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Yandere incubus who’s busy doing what incubus do and feeding off of human life force via love but accidentally get attached to their food in the process
tw - non/con, somnophilia, implied kidnapping, obsessive behavior, and slight stalking.
it's just such an intimate thing to share with someone, y'know? they try to keep it impersonal, to slip in through open windows and into pleasant dreams, take what they need, and leave before the object of their one-sided affection ever wakes up. you just happened to be the closest available source - a neighbor with a habit of leaving your door unlocked after you drag yourself home, a poor morsel who always seems to be unconscious and unprotected when they're too hungry to care if they hit a little too close to home. you're a sweet little thing, too, both in the sugary taste you leave coated across their tongue and the little, stammered sentences you greet them with whenever they see you outside of your own mind, whenever you're awake enough and aware enough to know just how inappropriate it is to have such graphic dreams about such a distant acquaintance. they usually prefer something more savory, but they'd be lying if they said they minded your sweetness. they'd be lying if they said they minded you.
they try to make up for what they're taking from you, of course. when your energy starts to run low, when you start sleeping in and struggling to keep your eyes open at work, they leave you care packages, keep your fridge stocked, make sure your dreams are as sweet and as soft as you are. when you stop paying rent, they 'persuade' your landlord to look the other way, and when you stop leaving your apartment altogether, when you're too weak to do anything more than lay in their lap and nuzzle into their palm, they take responsibility, take you home, where you won't have to worry about anything but resting properly and keeping your oh-so-dutiful caretaker fed. you'll be loved, and cared for, and they'll be able to keep their appetite satiated, their favorite source as close as it can possibly be.
they'll make your life with them just as sweet as your dreams - not that you can tell the difference, anymore.
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The Conqueror (XV)
Tumblr media
Synopsis: He had conquered everything, anything but your heart.
Pairings: Yandere!King Jungkook x Commoner!servant Reader (FT Jaehyun from NCT and Cha Eunwoo From ASTRO.)
note. omg omg omg. NO WORDS. share your thoughts plz, ENJOY!
series masterlist
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Tumblr media
The atmosphere only got darker and darker as jungkook sat on his jetblack horse, the horse’s steps were really fast as Jungkook guided it, the only sound present in the deep dark jungle was of the many horses’ steps. Jungkook's curly dark hair bounced as he passed all the foggy way of the jungle.
His jaw was clenched as his now tired eyes were focused on the rough road ahead, the cold breeze did nothing to distract the mad man’s mind as it was set on one thing.
You. Jungkook was restless, he was impatient and he was going crazy, his whole body was ready for any bloodshed necessary to have you back.
Jungkook was going to do absolutely anything to get you back, his eyebrows knitted together in jealousy. The anger he felt in his body was starting to direct towards you. How could you escape him, how could you even think that you could ever get rid of him. He felt like laughing, it was cute how Dongmin decided to betray him and help you escape.
But now, he was barely alive and was rotting in Jungkook’s many dungeons.
Jungkook had killed Dongmin’s spirit, by killing his sister sana.
He loved her so much, after all. Jungkook wanted to inflict the same pain he was almost forced to feel when you’d left him.
It was Jungkook’s law. An eye for an eye, and a heart for a heart.
“Your majesty? We are almost reaching Gagyeong.” One of the royal guards announced, as Jungkook’s heartbeat rose.
A smirk found its way onto the emperor’s face as he fastened his grip on the horse's reins. Jungkook was talented in many fields, but there were two specialties of his.
Sword Fighting and horse riding. Jungkook’s pace was so fast that it threatened the east flow of the wind, his whole body and mind were filled with determination.
But his heart was feeling hollow and void. Jungkook had never ever loved anyone until you came into his life.
He remembers every single detail about your first encounter with him so many years ago.
Your half covered face was engraved in his mind and heart. Just a glance was all it took for the young Jungkook to lose his heart.
To you.
“I know, be ready to attack anyone that dares to come my way… do not hesitate to shed blood.” Jungkook clenched his jaw, his grip was brutal on the reins of the horse.
“Anyone that dares to come my way shall die!” His voice boomed with anger. Jungkook was willing to do anything to get you back.
Absolutely anything.
Tumblr media
“Jaehyun! It’s only getting darker! We have to find samcheon… Can you hurry it up!?” You called out to the man as you picked up the arrow’s. Your anxiety was starting to make you frustrated. The pit in your stomach made you want to throw up.
Something so bad was really about to happen.
You were sure of it. “YOON-OH!?” You screamed his real name with annoyance lacing your tone.
“Y/N! I’m here!” You turned around to see him standing, a sword in his hands.
He passed you a smile, his beautiful dimples made your heart flutter, “I think we are ready to go.” You announced after an awkward silence. Jaehyun nodded as the both of you began to walk out of the house.
“Let’s find him together, yeah?”
Tumblr media
It had been hours. Your feet were threatening to give up as you followed Jaehyun walk, him and you had been looking for the old man since dawn.
But there was no sign of him, “Y-Y/N it’s only getting darker…. And we are out of gagyeong almost…” Jaehyun grabbed your arm, whispering to you. You turned to look at him. The look on his face made your heart break. “I think… that we should leave y/n.. there may be bandits… and it’s so dark.” He looked at you, you couldn’t make out the expression on his face but he sounded scared.
You felt shivers down your spine, the sound of the crickets and the wind made you feel uncomfortable.
That sick feeling wasn’t going away.
“Y-Yes I think we should leave…” The disappointment in your tone wasn’t missed by Jaehyun. He grabbed your hand, and held it tightly. The crunch of the leaves beneath your feet accompanied you both as you walked back. The rhythm of your steps followed you.
It was the only source of sound until you both looked back to hear the heavy sound of the horses.
“At this hour who could it be,” Jaehyun raised his eyebrows. “Hey… I think we should question them about whether they saw samcheon… maybe they could be regular travelers here….” Your eyes lit up as you spoke, halting your steps, Jaehyun looked at you, confused. “Ahhh I’m not sure- NO YOON-OH I HAVE A FEELING THAT WE SHOULD WAIT FOR THEM.” You cut Jaehyun off in a stern tone. He only shrugged and a small laugh left him.
God… you were so adorable, shit he was much in love with you.
You both decided to wait for the horse rider to arrive, the sound of them only got closer and closer. Y/N you are so stubborn I swear.” He pinched your cheeks, his gaze was looking at you so adoringly.
