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#yandere obey me
verityswritings · a day ago
what if yandere obey me (brothers) with a reader who hates demons from the bottom of their heart because of their past. They slowly believing that not all demons are bad UNTILL someone tries to kill them...making them losing their trust and starting to believe from what the start again...(headcanons plzzzzz)
I’ll try my best. Idk if you meant all of them at once but that would be too complicated for me to write so I went with each individually.
Tumblr media
Yandere Obey Me Brothers with Reader Who Hates Demons
⚠️ lesson 16 spoilers⚠️
TW: Yandere Content
Going with the lesson 16 incident when Belphie tries to kill mc as the incident where someone tries to kill the reader.
It’s not uncommon for demons to come to the human world and terrorize humans or try to kill them. You experienced firsthand what demons were like in your childhood. And they are terrifying. You had never been able to forget about that creature and what you watched it do to another human being. That could have been you there. And that thought never left your mind when you came to the Devildom.
Honestly, this is probably one of the reasons Diavolo thought you’d be a good foreign exchange student. Surely it will show that the exchange event was a good idea if someone like you who hates demons changes their mind because of your time in the Devildom! Perfect candidate!
Lucifer would honestly be pretty nonchalant that you’re scarred of demons and hate them when you come to the Devildom. He doesn’t develop his yandere tendencies until he gets to know you a bit more so he’s not sympathetic towards you at all at the beginning. He expects you to be scared. That way you won’t cause unnecessary trouble. He thinks it’s best this way. Until he develops his yandere tendencies.
Then he’d start to become a little mad about it. Like you really haven’t gotten used to it here yet? Practically everyone is a demon here and you’re still on edge around them all? Lucifer would then start having a little more pity for you. This is a lot to handle for you and he’d try to subtly find ways for you to adjust to being around so many demons.
Things would start to feel much more bearable when Lucifer helps you adjust and you’d begin to feel comfortable around him and his brothers because of this. Until Belphie tries to kill you.
The Belphie incident obviously threw you off and now you’re scared again. Lucifer would be pissed at Belphie for what he did. Probably wouldn’t be upfront about it, but very passive aggressive about the fact Belphie made you feel negative about demons again.
He’s not letting Belphie live this one down. Wouldn’t admit he’s got it out for Belphie, but he’s always trying to find ways to inconvenience him or punish him. Would try his best to find ways to make you comfortable again like he did the first time. Becomes very overprotective so nothing will happen again and is constantly trying to show you things will be different this time.
He’d be pretty irritated that you’re scared and don’t like him since he’s has to spend more time with you when you first come to the Devildom. Like come on! Yeah some people did threaten to eat you, but they didn’t! This is something that Mammon views as very annoying. He thinks that nothing bad is happening now and that stuff in your childhood is long gone so why worry?
His tendencies would develop earlier than Lucifer and he’d become even more annoyed when you still feel so negatively about demons. Would be a little upset and offended too. He’s not doing anything to you so why are you still upset? Maybe he should just spend more time with you. Get you used to his presence so you won’t hate demons anymore.
It’d be obvious he’s trying his best in other ways too, to make you more comfortable around demons and this is something you greatly appreciate. Slowly you’d start to become more accustomed to living in the Devildom and being around Mammon which is something that makes him very happy.
Then Belphie just had to ruin it all. It was going so well! Now Mammon has to start all over again. Pretty pissed at Belphie though he isn’t really trying to hide it like Lucifer. Mammon would be very sympathetic about all this. Giving you time to be by yourself to think but also trying very hard to get you to come around again and show you harm won’t come your way like that again.
At first, Levi wouldn’t really care about you at all. It doesn’t matter you’re full of fear and hatred to him. You’re just some normie human so it doesn’t affect him. Until it does affect him because he suddenly realizes he’s obsessed with you.
Of course you’re fearful and hate him, why would you like someone like him? There’s nothing likable about him so why would you be at ease around a demon like him? Honestly he’s not really helping anyone here with this thought process.
While he would try to find ways to make you more relaxed around him, he’s very awkward and doesn’t really know what to do. Tries his best but has no idea how to reassure you that you shouldn’t feel so negatively.
Eventually you would calm down. Until the Belphie incident. Obviously mad at him for quite awhile. He worked so hard to make progress with you and he messed it all up! Would be really petty to Belphie about it.
Levi would be trying his best to find ways to make you feel better again, but he’s really grasping at straws here. Had no idea what to do before and certainly doesn’t know what to do now the fear has been reinstalled in you. He just hopes you’ll appreciate his efforts to make progress with you again and that you’ll figure out how to feel secure with him once more.
Your insecurity around demons would be inconvenient for him, but he would mostly feel unbothered by it. Like yeah it’s a bit annoying, but it’s to be expected so it’s not a big deal.
Well it wasn’t a big deal, until he develops feelings for you. Then he’d start caring because your attitude toward him is getting on his nerves. He just wants to spend time together with you and you don’t want to. :(
Would come up with ways to get you out of comfort zone so you’ll have to become more use to demons. Will try to use methods he’s read from books about how to get someone like you and subjects similar to this.
Eventually his methods work pretty nicely and you’re out of your shell a lot more. That is until you almost die. Then you’re right back into the safety of your shell.
Perhaps Lucifer won’t be the only one who gets elaborate pranks pulled on them anymore. Soon Belphie will find many mean pranks are trying to be pulled on him. Satan would be livid over this really, though he keeps his anger on a tight leash so it’s not noticeable. Now he has to start all over again! But that’s alright, Satan can surely find new and better methods to use to get the confidence back in you!
Asmo would be surprised that you are so intimated by him. Like yeah sure he’s very pretty, but that’s nothing to be afraid of? Doesn’t really understand why you hate demons because the ones here now aren’t the one from your childhood?
I think he’d have feelings from the start so he’d be very pushy about you getting over your negative feelings from the very beginning. Sure that was one bad demon, but that isn’t Asmo or any of the other demons you know now! Asmo just has to show you there isn’t anything to hate about him and you’ll be fine!
Would try to get you to be outgoing. Surely you’ll see how great demons can be if you spend lots of time with them! You’ll see how great the Devildom is once you experience it some more!
This method is honestly not a very good one and definitely doesn’t work as well as the others. However it does help you come to realize not every demon you meet is terrible. Until you almost face death.
Then you’d shut yourself back up again and forget about being outgoing. This would make Asmo very upset. He understands of course, but he took you to so many great places and events! You met so many great people! All those memories shouldn’t have to go to waste! You remember how wonderful it all was right? Asmo thinks that he just has to find a way to reassure you that there will not be a repeat of the past and then you’ll go back to the way you felt before.
Beel would understanding of your feelings. Not trying to baby you about it or anything, but he feels sympathy for you because he knows all this must be difficult for you.
Beel would be less pushy about trying to change your mind. Would try to find ways to slowly show you the better side of demons but wouldn’t force you to see things the way he wants you to see them. You more or less just naturally come to view demons in a positive light instead of being forced to see it the way the he wants you to like the other brothers did.
Things would be well enough for you in the Devildom for a little while. Until you almost get murdered and then it’s back to the beginning. Unlike his brothers, Beel isn’t holding this against Belphie. As long as he apologizes and is sorry about what happened then Beel thinks you both should move forward.
Beel would try to get you to forgive Belphie because you’re the most important people in his life and he doesn’t want either of you upset with each other. He really wants you two to get along and will honestly start feeling upset when you don’t feel willing to make up with Belphie and feel negatively about demons again.
He understands though, things take time. But as soon as you’re given some, he’s trying very hard to find ways to show you things won’t go down the same path that they did before. All he wants is for you to be comfortable again, but he gets that it’s something that won’t happen all at once.
This one is little different. Belphie is still the one who tried to murder you, but he doesn’t develop feelings for you until after this. So it’s going to be a lot more complicated for him.
You had overcome your feelings before the incident and now you’re right back where you started so it’s very difficult for Belphie to try to find ways to get you to forgive him.
He does feel genuinely sorry about it all and does try to get his brothers to help him connect with you, but he’s gotten a bit too far off track for that to work really. He obviously can’t do anything since you want nothing to do with him and he’s caused you to look at his brothers in a negative light too so they can’t really help either.
He tries his best to find ways to make you like the Devildom again, but you’re not having it. He tried to kill you and now he suddenly feels sorry about it and wants you to like him? Nah, not happening so easily. Perhaps after time, you will find yourself thinking of the brothers in a less negative way. But this doesn’t not extend to Belphie. You just can’t find it in you.
However, the dislike you have towards demons never truly leaves because of the way Belphie wants you to like him back so much. You just can’t bring yourself to get over your pettiness and pride and forgive something so horrible that happened to you so easily. It just isn’t fair to be expected to forgive someone like him just because he had a change of heart.
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www-artforoddballs · a day ago
Request if u dont mind...?
What if yandere obey me with a reader likes call them 'Boo'
Like : hey boo
Hello! I'll take on the request, sure! I haven't had motivation to write/ideas to write for, so thank you for sending in an ask!
Yandere Obey Me if you called them "boo/beau" to get their attention
I'm assuming a reader that calls them that out of nowhere, so that's what I wrote for. Apologies if it isn't what you meant! Also I just went with the bros for this since you didn't specify
A bit caught off guard initially
If he's reading or doing paperwork, he'll glance up at you before resuming his task, a small, prideful smile now gracing his lips.
His darling had called for him: not only that, but they'd called him a new petname. That's gonna fuel his ego for at least the next few days.
Will reply after a moment and will act like nothing happened, though he'll be notably less irritated for at least the remainder of the day.
Instant blush
Sputtering and trying to formulate a response.
His darling just called him by a pet name! Don't be an ass about it, just play cool-
"Wh-what the hell do you want, you lousy human?!"
Well he's not getting a kiss later.
If you laugh it off, so will he, albeit much more nervously. If not, he'll probably become super apologetic about being a douche.
Instant blush #2
Instant denial mode, you'll need to repeat yourself again at least one or two more times for him to realize that, yes, you're referring to him
He'll start going off on the typical rant of him being a yucky Otaku
Please comfort him/reassure him, your yandere nerd boyfriend is very anxious and is feeling very self-loathing now
Will calm down after a bit, but you can't help but hear him mutter something under his breath about this reminding him of an anime...
Man doesn't even look up from whatever book he was reading
Just instantly replies with a "Yes dear?" or "Yes, my love?"
Internally flustered but doesn't let it show...who wouldn't be flustered if his darling referred to them so affectionately, after all?
Though if anybody but him did, he'd make sure that they'd regret it just about instantly.
But regardless, he loves you, thank you for the affection, dear.
Squeals in delight
You are just too cute!
Such a romantic and old-fashioned nickname, if you were any more adorable, he might just have to lock you away for his eyes only! Hey that's not such a bad idea
Also yeah, it isn't really that old fashioned, but...just let him have this.
Will instantly start to smother you with physical and verbal affection.
Only do this if you don't need to go pee or are REALLY comfortable with him following you into the bathroom, because he won't leave you alone for the rest of the day.
Instant blush #3, although not as bad as 1 and 2
Being the sweetest of the yanderes, he would smile and just look at you with so much love and adoration
Probably would scoop you up in his big strong arms and take you off so that you two could go cuddle and share some food
Just...wholesome times. He loves you, and if you want to give that to him as a nickname, he'd be delighted.
Looks at you in surprise, and is super caught off-guard, just like Lucifer
The shock would quickly wear off, and the world's tiniest smile would come to his face.
Would tug you down to him for a nap, but, then again, what else is new?
Doesn't really have a huge reaction like most of the others, but is very clearly happy, especially when he holds you even tighter to him than normal.
"Mmh...I love you too. Now go to sleep, 'Kay...?"
Man has a vice grip that's even tighter with the power of obsessive love, so again, like Asmo, only do this if you're chill with not getting up for a while.
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iyumeu · 3 months ago
spirit guardian
You call forth spirits to protect you. They flit around you to a distance of 15 feet for the duration. If you are good or neutral, their spectral form appears angelic or fey (your choice). If you are evil, they appear fiendish.
summary: you've been trying to keep things under wraps but when the bullying escalated and you find your life in danger, your demon finds out and the results are... not pretty. warnings: gore, blood, violence, body horror, self-mutilation, the boys are a little dark in this one, i would say hints of yandere, im not that good of a gore writer though so like if you're super into gore please dont expect much, but please read the warnings before each segment thank you.
You didn't want to admit it, but you were being bullied.
You had always known that the demon brothers had their own responsibilities to deal with and couldn't be with you all the time. The sentiment stretched over to your problems as well. They definitely had better things to concern themselves with and you weren't about to bother them with your insignificant issues, especially petty issues that surfaced from demons' general dislike of humans.
It wasn't anything you couldn't handle, really; acidic words spat at you in whispers, torn books here and there, a subtle exclusion from classroom activities... Small, inconsequential things that made you amused on a good day and irritated on a bad one. Harmless.
Or so you thought.
When the foot swung into your stomach, you swore you heard a sickening crack and you were flung into the wall behind you. Blood gurgled in your mouth and you spat it out on the ground in front of you.
Stupid, stupid, stupid. After spending an entire year in the Devildom and making a pact with all of the demon brothers, you had gotten complacent. Believing your bullies to be merely harmless schoolyard types, you had followed them to a shady and secluded part of the R.A.D. because they wanted to "talk".
You had paid dearly for carelessness, completely caught off guard when one of them pierced you with a sharp jab of their arm. You remember feeling nothing but winded at first, shock numbing your nerves until you saw red trailing down their hand, dripping off the sharpened claws of their nails.
It was then that a scorching pain spread out from the gored out hole in your abdomen, spreading out to the rest of your body.
In hindsight, everything happened so fast. Before you knew it, you were slumped over on the floor and bleeding out. Even through your blurry vision the demons' malicious glee was clear as day.
"Not so proud now, are you?" one of them spat out. "Always looking down on us just because you were hanging off the arms of the Lords of Hell. Guess we're the ones looking down on you now!"
You were starting to shiver from the cold as blood soaked through your clothes, watching the demons advance while wondering if you were really going to die from as something as petty as this.
And then, one of your pact marks flared to life.
