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"Wow, you are very strong, hu? You know your appearance is something that I've never seen before, you would be beautiful in my paradise."  You frown your eyebrows, while watching him approach you, smiling at you. Without causing you any damage Douma takes you in his arms, easily, as he continues in a monologue.  He holds you with one arm, bridal style, and with the other he goes on gently running his nails over your cheeks.  You look him in the eye and so close you can see all that color. "It's a rainbow?" You ask yourself, on your thoughts and by looking for a while it's impossible to not get lost in that dance of colors. You are wondering why you can't even move a finger.  When you arrive at the infinite mansion, on the upper moon two, everyone thinks you'll be savored later, but all Douma does when he finally puts you in his place is brush your hair while talking.  And you think at any moment you can be killed.  And look around studying the environment around you.  "- That's disgusting."  You speak when you see members scattered around the place.  Douma makes a sad expression.  "- Oh, don't you like it? It's okay I will provide a place of your own."  Without delay he gets up and transports you.  Douma has an amazing posture, so elegant.  And you are fighting yourself in your mind.  "- You can't be shitting this y/n...Come on, this guy is a lunatic, look at him...just look...Look...at HIM...Damn. He's so damn handsome."  A beautifully decorated bedroom is laid out for your own use.  In a bed fit for a queen he puts you. And for the first time Douma has a serious expression, and leans over you.  "-Y/n, you know what's weird, I've never felt anything, nothing at all, no anger, happiness,  fear… But this unpleasant feeling of the idea of ​​you leaving under my eyes doesn't want to leave me, you'll be here, forever, you understood? And if you try to leave..." He opens a beautiful smile along with the fan. Leaving a clear message…. You with your arms on the sides of your head just sigh in answer.  
Tumblr media
He's got his sword millimeters from your neck, you were very unlucky to find the upper moon in the hot spring that surrounds the forest, because it's an open place you thought you'd be prepared, and the reason you're naked inside from a hot spring at night is because you just had to return from a difficult mission.  Your blood colored the water around you while you thought you had time to regroup.  And suddenly a six-eyed creature is in front of you, beside your clothes on the other side of the hot spring. Your chest rose and fell, breathing shortly from reading the message in his eyes that would stun any unprepared pillar.  Upper moon one.  Before you had Kokushibou's sword around your neck, moments before he was like a statue with his arms crossed staring at you, but with an incredible speed he came out of his retracted position and extended the blade against your fragile flesh.  He is kneeling behind you, as moments before you had unknowingly walked backwards until you reached the opposite ledge.  And in your ear a whisper commands you. "- Just do not try to resist."  You nod.  Kokushibou pulls you out smoothly from the warm water, you're now exposed and naked, and puts your hands over your private parts, covering your breasts and groin while you avert his deep gaze, waiting for your death.  Kokushibou looks at you indecipherably and  approaches you slowly. Now taking off his own kimono he extends over your body,  covering it , you're shivering, all your being.  He gently lifts one of his hands and removes your hair, dripping water from your neck. And getting his face close to the point you feel his hot breath he says.  "- Excuse me Miss."  And with that Kokushibou slowly sinks his teeth into your neck.  It was supposed to be extremely painful, but for some reason all you feel is a sense of dissociation from reality.  He is sucking on your neck and meanwhile he puts a hand on your back as he feels your body starting to get weak at his touch, he holds you tightly, keeping you upright.  As he drinks from you, a soft moan escapes Kokushibou's lips.  Finally without so much delay he finishes.  He gives some final touches wrapping your body in his Kimono and ties it around your waist, giving you a full view of the beautiful chest he has.  And when he recomposes you, he sensually looks at you and says.  "- Thank you ma'am."  And with a polite gesture bowing before you, so with this, Kokushibou withdraws.  It's hard to tell who's more dizzy if it's you or the number one.  And after watching the ravishing farewell, while watching the wind blow Kokushibou's beautiful hair that gradually disappeared from your sight, you regain your senses.  And running to the other side of the fountain grab your belongings and head to the butterfly mansion.  Upon arriving Kocho looks at you intrigued.  "- Y/n, what happened."  Because let's say you arrive naked in a kimono that when you tell Kocho whose it was, you were stunned.  She applied the proper dressings while drawing your blood to see if she might have something to study.  But both Kocho and you were thoughtful.  From your head every second was replayed like a stubborn slide show, the sounds he made, that steady touch, the smell of that sweet breath, just turned your mind into a mess.  Besides the beautiful mark that Kokushibou insisted on leaving on your neck.  "- Y/n, this will heal but this purple color will stay, something was done here, it's like he's branded you. I don't know how"  You felt fearful and warm with what you heard, and after that, and after you recovered enough, you went home.  Upon arriving a beautiful bouquet was left at your door, you bent down and picked it up and entered into your house wondering who could have done such chivalry.  And when lighting your room there was the creature that had tattooed your neck.  This time it wasn't fear that made your heart leap.  "- Upper moon one."  You claim with a low sigh.  Kokushibou remains serious, and very slowly, graciously and practically painfully he approaches you.  "- I'm sorry Ma'am, but I'm thirsty. Could you
use your human mercy and satiate me?"  And whispering he completes.  "-Please?" All you have the power to do is take your hairs all over from your neck like an offering to who you belong to now. 
Tumblr media
"- Hahaha, you are fun to fight with, so weak?"  What's your name, cutie? I want to remember you forever, before I kill you." The first moment you saw him you knew you'd need at least two more of your pillar friends to fight this beast, he didn't even carry a weapon, only his fists. But why during every attempt to cut him he who was clearly faster and stronger than you let us say modestly almost infinitely let himself be hurt. Never returned a blow at any height that could hurt you. you say "- You're not taking me seriously." "- Don't call me you, I'm Akaza."  He said with a mischievous smile.  "- Why would I tell you my name?"  "- Because it's not polite not to introduce yourself in a conversation, don't you have manners Miss?"  "- Hmmm manners... Look who's talking, you don't even cover yourself straight, you're half naked."  Akaza looks at his chest and looking back at your eyes he smiles again.  "- Does that bother you?"  Woman." ( We know you notice that pectoral at the first moment) "- Y/n...My name is y/n." You say as you lower your sword realizing that your opponent doesn't seem to want to fight you. "- Y/n, a name that wears well, your face .” You blush. Akaza smiles more widely. “You have my permission to leave y/n.  I don't like to spend a lot of time talking with the weaks.  Even if they have a beautiful face like yours." "- Akaza, you have a strong body, and a weak mind." You said turning around and walking away, when you realize, Akaza is in front of your face with his eyes open wide. "- Remove what you said, or I'll kill you here and now." You playing with death responds. "- I wouldn't stand a chance against you anyway Akaza.  And you killing me just because you can't control your anger just proves my point." Akaza stops for a while and suddenly smiles at you, and takes you in his arms and puts you on his shoulders." - Y/n, so I'll make you stronger physically and you'll make me strong in mind, we have a deal now, let's be together and complete each other forever.  Y/n, stop struggling hahaha, come on sweety, you know you can't escape, let's go home."
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Random request but it could be fluffy.
Yandere Kyojuro, Giyuu, Sanemi, Muzan, Douma, Kokushibou react to a darling that always carries around a stuffed animal. She cannot go any where without it and if you try take it away, she'll start a tantrum.
- My Stuffed Animal -
⚠️WARNING⚠️ will contain dark themes
Characters = Rengoku , Giyuu , Sanemi , Muzan , Douma , Kokushibou
A / N = Sorry for any grammar mistakes, I did not proofread this. Please read my bio before requesting, and make sure that my requests are open or else your request will be deleted. Enjoy <3
* .:。✧*゚ ゚・ ✧.。. * * .:。✧*゚ ゚・ ✧.。. * . *.:。✧ *゚ ゚・ ✧.。. *.
★ Rengoku thinks that it is very adorable how attached you are to your stuffed animals.
★ In fact , he will even go out of his way to buy you more
★ Every time he sees one at the market , he buys it , and takes it home to you.
★ There are times however , when he wishes that they did not exist.
★ Instead of going to him for comfort , you cry into your stuffed animals while hugging them.
★ He gets a little frustrated, so he tries to take them from you. Bad IDEA .
★ You immediately start to cry your heart out.
★ Rengoku is at a list for words.
★ He pats your head , and gives them back to you.
★ He will have a important talk with you later. , about your priorities.
★ I don’t think that Giyuu cares very much if you carry your stuffed animal with you everywhere.
★ In his eyes , it is not a problem as long as you are still giving him a lot of attention, and love.
★ It becomes a problem when you prioritize the stuffed animal over yourself.
★ For example=
★ Sometimes you forget to eat , and drink water , because you are too busy trying to organize them.
★ Giyuu tries to explain this too you , but you just don’t listen to him.
★ That s when he decides to try to take the stuffed animal away from you.
★ He did not expect for you to start throwing a tantrum. You were clinging on him , begging him not to take them away from you.
★ His heart breaks a little , but he hands them back to you.
★ Not to hurt your feeling or anything , but I highly doubt Sanemi will put up with this.
★ He really does love you , but he gets very jealous of your stuffed animals.
★ It is not a big problem as long as you give him attention, but he can’t help but feel pure jealously whenever you snuggle into them at night ( instead of him )
★ Sometimes , he will purposely hide your stuffed animals, to make you give him attention.
★ He can’t help but feel a little victorious when you beg him to help you find them.
★ I don’t think he minds if you take them out in public with you.
★ You might be able to convince him to hold them for you when you go shopping !
★ One time , you caught him cuddling one of them , while you were outside in the garden ( he really missed you ).
★ Sanemi refuses to admit that ever happened.
★ Surprisingly, I think Muzan would handle your stuffed animals better than Sanemi ( my opinion )
★ We already know that Muzan spoils the shit out of you , so it is not surprising that you have a mountain of stuffed animal on your bed.
★ Muzan definitely has a couple of your stuffed animals in his office.
★ He will let you take them out in public with you , but you have to hold his hand the whole time.
★ The only reason Muzan would take your stuffed animals away from you , is if you disobeyed him , or did something to make him annoyed.
★ He will probably give them back to you , when he sees you throwing a little tantrum , and begging him ( he has god complex y’know )
★ He finds it adorable when you carry your stuffed animal everywhere you go !
★ Will not let anyone make fun of you
★ Douma finds it super adorable when you carry your stuffed animals everywhere.
★ Whenever the two of you are cuddling , Douma always makes sure that you have a stuffed animal in your arms.
★ He will buy you a lot of them ( just like Muzan ).
★ He actively feeds into your little obsession.
★ Unlike the others , I highly doubt that Douma will ever take them away from you . He knows how much they mean to you , so he wouldn’t want to make you sad.
★ If you ever lose one of them , Douma would tear up the entire building trying to find them.
★ He can’t stand to see you sad.
★ If he can’t find them , then he will happily buy you a new one.
★ He thinks it is really cute that you carry them in public.
★ His little darling ~
★ Poor Kokushibou
★ At first , he was very confused on why you were so emotionally attached to these stuffed animals.
★ It took him a while to get used to them being everywhere. But eventually, he warmed up to them.
★ As with Muzan , Kokushibou would buy you a bunch of stuffed animal to keep you happy. He thinks your smile is priceless.
★ He thinks it is kinda funny when you go out in public with a stuffed animal.
★ He will take your stuffed animal if he feels like you are disobeying him ( yandere )
★ After he sees how heartbroken you look , he might give them back after a while.
★ He definitely has a favorite stuffed animal ( but he will never tell you )
* .:。✧*゚ ゚・ ✧.。. * * .:。✧*゚ ゚・ ✧.。. * . *.:。✧ *゚ ゚・ ✧.。. *.
Thanks for reading Darling !! <3
Have a nice Day / Night ~
Request Status = OPEN
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what would yandere Kokushibou and yandere Muzan look like With a short s/o
Yandere Kokushibou
Tumblr media
Kokushibou wouldn’t care so much about this.
About 90% of people in that time would be shorter than him.
It would be a miracle if you were taller than him.
But it is said that your height makes your kidnapping much easier.
Kokushibo just can carry you away while you sleep.
very easy.
Kokushibo understands that you are shocked by this new situation.
And he’s going to give you time and space in the beginning.
But Kokushibo would lie if he said you weren’t cute.
This would also make him a little softer.
He loves holding you in his arms while meditating and being able to stroke your head.
You’re just so small and pathetic so he’s bound to protect you.
Yandere Muzan Kibutsuji
Tumblr media
Muzan would literally live for this.
He would really love how short and small you are.
It would make him feel really strong.
And we all know for sure that this strengthens Muzan’s god complex.
( That is certainly not a good thing. )
Muzan also doesn’t want you to be able to increase your height somehow.
So if you wear high heels you can expect that one day they will just disappear.
Muzan also loves to lift things so high that you don’t reach for them.
Then you have to literally pray for his help.
Yes Muzan forces you to pray a lot.
He gets indescribable pleasure from it.
But this also serves as a punishment.
If you break his rules, Muzan really won’t help you even if you need it.
Muzan also often holds you in your arms during meetings.
You are his adorable little pet and Muzan loves it.
"Oh Y/n you need my help again right? Do you remember what you have to do? All you have to do is ask for it *smile* *Muzan raises your chin gently* Make it my pet. After all, you can't survive without me."
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crazyushijimalady · 2 months ago
Could I get some Yandere Tanjiro and Kokushibou (Separate) headcanons reacting to the reader having the habit of pulling/ snapping a rubber band on their wrist everytime they’re upset or anxious or angry about something. It’s something I do when I’m mad at something…
i got this taught in therapy to not hurt my self in worse ways and i was like :"it doesn't even work??" i had to find other ways myself to cope then, therapy ain't shiiiiiiiit
!tw: ( self harm ) fluff i guess!
Tumblr media
- it's not a secret that Tanjiro is popular,neither to you than him
- he always gets so mad when someone trys to upset you or says mean things about you
- it wasn't rare that he 'snapped' and you always had to get him down again,you even forbid him to react this way and just stay calm
- when you and him were walking through a park,a group of girls passed by you and when they were just behind your back you could hear them whisper mean things about you
- "they're too ugly to be with him" - " eww,just look at them"
- these words made tanjiro clench his fist to try and control himself,when you noticed that you took his hand in yours gently
- "it's okay" you reassured and smiled
- it wasn't okay to tanjiro but if you said so he'd let go of it
- a few days passed and you still couldn't get the group of girls and what they said out of your mind
- when some girls would pass you two you'd even stop walking to not appear to be walking with your boyfriend,of course he noticed
- one evening tanjiro was gone until late afternoon and when he returned you saf on the sofa, letting a rubber band snatch against your wrist while blankly staring out the window
- he quickly walked up to you and put your hand in his, stopping you
- "what are you doing?" he asked, slowly seating himself next to you
- when you seemed to not understand what he meant, he looked at your wrist
-at this point your wrist was red already
- "oh" you said,not quiet noticing what you did
- tanjiro sighed "it's because of those girls,right?"