“Hush Jae.. I think they’re here.” You giggled. As the grown man poured.
The discussion between you two was interrupted as the traveler’s horses reached you two, you both watched ahead, the darkness was too much, the fogginess didn’t help either.
“We can’t even see..let me go and find some woods Y/N, I’ll be back.. please be here.” Jaehyun muttered quickly, your hand felt colder now as he left it.
to you as the horses stopped, right in front of you.
“A-Ah could you please help me?” You watched Jaehyun go, you walked ahead to the first horse. As you got closer, you could see that it was a jet black horse.
“Sir- BABY!!?!” The hairs on your body rose at that voice.
Shivers went down your spine, the voice made your mind freeze, your legs trembled. “Y/N BABY!” Your head spinned.
Your wide and now horrified eyes watched the man with a black cloak get off his horse.
No no NO NO NO!
“I-I finally found you, Y/N.” Jungkook’s face finally came into view. Unshed tears lingered around your eyelashes as you stood frozen,
he stalked closer to you.
Jungkook’s hands immediately grabbed your waist as he pulled your body close to him.
“I found you!” He giggled. As he stared at your face, those tired bloodshot eyes…. That gaze was filled with craziness and obsession.
“I-I finally found you baby!” He shook with excitement as his grip on your waist only tightened abnormally again, his lips came crashing on yours.
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Soft Yanderes Blurb: When you sneeze (Main 4 BNHA boys)
The Exorcism Sneeze (If your sneezes are loud, unexpected, and it feels like you just yeeted a demon from your body through it): Katsuki Bakugou: Always thinks sneezing like that must hurt and checks you over, if the sneeze did in fact hurt he'll do his best to make it feel better. Can and will shove a box of tissues at you.
Izuku Midoriya: Yells "Bless you!" at the same loudness as your sneeze. Has a second sense for it and keeps a tissue packet in his pocket.
Shoto Todoroki: Jumps from being caught off guard, he was not expecting you to sneeze that loud. Always takes him a minute to realize it was you, quietly says "bless you"
Eijirou Kirishima: Has the same sneezes, relates on a spiritual level. Always makes a face that screams "I feel your pain" and then looks for tissues.
The Kitten Sneeze (high pitched, small, and adorable): Katsuki Bakugou: Thought you were faking it the first few times, once he realizes they are, in fact, real, he's internally fighting not to squish your face with his hands. Stop being so cute in every way damnit!!!
Izuku Midoriya: Same sneeze, but hearing it from you makes his heart squeeze. Every time it happens he's out of commission for around half a minute from how cute it is.
Shoto Todoroki: Unless he sees you sneeze, he thinks it MUST be from an animal, no matter where you both are. When he does see it's you though, his eyes widen slightly and he probably just says "cute" with no further explanation.
Eijirou Kirishima: OH??? MY GOD??? Fanboys every time, cooing and calling you every synonym for adorable he can think of. Again, offers tissues from the small packet he has.
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drabbledealer · a day ago
No but hear me out 😭
Imagine yandere emperor zhongli who doesn’t allow you to the leave the palace or the entire empire at all
You get lost in the palace as you try to escape, you can't see him but you can hear his voice as it bounces off the walls. He tells you there's no escape, that this is your home now. You keep running but as you do you look behind to see if he's behind you. Suddenly you bump into something and fall down, for a second you feel hope as you think that it must be a door. But soon you felt despair as glowing amber eyes stare down at you.
"Caught you~"
My asks are open to yandere ideas, headcannons and ideas! ^^
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zv5x · 14 hours ago
i love your writings oh my gOSH you are genuinely such an amazing writer!
so get this.. i think eddie would so be into taking pretty pictures of his muse all tied up and gagged to post and brag about his sweet little treasure 🫣
"Partner Reveal!!💚!!" (Yandere! Riddler • GN! Reader)
This may be shorter than what I usually write (maybe?), but this is still such a cute idea! Enjoy a photo of me cradling the riddler tw // hostage situations , use of the yandere trope , nonconsensual touching , abusive and toxic relationships , livestreamed crimes , crime glorification from Edward's followers , yelling and mental instabilities
Tumblr media
"The man known only as The Riddler has uploaded another video this morning, already garnering thousands of views within hours." An anchorwoman lamented, and the television cut to a video of a person tied and gagged, a gloved hand and a green sleeve showing up on the screen to forcefully rub and pet the victim's head.
"As of yet, the person in the video has not been identified, and anyone with information that will lead to their identification is encouraged to contact the Gotham Police Department."
Though your name couldn't be properly pinned to your face, your physical attributes were clear as day. Your captor made sure that you and all your glory was glowing in basking light, and that the narrative of your love was broadcasted for not only all the city, but for the whole world to see.
"Hello people of Gotham." Shoving a camera in your face, the man breathed so heavily, greeting whoever was watching his torturing of your mind. You felt like a brand new toy being put in an unboxing video, a creator and his fans gawking at the newest object to hit store shelves.
A hand reached out to cup your cheek, and you cringed and whimpered against your fabric gag. "This is the Riddler speaking."
He laughed under his mask, and you couldn't help shivering. You could tell he was smiling behind that damn mask of his, as his eyes moved in such a way where a smile would be the only explanation for it. "I know you've all been waiting to meet my partner, and here they are!" He grabbed your shoulder to hold you still as you struggled against the harsh glare of his camera, moving his arm backwards to give his viewers a better glance at your entire body.
Disturbingly enough, you were tied with shining ribbons. Such restraints being died with your favorite color, right down to the exact shade you preferred. Your gag was a shirt of his, and he made sure to tell you this as he stuffed it inside your mouth with such loving force. You were learned slightly to your side, and he made sure to brag about his handiwork as the camera moved over to show the viewers the large bow that tied everything together. You felt like a present, nothing more than a present for a deranged man.
"I know they don't like cameras, but-" He laughed between his words, his tone doing nothing to disprove the idea of him being out of his mind completely. "-but I just had to show you guys. LOOK!" The camera was shoved in your face as the man screamed at the top of his lungs, and you flinched back further than you have ever flinched before. "JUST LOOK!" He continued laughing, his voice muffled and distorted by the various layers of his mask. "Look at how cute they are..." His voice was unnaturally high pitched as he giggled against his words, singing what he was saying as if he was representing lyrics of love and adoration, rather than a disturbing obsession with an ability to take the lives of whoever comes across it.
