good—soft— sw—sweet. want to—touch—feel. inside.” His low, raspy voice is laced with something besides pleasure—hunger? you can’t tell, you’re not sure, but it has to be—and his eyes drift closed happily as he speaks, one thick arm curling underneath your rigid body to draw it up against his. “let me—inside—? let me feel inside—”
“Get off me!” Do something. Now. You don’t know what he’s talking about (‘feel inside’? what the fuck?), but considering common sense is telling you that there’s a decent chance you’re about to be wolfed down like Christmas dinner, it can’t be anything good.
You struggle awkwardly against the pressure of his arm, but you’re nowhere near worming your way away from him when your bare hand scrapes roughly into the dirt near your leg searching out the pocketknife you keep zipped into one of your chest pockets. Somehow you have a hard time believing the 6cm blade you use to clean under your fingernails is going to do a whole lot of good against the literal monster that’s wrestling you into the snow at the moment, but maybe a decent slash over the face could distract him enough for you to get away?
It doesn’t matter, though—as soon as the back of your thumb makes contact with the rough fragments of ice littering the ground, your escape attempt is thrust to the side in deference to the line of fire screaming out from the cut on your hand. A mixture of clean and dried blood smears out over the dirty snow and you have to bite your tongue to stop yourself from whimpering like an animal.
The pressure against your chest lets up as the monster…sits up, or whatever the anatomically-correct equivalent position is, staring down at you with patronizing concern over his face. “it hurts?” he asks slowly, almost mockingly, but your eyes are fixed on the newly-reopened injury spilling a few final drops of scarlet into the white canvas underneath. So red, like…
The flare.
The fucking flare you were given, for emergencies only.
You’re an idiot.
Before the creature can resume its attack, your abused hand shoots to the thigh pocket where the flare is resting parallel to your leg—you can barely get your cold fingers to move to the right position but you force the stiff digits to grip the zipper and yank it open, bending a few of the metal teeth in the process. He notices you moving, but just cocks his head to the side again, waiting patiently to bat aside whatever pathetic resistance attempt you’ll mount this time—and then you have it—the long rod of the flare is resting in your hand and you slide it out of the pocket to point it out to the side as far from your body as possible—
his eyes narrow a little and he makes to reach out for you again, probably wondering what you’re holding—
your team leader taught you how to use these flares on the first day of the boat trip: hold it downwind remove the cap strike the lid like a match—and in the chaos you barely remember to turn your face away and close your eyes but you do and then—
Heat explodes through the icy air as the black behind your eyelids blooms scarlet from the light of the flare. You can hear it hissing and spitting—or is that the monster?—but more importantly you can feel it, the fiery warmth roasting through the darkness at the end of your arm. You thrust the flare upward blindly (careful not to let it anywhere near you but so desperate at this point that you’d take a nasty burn over being eaten alive) and an instant later you feel the weight of his body lift off you. You don’t have any time to waste—it’ll only burn for a minute, and with the frost still biting through your lungs you’re not going to be running as fast as you’d like—but hey, he’s part fish, right? So all you have to do is get away from the water. At least…you hope.
56 seconds left. You toss the still-burning flare to the side and roll in the other direction, squinting through the all-encompassing red glow to make out the plastic glint of your flashlight. You spot it, dive for it, and wrap your undamaged hand around the familiar grip, tucking the other into the pocket of your jacket for warmth. 49 seconds left. You can hear him behind you—growling or something in that creeping voice—but you can’t look back. Can’t look into those eyes, or you’ll be trapped again, pinned and licked and taken. You haul yourself to your feet and pick a direction—doesn’t matter where, as long as it’s away from the scarlet fire of the flare and the river and him. 43 seconds left.
Behind you, the growling has started to sound like laughter.
Run. Run. Run.
In the morning, you wake up cold.
You’re nested in your bedroll, but icy sweat is soaking through the fleece lining of your undershirt and your whole body is shaking trying to get you warm again. What a horrible dream, you tell yourself. Just a bad dream. You’re still wearing your outdoor jacket but that must be because you were so tired after the job you were assigned yesterday that you forgot to change into your nightclothes, so silly. One of your hands feels prickly and achy and it stings but that must be because you scraped it on something while taking samples. So careless of you. What a horrible dream, you tell yourself.
The morning light filtering through the tent is silver-grey, almost gold at some angles. You stare into the perfectly normal light, straight up into the place where the sun should be behind the fabric. There’s condensation collecting on the ceiling of the tent; when it drips down onto your bare face, you have this strange idea—that the sudden shock of cold water spilling down your cheek feels almost like…
…almost like the echo of a touch.
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teddy-yandere · 13 days ago
Can I request a Yandere Muzan throwing a extravagant wedding for himself and his darling? 💍💍And then the Demon Slaying Squad breaks in lmao
- Uninvited Guests -
⚠️WARNING⚠️ will contain dark themes
A / N = Sorry for any grammar mistakes, I did not proofread this. Please read my bio before requesting, and make sure that my requests are open or else your request will be deleted. Enjoy <3
«★»———- KNY Demons Masterlist
* .:。✧*゚ ゚・ ✧.。. * * .:。✧*゚ ゚・ ✧.。. * . *.:。✧ *゚ ゚・ ✧.。. *.
★ You never planned to marry the demon who kidnapped you. Honestly, you actually had not sat in whatever happened to you. Muzan just decided one morning that he wanted to marry you. It’s not like you could just decline the request.
★ Everything was perfect, from you beautiful white wedding dress ( or suit ) to all of the upper moons clothing. All of the flowers everywhere . In fact , this wedding cost more than what most people could make in their pathetic lives.
★ Surprisingly, you found that you were having a bunch of fun getting ready. You had to help Kaigaku fix his tie ( how cute ). Throughout all of this , you never saw Muzan until it was time to say your vows.
★ As much as Muzan didn’t want to say it , he was very nervous. Even as a demon , he felt like the groom should not see their partner until it is time to say their vows. He wouldn’t want to cause you any bad luck.
★ After the two of you shared your vows , and exchanged rings , you hit it to the dance floor!! It was the best day of your life. You couldn’t believe that you were actually happy about marrying a demon ! Muzan could be seen with blush plastered all over his face. Everything was going so well , until you heard Daki scream.
★ Immediately, Kokushibou pulled out his sword and stood in front of you , and Muzan . Muzan grabbed your arm , and licked you up , before running at a godly pace. You could feel yourself start to pass out in his arms.
★ When you woke up , you were told that the Demon Slayer Corps had gotten a tip from a villager that a suspicious wedding was taking place.
★ Luckily , Muzan did not seem that mad about it ( to your surprise ). He simply said “ Darling , I was not fully satisfied with the wedding decorations, why don’t we plan a better wedding ? That way we could get married again”! You stared at him for a couple of moments.
★ Muzan looked like a child on Christmas as he said those words. You can’t refuse him , so you excitingly nodded your head. You could see a shy smile spread across his face.
* .:。✧*゚ ゚・ ✧.。. * * .:。✧*゚ ゚・ ✧.。. * . *.:。✧ *゚ ゚・ ✧.。. *.
Thanks for reading Darling !! <3
Have a nice Day / Night ~
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shinobusupremecy · 2 months ago
Hello hi! Your works are god tier and you writing is amazing, would I be allowed to ask for a part two of the yandere demon upper moon Shinobu? If not then forgive me.
Thank you for your time and I hope you have a nice day, also don't forget to take care of yourself!
Demon yandere Shinobu x f!pillar reader
A/N: You’re so sweet omgg and so polite too! That’s gonna take you far in life!  Thank you so much for your compliments! It makes me happy knowing you like my writing! I really hope you have a great day as well and please take care of yourself too! Health is important! 
(Sorry I posted so much in one day)
Link to part 1 is here
Art source: https://messofavs.tumblr.com/post/190005672358
Tumblr media
You felt uneasy. Very uneasy. Ever since the encounter it always felt like something was watching you. You hated the feeling, you really did. You turned around several times and brought out your sword, one time almost slashing a child. 
“Ughh I’m going crazy!” You sighed out. You were most closed bonded with Akaza and Douma, you held your little trio together and Douma and Akaza too. Constant fights between them were often but you always made them get along again. 
“It’s okay Y/N! She’s not gonna do anything!” Akaza hit him in the head instantly. 
“Are you dumb? Of course that crazy demon wanna do something to her!” Douma coverd your ears like a parent trying to cover their child from hearing a bad word.
“I honestly can’t think of why Muzan let you be a hashira! Seriously all you do is just fooling around! And come on! Let’s be real! That demon would want to do somethig with Y/N. But why?” You could hear ever word Akaza said. 
“Yep Akaza is right, that demon is planning something against me. She was pretty presistant about me being a demon too” You sighed out. 
“Yeah that happened to me too. That flame looking demon wanted me to join them too. So damn annoying” You were concerned but venting out to Douma and Akaza made you feel a bit better. 
“Shinobu? Shinobu! SHINOBUU!” Shinobu snapped out of her daze and looked down to see Mitsuri. 
“What you thinking about?” 
“Are you thinking about that Y/N again?” Giyu asked. 
“What do you think? Honestly I wonder why you even became a upper moon. No one likes you! Such a waste” Giyu scoffed and walked away. 
“Did you try to make her join us?” Mitsuri asked eagerly. She liked what Shinobu told about you. 
“I’m guessing it didn’t work!” A booming voice could be heard and there was Kyojuro. Shinobu nodded popping a vein when she thought back about your rejection to her offer. “Don’t be sad! Another hahsira rejected my offer too! He was real strong it was amazing! He would topple the ranks so fast and we could fight forever!” 
“Hmm I just want Y/N” Shinobu said. 
“So what are you planning?” Mitsuri asked and Shinobu smiled with savage eyes.
“We’re striking tonight”  
“Will you be okay with this mission?” Akaza asked worriedly. 
“Of coruse they will! they’re our Y/N!” Douma cheered. You smiled a bit. 
“No I’m coming with” Akaza spoke up. You wanted to tell him that you’ll be fine but a heavy gut feeling told you to let him come with.  
“Ugh! Fine! I’m coming with! And I thought I could get some sleep tonight too!” Douma whined. 
“No one ever told you to come along!” Akaza spat at Douma getting irritated by him. 
“But I’m doing it for Y/NNNN! To protect her!” Douma cheered again as he hugged you from behind. You patted his arm wanting him to let go. 
After some walking and not finding any demons you sighed out. 
“Maybe we should split up to fill more grounds” Douma suggested. 
“Hmm but then they could attack us one by one” Akaza counterd. 
You were fine either way of splitting up or sticking together. 
“But if we split up then the demons might dare to take us on and we can kill them!” Douma suggested again. 
Akaza let out a frustrated sigh not wanting to listen to Douma’s dumb suggestions. 
“Y/N what do you think?” 
“Doesn’t matter to me” You replied. 
“Wait what’s that?” Douma asked and pointed to a direction. Your head turned and saw faint streaks of green pink hair. 
“I’ll go after it!” Douma said and instantly jumped away. 
“I’ll follow Douma who knows how reckless he’ll be” You nodded and saw Akaza running after Douma. Now you were alone. 
You ran around a bit to try and find some more demons until you heard rustle in the bushes. Taking out your sword you looked in and saw it was a bunny stuck in some thorns. You quickly cut it but the bunny looked injuried with it’s leg. You crouched down at it, eyes full of sympathy and then you noticed it’s eyes. It looked abnormal. Instantly it lunged at you and you sliced it’s head off. 
Butterflies surrounded your vison.
“That wasn’t so polite of you to slice that bunnys head” You regonized it as Shinobu’s voice. 
“I already said no!” You spat trying to slice the butterflies. 
“I know. It would’ve been easier if you just said yes! Or things wouldn’t come to this!” Several demon Shinobu came forward attacking you. 
