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#yandere x reader
ddarker-dreams · 2 days ago
what would fluster/embarrass tf out of the genshin yan boys?? or just what would darling have to do themselves to incite that kind of reaction from them?? i high key just want childe or scaramouche to get embarrassed in front of darling bc of how annoying they are bro like shut up you’re prettier when you don’t talk okay 💢💢💢
i went with the boys i felt like would have the most interesting reactions, i hope you don't mind !!
The best way to get a flustered Childe is to compliment his combat prowess. Whether you’re doing it to mess with him or trying to sweeten him up for some future plan, so long as you sound genuine, he’ll be putty in your hands. You can expect to be dragged to some of his training sessions with other Fatui members, where he very blatantly shows off for you. Ogle over him a bit and say he’s so strong and his face will be red up to his ears. If you were to rush over to him with a towel and water bottle in hand, fussing over his health, consider this embarrassment amplified tenfold. He likes it though and later brags to his underlings about how cute and doting of a spouse you are. If you were to caress his biceps his soul might ascend on the spot. Just don’t be too blatant with your manipulation or else he’ll catch on. It’s a slow and daunting process. 
Seeing you wear the clothes he bought/ordered for you just gets him riled up. He’ll be adjusting his collar, clearing his throat, avoiding your gaze like his life depends on it. Might indulge himself by adjusting some wrinkles in your clothes and muttering about needing a seamstress to make an adjustment or two. He knows you’re just choosing the lesser of two evils by wearing the clothes he’s sat out for you, yet he can’t help but delude himself for a few seconds into thinking this is a mutual relationship. That you’re his loving spouse, greeting him at the door by pecking him on the lips, waving to him through the window with a lovestruck expression on your face. Reality is far crueler than fantasy, as by the time he’s done letting his imagination run wild, you’re calling him creepy for staring at you so long. Diluc considers complimenting you but can’t find the right words. That, and you’re starting to glare at him now. So he dismisses himself as not to get embarrassed further. 
He actually gets flustered almost anything you do? It's just difficult to tell, as he's capable of maintaining a composed face. When you stretch to reveal part of your midriff, or the little noises you make after falling asleep, how your hair is all cute and ruffled after you wake up from a nap... his pupils are dilated and he's trying not to pounce. Unfortunately for him, hearing his name spoken by you gets to him the most. His name is a personal triumph that he holds dear to his heart. So to hear it said in your voice makes his face heat up. He can't play it off like he can the other times he gets embarrassed. There’s also the fact he gets so hype when you summon him from a distance, since you’re normally antagonistic to his presence. Even if the reason is that you’re thirsty and need water so you don’t die of dehydration, he’s got some pep in his step over you saying his name. It’s an overall win for him. 
Scaramouche would rather die on the spot than admit this to you, but you’re his first... well, everything. First relationship (if you can even label it that), first kiss, first “love”. He’s going to act like he knows what he’s doing but he has no idea. Scaramouche is mainly mimicking things he’s observed over his centuries of life, which leads to mixed results. This explains your first kiss. He’s winging it, as per usual, and you’re able to bear it if you close your eyes and try to shut him out. Then he goes straight for some tongue. Not a tasteful amount either, no playing with your lower lip or anything. Just immediately tries to jam it into your mouth, much to your obvious displeasure. When you pull back, sputtering and indignant, demanding to know what he’s doing, he’s confused. He’s seen men do this to their partners, why are you getting all huffy? You’d have to gather whatever patience you have left to explain that using tongue shouldn’t be trying to asphyxiate your partner by blocking their windpipe. That’s news to him. So he’s clearing his throat and saying he knew that, brushing it off like nothing ever happened. 
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yandere-daydreams · 2 days ago
Picture this: you’re a hiker lost deep, deep in the wilderness in a foreign country. Seemed like it would be a fun trip, but now you’re lost and it’s the dead of winter. Your days are numbered. But then. Someone finds you, takes you to their cabin to recover. They take a liking to you. But then as you’re ready to leave, you’re snowed in. Now you’re stuck in a cabin with a person whose language you can’t understand, miles and miles from anyone else, and oh did I mention they’re a werewolf? I imagine they’d resort to other methods to show their affection when you can’t understand their words.
tw - isolation, implied non-con, intimidation, mentions of hypothermia, mentions of animal death, generalized monster-fucking.
I think that kind of 'lost in the forest and saved by an oh-so-benevolent stranger who couldn't possibly be more than they seem' might be one of my favorite tropes. I mean, just imagine how scared you'd be, cold and alone, separated from your group and terribly, terribly lost, any recognizable landmark or trail marker blocked out by the snow, too thick for any human being to see through without the proper gear. You collapse, eventually, and you wake up somewhere else, somewhere warm, stripped of all your heavy, wet clothes and laid out in front of a raging fireplace, your quiet savior kneeling patiently at your side. They give you time to panic, to call them a dozen awful names and list off your accusations, and after you apologize and calm down and promise to listen, they explain that they found you while they were hunting, that you were already well into the first few stages of hypothermia.
They tell you that you're free to leave whenever you'd like to, but they wouldn't recommend going further than the front porch. Blizzards are worse, in the mountains, tend to last for weeks at a time, and the two of you are miles away from the nearest road, let alone the closest town. They have a heavy accent, occasionally struggling or skipping over words, but it's not a difficult message to understand. You ask them if you can stay until the storm passes, and you thank them, when they say you can.
They're nice enough, if a bit reclusive. They're used to the climate, used to the terrain, and they spend most of the day hunting, or checking traps, or doing whatever they do when they leave before sunrise and come back after dark with deer slung over their back, or a bloody rabbit, or something else that you'll hesitantly offer to skin and cook, not that they ever let you pull your own weight. It's not a big cabin, but they give you the only bedroom, insist that you stay as comfortable as you can while you're still recovering, and when you do go outside, desperate for fresh air, they make sure you're properly dressed, properly warned about the snow leopards and the feral wolves that roam the mountainside. They're protective, but they did find you unconscious, exhausted, another hour of exposure away from dying. They get to be a little over-bearing, after that.
They get to be a little strange, too. They're used to being alone, to fending for themself, and they don't seem to be used to... people, for lack of a kinder way to put it. They go days without talking, sometimes, only communicating in low grunts and other low, guttural sounds. They warn you about wild animals, but they never seem to have an issue with going out on their hunts without a gun, without a knife, even if the bodies they bring home are always bloody, always mutilated, often beyond recognition. They touch you, a lot, as much as they can, leaving a hand on your waist for a second too long, slotting themself against you whenever the two of you share the same space, slipping into your bed, at night, hovering over when they think you're asleep, letting pointed fangs ghost over your neck and staring at you with those wide, reflective eyes, too bright and too golden to be mistake for human. You feel claws, sometimes, a rough tongue on your chest, your thighs, other, worse places, less easily forgotten, and when you 'wake up' the next morning, when they come back from their latest hunt with their newest kill, you don't bring it up. You don't mention the bruises on your shoulder, the bite marks, or how clear the weather has been, lately, how many days its been since the last snowfall.
Wolves are known to be possessive, after all, hesitant to relinquish what they've already marked.
You doubt they'd be willing to give up what they already consider theirs.
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When you say you aren’t theirs, Boys edition
Characters included: Albedo, Bennett, Chongyun, Diluc, Gorou, K. Kazuha, Kaeya, Scaramouche,Tartaglia/Childe/Ajax, Traveler, Thoma, Venti, Xiao, Xingqiu, Zhongli
Notes: will go in alphabetical order. Some of these may be a bit too ooc, but then this is a yandere blog and all characters are ooc so. Also some are short I apologize. Also I reread this and it’s like.. slowly how they suck you in too so. I’m sorry ajdnjdnsjnd im terrible at keeping on track. Even so, enjoy.
Reblogs and likes very appreciated
Do not interact if you’re not interested in pain, manipulative actions, blood, gore, or toxic relationships
He’ll frown and slowly walk towards you, each step echoing through the cave of Dragonspine that you’d set as a research lab.
Then he’ll slowly reach out, grabbing your hair.
“If You don’t belong to me, then leave.” He suggests coldly.
You try only to find it impossible, for the ice has covered your heavy boots and glued you to the cave floor.
Albedo smiles. “See? You are mine, Y/n.” He chirps before handing you a potion. “And this’ll make sure everyone knows who you belong to…”
I don’t think Bennett would take it well at all.
You were probably exploring some forest of Mondstadt, maybe some ruins even, when he lets it slip that you’re his.
After you refuse, the air gets hot around you. You’re suddenly sweating. “B-Bennett?” You stutter.
Bennett says nothing as he walks towards you, wrapping an hand around your wrist. The way your heart pumps blood in heated fear is intoxicating to him.
“…You’re not part of Benny’s adventure team?” He asks sweetly. The bad luck is getting to him. “You, the sweetest thing I own, wanna leave?”
“I didn’t say that! I’m just not yours to own…” you explain, sweat dripping down your skull.
“Well that’s what I heard. And it’s not gonna happen.” Before you can question him, searing pain bursts into your wrist. “Now everyone, even you, will know you’re mine.” He murmurs while brushing your hair consolingly, as if he hadn’t just burned you.
“Surely an evil spirit is inside your body,” Chongyun will claim. He’ll inspect every inch, despite the little part that knows his yang spirit would’ve scared your possessed self away.
“I am not possessed.” You hiss, swatting his hand away. Tired, cold, tied up, sore. “Let me out.”
“But… how can I exorcise evil spirits without you, my precious yin spirit?”
“Like hell if I know! I’m not some tool, some puppet for you to use.” You snap.
“I know, Y/n. That’s why I keep you locked up, where it’s safe. Because you’re my precious Y/n.” He explains, cocking his head to the side.
Before you can stop him, he’s shoved his lips on yours, claiming you fully, pulling you closer with his strength.
Diluc would let you loose in the wild, I think. Far from civilization and help, but not far from him. And, worse still, from water and food.
You wander for hours, dehydrated and hungry. The sun is pounding at you back.
He lets you call out his name. “Diluc, please. Help.”
“Oh? So if I’m not your master, then why are you calling my name?”
He gets you to come to him. You become his after calling out for his help, and you know this.
Gorou is evidently part dog… so when he’s Yandere, I see him acting more wolfish and territorial than he is from what we’ve seen.
Therefore he’ll be constantly biting your body, to the point of drawing blood.
I imagine that he’s one of the worst when it comes to the words ‘I’m not yours’ because of his territorial instinct.
Like I mentioned, he’s constantly biting you to remind you just who’s the boss. The General here. But the first time…
Well, when he tastes blood, he’ll usually stop biting. But the first time he didn’t, instead letting you cry and bleed all over him.
“If this doesn’t make you mine, then I’ll just have to bathe you in a river of blood, yeah?”
Kaedehara Kazuha
Dear god Kazuha would not take it well. He may be a free spirit, and you may be by his side often, but you’re most certainly not free.
He makes this clear through every word he says. “Dear,” “my precious dove,” “princess,” are all nicknames he’s fond of calling you.
But when he calls you by your name… it’s derogatory, demanding, and most certainly claiming.
This man used to be a noble, he’s not unused to calling people out on their shit. And so that’s how he lays stake to you. Your own name turns into a collar for him to pull on should you step out of line.
But if you don’t let yourself be reigned in… he’ll get even nastier.
Kazuha is a “tame” Yandere. Like the Traveler and Venti, he very much values a person’s freedom and will to choose.
That said, when it’s his darling, he’s not afraid to go the extra mile, especially when the darling is being disobedient.
He’ll take it a step at first. “Y/n, don’t be such a bad girl/boy- come here like a good slave.”
If you still don’t listen he uses threats. “Continue acting like a disobedient dog and I’ll have to treat you like one. Which shall we use, hm? The ropes or the chains? You would look so… pretty in both, I’m sure.”
How should I put it…. Kaeya is a good looker, as well as a very manipulative person. He knows how to use his words.
Like Bennett, he’ll somewhat guilt you into his arms.
Then he’ll whisper in your ear, tight grip against your hips: “see? You’re all mine~”
Sorry about this idk too much about yan Kaeya
As everyone knows, Scaramouche is very much a vocalist at his disproval. Or his anger. Or any emotion, really.
So when he starts to speak with an edge to his voice after you tell him “I’m not yours”, you know you’re in for something intense and painful.
Scaramouche won’t even try to hide it when he grabs you wrist, electro tingling up your arm, and drags you away to thw hotel he’s staying at while taking care of Harbinger business.
He’ll quickly tie you to a bed post and possibly strip you to your underwear before scolding you with his tongue alone.
“Look at you, sitting there, almost in your nothings. You’re my little bitch, understand? And if not-“ lightning trails up your feet, drawing a scream “then I’ll have to pound it into your skull.”
Tartaglia is another of the pain to claim their darling squad.
He loves watching people suffer, watching their brains go into panic mode and try to get them out of the situation.
He loves the battle.
So he makes a bet- an absurd one.
If you win, then you’re free. If he wins, you’re his forever.
He’ll eventually get you to agree. And, of course, he’ll win. With your freedom in his hands, how could he not?
So after this battle he quickly topples you, making it clear you belong to him with his words, actions, and most importantly… your own pain.
Traveler (Aether)
Yan!Aether is also like Kazuha in that he won’t chain you up or reel you in literally.
I think that Abyss!Aether is pretty much yandere Aether to be honest. But he’ll most certainly want you by his side.
So he’ll invite you places. Whether it’s treasure, cooking, or even a walk- he’ll always get you to be next to him somehow.
And after you say you’re not an inanimate object for him to claim, he’ll agree.
You aren’t an object. Least of all to him. But he loves you, and he himself has said it best
“We have all the time in the world…” for you to realize that you belong to him.
Ahhh Thoma. Sweet fixer Thoma is quick to make it obvious that he’s infatuated with you.
Of course, should you say you don’t feel the same, don’t worry- he’ll get you too. Whether it’s being there when you need to cry or you’re so sleepy and he’ll let you sleep on his shoulder, he’s sure to win your heart- or at least a space in your pretty head.
So when you feel yourself falling or are about to be overwhelmed by enemies, his is the first name you’ll call.
“See? I knew you loved me.” He smirks cockily. Then he presses a gentle kiss against your nose, sly but informing to an outsider. Mine.
Sweet god of freedom Venti. He’ll quickly reveal that he’s not as sweet as you really think.
So when you say that you’re not his, or you don’t find him in a romantic light, he’ll smile.
Venti’s smile is enchanting. It can only be described as a kiss by the wind. And while you’re busy staring at his smile, he’ll pull out his precious lyre, and sing you to sleep.
Next thing you know, the winds will bow down to your cries and vision bearers will slowly edge away before you can get too close.
