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teddy-yandere · 5 months ago
Random request but it could be fluffy.
Yandere Kyojuro, Giyuu, Sanemi, Muzan, Douma, Kokushibou react to a darling that always carries around a stuffed animal. She cannot go any where without it and if you try take it away, she'll start a tantrum.
- My Stuffed Animal -
⚠️WARNING⚠️ will contain dark themes
Characters = Rengoku , Giyuu , Sanemi , Muzan , Douma , Kokushibou
A / N = Sorry for any grammar mistakes, I did not proofread this. Please read my bio before requesting, and make sure that my requests are open or else your request will be deleted. Enjoy <3
* .:。✧*゚ ゚・ ✧.。. * * .:。✧*゚ ゚・ ✧.。. * . *.:。✧ *゚ ゚・ ✧.。. *.
★ Rengoku thinks that it is very adorable how attached you are to your stuffed animals.
★ In fact , he will even go out of his way to buy you more
★ Every time he sees one at the market , he buys it , and takes it home to you.
★ There are times however , when he wishes that they did not exist.
★ Instead of going to him for comfort , you cry into your stuffed animals while hugging them.
★ He gets a little frustrated, so he tries to take them from you. Bad IDEA .
★ You immediately start to cry your heart out.
★ Rengoku is at a list for words.
★ He pats your head , and gives them back to you.
★ He will have a important talk with you later. , about your priorities.
★ I don’t think that Giyuu cares very much if you carry your stuffed animal with you everywhere.
★ In his eyes , it is not a problem as long as you are still giving him a lot of attention, and love.
★ It becomes a problem when you prioritize the stuffed animal over yourself.
★ For example=
★ Sometimes you forget to eat , and drink water , because you are too busy trying to organize them.
★ Giyuu tries to explain this too you , but you just don’t listen to him.
★ That s when he decides to try to take the stuffed animal away from you.
★ He did not expect for you to start throwing a tantrum. You were clinging on him , begging him not to take them away from you.
★ His heart breaks a little , but he hands them back to you.
★ Not to hurt your feeling or anything , but I highly doubt Sanemi will put up with this.
★ He really does love you , but he gets very jealous of your stuffed animals.
★ It is not a big problem as long as you give him attention, but he can’t help but feel pure jealously whenever you snuggle into them at night ( instead of him )
★ Sometimes , he will purposely hide your stuffed animals, to make you give him attention.
★ He can’t help but feel a little victorious when you beg him to help you find them.
★ I don’t think he minds if you take them out in public with you.
★ You might be able to convince him to hold them for you when you go shopping !
★ One time , you caught him cuddling one of them , while you were outside in the garden ( he really missed you ).
★ Sanemi refuses to admit that ever happened.
★ Surprisingly, I think Muzan would handle your stuffed animals better than Sanemi ( my opinion )
★ We already know that Muzan spoils the shit out of you , so it is not surprising that you have a mountain of stuffed animal on your bed.
★ Muzan definitely has a couple of your stuffed animals in his office.
★ He will let you take them out in public with you , but you have to hold his hand the whole time.
★ The only reason Muzan would take your stuffed animals away from you , is if you disobeyed him , or did something to make him annoyed.
★ He will probably give them back to you , when he sees you throwing a little tantrum , and begging him ( he has god complex y’know )
★ He finds it adorable when you carry your stuffed animal everywhere you go !
★ Will not let anyone make fun of you
★ Douma finds it super adorable when you carry your stuffed animals everywhere.
★ Whenever the two of you are cuddling , Douma always makes sure that you have a stuffed animal in your arms.
★ He will buy you a lot of them ( just like Muzan ).
★ He actively feeds into your little obsession.
★ Unlike the others , I highly doubt that Douma will ever take them away from you . He knows how much they mean to you , so he wouldn’t want to make you sad.
★ If you ever lose one of them , Douma would tear up the entire building trying to find them.
★ He can’t stand to see you sad.
★ If he can’t find them , then he will happily buy you a new one.
★ He thinks it is really cute that you carry them in public.
★ His little darling ~
★ Poor Kokushibou
★ At first , he was very confused on why you were so emotionally attached to these stuffed animals.
★ It took him a while to get used to them being everywhere. But eventually, he warmed up to them.
★ As with Muzan , Kokushibou would buy you a bunch of stuffed animal to keep you happy. He thinks your smile is priceless.
★ He thinks it is kinda funny when you go out in public with a stuffed animal.
★ He will take your stuffed animal if he feels like you are disobeying him ( yandere )
★ After he sees how heartbroken you look , he might give them back after a while.
★ He definitely has a favorite stuffed animal ( but he will never tell you )
* .:。✧*゚ ゚・ ✧.。. * * .:。✧*゚ ゚・ ✧.。. * . *.:。✧ *゚ ゚・ ✧.。. *.
Thanks for reading Darling !! <3
Have a nice Day / Night ~
Request Status = OPEN
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xxsabitoxx · 4 months ago
Pillars as Yanderes
Thank you for the request anon!
Some contain smut but not all — also contains disturbing themes so please do not read if things like this disturb or upset you!
Y/N’s gender: gender neutral!
Tumblr media
The surprisingly gentle Yandere
He may be blind, but he is very aware of his intimidating appearance
He doesn’t want to scare you more than he probably already does
His yandere tendencies are very subtle, and kept away from you at all costs
You are his “precious flower”
He won’t let anyone near you, but then again no one will approach you when he is with you
He has life pretty easy as a Yandere thanks to his height and appearance
Has he killed normal people for you? Yes. But only a few. And he cried the whole time
Tumblr media
The psycho Yandere
Good fuckin luck
People start calling you a bad luck charm since people end up dropping dead whenever you are around (wonder who’s doing that)
Sanemi will not let another soul within a foot of you, if they get that close, they are dead before they even realize what’s happened
He’s one of those guilt trip yanderes
“I told you to stay close. People die when you leave my side…remember?”
He is sweet to you when you are obedient
He’s cruel whenever you disobey, even if you don’t mean to
His punishments never last long thought, breaks his heart to hurt you.
He realized that sex was a great way to punish you — considering it still brought you pleasure in the end.
Has he killed normal people for you? Yes. So many he’s lost count.
Tumblr media
The quiet Yandere
You wouldn’t even realize he was there half the time
He rarely approached you
He kinda just followed like a shadow, so much so you weren’t even aware of his presence
He kind of forgets you exist till he sees you again
When he gets older, he gets a little more involved with you
He starts off by becoming friends and working his way up to lover without scaring you
He keeps all his Yandere shit hidden from you.
He’s so sweet, it’s hard to believe this boy as killed in cold blood just because they touched your hand when giving you change.
Has he killed normal people for you? Yes, he forgets a lot of the time. Once the mess is clean that is 
Tumblr media
Classic Yandere
Stalks you from a distance
He really wants to win your affection but he doesn’t have the courage to do so
His idea is to just eliminate anyone who tries to pursue you
When he does get the courage to talk to you he buys you small gifts to win your love
If he gets sick of the long process he’ll legit just kidnap you
He beats himself up for it thought, he’s convinced you’re scared of him now
He eventually opens up to you about his love for you, and how he didn’t mean to scare you — he kinda manipulates you bad lmfao
He’s not as good as the others when it comes to hiding the more murderous side of himself but you figure out that sex actually calms him down when he gets that way
Has he killed regular people for you? Absolutely.
Tumblr media
The over the top Yandere
If this man wants you, he makes it known
He’s actually very open about what he’d do to keep you his
He doesn’t hide the fact that he has killed and will kill again for you (because of you if he’s in the mood to scare you)
“Better listen to me y/n. You don’t want that nice man to die because you smiled at him, right?”
He will threaten you over the smallest things
It gets to the point where you can’t tell if you fell in love with him or convinced yourself you loved him
He doesn’t like to psychically punish you, sex is more so a reward rather than a way to blow off steam
He’s a Yandere with 3 other wives lol, he keeps all four of you on short leash for lack of better words
Has he killed normal people for you? Is that even a question at this point? Of course.
Tumblr media
Touch starved Yandere
I can’t lie, he’s the h0rniest Yandere
The first time you touch him he’s addicted
This is what leads him to become a Yandere actually
He realizes quickly that he wants your touch and your touch alone
He acts very forward with you, explaining what he wants right at the start
It’s a little intimidating, he realizes this and panics
You become a bit stand-offish because of this and it kills him
He eventually comes up with a plan to kidnap you
(Dub-con) he wins you over with sex, you can’t tell how or why but you find yourself craving his touch as much as he craves yours
He keeps you all to himself, you are only prohibited to leave the house when he is with you
Has he killed normal people for you? No actually, he hasn’t
Tumblr media
The two faced yandere
You never know what side of him you are getting
In public he’s a normal ray of sunshine
When alone, he is absolutely feral
He needs his hands on you at all times, he is sweet about it though
Typically Yanderes are ready to kill to get the one they love. Kyojuro follows that “rule” to an extent.
He’d rather hurt them severely than take their life
How nice… he actually does it so they suffer. Death is an easy way out in his eyes. He wants them to be scared for life
He keeps this completely far away from you though, he can’t have you knowing about this violent side of him
He’s sooner take your life and his own in an morder /sewer slide than having you find out about his “dark side”
So has he killed people for you? No.
Tumblr media
The devious Yandere
She likes to act like a tsundere to hide the fact that she’s a Yandere
She has killed countless people that have tried to pursue you.
These deaths can never be linked back to her. She uses poisons so uncommon a lot of the time the deaths are ruled as freak accidents
She uses these “tragedies” to comfort you.
She is guilt of using different herbs and medicines to make you sleepy — she doesn’t touch you without consent of course. She just wants to watch you sleep with no fear of you catching her
She does everything she can to have you make the first move
And if you aren’t taking the hint, she makes it obvious that you are in love with her by teasing you about everything so you blush
Once she has you, she never lets you leave her side. She’ll distract you with kisses and soft touched to keep you like putty in her hands
Has she killed normal people for you? Many.
Tumblr media
The harmless Yandere
She will never lay a hand on you out of anger
She won’t even hurt others that try to pursue you
She is obsessed with you, and will pursue you using non-violent actions
She just wants your love and for you to be happy
She doesn’t care if she gets hurt doing so
She is determined to win your affection
As harmless as she is, she will use manipulative tactics to get you to side with her or listen to what she has to say
She uses her body to keep you. She’ll let you do whatever you please to her, so long as you are happy
She gets addicted pretty quickly to your touches — eventually the “obsession” becomes mutual
So has she killed normal people? No
Tumblr media
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tired-writer04 · a month ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Yandere Sanemi x shy little reader
I think because of his past, Sanemi will be pretty protective of you. With how many people he lost who he very much cared for. It would make sense that he'd do anything to protect you.
And with you being small and shy. You'd probably remind him of his mother who has passed when he was younger.
Having been in a not so well home with a father that he had. And his own mother who couldn't protect herself as much but still went out her own way to protect him and his siblings.
It would make sense that he'd make sure that, that would never repeat itself.
So that being said, you wouldn't have to worry about him lashing out on you when he threw his tantrums when upset.
He'd never imagine seeing himself ever being the reason of you being in pain
But... I'm not to sure about those around you.
I feel as if though Sanemi is willing to kill anyone for you that he deems as a threat to your own safety. That is, if he hadn't already done it already.
Though if he has, you wouldn't know if it. That he made sure of. The last thing he'd want is for you to be frightened of him and try to leave. Only to put yourself in danger.
He hated just the thought of it!
Being small and shy, Sanemi definitely likes to mess with you every once in a while. Just seeing how you react to him teasing you just makes him laugh.
He likes how shy you can be. Mostly when you both go out. You sticking next to him all because how nervous and quite you were. It makes him feel good.
Like you depend on him.
( I honestly think it'd be sort of funny to see someone shy and small walking next to someone like Sanemi. Just to see the difference between the two 😂.)
He loves your attention as well.
Will most likely place some of your things in high places. Just for the soul fact. That it meant you'd have to come to him to have him help you with your things.
You even suggest that you could get your own stool so you wouldn't bother him.
"But Sanemi, that way I don't bother you! "
He'd turn around and grabbing your face in his hands. "Sweetheart, you're never going to be a bother to me"
Seeing the look on your face had him smirking.
Likes to show off how strong he is around you. Mostly when in training, he likes the way you look at him. Not to mention the praises you give him.
Being with Sanemi, you probably met the other Hashiras as well. Definitely keeps you close to him.
Only has a few people he trusts for your company. One of them is definitely NOT Tengen.
With his personality, he's definitely over heard him flirt with you. Just for fun. And seeing how you react with that look on your face being all red. Yeah... That's not a good idea.
"Oi! Back the fuck off Tengen. If you don't I swear-"
"Oh? What are you going to do? You know, your not being very flamboyant right now. What does little sweet (y/n) think of your attitude? "
That's it...
Gyomei had to be the one to step in and stop them.
Being shy, it would make sense that you'd get along with the water Hashira. And oh that really pisses him off.
You'd just be happily talking with the quiet male just to see Sanemi storming his way up to the two of you.
He would wouldn't drag you away. But he'd gently (as gently as he could be) guide you away from him.
"Oh, we're leaving? Bye Giyu! I'll see you next time!
" goodbye (y/n), Till next time-"
You'd never truly know what he was exactly capable of until one night when you had decided to take a nice night stroll out.
You were minding your own business enjoying how quiet it was when you were suddenly attacked from behind.
Seeing that it was a Demon, you'd of course would scream for help. Screaming for Sanemi to help you.
Speak of the devil and he shall appear.
When he arrives as see that you were hurt. He'd. See. Red.
He wouldn't just slice the demons head off no. That would be to mercy full. No. He'd toy with it. He'd make sure that it ever regretted being a demon in the first place.
Not only would he enjoy hearing it's cry for them even daring to harm you. He'd laugh at its misery.
And by the time when he had finally finished the job. He'd turn to you to make sure you were okay. He'd pause to see how frightened you were.
Not because of the demon attacking you. But because how Sanemi took care of the problem. How violent he was. It really dulled on you how violent he could really get.
And that terrifyed you.
This made him panic. He didn't want you to see this side of him. Sure, you know of his anger, everyone did. But not... This.
Lucky for him, because how much you were panicking. You had fainted.
When waking up at the butterfly estate and seeing Sanemi laying next to your bed holding your hand. He was very kind and gentle. When asking what had happened. He'd tell you that a slayer had been on time and saved you.
"You didn't do it? I thought for sure that you... "
" No, I wish I was. I was on a mission that night. Remember? I'm sorry I wasn't... There. To protect you. "
Seeing you confused and a bit uneasy. He'd ask what was the 'problem'. You pass it off saying 'nothing, I'm just glad you're here now. '
Pulling you in to his embrace. He'd rub your back as you sighed in peace. All while his eyes grew dark.
He'd have to be extra careful next time.
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tinandabin · 3 months ago
How would yanderes Tanjiro, Kokushibou and Yoriichi(Separate) react to reader getting married to someone else?
Here you go!! 🥰
When he heard you are getting married to someone else, he is immediately also getting ready to go and propose to you and compete for your hand in marriage.
Now, look at it this way.
He is kind.
Pretty cute and handsome.
Has a cute sister.
Makes good money.
Would 100% take care of you and lay out his life for you.
Never ever could hurt you. ( we all know that's a big fat lie but that is what your parents think. )
Would never force himself on you.
And the other guy?
If you see closely, you can see the other guy just getting ready to take back the proposal because he really couldn't compete with this dude.
But let's say he can do that.
And well, your parents told you to choose who you want.
Now, don't get Tanjiro wrong, but you are just getting...creepy vibes from him.
And he does not pass the vibe check.
So you choose the other guy.
And just the next day, it is said that the guy who had proposed to you and you had accepted is missing but some of his body parts are left...
It looks like a demon ate him. ( no, it is not Nezuko. )
Devasted, you are super upset because the person you were supposed to marry died straight after you accepted his proposal?
And Tanjiro strikes again to propose!
Not just after what happened.
He comes back in..5 months.
Saying stuff like, "I heard what happened and I am..devasted to hear it."
"This may seem inappropriate of me but I would still like your daughter's hand in marriage!" He nervously says as he bows, his forehead touching the ground.
Your parents accept.
And so you are now married to him.
It stayed normal for some while.
Until he started prohibiting you from going outside and the rest is up to you!
"Please don't cry. It hurts me to see you like this." ~ Tanjiro Kamado.
He won't compete. Not at all.
Would straight-up pop in your home, kill the dude and kidnap you. Maybe even kill your family. Probably.
All the while you are sobbing and hitting him as hard as you can, and he has to admit that you are strong for a human.
You are like, "LET ME GO, YOU BASTARD. I WILL KILL YOU!!!" All the while sobbing angrily.
And he is like, "Yes...you will...obviously kill....me..." He says deadpanning.
Then you reach his home which used to be used by a happy family.
The home is very dusty. Spiders everywhere. Webs, cockroaches, insects. You name it.
Let's make it that you are not a fan of insects and stuff.
Of course, Kokushibo knew it and that is why he hasn't cleaned this home at all.
And so most of the time you are in his lap because you are too scared to sit somewhere else because of INSECTS.
He is very content with this.
You don't even move too much.
And whenever you wanna go to the bathroom or anything you are always telling him to fucking carry you because he got rid of your socks and there is DUST EVERYWHERE.
Sneezing 24/7.
One day, you grew the balls and started walking on your own in this house full of insects and Kokushibo was very disappointed.
And boy, when you did grow the balls, the house was SHINING in the matter of ONE DAY.
You cleaned the whole house.
Now no more insects or dust.
"I will....let you out...when you...have learnt your...lesson...." ~ Kokushibo.
As soon as he would hear that someone is gonna propose to you he is at your home, already asking your parent's permission to marry you.
That other person has no chances. Just give up already. This is Yoriichi we are talking about.
Your parents were only weirded out by one thing though.
How he shows not much emotion.
But whatever!
Because parents just have that instinct when they know that a person truly does care about you.
And so, you get married to him.
There could also be another way to this.
Maybe he would be late to propose to you and sees you are already married.
This all happened when he was on a mission.
A long one.
And so rather than kidnapping you then and there, he decides to sabotage your relationship.
He would make your husband stay out longer than usual.
How so?
I don't know.
He would stop a random drunk person and tell them that your husband...is looking for a one-night stand.
But of course, your husband isn't drunk so he refuses.
When he does come back, you could see a few stains of lipstick on his clothes.
Or when you are washing his clothes, they reeked of alcohol.
His hair was messy when he came back.
Plus he seemed...to be blushing?
Yoriichi might even set up someone cute or hot or whatever your husband prefers.
You choose to ignore it at first.
But it seemed to be happening too long.
Yoriichi would threaten him to stay away from you or he would kill him.
I don't know about you but I would sure as hell be scared if an emotionless looking guy with a sword and is also tall came up to me and threatened me.
You were getting frustrated and decided to just break off things with him.
That is when Yoriichi strikes. ( just like Tanjiro )
He waits for 7 months or so to let you recover and stuff when he proposes to you.
You were a bit untrustworthy but whatever.
You did get married again.
He would be very clingy, would use you as arm support because he is tall. Not saying you aren't, but you are a bit shorter than him.
Would rest his chin on your head.
All in all, this would be the best soft relationship.
Until he starts to also let his yandere tendencies show.
That is when, my friends, things go downhill.
"You could rip my heart from my chest and I would still adore you." ~ Yoriichi Tsugikuni.
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possessivedesires · 13 days ago
How would the yandere Hashira react to their Darling (who's also a hasira) coming home severely Injured and they were trying to hide it cause they knew if they were seen that injured their "partner" would force them to retire?
Tumblr media
“Where are they?” The loud voice made you freeze in mid step, knowing that you were busted. Of course Shinobu would send a letter out to Kyujuro, not knowing of the tendencies he has when it comes to you. No one knew, because no one believed you. Kyujuro was the perfect Angel, the perfect man. Who would ever believe anything he has done to you?
“Firelily.” He was pissed, you knew that. His eyes didn’t hesitate to scan over your body; seeing the bandages covering your body. When you tried to look over at one of the butterfly girls for help, his hand moved his haori to block them from you. “We talked about this.”
He said with the sweet smile on his face, hiding the anger easily. It terrified you; wondering what awaited for you. Silently cussing Shinobu for sending him a letter, but know she was just wanting to help. “I-I know but-“
“Do you know what I would have done if I lost you?” You flinched at hearing him, looking down at hearing the concern in his voice. Even with him treating you awfully, you could never deny that he cares for you. Truly he does, just in his toxic way. “I thought-“
“You thought? Baby, love of my life, this…” He stepped closer to you, lifting your chin to stare at him. “This is why you don’t think. This is why you need to depend on me and only me. I can take care of you, I can protect you.”
“There’s no arguing. Let’s go. Now.”
Tumblr media
“Oh sweetheart.” You had no where to go but to her place; she had all the medical supplies and you could die without getting your injuries checked. Tears slipped over your face, staring at the woman who was giving you that innocent smile and letting you know just how much you were in trouble.
“Hush now sweetheart; we don’t want you to waste your precious energy.” Shinobu had already decided that she was going to take you out of commission when you returned for the fact she didn’t like to be separated from you. But this… This made her realize just how much you needed to stop fighting demons.
You tried to struggle when she wrapped you in her arms, ignoring her sweet shushing. There was a sharp point to the back of your neck; sedatives kicking into your system while you began to slump forward in her arms. “There there, rest easy my love. I’ll take care of everything for you.”
Tumblr media
This is the one that you could hide the easiest from. Mostly because he doesn’t know how to show his feelings; all the craziness is just bottling up more and more because he doesn’t know how to release it until it just cracks.
Like now.
“B-babe…?” He whispered, lowering the sword from his hand. There was a crash that made him panic in thinking there was a demon, but it was only you on the kitchen. Blue eyes were focused on the wounds crawling up your skin; poking out from poorly wrapped bandages. “It’s n-“
“Don’t… Dont tell me that this is nothing!!” He exclaimed, raising his voice and making you jump lightly. You’ve never heard him yell at you before, the sword digging into the wooden floor as he marched over to you. You backed up, trying to put the chair between the two of you and grabbing back on the cabinet. After being taken and forced to live with the hashira, this… this is the time you’ve honestly felt nervous of him. You’ve never seen him act like this before so you didn’t know how to predict what he was gonna do.
“Why did you even go?” He demanded, putting his hands on the table. You opened your mouth to answer, but Giyuu knew you. He knew what your answer would be. “Who gives a fuck about those people? You… You are the only thing I care about! I don’t care if all those people die!”
You couldn’t believe what you were hearing. A hashira, a demon slayer, not caring about the lives at stake. Giyuu looked at your wounds again. “The thought of losing you… No… I won’t…”
He shook his head; making his way over to you and grabbed your arm before you could stop him. He tightened his arm when you tried to wiggle out of his grasp while he pulled you back to the bedrooms. “You’re no longer allowed to step out of this house, I won’t lose you too.”
Tumblr media
“Babe, I’m back home.” He announced loudly, kicking off his shoes by the door while he put his katana on the table. Pale purple eyes immediately shot toward the direction of your shared room at hearing the crash, his hands only slamming open the door seconds later.
You were trying to collect the broken shards of a medicine jar, the medicine spilled over the floor. Sanemi narrowed his eyes, wondering why you need the medicine jar in the first place and his eyes turned to look at the bloodied bandies where you were sitting.
“S-say something!” You yelled out; the silence was pressuring for you- making it feel like you couldn’t breath. Sanemi was never quiet, so to know he was standing there and just… watching you; the thought terrified you. Your body flinched when he stopped in front of you, crouching down before his hand lifted up your jaw roughly. “What happened?”
“Demon…” He mused as if it was some joke, then stood up. Your eyes widened as you watched him walk toward the door. “Wha-what? What are you doing?”