“Are all these fake or are one of them real?” You tried to slash all the Shinobu’s but all of them were so overwhelming. 
“Peek a boo!” Suddenly you felt something go through your stomach and blood splurted blood out of your mouth. You saw Shinobu’s smirk and looked down. She had stabbed you with her claws pretty deeply. 
Not a long moment after you felt insane pain. Blood flowed out of your mouth and you could barely breathe. 
“Ah I’m really sorry! Maybe I overdid the poison! Forgive me please!” You felt your vison becoming black and you blacked out because of the pain and the poison. 
Shinobu grabbed you in bridal style. She looked over at Mitsuri who was avoiding Doums and Akazas attacks.
“Is it going good over there!?” Shinobu asked. 
“Going great!” Mitsuri shouted back and jumped to Shinobu. 
Akaza and Douma stared up in horror at you in Shinobu’s arms. 
“Guess you two couldn’t protect sweet Y/N now could you?” Shinobu laughed mockingly. 
“Gyomei, teleport us back” Akaza instantly shot forward. He was so close before Shinobu and Mitsuri teleported away. 
A/N: Thank you so much anon for requesting! You’re so sweet and you’re melting my heart! Thank you again for requesting and take good care of yourself! 
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zasaka-studio · 2 months ago
Rengoku Kyojuro Headcanon's:
Spoiler warning this is crappy... ごめんなさい! 
Tumblr media
Warnings: Obsessive behaviors, mentions of non-con, delusional Kyojuro, forced marriage, threatening, gaslighting?
>▪ Darling: Aside from abduction, would they do anything against their darling's will
Well, that depends if- when the two of you get married. But before then all Kyojuro ever did do was give you small heartfelt kisses and loving touches. But you knew it wouldn't last. After your ceremony in the beautiful flower field he sought to consummate your marriage even if you liked it or not. Its what married couples do, don't they?
>▪ Exposed: How much of their heart do they bare to their darling? How vulnerable are they when it comes to their darling?
Oh, this man loves you so much he's even willing to die for you. A mega simp as you will, but that also doesn't stop him from thinking you genuinely love him. Though he is kinda aware as he dose set up mesures to make sure you don't "hurt yourself". Even though you know is all bullshit.
"Sorry love, but I don't want to lose you... So please, just stay inside."
>▪ Wit's end: Would they ever hurt their darling?
Absolutely never. Even if he thinks you want to leave him for someone else he immediately blames the other person for interfering with your relationship. If you'd call it that... So that doesn't stop him from gaslighting you, intentional or not. Not even this level of simpness would make him blind to that. Though he never sees you as the one in the wrong, nah it's everyone else!
"No, they're obviously influencing you to believing that were not ment for each other. They're using you, and I'm just looking out for you. Its the least a husband or lover can do. Darling"
Jesus this is short...
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just-some-yandere-writer · 3 months ago
Hi! Could you do something for Kyōjurō? Maybe with a reader who is his Tsugoku? Of course the reader is over 18. If not, that’s perfectly fine! Thank you. Btw, I love your account. :)
➡️ NOTES : READER IS NOT RENGOKU ’ S STUDENT , AS I AM UNCOMFORTABLE WITH TEACHER X STUDENT SHIPS [ mod moss ] . ending is kind of messy , but i really love how this turned out !!
Tumblr media
 Rengoku ’ s smile is a smile that makes everyone trust him immediately . it ’ s a smile that could put anyone ’ s walls down . it ’ s a smile that everyone describes as warm . it ’ s a smile that Rengoku could use to get what he wants . it ’ s a smile to get you . it ’ s a smile to have you trust him . it ’ s a smile to have you trust him , to fall in love with him , to have you kept far away from those awful demons that could hurt you -
 . . . it hasn ’ t been working .
 you aren ’ t someone that doesn ’ t trust people , no . you are far from that . you trust people to hold you drink , to hold your belongings , to keep secrets , and many other things .
 however , for some reason , you never trust him . Rengoku thinks you don ’ t even like him . not from the beginning , and not now .
 Rengoku has tried asking the other Hashira , but they don ’ t have an answer .
 so , Rengoku has come up with a new plan .
 instead of being discreet , Rengoku will use force . he ’ ll take you away instead of having you fall in love with him .
 it ’ s a good , simple plan , but there ’ s one problem : you are not weak . there is a reason why you have the Hashira title . so Rengoku will just wait for an opportunity when you are weak , when you are vulnerable .
 his patience has rewarded him .
 it was a simple mission . annihilate the demon and save anyone who ’ s in trouble . the only problem was that a huge storm had taken place when you were assigned the mission . lightning struck a tree near you , and it landed on you . luckily , you lived , but you ’ re no longer to do your job because of the wounds you suffered from the tree . right now , you ’ re recovering in the Butterfly Estate .
` ` good morning , Kocho - san ! ` `
 Rengoku greets the owner of the estate with a bright smile .
` ` good morning , Rengoku - san . lovely day , isn ’ t it ? ` `
 Shinobu replies , having a smile of her own .
` ` indeed ! i was wondering if you could tell me where [ Y / n ] ’ s room is ? ` `
` ` i can walk you there . ` `
` ` no need ! i just need you to tell me their room ! ` `
` ` actually , [ Y / n ] requested that if someone visits them , they have me or other people who are in this estate in the room . ` `
` ` oh ! that ’ s fine ! ` `
 Rengoku grits his teeth .
 the two Hashira walk over to [ Y / n ] ’ s room .
 opening the door , Rengoku sees the former Hashira sitting at the edge of a room , staring out the window . he takes a moment to dedicate the image to memory .
` ` [ Y / n ] ! it ’ s good to see you again ! ` `
 he announces , making it clear he ’ s in the room .
 the bedridden pillar looks at Rengoku , staring at him for a few seconds before responding .
` ` . . . Rengoku . i see you ’ re healthy as always . ` `
 it ’ s the same thing they tell him every time they see each other .
` ` how are your injuries ? ` `
` ` . . . they ’ re good . i got paralyzed from the waist down . ` `
` ` ah , that ’ s sad news . will you be retiring ? ` `
` ` yeah , i guess . it ’ s not bad , though . i have a family to return to and take care of me . ` `
` ` that ’ s good ! i ’ m glad you have one . ` `
` ` . . . yeah . . . hey , Shinobu ? could you step out for a second ? i want to talk to Rengoku about some . . . private things . ` `
` ` of course . i ’ ll be right outside of the room if you need anything . ` `
 after saying that , the Insect Hashira leaves .
 it’  s just you and Rengoku .
 Rengoku and you .
` ` you want me to live with you , am i correct ? ` `
 you ask . your stare hardens .
 Rengoku laughs .
` ` correct ! now i get why people call your intuition scary ! ` `
` ` yeah , i get that a lot . ` `
 you roll your eyes.
 Rengoku clears his throat .
` ` i was hoping if maybe you wanted to live in my estate after you recover . ` `
` ` nope ! hard no . wouldn’t even dream of it ! ` `
you piped .
Rengoku grits his teeth again.
` ` i see . may i know why ? ` `
` ` i know who you truly are , Rengoku . i know those sick thoughts inside of your head . and if you think you can get me , you ’ re dead wrong . i ’ d rather die in the most painful ways one hundred times . ` `
 Rengoku laughs; it’s a quiet one.
` ` then i guess you ’ ll have to die a hundred times ! ` `
 you stare at the Hashira . he laughs again .
` ` just kidding , just kidding ! but for your information , ` `
 he leans in close to you , eyes piercing yours .
` ` i ’ ll make sure you ’ ll live with me , sooner or later . ` `
 you push him away from your face , saying :
` ` try me . ` `
 you smirk .
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kimetsu-no-yaiba-writings · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
Hello there Anon! Thank you so much fro requesting, especially for the yandere event ^O^ 
Of course you can! I hope what I’ve written is enjoyable and its a good enough standard of writing.
If you have any other requests your more then welcome to pop it into my askbox - it can literally be anything! You can also request something for the Yandere event again since there’s not a limit for how many times you can request!
Tumblr media
Rengoku Kyojuro:
Kyojuro is defiantly the most lenient
He doesn’t mind as much as you’d expect
In fact, he’d most likely buy more of your writer’s books because you enjoy their writing so much – getting you special editions and hardbacks of their books if it makes you happy
He knows that you’re just showing your love for how they write and not the actual author themselves – afterall you don’t have that lovestruck in-love tone in your voice when you speak about them
Kyojuro likes listening to you ramble about your favourite things and if it just so happens to be a particular author then he’ll listen with interest – more info on you for him to hoard
He’d most likely read the books himself to have a better grasp as to why you enjoy them so much
If he read the books then it’d allow him to speak to you more about something that fully interests you
“(Y/N) I’ve found a book by that author you like! We can read it together”
Tumblr media
Sanemi Shinazugawa:
Sanemi would be slightly annoyed – but only sometimes – but because it’s you he can never feel annoyed for long
He loves you, he loves you so, so, so much but sometimes hearing you compliment and fangirl over a person you’ll never meet can sometimes be abit too much for him
He’ll let you talk about the author, let you talk and talk about how cool the way they write is, and he’ll just stand there watching you with a loving gaze as you do – because you just look so cute when you talk about something you enjoy and at least its about their techniques and not actually the author themself
 If it’s the author your complimenting though? Oh boy…
 Sanemi doesn’t like it if you do it for too long
You can just tell by how his expression subtlety changes – a small micro-expression – that he’s heard enough of the compliments
Sanemi does try though
Sanemi will try to read some of the stuff your favourite author has written
·In fact, he’ll have favorites by the end of it – mostly the poem books and short manuscripts – mainly stuff that reminds him of you
Enjoy’s having you read your favorites to him
“Oi, (Y/N) I got you another one of those book sets you like... read them with me?”
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thefieryphoenix · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
Gif from: Tenor
Tanjiro is a literal cinnamon roll 🥺 And as a yandere, I can see him being over protective but also really delusional. You could literally try to kill him and he'll still think you can do no wrong and are a sweet angel sent for only him from the heavens above
He just needs you to notice him. He'll do whatever it takes for you to notice him. Heck, I have a feeling he'll even show off his skills while you're around so he can impress. Maybe even without a shirt too 😏 But he just needs your attention and gaze to be focused only on him. Bby boi here will get sad and pouty if you don't even spare him a glance. Just PLEASE FREAKING NOTICE HIM ALREADY!!!!
