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No cause I'm imagining Enji waking up in the middle of the night to get himself some water, and he walks into the kitchen to see his baby and that bleached brat cooking some brownies and dancing to some soft tunes. Bakugou has his arms wrapped around you, his forehead resting on yours as you slowly move your bodies around and laugh.
He kisses your nose, watching it crinkle. "It really was worth sneaking into your house to fix your cravings, hm?" You nodded, tapping his cheek. "Yep, but we have to be quiet. I don't want mom waking up and then she'll ground me for staying past bedtime for months."
"What about your dad?"
You shrugged. "He knows I'm a good kid, won't do anything to put myself in trouble. Plus, he and I have woken up many times to get some ice cream at night. Besides," you leaned in closer. "-if anyone's gonna get in trouble with him, it's you. For keeping his sweet daughter up at night because you missed her and bribed her with brownies."
Katsuki smirks, trapping you between him and the counter with his arms and leaning in closer until your lips were just a few centimetres away. "Oh yeah? He thinks I'm the bad guy corrupting his daughter?" He asks, about to kiss you but suddenly was pulled away by the scruff of his neck.
"Yes." Enji's daunting voice halts Katsuki from blasting whoever grabbed him from behind and was holding him like a kitten.
"D-dad!" You sputtered but Enji narrowed his eyes at you. "Why are you awake at this ungodly hour?"
"Its winter holidays... I just wanted some brownies..."
"You should've woken me up. You know I would gotten them for you, princess."
You nodded timidly. "Yeah but I didn't wanna disturb you. You'd came home after a whole month, I just thought you should get some rest."
Enji sighed. He could never be mad at you, especially when you had the purest intentions at heart. You really are an angel (and you were dating this blonde spawn of the devil.)
"Alright. But you go to bed now. Don't wanna worry your mother about giving you some melatonin for no reason." You nodded, before standing on your toes to kiss him on the cheek. "Goodnight, dad."
"Goodnight, darling."
You looked at Katsuki, who leaned in to kiss you goodbye but was stopped by Enji pushing his face away. "Yeah that's enough defiling my daughter." You just waved at Katsuki and gave your dad a look that meant "please don't hurt him." before leaving.
Katsuki felt awkward standing around so he began to take his leave as well, but was pulled back his shoulder.
"And where do you think you're going?"
"Not yet. You're gonna stay back, finish baking your brownies, and then clean up the kitchen. If I even see a speck of dust in here, I will beat your ass before letting Rei skin you alive for not only keeping our daughter up, but also daring to use her kitchen. Now, chop chop."
Needless to say, the kitchen was shining and there was a box of brownies waiting for you outside your door. You let your father take the credit for it, but you knew it was lover boy who did it all.💞
Tumblr media
Also me imagining Shotou walking in on his sister and Katsuki arguing loudly and Shotou thinks "yeah, your relationship is about to end. Finally." But when he hears what yall are arguing about, he's confused.
Y/n, holding Katsuki's face and showing him tye mirror: ARE YOU BLIND??? LOOK AT YOURSELF! YOU ARE VERY CLEARLY MY BABY!
Katsuki, smushing your cheeks together: IF ANYONE IS THE BABY IN THIS RELATIONSHIP, ITS YOU! LOOK HOW ADORABLE YOU ARE! *bites your cheek and tugs it a bit with his teeth*
Y/n, winces and pulls him away: NO WAY! LOOK AT THESE CHUBBY CHEEKS THAT I WILL DIE FOR *starts to pull his cheeks* YOU ARE THE CUTIE!
Katsuki, angrily: NO, YOU ARE THE CUTIE!!
Shotou, watching the two of you pulling each others cheeks and calling each other cute names: ... I wanna be included in this... whatever it is...
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What about Yandere Bakugo and Yandere Shoto sharing a darling but the darling starts getting overwhelmed by it and keeps herself away from them when they yell at each other..
I honestly hate yelling so much, makes me begin stimming
Tumblr media
“DAMN IT ICY HOT!” Bakugou yelled, again, making you flinch from the loudness. One of your hands began to bite your thumbnail lightly, eyes unfocused on the comic you were reading on your phone.
“Sounds like Bakugou is home from patrol.” Shoto said with a smile and Bakugou turned the corner to glare at the duo colored male. “You definitely took that villain from me! I had it covered!”
“But he was coming up behind you Bakugou.”
“That doesn’t mean shit Shoto! I move faster than you ever could glacier!” You left the room while Bakugou was still arguing with him about things that happened on patrol. Shoto had arrived earlier than Bakugou.
But Shoto was the only one that noticed you slipping into your room; holding up a hand to the loud blonde. “You-“
“Our angel is not here.” Shoto explained, Bakugou looking at where he last saw you on the couch before sighing. His hand rubbed the back of his head. “They always hated loud noises in classes and yelling.”
Admittedly, Bakugou’s been tuning down his barking and screaming since the three had gotten together. Not wanting you to be uncomfortable with him. But he’s been so stressed with the public lately and all the interviews that sometimes he just snaps- need to let out all that’s bottled up in a raging fit.
Shoto had taken him to a rage room before and it was the best therapeutic situation Bakugou’s ever been in. A place to destroy and scream out his frustrations of society. Top tier.
“Hey-a teddy bear, how ya feeling?” He poked his head to see you playing with strings on a hoodie. Headphones over your ears and Shoto peeked his head under Bakugou’s arm. “I’ll order their favorite in. Get them in your hoodie.”
Shoto retreated back down the hall and Bakugou sighed, knowing that even now he still wasn’t good at emotions! So why did he always get stuck with the emotional reassurance. “Hey baby, come on now, you know I wasn’t really angry at snowflake.”
He spoke softly as he took off the headphones from your ears, cupping your cheek gently. One of his thumbs rubbing over your cheek as he sat down besides you. “He’s ordering your favorite in-“
“Are you still upset?” You whispered, twisting your fingers lightly. One of his hands gently covered yours and shook his head. “No baby, I wasn’t upset at all. Just stressed from work, you know I wouldn’t be mad at you two. Everything’s okay, I promise.”
“Pinky promise?”
“Ah.. my lovable idiot…” He said with a smile before curling his fingers around yours. “Pinky promise.”
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🍚🕸 for Shigaraki?
Plaything ( 🍚 🕸)
Tumblr media
Contents: Yandere!Shigaraki with prompts: 🍚 You’re not allowed to take your eyes off me and 🕸 I’ll take your body and make you my favorite toy! (gn!reader)
Tumblr media
more Shigaraki content here!!
Tumblr media
commission me!!
Tumblr media
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Shiggaraki kept a tight grip on your body, a finger lifted always to avoid dusting you into nothingness and also because he thought you squeezed his dick harder when you were scared. Crooked smile on his face as he continued rutting into you like a rabid dog. Tears fell down your face as you tried to endure it as best as you could.
You sobbed heavily, rolling your eyes before snapping them shut at the overbearing situation, tears continuing to fall out of them. He snarled, pile driving harder into you “You’re not allowed to take your eyes off me, open them!” he ordered, and you knew better than to disobey him in such a situation. You tried your hardest to not look at his face, trying to focus on his body or yours “do that again and I’ll dust you, whore” he hissed as he grabbed your neck with force, making you choke a sob and start squirming under him.
He let out a chuckle, obscene sounds continuing to pour out of both your mouths. “I could just put down my pinky and you would be done for...” he whined, and you squeezed him tighter down there, making him groan in pleasure “you fucking whore! Squeezing my cock like that, such a good fucktoy, such a good fleshlight letting me use you like that” the glimmer in his eyes was manic and dangerous “that’s what I like most about you, I’ll take your body and make you my favorite toy! And you won’t even complain because you’re such a cock hungry slut” he punctuated his sentence with one final thrust inside you, filling you with his warm milk.
You kept crying, he didn’t even allow you to cum this time. You let him hold you tight, at least enjoying the little comfort it brought you.
“You’re such a plaything, y/n”
Tumblr media
hope you enjoyed this!!!
have a great day/night
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How would yandere villain hubby Deku react to someone bumping into reader and reader’s reader’s hard work of her book that she was working on goes down the drain? Like either the papers get ruined with water or her laptop crashes on the ground erasing all her data? I would literally die if that happened to me in real life
You have no idea how scary this is for me too
I nearly had an experience like that and it is so scary and gut wrenching 😖 I cannot
Now that I'm thinking about it might've poured some of my aggression into this \(〇_o)/
But wonderful idea love🖤🖤🖤🖤
⚠️[Warning: Stalking, kidnapping, violence, torturous death, and cannibalism]⚠️
Yandere Villain Deku x Wife Reader
🍉🥦You were almost done
🍉🥦For three months you slaved away
🍉🥦Cutting into your free time sexy times and any time you had to finish this thing
🍉🥦You had to do everything writing, editing, publishing
🍉🥦This is your project, your baby and you were ready to send them off and relish in the satisfaction of your accomplishment
🍉🥦Your husband on the other hand was irritated borderline irate
🍉🥦Not only does he have to listen to his wife rant only about ‘her baby’ but he is neglected as you excitedly focus only on your work
🍉🥦He debated one time accidentally purposely spilling your morning (coffee/tea/milkshake) all over your laptop
🍉🥦But he doesn’t dare when he sees how proud you are of it’s completion
🍉🥦To celebrate he’ll take you out after your scheduled visit to the cafe
🍉🥦“Ready to head to dinner, my honey?”
🍉🥦“Almost just let me pack my computer-”
🍉🥦As you were putting away your laptop someone rammed into the table and your bag knocking your only record of your hardwork onto the floor
There it was..your…baby…on..the…floor:
You didn’t react at first. You were trying to register the pieces on the floor as your computer.
“Eww could you be anymore in the way?” The one who chose to speak in your obvious devastation was a blonde, shapely, and snarling at the inconvenience you were to her. Proceeding to step on crushing any remains of your computer as she stalked over to point and nag at some guy who had been trying to ignore her since she walked in. “I-it's all gone?”
“H-honey are you okay?” Like you your husband was just as shocked and tried to awake you from your catatonic state.
“It's. All. gone.”
“It's! All! Gone!”
The dead look in your eyes had become one of an enraged animal as you locked onto the back of your target. In a speed he had never seen you accomplish before you had gotten in front of this lady and were looking like you were going to tackle her. Thankfully he was able to stop you holding you by your waist as your clawed hands scratched at the empty air in front of her. It wasn’t worth defiling yourself over some insensitive skank.
Bystanders looked on in sympathy, the regulars had seen you slave away for months over that computer and newcomers could relate to your loss. They really wouldn’t have done anything if you did lay hands on her but they opted to collect the pieces of your computer per your husband’s request. They crouched on the floor or used their quirks to collect the bits of your computer into your bag as your husband held you away from the now scoffing lady. He got a good look at her face. This wouldn’t go unpunished.
When that same woman was returning home she felt as though she was being watched but even so she wasn’t worried. This was a populated area and no one would not notice her. When she opened her house she shared with her roommate it was completely dark. A strange thing for her roommate to do considering they had a known fear of the dark.
“Tark? Gosh why is it so cold in here?”
She continued to walk throughout the house searching for her roommate. She found her roommate gagged and frozen to a chair. Frozen? She could hardly register the presence of two other people in the room before everything turned black. She woke to a cold floor and gray walls. She was so cold she had gathered that she was kidnapped. After walking around she found where she was. It was like a maze. Not like it is a maze. One that she wandered aimlessly through it for about twenty-minutes until the rancorous silence was interrupted by a sickengly sweet voice.
“Viviri Grout!” Her head whipped around to find a man with green hair and a suit standing on a pedestal. On his right there was a man with hair like a peppermint and on his left there was a man. Or at least that's what she thought it was. It looked as though it was squatting with spiky blonde hair, a muzzle on its face, and crimson glowing eyes that she could see from where she stood.
“You have been a real witch haven’t you?” The man giggled and his mask covered his face but it sounded as though he was smiling. “Broken restraining order, suspected for sexual assault, and you even broke a computer of some random passerby.”
She mumbled, ” It wasn’t even that new of a model.” She didn’t think he’d hear it. But he did. She could tell by the abrupt tick of the man’s head that he heard it and although it seemed like he was smiling it was hostile.
“Y’know what? I really have been wanting to tear you to pieces but you’re not even worth that. So I’ll let my dog do it.
He holds up the chain tugging the muzzled man closer to the edge. “You’ve got ten-no five minutes to get out of the maze. You escape, you live, you don't, you die. Simple. A cow like you should understand that much.” She realized it’d be something along the lines of a Saw flick and had begun searching for a way out. “ Oh by the way, you have to survive him.” The nonchalant comment followed by the dropping of the chain and the click of a muzzle.
As if in slow motion the man-thing turned to see its restrictions fall and looking for the pointed finger and glaring eyes it launched off the twelve foot pedestal. She wasn’t expecting the booms of various explosions to be made as the man shot over the maze-walls directly to her.
She could only make it so far before the flying-man-of-dynamite dove for her calf; latching on with canines as sharp as a wolf. When the bite was followed by the painful pull and actual consumption of part of her leg. This continued on as she tried to fight off this man-wolf as it began eating her alive all the while the explosions didn’t stop. Between being eaten and being burned alive she could only truly rest when he began to crush her neck with those insane canines; even then she suffered through what felt like years of torture.
Izuku watched all of it. Gradually becoming more happy as her life began to fade. When he was finished with his dog chewing on this corpse he brought him and Shoto to the ground. With a clap of his hands, the feasting man left the corpse to sit obediently at the foot of his master. Looking up in a hopeful trained gaze Izuku patted his head before gliding down to sample the blood around his dog’s mouth. He licks his own lips to taste the tangy-iron fluid relishing in his revenge.
“Good boy, Kacchan.” He scratched his chin before instructing Shoto to put his muzzle and chain back on.
He felt that everything was in order now that the one responsible for your pain was dead. Of course after returning home he subtly directed his hidden entourage to track down that woman all while comforting you. Eventually lulling you to sleep he heads out, suiting up and taking the smashed computer with him. Using his contacts he tracks down a person with a quirk that can return things to the way they were. Restoring your computer, and getting a few hard drives for you is all you’ll know about his comfort. But trust and believe that anyone who has disrupted your mundane life shall suffer immensely.
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Everything about you
Tumblr media
Yandere Druig!Shinsou x fem reader
Tumblr media
Eternals movie AU where Shinsou is Druig
After separating from the other Eternals Shinsou lives his life studying humans and their world. Many times Shinsou had wondered to himself if he should just use his power to create peace. In a second he could make the world perfect, a utopia where flaws never existed. But he wasn't allowed to, so instead, he settled for something that'd get rid of his boredom. Chasing after you.
Content warnings for the whole mini-series: Yandere themes, manipulation, mind control, stalking and spying/breach of privacy, slight spoilers about what happens at the start of the Eternals movie, mentions of wars, Shinsou calls reader demeaning things like pathetic in his head, reader experiences palpitations because of stress, anxiousness, and mind control
Tumblr media
Shinsou woke up with a start, his head wouldn't stop thinking of all the possibilities his power could do so he slept rather late last night. Looking to the right where his alarm clock was he saw that it was still quite early, 7 am to be exact.
He usually doesn't wake up until 10 am, being an Eternal had its uses, he couldn't get sick or hurt just from simple things like not sleeping properly, unlike humans. Such fragile creatures humans were, they needed so much just to survive; oxygen, water, food, he could go on and on what humans need.
But there was something about being an Eternal that sucked, it's the long life he lives. If you've lived for thousands of years you too would grow bored of your life, from watching humans evolve with their machines and seeing history unfold like a time-lapse. He's seen it all, all the destruction, chaos, and heartache humans caused one another. He sighed as he suddenly remembered the war he saw during the last time he and the other Eternals were still together.
It was so bloody and vicious, with everyone slaughtering each other mercilessly. And he had the power to stop all that but no because "humans conflict isn't theirs" as his leader says.
He decided that since he was already awake he'll just start his day now. After showering and getting dressed he looks in the mirror to admire himself. His wild purple hair was sticking out everywhere but for some reason, it never looked bad. With a smile on his face, he locked his apartment door and headed out to get breakfast at the local coffee shop.
While waiting for the elevator someone else joined him on the wait. Shinsou turned to look at who it was and saw you, your eyes met for a second before you looked down away from his gaze. Sensing you were uncomfortable he looked forward to the elevator instead. Once he did though he noticed you raising your head and staring at him when you thought he couldn't see you.
He could see a blurry reflection of you on the steel doors of the elevator. You were looking at his hair admiring it, it looked soft and pretty. The elevator pinged to signal that it was there and the doors parted. The ride down was a rather silent one.
When the elevator made it to the ground floor you found out the man with purple hair going in your direction. You both were going to the same place!
Shinsou smiled at the coincidence, the whole thing was amusing. When you got to the cafe you walked right into the glass window thinking it was open. The customers inside the whole scene unfold and you could hear chuckles. You bit your lip in embarrassment and opened the door properly.
Shinsou was right behind you catching the door right before it closed. He saw you take a seat and had an urge to sit next to you to continue his amusement but alas someone took the seat just as he was about to take it. "Hey you're here," the man who took the seat sat in front of you at the cozy two-seater table. The next thing he heard made him grit his teeth at the realization, he heard the unmistakable sound of a kiss. It was a brief one but it was all he needed to hear to know you were taken.
Upon knowing that he went to the cashier to order his breakfast, it seemed like this was where his fun ended today. The rest of the breakfast was rather mundane, the food wasn't exceptional but it wasn't bad, it was just ok. The coffee however tasted good, but the only reason it did was because it was the same store-bought one he can buy in packets. The price of it was too high for something that can be bought for much cheaper.
You however had a much different experience, although you and your boyfriend looked like you were ok on the outside, in reality, you didn't even know if you still had a relationship. There wasn't anything special about meeting and talking to him anymore, it was as special as the coffee creamer you were currently shaking. You tore the packet and emptied the powder into your drink, after a couple of stirs with a straw you took a sip; bitter, it was still bitter the creamer did absolutely nothing. And that's what your current relationship was doing, nothing, and the feeling was mutual as you two had already had a talk about it. How you two got together was because you were each other's first lovers and both of you were inexperienced and new with dating.
Breaking up with each other meant that you two had to find other people or go back to being alone. Both of you weren't ready for that yet so you hung on to the thin string of a relationship you still had.
Shinsou grinned and, even though he wanted to, he stopped himself from almost screaming. All of the thoughts that were going through your head that moment, he heard them all, how your relationship is a mess and how both of you are pathetic. Still clinging onto a relationship with no hope because of the fear of having no one if you let go of each other. He didn't expect to hear something so juicy that early in the morning.
He may not be allowed to fix people's conflict but there wasn't anything about him causing conflict. Oh, he was going to have so much fun with you.
Tumblr media
taglist: @maixxnee @mrskenmakozume @evans-dejong
send me an ask if you want to join the taglist you can send an ask here
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Tumblr media
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novasdarling · 22 hours ago
The Walls Can Talk
Chapter 6
Tumblr media
Previous Chapter--Next Chapter
Tumblr media
Summary: Tomura finally had you to himself. How could you blame him for what he did? He simply needed you and he had always taken what he needed. So let this monster have his way and enjoy.
TW: Noncon, Kidnapping Sort of, Smut, Female Reader, Oral, Female Reader.
Tumblr media
Tomura had pulled you away. To the same room as before. You were correct, it was on the abandoned first floor. The horrible on the mattress floor, the dirty room. it was all the same as before. You followed him in, letting him seat you on the mattress. Tomura sat beside you, staring at you like he was amazed at your sight. He looked the same as before, perhaps more crazed. The same shaggy hair, the pale flaky skin. His red eyes seemed to only hold anger or lust.
Tomura leaned his head against the side of yours. Inhaling the smell of your hair, letting out a loud moan. Burying his face deeper into your hair. Letting his hand run through some loose strands. Touching and smelling you as if you were a dream. Something he couldn’t believe was real. You felt the same, only you despised he was real. This wasn’t your dream, this was all a nightmare.
“So sweet.” He whispered against your skin. Moving his lips down to your neck. Letting them ghost over before placing tender kisses on your neck. Tomura’s movements were sweet and gentle. So different from the mood of the occasion. “So sweet and mine.” The last part was spoken in a low tone. Filled with possessiveness and hunger.
“Please, why can’t you just leave me alone?” You couldn’t even look at him. Letting him bury his face deeper into the crook of your neck. Kissing and nipping at your skin. “Why do you want me?”
His head shot up, forcing you to look at him. Tomura’s hands are placed on both sides of your face. Forcing you to look at him. Both of you just stared at each other. Waiting for the other to speak first. After what felt like forever, he finally broke the silence. “Because. You’re mine.” Tomura was on you within a moment. Having pinned you down to the mattress. Hands-on either side of your head. Keeping you in place. “You’re mine. I want you all, all to myself.” Moving his face until he was resting his forehead against yours. “It gets so lonely. Alone in this hell. Though it isn’t as bad as the real thing” So he wasn’t simply just some ghost, no it was much more than that. He was something more, something more powerful. Possibly a demon. His words made your skin crawl and your stomach drop. “If you’re good, I can be good. We can be alone now. We can get rid of that stupid roommate. You can be all mine now.” Was he going to hurt Becca?
“Please don’t. Don’t hurt her.” You were sobbing. Trying to appeal to any humanity he may have.
“Shh. It has to happen. She just won’t leave us alone. Even now. She’s forgiven you. She knows something is up and it wasn’t you. She even messaged you to apologize. I’m sorry. She just won’t leave.”
“No, please. I-I’ll be good. I’ll do whatever you want just leave her alone.”
Tomura smiled at your words, like what you said was the sweetest thing he’s heard. He shook his head, letting a laugh out at your words. As if your words were hilarious, that you begging for him to leave Becca alone and offering your submission was just so funny. A joke between lovers. Relaxing against your body, he inhaled your scent once more. Continuing his assault of his lips on your skin. Aiming for your cheek. Peppering them with kisses. His lips were rough against your skin. Chapped and scarred. You couldn’t stop him, you begged for Becca’s safety in exchange for your safety. There was no stopping him, you assumed this was him agreeing. Yet, when it came to Tomura, you could never be sure.
“You’ll leave her alone right?”
“Hmm” He looked up at you. “Oh, her. Yes, I’ll leave her alone as long as you listen. And that bitch doesn’t get involved.”
Once you nodded he went back to kissing you. Letting his hands wander over your torso. Pulling your shirt up, allowing his hands to go under. Feeling your exposed skin. Grabbing and massaging whatever part of you he could get his hands on. Desperate and needy. Trying to feel as much as you as possible while his lips moved to yours. Prying your lips apart with his tongue. Fighting back was a bad choice, it wasn’t worth it. It would only seal Becca’s fate. Instead, it’s better to let his tongue explore your mouth. Let him have his fill, live his sick fantasies.
Tomura movements were fast like he wanted to do everything at once. Have his tongue as deep as possible. Trying to fight yours in your mouth. Entice you to act back. You wanted to refuse but decided against it. Letting your tongue react back slightly. Playing along with him. It wasn’t bad with your eyes closed, blocking him out. Pretending this was anyone else. Maybe that boy from your class? Or the cute guy that flirted with you last week at work? Anyone else, but this demon on top of you. Tomura was enjoying himself, moaning into the kiss.
“Tell me you want me.” He pulled back, looking into your eyes.
“I want you.”
