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#yandere reader insert
amothwhowrites · 15 hours ago
Tumblr media
Yeah, I guess I'm on a pillar men kick rn, oh well! Here's some spice
Paring: Esidisi x GN reader
CW: 18+ (minors go away), NSFW, smut, yandere!, possessive behavior, misogynistic language, dub-con, manipulation, corruption kink, wax play, cock warming, power imbalance, language like slave/servant used.
Summary: Esidisi feels slighted by one of the new slaves in Kar's palace, so he feels it would only be right to show them the meaning of obedience.
AO3 Link
(dark content/ yandere ahead, aka dead dove, do not eat)
If there was one thing Esidisi couldn’t stand, it was indifference from humans.
For the most part, this was a rare occurrence. The human slaves that occupied Kar’s palace were, on the whole, obedient. They knew the circumstances that brought them here, and the fate that awaited them should they choose to disobey. The humans were smart enough to follow orders, he would give them that, at the very least. They cleaned, they served, they only spoke when spoken to, and bowed low to their rightful masters.
He saw the fear in their eyes and it brought him a feeling of satisfaction, minute though it was. But it wasn’t all fear, there were other emotions— other things that any superior being could sense hiding behind those darting eyes.
Esidisi was particularly thankful to Kars for his choice of human slaves. Not one of them was dull-looking. Many of them he would go so far as to describe as attractive.
When the mood struck him, he would take a human to his bed. That is, if he was tame enough to make it to his personal chambers. It was his right, after all, he was above them. He could sense when one of them was aroused by his presence and felt the change in their body temperature. The human would feel his gaze upon them and swoon, fidgeting and batting their eyelashes. Humans were easy enough to read. There was no concealing what they desired, and he was more than happy to provide it.
Even the ones that were hesitant at first would eventually concede and melt in his touch after mere minutes. “I know what you want, dear human. I will be gracious and give it to you if you show me your devotion. Drop to your knees, serve your master, and be thankful for it.”
He would give them a thorough fucking and send them on their way, satisfied enough.
Despite his libido, Esidisi could never bring himself to hold on to one dedicated bed slave for too long. He would inevitably find himself growing bored of the same hole after a few weeks. He felt no shame in this pattern. Master Kars kept a large harem for himself, consisting of the most beautiful of the humans they had captured. Esidisi could have sworn he saw a new face or two every time he visited his master’s chambers.
Wamuu had finally found himself a worthy bed-slave as well,
However, there was a single servant that irked him to no end, one he had seen dwelling in his Master’s throne room. They were the same as all the other human-serving maids, in the sense that they did their work with no complaints. The servants stood lining the walls, heads bowed, while Master Kars attended to whatever he needed to.
Esidisi spied this human there, they were just supposed to be another pretty face in the crowd. But they were on the newer side, he wasn’t used to seeing them. Standing next to them was a woman-servant he had taken a few weeks back. She was a screamer, that one. She must have woken the whole palace that night.
He watched the woman whisper in the new human’s ear, gesturing at him with a giggle. The two of them peaked their heads up to lock eyes with him. The woman stared back with salacious wanton eyes, subtly squeezing her legs together. But not this new human. Much to Esidisi’s surprise, this new servant dropped their gaze back to the floor seconds after making eye contact, a look of utter disinterest on their face. Disinterest, he scoffed to himself. How utterly cruel.
It was understandable to a certain extent, he attempted to remain rational. The pillar men were immaculate gods, cruel and unmatched in power. Therefore any measly human seeing one of them for the first time would, of course, be intimidated. He would have thought it pathetic if it wasn’t so amusing.
Esidisi approached the new servant, looming over their much smaller figure, placing a hand on the wall behind them. Caged in like an animal, he expected to see their eyes light up anxiously, to feel the wild thumping of their heart, and the heat of their body changing. But even in an imposing position like that, the human barely responded. Not a single skipped heartbeat or breath was had. How curious.
“Master Esidisi,” they muttered with a small bow, eyes glued to the floor as they slid past his body and moved to exit the hall with a group of other servants. A few of them looked concerned, no doubt frightened from seeing a fellow servant act with such indignation towards one of the Pillar Men, but nevertheless hurried out huddled together.
Such dismissal, from anyone, was unusual to say the least. Above all else it was wholly, thoroughly, infuriating. ‘How dare they, how fucking dare that damned human walk away from me.’ It was his blood boiling, not theirs. That woman next to them had the correct state of mind, she was perceptive and clearly willing to indulge him. Did they not fully understand the position they had been blessed with? Disgraceful, unacceptable. He would not—could not stand for that kind of snubbing. If they refused to acknowledge their position, he would make them.
He tracked down the woman who had been whispering in that servant’s ear, snatched her arm, and demanded: “That human you were muttering to, what is their name?” The woman shuddered from his hard tone, but told him nonetheless. ‘(Y/N), so that was what they were called,’ he thought to himself as the woman sank to her knees on impulse.
Like a hunter, he had identified his target, his delicious prey. They would soon know the power of his influence, and be consumed by his heated touch.
His plan was to be set in motion the very next day. Esidisi waited in his personal chambers, as a handful of maids drew a bath. Candles were lit and placed around the perimeter. Normally one of the maids that drew the bath would attendant to him throughout, but he shooed them all away, only taking time to give one a very simple command. “I wish for (Y/N) to attend to me while I bathe, bring them here and be quick about it.” The maids complied, despite leaving with confused expressions. He supposed some of them were disappointed, but he didn’t care.
Esidisi’s large tub was already filled with hot water, but it never was hot enough for his liking. The moment his body entered the water he would begin to use his unique ability to make it boil, hot enough to burn flesh. “I supposed I should keep the heat down, if I want my plan to play out.”
As soon as that thought left his mouth, the heavy wooden door was nudged open, the face of (Y/N) peaking through the small opening. ‘Ah yes, my perfect little prey has come to me.’
“Master Esidisi, you summoned me?” Their voice was soft and shy, eyes constantly darting from his then back to the floor. They were no doubt intimidated by him, standing there naked (with the exception of his jewels) swirling his finger in the water.
“Yes, I have. (Y/N), was it? I have decided that you would attend to me while I bathe.” The human stood rigid in the doorway, tense as they avoided looking at him.
“As you wish, master. What is it you would like me to do?”
“Don’t look so uneasy, dear (Y/N),” he said as he plunged his body into the tub, water splashing onto the floor. “It’s an easy task. I’m sure you would prefer it to scrubbing floors. Wouldn’t you?” The human said nothing, intent on staying as far away from him as they could get away with. This wouldn’t do. “You’re quite new here, aren’t you?” (Y/N) nodded quickly. Esidisi chuckled as he reached for a bottle of lavender oil next to the tub. “Then allow me to give you some...important advice. If you are asked a question, it’s best if you answer it directly. Furthermore, staring at the ground like you do—I would commend you on your intent to stay respectful in Kar’s court, but I must admit it bothers me something awful.” He watched the human shift, feeling their body heat spark from across the room. It was the heat of embarrassment, so sweetly warm. “In my presence, I would allow you to look me in the eyes. Do you understand, (Y/N)?” They looked up from the floor, eyes brimming with anxious tears that would not spill, at least without his doing.
“Y-Yes, master Esidisi,” they said in a quiet voice, almost inaudible. It made him smile.
“There now, that’s much better, isn’t it?” Esidisi crooked a finger at them. “Come over here now, apply this oil to my body. Do it quickly.” It gave him satisfaction, the way they hurried over almost in a panic. Like prey to a hunter, it was coming time for him to spring his little trap.
(Y/N) gingerly took the bottle of lavender oil from his hands, popped the cork out and nervously fretted with their next course of action.
“Forgive me, I have never done t-this before. How should I apply it, master?”
“Pour it on my shoulders and rub it in with your hands.” He heard them gulp, their body heat pulsing with anxiety and a pinch of fear, but did as he commanded. He hummed at the pleasant feeling of their soft hands ghosting over his skin, trembling as they worked the fragrant oil onto his body. It felt good, too good. The final act of his trap was about to commence.
He grabbed (Y/N)’s wrist, amused by how they jumped in surprise.
“Join me, (Y/N), I insist.” Their eyes shot wide open, instinctively tried to pull their arm back, but it was no use in his much stronger grasp.
“I-I, cannot do such a thing, m-master. Please, forgive me.” Their refusal would have been humorous had Esidisi not already felt slighted by the human.
“Do not be mistaken, human,” he spits the last word out like venom, “you are here to serve, and obey. If I say it you must do it, you will do it. Now, take off your clothes and join me. You will do it quickly if you value your limbs.” Another audible gulp from their throat, a few panicked breaths, but those actions were followed by begrudging compliance.
The heat of shame flared from (Y/N) as they disrobed, hesitating for a long moment before they moved to climb into the tub. The walls were higher than that of a human-sized tub, it was after all built specifically for his massive stature. (Y/N) struggled to climb in while they tried to keep the parts between their legs concealed with one arm. ‘How foolish, it’s almost cute,’ Esidisi thought to himself.
In a single motion, he pulled the much smaller human into the water, positioning them so that they were sitting on his waiting lap, pushing their back against his firm chest. Despite the warmth of the water and his own body heat, goose-bumps bloomed on their skin from the sensation of being touched.
“There now, that’s much, much better,” his cock twitched against the swell of their ass. “I do prefer not to bathe alone, I find it more...thrilling.” The
Carefully, Esidisi thrummed a pulse of heat through the water, heating it up just below a simmer. It would be a shame to burn his precious human. (Y/N)’s skin quickly became slick with sweat, their breaths becoming heavy against his chest. He took the opportunity to reach around their body and place his hands over their chest. He squeezed their nipples between his long fingers, earning a suppressed moan from (Y/N).
“I do hope the water is not too hot for you, (Y/N). I know that human skin can be quite sensitive.” They let out a choked gasp as he pinched the little buds with more force, though it was still only a fraction of his strength. He could feel the (Y/N)’s body humming with heat, the kind that indicated the beginning of arousal. It made his cock start to grow hard, and he eagerly pushed it against the parts between the human’s legs.
“A-Ah, master Esidisi, what are you—,” (Y/N) could not finish their sentence, as he greedily licked their neck, sucking and biting the sensitive spot near the collarbone until he left a mark.
“Your question is useless, I know that you cannot truly be so naïve to not understand what I want.” He pushed their legs apart beneath the water, palming at the parts between their legs. They sucked in air through gritted teeth, their body feeling so wonderfully hot pressed against his, the wetness of their sweat smelling sweet.
“I must admit, this water is far too cool for my liking, (Y/N). I have kept it so as not to harm you, but whatever will I do if I catch a chill from being so cold?” It was an exaggeration, of course, but necessary for him to exert full control over this human. “I suppose that means it falls on you to keep me warm, (Y/N). By the way your body is reacting, I’m sure you would be more than happy to oblige.” They turned their head around to look back at him, an expression showing slightly reluctant understanding painted across their sweat-covered face. He swiped some of the perspiration from their brow and delved blow the water, inserting two fingers into their hole. They gasped and squirmed as he scissored their opening, doing what little he cared to do to prepare them for what was to come. He licked his lips at the way (Y/N)’s face twisted and changed, as their body adjusted to his intrusions. Soon enough their eyes were glazed over, mouth agape, tongue slipping from their mouth in a show of neediness. Gods, what a perfect face to fuck. But that would have to come later. For now, he would feel the heat of their soft body clamping around him.
Esidisi removed his fingers, shoving them into (Y/N)’s open mouth. He grabbed his readied cock in this other hand, and moved it to their entrance, prodding it with the tip.
“Be a good servant, and keep my cock nice and warm, will you?” He only waited for the first nod of (Y/N)’s head before he thrust his hips upward, impaling them with his full length. (Y/N) let out an ear-piercing moan as he entered them, arching their back as they did what they could to adjust to his impressive length and girth, larger than any human could possibly be. He hummed into the nape of their neck, hooking the fingers in their mouth into the side of their cheek, wrapping their writhing body in his bulky arms.
“Mmm, so warm and tight. I have chosen well,” he groaned against (Y/N)’s sweat-slicked skin. “You did your best to avoid my gaze, now look at you, taking my cock so well. I can feel the heat of your body accepting me.” (Y/N) gurgled and drooled around his fingers, as he began to slowly pump his cock into their needy hole. He removed his hand from their mouth and lapped up the spit from his fingers. “Tell me how it feels (Y/N).”
“M-Master— I feel, gods, it feels like I’m melting!” They moaned between haggard breaths. It made him grow harder, and start pumping inside them faster. Gods, he had not felt this good in a very long time. His climax was approaching much faster than he would have hoped. But it would not be the end of the world, he would get much more time with this human, his human.
“Yes, my dear (Y/N),” he reached for one of the candles behind him. “I will make you melt, and you will be tamed by my cock.” He tipped the candle; as gingerly as he could, and dripped a few drops of hot wax into (Y/N)’s chest. They cried out in ecstasy and clenched around his throbbing cock.
The sounds (Y/N) was making, combined with the sight of the hardening wax on their chest pushed Esidisi to the edge of sanity. He rapidly thrust his hips, growling at the sound of his weighty balls slapping against their ass.
“You will accept my seed, (Y/N) and become mine.” And he came, unloading his seed into (Y/N) with an animalistic groan.
He leaned against the back of the tub, panting from the sudden force of his thrusting, pulling (Y/N)’s limp body against his heaving chest without removing his cock. They were so wonderfully warm, it made him want to sit here for hours until he grew hard again. His thoughts were filled with visions of (Y/N) decorated in his jewels, perched on his bed, hot red wax dripping down their body as they cooed his name. They would hiss as he tested the amount of heat they could take, while he lazily pumped his cock inside them.
His plan had worked out far too well. What was meant to be a simple show of power and control had become the beginnings of an obsession. This new human, his dear (Y/N) would be his, and only his. The most beloved of his harem. He would risk Kar’s wrath to keep them all to himself.
He was pulled from his thoughts when (Y/N) shifted in this arms like they were trying to remove themselves, but he pushed their hips back down.
“No no, my sweet (Y/N). Your job is far from done. Your master still needs to be kept warm.” He squeezed their thighs tightly, resting his chin on their shoulder. “How would you like to keep your master nice and warm at night, hm?”
Esidisi did not wait for an answer, he did not care for one. (Y/N) had learned their lesson. If Esidisi wanted something, he would get it, no matter the course of action it would require.
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alfredosauce50 · 22 hours ago
The new Chieftain [Yandere Viking! Denmark x reader]
Synopsis: Growing up, you’ve always been good friends with your next-door neighbor in your close-knit coastal village. Marrying you had been an inside joke—until he becomes the village Chieftain and proposes to you. Rejecting his advances is near impossible when you are chosen to be his wife, and when he won’t take no for an answer. It doesn’t seem as if anything will stop him from having you. Wordcount: 4, 094
Like you, he had been a dreamer. Carefree, starry-eyed, and naïve, he always enthused you about traveling to the faraway, mystical lands of the West. And you always begged for him to take you along. This adventurous spirit you shared was what kept you so close to him as a child. However, as you grew older, it became clear to you this dream was just that.
A dream.
No man had sailed across the open ocean and found land in the West. Most of them died on the way, even. What made Mathias think he could was beyond you. But he was history now.
Ever since he became old enough to go on raids, he changed.
The easy-going and dimwitted boy you once knew had died, and in his place was a stranger.
Hanging out the rest of the fish to dry, you rested your hands on your hips to enjoy the early morning sea breeze. Down there by the beach, waves rolled and lapped the shore before disappearing into the dark blue expanse of the ocean. It would have remained as such, a still and tranquil scene if it weren't for the man who stood in your way.
“Beautiful morning, isn’t it?” He began, mimicking your stance by holding his hips. There he stood, on the side of a cliff, staring out into the water in longing. Even with his back turned to you, you could recognize those unruly blonde locks from miles away. They were as wild as he was, untamed and uncaged.
Immediately, you were compelled to go back inside.
“Why are you here, Mathias?” Leaning down to pick up your basket, you never spared him so little as a glance when you walked off.