- he knew the answer when you didn't answer his question,he was right
- "what they said shouldn't matter as long as I love you" he said while placing gentle kisses against the bare skin of your wrist,his hot breath caressing the red spots
Tumblr media
- there was no one in this world you could love as much as him and he felt that there was no one in the world he could love more than you
- but kokushibou was also a god in upsetting you from time to time, there was just no one like him
- it was rare that the two of you fought, but when it happened than someone of you was very very upset
- this time it was you
- after a fight with your boyfriend you 'locked' yourself in your shred bedroom, taking a time off of him
- you almost threw yourself into the twin size bed, laying on your back
- you faced the ceiling and sunk deep in your thoughts, thinking about the fight with kokushibou and making the anger rise again
- you didn't realize you startet to lift up the rubber band in your wrist and letting it go abruptly
- kokushibou heard this sound, even though he was in the living room
-at first he thought you did it on purpose, to upset him and make him mad
- and so he stormed into your bedroom
- he stopped when he opened the door and realized that you were lost in your thoughts and not snatching the rubber band on purpose
- he walked towards and threw himself next to you
- it snatched you out of your thoughts and you looked at him, at first surprised but then annoyed
- he was facing the ceiling while you looked at him annoyed
- suddenly he took your hand in his, gently
- " please don't get hurt" he quietly said, his gaze still where it was before
- his fingers wandered up to you wrist, stroking over it gently and then you finally understood
- there were no words needed to be spoken and so the two of you just layed next to each other,not speaking a word and forgetting the fight from before
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myrulia · 5 months ago
Hi! If it’s not taken can I have request 22?
I would like a yandere demon reader x yandere kokushibo (demon)
Thx =w=
.。.:*✧Prompt 22: "Call out my name when I kiss you so gently."
.。.:*✧Warnings: Yandere themes, abduction, mention of death, darker themes, memory tainting
╰╴⇢。.:*✧A/N: Exploring darker themes with this was much more fun than I thought.. expect more content like this soon!
Tumblr media
You sat alone in the same very room that you have become accustomed to for what felt like months.
The room that you have been told to never leave by your beloved who is gone rather frequently, but you never dared to question it.
Some days it would not be so lonely, for your lover would spend silent time with you by either listening to you speak of random thoughts you have throughout the days or you entangling your fingers through his rather spiky and lengthy hair if he allowed you to do so - on rare occasion.
This was your daily routine for months without fail since it is not like you could do much under the orders of your love that you feel a strong connection to, and your feelings only increase once you do finally see him after long periods of time of functioning without his presence in the singular room you were set in.
At times when you are alone such as now, you wonder how did your life come to such conditions when you have memories of otherwise?
You would remember the joyful times of seeing those same soft six eyes peer down at you with such care under the bright moonlight during festivals in your hometown, or making meals with him that he would constantly steal bites from as you cooked. The previous times seemed so much better than your situation now. 
You did not question it too much, due to you knowing of the dangers of the outside world and your loving husband always reminding you why you should not venture outside without his supervision, and you always believed him because his words seemed so sincere and serious at the same time. 
This time was no different obviously, because to pass the time you thought of the happy memories you had that seemed not that long ago but simply felt like it due to the long periods of time you have spent alone. You found yourself smiling whilst reminiscing in the joyful thoughts of fun times you have spent with your one and only, so much so that you did not notice the door to the large room open swiftly and a large figure enter inside.
`` My love, I have returned. ``
The tall male says as he places his saya down with his katana inside. He made his way over to you immediately after and kneeled before you, only to see that you were completely dazed out with a smile etched on your features.
`` [Y/N], I said I was home. ``
The stern voice grabbed your attention, so looking up you are met with the much more intense gaze of your lover who had progressed closer to your face and had a questioning expression on his features.
`` Kokushibou..- I apologize, there have been things on my mind lately that have been distracting me. `` 
`` What kind of things? `` 
`` My memories, `` you started. `` We have had happy times before, but it seems as though everything has changed.. is there a specific reason? ``
You had wondered on multiple occasions why your head would seem so fuzzy when you tried to specifically remember what happened during the memories you would think about regularly, but they caused your head to ache and would even get as far as seeing a different face entirely. 
It seemingly only happens when you are alone - but when you are with your demon of a lover that you were utterly oblivious to, your happiness was overflooded as well as your excitement.
Kokushibou examined your face for what felt like forever until he finally opened his mouth to speak, retracting his face away from yours further.
`` My dear, you and I both know that it is a dangerous world where anything can happen, this is for the benefit of your safety so that I can protect you without worry. You know this. ``
His words were like silk and daggers piercing your skin at the same time. On one hand, you understood where he was coming from because it is a very dangerous place where multiple bad things have happened over and over again, yet the harshness of his tone and blunt choice of words hurt you so dearly knowing of what his past self used to be like.
The Kokushibou you were used to was kind and warm hearted, gentle to the touch and would always give you a kiss specifically on the end of your nose if he were to leave. 
`` I know you care and want to make sure I'm safe but- ``
Before you could finish, a pair of rough lips forcefully connected with yours, making sure to silence you completely by enveloping your mouth in his own before pulling away shortly after, leaving you silent just for a few seconds.
`` Kokushibou..- dear I- ``
And yet again another forceful kiss was planted onto your lips that were left gaping open this time, and so your lover bombarded your mouth by ruthlessly lunging his tongue down your throat. His hand reached up your face and gripped your jaw to the point where it was distressing, as if he was telling you without words to keep silent. You mewl into his mouth at the abrupt fervid kiss multiple times while reaching out to his wrist until he stopped, leaving multiple strings of saliva connecting your wet lips together.
You took the chance to finally catch your breath, the words you were going to say suddenly leaving your mind, leaving you to only think about that unmerciful but thrilling kiss that you somehow wanted more of.
`` I want you to call out my name when I kiss you so gently. I apologize for being rough but I could not resist you any longer. ``
`` Kokushibou- ``
You called out as if it was a command that you followed, his lips connecting with yours once more although much more enchanting that left a poisonous devotion of wanting more inside you. Your hands finally let go of his wrist, completely forgetting about your worries and allowing your body to succumb to the touch of your lover.
Your mind was quickly reminded of the gentle husband you had come to know and love as his hands inched down to your waist and pulled your body flush to his much larger one. The man you were used to seeing regardless if he was gone or not frequently was still the same man that you loved, the kind-hearted and affectionate one.
Little did you know that Kokushibou simply did not exist.
It never did.
Your memories had been tainted by the demon who had fallen in love with you from a distance. His jealousy and gruesome behavior only grew as he watched you being hopelessly in love with a mere human who he believed could not satisfy you in the ways that he could. So, taking spine-chilling measures that no other being has tried, Kokushibou killed the man while you were away and got rid of the body as if it was as insignificant as the dirt beneath him. 
It was not long after until he successfully put you into a small slumber and shifted your memories so that every fun and enjoyable moment that you had with your previous lover would be filled with the demon instead. Was it downright uncanny? It was.
But as long as Kokushibou had you, his efforts were not wasted and seen as righteous instead. 
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zasaka-studio · a month ago
Remember I'm open to requests my lovelies!<3
Tumblr media
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uchihabucketlist · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
Warning: Yandere themed one-shot, character death/s, non-con contents, NSFW, Gore scenes, Pregnancy, Blood, and other very dark elements, MDNI and please read with caution.
It's another day of training for the Demon Slayers, swordsmen with their Nichirin swords, and lots of practice.
One long and spiky-haired ravenette is one of them yet he feels little to no tiredness after all. His movements of swaying and slashing his blade are still exceptional and have no signs of fatigue.
His purple and black patterned kimono turns into a few shades darker due to sweat and clings onto his body.
The ravenette is a devastatingly good-looking man, many ladies in their place would rather complain why would such a strong, young, and handsome man waste and risk his life to kill the demons.
" Anata!! "
The ravenette male slightly widens his dark purple eyes as he stops on what he's doing and faces the source of the noise- a young woman.
In her hand, she carries a cloth that contains the food inside, he can only stare at the woman he desires before his eyes as she runs in his direction, still careful with the food she's carrying.
His heart beats uncontrollably, not from his intense practice but rather due to the space between them that keeps on decreasing drastically.
His mouth parts a millimeter when she's a meter away..
Only for her to pass him by and hugs his younger brother, another Tsugikuni.
Michikatsu Tsugikuni, envies his younger brother-Yoriichi Tsugikuni. For his natural talent and incredible abilities, for being one of the first breath users, including himself.
But despite the hatred he has for his brother, deep down-he truly cares for his other sibling, and he would never admit that.
But sometimes, his love simply outweighs envy... triggering hatred.
" Yoriichi! "
When it comes to his brother's wife.. Ever since Michikatsu laid his eyes on her, he knows.. this woman is meant to spend with him for the rest of her life.
He almost got himself wounded when he absent-mindedly swung the sword while his eyes and mind flew to the elegant woman. That woman.. [Name] [Last Name] soon to be [Name] Tsugikuni..
Oh, how he loves the sound of that.. only if he doesn't have another brother with whom she is betrothed with..
He almost gave in to his urge that time to impale his brother through his mouth with his sword till the hilt of his katana kisses his younger brother's mouth upon knowing that they're bound to seal their own fate with one another. There's still this small side of him that treasures his younger sibling, and he wants that part of him dead, the sooner the better.
He watches how Yoriichi smothers his fiance with kisses despite the female protesting to not kiss her since she's all sweaty, she just finished cooking beef teriyaki udon for the two slayers who had a current break yet the younger Tsugikuni doesn't mind it at all and happily kisses her more until she has to put her hands against his lips, whining in embarrassment as they are not alone.
Michikatsu doesn't either mind if she's all that sweaty, he'd still plant kisses all over her until she can't breathe.
" Stop it! Michikatsu-sama is also here Yoriichi.. " she gives him a prim smile in his direction which made his insides tingle in delight.
Demon Slayers are considered a high-ranking position in their place, so normally people will show their respect to them.
" What did you bring for us, [Name]? " Yoriichi looks at his wife's item, the female immediately composes herself before the two.
" How about taking a seat first before I reveal what I have in store for the both of you, hm? " her statement arouses confusion for the two Tsugikunis. " Both? " the younger mutters, clearly heard by his wife. " Yup! " she chirps.
" Michikatsu-sama is also going to eat with us! " Michikatsu is about to decline her offer when [Name]'s serious eyes beats him to it. " I'm not gonna accept no as an answer, Michikatsu-sama.. "
Yoriichi sweat drops as he scratches the back of his head, laughing nervously as he looks at his brother with apologetic eyes only for Michikatsu to have his brows raised as he looks at his brother's wife in incredulity. " You should not dare defy [Name], I learned it the hard way.. " He only whispers the last part yet earned a light slap on his shoulder from his fiance.
Michikatsu blinks his eyes a couple of times before agreeing, earning a contented huff from the female. The trio proceeds to the wooden table with long stools, the two males can't help but to get excited to know what's the female got for them.
[Name] slowly unwraps the cloth that covers the bamboo food container and the cylindrical bamboo-a tea dispenser. Their noses pick up the scent that wafts around the training area, many swordsmen stop once they got a whiff of her cooking.
" Is that... " Michikatsu mutters.
" Beef teriyaki udon? " Yoriichi excitedly opens the lid, eyes sparkling at the food before them. Slices of stir-fried beef that has been marinated for half an hour, carrots, and mushrooms come along with the udon noodles and the sweet and sour teriyaki sauce being poured generously onto the noodles and beef.
The three immediately digs into the meal right after saying ' Itadakimaseu ' the two swordsmen enjoy the food very well, it sends pride swelling into the female's heart, knowing that she got her husband and his brother satisfied with her cooking.
" Thwish ish rweally guuurd~! " Yoriichi mumbles in between slurps, the teriyaki sauce smudges the side of his lips like a child. His fiance chuckles as she lightly dabs the side of his mouth, lovingly looking at his eyes while doing so.
Yoriichi was once a silent guy, a humble one, the one who doesn't think that he's way better than everyone, ever since the female came into his life, Yoriichi slowly learns to open up and socializes little by little until he can freely express his ideas and thoughts without any hindrance.
The two are so engrossed with one another that they failed to notice a brooding aura right across them, Michikatsu slowly eats the udon despite the urge of ripping out the head of his younger brother and escape with the female. He's still sensible enough to his beloved to not waste the food that she prepared for him.
He looks how the female giggles as his brother poke her nose lightly, making the corners of her red eyes crinkle when she laughs heartily...
You have seen it right... it's red..
But [Name] is not a demon, she is the first case of albinism in their place. She was almost killed that time by one of the swordsmen when they noticed that she hadn't regenerated like what demons normally do, they quickly rushed her to their town's medic, only for them to know that she's the first person in their place to be an albino-an inborn medical condition that results in very pale skin, white hair with deep pink to almost red iris and deep-red pupil.
Those swordsmen desperately begged for her forgiveness for nearly killing her yet she forgave them like nothing serious just happened. She understood the situation.. the demons are trying to wipe out the entire human population.
If only Michikatsu sees her first then she would've been falling in love with him as of today, but Yorrichi was the one in there who sees her first after hearing that a few of his fellow swordsmen nearly killed a human, he was first infuriated but later on, understands when he laid his eyes on her.
Her skin is as pale as the sheets of the bedding underneath her, her hair lacks pigmentation which results to be reduced into bright white locks- a crown of snow with youth.
This is his first time seeing such type of medical condition, his body moves unbeknownst to him and leans closer to her resting figure, his face hovers above hers as he takes in her foreign appearance.
When his breath lands on her face, the female's eyes shoot wide open, Yoriichi's breath knocked out from his lungs as his maroon eyes clashes with her red ones. The female gasped as she tries to sit up in instinct, but what happened next changed their lives.
Her lips pressed against his as their noses poked one another's cheek, it takes a whole minute for their brain to take in everything. They immediately pulled away right after, cheeks burning violently as their eyes darting everywhere but one another's.
Yorrichi's insides were in havoc as his brain wrecked its muscles to make a decent apology to the female, but her lips against his simply rendered his mind from functioning properly.
The female's eyes blinked as the male fidgets around, her nervousness eases a bit as she laughs a little. Yorrichi can only gaze at the female, his mouth hung open in bewilderment. Nevertheless, the male rather prefers this situation, scratching the back of his head, he chuckles nervously.
" I-I'm so sorry for invading your privacy.. a-and making you kiss me out of the- " the female waved her hands frantically. " It was my fault rather! I-I was the one who moved.. "
" W-what brings your here good sir? If I may ask.. " the male demon slayer finally remembered why he visited her, he bows before the female lowly before rising up once again. " I'm here to apologize on behalf of my fellow swordsmen who almost took your life, we are ought to protect humanity yet we do the complete opposite to you which is completely unacceptable to our protocol. "
The female looks at the young Tsugikuni, his choice of words intrigued the female.
" May I know your name good sir? " she meekly asks.
Yoriichi felt like punching himself on the face for forgetting the basic part of communicating. " Where are my manners? Please do accept my deepest apologies... " he once again bowed to the female before standing tall before her, his right palm pressed against his chest where his heart is underneath " My name is Yoriichi Tsugikuni.. one of the swordsmen of the Demon Slayer Corps.. "
" Then I bet your fellow swordsmen were only doing their duty, Yoriichi-sama.. " the female smiles while the younger Tsugikuni combusts into a red human lobster the moment she called her his name with a high honorific. " They just attacked me due to my foreign appearance and I completely understand that for I would've done the same for the safety of everyone.. "
" But- "
" I'm certain, Tsugikuni-sama.. "
The male stares at the female before gently taking her hand into his, getting his right knee on the ground as he kisses her pale knuckles. " Then, may I know your name, my fair young lady? "
It was the most precious moment to the young Tsugikuni indeed, he was so thankful that he visited her that time. Their friendship blossomed into a more romantic one, the two were so in love that they always failed to see the older Tsugikuni's jealous and hateful glances to the younger.
Michikatsu is a type of a man who keeps things to himself, just like his younger brother yet his' is much worse. From the outside, he seems calm and collected, whilst his insides are the complete opposite...