He LIVES and CRAVES for any form of love or affection you give him. You might hold his hand as friends but Tanjiro won't accept that you're friends. Because in his mind you both are already together, you just need some time to realize it and a nudge in the right direction to remind you that you're his and he's yours. The two of you are practically soulmates. Oh, you're holding hands as friends? Nah, you're just shy that's all. You're just shy to admit your feelings to him and he completely understands that
He won't do anything to make you uncomfortable, like EVER. He'd rather become a demon than make you uncomfortable (Actually I think he already has, who am I kidding? TvT) But even in his demon form he wouldn't hurt you. Hurting you is the last thing he'll ever to, he'll never be able to forgive himself for hurting you. You're his angel, his goddess, a divine deity that deserves to be worshiped, not hurt. Boi here will worship the ground you walk on and takes it upon himself to protect you from the bad things in the world
He will go into a frenzy and have a literal panic attack even if you so much as get a paper cut. He'll start fussing about here and there to tend to it and that's when he realizes that he needs to take you for himself so you won't be able to get hurt. Tanjiro wouldn't be able to deal with you getting hurt, he loves you too much for you to suffer in pain. He'll directly kidnap you after you get hurt and he's prepared to handle your insults, tears and screams even if it feels like his heart is shattering into a million pieces and he slowly feels like dying inside. But he still won't do or say anything to you, he'll just endure it with a sad smile on his face. Which makes you feel guilty. You WANT to hate him for kidnapping you but the way he takes such good care of you, your heart is slowly breaking from the guilt. It won't be long before you finally start feeling conflicted about your feelings for him
Don't even think about cooking while Tanjiro's around. You could get hurt with one of the knives or you might burn your delicate skin! There aren't too many high shelves where you stay at now, what if it suddenly looses balance and falls on you! His darling angel could get severely hurt! Yes, he's a really doting yandere and over bearing with his love and affection for you but he really can't help it. Oh, and speaking of which, his sister Nezuko would most likely become a platonic yandere for you too. She likes how you make her brother so happy, you make him feel... complete and at peace, she'll be really over protective of you as well
If you escape from him he'll be sad but more worried and panicked since you could get hurt! You could be lying hurt somewhere scared and all alone. Tanjiro and Nezuko will quickly find you and after they do, Tanjiro will take you back to the house ignoring all your pleas for help and your protests and cries. Yes, Tanjiro will feel bad of having to chain you to the bed for a while but it's for your own safety. He'll still be really kind and doting and wants to forget what you've done. He isn't that keen on murder, if there's a rival for your love he'll just threaten them or something. Otherwise murder would be the last thing he'd ever do, guy is such a sweetheart. He might actually make it his goal to get on your family's good side so you both can get married and lead a wonderful life together. Of course your family would most certainly be impressed with someone like him and won't even hesitate to offer your hand in marriage to him
And if you still continue to cry of being kidnapped by him he'll feel really bad, he'll pamper you and might even take you out for some fresh air. But his grip on you is really strong so you won't be able to run away from him. In conclusion, a really sickeningly sweet yandere who would never hurt you
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animexreaderwrites908 · 6 months ago
Tumblr media
𝚈/𝙽 : 𝙺𝚢𝚘𝚓𝚞𝚛𝚘𝚘𝚘𝚘, 𝚆𝚑𝚢 𝚒𝚜 𝚝𝚑𝚎𝚛𝚎 𝚊 𝚍𝚎𝚊𝚍 𝚙𝚎𝚛𝚜𝚘𝚗 𝚒𝚗 𝚘𝚞𝚛 𝚑𝚘𝚞𝚜𝚎?!
𝚈𝚊𝚗𝚍𝚎𝚛𝚎!𝙺𝚢𝚘𝚓𝚞𝚛𝚘 : 𝙾𝚑- 𝙷𝚎𝚢, 𝙷𝚘𝚠 𝚍𝚒𝚍 𝚝𝚑𝚎𝚢 𝚐𝚎𝚝 𝚑𝚎𝚛𝚎?
𝚈/𝙽 : 𝙺𝚢𝚘𝚓𝚞𝚛𝚘𝚘𝚘, 𝚆𝚑𝚊𝚝 𝚍𝚒𝚍 𝚢𝚘𝚞 𝚍𝚘?!
𝚈𝚊𝚗𝚍𝚎𝚛𝚎!𝙺𝚢𝚘𝚓𝚞𝚛𝚘: 𝙼𝚎?- 𝙸 𝚍𝚒𝚍𝚗'𝚝 𝚍𝚘 𝚝𝚑𝚊𝚝!
𝚈/𝙽: 𝙴𝚡𝚙𝚕𝚊𝚒𝚗 𝚠𝚑𝚊𝚝 𝚑𝚊𝚙𝚙𝚎𝚗𝚎𝚍, 𝙺𝚢𝚘𝚓𝚞𝚛𝚘!
𝚈𝚊𝚗𝚍𝚎𝚛𝚎!𝙺𝚢𝚘𝚓𝚞𝚛𝚘 : 𝙸'𝚟𝚎 𝚗𝚎𝚟𝚎𝚛 𝚜𝚎𝚎𝚗 𝚝𝚑𝚎𝚖 𝚋𝚎𝚏𝚘𝚛𝚎 𝚒𝚗 𝚖𝚢 𝚕𝚒𝚏𝚎!
𝚈/𝙽 : 𝙺𝚢𝚘𝚓𝚞𝚛𝚘𝚘𝚘, 𝚆𝚑𝚢 𝚍𝚒𝚍 𝚢𝚘𝚞 𝚔𝚒𝚕𝚕 𝚝𝚑𝚒𝚜 𝚙𝚎𝚛𝚜𝚘𝚗?!
𝚈𝚊𝚗𝚍𝚎𝚛𝚎!𝙺𝚢𝚘𝚓𝚞𝚛𝚘: 𝙽𝚘, 𝙸 𝚍𝚘 𝚗𝚘𝚝 𝚔𝚒𝚕𝚕 𝚙𝚎𝚘𝚙𝚕𝚎, 𝚝𝚑𝚊𝚝 𝚒𝚜 𝚖𝚢 𝚕𝚎𝚊𝚜𝚝 𝚏𝚊𝚟𝚘𝚛𝚒𝚝𝚎 𝚝𝚑𝚒𝚗𝚐 𝚝𝚘 𝚍𝚘!
𝚈/𝙽 : 𝚃𝚎𝚕𝚕 𝚖𝚎 𝙺𝚢𝚘𝚓𝚞𝚛𝚘, 𝙴𝚡𝚊𝚌𝚝𝚕𝚢 𝚠𝚑𝚊𝚝 𝚑𝚊𝚙𝚙𝚎𝚗𝚎𝚍 𝚋𝚎𝚏𝚘𝚛𝚎 𝚒 𝚐𝚘𝚝 𝚑𝚎𝚛𝚎.
𝚈𝚊𝚗𝚍𝚎𝚛𝚎!𝙺𝚢𝚘𝚓𝚞𝚛𝚘: 𝙰𝚕𝚛𝚒𝚐𝚑𝚝, 𝚆𝚎𝚕𝚕- 𝙸 𝚠𝚊𝚜 𝚞𝚙𝚜𝚝𝚊𝚒𝚛𝚜,
𝚈/𝙽 : 𝙾𝚔𝚊𝚢.
𝚈𝚊𝚗𝚍𝚎𝚛𝚎!𝙺𝚢𝚘𝚓𝚞𝚛𝚘 : 𝙸 𝚠𝚊𝚜 𝚜𝚒𝚝𝚝𝚒𝚗𝚐 𝚒𝚗 𝚖𝚢 𝚛𝚘𝚘𝚖,
𝚈/𝙽 : 𝚈𝚎𝚜.
𝚈𝚊𝚗𝚍𝚎𝚛𝚎!𝙺𝚢𝚘𝚓𝚞𝚛𝚘 : 𝚁𝚎𝚊𝚍𝚒𝚗𝚐 𝚊 𝚋𝚘𝚘𝚔,
𝚈/𝙽 : 𝙶𝚘 𝚘𝚗.
𝚈𝚊𝚗𝚍𝚎𝚛𝚎!𝙺𝚢𝚘𝚓𝚞𝚛𝚘: 𝙰𝚗𝚍 𝚞𝚑- 𝚃𝚑𝚒𝚜 𝚐𝚞𝚢 𝚠𝚊𝚕𝚔𝚎𝚍 𝚒𝚗,
𝚈/𝙽 : 𝙾𝚔.
𝚈𝚊𝚗𝚍𝚎𝚛𝚎!𝙺𝚢𝚘𝚓𝚞𝚛𝚘: 𝙰𝚗𝚍 𝚒 𝚠𝚊𝚕𝚔𝚎𝚍 𝚞𝚙 𝚝𝚘 𝚑𝚒𝚖.
𝚈/𝙽 : 𝚈𝚎𝚜.
𝚈𝚊𝚗𝚍𝚎𝚛𝚎!𝙺𝚢𝚘𝚓𝚞𝚛𝚘 : 𝙰𝚗𝚍 𝚝𝚑𝚎𝚗- 𝙸 𝚞𝚑- S̪̭̱̼̼̉̈́ͪ͋̽̚t̘̟̼̉̈́͐͋͌̊a̘̫͈̭͌͛͌̇̇̍b͎̣̫͈̥̗͒͌̃͑̔̾ͅb͎̣̫͈̥̗͒͌̃͑̔̾ͅe̮̟͈̣̖̰̩̹͈̾ͨ̑͑d̥̝̮͙͈͂̐̇ͮ̏̔̀̚ͅ h͚̖̜̍̃͐i̞̟̫̺ͭ̒ͭͣm̘͈̺̪͓ͩ͂̾ͪ̀̋ 37 t̘̟̼̉̈́͐͋͌̊i̞̟̫̺ͭ̒ͭͣm̘͈̺̪͓ͩ͂̾ͪ̀̋e̮̟͈̣̖̰̩̹͈̾ͨ̑͑s̪̭̱̼̼̉̈́ͪ͋̽̚ i̞̟̫̺ͭ̒ͭͣn͉̠̙͉̗̺̋̋̔ͧ̊ t̘̟̼̉̈́͐͋͌̊h͚̖̜̍̃͐e̮̟͈̣̖̰̩̹͈̾ͨ̑͑ c͔ͣͦ́́͂ͅh͚̖̜̍̃͐e̮̟͈̣̖̰̩̹͈̾ͨ̑͑s̪̭̱̼̼̉̈́ͪ͋̽̚t̘̟̼̉̈́͐͋͌̊ :)
𝚈𝚊𝚗𝚍𝚎𝚛𝚎!𝙺𝚢𝚘𝚓𝚞𝚛𝚘 : 𝙾𝚑- 𝚄𝚑- 𝙸 𝚍𝚒𝚍 𝚗𝚘𝚝 𝚔𝚗𝚘𝚠 𝚝𝚑𝚊𝚝.
𝚈/𝙽 : 𝙷𝚘𝚠 𝚍𝚒𝚍 𝚢𝚘𝚞 𝚗𝚘𝚝 𝚔𝚗𝚘𝚠 𝚝𝚑𝚊𝚝?!
𝚈𝚊𝚗𝚍𝚎𝚛𝚎!𝙺𝚢𝚘𝚓𝚞𝚛𝚘 : 𝚈𝚎𝚊𝚑, 𝙸'𝚖 𝚒𝚗 𝚝𝚑𝚎 𝚠𝚛𝚘𝚗𝚐 𝚑𝚎𝚛𝚎, 𝙸 𝚂𝚄𝙲𝙺!
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bluemoondust · 9 months ago
“We both know this ain’t going to happen. So how about you save those flowers and praises for someone who returns your affections? You are a dear friend, Rengoku Kyojuro. It would be the best if we resolve this peacefully.”
What would Rengoku do with a S/o who matches him in skills of blades, repeatly reject his advances towards her? She is a newly nominated Pillar, therefore she insists on she can protect herself and carry out dangerous missions.
Just want to see what is your take on this! 💕Headcanons or scenrio are both fine!!
That beginning part was amazing! I can definitely tell Rengoku will not take that statement lightly... This was certainly an interesting request, so thank you! ^^
Warning(s): Delusional Thoughts, Patronizing Behavior, Suffocating Behavior, Borderline Stalking, Slight Gaslighting
Tumblr media
"That's cute."
• You really think that just because you're now a Pillar, that you're out of the woods of danger? Oh, darling. That's honestly adorable of you to believe. Yeah, Rengoku is the type of yandere to not see you as anything more than someone who needs protecting. And of course, he'll be that person to be your protector. Even after you insistently told him that you're capable of fending for yourself, he just won't listen. Because of that, things get really frustrating for you and him as well.
"Hm? You're mad? All I'm doing is protecting the one I care about, is that wrong?"
• It just makes you even more irritated when he voices that you're frustrating him just as much as he is to you. Why? He has no right to be because he's the problem. Rengoku waves off your words of telling him to stop and give up, so why the hell is he upset? This just pisses you off even more. Although he loves you, oh so dearly, he just won't listen. Because he doesn't want to.