Diving back in, quickly connecting his lips with yours. One hand slithered up to your chest. Groping at your breast. It was rough, he was anything, but gentle. It felt as if he was trying to rip it off. Tomura ignored your wince, continuing to be just as rough. But soon his lips left yours. Trailing down until they took the place of his hand. Lips attach themselves around your nipple. Sucking and biting at them. It was inexperienced, sloppy. It made you think if demons even had sex with each other. Did he have a human life? Did he never get laid in it? It seemed like he never had been with anyone ever. Never had gotten his hands on a lady until now. It hurt, but you took it. Faking a few moans and extraditing any that were real. Though hearing him, it seemed this was more for him than you. The hand that was previously on your chest moved, headed towards your belt line. Making its way under your pants. For a while he froze, leaving his hand ghosting over your underwear. You hoped that he wouldn't, that he was second-guessing himself. Too scared to go any further. Yet, you were unfortunately proven wrong when he dipped his under the material. Letting his fingers slide through your slit. Sliding them over and over. Trying to feel around, constantly ghosting over your clit. His rough skin felt good against it. Sending a shiver up your spine. Something Tomura drank in, trying to get that reaction from you over and over again.
Tomura unlatched from your chest. Looking up at you, analyzing your reactions. Seeing what you liked, once he accidentally rubbed against your clit. Seeing how your mouth went to open for a gasp. Trying to do it over and over again. Obsessed with how you enjoyed yourself. How you liked what he was doing. Liked how he used two fingers to circle your clit. As hard as you tried to fight it, you couldn’t help it. It felt good, he felt good. And as he went on, the feeling of him bringing you closer to your orgasm. It was nauseating, disgraceful, but it was approaching no matter what. Tomura was sloppy and seemed inexperienced, yet he was still pleasing you. It was all so cruel. Some sick joke.
“Come on, I know you’re close. I’ve seen all those nights where you fucked yourself on your fingers. I know how to tell when you’re close.” He had leaned in and whispered in your ear. Using his other hand to pry at your entrance. Slowly slipping one finger in. You were wet, but it still felt odd to have his finger in you. He pumped it a bit, keeping his head by your ear. Listening to your breath and your moans for him. He added another finger. Long and slender fingers pumped in your entrance. Curling at the right angles. It was scary to feel how well he knew you. How precise his movements were. Similar to your own from those late nights.
The more his fingers curled, the faster his fingers circled your clit. The closer it all brought you to the edge.
“Can I taste you?” He had lifted his head up, staring at you.
Both of you just looked at each other for a moment. “Y-yes” You didn’t have a choice. He was most likely just asking you to see if you had truly fallen into submission.
Faster than he had moved before, he removed your pants and dipped his head in-between his legs, trying to keep his finger in the same place and moving until he could replace them with his mouth. His lips first attached themselves to your clit. Sucking softly. It was oddly gentle. But it was everything you needed. It wasn’t long before he had brought you falling over the edge. Your hand shot to grab his hair. Something to centre yourself as it ripped through you. He must of taken it as a compliment since you could feel him smile against your skin. Sucking softly as he let your ride out of your orgasm.
You were a panting mess. A mix of shame and ecstasy had taken over you. While it seemed he was proud. Happy at your reaction, and how he was able to get you off.
“See it’s easy being good, right?”
“C-can I go now?”
You were out of breath and tired. Wanting to just leave, to go back to your room. Hide under your blankets and cry. Pretend a demon thing doesn’t live in your place. Doesn’t have some odd obsession with you. Hadn’t blackmailed for your roommate's safety.
Tomura laughed at your words, not even giving you a response as he repositioned himself. Sitting up to remove his clothes. As each article came off, you tried to put yourself anywhere else. Think about anything else, but for him. But him removing his clothes only brought you back. Back to where you were, who you were with and what was about to happen. Tomura smiled at you while he removed his last article of clothing. They looked like ripped boxers. All of his clothes looked as if they had been devoured by moths. They were covered in holes and looked old. His boxers left little to hide. You could already see how hard he was. He began to remove his boxers slowly. Enjoying the horror in your eyes. After what felt like an eternity and also too soon. He sprang free. Shedding off his last piece of clothing. Standing bare in front of you. You both were bare. Nothing between the two of you now. Tomura crawled back on you. Positioning himself over you. Looking down to line himself up, getting ready to push in.
“Wait.” He looked at you. “Can you go slow?” It was pitiful. Asking for him to go gentle on you.
Tomura pushed into you, slowly and gently. Taking his time to inch into you. Spreading you open. It hurt, he felt larger than possible. He hadn’t looked that large when you peaked while he undressed. Yet, it felt so different. Silently thanking him for all the foreplay from before.
He was finally fully in. Resting for a few moments before he began to finally give shallow thrusts. For a monster who threatened to kill someone, he seemed to be taking your comfort into somewhat of a consideration. Something about it made you feel worse, he was allowing you to enjoy the sex. You couldn’t bring yourself to hate it as the pleasure began to fully take over. As his pace began to pick up. Small moans and whimpers began to leave your mouth. There's was no point in holding back.
“That’s it, see how good that feels.” He was wearing down at you, making it hard for you to look away. “Fuck, I fit just right.”
His forehead rested against yours, closing his eyes and moans left his mouth. Praises and curses and his thrust became faster and deeper. As if he was trying to get as close to you as possible. Ensuring you feel him everywhere.
“I-I finally have you. Mine for good”
You were his for good? His words brought you out of the fog of pleasure you were in. Tomura’s head dipped to bury itself in the crook of your neck. Whining and whimpering, muttering about how good you felt. How he’s been waiting for this for so long. How long had been planning this? When you and Becca left here, would he even let you leave?
“I’m doing good right?” He sounded desperate, needing the confirmation he was good.
You agreed. Telling him how good he was. How you were enjoying him. Exaggerating your moans hoping he’d like it. It seemed like he did, his thrusts got a lot faster. You could barely handle it. It had barely been 2 minutes ad you could tell he was close. His sounds were getting more desperate. While his thrusts were getting sloppy. He wouldn’t last much longer. The realization of how close he was hit, the question of where he was going to cum came to mind. Where would he? Could this thing even cum and if so would it get you pregnant?
“You, you can’t cum in me. Please pu-”
“No. I’m to be in you even when I’m not.”
His hold on you got stronger, pulling you close as you attempted to push him away. Your struggle was useless. His hold on you was too tight. Leaving a bruise on one of your arms and torso for sure. It didn’t stop you, the fear of what would happen if he did or could keep you from stopping your movements. Pushing against him and trying to squirm away from him. Stilling when you felt it. He had finished. You knew as soon as you felt his hips stutter against you. He had just cummed in you. Your body gave up, relaxed against the mattress. The reality of what just happened sank in. This demon had just left his reminisce in you. All you could do is lay there, staring at the ceiling while he laid on you. Seeming to catch his breath. What did this mean?
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Tumblr media
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ablobthatwritemalereader · 11 hours ago
my Sunshine (part 1)
Tumblr media
(In this one your very cartoony and you can make different facial expressions and you separate from moondrop and he can make different facial expression like you and he’s a platonic yandere brother)
glasses April new job was at the new pizzeria and the turtles had special access to the pizzeria and red April and Casey wandered around and the two Mikey’s found the daycare door and color Mikey got excited and Mikey was excited but it needed a keycard to open the door so they went to glasses April “hey April we need a keycard do you have one” glasses April looked at the two Mikey's with suspicion "now why do you 'need' a keycard for what?" She asked the Mikey's, the non color Mikey said " well we found this door but we need a keycard is said sun and moon daycare or something like that so please can we have a keycard" glasses April stood thinking of a minute and she caved in "okay let's go, and you guy better not wreck anything okay" she said the other turtles and to the Mikey's "don't worry Casey Jones got them under control" Casey said but red April said she's got it and they can go. They got the the daycare door to the hallway and both Mikey's were amazed by the colors and the vending machines plus the fountain bas they continued they saw a garage like door open and saw the giant statue of you and your brother "okay guys be respectful and trust me (m/n) is a sweetheart and just keep the light on okay, you know what I can join for a bit come on" glasses April slid down the slide and color Mikey went down and after the other Mikey went down too.
As the trio land in the ball pit they all look up to see you and you come out of your little room "hoo hoo" you said when you dove into the ball pit with them "come on guys don't be scared, he's friendly" as soon a April said that she was pulled into the ball pit only a tiny Yelp was heard and both Mikey's scream and hug each other "WE GOT TO GET OUT OF HERE, UP THE SLIDE" color Mikey tried to walk to the slide but was taken like April and one Mikey stood taking out his nunchucks and was shaking in fear and both April and color Mikey laughing and screaming in joy with you coming out like a whale about to flop on its back in to ocean with the two in your grasp in a hug and as you went back into the ball pit and remerged standing up and getting out of the ball pit and put April and color Mikey on the ground "oh come on Mikey come over he's harmless" you turn around to see the turtle and your confused expression turned into a a happy smile and stretch over to him and pick him up "why hello new friend why are you scared you should be happy you have friends and a new one to play with and *gasp* tsk tsk no thing that can cause harm is allowed in the daycare now please give it to me I promise to give it back when you leave" you said after you put Mikey down with your hand out waiting for him to give you the nunchucks with a Stern face "Mikey give him the nunchucks he will give it back he always does" Mikey then gave you the nunchucks and turn a roll up the front part of your shit and put the chucks in your chest cavity turning back around with your shirt back in it's normal state "now let's go play! Last on to the foam triangle eats a rotten egg" you then run to the foam triangle and April runs to giggling and the two Mikey's look at each other and color Mikey runs laughing "hey no fair you got a head start" none color Mikey said running after color Mikey.
Soon some shadowy figures found the back or the glamrock pizza Plex and went in "so what are we here for tigerclaw?" A fish said in curiously on why their in a pizzarea "master shredder as for us to get (m/n) and bring him back home" fishface understood that part " but why did we have to bring these's ones?" He pointed back to the mutant hippo and worm "I have a name you know its mezmor-mon” as mezmor was slightly offended “and I’m warren stone and I’m the only ine that was willing to help your sorry butts” tigerclaw and fishface rolled their eyes the (should I make them cuss or no?) warren said looking at the other two mutants angrily “just get in the machine and get us the keycard before I shove you in" fishface said angrily about to grab the worm and warren scoffed and went into thee machine and pushed out the keycard to the daycare and warren came out and the three mutants saw the worm beaten up and bits a pieces missing from his clothes and body "now let's go bring (m/n) back to us." Both Mikey's were finger painting but non color Mikey was bored and color Mikey was having the time of his life, non color Mikey was looking at you playing with glasses April and couldn't find out why he felt like he knew you but remembered your name so he went to you (and you have sex organs and can eat plus you have a functional tongue so ya) looking behind you and seeing Mikey "hey...why the long face is something wrong? You run out of glitter glue" asking so you can put a smile back on his face "no it's not that it's just do you know the name (m/n) (l/n)? Because I feel like I know you from somewhere" stopping at his question and your system started to go haywire bumping into things and falling on your back screaming holding your face with your face showing your agony "MIKEY WHAT DID YOU DO TO (M/N)?!" April screamed at him worried for you and your poor brother saw you in agony and he couldn't do anything but watch he felt powerless and angry that the fucking turtle hurted you this much he would cause him agony that he caused you for your sake but your screaming the stopped and a hologram beamed out of your eyes that was brighter that the lights enough of anyone in the room to see it but not blinding.
The trio and other mikey saw a human you and non color Mikey had tears in his eyes seeing you not dead but only in hologram form "hello anyone who's watching this, you see I'm dead and I made this machine body to keep my mind and soul in place for I didn't want to expect death just yet but I wanted to be remembered and moondrop isn't my counter part he was something to keep robot me company and he not just a robot that why he was programmed differently and every important memory is storage in here and I don't know if I have your favorite pizza recipe in here okay don't be made" and the you wake up and right when you get up the trio hug you "oh what happened any of you hurt? *Gasp* did the lights go out!?!" But before anyone could answer the lights shut off and something was shot on your back and electrocuted you and landing on your side "MEZMARUUUZZZ" and the trio was hippnotized "okay get (m/n) now before his broth-" soon the smell of lavender and rain was in the air "naughty, naughty it's time for you to be punished" moon then in the air punch's tiger claw in the face causing him to fall onto fishface and moondrop went ham on the mutants till warren got on moons face blinding him and tigerclaw flings moon into a playstructur and before tigerclaw finished him off the lights turned on in turn blinded the mutants for a second to see moon you and the trio gone "FIND THEM AND KILL THE OTHERS BUT BRING (M/N) BACK ALIVE" tigerclaw shouted at the mutants and they went.
moon opens his eyes and looked around to the trio and you "(m/n) are you okay" you turn to reveal the front half of you, seeing the burn of your shirt and your yellow paint on your stomach was burnt "I'm alright but are you okay? I saw how those people have been rough with you" saying in worry but moon pauses "(m/n) your standing in the dark and your not shutting off?" You look to see you are in the dark and not off, April and both Mikey's ran to the others and busted down the door "GUYS TIGERCLAW AND SOME OTHER MUTANTS ARE HERE AND ARE TRYING TO STEAL (M/N)!?!?" Glasses April shouted and Mikey added that (m/n) was their (m/n) and the non color turtles got into action but stopped by color Leo "I mean like we don't know if there playing a prank and if there is mutants and they steal a animatronic what could happen" and then glasses April grabs color Leo by his shoulder strap and pulls him in and looks at him in his eyes with a mensing look in her eyes "because if you don't I will beat the green put of you and I will ban you from having this pizza" then the color team went, and you and your brother were at the entrance "I know a little trick to open it and close it look" moon said as he pulls out a remote and presses a green button and the gate covering the entrance opens "wow I wonder if we can go outside" moon then looks and sees the turtles and human run towards you two and glasses April stopped and pants from running “oh you guys got the gate open hurry let’s go we have to tell the heroes or something” April and everyone ran out into the shadows while pulling you and your brother along with them and in the shadows ontop of a nearby building was shredder and he turned to go back to his lair knowing of tiger claws and his team’s failure to capture you.
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katsukisriot · a month ago
important! (please help me leave my household and escape my abuser.)
hi everybody, so sorry I haven’t posted in awhile and I hate to have to turn to social media and ask for help but I am completely out of options and severely desperate at this point. I’m currently in a very toxic living environment and my safety is at risk. My parents are kicking me out of the house for exposing mine and my younger sisters sexual abuser (who also is living in the same space as us.) I’ve been working 2 jobs and trying to gather as much as I can to get my own place but I am running extremely short with money. Please please please consider helping out, again, nothing is obligatory but absolutely anything will help me and I am running out of time. Thank you so so so much in advance, reblogs would be extremely appreciated. Even just a dollar would help.
PAYPAL - katsukisriot
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yanderenightmare · 2 months ago
could we get yandere poly hero bakugo x villain deku x childhood friend??? but make them both kinda off the deep end :) like that sounds so spicy o-o
poly yandere ! BAKUDEKU x childhood friend
goodiebag WARNINGS: nsfw, noncon/dubcon, gangbang, double-d, slut-shaming, guilt-tripping, degradation, condescension, patronisation
"You? A hero?!"
Ash blonde locks shook with the snide laughter of whom they belonged to. His snickering going well with the crackling in his palms.
Izuku was on the ground again. Dirt the least of his worries with the burns running up his forearm.
"Don't kid yourself! You'll never be more than useless wimp, Deku!" The red-eyed boy jeered. Looking down into the pitiful blank puddles of terrified green at his feet.
Grinning like a maniac. Before something came to block the view.
He stood like a demon menace in front of her, where she'd once again placed herself between the two. As quirkless as the boy on the ground, but not as willing to give in to bullies. Despite said bully technically being a friend.
Her face twisted. Eyes hardening as she stared up at the boy who'd only recently gained some height on her.
"You want to shit all over our dreams?!" She yelled. Her pointer finger pushed into the skull on his black T-shirt. Making his expression drop before altering into one of surprise of her sudden bravery.
Until once again shifting to one of offence.
He rose a brow. Ready to shove another pathetic weakling who was out to play hero to the ground. On their knees where they belonged.
"What about you?! Huh?!" She yelled before he had the chance. "A hero?!"
If he didn't know any better, he'd say she was making fun of him.
But that simply couldn't be.
"Next Allmight?!" She posed sarcastically.
And although he'd never heard anyone speak to him like it ever before, he was positive he didn't like her tone.
He opened his mouth to put her in her place, but she beat him to it once again.
"Are you delusional?!"
Her voice just kept rising. Kept going above whatever comment he was trying to push between her insults.
"People are better off left with villains than with you coming to the rescue!"
Katsuki went quiet at that. Drawn back as though pushed.
His eyes round as he looked down at the girl who seemed to hold more fire in her eyes than him. Yelling at him. Still with that annoying squealing girly voice she had. Though now sharpened like a dagger and thrown at him as though she actually had no fear of him.
"I'd take a villain over a monster any day!"
Deku had remained quiet. Though reached out a hurt arm to pull on her skirt now.
"Hey... stop-" His voice was weak.
Weak and pathetic.
Just like the rest of him. No mind to him being quirkless.
"No! Shut up! You always defend him!"
She snapped around. Her finger now pointed at the freckle-faced crybaby still in the spot Kachan had pushed him to.
He hadn't even dared get up or say anything. Always leaving her to do his dirty work. Never defending himself. Just allowing Kachan to push them around like he was some King and they were his servants.
His jesters.
A spoiled brat's toys he could break whenever he felt like.
"He's right. You are useless." She spit.
A look of disgust on her face as she pulled her skirt to herself. Ripping it loose from his weak grip.
Letting him drop palms first in the sand.
"Well, I'm done protecting you."
Whipping around, she faced the other boy.
His ash-blond main blowing in the wind as he stood still and stunned.
"And I'm done forgiving you!"
She wouldn't allow the tears to fall. She wouldn't allow herself to be weak anymore.
She was done.
"I'm done!"
She stepped off.
Leaving the two.
Hoping she wouldn't trip in the sandlot dust of the playground as she stomped off. Thinking it would be too embarrassing if she were to make such a statement only to fall on her face.
But she held her head high. Refraining from looking back at the two who she hoped stared after her.
Hoping this would be a lesson for them. Hoping they'd grow up for a change.
Despite the three of them being just ten.
"I'm done with both of you!"
Turns out... growing up wasn't all it was cracked up to be...
She drunk way too much last night.
She knew she should have told Rebecca to go clubbing on her own. But, the rent was just around the corner and that promoter check she gets for simply looking pretty and laughing at rich guys bad jokes was way too tempting to decline.
At least no guy had groped her this time. Or at least she'd gotten too drunk to remember it if it did.
Besides, with the way Rebecca dresses she couldn't allow her to go alone.
While she'd be left safely at home in her fuzzy socks. Her friend's silly judgment and short dress would allow her to fall prey to some rich sleaze who vouched for the pull-out method.
She’s a good friend for looking out for her, she thought and smiled as she drooled into her pillow and giggled just a bit before the pins and needles tugged at her scalp.
She's in the least allowed to pat herself on the back by sleeping in.
And by sleeping in, she means sleeping all day until midnight the day after.
She'd probably sleep even longer until the next morning. Headache and all still lingering like a slight frizz around her crown.
So much so she winced once she heard the noise she guessed must have come from one of her neighbour flat-mates or from up above her.
A sound just loud enough to wake her up.
Groaning while peeling her eyes open. Her hand slapped about the bedside table to try and find her phone, though coming at a loss at the same time feeling something cold poke her back where she twisted in the sheets.
Bending her arm, she awkwardly dragged the phone she'd been sleeping on from beneath her. Eyes squinting in a grimace as the screen lit up in her face. Way too bright white numbers reading double-o-something.
"Half a day of sleep don't do me justice..." She whined groggily as she slipped out from bed with a groan.
Club-dress still on from last night. Short and black, loose-fit but revealing, now sticking to her dried-sweaty skin.
She placed her phone on the dresser and pushed her finger-pads into her temples. Grimacing at the sting while she sighed out a pained little whimper.
"Fuck- Last time I'm doin' this... Too old for this bullshit."
Head only buzzing more with each step she took on the cold faux-wood floor as she slowly made her way to the kitchen.
Passing the full-length mirror she'd placed in the hallway. She stopped with a dead look in her eyes at the sight of herself.
Smeared mascara and rubbed smokey-eye looking like the mask of a raccoon. Nose red and lips dry and pale with their paint-coat long gone. Her hair a tangled birds-nest of regrets she'd already forgotten in her heavy hangover.
"Look like trash, smell like trash, feel like trash..."
She swallowed. Rubbing her sore neck with eyes closed.
"Last time, Becky, I swear... this is getting too tragic."
She dismissed her reflection with raking her fingers through her hair. Moving forward towards the cupboards.
"Oh yeah? What other jobs can a quirkless nobody pursue, buttercup?"
It seemed she wasn't done talking to herself. Though her voice was altered to mimic what one could only guess was supposed to replicate Rebecca.
"I don't know... like- a waitress or something..." She argued against herself.
Choosing her favourite out of the mismatched glasses from the shelf. Before flipping the sink and turning the handle towards cold.
"A waitress? That's practically the same job you have now, Bottle-girl. Just with less than half the pay." She rebutted again. Her voice harsh and pitchy, nagging at herself.
Slipping the spaghetti-straps to her dress off. She let it slink to the floor while waiting for the splashing water to run cold.
Stepping out of the black article she stood freely with no bra and no underwear while filling up her glass.
"You should use your pretty face for what's it's worth while you still can."
She chugged it hastily. Droplets running down her nude chest in the dim moonlight coming in through her open naked windows, in an apartment she assumed was occupied by her and her alone.
"You should shut the fuck up and cry about it in the shower." She dismissed the conversation and wiped her mouth with her forearm.
Placing her glass on the counter with a passive-aggressive clank. She left her dress on the floor and made her way over to her tiny but doable bathroom.
The vent had broken down a while back, and she hadn't the fifty bucks to waste on repairing it or buying a new one when she could simply shower with the door open instead.
It didn't matter much when she lived alone anyway. She just needed to make sure she didn't get a mold crisis on her hands as she really couldn't afford anything but the rent on her shaky salary.
Rebecca had told her to do more private deals in pent-house suites instead of booths at the club. But last time she'd agreed to something like that she'd been roofied and guided to a gold-frame bed with Egyptian-cotton sheets.
All of which wasn't even the worse part as when she'd woken up, thankfully with her dress still on, she'd found the guy she'd been with burnt to a near unrecognisable pulp in the bathroom.
The cops had told her he was part of a drug-ring and that his death was most probably due to those shady activities. Though, not without mentioning that the method he'd been killed with seemed highly strange and cruel for an unimportant no-name thug.
She never failed to think about it each time she entered her own bathroom. Even though the tiles were shoddy and the lights were flickering like fireflies. Miles away from the modern architecture she'd witnessed stain with red on that day.
She shook her head as the water came pouring down upon her head.
Cold like always. Colder the longer she showered.
The hot-water bill another thing she couldn't be fucked to pay.
But she'd grown rather used to it now. Taking her time as she rubbed shampoo into her scalp. Rather thinking it was for the best as hot water would only fog on the walls and give her that rot problem she'd been fearing now that the bathroom fan had kicked the can.
But used to it or not, she didn't bother showering too long.
Getting out once her skin started going purple.
Padding herself dry with a rather scratchy cheap towel. She contemplated investing in something better than dollar-store laundry detergent and maybe some fabric softener. Before ridding herself of the ridiculous thought.