⭒☆━━━━━━━━✿Ꮚ´•̥̥̥ ‸ •̥̥̥Ꮚ✿━━━━━━━━☆⭒
cw: body horror
A single black feather slowly drifted down onto the ground before you. The rest of the world turned hazy as your gaze focused onto the feather, long and elegant and delicate, watching as it fell into a pool of your blood. A pair of polished black shoes entered your line of sight before their owner crouched down in front of you, uncaring of the blood seeping into and staining his clothes.
A gloved hand reached out to cup your cheek, a gentle touch against your skin, and you sluggishly moved your gaze up to Lucifer's face.
"MC," he sighed. His eyes were dark, a complete contrast to the tender look on his face. "Whatever shall I do with you?"
His wings stretched out behind him, a dark expanse of feathers that curled around the both of you, separating you from the world... and the world from you.
"Lucifer," you began, but he was quick to press his thumb against your bottom lip, halting your words.
"This isn't a one-off, I assume?" he asked despite already knowing the answer. You avert your gaze and he sighs again. "Why didn't you tell us? Why didn't you tell me?"
"I didn't want to bother you," you said.
"I see." Lucifer's hand moved to pull out a black silk handkerchief, using it to clean the blood off your face. "Then it seems that I have failed you, if you believe that relying on me was not an option at all."
"That's not true...!" You were interrupted by Lucifer gathering you in his arms, while he took care to avoid your wounds as much as possible. With a gentle hand, he guided you to rest your head against his shoulder as he slowly shifted to a standing position, ready to bring you back to the House of Lamentations. His arms were warm around you, a comforting presence that made you feel safe and secure. You felt that, if you were by his side, you would never run into harm again.
It was then that you finally remembered your bullies, the ones who had put you in this state in the first place. Had they left the area, running off at the sight of Lucifer? That was most likely the case, you thought, but you still couldn't help but peer over Lucifer's shoulder and through the gaps of his wings, to check.
Your breath caught in your throat. Lucifer immediately placed a hand over your eyes.
"Shhh," he said. "Don't dirty your eyes with such a disgusting sight."
It was now that you were finally aware of a strange and disturbing cracking sound coming from behind Lucifer. A brand new chill settled down upon you, your body seizing up with fear. Suddenly, you wanted nothing but to put space between Lucifer and yourself.
As if he were aware of your thoughts, Lucifer shifted his hand from your eye to the back of your head, cradling you close to his body as he started to walk away from the scene. His wings were properly positioned this time and you were unable to peer through them.
Lucifer Morningstar. The First-Born. One of the strongest Lords of Hell. These titles hadn't meant anything to you before, but now they were are the forefront of your mind. The glimpse you had stolen before Lucifer turned your gaze away was now burnt into your retinas.
Your bullies' bodies hovered in the air with their limbs stretched impossibly long, curled up and tangled around their twisted bodies like a grotesque ball of yarn. Their mouths were torn open, jaws dislodged and handing horrible from their skull, eyes wide as they screamed silently for someone, anyone to put them out of their misery.
You knew that they would not die, not until someone found them and decided to kill them. And, considering the area they were in, it would take an extremely long time before someone were to chance upon them.
They had planned to use the remoteness of the location against you. They never could have thought that it would be used against them in the same way. This was something Lucifer had definitely taken into consideration.
Lucifer's arms were a cage around you; what was once comforting now felt suffocating.
"Lucifer," you managed to force out. You felt him lean down and press a kiss against your hair.
"It seems that I have to teach you how to be more reliant on me," Lucifer said in a tone as if he were speaking about the weather. "It wouldn't do for something like this to happen again."
"It won't," you were quick to say. "It won't happen again, I promise."
Lucifer looked down at you. You were the only thing reflected in his eyes as he gave a small, gentle smile that gave you a sense of dread that went down to your very bones.
"Don't worry, little lamb. For you, I will be a very forgiving master."
cw: violence and a lil bit of gore
The sudden caw of a crow drew the attention of your bullies. You tried to take the chance to stand up and run but merely shifting in place caused the pain in your abdomen to flare up, white hot and blinding. You hiss through your teeth, swallowing your yelp of pain.
There is a second caw. You look up and see at least a dozen crows perched up on windowsills and tree branches, their heads tilted in the direction of your bullies and their dark eyes glinting with something that invoked a sense of unease within you.
"Why are y'all distracted by a bunch of birds?" the lead demon barked out. They were not doing a good job of masking their apprehension. "We're here to teach this pathetic human a lesson, not gawk at crows!"
"But aren't those..." another student began.
The flutter of wings echo all around. More crows land on nearby fixtures; ten, fifteen, twenty. You slowly look up and see more black shapes flying in the sky above, circling the area like vultures to their prey. You hear the sound of wings flapping once again, closer this time, and Mammon lands in front of you, wings spread and in his demon form.
"...aren't those Lord Mammon's crows?" the student finished weakly. The demons were looking pale now, realizing just what they had done. You paid their expression no notice, filled with relief now that your guardian demon is here. Mammon, who despite his reputation, was always your reliable protector. Mammon, who always went out of his way to ensure your safety in the Devildom. Mammon, who... who was holding one of the demons up by their skull, uncaring of their struggles and pleas as their hands scramble against Mammon's, their toes skimming the ground. The other two demons were already running off, uncaring of their companion but Mammon didn't seem to notice, his attention on the demon in front of him.
In the back of your mind, you noticed that the demon was the one who had stabbed you with their hand.
"Mammon?" your voice came out in a whisper. The demon's pleas turn into screams of agony as Mammon tightened his grip. "Mammon!"
Mammon turned to you, eyes bright and feverish.
"Don't worry, MC," Mammon chirped. "I'll be quick!"
Mammon didn't lie. Immediately after his words, there was a frenzy of feathers and caws and screams. Just as quickly as it happened, the crows dispersed and the body dropped to the ground with a sickening thump, an unrecognizable, bloodied version of itself.
Mammon was holding something in his hands and, after he made his way back to you, he placed it in your lap. The blood-soaked wallet seemed to weigh a ton, its blood further staining your uniform. Mammon was beaming, standing in front of you like a dog waiting to be praised.
"That's compensation!" he said in his usual, nonchalant tone. "You deserve it after what they put ya through!"
Another caw sounded out and you couldn't help but flinch violently. Mammon was immediately kneeling beside you, soothing you with his bloodied hands. The sickening smell of bloodrust grew stronger with his proximity and you fought the urge to lean away.
A few crows hopped towards you, dropping more bloodied items onto the ground beside you. Staring blankly at those items, you recognize them as the necklace one of the other demons had on, a ring one of the demons who had fled the scene had worn, a earring, a tooth, bits of gold-tipped fingernails...
You lurched to the side, uncaring of the pain that bloomed in your abdomen, and started heaving. Mammon gently pat your back, trying to comfort you. It only made you more nauseous, the scent of blood overwhelming your senses once again.
For the first time since you arrived in Devildom, Mammon's presence invoked a sense of fear within you.
"I should've stayed by your side," you heard Mammon mutter. "Shouldn't have allowed those bastards to get to ya."
"Mammon..." You could predict the trajectory of his thoughts and desperately wished you were wrong. "It's not your fault," you choked out. Please, please, please—
"But it was!" Mammon argued. "If I were always by your side, they wouldn't have had the chance to even touch you!"
"It was my fault," you begged. "I didn't want to bother you so I didn't say anything!"
Mammon frowned. "I didn't think you needed protecting even from yourself."
oh. oh no.
Mammon carefully scooped you up into his arms. This time you could not help your flinch, but Mammon didn't seem to notice.
"It's okay!" Mammon said cheerfully. "If you can't take care of yourself, I'll take care of ya! I'm your guardian demon, after all!"
⭒☆━━━━━━━━━⸜₍๑•⌔•๑ ₎⸝━━━━━━━━━☆⭒
cw: drowning, but u watch it happen. doesn't happen to u
The demon suddenly froze in their step, their hands coming up to grab their throat. They curled over and started coughing, started heaving, out long and stringy bits of black and green matter.
No matter how much the demon vomited out it never seemed to end and soon it was strewn all over the ground, accompanied with the pungent scent of rotten fish and the salty tang of the sea.
You blink and Leviathan was suddenly standing beside you, sharp teeth bared in a snarl and long black tail whipping around in agitation.
"Levi...?" you spoke slowly. You had never seen him this agitated before
"They hurt you," Leviathan said. His voice was low with an eerie quality to it; it was like a reverb, an echo, and it brought to your mind stories of hallucinatory voices sailors often heard at sea, beckoning them overboard.
The demons were frozen in place as Leviathan stalked towards them, slowly circling around them like a shark around prey. Then, another demon started choking, doubling over and throwing up the same black and green mess the first one did. The smell of fish and the sea grew stronger and you suddenly realize that they were vomiting out seaweed.
"I was wondering what was so important to you that you forgot that we were going to talk home together but I see now."
The third demon fell to their knees, clawing at their throat as they started throwing up seaweed as well.
"All this time I thought that you finally realized that I was just a no-good loser otaku... but that wasn't the case, was it?"
Levithan's voice was smooth, calm, and still retaining that ethereal quality to it. It felt like it was being spoken directly into your head rather than coming from in front of you. It made goosebumps rise up on your skin.
"Levi—" you tried again but you were interrupted.
"I should have known better!" Leviathan laughed. "My Henry wouldn't do that to me! No, the fault lies with these interlopers, trying to take you away! Trying to kill you!"
The first demon's face was turning pale. They tried to gasp for air but a strange froth poured out of their mouth instead, followed by water, copious amounts of seawater splashing violently onto the floor.
"But it's okay!" Leviathan turned to you, smiling brightly. It was the same smile he gave when he got a new high score on the game and was eagerly awaiting your reaction, it was the same smile he gave when he ran up to you with a drink in hand while you were queuing for him in C.S., it was the same smile he gave when he managed to get two tickets to an event and brought you along as his plus one. "I'll protect you! And I'll get revenge for you too, just like the Lord of Shadows does for Henry! Like in Volume 17, when Henry was kidnapped by the Lord of Lechery's jealous ex-paramours, the Lord of Shadows showed up and summoned his familiar to rip them apart..."
Leviathan glanced back at the demons for a moment. All three of them were coughing out seawater now and turning shades of blue. Long, red gashes left behind by desperate nails ran down their necks as they tried, in vain, to claw for air. Seawater was also dripping from this nostrils, bubbling from the horrible breaths of air they were trying to take. There was a sneer on Leviathan's face but it was quick to disappear when he looked back at you. When he stepped closer, you noticed that the pupils of his eyes had turned to sharp slits.
"I can't summon Lotan here to punish them; Lucifer would be mad and more importantly you might get hurt! So I did the next best thing! I know that drowning is a very slow and painful way to die, especially if you fight against it, so I thought that it would be a suitable alternative for a punishment!"
He looked so pleased with himself. It was like killing people for revenge was on the same level of enjoyment for him as getting merch of a character he liked.
Without a care for the demons behind him, Leviathan quickly made his way up to you, making sure to be careful as he picked you up off the ground.
"See?" he grumbled, "this is why I say that staying in my room is so much better." He paused. "Ah, do you want to see them drown the entire way?" You quickly shook your head no. "Yeah, you're right. That'll take too much time. I'll bring you to Satan to get you wounds healed. Afterwards, don't think of even taking a step out of my room, alright! You've already seen how dangerous the outside world is!"
With that last sentence, he carried you away. You desperately hope that Leviathan was joking about it but something about the way his tail curled possessively around your ankle made you think otherwise.
In your periphery vision, you notice the demons lying on the floor, some of them twitching and some of them writhing around. You close your eyes, and look away.
cw: just. loads of violence and gore
There was a large, gaping hole in one of the demon's abdomens, directly mirroring yours. Except it was larger, more brutal, and much more horrible than the one they inflicted on you.
Satan removed his hand from the demon's abdomen with a loud, wet shlick. The demon fell to their knees, clutching at their open abdomen. Satan smiled a bright, close-eyed smile. For once his spiked tail wasn't curled around his leg, instead gently swaying back and forth as he reached forward to yank the demon's intestines from the hole.
Perhaps it was due to the manner of the wound or the force Satan used but it didn't take long for the intestine to snap and for Satan to hurl it to the side in annoyance.
"Can't even do one thing right," he sneered. He raised his foot only to harshly stomp down on the demon's back. It landed with a sickening crack and the demon collapsed onto the floor, spine bent at an irregular angle. They were still screaming in pain. They were still alive.
Your voice was trapped in your chest, your eyes wide open and unable to be torn from the horrific scene happening in front of you.
Satan moved onto the next demon, grabbing them by the hair and pulling sharply to the side. When the third demon tried to scramble away, Satan froze them in place with a simple flick of his fingers and an uttered spell.
With his attention now turned back to the demon in his grasp, Satan used his other hand to hold the demon's head in place as he slowly pulled at their hair until it started peeling off, a thin layer of skin attached to the base of the strands and holding them together. That wasn't enough for Satan, though, and he inserted his long fingernails into the demon's eyes, scooping them out with barely contained glee.
"This is what you get for thinking that you can even look at MC," Satan told the demon. He then dropped that one onto the ground as well, kicking them in the stomach and sending them skidding across the rough earth.
It was at this moment that you realized that this was the demon who had kicked you into the wall... and the earlier demon was the one who had stabbed you with their nails. The last demon, the one Satan was dragging towards you now, was the one who had called you out in the first place. The one who had put the entire bullying thing into motion.
Satan kicked the back of their legs, making them drop onto their knees in front of you. Now that you had a much closer, unwanted look at them, you notice that their lips had been stapled shut, the dull metal gleaming slightly in the limited light.
"Sorry for taking so long, kitten," Satan apologized to you in his usual, gentlemanly tone. "I might have gone a little bit overboard." When he directed his words to the demon trembling in front of you, he was much harsher. "What are you waiting for? Not going to apologize?!"
The demon made some muffled cries, completely unintelligible from behind his cruel gag. A nasty smile spread across Satan's face. "Oh, I forgot. You can't speak, can you? Well, it seems like you'll have to apologize in another manner."
Satan reached around and ran a finger down from the center of the demon's collarbone to their sternum. From this close you could see the sweat dripping down the demon's face, hear the whimpers from their throat, feel their agony as Satan peeled off the left side of the demon's skin, revealing their rib cage and organs.