"They're all mine too. They were such a bitch to get here, but I got them! They struggled so hard chat, you should have seen them...God, it was fucking adorable how they thought they could get away..." Squeaking as if he was talking about a small puppy, he continued to speak to his "chat" about the details of your abduction.
An innocent little angel, wandering around in a land of complete corruption, until he showed up. He had to clip your wings, he had no choice. He couldn't afford you leaving him, and the muscle relaxant did wonders for your transportation.
"They're home safe now." He said, rubbing your neck with disturbing intensity before moving up to cup your cheek. His touch made you sick, and you shut your eyes tightly to avoid the feeling of his hot gloved hands against your skin.
"Nobody can hurt them anymore." He flicked your forehead which earned him a whimper, and he thankfully removed the camera from your face in favor of turning it on himself. "I hope the people of Gotham sleep horribly tonight knowing such a precious being is no longer in their FILTHY GRASP, AND THAT THEY CAN'T CORRUPT THEM ANYMORE." Screeching once more, the camera shook violently, and many could hear the sounds of your muffled cries of fear from hearing him so enraged.
Giving a gentle wave, a friendly one that would be expected from a neighbor rather than a terrorist, he gave his viewers a good farewell. He said that now was the time for some alone time with his "darling", and you couldn't even be sicker at the thought of what he meant by that.
You were news for weeks, and it wasn't until next week that there was a new video for them to speak of. New torture, a brand new look into the depts of his insanity, right from the perspective of the man himself.
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yandere-toons · a day ago
Yandere Mr Wolf, Mr Snake, Mr Piranha, Mr Shark, Ms Tarantula (Platonic & Romantic Headcanons)
TW: Mentions of Violence & Murder, Implied Stalking/Cyberstalking, Mention of Robbery, Emotional Manipulation, Toxic Mindsets.
A.N. - Yippee-Ki-Yay.
Tumblr media
Each member of this criminal gang thinks of themselves as the unspoken favourite, and their methods for proving it can either work well together or end in chaos. Ms Tarantula crashes a stock market of their friend's choosing while Mr Shark hands them a push pop so they can cool off and watch Wall Street panic at the same time. The real conflict begins with Mr Piranha dubbing himself the favourite as soon as their friend says anything positive about him, which is seen as a challenge by Mr Wolf, who steps in to call himself the favourite because he introduced the friend to the rest of the group.
Mr Snake broods in the background of most of these contests, only getting involved when one of his teammates or the fighting itself is hijacking his time with their friend. He seizes the opportunity to ask them if they want to hunt guinea pigs together and deliberately chooses a spot far away from the other members. The rest of the crew finds him anyway thanks to Ms Tarantula's skill in tracking their friend through surveillance cameras, but if anyone doubts him, Snake blames the guinea pigs for running away instead of admitting that he did not want any chance of someone else coming along.
Mr Wolf enjoys prying into their friend's personal life and making jokes about the information he receives to ease suspicions. It is his way of being prepared for anything that they may say or do to get out of a job, and if he catches them in a lie, Mr Wolf exposes it where his comrades can listen and add to the peer pressure. Even though Mr Piranha and Mr Shark tend to trust their friend without much difficulty, Mr Snake is a cynic. Plus, Ms Tarantula has their personal information on file, so she can fact-check any story they give.
If their friend is seeking to deny any involvement with the crew, its members conspire to make this as difficult as possible. Mr Wolf tosses a stolen pearl to them from the window of the escape car, Piranha does not stop waving until the car turns the corner, and Tarantula probes the traffic cameras to plan each crime around when they will be present. Shark chats about life with their friend when he is supposed to be undercover or on the lookout for security, which results in a balagan on the comms as half the team tells Shark to focus and the other half asks questions about what their friend is doing.
Snake is of the mind that their mutual friend should be the one reaching out to him, but he will not be stopped by police sirens or a blaring alarm when he has something to say to them. He is rather mean-spirited, especially when he feels betrayed, so Mr Snake is not above public humiliation by way of tossing a piece of evidence at them that places them under the suspicious eye of the law. Crushing their reputation until they have to resort to crime to pay the bills is his fallback plan, one that his teammates come to support before Mr Wolf has a change of heart.
Despite his cantankerous attitude towards their partner interacting with people outside of the crew, Snake is ready to threaten and bully whoever fails to give them what he considers their due. Piranha is equally poised to attack others for doubting their partner and evoking any kind of negative emotion in them. However, Piranha's impulsiveness and Snake's hostility have led to many unnecessary fights and close calls.
A common situation would involve this: Snake eats someone for jaywalking in front of their friend's car and nearly causing them to crash. Piranha cheers for him in the background, while Mr Shark performs the Heimlich maneuver on Snake to force him to cough up the latest victim. Mr Wolf then charms their way out of another attempted murder charge, schmoozing any witnesses and first responders just long enough for Tarantula to wipe the camera footage.
Piranha believes that they are privy to his inner thoughts and assumes that anything they say or do in his presence is directed at him. He either forgets or does not understand why this may affect how they react to him sprinting at them with a handful of flowers still wet from the vase he broke. Along with Mr Wolf, Mr Piranha is the type who likes to take the microphone from Tiffany Fluffit and repeat a special message to their partner on national television while bags of stolen money are draped over his back and Mr Snake is shouting at him to get in the car.
Governor Foxington condemns the Bad Guys' actions in public, but in private, she advises Mr Wolf to stop the chase and argues that he and his team are jeopardising their own redemptions. While their partner is swimming in bad publicity and cannot turn the TV on without hearing Rupert Marmalade bash them for being an alleged accomplice to the Bad Guys, Mr Wolf holds a team meeting. He discusses how to win their partner's loyalty and takes suggestions that include everything from bribing them with gold bars to robbing their place of employment until they seek alternative work.
The bait is taken in an unexpected way when Chief Luggins jumps at the obvious connection and issues an APB on their partner, charging them with conspiracy to commit grand theft and calling for their arrest. Piranha and Shark are infuriated by the news and start plotting an explosive jailbreak within seconds of hearing it, but Wolf and Tarantula urge their teammates to pursue more subtle methods. Snake is bitter about the fact that their partner has not officially joined the team and suggests that the crew should let them sit in a cell for a few days.
Tumblr media
yandere-toons, all rights reserved.