Better save the money.
Drying her hair. She looked down at her nipples and how they strutted like hardened little peaks searching for warmth. Thinking of how rich guys really liked sucking on them when they were like that. How they say they can tell she's going to be a good girl for them for being so sensitive under their hands.
Her eyes stung just a bit. But she stopped herself by digging her nails into her palms.
It would be too silly to cry about it.
The buzzard ringing through the apartment had her dropping the thought completely.
Confusion taking its place instead. Then the slight split-second burn in her chest at the thought of it being the landlord.
Though ridding herself of the notion once reminded what time of day it was.
"It's like- the middle of the night- Who the fuck-" She mumbled.
Leaving the bathroom and padding over to the door-phone. Picking it up.
She had a fair idea of whom to expect.
Only people who knew where she lived where the girls. And she knew all too well how they weren't shy of dropping by late at night for a place to crash if their sleeping arrangements had failed to fall through.
"Hey... it's me."
But that wasn't a girl.
Her brows scrunched. Ears flexing upon the familiar boyish voice hiding in the pitch of the man he must have grown into.
"Bakugou?" She questioned. Her own voice barely reaching above a whisper.
"You' seen the news?" He asked shortly. Dismissing her question in favour of cutting right to the chase, though answering it all the same.
Her head buzzing from a number of things as she tried shaking herself out of the surprise of having him at her door. Before answering.
"Uhm- nah- I- uhm- just woke up-" She spoke into the phone before biting her lip in an effort to stop the words from further humiliating her.
She took a breath. Eyes squished closed while telling herself that there were plenty of reasons to sleep all day and wake up at the witching hour other than being a tragic loser who goes nightclubbing on weekdays.
She didn't need this in the midst of a hangover. She thought with an internal groan as she pinched her brow. Continuing to speak after a beat as he didn’t offer her miserable utterance any reply.
"So- uhm- why are you- what do you want?" She posed. Listening to him breathing.
Before gruff breath turned into words.
"Deku's out of prison."
The mention of his name had her wake up.
"He escaped Tartarus..."
She tensed. Gripping the phone a bit tighter. Eyes wide as she waited.
"I just-" The man paused for a moment. "I need to know you're safe."
Her brows scrunched and her eyes narrowed. A dull frown on her lips as she sobered up some more at the bitter taste his words left in her mouth.
Of course.
Good ol' Kachan and his superiority-complex and his inferiority-complex and his hero-complex and all the other bullshit cooped up in his entitled mind that makes him feel he has the right to be at her door in the middle of the night instead of following the proper protocol and alerting the right authority that she might be in potential danger because their shared childhood friend is a murderous maniac and he's just managed a prison-break.
"I know you don't want to see me, but-" He tried again upon the complete silence she offered.
"Ugh-" She sighed with a rust.
Rolling her eyes while pushing the other button beneath the speaker. Beeping him in.
"It's open. Third floor, apartment thirty-five. The elevator's broken. Try not to wake anyone on the way up."
Bakugou listened to her groggy voice feed him the information through the shitty intercom. Before grabbing and pulling the door open.
Finding the stairs. He began climbing each step as silently as his heavy combat boots would allow. Knocking once he reached her number.
She opened on the first meeting of his knuckles on the wood.
Still only wrapped in a towel. She peeked through the gap in the door the metal chain-lock separating them allowed. A chain they both knew he could easily blow through.
"Hey..." He spoke first.
"What makes you think he's coming here?" She jumped straight to it.
"A hunch." He answered. Frustrated with the conversation being held while he was still outside. Though not enough to invite himself in.
"A hunch?" She questioned. Obvious signs of irritation in her tone.
"You went to see him?" He asked. Once again ignoring her in favour of posing his own questions.
Interrogating her like usual.
And despite wanting to tell him that he had nothing to do with her life. Quite like she'd done the past years when he'd only been brazen enough to send text messages.
She paused instead. Looking away with pursed lips.
"He requested. I excepted." She put it simply, but couldn't refrain from biting her lip upon the memory of seeing him on the news.
His once look of childlike-wonder twisted into something crazed and maniacal alongside disturbing bloodied mangled mockeries of the human form.
"I- uhm...” She took another pause. “Needed to see..."
"Did you?" Bakugou asked without much hesitation.
She swallowed the lump in her throat and met his gaze again.
"I did..."
There was a pause.
"You think it's my fault, don't you?" The blonde on the other side of the door suddenly accused.
Though, it didn’t come as much of a surprise to the girl.
She just scoffed. Sighing as she rolled her eyes.
Typical Kachan to make it all about himself.
Throwing her head back. She took a moment before unlocking the door with another sigh. Leaving it open for the ash-blonde to enter.
Taking only a small moment to regret it once noticing the size of him.
He wasn't a meter tall brat on the playground anymore.
She left the door open for him. Turning around after one last glance at how much bigger he was in real life than what he looked on TV.
"I was the one that abandoned him..." She muttered. Surprising the blonde male.
Walking to another room out of his sight as he ducked to fit in through the doorframe.
He heard her opening a drawer then closing it. Before she came back out again in a large white tee nearly reaching farther down her thighs than the short pyjama bottoms she'd slipped on too.
It made him uncomfortable when the thought of it belonging to some guy crossed his mind. Before he got distracted by the notice of her not wearing any bra.
Probably no underwear either. Just a pair of pink bunny-slippers.
"Truth is, Bakugou, he's neither of our responsibility..." She told him absentmindedly. The same thing she'd been telling herself over the several weeks that had passed since she visited him at the prison.
Her hands busy rubbing her hair with the towel she'd thrown over her head.
"There was always something wrong with him-"
"Bakugou, huh?" He interrupted.
"Hm?" She tipped her head at him in askance after having thrown her towel over her bathroom door.
"I don't think I've ever heard you use that name." He said as he stepped out of his large black boots.
Indicating he planned on staying a little while before leaving again.
"We haven't spoken properly in... what?" She calculated. "Like- fifteen years, is it now?"
She seemed to be counting fingers.
"That time outweighs the time we were..." She hesitated. Looking at the tall blonde.
The word friend only barely came to mind. Along with the word bully and jerk and bastard and all other synonyms.
"Whatever..." She decided was a good a word as any.
"Stone cold, as always, aren't yah?" He observed.
"Mh." She murmured. Not offering more of a response. "Water?"
She picked up her glass from earlier. Turning the tap and filling it up.
"Sure." He took her offer and watched her brush passed him to open a shoddy drawer where several pill-tables were stored.
She grabbed one that looked close to empty and pushed two from their pockets. Throwing them in her mouth before following with chugging her glass.
Bakugou watched as she blew her cheeks full with mouthful after mouthful of her drink while swallowing. A quirk playing at the edge of his lips as he watched her fish for another cup for him in the cabinet. His yes glued to the droplet that trickled down her chin and chest and disappeared somewhere in her cleavage. Verifying his thought from before. That she was indeed not wearing any bra.
She didn't notice his stares however. Where she was much too busy trying to calm the slight burn of embarrassment she felt over her mismatched crockery. Handing him one of few glasses that weren't chipped or flaked.
Wanting to curse herself as she couldn't find the courage to even look up at him as he took the cup from her hand.
Feeling his large coarse fingers brush over hers briefly. Almost making her drop it to a shattered mess on the floor.
His smirk grew. Even though he tried suppressing it.
He couldn't help it.
She just looked so cute.
Just like she did back when they were kids.
Despite having some remnants of mascara around her eyes, and a swell of breasts and hips now.
She was still small in those areas he was big.
Small manicured hands and feet with pedicured toes wearing those cute fluffy pink slippers.
Those large doe-eyes and that cute little button-nose.
She looked much smaller up close he noted. When she was standing right next to him. Tiny and so very defenceless.
She really shouldn't be living alone.
She looked up at him after feeling him stare holes into her neck for a while. Feeling observed and suddenly a bit too naked to be standing so casually with a person that was now practically a mere stranger.
But Bakugou didn't seem too catch much of the discomfort she was putting across. Or he did, and was doing an excellent job at ignoring it.
Otherwise distracted with the shiny black slip discarded on the floor.
He lowered himself in a squat and picked the little black party dress up. Inspecting it and it's length. Or rather it’s lack of.
His eyebrows raised in judgement as he gave a flash of that sun-swallowing grin he used to toss at her when he'd find a new bug in the forest before chasing her around with it, barking out how he’d put it in her ear where it could lay its eggs and turn her brain to mush.
It was strange seeing it without the missing teeth, she thought.
"Late night?" He questioned. Teasing her before she managed snatching the article form his grip.
Balling it up between her fists and giving a small pout before deciding to joke a bit too.
"Nah, it's just a tea-towel." She blinked innocently. Before giggling and giving a tiny smile of her own. Her eyes sparkling at him.
And he was suddenly aware of his heart.
"You look good." He let slip.
Couldn't help himself when seeing her dimples pop.
"Yeah?" She smiled. Arching a brow at him in suspicion. Thinking he was having another jab at her. "Well, I feel like shit." She admitted.
Leaning against the sink while messaging her temples. Her eyes closed and brows slightly furrowed.
"You should take better care of yourself." He stated.
But apparently it was the wrong thing to say.
Her eyes opened and looked at him unamusingly. Smile gone.
"Charming as ever, I see." She bit out.
"I'm just saying..." He started defending.
His voice set in that strict condescension so many guys feel as though they have the right to talk down to her with.
"Out all night drinking, smoking pot and fuck knows what else, sleeping all day, kitchen close to barren, not to mention your wardrobe-"
"Right." She stopped him. Visibly offended with the flicker of that old fire he'd been burned by so many years ago present like glowing embers in her eyes. "Quit acting like you can decipher my entire lifestyle from one skimpy club-dress on the floor, Sherlock." She snipped.
And he side-eyed the bong she'd left on the couch.
She followed his eyes and felt another pang of embarrassment at the sight of her equipment freshly splayed out from the night before.
"What?" She questioned sharply. Meeting his judgemental stare with a glare of her own.
Red-eyes once so childish and entitled, now so strangely mature.
"You gonna arrest me?"
Whereas she, evidently, still acted like a child.
"You'd be safer." He stated and she sharpened her eyes even harder at him while folding her arms. "But I wasn't planning on it."
"Cool. So how long before you leave?" Her voice had gone sour.
But he only chuckled at her behaviour. Loving the many trips down memory-lane all her little mannerisms where sending him on.
"You runnin' late for somethin'?"
His smirk was back.
And she felt something creep about her stomach that had her guts folding in all those nostalgic ways that told her he was up to no good.
"I thought we were catching up?" He asked. Putting his cup down before resting his palms against the counter as he leaned back on them.
Making no indication he was about to excuse himself.
"Quit acting like we're pals." She finally spit out. Feeling as though he'd long overstayed his welcome. "We were never even chummy to begin with-"
She halted in her building anger. Her brows furrowing.
"How did you even get my address-"
There was a crash to their side and she flinched like a spooked hare.
Her head snapping to the sound of whatever'd been knocked over in the living room.
But more importantly, what exactly had caused it.
Something stood in the shadowed corner of the room. Just behind her bedroom door.
A vase laid shattered on the floor. And a hand, a large hand, drummed strong, seemingly heavy, fingers on the countertop where it had previously stood.
Another male voice had her gut wrench.
It'd been better if it were a stranger.
But she'd recognise that voice anywhere.
"Sorry to interrupt your reunion." He continued. "But I was feeling left out..."
Mites crawled across her back and she instantly felt her eyes pang with tears. Her throat tight and getting tighter. Leaving room for just one tiny trembling ask to slip her lips in hopes of being wrong.
"Izu?" Her voice bristled.
Frozen solid where she stood. She couldn't look away from those distinct green-glowing eyes floating in the dark.
"Sweetheart." It answered.
He took a step forward and her breath hitched as she shook with big eyes peeled like round saucers ahead at the dark shadow that seemed to triple for every step out of the darkness he took until the moonlight finally met him.
Not a poor snivelling quirkless twerp pushed around in the dirty sandlot anymore.
"Look at you..." He cheered. "So cute. In your little jammies."
She seemed to forget how to breathe the more she looked at him. Instinctively leaning towards the only source of safety.
"Bakugou-" She whispered. The name only barely audible, as far away and nearly lost in all her quivering as it was.
"Need help?" He asked nonchalantly. As though their homicidal childhood-friend hadn't just showed up for a surprise visit. "Thought you'd take a villain over a monster any day?"
Her brows furrowed.
"What-" Her attention turned to him briefly but was distracted by the bigger threat.
Drawn back to the green-haired male once he spoke up again.
"I believe those were the words." He affirmed. But she couldn't quite make her feelings settle enough to form thoughts about it.
Their build had grown threateningly similar, but Deku's voice still contrasted Kachan's. Sweet against gruff. Chilling and eerie against harsh and loud.
"Don't you remember, sweetie?" He continued. "Last time we were all together? When you went on and ruined everything?" Something in his voice altered and snapped accusingly and she flinched with it.
"You said you were done with us." The blond next to her clued in.
But she just couldn't spare the attention to focus on the malice in his voice.
"It made me hate you for so long." The male in front spoke again. "I had to get my hands dirty with other people just to get my mind off you."
He took another step forward.
More of him exposed in the pale moonlight.
Red stains splattered like a map on his white asylum-clothing. Some droplets going along the freckles on his face.
She stirred. Sick climbing up her pipes at the smell of sweet metal tainting the stale apartment air.
The scent of blood belonging to someone who was surely dead.
Green wild fluffy locks bounced as the man tilted his head to the side.
"I was afraid that if I stopped I wouldn't be able to help myself and I'd go hunt you down and rip you limb from limb just like how you tore my heart out."
A tear slipped down her cheek. Hot against her cold skin as she stood there frozen in place.
Breaths erratic. Shattering on intake and pushed out to make space again.
"But don't worry... your little visit had me feeling nostalgic."
She whimpered as another step was taken in her direction.
"Your pretty face on the opposite side of my window... that cute crinkle of worry between your brows... the little tear running down your cheek... your small palm on the glass wall... clutching the phone as you said such sweet little things right at my ear."
She'd been mourning the death of the boy she once knew and how his memory would haunt her for the rest of her life. How she'd abandoned a friend in need. How she'd aided in the creation of this mass-murderous monster who now stood in front of her.
"I was reminded of why I stayed away from you- Why I let myself get caught- Why I needed to protect you from myself and myself from you for a bit until I could forgive you for what you did to me."
"What you did to us." The other male cut in again.
But she wasn't given the time to address it, before another step was taken towards her.
"And my chat with Kachan cleared everything right up again." He said and her brows furrowed once again.
She trembled. Never having felt more unsafe than what she did at that moment. Standing in her own apartment with two lifelong childhood-friends.
"I don't want to kill you-" The intruder laughed.
His eyes wild as they looked down at her where she stared up at him quite like how'd she'd done when she'd gone and visited him on his behest.
Large eyes so wide in prayer at the complete mercy of the stone-cold world her unfortunate brittle quirkless soul was placed in.
"I love you." He stated.
His hands drowned with red as he laid them out flat in front of him, palms facing up.
"I want to love you."
She flinched.
Whole body stirred. Taken by instinct at the alarmingly manic adoration lacing his lovesick speech.
She tried once again latching to the only source of protection she had. Knowing she hadn't a chance of reaching the door in time without Deku reaching her first.
"Bakugou- do something-" She tried again. Thinking that perhaps with the hero tackling the villain, she might have a tiny shot at making it.
"You said you were better off with the villain." The blond replied bitterly. Still leaning with much too much rest and calm against her kitchen counter. Showing not a shred of worry. Almost as though ignoring the threat.
"Are you really picking right now to teach me a lesson!?" She tried scolding, but was unable to shed that sweet whimper caught in her voice.
"I want an apology." He said coldly. As though they had all the time in the world.
"Fine, I'm sorry." She bit out hastily. Her heart hammering to the point she almost couldn't feel anything else but the bleeding pumping pounding in her ears. Drumming in her fingertips. Strumming the ribs in her chest.
"That's not very convincing." He replied. Still seemingly completely detached from the trepidation she felt.
And she thought that it might have been because he, in all his cocky rights, had the situation under control enough to tease her a bit before saving the day like always.
But then Deku took yet another step and she lost it.
"Bakugou, please! I'm sorry! I was wrong, you are the next Almight!" She screeched. Turning to him with her misty eyes, despite her knees feeling like jelly.
"So you do remember?" He answered. Raising an eyebrow as he beheld her without much haste. "Not a complete braindead bimbo yet, huh?"
Mocking phrases repelled off her with ease after so many years living as a lesser human in others eyes.
She'd grown quite accustomed to begging when she had to.
Bowing her head, she laid her hands flat against the muscle of his crossed arms. Also because she was sure her knees would soon fail her completely.
"Yes! I'm sorry! You're better than Almight!" She started crying. "So please, help me!"
"Tch- that's a good enough apology to me." He grumbled.
A silent and toothless smirk crept up his face from where it'd laid playing in the corner of his mouth as he watched her cling to him for help and safety.
His hand groped the back of her head. Petting her locks for a moment. Before stopping with his next utterance.
"Now, Deku's turn."
She looked up front burying her face against his chest.
Tears on his shirt and spread on her cheeks. A puzzled crinkle between her brows, set above a pair of two dopey eyes misunderstanding what was happening around her.
"What?" She voiced weakly. "What's-"
"Aw, Quirkless, you never were too bright." Bakugou laughed. Scraping her cheek with his worn thumb as she still looked up at him with such pitifully confused eyes.
He took a second and looked to the other man. His smirk growing wider, to a sick point she could hardly even recognise him anymore.
"Who do you think helped him escape?"
A stillness befell her. As though everything took a moment to hold their breath. Before releasing a deeply unsettling shudder down her spine.
Suddenly she was struck with the dreadful feeling of being entirely alone.
"N- no-"
She shook her head as though glitching. Stumbling back.
But there was already someone there.
"How cute..." He commented.
His disturbing voice blowing right at her ear. Making her whip around to face him.
His bloodied hand wafting delicately over her cheek before she could push herself away from between the two of them.
Staggering away. With her heart in her mouth and her eyes round like a deer in headlights as she stared at the duo before her.
Equally tall, they stood like toppling towers.
"You're so small now..." Deku spoke with his head tilted at her. "Isn't she, Kachan?"
"Very." The blonde agreed. "Soft too, I bet."
Their eyes impossibly dark. Full of something... something that she just couldn't understand.
"Mmh, and warm..." Deku added. His emerald eyes jaded and drunken.
His hand reached out.
But her hand reached out too. Quick and desperate as she pulled a knife out of the knife-block standing on the kitchen-counter, slicing a minor cut on the fingers protruding towards her.
"Stay the fuck away!" She screeched. Putting both hands together to point the knife at the pair in front.
Deku watched his blood drip to the floor. Cracking a smile that was anything but sane.
"Still feisty though-" Bakugou commented. Watching her stand on knees so shaky she was only barely able to support the bloodied blade kept in her grip. "That's good."
Deku looked to her again. Pupils blown black with only a rim left of luminescent green.
Raising his hand towards his lips, he put his finger in his mouth. Sucking the cut along with whomever else's blood he had staining his hands.
"I wouldn't want it any other way.”
She grimaced.
"But, I do want my apology before we get started on the reunion." He added. Though, paused for another moment. "But... even before that-"
He looked down at himself. His hands smearing the still wet blots of blood further across his chest.
Clicking his tongue.
"I ought to do something with all this blood. It wouldn't feel right to stain you."
He gave her a quick look before turning to Bakugou.
"I'm going to go wash up. Grab her for me, Kachan?"
The man gave a grin back.
"Sure thing, Deku." He replied.
Already taking steps towards her while Deku disappeared into the bathroom.
"Fuck off! Don't fucking touch me!" She yelled.
Conjoined hands swishing the knife around in front of her. Not aiming at anything particular but the empty space of air separating her and the approaching ash-blonde.
Desperately trying to keep the distance.
"Careful." He commented while raising his hands and lowering himself with bent knees as he slowly stalked forward. "You might hurt yourself on that."
She sniffled and shivered.
"Why are you doing this?"
More hot tears streamed down her pitiful cheeks while her breathing just turned more and more erratic.
"Why?" He posed in return with a scoff. As though the question itself was stupid. "I miss you, Quirkless."
She swallowed. That same look of that eerie something growing in his eyes. The same look she'd spotted in Deku when she'd gone to visit him.
A spark of some sorts. Powder and fuse teased by friction. Just waiting to blow.
"You don't call." He criticised. "You don't write."
His voice rose. Eyes never once leaving her as he backed her up into the narrow space of the kitchen nook.
"You don't reach out at all!"
She flinched when he put his balled-up fist down hard on the counter. The punch making the drying utensils by the sink clatter as though they as well jumped with fear and huddled closer for comfort.
"You still haven't unblocked me and yet you go selling yourself to dickweeds on the street." He snarled and she almost lost hold of the knife with how much his menacing glare made her tremble.
There was a pause and another step, and his features softened to something else.
"If it's money you want, I have it." He offered. A somewhat hopeful look on his face. "I would've given you the world, if you'd just-"
He stopped himself again. Looking to Deku's blood on the floor and on the knife pointed at him.
"It's kinda fucked to admit but..." He started a new, the prior thought discarded.
Finding her eyes again.
"I dream of you- I see you everywhere I go- and I hear you-" He rambled. "Our last conversation..."
She gasped once her back hit the wall behind her. Leaning against it like it was the only thing able to hold her up as her knees grew more and more unsteady while the man in front drew closer.
"I want you to yell at me like that again." He confessed in a heated whisper. "It's my inspiration."
His eyes turned glossy as he spoke.
"I've been looking forward to this, you know?" He continued. "When I would finally confront you and show you how wrong you were."
He growled and she whimpered.
"You're insane." She cried weakly. Never having seen him like it.
"Oh yeah?" He smiled. His head cocking to the side as he beheld her with crazed eyes. "Who made me this way?"
She was about to lounge at him and take her only chances, but by that time Deku had finished up in the bathroom.
Standing just to the side in only the plush white sweatpants he'd arrived in. Bloodied asylum jumper discarded. Shirtless, now just intimidating scars on a ripped torso.
"Oh dear, we wouldn't want her hurting herself on that." He commented. Eyeing the knife still held in her hand. "Maybe it's better I take care of this, Kachan."
He didn't wait for a reply. Sending out unstable static tentacles of what looked like black tar as it leaped towards her with a speed she couldn't hope to match before it had tightly secured in a snug grip. Lifting her up off the floor and carrying her back to their master.
"No- Let go-" She protested as the knife was pulled from her grip and left her unarmed and tied with no chance of even throwing a measly little punch anymore.
"Don't fuss, little one... I want to hear my apology now." Deku lulled as he sat himself down in the couch, throwing his legs up on the seat.
Other vines not busy holding her steady making to lift the junk placed on the cushions away for Bakugou to follow and sit down next to him. Pulling her little bound shape onto his own lap to sit between his thighs and lie against his chest.
"Fuck you-" She cried. Desperately wiggling in attempt to free herself.
His hand ascending to hold your face to force her to look back at him as she tried twisting away.
"Don't be greedy..." He scolded. "We'll get to that... but my apology first."
A shudder ran down her spine upon his words. Brows trembling as she looked deep into his black pools ringed by green. Trying to spot any answers outside the one she knew already with the weight of his other hand squeezing her ass as he held her on his lap.