It's where his dark side is hidden, all his thoughts, perspectives, and ideologies are being kept and sealed tightly within his corrupted mind. His mind is battling with his heart in which still harbors the love and care for his younger brother, but Michikatsu can feel it. His care for his brother will soon diminish into nothing and will finally have no hindrances from killing the vermin off on his way to his beloved.
Speaking of her..
[Name] is now going back to their own house, bidding farewell to everyone before going home. The soon-to-be wife and Yoriichi himself are living under the same roof ever since they're bound to be wed. His dark purple eyes glued at the place where she went.
That woman had him wrapped around her fingers, like a puppet to its master, like a moth to a lamp. The male despises the feeling but is left with no choice but to solve it, and the only solution is to covet his brother's wife. He desired his brother's wife, he wants to be the one to eat her cooking, be the one to make her carry his children.. be the one who'll defile her so good that she'll only think no one but him..
" Just let me in.. " he whispers under his breath, gaze darkening in pure carnal hunger.
" You're saying something, brother? " the older male snaps out from his dark thoughts and faces his brother who looks at him worriedly, Yoriichi has his hand on his older brother's shoulder.
" I'm.. fine.. "
Time flies fast and it's already night, the younger Tsugikuni is bidding farewell to his fellow swordsmen before he goes home. The younger male can't help but notice the changes in his life since the albino female came into his world, he's no longer a stranger to the meaning of life, he doesn't shut the happiness down from entering his heart. He became.. fearless.
He looks at the moon shinning above him, he's just like the moon, without [Name], the sun; he'll undoubtedly be good as being in the dark, unrecognized and acknowledged for its mere existence.
" One of a kind, isn't she? "
The younger male instinctively sheathes out his red nichirin sword, a red blade glinting under the moonlight. His maroon eyes hardened as it clashes with the glinting red ones.
The progenitor is just a couple of meters away from the slayer, his posture is calm and collected. His pale face void of emotion yet his eyes carries interest within them. " Evening to you too.. Slayer.. "
" Muzan.. " he mutters monotonously, his grip on the handle is firm yet not too hard and not too loose. The supreme demon only chuckles mockingly. " Excited to go home to your soon-to-be wife, aren't we? " the younger male silently prays for this demon to spare his darling from his wrath.
" Quiet bold of you to show before the slayer who almost ended your life, Kibutsuji.. " his head slightly tilting. " How's your wound by the way? Not healed yet..? " and he can tell that he wounds his pride by the slight squinting of the demon's eyes at him and remaining silent.
" You must have fed your ego way too much for thinking that you're better than me.. as I can recall, you and your fellow pests got me cornered.. " his pale lips lift a millimeter as he thinks that he now has the upper hand against the weak human. Yoriichi can only shrug " Nevertheless, you still admit your defeat to me.. "
Muzan bares his fangs to the slayer and snarls, " Insolence! "
His nails elongate as his entire form shakes from rage burning in him wildly. His egocentric self can't bear such impolite remarks. Veins protruding against his skin as the beast within him tries to claw out of his mind but as a demon, with the highest class at that, had a better scheme in his mind.
So much to his chagrin, he reigns his urge to kill the slayer off and calms down. " Seems that I took too much time than what I have liked. " He composes himself before flashing out an ominous smile to the human.
" I'm just here for you to heed my warning, disgusting mongrel.. " Yoriichi remains silent to end their encounter as much as possible. Muzan continues " I am like a mirror, you took something from me and I'll do the same thing to you.. " with that, the demon vanishes in the dark, leaving Yoriichi to let out a breath that he didn't notice that he held all this time.
Scanning his eyes around the place one last time, he slides in the blade into the sheath and walks back hastily this time to their home. Once he opens the door of their home, he immediately got engulfed by his one and only soon-to-be wife, her warmth washing away the worries and fears that dwell inside the male.
" Oh how much I worry for you, Anata! " [Name] cries out, her eyes roaming around his body to find any injury while her soft hands clutch onto his broad shoulders to low-key support her legs that are on the verge of collapsing. Yoriichi upon noticing her distress, kisses her lips to render her mind from thinking any more stressful matters.
He snakes his arms around her waist to support her weight, pulling he closer to him and whispering sweet things into her ear after pulling away from their kiss. Her genuine care warms his heart, making him love her all the more.
[Name] squeals when her soon-to-be husband carries her up, her cheeks burn wildly as Yoriichi leans in and presses their foreheads together tenderly while his eyes starring into her delicate red ones. " What am I going to do without you, [Name]? " he murmurs, his lips pressing lightly against the crevice of her neck since the haneri-the outermost collar of her kimono slides down when he carries her up.
As his arms tighten around her, she cradles her lover's head into her chest, planting kisses into his head occasionally as her soon-to-be husband hums in content. Yoriichi pulls his head out from her confines as he continues on taking her to their shared bedroom.
As soon as he closes the door shut, he sits on the corner of their bed. [Name] is still on his lap while her slender arms around his neck, their gazes so intense that they feel like everything around them is a blur. She cups his cheeks and kisses his forehead before pulling away to look down into his eyes, her warm red eyes shine against the moon that peeks into the window of their darkroom. " Fear not, my love.. " she hushes " For I won't disappear before your very sight "
Those words nearly drive tears into his eyes as he looks up to his beautiful beloved, the way she glows magnificently inside their dim room is so ethereal in his eyes. He's so engrossed in admiring the beauty in front of him that he nearly missed out a couple of words that he thought only permitted once they're finally wedded to one another.
" W-what? " for once, he couldn't believe what his ears had heard.
She chuckles delicately before him before peering into his eyes with such strong emotions that sends his mind into havoc. Her lips part away before letting her words out that makes his throat dry and heart pounding wildly.
" Make love to me, Yoriichi.. "
His eyes widen " A-are you sure, [Name]..? " his gaze follows her hand that goes to the back of her head, pulling out her kanzashi that keeps the half of her hair tied up. He watches how her snow locks tumbling gracefully like water onto her shoulders.
" Never doubt a lady's instinct, Yoriichi.. "
Gazing into her face once more, the male palms his wife's cheek before reaching up to claim her lips. Their moves are not hurried, their pace indicates that they're trying to express their love and longing for one another through body language. The male groans when her hands take a handful of his raven hair, the tips shining red under the light provided by the moon.
The male tilts his head to deepen the kiss which encourages the albino female to lightly moan into his mouth, her hands gripping tightly onto his red haori as if her life depends on it. Yoriichi flips their position so smoothly that the female only realized it when the bedsheet's silky feeling touches her back.
The male's lips slowly descend to the female's jaw, nipping on it lightly causing [Name] to gasp beneath him. His lips, later on, find her weak spot on her neck which sends her into a whimpering mess, her nails digging into his forearms as he continues on his onslaught, loving the way how sensitive his darling is to his touches.
" Yoriichi~ " she mewls beneath him as he pulls away to look down onto the woman that made him insane. She pants as she looks at him with her hazy eyes, lips parted, reddish and plump. Her hair splays out magnificently like a halo around her head, each strand glistening against the moonlight.
His mouth lets out an airless gasp when her legs spread wide open and her hand shots out to pull the collar of his haori, making him plant his hands on either side of her head and his knees before her spread out thighs. His left hand goes down to palm the smooth milky skin of her thigh as the hem of her kimono rides up, running it up and down as he breathes heavily in his darling's ear. " [Name]..." he pants " You make me go crazy.. "
The female only whimpers shyly, her hands fisting the bedsheets underneath them. His hand reaching out to pull her obi to unfasten her kimono, he's about to open the folds of her yukata when [Name] wraps her bare legs around Yoriichi's waist, pulling his waist to hers, resulting in the female to moan out and the male to grunt when her clothed femininity collides with the male's hardness.
The sheer pleasure alone of their sexes pressed to one another is enough to arch their backs and roll their eyes to their sockets. " [Name]! " Yoriichi pleads as he presses his sweaty forehead against hers. " Don't... do that.. " he breathes out " You're making me go insane.. "
She just whines and rubs their sexes together resulting in another moan and groan escaping their lips.. " I-I want you, Yoriichi! " she cries out beneath him, pulling him closer than before " T-take me already!! " she whimpers as she can feel the liquids between her legs starts to dampen her undergarment.
Upon seeing the tears building up in his darling's eyes, Yoriichi no longer restrains himself.
He sits up to take off his haori and tears his kimono off his overheating body, his eyes drinking the sight before his eyes. He takes a good grip of the collar of her kimono and opens it wide. His mouth runs dry while his manhood hardens even more at the sight of his darling's perky breasts, they're round and full and just arousing the male.
The female feels shy underneath his heated gaze and whimpers once more.. " P-please.. Y-Yoriichi-AHHH!! " her eyes shots wide open while her mouth hangs open as the male unceremoniously dives down to hungrily takes one of her aroused buds and sucks them like he had been starved for years, tongue swirling and poking the female's sensitive nub while toying and pinching the other with his fingers. The stimulation is too much that [Name] can only claw the male's muscled and wide back, in which her gesture earns a low growl from the male in appreciation.
Her vision goes blurry due to the tears that prick her eyes at every suck and bite from her lover, she can feel his carnal desire for her body, and only she can satiate his hunger. His arms wrapping around her waist as he lifts her up to arch her back and takes better access to the female's breasts.
She chokes out a whimper as the male is on his knees and hunching down over her arched form, with his head leaning down to continuously devour her. " Y-Yoriichi.. " she gasps out. The male's spiky black hair with red tips mixes with her pure snow locks and drapes to the bed like a waterfall.
He praises her body as if she's a deity, caressing and marking her as his. The male groans as he can feel the female's wetness staining his black hakama, he can barely contain himself.
Placing her back down to the bed, he pulls away to tenderly pulls her kimono off her body and pulls her tabi off right after. His eyes are about to go down when [Name] sits up and covers his eyes as she yelps, " Y-you're not even n-naked like me yet.. " she complains while keeping her palms against his eyes.
Yoriichi chuckles and pulls her palms away to kiss her knuckles, his eyes never leaving hers. " My apologies then, dear [Name] " with that he pulls down his hakama, his manhood springs out right after which earns a squeal from the female before looking away, cheeks burning hot. Her lower lip quivers when her lover's member flashes in her mind, she feels nervous at his size and length, biting her lips she looks up at him.
Yoriichi only looks down at her warmly despite his raging need and hunger, he leans down to plant his lips onto the albino female's forehead, pulling away he whispers; " Let's take it slow, okay? " she can only nod as her core tingles.
He slowly lays her back down once again, admiring her beauty once more before he slides down. Her face explodes into a thousand hues of red when she can feel his fingers gliding across the length of her leg until it reaches the hem of her panties, the male seeks permission within the female's gaze, the female only nods shyly before the male smiles lovingly before slowly pulling her panties down, her breath goes heavier and heavier as she realizes that she'll soon be deflowered by her lover.
The minuscule hairs of her legs stand erect as her only garment left slowly slides off her legs before throwing them to the unknown corner. Her lover's wide hand is now palming her slightly shaking knees, Yoriichi looks down on her. " Will you let me taste you, my love? " his choice of words nearly gave the female a heart attack as she chokes on the air. " Y-Y-Yoriichi! Why would y-you say that?! " she stutters and the male can only laugh at her adorableness.
" Will you let me? " he questions once more.
" J-Just do it!! " he smiles cheekily before slowly spreading her thighs apart to make his lover less nervous, from above her, he can practically smell her intoxicating scent and he can't wait to finally taste her. And once her thighs are spread wide enough..
His eyes are glued on her glistening folds, he can feel his mouth salivating at that pinkish flesh and throbbing clitoris. This is his first time yet he already has the instinct on what to do, so before his lover is about to complain; he buries his head in between her thighs with his tongue sticking out to latch onto her womanhood.
[Name] jolts before arching her back so high that she feels like it's gonna snap into two, her left hand scratches onto the poor headrest while the back of her palm is being bitten down to swallow her moans of euphoria, her eyes rolling back into her sockets as her knees shake from the tremendous pleasure she feels.
Tears on the verge of spilling as Yoriichi holds down her spasming hips, pinning them for him to continue devouring onto her succulent essences. " Yoriichi!! " she moans out when he spreads her folds and sucks onto her overly sensitive nub, making her thighs clench around him.
The male only hums and continues on lapping onto her femininity, mercilessly licking and sucking her wetness. A slender appendage slips into her walls and she surprisingly feels more pleasure instead of pain, her toes curls as her eyes go cross-eyed. A slight metallic taste evades her taste buds as she bites into her knuckles too hard. " Mhhmphh!! "
His pace goes even more vicious as his fingers now plunging and pulling out of her pussy, wet and sticky sounds echoes in the air as her moans and his groans mix with it. Her walls go even tighter and his licks and sucks go even harder. " A-ah! " her moan slips from her mouth.
Yoriichi's eyes turn a couple of shades darker, his gaze not leaving the female's writhing form. Everything on her is too breathtaking, she's simply too impossible to exist yet here she is, under the male's mercy and ready for him to finally take her.
She whines when the male pulls his fingers and pulls away from her, her half-lidded eyes look at the male.
Yoriichi crawls up to her level, eyes closing as he descends and kisses her lips. His right hand takes a good grip of the underside of her left thigh, hoisting it up and wrapping it around his powerful hips. Their lips parting in pleasure when his hard manhood slides in between her dripping folds.
" You're so delicious that I can eat you up all day.. " he rasps in her ear, making the female whine in embarrassment and hides in his chest. Poking his tip against the female's wet lips, he whispers..
" I'll be taking you now.. "
Yoriichi grits his teeth as he struggles on pushing through her constricting walls, he feels like all his strength left his body as he groans in her neck. The female, on the other hand, clutches the male's head and yelps in pain. Her nails digging into the scalp of his head as her walls clamp down tightly around his dick, and the male can only moan at the feeling.
" A-almost there.. " Yoriichi's voice cracked at the end as veins popping out of his neck and forehead. His left hand fisting the bedsheets beneath them to channel all the struggles he has.
His sweat rolls down when his tip tears down a certain tissue, making the female underneath him cry out in his hair, her knees trying to close yet can't due to the male's hips.
His right hand left her left leg as he runs it through her hair, caressing her breast right after to distract her from the pain. And once he's fully inside..
" M-move.. Anata.. " she whispers in his hair.
Humming in her neck, Yoriichi pulls out slowly. He can feel her slick walls preventing him from moving out, like he's supposed to stay inside her. Both of them gasp at the sensation, [Name] throws her head back as her mouth falls open. Broken gasps escaping from her drenched throat.
" Ah! "
She moans out when Yoriichi unceremoniously thrusts back, his eyes doing their best to keep open so he'll be able to see how he made his beloved turns into a mess, a beautiful mess.
The male sits up as he makes himself comfortable, securing her thighs around his hips, he pins her wrists above her head. Heated breath comes out from his lips, his member twitching in her walls. His back muscles tensing, " I love how you gripped me so tightly, [Name] " he sighs out, observing with his peripheral vision how his lover's knees tremble when he makes his shaft slide in and out of her wet walls ever so lewdly.
He cusses under his breath when his manhood is drenched with thick rings of white liquid-her essence that proves that he's been doing her good.
So good that he's slowly losing his composure, the way her core continuously tightens drives him to the edge, he wants to let his all burning need and passion out that has been boiling inside him for a while now. He wants her to feel it.
But the way his darling rolls her red orbs, her lips bitten by her own teeth and her womanhood tight around him to nearly insane level is holding him back, she's not yet ready..