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spacexseven · a day ago
For the mini prompt event could you do 3 and Chuuya Nakahara?
omg i got 3 asks for this !! we love chuuya <3
prompt list by @.drabbledealer | this drabble is a part of my mini prompt event !
"stay still," chuuya hisses into your ear, "the more you struggle, the harder i'll have to restrain you. if you keep up, i might just break a bone or two."
you curse yourself for straying too far into port mafia territory; how could you have made your way near one of their weapon warehouses? and now, because of your foolish decision to wander about at night without looking where you were heading, you were stuck here and caught by none other than chuuya—someone you were already uncomfortably familiar with. you know he would do exactly as he threatens, but the fear only makes you stiffen up as a response, terrified for your life. he's obviously displeased by such a reaction, chuuya's scowl only making your heart start pounding faster.
"loosen up, now. i won't have to hurt you if you just let it happen."
he tries again, to lean down and hold you. some strange interrogation this was, with him constantly attempting to feel you up and kiss you, but you don't question his methods. whatever he did, you would surely hate it. you refuse to reciprocate—you didn't want him touching you like this, and regardless, your frightened state ensures you can't do anything else. when he places his lips against yours, you stupidly try to pull away, much to your captor's irritation.
“don’t fight it,” he presses a kiss on your cheek, his lips surprisingly warm, "i promise you'll like it too."
"isn't there any other way?" you plead, "i don't—"
"i'm trying not to hurt you. i could be so much worse on you, but i love you too much for that. just behave and you'll like it too," he says.
one of his hands is on your thighs, kneading them while the other holds your jaw with an iron grip. you remind yourself that chuuya is far more powerful than you, and even without an ability, he could easily knock you out. you can feel tears beginning to form in your eyes, but chuuya easily wipes them away, smiling sweetly, as though he wasn't the cause of your pain, as though he was saving you.
"don't worry," he whispers, "i won't let anyone hurt you."
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heeseung-min · 2 days ago
It's 2 a.m.
Everyone is asleep at this time
But not you.
You were stunned at the person in front of you.
It's Riki.
"..Riki, wha-what are you doing here?"
How does he know your location? You stop contacting with all of your friends and classmates after the incident.
So, how can he be at here?
"Long time no see, noona. Do you miss me?"
Riki said as he stepped closer and closer to you until you fell on the top of mattress.
Riki lower his body to cage you between his arms so you can't move away from him.
"I miss you so much noona. Every single day, I always keep looking for you. Now, I don't need to."
His smile creep you so much. The panic and anxiety made you having difficulties to breathe. Your tears keep falling down but you didn't know what to do.
"Ho-how can you be at here?" You asked after few minutes silence between both of you.
Riki stared at you for awhile before landing his head on your shoulder whispering the words that made you shivered.
“I told you no matter where you hide I will always find you, didn’t I?”
Riki stood up and walk around your room for few seconds. You can only stare at him waiting for the answer you were looking for.
“I had met with your neighbour when looking for some foods a month ago. At first, I didn’t thought of anything but then I saw him with you in a car. From there, I decided to follow and ta-da we meet again, noona”
Riki smiled brightly. If other people see this, they would say Riki is such a cute boy but you knew behind the smile, there is something very very cruel about it.
“I hate how he stares at you, Y/n”
You didn’t like when he said your name. You didn’t like the serious tone on his voice.
“Riki, please no-”
“It’s so disgusting when people didn’t know how to stay at their lane. I wish I could take his eyes and make it soup and serve it to the neighbourhood.”
“Please! Please! I’ll do anything. Just please, stop killing people. He’s not guilty.”
“I know you are such a smart girl. But noona you know you can’t stop me from doing anything, right?”
“Riki please. I promise I will not run away again. I will stay forever with you.”
The boy smirked at how desperate you are. He knew you will said that. It’s not that hard to convince you to stay with him.
“You promise? I hate liars.”
“Yes, I promise.”
Your boyfriend ran to you and hugged your body landing the back of your body on the bed. He caressed your hair with so much love and kissed your face and lips many times because he missed it so much.
“Hmm you still use the strawberry scented shampoo. I love it. “
He turned your face to properly look at him. It’s been two years but he didn’t change much. It just he got matured.
“Never leave me again, noona. You know that I did this because I love you, right?”
“I love you y/n”
“I love you too”
Hello! So, how was that? Ahh it feels good to write something here. I hope you guys enjoy the short drabble >< See you again!
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nananira · a day ago
This one's for u @lovereren man we were going CRAZY with these ideas lmfao ilysm❤️
A/N: This is a random side scenario somewhere far down the line when Clipped Wings takes place. Please read the tags, and to whoever somehow finds this, enjoy :)
Warnings: heavy physical and verbal abuse, mentions of birth control
Ao3 link
It's been a few hours since you delivered the baby.
You sit there, still in silent shock. Not only from the severe stress your body endured during labor, but from the fact that you can't process just how you still got pregnant.
For the past 9 months, you've done nothing but rethink all the precautions you took to prevent another pregnancy. Birth control. Cleaning out Eren's cum from inside of you when he's asleep. And so much more.
And yet you still ended up with a positive pregnancy test in your hands.
In the midst of your stupor, you're shaken up by the door being pushed open.
None other than your husband, Eren, enters the room. He's donned in one of those countless pristine suits of his, striding in with his air of suffocating confidence and a sinister expression plastered on his face.
He walks up to you, standing next to the hospital bed, hands in the pockets of his slacks. He reaches a hand out and you lightly flinch, making Eren click his teeth in disapproval.
He continues to place his hand on your cheek, stroking it softly.
"How's the baby, hm?"
"The baby is... fine."
You slowly sit up as Eren stands there beside you, quiet and observing. The air always feels unbearably suffocating every time he's present. You just wish he would leave.
In the corner of your vision, you see Eren fish something out of the pocket in his blazer. Something is smacked down harshly onto the bedside table, and you flinch violently at the sound.
You quickly look over to see what it is, and your blood freezes.
The birth control.
Your eyes widen, and that familiar ice cold sensation of horror floods your veins.
"What's this. Hm?"
Your mouth gapes like a fish out of water, immediately grappling for excuses as to why you'd have such a thing in your possession.
"It's– it's for a condition I have. I can explain–"
"Shut your fucking mouth." Eren spits with absolute indignation, glaring at you in fury.