"You can still apologize with your heart," Satan told the demon. "Can't you?"
"S... Satan." Somehow, you managed to muster up the willpower to speak. "Satan, I can't do this."
Satan's green eyes were on you now. He was confused for a moment before clarity entered them. You waited for him to move the demon away, but he never did. Instead, he dug his fingers into the demon's rib cage and pulled it out, like one would with a closet door.
The demon screamed from behind his gag.
"Of course, silly me. You wouldn't be able to reach his heart due to his rib being in the way! Well it should be easier now, yes?"
You were going to be sick.
"I don't... I don't want this, Satan," you forced out through gritted teeth. Satan frowned, but it was directed to the demon.
"Hear that? MC doesn't accept your apology." He discarded the demon to the side before kneeling down in front of you, offering blood-soaked hand for you to take. "I'd love to torture them for you some more, MC," he said gently, "but I don't think now's a good time. You need to get your wounds cleaned and healed."
You closed your eyes and looked away. Even though you were trying your best to block it out, the scent of blood was still strong in the air.
You heard Satan chuckle in front of you. "I know," he said in an indulgent tone, "but I'm serious. I read that humans are a lot more fragile than demons so I need to disinfect your wounds at the very least. We can always come back later; it's not like they'll be running away any time soon."
You tried to tell Satan that there was nothing more you wanted than to never see this sight again, but you couldn't open your mouth without throwing up.
"If you don't stop throwing a tantrum, I'll get angry," despite his words, his voice was more amused than anything. You forced yourself to speak.
"It... hurts," you ground out. "I can't... move."
"Oh." His voice was deeper now. Your eyes flew open to see him trembling with rage as he glared towards one of the nearby demons. "I see. It appears that I've been too lenient with them." His gaze went back to you and softened. "Don't worry, I'll make them pay their dues. Now, this might hurt but I'll try my best to be gentle."
Without giving you a chance to react, Satan scooped you up into his arms taking care not to aggravate any of your wounds.
"We'll return to the House of Lamentations first," Satan told you. "When I'm sure you're fine, I'll bring demons to you instead. How does that sound?"
Instead of answering, you leaned your head against his chest and pretended to sleep. You hoped the demons died before Satan came back to get them... for their sake.
⭒☆━━━━━━━━━(=🝦 ༝ 🝦=)━━━━━━━━━☆⭒
sorry things are short from here on out. im tire. d
cw: suicide
You hear Asmodeus gasp before he quickly placed himself between you and the demons. Relief flooded you at the sight of your friend.
"Darling! What happened to you?!" he bemoaned, reaching forward to wipe a smear of blood off of your face. You smile weakly at him.
"I just got a little hurt, that's all. Can you bring me home?" you asked. Behind him, you can see the demons backing away.
"Hurt...?" Asmodeus's eyes trailed down and landed on the horrid wound in your abdomen. You blink and suddenly found him in his demon form, wings twitching with agitation.
Asmodeus abruptly stood up and turned to face the demons. You see them freeze in place and an eerie blankness washed over their faces.
"My darling is hurt," he whined. "Do you know who was the one who did it?"
The demons pointed at each other, neither of them willing to take the blame. You see Asmodeus cock his hip and rest his cheek against the palm of his hand.
"There's so many conflicting answers that I'm soo confused. Ah! I just had a great idea! I want you to kill that horrible, horrible person who harmed by darling. You can do that, right?"
In a blink of an eye, the demons turned on each other, ripping each other to shreds with the utmost of ferocity. Meanwhile, Asmodeus stood in front of them, calmly watching them tear each other apart whilst humming a cheerful melody. Soon, only one demon was left, bloodied and bruised, and they collapsed in front of Asmodeus.
"Wow!" Asmodeus cheered superficially. "Now, I want you to kill yourself!"
The demon faltered. Asmodeus grabbed them by the chin, long nails leaving angry red lines on their skin as he forced them to look into his eyes.
"I want you," he repeated slowly, "to kill yourself."
The demon's expression was completely blank and open as they nodded at Asmodeus before placing their hands around their neck and squeezing.
Asmodeus stepped back to stand by your side as the demon slowly suffocated themselves to death.
"Isn't it great!" Asmodeus asked you. You turned to look at him and noticed that his eyes were bright and feverish. "How obedient they are! They all do what I want them to do without question..." Asmodeus trailed off, disdain in his eyes as he watched the demon die in front of him.
"No it isn't!"
Asmodeus blinked. Confusion was clear in his eyes. "Why not?" he questioned. "I didn't have to dirty my hands, you didn't have to dirty your hands, and they all got what they deserved!"
"Death? Was death what they deserved?" You searched his eyes for any signs of remorse but you found none. Asmodeus was one of the gentlest demons you knew... you supposed that the keyword there that you had been ignoring the entire time was 'demon'.
"They hurt you, my dear. They sullied your beautiful form with their ugly selves, of course they deserved death! If I weren't worried about getting blood on my outfit, I'd have them draw it out, too!"
"This is wrong," you muttered to yourself. "This isn't right."
"Wrong? Not right? Honey, you're in the Devildom," Asmodeus cooed. He gently carded his fingers through your hair as he spoke. "Unfortunately, might is right here."
You shiver and curl into yourself. A frown graced Asmodeus' features and he was quick to try and comfort you.
"You'll get used to it soon," he said. "And even if you don't, you shouldn't worry! I won't let it happen again. How could I allow those tear stains on your pretty little face?"
His eyes were glowing eerily.
"Just... introduce all of the people you meet to me, alright? Then you'll never have to worry about anyone hurting you ever again♡"
⭒☆━━━━━━━━━━━₍ᐢ ̥ ̞ ̥ᐢ₎ ━━━━━━━━━━━☆⭒
cw: you know that thing in the mummy (1999) where the scarab beetles crawl under the person's skin and then eat them from the inside out? yeah.
You had never seen Beelzebub so furious before.
He held you in his arms as the demons before you paled at the sight of the sixth Lord of Hell.
"MC, you're hurt," he said slowly. His grip on you tightened for a brief moment before they loosened, Beelzebub clearly trying his best to control his strength so that you wouldn't get hurt.
There was a strange buzzing sound in the air. You assumed that it was coming from Beelzebub's wings.
"I'll be fine Beel," you try to comfort him. "It's just a flesh wound."
Beelzebub shook his head. "You're not fine," he insisted. "They tried to hurt you. They hurt you."
The buzzing was getting louder now. You touched Beelzebub's cheek and a warm fuzziness made itself known in your chest as Beelzebub leaned into your touch. "I'll be fine," you repeated. "I just need to get to the hospital, or a demon equivalent of it, and then rest up."
"I'll bring you to Satan," Beelzebub said. "But first, you need to see."
"See what, Beel?"
"Punishment," he said solemnly, directing your gaze towards the demons who were busy clawing at themselves. At first you couldn't tell what was going on but you soon managed to discern small little bumps moving around under the demons' skin.
The buzzing sound was louder, now.
One of the demons finally opened their mouth to scream and, to your absolutely disgust and horror, small black beetles crawled out of their mouth. As if it were a signal, insects started crawling out of the other demons' orifices as well, centipedes and ants and little white larvae, wiggling their way out before burrowing themselves into the demon's flesh once again.
The few seconds it took for the insects to eat away the demons felt like a lifetime, your eyes fixed onto the absolutely hellish sight in front of you. When the bones of the demons fell onto the ground, most of the insects scattered but some still dug into the bones, feasting on the bone marrow. You slapped your hand over your mouth, trying your hardest not to throw up while you were still being carried by Beelzebub.
"They hurt you," Beelzebub said. His voice felt so far away. "So I hurt them back."
You squeezed your eyes shut. The buzzing hum of insects did not allow itself to be tuned out.
"So... you have to tell me if people want to hurt you, okay? I'll protect you."
Beelzebub was no longer in his demon form, but the buzzing sound did not go away for a long, long time.
cw: just violence i guess
The demon froze in their tracks, eyes staring straight ahead at something you could not see.
"What's wrong?" one of the other demons asked. They didn't seem to hear them as fear dawned on their face and they started backing away.
"Get away from me!" the demon screamed. They tripped over themselves and fell flat onto the floor, but they did not pause in their attempts to scramble away. "Get away from me! No! No! No!!"
"What's going on? Why're you acting like..." Another demon suddenly stared down at their feet for a moment before they started to heave. The last demon had a moment of sanity before they, too, suddenly started looking around them in fear.
"Ahhh! It's on me, it's in me, get it off, get it out!" they screamed, violently scratching at their skin. The first demon had stopped moving back and instead started waving their arms above them, fighting off an unseen assailant while the second demon was attempting to shove their entire hand down their throat. The third demon was scratching at their eyes, uncaring of how blood was now running down their body.
The first demon started clawing at themselves. The second demon slit open their stomach. The third demon clawed out their eyes.
Before you could see any more, a pair of cold hands wrapped around your shoulders, effectively drawing your attention away from the scene in front of you. A tail brushed against your face, blocking your vision entirely as Belphegor snuggled up to you from behind, burying his face in the crook of your neck.
"MC... Are you okay?" he asked.
"I... I'm fine, but those demons, they—"
"—hurt you, right? That's why they're getting punished right now." You felt his self-satisfied grin against your neck and realized that whatever they were going through right now was the work of the demon behind you.
"Belphie, what did you do?!"
"It's nothing much, really." He was proud of what he did. "I just gave him some nightmares. Or hallucinations, as some people call it."
You opened your mouth, to plead, to beg, you didn't know, but Belphie interrupted you before you could speak.
"Anyway, they're not important. You need to go to Satan, right? He has some healing spells that would be of use..." Belphegor slowly untangled himself from you. "Can you walk on your own? Or do you need my help?"
You didn't want his help but, when you tried to stand up, the pain rendered you immobile. Belphegor caught sight of the wound in your abdomen and flattened his lips. For a moment, you were transported back to the entrance of the attic, Belphegor looking down at you with loathing and rage in his eyes, but the moment quickly vanished and Belphegor reached out to pick you up.
"I'm normally the one being carried but I can make an exception for you," he said in a faux, lighthearted tone.
The demons' screams became louder. More terrified.
"You'll have to make it up to me, though," Belphegor continued, already walking towards the House of Lamentations. "When you recover, I expect lots of cuddles. I won't accept any rejections~"
⭒☆━━━━━━━━━━ʕ -ᴥ-ʔ━━━━━━━━━━☆⭒
hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh this thing got away from me. well as the tags say i want to do a follow up to this but idk what sort of follow up it'll be. def yandere though. speaking of yandere, watch this space for the next yandere thing that gets churned out, because i like yandere a lot, anyway it's going to be yandere brothers x mc. all of them, at the same time. will mc survive? probably! will they be happy they did? probably not. :) anyway i hope to be able to do more yandere content in the future
edit2: inserted one (1) instance of satan calling u kitten for a friend
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Have you ever wondered what kind of Obey we brothers would be yandere big brothers? Don't you? Well I am and I am going to write about it now.
This is part 1/3 for Lucifer, Mammon and Leviathan.
Asmo and Beel are here
Satan and Belphegor is here
Yandere Mammon
Tumblr media
Mammon brags about how great a little sibling he has.
But if someone really pays attention to you "with that eye," Mammon is angry.
Usually Mammon buys you a lot of gifts.
With the money he has "borrowed" from Leviathan.
But surely Leviathan will accept this when he walks where Mammon spends his money? Right?
Of course, Mammon also wants to be your favorite brother.
And that is very clear to everyone.
Usually Mammon tries to be a Cool Brother who protects you from everything.
But it’s hard when he hides behind your back during horror movies.
He is also very clingy
Mammon is usually the one who has quarrels with his brothers who gets to spend time with you.
Because if it's not he then the answer is wrong.
Any potential boy / girlfriend will run into problems.
In addition, they suddenly appear unexplained debts.
Yandere Lucifer
Tumblr media
Lucifer makes sure you are isolated from everyone but him and his brothers.
After Lilith’s case, he’s a little overprotective.
( And when I say little I mean really a lot)
You really can’t do almost anything alone and he makes sure one of the brothers is almost always with you.
Lucifer has once again made mc protection shifts
He will certainly also frighten all potential boy / girlfriend candidates
And if he gets to know that sometimes you go on a date someone will die.
( And when I say someone I mean your dating partner )
After that, you are definitely under arrest.
Lucifer will also take your phone during the arrest.
But don’t worry because you have many brothers who want to spend time with you.
Yandere Leviathan
Tumblr media
Leviathan would be an overprotective and easily jealous big brother.
He would definitely want to be your favorite big brother.
And he doesn’t like you spending too much time with other brothers.
(Leviathan is the avatar of jealousy for a reason)
Brother who secretly checks your phone and all your conversations.
And of course you don't know anything about it.
If he sees you flirting with someone, Leviathan gets a heart attack.
And he’s not at all jealous that his siblings are more socially adept than he is.
He wants to watch anime with you and read a manga.
Usually Leviathan hisses if you ignore him for a long time.
He is really adept at passive aggression and blaming.
But he’s like that just because he “cares about you” really a lot.
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yandere-daydreams · 2 months ago
I (Intimacy) With Lucifer please?
Prompt: I for Intimacy.
Pairing: Yandere!Lucifer x Reader (Obey Me).
TW: Imprisonment, Unhealthy Relationships, Slight Codependence, Emotional Abuse.
Tumblr media
It was in your best interest to be asleep, by the time Lucifer came to bed.
It wasn't like you couldn't be. For as often as he lectured his brother, he must've been the worst out of all of them, prone to pushing himself just a little too far, to staying up just a little too late and working himself for just a little too hard, to dragging himself back to his room in the small hours of the morning, strung-out and barely able to hold himself up, only to close his eyes for a handful of minutes before getting up, again. He liked to be with you, when he came back, to pull you into his lap and use a portion of his precious, precious spare time to kiss your forehead and mutter sweet, idle threats into your hair whenever you tried to pull away, but if you were already asleep, already as vulnerable as he wanted you to be, he was willing settle for tucking you against his chest, for holding you until he finally gave into his exhaustion, as well.
