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#yandere seokjin
mochitaekookie · a day ago
Yandere bts different relationships with their kids, what would they be like as parents. Woul they threaten reader with them or use them as a bargaining chip.
It’s a really interesting idea to me and I wanted to know your thoughts on what could possibly happen.
@oppa-agust-d asked.
The concept itself seems interesting. Damn, how would Y/N has to go through (especially Jimin 😂)They all have different personalities and thoughts so according to me I guess
Namjoon would love his child. Girl or boy he loves them equally. He sometimes even uses them to manipulate you. He'll go like "Oh, you want to see your family? I thought we would have a small vacation with our kids." He'll mostly use them to convince you, knowing very well you'll always choose them over anyone else, even Namjoon. Keeping that in mind, he's always careful not to mess up.
Seokjin seems like a strict father. His kids need to behave or this man will take away all their privileges. Before you guys became parents, he was a complete Sadist. He softened a bit towards you after you gave birth to twins, girl and a boy. Even though he is strict he loves his children secretly. He even has a big family photo on the entrance of the door. "Behave or else you won't that tot from the toy store." He would say sternly.
Yoongi is a bit different. Since he can be any type of yandere. I think he was jumping with joy when you announced your pregnancy to him, in other words, you declared that you are bound to him. "Wake my beautiful girl~" he would wake your daughter up ever so gently. Your daughter will be the most pampered princess in the household, obviously making the other kids, her cousins jealous. "Daddy, I want that kuma bear." "Ofcourse, bubs. Is that even a question?"
Hoseok is a bit messed up. He doesn't even glance at his kids. He never even wanted one. Since he loved you too much, he agreed. It's your duty to keep them busy when he's home, so he can spend time with you. Eventually when they grow up he'll get soft because they'll be going to school and take care of themselves. "You know I'm not getting rid of you because your mom would hate me and I can't bare to loose her."
Jimin is literally jealous of his own son. "You know your mom loves me and only me." He would say only to regret later when your son would run upto to your embrace and the glare you threw at him. "You think you are cuter than me?" He would tease his son. Your son would pout at the statement which has you melt and you're like "aww my son is the cutest." And Jimin is just sitting there like 😶
Taehyung is the least harmful out of all of them. No manipulations, no threats, nothing. Infact he is the only who'll treat your daughter as a child. Unlike others who only see their child as a tie that makes you bound to them. "Daddy, look. A butterfly!" Your daughter exclaimed. He would secretly click her photos from his Polaroid, on the day he was spending time with his daughter, while you were preparing lunch for them at home. A huge smile blooming from his face. She would pout when the butterfly flew away snuggled up in his embrace. "Aww, don't be sad. You are a butterfly as well aren't you. My butterfly." A new nickname was born that day. A complete daddy's girl.
Jungkook is similar to Jimin. Heck, he even sees his son as a rival, the fact he inherited doe eyes from Jungkook which you like. He would even have a "who's the cutest" competition in the household, judge obviously being you. "Juyong is more cute, Jungkook." "I know you only said that so he won't feel bad." He would say with a bunny smile. Whenever he spoke to his son, it would be either a mock or how much you love Jungkook. "Look what MY Y/N gifted me, see she loves me so much."
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soobsfae · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
take care of you, 3.
Tumblr media
warnings. curse words, obsessive behavior, blood, fatigue, bruising, mention of emotional abuse, tiny pinch of abuse sort of, slight mention of beginning stockholm syndrome. will add more if needed.
genre. yandere, soft yandere, hard yandere for kidnap and slight abuse
couples. poly bts x yn
word count. 2.9k+
authors note. sorry for the later chapter, it was rewritten so many times lol. but im happy with this outcome so i hope y’all enjoy it!!! thank u for reading!!! reblog and heart if u liked!!! don’t be afraid to send an ask about the series or simply talk to me :) sorry for any mistakes, as always, it was mostly written at work lmaoo
taglist. @minshookie29 @bunzom @pixiekooo @evilive
Tumblr media
You sat in your room, Hoseok walking around. He was intrigued by what was in your room, not that there was anything of yours— so you weren’t sure why he was acting as if it was all new. The tips of fingers traced against the walls and nooks and crannies of it all.
Weeks had passed since you decided to switch your mood around them, and before you knew it, you had been in their house for a whopping two months. You wondered if your family noticed your disappearance or if the men had had it all planned out beforehand. Perhaps an elaborate plan was created to dismiss the fact that you just upped and left.
“We should take some pictures together.” He stares at the plain walls. “Decorate this place a bit. Make it feel a bit more like home.”
The same smile you plastered on for weeks was sprawled on your face. “We should. Individually and together.”
“Exactly,” the boy nods, taking a seat beside you on your bed. He was too caught up in his fantasies with you and the others to notice how tense and uncomfortable you were. “We could dress up and take them somewhere in the house. Not sure how pretty the background would be but it’s a huge house, I’m sure we could find something.”
“I’m sure we can.” You nod, eyes darting throughout the room. You just hoped he would catch a hint and leave soon. A sudden knock on the bedroom door makes you jump in your spot, turning to the door as it was opened.
“Jin made some weird snack he wants us to try for movie night later.” Jungkook tells the two of you, leaving the door open behind him as he walks off.
“Let’s go!” Hoseok excitedly scurries out of the room, leaving you behind. You grip harshly onto the blankets displayed on your bed. A deep breath in, deep breath out. All shaky breaths that left you feeling weaker than before. The nerves that coursed through your body made your stomach churn, hand flying to the burning and aching spot.
“You coming?” You jump up from your position at Taehyung’s voice. You turn to look at him quickly, his curly brown hair almost covering his eyes entirely. The young man steps into your room, walking straight towards you.
Taking steps back, as to not meet him, you bump up against the wall. The cold and harsh frame made your frail bones ache, and Taehyung noticed. He was observant, but you had taken notice of this attitude before. He loved seeing you in pain. It first happened when he gripped onto your wrists, you were too scared to pull away, so you let him hold you harshly. He pulled away after a couple of minutes, red splotches covering your wrists. His eyes shone brightly, making your stomach churn for the umpteenth time. The way he held your hands so gently afterwards almost made you forget the stronghold he had on you. You snapped out of the trance when he placed soft kisses on your wrist. You pulled away with disgust and fear, all of which he noticed and seemed to thrive off of. You had yelled that he was hurting you, to which Seokjin scolded him for. You still couldn’t shake the look on his face as you walked off, Jin holding your wrists gently to ice them.
“You have bags…” his thumbs gently go over the sign of your sleep deprivation. “They look so pretty on you…”
You move your head to the side, his grip slipping off your face. “W-we should get out there… wanna try Jin’s food.”
“In just a second,” the warmth of his body radiated against yours, making you feel sickly. His eyes trailed down your body as he did a canvas from all those times he wanted you to watch him paint. He latched onto every blemish on your face to the way your lips curved. It only left you shaking, knowing exactly what he wanted to see sprawled on your body. “You’re just so… perfectly sculpted.”
“Yeah…” you shoved his body away from yours, moving as quickly as you could. It was clear that he truly wasn’t putting all his strength in keeping you up against the wall, you would have never been able to push if he was. “Let’s just get out there.” Rushing out of the bedroom was quick and easy as you saw each and every boy standing around the kitchen island. Popcorn was being thrown into another’s mouth, Seokjin’s rambunctious laugh heard as he made one of his lame jokes that no one laughed at for the actual punch line.
It would’ve been a beautiful sight had it not been your captivity. You sometimes wondered why one hadn’t approached you at all throughout stalking you. You weren’t the most dense person, but if they had hid it well enough, you would have truly never found out. But again, you knew you couldn’t dissect their minds— they were just sick, nothing you said would ever change that.
“Hey, come here and try this!” Jimin was quick to interlock his fingers with yours, the nerves knocking the air out of your body once more. You could feel your palm sweating at his touch, but he seemed to not mind. Relief coursed through your body when the clingy boy let your hand go, giving you space to try all the new snacks that Seokjin had made. Everything was sweet— hitting every delighted spot within you. Again, it was unsurprising how much they knew of you, which made the sugar taste bitter on your tongue.
Everyone was talking around you, every boy trying to catch your attention. Smiles thrown around as well as some hand holding, but nothing you hadn’t done before. And you were miserable. You could watch Seokjin happily describing his recipe, smile on his face but all you could feel was disgust. Complete and utter disgust. There wasn’t an ounce of love or sympathy or whatever these men said they felt for you. It almost made you feel like the bad one in the scenario from how little you cared for any of them.
“I think I’m heading out with you.” Taehyung’s sudden words bring you out of your trance. “I need fresh paints.” He talks to Hoseok.
“Going to the store?” You ask the pair, all eyes turning to you. You could feel the tension in the air at your question, cursing yourself internally for piquing their suspicions. “Just want some snacks.” You send them your familiar warm smile. “Some lucky charms?”
The tension hadn’t dissipated, but Namjoon spoke, hoping to relax everyone. “That’s fine. We’ll buy you a few so you won’t need anymore.”
“Oh that’s fine, as long as I can have a bowl tomorrow.” You try to assure them as best as you could. But the way that Jimin held your hand tightly meant they would be on edge for a few days. A rookie mistake on your part— something you were sure would take a while to fix.
“Can I… watch a movie?” You ask the group, which you got a nod and warm smile from Seokjin in return. Television was the only sort of entertainment you were allowed. No phone, no computer, and no internet in general. You had tried to channel surf for a bit but weirdly, the huge and hi-tech contraption had most channels blocked. All you had were movie streaming channels which were recurrent and never ending.
Sitting on their comfortable couch, you had decided upon an action movie, not that you were truly interested, but you had realized it was the men’s least favorite genre. You hoped it’d keep them away for a while. And so far it had, you were deep into the sequel of the movies, fidgeting with the remote in your hand. The soft rubber buttons clicking beneath the tips of your fingers, soft breathing making your shirt go up and down at a spot that caught your attention a lot more than the screen.
You had thought the men were calling your name, having heard it a few times. But the voice was far too frilly for it to be any of them. Curious, you look up from the cloth and around the room, until your eyes fall onto the TV. There you were, face perched up on the side of the screen, big white letters at the bottom of the screen. “Y/N Y/L/N SPOTTED IN GANGNAM.” The sight was too strange, a random girl wearing all black being depicted as you. The random newscaster on the screen continued to speak, standing at the station you had supposedly been spotted at.
You felt your body go into shock at the sight of your family on the screen. Your eldest sister began to speak, your mother sobbing in your youngest brother's arms. Up until this moment, you had given up hope. You were never all that close with half of your siblings, and the other half were too enraptured in their own lives to pay any attention to you. Your mother had always wanted you off of her back if it meant no more rumors circulating about your latest fuck. And how could you keep that hope? How could you when Jimin had angrily told you no one in your family wanted you? And for a second you thought he was right. No one was looking for you.
But the sight of the social media hashtag, and the countless of “crime YouTuber’s” and those conspiracy theorists you used to find pesky— made you realize one thing. You were important. People cared about you. You hadn’t even realized how deep Jimin’s words had been embedded within you. Whatever hole of “comfort” you were falling in with the men who abducted you was ripped away.
And you were quick on your feet, scrambling from room to room, in hopes that any of those large windows would open up for you. You called upon every god you had ever heard of, even tried to “manifest” and “affirm” like your younger sister did to her crystals. Your breaths were labored, body aching at the fast pace you were going at. A thin layer of sweat coated your skin, angrily being wiped away as it began to dribble. You were causing a commotion, one of which hadn’t been noticed yet.
But the loud screech from Namjoon’s office door was heard. As if it was a stress signal for the one closest to you, he rushes over to the cool office space. The sound of footsteps coming straight towards you made you panic, running to the last window perched up on the second floor of the home. At the ease of lifting up the window, a door to freedom in your sight— you promised that you’d devout your entire soul to the last god you prayed to. You’d abstain, you’d go to every service that was on the schedule— you’d read every word to their holy scripture. Whatever was needed.
“Fuck!” Yoongi’s familiar voice is heard as you do the only thing you could do in your situation. You jump.
The clothes you were wearing, scrunched up around you as you landed on the cold hard grass. The water from the previous rain now coated your hair, knees and hands scraped horribly that were now contaminated with dirt. Your heart beats hard against your chest, drumming in your ears in an abnormal manner, which you were sure was the shock of the fall. Now all that was ahead was the empty roads stretching far into nothing. But you’re strong. You fought your way through life before and it was just another challenge, right? You had no time to answer yourself as you shakily got yourself up and began to run.
You ran hard and fast down the road first, hoping there was a living soul on the pathway. But you realized the risk as you knew your captors were right behind you. You rerouted into the trees, the hunched groups of them creating a dark forest, branches whipping against your freezing body. With no idea where you were, you kept on. Your body ached at every inch, yearning for you to stop and take a breather, but you couldn’t. You wouldn’t.
Like the cliché you hated watching in horror movies, you tumbled onto the floor. Your chest aching with every breath you take, sounding like wheezes. “Get up, Y/N. Get up.” You tried to shake it all away, give yourself the strength to continue. You just hadn’t realized how tired you truly were now that you were laying. You felt your bones vibrating inside of you, numbing them. “Come on, Y/N.” You sob, dragging yourself to the closest tree branch, trying your best to lift your body up. It was to no avail, you were done.
The sound of feet running around the forest and twigs snapping every second, caught your attention. The tears made your face feel colder than it was before, reminding you that you were very much in trouble and needed to leave as soon as you could. But you felt doomed. There was no way out of this, not when your entire body was numb of tiredness.
“She has to be around here, okay? It’s not like she went back around!” Hoseok’s voice was heard yelling at one of his partners.
“There’s no sign of her,” Seokjin sighs, seemingly frustrated. “Maybe the others are having better luck?”
You shakily drag yourself up against a wet tree, hand placed over your mouth in hopes of not taking even a single wrong breath around them.
“Is this my fault?” Hoseok asks. You clench your eyes shut, continuously hoping to get away. You had to. There was no going back with them, they’d keep you on lockdown even more than before.
“It’s no one's fault but her’s.” The anger in his voice made chills run down your spine, the fear settling in. They really wouldn’t grab you back like they had you before— you’d be in an even bigger hell. No more nice, just unadulterated control over you. “She was the one who wouldn’t accept us.”
“Either way… I assured Namjoon about the TV… she found a way in the end…”
The sounds of their feet hitting the damp floor got closer and closer to the tree you were hiding behind. You bit your lip, fighting yourself— run or hide? Run. Run. Run. Stop hiding; they’ll get you either way, how easy do you want to go down?
The sudden quietness that cascaded around the forest had you reeling. They know you’re there. So you run. “Fuck, over here!” You jump over branches and roots uprooting from the soft dirt, hurting your body with every step. They were hot on your trail, another pair meeting up with the original that found you, but you were far too busy to take notice of who they were.
“Y/N, stop! Stop!” Jimin’s familiar voice is heard, his form being the closest to you of all boys. “There’s a drop ahead, stop!” It’s another tactic, Y/N. There’s no drop, they’re getting into your head. The same guy who yelled angrily that no one was looking for you, was telling you of the supposed drop— he’s a liar. Your family loves you. They’re looking for you!
“Fuck, Y/N, stop!” Yoongi yells out to you as you pause at the near edge of the steep hill. It wasn’t the dramatic drop you thought it would be, but the rocks surrounding the steep hill would cause a world full of pain if you got down it. The still riverbank awaited you below and it wasn’t deep. Not deep at all.
“L-look… I get it, okay! You’re scared! But stop before you get hurt any further!” Yoongi yells, rushing towards you, but stops when you continue to take rushed steps away from him. “Y/N… please….”
“You’re hurt enough as it is, just let us help you.” You snap your head around to look at Hoseok. You felt as if everything was going a hundred miles an hour, voices ringing in your ear as to what you should do next. Your chest rose up and down in an unhealthy manner, blood seeping from the cuts on your body.
“Just grab her!” You hadn’t seen Seokjin lose his temper before. He was terrifying. It settled in you how scary they really were seeing him act in such a manner. He was level headed, always cooking meals happily whilst listening to his favorite 80’s music. Except they weren’t the caregivers you had begun to think they were. They would hurt you, that much was evident as Seokjin looked at you with complete anger.
“No, no, no!” You hear them yell as you take a huge step back, letting your body roll down the steep hill. You could feel every single pebble digging into your skin, head dizzy from the strain you put your body through. It felt like forever before you hit the small riverbank, body feeling ten times heavier than before at the weight of the water on your clothes.
Everything was so blurry as the earth shook below you, trying your best to get up and continue your spree. One step forward and you were down, coughing out warm blood mixed with freezing cold water. You wanted to die. You begged the universe to take you— it was your time. You wished the universe was on your side for once in your life— who’s out to get me? You thought as your frail body is picked up by a pair of strong arms before your tired body gives out.
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koosbabygrl · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
↠ summary: lured in by the sights and sounds of the most famous circus in town, events take a strange turn once you become part of the show.
↠ pairing: seokjin x reader
↠ genre: explicit, smut, DARK yandere
↠ warnings: non-con sexual intercourse, kidnapping, manipulation, drugging, bondage, sadistic jin, tickling kink, subtle urophilia, agalmatophilia, perversion, vomit, explicit sexual content, choking, unprotected sex, disassociation, DARK YANDERE, use of needle/drugs, controlling jin, non-con use of sex toy, non-con touching, non-con roleplay, obsessive jin, physical fight, mentions of trauma and mental health struggles. 
↠ words: 10.2 k
author’s note : this fic is very dark and disturbing. if you don’t read the warnings and don’t understand what half the warnings mean, then don’t read it. 18 plus readers ONLY
Tumblr media
The air smelled of stale popcorn, the sights and sounds bringing back a nostalgia you vaguely recollect from when you were younger. You can’t think back on the last time you went to such an event, as deluded as it was. Everything was designed to draw you in, trick you, manipulate and deceive you--yet the ambience of the grounds still drew people in. The main event was up ahead and you felt silly getting excited over something you’ve seen countless times through personal experience and television. As juvenile as it was, you couldn’t help but turn back to your friend with an excited smile.
“So they say this ringmaster is hot. He can be my ringmaster any day,” she comments smugly.
“Oh, shut up!” you tease, smacking your coworker on the arm. She made the offer to bring you to the circus after having received free tickets from a raffle she won at work. “We are here to see the ‘freak show’, not make eyes at the ringmaster.”
“Whatever. You know there is no such thing as a ‘freak’ anyway. Most of these people wear makeup and prosthetics to make them look unique. If you ask me, it’s quite offensive.”
“Yeah, I guess you’re right. It’s just funny how I get so excited just from the lights and the music. Does that make me weird?”
Your friend simply smiles and shoves you lightly into the tent. There were more people present than you expected and finding a seat was proving to be a problem. By some miraculous chance you spot exactly two seats right near the front row.
“Look, there’s some. Let’s hurry.”
Finally sitting, you take a moment to absorb your surroundings. Children and adults alike are eagerly waiting, the brilliant joy on their faces making you feel less like an oddball. It made sense to feel this way. Though not many people enjoyed the circus, something about the whole style of it incited curiosity. Before you could remove your jacket, the lights began to dim and the music faded. The spotlights dangling from the tent began their infamous swirling as the drums announcing the introduction of the ringmaster began their furious beat. With a sharp tug, the curtains on the left side of the ring opened swiftly, revealing a brightly colored podium with nothing but a black top hat neatly set on top of it.
The audience gasps when the main director is nowhere to be seen, joined by the floodlights that chaotically search around revealing nothing but an empty ring. “That wasn’t expected,” mocks your coworker, but you were way too caught up in the search wondering where the man of the hour had disappeared to.
“Stop ruining this. You’re such a party pooper.”
As your skeptical friend chuckles, your eyes return to the darkness surrounding the stage doing your best to adjust from the bright lights that rove around. And then, without a warning, a soft brush over the shell of your ear makes you turn in suspense.
“Shhh,” comes the sound over the mic, the owner of it still unknown. The audience stills and listens, already intoxicated by the entire show. “If you look a little closer, you’ll see I’m...right...over…here,” As he harshly whispers his last word, you jolt in response, totally confused and unsure about what was happening. Within seconds, the voice near you disappears leaving you a quivering mess.
“What the hell was…”
A sudden click of the lights brings darkness over the ring once again and for a few seconds all that could be heard were the whispers of wonder from the crowd. Then suddenly every single light comes back on revealing the entire ring floor and the mysterious master everyone was looking for.
“Come one! Come all to the greatest, most unique, highly coveted and amazing grand circus you’ll ever see. My name is Jin and I’ll be your ringmaster this evening.”
With a bow, he hops off his podium and swings back behind the curtains effectively triggering the next event to follow.
You watched him the entire night wondering how he managed to get so close to you without you even realizing. He was obviously very good at his job, and from the looks of it, your friend wasn’t lying about his attractiveness. The way he carried himself as he introduced each show, light on his feet, broad shoulders and a smile that could swoon the strongest heart, was quite astounding. You were a bit embarrassed to admit it, but you wouldn’t mind him cracking his whip over your…
“Earth to, y/n. Did you hear anything I said?”
“I told you he was hot. I’ll be back, just gonna grab a drink. Want anything?”
“No thank you.”
As soon as she walks off, you continue to focus on the man commanding the stage. He had an amazingly gorgeous purple jacket that shimmered in the light. It was obvious that every bead and stone sewn into it was done with great care. His black high boots compliment his long legs that are covered by black tights leaving nothing to the imagination. You wonder if maybe he was wearing a cup, the size definitely above average, but this certainly wasn’t a sports game.
Somewhere along the line he exchanges the whip in favor of a cane, and once again your mind begins to wander into dangerous territory. The show was amazing to say the least and when it was all set and done, you were a little disappointed. Not wanting to end the night just yet, you find yourself staying behind as the crowd begins to leave.
“Hey, you coming? The bus should be here in twenty minutes.”
“No, you go ahead. I’m just gonna sit here for a minute and take it all in.”
“Oh really? You’ve got money for a cab? You’re a big baller now?”
She was being silly you knew, but it wasn’t a lie. You both chose to take the bus since you didn’t want to park downtown where everyone and their mother would be. Not to mention the ridiculous prices for parking in one of the event lots. As for the money, you weren’t exactly making what you were hoping, and still recovering from paying your mother’s medical expenses, you were trying to be as conservative as possible. Tonight, however, you needed a moment for yourself, and a few extra bucks wasn’t going to matter in the long run.
“Very funny. It’s fine. I’ll be fine. You go on. I’m not looking forward to going over my report tonight, so let me have this.” You gesture a plea and she gives in easily.
“Yeah, yeah. Just watch your back. They might just recruit you to be a part of the freak show.”
“Ha, ha...very funny.” You mock her and wave your hand dismissively. She walks off leaving you alone, the sudden silence filling the room making you feel uncomfortable. It took you a few minutes, but you managed to stand up with a sigh. It was time for you to go. Hoping to catch the fried dough stand before it closes, you pick up your pace a little, your exit just a few feet away.
“Leaving so soon?”
A familiar voice stops you, though now it was less amplified without the microphone. You turn hoping to catch him this time, happy that you were quicker than before.
“Yeah. I’m not exactly a part of the show, though, I think I might fit in with the clowns.”
“Cute and witty. I was right.”
His compliment successfully catches your attention. “You were right?”
“Yes. When I saw you earlier tonight I knew you were unique...special.”
If it were any other man talking to you this way you would have turned and walked away, but the glimmer in his eyes and his flirting tone intrigue you. His looks were also quite captivating. Up close like this, you could see his pretty lips and perfect face. He had broader shoulders than what you remember, but the padding in his jacket made him look even wider.
“Ha, thanks. I’m hardly special. I really enjoyed your show tonight. If anything was special, it was that. I’d forgotten how much I love being captured by the wonder of it all.”
“It’s my pleasure. I’ve dedicated much time to perfecting it all. I’m very particular about how things should look and sound. It’s a hobby.”
“Well, I admire it. Anyway, I should get going if I’m going to finish looking over my report. Once again, thank you.”
You stand still as Jin walks forward and stands before you. He eyes you quietly and then removes his jacket carefully placing it down on one of the seats. “Please don’t go. I rarely get to speak with one of my guests, and you are particularly beautiful if I do say so myself. Pardon my boldness but, would you like to come again tomorrow night? I can guarantee you the perfect seat with no distractions from the audience. Perhaps you could be part of the show?”
Never before had you been seduced by a man with such polite manners, and even less so, a man that was in charge of a circus. It was quite comical, but the look on his face meant he was very serious about his proposal. It was a strange way to ask someone on a date, but you felt flattered nonetheless. It’s not like you’ve been approached by a ringmaster before.
“Oh, wow. You really don’t have to. I mean...what would I even do? I’ve never done anything in front of an audience before.”
“You don’t have to do much of anything. You can sit in my private booth. It has plenty of curtains to conceal you and then when I call you out, you simply walk down the ramp over there and hold my top hat while I perform a magic trick.”
His explanation seemed easy enough and even though you felt nervous, it was a little hard to say no when he was smiling so beautifully at you.
“Yeah, sure--why not. This would certainly be a stress reliever. Okay, yeah. I’ll be here.”
The next night came quicker than you expected and not wanting to seem like a weirdo, you didn't mention to your coworker that you were going to go back to the very place you both mocked the day before. You didn’t want to admit it, but you felt shy, and knowing that the sexiest man you’ve ever seen was waiting for you made it even more difficult to control your excitement.
The crowd was already building, the atmosphere reminding you of the night before, except this time you would be a willing participant. A little bit confused about where exactly you should be going, your worries were quickly put to rest when a circus member came up to you.
“Hello, you must be our guest for tonight. Jin asked me to take you to his personal seating. Please follow me.”
As the member led you toward the location, you realized you hadn’t even told Jin your name the night before. You found it weird of him not to ask, but then again, the circumstances had been a little weird.
As soon as you arrive you know it. The tent is beautiful, ornately designed with pretty gems and rhinestones--satin ribbons that were colored completely different than what a circus would be. The curtains were thick and behind them you could vaguely hear Jin’s voice booming during the show. Apparently it already begun and you start to worry you may have arrived too late.
“Where do I go? What should I do?”
“Just enter here. Jin will do the rest.”
As vague as it sounded, you simply did as you were asked. Opening the curtains, you walk into a small room noticing the lovely chandelier hanging from the center, and the pink roses in vases on almost every surface. It was like a dreamland. Curious, you walk toward the curtain where you hear Jin’s voice the loudest. Though you want to take a longer look around the pretty space that surrounds you, the temptation to carefully pull back the fabric is too great. The first thing you see is the back of Jin’s form. You are drawn in by his voice and the way he commands the show. With a wave of his wrist, the lights go off and gasps are heard all around.
“Come to me, now.”
You know the command is for you, so you quickly make your way to him as best as you can. The only light guiding you were the tiny string lights on the floor. His hand finds you first and pulls you close enough for only you to hear his words.
“Take off your clothes and put this on.”
Your eyes open wide in shock and for a moment you weren’t sure if you’d heard him correctly. “Take off my clothes?”
“Yes, quickly now. The lights will be on shortly.”
Not wanting the entire whole of the audience to see you naked, and knowing that it was already dark so there was no possibility of him seeing you in your underwear, you do as he says. The fabric he hands you feels slightly heavy but soft. It was clearly a cloak of some kind. Wrapping it around your shoulders, you work to tie the ribbon at your neck, but the feel of a pair of hands at your waist is not something you were expecting.
“Hush. I’m just helping you be quicker. We have five seconds.”
You could feel his fingers buttoning the front with practiced skill, and just as the lights came on, you slid your arms out of the side openings and stood in awe when the audience came back into view. It was a strange feeling standing there, the shadows cast by the floodlights making it hard for you to distinguish their faces. You feet the vomit begin to build in your throat, but Jin’s hand comes to settle on your back, soft circular motions helping ease the sensation.
“Ladies and Gentlemen! Boys and Girls! Tonight I have a lovely assistant to help me with my next trick. Please help me welcome…”
He turns then to glance at you and you blank. What in the hell was he getting at? Suddenly it hits you. Your name...he needed your name. “Y/n, my name is y/n.”
“There you have it folks. Let’s give her a round of applause. Now, please pay close attention because I’m about to do what has never been attempted before. I will make this lovely lady disappear before your very eyes.”
You blink suddenly, panicking and unsure of what was taking place. He never told you about this part. He only mentioned a hat trick. What exactly were you supposed to do in front of all these people? You knew about magic tricks and how a lot of optical illusion was used, but you never practiced anything like this before. You swallow back your fears and try to go along with it. He was the greatest showman you’ve seen, so you simply put your trust in the fact that he knew what he was doing. His movements were hypnotizing, the audience’s attention drowning in the lights and sounds all around. You feel dizzy and it becomes hard to focus on anything he says. Your nerves are on edge and then without warning, a blanket of darkness surrounds you. Your feet lose stability, you feel yourself fall down and then land on a soft surface. What sounds like a trap door shuts above you and then there is silence. Without waiting, you remove the cloth sack that had somehow fallen on you and blow the hair out of your face.
Wherever you were, it was scary. There was barely any visual, just a low glow of light emitting from the corner. You crawl forward attempting to situate yourself and figure out where exactly you were, but metal bars are the first thing your fingers meet. It’s almost impossible to stand, so you hunch over walking the perimeter you were in realizing you were not in just any room. You were inside of a cage and it was no bigger than the size of a small bathroom. You can't make out much, so you use your hands as a guide to touch along every surface hoping that maybe there was a door you were supposed to exit from, but when you finally find it, a padlock prevents such a thing.
You didn’t want to jump to any conclusions or even panic because this must be part of the show and you were sure Jin or someone would come any minute to let you out. As you wait seated in the corner with your knees pulled up to your chest, the sounds above ring on and you can’t help getting more and more tired as you sit in the darkness waiting. It was the only thing you could do since you’d already convinced yourself that maybe they needed to end the show before they could come to you--they all had to be busy doing some part of the show, right?
It was way later, how long you weren’t sure, that a noise at the cage jolts you awake. “Hello! Oh thank God. I’ve been waiting for so lon--”
Jin was at the door, his presence looming due to the shadows that cast off his body and face. “Hey, you did so good, y/n. Your name is really pretty. Come.”
He gestures with his hand and for some reason you hesitate a little. This had all gotten to be a bit too much and you had a bone to pick with him for leaving you in that cage for so long. When you reach the door, he puts out his hand and you grab it even though your anger was starting to build by the obvious lack of remorse from him.
“Jin, I don’t appreciate what you did. You changed the whole show and didn’t even warn me. And left me alone in this cage for what seemed like hours. I want to go home.”
While you rant and walk ahead of Jin, you come to the realization that you don’t even know where you are going. This lower level is so dark and Jin’s presence behind you isn’t exactly comforting. He hasn’t said much and you start to feel incredibly uncomfortable by this whole situation.
“But you already are home.”
You didn’t get the chance to spin around and look at him. The next thing you knew you were struggling in his grip, a cloth over your mouth, and then darkness.
Tumblr media
With a dry mouth and sore neck, you rouse to consciousness slowly. As your body begins to awaken, you start to move around, unconsciously stretching your limbs, only to come to the realization that you can’t move your hands. “Wha--”
It doesn’t take long for you to realize you are tied down by your hands and feet. Your head is killing you and you feel like your throat is on fire, but none of that matters--you need to get out of wherever you are.
You begin to scream hoping that someone will hear you. Even though it hurts, you scream and scream, your tears suddenly making themselves present. In a moment of exhaustion, you bow your head to rest when the sound of a door opening sets your nerves on edge.
“My, my...what a loud, pretty mouth you have. I was hoping you’d make this easier. I didn’t use the needle this time. Your pretty skin is too precious to puncture, but I can see you’re not very grateful for my mercy.”
For a second you think you’re hallucinating. The words that are coming out of his mouth seem unreal, and if he weren’t standing right in front of you in his physical form, you would indeed believe you were dreaming. “What do you mean needle--w-what are you saying? What is this?”
“Hush, darling. You’re only going to make your headache worse and strain your throat. I rather like your voice. I was hoping to make you a talking doll, but with all this blabbing I’m sorta changing my mind. You wouldn’t want me to sew your lips together would you?”
That shut you right up. If there was ever a level of crazy in your opinion, Jin had surpassed it. Suddenly it all made sense, the robe, the blanket, the cage...this had all been planned. You instantly regret ever coming to the show and even thinking you could trust him. You can’t believe that he actually kidnapped you in front of an entire crowd and yet no one was the wiser.
“Good. See how good you are? I actually knew it the moment I saw you sitting up front at my show. I had to go see you right away. You did feel me, didn’t you? I was so close. God, you smelled like heaven. You have the perfect skin and hair...and when you smile...your teeth...ugh...I just love when I don’t have to do reconstruction on teeth. It’s always messier than it needs to be. OH! Before I forget, I have a dress for you.”
“What the fuck! Let me go...please...please let me go!” Whatever he was planning, you didn’t want to be a part of it. The more he spoke, the more you felt your skin crawl. You’ve only ever heard of fucked up shit like this in movies and to be honest you preferred to die instead of doing whatever the fuck it was he wanted to do.
“Hey...I asked you to be quiet.” He comes close when he speaks the word, the remaining rush of air coming from his lips blowing over your face. You want to gag, his nearness making you nauseous. You turn your head away not wanting to look at him- but you can’t keep from crying. This whole thing felt like some sort of twisted joke. Biting your lip, you nod in agreement and it was enough for him to move away from you.
“Good girl. You may want to know that I like to dress up my dolls. It’s my favorite hobby. I don’t want to make you feel uncomfortable. I will need to remove your bra and panties and that will cause me to see your...privates. That’s okay, right? I mean, I would never touch you unless you wanted. I always leave it up to my dolls. After all, I need you to be smiley and happy. It’s been a long while since I’ve found another to be mine. My last doll...well...she wasn’t very good to me. After all I did for her--she was so ungrateful. It doesn’t matter now. She’s not around anymore. You have all my attention. So...where should we start?”
He walks forward and you flinch. You couldn’t help it. It was futile to try and hide it knowing that you were already as good as dead. Your chest heaves with the cries you can’t subdue, and there was nothing you could do to stop him since your arms and legs were bound.
“I usually use a knife to start--it helps me get the clothes off faster, but I’ve been a little sloppy at times and ended up ruining my perfect baby’s skin. I’m going to use these scissors instead. You ready?”
As he began to cut away at your clothes, you shut your mind down and pretended none of this was happening, that you weren’t really tied down in some lunatic's basement being stripped of your clothes and dignity. The faster you breathe, the more lightheaded you become. It didn’t take long for you to pass out.
“Aww, what a pity. I would have liked for you to see how pretty your clothes are. Oh well.”
As you lay unconscious, Jin cut away at your clothes. He took his time, eyes roaming over your body as if it were art in a museum. His fingers itch to touch, but he was too much of a gentleman to indulge. He swiftly removes your boring clothes and then begins dressing you with the hand made clothes he had pre-made for you. It only took him one look to know exactly what would fit you. The baby pink cloth he chose was perfect against your skin. He knew it would be. There was no need for underwear, not when he could see the peak of your nipples showing through the transparent cloth so perfectly. You really were something to behold. Satisfied with his work, he pulls out his makeup kit and goes to work. This was his favorite part. Everything about you was more than he could ask for. The more he stares at you, and the more makeup he applies, the harder it is for him not to sneak a taste. Tenderly he bends down to kiss your lips and when you sigh he feels his heart constrict.
“So fucking perfect, darling. I’m so sorry, but I couldn’t resist.”
When everything is done, he gets up with a satisfied smile and leaves the room. He knew you’d need to rest before you put on his best show.
Tumblr media
Once again you awoke to unfamiliar surroundings and your limbs bound. You were thirstier than you remember and the darkness all around you made you want to sleep more, but you couldn’t. There had to be a way to get out. You begin to struggle against the binds praying that maybe Jin wasn’t so good at tying, but a bright light suddenly pops on beaming right on you. You could barely see anything, the power of the bulb making your headache come back full force. The sound of clapping makes its way to you, and it was obvious it was a recording. What was definitely not a recording was the sound of Jin’s voice over the speakers in the room.
“Gentleman and gentleman!” he giggles. “Tonight we have a special show for you, yes only you because there’s only one of me!” Again he laughs. “Let’s give it up for y/n, the prettiest doll you ever did see.”
Again the recorded clapping sounds all around you along with cheers, yet you know there was only one person in the room. Suddenly your arms start to get pulled up, along with your legs. You were being lifted up against your will and though you wanted to fight it, the height you were being taken to was pretty far from the floor.
From somewhere in the darkness, Jin’s clapping and jeering has you searching. At this point you were beyond exhausted and you weren’t even sure how many hours you’d been trapped. You also felt so unlike yourself. Your body felt heavy and your head was spinning.
“Lovely! Look how pretty you are. Why don’t you give us a turn.”
The ropes holding you rotate your body and then drop your arms a bit forward so that you are bent forward with your hips elevated higher. They begin to tug your limps back and forth making it seem like you are dancing and every tug and pull only makes you feel sicker. Unable to hold back, you vomit all over the floor below you.
“Oh no! OH NO! This won’t do. My darling.”
You feel yourself getting lowered down softly until you’re settled in the pool of your own vomit. The next thing you feel are Jin’s hands lifting you up and carrying you off somewhere. Water droplets fall over your head and you realize you’ve been carried to a shower. It feels amazing and even though Jin removed your clothes, you didn’t care. Even when he begins cleaning your body and shampooing your hair, you just sit on the tiled floor letting him do it. You had no control over your body. You don’t register how he too was naked and that he was sporting an erection.
He carries you out of the bathroom all wrapped in a towel and sits you on a vanity chair. He brushes your hair and puts lotion over your skin, not once uttering a single word. When he’s all finished, he carries you to his bed and tucks you in. He knew the injection he gave you while you were passed out was too much, but he didn’t want you to wake up while he was still styling you for his show. He should’ve known when it took you much longer than the others to wake up. It was stupid of him to put you through it when you were such a fragile and soft baby. He caresses your face and hair as he lay next to you naked. You were both naked because let’s face it, he was greedy like that. He watches your eyelashes flutter and wonders what in the world you might be dreaming. Hopefully by the morning everything would be better.
Tumblr media
Feeling like you’d been hit by a brick wall, you could barely move your arms, the soreness running from your neck down to the tips of your fingers. Your legs hurt as well and your stomach made an unpleasant sound. What the hell was happening? You try to turn but a vice-like grip over your waist keeps you in place. Slowly you turn your head to find that Jin is asleep and is holding you tight. As quietly as you can, you start to remove his hand and slide out of his grip. You make it a few steps before Jin’s voice startles you.
“Where do you think you’re going?”
He spoke sleepily, not even making a move to grab you. It was like he knew you couldn’t go anywhere. That didn’t stop you from trying. Not looking back at him, you scan the room for anything that could help you make an escape. You spot the brush from last night and grab it quickly turning to fight him and then realize how stupid you were being. What could you possibly do with a brush?
This gets Jin’s attention. He sits up, the blanket laying over his hips revealing his upper body and abs. His hair was a shaggy mess and lips swollen from sleep. Were it another time or another Jin, you might say he looked good enough to eat, but this was not a normal man. He was a killer, with weird kinks you didn’t even want to think about. Whatever it was he was doing with you had made him your number one enemy, and there was no way you could see him in any sexual way.
“Come here, darling. What do you plan to do with that brush, hm? Why don’t you come back to bed. You must be so hungry after that wonderful display you put on last night. I must say, the floodlights left little to the imagination with the way your sheer clothes revealed….everything. It’s too bad you got sick. That was my fault. Come to bed, silly. Breakfast should be here any minute.”
His words remind you of the hunger you had suppressed and suddenly your belly starts to rumble. Even though it was tempting, you don’t move. Who knows what else he has up his sleeve.
When Jin senses your hesitance, his annoyance wells up. “I said come here, darling. Don’t make me come get you.”
Your body begins to shake, out of fear or hunger--you’re not sure. When he moves a leg off the bed, you quickly scurry to your side and sit down slowly eyeing him the entire time with the brush in your hand as your defense.
“Good girl. Now, give me the brush. You’ll need your hands for eating.”
“I don’t wan--”
“Brush. Now.”
You hand it hesitantly and then watch as he gets up off the bed and walks to the vanity, placing it down gently. It was so disgusting to see that somehow this little game he was playing was turning him on. He was partially aroused, and remembering your nakedness, you cover up quickly feeling sick to your stomach.
“Darling. I hate to have to do this but, you haven’t proven to me that you’re trustworthy. I already told you about the others and yet you want to test me. I really like you a lot. In fact, probably more than the others. I’ve never laid next to my other girls. You’re the first. That’s why it hurts me to have to tie you up again.”
“NO! Please. I-- I promise you don’t have to. I won’t--I mean...Please...don’t do that I won’t be bad again…”
Opening the drawer in front of him Jin grabs the ropes he used for his extracurricular activities and walks over to you. He hated that his body was making it obvious how much he liked you when he wanted to hold the power over you, but you had control over him--strangely. When he gets to your side of the bed, you are clearly ready to put up a fight and he wasn’t in the mood for it. His hand shoots out to your neck and tightens leaving you in shock.
“Don’t make me hurt you, y/n. We can do this the easy way or the hard way. And after last night, with you getting sick from the injection, I wouldn’t want to force you another way. Remember, I’m a gentleman. Now be a good darling and give me your hands. If you’re worried about eating. I’ll feed you.”
You feel his thumb squeeze tighter and though your own hands grip against his in an attempt to escape, he is much stronger. Feeling yourself grow weak, you let your hands fall and give in to his will. Placing them in front of you, Jin quickly ties you up and locks you in place.
“There. You always look so lovely with ropes. This is why I consider you my prettiest doll. I’ve never seen anyone look as good as you do in the clothes I’ve made. It’s like you were made for them. With the ropes on and the makeup...the outfit...gahh…”
His hand slams against the headboard beside your head and he squeezes his thighs together, his free hand pressing down against the erection that’s been annoying him for hours. “Fuck! Do you see what you do to me? You’re my perfect doll. Can’t you see that? You were made for me. I can’t wait to put you in the next outfit I have for you. It comes with ribbons for your pigtails and---”
A knock at the door stops his discourse. He grabs a nearby robe and answers the door. When the food enters the room you almost want to cry. The smell is amazing and for a moment you forget everything else.
“Hungry, darling?”
This time you don’t hold back, nodding desperately wanting him to bring you the food immediately. You’re not sure how many days have gone by with the lack of windows and clocks in this prison you were in. You've been in and out of consciousness so many times, and honestly, your hunger was starting to be the most important thing right now.
“I didn’t know what you would like so I took the liberty of ordering everything. I have a wonderful staff here. They’re paid for their work and their silence. It’s quite amazing actually. I can focus on my career and my hobbies. So, how about some fruit?”
Whatever Jin was saying was not registering. Your eyes were focused on the food and nothing else. When Jin brought up a piece of fruit to your mouth, you took it eagerly, not caring if the juices dripped over your chin. He continued to feed you more and more, occasionally slipping a finger into your mouth hoping your tongue would lick over it. The more he fed you, the harder he got, the robe now rubbing over the tip of his length as he fidgeted in his seat.