For the god of freedom has left his mark upon you, where you cannot see. The wind has left its mark, just where those who are the most likely to intervene will see.
Xiao has never been in love like this. He is happy to avoid humans- and be avoided by humans. That is, unless it’s you.
So when you go onto the Inn roof and tell him that you’re going to another place, and likely won’t see him, he decides right then and there he can’t have that.
Xiao may be a little socially awkward, but he’s smart.
So when he offers to show you Jueyun Karst, the adeptal realm, you’re not suspecting of anything.
But when you suddenly feel a hand against your other wrist, you scream for help. The only one who hears you is Xiao.
Not even Moon Carver will intervene, for he simply doesn’t care. Or know that this isn’t love. This is infatuation, and cruelty.
Xiao presses you against his chest after he ties you up, assuring himself that you’re not getting out of the knots.
He keeps you locked in his abode after that, able to keep you from leaving, and leaves you to every whim he has.
The only thing for certain is that Xingqiu reads quite a bit. So he’ll have plenty of plans and backup plans should he fail to capture you or win your heart.
However, I see him being a mix of Thoma and Scaramouche.
When the sweet dates don’t receive you like he wants, he resorts to pain and fear.
The god of contracts will use a contract to claim you. He will use your family or friends to manipulate you into agreeing to be his.
And if you ever want to break the contract… we know how that goes. He will be angry, upset.
Zhongli is the most likely to physically hit you in my mind. Like slap you. Unlike Bennett and Scaramouche, he will use degradation and force.
“You want to break the contract? Then I can do whatever I please with you, Y/n… for the contract stated that I would not lay a finger upon you, but that is broken now, isn’t it?
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yandere-romanticaa · a day ago
Warnings, nsfw, gynecologist! Albedo, Fem! s/o, abuse of authority and power, a bit of misogyny, Albedo just being a massive perv! Is this dub con or non con? I dunno the difference?
Tagging @albedosangel bc you love this boy and @cinnamonest because you know your shit when it comes to this stuff and I'm super inexperienced with this ;)
I've been having thoughts about this AU and I can totally see Albedo pulling a nasty stunt like this! Maybe he's a still college student or he's a full fledged and respected doctor, everyone in his field knows him. He's already so good looking, of course all the ladies know him! It's not uncommon for a few more unruly patients to try getting into his pants but he always puts them all in their places, keeping the relationship purely professional. All of those other women are just patients in his eyes, or just scantily clad whores that are just begging to get some attention of the opposite sex, even if they do profusely deny it. "I don't need a man" they say, "I can take care of myself, I'm just doing this so I can have some fun!" he hears them screech every single day behind his office walls.
Liars, the lot of them.
He sighs to himself daily, pinching the bridge of his nose as his blue eyes flare up in frustration as he angrily scribbles down notes in his notebook.
None of those disgusting women could ever compare to his favorite little patient, not a single one.
You're different than them, you're so much better and prettier, can't you see that? Can't you feel him staring at you, how his eyes hungrily eat up every little nook and cranny he possibly can? How he always touches you, but you always brush it off as just him just doing his job?
How cute, how naive of you.
He wants to devour you.
Don't be surprised if he starts telling you to come for a check up almost daily, him telling you in that monotone voice of his that you're not healthy, your period flow is too heavy, amongst other things. You do your best to reassure him that it's fine, that this flow is normal for you but he always gives you that look of his, that look that always leaves your throat dry and body sweaty. He knows what's best, he's the doctor right? Therefore, be a good little patient and listen to him, don't be stupid and go looking up crazy things on the internet, who knows what you'll come across? You're so impressionable good grief, he really needs to spell everything out for you doesn't he?
You lie down on the table as per usual, but something feels off about him today. The intensity in his eyes is hard to ignore, and his normally bored voice has this sort of edge to it. He practically commands you to spread your legs, his eyes never blinking as he stares at your half naked body. You're so close next to him, you can feel his cold, gloved fingers nearing your entrance, but he's so slow with it, it almost feels sensual.
Out of instinct, you try and shut your legs but you can feel his shoulders keeping them in place, trapping you in your current pose. He tells you to stay still, to trust him, he's your doctor for goodness sake, he knows what he's doing...
You gasp when you feel his fingers inside of you, his gaze never leaving you alone.
Your future check ups will be a little more messed up from this day forward.
This all your fault you know. He likes cute little things, you shouldn't have tempted him like this. You were so easy to take too, and he finally took his chance.
Tumblr media
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myuni-moon · a day ago
OMG YR REQUESTS R OPEN!/!!/,,.??.?.?.?.?!!!?!!!! OK HI “🧸” anon here! (might change to “💮” anon soon actually...) anyways really happy this yr request r open so request below!!!
cultAU!!! its so nice<3 relatively fluffy even tho yandere relationships arent rlly- anyways just zhongli how would he react to reader(non binary pls but if u want gender neutral) where reader would like to brush his teeth? i like to canon that zhongli has sharp teeth that are hard to brush and a really long dragon tounge😩 (reference) so yess like how would he feel describe it ig!
anyways that is all! only do this if u want and rmb to get rest+ drink lots of water! stay safe<3
-“🧸/💮” anon:)
#say ahh
cult!zhongli's reactions to you wanting to brush his teeth
warnings: yandere content, yandere cult stuff
Tumblr media
zhongli has never really thought of it as too much of a problem, mostly because he could power through it on his own, but it doesn't help when he's short on time. it's on one morning where he's had matters to take care off way too early than he should be, he runs late onto greeting you like he does first thing in the morning. he's been sidetracked to the point that you enter his room out of worry.
you catch him in the middle of his bathroom routine, brushing his teeth. perhaps it's out of surprise and embarrassment, not his sharp teeth, that the toothbrush snaps in two, and he takes a spare one from the cupboard before he turns to you.
"your grace, i apologize for being late. i had to attend to certain matters early this morning and couldn't get to you sooner," he sighs as he takes the tube of toothpaste into his hands. "if you be alright with waiting, i'll be done in no time."
instead of sitting down on his bed, you move closer. curiosity bubbles in his chest, and before he can even ask what you need from him, you have your hand gripping the handle of toothbrush as your other hands prod for him to open his mouth.
a blush dots his pale cheeks, and his calm composure falters as you eye his canines. "i can see why venti said you have a hard time getting ready in the morning. here, let me do it."
minutes in, both of you have migrated to the chair next to the bathroom door with you in his lap, trying to thoroughly brush his teeth as best as you can. even more embarrassment blooms in his stomach at the feeling of you sitting on his lap and helping when he should be serving you at such an hour. as much as a disgrace for him to be in such a situation, the odd but pleasant sensation of being so close to you makes him think that it wouldn't be so bad.
after all, who knows when the next time he'll be able to hold you like this will be?
Tumblr media
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yanderepalace · a day ago
Yandere Square guard 💉 prompt
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
cw: kinda threats?, needles, power dynamics
notes: first time writing squid game, sorry if it’s not the best.
word count 0.6k
Tumblr media
“This must be fate” he thought. You’re unconscious body laid before him.
You were the most beautiful thing he’d ever seen. Your skin, smooth and lush. He had the pleasure of undressing you all to himself.
Searching your body for your belonging, he pulled out your wallet. The guard looked around him before unfolding it. Swiftly he pulled out your ID, “Y/n L/n..” Such a pleasant name, he repeated it in his head, it seemed to just roll off the tongue. Maybe this game would be more entertaining than he thought.
You proved that to be true when you chose the star shaped honeycomb for dalgona. Shaking his head, he chuckled. He knew he wasn’t going to let you die that easily, he prepared himself to do whatever needed to keep you breathing no matter what. He can’t let you go to waste, not before he’s had a taste for himself.
But you seemed to have a plan of your own. Such a clever darling he had, using a lighter to heat the needle thinking no one was watching, but little did you know, there was someone always watching over you.
“Player 27, pass” the overhead speaker rang out, easing your beating heart. You made it another round.
You were allowed back to the sleeping quarters as it was time for lights out. Tossing and turning in your bed, you couldn’t sleep with a full bladder. Hoping the guards would let you out. You’ve seen other players go to the restroom at night which was reliving.
You looked at circle guard at the door, you asked to be let in, but he didn’t budge. He was barely moving. You banged your hands on the door, begging louder.
A square mask came into your vision. His boots stepped behind of the guard at the door “Let them in.”
With that the door unlocked and opened before you.
Walking out of the stall to the sinks, you rested your hand under the warm water when you saw a flash of pink. You raised you head up to the mirror.
“Huh- What are you doing in here?” looking at the square masked guard in your reflection behind you.
“Don’t tell me you’re some kind of perv.”
His moves frigid as he walked towards you. He had you all alone, not only that but you were talking him directly, insulting him non the less.
A deep chuckle came from his throat, “Don’t act like you don’t know why I’m here.” In his hand, a small syringe. You turned to face him as electric fear ran through your body. How did he know? If you were really in trouble why is he all alone.
Something didn’t feel right, you slowly tried to walk towards the exit never taking your eyes off him. Making a run for it, you turned on your heels to the door. His hand gripped the back of your track shirt.
“Where do you think your going?” You opened your mouth to scream but his hand moved over your lips holding you in place against his chest. You squirmed frantically, you didn’t want to lose like this, you’ve come so far already.
The feeling of your warmth against him, the feeling of your back rubbing on his chest made him shiver in excitement. Every nerve in his body tingled.
“Everyone gets an equal chance in here. You know what they do to players who break that rule, don’t you?”
Gripping your face, he pressed the needle tip against your neck “You don’t want to disqualified for misconduct, now. So I suggest you behave yourself, Y/n.”
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cosmic-waves7 · 2 days ago
Yandere! Househusband Osamu Dazai
Warning: yandere themes and mentions of murder.
Tumblr media
He's is abseloutly dreadful at house cleaning.
The place can sometimes look at the brink of chaos on some days.
Knick knacks strewn across the floor waiting to be tripped on and forgotten clothes left to hang from chairs that were pulled out of their respective places.
He tends to reflect his thoughts on his surroundings and with a mind rushing and slipping through the cracks of his barely-intact sanity, Dazai tends to leave a mess wherever he goes even if it's his own safe space.
He always sheepishly grins and promises to clean up, the sweet quirk of his lips and honeyed words too much to resist letting him off the hook.
But eventually you might have to hire some maids to come in.
When this was first brought up he'd made no form of refusal, simply chewed his lip questioned why.
Dazai is a very calculative and manipulative yandere so he'd already thought out the benefits of it all, he could simply threaten the maids and have them sworn to any contract he desired if it came to it, besides if he refused now it would have been suspicious since he'd always groan about the chores.
Why refuse a free ticket to no cleaning when you'd complained day in day out about it?
He had a facade to keep up and he wasn't going to let it crack.
But on some days you'd come home to your shared space absolutely spotless and the sharp scent of bleach permeating the air, when asking the maids they simply mentioned using bleach quite thoroughly.
You never prodded any further about the matter, who were you to question their methods anyways?
Besides their smiles seemed a little strained that day when they answered.
Dazai always makes sure to wrap his arms loosely around your neck the moment you're past the threshold, pressing his lips desperately to yours while his fingers kneed dutifully at the tendons of your neck, tugging away at your collar to expose more of your flesh while he mutters smoothly in your ear
"My darling's been working so hard for me."
By then You were too tired to care about the odd stain on the inside of his collar or how it almost looked like a small spray of dark crimson liquid or how his knuckles looked slightly pinkened from some form of impact or how his lips tilted a little more than usual as if pleased about something other than you arrival.
He'll always have a silly apron tied to his lean waist reading "kiss the chef." on it while he tapped his lips with a wink for you to comply with the words written on the cloth. It wasn't often that Dazai cooked since the maids were also assigned with that task but he loved to spoil you whenever with his actions whenever he could.
Even the smallest of things he does always manages to pull a compliment and a soft look from you which always makes his heart beat wildly, his eyes dipping slightly in an adoring haze. He loves the praise and he'll do anything for it.
Even murder.
It wouldn't be the first time he's had to mop up floors till they're gleaming, no trace of blood left behind.
Not the first time he's had to drag corpses away from peering eyes or the comfort of your shared home.
He doesn't often choose to murder, simply due to the exhausting process that follows it even if he takes joy in the actual kill. Besides the less bodies along his trail the less he has to hide and the less amount of lies he has to spin.
He won't let his picturistic life with you crumble now, not after all the hard work he's had to put in to have you, not after all the stalking, manipulation and threats to your loved ones and once close friends.
You may not realize it, but Osamu's has managed to slowly unravel you from your attachments to your former life.
He starts slow, a few words slipped about a certain someone or a random rumor and one by one family and friends begin to break away from you only crumbs of your relationships remain. Somehow one can never blame him for those situations even if he's behind the scenes of it all controlling your life.
Eventually he'll pick up pace, both of you moving in together and further away from everything you've known because of a sudden job promotion you've magically received for God knows what, you slowly lose online contact as well and finally it's just you and him.
But how can you blame your sweet husband? There's no way he's had any hand in this, you're simply not that social and he's never once directly told you to cut anyone off.
He always manages to stay innocent in these moments, there's nothing you can trace back to him. I guess being an ex-port mafia executive can teach one a lot of things about the slight of hand.
He's always to percise with his decisions, whether it's deciding on which orange juice quality is best for groceries, what fruits you'd enjoy for your lunch the next day or who to frame for his most recent crime in your name.
Even in the deepest darkest corners of your heart and mind you know that he's hiding a little more in those smiles of his or those hands that glide gently across your skin in the quiet of the night.
But you tend to forget about it all when you watch him adorably grin after finally finding the perfect type of flour for a recipe or finish folding up clothes.
You find it hard to remember his more sinister moments at the brush of his lips against the apple of your cheeks when he stares at you in worship or makes you laugh with his odd humour.
You find it hard to stay focused when he drags you out of your home office to press into your embrace or tell you about his day.
He's all encompassing, seeming to be able to connect so deeply with your emotions. He dominates your very mind and he's very aware of how he's got you hooked, just as much as you are.
Theres no point of escaping his effect on you, so you've simply given in.
And he abseloutly revels in his control over that.
You might be the bread winner of the relationship with a cute husband waiting at your beck and call but truly you both know who is in charge.
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chococolte · 20 hours ago
"hey, is it alright if we hold hands for a while..?" for kazuha, thoma, and gorou please? also congrats on 100 followers!
event is closed!
word count. 361
cw. yandere, unhealthy relationships, possessive & obsessive behaviors/thoughts, g/n reader. i do not condone yanderes irl.
a/n. apologies for the dialogue im only good at it when it's my own characters jdhfhgjh i hope you like this anyway, nonnie
Tumblr media
art credit
kazuha ⊹ ⋆゚꒰ఎ ♡ ໒꒱ ⋆゚⊹
"Hey, is it alright if we hold hands for awhile...?"