And, on the nights you couldn't sleep, when you lost track of the time or just couldn't seem to forget that you were in a strange place being held captive by a strange creature with strange desires, you were good at pretending to, at keeping your eyes shut and your breathing shallow and your body still as the door creaked open and you felt the mattress dip, his weight settling just behind you. You were good at ignoring the arm draped over your waist, the chest slotted against your back, the chapped lips on the corner of your jaw. You were good at--
"I know you're awake, love."
You were usually good at it. He was early, tonight. This didn't count.
You didn't respond, but you curled farther into yourself, and Lucifer laughed, the sound deep, heavy with exhaustion. "As stubborn as always, I see." You could feel his fingertips on your hip, tracing aimless patterns in your skin. "And when I get to spend so little time with you, as is. Playing dead is a little unfair, isn't it?"
"Maybe you'd get to spend more time with me if you let me out of this room."
It came out more hostile than you meant it to, more venomous, but there was only another chuckle, in response, a light kiss to the nape of your neck. He was still dressed, for the most part, only his coat and shoes discarded. You doubted he'd bother taking off anything else, tonight. Not when comfort had always been so secondary, to him. "We've talked about this. If I left you to your own devices, you'd go back to wasting your time on Mammon's schemes or locking yourself away with Satan and his rotting collection. I still wouldn't get to see you, but it'd be..." A hand, splayed across your stomach. He was so much bigger than you. All of them were, with Lucifer, it was so much more noticeable. He always found a way to make you feel so much smaller. "It'd be different. I wouldn't be special to you."
He was touching your face, now, cupping your chin. Tilting your head to the side, forcing you to meet his eyes. "I am special to you, aren't I?"
You couldn't look away from him, not completely, so you settled for focusing on the collar of his shirt, wrinkled and unbuttoned. A rare sight, considering his usual composure. "I mean, I can't say that I'd ever been kidnapped, before I met you."
His expression faltered. Not by much, the suggestion of a smile wavering for a fraction of a second, but it was enough for you to notice, and for Lucifer to let you go, to pull back, to hide himself away in the dip of your shoulder, his lips ghosting over your skin, his teeth, too, pointed and prominent enough to keep you stiff, on-edge, despite how little interest he seemed to have in doing anything more than taunting you. "I am," He mumbled, answering his own question. His arm fell to your midriff, drawing you closer to him. Encouraging you to return the intimacy, if only by not fighting to escape from it. "I will be, with time. I'll be the most important person in your life."
One more kiss, soft and lingering, pressed into the delicate space just above your jugular.
"It's not like you have anyone else, anymore."
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yandere-sins · a month ago
The Prince’s Lover
Horrortober Day 10: Hide “Where are you~”
Please brain let tomorrow be the day I actually sit down in the morning and write my scenarios, please! I am begging OTL I’ve been not trying to write my stuff last minute for the last 10 days but I failed. Every time.
Warnings: Yandere, Death mention, Blood mention, Threats, Failed Hide-and-Seek Characters: Diavolo x Reader
Tumblr media
Castles had many benefits, though not in your case.
They were spacious, well-equipped, safe, and stacked with staff members. There were endless hands to work on and clean everything around, food stored so that every last-minute wish could be arranged. Garden, greenhouse, galleries, a ballroom, sheer endless amounts of beds and bathtubs, all gilded and polished. It was a perfect system of a whole village in just one building, one very, very large structure. It was everything.
Everything you hated.
In your eyes, it was your gilded cage because none of it was in your favor. Maids were plucking each other’s eyes out just to draw you a bath in the expensive bathtubs, but at the same time, you couldn’t leave your room without a guard breathing down your neck. Their cold, undead eyes followed your every step as they placed themselves along the walls on your walks, even if you just wanted to get from the library to the greenhouse. All while an army of servants tended to you, constantly picking at your clothes and giggling merrily.
When you said you wanted something, you were given it in a matter of seconds. You really didn’t mean it literally when you say you could eat a horse, but they still served it to you as if it was the simplest dish in the world. A whole horse, cooked and stuffed. You were so full of regrets for the many curses you had spoken in their presence, but their prince ordered them to fulfill your every wish. No matter what.
There was no private time, even when Diavolo was visiting. Too many eyes for your comfort prying into the life you never asked for, but he was insistent on the necessity. You hadn’t read a book without at least five pairs of eyes staring down at you in what seemed forever. And even if you should be happy for the ‘freedom’ Diavolo gave you, it was still limited to the castle, making your life quite mundane once you saw everything there was. How much longer would you have to endure it?
How much longer could you endure it?
Pulling your legs tightly against your chest, you cowered behind the giant statue of someone or something. It was hard to see from your position, and you never thought you would need to memorize all the artistic displays the castle held. Your corner was dark and hard to see, but also a tight squeeze. Still, it gave you the only thing you really wanted right now: alone time.
As weird as it sounded, you never did anything nearly as difficult as to escape your entourage, and you still heard their frantic steps rushing over the marble floor as they searched for you. It was almost comically how panicked they were that they lost you, so much so, you wanted to ask them if they were sure they looked at all your favorite spots. But what did a human have to do to be alone for a while, just take a deep breath before pretending your life was fine again?
Right, play hide-and-seek with the annoying maids and butlers at your service. Pulling your legs even closer despite having reached your limit, you assured yourself that you were safe and everything was okay. But really, when had been the last time everything had been good?
When you were still with the Demon Brothers? Way before that, in the human world? In your childhood? With how many bad experiences you had made by now, it became harder and harder to find the good ones in your memory. It was hard to believe you had been happy before when all you felt now was dread. From when you awoke in the morning until you were pulled into a hug before bed at night, your life had become dreadful and a farce.
Your body still remembered the nights you had been punished into submission and acceptance, just to make the pain stop. And whenever you questioned the reasons, you would start crying, like on the first day that Diavolo announced you wouldn’t leave his side anymore. You cried and cried, and he merely held you, and you let him, stupidly. Once, he had been your friend, a trusted person. But it was in a demon’s nature to betray humans, and here you were, exploited and ‘loved’ as he claimed.
Laughable. You never asked to be taken as his lover. As a human, you had no right to the throne, so all you could ever be to the prince was a bed warmer. In the past, you wanted to be his friend, but how could you be friends with a truly disgusting personality like his? Pride you could deal with. Greed, envy, wrath. You’ve been through all of those things, and though they could get out of hand, you had dealt with them. But Diavolo… he was all of it and more, wrapped nicely into the form of a charming prince. But behind his smile and warm words, he was the devil incarnated, and you forgot about that for too long.
All he did for you, claiming it was out of love and to protect you, was only making you miserable. He wanted to keep you like a glorified pet, the one that would wait for him to come home after a long day to cuddle up to. Empty promises were all he made when you asked for your life back, to go out or see anyone else than the servants and him. Sometimes it was ‘soon’, sometimes ‘not right now’. You couldn’t hear it anymore, the excuses and the glares that followed. Whenever you were acting out of the fantasy he wanted to play, you were punished with less freedom, a maid coming to you in the morning to tell you the prince ordered to stay in the room for the day. Diavolo didn’t even have the guts for that.
All the presents he bought you, all the material goods you owned because of him could not make you happy. And much like the servants at your disposal, Diavolo’s gifts suffocated you. You didn’t smile anymore, receiving another one, but he’d keep going until you did. Perhaps it was just him. He was suffocating you, and you breathed a deep sigh at this realization.
It was nice to be alone for a change. Truly a good time to think. You immensely enjoyed it. Diavolo wouldn’t allow you to be alone, and the butlers and maids were ordered to say in close proximity to you. Somehow you felt bad for them, since they were dragged into this just as much as you were. But who knew life would end up like this? You, a prisoner of love. Captive of the Prince of Devildom. Unwilling lover and yearner for a different life. That would be your gravestone inscription, you decided. The hiding almost made you poetic now.
A jarring shriek interrupted your thoughts, followed by a sloshing sound. You stiffened in your hideout, listening intently at what was happening. Loud, apparently enormous footsteps were drawing closer to your hiding spot, and your brows furrowed as you couldn’t make out anything. “[Name]!” a familiar voice called out, and you recognized Diavolo behind it. Strange, you didn’t expect the servants to get as desperate as to confess they lost you to their master.
“Where are you~” he purred loudly, and for a moment, you considered standing up to face him. But what good was a place to hide if it couldn’t save you from the real threat out there?
His footsteps came closer and closer, and you saw his feet emerge before you saw anything else. “Found you ~” he announced gleefully as if you had been playing a game all along. Your whole body tensed up, and you pinched your eyes closed as you expected him to pull you out, but his hands gripped the statue you had used to hide behind and threw it over instead. The loud bang made you squeak in shock as the art burst into a million tiny pieces alongside the marble floor it hit, and you were face to face with your captor grinning victoriously at you.
Shivers overcame you as you saw his demon form, wings protruding from his back and horns decorating his head. But the most gruesome detail about him was the blood splattered all over his chest and face. Diavolo let out a long sigh, bringing his hand to his heart before his previously aggravated features softened. At the sight of you, his lips turned back into a more blithe smile, and the piercing color of his eyes calmed as well, making him appear more human than demon again. Another one of his tricks.
“Finally,” he sighed. “I’ve been looking for you forever.”
Diavolo leaned down, wanting to lift you from the floor, but you slapped his hands away. For a brief moment, he hesitated. Then he picked you up anyway, if you liked it or not. “Whose b-blood is that?” you stuttered, finding it now smeared all over you as Diavolo situated you against his chest. Nuzzling his face into your collarbones, he hummed before mumbling. “I wonder…”
Without another second of delay, he carried you off, back to your room, you assumed, and in horror you had to witness the blood trail coming from the direction. There were some maids crouched around a big puddle of the red liquid, looking up at you sheepishly and a little… disappointed. But they went back to work quickly, cleaning the area. In between the red laid a previously white apron. One that the maids wore to work and which was always kept pristinely clean, unless…
“What did you do?” you whispered as you watched the servants clean even long after you two passed.
“They lost you. They disobeyed me.” 
Diavolo’s curt answer ran like a cold shudder down your spine. Unless they were dead. That was the answer you were looking for. “Why would you do that?! They did nothing wrong!” you yelled at him, aghast, punching your fists onto his shoulders. They didn’t, you thought. I ran and hid.
Guilt was eating at your entrails as you thought that, cutting through them like a hot knife. You shouldn’t have these thoughts, not if you wanted to survive even a little longer in this demonic castle. There was no use having sympathy for people that enabled Diavolo’s cruelty! But it was your fault… wasn’t it?
“So they don’t do it again,” he replied. Simple, factually, a matter of fact. He didn’t want them to disobey his orders again, so he set a statement. A life was lost for nothing but a statement. That’s how disposable those serving him were. Incredible that you ever thought of him as a kind ruler, long before he obsessed over the idea of your future together. 
“But don’t blame yourself too much, Love,” he chuckled as if he read your mind, and you hadn’t even noticed you had already reached your bedroom. He set you down in front of the door, and for once, you couldn’t see even one guard in the hallway. It was a strange kind of freedom, one you could only achieve with Diavolo, but you didn’t mind being alone with him. There were so many things you wanted to tell him. Insults and a piece of your mind that threatened to burst out of you, but he caught your lips before words fell out of your mouth. The taste of blood sullied the kiss in a way no one should ever have to experience.
“They learned their lesson,” he chuckled, reaching behind the door and pushing the handle. 
“It’s time for you to receive yours.”
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obeymeobsessions · 10 days ago
Ok so- I forgot where I read this so just know this isn’t my original idea but I really like the concept of a replaced MC au with a yandere twist.
Like imagine- the MC gets fed up with their shit and returns to the human world, ready to just move of with their life and forget about the brothers. However, the brothers start to realize how much they miss MC, how much they need MC, ect. Eventually they go up to apologize and MC is very reluctant to trust them again, but is still willing to be in at least speaking terms. But this isn’t enough for them. They want the MC who loved them back. Finally, they snap and kidnap the MC, locking them up in a newly furnished attic where they plan to love them and pamper them until they finally love the 7 demons again.
I might write a fic abt this aaaa
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hisvillainess · 3 months ago
What is your opinion on yandere!grand admiral levi??
Tumblr media
yandere!grand admiral levi, you say? well *cracks knuckles* here we go
Tumblr media
𝖈𝖔𝖓𝖙𝖊𝖓𝖙 𝖜𝖆𝖗𝖓𝖎𝖓𝖌. gn!reader x yandere!levi, dom!levi, yandere behaviour, toxic and possessive behaviour, dark themes, established relationship, thigh fucking if you squint, 18+ minors do not interact.
𝖆/𝖓. i focused more on yandere behaviour than sexual interaction so please be nice 🥺 this is my first time writing yandere.
we all know levi to be our beloved shut-in otaku but when the demon prince honours him grand admiral of Hell's navy, it certainly came as a confidence boost.
he has a newly found sense of pride from this position and he wants to take his lovely partner with him every step of the way. he expects you to be there as a doting lover, available to pat his back whenever he pleases. because you are his partner, right?
𝖌𝖗𝖆𝖓𝖉 𝖆𝖉𝖒𝖎𝖗𝖆𝖑 𝖑𝖊𝖛𝖎 is obsessed with you. he insists you come along whenever he makes visits to the vessel. they’re usually out at sea for weeks and nothing satisfies him more than to have you all to himself in his territory — surrounded by nothing but large planes of water and unknown sea creatures in the depths. there's no where for you to go and with no cellular connection, none of his brothers can contact you. you were all his.
𝖌𝖗𝖆𝖓𝖉 𝖆𝖉𝖒𝖎𝖗𝖆𝖑 𝖑𝖊𝖛𝖎 is possessive. when you meet the rest of his fleet and he sees how friendly they are with you, the avatar of envy doesn't take this lightly. he obviously isn't as sadistic as lucifer, but in a place where he holds all authority, he isn't afraid to let the team know who you belong to and what will happen if they try anything funny with you.
out of spite, he fuck’ll you hard and loud in his cabin for his entire fleet to hear. your cries echo throughout the confined corridors and in most cases, they'll wake up to the clanging and squeaking of your metal bed. he'll make sure you whine his name loud enough to put the fleet back in their place and will evidently be pleased when they can't even look you in the eye the next morning. rumours have spread around the team that levi might even throw them in the brig or summon lotan if they dare look at you for too long. this is not completely true but since he commands them, they won’t risk it anymore.