“There, what a good darling you are. Feeling better?”
“Water please.”
Jin did not linger, quickly grabbing the glass of water and bringing it to your lips. When you begin to chug he tries to keep up with your demand, but his hand slips and he wets your entire neck and chest. “Shit, I’m sorry, doll. Let me.”
He removes the wet blanket that shields you and you jerk forward not wanting for him to see you, but it was too late. You were exposed once again, and this time, Jin makes no attempt to hide the lust in his eyes.
“I don’t think I can wait any longer. I have your new outfit this closet. I won’t put you in my stage room for this because I want this to be...for me...between us--intimate.”
You couldn’t help but to cry again, the sick and twisted games he was playing too much for you to handle. “No...please don’t make me do that. Jin, please let me go. I’ve done everything you’ve asked. I won’t tell anyone I promise. I’ll do anything...I--”
His hand over your mouth silences you. “Y/n. You really like to run your mouth too much’s driving me crazy. Your begging is so pretty, but please shut up. I know what’ll change your mind. Wait here.”
He seems way too happy when he runs to search in the drawer. You start tugging harshly against the ropes not caring that it was pulling against your skin and making it bleed. You’re so focused on it that when Jin comes up and tugs your legs down, you yelp in shock.
“DARLING! Stop or else it’s going to hurt.”
When you look down you see him holding a small object unfamiliar to you. He puts it into his mouth and pulls it out with a smile, satisfied with how his spit coats the surface. Another item calls your attention--lube? While he holds your legs down with one arm and half his body, his other hand works to lube the object and then he spreads your legs. You begin to fidget unsure of what he intends to do.
His booming voice makes you stop instantly, the viciousness behind it making it clear you should give him your full attention.
“Okay good. Keep your legs don't want that again do you?” He gestures to the needle on the dresser and you freeze.
“I see we speak the same language. Now, because I would never touch a lady without her permission, I’m going to need you to do something for me. Push this inside of you.”
Your mouth drops open the moment you realize what he is asking you to do. He is holding some sort of toy and for whatever sick reason he wants you to put it inside of yourself. Not wanting him to drug you again and even less for him to do it himself, you grab it and slide it in, your tears trailing over your cheeks the entire time.
Jin sits back and watches you, amazed at how much more compliant you’ve become. He was glad because he really did favor you above the others. As soon as it disappears inside of you, he grabs his phone and turns the dial to the lowest setting. Immediately you buck up and he smirks. “Good. Now let’s get you dressed.”
His outfit for you is sweet and simple. It wasn’t a typical doll outfit since it was more lace than cotton. He manages to include ribbons tied at your elbow and knees. The material is so revealing it looks like it belongs in a stripclub. There is an opening at your cunt allowing access to anyone wanting it--mainly him. He manages to tie your hair into pigtails and paint marionette markings on all your joints. The entire process takes him a few hours. While he works on you he plays with the controls on his phone increasing the vibrations inside of you slowly. As much as you try to hold back, a few orgasms rack your body.
When he finishes getting you ready, he stands back admiring his work. Out of all his previous babies, you were the most gorgeous. “You’re perfect, y/n. This outfit was made for you. I am confident you’re going to put on an amazing show. This time we will be in here so there is no need to feel nervous. My eyes will be on you and nowhere else. Let’s set you up.”
He somehow manages to tie you to the high posts on the frame of his bed effectively getting you to stand. Everything happens so fast and with the distraction of the looming needle sitting on the dresser and the vibrating toy inside of you, Jin was able to get you to do exactly as he wished. You were splayed out, arms and legs open like a starfish, looking like a lamb ready for the slaughter. His low chuckle made you nauseous, but after your previous display, you didn’t want his hands on you anymore. The way he stood off in the corner of the room sitting back on his velvet chaise brewed a hatred within you that you never experienced before. If this fucker wanted a show, that’s exactly what you would do, but…
Another vibration forces your body to shudder. You can’t close your legs to stave off the stimulation nor can you pull it out. You can see part of your reflection to the right of you in the mirror on the dresser and it’s beyond degrading. The tiny pink string hanging out of you nauseates you, the foreign and unwelcome object making your head spin. If only you could pull it out and focus on that damned needle.
“Look at you. It’s cute--the way you act like you don’t want this. Your body tells me differently, baby. Look at your pretty nipples…so hard and sensitive. Does it hurt you when the lace rubs over them? You want to cum again, don’t you?”
When he goes to turn up the vibrator once again, you scream out. You can’t help it, the overstimulation is too much to bear and if he continues on like this you might pass out from exhaustion. “NO! NO...please no more. I c-can do--I can do it without the toy. P-please take it out. Let me s-show you.”
Your request captures Jin’s interest. Could it be that you were going to do a show for him all on your own? All his other disobedient girls needed motivation and never offered such a gift. He was tempted.
“Is that so? I kind of like you like this all whimpery and messy. Your thighs are so shiny from all the arousal you’re leaking, baby. Don’t you like how good I am to you?”
“I doo, I dooo, b-but...I can be better. I can be a good girl. Let me try. Please.” You hope he takes the bait because frankly, you had no other option. This was going to be the only opportunity as far as you could tell. There was no guarantee he’d let you be with him alone like this again, nor that he’d have a needle full of god knows what so close by. You wait and watch the decision playing over his features until another buzz shocks you into another orgasm.
Jin snickers as he watches your body convulse and then fall forward. The only thing sustaining you are the ropes he tied like a professional. It’s pretty amazing how good he’s gotten. The first few girls had successfully gotten free, but they never made it past the main hall. Pathetic little bitches. You, however, were tied up like a perfect little treat, unable to escape and drooling from the amount of orgasms he’s gifted your body. For a moment he enjoys the show, until a drop of blood lands on his rug.
“Princess!” His voice shocks him, the worry laced within it unlike anything he’s ever felt before. He hops up and over to you, checking every inch of your body. When he finally reaches your face, he sees you’ve bitten your bottom lip hard--probably to keep from screaming out your pleasure. You were such a spirited and stubborn little thing.
“Okay, fine. I never do this, so consider yourself lucky. I’ll let you show me what you can do. You need to hydrate first.”
Jin unties you and sets you on the bed where you sit in agony. The temptation to pull out the toy is still there, but now that you were free, you didn’t want to push your luck. He comes back with water and lets you drink. You’re thirstier than you realize, and almost want to sigh in pleasure at the feeling of it flowing down your throat.
“There’s a good girl. So, tell me, did you still want this toy inside or not?”’
You almost spit out the water with how fast you answer him, “NO!”
“Have it your way,” Jin chuckles.
You hope he’s giving you the chance to remove it, but you should have known better. Kneeling before you, he opens your legs, letting his fingers slide softly up your thighs. When he reaches your center, he spreads your lips open and wraps the cord over his middle finger and pulls slowly.
The action causes your legs to shake, but you suppress it by pressing down on your knees with your palms. Jins stares up at you taking his sweet time removing the distressing device.
“There.” The popping sound it makes as he pulls it out is embarrassing, and as soon as he’s clear of your legs, you snap them closed and exhale.
Jin stands back and admires your flushed skin, the sweat on your brow, and the wetness coating the vibrator purchased especially for you. It was a pity you didn’t want to play with it anymore. He had so many wonderful plans for it, but at the moment he was more intrigued by whatever show you promised him. He stands back and leans against the dresser, the very same holding the syringe you so desperately want to reach.
Not wasting anymore time, and battling against complete and utter exhaustion, you stand to your feet and put on your best face. Using the frilly attire to your advantage, you run your hand up your thighs, over your belly and over your breasts. You sway your hips side to side slowly, a seductive dance you hope will ensnare him. His eyes are glued to you already, the attention making you feel strangely powerful. Sliding your hands back behind your neck, you feather your hair over your arms and bring one back over your face and onto your lips. Making sure to lock eyes with him, you notice his flicker to your lips where your fingers are currently playing with your tongue, fingertips running gently over it and slowly entering your mouth.
“Enough!” Jin growls, his patience having run its course.
Before you can walk over to pin him, he storms towards you. A hand comes to your throat and the force of it forces your feet backward. The edge of the bed meets your calves and now completely out of control, Jin takes over and lifts you onto the bed. There is nothing you can do, not when his hands are rushing to remove every inch of your clothing. He rips at the frilly material as if it were paper and pins your hands above your head with one of his own. He doesn’t bother to take off his robe, his cock already peeking through the opening on the front.
At this point you’re beyond exhausted, the idea of even escaping slowly slipping away. He drags one of his hands up your body, fingernails slowly trailing over your skin and belly. He moves them around lightly, the pads brushing over your flesh in featherlight strokes creating a tickling sensation you can barely endure. You want to cry out, beg him to stop, but your voice is completely gone. You almost start giggling, the soft strokes over your skin assaulting your most sensitive parts. You squeeze your thighs together, the tickling beginning to stir your bladder.
“You think you can go on teasing me like this, princess? I think I’ve been patient enough, don’t you think? How dare you be so fucking sexy? None of my other girls were as perfect as you. I’m sorry for what I’m about to do, but I can’t wait any longer. You do want me, right?”
You close your eyes already knowing what’s coming. His warm breath over your face steals your breath away and you just lay there defeated. You’d fought him all day and there was no fight left in you. He takes your lack of response as permission, and the moment he enters you, he almost cries out in euphoria.
There is no doubt about his size. He’s big and thick. He doesn’t push in aggressively, but takes his time, almost like he wants to enjoy every single second. He kisses over your neck and chin as if the tenderness would make this situation any better. The truth was, you didn’t want him and you didn’t want this. At first you were attracted to him, but now knowing what a crazy animal he is, the entire experience is a living nightmare.
With his own hands, he adjusts your body and hips, securing your legs over his waist in order to press himself deeper. Slowly he rolls his hips and settles himself to the hilt. The feeling overwhelms him, the sensation of finally filling you making him dizzy. He doesn’t take advantage of you, no, that wasn’t his style. You obviously wanted him, otherwise why would you have cum so many times, why would you be soaked and dripping just for him right now? You showed him as much when you did your dirty little dance for him. He had to let you know that your little display was unacceptable and that none of his dolls were allowed to be filthy sluts. This was just his way of teaching you that no one else was allowed to enjoy or even delight in the temptation that is you. You’d learn really quickly what it meant to be his, or else.
Though you try to fight the feeling of pleasure slowly rising, it’s next to near impossible. Your body is already extremely sensitive and he knows this, using your momentarily vulnerability to his advantage. He knows exactly what he’s doing. His fingers tug at your nipples, teeth nip over your skin, and fingers stroke over your clit perfectly. Surprisingly he’s more gentle than you expect. Your traitorous body begins to accept the touch, your skin already prickling and orgasm on the verge of assaulting you.
“That’s it my pretty darling. I always knew you’d give yourself to me like this. Are you going to cum all over my dick--make me the happiest man on this earth? I’ve been waiting for so long. Show me how sorry you are for being such a dirty whore.”
His words press upon your neck leaving a permanent mark on you, solidifying his possession. You want to say no--scream at him to get off of you and die, but his fingers work faster, and before you know it, you’re screaming out your orgasm instead. It’s incredibly potent, the last few hours of edging and teasing only serving to shatter you entirely. Before you can come back down to earth, his thrusts become sloppy and desperate, and within seconds, he emptying himself completely, and dropping down to the side of you heaving and huffing.
“Fuck!” He doesn’t remember the last time he came so hard, and the other girls most certainly never got him so worked up. You were more than he ever dreamed he’d have. There was no way he would let you go.
It only takes you a moment to catch your breath before the realization of time slowing down hits you. If not now, then when? While Jin lays back catching his breath, you jolt up off the bed running to the dresser. As soon as the needle is in your hand, you turn to attack and find that he’s already made it halfway off the mattress--one leg on the bed and the other on the floor.
“Y/n, my love. What do you think you’re doing?”
The sound of his voice is like nails on a chalkboard and the fear coursing through you makes you feel slightly weak. You fight the desire to fall to the ground in a pathetic heap, now focused on the adrenaline driving you.
“Fuck you! I won’t be your little puppet anymore you sick fuck!”
You pace carefully, keeping your back close to the exit hoping the door isn’t locked. Jin continues moving off the bed, careful not to make any sudden movements. Your body is on high alert, anything he does or says your complete focus.
“Don’t you fucking move! Don’t you dare. I’m leaving. Let me the fuck out!”
For some reason Jin knows you mean every word, and not wanting you to hurt yourself, he complies, pressing the button by his bedside table. You hear the bolts unlock, the sound music to your ears. You begin to cry knowing the possibility of escape is so close. Your chest rocks with the heaves you can barely contain. You walk backwards, careful not to trip. When your hand comes in contact with the doorknob, you twist it open, needle still in hand and pointed at Jin.
Temporarily distracted with your freedom, you miss it when Jin runs forward to grab you. You scream and fall to the ground with him. Clawing at whatever you can, you press your fingers into his eyes, skin, and face. You don’t know where the needle has gone, the entire scuffle causing it to fall from your hand. Although Jin is strong, at the moment your will to live is stronger. You can feel him struggling to control you and when he tries to pin you down, you almost break down at the possibility of defeat, but the flash of the drug you need to knock this demon down catches your eyes. You reach out successfully grabbing it. It only takes a moment, but you manage to free a bit of your arms and jab the needle right into his neck. Pressing the plunger down, you inject him full of the drug he used on you not days ago. You hope it’ll have the same effect on him as it did you--leave him sick and so out of it he can’t even move.
Jin feels the moment it penetrates his skin and reaches for it with weak hands. Pulling it out, he works to focus his eyes, the surprise written all over his face. “How could you?”
He freezes and then drops right on top of your body heavily. The weight is too much, but with the little strength you have left, you push him off of you, exhaling feebly. There is no doubt of how much you wish to remain on the floor resting, the entire day’s events rendering you a pathetic excuse of a woman, but there is no time for it. Attempting to right yourself, you stand to your feet, eyes never leaving the lifeless body on the floor. You don’t think he’s dead, or at least you don't know, but there was no time to dwell on any of that. You make it to the door you managed to open earlier and walk out into a dimly lit hall. There is no way of knowing what time it is, but based on the food you got earlier, you would say it had to be mid afternoon.
As quiet as a mouse you tiptoe down the long path and end up at a bend that leads you to a large room. The windows seem to be darkened by thick curtains so it makes it hard for you to see where you are going. It’s not like you remember seeing any of this when the entire time you’ve been his captive he had you drugged. Grabbing a throw you see laying over the couch, you wrap it over your body as best as you can. Using your instincts, you walk toward an area you hope might have an exit, and with luck on your side you find an elevator. You call for it, fear curdling in your belly. If someone were to find you now you’d be unable to fight them off. The ding of it’s arrival stops your heart, and when the doors open, you release the breath you were holding, happy that it’s empty.
You choose the first floor and end up coming upon a large kitchen. The silence is eerie and it feels as if someone will pop out on you at any moment. Walking a little further you find a large door and what appears to be your salvation. You unlock the door and turn the knob not expecting the loud sound of a blaring alarm. You don’t wait to see who will show up now that your absence was announced.
You run out into the light of the day, the brightness from the sun above blinding you. None of this stops you, however. You walk into the yard realizing that this part of the house looked completely normal, like it was just a regular home in a suburban community. Your body gives you one last boost enabling you to run and unlock the wooden fence at the end of the opening. Just as you walk out you hear someone calling your name, but it was too late. You don’t bother turning back, certain that one of Jin’s staff probably realized you escaped. With freedom literally within your grasp, you manage to walk a few steps before hearing several gasps and then children before falling to the ground with a hard thud.
Tumblr media
Sitting at your desk, you watch the cursor mindlessly, your thoughts straying to a memory you’ve been working hard to forget. In a few hours you’d be meeting with your therapist, someone who’s been able to get you through the past four years of life. You can’t help but feel small, especially on a day like today--the anniversary of when it all went down.
“Y/n, you okay?”
You turn to your left to find your friend Taehyung who somehow managed to creep his way into your heart. His sweet demeanor and soft exterior made you think of him as a teddy bear, and that is exactly what he was when he knew you needed a hug.
“Yea. I’m good.” You smile at him to assure him, but the truth is, he had no idea. None of your co-workers did. After everything that happened, it took you a year to even begin a new life. You were so afraid to socialize, and meeting new people had your red flags waving every single time. With time, you slowly learned to let some people in and enter society once again.
The day you escaped, you barely made it a few steps out of Jin’s backyard before collapsing in front of a family who was having a barbecue outside of their garage. They immediately called the police and within hours Jin had been arrested and all of his properties and assets seized. As you lay in the hospital recovering, the district attorney took down the entire circus and interrogated every single person employed by Jin. Most of the workers were clueless, while a handful knew exactly what had been taking place for the last seven years in his godforsaken circus. You were not the first victim, but you had been the last. Although the authorities made it clear to you that your nightmare would be locked up for good, there was always that paranoia deep within--the one that made you look over your shoulder more than normal people, and lock every single door at night. You never opened your windows and you most certainly never went out alone.
“Okay good. Jimin and I were wondering if you wanted to go out with us tonight. He got some tickets to a show.”
It was cute how they always invited you knowing you were a loner, but it always felt like you were always the third wheel. “No, it’s okay. You take your lover to the show without me. I’ll be in the way.”
“Stop that, silly. You’re never in the way. Besides, Jimin got all these free tickets to the traveling circus and we have to get rid of them. Do you know anyone else that might want to come?”
You freeze, chest now constricted and heartbeat racing. It couldn’t be, Jin was put away, his circus was shut down...there was no way he was back…
“What did you s-say…”
Tumblr media
+ all writing is ©koosbabygrl. so do not copy, edit, or steal my writing. do not use on youtube or any other social media.
Tumblr media
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cosmostae · 7 months ago
Tumblr media
Everything on this blog is yandere! ♡ prev. darlingtaes 🍓
Kim Namjoon ⭐
coming soon! ♡
Kim Seokjin ⭐
Jung Hoseok ⭐
Min Yoongi ⭐
Park Jimin ⭐
The Scent of a Flower 
Perfect Blue
Kim Taehyung ⭐
Honey and Milk
Shadows ft. JJK 
Jeon Jungkook ⭐
Devil’s Child 
Brother Knows Best | Pt 1 | Pt 2  coming soon!
Dear You 
Shadows ft. KTH 
Trigger Happy
- drabbles 
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pixicunt · 3 days ago
AFTERMATH - characters
fic comming soon so here are the characters !
its strange isn't it, how every decision you make leads you here in the very end. pressed up against him as he is pushing inside of you. has every touch and graze of deep brown eyes led you to this very moment, you cant help but wonder about the what ifs, what if you had never met, had never gone to the stupid party, had never taken that final leap off the deep end, would anything have changed or was it destined to happen at one point in your life. you dont know, all you know is that you have to deal with the aftermath of it all
you go to a party, you have no way home and you must make a choice on who is going to take you home, if they end up taking you home... what happens after is up to them. 
BTS OT7 X reader
Tumblr media
Your hot stalker neighbor
Really smart CEO and part time plant dad
Always giving you warm smiles and fumbling over his feet when he collects the morning mail
As your stalker a detailed oriented person he knows a little to much about you
You look up to him as a fatherly figure, he is in his mid 30s 
Namjoon wants to be a dad, will you be his little girl ? 
Tumblr media
Unsaid feelings
The ex fling, ex almost ? how can you miss someone who never was truly yours, nothing hurts more then an ex almost.
Jin is tired of being an emotional support outlet for you whenever things went wrong, he just wants to be wanted by you.
He will allow you to hurt him over and over because he just loves you that much
The party host hottie
Hes just fucking hot ok
Tumblr media
The best friend 
You have been friends for a long time and he has loved you for even longer then that
Yoongi is sad, he has issues, a recovering alcoholic and current drug abuser but he doesn't do it for the wrong reasons, he just doesn't want to hurt so badly anymore, wants to smile for you and be a shoulder to cry on while he burns himself in tight forced smiles
He even allows you to drag him to a party because its your first party and he would really do anything for you
Lovesick kitty
Tumblr media
The ex
Correction the hot ex
You broke it off on bad terms so the tension is thick with confusion, fear and arousal
Best you've ever had, well only one you v ever had
Anger issues, cause when the beautiful joyful smile dips into a heartless dead eyed smile you will feel it in every shudder and pin prick of your body. 
You will regret breaking it off with him, you should have never been so brave in the first place, don't worry he wont let it happen again
you havnt seen anything yet 
Tumblr media
The step brother
A fucking tease but also an asshole
The sexual tension omfg, the eye fucking ? just fuck already please
Gets a kick out of calling himself your brother and the power he hold over you
Hes just bad news ok. if he had a tinder profile it would read as this: your local fuck boy who loves sex, alcohol singing and making music and loves doing all three while getting high
Musician who makes money in sketchy pervy bars and under ground drug rings and of course he couldn't do it without his fuckbuddy bestfriend
Tumblr media
Brothers best friend
Vmin shenanigan's 
Sexual tension ofc
Drug dealer Taehyung who runs a little bar in his spare time with his bestfriend (money laundering and lots of illegal stuff happening) musician 
a bit of internalized homophobia (im straight but i fuck my best friend but i don't want anyone else to know)
Tumblr media
 the stranger
Well he’s actually a bit of everything
He’s a stranger but he’s also a distant memory from your high school days. you know those friends who you pass by and say hi and that's it.
So a stranger and Seokjins brother and a police officer and a serial killer and your stalker 
I know wtf that's ... a lot
Yandere for Seokjin but in a brotherly way (will kill anyone who hurts his brother, Seokjin may be soft but Jungkook is the opposite he just hides it well) 
um but he’s hot so does it really matter that he kills people
So are you gonna get in his car ? 
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angellgguk · a month ago
23 , daddy jin please
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
warning/s, mentions of [ age gap, the use of 'daddy', infidelity, loss of virginity ]
pairing - [dilf seokjin x younger reader]
prompts chosen from - [ ✓ ]
23. It only hurts because you won’t cooperate
25.07.2021 [ I forgot how the read more crap works on tumblr dot com bare with me for a few hours lol, extremely unedited i'm embarrassed ]
With a soft smile hanging off his lips Seokjin held the door open for you with a curious glint in his eyes when he noticed the cardboard box in your hand.
"Mr Kim, is Jae home?" Seokjin's heart clenched as he heard your broken voice. "No darling, he's staying at his friend's for now" you nodded and looked down at your worn out sneakers before looking back up at him while forwarding the box towards him, "it's his stuff please give it back to him".
Seokjin nodded as he took the box from you but he didn't let you leave, "come inside" he requested with genuine concern laced over his voice and you couldn't help but agree.
It didn't take long for Seokjin to hand you a warm cup of tea or for you to sob in his arms about how his son had cheated on you or for your ex boyfriend's father to hold both your legs over his shoulder with one hand as he guided his tip along your folds with the other.
“Do you want daddy’s cock inside inside your tight hole?” Despite your face being flushed with embarrassment you still manage to nod as you stared down at the veins of the Italian marble with your bottom lip lured in your mouth. You gasp when he grabs your jaw and forces you to look at him, “say it with your words” when you only whine he lets your jaw go to slap his cock against your pussy as a warning, “say you want daddy’s cock in your pussy”
Seokjin’s gruffy warning had your tears flowing and your lips wobbling, threatening to let out a sob but he doesn’t care as he only continues to slap his cock against your pussy, “please” you manage to gasp out and Seokjin raises a brow but doesn’t stop brushing his tip over your folds,
“I want daddy’s cock in my pussy” your mouth letting out inexperienced words just for him to heed had the lust in him spurring harder and that was visible when he grunted and pushed himself in.
You gasped and instantly brought your thighs down in attempts to shut it close but Seokjin wouldn’t allow it as he slapped the supple skin of your thigh before holding a tight grip on one thigh as he sucked in air through his teeth as he attempted to push the rest of himself in as you cried out loud “it hurts s-stop” even your cunt throbbed hard around him in attempts to push him out but Seokjin decided otherwise as he forced his entire shaft in as he breathed hotly into your neck, “you’re only hurt because you won’t cooperate sweetheart, stay still” 
With one hand forcing your thigh apart the other held your hip down in a bruising grip, despite you thrashing around as if you were second guessing your thoughts he still doesn’t move as he was too invested in staring down at your tummy bulging with his cock nestled deep inside you. “Fuck, so pretty” he murmured as he bent down peck your tears away before gliding his lips down to yours, “gonna fuck you silly”.
It doesn’t take long for him to fulfill that promise as he fills the room he once shared with his divorced wife with your moans and whimpers along with his grunts as he ruthlessly slammed into your virgin hole with your watery hiccups satisfying him further, 
“Haven’t had a cunt like yours in years” he truthfully admits as he lands and sharp spank on your tits before tweaking the erect nipple in between his forefinger and thumb. “I’m gonna cum baby” he breathlessly chuckles and fucks you harder, feeling his release nearing when your whimpers rile him up further, “you want to cum with me?” your shy nod had Seokjin bending down to capture your lips into his. You moan into his mouth when he brings his hand down to rub your clit.
The pleasure you two were wrapped in failed to notify you that Jae was home after regretting his mistake only to find the cardboard box filled with the belongings he once shared with you in the corner of the living room, picking it up he walked up the stairs in hopes to question his father about you, only to stop outside his father’s ajar door in shock, witnessing his ex girlfriend’s legs hanging over his father’s shoulder as he kisses you deeper than Jae ever had whilst slamming into you the same way Jae had once imagined he would.
‘Dad what the fuck?” you startle away from the kiss and stared back at jae horrified but Seokjin was mundane as he pushed you back on the bed, slowing his pace with a half heart to look back at his son, “mind your language with me” Jae’s wrath spurs further as he draws his fingers into his palm, his eyes never leaving his father fucking the girl Jae once hoped to marry (if not for his drunken self sleeping with a girl worth nothing).
“You cheated on such a nice girl Jae” Seokjin comments as he turns to look back at you trying to pry him off for the sake of Jae but with Seokjin’s heavy body holding you down you can’t find yourself to get away from his thrusts. Seokjin feels your heart thrumming erratically against your chest when he bends to press his lips on your areola. 
“I could’ve just chose to live with mom” Jae spits out but Seokjin only chuckles and looks back up his hand now cupping the breast, “go ahead, tell her I’m having sex with your ex girlfriend” Jae kicks the box aside and walks outside with angry tears gliding down his heated cheeks.
“Why did you do that?” you yelled at his face and struggled to push him away. Seokjin seemed taken aback for a moment before he glares down at you and moved his hand above to grab your jaw as the other holds a deathly  grip on your thigh, “you too will mind your tongue and voice with me”
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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secretbangtnn · 5 months ago
Best Of Me | One
Tumblr media
Pairings : →ot7 x reader, poly!BTS x reader
Genre : → vampireau, yandere!au, age gap, gore, obsessive behavior, ddlg/caregiver, poly, fantasy, supernaturals
summary : It’s quite unusual to find a little baby on your doorstep, especially that their area was not of the poorest - you could say that a vampire town was efficient with money and snobby creatures. However over time the first idea of just giving back the little girl seems more and more radical and those moody vampires slowly start perceiving deeper feelings to human they even wanted to kill.
notes ~
So im not really as happy as i wanted to be with this chapter, but its the first one that i needed to translate. Suprisingly Its easier for me to write the whole thing myslef than translating it from my native language. + Remember to leave something and im happy to say that we can start an ask game with the characters from my books
Surprisingly this day was awfully ugly for such a beautiful season. Heavy rain was falling on the ground creating the big sheets of wall with those millions droplets that practically covered the whole view outside of the freshly cleaned window.
Tired sigh pierced the quiet, as for the household members, house only causing the weird tension to increase that was there from the early morning. Dark hair of the boy moved with him, now facing the cold, wet window.
Hyung…” Groaned the boy crashing on the couch closing the eyes in the process a little frustrated. Walking just next to him, a little taller man with bright yellow hair, looked at the dark haired one with a tired stare.
“I don’t have time Jungkook, go torture Yoongi or something.” A snort came out of the older one after the not so innocent proposition, as he kept carrying the big basket full of clothes.
And again he was alone. The youngest of the brothers, being the one who never knew what to do with his free time, wandering in the halls and every couch he could spot in their cosy house. His dark chocolate hair falling on his face, a little too long for his liking, but he was too lazy to actually do something with them.
Again that not happy groan left his lips, and wriggling similar to a child that did not get a toy he wanted, in the end forcing him to sit on the couch with a big pout. It was not normal in this household, the whole quiet and calm act, especially considering the residents he shared the home with.
They are more similar to animals than gentelems that appreciate a quiet time. So the weird atmosphere was definitely an unsettling thing for the youngest.
Again looking at the dark view outside the window, he tried to see the cause of all of this. Completely as if something was meant to happen, like the quiet before the storm.
And let me tell you, Jungkooks 6th sense never fails. Just as he thought that maybe just maybe this time he was wrong, a ring echoed in the whole household.
“Someone is gonna open it?!” He shouted being too irritated to even do it himself, despite being the closest to the doors.
Of course, nobody answered. So angry he was at this moment he got up from a nice cozy couch and with heavy steps he came to the big chunk of the wood.
He opened the door not that gently, mumbling an annoyed “what?”
So how irritated he got when he saw nothing, a void, the same doorstep and gate that stood there everyday, now with a big wall of rain to spice up the view. He looked around, now a little confused, while thinking that maybe someone was in the mood for jokes. But how stupid the idea of that was when he remebered, that for his hundreds years of living in this world the first time that actually someone managed to make fun of him was today.
And oh god he started to get so pissed.
So imagine how shocked he was when just before he closed the door he heard a really unusual sound coming from his feets. Unhappy sobs rang in the quiet afternoon immediately attracting his attention.
The young vampire was more than shocked, looking at the child in the pille of pastel colored blankets. Small sobs now increased in a big crocodile's tears with disturbing sounds of the kids crying.
“”No, no, no, please be quiet, we don’t want to wake up the old, ugly, moody grandpa. do we?” He panicked, whispering the words to the child that now laid in his arms. He just prayed that the actual old vampire really didn't take up because of the cries.
As the kid started to calm down, he stared at it with an unreadable emotion. It was a weird feeling, holding the delicate creature in his arm, knowing that just one wrong move, and the child would never cry again.
So what was that feeling that stirred down his stomach as the little creature grabbed his finger with a big open mouth. The sick emotion only made him panic even more, while looking back inside the house.
He decidied,. Sneaking was nothing new for his ninja move, and he strongly believed in his skills of not getting caught with a surprise in his arms. In the end the spiderman socks were a good choice, as their soft material made nearly no sound on the floor.
His stress level went higher with each step that brought him closer to the room that he knew he could not miss. The sound of a knife and cutting rung in his ears is similar to the music in horror music he likes to watch, now making him understand a feeling of pure fear.
Eyes closed while praying that the blonde man won’t turn around catching him in his act. But how wrong he was to believe in such a miracle. Nothing and absolutely gets past Kim Seokjin.
“Jeon Jungkook…” He died, completely freezing in place. Not opening his eyes he waited thinking that maybe it was just his head messing with him, and the blonde boy never actually turned to him. “What have you done again. If I need to clean the mess once again from the ketchup, I'm not going to…”
And as Jungkook thought that nothing can go worse, the little chil laughed a happy giggle while making the grabby hands for his bracelet.
“Jungkook?...What exactly are you holding?” The question like a knife cutted the heavy atmosphere in half. The silence just after that louder than everything he has heard before. He was even sure that he felt his nonexisting heart stopping. “Did you fucking steall a child?! I can’t be…”
“No! It’s not like that I swear I found it on our doorstep.”
“Do you really think think I am that stupid? How even the child could just appear there hm? Rolled there or better flyed on its plush unicorn?”
“Hyung, please you are going to wake up others.” He didn’t even hesitate to beg, looking at the blonde with such terrified eyes. The child in his arms happily munching on his bracelet completely unaware of the tension.
“Why would I care about others! You brought a child Jungkook, how can i be calm!?”
Dark haired unconsciously looked around with gritted teeth, now just waiting for the rest to appear. And he did not need to wait long, as just after he looked back at the blonde, someone came from the other side of the kitchen door.
Tall man with peachy hair and raspy voice, trying to get rid of the rest of his sleep, now scratching his head with confused expressions. Who wouldn’t be confused in this place, seeing a literal child in a house full of old vampires.
“What is this mess all about? You know what hour it is?” Said the tallest one. Blondie one only snorted as if offended while crossing his arms. “What?”
“Nothing.” Oldest mumbled irritated. The tallest only raised his brow, and repeated the question once again. Jungkook being now forgotten with the child trying to catch his attention with little sounds. “You dare to remind me of the hour?! Do you know how many nights I didn’t sleep because of you! If I just could silence you for good, you would have long ago ended like the voldemort, yes i'm talking about that nose of yours”
The taller one immediately touched his nose gasping not believing in what he just heard, now trying to silently disappear from the harash stare of his older brother.
As the peach hired one hid behind a counter, the attention now came back to the snaking Jungkook. More pairs of footsteps rang in the quietness of the home, slowly showing other people.
“Jin-hyung is angry again? What happened I want to see.” Announced the newcomer, sliding on his perfectly white socks.
“Who is angry here?! You want to see how angry I can be…”
“You silly goose?”
“No that's to lame.”
“You dipshit! Thank you Namjoon.” He finished with a red face. The newcomer only rolled his eyes, while making the shortest of the brothers that came with him laugh.
“Since everyone is here…” The tallest started.
“Wait, where is Yoongi.” Asked the red haired one, while leaning on the counter with a mysteriously made coffee.
“Here.” All of them shouted, hearing the sudden voice, and seeing the new person that appeared with a lightning of thunder. “So what’s this mess about?”
Everyone in the room simultaneously looked at the dark haired boy that immediately stopped in his tracks hoping for some power that could help him disappear. All the eyes slowly drifted down his arms, now staring at a bundle of blankets that started to move as if it knew of the attention.
“What is that?” Asked the tallest looking straight at the irritated blonde.
“Don’t ask me, I’m not the one that gives such a stupid example, making those idiots steal children.”
The kitchen is now again quiet, all the eyes on the little creature in the arms of the youngest. Only sound now being the child starting to sob again, making everyone tense.
“Shut it up you morons.” Said second oldest, annoyed at the loud cries. The blonde didn’t waste time, knowing how bad noise is for the black haired. Small body now shuddering because of the sobbing making the oldest coo at the little child.
His arms soon hold the bundle of blanket, trying to calm the kid down with his baby voice. It wasn’t hard to get lost in its eyes, them being mysterious and full of innocence, drawing up the blonde one. His big hand now on its red cheek, trying to feel the texture of the soft skin under his fingers.
And as the cries never happened, the child started giggling again trying to grab Seokjin hands with such a beautiful smile. It was a really soft sight to see making them all calm and giddy inside. But as the child opened its mouth Seokjin's smiles disappeared.
“What the matter?” Asked Namjoon a little bit taken aback by the change of his hyungs mood. The oldest only looked back at the rest of them with a terrified expression.
“It's a human.”
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forever-once-gone · a month ago
The Lost, the Found, and the Treasured
Tumblr media
Pairing: SoftishYandere!Seokjin x Fem!Reader
Genre: Yandere au, Reincarnation au, Royalty au, angst turned to fluff turned to angst once again lol
Word Count: 9k
Summary: Your car breaks down in the middle of nowhere during a terrible storm.  Thankfully, you were very close to what seemed to be an abandoned castle.  You enter the large building to find a night’s refuge, but it seems that you find a lot more than you originally bargained for.
Content & Warnings: Fem reader, yandere themes, possessiveness, a bit of jealousy, refusing to let the reader go, the reader is very confused, general fear, marriage, assassination, grief, use of terms of affection: my love, love, invasion of personal space (Jin just refuses to stop hugging you and stuff), Jin’s a man in love finally reuniting with his one true love, it seems to take a toll on him.
Author’s Note: This got a lot longer than I originally wanted.  Took a lot longer too.  This kinda reminded me of Beauty and a Beast.  You’ll understand what I mean once you read it.  I could only bear to read over this once, so please ignore any stupid mistakes.  It’s kinda rushed, so yeah.  But anyway, let me know if you liked it!  And, of course, enjoy! 💕
Tumblr media
The silk slipped over your head, draping on your body in layers.  The soft honey colour looked warm against your skin.  You’d never felt anything so soft.  The fabric felt too expensive to be worn by you, yet, it felt right to have it adorning your body.  The dress brought out the feeling of being a bride-to-be from centuries ago, as if the silk dress was revealing a side of yourself that you had pushed away for years.  It felt right, so right, to be wearing it.
But you knew this was wrong.  
You weren’t meant to be here, in this empty, dreary castle.  A strong storm, a wrong turn, a broken car, a sense of helplessness as you found solace in the only structure around was what brought you to your current predicament.  You had entered the castle hoping that someone would be there to help you.  A groundskeeper, a custodian, an owner—anyone—who would help you.  Someone who would let you stay the night as you thought of your next plan of action.
You could imagine your surprise when you had knocked on the grand door of the castle to hear no reply or steps coming in your direction.  It had seemed abandoned, but that was nonsense!  No one would leave a castle such as this one unowned.  Maybe they hadn’t heard you, it was a large estate.  You doubted that someone from the other side of the castle would be able to hear you, so you knocked again.  You heard it echo throughout the castle through the door that you had pressed your ear against.  
You sighed, there must really have been no one there.
Taking the loss, you had turned back to walk back to your car to escape the rain, but just as you took a step away from the door, you felt a rush of air hit your back.  Confused, you turned, only to see that the door had opened on its own.  It was open just a smidge, but open nonetheless.  Pressing your hand onto the door, you pushed it open further, hoping to see who had let you in.  All that greeted you, however, was a dusty but otherwise eerily empty entry way filled with columns and stairways.
Yet not a single living soul.
You knew that you should probably turn back.  But just as you were about to turn to face the large dark oak doors, a flash of lightning followed by the deep rumble of thunder stopped you.  It caused you to tense up, and when you took another step to peer out the doorway, the rain seemed to plummet to the ground even faster and harsher than before, so much so that it caused the large and heavy door to slam closed an inch from your face.  You were just glad that you hadn’t moved any closer to the door, because with the strength it had slammed shut, if you had been any closer, you were sure your nose would have broken.
Shocked by how much the storm had picked up, you turned back to look at the vast entryway behind you.  No, it still wasn’t safe to be out.  But, you didn’t feel any safer in the castle.  However, after debating with yourself for a minute or two you came to the conclusion that even though the castle may be suspiciously empty, it was dry and safe.  At least, safe from being struck by lightning.  A plus, that trying to leave wouldn’t grant you.  
And so, accepting that you had no chance of leaving the estate until the storm let up, you moved deeper into the castle.
Might as well get comfortable, you thought, letting out a drawn-out breath.
Yet you couldn’t bring yourself to feel comfortable considering how empty the place was.  
But the lack of any presence wasn’t the oddest thing about the castle.  No.  What brought the most uncertainty to overtake your mind was the fact that the castle had been so easy for you to navigate.  Though the castle was made up of many winding, turning corridors and stairwells leading to an endless number of rooms greater than your whole apartment back in the city, you had been able to predict which room you would walk into next.  What grey, lifeless room you would stumble onto.
You would walk through an empty sitting room, only to anticipate the bare hallway you’d walk into next.  As you passed countless doors, in the back of your mind, you vaguely knew what laid behind them.  
Behind that one is a closet, you thought.  That one leads to the cellar.  Oh!  And that one should lead to a bathroom.
It was an odd sort of deja vu.
After a strange, yet surprisingly uneventful walk around the estate, you found yourself in the north wing.  How you knew it was the north wing, you had no clue.  You were never great with directions.  But just like with the layout of the castle, you just knew.  
Nonetheless, you stood in front of the long corridor, an almost never-ending series of doors looking back at you.  
You felt unsafe standing in the middle of the hall, open to anything that could jump out at you.  You knew you were being overly cautious, there had been no people as far as you had seen, but that didn’t mean there couldn’t be bats, rodents, and who knows what else.  To feel a bit more safe, you moved to the left side of the hall, letting your left shoulder skim the wall ever so slightly.  This way you would be sure that at least nothing could jump up at you from your left side.  It helped your nerves from feeling as exposed as you did before.  You’d only have to look out to your right for any possible danger.
And so, you continued to walk down the hall as you leaned against the solid wall.  You felt the textures change against your side as the wall changed from stone to the occasional wooden beams, from the beams to the stone niches where old candle stands stood covered in thick layers of dust.  And of course, you felt the way the stone brick walls changed to the smooth wood of the doors.  You kept walking, keeping your eyes darting around your right side, putting your trust into nothing jumping up from the wall.
Just as you were about to reach the end of the corridor, a spiral stairwell leading up just out of reach in front of you, you felt a strong weight push onto your right.  The harsh force thrust you against the last door in the hallway, which in turn let out under your weight.  It swung open roughly, slamming onto the wall adjacent to it, as it swung open.  You fell into the room.  Immediately, your left shoulder burst out in dull pain from your whole body weight falling onto it.  
A groan involuntarily escaped you as you turned to lay on your back.
“Fuck…” you said more to yourself than anything else.  “What the fuck was that?”
You looked up from your supine position to the door by your feet.  
Nothing.  There was nothing in the doorway.  No one who could have pushed you.  
You let your head fall back onto the ground once you were sure that you were still alone.  What pushed me? was the only thing on your mind as you waited for your heartbeat to slow back down to its regular pace.  Your mind immediately went to a rabid wild animal even though there wasn’t anything of the sort around you.
After what had felt like an eternity—though it was probably only a few minutes—you felt well enough to get back up.
When you did, you finally got the chance to look at the room you had fallen into.  It was a bedroom.  A large 4 poster bed stood in the center of the room.  Lush, jewel-toned sheets covered it, making it look softer than anything you’d ever seen before.  Sheer navy blue curtains hung from the top of the bed frame in a canopy, casting the sheets in a blue hue.  Peeking from under the bed was a handwoven bright red persian rug.  
Opposite the bed was a vanity that, once you got closer to you noticed, held countless vintage perfumes and makeup products.  But as you continued analysing the table, you realized the large vanity seemed to be split into two sections right down the middle.  
On the left there were countless feminine flowery perfumes, a comb that seemed to have been carved from a dark wood.  Small flowers and vines curled around its handle.  There were ribbons in a plethora of colours, ranging from a deep crimson to the palest arctic blue.  Hairpins laid haphazardly buried under the ribbons with elaborate flowers molded at the ends, which, you assumed, were meant to decorate the wearer’s hair.
When you looked at the right side of the vanity, you noticed the stark difference it had when compared to the other.  While the left had flowers, ribbons, and pins, the right had an earthy cologne, what seemed to be a hair pomade, a pocket watch, and a boot shining kit.
As you finally took a step back from the table, you noticed that there was something very off about the room.  You just couldn’t put your finger on it.  But as you lightly drew your finger across the surface of the vanity, you realized what was so wrong with the room.  
It wasn’t dusty.  
Your finger hadn’t come away dirty after you took it off of the table.  When you looked around the room you also realized that unlike the rest of the castle, the room wasn’t grey.  The textiles weren’t faded and mute.  The colours were still vibrant and clean on all these old objects, as if someone had been taking care of this room in particular, leaving the rest of the castle to rot with time.