It was rare for him to show up at your home when he should've been out there on the water. So to appear once in a blue moon signaled he needed something from you. And there was only one thing you could give him that was this important to show up in person.
“To visit you, of course.” He grinned, jogging in front of you to make his thick wolf's fur pelt bounce in rhythm. “I should be out on the docks preparing for the raids, but...”
At the sound of that, raids, a sour flavor was left in your mouth. They were the reason why Mathias was who he was now. Serious, war-like, and desensitized to violence. To impose on you like this, then pretend to be something he wasn't? You couldn't humor him for one second.
But he was as demanding as all those other qualities of his.
Once he stopped you in your tracks, he held out something in his palm. Then, he leaned down to meet your wary eyes with his own expectant ones. A few purple flowers sat in his palm, its delicate petals serving a fine contrast to the rough and calloused hand that held them.
“Remember how we used to talk about getting married when we were little?” He murmured, to where you shot him a flustered frown at. Your cheeks only reddened when you saw the smile he sported.
Subtle and serious.
“When we were little, okay? We were small, so we didn’t know anything!” Swatting him away, you marched in the direction of your house. You've never wanted to go home as much as you did now. And you only sped up when you heard his footsteps trailing close behind, but your efforts were in vain as he followed you into your bedroom.
Turning to him with a huff, you threw your basket to a corner so you could push him by his arms. “Leave--!” Those words had fallen on deaf ears as his unreadable expression never faltered.
“Then let me say it again now.” Mathias asserted.
He neared you and took one of your hands into his own. With his free one, he brushed the flowers gently over your cheek. “Mathias, no! I said no—” Chills ran down your spine and you tried to tear yourself from his hold. He simply dropped the flowers to cup your face, forcing you to look at him.
“I'm finally going on the journey. To the West.” He whispered, leaning in to brush his nose against yours.
You shook your head in disbelief, which staved off your determination to get away from him. “You're kidding. The earl would never let you.”
Ambition glinted in his eyes.
“That's why I'm going in secret. And if I make it back...” He fluttered them to a close. “I'm gonna propose to you, eskler. That's why I'm here. To tell you just in case I don't make it back.”
“You're crazy.” You muttered shakily, his grip on you making you feel more trapped than you already were. Your parents had been lenient, having never bothered you about typing the loop. But if Mathias was the one asking for your hand in marriage, they would be practically begging for you to accept.
And if he returned with riches like he hoped, there was virtually no way you could say no.
The thought scared you beyond belief. “... You know I don't want this. Why won't you just... Leave me be?” Heat rushed to your face as he pressed a kiss to your cheek.
You turned away and screwed your eyes shut.
“I hope your ship sinks.”
He laughed lowly into your neck. “Not a chance, eskler.” Mathias pulled away with a confident smile, but it was sinister all the same.
It was in the way he looked at you. Held you. Spoke to you. His possessiveness of you knew no bounds. Like all of the treasures he plundered, he saw you like some prize to be claimed.
“I'll make you mine. Just you wait.”
By the time he left, you were fuming. Recklessly chopping off the tops of the vegetables on the cutting board, you dumped them on a plate when you finished. Reaching up to your eyes to wipe the tears that formed, you spun around to find your mother staring out the door. “Was that Mathias who just dropped by?”
You glowered darkly at the yard.
“Who cares? I hope the Gods strike him dead.”
She gasped. “Don't say that! What did he do this time?” When she turned to you, she softened her gaze. It couldn't be the onions, not when there weren't any. So why were you crying?
It didn't take long for her to put two and two together.
She dabbed away the trails on your face and sighed.
“I know that look. You're scared, my sweet. Why are you afraid? I thought you would've loved to be with him.”
The old him was more like it.
A few weeks later, news spread like wildfire that Mathias and his crew had returned. Without a shred of hesitation, you dropped everything in your hands and ran like the wind to see for yourself.
Peeking your head over the mob of excited villagers gathered by the dock, your heart stopped when your eyes met his.
“He was right! He really did find land in the West!”
“By the heavens, look at all the things he plundered!”
“It must be a rich place for him to have found so much!”
He was holding a net of treasures, made from all the gold and silver you could ever dream of. Cups, candle-holders, and strange crosses embedded with gems. When he realized it was you, he hopped off the dock and ran in your direction. Pushing his way through the crowd, he called out your name.
But once he reached the clearing, you were gone.
Staring wordlessly into the woodlands where you most likely disappeared, he shook his head with a dark, mischievous smile. So you wanted to play with him, huh? He loved a good game of cat and mouse. There were only so many places you could go in the village, and he already had the upper hand in chasing you.
What he did next would leave you no choice but to give in to him.
His thirst for more—for everything he’d ever wanted, had only just begun. To explore, conquer, and take what was rightfully his.
And you were the first on his list.
Two months had passed since his first successful journey to England, and you never heard from him again. Did his ship finally sink because the Gods willed it? Or was he so obsessed with his conquests that he forgot about his commitments to bothering you?
Whatever it was, you were having the time of your life without him around. Not that village life wasn't rough by any means.
Every day from the crack of dawn to sunset, you were swamped by chores. Be it cooking, cleaning, sewing, or weaving, there was always something to do. Fortunately, you were tasked with your favorite duty of all; looking after the children. They were the only friends you had, but it was no surprise when the women your age were too busy with their families.
“But (F/N), it's impossible! How can you just stick this thing into the water and pluck out a fish?” A boy whined, lifting his arms for emphasis.
Trudging through the shallow creek to his side, you ruffled his hair. “I'm not sticking this into the water. I'm sticking it into the fish, which happened to be in the water.” You hummed, positioning your spear to aim at a spot of silver under the surface. Briefly jabbing it, you lifted the staff to reveal a plump, freshwater fish stuck on the end.
“Wow! You have to teach me how to do that too!” He bounded, earning a soft laugh from you.
“Of course, Emil. Just give it a try.” The sound of footsteps in damp soil was heard, along with the cracking of twigs. “The only way to learn is through practice. I promise you'll get it soon.”
“Can I have a go?” The voice forced you to look up from the child, who also glanced up at the man who joined you both.
It was Mathias himself, standing there in all his glory.
His coat was noticeably more extravagant than you remembered, and his neck was decorated with a new necklace you've never seen before. Backing up a few steps, you held an arm in front of Emil protectively. “So you're finally back from your raids, hm? If you wanted an answer, it's still no.”
He held up his hands and hung his head as if to surrender, but you couldn't trust the playfulness in his body language. “Alright, alright. I won't ask you about that. I just came to tell you that the Chieftain requested for you to dine in the hall tonight.”
He outstretched a hand for you to take, but you refused out of suspicion. This belief in an ulterior motive had been correct, but you had yet to find out.
Mathias lowered his arm.
It was always frustrating when you refused him, but he retained his composure with a tight smile. “He wishes to celebrate the successful raids in the West. I hope you'll come, for his sake.”
You furrowed your brows together. How you hated the way he smiled. As if a demon had possessed his body to walk around in his skin, the insincere expression was an insult to who he used to be. “If you're upset with me, you can just say so. I couldn't hate you any less if you were honest. Maybe I'd like you a little more.”
Emil tightened his grip on your pants as he watched the man warily.
“You used to be an open book, Mathias. But I get it. You're not the same as when you were little. That's why I can't marry you.” You tensed up after letting that slip out of your mouth.
You couldn't linger on the matter. To give him any signs you still cared about him to some degree was a death wish.
But it was too late.
His eyes had widened, and his heart was aching like never before.
The only thing he took from your words was this--he still had a chance. If he could somehow show you he was still the old him, he could make you his. It didn't matter if it was real or not. It just had to be real to you. And he had to do something before some village bastard staked their claim on you.
“Anyway, since the earl himself asked for me to be there, I will.” Bending down to grab Emil's hand, you walked off.
“Come on. Let's find a better creek to fish in.”
Mathias listened to your voices that faded with distance. As he studied the child in your grasp, he was struck with a brilliant idea. How old was he anyway, four? Five? Surely, he wouldn't mind new parents at such a young age, would he?
“(F/N), who was that? Is he a warrior?”
“Just some village creep. Ignore him.”
The said village creep laughed under his breath.
That title may have been fitting before, but not anymore. He was no longer just any “other” man in this fine, coastal settlement. What could he say? As highly as the Chieftain thought of himself, in the end, he was no match for a younger and fiercer Viking who challenged his authority.
When night fell, you promptly made your way to the great hall in the best dress you owned. Pushing open the tall wooden doors, the entirety of the party fell silent at your arrival. Glancing around nervously, you wondered to yourself why everyone had their curious eyes on you. Lowering your head to hurry to an empty seat, the attendees returned to hushed murmurs.
The door you just entered swung open.
Everyone erupted into excited cheering and hollering.
You kept your head down. It didn't surprise you one bit, as a Chieftain always had this effect on his loyal followers. What did, however, was the name they chanted.
“Densen! Densen! Densen! Densen!”
Mathias's last name. Your blood ran cold and you whipped your head to him. Dressed in the finest fur pelts and decorated with coils of silver chains, was your childhood friend turned Earl. When you turned to him, he had already been staring with a devilish grin as if to say, look at me, eskler. I made it.
Facing the crowd, he raised a hand to silence it.
“Settle down, already. I have good news, but I'll make it quick.” He then spun to you and lowered himself to your level. While everyone whistled suggestively, tears blurred your vision as you stared wordlessly at the wooden surface of the table.
They were tears of anger and humiliation.
When he said the Chieftain had wanted you, he only ever meant him. He'd killed the previous Earl and taken his place. How could you have never found out? Had he done it so swiftly in your absence looking after Emil you were never privy to the news?
Whatever it was, it didn't matter. What did was that he couldn't accept your rejection and this was how he would goad you into accepting him.
“I've chosen my bride.” Mathias finished, his gaze warm with untold tenderness. But you couldn't be fazed. It was merely a facade, and the second you let your guard down, he would steal you away.
That was what you believed, at least.
So once he left your side, you made a beeline to the door to escape. You only made it so far when Mathias was hot on your trail, marching towards you looking like hell. But you were too distracted running. And once you did hear his footsteps behind you, it was far too late.
“What can I do for you to forgive me?” Engulfing you from behind, he held your hands that thrashed so violently in his grip. But as you processed the words he spoke, you slowly stopped. He wasn't asking for your love. Rather, your forgiveness.
It struck a chord within you, though that couldn't quite soothe your anger. “Why would I forgive you when I don't even know who you are anymore, Chieftain?” You huffed, swallowing the bile that rose in your throat. “You're nothing but a stranger. A power-hungry, violent barbarian. I can't like you, let alone love you! Now let me go!”
At that point, he released you only to hold you firmly by your shoulders. And that only meant you had to stare at his remorseful, watery eyes. “Don't look at me like that.” You murmured faintly, but he just had to. It was your weakness, a reflection of his old self.
And he knew it damn well.
“I'll do anything for you to talk to me again. Please. Anything for you to understand.” Mathias pleaded, pressing his forehead to yours. You tried your damndest to pull away, but his arms were too freakishly strong. “Earl Haraldson was no good. He didn't know what was best for his people, and would only lead us into ruins. He had to go.”
“So you killed him. But so what, right? He's probably the hundredth person you did away with, isn't he?” As you strung together your next sentence, you could no longer keep the tears at bay as they spilled uncontrollably over the rim. “That's why you're so crazy! You're not you anymore, Mathias! I can't take it...”
He breathed out a sigh and kissed away the tears. If there was one thing that could hurt him, it was seeing you cry. So his efforts to comfort you were sincere, something you always fell for.
“But I am still me. I just can't escape this kind of life.” He whispered over your lips. Only this time, he didn't feel any resistance from you.
“I wish I didn't have to be, but I'm a warrior now. I have to protect my people. And since there's nothing here in the North, we have to venture out to other lands if we wanna survive.”
You hung your head stubbornly. There was truth to his words, and you refused to accept it for a long time now. In your defense, Mathias did change. You assumed only for the worse, but he was desperate to prove otherwise. “... And how does that leave room for who you are?”
He lit up. Who he was. You still had faith in him after everything. He couldn't let this moment slip out of his hands.
“Just because I go traveling a lot, doesn't mean I can't do me things. If I couldn't, I wouldn't bother wasting my time out there.” Mathias smiled gently. But his expression faded into a serious one.
“I'm still me. And I'll prove it to you, I swear. If I can't, I won't make you talk to me ever again.”
He pulled you into a hug, and the crazy thing was, you let him.
It was almost astounding how quickly your anger was soothed, but he always had a way with you. And how fast the night changed. All you remembered from it was the feeling of your face buried into wolf fur, and melting into his hold, but not anger. Fear?
A little. Fear that you were letting him in again.
If only he could say his night ended the same.
When all the festivities had long ended, he left his home to sneak into someone else's. A shadow moved around in silence, searching for the owners with an axe in hand. And he would have found them if it weren't for the dim orb of light down the hall. Spinning around with wide eyes, he found himself staring at a small child with a candle.
“Oh... It's the village creep! Hi, village creep!” He whispered excitedly.
Mathias flashed him a lopsided grin and slung the weapon over his back to hide it. “Go to sleep, Emil. Don't wake your parents.”
The lavender-haired boy frowned. “Fine.” With one final huff, he retreated back to his room. Now that he was gone, Mathias could pull out his axe again. Slipping into another bedroom, he appeared by the bedside of a sleeping man and woman. Swinging the staff in his hand, a sick grin curled at his lips.
“They can't be awake for this, can they?”
That night, his face that had been chilled by the biting European cold was warmed by the splatters of hot blood. It layered over his eyelids, and when he opened them, his crystalline blue eyes served a stark contrast to the crimson red layered over his skin.
The pungent iron on his tongue never tasted so sweet.
A week had passed since the funeral. You never really got over it, but at least Mathias offered the only semblance of comfort there was--swift justice. The culprit was found sleeping next to the axe he used in the barn a few doors down. So he had him publically executed, and you took Emil deep into the forest to distract him.
When you returned from a short toilet break, you were relieved to see he was still sitting in the same spot by the water overlooking the fjord. What made you run down was seeing someone else with him.
Mathias was sitting next to him, talking to him and laughing.
Then, he picked him up before hugging him.
You slowed down with curiosity contorting at your features. Was he comforting Emil? Making your way down to the two, you picked the boy up and away from his arms and bounced him in your arms.
“(F/N), you're back!” He giggled.
“Of course, I'm back. I wouldn't ever leave you by yourself.” You took a seat beside the Dane. “Especially not when there are village creeps roaming around. Isn't that right?” When you shot him a look, he responded with a chuckle under his breath.
“Apparently, he's the Chieftain! Doesn't that make him super cool? He tells people what to do and stuff!” Before he could fall out of your arms, you stabled him and pinched his cheek. “Ow!”
“But that makes him bossy. Who likes a bossy person, hm?” You continued, putting particular emphasis on the adjective.
Mathias huffed, feigning offense. “Hey, I'm not that bossy.”
You hit him on the head with your fist, hard.
“Might wanna take that back while you can. Wasn't it you who was practically forcing me to marry you, idiot?”
“Okay, maybe I was a little pushy-”
You hit him again, but this time, you used Emil's hand to do it.
“Very pushy. Now leave us alone, we don't wanna play with you anymore.” You stood up and walked off while you heard Emil blow raspberries at Mathias, who was now left standing by himself by the water. “We're gonna go perfect our spearfishing skills.”
“Yay, spearfishing!”
“Come on, please? Let me join you guys! I promise I won't be bossy!” Jogging after you, he matched his pace with yours before giving you a light hip bump. When you turned to him, he was grinning ear-to-ear. “You're really good with kids, you know?” He commented.
You glared at him, flustered. “And what are you implying?”
He looked away. “Nothing, nothing.” He darted his eyes back to Emil and cupped his mouth to whisper this. “Hey, Em. If you convince (F/N) to marry me, I'll teach you how to spearfish better than her. Sounds like a good deal, doesn't it?”
The boy gawked.
“Whaat? But nobody's better at spearfishing than (F/N). You're lying!”
