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Tumblr media
— pairing: yandere ot7 x (f) reader — word count: 5.9k — warnings: yandere, stalking, obsessive behaviour, harrassment, mention of violence/bodily harm, 18+ — summary: You dreamed of the day you would get your very own soulmark. Though, you didn’t expect to wake up to a searing hurt in your arm, the phantom pain of your shoulder being dislocated and your forearm fractured. As if dealing with the worst possible soulmark ever wasn’t bad enough, you also have to come to terms with the fact that you’re being stalked. When the letters and gifts you receive begin to escalate and the police offers no help, you have no other option than to figure out who’s behind it yourself – and hopefully before it’s too late. — amazing cover by @leithold​!
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Your foot is throbbing – again.
You fall back into bed, lifting your leg up to rest it over your knee. You wince as you examine the damage, purple and yellow bruising covering your swollen ankle. Lightly pressing around the area, you're relieved to find that it only seems to be slightly sprained.
You glance over at your bedside table as your alarm goes off again, the framed picture next to your phone catching your attention as you silence the shrill sound. It’s a photo of you and Heejun, your next-door neighbour turned best friend. This particular one was taken on the night before he turned eighteen, your grinning faces showing off the pure excitement you both felt at the time.
Ever since you were little, even before you met Heejun, you’ve always dreamed about meeting your soulmate. You’ve lost count of the endless nights you stayed up imagining what kind of mark you would find once you woke up on your 18th birthday. Your favourite was always discovering a note written on your arm – the same as your parents. A close runner-up was the countdown mark Heejun had, you always made sure to check in with him every day to watch as the time suddenly decreased or increased. You’ll never forget the day he called you, voice choked up with tears and joy as he told you he had finally bumped into his soulmate.
With thousands of different variants of soulmarks and new ones being reported every day, you always thought you would end up with something sweet, something fitting to the fairy tale you always wanted. You certainly weren’t expecting to wake up to a searing hurt in your arm, the phantom pain of a dislocated shoulder and forearm fracture sticking with you for weeks afterwards.
It took some time to come to terms with the fact that your mark didn’t come with any way to contact your soulmate, and that their injuries would affect you and vice versa. Your first year was spent fretting over every paper cut and accidental stubbed toe, but that worry slowly dissipated as your soulmate kept leaving random bruises all over your body, new aches and pains showing up more often than you would like to admit.
Your theory that your soulmate was just very clumsy didn’t hold up for long, not when you suddenly felt the ghost of a blade slicing into your cheek, and another one being driven into your thigh while you were watching a movie. There’s no job out there that would warrant the amount of injuries you’ve experienced over the last five years, not when one of them were so bad you even had to postpone your college enrolment for a year. You suppose you’re lucky your mark has only left you with pain and bruises, and not a copy of the actual injuries. You don’t even want to imagine how living with that would be, especially when certain injuries have taken you months to recover from.
Truly, the only logical conclusion you could come up with was that your soulmate must be involved with something illegal; something bad enough that getting stabbed is just an occupational hazard. It’s only natural that your dream of meeting them has long since faded away. If anything, you hope you never do. At this rate you’re terrified your soulmate might manage to hurt themselves so bad that it’ll defy the rules of your mark, and you’ll be helpless to stop it.
You grit your teeth as you place both feet on the floor, pushing through the throbbing pain in your ankle as you hobble your way over to your closet. Seasoned hands find the nylon material easily – you don’t even have to look to locate the brace you’ve stashed at the top shelf. This isn’t the first time you’ve woken up to a sprained ankle, and you’re sure it won’t be the last. You learned years ago that days like these aren’t worth acknowledging, that the best thing to do is just to move forward and ignore the bitterness festering in your chest. Today is a bad day, so washing your face and brushing your hair is all the effort you’re willing to put into your appearance.
You dig through your drawers to find the fluffiest sweater you own, the soft fleece bringing you some comfort and looking fairly decent paired with loose pants that aren’t too painful to pull over your injured foot. You take a moment to brace yourself, inhaling a deep breath before you rest your hand against the wall, using it for support as you limp your way over to the front door. You spare a glance at the tiny kitchen nestled in the corner of your living room, your stomach rolling at the thought of eating anything. You’re meeting up with Heejun for an early lunch right after your classes end, so skipping out on breakfast isn’t too big of a deal. Pain has always made you nauseous, and combining that with a healthy dose of soulmate resentment doesn’t leave much room for hunger anyway.
Reaching your shoes, you sink down on the floor with a huff. You find the pair that’s a size too large, the extra room making it easier to get your braced foot in without moving it too much. You lace them up with gritted teeth, your ankle protesting the added pressure. You grab your bag from where you left it slumped against the door yesterday as you get back up on your feet, a flash of hot pink catching your eye as you lift it up.
You blink, your stomach plummeting to the floor as you stare at the brightly coloured paper. There, shoved halfway beneath your door, is another envelope. You lean down with effort, your fingers trembling as you snatch it up from the ground. Your breath sounds harsh, loud, in your quiet apartment as you tear the envelope open - the familiar crinkle of paper making your skin crawl. You unfold the letter slowly, choking back a gag as the sugary scent imbedded in it hits your nose. Your name is written neatly at the top, embellished with a flurry of drawn hearts around it. Your chest feels tight as you begin to read, disgust clawing it’s way up your throat as you skim over the words.
‘Baby, did you wear that black dress for me? You knew I would be watching, didn’t you? Thank you for giving me such a pretty show, you’re such a good girl. … those perfect curves just begging for me to touch them … I know you were aching for me to bend you over the bar, to show everyone that your sweet little pussy belongs to me–'
You hastily fold the letter shut, stuffing it back into the pink envelope. You stumble over to the small entry table near your shoes, zeroing in on the black box resting on top of it. The kaleidoscope of bright colours that tauntingly greets you as you open the lid only serves to make your heart pound faster, your hands shaking so hard you almost miss the box as you dump the letter in among the others.
You snap it shut, gulping down a deep breath of air as you step back. You hold it in until your lungs begin to burn, the growing pain forcing the panic to quiet down. You release it when you begin to feel faint, white spots dancing around your vision as you slowly breathe out.
A low buzz against your thigh snaps you out of your daze, your last alarm alerting you that you’re going to be late if you don’t leave right now. You grab your keys, hiking your bag up over your shoulder as you ignore the desperate voices in the back of your mind that tells you to stay home, to lock the doors and never leave. It’s fine, you tell yourself as you undo the three separate locks on your door, the metal chains rattling as they hit the wood.
You slowly open the door, making sure to peak both ways before you hurry out, keys quickly locking everything back into place. It’s fine, you echo as you hurry down the corridor, your knuckles white from gripping on to your bag too hard. This is just a normal day after all; it’s nothing you’re not already used to.
Tumblr media
“Y/n, over here!” The knots in your stomach slowly unravel as you look up to find Heejun waving at you, his freshly dyed red hair standing out like a sore thumb in the mellow café. The bright smile on his face gradually slips into a frown as he takes in the slight limp to your gait, your pace slower than usual as you make your way across the room.
“Again?” Heejun sighs, pulling out the chair next to him.
You slip into the seat with a shrug, a pinched smile on your face, ”What can I say? Maybe my soulmate has a pain kink.”
“Please don't remind me of that possibility ever again.”
You bring a hand up to stifle your snort as Heejun’s body shakes with an exaggerated shudder.
There’s something sad in his expression as he settles, his voice soft as he says, ”Even if that was the case, you know it doesn’t make it okay, right? Their body is not just their body anymore, and doing something knowing it’s unwillingly affecting their soulmate is shitty as fuck. I’m sure there has to be a rule or a law somewhere that states it’s illegal.”  
“I know,” You murmur, accepting the plate of food Heejun nudges in your direction. “But even if it is, there’s not much I can do about it when I don’t even know who they are.”  
Heejun winces as you stab into a piece of egg with a little more force than necessary, metal scraping against the porcelain plate. ”I’m sorry, Y/n. If I could trade places with you, I would’ve done so in a heartbeat.”
You hide your smile behind a slice of toast, your chest warming with the knowledge that even if everything else goes to shit, you’ll always have your best friend. If it’s one thing you’re sure off, it’s that no one – not even your soulmate – will ever be able to take up as much space in your heart as Heejun does.
“You would give up on Jaemin that easily? Damn, what a cold-hearted soulmate you are,” You sniff. ”I promise I’ll take really good care of him, you know he already loves me.”
You nearly choke on a piece of bread as an affronted Heejun shoves your shoulder, "I meant switch our marks, not our soulmates!”
“Sure,” You tease.
Shaking your head at the half-hearted glare you get in response, you let your eyes drift beyond Heejun. You can’t help the automatic need to scan your surroundings, to watch the people walking outside in hopes of catching something, anything, that might validate the uneasy feeling in your stomach. You truly have no idea who’s behind all the letters you’ve been receiving for the past year, and it terrifies you to no end that it can literally be anyone. Maybe it’s the man glancing inside the café as he walks past, maybe it’s the woman behind the counter, maybe it’s another student in your class, maybe maybe maybe –
You jerk back as Heejun snaps his fingers in front of your face. You can tell he already knows by the time your focus shifts back to him, his expression tight as he murmurs, ”There’s more, isn’t it?”
There’s a split second you consider denying it, just to spare him from worrying about you even more. There’s nothing you’d like to do more than just to pretend that everything is fine, that your biggest problem is your upcoming midterms and a soulmate that leaves you with bruises, but you can’t. You’re scared, and you can’t go through this alone. You can’t make yourself more vulnerable than you already are.
“I got another one,” You clench the fork tightly in your fist, feeling the metal dig into your palm. ”Pink.”
Heejun curses under his breath, voice muffled behind his hands as he rubs his face, ”What did it say? Did you bring it?”
“No–” You shake your head, feeling ill at the thought of carrying that sickly sweet smelling letter around with you, to have those words so close to you the entire day. ”It’s worse than normal, more desperate. He .. he saw us last weekend, at Blue Hour. He commented on the dress I was wearing, what I was doing – he described everything, every little detail. He was there.”  
You release a shaky breath, dropping in fork in favour of grabbing Heejun’s outstretched hand. The weight of his fingers curling around yours is grounding, enough for you to anchor yourself in reality and not the despair slowly filling up your lungs. Heejun looks pale, the red in his hair burning against his skin as he squeezes your hand.
“Y/n, you have to go to the police. Please.”
"You know what happened last time–”
Heejun cuts you off with a sharp shake of his head.
"If the letters are escalating then there’s no telling what’s he’s going to do next. He knows where you live, it’s not safe. I can’t force you to stay with Jaemin and me, but I can’t let you be a sitting duck for this psycho either. I know the police didn’t take you seriously last time, but you have more evidence now, more letters. You have to try; maybe you’ll get another officer that actually cares about the people they’re supposed to protect this time. I’ll go with you if you want, you don’t have to deal with this alone, Y/n.”
You know he’s right. Even if nothing came of it last time, even if the officer you spoke to back then had the nerve to suggest that maybe it was just an admirer that was a little shy, that you should be flattered – it’s truly the only option you have left besides uprooting your entire life and running away. And even then there’s no guarantee that he won’t follow you, that he won't find you again.  
“I’ll go,” You say, guilt curling around your heart as you see the way Heejun sags with relief.
“Thank you. We can go after my shift? Or I can call in sick and we can go right now?”
You give his hand a squeeze of your own before you untangle your fingers, mustering up a faint smile you don’t really believe yourself. “No, you should go to work. I think this is something I should do on my own.”
Tumblr media
You clear your throat, leaning heavily on your good leg as you wait in front of the welcome desk at the station. The officer behind the desk holds up a finger, eyes glued to the screen as he continues to tap away at the keyboard. You swallow thickly, gripping the strap of your bag tighter. The police station is oddly quiet. You were expecting more people and more noise, but all you can hear is soft voices behind closed doors, a fan whirring overhead despite the autumn chill already having set in. Your town isn’t the biggest, but it’s not like it’s small either. It’s definitely not sleepy enough for the police station to be so empty.  
You bite down on the inside of your lip, chewing absentmindedly as you look at the board taking up most of the wall behind the reception. It’s littered with safety posters and tips, a lost pet or two, and the faces of a few missing people you don’t recognize. Your mouth feels dry as you take in the candid smiles on their faces, the joy in their eyes. You doubt they had any idea they would eventually end up here, and you can’t help but feel like it’s just time that’s standing between the empty spot next to them, and a picture of your own face.
You force your eyes to move away, zeroing in on the newspaper clippings collected in one corner of the board. The smiling faces of different officers greet you as you look over the articles, but there’s one in particular that catches your eye. It’s a young man, probably around your age, grinning over a large bouquet of flowers. The force of his smile makes his eyes turn into crescent moons, his cheek puffing up adorably. The clipping seems to be dated a few years back, but you’re too far away to make out the text beyond the headline, something about him heroically saving a civilian off-duty.
“What can I help you with?” You startle as the officer finally acknowledges you. He doesn’t bother to hide his annoyance as you step closer to the counter, clearly irritated that you interrupted whatever he was working on.
“I need to speak with an officer. I’ve been receiving these letters– I, uhm, I think I’m being stalked.”
The passive expression on the man’s face is broken by a slight rise of his eyebrows, the faintest spark of interest in his eyes as he turns back to his computer. ”What’s your name?”
You quickly list off all the details he asks for, the room once again growing eerily silent as he looks through the database, pulling up different files. The muffled voices you heard earlier have grown quiet, and you can’t fight the dread that sets in as the officer spares you a quick glance before turning back to his screen, the corner of his lips tugged down into a frown. ”Ms Y/n, did you file a similar report last year?”
You swallow thickly. ”Yes.”
“It says here that your report was resolved and that no further investigation was needed.”
“What?” It was obvious as the letters continued that the police hadn’t done much to stop them, that the officer clearly believed that it was just some harmless admirer, but you had at least thought they had looked into it – that they had tried to figure out who it was. "No, it wasn’t–”
The officer cuts you off with a sigh as he pushes the intercom button on his desk, voice bored as he calls out for an available officer to assist you. ”Please wait here, someone will be with you to take your statement shortly.”
The easy dismissal stings. You step back, gaze flitting back to the entrance as you begin to wonder if maybe this was a mistake. Maybe you should've taken Heejun up on his offer. But before you can make up your mind to leave, the officer that was called for walks through the door near the reception desk, his head buried in a case file as he steps up to the counter.
The man you talked to visibly brightens at his entrance.
”Officer Park! I didn’t know you were still in. Didn’t your shift end an hour ago?”
You watch officer Park’s back as he shakes his head, his blonde hair bouncing with the movement. “Ah, you know how it is. I have plans for the weekend so I’m trying to finish up what I can.”
“Hard working as ever I see,” The man laughs.
Officer Park places his file down on the counter with a shrug, his voice teasing as he says, ”I assume you didn’t just call for me because you missed my company?”
The officer you talked to seems to suddenly remember that you’re still there, his gaze moving back to you before he turns to his computer with a huff. ”Someone’s here a file a report, a–” The man squints at his screen, like he’s trying hard to decipher the name he heard just a few minutes ago, ”Ms. Y/n.”
Officer Park’s back straightens suddenly, and you can practically see how his muscles tense beneath his uniform. ”Thank you, officer Lee. Do you mind taking this down to evidence for me?”
The other man nearly jumps out of his seat in his eagerness to help, a proud smile on his face as he hurries out of the room, file pressed to his chest.
You suck in a surprised breath as officer Park slowly turns around, your stomach lurching as his eyes find yours. You almost don’t register the shock on his face before he schools it into something more neutral, a pleasant smile settling on his lips as he walks closer. He feels … familiar. It takes you a moment to place his face, but a quick glance over his shoulder confirms it easily. He’s the one who saved that civilian off duty – the hero. But even then, you have a feeling you know him from somewhere else – you just can’t quite place where.
“Y/n?” Goosebumps break out over your arms as he softly utters your name. You offer a weak nod in response, the odd reaction to his voice making your throat close up.
“Let's talk at my desk.”
Officer Park seems reluctant to look away as he leads you back through the door he came through, his gaze jumping back to you with every other step. You fully ignore the ache in your foot as you match his pace, a tiny voice in the back of your mind urging you to act normal. You can’t quite figure out why he looks so worried, like you’re going to run off the moment he takes his eyes off you, but you suppose it might just be protocol regardless of what the person is there to do. He's probably just cautious.
You let your gaze wander around the open room as you follow a step behind officer Park. The large office space feels as empty as the reception. You spot three officers in total, with two working away at their desks and another one slipping into what you assume to be a break room. If you include the two officers you’ve spoken with so far, it’s only five in total. For the whole station. Most of the desks around room are completely empty, not even a pen or paper in sight.
“We had a lot of cut-backs this year, the chief was forced to let a lot of us go.” Officer Park says, voice hushed as he leads you past another desk. Heat creeps up the back of your neck as you nod, embarrassed that the confusion must be so easy to read on your face. You didn’t even know that he police could cut-back on officers.
“Here, take a seat,” You breathe out a small sigh of relief as you reach his desk, quickly sitting down on the offered chair. You wince as you move your foot, accidentally banging your swollen ankle straight into the leg of the chair.
Officer Park pauses at the sound, his hands poised over the keyboard in front of his computer. Something flits across his expression as he glances down at your leg, but the emotion is gone before you have the chance to recognize it.
“So, Ms. Y/n, what can I help you with?” You shrink back in your seat as he turns to the screen, his face unreadable as he pulls up a new file. There’s a tension in his jaw that wasn’t there before, and even though you can’t figure out why – it feels like you just did something wrong.
You reach into your bag, grabbing a few of the pink envelopes you had shoved in there earlier. All of the letters are creepy and invasive in their own way, but the pink are by far the worst. It seems like the different colours correspond to whatever mood he’s in, and the hot fuchsia always means fervently graphic descriptions.  
You place them on officer Park’s desk, twisting your fingers nervously as you say, ”I– I think I’m being stalked. I’ve been receiving these letters for about a year now, and they’ve been getting progressively more intense and uhm, descriptive. I filed a report last year, but it seems like it wasn’t looked into.”
“I see.”
You watch as officer Park unfolds the most recent letter, his body half-turned in your direction as he looks it over. His face stays blank, but mortification runs hot through your body as his eyebrows suddenly jump at one of the more extreme parts, your hands growing clammy at the slow speed he works his way through the letter.
Officer Park cocks his head as he reaches the bottom, bringing the paper closer to his face. He breathes in the heavy scent, seemingly unaffected by the sickly sweetness of the perfume that normally makes you want to gag. He raises the letter up towards the overhead lighting, but the slight shake to his head tells you that there’s nothing there, no mark or clue you might have missed yourself.
“There’s more than just the letters,” You blurt, your toes curling in your shoes at the thought of having to bring it up. But you can tell officer Park doesn’t seem overly concerned, that he’ll probably just brush it off like the first one did, and you can’t have that. ”There has been gifts too.”
It must just be a trick of the light as he shifts around, but you swear you see his mouth twitch as he folds up the letter, a hint of a smile brushing over his lips before leans forward in his seat. ”Gifts? What kind?” Officer Park asks, the calm tone of his voice not quite matching up with the intrigued spark in his eyes.
You scratch your wrist, giving yourself another second to muster up the courage. You normally don’t have a problem taking about sex or intimate details, but this–
“The gifts don't come with every letter, but sometimes they’re left in front of my door. They’re usually … sex toys,” You trail off, voice growing weaker by the end as you force out the last two words. The gifts belonging to the pink envelopes are always sexual in nature, and you’ve lost count of how many toys you’ve stored away in a box under your bed. You would never use them and it feels disgusting to keep them, but on the odd chance that it might be used as evidence, you figured it would be a bad idea to throw them away.
Officer Park hums, his dark eyes holding yours for another second before he leans back in his seat, hands folded in his lap. ”Do you mind describing what kind of toys, Ms. Y/n?”
“I’m sorry?” You squeak.
“It’s for the report,” Officer Park adds, pointing to the file on his screen. It makes sense, of course it does, but god, you would rather have the ground swallow you whole than to list off everything that has showed up at your door. You take a deep breath, clutching on the faint sliver of hope that it’ll be worth it if he might find a lead somewhere.
Stuttering your way through all the items you can think off, you try your best not to squirm in your seat as Officer Park’s intense gaze never leaves your face. You can practically feel the path his eyes take as they trail down over your features, your skin burning from the undivided attention. The heated look in his gaze twists into something half amused as you mention some of the more creative toys – the corner of his lip quirking up into a faint smirk. The sight makes your stomach turn, not quite sure whether he actually finds it funny or he’s just trying to not look too uncomfortable.
It’s only as you describe the last gift you received that you realize that Officer Park hasn’t written anything down – the document still blank on the computer beside him.  
The eggs you had for lunch roll dangerously around in your stomach, the weird feeling you had since entering the station only intensifying the longer you stay. Why hasn’t he written anything down? Isn’t that basic protocol?
Officer Park’s voice startles you out of your thoughts before you can spiral further.  ”Well, Ms. Y/n, I believe you’re correct to think that there has been an escalation in both the content and frequency of the letters and gifts you’ve been receiving.”
You grip your bag tighter as you register his words, your heart skipping a beat with hopeful excitement. The confirmation makes you a little light-headed. Finally. Finally, there’s someone who actually believes you and is going to help.
But your relief is short lived, barely even having time to settle down before it’s torn away again. Officer Park rests his hand on his desk, fingertip grazing the edge of one of the letters as he lets out a small sigh. Words of gratitude die on the tip of your tongue as he continues, ”However, even though they are a bit forward, the person behind them doesn’t seem to have any ill intentions. There are no threats being made, and nothing to suggest that they want to hurt you – quite the opposite, really.”
You blink.
“I understand that this wasn’t what you wanted to hear, but there’s nothing in the letters or on the envelopes that could help us to track him down even if we wanted to. I can keep one of them and try to do a fingerprint analysis, but I doubt it’ll yield any results. The letters were likely dropped off in a post box, and I’m assuming all the packages you received were from different companies?”
You can only nod, disappointment burying itself deep into your bones as you slump down in your seat.
Officer Park’s face softens. ”It’s a classic tactic that makes it nearly impossible for us to track them down because it’s touched by so many different people. You really don’t have any inkling as to who might have sent you these?”
“No.” You bite down on the inside of your cheek, not enough to really hurt, but just enough to keep the moisture forming in your eyes at bay.
“I’m very sorry Ms. Y/n, but my hands are tied here, there’s nothing I can really investigate when your safety hasn’t been explicitly threatened.” Officer Park says, apologetic.
“I-I understand,” You mumble.
“Is there anything else you can think of that might help?”
“No, there’s nothing else ..” You pause, suddenly very aware of the weight in your lap. After all, you didn’t just bring the pink envelopes, you brought a few of each colour. Even if the letters don’t outright threaten you, maybe the rest of them could be enough to convince officer Park that the person behind them isn’t mentally stable? That he seems to have seven very different personalities, and that he needs help?
“Park!” A booming voice calls out for Officer Park just as you reach into your bag to grab them, the echo bouncing around the half-empty floor.
“We have a suspected two-seventeen. Take Lee with you to investigate!”
“Yes, sir!” Officer Park yells back, hands already reaching for the badge and empty holster resting on this desk.
You hurriedly rise from your seat as he gets to his feet, forcing down a wince as you step back to give him more space, letters forgotten. Officer Park glances at you from the corner of his eye as he shrugs his jacket on, looking reluctant as he pats down his pockets to make sure he has everything.
“I’m very sorry to cut this short Ms. Y/n, but I have to go. I’ll make sure to file your report later and crosscheck it with the one you filed last year. I have a good memory for details, so there’s nothing to worry about.” Officer Park flashes you a quick smile, his eyes scrunching up prettily just as they did in the picture out front.
He grabs a small card from his desk; making sure to underline a number before he extends it in your direction. Puzzled, you reach out to take it, stifling a small gasp as his fingers wrap securely around yours, trapping your hand in his. The contact makes your skin crawl, the warmth of his touch making you even more uncomfortable than you were before. The feeling leaves you a little dumbfounded, because you can’t really understand why. Heejun has never made you feel this way when he touched you.
A faint whiff of something sweet hits your nose as he steps closer, Officer Park sounding urgent as he says, ”If you remember something later, or if anything, anything at all happens, please don’t hesitate to call me.”
You look down at the card in your hand, the name barely visible between your fingers. Officer Park Jimin.  
“Thank you, officer,” You plaster on a weak smile, tugging your hand away from Jimin’s grasp. The prickling in your neck immediately subsides as you take another step back, the distance calming your racing heart.
“Jimin,” Officer Park curls his outstretched hand into a loose fist as it drops back down by his side, ”Just Jimin is fine.”
Even though someone is urgently yelling for him to hurry up from a nearby hallway, Jimin’s gaze stays locked on to you, his body rooted in place. Waiting.
“Thank you, Jimin,” You repeat, your tongue heavy and uncooperative as it curls around his name.
A shiver seems to suddenly travel through his body despite the layers he’s wearing, something heated flashing in his eyes. He clears his throat, voice sounding a little strained as he says, ”Another officer will show you out. Remember to call if anything happens, Ms. Y/n.”
He spares you another hesitant gaze before he’s forced to run off, only slowing down enough to point another officer in your direction. You watch his back until he rounds the corner, some of the pressure in your chest lessening the moment he’s out of sight. You try to shake the weird feeling off, turning back to Jimin’s desk to pick up the letters he left there. Even though it makes your stomach curl to bring them back home, you would much rather do that and keep them as evidence in case something else happens, over the station just discarding them.
You get them securely back in your bag just as the officer Jimin talked to reaches you. You follow him silently back the way you came, allowing the resentment to grow for each step you get closer to the exit.
You release a shuddering breath the moment you step outside the station, letting the crisp autumn air fill your lungs as you inhale. A humourless snort slips past your lips as you begin to walk away. You’re honestly not even that surprised that nothing came of your visit, you’re just disappointed. Tired.
What good does it do for Jimin to file another report when he’s not going to follow up with it? When he couldn’t even spare you enough time to get all the evidence? It’s not like having his number is going to help you if he can’t investigate until after you get hurt.  
You hoist your bag higher on your shoulder, scowling at the biting wind that sweeps down the street. You’re sick of always looking over your shoulder and being harassed. You're not willing to just sit around in your apartment and wait for someone to come along and hurt you. If the police aren't going to help, then you’ll just have to solve this yourself.
It’s not like you have much left to lose.
Tumblr media
a/n: welcome to lovesick! this is the story that was born out of my 5k follower event, where you guys chose all the major details of the story! i’m thinking this might be a five parter, but we’ll see. the other boys will be introduced in the next chapters! 
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Tumblr media
they found you first, therefor, you’re theirs.
[ where ] : somebody tries hitting on you, which ends up triggering seven men’s anger. 17:21. 13/12/21.
[ au ] : mafia & model au. yandere headcannons (all together though.) fem reader
[ tw ] : dark, dark themes. guns, blood, murder.
this could be classed as chapter three of tonight you belong to me.
Tumblr media
BANGTAN. one word, seven letters.
one mafia group, seven members.
however, in this mafia group, there’s you. their pretty little thing, their pretty little chanel model wife, that wears pure pearls with pure silk. with daunting red lipstick just so that their little newbies know that they can look but can’t touch.
even as you sit in jungkook’s lap, wearing something for once that isn’t a little slip, but comfortable joggers and a white shirt. you still look, breathtaking. you’re all sat in namjoon’s office as he and seokjin talk about their figure shipment plans with hushed voices.
then a mistake is made. a newbie, slams open the doors to namjoon’s office—his boss’s office—without a care in the world. min yoongi, who sits next to you and he immediately stands up, as does everybody but jungkook.
you, still play with the back of jungkook’s hair without a care in the world. this sort of occurrence sadly happens one too many times.
park jimin puts the barrel of his gun to the back of the newbies neck with a sinister smile, eager to get his hands bloody, kim seokjin is next, then king taehyung and then finally, kim namjoon’s pointing right at his forehead.