Their bed rocking back and forth due to the male's intense rocking of his hips, [Name] could still barely believe that her lover's manhood is inside of her, she couldn't think how he still fits inside her. " Ahh! "
" [N-name].. " comes Yoriichi's broken voice " Gah!! " he takes a tight grip on her waist when another surge of constricting feeling clamps all over his cock, his gasp barely lets out.
His hips no longer following a pattern, despite the burning sensation of his thighs from the fatigue, he slams his dick desperately inside her earning a loud moan from his darling. He tucks his head into the crook of her neck as he takes a good grip of her thighs, spreading them wider before going back to her waist and ruts his hips with every ounce of force he got. Pulling her hips to meet with his thrusts, squelching noises heightens their libido.
" I... " he thrusts, panting in her neck.. " have been yearning.. " slams back again, unconsciously digging his fingertips into the supple skin of her narrow waist " for a family.. " he moans into her ear.
" Will you.. accept my seed, [Name]? " Yoriichi lifts the upper half of his body by anchoring his elbows on either side of her head. Their noses and forehead touching each other as their eyes stare into each other's soul, lips parting occasionally at every delicious thrust that the male gives, her walls automatically start getting tighter.
The pleasure is too much for the female that it renders her from making coherent words, she can only nod her head as she made their hands hold each other and intertwine their fingers as they both are nearing their orgasm.
He chokes a gasp when her flower practically suffocates his dick.. " I-I want.. ahh.. to have a child.. m-my child, in your.. womb " he tries his best to keep his thrusts, squeezing his eyes shut while squeezing their hands, their hold tightening to signal each other of their upcoming limits.
[Name]'s vision goes cross-eyed, her hips spasming, and her body jerks at the mind-numbing euphoria, she's pretty thankful that he takes her in a missionary position, or else her limbs would already have given up on her.
" Yoriichi! " her legs clamp onto his waist, foreign liquid wants to erupt from inside of her " S-something's going on i-inside of me! " she cries out beneath him. Yoriichi would've chuckled at his darling's antics if it weren't for her walls milking his cock for his semen, he groans and bites onto her shoulder.
" Mmph!! "
Only for him to dig his teeth into her as he buries his cock one last time to the hilt, ejaculating copious amount of warm seed that goes bowling into her fertile womb. Warm cum splashes from inside her and flows out, coating his dick as they both exchanged pleasured moans.
She gasps loudly as her lungs burn from lack of air, her shaky hands running through the male's raven locks, eliciting a tired yet contented groan from the male above her. [Name] can't help but to smile at it, she murmurs sweet things into his ear.
" I love you.. so much, Yoriichi.. " Oh how those words make his heart beat wildly, he wanna do her all over again, shouting out all of his emotions and so much more.
If only he's not exhausted from his training and their lovemaking, that is..
But the way his heartbeat explains it all, probably this is one of the best days in his life. Still, inside of her warm, slick core, he pulls his head away from her shoulder to look into her longingly.
" I will protect you with all of my life, [Name].. " he leans in to plant his lips onto her sweaty neck, eliciting another squeal of protest from the albino female.
" I-I told you not to kiss me when I'm sweaty! " the male only chuckles heartily.
Only for the both of them to moan out when their still connected sexes shift slightly hence creating friction when he made a slight movement. Groaning back into her ear, he husks out.
" You're still self-conscious of your pretty little neck, yet I have already tasted your sweet sweet flowe- " his mouth already sealed shut by her palm before he can say such a word as she whines in embarrassment.
" Y-Yoriichi! " suppressing a laugh down his throat, he peppers the column of her slim neck as he props his both palms on her tender waist. " I'm pulling out now.. " [Name] can only look away as she nods while her cheeks blooming wildly red in the moonlight. Despite the lacking of light in their room, he can tell that she's still the same woman he had ever loved.
Drawing mini circles on her skin with his thumbs, he slowly pulls out, careful as to not let any drop of his semen out of her core, both whimpering and groaning at the friction of their sexes as his cock finally slides out wet and with a lewd 'pop' sound.
The male wastes no time, he glides his hands up from her waist to her still trembling knees, closing her thighs together to keep his seed at bay in her tender womb.
Yoriichi pulls some blanket to cover their nakedness and cuddles his beloved into his broad chest, sighing out in contentment and bliss as he watches how his soon-to-be wife snuggles even closer into his arms, basking into his body heat before finally drifting into a deep slumber. Kissing her forehead one last time, he closes his eyes and whispers..
" You'll be a good mother of our child, my love.. " he whispers in the cold night air, already visualizing her belly all round and healthy of their first child.
Sighing out, he finally lets the tiredness take its toll on his body, closing his eyes, and sleeps into a deep slumber.
Days pass like the flow of water in the river, smooth and fast yet gentle for the couple, and the date of their exact wedding is also getting nearer which makes the two quite nervous, and excited. Except for the other one..
Michikatsu has been restless lately, his other side itching to tear the younger Tsugikuni out of the picture so he can finally swoop down like an eagle, striking down while the iron is blazing hot.
Whenever the two siblings have their own practice, he always has the urge to swing his sword in Yoriichi's direction while his guard is down, yet his brotherly love towards the latter is always on the way.
But as time passes by just like the said water in the river, his familial love for his younger brother also starts to tarnish along with the time. Slowly thinning out to a point of a threatening level.. he can feel it.
Oh, how he loves it!
A pat on his tensed shoulder jolts him out from reality, his dark purple eyes clashing against maroon orbs, the latter's owner smiles at the former. " You seem spacing out lately, brother. " Yoriichi points out, worry etching his face.
" Something wrong? " he only averts his gaze to the field where the other fellow swordsmen slashing their nichirin swords in the air or perhaps against the improvised demon dummy.
" I'm.. fine.. " he mutters out earning another huff from his younger sibling.
" You also said the same thing brother.. " the older male only remained silent.
The younger just shrugs his older sibling's behavior as he is used to it since the very beginning. Sheathing his blade into his holster, he props his hands at the back of his head to support its weight. " I'm really nervous.. and quite excited for our wedding, brother.. " Yoriichi sighs as he looks up at the sky, his mind busy portraying the albino female in their home.
Yoriichi feels like sharing his own thoughts and feeling at the moment with Michikatsu since it's common and normal between siblings to share thoughts and whatnot.
But how wrong of Yoriichi to talk about her..
Unbeknownst to the younger Tsugikuni, Michikatsu's eyes snap wide open, his grip on his own nichirin blade tightens as his hands start to tremble, every fiber of his being begging to tear the smile off his lips first before shoving it into his own mouth and make him eat it, stabbing him a lot into his stomach until it looks like a honeycomb, but instead of honey, Yoriichi's blood will ooze out as a counterpart.
" Will I be a very good husband to her, brother? "
The older male's mind screams no as he's having a very hard time controlling himself from slaughtering his own sibling, he won't do it in the broad daylight, at least.
Michikatsu only hums as an answer, for he's sure enough that his voice will betray him. He clenches his jaw hard as veins popping out of his neck, hearing such words from his sibling infuriates him to no end.
But nothing to be compared for the incoming words that slip from his younger brother's mouth, sealing his faith of untimely death is finality.
" If you think so then I think I'll be a good father as well! " Yoriichi happily chirps, pride swelling in his chest " You can be a godfather, big brother! " his smile shines so bright that it sickens him to no end.
" [Name] is pregna- "
And Michikatsu lost it.
A loud crack echoing around the field, but fortunately, the sound was easily swallowed by the cries of the swordsmen in practice. Only the two males heard it, Yoriichi looks at his older brother's hilt of his sword that is still under the unforgiving strong grip of Michikatsu, his palm bleeding from the wooden fragments lacerating into his already pale skin.
" Brother, is everythi- " Michikatsu twists to a certain direction before walking away from the confused younger male, his heart beating so wildly in his chest in utter fury.
" I forgot... to sharpen up... my sword, it's getting... dull.. can't have someone's neck... still attached after one slash.. " the longest statement Michikatsu had ever spoken so far, Yoriichi only disregards his brother's unusual behavior.
He smiles brightly before waving to his retreating brother, Michikatsu's threat overlooked. " You're right brother! Be sure to make it sharp enough.. " he smiles even he didn't receive any response in return.
The older male's lips etching into a cruel smile, his sanity no longer existing hence killing the last remaining ounce of care for his brother. " I'll make.. it sharp enough to.. penetrate through your... thick skull.. and make.. you realize that.. you're coveting what's mine.. " his mind no longer bearing rationality, he finally makes a decision.
" I will.. finally, take you.. out of the picture.. younger brother. "
He closes his eyes and breathes heavily in an attempt of calming himself down, such occurrences rarely happen to the male Tsugikuni. He is always a levelheaded man, knows how to control emotions, and makes the right decisions.
But no one has no breaking point..
Opening his eyes once again, a different place greets his eyes. He squints his eyes around the area. The place is a very strange one, chambers with passageways of some sort. These structures were constructed as if gravity is nonexistent, the supposed to be ceiling and walls of the place were occupied with strange wooden structures. In which it leads to Michikatsu thinking that it's..
" A fortress.. "
A sound of a biwa echoes in the room and his vision distorts so rapidly that he can barely take the new location in his head, the next moment is that he's been teleported to a wooden podium.
The place is so eerily silent..
And then a clap from someone, but not Michikatsu's.
" Such intelligence, as expected from a strong Tsugikuni.. " the male twists around and takes a good grip on the broken hilt of his sword, the other presence remain unfazed.
Michikatsu's brows knit in annoyance, he has a lot of things to prepare yet this man is yet to make his plan to be postponed. Unlike the younger Tsugikuni, the older one remained silent as his eyes betray no emotion, just plain annoyance.
The man tilts his head mockingly, " Hm...? No reactions.. " he grins, his canines peeking out through his lips.
The progenitor, later on, scowls at the human male as the latter remained silent and still like he's talking to a wall.. " I see that you're.. out of shape today.. "
Michikatsu knows he's trying to stir something inside of him, he's evoking his emotions, his weakness.. gritting his teeth, he breathes out and stares emptily into the demon's eyes. Muzan, however, starts to like his resistance, it's once in a blue moon that he encounters a human that defies him, aside from Yoriichi.
" Tell me, human.. is there something or someone that you desire so much? " he looks down on the human, whose hand starts bleeding from the reopened wound and new lacerations from the broken hilt. His hands say it all yet his face deeply contrasts it, and as a man.. Muzan knows it better.
The scent of blood scatters around the fortress full of vile demons, and it takes all of their power not to get out of their restraints and pounce on the man, later on disrespecting their egocentric superior.
Appearing in front of the slayer, Muzan is not threatened at all that he's just mere an arm's length away from the human. Leaning even closer to the human's ear, he whispers.
" You want her.. do you? " the male demon can feel the fast pounding of Michikatsu's beating heart.
Finally opening his lips.. " What.. do you want? " Muzan chuckles to himself as he finally cracks the male's walls, he's now inside his mind.
" You humans really are pathetic in terms of their desires, will do everything-even the dirtiest just to get their grasp on their obsession. " the demon clicks his tongue and turns around, and starts walking around the male, Michikatsu's eyes turn into slits.
" How.. ironic.. " Muzan's eyes widen, his pride bruised and angered. It only took two words for the male human to leave a dent on his big pride.
Pushing his irritation aside, he chuckles.. " Now now.. I'm simply stating an opinion, Tsugikuni " he breathes out " No need to fret.. "
Snapping his fingers, a female demon appears, crouching down in a black kimono and a biwa in her hands. " Nakime.. " the biwa demon only bows her head in return before striking down onto her stringed instrument.
The two are immediately teleported to a familiar place near a house, the house is so familiar to the Tsugikuni's eyes. Recognition dawns into his face, his eyes widen after.
" Why.. are we.. here? " he growls under his breath, his possessiveness spikes up in his chest. He already has his younger brother as a rival, will this demon add up to the soon-to-be harem as well?
The demon only smirks, he knows that tone very well.
The two males are hidden under the shade of a tree, it's already night and only the moon and the stars are the only ones providing light to the place.
" Why don't we check something, I have a hunch that it'll help you decide on my proposal for you.. " the human remains silent after that.
A faint sound of footsteps coming in their way, more like to the house. The two patiently wait for the incoming person, only for the demon to smile in mischief and for the human to scowl.
Yoriichi walks down the path, a smile plastered on his face. In his right hand reveals a bouquet of various flowers. His eyes trained solely on the house as he can already see his soon-to-be wife cooking their dinner.
He sniffs the air and his mouth waters at the aroma of pork dumplings. Once he reaches the door of their home, he knocks on it, wanting everything to be a surprise.
The two from the shadow look at how the female albino picks some dumpling from the steamer and is about to take a bite on it when a knock stops her. Their eyes following her padding her way to the door with a chopstick carrying a steamy dumpling, opening the door and she almost let the dumpling fall when flowers are presented in front of her by no other than her soon to be husband.
Cupping her mouth with her other hand, she smiles under her palm as Yoriichi smiles back at her, pulling her gently by her waist and kisses her slightly sweaty forehead, earning another squeal of protest from the female and the male only chuckles at that.
Taking the flowers from his hand, she makes the male open his mouth to feed him with her newly cooked dumpling. The male coos at the taste, chewing the meaty filling thoroughly, and swallows them right after before complimenting the female, crouching down to level his face to her belly, the bump is not that big yet but enough for everyone to know that she's pregnant.
Michikatsu grits his teeth in fury and jealousy as he sees Yoriichi rubbing and kissing her belly gently. He's so envious of his younger brother.
This is the exact type of family that the older Tsugikuni wants, he wants to be the one in Yoriichi's position. He'll do anything in exchange for his position, literally anything.
Muzan telepathically commands Nakime to bring them back as he sees everything is adequate enough for the human to make a decision.
Not a second later, the two are transported back to the fortress. The demon takes a step back from the male with a smug smirk etching on his face, he's certain that the human will likely take his offer. He will not deny that he needs the older Tsugikuni for his plan to annihilate the younger one. He will do everything to erase that sun breath user from this planet.
Michikatsu on the other hand is too overwhelmed, his mind declines from functioning as the scene a while ago keep playing in his head like a broken film. He wants to get rid of them but sadly can't.
How he badly wants to decapitate Yoriichi's hands off her belly, his hands itching to pull his sword out and finish him off once and for all.
He no longer cares for humanity and their comments about his decisions, [Name] is way far more important than those weak people who need their help.
He's done of serving the weak..
It's time for the weak to strive to survive..
He's done with being selfless..
It's time for him to be selfish...
Looking at humanity's greatest enemy in his eyes, he asks..
" What's your.. preposition? "
Muzan quirks his lips into a sick smile. Everything goes according to his plan, he mentally rejoices. He hums and goes back to the higher podium. " Simple.. human.. " he looks down on him.
" I'll turn you into a better warrior and you'll kill that sun breath user.. I will also give you the privilege of having a capability of impregnating that woman.. " he grins eerily " I can see it in your eyes the longing of having a child, with science.. " he trails off, looking at the flasks with various liquids placed on the table not too far from them. " Nothing is impossible.. " he adds up.
The male human didn't hesitate in making a choice.
" I.. accept.. "
Raising his right arm, Muzan turns it into lumps of flesh with mouths and eyes, at the very end of it is a sharp appendage that carries his blood. The demon didn't waste any second and plunges it to the side of the male's neck, dumping a copious amount of blood into his bloodstream.
His dark purple orbs widen at the sudden onslaught of pain, it starts from the numbing of his neck where his wound is located, then he feels like his blood starts boiling in his veins, burning his insides wildly. He grunts and lands on his knees, his nails digging into his neck as the demon's blood continuously scatters into his body. He hunches down as he keeps his voice down, denying to let out any loud noise of pain.