“If you don't believe me, I'll show you! Where do you think she got all her skills from, huh? Back in the day, they called me the king!” He gloated, inflating his chest with pride. Running ahead of you, he stole a kiss from your lips much to your displeasure. “Nothing personal. I'm just too good at what I do.”
You scowled and chased after him. “Shut up! You didn't teach me shit. You were just there when we caught things together.”
Emil laughed. “Shit! Shit!”
“... I'm gonna drop you if you don't stop saying that, Emil.”
Mathias hummed, amused. “Who's the bossy one now?”
“You're just being a bad parent!”
He raised his brows in delight. “So we're parents, now? I mean, If you insist--”
You rolled your eyes. “Go take a walk, Densen.”
“Only if you walk with me, eskler.” He smiled, and when he saw you return it, he knew deep inside he'd won. “To the West, then to the ends of the Earth and back!”
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yandere-mdzs · 2 days ago
The yandere! jiang cheng when she tried to runaway is so good!!! Part 2 when she realize she pregnant, terrified and scared of what jiang cheng would do, she runaway to gusu. Jiang cheng is angry, when he meet reader she is threatened miscarriage, can choose the ending bc I'm lowkey scared of this man now
Awww! Thank you! And I think i see something going on here... Honestly, I am scared of what I wrote about him haha! I will insert myself as your friend to help you escape if that is alright, and tell me in the ask box who do you want to end up with? Anyways! Here you go! :
You felt uneasy and fainted infront of Wei Wuxian and the juniors “Miss Y/N!” They call out your name, luckily Wei Wuxian caught you. “Y/N! Wake up!” He shakes you gently and Xiaoyue ( me ) runs up to check on you. “Jingyi! Get the physician over here now!” She tells him and Jingyi runs to get the physician.
When you woke up you see Wei Wuxian, Lan Wangji, Lan Xichen and the juniors listening carefully to what the doctor is saying. You hear a ringing noise and you saw white spots and you finally say “What is happening..” The seven of them turn their head to you and Xiaoyue walks to you while holding your hand. You were back in Lotus pier and Jiang Cheng was visiting Nie Huaisang. “Y/N... You are pregnant..” She announces the news to you. Your eyes filled with tears of sadness and joy clouded your vision when you heard her say that. “I will leave you all be.” The physician left the room and now it’s just you, and the eight of them inside. “Y/N, do you still want to stay?.. With Jiang Cheng?” Wei Wuxian asks you “Here, use this to wipe your tears Miss Y/N.” Sizhui hands his handkerchief to you as you dry your tears with it. “Y/N-jie..” Xiaoyue’s soft blue eyes filled with sadness for your child and what will the future be for the both of you. “I don’t want to stay here any longer.” You say still sniffling. “I want to run away.. Please help me..” You finally say to them and Wei Wuxian and Lan Wangji look at each other, then at Lan Xichen. “Y/N-guiniang, you could stay in Gusu. Xiaoyue can help you take care of the child along with the juniors. We will provide anything you need there.” He says to you ”Mn, you can tell us anything.” Lan Wangji tells you. You nod and say “I want to run away to Gusu.”
That night, when Jiang Cheng was still in Qinghe. Wei Wuxian and the 2 maids ( if you remember, the first part. ) packed your stuff and Xiaoyue sang a song on the roof, making the people outside sleep. “While Xiaoyue is singing, we will go through the door when you hear it open.” Wei Wuxian explains and when you heard the door open... You saw “Jiang Cheng..” Both you and Wei Wuxian were left shook. He came in early.. “What is the meaning of this?!” He shouted and the Zidian crackled it’s purple lightning. “Jiang Cheng, I‘m telling you this.. Don’t. Hurt. Her.” Resentful energy surrounds Wei Wuxian and you when he said that. Jiang Cheng brings a body from outside, “Give me back my wife or I will kill this girl.” He says while he chokes Xiaoyue. “Do-don’t..” She struggles in his grasp “Y/N!” He shouts at you, Zidian crackling again. “Lan Zhan!” Wei Wuxian calls out his partners name for help. “Hah.. You think that Lan boy will save you? I took care of him already.. Zewu-Jun, Jingyi, Zizhen, Sizhui.. And.. Jin Ling. They all are serverly injured, all because of you.” Jiang Cheng laughs hysterically, Xiaoyue and Wei Wuxian tears up “What did you do to them?!” Wei Wuxian screams “Where are they?!” He asks again. “Give me Y/N, and I’ll tell.” Jiang Cheng says, determined to imprison you in Yunmeng. “Not a chance!” Wei Wuxian says and Jiang Cheng’s grip tightens around Xiaoyue’s neck. “H-he-help..” She pleaded while gasping for air. “Let her and Wei-Xiong go..” You say and he does as he was told. Wei Wuxian, still protecting you. And Xiaoyue gasps for air with tears on her eyes. You walk up to him and say “I am atleast 3 weeks pregnant Wanyin, if you want this child.. Let me go.” You say to him and he was surprised! He is going to be a father? ( yea sorry no.. ) you look at Xiaoyue, sliently crying and Wei Wuxian was still keeping his guard up with his swollen eyes. “Sect leader Jiang.. What did you do to them..” Xiaoyue finally asks, coughing out blood. “Stabbed them here and there.. Whipped them, cursed at them..” Jiang Cheng says still in shock. Xiaoyue is trembling at what else might have happened to them. “If you dare.. Capture me and my child to be brought back here.. I will stage a miscarriage..” You say knowing you won’t dare sacrifice the child inside you. But he doesn’t know. Jiang Cheng begs you to stay but his efforts in vain, his heart broken.
You saw the damage Jiang Cheng did to your friends ( and son figure ). “Everyone!” You brisk walk to them seeing all their wounds and whip lashes. “Lan Zhan!” Wei Wuxian embraces his husband “Wei.. Ying..” Lan Wangji manages to say his lovers name. “Y/N-guiniang..” The juniors greet you, trying to stand up. “Sizhui!” Xiaoyue tries to run to him but falls in the slippery pier. “Xiaoyue!” Sizhui tries to stand up but when Jiang Cheng whipped their legs.. The pain was unbearable. Xiaoyue cried trying to walk carefully to the juniors, but she sprained her ankle. “Jin Ling..” You walk to him, and embrace him “Mom...” He tears up saying those words. “How will we go back to Gusu..” You ask and Lan Xichen tries to stand up and walk towards you. “Y/N-guiniang, you don’t need to worry..” he comforts you. “Sizhui, Jingyi, any Gusu Lan signals? ( I forgot what they were called )” Xiaoyue asks and Sizhui handed her the last one. She stands up and fires the signal up in the sky, after some minutes you rip off your purple Jiang robes and bandaged everyone with your sleeves and hem of your robes. Xiaoyue did the same and when the Lan disciples came to help, you told them to call a physician again. “Mom.. It hurts..” Jin Ling tells you when you squeezed his hand. “Sorry a-Ling..” You apologize and received news from the physician. ( I’m no doctor okay- ) “It’s not really life threatening, they need rest and sleep.” He told you and Xiaoyue brought some soup for all of you.
“Open your mouth.” You say to Jin Ling and spoon-fed him his soup, Wei Wuxian did the same thing and Xiaoyue did the same thing with Sizhui. Jingyi and Zizhen’s hands were fine :D
( will make a part 3 but tell me who do you want to be with, and how do you want it to go )
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petitelepus · 2 days ago
His Beloved And More, Part 8
Sometimes the greatest show of love is to let go.
The next day actually came quicker than he could have ever hoped. He was so excited that he didn’t even go for his morning rations at the canteen. Someone could have his portion, he didn’t care! He had many more important things to do! Like strapping you to a chair.
You chirped and chittered, not liking the restrains squeezing around your wrists and ankles or enjoying the feeling of having your ability to move taken away from you. You were a quick one, you liked to move a lot, was it on the floor or the ceiling you weren’t picky. You didn’t even want to nearly come when Brainstorm had called you, but with a rat, as bait, you came running to him. You clearly regretted it now as he adjusted the helmet to your head.
”Now sweet spark, I know you don’t like this, but this must be done so you can get your memories back!” The scientist sang to you in a playful manner as he tightened the strap under your chin. Your chirps turned to hiss when the helmet pressed tightly against your skin, but Brainstorm ignored your discomfort. It was for your best after all.
He walked to his computer and dug out his file filled with memories from your brains. With a grin on his face, the scientist grasped the needles he used to store your memories after your temporary death and plugged the wires into the needle's blunt heads. He turned the power on and carefully moved the needle tips until they touched each other, shooting out small sparks of electricity.
Brainstorm heard a hiss and turned to look at you, only to see you spitting and fighting against the restraints on the chair. The mech smiled, his optics filled with sympathy and he approached you, ignoring how your feral eyes followed the needles in his hand as he reached to scratch your chin.
”It’s alright sweet spark, I won’t stick these into you while they’re on! That would be inhumane!” He giggled gleefully, walking back to the computer to shut off the power and then turned back to you. You whined in fear and Brainstorm felt his spark quiver in sympathy. He took off his mask and leaned down to sweetly kiss your cheek.
”I know this is scary, but I need you to be awake for this so your brains can take in everything bit of information. Then, after that, we can talk again and go outside…! We can show others that you are fine! You can joke in Swerve’s bar again, play with our friends and we can be together forever…!”
Yes, those were the thoughts that encouraged him to throw away the last bits of his sanity and keep going forward. He was making sacrifices for you both so you should be ready to do the same! After all, love was all about hardships you could conquer together, wasn’t it? This was just one last obstacle between your two’s happiness! The goal was so close that he could already touch it…!
So with your best in his mind, he stuffed your mouth with a gag so you wouldn't be able to bite your tongue, took the first needle, and stuck it into your head with inhumane accuracy.
The scream you let out was outright feral and could have probably broken glass if he hadn’t had stuffed your mouth full. The whole chair you were straddled on shook as your body spammed in pain, but without a further wait, he stuck the second to your temple.
This went on for a good while, with you screaming and such. Brainstorm was thankful for gagging you because at this rate you would have actually bitten your tongue off. He got good ten needles into your brains, minding your delicate parts so you wouldn’t lose your ability to move or speak.
When he was finally done, the scientist took a step back to look at you. He took out a small flashlight and flicked it over your eyes to inspect your state. You were shivering but still, your pupils were as big as they could be but they did react to light as he watched your pupils shrink. It was a good sign.
"Almost there, my beloved...! Now we just need to turn on the electricity and the computer will transplant your memories and everything else into your brains and we can be together again, just like we used to be!"
You weren't answering, but Brainstorm didn't expect any words coming from you so he walked up to the computer and looked at you.
"I love you." He said before pressing the button and the electricity shocked your brains and your whole body convulsed as it was being shocked. Brainstorm looked at the computer screen and watched how the little loading bar filled second after another. Finally, the computer peeped and the electricity cut off on its own.
Brainstorm run to you and carefully pulled the needles off one by one before taking off the helmet and the gag from your mouth. Your head rocked from side to side in incoherent fashion until your lover grasped your head and looked at you in the eyes.
"Come on sweet spark...!" He wished out loud, "Talk to me...!"
You blinked slowly until your eyes suddenly focused and you came down from the high pain clouds. He saw you look at him and he could tell that you remembered him by the way your eyes widened.
You were trying to speak! His experiment worked! Brainstorm beamed as he tried to coax the words from your mouth that you hadn't used until then in anything else than hissing and eating. Finally, you choked and coughed before shouting, "Hurts!"
Brainstorm blinked and you cried again. "It hurts!" You screamed as loud as you could and trashed in the chair. The flyer scrambled as he started to undo your restrains but as soon as your hands and legs were free, you fell on the ground and curled around yourself, still in pain.
"Kill me!" You wailed with tears streaming down your face as you looked at your lover, begging him to do the unspeakable. The scientist watched you in horror until he remembered that he had stolen medication for human pain!
"H- Hold on, I have medicine!" Brainstorm said and quickly ran to his closet and took out everything he had before running to you. He quickly took out the syringe, filled it, and pumped you full of the powerful pain medication. After a moment your trashing died down, but you were hugging and shivering over yourself like you were still in pain.
"It hurts...!" You still whimpered and Brainstorm was filled with dread as he watched you holding yourself. He wanted to give you more medicine, but he learned that too much medicine might just kill you when he had done his research on these things.
No, he wouldn't let that happen! Not anymore! This was the closest he got in bringing you back to life, he wouldn't let you go!
"My beloved, I can't give you any more medicine or you die...!" He cried and you rolled to your side so you could look at your... Whatever he was to you anymore.
"Then kill me!" You wailed with tears streaming down your face as you looked at Brainstorm, begging him to do the unspeakable.
"N- No! I- I can't...!" Brainstorm cried, horrified beyond belief. He had gone through all those failures...! He couldn't lose you again! Then it hit him! He should take you to Ratchet! The medic could make you feel better, he can save you if the scientist couldn't!
"H- Hold on! I'll take you to Ratchet and he will fix you!" He tried to pick you up, but no matter how gentle he tried to be you would cry as if he had stabbed you.
"It hurts too much...!"
"Please, just bear with me! Soon you will feel good again!" He tried to pick you again, but you smacked his servos away and he pulled back, giving you space.
"Brainstorm... My love... Please..." You begged and sobbed as you looked at him through tears, "You have to let me go... Please... Release me from these pains...!"
"I-! I can't!" Brainstorm cried back. He was about to try and hold you gently like you were a hurt bird, but like a hurt bird, you cried in agony. He was running out of options... Should he try to get Ratchet or Perceptor to help? But then they would find out what he did and Brainstorm would no doubt get locked up and sent to some sort of facility.
"Brainstorm..." You whimpered and looked at your former lover with your tear-stained eyes. "If you have any love for me... You kill me...!" You begged and he finally understood what you meant. If he loved you, he wouldn't let you suffer like you were right now. He couldn't afford to be selfish. If he kept you like this then you would no doubt grow to despise if not even hate him.
"Very well..." Brainstorm picked the syringe and filled it with the pain medicine. You rolled on your back with great pain and offered your arm to him. Gently, he took a hold of your arm and you cried out briefly as he injected the medicine into your bloodstream. As soon as he pulled the syringe out he took off his mouthguard so he could smile at you for the last time.
"I really love you..." Brainstorm confessed and tears came down your face as you smiled one last time. "I love you too..." You whispered when your eyelids felt too heavy and slowly you closed your eyes and stopped breathing. Brainstorm looked at you before his frame started to shake and tears streamed down his face.
"Sleep well my little sweet spark..."
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floatyflowers · 2 days ago
Good Father| Yandere Platonic Father Satoru Gojo| P3
Tumblr media
(Don't own picture)
"Since when did you have a daughter, aren't you like twenty-nine?" Nobara asks while you place the tray of drinks in front of your father's students on the table.
You avoid looking at Megumi, feeling very shy while on the other hand, Yuji doesn't stop staring at you.
"I had her when I was fifteen" Satoru replies cheerfully.
While you on the other hand are shocked by the answer.
"Wait, I thought you were like thirty-five or something, and you were  married Kaa-chan"
The powerful sorcerer looks directly at you with a smile on his face.
"Well, she lied to you" for some reason the fact that your mother lied to you didn't surprise you.
She lied to you about many things before, like the fact that your father was dead, but then you discover he is alive when you get a call from him.
Wait a did he know that your mother died and even give you a call when he even hasn't been in your life for the past fourteen years?
While being deep in thoughts, Yuji is having an internal conflict with Sukuna.
'Talk to the girl, don't stay silent like a fool'
'Why are you so interested in (Y/n)? Stop being a creep, Sukuna'
'What did you just say, brat?!'
"Shouldn't she be attending school with us or something?" Megumi asks, which made you blush.
Honestly, you don't know what is wrong with you, but you believe that you are having a crush on the Fushiguro boy.
"No, she is attending her old school like usual, she won't even use her powers" Gojo-sensei explains in a happy tone.
"Wait, but what if I want to learn how to use my powers?" You ask, as your father shrugs.