Strange, very strange.
When you turned back to the vanity, you noticed something behind you that you swore hadn’t been there before.  On the rich bed sheets, behind the sheer curtains was a blob of yellowish… something.  It stood out against the dark sheets, drawing your eyes towards it, and almost like in a trance, it drew the rest of you closer to it too.  You pushed the light curtains aside with the back of your hand.
A dress, a honey coloured dress laid on the bed.  You stroked the silken fabric between your thumb and forefinger.  In doing so, the front of the dress got pulled down revealing what was stitched in a small flowy script in the inside of the dress where the tag would have been.
For you, my love.  Forever and always.
You traced the words with your fingers, and you don’t know what struck you next, but the next thing you knew you were wearing the dress.  Your clothes, a pile at your feet.
And that’s how you got where you were now, standing in the middle of a castle, wearing someone’s stolen dress.  
You stepped over your clothes, walking back to the vanity.  
You studied the dress in the mirror.  It hugged your body like a glove.  It’s neckline was large, allowing a great view of your collarbone and shoulders.  You dragged your fingertips against the exposed skin before letting them move further down.  You noticed how the bodice was shaped to fit your breasts perfectly, neither too large that would leave loose fabric nor too small that would make it hard for you to breathe.  Your eyes locked with your waist and how the dress cinched it just right before opening up into a looser skirt, giving you an hourglass figure.
For a while you just admired the dress on your body, feeling incredibly attractive until your eyes locked with the pile of clothes behind you in the mirror.
The sight of your soaked clothes on the floor shocked you out of your self-admiring stupor.  
You were in an abandoned castle.  Wearing a stolen dress.  That you found in one of the few clean rooms of the place.  
What the hell were you doing?  What made you think this was okay?
Shocked with your own actions, you picked up your clothes from the floor determined to quickly change out of the dress and leave this place before you were caught in such a compromising situation.
Just when you had grasped the bottom of the garment to pull it off, something made you stop, your hands involuntarily loosening on the silk.  
Music.  Soft piano echoed from deep in the castle.  
For the second time since entering this place, you felt your heart start hammering like crazy.  
Somebody was here.  Somebody that could get you arrested for trespassing and theft for the dress you were wearing.
You reached down again to pull the dress off only for the music to become even louder.  So loud that it seemed to be playing from speakers directly into the room.  
Fuck this, you thought, I don’t have time to take this damn thing off.  Not with all this creepy shit.  Just focus on getting the fuck out of here, Y/n.
You let go of the hem of the dress, letting it fall back against your ankles.  You dug through your clothes for your damp jacket, pulling it on over the dress.  You grabbed the rest of your clothes and sped out of the room.  
But another surprise greeted you as you crossed the threshold of the room: the hall was clean.  Not an ounce of dust anywhere.  The stone was no longer covered in years of grime, instead it shone in the soft glow of the candles that were now aflame in the niches.  There were rugs on the floor that weren’t there before, bright and welcoming.  Side tables with bouquets lined the spaces in between the countless doors.  Roses, peonies, hydrangeas, plus a hundred other more types that you didn’t even know the names of.  All of them stood proudly in intricate vases, delicate and alive.  Very alive.  Not crispy or dead.
Okay, what in the actual hell is going on? You thought.  Am I high?  Am I dead?  Did I get shot for trespassing on private property and this is some odd pre-death hallucination?
You weren’t going to stick around to find out.  
You ran from the hallway back from the direction you came from, the thought of your car and its escape the only thing you let yourself focus on.  
You were so shaken that you didn’t even stop to remember how the car wasn’t even working.  
Nonetheless, in your fear-stricken mind, you thought: storm be damned, I’m getting out of here.
Despite trying to ignore your surroundings, your eyes unwillingly noticed all the changes to the rooms that you ran through.  New, clean, bright, and no longer grey and old was the only way to describe it.  Flashes of colours and flowers entered your peripheral vision as you sprinted through the castle.  Even the floor beneath your feet was no longer the same.  A plethora of rugs similar to the ones in the bedroom and hallway covered what seemed like every inch of the castle.  Even though feeling them beneath your shoes threw you further into a loop, you were grateful for them because they muffled your footsteps as you ran.  
Though, you doubted anyone would hear you running even if the rugs weren’t there considering the piano music seemed to only get louder and louder each second that you spent in the estate.  So loud, in fact, that you had taken to pressing the cold, soggy clothes that were once in your arms over your ears to try and drown the music as you ran.  
You felt like a newborn deer fumbling on your feet as you tried to stop your legs from shaking as you ran down the stairs.  You couldn’t even use your arms for balance with the way you were covering your ears.  But the end was in sight, you were in the foyer now, just a little more and you could jump into your car and never look back as you sped away.  
Thank god too, you don’t think you could run for any longer.
As you reached the large wooden doors, you pulled the clothes from your ears, needing to use your arms to open the doors.  
That was the worst mistake you made that whole night.  
As soon as your hands left your ears, the music got louder by tenfold.  Your eardrums blared with the noise.  You felt like screaming with how much pain was streaming from your eardrums into the rest of your body like hot oil.  But, you just grinded your teeth, trying to bear the pain.  
Summoning every ounce of your strength, you reached out to the door, pushing it open.  Immediately rain hit you in the face, dripping down your neck and onto the dress.
So close, you were so close.  
The music was getting louder and louder.
And as soon as you lifted one foot to step out, you felt a hand grasp your shoulder.  
You froze, and so did the music.
“You can’t really be leaving now, after everything,” the voice said.
You still stood facing away from the person, getting more drenched by the second from the rain.  Figuring that you were found out, you reasoned that your best shot of not getting into any further trouble was to apologize.
Putting on your frailest, most apologetic voice, you said, “I know.  I’m so sorry!  I didn’t mean to trespass.  I didn’t mean to steal the dress, I don’t know.  I was just lost, my car broke down, and—and I’m so sorry!”  You were close to tears, your eyes brimming with tears as you rambled nonsense.
The hand on your shoulder tightened, before forcing you to turn around.  Your clothes dropping from your grip from the harsh movement.
You kept your gaze downwards, too ashamed to meet the eyes of the person before you.  Instead you looked at the person’s shoes, a pair of black, expensive-looking leather dress shoes.  Just by eyeing how they shone in the candlelight suggested that the flawless leather had gotten polished just recently.
Yup, you were screwed.
“Come on, now.  Look at me.  Are you going to torture me after centuries’ wait to see your eyes again?” the man—at least you figured was a man from his deep voice and shoes—asked.
You were utterly confused.  Your brows furrowed in confusion, trying to comprehend the man’s words.  
Still you didn’t look up at him.
The man grasped your shoulders over your damp jacket.  “You are a lot more timid than before.  Though, I suppose you were shy the first few days when we first met.”  The man chuckled.  “No matter.  You’ll be as bubbly as you once were in no time, I’m sure.”
The man’s grip on your shoulders tightened once again, before pulling you into his chest.  He moved his hand to the back of your head, pushing your face deeper into the crook of his neck, before he leaned the side of his head against yours.  “I’ve missed you so much, Y/n.  So much.”
You were as stiff as a board against his body.  You still hadn’t seen the man’s face, had no clue who he was, yet the smell of his cologne seemed to bring you a surprising sense of calm.  You don’t know why the man’s soft hands felt familiar, why his smooth voice sent pleasurable shivers down your spine, or why your tired arms ached to wrap around him.  
But in the back of your mind, you knew this was weird.  You should be outraged by this man grabbing you, invading your personal space, uttering gibberish that made no sense to you.  
That’s when your eyes widened in realization.  “How do you know my name?”
The man laughed a hearty laugh.  You could feel the vibrations against your chest from the noise.  The movement only making the wet dress rub uncomfortably against your skin.
The man nuzzled his head against yours before saying, “Like I would ever forget your name, Y/n.  Does any man ever forget his bride?”
Fear started to pump through your body.  
What is this man saying?  He’s crazy, you thought to yourself.  
Finally you seemed to come to your senses, moving your arms from your sides to his waist.  You pushed the man away from you, to which he didn’t put up any resistance.  
Shaking your head, you said, “I don’t know what you’re talking about, and honestly I feel like you’re just messing with me now.  First the place goes from a haunted house to the Buckingham palace, and then you start talking about old brides and shit. I'll just leave, okay?  I’ll bring you no troubl—”  you raised your head to look at him and instantly froze.  
The man was ridiculously handsome.  Long dark hair slicked back paired with even darker eyes that sparkled with the reflections of the candlelight.  Blemishless skin, with rose lips, full and tempting.  His lips were stretched into an eased, yet the slightest but teasing smile.   A look of pure adoration painting his face.  When you looked down from his face you saw his black velvet suit jacket.  It had a sheen to it from where your wet body had been pressed against.  Under the jacket was a white dress shirt with the first few buttons undone, revealing the soft skin underneath.  The shirt’s collar slightly wrinkled as if he’d been pulling at it. The pants were of velvet too, tailored to fit his body perfectly just like the rest of the suit was.
As your eyes moved back up to his broad shoulders, you seemed to for the first time really take in just how large his frame was.  Or at least the top of his frame was, because his broad shoulders and chest tapered into an unbelievably small waist.  
Your eyes lingered on it, your fingers twitching to wrap around it, to put your arms around it and pull the man close.
The sound of him chuckling surprised you enough to force your eyes away from his body to his smug face.  
“Still as entranced by my waist as ever, are you, Y/n?  Don’t feel so shy, you can feel me,” he said, his voice getting quieter as he leaned down closer to your face.  “You know I like it...”  he whispered smoothly into your ear.
With his plump rosy lips pulled into a smirk against the side of your head, he grabbed your hands before placing them on his waist.  He tightened your grip on him, before moving his hands to your own waist inside your open jacket. He teasingly squeezed you, then rubbed over the flesh in slow, deliberate movements.  He had you pushed against the castle’s main door that he must have gotten closed at some point while you were freaking out.
He pulled himself flush against you, ignoring or maybe uncaring that your drenched body was getting him wet too.  He moved his head to lay against your shoulder, turned towards your head so he could still keep somewhat of an eye on your expression.  With each word he spoke, his lips skimmed your neck, leaving chills in their wake.  “I’ve missed you so much, my love.  I never thought I’d get to see you again.  I was so close to leaving this realm, maybe move on to the world beyond“—his voice had started quivering—“I’m so glad I never did.”
His warm breath heated up your cold neck with each exhale.  Paired with the way he moved his lips over the sensitive skin of your neck, he knew exactly what he was doing.
“I’ve missed you so much, so, so, so much…”  His lips cautiously pressed harder against your neck, puckering into a kiss that made your skin tingle under the soft touch.  
Why you were letting him do this, you weren’t sure, but it may have had to do with the way your body seemed to yearn for him, against your better judgement.  All that went through your head was how good it felt, to be in his arms, his lips marking your body as he pleased.  
He felt the way you shivered under his touch, which only spurred him on to mouth at the point under your ear even more.  He knew just the right places to pay attention to, before moving on to another spot that had soft gasps leaving your lips as he nipped at the skin.  When the noises got loud enough for them to draw the man’s attention, his lips curved into a smile against your skin which only made your embarrassment deepen.
The change of pace spurred you to push the large man away from you, bringing a jacket sleeve-covered hand up right after to wipe away at the wetness he’d left spanning from your collarbones to your jawline.
“You can’t just do that!” you snapped, common sense flooding to the forefront of your brain as it should have long ago.  “I don’t know your name, I don’t know why this place went from a dusty, trashy haunted house to a multi-million dollar estate, fully-furnished with all these well-taken care of vintage artifacts that would have collectors drooling at their prime condition, and I don’t know how you know me!  I’m sorry that I came in here, okay?  I won’t do it again, I was stupid, inconsiderate, and completely out of line.  There, I admitted it, so can you kindly stop mind-fucking me with all this crazy shit?”
As you tried to catch your breath after blowing up in his face, you noticed the corner of his mouth raise up in a smug half-grin.
He stepped up to you again, walking up real close.  He leaned in, eyes flickering down to your lips and you prepared yourself for him to continue his affections, ignoring everything you said.
You closed your eyes, ready to take whatever he did next.
But it never came.  At the lack of action, you opened your confused eyes.
He was standing less than an inch from your face, eyes still glued to your lips.  Only when you finally spoke did he break eye contact and look into your eyes.
“Why didn’t you kiss me?” you asked, though you weren’t sure why you sounded so disappointed.
Looking deep into your eyes, he said, “Did you want me to?”
You had no answer for him, no answer that you wanted to give him anyway.
He hummed at your lack of an answer, moving back from you.  He just watched you for a second, seeming to look through your very being.  It felt like he was looking for something in particular, deep within your soul.  He then reached up to push a few damp strands of hair out of your face, letting his hand linger on the side of your head.
You looked up at him, still confused about what was going on.  Was he ever gonna answer your questions?  Maybe this was the sign that you should make a break for it, you were after all standing pressed up against the main doors.  
If I could push him away hard enough, I could probably manage to get the doors open and make a break for my car—WAIT, my car isn’t working,  you remembered.  Fuck, I’m trapped.
His hands being placed on your shoulders broke you out of your thoughts.  “I should probably answer your questions,” he said while pushing your jacket off of your shoulders.  “But first, let me take this.”
“No!  Wait, I’d rather keep it on,” you said frantically.
“Nonsense.  It’s soaked through, you’ll get sick.  Besides, you’re not gonna need it anytime soon.”  He walked away from you to place the jacket onto a coat stand.  This was the first time that night that he’d moved more than a metre away from you.  The first time he had turned his back to you.  The first time you weren’t under his watchful gaze.
This is my chance to run, you thought.
You knew that there was nothing nearby, but you couldn’t stand to spend another second with this mystery man.  Trying not to make any noise you reached behind you to try and find the doorknob.  
Your eyes were still locked on the man’s back, cautious of any sudden movements.  Cautious of getting caught.
Bingo, you found the doorknob.  Now just to quietly turn it open.  
He had by now placed the jacket on the stand, but he hadn’t let it go.
You turned the doorknob a millimetre at a time.  Any more and it would creak.
His hands were smoothing over the fabric.
Halfway done, just a little more.
He was checking the pockets.
Don’t look back, don’t look back, you prayed in your head.
He was going through your pockets.
My keys are in the jacket.  He has my car keys!  My  stuff’s in the car.  I have nothing, you realized.
He put your phone and keys away into the inner pocket of his suit’s jacket, before immediately turning to you.
You froze in your spot.
He scanned your frame from top to bottom, the hand on the doorknob, the fear swimming in your eyes.
“Don’t bother.”  He walked back to you.  “The door doesn’t open without my permission.”  He could sense your uncertainty.  “Don’t trust me?  Try and open it.”
You did just that, turning to face the door this time.  You didn’t have to worry about being caught this time.  You took a deep breath in before turning the handle the last few millimetres that were left, but when you pushed it open—nothing.  Nothing happened.  It didn’t open.
“Got it out of your system?”  You jumped at how close his voice was to your ear.  He was standing right behind you, just barely resting his chin on your shoulder as he peered at your hand on the doorknob in front of you.
Though a bit hesitant, you nodded your head.
“Good.”  He turned you around, before stepping aside to stand beside you on your left.  “If you’ll be good, I’ll make sure you get the answers to your questions.  Now, come.”
He intertwined your left arm with his right, starting to walk you deeper into the candle-lit castle.
“Where are we going?” you asked once you had mustered the courage to speak to the strange man.
“I saw you walk around very deliberately when you first stumbled inside—don’t look so scared, my love, I was just watching you—you weren’t lost or confused at all by the look of it.  You knew exactly where you were going…”  He turned to look at you as you walked.  You refused to meet his eyes.  “Love, why don’t you tell me where I’m taking you.  I know it will come back to you.”
You looked around you.  You were walking arm-in-arm down a narrow corridor on the East side of the estate.  You saw an offshoot hallway a few metres ahead of you.  It leads to the… kitchen.  Yes, the kitchen.  But, the two of you passed the hallway, continuing straight down the hall.  The next door went to a… a storage room.  You doubted he was going to take you there.
All of the sudden, you heard the piano start up again.  Soft and sweet, not ear-bleeding like it had been before.  Music.  
Wait—it was coming back to you.
“You’re taking us to the ballroom.”
He smiled, his eyes filled with unrepressed joy.  “Yes, I am.  You do remember.  You are my Y/n.”
He stopped in front of the door that led to the ballroom.  It was a side door, not the main one that guests would use to enter the ball.  This door was meant for the servants who would come to serve the guests hor d'oeuvres and drinks.  The man stared at the door, an aura of sadness and anxiety seeping off of him and into the air.  As it surrounded you, it only passed on the worries to you.
“What’s wrong?” you asked.
He continued to stare at the door for a second too long before letting out an unconvincing: “nothing.”
You could hear the piano much clearer now.  Though it was slightly muffled behind the door, it was still as smooth and alluring as you imagined it would sound without the wood blocking the sound from you.  The subdued notes called to you, and as you placed your hand to push the door open, the grip on your arm tightened, keeping you on your spot.  He brought you to the ballroom, but was not letting you go into it.  
It confused you to no end.  It seemed like confusion was your constant state that night.
“Aren't we going to go inside?”  It felt like you had been speaking more than him since you got to the door.  His self-confidence seemed to have melted as soon as you got in close proximity to the room.  “Excuse me, uh..” He still hadn’t told you his name.  You settled for a replacement title.  “Uh, sir, are you okay?”
“I’m alright, my love.  It’s just… a bit difficult to go back in there since, well, since that’s where I lost you.”
You were getting tired of his cryptic words and slivers of the past that he refused to fully reveal to you.  Yet, a part of you wanted to comfort him, apologize to him, though for what, you weren’t entirely sure.  The other sane part of you just wanted to rip your hair out from just how confused you were from this whole situation.  You decided to go with the former for the sole reason that Jin’s grip on your arm was too strong to allow you to even reach your head.
The man got very serious after your soft apology.  “Don’t be.  There is no reason to be sorry, it wasn’t your fault.  It—It was just an unfortunate accident of not enough security during the wedding.  It wasn’t your fault; it wasn’t mine either.”
It sounded as though he was trying to convince himself more than you.
“I still don’t know what you’re talking about,” you said, wishing that someone—anyone—would just explain what in the actual hell was going on.  Preferably without clinging to you and calling you ‘my love.’  
It wasn’t that you hated it when the mystery man said it, it was the fact that you didn’t hate it that made it worse.
The man smiled at you before finally opening the door into the ballroom.  He held the door open for you, ushering you into the room.  
The room was less a room and more of a grand hall considering it was as big as a professional soccer field.  The floor was made of a light marble, grey accents swirling through the solid ivory hue.  Under the flickering candlelight that spread from the multiple chandeliers that hung high on the scenically painted ceiling, the grey seemed to move across the floor like magic.  
The piano music rushed up to you, bathing you in its serenity as it beckoned you further into the hall.  You could see the piano as it sat at the far end of the ballroom spreading its sound into the world even though it seemed to be missing its pianist.
“It’s playing on its own.”  You turned to the man, hoping he’d clear this confusion at least.
“It’s not.”  The man hooked to your arm stopped the two of you in the middle of the floor, briefly letting go of you as he stepped in front of you, blocking the view of the piano.  He wrapped his right arm around your waist as his left held your right one out to your side.  With you thoroughly pressed against his body for the nth time that night, he began to sway to the rhythm of the music.  “He’s there.  I just assumed that it would be best if only I revealed myself to you tonight.  I couldn’t bear to share you on our first night back together.”  He winked down at you.
When you peeked at the piano over the man’s shoulder, you felt flashes of another life surface.  Dark hair.  A kind gummy smile.  Music.  Understanding.  A friend.
“Yoongi…” The familiar name slipped from your lips.  
The music faltered for a second, almost caught off guard at your words, before resuming to its former perfection, though a tad more quick than before.  If you strained your eyes hard enough through the darkness, you could almost make out the figure of a man sitting at the piano.  Though his hands moved gracefully over the ivory keys, his focus and gaze were locked on you.
The man wrapped around you let out a dark chuckle, drawing your attention away from the figure’s faint smile back to him.  “I have to say, my love, it hurts that you remembered the musician’s name before you remembered mine.”
You gazed into his hurt stare, a sad smile accompanying it.  “I’m sorry.  I don’t—I don’t know how I remembered.  I don’t even know what I just remembered.”
He let you think for a second before saying, “You do.”
“Out in the hall, you had said that you don’t know what I’m talking about.  You do.”  He monitored your expression.
“I don’t think you understand, just how much I really don’t.”  What was this man getting at?
He brushed some loose drying hair out of your eyes.  “You know more than you think you do.  You remembered the layout of our home, you found your way directly to our room.”
He suddenly twirled you in the midst of your dance, taking you by surprise.  His eyes sparkled as your grip on him tightened as you tried to steady yourself after the sudden motion.  And then back you were, pressed flush against his chest.  “You don’t know how happy I was when I saw you standing in front of our door.  I’ll admit, my excitement did get the better of me and I pushed you into the room in my rush.  I apologize.”
“It’s okay,” you said so quickly that it almost cut him off.  You didn’t like seeing him feel bad.
His smile grew, eyes softening even further at your acceptance.  “I was even happier to see you in your wedding dress.”  The hand that splayed against the small of your back, massaged over the smooth fabric, almost savouring the feeling of having you back in his arms just like you had been at your incomplete wedding all those centuries ago.  “Though, I see you didn’t put on the petticoat and corset that accompanies the dress.  I’ll let it be though, I’m sure it’s hard to remember all those steps after all this time.”
He let out a soft sigh, looking out to the side in mild embarrassment.  “I’m getting a bit ahead of myself, aren’t I?  What I meant by all this is that you do remember.  You do remember me.”
His left hand let go of yours, moving to cup the side of your face.  Eyes darting across your face, looking for a sign of recognition, he said, “Who am I, Y/n?”
Your throat immediately closed up.  Your hands twitched, anxious sweat starting to coat them.  “I—I don’t—”
“Yes you do!” He cut you off.  He seemed to get more frantic the longer you kept him waiting.  “You remembered the castle, the dress, the ballroom, and even the godforsaken musician—You have to remember me too!”
Your heart was beating out of your chest, eyes blurring as tears formed in the corners of your eyes.
“Come on, Y/n!  Try!  Just try to remember!  I changed the castle back to how it was before to help you remember!  I know you can do it!  Just say it!  Say my name, please!  I can’t take it!”
The candle flames seemed to stretch higher, much higher than they should have, kissing the quickly blackening ceiling.  The music had stopped long ago, and the presence of the friendly figure had left with it.  Strong wind whipped around the ballroom, tossing your hair into your face so hard that you imagined them leaving little cuts in your skin.  You clenched your eyes shut.
His grip tightened, and tightened, and tightened until—
“Jin!  Your name is Jin!  The Crown Prince, Kim Seokjin, of the Western Mainland and Isles of the Kingdom of Zergaci.”  
Your voice faltered for a second, debating if you should admit the rest of the words that had been circling your head all night.
Fuck it.
“My fiance, my love.  ...My Jin.”
The candle flames had gone back to their regular height, the wind no longer pushing at you.  But the music had not resumed.  
It was silent.
You didn’t dare open your eyes.  You couldn’t bear to see Jin’s reaction.
And then you were being lifted into the air.
“You remember!”  He spun you around, his hearty, joyous laugh immediately melting your worries.  You joined him in his celebrations, a hole in your chest that you didn’t know even existed until a few minutes ago filling.
You’d never felt so complete.
He gently placed you back onto the ground.  
Your cheek muscles were starting to ache with how much you were smiling.
You could remember everything.  How you’d met at a nobility banquet, immediately catching one another’s eye.  How he’d asked you for a dance, singling you out from all of the envious women.  How he’d slowly gotten you to fall deeper and deeper into love with him over the course of five years.  Charming you patiently, not ever making you feel uncomfortable or rushed.
You remembered the day he asked you to marry him.  The clip-clop of his horse drawn carriage stopping at the door of your family’s estate.  The way that he’d glanced up at your room’s window, knowing that you were waiting there, peeking out from behind your red curtains, for him to finally ask for your hand in marriage.  He’d spoken with your father and mother first, always being the most traditional when it came to matter like this.  The promise of giving you a good, fulfilling life sealing the deal for your parents as they quickly accepted the proposal.  
They had finally called you down, telling you that Jin had wanted to take you somewhere.  They had been trying to keep the proposal a secret, but Jin was always an open book and you could read him well.  You’d known for weeks that he was going to ask you to marry him sometime soon.
He had taken you to one of his vacation estates.  A smaller estate than his main one surrounded by fields and fields of flowers.  He had chosen that particular estate, because he knew of your love for nature.  Over the years he had switched out a lot of the flowers to your favourites.  
But the most predominant type were the ones you loved the most of all.  French marigolds.  That was where he had taken you then,  in the midst of the dual-coloured flowers.  In the sea of orange and red, he’d asked you to be his ‘til the end of time.
Without missing a beat you had said yes.
And even though it caused you much pain, you even remembered your last day with him.  
You had stayed the night before your wedding, bringing with you all of your belongings.  He had wanted to have you to himself the night before the big day.  The need to cherish you beating his want to keep the tradition of not seeing you before the wedding.  
He had helped you get dressed that morning.  Helping you into your honey-coloured wedding dress that reminded him of your favourite marigolds.  He hadn’t wanted anyone else to dress you, but had finally given up when he realized he was incapable of doing your makeup.  He had let your closest attendant finish up your makeup and hair, though he refused to leave the room while it happened.
You had only laughed at his childish antics.
It was only when you were greeting the guests before the actual ceremony when everything had gone awry.  In your dying breath you heard someone say that apparently one of those women from the ball where you first met Jin had gotten a bit more angry than the others, paying off a man to get rid of you.  It had been sudden, the man quickly escaping the chaos of the bride-to-be bleeding out in the arms of the Crown Prince.
Beyond that, you knew nothing.
“I love you so much, Y/n!  So much!”  Jin’s declaration brought you out of your newly-recovered  past-life’s memories.  He hugged you tight, not wanting to let go.  Not that you wanted him to anyways, not after being reunited with the man who had made you so happy in your past life.
Who would be upset about being reunited with their soulmate?
He covered your faces in kisses in between his laughter.
You giggled.  “The Jin I knew wasn’t so liberal with his affection.  Not in public, at least.  Are you really my Jin?  Or have the years really changed you?”
“Seems that being away from you has made me let go of some of my more conservative ways.  The centuries do that to you.”  He pressed his cheek against yours, softly rubbing like one would expect a cat to do.  Your hands were sat against his pecs over his clothes, moving up and down in a comforting way.  You wanted to show him that you missed him as much as he missed you.
“Say, Jin, I can’t remember past dropping on the ground on that last day, what happened after that?  How are you still here?”  You leaned back to look at him.  “Why aren’t you...dead?”
His eyes flashed at your questions, quickly darkening from their once cheerful brightness.  He didn’t want to tell you.  He refused to tell you what had happened.  
He knew how kind you were and probably still are even after being reborn; you would hate what he’d done while he’d been struck by grief.  How he’d doomed himself and all those who lived and worked for the royal family to stay captive at the castle in his fit of grieving rage.  Not even death himself coming to free them from his clutches.  
He wouldn’t be able to handle your disapproval, and so he decided he wouldn’t tell you.  He wouldn’t let you slip out of his hands once again.
“Always so curious, my love.”  His hand brushed your cheek.  “But that doesn’t matter now.  All that matters is that you’re here, back with me.”  
He gave you a soft peck on your lips, causing your eyes to flicker closed.  While you basked in the afterglow of his love, eyes still pleasantly shut, he said, “I’m never letting you go now.”
The words brought a small smile to your lips.  “You always say that, you jokester.”
His arms tightened around you.  “I mean it this time.  Y/n, you aren’t leaving me this time.  I’m not letting you leave this castle, our home.”
The sincerity and monotonousness in his voice brought you out of your blissed out state.  
This could just be him saying sweet nothings, but it didn’t seem like it from the serious look on his face.  He did realize you were living a different life than your last one, right?  You had responsibilities, a family, a life outside of all this.  You couldn’t leave it all behind for a life long lost.  Still, you decided to give him the benefit of the doubt and make it clear that you couldn’t stay forever in a joking manner.  Test the waters, so to speak.
“Jin,” you started.  “You know I have a life outside of here, right?  I can’t just stay here all the time, even if I want to.”  You jokingly batted at his upper arm to show you were just messing around, not trying to start a fight.
“A life outside of me?”  He didn’t seem to think it was that funny, if his unimpressed expression was anything to go by.
You laughed half-heartedly, trying to keep up the happy persona.  “Of course.  I do have a family, you know.  People I care about and love.”
His eyes flashed.  “People you… love?”
You didn’t like where this was going.  “...Yes?  I mean, I have a complete life in the outside world.”
“Are you in a relationship?”
The sudden question threw you off-guard.  “What?!  Of course not!”
He stared right through your soul and when he spoke, the finality to his tone reminded you of his title.  He was a ruler not to be argued with.  His word was final.  “Then there is no issue with staying here with me, the person who you are in a relationship with.”
“I have other people who I care for!  I have a family; a mother, a father, a sister, two brot—”
“YOUR FAMILY IS DEAD!”  He erupted less than a millimeter from your face.  “Your family died more than three hundred years ago!  The only person you have left is me!  Only me!  Those people”—he said the word with venom dripping from his lips—“are not your family!”
You were shaking, tears slowly rolling down the apples of your cheeks.  
He had yelled at you.  He’d never yelled at you, like this.  Raised his voice, sure, but not unadulterated rage like this.  Never said anything so hurtful.  Not once.  Not in this life, or the one before.  
The Jin you knew was kind, considerate, a gentleman.  
This was not your Jin.  This was a man who, after the many centuries away from you, had become a shell of the person you loved.  He had become a monster.
Your silent crying seemed to pull him out of his rage.  Immediately, he seemed to realize what he’d done.  “Oh.  Oh, Y/n, I’m so sorry.  My intention wasn’t to make you cry.  I love you, you know!”  He frantically wiped the tears on your cheeks.  It was a worthless effort.  More tears took the previous’ place promptly once they had been removed.
“Oh, don’t cry, my love!  I love you so much!  So much!  You have to understand, I cannot let you abandon me again.  I cannot let you leave!  You’re all I have left!  Everything I’ve done was just to have you again.”
He was losing it, his nails digging into the fleshy part of your exposed arms.  Though you didn’t dare look down at his hands, you were sure he’d started to draw blood.  
The tears were still streaming down your face.  They had started to draw down your neck and over your collarbone, soaking your silk dress.  Your clothes were just not getting a break today, it seemed.
“Here!  Here, Y/n!”  His right hand let go of your arm, reaching into the air behind you.  When he pulled his hand back into his field of view, he had a flower clenched in his fist.  They looked familiar, but in the mellow candlelight, and the fact that you were still crying, you couldn’t quite make out what exactly they were.
“A french marigold!  Your favourite!  The flower that was with us during all of our best moments!  A symbol of our love!  Take it, Y/n!”  He thrusted the flower into your face.
You turned away from the flower, letting its velvety petals graze against your tear-soaked cheek.  The only thing that your body allowed you to do through your fear was whisper: “I want to go home.”
He paused, letting your words soak in.  
And then, in an eerily calm voice, he said,  “take the flower, Y/n.”
Like a broken record, you repeated, “I want to go home.”
His wide, dead eyes pierced through you.  “You are home.  Take the flower, Y/n.”
Again.  “I want to go home.”
“You couldn’t leave even if you wanted to.  Take the flower, Y/n.”
Again.  “I want to go home.”
“Your efforts would be fruitless.  Take the flower, Y/n.”
“You can’t make me stay.”  You could feel each pump of your heart.
“I can and I will.  The doors don’t open, unless I want them to.  Take the flower, Y/n.”
You bit the bullet.  “I don’t love you.”
His eyes glazed over, a scary smile slowly twitching its way across his face.  A smile way too wide, way too toothy, made it clear that you’d said the wrong thing.  “Y/n.  You’re mine.  Get that through your head.”  
He turned your face to look directly up at him.  His thumb rubbing against your chin.  He leaned closer to you, eyes locked with your lips.  
You quickly closed your eyes, preparing yourself for his kiss, but it never came.  Instead, you felt something get tucked behind your ear.  
When you opened your eyes, you were met with Jin’s sorrow-filled look.  A complete one-eighty from his fierce look from just a few seconds ago.  His sad eyes took in the sight of the marigold blooming from behind your ear.
“You’ve been mine since the day you agreed to marry me.  From the moment you said yes, you’ve been mine.”  
He met your eyes, and you weren’t sure if it was a trick of the candlelight, but you could have sworn there were tears threatening to spill from them.  “Don’t leave me.  Not again.”
You heard a quiet sniffle that, if you weren’t looking right at him, you wouldn’t have believed came from the proud man that you knew.  
In a voice, way too small for the man in front of you, too emotional for the Crown Prince that once had you wrapped around his finger, too broken, he said, “please.”
It was over.
And in that moment you knew that though you trembled, though you ached to run back home to your family, no matter how much you wanted to leave, with his quiet plea he had latched onto the old Y/n, the one willing to do anything for her Prince, and chained the present you and your soul to him.  
Now, you would never leave, not even if you wanted to.
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bangtangalicious · 3 months ago
death valley (m) | part 8
summary: welcome to death valley. once you’re in, there’s no telling whether you’ll make it out alive. a summer internship turns wild with blurry nights of dangerous men, dirty money, and extremely hot sex. you soon get caught in a savage game of greed, power and obsession, only to find out that you are the grand prize
Tumblr media
pairing: ot7 x f.reader smut ft: jin x reader, jungkook x reader, taehyung x reader
genre: smut. yandere. mystery. thriller. gang!au rockstar!au fightclub!au
wordcount: 9.0k
warnings: reader discretion advised. rough sex, physical roughness, sadism kink, pain kink, breast play, fingering, elevator sex (semipublic), praise kink, dirty talk, unrealistic endurance (this is one day LMAO), attempted fire play, bondage, guns, attempted shootings, knife play if you squint, spanking, degradation (name calling, slut shaming, being really mean lolol thanks jin), crying kink? lot of crying, toxic and manipulative behaviors, jin steps on you so there’s that, character death, heavy drug use, paranoia/fear, voyeurism, sex while intoxicated, me trying to put some humor where i can, sweet dom!jungkook, wild dom!jin, and a sprinkle of dom!taehyung ;) ALSO eyebrowpiercing!jungkook. very important. 
a/n: s/o soowoozoo!bts for being my inspo. 
part 0 | part 1 | part 2 | part 3 | part 4 | part 5 | part 6 | part 7 | part 8 | part 9 | part 10 | part 11 | series navi | masterlist |
F L A S H F O R W A R D--
Goosebumps spread across your skin as the silence set in. The room was chilly, air conditioner buzzing in contrast to the slick humidity of the summer night waiting for you outside. The white light made your eyes ache, the walls were plain, dry, empty.
You stared blankly at the table in front of you. The sound of the pen scratching paper made you ache, remembering kinder days when you and Hobi would be goofing around and writing songs. How did you get here? How did you let this happen?
The previous night, you had dreamt of being at a concert, somewhere far from Death Valley. Losing yourself to music and molly, a soft pair of hands on your hips as you danced the night away, singing at the top of your lungs. Those same hands wrapping around your waist, nose tracing behind your ear to whisper to you how pretty you were. How hot you looked and how badly he wanted to tear your clothes off with his teeth. 
You allowing him to pick you up so easily, take you back to his car where you scrambled into the back seat. Like children. The first kiss was magic, you were glued to him and could barely move on. He wouldn’t leave you for a second, he wouldn’t let you breathe. Your lips were hot on each other, soft moans and giggles. Swallowed smiles as you drank one another in, bodies like waves crashing against each other.
Hands wandering until he had you where he wanted. Where you wanted. He loved you down so incredibly good. How he was able to tear you apart while still being so sweet, you could barely even fathom. His teeth dug into the flesh of your breasts, fingers hooking around your panties. 
His tongue ravished your figure. There was no part of you left untouched, no part of you that wasn’t completely ablaze with arousal. You would arch your neck back as he lapped away at the sweetness dripping between your legs, your hands combing through his wavy black hair.
His tongue knew where to go, he knew how you liked it, and your fist clenched as he fucked you with his mouth through and through. He always made sure you came first. Always. Every single time.
Whether you had mere minutes or long hours, he loved the way you tasted, making sure you knew that at every chance he got. Sloppy wet kisses traveled up your stomach to your chest, up your neck, hands caressing your ass, scratching your back, holding you close for a moment. 
You were whisked away into heaven, just briefly, as his thick cock would push into you. Your pussy pulling him in, wanting to feel the familiar but oh so incredible stretch that only he gave you. 
Taehyung. You sobbed as he fucked you, allowing him to kiss the glossy tears off of your cheeks as he rolled his hips, angling so perfectly to nudge deep within you. His sinister grin, his giggles, his chaos. You were in the hands of disaster but you never felt more safe. 
Why are you crying dumbass? He would find your state amusing, continuing to fuck you, thrusts long and smooth. Quick, but slow enough for you to savor each second. Your whining lost behind the wet sound of your bodies colliding.
Where are you? Are you watching this right now? You’re not really dead are you?
Stroking your cheek, he leaned down to whisper against your mouth. The words he would keep on saying, echoing back to you. Play along. I won’t hurt you.
What exactly you were playing, you were unsure. 
“Look at me” Your eyes darted up to meet Jin’s deceivingly innocent eyes. “I’m gonna ask you again, did you kill Kim Taehyung?” 
You gulped, sweat collecting onto the cold handcuffs around your wrists. Jin glanced at the mirrored wall, before letting out a heavy sigh. 
“It appears that Kim Taehyung was murdered about two hours before the party. We found your gun near the body.” Jin holds up the custom weapon Yoongi had given that was unmistakably yours. “Where were you at that time?” You felt your eyes getting heavy.
“I was” You lips were chapped, mouth clammy with a bitter taste. You looked him dead in the eye, stomach sickened by the amusement glistening within them as you struggled with your response. You knew he was getting a kick out of it. You wanted to spit on his face. You wanted to slap him, to scream, to flip the table and break out of the windowless room that caged you.
“I was with...y..” Jin smirked, leaning back. You cleared your throat, mind running a mile a minute.
“With who Y/n?”
You glared at him. He was treating this as some sort of role play. You felt queasy at the thought. Someone was dead. Dead. 
“You. I was with you”
F L A S H B A C K--
The morning rays slid through the expansive glass wall of the hotel room, causing Yoongi’s eyes to flinch, squinting as they opened and took in the day that presented itself. He sighed heavily, the weight of the previous night still on his mind. You were still asleep, but he could see through the chaffing beneath your wrists that you were not comfortable. He took the leash and fastened it to the headboard, ensuring you had no escape. 
Grabbing his keys, Yoongi quickly got dressed in a white hoodie and left the room. He needed to find out the truth for himself. He couldn’t afford to have you lying to him already. 
It was so frustrating to him that you couldn’t just be honest with him. He had been immensely open with you even if he was not proud of what he had to share. Why would you hide things? Hadn’t he proven himself to you? Hadn’t he done everything to win your heart?
Yoongi sighed. His anger issues were core to his being. It was part of his true self, but he had spent years trying to become someone you would fall in love with. All he wanted to do was make home in your heart, but no matter how many of your suitors he ended up threatening, beating to a pulp, and forcing them to bail on you, there was nothing in his power that could tear down that goddamn Park Jimin poster on your bedroom wall.
There was nothing he could do to stop you from writing small fantasies in your journal that you kept stashed in your bedside drawer. 
Yoongi would be lying if he said he didn’t come close to killing Jimin multiple times before. But he realized that would not have delivered him a solution. If Jimin died, you would mourn. You would still harbor that love for him and never have an opportunity to see what he really was. It was because of this Yoongi, with Taehyung’s helpful insight, had orchestrated a way to destroy Jimin in your eyes. 
Jimin was then introduced to Yoongi’s two weapons of destruction, Taehyung and cocaine. Yoongi worked hard to build himself up as a successful music producer. He had to be better than Jimin, had to make sure he could offer you everything Jimin could and more. 
To his surprise, you did move on from Jimin, at least the reality of him. But this fantasy of who he used to be remained pinned to your heart. After Jimin quit music, the mention of his name would still cause you to blush and smile. It made Yoongi want to throw up.
You had to see for yourself. Yoongi learned what it was that attracted you to Jimin and embodied just that. You liked that you had to chase him, you liked that he didn’t give a shit about you. You liked that he never noticed you and you had to pine for his attention. You liked that he was dedicated to his music, you liked the lifestyle he was associated with. You liked his lack of emotion and fantasized of him showing his true colors to you and only you, a sensitive, sweet, charming guy. Anger was not a part of this persona at all. 
When he felt like he had driven Jimin crazy enough with the drugs, he decided to plant rumors on stan twitter that Jimin would be signing with his label. Using his personal relationship with the singer, he was able to sign him on. He conveniently then offered you a summer internship, knowing full well you would be coming for one reason alone. Park Jimin.
Yoongi wanted you to fall straight into his arms. He rented out every available apartment for the months you were searching for a place to live, forcing you to reside in his building. He wanted to win you over naturally. He wanted you to work with Jimin, hook up with Jimin, and end up loathing him. Loving Yoongi instead. 
Jimin’s gang activity was getting on Yoongi’s nerves. Taehyung told him Jimin was in Death Valley, that you saw Jimin at Death Valley. When Yoongi heard from you, not Taehyung, that you had been kidnapped, along with Namjoon nonetheless, Yoongi had enough. He was used to giving Taehyung plenty of unsupervised jurisdiction, so Jimin’s accident was not a surprise to him. 
But you sympathized with Jimin, which was not what he wanted. He then decided to take things into his own hands, threatening Seokjin into throwing the fight to leech Jimin of every cent he had. He broke into your apartment, fucking everything up so that you had no choice but to come to him. To need him. 
And when Jin didn’t lose, he had no choice but to reveal to you who he was. Even after all his honestly, all his trust, you still lied to him. 
Yoongi was furious. He arrived at Death Valley, using the front entrance. Pulling a mask over his face, he barged in, surveying the silence as a sign that the bar was empty. Through the kitchen he arrive at the back storage room, accessible only by key, where all of the surveillance had been set up years ago. 
Monitors were spread across the wall, but Yoongi’s eyes narrowed in at one that was coming up with no feed. Your apartment. Someone had fucked with the cameras. Yoongi types away at the main monitor, enlarging your apartment footage and reeling back to find the moment the device was destroyed.
He sees Taehyung, whispering something to you. Next thing he knows the stream is blank. He grits his teeth, as all the pieces fall into place. He was a fool. How could he have been so blind? Taehyung must be in love with you. He must have, after watching you for so many years. Yoongi scowled at the thought of the ways Taehyung may have seen you, naked, vulnerable, ways that only he should. 
