#yandere muzan kibutsuji x reader
what would yandere Muzan look like with a s/o who calls him Michael Jackson
Yandere Muzan Kibutsuji
Tumblr media
Muzan really hates Michael Jackson.
He just wanted to murder that other man.
You should only love and admire him.
At first, Muzan thinks you're crazy.
Of course, a lot of people think so when an unknown person hugs you suddenly and yells "Michael Jackson I knew you were alive."
Muzan quickly finds out that you are from another world.
This is the reason he is interested in you initially.
Muzan would like to explore your world and the people there.
So he wants to take over a world where there are no demon slayers.
We all know how owning Muzan can be.
So the knowledge that you like him just because he looks like Michael Jackson makes him want to murder someone.
But how to murder someone who has died in another world?
Muzan grits his teeth every time you call him Michael Jackson.
He will punish you every time you do so so you will probably quit quickly.
( Unless you are a masochist )
When you finally finish this Muzan will be happy.
Finally you know who you belong to.
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darlingyanderes · 5 months ago
Can you do one with Muzan and Kokushibo (bad at spelling 😂) With y/n. You can choose the content
Hi thank you for your request!! I might have gone a little ham on this one, I recently watched a movie called “Forgotten” on Netflix, and it inspired me to write this! I hope you like it (and that it’s not a straight up rip-off of the movie ooop)
Warnings: (fake) illness, drugs, explicit gore, murder, demons eating humans, manipulation/gaslighting, badly written amnesia
Word count: 1731
Take your pills - Yandere!Muzan Kibutsuju x Fem!Reader x Yandere!Kokushibo
Muzan and Kokushibo were always right. Or at least, Y/N had to trust they were always right, since her memory is so fuzzy. When the three first met, they told Y/N that she was ill and needed treatment. They claimed it was still in the first stages, so Y/N of course didn’t notice anything yet. But as they took her to the doctor and got her these pills, her whole head has just become so fuzzy. It was hard to stay in the real world and she could barely remember what she had been doing 5 minutes ago. Y/N wrote it off as the effects of the disease and that it was progressing despite all the medication.
But some things were so odd. That doctor they took her to, was that her usual doctor? Who was that person? When did she start living at Muzan and Kokushibo’s house, and since when did they call her ‘bunny and ‘darling’? The more she thought about her situation, the more questions popped up, and the harder it became to find answers. How could she, when her conscious felt like it was floating in an endless sea?
In the end, thinking became too tiresome. She decided to save herself the useless trouble of looking for answers she wasn’t going to get, and just trust Muzan and Kokushibo. She must be ill, that’s why they’re giving her these drugs. She can’t think straight, that’s why they’re taking care of her. That’s all she knew, and all she had to know.
Y/N stood at the sink in the bathroom, with a pill and a glass of water in her hand. She was about to pop the pill in her mouth, when Muzan suddenly opened the door, startling her and causing the pill to fell out of her hand and beneath the sink.
“You scared me half to death!”
Muzan shot her an apologetic look. “Sorry, I didn’t mean to scare you, bunny. I just wanted to tell you breakfast is ready. Did you take your pill today?”
Y/N looked at her empty hand. She thought that she hadn’t taken it yet, but it wasn’t in her hand. She tried digging through her memory, but it was no use: she didn’t remember even that. Judging from the glass of water in her hand and the absence of a pill, she probably took one. Right?
She grinned at him and said: “Of course! What’s for breakfast?”
Y/N awoke in the middle of the night, her eyes drowsily looking around the room. Despite having just woken up, she felt her mind was a bit clearer than it usually was. Rolling over in bed, she realised she was more aware of the softness of the sheets, the faint smell of Muzan and Kokushibo clinging to the fabric, and the warmth radiating from the empty spots where they usually slept.
Wait, empty spots?
Y/N sat up, patting the rest of the bed to see if Muzan and Kokushibo had somehow been lying at the very edges of the matrass, but it was all empty. Why were they both gone?
A scream suddenly ruptured the house. Though it was dampened by the walls, Y/N could tell it was a guttural scream of pure fear. It made the very hairs on her neck stand up. She was frozen in her bed, horrified at the silence that followed. She could only hear her own heart beat frantically in her chest.
Only when the scream came for a second time, did Y/N quickly move from the bed. The scream must have been coming from inside the house. There must be an intruder. Was someone hurting Muzan or Kokushibo? Or even worse, both of them?
She had to help them. Even if her presence would just be a distraction to stop whatever attacker was in their house for only a split second, that would be good enough.
She inched her way through the darkness of their house, following the noise, until she was right around the corner of the bathroom. The light inside was on and the screams of agony kept ringing in her ears. She grabbed her slipper as a make-shift weapon and braced herself, before jumping in the opening of the door and yelling at the top of her lungs: “Stop!”
But what she saw made her drop the slipper in her hand.
The screams weren’t coming from either Muzan or Kokushibo, but rather a deadly pale looking man in the bathtub. His eyes were red and his face was dripping with tears, snot, and blood. He was partially submerged in his own blood and was most likely the cause for all the red smears and hand prints on the bathroom tiles behind him. Even if Y/N was able to perform surgery on him, she could never save him; half of his abdomen had been hollowed out, his intestines draped out for all to see. He was littered with claw marks, and an occasional bite was missing from his limbs.
Right as Y/N had entered the bathroom, a bloodied hand had dug its way into him, tearing his flesh out. The hand belonged to Muzan, the usually neat and tidy man who now had wild eyes and a face smeared red. Kokushibo was crouching next to him, licking the blood off his fingers with that same feral look in his eyes.
With a hopeless dread in her stomach, Y/N fell to her knees. They were demons. She had been living with demons this entire time. Monsters, vicious killers, who posed as loving humans so they could have a cover and continue eating humans in peace. With shallow breaths, Y/N couldn’t stop staring at the man in the bathtub, whose horrifying final moments she was witnessing.
“Y/N? Y/N, it’s not what it looks like.”
Y/N gaze shifted to Muzan, who now turned his whole body towards her. He looked like a tiger about to pounce its prey.
“Go back to bed, Y/N,” added Kokushibo, who tried to show her a calming smile. All Y/N could see were his bloodied fangs.
Y/N shook her head fervently and crawled backwards away from them, tears stinging in her eyes. “You are monsters. You- You killed that man!”
Muzan frowned, before looking at Kokushibo. “The pills should’ve prevented this, right?”
Kokushibo stalked towards Y/N, who couldn’t move away fast enough. “I suppose there’s something we could still do to make this right.”
When Y/N opened her eyes, she was back in the bed. Light was shining through the curtains, announcing the start of a new day. For a moment she was lost in the warm comfort of the bed and the two bodies surrounding hers, but then she suddenly remembered the events of last night.
Her eyes shot wide open and she gasped when she saw Muzan’s face right in front of hers. With his usual gentle smile, he whispered: “Good morning, darling.”
When he attempted to brush her hair out of her face, she flinched backwards, suddenly scared of the long claws on his hands. However, she didn’t get far: Kokushibo pressed himself against her back and wrapped his arms around her stomach. After he pressed a lazy kiss on her neck, he said: “What’s wrong, bunny?”
“You killed him.”
“You killedhim. How could you do such a thing?”
Muzan once again moved his hand to caress her face, this time succeeding since Y/N didn’t have enough room to dodge him. With a carefully crafted worried look on his face, he said: “Sounds like you had an awful nightmare.”
Y/N frowned. “What? A nightmare?”
It was quiet for a while. Kokushibo propped himself up on his arm so he could look Y/N in the face. He looked grave as he asked: “Y/N, did you take your pill yesterday?”
Y/N opened her mouth to say yes, but stopped. She didn’t remember if she took one. Did she take one? No matter how much she dug in her memory, she just didn’t know.
Seeing the confusion on her face, Muzan sighed and shook his head. As he stroked her cheek with his thumb, he spoke: “You always had terrible nightmares before we took you to the doctor. You’d wake up and be so, so scared, just like you are now. The nightmares seemed so real to you, but they aren’t. They’re just nightmares.”
Kokushibo backed him up as he rubbed Y/N’s shoulder. “We were by your side the whole night, bunny. Right here in this bed.”
Something was wrong. She knew what she saw that night. But then again, why would they have any reason to lie? If they really were demons, they’d just eat her up if she witnessed them doing something like that, right? Demons wouldn’t care if they had to kill one more human, it’d just mean an extra meal for them. And they surely wouldn’t take care of someone like her like this. They must be right. They just have to be. Otherwise it just doesn’t make sense.
This illness really was messing with her head and her sense of reality. She felt like a fool. How could she possibly think that they’d do something like that, when they were always so kind and patient with her? She really was an idiot. In a small voice, Y/N said: “You’re right. I’m sorry.”
“It’s alright, darling, we know it’s hard.”
Kokushibo reached over to the nightstand on his side of the bed and grabbed a pill and the glass of water on top of it. Meanwhile, Muzan sits Y/N up straight, keeping his arm around her shoulders and his hand resting in hers.
“Open wide,” Kokushibo said as he held the pill in front of her mouth. When Y/N opened it, she received a pat on her head. “Good girl.”
She couldn’t help but feel this nagging in the back of her head. Something wasn’t right here. The gentle smiles on their faces, and the way Muzan patiently held out the glass of water for her. There was something hidden behind her eyes, but she just couldn’t put her finger on it. Was it really just the illness that was making her feel this way?