"You don't need to use them, I will protect you, silly"
Even though Satoru said those words with his usual carefree tone, but you didn't miss the deeper meaning behind them.
"I wasn't asking for your permission, Tou-chan" his smirk only widens at your words.
"And I wasn't taking your opinion, sweetheart" Nobara coughs loudly, feeling the tense air between you and your father
"Well, if you want to attend our school, you ca-" Satoru cuts off his student.
"You shouldn't give her false hope, Yuji-kun" 
Megumi suddenly stands up from his place, causing his two friends to look at him.
"We will be going, as we have lots of things to do"
You let out a sigh, as the other two follow their friend, as you and your father escort them to the door.
Before Yuji leaves, the mouth of Sukuna appears on his cheek once again.
"Hey, don't let that old fool control you" you are shocked at the cursed spirit's words.
"Shut up, and don't speak ill of Sensei" the pink-haired boy orders slapping his cheek.
With that, Yuji leaves.
You turn around slowly, excepting to meet face to face with an angry Satoru.
Yet once again, you see the same smile on his face.
"Do you want to read a new manga with me?" you nod your head.
"Sure, what is it about?" Satoru removes his blindfold slowly, having his light blue eyes meet yours.
"It is about a female lead whose father executes her for being a bad child"
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yandere-mdzs · 2 days ago
Hi! can you write modern Lan Wangji x gn reader ? Lan Zhan as boyfriend fanfic
Oh sure! Problem is.. I’m not getting my laptop back so... Yea here you go!
You wake up in the middle of the night to grab some water, you turned on the lights and see a figure downstairs... “What the..” You think to yourself as you grab your jump rope from the table and tangle the intruder. Only to see your boyfriend covered in blood. You were on-top of the so called intruder “Wangji?!” You were surprised to see him like this honestly. “Mn, it’s me.” He says and you un-tangle him “Why are you covered in blood?!” You finally ask and he avoids looking you in the eye. “I had something to do.” He says
“What do you mean something?” You ask him again but he doesn’t answer. “More importantly... Is this your blood?” You grab his bloody arm with some scratches and some light bruises. He hisses at how you drag him to sit in the dining table so you could get the first aid kit. “Lan Zhan...” He knew you only say that when you were angry or worried. “What happened?” You ask as he began to explain his ‘story’ “I wanted to get some food from the nearest convinience store for some bread. Until a man in black attacked me.” He says and you believed him.. You didn’t know of course. But when you do... He will make sure that won’t happen.
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earthlyyan · 2 days ago
Dinner Parties (Platonic Yan! Ferid x Livestock Reader)
Note: This takes place before Christmas Eve of 2012, So the reader has taken the role of a provider to certain vampires before they have more humans at their disposal
TAGS: Ferid being affectionate but in a creepy master/prey type of way, drug induced compliance (venom), vampires being creepy and seeing the reader as some sort of pet, Implied kidnapping, slight violence if you squint
Word Count: 1300
Inspired by Kikuo’s Cotton Candy
Wrapped around your head like a thick fog, his venom stayed.
There was an odd comfort in it. Not having to confront your situation. Not having to think about the people surrounding you in your vulnerable state.
So many people…
Ferid’s hand ran circles on your back, the only think keeping you grounded to the situation. You held onto his coat, scared that if you let go, you’d fall into nothingness. You’d fall and fall and fall. Your knuckles white with the sheer grip you were holding onto him with.
These parties were monthly, and yet every time, you dreaded them. You’d try and run away from Ferid when he would tell you, you’d try to find the darkest, most cramped corner to hide away in.
“Oh my Dear Lamb, I’m sorry, I really am.” You’d hear his voice call from down the hall as he walked slowly, opening cupboards, and peering under tables. He knew where you were, he always did, and yet he’d play along. “But you know it has to be this way. Yet you insist on playing this game whenever I tell you.” He sighed; his footsteps drew closer. “You always end up enjoying yourself by the end of it, so why must you resist me so?”
You drew your knees closer to your chest. You didn’t like enjoying it. You didn’t like the way your body got to be like that. All lightheaded and warm, the venom of so many vampires pumping through your veins. It was wrong. You felt wrong. So you hid.
“You know I’ll reward you, Dear.” He mused. His voice was louder now. “You’ll get such a nice treat afterwards.”
A hand grabbed your ankle.
“So please, come out.” *
Your foggy brain counted ten before losing track. There were at least ten people with you in this room, not counting Ferid. They were dressed in varying shades of white. No matter how many times you saw the same people, you never remembered their names. But they remembered you. They always remembered you. You were one of the few humans they had the luxury of partaking in.
This part of the night was always the hardest. The way they all looked at you while you clung to Ferid’s coat, sipping on a glass of cranberry juice.
“One of these days you’ll have trained them well enough so that you won’t have to bite them beforehand, Lord Ferid.”
You looked away, embarrassed.
Sometimes, they’d ask you things, small mundane things about your life with Ferid, about the books you’d read, or the foods you’d eat.
Other times they’d talk about you like you couldn’t hear them. The way they’d look at you was different as well, less patronizing, more predatory. Lord Ferid would never let them insult you, though. He’d cover your ears to the particularly hurtful comments and assure you that you were perfect the way you were.
It would be nice if the situation were any different.
Lord Ferid would always give you a glass of cranberry juice before and after these sessions, even if it meant tipping the glass to your lips himself. You remember him saying it would help with your blood loss. But you were always too out of it to notice any difference.
You looked at the clock.
Two minutes ‘till nine. Two minutes for your body to prepare itself before having several holes poked in it.
You shuddered.
Lord Ferid crouched down to be able to see your face clearly. Your eyes were dilated due to the small amount of his venom running through you. It was never enough to calm your nerves entirely. Just enough to stop you from having an attack of some sort.
His hands cupped your face tenderly, a small, gentle smile graced his face before he leaned in close to whisper to you.
“You know the drill by now, my dear.” He said. His breath was cold against your ear. “You’ll behave yourself, won't you?”
“Please don’t make me.” You whispered. “I know you said it won’t be for much longer but…”
He pressed a finger to your lips and made a soft shushing sound with his lips. “You know I can’t back out now.” He said. “You’re stronger than the others. That’s why you’ve made it this far.”
‘That’s how you’re still alive’ Remained unsaid.
“So be good for me, okay?” He ruffled your hair and straightened to face his audience.
The clock chimed nine.
You tried not to cry as Ferid’s once reassuring grip turned firm to keep you from trying to flee.
“No more than a minute each, remember.” He called out. “You do not want to kill the poor thing. Not until our human friends above decide to finish their plans.”
He walked you forward and gave you a gentle shove into the crowd. You went to look at him for reassurance to find him gone, vanished into the sea of people.
* The next part of the night was always a blur of sensations. Pain and pleasure and hot and cold. Sometimes they’d say things to you before biting into you. But you could never make out what exactly they were saying.
The others would look at you with predatory gazes while they waited their turns. Sometimes they’d hold you upright or hold your hand for reassurance. Others would laugh at your pathetic state and scratch you with their sharp nails. The pain would keep you hanging to consciousness no matter how desperately you wanted to slip away into the warm embrace of sleep.
Ferid had one condition for his friends during these parties, and it was to keep you awake.
Maybe it had to be with making sure you didn’t die. Or maybe it was to try and prolong the fun the others could have before reluctantly retiring you to your Master. You were never awake enough to give it much thought.
Your head was fuzzy and wrapped in cotton. Your mouth making small nonsensical sounds and words as you tried to tell them that you couldn’t take anymore. Your head was full of different feelings, clashing and fighting one another, all foreign and unwelcome.
The crowd began to part as Ferid made his way to your limp form. “Oh you sweet, little thing.” He cooed, picking you up with ease. He placed a chaste kiss to your forehead as you tried fruitlessly to grab onto him to ground your spinning world. “You did so well.”
His praise made your heart swell.  
“… hurts…” You whined and tucked your head into his chest. “I know, dearest.” He took you up the stairs and into his chambers. His bed swallowed you whole. He left you for a moment before returning with the familiar maroon beverage. “Just one more thing and you can rest, alright?”
You couldn’t find the strength to resist as he set the bitter glass to your lips.
“Just a few more months.” He mused, gently tilting the cup upwards. “And you’ll be free of this responsibility.”
You obediently drank.
“You need to be a good lamb for me until then, yes?”
A small nod, another sip.
“I really do enjoy your company, you know. It’s quite fun having a human around that I don’t constantly have to quarrel with.” He sighed and removed the glass from your lips and placed it on his bedside table. “Though I wonder how the others will adjust to their new world. Will they be as accepting as you’ve been I wonder?” Ferid moved the covers aside and tucked you under the soft, heavy blankets. “I suppose we’ll have to wait and see.”
Ferid rubbed your head affectionately before snuffing the candle on his bedside.
“Goodnight, my Little Lamb.”
You couldn’t muster the strength to reply.
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uwuderes · 2 days ago
Ask Was- Ok just wanted to say I'm happy you're back, hope you're staying safe and drinking water! Was wondering if you could do a one shot or headcanon of either Eve or Rex becoming obsessed with someone they met after their break up.
Ive been working on this for so long... I might do a Eve one to go with it and Im glad to be back and tbh ive been only on coke...
Tumblr media
You walked into the main center of the old Guardians of The Globe Headquarters seeing it empty. You sighed loving the peace, being a tech guru had its perks but being left alone wasn't one of them for the most part. But now there was a crew and your peace would be disrupted. You mourned when you lost the first team, except for Nolan. They were like parents to you taking you under their wing and allowing you to help out the best you could.
You reminisced until you heard a loud noise realizing the door was opening allowing in a crew of teenagers?? A child and an older man?? A robot?? You raised a brow at them and looked around. You wore a set of pajama pants and a spaghetti strap t-shirt. This wasn't the best first impression at all.
“This is (Y/F/N). She was the old team's tech and computer expert, therefore will be your new eyes during battles.” The Robot hummed out walking by you and placing a copper hand on your shoulder. You waved looking away trying to quickly go back to your room. You were the only one who lives here finding peace and usefulness whenever it comes to brainstorming.
A dude with red hair walked up to you invading your personal space, making you step back out of pure reflex. He smiled and snickered at you, eyeing you down, making you uncomfortable. “You're cute, you know that?” The redhead spoke. You eased back, not liking how close everyone was.
“Thank you, I’m g-going back to my room…” You said quickly abandoning your task of getting food to replenish your spirit to keep working. You would talk with them later, that was just way too awkward and sudden. You fell back and quickly rushed into your room, closing the door.
Rex looked at the now slammed shut door and back to Robot. “What was that about?? Did I do something wrong?!” He stated out loud pushing a finger into the copper machine's chest.
“Rex she's been through a lot, give it time.” The machine replied, Kate, jumping in to back it up.
“Not only that but you tried flirting with her at the first chance you got, you can't just compliment someone and expect them to allow you into their pants that easily.” Kate rolled her eyes walking off to go elsewhere. Rex looked back as everyone dispersed leaving him and Robot. He left and walked off going to get a drink.
Tumblr media
It had been a week since that day and you and Rex had gotten close, having him stay over often. Just like right now. You played in his hair as the two of you talked.
“So Eve just left?” You asked, combing through the eccentric male's fiery red locks.
“Yeah and I didn't even do anything wrong, but it's good to know that someone likes me,” Rex said, looking up at you. You smiled back and continued to mess around in his hair. Then the door opened abruptly to Black Samson standing outside the door.
“We have to train, Robot wants you outside immediately.” He orders. Rex groaned out, sticking up a finger at the bulkier man.
“Tell him I'm busy, okay? And do me a favor and all of you fuck off.”
“This is the fourth time you've pulled this shit. You cant be ditching your fucking team to hang with (Y/n) all the god damn time.” Samson replied, taking a step further into your room. “You have to train to save god damn lives, that's what you signed up for when you took this job.”
“I don't have to be a part of this team!” Rex shot back. “So ill say it again fuck off dude!” Black Samson rolled his eyes, Before walking out of the room. The door closed shut behind him leaving you and Rex, your face shown with obvious shock. “I'm sorry about that, where were we?”
“Rex you should go, they sound not happy with you.” You inquired getting up to open the door to let him out, but were stopped as Rex grabbed your hand to pull you back down.
“It's fine just stay here we can hang out do whatever-”
“Rex go. You have shit to take care of.” You said opening the door and falling back into your spinning chair. “Bye!” You jokingly said getting to work on another trinket of yours. Rex grumbled under his breath getting up reluctantly. He didn't like being told to leave when he wasn't doing anything. But that didn't matter he would just watch you later tonight so he could spend all the time in the world with you then.
Tumblr media
“Rex, you lied to me!” You yelled walking into the main headquarters. It being just you and Rex, he insisted on you two hanging out again after one of the team's smaller missions. Only for you to find out what happened between him and Amber.
“Well sure I did but that's behind me now.” Rex sympathized as you kept going forwards. “Why do you care so much huh?”
“Because you lied! Not only that but I found out about all your fucking secrets too. How you act, the way you've been fucking stalking me!” You yelled back heading to your room. You opened the door and started to pack all the necessities.
“Wh- I don't even know what you're talking about?”
“I looked through the cams, it's my fucking job. And multiple times I've seen you walk in and sneak into my room. I don't know what you do here but I'm not staying here another night.” You replied, zipping up your duffle bag. You threw it over your shoulder walking to your door. “And you cheated on Amber, with fucking Kate! We aren't even together but I already knew you were trying to groom me into getting with you, you desperate fuck!.”
“Where are you even going to go? It's not like you can just run off somewhere and be fucking homeless.”
“I'm staying with the Graysons. At least they respect me and don't lie to my face.”
“Please, don't go, I need you here..”
“Well, I don't need you. Rex, do me a favor and get some serious help. You need it.”
With that, you pushed past him and left. The next day the team was confused as to what had happened but you were gone and would never return.
Tumblr media
You stayed at the Grayson household for about a month now, The Graysons adopted you. You'd lie and said that you didn't feel safe at the base, you of course couldn't tell them the full truth they wouldn't get it. But they enjoyed your company and loved having you around.
Debbie asked you to pick up groceries on your way home from work so you did. You had started working to afford your place with Nolan's help of course. You had a bit of money already and were close to affording an apartment in the city. It was peaceful on your walk home, nothing was messing with you nor bothering you.
Until a hand grabbed your shoulder, yanking you back into an alleyway. You struggled but the force held you at your neck.
“Shhh, it's going to be okay…” You knew that voice from anywhere which caused you to struggle more, battling the black spots in your vision. You finally got loose falling to the ground. “W-What are you doing here? Oh god did you follow me…” You started quick-firing questions at him crawling away further into the alley unbeknownst to you.
“I've been thinking about you for so long (Y/n)...” Rex mumbled walking towards you. “Why’d you leave me. I need you, do you know how hard it was to get with other bitches when all that plagued my mind was your body.” You pulled back more, hitting a wall eventually.
“Leave me alone..”
“I've been watching you even after you left. You're my bitch, and I've seen my bitch do some pretty questionable things. Things you know damn well I wouldn't like. First off going with that fucking Mark prick and his family!”
“I don't feel safe around you Rex!” You finally blurted out in a last-ditch attempt to escape him.
“Oh but you will, it just takes a bit of trust.” Rex finally started pulling out a bright coin from his pocket. You got up and pressed yourself further into the cement as if it’d save you.
“Night Night. Bitch.”
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floatyflowers · 2 days ago
Yandere Platonic Fathers! Greek Gods Headcanons (Apollo, Zeus and Ares)
Tumblr media
Like many greek gods, Zeus thought that you would get raised on earth by your mortal mother like most of his demigod children who were raised by their mothers.
But when you were born, he felt his fatherly instincts rise to the top.
Especially when you dedicate yourself to praying to him on daily basis, and giving many off many offerings.
Zeus would disguise himself in an animal form, especially a swan so you don't get scared...and also he doesn't want to get caught by Hera.
When he discovers that your mother got remarried and that you consider your stepfather as your real father, he feels betrayed.