• The worst part? Rengoku justifies his behavior with the fact that you're a new pillar. It's adorable. Yes, your skills matches his, but he's been a pillar longer than you have. He's more experienced when it comes to the dangers one could face. You can use that whole up to his level of skills to argue against him, but Rengoku is stubborn. He will not budge. Many can say they're capable just because they hold a title. It's slightly arrogant in a way, but of course he just believes it to be the naivety from those who've gained the privilege of that title.
"Oh? You believe you're strong enough just because you're a pillar? That's cute."
• It's utterly patronizing to just hear this even when you know you worked so much to become a pillar. This is not naive thinking, you rightfully earned that title and can back it up with how you manage to fend for yourself. Rejecting him constantly is equally hair pulling as he flat out ignores it. It's as if your words go through one ear and out the other. Like he's purposely disregarding your rejections. He'll just come back again.
• On the outside, it's all smiles with him when you shut him down, but his patience is wearing thin as time goes on. Rengoku just wants you to give in. He deems it the best option for both of you. Wouldn't you want to have someone who would stand by your side to defend you? He'll plant questions in your head. What if you don't win? What if you get terribly injured? What if you're not strong enough? Could you possibly be able to stand your ground when worst comes to worst?
"It's a bit arrogant to think one can take on missions alone just because they're now a pillar. It would be better to just accept my help. Nothing wrong with admitting when you're not strong enough alone."
• Even if you manage to get away from him, he still manages to follow you during missions. Either he kills two birds with one stone and fulfills his own mission while watching you or deliberately finds a way to pair up with you, Rengoku will always be near. He can't have you getting yourself hurt after all. Besides, you'll thank him if there ever should be a time where you're injured and need assistance.
• Sure, you'll question the coincidence as he puts it, but that doesn't matter. You need help and he will provide. He likes you like this. Relying on his aid. Why can't you be like this all the time? It would be so wonderful to have you need him like this and he'll happily come to you. You're just stubborn and all that skill has gone to your head. You can still become helpless. Then you'll surely need him.
"How am I here? I just happen to be coming back from a mission of my own. Not possible? Huh, that's silly of you to think. You're just remembering the locations incorrectly."
• Rengoku will let out a sigh as he ponders on the last resort. When things have gotten no where for him, there's only one way of getting you to stay in line. Kidnapping was the last thing on his mind since he believed he could simply win you over on his own. But yet again, you're so stubborn and his patience has met its end. Even after he's intentionally put you in dangerous situations and rescued you just in time, you still refuse him.
• You still don't get it. It's nothing to worry about though. You will understand soon enough. Why? Because you're smart and you do hold strength within yourself to endure the strife you'll feel once he gets ahold of you. That, is something Rengoku believes, truly. The two of you will get to talk in depth, which is great. He can get you to see things through his perspective and convince you why he can't just leave you alone. You're his after all.
Tumblr media
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sanctitq · 10 months ago
yandere kny headcanons
pairing(s). kanao tsuyuri, giyuu tomioka, iguro obanai, zenitsu agatsuma x gn. reader (separate)
notes. i usually write very mild yanderes so if this is a bit dark, no worries! it really depends on what the topic is, these are just general headcanons (that are a bit short and messy) haha. i don’t think anyone’ll see these since this fandom gets no attention on this platform, especially not yandere lol but it was fun!!
tw. yandere, obsessive behavior, stalking, threatening and blackmail, forced relationship (only for one), clingy behavior, protective behavior, murder and torture mentions (ofc), obsessive behavior, semi-worshipping, kidnap mentions (no one actually does it, though, just a mention), delusional behavior
kanao tsuyuri
Tumblr media
— obsessive, stalker
how it happens and why
Kanao isn’t very... accountable, and she’s aware of that. Thus, most of her actions and feelings towards you defy the very law of her original nature. This stinging in her chest, beating of her heart, the inevitable stretch of her lips; they’re all absent her control, without the usage of a coin.
This alone has her questioning not only her feelings, but you. What’s so special about you? Since Kanao knows little to nothing about love, it’s expected that she believes it’s only a power of yours—maybe a type of breathing?
It’s only until she discovers that others don’t have the exact same effects.
So, her being quite dependent and all, asks Shinobu about this. She describes it all—how her heart skips a beat and her pulse is irregular, how her cheeks feel like they’re about to explode, how she craves your touch, etc.
Shinobu is... a tease, so she immediately exclaims, “it’s love!” Which leaves Kanao perplexed and unanswered.
Well... technically.
traits: what do they feel?
Shinobu feeds her some pretty questionable information and tactics, like suggesting keeping you to herself and such. Kanao is influenced by Shinobu’s nurturing, so her more sinister thoughts remain unhandled, causing her to be pretty unstable to begin with.
However, Kanao doesn’t realize anything’s wrong, because she’s so clueless about everything.
Kanao, if movies existed at this time, would be encouraged by the more insane and creepy behavior in romance films. Like in The Notebook when the guy threatens to quite literally end his own life if the girl rejects him, or the stalking in other films, etc.. She notices these and believes nothing is wrong!
Since movies don’t exist, Kanao gathers her information from existing couples. She’s seen guys get possessive; protectively wrapping their arms around their lovers as the pervert gets beaten up. She’s heard people say “you’re mine, right?” Before. And she’s even seen people be jealous! So Kanao isn’t in the wrong, is she?
Kanao is enamored by you, so she’s likely obsessive. She doesn’t know what it is—it could be the slightest trait that sets you apart from the rest. Or maybe you’re just kind! Again, anything can fuel her obsession easily, and once she’s in, she’s in deep.
Kanao is clingy, too—she’s always seen with you. Whether you know it or not, Kanao is always watching... and she happens to know everything about you.
Say you have a schedule. She’s more aware of it then you are. You’ll be daydreaming, just lallygagging, until someone suddenly reminds you that you have training after this. You thank them, sprinting to your next destination... until it hits you.
You never told this person what your schedule was. And, by the sound of their voice, you’ve never met them, either.
So when you turn around and see a girl with charcoal hair and a butterfly clip casually smiling at you, you sprint even faster than before.
in a relationship
Because of her clingy and stalkerish behavior, everyone assumes you’re both dating. When you say you’re not, everyone is confused, because Kanao seems to disagree.
Once, when talking to Sanemi, Kanao appeared right behind you and said lowly into your ear, loud enough for Sanemi to hear: “Sanemi, be careful, or that brother of yours that can’t use breathing may never breathe at all.” Kanao also tends to threaten others behind your back, so whether you know it or not, she’s always there.
Will also randomly announce, usually when you’re conversing with someone, that the both of you are dating. You don’t even know that you are, she just decided, and she makes it nearly impossible to deny her, so in the end, your only answer is silence.
Plus, Kanao has piles upon piles of information on you, so what are you gonna do? She could easily blackmail you into some more... abnormal things. Just don’t deny Kanao ever, okay?
most worried about: keeping you and satisfying her urges
giyuu tomioka
Tumblr media
— lucid, stalker, overprotective
how it happens and why
Another clueless idiot.
Such intense feelings for someone is very strange considering Giyuu’s distant and reserved behavior. He’s so stoic that it’s insanely surprising when he’s so shy near you.
Giyuu would likely adore someone kind, someone more empathetic than he is. Maybe you’re shy, too, or not. Giyuu doesn’t really care as long as his darling is nice and interacts with him. In fact, others (primarily Shinobu) notice how Giyuu only ever converses with you, and you’re both always seen together. He’s a bit... unintentionally clingy.
However, he will basically fall for you because you’re the only one willing to communicate with him. That’s it. There isn’t much to sparking his fondness for you.
traits: what do they feel?
Mainly protective tendencies. Giyuu, as many others, has experienced some traumatic event that led to the loss of loved ones. Because of this, once he starts loving you, much to his dismay, he vows to protect you forever.
Obviously this leads to some odd theories clouding his mind, mostly negative what-ifs, and this only fuels his tendencies. Soon, Giyuu is questioning your own safety when you two part. He becomes overly clingy, even stalkerish when he isn’t able to be near or with you. That upsets him, as he isn’t able to compose himself when you may be in danger.
Giyuu is oddly selfless, though, and all he’s truly worried about is your safety. He realizes how awful he may be, even Shinobu constantly berates him for it, calling him disgusting and perverted (he isn’t, no worries). Giyuu knows it’s true... but he can’t stop.
If you have another lover or crush, Giyuu is heartbroken, but is okay with it. Again, highly altruistic towards you, so you won’t need to worry about the death of anyone, unless they’ve harmed you in some way. Mostly just demons though, but Giyuu won’t hesitate if you get harmed in any way.
in a relationship
Giyuu is insanely awkward. He’s never been the most sociable, but he tries speaking to you. It’s a stupefaction the two of you are even dating, because the second he’s near you he malfunctions and stutters and blushes so hard that he can’t say nor do anything. He feels unruly so he tries fixing it.
But again, maladroit and red the entire time so it’s hard to normally talk to you. However, Giyuu is a hopeless romantic, and simple things like wallowing in the moonlight while venting about insecurities or worries is perfect for him. Giyuu is a simple man who, when dating, does simple things.
And by simple, I mean he can get flustered by absolutely anything at anytime. He’s horny when you are. He’s happy when you are. He’s sad when you are. If you wear his haori or just braid his hair, he’s over the moon. Anything could intensify his urges and these are only some.
Of course, because he’s protective, Giyuu does confine you sometimes. But his tint of manipulation makes this easy and harmless. Even you only see it as living with your husband. And who’s to say having a protective husband is bad? Giyuu is only somewhat scary when someone either hurts you. Physically, mentally, doesn’t matter.
most worried about: your safety and happiness
iguro obanai
Tumblr media
— stalker, worshipper, protective
how it happens and why
Someone pure would attract this man’s attention. More willing, sociable, something like that. Iguro has fairly flexible taste, and as long as you’re clean and genuine, Iguro will obsess over you.
Iguro tries his upmost to deny his impure urges, but to no avail. He relaxes himself by stalking you, proof that he never takes his eyes or mind off of you. Iguro is constantly thinking about you... how he doesn’t deserve you or how perfect you are compared to him. Iguro will try ignoring or avoiding you, but can’t deny you in any way. It’s a serious issue, but he just... can’t say no to the one he loves the most.
traits: what do they feel?
He feels disgusting, that’s what. Iguro knows his tainted blood and intentions, so he tries avoiding you to prevent spoiling your blood.
Iguro, because of this, is obsessive. His stalking only amplifies this. Iguro knows you so well, even others notice how he will only show mercy towards you. They also recognize how he never says no to you and will only obey your orders, so they constantly need you around.
Would never hurt you—never. Won’t let anyone else do it, either. If they do? Death. Or torture. Iguro shows no mercy to the weak and that goes for those who harm you.
Iguro knows nothing about love, but he knows for sure that lovers shouldn’t be the way he is. If you both were reborn in another world, it would be easier to adore you. But Iguro... isn’t worthy.
in a relationship
In a relationship? How did Iguro agree to this? It’s perplexing because Iguro would never taint you like this. But he can’t deny you... so if you confess your feelings and desire his fondness, who is he to say no? It would be a literal crime to make you upset. He would rather die.
Tries his best to eschew affection, like hugs and holding hands and stuff. Iguro does give you lots of gifts, though, like socks or even just hairpins. Things that compliment your beauty. Nothing could hold a candle to your perfection, though.
Even Kaburamaru likes you. This snake will literally only stay still when you’re adoring him. During one of your dates with Iguro, you crafted tiny hats for Kaburamaru and he actually wore them, much to Iguro’s shock. Kaburamaru even nuzzled into your petting?! They both adore you, basically.