Your words settle in Kazuha's mind and are then lit ablaze.
They devour his mind in its entirety with its enticing, capricious flame. His attempts to wane the fire only seem to fan it; his face burning a deep shade of scarlet as he struggles to compose himself.
His senses are overwhelmed by you. All he can feel is you, you, you. Your scent encompasses him; your voice swathes him, your very being dulcifies him.
"Of course," Kazuha says after a moment, swallowing thickly. He hopes you don't notice how his voice shakes with delight. "I would never deprive you of anything, least of all something I could provide."
Your hand touches his and he feels a shudder of bliss run like a current of electricity down his spine. Your fingers interlock and Kazuha stares at you with rapture; though you don't seem to notice.
Tumblr media
art credit
thoma ⊹ ⋆゚꒰ఎ ♡ ໒꒱ ⋆゚⊹
Thoma feels his pulse quicken underneath his skin.
He can't focus on anything but the sound of your voice. The way you enunciated it, how you stared at your feet as though you were afraid he'd reject you, how you played with your thumbs as you did so, timidly biting your lip.
Thoma can't stop staring at you. Rhapsodies of pure devotion, unbridled adulation, and eternal infatuation send frissons through Thoma's body. He smiles, deep and charming; one he hopes won't set you affright, one he hopes beguiles you as much as you do him.
"No need to be so shy! You know I'll never say no."
Tumblr media
art credit
gorou ⊹ ⋆゚꒰ఎ ♡ ໒꒱ ⋆゚⊹
Gorou's ears perk up immediately.
He looks at you with wide, blinking, dazed eyes. Gorou's breath is caught in his throat, his breathing soft and shallow as his hands turn clammy. He tries to reach into his pocket for the manual Kokomi left for him, desperately searching for how to respond without embarrassing himself, but quickly realizes that his current predicament wouldn't be anywhere near inside of it.
Gorou's fangs graze over his bottom lip, nearly biting. His hand brushes against yours, his senses being overloaded. As you draw closer, he breathes in deeply, hoping to etch this moment into his mind forever.
He gulps audibly. "Uhm, yes! P-please..."
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sunnyfunerals · 2 days ago
I actually think I already previously sent in an ask similar to this but just to be sure I’m requesting it again (so if you see something similar, just ignore - also, I’m so sorry for spamming..) 😊
Squid game au idea:
-Player Dabi x Reader - where Dabi is secretly a VIP participating in the game „just for fun“ (like the old man in the show). He grows a softspot for the reader and keeps her alive until the end where he planned on killing her lastly (ya know bc he’s a sadist and shit and doesn’t expect to develop feelings for her) but surprise he does (develop feelings that is) and as the final test he offers himself up to see if the reader would kill him willingly just to win the money/the game but she can’t bring herself to - she’s really distressed and has a mental breakdown and you know she’s just really not feeling very well at this point but Dabi ends the game by letting her live and comforts her (I know this is all very soft but we haven’t seen too much soft!Dabi yet and also, feel free to add your details to it) This can go a lot of ways but the main plotting would be VIP!Dabi disguised as a Player x Reader.
Tumblr media
Squid Game AU - Infiltrated VIP Guest!Dabi x Player!Reader
Squid Game AU Masterlist.
Tw : Soft Yandere Dabi, Mentions of Violence and Murder (in the context of the game), Dabi is a VIP Guest who disguises himself as a Player and takes part in the game just for fun.
She was sweet. Kind. A little ray of sunshine, even when the blood of her friends coated her clothes, hands, face.
She'd wash the scarlet stains off with a sad smile on her lips, unshed tears gleaming in her pretty eyes after every single game, every single death. Their names would roll on her tongue in low murmurs, last tribute that she could pay them as their corpses were taken away to be burned or defiled in those pretty present boxes, and Dabi often wondered if she believed that soon she would join them.
Maybe, maybe not. It's not like he would allow it anyways.
No, Dabi had a plan for her. For the girl who’d insisted on sharing her tiny little sandwich when she saw him eye it hungrily. For the girl that took his hand before each game and promised they’d get out of this nightmare together, unsure of who she was trying to convince. For the girl that whispered good night in his ear each night before she’d curl up in fear in her own bed, not knowing that the man she naïvely decided to trust was putting her through hell for his own amusement.
It had been entertaining. She'd been entertaining.
Which was why her death was to be saved for last.
He'd rigged the game all along. Stolen a few marbles from her adversary to slip them into her pocket, pushed her towards that last number right before the glass bridge game, taken her on his team for the tug of war even though she was weak and frail next to him. All because he knew there was no way he could lose, not when he was a VIP, the very person to protect at all costs for the organizers of this deadly competition.
He was a King of this world, rich and powerful. A person that had everything except the excitement he desperately craved, that bathed himself in blood and gore with the hope that he’d find a sliver of amusement in the pain of others.
He wondered if he'd find such a thing in her suffering.
It’s just us two for the last game then,” she said, hands trembling as she took hold of the knife that had been presented to her during dinner. It looked too big for her clumsy hands, a deadly weapon not meant to be held by such gentle fingers.
“Are you scared?” He asked, voice low and deep. She glanced up at him and nodded slowly.
“I’m scared that only one of us will make it out of this. I’m scared that this wasn’t worth it after all.”
Her voice got softer with each word, tone regretful and pretty eyes now teary with guilt, with sorrow, with pain.
And then, quietly, almost a whisper.
"But I'm not scared of you," she said.
She should be, Dabi thought.
He was the monster from her worst nightmares, the wolf waiting for her to step outside the sheepfold. The man that would laugh as she fell, never to rise again. Never to watch him as she often did; as if she wondered how a man like him, made of sharp edges and cruel smiles, could end up holding the hand of the weakest little mouse before each bloodbath as if the contact could bring him comfort.
But there it was, the final game.
She would die, because he couldn’t lose, and there would be no winner. It wouldn’t be the first time for the violent competition and the ending didn’t matter. He’d had his fun, as had the other VIPs.
After all, what was she but another number in a crowd of nameless players, an unlucky girl who had led an unlucky life? Everything about her was pitiful, from her fearful nature to how she trusted so easily despite a lifetime of hurt at the hands of others. She’d told him about her past one night, spilling sad little tales with a gentle smile that never wavered, as if to tell him life is hard, but I’m okay.
She wouldn’t be kind in the end, he was sure. When presented with the chance to kill him and leave victorious, she’d choose the money. And if that was the last performance she gave before her hopes were destroyed with the reveal of his true identity, of how she’d been the pathetic victim of a deadly scam, then it was sure to be a great one. Maybe even the best prank he’d ever pulled on those dumbass players.
So, he’d play to the end. Pretend to lose hold of his knife so she could turn hers on him. Stumble and fall at her feet, make it so easy to slit his throat, despite knowing that she’d never be allowed to pierce his skin. He’d smirk at her, call her a dumb whore for thinking that she, a poor little girl that never has anything in life, could ever kill him when he held the world in the palm of his blood-soaked hands.
He’d have his entertainment then. In her pain, in her fear, in the betrayal of it all.
Except she gave up the game. At the very last second.
“Dabi, Dabi, get up,” she yelled, screamed, cried as he pretended to stumble, knife forgotten on the floor as she dropped to her knees beside him. She was cradling him with trembling fingers, holding him against her as if afraid he’d be lost forever otherwise.
She was so damn stupid.
“If you kill me, you win,” he reminded her. She wasn’t supposed to try and save him; she’d abandoned the lines he chose for her in this little play he’d crafted, the one where she’d try to attack him and he’d crush her heart under the sole of his boot. “I won’t call off the game, you have to do it.”
And then, there was the rage she hid inside her all long, coating her words in venom, burning through her veins as she grabbed his shirt, grip so tight it was turning her knuckles white.
“Are you stupid?” She screamed. “I won’t, I can’t, I’d never…”
She broke.
And as she held him in her arms, he felt her tears hit his face, drowning every cruel murderous thought that had been swirling through his mind since the game began.
“I’d rather die myself,” she breathed between two hurt, pained hiccups, and that was it.
He raised a hand to her cheek, wiping away the tears that trailed down the soft, flushed skin. Cradled her face in his palms, gentle despite the blood that often coated them.
“Hush, Princess, don’t cry. It’s over, you win.”
Because it was what she deserved, after all, and who was he to take it from her? Who was he to tear the sunshine from her heart, to kill the sparkles of kindness in her oh so beautiful eyes?
And who would he be if she couldn’t be his?
“No, I can’t win, you don’t understand, I can’t win,” she kept blabbering in panic, words falling from her lips fast and hard like raindrops in a storm. “You have to kill me, you have to, you have to!”
She didn’t even seem to notice that he sat up, that all of his injuries were fake, that he pulled her into his arms until she wailed into his chest. Dabi had never been kind, Dabi had never been gentle, but he tried his hardest as he softly stroked the shape of her spine in comforting movements, letting her wet the fabric of his shirt with her tears as long as she needed to.
“I’m not a player,” he whispered, lean fingers passing through her hair as her sobs died down. “You’re the last one alive. You win.”
And somehow, she froze at the reveal, as if the simple words I’m not a player were even scarier than the whole ordeal she’d been through, all because they bore a weight heavier even than the blood and gore he’d almost drowned her in.
They bore the weight of betrayal.
He kissed her forehead, softly, gently, uncharacteristic gestures for the monster of a man that he was, a single promise now rolling on his tongue.
“Don’t worry, Princess. I’ll take real good care of you from now on.”
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Sorry I still made him a bit yandere, I was too into the dark squid game vibes 😭 I really liked exploring his POV though!!! The prompt was *chef’s kiss*, thank you so much!
And thank you @blueberrysam for the beta reading, you’re amazing!! ✨
Please tell me if you liked it ❤️
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novasdarling · a day ago
Elf King
Kinktober 2021
Summary: Gojo's fascination with a human girl ends up forcing her into a new role and life. Though the question of if she's different from the others keeps arising in her silly little head.
TW: Kidnapping/Sacrifice, Haram, Power Imbalance, Mention of Sex, Yandere Themes
Tumblr media
The betrayal you felt never got easier. Given up by the people you trusted the most, by your village, even your own family handed you over to him like you were nothing. They couldn’t even look you in the eye as they pushed you through the town. Your please meant nothing to them, you meant nothing to them. No one helped, they all just stared as you cried when you were blindfolded. Dragging you through the forest, pushing and shoving you. It felt like forever, as if the walk to wherever would never come. But finally, it did. Which one was worse, the walk here, or the fact it was done? You weren’t sure.
Securing your tied hands to a post they left you, at least your father had the decency to take the blindfold off. The loneliness was suffocating, every slight sound made you think death was there. It still didn’t make sense or at least hadn’t sunk in yet. One day you were a normal person with a bright future. Next, you were picked out to be a sacrifice for the elves. Apparently, you had been picked by them yourselves. You had never gone that much into the woods unless necessary. Your mother had warned you not to, that sometimes elves fall for pretty human women and then cause destruction to their villages. Yes, all the girls knew not to get to clothes to the woods, and if you went in it was best to cover some of your face. And you did, you took every step necessary to be safe. Yet you were here, tied and left to appease the elves so your village could be safe. It had been years since a girl had been subjected to this. The village was deemed safe and smart. Your demise would probably serve as a reminder for little girls to be safe and stay away from here or else you’ll end up like her.
It was late when they finally came. Fear had exhausted you, your body was weak and so was your mind. A group of elves had emerged from the trees in front of you. They were tall, well dressed and beautiful. People had always talked about the beauty of the elves, but seeing them in person was different than hearing about them in stories. One of them began talking to the others in a language you didn’t understand. He must have been the leader of the group. Soon you were picked up by one of the other members. Carried bridal style. He was one of the more muscular members of the group. Lifting you as if you weighed nothing more than a couple of feathers. As much as you wanted to scream or beg for mercy, it was useless. You weren’t even sure if they would understand you. And if you did manage to get away, where would you even go? The village would turn you away, seeing you as a bad omen now. This was your fate whether you liked it or not. Might as well enjoy these few moments left before they do whatever they had planned to.
The travel was long, deeper and deeper they travelled into the woods. Eventually, the group got to a cave on the side of a mountain. The group entered, it was pitch black. Once they walked further from the mouth of the cave, the light disappeared. You were unable to see ahead of you. Yet, they knew where they were going, they knew which direction to take, which turn to make. A part of you knew that attempting to remember the directions were useless. Freedom would never be an option again. Eventually light appeared again, exiting the cave to another part of the woods. You didn’t recognize this portion though, then again you weren’t sure just how far your people had taken you out. This portion though was different, the plants looked strange. Nothing like you’d seen before. It was as if they were glowing and moving on their own. Looking closer, it became obvious that they were. The ivy along the trees had a luminescent light to them. Even the bushes seemed to have spots of green glow. Though you always knew the forest was alive. This was different. This was a different meaning to alive. The marvelling at the woods soon disappeared when the group arrived at these enormous trees. The trucks seemed to be the size of a large portion of your villages and there seemed to be about four trees. Looking up is when you saw it. The trees seemed to never end, you were unable to see the sky. But that wasn’t the portion that shocked you. No, looking up there was building and bridges up there. It seemed to span across multiple levels of the tree. The group found the stairs leading up the trees. You couldn’t help yourself, heights had always been a weakness of yours. Scaring you, making you sick, which lead you to close your eyes and lean into the man holding you. As much as you wanted to throw yourself away from him and the others. Right now he was the only thing keeping you safe from the ground that was getting further and further from you.
The man holding you seemed to stop. Refusing to open your eyes, you were left blinded to what was happening around you. The group had walked into the main building in the trees. The largest and grandest among the many. The house belonged to the King, an elf named Gojo. The group made their way through the halls until they entered a large room filled with elves in elegant outfits. It was the loud music and the addition of new voices that got you to peak at the crowd. Elves were staring at you, dressed in gold and jewels. What should have been a moment to admire the outfits had been outraged by the fear you had towards the new people. The group continued to make their way to the large throne their King was seated at. It wasn’t until the man who had been holding you placed you by the feet of the King that the crowd went silent. The talk was exchanged between the two men. You still refused to open your eyes. Hoping that if you ignored them it would all just disappear. But it didn’t. This was all very real, real when you were forced to look at the King. Real when you were forced to sit on his lap. Real when you were stripped and dressed in elvish clothing. And very real when the King demanded to visit him in his room every night.