𝖌𝖗𝖆𝖓𝖉 𝖆𝖉𝖒𝖎𝖗𝖆𝖑 𝖑𝖊𝖛𝖎 expects you to enjoy his job as much as you do but when you've been out at sea for god knows how long and constantly have to listen to the admiral babble on about military jargon that you don't even understand, you begin to feel homesick. you’ll ask levi "when is this over?" or "do you think your brothers miss us?" and he’ll take offence to this. he's still insecure deep down so he’d respond with "do you not want to be with me, mc?" "are you not my partner?" "why are you thinking about them when you're with me?" thus summoning his demon form. he’s so mad that he’ll drop all duties he has for the day, shut you in his room and pin you up against the wall with his tail wrapped around your torso.
he’ll question you almost threateningly “i finally stopped being a loser and got myself out of the house, and all you want to think about going back there? are you not proud of me?” while snaking his tail around your thighs and spreading them open. he’ll give you a suffocating kiss to shut you up, thigh fuck you while you’re still pressed against the wall and use his tail to rub your sweet spots until all those thoughts are out of your head. after you’ve reach your high, he’ll make you look out the porthole in his room, forcing you to admire the abundance of aquatic life in the view. “why would you ever want to leave when you can look at this! with me!”
𝖌𝖗𝖆𝖓𝖉 𝖆𝖉𝖒𝖎𝖗𝖆𝖑 𝖑𝖊𝖛𝖎 hasn’t left the shut-in otaku life per se, but instead channels all his dark desires when he’s the comfort of his ship and he feels so lucky to do that with you!
Tumblr media
© Hisvillainess — all rights reserved. please do not modify, claim or repost.
𝖓𝖔𝖙𝖊𝖘. I know you just asked for my opinion but I got carried away. I hope you enjoyed it (:
if you’re interested, apply to my taglist HERE ♥️
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yanderemommabean · a month ago
Momma the obey me cult au is so good. What if darling tried to escape though? Do you think they would be lenient with them because of their standing in the cult or punish them??
A bit of a mix! (Kinda like with my alien Bees )
“Oh? You wanted to leave us? Perhaps we haven’t been good enough! We’ll just have to double our efforts!”
“Master Y/N, I assure you that you’re allowed outside but you have to be accompanied! You know this! Now we’ll have to make shifts to watch over you”
“Perhaps you’re feeling frisky if you’re in such a mood to cause this much chaos. I don’t have an issue wearing that out of your system. If you were bored all you had to do was say so!”
They just won’t believe you actually wanted to leave them. To leave the cult. No, no it must be that you’re an exploratory person! You just need excitement and to have all eyes on you and your glory!
And if they must dull down those urges, then they’ll simply have Barbatos make his famous tea and add a little something extra to keep you nice and relaxed as they spread the religion of you and your very existence.
Plus it wouldn’t be so terrible to help you around if said tea was in your system. Having you finally let go and rely on the whole house of brothers and Diavolo’s court is a dream! Perhaps that’s why you tried to leave? To show them you need to be sedated in order to be loved as deeply as you deserve?
Yes! Yes that must be it! This was just another one of your brilliant tests! We’ll don’t you worry, the brothers won’t let you down! Just allow them to give you a nice drink and let them worry about everything else.
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sweet-as-an-angel · 5 months ago
Obey Me: Lucifer NSFW Alphabet
Tumblr media
Warnings: 18+, Heavy mentions/implications of smut throughout, mentions of BDSM, suspension, restriction, aftercare, hair pulling, mention of heat cycle, heavy mentions of cum/cumplay, scent kink, hair sniffing, heavy mentions of male masturbation, oral receiving (male), missionary position, possessive behaviour, sadism, mentions of public sex, implication of praise kink, refusal of sex, mentions of punishment, sex toys, mentions of angry sex, mentions of rough sex, lingerie,
A = Aftercare (what they’re like after sex)
Nine times out of ten, he'll provide aftercare immediately after finishing for the night. That one in ten chance that he doesn't is when he's passed out on top of you and you have to wake him up.
He's thorough in his methods of aftercare and will complete each step with immaculate precision.
He particularly enjoys getting into a bath and sitting you between his legs while you let him wash you. He finds it therapeutic to care for someone that is much more fragile than the mythical entities he's so often surrounded by: gives him a sense of purpose.
B = Body part (their favorite body part of theirs and also their partner’s)
Favourite body part of his = his hair. He goes absolutely feral when you comb your fingers through his strands and tug on them when he hits a particularly sweet spot.
Favourite body part of yours = your legs. Given that Lucifer has only ever been an entity of power, he finds it fascinating to see how far he can push you to your limits - to see if, as a human, you can match the expectations he'd set for a demon lover. So he likes to spread your legs as far as you'll allow and see how flexible you are.
Give that he's sadistic, he gets a kick out of hearing you mewl for him to stop, which he will (if you beg him enough); plus, he gets to try out new angles and hit spots of you you didn't even know existed.
C = Cum (anything to do with cum, basically)
Not mighty keen on it, no matter what mood he's in.
He doesn't see it as something to be played with and would rather keep you as clean as possible during sex.
however, if he's feeling particularly territorial, he'll literally cover you in it.
This will usually be during his heat cycle: nothing but primal desire would be able to coax this much of a reaction from him.
D = Dirty secret (pretty self explanatory, a dirty secret of theirs)
He definitely has a piece of your hair tied together with a ribbon tucked away in his desk drawer.
Most of the time, he'll just sniff it if he's missing you while you're away on business, but every so often, when he just can't contain himself, he'll jack off to it.
He definitely gets off on your scent; he'll inhale your aroma while stroking himself until he cums.
E = Experience (how experienced are they? do they know what they’re doing?)
I can’t see him having had many, if any, sexual partners. However, through years of observing others, he’d acquire knowledge and put it to good use while being intimate with you.
F = Favorite position (this goes without saying)
Missionary, usually (if he doesn’t have you bound, suspended, or anything else).
He likes watching you squirm beneath him and watching your face contort in the process.
G = Goofy (are they more serious in the moment? are they humorous? etc.)
Always serious. Even if he’s smirking, his demeanour will be rooted in sincerity and he won’t joke while being intimate with you.
His time with you is something he cherishes.
H = Hair (how well groomed are they? does the carpet match the drapes? etc.)
Very well-groomed. He believes in self-care, and he thinks that he should always present you with the best version of himself to show you how much he cares about your opinion of him (even if he doesn’t say it).
I = Intimacy (how are they during the moment? the romantic aspect)
He may not say “I love you”, but he’ll say things like: “You’ll only ever belong to me. You know that, don’ you?” And, “I’ll never let you go. I’ll follow you to the ends of the Universe before I let you even consider such a thing.”
J = Jack off (masturbation headcanon)
As stated earlier, he definitely masturbates to personal items of yours when you’re not around - and you can’t get any more personal than a person’s hair.
As for the frequency of his masturbation sessions, it really depends on how occasionally your duties take you away from him, or vice versa.
K = Kink (one or more of their kinks)
BDSM, restriction, and suspension.
Lucifer is a sadist - this much we know. So, it would make sense that he’d get a kick out of engaging in BDSM activities with you.
He’d get off on watching you cry out as he takes you, inflicting just enough pain until it verges on pleasure.
L = Location (favorite places to do the do)
The bedroom and the bedroom only.
He despises the prospect of anyone else seeing you how he gets to see you, so he won’t risk engaging with you in a place where others could catch you. However, if he’s desperate, he’ll take you to somewhere desolate and take you there.
M = Motivation (what turns them on, gets them going)
His sex drive is already off-the-charts, so he'll readily find any excuse available to get you bent over his desk.
However, something specific that he finds particularly provocative is when he sees you with his brothers.
Or, rather, them trying to flirt with you and failing miserably because you already belong to Lucifer.
Not that they know that, though.
He adores how you reject them, knowing that you already belong to him.
Definitely praises you for it later.
N = No (something they wouldn’t do, turn offs)
Whenever you talk about any of his brothers in a way that can only be seen as endearing.
He doesn't mind you showing them common decency, but if he finds you speaking a little too favourably about any of them, he'll refuse you sex for a week - either until you've apologised or he has calmed down.
O = Oral (preference in giving or receiving, skill, etc.)
Not too mad about either, though he prefers receiving since he's not the biggest fan of making a mess (rather, getting any mess on himself).
Instead, he'll just full-on dick you down whenever's convenient (and is up to his standards).
P = Pace (are they fast and rough? slow and sensual? etc.)
Honestly depends.
By default, he's rather rough and fast considering he always has to keep an eye on his brothers.
However, if he's punishing you or showing you how much he loves you, he'll be slow.
Q = Quickie (their opinions on quickies, how often, etc.)
Doesn't favour them very highly because he prefers to take his time with you (also relates to his preferences of not having sex in public as he'll most definitely have to finish up quickly in order to avoid suspicion).
This is where he'll prefer receiving oral rather than fully engaging in sex, but only if you're willing. If not, you'll both just hang on until you get home and Lucifer absolutely destroys you there.
R = Risk (are they game to experiment? do they take risks? etc.)
Lucifer's a man of tradition and he does not want his or your reputation being harmed as a result of mere lust.
He'd expect as much from Asmo, not you or himself.
He'll limit this risk by attempting to engage in a more private setting rather than out in the open.
S = Stamina (how many rounds can they go for? how long do they last?)
Too many.
Considering the endurance he's built up over the years after having to run around after his brothers, Lucifer can go for what seems like an eternity.
He'll use his stamina and endurance to fulfill your needs in their entirety, ensuring that you're never dissatisfied and that you'll never find anyone better than him.
T = Toys (do they own toys? do they use them? on a partner or themselves?)
Owns a lot of toys but within the same category.
So he owns about 15 pairs of nipple clamps, but they all look different/do different things.
Same with ropes, handcuffs, whips, etc.
Likes keeping you guessing but in a way that is familiar and comfortable to you.
U = Unfair (how much they like to tease)
If he's punishing you, his 'teasing' won't be a light-hearted as you'd hope for.
Has an agitated look on his face throughout just to show you how angry he is (considering that he's punishing you for having upset him considerably).
V = Volume (how loud they are, what sounds they make, etc.)
This man is near silent during sex.
He loves hearing your reaction to his efforts, and even if he’s on the verge of his orgasm, he’ll restrict any moans, groans or gasps he feels bubbling at the back of his throat if only to make you think that he's absolutely impenetrable when it comes to sex.
However, when he's alone and showing himself some self-love, he'll allow a stray gasp and groan here and there, but only because he's alone.
W = Wild card (a random headcanon for the character)
Has very particular lingerie tastes and will often dress you in lace, usually black.
However, if you ask him nicely, he'll buy you a few sets in a colour of your choosing.
X = X-ray (let’s see what’s going on under those clothes)
Moderately thick; his strong point lies in how long he is. And b o y, is he long.
He could be halfway inside you and you’ll already be whining and mewling at how full you feel.
Y = Yearning (how high is their sex drive?)
Very, very high.
However, even to the trained eye, Lucifer's cold demeanour, no matter how promiscuous the situation, would lead anyone to believe that he isn't interested in sex.
But you couldn't be more wrong.
He simply controls his urges in so masterful a way that even you struggle to decipher whether or not he's feeling frisky.
Until you do the do, anyway. After that, you're the only person who can tell the most microscopic of fractures in Lucifer's demeanour when you wear jeans that fit a little too snug around your hips, or when you shuffle in Lucifer's lap when in a room full of party-goers.
Z = Zzz (how quickly they fall asleep afterwards)
He stays awake until you've fallen asleep so that he can wrap himself around you.
In his mind, it's his way of protecting you. So just know that he won't let you go until morning arrives.
The NSFW Alphabet doesn’t belong to me! Credit to the creator! I found it from this blog: @the-coldest-goodbye
My AO3 account
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yandere-stan · 21 days ago
Yandere!Belphegor x reader
Sweet Dreams 
Warnings: Yandere, demons, obsession, sleep paralysis, non-con touching....Um basically Belphegor visits you in your sleep as your sleep paralysis demon Oh ya, the reader isn’t MC btw...they’re different:) 
It always started when you woke up. 
The nightmares that you slept in were vile and disgusting. They were filled with death and blood (maybe even mauling if you were lucky). They were horrible. 
But you always knew the real horror started after the nightmares went away. When you open your eyes and realize you can’t move your body. 
His horns had grown the last time you’d seen him. They were spiraling outwards, in a lazy loop. He looked pretty lethargic as well: with bagged eyes and a slumping posture. He seemed harmless, if not a bit grumpy. 
But his smile, filled with sharp teeth, promised you otherwise. 
“Did you have good dreams tonight?” Belphagor asked, his tone mocking, “You look a bit scared.” 
When you didn’t respond, he clicked his tongue, looking annoyed. 
“How boring,” Belphagor sighed, examining his nails with slight interest, “You were much more vocal during our first days together,” 
Vocal-he meant the screaming. Back when his distaste for humans was made so clear, he clawed the walls with it. When he scared you so much you’d sob and softly beg him to stop. But you learned that begging was futile, it was what he liked anyway. All you could do was wait until the sun rose, or until you could feel your legs again. Keeping quiet- making sure he stayed bored- was the guaranteed way to survive. 
Your watched as he eyed the decorations in your room, one by one. He tilted his head, admiring a paperweight. 
“That being said,” He continued, “I appreciate the new silence. You’re different from other humans- more mellow. The other humans, they’ll scream and squeal like animals. Pathetic.” He gripped the paperweight with his hands, cracking it. 
You sucked in a breath, hearing the glass shatter to the ground. Once again, you desperately tried to wiggle your toes. As usual, nothing happened. 
He wouldn’t let you go that easily. 
But he had calmed down a bit. He glanced at the broken globe in his hands and set it neatly back on the shelf. 
“Yes, you’re different from the other humans,” He repeated, talking to himself more than to you, “You’re unlike the humans my pathetic brothers want to bow to....” He trailed off. 
“Is it because you’re obedient? Because you’re naive?” 
Patterns. What you’ve learned during your nights of fear is to look for patterns. When Belphegor was angry, he broke things. When he was malicious, he taunted you. 
But this....this sudden amount of calm wasn’t something you were used to. 
And you didn’t like it. 