“I’m going to to talk to the master.” Your eyes widened at hearing that, quickly running toward him and flinched when you felt him grab you. His arm wrapped around your throat, locking his arm as he held you close. “Don’t fight against me, I’m not gonna let you go out on missions anymore. From hear on, you’re dead. I’m gonna go tell the master that I found your body and you’re gonna spend out your days here. By my side. Understand it?”
You tried to argue with him, but Sanemi kept a hold on you till you passed out. Immediately taking his hand off, fingers pressing against your neck to check if you were okay and put you in bed. He tucked you in, thumb brushing over your cheek. “I do this because I love you.”
*Before his own retirement
Tumblr media
“There’s my darling!!” Tengen cheered excitedly, sliding in front of you with a large grin. Your eyes widened; not expecting to see the hashira home yet since he wasn’t due to be back for another three days. Three days you would have time to clean up, but his smile dropped when he saw the blood on you.
“Darling, what is this?” He narrowed his eyes at you, making you quickly try to wipe the blood from your skin. “I-it’s nothing.”
“This doesn’t look like nothing.” He even put quotations on the word, hand reaching out to grab your arm. You winced are the pain spiking up your dislocated arm. “See! This is what I’m talking about!”
“Lord Tengen, I’m f-“
“Don’t. If you finish that sentence I will lose my goddamned mind.” He pulled you closer, putting his hand on your lower back to guide you into the house. You looked down at the wives were watching you; they didn’t dare to step out to say anything when Tengen was angry like this. No one could win with him.
“Hey! Wait! What are you doing?!” You exclaimed as the shackle was put around your ankle; trying to tug it out from his grasp. “What do you think?”
“L-Lord Tengen, I thought we moved on from this!” You exclaimed; not wanting to be chained up again. He wasn’t listening to you, getting the medicines that he would need. “Can’t have my darling leave again; now can I? Hmm? You don’t need to do that job anymore.”
“You can’t be ser-“
“Girls; you’ll watch her when I’m not here. Right?” He looked to the three women who nodded immediately to his request. Good luck getting out.
Warnings: murder
Tumblr media
You don’t know that Muichiro even knew you were hurt; not hearing him when he was close. Especially because he said nothing as he watched you tried to clean the wound and bandage it up.
But he knew he had to do something.
“Oh? It’s the (your hashira pillar).” You looked over at hearing the surprised Kinoe to your left. “I heard they retired yesterday.”
“They’re looking good for retirement.”
“But aren’t they so young? Maybe they just weren’t ready for being a hashira yet.” Retirement? That word stuck with you, making your way over to the kinoes. “Um… what do you mean im retired?”
“Huh? Whatcha mean by playing innocent? Everyone knows you retired yesterday. Muichiro told the master.”
“What? No I didn’t. I just got back from a mission yesterday… and I was going to give my report to the master.” You were confused. But the kinoes didn’t have time to answer because the familiar spoke out from the side. “Y/n.”
“Muichiro… We need to talk.”
“I know.” His pale blue eyes looked over at the kinoe standing there; feeling annoyed with their presence before he looked back to you. “Why… Why didn’t you talk to me about this? I don’t want to be in retirement.”
“It wasn’t up for decision.” You were surprised at hearing that, but your eyes only widened when his sword slashed through the two kinoes standing there. They shouldn’t have gossiped about you. “M-M-M-“
“Let’s go home.” He said, turning his body to face you. Not a thought behind those eyes; only dreaming on living with you and spending out his days by your side. “Now.”
Tumblr media
There was no hiding the scent of blood from Kaburamaru; no matter how much you tried. Obanai knew as he saw those crimson petals on your clothes; there was no way that he was going to let you do anything remotely dangerous again.
“I’m fine, I swear.” You tried to argue with him, but Obanai was having none of it. He didn’t believe you; fighting against you when you tried to push him away from taking care of you. “Stop! Stop just stop it.”
He growled, demanding your cooperation. It got to the point where he had to restrained you, being able to focus clearly on your wound and taking care of it. “You’re not leaving again.”
“But I said-“
“You’re not leaving again. That’s final.”
“You can’t-“
“I can and I will. Do remember who’s hands your family’s lives are in.” He hated to use that above your head, but necessary times call for necessary plays. Your hands clenched at hearing that and he picked up your sword from the bedside. “Wa-wait what are you doing?”
“You won’t be needing this again.”
“Wait no-!” Pieces of your sword fell to the ground, Obanai breaking it without a remorseful thought. Mix matched eyes looked over at your sulken form, tears slipping down your cheeks. “I’ll be talking to the master. Be good and don’t make me hurt you when I return.”
It was an empty threat, sorta, Obanai was not above breaking your legs to keep you from running. There was no more leaving the house; he wouldn’t let this happen again.”
Tumblr media
“Honeybunches!” Mitsuri cheered happily as you arrived back home, jumping in your arms and hugging you close. You winced, tears springing toward your eyes at the pain flaring but still hugged your psychotic lover back. But she noticed the wince.
“Sweetie?” She asked, leaning her head back; looking down at you and her eyes widened when she noticed the tears in your eyes. “Baby! Why are you crying? No no no no don’t cry.”
She immediately wiped away your tears, peppering your face in kisses. “Don’t cry! I’m right here for you! You’re home now, no reason to cry.”
That’s not the reason I’m crying… You thought, getting reminded of your injuries with all of her movement. Her hands gently pet your hair, putting her forehead against yours. “You’re all home now. And~ I’ve talked to the master, sooooo you’re on vacation. Permanently.”
“I know we talked about you retiring and I thought it was a brilliant idea because you want to stay home with me.” Your head shook, feeling like your heart was stuck in your throat. No, you felt like you were sick. This was another one of her sick delusions; another one of her thoughts where she really thought you’d played along. “What? Aren’t you happy? Don’t you want to spend time with me?”
Tears sprung in her eyes, making you feel guilty. Of course she knew how it effected you; that’s why she uses it to get what she wanted whenever it comes to you. A small sign came from you; letting her down and she grinned at you. “Come on! Let’s go spend our time together! We have so much to catch up on and all the time to do so!”
It didn’t matter if you were hurt or not, Mitsuri didn’t want you to be leaving anymore. So even if you can back completely fine; the end result would have been the same.
Tumblr media
“Sweetie?” You didn’t hide your wounds, thinking that you were fine. But he could hear the way the bandages rubbed when you moved; it made the hashira frown. “What happened?”
“I don’t know what you’re talking about lov-“
“You’re lying.” His hands gently held onto your face, thumb rubbing lightly over your skin. “You know I hate when you lie to me. Did you get hurt?”
“Was it on your mission?”
“Yes…” He hummed, thinking about what he needs to do to. His hands moved to your back, pulling you closer to him to hug you closer. “I’m going to go get some supplies from Shinobu; please get some rest my love.”
He guided you to the bed, helping you lay down as he left the house. But he didn’t head toward the butterfly mansion, no, he went immediately to Kagaya. He was going to fake your death, going to keep you back at his house. Gyomei made a promise to protect you and he was going to keep that promise.
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azelmawrites · 2 months ago
Ok so ik your not as obsessed with rengoku as me so you can place in your personal demon slayer fav into this, but I had a great idea and I just know you’re gonna love it.
CEO au they ask/force you to be their house wife, but you don’t actually have to do shit you can just stay home waste their money, sleep in and they take care of everything for you. Treat you like the queen you are.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
I’m currently obsessed with Sanemi.
With his behavior and attitude, he does seem like the type of person that will force his s/o to stay home and be a good little housewife while he’s the provider.
The thing about Sanemi is that he seems like he does actually want a “traditional” and a housewife kind of woman. He wants to see you tie a pretty pink apron around your waist as you come and greet him by the door, help him take off his coat and tell him that dinner will be ready after his bath. But he just can’t help it when you let pretty moans as he lifts your apron and fucks you in the counter, letting all the frustration he gathered this day out on you.
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tensitensi · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
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writteninfate · 5 months ago
What would (seperate) Rengoku and Sanemi's reaction be to finding out his darling has been eaten by a demon only to later find out they are alive and well, or plot twist! They have been converted into a demon
Tumblr media
When the news of your death was told, Kyujuro was not the same. No, he went on a rampage and destroyed everything around him with his sword and flames.
Thank goodness he was not in a town or he would have to lie about the so called demon he had to kill to cover about those damages. Now on the missions, he didn't care about the lives of the innocents and did whatever it took to kill the demons.
But it was when he was leaving from a mission, heading back home, that he saw the familiar beauty of you. "S-sweetheart?"
He asked nervously, reaching out to hold onto your arm. You turned your head, smiling at seeing the hashira. Not knowing all the damage he's caused or even the lives hes taken. "Kyujuro! There you are."
A healer found you after the attack and took you to heal back up, even if you weren't ready for walking around. You couldn't just stand being cooped up in that place! Kyujuro wouldn't hesitate a second, he's picking you up and seeming to disappear with his speed. He's getting you back home now.
From then on, you were confined to his house and not allowed to leave in fear that you would disappear from him again.
Tumblr media
"B-baby..." He couldn't believe what he was seeing, the sword dropping from his hand at seeing his precious little canary curled up in the corner of the bloodied room. Tears pouring down your cheeks as you cried. "Who... Who did this to you?"
He demanded, shoulders shaking lightly as he walked over to you. Easily dodging your claws and pinning your arms down, watching you thrashing around while screaming. "ANSWER ME! WHO DID THIS TO YOU?! TELL ME WHO I HAVE TO GUT! TELL ME WHO I HAVE TO TEAR LIMB FROM LIMB?! DAMN IT BABY WHY DID YOU LET THIS HAPPEN TO YOU!"
He screamed at you, watching the way you broke down in more tears at his loud voice. "You remember baby? Do you? You do don't you?! Th-that's why you keep crying! Don't worry baby! I'm not mad at you. I could never be mad at you baby, not you, not you... Don't worry, just come with me. I'll keep you fed, I'll keep you safe."
He nodded to himself, dragging you out of the house and planning to decide when he would have to murder people to keep you feed. For you? He would kill anyone, he would keep you safe. This is a second chance he won't allow slip between his fingers.
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minnie-mei · 5 months ago
ok y’all I have new yandere tengen + wives piece that I’m working on rn bc they are highly requested and I’m in love with them
and basically it’s about sanemi having to babysit their darling while all 4 of them are on a long mission
but like,,, should I also write sanemi as a yandere for reader? Or should I leave him as reader’s normal friend lol
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sassysaxsolo · 8 months ago
No Good Deed Goes Unpunished.(Yandere! Greaser! Sanemi x Reader.)Pt.2
Tumblr media
TW: Rape, non-con, dub con, domestic abuse, sexual abuse, misogyny, violence, toxic relationships, mind fuck, Reader doesn’t have good friends, her mom sucks, fuck Kyogo Shinazugawa. Mental health, smoking, drinking, child abuse. reckless driving, murder.
“Are you ready, doll?”
I have no words for him. I look up at my fiancé's scarred face, a smile plastered on and all I feel is regret. My cream white wedding dress does nothing to hide my growing bump. My feet feel swollen within the heels they were stuffed into and my make-up was on the verge of being ruined. 
The only thing I feel grateful for is the long white veil covering my face. I don’t want him to see me as I am. All dolled up and pretty as he had carefully planned for all along. I simply nodded as we linked arms and walked down the aisle of the church.
As the organ played
As the mocking birds sang their song
As our feet clicked against the tilted floor
I only had one thing plaguing my mind.
Why the fuck didn’t I run while I still had the chance?
School wasn’t how it used to be anymore.
A month ago, I was a nobody. Just a regular face you’d see everyday in the hallway. Just another girl eagerly counting down the days till graduation. I was a normal woman who you wouldn’t look twice at, and quite frankly, I was okay with that! I even liked that.  No one looked at me or talked to me like I was godsend nor the devil incarnate and I could live with that.
Once upon a time, I was a plain looking girl who would wear pastel coloured clothing, said clothing would be frilly blouses and full skirts accompanied with a cardigan and flats. Hair straight and pulled back in either a ponytailed or a pigtail.
Now look at me.
I walk down the hallway, eyes from every direction come to gaze upon what I had become. Although it was still long, a tight skirt, A silky blue blouse with the buttons down, exposing my cleavage. I wore high heels, my hair was done in curls, I had new hoop earrings, A shiny leather jacket and seductive makeup painted on my face.  
(All courtesy of Mitsuri and Tengen’s girlfriend’s)
But what drew the most attention to me was the fact that Sanemi Shinazugawa  had his arm slung around my shoulder as we traversed down the corridor.
It has been one month since I’ve become Sanemi’s girlfriend, things have changed and not for the better. For one, all my friends…. Are no longer my friends.
A week after it had become a thing, I went looking for them in the cafeteria. I was scanning each table for a while until I had finally found them. I wanted to find peace and normality with them before I had to tolerate Sanemi’s foul behaviour. As I sat at the table, I tried to make conversation but they ignored me.
When I asked them what was wrong, one of them finally answered.
“Look, (Y/n). You’re a nice person to be around and we like having you around. We thought better of you until you lowered your standards and got with a greaser. A foul-mouthed good for nothing hoodlum. I mean- what will people think of us if we’re seen hanging with you? A greaser’s bird? Sorry, but, Cross out (Y/n). Right girls?”
After that, I went to cry in the bathrooms. I had never felt more humiliated or betrayed. I thought I knew those girls and they kicked me to the curb like I was nothing. Funny enough, Mitsuri found me there and was able to console me.
“If they could abandon you so easily for loving someone they don’t like, then they weren’t real friends (Y/n)!”
She got half of that right.
But it helped. I made her promise not to tell Sanemi or who knows what he’d do. Her, Sumi, Hinatsuru and Makio ended up getting me glammed up like a total greaser girl. Although I did feel a tad out of my comfort zone, I felt pretty.
But back to focusing on all the negatives! I’ve been a target for slander all over the school. I hear lots of girls talk about me behind my back. I hear harlot, whore and slut whenever I pass them by. I’ve had two girls pour hot soup on me once. They made me the laughing stock…
For a minute before Sanemi made his way over and hit both of them. I thought he was fearless of the authorities… until I heard that his dad was the chief of the police. He got off scot free while one of those girl’s suffered from a black eye while the other one lost a good few teeth.
No one tried anything like that ever again
From then on, I had to not only stay close to Sanemi, but to Mitsuri and Obanai, not just for my safety but for others. They’re less likely to say anything when they’re around. 
And don’t get me started with intimacy.
Sanemi makes it a goal of his to get me alone whenever humanly possible.  We haven’t had sex yet but he makes me do other things. He loves having me suck his dick, he’ll have me cockwarm him with his mouth for a few minutes before letting me breathe. 
And I’m scared to admit it, but I’ve grown to like it… lately he has been more gentle with my throat and he whispers kind praises as I do it. I’ve grown accustomed to the taste of his cum and smell of his skin.
It made my… no-no area tingle in a way I had never felt before. Mother always told me that I should always wait for marriage to act on sinful urges but, I don’t think Sanemi will let that happen. 
He introduced me to something called… cunninglus and I really shouldn’t say more but when he plays with me… down there with his fingers and his tongue..! He makes me feel so good and feel so alive! I can never stop giving into his sensual touches or lascivious licks. It’s during those times that I almost mistake love for lust. It stops right after I’ve orgasmed.
I looked at Sanemi with his cocky grin and remembered everything that he’s done to me. How he’s turned my life upside down to fit his fantasy but I won’t let him win. How I wish to leave him but he had something on me.
Remember that photograph he took of our first session of fellatio, he said if I ever dared to break up with him, he would make copies and show the school. He would be willing to ruin my life to save his little fantasy. 
What makes matters worse, is that he’s taken more photos of me while we engage in sexual activity. Every time I try to stop him, he knocks me away or holds the camera out of my reach.
There's just no end to his tyranny.
When we got to my locker, he pressed me against it and kissed me passionately. I simply ran my hands through his white fluffy hair and reciprocated the kiss. I learned that the best thing to do was to comply and save myself some pain.. “Hey, babe.” He gives me one more peck on the lips before leaning over me.
“We’ve been together for a month, and I was thinking ….”  What was he thinking? I wish he would just hurry up and say it. I just wanna get to class and do my work. He has a sly smirk on his face, whatever he wants to say, it can’t be good. “I think it's about time I meet your folks, ay babe?”
Oh no.
Not that.
Anything but that.
“Sanemi, I don’t think that's such a good idea..” He slammed his fist against my locker, a dark look in his eyes. “Why.. not?” He growled. I see people look over but immediately look away. I had to come up with a good excuse or he’ll have no mercy on my esophagus!
“Because...Well, you know what dads are like! My dad has always been protective! And my mom! She's uh.. Very devoted! If she knew half the stuff we did behind closed doors, she would flip!” He just tutted. “Babe, everyone’s folks are like that. Don’t worry about it. Everything will be cool.”
He walked away, probably towards his next class. I could only stand there and look down at my feet.
There was something else I had left out ….
My grades have gone down the drain.
“(Y/n)! What is the meaning of this!?”
My father slammed down my monthly report card on the kitchen table. My average A’s had gone down to Casual C’s. He stood there with his arms crossed and a frown on his face, He stared down at me with disappointment and anger.
I could only sit in my seat and avoid his gaze. I couldn’t look him in the eye. “Dear, don’t be so rough! C’s are still good!” My mother piped up but my father shot her glare. “Not good enough if she ever wants to get into medical school!”
He looks back at me but this time with concern and worry in his eyes. “Seriously pumpkin, what is happening to you! You used to be my good girl! Now look at you! Since when did you start looking like a greaser? What happened to your other friends that you had to start hanging out with freaks like Kanroji?”
I stood up and slammed my hands down on the table. “Mitsuri is not a freak!” I shouted. I don’t care if he is my father and the only man I truly respect. I won’t let anyone talk about Mitsuri like that. She’s the only good thing that has happened to me since getting with Sanemi.
“Sit back down and don’t EVER raise your voice to me again!” He commanded. I sat back down and folded my arms. He left the room and came back with a folder. He emptied it and within it were all my report cards over the years, I’m surprised he kept them all.
“September, Straights A’s. October, Straight A’s. December, Straights A’s. January, Straights A’s February, Straights A’s. March, Straights A’s. April? C’s. Fucking C’s. What happened to MY daughter!?” He slammed his fist down onto the table causing me to flinch. I had never seen him this angry.
“Dear! There is no need for such language! Maybe she’s busy getting to know a boy.”
Oh god, she hit the nail on the head, but in the wrong sense. For the past month, I’ve been forced to hang out with Sanemi as much as he wants. I don’t even have a say. He’d find me, drag me out of school and I’d have to hang out with him. 
Whether it’d be at his place at the workshop or at the diner.  I’d used all my free time to study and get my homework done. And I’ve had to consistently lie that I was being dragged by my friends to the mall or whatever. Mom was okay with it but dad was furious that I wasn’t focusing on my studies.
God forbid they ever find out about Sanemi.
“Boy? Don’t be daft, wife! (Y/n) with a boy? Impossible! This is the most important time of year! She should be hunkering down in her studies! Her finals are coming up and if she doesn’t pass, there’s no way she’ll be accepted into medical school!”
Sanemi had taken more effect in my life then I had hoped. Dad’s right though, I need to fix this and fast.
Dad sat down and took my hand. He was visibly shaking. “Look honey. It's your life. I don’t want you to end up in some rushed marriage that makes you miserable with kids you will resent.” My mother cut in. “How could she ever resent her kids-?”
“I’m not talking to you wife.” Dad said. She huffed and stormed out of the kitchen. 
“Listen pumpkin. We unfortunately live in a society that does not respect women who work. Getting married is the polite thing to do. Your aunt was once a married woman. But she was not happy with her life. She was so fortunate to get divorced and live out her dreams as a teacher. I want you to live as carefree and  independent as possible, but it will only be so if you pass your classes with flying colours.”
I could only nod at my dad’s speech and try not burst into tears. I wanted so badly to tell him about Sanemi and what he’s been doing to me. But I can’t
He’d just get hurt ….
We had pulled up outside my house. Sanemi sat comfortably in his driver’s seat smoking a cigarette while I fidgeted in mine. When Sanemi meant meet my folks, he meant today. I sighed and held my face in my hands. I was scared, truly. I didn’t know what would unfold, but I knew it would be bad.
“What’s up with you?” He asked. I leaned back in my seat. “Don’t be mad babe… but my parents don’t know about you…” His eyes widened, he looked curiously at me and shifted in my seat. “Oh yeah? Why’s that?” He snarled. 
From what I learned, it's best to flatter him in times like these. “Well… We’ve only been together for a month and I was sure you would grow bored of me and leave me.” He stopped his advance. “You were scared I was gonna leave you?” 
I look to the side before looking back. “Yep!” He smirked before leaning forward to kiss me. “Aw, babe.” I could taste tobacco on his tongue but that was something I had grown used to. He leaned his forehead against mine and I did the same. Sometimes, I like to pretend that this situation is in no way messed up.
That he never forced himself on me or acted weird.
I like to imagine that instead of the dark classroom, He’d meet me in front of the school with a bouquet of flowers and ask me to be his girlfriend. I like to imagine all those dates we had were normal where I would fool myself into thinking I loved Sanemi Shinazugawa.
It was better than the reality I’m living in right now. Sanemi Shinazugawa was a deranged, violent sociopath. He had no qualms with hurting other people and would certainly do anything to get his way.
“Don’t you worry, you’ll never get rid of me”.
I didn’t feel any relief when he said that. He got out of the car and walked around to open my door. Another harsh thing I learned when dating Sanemi. He always needs to be a gentleman with me. For instance, If I get out of the car before him, he’ll shove me back in and open the door again.
I take his hand and he pulls me from the car. He crushes his cigarette under his leather shoe and I lead him up to my front door. We get inside and I call out for my mom. “MOM! Where are you?” I hear her response not too long. “I’m in the living room dear!”
I turn to my ‘boyfriend’ and try to clean him up as much as possible. “What the hell are you doing?” He snarled. I look up into his eyes to challenge him. “If you’ve forgotten, you're the most infamous greaser in town, baby. Don’t want you scaring my mom.” He moved my hands away gently. “I already said, don’t worry. I got this.”
I sigh and lead him to the living room entrance. I see my mom knitting something new. I turn to Sanemi. “Wait here a minute.” I enter the living room. “Hey mama!” She sets down her knitting and embraces me in a hug. 
“Well Hello my darling! How was school?” I hugged her back. “It was good.” I pull away and fidget with my hands. “Mama, I have someone I would like you to meet.”
“You do?” She asked curiously. I go back to Sanemi and bring him into the living room. “Mama, This is my boyfriend, Sanemi Shinazugawa.” I answered nervously. He scratches the back of his head, looking as innocent as a greaser can. He holds his hand out. “It's lovely to meet you ma’am.”
My mother had a look of pure surprise on her face. “Dear god…” That surprise turned into pure joy. She got up from her spot on the couch and gave Sanemi a hug. I was shocked to say the least. 
Sanemi even looked shocked. Did she not hear me when I said Sanemi Shinazugawa? She surely must have heard of him yet she had no fear of walking over and giving him a hug.
“It's so lovely to meet you, Sanemi! I’d never thought I’d see the day when my (Y/n) brought home a dashing young man!” She turned to me. “(Y/n)! You should have brought this young man home sooner!” She stepped away and clapped her hands. “I have dinner on! Sanemi, will you join us?”
And that's how I ended up seated at the dinner table with my ‘boyfriend’. Mother laid down our plates. Lamb, potatoes and a side of steamed vegetables. I noticed someone was missing. 
“Mama? Where’s dad?” I query. She just waved her hand. “Oh! He was just out with some friends. He’ll be home soon!” Everyone had sat down and tucked into their meals. 
“So, Sanemi! How did you meet my angel?” She asked. “We met at school. We’ve been classmates for years. I'd only just gotten out of a relationship. I met (Y/n) and everything just clicked.”