Days had gone by since that horrid night. Since you were betrayed by those you love and sent to live here. Still unsure why you were here. Yes, it was made clear that it was the King who saw you and demanded you to be brought to him. But, at night in his chambers. He only seemed to like to undress you and then redress you in some of the finest material the lives had. His hands did linger as he smoothed out the clothes. You had caught his eyes staring at your chest when he placed something low cut on you. But besides these, he had never done anything more. Which you eventually learned was unusual according to the other girls that were there. Gojo had collected himself a haram of mainly human women. The stories that they had told you revealed he was much less graceful and kind to them than he was to you. A topic you decided to bring up the next time you were summoned to him. He was one of the few elves that were fluent in your language. Limiting those you spoke to cause even all of the girls didn’t share the same tongue as you.
It was the same night as many before, he dressed you in fine material and asked if you liked them. You were too scared to disagree with him. Liking whatever he had picked out that night. By the third outfit, Gojo had seemed to grow bored of the events. Taking to touching you instead. More than he had before. Gojo had his chest against your back. His hands roamed your waist while his mouth began to pepper kisses along your neck. “Am I different? Do you not like me enough?” It came out of you before you could realize what you were asking. To be honest you didn’t care if you were different or if you satisfied him in the manner of your feelings being hurt or not. Rather curiosity had gotten you. Gojo stopped his kisses for a moment before smiling against the skin of your neck. “And why would my precious flower think something like that? Do I not take care of you? Make sure you’re fed with only the best?” He quickly spun you so you were now facing him. “Do I not tend to your needs in a proper manner? Do I not dress you in the finest material and style?” His voice was calm, yet his eyes looked angry. How could you think anything else when you were like a doll for him to play dress-up with while he let out his most lewd fantasies on the other girls. “N-no you do. I was just-” “Tell me where these stupid human ideas arrived from my pearl” Gojo still had his hands on you, though now one came up to stroke your cheek. Attempting to explain where these ideas came from didn’t seem to go over well. Gojo seemed to grow angrier as you continued to speak. When you were done he simply stared at you, then dismissing you back to your chambers. It was a harsh walk back to your room. Fear that you had ruined a simple yet great thing with Gojo was now running in your head. You should have been glad you weren’t like the other girls to him, but maybe now it was too late.
Days had passed after the conversation with the King. You weren’t called to his chambers anymore, instead, you watched as various girls from the haram took the nightly stroll to his room. The answer to the questions had been answered for you it seemed. You weren’t anything special, just another thing to catch his eye. Just another toy that he would get bored of eventually. According to the other girls, no one really left. Sometimes girls were given as wives to high-status elves, some became joined his council. Those who were set free usually was due to issues they caused. Though the stories that stuck with you were the girls who were executed. Apparently, they had attempted to assassinate the King in his sleep. Leading to the five girls being beheaded. Surely your questions weren’t that bad, they weren’t such an extreme offence. No, you still had to hold some value to him. You still had your private chambers in the main building as his, rather than in the building with all the others.
It had to of been about two weeks before the servants had come to call on you. He wanted you to meet him in his chambers. Following the servant, keeping your head down. The meaning of him asking for you again wasn’t clear why. If it was for his pleasure or to dismiss or marry you off. Every step closer did nothing to ease your nerves. Question after question raised in your head. The servant had nothing to say, apparently speaking little of your language, only enough to call on you. When you had arrived at his door, the servant left you. Bringing yourself to knock was something that took you several moments. Eventually, the knock came the silence which was odd because he usually answered right away. As if he had been waiting by the door. Suddenly the door opened, but there was no Gojo just his darkroom. Should you enter? He did summon you, maybe he stepped out for a second and expected to come back to you waiting in his room. Deciding to step in and wait for him, making your way to his bed taking a seat in the dark. Once seated the door slammed shut. The pitch-black took over your eyes, unable to see anything besides what the sliver in the curtains allowed from the moon. Crawling further on the bed, trying to put the least amount of blindspots on you. At least now you didn’t have to worry about someone coming from behind. When your back slammed against the head bored a laugh was heard in the room. “Gojo, my king, i-is that you?” The laugh continues until a yes was heard in between breaths. “What, what can I do for y-you?” Was he playing with you? He knew you hated the darkness ever since your arrival. The confusing cave had earned the new fear for you. Nightmares of you getting lost in there and starving after attempting to escape. He had even done so much to prevent your room from the darkness, giving you a room with a large window to allow the moon to light your night. It had been a gesture that soften you to him. Even gaining him affection from you that was requested by him. Footsteps were heard walking toward you when suddenly the curtains of the window were ripped open. Illuminating the room in the moonlight. That’s when you saw him. Gojo was there at the end of the bed. Blue piercing eyes digging into yours. You couldn’t read what he was feeling his eyes and face were showing you something you’d never seen before. Nothing came from you, it would be best if he spoke first. Moments passed by with him staring at you from across the bed. It seemed like hours had passed by before he began to walk around the bed towards you. Eyes never looking away. Gojo took a seat near you, brushing his hands up your leg, trailing up towards your face. “What a beauty, I realized it the moment I saw you in the woods that day.” His fingers brushed your cheek, he was being so tender, as if you hadn’t upset him with all those questions before. As if you had never spent a day apart from him. “Now why would such a beauty ask me all those horrid questions?” Gojo began to move closer, trailing his lips against your neck. He was basically on top of you. Trapping you against the bed as he moved to gain a better position, a position where he was almost fully on you. “Hmm, answer me my little pearl. Why would you think I didn’t like you? Because I didn’t ravage you like the others?” Stroking your hair as if you were a pet to him. “I-I just didn’t understand my King. I’m s-sorry” He shushed you. Kissing along your jawline. Trying to calm you down, he saw the tears forming in your eyes. Tears you weren’t sure what was the cause of. “I’ve missed this.” Words escaped his lips as he peppered kissing along your face. “I did too.” It was true. These moments were greatly missed over the few weeks. It was hard to realize at first, you were separated so much from the other girls. A different building, a different schedule. You saw maybe a few girls once a day before they were rushed away from you. Like they weren’t supposed to talk to you too much. It got lonely, Gojo was the only comfort permitted. The nights spent playing dress-up or being stared at, or
even his lingering touches and kisses along your body. The miss of affection hadn’t fully hit you till now, till he was forcing it back onto you. It was so nice, so tender, so missed. Gojo pulled away from your neck to look you in the eyes. Hands brushing against your cheek. You felt safe against him, closing your eyes to lean into his touch. “I’ll get rid of them for you. Just say you’ll be mine.” Your eyes shot open. His words taking you by surprise. Raking his face for any kind of emotion, but all there seemed to be was pure adoration and even a bit of fear. “Please my flower.” His voice was desperate. “I, I don’t understand my King.”. You really didn’t. Give them up? Who? Be his, weren’t you already his, his property? “Be mine, fully and I’ll be yours as well. I’ve already told the others that they’d be dismissed once you agreed. You’d be the only one warming my bed, the only one I’d love. Please say it.” He meant he’d get rid of his haram for you. Gojo would set aside the rest if it meant having you by his side fully. This was a question you could have never believed to be asked by him. Setting aside many girls, more beautiful than the rest, willing to please him in any manner he desirable. All for just one, one who had never shared his bed like the others. Sure he kissed and touched, but sex was nothing he truly tried yet. But this would mean the others could be free. Free from this life of servitude.
“What would happen to them, and to me?” Saying yes was defiantly something you wanted to do, but you needed to know what your role would be. Would you just be a restart to his haram? What about the girls, would he marry them off? Or send them back to their homes? “I already consulted with them. Some wish to stay and join the society, while others I have set up partners for. Few wish to head home. For you, I would make you mine solely. My wife, my Queen. Your status would be equal to mine. I’d only have you.” His hands resumed to crudely your cheeks as he hovered over you, resting on his elbows. Saying no wasn’t a realistic option, but even then you weren’t sure if you would deny him. “As long as everyone is cared for and the haram is closed. Then yes, I’m all yours.” Gojo’s eyes seemed to glow even more with your words. A smile stretched across his face. his reaction had given it away. Given away just how desperate he had been to hear you say you’ll be his. But what you couldn’t read in his expression was just how desperate he was for it. How he had been longing to have you like this since the moment he saw you in the woods. That he had already planned the wedding and coronation that would be held by the end of this week, whether or not you agreed wholeheartedly. His haram meant nothing to you and he hadn’t been with any of the girls since he saw you that day. No instead he told them to lie, hoping you jealously would get you. Or at least your curiosity. And it did. You poor little thing, you had no idea how much Gojo wanted you and how far he’d go.
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kittyrunrunx · a day ago
KARMA | Preview
Summary: [Y/N] was your typical sweetheart. She smiled most of the time. She paid attention to her studies; very smart. Sweet like an apple. Normal life with no friends. Lives alone with no family. Her life was pretty normal..until something or someone changes it for her.
Genre: yandere, horror, fluff, angst
Warnings: yandere themes, abuse, violence, toxic personalities, obsession, possible rape, bullying, mature language, mentions of death, kidnapping.
[I do not own BTS.This is, no way, reflects their real personalities. This is all fictional. This kind of behavior is unaccepable. This work is purely fiction and entertainment purposes only.]
Tumblr media
Hwang [Y/N]
- 24 years old, smart and cant say no to anyone. Lives alone. Has a dark past. Never had a boyfriend. Doesn't know that she's being stalked until something happened. Very fragile, hates violence. Sweetest girl.
Tumblr media
Park Jimin
- 27 years old, playboy of the academy which makes every girl want him. Always has a smirk on his face unless he's pissed off. He's smart but he only uses his head when it's necessary. He's very popular but when he's around [Y/N], he's a total different person.
Is he her stalker?
Tumblr media
Kim Namjoon
- 30 years old, the youngest teacher in the whole academy. English teacher. His life changed when he met [Y/N]. He felt connected with her ever since they first met. He helps her out whenever she needs help. Always smiles at her when she asks for help.
Is he her stalker?
Tumblr media
Kim Taehyung
- 27 years old, second playboy of the school. Best friends with Jimin. Enjoys the attention from the girls but he's mostly interested in [Y/N] since she ignores him like he's invisible which he loves. He tries to talk to her as much as possible but all she gives him are one word answers.
Is he her stalker?
Tumblr media
Jeon Jungkook
- 25 years old, [Y/N]'s neighbor that calls her "Noona". He's like a little kid when he's around her. He always knocks on her door to see if she's home or sometimes if she wants to join him to take his dog out for a walk. He even walks her to the academy since he also attends it but with different classes from her.
Is he her stalker?
Tumblr media
Min Yoongi
- 28 years old, the quiet guy of the academy. He never talks and when he does, its low. He sits next to [Y/N] in every class. He's always paired up with her for projects. He has a blast with her. She's the only one that makes him smile.
Is he her stalker?
Tumblr media
Kim Seokjin
- 30 years old, he's the son of the headmaster. Very smart yet a womanizer. Thinks he's the most handsome man in the world. Girls of all ages would be on their knees for him but his eyes are only on one girl. [Y/N]. He fell for her when she helped him out around the academy as well, help him out escape from the girls surrounding him.
Is he her stalker?
Tumblr media
Jung Hoseok
- 28 years old, professional dancer of the academy. He usually has a big smile on his face but once he's alone, it drops. He's very private so no one can really get close to him until he met [Y/N]. He watched her in a practice room her dance routine. He was memsmorized by her talent that he wants to get close to her.
Is he her stalker?
There was a hooting of an owl nearby, as a shiver ran down his spine due to the cool breeze determined to speed of quickly without a slight glance back. This town was nothing but an unfamiliar home to him.
He didn’t like it at all.
He dragged his feet to move thru the shadowy street. Everytime he heard something, he suddenly jumped up in fright and took his blade out. He was paranoid.
His hair drifted into his face, his dead eyes had lost its one time shimmer. His skin became like ice. His full shaped lips became slightly off guarded as he bit on them with his teeth, nervously. He was shaking like hell, a fuzzy feeling moving around like a sleepwalker around his body as it spread everywhere, even in the corners. He let out a loud sigh as he sped into quick footsteps and reached his destination, in a few bear mid seconds but seemed hours. It was gloomy and spooky, and he stood petrified as well as terrified, all emotions rolling up as one. As still as a statue, rigid on the spot, he slowly broke free, striding but in slow steps, trying to not break down at once, but the sensation didn't seem afar. Their were cob webs and insects but a dozen roses, always laid so often showing how much visitors, family and friends. The coffin was as dark as coal and he dared go any further, as he sensed a dead body lying, motionless. He felt like his throat was stuck with something. He knew what it was but he ignored that feeling and continued. All the memories that had taken place here he remembered. The flashbacks that could never be forgotten or be replayed, it was unbearable to vanish or replace. It doomed him till this day and he knew in his right mind and would for all eternity, not matter if he got supreme brain damage, there would always be that one thing he hated most. Guilt. He shredded the thought of the screaming car, the blinding flash and the fountains of blood like a water fall. There was too much to take in, he felt the dizziness, ruining through his veins and it all came whooshing back. It was just too much for him. It was as fast as a lightening flash, he became all numb but not with excitement, with nervousness. It replayed in his head a million times as he tried with drawing the image but it was no use. It took to much advantage of him, only cursing the day for happening. He wasn’t strong like his brother which made him frown in pity. He pity himself for not being good enough. He was after all pathetic. It was on the bad luck day. The worst days of all, where everything had become so tempting, not of goodness hope but filling in everything the world lived for, and it all became so hectic. The sound of the date was a creeper to people, like a spider crawling on their back.
It was Friday October 13th.
He quietly walked through the darkness of the night. The sun disappeared and only the stars in the bright moonlight, twinkling. It was empty, nobody in sight as there was barely any flashes of light. The cold air sped on him, as his breathing rate increased which seemed the only living sound around.
He hoped not to be caught or heard, as the dead silence approached. He tilted his head for a second, staring beyond, prepared to rush away if someone glimpsed at him and questioned him. But he silently prayed that nobody would be around at the outskirts of the haunted town until he saw someone walking by.
[Y/N] retraced her steps back through the oat coasts of the park, her delicate features hardening as she played back the incident that had happened three days ago at that party. She could remember being dragged their by her so called best friend who no longer is, only to have everything fall to pieces right in front of her... She dragged her slim fingers though her hair in frustration, as she tried forgetting it all, only to have the memories come flooding back, taking over her every thought. She let out a bitter cry, turning on her heel, gasping as she fell to the floor seeing the one person she had least expected to help her was, leaning down and offering his hand. She slapped his hand away, and shook her head at the man in front of her as she got herself up from the ground. "Leave me alone, Sunjoon." She snapped, examining him from head to toe in disgust. Her eyes bored into Sunjoon's ones, noticing his breath smelled like alcohol which disgusted her more.