Iguro is very prone to jealousy. If you even look at someone he’s livid inside. It’s not your fault, of course—Iguro could never blame you—but still. Iguro would never kidnap (unless you’re in danger, obviously. This goes for the others) or abuse you, but other people are basically free range. So what if someone dies? If it’s for you, who cares?
Iguro doesn’t care about the weak, the ones who hurt you, etc.. Not even himself. Just you. Very sweet and affectionate when he can be, but only when he’s alone with you and you demand it.
most worried about: your purity and happiness
zenitsu agatsuma
Tumblr media
— obsessive, delusional, clingy
how it happens and why
A shameless lech—it’s not surprise he’s obsessing over the appearance of someone again.
Zenitsu finds himself adoring everyone he comes across that’s somewhat attractive, so when he fully commits to someone, everyone is shocked. His loyalty is unwavering, and you can believe he will never be a pervert towards anyone else again. He is that committed.
And once Zenitsu starts, he will never stop. He only wants more.
traits: what do they feel?
Zenitsu tries his grandest to impress and entice you. You even motivate him to do better! Whenever you’re near, he’s always sure to compose himself and train more shamelessly. Tanjiro notices this and Zenitsu pulls him away from your view to scold him, saying that he needs to look perfect in front of the most beautiful person in the world, okay?!
Everyone is aware of his crush, how could they not be? Even you are. It’s that obvious. When you enter the room, the stars fall and become you. Zenitsu does back flips when you speak or even look at him. If you smile while talking directly to him, he will flush so hard that he’ll begin screaming, stating how cute and perfect you are and ultimately clinging to you. No one can calm him down when he’s in this state. And yes, everyone gets annoyed by it.
Obsesses over you 25/8. Someone needs to shut him up. He’s always thinking about you nonstop. You must be tired of running through his mind all day! Zenitsu honors you to an extend; he can’t blame or hate you for anything.
No, seriously.
Even through rejection, Zenitsu still worships the ground you walk on. “Please leave me alone. I’m not interested,” is met with thousands of flowers flooded on your doorstep! “Marriage? No, I’m not sure if I can do that...” is just more obsessing! You’re just playing hard to get, right? Or maybe you’re shy!! That’s even more cute, are you kidding?! He’s delusional and it shows.
in a relationship
It just gets more overbearing from here.
Prepare for constant attention focused on him. Prepare for clinginess. Prepare for lots and lots of crying on his end and extreme obsessing. Just, please, whateve you do, be prepared.
This goes for absolutely anything. Have an escape plan ready, your words prepared. Don’t say anything outlandish or Zenitsu is gloomy or intrusive for the rest of the day. Unpredictable but not hard to please at all. All he truly wants is your love, validation, and affection all for himself. He’ll return them fully so don’t worry!
This happens even before the relationship begins, but Zenitsu... kind of steals a lot of stuff from you. Once you both begin dating, he’s more brazen about it, asking you shyly for a used kimono/yukata. It’s weird, of course, but Zenitsu finds it sweet! Loves inhaling your scent and being near you always, whether with an article of your clothing or you.
Zenitsu is harmless for the most part. He’s harmless towards you, but if he’s irritated enough, he’ll go unconscious and everything will be over for the other person. Confusion clouds your mind when he’s back to obsessing after what he’s just done. It’s outrageous and he’s just snuggling you?? It gives you a whiplash to see how he acts with others compared to with you.
most worried about: marriage and happiness with you
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How would yandere Tanjiro react to the reader not talking to him and ignoring him after kidnapping her but silently crying in the night in private
Yandere Tanjiro Kamado
Tumblr media
Tanjiro would try his best to give you time to adjust to the new situation at the beginning.
( So Tanjiro is watching you in the corner of the room without touching you. )
He initially thinks this is some "defiant phase."
But when that "defiance phase" has taken a really long time (two days) Tanjiro is starting to worry.
Is everything all right?
Why don't you love him?
Did he do something wrong?
It really hurts him when you refuse his love.
Especially when he hears you crying often alone at night.
Tanjiro is trying to come up with a way to make you feel better.
Then he comes up with a way.
You may be cold to him but you certainly won’t be able to be cold to Nezuko.
So Tanjiro sends his sister to comfort you and keep you company when you refuse to approach him.
Nezuko will surely comfort you at night when you cry.
She is also trying to make you understand how fine and kind a person her brother is.
Stockholm syndrome comes much faster when Nezuko is near you.
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jackrrabbit · a year ago
Bloodlust /// Sanemi x f!Reader (18+)
Tumblr media
Summary: A naive demon is waylaid by the Wind Hashira.
A/N: Might fuck around and get back into KNY…Sanemi is one mean bastard, and I’m here for it. Be warned—this is pretty brutal (not by canon standards, but still). ngl I’ve missed writing stuff like this 🥺
Tags/warnings: sadomasochism, noncon, hatefucking!!!! is def the best way to describe what happens in this fic, threats, violence, demon reader & demon things, primal, degradation, outdoor sex, bloodplay & marechi kink stuff, yandere? obsessive fixation ig, some creative liberties have been taken with canon
You’d almost forgotten what it feels like to be weak.
Strength came with the territory when you were turned into a demon, along with the hunger: all-encompassing, oppressive, like you’re starving every second you’re not eating. Apparently you’re better able to control your hunger than other demons, not that you’ve met many—none, actually, other than the one who turned you. He was the one who told you to exercise control, who told you that you’ve done well to stealthily pick off prey that wouldn’t be missed instead of attracting attention. He was the one who told you about demon slayers.
You almost laughed at the idea at the time. A group of humans who tried to resist demons? Tried to kill them? How? Every human you’ve encountered since you were turned—hunters, mostly, men who’d wandered into the woods looking for something to eat—has been pathetically weak against you. Life as a demon is simple. As long as you stay in the shadows and avoid the sun, you have nothing to fear.
Sometimes you daydream about making your way to a village and gorging yourself, but you don’t mind the hunger so much. You can get by on scraps. And besides, the demon who turned you warned you not to go overboard. He said to stay away from the humans’ notice—not that the threat of some human calling themselves a “demon slayer” bothered you. You know how strong you are; you can feel it in your blood, your muscles, your bones. You don’t understand how a flesh-and-blood human could threaten that.
You don’t understand…until you meet him. The Wind Hashira. You should’ve listened to the warnings about demon slayers.
It tastes bitter, and you try to ground yourself on that taste, the sharp, bitter-wet flavor of the grass and dew and earth because the slayer is shoving your face into the dirt and the copper from where you’re biting into your lip and holding back the sound of your voice. Not that he cares, probably. But you don’t think you could take hearing yourself moan for a human while he carves the shape of his cock into your pussy.
How did you…get here? Facedown, barely holding yourself up on your elbows, chest and stomach shoved into the grass with your back arched up and your kimono ridden above your hips… Fuck, you can barely remember the fight, his ability, him wrestling you into the earth and shoving his weight down on you and bringing his blade to his own arm and—
—his blood, so rich and thick and sweet that even recalling the smell of it sends a wave of heat through you and you whine under your breath. The hunger overtakes everything else you’re feeling, but only for a second before with a twitch of his hand the Hashira brings the edge of his sword to the tender skin of your throat. “Ah-ah,” he rasps out a laugh even though his voice is heavy and strained. “What was that? Are you starting to like it?”
“K-Kill you, I’ll—kill you,” you snarl, but you and him both know the threat is empty. You tried. And you failed.
“Fucking demon whore,” he spits, and the blade slips just enough to draw a hair-thin line of red across your neck, earning a yelp from you even though you don’t dare move any more for fear of letting it cut you deeper. When you go still, he grunts and you can hear him shifting position in the grass, angling your hips up so his cock can sink in again. “Asking for it…fuck…”
“I wasn’t—nngh—ah, ahhh, s-stop—you can’t—” Your words are coming out in babbles, barely intelligible but it’s his fault. He’s pushing up at your womb, pulling out in short, quick thrusts and slamming his cock back into your cunt so hard and rough it’s like he’s knocking the breath out of your lungs. It hurts, ithurtsithurtsithurts, an ache deep in your core and accompanied with a heat and tension that you hate even more than you hate the pain, because it means he’s right. You—no, your body, your traitorous pathetic weak body that submitted to his so easily—it’s starting to like this.
“How’s it feel?” He’s mocking you, fisting his fingers in your hair and wrenching your head back so he can look you in the eye. “Does it hurt?…it hurts, right? Good.”
“—i-it doesn’t—“ You don’t even believe it yourself.
“Yes…it does. Guess even a demon bitch like you can’t take me that easily.” Somehow the slayer’s hips keep pumping deeper, pushing his fat cock through your walls and against the entrance to your womb until you’re certain your unnatural healing can’t keep up with the bruising in your cunt. Your fingers are scrabbling in the grass, digging clawed nails into the earth—the little nick on your throat has already knitted itself back up, but the tension in your pussy is a dozen—a hundred—times worse.
“—stop, let me go—“ Debased. Lower than an animal. You’d be begging if you thought he would listen.
“‘Stop’? How are you going to...ungh, make me stop? Want to try to fight me off again?” He pulls out (you hate the way your cunt feels when he does, hot and slick and empty) and his grip on the sword slackens, easing up enough to give you a scanty inch of movement. “Go ahead, give it a try.”
The slayer’s taunting you—just like you taunted him at the start of this, when you first challenged him, when you thought he was a human—and, and somehow he is, still human and yet just as much a monster as you are. More. You’ve been cruel, you’ve done evil things, but you did them to survive. Fuck, you shouldn’t—shouldn’t have taunted him, shouldn’t have boasted, should’ve stayed hidden in the dark. You didn’t know. He wasn’t supposed to be this strong.
Your muscles are shaking from exertion as you brace your hands against the ground, trying to push up against the weight of his body so you can right yourself, but it’s futile. Within a second (less than a second) of your attempt to move, one of his scarred hands slaps over your wrist and crushes it back into the dirt, grip so tight you swear you can almost feel your bones grinding underneath. You snarl, try to twist yourself away from him but the hilt of his sword slams down flat against your other hand so hard you feel a dull pang of surprise that nothing actually breaks.
“So weak…try that again and I’ll use the sharp end.” His chest is moving back on top of yours, and you recognize the silent rhythm of the movement.
He’s laughing at you.
Weak. You know it’s true. You thought you were so strong, but compared to this Hashira you’re nothing. Pure unadulterated defeat is written in every cell of your body, and whatever animal instinct you have left from your human life is telling you to roll over and accept that he’s the predator, and you’re nothing more than prey. But the mockery, the ease with which he holds you down, the goddamn fucking laughter sparks a fresh wave of hatred and you thrash and squirm underneath his body. “You’re dead, you—I’ll kill you, I’ll tear you apart, they’ll be picking bits of you out of this forest for weeks—“
The red haze over your vision is so heavy that you barely notice the blade tilting into position—not over your skin, but against his. You only register what he’s doing when the glint of sunlight on the blade reflects brilliant white, and you catch a scarlet line of blood beading against it. You pull back, eyes going wide, trying not to inhale but your lungs betray you and,
oh ohhh fuck it smells good smells so good you want it you want it so fucking bad you’re going to die if you can’t taste it you need it you need it you NEED IT.
Your muscles go slack. You’re salivating already, dizzy from hunger, so intensely focused on the smell of his blood that you can’t help your compliance as he pulls your hips up into place and slips his cock back into your pussy. Only when it starts to hurt again—a dull soreness now, because he’s slowed his pace to push his thick shaft into you inch by inch—do you feel that same prickle of hatred and disgust, but who cares who cares that you’re getting fucked because the smell of his blood is driving you out of your mind with need.
You no longer have the self-control to hold back your voice, and when the slayer hears the pathetic little mewl dripping out of your mouth from the sensation of him filling you up, he laughs again. But this time you don’t care, you just want him, want his body, his blood. Your jaw snaps open and shut on instinct and you whine, pleading, because you’re past the point of believing that you can beat him.