"Do you think I'm fucking stupid? Huh?" He leans over you, caging you in with his arms. "Did you actually think that I wouldn't find out? That you'd be a disobedient fucking whore and take this shit?"
You have no excuse now. You have no idea what to do.
So you beg. You beg for his forgiveness.
Tears begin to flood your eyes, obscuring your vision. "Baby, please. I'm so sorry. I am so so sorry. Please. I just– I just wanted to rest for a little bit. Pregnancy is very hard for me, and... and..." Your voice trails off with a pathetic little whimper, as you cast your eyes down towards your hands. You begin to full on sob, praying to any force out there that Eren would somehow, somewhat have mercy on you this one single time. Just this once, you begin to chant in your head. But of course, it's nothing but wishful thinking.
Because he doesn't.
Your yell of surprise is cut off as Eren's large veiny hands wrap around your throat, squeezing it with all he has and robbing you of your ability to breathe.
You cough and sputter, kicking out your legs weakly as the tears spill down your face.
He brings his face right in front of yours, the tips of your noses touching. Your pupils dilate in fear, locked onto the monster in front of you. His sharp emerald eyes pierce right through your own and into your soul, siezing your entire being in absolute fear.
"Don't you ever. Fucking. Cross me like that again. You fuckin' hear me, bitch?"
You try to nod, but Eren's hands are still constricting your windpipes, preventing you from speaking.
"You like to play dumb all the time, don't you? Dumb fucking whore."
Finally, he releases your throat, and instantly, you're sent into a hysterical fit of coughs, face purple and a thin sheen of sweat coating your forehead and temples. "I'm sorry Eren–"
Your face snaps to the side. For a little moment, the world is silent, and the only thing cutting through the silence is a static ringing noise throughout your ears.
Eren had slapped you senseless.
You're brought back to the present by Eren grabbing your face and turning it to face him.
"By taking this fucking shit–" he nudges his head towards the bedside table where the birth control rests "–you're mistreating my fucking property. You are my fucking property. I've told you before that you're not. Fucking. Allowed. To take this shit. But you keep disobeying me like you always do."
Your chest is choked up with sobs, and you can only sit there as Eren glares down at you.
Eren releases your face. You hesitantly try to bring up a hand to rub your cheek, but Eren grabs it, squeezing it and making you whimper in pain.
Once again, he puts his face right in front of yours. His face twists into a sick sneer, in an unsettling mixture between anger and arrogance.
"You really like getting punished, huh?"
"Shut the fuck up. When we get home... I'm gonna teach you a fucking lesson. Be grateful that I'm not doing it right here."
You stay silent, heeding his commands. You have nothing to do. You have nothing to say.
"You're mine. I fucking own you. Your thoughts, your actions, every single fucking part of you is mine, and when I say there's something you can't do, you better fucking listen. Understand?"
You stay silent, gaze still downcast.
"I said fucking LOOK AT ME!!" Eren roars in your face, grabbing a fistful of your hair to lift your head off the bed as he jerks it closer to his face.
"Yes! Yes, I'm sorry Eren, I didn't mean to stay quiet! Please baby, I'm sorry." You sob pathetically, earning a glare of disgust from Eren.
Eren grits his teeth and growls. "When we get home... you're gonna fucking get it. I don't fucking care if the whole house hears. If the kids hear. I'm gonna teach you nice & properly that you're fucking mine. And you better not mess with me again. Understand?"
You have nothing you can do. Nothing you can say.
Submissively, you raise your gaze to meet his. Your lips still quiver from the shock of being beaten, trembling in the presence of your husband.
"Yes. Yes, I understand."
"That's a good little wife."
He grabs your face and kisses you roughly, forcing his tongue into your mouth, moaning at the taste of your tears. He forcefully molds his lips onto yours, and you lay there and take it.
Finally Eren lets you go, letting your head harshly fall back onto the hospital bed.
He storms out, and you instantly break down, crumpling up in defeat.
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bepp-ers · 2 days ago
you ever just think about yandere father Izuku or bakugou having their child reader find out that he kidnapped his darling??? I’m so use to seeing the reader as the darling, but the reader being his child is a cool perspective!! there could be a huge difference and rights between the child and the darling cuz they don’t want their kid to see them as a villain. idk what you’re comfortable with this, but i love angst so a child walking in on their daddy doing something horrible like hurting their mother and seeing that their daddy is not the man who they thought he was is my cup of tea. haha, I’m just rambling but I would love your take or a Drabble on this from your perspective!!!
anon. anon. ANON I FUCKING LOVE YOU RIGHT NOW!!!!! this is such a good little prompt ahahansksnksnsjsjs hhh ilysm bestie. thanks for the ask, lovely anon! requests are always open!! please im dying idea lmao <3
reader seeing yandere! Midoriya or Bakugou partaking in yandere behaviour, and realising who he truly is
You couldn't believe your eyes. Here, the man who had raised you, the number one hero, your dearest old man was currently slicing open your mother as if she was nothing more than a goddamn potato or something!
It was sickening, truly.
"[Name]? I thought you were with your friend?"
You were frozen, anchored to the spot with fear.
"Ah, sorry about all this. I'm afraid your mother, well, she... she had her flaws. I'd never hurt you, though! You're my flesh and blood, after all, you're far too dear to me-- hey, sweetie, where are you going??"
You turned and bolted, not knowing where to go. This was your home, after all, there was no place to run to or hide in.
"[Name], honey, stop running!! It's really not what it looks like! Can't you just talk to your daddy??" Hey yelled, his tone unusually different to what you recognised.
You yelled in pain as he jumped at you, grabbing you by your arm and spinning you to face him.
"[Name]! What's gotten into you?" "The fuck d'you mean?? What the hell did you do to Mum?!?" You wrenched away from him, but being:
-far younger
-not a hero
it didn't really work.
"I'm sorry, chickpea, but you're just gonna have to stay here for a while. I'll explain it, but all in a good time. Now-"
His grip on your arm tightened, and you winced. "I think you should go to your room. Cool off a bit, huh? Kids these days, too much energy."
He chuckled and released you, patting your head as though there was nothing wrong.
You loathed it.
Turning around, you instantly began thinking of how you could escape, or how you could get help.
"Oh, and don't bother trying to leave, now. Everything's already locked, sweetie. Dinner's at 7."
This wasn't the father you knew at all. And you sure as hell weren't going to accept him for it, either.