“weren’t you ever taught manners, kid?” he doesn’t mean not knocking, all he means is how this, “man”, has been looking at you for the past few weeks. the four are intimidating, so is jung hoseok and min yoongi, both now sat on either side of you and jungkook. eager to make sure you don’t get hurt.
just as four guns are cocked, ready to be fired, jung hoseok who sits on your right immediately catches your lips in a sinister kiss when the cream carpet in front of namjoon’s desk, becomes a perfect picture of a slaughter house.
without a care in the world, park jimin laughs. it dances across the four walls with a sinister, terrifying glee. almost like this isn’t something new, hoseok still has his lips on yours.
his lips going further down his neck as your other husband, jungkook—who’s lap you’re still sat on—presses kisses down the side of your neck. right down to a collarbone, down to wherever he can get.
that’s when they hit that one spot and it’s like you’re not sitting in crime scene, hoseok nearly gets the chance to join his younger in putting his hands up your shirt.
but then you pull away with a disgusted look on your face, “smells bad,” you simply mutter. so innocently even, jin has already moved the body but the stench of death isn’t kind.
yoongi, who sits almost behind you let’s his hands go into your darling hair with such care, “does it baby?” it’s almost mocking how you try to capture his lips, you could even look pathetic, of course you would be for them.
and he finally, finally, kisses you.
the stench of blood, guts and bullets always was romantic, no?
stupid kid, trying to steal what’s already found?
how pathetic? not to know that finders keepers.
Tumblr media
not proof read. 600 or so words?
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mochitaekookie · 2 months ago
Yan!BTS: you are their mistress (HL)
Tumblr media
Warnings:- isolation, abduction, cheating, manipulation.
Note: not a request but the idea was given by a reader on wattpad, so I decided to give it a try 😀
I do not condone such behaviour
Taglist: @jiminiseternal, @articpup @minshookie29 @silversparkles11 @mwitsmejk
Kim Namjoon
Tumblr media
You were silently crying as tears never ceased. You never wanted this. You wished to have a happy and a loving family with a loving husband, not to be some psychopath's mistress.
You were so ashamed of yourself, how could you wreck someone's family?! But then you would have just ran away, but then he had to abduct you and keep you like his possession.
Shiver ran down your spine as soon as you heard those familiar footsteps. You took a deep breath, trying to calm down.
The door of your bedroom flung open and there he was, in all his glory.
He smile soon turn into a frown as he saw your crying state.
"Babe, why are you crying?" He asked, concern lacing his voice. He tried to touch your face, but you yanked his hand away. This really made him annoyed. One of the things he hated was, you not accepting his affections.
"Y/N, what's wrong." He said in a calm tone, but you knew he was trying not to lash out at you.
"Why don't you let me go?!" You sniffled. You heard him heaving out a sigh. You knew his answer is going to be the same.
"I can't, you know. I love you so much." He said, taking a seat beside you.
"If you loved me, then you would let me go. You would want to see me happy!" You exclaimed and his hold on your shoulder tightened.
"Your happiness lies with me. I get that you don't understand, but one day you'll know that your happiness lies with me." He said, kissing your neck.
"But I don't love you." You whispered. "You think your opinion matters?" He mocked you with a chuckle
Kim Seokjin
Tumblr media
"Where are you going?" His wife, Yui asked. She was asleep when she heard the sound of cupboard open and close.
It was her husband was who wearing tracks and a t-shirt, ready to go out.
"Can't sleep, going out for a walk." He lies, bluntly.
She hugs him from behind with a smile on her face, "how about I make you feel better?" She says.
He yanks her hand away from him and looks at her emotionless. "Go to sleep." With that he left his bedroom, leaving his wife in her own thoughts.
She knew he didn't love her anymore, it was clearly seen in his eyes. He did not look at her lovingly the way he used to back then when they fell in love.
As sad as it was, it was a true fact. All she wished that he atleast treats her lovingly. She doesn't wish for her marriage to fall apart. Afterall their 6-year old daughter needs both a father and a mother to grow up.
Meanwhile, Jin was headed to your place, with a wicked smile on his face. Finally after a long day, he gets to see your beautiful face.
He removed the keys from his pocket and opened the door of his apartment, he had specially bought so he can lock you up.
"Babe, I'm home." He chirped. He slowly made his way towards the couch, where he caught a glimpse of you. His smile widened and sat beside you, caging you in his embrace.
He was annoyed that you went stiff under his hold, but decided to cut you a break. "I'm home, did you miss me? Ofcourse you did."
When you didn't reply to him, his hold on you tightened. "I missed you." You whispered softly, as your expressions were blank.
You were broken, completely. Now his pet, you do what he commands you to. After all those tortures and abuse, you have finally submitted yourself to him.
Min Yoongi
Tumblr media
"Why don't you go and have dinner with your family?" You glared up at the man in front of you.
You were currently held captive in an unknown place and the man infront of you claimed to have fallen for you.
You would have considered his feelings, but he was already married man with kids, a boy. After you refused to be his lover, he locked you up.
You have lost the count of days you have been here, but it seems like it has been months.
"The food looks tasty, why don't you eat?" He stated, completely ignoring you. "I've even cut the steak for you, want me to feed you." There was a pause and slowly a smirk blew up. "Afterall, the love I gave you, I don't think so you can eat yourself." He said, looking at your bruised hand.
After your dinner, in him practically forcing you on his lap and feeding you; you thought he would leave. But instead he went to the kitchen to get something.
After he came back and filled both of your glasses with champagne. "Happy birthday, babe." He smirked and your eyes widened.
Realisation dawned upon as you realised its been a year since he locked you up. He had kidnapped you on your birthday.
He moved closer towards you and muttered "and happy anniversary, its been a year since we got together."
You wanted nothing more to throw a chair on his face.
Jung Hoseok
Tumblr media
You looked at him with his wife and daughter. They looked like a perfect family.
They way he smiled at his wife, to others it would seem as if their marriage is successful. But you knew what lied beneath his smile.
After the party was over, he literally dragged you to his car, his wife and daughter long gone.
When you reached your apartment, he slammed the door shut and grabbed your shoulders.
"Who was he that you were talking to, huh!?" You yelled. You knew this coming, the silence in the car said everything.
"He was just my friend, nothing else." You whispered, tears forming in your eyes.
"Are you forgetting who you belong to?" He growled and you shaked your head frequently.
"I-i belong to you, only you." You answered. Soon, he let go of your hand and grabbed your hips.
"If you belong to me, then prove it to me." He said with his deep husky voice. After a deep kiss, he let go of you and went to the bedroom.
"Don't make me wait." He said on his. You kept your pride aside and followed him.
It's gonna be a long night.
Should I make for maknae line? 🤔
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angellgguk · 5 days ago
Destined for him - 01
Tumblr media
summary : [ Kim Seokjin bruises you in the name of love but his brother paints over the bruises once again, in the name of love ]
genre : angst, violence, smut
word count : 3.9K
chapter warnings : mentions of medicine and drugs, infidelity, pregnancy, miscarriage, sex ( briefly), vioence, face stepping, blood and everything that's not suitable for anyone under 18
Banner cr : @outromoni
17.01.2022 - [ she's here!!!! but I'm not very proud of this even though I worked on this for a pretty long time but I really do hope that you like this and will be excited for future chapters! ]
Tumblr media Tumblr media
“Take me away” your pleads reaches further into his veins but he refuses to heed as he shakes his head against your shoulder blades as his arms pulled you closer to his chest “I can’t and you know very well that I can't” you screw your eyes shut and sob against his chest. “But it pains” his fingers curl into your matted hair as he suppressed his own mourns. “It hurts to live like this”.
Holding onto his chest with one palm you move away and look up, hazy eyes staring into glassy ones as a silent plea “It hurts to live like this joon” Namjoon looks away in guilt and takes a shuddering sigh in before looking back at you with pity, “a-a little longer, and we belong to each other”. The reminder of having to struggle longer without him by your side instinctively lets the sob out.
Namjoon doesn’t cease your cries, instead he holds you in his arms and holds his own cries inside to revel in the short pleasure of having you in his arms, even in pain.
Tumblr media
The pungent smell of antibiotics fills the room you were forced to get accustomed to and the faux air does nothing to hide it, Your fingers curl into your husband’s marred skin as your heart throbs painfully against your chest that you begin to wonder if he could hear you through the frigid bones.
“Tell me you want them dead” as your numb lids closes and your lashes flutter against your cheekbone, akin to the butterfly that would calmly rest upon your skin under the midsummer’s heat. the tears naturally glide down to fall against the unhealed scar over his heart. Seokjin sighs, but doesn’t expect for more answers as he only allows you to indulge yourself more in agony.
His hand dives down to grab your discolored jaw in the softest grip to make you face the regret hidden behind the desperate virility he had put on show for twenty nine, afflicting years. “I let them hurt you” he reminds you and moves closer, the arms that rested on your back pulling your bruised self against his own chest, “aren’t you going to let me hurt them too?”
You try to look away as your lips trembled, you were aware that you never had a say in his life like he did with yours. You knew that when he lets you go from his arms he would indeed plunge a knife through every one of the sins he collected through the years, he would force open mouths for them to take his raging bullets but he still had the audacity to ask you for permission to do the inevitable.
He sighs and understands that he was not going to get anything vile out of you, because the angel he trapped in his claws wouldn’t think of revenge even in an afterlife. He lets your jaw go and hooks his thumb under it instead to pull you closer to let his lips meet your bruised ones, you first flinch when his warm pair envelopes yours as one.
He understands your reluctance, but confuses it with unfamiliarity as he deepens the kiss and pulls you into him for your thinly clad breasts to turn flat against his warm chest. You wonder if his lust would overtake him like usual but you are proved wrong to your surprise when he pulls away and breathes his sobranie against your nether lip.
“I’ll kill them” he promises as if you weren’t aware. His thumb stops caressing your jaw as he lets out a final sigh before pressing his lips against your wrapped forehead. “Each and every one of them” he promises through grit teeth and takes a sharp intake of the malodorous hydrocolloid as if he wanted to inject himself with it like his occasional meth. He moves away with his usual stoic eyes glazed with genuine sympathy looking down at you, “you need to sleep” he reminds with one last, chaste kiss to your temple before he moves away from you to leave.
You see years of abuse and fight that begins from his shoulders to end under his hip bone when he moves farther away from you and sits up by the other corner of the bed to crane his neck. The bed dips down and reverts back to its own form when he gets up to the closet, leaving the blood stained shirt on the floor. Your lips part to let out a shuddered sigh, from the pain and turmoil that weighed you down.
When he comes back with another button down that isn’t tucked inside his dress pants like usual, you shut your heavy lids hoping to fool him and yourself that you were deep in slumber to pretend that the past months were just a nightmare that came along with your marriage towards the devil.
But when he presses his lips once again to your newly washed hair and adjusts the comforter over your debilitated form, you remember that the nightmare was eternal.
Tumblr media
“Didn’t you get married four months ago?” The taunt and scoff that leaves crimson edges is not heeded as Seokjin throws himself on his mistress’s couch and undoes the first two buttons of his dress shirt. She shuts the door behind her and walks over to sit herself on his lap with her arms wrapping around his neck.
“I’m hard to resist, aren’t I?” Seokjin knew that she was trying to get a smile from him but the state of his mind doesn’t allow him to comply, with his hands on her waist to not let her fall he moved his eyes up to meet hers, completely disregarding the cleavage she was putting on show for him, “you know why I’m here Yejin” he sighs.
She brings her fingers towards his neck to trace his Adam's apple and to drag it down his toned chest, “it was not Junho” she answers into his neck and stops at his third button, playing with a loose thread before undoing the button to lean forward to press her lips to his bare chest.
“Who else” he murmurs to himself as he lets her further undo the buttons as she kisses her way down until she presses a final kiss to the beginning of his happy trail before sitting up straight one again in attempts to capture pink lips into her red ones but she was only met with his cheek when he abruptly turned around, hinting he didn’t want to kiss her like he did under those humid summer’s when they would kiss each other with eager hands all over each other.
“We were each other’s first kiss now you want to do nothing with me” she reminded him as she held the side of his face in her delicate palms before settling to press her lips on his cheek, long and desired enough until it leaves her lipstick stain behind.
“What do you see in her?” Seokjin finds himself smiling for the first time on such a pressuring day at the mention of you. Memories of him occupying your fourth finger and claiming you as his own legally, your soft pleads and whimpers when he finally had his cock nestled deep inside your womb, your giggles when he ran his hands down your back after finding out that you were ticklish, the fear in your eyes when he had caught you back into his claws after you tried to run away with his baby, his tears wetting your forehead when he mourned his apologies while you were asleep with wires keeping you alive all ran down as a trail in his vision.
“She-” he pauses and stares at his reflection that stares back at him with his smile intact wondering what he could say to truly describe the desire that he had sacrificed blood and kin for, “I just need her” he smiled and looked at Yejin “to keep my sanity in check” Yejin smiles despite the pain in her chest getting heavier as Seokjin’s smile grew with you in his mind.
“Looks like I’m the only one keeping promises alive” she whispers and looks down at her lounge slippers dangling off her feet, Seokjin’s smile wipes off as his grip on her waist loosens before he could part his mouth to remind her that the promises he had whispered to her when they mingled their bodies into one in the backseat of Seokjin’s second hand corolla was the moment’s mistake, the silence was interrupted by the doorbell.
Seokjin frowned but Yejin was quick to place a reassuring hand on his chest to keep him seated before she stood up and fixed her robe “must be my secretary, I’ll be back” she answers before he could question as she walks towards the door.
It takes five minutes for Seokjin to realize that he should’ve stayed back at home with you so with your damaged state in mind he stands up, fixes himself as the gentleman he poses himself to be and walks towards the door knowing he could bid Yejin a goodbye right there but he only stops in his track with a deep frown when he heard his mistress’s hushed argument with a ever so familiar voice.
“Jung Hoseok?” The said politician and Yejin whip their heads towards Seokjin, panic clear in Yejin’s face. “I wasn’t aware about the both of you being close” he tilts his head and shoves a hand inside his pockets and directs his gaze at the both of them, expecting for a plausible explanation.
He notices the regret flashing across Yejin’s face and the satisfaction across Hoseok’s, “we are signing a deal together” she answers but Seokjin only chuckles and walks closer to the both of them, “what deal are you signing with a politician?” before Yejin could stutter out a lie Hoseok speaks for her, “it’s her business, I don’t see why you need to know”
Seokjin nods understandingly with a smile on the corner of his lips but he doesn’t fail to notice the panic that washes over Yejin’s face, “I’m leaving, she doesn’t take her meds if I’m not there” he doesn’t stand a minute more in between their business as he walks away with a pat to Hoseok’s back.
Yejin couldn’t have thought that Seokjin was such a fool, could she?
Tumblr media
“Boss I’m-” it seemed like a distant dream to apologize to Seokjin after what had gone down in the past two days. “Jimin, all this happened because you were drunk during work with my money” Jimin's cheeks burned in shame and he didn’t dare utter a word when Seokjin pulled him closer by his sweat and blood drenched collar to land another punch on his cheekbone, bruising his knuckles further.
He lets him go and Jimin instantly falls down clutching onto his stomach and clenching his eyes shut, trying his hardest to keep the coughs in. Seokjin pulls a nicotine stick out of his breast pocket and lets one of his men light the end up for him as he places his polished pradas on the side of jimin’s face, making sure he was getting the blood clot on his bruised cheekbone worse.
“Repeat what happened that night” he pressed harder and watched as Jimin gathered the dirt into his frayed nails before coughing from his chest to sputter out the iron in his mouth, “m-mrs Kim was fine that ni-fuck.”
Jimin felt his breathing halt when the sole of Seokjin’s shoe traveled from his face to press slightly down on his vocal chords, but he didn’t press like Jimin had feared he would, “go on” with his foot still pressed thretningly on Jimin’s neck Seokjin threw his head back and let the smoke out.
“She told me to leave early, I thought s-she would be fine with doyoung I swear I-I didn’t know that-”
“That what?” Jimin’s toes curled inside his shoes and he grit his teeth trying not to cry out in pain as his boss finally pressed into his neck and forced him to answer back, his hand instinctively shot up in attempts to loosen the taut strangling but Seokjin was quick to trap his fingers and step on the edges too, the pads of his fingertips turning cold in seconds.
“T-that she would be fine, boss p-please” Seokjin grit his teeth and made sure the welt of his shoe was stepping down on Jimin’s jugular to block his airway. Jimin was easily writhing under Seokjin’s feet, his hands gripping onto his ankles as a silent plea, “but she wasn’t” Seokjin seethed before pressing in one last time to make Jimin choke on the breath he was holding onto before letting him go.
Jimin was quick to crawl away and turn away before coughing out the blood he had been holding in for so long. With one last drag from his smoke Seokjin drops it down and steps on it with the same soles that held Jimin’s blood before he walked over to crouch next to his moribund right hand to yank his head up, “twenty four hours is all I’m giving you to bring that motherfucker and everyone linked to him, hear that?” Despite his vision being blurry and his airway barely being clear Jimin manages to nod vigorously enough for his head the blood to rush to his head.
Letting Jimin go Seokjin stood up and fixed his suit as he walked towards the door but he didn’t leave like his men had expected , instead he stopped and reached behind to pull his wallet out of the back pocket of his trousers.
The wad of cash being counted has the men’s eyes naturally traveling to watch in envy as their boss counted the cash and slammed it down on the chair he was previously sitting on before turning around to face down on Jimin, “clean all that blood up and come back in the morning” Jimin attempted to nod but with every limb in his body working against him he wouldn’t dare move but his eye catches an extra bill pulled out and placed along with the wad, “one bottle of soju” Seokjin warned before he finally walked outside and shut the door behind, allowing Jimin to let out a loud cry before releasing the bile he held in his throat to the side.
Tumblr media
“You don’t care” you refused to look away from your husband’s eyes that were focused on unwrapping the gauze around your wrist as you whispered the bitter truth. You notice his Adam's apple bobbing but he refuses to say a word so you opt to continue, “we…no” you stopped and looked away and he too finally paused his actions as he calmly waited for your next words.
“I lost my baby” your voice cracked and your vision blurred but you still clearly heard the sharp intake of breath he took before resuming to completely take the gauze off your wrist before gently twisting it around to test your pain, but you showed none. “But you don’t care do you?” he lets you yank your wrist away from him as you harshly wipe away the cascading tears.
He stood up and walked over to the nightstand to pick up your pain relief tablets, he glanced over to the barely touched porridge before he focused back on taking the pills out, “are you not going to eat? It’s-”
“Go back to her” he whipped his head swiftly enough for a sharp pain to climb up his head in the same motion, “what?” your grip on the silk you were draped in tightened and your fingers dug deep in your skin for the crescents to be imprinted as your confidence grew, “your mistress, go to her '' an ugly scowl crawled up his face before he threw the pills on the floor before storming towards you to grab you by your shoulders.
“Say that to my face” you shuddered and backed away until the back of your knees hit the bed but you didn’t dare lose your stance when you had the courage bubbling in you so you craned your neck up to meet the raged eyes to heed to his command “yejin-”
He doesn’t grant you an opportunity to finish speaking as he grabs you by the back of your neck to press his lips onto yours. He doesn't flinch when you punch him on the chest nor does he attempt to move when you fall back on the bed with him hovering above you. You feel the wrath in the kiss and no matter how hard you move your head away from him or sobbed into the kiss he doesn’t pull away, only deepening it and growling before letting you taste the iron in his lips after you had bit into his nether lip.
When he finally pulls away you’re out of breath but that doesn’t stop you from sobbing into your sprawled out hair. He grabs you by your jaw and forces you to look straight back at him but your eye only meets the inked numerals that peeks out from his shirt, “look at me” you lure your bottom lip into your mouth and refuse “in my fucking eye” you cry out when he squezes your cheeks together and forces you to crane your neck further up.
“You’re the only woman in my life, you will always be” you shook your head in denial vigorously enough for he ache in your head to climb right back, “then why do you need her?” you sobbed and attempted to push him off you when you felt his grip on your arms get taut.
“She means nothing to me” he whispered through his kissed teeth and stared right into your eyes which were focused on colorful pills that were scattered on the floor. He understood that you were once again going to mourn in his arms with no given option so he pulled you up and sat back to let you wet his shirt, his heart clenched when he felt your cries shake your whole body up but he didn’t dare stop you, not until you pulled away by yourself and looked into his eyes, barely figuring his form out with the tears blurring your vision.
He pulls you back and moves a hand up to your face to wipe the cascading tears away and to push the strands of hair away from your face. When your sobs tone down into hiccups he leans into your face but you stop him, “prove it to me” he doesn’t hesitate to once again press his lips on yours.
You get a taste of his rich whiskey when he prods his tongue deeper in your mouth, turning your head to the side you let him deepen the kiss. His hands work to pull you onto his lap before pulling the straps of your slip down. He couldn’t even catch a glimpse of the aesthetic delight that was your face as you were so instantaneous and urgent with your tongue before he pulled away and guided your hand to hold his face.
“I don’t kiss her like this” he admits and gapes at you as you gulp and breathlessly stare at his plump lips. He grabs your hands and brings your knuckles to his lips to press a lingering kiss, your grip on his shoulder tightens when he pulls your body close enough for you to feel the warmth he radiated.
He looks up at you and cocks a brow when he realizes that you were dubious, he lets your hand go to press his lips on your clavicle before he nips on it to leave his presence behind. Seokjin’s hand finds one of your breasts to firmly squeeze it and relishes in the feeling of your nipple hardening through the silk.
Dragging his lips further below he stops at your bare shoulders and looks up at your blissed out state through hooded eyes before completely pulling your silk down to revel at the sight of your upper body in full display. You only crane your neck backwards and allow him when he wraps his mouth around one nipple and twirls his hot tongue over it to excite it, he doesn’t let the vacant nipple feel any less as he tweaks it between his forefinger and thumb.
The pleasure he was giving you with his tongue distracts you and doesn’t allow you to react to him pushing your silk up your tummy to part the lace that covered your sex. You wince and look down at him when he traces your slit with a finger, gathering the natural arousal and looking up at your hazed eyes.
“Do you want me to prove it to you?” he completely ceases his actions and waits through the sudden silence before you nodded with your bottom lip captured between your teeth, brushing the jet black bangs away from his eyes you don’t dare break the eye contact he holds until he pushes a finger in and leaves you speechless for a moment before pulling out and spitting on his ring and middle finger to impale it into your pussy again.
You lose your stance and let your head rest on his shoulder when he starts moving the digits inside. He inhales the scent of vanilla from your hair when he leans toward it to press a kiss as his fingers speed up.
He considered your whimpers to be a sweet melody as he pushed his fingers hard enough against your walls for you to instinctively grab at his wrist for the strap of his Rolex to scratch against your fingers. “All for me yeah?” you could only nod and let him continue as your whimpers increased and your toes turned cold and curled.
“I would never touch Yejin like this” he admits once again and abruptly pulls his fingers out leaving your hole gaping and yearning. Your cheeks adapt a shade of crimson when you feel his chest heave up as he groans at the taste of your sweet essence. He purposefully pulls his fingers out with a lewd noise but he doesn't leave you hanging flustered, he instead leans forward to press a long kiss to your jaw.
“Lay back- '' you visibly wince when he accidentally tightens his grip on your wounded arm at the buzz of his phone from his pocket. As much as he wanted to ignore it he knew he shouldn’t since every call and message he gets could aid him to catch your attacker. He says nothing as he pulls back and fishes his phone out from the pocket of his trousers despite not intending to your eyes automatically traveled to the caller
The single look of the name was all it took for the emotions he had managed to distract to come back harder.
Seokjin’s eyes slightly widen as you grab his phone out of his hand to put it on speaker, “Hoseok left some tips back Seokjin I need you to come back here and I’ll tell you everything with your cock inside me”
You hadn’t realized that you had let your tears out once more until you felt them slide down your chin. With silent sobs you look up at your husband, somewhat expectant of his answer. He wouldn’t leave you like this after everything he said, right?
“I’ll be there yejin”
Tumblr media Tumblr media
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forever-once-gone · 5 months ago
The Lost, the Found, and the Treasured
Tumblr media
Pairing: SoftishYandere!Seokjin x Fem!Reader
Genre: Yandere au, Reincarnation au, Royalty au, angst turned to fluff turned to angst once again lol
Word Count: 9k
Summary: Your car breaks down in the middle of nowhere during a terrible storm. Thankfully, you were very close to what seemed to be an abandoned castle. You enter the large building to find a night’s refuge, but it seems that you find a lot more than you originally bargained for.
Content & Warnings: Fem reader, yandere themes, possessiveness, a bit of jealousy, refusing to let the reader go, the reader is very confused, general fear, marriage, assassination, grief, use of terms of affection: my love, love, invasion of personal space (Jin just refuses to stop hugging you and stuff), Jin’s a man in love finally reuniting with his one true love, it seems to take a toll on him.
Author’s Note: This got a lot longer than I originally wanted. Took a lot longer too. This kinda reminded me of Beauty and a Beast. You’ll understand what I mean once you read it. I could only bear to read over this once, so please ignore any stupid mistakes. It’s kinda rushed, so yeah. But anyway, let me know if you liked it! And, of course, enjoy! 💕
Tumblr media
The silk slipped over your head, draping on your body in layers. The soft honey colour looked warm against your skin. You’d never felt anything so soft. The fabric felt too expensive to be worn by you, yet, it felt right to have it adorning your body. The dress brought out the feeling of being a bride-to-be from centuries ago, as if the silk dress was revealing a side of yourself that you had pushed away for years. It felt right, so right, to be wearing it.
But you knew this was wrong.
You weren’t meant to be here, in this empty, dreary castle. A strong storm, a wrong turn, a broken car, a sense of helplessness as you found solace in the only structure around was what brought you to your current predicament. You had entered the castle hoping that someone would be there to help you. A groundskeeper, a custodian, an owner—anyone—who would help you. Someone who would let you stay the night as you thought of your next plan of action.
You could imagine your surprise when you had knocked on the grand door of the castle to hear no reply or steps coming in your direction. It had seemed abandoned, but that was nonsense! No one would leave a castle such as this one unowned. Maybe they hadn’t heard you, it was a large estate. You doubted that someone from the other side of the castle would be able to hear you, so you knocked again. You heard it echo throughout the castle through the door that you had pressed your ear against.
You sighed, there must really have been no one there.
Taking the loss, you had turned back to walk back to your car to escape the rain, but just as you took a step away from the door, you felt a rush of air hit your back. Confused, you turned, only to see that the door had opened on its own. It was open just a smidge, but open nonetheless. Pressing your hand onto the door, you pushed it open further, hoping to see who had let you in. All that greeted you, however, was a dusty but otherwise eerily empty entry way filled with columns and stairways.
Yet not a single living soul.
You knew that you should probably turn back. But just as you were about to turn to face the large dark oak doors, a flash of lightning followed by the deep rumble of thunder stopped you. It caused you to tense up, and when you took another step to peer out the doorway, the rain seemed to plummet to the ground even faster and harsher than before, so much so that it caused the large and heavy door to slam closed an inch from your face. You were just glad that you hadn’t moved any closer to the door, because with the strength it had slammed shut, if you had been any closer, you were sure your nose would have broken.
Shocked by how much the storm had picked up, you turned back to look at the vast entryway behind you. No, it still wasn’t safe to be out. But, you didn’t feel any safer in the castle. However, after debating with yourself for a minute or two you came to the conclusion that even though the castle may be suspiciously empty, it was dry and safe. At least, safe from being struck by lightning. A plus, that trying to leave wouldn’t grant you.
And so, accepting that you had no chance of leaving the estate until the storm let up, you moved deeper into the castle.
Might as well get comfortable, you thought, letting out a drawn-out breath.
Yet you couldn’t bring yourself to feel comfortable considering how empty the place was.
But the lack of any presence wasn’t the oddest thing about the castle. No. What brought the most uncertainty to overtake your mind was the fact that the castle had been so easy for you to navigate. Though the castle was made up of many winding, turning corridors and stairwells leading to an endless number of rooms greater than your whole apartment back in the city, you had been able to predict which room you would walk into next. What grey, lifeless room you would stumble onto.
You would walk through an empty sitting room, only to anticipate the bare hallway you’d walk into next. As you passed countless doors, in the back of your mind, you vaguely knew what laid behind them.
Behind that one is a closet, you thought. That one leads to the cellar. Oh! And that one should lead to a bathroom.
It was an odd sort of deja vu.
After a strange, yet surprisingly uneventful walk around the estate, you found yourself in the north wing. How you knew it was the north wing, you had no clue. You were never great with directions. But just like with the layout of the castle, you just knew.