“You like that? Want to taste?” His voice is softer now, but the vein of mockery still runs clear through every syllable.
Your head jerks up and down desperately and then he draws his hips back and slaps his cock between your aching walls, pushing a huffed “uhhn!” out of your lips—but you don’t pull away. You can tolerate this, if it means getting to taste that blood dripping down his fingers, over the sword grip still held in his palm, just to be wasted on the grass. Out of your reach.
“So docile now…think I could get used to this,” the slayer sighs, adjusting the position of his thighs so he can thrust into you lazily and deeply. “F-Fuck, you’re—tight, you know that? All hot and sticky inside…”
“—let me have it, need it I need it, why—“ Your head is spinning, feels like you’re…what? The intoxication is hitting some note deep in the recesses of your memory, a past life you aren’t supposed to be able to recall. Bitter taste on your tongue, liquid pouring, fuzzy edges bordering your vision. Drunkenness.
“Little demon bitch,” he growls, tapping the blade lightly against your neck when you snap your teeth at him again. “Said you were going to kill me, yeah? But now you’re moaning like a whore…”
You try to muster a denial, but you can’t.
The slayer’s other hand twists underneath the two of you to press up on your lower belly, pushing into the place where his cock is nudging up against your womb. You keen at the pressure, the slow friction against that little patch in your cunt that makes you slicker every time his cockhead passes over it. “Feel how deep I am in your cunt…? I can—feel your pulse on my cock, fuck.”
You can feel it too, your heartbeat echoed in the twitches of your pussy around his skin, quick and fluttering from the drunken stupor his blood has forced you into. Every sense is heightened, and the weight of his hand pushing up on your belly just makes it worse…or better. You’re not sure.
He swallows, and with his body on top of yours you can feel his heavy breathing puffing out over the bared skin of your neck. “Can demons even cum? If you can get wet, then you can cum too, right? I bet I can…bet I can make you cum, you fucking whore. Wouldn’t that be nice…get you creaming on my cock, make you my little fuckpet…”
His hand slips down from your belly to rub roughly at your cunt, pushing into your skin to seek out the little button at the top—and the feeling of his hands on you like this, the sharp jolt of pleasure somehow sends a splinter of clarity through your delirium. “No,” you wail, hearing how wanton you sound and hating it. “I can’t I can’t, please, please don’t make me—“
“Quiet.” His thick forearm wraps around your neck, tightening against your windpipe and cutting off your voice. “Learn your place, demon—the only reason you’re alive is because you’re a nice wet hole for me to use. So when I tell you to cum—“
His pace picks up, hips knocking yours deeper, splitting you apart while he swirls his fingers around that sweet spot—and then the smell of copper gets thicker and he’s pushing his bloody hand against your mouth—
“—you cum.”
You’re not sure whether it’s your cunt or the taste of his blood smearing over your lips that does it, but as soon as he says the word you shatter like glass. The heat is brutal horrible delicious and so overwhelming you’re surprised you’re conscious through it—every hair is standing up on end and your body pulls tight like a bowstring, arching your backside into his hips so you can feel every inch of your cunt sucking around him.
It’s bliss—sickeningly sweet, burning like fire through you—without thinking, you eagerly lick the scarlet liquid off his hand and fuck somehow, somehow, it tastes even better than it smelled—feels like you could live off just the blood in your mouth but you want more, you’d die for it, you’d do anything, and your teeth are bared ready to puncture his skin deeper when—
Cold steel slides up under your jaw, almost nicking one of the veins pumping blood up to your hazy brain. “Keep—ahh, yesss…d-damn it—keep still,” the slayer rasps. “No teeth.”
He’s not finished.
Every muscle in your body aches for you to ignore him, but the knowledge of how easily he could separate your head from your body makes you obey, dragging your tongue over his still-bleeding cut instead of biting down. You can hear the noises of damp skin against skin issuing out from where your bodies meet, but you’re not sure whether it’s from you lapping at his fingers or his cock pressing in and out of your sopping-wet cunt. Probably both. Not that it matters.
The slayer’s head lowers—you know it by the angle of his cock inside your twitching pussy and the faint tickle of his hair brushing against the skin of your neck—and then you feel his teeth sinking into the side of your throat. They’re blunt, of course, as harmless as any human’s, but the primal dominance of the action sends a shudder through you.
“Not bad…looks like demons are good for something after all. I think I might just keep you,” the slayer laughs. His voice is too close—you want to flinch back, spit at him, bite—but you can’t. You’re helpless.
You’re weak.
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teddy-yandere · a month ago
Yandere muzan pregnant y/n (different scenarios with the pregnancy.. ofc only if you comfy)
- Pregnancy Headcanons -
⚠️WARNING⚠️ will contain dark themes
A / N = Sorry for any grammar mistakes, I did not proofread this. Please read my bio before requesting, and make sure that my requests are open or else your request will be deleted. Enjoy <3
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★ Never in his life did Muzan actually expect to become a father. The only thing that you every thought about was how he could become the perfect demon , and your safety. Sadly , I really do think that the pregnancy was very unexpected, at least on his end.
★ He won’t force you to abort it , but he will never hold it against you if you do. If anything , he was a little bit excited to have heir to his throne ( in case anything bad happened to him ) . Poor guy really hopes that his child will stand by his side , just like you always do.
★ If you were a human when you got pregnant, then I can confidently say that Muzan probably turned you into a demon. He may not act like he cares for your safety, and health , but deep down he is terrified that something bad might happen to you while you are giving birth. That’s why he will turn you into a demon before you give birth. He can’t take any chances.
★ If you want to know the gender of the baby , then Muzan will happily hire the best doctor ( s ) to tell you. Even if you don’t want to know the gender of the baby , Muzan will do anything in his power to find out . He just wants to be mentally prepared in every single way possible.
★ Muzan does not care if you give birth to a boy , or girl. In his eyes , they will be equally useful , and powerful no matter what.
★ Muzan will supply you with all of you cravings , and more. The only thing that he will not do is buy you a pregnancy pillow. He is scared that you may like the pillow more than him. He doesn’t want you to be dependent on anything that is not him.
★ He will give you cuddles though , so don’t worry darling.
★ The thing that you do have to worry about , is him getting jealous of your baby after you give birth. Muzan knows that it is not right to feel jealous towards is baby , but he could honestly care less. You better hope that Muzan does not snap against your baby.
★ Muzan will try his best to be there for the child , but don’t be surprised if him , and the child are not close later in life. I think the way that Muzan wcould truly love his kid , is if his child shows interest in becoming like him.
★ It will boost his ego if your kid talks about becoming like their father. He might even make them a uppermoon if they grow powerful enough. He will hate to have a weak kid. After you child is all grown up , Muzan will approach you , and say “ Darling , I was thinking about maybe having another kid , considering how well this one turned out, what do you say “?.
★ Who would refuse him ?!
* .:。✧*゚ ゚・ ✧.。. * * .:。✧*゚ ゚・ ✧.。. * . *.:。✧ *゚ ゚・ ✧.。. *.
Thanks for reading Darling !! <3
Have a nice Day / Night ~
Request Status = OPEN
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shinobusupremecy · 4 months ago
May I request for an UpperMoon yandere Shinobu with a hashira darling?. Like everything is reversed. Hashira's are now UpperMoons and UpperMoons are hashira's?. And Muzan is the leader of the Demon Slayer Corps and Kagaya is the leader of all the demons. Like that. Anyways for the darling. they are sweet and kind but to demons they are cold and harsh. So yeah that's all I got.. You can decide if you wanted to make a oneshot or headcanons.
Demon yandere Shinobu x f!pillar reader 
Tumblr media
A/N:I will not be good at writing this but for you lol I will try. I will try do a oneshot since there has been hcs post six times a row. 
You stretched your body before you continued to walk around the forest. You have been scouting for demons all night and still haven’t find anything. You really thought it was weird. It was so silent. Dead silent. You hated that. And you were kinda pissed at Douma. Douma didn’t wanna scout that area since he will get “too dirty” so you took his mission instead. But all the money that was supposed to go to him for doing the mission goes to you instead, so it wasn’t THAT bad. 
Continuing to walk around you heard some rustling in the bushes. Instantly you brought out your sword and walked towards the bush. The rustling got louder and more louder so you tightened your grip on your sword. You prepared your breathing technique and hit the leaves only to see...a stuck rabbit? 
Your face softened immediately looking at the poor thing. The rabbit was stuck in several small branches that tangled the bunny, one branch was dangerously tied around it’s neck. If it moved around more it would strangle itself to death. Quickly you tore off the branches and let the bunny run away. You smiled, happy that you helped a innocent animal. 
What you did not know however was that someone was lurking around the trees, watching you. The figure just stared at your form. The moonlight shining beautifully on you and shone up your feauters. Your soft skin, your kind face, your kind smile and your beautiful hair that shone bright.
Her drool dripped down uncontrollably as she stared at you. Oh how she wanted you. Without a second thought she leaped. You sensing something made you drop your smile and dodge out of the way. You quickly stood up and saw the figure that tried to attack you. 
It was the upper moon Kochou Shinobu. 
“My my, Mitsuri didn’t lie when she said you were fast” She laughed a bit before turning to you. You standing with your sword ready had several questions through your head.
“Why the hell is a upper moon showing up all of the sudden?” Gripping your sword hard until your knuckles turned white you glared at the upper moon. 
“Why are you staring at me with such hatred? And you had such kind eyes when you were helping that pathetic creautre” Shinobu said as she picked up the corpse of the white rabbit. 
“What do you want?” You asked, your face cold as ice. 
“I’m simply here to hand you a offer” She smiled and you narrowed your eyes spreading your legs. 
“Oh drop the stance! I’m not here to fight” You still standing your ground only gripped your sword harder. “Become a demon Y/N! Become a demon and live with me!” You have never heard such bold but yet disgusting offer. 
“No” Was all you said before you launched yourself forward towards her. You sliced your sword and cut off her arm before she jumped up to a tree. 
“Why not? Think about it! You get to have eternal life instead of dying like a pityful human. You can get even stronger than you already are and faster! Please consider about it at least!” Shinobu said as she clapped her hands. 
“My answer is no and it will stay that way. No matter what you say” Shinobu’s smile faltered before she smiled again. 
“Oh don’t be so cold! You’re almost as bad as Tomioka-san!” You stuck out your tounge. 
“Don’t compare me to a foul creature like him” You said remembering how he ate a human with no manners just chowing and biting down at the human flesh. You shuddered remembering the gory bloody scene he left behind. 
Shinobu only smiled at you as you glared at her. 
“The suns coming up. I think you should leave” You said in a harsh tone. Shinobu who still was on the tree branch didn’t move a inch. “If the sun don’t make you go away I will” Shinobu chuckled a bit before sighing out. 
“My my so harsh! Like said I only came here to talk so you can drop that stance of yours” You rolled your eyes at her and Shinobu clicked her tounge. “Welp nice talking with you!” She said and left. 
You sighed out, sweat beads rolling down your temple. You were glad that Shinobu didn’t fight you. You may be a hashira but a upper moon is equal in strength with three hashiras and you didn’t have any backup since it was supposed to be a scouting mission. You knew upper moon Shinobu was planning something about you and you wanted to know what she was planning.
But it was obvious on what she wanted with you. She wanted you to be with her. She wanted you and only you. She wanna join her eternity with you and if she dies she wanna enjoy hell with you. 
A/N:I know the ending didn’t make sense since the sun came up so fast but I just wanted to give Shinobu a reason to leave even if it didn’t make any sense. Thank you for requesting and come again if you wish! Have a good day or night! 