The pain of being slashed in the face stimulates in his face, nails start to elongate and his senses are heightened than ever.
The pain finally stops and he can finally breathe normally, he takes a few moments to regain his composure before slowly standing up, his face covered with his hair.
Opening his eyes, he realized that his vision is far more.. wider..
Raising his chin, three sets of eyes meet Muzan. The demon is quite impressed with the outcome, almost envious of his abilities. Michikatsu's sclera are in deep hues of red and his irises are no longer purple but yellow ones, the middle pair has a mark of upper rank one in kanji. Red markings resembling flames remained on his face and neck.
" By now.. I shall call you.. Kokushibou.. "
Bowing to his new leader, Kokushibou has now a new, different perspective and mindset. New characteristics brewing in his being, goals already been written, closing his eyes.
" As you.. wish.. Muzan-sama.. "
Muzan's wicked laugh echoing around the fortress. Humanity once again is on death's door, knocking and waiting for the outcome.
Days after and news finally reaches Yoriichi who's worried sick for his older brother. He was told that Michikatsu was unfortunately inactive lately in their training, they first thought that he's feeling unwell, but days turn into weeks and the condition stays the same, that's when they start looking for him when they haven't seen him in his abode.
Yoriichi lacks sleep, he can't be at ease knowing that his brother is missing and he's also the last person that he had ever encountered before mysteriously disappearing.
" A man with plum eyes took him? " the younger Tsugikuni incredulously asks, the witness only nods.
Yoriichi balls his hand into fists, he had only one man in mind that fits perfectly to the given description.
" I'm just here for you to heed my warning, disgusting mongrel.. " His voice echoes in his head..
" I am like a mirror, you took something from me and I'll do the same thing to you.. "
Growling under his breath, he husks out.
" Muzan.. " he breathes out. " Muzan took him.. "
Murmurs arising among the crowd, surprised and unsure. It could be any one of a higher status, but the young Tsugikuni is certain that it's the progenitor himself who took him.
" I think we should plan another ambush, Tsugikuni-san.. " a fellow swordsman suggests from the crowd and plenty amount of men agreed to the person. " Let's finish him off once and for all! " the crowd roars.
" Hear me out! " Yoriichi bellows and the men silenced.
" Muzan is someone we will never underestimate, the last time I did nearly costs my life and the others.. " he balls his hands on either side of him. " I can't afford to lose my comrades. "
" But Tsugikuni-san.. we were not safe in the first place.. "
" As long as those vile creatures still reside, we aren't safe.. "
A hand pats his right shoulder, fellow demon slayers feel sympathy for the soon-to-be a married man. Just two days away and it's already their wedding day. " As much as we hate to say this but we're afraid that the wedding must be postponed so we'll continue slaughtering the rest of the demons.. let's just take it to mind that once it's done then everything will be over.. no more fears, no more danger "
Yoriichi looks down onto his hand, a ring in between his palm. He shifts it around as his mind contemplates everything. What the man had said was true but it also carries a lot of risks, it comes with a price of lives of his fellow swordsmen, even his.
Clenching his teeth, his mind visualizes how his soon-to-be wife; crying for his death. He wants to deny their requests but it will be a coward of a move, but at the same time not worthy enough for his life to be paid as a prize. He has a family that is waiting for him..
Yet he also realizes that he's not the only one who has families to come back to..
" Forgive me.. [Name] " he whispers under his breath.
Raising his chin up, he looks at everyone's eyes. He starts walking around the crowd, he can tell that behind their brave façade lies terrified souls. They, also don't want their lives to be ended in an ungodly way and time. He pitied them, and also himself.
But that's just how life works, a gamble with unfair chances of losing and winning.
" We have come to a point of throwing our own rights for the sake of many.. " he sternly speaks, the crowd looks up at him with respect and admiration. " It's not a sin to feel fear, no.. it's not "
" But let your reason why you choose to be a slayer drive your fears away and fight! " he bellows, men nodding their heads in agreement.
He takes a good grip of the hilt of his nichirin blade.
" This might be our last moment on this planet.. "
Yoriichi pulls the sword out of its sheath and thrusts it to the sky, veins popping out of his raised arm. " Spend it with no regrets! " the whole crowd roars as they raise their own swords to the air.
" KILL ALL THE DEMONS!! " the men cried.
' Pray for me, [Name] '
" Gather all your types of equipment and we'll leave immediately. " He commands. " I apologize that no one is going home after this.. that is.. until Muzan is declared dead.. " the slayers understand him with no difficulty. They have no guts either to face their own families and can't leave a promise of going back home in one piece.
The slayers, together with Yoriichi goes into the hall to discuss their plan.
Meanwhile, for the albino female, she doesn't have any ounce of an idea that her soon-to-be husband is about to face death for a second time. Rubbing her now slightly large bump, she smiles down at her unborn child, it's a couple of months old and she can't wait to see their child grow up.
She winces when she feels slight movement in her belly, the fetus didn't reach its eighth month yet moves around like one. The mother chuckles heartily, " You got the energy from your father.. " the female, later on, blushes wildly upon mentioning her soon-to-be husband's energy.
Huffing, she walks to the kitchen, fetching some wooden cup, and pours out some warm milk into it. Blowing onto the rim of the cup to drive away the steam, she takes small sips and hums in content, her eyes at the window where she can see the pathway towards their door.
The demon just behind her is trying all his might to not pounce on her, his multiple eyes drinking in her appearance which is under the influence of pregnancy, her waist widens, her skin glows more prominent, eyes vibrant, cheeks pinkish and her lips.. so tempting.
Kokushibou is not gonna deny that motherhood suits her well, even much better if it's his own child in her womb that she carries. The demon is dying to cradle her in his arms, smothering her with kisses and replace that abomination of a child with his.
He silently observes her from the dark as moonlight graces onto her figure, doesn't she look ethereal in that way. [Name] sighs for the last time and slowly goes back to the kitchen, putting the now empty cup onto the sink, and goes back to their bedroom, it's not her first time sleeping alone, knowing what type of an occupation Yoriichi have.
Kokushibou silently follows the female, mentally thankful that she didn't close the shoji door. [Name] just blows onto the candle and their bedroom bleeds with darkness. Only the light of the moon that peeks through their open window provides light that is adequate enough for the two.
The new mother slowly lies down, her back facing the door. She shuffles carefully a couple of times before finally surrendering to sleep, her chest rises up and down in a calm pattern, indicating that she's already asleep. The demon slowly comes out from the darkness, his footsteps inaudible. His eyes glued onto the vulnerable female, once he's an arm's length away from her, he reaches out and glides his cold knuckles across her warm dewy skin.
His skin tingles from the minuscule vibration that emits from her jugular. As a newborn demon, hunger for flesh attacks his whole being yet he fights it back and continues on touching her. His knuckles now on her perky right breast, itching to tear off her yukata. His irises shrink when his fingers unintentionally nudge her bud, causing it to erect and press against his slender appendages.
His insides are now burning, hormones going erupting and now as a demon, he finds it a lot more difficult to deal with. Due to that, he immediately left the place, avoiding the possibility of losing control.
With the help of Nakime, he is transported to what seems a battlefield. His ex-comrades and various demons battling till death, both sides using blood demon arts and breaths. His multiple eyes scan the surroundings and he didn't found Muzan nor Yoriichi.
A shriek comes from afar and he turns his head to see groups of men charging in his direction, normal people would feel guilty when they betray someone. But he feels no emotion anymore, only one thing in mind and that is to give his own brother a slow and painful death. They recognized his long and spiky hair, his purple and black patterned kimono and black hakama pants tied with a white cloth, and the men filled with horror and surprise then turns into hate and betrayal. " You dare wished once to be one of the strongest samurai yet you turn your back and become an enemy that you once despised! "
Michikatsu just blinks their words off, he detaches his flesh that grows out of his left shoulder and closes his eyes.
" Blood Demon Art: ...Flesh Sword.. "
The slayers look in terror as the demon's bleeding flesh moves on its own and slowly morphs into a shape of a katana, eyes emerging at the surface of either side of the blade and hilt, veins pumping blood to the eyes, the slayers almost barf out their meal when the eyes on the blade blink and moves around like how a normal eye would do.
Shaking the thoughts away, they charge nonetheless with their nichirins poises up in the air. Their distances drastically decreasing while Kokushibou remains on his ground..
" Total Concentration.. " he whispers, eyes still closed.
" Moon Breathing.. " the eyes on his blade twitch and rotates in every direction in which its vision is channeled back to Kokushibou.
He sees a vision of his former comrades around him charging at the same time.
" Sixth Form: Perpetual Night.. Lonely Moon.. Incessant.. " his multiple eyes snap wide open and delivers a wild storm of slashes in multiple directions.
The slayers didn't see it coming and having their own body chops into pieces, their vision immediately goes black as their voice couldn't make it out of their throats before landing painfully to the ground and dies instantly.
The demon stares boringly onto the now dismembered bodies, their thick blood gushes out from the cuts and it makes him feel incredibly famished. Ever since he was transformed into a demon, he has never eaten a single human yet.
Looking around the all too familiar battlefield, a thought comes into his head. " Seems.. I've reached.. my limit.. " hissing out, his canines poking out from his mouth.
He lunges onto the nearest slayer and digs his fangs into the poor man's throat before tearing it out, the man could barely register everything before pain overwhelms him and Kokushibou has to grab onto the man's shoulder as he spasms in pain and shock, his veins, muscles, and tendons ruptured and a spinal cord can be seen in the cavity since the esophagus and pharynx had been ripped out. The man rolls out his eyes and goes limp in his grip,
Clamping his jaws onto the corpse's shoulder, he pulls the torn muscles after cutting them down with his sharp teeth. He can feel his clothes getting soaked by his victim's blood but he could care less, he needs to survive thus he has to kill. The man's entire arm goes hanging as there is no more flesh that can hold it back into place, only a thin piece of skin as the only thing that keeps the arm from falling off completely.
Kokushibou expects his mouth to be assaulted with salty and metallic taste but he was surprised when his taste buds are assaulted by an indescribable taste that is enough to make him intoxicated.
With hunger, he digs into the cadaver even further. Totally not afraid that he's in the middle of a battlefield. Pulling out an organ in what he believes a heart, he examines it in his wet palm, squishing it and pulling the veins out of awe, he, later on, shoves it in his mouth and bites down onto it, enjoying how the chewy organ excretes blood in every bite.
His eyes shift to his left when another set of voices comes in his direction, dropping the body off, he faces and clutches onto his blade, growing out some three additional blades which increase the range of its reach and size.
He sprints to the slayers, encountering them. His spiked raven hair swishes wildly at his back as he pierces through the air, everything around him is a blur due to the velocity of his sprint.
" Total Concentration.. "
" Moon Breathing.. Eighth Form: " he lifts his blade.
" Moon-Dragon.. Ringtail.. "
He swings his katana, delivering a frontal attack. However, the slayers are lucky to be able to avoid the deadly attack, a crate replaces on where they had been, their bones are rattling at the near-death situation.
One of the swordsmen is brave enough to perform a breath while closing their distance with the demon. " Total Concentration, Water Breathing: " he mutters, water pours out and swishes in the air from the nichirin blade
" Tenth Form, Constant Flux!! " the water morphs into a head of a dragon, the said serpent follows the blade as the slayer continuously twists in the air.
Kokushibou encounters his attack by clashing their swords, but due to the sufficient rotation, the force is too much for the demon's blade.
Resulting in Kokushibou's blade shattering, and furthermore having his head decapitated from his neck. His head lands on the ground with a heavy thump and blood gushes out from his neck.
The slayers look at the water demon slayer in awe. They just realized that they just killed an upper moon demon.
But their victory didn't last much longer.
The neck of the still standing body of Kokushibou starts to slowly grow out some flesh, lumps of flesh and veins grow vertically. The sight is so gruesome that it left the slayers stunned.
But once his head is completely morphed, the process of his regeneration is not quite done. Black segmented legs and whips with tentacles on its end grow out of his pale body and arms, his patterned kimono tears off in the process.
The men cowered as they couldn't believe what they have seen with their eyes wide open.
Sickening cracks of bones and flesh tearing up reach their ears as spiked and thick horns tears out from his back. Red patches bleed down to the majority of his upper body and horns grow out of his head as well, veins and lumps of flesh bulge noticeably on his face to his neck and rest of his body. His six eyes no longer have the coordination with the other, all of them look in different directions. Bloody pointed set of teeth lining up and pointing out of his mouth, leaving Kokushibou unable to completely close his mouth down.
In their eyes, Kokushibou is the main definition of--
" M-monster.. " the man chokes out, sweat dribbling down his temple.
The demon reaches out and breaks one of the segmented legs off his back, chanting the same demon art, and his detached appendage morphs into a katana with additional three blades growing out from the blade.
The slayers are now like caged bunnies, waiting for the demon to pluck their lives out of their bodies like a vessel's. They couldn't bring the situation into their mind, their mind refuses to believe their current situation.
They just killed their former comrade. The demon didn't die. And they know they're now about to die.
With a swing of the demon's blade, their heads fly into the air and fall back with multiple thuds. Their bodies convulsing like a body of a headless chicken, blood spraying everywhere.
Kokushibou sighs and continues eliminating every slayer on his way, the male can't deny that he wants this war to be over so he'll retreat to his now new home with his lovely wife.
Excitement pumps in his blood as he can finally see Yoriichi, even Muzan from kilometers away, the two are at the top of a cliff where the moon shines down on them generously.
As for Yoriichi, he looks at his comrades who are now deceased. Their bodies littering the ground like flies. His hands tremble in rage and fury, guilt drives him wild as he glares at the progenitor who only looks down on him in mocked pity.
" How unfortunate of them.. wasted talents.. "
The younger Tsugikuni sprints to the demon. Muzan however, didn't waste a breath and perform a demon art.
" Blood Demon Art: Black Blood; Brambles.. " with his flesh, the progenitor is able to grow out some spiked-barbed wires to the younger Tsugikuni's way.
" Total Concentration.. Sun Breathing: Clear Blue Sky.. " he jumps in the air when a spike-barbed wire blocks his path, rotating vertically in the mid-air and creates a three hundred-degree slash that cuts down Muzan's Demon Art.
Gathering another breath, Yoriichi chants under his breath.
" Total Concentration.. Sun Breathing: Solar Heat Haze.. "Haze-covered slash hits the air near the demon which makes Muzan laughs mockingly at the young Tsugikuni once he's done and has his back facing Muzan's back as well.
But the demon's laugh eventually ceased as he can feel burning sensation dances wildly, looking down to his torso he finds multiple slashes in his body. Yoriichi's red nichirin sword has the ability to hamper a demon's demonic regeneration and even incinerates their cells, disabling or even killing demons that are in lower caliber.
It basically took hundreds of years for a slow regeneration of a mere wound, but what Muzan has will technically cost him millions of years.
Growling loudly, Muzan faces Yoriichi who is now facing him as well, their distance is not too near yet not too far for the progenitor's last trick in his sleeve.
" Blood Demon Art: Shockwave "
He morphs his torso and upper body into a gigantic beastly mouth. A deep incision runs from his upper torso until above his navel, the tongue sticks out later on and licks the edges of the mouth and soon two sets of pointed sharp teeth in different sizes and length grows out on the rim.
Yoriichi's eyes widen at the grotesque sight, he can practically see his insides and the sight is downright gruesome.
Muzan releases a strong shockwave scream, his scream is capable of injuring someone's internal system severely for anyone who caught its range, it can leave people convulsing, having paralysis, and respiratory impairment, though this demon art is supposed to be an offensive one, Muzan knows that with its one blow, it is enough to cripple Yoriichi since the young Tsugikuni has been using too much breathing than what was intended.