"I already got mine." Bakugou chimed in. His red eyes drowsy where he stood looking down her body. "So I'mma go on and start-"
He climbed up on the seat next to them. His knees sinking into the couch-cushion.
Then his rough and tough hands rubbing up the flesh of her thighs. He grabbed onto the cotton band of her short-shorts started to pull.
She yelped. Kicking at him. Struggling where she lied tight against Izuku's chest where he had his arms wrapped snug around her waist, resting his chin in the nook of her neck. His eyes endeared and amused while looking down at where Bakugou got kicked in the face by her flailing foot.
The blond groaned and rubbed his nose before grabbing her ankles with a growl.
"She's a fighter just like back in the day-" He commented with a sharp grin. Eyes wild.
"Aw... up against the number one hero and number one villain and you'll still try your chances?" Deku crooned. "You're so adorable."
An overwhelming wave of cries struck her with his words whispered against her ear. Stuck in his embrace with Kachan's face prying her thighs apart. His mouth puffing out warm breaths onto her naked unprotected sex.
"Oh sweetie, don't cry..." Deku murmured with a kiss on her cheek.
But his coos only made her cry harder.
And soon his tongue swiped up her cheek. Thick and warm and wet. Licking the salt up from her tear-soaked skin.
Katsuki's lips on her inner thigh. His scruff on her delicate skin, riding up to reach her cunt.
And suddenly there was too many tongues.
"No- stop-" She whined.
"Where's my apology?" Deku interrupted with yet another kiss against her cheek. Pulling her focus back to him.
She whimpered and shook in his brawny arms. So far away from their twig-like state back when they were kids. When she'd have to pull him along and help him catch up.
When she'd have to save him from Katsuki.
The man who currently sat on his knees with his head bowed between her thighs.
Deku kissed the corner of her mouth and Bakugou kissed her cunt and she shook her head with eyes pried shut until she burst.
"I'm sorry! Make him stop! Make him stop-"
"Sorry for what?" Deku ignored with a soft voice.
"For leaving!" She wailed.
Desperately trying to shuffle away from the wet attack the blond in front was waging between her legs.
"I shouldn't have-" She sobbed. "That was wrong of me- I'm sorry! Please make him stop!"
"Good. Forgiven." He said and smiled.
And Bakugou stopped.
"No need to dwell on the past when we have the present." Deku continued, simpering at Bakugou. "Right?"
Bakugou gave a wicked grin in return.
"You've never been wrong, Deku."
The man holding her down started moving at that. His arms lifting from their state of squeezing her waist to grabbing the hem of her loose T-shirt. Beginning to pull it off her.
She tried taking the opportunity to throw herself off the couch. But, didn't have a chance against the two men that quickly had her under reigns. Keeping her down, now fully nude.
"Mmh..." Deku took a tit in his warm palm and rubbed a nipple as she whined out another overwhelmed sob. "Now let's get started, shall we?"
Bakugou pulled back a hand from keeping her thighs apart. Producing his middle finger.
He tickled her opening and she jolted with another whimper.
The blond ignored her. Forcing his finger inside.
She tensed and Deku sighed out a relaxed and comfortable murmur.
"It's been such a long time since we cuddled on a sleepover." He hummed with a soft smile. "But I won't give you any false hope." He began warning. "There won't be much time left for sleeping."
Bakugou jeered with a knifelike smirk carving his face. His red eyes set on her cute cunt squeezing around his knuckles.
"No- stop, please-" She stuttered. Trying to twist her way out of Deku's hug and away from the hand burying itself between her legs.
"Oh, come on..." Bakugou drawled cruelly.
His other hand having found her face. Squishing it with fingers digging into the plush of her bloated cheeks.
"Don't act like this isn't just another Tuesday for you."
Her lips quivered in his grasp. His face an inch away from hers. His breaths hot then cold on her teary skin.
"I've seen yah... in the club. Tossing your hair and giggling as you let shitheads grind on you." He whispered darkly.
His harsh eyes boring through her. Quite alike the finger he'd wormed inside her.
"Will you calm down if I stick a tip between you tits?"
His cruelty made her heart clench and she answered by kicking at him again. Her knee jolting and jabbing him in the groin, making him buckle over with a groan.
"Get off-" She growled.
But the uproar was swiftly stopped.
Bakugou's grip on her jaw tightened and she squeaked.
"Kick me again and I'll break your leg." He sneered in warning. Wild eyes looking manic with rage.
"Oh, Kachan, don't be so rough with her." The other male interjected. "You're scaring the poor thing." He mocked.
His tongue gliding up her throat as he gave a low chuckle.
"She's all goose-fleshed because of you." He accused. Kissing at her neck while she whined in disgust.
"What goes around comes back around." He stated. Stark red eyes glaring down at her and her tear-stained little face as he pumped his spit in and out of her cunt with his thick finger. Before squeezing another digit in along the first one.
Further stretching her out with a pained whine escaping her lips.
"This punishment is long overdue..."
His cruel words and cruel eyes and cruel touches all making her sniffle. Chest quaking.
"Don't listen to him." Deku cooed.
Nuzzling into her from behind. Squeezing her little body closer to his chest. His large hands fully cupping her breasts whilst rubbing his cheek against hers and whispering at the gloss of her teary lips.
"I'm sure if you relax for us, this'll feel more like us expressing gratitude over your gracious hospitality than any long grudge we're finally avenging."
Bakugou curled his digits and sent her further jolting once pushing his thumb down on her budding clit.
"Tch-" He scoffed out a cruelly amused laugh. "Afraid or nah..."
He rubbed the pad of his thumb across the bead beneath it and she couldn't stop the impulsive buck of her hips as she mewled beneath the man.
"She's dripping ready to take cock."
Swivel-eyes. Her heart skipped a beat before she could shake her head dramatically. Trying to wind her thighs shut.
Where in the new flurry of panic she begged the green-haired villain who she swore had the kindest of hearts only a few years ago.
"No- please, Izu- stop him, please- don't do this to me-" She sobbed.
But he didn't answer.
"What're you begging him for? Huh?" Bakugou growled.
Her chin kept between his coarse fingertips.
"He's just waiting his turn."
He glanced to Deku before his harsh gaze once again zeroed in on her and her hopeless glossy doe-eyes.
"Beg me instead." He demanded. "It's been so long since I've seen this little squishy face beg."
His eyes kept flickering to her lips and how they blubbered with tears. Looking so plush and plump and biteable. Licking his own lips, tasting her from before. Until he finally, with such surging intensity, locked onto her.
She squealed out a mumbled whine into him. Bakugou's stiff lips forcing themselves onto hers harshly. His tongue in her mouth.
"Please, Bakugou-" She tried once allowed air again, as the man moved to kiss her neck on the opposite side of where Deku was marking her up with love-bites.
"Nah, that's not what you call me." He answered. His voice gruff and lustful.
His fingers finally removing themselves from her hole. Beginning to pull loose his belt-buckle. Fighting with the button to his slacks and the zipper.
"Where's my pet-name, huh?" He requested. His other hand messaging the fat of her thigh as the other kept working to free himself.
His face buried in her neck. His hot breaths smeared on her skin along with small nibbling bites and suction.
His cock-head warm as she felt it bob upon her wet pussy.
"Please- Kachan- please don't..."
Bakugou was never one to listen to begging. She thought before blanking.
Coming to her senses with the rough bark of his voice again.
"Look at yah-" He laughed. "In the lap of a villain, getting fucked dumb by a monster!" He sneered into her tear-slicked face blinking softly up at him.
Showing her no ounce of mercy as he snapped his hips against her harsh and fast. Cock hard and seeking, blood-pumping and twitching for attention inside her.
His red eyes bloody and wide like a savage as he keenly watched out for her pained expressions and that pretty little choked moan that followed forced from her when he thrusted against her poor cervix again and again and again.
"Like a scene straight out’a hentai!" He snickered. "Guess that really does make you nothing but a dumb little bitch."
His face leaving no space between them. Pushed against hers. Forehead to forehead. Nose rubbing nose. Lips ghosting each other every time he rocked forward. Had himself sucking up all her sounds and her eating all his fucked-up and cruel words.
"Our little fuck-toy we finally learned how to share." He laughed again.
"Play nice, Kachan." Deku scolded and she was reminded of his presence again where he sat, still cradling her from behind.
Holding her close as though for support and comfort as the brute on top took and did what he wanted.
"She's too cute to be called such vile things..." He disagreed with another sickening kiss to her cheek. "If we're bad guys, wouldn't that make her our sweet little victim?"
Bakugou scoffed.
"She ain't no victim." He said and fucked harder. Enjoying how her eyes where soft as they continued to droop and blink and cross as though he'd fucked her into a state of complete submission. "She's getting what she deserves. What she fucking needs."
Deku made a noise as though thinking.
"Instead of fuck-toy, how about pet instead?"
Bakugou scoffed again, though this time with a laugh.
"Heh, yeah-" He agreed. "She does sound like a little kitten, moaning for me like that..."
Her hands had gone numb from their position of being bent behind her back. Still wrapped in Deku’s black whips.
The fight seemed to have drained from her. Her thoughts of escape diminished as though blanketed the more she was squeezed and sandwiched between the two muscled males.
Only the thought of holding out until they finished with her was left in her numbing head.
Along with the disgusting feeling of pleasure that tickled her lower stomach and seemed to fizzle with excitement in her thighs beneath where Bakugou’s strong hands had her spread wide for him.
"We should get her a pretty leash and collar." One of them said. But, their voices had more or less molded together. "Give her treats when she's been good and punish her when she's been bad."
"She's been bad a'right." The other replied and soon turned out was Bakugou.
His hand having dropped the fat of her thigh and gripped her face again. His fingers digging deep into the fat of her tear-soaked and stinging cheeks.
"Say it, pet. Say you're a bad girl." He spit and she hadn’t the will to spit back.
"I'm a bad girl."
It came out sweetly and softly, like it was someone completely different and not her.
But it was her all the same. Whilst she clenched tightly around the thing taking up space inside her.
"Mh fuck- say you're sorry." He groaned out. His head resting in the nook of her neck. His breath blowing on the wetness of her throat where her tears where beginning to dry.
"I'm sorry..."
Bakugou blew his load and his kisses turned sloppy against her neck and chest.
Panting with his entire body. Collapsed on her.
His sweat mingling with hers. Droplets dripping and running down their limbs as though chasing each other.
He pulled off her after a while. Still panting as he threw himself back against the other side of the sofa.
She heard Deku give a curt chuckle against her ear. And then the feeling of something stiff poking her back.
She was then easily lifted and sent into the other man's chest.
Now on her knees. With her face resting atop Bakugou's warm beating heart.
Feeling the man behind her shuffle forward. Not seeing him pull down his sweats, until the tops of his thighs hit the back of hers. And then the feeling of something large drag itself up between her already pummelled and prickly pussy-lips.
Bakugou's hot cum running down her thigh, as Deku's cock-head kissed her opening. Bathing in the slick.
And he didn't waste much time. Seeing she was already prepped and all. Hands held on her hips. He just started pushing.
"Ah- fuck-" She hissed. Her small hands grabbing and bawling up the fabric of Bakugou's shirt. "Please stop- please- break-"
"Aww, you wanna a break?" The man beneath simpered.
His chest fluttering at how she was clutching onto him. Her head pressed and hugging his pecks as she was rocked forward by Deku making himself comfortable with her from the back.
"Hah- can't handle nothing but rich pricks with their twig dicks?" He snickered, but the spite from before had disappeared. Now only sweetly condescending and strangely soothing.
A hand ascending from resting on the couch cushion to stroking the slick tresses of hair sticking to her cheek out away from her face, before continuing to pet smoothly over her head.
"Not used to being fucked by real men?" He continued.
And it was strange how he could talk down to her with such stone-cold callous words in that soft tone and treat her so gently while still doing something so ugly.
"Better get used to it.” The blonde continued in a murmur. Whispering to her as he caressed her to his chest. “You ain't ever fuckin' anyone else ever again."
The male behind gave a short chuckle as he bottomed-out deep inside what felt like having reached through to her throat.
"You make it sound like we're gonna kill her, Kachan." Deku chastised.
His hands gliding up her torso softly. Large hands holding her so steadily, squeezing her reassuringly.
"Don't worry, sweetie.” He purred. “No one's gonna hurt you anymore. We're here to keep you safe."
She twitched against Bakugou’s chest. The cock inside feeling as though pushed through her ribs as it pumped its load deep inside her womb.
Hot in her stomach before slumping out of her with a spew of mixed cum squelching from her hole as Deku pulled out.
Her small hands detaching from the shirt she’d been balling in her fists and she made to relax in a collapsed mess between the two. Feeling Deku rest his heavy chest down on her back.
All their heads in a cluster against the coach cushion.
Knocked from her senses in the emotional turmoil. She was exhausted and only a slip away form falling asleep.
Before a voice breached the restful peace of cohesive breaths calming down.
"You ready for round three, sweetie?"
Something twisted in her stomach where the words settled.
"It’s not a reunion without a double-d.”
"No-" She gave a sound of protest. Already panicked where weak hands laid down flat on the hard chest they had rested against. Beginning to lift despite being out of energy.
"Sh-sh-sh" Deku fussed. Collecting her brittle little arms into a neat cross behind her back. Keeping her in a bow.
"No- please, Izu. Kachan, please-" She pleaded, though it all stuck in her throat once Deku pushed through her sore walls yet again. The sound turning into a blubbered out wet moan instead, where half a cry laid hidden as she was too spent to produce such a thing as a wail.
"Shh Quirkless, calm down..." Bakugou joined in, halfheartedly cooing her. Whilst pushing in along Deku.
“Ah-” She gasped and hissed as they split her apart. Kept bent over in the perfect position for them to bottom-out together.
"Aw fuck-“ Bakugou moaned and tears spilled from her eyes and soaked his shirt. “This is how you properly apologise."
One was thicker. The other hit deeper.
And she couldn’t stop her cunt from sucking on the both of them each time they dragged through her walls with such overwhelming stimulating friction on their way to kiss her cervix deeply, filling her completely.
"We love you."
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shotosbabe · 2 months ago
BNHA as yanderes (pt 2)
pt 1/pt 2
Tumblr media
The charming Bastard:
Charms can be dangerous. And Tamaki Keigo was the perfect example of it. He was beloved by every citizen in the whole Country except you.
You just didn’t like him enough to be a fan. And that was your fault, because hawks craves something different, difficult. He’s so tired of being loved. Now he’s got someone to win over, and love as much as he wants to.
That smile of his is so irresistible. His golden eyes shine so brightly when he looks at you that you can’t stop your heart from fluttering even since he saved you from the villains.
He was your hero, Your saviour. You loved him now, didn’t you?
Didn’t you? You have to love him now, because he’s an impatient man bad definitely not used to not getting what he wants.
Now he wants you, his beloved baby bird.
“Hi, I’m Hawks, the number two hero, could I get your number please? A lady like you deserves the bestest of the best. And I’ve been known to be just that.. Be mine now.”
Tumblr media
The Freak:
He’s got some… issues.
Well. He’s a literal freak, both a sadist and masochist, you could also call him a bipolar, Shigaraki is intense in many ways.
His feelings are intense, whether any emotion, hatred, anxiety, joy, love or obsession.
You are doomed, in conclusion. He’s very delusional, if you fight him, he’ll think you’re just playing with him, if you’re refusing to kiss him, he’ll just have to force ya!
If you think he’s gonna let you go, oh then you are so so wrong… he’d rather die or kill you, remember he is capable of doing absolutely anything.
You just have to play your cards right, he is easily gullible. Maybe because he’s desperate.
His issues were the foundation for his sick infatuation with you. There wasn’t a day in his pathetic life where there wasn’t endless suffering, he was lonely, desperate and insane.
But then, he found you.
Too bad for you.
“My pretty pretty darling… are you scared o’me? There’s no need to be if you’re being good to me.. but if ya wan’to be a brat and entertain me.. then I can’t give ya any guarantee… haha.. fear looks so sexy on ya!”
Tumblr media
The obsessed Horndog:
Kirishima likes to think of two ways.
The way of loving you and the way fucking you in the most pleasurable way he can.
Kirishima saw you for the first time in his class, and boy he was long gone. He fell so hard for you at first sight, you were the prettiest human being he’d ever laid his eyes on.
Even more than his mother. You were perfect in every sense. Your gorgeous face, your sultry eyes, your perfectly sculpted nose, and his most favourite part of yours was your mouth.
Oh those pretty pink lips.
They were the gate away to becoming a sinner. And he was dying to become one. He needed a taste of you so much! Just one look from you and he was aching with unbearable desire.
And that made him snap. If you has made him feel so damn horny and lovesick, his classmates could also fall for you.
He needed you. Only him.
“Fuck, you make me so hard baby… it’s getting hard for me to resist the urge to fuck you right on this wall. Stop staring at me cus I won’t be able to stop myself if you do any longer, fuck!”
Tumblr media
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sunnyfunerals · 3 months ago
Player!Dabi x Player!reader during red light green light and someone tries to get her killed ✌️😩 plsss he'd be sooo mad
Tumblr media
Squid Game AU - Player!Dabi x Player!Reader
TW: Dabi is definitely one of the scary players, Yandere Tendencies, Super Protective and Possessive Dabi, Mentions of Torture and Murder.
Squid Game AU Masterlist.
Part 1, Part 2, Part 4.
It all goes so fast.
Someone whispers something filthy about you, a word that has you blushing followed by a less than subtle "Die," and then you're tripped and fall right as the robot girl turns around to shoot at the moving players.
There are tears in your eyes when you look at the doll's, deadly cameras in the form of merciless irises looking for any weaknesses to kill, kill and kill. And yet, right before she starts, right before she sees you and pronounces your death sentence, there is the strong back of another player hiding her from view, protecting you in the process.
The bullet doesn't come.
She didn't see you move.
It takes ten long, excruciating seconds of her looking around the field before it's over and Dabi (as you've learned he likes to be called), turns to you, worry in his gaze for the first time since you've met him.
"You okay, princess?"
His hands are soft when he helps you up, movements slow as if he were scared to hurt you, worried that you'd break into pieces under his touch if he dared use just a bit of his usual strength. And maybe his fingers are trembling with fury when they wrap around yours, but still, there is kindness in the gesture, so uncharacteristic of him it all feels unreal.
"Walk," he orders, firm, as he gives a slight push right between your shoulder blades so that you'd cross the line guaranteeing your victory at this deadly game.
You turn to him right when you step on the white paint covering the dirt ground, the soles of your trainers squeaking as you do so.
He's there. Dabi. Blood on his fingers, pure, raw hatred in his gaze, murderous in the way he catches the other player by the collar to pull him closer until their faces are but a mere inches away from each other, until that guy who tripped you can't see anything but the fire burning in your protector's cerulean irises.
The doll turns towards them and they get stuck that way, like a frozen picture taken right before a disaster, the last second of calm before an all-destroying storm.
"Dabi," you call, but your voice is weak and you're not sure he'd pay attention even if he could hear you, not when he's blinded by his rage, not when fury is running through his veins and filling his whole mind faster than any other thought.
And then the robot girl turns back, and he sends the other guy flying over the white line right before he crosses it himself, nonchalant and deadly as he catches him again, by the throat this time.
"No need to thank me, I had to make sure you survived this one," Dabi tells him, the words spilling from his lips poisonous like snake venom.
And when the guy asks why, Dabi simply smiles, a terrifying, violent smirk, and says:
"Because I'll be the one to end you."
No matter how much you plead, no matter how many times you try to soothe him, to drown his fury with sweet words and teary eyes, it happens at night, right after the lights go out.
This time, everything is silent but for the screams, the yelps of pain, the cries and begging of the man who dared lay a hand on you during the game, the horrifying sounds echoing in the otherwise silent dormitory as he breaks again, and again, and again under Dabi's touch.
He knows how to make pain last, you notice. He knows how to make someone wish they'd never been born. He knows how to tear all humanity from a person using only his hands or the dull blade of a rusty knife.
But somehow, rather than his actions, it's his words that send icy, deadly shivers running down your spine as they echo throughout the room for everyone to hear, his voice low, deep and menacing when they slip through his blood-coated lips.
"Never touch what's mine."
YES I will write smut for them soon. Idk whether to make it consensual or noncon/dubcon yet, would love to hear your opinion on it, and also if there are any kinks you'd like to see!
Tell me if you liked it ❤️
Join the taglist?
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i-cant-sing · 10 hours ago
What would have happened if Rei had woken up before Enji?
You would be grounded for months and fed a lot of melatonin and sleeping pills so that this doesn't happen again.
Katsuki would've been frozen in his spot and almost got stabbed by an ice shard by Rei, but was saved by his "bff" Shotou. Shotou told Rei that Y/n probably needs her to tell her a bedtime story or you won't sleep, and that he'll deal with Katsuki himself.
Of course Rei prioritises you and runs to your room, while Shotou leads Katsuki out and tells him to never come near you again or else. Shotou only saved him because you begged him to, and also because you bribed him with hand holding with no complaining or whining for 2 months.
Is a sweet deal😎💖
Tumblr media
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cybersvoid · 3 months ago
yandere tamaki amajiki still fucking the reader even tho she already ovestimulated
You're just laying there, your body trembling from orgasm after orgasm. You're physically exhausted as tears are pouring down your face. Tamaki mumbling apologizes into your neck as his cock is just relentlessly ramming against your walls. He just has so much pent-up sexual frustration that at this point he's not even capable of stopping or slowing down.
He's like an animal in heat. Rearranging the fuck out of your guts, dumping load after load of cum inside you. After he cums, you can already feel him start to get hard again.
"Just one more time."
But he's been saying that the past three times! Horny bastard. Just can't get enough of being inside of you. Can definitely see him passing out with his dick still in your abused cunt. He's so tired and you just feel so good he can't bring himself to pull it out. He wraps his arms around you so you're stuck, and every time you try to wiggle away and remove him he just yanks you back down, pushing himself even deeper inside you.
Even in his dreams, he's still fucking you, so he'll hump you lazily while whimpering in his sleep. Literally fucks you in his sleep he's so obsessed with you.
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How would yandere Deku react to the reader not talking to him and ignoring him after kidnapping her but silently crying in the night in private
What a way to get a reaction out of him
Yandere Deku x Silent Reader
⚠️[Warning: Sexual situations and descriptions]⚠️
Speak To Me Baby
🥦🍉For this situation let's say Deku is an established hero
🥦🍉So when he kidnaps you more likely than not you know who he is
🥦🍉Of course he can afford to chain you to a bed in a fortified room
🥦🍉More specifically your room
🥦🍉No literally it is a replica of your room and space because he wants you to feel comfortable
🥦🍉Of course when you first wake up he's right there in your face to ramble all about why he took you and how much he loves and how you're oh so safe with him
🥦🍉But overall his talking he expects a scream or even a question or two
🥦🍉but there's nothing
🥦🍉You stay wide-eyed and silent as he tries to speak to you
🥦🍉Even lowering his voice like he does with a child during his hero work
🥦🍉But you still say nothing
🥦🍉He chalks it up to being first day jitters
🥦🍉You’ll come around once you become comfortable
🥦🍉But after the first week you still don’t
🥦🍉Even when he’s not in the room
🥦🍉All he hears when he plays back his recordings are the sounds of you crying
🥦🍉He hates to think that this is really his fault but he needs to take responsibility
Or that is what he calls it when he climbs into your bed one night:
You don’t move but he knows you're awake. He settles onto his side to spoon you slipping one hand to hold your belly and the other on your thigh. He rubs up and down in an attempt to comfort you but he can tell your holding back tears.