Unfortunately, something in your heart told you that you really didn't have a say in the matter.
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onestepbackwards · 2 days ago
Maaan. I’m tryna sleep, but can’t stop thinking about Self Aware! Ingo and Emmet. Specifically Warden Ingo. Have some sleep deprived ramblings under the cut CW: Self Aware/slight yandere themes! Word Count: 1068 words
Warden Ingo not being sure exactly when he became self aware, but it’s a little bit before your character meets him in game.
Naturally, when he becomes self aware, he’s a bit distraught.
His whole existence, everything he knows, is all code in a video game? He’s only vaguely even aware of what a video game even is!
What’s even worse, despite being a bunch of code, he can’t even use it to remember who he is or where he’s from! The available data in the system doesn’t even have that information, just stuff he’s already aware of!
It’s overall, incredibly frustrating and disheartening.
So, safe to say, he’d be very wary of you at first.
You are practically an unknown entity. All he can possibly gleam about you is from how you play the game, and what choices you make. Even then, learning about you this way is incredibly limiting.
Eventually though, he begins poking and prodding at the code that holds this game together, and learns something interesting. To a certain degree, he can manipulate it, and to a smaller extent, your Switch as well.
At first, there’s not a whole lot he can do with this information. However, he does learn one thing. He can use this to watch you play, even if you aren’t playing the game he’s in. As long as your Switch is on, he can monitor what you do. Eventually, he can even hear your voice, and detect where the ‘screen’ is, where the camera for your character is.
It’s incredibly jarring at first, being able to hear and sense someone technically not there. Someone who by all accounts, is in a different plain of reality than him. Especially since no one else as far as he’s aware knows about you either.
He would manage to learn a lot about you this way. Way more than if he limited himself to just the code for the game he’s in.
From what he can gather, you’re very kind, and incredibly smart to boot. It probably wouldn’t be hard for him to grow attached to you. Not only does he have nothing better to do, but you practically become his only friend in Hisui.
Even if you don’t know it yet.
So when your character eventually meets him in game, he decides to follow the code. He doesn’t want you freaking out. What if you stopped playing? How would he see you again if you feared him?
He’s waited this long. He can afford to wait just a little bit longer.
His entire section of the game, he tries his best to act normal, but he can’t help but watch the camera, rather than your character every so often. Just enough for you to think it’s just a small bug at most, nothing to be concerned about.
However, he can’t help but be proud and congratulate you a bit more than the game calls for when you quell Lord Electrode. You did so well, and showed your strength! How could he not be proud?
“Bravo! Excellent! I’m very proud of you!!”
After that? I’d imagine he’d be a bit more impatient. You don’t have too much story left, after all. What if you stop playing the moment the story ends? He only has so much time to shoot his shot. Soon it’d be now or never.
Besides, he had noticed you seemed to have an affinity for him not too long after you quelled Electrode. The way you spoke about him when you saw him? It makes his heart skip a beat.
You spoke about him, and a place called Unova. The name sounded familiar, so maybe you had seen him before? Then you lamented about someone called Emmet, and how awful they must be handling Ingo’s disappearance. The name had familiarity to it, and it all made sense when you mentioned he was Ingo’s twin.
That made it official. If he hadn’t been planning on communicating with you before, he would definitely plan to now. He already had an interest in you, but you knew things about him! You knew about his past, that was so painfully out of reach! He had to talk to you!
He’d let you know of his existence when you visit him in Jubilife. You had taken a cute habit of seeing him every time you entered the village, running circles around him and showing him your Pokemon. You would even challenge someone just to talk to him sometimes! It would be the perfect opportunity.
“Say, could I be honest with you about something?”
Yes< No
The unique dialogue would throw you off. You hadn’t progressed the story any, and you talked to Ingo everyday. Why the sudden change? Was this some sort of secret unlockable? Curious, you’d hit yes.
Ingo would then explain to you everything. He’s aware he’s just a character in a game, and by all means, shouldn’t be able to talk to you, yet here he is.
Depending on your reaction would decide what he would do next.
If you’re scared and decide to try and show others, you would never be able to prove it. Ingo would make sure you have no way of reporting this to an outside source. He wouldn’t give up hope though. If you stop playing, he still has access to your other games. Maybe he can use that online account of yours to connect to your computer...
If you do believe him, and give him a chance to talk, he becomes ecstatic. Once he starts talking with you, he can hardly stop. He didn’t realize how lonely it was, having no one real to talk to. He asks you about anything and everything, and if you’d be willing to help him. 
Surely, you’d like to help him remember his past? You’d mention he had a twin, and he’s desperate to hear more. Please, you’ll help him out right? With your help, maybe he can see his brother again! Maybe you both could find a way to bring him to Emmet, and make him aware like Ingo, too...
After that, well, would you still talk to him? You’re friends, right? Maybe you both could be even more than friends...
After all, you’ve shown how much you liked him before, why would now be any different? If only he could find a way through your screen into your world...
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yandere-daydreams · 2 days ago
ok so do you think kalim would be a master manipulator becs he has that energy to me
tw - emotional manipulation, excessive guilt-tripping, and slight nonconsensual touching.
i think he would be manipulative, but it really isn't his fault. he's just so sweet, and he does his best to be kind to everyone he meets, and he gets attached to the people close to him so quickly and so fiercely, it can be hard to define where he stops and you start, let alone sever the bonds that tie the two of you together with any kind of mercy. he doesn't mean to. he's naive. he doesn't know any better than to (publically and repeatedly) admit he loves someone doesn't feel the same way, and he's blissfully unaware of the uncomfortable position his sincerity puts you in, of the awful glares you get from the students in his dorm, his classmates, everyone who's ever come in contact with the bright, shining Kalim and fallen for him accordingly.
if you ever bring it up, ask him to be a little less open about his feelings and to maybe, just maybe give you some space, he'll immediately shut down, cling to your arm, bury his face in your chest as he cries and explains that he'd never try to hurt you, that he's so, so, so sorry you're suffering because of him and he'll do anything you want, give you anything you want, stay out of your way and never talk to you again as long as it means you won't hate him, if he does. he'll only stop if you tell him that it's alright, actually, you don't mind, you don't hate him, you're still his friend, and by then, you've completely given up on doing anything but consoling him as he sobs into your uniform. he's not doing it on purpose, he's telling the truth when he says he says he doesn't want to cause you any pain, but it makes you more hesitant to come to him, to be as honest as you used to be. it makes you more reluctant to brush him off when he wraps his arm around your waist, to refuse when he offers to walk you to class or let you spend the night in his room after a banquet you were never asked if you wanted to attend.
it makes you wonder if it'd just be easier to be with him, whether or not that's what you actually want.