Yeah, sure …
“Do you work, Sanemi?” He swallowed down a chunk of lamb. “Yeah, I work down at the auto shop. Fixing cars, trucks, boats, you name it.” She smiled. “Ah yes! I like that, manual labor is very good! You earn much?”
“I earn enough to help keep me and my siblings fed.” He answered. She gasped. “A family man, are you? Oh how lovely!” She squealed.
I could only bite my tongue. She was fawning over him like a fucking teenager. She couldn’t tell how uncomfortable I was? He literally has his hand on my thigh as we speak!
 “Tell me, Have you two been.. Intimate?” I had to stop myself from spitting my drink out! What was this woman talking about!? I thought she was all about abstaining from sex til marriage, now this?
What the heck!?
“No ma’am.” He answered. I look at him from the corner of my eye. Just what was he planning?
“Eh? Why not? My daughter is very beautiful. I’m sure anyone would have thrown themselves at her by now.” She giggled. Oh that's rich! How I would have loved to call him out on the irony of his answer, but I’m not taking that risk while my mother is still here.
“She is without doubt beautiful, ma’am. But I don’t want my baby to get a bun in the oven. The last thing I wanna do is dishonour her or your family Mrs. (L/n).” Dishonour? He’s dishonoured me enough with everything he’s done to me in the past month!
But my mother seemed taken with his answer. “Hold on a minute, I’ll be back in a minute.” She excused herself and left the kitchen, I turned to him with whiplash. “Just what do you think you're doing?!” I whispered.
He looked at me with a cocky smirk. “Oh? I don’t know. Just winning over your mom. Your dad will be next, doll. Heh, if I was after your mom I’m sure she’d be all over my stick.” I gasped. “How dare you-”
“I’m back!” My mother sang, I straightened myself. She set down a metal tin in front of us. “I know this is only for married couples but I know just by looking at you two, you’ll be together for a long time!” She opened up the tin to reveal condoms.
Oh no.
Not that.
Anything but that.
“You two have my blessing! It's important to stay safe!” She grinned cheekily. I paled as Sanemi smirked, wrapping his arm around my shoulder. “No worries mom, we’ll be safe!” He chuckled.
This woman just signed my death warrant. She literally just gave him permission to do whatever he wanted with me. Is she that eager to have me living her life? I could feel grief fill up my being. I had lost. I had heard the front door open.
“I’m home!”
Dad had arrived home. “Welcome back dear! (Y/n) and I have someone we want you to meet!” My mother had left the room to greet my father. Sanemi had taken a napkin from the table and used it to wipe his mouth clean. “Watch doll, I’m gonna win over your old man and soon, we’ll all be one happy family.”
He was ludicrous. There was no way. I knew from the moment Sanemi suggested meeting my parents, it was only gonna go one way and I knew, It wasn’t going to go Sanemi’s way. What he doesn’t know is that my dad knows me better than any other person on this planet.
My mother walks in with my father in tow. “Ok, who is it that you want me to meet-” My dad’s eyes automatically land on me. Then they turn to the man sitting next me. He steps in but doesn’t say a word.
“Darling! Meet (Y/n)’s boyfriend!” My mother giggles happily as Sanemi pushes his chair out and walks over to greet my dad. “Mr (L/n). Happy to finally meet you sir.” That smirk never left his face.. My father stared at him and then back at me. Looked at Sanemi and then looked back at me.
Before I knew it.
Chaos had erupted.
Without warning, my father rolled up his sleeve and punched Sanemi square in the face.
Everything was happening in slow motion at that point.
Sanemi was falling to the floor, blood leaking from his nose while a look of shock plastered his face. My father was not at all big or buff. He must have been caught off guard by the amount of power my father had hidden.
My mother held her face with her hands, dropping my father’s briefcase and coat from the astonishment of her husband's attack. My father’s face was painted red from fury, veins become visible all over his body like he was about to burst a blood vessel. His eyes held an emotion I had never seen before. He was a man on a mission, a man off to war. 
All I did was watch as it happened.
Sanemi finally made an impact on the floor. My mother screamed and tried to hold her husband back but he was like a statue, he wouldn’t be moved by her. I got up from the chair and rushed over to Sanemi with a napkin.
“SO IT WAS YOU!?” My father screamed in utter rage. Sanemi grabs the napkin from me and holds it to his nose. “What the fuck is your problem!? Is this how you treat your guests!?” He yelled in turn. “Darling! What's the matter with you!?” My mother shrieked. I pull Sanemi to his feet. “Come on, let's go.” I whisper but he wouldn’t move.
Both men were at a stand still.
“My problem? MY problem? MY problem is you, Sanemi Shinazugawa! When my daughter started hanging out with greasers, I should have suspected that you or some other rotten fleabag was the reason!” He pointed his finger at Sanemi to which Sanemi smacked away. “You got a problem with greaser’s you old fuck?”
“Sanemi! Please! Let's just go!” I begged. I pulled at his arm, he wasn’t listening to me. “Not with greasers, just you. My daughter was a normal straight A student! Because of you, she dresses like some-  bimbo slut! Because of you, She hangs out with a bunch of outsiders! Because of you, her grades are slipping! Because of YOU, my daughter comes home everyday with misery in her eyes!” My father roared.
I can’t believe he was able to induct that much just by looking at me. He truly was the only man who knew me. “What life do you expect to have with my daughter Shinazugawa!? My daughter wants to go to medical school, she wants to become a nurse and leave this town behind! You’re holding her back! GET OUT MY HOUSE AND DON’T EVER SPEAK TO MY DAUGHTER AGAIN-”
Sanemi punched my father in the face! He was so fast I didn’t even see him move, my father was immediately down on the ground and Sanemi started kicking him! I screamed and pulled at Sanemi’s arm, begging him to leave my father alone. He pushed me away and I collided with the wall.
My mother ran over to me and held me tight. She had tears in her eyes and I could only watch as Sanemi grabbed him by the collar. “Listen here you old fuck. I was willing to be nice because you’re my doll’s daddy and all- but NO one pushes me around! Your daughter is MINE. She will ALWAYS be mine. I don’t care WHO I have to go through. No one will keep me from her. Not you, Not your wife. NO one!”
He dropped my father. He crumpled to the floor in pain, blood on his white shirt. I wanted to run over to him. But Sanemi grabbed me and began to drag me away. “Sanemi! STOP! Where are we going!?” We looked back at my mother cradling my abused father, sobbing over him. “Oh yeah. Call the police if you want! My dad’s the chief. Good luck getting him to arrest his eldest son!”
Sanemi proceeded to drag me out of my house screaming and crying. He threw me into the passenger seat of his car and we drove off. I began hitting him, ugly sobs coming from my mouth and fat tears rolled down my face.
“How could you!? HOW COULD YOU!? That was my father, you DICK HEAD! MY FATHER!” I screamed. He blocked my attacks. Eventually he got tired of me attacking him and pulled onto the side of the road. We were in the middle of nowhere, on our way to Tengen’s house. “Would you fucking stop woman!? You want me to crash!?”
“No wonder Kanae Kocho left you! You’re a fucking CRAZY bastard!” I roared one final time. His face changed from angry to calm. Then with hesitation.
My head was forced the other way. I felt a red hot sting on the side of my face and my lip felt numb. I reel in back in shock. I reach my hand up to feel my face, I feel something wet on my finger. I bring it up to my face and see red. My lip was busted. Even Sanemi looked surprised at what he had done.
“Save it!”
I opened the car door and got out. I began walking down the side of the road. I heard the car door open and footsteps against the gravel. “Where do you think you’re going!?” I heard him yell. “HOME! Where do you think!?” I yell back.
“You're not gonna walk back home!” He finally caught up to me and grabbed my wrist. I pulled it away. “YES I AM! I’m done with this Sanemi! I’m DONE playing this game with you! I’m done being your ‘girlfriend’, if you can even call it that! All you've hurt me and use me! I invited you into my house and you’ve beaten up my father!” 
He growled. “I still have those pictures.” I raise my hands in the air. “GO AHEAD! Show everyone! I’ll tell EVERYONE what happened tonight! I’ll tell them how you came into my house, battered my dad, slapped me and sexually assaulted me numerous times within the month!”
“And? No ones gonna believe you. People aren't gonna see you as a victim, they’re gonna see you as some whore. MY whore.”  He grabbed me by the collar of my jacket and brought me in closer. At this, I chuckled. “What's so funny?” He interrogated.
“I guess I should tell you then. Once graduation is over, I’m not sticking around. I’m leaving town to go live with my aunt. I was hoping I’d never have to tell you this. You’d wake up one day and realise I was gone. I would have loved to imagine the anger and frustration on your face when you put together I had left and there would be nothing you could do about IT.”
His face had paled when I revealed my intentions. He looked like he was about to be sick. He let go of my jacket and fell to his knees. I was about to turn around and start walking until I heard a sob.
I see drops fall from his face and onto the dirt. He was crying. I knew I should have just turned around and kept walking, but I felt like there was more to say.
 “This is all your fault, you know. I actually enjoyed being around Mitsuri and the others. They made me realise what true friends were actually like. If you wanted to be with me, you should have just asked me out like a normal person, I probably would have said yes because I had never had a boyfriend before. I would have liked to have had a high school romance before I left for college. You’re the one who forced yourself on me.”
He stopped crying and peered up at me. I froze.
He had the look of a mad man in his eyes. I could hear his teeth grind together and I could hear the skin of his fist tighten like leather. “You love me!” He cried. He stood up and stomped towards me, I took a few steps back but he was already inches in front of me. “YOU LOVE ME!”
He grabbed me by my shoulder and shook me around. “I KNOW YOU LOVE ME! Otherwise why would you be so nice to me!?” he wouldn’t stop shaking me around. “I was trying to show you some basic human decency! Like I would with anyone else, Sanemi!” He stiffened.
“No! You love me! You wouldn't like sucking on my cock so much if you hadn’t!” He screamed. I froze. Then I felt my face flare up in anger. “THE FIRST TIME I DID WAS AGAINST MY WILL! I only continued to do it because I was scared what would happen if I didn’t! Besides, there's a fine line between love and lust! I’m pretty sure it's the latter for you because as far as I’m concerned- YOU.DON’T.LOVE.ME!” 
He stopped for a minute.
There was silence between us.
It was so thick, you could cut it with a knife.
I had no idea what he was thinking.
Then he smiled, he started to giggle, then cackle and then burst out laughing.
He was laughing hysterically, like I had just told the funniest joke he had ever heard.
I stood frozen in place, not knowing what to do, he was most likely doing this to mock me. But then he brought his face up to mine. He was blushing. ”OH darling! So that's it! You feel like you need to leave because I haven’t been showing you enough love!” He then picked me and threw me over his shoulder.
“Sanemi! Let me go!” But he wouldn’t listen. He tossed me into the back seat of his car and got in beside me. I tried to back up but he grabbed me by my waist and pulled me back. He reached under my skirt and pulled down my underwear.
 It hung around one of my ankles and he reached his hand down there once again and began to play with my clitoris. I gasped. I tried to pry his arm away but he wouldn’t comply. “Don’t fight it. You and I both know you love it when I play with you like this.”
He pushed my skirt up til it was bunched up around my waist, giving him full access to my lady parts. He proceeded to bury his face in between my legs. I felt his tongue swirl around my clit, I tried to push him away but his advance continued. I began to sweat and my cheeks were on fire.
He looked up and gave me a wild grin. “See! What did I tell ya’ baby?! You need me! Who else is-” he continued to suck on my clit and penetrate my hole with his tongue. “Gonna take care of you like I do?”
He took his fingers and shoved them into my mouth. “Suck.” I did as I was told and interlocked my fingers within his hair. It wasn’t long before I felt my core heat up and a knot began to form in my stomach. my legs had gone weak and my breathing had gone uneasy. “There we go, good girl. My girl.” 
He had taken his fingers from my mouth and plunged them into my pussy. I gasp at the penetration. I feel his large fingers reach my special spot, the one I had not known existed until a few weeks ago. He was thrusting them in and out faster every second, I tightened my fingers around his hair. I'm positive it would have hurt him at this point but it seemed to only motivate him to go faster.
���You want me to go faster baby?” He growled into my ear. I could barely make out the words I wanted to say. “Ye...Yea...Yeah..ye!” He went faster, I grinded into his calloused hand, to get more friction.  I stare in his dilated eyes as his heavy breaths fan my face. I revelled in the moment.
Despite my hatred and fear of Sanemi Shinazugawa, he has made me experience things I don’t believe I would have experienced with any other man. It was no secret that men usually seek out women for their own satisfaction. Many women just have to suck it up and deal with it when they can’t reach their own peak.
Less they risk upsetting their partners.
Not Sanemi though, He’s told me many times before that just looking at my face when I’m about to orgasm is enough to get him. He actively seeks out my pleasure while pursuing his own. I just wish that things didn’t have to be this way.
“You wanna cum baby? You wanna cum?” He repeated in my ear, I let go of his hair and hung onto the back of his neck. “Yes! I wanna cum! Please make me cum!” I cried out. I could feel his thumb circling my clit as his fingers kept their pace. I could feel the knot in my stomach tighten and my cunny was about to explode.
But then he took his fingers away.
I had to stop and take a minute to realise what was happening. Sanemi had brought his finger up to face and began to swirl his fingers around cum covered appendages. “W-why did you.. Stop?” I breathe out. He simply chuckled.
He got from the back seat and moved himself up to the front seat. “What are you doing..?” I asked again.  He slung his arm across his seat and looked back at me. “Imma give you two options babe. You can either one, Get your underwear back on, get out of my car and walk back home. Or you hand me those panties of yours and we’ll over to Tengen’s where we can finish off our game.”
This prick! I desperately want to scream in his face and call him on his bluff. But the problem was I was now extremely horny. I could feel cum drip down my leg and my core was burning with desire. If I leave now, I’d put myself into danger. It was dark out and anything could happen. And even if I did get back home safely, I’d still be hot and bothered. 
Probably for the rest of the night and I don’t think I could face my father like this.
I tugged my lacy undergarments off and handed them to him. 
“Good Girl.”
“You two have fun!” I heard Tengen call out as the rest of his girl’s giggled. As soon as we got to house of the polyamorous group, Sanemi brought me in bridle style. He didn’t ask if we could stay the night cause as far as I was concerned, he lived here. So did Obanai so I wasn’t surprised when he came out of the kitchen with Mitsuri on his arm.
At least those two liked to do normal couple things like cook together. Sanemi has expressed wanting to be like that one day, I wouldn’t mind being like that too, just not with him. Mitsuri wanted me to chat for a bit, but I just had to say I was busy as Sanemi carried us up to the bedroom.
We got to the room and he threw me onto the bed. “Take your clothes off,” he demanded. At this point, I didn’t care if he decided to fuck me. I was needy and I’ve never craved him as much as I do now. I needed him, right here, right now.
He locked the door and threw his jacket off. I had already flung my heels off and shimmied out of my skirt. “You look so sexy baby.” He came over to bed and kissed me, I could taste myself on his tongue and it just got me even more aroused. He grabbed my shirt and ripped it open, buttons flying everywhere.
“Sanemi!” I gasped. “Don’t worry, I’ll have one of Tengen’s bird’s lend you something.” he promised before ripping my bra off. I sat up to unfasten Sanemi’s belt. He pulled my jacket and blouse off. As soon as I freed Sanemi of his belt, I pulled down his jeans along with his underwear. At some point, he had already taken his shoes off.
He shed his shirt and I was exposed to his beautiful upper body. He was built like one of those Roman statues you’d see in the history textbooks. He looked so powerful, he could probably kill a man with his bare hands alone. “You like what  you see, doll?”
“Yes, Oh god yes I do...!”  I grabbed his cock and stuffed it into my mouth. I could immediately taste his salty pre-cum as I welcomed his phallus back inside. I feel his hand pet my head as I went to work on his dick. “Jesus, I didn’t even had to tell ye’”
Of course he didn’t have to tell me. I don’t know why. Ever since that day in the stock room, I just got more and more fond of his johnny. I went back and forth, from the tip of his mushroom head to the turf of white hair that was positioned right at the bottom of his navel. I fondled his balls with both hands, hoping to milk him of all his prized sperm.
“I know you’re a good girl! Taking my cock without me asking, but I also need to focus on you too.” He steps away and his cock leaves my mouth. I whine in frustration. He rubs the side of my face, the same side he slapped earlier. The pain had faded away and I leaned into his hand.
He took my earrings off and set them on the bedside table. He leaned his forehead against mine and stared into my eyes, I stared back into his pale purple eyes. Such a strange yet unique colour that suited him. He swiped the red lipstick of my lips with my ruined shirt. Once it was off, he gave me a gentle kiss. “You look better without makeup. You’re already beautiful.”
I could feel my heart swarm with warmth, this is what I meant why I told you about fooling myself into loving him. Despite his brash and bold attitude, He can say the most charming things without even trying. He got onto the bed and peeled his socks off. I stared at his still erect cock and thought to myself.
‘What would it feel like to have it inside my pussy?’
He laid down on the pillow and grabbed my hand. I was pulled in beside him. There he asked me- “Have you ever heard of the sixty nine?” I bit my lip and shook my head, why was he bringing numbers into this? I thought he wanted to have sex?
“Sit on my face.” He then said, I could immediately feel my face heat up. The way he said it so bluntly! It's like he has no shame at all! “O-okay? Just t-that?” I stuttered. As I crawl over his body he speaks up again. “No, face the opposite way, once you're on my face, start sucking my cock again.”
He didn’t have to tell me twice.
I got into position and started to go to town. I can now understand why it's called sixty nine. I could instantly feel that withering fire in my core get stronger as Sanemi circles my clit with his tongue, I got back to work milking his cock. “This good babe?” He asked. He had one hand on my waist, keeping me in place as he licked the stripe of my womanhood.
“Yeah, Yeah it is. God I love the taste of your cock Sanemi..!” I went back to sucking him off, I felt him groan into my pussy which in turn made me groan around his dick. “Sugar, I had no *chuckle* fuckin’ idea you were this good at dirty talk.” He then shoves two of fingers into my drenched cunt and starts thrusting them in and out.
I pull off his cock for air and try to get my breath back, I use my hand to get him off while I do. “Well..*huff*...Lately you’ve *gasp!*.... Brought out the worst in me..Sanemi Shinazugawa!” I go back down on his cock. I felt my climax approach, I started to grind on Sanemi’s face.
He took the hint and started going faster with his ministrations. I sucked his dick faster while fondling his ball sack with care. “Shit! I’m gonna cum! I’m gonna cum all over you fucking face!” He shouted. “Yeah! Me too!” I squealed. I sucked and sucked and sucked-
Our reactions were almost simultaneous, I went first, Sanemi had done such an excellent job on my clit I could feel a whole litre of my love juice explode from my cunny and onto his face. I could hear him drink up my juices as he came in my own mouth. I swallowed down as much of his cum as I could but some leaked from my mouth and spilled onto his navel.
I was shivering. I could feel chills go up my spine. I fell to the side, trying to catch my breath. I was so exhausted but I didn’t want it to end. Sanemi scooped me and laid me down next to him on the bed. He used my ruined blouse to clean the cum off his body and off my face. 
He gave me a wicked smirk, kissing me on the lips, positive he can taste himself on his tongue. He pulled away before caressing my face. “Wanna go for round two?” 
I breathe in and out, trying to get as much air back into my lungs as possible. “How would we do it?” He gets up and reaches for his jeans on the floor. He pulls something from the back pocket. A condom. The same brand from my mother’s tin. “Since I already got mommy’s blessing, I figured why not take one.”
He crawls on top of me and leans in to kiss me. I kiss back, I can feel the tip of his penis caress the slit of my pussy, moaning at the contact, he fondles one of my breasts, playing with the nipple. “I’m gonna show you..*kiss* what it means to be my woman..” He went down to my neck and began to suck on a piece of skin. “I’m gonna fuck you like there’s no tomorrow. Turn you into a proper bitch.”
My core flutter’s at his words. It makes me more wet than I already am. “All you have to do is promise me one thing.” I feel his hot breath against my ear, I wrap my arm around his neck as he grinds his cock on my cunt. Are legs entangled together like Christmas tree lights. I grind back with the tempo.
“What is it?” I beg. At this point, I don’t care if I lose my virginity, we’ve gone past the point of return. I don’t care if my first is a violent greaser, Sanemi will probably be my best I’ve ever had. A memory to look back on when I’m having sex with my husband in ten years time. A horrible yet pleasant memory, if that makes any sense. 
“Stay here, with me baby. Be with me always. I’ll make you happy.” I almost agreed to his promise, until I ran it through my head again. ‘Stay here with me.’ Stay here in this rural town, with him. Stay here and make nothing of my life. Stay here and be known as his woman and nothing else. I snap out of my lust induced state, releasing him and pushing him off me. 
My actions shocked him as  he sat at the end of the bed. I pushed myself up. “No Sanemi. I can’t.”  The look on his face was almost heartbreaking. The look on his arrogant face turned sour when I refused his offer. “What!? Why?! You still wanna chase after that fucking ‘doctor’ dream?! I don’t know why you want to be so different from everyone else! Why do you have to go this far?! What do you think this job can do for you that I can’t already!?”
I back up on the beg as he gets closer. “Sanemi! This is what I’ve wanted since I was a little girl. I don’t want to be financially dependent on anyone! And I’m sorry but-”
“But what!?” he slams his hands on the headboard behind me. He panting, veins creep onto his face like an infectious disease. He’s pissed, fuming. If looks could kill, I’d already be dead now. But I can’t back down. He needs to know where I stand. “You don’t treat me like an equal. You treat me like a submissive little puppy. You want me to sit idle while you pay for the meal, I’d rather pay for it myself.”
“What the fuck does that even mean?” He spits. But I don’t back down. “Sanemi, you want me to be dependent on you, You want to look after me. I don’t want to be looked after, I want to look out for myself using my own means.”  I sit up and try to push him away gently but he grabs my arms. I flinch away but he brings me up to his face.
“Okay, but who cares if you become a nurse or not!? You could always come back to town and work here! I wouldn’t care! As long as you and I could still be together, nothing else matters to me!” He tried to compromise. But I pulled my arm away. “Sanemi, you are a dangerous person. You hurt people, you beat up my father! You slapped me!”
He cupped my face with both of his calloused hands. “A mistake I won’t ever make again babe, I promise. Your old man had it coming though. He’s the one who tried to keep us apart!” I tried to pull away but his grip was tight. “You see Sanemi! That's where I draw the line. You won’t take any responsibility for your actions. At the rate you're going, I can’t see a future with you.”
He froze. As if being rejected twice in a row wasn’t bad enough. He gazed at me with sadness in his eyes. He was about to have a breakdown. But then his teeth clenched together. “No!” He shouted. He grabbed me by the throat and held me down onto the mattress. I tried to break free of his grasp but he was far too strong.
He leaned down to kiss me. Our lips collided and his tongue invaded my mouth. I wanted to get away but he left no room for escape. He pulled away but kept me pinned underneath him. “I don’t care what you want or who I hurt. The only person I want is you-”
*Knock knock* 
*Knock knock*
“Sanemi!” We heard another voice on the other side of the door. Oh god. Were we too loud? Sanemi looked down at me. “Stay quiet and don’t move from this bed.” he got off the bed and slipped into his boxers and jeans. I covered myself in the bedsheet as he opened the door. On the other side was Obanai.
“What is it man? I’m a little busy here.” He said referring to me in the bed sheets. Obanai looked around to see if anyone else was there. He then leaned in closer to Sanemi. “It's your brother, Genya’s here.” Wait? What? What was Genya doing so far from town? It’s at least a mile’s drive from here to town. I don’t want to believe he walked all the way here!