Finally, Muzan pressed the glass to her lips, forcing Y/N to take a sip and swallow the pill.
“From now on, we’ll make sure you take your pills, okay?”
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just-some-yandere-writer · 11 months ago
you : what if i died ?
Muzan , showing off his arm :
you : okay , but like , if it was instant . like , i ' m already dead at impact .
Muzan , showing his arm off even more :
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dear-yandere · 2 years ago
run darling run.
request: Prompts escape and punishment for Muzan.
tw. physical abuse, blood
Muzan Kibutsuji
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Your leg wasn’t supposed to bend that way.
Somewhere along the line, the pain had faded into a prevailing feeling of emptiness, or perhaps that was an after effect of how he’d conditioned you. ‘Don’t wince, don’t scream, don’t cry’ he’d command as he did such unspeakable things.
“This is what happens when you don’t do what I say, pet.” He chastised, his tone far too beguiling and amused considering the blood pooling from your wound and the sound of bones clicking out of place. Polished loafers pressed into the back of your head, digging your nose further into the ground and cutting off your oxygen. You winced, trying not to struggle despite the gash in your side and the way he twisted your leg with his free hand.
You winced, but held your tongue.
Muzan chuckled darkly, pushing harder against your head. You bit your tongue, blood bathing your lips a crimson red to match your open wounds. “Did you really think you can get away from me?”
Your answer was quick and just as repentant, but he could smell your fear all too well. You’ve grown into a wonderful pet, but you could never hide the way your heart cowered when he so much as looked at you.
“Is that so? I do believe you need a proper punishment, however…” He idly pulled on your leg, bending it from its natural position as if it were only a doll limb. As if you didn’t need it in the first place. “Any thoughts on one befitting your offense?”
“I…I’ll take a-any punishment you… think fits… m-master…”
His smile sent shivers down your skin even when you couldn’t see it.
“Clever pet.”
Your leg snapped.
Tumblr media
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tiaragqueen · a year ago
Tumblr media
✂ Pairing: Yandere! Muzan Kibutsuji x Human! Reader
✂ Word Count: 1,1k+
✂ Trigger Warnings: Possessiveness, implied stalking, blood, violence, death, murder, mention of abuse
If you like my writing, please support me on ko-fi!
Tumblr media
“Well, you know that I'm a wicked guy, and I was born with a jealous mind. And I can't spend my whole life trying just to make you toe the line.” - Run For Your Life [The Beatles]
Tumblr media
There were times when you just forgot about important things, like your lover’s species for example. There were times when daily troubles dulled your perception of the figure that lurked in the darkness. There were times when you just wanted other people’s companies, someone other than him.
And, clearly, Muzan didn’t take it well.
If you were in his position, you’d understand the jealousy that lit up his body like the burning sun. You’d understand the undeniable feeling of possessiveness upon seeing your partner walking home together with somebody else, especially if it was a woman. But was killing them really necessary?
Well, obviously. Nobody was safe enough whenever he was around, except you. But even exceptions existed sometimes, like now for example.
Your face contorted into one of pure horror as you watched red globules dribbled down Kimura's gaping mouth. He wasn’t a close friend or anything, but you enjoyed his presence. He was friendly and helpful, always trying to assist you whenever you both crossed paths. You almost considered him as your little brother due to his age and youthful face. It was a shame he couldn’t live much longer for your friendship to bloom properly.
“Kimura-san…” you whispered, helplessly watching his body collapsed on your feet. It wasn’t until you caught Muzan’s glowing eyes did the horror morphed into an entirely new sensation.
Fear for your life.
“M-Muzan…!” You wanted to ask what he was doing here. You wanted to ask why he did that. But you knew it was better to keep your mouth shut sometimes, especially when he hadn’t demanded you to speak.
Muzan calmly wiped the blood off of his long fingers and squinted at your trembling person. As much as he loved to see you cowering in trepidation, Muzan was too irked to fully savor your delightful expression.
“So, you’ve been seeing another man behind me, huh?”
His tone was even, devoid of emotions, but you knew him long enough to recognize the sinister glint in those irises. Or rather, you saw it frequent enough for you to be able to identify the slightest trace of his feelings.
He was jealous, rightfully so. And in your experience, a jealous demon was more dangerous than the ‘normal’ one. There was nothing a weak human like you could do to restrain his outburst nor avoid it.
You were screwed up. No, you’d always been that way ever since he laid his eyes on you.
“N-no, I didn’t. Believe me! He was just an acquaintance, I swear!”
Were you pleading for your or Kimura’s innocence? You didn’t know, but you did know that everything was better than dying on the hands of the demon king. There were too many variables, too many possibilities on how your life would end. Would you be tortured to death? Would he throw you to his subordinates and let them do whatever the heck they wanted to you? Would he slice your head clean like the slayers usually did to demons? Or would he jab your chest with his bare hand as he did to Kimura earlier?
And Muzan was aware of your honest account. He’d studied you, after all, from your schedule down to your embarrassing habits. On the rare chance he was occupied with something, he always ordered one of his trusted henchmen to guard you. But he opted not to show it and kept quiet instead. He wanted to see just how far would you be willing to defend yourself, or whether you’d pick the easiest yet the pitiless way of throwing the guilt to Kimura.
He wanted to see the extent of your concern towards other humans, particularly the dead ones.
“Is that so?”
The underlying suspicion hitched your throat as you frantically racked your brain for coherent answers.
“I…” Why was he asking this? You’d thought he could read your mind! Surely he already knew that you were innocent, right? Maybe you were wrong. Maybe he just learned so much about you to the point where he could predict your response.
Or maybe he was just playing with you.
You clutched your head, already on the verge of crying. Dealing with Muzan always brought immense stress more than your work and life combined.
A hand abruptly struck your cheek until you toppled to the ground. Your left arm scraped the pebbles, but it was the least of your problem. Stunned, you slowly and shakily touched your irritating cheek. There was something wet in there, and when you lowered your palm, you noticed that it was, in fact, blood.
He’d slapped you.
“How dare you doubting me.” Muzan’s eerie voice reverberated in your ears like the constant whispers of doom his presence imparted. He gripped your hair and lifted you to his laser stare, ignoring your frightened squeak and whimpers. “Tell me, do you want to die?”
He could hear your thoughts! He could hear your thoughts! He could hear your thoughts, every single one of it!
You weren’t wrong, he truly was a mind reader, and you’d made a mistake of questioning his abilities.
Biting your lower lip to repress the pain, you shook your head. “N-no, please. I’m so sorry, I promise I won’t do that again. Please, don’t kill me.” you begged pathetically.
Muzan leaned forward slightly, squinting. “And how do I know that you won’t do that again?”
You braved yourself to look at him in the eye, trying to search for deeper meaning from his question. How would you prove him? What would you do to appease his suspicion? No solution seemed right at the moment.
“I… I don’t know.”
“You don’t know, or you can’t think?”
“… I don’t know.” There was no use in lying to him. He’d already set up the situation to be hopeless for you, to begin with. Maybe this was the end. Maybe this was your last day on Earth. Maybe you’d always been fated to die on his hands.
Maybe if you closed your eyes, the agony of dying would be a bit bearable.
Minutes passed by too long for your liking before a sneer punctured the silence. Slowly, his hand that clenched your hair slithered down and wrapped your neck. You tensed almost immediately, already predicting where this situation would head. He’d strangle you until you faint, and then you’d wake up in his secret fortress. After that, you’d endure another period of insult and condescending remarks. Sometimes, he’d even abuse you again if he suspected your attention had drifted somewhere else due to fatigue or coping mechanism.
“I’ve permitted you to keep your job so you’d have something useful to do, but I see that you didn’t deserve such kindness.” He slowly tightened his grasp and relished your wheezing face. “How disappointing. From now on, I forbid you from going anywhere and stay by my side unless I order you otherwise.”
Tumblr media
Kimura: 木村
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i-cant-sing · 17 days ago
Yandere Kamado Clan x Muzan's daughter
Thinking about Yandere Kamado Clan with a daughter reader who is actually the daughter of Muzan. Muzan had abandoned you when you were still a baby, and it was Tanjuro and Kei Kamado who took you in and raised you along with their kids. You were younger than Tanjiro and Nezuko, and older than the other siblings, and while you were close with everyone, you had a special bond with Nezuko. She was sympathetic with you, especially when you would complain to her about how unnecessarily protective the whole family was towards you- never letting you leave the house unaccompanied, not allowing you to run errands, and meeting strangers was out of the question. All you were allowed to do was play with your younger siblings or help your mother with house chores, although she would rarely trust you to do anything without hurting yourself. The smallest paper cuts would send her into panic, and make your father lightly scold you for hurting yourself and worrying your mother.
Your father, Tanjuro, was a kind man. Sure, he would worry over you a lot, but some of the fondest memories you have of your childhood was with him. He used to take you to the city with him on errands, watching you closely as you explored the area. And when you'd get tired, he would always place you on his shoulders and take you back home. His heart was always at peace when you were around him, it wouldn't be wrong to say you were his happy pill. And even though he would sometimes scold you over little things that he deemed were "putting you in danger", didn't allow you to leave the house without him or Tanjiro, you knew he loved you very much.
You were very young when you found out you were adopted, overheard your parents talking about it one day, but you kept the guise up that you didn't know. Despite that, they all treated you like you were blood- sometimes you'd think they were a bit too coddling towards you even more than your younger siblings, but you like to think that they just like to put extra affection towards you because you were adopted.