Nonetheless, you stood in front of the long corridor, an almost never-ending series of doors looking back at you.
You felt unsafe standing in the middle of the hall, open to anything that could jump out at you. You knew you were being overly cautious, there had been no people as far as you had seen, but that didn’t mean there couldn’t be bats, rodents, and who knows what else. To feel a bit more safe, you moved to the left side of the hall, letting your left shoulder skim the wall ever so slightly. This way you would be sure that at least nothing could jump up at you from your left side. It helped your nerves from feeling as exposed as you did before. You’d only have to look out to your right for any possible danger.
And so, you continued to walk down the hall as you leaned against the solid wall. You felt the textures change against your side as the wall changed from stone to the occasional wooden beams, from the beams to the stone niches where old candle stands stood covered in thick layers of dust. And of course, you felt the way the stone brick walls changed to the smooth wood of the doors. You kept walking, keeping your eyes darting around your right side, putting your trust into nothing jumping up from the wall.
Just as you were about to reach the end of the corridor, a spiral stairwell leading up just out of reach in front of you, you felt a strong weight push onto your right. The harsh force thrust you against the last door in the hallway, which in turn let out under your weight. It swung open roughly, slamming onto the wall adjacent to it, as it swung open. You fell into the room. Immediately, your left shoulder burst out in dull pain from your whole body weight falling onto it.
A groan involuntarily escaped you as you turned to lay on your back.
“Fuck…” you said more to yourself than anything else. “What the fuck was that?”
You looked up from your supine position to the door by your feet.
Nothing. There was nothing in the doorway. No one who could have pushed you.
You let your head fall back onto the ground once you were sure that you were still alone. What pushed me? was the only thing on your mind as you waited for your heartbeat to slow back down to its regular pace. Your mind immediately went to a rabid wild animal even though there wasn’t anything of the sort around you.
After what had felt like an eternity—though it was probably only a few minutes—you felt well enough to get back up.
When you did, you finally got the chance to look at the room you had fallen into. It was a bedroom. A large 4 poster bed stood in the center of the room. Lush, jewel-toned sheets covered it, making it look softer than anything you’d ever seen before. Sheer navy blue curtains hung from the top of the bed frame in a canopy, casting the sheets in a blue hue. Peeking from under the bed was a handwoven bright red Persian rug.
Opposite the bed was a vanity that, once you got closer to you noticed, held countless vintage perfumes and makeup products. But as you continued analyzing the table, you realized the large vanity seemed to be split into two sections right down the middle.
On the left there were countless feminine flowery perfumes, a comb that seemed to have been carved from a dark wood. Small flowers and vines curled around its handle. There were ribbons in a plethora of colours, ranging from a deep crimson to the palest arctic blue. Hairpins laid haphazardly buried under the ribbons with elaborate flowers molded at the ends, which, you assumed, were meant to decorate the wearer’s hair.
When you looked at the right side of the vanity, you noticed the stark difference it had when compared to the other. While the left had flowers, ribbons, and pins, the right had an earthy cologne, what seemed to be a hair pomade, a pocket watch, and a boot shining kit.
As you finally took a step back from the table, you noticed that there was something very off about the room. You just couldn’t put your finger on it. But as you lightly drew your finger across the surface of the vanity, you realized what was so wrong with the room.
It wasn’t dusty.
Your finger hadn’t come away dirty after you took it off of the table. When you looked around the room you also realized that unlike the rest of the castle, the room wasn’t grey. The textiles weren’t faded and mute. The colours were still vibrant and clean on all these old objects, as if someone had been taking care of this room in particular, leaving the rest of the castle to rot with time.
Strange, very strange.
When you turned back to the vanity, you noticed something behind you that you swore hadn’t been there before. On the rich bed sheets, behind the sheer curtains was a blob of yellowish… something. It stood out against the dark sheets, drawing your eyes towards it, and almost like in a trance, it drew the rest of you closer to it too. You pushed the light curtains aside with the back of your hand.
A dress, a honey coloured dress laid on the bed. You stroked the silken fabric between your thumb and forefinger. In doing so, the front of the dress got pulled down revealing what was stitched in a small flowy script in the inside of the dress where the tag would have been.
For you, my love. Forever and always.
You traced the words with your fingers, and you don’t know what struck you next, but the next thing you knew you were wearing the dress. Your clothes, a pile at your feet.
And that’s how you got where you were now, standing in the middle of a castle, wearing someone’s stolen dress.
You stepped over your clothes, walking back to the vanity.
You studied the dress in the mirror. It hugged your body like a glove. It’s neckline was large, allowing a great view of your collarbone and shoulders. You dragged your fingertips against the exposed skin before letting them move further down. You noticed how the bodice was shaped to fit your breasts perfectly, neither too large that would leave loose fabric nor too small that would make it hard for you to breathe. Your eyes locked with your waist and how the dress cinched it just right before opening up into a looser skirt, giving you an hourglass figure.
For a while you just admired the dress on your body, feeling incredibly attractive until your eyes locked with the pile of clothes behind you in the mirror.
The sight of your soaked clothes on the floor shocked you out of your self-admiring stupor.
You were in an abandoned castle. Wearing a stolen dress. That you found in one of the few clean rooms of the place.
What the hell were you doing? What made you think this was okay?
Shocked with your own actions, you picked up your clothes from the floor determined to quickly change out of the dress and leave this place before you were caught in such a compromising situation.
Just when you had grasped the bottom of the garment to pull it off, something made you stop, your hands involuntarily loosening on the silk.
Music. Soft piano echoed from deep in the castle.
For the second time since entering this place, you felt your heart start hammering like crazy.
Somebody was here. Somebody that could get you arrested for trespassing and theft for the dress you were wearing.
You reached down again to pull the dress off only for the music to become even louder. So loud that it seemed to be playing from speakers directly into the room.
Fuck this, you thought, I don’t have time to take this damn thing off. Not with all this creepy shit. Just focus on getting the fuck out of here, Y/n.
You let go of the hem of the dress, letting it fall back against your ankles. You dug through your clothes for your damp jacket, pulling it on over the dress. You grabbed the rest of your clothes and sped out of the room.
But another surprise greeted you as you crossed the threshold of the room: the hall was clean. Not an ounce of dust anywhere. The stone was no longer covered in years of grime, instead it shone in the soft glow of the candles that were now aflame in the niches. There were rugs on the floor that weren’t there before, bright and welcoming. Side tables with bouquets lined the spaces in between the countless doors. Roses, peonies, hydrangeas, plus a hundred other more types that you didn’t even know the names of. All of them stood proudly in intricate vases, delicate and alive. Very alive. Not crispy or dead.
Okay, what in the actual hell is going on? You thought. Am I high? Am I dead? Did I get shot for trespassing on private property and this is some odd pre-death hallucination?
You weren’t going to stick around to find out.
You ran from the hallway back from the direction you came from, the thought of your car and its escape the only thing you let yourself focus on.
You were so shaken that you didn’t even stop to remember how the car wasn’t even working.
Nonetheless, in your fear-stricken mind, you thought: storm be damned, I’m getting out of here.
Despite trying to ignore your surroundings, your eyes unwillingly noticed all the changes to the rooms that you ran through. New, clean, bright, and no longer grey and old was the only way to describe it. Flashes of colours and flowers entered your peripheral vision as you sprinted through the castle. Even the floor beneath your feet was no longer the same. A plethora of rugs similar to the ones in the bedroom and hallway covered what seemed like every inch of the castle. Even though feeling them beneath your shoes threw you further into a loop, you were grateful for them because they muffled your footsteps as you ran.
Though, you doubted anyone would hear you running even if the rugs weren’t there considering the piano music seemed to only get louder and louder each second that you spent in the estate. So loud, in fact, that you had taken to pressing the cold, soggy clothes that were once in your arms over your ears to try and drown the music as you ran.
You felt like a newborn deer fumbling on your feet as you tried to stop your legs from shaking as you ran down the stairs. You couldn’t even use your arms for balance with the way you were covering your ears. But the end was in sight, you were in the foyer now, just a little more and you could jump into your car and never look back as you sped away.
Thank god too, you don’t think you could run for any longer.
As you reached the large wooden doors, you pulled the clothes from your ears, needing to use your arms to open the doors.
That was the worst mistake you made that whole night.
As soon as your hands left your ears, the music got louder by tenfold. Your eardrums blared with the noise. You felt like screaming with how much pain was streaming from your eardrums into the rest of your body like hot oil. But, you just grinded your teeth, trying to bear the pain.
Summoning every ounce of your strength, you reached out to the door, pushing it open. Immediately rain hit you in the face, dripping down your neck and onto the dress.
So close, you were so close.
The music was getting louder and louder.
And as soon as you lifted one foot to step out, you felt a hand grasp your shoulder.
You froze, and so did the music.
“You can’t really be leaving now, after everything,” the voice said.
You still stood facing away from the person, getting more drenched by the second from the rain. Figuring that you were found out, you reasoned that your best shot of not getting into any further trouble was to apologize.
Putting on your frailest, most apologetic voice, you said, “I know. I’m so sorry! I didn’t mean to trespass. I didn’t mean to steal the dress, I don’t know. I was just lost, my car broke down, and—and I’m so sorry!” You were close to tears, your eyes brimming with tears as you rambled nonsense.
The hand on your shoulder tightened, before forcing you to turn around. Your clothes dropping from your grip from the harsh movement.
You kept your gaze downwards, too ashamed to meet the eyes of the person before you. Instead you looked at the person’s shoes, a pair of black, expensive-looking leather dress shoes. Just by eyeing how they shone in the candlelight suggested that the flawless leather had gotten polished just recently.
Yup, you were screwed.
“Come on, now. Look at me. Are you going to torture me after centuries’ wait to see your eyes again?” the man—at least you figured was a man from his deep voice and shoes—asked.
You were utterly confused. Your brows furrowed in confusion, trying to comprehend the man’s words.
Still you didn’t look up at him.
The man grasped your shoulders over your damp jacket. “You are a lot more timid than before. Though, I suppose you were shy the first few days when we first met.” The man chuckled. “No matter. You’ll be as bubbly as you once were in no time, I’m sure.”
The man’s grip on your shoulders tightened once again, before pulling you into his chest. He moved his hand to the back of your head, pushing your face deeper into the crook of his neck, before he leaned the side of his head against yours. “I’ve missed you so much, Y/n. So much.”
You were as stiff as a board against his body. You still hadn’t seen the man’s face, had no clue who he was, yet the smell of his cologne seemed to bring you a surprising sense of calm. You don’t know why the man’s soft hands felt familiar, why his smooth voice sent pleasurable shivers down your spine, or why your tired arms ached to wrap around him.
But in the back of your mind, you knew this was weird. You should be outraged by this man grabbing you, invading your personal space, uttering gibberish that made no sense to you.
That’s when your eyes widened in realization. “How do you know my name?”
The man laughed a hearty laugh. You could feel the vibrations against your chest from the noise. The movement only making the wet dress rub uncomfortably against your skin.
The man nuzzled his head against yours before saying, “Like I would ever forget your name, Y/n. Does any man ever forget his bride?”
Fear started to pump through your body.
What is this man saying? He’s crazy, you thought to yourself.
Finally you seemed to come to your senses, moving your arms from your sides to his waist. You pushed the man away from you, to which he didn’t put up any resistance.
Shaking your head, you said, “I don’t know what you’re talking about, and honestly I feel like you’re just messing with me now. First the place goes from a haunted house to the Buckingham palace, and then you start talking about old brides and shit. I'll just leave, okay? I’ll bring you no troubl—” you raised your head to look at him and instantly froze.
The man was ridiculously handsome. Long dark hair slicked back paired with even darker eyes that sparkled with the reflections of the candlelight. Blemishless skin, with rose lips, full and tempting. His lips were stretched into an eased, yet the slightest bit teasing smile. A look of pure adoration painting his face. When you looked down from his face you saw his black velvet suit jacket. It had a sheen to it from where your wet body had been pressed against. Under the jacket was a white dress shirt with the first few buttons undone, revealing the soft skin underneath. The shirt’s collar slightly wrinkled as if he’d been pulling at it. The pants were of velvet too, tailored to fit his body perfectly just like the rest of the suit was.
As your eyes moved back up to his broad shoulders, you seemed to for the first time really take in just how large his frame was. Or at least the top of his frame was, because his broad shoulders and chest tapered into an unbelievably small waist.
Your eyes lingered on it, your fingers twitching to wrap around it, to put your arms around it and pull the man close.
The sound of him chuckling surprised you enough to force your eyes away from his body to his smug face.
“Still as entranced by my waist as ever, are you, Y/n? Don’t feel so shy, you can feel me,” he said, his voice getting quieter as he leaned down closer to your face. “You know I like it...” he whispered smoothly into your ear.
With his plump rosy lips pulled into a smirk against the side of your head, he grabbed your hands before placing them on his waist. He tightened your grip on him, before moving his hands to your own waist inside your open jacket. He teasingly squeezed you, then rubbed over the flesh in slow, deliberate movements. He had you pushed against the castle’s main door that he must have gotten closed at some point while you were freaking out.
He pulled himself flush against you, ignoring or maybe uncaring that your drenched body was getting him wet too. He moved his head to lay against your shoulder, turned towards your head so he could still keep somewhat of an eye on your expression. With each word he spoke, his lips skimmed your neck, leaving chills in their wake. “I’ve missed you so much, my love. I never thought I’d get to see you again. I was so close to leaving this realm, maybe move on to the world beyond“—his voice had started quivering—“I’m so glad I never did.”
His warm breath heated up your cold neck with each exhale. Paired with the way he moved his lips over the sensitive skin of your neck, he knew exactly what he was doing.
“I’ve missed you so much, so, so, so much…” His lips cautiously pressed harder against your neck, puckering into a kiss that made your skin tingle under the soft touch.
Why you were letting him do this, you weren’t sure, but it may have had to do with the way your body seemed to yearn for him, against your better judgement. All that went through your head was how good it felt, to be in his arms, his lips marking your body as he pleased.
He felt the way you shivered under his touch, which only spurred him on to mouth at the point under your ear even more. He knew just the right places to pay attention to, before moving on to another spot that had soft gasps leaving your lips as he nipped at the skin. When the noises got loud enough for them to draw the man’s attention, his lips curved into a smile against your skin which only made your embarrassment deepen.
The change of pace spurred you to push the large man away from you, bringing a jacket sleeve-covered hand up right after to wipe away at the wetness he’d left spanning from your collarbones to your jawline.
“You can’t just do that!” you snapped, common sense flooding to the forefront of your brain as it should have long ago. “I don’t know your name, I don’t know why this place went from a dusty, trashy haunted house to a multi-million dollar estate, fully-furnished with all these well-taken care of vintage artifacts that would have collectors drooling at their prime condition, and I don’t know how you know me! I’m sorry that I came in here, okay? I won’t do it again, I was stupid, inconsiderate, and completely out of line. There, I admitted it, so can you kindly stop mind-fucking me with all this crazy shit?”
As you tried to catch your breath after blowing up in his face, you noticed the corner of his mouth raise up in a smug half-grin.
He stepped up to you again, walking up real close. He leaned in, eyes flickering down to your lips and you prepared yourself for him to continue his affections, ignoring everything you said.
You closed your eyes, ready to take whatever he did next.
But it never came. At the lack of action, you opened your confused eyes.
He was standing less than an inch from your face, eyes still glued to your lips. Only when you finally spoke did he break eye contact and look into your eyes.
“Why didn’t you kiss me?” you asked, though you weren’t sure why you sounded so disappointed.
Looking deep into your eyes, he said, “Did you want me to?”
You had no answer for him, no answer that you wanted to give him anyway.
He hummed at your lack of an answer, moving back from you. He just watched you for a second, seeming to look through your very being. It felt like he was looking for something in particular, deep within your soul. He then reached up to push a few damp strands of hair out of your face, letting his hand linger on the side of your head.
You looked up at him, still confused about what was going on. Was he ever gonna answer your questions? Maybe this was the sign that you should make a break for it, you were after all standing pressed up against the main doors.
If I could push him away hard enough, I could probably manage to get the doors open and make a break for my car—WAIT, my car isn’t working, you remembered. Fuck, I’m trapped.
His hands being placed on your shoulders broke you out of your thoughts. “I should probably answer your questions,” he said while pushing your jacket off of your shoulders. “But first, let me take this.”
“No! Wait, I’d rather keep it on,” you said frantically.
“Nonsense. It’s soaked through, you’ll get sick. Besides, you’re not gonna need it anytime soon.” He walked away from you to place the jacket onto a coat stand. This was the first time that night that he’d moved more than a metre away from you. The first time he had turned his back to you. The first time you weren’t under his watchful gaze.
This is my chance to run, you thought.
You knew that there was nothing nearby, but you couldn’t stand to spend another second with this mystery man. Trying not to make any noise you reached behind you to try and find the doorknob.
Your eyes were still locked on the man’s back, cautious of any sudden movements. Cautious of getting caught.
Bingo, you found the doorknob. Now just to quietly turn it open.
He had by now placed the jacket on the stand, but he hadn’t let it go.
You turned the doorknob a millimetre at a time. Any more and it would creak.
His hands were smoothing over the fabric.
Halfway done, just a little more.
He was checking the pockets.
Don’t look back, don’t look back, you prayed in your head.
He was going through your pockets.
My keys are in the jacket. He has my car keys! My stuff’s in the car. I have nothing, you realized.
He put your phone and keys away into the inner pocket of his suit’s jacket, before immediately turning to you.
You froze in your spot.
He scanned your frame from top to bottom, the hand on the doorknob, the fear swimming in your eyes.
“Don’t bother.” He walked back to you. “The door doesn’t open without my permission.” He could sense your uncertainty. “Don’t trust me? Try and open it.”
You did just that, turning to face the door this time. You didn’t have to worry about being caught this time. You took a deep breath in before turning the handle the last few millimetres that were left, but when you pushed it open—nothing. Nothing happened. It didn’t open.
“Got it out of your system?” You jumped at how close his voice was to your ear. He was standing right behind you, just barely resting his chin on your shoulder as he peered at your hand on the doorknob in front of you.
Though a bit hesitant, you nodded your head.
“Good.” He turned you around, before stepping aside to stand beside you on your left. “If you’ll be good, I’ll make sure you get the answers to your questions. Now, come.”
He intertwined your left arm with his right, starting to walk you deeper into the candle-lit castle.
“Where are we going?” you asked once you had mustered the courage to speak to the strange man.
“I saw you walk around very deliberately when you first stumbled inside—don’t look so scared, my love, I was just watching you—you weren’t lost or confused at all by the look of it. You knew exactly where you were going…” He turned to look at you as you walked. You refused to meet his eyes. “Love, why don’t you tell me where I’m taking you. I know it will come back to you.”
You looked around you. You were walking arm-in-arm down a narrow corridor on the East side of the estate. You saw an offshoot hallway a few metres ahead of you. It leads to the… kitchen. Yes, the kitchen. But, the two of you passed the hallway, continuing straight down the hall. The next door went to a… a storage room. You doubted he was going to take you there.
All of the sudden, you heard the piano start up again. Soft and sweet, not ear-bleeding like it had been before. Music.
Wait—it was coming back to you.
“You’re taking us to the ballroom.”
He smiled, his eyes filled with unrepressed joy. “Yes, I am. You do remember. You are my Y/n.”
He stopped in front of the door that led to the ballroom. It was a side door, not the main one that guests would use to enter the ball. This door was meant for the servants who would come to serve the guests hor d'oeuvres and drinks. The man stared at the door, an aura of sadness and anxiety seeping off of him and into the air. As it surrounded you, it only passed on the worries to you.
“What’s wrong?” you asked.
He continued to stare at the door for a second too long before letting out an unconvincing: “nothing.”
You could hear the piano much clearer now. Though it was slightly muffled behind the door, it was still as smooth and alluring as you imagined it would sound without the wood blocking the sound from you. The subdued notes called to you, and as you placed your hand to push the door open, the grip on your arm tightened, keeping you on your spot. He brought you to the ballroom, but was not letting you go into it.
It confused you to no end. It seemed like confusion was your constant state that night.
“Aren't we going to go inside?” It felt like you had been speaking more than him since you got to the door. His self-confidence seemed to have melted as soon as you got in close proximity to the room. “Excuse me, uh..” He still hadn’t told you his name. You settled for a replacement title. “Uh, sir, are you okay?”
“I’m alright, my love. It’s just… a bit difficult to go back in there since, well, since that’s where I lost you.”
You were getting tired of his cryptic words and slivers of the past that he refused to fully reveal to you. Yet, a part of you wanted to comfort him, apologize to him, though for what, you weren’t entirely sure. The other sane part of you just wanted to rip your hair out from just how confused you were from this whole situation. You decided to go with the former for the sole reason that his grip on your arm was too strong to allow you to even reach your head.
The man got very serious after your soft apology. “Don’t be. There is no reason to be sorry, it wasn’t your fault. It—It was just an unfortunate accident of not enough security during the wedding. It wasn’t your fault; it wasn’t mine either.”
It sounded as though he was trying to convince himself more than you.
“I still don’t know what you’re talking about,” you said, wishing that someone—anyone—would just explain what in the actual hell was going on. Preferably without clinging to you and calling you ‘my love.’
It wasn’t that you hated it when the mystery man said it, it was the fact that you didn’t hate it that made it worse.
The man smiled at you before finally opening the door into the ballroom. He held the door open for you, ushering you into the room.
The room was less a room and more of a grand hall considering it was as big as a professional soccer field. The floor was made of a light marble, grey accents swirling through the solid ivory hue. Under the flickering candlelight that spread from the multiple chandeliers that hung high on the scenically painted ceiling, the grey seemed to move across the floor like magic.
The piano music rushed up to you, bathing you in its serenity as it beckoned you further into the hall. You could see the piano as it sat at the far end of the ballroom spreading its sound into the world even though it seemed to be missing its pianist.
“It’s playing on its own.” You turned to the man, hoping he’d clear this confusion at least.
“It’s not.” The man hooked to your arm stopped the two of you in the middle of the floor, briefly letting go of you as he stepped in front of you, blocking the view of the piano. He wrapped his right arm around your waist as his left held your right one out to your side. With you thoroughly pressed against his body for the nth time that night, he began to sway to the rhythm of the music. “He’s there. I just assumed that it would be best if only I revealed myself to you tonight. I couldn’t bear to share you on our first night back together.” He winked down at you.
When you peeked at the piano over the man’s shoulder, you felt flashes of another life surface. Dark hair. A kind gummy smile. Music. Understanding. A friend.
“Yoongi…” The familiar name slipped from your lips.
The music faltered for a second, almost caught off guard at your words, before resuming to its former perfection, though a tad quicker in tempo than before. If you strained your eyes hard enough through the darkness, you could almost make out the figure of a man sitting at the piano. Though his hands moved gracefully over the ivory keys, his focus and gaze were locked on you.
The man wrapped around you let out a dark chuckle, drawing your attention away from the figure’s faint smile back to him. “I have to say, my love, it hurts that you remembered the musician’s name before you remembered mine.”
You gazed into his hurt stare, a sad smile accompanying it. “I’m sorry. I don’t—I don’t know how I remembered. I don’t even know what I just remembered.”
He let you think for a second before saying, “You do.”
“Out in the hall, you had said that you don’t know what I’m talking about. You do.” He monitored your expression.
“I don’t think you understand, just how much I really don’t.” What was this man getting at?
He brushed some loose drying hair out of your eyes. “You know more than you think you do. You remembered the layout of our home, you found your way directly to our room.”
He suddenly twirled you in the midst of your dance, taking you by surprise. His eyes sparkled as your grip on him tightened as you tried to steady yourself after the sudden motion. And then back you were, pressed flush against his chest. “You don’t know how happy I was when I saw you standing in front of our door. I’ll admit, my excitement did get the better of me and I pushed you into the room in my rush. I apologize.”
“It’s okay,” you said so quickly that it almost cut him off. You didn’t like seeing him feel bad.
His smile grew, eyes softening even further at your acceptance. “I was even happier to see you in your wedding dress.” The hand that splayed against the small of your back, massaged over the smooth fabric, almost savouring the feeling of having you back in his arms just like you had been at your incomplete wedding all those centuries ago. “Though, I see you didn’t put on the petticoat and corset that accompanies the dress. I’ll let it be though, I’m sure it’s hard to remember all those steps after all this time.”
He let out a soft sigh, looking out to the side in mild embarrassment. “I’m getting a bit ahead of myself, aren’t I? What I meant by all this is that you do remember. You do remember me.”
His left hand let go of yours, moving to cup the side of your face. Eyes darting across your face, looking for a sign of recognition, he said, “Who am I, Y/n?”
Your throat immediately closed up. Your hands twitched, anxious sweat starting to coat them. “I—I don’t—”
“Yes you do!” He cut you off. He seemed to get more frantic the longer you kept him waiting. “You remembered the castle, the dress, the ballroom, and even the godforsaken musician—You have to remember me too!”
Your heart was beating out of your chest, eyes blurring as tears formed in the corners of your eyes.
“Come on, Y/n! Try! Just try to remember! I changed the castle back to how it was before to help you remember! I know you can do it! Just say it! Say my name, please! I can’t take it!”
The candle flames seemed to stretch higher, much higher than they should have, kissing the quickly blackening ceiling. The music had stopped long ago, and the presence of the friendly figure had left with it. Strong wind whipped around the ballroom, tossing your hair into your face so hard that you imagined them leaving little cuts in your skin. You clenched your eyes shut.
His grip tightened, and tightened, and tightened until—
“Jin! Your name is Jin! The Crown Prince, Kim Seokjin, of the Western Mainland and Isles of the Kingdom of Zergaci.”
Your voice faltered for a second, debating if you should admit the rest of the words that had been circling your head all night.
Fuck it.
“My fiance, my love. ...My Jin.”
The candle flames had gone back to their regular height, the wind no longer pushing at you. But the music had not resumed.
It was silent.
You didn’t dare open your eyes. You couldn’t bear to see Jin’s reaction.
And then you were being lifted into the air.
“You remember!” He spun you around, his hearty, joyous laugh immediately melting your worries. You joined him in his celebrations, a hole in your chest that you didn’t know even existed until a few minutes ago filling.
You’d never felt so complete.
He gently placed you back onto the ground.
Your cheek muscles were starting to ache with how much you were smiling.
You could remember everything. How you’d met at a nobility banquet, immediately catching one another’s eye. How he’d asked you for a dance, singling you out from all of the envious women. How he’d slowly gotten you to fall deeper and deeper into love with him over the course of five years. Charming you patiently, not ever making you feel uncomfortable or rushed.
You remembered the day he asked you to marry him. The clip-clop of his horse drawn carriage stopping at the door of your family’s estate. The way that he’d glanced up at your room’s window, knowing that you were waiting there, peeking out from behind your red curtains, for him to finally ask for your hand in marriage. He’d spoken with your father and mother first, always being the most traditional when it came to matter like this. The promise of giving you a good, fulfilling life sealing the deal for your parents as they quickly accepted the proposal.
They had finally called you down, telling you that Jin had wanted to take you somewhere. They had been trying to keep the proposal a secret, but Jin was always an open book and you could read him well. You’d known for weeks that he was going to ask you to marry him sometime soon.
He had taken you to one of his vacation estates. A smaller estate than his main one surrounded by fields and fields of flowers. He had chosen that particular estate, because he knew of your love for nature. Over the years he had switched out a lot of the flowers to your favourites.
But the most predominant type were the ones you loved the most of all. French marigolds. That was where he had taken you then, in the midst of the dual-coloured flowers. In the sea of orange and red, he’d asked you to be his ‘til the end of time.
Without missing a beat you had said yes.
And even though it caused you much pain, you even remembered your last day with him.
You had stayed the night before your wedding, bringing with you all of your belongings. He had wanted to have you to himself the night before the big day. The need to cherish you beating his want to keep the tradition of not seeing you before the wedding.
He had helped you get dressed that morning. Helping you into your honey-coloured wedding dress that reminded him of your favourite marigolds. He hadn’t wanted anyone else to dress you, but had finally given up when he realized he was incapable of doing your makeup. He had let your closest attendant finish up your makeup and hair, though he refused to leave the room while it happened.
You had only laughed at his childish antics.