Zeus kills your mother and Stepfather, before taking you back with him to Olympus by force, and much to Hera's displeasure, he would turn you into a full goddess.
"Don't worry (Y/n), I'm going to take good care of you, my sweet child"
Honestly, Apollo loves all his children and personally educated them himself until they reached adulthood.
But you are his favorite child and the most one he spoils.
He blesses you with many gifts and makes sure that no harm reaches you by any chance or way.
Loves when you play the lyre, and often would stay by your side all night, just to hear you play it.
However, when he offers that you come with him to Olympus and you refuse...let us just say things got ugly from there.
Apollo would kidnap you by force and force you to stay at his place, locking you up in what appears to be a cage so no gods would be able to reach you.
"Your ungratefulness is what caused you to be in such a situation, (Y/n)"
Horrible...he is the worst yandere father ever.
He's very overprotective of you to the point where he caused wars as an excuse to get rid of any lovers of you who perish in these wars.
Possessive freak, literally, he rejects the idea of you spending time with others, he even punishes you if he sees you talking with someone.
Ares would have his son, Eros hit some arrows here and there to prevent many men from falling for you.
When he wants to take you with him to the Olympus, surprisingly you don't object...
...But your mother does and of course it leads to Ares killing her.
When you arrive at Olympus, it turns out that not only Ares is yandere for you, but also Eros.
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cyborg-franky · 3 days ago
Can I get a sweet obsessive yandere Sanji? maybe stalking the reader or kidnapping her? Just really wants her to love him back
Tumblr media
Female reader x Yandere Sanji SFW in the sense no smut but obsessive yandere ahead words: 1008 I feel like this would work as an AU I hope you don’t mind?
There you were, standing there being so perfect so beautiful, and he could barely stand it. You’d only been working in the restraint as a waitress around a month now and every time he saw you his heart wanted to burst out his chest, every night before he slept, he was plagued by thoughts of you. Your laugh, smile, the way your hips moved as you walked from the kitchen, plates in hand, gently using your bottom to open the swinging door to the customers.
He was losing sleep every moment you weren’t in his line of sight, who knew what vile filthy men might have their hands on you? You got flirted with at work almost all the time, some of the other chefs complimenting your pretty face, how you wore your uniform, how you had your hair up that day. He wanted to cut their hands off for making you blush making you uncomfortable.
He had to be your knight in shining armor, keep you safe from men of ill intent. He wanted to love you, so purely and simply, hold your hand, watch you sleep softly in the bed beside him, see you smile at him with such adoration, the same as he showed you every waking day.
Oh his chest hurt, sat there without you in his arms, what were you doing now? Were you thinking about him as you brushed your hair out from a busy day of work, did your heart ache for him as you showered? Did you sleep evade you with how much you missed just being with him?
He hoped so, he wished he could share the joys and pains of loving someone so unconditionally and intensely. He loved you so much that he couldn’t help letting out tears of frustration. The fear of anything happening to you while he wasn’t by your side caused him to lose so much sleep, he couldn’t allow you to be hurt without him nor let his skills as a chef go down from his lack of rest.
He had to do it, he just had to.
Offering you the perfect little cupcake before you left work that night, you blinked, it was pink, heart shaped sprinkles and vanilla sponge. Everyone always talked about how great chef Sanji’s baking was, if you thought his cooking was a work of the God’s then you were in for a bigger surprise. You took it gently from his outstretched hand.
“For me? Why?” you asked, blinking your long lashes at him, your stunning eyes focused on the cupcake before looking to his face where he gave such a gentle and warm smile.
“Isn’t it your birthday soon? I think I heard. tomorrow or something?” he tried to act casual, like he hadn’t known for days when your birthday fell.
“Oh! Yeah, thank you!” You wanted to take it home with you, wanted to sit down with a cup of tea and just enjoy the treat but the way he stared at you, so expectantly. You took a bite, it tasted better then you could have dreamed, making a pleased sound, getting it over your lips, you brushed away the mess and sighed.
How he wished he could gently run a fingertip over your supple lips before letting you lick the frosting from them. “This is so amazing Sanji” fire shot through him at your compliment, the praise you’d give his work made his pulse race faster and faster.
He offered to walk you to your car once you’d finished, thankful for his kind offer, the car park so dark this late at night. Standing outside your car you felt your keys slip from your grasp, the world getting fuzzy, you felt sluggish, his words sounded muffled but you could feel his arms around you, stopping you from falling and hurting yourself.
The last thing you remembered was his face, learning down and kissing your forehead.
When you came too everything ached, like you had fallen asleep on the sofa with bad posture. You groaned, trying your hardest to chase away the sleep from your mind, trying to sit up, you felt slumped, maybe you had fallen asleep in your living room, but no memories came to you of even getting home.
Letting your eyelids flutter open there was two bright lights in your darkened vision, they waved and danced in your slowly clearing eyesight, blinking once, twice, the world coming into focus. Candles, two long white candles in a dark room. You tried to move but felt cold hard metal around your wrists, clinking of metal joined the sensation. You snapped alert, the awful sobering feeling of panic.
You were sat on a chair, arms handcuffed to the sides, you could smell something, rich delicate smells of cooked food and expensive wine. The spread in front of you was like something out of a romance novel. “Ah my love, my darling, you are awake and just in time!” that voice..
Your attention snapped to the side where you saw the blond man from work, the last person you remember in fact, coming towards you setting down a beautiful home cooked meal. “The.. the cupcake!” you hissed straining against the handcuffs.
“Yes, sorry about that my love, I hope it didn’t ruin your appetite, I’ve cooked up such a storm for my beautiful swan!” He sighed, so happy with his handywork. Your hands bound to the chair arms you narrowed your eyes “And how do you expect me to eat?”
You wished you hadn’t asked, the grin on his face as he knelt by your side, taking the knife and fork. Your heart raced, the panic welling up so tight in your chest, you tried to stay calm. He brought a bite to your lips. “Open up” Sanji sing songed “Nothing you could need or want will ever be too much for me, I am your slave, I love you” Sanji gushed.
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magena-galaxy · 3 days ago
Ayo, help I woke up with this idea.😳👉👈 Like I deadass had this idea after my head popped off my pillow. So here have a Yandere!HeroxReader one shot.
~ No escape, Yandere! Hero x Reader~
Tumblr media
You’ve just dumped Hero, for whatever reason and got together with someone else. The past weeks have gone by great with you and them.You start to think Hero’s out of your life now, oh how wrong you were about that my unfortunate friend. One day you come home to find your partner dead, a pool of blood staining your carpet for sure. But that’s not the only thing you see, oh no, there hovering over your partner’s dead body, covered in blood is your ex boyfriend, Hero.
Panic begins to flood every ounce of your body as you come to the realization that he’s just killed your partner, in cold blood. A murder, your ex is a murder! No wonder you broke up with him, he’s crazy! Luckily Hero hasn’t noticed that you’re home, at least not yet as he starts to plan on how he’s going to dispose of the body. You back up and clasp your hands over your mouth to prevent yourself from screaming or gasping to grab his attention. In your shaken state you back away from the room, muscles are completely jelly in this case, especially your legs but you’re so shaken up you accidentally bump into somethings, knocking over a vase. As a loud crash erupts, your heart fills with dread as you watch Hero look up from the body and whip his head over,turning to face you.
“Oh, (Y/N)! You’re home! Would you mind helping me dispose of this, creature that thought they could steal your love from me, darling?,” Hero’s eyes light up as he stares at you with a warm smile on his face that was only creepy with the blood on him.
“Help? Are you out of your fucking mind Hero? Hell no! You’re crazy, no delusional, this is why I left you! You’re a murderer!”, you remove your hands from your mouth to shout at him on impulsive, hardening your eyes into a sharp glare at him.
“Aw, don’t be like that (Y/N) love! Your love was clearly stolen from me, after all, I know you love me deep inside, you’ve just been caught up in the lies of this person you’ve been calling your “lover” for the past weeks and it’s clearly showing,” sighed Hero got up and was now slowly coming to you, his shirt stained with blood.
“No! Fuck off! Stay away from me!”, you then turn away to run out of the house to escape from your crazy ex boyfriend.
You bolt out of the front door and bolt to the woods that were around your house, hoping you could lose him, again. As you ran , your heart pounded so loudly you swore that anyone could hear it, especially Hero. Running with all of your might, you started to remember your breakup between you and Hero.
You were looking down at your phone , ignoring Hero’s love bomb texts he sends every day, like he thinks you’re gonna to die without his love. You remembered watching him scare off your best friend and how he had to shove it in their how close you and him were. He started to seem like he probably wouldn’t be the best choice after that, so you started to give him the cold shoulder, fearing what’d he’d do if you gave him attention.
-Y/N, darling, are you alright? You usually respond to my love texts…🥺💙💙💙-
Your phone buzzed as you received another text from Hero, you sighed and turned off your phone and began to stare at the ceiling. You wanted to tell him that you thought this wasn’t going to work out, but you just couldn’t think of a way to tell him that you wanted to break up with him, while things were good. You grew deep into your thoughts, thinking of what to say to him, you didn’t want to deviate him, he seemed to really love you, it’s just your feelings were starting to change towards him.
A knock at your college dorm door made you jump, lost in your thoughts. You got up to answer the door, and were faced with non other then Hero at the door.
“Hey Y/N! Are you alright? You’ve been giving me the cold shoulder lately, something bothering you?,” He leaned in to hug you, but you moved backwards,away from him.
Hero’s eyes widened in shock, as his jaw dropped as you rejected his affection, he froze as he eventually had a hurt expression on his face,” Y/N? L-love?”
“Don’t call me that anymore, look Hero, I think you’re a real sweet guy, but I don’t think this is going to work out.” You met his watering eyes as he froze, staring back at you,” let’s just go back to being friends,ok? I’ve stopped feeling romantic towards you.”
“I-I”, Hero staggered, unable to find the words as you could see the tears begin to shed, he begged,”b-but I don’t wanna be friends! I love you Y/N! Don’t do this to me! Please! Tell me what caused this! I’m sorry! I don’t wanna lose another person I loved romantically!”
“I’m sorry, Hero, I just don’t feel the same anymore, but I’ll still be your friend ok?,” you looked at him as he began to cry.
Instead of responding Hero just stumbled out of your dorm and back to his, carrying a wounded expression on his face as he wiped his eyes. You sighed as you closed the door, no way would this be easy for the both of you.
You felt guilt and shame swish all over your, “I don’t wanna loose another person I love romantically!”? Suddenly you began to realize he was talking about Mari, who else would he be talking about? Your muscles began to scream for you to stop , forcing you to slow your pace down to rest. You put your back against a tree as you you panted, out of breath, pain rumbling throughout your entire body. As you panted, lungs screaming for air, you swore you heard footsteps. Hero’s footsteps.
“Y/N! Come out out from where ever you are! Surely this game of tag has you tired, right darling? Oh you’ve clearly got to be hurt from pushing your muscles to go that far!,” Hero’s voice called out, louder then you’ve heard it.
You panted, being unable to answer, you didn’t have to the strength to do anything other then fall over with a thud as you gasped loudly.
“Y/N! Is that you?,” Hero’s voice grew closer then his footsteps.
You laid there in defeat, not having a single a once of strength to resist him.
“Y/N! There you are! Don’t run off like that, you could’ve gotten hurt! You’re probably hurt, there’s no way your muscles aren’t swore !,” Hero was now face to face with you, kneeling down to pick you up.
All you could do was pant, you slowly got your breath back,” Oh no, look at you Y/N! You’ve gotten yourself out of breath! Doesn’t that hurt your chest?,” Hero picked up you up bridal style, smiling,” now, we’re definitely both going to need to dispose of that body. We’ve graduated college, we’d definitely get charged for that, come help me, it’s not an option now.”
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chinchillinbb · 4 days ago
𝐚𝐫𝐢𝐦𝐚 𝐛𝐢𝐤𝐨𝐭𝐞𝐚
(a/n: before we start, this was a request, so the reader is NOT gender neutral, they're fem and she/her is used throughout the oneshot :( sorry) Amidst the roar of battle, and the cries of fear from men, there was a sound much softer: a babe’s cry. Brought into the world in chaos, (Y/n) was cursed to be followed by it her entire life. Little did she know exactly how terrible things were about to get. Their village massacred, her father dead, could things really get any worse?
To answer that question, I present to you Ryuji, the oni bringing down all of this carnage and pain. He had been a ruthless man in his life, and was made a demon instead of reincarnating. Ryuji had pale silvery blond hair, and eyes like honey. Two ivory horns sprouted above his eyebrows and sakura flowers sprouted around them, speckled with blood and twisting and turning to conceal the violent nature of them.
As he looked around at his destruction, Ryuji’s pointy ears twitched at the sound of crying. Stalking his way over to the noise to silence it, he found a mother, and a child with a soft tuft of (h/c) hair upon her head. The mother started begging, pleading with Ryuji not to hurt her or her child. It was almost funny to see someone begging an oni to be sympathetic. Did she not see the mess surrounding her?
Ryuji snatched the swaddled thing from her arms to inspect it. It wasn’t particularly loud, just consistent and annoying enough to make him grind his teeth. The baby kicked out a little, fleshy leg and cooed at him. As (Y/n)’s mother watched her leg move around, she looked at Ryuji’s horns, noting the sakura branches curling around them, similar to (Y/n)’s strange birthmark. “W-Wait! They might be of use to you! There’s a mark on their leg, and it looks like a cherry blossom, l-like the ones on your horns.”
Ryuji flipped the child over, inspecting the back of her legs before widening their eyes and scrunching up their nose incredulously. He scoffed; the universe must be joking. There was absolutely no way he was accepting this weak, crying baby as his soulmate. He visibly deflated and looked at the mother. “I’m taking this. It’s mine now. Your baby might be safe, but you’ll never see them again. No one will.” As he finished his sentence, he plunged his claws through her chest, ripping out her heart and getting little droplets of blood on (Y/n)’s blanket. “You’re mine, I suppose, and regardless of whether or not I want you, no one else can have you.”
A few years passed, and (Y/n) grew into a lovely young lady, never straying from her caretaker’s home. The small minka was surrounded by sakura trees on all sides, making quite lovely scenery. She never understood Ryuji’s obsession with the things, and they made her nose itch, but she put up with it for his sake, knowing he worried if she ever wasn’t where she was supposed to be.
(Y/n)’s kimono for the day was a light teal color, with orange and white koi fish painted onto it. She continuously kept a kanzashi covered in paper sakura petals that Ryuji had given her in her hair. He had told her that it wasn’t just a pretty ornament, and that if he ever wasn’t around, she should use it as a sharp dagger. She would never tell him this, but she usually just kept it in her pocket until he came around.
As (Y/n) was watering the plants in the garden, she heard the front door slide open, and Ryuji’s soft claws tapping along the tatami floors. She jumped up and ran to the front room, beaming at Ryuji and hopping from foot to foot, waiting for him to hug her as usual. When he did, she squeezed back with a vigor that only an isolated young girl could have.
“Ryuji, how did things go outside today?” (Y/n) lived for these stories, her only window into how the world worked. “Do you think I could go with you sometime soon now? It’s surely got to be fine by now.” Ryuji had lied a little bit. Over the years, he had gotten attached to (Y/n), and so he couldn’t just let her leave him once she got old enough to survive on her own. So, he told her that when she was born, the world was thrown into chaos, and that he had saved her from certain death. In a way, he had, but he had been the danger in the first place. “(Y/n), my little blossom. How many times do I have to tell you that it’s simply too monstrous out there for you? I promise to let you know when it’s safe.” Never.
Sighing, (Y/n) let go of the subject. Or at least, she did outwardly. Inside, she was fuming. Didn’t he know how old she was? She was almost to his shoulders, perfectly big enough to figure the world out herself. And so that’s what she’d do. She loved and respected Ryuji for saving her as a baby, but she wasn’t a baby anymore. (Y/n) decided that she’d just ignore how worried she knew he’d get. She’d come back eventually, and she wanted to experience more than cherry blossoms. It’s like a curse she couldn’t get away from.