She dusted off the dirt on her black jeans before walking away from him but she felt his hand grip on her wrist. "[Y/N]-" He started, her skin flushing as she stopped walking to turn to face him again. "Please let me go." She softly mumbled as she pleaded at him to let her go, not realizing someone was watching the scene.
He watched from afar at the poor girl trying to get away from the drunken guy. He didn't pay any attention to the guy. Only her.
Her beautiful hair that flowed lovingly on her back and her smooth skin that he couldn't take his eyes off her. He then witnessed something that made his insides boil. "Sun! Stop!" She yelled at him as she felt her body smash between the wall and his body that was pressed against her body.
"Come on baby. Let's have some fun." He whispered in her ear as his lips attacked her neck.
[Y/N] tried to fight him off but he was too strong for her and she knew that. Tears streamed down her face as she closed her eyes, hoping that it'll be over soon. After what felt like hours, she suddenly felt lighter. She slowly opened her eyes, not seeing him at all. She looked around for him but nothing. She was alone. She took a deep breath as she suddenly ran off to her apartment that was a couple of blocks away.
As she ran away, there was a shadow figure behind her. Watching her every move. He then turned to the body that was lying dead beside him. He gripped on the collar of the dead body's shirt as he dragged it away into the darkness. He knew that this was crazy. He knew that this was wrong but he couldn't help it. This man was going to hurt her. Her. The young girl that caught his eye. The beauty that he instantly wanted to get close to and he was going to until he took care of some trash.
"No one will hurt you anymore..." He whispered as he disappeared in the darkness.
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love-infested · 2 days ago
Hi! ❤️
Could you ask Yandere Kalim-Al Asim wolf knotting your girl to get her pregnant and thus not allow her to escape?
Warnings/TW's: Yandere Relationship, Toxicity, Dubcon, Heat, Knotting, Praise K!nk, Breeding, No gender specific pronouns but AFAB body, Not Omegaverse but more like if Kalim was a beast-man (based off his Halloween Look), Characters and Reader are 18+
Kalim Al-Asim:
Tumblr media
His body hovered over you, gently lapping his tongue all over your neck and chest. You laid completely naked beneath him as his cock slid through your aching hole over and over again.
Kalim's licking stopped as he pressed a quick kiss to your lips.
"Hng... I just want to make sure your body can take all my knot. That way we can have a family together!" Kalim's tail swishes excitedly behind him.
"I can't...N-No more." You groaned trying to close your legs only for Kalim to spread them back down.
"You can take it, I know you can. You're my strong mate!" And you felt the tip of his cock notch at your entrance. Slowly, he eased himself in you again.
It's not like he had to. The amount of slick and hot cum that still inlaid in you was lube enough.
Then you felt the familiar thrusts of Kalim rock in you.
You felt yourself whimper due to the amount of overstimulation he was putting you through. His hand slide into yours, pressing it down against the mattress.
"Mmm my good mate! Such a  beautiful mate, you make me so..h-happy." He stuttered at the end as a pitiful groan left his throat.
He leaned down to kiss your tears away. "Just pay attention to me, alright? I'll push it in as nicely as possible!"
It didn't feel gentle. If anything, it felt like it was tearing you apart. Kalim's constant kisses all over your face distracted you a little, at least.
Then, a howl-like groan left his throat as you felt his knot completely bottom out inside your walls. His hands, still entangled in yours, began to hold on tighter as you felt waves of pain and pleasure ricochet throughout your body.
Tears escaped your eyes and you felt Kalim lick them up before planting a kiss on your sweaty forehead.
"Doing so well for me...I can't wait to see you full of our pups! Let me just, plant the seed, mkay?" Then, his hips slammed against yours as you felt his cock drive down deep inside you, causing you to cry out. Your nails digged back into his hands as you tried to handle the impending thrusts.
His thrusts were erratic and a little to eager. His stamina seemed to never run out. All you could do was try to not fall unconscious from the over stimulation.
You felt his hand release yours and drift down to your stuffed cunt. His fingers explored and slid down your slit to see your clit glistening out. As you can feel his thrusts somehow increasing, you can feel him toy around your clit, rubbing it lightly before adding stimulation against it causing you to gasp sharply as you felt yourself closer to edge.
"I want to make sure you're able to take in ALL of my seed, so I'm making sure your body is ready.." Kalim groaned out.
And before you know it, you gripped onto the sheet as Kalim still had a hand entwined within yours. You felt yourself become lightheaded as life seemed to slow down, losing yourself to orgasm.
All you could feel at the moment was Kalim's hot semen emptying out into your womb. His thrusts, although almost stopping completely, still rocked into you.
Kalim let out heavy breathes as he thrusted to ensure your impregnation. Kalim leaned down and kissed your lips before kissing each crevice of your face.
"Mm, I can't believe you're gonna bear my children..." Kalim kissed the corner of your neck. "Can't wait to fill up a house with our kids.~"
(A/N: Sorry its been a while. School and my part time job has really kept me on my toes lately so.)
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yandere-daydreams · a day ago
Diluc knows how hard it can be to find good help.
In Mondstadt, especially, where carelessness tends to be indulged well beyond the point of reason and civilians are taught to rely on the Knights of Favonius for every little thing, often to their own detriment. He might be absent caretaker, when it comes to the Dawn Winery's upkeep, but he rarely allows himself to be neglectful, and as much as Adelinde protests, he tries to take on as much responsibility as he can, conducting interviews and keeping an eye on new hires and cutting off loose ends, if any of the people he brings in prove to be less useful than he'd hoped.
He doesn't want to be cruel, but he needs to be careful. Not everyone has the patience and the diligence to work in an industry that requires so much attention to detail, that requires so much dedication. Not everyone's cut out for it.
Not everyone can be like you.
You were Adelinde's pick, admittedly. An assistant, a secretory, someone to organize his paperwork and scan through contracts and deem what's worth him time and what's not, considering how little he has to spare. You're careful, and meticulous, and you have more of mind for it than he does, more of a willingness to spend hours at a time pouring over budgets and vetting proposals made by foreign distributors eager to sell his wine for half of what it's worth inside the city's walls. You willing to rise at dawn to receive guests, to stay in his office until the small hours of the morning, discussing the merits of a new, experimental recipe or lending the Dawn Winery's name to a up-and-coming tavern in Liyue. You're willing to do whatever you have to, whatever he asks you to, as long as you're compensated for your time.
You're willing to let him keep you in that cramped, isolated office for a few more hours, too, to let him shove the paperwork you've spent so much time perfecting onto the floor and bend you over his desk, the desk you seem to admire so much, the desk you look so stunning pressed up against, panting and disheveled, too worn down to care about your oh-so-precious professionality, anymore.
You used to fight him, claw at his wrists, scream when he caught you by the wrist and thrash until you were too exhausted to put up a proper fight, but you're more docile, now, more compliant, and you're smart enough to get on your knees when you feel his hand on your shoulder, to open your mouth before he has to threaten to dock your wages. You still don't enjoy it, kneeling on unforgiving wood, his cock in your mouth, his hand smoothing over your hair, but you tolerate it, and you don't pull away every few minutes, anymore, gasping for air, swearing that another second would've killed you. He's more responsible, than that, more assiduous. He knows how to train away what he doesn't like.
He's still working on your nails, the way you claw at his chest whenever he doesn't bother with restraints, and your teeth, not sharp enough to do any real harm, but prone to snapping at his neck in a way he can hardly call 'romantic'. You're coming along, but its slow progress, painstaking work, and you're still too stubborn to admit its happening at all, to let him treat you as anything more or anything less than his assistant, his secretary, his hired hand. You're lucky that he's so patient, so diligent, and he can only be thankful that you're a quick learner, obedience coming to you too naturally to be staved off by avoidance and self-preservation alone.
You're a sweet little thing, even if you're not ready to admit it, just yet. He knows you'll come around, eventually, with enough encouragement. You've always been such a good employee, after all, such a good worker.
And he knows you can be good for him, too. With enough guidance from your loving, doting master.
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ddarker-dreams · 2 days ago
will you please rank the phantom troupe(including HWR!reader) members from the best to worst yandere to have?
the meta implications of making yandere HWR reader omg... i'm all for it though. i'll give the forewarning that of course, there is no "good" yandere as all their relationships are unhealthy, just as a disclaimer. just because they're somewhat less awful doesn't justify their actions in anyway. now that being said...
Pakunoda might be considered an almost “fair” partner when compared to the rest of the people on this list. She would be the type to try and have a normal relationship with you first, acting as a somewhat mysterious yet amorous lover. Your friends and family would take to her fast. Issues would mainly arise if you discovered her occupation then tried to leave since that would be a double blow: she’d lose you and it could possibly endanger the Spider. This is why she’d be left with no choice but to threaten you into silence. You wouldn’t know this from the professional demeanor she maintains throughout your talk, but you’re getting off extremely lightly. She would’ve disposed of you if you were literally anyone else. You’ll be with her everywhere from that point, or if you’re able to build up trust, she’ll leave you to your own devices occasionally. Just expect her to check up on if you’ve held your end of the bargain with her Nen. 
HWR Reader/(Lady Avalor)
Lady Avalor is similar to Pakunoda where she wouldn’t want to infringe on your life if she could help it. She prefers to admire you from a distance, always wanting to work up the courage to approach you but ultimately deciding against it; in fear of you becoming entangled in her unconventional lifestyle. Is somewhat of a dormant yandere until you’re placed in danger. Anyone who would dare put you in harm’s way wouldn’t be given an ounce of mercy. From there on out, she’d see fit to keep you under her custody now that she has a “justifiable” reason. It’s for your own good, she’ll tell you. The world is a scary place full of those who’d seek to do you harm. So long as you’re by her side, she promises you’ll be safe and treated highly. 
Machi is more protective of you from the get-go, but unlike the people further down on this list, is able to somewhat contain herself so long as nothing extreme occurs. She enjoys the domestic rhythm the two of you fall into. The sense of structure and normality appeals to her more than she thought it would. However, she’s adamant about not wanting to intermingle with your social circles more than the bare minimum, if even. Machi would prefer to have you all to herself, unrealistic as the goal may be in your current situation. She could tolerate your friends but would discreetly dispose of any suitors in such a way you’d never suspect her. You can have eyes for no one else but her after all, undeserving as she might consider herself to be at times. 
Phinks’ biggest problem is that he wouldn’t comprehend any of the issues you have with his behavior. Growing up in Meteor City doesn’t offer many examples of healthy relationships — possession was a right of the strong. Since he’s so fond of you, he would silently listen and brood should you bring up issues, yet wouldn’t make much effort to change. Maybe he’ll tone things down for a while to placate you, but problems flare up in full swing again seemingly out of nowhere. Phinks reads too far into your interactions with others and finds threats to your relationship where there are none. You’re rarely, if ever, the receiving end of his rage, it’s always unleashed upon whatever poor soul has earned his judgment. He might cool down after the person is reduced to a splatter on the ground, mostly because he feels bad for making you see the bloodshed, cute thing that you are. He’ll amble over and give an awkward apology like that helps any.  
Shalnark’s inclination toward technology makes him a menace in the truest sense, you won’t have any privacy as soon as he sets his eyes on you. Your phone, laptop, tablet; he has access to everything in them. Shalnark has zero respect for your privacy. What’s worse is that he’ll acknowledge what he’s doing is probably immoral, yet he just doesn’t care. He’s into you so he’s going to do what he wants, simple as that. He might not be that awful at first, but this changes as his behavior escalates. Reading through your notes and looking at your pictures was fun for a time... now he wants to get his hands on the real thing. Probably won’t make much of an effort to cover his tracks up afterward, mostly so you’ll know how futile resisting him is. The most likely out of anyone here to blackmail you into a relationship with him. You have to play nice and by his rules, he’ll tell you, a bright smile on his face. Or else who knows what might just happen to this information he has on you? 
Chrollo, a man without a solid identity, can become anyone. His intuition and people skills ensure that he’ll be able to read you, plus the knowledge he’s accumulated beforehand which makes him all the more challenging. He knows what to say and how to act to procure every reaction from you that he could ever wish to see. After being a leader for so long, he’s gotten used to people doing what he requests without question. This leads to him believing that he knows best for you, no matter what your argument is. He’s not stubborn so much as he is arrogant for not taking your feelings into consideration. You’ll feel vulnerable beneath his gaze, sometimes wondering if he can hear your thoughts by how well he reads you.
At his core, Hisoka is a selfish person who cares little for anything other than satisfying his whims and bloodlust. Which leaves you in an awkward position. He acknowledges that he harbors more care for you than he would his regular toys, but kinda dislikes how that ties him down? He’s complicated. Commitment isn’t his thing as he grows bored fast. The idea of you being with someone else shouldn’t trouble him, but here he is, toying with cards outside the apartment of someone you set a date up with. Guess he has no choice but to take you under his wing now, so these pesky feelings stop distracting his otherwise carefree life. He’d switch between hot and cold with you. Some days he won’t leave you alone, constantly pestering you and make a general nuisance of himself, then others... he’s distant or absent entirely. You have no idea what to make of him. 
Controlling and overbearing to an extreme degree. There’s no forewarning, no signs of danger to clue you in to something being off, there’s just waking up one day in the Zoldyck estate with piles of expectation thrown on you. He gives you an adjustment period of about two days and then expects you to be an obedient spouse. Meanwhile, you know nothing but his name and that he’s an assassin (who just says that like it’s no big deal?). Also yeah, apparently he wants kids, or for you to help raise them. He brings that up within a week of your confinement and expects you to readily agree. The world Illumi lives in is so different than yours that you’re bound to get culture shock. Human lives have no inherent meaning to him outside of you and his family, a fact he’s casual about mentioning. 
Feitan makes the smallest amount of effort to accommodate you compared to everyone else on this list. You belong to him. You are his plaything, his stress ball to do with as he pleases, and he has zero tolerance for disobedience. Good luck trying to figure out what he is and isn’t okay with because he sure isn’t going to communicate that to you. Then there are the sounds you hear from various nearby rooms that make you sick to you stomach. Bones crunching, screeches comparable to a dying animal, the stench of blood. Feitan doesn’t bother hiding his occupation from you since he thinks instilling some fear might do you some good. On some level, Feitan’s upset that you managed to make him attached, which contributes to his callous behavior. He doesn’t want to acknowledge the sway you hold on him and thus buries it beneath cruelty. 
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yanderecrazysie · 2 days ago
what about a yandere farmer boy kita/ushijima who takes an unwilling housewife for themselves? 😳 maybe she's just a city girl who went to the province just for a lil nice get-away but farmer boi may have gotten too attached. i really love your work btw! came here from quotev
YES! A Quotev-ian! Quotev was the first place I started writing, so I have such a strong nostalgic love for it! Thank you so much for your support and this is such a fun idea! I’m going to try Ushijima, since I haven’t written a one shot for him yet!