It was only when you were greeting the guests before the actual ceremony when everything had gone awry. In your dying breath you heard someone say that apparently one of those women from the ball where you first met Jin had gotten a bit more angry than the others, paying off a man to get rid of you. It had been sudden, the man quickly escaping the chaos of the bride-to-be bleeding out in the arms of the Crown Prince.
Beyond that, you knew nothing.
“I love you so much, Y/n! So much!” Jin’s declaration brought you out of your newly-recovered past-life’s memories. He hugged you tight, not wanting to let go. Not that you wanted him to anyways, not after being reunited with the man who had made you so happy in your past life.
Who would be upset about being reunited with their soulmate?
He covered your faces in kisses in between his laughter.
You giggled. “The Jin I knew wasn’t so liberal with his affection. Not in public, at least. Are you really my Jin? Or have the years really changed you?”
“Seems that being away from you has made me let go of some of my more conservative ways. The centuries do that to you.” He pressed his cheek against yours, softly rubbing like one would expect a cat to do. Your hands were sat against his pecs over his clothes, moving up and down in a comforting way. You wanted to show him that you missed him as much as he missed you.
“Say, Jin, I can’t remember past dropping on the ground on that last day, what happened after that? How are you still here?” You leaned back to look at him. “Why aren’t you...dead?”
His eyes flashed at your questions, quickly darkening from their once cheerful brightness. He didn’t want to tell you. He refused to tell you what had happened.
He knew how kind you were and probably still are even after being reborn; you would hate what he’d done while he’d been struck by grief. How he’d doomed himself and all those who lived and worked for the royal family to stay captive at the castle in his fit of grieving rage. Not even death himself coming to free them from his clutches.
He wouldn’t be able to handle your disapproval, and so he decided he wouldn’t tell you. He wouldn’t let you slip out of his hands once again.
“Always so curious, my love.” His hand brushed your cheek. “But that doesn’t matter now. All that matters is that you’re here, back with me.”
He gave you a soft peck on your lips, causing your eyes to flicker closed. While you basked in the afterglow of his love, eyes still pleasantly shut, he said, “I’m never letting you go now.”
The words brought a small smile to your lips. “You always say that, you jokester.”
His arms tightened around you. “I mean it this time. Y/n, you aren’t leaving me this time. I’m not letting you leave this castle, our home.”
The sincerity and monotonousness in his voice brought you out of your blissed out state.
This could just be him saying sweet nothings, but it didn’t seem like it from the serious look on his face. He did realize you were living a different life than your last one, right? You had responsibilities, a family, a life outside of all this. You couldn’t leave it all behind for a life long lost. Still, you decided to give him the benefit of the doubt and make it clear that you couldn’t stay forever in a joking manner. Test the waters, so to speak.
“Jin,” you started. “You know I have a life outside of here, right? I can’t just stay here all the time, even if I want to.” You jokingly batted at his upper arm to show you were just messing around, not trying to start a fight.
“A life outside of me?” He didn’t seem to think it was that funny, if his unimpressed expression was anything to go by.
You laughed half-heartedly, trying to keep up the happy persona. “Of course. I do have a family, you know. People I care about and love.”
His eyes flashed. “People you… love?”
You didn’t like where this was going. “...Yes? I mean, I have a complete life in the outside world.”
“Are you in a relationship?”
The sudden question threw you off-guard. “What?! Of course not!”
He stared right through your soul and when he spoke, the finality to his tone reminded you of his title. He was a ruler not to be argued with. His word was final. “Then there is no issue with staying here with me, the person who you are in a relationship with.”
“I have other people who I care for! I have a family; a mother, a father, a sister, two brot—”
“YOUR FAMILY IS DEAD!” He erupted less than a millimeter from your face. “Your family died more than three hundred years ago! The only person you have left is me! Only me! Those people”—he said the word with venom dripping from his lips—“are not your family!”
You were shaking, tears slowly rolling down the apples of your cheeks.
He had yelled at you. He’d never yelled at you, like this. Raised his voice, sure, but not unadulterated rage like this. Never said anything so hurtful. Not once. Not in this life, or the one before.
The Jin you knew was kind, considerate, a gentleman.
This was not your Jin. This was a man who, after the many centuries away from you, had become a shell of the person you loved. He had become a monster.
Your silent crying seemed to pull him out of his rage. Immediately, he seemed to realize what he’d done. “Oh. Oh, Y/n, I’m so sorry. My intention wasn’t to make you cry. I love you, you know!” He frantically wiped the tears on your cheeks. It was a worthless effort. More tears took the previous’ place promptly once they had been removed.
“Oh, don’t cry, my love! I love you so much! So much! You have to understand, I cannot let you abandon me again. I cannot let you leave! You’re all I have left! Everything I’ve done was just to have you again.”
He was losing it, his nails digging into the fleshy part of your exposed arms. Though you didn’t dare look down at his hands, you were sure he’d started to draw blood.
The tears were still streaming down your face. They had started to draw down your neck and over your collarbone, soaking your silk dress. Your clothes were just not getting a break today, it seemed.
“Here! Here, Y/n!” His right hand let go of your arm, reaching into the air behind you. When he pulled his hand back into his field of view, he had a flower clenched in his fist. They looked familiar, but in the mellow candlelight, and the fact that you were still crying, you couldn’t quite make out what exactly they were.
“A french marigold! Your favourite! The flower that was with us during all of our best moments! A symbol of our love! Take it, Y/n!” He thrusted the flower into your face.
You turned away from the flower, letting its velvety petals graze against your tear-soaked cheek. The only thing that your body allowed you to do through your fear was whisper: “I want to go home.”
He paused, letting your words soak in.
And then, in an eerily calm voice, he said, “take the flower, Y/n.”
Like a broken record, you repeated, “I want to go home.”
His wide, dead eyes pierced through you. “You are home. Take the flower, Y/n.”
Again. “I want to go home.”
“You couldn’t leave even if you wanted to. Take the flower, Y/n.”
“I want to go home.”
“Your efforts would be fruitless. Take the flower, Y/n.”
“You can’t make me stay.” You could feel each pump of your heart.
“I can and I will. The doors don’t open, unless I want them to. Take the flower, Y/n.”
You bit the bullet. “I don’t love you.”
His eyes glazed over, a scary smile slowly twitching its way across his face. A smile way too wide, way too toothy, made it clear that you’d said the wrong thing. “Y/n. You’re mine. Get that through your head.”
He turned your face to look directly up at him. His thumb rubbing against your chin. He leaned closer to you, eyes locked with your lips.
You quickly closed your eyes, preparing yourself for his kiss, but it never came. Instead, you felt something get tucked behind your ear.
When you opened your eyes, you were met with Jin’s sorrow-filled look. A complete one-eighty from his fierce look from just a few seconds ago. His sad eyes took in the sight of the marigold blooming from behind your ear.
“You’ve been mine since the day you agreed to marry me. From the moment you said yes, you’ve been mine.”
He met your eyes, and you weren’t sure if it was a trick of the candlelight, but you could have sworn there were tears threatening to spill from them. “Don’t leave me. Not again.”
You heard a quiet sniffle that, if you weren’t looking right at him, you wouldn’t have believed came from the proud man that you knew.
In a voice, way too small for the man in front of you, too emotional for the Crown Prince that once had you wrapped around his finger, too broken, he said, “please.”
It was over.
And in that moment you knew that though you trembled, though you ached to run back home to your family, no matter how much you wanted to leave, with his quiet plea he had latched onto the old Y/n, the one willing to do anything for her Prince, and chained the present you and your soul to him.
Now, you would never leave, not even if you wanted to.
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koosbabygrl · 7 months ago
Tumblr media
↠ summary: lured in by the sights and sounds of the most famous circus in town, events take a strange turn once you become part of the show.
↠ pairing: seokjin x reader
↠ genre: explicit, smut, DARK yandere
↠ warnings: non-con sexual intercourse, kidnapping, manipulation, drugging, bondage, sadistic jin, tickling kink, subtle urophilia, agalmatophilia, perversion, vomit, explicit sexual content, choking, unprotected sex, disassociation, DARK YANDERE, use of needle/drugs, controlling jin, non-con use of sex toy, non-con touching, non-con roleplay, obsessive jin, physical fight, mentions of trauma and mental health struggles. 
↠ words: 10.2 k
author’s note : this fic is very dark and disturbing. if you don’t read the warnings and don’t understand what half the warnings mean, then don’t read it. 18 plus readers ONLY
Tumblr media
The air smelled of stale popcorn, the sights and sounds bringing back a nostalgia you vaguely recollect from when you were younger. You can’t think back on the last time you went to such an event, as deluded as it was. Everything was designed to draw you in, trick you, manipulate and deceive you--yet the ambience of the grounds still drew people in. The main event was up ahead and you felt silly getting excited over something you’ve seen countless times through personal experience and television. As juvenile as it was, you couldn’t help but turn back to your friend with an excited smile.
“So they say this ringmaster is hot. He can be my ringmaster any day,” she comments smugly.
“Oh, shut up!” you tease, smacking your coworker on the arm. She made the offer to bring you to the circus after having received free tickets from a raffle she won at work. “We are here to see the ‘freak show’, not make eyes at the ringmaster.”
“Whatever. You know there is no such thing as a ‘freak’ anyway. Most of these people wear makeup and prosthetics to make them look unique. If you ask me, it’s quite offensive.”
“Yeah, I guess you’re right. It’s just funny how I get so excited just from the lights and the music. Does that make me weird?”
Your friend simply smiles and shoves you lightly into the tent. There were more people present than you expected and finding a seat was proving to be a problem. By some miraculous chance you spot exactly two seats right near the front row.
“Look, there’s some. Let’s hurry.”
Finally sitting, you take a moment to absorb your surroundings. Children and adults alike are eagerly waiting, the brilliant joy on their faces making you feel less like an oddball. It made sense to feel this way. Though not many people enjoyed the circus, something about the whole style of it incited curiosity. Before you could remove your jacket, the lights began to dim and the music faded. The spotlights dangling from the tent began their infamous swirling as the drums announcing the introduction of the ringmaster began their furious beat. With a sharp tug, the curtains on the left side of the ring opened swiftly, revealing a brightly colored podium with nothing but a black top hat neatly set on top of it.
The audience gasps when the main director is nowhere to be seen, joined by the floodlights that chaotically search around revealing nothing but an empty ring. “That wasn’t expected,” mocks your coworker, but you were way too caught up in the search wondering where the man of the hour had disappeared to.
“Stop ruining this. You’re such a party pooper.”
As your skeptical friend chuckles, your eyes return to the darkness surrounding the stage doing your best to adjust from the bright lights that rove around. And then, without a warning, a soft brush over the shell of your ear makes you turn in suspense.
“Shhh,” comes the sound over the mic, the owner of it still unknown. The audience stills and listens, already intoxicated by the entire show. “If you look a little closer, you’ll see I’m...right...over…here,” As he harshly whispers his last word, you jolt in response, totally confused and unsure about what was happening. Within seconds, the voice near you disappears leaving you a quivering mess.
“What the hell was…”
A sudden click of the lights brings darkness over the ring once again and for a few seconds all that could be heard were the whispers of wonder from the crowd. Then suddenly every single light comes back on revealing the entire ring floor and the mysterious master everyone was looking for.
“Come one! Come all to the greatest, most unique, highly coveted and amazing grand circus you’ll ever see. My name is Jin and I’ll be your ringmaster this evening.”
With a bow, he hops off his podium and swings back behind the curtains effectively triggering the next event to follow.
You watched him the entire night wondering how he managed to get so close to you without you even realizing. He was obviously very good at his job, and from the looks of it, your friend wasn’t lying about his attractiveness. The way he carried himself as he introduced each show, light on his feet, broad shoulders and a smile that could swoon the strongest heart, was quite astounding. You were a bit embarrassed to admit it, but you wouldn’t mind him cracking his whip over your…
“Earth to, y/n. Did you hear anything I said?”
“Oh, sorry...no.”
“I told you he was hot. I’ll be back, just gonna grab a drink. Want anything?”
“No thank you.”
As soon as she walks off, you continue to focus on the man commanding the stage. He had an amazingly gorgeous purple jacket that shimmered in the light. It was obvious that every bead and stone sewn into it was done with great care. His black high boots compliment his long legs that are covered by black tights leaving nothing to the imagination. You wonder if maybe he was wearing a cup, the size definitely above average, but this certainly wasn’t a sports game.
Somewhere along the line he exchanges the whip in favor of a cane, and once again your mind begins to wander into dangerous territory. The show was amazing to say the least and when it was all set and done, you were a little disappointed. Not wanting to end the night just yet, you find yourself staying behind as the crowd begins to leave.
“Hey, you coming? The bus should be here in twenty minutes.”
“No, you go ahead. I’m just gonna sit here for a minute and take it all in.”
“Oh really? You’ve got money for a cab? You’re a big baller now?”
She was being silly you knew, but it wasn’t a lie. You both chose to take the bus since you didn’t want to park downtown where everyone and their mother would be. Not to mention the ridiculous prices for parking in one of the event lots. As for the money, you weren’t exactly making what you were hoping, and still recovering from paying your mother’s medical expenses, you were trying to be as conservative as possible. Tonight, however, you needed a moment for yourself, and a few extra bucks wasn’t going to matter in the long run.
“Very funny. It’s fine. I’ll be fine. You go on. I’m not looking forward to going over my report tonight, so let me have this.” You gesture a plea and she gives in easily.
“Yeah, yeah. Just watch your back. They might just recruit you to be a part of the freak show.”
“Ha, ha...very funny.” You mock her and wave your hand dismissively. She walks off leaving you alone, the sudden silence filling the room making you feel uncomfortable. It took you a few minutes, but you managed to stand up with a sigh. It was time for you to go. Hoping to catch the fried dough stand before it closes, you pick up your pace a little, your exit just a few feet away.
“Leaving so soon?”
A familiar voice stops you, though now it was less amplified without the microphone. You turn hoping to catch him this time, happy that you were quicker than before.
“Yeah. I’m not exactly a part of the show, though, I think I might fit in with the clowns.”
“Cute and witty. I was right.”
His compliment successfully catches your attention. “You were right?”
“Yes. When I saw you earlier tonight I knew you were unique...special.”
If it were any other man talking to you this way you would have turned and walked away, but the glimmer in his eyes and his flirting tone intrigue you. His looks were also quite captivating. Up close like this, you could see his pretty lips and perfect face. He had broader shoulders than what you remember, but the padding in his jacket made him look even wider.
“Ha, thanks. I’m hardly special. I really enjoyed your show tonight. If anything was special, it was that. I’d forgotten how much I love being captured by the wonder of it all.”
“It’s my pleasure. I’ve dedicated much time to perfecting it all. I’m very particular about how things should look and sound. It’s a hobby.”
“Well, I admire it. Anyway, I should get going if I’m going to finish looking over my report. Once again, thank you.”
You stand still as Jin walks forward and stands before you. He eyes you quietly and then removes his jacket carefully placing it down on one of the seats. “Please don’t go. I rarely get to speak with one of my guests, and you are particularly beautiful if I do say so myself. Pardon my boldness but, would you like to come again tomorrow night? I can guarantee you the perfect seat with no distractions from the audience. Perhaps you could be part of the show?”
Never before had you been seduced by a man with such polite manners, and even less so, a man that was in charge of a circus. It was quite comical, but the look on his face meant he was very serious about his proposal. It was a strange way to ask someone on a date, but you felt flattered nonetheless. It’s not like you’ve been approached by a ringmaster before.
“Oh, wow. You really don’t have to. I mean...what would I even do? I’ve never done anything in front of an audience before.”
“You don’t have to do much of anything. You can sit in my private booth. It has plenty of curtains to conceal you and then when I call you out, you simply walk down the ramp over there and hold my top hat while I perform a magic trick.”
His explanation seemed easy enough and even though you felt nervous, it was a little hard to say no when he was smiling so beautifully at you.
“Yeah, sure--why not. This would certainly be a stress reliever. Okay, yeah. I’ll be here.”
The next night came quicker than you expected and not wanting to seem like a weirdo, you didn't mention to your coworker that you were going to go back to the very place you both mocked the day before. You didn’t want to admit it, but you felt shy, and knowing that the sexiest man you’ve ever seen was waiting for you made it even more difficult to control your excitement.
The crowd was already building, the atmosphere reminding you of the night before, except this time you would be a willing participant. A little bit confused about where exactly you should be going, your worries were quickly put to rest when a circus member came up to you.
“Hello, you must be our guest for tonight. Jin asked me to take you to his personal seating. Please follow me.”
As the member led you toward the location, you realized you hadn’t even told Jin your name the night before. You found it weird of him not to ask, but then again, the circumstances had been a little weird.
As soon as you arrive you know it. The tent is beautiful, ornately designed with pretty gems and rhinestones--satin ribbons that were colored completely different than what a circus would be. The curtains were thick and behind them you could vaguely hear Jin’s voice booming during the show. Apparently it already begun and you start to worry you may have arrived too late.
“Where do I go? What should I do?”
“Just enter here. Jin will do the rest.”
As vague as it sounded, you simply did as you were asked. Opening the curtains, you walk into a small room noticing the lovely chandelier hanging from the center, and the pink roses in vases on almost every surface. It was like a dreamland. Curious, you walk toward the curtain where you hear Jin’s voice the loudest. Though you want to take a longer look around the pretty space that surrounds you, the temptation to carefully pull back the fabric is too great. The first thing you see is the back of Jin’s form. You are drawn in by his voice and the way he commands the show. With a wave of his wrist, the lights go off and gasps are heard all around.
“Come to me, now.”
You know the command is for you, so you quickly make your way to him as best as you can. The only light guiding you were the tiny string lights on the floor. His hand finds you first and pulls you close enough for only you to hear his words.
“Take off your clothes and put this on.”
Your eyes open wide in shock and for a moment you weren’t sure if you’d heard him correctly. “Take off my clothes?”
“Yes, quickly now. The lights will be on shortly.”
Not wanting the entire whole of the audience to see you naked, and knowing that it was already dark so there was no possibility of him seeing you in your underwear, you do as he says. The fabric he hands you feels slightly heavy but soft. It was clearly a cloak of some kind. Wrapping it around your shoulders, you work to tie the ribbon at your neck, but the feel of a pair of hands at your waist is not something you were expecting.
“Hush. I’m just helping you be quicker. We have five seconds.”
You could feel his fingers buttoning the front with practiced skill, and just as the lights came on, you slid your arms out of the side openings and stood in awe when the audience came back into view. It was a strange feeling standing there, the shadows cast by the floodlights making it hard for you to distinguish their faces. You feet the vomit begin to build in your throat, but Jin’s hand comes to settle on your back, soft circular motions helping ease the sensation.
“Ladies and Gentlemen! Boys and Girls! Tonight I have a lovely assistant to help me with my next trick. Please help me welcome…”
He turns then to glance at you and you blank. What in the hell was he getting at? Suddenly it hits you. Your name...he needed your name. “Y/n, my name is y/n.”
“There you have it folks. Let’s give her a round of applause. Now, please pay close attention because I’m about to do what has never been attempted before. I will make this lovely lady disappear before your very eyes.”
You blink suddenly, panicking and unsure of what was taking place. He never told you about this part. He only mentioned a hat trick. What exactly were you supposed to do in front of all these people? You knew about magic tricks and how a lot of optical illusion was used, but you never practiced anything like this before. You swallow back your fears and try to go along with it. He was the greatest showman you’ve seen, so you simply put your trust in the fact that he knew what he was doing. His movements were hypnotizing, the audience’s attention drowning in the lights and sounds all around. You feel dizzy and it becomes hard to focus on anything he says. Your nerves are on edge and then without warning, a blanket of darkness surrounds you. Your feet lose stability, you feel yourself fall down and then land on a soft surface. What sounds like a trap door shuts above you and then there is silence. Without waiting, you remove the cloth sack that had somehow fallen on you and blow the hair out of your face.
Wherever you were, it was scary. There was barely any visual, just a low glow of light emitting from the corner. You crawl forward attempting to situate yourself and figure out where exactly you were, but metal bars are the first thing your fingers meet. It’s almost impossible to stand, so you hunch over walking the perimeter you were in realizing you were not in just any room. You were inside of a cage and it was no bigger than the size of a small bathroom. You can't make out much, so you use your hands as a guide to touch along every surface hoping that maybe there was a door you were supposed to exit from, but when you finally find it, a padlock prevents such a thing.
You didn’t want to jump to any conclusions or even panic because this must be part of the show and you were sure Jin or someone would come any minute to let you out. As you wait seated in the corner with your knees pulled up to your chest, the sounds above ring on and you can’t help getting more and more tired as you sit in the darkness waiting. It was the only thing you could do since you’d already convinced yourself that maybe they needed to end the show before they could come to you--they all had to be busy doing some part of the show, right?
It was way later, how long you weren’t sure, that a noise at the cage jolts you awake. “Hello! Oh thank God. I’ve been waiting for so lon--”
Jin was at the door, his presence looming due to the shadows that cast off his body and face. “Hey, you did so good, y/n. Your name is really pretty. Come.”
He gestures with his hand and for some reason you hesitate a little. This had all gotten to be a bit too much and you had a bone to pick with him for leaving you in that cage for so long. When you reach the door, he puts out his hand and you grab it even though your anger was starting to build by the obvious lack of remorse from him.
“Jin, I don’t appreciate what you did. You changed the whole show and didn’t even warn me. And then...you left me alone in this cage for what seemed like hours. I want to go home.”
While you rant and walk ahead of Jin, you come to the realization that you don’t even know where you are going. This lower level is so dark and Jin’s presence behind you isn’t exactly comforting. He hasn’t said much and you start to feel incredibly uncomfortable by this whole situation.
“But you already are home.”
You didn’t get the chance to spin around and look at him. The next thing you knew you were struggling in his grip, a cloth over your mouth, and then darkness.
Tumblr media
With a dry mouth and sore neck, you rouse to consciousness slowly. As your body begins to awaken, you start to move around, unconsciously stretching your limbs, only to come to the realization that you can’t move your hands. “Wha--”
It doesn’t take long for you to realize you are tied down by your hands and feet. Your head is killing you and you feel like your throat is on fire, but none of that matters--you need to get out of wherever you are.
You begin to scream hoping that someone will hear you. Even though it hurts, you scream and scream, your tears suddenly making themselves present. In a moment of exhaustion, you bow your head to rest when the sound of a door opening sets your nerves on edge.
“My, my...what a loud, pretty mouth you have. I was hoping you’d make this easier. I didn’t use the needle this time. Your pretty skin is too precious to puncture, but I can see you’re not very grateful for my mercy.”
For a second you think you’re hallucinating. The words that are coming out of his mouth seem unreal, and if he weren’t standing right in front of you in his physical form, you would indeed believe you were dreaming. “What do you mean needle--w-what are you saying? What is this?”
“Hush, darling. You’re only going to make your headache worse and strain your throat. I rather like your voice. I was hoping to make you a talking doll, but with all this blabbing I’m sorta changing my mind. You wouldn’t want me to sew your lips together would you?”
That shut you right up. If there was ever a level of crazy in your opinion, Jin had surpassed it. Suddenly it all made sense, the robe, the blanket, the cage...this had all been planned. You instantly regret ever coming to the show and even thinking you could trust him. You can’t believe that he actually kidnapped you in front of an entire crowd and yet no one was the wiser.
“Good. See how good you are? I actually knew it the moment I saw you sitting up front at my show. I had to go see you right away. You did feel me, didn’t you? I was so close. God, you smelled like heaven. You have the perfect skin and hair...and when you smile...your teeth...ugh...I just love when I don’t have to do reconstruction on teeth. It’s always messier than it needs to be. OH! Before I forget, I have a dress for you.”
“What the fuck! Let me go...please...please let me go!” Whatever he was planning, you didn’t want to be a part of it. The more he spoke, the more you felt your skin crawl. You’ve only ever heard of fucked up shit like this in movies and to be honest you preferred to die instead of doing whatever the fuck it was he wanted to do.
“Hey...I asked you to be quiet.” He comes close when he speaks the word, the remaining rush of air coming from his lips blowing over your face. You want to gag, his nearness making you nauseous. You turn your head away not wanting to look at him- but you can’t keep from crying. This whole thing felt like some sort of twisted joke. Biting your lip, you nod in agreement and it was enough for him to move away from you.
“Good girl. You may want to know that I like to dress up my dolls. It’s my favorite hobby. I don’t want to make you feel uncomfortable. I will need to remove your bra and panties and that will cause me to see your...privates. That’s okay, right? I mean, I would never touch you unless you wanted. I always leave it up to my dolls. After all, I need you to be smiley and happy. It’s been a long while since I’ve found another to be mine. My last doll...well...she wasn’t very good to me. After all I did for her--she was so ungrateful. It doesn’t matter now. She’s not around anymore. You have all my attention. So...where should we start?”
He walks forward and you flinch. You couldn’t help it. It was futile to try and hide it knowing that you were already as good as dead. Your chest heaves with the cries you can’t subdue, and there was nothing you could do to stop him since your arms and legs were bound.
“I usually use a knife to start--it helps me get the clothes off faster, but I’ve been a little sloppy at times and ended up ruining my perfect baby’s skin. I’m going to use these scissors instead. You ready?”
As he began to cut away at your clothes, you shut your mind down and pretended none of this was happening, that you weren’t really tied down in some lunatic's basement being stripped of your clothes and dignity. The faster you breathe, the more lightheaded you become. It didn’t take long for you to pass out.
“Aww, what a pity. I would have liked for you to see how pretty your clothes are. Oh well.”
As you lay unconscious, Jin cut away at your clothes. He took his time, eyes roaming over your body as if it were art in a museum. His fingers itch to touch, but he was too much of a gentleman to indulge. He swiftly removes your boring clothes and then begins dressing you with the hand made clothes he had pre-made for you. It only took him one look to know exactly what would fit you. The baby pink cloth he chose was perfect against your skin. He knew it would be. There was no need for underwear, not when he could see the peak of your nipples showing through the transparent cloth so perfectly. You really were something to behold. Satisfied with his work, he pulls out his makeup kit and goes to work. This was his favorite part. Everything about you was more than he could ask for. The more he stares at you, and the more makeup he applies, the harder it is for him not to sneak a taste. Tenderly he bends down to kiss your lips and when you sigh he feels his heart constrict.
“So fucking perfect, darling. I’m so sorry, but I couldn’t resist.”
When everything is done, he gets up with a satisfied smile and leaves the room. He knew you’d need to rest before you put on his best show.
Tumblr media
Once again you awoke to unfamiliar surroundings and your limbs bound. You were thirstier than you remember and the darkness all around you made you want to sleep more, but you couldn’t. There had to be a way to get out. You begin to struggle against the binds praying that maybe Jin wasn’t so good at tying, but a bright light suddenly pops on beaming right on you. You could barely see anything, the power of the bulb making your headache come back full force. The sound of clapping makes its way to you, and it was obvious it was a recording. What was definitely not a recording was the sound of Jin’s voice over the speakers in the room.
“Gentleman and gentleman!” he giggles. “Tonight we have a special show for you, yes only you because there’s only one of me!” Again he laughs. “Let’s give it up for y/n, the prettiest doll you ever did see.”
Again the recorded clapping sounds all around you along with cheers, yet you know there was only one person in the room. Suddenly your arms start to get pulled up, along with your legs. You were being lifted up against your will and though you wanted to fight it, the height you were being taken to was pretty far from the floor.
From somewhere in the darkness, Jin’s clapping and jeering has you searching. At this point you were beyond exhausted and you weren’t even sure how many hours you’d been trapped. You also felt so unlike yourself. Your body felt heavy and your head was spinning.
“Lovely! Look how pretty you are. Why don’t you give us a turn.”
The ropes holding you rotate your body and then drop your arms a bit forward so that you are bent forward with your hips elevated higher. They begin to tug your limps back and forth making it seem like you are dancing and every tug and pull only makes you feel sicker. Unable to hold back, you vomit all over the floor below you.
“Oh no! OH NO! This won’t do. My darling.”
You feel yourself getting lowered down softly until you’re settled in the pool of your own vomit. The next thing you feel are Jin’s hands lifting you up and carrying you off somewhere. Water droplets fall over your head and you realize you’ve been carried to a shower. It feels amazing and even though Jin removed your clothes, you didn’t care. Even when he begins cleaning your body and shampooing your hair, you just sit on the tiled floor letting him do it. You had no control over your body. You don’t register how he too was naked and that he was sporting an erection.