Much like your father, the rest of the family loved you a lot. Your younger siblings would fight amongst themselves over spending time with you. Your mother just wanted you to be by her side all the time, and before your younger siblings were born, she would be too restless to let you sleep alone. So she and your father made you sleep between them, your mother's lullaby and your father's head pats putting you right to sleep. Then after your younger siblings were born, you shared your room with Nezuko and Tanjiro, once again, sleeping right in between them, your brother telling you all about his day at the village and your sister braiding your hair from behind.
Tanjiro, being the eldest, loved his siblings, and coddled them to no extent. Whenever he went out, he would bring some souvenir back for you, tell you all the things he'd witnessed at the market. Sometimes, when you'd beg him to take you out to, he would give in to your puppy eyes and sneak you out while Nezuko kept your mother busy. But he'd only take you out for 2 hours tops, because any later than that would not only worry your mother but also Nezuko.
Nezuko knows she is your favourite sibling, and while she doesn't rub it in her siblings faces, you could definitely see the coy smile on her face when they see you share secrets with her only. Her favourite past time is playing with your hair, and she always covers up for you so that your parents wouldn't scold you for "almost dying". She agrees that they are a bit paranoid towards you, but its only because they love you!
Days before your father had died, he looked deathly pale. He began putting a lot of restrictions on you, absolutely refused you to leave the home at all. You thought maybe his disease was making him delirious, but he even started yelling whenever you'd leave his site for longer than 10 minutes. One day, you came out of the shower, only to overhear you father whispering over and over again to keep you safe inside the house or he will come and take me away. You didn't know who "he" was, but you weren't able to find out because your father caught you eavesdropping and scolded you, before motioning you to sit by his side again. The day he died, he was very affectionate towards you, just like he used to be before. He held your hand the entire time and had a small smile on his face, whispering how you've grown into a beautiful child, how proud he is of you. Kept on repeating how you're his child, and you think that he knew that you knew you were adopted, but you still pretended to be ignorant. By the end of the day, Tanjuro was surrounded by his whole family. He told them that he won't be with them anymore, and he began giving them all advises. And when he came to you, all he said was:
"Family. This is you family, now and forever." And then his hand stopped petting your head and just as his world faded to black, so did yours.
For a few days, you had been in a coma and your family's paranoia over you only grew more. Perhaps it was the emotional trauma that made you sick, or perhaps you'd caught whatever had made your father sick, but you felt like your body had changed when you woke up. Your senses had heightened and you felt this weird energy inside of you.
Your family became even more paranoid over you, and you honestly think if your mother wasn't so concerned for your safety, your siblings would ease up a little too. Tanjiro suddenly became the man of the house, and he, much like your father, had forbidden you from ever leaving the house unless he takes you with him. Even Nezuko had changed. Instead of talking sense into Tanjiro, she instead tried to take your mind off the topic by distracting you with other stuff. It got to the point where you decided to just sneak out to the woods for just a small walk through the cold night. Only that brisk moment of relaxation turned into a terrible night as you were suddenly tackled to the ground by Tanjiro. You looked at him and you had never seen him so angry, so furious. Tanjiro dragged you back towards the house, not listening to you begging him to slow down.
When you guys reached home, your family stood there waiting for you, your mother and Nezuko had tears flowing down their eyes and your siblings looked worried. Tanjiro began yelling at you, asking why would you try to run away from your family. He didn't believe you when you said that you were just taking a walk outside, and your mother then began crying and sobbing, asking if you hate them so much that you'd endanger yourself like that, making you feel guilty. But before you could defend yourself, Tanjiro pulled you up and took you to your room and locked you in there, telling you that you won't leave the room until he could trust you again.
You thought it would only be for a day or two. But the confinement actually ended up on going for months, and while your family did try to cheer you up when they'd come in your room, they still refused to let you out of the room except for going to the bathroom. But Tanjiro still seemed to be mad at you, refusing to even visit you or talk to you (or so you thought. He came to check on you whenever you were asleep.)
Then one day, you were woken up to screaming. It was your family. You yelled for them through the locked door, banging and asking whats happening. The longer you heard them scream, the more scared you became for them. Perhaps it was the adrenaline rush, but you suddenly rammed your shoulder against the door and were able to break it down. Running down the stairs, your heart dropped when you saw the sight in front of you.
Your family lying in a pool of their own blood. Your mother, Takeo, Hanako, Shigeru, Rokuta-
Nezuko. Where's Nezuko?
You ran outside and that's when you saw her. Your sister being strangled by a man.
Without hesitation, you charged at the man and tried to punch him, but he caught your hand.
"You dare to hit me-" You cut him off with a surprising kick to his chest, making him stumble back and off Nezuko. Giving a quick glance back to check if Nezuko was breathing, unconscious, but breathing.
Then, you turned back at the man, only to be thrown against the three. Coughing up blood, you glared at the man. He tutted as he walked towards you while you struggled to breathe.
"So much hate in those eyes." He said, drawing up his claws. "Don't you know a to bow to a king when you see one?"
"No." You spit blood at his clothes. "But I know a bitch when I see one."
His red eyes lit up with fury as he slapped you across the face, his nails scratching your cheek and drawing blood. "Disrespectful brat." He began choking you. "I was gonna give you a painless death but-" He suddenly stopped as he looked at you, nose sniffing the air.
You were still recovering from the blow he'd landed on you to stop him when he swiped the blood off your cheek with his finger and sniffed it, before licking it.
"What the fu-"
You stopped mid sentence when he suddenly smiled- not in a mocking way, but a soft smile.
"I'm sorry." He said, and he almost sounded like he meant it. You could only watch in confusion as he pulled out a handkerchief from his pocket and wiped your cheek. "I hit you way too hard, hm? Daddy's sorry." He said as he checked your cheek but you smacked his hand away and glared. "What the hell are you talking about, you freak?"
But his smile never faltered. He grabbed your chin gently yet firmly enough that you couldn't pull away. "I know we fought, but that's still no way to talk to your father."
Your eyes widened. "N-no- no..." you whispered, shaking your head.
But he only nodded. "Yes. Sorry, it took so long to find you, darling." He extended his hand towards you. "Now come on. Its time to go home."
You scoffed at him. "I don't know who the hell you think you are, but you must be stupid to think I'd go anywhere with you." You said, trying to distract him while you discretely grabbed a stone to hit him.
But he saw it. "Don't do that-" You threw the rock at him, but he was able to dodge it with ease.
"I didn't want to do this the hard way." He sighed, and then in a blink, he was right in front of you. You flinched and backed away. How the hell did he move so fast?
The man grabbed your hand and yanked you towards him. "Don't be moody, we're going home, sweetie. Now, go to sleep."
Thats all he had to say before your world faded to black and you fell into his arms, the last thing you heard was him laughing.
Once Tanjiro returned, his whole world turned upside down when he had to bury his family and cope with the fact that Nezuko had turned into a demon and you had been taking to god knows where by the murderer.
So now, with his training and her demonic powers combined, the older Kamado siblings are now on the hunt for their younger sister and the demon king.
Tumblr media
Now that I've laid down the background, you guys can ask for scenarios and asks <3
I personally think Muzan is gonna be a very... loving father. Annoying and suffocating, but loving. What do you guys think?
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tinaotaku · a month ago
yandere muzan with a bold daughter? 👀
Note: *sips tea* Yandere! Father! Muzan x Daughter! Reader
Author's POV
"Didn't I tell you to stop killing these poor demons, dad? How are we supposed to defeat the Demon Slayer Corps if we have a small number of demons left?" A young demoness said while putting her hands on her hips. Suddenly, the whole fortress went silent. However, the rest of the Lower Rank Demons blinked and gulped in hope.
At the edge of the room, the young demoness can be seen. Her long wavy black hair that shines under the moonlight can put any woman to shame. Her red eyes that she inherited from her father are sharp yet adorable. It could not be denied that the demoness is the child of the Demon Progenitor.
With her sudden appearance, Muzan lowered his guard and relaxed. It could be seen by his face that he loves the presence of his only child. With a soft tone, he asked, "(Y/n), dear, what are you doing here? I thought you were sleeping,"
The Lower Rank Demons secretly beg the princess to spare them from their death. By doing this, not only do they have a higher chance to survive, but they could also see the infamous demoness, Kibutsuji (Y/n).
Not going to lie, (Y/n) was popular amongst the Demon Slayer Corps and the Demon Realm itself. She was known to be cruel, sadistic, and evil. However, some of them disagree. Most of the time, (Y/n) is kind and an understanding demoness. This could be seen by (Y/n) stopping her father from killing some lowly demons.
(Y/n) think for a bit before shaking her head, replying with "I thought I told you our agreement about killing demons in the fortress. Their screams can be heard from my room. It would be better if you killed them quickly or just let them free," She sighed as she turned her eyes to the poor demons that had been kneeled from 3 hours ago.
Muzan on the other hand glared sharply. Although it was subtle, his eyes went smaller, and clenched his hand.
He hates it.
He hates it when HIS daughter ignores him for someone else.
He despised it when HIS daughter left him alone for hanging out with Akaza.
He loathes it when HIS daughter is playing make-up with Daki.
He detests it when HIS daughter is 'playing' outside and often forgets to go back home.