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mayullla · a day ago
My main team is Xiao, Bennet, Zhongli and Kazuha. They've carried me for so long now
Tumblr media
Note: Hope you like it~!
Team Comp: Xiao, Bennet, Zhongli and Kazuha
Super proud really, being with you for a really long time they had a certain pride that even if they tried to hide it shows sometimes that it just makes the other characters annoyed when they see it. Zhongli would sip his tea as he taught Bennett how to make his burst stronger so that you would be more pleased with the damage that him and others do.
Kazuha and Xiao would work together when you are online and on the game fighting monsters maybe to use your resin, dailies or event missions. But when you are gone, dear these two fight often. You would think that they would get along if not just ignore each other. But they just crash so often that Zhongli had to take Bennett away from them sometimes when the pryo boy tries to help them out... which usually turns out for the worst.
It is not like one side didn't want to protect you or anything like that but more like it was the small things. Xiao didn't like how Kazuha's personality while the same could be said for Kazuha, they both didn't understand how you like the other person when they were just unbearable to be with. Xiao wanted to protect you, he wanted to keep you safe in Liyue while Kazuha had a different mindset where he wanted to travel the world with you. They just crash often.
Zhongli and Bennett have no choice but to watch from the side.
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steverogerspocwife · a day ago
Pairing: Yandere Superman x Reader Summary: You have gained some sort of memory loss. A man with the name Clark Kent tells you that he is his husband but you starting to regain some memories.
            A groan escapes your lips as your eyes slowly flutter open. You lay your eyes on a man with black hair and piercing blue eyes, he was sitting on the edge of the bed with a tray in his hands. He was unbelievably handsome. You were quick to sit up since you were nothing more than shocked to see the man before you. “W-who are you??” You question quickly, your heart pounding against your chest. A smile appears on the man’s face as he reaches for your hand. “I’m your husband, Clark Kent. You are probably wondering what you are doing here and why you can’t remember that I am your husband. But I can explain everything… after you finish eating that is.” A plate of food was set on your lap. Your eyes went from the plate to the man named Clark before you, a wide smile on his lips as he watched you.
            After a moment, Clark gets up from the corner of the bed. “Go ahead and eat. I’ll be back with water.” You silently watched him go, once he was gone your eyes move to your plate. You didn’t know if you should believe him or not. But you didn’t feel threatened in anyway, so you just began to eat. Your face was quick to make a pleased expression. As you continued to eat in ecstasy a moan slipped through your lips. You could hear someone clearing their throat, you whip your head around to see Clark standing there. “Is everything ok?” Since your mouth was full, all you could manage to do was nod. “Our friends want to see you later today. To check up on you, see how you’re doing.”
            You didn’t know what to say because you had no idea what he means by friends. There wasn’t much you could say so you continued to eat your breakfast. Once you were done, He took your plate. You spaced out, unknown what to do. Clark comes back                                                 into the room, sitting very close to you. “Before we go to meet them, you need to know something.” Your brows furrowed at the sudden shift of atmosphere. Clark takes your hand, his thumb brushing against the top of your hand softly. “I am Superman.” You just stare at him for a moment. Clark was waiting for a reaction, searching your facial expression for anything. “Oh, You’re serious!” Your eyes widen in shock, your mouth hanged comically. Clark chuckles at your adorable facial expression. That’s when he demonstrates him floating in the air.
            “I can’t believe that I am married to not only a very handsome man. But Superman as well. You sure this isn’t a dream? And all of this is fake? If I wake up and you’re gone, I will blame you for the rest of my life.” Clark places himself onto the ground once again. Slowly closing the gap between you two. “I want to kiss you so bad. I missed you, my love.” His breath brushed against your own lips, which made you suck your lips inwards. Clark shakes his head quickly, shaking the lust in his body away for just a moment. “At last, I must refrain myself until you feel comfortable.” You nodded your head slowly even though you wouldn’t mind a kiss from this godly looking man. “We should get going. This dresser is all yours. I’ll leave so you can change.” You waited until he left and closed the door to get up. You look through the fancy clothing, nothing stuck out to you. That was until your eyes landed on a pair of jeans and a baggy hoodie. Which you assumed belonged to Clark. You felt kind of bad for just taking the hoodie, but you remembered that you guys are married, and he wouldn’t mind. Hopefully.
            Once you exited the room, Clark was sitting on the couch that faced the door. His eyes ran up and down your body, his eyes soften for a moment. He was glad you were wearing something of his. In his head it meant you belong to him. “Are you ready?” He asks you, in result you nod your head. Clark takes his hand out for you to take. “Hold on to me. We are going to Gotham where we meet our mutual friend, Bruce.” It didn’t take long for Clark and you to arrive in the Wayne’s manner. An old man in a tux had answered the door. “Ah, you both are here.” Clark leans over to whisper into your ear the name of the man in front of you guys. Learning or “re-learning” his name is Alfred. Alfred leads you both to the dining room where five males sat. It looked as though they were quietly among themselves. However, everything changes when You and Clark enter the room. Their attention all shifting to you both and they all according stand up, from the oldest man to the smallest little boy. They all seem friendly as they approached the two of you.
            “It’s nice to see you again.” Bruce states, respectfully kissing your hand in a charming manner. A small gasp escapes your lips at the gesture. You weren’t aware the handshake would turn into a kiss. You also weren’t aware of the glare Clark sends to Bruce. Bruce has caught the glance, slowly removing his lips from your hand also taking his time to let go of your hand. “Uh, Nice to see you again…?” You lead the sentence on going since you were unsure as to who this handsome man was. “Let’s sit down before we discuss this.” The sitting arrangements were in the following order: You sat in between Clark and Jason. Across the three of you was, Bruce, Damien, Timothy, and Dick. “I have completely forgot you don’t know who we are. Bruce. Bruce Wayne. But you can just call me Bruce.” You nod your head in acknowledgment. “Yeah, I am sorry. I just can’t believe I don’t remember meeting you all. And I am pretty sure I should when you all are…” Dick buts in. “Literal superheroes? Yeah, we know what you mean. And we don’t hold it against you. Has Clark told you how you lost your memory?”