“What the fuck is he doing all the way out here?!” Sanemi urged.  He ran back in to grab his shirt. Obanai kept his eyes off me, At least he was respectful in that sense. “Listen, I don’t know. He came in with bruises and his eye is not looking good.” Obanai said quietly. But I heard him.
“Who else knows?” My ‘boyfriend’ demanded as he and the bandaged male stepped out into the hallway. “Just me and Tengen. Everyone else is upstairs, he’s in the dining room.” They walked away. I got up and wrapped a blanket around my silhouette and shuffled over to the door. They disappeared down the stairs.
Sanemi never divulged into his family. All I knew was that his dad was the chief of police, his mom was a stay at home wife and that he had six younger siblings. Anytime I asked about them, he would tell me to drop it. Genya was only thirteen, the poor boy shouldn’t even be out this late.
“What's going on (Y/n)?” I twirl around to see Mitsuri in a nightgown. She must have been off to bed. I let out a sigh of relief. “Oh? Nothing. Sanemi just left with Obanai..”  She observes me, up and down. “Why are you wearing a bedsheet?” she giggled. I sigh, I should’ve figured she’d ask that.
“Well...you know what Sanemi’s like..” I commented silently, Her cheeks went red and they puffed out like she was trying to hold in a laugh. “It's not funny! I have nothing to wear!” I squealed in embarrassment.
Mitsuri was kind enough to lend me a nightgown. Although she was giggling and snorting the whole way through. My face was red the whole way. As soon as I got it on, I made my way down the stairs. The front door was open and I saw Tengen and Obanai standing outside smoking cigarettes. Well. Tengen was anyway.
I don’t know what possessed me to come down here. I should have just stayed in bed and waited for him to come up. But deep in the pit of my gut. Something told me something was really wrong. I sneak over to the living room and stay by the door, from there I can see the Shinazugawa brothers in the dining room.
Poor Genya sat on the wooden chair holding a t- shirt of sorts up to his face. It was probably a nice white shirt before but a deep crimson had seeped into the fabric. A black eye was swelling up horribly above. Sanemi was kneeling down next to him, concern painted all over his face.
“What happened?” He asked in a stern voice. Genya answered his question. “It was dad! He was hurting mom again. I-I think he broke her arm..” The poor kid burst into sobs. I looked down and noticed he wasn’t wearing any shoes. His feet were covered in sores, bruises and blisters. I was absolutely appalled by what I just heard.
Chief Shinazugawa…. Was an abuser.. Now it all made sense. Why Sanemi would act the way he would and why he wouldn’t talk about his family. “Oh fuck... What happened next..” Sanemi pressed. The poor dear sniffed.
“Her arm bent in a way that...don’t look right!.. I-I begged dad to stop.. But he just turned my way and started… beatin’ me..” I covered my mouth as my stomach swirled and my eyes started to sting. I felt like I was going to be sick.
 People tend to avoid Genya because of who his family were. I can’t imagine what kind of impact that had on him.
“He- he cut me with a broken beer bottle and he- threw me out of the house. He told me not to come back tonight- I had no idea what to do so I came here!” The amount of blood staining his t-shirt became concerning and his face was starting to look very pale. His eyes held dark circles like he was on the verge of passing out. 
At this point, I knew I had to step in and help. I knocked on the door. “Who is it!?” Sanemi yelled, Starling me and Genya. I walk in slowly, keeping my hands on my chest. “I’m sorry, I came here to help.” I voice. Sanemi gets up from his spot beside Genya and marches over to me, his face in mine.
“What the fuck did I say about staying put!” He seethed through his teeth. I felt a cold sweat course through my body. I compose myself to the best of my ability. “I’m sorry, I got worried! I came down to see if everything's alright- Jesus!” I shriek as Genya drops the shirt from his face and I can finally see the open wound on his face.
It was so much worse than I expected! Sanemi looked back at his little brother and cursed through his lips. “Shit!” We both ran over to him. Blood poured from his face like an endless waterfall. “We need to get him help!” I shout as I take his limp body and hold him close to me. I touch his face and he is extremely cold. “Who- who are you..?” He says weakly.
Tengen bursts through the door. “What's going on here!?” He looks down at the situation in his dining room and takes a step back. “What the fuck!? What's wrong with him!?” Genya looks faint and breathing is faint. “Hey! Hey! Genya you stay awake! You fucking hear me!?” Sanemi cries. Tears pour down the scarred man’s face. 
I had volunteered at the hospital for my summer break and I had planned to do so again after graduation as a way to gain learning experience for med school. I had seen these situations before and I knew what to do. “Someone clear the table! We need to sow his face back up!”
Sanemi watched as I grabbed the shirt and held it up to his brother’s face. “What? What are you going to do-” I whip my face towards him and shout. “I’m going to save your brother's life! We need to hurry! He’s losing too much blood!” Tengen came through and swiped everything off the table.
Sanemi took the cue and lifted his brother onto the table. I run into the kitchen and Tengen accompanies me. “Sanemi! Apply pressure to his wound!” I run over to the fridge and look through it. “What do you need?” Tengen asks, going through his cupboard.
“I need a needle, thread, bandages, tweezers, a cloth and- bingo!” I pull out a bottle of Jack Daniels whiskey and run back into the dining room where I see Sanemi applying pressure to his brother's face. 
Tengen came through with everything I asked for. I opened the heavy bottle of whiskey and poured it onto the cloth. “Someone hold him down, this is gonna hurt..”
The procedure was long and intimidating. He only screamed when I cleaned his wound with the alcohol. It got everyone’s attention but Obanai persuade everyone to stay out while I did what I needed to do. Since he said he was cut with a shattered beer bottle, I used the tweezers to look for any remaining glass. Two medium size pieces stuck under the skin, I managed to extract them.
At that point he passed out from the pain. It made the procedure much easier, I made the stitches as small as possible and then I wrapped up his face. His breathing was even and we brought him up to one of the spare bedrooms and Hinatsuru volunteered to watch him for the night.
“Ok, I told the doctors what happened, they want us to bring him over to the hospital first thing in the morning.” Obanai spoke, putting the phone back into its place on the rotator base. I nodded. “Thanks Obanai..” I looked down at my hands. As soon as I was done with helping Genya, I washed my hands thoroughly but a myriad of blood specks remained on the sleeve.
I’ll have to apologise to Mitsuri and buy her a new one. “How’s Sanemi? Have you checked up on him?” Obanai asked. I looked up the stairs, after we put Genya to bed, he retreated to our room. This must have traumatised him, he almost lost his brother tonight. I can’t imagine what it's like to lose a sibling.
“Obanai, Can I take (Y/n) from you?” Mitsuri asked her boyfriend. He held his hands up in a friendly gesture. “Oh course!” Mitsuri led me outside to the porch. The banister was littered with ashtrays and burn marks. I took a minute to breathe in the fresh air. It was a bit chilly, but then again we both were just wearing nightgowns.
“Sanemi is very lucky to have you (Y/n). I doubt anyone else would have swooped in and helped him like that.” I looked at the lovely girl known as Mitsuri Kanroji, she had a gentle smile and her cheeks were flushed pink.
“It wasn’t a problem. If we had just brought him to the hospital, he would have lost too much blood.” I lean against the banister. The night sky was starry and clear. Mitsuri wrapped her arms around herself and stepped closer to me. “It's a lovely night tonight, isn't it?” She states.
“Yeah, it is.” We stare up at the sky and take in the fresh air. There was a question I had on my mind for a while, maybe Mitsuri was the one that could answer that. “Hey, Mitsuri. What was Sanemi like with Kanae?” She whirled her head around, surprise painted her features. “What?”
“Oh? Nothing. It's just, I never thought you would ever bring her up.  Considering she is Sanemi’s ex.” She twirled a strand of her pink-green hair around her fingers. I sat down on the bench, and patted the space next to mine. “Yeah, I know. But I figured if I knew about them, I could understand Sanemi better. We’ve never talked about her.”
She sat down next to me. “Well. She was beautiful, graceful and intelligent!  She was so amazing to be around! Whenever I saw her and Sanemi together, My heart would go Badum Badum and my ears would go Screeeeee!” I could only stare at Mitsuri in awe. 
You’d think that she was in love with Kanae more than Sanemi herself. “Ummm....yeah but. Do you have any idea why they broke up?” As soon as I spoke. She deflated like a balloon. “I don’t know… it's a question I’ve been asking myself. I thought Kanae loved Sanemi, I thought that those two would spend the elderly years together too. But if I had to guess, it's because Kane had dreams..”
“Dreams..?” I query.
“Yeah, We both know what kind of girl Kanae was. She was super duper smart! But you know what this town is like. She had dreams bigger than this whole place. I think that's why she left…”
But that just confused me? There was a possibility that she still could have maintained her relationship with him.  Long distance was not unheard of.
“But why break up with Sanemi? They could have still been together.” I comment. She just lets out a deep sigh. “That's what's got me stumped. They did love each other. Anyone could see it! I was shocked when she got up and left. She was also my friend.” Her face was painted with sadness. I didn’t mean for the conversation to upset her.
“Well, everyone has dreams, even her… Mitsuri! Surely there's something you want to do!” I ask. She sniffled and wiped her eyes. “Well, yeah!  I do have something I wanna do.”
From that point on, we discussed our dreams and ambitions. Mitsuri wanted to become a chef and open her own restaurant. She dreamed of working with Obanai and having kids, so on and so forth. I talked about how I wanted to go into nursing and helping people.
We stayed and talked for a few minutes before Obanai came and dragged her to bed. I myself retreated to Sanemi's room upstairs. I knocked on the door but I didn’t hear a response. I quietly opened the door and I was shocked by what I saw. The room had been trashed.
Several holes in the wall. Mirrors smashed and curtains torn up! In the centre of the room on the bed was Sanemi. He had been curled up. His knuckles were bloody and he had bruises all over his body. I ran over to his side. “Jesus Sanemi! What happened!?” He turned over to face me and his eyes were bloodshot.
“Sanemi..” He grabbed me around the waist and tugged me onto the bed. I was startled at first and tried to wring myself from his hold. But he just held me tight. He had his face in my chest and I could feel something wet seep through. “Please. Just… stay with me tonight.”
Tonight had been traumatising. For both me and Sanemi. He hurt my father and he almost lost his brother. The last thing we needed was more stress, so I gave in to the warmth his body provided. Soon tomorrow will come and we need to get on with our lives and face our problems.
I wrapped my arms around his shoulders and whispered. “Goodnight Sanemi.”
I kiss him on the forehead and we both fall asleep.
The weeks had been passing slowly.
I had woken up to the sound of rain pattering on my window and I could hear the sound of the morning radio from the kitchen. I rub my eyes and get out of bed. I make my way to the bathroom and wash my face. I look at myself and I can immediately see the dark circles.
A lot has happened. After that night, we took young Genya to the hospital in the morning. He would have to stay for recovery and the doctors commended me on my quick thinking. Although it made my heart flutter that a certified doctor praised me for helping someone, my mood sour tremendously when Kyogo Shinazugawa came in feigning affection.
The chief was oh-so worried about his son when he heard he got ‘jumped’ by thugs. I wanted nothing more than to smack him on the face and tell him to go to hell. How can a man with so much power use it to abuse his family? The very thought made me sick to my stomach.
Sanemi on the other hand kept his distance. Sure he would always accompany me to class, pull out my chair and sit with me at lunch but he seemed to be busy after school very often. I took this as an opportunity to get back on track with my studies. I even helped Mitsuri with a bit of tutoring.
She had full confidence going into our final exam, which made me satisfied. Knowing she was confident made me confident.
We both hung out more often and strengthened our friendship, it made me ask myself why I wasted so much time thinking those other girls were my friends. They kicked me to the curb because they didn’t approve of who I was dating. (Ironically, Kanae never got the same treatment.) And it felt like me and Mitsuri had known each other for years.
Things have been getting better in school, things have not been so well at home. My father still had bruises from the night. I haven’t been able to look him in the eye and whenever I do see him, all I can feel is shame. I’m the one who invited Sanemi over, I should have thought of a better excuse to keep him away.
Dad has been avoiding me too. He has recently started doing overtime and whenever we have dinner, he eats in his office. Whenever we just so happen to pass each other, he doesn’t look at me. Every time it happens I curse Sanemi, me and my dad had a good relationship.
Now I’m scared it might be ruined.
I leave the bathroom and go to the bathroom where mom has finished laying the table. Sausages, eggs, bacon, white pudding, toast and everything you could ask for first thing in the morning. “Good morning angel, How did you sleep?” I pull out my chair and sit down. She pours me some orange juice to which I gladly accept. “I’ve had a dreamless night.” I commented.
“That's good.” She commented. I started piling the food onto my plate. Hungry as I was, dad wasn’t present. “Is dad gone to work?” I ask. My mother took her seat and tucked into her food. “He said he’ll get something at the cafe.” I sighed at her response. Life had been going down hill with my dad and I had never been more upset about anything else
“So! How are things with you and Sanemi so far?” I took a hard gulp as she asked that question. My mother, for some reason wants to act oblivious to the incident, like it never happened. “How do you think they are, mom?”
“What happened was a silly little argument between him and your dad. Your father will get over it and the best thing you can do is forgive him. Boys will be boys after all.” I slammed my cup down onto the table, getting her attention.
Is she fucking serious?
“Mom. That same boy is the same guy that came into our home and beat up your husband! I never wanted you or dad to meet him but he insisted on it!” I cut into my food and began shoving it into my gob. She scoffed at me.
“Your father was overreacting! Poor Sanemi was just defending himself. You can’t blame a man for being protective over a woman, it's just how things are.” I swallow down my first portion. I really just wanted to finish my meal and get to school. “You do realise things between me and Sanemi are completely one sided. Why would I get a boyfriend here when I plan to move away?”
“That is a good question, maybe because you felt like you needed security.” My mother replies. I hear my egg drop from my fork and I just stare at her. “What did you just say?” I remark. My mother just sips her orange juice. “Darling. We live in a man's world. Say if you do get the necessary grades and you ace your exams. What makes you think they’ll accept a woman into med school?”
I couldn’t believe it. As I sat here, listening to her rattle off on how I wouldn’t make it in the world, I just thought of dad. He would never say these things to me, he was always supportive of me and my ambitions. I didn’t think my mother would be so cruel.
“Be honest with yourself dear, you have no future without a husband. I was lenient at first, I thought this little fantasy of yours would eventually go away and you’d find yourself someone to settle down with but as your senior year progressed, I realised you were serious. Sanemi is your best hope at ever having a life. So forgive him and move on!” My mother yelled.
I just felt I was going to be sick.
“I’m going to get ready for school now ….” I left the kitchen and went to my bedroom. I put on my clothes and grabbed my bag. I looked out my window as the rain continued to fall. What if she’s right? What if I am just chasing butterflies? What if everything I worked so hard for is for naught.
I had to grab my raincoat and umbrella. Sanemi would be here soon to bring me to school. I go to the front door where the rack is. On the small table beside our door were a few letters. I pick them up and walk to dad's office. I’ll leave him the letters since they’re usually for him. I enter his office and leave them on his desk, one of them falls off the table and I go to pick it up.
I take it in my hand and notice the words.
(Y/n) (L/n)
This letter was addressed to me. I quickly tore it open and read the contents, it was from the med school I applied to! I read the lines- ‘We are pleased to accept you, (Y/n) (L/n) into our Medical field of study’ - And I burst into tears. I had done it! 
I’ve been accepted into Med school!
“Congratulations To our new graduates!” Principal Ubuyashiki calls out through the microphone as we all throw our graduation caps into the air!
I turn to face Mitsuri and we embrace each other in a hug! We heard the applause of our parents from behind. This day couldn’t have ended more perfectly. Both me and Mitsuri graduated at the top of our classes, Valedictorian and she had been accepted into a culinary school.
I remember walking up onto the stage and accepting that certificate while the girls I used to call ‘friends’ could only stare at me with petty jealousy. Oh well, no loss of mine. I’m just grateful I was able to get my grades back up in time.
“Come on! Let's go see our parents!” Mitsuri squealed as we got out of our seats and rushed to the back of the field. It was a lovely sunny day and nothing could be more right. “Mitsuri! Baby!” Her mother called. She was embraced by her parents. “We’re so proud of you princess!” Her dad proclaimed.
She had such a big smile on her face. I looked around, trying to find one of my parents' faces. I had no such luck. “What's wrong (Y/n)?” Mitsuri’s mom asked. I turn towards them and shake my head. “It's nothing, Mrs Kanroji.”
“Why hello there, Mr. (L/n)!” Mr Kanroji  exclaimed in a cheerful manner. I whip around to see none other than my father standing behind me. “Dad!” I squeal. I leap forward and he embraces me in a hug.
Ever since I received that letter from The med school of my choice, my dad had been full of joy. Our relationship was slowly but steadily repairing. But my mom on the other hand.. “Where’s mother?” I ask.
My dad scoffs. “Your mother is off, acting miserable somewhere. But today isn’t about her. It's about you.” He takes my cap and my robe. “We can take pictures later. You and Kanroji head on over to the carnival!” 
I turned over to Mitsuri who just handed her cap and robe to her parents. We take each other's hands and rush off the school field and over to the carnival the school had prepared for the Graduation ceremony.
We spent our time getting on all the rides, taking shots at the gaming stalls to win each other prizes and stuffing our faces with cotton candy. Mitsuri took part in the pie eating competition and won first place. I also managed to hit the target and made that weirdo Douma fall into the Dunk tank.
We sat on the bench, eating corn dogs. There was one thing I found strange about today though. “Hey, Mitsuri. Where's Obanai? I haven’t seen him since the ceremony ended.” She took a bite of her third corndog and pondered. “Yeah. It is a little strange. But Obanai said he had something to take care off with boys!” Now I realise why Sanemi was here. 
Whatever those guys are up to, it's no good.
“There you are!” We looked over at my dad and Mitsuri’s parents. We got up and walked over. “Hey dad.” I smile. “Are you girls ready for your pictures?” Mitsuri’s mom squeals as she holds a camera.
We head over to the fountain. Surrounding it was a flower bed. Roses that have recently bloomed and have been splash by the fountain, creating a dewy effect. We had our robes and caps back on and took the photos individually and then together. With our father’s individually and then together.
Today was perfect, nothing could ruin this day.
Startled. I turn to face Obanai. Strange, I hadn’t noticed him at first. “Hey baby!” Mitsuri envelopes him with a big hug and kisses the side of his face. I'm positive he’s blushing underneath those bandages, “Oh Obanai! How have you been, son?” Mr. Kanroji cheerfully asked. Obanai bows his head as a sign of respect. “I’ve been fine. Thank you sir.”
“You see Obanai here (L/n). he’s a fine young man!” As Mr. Kanroji began boasting about his ‘future’ son in law. Obanai came closer to me and whispered in my ear. “(Y/n). Sanemi’s waiting for you by the gazebo. You should go and meet him.”
I knew this day was too good to be true.
“Whatcha guys talking about?” Mitsuri pouted, poking Obanai in his arm. “Nothing dear, (Y/n) just remembered something, didn’t you?” he gave me the look, I then knew I had to play along. “Oh yeah! I Ummm... wanna grab a hot dog before they sell out!” I lied.
I walk off in the direction of the hotdog stand. I hear Mitsuri cry. “Get me one too! Okay!?” I turn the corner when I realise her everyone’s eyes are no longer on me. My dad was still talking with Mr and Mrs Kanroji and Obanai has been keeping Mitsuri distracted.
I weaved myself through the carnival, through the crowds of joyful graduates and busy staff workers. I finally got to the gazebo where Sanemi stood waiting for me, leaning against the banister. He looked.. Stressed. Worried even. He has a cigarette between his lips.
“Hey babe. Glad you could make it. Did you enjoy the carnival?” He asked. I walked into the gazebo and leaned on the banister opposite of his. “It was fun. Mitsuri won the pie eating contest and I sent that Douma weirdo into the dunk tank.” I say in my dullest voice.
He chuckles. “That's good. I like it when you have fun.” I fold my arms and breathe in. “You left right after the ceremony. I would have figured you and the others would have joined us at the carnival.” He takes the cigarette from his lips and squishes it beneath his foot.
“Yeah, We’re making plans. Tomorrow, we’re driving down to the west coast. I’m sure Obanai has already invited Mitsuri. I just wanted to let you know that I extended an invite to you, since you are my girlfriend.”
He walks closer to me and I turn away from him. “I’m sure you already know the answer to that, Sanemi. After everything that's happened, the last thing I want is to go on vacation with you.”
I hear his footsteps stop and I hear the clench of leather. “Listen, just hear me out. Alright.” He tugs me over to the centre of the gazebo and turns me around. 
“I have not been the perfect man that you deserve, (Y/n). But I just want to let you know that it's because of you, I do the craziest things. I love you (Y/n) (L/n). You helped me when I was at my lowest and brought me up.”
He shifted around for something in his back pocket. Then he got down on one knee…
Oh no.
Not that.
Anything but that.
“(Y/n) (L/n). Would you do me the honour of becoming my wife. I promise you, I will strive to be a different man. The man you deserve. I will support you, I will care for you, I will love you till my dying breathe” 
He took out a black box and proposed to me with a ring. The band was gold and the rock sitting at the top was a decent size.
“Well?” He asked.
This could not be happening. We had only known each other for two months! Two months! This has to be a joke. “I’m sorry, I can’t do this.” I turn to leave but he springs up and grabs my wrist. “What?! What do you mean you can’t do this?” He snarled. But I stood my ground. No longer would I take his bullying!
“I’ll say words you can understand, Shinazugawa! I will not go on vacation with you and I certainly will not or ever agree to marry you! If you don’t understand me at this point, let me make it more clear to you! I. Hate. You. You have tried to destroy everything I have worked hard for and I certainly will not be swayed by your ‘sweet nothings’.  I want nothing to do with you!”
He growled at my words and his face went red at my rejection.
 He grabbed me by my elbow. “See here you ungrateful lil-” I could him off with a slap to the face. He lets go of me and with that, I bolt out of the gazebo and back over to the carnival.
I shove my way through the crowds and my breathing is getting quicker and heavier. “(Y/n)! Wait!” I hear him scream from far behind me. I ran back to where I left the others.
 I don’t see Mitsuri or Obanai but I see my dad still talking with Mr and Mrs Kanroji. I run over to him at breakneck speed. “Dad!” I cry as I latch myself over to him.
“(Y/n), What's wrong?” My father interrogates. I’m full on panting. “Dad-we.. We need to go!” I exhale. “Oh my (Y/n)! What's the matter?” Mrs Kanroji. I looked back at the crowd and I saw a head of white hair scanning the crowd. It’s Sanemi and he’s looking for me.
“Hmmm.. You're right. Maybe it's time we left.”  I look back at my dad, his eyes are where mine are. He turns to Mitsuri’s parents and bows his head. “Forgive us. I forgot we had somewhere to be.”  Mr. Kanroji holds his hands up in a concerned posture. “Oh no! Don’t wait on or account! We’re sorry for keeping you!” Mrs Kanroji spoke last. “It was wonderful seeing you.”
My dad put his hand on my lower back and we sped walked to the car park. I look back and I see Sanemi right on our tail. “Dad, let's hurry!” We pick up the pace and we make it to the car. We hopped in quickly and my father started the engine. As we pull out from our spot, I see Sanemi running in our direction. “(Y/N)!” He roared.
My steps on the gas and we speed away from the school. I looked back and I saw him, standing there, pure rage on his features.
I finally relaxed in my chair, thankful I had finally got away from him. “Do you want to tell me what that was about, young lady?” My father demanded. I just feel stressed. Most of my problems stem from him. I might as well just tell dad the truth.
“He asked me to marry him dad.” We stopped at a red light all of a sudden with force. Had it not been for my seatbelt, I would have gone flying through the windshield. “He what!? W-What did you say?!” He was sweating. I put my hand on his shoulder. “I told him no dad. I won’t marry him.”