Yoriichi is unfortunately caught by its range, his distance even from the Demon is not that far hence the damage is too much for him to handle, his falls on the ground, convulsing, his heart beating too fast that his vessels are on the verge of bursting out.
Muzan walks slowly to the suffering male and roughly pulling him up by his shoulders, his grip on his shoulders is too hard that his collar bone snaps and pierces his lungs downward. Yoriichi lets out a pained scream that ends up in drowned chokes and gargles as his own blood starts filling the cavity of his lungs and chest.
As Yoriichi can feel the difficulties in breathing goes even harder, his mind wanders to [Name]. He will surely make her cry once she knows that he ceased living. He strongly wants to struggle in the demon's grip but he's not stupid to not know that it'll be futile.. and it sucks.
For once, he wishes he is dumb so he'll have the will and strength to go against the odds, even if it's stupid.
' I never even get to save my older brother.. '
Memories start flashing before his eyes, their bond with his brother.. understanding one another, his ever so beautiful wife [Name] saying yes to his proposal. He can't let her go yet he's now about to depart from the world of the living and don't even have the chance to see their own child growing up.
Tears are urging to spill from his eyes but he fights them back down, he will never expose his weakness to humanity's greatest enemy even if he's already been defeated.
[Name].. oh [Name]. If Yoriichi knew that his time of departure is just around the corner then he would've never peeled his arms off of her. He'll kiss her even longer and stays in the house a bit longer before finally giving in to his death.
It pains him that he'll be breaking the promise that he thought will never break. And that was to not make her cry and make her the luckiest woman..
' Will you ever forgive me, [Name].. together with our child? '
The progenitor raises his hands in the air and binds his fingers together to pierce his entire hand into his brain. But before he can drive it into his skull, he senses another presence.
Smirk etching on the demon's lips, putting his hand back on the wheezing male's shoulder.
" You do the honor, Kokushibou.. "
With a hazy vision, Yoriichi looks up weakly, only for his eyes to widen. Another set of emotions hit him, he feels agony as to why his own brother turns his back against humanity, against their own dreams of becoming the greatest samurai, against him.
All his emotions are spent up and he's all left with tiredness, he's kneeling on the ground and only has Muzan's hands like some sort of support.
" Michikatsu is.. dead.. " Kokushibou starts making his way to the duo, his form is now in a normal one, the protrusions receding back into his body, the demon slayer mark recedes as well, along with his protruding teeth and his eyes now faces the same direction.
" You.. took what's.. been mine.. " a growl rumbles in his wide bare chest. " You.. took.. [Name].. " he takes a tight grip onto the weakened Tsugikuni, tilting his head up high to meet his multiple eyes. Kokushibou positions his blade against the younger Tsugikuni's neck.
" Have you... ever imagine that... your journey ends.. here... younger brother? "
Pressing the blade slightly, he gazes down on Yoriichi in indifference.
" I hope.. that this.. the sword is.. sharp enough to.. behead you.. "
With that, Kokushibou slowly slits his throat. Yoriichi is left with no choice but to only scream in pain, the pace of his blade is so slow that he can feel the blade cuts every fiber of his muscle and his throat is on the verge of tearing apart, dangerously close to the larynx.
Yoriichi clenches his eyes shut, the sensation of hot flames incinerating his throat open overwhelms him, the blade is now inside his bleeding, hollow neck.
Blood gushing and spraying out from the wound as Kokushibou continues slitting his own brother's neck like lowly livestock. Yoriichi convulses violently in Muzan's grasp as his eyes roll back at the agonizing pain, the most painful one he had ever felt.
Yoriichi's hands try to stop Kokushibou's hands when a tentacle from Muzan's back wraps around his wrists, rendering him at the demons' mercy... not that they'll give one..
Kokushibou tilts Yoriichi's head even higher, making the slit stretches wide open, certain tubes and ruptured blood vessels meet his vision.
" Hmm.. seems I can.. see your larynx.. " Kokushibou mutters nonchalantly despite the barbaric act he's currently doing.
Yoriichi's voice immediately cuts off and renders him mute when the demon successfully slits his voice box, but he won't be stopping any sooner.
He wants his whole head detached from his head..
The younger Tsugikuni's violent spasming ceases into occasional twitches and jerking, slowly dying in their unforgivable cruelty.
The two know he'll not long last, so Kokushibou fastens his pace, and Yoriichi's body goes completely limp in the progenitor's grasp. He only laughs at the man's pathetic fate and sight.
Kokushibou raises his younger brother's head into the air, where everyone can see him from the cliff. The slayers feel like bricks sitting in their chest, it's a nightmare to their eyes upon seeing such sight. The upper one demon laughs mockingly at their pathetic faces.
He closes his eyes and tilts his head up, inhaling the coldness of the air of night, such tranquillity finally takes its residence in his chest.
Only to be snatched by a female's hitched gasp.
His eyes shots open upon hearing such a familiar voice, craning his head in her direction. His irises shrink in a slight panic.
There, under the shade of a tree, lies none other than [Name]. She has her hand cupping against her mouth, red eyes wide open, and are rimmed with red hue with the tears on the verge of streaming down.
He can sense her knees buckling, she only has her other hand against the tree for some support. Kokushibou growls loudly, fangs poking out from his mouth when some demons try to capture her, the demons immediately understand and backs off.
Terrified, [Name] runs away from the scene, which earns a low growl from Kokushibou in disapproval.
Muzan, at the back, only chuckles in amusement and pulls out some vial from his hidden pocket, he makes his way to the upper moon demon, he hands it to him. " This liquid grants you the ability to impregnate a woman.. " smirking, he twists around and starts walking away from the demon. " You can woo her now.. " he muses and vanishes right after, satisfied with the outcome.
Throwing the younger Tsugikuni's head away, he wastes no time and drinks the liquid in the vial, crushing the container right after, he sprints after the woman whom he had desired for years.
Tracking her with her scent, he realizes that she's just nearby. He continues following the trail only to surprise him that he just reached the female and his younger brother's backyard. He suddenly wants to hit himself for his stupidity.
Now he understands why he found the battlefield all too familiar, the place is just not too far away from theirs and the female probably heard the noise and commotion from the battlefield thus luring her to come to the place.
He enters the house silently, the place is dim and silent but he knows that she's inside. Her scent is too prominent in the place, forgot to mention that he loves her scent; vanilla.. sweet and edible.
[Name] is shaking to the bones as she slaps her palm against her trembling lips, tears flowing down like waterfalls from her eyes. Images of her soon-to-be husband's death stubbornly flash before her closed eyes, she will forever be haunted by it.
Realizing that she has a child, she forces herself to calm down. She's been stressed lately due to her husband's absence and its toll will be taking on the child's life. Breathing out slowly, she attentively listens to her surrounding.
So far she hears nothing ever since she reaches the house, it's quite stupid of her to go out anyways yet at the same time not since she immediately discovers her soon-to-be husband's death.. His death is so painful and gruesome.
It's been minutes and nothing happens abnormally, deciding to check the perimeter, she pokes her head out of the secret compartment.
Only to gasp in fear and shock when a multiple-eyed demon is staring right in front of her, he's sitting on their bed. Red eyes shrinking in fear, she hastily tries to close the door of the compartment, only to have her fragile wrist clamped down by a much larger clawed hand of Kokushibou's.
She shrieks out when he forcefully pulls her out of the compartment, the female stumbles and lands on her knees before him.
And that impact alone is enough to trigger a miscarriage.
Kokushibou raises his nonexistent brows when his darling before him suddenly cries out in pain, not by the sudden fall but by something more severe.
A sweet scent invades his sense of smell, it comes from beneath the young mother. Six eyes shifting down to her kimono, blood spreads rapidly at the spot between her thighs. The demon soon realizes the situation and chuckles mentally, he has one less problem of getting rid of the child.
Tearing the obijime off her kimono, he carries her struggling form in his arms. Pinning her on the bed, he binds her wrists with the obijime with no effort at all and kneels before her shaking bloody thighs.
[Name] scrunches her face in pain as she can feel her cervix starts to dilate, her mind drives into panic as she knows that she's not supposed to give birth any sooner. She pulls the binds with all her might to cradle her womb and protect it from the demon in front of her.
But with the pain that renders her mind and body from functioning, Kokushibou takes it to his advantage and opens the fold of her kimono, sliding her bloody undergarment off and hooks her right leg over his broad shoulder.
He leans down and takes a whiff of her blood that trails down her thighs, sticking his tongue out and licks them slowly. He pins her other leg when she starts thrashing weakly underneath him.
He licks all the blood off her lower limbs and plants a lustful kiss on her left inner thigh. The female cries out pitifully, pulling onto her restraints when the demon unceremoniously dives down and laps on her aching core, tongue thrusting into her sore bloody walls and closes his lips around her womanhood and sucks out her blood, licking and swallowing her crimson fluid.
He groans at the taste, the blood of his darling and their parasite of a child does tastes divine. " Ahh!! " [Name] shrieks out when the male demon plants his hand on her bump and forcefully pushes the child to her opening, fastening the process of a miscarriage.
Her eyes roll back to her sockets when the head of the fetus forcefully tears out of her womb and furthermore stretching her unprepared cervix which renders her body convulse at the immense agony.
Her knees shake when the child's torso slides along her vaginal walls, tissues, and amniotic fluid lessen the painful friction yet only a little bit. A pained scream tears out from her throat when the child's bloody head pops out of her opening, Kokushibou wastes no time and grabs onto the child's head and pulls it out of her, not caring for the sickening crack that emanates from the newborn's fragile neck.
The child immediately cries in pain, sticky limbs flailing around in the demon's arms.
Her mouth parting wide open at the sensation equivalent to her intestines being pulled out. Beads of sweat roll down her temple as she wheezes, her eyes on the brink of closing down and doze off in pain and extreme exhaustion. Wishing that all of these are just nightmares.
Only to have her eyes shot wide open when she hears a shrill scream of a child accompanied by a sound of a cracked opened skull. Her red eyes dart southwards and scream in pain of loss and anger.
Kokushibou sinks his canines into the child's soft skull, opening it right after resulting in its brain to burst out and splatters around, the child goes completely limp in his grip.
" No!!! " she screams out, newfound strength and bravery fills her being, she kicks around and cries violently. She just lost her only child with a spitting image of Yoriichi, her own flesh, and blood.
A loud deafening growl from the large male above her steals all her voice and bravery, her eyes only trained at the demon above her who looks back at her in an intense gaze.
He throws the corpse away carelessly to the corner, earning a stifled sob from the albino female, her eyes fall onto the cadaver of her child.
" Look.. at me.. " his low animalistic voice scares her beyond recognition, but she still didn't comply with his order.
She jolts and whimpers when his cold fingers cup her chin and forcefully make her face him, six eyes boring onto her dual red ones. " I demand... absolute obedience.. " she shakes her head violently.
" I-I don't know you!! A-and I'll never submit to someone who killed my h-husband! " she claws onto the headrest of their bed, glaring back to the demon.
Kokushibou sighs, looking intently into her. He slowly closes his first and third set of eyes, only the middle part with a kanji remains open. " Do you.. recognize.. me now? "
Bricks sit heavily in her chest as her eyes widen in disbelief. Those spiky raven hair, the demon slayer mark, the torn purple and black patterned kimono.. who wouldn't recognize these obvious trademarks?
" M-Michikatsu-sama.. " she mutters flabbergastingly, confusion wracking her mind. " W-why.. "
She flinches when Kokushibou leans in and presses their foreheads together. " Simple.. I'm just.. making someone.. pay.. their debt.. to me.. "
Shaking her head once again, she denies his reason for doing such drastic acts. " No.. I'll never accept nor forgive you.. you have committed not just treason to humanity but also to your own brother! "
" I could.. care less.. for their.. selfishness.. " he calmly speaks, running his fingers through her silky white locks, extremely ecstatic at the thought of touching her now without any restrictions.
" I've been.. generous to the.. humanity lately.. " he takes a whiff on her locks, opening his other four eyes again. " I believe.. it's my turn.. to do the taking.. "
Pressing his nose against the crook of her neck, she looks away with another set of tears, ready to spill any minute.
" It's my turn.. to be happy.. "
Her hands clench into fists when Kokushibou sticks out his tongue and leaves a bloody trail of saliva on its wake on the column of her slender neck.
Salty water slides down her cheek as she weakly thrashed under him, her body spent and shaking, fortunately, her bleeding stops due to Kokushibou's saliva with a healing property, only works when the demon himself wants it to be.
" P-please.. " she croaks out " No more.. "
The male pays no heed of her plea, his hands claw onto her obi, tearing the fabric off her, her kimono soon loosens at the loss of the remaining fastener. She stifles a sob and clenches her eyes shut when his cold hands slide into the fold of her kimono and touch the swell of her breast.
Kokushibou takes note of the heaviness and the warmth of her globes and squeezes them gently, earning a stifled gasp from the female beneath him. His hand, later on, gets wet by some warm and sticky liquid.
Curiosity gets the best of him, he pulls away from her neck and takes a good look at his hands that are still plastered on her breasts. His nonexistent brows knit in curiosity at the creamy white liquid that thickly flows down onto the width of his large palm.
Bringing it closer to his nose to take its scent, the scent of vanilla fills his nose. He didn't have any second thoughts and licks the milk off his palm and fingers, lewd sounds emanating from his lips.
Wanting for more, his eyes darts down on her perky breasts, [Name], who completely decipher the hunger in his eyes, weakly protests. " No.. p-please don't- "
Her back forcefully arches when Kokushibou picks her up and hunches his own back to lean in and takes her leaking nipple into his mouth, sucking hungrily right after.
Beads of vanilla-flavored milk dribble down his throat, filling his stomach with warm liquid. His Adam's apple bobs up and down in every gulp of milk to his system. Just from the first taste and Kokushibou undeniably loves the taste of her heavenly milk.
He moves to another breast and does the same act, latching down onto her nipple and sucks sloppily, his saliva trailing down onto her mound.
[Name] suddenly feels the loss of restrictions around her swelling wrists, she looks above only to find out that the male tears them off to pieces. The male finally lets go of her tender nipple, pulling away, and sits on the heels of his feet.
Kokushibou lowers the hem of his black hakama, enough to free his manhood from the restraints. [Name]'s heart beats wildly as her mind refuses to accept the situation, she's bound to be raped by Michikatsu.. a man she once respected.
Veins protruding his skin prominently, his bulbous tip leaking with viscid precum. Oxygen seemingly knocks out of her oxygen-deprived lungs when his length heavily lands on her slightly bloody folds.
He groans when he glides it along her warm folds, his hard tip nudging repeatedly on her clit, causing the female beneath him to jolt occasionally and pleads nonstop.
" Silence.. woman.. "
She whimpers in defeat, deciding to let the event takes its course. She's beyond tired and beat to fight back, she can't even defend herself from a mere human, how much more a powerful demon.
" You'll be.. unhappy.. no more.. " he positions his tip against her core once he's lubricated enough.
" For I.. will fill.. the void of what's.. lost.. "
She chokes out a cry when Kokushibou drives the entirety of his length inside her, groaning and grunting underneath his breath. There she is, being claimed by the demon that has been desiring her for who knows how long.
" A life.. " he finishes off.
His canines elongating as his senses heightened, his dick twitches in her overly stretched walls, a little more and it'll be overkill for her.