He insanely loves his daughter to death. Every inch of his daughter belongs to him and ONLY him alone. He hates sharing with another person. If he could, he would lock her in his room and make her look at him and ONLY him alone.
Knowing how his daughter's reaction and behaviors, he buried that plan deep inside his heart and continues to be a good dad for her. He forgets the agreement and decided to play it funny so his daughter could let this case pass.
"I apologize, dear," Muzan said with a fake frown. "Unfortunately, these stupid demons failed their mission and their penalty is nothing but death. I thought it would be great to play with them first but I overlooked an important part,"
(Y/n) kept her mouth shut and looked at her father. Somehow, Her emotions had stirred up from her father's response. She knows that her father loves her the most. He will remember every word she had said and did not dare to break any promises. Sadly, today has been a tiring day for her and all she wanted is a good night's sleep.
"Just let them free for my sake. I couldn't hear them screaming any longer! Do you know how much their screams had disturbed me from my beauty sleep?! This is a simple agreement and somehow you can't even remember my words. I'm so disappointed in you," (Y/n) spat in tiredness. As soon as she said that, she quickly turned her back and jumped to her room which is located on the outer side of the fortress.
Muzan hid his rage and waved to her daughter's back. "I hope you'll have a nice dream, my sweet (Y/n)"
When (Y/n) left the room, the temperature dropped. Muzan with an expressionless face is mad.
He is really mad.
Without another word, he killed all of the demons. With his eyes full of love, he licked the blood that stained his fingers.
"I'll make it up to you, daughter..."
Douma sighed while looking at the crazy demon. "When is he going to stop with this non-sense called love? He killed those Demons because they stalked Princess (Y/n) on the other day, right?"
Akaza also sighed in helplessness, "You should've seen his face when he talked about Princess (Y/n). All he did was praise her beauty and intelligence. It should not be called love but instead an obsession,"
"You're right," Daki replied in annoyance, "Though the princess is a smart lady, seems like she isn't educated about this kind of thing, huh?" The 'thing' that she mentioned is the differences between obsession and love.
The 3 of them sighed again.
All they could do is wait.
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mitsuributmexican · 2 months ago
Yandere!Platonic! Muzan as your dad hcs
CW: protectiveness, mentions of death, yandere.
Tumblr media
- having the hee hee man as your dad is.. interesting
- first of all, you are HIS child
- not your mothers, not anyone else’s child, HIS.
- once he figures out about your existence, you’re his child.
- your mother doesn’t deserve such an angel like you.
- so he needs to “save” you from your mom
- chances are he nae nae’s your mother while she’s out.
- he can’t have his precious child be exposed to violence.
- you notice your mom hasn’t come home yet.
- you start to worry.
- after a bit you hear knock on your door.
- you open it, hoping that it’s your mom.
- but it’s not.
- it’s Muzan
- “who are you?” you ask
- “I am your father. Your mother stole you from me when you were an infant. Your mother was killed while she was running an errand” says Muzan
- that’s a lot for you to take in.
- “no. mom cant be dead she said she would be back!” you say as you start crying.
- Muzan hugs you.
- “ it’s alright little one. I’m here for you. You’ll be staying with me.” he says
- so he walks you to your new home.
- AKA infinity castle.
- you’re half asleep so he just tucks you in your bed in your room.
You’re finally in your real home :)
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leon-is-a-hoe-for-muzan · 2 months ago
ˏˋ°•*⁀➷  A/N : * crawl out of hiding * Omegaverse~~~~~
ˏˋ°•*⁀➷  Trigger warning : Omegaverse, NSFW, Knotting, Creampie, Masturbation, Minors and delusional people, stay away, This is a repost. 
Tumblr media
✼★ You started this mess. 
✼★ Obviously, it is because you are having the time of your month.
✼★ Aka, the time where you are extra horny. 
✼★ You could feel yourself slowly losing your mind because you are so empty and your body ached to be filled and fucked senseless.
✼★ You cannot blame yourself for being like that though. It is part of being an omega. It is in you by nature. 
✼★ And thankfully, you are blessed to be marked by one of the strongest, No, the strongest Alpha to exist on this earth, Kibutsuji Muzan. 
✼★ So, being dicked down good is the least of your worries because, umm, hello. Have you seen that man? 
✼★ Everything about him screaming BIG MAGIC DICK KING and you can vouch for that fact. 
✼★ Therefore, you, going through your heat cycle should be manageable because you are obviously getting what you want. 
✼★ But the problem lies in you trying to get what you want. 
✼★ It is because your alpha is a sadist and loves to get you to see be a desperate little whore, begging on your knees for his benevolence. 
✼★ “ Please, alpha. I need you, I need you so bad.”
✼★ That is something you would say as you lie in your neatly crafted nest, your lower body, grinding against the pillows in between your legs for some sort of release. 
✼★ The sight of you, disheveled, so whiny and needy, with your heat-filled scent surrounding the air is just intoxicating for Muzan. 
✼★ If anything, all Muzan wants to do is jump on you and ravish your body completely but hey, where is the fun in it. Right? 
✼★ “ I am sorry, my dear. I am busy. ”
✼★ Muzan would say that as he sat on the opposite side of the room, clearly not busy with his crimson orbs glued to your trembling frame. 
✼★ Obviously, he is messing with you, duh. 
✼★ So, you decided to do the same. 
✼★ I mean, if your king is not going to help you out, you gotta do what you gotta do to keep yourself sane. 
✼★ Henceforth, you slid your hands in between your legs as your [eye color] eyes glued to his teasing stares. 
✼★ Rubbing your soaking slit underneath the fabric of your panties, you whine ever so seductively. 
✼★ “ Sir, please. I-I want you, need you to fu-fuck me, so-d-damn bad.”
✼★ That obviously raises the demon’s eyebrows but that is about it. 
✼★ Therefore, the next comes to your next move, which is taking your panties off. 
✼★ Letting the small piece of fabric dangle around your ankle, this time, you run your fingers down your pink pearls as lewd moans escaping your legs with your back arched up from the electrifying pleasure. 
✼★ And that was it. 
✼★ Within a split second, your beloved demon king is hovering above you, with his eyebrows furrowed deep and his crimson orbs glistening with nothing. 
✼★ “ You know exactly what to do to get me all riled up, don’t you? ” 
✼★ Muzan would growl as he grabbed your legs to spread them apart, with his other available hand swiftly unbuckling his belt, ready to devour your heated cunt.
✼★ “ You said, you want me, right? Well, be careful of what you wish for little one.” 
✼★ That is exactly what he said as the tip of his cock comes into contact with your folds, covering it with your spilling juice. 
✼★ Leaning down to press his rough lips against your soft [lip color] ones, he smirked, 
✼★ “ You will not be sleeping tonight.”
✼★ And Muzan meant exactly what he said. He has his cock buried deep in your cunt for the whole day.
✼★ And you cant complain because that is exactly what you asked for.
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yandereaffections · 4 months ago
Hello! Could you please do hunted down with Muzan?
Tumblr media
How lucky you must be to have Muzan come for you, not sending some other disappointing demon with his blood running through their veins, but the brutal creature himself with interest in keeping you, that's quite extraordinary
You don't know what it is but you've been feeling it weigh on your back for awhile now, refusing to let it's grip cease as you continue on your daily life unable to spare the time to figure out just what it was. It followed you from beneath the ground and just within your blind spot besides you, something was there you just knew it, yet the duties of your job and chores was enough for you to dismiss it just for a bit longer
If you knew just how to identify a demon like any slayer surely you would've ran for help long ago, too bad Muzan already has his plan in motion. He needs you vulnerable, completely hopeless and in shambles from your sudden eviction from what used to be your home along with the fact you were fired earlier that day, it doesn't help that you dont have anyone that can take you in. All of this weighing you down with the feeling of the demon on your back, you'll certainly be easy to snatch into his arms, defenseless and tired, stunned by his powers as he goes to retrieve you from the sidewalk your sitting on, his plan working just as expected now that he has his pet in his arms
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what would yandere Kokushibou and yandere Muzan look like With a short s/o
Yandere Kokushibou
Tumblr media
Kokushibou wouldn’t care so much about this.
About 90% of people in that time would be shorter than him.
It would be a miracle if you were taller than him.
But it is said that your height makes your kidnapping much easier.
Kokushibo just can carry you away while you sleep.
very easy.
Kokushibo understands that you are shocked by this new situation.
And he’s going to give you time and space in the beginning.
But Kokushibo would lie if he said you weren’t cute.
This would also make him a little softer.
He loves holding you in his arms while meditating and being able to stroke your head.
You’re just so small and pathetic so he’s bound to protect you.
Yandere Muzan Kibutsuji
Tumblr media
Muzan would literally live for this.
He would really love how short and small you are.
It would make him feel really strong.
And we all know for sure that this strengthens Muzan’s god complex.
( That is certainly not a good thing. )
Muzan also doesn’t want you to be able to increase your height somehow.
So if you wear high heels you can expect that one day they will just disappear.
Muzan also loves to lift things so high that you don’t reach for them.
Then you have to literally pray for his help.
Yes Muzan forces you to pray a lot.
He gets indescribable pleasure from it.
But this also serves as a punishment.
If you break his rules, Muzan really won’t help you even if you need it.
Muzan also often holds you in your arms during meetings.
You are his adorable little pet and Muzan loves it.
"Oh Y/n you need my help again right? Do you remember what you have to do? All you have to do is ask for it *smile* *Muzan raises your chin gently* Make it my pet. After all, you can't survive without me."