As soon as Ryuji left the next day, (Y/n) grabbed the bag she had prepared and stowed away in her wardrobe. Sliding the door open quietly, she shivered at the early morning air. She looked around to find the path Ryuji usually took, and followed down the path.
Eventually, she reached a small market in the middle of a village, gazing around in wonder. Where were the corpses, and famine? All she could see were children playing with each other in the streets, and farmers leading cattle with wagons of bags of rice in them. No, there was no famine here. This society was thriving, and she could have perfectly well settled down here, protected even without Ryuji.
(Y/n) was reasonably angry, and in her fuming, she didn’t notice a large dog barreling towards her, or the young man yelling out to her. Coughing and waving dust out of her eyes, she pushed at the huge monster. “Takeo, down! I’m so, so sorry!” (Y/n) looked up and flushed, finding a tanned, muscular man looking down at her and offering her his hand. Taking it, she examined him some more. He had dark brown eyes, and a soft, apologetic smile. She had never seen a shinier black than his hair, reflecting the sun’s rays. “What’s your name? You looked a little lost. I’m Nakamura Yoshito, but just Yoshito is fine.”
“I’m (Y/n). I don’t really have a second name, so… I suppose just (Y/n) is fine as well.” She smiled back at him, happy to know people were not as mean or connivinh as Ryuji said they were.
Meanwhile, Ryuji could have sworn he saw (Y/n)’s black kimono from across the street. He narrowed his eyes and stomped across to her, losing his breath when he saw her talking to someone else. Had she not learned by now that she was his? Did he have to outright tell her that she belonged to him, and that she was never supposed to leave for good reason? What if this man steals her from him? What if he hurts her? A simple farmer boy could never give her what he could, and he’d have to show her.
(Y/n) had left shortly after promising Yoshito she’d come back when she could to eat yakitori with him. As Ryuji came back through the door, she quickly shut her wardrobe and raced to the front of the house. “Welcome back Ryuji!” Her smile was a little more than forced, since she was irate with him for lying to her. “Hello (Y/n). I brought you something, but before I give it to you, how did things go around here today?” (Y/n) froze; she hadn’t thought of a lie yet, and it was quite clear that he already knew she had been out, judging by his tone. Swallowing her fear, she looked him in the eyes and retorted, “Why did you lie to me? You know I’ve wanted to leave since I was little, so why would you lie?”
Ryuji sighed. “Really, I had hoped I wouldn’t have to explain this. We’re soulmates, flower. Your birthmark matches my… classification. Surely by now you’ve noticed how sakura blossoms tend to surround my being. When you were born, I was slaughtering your village because I felt like it. Your mother begged me to spare you, and you were going to die like the rest of the weaklings until she told me about a mark on your thigh, in the shape of a sakura flower. You are mine, and I protect what is mine, by any means necessary. If I have to lock you away by force, I’m ready and willing. Now, would you like to see your present?”
Horrified, you took a step back. Worried about the present, you thought of all the possible things it could be: chains, rope, more god awful sakura items. Instead, Ryuji pulled out something unbelievable. Yoshito’s head, eyes peacefully closed. You could have even imagined he was sleeping if he were still attached to the rest of his body. Recoiling, you let out a sob. Your first friend in the not so horrible world, gone. Ryuji smiled, glad you had gotten the message. “You are mine, and mine alone. He could have hurt you, and so I removed the threat.” You sunk down to the floor, trembling and shaking your head. No, no, no, no… This was all your fault. How could you have known? If you hadn’t accepted his help, he’d still be alive. He would have been dead for allowing his mutt to “hurt” you. No, you had to stay here, like Ryuji said, that way no one dies because of you ever again. Ryuji had won.
(a/n: discord is here)
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magena-galaxy · 4 days ago
oops so sorry yes general hcs for yandere sunny on how he acts in a relationship with his s/o?
Alright , here you go!
~Yandere Sunny x S/o~
Tumblr media
Sunny is definitely affectionate and somewhat clingy. He’d definitely be touch starved from being a shut in, also really lonely. He’d straight up cling to you to the point it’s difficult to move sometimes.
Also clingy in the sense that he wouldn’t be ok with you being affectionate with someone else. He wants your affection, all of it, he breathes for it. If he saw you give someone that’s not HIM affection, he’s definitely going to give them a death stare. He’ll rush up to you and suddenly wrap his arms around you in a tight hug, burying his face into your shoulders when you’re looking, but glaring at whoever he’s jealous of when you aren’t looking. Sunny would also definitely nuzzle you like he’s some cat.If you don’t catch up on his hints he’ll slowly become more aggressive towards the person he’s jealous about. Eventually when you finally walk away from whoever Sunny is unfortunate enough to be jealous of he’ll definitely end up hunting them down to kill them.
Sunny is 100% a possessive yandree as well. He believes you are his no matter what, and your affection is on the list for damn sure. “You’re mine “, might not be said a lot but his actions will definitely imply it . The way he’ll hold you is tight, like he’s afraid of losing you , and the way he’s always trying to make sure no one else is falling for you will say it for him.
He will definitely freak out internally if you are sick or hurt. Sickness probably won’t have him freaking out terribly unless you end up in the hospital. Sunny wouldn’t freak out as much as he would about you get hurt as he would about you getting sick, after all a common cold or virus could simply be treated, now if it’s something that leaves you in pain he’d be upset and scared of losing you. Now if you get hurt, it’ll depend on what type of injury. Paper cut? Not really worried, it’ll be gone soon, just be careful. Cuts, burns, or bruises? Yeah, he’ll be more scared especially the cuts and burns, as those can hospitalize you if bad enough. If you receive an injury like a broken bone or are badly burnt, he’ll freak the hell out. He’s becoming a lot more protective of you as he’s now more scared of losing you.
Sunny would lose his shit if someone dared to lay harm on you. He’s pretty protective, and would definitely become aggressive and is definitely going to spill blood if someone had the audacity to harm you. Now if it’s an accident he’s probably going to have to be held by you until he realizes that, it was just an accident, they didn’t mean to hurt you, however he’d still be pissed. If it was on purpose, honey you’ve got a big storm coming. *Snaps fingers*. Sunny will definitely charge at them with a knife and begin to violently stab the shit out of them. Even in front of you, he’s not gonna stop stabbing them until he’s convinced they’re dead, regardless of you freaking out about him killing someone. When he’s done he’ll slowly approach you, likely covered in a lot of blood and if you get scared of him, or try to run he only quickens his pace to get closer to you. When he’s finally at you he just tightly hugs you, likely staining your clothes with the blood of his latest victim before whispering,” I’m gonna need you to help me get rid of the body, I might have snapped at them hurting you”.
Do not, under any circumstances under estimate how much he loves you. He won’t stop showering you in love and affection whenever you feel doubt. Feeling down? He’ll definitely start loving on you and won’t stop praising what he loves about you. You also should never under estimate how protective he is of you, oh you’ll see how protective he can get.
Sunny would definitely not like it if you have a terrible relationship with your family. Now family members are the only ones who’d be getting a pass on him killing if they’re getting more affection then him, he actually understands if you’ve got a very loving and close relationship with your family. Now if it’s the opposite, hell no, those mfs ain’t treating you right! He’d definitely fight with any family member considered abusive, and he’ll do whatever he can to protect you from them, even if he’s got to get his hands dirty, he’s willing to make you happy and make sure you’re safe.
Now if you got an ex, Sunny ain’t gonna like them chief, not a single bit. If they attempt to get back together with you, their ass is grass and they’re gonna die, no hesitation.
If you decide to break up with him for whatever reason, like say you saw him kill someone and now you’re scared of him, he’s definitely going to unhinge and get desperate. He’s going to definitely try to figure out what he did wrong, hell Sunny will cling onto you, grabbing your hands as he starts crying, demanding to know what he did to make him lose your love, demanding another chance and swear he’ll change. If you refuse to well, you’re definitely going to be abducted at that point. Please, just give him your love, it’s all he ever lives for!
He’d definitely think of marriage if you two get close enough. Divorcing Sunny would pretty much go the same way as you breaking up with him.
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mejiichu · 4 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
i usually write female and gender-neutral readers, but i don't really mind writing male readers !! if there is no gender stated in the request, the reader will be automatically gender-neutral.
i will only write three-five characters each post, feel free to request for a second part !!
please. i beg of you. please tell me how would you like me to write your request in (oneshot, scenario, headcanon, drabble) or i'll write it as a headcanon by default.
please specify what kind of relationship do you want you and the character/s to have, or else i'll have to write it platonically, again, by default.
feel free to ask me if this or that is allowed if it's not written in this very blog! i tend to be forgetful at times (cons of being a cranboo kinnie) and i usually write things at, like, 2 am in the honking morning.
i will create a masterlist soon and there i'm going to put my pending requests so if yours isn't there, feel free to hit me up!!
Tumblr media
Scenarios (usually ending in 500 or more words, depends on how interested i am in the topic and my mood)
Oneshots (Same as the Scenarios one but make it 1000+ words)
Drabble (same word count as scenario, although drabbles to me are familiar to me and i do them all the time so i don't think it's a problem)
• Yan!c!Wilbur x Male!Reader (Coffee shop au)
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
• Yan!DreamXD x reader (DSMP)
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
if you want to see more of my old and new writings, check out @mejiichu on wattpad !! ^^
Tumblr media
𝐈. ❫ DO'S !!
platonic and romantic relationships
anything yandere (although, quick reminder that i don't support anything i write when it comes to yanderes so please don't come ate with your slippers)
general headcanon of a character/characters. (i.e yan!c!wilbur x reader, PLATONIC c!quackity x teen!reader x c!technoblade)
ship-related requests (usually revolves around the reader, can do polyamorous ships)
different reader's personality/ies, habits and/or role in choosen character/s's story (i.e reader that's selectively mute, shy reader who's also [insert character]'s best friend)
𝐈𝐈. ❫ DON'TS !!
anything NSFW (By NSFW, meant smut and things like that, I'm too uncomfortable and inexprienced to write about it)
inc3st, p3doph1li4 and other honked up shizz (Yes, even romantic student/teacher relationships, only platonic)
romantic relationships with the following characters: technoblade, minors of the smp and philza)
Tumblr media
#❪ ☕ ; mejii's crows ❫ ;
much-needed posts that includes the masterlist + bio and the request page.
#❪ ☕ ; mejii's asks ❫ ;
where you guys can ask me random questions about my writings or what i do.
#❪ ☕ ; mejii's letters ❫ ;
where i either cry about the latest lore stream or just cry how beautiful jamil from twisted wonderland is and how i am willing to spend my entire college savings on him.
#❪ (emoji) anon !! ❫ and/or ❪ (username) ❫ ;
a simple tag for those who want to be updated on certain series or posts. ^^
#❪ ☕ ; mejii's bookshelf ❫ ;
a tag where i store all of my oneshots and drabbles.
#❪ ☕ ; mejii's sticky notes ❫ ;
where i store all of my headcanons and scenarios.
More to be added ...
Tumblr media
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mortedeveles · 4 days ago
best friends | yamaguchi tadashi
summary: Yamaguchi Tadashi is a selfish guy. What he wants, he’ll get. No matter the consequences.
pairing: yandere! Yamaguchi Tadashi x fem! reader. (fem!reader isn’t explicitly specified though) 
genre: yandere, angst, NO HAPPY ENDING (well i’d say so). [ONE-SHOT]
tags + TW’s: PLEASE READ THIS! This is a yandere fanfiction, VIEWER DISCRETION IS ADVISED. Yandere themes, stalking, kidnapping, physical and graphic violence, emotional manipulation, description of blood, character death (not reader!), body multilation, IT’S A BIT BLOODY + GOREY, PLEASE BE CAREFUL! Slightly suggestive (?) But no sexual content. Also, 1 year age gap between reader and Yamaguchi. He also might be OOC, I’m not sure if I did his character justice :,,)
word count: 3.8K words (3,863)
A/N: I wrote all of this in an hour today, kinda proofread? So it might be a bit rough. But anyway, I hope you guys enjoy it!! Please make sure to reblog, comment and like if you enjoyed it!! <3
edit: I forgot to mention, (C/N) means Character/Name! So you can name the C/N whatever you’d like :) 
Tumblr media
Yamaguchi Tadashi knows you like the back of his hand. He knows you better than you know yourself- and there's no doubt in his mind about it. You wake up at 5:30 in the morning, brush your teeth, eat breakfast, get dressed, and then you walk to Karasuno high school, decked up in your manager tracksuit. He's got an entire notebook dedicated to your weekly schedule, he writes down any differences that happen in your schedule, has your likes and dislikes written down and so much more; he knows everything about you.
He first met you in his second year. After the third years had left Karasuno, Yachi was the only manager of the boy's volleyball club- until she recruited you. She began to train you so you would fulfill your duties independently once it was her time to leave.
The moment his eyes met yours, he was breathless. Your eyes were bright and wide, with a face so welcoming and friendly but at the same time, unbelievably beautiful, he swore he felt his face grow red. And then you smiled shyly and waved at him, and Yamaguchi swore he forgot how to breathe. Smiling shakily, he returned your wave. 
You've been friends with Yamaguchi since you joined the team. Everyone welcomed and embraced you like family, and you quickly became friends with them. Throughout the school year, the two of you have grown so close together that one could even say that other than Tsukishima, you were Yamaguchi's best friend. He knew you also appreciated him dearly as a friend, but you didn't feel anything beyond that. But that was okay. Soon enough, Yamaguchi would make you see him more than just your best friend. 
You knew of his affections towards you as a friend but didn't know any further than that. You were completely unaware; oblivious, to his true, perverted nature. Unaware of the sickly love and thoughts that swarmed his head whenever you were with him. And even when you weren't around, he followed you home nearly every day. After a tiring day of practice, he would help you pack up, wait for you to head out, and then follow closely behind. You had never noticed, and it made Yamaguchi wonder what else he could do without you noticing. His face warmed at the thought.
Tsukishima quickly became aware of the....crush, Yamaguchi had on you, but he was oblivious to the extent of the green-haired boy's affections. And as the third year of high school quickly descended upon him and you became a second-year, Yamaguchi begins to consider the situation with more seriousness. Last year, he's only fooled around, scared off some potential threats to his future relationship with you, and learned everything there was to your life and personality.
As the newly appointed captain of Karasuno, he knows that he'll be spending more time with you, and the thought makes him giddy.
There are gentle, small voices in his head that giggle with excitement and agree with him. They only fuel his determination further, and he begins to plan. Next week, he's going to confess to you; in front of the whole team, so you'll feel cornered and have no option but to accept if you don't want to break your poor captain's heart. And although he's only a year older than you, he's sure he can use his power and authority to fully convince you. After he's cornered you and intimidation has fully swept over you, Yamaguchi's sure that you'll be in his arms soon enough. And if not, he's a patient man. He's already waited one year- what's a little bit more of time? But it's the last year of high school, and he needs to cage you in before you spread your wings and fly away from him.
''Hey. Are you coming?'' Tsukishima's bored voice snaps him out of his thoughts and Yamaguchi shakes his head before grinning and nodding.
''Sorry, Tsukki! Let me just pack up and then we can leave.'' 
Your eyes feel heavy and you're barely able to keep them open as you tread tiredly around the gymnasium, taking out the volleyball net and preparing it for the team. You weren't able to get much sleep last night since you stayed up, giggling and grinning at the thought of the handsome boy who you had been texting with this past week. (C/N), had been your childhood friend until he moved away. But now he's contacted you after years of silence and he seems keen on reconnecting with you. And really, who are you to complain? It doesn't help that you've already found him on social media, and he's become quite an attractive guy; much different from the little boy with chubby cheeks that lingers in your childhood memories. He had asked you out on a date last night and you were ecstatic. You quickly agreed, and you were to meet him today after school at a local ice cream parlor. As you prepared the court's equipment for training, there was a dreamy smile on your lips. You were so entertained in your fantasies you didn't notice when Yamaguchi and Tsukishima stepped into the gymnasium, nor did you hear when the green-haired boy greeted you.
It was until you felt a gentle tap on your shoulder that you returned to reality, blinking rapidly.