He had trusted Taehyung. Taehyung had only ever shown interest in money and Yoongi thought that was enough. Taehyung must have fucked you over and over again once the cameras were dead. What a whore. It made sense then that he had cut the line through his branding on you. He was the only one who could have. He had access to you and he was psychotic! He must have forced you to lie. You wouldn’t ever hide anything from Yoongi, no, Yoongi was the man of your dreams. You felt grateful that you had him, didn’t you?
He tilted his head, cracking his knuckles before he punched the glass screen, causing the feed to go haywire and sparks to erupt. Kim Taehyung. You are dead to me.
Yoongi growled lowly before picking up his phone. “It’s me. I need to see you. Now” 
Hobi kept his hand on the small of your back as he led you down to the hotel bar. The two of you nodded politely at the staff members who were busily preparing for the big event. The bar was empty aside for a few guests enjoying their brunch-time mimosas.
Hobi couldn’t really revel in the fact that the two of you were getting drinks together, almost like a date. His mind was too caught up in the initial shock he felt when he saw you tied up in his boss’ bedroom. He felt upset, but moreso he felt violated. He wondered if you were getting taken advantage of. Did he promise you a promotion? Was he manipulating you?
Punishing someone like that, Hobi was never one to kink shame, but it seemed a bit much. The name burned into your skin did nothing to ease his concern. Someone who was possessive, violent, impulsive. It reminded him of...
Hobi didn’t know. He didn’t know who gave him orders. He really didn’t care once the cash rolled in, but it began hitting too close to home. He wasn’t thrilled about hurting Namjoon, but two duffel bags of cash were enough for him to momentarily set aside his morals. 
“What should I get?” You surveyed the small menu of cocktails. “What’s gonna fuck me up the fastest?”
Hobi snorted, “Tequila” He twirled your hair as your gaze remained glued to the menu. The thought of you being in danger upset him greatly “Y/n...when did Yoongi brand you?" You called the bartender ordering a line of shots to which the they glanced at the clock before giving you a weird look.
“The night of the rematch” You told him, reacting before you realized what you had said. Your lip tucked between your teeth as you tried to conjure an excuse. A row of shot glasses was placed in front of you. You took one, gulping it down before letting out a heavy sigh. The bitterness burned down your throat. You basked as the liquid hit your mind, easing you slightly.
“Yoongi was at the fight?” Hobi recalled the wild night that the three of you had been at Death Valley. It was the first time he ever saw the man giving him orders. The man was tall, broad, had dark hair and wore dark clothes, face covered in a mask. Could it have been...Yoongi?
“Y/n!” The two of you turned to see Jungkook approaching the bar. He had changed his hair, the blue swapped for a short black cut, and you couldn’t help but double take at his new eyebrow piercing. 
You downed another shot, glancing at Hobi who had raised his eyebrows seeing the drug dealer. Jungkook gave you a light hug, waving timidly to Hobi. You smirked, another shot down the hatch. “Easyyyy Y/n” He placed a hand on your back as he slid into the seat next to you.
“The fuck are you doing here?” Hobi sneered. Jungkook rolled his eyes, used to the condescending treatment of gang members. "Didn’t you get stabbed or something?”
“I did!” Jungkook grinned, “In fact, that’s exactly why I’m here. I think I figured out who Mr. Bossman is, and I wanna fucking kill him”
Hobi rolled his eyes, “Oh really”
“Kim Seok-motherfucking-Jin baby. He stabbed me. He’s the one who showed up and threatened me to move out of Y/n’s apartment, so he’s probably also the one who called for the kidnapping. And he might have called for Jimin’s accident. It makes so much fucking sense”
Jin did what? There was not enough alcohol in your veins to act like you didn’t fully understand what he had just said. Jin had Jungkook move out? It wasn’t impossible. And that’s what scared you. You blinked at Jungkook incredulously, “But he’s literally a police officer”
Jungkook’s grin widened, “Exactly! It’s fucking brilliant. He’s a cop, he fights for the other side. He wins no matter what and can never get caught. No one would ever suspect him. Winning despite being threatened? Who threatened him huh? It’s a fucking ploy. You’re not dead and neither is he I bet. Kingpin. Boom”
You felt sick, knowing that Yoongi was not the only person you needed to be worried about. It was almost funny how blatantly misinformed Jungkook was. “Wow you guys are idiots.” You muttered under your breath, taking another shot before coughing roughly. Should I tell them? Why did Jin lie? Is this even the truth? Jin always tried to pin things on Jungkook, but you defended him. Hearing his words now made your head spin. He’s lying. Jungkook is lying. You wanted to scream, frustration flooding through your veins as you clenched your fists.
“I’m gonna tell Jimin and Taehyung what I know. They will give me so much money dude.” Jungkook chuckled, “And then they’d kill him, oh God finally”
Hobi pursed his lips, mouth feeling dry as he reflected on Jin’s eerie words before he shot him in the leg. He didn’t know where Jin was anymore, handing him off to be taken somewhere. It didn’t make sense. His orders were to seize Jin if Jin won the fight. Why place an order like that all? Why do any of this?
“Y/n, come with me.” Jungkook tugged at the sleeve of the oversized Nirvana shirt you had thrown on after your shower session with Hobi. You giggled, the thought of Taehyung coming into your slowed thoughts like a hurricane, tearing up any understanding you thought you had of the situation. There was only one thing you believed. Only one thing you knew with full certainty and it was all you could hold onto.
“Oh my goodness it’s Yoongi. It’s Yoongi. It’s always been Yoongi” The words spilled from your lips like the tequila that dripped down the side of your lips as you took yet another shot, giggling like a ditz. Jungkook and Hobi exchanged confused looks with each other, only making you laugh more. “I would fucking know okay!” Your laughs grew loud, “I was locked up in his fucking apartment and where the hell were all of you huh? Dumb fucking idiots!” You buckled over, laughing into Jungkook’s chest.
“Jungkook” Hobi sighed, “I gotta get back to work. Can you get her sober please?” Jungkook nodded. He held your waist tightly helping you stand, walking with you carefully to the hotel elevator.
The laughter wouldn’t stop. Passerbys shot the two of you dirty looks as Jungkook pulled you into the elevator easily. Through it’s glass walls you could see the midday skyline, where outside people hustled through life as if everything were normal. Must be fucking nice. “Y/n” Your laughs began to choke in your throat, turning instead to the sobs you tried to suppress with whatever will you had left. 
Jungkook placed his soft lips on your shoulder. Hands sliding onto your waist as he peered at you curiously, “Y/n, is everything okay?”
You shook your head, the elevator door closed as tears began forming in your eyes. Your voice croaked, “I’m dead. He’s gonna kill me. T..taehyung is gonna kill me. I...I know he will. He’s everywhere. Everywhere.” You looked around frantically, suddenly feeling hyperaware of the security cameras littered throughout the public space. “I wasn’t supposed to tell anyone...I” You hiccuped. Jungkook pulled you into a tight hug.
“It’s okay ssh” He stroked his thumbs them across your cheeks, cupping your face affectionately. “I’m here aren’t I?” You sniffled, nodding lightly. “I got you okay. No one is gonna hurt you”
You stared into his kind brown eyes. You did not trust him, your entire body was screaming at you not to trust him. His fingers danced down your figure, freely gliding over your heaving chest, desperately trying to breathe with the fear that choked you from within.
You blinked at him, eyes glancing down at his pouty lips before finding his eyes again. “Y/n” Jungkook whispered, barely inches from your lips. “I won’t let anyone hurt you okay. I promise”
Fat tears rolled down your face at his words. Jungkook clicked his tongue, cooing at you as he continued to wipe away your hears. “Oh you poor thing” He held you to his chest, kissing the top of your head, before tilting your face up to his. 
He leaned in, eyes fluttering shut as his lips landed on yours, swallowing you into him. The taste of tequila was evident on your lips as he kissed you softly, and you allowed yourself to surrender to his warm touch.
You felt heat pooling in your chest as his fingers trailed up your legs. He traced circles into the inside of your thighs, letting his fingers tease the edge of your shorts. 
“Jungkook” You inhaled sharply, his hot breath tickling your neck as you tilted your head back. He licked his lips before sloppily latching onto your collarbone, sucking down to litter your skin with wet kisses as his fingers slid down your shorts, just barely so that he could roll his hips into you.
He pushed you back against the glass, fingers trailing across your bare thighs before sliding beneath your panties. Jungkook ran a finger over your clothed folds, making you clench down. 
“Y/n” His voice sounded equally as desperate as yours, barely audible over the sound of his heavy breathing. “Fuck I missed you” You gasped as his fingers slid under the fabric. He pushed a finger in, allowing your tight cunt to accustom to it before adding another finger not long after. 
His other hand slid beneath your shirt, pushing your bra up so he could run his thumb over your nipples, his touch featherlight, leaving you breathless. You rolled your eyes back in pleasure, bucking your hips up as he slowly pumped you with his fingers.
“That’s it baby, just like that” He whispered, lips pressing into your neck. You let out a shaky moan as his fingers quickened, pumping in and out of you as you latched onto his shoulders. “Look at me. Look right at me baby”
He brought his lips over yours, just brushing them across your skin so he could gaze deep into your eyes as you fucked yourself onto his fingers. You cried out his name as the friction began to overwhelm you. His fingers easing you right where you needed them, pleasure searing through you as he watched your every move.
"So good for me” He pulled his fingers out, doused in your sticky arousal before he placed them into his own mouth. Your eyes widen as he licked of every last bit of you and smiles. “You taste so fucking good baby”
He kisses you again, harsher this time as his hips roll against you. Your fingers grip his hair as he pulls down his sweats, allowing his cock to spring out. 
“You want my cock?” He ran his tongue over your lips, tugging at them slightly as he stroked his cock. You could feel his hand moving between your legs. “You want my big cock in your little pussy?”
You gulped, nodding as Jungkook looked down, lining his tip against your folds, pushing in only slightly before meeting your eyes again. “So warm and wet for me, fuck” He pushed in further, groaning as you spread your thighs wider, allowing him to thrust as deep as he could. He stilled briefly, kissing you again “You take me so well baby fuck. So fucking tight for me. My pretty baby” He stroked your face, thumb pushing into your mouth slightly.
“Does it feel good?” He mumbled, pulling out just slightly before rolling his hips back into you. He picked up a rhythm, fucking you deep and slow, hands clawing at your breasts.
“Yeah...feels really good” Your eyes fell shut, enjoying the fulfilling pleasure of his movements. He pulled your shirt up, burying his face between your breasts as he continued to fuck up into you. 
“Mmm yeah I bet” He pushed your bra up, allowing his fingers to pinch you nipples. He took one into his mouth, wrapping his tongue around the small bud as he began to suckle you, looking up to your face and enjoying your reactions. “You’re so fucking pretty you know that right?” He sucked on your breast harshly before leaving it with a soft kiss and moving onto the other. “So perfect for me”
His thrusts quickened, driving you up the wall as his hands fell to your hips. You burying your face in the crook of his neck as you felt your high approaching. “Jungkook...I’m...”
“Yeah?” Jungkook’s voice was raspy with lust, “You wanna cum baby? Cum for me baby, cum all over my cock, wanna hear you make those pretty little moans when you cum”
You cried out with every thrust as he pushed you over the edge, and you felt your pussy burst with pleasure as you came, the sloppy sounds of your arousal echoing through the small space. Jungkook groaned as the hot liquid covered his cock, allowing him to slide in and out of you with ease. 
“There you go. Good girl. Good fucking girl, just like that” He gasped, feeling his cock twitch slightly, buried deep in your cunt, “Want me to cum inside you baby?” You nodded, whining slightly, “Yeah? You want it baby? Huh?” Jungkook’s hips thrust furiously at you, and he cupped your face, bringing his forehead against yours so he could look into your eyes as he came. “Want my cum? Want me to fill you up baby?”
“Yeah. I want it. Jungkook please,” Your whiny voice was enough to have him spurting through you.
“Holy fuck” Jungkook buckled over, holding you tight as cum shot out of him, filling you up and leaking out onto the floor.
He pulled out of you quickly, pulling up his sweats while you fixed your own clothes. Sweat painted his forehead as he looked at you, panting with a big smile on his cute face.
“I missed that” He confessed, pulling you back into him by the waist. He knelt down and pressed his lips on yours, letting his hands slide to your ass and squeeze them softly. 
You heard a familiar ring as the elevator door reached it’s destination. You jumped away from Jungkook, unable to get far as the strong boy’s hold on you remained steady. 
"I see stabbing you once didn’t really drive home the message huh Mr. Jeon Jungkook” 
You felt goosebumps spread as you heard the sinister tone of Jin’s voice. He stood leaning against the elevator as if he had been waiting for you, twirling his knife around aimlessly between his fingers. “Too bad, I unfortunately can’t kill you yet” He turned to you and winked, “Both of you come with me”
Sweat trickled down from Namjoon’s neck, his eyes glued to the tattered punching bag in front of him. His muscles were still sore, bruises still spattered across his bare chest. He didn’t care. He was sick of feeling helpless. Under the dim lights of the boxing gym, he pushed himself, another hit, more force, ignoring the pain shooting through his limbs with every strike.
“Don’t overdo it” Namjoon rolled his eyes at the sound of the familiar voice. “Last thing you want is to get injured again” He turned to the sound of loafers echoing across the concrete floor.
“What do you want Yoongi?” Namjoon sneered. The producer smirked slightly, patting the punching bag playfully before pacing around Namjoon.
“I’m gonna kill Taehyung, and I know Jimin is gonna break hell. I need you to protect Y/n for me. Can I trust you, Namjoon?” His voice was stern.
“Man, fuck you Yoongi” Namjoon groaned, “I put my life on the line for you constantly and you still have to fucking ask? Promise me. I want out after this. Promise me a record deal”
Yoongi shrugged, “Okay fine. I’ll sign you. Don’t let her out of your sight.” Yoongi inhaled sharply, “And I swear to God Namjoon if you even think about touching her, you’re dead to me. And I will know if you do.”
Namjoon rolled his eyes, lips parted, desperately trying to catch his breath. “Yeah okay. Just get me my fucking record deal”
Yoongi pursed his lips, pulling out his phone and handing it to Namjoon. “Paperwork is ready. You have one job. Don’t fuck up again” Namjoon clenched his fist as Yoongi chuckled in amusement. “I have some business I need to deal with personally. Keep her safe Namjoon, please”
You gagged, a puke-ish feeling clogging your throat as you coughed out. Your head was throbbing with pain as you squinted against the gleaming lights from the chandelier above your head. Glancing around, you realized you were back at Jungkook’s place, large dark wooden floors adding to the ambiance that just screamed rich in your face. The plushness of his large bed evident beneath you. 
You get up slightly, peering across the room where you see Jin handing a large duffel bag to Jungkook, whispering something into his ear. Jungkook nods eagerly, shaking Jin’s hand before exiting. He turns back to you, smiling as he realizes you are awake.
“Hey party girl. Recovered from our little day drinking session have we?” Jin chuckled. You scowl, searching around you as your throat desperately demanded water. Jin handed you a glass. “I just got Jungkook caught up, but you and I need to have a little talk” 
You exhaled before emptying the entire glass down your throat. “I know everything” You scoffed in spite, “I know everything you did, you fucking maniac”
Jin smiled wide at the term, “I know. Jungkook told me you think I was behind all of the stuff that’s been going on, stabbing him and kidnapping you. I mean,” Jin laughed, a tinge of condescendence in his voice, “You don’t actually believe that do you? Like, seriously how dumb are these guys. At least you’re smart”
You frowned at his tone, unsure of how to respond. Jin raised his eyebrows at your silence before continuing, “Oh come on Y/n. Use that little brain of yours hm? What the hell would I be gaining from all this? It was Taehyung.”
He extended you a hand, helping you out of the bed and pulling you up to stand before him, “What did he tell you huh? That he’s Yoongi’s friend or some shit? Taehyung doesn’t give a fuck about Yoongi. And I know you know about him screwing over Jimin. He’s trying to take over both gangs, not just Jimin’s, and he’s been lying to you this whole time.”
The bargaining chip. “What do you mean?” You followed the flat echoes of his footsteps down the hallway into the same office that you had Jimin tied up only a few days ago. You suppressed a smile as you noticed the curtains were still torn.
“He’s distracting Jimin and Yoongi with you. He wants them to get up against each other so that he can sway the gang loyalties towards him by showing that their leaders priorities are off. Look here” Jin motioned towards a laptop on the large desk, playing security footage of what appeared to be Death Valley’s parking lot, where people were loading bags of cash into what could have been Taehyung’s car. “He’s robbing them. And you know what else Y/n? When he’s done with all of this, he’s gonna kill them both.” 
No. No way. Betrayal stung you as you process Jin’s words, “You’re just a pawn in his game. You were bait. He just needed to you get Jimin and Yoongi to fight amongst each other. And you let him, didn’t you?” Jin chuckled, patting your cheek. “I know he kept telling you that you could trust him. That he wouldn’t hurt you. It was bullshit Y/n. This man only cares about one thing. Himself”
You thought back to the first night you laid your eyes on him, back when his hair was a faded green, his sweaty tan skin contrasting his dark leather jacket. The look of familiarity in his eyes and the gleam from his diamond studded watch. You were a fool. He strung you along.
“Where is he?” You growled, “I wanna hear it from him. I wanna ask him myself”
“Absolutely. In fact, if you’re up for it, I was wondering if you would be down to do another little mission for me” Jin winked at you. You scowled, folding your arms over your chest, “If we don’t kill him first, he’s planning on killing Yoongi tonight before the party. I know because I got him to let me in on his little coup” Your heart dropped, “You don’t want that do you?”
"No” You blurted. 
“So let’s kill him first. Come on, let’s go get you dolled up for this party”
As you left the office, you couldn’t help but notice a familiar figure standing at the other end of the hallway.
Namjoon? Your eyes locked with his. He pressed a finger to his lips before pointing at Jin and shaking his head. What is he trying to say. Namjoon seemed to have a warning look in his eyes. You simply shrugged at him, before running down the hall to catch up with Jin.
Namjoon exhaled, watching from a window as Jin and you drove off, likely heading to the hotel. Looking at his palm he saw the way his nails left imprints in his skin from how hard he was clenching his fists. Namjoon wasn’t necessarily a fan of Taehyung, but he knew a thing or two about him from Yoongi. Taehyung would never kill people. He was averse to it for some reason, Namjoon always thought it was ironic for him to be a gangster given that quality. Taehyung could torture anyone, threaten anyone, but he didn’t have it in him to take a life. 
Which meant that Jin was lying to you. Namjoon never liked Jin. Even aside from all the hits he had taken from the strong man, he always felt something was off about the guy. He feels uneasy about what he had just seen transpire, and decided to go find Yoongi. 
“Do you want some coke?” You were in the middle of washing your face when Jin walked in with a bag of powder. “I could use a hit, I don’t know about you”
“Oh hell yes. Thank you” He poured out a line on the bathroom counter using a quarter, watching with a small chuckle as you inhaled the drug, nose pressed against the cool marble. You sighed, wiping your nose and flashing a big grin in the mirror “Damn. I needed that. I didn’t know that you use”
Jin bit back a smirk, “I do.” He poured another line on the same place, this time taking a hit himself. “A lot”
“Oh. Officer Jin is a druggie like the rest of us huh” You teased. Jin poured himself a gin martini, taking a sip, eyes alight with amusement. “Does that turn you on ever? Do you ever have a hottie cuffed up and they’re like please Officer does know..turn you on?”
Jin’s eyes widened at you “Not any hottie, no. Now if I had you cuffed up saying that” He chuckled, pulling you to him by the waist “That’s a whole other story” You pushed him away playfully.
“What?” Jin said mockingly, “Don’t remember that night where I gave you the best orgasm of your life?” His traced his lips up your jaw, and you could feel his smile against you.
“Wow. Cocky are we?” You raised your eyebrows. “I’ve had some pretty good sex in my life. Hard to say if that was the best”
Suddenly, Jin pulled his knife from his back pocket, glancing in the mirror as he traced the blade across your neck just enough for you to feel the sharp cold metal glide on your skin, pinching without actually making you bleed. “Don’t even lie. You loved fucking me. Don’t you remember? How fucking wet you were?” His breath was hot against your lips, but it was the look in his eyes that had you weak in the knees. 
Taking his knife, he slit clean down your shirt, tearing it off of you to reveal your bare chest. “On the floor slut” His whispered, flirty demeanor now shifted into something dark. Something feral.
You gulped, taking care to slide your bottoms off, not wanting him to slice them up before lowering yourself down onto the tiled bathroom floor. 
Jin set the knife aside, pulling out his lighter and setting in on the counter before shedding his own clothes, even he kicking off his shoes. He lifted his foot, and you watched with a curious gaze as he placed his foot on your chest. He kept the weight off of you, much to your relief, and you couldn’t help but feel absolutely filthy as he rolled your breasts under the sole of his foot. You had never done anything like this. It seemed so dirty, but felt so good. 
“Oh my god Jin” You gasped as he switched onto his other leg, taking his foot and shoving it into your mouth, watching in amusement as you gagged over his toes.
“Look at you. On the fucking floor. Naked little whore. Letting me do whatever I fucking want.” He removed his foot from your mouth, letting you catch your breath before you looked up at him with quivering eyes.
He felt blood rush to his cock at your expression. Licking his lips, knelt down, climbing over you to gently trail his fingers where his foot had been moments ago.
“And you love it” He sneered, letting his nails dig into your breast, “You love the pain don’t you you fucking slut?” When you didn’t answer he grabbed your jaw, pushing his fingers into the edge of your mouth. “I asked you a fucking question”
“Y...yes” You exhaled. You felt his fingers tease your clit, teeth tugging on your lobe as he laughed darkly.
Jin reached for the martini glass “Turn over” He growled. You found yourself with your breasts pressed flat against the floor, Jin’s cock pressing into your ass. You gasped as he poured the drink onto your back. “This is gonna burn. And you’re gonna take it like a good girl. I know you are, you let Yoongi do it so I can too”
“Wait what” Jin pressed your face down with one hand while the other grabbed his lighter, “Jin. Hold on.” Your voice rose in fear, which only turned Jin on more. He watched as you writhed under him, trying desperately to get away. “Jin seriously. That’s not funny”
“Shhh. You can take it” He cooed, flicking the flame on he slowly lowered it to your skin, bringing it nearer and nearer to the doused skin. You yelped as you began to feel the concentrated heat. Your entire body was petrified. “Enjoy it baby. You like it. You love it. You let Yoongi do it so why can’t I?”
“Jin. It’s not you, I'm just not ready for something like this please” Jin cocked his head aside in irritation, stopping the lighter before it actually touched you and tossing it aside. “I didn’t let Yoongi brand me he just did.”
Jin stilled momentarily. “And you still love him? Even though he did that?”
You didn’t answer. That alone was enough for Jin to rage. He slammed your face back down, the blow giving you a dizzying sensation that hat you getting wetter by the second. 
“What the fuck is wrong with you?” He growled, “How can you love someone like that?” He pulled your face up, bending you back until you were flush against his chest. “I don’t want any of them touching you again. You understand me?” He let go, giving you whiplash as you fell back to the floor. “Ass up. Now” He spanked your ass hard, causing you to yelp. The stinging pain vibrated to your core. You couldn’t help but love every second of it. 
Jin knew that you were scared of him, he could feel it. He could also see the way your thighs would clench whenever he did anything to you. You were his favorite drug. He was going to ruin you.
He grabbed his belt from the pile of clothes on the side, “Hands under” He demanded, rolling his lip through his teeth as you obeyed him right away. He took the belt tying your wrists to your knees under you.
He took a moment to admire his work, your shivering body all his for the taking. You had no where to run. He had you now. “Who gives it to you the best him?” Pulling you towards him by your thighs, he didn’t care that your knees would burn against the smooth tile as he lined his cock up with your folds. He spat down, a glob of saliva landing on your ass before he used his cock head to rub it all over you. He could hear your shaky breath, your whiny moans that made him want to fuck you even more. 
He slapped his palm  onto the curve of your ass, bending over your to growl into your ear “Filthy whore. You disgust me. You let them all just do whatever they want to you, don’t you have any fucking self respect?” He could see his words were hitting close to home. You pursed your trembling lips as Jin smacked you again in the same place. 
“When will you fucking learn huh? This pussy” He reached his hand to harshly cup your cunt, shoving two fingers inside you without warning. “This pussy belongs to me. You’re mine. My cockslut whore” Taking his fingers out, he shoved them into your mouth “You taste that? That how desperate your needy little cunt is for me”
Your legs were strung together, making it all the more painful when he finally began to push his cock inside you, using his fingers to scissor you open so that he could get deep inside you. His length pushed against your tight walls, your cries and curses only motivating Jin to push further. 
“Who owns this cunt huh?” Jin pulled your hips back, burning your knees each time as he pulled you on and off his cock. Your ass slammed into him with each blow. 
“You do. Holy fuck, you do” You gasped, practically screaming as your whole body ached with pain and pleasure. 
“That’s right baby” He pinched your clit, making you yelp as he flicked at it, pounding into your relentlessly. 
“J..Jin” You mumbled, lips still half pressed on the floor, “Jin please. Feels good” Jin scoffed, “Gonna cum...gonna cum” You inhaled loudly as you felt your high approaching. Your eyes clenched shut as he edged you closer and closer, fingers furiously attacking your clit until he stopped.
You let out a loud sob as Jin yanked you up by your neck “You really thought I would let you cum whore?” His grip tightened, cock twitching at the way your voice sounded choking, the water streaming from your eyes and the drool at the edge of your lips. He kissed you, licking it all up in the process.  
“Look in the mirror. Look at how pathetic you are. I want you to remember the only person who’s ever gonna let you feel this good” You looked at your reflection, seeing only your faces and the way Jin’s nails dug into your neck. He pushed you forward so that your chin was on the countertop. You coughed out, watching as he resumed his thrusts, punishing your clit with the jarring movements of his fingers. 
You screamed, pleasure crashing over you in a wave of tantalizing heat. You gushed onto his cock, tears falling from your eyes due to how overwhelming the sensation was. Jin continued to whisper filth right into your ears but you could no longer hear anything. Your vision became hazy, not minding the blow when Jin shoved you back onto the floor and pounded you to his own release.
On the other side of the wall, Namjoon leaned his head back and sighed, glancing down to see his cock in his hands, now completely covered in cum.
Taehyung chewed on his gum nonchalantly as he paced around the luxurious hotel, checking out all the fun features. The pool deck was nice, the lobby exquisite, and his favorite part, the cafe, smelt delicious. 
Yoongi had asked to meet him in his suite. On his way there he ran into you, and you knocked his breath away. He always thought you were beautiful, but tonight you looked elegant. It was such a surprising contrast to your usual getup, but you looked amazing. He was about to tell you just that when he finally registered the hurt look in your eyes.
“You liar” You slapped him with everything you had. Taehyung backed away in surprise. “How could you use me like that? Over and over again. I trusted you. You were really the only one I thought had my back. Without a fucking doubt” You lunged towards him for another hit but Taehyung held your wrist firmly.
“What are you talking about? When did I use you?” Taehyung looked around frantically, “Calm down okay, let’s go somewhere and talk this through.” Your eyes flared in anger. 
“Don’t fucking tell me to calm down! You’re gonna kill them!” You screamed. Taehyung squinted, noticing the slight redness in your eyes. He sighed in understanding, pulling you by the wrist into a corridor. 
“Y/n. Breathe. Tell me what’s going on” Taehyung attempted to calm you down but you were enraged. “And what the fuck are you on?”
Admittedly, you and Jin had ended up doing many more lines of coke, perhaps even molly, you were no longer sure, but you washed it down with the bottle of gin, finding it unprecedentedly hilarious that Jin liked to drink gin martinis. 
“You used me! To fuck with Jimin! And Yoongi! You lied to me! Everything you said was a fucking lie, everything you did, every stupid word that came out of your stupid mouth was a lie! You just want power. You’re selfish,’re gonna KILL them” A dramatic gasp left your lips, Taehyung almost laughed, “You’re gonna kill Yoongi. I...I can’t let you do that”
You pulled out your gun, cocking it and pressing it against Taehyung’s chest. He instantly put his hands up. “Y/n. Y/n stop. That’s not true okay you’re not thinking straight. Don’t do something you’ll regret”
Your hands trembled around the gun “You’ll kill them. You’ll kill them both...I can’t let you do that”
“Hold on!”
Too late. You pulled the trigger.
Hobi wandered through the parking lot looking for his car. His eyes narrowed on a familiar vehicle, thinking back to when he had loaded the drug money from the last fight. 
So. Is that guy Yoongi then? The one I kept seeing? Hobi wandered over to the car. Peering inside the passenger window, his eyes locked on a small item on the floor of the car. He squinted to read it, it appeared to be some sort of credit card.
He stepped back, realizing what the name on the card was. He glanced around before taking the end of his gun and ramming it into the door handle. The door creaked open, allowing Hobi to swipe the card up. He slid it into his pocket, before hurriedly returning to the hotel. 
Namjoon’s eyes widened as he watched you pull a gun out on Taehyung. He had been thoroughly entertained as you yelled and slapped him, knowing full well that you were high out of your mind. 
Namjoon couldn’t understand Jin’s plan at all. He had eavesdropped on everything so far, as per Yoongi’s orders. Why would Jin ask you to kill Taehyung, why wouldn’t he just do it himself? He knew you would hate yourself if you actually killed him. 
He had also been thoroughly disappointed at how easily Jungkook had bought into Jin’s agenda as well. The things people do for money. Namjoon sighed, realizing that he was pretty much acting on similar motivations. 
You were ready to pull the trigger, and Namjoon was almost certain you wouldn’t do it, until he saw your finger begin to curl. He ran towards the corridor as fast as he could.
“Hold on!” He yelled, but it was too late. Taehyung’s eyes flew shut.
Namjoon blinked, not hearing the familiar gunshot sound. You looked equally confused, glancing down the barrel of your gun. Taehyung let out a shaky sigh of relief, sliding down the wall.
“It...was a blank” You mumbled. Namjoon rushed to your side, pulling you away from Taehyung. “What the...what was I just about to do?” His heart clenched as your lips parted in shock.
“Taehyung are you okay?” Namjoon asked. Taehyung nodded, clearly shaken up but managing to get a hold of himself. 
“What the fuck is going on?” He growled, “Who gave her a gun? And who gave her drugs while she had a gun? Fucking hell”
Namjoon stroked your back as you let the gun drop to the floor, the weight of your actions finally hitting you. 
“I’m so sorry. Taehyung I...” You looked into his eyes. Those eyes that always left you questioning what was really going on in that pretty head of his. 
“Yeah. Jin fucking fed her some interesting stories about how you’re using her. At least I hope they’re just stories” Namjoon peered at him. “I’m Namjoon by the way, we haven’t officially met”
Taehyung shook his hand “Hi Namjoon. I heard you make pretty decent music” He chuckled ironically, “Y/n, I need you to tell me everything Jin said. There’s been some sort of misunderstanding, I promise you I wasn’t taking advantage of you.”
Namjoon made a face, exchanging a glance with you as you nodded slowly. Namjoon was not entirely sure he should believe Taehyung. He supposed it wouldn’t matter, when he knew that Yoongi was planning to kill Taehyung anyways. The more information he had, the better he could at least keep you out of trouble. 
P R E S E N T  D A Y--
Security escorted you and Jimin out immediately as the media broke into a frenzy trying to figure out what had happened. You had hoped your acting skills had convinced him. 
After Taehyung sobered you up slightly, the three of you had sat and schemed. Using everything the three of you knew, you were able to figure out that it really was Jin behind Jimin’s accident, your and Namjoon’s kidnapping, as well as Jungkook’s attempted murder. He was able to do all of this using Hobi’s help, but Hobi seemed not to know that he was receiving orders from Jin.
The question remained how and why. 
“I know you’re not going to believe me. So I have proof” Taehyung pulled his phone out, pulling up a recording of Jin tied up somewhere.
All I ask, is that when the dust settles, Y/n is mine. And I get to kill them. My way
You felt queasy seeing his earnest expression through the film. Namjoon’s jaw clenched, recognizing crazy when he saw it, wishing he could have knocked the guy’s brains out beforehand.
“Listen to me. This guy is dangerous. I don’t really understand why he’s doing all of this. He said he wanted to help me, but clearly there’s some other motive here. Otherwise he wouldn’t go behind my back.” Taehyung muttered.
“The only way to know what he wants is to see what he does next” Namjoon pitched in. 
You glanced between the two men, feeling weirdly relieved that you finally had some solid answers. Having Namjoon by your side after so long was the best thing you could ask for at the moment, and you clung to him, hands wrapped around his arm tightly. He thought it was cute.
“Let me fake my death. Let’s see what he does.”
The drivers took you and Jimin to the precinct. You looked around for Namjoon but he was nowhere to be seen. Your eyes met Jin’s briefly as he signed some paperwork. He winked at you.
“Can I have the body taken to get an autopsy report please?” You weren’t phased by this. Taehyung had said he had enough contacts to make it truly believable that he had died. Jimin’s face was void of emotion as he watched the stretcher go past with the body on it.
You left the hold on his hand, your blood running cold as the body nears you. It was loosely covered with a white sheet, but the arm hung out limply from the sight.
That watch. That’s his watch.
Jimin pressed his lips to the top of your head, sliding his arm around your shoulders to pull you closer to him “You okay babe?” 
“ yeah, I’m just shocked” You stammered. You looked up at him, allowing him to place a loving kiss on your lips.
Jimin felt for you, he really did. He himself was generally an emotional person, it was not something he ever tried to hide. But he always felt like his emotional energy was valuable. He didn’t feel the need to cry. Not for Taehyung.
Jimin stroked your back softly, “It’s scary, I know. I know baby, but don’t worry” He licked his lips, eyes briefly meeting Hobi’s from across the room. Hobi gave him a knowing look.
“Don’t worry. It’ll all be over soon”
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a/n: WOOHOOO. the fun is really gonna start now. did you miss yoongi? don’t worry, he’ll be back. drop your theories in my asks! who killed taehyung? what’s jin’s deal? 
smut pairs are up for next week! poor oc, she really needs to eat some food. yikes.
see you then & thanks for reading <3 happy juneteenth! 
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Forbidden Fables Masterlist
Tumblr media
Once upon a time…
Tumblr media
by @deepdarkdelights​
Release Date: March 1st
A calm life in a small village was all you ever knew, your days spent in the bakery and keeping to yourself. You liked the quiet and gentle nature of your life, but one day a wolf stands outside of your window, a stranger arrives, and people begin to go missing. Do you dare don your red coat and enter the forest?
read here
Tumblr media
by @chaoticpuff17​
Release Date: April 1st
Talking flowers and rabbits in waistcoats, that’s the dreamland that Y/N remembers, but things have changed since Y/N was a child. Wonderland is under new control, and once you fall down the rabbit hole there’s no going back.
read here
Tumblr media
by @chimchimsauce​
Release Date: May 1st
Is beauty a blessing or a curse? All of her life, princess YN was told that her beauty was the greatest gift her late mother ever gave her. But when her looks attract a man cruel and bloodthirsty, YN begins to think that her greatest asset is the beginning of her demise.
read here
Tumblr media
by @chimchimsauce​
Release Date: June 1st
Ever since YN’s father died, she’s been trapped in her childhood home by her scheming step mother and evil step sisters. When it’s announced that the crown prince is hosting a ball to find his future wife, all YN wishes is to see her childhood friend once again. But maybe he’s been closer than she previously thought . . .
read here
Tumblr media
by @deepdarkdelights​
Release Date: July 1st
A princess’s job is to learn etiquette and to marry, so why did you derail from that path? All it took was one instant of you departing from your fiancé’s hunting party to become lost in the enchanted forest and to stumble upon a cursed man who doesn’t believe in love. He must be so lonely…do you dare to befriend him?
read here
Tumblr media
by @chaoticpuff17​
Release Date: August 1st
A village, a forest, a castle, and a dark shroud hanging over them all. Villagers keep going missing, and rumors of a beast lurking in the forest run rampant. Y/N never believed in monsters, but what happens when she goes knocking on one’s door?
read here
Tumblr media
by @chimchimsauce​
Release Date: September 1st
YN has always been fascinated by humans and the world they live in. When she saves a prince from drowning, YN decides to trade her tail in for a chance to walk where the people are. If only she paid better attention to the deal she made with the mysterious sea warlock …
read here
And they all lived happily never after….
banners by @deepdarkdelights
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tendergrave · a month ago
How would yandere bts react to you using your safe word (afab or fem reader)
Tumblr media
pairing: yandere!ot7 x gender neutral!reader
all characters are adults, minors dni.
warning: yandere themes, noncon, dubcon, explicit n*fw, unprotected sex, mild impact play, emotional manipulation, degradation, ignoring safeword.
Tumblr media
“you can take it baby.”
namjoon & seokjin
shushes you and kisses you on the lips to silence your cries because he just can’t stop. it feels too good. eventually, your sobs get a little too loud. so, he slides his fingers into your mouth and picks up the pace. he’s balls deep inside you, too deep and it burns. as you let out muffled whimpers around his fingers, he’s whispering praises into your ear and telling you to behave yourself. you understand, right? how is he supposed to stop, when the way your walls are clamping down on his cock is telling him otherwise? dumb little one, you don’t even know whats good for you. your body is being honest with him, but your mouth isn’t. that’s okay, he’ll forgive you. he always will, just as long as he gets to teach you a lesson for being such a brat. when he finally pulls away, you’re crying into your pillow and asking him why he had not stopped, only for him to wipe your tears away and tell you that it was all for your own good.
“am i not good enough for you?”
jimin & jeongguk
it takes him a while to realize that you’re crying out of pain and not pleasure, which only encourages him to fuck you faster and deeper. he’s eager to reach his release, and so he ignores your little hisses of pain and pretends that he does not notice your obvious discomfort. it’s only when you’re practically screaming out the safeword with your hands firmly planted on his chest, that he actually stops. with crocodile tears brimming in his eyes, apologies begin to spill from his lips as he beats himself up from being such an awful boyfriend. now, look at what you did. you made your precious lover cry, just because you can’t handle a little pain. perhaps you’re the awful one. no. selfish, that’s what you are. 
“you only exist for me.”
yoongi & taehyung
he has never been one to spare mercy on someone. tonight is no different. he’s ruthless with the way he’s fucking you into the mattress. his nails dig half-moon shapes into the soft flesh of your breast, using it as a handle and anchor for himself. it’s raw, primal, and way too much for you to handle. you’re sobbing out the safeword, but it means nothing to him. so, you attempt to crawl away from him, only for him to yank you back with a hand tangled into your hair. he calls you a whore and tells you that you’re nothing without him, before landing a sharp slap to your ass. you let out a useless cry of pain, which leads to him wrapping his fingers around your neck. an absolute goner. his head falls back and he lets out the prettiest groan, as you clamp down on his cock and milk him dry.
truly fits into all three categories above
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
©𝙩𝙚𝙣𝙙𝙚𝙧𝙜𝙧𝙖𝙫𝙚 — 𝙖𝙡𝙡 𝙧𝙞𝙜𝙝𝙩𝙨 𝙧𝙚𝙨𝙚𝙧𝙫𝙚𝙙
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Work | Yandere!BTS x Unwilling! Reader
If you like my work, please consider supporting me through my Ko-fi
+Trigger warnings and request under the cut.
Tumblr media
anon said: “Hear me out pls- oc is a owner of a company that is failing, bts are angel investors that decide to save the company but in the contract state that they get to fuck her weekly every Friday evening after their weekly all hands meeting. Oc didn’t read the fine print and they’re totally holding her down over her desk taking turns, and like she’s conflicted like let them f*ck her or let her 1k employees go and dissolve the company”
Trigger warnings: n*nc*n, yandere, polyamorous, abuse of power, unprotected sex, oral (fem receiving).
It was hard. Eyes stinging as you blinked back warm tears. Your nails dig into the wood of the table.
"And...and all I have to do is sign?"
Jimin strolled up behind you, his hands gripping your shoulders. It seemed as though he had tried to come off playful, but you could tell there was a lingering malicious intent just beneath the surface. He giggled sweetly in your ear, warm breath fanning over your cheek as he bent himself at the waist and whispered to you, "Yes, sweetheart. That's all you have to do."
You knew it was shady—that it was far too good to be true. But what kind of person would you be if you didn't take every opportunity to ensure the well being of your employees? You had to try something. You couldn't just let the company dissolve. Those people had families; children, wives, and husbands.
You bit your lips, naively unaware of the seven pairs of eyes that watched the movement with lust. They could tell you were considering it. And that was enough.
Jungkook bit at his thumb, watching your tongue slide over the curve of your lower lip—cute, he thought. Biting back a smile, he watched as you picked up the extravagantly decorated pen.
You tapped the end of it against the table, still somewhat unsure and rightfully so. But like they expected, you began to write your name through the beautiful loops and curves of cursive.
And just like that, you had unknowingly made the worst mistake of your life.
Stupid, stupid, stupid.
All day long you had been cornered and caught against walls and around corners. You had done your best to ignore them, but they had constantly found a way to interact with you. Jungkook had flirted you up and asked to go out for coffee, but you reminded him that it was Friday—a day on which you were known to be extremely busy. He had rolled his eyes and reminded you that there was a meeting you had to attend today. A meeting that you had forgotten all about. You were much too embarrassed to ask him what the meeting was about as you literally had no recollection of making plans for a meeting. So you ran off in an attempt to discover the reasoning behind the meeting without having to ask.
Along the way, you ran into Jimin who was smiling much more gleefully than usual. Although he smiled often, you had never been quite so creeped out by it. Somehow, his expression made you uncomfortable. For what reason, you didn't know. But you refused to stick around for long, so you greeted him and went about your day. Not before he called out that you had a meeting to attend with him as well.
Now, you were extremely confused because Jungkook had already told you that you and him had a meeting together. And now, you also had one with Jimin? When and why? Would you even have time to prepare for both?
With anxiety creeping up in your stomach, you made your way to your office. Hopefully, your assistant would be there to fill you in. But when you arrived, you were met with three figures whispering furiously with their backs to you.
"Hello?" You called out. All three whipped around. Only then, did you recognize them. Hoseok, Yoongi, and Namjoon.
They all gave you forced smiles and stepped away from the corner in which they had been crouched and whispering in. Hoseok approached you, a single hand snaking up your waist and curling around your shoulder. "We were just… coming to check up on you." He smiled at you and then turned to Yoongi and Namjoon, "Weren't we guys?"
"O-oh, yeah!" Namjoon stuttered, making a bold expression that made it seem as though he was unsure of his words.
Yoongi sighed and rolled his eyes, stepping off towards the door as he said, "Just making sure you were ready for the meeting in half an hour."
Another meeting? You thought, becoming increasingly exasperated. First with Jungkook, then with Jimin, and now with Yoongi, Hosoeok, and Namjoon? Just what the hell was going on?
Still, you didn't bother to ask. Just nodding your head frantically and moving around them to reach your desk so that you could dial up your assistant, seeing as she wasn't here in your office. Just as you were picking up the phone, Hoseok slammed his hand down onto it. When you looked up in shock, Hoseok merely smiled back at you.
As though he knew what you were about to do, he merely said, "Don't bother. We sent her home for the day."
You paused, unsure of what to say. "Why...why would you do that?"