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darlingyanderes · 11 months ago
How about Yandere Mizu is just holding Y/N's stomach? So Y/N is pregnant, she is slightly scared of him. But Mizu doesn't want to stress Y/N out, but...he is amazed how Y/N got pregnant. How was that even possible? He is just petting and cuddles with Y/N since he understand that stress isn't so good for the baby.
Thank you for your request!! I’m sorry, but I wasn’t entirely sure who you meant, so I wrote something for Muzan. I apologise if you wanted someone else, so please let me know if I got it wrong!! I still hope you enjoy what I wrote for you :D
Warnings: pregnancy, implications of rape, unhealthy mindset
Word count: 569
Perfect little family - Yandere!Muzan Kibutsuju  x Fem!reader
Pregnancy should be the happiest moment in a mother’s life, especially with the baby giving all those happy hormones. But for (Y/N), it was quite the opposite.
She was terrified.
With a worried look on her face, (Y/N stared at her swollen stomach in the mirror. It looked like any other pregnant lady’s stomach at first sight, but on closer inspection, you can see the dark veins shimmering through from under her skin. She heard that babies kick when they’re in the belly, but not that they almost burst through your skin. It wasn’t a normal pregnancy, but what else did she expect when Muzan impregnated her?
Shivers ran over her spine when she remembered what he did. All those nights in a row, his feverish eyes on her body, him not listening to her cries to stop; all of his talk of ‘creating a happy family.’
Her hands rubbed her stomach in an effort to soothe herself. Her child wasn’t the only thing she was scared of. No matter how many times he reassures her that he won’t hurt her or their child and that he only wants the best for all of them, he’s still a demon, a monster. But no matter how hard she tries, she’ll never be able to escape from him.
Without her noticing, Muzan had came up from behind her and slotted himself against her back, earning a yelp from (Y/N). He placed his hands on top of hers, allowing his thumb to caress her skin. While he rested his chin on her shoulder, he looked at the two of them in the mirror.
He hummed in content. They look like a perfect family. He didn’t even know that it’s possible for a demon to impregnate a human, but he sure was glad he tried it out. His heart warmed when he thought of what it would be like when the baby comes out. What should they name it? Would it look like her, or like him? Or better yet, an adorable mix of the both of them?
He gently stroked her stomach, lost in his fantasies with a slight smile tugging at his lips. It was only when (Y/N) shivered at his touch that he was snapped out of his thoughts.
She was slightly trembling and he could hear her strained breathing and her heart beating out of her chest. Her eyes darted back and forth, unable to really focus on anything. She’s scared.
But of what?
His hands trailed up and rubbed her arms as he investigated her troubled face. All of her basic needs should be met, as well as entertainment, so what could she be worried about? His eyes travelled down to her belly again.
Oh, I see.
Muzan wrapped around her as he looked at her through the mirror with a reassuring smile.
“I know, it’s scary. There aren’t any records of a human and a demon creating a child together, especially not for their first pregnancy. But no need to fear, my love. I’ll have the best doctors on hand by the time the baby comes. Everything will be okay, you and our baby will be just fine.”
He softly pressed a kiss on her cheek before placing his chin on her shoulder again. He muttered, more to himself than to (Y/N): “Worst case scenario, I’ll turn you into a demon so you’ll stay with me forever.”
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ineedavirtualboyfriend · 4 months ago
Delusional yandere douma has been haunting my mind for days
❥︎He willing to do anything to make you happy
❥︎act like a puppy waiting for his master to praise him
❥︎ "y/n-chan~~~!!"
❥︎ " ne ne i love you "
❥︎and of course will pleasure you till your limit
❥︎ tend to cum inside you "ack-!! y/n-chan f..feels s..so good♡︎♡︎!!" literally can't
❥︎ isn't that so cute to see him begging to be touch
❥︎ grinding you your thigh to finish himself if you're lazy
❥︎ no need to waste your energy , he will take care of it °•°
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just-some-yandere-writer · 11 months ago
you : would you missed me if i died ?
Muzan : it ' s funny you think death can get you out of this relationship .
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moonstruck-rk · 4 months ago
Worst of Two Worlds 1
Don’t post, copy, rewrite or translate in any platforms.
Warning: This content could be explicit sexual situations, depictions of violence or abuse, or other ‘adult’ content not intended for younger readers (MINORS DNI). Some readers may find the following content disturbing. Reader’s discretion is advised.
Summary: Born as a normal human fond of watching anime and manga with an awful life you always wonder, what will you do if you get isekai to your favorite anime? What if you got your wish come true but with bonus and problem? You don’t only get isekai to your one anime world but two?
Platonic Yandere!Father Muzan x Daughter!reader, Yandere! Gojo x fem! reader
tw: yandere, manipulation 
Word Count: 2734
AN: English is not my first language, please excuse my mistakes
Tumblr media
“I’m wondering how did you get inside my mirror,” Satoru said while playing with you on the other side of the mirror.
Your daily life is consists of playing with Satoru on the other side of the mirror, spending time with your father, and being adored by the upper ranks.
His question made you sigh deeply. You don’t have an answer to his question and what’s worst was your knowledge about Demon Slayer's Universe is different to the world you’re in. Now, you’re sure that Jujutsu Kaisen’s universe is also different from what you remember.
When Satoru noticed your mood changed, he changed the topic and talked about toys and the sorcerers. Sorcerers seem to impress you. Satoru noted that. He wants you to find him interesting, so you will always play with him.
The next day, Satoru told you about the King of Curses, Ryomen Sukuna. He thought that the story about that mighty cursed spirit will make you happy, but he was wrong.
You explained that your father, Muzan Kibutsuji, is a demon lord, and he came from the same era as Sukuna. The so-called King of Curses was defeated by jujutsu sorcerers while your father won his battle against the demon slayers. Clearly, your father is stronger than Sukuna.
Muzan was spying on you through the slightly opened door. He was happy how you bragged about him to your imaginary friend.
“YN,” your father slowly walked towards you and pat your head, “let’s go, time to study”.
“Let’s play again later,” you told Satoru, who was looking up at Muzan.
Your father carry you and it surprised him to see a white-haired boy in the mirror. While you’re busy writing and reading the books your father gave to you. He summoned the upper ranks to ask about your imaginary friend.
All of them confirmed they saw you talking to yourself in front of the mirror, but none of them saw the white-haired boy. Muzan kept silence about what he saw and monitor the mirror. He kept on showing up whenever you talk to the mirror, but he never saw the white-haired boy again.
The demon lord ignored the white-haired boy because it could just be his imagination. Your father kept your time with the mirror to the minimum and made you busy with studying at your young age. Kokushibo became your teacher for swords. Akaza is your teacher of martial arts. Your father hired the best teachers to teach you everything from Science, foreign languages, etiquette, math, and the long list goes on. There are subjects you really enjoyed and ace it with no problem. There are also subjects that you struggle. Muzan didn’t see it as your problem. If his daughter is having a problem with learning a subject, then the issue is the teacher.
Being Muzan’s daughter means you’re perfect, just like your father. There is no way his daughter will not understand a simple math problem. Your teacher is simply not competent for the job. If your teacher gets fired by the demon lord, it means they are going to be food for the demons along with their family.
Muzan never trusted you to be alone with both demons and humans. You always have one of the upper rank demons to be your guard. The demon lord couldn’t explain it to you yet, but you already have an idea why he never let you be alone. Demons might eat you because you’re Muzan’s daughter. They might think that they can get stronger if they consume you. Humans, well, they have many reasons to kill you.
Whenever you came back to your room, Satoru was there waiting for you. He noticed how tired you were, and he knew your father was not treating you well. Despite being tired, you always try to make time to talk to Satoru. You will fall asleep in front of the mirror and Satoru will do the same.
He changed his routine for you. Every night, he will prepare a book to read to help you sleep. Once you’re sleeping, he will watch you while he can before sleeping besides the mirror. Satoru also got busy with his life, but he tried hard to make time for you. He never forgets his goal, and that’s saving you from your father.
Satoru knows you never consumed humans or their blood. You just eat what a normal human will eat. He needs to save you from those demons, but he is not stupid not to realize how strong your father is. Muzan successfully eradicate his enemies, something Sukuna failed to do. Going to your world means suicide, so he will summon you to his world. Everything will be perfect. You know nothing about his world; you don’t know anyone, and you only have him. Of course, you will rely on him he is your fiancee after all. Satoru will never forget the day you agreed to marry him when you grow up.
You grow up to be a beautiful woman that both races love and hate. All the upper rank demons were protective towards you. They respect and feared Muzan, but you have all of them wrapped around your little fingers.
Doma will eat any human who dares to compare themselves to your beauty. Daki will destroy their face first before devouring those humans. Akaza and Kokushibo are proud of your skills. But no one can match your father’s love.
Muzan accepted you as half-human and half-demon. He never forces you to drink blood. The demon lord hired chefs to cook your food. He always makes sure that you only have the best. From premium meats, fresh fruits and vegetables, and teas. As his daughter, you have hundreds of shoes, clothes made from the finest materials, and jewelry.
Muzan now reigns over Japan and all the countries feared him. They always follow his orders and his opinions matters. Once, a country tried to go against Muzan and he show to the world leaders how powerful he is. He didn’t kill the world leader, but took his family and feed it to his demons. Muzan forced the citizens of that country to turn their back to their stupid leader if they want to be saved, which they did. The demon lord feeds the man to his demons and lets the world leaders to watch it. It’s a cruel reminder for everyone who has the genuine power.