“(Y/n)...I know you're mad about this but I did it to protect you.” His voice tickles your ear but you don’t respond. He puts his cheek to yours as he whispers again, “I know you're feeling...hurt...but I’m going to change that right now.”
His hand on your stomach moved to your chest feeling around until he pinched on your nipple. You let out a breath of air but you still don’t speak. He flicks and plays with it while you try to curl your body in only to be stopped by his other hand that moves between your legs.
“I can only stop if you tell me to.”
You feel the wet tingle on your ear as he starts to nibble and the other fighting hand reaches your spot. His hands are warm and big, feeling like an endless cover of heat. You can’t help your labored breath as he continues to touch you.”
You hum and moan as he continues on before abruptly stopping everything. Your breath hitched as though you missed his caress. The desired warmth returned on the backside of your thigh gliding up your cheeks. He squeezed and fondled, until his middle finger slipped into your pajama shorts teasing your puckering hole.
“U-uhm-” He continued to prod and rub at the tightening rim. You swore you’d die from heat if he didn’t do something.
“What is it, (Y/n)? Is there something you want to say?”
The itch below your waist needed to be scratched and the kidnapper teasing you needed to deal with it.
“What is it, baby? I can’t help you if you don’t tell me.”
The edge could be reached if only the number one hero would help you. His fingers were so close just an inch or three more.
“Tell me, baby, what do you want?”
You were there. You needed him and now it seems silly to not ask for what you need.
“I need you Midoriya! Help me please.”
“As you wish, my love.”
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ficpromptdealer · 2 days ago
Just watched Eternals today and had a massive idea for a fic, Eternal Shinsou, who's a yandere. Shinsou's power is the same one as his quirk, mind control, in this fic he's like Druig. I'm working on it rn and wondering if anyone would like to be tagged when it's finished?
This is the synopsis:
After separating from the other Eternals Shinsou lives his life studying humans and their world. Many times Shinsou had wondered to himself if he should just control everyone to create peace. In a second he could make the world perfect, a utopia where flaws never existed. And for years this question stayed in his mind, until he saw you. You answered that question for him.
If you want to be tagged in it send me an ask HERE
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novasdarling · 2 months ago
Mermaid Problems
Kinktober 2021
Summary: Swimming in the water you grew up maybe wasn't the smartest idea while a certain desperate creature in need of a mate lurks beneath the waves.
TW: Mermaid, yandere ideas, water, kidnapping, noncon, breeding, sex, Aged Up!
Tumblr media
It was a calm day in terms of weather. Nice and sunny, the water was calm. Everything had pointed to a nice relaxing day at the beach. And everything had been great until you decided to take a swim. It wasn’t far out, you knew that it was best to stay by the dock or the shore. However, the water was too nice and you kept spotting more shells further and further. It should have been obvious that admiring the water could become dangerous. The rules from when you were young of having grown up near the sea didn’t seem to apply to you today. It was foolish, but it was the truth.
Your admiration of the water and the things it was what almost caused your death. It was supposed to be safe at least a kilometre offshore, predators just never seemed to come any closer for some reason. Maybe that explained your obliviousness, your carelessness of your surroundings and of your survival. The shark nearing your whereabouts was proof of how little attention was given to the water. You were too occupied admiring the small fish and the shells that littered the seabed to see the danger. Though you had missed it, another predator hadn’t. Tamaki was there to help you.
Humans weren’t rare around the shore, no they were common. Whether in boats, swimming or standing on the shore close to the water. He used to them, despised them, but nonetheless use to them. His hatred of them was what surprised him the most when he got the shark to head away from you. Knowing the shark wouldn’t have seriously harmed you, probably only given you a bite and then swam off. But then there was the blood and panic that would have destroyed his peaceful day.
Normally he would have swum because away from humans, ignored their presence as much as possible. But here he was, watching you swim around, admiring his world. You were something else, something inhuman. Different than the rest. How you swam as if you were made for the water. You were not like him, you didn’t have a tail with fins, you didn’t have gills yet here you were, Adapting in the water.
He wasn’t sure what sparked in him, what set of such a need for you. Could it be because Tamaki had been alone for all these years. Or was it cause he had reached the age of maturity a while ago and still hadn’t found a mate. But here you were, practically begging for him to take you. Take you far away from here and keep you safe. After what he just saw, safety was what you needed from him.
Swimming was so relaxing. The water against your skin, the fish that swam by. It was all so nice. Thank goodness you hadn’t thrown away those goggles from all those years ago. It made it easier to see the beauty the way around. Unfortunately, they were no help in aiding you to see the creature swimming towards you.
Arms were wrapped around your waist. Fear was beginning to set in. It was too fast to react, everything happened too fast for human reaction. Not long after arms were wrapped around your body, you were dragged through the water by something you weren’t able to fully see. Only feeling a human chest pressed against your back. Along with the arms that looked semi-human, with scales, securing your body against its.
The question of where you were headed had quickly been replaced with how you will breathe. The air was slowly running out. Instead of air, the pain was residing in your chest instead. This was how you died. Drowning. Not swallowing water was becoming harder and harder. The pain of being dragged and the lack of air was becoming painful. Becoming worse by the second. Why was this happening? Or better yet what was happening?
It was long until you passed out. Swallowing water along with passing out. Tamaki felt bad, but this needed to be done. Only he could provide you safety and soon you’d see this was all for the better.
The feeling was terrible, waking up and coughing what you felt like was a whole sea worth of water. As if it would never end. Realizing just how dark it was where here was. Feeling around to help you assess where this was. Rock, sand, water. Crawling around, trying to gain an understanding of where you were. Unfortunately, it didn’t help. You were cold, sick, and tired. The worst part was the unfamiliar surrounding. Your coughing hadn’t seized either. You weren’t sure
if it was still the water or maybe your anxiety taking on a physical form.
Rustling was coming from behind you. Freezing in place, waiting for any more movement. It was quiet for a moment. then more noise came. It sounded like it was all around. Not staying in one place. Then your eyes were blinded. Abruptly light had appeared. Was, was this a cave? It looked like one.
Once the shock of the lights had worn off, that’s when he became visible. Tamaki was sitting across from you, hiding in the shadows, but you could see him. He looked like a man, at least from the waist up. Some odd scales covering parts of his arms. Scars adorned his body as well. Moving up his neck you noticed more of his features. Where are those gills on his neck? He wasn’t human, but yet his face looked like he was. Mostly. His eyes were terrifyingly piercing. As if they could stare into you. Then there were his teeth. They were extremely noticeable when he gave you a grin. Sharp.
“I-I, I am Tamaki.” His voice was strained. Speaking must not be something he’s too used to. Then he began to move. That’s when you fully noticed his tail. The memory of the swim over had suddenly come back. He was the thing that brought you here.
“Where am I? W-what happened?” You were terrified. What did this thing want? “P-please I just want to go home.” Tamaki frowned at your words, confused about why you wanted to leave. Instead of letting you go, he made his way to you. Dragging himself towards you. There was nowhere you could go once you hit the wall behind you, yet he kept coming. Moving across the cave floor towards you. Avoiding eye contact at all costs. You realized something. The light. The light from the cave roof. That meant that some part of this cave was above water. So either it was breaking one of the tiny holes open. No, looking closer the rock was too thick. There had to be some other way. Tamaki was almost right in front of you when you noticed the water. A little bay. That's how you guys came in, maybe that’s how you could leave. But he had you trapped now. One hand is placed on your waist while the other stroking your cheek. Tears had begun to stream down your face. “Please, just please don’t hurt me. I wanna go home.” He began to shush you as his hand stroked your cheek. Rubbing away at the tears. It would have been a sweet gesture if he hadn’t been some creature that had kidnapped you for who-knows-what.
All you could do was whimper and beg him to let you go, but either he didn’t understand or didn’t care. He continues to coo and hush you. Mumbling under his breath, some words sounding like English and others not.
“Your name?” Tamaki pointed his finger in the middle of your chest and asked. “Oh” Maybe he did understand you and was just ignoring you. Introducing himself, hoping that would make him more likely to show mercy to you. “Pretty” Tamaki practically purred in response.
Leaving was not possible, he had made that very clear. You were to stay here and be with him. Asking him why had gotten you nowhere. All he offered in response was a smile and a blush. Hours went by and nothing had gotten clearer. No, instead you were now still wet and cold.
Tamaki only noticed you were cold when he saw you shivering in the corner. His heart sank. You were cold, of course, humans were so easily affected by temperature. He was being selfish with keeping all his body heat to himself. Moving closer to you, feeling worse when he saw how you flinched at his movements. You were his poor little baby, something he needed to protect and take care of. He could prove it to you, prove how he will be so good for you.
Wrapping his arms around you, pulling your body down in a spooning position. So soft, that’s all he could think of, all he could think of until you moved your ass against him. You awoke something in him. Something primal. Something he was hoping he could have kept at bay for at least tonight. To let you ease in. But how could he when you were being so tempting? He knew another way to warm you up.
You were flipped over suddenly. Layed on your back by Tamaki. He stared into your eyes, the look was something you couldn’t recognize what it was. But it was something dark and primal. Crawling away from him was not possible, his arms had you cagged in. Not to mention he was your only source of warmth. You two simply stared at each other. His large eyes scanning your face. His had lust, while yours held fear. Swiftly his lips were crashed onto yours. It was messy and wet. Desperate. Like he was trying to get closer to you, pushing his body as close to yours as possible.
The bathing suit you were wearing was no longer on your body, they had been ripped off. That’s when you were aware of just how dangerous Tamaki was. He could end your life with those claws so easily. It would be better to just stay still and try no to anger him. Hopefully, this will be over soon, then you could be safe at home. A thought that you weren’t aware of was never going to happen.
The feeling of his hands roaming your bare body was hard to ignore. A reminder of how espoused you were to him, how helpless you were in a cave with no easy exit and with a creature you weren’t sure what it wanted. Those breathing techniques you learned to help stay calm were useless. Nothing could save you from him, it was a fact you hated to admit.
While you were shaking at his touch, Tamaki was exploring your body with his hands. Taking in how your skin felt against his. How different the textures were. Coos and moans escaped his lips and his hands trailed to your breast. He knew what these were, even his species had them. For feeding the young. Yes, that meant you could produce young as well and nurture them. Oh, Tamaki couldn’t hide his excitement at that prospect. You with his young, being a mother to his offspring. Watching you grow a life inside of you, a life he would put there. Yes, that meant he would have to put it inside of you. fill you will his seed so you could be fully his. Proving to others who you belong to with your womb swollen because of him.
The excitement had gotten to him, there was no holding back now. In Tamaki’s eyes you were already his, the moment he decided he had to have you. That was how his kind was, if they wanted something they got it. Proved to their potential mate they could care for them, protect them and fill them with young. His lips latched onto one of your nipples, sucking and swirling his tongue around it. Tamaki had a hard time understanding human reactions, so he mistook your back arching in surprise as it arching in pleasure. Urging him to continue his onslaught on your chest. Hands pushed against him did no good, he simply batted them away or ignored them. This is all he had wanted for so long and now he had you, he had his little mate.
It felt like hours that he was at your chest, sucking and playing with them. Switching between each breast. Moaning into your skin. Then you felt him grind against your leg. He was going to try to have sex with you. This creature was going to try to fuck you. You weren’t sure what you were more scared of, the fact he probably wanted more than just sucking at your chest. Or how he was going to do it. He has a fish-like tail, how on earth was he going to do it? That’s when he answered your question for you. Letting your chest free from his grip and mouth he sat up. “G-good girl.” An odd smile adorned his face. Tamaki’s hand dragged down his body to below his hips. He released his dick from its confinement. It was hidden behind a few scales but was now fully out. The blush that now adorned his face was extreme, red to his ears. You could swear he almost looked shy as he showed himself off to you. But what really caught your attention was what had just come into view. He was large, at least larger than any man you had seen before. Your fears were coming to reality. Scurrying back away from Tamaki, until his hand gripped your ankle tightly. Pulling you back towards him as he crawled on top of you. “No, please. Be good for me. Please y/n” he was going to enter you without any preparations. Sure his attack on your chest had gotten you a bit wet, you hate to admit. But that was nothing compared to what you needed for this. “No, please no. I-it’s too much. It’s going to hurt.” It was wishful to think your pleas would do anything to him when he was in such a state. Instead, Tamaki cocked his head to the side confused. It would seem his kind don’t need to prepare the other. “Too much? Hurt? Why?” He looked sad, like the idea of hurting you could end him. If he only knew just how to hurt you already were from everything he had already done.
“You can’t just, uh” The words were difficult to find. How could you explain to this creature who was laying on you and looking straight down at you? That he won’t be able to get in without either tearing you, or he needed to prepare you. The thought made you realize you had accepted your fate. He was going to have his way for you. Then maybe he’d let you go or leave so you could find your way out. “It’s just. I, humans, need to be prepared before. Before things go in…” Confusion was written across his face. “Prepare?” You were going to have to show him. Gently grabbing his hand you guided it down to your cunt. Trying to get him to move his fingers around your clit. Your back arched and a moan escaped your lips when his finger found it. Trying to help him move them was difficult. He was so still, when you looked up at him you noticed his features. The shock was on his face and he stared at where his fingers were. “I need you to do this.”
With those words, his fingers began to move on their own. Picking up speed. Your moans only aided him in his attempt. He needed to see this, see what he was doing to you. Lowering his head to meet your cunt. He watched as his fingers rubbed your clit, he could see it. Looking up he watched as your face scrunched and moans escaped his lips. Yes, this was it. This is what he so desperately craved. A mate, a mate who had obviously accepted him. Tamaki could learn how to please you, how to make you feel good and want him.
You couldn’t stop yourself, your hand found Tamaki’s hair. Grabbing at him to push his face fulling into. You wanted his tongue on your clit. “Please Tamaki, please u-use your tongue.” You wanted him to taste you, oh he would happily comply. It would be a lie if he said that he wasn’t thinking of it himself. His kind usually doesn’t use their mouths down there. But he knows a few of his old friends use to talk about how it felt better for yourself and your mate when you found some land and used your mouths on each other. Leaving marks on your mate's body was normal, but a bit hard to do underwater. So the land was typically found when two wanted to try things. His lips were attached to your clit in a second. Moans caused vibrations around your clit. He was lapping at your core, trying to taste every inch of you. It wasn’t long until his tongue began to roam around your entrance. Pushing past it to tongue fuck you. it felt like he was going deeper than was possible. Then again, he wasn’t human so who knows how long his tongue truly was. Shifting your focus on his unnatural aspect, you focused on the feeling. The pleasure he was giving you. It was amazing. You could feel the pressure building up in you. Squeezing your walls, causing Tamaki to moan. He was going to make you cum. It was close, so close. All it took was him adding his fingers to your clit. Your moans had turned to screams as you finished on his face.
While you were coming down from your high Tamaki was shocked, he was slowly cleaning you off with his tongue, but was confused about what just happened. You had tasted so good and he was just trying to get more of you when you screamed. Then suddenly he was tasting more. He liked this and it seemed to have made you feel good. Tamaki wasn’t sure what just happened, but he wanted to do it more. He needed to make you do that again, but this time not on his face. “Are you okay? Ready now?” You nodded in response. In a rush, he suddenly laid in the position he was in before, where his face was against yours. The notion that this was all to warm you up was gone from his mind. Now, now this was for him. To claim his mate and have you. As he lined his dick up with your entrance. Pushing in, he slowed his pace when he saw how you grabbed his arm and whimpered in pain. He didn’t want this to be painful for you, no, he wanted you to enjoy this like he was going to.
The pain was harsh, even after he had made you cum on his face. There was still a burn happening. The stretch he was causing was bad, but at least he slowed down. This could be more bearable. Finally, he was fully in. Scales pressed against your hips and he waited a moment. Moans and grunts were falling from Tamaki’s lips. Pushing his face into your neck. Muttering how good you felt and how you were such a good girl. Praising you for taking him so well. Then he began to move. First, it was slow, but something must have switched in him as his pace picked up. Hips snapping against yours at a harsh rate. It felt nice, but the pain was outlaying the pleasure. Your pleas of mercy fell on deaf ears as Tamaki was busy pleasuring himself and trying to get another orgasm out of you. He was in a state of bliss right now. If only you could see his face. He already looked like he was fucked out and drunk on your cunt. Though you couldn’t see his face, you knew he was enjoying it a bit too much. Feeling his drool makes its way onto your neck and shoulder.
The full pleasure eventually came, the pain had ceased. He was filling you up more than you had ever been. As if his dick was hitting all the right angles. Moans from both of you had filled the cave. The slap of skin and scales could be heard at a deafening volume. It all felt so wonderful that you almost didn’t want to believe this wasn’t against our will.
Things weren’t slowing down, Tamaki had his head still buried in your neck while violently hammering into you. His fingers suddenly moved down your body. Gliding across your skin until it reached its destination. Your slit. His fingers began to work at it again, trying to build you up once more. Your moans got louder. Swearing you could feel Tamaki smile against your skin. You arched into him, trying to get more. More of his fingers working on you. More of something to push you over the edge. And Tamaki was more than happy to comply. “Please. Please again. I want it again. I want more.”
His thrust got wild as he got close to finishing. He just wanted you to do what you did before. Make a mess on him and squeeze him again. Tamaki was desperate for you to cum on him now. As his fingers pushed you over the edge, he felt it. Your walls squeezing his dick, pulsing around it. This was bliss, the most bliss any creature could feel. To be fucking their mate and have them do this to them. Oh, it was perfect and he’d reward you. Pausing himself to catch his breath again. Then he continued his onslaught. His mouth got to work nibbling at your skin, sucking and biting. Leaving any kind of mark he could as he fucked into you as fast and hard as he could. He was going to fill you up. Fill you with his seed. You were his mate and he needed to breed you. Cries left his mouth and he desperately railed you. Trying to get deeper with every thrust. Tamaki ignored your whines of pains and pleas to stop. This was just too good for him. Little whimpers of “mine.mine.mine.” could be heard from him when he finally finished.
The feeling of him pumping you full was shattering to you. Feeling his cum coat your walls. It felt like forever that he laid on you pumping his seed into you. But in a way comforting. At least he was done. This was all done. You could leave now. Once you felt him stop you asked. “C-can I l-leave now?” Your voice was scratchy from all the moans and screams from earlier. Tamaki’s body suddenly moved, he was now facing you. Analyzing your face. He looked so confused and hurt. “No. You stay with me now. You’re mine.” His grip on you tightens as you tried to move away from him. “No. Stop. You’re mine. You’re my mate.” The word mate made you freeze. If he saw you as his “mate” that meant this wasn’t a one-time thing. He really was going to keep you here. “I’m not your mate.” You wanted to sound commanding, but instead, your voice sounded more like a plea. Tamaki’s hands began to hold you tighter. Anger was boiling in him. Anger and sadness. Thrown to the middle of the cave, he was back on you. Holding you down while yelling in your face. “No. You can’t. You can’t leave. No. Stay with me.” Yells of how you were his and his mate filled your ears. When tears escaped your eyes is when his voice softened. Kissing away the tears as his hands roamed your body. Stomping by your stomach. “Shh, shh, shh. It’s fine. You’re safe. You and our babies are safe.”
Tamaki’s words ringing in your ears, “You and our babies are safe.” He had just bred you. Even if you left this cave, you’d be leaving with a reminder of him. Escape only seemed further away from you now. He had laid his claim on you. You were his mate.
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shorkbrian · 4 months ago
Okay but like,, forced intimacy makes my brain go brrr like someone overwhelming in presence like bakugo or smth just grabbing you by the jaw and forcing eye contact or cuddles i... spit in my mouf pls DJDNDN
The "grabbing by the jaw to force eye contact" GETS ME I would turn so red and probably start crying.
You know what else? something I bet Kirishima or Izuku would do? You start crying and wailing when they fuck you for the first time and they clamp a hand over your mouth to keep you quiet.... n then they kiss their hand right over your lips as if they was givin you a kiss.... HAWT
Tumblr media
(Creds: https://twitter.com/kko4242/status/1240165314349821952)
Or I can see Shouto doin this, but he starts coming towards you intending to kiss you, and you're scared and unwilling so you back up. Until you hit a wall, n there's nowhere to go, so you hold out your hand right in front of his face so he can't come any closer but then he just. takes your hand like a prince and kisses it while maintaining eye contact the entire time FUCK
Tumblr media
(Creds: https://twitter.com/dearDorr/status/1400595296984264707)
Tumblr media
Bakugou would be that bitch that slaps his hand over your mouth to shut you up and then smiles like a psycho when you bite his hand. Just leans in real close to lick up the blood, staring up at you the whole time and grinding against you.
Hand kink who?
nOW forced intimacy!!!! literally makes me nut.
Like Izuku would be the kind of guy that forces you close, but he's delusional so of course you won't be tied up! You want to be here, don't you? And he just holds you real tight no matter how you wiggle or thrash or bite. You're just a little fussy, maybe tired. He'll cuddle you to sleep.
Kirishima's the type to guiltily drug you, having you half-asleep in his arms so he can rub your back and kiss the top of your head makes him so soft and full of love. You're an absolute angel when you aren't fighting against him, and Kiri loves holding you close any way he can. Probably forces you to hold his hand on the rare occasions that you aren't drugged out of your mind.
Bakugou isn't a fucking chump, plus he likes the fight in you, so he adores reeling you in close and getting to subdue the little kicks and punches you throw his way. It's so satisfying when you finally tire yourself out and don't fight anymore, let him squeeze you tight and put his hands wherever. He's constantly pushing boundaries, nipping sharply at your ear just so you'll react and push at him, shoving his hands down your pants so you'll squeal and buck away just so he can tug you close again. He likes the constant struggle, because he always comes out on top.
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katsukisriot · 3 months ago
kiri eating us out for ours and refusing to stop? 😫😫😫 noncon maybe?
content warnings - dubcon/noncon but reader gets into it?, daddy kink, size kink, yandere themes, infantilization, corruption
Kirishima made it difficult to say no at times.
You weren’t sure if it was the way he’d ignore your trembling voice expressing your dissatisfaction towards his sexual advances or the way he payed no mind to your desperate pleas once he’d start to press things a little harder. But it was fine, Kiri knows you’re a shy little thing who just needed a nudge, so he really has no issue tossing you over his shoulder and making way into the bedroom when you’d act out.
It was even more difficult to refuse him once he would settle onto his knees , piercing vermillion slits glaring up at you with ferocious need. His hands would glide up and down your plush thighs, never taking his gaze away from yours. Kissing the skin so intimately, he’d finally break the agonizing silence shared between the two of you, “Can’t believe you’re not gonna let me have a taste..”
“Really not gonna let me eat this pretty..” you jump when calloused fingertips begin to ride up your skirt, making contact with the hem of laced panties. “this pretty.. little pussy.” As you attempt to maintain your attention on anything to escape the man spitting profanities beneath you, your cheeks flame bright crimson.
“N-no, please — don’t.”
Kirishima smirks at the tremor displayed your voice before filthily groaning, “you complain too much princess.” You squeal as massive arms wrap around your diminutive waist, face now buried into the forepart of your mini skirt, “why don’t you let me take care of you?”
“No — no, I don’t want.. please.”