"Never mind that, just make sure you're at the meeting, 'kay?" Hoseok gave you a thumbs up and disappeared out of the door along with Namjoon and Yoongi.
Although you had thought it was strange, you didn't bother questioning it. After all, these men had done so much for you. They had saved your company from going bankrupt and all you had to do was sign some measly contract. It had been a week since then and you were regretting it less and less by the day.
All your employees were glad to hear that they could keep their jobs and that the future of the company was beyond bright. You were thankful to those men and honestly wouldn't question them no matter what they did. You hadn't even bothered reading the fine print, far too grateful to think twice. But that would prove to be a problem for you not long after.
An hour and a half had passed rather quickly. And you were surprised to have not seen nor heard from neither Taehyung or Seokjin. You hadn't questioned that either, assuming you would see them at the meeting as well.
So, with nothing prepared, you headed to one of the many meeting rooms in hopes you would find them there. Surprisingly, they were in the very first one you looked in. Either sitting or standing, they were merely there looking somewhat annoyed and much more serious than you had ever seen them before.
When you stepped inside, all seven pairs of eyes were on you. Some locked with your own, others trailing suggestively up and down your frame. And still, you questioned nothing, closing the door behind you and taking a seat at the head of the table.
Before you could pull out your binder, Namjoon spoke.
"You're late."
You felt a chill run down your spine. You decided it was better to tell the truth because at least that way, you would have an excuse. "I...uhm, I didn't know we had a meeting today."
"How could you not know?" Jungkook spat.
You flinched. These men were wealthy and powerful. They could take away their generosity just as easily as they had given it.
"Didn't you read the contract?" Taehyung asked.
Silence overcame the room. Six pairs of eyes planted on Taehyung rather than you for once. Then, all seven shot back to you.
You could feel a drop of sweat trickling down your spine. Why was it so hot all of a sudden? You felt your face heating up as you turned ever so slightly away from them to hide your embarrassed expressions.
"Well, I...uhm, I didn't really—I didn't really read the contract."
"Oh," said Jin, brows raised.
A strange smirk curled at Jimin's lips as he mouthed what looked to be "told you so," to Taehyung who seemed to have chuckled a bit before being quietly scolded by Yoongi.
"Well, you signed it." Jungkook laughed, only to be hit by Namjoon who shut him up with a glare.
"There's really nothing we can do about that, can we?" Jimin giggled softly just behind his fingers which were gliding along his plump, pink lower lip.
Namjoon looked conflicted, turning to look at Hoseok and Yoongi who merely shrugged back at him.
"I guess we'll just have to show you," Jungkook grinned, quickly approaching you. Within two strides, he was inches away from your face. Bent at the waist and smiling cockily.
"I don't—I don't understand, I—"
"Shh, sweetheart. Just stand up, will you?" Jimin offered his arm, which you gladly took. Eyeing the other six wearily. What the hell was happening right now?
"Mr. Park, I...I seriously don't understand. What is it that I agreed to?"
"Well," he started, guiding you to stand before the large table. A single, dim light hanging high above you all. Had someone turned out the lights? You don't remember it being this dark. Jimin watched you calmly, waiting for when you were least suspecting.
You felt his fingers weave in your hair, caressing your scalp for a split second before your face was pressed up against the shiny wood of the large table.
"H-huh? What's—what are you doing?" You were forcefully bent over, toes dangling dangerously above the ground. Your heel slid off as you tried to steady yourself, to no avail. His free hand had snaked down your waist, grabbing a fistful of your ass with a nasty chuckle.
"Jimin!" Jin gasped, "Don't be so harsh on her, it's her first time—"
"What are you talking about?" You hollered, feeling your face warm as Jimin slapped your ass. Chucking loudly as you watched the others surround you. "Wh—what is this? What's going on?"
"You're scaring her," Taehyung grumbled, crossing his arms over his chest.
"You should at least explain what's happening," Yoongi mumbled, glancing away just as you caught his eye.
"Fine," Jimin huffed, leaning over so that his chest pressed against your back. His lips brushing the shell of your ear as he grinned, "But I'm not letting her up."
You stammered stupidly, unsure of what to say or do. Never have you regretted something more than you did now. It was blatantly obvious that signing the contract without reading it was what got you here. But what is it exactly that you had not read over?
You squirmed helplessly beneath him as he bit and sucked at your skin. His warm breath fanning over your lips as you turned side to side, desperate to avoid his kiss. He gave up with a huff but didn't remove himself from you. Instead,he began to undo your belt, shifting down your skirt as you screamed.
"Shh, shhh! Wouldn't want an employee of yours coming in and seeing us fucking you raw, eh? One—by—one?" He chuckled heartily at your horrified expression. "Oh, baby. I'm gonna have so much fun with you."
"Come on, hyung! You're not even explaining it to her," Jungkook's face appeared before you. He had leaned over, blinking ideally before speaking, "It was in the contract. We get to fuck you once a week, remember?"
"Wh—what? No way! I didn't—that's not fair! I didn't know—"
"Well, that's just too bad, isn't it?" Jungkook smiled that smile that was awfully similar to that of a bunny. It made your stomach lurch.
You felt something warm and firm press up against your ass. Causing you to flinch, sliding yourself forward on the table. You could feel it—their gazes set so heavily on you. They were just watching as though this was normal; as though there was absolutely nothing wrong with this situation.
"You—you can't do this. This—it's against the law!" You spat, shifting over to avoid the outreaching hands. Taehyung attempted to hold your hand, but you shook him off. Jungkook, on the other hand, was seemingly trying to grab your ass.
"No," Yoongi spoke. "You signed the contract. If you oppose us, then that will suffice for means of termination."
You froze. Termination? As in, termination of the contract? That would mean removal of funds. Your company would be bankrupt all over again. You would have to let your employees go.
You felt your eyes sting with the threat of tears. You couldn't let that happen. But how would you be expected to sit here and take this.
Well, it wasn't like you had time to make up your mind. Jimin was needy and eager and already pressing his fingers against your core.
"Wai-wait a second, you—"
"No," Jimin rubbed at your clit, forcing a moan from your throat. You could feel his breath hitch at the sound, tongue sliding up your neck as he forced his fingers inside of you one at a time.
As he did, Yoongi had found himself a seat. Watching you intently as he groaned in satisfaction at how good you looked taking finger by finger. Jungkook's eye shone with glee as he settled himself in a seat as well, hands trailing to the bulge in his pants. Namjoon merely watched from the shadows, having set himself up against the wall. Jin watched as well, seeming somewhat intrigued and a little excited.
Taehyung, on the other hand, stared off to the side as though feeling guilty. But you could see the bulge growing in his pants.
"Oh?" Jimin mumbled, laughing coyly as he pressed in yet another finger. "I felt that, you know." You desperately shook your head, hands scrambling to push him away.
"You squeezed my fingers… You like being watched, don't you?" He bit down hard on your ear, forcing another moan from your lips. "Well, if you like this so much, then surely you'll love being watched while I take this pretty pussy of yours, huh?"
"N-no, that's not—"
"Shh, baby. It's okay, we understand." Jimin let out yet another laugh as he pulled his fingers and himself from you. You turned to get up, only to be grasped by the back of the neck and shoved down by Hoseok.
"There's no point in fighting it." Hoseok shrugged. "All of us will be going in one night, so you'd better save your energy."
Hoseok had yet to let you up when Jimin began pushing himself in. You fought, of course. But he had snaked his torso between your flailing legs and had himself taken to the hilt before you could even yell, "Stop!"
"Oh, ho, ho!" Jimin chuckled, practically melting into your touch. "That—now that's good."
Jungkook had a smirk plastered on his face, watching eagerly as his hyung filled you up.
"You know," Namjoon started, strutting closer. "If you wanted to hold my hand, I could—"
"Fuck off," you all but growled. Your eyes shut and lip trembling as you tried to ignore the way his cock rubbed so nicely against a particular spot that had you seeing stars. God, how you wanted so bad to feel absolutely horrible.
But here you were, drawing blood from a bitten lip over just how good it felt—as wrong as it was. You were angry with yourself. And Jimin was more than willing to take advantage of your mixed emotions.
"Ohh, look at that." He grinned. "Trying to pretend you don't like it, eh? But what if I do...this!"
He thrusted hard, hard enough to nearly send you flying across the table. But his fingers dug into your hips, keeping you steady against him as he pounded into you relentlessly. You let out choked, panicked cries. Unsure of what to do as Hoseok loosened his grip and released you.
When he received a questioning look from the others, he merely shrugged his shoulders and said, "She's too fucked out to get away."
You barred your teeth at his statement, wanting nothing more than to rip him to shreds. But you could hardly hold that thought for longer than a second as Jimin slowed his thrusts and began rolling his hips in a way that had you crying out. You felt dizzy with pleasure and as though you were seconds away from fainting. But before you could escape this hellish nightmare through lack of consciousness, Jimin slipped out of you and walked off to the side nonchalantly.
As far as you could tell he had yet to finish. But then, Taehyung stepped between your thighs, leaving you with more questions than you had begun with. Jimin let out a seemingly irritated sigh and said, "We promised to take turns. Hope that's okay with you?" He raised an eyebrow.
But by the time you opened your mouth to answer, Taehyung was sliding in with ease. His voice low and husky as foul words slipped from his mouth. About how good he felt, about how good he'd fill you up, and much, much more. But you couldn't remember much of it since you suddenly were only able to focus on every inch and curve of his cock. It seemed like he was trying to permanently imprint his shape into you.
He was thrusting into you at an almost inhumane pace and practically said nothing more. His fingers caressing the back of your neck where you could have sworn Hoseok left a bruise behind. At this point, you had practically collapsed against the table. Writhing and moaning as Taehyung finally brought you to your first orgasm of that night. Toes curling, eyes wide open, and back arching.
"Careful, sweetheart." Taehyung murmured as he leaned forward to press chaste kisses to your neck. "If you squeeze me like that again, I'll have no choice but to knock you up."
You shivered with disgust, finally feeling the heat of the moment leaving your body. Now you just felt gross and used.
Taehyung was reluctant to pull away, but he had to as Yoongi shoved him out of the way. Yoongi gave you a smug wink as he suddenly crouched, his face between your legs. You managed to flail for a split second before you were restrained by Jungkook and Namjoon. Their large hands pressing into the backs of your thighs.
Yoongi, too, had his hands planted on your ass. Giving it a smack just to watch it move. You felt his fingers digging into the curve of your ass, squeezing and massaging until he forced a subtle moan from you. You could feel his teeth gnawing at your flesh, tongue running over your plump skin. "You don't know how long I've been waiting to squeeze this cute ass of yours—to kiss it." He planted a particularly wet kiss on your cheek.
The feeling of warm breath fanning over your cunt had you jolting and whining pathetically, struggling to break free. Which resulted in Jimin teasingly calling you "cute," and bringing a nasty grin to Jin's face. You were flipped over so that your back touched the table. What you had managed to realize was that both Jimin and Taehyung were off to the side, palming themselves while keeping their eyes on you.
Taehyung stroked himself earnestly. Jimin, on the other hand, palming himself feverishly though the fabric of his jeans as he bit his lip.
You felt exposed and dirty. But it was bound to get much worse as Yoongi pressed your thighs open and began to lick at your core.
You yelped, tossing your head back. Turning from side to side as you tried to avoid his gaze which had been set so intently on your face. You purse your lips and crane your neck, trying to look at anything but him. But he wouldn't allow it, smacking your inner thigh hard with a mumbled threat that sent vibrations pulsing through your cunt.
You made many, many embarrassing noises that you would grow to regret. But right now, you were extremely close to coming undone. And just as you were about to, Yoongi pulled back and wiped his lips clean before moving aside for Jin.
When you gave Yoongi a questioning look, he merely winked and mouthed what looked to be, "Later." As in, he'd fuck you later. But for now, eating you out was enough.
You shook your head, eyes brimming with tears and Jin slid into you as though it were nothing. He said nothing as he thrusted into you. Simply panting and grunting softly as he filled you up. And to your surprise, he was pretty big. You could practically feel yourself choking over the lump forming in your throat. Only able to moan and whine helplessly while he had his way with you.
"F—fuck! So good." He murmured. You felt his throbbing for a split second before he pulled out. Then, you felt an unfamiliar warmth splatter over your skin. He came on you.
You felt your stomach churn, but you were far too exhausted to express your disgust. Your head lolled as your eyes began to flutter closed. But they were far from done.
Namjoon was next, caressing your stomach before pressing himself inside. His hand pressing down on your belly almost as if he thought he would be able to feel himself thrusting in and out of you. His dull nails digging into your skin and he hovered above you. His undone tie brushing your shoulders. You could hardly remember where you are, or even who you were.
All you could smell, see, and hear was Namjoon. The shallow bucking of his hips, soft groans, his plush lips brushing your shoulder. He was kind, gentle. But it didn't change the fact that he was taking advantage of you. You could only take it as he nearly finished inside of you. It wasn't long before Jungkook shoved him aside and quickly got to work.
You could tell he had been waiting for this. So eager and excited. A huge smile on his face as he easily slid himself inside, thrusting fast and hard. With an extra, cruel grind of his hips just to draw a broken moan from your lips.
"Mmm, yeah…" he chuckled. "That's what I like to hear."
Although you could hardly get a grip on reality, you knew for a fact that they were all watching. Eyes steady on your body as Jungkook kissed you all over. Pumping rhythmically, his hands clutching at your hips as he used you. In and out, in and out, in and out until you could hardly think.
And you had managed to come several times before Jungkook was pulled off of you. He, who—much to your surprise—had yet to come himself.
"Enough," Hoseok barked. "It's my turn."
By this time, you couldn't even speak. You felt numb all over, but you could feel yourself pulsing. And you could feel him throbbing dangerously inside of you. It was quick, his thrusting. He was fast, possibly even faster than Jungkook. But you could barely process it over the heavy sensations of eyes watching your every move. A burning hot mouth pressing kisses all over your neck and breasts. What little pleasure you felt before had faded rapidly. And now, you were just tired.
But to make matters worse, Hoseok came.
Hoseok slid himself out, watching giddily as his seed spilled out of you. "Ooo," he cooed teasingly. "How pretty."
"You''re gross," you spat before you could stop yourself.
But before you could talk it back, or even think about apologizing, his hands were between your thighs. Pulling your lips apart as he said, "You wanna see how gross I really am?"
He gave you no time to answer. His tongue delving in, causing you to jump. Hands scrambling to push him away. But his tongue was already as deep as your walls would allow. His lips pressed to your clit as he sucked feverishly. Obnoxiously groaning and moaning as your taste. Your back arched, eyes rolling as your hips bucked.
It wasn't long before you came on his face, much to his enjoyment. He licked the wet from his lips, eyeing you devilishly as he shrugged and moved aside.
You honestly thought it was over. But then, Jimin spoke up. "Hey, that's not fair." He pouted. "We promised not to come in her, remember?"
The others were silent. But then, Jungkook spoke. "That's right…" he murmured. "Hey, don't you think it's only fair that we all get a chance know?"
You felt your heart rate pick up. You were terrified. Would they really go another round? Would you seriously be expected to take all seven of them all over again?
"Th-that's enough," you stammered. But they didn't acknowledge you. Instead, they all glanced at your core before taking on nasty smirks one by one.
And before you knew it, you had been filled to the brim. Not just once, but at least several times. You were so fucked out that you hadn't even thought of the possibility of getting pregnant. A CEO, like yourself, burdened with a baby you didn't plan for? That would absolutely ruin your career. And even worse, the father could be one of your investors. That would surely ruin you.
Namjoon seemed to notice your anxious expression, wiping his lips of your essence as this had been yet another time tonight that you had been eaten out. You could hardly feel your legs and it felt like you were seconds from passing out. Namjoon glanced at your precariously and said, "Don't worry. We'll make sure you get the birth control you need. No one will know…"
You wanted to tell him how it would make things no better. But you didn't have the strength. Your eyes slowly flutter to a close. And they didn't open for quite some time.
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soobsfae · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
take care of you, 2.
Tumblr media
snippet. “it sickened you how badly they wanted you to play the girlfriend role. but… what if that’s what it takes?”
warnings. kidnapping, obsessive behavior, uncomfortable situations for reader, yelling, reader scheming and planning, i think that’s it for this chapter.
genre. yandere, soft yandere, hard yandere for kidnap
couples. poly bts x yn
word count. 2.5k
authors note. this isn’t that eventful but it’s a kick into the series! pls don’t be afraid to send me requests for this series and ask my characters any questions! i’d love for you to get to know these characters! again, i wrote all of this at work so there’s a chance of mistakes throughout it, sorry! hope u enjoy and don’t forget to heart and reblog :D
taglist. @minshookie29 @bunzom @ikisskoo
Tumblr media
The sound of kitchen items clinking and clanking was all you could hear. You were sitting on the couch of your now shared living room. Taehyung sat across from you, his sketchbook in his lap while he lamely drew you. You felt stiff as you were forced to spend time with these men. Seokjin was spending his afternoon in the kitchen, whisking away to make your favorite meal. You had never told him what it was, but again, nothing surprised you.
From the things you managed to gather, you realized you had met every one of them in the past two years. You just hadn’t realized that such short lived moments had stuck with them because for the two years they had they managed to stalk every move you made. Every device you owned was tapped in, courtesy of Hoseok. Every second spent in your room was watched by him, “to protect you,” he had told you.
“Y/N?” You jolted at Taehyung’s voice calling for you. You turn to the man, your face devoid of any emotion. It had irked them for a while, the way you refused to speak or show even an ounce of anger at the predicament. But it was just more a reason to continue— maybe they’d realize how boring you are and point their fixation to someone else. Did that make you horrible? Wishing that it was someone else in this position and not you?
“Could you move your head a bit?” He asks softly, eyes trailing down your neck. You shifted uneasily on the couch, turning your head away from him altogether. “Y/N, I promise you’ll really like this one.” He had taken your movement as a positive antic. But not once in the past two weeks had you taken his drawings. Of you, of the others, or a simple flower he spotted on the way to the market.
“Food’s ready in ten!” Seokjin’s loud and cheery voice makes you jump in your spot.
“Geez, what’s up your ass.” Yoongi comes up from his room, plopping himself down onto the loveseat beside the couch you were propped up on. “No need to jump for everything.” And once more did you ignore his words. You had noticed that Yoongi and Hoseok were the most irritable ones. They hated the way you ignored them— the both of them having quite some issues with their anger— yet, Hoseok terrified you a lot more. There was just something earthshaking about how he managed to switch from the happiest person alive to the scariest. At least Yoongi was just as he is at all times.
“All done!” Taehyung hollers excitedly, rushing to you, behind down across from you, placing his art on your thighs. You look down at the beautiful canvas. As much as you hated to admit it— he was an amazing artist. He could capture anyone’s emotion exactly as he imagined it to be. It scared you that he drew you happily.
“Do you like it?” He asks with a hopeful look. You glance at his face and back down to the art for a second. You moved to grab the drawing and you could feel the happiness radiating off of his body. Only to be switched with utmost sadness when you ripped the piece in half. A tiny move of defiance, something you did every now and then.
“You brat, he worked hard—” Yoongi began, making you turn to him, and you were sure he could tell the fear that coursed through you. Usually, you’d be good at hiding it, but he stood so tall and buff against you. The anger in his face dissolved, switched out to a softened look. A flash of regret ran through his features, making you flinch. “I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to…”
“It’s alright, Hyung. She knows you didn’t mean it. Plus, this wasn’t the best of my works. I’ll just try harder for you.” The smile on his face made you sick to your stomach.
“Food’s ready. Let’s go eat.” The boy holds his hand out for you like he did every day before, only to have you ignore it and get up on your own. You walked yourself to the dining room, the men following behind you. You plopped yourself down onto your designated seat, wanting the night to be over with.
“I hope you enjoy, love.” Seokjin smiles proudly at you. You wondered if he hated you even an ounce every time you refused to eat his well prepared meals. He and Jimin had been frantic at your refusals to eat. It wasn't until two days ago when they brought to a completely enclosed snack that they realized they have to buy you prepped meals, ones where they couldn’t touch it. It sure beats having you get sick on them.
“Wow, you outdid yourself again, Hyung.” Jungkook shoots the older man a thumbs up.
“Thank you, it was fairly easy actually.” He fell into how he made the meal, other topics springing up throughout the meal. You sat in your spot, watching your food harden every minute that passed by. Were you playing your cards right? Would distancing yourself really get them bored of you? It had to be. You refused to play into their fantasy thus far, even if it meant escaping quicker— you were stronger than that. In the end, it could only possibly make them more deluded.
“Are you done, Y/N?” Namjoon’s strong and authoritative voice brings you out of your own mind. You stare back at him and away, back to your plate. “I’ll take that as a yes. We’ve left you some snacks on your bed. Untouched, I promise.”
You were quick to get up, scurrying off to your current bedroom. You slammed the door hard behind you, telling the others how unhappy you were. Not that they’d do anything but force you to watch a movie with them. It sickened you how badly they wanted you to play the girlfriend role. But… What if that’s what it takes? Playing the girlfriend role? Catch them with their guards down and make a run for it. You just didn’t know how to play it off. You’d been distant since you got here, they’d for sure find it weird if you changed so quickly. So maybe baby steps.
Later that night, you could hear Jimin practicing in his room— from the little you know, you came to find out that he was a dance teacher at a prestigious school. How you managed to bump into him like the others, you had no idea. Nevertheless, you get up, walking ever so slowly to his bedroom. And with a soft knock to his door, you waited, assuming he was finishing his routine.
The door flew open, an annoyed look on his face which quickly morphed into a small smile at the sight of you. “Sorry, I thought it was one of the boys…” you nod softly, looking into his room from behind his frame. It was a cozy looking room, a huge mirror covering the wall entirely, where he watched his technique as he danced the night away. The room was huge, just like yours.
“Do you want to come in?” He opens the door wide to let you in. Hesitantly, you waddle into his room, wary of where you stepped.
“Did you need something? Are you alright? Are you hurt?” He blurts out quickly, but he doesn't take a step forward. You watched as he fought with himself, refusing to cross any lines with you seeing as what happened last time he did so. The two of you stand there, looking at one another. You tried so hard to muster up what you needed to say.
“Uhm… do you want to… sit?” He motions to his bed, white duvets thrown about it. You nod softly, being careful on his bed, stiff as he sits on the other edge.
“You should… you should get some rest. You can sleep in here. Wait, I don’t mean it like that. I-I’ll sleep in the living room.”
“‘M sorry.” You mumble out softly, eyes stuck on your fiddling fingers.
You sigh loudly, eyes trailing up the walls of his room and back to him. He sat with a face full of shock, he hadn’t been expecting an apology at all. In fact, he didn’t want one, nor did he think he deserved one.
“Y-you don’t have to apologize! It… it was all my fault! So don’t lose any sleep over it! Haha!” He painfully laughs out, making you cringe.
“Still…” you make him look up at your features. “I didn’t mean to hurt you. Just like all of you… I’ll… I’ll try not to hurt any of you…”
“That’d be wonderful.” The bright smile on Jimin’s face made you want to hurl.
“Can I… can I ask you something?”
“Sure! Ask me anything!” The all too eager man just about yells.
“How did we meet?”
A small frown is shown on his face, which washes away as he feels your eyes on him. “I covered a friend's shift at a yoga studio he works at. Your mother had dragged you there. She said something about releasing your stress in other ways than with men. I knew then that she was a problem for you. Always judging you. I would never judge you.”
You awoke the next day to the smell of bacon emanating throughout the house. You had another night full of nightmares— of everything these boys could do to you while you were in their hold. The eye bags on your face were enough to concern every man in the house as you walked out.
Hoseok was the first to take notice, “are you not sleeping well? Is it that bed? I told them to get a softer one.”
“I’m fine. Just have to get used to the new place.” Hoseok almost flinched at the sound of your voice.
“Did the mute just talk?” Yoongi’s voice is heard as he plops down onto the couch. His nonchalant demeanor was fading as he seemed pleased with the change of attitude.
“You’re my least favorite.” You leave behind a laughing Jungkook at his blushing Hyung. You walk into the kitchen to meet with Seokjin who was speaking with Namjoon. The man who made you the most nervous, the ring leader. You were afraid to speak to him— he seemed to be the smartest of them. What if he caught onto you? Caught onto the grimaces when you were forced to be nice to them?
“Y/N! What a surprise… you’re usually not up for a while.” Seokjin calls out to you, making the intimidating man on the stool turn to look at you. He was sipping on his coffee, eyes trained on your face. You could feel the nerves building up within you, cheeks heating up and stutters coming through.
“I-I’m always up at this time. The smell of food wakes me up.” Rather the nightmares you have of them.
“You must be starving.” He seemed to be the only one who didn’t make a big charade at your talking stage.
“I am…” you shuffle onto a stool farthest away from Namjoon. You were sure he could tell from the sight of your hands shaking that he made you nervous.
“I’ll be in my office.” The man walks out, leaving behind the caretaker of the bunch to feed you. He scrubbed every plate and silverware to perfection, as well as going as far as feeding you. You flinched every time he got near you with a fork, but like all else, he ignored it and sent you a faint smile. You spent that morning watching Seokjin. Out of all the men, he seemed the least terrifying. He hadn’t tried anything with you, never crossed any lines, was never rude— he just liked to feed you.
Two hours later, you were standing across from Namjoon’s office. The men had let you roam around, and as much as you wanted to try every window, you couldn’t risk them seeing you looking for an escape. The last thing you really needed to solidify your plan was to get Namjoon to believe your every word.
You knock softly on the hardwood, awaiting an answer. You prayed and you hoped that the disgust on your face wasn’t evident, letting your plan go through. You shakily sway to the side, hearing a loud “come in.” And so you walk in. The door was heavy, fresh to the touch. There was a slight creaking sound, but you assumed he’d get that done quickly— he seemed to always ger these things done.
His office was neat, huge shelves filled to the rim with books, a nice sleek desk sat in the middle, couch on the side of it all. His office smelled like him, of fresh copies of paper and the cologne he wore.
“What are you doing here?” He asks, looking out at you. As if you didn’t already feel small, it felt as if he had so much more power behind that desk. You look back up at him, breath caught in your throat in fear. Glasses were perched up on his nose. His dominating aura felt like too much for you as you stood there, staring at him.
“You don’t need to force yourself with me.” He turns away from you and back to the papers he had previously been working on. “It’s fine as long as you try for the others.”
“I want to!” You yell out a little too loudly, making him jump slightly in his seat. That catches his attention as his eyes stay trained on you. You gulp nervously, watching anything but the look on his face. “You’re just … intimidating.”
“Really?” You could already picture how amused he would look. “I don’t get that often.”
“Yeah, well we’re under different circumstances so…” You tensed up at the sudden change of tone, hoping he wouldn’t get angry with you.
“You’re right.” He gets up from his chair, walking towards you. You jump back once, but are pulled back when his hands grab ahold of yours. The perspiration in the palm of your hands went ignored by the man, as he held your hands with such delicacy. He stared down at you, with what you assumed was a look of pure and unadulterated love. It’s what your siblings looked at their partners like— only this seemed insane. Your brothers and sisters held happy and stable relationships with their partners— they were all equal. And sure, more than half of them married so as to not have a child out of wedlock, but they were kind to one another. They certainly hadn’t taken them away from their entire life.
You continued to feel uneasy as the man set you down beside him, behind the huge desk. He had let you sit at his huge chair, making him grab a simple one to sit and work with you. You watched his side profile whilst he wrote a set of rules for the man covering his duties at work. His face of concentration was exactly the same as the one of that night. The night when he and the other took you away from the mundane life you missed. But with every smiley glance he sent, you realized you had him where you wanted him. Maybe he wasn’t the smartest after all.
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yoongsisbae · 3 months ago
Caught! House of Cards - Chapter 2
Tumblr media
WHOA I am amazed by all the love this story has received so far, chapter one has become my most liked post, huh?! I'm in shock, thank you! My thirst for muster Joon fueled this to be released earlier than anticipated, so enjoy! ;)
OT7 yandere!BTS x reader, Yoongi x reader & Taehyung x reader & Namjoon x reader focused this chapter
Warnings: 18+ dark themes, voyeur, masturbation A LOT of it, gaslighting & reader manipulation, shibari, intoxication, dubcon, choking, public nudity, sexual touching in public, dom!Namjoon & sub!reader
Word count: 5.3k
You press record and the red light on your webcam lights up. Your heartbeat races as you navigate the House of Cards website. You already have viewers and you’ve only just spent your time staring at the chat. You wish you had picked something sexier as you sit cross legged in an oversized shirt and sleep shorts. You wear a red eye mask to conceal your identity, part of an old superhero Halloween costume you pulled out from the depths of your closet. You felt like a dumbass. ‘Super Girl wouldn’t have to do this kind of shit.’
“Sorry, i-it’s my first time...m-maybe I could take suggestions?” You watch the chat move as you hold your breath. You wanted to sound sexy but you can’t stop stuttering out your words.
You’ve never been more anxious in your life, the ends of your fingers feel numb and you can hear your own pulse thumping in your ears. You’re openly inviting strangers to get off on your body, you’re about to expose yourself in ways you’ve never done before. This isn’t like sending a sexy photo to a boyfriend when you’re feeling needy, this is so much more reckless.
Just when you’re starting to regret doing this, just when you’re about to end the feed and hide in humiliation, a notification ding pulls you away from your thoughts.
Suga: take off your shirt
Your on-screen balance goes from zero to a hundred dollars. You gulp and your eyes go wide at the amount. A hundred dollars just to take your shirt off? That seems too good to be true.
‘Okay, this is what you signed up for, y/n. It's now or never!’ You mentally hype yourself up. You keep your mission in mind, make enough money to keep a roof over your head for this month.
Your shaky fingers find the hem of your shirt “F-for you-” you squint reading the username again, “For you, Suga.” You lift the shirt slowly off your body, exposing the curves of your breasts, revealing your red lace bra to your viewers.
The collar of your shirt gets stuck around your head. You feel like an idiot as you try to wrestle the shirt off your body without pulling off your mask.
Yoongi snorts at his screen, his lips curving up into a half smile. He sits behind two computer monitors. He watches as you stutter out apologies to your audience, entertained by your clumsiness.
He peers over his shoulder, to where his friends are playing a game of billiards. “Hey, we have a new one!”
“Oh yeah? It’s been awhile since someone joined.” Namjoon puts his pool stick down and walks over to Yoongi to get a closer look. He laughs, “What is she doing? Is this her first time?”
“It is,” Yoongi hums.
“Ah, well now I’m intrigued.” Namjoon pulls out his cell, quickly pulling up the website on his phone.
Yoongi licks his lips, “I think she’s cute.” He watches another hundred dollars add to your total as someone asks for you to remove your shorts. He notices the username and sends a glare to the man standing over his shoulder.
“What? Just trying to move the show along.” Namjoon gives Yoongi’s shoulder a shake. “You never did like sharing.”
“And you never knew how to properly take care of my toys.”
Namjoon laughs. He studies your figure and the way you move back and forth awkwardly on the bed. You’re trying to find the best pose for your request until you finally decide to lie on your back and lift up your hips, pulling your shorts down and off your legs so you’re in nothing but a bra and panties. He leans over Yoongi’s shoulder, eyes level with his monitor to get a better look at you. “She is very cute. I could have a lot of fun with her.”
Yoongi grunts. He watches you press the cups of your bra together to show your cleavage off for him. The chatroom viewer count jumps into 3 digits. You’re so eager to please your audience, he thinks, jumping at the chance to perform the simplest of requests. And he is eager to learn just how far he can push you.
Yoongi types a reply quickly and hits the donate button. He hears his friend let out a low whistle next to him.
A thousand dollars?! Someone just donated a thousand dollars. What the hell?
Suga: spread your legs for me. touch yourself.
Your breath hitches. You watch as another wave of viewers are added to the chat, another trickle of donations following. You feel high from their attention, and the money just keeps on rolling in! You've been so worried and stressed since lockdown happened and now you're almost guaranteed to accomplish your goal, finally something is going right, your heart jumps in excitement. It’s starting to You had discarded your embarrassment along with your clothes, thrown somewhere in a heap on the floor. You lean back on your palms and bring your knees together. You can feel the damp cloth of your underwear rub against your core. You’re ashamed to admit how turned on you are. The higher the viewer count goes the wetter you become. You slowly spread your legs to the camera, reveling in the game you're playing with your faceless admirers. Your eyes read over the chat, taking in all their praises of your body. Flattering compliments intermingled with salacious requests pass by the second, it’s overwhelming, and only serves to fuel your arousal.
Your sweet voice plays through Yoongi’s speakers, “Thank you Suga.”
“Oh fuck, she’s so wet.” Hoseok pulls up a chair next to Yoongi and Namjoon. They all stare at the screen, at the center of your light pink panties. There is a noticeable dark spot that propels the chatroom into a frenzy.
“Take a look at that view count, it’s one of our highest this month, right?” Namjoon asks Yoongi. He hums in acknowledgement. “They really have nothing better to do now that we’re all stuck in our homes,” Namjoon jeers.
The three men watch silently as your breathing escalates, taking note of how you shake and moan. Hoseok uses the camera on his phone to zoom in on your face scrunched up in pleasure and takes a snapshot.
Yoongi raises an eyebrow at his friend. “I’m just showing Jin! She’s his type.” Namjoon laughs. Hoseok cocks his head to the side in confusion while Yoongi scoffs.
Of course you're Jin's type, Yoongi thinks. You're so beautiful and Jin loves to treasure beauty. Jin loves to admire his treasures, taking pleasure in finding the cracks within perfection to break them wider. He's going to have to watch out for Jin.
Yoongi’s and Hoseok’s phones ding with a notification. “Did you have to do that?” Yoongi questions Namjoon, starting to feel annoyed. He pasted a link to your stream to the group chat.
“They are probably already watching. Look,” he points to your view count, soaring into the thousands. The man on his side gives him a dirty look.
You place your hands inside your bra and panties, still not comfortable enough to bare it all just yet. You cup your breasts and roll your hips into your palm getting off on the friction. Your soaked panties pull on your hips, stretch against your knuckles, revealing parts of you every once in a while to the camera. How many men had their dicks out right now, how many were falling apart with you? The thought made you clenched down on nothing, covering your hand in your essence. You pull your hand away from your core and put your palm in front of the camera, showing off your wet fingers to your faceless admirers.
Taehyung groans. You wiggle your fingers to him, traces of your arousal drip in between, he imagines himself licking each digit clean. He imagines his own long fingers stuffing you instead, pulling sweet moans from your lips, you dripping all over him. Fuck he wants to taste you, he bets you taste so sweet, just divine.
His hands fists his hard erection, his tongue between his teeth as he watches you on his laptop. Each time you cry out in pleasure, he thrusts into his clenched fist, imagining your tight cunt wrapped around him instead. Taehyung almost loses it when you let out a needy whine, imagining all the ways he could make you cry and whimper at his hands. He wishes he had you here so he could taste and smell your body, god if you were here he would make you cum over and over again until you cry and beg him to stop.
Someone sends you five hundred dollars, the second largest donation of the night.
V: You’re so beautiful
No request, no lewdness, nothing other than the simple phrase that you didn’t realize how much you ached to hear. Your face goes hot. You let your hand speed up. You try to imagine the words spoken, whispered in your ear, focus on them besides the dings of your laptop and wet sounds coming from your soaking core.
You imagine a man on top of you whispering how beautiful he finds you. You throw your head back lost in pleasure, letting your fantasies overtake you until the heat inside you bursts. You gasp and shudder, forgetting about the camera on you, riding out your high for as long as you can. The fantasy man leaves your thoughts as you come back down to earth, alone again in your room. Finally, you open your eyes, staring at the ceiling of your room. The chatroom dings and dings.
Now that you’ve reached your high, the flames of your arousal abruptly extinguishes, an icy current of mortification at what you’ve done hits you in waves. You sit up shakily, wiping the sweat off your brow. Too scared to look at your reflection, you look down at your keyboard instead, trying to steady your breathing.
“Thank you for coming to my first broadcast. I’m going to log off now.”
Instead of shutting off the stream you hold down the power button of your laptop to turn your entire computer off. You lay back down as your phone vibrates with a notification. The total sum of what you made on your first live stream. You can’t believe it, laughing at the ridiculousness of it. You pull the mask off your face and throw the offending material across the room. As you steady your breathing you push down the regret that creeps over you, thoughts that ring in your ears like a lecture from your mother, feeling shame and disgust at what you allowed yourself to become. Whatever, you did what you had to do.
It’s an hour before you have to clock out on your last shift of the week. Your manager pulls you aside to speak with you. There’s concern in his voice and a frown etched on his face, “He is here again.”
“Oh,” you grimace, why is he so early?! “He’s, um, here to pick me up.”
Your manager’s eyes go wide. “You’re going to go somewhere with that psycho?”
“I-I can’t say.”
“If it’s money again I can see about getting you some more hours.” He grabs a clipboard off the back wall, flipping through the schedule.
You wince. “No, it’s just something I have to do and then this should all be over and done with. It will be fine.” Will it be fine? You hope so.
He gives you a skeptical look. “Are you sure? You’re sure you’re going to be okay?”
You don’t know, but you nod your head regardless, “Yes.”
“Okay,” He sighs, still looking worried, “I’ll see you Monday?”
You give him a reassuring smile. “See you Monday. Have a good weekend.”
An hour later you clock out and Yoongi makes his way next to you. You were grateful he didn’t make another scene, he had sat in the corner sipping on coffee, hardly paying attention to you. He didn’t have to, not when he had your store's camera system connected to his phone.
You look him over, Yoongi looks as posh as ever. He wears all black, and tight pants that show off his, well anyways, why does he have to look so good? You huff, staring anywhere else, motioning your arm, “After you.”
The man gives you a wicked smile and offers you his arm. You resist the urge to roll your eyes, but reach for his elbow. You felt silly in your dirty work clothes holding onto him. Why did you even bother waking up early today to put on a face full of makeup when you just ended up sweating it off?
"Your manager doesn't seem happy to see me," he teases.
"I wonder why..." you send him a glare.
Of course this motherfucker has a Rolls Royce. You grumble next to him. Yoongi opens the passenger’s door for you and you slide inside. When was the last time someone has done that for you? Tinder culture has really screwed you in more ways than one. You watch as he circles to the other side, he looks so powerful and sexy.
Stop, what's gotten into you?! You push down the butterflies fluttering around in the pit of your stomach. When he starts the car, he leans over to you, invading your space and making you flinch.
“Calm down, I’m not going to hurt you.” His eyes travel down your body, “Unless you want me to.” His face is too close to yours, you can feel his breath on your skin as he smirks down at you.
He reaches for the strap of your seat belt, his body now entirely pressed up against yours and he pulls on the strap and buckles it for you. Your face grows hot, it felt like he was teasing you, his presence leaving you as quickly as it came. You swallow down the lump in your throat, wishing you had water for your suddenly dry mouth.
He had smelled good. Manly. It’s been so damn long since you’ve been on a date, under the excuse of social distancing, but really you’ve just stopped trying to go out on boring typical dates with normal boring men so you can have boring vanilla sex. It was a hassle, you had gotten used to the instant gratification from your viewers. But now you had neither. That's why you were so wound up, not because you wanted this smug asshole, no way.
As he reversed, you realize you have to give him your address. You bite your lower lip, thinking what to do. Maybe you can get him to drop you off somewhere close by, but Yoongi is already setting up the GPS with another location.
“Umm, I thought we were going to stop by my house first.”
“So I can change?”
“Not necessary, you can change on the boat. I have clothes for you since I noticed you never cashed my check.” His piercing eyes flash with anger, the accusation making you shift uncomfortably. Cashing Yoongi's check made what was happening feel like a transaction, and you weren't willing to give him that power over you.
“I-I did not agree to get on a boat with you,” you frown, red flags popping up in your head at the thought of being alone in the middle of nowhere, out at sea, with a stranger who says he’ll hurt you if you ask him to.
“You agreed to go to a party with me. That’s how we get to the party, sweetheart.”
When Yoongi said boat you didn’t realize he meant yacht. It’s huge. He leads you into the main cabin, there are clothes already laid out for you on the bed.
He shows you how to work the shower before leaving you alone. You know you were washing off the sweat and grime of the day to make yourself presentable for this party of his, but why did you feel like you were cleaning yourself up for Yoongi specifically. It made you feel uneasy. You tried to silence the alarm bells ringing in your head and focus on getting ready. It's just one night out and then you can say goodbye to Yoongi forever.
The dress was black and tight. It hugged your curves and showed off your cleavage. You can admit it was a hot dress and you felt hot in it. It’s exactly the style you like, as if Yoongi had pulled it right out from one of your favorite Pinterest boards. You sigh as you look at yourself in the mirror, the dress came with a set of lingerie that you almost didn’t put on, embarrassed by wearing underwear picked out by a man you knew nothing about. This wasn't like the times you let your viewers choose your outfits for broadcast, this was different...right?
You decide to go all out with makeup, realizing there is no doubt going to be many beautiful people at this party that look as attractive and expensive as Yoongi, so you might as well try to blend in. You put on the finishing touches, a dark red lip, when there’s a knock on the door.
Yoongi walks in, he’s changed too. He's wearing a black button down and black pants, it matches your outfit. Almost all of his fingers are adorned with silver rings. His hair styled in an unkept bedhead way that makes him look younger. You try not to stare or think about how ridiculously handsome he looks.
You look breathtaking, Yoongi thinks, ‘Only one thing missing.’ He pulls out a black choker with a gold pendant from his pocket. “For you, I think it completes the look.” He gives you a genuine smile.
“I-I...Thank you.” you don’t know what else to say. His fingertips graze your collarbones, lighting a trail of fire across your chest. Yoongi clasps the choker around your neck, the pull against your sensitive skin gives you goosebumps. His pointer finger finds its way under your jaw to lift your chin up. “Ready for some fun?” You leave with Yoongi before you have time to inspect his present, notice that on the gold heart pendant there are initials delicately scrawled in the middle. ‘MYG’
You enter the party mesmerized. An island. A mansion. A secret paradise. A place where the party never needed to end.
The hall is decorated from top to bottom in gold and crystal, intricate glass centerpieces and art at every corner, but what caught your eye and made your heart drop into the pit of your stomach was an entirely different kind of centerpiece. Around the main room, suspended from the ceiling, gold ropes dropped in a dozen different areas. The most beautiful women you’ve ever seen hung under spotlights, the rope tied in intricate patterns around their naked bodies, each placed in a different position. Saliva pooled inside your mouth as you watched in awe.
Party goers gravitated to them, watching the women as they ate finger food and drank. Yoongi’s breath tickled the back of your neck as he whispered in your ear. “You look like you want to join them,” His dark eyes narrowed on you.
“I’m just admiring the view,” you try to act unaffected by his words, “Don’t get your hopes up. I’m hungry,” you whine, changing the subject, you let Yoongi pull you through the crowd.