''-/N? Y/N, are you feeling okay?'' The concerned tone in Yamaguchi's voice snaps you awake and you drop the volleyball you were holding, smiling sheepishly and rubbing the back of your head.
''Ah! Sorry Yamaguchi, I was distracted.'' You shoot him an embarrassed smile, but his eyebrows furrow in concern.
''You look tired Y/N, did you sleep well alright?'' Your friend's voice is dripping with concern, eyes wide and it makes your heart pang with guilt.
''Oh it's okay, I'm sorry for worrying you. But yeah, I didn't get much sleep,'' you frown and bend down to retrieve the volleyball, staring at it. ''I was...busy.'' And then the giddy feeling returns to your chest, and you force down an absurdly excited smile. 
''Oh? Is everything alright? Do you need help with anything? I'm always here if you need something, Y/N.'' The boy smiles warmly at you, and you smile back, appreciating his kind gesture. Yamaguchi truly is a thoughtful friend, you think to yourself. 
''Yes, everything's okay. Thanks for the offer, but I'm fine. Nothing that a good night's sleep can't fix.'' You laugh nervously, although you're not sure why you feel slightly nervous.
''Oh...okay,'' Yamaguchi walks at your side as you pick up volleyballs from the floor, carrying another bunch of volleyballs.
''Listen, I want to tell you something important, so could you stay a little bit of time after school?'' You're about to quickly reject his offer, but he's looking at you with a pair of puppy eyes that make it hard to say no. You sigh and nod, and the boy cheers in victory.
''Great! Thanks, Y/N, you're the best.'' He smiles and pats your shoulder, and a small shiver runs through your body as his hand lingers a second longer than expected. And for a split second, there's an unsettlingly sweet smile on his face but when you blink, it's just Yamaguchi and his normal, kind smile. The one he gives to everyone.
''No problem...'' You murmur as he walks away and chats with Kageyama and Hinata, who had just arrived. There's a feeling of dread bubbling in your stomach, and you're not sure why. With a sigh, you shake your head and resume your activities, hoping it'll quickly go away. 
Much to your dismay, the feeling of dread that's been distracting you doesn't go away. It clings to you throughout the day at school, and it only grows stronger when the volleyball team finishes the second session of practice after school, and it's time to pack up and go home. A gut feeling tells you that you need to rush out of there, but Yamaguchi wants to talk to you, so you brush away the gut feeling. Maybe you're just on edge today, but you'll get over it soon. Besides, it's Yamaguchi; your trusted friend. What could go wrong?
''Y/N!" Yamaguchi calls you over, where he's talking to the other third years; Yachi, Tsukishima, Kageyama, and Hinata.
''Hi,'' you smile at the others and then look at your friend, swallowing nervously. ''What's up, Tadashi?'' You don't miss the way his eyes widen and his cheeks grow red at your use of his first name- and you instantly begin to regret it. The feeling of dread pools in your stomach as you slowly begin to piece together what's about to happen. 
''I...I wanted to tell you something,'' the boy scratches his neck nervously. He takes a deep breath, looks at you directly, and smiles nervously. 
''Ever since we met, Y/N, I've always thought you were a very beautiful girl,'' his voice is nothing but sincere, but your smile drops instantly. ''And my opinion hasn't changed. You're an amazing friend- and a great manager!'' He laughs nervously. ''I appreciate all the work Yachi and you do for us. But anyway, I want to get to the point,'' his face grows redder and your feeling of dread grows tremendously. ''I've liked you- like, like you, for months now. Would you do me the honor of being my girlfriend, Y/N?'' He holds out his hand expectantly, staring at you with wide and pleading eyes. The first and second years are whooping and cheering in excitement, and when you turn to look at the third years, Yachi and Hinata are smiling encouragingly at you with raised thumbs. ''Go for it!'' You see Yachi mouth silently. All the commotion is beginning to overwhelm you and nausea begins to take over your body. Yamaguchi's still holding out his hand and he's still smiling at you.
''I....I....'' Everyone grows quiet as you open your lips to respond, and then you feel a dozen of eyes pinned on you. It's overwhelming, you can't focus and everything's too loud.
''I'm sorry,'' you manage to choke out. ''I like another boy-,'' you silently curse yourself for mentioning C/N- it's going to make Yamaguchi feel worse! ''I can't accept your confession.'' You hear a few gasps from the second and third years, but they say nothing. 
Yamaguchi's smile falters, but you're quick to place a hand on his shoulder and force a strained smile on your face. Even if you feel you're about to throw up.
''Tadashi, you're an amazing friend. I love you so much, and you've been nothing but supportive and nice to me. But I'm sorry, I truly am, but I don't feel the same way. Don't beat yourself over it, okay?'' Your voice slowly becomes tiny and you want to curl into a ball. ''You're an amazing guy but I'm not the right one for you. Trust me, you'll find someone one day who'll appreciate you for who you are and love you with all their heart. But that....that isn't me. I'm sorry.'' Your eyes are burning with tears as you rush to grab your bag and flee from the gym, pushing past crowds of students and racing out of the school. Your heart's beating rapidly, stomach twisting, and mind swarming with an overwhelming amount of emotions. Everything's too much- you can't focus on anything- god, it feels like your heart is about to combust. 
You sit down on the sidewalk, dropping your bags on the ground, and bury your face between your knees, inhaling sharply. You don't know how much time you spent there, trying to calm yourself down, but soon enough, your heart stops beating so harshly and settles down, and so does your stomach. Once you've regained your composure, you take a deep breath and reach for your phone- but you freeze.
Your phone's gone. It's not in your pockets, and as you search desperately in your bag, it's not there either. You've lost your phone. You don't know what time it is, either. What if you've already missed your date with C/N?! Shaking your head, you frown as you notice the street you're standing on. Your house is still at a considerable distance, and you need your phone back as soon as possible. With a sigh, you begin to trudge back to Karasuno High School, hoping you won't bump into anyone on the way there. The school's empty by the time you get there, which makes you exhale with relief, and you begin to walk towards the gym, feeling much more relieved. You won't have to deal with Yamaguchi then. As you pull out your keys and unlock the gymnasium's doors, you raise an eyebrow. You hear a muffled voice- wait a second...was that a scream? Hesitantly, you stand still and strain your ears; but the noise has gone silent. You continue to unlock the doors and swing them open, but the sight ahead of you makes you drop your school bag in shock.
It's dark and only a few LED lights are on, shining on a person that's sitting on a chair. Their head is hung low, and you can spot ropes binding their feet to the chair.
''What....what on earth is going on?'' You whisper to yourself. At the sound of your voice, the person raises their head. A shocked and fearful gasp leaves your lips and you quickly slap your hand over your mouth, cringing. 
Only a few feet ahead of you, C/N sits on the chair, face bloody and bruised. His eyes widen when he spots you and he groans in pain. 
''Y/N?'' He murmurs, eyes half-closed. ''Y/N!'' His eyes grow wide and he begins to shake his head and trash in the chair. ''You need to leave, now! Run!'' 
''What?'' You stare at him in disbelief. ''No! You're hurt! What's going on?'' You rush to his side and begin to assess his appearance, holding his face gently. 
''No, no! Forget about me!'' He pauses as the both of you hear approaching footsteps. C/N thrashes in his chair and shakes his head. ''Run!'' He hisses before his chair is dragged into the darkness. You scream and fall on your back, quickly turning around and running towards the exit. But before you can take a step forward, a hand covers your mouth as another hand wraps around your ankle. Your screams are muffled and you thrash around in the person's grip, but it's no use. Their grip is insanely strong, and they won't even budge. They stop and sigh, and all of the gymnasium's LED lights are turned on. You whimper in protest and your eyes burn with the sudden invasion of light but you continue to thrash until you catch a glimpse of green hair. You freeze in your place, feeling your blood run cold. A familiar chuckle echoes behind you and the person loosens their grip as if they've noticed your reaction. 
''Well, well,'' Yamaguchi's voice is harsh and taunting as you slowly get on your feet. ''Took you long enough, Y/N,'' he purred as he slung an arm around your shoulder, forcing you to walk forward with him. ''I was starting to think you wouldn't show up, and poor C/N over here would've died without seeing you for one last time.'' He snickered, and you gulped.
''Yamaguchi?'' Your voice is barely louder than a whisper, and the boy clicks his tongue in disapproval.
''Yamaguchi? You were so lenient on calling me Tadashi earlier, where did that go?'' There's a wicked grin on his face that makes you whimper. 
''Tadashi...'' you say. Maybe complying will avoid more conflict, you think. ''What are you doing- why are you doing this?''
He scoffs and walks over the C/N, whose head is once again hung low- but something tells you he won't be waking up for a while. The thought makes your heart drop to your stomach.
''What am I doing?'' He shakes his head. ''What does it look like I'm doing?!'' From his pocket, he pulls out a long and shiny knife, stained with blood. You swallow audibly.
Yamaguchi shakes his head and smiles at you, twirling the knife in his right hand.
''You should've just accepted my confession, Y/N. Why did you have to reject me?'' His voice grows pained and you notice that his eyes begin to water, but you quickly shake your head. Snap out of it! You tell yourself. He's trying to manipulate you.
''Am I... Am I not enough for you? You said I'm an amazing guy- you said you love me! So why....'' He's hiccuping by now, tears spilling down his cheeks. ''Why won't you be with me?'' 
He sniffles and rubs at his weeping eyes and you bite your lip, taking a slow step forward. ''Tadashi...'' You hold up your hands, attempting to appear non-threatening. ''You don't have to do this. We can talk this out, okay? Just let C/N go, and we can talk.'' 
At the mention of the other boy's name, it's like you flipped a switch in Yamaguchi. He grows ominously quiet, and his grip around the knife tightens. When he looks up, he's brushed away all his tears and all that's left are red-rimmed, bloodshot eyes. 
''Let him go?'' He scoffs and grabs C/N by the jaw. C/N's eyes are slowly beginning to flutter open and your eyes widen-isn't he supposed to be unconscious?
''I didn't hit him that hard if that's what you're wondering,'' Yamaguchi laughs. ''I mean, earlier, I did. I punched and struck at him until there was blood dripping from my hands. I'm still not sure who's blood it is.'' He giggles a little too cheerful for someone who's just kidnapped a person, and you feel sweat slowly roll down your forehead. 
But then his giggles die down, and you watch C/N wince as Yamaguchi's grip on his jaw tightens. ''The last thing I'm doing is letting this bastard go. He nearly stole you away from me, you know? I saw your messages. He told you all types of things. I'm glad I took your phone, lord knows what would've happened if you met up with him today.'' Your eyes widen and your jaw slackens. You can see your phone, neatly tucked away in Yamaguchi's front pockets. ''And what can I say? After reading the messages, I can see that C/N is truly a gentleman,'' the green-haired boy cooed, before delivering a punch to C/N's face. You let out a gasp of distress, eyebrows furrowing. You want to rush forward- but you can't move. ''You disgust me,'' he snarled and brought the knife closer to C/N's throat. 
''Stop!'' You're on the verge of the tears, but you hold them back. ''Tadashi, please stop. You can have me- I'll do whatever you want,'' One by one, the tears begin to seep from your eyes. ''Just please don't hurt him.'' 
Yamaguchi begins to lower the knife, and he smiles. You swallow as he begins to walk towards you, and your knees begin to tremble. 
''Are you-are you gonna hurt me?'' You nearly sob out the words as Yamaguchi pulls you into his arms, burrowing his face in your neck. He chuckles, the vibrations making you shiver. His breath is warm on your neck, and you bite down a whimper of distress as he presses a soft kiss on your exposed skin.
And then he pulls away, smiling with disbelief. ''Hurt you? Sweetheart, what part of this makes you think I'm going to hurt you?'' Yamaguchi gently raised his hand to your forehead, brushing away stray pieces of your hair. ''I'd never lay a hand on you,'' he murmurs. But then C/N groans behind Yamaguchi, and your body tenses. And so does Yamaguchi's, as he pulls back his arms and sighs. Your heart skips a beat as he pulls out the knife again and kneels in front of C/N, tutting in disapproval. 
''Alright. Off you go then.'' Yamaguchi begins to cut at the ropes with his knife, and soon enough, C/N can stand. He's unstable on his feet, but he's free. 
''Hey, Y/N?'' Yamaguchi calls out to you from C/N's chair.
''Yes...?'' You respond hesitantly, eyes still locked on C/N's trembling form.
''You should know better than trying to make a deal with someone like me.'' 
Before you can ask him what he means- his knife swoops in and slashes across C/N's neck. You scream as blood begins to spurt out of his throat and C/N drops to his knees. You rush towards him, but Yamaguchi holds you back. He glares at you with a silent warning; stand back. Hesitantly, you step back but you can't tear your gaze off C/N. He's spluttering, gurgling as he chokes on his blood. 
''You promised-,'' you feel tears rush to your eyes again. ''Yo-you promised...'' Yamaguchi tuts as he wipes the knife on C/N's shirt, before stepping on his chest with an impossibly wide smile. He presses down on his chest so hard that you hear a slight crack and your mouth widens in horror.
''I promised?'' Yamaguchi keeps his eyes on C/N, but his words are directed to you. ''I never said shit. And really- you're so naive, Y/N. What makes you think I'll let go of this piece of trash after I've fucked him up? He knows too much. He needs to go where he belongs- in the fucking trash.'' And without a second to spare, Yamaguchi raises the knife and stabs it right in C/N's left eye. You drop to your knees, sobbing and trembling, and instinctively close your eyes. You can hear the disgusting squelching, Yamaguchi's heavy breathing as he continues to stab C/N. You're still trembling by the time it's quietened down and you're too afraid to open your eyes. Something wet reaches your shoes, and you peek open one eye. On the ground, C/N's body lies limp as a doll, his head tilted to your direction. You sob as his right eye is still open and lifeless, staring at you; and the left one is brutally damaged and bloodied. At this point, you're drenched in sweat and the need to throw up grows stronger the longer you look at C/N.
''Hmmm...'' Yamaguchi kneels next to you, observing C/N's body. ''You were the last person he saw before his death, how romantic.'' He chuckles. The wet liquid you'd felt earlier continues to stain your footwear and you slowly look down. C/N's blood surrounds your body, pouring from his body and flowing towards you. Yamaguchi dips a finger in the puddle of blood and stares at it intensely, eventually sighing. 
''Glad that's over.'' He looks over at you and smiles. He doesn't say anything as he pulls you towards him, his hands gripping both sides of your face. They're stained with blood; you can feel it on your face. His lips descend upon yours, and you can taste a tinge of the metallic taste of blood. Tears continue to flow down your cheeks and it makes your lips taste salty, but Yamaguchi doesn't seem to mind.
''No one can take you away from me,'' he murmurs between kisses. ''No one.'' 
Tumblr media
A/N: ahh!! this is my first time writing for gucciman, i hope it was okay :,) please reblog + like if you enjoyed!! it supports me greatly and it’s a way you can support me <3 hope you guys enjoyed! 
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cyborg-franky · 4 days ago
Hello! Yandere Sabo and Yandere Shanks headcanons please? 😊💙🙈
I HOPE I DO OK because I don’t see them as yandere myself but I can see people could have these tendencies if you look.
Tumblr media
+ He’s the type of yandere you don’t see coming. He’s not a bad person, he’s all sweet smiles and laughs but that’s exactly how he hides the darker side of him.
+ If you start to see a problem in the relationship, he tries to make you think it’s you seeing things that aren’t there, he’ll say these awful manipulative things but in such a sweet and kind voice you’ll believe he’s right and it’s all in your head. He’s an expert at gaslighting.
+ He’s managed to disarm you, you rely on him so much for things, you think because he’s fighting the good fight that he’s a good person.
+ Sabo will make you need him more and more and as you become more dependent on him the further, he’ll push you till your breaking point and beyond.
+ He’ll never get bored of playing with you.
Tumblr media
+ Shanks is also good with mindgames but he doesn’t hide his intentions under overly soft and sweet words. The way he talks to you is with authority. And stern voice, he’ll talk down to you and make you question yourself.