You instantly feel considerably smaller than before once he fully rises from his knees and stands before you. This was Kirishima’s favorite part. Seeing that helpless expression on your sweet tiny face as you realized you were nothing more than a toy. His small, weak, obedient toy that he planned on playing with all night long.
Backing into the bed's edge, the man sends you crashing backwards like a rag doll. “Please don’t do this.. Kiri-” desperate wails only draw him deeper into his twisted passionate haze as you feebly attempt to writhe away from his contact. “K-kiri, don’t wait!” The man mirthlessly mocks you, teasingly crawling closer towards your shaking frame, “This’ll be fun baby.. relax.”
Kirishima was now completely on top of you, sturdy arms caging you beneath him. “Just wanna taste it, kay?” How his features exuded such warmth and generosity while he deliberately violated you sent shivers down your spine.
He was fucking crazy.
Your face contorts when you feel the sensation of hot kisses scattering the flesh of your neck, then down to your collar before smooth lips shift even lower. “Daddy’s gonna treat you,” he licks the area surrounding your navel while easily tearing your top off. “So,” kiss. “damn,” kiss. “good.” kiss.
You hold back tears, shutting your eyes at the assault. “Gonna take it slow princess, ‘s alright.” His gravelly voice vibrates against your temple before you feel a hand start to shove your skirt up and toy with the hem of your panties, “So sexy.”
He's removing the fabric from beneath your thighs and placing his hands on the backs of your knees in a matter of seconds. You can’t help but squirm once you’re fully spread flat against the sheets. Crimson eyes immediately shoot to the display of your bare cunt, followed by a thick swallow. “Just.. a taste.” He reassures you, more himself, serving as a reminder that he isn’t supposed to actually fuck you — but god, he wants to.
It’s utterly sinful the sound you make when he licks a stripe against your cunt, when his hot tongue travels across the sensitive bud hidden between your folds for the first time. “Kirishima .. oh.”
And It’s music to his ears — but nonetheless, something about this felt off. To hear the same voice he’d always known to be so pure and innocent now gasping in pleasure while he deflowered you was completely unfamiliar. “So tingly .. daddy.” The sound of your darling sweet noises sends any remaining resolve he had out the window. His hands suddenly begin to roam the softness of your thighs, greedily lapping at your soaking cunt and swirling your clit. “Thank you princess..” vermillion slits shoot upwards to meet your pleasure induced face. “Now give it to me baby,” The assault on your delicate clit is never-ending, and it soon sends a strange surge of pleasure bubbling in your lower stomach.
“Oh — Kiri.. I can’t,”
Your dainty fingers situate themselves in the man’s hair, messily pulling at the strands as you desperately search for leverage. “I got you baby, I got you —”
“Give it to me.. all of it princess.”
As you reluctantly submit to his demands and give in to your ecstasy, your walls flutter uncontrollably. Your head is clouded with the sweet nothings he’s uttering while utter pleasure rings you of everything your worth. “Uh huh, that’s it.. yes baby.”
He doesn't even bother waiting for you to come down from your high before resuming in lapping at the quivering cunt beneath him for the second time, his hands clam down onto your shaky thighs. “Kiri, Kiri, I can’t — please, p-please, oh— ”
Your body thrashes, desperately seeking escape from his assault but this time, Kiri only spreads you wider. “Nah..” he runs his fingers up and down your thighs before one hand draws down to your abused cunt, “Gonna see just how much this pretty little pussy can take.”
“Maybe get you ready for the real thing.”
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yanderenightmare · 7 months ago
Pro-hero BAKUGO with his own agency obsessing over his new sweet perfect little assistant, just needing to have her all to himself, the JELAOUSY
yandere boss ! BAKUGO KATSUKI x assistent
goodiebag WARNINGS: nsfw, misogyny, obsession, dubcon/noncon, profanity, this got looong, Kirishima is such a jock, abuse of power, not that much jealousy per se, but Bakugo being protective and obsessive and horny af, uhm slight mommy kink kinda
Bakugo stormed towards the elevator.
Not letting the sliding doors of the entrance to his agency slow him down. Making a dedicated beeline towards his office on the sky-floor.
Anyone else would have thought he was grumpy as per usual, therefor keeping their distance. But like always, it didn't stop Kirishima.
"I don't want another wide-eyed snivelling slutty ditzy assistant, Shitty-hair." The explosion-hero grumbled in the elevator.
Still visibly pissed off that he wasn't allowed to simply explode his way to the top where he was reduced to wasting a whole two minutes standing still. Forced to listen to the makeshift red-head's yapping whining on about what he can and can't do, what he must and mustn't, what he needs and needn't, what's best of him and what's best for him. With a thousand means to no end.
"Give her a try-" The red-head pushed in a drawl.
Having only barely lost any of the enthusiasm he started off with when they were on the first floor.
"I heard she’s supposed to be great!" He beamed.
His teeth shiny like razors in his mouth.
"And pretty."
Bakugo didn't even bother giving him a glance. Rolling his eyes beneath his eyelids. The toothy smile of his friend and coworker too bright an annoying light to face in the morning.
"I don't understand why you bother..." He sighed.
The ash-blonde allowed himself to calm down, knowing it was about another minute left in the tight space, and how no one else could hear his crude words, nor the insecurity hidden in them.
"If it’s a lady she’s gonna be too sensitive anyway." He mumbled.
He always sent them crying. This one would be no different.
"One; you’re the one who’s too insensitive." Kirishima stated, having his finger raised, another bony-knuckled digit following, marking his additional argument. "And two; that’s wicked misogynistic, Bakugo."
"It’s been true so far." The ash-blonde grumped.
"Yeah, but please don't say that shit in front of anyone but me, yeah?" He urged. "At least not when we reach the top floor."
Katsuki turned to look at him for the first time that morning.
"What's on the top floor?"
He did not look amused.
Kirishima twirled his fingers innocently, mouth parting dumbly as he slowly began answering the question in demand.
"Well... I might have gone and taken the liberty of hiring you a new assistant-"
"Fucking dammit, Kiri, I told you! I don't want a new assistant!" The pro-hero groaned, whining like a child only with the growl of a man, trying to keep his breath calm while carding his fingers through his hair, yanking on it, feeling the need to rip it from his scalp to hold himself back from punching the apologetic smile off of Kirishima's face.
"Man, you need one!" The red-head defended with a breezy laugh, seemingly dusting his friend's rage off like it was nothing.
Katsuki only grunted in return, shaking his head, sighing. Giving Kirishima the cold-shoulder. Knowing that if he opened his mouth to say anything now, it would be far pretty.
He instead opted for reducing his anger to mere growling and brooding for the remaining minute stuck beside the pest that was his bothersome friend.
"You'll love her." The sturdy-hero insisted, putting his fists to his hips while puffing up his chest, chin raised in a way that told Bakugo he couldn't be told otherwise.
The brute huffed as he folded his arms back over his chest, wordlessly disagreeing. Looking up with glaring alarm-red eyes to the lit numbers above the door while tapping his combat-boot-wearing foot loudly against the floor, frustrated with how Kirishima stood beside him optimistically drumming his fingers on his thigh to the beat of the brain-rotting elevator-music, yet slightly uplifted to see he was closer to being allowed to lock himself away in his office and stay there unbothered by the likes of pesky meddling friends and dumb fragile assistants.
She stood there, awkwardly awaiting her new boss where the bare-chested hero had left her to go receive him.
Kirishima was nice, a type of friendly she knew she shouldn't be expecting from the explosion-hero.
Which is why her palms were sweating so embarrassingly much, making her wipe them down her skirt, also in an effort to straighten it, where the ding of the elevator only aided in making her heart skip along faster, looking down to see if her blouse was still perfectly situated.
She swallowed her anxiety as the two men neared her, trying to wipe her face free of timidity, knowing how such fragility would not survive here, in Pro-hero Great Explosion Murder God Dynamight's Agency.
She decided she would be the one to initiate the handshake, wanting to make a strong first impression, the intent almost leading to her leaping forward into the man.
"Hie! I'm-"
But her offered hand was disregarded before she could do as much as finish her introduction.
Without giving her so much as a glance, the tall muscular male didn't even slow down, but continued to walk straight past her, leaving her only one curt cruel comment.
"Listen, kid, I don't need another snivelling crybaby getting tears in my coffee. Don't bother unpacking." He grouched, cutting her off, trying to stomp off in direction of his office, yet stopped by the other male who had his mouth gaping in disbelief at his charmless friend.
"He doesn't mean that." Kirishima rushed to assure. "He really needs you-" He tried defending, but apparently it wasn't needed.
She was ambitious to prove she could handle herself.
"I'll be sure to put a lid on the cup, sir." She made her voice sound cool and unbothered, face relaxing nonchalantly though still with a small soft smile to compliment her pretty face.
Bakugo gaze went from glaring at the red-head to offering the snippy thing a side-look.
Kirishima looked stunned for a moment too before giving a loud grin, eyes glinting.
"See? She can handle you!" He nearly shouted, enthusiastically giving Bakugou a punch to his shoulder. "Come with me! I'll help you settle in."
The man placed a massive gravely hand to the small of her back, guiding her, taking her box from her without asking in order to carry it for her.
She would tell him she could manage on her own, but she'd already come to terms with his slightly domineering acts of manliness and opted for simply smiling in gratitude instead of going full feminist on his out-dated acts of chivalry. It was only her first day after all.
"You'll be primarily Bakugo's assistant and receptionist-" The muscular male started explaining, taking large steps she struggled to parallel as he ushered her forward. "But, to be completely honest with you, you'll probably have to be a bit of a babysitter and maid as well..."
The ash-blonde gave a sigh as he stalked on, leaving Kirishima to take care of the new office pretty addition, not happy with how his friend was describing him, yet not bothered enough to stop him.
"He's very needy, lazy in a sense, he can't be bothered with fixing his calendar and getting his coffee, addressing the public and that sorta thing, so you'll take care of it for him." The sturdy-hero continued informing as he walked her to the glass desk placed lonely outside Bakugo's transparent office.
"Of course-" She nodded her head, listening and agreeing. "I'm here to make his life easier."
"Exactly!" Kirishima said with a smile. "I knew you were perfect!"
Bakugo shook his head with little thrill.
Kirishima said that about every assistant he'd gone and hired on his behalf.
He looked at her before closing the door to his office, analysing what he saw with an uninterested face, taking in her straight posture, standing there like a doll with her knees together, hands folded over her lap, nodding her head pliantly to Kirishima's every word.
He allowed for his scarlet-eyes to judge.
Mundane pencil-skirt, tight-fitted yet appropriate, reaching just beneath her knees, showing off calves but nothing more as her boots hid her ankles. It was the first time he'd seen a woman in an office without stilettos or any other annoyingly loud power-heel on. Her blouse was modest too, no see-through fabric, no bright pop colour, no cleavage, just boring rose-beige reaching up beneath a set of pretty collarbones and an un-necklaced throat.
Pretty in a plain sort of way.
If she was wearing makeup, it couldn't have been much. But her lips had a certain shine to them. Not much colour sept for natural, but glossy in a way making them look pillowy and soft.
He made a note of how she wasn't dressed like a slut, how she looked nothing like those other assistants that came before her, who curled their hair to crispy meanders bouncing as they fake-laughed, with pink manicured nails curling around Kirishima's bulging biceps as he flirted with them.
Fucking disgusting.
He's pretty sure the red-head had banged about every bratty bitchy lazy assistant he's had, knowing how the toothy moron has it as some type of wager with himself, a goal to make each dumb pretty-girl even dumber on his dick.
This one looked sweet though.
Not at all like some brain-dead plastic bimbo hoping to be swept up by a sugar-daddy, or a power-hungry manipulative bitch looking for fame and publicity.
This one simply looked happy to be there.
No ulterior motives sept to do her job.
He nearly felt bad for her, knowing how his dumb-as-a-rock friend was going to abuse his popularity yet again and play her like a football match; first base, second base, third base, and home run, only to then kick her to the curb. Leave her as a crazy ex-girlfriend, bitter and sour with a thirst for vengeance, or a brokenhearted mess, whiny and snotty with mascara streaming down her face, ending up just a complete ghost in a shell, featherbrained and simply useless. Making him do the dirty work of firing a poor snivelling mess only because his stupid friend couldn't control his sadistic carnal urges.
Bakugo sighed.
With just one more glance, he clicked his tongue and huffed, closing his door with a mumble.
"She'll be gone before the week's up."
First day went by without speaking to the boss, but she was adamant on making a change the day after.
Realising she couldn't expect him to meet her halfway, she recognised how he needed her to do most of the talking and approaching all on her own.
So, she ran her hands through her hair a couple more times like a comb, straightened her skirt and fixed her blouse, cradled her tablet in her arm for quick easy note-taking and pulled her bag onto the other shoulder.
Holding the boss' coffee in one hand, she took a deep breath and knocked on his door with the other.
He made a grunt, which could have just as easily meant go away instead of enter, but she decided on the latter.
"Good morning, sir."
She trotted inside the spacious office, allowing for just one brief moment to take in the breath-robbing panoramic-view of the entire skyline of Japan shown through his curtain-windows. Refraining from gulping at the vastness of it all as she placed his cup down on the clear glass of his desk.
"Coffee, snack, newspaper, agenda for the day." She listed, placing each item down neatly on his desk, having organised and printed out his schedule the day prior in order to come in prepared.
Feeling slightly like she was baby-sitting. Rethinking the snack, as it might have been a touch too much, giving he was a grown man and not a toddler. Yet, she couldn't shake the feeling he'd either skimmed or hadn't gotten his full-amount of breakfast in the morning. Her sixth-sense telling her he needed it.
The man didn't look up, busy studying his gauntlet, visibly struggling with cleaning out the insides of his gloves, however taking a second to reach towards the newspaper, face scrunched in concentration and mild frustration.
She'd picked up the inkling feeling that he preferred the paper-version news above the electronic kind. Something that seemed to prove as true, as he wordlessly started flipping the pages.
Understanding she wouldn't be getting much more of a reply, she continued explaining the agenda.
"Pro-hero Deku filed to have your ten o'clock meeting moved down to twelve. He's awaiting our reply."
Short, sweet and impersonal is what she'd decided the best tactic when speaking to her new boss, leaving all pleasant but unnecessary chit-chat in the dust.
"Tell him to fuck off." He mumbled, still not looking up, however apparently listening.
Where which she, without much hesitance, replied.
"Sure thing, I'll proceed to tell the number-one-hero to fuck off." She repeated, scribbling down the note on her tablet. "I'm sure he'll understand the meeting will be held at ten like originally scheduled, and no later."
At least she doesn't cry over curse-words, Bakugo thought, pretending to read with an unfazed expression on his face.
She brought him a snack? That's kind of weird, no other assistant had ever done that... but he was hungry.
Strange she knows how he prefers things in a physical form, both the newspaper and the schedule printed out instead of e-mailed to him.
Kirishima had probably shared the knowledge.
He reached for the coffee, making a note how it wasn't poured in some flimsy plastic or paper cup, but a glass mug, just the way he likes it.
Her and Kirishima must have been talking about him for a real long good while for her to know all this about him. Or, maybe it was just all on her whim.
That seemed unlikely.
But still, even with Kirishima's guidance, it was impressive how everything had gone strangely perfect so far.
He put the cup to his lips, taking a sip.
What the.... hell?
The coffee tasted different. Good, but different.
But... really good.
"The HPSC has filed for a call at two-" She continued, not noticing the puzzlement hidden beneath his gruff expression, too occupied with quietly studying his fairly barren office, noting how it was just his desk and a bookshelf and an absurd amount of empty space. "But I believe I can handle the meeting on my own where we're most likely to discuss your public face." She offered, getting a feeling he didn't enjoy discussing trivial maters on call with a room full of suits. "I could tell them to fuck off as well, but I suggest we offer something that'll ease their worries."
Bakugo scoffed.
"Who the fuck knows what they want? Nothing's ever enough for those asshats."
He nearly chugged the rest of the coffee after his statement, setting the cup down with a bang on the glass table-top, going back to tweaking at the gauntlet leaking oil all over his desk.
She noticed the mess. Dirty clean-wipes scattered everywhere as though he were sick, but clearly made dirty by grease, crumpled and tossed aside when no longer useful.
Cringing, she decided to walk about and pick up after him while speaking, feeling awkward simply standing there.
"I could tell them that you're willing to colab more with pro-hero Deku."
He made a sound, but she decided to push on, dumping a sum of a dozen clean-wipes into the trashcan beside his desk.
"Unlike you, the public adores him. And lucky for you, he seems to adore you." She explained, fishing a new container of clean-wipes form her bag, placing it on his desk. "I would think giving the media a piece of your upbringing as childhood friends to rivals to coworkers will be an easy way of giving your likability a boost."
He scoffed, reaching for the fresh wipes she'd placed down in front of him, pulling out a handful to rub away the sweat of his quirk smeared on the insides and clogging up the mechanism of his gauntlet.
"Deku'd get a real fucking hard-on if I ever agreed to some pussy-shit like that."
She didn't pay his swears any mind.
"It's just a thought. Perhaps something you can bring up at your ten o'clock meeting if you change your mind on the matter." She professionally dismissed his unprofessional choice of words. "I'll think of other less crucial options that you might favor until then."
She made some more notes on her pad before continuing.
"Other than that, Red Riot wished to relay a message: he's taking the one to five patrol, and requested you take the morning. I have already made arrangements for another hero to take on the patrol between nine and one where you'll be caught in your meeting with pro-hero Deku. I can do further arrangements to clear up your entire day if you wish to prepare-"
"Nah, I'll do it." He cut her off, standing up and stretching with a yawn. "Anything else people need from me today?"
He grabbed the snack, ripping loose the paper before stuffing his face.
She watched the crumbs fall to the floor and made a mental reminder to vacuum while he was out.
"Not at this moment, but I'll be sure to let you know-"
"Fine. Leave." Mouth full as he ordered, giving a half-hearted swat of his hand in the direction of the door, shooing her off as though she were a bug buzzing about him.
She didn't take offence, rather finding her first day going off to quite the good start seeing how he hadn't yelled at her yet.
"I'll see you at nine, sir."
She turned, walking off just the way she came, opening and closing the door behind her with a soft click.
Bakugo watched her go.
That wasn't terrible.
"Fuck's this?" Was the first thing the boss said as soon as he walked into his office.
Back from his patrol, pointing a straight finger to the steaming cup on his desk while she was busy organising the documents stuffed hap-hazardously into the bookshelf, fixing the scotch bottles and glasses that laid hidden behind trash and other documents, fan mail and gifts she'd taken the liberty of opening, most of them written and drawn by little kids.
Looking back over her shoulder, she answered.
Refraining from turning around completely to acknowledge him, otherwise busy dusting the shelves.
"I ain't ask for tea." He grumbled, ridding his arms of his already dirty gauntlets on the table she'd just finished rubbing clean.
Where regardless of the unholy sight, she didn't let herself fret.
"Your nerves are static, tea will smooth them over before Pro-hero Deku arrives." She explained, finishing up with the bookshelf, turning around, taking in the muddled look on his face. "You needn't drink it, I just thought I'd give you the option of..."
She wanted to find a better word for it, but figured the straightforward boss probably favoured straightforwardness.
"A sound mind."
She picked her bag from the floor, and started heading out.
"Drink, if you wish, I'll go see to it that the conference room is-"
"What's this for?"
She stopped at his additional interruption, looking back to see him lifting the suit she'd picked from the dresser beneath the bookshelf, dusted free of rubble and other dirt, ironed to perfection by herself just half an hour before he arrived.
"The suit?"
She tilted her head to the side, looking puzzled.
"Well... it's a business meeting."
She looked him up and down, smog coating his otherwise tan sand-coloured skin, some small cuts still bleeding red.
Her brows furrowed.
"You weren't planning on going like this, were you?"
Her finger pointed at him, bobbing at his hero get-up, trashed and tethered and in no way presentable.
"I ain't dressing up for Deku." He spit the name, and she sighed and rolled her eyes at him.
"Think of it this way."
She threw her hands up in a wordless request for him to hear her out.
"One picture."
She looked him in the eye, needing to make sure he was listening, even though he'd hadn't proved himself to be one that doesn't pay attention.
"One lousy picture on Pro-hero Deku's Snapchat feed or Instagram or Facebook of the two of you in suits would do wonders to your reputation."
It was Bakugo's turn to sigh now, groaning out in exasperation.
"Don't get me wrong-" She defended quickly, noticing him slipping on his focus, needing to reel him back in. "Greasy sweaty pictures of you and Pro-hero Red Riot grant you many fans. The media loves your bromance, but that would double if you prove yourself civilised and friendly to the number-one-hero." She argued, fishing for his agreement, feeling as though she was loosing him to his irritation. "He talks of you constantly, how you were the inspiration for his hero-name, how you made him the man he is today-"
"I ain't gonna freeload of Deku's cheesy poster-boy smile." He insisted, throwing the suit to the desk and plopping down like a sack in his chair.
She huffed, small fists balling at her sides, not ready to give up and not done stating her case. Stomping up to him.
"That's not what you would be doing." She denied. "As it stands right now, the way the public view you is as a bully who cares only for one thing-" She chastised. "But sit down with Pro-hero Deku, he'll ask for a picture, like he always does, probably an autograph as well, and all you need is just grin that trademark smirk that have the girls go weak in the knees and suddenly all of Japan will know that there are plenty of sides to pro-hero Dynamight aside from being an explosive in the field."
She picked up the suit so it wouldn't wrinkle, hanging it on the minimalistic mute servant by the door.
"Furthermore, the HPSC will get off your back and won't get back on it, because that one picture with Deku will have such ripple-effects in your carrier that no one can chastise you for being too scary or unapproachable or-"
"Fine." He stopped her rambling, seeing her point. "Where exactly am I supposed to change?" He had an attitude about his tone stating he didn't really enjoy being forced to see reason, despite it being for his own good.
She picked up the remote she'd found stuffed in one of the drawers of the bookshelf, forgotten in the mess, clicking on the button she'd found out opened up for a built-in shower at the corner of the office.
She pointed like a strict mother, or a master ordering her dog around.
"You expect me to shower in front of the entire office?" He asked, tone rather childish in its aggressive sarcasm.
But she only giggled at his attitude, clicking another button on the remote he had no idea controlled anything more but the lights.
"I'll leave you to it."
The blinds rolled over all four of his window walls, the office carpeted and the lights of Tokyo city snuffed out, his glass-cage turned into a blackbox, dim moody lights brightening on their own.
She placed the remote on his desk and turned to leave.
"Call on me if you need help with your tie, sir."
Why did she have to say that?
Almost as though she knows he couldn't tie one even if his life depended on it.
He hated wearing suits.
Too tight and constricting, too easy to rip.
And warm and sweaty.
The cotton and wool doesn't breathe enough.
And it's loud.
The polyester-lining swishing and rubbing when he walks.
It's the same type of embarrassing as when girls wear heals that echo through the hallways with each pounding step.
He felt like a fucking show-pony.
An uncomfortable show-pony at that.
He thought of his assistant. How it had only been a day and she was already forcing him to act like some bloody dance-monkey, and succeeding no less.
Why the fuck was he taking advice from some brat in boots anyway?
Dressing up for a dipshit like Deku just because she told him to?
What the fuck has happened?
What the fuck did she put in that tea?
Calm his nerves?
What the fuck does that even mean?
He's always calm! He's never not calm!
He's the fucking definition of calm!