Japan was the host of the world meeting and you’re preparing for the dinner party. Since most of the guests for the party are humans, the only demons allowed to join the party will be your father, you, and the upper rank demons. Of course, no demon will go against Muzan. The demons are perfect guard to protect the world leaders against any assassin or terrorist, plus they can eat those criminals.
You’re dancing in front of the mirror when Satoru came to his room. He took out his phone to take a picture, but it disappointed him to see himself in the picture. All he can do is to memorize how you look and bury it in his mind and heart.
“Are you going somewhere?” Satoru greeted you to the other side of the mirror.
“Tonight is the end of the world leader’s summit and we are having a dinner party,” you explained to him “if you’re just here, you’ll probably my date for tonight”.
Satoru’s eyes widened “wait! Who’s your date?”
“Dad, who else? As if he will let me date anyone,” you chuckled, “how do I look?”
“Not ugly as usual,” he replied while looking at you.
Akaza called you from the other side of the door to inform you that your father is looking for you. You bid your farewell to Satoru before leaving. He was frustrated because he couldn’t be with you. It’s only the mirror that connects him to you, and it’s not enough. Now that he is studying at Jujutsu high he might find a way to bring you to his world.
Your father always requires you to be beside him after the dinner party. He was always protective towards you, but it leveled up this time. You didn’t dare to ask his reason, because it scared you to make him mad.
Muzan has his reasons to be paranoid about your safety. He overheard the sons of some world leaders taking interest in you; he knows that there will be a day that you will gain feelings towards someone and he couldn’t allow that. You’re his daughter and he will let no man take you. He can’t trust any man. They will only hurt his princess and what’s worst is they are going to use you against him. His other reason was your mother escaped from prison and he’s worried that you will find out the truth.
Satoru had a long tiring day at school, but he instantly forgot everything when he saw you combing your hair in front of the mirror. He wants to surprise you, but he stopped when he saw a woman standing behind you.
You saw the woman and turned around to look at her “I can’t believe that demon let you live,” she scoffed while looking at you.
“Excuse me?” you looked at her for a while.
“Do you know that your father raped me because he wants to punish my father for leading the rebellion against demons? You’re the result of his crime, you’re truly a demon’s child.” She cupped your face hard “I heard your father loves you so much. I bet he will be sad when you die”.
Muzan was fast enough to snatch you away from the woman. Doma took the woman out of your room while your father stayed with you. The woman is mentally ill, and she killed someone before. Even if the woman is telling the truth, you know that your father will decide what will be the truth and lie.
Your mother died after giving birth to you, and that was the truth Muzan wants you to believe. Satoru hated everyone around you. He can see your father’s lies and you had no choice but to accept them. You’re a caged bird, and Satoru will save you.
Satoru became more busy as a jujutsu sorcerer and student at Jujutsu High. He needs to be strong enough to protect you, and to take you away from the demon lord.
You also got busy in your own life. Muzan lets you do whatever you want. The demon lord will give you anything you want just to keep you at his side. Muzan will explain that you cannot fall in love with a human or demon because it will destroy the balance between the two races. It might encourage humans to go on rebellion against demons if you fall for a human. Demons might not follow the rules that your father established if you took a liking to a demon.
There are times you missed Satoru, but you know that he’s already a strong Jujutsu sorcerer. Satoru enjoys watching kids playing in the park. He wished he could play with you in the park when you’re still kids. He will make sure your kids with him can definitely do the things you missed out on doing together. Satoru sees you in every mirror he looked at. He tried to communicate with you using different mirrors, but he failed.
He always looks forward to returning home because he can finally see you through the mirror. Satoru hasn’t talked to you for a long time now and he was worried about you. Things didn’t go as he planned because when he finally got home and went inside his room, he saw a shattered window piece across his room. Satoru noticed a baseball (ball) in his room. It devastated him when he saw his mirror broken. After that day, Satoru can no longer contact you, no matter how hard he tried. He thought of different methods to see you again, but none of them worked.
It has been many years since Satoru lost contact with you, but he remembers you every day, and every time he looks in the mirror. Despite his attitude, he’s longing for you deep inside his heart.
During the baseball match between the students of Kyoto and Tokyo, they suddenly felt an immense cursed energy coming from the forest. Not wasting too much time, everyone, including Satoru, headed to the forest.
“Huh? Akaza! Kokushibo! Doma!” you called for the demons who were just with you seconds ago.
Satoru was the first one to find you “YN?” he couldn’t believe that you’re now in front of him but he didn’t forget about the others.
“Pretend to be my fiancee and don’t act strange,” he whispered in your ear. He warns you right on time before everyone else found you.
“My fiancee missed me so much she went to Kyoto just to be with me, you’re really sweet,” Satoru laughed.
“Fiancee?” everyone asked in surprised.
“We are keeping our relationship a secret for a long time. I think it’s fine to let them know, right darling?” Satoru smiled at you.
“Whatever,” you replied before putting your hands in your pocket. You frowned when you felt something in your pocket and took it out “huh? Why do I have this?”
“Darling, remember you told me you will give that to me,” Satoru chuckled, and open his palm.
You looked at him for a while “there is a technique I just recently mastered. Can I try it for this?”
Principal Gakuganji admits that you have impressive cursed energy, but there is no way you can destroy Sukuna’s finger.
“Sure” Satoru smiled and stepped away from you. The others did the same thing. You took out a sword that your father gave to you and recalled Rengoku’s technique that you took from Akaza’s memory.
You throw Sukuna’s finger up and used Rengoku’s ninth form to destroy the cursed object. Satoru picked up the sliced indestructible finger of Sukuna before it turned into ashes.
“It worked.” You stared at the ashes in Satoru’s hands.
Principal Gakuganji couldn’t believe what he just witnessed “Satoru, why won’t you properly introduce your fiancee to all of us?”
You looked at Satoru who was now smirking at you, “I’m YN Kibutsuji.”
“My fiancee is strong, we are definitely meant for each other,” Satoru bragged.
The principal was about to ask another question but you turned your attention to Satoru “love, I’m tired from my long travel from overseas. I wish to rest for a bit”.
“Of course, love. Please excuse me and my fiancee,” he announced before leaving with you.
Everyone can hear Gojo praising you loudly about how you destroy Sukuna’s finger and how beautiful your technique was. What you did about Sukuna’s finger spread like a wildfire to other sorcerer families. Satoru Gojo, the world’s strongest sorcerer, has a fiancee who can destroy Sukuna’s finger.
“How about we visit Gojo’s fiancee?” Naoya asked, “maybe I can pursue her to be my wife and join our clan instead?”
"I don’t know what happened, but I was just training with Akaza and the others in the forest. I heard someone chanting something and the next thing I know I’m already here,” you told Satoru as you get into his hotel room.
“Don’t worry, I will help you,” he smiled widely.
You stared at him for a while before you slapped his face “what was that for?” he asked in surprised.
“Don’t act like you got hurt. I know my palm never touched your cheek,” you hissed at him “why did you leave saying nothing?”
Satoru sighed and sat beside you before he explain everything. Meanwhile, Doma found the sorcerer who was responsible for your disappearance and bring him to the demon lord.
Muzan wanted to kill the man but he can’t make the same mistake he did thousand of years ago.
“I can’t perform the ritual again,” the man panted after the long hours of torture he received from Muzan “I need to gather all the materials again. The plant I use will only bloom once a year”.
The demon lord screamed in frustration. He ordered the upper rank demons to find the plant that the sorcerer used. Your father couldn’t wait a year, he needs to make sure his princess is safe.
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tiaragqueen · a year ago
✂ Pairing: Yandere! Muzan Kibutsuji x Demon! Reader
✂ Word Count: 1k+
✂ Trigger Warnings: Mention of murder, manipulation
Not very yandere, but I can’t quite picture Muzan as a hardcore one anyway. And I wonder what would happen to his family if he died later, or whether they'd find out about his identity.
If you like my writing, please support me on ko-fi!
Tumblr media
“There's no way out of this dark place. No hope, no future. I know I can't be free, but I can't see another way.” - No Way Out [Phil Collins]
Tumblr media
“He… still hasn’t come home yet.” Concealed sadness subdued her already gentle voice to a near whisper. Rei put down a tray of green tea and kneeled across you, gazing at the floorboard somberly. “It’s been a month since his departure. He said he had work to do and wouldn’t be able to come home for a long time.”
Muttering a ‘thanks’, you lifted one of the cups and sipped it.
Rei absentmindedly drew patterns on her lap. “I understand that he’s just doing his job, both as a husband and as… whatever his position is. But sometimes, it can get lonely in here, especially when our child starts asking where he is.” Brown eyes, shaded by melancholy, softened. “I can only give her the same old reason: ‘father’s working right now, dear. He’ll be home soon.’
“It’s alright, though.” She quickly continued in fear of you misunderstanding things and assumed she was venting instead. And frankly, she had every right to be. “As long as he comes home safely, as long as I know that he’ll come home later, I can still sleep comfortably at night.”
Peeking through the rim of your wooden glass, you spied her forlorn face and sighed. Rei was too soft, too trusting of someone so elusive and volatile. There wasn’t a trace of grievance or loathing in her aura and words; just loneliness and yearning for some much-deserved attention and affection.