+ He’ll make you feel small and stupid.
+ He ignores you, leaves you in the cabin while he spends time with his crew, he makes you crave his touch and attention, how you’ll do anything for it, how far you’ll degrade yourself and the names you’ll call yourself during more intense moments.
+ He needs you to know you’ll never be good enough for him, maybe years of being so powerful has given him a god complex. He’ll hide it in front of anyone else so you just look clingy and unhinged.
+ He’s rough with you, bruises your forearms and thighs but will pretend he simple ‘underestimated his own strength’ but will never say sorry.
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aizawa-needs-coffee · 5 days ago
Headcannons for dating Dabi?
Tumblr media
WARNING: Slight yandere ahead + Dating Dabi would be difficult, first you’d have to get over the fact he was a villain, someone who has killed and will more than likely kill again. + He’d be like dating a cat, a large, flame wielding cat. You’d only ever see him at strange times of the day or night and normally when he wants attention and feeding, he’d be almost impossible to get in contact with. You might see him on your sofa everyday for a week straight or once in a month. + When dating Dabi you’d need to be able to hold your own, banter with him, let him know you weren’t scared of him, give him as much as he gives you, earn his respect and you’ll be fine. + His past is a no no subject, avoid it and you can make a better future for him. + Also stay out of his business, as long as you don’t know what he’s up to you could keep somewhat sane. + He is the jealous type, you have no idea when he could be keeping an eye on you. + He doesn’t like to be naked when intimate with you, he’ll never say it out loud, but he dislikes what he looks like under his clothes. + He likes to play mind games and mess with you, he likes to see how deeply in your head and heart he had gotten, testing your limits, trying your dedication to him. + He has a soft side, it’s rare and delicate but it’s there, treasure those small moments. + His quirk is always on the surface, if you aren’t good with heat then sharing a bed with him is almost impossible, he radiates it. + There is no dumping Dabi, you either just have to deal with it till he’s bored or prey he makes himself scarce. + When he does want your attention you better be ready to give him 100% of your attention or he’ll make it about him. + There is little to no sincerity with him. + He wont necessarily force you into anything but he’s very persuasive to having you see it his way. + If he’s in a bad mood he will me it your problem. + I think if he’d not been broken he might have been a good man.
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petitelepus · 6 days ago
His Beloved And More, Part 7
You’re good as new, or are you?
Brainstorm kept you by his side every single second when he was in his habsuite, never leaving you out of his sight. The first few weeks were important for you to grow used to his habsuite, his presence, and your new body!
You were a smart human, he always knew it, but he was truly happy when you came to him to beg for food when he came back from his work at the lab. Sure, you left couple dozen holes in his room’s walls and ceiling with your climbing all over places, but it was alright, you needed exercise!
”Hello my little oil cake! Were you a good girl for me while I was at work?” Brainstorm asked, kneeling down to pet you. You chirped happily at him, clasping your hands around his approaching hand and playfully biting and nibbling the metal. The flier giggled, your sharp teeth scratching his hand’s paint job, but you were just playing around.
”Hungry aren’t you? Want something fresh?” He found out pretty quickly that you didn’t like the stuff you used to like, like your rations or even candy, and when he caught you munching the foot of his berth he decided that you needed to eat.
Brainstorm reached for his subspace and pulled out a tiny bag. Your eyes went wide when you noticed the bag and you started to impatiently scratch your claws against the floor. The scientist grinned, gently taking a hold of you as he laid the bag on the ground and let it fall open. Four fat rats ran out squealing and screeching for freedom from the bottom of their tiny lungs.
You hissed and screeched, kicking and flailing in Brainstorm’s hold and he laughed at your eagerness. ”Hungry? Go on and eat!”
He let you go and you bolted like a lightning, bouncing after the rats with your strong hind legs and chasing them through his habsuite. Brainstorm giggled at your eagerness as he found it so cute. You were always passionate about things you really liked.
There was a loud high pitched squeal as you caught up with one rat. Brainstorm watched happily as you lifted the still live rat to your mouth and with one bite bit and mauled half of the rodent’s body. The scientist giggled like an excited sparkling as he watched you crunch the rat’s flesh and bones, quickly swallowing your big bite and stuffing your mouth full with the rest of the rat before you went after another one.
Brainstorm walked to his workstation and sat down to rest his joints and take a sip of energon as he watched you hunt. You caught another rat and quickly tore through it before running after the rest of them. As you hunted, the scientist hummed a playful tune of the song you used to sing when you got excited.
”You know, your former boss back on Earth contacted us about your demise. They weren’t too happy with your fate so they decided not to send another liaison, in case they would cease existing also on their way here. Silly, but they don’t know that I planted that bomb on your capsule, but why should they? It’s your and my little secret~!”
You got your third rat, but before you bit into it you gave Brainstorm a quick glance over your shoulder, letting him know you had acknowledged his words to you, and just after that you went for a kill. The flier noted that you were taking your time with the rat, biting its head off and spitting it on the side to plant your mouth around the gaping hole and suck the rat out like it was an engex juice box.
”Captains understood. Your boss wasn’t that happy to have a chat with Megatron, but there’s not much they can do about it!” He chuckled as you caught your last rat and bit into it, but you chewed much slower now, your stomach no doubt full at this point, but you were a little greedy when you didn’t know when you would get your next meal. There were only so many rats Brainstorm could smuggle to you before Perceptor would notice their missing lab rats.
The flier got up, walked behind you, and picked you up to nuzzle his mask against your cute bloody, and stuffed-up cheeks.
”You’re just so adorable! If I could eat organic matter I would just eat you up!”
You swallowed the last piece of rat in your mouth before turning your head towards him. You whined from the back of your throat and licked blood smears off from his mask that he got while nuzzling your bloody face.
Brainstorm felt his spark and energon heating up at the feeling of having you show him physical affection after such a long time…! Sure, he wanted to frag you and make you feel good, but wouldn’t it be more magical if you both shared a bed after you had regained your memories? Also, it must break some serious rules to frag you in your current state.
Suddenly you must have had enough cuddling because you hissed and swiped at him with your claws. The scientist didn’t see it coming and your claws easily scratched the paint on his mouthguard.
”Ouch!” He cried more out of surprise than pain and pulled back to look at you. You looked agitated, your hair rising like feral cat's fur and you were hissing, your sharp fangs bared at him. All hell broke loose then.
You started to hiss and spit at him, wriggling in his hold like prey in a predator’s claws and you actually moved to swipe at him again! Brainstorm was taken off guard by your sudden turn of nature and in shock, he let go of you and fell backward to his aft.
”My love, what’s wrong?!” He asked and tried to approach you carefully, but you jumped on all fours and hissed at him if he tried to move even an inch closer. ”Are you hurt? I’m sorry if I hurt you, I didn’t mean it!”
You didn’t listen to him, quickly jumping off and scurrying under the berth to the farthest corner where the seeker wouldn’t be able to reach you. Brainstorm kneeled to look down underneath his berth and saw you wrapped in a tiny ball, your eyes glowing in the shadows as you glared at him.
The scientist was heartbroken that you had lashed out on him like that, but it told him another story also. You might just be ready for phase two of your plan.
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monodipita · 6 days ago
PLATINUM (Yandere!Jotaro x Reader)
Hello! I just wanted to mention that this is a part of a series on AO3. All of the works are old and were written back when I had a funky writing style, so I don't believe they're worthy of being put on my Tumblr right now. Check out the series though if you enjoyed this one! <3
Word count: 1,740
Warnings: Yandere content warning, blood, gore, mean yandere Jotaro
Of course you couldn't expect a response from Jotaro over something as big as this... but this man never really said anything at all or did anything at all for that matter. The relationship felt one-sided as is - and on top of that, Jotaro didn't seem to be interested at all in having a relationship. You felt unwanted. And now, it was finally time to put your foot down. This guy was still not saying anything.
"Look at you!" You exclaimed at him with a swell of upset and fury, "you aren't even saying anything! It's like you didn't want to be in a relationship with me to begin with!"
Nothing. Not even a change of facial expression - he just stared at you with his usual expression, half of it covered by his ridiculous hat. One, two. . . no. You merely scoffed and flipped his hat off of his head, glaring at his newly-exposed face before turning on your heel and walking away from him. "No more, Jotaro! No more, we are through!"
But that wasn't the end of Jotaro it seemed. He began to tail you, there wasn't even a pause to go pick up his hat. He just started following you without any motive. It was so creepy. You knew it was him without even having to turn around because you could hear the jingling of his chains colliding with one another, it meant that he was matching your brisk pace, trying to reach out to you, but you wouldn't hear it nor would you fall for it.
You needed to run.
Soon after the thought, your body began to pick up the pace to match what you currently felt at the moment. You ran as quickly as you could muster in your school uniform to the nearest bathroom, your heart beating like drums in your ear, fear quickly rising in the beating organ as you hit the door of the bathroom, pushing yourself inside and kicking your way to the bathroom stall. No one was there but you—and that wasn't good at all. Maybe he would leave you alone then? You didn't even know if he followed you to begin with when you started running, but your safe assumption was that he did. At least you were offered this brief moment of respite in this bathroom stall. The silence was both unnerving and calming at the same time. You felt as if you couldn't sit still.
"[Y/N]. I know you're in there." Jotaro's voice sounded eerily calm from this distance. "I'll go in there if I have to. Don't make me do it."
Now you felt the need to panic. You were worried about what he was going to do to you once you stepped out of this very stall. Beat you? Or worse, even kill you? While you weren't afraid of him going far or even doing something like that, for some reason you just felt. . . scared. You didn't want to and felt like you couldn't face him without something bad happening. You stayed still in your spot and didn't make a single word from the stall that you sat in. You hoped that he just... wouldn't come in here, even if he was threatening you with it.
No, no matter how irate his voice became, you never wanted to leave this spot. You squeezed your eyes shut and curled up on the toilet seat over the fear that he would be coming into this very bathroom, over to this very stall. You held your breath and waited for him to leave.
"It's because of him, isn't it [Y/N]? That guy that you've been talking to recently behind my back- it's him, isn't it? He's the reason why you're considering leaving me?" You chose not to answer. The more it just seemed like you weren't there, the easier it became to relax.
Complete silence.
Your body was rigid with anxiety, and you were stricken with fear. But, you needed to get up, and you needed to get out of here. Maybe he was either waiting, or he actually left to continue on with his business—you assumed both because he definitely seemed more than pissed off right now, but at the same time, he was never the one to pursue you if you got into an argument. However, that didn't really express how he was feeling right now. He was... angry at your words. Angry that you wanted to stop the relationship and move on. It was a much weirder, almost darker side of him that you didn't want to see.
After some waiting, you wordlessly stepped from your position in the bathroom stall and completely moved out of it, into the open of the bathroom. You could see yourself in a mirror when you looked to your left. A small puddle of water wasn't too far away from the very first stall closest to the bathroom. You barely had time to even breathe before you could hear the rustling of the doorknob of the bathroom, you darted helplessly into one of them instead of utilizing your surroundings and simply retreating back into the one you were just in. You muffled your whimpers with your hand going over your mouth (though it truly didn't do any good) as you heard Jotaro walking into the bathroom, or who you assumed to be. . . until you noticed that there were two pairs of footsteps. The horror on your face when you realized that they were speaking with each other.
"L-look, man, I don't want any trouble! Please, could you let me down—" that voice... it was so recognizable. Was that. . . [bestfriend name]? What was Jotaro doing!?
The scuffed sounds of feet squeaking against the floor were a sure sign that your friend was being dragged across the ground. Jotaro said nothing to your friend, presumably carrying the same wordless demeanor he had from before he left when he was now dealing with your friend. You could only bow your head in fear and hope that he wouldn't do anything to him.
"Hey—what are you—AAAAH!"
The disturbing and traumatizing noise of bone and flesh colliding with the sink of the bathroom was perhaps the worst sound you'd ever heard in your life. In the thick silence that followed for just a split moment, you tried not to make a single peep as the tears slid down your cheeks. He couldn't find out that you were here, or maybe, just maybe you would be next.
"What did you do to [Y/N]? Why does [Y/N] want to leave me? You poisoned [Y/N]." Jotaro's gruff voice asked to the sack of flesh and bone underneath him. Your wide eyes could see the two of them in the puddle left undisturbed on the ground. . . almost like he knew you were looking, but you could already see the damage done to the poor guy he was dealing with. [bestfriend name]'s teeth were gone, knocked out. Blood smeared his lips and cheeks. It was a horrid sight.
"W-what are you talking about?? I didn't do anything to [Y/N]! I only said to be yourself and let him know how you f—"
Another sickening smash filled your ears. "Not a good enough answer," Jotaro answered loudly over the sounds of [bestfriend name]'s screaming. "I DON'T KNOW!" He cried out to Jotaro, "PLEASE! PLEASE ST- AAAAH!"
You let out a sob as a final smash against the sink was heard—the sink underneath the boy falling to the ground underneath, emitting a piercing, loud noise around the entire bathroom. The boy fell to the ground as well, but Jotaro was quick to pull him up to act as both a shield from the water and letting the guy know that he wasn't fully done with him yet. "You're going to help me find [Y/N], or I'm going to kill you."
"I-I don't know where [Y/N] i—" he was silenced, but you don't know how he became so. Your worry became so paramount that you dashed out of the bathroom, ready to piss yourself running right now, but you were determined to at least get your friend some help.
"Stop!" You cried to Jotaro, "he doesn't need to be involved in this! I made this decision on my own!"
Jotaro glanced over at [bestfriend's name]. "Do you hear that? My babe said you get to walk away free. Consider yourself lucky." He dropped the guy from the tall height he held him at.
[bestfriend name] stumbled forward, his eyes staring at you, bug-eyed and nearly bloodshot. He made it two steps before you. Two, single, steps before you, before Jotaro took the boy's skull into his massive hand and smashed the boy's skull against the wall next to the two of you. Your eyes were glued open as they watched his body slide down the wall, to the floor, where blood pooled underneath his body. You flinched and screamed at the noise of your friend being so brutally murdered to only see the grisly sight of the aftermath, bloodied and disfigured by the hefty slam into the wall, and more importantly, lifeless.
By then, your fight-or-flight response kicked in. You turned on your heel almost immediately and sprinted to the door, but Jotaro was right on your ass. He pinned you to the door and laughed at you as you helplessly screamed and pounded against the door, saying, "you're so silly [Y/N], no wonder I found you to be so attractive. But, I think this is getting a little annoying now, don't you think?" He reached around and grabbed you by your frozen shoulder, turning you around to face him. His hand was quick to clamp onto your lips, ultimately forcing you to silence and even calm down.
You were left to stare into those deep blue eyes of his in horror, though the tears overpowered your sight and eventually left Jotaro to be nothing more but a blur.
"Why are you crying, [Y/N]? I think you should be happy. Look," he pulled his hand away from your lips to pull you into his body, crushing you even and holding you tightly as he made you turn and face your best friend. "He's dead now, so there's no one in the way of our relationship anymore. We are free to be together for as long as I can say 'you're mine'.“
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floatyflowers · 6 days ago
yandere Father Hannibal x child reader pleasse *make puppy eyes*
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Honestly, even though Hannibal is a cold-hearted cannibal, yet when he held you in his arms, he swore to never hurt you.
He had you when he was still in medical school, and taking care of you while focusing on his studies wasn't that much of a hard task for him.
Hannibal quite enjoys the idea of fatherhood thanks to you.
Let us get one thing straight, Hannibal would hide the whole 'cannibalism' thing from you as he doesn't wish to scare you.
I mean come on, you are a child, you don't need to get exposed to those kind of stuff.
However, that doesn't mean, he won't feed you human meat.
You are his child after all.
Whenever you ask about your mother, he would say that she passed away during childbirth.
Just to hide the fact that he killed her.
Hannibal enjoys spending time with you especially when he reads stories to you.
You remind him so much of Mischa, especially the way you laugh.
He was weak when they took his younger sister and ate her.
But now that he is strong, he will eat anyone who tries to take you away from him.
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