He took a step closer to you. You felt yourself shiver as he gently removed the blanket from your legs. Panic was immediate. It locked your arms in place, choked your throat, forcing you to watch with horrified eyes as he reached with clawed fingers to touch- a line he hadn’t crossed before. 
A line he shouldn’t be crossing right now. 
He grasped your leg, stroking the skin, “Warm,” He mumbled, “Soft...almost like a pillow...” 
Your heartbeat quickened at his last words. 
“...I wonder how other parts of you feel.” 
Your pinkie twitched. 
In a split second you had launched yourself out of bed, turning on the light. 
But he was already gone, he had slithered away into whatever cavern he called home, leaving you a panting mess. 
You shakily reached at your sheets, looking at the leg he had touched. There was no red hand print, no red scar.  Nothing to confirm his existence just like always. 
Still, you curled into a ball, keeping your eyes closed. You still remembered the look in his eyes before he disappeared. That unspoken promise. 
He was getting too close. He kept crossing boundaries you drew with trembling fingers, passing over them with ease. And next time-next time you knew. 
Next time, he’d be closer. 
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verityswritings · 13 days ago
I don't know if you are taking asks or not, but could you do a yandre Lucifer hcs? I really loved the Belphagor one so 👀
I do take asks, thank you for the request!
Tumblr media
Yandere Lucifer Headcanons
Hopefully I did well, he’s a harder character for me to grasp.
TW: Yandere Content
So where to start? Lucifer would definitely be quite the yandere to have after you. Lucifer would be the type of person that is very aware of their emotions. So he’d realize very quickly he had, um, intense feelings for you. He would also be very aware of the fact that these feelings aren’t quite right. Would honestly be very ashamed of how he felt for you. Out of the all the people he had to fall so hard for, it was a human? This wounds his pride and feels like a total embarrassment for him honestly.
At first he’d be angry at himself for allowing himself to develop these feelings. Though he doesn’t take this out on you or anyone else, he realizes that would be unwise to be so reckless about something he brought on himself. He doesn’t really ever want to voice to other people how big his feelings are for you, that’s too big of blow for his ego to handle, but you and everyone else too better figure out soon that Lucifer is the only one you will be allowed to pursue romantically.
He is 100% extremely possessive. Would never let you date anyone else. Don’t you understand lowly human? Are you really that dumb? All those other demons that are trying to pursue you just have negative intentions. They’re obviously just trying to use you and you can’t even see it! So, of course, Lucifer has made it his job to protect you from the advances of the other demons. No other reason for it, obviously.
Having feelings for you is something Lucifer would never admit in front of others. Perhaps after he has accepted his feelings more, he will be open about it with you. But only you and you alone. Even if everyone else has long ago connected the dots, he will never openly admit his emotions. It’s too much for his pride to bare. Claims he only very obviously plays favorites with you because you’re a defenseless human who needs his protection.
He’s a very strict yandere, which I think is obvious. He has made the rules very clear to you. You by now know very well of the things you can’t do or else you will be punished severely. Though the punishments are not as bad as the ones the brothers usually get. But don’t consider that it’s because of favoritism, it’s because humans are so unreasonably fragile!
The list of unacceptable things is very long, though I suppose the list isn’t too hard to figure out. You know, common sense things! Like no dating, having to tell Lucifer when and where you’ll be at all times, being dragged back home to be punished if you lied. Making sure you don’t fail any test or class because you have to set an example for others, just being a model student in general really, and having all the things you say/do monitored by Lucifer. You can’t be embarrassing yourself or more importantly him!
Very overprotective. The devildom is just so dangerous and you’re just a little frail human! If he doesn’t monitor you and not let you do certain things, then you’ll be so hurt! So many things can easily hurt or even kill you so he just has to make sure nothing happens to you. But only because you’re a foreign exchange student and that makes it his job to do so! You’re not allowed to do many things and often times Lucifer just makes you stay with him instead of letting you do things. It’s so much better to sit in his office with him and help with paperwork instead of going out into the dangerous world and risking injury!
Lucifer is very charming demon, therefore also a very manipulative demon. He’s very good at persuasion. Getting you and most of everyone else to believe all the reasons he has to act the way he does about you. The only people I can’t see him swaying so easily is Diavolo and probably Barbatos as well. Though they don’t interfere with his behavior really. Unless Diavolo wants to tease Lucifer about it that is. Diavolo make take the opportunity to poke a little fun at Lucifer, but Diavolo always views it as light hearted fun.
Most other people probably believe Lucifer when he comes up with some lie about why he’s being so possessive and overprotective of you. And even if they do realize I don’t think they’d really have the courage to bring it up. The brothers would be aware that he’s being weird but they get punished if they question him too much aout it so they no longer bring it up. It’s just become normalized in the house of Lamentation now.
So one of the more bad ones in obey me. Not all bad, but the level of control Lucifer feels he needs to have over you is pretty suffocating.
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stupid-sloot-headcanons · 2 months ago
Dkckdopdps OK so imagine if Demons go through heat cycles depending on like, a cycle of power and influence that makes succubi/incubi fluctuate their levels of influence on every Demon in the Devildom. Angels aren't affected and humans are only affected if lust magic is used on them directly. But the Demons naturally get pent up and sexually frustrated just by breathing in the air and existing lmao. Even Asmodeus isn't able to control his own arousal (not that he really wants to...) and he's the literal Avatar of Lust.
So the seven Demon brothers are each desperately trying to keep themselves from literally pouncing on ____ and finally claiming them as a mate. Some are more resilient than others, but in the end all it takes is for ____ to announce they're home in that sweet voice for all seven of them to finally snap and--at the same time--rush down to fuck them senseless. Normally they'd be fighting for their attention, but they're so eager to get on with things that they develop an unspoken agreement that ALL of them can claim ____ as a sort of communal mate.
It's a blur of torn clothes, hands with sharp nails, clashing horns, tongues and fangs, and the more they touch ____ the more affected by their heat they become. Soon it devolves into a full-on orgy with all of them taking turns in each of ____'s holes in rotation: one at each of their hands, one in their ass, one in their cunt, and the other three either jerking off over ____ or feverishly rubbing their cocks against their skin to claim their body with their scent. When one cums inside, the rest do soon after and they all switch spots.
It goes on for hours, but the natural aphrodisiac just leaves ____ moaning and begging for more and more while the brothers are happy to oblige. In the end none of them can say they have a better claim to ____, since their body is covered with all of their scents and filled to the brim with a mix of their seed.
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deceyx · a month ago
~Happy Birthday~
Fem!reader x Yandere!Levi
Genre: Smut, angst & fluff
Word count: 1657
Funfacttt!! I wrote this for my best friend's birthday!!❤@floating-in-the-galaxy1❤ I posted this on my new A03 account. So if you want you could subscribe to me there >_
Part Two: You and Me, Always Forever
She sank into a foamy bath. The warm water licked at her skin. Though she tried to relax, all she could think about was that night.
Y/N only groaned at the thought.
She felt nauseated whenever she recalled the disappointment on his face, the hurt.
Y/N chewed on her knuckles, worried that she might've wounded her relationship with Levi. He hadn't spoken to her in days.
I should've just told him how I felt.
I don't like feeling alone.
Most days, Y/N found herself darting glances at him during class and at home. Though, it was clear to her that he was avoiding her. She rubbed at her puffy eyes.
I would text him, but what would I say?
He thinks that I hate him.
After she got dressed, she plopped herself down onto the bed.
When her phone finally chirped, the text was short:Happy Birthday.
The text came from Levi. She felt her heart race at every text she read.
I'm sorry, I didn't mean to avoid you.
You know that you're my happiness. Right?
I'll do anything you want.
Just tell me.
Her eyes glinted with surprise at his messages. A smile tugged at her lips. But it went as quickly as it came.
Could we talk?
That's how he ended up at her door past midnight. Levi knocked on the door and waited for her to answer.
She was surprised at how fast he came.
He ran one hand through his hair, further disheveling it. He wore his usual color-blocked black, white, and blue mock neck shirt with joggers.
This quietness was deafening.
Her hand fiddled with the hem of her shorts.
"Don't you want to come in?" She asked.
She shuffled back to her bed; sat down as he locked the door behind him.
"Were you about to sleep?"
"Nah." She gave a short smile, "You know you can sit beside me, right?" She patted the mattress beside her, and he sat down.
"I thought you'd be mad at me."
So, he thought I was mad at him?
She felt the urge to giggle. But before she knew it, Levi embraced her warmly. Startled, she wondered what was going on in his mind.
"Stay forever." He whispered.
She experienced a deep pang of guilt at his words. She knew she couldn't stay forever. He knew she couldn't. Even if he begged and pleaded more, it would be futile.
"If I could, I'd spend every second with you," she continued, "But I can't keep being selfish."
Without a doubt, she missed her friends and family.
"I don't think this is going to work." After thinking about it, she had to admit what was on her mind, "You and I, it's not working."
He was rendered speechless.
"Are you… Are you serious?"
Rubbing her hands down her face, she asked herself the same thing.
"I don't know," she frowned, "But have you thought about it, right?"
I don't mean it.
"Thought about what?"
"I don't have forever."
He realized what she meant. He didn't want to let her go regardless.
Because even though their time together was limited, he wanted to spend every dying second together.
"You think I don't know that!" Frustrated, he bit at his bottom lip.
She didn't answer him. She knew it wouldn't change anything now. He was stubborn either way.
He stared at her, just waiting to hear her voice.
But maybe this was the reason why she wanted to break up with me. I keep messing up. Why do I have to keep feeling this way?
It's all my fault.
"I'll do whatever it takes, so please…" he breathed.
"Stop being this way." She drew away from him.
"Why do you keep trying to run away from me?" He asked.
He tugged her back to him by her elbow, but her eyes never met his.
He held her chin and forced her to look at him.
She could see his desire for her so visibly etched on his face when she looked at him. It made her wonder where he'd hid it for so long.
"If it's what you want, I understand, but it's not what I want." Levi brushed his fingers over her cheek, "So, use me then."
Her breath hitched in her throat, surprised by what he was insinuating.
If you're serious," he placed his hand on the small of her neck, "It's better than not having you."
"You're acting weird."
She was surprised at his statement that she felt her face burning.
He leaned in to brush her lips softly against his.
"I've always dreamt of what it'd feel like…" he cupped her cheek and pulled her into a kiss.
Paralyzed and confused, she didn't know what to do.
"Levi- " she squirmed.
But as if it were his instinct, he continued to deepen the kiss. The kiss shared between them was so warm and gentle. Yet Levi was consumed by his own selfish needs.
She trembled at the sudden feeling of his tongue as it trailed over her lips.
She began to feel her whole body flush as desire trickled into her. She kissed back.
"I don't understand…" her voice trailed away.
They melted into the kiss. Levi pulled her closer to him, her back arched in response. Her tongue ran over his lips, he moaned, squeezing the small of her back. They both massaged their tongues together, breathing each other's air.
He raked his nails through her hair as he pulled her head back. With his lips brushing her ears, he tugged on them with his teeth. She splayed her palms across his chest, trailing her arms down his body.
"Keep touching me like that." He breathed, "It makes my heart happy."
She lay back with a groan, her head pressed against her pillow. Anxiously, he laid himself on top of her.
Her hips rolled onto his pressed knee between her thighs.
Dipping his tongue into her collarbone, she bit back a moan, digging her nails into his back. She felt a shiver when they made eye contact.
She was dizzy for it.
His hands explored her. They fondled her breasts, pinching and twisting her erect nipples.
Her breath was coming in gasps.
He was studying her like the controls of a game. He wanted to know what made her squirm, to hear the sounds she made when he felt her.
He shoved his hands down her shorts. She closed her eyes as she let him do as he pleased. Fingers that were slow and gentle; slid to her mound and between her lips. Feeling the warm liquid pool between her.
Fully aroused by the situation, she let out another small moan. Levi teased her more as he dragged his fingers in circles, pressing them up and down over and over again. She began to enjoy his torture, even more, every squeeze she made, every moan, not even knowing it herself; she controlled his pace.
Sucking on her neck and pushed himself into her thigh. Slender fingers pressed shakily inside of her.
"You know what I realized?" He whispered, as two fingers turned into three, "You're more of a visual learner too. So, I'll just have to show you how much, "I adore you."
Even with them removing each other's clothes, she still wasn't sure what she wanted. But their need for each other ate at them hungrily. She couldn't stop even if she wanted.
She locked eyes with him as he parted her legs. Her eyes closed as he slid into her, her fists clenching the sheet.
Her arms came to wrap themselves around his neck. They tightened around him as her hips came up to meet him, drawing him more deeply inside of her.
She whimpered as he moved inside of her. Each stroke was painfully satisfying after the other.
She let him fill her again and again until all the empty places were gone.
He felt the way his touch transformed her. She was lost, but he could feel her finding her way back to him as she shattered beneath him. He heard it in her voice, the way she cried his name like a prayer. It was all he ever needed to feel, to remind himself why he'd never let her go.
She wrapped her legs around him. Holding her in place, he continued desperately thrusting his hips.
He looked down and saw her face pressed into her pillow, "Don't hide from me." He whined.
Her legs quivered around him as she felt herself going limp.
"Does this feel good, Y/N?" He teased.
He bit on her collarbone. He pinched at her nipples with his teeth. He trailed his tongue over them before sucking on them, deepening his nails into her sides.
She couldn't believe it when she heard herself making strangled noises, frantically trying to bite back moans.
"Faster, pl-please don't stop." She begged.
Their tongues and spit mix as they feverishly grasped each other. Y/N's hands pulled and threaded through his hair as he kissed her with sheer desperation. Both of their lips were bruised and bruised. They both wore expressions of pure lust, the desire to consume.
"You don't have to hold yourself back." He whimpered needily, his lips brushing against her ear, with every snap of his hips as he buried her into the mattress,"Give me everything, I'm begging you."
Her whole body tightened around him as she finally seemed to have let go as she felt the tightly coiled spring in her abdomen released. She dissolved into pleasure as he felt her pulsing inside.
Every stroke he made became sloppy; she felt his weight as he collapsed onto her. But she embraced him in her arms. He was flooding her, filling her, making her complete in all the ways she never knew she craved.
In all the ways that made him empty without her.
Please don't leave me.
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Have you ever wondered what kind of Obey we brothers would be yandere big brothers? Don't you? Well I am and I am going to write about it now.