I’m sorry it’s so late, I try my best to put a lot of effort in my fics and they always end up so much longer than I expect- >3< I hope it’s worth the wait!
Title: Confine
Pairings: Ushijima x Reader
WARNINGS: Yandere themes, swearing, a bit of misogyny, Ushijima is lowkey creepy
Summary: Ushijima would like to extend your trip to the countryside from a couple months to forever. He’d also like you by your side. Unfortunately, your preferences aren’t necessary.
restrain or forbid someone from leaving (a place).
It wasn’t that you didn’t enjoy the city, it was more that you needed a little break from the hustle and bustle.
When you and your boyfriend broke up, you were left scrambling to find a new apartment. The best place you could afford was in very poor condition and in a shady neighborhood, and even that sapped more of your resources than it should.
The last straw that broke the camel’s back was the retail company you worked at laying you off. You weren’t fired or anything, you just weren’t essential enough for them to keep you when they downsized for cost-cutting reasons.
As you looked at your puffy eyes in the yellowing, stained mirror, and tried to ignore the shouting of the other people in your building, you made your decision.
“Fuck it,” you muttered, walking back into your bedroom and pulling out your suitcase.
“Are you sure you don’t want to settle down here for a longer period of time? I know we don’t have any apartments here, but you could find a small house for pretty cheap.”
You smiled fondly at the woman in the driver’s seat beside you, “I’m sure, mom. I’ll only be here for two months. Maybe three. I’m a city gal, not a country gal.”
“Fine, fine,” Your mother laughed, recognizing the hint of exasperation in your voice, “Well, you are welcome to stay with us as long as you need. I talked to Okashi, my friend that works in that cute little diner, and she’d love to give you a job as a server there!”
“Just like that?” Your eyes widened. You planned to get a job, save up your earnings along with the little you had before hopping on the bus to the Miyagi Prefecture, then move back to the city, but to get a job right off the bat like this was more than surprising.
“Of course, dear, she adores you” Your mother smiled, “You met Okashi a year or two back, remember? You were surprised to see a lady my age with bright pink hair.”
A mental image of a middle-aged woman with bubblegum-colored curls, shining blue eyes, and an enthusiastic way of talking. Last time you’d seen her, you were fresh out of college, and yet she’d cooed over you like you were starting your first day of school. Somehow, it wasn’t too annoying, the way she did it. She was more like one of those old aunties from the movies that just want to shower you with kisses.
“If there’s anything I can do to help around the-”
“Stop that talk right now!” Your mother cut you off sternly, “I already told you we’re happy to have you. There’s no need to work for us, it’ll be a pleasure for your father and I to be able to see you.”
You smiled gratefully at her before turning to look out the passenger-side window. In place of the familiar busy streets were acres of land growing a variety of crops, fences encompassing horses and cows, and little country roads. Towering skyscrapers were replaced with thick forests and fruit-filled orchards.
The countryside was like an entirely different world than the city was and, even if you preferred the city life, you could picture living here too.
But you always planned to return to the city when your two months were up.
“I can’t thank you enough for letting me work for you,” You said to the peppy woman facing you.
Okashi waved away your worries with a hand shining with a new coat of bright red polish on her long fingernails. Her lipstick was just-as-intensely red as her nails and her cheeks were dusted with a pink nearly the same color as her curly hair.
“No problem at all, darling! Not many new folks around here looking for work, and you’re gonna need a place to earn money if you’re gonna be saving up for only a few months, darling!”
You smiled up at her, your heart warming with gratitude, “When would you like me to get started? I’m free at just about any time- it’s not like I have anything to be doing while here.”
Okashi’s response was a huge grin and a bundle of clothing being shoved into your arms enthusiastically. You returned her smile and hurried to the bathroom to change into what must be your new uniform.
Sure enough, it was a pink and white outfit, one that reminded you of one of those old retro diners. A white apron and simple light-pink dress. It was cute, in its own way, you supposed, but it definitely not something you would consider wearing outside of the diner.
You’d barely walked out of the bathroom when the light tinkling of a bell sounded throughout the tiny building. You weren’t exactly sure if the diner you worked at was popular or not, but a glance at your watch told you the place had literally just opened. And, yet, there was a long stream of people happily chatting their way inside.
The majority of the customers were elderly people, like you mostly expected, but plenty were people around your age- college students, young adults, new couples, etc.
Okashi flitted around the store, talking to everyone with familiarity, seeming to know every person that entered the diner. It wasn’t the first time you’d been a server, not by any means, but you were a little nervous to be in a place where outsiders weren’t very common.
Soon, Okashi was pushing you towards a table, handing off your current one to another server, and saying “You don’t have a boyfriend, right? Why don’t you help out that table? Plenty of handsome boys your age!”
Clearly Okashi was playing cupid, but you humored her and walked over to the table. You had no intention whatsoever of dating anyone out here, since you’d be leaving them behind soon enough.
“Hello, my name is (Y/n) and I will be your server today! What can I get you started with?”
The tall red-haired boy at the table ordered first, then helpfully told you what his giant of a friend wanted. The man next to him was tall, intimidating, bulky, and angry-looking. From what you could tell, his peeved expression seemed more like a default one. Like he always looked so serious and imposing.
The other two males at the table, a gray-haired man with a smirk on his face and a darker-skinned man who smiled kindly at you, gave you their order and you scuttled off to grab the group’s drinks, sweating under the intense gaze of the largest man at the table.
He scared you. You weren’t sure exactly why, but he did. Maybe it was his size or his expression. Or maybe it was the aura you got from him or the way his eyes pierced through you and refused to even blink as you handed him his drink.
“Do you all know what you would like to order or do you need more time?”
The redhead spoke up first again, “No, we know what we’d like.” He put in his order once more but, when he started to order for his larger friend once more, a deep, rumbling voice cut through his.
“What do you recommend?” The large man was staring at you, his deep voice washing over you.
His friends looked flabbergasted, even more than you were sure you did. You blinked owlishly before offering your input.
“I recommend the burgers, to be honest. I know it’s a pretty generic option, but I tried one and they seem really good.” You were embarrassed to be put on the spot like that, but you really did remember liking the burgers back when your mom brought you to the diner a few years back.
“I will have a burger then,” The large man said, expression betraying nothing.
You nodded shyly and took the other two orders before heading back to the kitchen and relaying the information to the chef. Your cheeks burned when you heard the large man being teased by his friends, catching the redhead’s comment on how he “must really like the pretty server”.
When their food finished, you brought it back to their table and asked if they’d be wanting dessert. The redhead nodded, asked for a chocolate cake, then nudged the giant man sitting next to him.
Instead of asking for dessert, the man said, “I am Ushijima Wakatoshi. It is nice to meet you (Y/n).”
How were you supposed to respond to that? You nodded awkwardly, “It’s nice to meet you too. Would you like dessert?”
“No.” A blunt response, but not a mean one. You honestly weren’t sure what to think of the man and you were left wondering if he was perhaps just bad at socialization.
The group left as soon as they were finished, but you couldn’t shake the feeling that he was staring at you the entire walk out. He unnerved you, and maybe that was rude of you to judge him so harshly without knowing him, but you couldn’t help but think there were red flags popping up in the corner of your mind’s eye.
Ushijima showed up in the diner every day, sometimes staying for hours at a time, reading or typing away on a laptop. Despite how busy he seemed, you could always feel his eyes on you.
You worried, at first, that you were just being paranoid, but Okashi brought it up to you after a few days.
“Is he your boyfriend yet? If not, you should really ask him out, he’s probably too shy to ask you if he hasn’t already! It’s sooo obvious he likes you!”
If Okashi wasn’t in her 50s you would have mistaken her voice for a high school girl’s. You blushed, turning your face away in embarrassment, “There’s no point in dating when I’m leaving in a month.”
Then, it happened. You didn’t think you’d been talking too loud, although you do admit the diner was a bit quiet, but it was loud enough.
Out of the corner of your eye, you saw Ushijima’s form stiffen and his eyes widen. He didn’t bother to hide his staring this time, but his expression didn’t change. Somehow… you could tell… he was upset about your revelation.
Why should I care? It’s not like I returned any feelings he might have for me.
Still, it felt weird when he didn’t come into the diner for the rest of the week.
On the following Monday, Ushijima showed up at the diner again. He never glanced up at you, not even once, leaving you to wonder why he was there. Okashi had mentioned in passing that he rarely visited before you started working there.
As much as you wanted to believe he just started liking the food, the fact that he told the server he “didn’t want anything yet” worried you.
Why didn’t he order anything? If he isn’t hungry, why is he here?
Something felt very, very wrong. And you weren’t sure what it was… but it scared you.
Ushijima left just a few minutes before the diner closed, but the weight wasn’t lifted from your chest. If anything, the feeling worsened. You locked up the store with a heavy heart and hurried out the door, bidding goodbye to Okashi.
It wasn’t too dark, not with the street lights shining their pale light down on the main road. But the path to your parents house had far fewer lights and denser trees. Your heart caught in your throat as you went through the woods, the darkness washing over you until you felt as though you were choking in it.
You were so on edge that the scream barely took a second to escape your mouth when a muscular arm wrapped around your waist. Your shriek of terror was quickly cut off by a large hand cupping your mouth.
“Stop.” The deep, rumpling voice frightened you into submission, tears leaping to your eyes when you placed the familiarity. How could you even be surprised by who it was, when he was acting so strangely since the moment you met him?
Ushijima scooped you up effortlessly in his arms, fingers still pressed tightly into your cheeks. “Don’t know what you’re going on about, wanting to leave town… We just met and you’re already trying to leave me. After two people fall in love, it’s not right to just leave the other behind right away.”
Even if the large man’s calloused palms weren't clapped tightly to your lips, you wouldn’t have been able to say a word. You were entirely dumbfounded by his delusions. Did you somehow lead him on? You can’t imagine you did, not on purpose at least.
For the love of God you only talked when you took his order. How the hell did he get it in his head that you were some sort of lovestruck Romeo and Juliet couple? What the hell was wrong with this guy?
“You shouldn’t be going into the city and working there. It’s dangerous for a woman. You should be working in the home for your husband.”
The words caused anger to rise inside of you and you delivered your best kick to his chest, despite the awkward angle you were in. It was like you hadn’t done anything at all. He didn’t flinch or falter in his steps in even the smallest bit.
“It will be fine (Y/n). I will be your husband and keep you where you belong. In the country. In the house. With me.”
You couldn’t even comprehend why he was doing this to you, but there was one thing you knew for sure. Something that froze the blood in your veins and renewed your fighting spirit.
The house you were heading straight for wasn’t your parents’.
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moonstruck-rk · a day ago
When Writer-san transported you to another world
Don’t post, copy, rewrite or translate in any platforms.
Warning: This content could be explicit sexual situations, depictions of violence or abuse, or other ‘adult’ content not intended for younger readers (MINORS DNI). Some readers may find the following content disturbing. Reader’s discretion is advised.
Yandere Gojo, Yandere Geto, Yandere Sukuna, Yandere Naoya, Yandere Toji (no poly for this one, sorry) x f!reader
Summary: A yandere fanfic writer gains inspiration to write again after watching Jujutsu Kaisen. What if someone gets transported to the world they write? A world where the five yandere waits for you? Will you play the role of a hero or villain?
tw: yandere galore, reverse harem
Word Count:3324
Tumblr media
Writer-san was staring at the ceiling for quite a long time now. He just finished watching Jujutsu Kaisen and got all caught up with the manga. Writing fanfic is his favorite hobby, but none of his family or friends know about it. He was hiding under his pen name, Cadmus.
Cadmus enjoys writing dark and yandere themed stories, and right now he was just organizing the ideas he has in his head. He wants Gojo, Geto, Toji, Naoya, and Sukuna in it. He never bothers thinking about the main character because he enjoys writing in x reader settings. Should he let the reader be a teacher in Jujutsu Tech? A grace 1 sorcerer? How about mafia AU? CEO? He sat up and realized he never tried to write something in Medieval Royalty AU.
Everything was already planned out in his head, and he just need to write it down so he won’t forget. He opened his laptop and saw comments from his previous works. He rarely got interaction or comments from his works, and seeing that someone bothered to make a comment on his works made him happy.
He sighed and smiled before finding some courage inside him to send a message to the person who improved his day. Cadmus thanked his new follower for what they did and write his new story. After a couple of hours of writing, he noticed the person replied to his message.
Cadmus sighed while staring at the reply he received, “I wish I have the powers to transport you to my new story”.
You woke up and looked around the place. It feels like you wake up in a medieval  room you usually saw in an anime. When you sat down and looked at your hands, you realized you’re different from what you remembered. After instantly spotting a mirror in the room, you got up and take a good look at yourself. You’re beyond surprised to see yourself into an anime character you always thought you’d look like if you get isekai in an anime.
This is a lot for you to take in, and take a sit at the edge of the bed. The last thing you remembered was you went to sleep, but before that, you replied to a writer who thanked you for supporting his work. You forgot the name of the writer but you remembered his works. It’s all yandere and dark. Something hits your memory. You told them you want to get isekai to one of their works. Aside from that, you did nothing unusual before going to bed.
But getting isekai to an anime or fanfic is not logical. As a normal person, it’s safe to assume that you’re just dreaming. You smiled at yourself once you finally convinced yourself that it’s all just a dream.
A knock on your door interrupts your thoughts.
“Can I come in?” a masculine voice asked.
“Yes, sure,” you replied.
Toji came inside your room which made you accidentally flinched by surprised. He saw your initial reaction and made him worried “I’m not a bad person. I came here because the Grand Magus wants to see you”.
You nodded and stood up to follow him but he walks too fast “Toji, wait!”.
The man stopped and stared at you as you approached him “I don’t remember introducing myself to you. How did you know my name?”
“I-I well you look like someone I know and his name is Toji,” you lied.
“That’s odd, forgive me. I’m Toji Fushiguro” he smiled at you.
“YN LN” you replied.
“Let’s go, the Grand Magus is waiting for you”.
You nodded and followed him. This time, Toji walked slowly to follow your phase. He noticed that you keep on stealing glances at him.
“Is there anything you want to ask?” his voice is soft and caring. You never imagine of seeing Toji wearing a knight uniform and being a perfect gentleman.
“Umm, yeah. You’re a knight, right?” you curiously asked.
He smiled and nodded “I’m a knight under the Grand Magus” he replied.
“Is it different from the other knights?” you curiously asked again.
“The knights under the Mage Division passed as mage and knight. Other knights can’t use magic,” he explained. He stopped in front of a room and knocked “Grand Magus, I’m here with a guest”.
“Come in,” you heard someone replied.