He carries you out of the bathroom all wrapped in a towel and sits you on a vanity chair. He brushes your hair and puts lotion over your skin, not once uttering a single word. When he’s all finished, he carries you to his bed and tucks you in. He knew the injection he gave you while you were passed out was too much, but he didn’t want you to wake up while he was still styling you for his show. He should’ve known when it took you much longer than the others to wake up. It was stupid of him to put you through it when you were such a fragile and soft baby. He caresses your face and hair as he lay next to you naked. You were both naked because let’s face it, he was greedy like that. He watches your eyelashes flutter and wonders what in the world you might be dreaming. Hopefully by the morning everything would be better.
Tumblr media
Feeling like you’d been hit by a brick wall, you could barely move your arms, the soreness running from your neck down to the tips of your fingers. Your legs hurt as well and your stomach made an unpleasant sound. What the hell was happening? You try to turn but a vice-like grip over your waist keeps you in place. Slowly you turn your head to find that Jin is asleep and is holding you tight. As quietly as you can, you start to remove his hand and slide out of his grip. You make it a few steps before Jin’s voice startles you.
“Where do you think you’re going?”
He spoke sleepily, not even making a move to grab you. It was like he knew you couldn’t go anywhere. That didn’t stop you from trying. Not looking back at him, you scan the room for anything that could help you make an escape. You spot the brush from last night and grab it quickly turning to fight him and then realize how stupid you were being. What could you possibly do with a brush?
This gets Jin’s attention. He sits up, the blanket laying over his hips revealing his upper body and abs. His hair was a shaggy mess and lips swollen from sleep. Were it another time or another Jin, you might say he looked good enough to eat, but this was not a normal man. He was a killer, with weird kinks you didn’t even want to think about. Whatever it was he was doing with you had made him your number one enemy, and there was no way you could see him in any sexual way.
“Come here, darling. What do you plan to do with that brush, hm? Why don’t you come back to bed. You must be so hungry after that wonderful display you put on last night. I must say, the floodlights left little to the imagination with the way your sheer clothes revealed….everything. It’s too bad you got sick. That was my fault. Come to bed, silly. Breakfast should be here any minute.”
His words remind you of the hunger you had suppressed and suddenly your belly starts to rumble. Even though it was tempting, you don’t move. Who knows what else he has up his sleeve.
When Jin senses your hesitance, his annoyance wells up. “I said come here, darling. Don’t make me come get you.”
Your body begins to shake, out of fear or hunger--you’re not sure. When he moves a leg off the bed, you quickly scurry to your side and sit down slowly eyeing him the entire time with the brush in your hand as your defense.
“Good girl. Now, give me the brush. You’ll need your hands for eating.”
“I don’t wan--”
“Brush. Now.”
You hand it hesitantly and then watch as he gets up off the bed and walks to the vanity, placing it down gently. It was so disgusting to see that somehow this little game he was playing was turning him on. He was partially aroused, and remembering your nakedness, you cover up quickly feeling sick to your stomach.
“Darling. I hate to have to do this but, you haven’t proven to me that you’re trustworthy. I already told you about the others and yet you want to test me. I really like you a lot. In fact, probably more than the others. I’ve never laid next to my other girls. You’re the first. That’s why it hurts me to have to tie you up again.”
“NO! Please. I-- I promise you don’t have to. I won’t--I mean...Please...don’t do that I won’t be bad again…”
Opening the drawer in front of him Jin grabs the ropes he used for his extracurricular activities and walks over to you. He hated that his body was making it obvious how much he liked you when he wanted to hold the power over you, but you had control over him--strangely. When he gets to your side of the bed, you are clearly ready to put up a fight and he wasn’t in the mood for it. His hand shoots out to your neck and tightens leaving you in shock.
“Don’t make me hurt you, y/n. We can do this the easy way or the hard way. And after last night, with you getting sick from the injection, I wouldn’t want to force you another way. Remember, I’m a gentleman. Now be a good darling and give me your hands. If you’re worried about eating. I’ll feed you.”
You feel his thumb squeeze tighter and though your own hands grip against his in an attempt to escape, he is much stronger. Feeling yourself grow weak, you let your hands fall and give in to his will. Placing them in front of you, Jin quickly ties you up and locks you in place.
“There. You always look so lovely with ropes. This is why I consider you my prettiest doll. I’ve never seen anyone look as good as you do in the clothes I’ve made. It’s like you were made for them. With the ropes on and the makeup...the outfit...gahh…”
His hand slams against the headboard beside your head and he squeezes his thighs together, his free hand pressing down against the erection that’s been annoying him for hours. “Fuck! Do you see what you do to me? You’re my perfect doll. Can’t you see that? You were made for me. I can’t wait to put you in the next outfit I have for you. It comes with ribbons for your pigtails and---”
A knock at the door stops his discourse. He grabs a nearby robe and answers the door. When the food enters the room you almost want to cry. The smell is amazing and for a moment you forget everything else.
“Hungry, darling?”
This time you don’t hold back, nodding desperately wanting him to bring you the food immediately. You’re not sure how many days have gone by with the lack of windows and clocks in this prison you were in. You've been in and out of consciousness so many times, and honestly, your hunger was starting to be the most important thing right now.
“I didn’t know what you would like so I took the liberty of ordering everything. I have a wonderful staff here. They’re paid for their work and their silence. It’s quite amazing actually. I can focus on my career and my hobbies. So, how about some fruit?”
Whatever Jin was saying was not registering. Your eyes were focused on the food and nothing else. When Jin brought up a piece of fruit to your mouth, you took it eagerly, not caring if the juices dripped over your chin. He continued to feed you more and more, occasionally slipping a finger into your mouth hoping your tongue would lick over it. The more he fed you, the harder he got, the robe now rubbing over the tip of his length as he fidgeted in his seat.
“There, what a good darling you are. Feeling better?”
“Water please.”
Jin did not linger, quickly grabbing the glass of water and bringing it to your lips. When you begin to chug he tries to keep up with your demand, but his hand slips and he wets your entire neck and chest. “Shit, I’m sorry, doll. Let me.”
He removes the wet blanket that shields you and you jerk forward not wanting for him to see you, but it was too late. You were exposed once again, and this time, Jin makes no attempt to hide the lust in his eyes.
“I don’t think I can wait any longer. I have your new outfit here...in this closet. I won’t put you in my stage room for this because I want this to be...for me...between us--intimate.”
You couldn’t help but to cry again, the sick and twisted games he was playing too much for you to handle. “No...please don’t make me do that. Jin, please let me go. I’ve done everything you’ve asked. I won’t tell anyone I promise. I’ll do anything...I--”
His hand over your mouth silences you. “Y/n. You really like to run your mouth too much and...it’s driving me crazy. Your begging is so pretty, but please shut up. I know what’ll change your mind. Wait here.”
He seems way too happy when he runs to search in the drawer. You start tugging harshly against the ropes not caring that it was pulling against your skin and making it bleed. You’re so focused on it that when Jin comes up and tugs your legs down, you yelp in shock.
“DARLING! Stop or else it’s going to hurt.”
When you look down you see him holding a small object unfamiliar to you. He puts it into his mouth and pulls it out with a smile, satisfied with how his spit coats the surface. Another item calls your attention--lube? While he holds your legs down with one arm and half his body, his other hand works to lube the object and then he spreads your legs. You begin to fidget unsure of what he intends to do.
His booming voice makes you stop instantly, the viciousness behind it making it clear you should give him your full attention.
“Okay good. Keep your legs still...you don't want that again do you?” He gestures to the needle on the dresser and you freeze.
“I see we speak the same language. Now, because I would never touch a lady without her permission, I’m going to need you to do something for me. Push this inside of you.”
Your mouth drops open the moment you realize what he is asking you to do. He is holding some sort of toy and for whatever sick reason he wants you to put it inside of yourself. Not wanting him to drug you again and even less for him to do it himself, you grab it and slide it in, your tears trailing over your cheeks the entire time.
Jin sits back and watches you, amazed at how much more compliant you’ve become. He was glad because he really did favor you above the others. As soon as it disappears inside of you, he grabs his phone and turns the dial to the lowest setting. Immediately you buck up and he smirks. “Good. Now let’s get you dressed.”
His outfit for you is sweet and simple. It wasn’t a typical doll outfit since it was more lace than cotton. He manages to include ribbons tied at your elbow and knees. The material is so revealing it looks like it belongs in a stripclub. There is an opening at your cunt allowing access to anyone wanting it--mainly him. He manages to tie your hair into pigtails and paint marionette markings on all your joints. The entire process takes him a few hours. While he works on you he plays with the controls on his phone increasing the vibrations inside of you slowly. As much as you try to hold back, a few orgasms rack your body.
When he finishes getting you ready, he stands back admiring his work. Out of all his previous babies, you were the most gorgeous. “You’re perfect, y/n. This outfit was made for you. I am confident you’re going to put on an amazing show. This time we will be in here so there is no need to feel nervous. My eyes will be on you and nowhere else. Let’s set you up.”
He somehow manages to tie you to the high posts on the frame of his bed effectively getting you to stand. Everything happens so fast and with the distraction of the looming needle sitting on the dresser and the vibrating toy inside of you, Jin was able to get you to do exactly as he wished. You were splayed out, arms and legs open like a starfish, looking like a lamb ready for the slaughter. His low chuckle made you nauseous, but after your previous display, you didn’t want his hands on you anymore. The way he stood off in the corner of the room sitting back on his velvet chaise brewed a hatred within you that you never experienced before. If this fucker wanted a show, that’s exactly what you would do, but…
Another vibration forces your body to shudder. You can’t close your legs to stave off the stimulation nor can you pull it out. You can see part of your reflection to the right of you in the mirror on the dresser and it’s beyond degrading. The tiny pink string hanging out of you nauseates you, the foreign and unwelcome object making your head spin. If only you could pull it out and focus on that damned needle.
“Look at you. It’s cute--the way you act like you don’t want this. Your body tells me differently, baby. Look at your pretty nipples…so hard and sensitive. Does it hurt you when the lace rubs over them? You want to cum again, don’t you?”
When he goes to turn up the vibrator once again, you scream out. You can’t help it, the overstimulation is too much to bear and if he continues on like this you might pass out from exhaustion. “NO! NO...please no more. I c-can do--I can do it without the toy. P-please take it out. Let me s-show you.”
Your request captures Jin’s interest. Could it be that you were going to do a show for him all on your own? All his other disobedient girls needed motivation and never offered such a gift. He was tempted.
“Is that so? I kind of like you like this all whimpery and messy. Your thighs are so shiny from all the arousal you’re leaking, baby. Don’t you like how good I am to you?”
“I doo, I dooo, b-but...I can be better. I can be a good girl. Let me try. Please.” You hope he takes the bait because frankly, you had no other option. This was going to be the only opportunity as far as you could tell. There was no guarantee he’d let you be with him alone like this again, nor that he’d have a needle full of god knows what so close by. You wait and watch the decision playing over his features until another buzz shocks you into another orgasm.
Jin snickers as he watches your body convulse and then fall forward. The only thing sustaining you are the ropes he tied like a professional. It’s pretty amazing how good he’s gotten. The first few girls had successfully gotten free, but they never made it past the main hall. Pathetic little bitches. You, however, were tied up like a perfect little treat, unable to escape and drooling from the amount of orgasms he’s gifted your body. For a moment he enjoys the show, until a drop of blood lands on his rug.
“Princess!” His voice shocks him, the worry laced within it unlike anything he’s ever felt before. He hops up and over to you, checking every inch of your body. When he finally reaches your face, he sees you’ve bitten your bottom lip hard--probably to keep from screaming out your pleasure. You were such a spirited and stubborn little thing.
“Okay, fine. I never do this, so consider yourself lucky. I’ll let you show me what you can do. You need to hydrate first.”
Jin unties you and sets you on the bed where you sit in agony. The temptation to pull out the toy is still there, but now that you were free, you didn’t want to push your luck. He comes back with water and lets you drink. You’re thirstier than you realize, and almost want to sigh in pleasure at the feeling of it flowing down your throat.
“There’s a good girl. So, tell me, did you still want this toy inside or not?”’
You almost spit out the water with how fast you answer him, “NO!”
“Have it your way,” Jin chuckles.
You hope he’s giving you the chance to remove it, but you should have known better. Kneeling before you, he opens your legs, letting his fingers slide softly up your thighs. When he reaches your center, he spreads your lips open and wraps the cord over his middle finger and pulls slowly.
The action causes your legs to shake, but you suppress it by pressing down on your knees with your palms. Jins stares up at you taking his sweet time removing the distressing device.
“There.” The popping sound it makes as he pulls it out is embarrassing, and as soon as he’s clear of your legs, you snap them closed and exhale.
Jin stands back and admires your flushed skin, the sweat on your brow, and the wetness coating the vibrator purchased especially for you. It was a pity you didn’t want to play with it anymore. He had so many wonderful plans for it, but at the moment he was more intrigued by whatever show you promised him. He stands back and leans against the dresser, the very same holding the syringe you so desperately want to reach.
Not wasting anymore time, and battling against complete and utter exhaustion, you stand to your feet and put on your best face. Using the frilly attire to your advantage, you run your hand up your thighs, over your belly and over your breasts. You sway your hips side to side slowly, a seductive dance you hope will ensnare him. His eyes are glued to you already, the attention making you feel strangely powerful. Sliding your hands back behind your neck, you feather your hair over your arms and bring one back over your face and onto your lips. Making sure to lock eyes with him, you notice his flicker to your lips where your fingers are currently playing with your tongue, fingertips running gently over it and slowly entering your mouth.
“Enough!” Jin growls, his patience having run its course.
Before you can walk over to pin him, he storms towards you. A hand comes to your throat and the force of it forces your feet backward. The edge of the bed meets your calves and now completely out of control, Jin takes over and lifts you onto the bed. There is nothing you can do, not when his hands are rushing to remove every inch of your clothing. He rips at the frilly material as if it were paper and pins your hands above your head with one of his own. He doesn’t bother to take off his robe, his cock already peeking through the opening on the front.
At this point you’re beyond exhausted, the idea of even escaping slowly slipping away. He drags one of his hands up your body, fingernails slowly trailing over your skin and belly. He moves them around lightly, the pads brushing over your flesh in featherlight strokes creating a tickling sensation you can barely endure. You want to cry out, beg him to stop, but your voice is completely gone. You almost start giggling, the soft strokes over your skin assaulting your most sensitive parts. You squeeze your thighs together, the tickling beginning to stir your bladder.
“You think you can go on teasing me like this, princess? I think I’ve been patient enough, don’t you think? How dare you be so fucking sexy? None of my other girls were as perfect as you. I’m sorry for what I’m about to do, but I can’t wait any longer. You do want me, right?”
You close your eyes already knowing what’s coming. His warm breath over your face steals your breath away and you just lay there defeated. You’d fought him all day and there was no fight left in you. He takes your lack of response as permission, and the moment he enters you, he almost cries out in euphoria.
There is no doubt about his size. He’s big and thick. He doesn’t push in aggressively, but takes his time, almost like he wants to enjoy every single second. He kisses over your neck and chin as if the tenderness would make this situation any better. The truth was, you didn’t want him and you didn’t want this. At first you were attracted to him, but now knowing what a crazy animal he is, the entire experience is a living nightmare.
With his own hands, he adjusts your body and hips, securing your legs over his waist in order to press himself deeper. Slowly he rolls his hips and settles himself to the hilt. The feeling overwhelms him, the sensation of finally filling you making him dizzy. He doesn’t take advantage of you, no, that wasn’t his style. You obviously wanted him, otherwise why would you have cum so many times, why would you be soaked and dripping just for him right now? You showed him as much when you did your dirty little dance for him. He had to let you know that your little display was unacceptable and that none of his dolls were allowed to be filthy sluts. This was just his way of teaching you that no one else was allowed to enjoy or even delight in the temptation that is you. You’d learn really quickly what it meant to be his, or else.
Though you try to fight the feeling of pleasure slowly rising, it’s next to near impossible. Your body is already extremely sensitive and he knows this, using your momentarily vulnerability to his advantage. He knows exactly what he’s doing. His fingers tug at your nipples, teeth nip over your skin, and fingers stroke over your clit perfectly. Surprisingly he’s more gentle than you expect. Your traitorous body begins to accept the touch, your skin already prickling and orgasm on the verge of assaulting you.
“That’s it my pretty darling. I always knew you’d give yourself to me like this. Are you going to cum all over my dick--make me the happiest man on this earth? I’ve been waiting for so long. Show me how sorry you are for being such a dirty whore.”
His words press upon your neck leaving a permanent mark on you, solidifying his possession. You want to say no--scream at him to get off of you and die, but his fingers work faster, and before you know it, you’re screaming out your orgasm instead. It’s incredibly potent, the last few hours of edging and teasing only serving to shatter you entirely. Before you can come back down to earth, his thrusts become sloppy and desperate, and within seconds, he emptying himself completely, and dropping down to the side of you heaving and huffing.
“Fuck!” He doesn’t remember the last time he came so hard, and the other girls most certainly never got him so worked up. You were more than he ever dreamed he’d have. There was no way he would let you go.
It only takes you a moment to catch your breath before the realization of time slowing down hits you. If not now, then when? While Jin lays back catching his breath, you jolt up off the bed running to the dresser. As soon as the needle is in your hand, you turn to attack and find that he’s already made it halfway off the mattress--one leg on the bed and the other on the floor.
“Y/n, my love. What do you think you’re doing?”
The sound of his voice is like nails on a chalkboard and the fear coursing through you makes you feel slightly weak. You fight the desire to fall to the ground in a pathetic heap, now focused on the adrenaline driving you.
“Fuck you! I won’t be your little puppet anymore you sick fuck!”
You pace carefully, keeping your back close to the exit hoping the door isn’t locked. Jin continues moving off the bed, careful not to make any sudden movements. Your body is on high alert, anything he does or says your complete focus.
“Don’t you fucking move! Don’t you dare. I’m leaving. Let me the fuck out!”
For some reason Jin knows you mean every word, and not wanting you to hurt yourself, he complies, pressing the button by his bedside table. You hear the bolts unlock, the sound music to your ears. You begin to cry knowing the possibility of escape is so close. Your chest rocks with the heaves you can barely contain. You walk backwards, careful not to trip. When your hand comes in contact with the doorknob, you twist it open, needle still in hand and pointed at Jin.
Temporarily distracted with your freedom, you miss it when Jin runs forward to grab you. You scream and fall to the ground with him. Clawing at whatever you can, you press your fingers into his eyes, skin, and face. You don’t know where the needle has gone, the entire scuffle causing it to fall from your hand. Although Jin is strong, at the moment your will to live is stronger. You can feel him struggling to control you and when he tries to pin you down, you almost break down at the possibility of defeat, but the flash of the drug you need to knock this demon down catches your eyes. You reach out successfully grabbing it. It only takes a moment, but you manage to free a bit of your arms and jab the needle right into his neck. Pressing the plunger down, you inject him full of the drug he used on you not days ago. You hope it’ll have the same effect on him as it did you--leave him sick and so out of it he can’t even move.
Jin feels the moment it penetrates his skin and reaches for it with weak hands. Pulling it out, he works to focus his eyes, the surprise written all over his face. “How could you?”
He freezes and then drops right on top of your body heavily. The weight is too much, but with the little strength you have left, you push him off of you, exhaling feebly. There is no doubt of how much you wish to remain on the floor resting, the entire day’s events rendering you a pathetic excuse of a woman, but there is no time for it. Attempting to right yourself, you stand to your feet, eyes never leaving the lifeless body on the floor. You don’t think he’s dead, or at least you don't know, but there was no time to dwell on any of that. You make it to the door you managed to open earlier and walk out into a dimly lit hall. There is no way of knowing what time it is, but based on the food you got earlier, you would say it had to be mid afternoon.
As quiet as a mouse you tiptoe down the long path and end up at a bend that leads you to a large room. The windows seem to be darkened by thick curtains so it makes it hard for you to see where you are going. It’s not like you remember seeing any of this when the entire time you’ve been his captive he had you drugged. Grabbing a throw you see laying over the couch, you wrap it over your body as best as you can. Using your instincts, you walk toward an area you hope might have an exit, and with luck on your side you find an elevator. You call for it, fear curdling in your belly. If someone were to find you now you’d be unable to fight them off. The ding of it’s arrival stops your heart, and when the doors open, you release the breath you were holding, happy that it’s empty.
You choose the first floor and end up coming upon a large kitchen. The silence is eerie and it feels as if someone will pop out on you at any moment. Walking a little further you find a large door and what appears to be your salvation. You unlock the door and turn the knob not expecting the loud sound of a blaring alarm. You don’t wait to see who will show up now that your absence was announced.
You run out into the light of the day, the brightness from the sun above blinding you. None of this stops you, however. You walk into the yard realizing that this part of the house looked completely normal, like it was just a regular home in a suburban community. Your body gives you one last boost enabling you to run and unlock the wooden fence at the end of the opening. Just as you walk out you hear someone calling your name, but it was too late. You don’t bother turning back, certain that one of Jin’s staff probably realized you escaped. With freedom literally within your grasp, you manage to walk a few steps before hearing several gasps and then children before falling to the ground with a hard thud.
Tumblr media
Sitting at your desk, you watch the cursor mindlessly, your thoughts straying to a memory you’ve been working hard to forget. In a few hours you’d be meeting with your therapist, someone who’s been able to get you through the past four years of life. You can’t help but feel small, especially on a day like today--the anniversary of when it all went down.
“Y/n, you okay?”
You turn to your left to find your friend Taehyung who somehow managed to creep his way into your heart. His sweet demeanor and soft exterior made you think of him as a teddy bear, and that is exactly what he was when he knew you needed a hug.
“Yea. I’m good.” You smile at him to assure him, but the truth is, he had no idea. None of your co-workers did. After everything that happened, it took you a year to even begin a new life. You were so afraid to socialize, and meeting new people had your red flags waving every single time. With time, you slowly learned to let some people in and enter society once again.
The day you escaped, you barely made it a few steps out of Jin’s backyard before collapsing in front of a family who was having a barbecue outside of their garage. They immediately called the police and within hours Jin had been arrested and all of his properties and assets seized. As you lay in the hospital recovering, the district attorney took down the entire circus and interrogated every single person employed by Jin. Most of the workers were clueless, while a handful knew exactly what had been taking place for the last seven years in his godforsaken circus. You were not the first victim, but you had been the last. Although the authorities made it clear to you that your nightmare would be locked up for good, there was always that paranoia deep within--the one that made you look over your shoulder more than normal people, and lock every single door at night. You never opened your windows and you most certainly never went out alone.
“Okay good. Jimin and I were wondering if you wanted to go out with us tonight. He got some tickets to a show.”
It was cute how they always invited you knowing you were a loner, but it always felt like you were always the third wheel. “No, it’s okay. You take your lover to the show without me. I’ll be in the way.”
“Stop that, silly. You’re never in the way. Besides, Jimin got all these free tickets to the traveling circus and we have to get rid of them. Do you know anyone else that might want to come?”
You freeze, chest now constricted and heartbeat racing. It couldn’t be, Jin was put away, his circus was shut down...there was no way he was back…
“What did you s-say…”
Tumblr media
+ all writing is ©koosbabygrl. so do not copy, edit, or steal my writing. do not use on youtube or any other social media.
Tumblr media
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darkmulti · a month ago
Would you like to write idol seokjin×unwilling reader who is in abusive relationship with him.He is 12years older than her and could you make it noncon?
-> Seokjin is gonna be 31 and reader is 19
-> dark content
-> sorry for any mistakes
The relationship started off amazing
You met Jin through some mutual friends one night and quickly hit it off because you had so much in common
He was on break from his idol life, so you guys were able to hangout everyday which made you guys become closer than ever
When you guys started seeing each other, you were 18 and he was 30
Even though he was 12 years older than you, you didn’t mind because he was so mature, respectful and understanding
Like I mentioned before, the beginning of your relationship was the best time of your life
You were so in love with him, just thinking about him made your heart flutter
All was going so well until he had to go back to work
All that stress was back on his shoulders, and all of a sudden he had less time to talk to you and spend time with you
At first, Jin called you at least once a day to see your face and talk to you
But the next couple of months went by and he stopped calling, instead he resorted to texting when he had time
Most of his day would be rehearsal or guest staring, so by night he’s exhausted and completely knocks out as soon as he hits the bed
You were losing hope by the day
He was in America, not answering your calls and texts with lead you to think he was being unfaithful
You packed your stuff from his apartment and left
You stopped calling him and continued on with your life even though it hurt a lot
Two more months passed and BTS were finally back in Korea
Jin had been trying to text and call you for the last two weeks before they came back, but he never got an answer from you
You blocked his number and kept your distance
When he went to his apartment, he saw that it was empty
The spare key was on the counter and all your stuff was gone (besides the luxury items that he bought you)
He was exhausted because of being on the plane for so long, but he still pulled himself together and drove himself to your place
You may have given back his spare key but he still had yours
You were in the shower when he stormed through the front door and banged against the bathroom door
You got out with a towel around you, a little frightened but calmed down once you heard Jin’s voice
You came out and ran to your bedroom as he follows behind
“What the hell is your problem?! First, you don’t respond to my calls or texts and when I arrive to my apartment, all your shit is gone! Why didn’t you say anything?! Not even a note, Y/N. I was so worried about you.”
He was upset and you understand why but you also had the right to be upset
The way he treated you hurt you a lot so you simply said, “I wanna break up.”
Jin froze and stared at you
“What are you saying? Do you hear yourself right now?”
“Yes, I do and I’m serious Jin. Get the hell out.”
He grabbed your face and pulled you in for a kiss
You couldn’t push him away because your hands were clutching your towel for dear life
However, he still managed to snatch the towel away and let his hand wander your body
After that night, he was convinced that you guys were back together but you still weren’t sure
You didn’t say anything to him though and went along
That was your first mistake
Jin’s behaviour only got worse from here
He was no longer treating you like a princess
Sometimes, he’d come home and scream at you because of his stressful job
You knew you could never imagine his position, having to learn hard dances everyday, being followed everywhere you go, filming everyday, it sounded exhausting
But that was no excuse for him to take it out on you
Any time he’d have a bad day, he’d take it out on you in bed despite your cries
He’d always guilt trip you about his stressful life and how he’s tired of the idol life and wants to retire but can’t
He’d say that he works so hard everyday for “you” so you have to let him use your body or otherwise you’re a bad partner
For months, he used this excuse and exploited you over and over
You mental health was deteriorating by the day and you knew you had to get out but how?
Seokjin would leave early in the morning and come back at evening so you did have time, however he had cameras all over the place so he could watch you
You couldn’t even get close to the cameras or else it would’ve alerted him that something is going on inside the apartment
But one day, you’d finally had enough of him
You didn’t even care if the camera saw, you left his place without his permission and stayed with a friend for a few nights
You eventually had to go to your apartment to pick up some of your clothes but Seokjin was one step ahead
He was lying on your bed with a toothpick in his mouth
“I knew it’d only be a matter of time before you came back to this filthy dump of yours.”
You turned around and started running but Jin pulled your wrist back and took you to your room
“Jin please! Open your eyes and look at the way you’ve been treating me!”
“And how about you open your eyes and see how the world is treating me! I’m 31 fucking years old yet I can’t get married or start a family.”
He then had this psychotic look in his eyes before looking at you
“Starting a family might just get me out of the idol life, right?”
It took a second to comprehend his words but as soon as you understood, you began kicking and screaming
“No! Please I’m only 19! Jin, I’m not ready yet, please!” You cried, fighting with him
He pinned down your hand and started kissing you and your neck
This was his way of making you tired so it’ll be easier for him to remove your clothes
It worked because you barely had enough energy to put your hands in the air
You wasting your energy by trying to push him off made him laugh
You’re so naive
You were breathing heavily after 10 minutes and he used this time to take your clothes off and his clothes off
You were squirming away but his one hand was able to pull you back
He licked three of his fingers and slid them down your slit for some lube but didn’t insert them
No fingering today, he plunged straight in, ignoring your cries
He placed his thumb on your clit and started thrusting fast, causing your body to move up and down faster and faster
On the other hand his thumb was pressing down harder on your clit, resulting in you coming so soon
30 minutes passed and he was able to make you orgasm around him
You hated that it felt so good but it was out of your control
He’d already cum in you multiple times, so you were 99% sure that you are gonna get pregnant
You cried when he came in the first time
You begged him not to because you are so young
Now you’re tied to him forever and you can’t leave him because your not financially stable enough to take care of a child by yourself
This was all apart of his plan to get out of the idol life
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taetaecherub · 25 days ago
Now that I have time on my hands, I have decided to finally make character profiles for my school series.
