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#yandere thoughts

i want to wake up to dozens of messages from you darling

telling me how much you missed me and how you were worried sick and how i’ll always be yours

tell me you love me, tell me you need me!!!

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Gender Neutral short imagine I came up with while listening to these songs:

Ghosting by Mother Mother (gender neutral)

When the sun goes down by Arctic Monkeys (only the readers gender neutral)

Body by Mother Mother (gender neutral)

General Masterlist

Music Imagines Masterlist

Warnings: Mention of sex, judgmental thoughts (By the reader), cheating, cursing, mention of depression, possessive thoughts (by the reader), mention of death, yandere themes.

A/n: You can request any song you like and it will be in the next part I do. You can send me if you want it in a specific gender too! 


Ghosting-mother mother:


Originally posted by byaseashore

The cool lake water under my feet suits this hot day. The sun reflects off the lake water beautifully. My eyes wander to them my eyes run over their beautiful features as they watch me. My eyes scanning them like I always do but I’ve never talked to them besides for a few conversations.

They usually just look at me but never talk they’re probably scared of me leading them on again. I remember them begging at my door for attention desperation doesn’t suit them.  Only if they could be independent like me I don’t need anyone, not even for sex. I am free from them and everyone. They kept trying to say I need someone there for me but I need no one.

I came here again my better judgment to relax even though that’s the last thing happening with their stare. I know this must be a trick to get me to spot it’s a private one I took them to not that long ago.

I need to leave.

When the sun goes down- Arctic Monkeys:


Originally posted by excitementshewrote

I look around the cold street and see a girl hugging the sweater around her cold body as she passes me.

Another person passes a man who has a killer’s look he seems like someone who’d rob someone when he feels like it. I’ve seen him before with many girls what an asshole.

He would take any girl he seems fit in and has no remorse for cheating. They always are happy to comply with him. He gives off the ugliest feeling It makes me worried for all the girls. The anxious feeling in my stomach grows as a girl is with him. She looks so innocent as she clings to him.

I’ve seen him with her the most. He looks like he hides his night side well. She looks like a lovesick puppy for him he holds her tight to keep her warm.

I want to tell her about what he does when the sun goes down but would she rather be drunk off a lie and happy. Or hear the depressing truth that could be freeing?

His eyes connect to mine as he winks I wonder what he plans. I just crave to wipe to smirk off his face he must know I know what he does at night.

Body-mother mother:


Originally posted by betbaby

The academy is dark the suns from the windows illuminating. I knock at my partner’s door I wait patiently for them. They answer their face showing sheer beauty I love them. I’d die for them they don’t even have to ask. I push them in the door and kiss them imminently. My arms wrap around them possessively. So perfect how can someone be so perfect? Their mine for the taking, mine to own and to belong with and belong to.

They look at me with love too as they kiss my head. Maybe that look is a look of fear but I don’t care along as they’re mine and mine only. They won’t leave until I wish they do but that’ll never happen. I wish we could be closer, skin to skin contact isn’t enough anymore…

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i knew that tender love between us wouldnt last. but no matter what i won’t let you go.

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I’ll give you all the love you need!! I’m always so grateful you love me too!
even if I’m not sure I deserve it

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It’s not fair they get all your love doing the bare minimum

Do you not love me anymore? Is that it?

If I can’t have you, then I’m going to make it everyone’s problem

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It feels so good when you call me yours

I want it over and over

Say it more

I’m addicted

I’m yours

and no one is changing that.

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I’ll talk to you all day darling, I’ll give you all of my love

all of my love, all of it’s for you

talk to me
talk to me
talk to me
talk to me
talk to me
talk to me
talk to me
talk to me
talk to me
talk to me
talk to me
talk to me
talk to me
talk to me

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♡ It isn’t my fault, is it baby? ♡

I am just trying to help you, to do what’s best, to take care of you

I love you

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