Her lips gawking like a fish as she breathes with difficulty, the male's manhood reaches further than Yoriichi ever went, her knees trying to close down together to ease the burning pain of being stretched once again but Kokushibou's powerful hips stops her.
[Name] is simply left to bear the pain, the demon is sensible enough to let her adjust around him, furthermore harming her is none of his intentions.
Smothering her with kisses like what he had desired from the very beginning all over her sweaty face and neck, he slowly jerks his hips, testing the waters.
And with a response of having her hands clasp onto his broad back, digs her nails in, and drags them over his pale skin is enough for him to know that she's no longer hurting.
He starts with a gentle pace, making her feel every girth and length of the demon's cock. Veins bulging out of his arms as his grip tightens on her hips. Clear, sticky liquid coats the majority of his dick, its excess drips off from his two sacs.
His back tenses up when her core starts tensing around his stubborn hard cock, persisting his way to her womb repeatedly despite the tightness of her velvety walls.
" Tight.. "
She gasps when the male Tsugikuni snaps his hip, burying his length balls deep. He settles his forehead in the crook of her neck and fastens up the jerking of his hips, cock on the verge of bursting seeds.
His groan muffles in her shoulder, his raven hair mixes with her white locks, her thighs tremble with every thrust of his dick to her core, dangerously opening her womb.
" M-mphhh! " she bites her lower lip hard, refusing to let out any sounds that will surely feed his ego.
" What's.. wrong? " he mockingly asks, pinning her left leg with his right knee and hooks her right one over his left arm, effectively spreading her thighs more and thrust his hips even deeper into the warm depths of her core.
Her back arches as her eyes roll back to her socket, her clit throbbing at the oversensitivity. " Look.. at you.. " he husks out, his six eyes drinking in the lewd sight of his darling. " Helpless.. " he thrusts " Vulnerable.. " again " Fragile.. " and again.
She can feel the drool unintentionally streaming down thinly at the corner of her lips, and as much as Kokushibou wants to latch his lips against her, he's afraid that his blood will be induced.
He throws his head back and growls, closing his eyes when she's nearing her orgasm, placing a thumb and forefinger on her soaking clit, he pinches and pulls on it lightly causing the female to chokes out another series of strangled gasp, amusing the demon.
" Are you.. close? "
Gliding his nose along her sweaty neck, he grunts in her ear. " You're such.. a lewd woman.. wrapping so.. tightly around me.. " nibbling on her skin with his fangs lightly, he adds force in every thrusts that practically makes the bed banging against the wall, bed screaming in protests in every shove of his dick in her core.
[Name] starts pushing him away from her once she feels his length starts to twitch nonstop, pounding her fists against his chest in an attempt of hurting him.
But the act only makes Kokushibou drops her leg and wraps his arms around her waist so hard that her spine is threatening to snap into two.
Like a man on a death row, he ruts his hips with all his might, pouring out all of his desire and longing for the female into each ram of his dick, interpreting his carnal desire through claiming her wholely.
" You.. will accept me.. properly.. [Name].. "
She throws her head back onto the pillow as her walls unwillingly milk his length for his semen, Kokushibou did not gonna waste any second and releases a copious amount of seeds into her tender womb, thrusting hard a couple of times to ride out his orgasm before going limp on top of her. He lets out a deep moan escape his mouth to let her know that he's satisfied for the time being, that he had her right where he wanted. His canines occasionally teasing her sensitive neck that she's so insecure about, making her gasp out at the sensation.
Their sweaty physiques pile up into a tangled mess.
He, later on, picks her up, his manhood still inside her, and gently flips over, placing her petite form over his large one, refusing to pull out from her core to avoid wasting his seeds.
The female immediately passes out of exhaustion and energy depletion, her breaths are long and heavy.
Running his clawed hand into her white locks, he hums and darts his six eyes to the window, the sun slowly peeking from the high mountains.
" Sometimes.. you go to.. a point.. where you do.. what is wrong.. to make what's.. right.. "
• • • • •
" Are you quite alright, Anata? "
Kokushibou shifts his six eyes to [Name] who's caressing her nine months old baby in her womb. His eyes soften at the sight of his wife all round and beautiful. Reaching out to her waist, he gently places her in his lap, leaning in to plant a kiss on her forehead, he closes his eyes in utter contentment.
" I'm.. fine.. "
A small smile stretches the corner of his lips. Actually, he feels so much more than fine.
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just-some-yandere-writer · 10 months ago
yandere koku hcs pls tyvm
▶ NOTES : gender neutral reader . this took way too long lmao .
Tumblr media
 → Kokushibo ’ s feeling start as admiration for your strength , and then love , but then it turned into envy , hate , and worse .
 → he is going to fight you constantly , taking his anger out on you .
 → Kokushibo does have the occasional thought of taking care of you , but he brushes that away .
 → when he finally gets his hands on you , he is going to kill you slowly .
 → the sounds of your screams send him into . . . he doesn ’ t feel anything .
 → why ? why doesn ’ t he feel anything ?
 → once he finally finishes killing you , he ’ ll feel . . . hollow .
 → he doesn ’ t understand . why ? why does he feel hollow ? didn ’ t he want to kill you ?
 → . . . oh , well . it doesn ’ t matter .
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yandere-wishes · 2 years ago
kokushibou longing after a human darling, who he's scared will be taken away from him.
Tumblr media
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sassysaxsolo · 19 days ago
Hi! I'm new to the fandom and I opened a scenario/imagine blog to share and partake in content about Demons! I was wondering if you could give me a shot out?! That would be great! Thanks!
Absolutely! I checked out your blog it looks very interesting! I saw the headcannons on where some demon parts don't look like a regular humans.
( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Your gonna wanna elaborate on that one.
(Forgive my dirty mind, I've effectively dodged horny jail for a long time.)
Tumblr media
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bulochkawithvanilka · a month ago
Kokushibo: I'm hungry
Douma: That's just perfect! We have fresh blood younger girl, head mother that daughter. Um... and head all daughter's that mother. Anything else?
Kokushibo: No, thanks
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sinfulcrows · 2 months ago
Holding hands while walking through a Field of flowers at night. The moonlight shines down on you making your face glow. A waterfall could be heard and soon to be seen. The one walking next to you was only Kokushibou, but the moment was better than usual. You were happy. He brought you something in life to care about and you wouldn't let those pesky slayers get to him. Even if it means killing a loved one. You loved him more than anything and you would do everything in your power for you and Kokushibou to live peacefully. No matter what it hurts. He'll love you to the very end~
A/n: I might make this into a story! Yandere reader is something I wanna try out. I might not do it because I've been caught in school and friends. I'll try my best to continue writing though!
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teddy-yandere · 2 months ago
Friendly neighborhood Koku-chan summoner 🤣 damn this is not funny but oh well
I think I remembered my previous asks and I'll add a cursed meme at the end, as promised
One was about yandere Kyojuro, Sanemi, Kokushibo and Muzan(if you don't mind, can Uzui, Douma and Akaza be added, if it'snot too much) , where let's say one of these cheesecakes already kidnapped their Darling, but the other yandere is also simping for the Darling, like what would let's say Kyo do if Sanemi was also yandere for his darling and ect.
The other one was like a Yandere Darling secretly in live with the Yandere cheesecakes, if you watched Hey Arnold and remember Helga, so that's the Darling. Maybe not insulting but aggressive and stuff, but secretly deeply in love but somehow even after being kidnapped need a lot of time to actually act normally towards the cheesecakes.
Hope this makes sense, but you always amaze us so I'm not worried.
Tumblr media
Spill the tea sis.
- Steal -
⚠️WARNING⚠️ will contain dark themes
Characters = Rengoku , Sanemi , Kokushibou , Muzan , Tengan , Douma , Akaza
A/N = I will probably complete the second request a little later , i had a lot of fun writing this !!Feel free to request any characters you want. I write for many different fandoms , all you have to do is scroll to the bottom of this post and pick what fandom and character you want me to write for and send me a request. My inbox is always open so feel free to chat with me!! <3
* .:。✧*゚ ゚・ ✧.。. * * .:。✧*゚ ゚・ ✧.。. * . *.:。✧ *゚ ゚・ ✧.。. *.
Sanemi tried to steal you from Rengoku
• Rengoku had always known that Sanemi had some feelings towards you. Let’s just say Rengoku tried to act as civil as he can around Sanemi but it was very hard too , when he knew that Sanemi was simpimg for his Darling.
• After Rengoku kidnapped you , he started to act a lot more relaxed around Sanemi because he felt like there was absolutely nothing to worry about , because you were safe in his home.
• Little did Rengoku know , that Sanemi knew about him kidnapping you. Sanemi had been watching Rengoku for a while , and knew that he had taken you because he followed him home one day. Sanemi was furious that Rengoku would even dare lay a hand on you , so he decided to confront Rengoku about it. Let’s just say that , it did not end well. Turns out that , Sanemi had threatened to take you from Rengoku , all Rengoku did was laugh in his face and tell him “ good luck “.
• A couple weeks later , when Rengoku was walking though the front door , he expected to see you laying on the couch, but instead he could hear you crying for help in the bedroom. When he walked in , he saw Sanemi Sanemi jumping through the window. He was about to go after him , but he decided to ask you what had happened.
• Turned out that Sanemi came to try to convince you to come with him , because he can “ protect you better “. Rengoku was furious , but he knew that he could never approach Sanemi about it , because Sanemi would report him.
• The only thing that Rengoku did was , put wooden boards on most of the windows.
Obanai tried to steal you from Sanemi
• As we all know , Sanemi is very protective and possessive over his darling , saying this , sometimes he can act like a very aggressive dog around his Darling. He does not like it when people talk , touch or interact with his darling in any way.
• The only person that he does trust around them , is Obanai. Sanemi really trusts Obanai , so he did not think that Iguro would try anything with his darling. Little did he know , that Obanai had fell in love with you from the moment he first saw you. That being said , Obanai felt a strong responsibility over you. When it was announced that you had gone missing ( Sanemi kidnapped you ), Obanai was completely destroyed over the news, but he tried to hide it so Sanemi would not question him.
• So imagine Obanai’s surprise when he looked over , and saw that Sanemi had a calm face , and was showing no emotion over the fact that you had just been kidnapped. When Obanai approached him about the matter , Sanemi whispered in his ear , “ the only reason why I am not worried , is because I took them , they are safer with me “. Obanai only nodded his head , and started to plot a way to get you back to him.
• Obanai decided that the best way to take you from Sanemi’s house , is if he waited for Sanemi to go on a long mission. That way the house would be empty. He waited for the moment Sanemi went off on a mission , and he headed to his estate to get you. Unknown to Iguro , Sanemi had actually stopped by his house to kiss you goodbye.
• Instead if being greeted with you , he was greeted with Obanai in the middle of his living room. “ what the fuck are you doing “. Sanemi asked. “ nothing I just wanted to make sure that all of your doors were locked… the window was opened”.
• Sanemi only stared at him, before asking him to leave. Sanemi knew that something was up, but he did not want to cause a scene in front of you.
• Iguro would have to come get you another day.
Douma tried to steal you from Kokushibou
• When Kokushibou first kidnapped you , he took you to the infinity tower and introduced you to Muzan and the other upper moons. Kokushibou felt like it was very important that you get along with them , especially Muzan. The reason for this , is because he wanted you to join him as a upper rank demon. Just because he told you to be nice to them , does not mean that he wants you to have long conversations with them.
• Kokushibou always feels like the other upper moons are trying to steal you away from him, especially Douma. Ever since Douma first met you , he has always made a effort to talk to you , or be in the same room as you. Every once in a while , Douma will give you compliments and tal bad about Kokushibou in front of him and you.
• Still , Kokushibou did not feel like Douma was a threat , until Douma started to make many different comments about taking you , and keeping you all to himself. That crossed the line for Kokushibou. One time , Kokushibou even threatened Douma about the whole matter.
• Lately, you had been spending more time with Douma , then with Kokushibou. Kokushibou never brought it up because he did not want you to think that he was insecure. One day , Kokushibou walked into your room after a long mission , expecting some cuddles , but found that you were not there. So he started to look for you around the palace , but he could not find you.
• He tried not to panic , but every time he went into a empty room , he could feel a sense of anxiety start to wash over him like cold water. Eventually he found you , but you were with Douma. Turns out that Douma wanted to show off some of his expensive jewelry. Kokushibou just watched from the doorway. He knew that you would never try anything with Douma , but he wanted to see how Douma acts around you.
• “ Does Kokushibou ever buy you expensive stuff ?”. Douma asked in a teasing voice. “ Oh Yeah !! He buys me a ton of stuff “ you said proudly. “Don’t you think you would be happier with me “?. You froze when you heard that question coming from Douma’s mouth . Kokushibou felt like he was going to explode out of anger , it took everything in him not to beat up Douma. All there was , was silence. Eventually Kokushibou walked in and picked you up and threw you over his shoulder , and started to walk out.
• He was going to have a serious talk with Douma , after he is done cuddling you to death.
• This is going to be really short because I don’t think that anyone would even try to take you from Muzan. Not even Kokushibou would dare try . You have to be mentally insane to think that you could get away with taking Muzan’s Darling.
• The second Muzan fees like someone is going to try to take his darling , they are dead. He does not even want anyone else , but him , to be around his darling.
Rengoku tried to take you from Tengan
• It had been a while since Tengam and his wives had taken a you , but by all accounts , you were adjusting very well to your new life.
• But sometimes , you start to miss your old life. You were a hashira in the demon slayer corps. That is how you got to meet Tengan Uzui. You also became quite close with most of the other hashira’s. You were very close to Rengoku in particular.
• Sometimes , Rengoku used joke about the two of you being together, most of the time , Tengan would just laugh it off . Little did Tengan know that Rengoku had fallen head over heels in love with you , and was stalking you. Rengoku knew that Tengan had taken you .
• After Tengan had taken you , however , he stopped worrying about all of those things , and was just focused on you , and his wives. One day , one of his wives spotted Rengoku in the distance. This was unusual, because Tengan wasn’t here , and he was suppose to be on a mission.
• Almost immediately, his wives started to rush you into a secret bedroom . Tengan had warned them that Rengoku would suspect them . When Rengoku came banging on the door demanding you , the wives simply kicked him out , and sent a crow to Tengan , asking him to come home immediately.
• This won’t be the last time Rengoku tries to get you. The next time , would be bloody.
Akaza wants to steal you from Douma
• This sneaky little bastard.
• He would always tease Akaza about him having a huge crush on you. I mean who wouldn’t? You were perfect in Douma’s eyes. He saw nothing wrong with bragging about you to everyone.
• Apparently, Douam bragged one too many times to Akaza , because Akaza snapped at him one day.
• He basically told him to shut his mouth , or else he will take you from Douma.
• Douma was speechless
• How dare his underclass man threaten him. Douma did not take this threat lightly , and locked you up the next day.
• Every once in a while , you swear that you can see Akaza looking through your window. You will be Akaza’s, one day..
• Same thing as Muzan -
• I don’t think anyone has the guts to take you from him
* .:。✧*゚ ゚・ ✧.。. * * .:。✧*゚ ゚・ ✧.。. * . *.:。✧ *゚ ゚・ ✧.。. *.
Thanks for reading Darling !! <3
Feel free to request any character you want. I write for all genders. If you don’t tell me what gender you want then I will just make it gender nuetural. I write for many different fandoms such as:
• Demon Slayer
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Just thought of some. Kokishibou, Douma and Muzan yandere headcanon please
Douma is here and Muzan is here. I hope you enjoy.
Yandere Kokushibou
Kokushibo is a strategic and dominant yandere.
He would fall in love with how strong and independent you are.