            You shook your head and glance at Clark for a moment before looking back at Dick. “It was one of Clark’s enemies. They had figured out his identity and along with that, they found you. They had kidnapped me as well as erased your memory. So, when Clark had finally got your location, it was too late. You didn’t know who he was and fainted from the shock of everything.” Bruce explains. Trying to piece everything together yet nothing seems to make you remember. Everything made logical sense in all honesty, but there was something in the bottom of your stomach telling you that something was missing. “It’s kind of a shame that you lost your memory. You and Clark were trying for a baby.” Your whole world just stopped.
            Your mouth became dried; You turned your attention to Clark who was fiddling with his fingers a goofy grin on his lips. Confirming the words that escape Dick’s lips. “I-Uh I had no idea.” A dry laugh escapes your lips. “Yeah, but don’t sweat it. You didn’t know and you have just awoken from a tiny coma.” Jason states, patting your back. You slowly nod your head at his response. Your gaze moved towards Clark, who already had his eyes set on you. It seemed like he already knew what was going on in your mind.
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drabbledealer · a day ago
Yan bully bakugou non con y/n and she become preggy, what bakugou reaction gonna be?
I have two ideas for this
The first one is he's absolutely ecstatic, this is what he always wanted, the end game he desired. To tie you together to him forever and a child is exactly that. He'll smile as you tell him all about it and when you see how nonchalant he is about it you erupt into tears telling him how he ruined your life as you punch his chest but he catches your hands by the wrist and makes you look into his eyes as he tells you how he won't abandon you, that he'll take the child and care for you and them. You're shocked at this and a few seconds is all he needs to press a kiss to your lips repeating how he'll love you and your child.
The 2nd one is for Yan bully Bakugou who hasn't fully accepted his yandere side to reader. He denies actually loving her and just thinks of it as a game but when he finds out you're pregnant he immediately becomes soft asking you if you're ok and reassuring you that everything will be fine and that he won't abandon you. From then on he acknowledges his love for you and becomes more open to showing you affection and care especially now that you're carrying his child.
My asks are open to yandere ideas, headcannons and ideas! ^^
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zv5x · a day ago
Short Drabble so I don't leave my followers completely starving lol, full fics coming soon I promise!
Imagine Edward tired of keeping the only pure love in Gotham a secret. He wants the world, Batman as well, to see the life he has built for you and him. So, he schedules a special "partner reveal!💚" stream just to show you off to the world. He'll gush about you and how he came to meet you. He'll speak of you as if you were the perfect couple, and tell his viewers about dates that to you exist as memories where you didn't even realize he was there with you.
He'll do this all whole recording you, camera close to your face as you whimper against the duck tape and wriggle against the ropes. Ignoring the tears streaming down your face, everyone will act like you're the most perfect couple in the whole world. Even though you wince at every stroke of your head Edward tortures you with, your soul is shattered at the constant realization that nobody viewing this terror go down live is sane enough to help you.
Delusionally enough, they think you love him too.
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dopp-likes-yanderes · 2 days ago
After Hollow Mind, you come to see The Collector again, but… you’re trembling. You explain to them how you know about Belos being Philip, and about the memory of them you saw. You don’t seem upset with Collector, but you explain that you’re not sure if you’ll be able to come back again after this, because of the risk of being captured by Belos. (1/2)
Tumblr media
The Collector, waiting for Belos to come into his chambers:
Tumblr media
Fr tho, The Collector has ample reason to betray Philip now.
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spacexseven · a day ago
for twst silver's birthday with prompt no. 2, if that's okay?
I love him way too much
i always like to write silver on the softer side but this silver is nice too <3
prompt list by @.drabbledealer | this drabble is a part of my mini prompt event !
despite how nonchalant he might have looked, silver was internally dying of curiosity. whatever lilia, malleus, and sebek had gotten him, it was something they seemed very proud of, and insisted it'd be the best birthday gift he'd ever gotten. silver thought of everything and anything, but lilia had just chucked at each guess, telling him it was something silver would be overjoyed about. after his exciting party, his dorm mates had sent him off to his room, whispering that his gift was inside.
outside the room now, silver carefully placed his ear on the door, trying to listen for any sounds, but it was deathly silent. he wondered why this present would have needed to be brought into his room seperately—why did they insist on being to secretive about it?
finally giving in to his burning curiosity, silver swings the door open, slowly creeping in and switching on the lights. to his surprise, in the middle of his room, there was a bound figure. looking closely, he realized that he could recognize the person's features—it was you!
he couldn't comprehend how anyone found out about his concerningly intense crush on you, but he would be lying if he said he wasn't pleased with the sight. this truly was an amazing birthday present, and he was indebted to the ones behind it.
he couldn't have even dreamt of a sight like this, you so wonderfully at his mercy, helpless and looking so, so gorgeous. he studies the careful way you had been restrained and bound to the chair and is delighted by how lovely the contrast between your skin and the rope was. he wonders, fleetingly, if you'd let him try to tie you up again some other day.
"i'd never thought you'd look nice in rope," silver smiles, watching you slowly begin to gain consciousness. he burns the picture of your wide, terrified eyes into his mind, ingrained into his memories forever, "but darling, you're absolutely breathtaking."
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yandereaffections · 9 hours ago
Ooooo requests are open!!! Can I request Yor falling for a funny (kind of dumb) girl, who gets excited over the tiniest things? Thank you, love your writing!
Tumblr media
Oh you'll never be able to get her away from your side, Yor absolutely loves the energy and how adorable you can be. You'll see her mirroring her doves excitement, making sure there's nothing making you feel you can express yourself
You remind her of Anya to some extent, surely you two would get along when she eventually asks you to babysit her little girl, Yor can just imagine both of her favorite people sitting in front of the TV gushing over the fictional spies intelligence
Usually she isn't very vocal about your behavior though the moment she hears a backhanded comment from some filth that you're 'annoying' her expression goes dark, Yor must resist the urge to remove them from your presence on this earth immediately. Don't worry your pretty little empty head about them dear dove, you'll never hear a insult like that ever again she'll make sure of it
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yandere-wishes · 17 hours ago
What’s your favorite story trope?
Dr.Frankenstine falling in love with his monster.
Falling in love with what makes you feral and morally corrupted  
“They both die in the end” 
Angst so real it breaks your heart
Hero becomes the villain 
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