The green light turned on and he began driving, relieved by my answer. “Okay...thank god. So then, why was he chasing you?”  I rub my eyes and I feel so sleepy. “Because he wouldn’t take no for an answer dad. He's… not right in the head. You know?”
He growled at my response. “I knew it. I knew it was completely one sided! Did he.. Ever...force himself on you?” He asked. I knew it was a question he’s been dreading to ask but it makes me sick that my dad had to learn of this. “I don’t want to talk about it. Lets just say we haven’t had sex..”
My dad’s hand on the steering wheel grip tighter as his knuckles turn white. “But he has hurt you, hasn’t he?” There was silence between us before I answered. “Yes…”
“THAT BASTARD!” He roars, I see veins crawl up his neck and onto his face. “Dad, Look. The main point is that he’s not going to stop. It doesn’t matter who he assaults, as long as his father is in charge of the police, he can get away with anything!” I proclaim.
My father does his best to calm himself, his grip loosening. “So, what do you suggest we do then..?” He implored. I really didn’t want to come to this option so soon but Sanemi is like a mad shark. I set him off and know he’s like a dog chasing a bone. Me being the bone. He won’t stop till he has me.
“Call Auntie. The best thing for me is to leave town as soon as I can.”
I found myself packing away my clothes into the many suitcases we kept in our small attic. After graduation yesterday, after what happened with Sanemi. My dad was on the phone with my aunt. She agreed to take me in early. I will leave tomorrow. I will say goodbye to this town and hope that Sanemi finds some other poor girl to pray on.
I know that sounds like an awful thing to say, I shouldn’t wish this to happen to anyone else but I'm just too scared and worried. Sanemi has caused me too much pain and I can’t take it anymore. The sooner I leave, The better.
“(Y/n), Me and your father are leaving now. Make sure to clean up after yourself and lock up the house. We'll be back later tonight!” My mother called. She had planned a dinner date with dad last minute. It wouldn’t matter. I’ll have the whole house to myself!
I’ll make myself some food, I’ll watch some television and take a nice long bubble bath! I hear them leave the house and I continue folding my clothes. I look over to my letter on the bedside table and pick it up. I go over the writing and hold it close to my chest.
 Finally, I’ll get everything I ever wanted. I’ll train as a doctor, get my degree and become a renowned surgeon. I’ll help as many people as I can. I’ll adopt a dog! Maybe two or ten! I wouldn’t care! I’ll suffocate them all with my love and make sure they live the best lives they can within their too short a life span!
Maybe I’ll meet a kind and respectable gentleman. One who loves dogs as much as I do. He’ll support my career while I support him. Maybe one that's experienced in the art of love making. Though.. I doubt he’ll ever make me forget the touches of a certain greaser.
There was only so much I could hope for.
I finished packing away all my belongings into five suitcases. I had meant it when I said I wanted to leave. I don’t plan on coming back for a long time. I do feel guilty that I’m going to leave Mitsuri without explaining anything, but it's for the best, Maybe she’ll forgive me.
Maybe she won’t. If she doesn’t, I won’t hold it against her.
After a nice long bath, I get dressed into my coziest nightgown and turn the tv on. a ' streetcar named desire’ was playing and shimmied off to the kitchen to make myself something to eat. I heated up some broccoli cheese with ham and I tucked into it while enjoying my food.
It was dark out and all was peaceful
Someone was at the door.
I put my food down and grabbed my robe. I tightened it and made my way over to the door. I felt a wave of anxiousness coursing through my veins as one thought spread through my mind like a virus. ‘Who is knocking on my door at 10 o’clock?’
I looked through the peephole and saw nothing. The law had been cut, the flowers had been tented to and all the weeds had been plucked. Nothing out of the ordinary.
Had it just been some dumb prank?
I began to wonder if I was just hearing things. Maybe I was so bored of watching the movie that my brain thought it would be a good idea to play a trick on me. Maybe it hadn’t been a prank and it was some of the neighborhood boys trying to play a prank.
I looked down at the handle and noticed the door wasn't locked. Without hesitation, I twisted the key and secured the front door. Once I had heard the clink of the lock, I was reminded of my mothers words.
‘Make sure to clean up after yourself and lock up the house.’
There were only two ways to get into the house, the front and the back door. I twirl in my spot and dash to the kitchen, hoping and praying in my mind that what I heard had just been my mind playing tricks on me.
I run to the back of the house where the kitchen is, the bright yellow kitchen looks untouched. The plants look healthy, the fruit bowl is where it needed to be and the door was closed. I let out a sigh of relief and walked towards it to lock it, I looked down at the tiled ground.
There were dirt footsteps and droplets of blood on the floor. I froze in horror. My breathing got heavier and my fingers shook.
Someone was in my house.
My first instinct was to leave the house. (Because why would you stay there with a stranger inside.) I tug at the knob of the back door and I realise it's locked. The key isn’t in the handle. I turn around and realise I am trapped inside the house- No wait!
The cellar door! We don’t go down into the cellar often but I’m positive there's a good chance that the door leading to the outside is open. I can’t go to the front door, I’d have to waste time unlocking it.
I look both ways. The hallway leading to the bathroom and bedrooms and the hallway leading to the front where the living room, dining room, dad’s office and entryway are.
The door leading to the cellar is just right by the kitchen. I huff in a deep breath and rush out of the kitchen. I ski on the wooden floor and throw open the door-
“Hi babe.”
There stood Sanemi leaning against the wall of the staircase. He had a chilled expression on his face. I had never seen him so calm in his life. I fell against the opposite wall. I tried to keep myself held up with my elbows but my legs were shaking.
“Sa-Sanemi! What are you doing h-here?” I uttered, my voice shaking. He had a big smile on his face as his dilated pupils locked on me. “You ran away, bunny, so I had to catch you..” He said menacingly that he got up from a wall and stood in front of me, full height.
It was only then I saw it.
The side that I couldn’t see before had been dyed in crimson, scarlet. Blood. It seeped into his snow white hair and painted his skin like paste. “S-Sanemi! What did you do!?” I cried. He took his thumb and wiped some of the blood off his cheek. It smeared more and observed his thumb.
“Hmmm, I wonder, bunny. What did I do..? What do YOU think I did?” Oh god. He must have killed someone! Who did he kill? Why is it covered in that much blood? How did he kill them? Why is he here!?
Oh fuck …
I feel a warm liquid trickle down my leg and my lip trembles. He sees this and breaks into a fit of howls. “Holy Shit! You’re pissing yourself!? HAHAHA! Oh my god! That is fucking ghastly!” He puts a hand on the wall behind me and leans in closer to my sobbing face.
“I wonder, Can my bunny do more than piss her panties tonight..?”
He put his lips next to my ear and licked the rim before whispering.
“I can’t wait to find out…”
I couldn’t take it anymore. My breathing became more and more erratic and his face looked more and more twisted the longer I looked at it. “Get away from me!” I push away from him and run down the hall.
I hear him chuckle deviously like this is all just a fun game to him. I slam into my bedroom and attempt to close the door. Sanemi sticks his arm out to block the door. “You’re only making this harder on yourself, doll!” 
I put my back into it and try to keep the door locked. But I could feel the force of the door being pried open. “Just go away! Please! I don’t wanna be around you!” I scream.
The next minute I’m sent flying into my desk. All my books were knocked over and my folders scattered. I bang my head on the edge and I feel dizzy. Sanemi struts into my room and observes all my little portraits and trinkets I had around the room.
“Well, This is my first time being in your room, it doesn't look that much different from your window.” I had to hold back my urge to vomit. He’s been watching me? Oh god, my room was at the back of the house so I never had to worry about peeping toms watching from across the street. 
“But! Your bed...looks very comfy babe. Your mom said she and your dad wouldn’t be back till 12. How about you and me break it..?”
It was there that I hit my breaking point. My mother. My own mother. All this was to get me alone with Sanemi. I watch him unbuckle his belt, my vision getting darker. “Come one babe, Help me out. Suck my cock like the girl you are.”
I drop to the ground and pass out from the fear…
It's quiet. I can smell the familiar scent of the ocean and something burning. I felt moist, not like I was sweating but more like someone had wiped me down with a wet cloth and I felt…  cold.
I’m in an uncomfortable position, I’m on my back and my arms are above my head. I almost feel like I’m sinking. I shift but I feel something akin to sandpaper rub my wrists raw. I finally opened my eyes.
And realise I’m not in my room.
I’m in a different bed, It's a huge double and a lot softer than my single. On every surface of the room bar the floor and bed were a large array of candles. I shivered and looked down at myself. I was naked. “Good, you're finally awake.”
I looked to my left and I saw Sanemi. There was a balcony, the doors were open and the white curtains fluttered gently. The moon was bright and from a distance, I could see the sea. Sanemi himself was leaning against the balcony. Smoking a cigarette.
I look down and see an array of cigarette buds.
“You put me in a pickle, y'know. Had to clean up your piss, your plate and carry all your luggage by myself but you know what. I don’t mind, you know why? Because I’m your man! That's what I’m here for.”
He crushed the cigarette under his foot and walked inside, closing the doors behind him. He was shirtless. Only in his jeans and shoes. I flinched as he brought his hand up to my face and caressed my cheek. “I would have done anything you wanted. If you wanted someone dead, you only needed to say the word and I would have done the deed.” 
I could no longer see any red on him. He must have cleaned himself. 
“Why?” He uttered. “Why couldn't you just say yes....?” He turned away from me and let out sobs but he would wipe away any tears that would leak from his eyes. “ After Kanae left, I just felt… so hopeless. No matter how many times I begged her to stay, she wouldn’t listen. So… when we met that day …  I felt so warm. “ He turned back towards me.
“Kanae wasn’t that good with maths. I used to help her, she was the only one who didn’t look at me with fear. But that day, you helped me. You are always so nice to people, I thought no one deserved you even me. But after that day, when you saved my brother. I knew I needed you.”
He kicked his shoes off and crawled on top of me. I clenched my teeth to stop a sob from passing my lips. He was now above me, His face next to mine. “There are other ways to get you to marry me.” He unbuckled his pants.
“Wait! Sanemi Please!” I begged but he got his belt off and he began to pull his jeans off. “No more talking. I’m going to do what I planned to do a long time ago.” He pulled his jeans and underwear off and his cock was semi hard. “I realise it was a bit ungentlemanly to up and ask you to suck my dick like that., this night is for you after all.”
He got in between my legs and spread them apart. “We’ll start slow, So you can savour it.” He bent down and licked my cunt. I spasm at the contact. I’m usually wet when we do this so it feels different. He spreads my folds and begins to work his magic on my clitoris.
“Eep!” My fists clench and my toes curl. It is the only thing I can do as he performs cunninglus on my pussy. “Sanemi… please stop! My parents will be looking for me!” I gasp. He gets up and smirks. “Did you forget what I said earlier?”
Oh wait, my mom.
“Yeah. You see, your mom is a desperate woman. She’s really scared that you might not get married. She thinks you’ll waste away and not give her any grandkids. Your dad will find a letter on your bed and it’ll say that you’ve run away to elope with me.” He goes back down and bites my thigh. 
“You're sick! You’re dad can’t protect you forever!” I growl. He draws blood from my thigh and snickers. “Yeah, About that, who do you think was on my shirt?”
It took me a minute to process what he said, then it hit me. “You murdered your father!?” I gasp. He smiles down at me sickly. “Yeah, After what happened with Genya, I knew I could no longer let them stay with him. The only reason we didn’t hang out as much this past month was because me and the boys were planning on how we were gonna kill the old prick.”
Yesterday was the last time I saw Mitsuri. Yesterday my friend was cuddling up against Obanai, a man plotting to kill another. How could he look at her and hold her, knowing what he was about to do.
Oh god. Mitsuri. Where was she?
“It was simple. It was why we planned the vacation. As far as anyone is concerned, We left at three o'clock today. There is no way we could of been there at the time of the murder. We would drive down our little spot here and then me and the boys would go ‘out’ for a bit. We go back to town but not in our cars. We prepared two different vehicles.”
This is why he was so distant. He had gone into great effort to get away with murder. For an entire month, I hung out with a murderer.
“We drove to the town where my old man would be doing his rounds. Obanai and Tengen would act like kids on a joy ride and provoke my dad to chase them. They would drive out of town and I would drive up behind him. I would swirl into him and make him swirl off the road and crash.”
He got closer to me and put his forehead against mine. “I pulled him out of that car and I made him suffer till his last breath. I made that sorry old prick choke on his alcohol that he loved so much. After that, It was so easy to make it look like another drunk driver.” 
He grabbed my jaw and giggled. “I’m finally free. My mother is free, my baby brothers and sisters are free. I no longer have to stay in that fucking town. Me and you- we can be together free of worry!” I shook my head away. Desperate to break free.
“Let me go! You crazy bastard! Just let me go! LET ME G-” He put his hand over my mouth. Veins crawled under his skin as he looked deep into my soul with those pale purple eyes of his. “You just had to ruin it? Didn’t you?”
He reaches into a drawer and pulls out a tie, he wraps it around my head and uses it to gag me!  I muffle through it  as he reaches back down to my cunt. He swirls his around my clit and uses two of his fingers to thrust into me.
Feeling his long stronger finger along my gummy walls felt indescribable. Looking down was like looking at one of those pornographic magazines you’d see teen boys stare at in the shop. Seeing him eat my pussy like it was his last meal on earth felt euphoric.
His fingers got faster and my core was on fire. “That's it! Cum!” He vocalises into my flaps as I cum on his face. He continues eating me though. I am over stimulated and tired but he slurps up my cum.
I feel tears sting the corner of my eyes as he sits back up. “Now, you’ve probably figured out how I’m gonna get you to marry me.” He strokes his cock, his tip is red hot and looks like it's about to burst. “If you haven't, I’ll tell ya.”
Without a moment's notice, He shoves his entire cock into my virgin cunt. I scream into the muffle and tears run down my face, stinging my cheeks. But that sting is incomparable to Sanemi’s big hard cock ripping me apart from the inside. I wriggled more in my restraints, trying to break free but the rope wouldn’t budge.
“If I put a baby in that belly of yours, there's no way you can leave me!” He held me down while my flesh melded around his Johnny. I tried to kick him as hard as I could but he was unmoveable. I squeeze his cock with my fleshy walls in an attempt to push him out.
It was getting too hard to breathe with the gag around my mouth, I was shaking, hyperventilating even. His fingers were big enough by themselves but his dick was so huge, I felt my vagina might tear.
“Stop! You keep moving around, it’ll just hurt you more.” but I couldn’t. I was quickly breathing through my nostril in an attempt to escape. I was rubbing my wrists raw but I didn’t care. I had to get out. I had to escape! I had to-
“Jesus Christ! Here!” He yelled quietly. He reached around to the back of my head and untied the gag. I gasped for air but my breathing was still unsteady. I could pass out again at any minute. This was too much! This was all too much for me!
I’m not ready for this! I don’t wanna get pregnant! I’m not ready to be a mother! “Look at me (Y/n)! Look at me!” he whispered harshly into my ear. He grabs me by my face and makes me look him in the eyes. His face was right in front of mine.
I stopped completely.
“You know I love you. This is why I’m doing this. You may not understand why now, but you will soon. This will be good for us. We’ll be happy. Your future is with me. No one else cares but me. No one will want to be with a single unmarried mother, I am your only choice. So just relax and enjoy this.” His words broke me.
I knew that this night was going to one way, the desperation and the depths of his sanity could be seen. Sanemi grew up in a broken home, so he hardened himself so that no one could hurt him.  Kanae was a singular beam of light that gave him hope. When she left, his heart was broken and before he had the time to harden himself and walk down a path of self destruction, he met me.
Boring, Basic (Y/n) (L/n) who thought it was a good idea to show a bit of decency to the most deranged sociopath in town. The minute I decided to help in that one insignificant class of English literature, my fate had been sealed.
As I lay here in this bed, he grabs me by the back of the legs and folds me into a mating press. He finally starts thrusting into me when he realises I’m slick enough. He keeps his forehead pressed into mine, keeping eye contact with me the entire time.
I feel sweat pool in the valley of my breasts as his heat warms me. My hands feel so painfully empty as his own larger ones squeeze my thighs painfully. “Oh fuck baby! Do you feel that? That's my cock. It's gonna fill up that little pussy of yours! I’m gonna fuck you so good! You’ll want no one else but me- No one else but me!”
I could feel his mushroom tip touch a place I had no idea existed, I felt magnificent, Flashes of white coloured my vision as he slammed his hard cock into my virgin cunt.
“That's its baby! Take my seed you little bitch! Take it all into that lil’ cunny of yours. Oh fuck!”
I couldn’t help but a clench around his schlong when he spouted those dirty words. He knew I was close to cumming.  My eyes felt wet and my face was scarlet and I bit my lip to prevent any more moans coming out of me.
I don’t know why but his own face went red and he let out a erotic moan himself. “Oh Bunny, go ahead and cry some more. You look so cute when you're crying~” He picked up his pace and started slamming into my pussy at rapid speed. Literally jack-hammering my cunt with his cock, I let out a loud moan at his promiscuous rage.
“That's right baby! Gonna get you fucking round with my baby! Looking at that lil’ crybaby face of yours has really got me going! Ain’t no one gonna fuck you like I do! Ain’t no one gonna please you like I do! Ain’t no one gonna love you like do!” The more he spoke, the more it made sense to me.
What if he really did love me..?
“Oh god! I’m gonna cum. I’m gonna cum all up in your fucking cunt! Say my name baby! Say my name!” I let go of my lip and called out to him. “Sanemi! Sanemi! SANEMI!”
“Oh fuck! I love you! Iloveyou! ILOVEYOU!” Sanemi practically screamed as he shot all his cum into my fertile pussy. I had my own release before his. It felt like someone set off fireworks in my cunt and they were sending me to heaven. 
I could feel his hot creamy cum fill me up my womb and coat my cervix in his sticky white goodness. I felt like I was on cloud nine, I just felt so relaxed and at ease with him. He settled himself on me and rested for a bit. “That was beautiful, baby.” He cooed softly to me.
I whimpered softly in his hold and tried to move my numb hands. “Sanemi… can you untie me please? He sat up and pulled his cock out of me. I lost his warmth and felt empty. I could feel his hot sticky cum drip out of my stretch hole and I closed my legs. Which I regretted instantly because I could feel a searing pain of my hole not liking me forcing it back closed. 
“Yeah, Don’t worry, doll I gotcha covered.” He untied my wrists from the head board and I retracted them slowly. I sighed in relief and rubbed them. They were scratched red and my eyes were drowsy. I turned on my side, wanting to let sleep take me. But Sanemi turned me over.
“What do you think you're doing?” He challenged. I could only turn over, all the energy I had had been zapped out of me with sex. “I… I’m really tired, Sanemi..” He only chuckled at my response. “Yeah, but I’m not. We have all the time in the world and I need to breed you like the good little girl you are. You’re gonna have my baby, bunny. We’ll be together… forever..”
As he dragged me by my legs and shoved his cock back into me, my tears stopped running.
It finally dawned on me that there was no one to blame but myself. I’m the one who led him on. I should have confronted him on his behaviour the minute it started. But me being me just thought he was being nice. No. I should of done what Kane done and got the fuck out of town while I still had the chance.
It was at this moment, I learned the one lesson I wished I was taught years before I decided to help Sanemi Shinazugawa.
No Good Deed Goes Unpunished. 
(Extra part cuz I love Mitsuri and Obanai! XD)
As the two young lovers lay in bed, They could hear their friends having sexual intercourse from down the hall. The moans of their female friend and the groans of their male friend had woken them up and left them in awkward Silence.
Obanai was getting more and more annoyed by the second. He felt envious of his friend Tengen who had another house all to himself and of course, one he shared with his girlfriends.  He looked over at the clock to see it was 5am.
“Are you kidding me? Couldn't they have done this at another time..!?” He growled. His pink and green hair girlfriend could only squeal in excitement. 
“But Obanai! Can’t you hear how passionate they are at love making! It's making my heart go Badum! Badum!” She held cheek with one hand and proceeded to fist it up and down in the air. Obanai could only smack his face into his palm. “Dear, I don’t think its necessary to comment on their sex life.”
 He shifted in the bed so he faced away from her. Not wanting her to see the blush on his face despite the darkness of the room. “Let's just go back to sleep and hope they quiet down soon!” He huffed. But his peace didn’t last as he felt his girl climb on top of him, making him adjust so she would be on top of his clothed dick.
“Actually… Obanai...I’m actually feeling...hot and bothered in my special place… Sanemi and (Y/n) have gotten me all riled up!” Much to his displeasure, she took off his crotch.
But what she did next satisfied him very much. She got onto her back and peeled off her soaking underwear. She then spread her legs slowly and seductively, playing this man like a fiddle that's to her many months of practice.
She rubbed her inner thighs and spread her wet cunt open for her beloved boyfriend. 
“What are you waiting for Obanai? Come on in~”
A string in his being snapped.
“Y-you! You don’t have to tell me twice!”
And that being said, he dove right into his girlfriend’s pussy arms.
Thank you for reading! :D
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here-comes-the-pink-void · 6 months ago
Can i request for yandere sanemi, giyuu, rengoku and gyomei (platonic for him) with a hashira reader whos a adoptive daughter of kagaya. Reader has the same diseases like him (but just part their eye and yea, they wear eye patch) and they thinking the demon corps is actually useless (despite that they are a hashira itself)
A/N: Thank you for the request, feel free to request as much as you want! 💖 Also for clarification the requester has messaged me requesting that the reader have a rude personality. Just wanted to tell you so no one is confused.
Tw yandere behavior, stalking, threatening of harm (not to the reader)
You clean the gunk of the demon rotting away before you had gotten onto your sword.
“One down an infinite amount to go,” your growl out, “Nothing will ever change like this.”
A deep growl of anger comes from your throat as you stab into the ground.
“Stupid, stupid, stupid, STUPID!!”
You turn rage filling your face only to see your best friend Gyomei standing before you.
“Come,” Gyomei open his arms for you and without a word you enter them. His warm embrace comforts you as his giant hands pet your head. “I thought you said you wouldn’t be stabbing your sword like that anymore, as not to anger your sword smith.”
“Tch, it was just a slip up it’s no big deal. Plus how the hell did you find me this time?”
“I’m your friend (Y/N), and as a friend we find each other whenever one needs the other,” tears drip onto your head as he speaks, “And (Y/N) I can tell you need me at this moment.”
“I’m just frustrated Gyomei,” you sigh patting his shoulder, “That’s all so don’t worry to much about me.”
“You can always speak your mind around me, you don’t ever need to hide your truth from me.”
“….. I’m just frustrated about demons you know normal stuff. But thanks for looking out for me buddy.”
“Of course, you are a good person (Y/N) no matter how much you try to hide it,” Gyomei smiles at you, “It’s best to head back now master Kagaya has requested a meeting.”
You nod seeing the sun rising ahead of you.
You get into a line with your fellow hashiras. Obanai on your right with Rengoku on your left.
“Hello (Y/N)!! It’s amazing to see you again!!” His smile brightens seeing you by his side.
You just nod not really paying attention as you look towards your home waiting for your father.
“I was wondering if you would like to go out with me?” Rengoku blushes looking to you.
And you nod again not paying attention.
“Great I’ll pick you up tonight!” Rengoku shouted out in pure excitement.
Rengoku smiles happy ignoring them three glares getting sent his way.
“My children it is good to see you again,” your father Kagaya walks out.
It was the same old, same old meeting. All you could do is listen, but something was bothering you. Someone was glaring into your soul from the right side, but since you’re blind in your right eye you couldn’t tell who without making it obvious.
So you made it obvious cause fuck them, they got a problem with you then they can say it to your face when the meeting is over. When you suddenly turn your head to look you see Sanemi glaring at you, so you glare back.
He just shakes his head and goes back to listening to the meeting. Once it was over you walked right up to Sanemi.
“Hey, why were you looking at me?”