He also loves how you don’t even let a bigger demon pour shit down your neck but win everyone who tries it.
( This is just a metaphor... or how do I know if a demon is literally trying to pour shit down your neck )
He believes you would become a good couple.
Kokushibo immediately starts thinking about the best strategy to get your love.
He knows how to be frighteningly patient and planned.
You will soon find that all potential competitors are slowly disappearing from your life.
If the lure doesn’t work Kokushibo will just kidnap you.
He would break you mentally so you could "understand things better"
Kokushibo understands that you still don’t love him right away but he is patient.
( While waiting for Stockholm syndrome )
He will make you a set of rules and expect you to follow and respect them.
If you don't, he's going to have to punish you.
( Reminder: Never squeeze lemon juice in his eyes again. It didn't end well. )
Kokushibo believes discipline is good so you understand your new place alongside him.
And you can be sure that two of his six eyes are looking at you all the time
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Hi there, i really like your blog and i was wondering if i could request for yandere!Kokushibo headcanons ^^ If not, that’s perfectly fine, have a nice day !
AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH (*≧▽≦) Thank you so much for saying that! Here’s your request for Yandere Kokushibo! He was very fun to write for and i had to stop myself from writing it as a full piece!
I hope that i’ve done your request justice ^-^
Tumblr media
Yandere Kokushibo Head-cannons:
Kokushibo has always been reserved and quite cold. His loyalty to Muzan never wavering, all his actions fulfilling a purpose of Muzan’s, overall a dangerous man you wouldn’t want to cross…until you came along and turned his world upside down
 It started off as what could only be described as irritation and pure amusement; you a single demon slayer, not even a pillar, tried to kill him
 Surprisingly, it ends up being a draw. Your techniques on par with his and while he was stronger you were faster – your grin almost feral, eyes steeled as you purr out “I’ll take those eyes right out of your pretty face bastard”- his heart skips a beat at your boldness
Its here that a little something digs its way into him, something that he couldn’t quite name not until the next fight…its obsession
After the first showdown you make it your sole goal to track him down and kill him – it becomes a routine for you, your anger and hatred for the demon fuelling your every move to keep up with him
Kokushibo starts to look forward to seeing you. All your beautiful expressions, strengths, and forms… all reserved for him to marvel at…
The obsession grows with each time you clash. Each time he injury’s you it’s a new brand that screams that you’re his playmate – it makes him proud to see them decorating your skin and how boldly you display them off, like your telling everyone else that you’re his
He quickly becomes delusional about you. Every little action of yours is your secret proclaim of love for him, every time your blades clash and eyes meet are little messages only for him – He starts collecting parts of you, strands of your hair that have fallen out or have been cut and scraps of your uniform + haori. All those things are gifts for him, they retain your scent, your being, your love for him
He finds himself distracted when alone with thoughts of you, where you are and what your doing – kokushibo finds himself worrying, almost anxious, about your state of being. None can harm you; none can fight you and none should love you…. not like he can
Possessiveness quickly mixes in with obsession – the fire/spirit in your eyes can only be for him after all
Then everyone of his feelings darken and twists again. Kokushibo can’t keep living without you, only being able to see and interact with you via fighting (even then those are moments that you’ve orchestrated) isn’t enough anymore
So, he plans. He waits for the next time you track him down. Waits in the shadows for you to turn up, he’s a patient man...and only after you’ve dropped your guard does he strike, knocking you unconscious and stealing you away
Kokushibo is clever after kidnapping you; he has a safe house that’s secluded, its hidden deep within the mountains – a large traditional house with multiple floors and a largely fenced off garden – with only a handful of trails and the “main” path leading to what could be considered down into a small “town” (but its not actual a town… not one that’s human anyway), far from people and in a place that none would really bother to look for you.
He’s patient, dangerously so….and so very giddy, your finally with him. You can live together in ‘peace’, maybe even start a family. He changes you out of your uniform into a kimono that suits your complexion and a heavy chain to wrap around your ankle to keep you in the room -   it goes through the floor and seems to have a heavy weight attached to its end in the meditation room that happened to be below the bedroom – he leaves you on a futon, silently meditating in the softly coloured room below the bedroom you occupied. The soft swinging marble ball attached to the chain.
When you awake hours later, the ball of marble swinging and the chain rattling gently as you moved about, kokushibo simply ignores you. His eyes remaining closed continuing to meditate through your no doubt curious exploration of your new room
However with all the racket your making its obvious that your trying to leave, the chain going taunt and the weighted ball banging uselessly on the ceiling – Your racket actual causing Kokushibo to leave meditation to check that you haven’t hurt yourself. Upon seeing him however you get angry, trying to attack him with whatever strength you had left in you
He brushes it off as excitement - you don’t know how to properly tell him your gratitude yet since you still believe the delusions you’ve been feed by other demon slayers – You love him, you just have to get past that awful facade of yours to see it
Its one of those where you have to quickly start relaying on him if you want to live through this and possibly even escape but Kokushibo’s patient and incredibly clever
He plays the long game, slowly chipping away at your psyche until you can accept that your with him now for all eternity  - no one will be coming to save you, the only person you can rely on is kokushibo
Has no problem with playing mindgames with you – in fact you play them with him constantly with the “I don’t love you!” and “Let me go” so why shouldn’t he be able to play them
 It’s a slow burn type of situation
You can’t leave. Even though the weighted chain has been removed, the constant threat of Kokushibo weighs heavy upon you
But that doesn’t mean that you haven’t tried escaping, it was an experience that left you with a broken leg and even more guarding – It was something that took months of pretending to be able to have his trust, and you lost it quicker than anticipated when trying to escape
Kokushibo was deadly quiet throughout the months it took for your leg to mend, a stark contrast to his usual sweet talking and by the end of the month you found yourself begging for some sort of communication
Your forced into relying on him even more
Gradually you find yourself seeing things from his point of view – which leaves him ecstatic – all of his protecting starts to make abit more sense
You start to believe you love him, and in a twisted sense you do. Afterall he’s the man who’s been feeding you, looking after and training with you, his love feeling warmer and more welcome as the years go by
He turns you into a demon 5 years after your capture and your so brokenly happy about it
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myrulia · 6 months ago
omg hi >_<
i just saw your prompt event, congrats on the 600, you deserve more <3
could i possibly get 14? whatever genre you want, go all out, thank you so much :)
.。.:*✧Prompt 14: "I dream of you almost every night, hopefully I don't wake up this time."
.。.:*✧Warnings: Yandere themes, abduction, shibari
╰╴⇢。.:*✧A/N: I'm just accepting one follower at a time, 600 is still a lot!
Tumblr media
Every night, he would follow you.
Every night, he would put you out of harm's way from the shadows.
Every night, he desired you dearly.
Kokushibou, or better known as the Upper Moon One, has harbored feelings for you since he first saw you in your village one night, you walking without a care in the world despite other worldly creatures such as himself having the advantage. You were a human as well, so it was naturally wrong for a demon to develop feelings for the one thing he eats, no?
Of course, the demon has taken this into consideration, but each time he thinks of your face, a nostalgic wave hits him hard in the head, causing his senses to be knocked off for just a bit. Due to you being the cause of this, he wanted to get to the bottom of it as much as possible. 
This proved to be rather difficult.
Over time, the more he tried to figure out reasons as to why he felt this way when he saw your face, and everytime he would come in dangerous proximity with you, his feelings developed more and more to a feral lust of love. Love for you.
The day he found out about this was the day he was just a few feet away from you. Him being in a dark alley, and you walking down the pathway beside it. He got such a picture perfect view of your face and the warming smell of your scent that his addiction to you in general grew even more.
Kokushibou is indeed an honest man and will not deny that he has feelings for you, so now in that same realization, he also believes that you belong to him for those reasons.
He had watched over you so much and protected you without you knowing knowing he felt a sense of entitlement to having you - after all, he did do all of this when he is a man-eating creature bound to the night. He immediately thought that these sacrifices he made towards his goal was all the reason that he should achieve it.
The days that he spent without you near him made the male grow restless in his own skin as his mind wavered to you each and every time he tried to meditate for peace and resolve, but this also failed.
So without a second thought, tonight was the night that he would make you his, whether there were others there or not, his goal shall be achieved. 
He traveled swiftly so that the mission he set his eyes on since the beginning would finally come to an end before the sun rose, giving him a limited amount of hours of leisure time. So with that, it only motivates Kokushibou to move faster. 
Before he knew it he found himself in the same alleyway where he got the first full glimpse of your face, giving him that same warm - almost human like feeling within his undead heart. Just like before, as if the moment was replaying all over again, there you were walking down the same path, yet this time, you stopped.
You stopped and stared.
Kokushibou expected a scream of terror, but instead he was met with your dumbfounded expression.
`` Who are you? ``
You asked with such gentleness, moving closer towards the mysterious figure who was just as dumbfounded as you were, but something inside his nervous system edged him forward, his hand raising to touch you.
`` Who are you talking to, [Y/N]-san? ``
Before the demon could process his next choice of actions, his own body betrayed him by pulling you into the alleyway with him and into his chest. Your face only grew in more confusion, but a large hand covered your mouth before you could give voice to the situation.
`` [Y/N]-san? [Y/N]-sannn?? ``
The stranger's voice called out, but with no response, the human simply turned around in the opposite direction and went about their night as if nothing happened. Pulling his hand away slowly as said person leaves, Kokushibou turns his head and tilts his chin down to get a better look at your state, only to find you staring at his facial features with such enticement and curiosity in your eyes.
Seeing you in such ways sent the demon's feelings in disarray once more. It was as if he was in the past again, because standing before him, from over 400 years ago, was his former human wife. He looked around, lost in his own memory before your voice called out to him, bringing him from the small flashback.
`` Sir, do I know yo- hey wait! ``
Suddenly you were thrown over Kokushibou's shoulder and felt the chilled wind on your face as you moved with such speed out of the village that you were left utterly astonished. Yes, you did know that demons exist and their natural diet is humans, but something told you this one was different - and you were always raised to trust your judgement.
Although curiosity does kill the cat.
`` Where are you taking me? Who are you and why are you abducting me?! ``
`` We will be home soon. ``
That was all that came from the demon's lips, and just like that you found yourself in a massive building with rooms and staircases coming from every direction. Your eyes tripled in size, being truly taken aback by your new surroundings and how it seemed impossible to be true.
Kokushibou opened a door to a certain room in what he knew was the Infinity Fortress, setting you down on your bottom - but being quick in his moments he tied you up with a specific type of shibari you have not seen before. It was the type you had seen samurai use in the books provided by your caregivers, but the one before you looked nothing of the samurai you saw in your books.
The thing before you was unmistakably a demon.
A man eating-demon that now had you as its prey.
Beads of sweat formed on your forehead, doubting your judgement and kind spirit from the very beginning and even allowing yourself to become so easy of a target. You pushed yourself by your feet until your back hit a wall, skin trembling in fear at what your future holds. Kokushibou merely took slow strides in your direction, kneeling down and using his index finger to lift your chin up so he could examine your face better.
`` It is no mistake, you are meant to be here, my love from so long ago. ``
You jerked your head back, lips trembling to get any sort of words out, but as you got a visible view of the demon's fangs, worry set in your bones.
`` I have no cl..clue what you speak of, but we have not met before. ``
Kokushibou tilted his head ever so slightly to the side, moving so that his much bigger form was looming over your own.
`` You in this time period may not remember, but you from the past does. You have always been mine, and this has sealed it. Our fates tie together, my dear. ``
You had no idea what the man before you spoke of, but you too felt a nostalgic feeling as he grew closer and closer, although the fear that latched onto your nervous system would not let go.
Your breath hitched in your throat as his hand touched your cheek, your gazes never daring to tear away from each other. With your hands tied it was not like you could escape so easily, as well as your legs being tied together so that you could not run either. You were helpless and out of control of your situation, tears pricking your eyes at this fact.
`` I dream of you almost every night, hopefully I don't wake up this time. We will now be together again, my love, and nothing can change that. ``
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zasaka-studio · 15 hours ago
Exchange Disaster
Character reel part 2
Love interests!~ part 1 / 2
Akaza (hakuji)
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Kokushibo (Mitchikatsu Tsugikuni)
Tumblr media
Yoriichi Tsugikuni
Tumblr media
Hotaru Hangenizuka
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Mystery character!~
Supporting Cast!
Nezuko Kamado
Tumblr media
Zenitsu Agatsuma (can be changed)
Tumblr media
Sonjiro Rengoku
Tumblr media
Welp time to post the first chapters!
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syrups-edit-corner · 7 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
A Yandere Kokushibo (demon slayer) moodboard, who is obsessing over his oblivious beloved with themes of jealousy.
Requested by: Anon
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just-some-yandere-writer · 10 months ago
Can I get a toxic relationship relationship with Kokushibou always lashing his anger out on the MC and the MC is a traumatized person who has been in toxic relationship not knowing the difference between a normal or toxic one? Thank you if you do this! (●’◡’●)ノ
▶ NOTES : ahgsdugds this is so short but this was all i could think of -
Tumblr media
→ at first , Kokushibo will be a bit confused at first by your indifference to his lashing out .
→ but later , your indifference would make everything worse .
      ↳ why aren ’ t you scared of him ? why won ’ t you fight back ?
→ get ready to get maimed at some point -
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thefieryphoenix · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
Pic from: Pinterest and YES, he is also the brother of Kokushibou and a relative of Tanjiro
Yoriichi as a yandere would undoubtedly be really patient, I have to hand it to the man here. And he'd also be really protective and possessive of you and kinda clingy too. He'd be a complete sweetheart and gentleman to you but a literal demon from the very depths of hell to other people who dare to come between you. He's also the type of person who is all like 'I'm a baddie to the others and a complete simp for my sweetheart 🥰🤣'
He also has a really low tolerance level for fools who come between you both but of course he'll never get angry with you, he doesn't want to scare the love of his life, he'd be a very bad husband to you if he does :(
He'll always be on the lookout for you no matter what and where you are. And yes, sadly this man here will stalk you but he won't make you feel scared or something, he'll stalk you in secret, it's like you won't even notice and realize that he's there following you. It's all just for your safety darling surely you understand
But he is also a self aware yandere, he knows his feelings for you are spiraling out of control but he can't help it. The way his blood boils in anger when you spend time with other people... and the way you walk around so carefree, like there's no danger around especially during the night? Don't you know that there are literal demons prowling around, ready to either make you into one or make you as their supper. He'll be damned if someone like Muzan or his followers kidnapped you and tried doing anything to you
This man can be really scary AF when he wants to and I mean come on, let's face it. This dude literally scared the HELL out of Muzan (No pun intended) so you can imagine what he's capable of doing to rivals. Everyone usually thinks this dude is kind and shy and all that who couldn't possible hurt a fly. Well, unless that 'fly' is planning to come between your love and his and try doing something to you then he and that 'fly' will have some issues. And if at all one of your so called 'friends' ever makes the mistake of flirting with you, sweetie, you'll have to clear your schedule to attend a funeral of his the next day
I mean it's also a fairly obvious reason why he'd be really clingy to you. He's lost important people to him in his life and he can't lose you too. And he won't either. He's also really paranoid as a yandere and completely doting like a mother, so he'll always be fussing over you no matter what. And which is also why he thinks you aren't safe and he'll kidnap you sooner than later. Oh well, better safe than sorry
He'll tolerate all your little tantrums, screams and cries and whenever you beg him to let you go, he'll just wipe your tears away with his hands gently and kiss your forehead and explain it that it's for your own good. He can't get angry with you, he loves you too much :)
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