The name of the school where our story takes place is Academy of the Unrivalled, or AU for short. (See what I did there ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)) Anyway, students attend for 4 years before graduating. Just like regular American high schools. Although, in order to attend, students must apply and be accepted.
Now, let's take a look at the very special students that attend this prestigious academy:
Kim Seokjin:
• 4th year
• Library Assistant
• His hobby is reading cheesy romance novels in the back of the library
Jin is a huge bookworm. He reads all kinds of books and decided to assist the librarian during his free class time. He's also very intelligent so he doesn't need to take many classes anymore. During the orientation for new students, he saw you struggle to look for a book and he helped you out. He swears that you were the prettiest girl he has ever seen, you are what he imagines the heroines of his romance novels look like. In his head, he has already written your love story. As a matter of fact, he thinks all of his fantasies are real. According to his fantasies, you're getting married to him after you graduate. You love him after all.
Tumblr media
Min Yoongi:
• 4th year
• Math tutor
• Very serious and strict, all he does is study
There is a tutoring area in a section of the library. That's where Yoongi spends most of his free time. Even though he doesn't like talking to people much, volunteering gives him extra credit so he makes an effort. One day, you decide to walk in. You needed help for an upcoming test and you were recommended to go there. For the first time, he wanted to be with someone. He wants you to be his partner, but, you're not quite ready yet. He has to mold you, shape you to be perfect for him. He's willing to go to extreme lengths to do so. Including isolating you and hurting you and your loved ones. Training you to be a perfect wife for him. It's all for your benefit though. At least, according to him it is.
Tumblr media
Jung Hoseok:
• 3rd year
• Part of the swim team and school lifeguard
• He's very popular and is known for being a playboy
Hoseok has been swimming for basically his entire life. The constant pressure of being thethe best has made him seek out the company of other women in order to distract himself. His insecurity of never being good enough has made him put up a narcissistic facade to give him confidence. He saw you warming up at the schools swimming pool for gym class while he was on lifeguard duty. You were so clumsy and couldn't swim well and he found it adorable. Maybe he could use you as a floor mat that he can step on to make himself feel better. Build you up and break you down, that way he can feel like he's in control for once. He wants nothing more than to use you and keep you around for the rest of your life, serving him like the king he wants to be.
Tumblr media
Kim Namjoon:
• 3rd year
• Preschool Teacher assistant
• He loves children and children love him, some may even call him the perfect father
If there's one place Namjoon could stay in for the rest of his life, it would be the day care in the academy. He feels like it's his life mission to take care of children. Planning activities, playing with them, teaching them different things. He thought he didn't need to do anything else, and that sentiment was reassured when he saw you. You were playing with the kids and he just wanted to take care of you and tend to your every need. Although, he feels conflicted. He wants to look after you as if you were a child but he also wants to embrace you like a lover. These conflicting feelings make him act very awkward around you.
Tumblr media
Park Jimin:
• 2nd year
• Part of the volleyball team
• Known for his cool and reliable personality
Jimin is known for being the libero of the schools varsity volleyball team. He's popular because of his skills and charisma. Although, as much as he tries to hide it, he likes to be around a certain student named Y/n. Maybe a little too much. At home, he has a very extensive collection, ranging from things you like, to things you used to own. Having these things bring him great joy. He can't help himself, the feeling he gets when being around you is unlike any drug. (He's also weirdly obsessed with your scent, he sprays your perfume on his things all the time)
Tumblr media
Kim Taehyung:
• 2nd year
• Astronomy club member
• Praised by science teachers for going above and beyond expectations
Taehyung is a gifted student with an affinity for science. He loves to stargaze and take notes of his findings. One night while going out with his telescope he saw you walking back from a grocery trip. He was entranced and soon found himself watching you instead of the stars. He would constantly look at you in school and he even went as far as to keep a Y/n journal to write down everything you do. He would love to talk to you one day but just the thought of being near you sends him running.
Tumblr media
Jeon Jungkook:
• 1st year
• Does not partake in any clubs or activities
• Keeps to himself and is very awkward and aggressive
A troubled student who was sent to this academy in hopes of getting his act together. Jungkook constantly skips class, ignores teachers, and doesn't do his work. Everyone avoids him since he's so difficult to approach. He saw you one day heading to class and he thought that you we're just some annoying suck up.  The constant image of you in his head pissed him off but seeing you with other people pissed him off more. So what does he do? He bullies you.
Tumblr media
• 1st year
You just started a new chapter in your life and are ready to try new things and meet new people. Although... These new people are quite strange. You just hope that things go well in this school.
Some of these Yanderes may seem more harmless compared to others but under the right circumstances, they can be just as dangerous. Talk to them and see what makes them tick ;)
Tumblr media
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sweetwolfcupcake · 3 months ago
Fatal Attraction Series
Tumblr media
Namjoon- #1 #2
Ara- #1
Tumblr media
Being Planned
Tumblr media
Being Planned
Tumblr media
Being Planned
Tumblr media
Being Planned
Tumblr media
Being Planned
Tumblr media
Being Planned
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frutaetae · 26 days ago
Tumblr media
• warning: the following work contains characters with yandere theme, obsession, dub/ non-con, violence, gore, killing and a lot of other sensitive topics. I do not condone the acts displayed in these stories neither do I support this behaviour. These are just for entertainment purposes.
Tumblr media
GRAY! yandere mafia au | on going series
01 | 02
Tumblr media
Coming soon
Tumblr media
Coming soon
Tumblr media
Coming soon
Tumblr media
Coming soon
Tumblr media
~ You should see me in a crown | One shot
Tumblr media
No Time to Die | on going series
01 | 02 | 03
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yoongsisbae · 7 months ago
Caught! House of Cards - Chapter 2
Tumblr media
WHOA I am amazed by all the love this story has received so far, chapter one has become my most liked post, huh?! I'm in shock, thank you! My thirst for muster Joon fueled this to be released earlier than anticipated, so enjoy! ;)
OT7 yandere!BTS x reader, Yoongi x reader & Taehyung x reader & Namjoon x reader focused this chapter
Warnings: 18+ dark themes, voyeur, masturbation A LOT of it, gaslighting & reader manipulation, shibari, intoxication, dubcon, choking, public nudity, sexual touching in public, dom!Namjoon & sub!reader
Word count: 5.3k
You press record and the red light on your webcam lights up. Your heartbeat races as you navigate the House of Cards website. You already have viewers and you’ve only just spent your time staring at the chat. You wish you had picked something sexier as you sit cross legged in an oversized shirt and sleep shorts. You wear a red eye mask to conceal your identity, part of an old superhero Halloween costume you pulled out from the depths of your closet. You felt like a dumbass. ‘Super Girl wouldn’t have to do this kind of shit.’
“Sorry, i-it’s my first time...m-maybe I could take suggestions?” You watch the chat move as you hold your breath. You wanted to sound sexy but you can’t stop stuttering out your words.
You’ve never been more anxious in your life, the ends of your fingers feel numb and you can hear your own pulse thumping in your ears. You’re openly inviting strangers to get off on your body, you’re about to expose yourself in ways you’ve never done before. This isn’t like sending a sexy photo to a boyfriend when you’re feeling needy, this is so much more reckless.
Just when you’re starting to regret doing this, just when you’re about to end the feed and hide in humiliation, a notification ding pulls you away from your thoughts.
Suga: take off your shirt
Your on-screen balance goes from zero to a hundred dollars. You gulp and your eyes go wide at the amount. A hundred dollars just to take your shirt off? That seems too good to be true.
‘Okay, this is what you signed up for, y/n. It's now or never!’ You mentally hype yourself up. You keep your mission in mind, make enough money to keep a roof over your head for this month.
Your shaky fingers find the hem of your shirt “F-for you-” you squint reading the username again, “For you, Suga.” You lift the shirt slowly off your body, exposing the curves of your breasts, revealing your red lace bra to your viewers.
The collar of your shirt gets stuck around your head. You feel like an idiot as you try to wrestle the shirt off your body without pulling off your mask.
Yoongi snorts at his screen, his lips curving up into a half smile. He sits behind two computer monitors. He watches as you stutter out apologies to your audience, entertained by your clumsiness.
He peers over his shoulder, to where his friends are playing a game of billiards. “Hey, we have a new one!”
“Oh yeah? It’s been awhile since someone joined.” Namjoon puts his pool stick down and walks over to Yoongi to get a closer look. He laughs, “What is she doing? Is this her first time?”
“It is,” Yoongi hums.
“Ah, well now I’m intrigued.” Namjoon pulls out his cell, quickly pulling up the website on his phone.
Yoongi licks his lips, “I think she’s cute.” He watches another hundred dollars add to your total as someone asks for you to remove your shorts. He notices the username and sends a glare to the man standing over his shoulder.
“What? Just trying to move the show along.” Namjoon gives Yoongi’s shoulder a shake. “You never did like sharing.”
“And you never knew how to properly take care of my toys.”
Namjoon laughs. He studies your figure and the way you move back and forth awkwardly on the bed. You’re trying to find the best pose for your request until you finally decide to lie on your back and lift up your hips, pulling your shorts down and off your legs so you’re in nothing but a bra and panties. He leans over Yoongi’s shoulder, eyes level with his monitor to get a better look at you. “She is very cute. I could have a lot of fun with her.”
Yoongi grunts. He watches you press the cups of your bra together to show your cleavage off for him. The chatroom viewer count jumps into 3 digits. You’re so eager to please your audience, he thinks, jumping at the chance to perform the simplest of requests. And he is eager to learn just how far he can push you.
Yoongi types a reply quickly and hits the donate button. He hears his friend let out a low whistle next to him.
A thousand dollars?! Someone just donated a thousand dollars. What the hell?
Suga: spread your legs for me. touch yourself.
Your breath hitches. You watch as another wave of viewers are added to the chat, another trickle of donations following. You feel high from their attention, and the money just keeps on rolling in! You've been so worried and stressed since lockdown happened and now you're almost guaranteed to accomplish your goal, finally something is going right, your heart jumps in excitement. It’s starting to feel...fun. You had discarded your embarrassment along with your clothes, thrown somewhere in a heap on the floor. You lean back on your palms and bring your knees together. You can feel the damp cloth of your underwear rub against your core. You’re ashamed to admit how turned on you are. The higher the viewer count goes the wetter you become. You slowly spread your legs to the camera, reveling in the game you're playing with your faceless admirers. Your eyes read over the chat, taking in all their praises of your body. Flattering compliments intermingled with salacious requests pass by the second, it’s overwhelming, and only serves to fuel your arousal.
Your sweet voice plays through Yoongi’s speakers, “Thank you Suga.”
“Oh fuck, she’s so wet.” Hoseok pulls up a chair next to Yoongi and Namjoon. They all stare at the screen, at the center of your light pink panties. There is a noticeable dark spot that propels the chatroom into a frenzy.
“Take a look at that view count, it’s one of our highest this month, right?” Namjoon asks Yoongi. He hums in acknowledgement. “They really have nothing better to do now that we’re all stuck in our homes,” Namjoon jeers.
The three men watch silently as your breathing escalates, taking note of how you shake and moan. Hoseok uses the camera on his phone to zoom in on your face scrunched up in pleasure and takes a snapshot.
Yoongi raises an eyebrow at his friend. “I’m just showing Jin! She’s his type.” Namjoon laughs. Hoseok cocks his head to the side in confusion while Yoongi scoffs.
Of course you're Jin's type, Yoongi thinks. You're so beautiful and Jin loves to treasure beauty. Jin loves to admire his treasures, taking pleasure in finding the cracks within perfection to break them wider. He's going to have to watch out for Jin.
Yoongi’s and Hoseok’s phones ding with a notification. “Did you have to do that?” Yoongi questions Namjoon, starting to feel annoyed. He pasted a link to your stream to the group chat.
“They are probably already watching. Look,” he points to your view count, soaring into the thousands. The man on his side gives him a dirty look.
You place your hands inside your bra and panties, still not comfortable enough to bare it all just yet. You cup your breasts and roll your hips into your palm getting off on the friction. Your soaked panties pull on your hips, stretch against your knuckles, revealing parts of you every once in a while to the camera. How many men had their dicks out right now, how many were falling apart with you? The thought made you clenched down on nothing, covering your hand in your essence. You pull your hand away from your core and put your palm in front of the camera, showing off your wet fingers to your faceless admirers.
Taehyung groans. You wiggle your fingers to him, traces of your arousal drip in between, he imagines himself licking each digit clean. He imagines his own long fingers stuffing you instead, pulling sweet moans from your lips, you dripping all over him. Fuck he wants to taste you, he bets you taste so sweet, just divine.
His hands fists his hard erection, his tongue between his teeth as he watches you on his laptop. Each time you cry out in pleasure, he thrusts into his clenched fist, imagining your tight cunt wrapped around him instead. Taehyung almost loses it when you let out a needy whine, imagining all the ways he could make you cry and whimper at his hands. He wishes he had you here so he could taste and smell your body, god if you were here he would make you cum over and over again until you cry and beg him to stop.
Someone sends you five hundred dollars, the second largest donation of the night.
V: You’re so beautiful
No request, no lewdness, nothing other than the simple phrase that you didn’t realize how much you ached to hear. Your face goes hot. You let your hand speed up. You try to imagine the words spoken, whispered in your ear, focus on them besides the dings of your laptop and wet sounds coming from your soaking core.
You imagine a man on top of you whispering how beautiful he finds you. You throw your head back lost in pleasure, letting your fantasies overtake you until the heat inside you bursts. You gasp and shudder, forgetting about the camera on you, riding out your high for as long as you can. The fantasy man leaves your thoughts as you come back down to earth, alone again in your room. Finally, you open your eyes, staring at the ceiling of your room. The chatroom dings and dings.
Now that you’ve reached your high, the flames of your arousal abruptly extinguishes, an icy current of mortification at what you’ve done hits you in waves. You sit up shakily, wiping the sweat off your brow. Too scared to look at your reflection, you look down at your keyboard instead, trying to steady your breathing.
“Thank you for coming to my first broadcast. I’m going to log off now.”
Instead of shutting off the stream you hold down the power button of your laptop to turn your entire computer off. You lay back down as your phone vibrates with a notification. The total sum of what you made on your first live stream. You can’t believe it, laughing at the ridiculousness of it. You pull the mask off your face and throw the offending material across the room. As you steady your breathing you push down the regret that creeps over you, thoughts that ring in your ears like a lecture from your mother, feeling shame and disgust at what you allowed yourself to become. Whatever, you did what you had to do.
It’s an hour before you have to clock out on your last shift of the week. Your manager pulls you aside to speak with you. There’s concern in his voice and a frown etched on his face, “He is here again.”
“Oh,” you grimace, why is he so early?! “He’s, um, here to pick me up.”
Your manager’s eyes go wide. “You’re going to go somewhere with that psycho?”
“I-I can’t say.”
“If it’s money again I can see about getting you some more hours.” He grabs a clipboard off the back wall, flipping through the schedule.
You wince. “No, it’s just something I have to do and then this should all be over and done with. It will be fine.” Will it be fine? You hope so.
He gives you a skeptical look. “Are you sure? You’re sure you’re going to be okay?”
You don’t know, but you nod your head regardless, “Yes.”
“Okay,” He sighs, still looking worried, “I’ll see you Monday?”
You give him a reassuring smile. “See you Monday. Have a good weekend.”
An hour later you clock out and Yoongi makes his way next to you. You were grateful he didn’t make another scene, he had sat in the corner sipping on coffee, hardly paying attention to you. He didn’t have to, not when he had your store's camera system connected to his phone.
You look him over, Yoongi looks as posh as ever. He wears all black, and tight pants that show off his, well anyways, why does he have to look so good? You huff, staring anywhere else, motioning your arm, “After you.”
The man gives you a wicked smile and offers you his arm. You resist the urge to roll your eyes, but reach for his elbow. You felt silly in your dirty work clothes holding onto him. Why did you even bother waking up early today to put on a face full of makeup when you just ended up sweating it off?
"Your manager doesn't seem happy to see me," he teases.
"I wonder why..." you send him a glare.
Of course this motherfucker has a Rolls Royce. You grumble next to him. Yoongi opens the passenger’s door for you and you slide inside. When was the last time someone has done that for you? Tinder culture has really screwed you in more ways than one. You watch as he circles to the other side, he looks so powerful and sexy.
Stop, what's gotten into you?! You push down the butterflies fluttering around in the pit of your stomach. When he starts the car, he leans over to you, invading your space and making you flinch.
“Calm down, I’m not going to hurt you.” His eyes travel down your body, “Unless you want me to.” His face is too close to yours, you can feel his breath on your skin as he smirks down at you.
He reaches for the strap of your seat belt, his body now entirely pressed up against yours and he pulls on the strap and buckles it for you. Your face grows hot, it felt like he was teasing you, his presence leaving you as quickly as it came. You swallow down the lump in your throat, wishing you had water for your suddenly dry mouth.
He had smelled good. Manly. It’s been so damn long since you’ve been on a date, under the excuse of social distancing, but really you’ve just stopped trying to go out on boring typical dates with normal boring men so you can have boring vanilla sex. It was a hassle, you had gotten used to the instant gratification from your viewers. But now you had neither. That's why you were so wound up, not because you wanted this smug asshole, no way.
As he reversed, you realize you have to give him your address. You bite your lower lip, thinking what to do. Maybe you can get him to drop you off somewhere close by, but Yoongi is already setting up the GPS with another location.
“Umm, I thought we were going to stop by my house first.”
“So I can change?”
“Not necessary, you can change on the boat. I have clothes for you since I noticed you never cashed my check.” His piercing eyes flash with anger, the accusation making you shift uncomfortably. Cashing Yoongi's check made what was happening feel like a transaction, and you weren't willing to give him that power over you.
“I-I did not agree to get on a boat with you,” you frown, red flags popping up in your head at the thought of being alone in the middle of nowhere, out at sea, with a stranger who says he’ll hurt you if you ask him to.
“You agreed to go to a party with me. That’s how we get to the party, sweetheart.”
When Yoongi said boat you didn’t realize he meant yacht. It’s huge. He leads you into the main cabin, there are clothes already laid out for you on the bed.
He shows you how to work the shower before leaving you alone. You know you were washing off the sweat and grime of the day to make yourself presentable for this party of his, but why did you feel like you were cleaning yourself up for Yoongi specifically. It made you feel uneasy. You tried to silence the alarm bells ringing in your head and focus on getting ready. It's just one night out and then you can say goodbye to Yoongi forever.
The dress was black and tight. It hugged your curves and showed off your cleavage. You can admit it was a hot dress and you felt hot in it. It’s exactly the style you like, as if Yoongi had pulled it right out from one of your favorite Pinterest boards. You sigh as you look at yourself in the mirror, the dress came with a set of lingerie that you almost didn’t put on, embarrassed by wearing underwear picked out by a man you knew nothing about. This wasn't like the times you let your viewers choose your outfits for broadcast, this was different...right?
You decide to go all out with makeup, realizing there is no doubt going to be many beautiful people at this party that look as attractive and expensive as Yoongi, so you might as well try to blend in. You put on the finishing touches, a dark red lip, when there’s a knock on the door.
Yoongi walks in, he’s changed too. He's wearing a black button down and black pants, it matches your outfit. Almost all of his fingers are adorned with silver rings. His hair styled in an unkept bedhead way that makes him look younger. You try not to stare or think about how ridiculously handsome he looks.
You look breathtaking, Yoongi thinks, ‘Only one thing missing.’ He pulls out a black choker with a gold pendant from his pocket. “For you, I think it completes the look.” He gives you a genuine smile.
“I-I...Thank you.” you don’t know what else to say. His fingertips graze your collarbones, lighting a trail of fire across your chest. Yoongi clasps the choker around your neck, the pull against your sensitive skin gives you goosebumps. His pointer finger finds its way under your jaw to lift your chin up. “Ready for some fun?” You leave with Yoongi before you have time to inspect his present, notice that on the gold heart pendant there are initials delicately scrawled in the middle. ‘MYG’
You enter the party mesmerized. An island. A mansion. A secret paradise. A place where the party never needed to end.
The hall is decorated from top to bottom in gold and crystal, intricate glass centerpieces and art at every corner, but what caught your eye and made your heart drop into the pit of your stomach was an entirely different kind of centerpiece. Around the main room, suspended from the ceiling, gold ropes dropped in a dozen different areas. The most beautiful women you’ve ever seen hung under spotlights, the rope tied in intricate patterns around their naked bodies, each placed in a different position. Saliva pooled inside your mouth as you watched in awe.
Party goers gravitated to them, watching the women as they ate finger food and drank. Yoongi’s breath tickled the back of your neck as he whispered in your ear. “You look like you want to join them,” His dark eyes narrowed on you.
“I’m just admiring the view,” you try to act unaffected by his words, “Don’t get your hopes up. I’m hungry,” you whine, changing the subject, you let Yoongi pull you through the crowd.
Jungkook grips his wine glass so tight the stem breaks in half, the glass pieces cutting the palm of his hand. He is so full of rage he barely feels the sting, letting the blood drip on his expensive suit. That conniving little man Yoongi has his hands all over your body. How did he have you? Had this been his plan all along? Did Yoongi convince you to leave the site so he could have you all to himself? And you fell into his trap! Jungkook knows it’s not your fault for being manipulated, he knows how devious his business partner can be, but he wants to punish you just the same. He has to tell someone. Taehyung will know what to do! He searches for his friend, before he goes straight to Yoongi and kills him instead.
“Min, please introduce us to your date!” The crowd parts as two men advance towards Yoongi. You were just getting used to Yoongi’s cold reserved demeanor when his friends’ beaming playful attitude catch you off guard. The pair is full of energy, they commanded attention, and you could tell by their looks they most certainly were used to being in the center of it.
“You know who she is,” Yoongi rolls his eyes, his hand around your waist pulling you closer to him. What did he mean? Were they-
“But we haven’t formally met! I’m Hoseok, you can call me Hobi.” He winks at you and gives you a bright smile. “This is Jimin!”
‘Jimin.’ That name is familiar to you. No way, this beautiful man is not your Jimin. Not one of your top donators Jimin. No way in hell-
“I’m so happy to have finally met you in person, Dahlia.” Jimin holds your hand in his and brings your fingers to his lips, giving you a small wink. Oh my god he’s attractive. This is the same man who paid you for late night private chats, crying about how lonely he was, he is that Jimin. You’re so astonished you don’t even register the way Yoongi’s fingers dig into your hip in jealousy.
Hoseok and Jimin are fun. The three of you drink another round of sparkling champagne as the duo takes turns telling you wild stories, making you dissolve into a fit of giggles. Yoongi sips on his whisky while he watches the three of you roar with laughter. He doesn’t mind, he uses their charm to his advantage. As expected around the extroverted pair you start feeling more comfortable, you let your guard down around Yoongi, so Yoongi doesn’t mind. You're his date after all, you’re his.
“Looks like everyone made it!” Jimin waves at a trio of men headed towards your group.
“Almost everyone,” Yoongi corrects. He drapes his arm over your shoulder and you lean into him, your body swaying from the alcohol in your system. Yoongi delights in the way the men looked at you in his arms, the visible shock and anger on their faces. “Y/n, this is Seokjin, Taehyung, and Jungkook.”
You nod in their direction, barely regarding them, instead giggling at Jimin who is making a funny face at you trying to steal your attention.
“Namjoon says he’s sorry he couldn’t make it, something came up.” Taehyung addresses Yoongi.
Yoongi frowns at the information, it’s not like Joon to change plans so suddenly.
“I need to use the restroom, excuse me.”
“I’ll show you where it is,” Yoongi begins to take you, but Taehyung’s hand grips Yoongi’s shoulder, pulling him back. “Let the lady go, it’s been so long since we’ve all seen you, Yoongi. I missed my friend. You can make your way, right baby?”
Six heads turn to look at you and you feel hot under their intense stares. “Um, yea-yes, I’ll be right back.” You leave before Yoongi can protest.
This place is huge. You can’t remember how you found the bathroom or how to get back to Yoongi, and the room felt like it was spinning. The party had become louder, more obnoxious as drugs and alcohol loosened everyone’s inhibitions.
You shouldn’t have drank so much, you didn’t realize how much alcohol Jimin and Hobi had been feeding you until it was too late, and now you could barely make out people’s faces. What are you going to do? Yoongi had your cell in his pocket, why did you give it to him? Jimin had grabbed it out of your hand to put his contact information in, and handed it back to Yoongi instead. You didn't even protest, you were too busy being mesmerized by Hoseok as he swayed his hips to the music playing, rolling his body to the beat.
You lean against an empty space of wall, between two couples obnoxiously making out. You’re all alone in a strange house with no way to call for help, the gravity of your situation hits you all at once and your head begins to throb.
Maybe if you can make it to the second floor you can spot Yoongi and the others in the crowd. You stumble your way to the stairs, hoping your plan works.
You see Yoongi. The bastard is still drinking his whisky while his friend’s banter amongst themselves. You exhale, finally calming down. The fresh air away from everyone helps to take away your dizziness. You watch the six men, they are all so good looking. They have to be the most attractive men at the party. You didn’t notice how intimidating the group looks, finding it funny how party goers instinctively keep their distance from them.
The three new men are tall and big, they could be models, or maybe athletes, you should have paid attention when Yoongi was introducing you to them. What were their names, Junhyung? Taejung? If Yoongi was a House member, and Jimin was a House member, could they all be...no.
You’re about to turn to leave when hands cover your mouth and grab at your waist. Your scream is completely muffled out behind the stranger’s large hand.
He holds you in a suffocating embrace, covering both your mouth and nose, you realize you really cannot breathe. You try to pry his hand off your face but it’s impossible, he’s too strong and too big, easily overpowering you. The air in your lungs is trapped inside of you as you try to scream. Is this how you die?
“Hey baby.”
‘RM.’ The last time you met him, you had your vision taken, so you could never forget the unmistakable deep rumble of his voice.
Your mind is reeling. You stop fighting against his hold and he finally removes his hand, placing it around your neck instead. You gasp and cough out, inhaling air quickly, afraid your breath will be taken away again.
You guess it made sense, first Jimin now RM, were all the party goers members too? The thought terrified you. You had no idea what your viewers looked like, yet they all knew what you looked like naked. Just how many knew who you were? It made you queasy, you shudder against RM. RM, a top donator, plastered against your back, it felt like a fever dream.
You remember all the times you flirted with him behind the protection of your computer screen, now there were no digital barriers to stop his advances. No house rules to lessen his stifling touches.
“I missed you, baby. I’m a little upset you stayed away for so long, but seeing you here dressed up so pretty, like a present I get to unwrap, I can forgive you.” The hand that held your waist down against him traveled up your stomach, between your breasts, until it settled around your neck as well. “I’m so so glad you came back to us.” His deep velvet voice rumbled in your ear, making your legs tremble.
His strong fingers begin to massage your neck. It feels so good, you bite back a moan. Namjoon rubs deep circles into your shoulder blades. You can’t help but melt into his relaxing massage, your nerves had been wound so tightly before, his expert fingers finding each knotted muscle in your back. You try to sneak a glance behind you, but every time you try, Namjoon’s hands find your jaw, keeping your attention forward.
“How is Yoongi treating you?” RM knows Yoongi? You felt so out of the loop, you tried to make sense of it all but you could only concentrate on the way his fingers pressed against your skin.
“He’s being a perfect gentleman.”
“A 'gentleman,'” Namjoon laughs, “Are we talking about the same man?” You roll your head as his fingers work the tense muscles of your neck. His thumb runs underneath your choker, ever so slightly tightening the fabric around your skin. “He was planning to keep you all to himself,” Namjoon tuts.
Anger erupts inside of him as he notices the piece of jewelry, and he pulls you into another crushing embrace, his hands underneath the curves of your breasts. “Now what would he do if he saw you in my arms, hmm?” He makes you walk back to the balcony, hands groping your chest and body pressing you forward into the banister. Truthfully, you’re scared of what Yoongi would do if he saw you, you had no idea what he was capable of, but the pleasure RM was giving you was hard to fight against.