I write this now for Asmodeus and Beelzebub.
( Lucifer, Mammon and Leviathan is here )
( Belphegor and Satan is here )
Yandere Beelzebub
Tumblr media
Beel would be especially careful and protective with you.
Lilith’s loss really touched him a lot and he never wants to experience that feeling again.
Beel has eaten an unfortunate demon a couple of times because he considered them a threat.
Oh poor demon.
Usually Beel would like to do things with you.
For example, eating or exercising would be important things to him.
Beel loves to hug you.
He often tells you how much they all care about you and limit what you do just to keep you safe.
Beel indeed believes in this "truth."
He doesn’t like violating your privacy but if it’s forced to do so he can live with it.
Usually, Beel apologizes afterwards.
If you don’t forgive him Beel will look like a really sad puppy until you forgive him.
You may also feel the other brothers blaming staring.
When you forgive him Beel is really happy.
Yandere Asmodeus
Tumblr media
Asmo is a “you’re never good enough for my sibling sister so don’t even try” type brother.
He has certainly destroyed the self-esteem of many boy / girlfriend candidates.
And Asmo refuses to be sorry.
He thought they deserved it.
Otherwise, Asmo might be the most relaxed of all your big brothers.
You are sure to have shared spa dates and relaxation rituals.
Asmo wants you to enjoy your stay and be your best.
Usually Asmo is the brother who listens to all your worries and problems.
( And then he destroys the social life of your troublemaker... unless it's one of his brothers )
Asmo loves you a lot and he shows it with hugs and gifts.
Usually he also manages your wardrobe contains.
This is because “Big Brother knows best which clothes suit your skin tone / eye color"
And he does not listen to protests
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yandere-daydreams · 2 months ago
V (venom) with Asmo? Drugging his darling up after getting tired of dealing with their fits, maybe ^^
Prompts: V for Venom.
Pairing: Yandere!Asmodeus x Reader (Obey Me).
TW: Unhealthy Relationships, Non-Consensual Drug Use, Implied Non-Con, Obsessive Behavior.
Tumblr media
"Demons used to be able to produce their own venom. Did you know that?"
You could feel his fingertips on the edge of your jaw, then your collarbone, tracing the shape of it. His nails were claw-like, filed down to thin, defined points, sharp enough to scrape against your skin, threatening to draw blood wherever he made contact. You thought they might've been painted, too, but you couldn't remember, and you couldn't check. Your eyes wouldn't cooperate, remaining focused on the canopy strung over his bed despite your best efforts to look at anything else, to concentrate on anything else. You might've tried to lift your head, but that seemed unrealistic, too impossible to justify the effort.
"I guess you wouldn't. Diavolo doesn't like to talk about that kinda stuff, and he wouldn't dream of letting such an ugly part of our history be taught at RAD, 'specially to a human. He probably thinks it'd scare you, if the fangs and horns haven't already."
Your hip, this time, then the sensitive flesh along the curve of your thigh. You could feel your shirt fold and ride-up above your stomach. His shirt, technically, leant to you and never taken back. Asmo liked it, when you wore things that he'd given you. He said you always looked the cutest when you looked like you were something that belonged to him.
"It was before my time, but I've heard about some really nasty stuff. Some of it could work its way into your blood, get into your brain, make you feel like someone's peeling off your skin, one inch at a time. There were aphrodisiacs, too, the kind that could keep you begging to be touched for days. That's what I wanted to get for you, but Lucifer said that kind of thing wasn't allowed, anymore."
You heard him laugh, the sound light and musical.
"We'll have to settle for paralysis, instead. You don't mind, do you, darling?"
You tried to respond, but the groan that made it past your lips was low, breathy, almost inaudible, as nonsensical to you as it must've been to him. A small hum, then a kiss to your temple, a reward for trying your best and a warning not to try and resist his poison's immobilizing effects, again.
"You've just been so distant, lately. Always running off with Mammon or locking yourself away in Satan's stuffy library - it's just not good for you. You deserve to spend some quality time with your favorite demon, without interruption. I knew you'd try and tell me that you have something else to do, or that it'd be unfair to my brothers, or that you 'don't want to', so I figured I should take the initiative. Can't speak lies if you can't speak at all, right?"
Another groan, pitchy and panicked, but Asmo only laughed, again, only kissed you, again, your cheek, then your lips, the gesture so soft and so fleeting, you could almost convince yourself he wouldn't do anything worse, tonight. You felt his weight on the mattress beside you, then in-between your parted legs, his hands on your thighs, now, his teeth on your neck.
"I know you'll be good for me, too. I know you'll take all the love I have to give you."
His lips on your skin, over your jugular. His smile, wide and cutting, more venomous than anything he could ever force into your veins.
"It's not like you have another choice."
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yandere-sins · 2 months ago
Can you do a yandere diavolo and Luciferreacting to finding out their darling MC is pregnant and how they would take care of them
Thanks for requesting! See also, this post.
»»———————— ♡ ————————««
♡ It wasn't in his plans, but everything always seems to happen out of his reach. He might have been a bit too careless lately but believed his darling was protected from these sorts of troubles, especially with humans and demons not always being able to conceive. Lucifer already has so many babies at home. All he ever wanted from his darling was control, which he now feels slipping away with the pregnancy. After all, it's still his child, and it would bother him if it were to get hurt. But with the kid, there's a chance his darling could try to do stupid things again and slip out of his grasp, which he simply cannot allow.
♡ Perhaps his darling feels his indecisiveness, yet, lack of enthusiasm after the news, but they realize it might be the only thing they can ever hold against him. Pulling his palm against their stomach, they emphasize how it's their child that is growing inside of them, desperately trying to soften Lucifer for the idea of having it. His expression is serious and hard, but he's not pulling his hand away despite the child not even big enough to kick. He's not telling them that they will have an abortion, but he sighs as he finally pulls away, standing up and leaving, needing some time to think about what to do and how to act. It should be a joyful occasion, but there's too much to take into consideration for him to be overjoyed.
♡ Nonetheless, if his darling desires, they will have the child. There are enough babysitters in the house, so it won't get into his and Lucifer's darling's way once they go back to their typical everyday life. Of course, he knows he needs to take precautions with his darling now but still tries to be as strict with them as ever, just a bit more gentle. It also gives him more reasons to praise them for being well-behaved, serving them their cravings, or buying pregnancy gadgets that can ease their various pains and discomforts. Lucifer always holds it over their head that if they misbehave, he might as well get rid of the child, but of course, he never acts on it. Occasionally, he really enjoys the rare moments of closeness and bonding he and his darling have, already knowing he will miss them once the baby is there. However, he only really takes an interest in his child once he has it for himself, and without the interferences of anyone like his brothers or darling, only ever found smiling and holding it on these rare occasions. There's a strict upbringing to be expected, but he also holds a new leverage against his darling in his arms, and with a creature as beautiful as his own child, he does have a reason to be proud.
♡ Diavolo is ecstatic. Not that he expected it or was planning for it specifically, but he sees no harm in having a child. He would never admit to his darling if he sired any other children before, but this one is special. It's one of love and care. He has already decided on names before his darling can even bring up getting a check-up with a doctor, and Diavolo has Barbatos both call for the doctor of his trust (the one who he can bribe to never speak of the what is really going on with his darling) and also a smith so he can order a crown for the little heir of the throne. A really small baby crown, just like Diavolo imagines it.
♡ Keeping or aborting, both aren't good options for the darling. Losing the child would make Diavolo all too eager to try it again. It worked once, so it'll work again, right? But keeping it will make him into a clingy, overprotective mess who constantly sends new presents to the point they need another room just to store them. Common sense disregarded, if Diavolo hears the word pregnancy, he will buy any and all things that he can get his hand on, and his darling is threatened to suffocate under all the love he's trying to convey. They aren't allowed to leave with him anymore, should rest all day and call a servant even if they just want to use the toilet. It's humiliating, and they aren't even allowed at the parties to celebrate their pregnancy because a drop of alcohol could land on their lips, or someone could handle them roughly. And since they have to worry about their risky interspecies pregnancy, there are multiple doctor appointments over the day, never truly letting them rest either.
♡ The nine months are few of the happiest Diavolo has ever experienced. He's very willing to forget about punishments and all for snide remarks and temper tantrums, especially since his darling is still very much locked up in their room. He's eager to fulfill any reasonable wish they have, even feeding them or massaging their feet and holding their belly. He likes being part of the experience and ditches his work just to be with them. There's barely any privacy anymore since he's constantly around, and Diavolo can't really understand if his darling gets moody, blaming it on the pregnancy and leaning in for more cuddles. He's treating them so well, so it's not like they are mad at him for sure. Being able to hold his child for the first time literally brings him to tears. He goes through all of the palace protocol of showing it to the press and his staff on his own since his darling is supposed to rest up and stay in their room. But as soon as the sweet moments after the birth are over, the child is put into the care of the palace nannies, the same ones that raised Diavolo himself, and off he goes back to his darling to tell them all about it. He'll use seeing their child as a way to reward his darling, but the true horror begins after the last check-up from the doctor a bit after the birth, assuring the couple that everything is perfectly fine before leaving. It's music in Diavolo's ears to hear that now they can try again for the next child, no matter what his darling thinks of that.
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supimjustwriting · 6 months ago
Yandere Writing Prompts
Author’s Note: These writing prompts contain yandere themes, hints of blood, unhealthy relationships, manipulation, etc. Please read at your own risk.
To fellow Writers! Please feel free to use! All I ask for is some credit. I look forward to the works these may inspire.
A - “Abandon me? You’re abandoning me! After everything we’ve been through?”
B - “Bruises? Sweetheart. You caused those yourself. You’re the one who ran after all.”
C - “Can’t things be different? I swear I can change!”
D - “Don’t touch me! I don’t know who you are anymore..”
E - “Everyone’s gone now! No one can get in our way now. Why deny our love?”
F - “Foolish. ____, did you really think that would work?”
G - “Good morning ~! Sleep well? I hope the bindings aren’t too tight. Did you know you’re quite the restless sleeper?”
H - “Hopeless?” crooked laughter escaped the figure. “You think I’m hopeless? Sweetheart. Pigeon. Dove. Don’t you see that you’re the one caged here?”
I - “Irresistible. I just love it when you look at me like that.” 
J - “Jealousy? You think this is simple jealousy? I wish it was that simple! You stole my heart and now you have to take responsibility.” 
K - “Kindling for our love! That’s what everything I’ve done is feeding. It’s fuel for the spark you gave me.”
L - “Love, please stop running. I’d hate to break those beautiful legs of yours.”
M - “Must it always end this way? I thought you were smarter than this.”
N - “Nothing will stop me from loving you.”
O - “Open wide honey! I made it especially for you. I’m sure you’ll be able to taste the love within ~”
P - Puddles. There were puddles of crimson everywhere. It soaked into the floorboards, only to lead to a smile I once loved.
Q - “Quite the predicament we have here. So, what’s your choice? Are you gonna try again?”
R - Roses. They once brought great comfort. They still bring me roses but the light in their eyes is gone.
S - “Silly doll. That’s a trick many others have tried before. It’s clever but I cherish you too much to let it fool me again.”
T - Trembling, I cover my mouth in an attempt to muffle my breathing. Tch, tch, tch. The clicking of their tongue pierced the air. I could practically see their maniacal grin under my closed lids.
U - “Us. All I ever wanted was us. Is that truly too much to ask?”
V - Vermin. Everyone around my darling was vermin.
W - “War can start for the smallest of reasons. The battle within myself started with you and all you needed to do to stop this was say yes.”
X - Love xxxx A sickeningly sweet scent emanated from the ornate letter.
Y - “Yours. Forever and always.”
Z - “Zip it! What happened to that beautiful smile I fell for? Those shining eyes of yours. Why do they dull when looking at me?” 
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lorkai · a month ago
Hello, I really like your writing and wanted to make a request.
Could you do the yandere brothers realizing the Mc hates them. Like the Mc doesn’t yell or anything but is just indifferent to them and never talks to them. If you don’t want to do this you don’t have to, but thank you.
🖼️ A/N: @lemonandlime22 Ngl you read my mind! A friend and I were talking about yanderes the other day and I was actually thinking about writing something. And ksksksiq thanks, I'm trying really hard to improve my writing with every oneshot and headcanon posted! ( ꈍᴗꈍ)
Revised oneshot but it's common for one or two typos to go by without me noticing.
Warnings: Yandere stuff, y'know. Guilt tripping, gaslighting, mention of punishments, implied death, Stockholm syndrome, kidnapping, broken mc, implied torture, usage of spells and drugs, blackmail, manipulation, death threat, toxic relantionship and much more. Minors babies don't read this one, okie?
His heart is so cold, so lonely. He saw each of his brothers fall from heaven, cast out for following him in his rebellion. He held his sister's body in his arms as the life drained from her eyes. Lucifer was robbed of his fate by taking an oath to Diavolo; to serve him, to be his right-hand man. Lucifer knows more about the world and its pains than you could ever want to know. And you were just a small, fragile human. You were just a bunch of bones and flesh, thoughts and feelings. You were so pure, so innocent, no matter what you did. So it was more than obvious that he would want to protect you from the world so big and so scary, orchestrating a perfect plan for you to vanish and no one could ever find you.
But he can still remember, with a sour taste in his mouth and some regret in mind, how you used to scream and struggle to get rid of the handcuffs on your wrists, to lean away from his touch. And he didn't understand that and neither did he understand the look in your eyes. Lucifer is not delusional, but so long trying to carry the world on his shoulders has taken away some of his reasoning. For a moment he actually thought that when he embraced your trembling form and whispered, most of the time, praise and promises, you would love him. That when he had you on his lap while he wiped your tears and calmly kissed your cheek, that you would adore him in equal measure.
But otherwise, you never stopped screaming. You never stopped trying to run away. And today as he drinks another glass of Demonus, he still remembers that you never screamed again after your first punishment, never again tried to tell lies about how you hated him for stealing your life and your freedom. You just sat there and stared at him with your cold, dead eyes, never responding to any comments he made. You couldn't gather your strength for it anymore. And then there was the second punishment and then the third, each one trying to make you react somehow, trying to make you feel, but no matter how much blood came out or how much he was screaming and shaking you, you didn't react. You remained emontionless, apathetic.