“Tch, like you don’t know.”
“I don’t know why, since I don’t get why your so pissy. So why don’t you enlighten me.”
“Why are you going on a date with Rengoku?”
“You just agreed to go on a date with him!”
“Ok then, but why do you have such a problem with what I do with my life?!”
“You don’t need him!”
“…..oh, you’re jealous aren’t you?!”
Sanemi’s face gets red, “N-No I’m not jealous!”
“You’re fucking jealous admit it!”
“I’m not jealous!!”
You both get into it until Gyomei splits you two up taking you away from Sanemi.
“Did I really agree to go out with Rengoku?”
“From what I could guess you probably nodded without actually listening to him,” Gyomei sighs, “I’m sorry I didn’t say anything to him when he was asking you.”
“You weren’t next to me so it’s fine I forgive you,” you sigh, “One date won’t hurt plus it’s not like it will lead to more.”
“Be careful (Y/N) sometimes people might feel more then they lead on.”
“I know I’ll be careful.”
You wait at your house for Rengoku to come over and pick you up.
“My little one I hope you have a fun time at your date. I’m happy you’re putting yourself out there,” your father smiles looking towards you.
“I will dad thank you,” you look towards him, “Make sure you get plenty of rest, ok?”
Your dad nods chuckling. There was a knock on the door and you hug your dad goodbye he hugs back. You open the door seeing Rengoku standing there a blush on his face.
“You look beautiful (Y/N),” Rengoku holds his hand out, “Are you ready to head out?”
You nod taking his hand following him towards a festival in the nearby village. It was beautiful out tonight.
“Rengoku why did you even ask me out? I have never been particularly pleasant towards you.”
“Because I can see how the fire burns in your heart. Plus I’ve seen how gentle you are with your little siblings.”
“Wait what?! When?!”
“Just occasionally,” Rengoku chuckles looking away.
As you walked someone accidentally bumped into someone.
“Hey watch it!”
“I’m so sorry (Y/N).”
You recognize the voice and see it was Giyuu.
“Oh I didn’t expect to see here.”
“Yes, I didn’t know festivals were you’re thing Giyuu,” Rengoku smiles getting closer to you.
“I decided to go out tonight that’s all,” Giyuu stays by your side, “Could I join you?”
“It’s just between me and (Y/N),” Rengoku let’s out a force chuckle, “I hope you don’t mind it is our date.”
“…..I see, sorry,” Giyuu walks off from Rengoku’s view.
“You were jealous weren’t you?”
“Maybe a little a bit,” Rengoku blushes, “Let’s continue our date.”
“Fine, I’m getting food first though.”
The night was soon coming to an end and the date was alright Rengoku did most of the talking which you didn’t mind.
“Have a goodnight Rengoku this was nice. But I think it’s best to stay as allies.”
Rengoku sighs, “Please, could we have one more date before you decide. I really love you (Y/N)!”
“They said they don’t like you so back off!” Sanemi shouts storming over.
“What the hell are you doing here?!”
“Making sure he doesn’t convince you to date him!”
“This has nothing to do with you Sanemi, so please keep out of (Y/N)’s and mine conversation.”
“You’re the one begging them jackass!”
Rengoku and Sanemi starts going into each other, as Giyuu gently pokes your shoulder.
“Want to walk away from them?”
“Yes, please.”
Giyuu leads you away from the two gently taking your hand.
“Hey let go of my hand.”
“Sorry,” he slowly lets your hand go.
You two walk down the path together in a comfortable silence, when that was interrupted by two loud hashiras chase after you guys.
“You slimy bastard stealing (Y/N) while we’re fighting!” Sanemi growls
“I was only helping them.”
“Giyuu that was such a rude thing to do,” Rengoku looks at him sternly, “As their date I need to be the one to get them hone safely!”
“I don’t care let’s continue walking (Y/N).”
The two louder hashira grab Giyuu before he could walk off with you. The three get into a stare down ready to fight.
Sanemi growls, “I’ll beat the both of you to a bloody pulp!”
“None of you will lay a hand on them,” Rengoku’s voice was full of determination
Giyuu sighs, “You guys are a mess that they don’t need to deal with.”
They take out their swords, so you took the opportunity to get the hell out of there as fast as you can.
Soon you see you’re house your body relaxes. And you released your breathe you’ve been holding in.
“Yeah, dating is not for me,” you sigh “I’ll have to tell Gyomei about it when I see him tomorrow.”
You enter your house and head straight to bed tired.
“I hope this mess doesn’t get worse.”
A/N: I hope you enjoy reading this, sorry this took so long. 💝
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teddy-yandere · 4 months ago
Hi, I'd really like you to do yandere Sanemi, Giyuu, Muichiro, Rengoku and Tanjiro, how they would react that their darling had gone on a mission a few more days later they find her in Shinobu's mansion sleeping with a bamboo in her mouth and end up discovering that she had become a demon but equal to Nezuko (sleeps to recover energy), but there are some hunters who do not like her dear and even tried to kill her, and she never hurt or killed or even devoured . How would their reaction be?
- Turned Into A Demon -
⚠️WARNING⚠️ will contain dark themes
Characters = Sanemi , Giyuu , Muichiro , Rengoku , Tanjiro
A / N = I wrote a couple of different scenarios surrounding around this request!! Sorry for any grammar mistakes, I did not proofread this. Please read my bio before requesting, and make sure that my requests are open or else your request will be deleted. Enjoy <3
«★»———- KNY Demon Slayers Masterlist
.:。✧*゚ ゚・ ✧.。. * * .:。✧*゚ ゚・ ✧.。. * . *.:。✧ *゚ ゚・ ✧.。. *.
★ Sanemi would never say it , but he was panicking. You we’re supposed to return home after a mission , but it had been days since you were suppose to complete it. Typically , you would finish your missions very fast , and return home to Sanemi. That is why he was panicking a lot when you still had not returned. He had gone to every single hashira’s estates to ask if you were there , but to his disappointment you were no where to be found. He was about to give up , and search for you by himself , when he suddenly remembered that he had not checked Shinobu’s mansion.
★ As soon as he arrived to the estate , he could see a worried look on Aoi’s face. He then rushed around the house yelling for Shinobu. When she finally came out of a room , he could see small tears in her eyes. She then explained the entire situation to him. Honestly , he wasn’t that mad about you turning into a demon, he was more worried about how everything could be fixed. For the next couple of days , he sat near your bed holding your hand. He really hoped you would wake up soon. When you finally woke up , Sanemi was overjoyed. He knew that it would take a while for you to get used to your new situation, but at least you were alive . Little did he know that some people had sinister intentions.
★ Turns out that many other demon slayers wanted you dead. They never once stopped to consider that you were once a human. I think that is what pushed Sanemi to kidnap you. He couldn’t stand the thought of another demon slayer killing you. At least you are safe with him.
★ It had been a couple of months since you turned into a demon , and everything seemed to be going smoothly for the most part. Giyuu decided that he will become your unofficial bodyguard. That being said , Giyuu will follow you everywhere. On this one particular day , you had wondered away from Giyuu , because you were trying to find a nice place to take a nap. Typically, Giyuu wouldn’t mind , but the only problem was that a bunch of new demon slayers were taking a tour around the area. Giyuu never told you this ( because he forgot about it ) .
★ Anyways , you were walking around when you finally found a nice , isolated area , a large oak tree. You knew that Giyuu would be worried about you , but a small nap never hurts anyone … right ? You were moving around trying get comfortable in your “ little nest “. Apparently someone heard the noises that you were making , and started to walk in that direction trying to find the source of the noise.
★ Around this time , Giyuu had noticed that you had slipped away from him , and he had started to look for you in the same area that the other demon slayer was searching. Luckily, Giyuu knew all of your favorite napping places , and he was able to find you sleeping peacefully.
★ Sadly , while Giyuu was slowly picking you up ( to take you back to his estate because it is a lot safer ) the demon slayer ended up stumbling across the two of you. Poor demon slayer , they screamed when they saw you , and immediately pulled out their swords. They even started to threaten Giyuu . ( they didn’t know he was hashira). Giyuu simply walked up to them , and threw their sword a sword a couple meters away. While they were busy trying find their sword , Giyuu took this as a opportunity to get out of there.
★ Let’s just say that Giyuu went out looking for them later that day :))
★ You , and Muichiro had gone in a joint mission together. Muichiro specifically requested that you go in a mission with him , because only he can keep you safe. He thought that nothing bad could ever happen to you while you were with him. Boy was he wrong . Sadly , The two of you ended up getting separated while fighting off demons.
★ After Muichiro was done killing the demons , he went out looking for you . Muichiro wasn’t that worried about you , because he felt like if anything had gone wrong , he would have heard you scream for help. Once he arrived to the area that you were supposed to in , he felt like something was wrong.Muichiro didn’t know why he felt this way. Maybe it was just his anxiety getting the better of him ?
★ Muichiro tried to keep his emotions under control , until he saw a small trail of blood. He started to follow the blood. He was almost positive that it was yours. As he continued to follow the small trail of blood , he could see your still body in the distance. It didn’t take long for Muichiro to get to your body, and see your injuries. Muichiro could tell that you had been turned into a demon almost immediately. That wasn’t his main focus however , he was more worried about how he was going to get you out of the forest unharmed. With his blade , he cut a small piece of bamboo , and tied it to your mouth. ( almost like a muzzle ).
★ After that , he hoisted you in his back , and started heading towards Shinobu ‘s estate to get you checked out. Somewhere along the journey, you had managed to wake up. Muichiro was scared that you might try to attack him , but the only thing you did was nuzzle into his neck. Muichiro knew that you would never hurt him after you did that . After he was sure that you were calm , he sat down , and took the muzzle off of you. He then made you tell him everything that happened while the two of you were separated.
★ After he was done talking to you , he continued his way back to Shinobu’s estate to get you any needed help. 
★ Anytime that another person would make rude comments to you , or try to harm you in any way , Muichiro will be right behind you staring them down. I don’t think anyone will try to hurt you. If anyone even tried to hurt you , Muichiro will kill them. Harming you is equivalent to a suicide wish.
★ It had been a couple of months since you were unfortunately turned into a demon when you ran into Muzan. It was quite obvious that you never stood a chance against that demon , so everybody , including Rengoku, was very happy that you had made it out alive ( in a way ). The only problem was that you were now a demon . Rengoku had been obsessed with you before you became a demon , so you becoming a demon only made it worse for yourself.
★ Rengoku always saw you becoming a demon as a excuse to make you stay at his estate during the day. If you ever questioned him , then he will simply put your bamboo muzzle on your mouth , and tell you not to worry about it. Rengoku will probaly take you on his missions. Although , he will never let you get involved in the fight itself.
★ Don’t worry Darling !! Just let Rengoku take care of you , and everything will be okay. When you were first turned into a demon , Rengoku was devastated because he was afraid that you will never be the same again. Luckily , he got over that pretty fast when realized that you were still the same sweet , loving , and caring person. If anyone even has the guts to threaten you , then you best bet that they will have a funeral the next week.
★ Just because you are a demon now , doesn’t mean that Rengoku will stop being a possessive freak !
★ Sorry this is so short :((
★ Tanjiro won’t panic when you turn into a demon. He will try his best to stay calm. He will make sure that you are safe at all times. He will probably kidnap you , and force you to stay locked up in his house with Nezuko. He just doesn’t want to risk you getting killed by another member of the demon slayer corps. He also for ids you to go outside during the daytime ( even if it is cloudy outside )
★ You will be treated similarly to Nezuko. Don’t worry , you are in good hands Darling !!
* .:。✧*゚ ゚・ ✧.。. * * .:。✧*゚ ゚・ ✧.。. * . *.:。✧ *゚ ゚・ ✧.。. *.
Thanks for reading , Darling !! <3
Have a nice Day / Night ~
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xxsabitoxx · 2 months ago
Pick Your Poison
{Yandere! Sanemi x Fem! Reader}
Warnings: animal cruelty towards crows, dub-con, manipulation, degradation, mentions / fear of abuse, spit kink, dominance kink, some bondage, semi forced relationship, breeding kink, semi forced pregnancy, mentions of violence, stockholm syndrome
A/N: as requested by @muzanswaifu , here is a fairly dark Sanemi smut. It’s ironic cause I would sooner die than reveal my bookmarks and search history on Ao3 but post this lmao
Word Count: 6.4K
Tumblr media
You sat dutifully by his side, hands folded neatly in your lap with your head bowed. “I’m glad you’ve finally found a tsugoku, Sanemi.” Ubuyashiki’s voice was calm and soothing, far different from what you had expected. This was your first time in the presence of the master, after all.
“She shows amazing potential, I think it will be easy for her to adapt to the wind breathing styles.” You squirmed slightly at the praise, Shinazugawa was never one to compliment people. “That’s amazing to hear. Good luck, y/n.” You tensed a bit at Ubuyashiki referring to you directly. Your forehead nearly touched the floor as you bowed. “I hope to make you proud, my lord.”
So perfect. Samemi was mentally praising himself for finding someone like you. So naïve, so obedient, soon enough you’d be putty in his hands. He’d make sure of it.
“You two are free to go. Treat her well, Sanemi, don’t overwork her.” He nodded, “of course.” You watched Ubuyashiki leave the room, letting out a breath you didn’t realize you had been holding. You glanced over at your new master, the jagged scars on his face turning upwards. “What are you staring at?”
Your eyes immediately shifted to your hands, not looking up at the man beside you. “Nothing, sorry sir.” You silently prayed he wouldn’t start yelling. Since you were still in Ubuyashiki’s home, you may luck out. “Let’s go, it’s time to train.”
Other members of the corps had actually sent you their condolences when they found out you were to become the Wind Pillar’s tsugoku.
You certainly believed they were necessary. Having only started training with the man a few days prior, you were convinced you were on death’s door after the first session. He was nothing to joke about, regardless of you being a woman he didn’t hold back at all. It was a miracle he hadn’t broken any of your bones yet.
“Get into your first position.” You did as you were told, hands clammy as you grasped the hilt of your blade. First form: dust whirlwind cutter. You silently went through the motions of the first step, waiting dutifully for your master to instruct you. “Go.” Sanemi’s gruff voice barely reached you before you launched into the first form of wind breathing.
The training dummy before you was cut in half within the blink of an eye. The key to wind breathing was your speed, something you pride yourself in. “Get into your eight position” he never went in order. Eighth form: primary gale slash. You moved backwards, putting enough space between you and the next training dummy for the attack to work.
“Go.” He crossed his arms, watching as you leapt and swung your blade. You were perfect. In only a few days you were on the fast track to completely mastering wind breathing. Such a shame you’ll never get to put this to use. Ubuyashiki had to be out of his damn mind if he thought Sanemi was ever letting you go on a mission. It killed him already knowing you had.
You could have been killed before he even met you. How tragic would that have been?
“Fifth” be barked, watching you get into position for a third time. Fifth form: cold mountain wind. You steadied yourself, turning to the training dummy behind you and taking off at it. This move was one that required a few attacks before unleashing since it was more of an in the moment move. You landed it flawlessly nonetheless.
You were waiting for his next order, jumping slightly as your crow squawked above you. “L/N Y/N! Your assistance is needed up north…” you yelled as a rock was thrown, hitting your crow and wounding it. You caught it easily, tears welling in your eyes as you concluded it had a broken wing.
“M-master…” you wailed softly, cradling the bird to you.
“Stand up.” His voice was ice cold, so much so that you actually shivered. “B-but master…” at the sight of his raised hand you shut up, cowering slightly in fear of getting hit. Slowly you stood to your full height. “Kill the damn bird.” Your stomach dropped, “kill it?” There was no way he was serious.
“You heard me. Kill it.” You felt sick, hands protectively holding the bird closer to you. “I-I’m not going to kill my crow!” You could see a small handful of rocks in his hand, why would he do that to your poor bird? “How are you supposed to kill demons then? I chose you for a reason. Don’t disappoint me.” Each word was laced with venom, so much so that it brought you to tears.
“My crow did nothing wrong! Please master, I'm begging you!” You fell to your knees, shielding the crow from any of his attacks. Sanemi had to suppress a giddy smile, you submitted to him so easily. “Alright fine, we’ll take it to see Kocho.” His little stunt had worked, you had evidently forgotten the mission the damn bird had tried to deliver.
You stood slowly, not daring to make eye contact with him. Had he really gotten that upset that your bird had interrupted your training session? Didn’t this do the opposite of what he wanted? Now you were delaying your growth in wind breathing because you had to try and help your crow.
“Look at me, shouldn’t you be thanking me?”
Thanking him?
“Thanking…you?” You questioned out loud, slowly meeting his eyes despite your fear. “I'm letting that stupid fucking crow live. You should be thanking me for that.” Muscular arms folded over his chest, scars littering them in every direction. You drank in the sight regardless of anger radiating off the man before you.
“Thank you, master.”
In the following weeks, your crow slowly got better. To fill in the role while they were absent, you had a variation of birds coming to send you orders. All of which ended up severely hurt or dead.
Sanemi refused to let you leave his presence. As far as you were aware, Ubuyashiki was giving you a few months off to properly master wind breathing. Sanemi on the other hand was forcing other lower ranks to take on your missions for you. The moment one of those birds even dared to squawk, he was knocking them down. He’d choke out whatever mission had been assigned to you and sent some poor soul on their way to possibly meet their end.
“Come here.” You jumped at the sound of his voice, eyes shifting to look through the open doorway. Sanemi had requested you move into his estate about a week after the whole incident with your crow. He claimed it was for better and more strict training. You followed along despite the logical side of your brain telling you to run.
“What do you need, Master?” You entered his bedroom, the faint smell of alcohol greeting you. Really? He’s drinking? It’s barely past sunrise… You couldn’t really see him, the dim light of dawn just barely illuminating his bedroom. Nearly everything, including him, was cast in shadow. You stepped in slowly, eyes fighting to adjust to the dark. “I need you.”
Your steps faltered, coming to a halt completely half way towards his bed. “What?” You couldn’t bring yourself to keep moving. “I said I need you to get me water.” No the hell you didn’t. You blinked slowly, “o-okay I’ll go grab you some.” You left the room quickly, rubbing clammy palms against your uniform. You had initially gotten up so early to go and train.
“Damnit.” He grumbled against his pillow, foggy mind parting to give him a moment of clarity. “She isn’t ready yet, how sad.” He could smell the alcohol on his breath, groaning as his head began to twitch with a headache. If he wanted you, he needed to do it when he was at full strength. Not when he got bored and nearly drunk himself sick a few hours prior. There was only so much patience he had after all, it was getting hard with you living in the same house.
You placed the cup on his bedside table, trying to leave the room quietly. “One more thing.” His voice was groggy but a little bit clearer this time. “Yes?” You stopped at his doorway, realizing as he turned around to grab the water that he was shirtless. “Come back to my room around noon, I’d like to have a chat with you.” You let out a quick okay before stumbling out of the room. Air, I need air.
You gasped when you hit the backyard. Running your hands through your hair, you forced yourself to sit on the steps. Your fear towards your master had only built up as time went on. He could kill you at any second, regardless of corps rules. You felt more like his slave than his tsugoku, constraint training just to refuse you any missions. You didn’t want the few months off, you wanted to be on the field.
“I’m going insane.” You buried your face in your hands. It wasn’t just fear that was beginning to make you crumble.It was the hot and cold attitude of the wind pillar. There were times where he actually praised you during training, more so in a backhanded way but it was praise nonetheless in your eyes. And then there were times where he was brutal, tearing you down about every single thing you did.
That wasn’t even the worst of it. It was the odd tender moments, the lingering touches, the longing stares. You were by no means oblivious to your master’s desire. You probably would have even encouraged it if he didn’t scare the living shit out of you. You were walking on eggshells around this man, holding your breath when he lingered too long. That was no way to live, and it certainly was no way to try and pursue a relationship.
Yet your heart still ignores your brain.
You find yourself craving his touch after it disappears. You find yourself wanting to run your hands through his hair and trace all his scars. It made you nauseous. How could you possibly find yourself falling for the man who could quite frankly end your life and get away with it. You pulled your face from your hands, standing up and making your way further back towards the training grounds. “I just need to clear my head.”
You went through each form of wind breathing at least twelve times. Only stopping when the sun was nearly at its peak in the sky. You wiped the sweat from your brow, Sanemi’s words ringing through your head. “Shit!” You needed to bathe first, you were covered in sweat. “I should have time…” you took back off towards his estate, running through the halls until you got to your own bathroom.
You began undressing as quickly as you could, you silently prayed the water would be warm enough by the time you got in. “I thought I told you to meet me at noon?” You froze with your leg half way out of your uniform pants, turning slowly to see Sanemi standing in the doorway. “M-master! I’m…not decent, what are you doing!” Your hands came up to hold your breasts, the binding was still on them but you covered them anyways.
“Answer my question.” His eyes were shamelessly roaming your body. For once you felt defiant. “I’m not answering your question! Get out!” Bad idea. The wood of the door actually splintered under his grasp. “Excuse me?” Your hands began to shake, you blinked at him slowly before dropping your head down. “I was supposed to meet you, I’m sorry master.”
“Now was that so difficult? Is a bath more important than me?” He was stepping into the room now, closing the door behind him. “No master. It isn’t.” You want to cry, hands shaking as you move to pull your pants back up. “Did I say you couldn’t take a bath?” You froze again, head lifting slowly to meet his eyes. “No you didn’t, master.” He smiled, one that would be comforting if you couldn’t feel the anger radiating off him.
“Then take your bath.” You blinked, slowly realizing what he planned on doing. “Okay…” you let your pants fall to the floor, stepping out of them to place them in the hamper. You began undoing your breast binding, turning your back to Sanemi so he didn’t see. The last step was your underwear, embarrassment flooding your cheeks as you dropped them to your ankles.
Sanemi watched you with a smile on his face, eyes taking in every ounce of bare skin you gave him. He felt his dick twitch to life, shifting slightly to try and ignore it. He wasn’t going to take you in the bathroom of all places, he’d wait till you were clean and ready to talk. That was the gentleman thing to do, no?
You sunk into the water, slightly relieved that it was warm. “Are you going to watch me bathe?” You looked up at him, sinking enough that the water covered your breasts. “I am, since I can’t seem to trust you to be on time.” His arms folded, looking at him properly now you realized he was still shirtless. A black kimono hung around his waist, but that was it.
You looked away, busying yourself with cleaning off the quickest you could. “Do you need help?” You felt embarrassment flood your cheeks again, looking down at your body through the rippling water. “I’m okay, thank you.” You finished scrubbing yourself, turning away from him as you stood up. You reached for the towel you placed by the head of the tub, wrapping it around you before stepping out.
“I’ll give you ten minutes, I expect you in my room no later.” He left, leaving you dripping wet and alone in your bathroom. What the hell is going through his head? You ran to your room, drying off and changing as quickly as you could. The genuine fear you felt of disappointing him and the consequences that would follow fueled you.
You tied the string to your kimono messily, trying your damn hardest to dry your hair but giving up out of frustration. You had to assume nearly ten minutes had passed, so you were out your door and making your way to his room. “I hope I wasn’t late, I'm so sorry master.” I still don’t understand why I’m apologizing. You mentally scolded yourself when you saw him sitting on his bed.
“You’re lucky, you are a whole minute early. Kneel before me.” You raised your eyebrow, he wanted you to kneel before him? You did as you were told anyways, kneeling before him on the wooden floor. You bowed your head, eyes focusing on the floor just before his feet. “You’re so obedient, minus that little incident earlier.” You stilled completely as a calloused hand came up to touch your cheek.
“You can look at me, you know.” A second hand came up to cup your other cheek, gently lifting your face to look at him. For the first time since being appointed as his tsugoku, he looked calm…happy even. You remained silent, letting him hold your face. “I just wanted to ask you a few things. You’ve been my tsugoku for nearly a month now. You live in my house with me now. And yet I feel like I don’t really know you.”