“RM, please...” you don’t know what you’re begging him for, to let you go, to touch you more.
“Look at him.” His voice deepens, his authoritative tone makes you whimper in his arms.
His arms travel to your waist, his fingers pulling at the hem of your dress, lifting it tortuously slow. His fingertips ghost over your lace panties. “Look at how wet you are, dirty girl.” He pulls them down your thighs. If anyone were to look up, they’d see you completely bare. The thought makes you pulse.
Taehyung and Jungkook had come to Namjoon to tell him what Yoongi had done. Namjoon almost felt bad, Yoongi was like a brother to him, so Namjoon knew how much he cared about you. But why would he parade you around in front of the others, like a sweet treat on a platter? Yoongi surely knew them all well enough to know they'd want to take a bite.
“Now keep your eyes on Yoongi, what is he doing right now?”
You start to speak and Namjoon pushes two fingers inside you, all the way in to his knuckles. You let out a gasp, and he pinches the sensitive skin of breast through your dress. “Answer daddy, baby girl.”
You fight back tears, your mouth goes dry as you try to hold yourself together. “H-he’s talking to Hobi.” Namjoon inserts another finger into you at the nickname you use for his friend, the stretch is bordering on painful, making you cry out. You try to stifle your whimpers, it just turns Namjoon on even more. He grinds his erection into your ass. His smell, his dirty words, his roughness, you've forgotten how much you craved it.
“Hobi, is it? When did you and him become so friendly? Baby, you’re making me jealous. Is that what you want?” With three fingers inside you, he sets a punishing pace. It’s been awhile since you’ve felt so full. Perhaps the last time you truly felt like this was by RM himself. You pulse around his fingers at the memory. Your legs shake as his thumb finds your clit, pressing into your sensitive hood. “P-please…”
“Please what?”
“Please let me cum, Daddy.”
He groans in your ear. “Hmm no.” He pulls his fingers out of you, you hold onto the banister as your orgasm escapes you. Your body shakes with need.
“You’ll come find me later tonight, won’t you, baby girl?” His warmth leaves your body, when you turn around no one is there.
Oh my so many questions, not many answers. Will you see your manager on Monday? Lol thank you again for enjoying my story, let me know what you think! <3
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lovesick (ll)
Tumblr media
— pairing: yandere ot7 x (f) reader — word count: 4.5k — warnings: yandere, stalking, obsessive behaviour, harrassment, mention of violence/bodily harm, mild blood, 18+ — summary: You dreamed of the day you would get your very own soulmark. Though, you didn’t expect to wake up to a searing hurt in your arm, the phantom pain of your shoulder being dislocated and your forearm fractured. As if dealing with the worst possible soulmark ever wasn’t bad enough, you also have to come to terms with the fact that you’re being stalked. When the letters and gifts you receive begin to escalate and the police offers no help, you have no other option than to figure out who’s behind it yourself – and hopefully before it’s too late. — amazing cover by @leithold​!
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
“Delivery for Y/n!”
The harsh knocks at your door make you flinch. You eye the rattling handle warily, feet rooted to the cold floor as you debate whether or not you should open it. You know you’re being paranoid, that there’s no way it’s him waiting on the other side of your door, but you can never be too careful. While your stalker has only been hiding behind letters and gifts so far, there’s no telling what he’ll do when that isn’t enough anymore. Truly, what scares you the most is that while he seems to know so much about you, you don’t know anything about him. You have no clue what lengths he's willing to go to get you, and you’re not about to start taking risks now.
Yeah, you’re not opening that door.
You listen intently as someone shuffles around outside, their heavy footsteps moving back and fourth for a few seconds before they pause. There’s a loud thud, something being placed on the ground before you hear a muffled voice grumble out, "I don’t have time for this.”
You stay still as their steps recede down the hall, biting your tongue until you hear the familiar groan of the janky elevator doors sliding shut. You count to ten, giving the elevator enough time to go down two floors before you can find it in yourself to move. Wrapping your hand around the door handle, you slowly begin to open the additional locks you got after your visit to the police station a few days ago. He knows where you live, and if Officer Park can’t help you, then you just have to do your best to make it as difficult as possible for your stalker to get to you.
You exhale, gathering your focus as you draw the last bolt back. You’re on high alert as you fling the door open, poking your head out to frantically scan the hallway for any movement. It’s quiet, empty, the long corridor having no dark corners for anyone to hide in. Deeming it safe enough – you let your eyes drift to the floor, gaze locking on to the item that was left behind.
So many flowers.
You stare down at the bucket of red roses at your feet, disbelief colouring your features as you realize there has to be close to a hundred of them crammed into the large container. For a split second you consider leaving them out in your hallway to wilt away, to die on their own, but you know better than to do that.
There will be consequences if you reject a gift, and it only had to happen one time for you to never repeat that mistake again. You’ll never forget the sight of the pure white roses stained red, the rhythmic drip of the blood as it pooled around the clear vase in front of your door. Everything was red. It was a threat – and a reminder – one you swore to yourself to never forget as you scrubbed the crimson stains out of old wooden floors. You never quite managed to remove everything, and the doormat you ended up placing on top of the lingering marks is now barely visible underneath the sea of flowers in front of you.
The memory sends a chill down your spine as you do your best to drag the bucket inside your apartment. You just have to accept the gift; he doesn’t need to know that the flowers usually go right in the trash. You close your door with a bang, making sure every lock is back in place before you lean in to study the roses. You trail your fingers over the soft petals, the flowers yielding under the gentle weight until you find what you were looking for. Paper. The purple envelope is nearly hidden in-between the dark red roses, only the sharp edge of a corner poking out.  
A few petals scatter to the floor as you pull it out. Swallowing dryly you flip the envelope around, carefully prying open the sealed flap. The glossy cardstock slides out easily, the postcard just small enough that it doesn’t snag on the paper. Turning it over, you’re met with a stylized image of Mt. Fuji in cherry blossom season, the small “hope to see you soon!” printed at the bottom of the card sending a stab of anxiety to your stomach.
You talked about Japan last week. It was after your last Thursday class that you had called Heejun on the way home, talking about mindless things to distract yourself from how empty the park had been. The only reason you hadn’t been flat out sprinting home was the two girls walking on the path in front of you, and the man playing fetch with his dog a little further out on the grass. Neither had been close enough to hear what you were talking about, and it’s not like you had been particularly loud either as you power walked home in the dark. And yet, somehow, he had heard you. He always does. It doesn’t matter if it’s a comment made in passing or a place you’ve talked about for a long time, it always shows up in a purple envelope eventually.  
You quickly stuff the card back into the envelope as you take a long stride over to the entry table. You close the black box firmly after dumping the postcard in with the other letters, desperate to have it out of your sight. Unease settles in your stomach as you turn back to the abundance of roses in front of you, the heavy bucket a clear reminder that it won’t be so easy to get rid of your stalker’s gift this time. You might have enough large garbage bags to dispose of the flowers, but to do that you’ll have to move them first. You can barely shimmy past them in the doorway and it’s not like your hallway is any bigger, so there’s no way you can leave it where it is.
You bend down with a huff, jaw tense as you find the edges of the bucket. You’re not particularly weak, but the combined weight of the flowers and the gallons of water sloshing around are way too heavy for you to lift without risking breaking your back. You’ll just have to try to push it to the kitchen and hope for the best.
“C’mon,” You bite, arms straining under the pressure as your feet can’t seem to gain enough grip on the waxed floors. You’re almost halfway across the room when your hand slips, the condensation on the side of the bucket making you lose your hold. You curse as you fall to your knees, thorns slicing into your skin on the way down.
“Are you fucking kidding me?” You hiss as you cradle your injured fingers, watching as the blood rises to the surface of the shallow cuts. You clamber to your feet as it begins to drip down into your palm, a strange mixture of annoyance and fear clawing its way up your throat as you hurry over to the kitchen sink. As you run your fingers under lukewarm water, staring at how the foam turns pink as you gently wash your cuts, you can’t help but wonder if the first police officer you talked to a year ago was right – if your stalker really is just a shy soulmate.
You let out an ugly snort, hatred winding itself tight around your heart. If it’s true, then you hope it fucking hurts. You hope he feels every bit of pain that you do, that his fingers sting just as much as yours as you cover the torn skin with band-aids.  
You turn around, gripping the edge of the sink tightly with your good hand to hold yourself back from marching over and flipping the bucket on its head. At the end of the day, all of the hurt and anger you feel doesn’t even make a difference. It’ll just make a mess that you’ll have to clean up later. You stalker, soulmate, whatever he is, will just continue like he always has.
Seething, you mutter every curse you think off under your breath – hoping for the first time in your life that your thoughts will reach him, that he’ll feel even just a smidge of the pure disgust you feel for him.
Slumping against the counter, you’re about to throw the roses another affronted glance when something catches you eye. There’s a small logo on the other side of the bucket that you didn’t notice earlier, an image of two identical flowers curling around the flower shop’s name – Déjà Bloom. You nearly drop your phone to the ground in your haste to get it out of your pocket, fingers trembling as you search it up. It’s only a 30-minute walk from your apartment, ten if you take the bus. You find the opening hours, a spark of excitement coursing through you as you remember that you have no classes tomorrow.
You finally have a lead.
You save the location into your phone, flexing your aching hand as you stare at the roses. You don’t care what you’ll have to do, you’re won’t be leaving that flower shop until you know who sent you those flowers.
Tumblr media
There’s a soft chime above your head as you enter Déjà Bloom. The interior of the shop is elegant yet cozy, wooden accents complimented by bursts of colour from the various flowers placed around the room. A pleasant scent hits you the moment you step inside, the faint hints of lavender you breathe in working wonders to soothe some of the jittery energy running rampant through your body. Glancing around the shop you feel yourself slowly begin to relax as you soak up the beautiful flower displays and greenery hanging around the room. You’re early, only ten minutes after opening, and everything is painted in a lovely warm hue – the sun just having risen enough to filter though the large windows. The soft tunes droning from the speakers makes everything feel mellow and calm, and you can’t remember the last time you felt so comfortable outside of your own apartment.
“I’ll be right there!”
You startle at the voice that calls out to you, turning just in time to find the most beautiful man you’ve ever seen walking through the door in the back. The sunlight spilling into the shop caresses his caramel hair in a way that makes your breath hitch, his locks pushed away from his forehead in a soft wave that frames his face perfectly. There's a pinch between his brows as he tries to dust off the dirt clinging to his apron, the black cloth accentuating the contrast between his broad shoulders and small waist. He makes an affronted sound when some of the dirt refuses to be brushed off, the soil staining his fingers as it smears into the fabric.
Your lips quirk at the noise, finding the petulant expression on his face rather cute. The realization that you’re just standing there awkwardly in the middle of the shop hits you as he reaches the counter, his bright eyes looking up to meet yours across the room. Not wanting to look like an idiot, you move closer, gaze locked on the floor to make sure you move the right foot in front of the other as you rehearse your planned speech in your head. You have to make sure you ease him into the concept of tracking down his customer; you can’t just throw it in his face and expect him to cooperate.
Distracted, you miss how the man’s pursed lips part in surprise as he takes you in, how his neck turns pink as you step up to the table.
“How can I help you?”
Your mind goes blank as you look up. The man is smiling at you. You catch a hint of perfect white teeth behind his rosy lips, the corner of his eyes crinkling in a way that makes your heart tumble in your chest. The convincing speech you spent all of yesterday evening on is wiped clean from your thoughts, only static remaining between your ears as you scramble to remember the reason you’re here.
Flowers? Yeah, it was something about flowers.
Something red. Roses?
Wait– shit, what’s your name again?
“O-oh, flower delivery?” You stutter, heat steady working it’s way up the back of your neck. God, you’re not going to make it out of here alive.
The man nods as he pulls out a notebook from beneath the desk, opening it to a page filled with numbers, ”We have a wide variety of options! What kind of price point were you thinking of?”  
“Actually–” You swallow thickly, forcing your eyes away from his face for a few seconds in order to form a coherent thought, ”I have received flowers from here a few times, and uh, I was wondering if you if could tell me who sent them?”
Something alarmed flashes across his face just as the book in his hands snaps shut, the loud sound making the both of you jump. “That’s– uh, we don’t really do that here? Give out personal information, I mean.”
He reaches up to tug at his ear, clearly flustered judging by how red it turns under your gaze, ”Can I ask why you want to know who the sender is?”
You have to come up with something fast. It’s obvious that he doesn’t want to give out client information, and if you tell him that his client has been using the store to harass someone then he might just flat out refuse to help you. It’s not like you want to ruin the shop’s reputation, so it’s probably better if you try a different approach to get him to spill the beans.  
You glance down, relieved to find a silver nametag attached to his apron. Seokjin. Mustering up a smile you step closer to the counter, resting your hands delicately on the smooth surface. Seokjin’s throat bobs as you lean in, his brown eyes widening as you let out a shy giggle.
Tucking a piece of hair behind your ear, you make your voice as soft as possible, “I just really want to thank them, Seokjin. They’ve been getting me such lovely flowers and I feel bad for not knowing who it’s from.”  
The thought of ever thanking your stalker makes you want to throw up, but Seokjin seems to eat it right up. He brightens, and there’s a delighted twinkle in his eye as he pushes the notebook away.
“What kind of flowers did you receive?”
A black mark on his wrist catches you attention as his crisp white sleeve rides up, the unmistakable form of a timer soulmark pressed into his skin. It doesn’t seem to have hit zero yet. You’re surprised when a wave of disappointment crashes into your chest, something bitter coating your tongue as you watch Seokjin move around. Of course he has a soulmate out there waiting for him; he’s not going to want to settle for someone else when the person he’s destined to be with is out there somewhere. You’re sure the one he’s waiting for is as perfect as he is.
You really don't understand why you feel so affected when you only laid eyes on him for the first time today, but you suppose it was nice having attention on you that was welcomed – that actually belonged to a handsome face and not some creep hiding behind a piece of paper.  
Seokjin seems to notice your wandering eyes, a small frown dancing across his lips as he tugs down his sleeve. You shake yourself out of your spiralling thoughts, knowing it won’t do you any good to continue down that path. You have to pull yourself together. You can worry about trivial things like your soulmate and dating once your stalker is taken care of.
Your clear your throat, the smile on your face feeling significantly more forced than before as you say, ”Red roses. They were very … uh, pretty."
Seokjin chokes on his next breath, a spluttering noise leaving his lips as his body goes taut with tension. His expression shifts from incredulous to blank in a second, all emotion wiped from his face. A shiver races down your spine as he looks you dead in the eye and slowly repeats, ”Roses?”
You can only nod, not trusting your voice not to shake under Seokjin’s intense gaze. Fighting to not take a step back from the sudden sour mood, you dig your heels into the floor, staying put. You shove your trembling hands into your pockets, releasing the tightness in your shoulders as you ignore the alarm bells chiming faintly in the back of your mind.
Seokjin turns, stalking over to the computer at the end of the counter. The keyboard clacks loudly as he pulls up a form on his screen, the sound pausing just long enough for Seokjin to say, ”When did you receive them?”
“Yesterday. And the last time before that was on the 13th,” You offer. You have a feeling this might not be the best time to tell him about the twenty other times you have gotten flowers as well. You can’t be sure that every delivery has come from this shop, but you know the roses have. The massive display and large buckets on your left that’s filled with them makes that pretty certain.
You stand there in silence as Seokjin searches his files for a trace of your stalker. You want to feel excited, relieved even, that you’re finally so close, but–
”There’s nothing here,” Seokjin somehow manages to sound even more frustrated than you feel.
But – that would just be too easy, wouldn’t it?  
“I always make sure to document every delivery, but it seems that my help has been doing his work properly. It’s obviously been paid for, but there’s no information left behind on the sender,” Seokjin grumbles. Ah, so he’s the owner then. You suppose it makes sense that things not being properly done would be annoying to him, but you’re not sure why the roses in particular seemed to make him so upset.  
Seokjin’s sharp jaw is tense as he faces you once again, the prominent vein in his neck jumping as he clenches his teeth. ”I’ll ask my employee if he remembers anything about who sent you the flowers. They need to be tracked down so that I can–” He fumbles, a flicker of panic shining in his eyes before he quells it, ”so that you can thank them properly. It’s the least I can do.”
Seokjin tears a piece of a nearby paper, scribbling down a number on it. "If I don’t manage to find them or you get sent more flowers without me knowing, you can use this to contact me. Your address is already in our system, so I can probably send you a letter with the person’s information once we figure out who they are.”
You hesitate.
You don’t really think your mail is safe. There’s no telling if you stalker goes through it before it gets to you, and you can’t risk letting them know you’re on to them.
“No!” You shake your head, “I mean, uhm, I can just text you?”
“You’ll text me?” Seokjin blinks.
You bite down on the tip of your tongue, cheeks growing warm as you realize how that might be interpreted. Seokjin is trying to keep things removed and professional by offering to send you a letter, and here you are, asking for his number. God, he must think you’re desperate.
You wince, softly clearing your throat before you say, “Yeah, that way you’ll have my number and you can send it to me quicker. It’ll be less hassle than a letter, right?”
You steel yourself for a quick rejection, maybe even a pitying look if he’s feeling kind. You’re wholly unprepared for the brilliant smile that blooms on Seokjin’s lips, his eyes sparkling as he says, ”You’re right, that does sound easier.”
Seokjin picks up the scrap of paper with his number on, carefully folding it in half. An unexpected feeling of anxiety spreads through your body as you notice Seokjin’s weird gait, one leg bearing more weight than the other as he rounds the counter. You must’ve been too distracted by his face earlier to see it, but Seokjin is limping, his left foot barely touching the ground as he uses the counter for support to shuffle closer.
Sucking in a soft breath, you swear your ankle throbs in sympathy. Your phantom pain from your soulmark only lasted a few days, as it usually does when your soulmate suffers smaller injuries, but just because you’re fine doesn’t mean that they are. Watching Seokjin hobble closer, you can’t quite shake the feeling that this is all a little too coincidental.
Seokjin must mistake the conflicted expression on your face for concern. He leans against the counter a few steps away from you, scratching his flushed neck, “It turns out that climbing up a ladder to hang arrangements inside a bustling wedding venue wasn’t the best idea. Next thing I know I’m waking up in hospital with a broken foot and an upset bride blowing up my phone because the flowers 'didn’t look right' after the groomsmen had to swoop in to finish the job."
He lets out a breath of airy laughter as he glances down at his foot, ”I only got the cast removed a few weeks ago. The doctor told me to start walking on it gradually without crutches, but it’ll take a while before I’m back to normal. Right now it looks worse than it is though.”
If only the ground could swallow you whole.
Stupid, stupid, stupid.
It should go without saying that there’s no way that your soulmate is the only one with a leg injury in town. Hell, you don’t even know if they even are in the same place as you are – your soulmate could be half across the world for all that you know. You can’t believe your stalker has managed to worm himself into your head so much that everyone you meet feel suspicious.
Mortified by your own thoughts, you can only stammer out a weak, ”O-oh, that’s terrible. I’m so sorry.”
“It’s alright,” Seokjin shrugs, a playful smile on his lips, ”At least it always makes for a funny story at parties! Well, it was a hit at the one party I’ve been too since it happened, crutches aren’t exactly made for socializing.”
You let out a choked chuckle in return, hoping it doesn’t show on your face just how desperate you are to get out of here to deal with your embarrassment alone.
“Oh right! Here you go,” Seokjin seems to suddenly remember the paper in his hand, extending it to you.
Goosebumps rise across your arms as your fingers touch, the warmth from Seokjin’s skin making you feel cold. You suppress the urge to shiver as you look up and find Seokjin’s eyes lingering on your hand, his gaze dark as he stares at the points where your fingers met. You’re sure it’s just a trick of the light – it must be – even though the sun hasn’t moved, and there are no clouds in sight. Your stalker has just messed with your brain too much. Everything is fine.
“Thank you, I really appreciate it, “ You muster up a smile as you place the number securely into your pocket.
“Don’t mention it, I didn’t do much,” Seokjin waves you off with a soft pout.
“And, since I couldn’t be of much help ..” His voice trails off as he casts a quick glance out in the shop, face lighting up as he pauses on a particular flower. He makes his way over to a nearby display, picking up something pink before he hobbles back, “–Please accept this flower as a formal apology.”
Your legs feel weak as you stare at the small lily, the soft pink gradient and yellow centre all too familiar. You’ve seen this flower before. You’ve been gifted it multiple times already. They show up at your door when the roses don’t.
Swallowing down the bile rising your throat, you reach out with shaking fingers to grab the stem from Seokjin, “W-what’s it called?”
“Lily of the Incas,” Seokjin supplies, something thrilled in his voice as he asks, ”Do you like it?”
No. There’s nothing you would like more than to drop it to the ground and crush it under your foot. Ideally, you would love to burn every single miniature lily and rose inside this shop to ashes, but you don’t think Seokjin would take too kindly to that.
“It’s pretty,” You lie, echoing your earlier words as you plaster on a timid smile. Seokjin seems to accept it, the skin around his eyes creasing as he gives you a pleased grin. The weird feeling from earlier slithers its way back into your chest, winding around your heart with an iron grip as you look at Seokjin. There’s no way he could know, right?  
”I um, I should go,” You take a step back, ”Thank you for your time and for the .. flower.”
You think you see a flash of disappointment in Seokjin’s expression as he bids you goodbye, but the easy smile he sports makes it hard to tell. He follows you to the door despite your weak protests about his foot, holding it open for you as you walk out.  
“Stop by the shop if you ever need something, and don’t forget to text me!” Seokjin calls after you with a grin.  
You swallow thickly, giving him a small wave of your own before you turn on your heel. You try to keep your pace controlled as you walk down the street away from Déjà Bloom, shoving your free hand into your pocket to protect it from the brisk air. You wait until it doesn’t feel like a pair of eyes is burning into your back before you turn into a nearby alleyway.
You hold your breath to fend of the terrible smell as you hurry over to a dumpster, ridding yourself of the lily Seokjin gave you. You do feel a little guilty as the pink petals are mixed in with the trash, but you can’t bring yourself to take it home with you. While Seokjin seems sweet, there’s just something about him that feels a little off, something you can’t quite put your finger on. You know that the injury and flower is just a coincidence, because it has to be.
But as you exit the alleyway, filling your lungs with fresh air as you fall into step with the rest of the crowd walking through the streets – you know that deep down, you don’t quite believe that.
Tumblr media
a/n: say hi to seokjin! what do we think about him so far?? and who do we think are behind the purple letters? 👀 jungkook and namjoon are up next in chapter three! i’ve decided to keep these chapters a little shorter in hopes that i might be able to update the story more frequently, so i’m thinking around 5k is a good limit for each chapter! i would love to hear your thoughts on the chapter and the story so far :)
if you’d like to support me, you can buy me a ko-fi! 💖
ps. i’m not doing taglists! see you all soon, stay safe! <3
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outrovale · 29 days ago
YOU GET ME SO HIGH. | headcannons.
Tumblr media
summary > how the hyung line of bts react to falling in you—the eighth member—but they have girlfriends/wives. female reader.
warnings > affairs, soft/dark yandere. fluff. aged up bts because it fits the story(ies.) you’re 21 in this.
a/n > for bee, the love of my life. (22:27 | 23/12/21.)
au > mentions of violence. cheater stuff / eighth member / yandere / hyung line.
Tumblr media
married at 29, now 32, kim seokjin is a prideful man, about his incredible singing career as well as his personal life.
but he’s also very prideful about you.
you, the younger woman—so polite—the eighth member who rocked bangtan at 2018, 18 year old you who is utterly kind.
you’re simply gorgeous, too much, in a way that jin finds himself falling into daydreams with you.
he finds himself wanting to kiss you instead of his loving—nice—wife.
but. our dear jinnie is a sick and twisted man because he feels no sympathy, no empathy as he goes to you and not his wife.
you, who lays on the silk sheets beneath them and lets out every little giggle with a smile.
kim seokjin who gets a divorce.
kim seokjin who can’t keep his hands off you.
bangtan—who can’t stop loving you.
the 30 year old who has been engaged to his loving partner for nearly three months finds himself spiralling when he catches himself staring at you a bit too lovingly.
our joon is more than willing to go to therapy and speak about these twisted thoughts and desires he has every time he sees your body roll so breathtakingly to a beat.
but. he’s selfish and much like his hyung he watches you too often and now he’s in the same state his hyung is in.
this is wrong—it’s sick, twisted—you’re the younger woman, the youngest of the group.
he’s known you for three years he shouldn’t be feeling like this now.
not when he makes love with somebody he thought he loved.
but why does he find himself wanting it to be you, he sees first thing in a morning?
kim namjoon who cancelled a wedding.
kim namjoon who sits in pride with kim seokjin.
off the bat, you’re the one.
21 year old you who sits with 31 year old min yoongi late at night in his empty studio.
you, the angel you are who makes sure he eats no matter how many profanities he shouts at you after a hard day.
you, who understands.
you understand, she—she, his “loving girlfriend”—doesn’t.
you’re the one he needs because you’re the one. for him, i mean you’re practically soulmates, he gives you the most vocals—though nobody has a problem—just because your voice makes him feel weak.
and he is willing to misbehave, if he gets to see your precious, breathtaking face again.
min yoongi who sits with you at three am, smiling like a lovesick man as he hears you chant and rant about how pathetic the book you once adored’s ending is.
min yoongi who lays the earth in your palms because of those gorgeous stars in your eyes, the way these constellations shatter whenever you cry keeps him up at night.
and like his hyung and like his younger, he doesn’t feel guilty, he feels pride.
at first, he felt guilty, truly.
ever time he’d watch as sweat dances around your neck dipping down to go down to a place he can’t go, he’d try ignoring you.
but he was hurting him and you, something he never wanted to do to you.
jung hoseok who is supposed to be getting engaged, but can’t because you keep him up at night.
jung hoseok who wants to wrap his hands around his lover’s neck and suffocate himself so he can see your smile once more.
as the earth breaks into stars he wants you.
and he cries—sobs—with whimpers into the late night as he has to accept he can’t have you.
but he’s sinister too—i mean we all are, truly. so these dark and sinister thoughts no longer keep him up at night. not when he gets to have you.
beneath, on top of him, next to him.
bury him in your gorgeous palms and kill him with that gorgeous smile on your face. he will dig himself out of this sacred place and crawl home to you.
not her.
he sits with his fellow members and he gets high off you.
plugging my newest post because why not. if you like some cute headcannons check out this post! (none bts)
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Yan! BTS as your highschool boyfriends
Tumblr media
Genre:- yandere
Warnings:- stalking, manipulation, yandere behaviour, classmates to lovers.
W.C:- 2.6k
A/N:- Taehyung's and Jungkook's part was taken from my wattpad, which were posted a long time ago, so maybe the English might be bit..... idek.
Also most of these don't even make sense 😅😛
Kim Namjoon
You both met when you transferred to his highschool.
As the class president, he was supposed to show you around.
You were so timid and shy when you introduced yourself.
"Love at first sight." That's what he believed when you both made eye contact.
Cliché, but that literally happened.
Namjoon was a man of reasons and he really didn't believe in that bullshit.
But when he saw you, all his senses and reasonings were thrown out of the window.
He purposely confused you about the corridors so that you could ask for help to him and him only.
And you did.
By the end of the year, you were completely dependant on him.
Summer vacations approached and he would take you to hangout.
During the end of the the vacations, he confessed to you.
Who would reject him?
You wanted to give him a chance, so you agreed.
But this man knew that you are not completely in his grasp.
So he played the role of a perfect boyfriend.
He made you feel special.
And that's when you really fell in love with him.
He knew he had won. And he he is never letting you out of his grasps.
Kim Seokjin
This man.....
Honey, be grateful that he even glanced at you.
You were the quite student of the class, who never talked to anyone unless necessary.
But you had caught Jin's attention. He wondered why wouldn't you swoon over him like all the girls did?
Approaching you was the best option.
You were quietly doing your homework in the library, until you saw a certain handsome boy coming your way.
You hid your face in your work as blush crept your cheeks.
You had crushed on him for a long time now. But decided to move on once you realised he'll never even talk to you.
He came and sat right in front of her.
She could also feel the heavy gaze on her.
"Hey." Was all Jin said.
She looked up at him and replied "hi" burying herself in her books again.