Jungkook grips his wine glass so tight the stem breaks in half, the glass pieces cutting the palm of his hand. He is so full of rage he barely feels the sting, letting the blood drip on his expensive suit. That conniving little man Yoongi has his hands all over your body. How did he have you? Had this been his plan all along? Did Yoongi convince you to leave the site so he could have you all to himself? And you fell into his trap! Jungkook knows it’s not your fault for being manipulated, he knows how devious his business partner can be, but he wants to punish you just the same. He has to tell someone. Taehyung will know what to do! He searches for his friend, before he goes straight to Yoongi and kills him instead.
“Min, please introduce us to your date!” The crowd parts as two men advance towards Yoongi. You were just getting used to Yoongi’s cold reserved demeanor when his friends’ beaming playful attitude catch you off guard. The pair is full of energy, they commanded attention, and you could tell by their looks they most certainly were used to being in the center of it.
“You know who she is,” Yoongi rolls his eyes, his hand around your waist pulling you closer to him. What did he mean? Were they-
“But we haven’t formally met! I’m Hoseok, you can call me Hobi.” He winks at you and gives you a bright smile. “This is Jimin!”
‘Jimin.’ That name is familiar to you. No way, this beautiful man is not your Jimin. Not one of your top donators Jimin. No way in hell-
“I’m so happy to have finally met you in person, Dahlia.” Jimin holds your hand in his and brings your fingers to his lips, giving you a small wink. Oh my god he’s attractive. This is the same man who paid you for late night private chats, crying about how lonely he was, he is that Jimin. You’re so astonished you don’t even register the way Yoongi’s fingers dig into your hip in jealousy.
Hoseok and Jimin are fun. The three of you drink another round of sparkling champagne as the duo takes turns telling you wild stories, making you dissolve into a fit of giggles. Yoongi sips on his whisky while he watches the three of you roar with laughter. He doesn’t mind, he uses their charm to his advantage. As expected around the extroverted pair you start feeling more comfortable, you let your guard down around Yoongi, so Yoongi doesn’t mind. You're his date after all, you’re his.
“Looks like everyone made it!” Jimin waves at a trio of men headed towards your group.
“Almost everyone,” Yoongi corrects. He drapes his arm over your shoulder and you lean into him, your body swaying from the alcohol in your system. Yoongi delights in the way the men looked at you in his arms, the visible shock and anger on their faces. “Y/n, this is Seokjin, Taehyung, and Jungkook.”
You nod in their direction, barely regarding them, instead giggling at Jimin who is making a funny face at you trying to steal your attention.
“Namjoon says he’s sorry he couldn’t make it, something came up.” Taehyung addresses Yoongi.
Yoongi frowns at the information, it’s not like Joon to change plans so suddenly.
“I need to use the restroom, excuse me.”
“I’ll show you where it is,” Yoongi begins to take you, but Taehyung’s hand grips Yoongi’s shoulder, pulling him back. “Let the lady go, it’s been so long since we’ve all seen you, Yoongi. I missed my friend. You can make your way, right baby?”
Six heads turn to look at you and you feel hot under their intense stares. “Um, yea-yes, I’ll be right back.” You leave before Yoongi can protest.
This place is huge. You can’t remember how you found the bathroom or how to get back to Yoongi, and the room felt like it was spinning. The party had become louder, more obnoxious as drugs and alcohol loosened everyone’s inhibitions.
You shouldn’t have drank so much, you didn’t realize how much alcohol Jimin and Hobi had been feeding you until it was too late, and now you could barely make out people’s faces. What are you going to do? Yoongi had your cell in his pocket, why did you give it to him? Jimin had grabbed it out of your hand to put his contact information in, and handed it back to Yoongi instead. You didn't even protest, you were too busy being mesmerized by Hoseok as he swayed his hips to the music playing, rolling his body to the beat.
You lean against an empty space of wall, between two couples obnoxiously making out. You’re all alone in a strange house with no way to call for help, the gravity of your situation hits you all at once and your head begins to throb.
Maybe if you can make it to the second floor you can spot Yoongi and the others in the crowd. You stumble your way to the stairs, hoping your plan works.
You see Yoongi. The bastard is still drinking his whisky while his friend’s banter amongst themselves. You exhale, finally calming down. The fresh air away from everyone helps to take away your dizziness. You watch the six men, they are all so good looking. They have to be the most attractive men at the party. You didn’t notice how intimidating the group looks, finding it funny how party goers instinctively keep their distance from them.
The three new men are tall and big, they could be models, or maybe athletes, you should have paid attention when Yoongi was introducing you to them. What were their names, Junhyung? Taejung? If Yoongi was a House member, and Jimin was a House member, could they all
You’re about to turn to leave when hands cover your mouth and grab at your waist. Your scream is completely muffled out behind the stranger’s large hand.
He holds you in a suffocating embrace, covering both your mouth and nose, you realize you really cannot breathe. You try to pry his hand off your face but it’s impossible, he’s too strong and too big, easily overpowering you. The air in your lungs is trapped inside of you as you try to scream. Is this how you die?
“Hey baby.”
‘RM.’ The last time you met him, you had your vision taken, so you could never forget the unmistakable deep rumble of his voice.
Your mind is reeling. You stop fighting against his hold and he finally removes his hand, placing it around your neck instead. You gasp and cough out, inhaling air quickly, afraid your breath will be taken away again.
You guess it made sense, first Jimin now RM, were all the party goers members too? The thought terrified you. You had no idea what your viewers looked like, yet they all knew what you looked like naked. Just how many knew who you were? It made you queasy, you shudder against RM. RM, a top donator, plastered against your back, it felt like a fever dream.
You remember all the times you flirted with him behind the protection of your computer screen, now there were no digital barriers to stop his advances. No house rules to lessen his stifling touches.
“I missed you, baby. I’m a little upset you stayed away for so long, but seeing you here dressed up so pretty, like a present I get to unwrap, I can forgive you.” The hand that held your waist down against him traveled up your stomach, between your breasts, until it settled around your neck as well. “I’m so so glad you came back to us.” His deep velvet voice rumbled in your ear, making your legs tremble.
His strong fingers begin to massage your neck. It feels so good, you bite back a moan. Namjoon rubs deep circles into your shoulder blades. You can’t help but melt into his relaxing massage, your nerves had been wound so tightly before, his expert fingers finding each knotted muscle in your back. You try to sneak a glance behind you, but every time you try, Namjoon’s hands find your jaw, keeping your attention forward.
“How is Yoongi treating you?” RM knows Yoongi? You felt so out of the loop, you tried to make sense of it all but you could only concentrate on the way his fingers pressed against your skin.
“He’s being a perfect gentleman.”
“A 'gentleman,'” Namjoon laughs, “Are we talking about the same man?” You roll your head as his fingers work the tense muscles of your neck. His thumb runs underneath your choker, ever so slightly tightening the fabric around your skin. “He was planning to keep you all to himself,” Namjoon tuts.
Anger erupts inside of him as he notices the piece of jewelry, and he pulls you into another crushing embrace, his hands underneath the curves of your breasts. “Now what would he do if he saw you in my arms, hmm?” He makes you walk back to the balcony, hands groping your chest and body pressing you forward into the banister. Truthfully, you’re scared of what Yoongi would do if he saw you, you had no idea what he was capable of, but the pleasure RM was giving you was hard to fight against.
“RM, please...” you don’t know what you’re begging him for, to let you go, to touch you more.
“Look at him.” His voice deepens, his authoritative tone makes you whimper in his arms.
His arms travel to your waist, his fingers pulling at the hem of your dress, lifting it tortuously slow. His fingertips ghost over your lace panties. “Look at how wet you are, dirty girl.” He pulls them down your thighs. If anyone were to look up, they’d see you completely bare. The thought makes you pulse.
Taehyung and Jungkook had come to Namjoon to tell him what Yoongi had done. Namjoon almost felt bad, Yoongi was like a brother to him, so Namjoon knew how much he cared about you. But why would he parade you around in front of the others, like a sweet treat on a platter? Yoongi surely knew them all well enough to know they'd want to take a bite.
“Now keep your eyes on Yoongi, what is he doing right now?”
You start to speak and Namjoon pushes two fingers inside you, all the way in to his knuckles. You let out a gasp, and he pinches the sensitive skin of breast through your dress. “Answer daddy, baby girl.”
You fight back tears, your mouth goes dry as you try to hold yourself together. “H-he’s talking to Hobi.” Namjoon inserts another finger into you at the nickname you use for his friend, the stretch is bordering on painful, making you cry out. You try to stifle your whimpers, it just turns Namjoon on even more. He grinds his erection into your ass. His smell, his dirty words, his roughness, you've forgotten how much you craved it.
“Hobi, is it? When did you and him become so friendly? Baby, you’re making me jealous. Is that what you want?” With three fingers inside you, he sets a punishing pace. It’s been awhile since you’ve felt so full. Perhaps the last time you truly felt like this was by RM himself. You pulse around his fingers at the memory. Your legs shake as his thumb finds your clit, pressing into your sensitive hood. “P-please…”
“Please what?”
“Please let me cum, Daddy.”
He groans in your ear. “Hmm no.” He pulls his fingers out of you, you hold onto the banister as your orgasm escapes you. Your body shakes with need.
“You’ll come find me later tonight, won’t you, baby girl?” His warmth leaves your body, when you turn around no one is there.
Oh my so many questions, not many answers. Will you see your manager on Monday? Lol thank you again for enjoying my story, let me know what you think! <3
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thedarkfactory · a month ago
. . . Mafia!hyung line reacting to their s/o wanting to run away from their wedding . . .
Kim Seokjin
Today was supposed to be the happiest day of his life. Of your lives. However, the news of you not being found within the mansion premises ruined this otherwise joyous day. Instead of waiting down the aisle, admiring how you looked in your flowy white dress, he was now driving down the dirt path that was the only way to any civilization, in hopes of finding you before you found others.
He wouldn’t want to cause a crimson mess on the day of your wedding.
Even though he looked calm and collected to his henchmen, deep inside he was a panicking mess. Hell, he wanted to believe himself when he thought of the possibility of a rival family having taken you instead but the constant muttering among those invited to the wedding made him know better. You had run away amidst the distraction of the wedding preparations.
While his heart was wrenching in pain and anger, he spotted a faint and blurry spot of white. Slowing down his driving, his tight grip on the steering wheel loosened as the white blur finally came to full view.
There you were walking on the damp dirt path, body slouched but feet never stopping on their mission to get to their destination… freedom. Hair was a mess as fancy hair pins were hung by a hair thread. The pure white dress which engulfed your body was now a torn and dirty brown mess while your feet were toes deep in squishy and slimy dirt.
However, despite your messy appearance you still looked like an angel sent from heaven itself. You were just as beautiful as the day he first saw you.
Looking behind you, you spot the slick black car that was only a few feet away from catching up to you. This was the motivation your feet needed to pick themselves up from the muddy dirt and start heading for a full sprint, yet the sound of a car door slamming shot ringed through the deserted path as running footsteps could be heard thumping towards your direction.
The dirty wedding dress dragging you down despite your best efforts of picking up the expensive material away from your feet. Yet, even with all the yearning and desperation in the world, you weren’t fast enough to escape the clutches of the man you feared most.
A cry of pain ripped through you as you were pulled off your feet and into the warm embrace of your captor. The cries of pain weren’t over how much your body ached over how long you have been running, nor due to the throbbing heat your feet felt once they finally got off the painful dirt floor. It was more towards yourself as you knew that you wouldn’t ever out run this man.
Nevertheless, the overly joyed man seemed to not take notice of her pathetic self pity cries as he kissed her mascara and dirt covered cheek, pressing her whole being against his body. He got you back and that was all that mattered.
The wedding shall continue, to your dismay.
Tumblr media
Min Yoongi
Yoongi wasn’t stupid, he knew you had ran out of your room before the sun even raised up. He knew you only took a small bag of clothes and… he knew you were helped out by one of his men.
Checking his watch, he looked at his reflection on the tall mirror in the waiting room, fixing his tie before glancing down behind him. The mirrored image of Jungkook, the bodyguard who was supposed to watch over you but instead helped you run, stared back at him with bloody soulless eyes as his lifeless mangled body laid motionless on the polished marble floor. Yoongi’s handy work displayed onto the corpses body as each broken bone and bruise was an outcome of every one of his hits towards the young traitor.
Snapping his gaze away from the corpse, Yoongi’s eyes glanced up as the doors to the room were pulled open, the cries of his struggling soulmate making their way towards his ears. Turning to face you, a smug grin plastered onto his lips, sharp cat-like eyes glaring you down in amusement.
“You didn’t actually think I would let you get away again, right?” The young mob boss purred as he made his way towards your trembling body, arms being held by two large and towering men who had an iron grip, preventing you from making a run for it.
You didn’t even notice the bloodied body of Jungkook, your savior, as your widened and tearful eyes locked onto the predatory gaze that your husband-to-be held. You were so close to reaching your freedom from this hell, yet like always, Yoongi was one step ahead of you. Almost as if he viewed this whole thing like a sort of game, in which the prize was you.
Flinching away from his cold touch, you felt his hot breath hit your cheek as his hand caressed your cheek with tenderness and love.
“Better luck next time, my Dove.”
Yoongi - 5
Y/n - 0
Tumblr media
Jung Hoseok
To say he was distressed was an understatement. He was a fucking wreck. Blood was spilled that day as he pretty much slaughtered every one of the wedding guests and even the ones who let you get away. He had his men searching for you under every rock and every nook possible.
You had left him. You had run away and deserted him on the day of your wedding. He trusted you and loved you, spoiled you in riches and affection. Even went as far to make sure underground activities reached you so you wouldn’t have to witness such gortis scenes. Yet, it seemed that it didn;t matter how much effort he put to show how much he loved you. You still betrayed him by leaving.
You, on the other hand, were on cloud 9 as you made it to the train station on time. Your body slumped onto the cousined and cold seat as an attendant went around checking people’s tickets. You escaped. You actually managed to escape.
Accelerated heart now calming down, the weight on your shoulders now disappearing with every glance you took of your surroundings. Taking in the fact that Hoseok was nowhere to be seen.
You knew that right about now, Hoseok must have noticed your absence and now has just about everyone who works for him looking for you. It didn’t matter though, you were long gone and that was all you cared about. Your new life awaited for you, one in which you know you have to look over your shoulder constantly, but were sure that it was something worth putting up with to prevent having to go back and marry a psychopath like him.
Unfortunately for Hoseok, he would never find you. Unbeknown to him, everyone who worked under him had something to do with you running away. From helping you escape, to buying you your train ticket and even getting you the proper documentation to get on a plane away from where Hoseok was.
Hoseok was never able to find you and relished every moment of it.
Tumblr media
Kim Namjoon
When he first heard about you not being in your room, Namjoon didn’t worry too much about it. Instead he made himself busy pushing the wedding for tomorrow. Having invited no one, wanting to have a small and intimate ceremony, it wasn’t too hard of a task to complete. That is if the ones opposing it wanted to see tomorrow.
Once he was done with the preparations, all he needed to do was wait.
And wait….
w a i t …
It wasn’t until 4 in the morning that Namjoon saw your drenched form by the door frame of his office. Overly beat and exhausted body trembled under the chilling cold that engulfed you. You were a pathetic mess to say the least.
Leaning against his leather chair, Namjoon raised an eyebrow at your appearance. An eyebrow raised as he waited for you to say something.
“I’m sorry…”
Your voice was small and horsed. Barely audible to even a fly, really. Yet, Namjoon heard you loud and clear as a stern look covered his manly features. You hated it when he looked like that. Because unlike the rest, you knew what it meant. It was the face he would pull when he knew he was right about something and now expected you to beg for his forgiveness for doubting him.
Namjoon had warned you of the dangers of the outside world. Told you how there were people who wouldn’t hesitate to take advantage of your innocence. Hurt you and defile you for their own enjoyment. Outside of the safety of his home, your home, laid nothing more but monsters ready to pounce on you the second they saw you.
Of course, you didn't believe him at first and even went out of your way to escape. However, with no money nor a place to go to, you were at a loss as to what to do. Asking for help proved futile as not a single person glanced your way, assuming that you were nothing more than a beggar on the street. The worse was yet to come, for once nightfall came, it wasn’t the rain nor the thunder that followed it that made you a scared trembling mess, it was when the power hungry men came out from the dark to pray for the innocent. Harassed, mocked, and even pushed around, you barely managed to escape their grasp had it not been for the sound of a police siren coming closer and closer. Had you not escaped them, you might not even have been alive.
Glancing up at him like a wet puppy dog, you waited for him to start telling you, ‘ i told you so’. It never came, however, instead was a soft sigh as Namjoon pushed himself off his chair and made his way towards you, a throw blanket in hand as he covered you with it. Instead of yelling at you or getting mad at you, he pulled your wet body against his warm dried one and hummed softly. “You believe me now, dumpling?”
Nodding softly, you let your body fell weak against his embrace as you buried your face on his chest, heavy sobs now ripping through you as the events of that night haunted you.
Little did you know that Namjoon had actually hired those men to scare you right back to him. Having you fall right back into his embrace. After all, the true predator here was him and you were his prey.
Tumblr media
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banglet · 6 months ago
*Cross-posted on Archive Of Our Own under the username PeachCows*
Tumblr media
CHARACTERS AND PAIRINGS: Seokjin/Reader, Seokjin/Original Female Character, Yoongi/Reader, Hoseok/Reader, Namjoon/Reader, Jimin/Reader, Taehyung/Reader, Taehyung/Original Female Character, Jungkook/Reader, Other Original Female Characters, Other Male Original Characters
SUMMARY:  When you had been hired at the palace, you had expected an easy life. Or at least, an easier life than what you had known before. You didn’t think you’d have to interact with the seven princes at all. You would simply hide in the shadows, sweeping the dust from behind them as they spent their lives living in luxury and being oblivious to the worlds problems. Things change however, when you catch the attention of Prince Hoseok. Things go downhill from there.
WARNINGS: Yandere, blood, gore, torture, depression, suicide attempts, referenced suicide attempts, referenced depression, murder, attempted murder, obsessive behavior, paranoia, blood drinking, non-consensual blood drinking, blood sharing, blood kink, Major Character Death, Child death, miscarriages, abortions, More Warnings to be added as the story progresses
ADITIONAL TAGS: Royal AU, Soulmates AU, Set in Ye Olden Times
♥ Chapter 1
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♥ Chapter 3
♥ Chapter 4
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♥ Chapter 6
♥ Chapter 7
♥ Chapter 8
♥ Chapter 9
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♥ Chapter 20
♥ Chapter 21
♥ Chapter 22
♥ Chapter 23
♥ Chapter 24
♥ Chapter 25
♥ Chapter 26
♥ Chapter 27
♥ Chapter 28
♥ Chapter 29
♥ Chapter 30
♥ Chapter 31
♥ Chapter 32
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♥ Chapter 34
♥ Chapter 35
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angellgguk · 10 days ago
Prompt masterlist
Tumblr media
All the requested prompts in one list!
copyrighted under creative commons attribution-non commercial-no derivs 4.0 unported. You can not claim my work as your own or reproduce in any form.
last updated :09 .08.2021
Prompt list - [ ✓ ]
Main masterlist
Goodnight series
Tumblr media
__Kim Seokjin
5, 24 - “you’re hurting me and you have no idea about it” +“is ‘i love you’ such a hard thing for you to say?” - [ reader cheats on Seokjin with bodyguard Jungkook ]
27, 49 -“don’t make me repeat” + "i can’t bring myself to let you go” [ Seokjin eats reader out but receives some unfortunate news while he's at it ]
3, 7 - "it’s always been you baby”+ “nothing about you is imperfect” [Seokjin fucks his girlfriend's best friend in her room ]
23 -"It only hurts because you won’t cooperate"[ DILF Seokjin fucks his son's ex girlfriend ]
32. 38 -"I can’t let you get away with this” +“The tears look good on you” [jealous husband Seokjin fucks reader in the gas station's bathroom]
32- "The tears looks good on you" [captor Seokjin fucks reader in a picnic blanket and pleads for her love]
Tumblr media
__Min Yoongi
6, 23 - ”if you’re not willing i might as well do it by myself” +”it only hurts because you won’t cooperate” [daechwita Yoongi forces reader to his castle ]
Tumblr media
__Jung Hoseok
30 - "smile, you’re prettier like that” [ Hoseok fucks reader in her workplace then yells at her coworker (lmao) ]
Tumblr media
__Kim Namjoon
7- “nothing about you is imperfect” [ Namjoon comforts a insecure reader ]
11, 24 - “oh, so i’m nothing now?” +”is ‘i love you’ such a hard thing for you to say?” [ ex boyfriend Namjoon makes a surprise visit on reader's wedding]
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__Park Jimin
20, 24 - "please don’t leave me alone here" + “is ‘I love you’ such a hard thing for you to say?” [boyfriend Jimin leaves reader all alone in the dark]
Tumblr media
__Kim Taehyung
2, 35 - “sweetheart you are mine, and i hope you always remember that” +“what a pretty little thing you are” [yandere boyfriend Taehyung shows his true side to reader
2, 6 -“sweetheart you are mine, and i hope you always remember that” +“if you are not willing, i might as well do it by myself” [reader cheats on her husband with Taehyung and accidentally mentions his name in front of Taehyung]
35, 43 -”what a pretty little thing you are” +“I doubt you can even walk without me” [ yandere idol Taehyung fucks his long time fan]
Tumblr media
__Jeon Jungkook
1, 20 “isn’t this what lovers do?” +“please, please you can’t leave me alone (here)” [ Jungkook accuses reader of cheating on him in the middle of the road]
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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jkeuphoriadreamland · 7 months ago
➹The Perfect Pretense➹
Tumblr media
➹ᴘᴀɪʀɪɴɢ:  Jin X f reader 21+ MATURE ➹word count: 16k ➹ɢᴇɴʀᴇ: Yandere, Dark themes, Stalking, Kidnapping, Angst ➹sᴜᴍᴍᴀʀʏ: Done with men, you amuse yourself with a dating app just to appease your friend only to find that you make an actual match. You try to play it off and denounce men altogether, but something about the way he says all the right things changes your mind and you give him a chance. Little did you know he was not the man you thought he was. ➹ᴡᴀʀɴɪɴɢs: YANDERE, KIDNAPPING, NON-CON behavior, somnophilia, drugging, deception, OBVIOUS MENTAL ISSUES, bondage, degradation, non-con oral sex, fingering, non-con anal/anal play, sadistic Jin, hitting, psychological manipulation and abuse, use of chloroform, locking up reader, non-con touching, forcing use of medication/drugs, mentions/use of a b*ttplug, mentions of a collar, choking, unprotected sexual intercourse, STOCKHOLM SYNDROME, orgasm control, double pen*trati*on, name calling, ANGER ISSUES, mentions of scissors, mentions of a knife, ripping of clothing, panty sniffing, mentions of STALKING, mentions of using a private investigator, mentions of unsolicited picture taking, cum kink, GASLIGHTING, mentions of blood, mentions of death, ANGST, anxiety, fear, controlling Jin. ➹ᴀ/ɴ: This fic contains dark themes and is not my usual style. Do not read unless you are prepared to be offended. This story does not depict the actual person and is a work of fiction. READ ALL THE WARNINGS!
* I know that I am on hiatus, but I wrote this for someone as a gift and with their permission I am posting it here in time for Valentine’s Day <3
Tumblr media
It’s been six months of lonely hell and when a friend suggested a dating app you laughed in her face. Obviously you were too mature to even entertain the idea. Men in this day and age were just a waste of time. You wouldn’t say you were particular with men, okay maybe you were, but the guy you currently set up a date with didn’t have to know that. Still, you look over your face in the mirror one more time making sure everything was in its place. You were happy with the new lipstick you purchased, it was your favorite shade, and you only hoped it was alluring enough to keep your date interested.
Of course you knew it would be obvious you were trying to impress him. Men were selfish that way. It was typical of them to want more. It’s not like you weren’t expecting it, but this particular guy seemed different than the rest. When you both matched you laughed it off, showing your friend the profile of a man you were sure you’d never bother with again. She insisted you reply to him knowing full well that you haven’t been out in forever. Not only that, but she was quick to point out the fact that you hadn’t been laid in a while, though that really wasn’t at the top of your list of priorities. You knew what sex led to, and these apps never promised commitment.
You wanted a real relationship. The last guy you entertained had stolen your heart along with your credit card number and the fact that you were going back into the dating game did not make you happy. This guy, however, had demonstrated qualities you hadn’t seen in a while. For some reason this gave you hope and so you shot him a personal message. After a bit of texting, he opened up to you quickly. You learned about where he worked, where he graduated from, and what his goals were. Strangely enough everything he said matched up with your ideal type and you joked with him about how he must be in your head to know such things.
For weeks you only communicated through texting, too nervous to take things further. It was embarrassing to say, but you were still old fashioned, and having a full on conversation with someone on the phone that you didn’t even know was much too personal. That’s why this date was so important. Meeting in person would force the conversations and you’d be able to get a better idea of the man while being in his presence. You’d agreed to meet him at the restaurant. It was the first time you would see him face to face, and even though you liked him already, that didn’t mean you trusted him fully. Having your own car would ensure an escape route if needed.
As you walk into the restaurant, you clear your throat nervously and scan around for the handsome man you remember from the profile photos. It was hard to forget his soft pretty eyes and pouty lips. He was so easy going through text so you hoped he’d be the same in person. In an instant your eyes catch the back of someone’s head and you had a feeling deep inside that that might be him. You weren’t a hundred percent sure since he was in an area where the lights were dimmer, so you walked closer, taking your time to scan around you in case you were about to make a fool of yourself due to mistaken identity. But just before you reach him, as if he could sense you were there, he turns around and smiles.
The tender way he looks you over and stands makes your heart rate increase. He was nice and lean, tall, and his shoulders were so broad--much better looking than his pictures gave him credit for. Your mind led you to lewd thoughts for a moment, but you quickly reigned them in.
“Hello, I’m Jin. You must be, y/n.”
You open your mouth to speak, but when his hand comes down to your lower back gesturing for you to sit, you bite back your tongue.
“So, we finally meet.”
You smile and control your breathing before speaking. He was obviously giving you the opportunity to reply, as a gentleman should. “I...yes...we finally meet. I’m y/n, but you already knew that.” You wave your hand around nervously while you speak and he sits up and tilts his head amused by your behavior.
“Yes, I do indeed. It’s so nice to finally meet you. I know it’s not typical to meet up after only texting, but I appreciate your patience and modesty. Lots of people use video chats and voice chats to gauge a person before they’ve even met and I feel that doesn’t really give them much to go on. Wouldn’t you agree?”
As he spoke you couldn’t help but watch his pretty lips move. The added bonus was that he was saying exactly what you wanted to hear….as always.  “No..I mean yes. I agree completely. Whatever happened to actually going on dates to get to know someone?  All these apps drive me insane. It seems all men want to do nowadays is take what they want and leave.”
“Agreed. I’m too old for that. I’m ready to settle down….meet the love of my life. I have so much to give and I know they’ll appreciate everything I have to offer.”
While he spoke, you listened intently and the shift in his countenance caught your attention. He was so passionate about the things he was saying, but when the waiter approached, he stopped altogether. Jin ordered confidently and then directed the waiter toward you.
“Oh, I’ll just have what he’s having. Thank you.”
You hand the waiter the menu and when your attention turns back to Jin, you see a frown upon his lips. “Why did you order the same thing as me. I don’t expect you to be agreeable. I like women with a little fight in them.”
You chuckle nervously, a hand coming up to hide the smile that is currently exposing your emotions. You don’t know why, but he actually made you nervous.
“I wasn’t being agreeable. Truthfully, I am a bit nervous and wasn’t sure what to order. I appreciate that you don’t expect me to be agreeable. That says a lot about a man. “
“Oh? Does it?”
The entire date Jin continues to flirt and you couldn’t say that you minded. He was everything you were expecting, but being with him physically just cemented it further. He asked all the right questions, showed interest in your passions, never interrupted or cut you off. He was truly one of a kind and you didn’t want the date to come to an end.
“Jin, I just wanted to say that I’ve had such a lovely night and I am very happy we were able to meet.”
Jin smiled sweetly, his fingers twitching in anticipation to touch your skin. Unable to wait any longer, he slid his hand the rest of the way across the table and when he grasped your hand in his, you felt an electrical charge flow through you that you’d never felt with any other man.
“Good. I am glad. I want nothing more than for you to be happy. You deserve it so much. I don’t want this time to end. I wish there were more hours in the day.”
You shivered at his choice of words wondering how in the world he was so in sync with your thoughts. You wanted to respond and let him know you were feeling the same exact thing, but as his plush lips kissed over your knuckles, you felt yourself falling hard and fast.
“I w-wish it didn’t have to end either.”
It’s when you say these words that Jin looks up with sensual eyes and smirks darkly. It was such a quick and subtle move, but it was enough to cause your thighs to squeeze together.
“It doesn’t have to, y/n. I know this may seem forward since this is our first encounter, but I was hoping you’d want to come to my apartment. We can continue talking there, have a few drinks… I promise to be a complete gentleman.”
He eyes you cutely, his entire body giving off the type of vibes that made you want to bring him home to your mother. It wasn’t like you to ever go to any man’s home after only just one date, nor was it customary for you to allow yourself such vulnerability, but something in the way he looked at you made you want to take a chance. After all, you’ve had a good feeling about him since the beginning and this entire date was more than you could have imagined. You found your mouth moving before your brain could catch up.
“I’d love to.”
And just like that you were following behind Jin's car, the winding path up a hill to what you assumed was his expensive home making you more and more anxious. When he pulls up to a large stone wall, you wonder if he hasn’t made a mistake, but then the stone wall begins to slide to the right revealing itself to be a gate of some sort that then led to another long path up to his house on the hill. You know the moment you get out of the car you were going to be asking a lot of questions.
As soon as Jin pulls up and parks his car, you park behind his, and open the door only to stand back in awe. The building in front of you doesn’t look like any ordinary home. It’s more modern, barely any windows, and one large front door. The only window you could see took up the entirety of the room on the second floor, and with your mouth agape, you scan your surroundings unaware of Jin's lingering presence behind you.
“Like what you see?”
You jump at the unexpected sound of his voice and he places his hands on your shoulders to calm you down. “Sorry.”, he giggles.
“No, yeah, I’m just…. wow. This is all yours?”
“It is. Does that bother you?”
The problem wasn’t that it bothered you but more that a man like him would even consider giving you the time of day. With his money and status he could probably have any woman he wanted. All of that didn’t matter now. It was you who was here, nobody else. For some reason he had chosen to give you the time and you were flattered.
Jin eyed you waiting to see your reaction to his wealth. You seemed genuinely shocked and it pleased him that you weren’t just there because of his status.
“I don’t usually tell people my exact career. I mean, I did tell you where I work, but I may have fabricated a bit of it. I own a business, handed down to by my father. He’s dead now.”
The way he said that made you feel a bit of a chill. There was almost no remorse in his tone and you didn’t want to ask anything more considering this was your first date after all. Not wanting to seem like you were distracted by his money, you quickly changed the subject.
“No. I mean, I’m not like a gold digger or anything. “
“I know you’re not. Let’s get inside.”
With a hand on your lower back, Jin led you inside quickly. There was no time for you to even agree or lock your car door. He simply moved you along as if he was used to getting his way and it made you feel kind of vulnerable in a good way. You’d never admit you liked a man that took charge, but Jin seemed to give off an air of authority. And now that you knew he owned a company, it was easy to see why.
“Please make yourself at home. What would you like to drink?”
You were now standing in a parlor room, the rest of the house a blur as he didn’t even give you a chance to process the extravagance. He walked over behind the bar pulling out two glasses, an eyebrow quirked up waiting for your reply.
“I’ll take whatever you’re having.”
“Good girl. I don’t know if you can handle this, but…”
With a quick switch, the glasses were replaced with shot glasses and in his hand he held a bottle of vodka.
“Take a shot with me?”
At first you thought he was kidding until he started pouring. You were about to tell him you’d changed your mind and back down, but when he smiled your way and winked at you, it was obvious you couldn’t leave him to drink alone. Besides, you’d only take one shot. Swallowing hard, you walk up to the bar and pray to the high heavens you don’t puke on this beautiful man. You weren’t used to taking liquor straight, but something within you didn’t want to disappoint the man before you. His stance was expecting, demanding without being was as simple as--if he wanted it, he got it.
Before you could regret your decision, you brought the glass to your lips and swallowed fast. The burn traveled over your tongue, down your throat and settled at the pit of your stomach. You began to cough, but Jin hopped over the bar and began rubbing a hand over your back.
“That’s it, baby. Just like that. You did so good. Here drink this. It’ll help.”
Gladly you grabbed whatever drink he offered, already desperate to get the fire coursing through your body to simmer. You remember taking a sip and enjoying the sweet flavor hitting your tongue, but after that everything went blank.
The next thing you knew, you were waking up on a bed in a room you weren't familiar with. Upset at your inability to hold your liquor, you reprimand yourself for the embarrassing display you surely put Jin through. Nausea suddenly hits you along with a headache that was blinding. When you go to lift your hands to rub against the pain, a silk rope holds them still. You struggle against the material for a moment wondering if maybe you’d somehow gotten yourself wrapped up by mistake, but then a tiny snicker in the corner of the room stops you cold.
Slowly you turn, eyes still adjusting to the dark of the room. You can barely make him out, but you see Jin’s silhouette formed by the glow of the moonlight. His hand is against his cheek, chin resting on the knuckles of his fist. The light reflects over his teeth making his grin look a bit too scary for your liking. He huffs out his nose when your eyes meet and then stands to walk toward you. He pauses when he reaches the foot of the bed and crosses his arms.
“Don’t struggle, darling. You need to rest that nasty headache you’re nursing.”
“J-jin..what is this?”  Your throat feels dry and just talking is making your headache worse, the ringing in your ears causing you misery.
“Hush now, baby. I’m going to take good care of my girl. I’ve been waiting for you for so long. Imagine how excited I was when you decided we could meet. I-I’m sorry I’m going on...I know you’re in pain, but I need you all better for what I have planned for us. Take this.”
He walks to the side table and opens a bottle of which contains pills you know nothing about. Opening a water bottle, he then settles next to you on the bed and attempts to grab your head to bring it forward, but you turn away, your fear taking over.
“That will not do. Be good or else I’ll have to make you be good.”
The voice you hear next to you is not the same voice you heard from the sweet and kind Jin you met on your date, no, this was someone else entirely. You can’t even think straight, your head throbbing and body weak from whatever he gave you earlier. You know now it couldn’t have been the shot and the fact that he stood there ready to hand you whatever else drug was baffling. If he really thought--
“Open your fucking mouth!”
Out of nowhere, Jin grabs your hair and tugs you to face him. He squeezes your mouth, forcing it open, and then shoves the pills in along with the water. He watches it flow over your chin and neck annoyed that you are now soaked. You try to spit them out, but he covers your mouth with his hand and squeezes your nostrils shut. You feel the burn in your lungs at the lack of oxygen and are forced to swallow before falling into a coughing fit.
“That’s a good girl. Don’t ever fucking test me again.”
When you can finally breathe, the tears begin to flow and so do your sobs. Never in a million years did you ever think you’d be in a situation like this. Jin, however, gets up in a happier mood, turning toward you with a soft smile.
“See. Now you’ll be all better, darling. I know you think this is bad, but it’s really not. You don’t know how long I’ve been waiting for you. You do remember the day, don’t you? You came into my office to drop off some paperwork for your company. I can’t get it out of my mind. Your legs were the first thing I saw, but when I met your eyes...I just knew.”
Jin continued to ramble on about a day you have no memory of and you were certain you had never seen him before, but you couldn’t really say since you were always going in and out of offices for your boss. It didn’t even matter, not when you were currently tied to a bed and being held hostage by some crazy rich man with weird fetishes. Or was this even a fetish? What if he was really crazy….what if he hurt you...or worse….kil--
“...and so...when you clicked my profile I thought this must be it. I mean, I did pay a few people to do some research and make sure we matched, came to me all on your own, baby. Now we can be happy. You’d like that wouldn’t you?”
“NO!”  You screamed with whatever little strength you had, your throat paying the price. You regret it instantly when you see the look on his face. He stomps forward and leans his face so close to yours you shut your eyes in reaction. You can feel his breath on your skin, the force of it clear that he’s angry. He doesn’t speak, the silence making you tremble uncontrollably. It’s when you feel a pinch and then twist on your nipple that your eyes fly open and you scream in pain.
“Don’t you ever fucking yell at me again, bitch! I am the one calling the shots here, and soon you’ll learn to like it….even beg for it. Is that understood?”
“Yes...y-yes...please stop..”
He lets go as soon as you beg. The next instant you feel a hand caressing your face. “What a good girl you are. Such a quick learner. I bet you liked that, didn’t you, darling?”
Softly he places a kiss on the corner of your mouth. You cringe at the feeling, turning away to silently weep into your shoulder. When he finally leaves and shuts the door, the cold sound of the lock seals your fate. You tuck your legs up against your stomach and ball in silence. Somehow you’d gotten sucked in by some sick man’s charms only to be made a prisoner. You were a much smarter girl than this, but at the moment you felt lost. Your sobs continued and the more you cried the weaker you felt. You weren’t sure if it was your sorrow or whatever pills you took, but sleep took over quickly leaving you a wet and sniveling mess.
All too quickly the morning comes. The soft melody of birds singing along with the feel of a warm cloth wiping over your face stir you. When you crack your eyes a bit, the blinding sun makes you shut them again. A tiny chuckle heard to the left of you stops your heart. It sounded a bit like the one from last night, but much sweeter.
“There, there, darling. Jin will take care of you. I’m sorry I felt you alone last night, but sometimes I need to step away. My anger can get out of hand, but I know you won’t be bad anymore. You’re really the sweetest girl and I just know you’ll stop this silly behavior.”
He continued to wipe over your face and all you could hear was the soft lulling voice of a man you were sure was the devil. You didn’t want to open your eyes for fear of accepting the truth of your situation, but you were feeling very hungry and dehydrated.  The last thing you wanted to do was ask the man for any form of sustenance, but you also didn’t want to die. How would you even be able to escape if you were physically too weak to run?
“I- I’m th-thristy.” You barely managed to say, but it seemed he came prepared. Tapping the tip of your nose with his finger, he stands up and turns to grab a tray. “I’ve made you a yummy breakfast. You need to eat up. I know you don’t usually eat breakfast, but you haven’t had a bite of food since yesterday. Would you like to sit up? If I let you, you have to promise me you’ll behave.”
In theory you wanted to submit and tell him yes because you were honestly just so afraid for your life, but the fighter in you that wouldn’t even think about staying in this place any longer didn’t agree. For now you pretended, nodding slowly, doing your best to look as compliant as possible. It seemed to please him because he put the tray down and began adjusting your ties on the headboard so that you could sit up. He helped you of course, the feeling of his hands tucking under your arms in support making you feel queasy, but finally you were up. It felt weird to be upright and the room was spinning a bit. It took a few minutes for your head to settle and when you refocused your eyes, Jin had a glass of water in one hand and more pills on the other.
“No, please...n-nooo.”
“Darling. We’ve already talked about this. These pills will make you feel better. You have been feeling better since yesterday, right? Besides, if I wanted to drug you I wouldn’t make it so obvious. Take the pills and drink this water.”
You nervously eyed him trying your best not to set him off again. You weren’t exactly sure what he was capable of. He did have a point about the drugging. Hesitantly, you opened your mouth and wanted to vomit at the victorious smile he displayed. He popped in one pill at a time, each one placed on your tongue gently, his fingertips touching the muscle every time. Placing the glass of water before you, Jin watched as you chugged the liquid eagerly, making a note at how insatiable you were when swallowing. “Good job, darling. Now, I have breakfast for you. I hope you like it.”
Your arms were still outstretched and at your sides due to the ribbon, and strangely you were thankful he chose silk instead of twine. When he brought the fork up to your lips, his tongue swiped over his own while watching your mouth take in the food and you gagged in response.
“Don’t you like the food? I worked very hard on it. I did the eggs just as you like.”
Annoyed and disgusted, your anger starts to well up, and you honestly couldn’t believe this psychopathic lunatic had you tied up and trapped in his home. None of this was right, none of it was normal or acceptable, and the fact that he was acting like he was your boyfriend who made you breakfast in bed was the straw that broke the camel’s back.
“Why are you doing this? I don’t want to be here. You’’re sick in the head. You disgust me.”
You spoke out in anger, all too consumed by your emotions, but when you notice Jin’s knuckles turn white while gripping the fork, you bite your tongue. He turned to place the plate down gently, but it was evident his body was shaking with rage. Unable to take back what you said, you nervously tighten your fists. As he turns, his hand comes out of nowhere and slaps you right across your right cheek blinding you. Never in your life have you been hit so hard. The shock overtakes you and then the sting starts to settle in. You barely have time to react before the tears start falling. The throbbing is intense and when you open your eyes you see him staring at you in displeasure.
“You made me do that. You’ve taken things too far, darling. I thought you were learning but apparently I was wrong. Because of your behavior, I will not be giving you any more meals for the rest of the day. I’ll give you time to think about what you’ve done. I need to cool my anger.”
The entire time you were holding your breath and as soon as he walked out of the room and shut the door your sobs emerged uncontrolled. How could this be happening? Out of all the men, out of all the chances…
Because the last position he had you in had your arms extended wide, it was hard to relax and settle back down on the pillows. The entire day your arms were open and tugging against the strings as you fell in and out of sleep. To say that your shoulders were sore was an understatement. It was hard to adjust your position no matter how hard you tried, but at some point in the middle of the night your exhaustion took over and you fell asleep. It was later before the sun rose that you felt a pair of hands moving your arms around. The pain and discomfort of your sleeping position jolted you fully awake and you instantly wished you could go back to sleep.
Jin was above you, legs straddled over your frame as he re-tied and adjusted your arms. He didn’t seem to notice you were awake as he bit his lip in concentration. He was being careful, gentle even, making sure his actions didn’t wake you, but how could you not notice someone over you sitting on your stomach? When he placed your arms above you giving the string a bit of slack for you to stretch them comfortably, he smiled and sighed out quietly. “...there…”
It was when he climbed off of your body that he caught your bright eyes in the dark staring daggers into him. He admired that about you, your unwillingness to break your resolve, but he would have fun with that later. First, you needed to stop being a brat and accept the fact that you weren’t going anywhere.
“I’m sorry about leaving you this way. I realized much too late that you must be uncomfortable. My anger got the better of me. I’ll massage you later.”
“Don’t touch me!”, you spat. At this point your anger was beyond escalated and although he already gave you a warning slap earlier, it didn’t change the fact that he was crazy and that you were pissed. What other reaction would a normal person have?
“I can see you are still having trouble understanding the rules. Let me make it clear for you.”
Just as the sun began to rise, when the sky still had a bit of darkness and clouds, Jin walked over to the large dresser and opened a drawer. His figure was distinguishable as the light grew and so were the large pair of scissors he pulled out and showed you. “You seem to have trouble realizing that I am the one in charge here, princess. I want to make this easy for you, but you aren’t helping me. You don’t realize how long I’ve waited to meet you, to see you... to have you. I even hired a private investigator to give me all the information he could on you…” Jin chuckled as he reminisced about how silly and obsessed he was over you…” don’t seem to get it. I’ve been watching you for months, darling. And do you know what I’ve discovered?”