You could only blink at him, unsure of how to proceed. This certainly wasn’t the man you’ve known up until this point. Certainly not the man that just intruded on your bath and forced you to bathe in front of him. “Are you okay with me asking you questions?” The rough pad of his thumb brushed your cheekbone. Such a tender act had you melting into his touch. “Yes master.”
How cute.
“You’re so beautiful. Why would someone like you join the corps?” You were slightly confused, the question seemed to be something he was asking himself. “Why?” Your hands slowly came up to press against his own. “You must be an idiot.” You stared at him in disbelief, there he goes again with the hot and cold behavior. “No really. You must be stupid to join the corps.” His grip tightened slightly, panic spiking in your chest.
“What questions do you have, master?” You needed to change the subject, quickly. “Do you plan on marrying?” Well that’s not any better than the last question. You flinched, what were you supposed to say? This was clearly some sort of test. “I do…but not any time soon.” Was honesty your best route? You decided to maintain eye contact, watching his face morph and shift into different emotions before settling on disgust.
“You really think someone would marry you?” What? What kind of test was this? “I’d like to hope so.” You mentally cursed yourself, he was going to keep going. “How about kids? Do you want to be a mother?” His hands we’re still on your face, holding it as if it were a precious gem. You wanted to get away from him, the conversation was taking a turn that made a pit form in your stomach. What is he trying to figure out?
“I…I think I'd like kids.” His face lit up as your stomach dropped. He let go of your face, standing up so your face was level with his groin. “How perfect. I think we were made for each other.” You felt your cheeks flood with embarrassment, eyes looking anywhere but in front of you. “I have a choice for you, y/n.” You held in a gasp at Sanemi’s use of your first name.
You remained silent, watching him move around his bed towards the sliding doors that led to the outside. The ones that were currently letting in a breeze, the only reason you felt like you weren’t suffocating. You dug your nails into your thighs as he dragged the doors shut. You didn’t know what he was about to say, but now you only had one escape route.
“I can either hurt you so badly that you’ll be crippled for the rest of your life…” your eyes flew wide, the urge to go from kneeling to crouching taking over. “Or you can mother my children. Those are your choices, sweetheart.” You were standing before you even realized it, he was absolutely insane. You turned to make a run for it, yelling in shock as his arm wrapped around your waist. “You aren’t nearly as fast as you need to be to outrun me. Plus we are just having a conversation.”
You clawed at his arms, kicked your legs, anything to try and loosen his grip. “It seems you forget who you’re up against.” He lifted you with ease, carrying you over and dropping you on his bed. You made an attempt to get up and try running again, but it truly was useless. Not when his thighs encased your hips, he sat nearly his full weight on your abdomen.
Large hands came down to grab each of your wrists, pinning them above your head. “What is your answer?” The crazed look in his eyes had you thrashing under him, not a single attempt worked. The pressure on your lower half began to morph into something else, something that had you questioning your own sanity. “W-what?” Your attempts at getting away slowly stopped.
“I gave you two options, you already fucking forgot?” He looked utterly disgusted with you. “Seriously, how do you expect to survive on your own when you can’t even remember a simple question.” The grip on your wrists tightened, earning Sanemi a shrill cry of pain from you. He waited until you had stopped, chest still heaving as he looked at you. “Do you want me to hurt you? Or knock you up? Those are your only two choices.”
“I want neither, I want to go back to my normal life.” Why did you ever agree to being his tsugoku? He clicked his tongue, eyes trailing over your body. He could feel every twitch, every shiver. “That wasn’t an option.” He switched to holding your wrists with just one hand, pulling the belt of his own kimono off. “I’ll just have to make the choice for you.” He began tying your wrists together, feeble cries to stop fell on deaf ears. His hips moved lower, the pressure of his body weight was now directly on top of your cunt.
“W-what choice will you make?” You're getting lost in his warmth, the way his hands slowly glide down your arms to your sides and back again. “You’re too special to me. I don’t think I’d be able to live with myself if I hurt you that bad.” His head lowered until his breath was fanning your neck. Your stomach squeezed at the realization of what his choice meant, nausea washing over you “no…no no wait… master… Shina…Shinazugawa!” His lips were pressing into the bare skin of your neck.
Goosebumps followed everywhere his lips touched. “So responsive.” He cooed against your skin, hands slowly coming down to rest on your waist. “You’ll be such a good mother.” His teeth sunk into the junction between your neck and shoulder. You could feel the pressure of his teeth biting into your skin, breath stopping the second you felt your skin begin to break. “Stop! Please!” Warm blood trickled down behind your shoulder and onto the mattress. Tears burned your eyes as blunt teeth finally let go.
His tongue lapped at your skin until the bleeding slowed. “I’m going to consume every single inch of you.” His lips pressed into your ear as he whispered, slowly kissing until he hovered just above your lips. You whined, you could smell your blood on his lips. You knew what was coming next, his mouth pressed to yours in a bruising kiss that tastes metallic. You didn’t want to submit, submitting was what ended you here in the first place. But the hands on your waist, slowly climbing to cup your breasts.
You slowly felt yourself becoming putty in his hands. The pleasure that coursed through you from his warmth alone was intoxicating, inviting even. The twinge from between your legs betrayed any sense of logic you felt. “These would look so pretty filled with milk. You know that? They’d be so tender, so plush and warm.” Saliva connected your lips as he spoke, slowly pulling apart your kimono. “They’d be so sensitive too.”
Your eyes squeezed shut, “d-dont talk like that.” You felt him begin to laugh, pulling your kimono off completely to fully expose your breasts “Why not? It’s the truth.” You hated how responsive your body was to him. His tongue began roaming your breasts, nipping softly as the plush skin. “You know, you made things so easy for me. You are so trusting, so naive.” He poked his tongue at your nipple, watching the way it hardened. Your brows furrowed, teeth sinking into the side of your cheek in effort not to moan.
“W-why do you - ohh - say that?” His lips wrapped around the perked bud, licking and sucking slowly. His lips left you reluctantly. “Because you did everything I ever asked of you, you did it without ever questioning me. Are you sure you don’t want this?” He kissed across your sternum to your other breast. You blinked up at his ceiling in surprise, did you want this or not? You couldn’t figure it out. Another cry left your lips when his teeth sunk down on the sensitive bud.
Your cries only fueled his own arousal, cock beginning to harden completely. “You’ll look so fucking perfect with a swollen stomach, carrying my baby so proudly.” His lips sunk lower, pulling your kimono apart more. You shivered as his tongue lapped at your skin, only to tense seconds later as his teeth sunk into your waist. “W-wait!” Your back arched in effort to get him off, teeth sinking and cutting your flesh for the second time.
Tears burned your eyes as warm blood trickled down your skin to the mattress for a second time. “Your blood is so sweet.” Your chest heaved as he spoke, the pain from his first bite was still pulsing on your shoulder. He moved lower still, pulling the rest of your kimono apart. “You didn’t even bother with underwear?” You would hide your face if your hands weren’t tied. You felt his breath ghost over your cunt, a small whimper leaving your lips
You let him spread your thighs apart easily, despite the biting he was being gentle. You mentally scolded yourself for relaxing into his touch. The second his teeth began scraping at your thigh you braced yourself. The feeling shot straight to your clit, heat flooding your cheeks as you realized how wet you had become. “So soft.” He mumbled against your skin, so much so that you barely understood what he was saying.
You felt butterflies in your stomach each time his teeth grazed your skin, silently waiting for the pain. “I almost can’t bring myself to mark these…” his hands rested on your thighs as well. “Then..don't.” You shivered as he kissed the junction between your thigh and cunt. “I said almost, sorry sweetheart.” You gasped loudly as his teeth sunk into your other thigh, biting hard enough to hurt but not enough to break the skin.
“Master! Please stop…stop teasing.” You were going insane. His teeth sunk deeper, pulling another cry from your lips. “Oh? So you want this now?” He was hovering just centimeters over your cunt, you blinked down at him absolutely confused. Do I want this? He pulled away from your cunt all together. “If you want it so badly, I’ll give it to you.” You watched with slight horror as he undressed completely, hardened cock slapping against his stomach.
“W-wait wait…” the realization of what was about to happen making your whole body tense. He was going to take you with no preparation. “No, I’m sick of waiting.” His hands gripped your thighs with such force you visibly flinched. “You’re wet enough, you’ll hug me so well sweetheart. Thank you for making me realize how long I was taking. You’re so eager to be full of me aren’t you? You’ll make such a good mother.”
“M-master please! I want your mouth first! I’ll do anything.” He was too big to be taken with no preparation, you swallowed your pride and began to beg. He didn’t seem convinced, but he did stop. “M-master…please. I want to feel your tongue, I want to feel your mouth on my pussy. Please…” your voice cracked, tears threatening to fall if he didn’t give in. “The things you do to me sweetheart…” he lowered again, a sigh of relief leaving your lungs as he lowered himself to his knees.
The grip on your thighs is still bruising, but now he was kissing along your labia and making his way towards your pulsing clit. You locked eyes with him, a smirk crawling up his lips before he buried his face between your legs. Your breathing stopped all together as his tongue began lapping hungrily. Your tied hands began to twitch as his assault on your clit was already too overwhelming. “M-master…” you sighed as his lips wrapped around the pulsing bud, sucking harshly.
“Y-you know…if my hands weren’t—ha—tied…” you swallowed thickly “I’d like to…to bury my hands in your h-hair master…” maybe if I can convince him to untie me…I can get away. You felt him begin to laugh, pulling away from your cunt for just a second to say “not until I can trust you to not run away.” Shit. He truly could see through every single lie. Every single bargain you had that didn’t coax him into touching you more…was simply ignored.
His kissed your clit a few times before pulling away, using two fingers to spread your lips apart. “How pretty.” He cooed more so to himself than to you, you couldn’t bring yourself to look down. “So warm and inviting, I can even see you contracting.” You squirmed, walls spasming from trying to reach your orgasm that Sanemi let fizzle away. The sound of him spitting made you jolt with shock, head flying upwards to look down at him. You could feel his saliva drip back out of you, slowly leaking down onto his sheets.
“Silly me…” you watched in silent awe as he recollected whatever had fallen. Using two fingers he forced it back into you, the sudden intrusion wasn’t even as jarring as his spit. He forced your hips upwards, that way nothing would leak out as he spit again, using his own saliva and your arousal to pump his fingers at a deadly pace. Squelching noises filled the room in time with your moans, completely and utterly lost in the pleasure that you had almost denied yourself of.
“See sweetheart? You’re mine. This body of yours? Mine. This pussy? Mine?” He was babbling out so many possessive terms you found yourself nodding in agreement. “All—Ahhh—all yours master!” What the hell were you saying? The orgasm he denied you of only a few minutes prior was building again, your whole body tensing as his calloused fingers hit every point perfectly. His tongue returned to your aching clit, tongue moving side to side in perfect rhythm.
“M-master!” Your back arched, crying out as you spilled all over his chin and fingers. Sanemi didn’t slow down until your back had hit the mattress again, pulling his two fingers out and smirking as he stood. “Open.” He held them by your mouth, smiling as you lazily opened your mouth like he asked. Your tongue swirled around his fingers, not really caring for the taste of your own arousal. But at least it was tolerable.
“See? I treat you so well. I make you feel so good.” He kissed your cheek, your forehead, your nose and lastly your lips. You couldn’t seem to remember why you didn’t want this in the first place, he treated you so well. “More…please.” It seems everything had left your mind, Sanemi himself was a bit surprised by your change in behavior. “You want more?” You nodded lazily, reaching out to touch him despite your tied hands.
He could have crumbled on the spot.
“I knew you’d come around sweetheart, Master will give you everything you could ever want.” You welcomed his kiss, too lost in your own pleasure to care anymore. At least you’d be safe with him, right? You felt him pushing your thighs a little further apart, a shiver passing over you when the bulbous head of his cock pressed into you. “It won’t hurt that bad…” he was still big, regardless of how much preparation.
You stiffened slightly, eyes watering as he pressed further into you. His head fell to your shoulder, kissing around the wound he had inflicted on you. You tried to relax yourself, the burning sensation easing as he sunk further in. “So fucking tight…” he was panting agaisnt your skin, you had never felt so full in your entire life. “Almost there…” you merely choked when you realized he still hadn’t bottomed out yet.
You gasped, hands searching for something to grab despite still being tied together with his kimono’s belt. You could feel him pressing against your cervix, the bones of his hips pressing harshly into the bottom of your thighs. Your walls were spasming uncontrollably, you could feel every single inch, every single vein that ran up his shaft. “M-master…” you babbled incoherently, watching through watery eyes as he propped himself back up to hover over you.
“You look so beautiful like this.” His eyes trailed from your face all the way down to where he was buried inside of you. “Can I move?” You nodded feebly, fingers aching to find purchase on his skin. Sanemi’s hips started off slow, giving you time to adjust to the sensation before picking up into a steady pace. Whimpers and moans tumbled from your lips each time he grazed the sensitive spot that had you seeing stars. “M-master….” You whined, back arching in a way that had him hitting every spot just right.
“Does that feel good?” He grabbed your thigh and pushed it further up, allowing him to hit even deeper. “You look so fucked out, how cute.” He pushed harder, tip kissing your cervix before he drew back out again. He continued like this until he seemingly got bored, “hold on…” he mumbled more so to himself than you, pulling out completely. “M-master?” You whined at the emptiness you felt.
He flipped you around without saying another word, leaving you so your tied hands were still above your head as your face pressed into the mattress. You grimaced slightly as you were dangerously close to the bloodstain your shoulder had left. “M-master?” You allowed him to push you upwards until your knees sunk into the plush material. “Sorry sweetheart, wanted to try a different position.” He placed a kiss on your lower back, cock head slipping between your folds
He plunged into you again, a shrill cry leaving you as his pace turned brutal. Every ounce of sweetness has been to try and gain your trust. You realized with absolute horror as he continued to pound into you ruthlessly. You tried to claw at the sheets, knees digging further into the mattress as he continued to abuse your aching cunt. Over and over and over he penetrated your walls so harshly you were seeing stars
“Sorry—ha—sorry sweetheart…can’t fucking hold back anymore.” You cried at the sudden switch, just like his hot and cold attitude had been this whole time. Reality was slowly clawing at your mind, but his dick was doing a far better job at keeping it away. A constant stream of curses and moans left your lips as each and every thrust slammed into your cervix. So much so that you were starting to lose feeling in your legs. “You’re going to look so good as a mother.” His gruff voice still managed to pull you from your haze.
“Please…p-please don’t.” He was burying himself so deep with each thrust it began to hurt. You knew he was close to coming, you could feel his cock twitching. He pressed into your cervix again, holding himself there with a cruel smirk on his face. “What was that?” You tried to blink the tears blurring your vision away. “Don’t…don’t come inside… please master.” He pulled you up by your hair, turning your face so he could see at least part of it.
“Oh…my sweetheart” he began, swiping away your tears with his thumb. Your moment of clarity being pushed away so easily under his touch. “I’m not wasting this. How else am I supposed to get you pregnant?” You blinked the tears away, melting into him with closed eyes. It was pointless, once his mind was made there was no changing it. He pulled back again, quickly picking up the pace. You squealed as your orgasm washed over you, not even realizing you had been so close.
“That’s right, come on my cock sweetheart.” Your walls spasmed over and over as he didn’t slow, quickly overstimulating you. Sanemi only thrusted a few more times before burying himself deep. The head of his cock pressing into your cervix was almost too painful to handle as he came. As your ears stopped ringing you realized you were crying, a wet puddle forming under your cheek. “Calm down, you’re fine.” He kissed your cheek, licking away the salty tears.
You couldn’t muster the energy to speak, knowing full and well he wasn’t going to let you leave that position for a while. Slowly, sleep enveloped you. The sheer exhaustion from your training paired with what you just did became too much to handle.
You blinked slowly, eyes adjusting to the dark room. The sun had set outside and the world was cast in shadows. You felt warm and cold at the same time, moving your body a bit only to flinch in surprise. Everything hurt. You tried to turn, eyes closing as sleep attempted to win you back over. “Fuck!” Your eyes flew open again at the tearing sensation you felt. Like reopening a half healed cut.
That’s when everything came back to you.
“No…no no…no way.” You mumbled to yourself, desperate to try and sit up. There is no way that happened. That was all just a bad dream. The aches, pains and cramping told you otherwise. “Oh you’re awake.” Your eyes frantically searched for the source of his voice. Your eyes landed on him sitting just outside the bedroom, the doors to the outside pulled wide open. The breeze was rustling his bed head, eyes trailing over to you lazily.
You remained silent, sitting up the best you could without causing too much pain. He walked over to you slowly, his kimono was back on him with his chest exposed. “You shouldn’t move around too much. I don’t want my hard work to go to waste.” Your stomach churned as you realized what he meant. “Once we confirm you’re pregnant I’ll talk to Ubuyashiki. Depending on his reaction I’ll either tell him I’m the father…or I’ll say you’re a whore.”
He sat on the edge of the bed, hand coming up to touch your cheek. “Either way, you’re out of commission. We’ll marry either during your pregnancy or after you give birth. Then again it really depends on Ubuyashiki.” He began chuckling to himself “I’m marrying you regardless. Maybe I’ll look like the savior.” Your heart was falling into your stomach. “Hopefully he isn’t mad.” What? Why was that your biggest concern?
“Oh sweetheart, I hope he isn’t.” This was your life now, you would marry the man in front of you and mother his children. All your hard work was gone, you nearly killed yourself trying to learn wind breathing. It was all for nothing. “Oh don’t cry…” he kissed your forehead, “everything will be okay. I’ll make sure of it.” You wanted to push him away, the cramping in your uterus only confirmed the thing you didn’t think you wanted. And yet you still stuttered out…
“W-we can always try again, if this doesn’t work, master.”
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honeybuv · 7 months ago
Apparently wattpad writers are stealing stories now?!
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
I just found this on my timeline and they stole @miggiisdumb 's sanemi smut and another writer's work which I forgot sadly
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tinandabin · 2 months ago
I had this crazy idea so it would be awesome if you wrote it🌸
Ok so this idea is like a yandere hashiras x fem or gn reader
And well reader is the creator of the anime demon slayer and she is from our universe...but what would happen if she accidentally made a portal that teleported all of the hashiras in her house?(btw she has a big ass house cause she is rich)and then she has to explain to them wth is happening even tho she is shocked herself and even teaching them how to use modern stuff and they are not used to it at all,but all of them slowly loosing their minds over her
⁽⁽ଘ( ˊᵕˋ )ଓ⁾⁾
Have a great day/night 🤍
I was like reading some yandere Erwin and then saw the word mansion and immediately remembered this request and this. I love this. I NEED TO WRITE THIS NOW. I hope you enjoy this because I sure as hell did.
So you were just kind of chilling in your big ass mansion ( spare some money ).
When all of a sudden you hear crashing, and not the type of when a vase fells over.
It was like at least 5 fucking bodies fell over.
Is someone dumping dead bodies t your home?? Hello??? This is not a graveyard??
And so cautiously you grabbed a pan, very hard pan, and wore a helmet and barged into the room where you heard the noise from.
Only to see your creations. No not the ones which come from your vagina.
The goddamn hashiras.
Sanemi was yelling at Giyuu who was just standing.
Shinobu was checking out the new place as Iguro comforted Misturi.
And Muichiro being Muichiro was being Muichiro.
Gyomei had somehow already started praying in some language that you cant understand.
And well...Uzui was going through your extra wardrobe. The emergency one.
Which had like all your underwear or bras and some sweatshirts, dresses and stuff, yeah?
The first one to notice you was Kyojuro while you stood there with your own, Tanjiro disturbed expression.
And for some weird reason, on his part, he felt oddly comforted by your presence.
I mean you are there creator.
The second to notice you was Muichiro who had somehow without your knowledge been throwing rocks at Giyuu.
And one by one, all the hashiras noticed you.
There came the threats and questions.
"HEY BITCH, WHAT IS THIS THING??!" Sanemi screeched at the toaster.
"This is an amazing generation!" Grinning, Uzui announced as he continued to go through your clothes and jewellery.
"My my, you have your own aquarium?" Softly smiling at the fishes, Shinobu looked at you.
"KYAA!!! THESE PLUSHIES ARE SO CUTE!!" Mitsuri exclaimed, hugging all of your animal plushies already wearing one of your cow onesies.
"This is very relaxing, thank you." Gyomei politely thanked you as he continued to listen to prayers from all around the world.
And honestly, you have tortured Giyuu enough so you are helping him interact with your dog, who may I add is very friendly.
"C'mon, Giyuu!"
"It don't bite."
But in the end, you have accomplished your task and Giyuu is not leaving your dog alone. Someone save your dog.
And let us say that you had been planning to also get a snake because you are super fucking rich and so had a room ready for all the stuff needed for snakes and stuff and boy, OBANAI LOVES IT. AND SO DOES KABURAMARU.
And Kyojuro is just scouring your fridge and literally eating anything that comes into view.
It takes some time, but they all get accustomed in modern times and pretty much over the fact they used to be fictional and you are their creator.
They all have their own rooms with all the things they like and you made sure to hide the plushies and stuff you have of them.
Soon enough, they start getting...yandere-ish.
Some are possesive others are controlling, obsessive, toxic, too loving, you name it.
It's been a few months since they have started living with you and they have started showing their tendencies more.
You all are hanging out in your living room a movie on and sounds of snacks getting snatched.
Suddenly, you get a call and it's your friend, more so your best friend, asking if you wanted to hang out currently.
Now it would be rude if you just left the hashiras but you did kind of make their characters understand so surely, they would understand?
They did understand, bit forcefully, but they did.
"Why can't you just stay?" Sadly, Giyuu mumbled as your dog also whined at you.
"For once in his life, Tomioka is right," Sanemi grumbled, feeling salty.
Tching, Obanai completely ignored whatever you just said and continued to watch the now boring movie.
"Yes, (Name)-chan! Do you not like us anymore..?" Slightly sniffling, Mitsuri looked at you with tears in her eyes as her bottom lip trembled.
"Guys, it may be something..important for (Name)-chan to leave," Smiling a bit harshly at others, Shinobu decided to be the one to have logic and asked them to kindly fuck off.
"Kocho is right, I hope you come back safe, (Name)." Smiling at you, Gyomei listened to the movie as you had got them those things you know in movies for blind people? It narrates the movie I think.
Blowing some gum, Uzui looked at the television with boredom before asking, "Can I come with you?"
"No, sorry. It would be..weird. Plus I don't look forward to chaos." Denying it immediately, you looked at Uzui before going to change your clothes.
"I don't want her to leave," Muichiro mumbled, sighing at you not being with him.
"Shut it, brat." Obanai glared at Muichiro who threw a rock at him.
All this while Kyojuro had been creepily quiet when he suddenly proposed the idea of a few of them following you and a few of them staying back and getting a....surprise ready for you.
They decided to send Shinobu, Giyuu, and Muichiro to stalk on you both while the others got your so-called surprise ready.
Sanemi was in charge of making sure they have got enough chains, ropes, whatever.
Uzui was the one who had rightfully so collected the part of choosing what you wear.
Gyomei had to make sure you were comfortable and all that, kind of like your therapist and like he had to make you trust him a lot and stuff so you could spill ( if you had any ) escape plans.
Giyuu was the one who would make sure you are not doing anything suspicious...I mean he is pretty quiet, to say the least so he is also the certified stalker.
Shinobu decided to take care of your fishes and your health in your stead.
Mitsuri and Kyojuro would make sure you get all the vitamins, tasty food all that nice stuff.
Muichiro was originally gonna help you keep your fitness up but he is too soft for you so he will be taking care of your studies ( if you are taking any extra courses ) and if you aren't he is just your warrantied teddy bear. Giyuu is too.
And Obanai can be strict when he wants to, tho even he is a big softie but whatever, he is the one who takes care of your fitness and stuff.