Maybe if he'd understood earlier that his overwhelming feeling wasn't good or healthy, wasn't as human as he thought he was, maybe he would have pushed you away to protect you and him. You hated him, he understood that now as he held your body against his, content to listen to your shallow breathing. The hate that your soul kept emanating even after it was broken was something that would imprint itself on him forever, it was something that would haunt him because you were right all along, although he would never, ever admit it out loud to you or to himself.
But its alright. After all you will love him one way or another. He guarantees it. The drug potion he chose guarantees that. And your hate will completely disappear, as if it never existed. You will laugh and smile and speak again. It doesn't matter if you're never the same person again as long as you can love him as he loves you, it doesn't matter because he just let that hate disappear from your eyes.
The second strongest, the second oldest brother most teased among the younger brothers. Mammon is like an ever-moving sea, he doesn't know what he feels because he's always thinking and he's so confused. Like, he doesn't know if he genuinely loves you or he just has a huge affection for you because you don't make fun of him or call him scum. You are different from his brothers, you are more affectionate, he can feel the friendship you have for each other through your eyes. So of course he can act like a tsundere, but he's on cloud nine every time he's with you. Being with you is almost like being in heaven again.
He especially loves the weekends where you watch movies and sleep together. Having his arms around your waist or you holding him across your chest makes him fall asleep quickly, it's just amazing how he feels every time that happens. His heart beat faster, his palms were sweating a lot and his voice shook every time he was beside you. But he's afraid, he's so afraid you'll reject him. So he does the only thing he can: Mammon destroyed your relationship with your friends, spreading untruthful rumors among the most gossipy demons and your grades are dropping really fast. Lucifer is always demanding the best results for an exchange student, saying that you must improve. But the pressure is too much and you go to Mammon to vent.
The same person you seek comfort from, who is massaging your shoulders and neck, is the same person who caused all these problems in the first place, the same person who wants to monopolize your time entirely for him. And he doesn't feel the least bit guilty and doesn't have empathy for your current state, after all he can help you as long as you're always on his side, as long as you look at him. But what the Avatar of Greed didn't expect was that one of his friends, who had apparently stopped talking to you out of nowhere, would text you about the things he had done.
And oh god, oh god, you're so mad at him that you're shaking, biting your lip to keep from screaming but it's in vain. You're screaming about how everything he's done is wrong, that he should stay away from you and how you're going to tell Lucifer everything. And that's exactly what you do, leaving that place and saying it out loud. "I hate you!"
The sweet MC he met has been replaced by this cold and reserved version, you never looked at him the same again, you never spoke to him the same way again and even used your pact to force him to leave you alone. But you're so naive, Mammon's crush on you can't go away just because you want to. No, he spends the next few months thinking and planning how to get you somewhere else to live in peace and he executes the plan overnight. In the morning none of you know how busy the House of Lamentation is, looking for MC the human and Mammon their idiot brother. And you honestly don't need to know, Mammon is here for you, to hug you, to kiss you, to tell you I love you, to comfort you and be your only source of contact.
Sooner or later, that hate of yours will be lost inside your own mind. Very soon you and he will be a couple united by obsession and stockholm.
Now this one is complicated. Levi knows he can be considered a yandere, he knows that what he feels is neither normal nor right, but he loves every moment you spend together too much to care if it's healthy or not. And you always look so happy when you're reading manga and playing with him, it's not like he's forcing you to be there. But it's normal that he wants to spend time with you, after all you are his Henry, his first and only friend. So he doesn't really understand why you want to spend time with other people, he really thinks he's a good enough friend for you and feels jealous when you're talking to others.
“I knew… Of course you wouldn't want to spend time with a disgusting otaku like me and I don't blame you for that. You can go, I'll be fine here alone because loneliness is all I've known forever.”
He is a manipulator and is always trying to make you feel guilty about your choices. The paranoia inside your head, the fear that you're doing something wrong, and the uncertainty always take you back to the demon of envy, back to the toxicity of that room and those games. But Levi pretends it's okay, letting you always win at games and letting you copy his homework. He's not as good at PDA as his brothers, but he tends to hug your waist and pull you closer when the two of you are alone, your face resting on his shoulder. And sometimes he even lets you lie on his lap.
What's funnier is that you don't notice how far you're drifting away from your other friends until Simeon points out that there's something wrong with your relationship with Levi, how he's always looking for your presence, your friendship, your love, your everything. Levi is consuming your being little by little and you can't do anything, you don't want to do anything, because when you're with him your mind and your heart are always calm, united. And you don't realize how toxic this relationship is, despite the constant doubts inside your mind. And even though you realize it, if you fight that instinct to see him continuously every hour of the day, that you curse him for doing what he did, even after all that, you still carry a feeling inside of you.
If you didn't know better you would say it was love. But the truth is, it's hate, hate so pure that you could rival Satan himself for who is the true Avatar of Wrath. Fighting day after day with your emotional dependency on Levi is difficult, especially when you live with him and his brothers. But you start to pick yourself up slowly, little by little, just so that he pretends he's a victim and that it's all inside your head, that you're crazy, that Simeon is jealous of the relationship you have and that you should listen only to him. It doesn't matter if your hate continues, it doesn't matter that little by little you're so paranoid that you don't communicate with anyone else, he still loves you and accepts you. Even if it's wrong. And he knows a way for you to be his alone; locking you into a game that only he knows so that only he can see you and talk to you forever.
The polite Avatar of Wrath, always on the verge of exploding with rage when things provoke him too much, is someone you never see coming. He is cruel and very silent, when you least expect it you are meticulously caught in his web, unable to move without his permission, unable to think without his permission. Satan is sweet at the beginning of your relationship, listening to your problems, encouraging you to spend time reading with him or go with him to a cat cafe that recently opened. But you are a poor little thing, so stubborn. He could devour all of your essence because you make him feel like he does. It's love. It's definitely love. He's read about it many times in his books and seen it in movies.
Satan knows there's a good percentage of you hating him for what he's about to do, but he couldn't care less. He will destroy you and rebuild you to the perfect image; to the ideal partner for him. Spell after spell, your essence drained like water into a drain. Things are no longer the same, the joy, the excitement of being in a new place, the fear and anxiety of living surrounded by demons, the tiredness and satisfaction of getting good grades. Nothing is the same after a while. But you think it's just the monotony taking effect, after all the routine of going to the RAD and back to the House of Lamentation is pretty boring. But with the exams coming in, your worries quickly fade and you find yourself spending more and more time with Satan, studying and debating, waiting for his approving smile and head pat you get every time you offer a positive answer. It's natural for you now and when you don't get it, you're disappointed in yourself.
What you didn't know is that you were being conditioned to think that way by Satan's manipulation through Pavlov. A tactic used by psychologists. And you probably wouldn't notice the manipulation if it weren't for you entering his room when he wasn't present, plans for what he would do to you once you were his. Tears streamed down from your eyes as you slowly realized what it all meant; the lie, the betrayal of Satan. But you're so naive, of course he would do that, he's a demon. Bad stuff is what he does to poor, innocent people!
And you turned to run from there. Run for help, to scream everything you found out but you never took a step. Satan was behind you, his arms holding you exactly in place as a wide, bizarre smile graced his lips. Your hatred is raging everywhere and he's just enjoying himself, reveling in the situation, stroking your face as he walked over to drop a kiss on your forehead. See, he feeds on your hate and anger. He does not care. He just wants you to hate him, to try to fight him more and more so he can put you in your place, but he also wants you to love him unconditionally.
He doesn't need to kidnap you or anything like that, after all with the spell he has Satan practically controls your mind and your will. He knows everything and lying to him is impossible. You're going to break soon anyway.
Asmo doesn't want a partner. He wants a doll to wear and play with, he wants someone dependent on him and his attention, someone who also loves him as he loves them. If you had noticed how he was clingy with you, deciding things for you and speaking for you, if you had cared a little more about these Asmo quirks then maybe you would be free now. But freedom is just a taste forgotten in your mouth. You don't laugh. You do not speak. You just stare at him, as if everything that happens in front of you is just a monotonous movie, as if you no longer feel anything.
But again, it's not like Asmo cared. Sure, it can be annoying when you don't react to the latest gossip he tells you or when he tells you about his day. But maybe you need a little more time to recover from everything he's done; of threats and blackmail, but you were so innocent that he felt the need to protect you from everyone. It was all necessary after all, and you can't blame him just because you don't want to see things from his point of view. If you had understood things would have been easier, he wouldn't have needed to punish you for yelling so much.
You two are always in the public eye dancing and drinking in clubs, posing for pictures at Devilgram and acting like lovesick fools. But if you know how to play the game of Asmo right, you can manipulate him by using his ego and his narcissism against him.If you haven't already made a pact with him, it's a wise choice to go to Solomon and ask him to get Asmodeus to stop acting that way. But even so, even though his feelings are being controlled by a mere pact, even though his brothers think he's crazy about the things he's done to you, he still loves you obsessively. He loves you that could choke on the feeling itself. It's addictive madness!
Keep hating him. Keep looking at him that way. Keep noticing him. He wants everything you're willing to give him. And enjoy while this time lasts because Asmodeus will have you in his arms one way or another, the possibilities are endless from a spell to break the pact to Solomon's assassination and, in that way, the nullification of the command.
This friendly giant here is the second easiest type of yandere to deal with, because he literally just wants to protect you from bad influences and he really takes your opinion very seriously. So the only way he can do you any harm is if he manipulates you into being a little more on his side, but even then he might not notice what he's doing. I mean, he took you to help him exercise and then to eat at Hell's Kitchen. It's just another normal day for you, so why are you trying to make excuses for not following him anymore?
Beel probably thinks he's done something wrong and handles it the way he knows best. He eats. He eats a lot more than usual, he even tries to eat a pillar in the Demon Lord's Castle again. But he is promptly stopped by Lucifer who patiently talks to him and makes him find the reason for his problems. You. You're the reason for his troubles, but don't take it the wrong way, he doesn't want to offend you. He adores you as a member of his family, it was clear that your rejection would hurt him. Beel is just trying to be friendly because you are a little human in Devildom, a lot of demons want to eat your soul and he won't let you.
Except he doesn't know how to apologize. He's like a giant shadow hovering over your shoulders, following you around instead of having a dialogue. And food can't really distract him because he carries an absurd amount of food in his backpack for him and you; your favorites foods by the way. But if you try to start a conversation with him about how uncomfortable you were and hated how suffocating he was, Beelzebub will try to change and stop these trends. Really, he's trying. But he just can't.
And one night incredibly sad and lonely because Belphie wasn't there to hear him speak, he had a nightmare. Same nightmare with lilith being killed but you were the one in her place this time. And he knew deep down as he broke into your room and took you somewhere else, to a completely secluded place that only he and Belphie knew, that what he was doing was wrong. You would hate him. No, you already hated him. Your eyes were real about it, although you didn't react to anything. He felt your hatred of him with every thing he did. But he's okay with living with your hatred as long as you're alive and safe from harm. He's always feeding you your favorite foods, helping you with whatever you need and putting you to sleep.
Invading your dreams to turn them into nightmares was the thing that amused him the most after you revived. All of his brothers were happy with you, the fake copy of Lilith. But he knew more. And every night he killed your dearest people in front of you, seeing how you cried and cried for someone's help, anyone, making you suffer just like the humans made him suffer when they killed Lilith. And the more you try to interact with him, asking him for a chance to see you as MC, the human, rather than MC, the descendant of Lilith, that's when things get worse.
Hallucinations of strange beings trying to kill you, chasing you down the halls and whispering death threats you recognized as the same ones Belphie whispered to you, before killing you in the attic. But you like the good person you are and with the good soul you have, you try to forget and forgive him for all the evil he did, once again, putting up with things and trying to protect the brothers, carrying the world on your back. And that only makes Belphie hate you even more, hate you so much that he could kill you and revive to kill you again. Stop being good to him when he doesn't deserve it!
He honestly spends more time making your life hell than sleeping or plotting against Lucifer with Satan like he used to. Your plans always go wrong, your friends are always avoiding you and nothing you do goes right. It's just useless and tiring, yet if you talk about it with the brothers they'll probably say it's just something that's inside your head because things are normal????
Anyway, you find yourself cornered by Belphie in every situation that goes wrong. With tears in your eyes and trying to look scary, you proclaim his hatred with a shriek filled with feeling, your fists shaking. You can try to run away, scream, run or fight, but regardless, now that Belphie has witnessed your hatred and anger towards him, such a negative feeling, he wants more and more. Come on, keep hating and cursing him, it'll be more fun to carry out each of the death threats when you're feeling what he feels for you.
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yanderemommabean · 4 months ago
Any more yandere cult AU? Specifically obey me?
You can't escape them. You're an absolute gift, a blessing formed for Heaven as well as Hell. One would be considered insane to allow you to just wonder off to never be seen again!
Of the ones who are designated to watch over you, Belphegor was the most dutiful. he had been so harsh to you before, so sinfully mean, he knows he must repent for the rest of his life. And he doesn't mind that one bit, if anything he loves it.
He can't help the near perverse feeling that floods his soul when he finally gets to be alone with you. He can let go of all stresses and just bask in caring for you and all of your needs.
He'll murmur mantras as he roams his fingers across your skin, lungs deeply inhaling the scent of your hair as he presses his face against your neck, holding you close to his chest while he kisses the tips of your fingers, chuckling when he feels the heat coming off of your cheeks.
You're just so cute. So powerful yet so docile, it's a mix he never imagined he could fall victim too, yet here he is wiling to fall on his knees (Or break someone else's) just to protect you and see you smile.
Belphegor will put all of his energy (although that's not usually up to par with his brothers, him being the main demon of sloth and all) into being with you. Even while sleeping, his possessiveness comes to life. Strong, unbelievably muscled arms wrap around you and hold you in a near crushing embrace.
It's so soothing, having you this close. You make his boring dreams into that of wonder and bliss, beautiful layouts that take him away from wretched reality for a spell. He needs you to even function, just to sleep properly and want to keep living!
There's no doubt that the demon is a devoted follower, but if there ever was, Belphegor wouldn't hesitate to show his true form and destroy whomever planted those seeds.
(-Mommabean, hope this was ok!)
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