As he drew closer you tried to kick him with your legs, but he quickly calmed you down when he placed the scissors at your neck. He climbed over you again and sat on your thighs keeping your legs immobile. “I’ve discovered that you were perfectly made for me.” The scissors at your neck began trailing down over your chest, belly and then settled at the hem of your shirt where he grabbed the material into his fist and opened the scissors to cut. “You have the perfect breasts, the kind I’ve always dreamed of. I have so many pictures of them I could tell you the exact color of your nipples and every mark and blemish on your skin.” As he spoke the scissors cut higher until your shirt was completely open. He moved the material to the side and made his way to your arms. “I know you aren’t comfortable in these clothes. I’m going to make you feel better.” He continued to cut the material as if it were no big deal. You didn’t dare speak or move for fear of the scissors being used on you.
“There. Now doesn’t that feel better?” The scraps of your shirt were pulled away from your body and tossed to the floor. He then slid down and sat on your legs lightly, careful not to hurt you. “Sweet baby, I’m going to remove your pants too. You must feel so constrained and hot.” Placing the scissors into his back pocket, he began unbuttoning your pants with the utmost care, almost afraid to touch you without permission. He lifted off of your legs in order to slide them down and pull them off of your body. When he successfully removed them, you were left in your panties and bra.
“I also know what your cunt looks like, but…” He seemed stuck for a moment as if processing his words carefully. “...but I will not be touching you until you ask me to. I know that in time you’ll come to understand why I have you here, why I’ve decided to make you mine. You may not realize it now, but you need to be cared for.”
His words were soft, kind and creepy. How could even he say these things to you when you barely knew anything about him? The fact that he had someone watch you and that he knew so much about you made you sick to your stomach. What kind of sick fuck does that? Why does he know what you look like naked? All of it was too much and you could barely hold back the nausea. He noticed you turned pale and when he tried to touch your face, you instinctively bucked into the air causing him to topple over and onto the floor. You hear a loud bang and then silence.
You panic, taking in a sharp breath and lifting up your head waiting to see if he would get up and punish you for your actions, but you hear no movement for much too long. When you shift again to get a better look, you notice the scissors that were in his pants had fallen out onto the mattress. A rush of adrenaline flows through your body and the fact that Jin may be hurt is the last thing you’re worried about. With your feet you begin to slide the scissors up and then attempt to grab them with your toes.
Success! You bring them up until they reach your hands and when you finally have a good hold on them, you sigh, grateful for this chance to escape. You start to cry but there was no time to indulge in the victory, for after all, it wasn’t a victory until you escaped. You twist your wrist as best as you can in order to adjust the angle so that you can cut through the ribbons quickly. You weren’t sure how long he’d be out and you honestly don’t even know how all of this happened. It sounded like he hit something, but there was no way of knowing until you were free. Switching to the other hand, you work faster hoping to be done before he wakes up.
When the last bit of fabric is cut, your heart swells and your eyes become blinded with tears. Tearing away at everything, you hurriedly kick off whatever blankets or strings are in your way and turn to hop off the bed. When you walk over to the area where you saw Jin fall, your foot is met with a thick and sticky liquid. Looking down you see crimson and then Jin’s head. From where you stand it looks as if he hit his head on the edge of the dresser. He’s face down so it’s hard to tell how bad the wound is, but suddenly you’re hit with guilt and begin an internal battle with yourself. You should leave, run away and never turn back, that’s what any normal person would do, but you’ve probably just killed a man and you feel incredibly burdened. If he’s hurt the least you could do is call the police and get him an ambulance...anything.
Making your decision, you hop over his body and head for the door. Locked. It takes a moment for the gravity of the situation to sink in and soon you’re grabbing at your hair in frustration. The realization that you would never get out hits you and you crumble to the floor dejected. Slowly you turn back toward the issue at hand, scared to even get close. You had to get out of here. He needed help and you needed to leave this place before it was too late. Scrambling you start searching for a phone, anything that will get you closer to an escape, but there is nothing. You open every drawer and look in every inch of the room only to be disappointed. There was basically nothing in the room to begin with. The only furniture was a side table, bed and a large dresser, the very one that somehow rendered your captor incapacitated. The windows were barred and coated with a heavy film that made it impossible to see outside or even open. It was hopeless and the last thing you wanted to do was touch his body.
If there was a way out, you had to find it fast. Hesitantly you get down on your hands and knees and crawl towards his body nervous that he might awaken and tackle you back into the bed. The problem was you had no choice. You had to get out of there and being locked up in a room with a technically dead person was making your skin crawl. The first thing you do is check to see if he was still alive, at least then you’d be able to gauge the amount of time you had to escape. With a shaky hand you reach his neck and feel for a pulse. The first jump of his pulse causes you to flinch and pull your hand away. The son of a bitch was still alive, and although you wish it weren’t so, you’re also glad. What would you have done with a dead body anyway? You lean over and check his head, peeking in close over the area where the blood was coming from. The proximity to his face causes a chill to run down your spine, but being this close also reminded you of the attraction you still held for him, for the man you thought you knew. It felt weird trying to distinguish your emotions and you shudder. How could he still be so handsome laying there with an open wound at the temple? It takes every fiber within you not to pull away so you could analyze the situation and figure out a way to stop the bleeding.
You look around for a piece of cloth only to find that your clothes are under his body, most of it tainted in his blood. Sliding your shirt from under him, you rip off a piece and wind it around his head carefully all the while praying you don’t wake him. He would probably be too weak to catch you if he did wake up, but you weren’t willing to risk a chase. Once it’s tied on successfully you go back to your original plan. With the little strength you had left, you turn his body just enough so that you can search him. Part of his body ends up on your lap as you struggle to pull him up. He was dressed as if he had plans to leave and perhaps within his clothing you could find what you needed. You searched through every pocket, your heart dropping whenever you found it empty. Setting him down, you slide over to his pants, digging in the front and back pockets only to find nothing again.
You felt horrible and defeated. Here you were a prisoner of a man unconscious while in your underwear with no way to escape. If there was ever a worse situation to find yourself in, you had found it. Pulling away from him completely, you sit in a slump tired and overcome with grief. You begin to cry for the millionth time since you’ve met him and you’re already so dehydrated it feels like you could pass out. All the while you’re wrapped up in your pity party, you don’t notice a movement near you until a soft touch to your thigh shocks the life out of you. You scramble back in dread as you watch his eyes open. He’s struggling, barely able to move, and when he realizes he’s in pain, his hands go up to touch the offending area only to find that it’s been wrapped. He looks slightly confused and it takes him a minute to realize you’re there.
“Wh-what happened?” he tries to speak but it only freaks you out.
“Leave me alone. Please. I didn’t mean to. I’m sorry. Don’t kill me.”
Jin can barely process what you’re saying. All he can feel is excruciating pain and it’s making him nauseous. He tries to sit up but it makes everything worse. Laying back down he doesn’t know what to answer you and before he can even speak he passes out again. You watch in wonder, amazed that he was even able to get up so quickly but aren’t surprised to find he’s fallen into sleep again. You knew it wasn’t good for someone who had hit their head to fall asleep because it can make the situation worse but you also didn’t care. This man had kidnapped you and tied you to a bed where he proceeded to say lewd things to you. So why did you still feel guilty? You felt bad for this asshole and you hated your humanitarian spirit for it!
Now even more desperate, you scramble to your feet, wipe the snot from your nose and head for the door in a panic. You shake the knob banging on it as if someone were on the other side. You know it’s useless but you’re so desperate. And then a small plastic flap plops down from the side of the door, something you hadn’t noticed before. You skim over it noticing there is some sort of scanner there but it had no numbers. Running your hand over it curiously, you pull back with a slight gasp when a voice comes from it.
“Incorrect fingerprint access. Please try again.”
Fingerprints? It took you a second, but when you processed the words, your gaze slowly made its way toward Jin and your anxiety increased. He was already partially in and out of consciousness, so how the hell were you supposed to bring him all the way over to the door? He was pretty large, wide shoulders and muscular. You weren’t weak by any means, but there was no way. And then in a temporary moment of madness, you sucked up every weak cell and went straight for his body. You knew it might cost you, that he might wake up again, but what did you really have to lose here? You were already trapped with no way out. The man was too good, coming into the room without so much as a cellphone. The keypad on the door told you everything you needed to know. This man was crazy and you had to get out.
Nervously you lift up his arms and attempt to drag him to the door, but his body weight made it nearly impossible and you were already exhausted from all the events, not to mention you had yet to eat. Frustration boiled in the pit of your stomach and a rage, maybe survival, started to burn through you. A small grunt escapes you as you tug and tug and tug the villainous man closer and closer to the finger pad. When you almost give up and drop back onto the floor from the strain, you hit the door and almost scream out a guttural cry of victory. Letting your head fall back against the cool of the wood, you huff out and look down between your legs at the man who so quickly became your worst nightmare. He’s still bleeding and suddenly you begin to worry. In his unconscious state he looked almost angelic and you started to feel sorry for him. Remembering he’s the enemy, you push all the energy you had left to the surface and pull yourself up along with his hand. You give it a few more tries but you still can’t reach it. At this point you felt like you were about to faint since you had spent all your energy so quickly. Sliding down the door, you end up on the floor with the man of your nightmares lying comfortably on your thigh. The frustration is overbearing, but so is the exhaustion. Shutting your eyes, you promise yourself to take a small break and get back to the goal at hand, but your traitorous body shuts down.
You don’t know how much time has passed, but a soft tickling sensation rouses your consciousness and you wake slightly. You forget where you are, your eyes working to focus on your surroundings. Glancing down you see Jin and the memory of everything comes back at full force. At some point during your rest, he had woken up and you pulled away almost knocking him off of your lap.
Jin is shocked, afraid that if his head hit the floor again he might fall into a permanent coma. This whole thing did not turn out the way he wanted but the bandage on his head was a clear statement that you cared for him. You could have done any number of things to make sure he never woke up again, but you hadn’t. He found himself on your lap instead, while you slept against the door’s frame. He couldn’t believe how beautiful you were, and even though he was upset with you, his blood over your hands and skin calmed him down slightly.
“P-please….don’t. I…”
Jin reaches up to squeeze against the pain in his head. He knew you were in a panicked state, but he needed your help and he knew just how to get it. “I’m sorry, y/n. I know you don’t like me, but I am in so much pain.”
“You’ve trapped me here. This is your fault. Get off of me.” You turn away, cringing at his nearness now that he was awake.
“Please stop. I’m in so much pain.” His voice shudders and you startle. You were making things worse. A small tear rolls over his cheek and you freeze. “Help me, y/n.”
You hated yourself for cracking at his broken voice. He looked so helpless and it was obvious he was in so much pain. “I’ll help you if you let me go.”
“I can’t do that. You’ll run off and tell the police. I…” Jin pauses and then attempts to sit up. Every time he moves he groans and the sounds make you feel even worse.
“Please stop moving, you’ll only aggravate it.”
And there it was, what Jin was waiting for. Finally sitting, he checks his head once again to see how bad the wound is. There is so much caked on blood making it hard to gauge the seriousness of his cut, but at least the bleeding stopped.  “How bad is it?”
Your eyes peek up at him in disgust. He looks horrible, blood dried up and spread all over his face, neck and shirt. You realize you also have his blood on you and want to laugh at this sick joke you were living.  “It’s pretty ugly. If I help you will you let me go?” You attempt another appeal.
Jin snickered at your question, but it was obvious you were set on getting an answer, so he replied with what he felt you’d want to hear. “We’ll decide later, that is, if you still want to leave.”
“I do!” You belted out without hesitation and it stung Jin. After all the time he spent caring for you, loving you, wooing you...this was how you were going to treat him? He wanted to teach you a lesson for being so disrespectful but he knew that was no way to get what he needed.
“Listen. You cannot leave without me. Every inch of this house is synced to me. If I open this door you must help me get to the bathroom and nurse this injury. Promise me you’ll be a good girl and we can negotiate.”
You should know better than to trust him, after all, he did trick you and drug you into captivity. Yet somehow, his soft face, the one you first fell for, had you doubting he was the evil being that showed himself hours ago. What the hell was wrong with you?
“You promise to let me go?”
“I promise to negotiate.”
It wasn’t much of a promise, but at least you’d be able to get out of the room. That would be enough for you to make your escape. “Okay. Yes.”
Jin smiled and then reached out to you. “Help me up, baby. “
You didn’t like that he called you such an intimate name. He was a creep....nothing more. You grab his hand and help him up allowing him to place his arm over your shoulder. He motions to the pad and when he places his hand on it, the door unlocks and a tiny glimmer of hope fills your heart.
As you walk him through the halls you make a note of every pathway you could take to run. There weren’t many windows and doors, but what you did see would be no problem to break through. Turning another corner Jin gestures to a door and when you enter you find it’s his bathroom. You set him at the edge of his large and elaborate bath. You forgot how rich he was until you turn and gaze at the large and luxurious bathroom. The floor was all marble, countertops edged with gold and a vanity that could rival the richest of castles. He obviously liked to flaunt his wealth and it made you even more sick.
“Where are the medical supplies.”
“Under there.” Jin points to a drawer and when you open it you find everything you need. You were by no means a nurse or medical professional, but you had caused his laceration so the least you could do was help him bandage it and hope for the best. Gathering what you need, you sit next to him and begin to clean the wound. Jin closes his eyes at your nearness reveling in your touch. He leans a bit closer placing a hand on your thigh for stability. You forget up to this moment that you are still partially naked and that his whole scene might be straight out of a nightmare.
“You’re so beautiful, y/n.”
“Stop! Don’t...just don’t….”
“ are. You’re so very special.”
“Don’t. You drugged me and locked me up. After I patch you up I want to go.”
Jin doesn’t say anything else. He simply indulges in your touch, all the while slowly sliding his hand up your thigh. He knows you want to resist and push him away, but the fact that he held the key to your freedom kept you from doing so.
“It’s not as bad as it looks. I think the worst part was the hit. You are all better. Now….let me go.”
Jin's eyes were closed in temporary bliss, but your attitude was really starting to get on his nerves. “No.” He simply states, opening his eyes slowly to find you sitting up straight and tense. Perfect. He knew what you would do next, of course he always loved a chase. And just as he predicted, you bolted straight for the door. He let you get a headstart knowing you wouldn’t make it far. His entire house was bullet proof and soundproof. There was nowhere for you to go without his permission. Every square inch was perfectly modified to contain you.
In an instant you were out the door, eyes wavering and seeking out every possible exit you remembered. You reach one door and try to unlock it only to notice another keypad. FUCK! You scramble to the large window in the living room and attempt to throw a lamp at it, but it only bounces back and crashes onto the floor. Again you turn around, now in a complete panic to find a way out before Jin comes after you. As you run into a hallway ready to turn the corner, a pair of hands come around your waist instantly snatching you back.
“No!!” You scream and tug away from him with all your might. It seems that in the short amount of time it took for him to wake up and get bandaged, he had regained all of his strength leaving you a miserable weakling in his grip. You continue to fight and attempt to run, but he manages to put a cloth over your face and before you know it, the world goes dark.
Jin had to give you credit. You were quite the fighter and it made his purchase of chloroform logical. He never thought he’d have to use it with his gentle flower, but you were something else. It made his pants tighten a little at your fire, but he quelled it quickly in order to move you back to the bed where it all started. Gently he placed you onto the down feather pillows he purchased for your comfort. You’d see eventually he had good intentions for you--he always had.
It takes quite a bit of time, but Jin waits and watches you while you rest. You looked so beautiful like this, almost doll-like. You really were his darling, laying there so pretty. He felt guilty for having ruined your day by getting you all soiled with his blood. He had already showered and changed out of his own dirty clothes and now it was time to clean you up. With gentle strokes Jin cleaned over your body and arms waiting until the end to remove your undergarments. For some reason it made him blush, feeling shy that he would see your privates up close and personal. It’s not that he hadn’t before, there were countless pictures he had collected, but this was different.
With the same scissors that caused so much chaos not hours ago, he snipped at the parts of your panties that lay over your hips. When he finished cutting the material, he slowly unraveled it, eyes trained on the outline of your cunt on the cotton material. As soon as your center was revealed to him, he held his breath and swallowed hard. Gently he removed the cloth, sliding it from under you all the while staring at your heat. He then looked at your torn panties noticing the stain from your discharge on the cotton piece. He brought it to his nose and inhaled sharply, his eyes rolling back in the pure bliss of it all. Settling over your frame as he had done before, he rested his heavy balls on the crevice of your cunt and began cutting open your bra. The natural heat from your hole made him lose focus. He was so close to being inside of you that he cut too quickly and snipped off a piece of your hair by accident. He freaks out, grabbing the hair and regretting ever harming you in any way. How could he hurt you? You were his precious doll, the one person he had dreamed of having, of keeping forever. He prepared this entire house to meet your expectations, to ensure that you never left him. And now here you were...naked...and all his.
Twirling the hair in his hand, he rolled it up and tucked it into his pant’s pocket. Finally removing the last offending piece of cloth, he almost bucked when your nipples came into view. Your breasts were plump and perfect, nipples completely erect and skin as beautiful as he could ever wish for. It was cold in the room, he left it that way for your comfort, but he was glad about it now as he stared at your pretty pert nipples, ravenous with the need to suck on them roughly. All he wanted was to bring you pleasure, make you his, fill you with his cum. But he would wait, wait until you begged him for it. He was a gentleman after all.
Grabbing the warm cloth he began wiping over your flesh, aroused with every stroke of his wrist and every sigh that you gifted him. It seemed even in your sleep state you felt his every touch...and that you liked it. He made his way down slowly, taking his time to clean you just right. And when he finally made it to the one place he’s been craving for months, he scooted back and placed your legs over his own and opened you up.
His eyes were completely focused on your center, feeling emotional at being able to see the prettiest cunt he’s ever had the blessing to witness. You were exactly as he desired, not a flaw in his eyes. As he opened your legs wider, he felt you fidget almost as if you were fighting the drug that kept you asleep. He wanted to say it was no big deal, but everything you did incited a fire in his loins. Leaning forward, he spread your lips open and his eyes glazed over. He told himself he wouldn’t, insisted that he would wait for your permission, but the scent that assaulted him had him drooling. He adjusted his body a bit so that his face was as close as possible without touching you. His hands were on your knees and he couldn’t help but open you up wider, fitting his shoulders between your thighs like he was made for you. When his chest met the mattress he decided he would just have a little taste...just one--you’d never know.
Before he could stop himself, he kissed your cunt, his pretty plush lips reverently brushing against the area before slipping out the tip of his tongue. With one long swipe, he widened his tongue in order to lick up every single drop of you. It was just as he imagined...fucking delicous. He was just about to run his tongue over you again when you shivered. “Fuck, baby. You like that don’t you?” he whispered against your thigh.
In his mind he felt that your physical reaction was enough permission, so he tried again, this time going even slower. When he reached the top of your cunt where your engorged clit stood nestled under its hood, he suctioned it into his mouth and sucked on it like a pacifier. That had your hips bucking slightly and Jin smirked. Just as he suspected-- a sensitive baby girl. Wanting to test the waters even further, he pressed his finger into your cunt and rubbed up and down until he built up enough arousal to move his finger lower and near your puckered hole. Pushing his tongue inside of you, he began to fuck your pussy with his wet muscle while his index finger worked against the tight ring of muscles that resisted his entrance. Needing more lubrication, he spits and lets the remnants slide down between your crack to meet his fingertips.
At this point he had his mouth and face buried in between your thighs and one knuckle deep into your ass. You felt all of it, though you were not conscious of where the sensations were coming from. It felt amazing, that was all you could think of, and though you willed your eyes to open, it was a struggle. It was when you felt the coil in your stomach tighten in preparation to orgasm that you realized what your body was going through. It felt like a dream but also reality. And then the pressure in your ass got intense, something you had never experienced before. You felt full in the back and soaked in the front. What was...what…
Groggily your eyes opened and looked toward the place where all your pleasure was coming from. You saw Jin's head bobbing as he ate you out. At first you wanted to fight, kick him off and resist, but you were so out of it that you didn’t have the strength. Not only that, but everything felt so good and it was clear you were so close to cumming. And then suddenly without warning, you came, fast and hard. The strength of it had your hips coming off of the bed but Jin did not release you. His lips were still attached, his hand following since his finger was stuffed so far in he couldn’t just pull it out.
When your body dropped back down to earth, you began to understand what had happened. Jin slowly pulled his finger out of your wrecked hole, and licked one last time up your cunt causing you to shudder. It took you a minute to come to your senses and  try to move away, but once again you found you were tied up to the very bed you had been free from not so long ago.
Jin stands quickly, wiping your juices off of his face and looks at you apologetically. He didn’t like that he’d been caught, but it was obvious you enjoyed it. “I only gave you what you asked for. Your whore cunt was practically begging me. I was only trying to clean you up, but you started moaning at my touch. I had to give my needy bitch what she craved.”
His words make you feel shame. Truthfully you felt dirty, disgusted that your body responded to him in such a way, and you’re sure the only reason it happened was because you weren’t aware that he was the one doing it. Had you been conscious, you would never have behaved that way.
“Wh-Why?” you cried out, wanting to know why he would do such a thing when you obviously didn’t want him. You felt humiliated by his words and upset that he caught you once again. You were helpless, alone, and you knew that Jin would probably be the last person you saw ever again You began crying, trying your best to control yourself, but your body shook with the sorrow you felt. It was obvious he was never going to let you go and that shattered you.
Jin was happy with what he had done, his desires only slightly quenched, but when you began to cry he felt his heart break. The last thing he wanted was to make you sad. You were everything to him, his very reason for living. He knelt beside the bed watching as you turned away from him to cry. He only ever wanted to bring you pleasure and happiness so he didn’t understand what he had done wrong.
“Please don’t cry, baby. I didn’t mean to hurt you. I didn’t hurt you did I?”
Angry, you turned and spit right in his face. Jin wasn’t expecting this and the way your emotions bounced around made him snap. Here he was trying to be patient and understanding only to be treated like garbage. He stood up, and before you knew what he was about, he pulled duct tape out of the drawer and taped your mouth shut. “That’s a good girl. See? We do understand each other. Don’t ever disrespect me like that. Especially not after I just made you cum on my tongue. You’re the most fucking ungrateful and dirty slut I have ever met. You gladly took my finger up your ass and now you want to be a disgusting cunt and spit on me? Is that what you like?”
You watched in silence as he went on a tirade, completely regretting what you had just done. When he began to undo his belt, you knew what was coming. This was all your fault. Why had you irritated him further? He moved down toward your legs and then the loud sound of leather snapping over skin rang across the stuffy room. Your thighs burned like hot coals and he whipped over them two more times before stopping to look at you.
“I hope you’ve learned your lesson, darling. You have learned, right?”
What else could you say, of course you agreed? It was either that or see how much further he was willing to go. You were tired and beaten and suddenly all your will to live escaped you. Every moment with this man was a living hell and it seemed you were eternally damned to live out your suffering under his authority. Without another thought, the life gone out of you, you glared at him with soulless eyes and nodded.
“Good girl. See? It’s not that hard. Now, let's see about giving you sustenance. It’s going to be a while before I can trust you enough to get you off of this bed and I don’t want you wasting away.”
When he walked out, you screamed into the tape and cried. You wanted to let it all out before he returned to see your brokenness. You couldn’t afford to make any stupid mistakes. You were not going to beat him like this. You would eat his food, sleep in his bed and wait until you were strong enough to get out of this. Maybe if you played his game you’d have a better chance. For now you would wallow in your misery.
As soon as his footsteps drew near and the doorknob turned, you swallowed your pride and pretended like none of it was happening. You let him feed you and clean you all while you lay in his bed naked. He was more reserved this time, keeping his eyes on your face only. When all was done, he locked the room and left you to rest, the shadows in every corner keeping you company.
Tumblr media
Time continued to move forward and soon you graduated from sponge baths to actually being allowed to sit in his bath. Of course he was always in the room with you and you were always tied up by the hands and feet. As much as you knew all of this was wrong in every way, you couldn’t deny that he had treated you like a queen. Ever since your escape attempt he hasn’t found cause to hit you again, and you had yourself to thank for that. You learned right away what not to say or do.
It felt all sorts of wrong whenever you complied to him, even allowing him soft touches here and there, but not once after that miserable day had he touched you sexually. Even now as he washed your hair and ran his hands between your thighs he did so respectfully. It really fucked with your mind because you really wanted to hate him, but the fact that he treated you so sweetly made it hard to continue harboring the hatred you originally held for him. Sometimes you wanted to purposely incite rage in him just so you had a reason to fire yourself up again, but with each passing day you became less and less angry. It felt like ages that you’d been captive, but Jin was quick to inform you that only a month had passed. He told you this bit of information not because you asked for it, but because it was your “one month anniversary”, as he so eloquently put it. One month and yet you were still tied up like a hog.
Everything you needed--he was there, whether it be sleeping, eating, bathing, or even using the bathroom. He wiped you, cleaned you, fed you, and you were starting to feel like a baby. Most nights he slept with you, cuddling you and resting his head on your breasts until he was sound asleep, but on the nights he wasn’t there, you would wait until the house was silent in order to plan your escape. Tied to the bed, you reviewed countless scenarios, all of which you built into a plan the more he took you around the house. It was almost as if he was helping you to acclimate to the home he made for you, unaware that you had been planning your exit all along.
A month turned into months and before you knew it time was of no value to you anymore. As you sit at your desk you hear Jin enter the room. In his hand he held a cake and a present. You turned away from him to look back at your computer, the one he purchased for you to keep you entertained, of course without any internet connection. You closed the game that temporarily distracted you from your reality and glanced at the items in his hand.
“I’ve told you I don’t want any gifts.”
Your words made Jin frown, and for what felt like the hundredth time, he menacingly spoke out your name. The tone was very familiar to you, a tone you’ve learned to change your attitude for instantly whenever he used it. In the past he tried to give you fair warning by using it whenever you tempted him with your disobedience, but it took you a long time to learn. You only wish you had been smarter then. Months ago you were not the same woman. You can’t even count the number of times you attempted an escape. Each time you were met with his alter ego, the one you hated with every fiber of your being. You’ll never forget the last time you tried him….the moment that broke you and set you on the decision to never test him again.
Tumblr media
It was dark as you ran fast, the bushes and trees smacking you harshly in the face while the rain pellets blinded your escape route. By some miracle Jin had left the back door open when he had gone to take out the trash and you didn’t hesitate to run. You really thought then that you had done it, that you had truly escaped the clutches of your captor, but once again his strength rivaled yours.
He had caught up to you quickly and it made you upset that you hadn’t thought to exercise in the time you’d been his prisoner. He fell on top of you, the weight of his frame causing the air to rush out of your lungs. You couldn’t breathe, and when your head hit the ground you almost passed out.
Jin, however, was boiling with rage. When you fell,, the mud smacking you both in the face, he turned you over and pinned your hands beside your head as he screamed in your face.  “Whore! Bitch! How dare you after all I’ve done?!”
He stood up and dragged you back into the house by the arms, mud trailing behind you and scratching up your legs. He didn’t stop, not until he made it to the bedroom where he dropped you in and then slammed the door shut. You hadn’t even celebrated ten minutes of freedom without being his prisoner once more.
He’d been very upset that time, not visiting you for three whole days. Your bruises had healed but you were still dirty and to top it all off your period came early. When he finally decided to come to you, he scrunched up his nose at the smell the instant he opened the door. What did he expect would happen when there was no bathroom? He found you balled up in a corner asleep, and when he bent down to look at you, it seemed like a tiny fraction of pity flashed in his eyes, but then it was gone. He picked you up and carried you to the bathroom where he took his time cleaning you up. After that he tended to your wounds, and fed you broth. Because the room you’d been in was ruined, he placed you in his own bed and nursed you back to health.
Tumblr media
From that moment on, you knew to never try an escape. You would never say you were a weak woman, but that experience had truly defeated you. As Jin placed the cake on your desk you realized what the number one candle meant. One year anniversary… you’d been here an entire year? Your fighting spirit was gone and this cake was clearly evidence that he had won. Not only that, but one night in a state of delirium, while he hugged you in his bed, he begged for you to give yourself to him and you had agreed only to avoid his anger from kindling. You promised him that on your one year anniversary you would do just that, but your intention was never to be here this long. You didn’t expect to be his for an entire year.
You knew he would ask for what he had never taken, what he hoped you would give freely. He kissed your cheek and sat on the bed, turning your chair so you could face him. “Happy anniversary, darling. I got you this gift. I just know you’re going to love it.”
He gestured with his eyes for you to open the bag and so you did. In a way you couldn’t fault him for being so obvious. Even though you had given him so much trouble, Jin told you he loved you every night. Of course you didn’t feel the same way so you offered meaningless kisses and touches in order to keep him at bay. You knew it would only make him more impatient, but what exactly could you do? He promised to be a gentleman, and he had. You didn’t exactly hate it when he touched you, after all, you owed him for all he’d done for you.
Pulling out a small box, you put on a fake smile and unwrap it. You weren’t exactly sad, but you didn’t feel happy. You were stuck between life and death, and it was important not to show it. Opening the box, the contents inside catch you off guard.
“It’s for you, my pretty baby. It goes in here.” Still holding the item in your hand, Jin pulls you onto his lap so that you’re straddling him, and then pushes up your dress. He grabs your ass and spreads it wide before kissing you innocently on the lips. “I bet you’d take it well, baby. You took my finger before...such a dirty, greedy baby ...begging to be filled.”
Jin felt you tense up and then looked into your eyes only to see a bit of fear in them. He assumed it was due to nerves so he pulled your dress back down. He recalled the night he pushed his pinky into your ass knowing it was your first time. You were always so pure and innocent when it came to things like this. That’s why he asked you not to wear any panties unless you were menstruating.  He wanted for you to get comfortable with your body and sexuality. He was happy you obeyed. What made him even happier was that this anniversary would fall on the perfect date since you weren’t due for your period for another few weeks.
“It’s okay, darling. This will be for later.” He took the buttplug from your hand and placed it beside him on the bed. “Let’s have some cake first.” Placing you on the bed, he went to cut the cake, suddenly realizing the knife he had brought was missing. His intuition kicked in and he sighed out disappointed. Placing his fists on the table in front of him, he leaned forward and huffed out of his nose.
“Really, y/n? After all this time? After all I’ve done?”
Behind him you shook, the blade in your hand unsteady as you waited for him to turn around. You didn’t feel right backstabbing him when he was so right...he had done so much for you….so much. The knife falls from your hand and clatters to the floor and when Jin hears it, he picks it up and pushes you into the bed placing the blade under your chin.
“Why do you make me do these things? Why? I have done nothing but love you…” as he speaks, his free hand begins to hike up your dress and you tip your head back and groan. This was not how you wanted it to go.
“I’m sorry. I’m sorry, Jinnie, please.”
Your endearment causes him to stop, the knife in his hand pulled back and placed beside your head. “What did you call me?” He seems breathless, and you can feel his heart pounding against your chest. Whatever you did, it worked, so you attempt it again.
“I’m sorry, Ji-Jinnie.”
He closes his eyes at the sound of your whine and brings both hands up to caress your face. His body is still on top of yours, the majority of his weight held up by his elbows. He smiles gently and kisses you with all the reverence he could muster. “My sweet, sweet, darling. I knew you loved me. Only someone who loves another would choose such a soft name, and that is what you are, my soft baby. I love you, I love you, I love you.”
Between his declarations of love, he kisses you over and over until he can no longer contain his emotions. He deepens the kiss, pulling a gasp from your lips that grants him entrance. The briny flavor of his tears slip past your lips and all you can taste is him. For some reason you don’t resist him, almost guilt ridden at the fact that you attempted to kill him. He was so forgiving, so loving. He kissed you ardently, running his fingers into your hair and whining at the way your tongue danced with his. Perhaps it was the way he took care of you, the way he loved you, the way his hands caressed your body during baths that had you surrendering after a year of celibacy.
Jin stops for a moment, gasping for air and working his brain to speak the right words. “Tell me you want this. Tell me. I need to hear it from you. Tell me you need me as much as I’ve needed you all this time. I’ve waited so long for you.”
His voice breaks and you feel the weight of it, your false promises pressing upon your chest. He had a right to ask this of you. So many times he’d admitted how much he wanted you, adored you and needed you. If it weren’t for him you’d probably still be stuck dating stupid men that couldn’t provide, but he could, he had for a whole year. You never had a need for anything so long as you were an obedient girl. You wanted to give him something in owed him.
“I...I want you, Jinnie. Please.”
Jin almost faints at your admission. Roughly he grasps your face and kisses you hard. The hand that had been at the hem of your dress returns but this time he sits up and rips it from bottom to top. The material was frilly anyway, he never bought you any jeans or clothes that inhibited his view of your silhouette. He loved you wearing thin dresses that did nothing to hide the slopes and valleys of your body in the almost transparent cloth. And now that you were completely naked his eyes roved over you greedily.
“You have no idea how long I’ve wanted to hear you say that. If only you had given in sooner. I knew you wanted me since the very beginning. I still remember how hard you came on my tongue. You gave me everything didn’t you? This dirty fucking pussy all for me...mine, mine, mine.”
His voice made you feel some type of way, the pitch of it causing you to open your legs involuntarily. He was barely sitting on your hips when he felt you move and backing away, he was pleasantly surprised to see you were soaked. You smelled divine, your arousal hitting his senses and making him want to cry. You were perfect, everything he’d imagine you to be and he knew his patience had paid off.
“I bought you another gift, baby. It matches the glittering rhinestones of your plug. I hope you like it. Getting off of the bed, he grabs a plastic bag and pulls out the contents. At first you’re confused wondering if he meant to show you something else, but when he closes the clasp and turns it in his hand, you can see a pretty shimmery heart with the word darling engraved in the middle.
“It’s for sweet darling. This way you can remember who owns you, who you belong to.” He leans forward and unhooks the collar in order to slide or around your neck. Closing it, he hooks it into the loop that is closest to your skin. It’s loose enough to allow you oxygen, but tight enough to remind you who you belonged to. Rotating it so that the pretty heart sits on the front of your neck, he neatly lays it down in the small dip just above where your neck meets your chest. “So pretty, baby. All fucking mine.”
He bends down to kiss the heart before working his way down your chest. Slowly he sucks bruises into your skin, teeth biting into your flesh so hard they leave a mark. Everything he does has you keening, your body betraying you, completely lost in the pleasure his tongue offered. The lower he went, the rougher he got. It got to the point that his bites almost drew blood and you had to beg him to be gentle. He would stop momentarily but then continue his trek down until he found himself between your thighs, his past experience such a distant memory.
“Baby, I’m sorry. I can’t help myself. You taste so fucking good. I wish I could drink you.”
Although you wanted to give in to him, the feelings of resentment stilled brewed below the surface. You felt torn between pain and pleasure and each time he bit into your flesh you panicked worried he didn’t mean what he said about loving you and that he only wanted to get you vulnerable enough to hurt you.
“Jin, it hurts. Please.”
“I know, darling, but I promise you’ll love it.”
When you feel a cool object entering your heat, you realize that Jin intends to use your juices as lubrication. You suddenly feel shame at the fact that you were so wet that the toy slipped right in. He pulls it out, marveling the coating of your essence and then pops it into his mouth with a greedy hum.
“Fuck! Baby you’re going to kill me.” Once more he pushes it inside of you and then slowly slides it down where he teases the rim of your ass.” I know you think this won’t fit, but it will. You wanna know how I know?” Jin teases you as he pushes the toy against your hole gently. All the while he torments you, he stares at you from between your thighs, his lips pressing soft kisses against your belly. “...I know because you’re my good girl….my fucking dirty whore. I bet you can take this so well, just like you’ll take my fat cock. Do you think you can do that, baby? Do you wanna be so full?”
At this point your body begins to relax, his distracting kisses taking your mind off of the pressure against the tightness of your hole. Jin senses the resistance knowing this won’t be easy. Moving his head down, he wraps his thick lips around your clit and sucks on it slowly. This is all it takes for you to mewl in pleasure. He chuckles against you, groaning when you begin rotating your hips in tandem with his tongue. Placing the plug near your ass, he moves his fingers up and then slides one into your cunt. He’s surprised at how tight it is, but the realization of you being his captive for a year hits him hard. Of course you’d be tight, you were nervous, and it had been such a long time since you’d been fucked. He works you out, eventually introducing another finger. And then you cum, completely taking Jin by surprise.
“Baby girl, so quick? My sensitive darling...I haven’t even started.”
You’re embarrassed, hiding your face behind your hands for disappointing him. He’s waited so long and you barely gave him twenty minutes to enjoy you. Jin, however, was not disappointed. Waiting for you to calm down, he reaches into the bag and takes out the lubrication he knew he’d need. While your body quivers with sensitivity, he lathers the plug thoroughly and then taps your thigh. “Turn over for me, baby.”
Surprised he was giving you another chance, you turn obediently and wait for more direction. “On your knees, baby...legs open.”
You do as he says, but yelp out in pain when you feel his hand slap your ass. “Wider!”
Unsure of how much wider you can go, you spread your legs and adjust so that your chest is dipped and touches the mattress while your ass is up in the air.
Jin is completely breathless, every thought thrown right out of his head at the view before him. He’s kneeling behind you, completely dressed, with a lubed up butt plug unsure of how to proceed. His temperature rises and he curses under his breath. The soft feeling of his hand running up and down your spine comforts you and you close your eyes and hum. When Jin sees you’re relaxed he takes the opportunity to press the tip of the toy into your ass one again. You tense immediately and Jin grows impatient.
“Relax, baby. Do you trust me? You do trust me, right?”
Did you trust him? That was the question. Deep inside you didn’t, but on the surface you were a damn fool for him. Knowing you can’t say what you truly feel you lie.
“ much...I trust you so much.”
Jin smiles wickedly and presses the toy further. You reach back in panic and Jin grabs your hand and twists it behind you.  “My ass. Mine.”
He slathers some of the lube from the toy into your hole and then pushes his pinky in without warning. You cry out from the intrusion but Jin holds his finger there and waits for you to adjust. “Yum. Look at you dirty hole. It won’t even let go of me. Is that how desperate you are, baby?”
You feel pain, not a lot, just enough to be uncomfortable, but when he places his tongue against your pussy, you begin to melt against the sensation. He licks and sucks you up while rubbing your clit in circles. You’re so caught up in the pleasure you don’t realize he’s fucking your ass with his pink. Every time you’re close to cumming he pulls away and pulls his pink in and out until your rim gives way for another finger. He spits on your hole, pushing the liquid in and out of you as he scissors you open. His tongue feels like sin, dragging out your orgasm, making you feel all the levels of frustration.  
“More, Jinnie...please...I need more.” At this point you’re fucking yourself back into his fingers and tongue, begging the entire time for him to let you cum.
“Not yet.”
You scream out exasperated and just when you’re about to start crying you feel the entirety of the buttplug slide ride into you. It wasn’t very thick, but for being your first time, you felt devastatingly full. Jin doesn’t touch it, just waits for your muscles to adjust while he continues to eat out your pussy. Your thighs are already shaking, your orgasm so damn close you start to swear at him.
“Fuck you! Fucking let me cum. Jin, fuckkkk! Please!”
Satisfied he has you right where he wants you, he removes his mouth and rolls your clit rapidly. Broken, you moan out and cry until a million tiny embers dance around in your belly and then burst. It’s completely overwhelming and your body falls flat onto the mattress completely wasted and drained.
Jin simply chuckles, tenderly kisses his way up your body. When he reaches your ear, he takes the lobe into his mouth and whispers salaciously against the shell of your ear.  “’re so fucking sexy. Do you think you can give me one more, hmm? I bet you can...I bet you can take so much more.”
You’re unable to talk, completely satiated from the two orgasms he’s already given you, but you submit anyway, yielding to his will. He turns your body over and settles on top of you kissing you lovingly on your lips and face. “My pretty girl. My dirty kitten.”
While you lay there he kisses you and you take all of it enjoying how loving he’s being. Your ass is still being stretched by the gift he so graciously gave and your clit is throbbing in oversensitivity. Completely blissed out you don't  notice when Jin removes his clothes and comes back to settle on top of you. He hikes up your right leg and hooks it over his hip. You assume he just wants to rut against your heat, but when he presses the head of his cock into your spent cunt you panic.
“J-Jinnie…I can’t….it won’t fit. My ass….”
“What about your ass, whore? Did you forget who you belong to?” Grabbing the collar on your neck he pulls your face closer and then pushes his cock the rest of the way in. The stretch is insane and you can’t even cry out due to the pressure the collar has placed on your throat. Jin holds still completely overwhelmed by the tightness he too can feel. He knew it would feel amazing, but this surpassed his dreams. Your face is starting to turn blue and when your eyes roll back into your head Jin lets go of your collar and pulls out only to push back in just as you take a breath. You’re gasping for air, the immense stretching a sensation you’re yet to get familiar with. But Jin works to make you feel better, pinching your nipples and sucking your neck. He fucks you like he’s never had a woman before and soon it starts to feel insanely good.
He doesn’t speak and neither do you, too consumed with the way you’re being torn open by his huge cock. He’s losing his composure the faster he goes, and soon you feel another orgasm building. “Y/n, wanna fuck you full of my cum. Do you want that? Want me to fill you all up? I bet your pretty pussy would love that.”
Jin’s voice wavers as he tries to coax you toward your orgasm. He knows you’re close, already having memorized the telltale signs. “That’s it baby, squeeze me just like that. Show me what a slut you are for my cum.”
His words trigger your release and when you cum, your clenched holes make the experience that much stronger. Under Jin your body shakes and your voice breaks from the feeling of being ruined. Jin feels you fall apart under him and he too cums, overwhelmed from the way you squeeze the cum from his cock. As soon as his balls are drained, he falls on top of your body. Not wanting to hurt you, he quickly picks himself up and throws himself beside you.
Neither of you speak for what seems like forever, the exhaustion lulling you both to sleep. Jin is the first to speak. He sits up slightly and leans in to kiss you. “That..lthat was everything I ever dreamed it would be, darling. You’re the best girl.”  He runs a finger over your collar and kisses you sweetly. You, on the other hand, were way too tired to even move. You’d cum three times, cum leaking out of your pussy and ass full of your anniversary gift.
Jin had somehow gotten more energy and began kissing down your body laughing at your protests. “Just one more thing, baby.”  Reaching down between your legs he pulls the plug out of you carefully and waits for his cums to leak down to fill your crack. Using his finger he pulls out as much as he can and then pushes it into your asshole without any resistance. He’s excited to see that he's loosened you enough to welcome his fingers easily. When he is satisfied that you’re full of him, he pushes the plug back into your ass and kisses your nipple. “There. Keep that there until I say so, okay baby? I want you to be ready for the other things I want to do to you.”
Even in your exhaustion, you open your eyes to look at him in shock and he simply laughs before kissing your nose and getting up off the bed. “I’ll be right back, darling. I’m going to get something to clean you up. Be good while I’m gone.”