Now, that is how they divided the roles.
Punishments?? No. Just no. It would be fucking hell escape. ESCAPE. NOW.
As you are their creator you know of their traits and what more likely they would do.
So if you played your cards right you might end up tricking quite a few of them.
But sadly for you, they are also smart and they know you are gonna do this.
They are now too extra careful.
"(Name)-chan isn't eating..again.." Mitsuri glanced at the others gathered in the kitchen as she told them the daily report. You haven't eaten in 3 days.
"Goddamn brat.." Sanemi pinched the bridge of his nose before grabbing the bowl full of soup as he stormed towards your room.
"Open your mouth." Pushing the spoon in front of your lips, Sanemi demanded you open up your mouth as the rest of the hashiras were gathered around.
You continued to stare at the wall, ignoring their presence.
Honestly, you are tired. You have had enough.
"Hey, Sanemi didn't your mother kill your siblings?" Tauntingly smiling at Sanemi, you stared at him. Bitch move? Yes. You care? Nah.
The spoon dropped from his hands and fell on the pristine white blankets, staining it as Sanemi stood frozen.
Shinobu took the bowl from him before it could also drop.
"Ah ah, hey, Giyuu?" You called towards him, who was cuddled up towards your left side.
"You know Sabito died because of you? Even your sister."
"Oh, Shinobu? Surely Kanae is looking at you with disdain, huh?"
"What a nasty scar you have, Obanai."
"Mitsuri, I can get why no one would wanna marry you."
"I am glad you are blind, Gyomei. I wouldn't want you to see yourself in a mirror."
"I wonder why you were the one to survive, Uzui.."
"Kyojuro, Senjuro is probably getting abused by your father because of you."
"Muichiro, you are so, so, so, stupid...I pity you."
The next thing you know is your tongue has been cut off.
I will maybe make a part! Most likely.
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eveofwriting · 5 months ago
Yandere giyuu, tanjiro, sanemi,and and rengoku (separate) on their darling's birthday?
Tumblr media
[I didn’t know if this was specifically because it’s your birthday or something, so if it is, happy LATW LATE LATE LATE LATE LATE LATE LATE LATE LATE LATE birthday!]
Yandere Tanjiro
★ Tanjiro is a very generous and giving person already, so you can probably imagine how he is when it comes to his darling’s birthday.
★ He’ll ask a few weeks in advance if you wanted anything specific for a present, and if not it was up to his creativity.
★ You can expect to get a ton of gifts from him either way, he tends to spoil you, to be honest.
★ He’ll want to make your birthday special and memorable, so he’d probably take you to his or your own favourite spot to spend time with you.
★ Unless you’re kidnapped which is a whole different story.
Yandere Giyuu
★ Giyuu wouldn’t be as affectionate as Tanjiro, but that doesn’t mean he won’t spoil the shit out of his darling.
★ I mean physical and verbal affection are vastly different when it comes to him.
★ He would be more physically affectionate in my opinion, and more likely for him to be quieter about your birthday.
★ Honestly you probably expected him to get you a gift, but he definitely went all out in terms of gifts.
★ I mean it’s all based on perspective, but he would get whatever you’ve stated you wanted in the past month or so.
★Trust me, he pays attention to what you say.
Yandere Sanemi
★ Sanemi is a bit violent altogether and it wouldn’t surprise me if his darling was afraid of him.
★ Who knows though, that doesn’t change the general surprise when it comes to how he treats you.
★ Sanemi is softer when it comes to his darling, but his personality doesn’t change much toward you overall.
★ So you’d be surprised that he got you a present ln your birthday, or that he remembered it at all, honestly.
★ He makes sure to make it worth your while.
Yandere Rengoku
★ He loves his darling so so so so so fucking much, prepare to be spoiled beyond belief.
★ Like more than all three of the others combined.
★ He’ll get you anything (besides freedom and or anything to kill him or harm yourself with.)
★ After all, nothing is too good for his darling!
★ I can’t imagine him throwing a party or anything, especially if it’s a surprise party, because I doubt he could keep something like that a secret from you, especially when he’s so eager.
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just-some-yandere-writer · 3 months ago
‘Please don’t hurt me’ pt. 0
Yandere Sanemi x male!reader
warnings: abuse, kidnapping, starvation, knives, injuries, unhealthy relationship, unhealthy mindset.
Tumblr media
The food is burnt.
The food is burnt, and you’re going to get hurt because of that.
The food is burnt, and you’re going to get hurt by your captor.
The food is burnt, and you’re going to get hurt by your captor who calls himself your husband.
‘Don’t panic, [Y/n]. Don’t panic. Panicking is only going to get you hurt even more. Just breathe. One, two, three, four. Four, three, two, one.’ After a minute of following the same rhythm, you pick up the pan and throw the rice in the trash. Quickly, you wash new rice and place it on the stove. Then, you chop up vegetables to go with the rice. ‘There’s only forty minutes before he comes back. I have to make this quick.’ Your stomach grumbles, but you ignore the pain.
‘It’s fine. It’s fine. I can deal with it. I’ll deal with it like I always have.’
Thirty minutes later, you turn of the stove and bring out one plate for your captor. You carefully pour the rice onto the plate, and it’s done.
The door slides open, and your captor comes into the house.
“I’m home!”He sings.
“Welcome home, dear! Did you enjoy your day out?” You cheerfully ask, twirling around. You bounce over to your captor and give them a quick kiss on the cheek.
“My day was wonderful! It was so nice to talk to people today!” Your captor laughs, and kisses you back.
You resist the urge to wince.
“Dinner is prepared! I hope you like it, it was made with all of my love!”
“Aww! Thank you so much, [Y/n]! You’re the sweetest person in the world!”
You laugh, and hand the plate to his spot at the small, square table. Your captor sits, takes some chopsticks out of your hands, and eats.
Staring at the meal, your stomach cries. It’s hungry, it wants food, food, food, food, FOOD- luckily, it doesn’t make any noise. It’s learnt its lesson a while ago.
“Is the food to your liking?”You ask.
Your captor nods.
“Would you like anything else?”
He shakes his head.
The room goes silent, and the time ticks by, each second making you more and more anxious.
‘He likes it. He likes the food. He likes it, but what if I did something wrong? I don’t think so, I really don’t. I went by the exact procedure, so I may not get hurt-’
A knock at the door.
They’re three, loud knocks. Loud, but not enough to break the door.
“Oh, dear! It looks like we have a visitor! I’ll go get the door for you.”
After saying that, you twirl over to the door and slide it open. Behind it is a white-haired main with lavender eyes that are shrunk. His chest is exposed, and he’s wearing a white haori over his… uniform? He holds a sword fastened to his belt.
“Hello! What can I do for you?” You greet. It’s safe to be nice. Be nice, and you won’t get hurt by the man at the door.
“I wanted to know if you’ve seen anything weird around here lately.” He asks. His lavender eyes stare deep into your soul.
‘why does he seem so familiar…’
You break eye contact, looking right next to him.
“Nope! Sorry, I haven’t seen any weird things around here. I’ll keep an eye out if you decide to come back!”
‘Oh no. Was that too nice? He can hear!! I might get hurt- oh no-‘
The man at the door nods, saying “Thank you. And with that, he walks away.
You close the door, leaning on it for a few seconds before going back to your captor.
“Who was that?” He asks, now at the sink.
“Just some man asking us if we saw anything strange.”
“What did he look like?”
“Uh… white hair, purple eyes, long eyelashes.”
“…Don’t know him.”
“…I see you’re done with your food! Would you like me to prepare a bath for you?”
“Why were you acting so friendly with that man?”
Oh, no. It’s that moment. The moment you’ve been dreading.
‘This is why you never get your hopes up…’
“I-I’m sorry. I didn’t realize it was too friendly for you-”
“Are you mocking me?” He snarls.
“Wh-what? No, no, I’m not! I swear I’m not!”
He gets up from his spot. You fall to the floor, pleading to the man. “Please- please, forgive me! I didn’t mean to! I promise it won’t happen again! I promise, I promise, I promise! I swear on my left arm, it won’t happen again! Here-” You roll up your left sleeve. “You can cut it off, or carve your name on it! Just please, please don’t throw me out! I can be of more use, I swear!” You start sobbing, pathetically grabbing onto your captor’s sleeve. Pathetic. That’s what you are. A pathetic little human in an inescapable situation.
Your captor pets your head.
“Such a darling husband, offering your arm up to me.” He coos, and kisses the top of your head. There’s no warmth. “How about I carve my name in, hmm? Would that sound nice?”
You feverishly nod.
“Words, dear. I need words.”
The man’s grip on your arm tightens.
“Yes! Yes, that’d be nice! Anything to make up for my wrongdoing!”
No! No, it wouldn’t, it’d sound horrible! You hate that idea!
“Okay!” Your captor sings. “Just wait one second, and I’ll be back with the knife.”
No, no, no, please, god, no! Please! You curl yourself up onto the floor, shaking uncontrollably. ‘Why? Why am I always like this?! Stuck in this situation, no way to escape! I’m pathetic!’ Angry tears escape your eyes and stain the hardwood floor. You’re angry at yourself, for being too weak. Your captor, for putting yourself in this situation. But most of all, you’re mad at your parents! ‘Go with him’, they said, ‘nothing will go wrong!’ They said! ‘Well, look at your precious son now! Like this! He’s hating is life and is slowly rotting away day by day! How do you feel now?!’ You internally scream.
“I’m back!” You flinch at the voice, and look up with your tear-stained eyes. The person’s features soften, and they coo at your helpless state. “Aw, [Y/n]. You look so cute like that. This’ll only hurt for a bit, ‘Kay? Now, hold still!”
You got no sleep that night.
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jackrrabbit · a year ago
Bloodlust /// Sanemi x f!Reader (18+)
Tumblr media
Summary: A naive demon is waylaid by the Wind Hashira.
A/N: Might fuck around and get back into KNY…Sanemi is one mean bastard, and I’m here for it. Be warned—this is pretty brutal (not by canon standards, but still). ngl I’ve missed writing stuff like this 🥺
Tags/warnings: sadomasochism, noncon, hatefucking!!!! is def the best way to describe what happens in this fic, threats, violence, demon reader & demon things, primal, degradation, outdoor sex, bloodplay & marechi kink stuff, yandere? obsessive fixation ig, some creative liberties have been taken with canon
You’d almost forgotten what it feels like to be weak.
Strength came with the territory when you were turned into a demon, along with the hunger: all-encompassing, oppressive, like you’re starving every second you’re not eating. Apparently you’re better able to control your hunger than other demons, not that you’ve met many—none, actually, other than the one who turned you. He was the one who told you to exercise control, who told you that you’ve done well to stealthily pick off prey that wouldn’t be missed instead of attracting attention. He was the one who told you about demon slayers.
You almost laughed at the idea at the time. A group of humans who tried to resist demons? Tried to kill them? How? Every human you’ve encountered since you were turned—hunters, mostly, men who’d wandered into the woods looking for something to eat—has been pathetically weak against you. Life as a demon is simple. As long as you stay in the shadows and avoid the sun, you have nothing to fear.
Sometimes you daydream about making your way to a village and gorging yourself, but you don’t mind the hunger so much. You can get by on scraps. And besides, the demon who turned you warned you not to go overboard. He said to stay away from the humans’ notice—not that the threat of some human calling themselves a “demon slayer” bothered you. You know how strong you are; you can feel it in your blood, your muscles, your bones. You don’t understand how a flesh-and-blood human could threaten that.
You don’t understand…until you meet him. The Wind Hashira. You should’ve listened to the warnings about demon slayers.
It tastes bitter, and you try to ground yourself on that taste, the sharp, bitter-wet flavor of the grass and dew and earth because the slayer is shoving your face into the dirt and the copper from where you’re biting into your lip and holding back the sound of your voice. Not that he cares, probably. But you don’t think you could take hearing yourself moan for a human while he carves the shape of his cock into your pussy.
How did you…get here? Facedown, barely holding yourself up on your elbows, chest and stomach shoved into the grass with your back arched up and your kimono ridden above your hips… Fuck, you can barely remember the fight, his ability, him wrestling you into the earth and shoving his weight down on you and bringing his blade to his own arm and—
—his blood, so rich and thick and sweet that even recalling the smell of it sends a wave of heat through you and you whine under your breath. The hunger overtakes everything else you’re feeling, but only for a second before with a twitch of his hand the Hashira brings the edge of his sword to the tender skin of your throat. “Ah-ah,” he rasps out a laugh even though his voice is heavy and strained. “What was that? Are you starting to like it?”
“K-Kill you, I’ll—kill you,” you snarl, but you and him both know the threat is empty. You tried. And you failed.
“Fucking demon whore,” he spits, and the blade slips just enough to draw a hair-thin line of red across your neck, earning a yelp from you even though you don’t dare move any more for fear of letting it cut you deeper. When you go still, he grunts and you can hear him shifting position in the grass, angling your hips up so his cock can sink in again. “Asking for it…fuck…”
“I wasn’t—nngh—ah, ahhh, s-stop—you can’t—” Your words are coming out in babbles, barely intelligible but it’s his fault. He’s pushing up at your womb, pulling out in short, quick thrusts and slamming his cock back into your cunt so hard and rough it’s like he’s knocking the breath out of your lungs. It hurts, ithurtsithurtsithurts, an ache deep in your core and accompanied with a heat and tension that you hate even more than you hate the pain, because it means he’s right. You—no, your body, your traitorous pathetic weak body that submitted to his so easily—it’s starting to like this.
“How’s it feel?” He’s mocking you, fisting his fingers in your hair and wrenching your head back so he can look you in the eye. “Does it hurt?…it hurts, right? Good.”
“—i-it doesn’t—“ You don’t even believe it yourself.
“Yes…it does. Guess even a demon bitch like you can’t take me that easily.” Somehow the slayer’s hips keep pumping deeper, pushing his fat cock through your walls and against the entrance to your womb until you’re certain your unnatural healing can’t keep up with the bruising in your cunt. Your fingers are scrabbling in the grass, digging clawed nails into the earth—the little nick on your throat has already knitted itself back up, but the tension in your pussy is a dozen—a hundred—times worse.
“—stop, let me go—“ Debased. Lower than an animal. You’d be begging if you thought he would listen.
“‘Stop’? How are you going to...ungh, make me stop? Want to try to fight me off again?” He pulls out (you hate the way your cunt feels when he does, hot and slick and empty) and his grip on the sword slackens, easing up enough to give you a scanty inch of movement. “Go ahead, give it a try.”
The slayer’s taunting you—just like you taunted him at the start of this, when you first challenged him, when you thought he was a human—and, and somehow he is, still human and yet just as much a monster as you are. More. You’ve been cruel, you’ve done evil things, but you did them to survive. Fuck, you shouldn’t—shouldn’t have taunted him, shouldn’t have boasted, should’ve stayed hidden in the dark. You didn’t know. He wasn’t supposed to be this strong.
Your muscles are shaking from exertion as you brace your hands against the ground, trying to push up against the weight of his body so you can right yourself, but it’s futile. Within a second (less than a second) of your attempt to move, one of his scarred hands slaps over your wrist and crushes it back into the dirt, grip so tight you swear you can almost feel your bones grinding underneath. You snarl, try to twist yourself away from him but the hilt of his sword slams down flat against your other hand so hard you feel a dull pang of surprise that nothing actually breaks.
“So weak…try that again and I’ll use the sharp end.” His chest is moving back on top of yours, and you recognize the silent rhythm of the movement.
He’s laughing at you.
Weak. You know it’s true. You thought you were so strong, but compared to this Hashira you’re nothing. Pure unadulterated defeat is written in every cell of your body, and whatever animal instinct you have left from your human life is telling you to roll over and accept that he’s the predator, and you’re nothing more than prey. But the mockery, the ease with which he holds you down, the goddamn fucking laughter sparks a fresh wave of hatred and you thrash and squirm underneath his body. “You’re dead, you—I’ll kill you, I’ll tear you apart, they’ll be picking bits of you out of this forest for weeks—“
The red haze over your vision is so heavy that you barely notice the blade tilting into position—not over your skin, but against his. You only register what he’s doing when the glint of sunlight on the blade reflects brilliant white, and you catch a scarlet line of blood beading against it. You pull back, eyes going wide, trying not to inhale but your lungs betray you and,
oh ohhh fuck it smells good smells so good you want it you want it so fucking bad you’re going to die if you can’t taste it you need it you need it you NEED IT.
Your muscles go slack. You’re salivating already, dizzy from hunger, so intensely focused on the smell of his blood that you can’t help your compliance as he pulls your hips up into place and slips his cock back into your pussy. Only when it starts to hurt again—a dull soreness now, because he’s slowed his pace to push his thick shaft into you inch by inch—do you feel that same prickle of hatred and disgust, but who cares who cares that you’re getting fucked because the smell of his blood is driving you out of your mind with need.
You no longer have the self-control to hold back your voice, and when the slayer hears the pathetic little mewl dripping out of your mouth from the sensation of him filling you up, he laughs again. But this time you don’t care, you just want him, want his body, his blood. Your jaw snaps open and shut on instinct and you whine, pleading, because you’re past the point of believing that you can beat him.
“You like that? Want to taste?” His voice is softer now, but the vein of mockery still runs clear through every syllable.
Your head jerks up and down desperately and then he draws his hips back and slaps his cock between your aching walls, pushing a huffed “uhhn!” out of your lips—but you don’t pull away. You can tolerate this, if it means getting to taste that blood dripping down his fingers, over the sword grip still held in his palm, just to be wasted on the grass. Out of your reach.
“So docile now…think I could get used to this,” the slayer sighs, adjusting the position of his thighs so he can thrust into you lazily and deeply. “F-Fuck, you’re—tight, you know that? All hot and sticky inside…”
“—let me have it, need it I need it, why—“ Your head is spinning, feels like you’re…what? The intoxication is hitting some note deep in the recesses of your memory, a past life you aren’t supposed to be able to recall. Bitter taste on your tongue, liquid pouring, fuzzy edges bordering your vision. Drunkenness.
“Little demon bitch,” he growls, tapping the blade lightly against your neck when you snap your teeth at him again. “Said you were going to kill me, yeah? But now you’re moaning like a whore…”
You try to muster a denial, but you can’t.
The slayer’s other hand twists underneath the two of you to press up on your lower belly, pushing into the place where his cock is nudging up against your womb. You keen at the pressure, the slow friction against that little patch in your cunt that makes you slicker every time his cockhead passes over it. “Feel how deep I am in your cunt…? I can—feel your pulse on my cock, fuck.”
You can feel it too, your heartbeat echoed in the twitches of your pussy around his skin, quick and fluttering from the drunken stupor his blood has forced you into. Every sense is heightened, and the weight of his hand pushing up on your belly just makes it worse…or better. You’re not sure.
He swallows, and with his body on top of yours you can feel his heavy breathing puffing out over the bared skin of your neck. “Can demons even cum? If you can get wet, then you can cum too, right? I bet I can…bet I can make you cum, you fucking whore. Wouldn’t that be nice…get you creaming on my cock, make you my little fuckpet…”
His hand slips down from your belly to rub roughly at your cunt, pushing into your skin to seek out the little button at the top—and the feeling of his hands on you like this, the sharp jolt of pleasure somehow sends a splinter of clarity through your delirium. “No,” you wail, hearing how wanton you sound and hating it. “I can’t I can’t, please, please don’t make me—“
“Quiet.” His thick forearm wraps around your neck, tightening against your windpipe and cutting off your voice. “Learn your place, demon—the only reason you’re alive is because you’re a nice wet hole for me to use. So when I tell you to cum—“
His pace picks up, hips knocking yours deeper, splitting you apart while he swirls his fingers around that sweet spot—and then the smell of copper gets thicker and he’s pushing his bloody hand against your mouth—
“—you cum.”
You’re not sure whether it’s your cunt or the taste of his blood smearing over your lips that does it, but as soon as he says the word you shatter like glass. The heat is brutal horrible delicious and so overwhelming you’re surprised you’re conscious through it—every hair is standing up on end and your body pulls tight like a bowstring, arching your backside into his hips so you can feel every inch of your cunt sucking around him.
It’s bliss—sickeningly sweet, burning like fire through you—without thinking, you eagerly lick the scarlet liquid off his hand and fuck somehow, somehow, it tastes even better than it smelled—feels like you could live off just the blood in your mouth but you want more, you’d die for it, you’d do anything, and your teeth are bared ready to puncture his skin deeper when—
Cold steel slides up under your jaw, almost nicking one of the veins pumping blood up to your hazy brain. “Keep—ahh, yesss…d-damn it—keep still,” the slayer rasps. “No teeth.”
He’s not finished.
Every muscle in your body aches for you to ignore him, but the knowledge of how easily he could separate your head from your body makes you obey, dragging your tongue over his still-bleeding cut instead of biting down. You can hear the noises of damp skin against skin issuing out from where your bodies meet, but you’re not sure whether it’s from you lapping at his fingers or his cock pressing in and out of your sopping-wet cunt. Probably both. Not that it matters.
The slayer’s head lowers—you know it by the angle of his cock inside your twitching pussy and the faint tickle of his hair brushing against the skin of your neck—and then you feel his teeth sinking into the side of your throat. They’re blunt, of course, as harmless as any human’s, but the primal dominance of the action sends a shudder through you.
“Not bad…looks like demons are good for something after all. I think I might just keep you,” the slayer laughs. His voice is too close—you want to flinch back, spit at him, bite—but you can’t. You’re helpless.
You’re weak.
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writteninfate · 5 months ago
How yanderes Sanemi, Giyuu, Kyojuro and Akaza will react when their darling has abusive parents, who forcing their daughter to marry?
Sanemi was pissed. Your poor parents didn’t even have a chance to react before the angered hashira was literally kicking down their door. “Without you in the picture, babygirl will be happy. And I can’t wait to be the one to break the news to her!”
He chuckled, thumb pressing against his katana handle to unsheath it. “Look at you, so scared. Don’t worry, I won’t kill you. But I’ll make sure the demons will.”
He was hurt when he heard of the news, he even went to your parents to try to reason with them. Giving all the reasons on why you shouldn’t marry that bastard, but they weren’t listening to him. Hell, they even made fun of him.
So he would move onto plan B, whisking you away and kidnapping you. There won’t be any wedding if the bride isn’t there and Giyuu would take care of you better than anyone else could.
“I can not stand by and let this happen! I can better take care of your daughter than this pest ever could!” Kyujuro exclaimed, glaring at the parents in front of him. He’s never thought about hurting humans before, but now he’s wanting to burn them; wants to hear them scream in pain.
“Don’t you see that I am a better match for your daughter? Who wouldn’t want their daughter to be married to a hashira? Just say okay! If not, no one can get blessing from dead parents!”
I’ve never willingly ate trash before, but for her I would to make sure that fucker never steps in our lives again. Akaza thought as he glared at the man standing in your room. He saw how uncomfortable you were and how your parents were continuing doting on the man.
It pissed him off.
“Hello kitten,” Akaza said from the windowsill, hopping into the room and watching the annoyances try to run back. “Where do you think you’re going? Do you think you should walk away from being trying to give my kitten to someone else?”
Akaza growled, glaring at your parents before smiling at you. “Close your eyes and cover your ears kitten, this is about to get real messy.”
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minnie-mei · 5 months ago
I was leaning towards making sanemi a normal person, but like... would a normal person really agree to babysit a person that's obviously being trapped against their will somewhere? I don't think sanemi has to be a yandere to make it work, but he's gotta be a little unhinged in some way.
That’s what I was thinking ! you’re so right, I agree. I’m currently intending and just giving him some yandere tendencies but not much more than that. I do however really want to explore the idea of him and makio hating each other lmao bc they’re both pretty hot-headed. So maybe him messing with reader a little.
Sanemi has one time to raise his voice at the reader for Makio to bite his head off lol
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