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zasaka-studio · 2 months ago
Hey, I was wondering if I could ask for some headcanons of how yandere Tanjiro and Rengoku (Separate) would react to the reader being uninterested in relationships and thinks love is a complete waste of time and she never wants to get married. I just came across your blog and I really liked it, keep up the good work 💖
Thank you, so onto the story!
Yandere Tanjirou and Rengoku (separate) with an uninterested darling.
Tumblr media
Tanjirou Kamado
Tanjirou wouldn't see it at first. Hed be blissfully unaware that you weren't looking for a relationship at the moment. Though he's partially to blame, he should've known that after your family was slaughtered by demons, you'd probably want to kill said demon before anything else. Kinda like himself, but he just couldn't help it! You were just so cute.
He should've known after you had reunited with his group after an assigned mission. He should've waited but his heart would explode if he couldn't get it off of his chest-
“U-uhm, Y/N... I like you!” Oh it was so much more then that. His face was all red and he bowed to conceal his fire red face.
“Oh Tanjirou-” his heart skipped a couple beats. “Im sorry but I'm not interested in a relationship now, please understand, but we can still be friends!” You said
The boys heart shattered, but once he saw the look on your face he knew that he'd never get out of this love. He'd never stop being there for you even if he wasn't in a relationship with you
That can come later when your ready
Tumblr media
Kyojuro Rengoku
He was always openly fond of you. All of the pillars could tell, the little gifts he got you. A bouquet or two. He always had a surprise for you every time you two were seen together. He'd always ask about your day and trow heartfelt complements towards you! Its obvious that he's smitten.
He's always with you at all times when he can. Those lingering stares of love that didn't get missed by the others. Though they thought it was more innocent then it actually was. But this didn't stop the love pillar from questioning him when he's gonna confess. Which he just laughed it off.
Weren't the two of you already dating? From all of those small things you did for him, all the times you had given him gifts as well. He thought it was love.
But it wont hurt to officially confess then?
Thats when it's all over his mind the entire day, as he had a mission that day and couldn't see you the majority of it. But he still thought about you the whole time. He even stoped at a rose vendor that he came across, as it's almost valentine's day. Sure it's usually the girls who give out gifts or love confessions today. But he felt that it was perfect. He even planned a picnic when hee was coming back!
And once he returned he had told the master about it then he hurried off to go find you. Mitsuri giving him a thumbs up along the way when they crossed paths. Only fueling his fire, the need to tell you how much you ment to him, how much he wanted you
To say that his confession was, very well thought out. His smile never leaving as his face heated up. His heart hammering into his ribcage as he patiently waited for your answer
But it wasn't as he expected
You had waved him off, not believing him. Saying that it was- a joke? Why would he be joking? Maybe he didn't get the point across then.
But your reaction to when he suddenly kissed your beautifully soft lips, you knew he wasn't joking now. But you had jumped back a shocked face met his extremely red one. He gave you another smile.
“Im not joking- I really love you” More then what you would ever think of
“Look Rengoku, i know that you do love me but- oh how do I say this? Ok, but I'm not looking for a relationship as of now, not that your not enough your actually really sweet. But I'm not ready for one now. Especially after- what happened...”
As you told him the truth all he heard is that you weren't ready yet. Ok he'll give you time and try again! He's sure that when you make up your mind you love him as much as he loves you!
Here my darling! I hope i made it well, and if you wanted it to not be yandere, just specify!
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just-some-yandere-writer · 3 months ago
Do you think you could do some Yandere Giyu hcs? Gender neutral’s ok.
 ▶ ʟᴏᴀᴅɪɴɢ ꜰɪʟᴇ . . .
▶ ꜰɪʟᴇ ʟᴏᴀᴅᴇᴅ .
▶ ɴᴀᴍᴇ : ɢɪʏᴜ ᴛᴏᴍɪᴏᴋᴀ .
▶ ᴀɢᴇ : 21
▶ ᴡᴀʀɴɪɴɢꜱ : ᴍᴀɴɢᴀ ꜱᴘᴏɪʟᴇʀꜱ , ᴋɪᴅɴᴀᴘᴘɪɴɢ , ꜱᴜɪᴄɪᴅᴇ .
▶ ɴᴏᴛᴇꜱ : ʟᴏɴɢ ʜᴄꜱ , ʜᴀʜᴀʜᴀ . ɪ ʜᴀᴅ ꜱᴏ ᴍᴜᴄʜ ꜰᴜɴ ᴡʀɪᴛɪɴɢ ᴛʜɪꜱ ᴡʜɪʟᴇ ᴍᴀᴋɪɴɢ ᴛʜᴇ ᴡᴏʀꜱᴛ ᴊᴏᴋᴇꜱ ᴀɴᴅ ᴛᴀʟᴋɪɴɢ ᴀʙᴏᴜᴛ ᴛʜᴇ ᴡᴇɪʀᴅᴇꜱᴛ ᴛʜɪɴɢꜱ ᴡɪᴛʜ ᴍʏ ʙᴏʏꜰʀɪᴇɴᴅ . ɪᴛ ɪꜱ ᴀʟꜱᴏ 11:15ᴘᴍ ᴀꜱ ɪ ᴀᴍ ᴛʏᴘɪɴɢ ᴛʜɪꜱ .[ ᴍᴏᴅ ᴍᴏꜱꜱ ]
Tumblr media
  -> Giyu ’ s obsession doesn ’ t start out right away .
 -> it gradually happens over time while the two of you are friends .
 -> Giyu has a need to protect you and make sure you ’ re safe , so he starts stalking you .
-> first time he did he didn ’ t know what to say . you were just so perfect in his eyes .
 -> yes , you may be someone who can take care of themself but Giyu cannot take chances anymore .
 -> after a while , Giyu ’ s obsession intensifies .
 -> Giyu wants - no , needs to be your s/o .
 -> Giyu shoves those feelings aside, focusing on protecting you .
 -> basically , his need of protecting you is actually a disguise of him being possessive .
 -> he ’ s not too keen on kidnapping you- unless, there ’ s an unforeseen disaster where you ’ re on the verge of death .
 -> Giyu decides to keep you close to him at all times , but sometimes , he keeps you at his estate .
 -> he ’ s a finicky man .
 -> if he leaves you at his estate , then he won ’ t be able to protect you from a demon attack , but if he keeps you with him , he might not be able to protect you like Sabito and Tsutako .
 -> he could give Wisteria to you, but what if there are some strong demons that are immune to it ?
 -> what if what if what if what if -
 -> he is a very paranoid man .
 -> Giyu could honestly care less if you love him . yes , it does hurt , but more than anything , your safety matters .
 -> if you ’ re someone that escapes from him a lot , expect him to yell at you a lot .
 -> threatens to tie a rope around you and Giyu ’ s wrist when he ’ s not fighting so you can stick close to him .
 -> if you run away , he ’ ll be searching to the ends of the earth to find you .
 -> he ’ ll never give up on you .
 -> if you die , he ’ ll immediately grab his sword and kill himself .
 -> a life without you isn’t worth living .
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kimetsu-no-yaiba-writings · 4 months ago
How would yanderes Tanjiro and Rengoku (Separate) react to the reader getting gifts from another unknown secret admirer of hers? Lol, I have a feeling this might not end well
Oh ho♥~
Oh man, what an interesting ask Anon! What a can of worms to open today, especially with these yandere boys~
Your feelings would be very accurate by the way (-m-)
Thank you for requesting! I hope I've written your request well! Please don't hesitate to request something from me again ^--^
Tumblr media
Tanjiro Kamado:
Tanjiro had expected you to get the odd compliment here and there because you were stunning - both inside and out
But this?
To get sent gifts and in such a frequent nature really pushed and prodded at Tanjiro's buttons
They arrived every week at varying times, delivered by the nice hands of a postman - who Tanjiro had known since he was a small child and trusted
Each gift arriving with a letter of admiration
But what the admirer hadn't accounted for, was Tanjiro's excellent and practically super-natural sense of smell
Tanjiro had been looking, smelling for the scent that stunk his house and darling S/O with such an awful unwanted smell of lust
Surprisingly it really didn't take long to match the smell
And for a brief moment of time, Tanjiro finds himself rather disappointed with the man who stands in front of him
Nothing but an anxious-looking married man standing at a hairpin stall with his wife - who spoke in such a harsh tone at him that Tanjiro became amused rather quickly - and Tanjiro found himself knowing why the man had come to admire you
Of course, He couldn't have the admire sending anymore letters of proclaimed love and gifts anymore..
So what if he ruined the man's reputation by finding his wife and telling her?
Tears pricking his waterline, honest hands trembling falsely as he held one of the admirer's letter's out to his wife spinning lies of stalking and harassment - throwing in a sob and more lies that the wife lapped up, because he was sweet honest Tanjiro and it was very rare for nobody to believe him..
It was all for you anyway
Besides a married man shouldn't be sending a married woman gifts and letters of such a love + lust filled quality..
Although it was very tempting to break the admirer's bones but thinking about how sad you'd be stops him from doing it
Tumblr media
Rengoku Kyojuro:
Kyojuro expected nothing-less for such a wonderful and beautiful person
In fact, Kyojuro was quite lenient and let the gifts and letters keep coming to the house - he wouldn't admit it but he did find them amusing
They were only small things and nothing too grand or obnoxious
You were so kind and didn't know how to put it to a stop - "I want to let them down nicely Kyo" You'd murmured sweetly one day to him - but you did enjoy the sweet words of your admirer
Of course when things still kept coming, only then did Kyojuro start becoming annoyed
With each letter there was more gifts - trinkets and replica's of thing's Kyojuro had already bought you - and it started tugging Kyojuro's nerves in a rather unpleasant way
As more weeks went by the tugging of his nerves became harder until there was a fire roaring in his ears...
Until Kyojuro can't take it anymore
And with a kiss to your forehead and a promise to come back soon, Kyojuro Rengoku leaves under the guise of something coming up with Senjuro when he was actually waiting for your admirer
Hiding, concealed in the darkness of a starless and cloudy night offered many opportunities
Such as an admirer placing letters and gifts in a letterbox
Kyojuro moves on instinct, hitting with strength and knocking them out quicker then wanted
It's a wonder what the shady part of an alleyway + town can do....
Its not his fault that they needed so much persuasion to leave alone, wasn't his fault that he came back with some bruises and some blood on his trousers
But you'll forgive him for messing up his trousers, right? With a smile and a kiss mixed with a giggle at his soft movements, you'll forgive him right?
Weeks later, you retrieve the mail with a happier and unbothered hop in your step
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lafirmament · a year ago
Second Moon.
yandere headcanons, follower you.
content warning—yandere, cult-centered, gas-lighting, confinement, slight infantilism
Tumblr media
─ You’d grown up attached to his side. Your mother - a courageous, fairly young woman gave birth to you in what is known as the ‘eternal paradise’ cult after having escaped a previous toxic relationship. Unfortunately many complications came after your mother in your early years of being a tiny little child, she’d have to leave her own baby a little ... earlier than expected … with her life being taken up at the fragile age of twenty two - if it isn’t clear by now, you are left in the organization’s care.
─ And Douma, the head and sole focus of the cult, had gladly taken responsibility for you, he did grew fond of your mother after all and pledged to look after you in any other case. Well ... it’s more so the rest of the followers tending to your human needs and basic affection, but he’d been there to help provide entertainment and lots, and lots of attention - he’s personally watched you fall a plentiful amount of times flat on your face as you tried to walk towards his wide arms as a toddler, fed you a concerning amount of goodies before getting yelled at for throwing your meal plan out the window, and so much more memories you could easily recall - clear as day ... Not that you’ve seen the outside much. 
─ He was a huge staple in your childhood. So years and years of not counting the days, had you blossomed before his alluring eyes, a fine young human who never fails to bring some color to his face upon sight without even trying, as the corner of his lips curve into a wicked smile when you come to light - you’d made his dreadful, boring days a lot brighter than usual. It is clear that he adores you, and the forthcoming of you.