He stormed out, but stopped immidiatly at the giggling behind his door.
"So, any plans for the weekend?"
Kirishima sat on her desk, bright smile plastered on his face, the one that makes people feel as though they can tell him anything, as though they can trust him with their deepest darkest secrets.
"Why yes, actually." She replied, small secretive smile curling her lips, making her dimples pop.
"Hmm, let me guess..." The red-head chuckled a playful light-hearted laugh, wiggling his brows at her. "Sweet-pea goin' on a date?"
She gave am impressed look, mouth slightly parting before giving him a smile.
"How'd you know?"
"My excellent people-reading-skills." He boasted with a grin, before leaning down to her level, voice significantly lower, the voice Bakugo had heard him use too many times on countless poor unsuspecting ladies, each one hanging off his words like moths to fire, so quickly to burn themselves. "You've been smiling to yourself all day."
Her face flushed.
"Have I really?" She hurried out in a whisper, eyes timid like a baby-deer, bashfully looking down at her lap. "Is it that obvious?"
Dorks are so fucking cute.
Kirishima had to stop himself from licking his lips.
"You're cute, getting flustered like a schoolgirl."
The goofy smile on his face turned sharper and sharper, almost amounting to that hungry smirk Bakugo knew always lied in wait like a predator, waiting for the moment he felt he'd played enough with his prey.
"Been a while, buttercup?"
He saw the way Kirishima's eyes gleamed, thrilled and basking in making the little assistant squirm, flustered and embarrassed by his questions and flirty devil-eyes.
"No..." She said sheepishly, obviously lying, but Kirishima just found that cuter.
"But this one's different?" He pried, adoring the way she pressed her knees together beneath the clear glass of the desk, toes pointed inward at each other meekly.
"I don't know..."
Her smile was gone, eyes shy under Kirishima's domineering charisma, resisting the urge to bite her lip.
But someone had heard enough of their conversation to allow it to continue.
"Keep your fucking personal life to yourself." Bakugo barked, announcing himself, rescuing her from getting caught on Kirishima's teeth.
"Wow, Bakugo, dude-" The red-head feigned innocence, but Bakugo gave him a look.
"You got that?"
He looked to the girl who wore an expression that seemed oddly happy to see him, relieved in some sense.
"Yes, sir." She nodded, feeling her heart slow to its normal pace.
"And quit taking up Kirishima's time, he's got better shit to do than flirt with you."
He seemed angry, but she remained bright nonetheless.
"Of course, sir."
Red Riot rolled his eyes with a smirk on his face, throwing his head back with a laugh.
"Someone woke up on the wrong side of the bed."
"I ain't fucking around, Shitty-hair." The boss bit out through grit teeth. "If you're gonna stay at my agency, you gotta make yourself useful." Bakugo's voice was gruff and final, words spoken in a tone no one would ever dare defy.
All except Kirishima, of course.
"Grouchy ouchy." He commented, pushing himself off the assistant's desk with an unbothered chuckle. Giving her a wink while flashing a grin, eyes seeming a deeper more bloody shade of red than before. "See yah."
She only gave a stiff smile in return, finding the male's disregard for her personal space less and less charming for every moment she was caught alone, forced to share intimate moments with him, watching his mask chip and flake away, revealing the man she got the unsettling feeling had less pearly-white ulterior motives lurking behind that perfected pearly-white smile on his face.
"You." Her boss's piercing voice cut her from her thoughts, making her take her eyes off the retreating muscular back of the topless hero.
Gaze snapping to the tall broad figure still standing in the threshold to his office, groomed free of his usual coat of battle-rubble and instead clad in a velvet-red silk-shirt, oblivion-black vest hugging him perfectly, tailored to perfection with vines of pale-roses adorning the sides.
His scarred calloused hand gripped onto the complimentary tie in visible frustration.
"Tie this."
She sprung to her feet, pondering whether or not she should thank him for chasing the rowdy red-head away, but decided not to, while fingering the soft silk-tail to his tie.
She needed to tip back and forth on her heels and toes in order to get the height on him, still whole heads shorter, arms reaching almost as though she were to embrace him as she swung the tie around the back of his neck.
And, with having tied a couple hundred ties in her life, she made to look up instead of focusing on her handiwork.
"Your hair does that naturally?" She asked, viewing the way it had already poofed to all corners all without being gelled or blown with a hairdryer.
Looking explosive.
"Like a Pomeranian." She commented, getting the feeling he needed a distraction, where between being stuffed into a suit and awaiting the number-one-hero he seemed far too tense for her to simply ignore.
He made a grunt, but she swore his face softened just a bit. The knot set deep between his brows loosening, his gaze set forward, skimming the top of her head as she looped his tie once then twice.
"Don't ever say shit like that again."
A giggle bubbled from her throat as she smiled up at him.
"Of course, sir."
Tweaking his tie to sit perfectly beneath the collar of his burgundy shirt, brushing his shoulders down when she was done.
"I meant a proud lion, obviously."
It was disarming having someone other than the likes of Kirishima and the devil himself be so calm around him, especially a person who wasn't even a hero, especially a woman.
A small cute woman who brought him snacks and tied his tie for him, who compared him to a cuddly fluffy couch-dog the size of a football and teased him when his pride was hurt by it.
He refrained from swallowing or coughing or stuttering on his words when she caught him staring at her for just a moment too long.
He looked off to the side, serious frown returning.
"What time is it?" He grumbled.
"The current time is nine forty-eight." She answered while walking to retrieve his jacket that was left back in his office, stopping abruptly in her tracks.
The floor was absolutely flooded.
He certainly hadn't bothered trying to maintain the water to one part of the giant space, but rather spread it out to every which corner of the room.
He observed as she tiptoed about the puddles on the floor, manoeuvring to reach his desk in her cute flat-heeled boots, small delicate hands reaching for the last edition to his suit.
Again looking to the floor to avoid slipping and falling on her butt, smiling once having made it back safely to the threshold of the door.
He was half-waiting for her to throw the jacket around his shoulders and help him into it, taking a moment longer than what he was proud of to receive it as she handed it to him.
He tread on the jacket by himself, but the nitpicky assistant followed shortly, coming to his aid with smoothing and straightening it over his shoulders and sleeves, pulling forth a pair of cufflinks she'd kept safe in the pocket to her bag, attaching them to decorate his wrists.
"You have about ten minutes before pro-hero Deku arrives."
He groaned, carding his warm hands through his still damp locks in hope to dry them faster.
With closed eyes he sighed, wanting to go punch something, but with the tiny assistant standing right there, so intimately close, and smelling so enticingly good while looking so adorable and pleased with her handiwork, he didn't want to disappoint her with ripping or ruining his suit with scorch marks.
So, he opted for a less nuclear option.
"What animal is he?"
Her eyes widened as she peered up at him, his question muttered but still clear, causing her smile to widen.
She gave a false puzzled look.
"He's no animal... Green hair? He's obviously a vegetable."
Giggling, she kept tampering with the suit, making it sit perfectly, touching him so softly he wished she wouldn't touch him at all with how much he was beginning to sweat under her gentle hands stroking delicate touches over his tense and abused muscles, being so fearlessly careless around him despite his reputation for being a temperamental asshole, where aside from that, additionally, she was also doing something so daring as mothering her own bloody boss.
"Something between a celery and a broccoli." She mused. "Though-" She giggled, and his heart seemed to stutter in his ribcage at how endearing he found the fruitful sound. "There was this one time he'd been on vacation and came back looking like a carrot."
Bakugo cracked on smile.
"That fucking idiot." He laughed.
The boss was laughing.
And it wasn't at all in the same gut-wrenching manor the other pro-hero had chuckled when squeezing her thigh.
Sure, Pro-hero Dynamight was rough around the edges and a bit colourful with his language, but he was by no means the raging demon others had made him out to be.
She was left smiling like a goof, feeling as though she'd fully completely and utterly crushed it on her first real day as Mr. Bakugo's new assistant.
She walked on ahead, taking the express elevator straight to the bottom-floor in order to guide Deku to the destination of the meeting, having told Bakugo to go along with Kirishima to the conference-room.
"The fuck was that about?" Kirishima asked with his normal jockish attitude, dressed in a grey suit and a black shirt, wearing his signature apologetic toothy grin, having his hands up in defence as he followed Bakugo into the elevator.
Annoyed, he didn't bother giving the red-head a glance, standing strictly straight, eyes locked on the closing elevator doors, hands balled at his sides, a growl in his tone as he spoke.
"Keep it in your pants for once, will yah?"
Kirishima cocked his head, looking at his friend slyly.
"So... you finally like the assistant I picked out for you?"
He had that playful tone of voice that Bakugo hated, the one that was always so adamant on embarrassing him.
"She's fine." He answered curtly, still with his focus on the clean view of Tokyo city through the glass walls of the elevator.
"Cute too." The red-head pushed, just like he always did.
Pushing his buttons, pushing his temper, pushing his sanity.
"Don't you think?"
The ash-blonde could hear the type of salacious, almost sadistic, mockery kept on Kirishima's tongue, how it seemed to drip with venom, those sharp teeth waiting to spot a weakness, only to pounce and sink them in deep.
"I guess." Bakugo offered, knowing ignoring the red-head was just as much use as indulging him, thinking that keeping his words short and arbitrary would help put an end to his friend's bloodlust.
But alas, the curt answer was more than enough to have the stars in Kirishima's red eyes go supersonic.
Kirishima smirked.
"Come on..."
The boss was stupid if he thought the sturdy-hero was going to let his obvious lack of dislike towards the pretty little helper go on unchecked.
"You're subtle but I see you."
His grin glinted, eyes shining with an eager will to tease.
"The way you look her up and down when she isn't looking."
Kirishima chuckled.
"I always knew you were a momma's boy."
Bakugo sighed with a rust, pinching the bridge of his nose, trying to tune the mocking jeering of the stubborn rowdy male out of his mind, hoping to grab onto the calm he felt after talking to the assistant. The laughter of making fun of Deku now tainted by his own friend pulling his leg.
"You love seeing her clean up after you. Pick out your clothes, give you snacks... bet you wanna button up that blouse, give her tits a suck."
"For fuck's sake, Kiri, would you shut up?" The ash-blonde snapped and turned, brows set deep on his face, eyes narrowed to mere red slits as he glared at the grinning asshole he was stuck with.
"I worry about you, man!" Kirishima said in defence, worn hand coming to pet the seething threatening angry blonde's face, with no concern for being bitten, pinching and pulling on the chub of his cheek with a smile. "It's not natural to be this good looking and not fuck."
Bakugo pushed him off with a hand grabbing his collar, a snarl on his lips like the face of a wolf.
"Maybe I just ain't a hyperactive hormonic spaz like you." He seethed, letting him go with another shove.
"Yeah yeah, insult me all you want, you angry dandelion..."
Kirishima pulled himself off the glass-wall, still bearing his smile.
"But you know I'm right."
He straighten his tie and pulled on his jacket to flatten the wrinkles made by Bakugo's split-second hands-on anger.
"She's perfect for you, man. Sweet and nice, smart and tough, cute as a fucking button, and so professional, so eager to please..." The red-head listed, trying to get another rise out of the explosion-hero. "I mean... could you imagine her down on her knees-"
"Stop." Bakugo's voice was definite, carrying the type of tone that made goosebumps spring to the surface, but as usual had no effect on the sturdy-hero.
"Oh, so you have already?" He teased, smiling knowingly.
"I'm this close to punching you, shitty-hair."
Bakugo showed two fingers that were touching, but his threats hadn't spooked Kirishima in a long time.
"I'm just calling 'em like I see 'em." The red-head said, knowing they were as thick as thieves despite all the empty-threats and crude name-calling, and how the elevator was their boys locker-room where they could share all wolfish dirty secrets.
He just needed to give the blonde a little nudge and he'd soon fold.
"You wanna tap that, zip her out of that skirt, bend her over your lap-"
"I swear, Kiri-" Bakugo growled, but with less acute anger this time, a difference Kirishima had learned meant he was lowering his walls, granting him enough of an opening to cut him off.
"If you're scared, we can do it together, Kachan~" He laughed, and the blonde sighed heavily, closing his eyes, exasperated to the point of defeat.
"I fucking hate this elevator..." He mumbled.
"What?!" The red-head feigned offence, clutching his chest. "We have our most important conversations in here!"
"Fuck you." Dynamight drawled, trying his best to unwell the small smile itching to spread on his face, body slumping in defeat, hunching forward as he rolled his eyes.
"No, fuck her." His friend urged in a whisper like the devil on his shoulder.
"She's useful." The ash-blonde argued, but the red-head merely clicked his tongue at the weak statement, offering a solution.
"Then fuck her and marry her."
"Just don't touch her."
Bakugo was serious, more so than what he usually was, and Kirishima could tell by the way he looked him directly in his eye, pools of red bleeding into a set of equally red puddles.
The sturdy-hero laughed, slapping a hand on the other man's shoulder and giving it a firm reassuring squeeze.
"Don't worry, boss."
Kirishima smiled, a smile lacking the childish mockery from before, a friendly trustworthy smile, the smile Bakugo knew was reserved for only the very few that knew him through and through.
"She's all yours."
Next day, Bakugo walked into his office. His schedule, newspaper, coffee and snack were already lined up on the desk which had his gauntlets looking just shy of brand-new if it weren't for the marring in the paint-job. His hero-costume too, which he'd left in a heap on the wet floor the day prior, was not only hung to avoid creasing but washed free of rumble and smoke from yesterday's patrol.
"Bloody hell... is she a suck-up or a work-a-holic?" He breathed, noting how the floors had been polished as well, strictly clean, and that the mess that had littered the bookshelf with fan-mail and other documents he hadn't bothered to sort out was now tidy, papers neatly placed in binders labeled with easily understood titles, organised after importance. "Probably afraid I'll fire her..."
Not before he'd taken in the total lack of chaos, coming to terms with how it was still his office, getting over the feeling that he wasn't welcome in the sheer tidiness of everything, shook from the questions he voiced out loud about the assistant, was the vixen herself standing outside his door, drumming a little tune on the glass separating them.
"Come in." He granted, watching as she popped open the handle and stepped inside, same practical boots from the day before, but accompanied by white-knitted leg-warmers this time as it was a colder day. The blouse was swapped out for a warmer sweater, large on her small frame, but the skirt remained the same, tight over the curve of her ass, formfitting running down her thighs, a slit in the overlapping fabric, giving for a peek at her one knee.
It was enough to make his throat tighten.
"Did you see?"
His eyes traveled up to her face.
"What?" He nearly stuttered, almost tripping on his tongue and the water pooling beneath it.
"The popularity poll!" She squealed, walking with hurried enthusiastic steps over to his desk. "You've already risen five places! And it hasn't even been a full twenty-four hours yet!"
She supported her tablet on her forearm, resting her elbow on her hip, similar to how one would hold a toddler.
He didn't know why he was making the comparison.
Or he did...
"I always thought GEMGD was a bully, turns out he's just a bit rough around the edges. That smirk has me weak. Explosion-boy looks even hotter in a suit! Dynamight makes my heart go boom!" She read aloud. "All the comments are for you! And they're endless."
Her finger scrolled through the display on the screen, eyes running over the fan-comments beneath Deku's post of the two of them. The green-haired freckle-faced hero smiling a big gritted grin, eyes scrunched closed from the force of it, whereas her ash-blonde boss bore a more crazed expression, open-mouthed smirk stretched across his face, way huskier than his goofy counterpart who'd also had the audacity to throw up a a peace sign behind him, looking like a pair of bunny-ears; Deku's trademark.
She decided not to comment on how cute they looked.
"They're begging pro-hero Deku to post more of his quote on quote best friend."
"You said one lousy picture?"
He raised a brow, looking displeased.
She bit her lip, and he really wished she didn't as he felt the pull in his pants immediately, something twitching by the display of her looking down at her feet, something so unfairly sexy in the timidity of her grinding the tip of her toe into the floor.
"Well... what I meant was that... one lousy picture could spark something..." She explained sheepishly. "We'll still have to feed the fire a bit from time to time."
She bent down to gather the cardboard shipping package he'd ignored once stepping inside his office, dropping the large box down on the desk with a thud.
"But you're a big boy- you can survive a photoshoot every now and again, and a couple of ten minute interviews."
He should tell her to fuck off with the name-calling, but damn... he really didn't want to.
"Oh- that reminds me-"
Small hands laid flat on the top of the box, she drummed on the cardboard with her fingers.
"Heroes Fashion Magazine request you model for them."
"Modeling?" He nearly shouted, face twisted in confused disgust, offended she'd even suggest such a thing. "Fuck no."
"Well-" She ignored his outburst. "I said we'll consider it and they already sent over a box."
She patted the package put down on his desk with a smile.
"I took the liberty of taking a look and I think you'll actually find what they've come up with in your image quite amazing."
Her attitude was a nice thing in the morning, he thought, despite talking about things he didn't give a shit about.
"They've done some designs based around your trademark skull, which I think will be a huge aid, given right now it's associated more with villainous things rather than heroic, when we want to give the image of a badass and not a bully."
And there she goes with the fucking nicknames again, making his head hot.
"Also, Pro-hero Deku would like to post a picture of the two of you in your youth."
"He's already posted the class-photo." The boss mumbled.
"I believe this one is more in the time of your kindergarten days." She informed, searching through the files kept in her bag, pulling out a sheet of paper. "Here, I printed it out for you."
Laying the picture on the desk, she smiled with a tilt of her head, looking over the two boys' bright faces, her boss wearing a black T-shirt with a skull-print on it, similar to the one the paparazzi so often catches him wearing when dressing casually. She found it quite adorable and amusing how the design seemed to have grown up alongside him. Then there was the All-Might trading-cards the two of them clutched so protectively in each their small hands, their ambition of following the great hero in his footsteps clear in their large eyes.
"It's cute." She stated.
And though it was put simply, the comment nearly had him blush if he hadn't given his thigh a rough pinch to control himself, head pounding from yesterday's conversation with Kirishima in the elevator, unable to look at her or listen to her without twisting everything into a something dirty.
"I think it'll be good to show the public you were a bit of a geek."
And then there was the fucking teasing name-calling shot at him left and right.
He could prove to her how much of a geek he was. He was a boy-scouts. He still remembers every knot in the book.
He would love to try them all out on her-
"Fine." He gruffly voiced his approval, quitting his own raving thoughts.
She made a couple movements on the screen to her tablet, noting his answer.
"Very well, sir, I'll inform him."
And at that she turned on her heel to leave.
"Oi, toots." He called. "Stay."
Stopping in her tracks, she spun around and blinked, preparing herself for a correction or a scolding in the form of a loud slew of curse-words.
"Something's been bothering me."
She felt her heart climb up her throat, as though she'd swallowed some living creature who fought to claw its way to freedom through her mouth.
"My coffee’s different every time." He stated, voice strangely serious to be discussing coffee. "It’s... not bad. Just weird." He informed, and she was left with another deafening pause to wonder what she'd done that was an issue. "Is your quirk making coffee or something?"
He'd been wondering what the tiny assistant had been gifted with for a while, not having found it on file as it probably wasn't worth the effort. Deciding, as her boss, it was in his rights to to simply demand an answer of his employee.
She blinked.
Her heart rested and she exhaled in relief, smiling while giving a short laugh.
"My quirk." She repeated, resting her focus, forgetting her anticipation of being shunned and fired. "Well... uhm..."
Her brows knitted, pondering what way best to describe her rather mundane quirk to the man who literally sweats explosives.
"Boring and stereotypical, or ironic, as it may sound, it's called Assist." She informed, hands displayed in offering. "Basically... I guess... you could say that I naturally know what people need and how to assist them." She explained, but came to her own correction quickly. "It only counts for small things though..." She blurted out. "You know, like... what type coffee you'd prefer and... whether you wish for your schedule to be printed out or sent to you."
The man gave a huff, indicating his understanding.
"Obviously, you wouldn't be working here if you could cure cancer."
He wore a new type of smile she hadn't seen yet, a type of smug grin she'd expect to see on haughty jocks back in middle-school, eyes jaded, relaxed as he looked at her.
"Practically made for this job, aren't yah?"
She nearly pouted, but sucked it up and stiffened her upper lip.
"It might sound mediocre, but it sure comes in handy." She defended herself, raising her chin proudly. "So while you’re off keeping the world safe, I’ll be here tending the fort, keeping you happy."
He gave another smile and a small amused chuckle, eyes gleaming in a way she found deeply unsettling, the same type of eerie focus she'd seen displayed on Kirishima, the type of look she wanted to run from.
"Hate to break it to you, buttercup, but it’ll take a lot more than a good cup of coffee to make me happy."
She swallowed thickly, trying to keep up appearances despite feeling her face drain.
"Ah- of course, sir."
She ignored her additional sense telling her he was thirsting for something far different than coffee altogether. Wishing she could rid herself of the feeling before allowing her mind to slip and stray to what indecencies she felt were suggested in his tone, knowing she was being ridiculous for even thinking that her esteemed boss was hinting at something of the sort, knowing it was all most likely due to her own stupid female instinctive fears twisting his words.
But then she felt the unmistakable pull of her quirk telling her the truth of it.
Her cheeks heated as the treacherous urge to assist him with his needs arose like instinct, feeling the place between her thighs get hot as she busied herself with reminders that he was a public servant who protects. That he would never ask something like that of her even if he humoured the thought within the privacy of his own mind.
He was her boss.
An honourable man.
A respectable professional.
A hero.
But a man nonetheless. And she can't blame people for having urges, and perhaps... was her skirt too short maybe?
His focus left her and she felt like she could breathe properly again, still feeling dizzy as she watched his hands aim for the newspaper, his eyes skimming the headings.
"At least you’re not useless like the last one." He offered and she gladly accepted, too thankful to be let off his stare to pick up the derogatory substance of his sentence.
Face brightening a smidge.
"I'll take that as a compliment."
She brushed the icky feeling of his former attitude off on the fact that boys gotta be boys sometimes, just the same as girls will be girls at moments too, though not able to discard of the incident completely without giving her outfit a second thought and the mildly seductive gloss she wore on her lips, feeling stupid while thinking it was perhaps in her best interest to say goodbye to the tight pencil-skirt hugging her ass.
Dismissing herself, she turned her back, red eyes looked up from pretending to read as she opened the door and slipped out, leaving her boss to his own thoughts.
Her quirk should be called Housewife.
Following his schedule, he left early, the little assistant wishing him luck from where she sat working at her desk, waving him goodbye with dancing fingers as the elevator doors slowly closed and sent him down to ground level.
Patrol was uneventful in its boring four hour-long walk. A couple of small-fry villains quaking in their boots, regretting picking Pro-hero Dynamight's district as he sent them flying, leaving them to be scraped from the sidewalk up by his sidekicks.
Finding himself counting the minutes until he'd be back in the office.
Good thing it was a quiet day in the streets, what with him being so very distracted and all, conjuring up dirty pictures of his cute little assistant. Sitting at her desk with her knees glued together, squeezing her thighs close, so oblivious to his stares. Lost in her own world when planning his itinerary for him, making herself so useful for him, his pretty little helper, doing her best to keep her promise, to make him happy. Hand holding onto her pen, tip of it caught in her mouth, plump lips having no issue sucking on the small thing, making his head spin, thinking of how she'd handle something bigger.
He came back just shy of ten o'clock, happy to miss getting caught with Kirishima in the elevator again.