You nod, barely conscious, and settle into the mattress enjoying your state of bliss. As you lay there you start to hear rustling sounds in the background which you never really noticed before considering the room was sound proof. Upon opening your eyes you tip your head to the side confused. You weren’t sure if your eyes were deceiving you, but it looked like the door to the room was….open. Jin had never made this mistake before...just one other time….but as you listened in silence, you realized he was taking a shower. He was busy...busy for long enough for you to…
You sat up quickly, heart pounding and questioning every thought that ran through your mind. And then as if time stood still, your brain kicked into overdrive and you got up quickly. There were no clothes nearby so you grabbed Jin’s shirt and put it over your head. Gently you removed the buttplug from inside of you and let it fall to the floor, freezing when you think you hear a noise. After a few seconds you realize Jin is still in the shower so you use your ripped dress to wipe the cum leaking over your thighs and then bolt for the hallway.
It felt like some sort of miracle, a dream even that after so long he would leave you alone and with enough time to run. You make it to the kitchen and almost cry when you see that Jin had left his wallet on the table. You open it remembering that there was only one door in the entirety of the house that opened with a keycard. He said it was for when his business partners came over and needed quick access in and out without him. Of course you never saw them since they only came upon Jin’s request. You only knew this information after prying for more knowledge about the house when you pretended to want to stay with him. He regretted it once he told you, but in the same breath promised you’d never have access to it anyway. He hadn’t been wrong since this entire time you’d never had such an opportunity. Had you known it would only take sex for him to let his guard down, you would have done it a long time ago.
With shaky hands you search through his wallet, panicking when you think you hear the shower stop...but it hadn’t. And then, you find it, the red card that answered every single one of your prayers nestled between two credit cards. You race to the door, all the while looking over your shoulder. When it opens you almost faint. One last glance behind you, you take off running, not once looking back or worrying about the rocks that cut your feet. You have never seen this side of the house so you continue running hoping you’ll end up at some sort of gate you can easily climb. As soon as you see a wall, you sigh in relief and begin to search for an opening. The wall looked high, but that would not deter you. Noticing there is nothing to open, you begin to recklessly climb the wall uncaring of the way the rough surface tears into your hands and legs. You continue to slip back down and your discouragement begins to boil over. You didn’t have much time, he would notice you were gone any minute. One final time you manage to wedge your toes into a hole and propel your body about half way up the wall before the feeling of wet and cold hands grab you by the waist and pull you down.
You scream, but it’s of no use. Jin already has the cloth over your mouth and waits for you to fall back into his arms where you belong. “Why, darling? Why can’t you understand you’re mine? Mine, mine, mine.”
Tumblr media
* I know that I am on hiatus, but I wrote this for someone as a gift and with their permission I am posting it here in time for Valentine’s Day <3
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In which Jin finally joins you and Taehyung but fucks you
Tumblr media
hi bubs <3 ty for the RQ, it turned out a bit different. hope thats oki mwah     WARNING: smutsmutsmut, tae is clingy af, jin is kinda (very) mean to tae but in a good way <3 MAN HANDLING, no condom (pls stay safe out there kiddos) tae loves eating you out     WORD COUNT: 3,2k
Truly wasn't an unusual sight to see you hanging around the college campus in between classes with two much taller men. Specifically speaking, Jin and Taehyung. Both of them were quite famous-infamous, in Taehyung's case. One of them being known for their stunning and intriguing way of portraying different people on a wooden stage and professional camera, the one who said no politely and you would hate yourself for even asking but cant help but fall even deeper because of his soft and much boyfriend like demeanor and aesthetics. In contrast to the talented modern artist who seemingly enjoyed pulling and cutting the heartstrings of his admirers as though he was playing the harp. He had the heart breaker vibe, the one that changed for the woman he loved and cherished in films and books written for girls who could only dream and boys to feel insecure and act the same way. You didn't fit in with them, at all. Not known for your talents in your chosen classes, not mean nor even unconditionally kind. Just you. And that's why to you three, you fit like a puzzle piece. Your mere presence created balance between the two men and the three of you. It would show in the ways that you'd break fights with a simple word or hum, just you being there would lift their anger and fill it up with joy. They felt happy with you, content and comfortable. You could see it from the difference of character in Taehyung; from the coldest asshole in town with anyone who talked to him to a love sick and attention starved puppy with you and his best friend. Always seeking kisses, cuddles and words of utter adoration from you. From his elder he wanted words of affirmation and validation. He strived to make him proud and see him as his brother. He always wanted loving attention from you. In high school it started out as head pats and hand holding. When you enrolled in college it had already become heated kisses and lazy sex on the couch. Any sort of attention from you was appealing and enough from him, until he started seeing you more as a friend and lived in a fake reality that you two were in fact dating. Jin on the other hand, wanted you just as much as Taehyung did, if not longer than him. He had known you since middle school. He wanted to hold your hand proudly and kiss you in front of his parents whenever they teased you two for being the cutest couple they've seen (after themselves of course, Jin had gotten his confidence from somewhere after all). You two did kiss, not as often but they felt so perfect and heartfelt. Make outs were rare but they made your heart melt and your lace panties wet and sticky. He touched you as though you were fragile china glass, yet made you feel like the most sacred treasure known to man. Taehyung had joined your couple like friendship back in high school. With shy smiles and obnoxious laughter. You and him had an instant connection, unlike Jin and Taehyung who had a rough start in the beginning. Jin hated Taehyung and how physically close he was to you. It had taken years of development and courage from Jin to be able to hold your hand in public and here was Taehyung- holding your hand and demanding head pats weeks after meeting you. Now though, Jin saw Taehyung as his best friend, his non blood related brother. His other half. They both wanted you as their own and had fought many fights and months of a war that neither one of them could win with zero guilt in their hearts. So they had decided to “share you”, and frankly it never bothered the other when they caught you with the other. It warmed their hearts knowing that you were accepting them in your lives as potential lovers and not just the only girl in their lives. But despite catching the other in the act, they have never cared to join. Not knowing how you'd react in the end. Just the thought of you feeling cautious about what kind of friendship you had with the thought and seeking out other people to befriend terrified them to the bone. So they did the best thing they thought and hid away their emotions. Well not really, they just hid the fact that
they wanted a polyamorous relationship with you. Today was different though. It had started out as a Friday evening in your cozy one bedroom apartment. Taehyung on your lap, your fingers in his hair as a random murder mystery plays on your TV. Jin was cooking dinner in your small kitchen, the smell reaches the living room as you moan appreciatively. Hearing this Taehyung moves on your lap and looks up at you from the TV. He smiles warmly at you and whines playfully- wanting more than casual head strokes. You look down at him and pull on his cheek, resuming to watching the TV and stroking his blue hair. Clearly not happy with the short kiss, Taehyung gets up from your lap and blocks your view of the TV. replacing the gory images with his handsome pouting face, hoping that you'd give up on trying to watch the video and focus on him and him alone. And that's exactly what you did, already knowing that Taehyung wouldn't give up and if he didn't get his way he'd just get much clingier and grumpier. Locking eyes with him had stirred something in Taehyung, going from wanting to cuddle to shoving his wet tongue in your warm sweet mouth. Knowing that you won't have an issue, he leaned in quickly and captured your lips with his, your lips already knowing what to do by instinct and match with his in a perfect tango. After a few seconds of slow kissing, Taehyung grows needy and bites your bottom lip- prying it open with the help of his thick tongue. You let him in the second you feel the pain of the bite on your lip and his sensitive tongue, not in the mood for an aggressive and whiny blueberry man. Especially with Jin cooking something in the kitchen and being done any minute now. But that nerving thought quickly gets thrown out as strong hands push you into the soft couch and groan at your willingness. In response to the loss of any control of the situation, you pull on his locks towards you, his much larger and built body pressing against yours in a perfectly delicious way. Taehyung wasn't one to let others take control of him, Jin could only control his actions and feelings so much. But you, you could drag him around like your favorite childhood doll and he wouldn't say anything. Not that he had to say anything, negative at least. He loves knowing that you want to touch him and your moments of control were so attractive and alluring to him. He loved everything about you and was willing to let you do anything to him with zero hatred towards you in the end. You just couldn't leave him and Jin. he'd never let you leave them, even if you hated them both in the end. You wouldn't though, of course not. You loved them the most, they were your comfort people and frankly- you didn't have anyone else so you'd love them no matter what. With the thought of unconditional love from you roaming his mind for free, the blue haired man whines lowly and presses his pelvis against your shorts. Trying to find your pressure points. After a few thrusts you moan appreciatively and kiss him harder- he has found it. Continuing on slowly thrusting into your covered heat, he picks up the pace a few times but keeps the same rhythm overall. The sweet moans you let stumble through your lips makes him hungry for more than just grinding on you like a horny teen with just a pillow to relieve his pain. His eager hands shakily go to your shorts and pull down on the band that holds the loosely on your hips. Lifting your ass up to help him in removing them quickly, you just grind harder on his dick. The accidental stroke makes the man hornier than before and he moans aloud- not bothering to hide anything from the other man that was cooking in the kitchen. Though, it had been oddly quiet in the kitchen and the constant smell from the cooking has mixed with the air and become less apparent in the small apartment. He could sense him watching from behind the couch, Taehyung knew that Jin wasn't mad at him and just wanted to watch until he could join in. So he decides giving the older one a show. Not completely pulling down the baby pink shorts down alongside
your lace black panties, just enough to see your seeping cunt. With a strong push, he pushes your knees to your chest and presses his upper body to keep them there, making you completely immobile and in his mercy. You were his to manhandle and fuck like some overpriced pocket pussy. “H-hold on Tae,, Jinnie is in the kitchen and might see us-” you whimper out as he fingers you slowly with his skilled artist fingers. He only chuckles in response and pushes another finger in, making you mewl lewdly. “Hear that? Our little cum slut is shy,, poor baby” he mockingly talks with a pout and a fake remorse. Wait, our? What did he mean by our? Jin was still cooking in the kitchen, right? A deep familiar laugh pulls you out of your thoughts, a laugh that was not like the other, the laugh that made women swoon and fantasize about fake relationships and scenarios with him. It was Jin’s laugh. And it came from your right. Opening your eyes you immediately lock eyes with his hazy dark irises and gasp. What the hell was he doing here just watching you two? Before you could protest your concerns Taehyung calls Jin over and he moves from behind the couch. The blueberry man lets your body relax from your previous wooden posture but manhandles you onto his warm lap. His dick unbearable hard against your leaking pussy lips. Unconsciously grinding against him in hopes of getting off to the friction between your bodies, trying to find the spot. Jin sits down as he notices you eagerly grinding on his best friend and he grabs you by your torso, carrying you as though you were as light as a feather onto his own lap. You let out pathetic little whimpers like a scared puppy as you miss the touch of something rubbing against your aching nether lips and throbbing clit. Taking note of the way you were reaching Taehyung with grabby hands Jin coos at your adorable antics. Taehyung does the same as he kisses you sweetly yet lets go once you try to probe your tongue in between his wet lips. Jin pries your legs open by pushing your thighs as open as possible with the shorts still on you. Noticing that they were hindering you from opening your thighs further, you try to get them off you but strong hands grab yours away from the shorts and pull your knees back into your upper body. Fully exposing your pussy to Taehyung like an eager whore working for more than just money. Taehyung smiles with cloudy eyes and groans impatiently at the view in front of him. The younger man looks at the older in anticipation of something happening, not moving in fear of a chance to fuck you snatched from him. He was also waiting for any sort of orders from his superior, not thinking of refusing his words or orders, knowing that if he didn't- he’d only get to watch you getting railed sweetly. If the black haired man feels nice, he would maybe even let Taehyung touch himself, or even better. Let the tanned man abuse your tits and sensitive nipples. Just like he predicted, Jin asks Taehyung to pull the shorts down. As slowly as possible. Taehyung crawls towards you on his knees pathetically and whimpers longingly as he comes close to your oozing pussy. Not hearing any objections from the man in charge, Taehyung leans further in and presses his head in between your moist and warm thighs. Still having the shorts on your knees- immobilizing you and your thighs in place. You couldn't see what Taehyung was doing but you sure as hell could feel him and his greedy tongue probing into your throbbing pussy. Weak protests slip from your lips alongside broken curses making Taehyung to push his head further in and nibble softly instead of just licking everywhere he could reach. Instead of searching for a way to stare at the man who was devouring your juices as though it was some sort of a magical liquor, you look at Jin. As you look up at him you notice the disapproving look on his face as he watches Taehyung grabbing onto your thighs tightly and hiding his face in your thighs and cunt. Instead of pulling by the blue locks and scolding the greedy man for not being patient, he just
looks at you and smiles warmly making you feel more than just sexual butterflies throughout your entire body. They were quickly replaced as his warm hands wondered about your sensitive body. Starting from your damp neck to your clothed breasts. Replacing his soft hands with his plush pillow lips on your neck, sucking and nibbling on specific spots he'd know would leave you weak on your knees and begging for more like a bitch in heat. Growing tired of just groping your soft breasts through the pink hoodie you had on you- his hoodie actually- he sneakingly moved his hands to underneath the oversized hoodie. As he searches for a bra, he's not surprised to not find one, but couldn't help but tease you about it. “Hmmm,, baby isn't wearing a bra hmm?” he breathes in your ear suggestively. All you could do in response is moan out a yes and keep on panting pathetically as the man underneath you laps your clit hungrily. “That's enough Tae, come out of there” finally commands Jin. waiting a few moments for the other man to lift his head up and do as he has asked of him before. But Taehyung didn't listen and kept on pushing himself further in and grabbing onto your thighs harder and kept on eating you out as though he hadn't eaten anything a week before. Growing tired of the tan man's antics, Jin grabs at the dark roots of the disobeying man and pulls harshly with no repentance. Feeling the pain in his scalp, Taehyung pulls away quickly and lets the hand drag him away from your delicious wetness. He weeps pitifully as his face loses the heat he had moments before. Your face grows warmer as you notice the way his face glistened with your aroused slick. Taehyung chuckles and leans in to kiss you affectionately. Only being stopped moments before by the same man that still had his hand deep in his roots, threatening to pull hairs away. Taehyung stops in his tracks and looks up at Jin like a kicked puppy asking for forgiveness from his owner. Instead of the usually cosy smile Jin would give his friend in response to his pouting he stares at him disapprovingly and orders him to remove the shorts again. This time, he does as asked of him and steps back. Your shorts and panties in his hand. Jin moves to sit on his knees and moves your thighs down, placing them as open as possible on both sides of his muscly thighs. You let out a surprised yelp in response to the sudden shift of posture, from your stiff one to a much relaxed form. Taehyung could only groan disappointingly as your open cunt is hidden away from his view. Without waiting for anyone, not even you. Jin unbuckles his belt and pulls his underwear alongside his jeans. Making his dick smack against his hard toned lower stomach, the dirty sound making you mewl softly as you look back down at his dick. The sheer size of the thing made you clench around nothing in anticipation of having him in your snug pussy. “I was gonna let you fuck her while she blows me but, since you couldn't even listen to one simple order without acting like a whore. I guess you’ll have to watch me fucking y/n slowly.” and there it was, Taehyung knew this would be the outcome of his uncalled actions. But he couldn't stop himself from diving head first into your wet and delicious pussy. He nods pathetically while locking eyes with your moist ones. The sigh of you being so aroused that tears were threatening to fall down was spurring an unfamiliar sadistic feeling in him. Sure, you've teared up before while he fucked you mercilessly. But you were so close to full on sobbing. His hand instinctively goes to his zipper to pull his dick out and stroke himself right in front of you. Jin of course, notices and throws him a disapproving look. But doesn't have the energy nor an ounce of patience to tell him otherwise. So he lets him do as he pleased, with himself. You on the other hand, were his for now. Not wanting to wait any longer, Jin guides his dick into your inviting pussy and thrusts in slowly. You whine in his lap and squirm for more than just his tip. Jin wanted to tease you, he really did. But he
wasn't expecting you to already be so tight and warm so he listens to your greedy squirms and shoves himself in you completely. Jin's warm face in the nape of your neck as he thrusts up and down slowly, enjoying the lewd sounds of skin clapping and your delicious loud moans. God they were so addicting, Jin wanted to record them and play it each night before he went to bed. Taehyung thought the same as he rubbed his dick in the same rhythm Jin was fucking you. Growing tired of the pace, Jin holds onto your mid and pushes you down onto the couch. Your face and upper body in the soft cushion while your ass is high up in the air, Jin's thick throbbing dick still in you and his face still in the comfort of your neck and marked shoulder. He slowly starts driving into you harsher and harder than before. Forcing whimpers and lewd sounds out from your open lips. Taehyung grabs your lacy panties and smells them in before starting to stroke himself with them. Knowing that you were right there, staring at him getting off to you getting railed by his best friend and used panties was making him harder. If that was even possible. “Just pant ours. No one else's. I see you getting fucked by someone else pant I'm killing the fucker and fucking you while he's dying. Got that pretty baby?” Jin growls out as he fucks into your tight and warm pussy. Jins words were supposed to scare you, but at the moment they were just getting you closer to your much needed release.
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heartbreakmotel13 · a month ago
⇢ ˗ˏˋ honey ࿐ྂ ┆彡 Husband!Jin x Wife reader [One Shot]
Tumblr media
Plot: After endless nights of studying and countless hours of lectures, you are only a few days away from graduating the police academy. But you wouldn’t have been able to do it without your senior, Kim Seokjin, a man who patiently trained you along the way and supported in every way he could. But your seemingly perfect life changes when the two of you get a little too close and end up sleeping together. One pregnancy test later and you find out you’re pregnant. Seokjin is excited to become a father but you refuse to keep the baby. Little did you know that Seokjin was not going to let you ruin his dream of starting a family with you.
Warnings: Abortion talk, anti abortion, yandere behavior, attempted child murder, drama/angst, domestic abuse,
Admin note: This is a new version of my previous discontinued series. I recommend still reading this as I made sure that the ones who read the series will still have something new to read. Enjoy ❤️ Sorry if the pace of the story looks rushed. There’s so much to write about this story but I really had to cut it short 💕 Word count is 11K+
| Next “Mr. Kim. Could you review my essay whenever you have time? I need to send it in by Monday.”
“Aish, what do I tell you about being formal with me, Y/N?” Seokjin whined.
“I can’t help it.” You grinned. “You are my superior, of course I have to address you as such.”
“And as your superior, I am telling you that ‘Seokjin is fine.”
“Alright, alright.” You playfully held up your hands in defeat. “Seokjin, could you review my essay for me?”
“Better.” He flipped through the pages. “They really give you so much work on your last day, don’t they?” He questioned before holding the folder with both hands. “I’m glad I’m not studying anymore, I’m more of a hands-on person than a book reading person, that’s for sure.”
“Oh? Is that so? For some reason, I always saw you as the more studious type at school.”
“I can be anything you’d want me to be, Y/N.” He winked.
You chuckled at his comment and gave him a playful push. “Can you be Kai of Exo?” You bantered.
“Hey! If I wasn’t a police chief, I definitely would’ve been in a boy group. I mean, look at me, I definitely have the looks to be in a group, no?” He ran his index finger across his face. “Look at this face.”
You started to laugh, not disagreeing with his comments. “Well, Seokjin. I would be lying if I say I don’t think you are attractive.”
“Why, thank you, Y/N. I can say the same about you.”
Somehow you didn’t expect Seokjin to bounce the compliment back to you and you felt flustered, but instead of feeling flattered, you felt anxious.
“Do you really think so, or are you just being nice?” You finally asked.
“Hey! Let me compliment you, you will be leaving me after all those precious years you’ve spent at my department!”
That was true. This was your last day as a trainee cybercrime investigator, and tomorrow you will be celebrating it with the whole department.
“Gosh, you’re so dramatic. It’s not like we will never see each other again. All of you are like family to me now. It’s not like I will be gone forever.”
“You better not. I will look for you and not stop until I find you.” Seokjin got up from the chair.
“Don’t worry, I have a better idea instead of you using your law enforcement skills on finding me, Mr Kim. So, I was thinking, how about we go out for dinner, today? You know, me and you? My treat. I want to thank you for everything you’ve done for me.”
“I would never deny a chance to spend more time with you. I should be done by 6 or so?” He glanced over at the clock.
“Alright, six it is.” You followed his gaze. It was exactly 3:12 PM right now.
“Oh, by the way, you don’t have to pay. It’s MY treat.” Seokjin patted your shoulder.
“No Seokjin I insist.” You pushed his hand away, playfully.
“And I insist on not letting a woman pay.” He placed his hand back.
You pinched his hand at which he groaned. “Ouch.” He pulled away.
“It’s 2021. Women can pay too.” You stated.
“Yeah, yeah, newbie, let me spoil you, please, do I have to beg you?” Seokjin bickered.
“Fine, I’ll stop. I will allow you to ‘spoil’ me.” You huffed.
You were going to miss the quarreling between you and Seokjin.
“Anyway.” You placed your hands on Seokjin’s shoulders and looked up to him. “I’ll let you get back to work. I’ll see you later.” You moved away and left to finish up today’s work and say your goodbyes to the other respectable police officers who helped you to pass the tough journey of becoming a qualified member of law enforcement.
After three hours, you and Seokjin went out for dinner. It was surprising to see how much you two had in common; from similar movie tastes to ordering the same dishes.
After a couple of drinks, Seokjin’s words turned flirty while you were more daring as the night carried on.
“I’ll drop you off at home.” Seokjin urged and you agreed because you knew that it was best to not wander back home all yourself.
You invited Seokjin into your home where the two of you continued to chat. It started with a few caresses on the skin here and there, to quick and light kisses on the lips, before you led Seokjin to your bedroom and the two of you had sex.
Last night was amazing and you didn’t regret it. But you knew you had to be honest with Seokjin in case he might’ve gotten the wrong idea.
The fact that he woke you up with a kiss and stood here, in front of you, cooking the both of you breakfast, showed that he might have the wrong idea already.
“Seokjin.” You called as you rested your hands on the table you were seated at
“Hm?” He looked over his shoulder.
“I’m really sorry but... I am not looking for a relationship right now.” You looked down at your hands, not wanting to meet his eyes. “I shouldn’t have done what I did yesterday. This will only make things awkward between us.”
It was almost as if Seokjin froze in place as he stared down at the pan. “Oh.” He sighed softly as he pushed the food around in the pan with the spatula. “I see.”
He was disappointed.
“I had a great time and an even more amazing time in bed last night. Really.” You saw Seokjin grin at your words and you were relieved that he didn’t seem mad. “But-“ The grin on his face disappeared. “I want to focus on myself and my hopefully new career after graduation.”
“I understand.”
The next day you had a small graduation party at the police office. Tears were shed, jokes were shared, and you even received a couple of gifts.
Three weeks passed by and things were normal.
That’s what you thought, but the pregnancy test told you otherwise.
You were distraught. It took you a while to get yourself together, and when you finally did, there was only one person that came to mind. You called your superior, Mr Kim, Seokjin.
So after your phone call, he rushed over to your home, and you two started talking but the conversation soon escalated.
“Are you seriously going to get rid of our baby?” Seokjin scoffed.
“Seokjin, I am the one who is pregnant so I feel like I should be the one to make this choice!” You huffed.
“And I’m the father!” He raised your voice at you as he waved his hand around as he spoke. “This baby is 50% mine, and you’re being selfish to make this decision all on your own!”
“I don’t want it, I am not going to give up everything for… this!”
“I deserve to have my opinion in this matter too. I have as much right to this child as their father, as you do as their mother.” The tempo of his voice fastening as his anger increased. “We both made the decision to have sex, we are both the cause of your pregnancy, so why can’t we both make a decision like this? Well? I was good around to fuck but not good enough to raise a child with.”
“Seokjin, I… I think it’s best if you leave. We are both obviously really upset. And I don’t think this conversation is beneficial to either of us.” You forced these words out your throat that felt dry. You hoped for some sort of comfort or encouraging words from your superior but he didn’t support you in a way you expected nor needed.
Seokjin’s attitude softened at your words. “Please. Don’t do this. I can take care of you, I can take care of both of you. I promise.” Seokjin leaned closer to you and held onto your hands firmly. “I will never abandon you. You know I have a good income, Y/N.”
You sure did feel like the villain in this situation. You pulled your hands away from his grip and looked away. “Please leave my house.” You were unable to meet his eyes, not wanting to see his expression right now. “Please, go.” You repeated as you made your way to the front door and opened it.
“…A-alright.” His voice broke as his shoulders slumped. “I will leave then.” You watched as he dragged his feet to the front door.
“I’m sorry.” You whispered as you fought back the tears.
Never before have you seen Seokjin like this. He was the strong and influential man at work - someone everyone looked up to at the police station, but the man who stood in front of you was not that anymore.
Seokjin was a sprout that was trampled to the ground by no one but you. Of course, you felt immense guilt and you started second-guessing yourself, but you couldn’t keep the child simply because Seokjin wanted you to. You had a say in this matter as well and no child should be born because one parent wanted them while the other didn’t.
You never imagined yourself as a proper housewife whose life only consisted of taking care of their offspring nor did you ever imagine having a child in the first place.
It all seemed logical to you however it wasn’t to Seokjin. Nevertheless, you couldn’t change someone’s mind no matter how hard you tried to convince them with facts and reasons.
He had to accept it.
A few days later you visited the police office to empty your desk. You still couldn’t believe that after many years you were really leaving this place.
You headed to the parking lot but paused when you heard a familiar voice behind you.
“Y/N!” Seokjin called from behind you.
You felt your heart pace against your chest. Was he going to start something with you?
“I forgot to give you these.” He held out a box of chocolate. “Here, for you. Congratulations on graduating. It’s been a great three years together.” Seokjin smiled.
You took the box of chocolates, surprised but pleased that he got you a gift. “Those look delicious. Thanks, Mr. Kim- I mean, Seokjin.” You half grinned. “Sorry for everything that happened. I wish it didn’t end like this but…”
“No, I was the one who was wrong.” Seokjin interrupted. You’re right. It’s your body, so it’s your choice. I was being disrespectful.” He apologized.
“Thank you for understanding.” You looked down at the box of chocolates. It was a sturdy box with gold French letters written all over it. “This looks expensive.” You remarked.
“It was,” Seokjin confirmed a smug expression on his face. “So…” He looked over at you. “When’s the appointment again? Tomorrow?”
“Tuesday.” You replied, being reminded of the big elephant in the room.
“Right. Let me know if I can help you with anything. I’m still here for you.” Seokjin also looked down. “Well, have a good weekend.” He stepped away.
“Bye, Seokjin.” You stared as you watched him walk away.
You deserved a nice movie night. So, as soon as you got home you took a lovely bath before getting changed into something comfy and getting all set up and ready on the couch.
Netflix was convenient but at times it seemed like they had too many movies to pick from, making it nearly impossible to pick one in the first place.
“Right, I have the chocolates I got from Seokjin.” You mentioned to no one but yourself and you got up.
You sat back down with the box and pulled off the lid and you were impressed at the craftsmanship of the chocolates. Seokjin really outdid himself, didn’t he? You popped one into your mouth. It tasted a little weird but you figured that it was a taste peculiar to the French.
You finished about half of the box before you set it to the side.
Although, after one episode of this series you’ve decided to watch, you felt tired. No, you felt drowsy, as if you were drunk. Perhaps, those chocolates had liquor in them? Still, there wouldn’t be that much in it that it would knock you out cold like this, so what gives?
You were about to get up and text Seokjin to ask him, but it was too late as things turned black in front of your eyes.
When you opened your eyes again, you immediately noticed that you were not on the couch anymore, but instead, you were in a room you’ve never seen before.
It might be an odd observation to make in a situation like this, but you could smell paint - fresh paint. There was no flooring underneath you, and the cement started to form small cuts into your clothes.
There was not much time for you to think as you soon realized you were not alone.
“Seokjin?!” You tried to move but were pulled back by your wrists.
Chained to the wall.
“What is the meaning of this?” You demanded to know.
“I’m not going to let you ruin our family. We can be happy, you simply have to stop being so stubborn.” Seokjin explained before he shoved a large box your way and sat down on the edge.
“Let me go, Seokjin! You’re crazy!” You tried to break free but it was useless to even try.
“Am I crazier than a woman trying to kill her own child? Yeah? Am I the crazy one?”
You shook your head.
“Seokjin I don’t want children nor do I want to be with you!”
“I don’t care. We are going to be a family whether you like it or not. You’re carrying my child, so I really do not care.”
“Let me out, please.” You tried to calm yourself down by taking deep and steady breaths. Shouting and disagreeing wasn’t going to help you escape this place. “All of this should’ve never happened, and I take full responsibility for that, Seokjin, but please, this is not the way to do things, you’re keeping me here against my will and-“
“I’ll see you tomorrow.” He cut you off as he stood.
You frowned as he advanced towards the door. “Wait!”
He paused in his steps and turned to look at you. “What?”
“Are you just going to…leave me here?” You looked around the unfamiliar room.
“Until you agree with not getting rid of our child and becoming a family with me. You don’t know what horrible decision you are about to make. I’m doing this for you.” Seokjin placed his hand on the handle.
“You’re right, Seokjin, I changed my mind, I will-“
Seokjin’s laugh caught you by surprise.
“Hah. You think I am dumb, don’t you?” He started to laugh. “Oh, you amuse me so. As if you’re not saying that so I can let you out and you’ll plot your little escape.”
You felt embarrassed at how easily Seokjin figured you out, but he worked in law enforcement, he was trained to penetrate people’s brains and find out their true thoughts.
“N-no, that’s not it-“ You denied but were met with a door that closed on you.
“Calm down, Y/N, calm down, I need to find a way out of here!” You yanked on the handcuffs that kept you in place, but they didn’t budge, and you flinched at the cold metal cutting into your wrists. Seokjin was an intelligent man so you had to play your cards right to ever get a chance to get out of this place. Even if it meant sucking up to him and playing along with his little family fantasy, even if the thought disgusted you. There was no way out other than through Seokjin.
“Here you go.” Seokjin put down a tray in front of you with food and a bottle of water.
“Did you make this yourself?” It was an inappropriate question to ask in a situation where you were hold hostage, but you had to win the favour of Seokjin if you wanted any hope of getting out of this basement.
“I did.” He replied.
Truth be told you really weren’t in the mood to eat however if you wanted to escape this place, you needed to be in full health to ever make it out of this place.
“It looks delicious.” You didn’t really know what else to say.
“Thank you. I need you to eat properly for the baby.”
Right, the baby. You gritted your teeth as you tried to not show any sign of annoyance towards him. “Yeah, you are so... caring.” You forced a smile on your face. You had to keep this up for a while.
The room was dim when you opened your eyes and panic set inside of your chest when you realized that you had no idea where you were. Was this... your house? No, why the hell would you be chained up like a dog in your own house? That didn’t make sense.
The sound of a door opening made you flinch.
““W-who are you? What am I doing here? P-please don’t hurt me!”
The man paused in front of you and he slid his hands into his pockets. A pleased smirk tugged on his lips. “You don’t know who I am, or are you pretending?”
“What? I-i please don’t hurt me sir, I-“
“What is your name?”
“My… name?” You dug into the deep chambers of your brains but somehow you were not able to retrieve this vital information that any person should know about themselves. “My name is…” Somehow the fear for this stranger was replaced by a different type of fear. How could you not remember your own name? “I… I don’t know.” You finally admitted.
It was as if you were sleeping on a huge soft cloud. However, your peaceful rest was interrupted by the pacing of your own heart. You jolted awake and sat up straight.
Questions arose in your mind as your eyes scanned your surroundings.
Where were you?
You pulled the sheets off you and you left the room. You weren’t quite sure where you were going or what your plan was, but perhaps you weren’t all alone in this house and someone could give you answers.
And you soon did find someone.
You followed the sounds that were coming from the living room and there you saw a man watching something on TV.
“Hey, darling.” The man noticed you enter the living room and he got up. “How’re you feeling?” You pulled away before he could pull you in a hug.
“Who.. who are you?” You didn’t mean to be blunt but what use would there be in pretending?
“Me? Your fiancé?”
“We’re…engaged?” When did that happen? Not that it mattered, you didn’t even know this guy’s name so how would you know about being engaged to him?
“Yes, I proposed after you got pregnant. Are... you feeling alright?”
“I am pregnant?” You blinked at him before you looked down at your belly. This man was right, you did appear to be pregnant.
“Oh, darling, I’m so sorry. You suffer from young onset dementia.”
“I… I do?”
“Yes, you got diagnosed with it not too long ago. We have been seeing doctor Namjoon who is a specialist. I have the medical records if you’d like to read more about it? I know this is a lot to take in.”
You nodded before sitting down on the sofa. “I’d like to see.”
Seokjin handed you some papers and you read through them. “Y/N… Is that my name?” You felt embarrassed to even ask such a simple question but the man in front of you nodded.
“Do you remember my name?” He asked.
At his question, you considered guessing his name, but it would be even more embarrassing to guess the wrong name than it was to simply admit that no, you had no idea what the name of your fiancé was.
“You don’t, do you? Hey, it’s alright.” He sat down next to you. “You’re sick, you can’t do anything about that. I’m not upset that you don’t remember. My name is Seokjin, but you usually just call me Jin, or honey.”
Honey… How sweet. You must be really in love.
“Is it a boy or a girl?” You looked down at your round belly.
“We want to keep it a surprise for ourselves and our parents.” Seokjin put his hand on your shoulder.
Why did you feel a shiver run down your spine? You brushed it off and convinced yourself you were just in shock.
The remaining three months of your pregnancy, Seokjin spent every single day with you. He was charming and attentive. He patiently explained how the two of you met - at the local police office where you followed an internship for your degree as a police officer, specializing in cybercrimes. It was crazy to hear your own story from someone else's mouth. It was as if you were listening to someone else’s story instead of your own. The thought of being graduated, six months pregnant, and engaged to a man who was like a stranger to you was all a lot to take in.
Your parents came over a few times, and your own mother cried for you due to your diagnosis yet you couldn’t find it in yourself to hug her. She was like a stranger to you. Just like your father who gave a comforting hand to your mother.
Seokjin was the strong anchor in your relationship, keeping you grounded as you worked through this tornado of emotions you experienced daily. When you had doubts about being a good mother, he always reassured you that you would be amazing to your child. When you cried because of your dementia, he always pulled you in a comforting hug. Seokjin took care of you for the whole pregnancy; making sure you had your three daily meals, rubbing your swollen feet, helping you up and down the stairs, and you were incredibly grateful that you managed to find such a great guy like him.
Giving birth was less painful than you had imagined. Sure, it did hurt but you didn’t lay there screaming and crying like you’ve seen in the movies. You were more feeling sore and exhausted than in pain.
Seokjin kissed your forehead. “You did amazing, darling. Is there anything I can get you?” He whispered as he looked down at the baby that was bundled up warmly in a pink blanket.
“I’m starving.” You murmured as you pulled the fabric away from your daughter’s face, admiring how small she was.
“Of course, it’s been hours since you’ve eaten. I’ll get you something.”
“Thanks, honey.” You smiled. “I’ll call you if I need anything else.”
Seokjin kissed your cheek and brushed Jinah’s cheek before he grabbed his jacket and left the hospital room.
As soon as the door clicked shut, your eyes welled up before you started to sob.
There was something wrong with you.
You saw the way the nurses looked at your baby, and you couldn’t miss the unconditional love that beamed in Seokjin’s eyes as he looked at the newborn. His voice carried a warmth that soothed you as well.
Was this what they called postpartum depression?
You looked down at Jinah who was sleeping peacefully in your arms.
Was there something wrong with you for not being in love or on cloud nine?
Seokjin had proved that you were able to talk with him about anything but it felt as if you were all alone in these thoughts. Who were you to burst his bubble and tell him that you…didn’t…love? Your baby.
You transferred Jinah to the small bed next to yours and you laid down under the covers, laying on your side as you looked at her. “Jinah… You didn’t do anything wrong. Okay? It’s…me.” You felt pathetic for venting to a baby who didn’t understand a single word that was said, but at least a baby couldn’t judge you. “A lot happened. I don’t even know who I really am, I haven’t even discovered myself, yet here I am, taking on one of the biggest responsibilities in life, and I don’t know if I’m ready yet.” You lowered your voice, not wanting anyone else to listen to your private conversation.
“Are you seriously going to get rid of our baby?”
Seokjin’s voice. You jolted up and looked at the door. No, no he wasn’t back yet. But you swore that you heard his voice just now. “I’m going crazy.” You laid back down, staring at the ceiling as you repeated those words to yourself. It definitely was Seokjin’s voice, but you were confused at your brains forming these random sentences in your head. Why were you thinking of things like this?
You closed your eyes and opened them again when you heard Jinah’s little sounds but soon she settled. You closed your eyes and drifted off to sleep.
“Seokjin! Let me go! I promise I won’t tell anyone that you’re doing this, I’ll leave town and never return, we can forget about this!” You cried.
“I don’t want to forget about this, Y/N. I already told you, we are going to be a happy family.” Seokjin shoved a plate of food your way. “Eat, you need to eat for the baby.”
“I’m not hungry.” You resisted.
“I told you to eat,” Seokjin said sternly.
“And I told you I’m not hungry, Seokjin. I can’t force myself to eat when I’m this stressed.”
“Do you want our baby to die from starvation? So you can’t abort so instead you will let them die like that?”
“Stop talking like that!”
You shook awake when you hear a door shut.
“Oh, hey, sorry. I didn’t mean to wake you.” Seokjin sat down on the chair next to the bed. “Are you okay?” He asked.
You sat up straight and looked at him. “Yeah, I guess I have been really tired to fall asleep like that.” You looked to your side and saw that Jinah was still sleeping.
Seokjin unpacked the bag and placed the food on the table. “I’ve got a bit of everything. I wasn’t sure what you were in the mood for, but the lady told me this will help with recovery. It helped her feel much better after she gave birth to her son.” Seokjin explained as he walked over to you and helped you out of bed. “I already ate earlier, so go ahead. I’ll take care of Jinah if she cries.” He assured you as he led you to the table and stepped away when you sat down. “Work said it’s fine to work from home for a couple of weeks.” That was a relief. Truth be told, the thought of being home alone with your newborn terrified you. You constantly had to ask Seokjin where this or that was because you had no recollection of the things in your house anymore. What if you wouldn’t be able to find her diapers? Her pacifier? Thankfully Seokjin would be able to help out but what if he goes back to work? You knew how long his hours were, and you didn’t look forward to being in the care of a dependent child for so long.
Were you having second thoughts?
“This is delicious.” You mentioned as you took a sip of the soup. “The lady was right, I already feel more energized.” You heard a small cry from Jinah and you were about to get up but Seokjin beat you to it and he took Jinah and held her.
“Eat, darling. I got this, we do this together, right?” He encouraged you. “We are a team.”
“Thank you, Seokjin.” You started. “For everything. I mean it. There’s no better person I would’ve wanted to do this with.” You spoke sincerely.
“I feel the same way. You are the only one I want.” Seokjin murmured as he looked down at his daughter. “I know Jinah is going to be so happy with us.” He stroked her cheek.
The next three years flew by fast. You’ve learned to feel love for the tiny human and you got used to the new routine. Jinah grew so well, and with every milestone you could feel the love for your family grow.
“Let it gooo, let it goooo…” Jinah sung, a dramatised version of one of her favourite songs. She twirled in circles, of course, wearing the fitting blue dress, before falling down on her bum. “Ah! So Dizzy!” She giggled as she laid on the floor and stared at the ceiling for a few seconds before getting up.
“Here’s your tangerines, Jinah.” You handed her a bowl.
“Tangerines?” She took the bowl and popped a piece into her mouth.
You stepped away from her as you went back to the kitchen, packing lunch for the three of you. “Jinah, we should get you dressed, daddy will be home soon, and then we will go to the beach, remember?” You called out to her.
“I wanna go like this!”
“No, Jinah, you can’t wear your Elsa dress to the beach.”
“But I wanna!” She whined.
You put the lid on the lunchbox before walking back to the living room. “Jinah, if we take your dress to the beach, it will get dirty, and then you won’t be able to wear it anymore.” You explained to her.
“No…” She pouted as she put her hands on her chest. “My dress!”
“Hmm. I see. I suppose me and daddy will go to the beach instead.” You commented as you walked back to the kitchen.
There were a few minutes of silence before you heard her tiny footsteps entering into the kitchen. “Mommy, no!” She protested as she wrapped her arms around your leg. “I want to go too!”
“Then let’s get dressed.” You held her hand and led her to her bedroom.
“Mommy. Will there be crabs at the beach?”
“Hm, there might be, I am not sure.” You answered as you changed her shirt.
“Fish?” Her head popped out of the shirt.
“There are fish, but we probably won’t be able to see them.”
“Why?” Jinah tilted her head.
“Fish are a little scared of people, so they will be deeper down the ocean.” You explained as you brushed Jinah’s hair. “Your hair is getting longer. Soon you can have some cute pigtails or braids.”
“Ah! Daddy’s home!” Her eyes widened as she bounced up and down.
“What? Why do you think that?” She must’ve heard his car pulling up. Gosh, she was such a daddy’s girl.
Jinah pulled away from you and ran out of the room. A few seconds after she ran down the stairs, you heard the front door unlock.
“Daddy! We’re going to the beach!” You heard Jinah’s excitement.
“Yes, princess, we are.”
You walked down the stairs and saw father and daughter in the hallway. Seokjin held Jinah on his hip as he peppered her face with kisses.
“Jinah, you should greet dad properly when he gets back home from work.” You leaned in and kissed his cheek. “Hey, honey.” You greeted quickly before looking at Jinah. “Okay? When daddy gets back home, you say ‘Hi daddy. How was work? Or how was your day?”
“Say yes so mommy knows you’ve heard her.” Seokjin brushed her hair away from her eyes.
“Yes, mommy,” Jinah answered before leaning her head on his shoulder.
“Do you want anything to eat or drink before we go out?” You offered.
“No, thank you, I’m fine.” Seokjin smiled at you as he put Jinah down who remained glued to his side.
“I packed up everything already. So, I think we are ready to go.” You grabbed the bag. Seokjin was an attractive man to look at, and other women thought the same as you saw them eyeing the handsome man in swimming shorts.
“Daddy, let’s make a really big...” Jinah spread her arms. “sandcastle!” She squealed before grabbing a bucket. Seokjin gladly helped the excited toddler with building a sandcastle.
“Honey.” You wrapped your arms around him, traveling your hands over his strong shoulders. “You’re such a hottie.” You kissed his cheek and stayed in this position as you watched Jinah form some shapes out of the sand.
“Stop or I’ll get turned on.” Seokjin teased.
“It’s been a while. Let’s spend some quality time together when Jinah’s asleep.” You hinted as you ran your hands over his damp chest. “Sounds like a plan.” He playfully patted your behind but stopped when Jinah rushed over to you two.
“Look, I found a seashell!” She showed it.
“You did!” You smiled, looking at the small seashell.
“Would you like to bring it home and put it in your room?” Seokjin suggested.
Jinah looked down at her newfound item. “Yes!” She held it tight before turning around.
“Wait, Jinah, we are going home now. It’s getting late.” She paused in her tracks and pouted. “I don’t wanna!”
“Jinah.” Seokjin said sternly. “Listen to your mother and go get your toys.” Jinah sulked but did as she was told, collecting her beach toys.
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