You came inside the room and instantly spotted Geto in a mage uniform. Suguru Geto in a mage uniform was quite a view that you became careless and accidentally bumped at the edge of the coffee table. Toji was fast to hold you steady.
“Are you okay?” Geto worriedly asked you.
You nodded and faked a smile “I’m fine”.
“Please, take a seat. There is something I want to discuss with you,” Geto informs you as you take a sit across from him. Toji was standing behind him and gives you a reassuring smile.
Before he can start, you ask him to give you a few minutes to prepare yourself for whatever he has to say, which he agreed. Geto was silently enjoying his coffee while watching you think. The pain you felt when you accidentally bumped into the coffee table was real. It only means you’re not dreaming but get isekai to a fanfic.
“I’m ready to listen to whatever you have to say,” you told Geto with burning determination in your eyes.
Geto just smiled as he saw your determination. He explained everything to you.
The Emperor of Sturmfrei never had a child with his Empress that’s why they let him have consorts. He has three sons from three different consorts. Those consorts came from three powerful noble families that the emperor had hard time choosing his rightful heir. The Empress proposed an idea to the Emperor, consorts, and their families. A heroine will be summoned to their Kingdom at the right time to choose the rightful emperor.
You raised your hand to cut off Geto from his explanation “summoning a heroine will not help the kingdom. What do you expect from a stranger?”
The Grand Magus smiled and nodded. He understood what you meant, but he continued with his explanation. In the past, they summoned a heroine to aid the Emperor in a war and they won. Since then, the entire Kingdom has high respect for their heroine. Knowing a heroine will choose the next emperor, the other noble families won’t dare to go against it and they can avoid any further conflict.
Your eyes were dead while listening to Geto ‘I hate nobles and historical shows. There is too much drama and conspiracy. Listening to his explanation, I know this is going to be a headache’.
“The problem is when I did the summoning ritual, three of you appeared,” Geto sighed deeply.
“Three?” you asked if you heard him right.
“Yes, Ms. Aira was already taken by Prince Naoya and recognized her as the heroine, while Prince Ryomen recognized Ms. Karen,” he informed you.
“They are right. One of those two is the heroine,” you instantly agreed.
Toji smiled a bit at your reaction, but he looked away when you noticed it. Geto informed you they have a tool they can use to determine who’s the real heroine, but it can’t be used right away. They have to wait until the two moons are in full moon, which will happen in six months.
You asked Geto important information you can think of at that moment. What will happen to the other two girls who had been summoned? If you can go back to your own world, about your necessities, finding a job, learning magic, and how to survive in the new world you are in.
The Grand Magus assured you that the other two girls who had been summoned can live the way they want to. Unfortunately, the summoning magic can only be done once in a lifetime by the most powerful mage in their world, which is him. Going back to your world is impossible. Geto assigned Toji to be teach you everything you need to know about their world. He also promised to help you find a job that’s suitable for you after Toji assesses your capabilities.
After that, you went back to your room, leaving Toji and Geto behind.
“Her reaction when she saw me was unusual,” Geto said before taking a sip of his tea “it’s like she knows me”.
“She actually called my name earlier, even if I haven’t introduced myself to her,” Toji informed the Grand Magus.
Geto’s smile gets bigger “her reaction was different from those two other girls. It’s like she’s already sure that she’s not the heroine. Keep a close watch on her”.
“Of course”.
Toji taught you everything you need to know to survive in the new world you are in. Since he is a knight from Mage Division, he taught you how to use magic, swords, and bow and arrow. You also learn hand to hand combat with him and the life in Sturmfrei.
It’s a typical medieval fantasy setting, like in anime. There is a merchant’s guild, adventurer’s guild, and different more. You also learn from Toji about the three princes of Sturmfrei.
Ryomen Sukuna is the oldest among the three and his mother is the Empress’ sister. He came from a noble family that’s also related to the ducal family, which made him the most influential among the three.
Satoru Gojo is the second prince. He came from a noble family that’s prominent for being powerful mages. Satoru is also Geto’s cousin, which happens to be the Grand Magus, the most powerful mage in the world.
Naoya Zen’in is the third prince and just a year younger than Satoru. His family is known for having good relationship with other kingdom since they are dominating the shipping and trade industry. He is also Toji’s cousin.
You hummed and think carefully, you finally understood why the Emperor can’t choose his heir. No matter who he chooses, the other families will be pain in his ass, you thought. Since you have encountered none of the prince, it’s safe to say that you’re just an extra in this fanfiction. It seems like Toji and Geto are not playing any huge part in the story since the plot is about a heroine choosing the next emperor of the kingdom.
Months of training under Toji, he finally gave you a break. The Toji Fushiguro in Sturmfrei was different from the one in Jujutsu Kaisen. He is a gentleman, caring, considerate, and sensitive. You’re now busy reading books in the library while Geto called Toji in the Mage Division.
“She can now cast advanced level spells, and she’s better with bow and arrow than swords,” Toji reported to Geto. “She’s always concerned about finding a job and leaving the castle. YN always hides whenever one prince is near”.
Geto nodded. “I think we can hire her here in the Mage Division. She can also live in the female mage dormitory and earn on her own”.
“Why do you think she’s like that?” Toji curiously asked.
The Grand Magus thinks for a while as well “it’s probably because she wants nothing to do with the princes”.
The knight smiled. “She’s pretty wise. Those princes are nothing but trouble”.
Ryomen and Karen saw Naoya and Aira walking in the garden “have you seen the third girl?” he asked his brother, Satoru.
“I haven’t seen her after the ritual. I heard Toji is looking after her under Suguru’s instruction,” the white-haired man replied.
“Are you planning something with your cousin?” Ryomen accused his brother, who just smirked.
“I had no plans to become the emperor. Once the coronation is done, I will leave this country and become a free man on my own. That’s what we agreed, right?” Satoru seeks assurance from Ryomen.
The oldest nodded “of course, you can go wherever you want. I will even give you some money to have a new start”.
“That’s all I want to hear”.
Ryomen looked at Satoru for a while before he glanced outside the garden once again. His second brother, Satoru is not interested in politics and just want to live a simple life since they are just kids. The white-haired prince wants to go outside and live to be equal with others. He often says that being noble doesn’t suit him. With that attitude, Ryomen never sees Satoru as a threat in his ambition to become the emperor. He treats Satoru well just to keep him close and ensure that he won’t have a change of heart in the future.
Naoya is just ambitious as him. That’s why he never sees the youngest as his sibling but as his rival to the throne.
After reading some books in the library, you took a break and looked outside the window. You can’t feel pain when you’re dreaming, but you felt pain not just once, but multiple times. Heck, you even feel your body’s pain after long and rough training with Toji in hand-to-hand combat. The thought that you’re just dreaming was already crossed out in your options. Maybe you’re going crazy and created a world on your own. Nah~! You could be imaginative, but not like this. The other thing you can think of is that you got isekai in a fanfic since the settings you are in are far from Jujutsu Kaisen, but the characters are the same.
You never read a fanfic like the one you’re in, so you' assumed that it’s a new one. Something you haven’t read before. What’s worst is that you keep on thinking you’re stuck in the new story of a dark fanfic writer. You may forget the writer’s name, but not the terror you got from their stories.
If you’re not the main girl, then you’re lucky because you can assume that you can have a peaceful life. Just don’t get near the princes or those two other women. Being friends with the main girl means once the yandere character gets activated, you’ll be one of the first people to go. Having nothing to do with the yandere character or main girl is the safest route you get.
You screamed when you saw Satoru Gojo in front of you “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to scare you” he apologized.
“It’s okay” you stepped back from him.
“I’m not a bad person. I’m the second prince, Satoru Gojo,” he introduced himself. “You’re the third girl that has been summoned, right?”
“Y-yes, please excuse me,” you didn’t wait for his response and ran out of the library. You’re about to walk back to your room when you see Ryomen coming from that direction. When you turned at your left, you see Naoya.
“You don’t have to fear me, I just want to talk to you,” Satoru came out of the library pouting.
With Satoru coming out of the library, Naoya and Ryomen stared at you. Both men were now walking in your direction and with little time to think. You opened a window and jumped out. Luck must be on your side, because you’re just on the ground floor of the castle.
The three princes watched you ran to the garden. “Did she just use the window to run to the garden?” Ryomen asked in disbelief.
“Satoru! What did you do to scare a woman like that?” the oldest turned to the white-haired man.
“I just greeted her, then she ran away from me,” Satoru gave an honest answer to his brother.
Toji passed by the three princes, who are still in shock. “I never see a woman who avoids the three princes like plague. My, my”.
Naoya frowned at his cousin “what are you talking about? You’re with her most of the time. Maybe you feed her with lies”.
“And what will I gain if I do that? Whether I like it or not, you’re my cousin and you’re a candidate for the throne. If I can be sure of one thing that is YN doesn’t want to do anything with any of you,” Toji smirked at the three princes.
“If that’s the case, she’s free to leave the castle,” Naoya announced, “she must leave the castle before the sunset”.
The emperor already gave an order that the three women who appeared in the summoning ritual must stay in the castle until the device is ready to determine who’s the real heroine is. Ryomen immediately knew that Naoya will be in trouble after he gave such order that’s why he stopped Satoru from saying something.
“As you wish,” Toji acknowledged the prince’s order and left. He looked at the first and second prince before leaving. He reported to the Grand Magus, Suguru, about the order he received from the third prince.
With the order from the third prince, you’re able to leave the castle and got transferred to the Mage Division.
“I don’t want to be here,” you informed Toji and Suguru. You pointed outside the Mage Division. “I want to be there”.
Suguru smiled, “what do you want to do then?”
To be safe from everyone, you take the risk of stepping out of your comfort zone “I want to be an adventurer”. Being an adventurer might be dangerous, but you never got the chance to have a little adventure in your life back in the real world. A minor change won’t hurt, plus you're free from attracting any yandere character that might exist in the world you’re currently in.
Suguru and Toji bring you to the adventurer’s guild where you met the guild master, Masamichi Yaga. Luckily, everyone is out for adventure when you arrived.
“It’s an honor for us to be visited by the Grand Magus and strongest knight of the kingdom,” Masamichi welcomed them.
“Well, we are here to have someone register to be an adventurer,” Suguru looked at you.
“And who’s this girl?” Masamichi curiously asked.
“The third girl who appeared from the summoning ritual and Toji’s disciple,” Suguru introduced you “YN LN”.
Masamichi ran some tests for you to become an adventurer. You passed everything with flying colors and, based on your ability, you will start as rank B adventurer. Once you received your adventurer identification, you show it to Toji and Suguru, who are happy for you.
Since you don’t want to stay in the Mage Division. Toji let you use one apartment he owns. After making sure you are settled and got everything you might need. The two bid their farewell and headed back to the castle.
When Suguru and Toji came back to the castle, they are instantly summoned to meet the emperor. The three princes were already in the room when they arrived. Toji and Suguru confirmed that you’re no longer in the castle because of the third prince’s order.
The emperor warned Naoya that it’s only a matter of weeks because the two moons were in full moons and if you’re the heroine, it will put him in a tight spot for his rudeness. Instead of being concerned, Naoya openly mocked you and assured everyone that Aira is the heroine they are looking for.
In the night's still, Satoru meets with Masamichi in the guild’s master’s office.
“Send YN on a mission,” Satoru ordered, and gave the man a paper. “The mission is peaceful, but it will take months of travel. The two princes are nothing but arrogant power hungry nobles sending her out will help to open her eyes to choose the rightful leader of this kingdom”.
“But that means she won’t be here on the two full moons,” Masamichi replied.
“I’m already certain that she’s the heroine. She’s the only one who can use dark and light magic,” Satoru informed the guild master. “Team her up with the best adventurers to protect her during the mission”.
Masamichi nodded and watched the second prince leaving his office.
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cutelittlevamp · a day ago
Horrortober Day 16 - Spell
I'm a little late today ^^ I had an internal argument about the character
Well, I decided to go with Barbatos from Obey me! A yandere Barbatos x Reader, basically
Horrortober Challenge by @yandere-sins and @pastelbirb
Tw: implied stalking; kidnapping
➤ Day 16: Spell “It’s like you put a spell on me.” | Make your drawing magical!
He was so … polite when you first met him.
He visited the café you worked at with two other men and had asked for the person who had made the cake. You were about to leave when your colleague came to find you and told you all about the customer. When you went to the front and introduced yourself as the person responsible for all the cakes and other sweets that were sold he showered you with compliments.
Introducing himself as Barbatos, he asked you about the cake and later about your job in particular. You told him that you were a confectioner and all you could about the cake - except for the details you had changed in the recipe. It would still come out well if he wanted to make one himself just not exactly like yours.
He was very nice and easy to talk to but it didn’t escape your notice that his two friends were watching with great interest as he kept on talking to you. “Never thought he could be such a chatterbox,” the raven haired one quietly said to the redhead. So, it seemed he was normally more quiet.
It didn’t matter much to you, after all, you’ll probably never talk to him again. Still, it was a nice conversation so a smile came naturally to your face and you stayed quite a bit longer than normal.
Life went on like usual after that day until one day your colleague asked you to come up front again. To your great surprise you were greeted by Barbatos once more.
“I tried to bake your cake. It came out great but … not exactly like yours,” he admitted kinda sheepishly. It was actually really cute. “Yeah, that’s just because I don’t make it exactly like the original recipe wants you to, but if I told my little secret to our customers then who’d come here to buy anything?” “Ah, I understand.” He smiled sweetly and you happily smiled at him in return. He really was a nice guy, even though you didn’t know much about him.
The next time you met him was by chance. You were on vacation and just strolled through town a little looking at the window displays of the shops when you felt a tap on your shoulder. Needless to say that you were quite surprised to see him standing behind you as you turned but you soon had forgotten about that as he engaged you in a lively conversation. He was so easy to talk to and pretty soon you found yourself on a bench in the quiet part of the park talking to him.
Nothing special. At first you had talked about the day - what you were doing and that kinda stuff - and then a little more about cakes. Then the topic shifted a little to be about what he was doing - seemed he was some kind of butler.
“It was really cute seeing you the other day. You were on the playground with a little child.” “Well, yes. I was looking after my nephew.” That was weird. You were sure there were no other people around that day. Barbatos seemed to catch on to your sudden discomfort and changed the topic.
“You know, it is really bewitching.” “Bewitching? What is?” That sudden remark caused you to smile a little in confusion. He smiled back at you. “Your smile is. It’s like you put a spell on me.” Your expression went blank and you shifted in your seat causing him to raise a brow in question. It wasn’t even two months ago when you broke up with your last partner in a very unpleasant way, so you didn’t really like the way this conversation was going.