When Muzan entertained your curiosity over the particular human smell on him, you’d thought his wife would be a harridan with mighty power; hell-bent on the destruction of humankind or just plain apathetic to them. Instead, you were faced with a delicate lady and her diminutive offspring who had bumped into you on the street several months ago.
But that was what he liked, no? A naïve and docile woman. Someone willing to set aside everything for the sake of him, including her feelings. Someone who wouldn’t question the reasons behind his actions and readily obey every order. Someone who would kiss the very ground he walked on just because.
Rei was pitiful, both for being manipulated for so long without her knowledge and for believing she’d married a gentle and well-off man. Though, it wasn’t as if you were any better than her anyway.
At least, you knew you were being manipulated, despite not being able to do anything about it.
Realizing you were still quiet and she was waiting for your response, you simpered. “Yes, I’m sure he’ll return someday.”
Somewhere within the many rooms of Kibutsuji household, you could hear servants working diligently in the kitchen and her daughter playing nearby. The domesticity sent a whiff of memory that your mind unconsciously repressed the second it appeared.
“How are you, by the way, [Last Name]-san?” Rei immediately changed the subject, much to your relief. Despite being ‘complimented’ by Dōma for retaining your ‘humanly’ traits, you actually didn’t know how to comfort someone beyond a fake smile and simple reassurance. “It’s been a long time since we met.”
The barbed wire of fear prickled your brain from toying with the idea of telling her half-truth. “I’m fine, thank you. Some pests have been attacking my garden lately, but I managed to control them. At least, temporarily.”
“Ah, it must be hard to tend to your garden all alone.” As expected, she easily fell into your fable and frowned sympathetically. “But I truly admire your tenacity, [Last Name]-san. I hope the Gods repay your efforts and bless you with abundant crops soon.”
Squinting your eyes slightly at the so-called ‘holy’ beings, you nodded in bogus agreement. “I sure hope so.” you simpered.
You spent the next couple of hours chatting about trivial matters – in your eyes, at least – and bade farewell once the moon had hung a bit higher in the sky. The remaining people loitered nearby, but the town was quiet overall. Sparing one last glance at the nescient humans, you strode towards a dank alleyway and entered the portal that led to the fortress.
“How is she?”
Muzan's stately air and profound voice impelled you to drop to your knees and bow.
“She’s still oblivious to your identity, Sir.”
“And what did she say?”
“She said she understood your reason for leaving for so long and would like to meet you very soon.” you replied steadfastly. “She also said that her daughter has been asking about you.”
Muzan stared down at your immobile figure, silently challenging your statements despite his ability to read one’s minds. When he sensed nothing but the fact, he lifted his head superciliously in a masked satisfaction.
“Keep her that way,” he demanded. “and don’t let your sympathy get in the way. Better yet, get rid of it.”
For a split second, you paused. Were you sympathizing with them? No, you just... pitied them, is all. Rei had a daughter whose father kept leaving them under the excuse of work, and you happened to understand her feelings.
Though, you didn’t possess similar patience and ended up murdering your husband when you found him sleeping with that bitch-
No, no, no. Focus, [Name]. Your master was waiting for your answer now, and a failure to do so could result in immediate death.
Besides, what the hell were you thinking anyway?
Pursing your lips, you nodded. “... Understood.”
His footfall resonated within the convoluted fortress and spiked your heart. Muzan stood imposingly beside you, a fiendish glint kindled his flaming irises. You suppressed the shiver when you sensed the delight emanating from his being.
“You’ve certainly become quite an obedient dog, [Name]. I can’t say that I was disappointed in your development.” he praised mockingly. “Now, you understand that it’s better for you to just obey than foolishly rebelling against your master.”
Muzan smirked once he spotted your twitching hands. “Improve more, and I may consider electing you as one of the Moons.”
Closing your eyes, you exhaled the chagrin from his snide remark and bowed dutifully.
“Yes, Sir.”
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i-cant-sing · 3 days ago
How would the demon slayers react if they met Muzan daughter reader
Hmm, I'm thinking if they found you with either Muzan or any of the demon moons, and they didn't know you were Tanjiro and Nezuko's sister, they're most likely going to assume you're a murderous demon and drag you back to the slayer corps where they torture you for hours for information on Muzan and his plans.
Only you don't know jack shit and you don't even know Tanjuro and Nezuko have been working with the slayer corps. You pass out after a day of non stop beatings and that's when your "quirk" works. The slayers suddenly were overwhelmed with this strong urge to protect you. It was Giyuu who moved first; pushing Sanemi and Rengoku away and picking you up.
He carried you to the infirmary, where Shinobu, who was previously waiting her turn to torment you, was now on autopilot as she instantly began treating you.
One by one, all the Hashira start developing feelings for you, either romantic or platonic. Uzui Tengen only took one look at you and he instantly knew he had to have you as his child. You'd be the perfect fit in his family, his wives would absolutely adore you.
Sanemi is now developing romantic feelings for you, and Giyuu notices that and is now standing like a barrier between you and him. Giyuu is a platonic yandere for you.
Anyways, when Tanjiro and Nezuko return from their mission with Inosuke and Zeinitsu, they are both relived and enraged when they see you, all hurt and wrapped up in bandages.
Giyuu gave them a brief explanation that they misunderstood and hurt Y/n, but as soon as they realised that you were really telling the truth, they stopped. Of course, both siblings are angry, but before Nezuko could attack the Hashiras, Tanjiro stopped her. With fury in his eyes, he bowed to them and thanked them for saving you from Muzan. Everyone could feel the rage coming off in waves from the siblings, but they kept quiet. Nezuko immeadiately diverted her attention towards you and didn't waste a second before carefully wrapping herself around you. Tanjiro sat down next to you, tears slowly filling up his eyes as he looked at your unconscious form, heart heavy for failing to protect you. The rest of them left the room reluctantly, thinking it best for the Kamado Clan- or what remained of them, to reunite.
One thing's for sure though, everyone at the Slayer corps wanted to keep you with them forever.
Tumblr media
Meanwhile, Muzan is losing his shit and going on a killing spree in search for you. He's ordered the half moons to bring you back alive no matter what, or else he'll give them a fate worse than death.
At the same time, the ghost of Yoriichi is overlooking at the Hashiras gossiping about how adorable and pliable you are, and he feels at unease that you're surrounded by a while bunch of yanderes.
Eh. Better them than Muzan and his demons.
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tinaotaku · 29 days ago
yandere muzan with a cold natured daughter? like she’s cold all the time always shivering
No one POV
"I need more blankets,"
"No, you have 3 of them right now,"
"But I'm freezing right here!" You cried in sadness.
"No means no, (Y/n)," Akaza replied as he sighed. Pinching his nose, he said, "This is ridiculous! How can Douma deal with you every single day?"
"Well, I can't control the weather, Akaza! It's so cold right now I could freeze like an ice cube!"
"(Y/n), it's freaking summer right now. SUMMER! It was supposed to be HOT! Even in the evening you still can feel the heat!" Akaza groaned before walking backward. "You know what?"
"... What?"
"I gave up,"
And that's how you got another demon quits being your babysitter.
Well, it's not entirely your fault. Ever since you were born, you did nothing but shiver in coldness. Everything felt cold to you. You need more layers of clothing than people do and can't stand being in the wild. Walking outside your room is an impossible thing to do, and do not mention the outer world. You have no intention of dying to coldness (literally) and prefer to stay inside.
Nonetheless, walking outside your room is a big no-no.
Well, it can be a bit boring in here. The room is spacious and filled with different entertainments, yet spending more than a century here can make you bored.
You grumbled under your breath before pulling your blankets and covering yourself like a cocoon.
"Ah... it's so cold," you sighed. Pulling your knees to your chest, you closed your eyes and fell asleep.
Muzan POV
I opened the door as I brought another thick blanket to my daughter. "Dear, would you like another- oh," I gasped as I saw my daughter being a cute tiny little ball, sleeping beneath all of that blankets. I said this and won't hesitate to say it again, "My daughter is the cutest in this world!" Soon, my expression turned into a smile with imaginary hearts floating around my face.
Yep, you guessed it.
The strongest demon alive; aka Kibutsuji Muzan; is a simp for my daughter. (Don't worry it is a platonic kind of love)
Softly, I walked to my daughter, trying not to wake her up. She can be very scary but that story is for another time. With one swift, I throw the thickest blanket I could find and put it on top of her. It was faint, but I can hear her purred in happiness.
Though I still have a lot of things to do, I decided to kneel beside her bed and look into my own daughter's 'fortress' As I closed my eyes, I still remember how small she is when she was born. Tiny arms and plump cheeks are not what I noticed at first, but her coldness.
When I first touched her, she was as cold as ice. I swore I could mistake her as a dead baby. If it wasn't for her short breathing and gasping, I would kill her right there. I remember being lost and confused. A cold baby has no use for the great demon as me. My ego clouded my mind and I was so ready to end her short life. Then, a voice came. It told me to hug her.
Hugging a cold-ass baby? It was a no from me.
"Come on, don't you want to feel it?" The voice urged me.
"It may be a new experience for you!"
"Look how tiny she is. I reckon you will like it,"
Then, I did hug her.
It was awkward to hug a cold baby. As I held her head against my heart, she moved her fat cheek, trying to find a comfortable position. Then, I heard something that I swore that they would not come back.
My heartbeat.