"Why don't you talk to anyone?" He asked. "Because I'm shy and an introvert." You answered.
He just sat there staring at you until you were irritated and decided to leave.
You walked past him, but he caught you by your wrists.
He stood up from his seat and towered above you.
He was wordlessly staring at you, until you yanked your wrists from his hold and ran away.
He smirked as he saw you running away from him.
He looked at his hand which had grabbed yours.
"Now I know why I want you." He muttered.
The next day, you found Jin sitting at the place beside yours, instead of your friends.
"What are you doing here?" You asked. He just shrugged his shoulders in return.
You decided sit there as there were no other place vacant.
Besides, ignoring him would be easy, right?
That's what you had in mind, but here you were secretly cursing the man beside you.
He was constantly irritating you, playing with your hair, blowing your ears.
" go to your girlfriend or someone, stop irritating me." You muttered. However you were shocked to hear that he was single.
But why were you relieved? You didn't have anything to do with him.
The next day was Valentines day. You were surprised to find a bunch of roses in your locker.
"Do you like it?" The said man appeared out of nowhere.
You raised your brows at him, and he nodded meaning he had done all this.
"I like you." He said nonchalantly. Your eyes widened at him. Why tf would he like an introvert like you.
As if all this wasn't enough, you got a news of his father being your father's boss.
Jin would literally come to your place anytime he wanted to. He was such a sweet boys to your parents.
You thought he had a simple crush, which will move on as time passes by.
Until one day, his father came to your place asking for your hand in marriage for his son, Seokjin.
Your father couldn't deny, since he was his boss.
So, it wasn't even a surprise that the next day, you and Jin should up hand in hand to school.
But they failed to see that your smile wasn't genuine, but forced.
You felt Jin squeeze your hand "good girl." He muttered.
He would literally beat people infront of.
No surprise he even planted a chip on your phone.
Min Yoongi
Ever seen a nonchalant, cold person being a complete lovestruck puppy for someone?
But here he was, smiling to himself as he stalked you from a distance.
You were in a cafè with a friend, your coffee forming a moustache on your face.
"She is so cute. Don't worry, baby, you'll soon be mine and we'll go on a lots of coffee dates" He said to himself.
The next day, he literally waited for you at your locker.
The moment you came into his he went from 😑 to 😃
Some of the students were shocked to see him smiling. Some girls even blushed.
You thought he would leave, but he just stood there.
You stared at each other, until you decided to ask him yourself why he was there.
"I was waiting for you." He said straightforwardly, but he was freaking on the inside.
When you asked him why he just replied with "I wanna take you out on a date." He said as if it's the most common thing.
Your eyes widened at his statement. Why would he want to take you on a date.
Without a word, you just left. You thought he would leave you alone.
But here you were, getting irritated by the man who was following you.
He kept pestering you for a WHOLE MONTH until you finally decided to go on a date with him.
And that one date was so memorable for you.
Yoongi, who was the emotionless boy out there, was cracking lame jokes and throwing cheesy pick up lines.
You both had soon officially started dating and everything was fine.
Until you had witnessed him threatening a boy. You just waved it off, seeming he was simply jealous and the threats were empty.
That's when one day, you saw him all bloodied clothes.
That night you locked yourself up in your house.
The next day, you completely ignored him, which got him triggered.
He shoved you in the Janitor's room during your break and that's when he threatened you as well.
If only you had taken his jealousy seriously, maybe some people would have been alive by now.
Jung Hoseok
This sunshine literally dances around you.
He was a classmate of yours, whom you never saw losing his cool. Always smiling.
Because of his aura, he had many friends and admirers.
But he admired you.
You were his sunshine. Only his.
He has had a crush on you for a long time now. Until that puppy crush was turned into obsession.
One day he asked you out and you decided to give him a chance.
When he took you out on first date, he made sure you would never forget.
And forget will you? He was such a sweetheart.
He was literally showing you off.
"A caramel machiato for me and my girlfriend." He would say, even though the person taking your order did not even ask.
You had seen the sunshine side of him, but never seen his wrath.
Maybe if you had seen his wrath, you were way better than not wanting to anger him.
You once faced his wrath when some mere nerd asked for your number.
Your boyfriend literally grabbed him by his neck and slammed him in one of the lockers. Giving him a death threat. All in front of your eyes.
The next moment, you both were in Janitor's room, passionately making out.
"You are mine and only mine." He muttered and dived in for another kiss.
You only knew that he threatened people, but what you weren’t aware of was, that he literally killed people behind your backs.
Park Jimin
Oh, this small duckling wouldn't harm anyone!!!!
But he did.
Even before you started dating, he would threaten any male who asked you out.
According to him, you both were soulmates and meant for each other.
You weren't able to live without him, that's why you asked him for cuddles!!!!
When he had asked you out, you politely rejected him.
This baby was really sad.
"I know you love me, but you are shy!! I understand baby." He said.
The next you were confused as to why were the other students teasing you. Its then one of your friends told you that Jimin had announced to the whole school that you both were dating.
When you confronted him about this, he said the same thing "we are dating!!! You love me too!! You are just shy to admit it."
When you asked for a breakup, because according to him you both were dating.
He indirectly threatened you "you want to break up with me? Baby, the other will hate you then. So, it's better that you stop this and accept me." His tone changed in the last sentence.
Kim Taehyung
You had been classmates for a long time, but never actually had a conversation with each other.
But little did you know, Taehyung was already head over heels for you and desperately wanted you.
He had made sure no one asked you out, if anyone did, it was their last day of seeing the sun.
One day, you had forgotten to do your assignment and had to face detention.
Taehyung was there as well. He took this opportunity to chat with you.
Assignments were long forgotten when you both chatted as bestfriends.
Long after, he confessed to you "Y/N I like you- no I Love You. Please give me a chance." You didn't feel like denying him as he seemed genuine.
So you decided to give him a chance. And that's when your true horror began.
He was straight up possessive. Never letting you interact with anyone, not even females.
Your freedom? What the hell does that even mean?
Jeon Jungkook
Jeon Jungkook, the school's heartthrob. Every girl in your school woo-ed at him.
He never even bothered to bat an eyelash to them. That's, until you came.
A girl, with positive and cheerful aura, who made his heart flutter for the first time.
He literally exploded when you sat beside him during one of the lectures. That's when your friendship started.
But he wanted more than that. He wanted you to be his girlfriend, future wife and mother to his children.
Days passed by, he love for you increased day by day and he was fully head over heels for you.
One day he saw you with one of your classmates and got jealous.
That was the time he decided to confess to you.
When you accepted his feelings, he couldn't believe his ears. Did you just say yes? He gave you a bone crushing hug.
Months passed and he got more jealous day by day. He started threatening everyone to stay away from you. Blackmailing your female friends to stay away from you.
His jealousy was the most dangerous thing in your relationship.
Anyone who dared to flirt with you suffered. A senior, dared to have a crush on you and leaving you a confession letter was found dead.
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angellgguk · 4 months ago
Prompt masterlist
Tumblr media
All the requested prompts in one list!
copyrighted under creative commons attribution-non commercial-no derivs 4.0 unported. You can not claim my work as your own or reproduce in any form.
last updated :09 .08.2021
Prompt list - [ ✓ ]
Main masterlist
Goodnight series
Tumblr media
__Kim Seokjin
5, 24 - “you’re hurting me and you have no idea about it” +“is ‘i love you’ such a hard thing for you to say?” - [ reader cheats on Seokjin with bodyguard Jungkook ]
27, 49 -“don’t make me repeat” + "i can’t bring myself to let you go” [ Seokjin eats reader out but receives some unfortunate news while he's at it ]
3, 7 - "it’s always been you baby”+ “nothing about you is imperfect” [Seokjin fucks his girlfriend's best friend in her room ]
23 -"It only hurts because you won’t cooperate"[ DILF Seokjin fucks his son's ex girlfriend ]
32. 38 -"I can’t let you get away with this” +“The tears look good on you” [jealous husband Seokjin fucks reader in the gas station's bathroom]
32- "The tears looks good on you" [captor Seokjin fucks reader in a picnic blanket and pleads for her love]
Tumblr media
__Min Yoongi
6, 23 - ”if you’re not willing i might as well do it by myself” +”it only hurts because you won’t cooperate” [daechwita Yoongi forces reader to his castle ]
Tumblr media
__Jung Hoseok
30 - "smile, you’re prettier like that” [ Hoseok fucks reader in her workplace then yells at her coworker (lmao) ]
Tumblr media
__Kim Namjoon
7- “nothing about you is imperfect” [ Namjoon comforts a insecure reader ]
11, 24 - “oh, so i’m nothing now?” +”is ‘i love you’ such a hard thing for you to say?” [ ex boyfriend Namjoon makes a surprise visit on reader's wedding]
Tumblr media
__Park Jimin
20, 24 - "please don’t leave me alone here" + “is ‘I love you’ such a hard thing for you to say?” [boyfriend Jimin leaves reader all alone in the dark]
Tumblr media
__Kim Taehyung
2, 35 - “sweetheart you are mine, and i hope you always remember that” +“what a pretty little thing you are” [yandere boyfriend Taehyung shows his true side to reader
2, 6 -“sweetheart you are mine, and i hope you always remember that” +“if you are not willing, i might as well do it by myself” [reader cheats on her husband with Taehyung and accidentally mentions his name in front of Taehyung]
35, 43 -”what a pretty little thing you are” +“I doubt you can even walk without me” [ yandere idol Taehyung fucks his long time fan]
Tumblr media
__Jeon Jungkook
1, 20 “isn’t this what lovers do?” +“please, please you can’t leave me alone (here)” [ Jungkook accuses reader of cheating on him in the middle of the road]
Tumblr media Tumblr media
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heartbreakmotel13 · 2 months ago
Sweet Tooth - | Male Baker Reader x Fan Jin
Tumblr media
Summary: Choose a job you love and you'll never have to work a day in your life, those words couldn’t be any more true for you. You own a lovely bakery specializing in cakes for events such as birthdays, weddings, etc. On top of that, you vlog about your business, creating faceless ASMR videos. Life seems to be going well for you, until you meet a customer named Seokjin.
Warnings: Seokjin is a Yandere, reader falls down the stairs and is hurt, blood
Admin note: Idea originally from 🐰 anon! also the way jin cuts this makes me anxious male reader POV
“Wait, hold on-“ You gasp as you snatch your camera, eyeing the black display. “Please no, ugh! Seriously...” Your suspicion of your camera being turned off was true. Which meant you have lost two hours of footage. Usually that didn’t meant that there was a problem, but you didn’t have time today to do it over. The video with the title ‘Opening the cafe & Getting ready for customers’ video could only be filmed in the early mornings, and with half an hour left for the customers to arrive, you decided to keep this video idea for another day.
“Maybe I can do a recipe video instead..” You thought to yourself as you cleared your camera gear and placed it back into your duffel bag.
You could probably whip up a quick cookie or cupcake after the cafe closed later.
Soon the customers started coming in, and you forgot about the minor mishap as you served them with a smile and took in orders for cakes for special events - your absolutely favorite cakes to make were for children’s birthdays, you loved how you could always make those cakes extra and go all out.
When the busy queue slowed down and finally the store was empty, you prepared yourself a quick lunch - a sandwich, a cup of tea, and some oranges as a snack. While you were having your lunch, you scrolled through the comments, replied to some of them or ‘hearted’ them.
Your YouTube channel was relatively small, on average you had about 1000 views, and on each video you had a handful of comments. Your subscriber count just happened to reach 200 subscribers as of yesterday and you couldn’t be happier. These videos were like your personal video diary and you loved sharing the behind the scenes of a cafe owner to the rest of the world. You had viewers from all over the world, from Asia to America and everything in between, even from places you’ve never heard from before.
Being in the spotlight was never something you particularly enjoyed, so creating videos without showing your face and more focused on your creative work was something that suited you well.
You snapped out of your thoughts when the phone buzzed on the table. You took a quick sip of your drink before answering. “Hello! This is y/n from b/n bakery, how may I help you?”
“I’d like to order a wedding cake.” The man on the phone requested.
“Yes, of course. For how many people would that be?”
“50 people. Is tomorrow alright?”
“Uh...” This was definitely your least favorite thing about being a business owner - setting boundaries with customers and feeling like you’ve disappointed them but you knew you couldn’t let your customers walk all over you. “I’m sorry, but there’s also other customers whose orders need to be made, tomorrow is too much of a short notice.”
“... How about a rush fee? I can pay double.”
It wasn’t about the money for you. You simply didn’t see how you could manage such an abrupt order on top of everything else that you already had. “Sir, what I can do is check for the earliest possibility, would that be okay?”
“Yeah, I guess it can’t be helped.” Disappointment dripped off his voice.
“I can do two weeks, in the morning, around 10?” You held in your breath, not liking the way this phone conversation made you feel. Confrontation was definitely something you avoided whenever possible.
“Two weeks? That’s a long time. There’s really no possibility for you to squeeze in an earlier time? Not even if I made the cake smaller?”
This customer was quite persistent. It didn’t raise any alarm bells because you knew how some customers insisted on working with you, but you were starting to feel disrespected and pushed by this stranger.
“Fine, I’ll take it.”
“Great! Any special wishes? Dietary restrictions?”
“It’s for me and my fiancé. He doesn’t know I’m ordering the cake, so could you make a neutral cake? Something any guy would like?”
“A neutral cake.. then white would be fine? Perhaps with golden accents?” You suggested.
“I like the sound of that. Do you also do figurines? I’d love two grooms on top.”
“Yes, so for decoration you’d like two grooms.. anything else?”
“Do you offer home delivery?”
“I do, depending on where you live, sir, I might need to add a delivery fee.”
“Of course, no problem.” He proceeded to share his address and as you typed it into the computer, you were surprised to see that he lived almost two hours away from you.
“You live quite far sir, I..”
“I know, but all the bakeries are full, I’ve called all of them in my town and they’re packed. That, and I really love your work, I can give a bonus to offset the costs of that helps? It would mean a lot to us.”
Normally you wouldn’t deliver your baked goods so far away, but you figured it would be nice to leave the city and head to somewhere else, plus the urgency in his voice made you want to do this for him, so you agreed.
“Thank you for your order, I’ll call you again if I have any questions, have a nice day!”
Two boxes were seated in the backseat, one with the bottom of the cake, and the other with the top. You’ve secured them well as you’ve already had an unfortunate experience with a cake shifting all over the backseat and arriving ruined at the location.
It took you a little more than two hours to arrive at the place, and when you did you noticed how well off the neighborhood was. The homes were spacious, the streets sparkling clean, and expensive cars decorated the streets everywhere.
You pulled your foot away from the gas pedal when you neared the location, before you gently tapped on the brake before parking your car right in front of the home.
You stepped out of the car, and took one box. You already knew that two proved to be too heavy, so you didn’t push yourself and picked up one, and headed to the front door. You rung the doorbell and stepped back, waiting for the owners of the house to open the door.
The door opened, and a nice gentleman flashed a smile at you.
“You are finally here. I was so excited for this day.”
You felt flustered by his comments, it was still odd for you to see others gush about your work. In your opinion, you were just a regular person doing what you loved most.
“I hope the cake will be to your liking.. Here you go, I’ll grab the other one in the car.” The dark haired male took the box and you returned to the car to grab the second box before pushing the door shut with your foot.
“Actually, I suppose you can’t put it together for us? I should’ve probably clarified that sooner..”
“Normally I do charge extra for that, however, the bakery is closed, so I have some free time now. I’d love to put it together for you guys!” You replied.
The customer, if you recalled correctly, was named Seokjin. He stepped aside to let you in. “Thank you so much. I think bakers always know best how to do stuff like this, you know?” He led the way and you followed him to the kitchen. “Wow,” You whisper out, the kitchen looked amazing, stunning. He must love cooking.
Seokjin opened a door that was in the kitchen area. “Do you think this is a safe environment to keep the cakes in? The basements pretty chilly so I just assumed but..”
You stood at the doorway, looking down at the stairs. It was hard to see the room, but you could feel the chilliness. “Hmm.. The frosting might dry out in this cold-“
A heavy and swift kick to your back caused you to lose balance and you stumbled down the stairs, banging the back of the head on one of the steps and forcefully coming to a stop at the bottom of it. The box of cake you were holding crashes onto the floor, the box completely dented all over from the impact.
“Ah..” You groaned, holding onto your head but immediately removing your hand at the stinging. Horrified at what just happened, you turn your head to look at the man who was nearing down the stairs. “Have you lost your mind? Why did you...”
“Oh such a shame...” Seokjin stepped down the stairs. “Our cake is ruined. At least we still have the other one. That’s fine, one cake is plenty.”
“What are you...”
“How much longer were you going to ignore me? I always left thoughtful comments on your videos, liked all of them, yet you didn’t even notice me.”
It dwelled on you that this was some sort of delusional fan, a rather dangerous one.
“I don’t understand..” You looked down at your hand which was covered in blood. “I need help, could you please..”
“You are fine.” He replied, dismissing your anxiety, before he kneeled down in front of the crushed box, opening the lid. As predicted, your work was completely smashed from the hard tumble that you took down. Seokjin dipped his finger into the frosting and then proceeded to suck his finger. “So sweet.”
“Sir...” All of this was going too fast for you. Every thing Seokjin said or did gave you a whiplash as you tried to make sense of why this was happening.
“Why so formal?”
“I don’t even know you, I don’t know any of the people who visit my channel, I have no idea who you are..”
“Stop talking before I make you.” Seokjin dismissed you once again before taking some frosting on his finger and smearing it across your lips. “So sweet... just like you, my cupcake.”
Your vision was starting to turn blurry as you felt your head throbbing harder than it already did a mere seconds ago.
“It took way too long to find you. It was starting to piss me off. I spent hours on googling every bakery, trying to contact wholesalers but they refused to help me, but when you posted that menu.. It was almost as if you wanted me to find you.”
“Please stop..” You begged. “My head...”
“How about you get some rest and get used to this, and when you can be better company instead of a negative asshole, we can have dinner?”
“Dinner?” You repeated as you realized that this stranger was planning on keeping you here. “No, no, thank you, I’m not staying here, I’m leaving.” You announce before getting up, everything spinning as you did.
“No, you’re not.”
“Forget the money.. I don’t want it anymore, this is too messed up.. goodbye.” You head over to the stairs, telling yourself that you would call the police as soon as you’re out of this house.
But you never had the chance to, as Seokjin planted his fist right at that part of your head where you were already hurting, and at that, things went black in front of you fast.
Only to wake up again an hour later, this time a cuff around your ankle keeping you attached to the wall.
“What?!” You whisper out sharply as you tried to make sense of your surroundings. You moved your head and felt some sort of puddle underneath your head, and as you sat up and looked down at it, you remembered you hurt your head.
And... Seokjin. You remembered Seokjin.
You tugged onto the cuff, pulling on it and trying to bang it onto the bare floor underneath you but it didn’t bug. For a second you considered yelling for help but you knew that could end up bad for you, so you didn’t.
Instead you waited an agonizing four hours until the basement door opened and Seokjin appeared, with the cake that didn’t get smashed.
“Look, I’m sorry, please, let me go. I won’t tell anyone about what happened, I’ll do anything, so please..” You flinch at another sharp pain shooting through your head, but Seokjin didn’t respond to anything you said.
He sat in front of you on the floor before opening the box.
“Happy anniversary, y/n. Let’s stay together, forever.”
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inumaaki · 4 months ago
wonderland masterlist
Tumblr media
summary: mini drabble series! bts as characters from alice in wonderland.
pairing: yandere!bts x reader
all characters are adults, minors dni.
Tumblr media
status: incomplete
Tumblr media
kim namjoon.
the caterpillar 0.2k words.
warnings: dubcon, suggestive, use of drugs, under the influence, emotional manipulation.
kim seokjin.
the white queen 0.3k words.
warnings: emotional manipulation, forced marriage.
min yoongi.
the red queen 0.4k words.
warnings: captivity, imprisonment, decapitation, possessiveness, branding, implied torture.
jung hoseok.
the mad hatter 0.3k words.
warnings: mild dollification, abduction, dress-up, implied dubcon and somnophilia, spiked tea.
park jimin.
the white rabbit
warnings: /
kim taehyung.
warnings: /
jeon jeongguk.
the jabberwocky
warnings: /
Tumblr media
©𝙩𝙚𝙣𝙙𝙚𝙧𝙜𝙧𝙖𝙫𝙚 — 𝙖𝙡𝙡 𝙧𝙞𝙜𝙝𝙩𝙨 𝙧𝙚𝙨𝙚𝙧𝙫𝙚𝙙
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minshookie29 · 2 months ago
The Preview of BTS 2022 Season's Greetings Spot (Star Turned Villain) is 🔥.
We got
Rm the Mad Scientist
Tumblr media
Jin the Shadow Hacker
Tumblr media
Suga the Gray Pianist
Tumblr media
J-hope the Mystic Strategist
Tumblr media
Jimin the Alley Cat
Tumblr media
V the Fate Reader
Tumblr media
Jungkook the Action-Taker
Tumblr media
BTS the Best Muse of all the writers be it yandere or romance writer..
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nonameyoon · 3 months ago
Hi! I would like to request Seokjin prompts 41, 20, and 8/ Yandere Mafia/ Angst TY!!!
Mad at you || Yandere!Mafia! K.SJ~
Tumblr media
You can check out my Prompt List and request anything you’d like to see!
Tumblr media
8. “I can’t stay mad at you, you’re too precious”
20. “You’re shaking, why are you shaking”
41. “So now you’re regretting it, huh”
Tumblr media
➤ A/N: thank you for requesting! Hope you like it! Sorry if it seems rushed or goes from 0-100 quick tho…
➤ Warning: This contains mafia/yandere themes, such as violence. If you do not like/feel uncomfortable with this kind of content, feel free to skip this post.
➤ Mentions: obsessive behavior, mature language, reader smacks Jin, Jin becomes aggressive, toxic behavior.
➤ Synopsis: you get into an argument with your boyfriend after he got into a fight with a stranger. Little did you know, Jin got a little too aggressive towards you.
➤ Pairing: Yandere!Mafia!Jin x Reader (angst + fluff)
➤ Word count: 1.2k
Tumblr media
“Why the hell did you do that, Jin?!,” you asked as your boyfriend took off his—now bloody—suit jacket. His eye twitched as he watched your angry expression, his plump lips turning into a thin line as you continued to raise your voice at him.
“He didn’t even do anything! He just looked at me! Are you crazy?!,” you kept yelling. Later that night you had been walking with Jin, hand holding and having a great time. Everything was going smoothly until a young man had bumped into you. His eyes had met yours for a brief moment before he quickly stuttered out an apology, but apparently Jin didn’t like that.
He didn’t like it so much that he had to beat the guy almost to death before you pulled him away from the violent interaction.
“I didn’t like the way he looked at you-,”
“Oh don’t come with that bullshit, Jin. You knew damn well he didn’t intend to do anything, so why the hell did you do that?!,” once again, Jin frowned. Why were you even upset? Were you defending the guy- a stranger, over him?
“You don’t know him, so you can’t say he wasn’t thinking something malicious-,”
“I don’t need to know him to notice he wasn’t going to try anything! It’s common sense, Jin! Apparently you don’t know what that is-,”
“You better watch what you say to me, (Y/N),” Jin snapped, turning to you sternly, shoulders tense and brows furrowed. He pointed his index finger at you as if you were a child being scolded by their father. He was starting to get upset and you could tell.
“Stop all this damn whining at once. What’s done is done,” glaring at you, he kept speaking. “You’re so ungrateful sometimes. Everything I do is for your protection and this is how you act?,” he questioned, his frown only deepening when he heard you groan in annoyance.
“For my protection? I can take care of myself, Jin!,”
“Oh bullshit (Y/N), we both know you wouldn’t bring yourself to slap a perv even if you wanted to,” he snapped, throwing the house keys inside the jar harshly.
And he was right. You couldn’t bring yourself to do it. You felt bad for killing a mosquito, imagine slapping a person. As tough as you made yourself to be, you couldn’t bring yourself to do it. So you just stood there, frustrated. He knew you well—too well—and it frustrated you to such a large extent.
“That’s what I thought” he said once you didn’t answer, grabbing your hand and looking you deep in the eyes. “Now let’s just get to bed, I’m-,”
Silence. Not a single word dropped out of either of your mouths, but the silence said it all. Your hand had made contact with his cheek, earning a loud smacking sound. It rang in your ears again and again until you finally realized what you had done. You didn’t mean to, it just happened automatically. You were just too angry.
“That’s what I thought,” those words were what triggered you to do it. Who did he think he was? He wasn’t wrong, but why did he say it so proudly? Why is he so proud to prove you wrong again and again. You never understood why.
He kept his head to the side, the impact of your hand having tilted his face to the direction of the blow. But the moment you pulled your hand back and opened your mouth to apologize, his head snapped back to your direction. His eyes were cold and he only looked at you with an unreadable expression.
“Jin-,” you were cut off by his fist making contact with the table, the strong impact making a few things fall off.
“Shut. Up.” Jin warned, making his way towards you. You on the other hand, were terrified. He had never spoken to you in that way, so you guessed he would never do it, but you were wrong. With every step he took towards you, you stepped another back. His hands were balled up into tight fists and his brows were furrowed into an angry expression.
As you kept stepping back in fear, your feet made contact with one of the table legs, making you trip and fall back. Your body made contact with the cold floor, but your only worry was Jin. So, when you looked up, he was already hovering above you. The moment you saw him extend his hand towards you, you immediately covered your face with your arms. Your body trembled as you waited for the blow to come.
Your heart was pounding in your chest as tears already rolled down your red cheeks, but even after you waited, nothing came. So, you just stayed there. On the other hand, Jin was glaring at you. Never had you ever tried laying a hand on him, so this was absolutely terrible in Jin’s eyes. We’re you trying to fight him or push him away?
He kept staring at your terrified state, trying to understand why you’d ever lay a hand on him when he never touched you in that way.
“I’m… I’m sorry,” you said shakily. Jin raised an eyebrow at this before speaking.
“So now you’re regretting it, huh” He muttered, grabbing your arm and pulling you upwards. His grip was strong against your arms, making you wince. Your body then started trembling violently. You couldn’t understand why, but it did.
This was unnoticed by Jin who just stared at your shaking figure frustratedly.
“You’re shaking, why are you shaking” he demanded, letting go of the sharp grip on your arm. He stared at you intently, suddenly growing quiet.
“Are you… scared of me?,” Jin asked, watching you intensely. You couldn’t bring yourself to look at him in the eyes, but instead look at the floor with furrowed brows and glassy eyes.
“Why are you scared?… You know I wouldn’t hurt you, right?…,” he reassured, voice turning soft as he tried reaching for you once again, only for you to pull back.
“(Y/N)….,” he tries reaching for you for the last time, and to his luck, you let him. He brings you close to his chest, arms snaking around your waist as he held you close.
“I didn’t mean to scare you, baby,” his hands started rubbing circles on your back as he felt your tears start soaking his shirt. With a long, big sigh, he pulled back just enough to look at your face.
“I can’t stay mad at you, you’re too precious” you looked at him in the eyes after he said that. A smile grazed his lips as he watched your tense body relax. In all honesty, the fact that Jin had this much effect on you boosted his ego, but he couldn’t stand watching you tremble like this for too long. His heart would break if he ever found out you were only with him because you were scared.
“I… can we go to bed… please, Jin,” you asked quietly, which earned a soft nod from Jin in return.
“Of course baby, let’s go,” but while you made your way into your bedroom, thoughts filled your head. Jin has always been an aggressive man. You knew what his job was, you weren’t stupid. It was only a matter of time until he’d snap at you. All you could do was hope that your nightmare wouldn’t come true.
Tag list: @mwitsmejk
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Tumblr media
Everything on this blog is yandere! ♡ prev. darlingtaes 🍓
Kim Namjoon ⭐
coming soon! ♡
Kim Seokjin ⭐
Jung Hoseok ⭐
Min Yoongi ⭐
Park Jimin ⭐
The Scent of a Flower 
Perfect Blue
Kim Taehyung ⭐
Honey and Milk
Shadows ft. JJK 
Jeon Jungkook ⭐
Devil’s Child 
Brother Knows Best | Pt 1 | Pt 2  coming soon!
Dear You 
Shadows ft. KTH 
Trigger Happy
- drabbles 
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