Tumblr media
“[Name], my precious. Has it dawn over you yet that you’re still a tiny youth in my eyes? I miss when you were unable to walk across the room without my assistance, or when you’d beg for a piece of candy. Cute, I wish you were still small at least.”
You puffed your pinch-able cheeks at him. He’d fight the urge to hop right off his bottom to go and squeeze you to death, as humans liked to say. Baby-talking you even if you’ve already passed the age long ago is a delightful hobby of his when trying to seek some sort of entertainment on a dreadfully boring day. You don’t seem to be amused, and that’s why you’re coerced to speak up on your displeasure, “Why must you keep bringing that up, are you trying to pick a fight? Hmm... hmm? I’ll have you know that I’m nineteen now, and clearly able to give you a smack.”
You’re kidding of course, you knew better than to lay even a finger on a Lord... But that doesn’t stop you from making a few jokes here and there. Seeing how you aren’t punished for these actions gives you the confirmation to continue on.  
He laughs, a stare so dreamy - you’d never noticed the way he views you, and he’d like to keep it that way for as long as possible.
“Still as childish as ever ... hey. What do you think about having [favorite dish] ?” 
“And you still know me more than ever, Lord Douma!”
“Of course, I’d been ... You’ve been in our care, after all.” 
If only you’d be able to stand by his side without the cruel knowledge of reality, you’ve really would’ve gotten to live a lavished life without any worries tainting your mind.
Tumblr media
─ As the rest of the followers, you naturally have to complete some chores, duties, tasks throughout the huge temple. Though, there isn’t much for you to do so to begin with anyways in favor of yours truly, you were always given the simply job of keeping him company, glued at his side. Just smile and be a doll for him, Douma only wishes to monitor you. Nothing significant, nothing difficult, and certainly nothing to strain even a precious brain cell of yours. You’d complain about it regularly to him any chance you get - as a joke, an actual concern, they’re easily disregarded with a small smile much to your disappointment. 
You didn’t like the idea of not contributing to your family ... but if the Lord himself says you didn’t need to - then you’d quietly oblige. But of course, others took notice of your special treatment.
─ For being somewhat passive, you held no grudge for anything as the result of the constant conditioning of yours truly. The fair maidens could not bring themselves to bring you down for obviously being the lucky one Lord Douma happens to favor. They’d hold back their spiteful tongues, greeting you back with the kindness you’ve spared them - to everyone. Sure there were a handpicked few whom pulled a couple of devious antics already merely out of envy, but the majority of it turned out quite harmless - pranks even. You’re always able to laugh them off, telling them that ‘they got you good!’ ... The same wouldn’t go for your caretaker. He isn’t so pleased when finding out about their few deeds through snitches who genuinely believe it’ll raise their impression on him and give them a higher chance of loving them.
Yea, they can think whatever they want - his main concern is you. You’re letting people under you treat you like that? Hilarious, you may let it slide, but for sure he cannot. Since there’s quite a hefty amount of followers flocking around him, no one will notice the disappearances of two, or three heh. Just got to get rid of those vile few and you’ll all live happily ever after !
─ Safe to say he’s had a decent amount of affairs between his sacrifi - dear followers, why wouldn’t he too, make a move on you? Well, you’re quite special in another way. Because you are cherished so much by the tip of his fingers, he finds complete satisfaction in having you silently by his side as you giggle on about some stupid jokes you’ve picked up around the temple, that’s enough to make his entire day. Does he ... happen to love you? Hmm, even he cannot confirm such thing. All he knows is that, you’re a blessing to him in this boring world.
So where did everything go wrong?
Tumblr media
It is not your fault you could hear people whispering amongst themselves from where you are standing. You were originally planning on walking back to the main chambers to bug Douma about whatever you had on your mind that time, but your ears couldn’t help but pick up your name the moment you step foot into the hallways. Curiosity takes over your body, quickly hiding behind another wall close enough to where you can eavesdrop on them.
What did they have to say about you? Something negative you suppose, like always. Well, you’ve already grown used to hearing accusations about you, doesn’t hurt to hear what these women had to say, and then head to -
“That’s absolutely horrible ... this whole time, [Name] thinks that their mother died by natural causes ... but isn’t it actually his faul -”
But what you’d assume is her promising friend is fast enough to slap a hand onto her mouth, preventing her from spilling a detail you’d desperately want to know.
“You should quiet down - you know you’ll be exiled if ... someone hears you.”
And with your back pressed against the wall, stomach churning the more you start to piece together what could have possibly transpired long ago. There’s an event that is held every once in a while for members that have been with the ‘man’ for years, though you’re not ever allowed on these excursions, he tells you that those people are usually allowed to be let go if they so desire. That would supposedly explain why most of them never came back.
... So he did have something to do with your mom’s disappearance, and you aim to find out the truth.
Tumblr media
─ You are understandably heartbroken finding out the news - from a fellow follower and not even the bastard himself. And because you weren’t even thinking of keeping that major thing to yourself, the idea of sneaking off somewhere else when he least expects it jumps right over your head. You bring this subject straight to Douma - no filter, no doubts, just questions ... wanting to confirm if this horrible rumor is in fact, not a rumor. Judging by the silence, he’s not pleased, but it hides itself deep within one of those façade of a smiles. You wonder if all the other ones he shined at you were genuine.
Snarling almost, a whole new tone that he hasn’t even thought of coming from you - you’re actually displeased with him for once? Angry? 
─ Douma let’s you on a few clarifications for your stupid bravery. He had never even thought of hurting you, no, you were the only exception - the only one he’s planned on letting happen to you was to grow up old and clueless by his side. That’s all he’s ever wished for, and here you’re questioning his innocence. Who are you to do so?
Temple life was never the same.
─ Say goodbye to all the privileges you never knew existed until now. It’s pathetic of you to see how blind you’ve been to all the women being tortured, starving for his attention, and then get thrown to the side as soon as they are a use to him no more. You’ve been happily munching on your favorite meal while all this cruelty went on, it appears to you that you’ve been selfish. Maybe that’s why you were somewhat content on staying in these dungeons, chained, and isolated from anything that breathes. Ignoring all of his coos when he comes to visit you after accompanying the cult, doing things you thought he wouldn’t ever do to you.
You cannot dare to face him, you felt betrayed.
─ You’d think everyone that worshiped Douma would be ecstatic, thinking he’d just dump you away in the woods ... absolutely not. The Lord they know now is much, much worse, choosing to direct his frustration onto them since things had not gone his way. Whilst for you, he’ll continue to smother in dubious affection, even if he has to push them onto you.
Tumblr media
“It seems my job on sheltering you had been nothing of a waste of time. I was going to let you reside here - and live a stress-free life at my side ... but someone just had to ruin it for the both of us. Must I return to inhumane ways of keeping you here, I surely will, [Name]. I know what’s best for you, you just don’t know that.”
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ariesrondeletia · 2 years ago
Yandere Muzan x Reader: Corpses
This got a little off the rails and didn’t got the way I expected, but hey, Muzan’s a bastard who can flip between charming and cruel. 
Tumblr media
tw: gore, murder, suggestive themes, overall bastardness
Word Count: 1,095
Prompt: Corpses
Why was it you always ended up back here? To the side of Muzan himself. You had been called for various reasons before, but you racked your brain as to why he would involve the lower moons. The six knelt in front of him, while you sat on a deep red cushion Nakime had prepared. Muzan being the only one standing, a blatant show of power. The moon didn’t dare look up from the hardwood, but you could tell they were curious as to who you were. Muzan looked down at them disapprovingly before speaking.
“I called you together to introduce you to (Name). She will join your ranks of the lower moons and I fully expect you to help her in any way she requires. Serve her as you would me.”
His words sent shock throughout the room, though no one spoke a tense atmosphere fell over the room. You could feel the hatred bubbling off of the moons. You noticed the way the fourth moon clenched his fist in anger. They considered you undeserving of respect, that much was clear. And yet none of them had the guts to voice their opinion. You didn’t want this tension between the moons and yourself. It was clear that they were so much stronger than you. You’d only been a demon for a year, there was no way you were prepared for this. Most of your food had come from Muzan summoning you to dine with him, as you were unable to kill someone yourself.  
The third moon lifted his eyes from the floor to glare up at you. His harsh stare cut deep. ‘You don’t deserve this’ it said and you knew it was true. You lowered your head in shame. His stare was snapped away from you as Muzan glowered above him. 
“There’s no place for her? Then I suppose that you’ll have to give up your rank to accommodate.” 
“Lord Muzan, no! I can prove myself to be more useful than some-” He rose from his kneeling position only to have his body splatter across the far wall. You gasped and felt dizziness consume you. This couldn’t really be happening, could it? Muzan had been so kind to you, how could he kill one of his own servants in cold blood? The other demons feared for their lives, but seemed unsurprised. Was he always this cruel? 
You remembered how he had summoned you only a week ago. He had been charming, acting as a perfect gentleman as he took your coat from you and pulled out your chair before sitting in his own. You ate what looked like steak, but you knew what it truly was. You apologized for being a burden, but he laughed it off. He said he didn’t mind and you thanked him. He had been sweet as you talked for hours, the two of you never running out of topics to banter about. He was sweet, his compliments genuine, and his looks to die for. It felt as though he was god incarnate, but where was that man now? That polite smile was gone and any semblance of kindness was lost as he stared at the remaining lives before him. 
Part of you wanted to run, but knew you would meet the same end so you forced yourself to remain still. Every nerve in your body screamed to get away from the monster, and yet he turned to you. The smile played across his lips and the facade came over him once more. The blood still stained his hands, even though you had never seen him move to kill the demon. Was he messing with you? He must be trying to get you to trust him through these loving stares and soft touches, but why would he do such a thing? What did he gain?
“Go join them now, love.” His tone was soft and coaxing. It gave you whiplash to see the difference between his two selves. You remained frozen, unable to fully comprehend the situation. One hand wrapped around your waist as he lifted you up and forced your legs to move forward. You stood before the still kneeling moons. Come to think of it, they had been kneeling ever since you had arrived. It was as though they were statues. 
“Welcome her.” The harshness was back as he spoke to them. 
Eager to impress, the second moon rose to greet you. He kept his gaze lowered as he approached. He bowed before you, a show of respect you weren’t worthy of. You nodded to reciprocate, the hand on your waist keeping you from doing anything more. He took your hand to lead you to the place the third moon had once occupied. That had been the wrong thing to do. 
Insanity filled your senses as anger engulfed Muzan. You didn’t dare look behind you, knowing that his bloodied eyes would burn through you. The pressure intensified as the second moon pulled his hand away from yours. He rushed to return to his place and you could feel his death pressing upon you. The weight was heavy enough that you spun to face Muzan.
His eyes were exactly as you feared, the rage behind them almost making you drop to your knees out of fear. He hadn’t seemed to take notice of you, so focused on the indiscretion. Your voice caught in your throat, but the death was coming closer and closer and you couldn’t bear to watch it happen again. 
“M-Muzan,” your voice wavered pathetically. His eyes snapped to you and the anger masked itself a second too late and you felt his fury for a moment. Your blood ran cold. His expression softened, but you couldn’t forget the power behind a single look. He tilted his head, prompting you to continue. “I don’t want you to kill him. Please, don’t.”
He didn’t mask his annoyance, but the tension dissolved somewhat. He gestured for you to take your place as the new third lower moon and you were only too happy to run to the empty place. You knelt as best you could, trying not to get too much blood on your kimono and trying not to think of what had transpired seconds ago. This place wasn’t really for you and everyone felt it. He redirected his attention back to the demon who touched you. But he was calm for the most part. His tone was ice cold and you believed his words as he spoke.
“The next time you touch what’s mine, I’ll destroy you.”
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