“It was really nice meeting you again, Barbatos. I gotta go now.” As abruptly as you stood up you didn’t notice his expression changing. What you did notice was when he caught your wrist to stop you from leaving. “I’m sorry Barbatos but I really have to go now.” When he looked up at you he had a polite smile on his face that didn’t give away his real emotions. “It’s so nice hearing you say my name.” Startled, you looked at him. He was right. It was the first time you had actually used his name. “Could … could you let go of me now?” “Can you say it again?” His expression remained unreadable. “Barbatos” you said, pulling your arm to remind him of your request but he didn’t let go.
“You know, I wanted to be patient but coming here isn’t that easy for me and I can’t leave my Lord Diavolo all to himself over a prolonged period of time …” He seemed to think about something while you stared at him confused. What was he even talking about?
“Yes,” he finally said “I think it’s best if I just take you with me. Then you can just show me how you’ve changed the recipe of your cakes.”
You stared at him in confusion that soon turned to pure horror when his appearance changed in front of you: Somehow he suddenly had strange bone like wings attached to his head but what caught your attention more was the split tail loosely wrapping around your waist.
Terrified you tried to get out of his grib yet even though he wasn’t holding you with much force you couldn’t get his hand to open no matter what you did. Barbatos continued to smile at you and even tried to calm you down a little but you didn’t want to be calmed down. Breathing way too fast you still tried to get your hand out of his hold until you felt too dizzy to continue your struggle. Barbatos easily caught you once your legs gave way.
“Don’t worry, (y/n). You’ll like it.” That was the last you heard before you blacked out.
He was so polite when you first met him.
How could you have been so wrong?
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yanderes-galore · 20 hours ago
Yandere Halloween Prompts Day: 15
Theme/Word: Stalker
Yandere! Michael Myers
A/N: In celebration of Halloween Kills ;) I need to practice my slasher writing, anyways. Sorry if it isn't that good. He may be one of my favorite Slashers, actually- This is also somewhat based off concepts that were thought of by me and @nny-girl2
Possible Trigger Warnings: Yandere behavior, Stalking, Obsession, Curiosity towards pain, Violence, Paranoia/Anxiety, Kidnapping, Blood, Curious torture (?).
Tumblr media
Paranoia. Ever since the first incident with Michael Myers, most people of Haddonfield knew that feeling. The feeling of being watched.
The feeling that, someday, he'll come back and finish what he started.
Halloween in Haddonfield was a terrifying thing. Many didn't care or knew Myers would come back this year. But, like always, he catches people by surprise.
Your heart races in your chest. A few days before Halloween you had actually felt something or someone staring at you. You always thought it was just your paranoia.
It's October, the time of spooks, this was normal.
But it didn't stop when you were at home-
You felt as though someone was breathing down your neck. Like someone was right outside the window watching you while you live out your life. You never felt alone.
You would always check the windows, doors, everything to make sure no one got in. Yet things still felt as though they were moved or just straight up gone.
"I just misplaced them, that's all." You reason with yourself, but you started to deny it the more Halloween approached.
This night you tried to calm yourself. Something didn't feel right. Even when locking the house and shutting the lights off you still felt...vulnerable.
Slowly you decide to open your curtain. That was when your fears were confirmed. Outside, across the street, stood a figure.
A shape, if you will.
A man in coveralls and a white mask. If town gossip told you anything, you knew exactly who this was. Michael Myers.
You've been stalked all this time. Watched to be hunted by the killer. He happened to choose you as his next victim.
Grabbing the phone on your wall, you quickly try to dial 911. A crash comes from your window. He was fast and somehow knew exactly what you were doing. You started to wonder if he was human, or if he really was some sort of boogeyman like they say.
Dropping the phone you book it away from the man, making sure to keep your eyes on him. Michael then looks from you to the dangling house phone. The cord is then cut swiftly, deeming it useless.
Unlocking the back door, you open it. Your heart is throbbing in fear. If you weren't careful you were dead tonight.
Roughly you feel Michael grab the back collar of your shirt, swinging you and tossing you back into your house. You tumble to the ground and hit the wall. A cry of pain leaves you as you try to get off the floor.
"No no no! Leave me alone-" You whine, staring up at the man who stared back at you. Like a child Michael tilts his head. It was like he was trying to get a better look at you.
Just when you are on all fours and ready to get up, Michael grabs the back of your neck and slams you to the floor. You're bleeding a bit and screaming in pain. This forced you to not move with Michael holding your neck to the floor.
He could crush your windpipe if he wanted to. That thought terrified you but it never came. Instead, your head is brought up to face him by your neck.
Your breathing is almost as heavy as his behind the mask. It was like his eyes bore into you. You didn't dare move.
He never made any attempt to talk. It was like he only wanted to watch and study. It was better then being murdered instantly but... what would he do when he's had enough of you?
You hack and wheeze when he stands you up by your neck. The loudest thing you heard was the blood rushing in your ears, barely blocking out his breathing. The grip on your neck released for a moment only to hold you by your shirt.
Next came the...fascination with your hair. Slowly the man's dirt stained hands touched your scalp. It was slow, almost innocent, when his hand explored your hair.
That was until a piece was roughly grasped by him. You howl again in pain when Michael tears it out of your scalp. You should've known better than to trust that guise.
Crying softly you look town. Michael on the other hand looks over the torn piece of hair in his hand. It's soft, he seems to enjoy the feeling before shoving it in his pocket.
Your jaw is then harshly grabbed, forcing your face to look back at that haunting mask. The breathing is rythmic in your ears. It was all you could focus on other than the pain in your face and scalp.
Fingers trace the blood that dripped from your face. It was like everything he did to you was out of some sick curiosity. Was there even such a side?
"Sir, I-" You try to start, so far seeing no reaction from the psychopath. "I'm not sure why...You're doing this but-"
Your attempt to communicate fizzles out a lot due to the stress. How do you even communicate with someone here to murder you? Nevertheless you try to stall your impending doom until help arrives from the sudden disconnect of your phone.
"You like, right?" You manage to utter. This conversation was one sided and pointless but the fact he appeared to listen was something at least.
The mask just glares back. You thought you saw eyes behind there but couldn't read them. Lifting the mask also seemed like it would just escalate your death.
The hand not death gripping your shirt moves from your face to the back of your head. You flinch, prepared for him to just scalp you. It...never happens and you just feel him press you closer to his coveralls.
It smells of gasoline and blood, the smell sickening. You can't complain in this situation. You aren't that stupid.
"Are you...listening?" You try to lengthen his attention. "You seem v-very intent on there something you like?"
That gets a reaction. Either for good or worse. You're pulled away from the man, only for him to sling you over his shoulder. You start to panic.
"Hey, wait-! Don't, please, put me down!" No reaction. You fearfully look around. You struggle now and pound at his back. There was no point in stalling any more. He's decided something and you have a feeling it isn't good.
The door you unlocked is kicked open, you trying to grab the door frame to prevent him from taking you. It was futile. Tears stream down your face while you struggle.
Michael didn't mind or care. He had been watching you for a while now, taking an odd fascination towards you. He isn't sure why you make him feel this way but he's willing to follow and keep this feeling.
The way you spoke, your blood, the soft hair you have... it's all so odd to him. Your struggling also makes him feel different, yet similar. A similar feeling he got when his victims fought back. But he couldn't bring himself to end this one-
So, he chooses not to. Michael is still very curious towards you despite this.
Much to your dismay, Michael has made a decision.
He'll just bring you home
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sunnyfunerals · 4 hours ago
What about…Bakugou as a VIP✨
Tumblr media
Squid Game AU - VIP Guest!Bakugo x Player!Reader
Squid Game AU Masterlist.
TW: Dubcon Touching, Implied Dubcon, Bakugo is a mean VIP guest just taking a little visit to the players' quarters and meeting Reader there.
One second, you are alone.
The next, he is standing behind you, nonchalantly leaning against the bathroom wall, his whole form strangely out of place in the dirty, damp environment. A black suit flushed against disgustingly white tiles, golden mask elegantly kissing his sharp features and faintly reflecting the low lights hanging above the two of you.
You stop washing your hands, blink to see if he will disappear. He looks so weirdly pretty in such an ugly place that it’s as if he can’t be anything but a trick your cruel mind plays on you.
And yet he isn't.
"So this is where you all dumb little players live, right? Here, and the crowded dorms? Sad, poor little extras."
His words cut sharp, his tone mean, cruel.
"It's just for a week," you feel the need to justify yourself, as if his opinion mattered in any way. "After that, I'll be able to stay in the most luxurious places I want."
He takes a step towards you, his gait as swift and threatening as a tall feline reaching towards a tiny little prey. A slight smirk pulls at his lips while he looks at you, crimson gaze making your heart feel like it's crushing under its weight.
"'s that so, now? Are ya going to win, princess?"
He raises a hand to touch your cheek, but you catch him by the wrist in a fast move and he blinks, surprise and interest mixing in his red irises.
"Yes, I will."
He smiles then, a terrifying, menacing smile, revealing clean white, sharp teeth that look like they're dying to just take a bite of you.
"Not even scared, are you?" he asks, his free hand making its way to your hip to pull you against him, just a little closer. He smells like smoke, like ashes, like wine and gold. "Can't decide if you're dumb or just too arrogant for your own good."
His warm digits slip under the fabric of your shirt, brushing against the shivering skin there, relishing in the goosepumps birthed by his touch.
"I'm neither," you snarl, never breaking eye contact with him. "I'm simply the best of them all."
And, as he slowly nods, you get the feeling that he agrees.
"Maybe I should bet on you, then. You might make a fine investment."
His fingers rise against your skin, following the shape of your spine under the fabric of your clothes, never touching too much, never pulling too hard. Just barely there, as if he is simply having a taste before a feast that is promised for later.
"I'm one of the most powerful men on this earth, princess. I deserve the best, and if you're just that, well..."
He leans towards you, scary, menacing, to whisper in your ear:
"I might just need to have you."
Join my taglist?
I might just enjoy writing Bakugo I think?? Also trying to take a different approach with different readers and concepts!
Please tell me if you liked it ❤️
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imalwaystiredzzz · 2 days ago
Venti please "Venti your such a gremlin."
TW: Yandere behavior/thoughts
NOTE: Hi anon! I really love this one and it took me some time thinking "How could I make this into a yandere?" Venti is one of my fav characters and YES! He is a gremlin (◕‿◕✿) I hope I get more yandere asks as I enjoy them as much as I enjoy the dad!Diluc
Tumblr media
You squish his cheeks between warm palms, red from the alcohol while he lets out a giggle.
“Am I now?” He taunts with a hiccup to sell his lie, the night is young and he’s already had a number of drinks during his earlier performances letting anyone but Diluc behind the bar think he’s drunk.
“Yes, you are!” You reply, delighted and carefree, a smile gracing your lips that had tasted one too many drinks yourself, offered by the bard. This wasn’t new for the both of you, and to anyone at least it had become a common occurrence to those who would ask, because Venti made sure of that. Made sure that everyone in Barbatos’ city knew that the drunkard of a bard and the florist were drinking the nights away - well at least he was always drinking, he thinks as you more or less just stuck on a corner like a wallflower, dragged at this tavern to watch another one of his performance and deal with his antics after.
If anyone in the vicinity had been seeing straight and turned their head on that lonely table up on the darker corner of the second floor, Venti was sure you’d look like the perfect couple having a nice date. “But am I your cute gremlin?” The bard asks, cutely leaning unto your figure until he was close, close enough for his breath to fan against the skin that trailed with goosebumps, warm against his that came into contact while hands trailed on your waist until you were caged in his embrace.
You didn’t answer, petting his dark tresses between fingers that would make him hum like the birds and simply letting him hold you like so, because of course you would, how could you deny him when he’d shown such vulnerability? The way his eyes turned down with sadness looking at anything but you and his shoulders that seemed to have become heavy, shedding the masks that he dons in daylight and made sure that it wasn’t something that you’d miss.
Because of course you would, and it’s one of the things that made him love you so: the blurred line of your obliviousness and godly kindness, never seeming to know where it began or end. Helping out Kaeya when he’d become too drunk as sat on a lone bench in the streets, hands trying to touch what wasn’t his until Diluc or a knight had finally come to pick the man up, Rosaria who would shower you with too much with compliments on innocence when you would offer her a snack after roaming at night, and even a stranger that you hadn’t know the name that simply asked looked to be in need of help, the way you did to him.
But these privileges were something that he would never miss the chance to take, like a thirsty man on an endless dessert, Venti was set to keep your overflowing oasis to himself, always asking for more and marking the days of you handing them out like candy on your shop’s counter were over, the moment you had offered them to him. ‘I just want to be selfish with this one,’ he thinks, the embrace growing firm as if he was scared that you too would float away like the dandelions when blown on.
‘I have set everything free, let me keep this one for myself.’ A silent prayer in the crevice of your neck, unheard by anyone but him, and yet the hands on his hair halt their action. Uncomfort to his forward affection making itself known.
But even through his selfishness, he doesn’t have the heart to keep you hidden under lock and key, as much as he would like to do so. He couldn’t bear the thought of you never walking on the stone paths of his beloved city, admiring all that it could present, nor enjoy the summer breeze, hair bouncing and a smile rivaling the prettiest of flowers that was offered to his name.
And thus he couldn’t stop the ways everyone else would be enchanted by you, too. You who had the god of freedom, himself, corrupt his head and heart with an ichor of selfishness enough to say: that you had him bewitched, enticed and all the lovely words that he strings together in songs and poems, performed for everyone to hear, that could describe how the days of his happiness relied on your existence.
“Let’s get you home,” you say after a moment to avoid giving an answer. He knows just what you did, what you always do, turning mute and letting a façade of a smile, a far cry to the lovely ones he prefers, be donned like a mask, a plea to stop. The word “your” always had this effect, a catalyst that made your hands retreat from their playful touch and become too self conscious of your every action, no doubt rewinding every memory of tonight to mark what led him so.
Pulling away a second too long, touch lingering, he whines grumbling about the night being too young and he didn't have his fill as he follows you through the door without having to be dragged; he swore he hears the red head sigh in relief as he does so.
The winds tonight are cold and your hold on his hand is warm, leading him through the darkness of the street, every turn and stone memorized. Venti smiles softly, lovingly, as he thinks: It’s okay, you don’t have to worry as he won’t force you. The heart, much like the wind, could never be forced, albeit it could be owned the way you do to his, as much as you’d like to deny it.
He is patient, having all the time in this peaceful world with no hunger nor war that you were born unto, and love could be learned, nurtured, much like the great tree that stood strong and tall in Windrise that was once nothing but a simple plant.
Venti is patient, Barbatos resolves, clutching the hand that held him as he intertwined them, your home coming into view just a few steps away.
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