It beats on a peculiar rhythm. Fast and certainly deafening my ears. Everything seems overwhelming now. Tears flew from my eyes as I put her a bit closer.
I dislike this feeling.
I don't want to feel weak, yet this cold baby made me cry.
Why am I feeling this?
Do I love you?
But you are nothing but a tool for me.
Can I love you?
My journey was filled with blood and I took the life of those who were innocent.
Are you sure you could accept me for who I am?
I wanted to kill you and leave all of this mess.
But you are too cute.
Adorable and vulnerable.
Small yet weak.
Will you follow me until the day I die?
Oh, who am I kidding? Of course, you will.
You are my daughter, perfect for the almighty me.
Isn't it a tradition for daughters to follow their dad?
I'll make sure your life is filled with nothing but me and ONLY M E.
I made an oath that I will protect my daughter until the day I die. Don't look at me like that. It was necessary to protect my child from all sorts of problems, right? Obstacles such as friendship, relationships, and enemies are nothing. Why would my daughter hurt herself for this kind of nonsense?
All you need is me, (Y/n).
M E.
No one POV
"Daddy, are you here?" I asked as I rub my eyes. I still can feel the blankets around me which is fine. However, the blankets seem a bit heavier than I remember. Oh, it wasn't my problem at all.
"Oh dear, are you awake? Would you like to have a glass of water or would you like to take a bath? I'll make sure to have Daki accompany you,"
A small yawn escaped from my lips as I changed my sleeping position. "No, I'm still sleepy, *yawn* Why are you here anyway?"
"Akaza told me that you lacked a blanket. Therefore I decided to bring you another. Do you like it?"
"Yes, I liked it. It was warmer than before. Thank you, daddy,"
Muzan chuckled as he replied, "Your welcome, dear. I'll leave you to have a good night's sleep, ok? I'll be in my lab for a couple of days, so don't worry about me,"
Muzan gently stood up from his seat. No matter how much he'd like to stay and spoiled her to death, he knew that responsibility comes first. Moreover, he respected his daughter's wishes, but before he could leave, you whispered, "Could you please accompany me? I missed you, daddy,"
It doesn't take 5 seconds for him to be at your side. As fast as lightning, you can find him inside your thick blankets. His arms gently warped around you, and he snuggled into your shoulder. "It's so warm, daddy. It doesn't feel that cold anymore,"
A low chuckled can be heard from your back.
"It's because I'm here, baby. I'm always here,"
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thefieryphoenix · 2 months ago
Hey guys, sorry I haven't been able to post anything these past few days, I really needed a break from writing for a while but I'm back now :) And I'll try posting as regularly as I can, forgive me if I don't post too frequently though since I have exams coming up too TvT
Tumblr media
Gif from: Tenor
Boy, oh boy, you wouldn't want this Michael Jackson ripoff as your yandere, trust me. He doesn't and will not view you as an equal, let me make that real clear for you. So if you have any hopes that he'll treat you well if you're kidnapped by him, depends on your behavior
He views you more as a pet to be honest. As a yandere this man here is completely controlling, possessive, obsessive, manipulative, dominant and really strict. He doesn't tolerate misbehavior from anyone, not even you. He has really little patience for that kind of nonsense
When he sets his eyes on you, you can kiss your freedom goodbye because whatever he wants, he WILL get it, either by hook or crook
He'll first send his demon minions to gather information about you and report to him on your day to day activities. When they tell him there's someone in your life that's getting too close to you and wants to pursue a romantic relationship with you, Muzan is kind of pissed and mad but also amused. Does some random puny little human think they can just get away with stealing what's his? Looks like Muzan will have to teach him and his family a lesson, a lesson for the world to remember what happens if they mess with what belongs to the Demon Lord
Don't be too surprised when you have to attend a funeral the next week for the same person. And after that he'll directly kidnap you, no further questions asked and sorry to burst your bubble sweetie, you most certainly do not have a say in this matter
Muzan also feels like it's his right to take you under his protection since you look so fragile and weak and small. How did someone as dainty like you ever last for so long in this world god only knows. And for that reason, he's also really protective over you. If at all someone needs to hurt you, it'll be only him, not someone else (He's a sadist) and be it Demon Slayer or a fellow Uppermoon or Lowermoon or a regular Demon, whatever, they lay so much as a finger on your head they will die
Will not hesitate to use your family and friends as leverage to make you behave for him. If he feels like you're stepping out of line and your boundaries, he'll return back with the heads of someone you know. You should know better than to misbehave with the Demon Lord. You won't even be able to escape from him, there are highly trained and powerful Demons keeping a watch on you for their master and they won't let you escape. And even if you do (How in the HECK did you manage to do that?!) he'll find you real quick in a matter of minutes rather and he'll start killing people and things will just get messy. You're in for a HUGE and BIG TIME punishment after you return home with him, you do NOT want to get punished by him, it's just painful and tiresome
A MASTER manipulator like I've stated before, he'll sometimes sneak up from the back and whisper things in your ear like "Only I can protect you my little pet~" and things like that. He feels rather amused at your outbursts sometimes and when you challenge him, when he's had a long tiring day, he likes to have a little laugh and he's glad you're there to provide it for him. You'll know when you overstep your boundaries though with him. But despite all this, he actually might grow to love you but it's a... different kind of love, painful and filled with pleasure at the same time if that makes sense
He will turn you into a demon soon but he'll make you depend on him for everything, he likes it when his little pet depends and needs him for something. So, the sooner you get used to your eternal form and life with him, the better
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leon-is-a-hoe-for-muzan · 2 months ago
:・゚✧:・゚✧ A/N : Alright. You asked for it and I am here to deliver. 
:・゚✧:・゚✧ Trigger warning : NSFW, tentacles, Triple penetration ( guess which holes those are ) , degradation, facial, cumflation, cream pie, just don’t read please. Minors fucked off. This is a repost.
indulging in or characterized by excessive indulgence in sex, alcohol, or drugs.
Tumblr media
“ I guess, I learned something new about you today.”
The dark-haired demon chuckled as he carefully glided his sharp claws against the jawline of the girl, on all fours, in front of him. Perhaps, if she was not so busy or if she did not have her mouth fully stuffed, she would have said something as a response. But alas, that was not the case. 
“ I must admit, you look good for a pathetic human.”
The demon said nonchalantly as he gripped her dainty little face, his nails buried deep onto hers until small crescents of blood formed on her [skin color] skin. Looking down at the girl who was diligently bobbing her head front and back, he smirked,
“ However, you look the best with my cock in your mouth.”
A whine escaped [Y/N]’s stuffed mouth when she felt a familiar presence of warm flesh on her sensitive area. Something wet and slimy was raiding her, yet it brought a sense of excitement. The [H/C] haired girl is very familiar with the unknown object that was slowly invading her private areas. After all, she has let that strange thing inside of her many many times. One could even say [Y/N] was obsessed with having it inside of her. 
The thing was no other than the notorious demon lord, Kibutsuji Muzan’s monstrous tentacles. 
“ A-ugh hmph ”
[Y/N] gasped lightly when she felt both of her openings in between her legs being stretched apart by the monster-like flesh. Before she could let out a proper moan, she was quickly stifled by the demon lord shoving his cock deeper into her mouth, thus, causing her [eye color] eyes to water as she inhaled sharply to keep calm. 
“ Do you like this? Do you like being treated like a fuck meat desperate to be fucked senseless? “
He growled as he traveled his hand to her head and forcefully grabbed a fistful of [H/C] hair. Jerking her head back and forth, he smiled at the girl who was too pleasure-filled to respond to his question, his tentacles moving in and out of both her cunt and anus. 
“ I assume it is a yes then.” 
Tightening his grip on the [H/C] locks, the demon king mumbled in the most sinister way with a crooked smile dancing on his pale lips. 
“ Well, the next thing I should do is to fill you up like a cum slut that you are. What do you think? ”
With a single rhythmic penetration in each of her holes, [Y/N]’s inner walls clenched down onto the slimy flesh of the tentacles, sending a wave of heavenly pleasure down to her core, causing her whole body to shudder. The electrifying ecstasy made [Y/N] to roll her eyes backward and almost caused her to lose balance. However, just before she fell onto the ground, Muzan grabbed her by her neck so she was still staying right up. 
“ Ah, ah, ah. You can’t pass out yet. Not before I finish.”
Once the last word of his sentence trailed off of his lips, Muzan thrust himself into [Y/N]’s pretty little mouth for one last time. With a low groan accompanied with inaudible curse words escaping his lips, the demon spilled his essence into her mouth, while his tentacles filled both of her holes with so much of his semen that it spilled out of her and caused her stomach to bulge a little.
Panting slightly, Muzan pulled his still rock-hard member out of [Y/N]’s mouth, spilling the sticky white liquid until it was smeared all over her nose, lips, and chin area while her holes were leaking with the same liquid. 
“ Swallow it all.” 
Muzan ordered as his slender index finger ran across her lips, wiping the spilled liquid and shoving the remaining fluid into her mouth. Pressing his thumb onto her [lip color] ones, he pried them apart to check whether she obliged to his order. Satisfied with what he sees, the demon caressed [Y/N]’s soft cheek, which was his way of asking the [H/C] haired girl to open her mouth once again. When she did so and took his whole length in, Muzan gave her delicate cheeks a small pat and grinned, 
“ Good girl. ”
And round 2 had begun.
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