But, the sturdy-hero had already sowed his seeds in the muck of the explosion-hero's head, and the roots had already twisted their way through his gut, flowers blooming, nectar oozing and dripping, spilling down the vines, sweetening his senses, pollen fogging up his mind, only allowing him to think of one pretty little busy worker-bee, and how he wanted her to lick up his honey-spill-
"The fuck are you wearing?"
This was the last fucking straw. She couldn't be fucking serious with her innocent act, she had to be doing this on purpose.
She looked up from her tablet, eyes round as she processed his lack of greeting, before looking down at her clothes, trying to spot what he was attacking.
"Oh- I tripped with my coffee and spilled it all over my sweater, so I decided to- uhm- test out the product...?" She explained, pulling on the black fabric to the oversized hoodie she'd pulled on.
His trademark large white skull plastered on the front.
His head pounded, growing hotter, boiling, palms sweaty at his sides, tongue feeling heavy and large with the sting of sweet saliva pooling beneath it. Something snapped in his pelvis, drumming, pumping, growing warm and heavy, thankfully kept hidden in the expanse of his large cargo-pants.
"You should model." He let slip, eyes kept on the hoodie thrown on her tiny shape.
The cut was definitely finer, skull tweaked to look uniquely and unmistakably Dynamight. The edges were rough, decidedly unfinished. She'd tied the strings to the hood into a little bow on her collar, but he hadn't the time to bask in the details, when he was too caught up in thinking how it looked as though she'd put on one of his hoodies, mind forcing forth the thought of him having fucked her good first, made her sweaty and dumb on his dick before finishing up with dressing her up, showing the entire world how she belonged to him.
He cleared his throat, brought back to reality by the blank face she gave him, puzzled by his prior comment, undecided whether it was an inappropriate compliment or not.
He wouldn't give her any more time to think about it too much.
"Tell the magazine people they have a go on the merch."
She let his former comment slip, deciding to forget about it.
"And the modelling?"
"Thirty minutes tops." He answered, walking towards his office.
"Very well, sir. I'll inform HFM right away." The cheeriness in her tone had him curl his brows and squeeze his eyes shut, fists clenched at his sides, stiff as he opened the door.
"I have reports, don't bother me." He informed coldly, not waiting for a reply before he shut his door, never giving her a second glance, even as he handled the remote that had his blinds gliding over his windows, leaving him alone in the darkness of his office, no pretty assistant with adorable doe-eyes giving him anxious flickering looks as he unbuckled his belt and popped the button to his pants, zipping open his fly to free the painfully erect large tented bump in his boxers.
His mind reeled, letting his eyes glide close.
Where would he take her first?
His hand dipped beneath the band of his expensive black briefs, running over a bush of mousy blonde curls to wrap around the warm thickness fighting desperately against its confinement.
On the desk?
Lay her down on her back, hand on her throat, thighs spread by his hips, legs tangled over his back, keeping him close, moaning so prettily for him, perky tits bouncing on every thrust up into her tight cunt, nipples hard between his lips. She'd gasp as he bit down on the little nubs, cry out for him, eyes large and glossy looking up at him, waiting for her orders.
"Fucking hell..." He groaned, tugging slowly on his base, so sensitive he had to hiss when his thumb brushed over a particular pulsating purple vein, bulging tip blushed an angry red, a drop of pre-cum spilling sweetly from his slit, running down his shaft, getting caught on his fingers as he smeared the wetness up and down his length.
Or maybe he should bend her over it instead?
Pretty tits mushed against the desk, her small wrists caught in a cross behind her back, held tightly in his fist, cute face blushed red and dewy with sweat, pressed against the cool glass, lips parted and panting for breath, crying just a bit by how her hips would ache against the edge of the table, but blissful nonetheless with his cock filling her up snugly form behind, cute ass smiling at him, begging for him to give the soft plush flesh a squeeze or a little slap that would have her yelp and hiccup on her moans.
"Fuck..." He chewed his bottom-lip, fucking up into his hand slowly, savouring the feel of his fingers wrapped tightly, rubbing over every sensitive vein, squeezing on them just like her tight pussy would.
On his black Italian-leather chair?
Have her kneel on the seat, back curved like a pretty little kitty, ass arched up into him, rubbing against his crotch, teasing him desperately for his cock. He'd have his hand yanking her hair back, strong fingers tangled in her soft locks, making her stare up at him, her hands gripping onto the plush chair for support, nails marring the leather as he rocks into her, make her drool at the curve of his cock brushing up into her cervix, his other hand slithered around her stomach, coarse finger painting cruelly delicious patterns into her throbbing little clit.
He'd fuck her against the window.
All of Tokyo at his feet, laid bare before him, just like his tiny tight assistant wrapped around his cock, clinging to him so needfully, small soft hands holding onto him, thrown around his shoulders and down his back, warm doughy thighs hugging around his torso, squealing for him each time he snaps his hips forward, buried deep in her grateful little wet cunt. Pretty words on her lips.
Am I doing good, sir? Please, sir, I want to make you happy... I want to give you what you need~ I want to help you, sir. I want to be useful to you, sir. Please, let me be useful~ Thank you, sir~
I love you, sir.
"Holy fuck-"
He bit his tongue, feeling a bead of sweat roll down his temple.
Good thing she'd been a doll and placed a new packet of clean-wipes on his desk... what with the white mess decorating it.
The boss remained in his office well beyond working hours.
She contemplated whether or not she should knock on the door and tell him she was clocking out, but decided it was unnecessary in the end as he'd given her strict instructions not to bother him.
Coming back early next morning, walking into the spacious floor only to find her desk, not exactly cleaned out, but gone entirely.
The blinds where still drawn before Mr. Bakugo's office, where she, anxious as it made her, walked to the door and knocked.
He was prepared to bark at anyone to leave him the fuck alone, but recognising the delicate tune drummed on his door, he would make an exception.
"Come in."
"Morning, boss..." She stated timidly, as though something was amiss and he felt his gut wrench in fear that she might have heard him moaning her name all day long the day prior when he was supposedly doing paperwork reports. "I hate to ask... but have you seen my desk-" She asked, before turning her head to look over what was taking up the former empty corner-space in her boss' office.
"It's been moved." He informed while she took in the relocation of her usually lonely desk, still positioned four meters away from mr. Bakugo's desk, yet no longer separated by neither glass wall or blinds. "Is that a problem?" He dared.
"No..." She replied, still confused as to what purpose the change would benefit, but mostly if he at all would like it this way, be it beneficial or not. "But are you sure I won't be a bother?"
She's been a bother from the start.
"I ain't here too often." He explained.
"Well then..."
She fiddled with her fingers, braiding hem together as she briefly thought it over, thinking she actually wouldn't mind a space of her own where she could escape the lingering stares of one certain conversational red-haired hero.
"This is perfect!" She cheered then, not in need of more convincing. "Saves me the time of knocking."
She smiled, placing her bag on her chair, already liking her little nook in the office, gratefully admiring how whomever had moved her desk had made sure everything was still in their designated place, eyes skimming the digital clock stating the time, brows furrowing.
"You're here very early?"
Her question gave him just enough of a warning before she turned around to look at him, allowing him the time to take his eyes off her ass and wipe his expression free of the sour look he'd adopted when spotting how she wasn't wearing the skirt he'd come to love.
"I didn't leave." He confessed, flipping the page of the hero-magazine he was pretending to be absorbed in.
"Have you not slept?" She sounded worried, and his gut warmed at her sweet motherly tone, hand twitching, wanting to pet his cock despite having wrung it for every drop his balls were worth all night.
He sighed heavily, a type of growl that sounded fed-up.
"I have."
"Not well, I gather?" She pushed, as though scolding him, placing his coffee, newspaper and schedule down on his desk.
"It's fine."
He reached for the coffee, stomach fluttering for the taste of what new flavour she'd concocted for him today, though letting none of his excitement show on his face.
She hummed in suspicious thought.
"Well, you don't have patrol until two o'clock, which isn't for another eight hours."
Tapping her pointer-finger on the schedule placed before him, she continued.
"And as you have the time, where there are no ongoing big cases that require your attention at the moment, I could make arrangements for you to sleep on the couch in the conference room, or you could go home and have a nap before returning-"
"I ain't a child, toots." He glared at her, face in a frown.
She took it lightly, which only served to frustrate him even more, with how she seemed to brush away his anger like a mother does her temper-tantrum-throwing child.
"Of course not, sir."
"Then quit suggestion shit like naps." He ordered.
"Very well, sir."
She nodded, still with that small soft smile that seemed unshakable.
"Have you eaten?"
Why ask if she already knows the answer!?
He gripped the arm-rest, knuckles turning white in his frustration.
"No..." Voice in a muddled grumble, childishly admitting defeat.
"Well then..." Her tone so charmingly patronising, eyes soft as she looked at him. "Does the grown man want a snack?"
Who the fuck does she think she is!?
Poking fun at her own boss like it's nothing?!
Not just her boss, but one of Japan's greatest and toughest heroes!
Ridiculing him in his own fucking office!
He ought to teach her a little lesson...
But fuck- just give him his fucking snack already!
He snatched the offered food from her palm with another grunt, slumping back in his chair.
"Wipe that fucking smile off your face."
Her lips pulled further up into a smile, making her eyes shine.
"I'll try my best, sir."
It was late, roughly seven o'clock, and everyone had long gone home for the day. But, with the rising her boss had done in the popularity ranks, he'd received a ton of new fan-mail, which she felt the need to go through before calling it a day.
Meaning, she was there alone.
However, not for much longer, for as she was slipping the last fan-letter into it's designated binder, was someone staggering into the office.
She nearly screamed, jumping from her seat, needing to squint for a moment or two to recognise who it was, not having noticed she'd been working in the dark for the last half hour. But, as her eyes adjusted to the dimly lit room did she not only identify her boss, but also the blood staining him.
"Oh my goodness!" She squealed, hurrying over, helping him to the chair. "Are you okay!?"
It wasn't fair to him that she was this perfect.
"It's nothing." He brushed off, groaning as he repositioned himself in a strive to get more comfortable with the ache in his body.
"Are you sure?"
She sounded too sweet, too worried when looking at him, brows knitted all hopelessly, eyes large and shimmering, lips formed into a little pout.
If she kept looking at him like that he was sure to do something he might regret.
"What?" He snapped, shaking her from her blank-staring state.
She gave a little whimper.
Shaking her head just a bit, yet remained just as distressed.
"It’s just..."
She bit her lip, eyes skimming over the many bleeding cuts decorating his upper-body, no mind to the blood staining her own clothes from helping him sit down.
"It's just- uhm- your needs are all over the place."
He chuckled, unable to hold it back, finding her absolutely adorable.
"Then get to them."
It feels good having a pretty little thing fuss over nothing more than a couple of scratches.
"Isn't that your job?"
She drew in a breath, trying to toughen up with a nod.
"Of course, sir."
Walking to the bookshelf, she started pulling out drawers, mumbling some to herself.
"Assistant, receptionist, maid, baby-sitter- Mr. Kirishima should have put nurse on the list of qualifications as well..."
Coming back, she slid a rocks-glass onto the desk, lifting the diamond lid from the crystal whisky-bottle before pouring him a drink. Proceeding to pull out cotton-pads and disinfectant, resting her butt against the desk as she reached out small pretty hands, softly caressing his chin to steady him when with the other hand dabbing softly at the cut on his brow.
"Does it hurt?" She asked, eyes focussed on her task. "I'm sorry, stupid question, obviously it hurts." Dismissing herself with a shake of her head, she shut up in favour of focussing.
He didn't care much that it was a stupid question to ask.
Not when she was this sweet with him.
She continued working, placed between him on the chair and the desk she leaned on. Her knees between his knees, right in front of him. Tight black jeans, form-fitting around her thighs, over the curve of her hips, tightened in a stop at her waist with a black belt, where his large hands would sit so perfectly, squeezing her, pulling her close.
He didn't know what he was doing before it was done.
Hands placed exactly where he'd imagined them, hoisting her up to sit on the cool glass surface of his desk.
"Sir? wha-"
He grabbed her chin before she could finish, fingers pressing into the adorable chubs of her cheeks, squishing her lips into a soft pillowy welcome, greeting his lips with ease as he pushed forward, sinking in, mushing his face against hers, kissing softly, slowly and yearningly, without teeth and without aggression, but deeply, with passion, with an urge to stop breathing, incessantly, with a mellow yet disturbingly hungry bottomless obsession, with a thirst to put a fire out.
Her brows furrowed. Hands dropping the blood-dirtied cotton pad when needing to meet with the warmth of his chest, steadying him in his needy pursuit.
She had been so adamant on making it.
So determined on succeeding at this job so many others had failed in.
She was so certain she could survive crude merciless curse-words flung at her face, completely aware she wouldn't be receiving any form of appreciation back for her hard work.
She'd heard Kirishima would try his best to have his go and was prepared to block any of his advances, having made peace with the fact.
But... having brushed-off the cries of her quirk, she wasn't at all expecting to have to deal with choking on her own boss forcing his tongue down her throat as well.
She couldn't pull away, wasn't allowed to, only able to keep her eyes wide as her boss sucked her face, finally detaching with a thick string of drool connecting their tongues, his heated gaze troubling her, suddenly feeling very small, stuck and caught before his tall massive muscled form.
Her sixth sense was a boiler at this point.
"Ah- I- I think I should leave, sir." She tripped at the taste of his tongue, keeping her lips parted, hesitant on swallowing the mixture of his and her spit caught dripping, smeared and painted on the walls of her mouth.
His breath was warm on her face, panted on her glossy wet lips.
He didn't pull any further off, even after her statement, finding it quite amusing how small her tiny little hands were, placed on his chest as though it would do her any good.
Looking into her large anxious little eyes, he could only think of two things.
She'll definitely quit if he let's her leave now...
... and he can't afford to lose her...
And with that in his mind his hands moved from the chubs of her cheeks to her throat.
"Ah- sir?" She gasped, but the breath caught in her throat, kept from her by the way his hands slowly and carefully squeezed her free of air.
Her hands clung to his arms, trying to push him off, tears given just enough time to slip from her moon-wide eyes, but he remained happy when she gave out quickly.
Like a flower in a forest fire.
She awoke softly.
Looking like a scene in a movie.
A way too cute girl laid down in a bed of expensive black sheets she didn't belong in.
He'd brushed the locks of hair out of her face, half-way submerged in the dune of his pillow, small hand clutching the air in her sweet dreaming.
Soft snores left the rise and fall of her chest where he'd done the dirty deed of removing her blood-stained clothes, leaving her in a pretty pink lace-bra, cupping the light weight of her breasts in a rosey pattern just shy of being see-through, and her cute matching panties, a simple and chaste piece, but still so very tempting in it's innocence.
He'd needed to stop himself before going too far, his rough hands running over smooth plush flesh, becoming addicted to the softness before backing off with a frustrated groan, pulling his armchair up to the bed, reduced to simply watching her, studying every freckle adorning her flawless shape. Every curve, every dip, noting down some unexpected scars marring her skin, cocking his head at the marks, wondering what caused them, if she was a clumsy little thing who snagged herself on sharp things or if she somehow was a tiny little brawler at some time. He chuckled at the thought, thinking the former was more likely.
She made a moan, humming out a tiny pretty whimper as her brows furrowed, scrunching as she grasped for the light seeping in through her eyelids.
He rested his elbows on his knees, hands clasped together as he hunched forward with his lips kissing his knuckles, monitoring her with keen eyes.
"How're you feeling?"
He knew she was fine.
He'd choked her out with expertise, knowing with out-most certainty he hadn't hurt her, only merely forced her into a safe temporary loss of consciousness.
Her eyes fluttered open, stirred by his gravely tone, met with blurry surroundings.
Brows remaining curled as she blinked slowly on repeat, confused and adorable as she tried adjusting her eyes to the light, most definitely disoriented.
The poor thing.
"Scared shitless, I bet."
With eyes growing larger, and breath picking up speed she flushed and shivered on a coat of goosebumps upon the voice, finding her boss sitting in an armchair a rough meter away from the soft but foreign bed she was placed in.
"Mr. Bakugo?" She croaked, eyes growing more and more swivelled with panic, mind crumbling, spinning and splitting until it ached when peering down at herself, seeing she was in nothing but her flimsy undergarments. "I don't understand-" She spluttered. "What happened? What-"
Panicking, she tried covering herself up with the Egyptian-cotton-sheets, a type of soft comfort he bet she'd never had the luxury of feeling against her skin.
"Where am I?"
He pushed himself up from his chair and come to her side, trying to calm her down once she started hyperventilating at the sight of her bound hands.
"You're safe. M'sorry I tied you up-"
His attempt at soothing her wasn't appreciated, only aiding in making her even more panicked.
"What's going on- sir? What did I do? What did... what did you do?"
She tried scurrying away from him, pushing with the balls of her feet digging into the mattress.
"You... tried to kill me."
"No." He dismissed with a click of his tongue, grabbing her conjoined wrists as he climbed after where she tried to worm herself away from him, pulling her back to rest on the pillow. "I just knocked you out." He defended, tone casual as though it was the most obvious thing, as though she was overreacting.
"Knock me out? Why- You-"
Tears sprung to her eyes as she writhed beneath the large man, feeling smaller by the second, weak and helpless as he loomed above her.
"Quit being scared, I ain't gonna hurt you." He cooed, trying to control her struggles by gripping her waist, needing to tighten the grip where she thrashed around like a fish out of water, aiming to fend him off with hitting at him with her bound hands.
"Please let me go, please, I- I won't tell anyone, I promise, I promise, sir, I-" She pleaded, but Bakugo couldn't care for the hysteria cooped up in her ditzy little head, annoyed with her pathetic rambling, needing to make her understand the new situation.
"Shut up, toots."
His fingers found the plush of her cheeks roughly and squished them to make her still, chuckling crudely at how large and hopeless her eyes shown up at him.
"You think you can play perfect little housewife and not own up to it?"
His eyes had her frozen, glowing scarlet with crazed predatory heat, the carved knifelike smile on his face looking like that of a hyena in a hunting frenzy, eyeing cornered prey.
"Uhm- sir?" She whimpered, twisting at the stench of his breath wafting over her face with warmth.
"You stopped wearing that skirt I liked." He dismissed her. "Got tired of your quirk telling you how I needed to bend you over my desk?"
She gasped, eyes widening even more, going completely silent, dead-still under his touch if it weren't for the heavy sporadic rise and fall of her chest.
"You're scaring me-" She whimpered and his smile grew, eyes going dull, lazy with awe at her adorable little pitiful face.
"And the lipgloss-" He ignored her outcry again. "You stopped wearing that too."
He scrunched her face tighter between his fingers, making her whimper beneath him.
"Too freaked out by how your boss needed you to come into his office and lock the door behind you?"
She hiccuped at the feel of her heart jumping to her throat and how his eyes seemed to want to drown her in red.
"How I needed you down on your knees in that tight pencil-skirt, plump pink lips wrapped warm wet and nice around my cock."
"Mr. Bakugo-"
"What? You gonna make me some tea? Help me calm down?" He teased, drawing in closer, face less than an inch form hers where tears spilled rapidly from her poor glass-eyes. "Nah... what's your quirk telling you that I really need right now, huh?"
She trembled, shaking her head.
"I- I don't understand-"
"You don't understand?" He interrupted, voice pouty in mockery. "Just so innocent, huh?"
She thought she might faint when feeling his hand drumming thick sand-paper fingertips down the soft skin of her stomach.
"'Cause... to me it feels like I need to be eight inches deep in my tiny assistant's tight twat."
She started sobbing then, wanting to push him off or hold onto her underwear when he hooked his fingers into the flimsy band and starting running them down her thighs. Unable to do anything when kept levelled by the eyes staring her deep in her little terrified soul and the hand holding her cheeks, forcing her to face him. Where no amount of struggling would loosen the rope keeping her wrists together, only succeeding in chaffing the delicate soft skin found there.
"Sir, please- think about this- ah- please- don't- don't do this."
Her legs kicked, but small as she was all he needed to was push her knees aside, spread her wide, the cool air kissing her bare cunt, quivering beneath him.
"You're too obsessed with giving people what they need." He drawled, body sagging in awe at the pretty sight in front of him, her cute face torn with anxiety, caught in his hand, lips juicy wet with tears as she sucked in her breaths, in full focus on him and his hand coming to play with her scared little sex. "How about I give you what you need for once?"
"No- sir, please, stop."
She tried twisting away, tried inching further up on the bed, scurrying away from his touch, but wasn't given the freedom.
"You said you wouldn't hurt me-" She accused, voice wet and broken with hopeless betrayal, desperate to make him stop.
"And I ain't gonna hurt you-" He reassured, though acting as the farthest thing from assuring as he dipped his roughened fingertips into her soft tender folds, messaging the slit gently. "I'mma take care of you, proper care."
She felt like she was suffocating, throat tightening, tongue a heavy foreigner in her mouth, the room a taste of blood.
"Truth is, little assistant, you make me hate being alone." Tone so very gratingly overbearing, burning in her head, words like flames licking at her ears. "Only right you fix it."
She whined in protest.
"Please, sir, stop-"
Insisting in small prayers, blubbering like a little bawling toddler, lips quivering, shaking on each sob.
He lifted his hand and put two of his fingers into his mouth, gathering a thick coat of saliva on them before motioning it back between her thighs.
"I need you warming my bed more than I need you running errands anyway." He whispered, smearing the thickness of his digits between her folds, running over her clit before skewering his middle-finger inside her tight little hole.
She wrenched uncomfortably.
"Please, sir-"
Quaking on her shaking sobs with her breaths hitching in her throat, thighs jolting, squirming in small pitiful hopeless struggles.
"Shh, baby." He cooed, but she only cried harder. "I won't hurt you- promise." Repeating the vow, he placed a chaste kiss to the side of her mouth, tasting the salt of tears on his tongue. "It's just like you said..."
He continued laying a trail of wet slobbering kisses down her neck, nipping at her skin playfully with the teeth of his smirk, watching with idle eyes her chest heaving in shallow panicked breaths.
"You just keep up the good work..."
His finger pumped into her slowly, thick and boney, crooked by many years of breaking bones, both his own and others, reaching in deep, hooking into the tender spongey wall, so sensitive at the hand of his brazen confident touches it made her moan.
"You keep me happy, while I go save the world."
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yanderemommabean · 2 months ago
The only time Dabi makes you cry is when he’s eating you out or fucking you senseless. Loves when tears are rolling down your cheeks and your begging him to stop. “No can do baby, I’m milking you of everything you got”
Definitely likes to pretend he’s going to slow down and give you a breather before abruptly losing all finesse and rhythm to stun you into another mind melting orgasm.
The only tears he ever wants to see are tears of joy, laughter, and overstimulation. All of which he burns in his memory every time.
“Sweetie if you hate it so much, why are you cumming so hard? Tsk tsk tsk you know I don’t like liars”
“I can feel you gripping my dick. Your hole is so needy, you’re lucky I know exactly how to stuff it”
Of course when all is said and done an hour and a half later, he’s letting his fingers brush your sticky, sweat caked hair out of your face and giving you a soft forehead kiss. All this extreme sex will wear you and himself out, although he doesn’t exactly mind. He has the stamina for pretty much anything when horny enough!
Which is almost all the time. He’s a bit of a proud pervert honestly.
You’ll probably have an ice pack or two to use on your nether region depending on how hard he actually went, or how absolutely ruined you feel after a shower.
Again, no real complaints from either side! (Hopefully)
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